Real Housewives Of New Jersey – Trash Talking / Don’t Be Tardy – Making The Cut

RHONJ LOGOReal Housewives Of New Jersey

S6E3  “Trash-Talking”

By HydrangeaHussy

This week begins with Joe and Melissa.  They are beginning a garbage company, apparently invest “a lotta, lotta” money in it.  Melissa doesn’t seem to think it was a wise investment of all of their money.  She asks if its regular garbage trucks, and Joe says that the trucks are very expensive.  They are bright blue.  We learn that they aren’t regular garbage trucks – they are special document disposal trucks.  I work for a court, so I’m familiar with these.  We have someone come to our office almost weekly to properly dispose of confidential documents.  Joe says that he invested more than he told Melissa.  He plans to put-off the house building.  Oh yeah, I’m sure that’s going to make her happy.  Melissa is so ready to be out of their “tiny house.”  You know, the one that’s way bigger than mine.

RHONJ S6E3_1At Amber’s house, her son is playing with a glass at the table and making up rhymes or something.  Her family is old-school and believes in the kids being polite and respectful.  Apparently this includes doing push-ups for misbehaving at the table.  Sounds to me like they’re way too focused on how their kids appear to the world.  They are making another family-oriented commercial for her husband’s company.  They’re going to have the kids play loan officers in the new commercial.  Not sure if that’s a good marketing strategy.  I wouldn’t want a loan company that makes jokey-commercials, save that for the car sales commercials.

They’re taking pictures for the new cookbook at Teresa’s house, but Milania isn’t cooperating.  I heart this girl!  Milania is my favorite so far this season, lol.  That kid tells it like it is.  She is terrorizing the crew – calling everyone a butthole.  Amber and Melissa are in the car, presumably going to Teresa’s tea-party event.  Amber thinks that they have some unresolved issued, but she’s glad to rekindle the friendship with someone she knew before cancer.  She asks Melissa about the twins, but Melissa hasn’t talked to the twins much.  Amber says that she hasn’t talked to them since they crashed her party.  You’re not crashing if you’re invited.  They talk about Nicole’s divorce.  Amber doesn’t want to be a gossip, but she tells Melissa that she heard that Nicole broke up a family, rather than Nicole’s husband cheating on her.  This girl is jumping right in to the gossip, drama, and backstabbing!

RHONJ S6E3_4Dina arrives.  She can’t remember a calm moment at Teresa’s house.  The event is a small group of friends and family to test the products.  They introduce Amber to the kids.  Melissa is Gabriella’s godmother and Dina is Audriana’s godmother.   Dina is amazed that Teresa is still such a good mom and hostess, while she’s in so much turmoil.  Dina is asked by the producers if she’s closer to Teresa than to her own sister (assuming Caroline) and she says that she isn’t answering that.  I was impressed that she chose not to go there, though I shouldn’t be surprised since neither of them has commented on their feud.  Ugh!  I want to know what happened!  Teresa has the ladies blindfolded and they taste some of the food.  Amber takes a moment to apologize to Teresa if she was offended by anyone at her party.  Teresa says that they’re working to get through it and are being strong for the kids.  Amber is touched and emotional watching Teresa with her kids.  She tells Teresa that she survived breast cancer and understands the need to keep your kids close in a difficult time.  Dina isn’t buying it.  Amber barely knows Teresa but is getting overly emotional about Teresa’s situation.  It was overkill to me.

RHONJ S6E3_2Teresa and Juicy are having dinner with the twins at Angelo’s, one of Rino’s restaurants.  Teresa A. likes Teresa, even though people say that she’s dumb.  They are impressed that Teresa has several cookbooks.  Teresa thinks that it’s good for Juicy to get out of the house.  He asks Nicole and Bobby when they’re getting married.  They’ve only been together for eight months.  Nicole is tired of people asking where her relationship is heading; she just wants to let things take their course.  Teresa A. brings up the legal drama, offering any help that the Giudice’s may need.  Rino says that they just met and want to support them.  Teresa is happy that they have people around them to support them.  The guys invite Juicy to a guys’ night with Rino, Bobby, and Amber’s husband.  It seems like it was a nice, low-key, no-drama dinner.  Rino really got on my nerves in the first episode, but he was a little more laid-back and likable in this scene.

Melissa meets Amber for lunch.  The two were young and partied together.  Melissa explains that they are supposed to be building a new house.  Amber makes a comment about women’s independence – she likes being a wife.  Cut to Amber’s house, where things are chaos.  Bobby, Nicole’s boyfriend, arrives.  Bobby brought the kids some McDonald’s, which Amber doesn’t let them have.  He also makes them milkshakes with non-organic milk.  The horror!  Jim is the disciplinarian in the house, but is more laid-back with the kids’ food.  At dinner, Amber and Melissa talk careers.  Amber has done several commercials, so she’s an actress.  Amber says that having cancer made her realize how important family is.  Melissa tells Amber that she didn’t know.  Amber says that she can’t imagine how Melissa didn’t know, and that she wrote Melissa off.  The two agree that they lost touch for some reason, but they are now moving on.  Back at the house, Bobby tells Jim about the guys’ night out.  Jim notes that Juicy and Joe fight all of the time, and he doesn’t want to be involved in that.  Jim is the president of a bank and is involved in fraud investigations, so he can’t be around someone who was indicted for mortgage fraud.  I don’t blame him, he doesn’t need to be associated with that.

Dina visits Lexi at work.  I’m so glad that Lexi is back on the show.  I couldn’t take any more scenes of Dina and her cats.  Lexi got an email from NYU.  She did not get in on early admission.  From what I remember, there’s still a chance she’ll get in on regular admission though.  I remember how stressful college admissions were.  Lexi says that it’s hard to know that a group of people didn’t see her as good enough.  Dina has a gift for her; it’s a snake bracelet to represent strength and change.

RHONJ S6E3_3It’s guys’ night out.  Richie and Rosie join them for bowling.  She hopes that it’ll take Juicy’s mind off his troubles.  Rino loves Rosie instantly.  Juicy asks where Jimmy is and Bobby answers sort-of-honestly.  He says that Jimmy was nervous to be around them because they fight.  Joe is offended because he’s a straight-up, clean-cut guy.  Yeah, right!  Bobby is having a party to celebrate and honor first-responders.  After Hurricane Sandy, he was so moved by the first responders that he went to the academy and joined them.  This must be the party from previews, where all of the drama starts.

Dina has a medium/psychic at her house.  He has a comforting way of letting people what’s going to happen and he talks to dead people.  He tells Dina that she’s going through great change and will not live in the house next year.  I could have told her that.  Teresa is coming over and James is going to read her.  He already knows about the legal drama.  Teresa immediately likes James’ bright greeting.  He tells her that she’s in a legal dispute.  He asks if she’s thinking of moving, which she knows nothing about.  Teresa doesn’t want to have to move.  She gives James some photos to read.  James asks if Juicy’s father has passed on.  That’s kind of creepy.  Juicy carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.  James thinks that Teresa won’t go to jail, but he isn’t sure about Juicy.  He will definitely do some time or pay restitution.  Teresa is trying to focus only on the good and be strong.  She wants to know why this is happening to them.  Umm, because you committed numerous bank crimes!  This isn’t something that just happened out of the blue!  Take some responsibility!

RHONJ S6E3_5Melissa meets the twins for some shopping.  She tells the twins that the guys had fun bowling.  Nicole tells Melissa that Jimmy didn’t go because he was scared of Juicy and Joe fighting.  She also tells Melissa that Jimmy didn’t want to be with Juicy because of the legal troubles.  Melissa is pissed that Amber’s husband is talking badly about her family.  Melissa thinks that Amber has changed since she knew her before.  Nicole says that she doesn’t know why Amber wanted to be friends with Melissa when she had talked so badly about her.  Melissa says that she wants to be honest with the twins, so she tells Nicole that Amber was talking about her former marriage and wrecking a family.  Nicole denies it.  Melissa says that she wanted to give Nicole the opportunity to explain herself, if it was true.  I think she may have wanted to stir up drama, though she’s playing it off like she knows how it feels to have rumors spread about you.  Nicole and Teresa A. decide to go to Amber’s house immediately.   Not what I would have done and a slight over-reaction in my opinion.  Immediate confrontation is never a good idea.  Teresa A. doesn’t even have time to take off the clothes she was trying on.  This is not going to end well.

In the car, Nicole isn’t thinking and is very worked up.  They don’t understand why Amber would make something so horrible up.  Teresa A. says that they should wait until Bobby’s party to confront Amber.  Nicole doesn’t want to have confrontation in front of the kids.  Why would you confront her at your boyfriend’s party?  Is that really the best time and/or place?



Don’t Be Tardy

S3E3 “Making The Cut”

By TexasTart

Last week, there were baby baths in the kitchen with lots of discussion and action taken on getting help in the home. It’s bath time again in grand central station, for the 3 month old twins.  Everyone seems to migrate to the kitchen, except Brielle.  Kroy is bathing Kaia and Kim is up next with Kane.

DBT S3E3_1Kim complains that she’s not feeling good, feels like she has cramps. Kroy asks if it’s her time and she said, it should be, but it’s not happening.  Kim goes to the doctor and he takes a look with an ultrasound.  She’s not pregnant. The cramps could be from ovulation and even though she’s late, he suggests she wait it out.

Back at the house, Kroy is in the home gym doing physical therapy exercises for his Achilles tendon and Kim joins him to complain about how she looks (insert eye roll here).  How she needs to work out (insert laughter here) and she wants her boobs back up to here and her stomach flat (don’t we all!).  She wants the old Kim back.  She asks Kroy what are they going to do about birth control and before he can answer, she says that once she gets her boobs and tummy done, she will kill a bitch if Kroy gets her pregnant.  She wants Kroy to have a vasectomy and there is some playful talk between the two that has to do with his private parts.

Ariana is twelve and boy crazy. She spies the new pool boy and rushes to brush her hair and get out by the pool.  Lana spies Ariana flirting with the pool boy and tries to get her to stop, of course, she doesn’t listen, because she’s twelve!  Lana runs like a little girl, hollering to Kim “Ariana’s flirting!”  Kim rushes out and rounds her up her daughter and compliments the pool boy on a good job.  Kim didn’t want him to feel awkward as she was basically dragging Ariana away by the arm.

Kim’s best friend of fourteen years, Jen stops by the house for a visit.  Jen is pregnant for the first time and Kim says since Jen was there for five of her pregnancies she wants to return the favor. So what does Kim do, but open a bottle of wine.  Way to be there for your friend and don’t forget the Solo cup, because those wine glasses, sometimes stink.  I still have not figured out how that’s possible. Maybe Kim didn’t wash them!  Kim gives her friend the sound advice to have her nipples sucked before the pregnancy and well, needless to say, that’s what Kroy did. I tell you, these two are perfect for each other.

When the new maid was there in the last episode and Jen arrived in this episode, it’s been noted about the Christmas trees STILL being up. I don’t know the time, but obviously, Kim can’t let go of the damn tree!

Kroy is now headed to have a vasectomy and Kim drives him home. He seems fairly drugged and uncomfortable, probably not only from a surgery of this nature, but his brilliant idea to wear denim pants.  They settle him in the man cave, in his denim pants, of course, with a blanket on top.  Kim is laid out on the couch moaning that she is finally having her time of the month and it hurts.

DBT S3E3_2Lana has to care for the both of them and there is a lot of running up and down stairs.  Kroy talks to Kim about snuggling naked and she can’t believe he’s thinking of that now. He tells her with a big grin “I’ll be good in a day”.

Tune in Thursday as the Biermann Bunch will load up in an RV bus headed for vacation in Destin, Florida.


Happy Birthday



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Real Housewives Of Orange County Cast Blogs

RHOOC logo (2)Real Housewives Of Orange County

 S9E14 Cast Blogs

By HydrangeaHussy


Lizzie Rovsek – Tamra is Stirring Up Sh—

Lizzie begins by apologizing for not blogging last week – that may be a first for a housewife! She’s going to cover both last week and this week in her blog, so here we go…

Lizzie had a blast planning the party with Christian and is proud of the job he did on the house. “I thought the fire dancers were a great addition. Little did I know they were just the start to the night’s fireworks. As everyone sat down to dinner, you could literally feel the awkward tension.” As for the comment, Lizzie doesn’t think Shannon made it up. “I truly believe Tamra told her that. I have never known Shannon to lie. Do I think Terry made this comment? No, I honestly don’t think he said it.” There are two options – it was said and Tamra shouldn’t have betrayed Heather and Terry, or it wasn’t true and Tamra was trying to instigate drama. I’m going with the second option here. “What’s strange to me is that neither Heather nor Terry got upset with Tamra.” I don’t think Heather believed that Tamra said it. I wonder if she’s changed her mind now that we’ve seen Vicki confirm what Tamra “allegedly said.” “So, once again Shannon and Heather are going at it because of something that Tamra said.” Yep, I’ve learned that lots of the fights begin with something Tamra said, but she takes no responsibility, just sits back and watches.

Lizzie wasn’t on the balcony, so she didn’t “see or hear what happened until I watched the episode. All I saw was Shannon flying into the dining area and fleeing to the front door.” She understands why Shannon was frustrated, words were being put into her mouth again. Lizzie’s goal was to calm Shannon and maybe convince her to stay. I think Lizzie had Shannon’s best interest at heart, while Tamra started everything and then continued to follow her outside. Lizzie was a little surprised to see Tamra contradicting herself on Shannon – first saying that Shannon was drunk, then joining Heather in questioning whether Shannon needed medical help. “I don’t think Shannon needs psychiatric help.” No comment from me on that one, maybe she just needs new crystals in her teeth? Lizzie thinks that Shannon just snapped, which apparently Lizzie will do in a future episode.

