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Carolyn Hudson

Hudson, Carolyn Age 49, of Lake Zurich. Loving wife of James Smith; beloved mother of Kevin (Mika) Lorence, Julia (Gerald Jr.) Wilkison and Bobby Smith; dear daughter of Richard and Cathie Mulholland; fond sister of Cathy Connor; grandmother of Nicolette, Isabelle, Sophia, Hailey and Alexandra; friend to many. Visitation Monday, August 20, 2012 from 3:00-9:00p.m. at Cuneo-Columbian Funeral, 10300 W. Grand Ave. (one block East of Mannheim Rd.), Franklin Park, IL. Funeral Service Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at Cuneo-Columbian. Interment Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Hillside, IL.


I really didn’t know what to put on the blog today.  I began to think about something that made Lynn happy, and meeting Bethenny in Chicago and the trip to New York came to mind.

As her family and friends say goodbye to her this morning, let’s remember all the joy she brought into our lives.  NoMoreDrama

We will always Remember You (thank you Boston for creating this)


Bethenny In Chicago! Jan 29, 2011  by LynnNChicago

What a beautiful venue. I’d driven past the Genessee Theatre in Waukegan many times, I used to work in Waukegan and this theatre is one of Waukegan’s proud landmarks. Jack Benny, before he was on TV used to broadcast his radio shows right from the stage that Bethenny graced last night.

Lynn Hudson and Bethenny Frankel

The VIP room / lounge area in the Theatre is named after the late great Jack Benny and that is where I finally got to meet our favorite Skinny Girl!

But first, the “Conversation With Bethenny Frankel” was impressive! I have to say that the show went beyond my expectations. After being introduced, Bethenny walked straight up the center aisle greeting fans and high five’s all the way along, when she took to the stage sitting in a high bar stool like chair with just a table of her books, some beautiful roses, a glass of water and of course a Skinnygirl Margarita.

Jason sat in the front row just in front of me and my friend who skeptically came along with me, but she’s thrilled that she went, she was unexpectedly surprised at how entertaining Bethenny was just talking to the crowd.

Also sitting in front of us was Jason’s friend and baby Bryn’s Godfather, and Bethenny tells us at this season on her show Bethenny Ever After, Baby Bryn gets “accidentally baptised”. I can