After the party, Lizzie reached out to Shannon because she was worried. “I had not invested much in a close relationship with Shannon up until this point, and it was clear that I didn’t know what was really going on.” It was clear that Shannon needed someone to trust. Lizzie doesn’t strike me a back-stabber, so maybe she’ll be able to help Shannon. Shannon and Heather both apologized for the party. “Tamra, who seemed to be at the root of the drama, never apologized. However, she said she didn’t even remember what happened at the party. So, I’m guessing she forgot, much like she forgot she told Shannon and Vicki that Terry was going to “take the Beadors down.” Seems like Lizzie is figuring out who Tamra really is.

Shannon – Tamra is Stirring the Pot

“The beginning of tonight’s episode is quite ridiculous in my opinion. While I am not proud of the fact that I got upset and ruined Lizzie’s dinner party, I am human and had reached my limit. My outburst was far from a psychotic break or needing an ambulance. These exaggerations are nonsense.” I agree, Shannon’s always been kind of a loose cannon and prone to over-react, so the questions about her sanity were a little too much, Shannon expected Tamra to tell her the truth at the party. Silly Shannon! Tamra never tells the truth! “In her commentary she denies making the comments to me and then questions herself that she might have. When you don’t tell the truth, I guess it is difficult to keep your stories straight. She told both Vicki and I that Terry made the statement.”

Shannon says that once Tamra betrayed her, she was going to let it drop and not confront Heather. Smart move. “I wanted to get away from she and Tamra. I wanted to get some air. As I stormed out of the house, Tamra would not let go of me.” I was really disturbed by that scene. Shannon looked like a scared, caged animal with Tamra chasing her around. Why would Tamra think that she could help the situation? She’s the one that started it and I think she just can’t stand to have drama going on and not be involved. “You can very clearly see Tamra stirring the pot in this episode. She came outside with me said that she was “sorry” and that she “supported me 100 percent” — and then she went inside to tell Heather that she “tried to restrain me” and that I wasn’t in a sound state of mind.” Classic Tamra, at least Shannon is seeing it now.

“I was very proud of how David handled everything. He knew the best thing to do was to leave the party and he was right. I have never left a party like that so I thought it best to address the group and express my apologies for my outburst.” At that point, leaving was really the only option. Shannon was shocked by the next day’s lunch. “Tamra told the women that I was “scary.” She states that she doesn’t remember the “last half of the night,” yet she continues to recount the events incorrectly.” She was also upset that Tamra exaggerated her drinking. Shannon has said over and over that she drinks vodka mixed with water. Shannon thinks maybe Tamra should be looking at her own drinking. She’s surprised by Heather’s comments about no more “mean.” “What I think is mean is the fact that Heather has not apologized for kicking me out of her house. Heather has continually said that she asked me to leave, not kick me out. In this episode you hear her use the actual words — that she kicked me out.” I think Shannon is exaggerating the “kick-out,” while Heather had been down-playing it.   The truth, as usually, is somewhere in the middle.

Heather – I Did Owe Shannon an Apology

Heather also apologizes for being MIA. She had complications from an epidural. She’s glad to have the reunion behind her. She only makes a few comments about this episode, since everything was covered at the reunion. “If Shannon was looking for an apology from me, why at a dinner party? Why start the party with “do the Dubrows want to take us down?” Why not talk to me privately before the party?” Heather says that she ran into Shannon just before the party. I think Shannon planned to confront Heather, but decided against it after she learned that Tamra wouldn’t have her back.

“I did owe her an apology. But that doesn’t mean EVERYTHING is my fault. It seems every time Shannon has a reason to be mad at Tamra, she gets a pass and it gets deflected to me.” Yep, this fight started, not because of Shannon, but because Tamra opened her big mouth at dinner. “When Shannon stormed out of Lizzie’s party she was obviously upset. I didn’t go outside to see what was going on because clearly I was part of the problem and didn’t want to make it worse.” Tamra should have stayed inside too, especially since she WAS the problem. Heather says that, after watching the footage, it’s clear that Shannon wasn’t having a mental breakdown. “I thought it was gutsy of Shannon to come back in the house and say goodbye. Not many people would have done that.”

Vicki – This Episode Was Hard to Watch

This episode was difficult for Vicki to watch. She had a feeling that something at the dinner party would go awry. It’s a housewives dinner party! Of course something is going to go wrong! “Shannon and Heather had been at “odds” for a few weeks now, and I think Shannon had just had enough. I do think Shannon may have overreacted on it, but never the less it’s what she was feeling at the time.” Vicki wisely decided to stay out of it this time. She didn’t know what went down at Heather’s because she was there. She saw Heather ask Shannon to leave, but didn’t see Heather ever answer Shannon’s question. “We all know that it was Tamra, but I think Shannon really wanted to hear it from Heather before she confronted her.”

Vicki thinks it was wrong for Heather to question an ambulance when Shannon was obviously just upset. “Just because someone is upset and crying, doesn’t mean you take them to the hospital. I don’t think anything was going to be solved that night, so the only solution I could really come up with is to tell Shannon and David to leave the party.”

She was shocked to see Ryan telling Tamra that he planned to get married after knowing the woman for only months. “I just don’t see what is wrong with dating for at least a year. I mean, marriage should be a lifetime commitment. But, it all too often ends up in divorce, and I believe anything we can do to increase our odds should be done.” As we all know, they didn’t take it slow and Ryan’s lady is now pregnant.

Finally, the counseling session was tough. “The worse thing a parent can hear is that your child doesn’t think she could do anything good enough. Briana and I talked after this, and she told me she knew I was upset when she and Ryan eloped.” Vicki says that it was hard for her and that she has taken a good look at herself since. She tries to be more encouraging to Mike and Briana, even if she doesn’t agree with their choices.

Tamra – I’m Going to Be a Tam-ma!

“So much has happened since I last did a blog. To be honest, with you the only thing that matters to me right now after watching this episode is my family.” You didn’t really expect an apology from Tamra, did you?

“I can say I am sorry until I am blue in the face for telling Heather about the email and people will still rip me apart. I got it.  I was wrong for not admitting to Shannon right away that I did tell Heather.” An apology wrapped in an excuse – Tamra really thought it would be OK to spill the beans since the news would be revealed anyway.

Tamra has no idea where the idea that Terry wanted to take the Beadors down came from. “I have racked my brain and even thought to myself “Did that somehow come out of my mouth?” But I know those exact words never left my lips.” She says that she asked David about it at dinner and he said that she never told him that. Whatever, I don’t believe her. “It hurts me that Vicki would back up that statement, and if she really believed I said that — then why didn’t she say anything that night at the beach house?” She thinks Vicki is just stabbing her in the back. I think Vicki made a conscious decision not to elevate the issue at dinner. “Vicki continues to blame me for Briana not liking Brooks, which is a total joke to me. Briana knew Brooks and made up her mind way before I ever met him.” Rather than admit she was wrong for bringing it up at the table, Tamra just continues to lash out at others.

“A few days before Ryan told me he was going to move in with Sarah I was served with legal papers that my ex wanted to modify custody. A few days later it was all over the news.” We’ve all heard the stories now. She was upset about that and dealing with Ryan’s diagnosis. “Hemochromatosis is a genetic blood disorder. In simple terms, your body produces too much iron. There is no cure and it is a lifetime of treatment and special diet.” I really hope he takes care of himself better than he has in the past. “I understand that Ryan is 28 years old and can make his own decisions. But a mother knows when their child is making a mistake. It is never a good idea to meet someone and get married right away.” I would have to agree with her on that. There’s no need to rush. She thought that Ryan was living the dream, working for his mother. Umm, he didn’t really seem happy with that job to me. “Eddie was right. I needed to just let go and wish him well. Sarah reminds me a lot of myself. She is a very strong girl that has gone through a lot in her life. I admire Sarah and have gotten to know her better in the past few months.” For now, the wedding is on hold, as they are now expecting a baby. Because having a baby isn’t rushing into anything!


 Real Housewives Of New Jersey Tonight!


Joe and Melissa are hoping to rake in the money with their new business — a state of the art trash truck. Meanwhile, Teresa focuses on her dessert line, Fabilicious, and invites friends and family over to try out her new recipes. The taste-test turns sour when Teresa breaks down under the stress of her family’s trouble with the law. While Amber feels badly, the Giudices’ legal situation has her mortgage-broker husband, Jim, keeping his distance. And when the twins hear that someone has started a rumor about Nicole, it becomes clear that things are about to get messy.


Don’t Be Tardy Tonight!

“Making The Cut”

Kim is “done” having babies, so after a pregnancy scare, she’s determined to figure out a permanent birth control plan. She and Kroy decide that he should have a vasectomy because Kim doesn’t want to have another procedure unless it benefits her, like plastic surgery. Following Kroy’s surgery, Lana gets the runaround when she’s unexpectedly left alone in the house to take care of both him and Kim. Thank goodness she’s got a Bulgarian onion cure for anything that ails.


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Project Runway Season 13

Project Runway: Road To The Runway

S13E1 The Judges Decide

By Princess Pindy

Project Runway….. now THIS is my favorite reality show. This is the only reality show that I think, in my deluded mind, I could actually do. It doesn’t involve eating gross things or doing ridiculous physical activities beyond my abilities, like leaving my house. I love to sew!! I learned to sew from my mother and took classes in Junior High, when California had money for their schools. I am teaching my daughter to sew. So there!

This week’s episode of Project Runway is actually two episodes. The first episode is “Road to theRunway” where we meet the designers. They are all people who have tried out before and didn’t make it.  Some more than once…. they are auditioning and showing their creations to various judges, Tim Gunn included. Some I recognize as past contestants and some I don’t know who they are. There are a lot of people to track and I am not good at that. I don’t even remember names of character on shows that I watch. I just use descriptions in my mind “the guy with the funny hair”, “the woman with the annoying voice”, this could be tricky.  Being that I just finished the traumatizing experience of getting ready for Comic Con, I will probably be at my most benevolent this week. Would I say that I ended up under the dining room table in a ball sobbing? Yes, I would say that because I’m using a voice recognition software to write my blog since my arms hurt so much from hand sewing, ripping out seams, and then re-sewing.  So yes, I would say that.   I can’t promise that I will stay benevolent, because as the memory of the pain and anguish of Comic Con fades I will start getting irritated, hence more judgmental. However for the first week I plan on being nice and try and put myself in their shoes because that’s where I’ve been for the last two or three weeks. I can’t guarantee that I will last more than a few minutes, LOL! Also, I have the ability to change my mind from week to week and even from commercial break to commercial break.

Remember, for your own safety, this is all In Princess Pindy’s Humble Opinion, IPPHO. I don’t know them and I rarely get emotionally involved. I know in the past I have liked some of the stronger women that turned off a lot of people. I am mostly interested in skill…and talent. Personality is secondary to me, IPPHO.   There is also the question of “taste”, we all don’t have the same taste or style. I might think something is ugly and you might love it and vice a versa. I also believe that production allegedly puts one or two people on the show that are there for drama or controversy. I do know that in the preview with Heidi and Tim, Heidi looked fabulous and of course Tim is just a sweetheart and I love him. I just have to say this software is so cool.

Road to the Runway introduces us to the Season 13 contestants. They are all people who have tried out before and didn’t make it. Some more than once…. they are auditioning and showing their creations to various judges, Tim Gunn included. Some I recognize as past contestants and some I don’t know who they are. So half way through, after taking dutiful notes on each of the first half of eighteen designers, yes, eighteen, wtf did I sign up for, lol, I realized I could sum up the whole hour in a few paragraphs….

There’s a few that stood out. Carrie with purple hair, a comic book changed her life, I know the feeling, Sean, guy from New Zealand, Nzinga who is Muslim and makes beautiful, modest clothing, Char from Detroit, her stuff is really nice and Tim that worked at Macy’s doing alterations, he knows how clothing is put together. They are my favorites, so far. Too tired to use semicolons. Hernan seems like a real professional, his stuff is amazing and I think he is a ringer and it doesn’t seem fair for him to be in the competition……IPPHO. Alexander is very young. I don’t like his stuff that much. He is fascinated by bugs, oh brother that’s ugly. This stuff could be at Comic Con. LOL! He has a coat that looks like a prison uniform from the 30s. Okay, he redeemed himself with his little black dress. His stuff reminds me of what you see on runways when designers try to be edgy… The judges are going to LOVE him!!! Mitchell is annoying and he got a “maybe”, lol. So much for my “Personalities don’t matter.” I am such a Liar Face!!! On the Lifetime website he has under his picture “The Mitchell Project”.   I guess I will call this “The Princess Pindy Project”, lol!! He makes “Hobo chic men’s jumpsuits.”  I think that I will make Orson and MTH male jumpsuits for my next project!!!!

But you know what, it doesn’t really matter how good you are. How you work under pressure and a team challenge can blow you out of the water so we will see if any of my picks make it to the end.  Now on to the show!! Project Runway Season 13, Episode 1!! I am talking about it as  I’m watching the show, just saying what’s on my mind and my software is going to write it out and I will edit it, I think that will be fun. (maybe I won’t edit it…hahaha, nah, I better edit it, this train of thought is a wild ride, chugga-chugga-choo-choo!!! Oh my daughter Princess Beanie Boo just joined me! So here we go!! (I left some of the funnier mistakes that the software made “in” and I am sorry for the “tense” and any punctuation issues, editing after the fact is odd).


Eighteen designers are coming to the last audition and they will be narrowed down to 15. Three go, I can pick three right now and I haven’t even watched the show. Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi will make the final decision. I can’t even imagine how nervous these people are. I just watched the hour of these designers and the stuff they are showing in this final audition looks a lot better than the stuff that they showed before. They have been working their butts off. Not only did they have to sew this stuff now they have to stand in front of the judges and speak about it and answer questions.

I hope Mitchell does not make it through I don’t think I can watch for 15 episodes with him. Is it wrong for me to get start off wishing this person was gone??? Oh my God he was flirting with Zac Posen, and Zac Posen was flirting back, so he will probably stay around for longer than he should. Tim, the guy from Macys, lol, his “Muse” is an older, lesbian women, that it’s very specific. Carrie does some excellent seaming which is not easy, the judges don’t like her work. Princess Pindy is mad, Princess Pindy says, ” no, no, no!!” Tim says, “no no no! ” Tim is mad too!

~~~Side conversation during commercial~~~ PP: yeah so three must go off the show before it even starts and then they bring in someone from last season for a second chance. PBB: “Are you supposed to get attached these people?”   PP: I don’t, LOL, some people get attached…(Mimi Illini<<Lainey Lainey, gets attached.~~~  That’s how my software wrote Lainey Lainey’s name, lol!)

So sad they didn’t take Tim, the guy that specifically designs for older, lesbian women, what a loss. Please don’t have Mitchell get in I don’t think I can handle him for 15 weeks, I will edit that out.  Emmanuel is gone and somebody else…. Of course Nzinga got kicked off, I don’t think the judges “got it”. Gawd forbid Heidi wears anything modest. I like Heidi and some of the stuff she wears on the show is really bad and too short, IPPHO. But she looks good this season, better than last time.

Oh no Mitchell, of course he made it because he’s annoying and he flirted, he is going to have a meltdown and annoy me for 15 f*ing weeks ~~ you expect me to figure out of all those people and who the one guy missing is I’ll watch it again tomorrow morning ~~~ I wasn’t missing anyone, lol!


This is some workroom, I want it all. I can’t imagine how dirty is going to get. Tim Gunn would have ended up under the dining room table sobbing with me if he had seen my living room during my sewing frenzy my husband died a little every night when he came home…. my daughter died when I cleaned it up while she was at Preview Night and couldn’t find anything the first morning of Cosplay, LOL. “Not before The Con Mom!”

Okay, now we can find out who the designer from another season coming back for their last chance saloon is, because the fans voted to bring them back. I didn’t know anything about this, no one informed me. Ice did not let me know. I hope it’s the girl, I liked her. Her brother is in Maroon Five, now I remember. My daughter is not happy because Adam Levine, she doesn’t like the guy.  I was wrong she was saying that I like Adam Levine oh yeah that’s right I like Adam Levine and her brother was in the band and I liked her. Her name is Amanda. So the designers have to make one look of what their collection would look like if they were to make it now. They each get five pieces of fabric that are three yards each. They can trade the fabric. Tim says “Beg, borrow, or steal. Oh no don’t steal”, he’s so funny. This is the luck of the draw, open your trunk. Oh how funny, this is like an episode of “Chopped”! Open your basket and find out what your ingredients are! Oh wow, some of this fabric is ugly. I remember why I like Amanda, she’s funny. Everyone’s introducing themselves but they don’t want her fabric. I would think if you were smart you would have been sewing stuff, you know, like making certain things. Like you would be practicing different kinds of sleeves, necklines, pants so that you could remember how to do this stuff. Different kind of dresses skirts etc.. That’s what I would do to prepare.

Awwww, somebody’s dyyyyyeing….she’s dyeing her fabric. I forgot how long they have to get this done.  It is the girl from India who got married to her husband after meeting him once, getting engaged the next day, and marrying him a month later. Does she have time to get that dry. She is using an iron to dry it out, smart. Jefferson’s chatty with everyone, I wonder if he’s the guy that’s kind and helpful or likes giving his opinion and butting in.


I love Tim’s reviews, his faces, his quizzical looks. “This concerns me.” If he had visited me he would’ve been VERY concerned, LOL. Tim is talking to Angela about her pants, Gawd Tim just say it. If Brooks could say it on The Real Housewives of Orange County… you can say it!! Her pants are really low Tim felt that there would need to be some grooming in that area. Tim is a gentleman, he would NEVER. Tim thinks that Mitchell’s outfit is from the 80s. Well, yeah Mitchell’s whole closet was 80s. Mitchell hasn’t annoyed me so far I thought he would be more annoying. I’m sorely disappointed at this. The models come in. They can stand for a half hour, what I wouldn’t give for a model who could stand for half hour.  Sean from New Zealand’s fabric is really shockingly ugly, will be interesting to see how he gets that together.


These models are like anorexic, these models are ridiculously thin this isn’t good but I think I’ll start a Twitter war about skinny models that are anorexic. ~~~PBB: “They are models Mom.” PP: “They are just too skinny this is not okay! As a Skinny bitch I’m offended.” PBB: “They should have it be a real woman Project Runway.”~~~What can I say, she’s a dreamer, that one…that’s never going to happen.


The designers are back to their apartment, let the bad mouthing begin!!   Mitchell says it’s so not what you think it is, that it is worse. Microphone off the East Coast gets to play game how fun for them.


Oh good Mitchell is coming through for me because he is just being a gossip with Korina. They are being all and gossipy and backbiting. Poor Angela, “Does anyone have a needle.” It’s so hard when you can’t find your tools, scissors, needles, tape, measuring tape! I have four seam rippers around the room and can never find one. What does a bitch have to do to get a seam ripper? Lol! Oh Julie Bowen (Bowel) from Modern Family is the guest judge, I like her.



$300,000 prize package!   Tim Gunn is on the runway show, Tim is not judging, he has the “Tim Gunn Save”. He used it last year, I think it was a pity vote but that’s IPPHO.

(The Spice Girls dress….) The first girl’s dress, Sandhya, is ugly but it looks well made.

Angela, I like, the pants are cute if they fit a little better, they’re not well made the whole thing is a hot mess. She looks really bad walking away… <<EXAMPLE OF ME CHANGING MY MIND!!!

Okay now Alexander, you know that’s not bad, the floral print on the black and white print, I like it, I like.

Sean he’s the guy from New Zealand and it’s too long and it looks “The Avengers” dress with a big A pointing to the lady parts.

Carrie while she had material that was horribly ugly that’s a really cute dress, really well-made.

Sam, it’s a basic black outfit…nice but nothing special.

Mitchell, it’ll be interesting to see close-up I’m disappointed though, I expected worse.

Kini, it looks better without the denim jacket, what a pretty dress with the pleats, looks good without the denim.

Jefferson, the shorts are too short and wide at the bottom. The zipper is off to the side and not on purpose, he didn’t listen to Tim about the top and how it would work…. I don’t mind the high waist.

Emily, and that’s ugly, a corset made of ugly fabric…Zac hated it, me too…to its nothing new… Funny it is the same fabric that Carrie used…

Hernan has the same fabric as Sandhya and he made a real sexy dress but he’s a ringer and a professional, IPPHO, allegedly. He made it look good.

Korina, she did a red jumpsuit, it’s not bad not sure it just seems extra long in the body.

Kristine, cute but it’s not anything new.

Amanda, looks nice I like the pants, I like the top.   Looks sharp, that’s right I said sharp.

Fade Zu, there is something wrong with it but there is something right, I don’t know. I think I had a dress like that in the 80s…these models are way too thin.

Char, oh I think that looks good she did a good job I think that that the skirt fabric was ugly and she did a great job .


Let’s see who is in the top and the bottom. There are six Amanda, Mitchell, Jefferson, Sandhya, Char.. I did that from memory and one other person. ~~~ PBB: “that was amazing.” PP: “my short-term memory worked that time, was it Fade the guy that escaped from East Germany.” ~~~   Nope, it was Angela.

Char is first and Nina likes it and I like it. Pockets in your skirt what could be better, pockets in anything really….. All the judges like her.

Mitchell, yeah, yeah we know you’re from Florida shut up! Nina had very little to say but Heidi likes it. I think he did a nice fit on the shorts though they don’t like it. I wouldn’t wear it but it isn’t the worst thing on the runway, IPPHO.

Sandhya, she really did ugly makeup on her model. I think it is bad but Heidi is defending her.

Heidi’s being nice to everyone so far. Zac likes the details, Nina thinks it’s inventive, she is so ri.dic.

The best part of this critique is my guy Mitchell’s facial expressions….he is thinking, “You judges are out of your freaking minds.”

Jefferson, Heidi doesn’t like it. Nina doesn’t like it. They say that the proportions are a problem.

Julie thinks that Jefferson is cool but that outfit is horrible. I feel bad for him.

Amanda’s look is “Dramatic Day”.   “Dramatic Day” is where (I think if you get elastic with Jesus.)

Actually I said that it is considered dramatic day if you leave your house in anything but elastic waist pants, that is “Dramatic Day. ~~~PBB: “they make pants without elastic in the waist?” PP: “yes honey”~~~ Heidi was tough on Amanda, I guess because it’s her second time but it is a great, well made and designed outfit.

Angela, Nina is so mean, she said instead of calling them “slits” she calls them “sluts”…Wow, what a bitch. The pants are horribly made, she’s going to have a breakdown,Angela is right this moment, poor Angela.


They take a close look at the clothes. This is one of my favorite parts. They did this last year and it’s about time is all I have to say, it only took them 12 seasons to do it!! Angela and Jefferson seem to be in the bottom and they deserve to be. The thing that bothers me about this part is Zac Posen is very touchy-feely with all the models. And Tim did speak up about Angela’s pants and said “Heidi, you don’t think those pants should come with a certificate for a “Brazilian.” I don’t think they were that low…or showed what he thought they showed…. You keep saying that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”


Sandhya won?????????? WTF???????? Are you kidding me?????? SErrrioUSlyyy???????? OMG!!!!!

These judges are just so, I don’t even know what adjective to use!!!!!! NOT MY PICK!!!

So it is between Mitchell and Jefferson, they are the bottom two. They saved Mitchell, Jefferson is out for his slutty shorts and crappy top and Mitchell survives another day to bring drama. So goodbye Jefferson, I guess you won’t be “Moving on up to the east side…To a deluxe apartment in the skyyy!!”

Next week will only be 60 minutes not 150, but who is counting….lol!

Click this link to see the looks:







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Don’t Be Tardy – Crowd Control


Don’t Be Tardy
S3E2  “Crowd Control”

By TexasTart

Last week, in the season opener, Kim and Kroy’s twins were delivered and the chaos begins. This week the reality of having six kids and four of them under the age of 2-1/2 sets in.   Kim is outdoors on a sunny winter day, pushing a stroller with the twins bundled up inside. Kash is along side and takes a spill off his scooter. Waaah!  Kim picks him up, dusts him off and assures him he will be okay.  Kroy is pulling KJ on a toy with wheels, which didn’t follow the turn and he took a spill too.  Waaah! Waaah!  Luckily the twins don’t have anything to cry about yet.

Brielle and Ariana come up to ask for something. Brielle wants to drive the Range Rover to the mall.  Kim balks that since she’s wrecking cars she can’t take the Rover, but she can take the Honda.  Brielle is beside herself to have to go anywhere in the gold Honda. Waaah! I’m not sure why she keeps referring to it as the gold Honda, I hardly think they have another Honda in their garage and it doesn’t look gold on my TV.  Brielle carries on about the embarrassment, how the other kids drive this and that, and here she is in this crappy gold Honda.  She whines to her Mother again, and Kim tells Brielle she is lucky to have a car at all!  Kroy comes and backs that up with the fact she has wrecked four of their cars (what?!).  Kim said, the funny thing is the only vehicle she hasn’t wrecked is the Honda.  Ariana, clearly not understanding how negotiating with parents works; defends her sister by saying “but she hasn’t wrecked anything in three months!”

DBT S3E2_1Back in the house, Kim asks if there’s a skin tightening machine and Troy replied, “its’ called exercise.” Chuckles.  Sweetie is in the kitchen trying to show Kim how to eat healthy and Kim’s not interested. Sweetie tries to impress upon Kim that it’s for the long haul and Kim said that she’s not going to eat a salad unless she needs to shit.  Kroy ribs Kim about her sweet tooth and confirms what I thought all along, she’s a sugar-holic with high metabolism.  Kim says they need a Chef to help her eat better, because she doesn’t have time to cook with the babies. Matter of fact, she needs a nanny for the twins, a housekeeper and a pool boy.   Interesting that it’s the dead of winter and she puts pool boy on her wish list. Now, I am aware pools need tended to year round, especially in the south, but I’m just saying I don’t believe a pool caretaker and house cleaner were not already employed!

Kim said she needs all this help so Kroy can focus on his recovery and training as to be a fucking beast on the field next season, for which she immediately recoils realizing she her language in front of the little ones.  Some things about Kim will never change, but I would have to say her potty mouth has been cut in half with the babies around…if that’s any consolation.  Back to the task at hand; is everyone on board now with the fact that Kim needs all this help for Kroy?  And Kim doesn’t want the hired hands to be good looking either.  I guess that’s for Kroy too?!

We see the four way security monitors and hear a cry. Kroy and Kim run like crazy upstairs because they know that cry means KJ is really hurt.  Seems to have been horseplaying with the Nanny, Lana. There was a fall and he hurt his leg. Kim, Kroy, KJ and Lana leave immediately for the doctor. The x-ray shows a fracture in his leg, and Lana immediately begins to cry and honestly, she balled a lot more than the boy. She felt guilty he was hurt on her watch.  KJ got a cast and Kroy asks if he wants ice cream on the way home.

Back at home Kroy, with his foot propped up on ice (you might recall, he is recovering from achilles tendon re-attachment surgery) and KJ is in a large stroller with his leg in a cast propped up and they are eating their ice cream.  Kroy has a walkie talkie so he can communicate with Kim in their big house. Kim is dealing with the babies and wanting to cook dinner. Kroy is calling back and forth and he said she could bring the baby and he will hold her.  So she leaves Kaia with him and begins to cook in the kitchen. Kroy, on the walkie talkie said Kaia spit up on him, so off runs Kim.  They do a good job at demonstrating what is, I’m sure, real life chaos, but it doesn’t go without notice that her teenage daughters were shocked she was trying to cook dinner. Chuckles.

Kim looks to be serious about cooking, but is distracted, she has so many people in the kitchen, there’s Sweetie holding Kane. There’s Kroy’s voice again, he’s enjoying aggravating her with the walkie talkie.  Kim talks about it was a hard day, with the broken leg and they crying and Brielle jumps in to say it was Lana’s fault. Lana runs full speed out of the room crying.  Kim is upset that Brielle doesn’t have a filter and now she has hurt Lana’s feelings.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it.  Kim tells Brielle to go to Lana and apologize and that didn’t seem good enough, so Kim schools her in how to apologize properly. Meanwhile, the ravioli on the stove is ruined and they’ll have to order in pizza.

It’s a new day at the Biermann house, and we find Kroy bathing one of the twins in a portable baby tub that is set up on an island in the kitchen. Kroy bathing that baby was the best few seconds of the entire episode!  Kim realizes there is someone walking outside around the pool.  She goes to investigate and it’s apparently a mini David Beckham-ish pool boy that explains he was hired by Sweetie. Kim goes back in the house realizing she’ll have to keep her teenage girls away from the pool boy.

In marches a young woman decked out in a very form fitted denim top, with an open midriff, matching tight pants, heels and a broom.  Her name is Jam and she is on a mission to clean. Jam apologized for her attire, saying she dressed for an interview and didn’t know she would be hired to start on the spot. Umm hmm.

It seems Sweetie took the conversation seriously about getting help, except the request they not be good looking.  Later a Chef would show up and Kim will taste his food, but ultimately is sent packing because he’s too wholesome, more of what Sweetie wants to eat than the home cooking Kim had in mind for her family.  The new help showing up unannounced, acting like they belonged was funny, regardless of how staged it might seem. I don’t think Kim or Kroy knew what they would look like!


Happy Birthday

Kat From Ohio


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Ladies of London – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner


Ladies Of London

S1E8  “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”

  By HydrangeaHussy

Last week we left off with Caroline’s dinner party.  Caprice had decided to attend so that she and Caroline could hash things out before Caprice left for the US.  Noelle had inadvertently (or intentionally) stirred the pot by telling Caprice that Caroline wasn’t happy that Marissa and Noelle were throwing Caprice a shower.  Remember, Caroline was supposed to throw the shower, but Caprice declined it when Caroline refused to hold it in a restaurant in London.

Back at dinner, Juliet and Julie call Noelle out for whispering at the table.  That’s definitely an etiquette class no-no.  Caroline thinks that Caprice’s problem has to do with Caroline’s relationship with the Americans.  I think that she may be a little jealous that Caroline has been so taken by the Americans.  Caprice thinks that the whole thing is ridiculous and wants it all resolved.  She arrives to dinner late, greeting Julie first, which Caroline thinks is very rude.  Caprice notices that Caroline didn’t stand to greet her.  I think they were both a little rude, but it’s understandable because of the tension.  Juliet doesn’t like that Caprice arrived late, expecting the red carpet to be rolled out.  She isn’t going to like anything Caprice does.  The dinner is super awkward from that point on.  Caroline had prepared a vegan meal, but Caprice didn’t acknowledge the gesture.

The ladies move to the end of the patio for drinks.  Caprice tells the women that her surrogate has dilated and the baby will come any time.  She’s leaving in the morning to be with her surrogate.  Juliet tells her to get on a plane immediately.  Caroline wonders why she didn’t immediately rush to the airport.  It can take a while, even after dilation begins, so there wasn’t any rush, as the surrogate told Caprice!  Noelle and Julie go to the loo, and Caroline asks Juliet to leave so she can speak with Caprice.  Caroline begins by noting the elephant in the room – Caprice’s issue with Caroline.  Caprice says that there’s no issue on her side.  Juliet and Julie are spying from around the corner.  Juliet seems to think that Caprice is going to get it from Caroline.  Caroline’s only issue is the baby shower – Caprice asked her to host, then declined the shower because Caroline’s house is so far away.  Caprice says that she never asked Caroline to host a shower.  A lot of he said, she said, and I don’t know who to believe.

Caroline feels that Caprice declining the shower was a way of saying that her shower wouldn’t be good enough.  I think that Caprice had an idea of what she wanted and it wasn’t at Caroline’s house, but that doesn’t mean she thinks Caroline wouldn’t throw a good shower.  Caprice brings up the conversation with Noelle.  She tells Caroline that her feelings were hurt that Caroline would bully the women about throwing Caprice a shower.  Oh lord, the B-word has come out!  Caroline says that Caprice also asked Matt and Marissa to host a baby shower.  Caroline wants to get her phone and show Caprice the messages, but Caprice denies that it happened.  Caroline goes to get her phone, as though proving Caprice wrong is going to help the conversation.  The message shows that Caprice mentioned wanting a shower at Marissa’s restaurant, but it doesn’t say that she asked Matt and Marissa to host.  It sounded to me like she wanted to try to reserve the restaurant for her shower regardless of who was hosting it.  This whole argument is done in soft voices and low tones – there is no screaming or raised voices, a first for Bravo!  These ladies even fight classy!  Caprice sees that this is going nowhere and decides to go home.

LOL S1E8_1Caprice thinks that Caroline is mad because the ladies who Caroline thought were on her team are now throwing Caprice a shower.  I think both of these ladies expected the others to pick a side.  As she leaves, Caprice says that she has something in the car for Marissa, which upsets Caroline even more because Caprice didn’t bring a gift for the hostess.  Marissa notes that there are too many egos involved and points out that all of the drama is about a baby shower that isn’t even going to happen.  She’s managed to stay neutral like Switzerland in all of this!  Back at the sofas, Caroline tells the girls that Caprice just didn’t want to hear anything that she said.  Juliet, of course, agrees with Caroline.  Caroline also notes that Noelle stirred things up by telling Caprice that Caroline bullied the ladies.  Poor Noelle – she should have kept her mouth shut!  I don’t think she intended to stir the pot, she just so badly wants to be everyone’s friend!  Juliet says that Caprice likes to believe certain things and will manipulate the truth to suit her.  She then says that she’s happy not be involved in baby-shower-gate.  When Noelle approaches, Caroline asks what she told Caprice.  Noelle says that she never called Caroline a bully.  Caroline tells Noelle that she can’t play both sides – “don’t come here, drink my wine, spend my day here, be friend, and then go and do that behind my back.”   Noelle is pissed that Marissa has managed to slip under the radar in all of this.  Umm, because Marissa has remained neutral, while Noelle has kind of stirred things up.

Caprice talks to Marissa and Julie outside.  She tells the girls that she asked Caroline why she gave Marissa and Noelle a hard time.  Marissa kind of understands why Caroline is upset because Marissa has come in and taken over Caroline’s duty.  She also reminds Caprice that Caprice did call after the 4th of July party.  Caprice blames pregnancy brain, but Marissa isn’t buying it.  Noelle comes outside and tells the ladies that she was just confronted by Caroline.  She tells Caprice that Caroline believes Noelle called her a bully.  Caprice wants to clear the record – she called Caroline a bully, not Noelle.  Marissa goes back inside and tells Caroline that Noelle is upset and that she didn’t call Caroline a bully.  She seems to have straightened it out, but Caprice wants to be sure that Noelle isn’t getting blamed.  Caprice returns, telling Caroline that she was the one who called Caroline a bully, but Caroline is over it.  “Does she have an ounce of dignity left?”  She points out that Caprice wasn’t there, so she doesn’t know what happened.  Caprice says that, based upon what she heard, she felt that the ladies were being bullied.  She calmly tells Caroline that her feelings were hurt that Caroline would question the ladies’ moment.  “If you want to call me a bully, please leave and give me a call.”  Caprice says that she hoped to sort things out for Noelle, but Caroline interjects that they were having a lovely time.  When Caprice leaves, Caroline tells Noelle that she needs to think before she speaks.  Caroline thinks that Caprice is using Noelle, and isn’t really her friend.  Oh yeah, lovely time.

The next day, we learn that the Duchess of Cambridge is in labor.  Marissa calls to check on Noelle.  Noelle feels bad for putting herself in the middle and plans to stay out of it from now on.  Marissa is on baby-watch, waiting for Prince George to arrive.  Later on, Marissa travels to the hospital.  She talks to some guys that have been camped out for 2 weeks, waiting on the royal baby.  I’ve said it before – I LOVE that Marissa so fully embraces British culture.  We see the announcement read – there is a new prince!

LOL S1E8_2Juliet arrives with her kids at Caroline’s for a sleepover.  Caroline tells her that she feels a little vindicated, since Caprice didn’t address her first and Caprice brought Marissa a gift.  I guess now everyone sees how rude Caprice is?  Juliet agrees, saying that Caprice tries to manipulate people to get them on her side.  Caroline is glad that Juliet didn’t get involved.  But she kind of did, since she’s there bashing Caprice right along with Caroline.  Noelle calls and wants to be done with everything.  She genuinely likes both Caroline and Caprice, but she feels that she can’t make both of them happy.  Caroline thinks that Noelle has learned not to play both sides, which never helps anyone.  Noelle doesn’t want to have to pick sides.  Juliet feels that Noelle is a good girl, but is a little star-struck by Caprice.

Caprice is packing to go to the states for the births of her children.  She is still upset about Caroline, but she has too much to do.  Annabelle calls Caprice.  She’s feeling a little better after her accident.  Caprice fills her in on the dinner, saying that Caroline brought up the shower again and was very mean about it.  Caprice tells Annabelle that she truly believes Caroline was a bully by trying to manipulate the ladies to be on her side.  Annabelle says that calling her a bully was pretty harsh.  Annabelle tells Caprice that she sees some competiveness between Caprice and Caroline, but Caprice doesn’t see it.  She doesn’t know why she would compete with Caroline – she looks great, has a successful business, and has her own fame.  Annabelle urges Caprice to clear the air, but Caprice doesn’t want any toxic people in her life.

LOL S1E8_3Caprice and Ty are going to LA for 3 months.  They will return with 2 baby boys.  Maribel, her housekeeper, is holding down the fort in London.  In LA, Caprice is going to the hospital, where her surrogate is in labor.  She is with her surrogate all day, checking in outside of the room.  Finally, the baby arrives and Caprice is able to hold her first son.  She tears up in the TH when talking about her fears leading up to the birth.  Now all she has to do is give birth herself!

LOL S1E8_4Back in Surrey, Annabelle’s coach brings her racing silks and Julie visits.  Annabelle is still on crutches, but is able to get around.  She is returning to London on Monday.  The race has happened, without Annabelle.  She’s been pushing herself and wants to ride again.  She is so positive about it – truly inspirational! The McQueen silks are amazing and Annabelle plans to wear them in the race next year.  She says that she doesn’t like to ask for help, but that she’s been forced to after the accident and it has changed her outlook on people.  I’ve really come to like and respect Annabelle.  At first I thought she would be stuck-up, but I now think that she just takes some time to let people in.

LOL S1E8_5Caprice is at her house in LA with her baby.  She is going into labor herself and is off to the hospital.  She looks amazing, even though she’s labor.  Junior #2 is born!  The look of pure love and amazement on Caprice’s face is beautiful.  She wonders what she’s done in her life to deserve two perfect boys.  Once both boys are home, Caprice takes to being a mom naturally.  She has spoken to Julie and Annabelle.  Marissa sent her flowers.  Caprice hasn’t heard from anyone else.  Having the boys makes her realize that nothing else matters.

The London ladies are off to the Audi Polo Cup, which is full of celebrities.  It’s the last party of the summer before everyone leaves on holiday.  Boujis is sponsoring a party, so all of the ladies are invited.  Noelle asks about Caprice and Marissa tells them that she’s had the babies.  Julie suggests that they all get together when Caprice returns.  Juliet feels that Caprice has created a divide in the group.  She just can’t help herself.  It’s quite obvious which side Juliet has chosen.  Julie thinks that they should give Caprice the benefit of the doubt because she was pregnant, but Juliet doesn’t think things will change.  Marissa agrees that behavior and priorities change with motherhood.

Noelle:  This summer has been tricky for her, but she realizes that she needs to be more strategic in her thinking and actions.  The court ruled that Scot’s worth is 40 million pounds and awarded his ex-wife 20 million pounds.  He also proposed to Noelle with a 6 carat, flawless diamond.

The ladies go to watch polo and see Prince Charles in his box.

Juliet:  She isn’t going to change her American ways, but she has learned that sometimes you have to be a little British too.  Her family is staying in London and she hasn’t taken any more etiquette lessons.

LOL S1E8_7The girls end up on the big screen – Julie and Marissa wave, while Juliet looks mortified.

Caroline arrives for the Boujis party.  The ladies first sit in the bleachers to catch up, then they are dancing and having a great time.

Marissa: Her relationships have changed and grown.  She feels that she’s earned her stripes as her own person, rather than Matt’s wife.  They have a second son now.  Caroline is going to stay on the Cavalli yacht in August.

Caroline:  She is sad that her relationship with Caprice has changed so much, but is glad that she met the American girls.  She hasn’t spoken to Caprice since the dinner party.

Caprice:  She says that there will be a different Caprice in the future, so watch out.  She and Ty are back in London with their boys.  She never had a baby shower.

Annabelle:  She has learned to appreciate life since the accident.  Her injury is healing and she’s regaining mobility.

LOL S1E8_8No word on whether there will be reunion, but I’m hoping there will be!  These ladies have quickly become immensely popular with Bravo fans.  I’m also hoping for a Season 2!


Many thanks to HydrangeaHussy for taking a chance on another new show to bring us Season 1 of Ladies Of London!


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Real Housewives of New York – The Last Leg

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Real Housewives Of New York

S6E20 “The Last Leg”

By realhousewifeofaiken

Sonja is propped up on her bed while her interns, Pickles and Tyler, ice her swollen ankle.  This is why they need GPAs above 3.2 – to attend to Madame Morgan who falls off her stilettos after another night of drunken foolishness.   She tells Ramona and Kristen how she chased a cab carrying LuAnn and Harry through the streets of New York, only to fall on her face, then had Tyler and another young lad carry her sorry butt back home.  Every other cabbie in the city must have been busy that night.Kristen Taekman, Sonja Morgan

Josh and Kristen are at home, where, oddly enough, he is holding a meeting with an associate about their plans for a billboard for eBoost.  Kristen wants to be the young, hot model for the campaign, and, of course, lands the job.   During the photo shoot, the photographer tells her to look orgasmic and she explains how she can fake an orgasm.  She can add it to her resumé.

Sonja has to make plans for her big “Team Sonja” party and slides down the stairs of her house with Marley in her harms.   Marley had a friend put a little instructional video together on how to make it down a flight of stairs when you’re unable or unwilling to walk.  You can watch it here:  Lazy Dog Slides Down Stairs  When she finally hits the ground floor, she greets LuAnn so that she can straighten things out about Harry’s mysterious disappearance from the Carole’s party, supposedly with LuAnn.  LuAnn swears that she wants nothing to do with Harry Dubin – been there, done that – and that maybe Sonja needs to put a leash on him.   Sonja intends to confront Harry.

Heather and Carole are at Love, Alex, looking at a line of handbags.  They also talk about Heather’s son, Jax, and the level of success he could achieve with surgery on his ears.  A second doctor wasn’t quite as optimistic as the first and Heather doesn’t know which one to believe.  Carole tells her to go with the one she trusts more.  Heather says that Jax  doesn’t think his ears are so bad and she wonders if she should just trust her son’s instincts.

Sonja and Harry have their sit-down and Sonja tells him how upset she was that he left her behind at the party after giving her a friendship ring.   He apologizes and says it was stupid and that he thought she’d meet up with them later.  She reaches into her purse and hands the ring back to him, telling him that this is the end of Harry and Sonja.

Carole’s apartment renovation is complete and her kitchen is no more.  It’s now her office.  When Heather and Kristen arrives the talk is all about Aviva.  I don’t know why, other than they’ve found out that she’s going to the “Team Sonja” party.  Kristen thinks Aviva is an outsider, as she’s really been out of the loop, and has missed just about everything the ladies have done for most of the season.  The three agree that they’re confused about her myriad ailments which seem to appear and disappear just as quickly.  Carole says that she’ll be politely rude because it’s been like a vacation without Aviva around.   It really has.

Bravo treated us to a little filler where Ramona and Carole discussed dating.  Ramona wanted Carole to know that Fabio, from Harlequin novel and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter fame,  chased her for a while.  She also told Carole that she and Marion were like a thunderbolt when they met.  They still have hot sex.  The word on the street is that sometimes it’s with each other.

It’s time for the “Team Sonja” party at Le Cirque.  The guests are there, but the hostess is not.   “Team Sonja” is an eclectic mix of folks – an image guru, a dog groomer, a plastic surgeon, various psychics, Satoko the facialist,  ten lords a leaping, nine ladies dancing, eight maids a milking, and Aviva.  Aviva makes an entrance, accompanied by ominous music, which sets off a new round of chatter among the other ladies.  When she does arrive, Sonja is surrounded by a herd of interns.  According to her talking head,  she’s up to her eye teeth in business deals, all of which are in contract stage.  She may be using the interns as collateral.Sonja Morgan

Sonja has written a speech for the event and Ramona is upset that she didn’t take some time to greet her guests first,  Sonja ignores her and starts reading what she’s written.  It a rambling novella, much like her Bravo blogs, all about her aura and her brand and the people who make up her Team.   Some of the ladies, understandably, giggled though it.   When she finally finished her salute to all of those who made Sonja the woman she is today, she made a beeline to Aviva to make sure that she was still riled up over the others.  Sonja calls them emotional vampires and Aviva says that they’re all mad at her.   The entire group finally gets together and Aviva tells them she’s lost an unplanned 10 pounds.   Kristen says that asthma should make you gain weight but she’s still that pretty tool in the shed.

When they sit down, the ladies confront Aviva over all of her issues.  Kristen says that this is more than asthma and Aviva tells Kristen that she’s been a horrible persons.  Carole says that no one believes Aviva.  Aviva then tells the group that her doctor lied to her.  She has an x-ray with her name on them but says the doctor forged them.  They didn’t look like chest x-rays to me, but I’m afraid to tell Aviva what I think.   She then throws the x-ray at Heather.  One brave soul said that it looked like an x-ray of her breast implants. Kristen Taekman

Aviva isn’t quite through and says that her doctor forces her to take asthma medicine and that they should call him to get the truth.   She takes her argument, and storyline, full circle and begins hollering about Carole and the ghost writer nonsense.   As if she hadn’t made a complete fool of herself by this time, she then shouts that there’s only one thing fake about her and slams her fake leg onto the table.  LuAnn is laughing hysterically.  Kristen wants to vomit.  Aviva, who has lost whatever dignity and sense of pride she might have had left, further insults them and us by picking up the leg and throwing it across the room.  Way to go, Aviva.  That’ll teach ‘em for doubting your sanity.   She then looks around at her audience and asks if they’d be happy if she just crawls home now.  Assuring her that that is exactly what they don’t want, Carole picks the leg up off the floor, hands it back to Aviva and tells her that this isn’t right.  And it isn’t – on any level.   The only thing she didn’t do was mention the Kennedys but maybe she saves that for her Twitter rants. Carole Radziwill

All I could think about was Heather Abbott, the woman with the prosthetic leg from Boston and how she was feeling after this.  Carole says, “It ain’t over til the fat lady sings or the crazy bitch throws her leg down.”  If you care, this is Aviva’s explanation as to why she threw her leg.  Okay, whatever.   The joke is on us.

Next week is part one of the reunion.



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Real Housewives Of New York Cast Blogs

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S6E19 Cast Blogs Blogged by



Kristen: This Show Has Helped My Marriage

Dinner with Heather and Jonathan. I am so happy that Heather and I were able to hash it out and that she accepted my apology. Looking back at this fight was very hard. It sucks arguing with a good friend, but I feel that we have come full circle — and it was great that our husbands could be in on it.

I don’t even know what the argument was about.  Heather was three sheets to the wind and you usually ignores what drunk people say.  You pay attention when they are sober. 

I feel like I am airing a bunch of dirty laundry at this dinner with the Josh as I talk about moving back to NY from LA, etc., but, well, it came up and it’s on my mind. I wanted Heather to understand that I am very supportive, but it just reaches a point where you want to feel that same support on the other end. Work is work.

What about Josh?  Shouldn’t he understand?  Heather pretty much became the husband surrogate.

Dr. Giese’s Office: Light, tight, and right. I agree Miss Morgan 100 percent: who would have thought that I would be friendly with Ramona at this point? Right? Wow. Boobs and Botox — that’s the extent of it for me!

Isn’t that what surprises people on the NY housewives?  Getting along with Ramona?

Making dinner for Josh: We decided on a date night. I said I would cook, and I did. Josh got stuck at work and didn’t call. He had a really bad conference call — I get it. I just want a head’s up. When I make the effort, I want my husband to do the same. Did you notice how when I hung up on Josh I snapped at our kid? Ugh not cool.

Yeah, that sucks. 

Anybody want to come over for dinner? Doesn’t it look like it would be yummy? Ha! But at least I made the effort, and for Josh to see that it was like therapy for him. He really opened his eyes to how important it is to communicate, to be respectful of my efforts, and to find a better way to handle all the stress from work.

He is selling and promoting a health drink.  Stress is anti-health.

Marriage is hard work. It has its ups and downs. I think it’s really hard when your children are young — lots of stress and pressure. This show was one of the best things that happened to us. Getting a bird’s eye view on our marriage is just what we needed. Turns out watching our arguments has been the best therapy for us. At the end of the day, Josh and I love and support each other, and I couldn’t have done any of this with out him. He also realizes how he needs to separate work from family and how important it is for he and I to connect. It’s been great for both of us.

We’ll see if you don’t add to the housewives divorce rate. 

Birdland: It was very sweet and romantic that Mario sang for Ramona. Birdland is iconic What Ramona was saying about Lu and her singing was very rude (big surprise)! Not nice at all.

Lu needs autotune.  Enough said. 

But Heather, OMG! Damn, of course Heather can sing and bring the house down. Holla Momma!

Of course, she’s good at everything. 

LuAnn: I Sing When I Feel Like Singing

I think Sonja’s relationship with Harry is a long one. They are more friends than anything, as I see Harry stepping out with other women all the time. He’s even been dating a friend of mine recently, so I don’t think their relationship is serious in the least. I know Sonja would like things to be different but that’s not the reality of the situation. Harry is not the kind to settle down. He’s a player! Its a good thing Sonja has other men like 23-year-old Ben to keep her busy!

I guess you have to meet Harry in person to see the appeal because it doesn’t come off on screen. 

Things between Jacques and myself have been getting tense lately. We have been bickering a lot more recently. We are working on improving that, and I hope that it will. Jacques and I both love each other very much, but I’m wondering if we can go the distance? We are just at different places in our lives for the moment, so it’s hard! I expected the photo shoot to go a lot more smoothly, but that wasn’t the case. We are both learning that we need to do some work to make the relationship last. The photos did turn out great, and I am grateful to Christophe von Hohenberg, the photographer, for being the easy going friend that he is and making it work regardless of how we felt about each other that day. The dogs were happy! Check out his work at He’s taken many pictures in ’70s and ’80s of celebrities and rock stars around NYC and has a new book out!

French accents gets tiring to hear sometimes. 

The truth is I really wasn’t up to singing that night because I had a fight with Jacques that day and thats why he wasn’t there. I just wasn’t in the mood and Ramona pushing me only made it worse. I sing when I feel like singing, not when someone demands I sing. Ramona was just awful to me, and I felt like crying not singing. Ramona would of thrown me under the bus whether I sang or not. That’s just how Ramona is with me — horrible — and I don’t care what she thinks of me!

It sounds like you got wind of some plot to compare you and Mario. 

I thought Heather was amazing and I love her for getting up there and belting out her tune. I’m proud of her, and that’s what friends are for. I actually got up and sang “Hey Big Spender” later that night after Heather. She inspired me to get up there, and it actually felt great to sing. Sorry you missed it!

Did the cameras leave first?  Is that why you sang?

I thought Mario singing to Ramona was very sweet! I really wanted to give him the limelight that night, as I knew he’d been practicing and wanted it to be his night. No thanks from Ramona for that one, of course. I actually sang one night with Mario out at a restaurant in the past, and I know he loves the Sinatra stuff. It’s great that he likes to sing. Maybe he can go on the road with Sonja soon?

Sonja is a one woman show. 

Billy Stritch the accompanist and I have sung together in the past at Jim Caruso’s cast party at Town Hall on Broadway to benefit Broadway cares equity fights AIDS. I sang Natalie Cole’s “Love,” which I’ve done on our show in the past! I actually sang after Chita Rivera and before Liza Minnelli. It was truly a great evening! He really is the best piano player around and has worked with many, many Broadway stars — so I was so happy to see Heather living it up with him on stage and holding her own. Holla!!!! Bravo Heather!

It was Mario and Heather’s night to shine.

Nothing Is Too Romantic for Sonja

I try to make my intern hiring process as daunting as possible to discourage any applicants from thinking that it’s all fun and games — because I’m in the business of being entertaining with Sonja in The City and my charity work. Some of the more naive types think my behind-the-scenes work is light and fun. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Managing my homes, investments, personal affairs, sorting through potential opportunities, and maintaining my philanthropic endeavors (all while keeping my daughter as my number one priority) makes for a challenging day at work. Therefore, when I choose an intern — before they even make it to the daunting interview experience — I look for a very high GPA, combined with previous intern experience and hopefully some job experience. And, most definitely, charity work is a must on their résumé. Then, I look to their major, minor, other interests, and what they’re hoping to gain by interning with me. If I’m going to spend my time showing them the ropes, I need to know that they’re going to put it to good use and that it would apply to the right field. Having said that, good life lessons always apply — like learning how to schedule!

So much work for free labor.

I didn’t think telling Aviva about what everyone said about her on the trip was going to spark a reaction. I wanted to her to be prepared. I wanted to tell Aviva that everyone was doubting her illness, and I felt that it wasn’t healthy and that she should be warned. What I have seen since St. Barth’s is Aviva making positive changes. The girls are not experts in the medical field nor in psychology. I feel that it should be left to Aviva’s doctors and other experts, which she’s been clearly advised by. Giving Aviva the head’s up would give her the strength and ammunition she would need to keep it together should a confrontation occur. Believe me, I have been there for all of their “concernings.” It doesn’t help you get ahead. In fact, it can set you back if you’re not strong-minded. The girl clearly has asthma, among other illnesses.

I think you got the crazy wheels spinning in Aviva’s head.  This  is definitely going to lead to a confrontation. 

It’s never too young to start speaking to professionals about cosmetic procedures and to plan ahead. I like to be educated and know my options. Ever since being a young model, I have always availed myself of what information is out there, however I am extremely cautious in my approach. I know that Kristen has been considering using Botox, and certainly Dr. Giese is someone that she could consider as a practioner. There are so many different ways to use Botox, and different doctors have different techniques.

I think if you can use non-invasive techniques early on it would be better.  Botox to me seems so extreme. 

I have to be very careful with Botox because I’m known for my expressions and I have to perform at my different Sonja In The City events, appearances, and sometimes for my charity work. There are so many different machines on the market, I don’t know where to begin! When I go to see Dr. Neil Sadick, he has one machine. Dr. Giese has a different machine. Dr. Kassir has another machine! I have yet to try the vampire facial. Everyone is doing that where they inject your own blood into your face! Even my doctor Erika Schwartz has machines to monitor and increase life longevity and make me more beautiful.

How would you judge how fast you would have aged had you not done the procedures?

Ramona and LuAnn have a very special relationship. It’s very passive-aggressive. Why Ramona decided to badger LuAnn about not getting up to perform, I don’t know. Why does she ever badger LuAnn? LuAnn always gives a great performance with or without practice.

She likes giving Lu some competition.  She went wild when she found out Carole was a princess and outranked Luann.

Ramona and I have always shared the bathroom — with or without Mario around. So when I said I’ve heard Mario sing in the shower, I wasn’t kidding. Mario’s performance was incredibly romantic and made me tear up. It’s wonderful to have tens of years of marriage together. I’m surprised the other girls said that it was too romantic. Nothing can be too romantic. I love LOVE!

I’m sure after hearing Mario’s shenanigans in the gossip columns they were wondering if he was singing to his goomah.

I thought Heather’s performance was off the charts, but I wouldn’t say she’s a better singer than LuAnn. I think they are both great performers and I enjoy watching both of them and being a part of it.

Well look who’s Switzerland. 

Heather’s Sasha Fierce Moment

Yee Haw! The trip was really a lot of fun, outside of all the drama mama, and it was beautiful! But I’m happy to be back in the saddle I know the best, with my hubby and our delicious littles, both hands on the wheel at Yummie and my feet planted firmly in NYC — the place I really belong! I loved the adventures Montana brought us and although I still didn’t entirely understand my dust-up with Kristen so much, I knew we were all good. Jonathan, who was entirely innocent of any wrong doing, still caught an arrow from her, too, but he didn’t care. He thought it was funny and we all understood that whatever went down was hard for her. I thought it was nice we could spend some time together as couples after a silly scuffle. To sit down for dinner and laugh about it. . .but I should be so lucky. Kristen is at me for being bossy again! OK whatever — you are bossy and I am the boss, as Jon says (so cute making light of the situation).

What choice does he have?  You’re the boss, clearly.

Kristen wants Josh’s support. We can see that. When she describes our fight and feels Josh was taking my side, she was missing the point that assertiveness is a part of my personality. It’s not that she was wrong and I was right. The fight was behind us and I wanted to move on. But now I realize that Kristen just wanted my support too. As she was explaining the many sacrifices she’s made for Josh and their family, I got it. Kristen picked up, gave up, packed up, and uprooted her life twice! That is not easy. I also know that she and Josh are having struggles and it’s all lopsided. Things are coming out wrong. There is stress for Josh to provide for his family and pressure for Kristen to find her footing when she’s mumming more than modeling — there is tension because they are not aligning and Josh isn’t handling the situation well.

Sounds like Josh’s business is not doing so well. 

Entrepreneurs like Josh, who are natural at building relationships, use their talents to access resources (internally and externally), and to grow their business. I get it. So I try to explain the one thing I think can help: this is the way Josh’s mind is working. Kristen is experiencing “entrepreneurial behavior”:

1. Opportunity recognition: I am starting a new company.

2. Resource acquisition and venture creation: We are moving back to NY.

3. Firm expansion and growth, which is the phase EBOOST is in now: Not only will I be late for dinner, but I’m also not going to call and let you know.

Yes, this may appear to be habit forming but it’s not, it’s just a phase. I’m not saying it’s right, but I am saying I understand it. I’ve been through it myself with my own start up and six years into business I still experience phases, with every new growth cycle, where you bust your ass to see your vision through. It’s usually not convenient and it’s usually not scheduled. But Kristen isn’t biting my worm. I’m trying to help her gain perspective but instead she just sees me and Josh not supporting her and now we’re both not doing a good job — and my lecture in “The Process of Entrepreneurship” is entirely missed!

They are definitely not communicating properly because it seems Josh is putting down Kristen for not being a business person where she couldn’t care less about being a business person but would appreciate some respect and consideration.

And all that jazz. . .

We were invited to Birdland to join Mario at open mic night, which I thought he was throwing. Ramona was enlisting people to sing too, and invited Lu and I to join the fun! What I did not realize was that Mario was not hosting — Birldand was! And the likes of the other people that were performing: mind blowing! Billy Stritch on piano!?! I mean, come on people! This ain’t no karaoke! There’s no machine, there is no teleprompter, and there is no chance Ramona is going to let up on LuLu for choosing not to sing. And I’m now sh–ting my pants. Ramona’s behavior is totally garish and unapologetic and thankfully Lu didn’t let her get the best of her with all she’s got going on with Jacques. But then I realize the pressure really is on me!

Ramona’s behavior shouldn’t surprise you anymore. 

I really had no idea what I committed to and when that man called my name and asked if I’d take the stage I had an out-of-body experience. Nothing like walking up to a microphone in a sparkling dress and saying sh–balls! It was my Sasha Fierce moment, and when I took the stage and the music started, I forgot about everything! The diva performer in me came out, which comes from my dad. I had dedicated the song to him and gave it all I had! Too bad I don’t remember a thing! I swear, it was like I blacked out. I remember nothing from that performance except Jonathan’s face and Billy Stritch. And Lu sitting in the audience instead of fronting my backup vocals!

You’ve acquitted yourself well.

Aviva Defends Her Asthma

In the real world when a group of women are invited on a trip and one is not feeling well, the usual and appropriate response is, “Sorry you can’t come. Hope you feel better!” Generally among real-life friends there is some care and concern for the feelings and health of others. When the group returns and reunites with the one who wasn’t feeling well, a typical response is “How are you feeling?” from those who went away. Or “Hope the trip was great!” from the one who didn’t go.

Well, at least the trip wasn’t about you getting there and needing a parade thrown in your honor. 

But this is Housewifeland. In Housewifeland when one falls ill, your friends say, “You are a liar, and I hope you die, and you can’t have asthma. You have some pathological sick disease that is emotionally based!” In Housewifeland it’s impossible that a change in altitude could exacerbate an already severe condition. In Housewifeland everyone is a doctor except for the New York State board certified pulmonologist who urged the asthmatic sufferer not to go on the trip based on very sophisticated Pulmonary Function Tests, exams etc.

Heather can sing in Housewifeland when you call her up on stage. 

Poor Carole. She googled and came up with some serious disease I must have instead of asthma. What makes Carole so angry and vindictive? What is she missing in her life to cause her to put so much venom in her writing? How does she even come up with this sh–? Alternate diseases that one only hears about on Lifetime TV? The big shot journalist with a 20-year career Googles for information? Carole has a wild imagination. Did she call or “google” the Kennedy family when she needed stories for her own memoir? Would she call this “research” a new definition of “journalism.” It seems like “journalism” as defined by Carole today is as simple as googling….

Another potshot at Carole’s memoirs.  Munchausen has been featured in many medical dramas and it finally appears on a reality show.  Let’s hear it for Munchausen disease. 

Having watched the trip, I am really thankful I didn’t go. Looked like a complete bore. And anyway, with friends like Heather, Carole, and Kristen, who are preoccupied with disliking me, why are they so bent out of shape that I didn’t go? I can’t imagine I would have felt even the slightest bit welcome. Their accusations speak volumes about their own character and how they function as a clique.

I would have been nervous watching you handle a hatchet. 

Ramona: Where Did the Time Go With Avery?

I was amused by all of Carole’s requests for her party. I entertain constantly at my homes. To me, a successful party is not built not upon the ambiance, but rather the correct combination of guests, alcoholic beverages, and, naturally, great food. We know Carole does not eat, so she could care less about that LOL.

I think the only food I saw at the party was the cake and the apples Mario was juggling.  Cocktails were flowing aplenty.  I guess she likes a liquid diet. 

I thought Heather had the patience of a saint with Carole and did a great job of pulling everything together. I really don’t know what happened to LuAnn and Heather’s voices that night. They were both so off-key. It must of been too much tequila on their parts!

That whole singing thing looked awkward.  Tequila numbs everything so it’s not like they’d notice.

When Avery called me in to help her pack, the reality of her leaving was finally here. It was a very emotional moment helping Avery pack for college. It’s the first major move to her adulthood and separation from her family.

30 pairs of shoes. You realize you only have two feet.  Unless your Aviva and you have a closet full.

Taking her to the airport, I was flooded with emotions. How did this happen so fast? Where did the time go? It seemed like yesterday I was still picking her up at kindergarten.

Harry and Sonja always had a special bond. I was happy to hear he wanted to make a commitment to making a commitment. . .And it may not of been “the ring” but it was at least a ring. To each their own and whatever works.

The ring didn’t even look real.  I would have put it in my purse too.

Carole: God Gave me a Great Ass and His Approval

Dear Viewers and Fans,

I know. I didn’t have a recap last week. I’m in Europe and time zones and jet lag and cross-continental cocktails are taking their toll. I have a few thoughts about last week, though.

First, I had no idea that entrepreneur rhymes with manure! I pronounce it Entrepre-noor (rhymes with door). Have I been mispronouncing this word my whole life? I love when I learn from the show.

Does that have anything to do with sh-t?

Second, last week’s episode didn’t inspire me. It happens near the end of the season, I think. I have Housewife recap fatigue. Sonja was also fatigued from reading all of those emails all day. She needed a break so she asked Aviva over to tell her we all talked about her in Montana. If by “the whole time” Sonja meant “for a few minutes at dinner one night,” then, yes. We were talking about Aviva the whole time. Ramona took it so far as a possible phone call, but by the time she walked back into the Antlers, to make the call (eight seconds later), we were all bored with asthma so didn’t bother to call or even think of it again. The whole time? I laugh when the recap of the event never matches the scene.

The recap did what it meant to do which was to get Aviva into a frothy rage. 

Have you noticed that Sonja’s stories never track?

Her stories are definitely over exaggerated and sometimes not based in reality (kind of ironic since it’s reality tv).  Seriously?  Let’s go back to watching soaps.

It’s My Party and I’ll Have Butterflies If I Want To

Wait, I’m in London in real life and also in reality life. Life imitating life imitating art. Weird coincidence? Or maybe not.

I didn’t catch any of that.

Yes, I left instructions! I was landing in NY one day before the party, there was no room for error. I’m a perfectionist and also, BOSSY. Kate and Eric are clever, but I had to call in the Big Guns. As the old adage goes, if you want something done give it to the busiest person you know. Holla!

Well, Sonja went to Heather for help last season so I guess it is your turn this season.  Surprise! There are no fights over sexy Js since there’s no J in your name.  Maybe a sexy E?  Not everyone spells their name Carol with an E at the end.  It’s the E that makes it unique.  You may need another marketing person or the viewers to make the E sexy. 

I know you’ve all noticed and I’m coming clean right now, so don’t tweet that I’m a hypocrite. Yes. Heather and I have the same glasses. I copied her. Or she copied me. We bought them together at Moscot on 6th Avenue. We both loved them and we both bought them.

I guess it’s okay when you and Heather copy each other but with Aviva it’s creepy.  I don’t blame you.

But apparently Heather and I do not share that same love of butterflies and chandeliers hanging in trees lit by a low rising Harvest moon. Who doesn’t love that? Option # Last. What? Sonja didn’t get a permit to throw Milou’s ashes into the river so I don’t see how my little butterflies would be a problem.

The butterflies were going to be ashes soon anyways.  Poor things.  Died in transit?

Love Me Tender

I admire the subconscious not-so-subtle message in Kristen’s Love Me Tender sweatshirt. Don’t all married couples have this exact same conversation at some point in their relationship, or maybe at several points, and maybe minus the bag?

Wife: You take me for granted.

Hubby: You don’t understand the pressure I’m under at work.

Wife: You ignore me.

Hubby: You don’t understand the pressure I’m under at work.

Wife: I don’t mind if you ignore me as long as you buy me a Chanel bag.

Does that sound familiar to you? Maybe this will too. “Where’s my f—ing Chanel bag?” You’ll thank me next week.

Much better to buy your own Chanel bag.

The Devil Wore Prada

Yes, I’m the devil in disguise. You got me. The devil is always the one trying to lighten the mood. The one who shows up in a bear costume, the one who dresses up like a mermaid to raise money for hurricane victims, the one who hooks up with a girlfriend’s ex….oops wait. That wasn’t me, that was Sonja. My bad. I’m the devil.

Confirmation! Sonja did hook up with Russ.

It’s My Party and Lu Can Cry If She Wants To

I’m BOSSY. Yes. But the place looks amazing. There was a harvest moon, headless mannequins, candelabras, chandeliers, antique lace, and Spanish moss. The snake handler got held up and the butterflies came dead. We still came out ahead.

I was waiting for Lady Chablis to show up.  She showed up for the Atlanta housewives. 

Another engagement! That makes three just this season. Although mine has the most credibility because I called it what it was. . .a joke. Three engagements and no marriages. The Bachelor has better odds.

More like non-existent commitments.

Where was my toast? It didn’t make the cut. Were you interested in my toast? It was my party after all! I gave a toast and you missed it. It was funny and better in person than on paper. I twirled and did other embarrassing sorts of stuff. I said nice things about all the ladies. They all loved it. Here. Read it out loud in a mirror and remember to check out your great ass. Because you have one, too.

Another problem with editing – this would have been nice to include in the show instead of the constant bickering.

50 Never Looked So Good

“Welcome to the Garden of Good and Evil. You know which one you are. Thank you for celebrating my birthday. If I knew I was going to have this ass at 50, I would have gone into pole dancing instead of journalism which wasn’t nearly as lucrative. But I have learned a few things. . .

“I’ve always taken my work seriously but for those of you who know me well, I’ve never taken myself seriously. And despite prowling around in the woods like a bear and making my friends dress like mermaids. . .I feel like I’ve grown up, almost.

“Lately I’ve been thinking about the duality of life. The proverbial Midnight, in the Garden of Good and Evil. A place where there’s no generosity without envy; no love without hate; no laughter without also sadness. It’s the duality of courage and fear. As Eleanor Roosevelt said (and I quote her often) ‘Do one thing everyday that scares you.’ I sometimes do five, and not on purpose.

“For Kristen, this duality means throwing yourself off a mountain cliff and having faith that you will land on your feet. It means knowing you’re so much more than a pretty face.

“For LuAnn, it means finding your passion in humor and being unafraid to pursue it, even knowing that the critics abound.

“For Ramona, this means taking comfort in knowing you’ve given your daughter wings large enough to fly higher and further than you could ever have imagined, and finding peace in that.

“For Sonja, it means literally burying the past and allowing yourself a new bright future.

“Lastly, for my dear dearest friend Heather, it means never backing down from what you believe is right. She fights the good fight, whether to save a child’s life, defend a friend, or deal with her own health scares. And she never ever lets you see her sweat.

“For me, it means having the courage to allow true love into my life again. I know, Kristen — a businessman! Or the courage to publish my first work of fiction and not allow jealousy and petty gossip to cloud the truth. I take pride in all of my achievements and now this one, too.

“I’ve learned in my 50th year that objects in your rear view mirror are much much smaller than they appear. Don’t look back. Don’t second guess yourself. Live everyday as if you were dying.

“When I look back on all my experiences, both good and bad — from where I started to where I am now — I suppose none of my life really makes sense, or maybe all of it does. I’m smack in the middle of it now. It’s not my job to understand it yet — it’s just my job to live it.

“I’m living it and loving it and I’m in awe of every moment. I’d like to raise my glass and toast to living life with nothing less than courage and awe.”


Season Finale Tonight!

“The Last Leg”


After being swooned and then ditched at Carole’s birthday party, Sonja must confront both Harry and LuAnn about their alleged “night together.” Meanwhile, Kristen pulls some matrimonial strings to get a modeling job. Then, when Aviva returns to the group for the first time in weeks — insults, accusations, and body parts fly in an epic season-ending confrontation.



LuAnn, Ramona and Heather


Real Housewives Of Orange County, S6E14 will be published at a later date.



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Real Housewives Of New Jersey – O, Christmas Tre

 Real Housewives Of New Jersey

S6E2  “O, Christmas Tre”

By HydrangeaHussy

Last week we met our three new housewives: Ter-eh-sa A, Nicole, and Amber.  I’m keeping an open mind and giving these ladies another week or two before I pass judgment, but so far I’m not particularly impressed with any of them.  We begin this week with the first peek at the ladies’ taglines:

Teresa G: You never know how strong you are, until it’s the only choice you have

Melissa: I’ve learned to forgive, and never regret

Teresa A & Nicole: You’re not seeing double, you’re seeing trouble

Amber: I’m a survivor; no one is bringing me down

Dana: I’m back to bring the Zen, Namaste bitches

It’s Christmas time in New Jersey.  The Giudices are putting up their tree.  Teresa is happy to be home and out of the public eye.   She says that they can be normal.  Juicy Joe is the only one working.  Gia is playing with her phone, Teresa is watching, and Milania is isn’t helping because she’s a girl.  Over at the Gorga house, Joe is also putting up the tree.  They’re in a much smaller rental while they build their dream house.  Their oversized Christmas décor isn’t really working in the smaller house.  Melissa is not pleased.  Teresa A. is trying to keep the old traditions alive in her house.  Teresa’s son doesn’t want to go to college, he wants to learn the restaurant business from his father.  The twins’ father believes strongly in keeping the Italian culture alive.  Amber and her kids are making a gingerbread house together.  She’s just as controlling in this as she is in everything.  Children weren’t originally on her agenda because children are disgusting, but now she loves being a mom.  Amber is organizing the perfect Christmas for her kids.  She thinks a perfect and controlled environment is best for her kids.  What fun it must be living in that house!  Dina has a small tree outside because her cats won’t let her have a tree in the house.  I completely understand!  My cat climbs in the tree so we have to tie it to the wall to keep it upright.  They are putting edible ornaments so the animals outside can eat them.  Lexi got accepted to college in Virginia, but NYU is her first choice.  I can’t believe that Lexi is already going to college!

Back at the Giudices, Teresa is trying to make the most of the holiday season.  She tells Juicy that people were discussing her at the harvest party.  He doesn’t care what people say, they have a great family and they will prove their innocence in court.  He tears up a little.  This is the most emotion that I’ve seen from Juicy.  It’s nice to see how much he truly cares about his family.  Teresa is tired of having this court case hanging over them and is ready for resolution.

RHONJ S6E2_1Nicole and Dina go to lunch.  Nicole thinks that they have a lot in common and looks forward to making a new, single friend.  Dina checks her teeth in her knife – super classy.  She tells Nicole that she hasn’t ever dated.  She started dating Tommy only two months after separating from Lexi’s father.  Talk about moving on quickly.  Nicole felt empowered after leaving her husband, but she thinks that Dina doesn’t know what she wants.  Being married was Dina’s identity, now she’s lost that and her daughter is leaving home.  It’s gotta be hard to lose your husband and your daughter at the same time.  Nicole tells Dina that she was crushed when she first left her husband.  She was shocked by some things that she learned afterward.  I wonder if she was cheated on too.  Afterward, she had to move in with her parents and rebuild.  The conversation turns to Amber.  Dina thinks that she’s really sweet.  Nicole says that they’re good friends, but there’s obviously some tension right now.  Nicole chalks that up to the guests she brought to Amber’s party.  She feels like Amber made a big deal out of Nicole inviting other guests.  Nicole is letting it go because she doesn’t want to lose a good friend over one disagreement.  She thinks that Amber is a little OCD.  Ya think?

RHONJ S6E2_2Amber is doing a fire drill with her kids because Christmas is a dangerous time.  Between lights on the tree and candles burning, she’s concerned about fire.  She’s a worst-case-scenario type of mom.  After the drill, they go over how to get out of the house and how to use their ladder.  It’s a good idea to walk your kids through what to do in case of a fire, but their whole method (whistle and timer) seems a little weird.

Melissa and Joe are taking the kids to see their new lot in Franklin Lakes.  They haven’t started clearing the land yet, but have the plans done.  The house will be similar to their old house, but Melissa wants to go more LA-chic with it.  She doesn’t even know what that means, but she keeps saying it.  Teresa and Dina call, they are near the new lot and want to stop by.  Melissa says that they didn’t move to get away from Teresa, despite the clip from the reunion where she says exactly that.  They moved so Joe could be closer to work.  Franklin Lakes was where they started their family, so it’s a special place.  Now that she doesn’t have Kathy and the Manzos to film with, she needs to stay close to Teresa.  Dina is trying to keep an open mind on Melissa because she wants Teresa to get along with her family.  Dina and Melissa are both the babies of their families.  Teresa doesn’t understand why Joe and Melissa move so often, but says that “to each his own.”  I’m actually liking laid-back Teresa.  Melissa says that she’s ready to be settled in a house.  Dina says that her main focus is on Lexi leaving for college, so she doesn’t want to deal with moving at the same time, which is why she’s been separated from Tommy for a year but is still living with him.  That’s a very odd situation to me, but I understand not wanting to uproot Lexi for her senior year.  Joe reminds his sister that he’ll do anything she needs and tells her to call if she needs to talk, but he’s going to stay out of it otherwise.  Teresa says that Gia is the only one who knows what’s going on.  She wants to show Gia to be strong and keep going.  That’s great, but I hate that their legal troubles are affecting Gia.  It’s got to be horrible for someone her age to worry about her parents going to jail.

RHONJ S6E2_3Teresa A is meeting with a designer to go over tile for a new restaurant.  Rino knows about the food, but she knows about the décor.  She’s glad they have money because it brings freedom.  She and Antonino (the designer) want a sexy vibe in the new restaurant.  They agree that tablecloths are needed.  Her son, Giovanni, wants to join the family business, so this will be his place to learn.  Rino takes their son to Angelo’s (the family restaurant) to begin his training, learning the system from the ground up.  It’s cool that they’ve had the restaurant in the family for so long.  It’s truly a family business and Rino’s sister is also there.  Rino walks him through the kitchen, showing him where everything is and how it works.  He has Giovanni make a white clam sauce and pasta for him, which turns out nicely.  I didn’t dislike Rino as much as I did in the last episode.

RHONJ S6E2_4Melissa and Joe are having a holiday dinner with all of the cousins since they are so busy on Christmas.  Rosie, Kathy, and Richie attend.   Thank goodness there won’t be a repeat of the last holiday, where the Gorgas left the Giudice house to go to the Wakiles’.  Kathy hasn’t seen Teresa lately.  Melissa tells Kathy that Teresa doesn’t want to talk about her troubles, but that she’s staying strong and positive.  Rosie agrees that being positive is the only way to get through it.  Kathy was in Italy when she learned about the indictment and she immediately texted Teresa her support.  I wonder how their relationship is now.  Juicy doesn’t seem excited about the dinner, but Teresa points out that it’s Christmas and that family needs to support each other during this time.  She’s over being stressed about family.  Thank goodness!  I couldn’t take another season for Gorga family drama.  Rosie feels awful for what Teresa is going through and worries about the children.  I cannot explain how bad I feel for the kids.  Everyone brought gag gifts to exchange and open.  Teresa got a dictionary.  LOL, the irony is not lost on me!  Melissa says that Teresa needs a dictionary and Teresa doesn’t bite her head off.  Can they really have buried the hatchet?  I bet this is just for TV.  Melissa makes a toast, pointing out how happy she is to see everyone getting along.  It’s nice to see them having fun and not griping about each other.

Rino is making lobster for Teresa and Nicole’s family.  They have family dinner weekly.   That’s a great tradition to have; I still have dinner with my parents weekly.   Rino is taking the opportunity to show Gio how to cook.  He knows that Gio can’t just walk into the restaurant and take over because of his family.  He needs to learn the business, starting in the kitchen.  Way to instill a good work ethic!  So many kids would expect to just take over without working for it.  BTW, what is up with Rino’s   Nicole has lived with her parents for the last three years and is dating Bobby now.  Her parents are concerned about her relationship, which she finds nosy.   It’s never a good sign when your parents are concerned about a man.  She says that she can’t live with them forever.   Her mom doesn’t want her to leave, but thinks it will be good for her.  Nicole says that she won’t move in with Bobby until marriage.

RHONJ S6E2_5It’s Christmas morning at the Giudice’s.  The girls are tearing into their presents, which aren’t as extravagant as they have been in the past.  Teresa tries to get them to open one at a time so they can see them all.  Each of the girls gets a toy puppy.  Gia is upset because she wanted a real puppy.  Audriana seems really pleased with the toy version.  They hear something in the living room and…there’s a real puppy!  I think we all saw that coming.  The poor thing looks so scared when the whole clan comes running at it, lol.  The naming immediately begins.  I hope the girls can keep the puppy if both Teresa and Juciy end up in jail.

Dina doesn’t like Christmas because she’s never had a good one.  She can’t get over Lexi leaving.  Dina doesn’t want Lexi to be too disappointed if she doesn’t get into NYU.  She thinks that they will have a bigger adjustment than most mother/daughters because they’re so close.  Dina has Lexi write NYU on a rock and throw it into the river.  There are other rocks, but I don’t know what was written on them.  The rock throwing has something to do with being open to the universe.  Honestly, I don’t get it.  She has to be open to getting in or not getting in.  Dina is learning to let go and give over to God because she can’t control everything.

RHONJ S6E2_6Nicole and her mother are celebrating Christmas.  She says that Christmas time is always hard because her children are with their father.  Bobby arrives to cheer her up and exchange gifts.  It’s their first Christmas together.  They aren’t a mushy-mushy, gooey-gooey couple.  Nicole gets a shoe-shaped wine bottle holder.  Her mother notes that she saw it at the pharmacy.  The look on Nicole’s face is priceless – she is not impressed with her gift but trying not to show it.  Nicole doesn’t consider herself materialistic, but what your boyfriend gives you can tell you a lot.  I may be materialistic, because if my boyfriend of nine months bought me a wine holder at a drugstore for Christmas, I’d be disappointed.

Melissa is worried that the cold and snow will slow down the building of their house.  It has to warm up some so they can pour the foundation.  Joe says that Melissa isn’t used to a small house.  She has clothes and shoes in every closet and cupboard.  Shoes in the kitchen…really?  Joe wants the house built as quickly as possible, because he can’t take Melissa complaining about the house anymore.  He says that it could take awhile though.  They’re still applying for permits.  I think that Melissa needs to appreciate what they have – their rental is bigger than many people’s home.  It’s not like they’re slumming it.  They go outside to sled with the kids.  Joe gets his tongue stuck to a pole.  Didn’t he watch RHoOC?

RHONJ S6E2_7The Giudice kids are sleeping in one bed with their new puppy.  Teresa is really worried about how they’ll care for the kids in the future.  After the kids are tucked in, the couple has a quiet moment by the fire.  Juicy gives Teresa a card because he remembers how much she likes sweet cards from him.  Juicy wishes that they didn’t have the “little issues.”  He appreciates that Teresa is being strong.  She reminds him that she does worry a lot, and he admits that he worries constantly.  He worries about being away from his girls and Teresa.  She says that the family doesn’t function without him.  Again, it’s nice to see Juicy as a caring father.  I didn’t like the sarcastic, moody, nasty Juicy of last season.




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Don’t Be Tardy – The Biermann Bunch


Don’t Be Tardy
S3E1  “The Biermann Bunch”

By TexasTart

The show opens with the family at home and Kim proclaims “Today’s the day!”  She and Kroy are loading up the Escalade to go to the hospital for the delivery of their twins.  Kim tells her daughters, Brielle and Ariana to be checking your phone, as she walks out the door, for which Brielle said to her sister, I’m going back to sleep.  Typically teenagers.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann's Twitter

Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s Twitter

Here’s a quick review of what’s been going on since Season 2.  Kim said that Kroy just looks at her and she gets pregnant. No kidding!  They finally moved into their dream home. She brought back her assistant Sweetie to help manage the household along with one Nanny for the kids, named Lana.  She said it’s hard to have a friend work for you but she needs people who have proven themselves to be trustworthy.  The 17,000 square foot home, with 7 bedrooms, 11 baths, with pool and basketball court has 59 security cameras. She doesn’t trust anyone with her kids. The Biermann’s don’t play!   She designed every room in the home.  Kim could be an interior designer (reference the slideshow below).   Kroy, who plays for the Atlanta Falcons football team, tore his Achilles tendon during the second game and was out the rest of the season (he is reported to be on the starting lineup this fall). Kim said “I have two girls with raging hormones, two boys in diapers and two on the way – so buckle up bitches!”

DBT S3E1_4Back to the issue at hand; Kroy is driving Kim who is dealing with contractions, a seat heater, that she is not happy Kroy turned on. She said she’s gained 50 pounds and the pressure on her ho-hah is unbelievable.  She proceeds  to tease Kroy about he’s never going to see her vagina again and he teases her back about how she asked for it.  The first she thought, when she found out she was having twins was wondering how is her body going to do this.  She said contrary to what most people think out there, she’s really not that big of a person!   Kim’s inner diva continues to say that she’s done this four times (deliver babies) and she should have her own room by now with her name on it, written in diamonds.

They walk in the birthing room which had two baby stations.  Which seemed to stun Kim a little, maybe it was really sinking in that everything is going to be 2 times from here on out!  Dr. Ron Hood is checking over Kim and tells her that “Baby B” is breach and advises her to go with a C-section surgery.  Kim and Kroy didn’t have any words, they didn’t jump on board with that idea, so the doctor said, I’ll give you a few minutes to think about it.  The doctor leaves and Kim tells Kroy that she’s never had a C-section and the recovery time is so long, she really doesn’t want to. Kroy said the he doesn’t think her baby will get stuck, after all these babies are smaller than KJ and Kash, he says.  They advise the doctor they have decided to proceed with vaginal delivery.

Kroy is very supportive and has a positive attitude, which is what all women need from their partner at a time like this.  They give Kim the epidural and she leans her head into Kroy.  Later on, Kim said she feels funny. Dizzy. The nurse said it’s because her blood pressure radically dropped. The nurse is looking at the monitor and becomes alarmed saying “Baby A is down.”  There’s a flurry of activity with staff and they yell for the doctor.  Kim starts to wig out, not knowing what is going on. Kroy was being steady by her side to keep her calm as possible.  Then they find the heartbeat for Baby A.  Whew!

The camera crew leaves the room and there’s a bit a audio, we hear as the delivery takes place.  Baby A, a female, they name Kaia, she comes out first. Baby B, a boy, they named Kane needed a helping hand, coming out bent in half – OUCH!  Needless to say Kim’s ho-hah has turned into a house of horrors tunnel at this point.  If that hasn’t been enlightening enough, this next part some folks could manage without knowing.   A woman from a service called “Afterbirth Anywhere” arrives and has Kim’s placenta in a bag, and proceeds to take out a piece and make a smoothy for her to partake.  Kroy suggests Kim should hang on to her coffee drink as a chaser.  Chuckles.  Kim actually convinced Kroy to have one too!

DBT S3E1_6If you didn’t notice, just know that Kroy holding one of the babies like a football in this picture.  Go ahead and giggle, I did.  They go home and there are some exterior scenes at the house, obviously it’s Christmas and I also notice a Texas flag on a windmill-like device. Being a native Texan, I’m curious what the connection is there.  Kim said bringing her babies home is the best feeling in the whole wide world.  They enter the home and the other children are in the entry to meet their new brother and sister.

Now there are six kids in the house. Kroy says, “We love the chaos. I was bored before I met Kim.”   The remainder of the show is basically showing us the chaos of being in a household this large.  Kim is upstairs asking for help, the girls are supposed to be making Mac & Cheese with Chicken nuggets, which is revealed to be a household staple. The teenage girls, of course, are more interested in their cell phones than cooking, so that is not going well at all, as Kroy walks in and discovers. The boys are starved, the food’s over done, Kim is still calling for help again with pumping boobs and bath time.  Someone is always complaining about something, as Brielle said.   Brielle, Kim’s oldest daughter, is a senior in high school, if I recall correctly.  She is a mini-me of Kim, a beautiful young woman.

The show switches scenes at the home by using a screen shot of a four-way screen of the security cameras. You can usually see people in a room, it’s an interesting twist that ties into the introduction of this season.  Kim is about to bring the babies downstairs for a photo shoot.  It’s not said,  but I assume this is the photo shoot she did for Life & Style Magazine, as they had the exclusive to publish the family/baby photos.  So the production crew and the magazine people are being asked (made) to put on surgical style masks, as Kim doesn’t want the babies exposed to outside elements for 90 days.

At night, Kroy joins Kim in their outdoor hot tub.  He brings the baby monitor, which looks like a large format cell phone video so they can see and hear the twins.  Kim asks him about his recovery and how she hopes he can be full speed for the season, because she knows how much he wants to play (and she knows how much she likes to spend!).  Kroy starts to get horny, but the twins started crying and Kroy goes to check on them.

There’s a talking head about birth control and she wants Kroy to have a vasectomy. It’s obvious Kroy want’s nothing to do with that.  And really, with him being a professional athlete and having already undergone surgery, I wondered why Kim didn’t have her tubes tied after the babies were born.  This question was answered on Twitter after the show aired.  Kim said she was going to have tubal ligation, but her blood pressure was too high post birth, so the surgery was scrapped.   So I guess at the time of filming they still could get pregnant again.

There really wasn’t much to snark about here.  Even though Kim is not one of my favorites, she, combined with Kroy and family make good reality TV.  Highlights for the rest of the season show a camping trip with some wigs in tow.  Kim trying to be a diva with her spending ways.  Concerns of Brielle getting into typical trouble that teenagers encounter.  The bottom line is Kim and Kroy make beautiful babies and live in a gorgeous house.  Catch them Thursday nights on Bravo.

DBT S3E1_2

Kash, Brielle, KJ and Ariana


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Real Housewives Of Orange County Cast Blogs

RHOOC logo (2)Real Housewives Of Orange County

 S9E13 Cast Blogs

By HydrangeaHussy


Shannon Beador – Tamra’s Lies Are Mind Boggling

Shannon jumps right in.  “I asked Tamra whether she relayed any of our confidential conversation to Heather and she denied it. How many times could I ask her? The only other person who could confirm what I already knew was Heather.”  She says that she never told Vicki that Heather “told the world.”  Heather “discussed my marriage with a table of women which was inappropriate and that is what I told Vicki”  Did she really think that these ladies would just repeat exactly what she said?  Silly new girl!

“Heather knew that I was coming to her house and any suggestion to the contrary is just another way to “spin” things.”  Hmm, that is probably true because Bravo’s cameras were there to capture everything.  Shannon says that she apologized repeatedly, but that Heather hasn’t let it go.  I must have missed her repeated and heart-felt apologies.  “Clearly she has not let it go. It is so interesting to hear Heather and Terry describe the incident and they always say, “When Shannon left our house. . .” I was kicked out.”   Oh, stop.  You weren’t kicked out, you were asked to leave because the conversation was going nowhere.  She also finds it “disturbing” that Tamra hasn’t taken responsibility for starting all of this.  Tamra never takes responsibility for anything.  She’s starting to turn on Shannon & Shannon better watch out!

“En route to Lizzie’s party, David and I discuss that I am not at excited about seeing the Dubrows. First of all, the last I heard from Heather was a text minutes after I left her house. There was no way I was going to respond to her text after being kicked out of her home.”  She says that Heather never apologized for kicking her out.  I’d like to see exactly what Heather’s text to Shannon said.

Shannon continues to say that she never yelled at Heather before the party at Lizzie’s.  “I didn’t yell at her at Javier’s, never ever raised my voice at the hoedown, and apologized for my raised voice at my Christmas party. I don’t like to be accused of doing things I didn’t do.”  Shannon doesn’t really yell, she just gets very worked out & shrill.  She also continues to claim that Tamra told both her and David that Terry wanted to take them down.  “We didn’t think she was serious at first, but once she mentioned it a couple times, we started to wonder whether it was true. We weren’t going to discuss it with the Dubrows without getting confirmation from Tamra one more time that Terry had said it.”  Shannon was frustrated that Tamra denied it.  She couldn’t believe that Tamra was lying again.  I wish that Vicki had spoken up at the dinner, it would have put lying TammySue in her place.  “Two things could have happened — Tamra made it up in the first place (which would make it a lie) or she lied to me and Terry really did make the statement to her. Either way, Tamra is not telling the truth. . .again.”  Shannon says that she isn’t lying and that she would have no reason to lie.  I completely believe that Tamra told Shannon that, but she was probably lying at the time to stir up drama.

“And then lo and behold Tamra decides to bring up this non-existent statement at the dinner table of all places. It makes no sense. And further, I cannot believe that Terry had the audacity to confront David and I at the dinner table with 12 people. I love that David defended me — so chivalrous and loving.”  Tamra knew exactly what she was doing by bringing it up at the dinner table – so inappropriate.  Terry also should have let it go until after dinner.  Tamra continued to adamantly deny having said that, but Vicki confirmed it.  “You see me apologize AGAIN to Heather for raising my voice to her at my Christmas party. Clearly Heather can’t let it go because after the apology at the table, I am attacked for “yelling” once again.”  Actually Shannon, you’re the one that brought it up, not Heather.  “I am blown away that Tamra thought she could somehow convince my husband that betraying my confidence and telling Heather was somehow in my best interest.”  Once Tamra called Heather and Terry into the discussion outside, Shannon was done.  “This is not how I communicate or deal with people.”  There were way too many people involved at that point.  I wish Shannon had just left, instead of flipping out & making herself look crazy.

Finally, Shannon tries to switch to a lighter note by talking about how she doesn’t exercise, but is thin.  She and David have been in Hawaii.  She wore a bikini for David and someone took hideous pictures, so now Shannon is on a mission to get toned up.  I’m betting that she won’t be going to Cut Fitness for that!

Vicki Gunvalson – Vicki is Trying to Stay Neutral

This episode was difficult for Vicki to watch.  “Seeing people that I care about be hurt by one another is brutal. I have come to the belief that the TRUTH is the TRUTH. And in one way, shape, or form, the truth will always be revealed.”  She begins by telling us that, had she been in Shannon’s position, she would have gone to Heather’s house to get the truth.  She didn’t see Shannon yelling at Heather.  Granted, I didn’t see Shannon yelling either, but she was stuck on repeat & didn’t come in apologizing as she’s claimed.  I would have asked her to leave too.  Tamra lied.  “Tamra got caught, but I truly think she tried to cover herself because she didn’t want to look like she was gossiping and didn’t want to hurt Shannon by betraying her.”  Vicki has Tamra’s number this season.

As for the “take the Beadors down” comment, Vicki doesn’t think that Terry ever said that.  She believes that “Tamra made this up for some reason and doesn’t remember saying it to Shannon and I. I have no idea why she would make this up, but it’s either that — or he said it. It can’t be anything else.”  Vicki feels bad that the confrontation went down at new girl Lizzie’s dinner party.  She also wants to set record straight that Shannon is a “great person” and not psychotic.  “She’s passionate about the TRUTH. . .”  She’s a little too passionate, if you ask me.  I think she got overwhelmed by the tag-teaming of Tamra & Heather.  I can’t believe that Shannon really thought joining this cast was a good idea.

Vicki finishes by saying that she is “trying to turn over a new leaf and stay clear and neutral from the drama.”  She isn’t an ass-kisser, as alleged by Tamra, “I think what is more appropriate for her to say is that “I’m not a sh– stirrer” the way she is.”  I like that she isn’t inserting herself into other people’s fights, like so many of the housewives do.



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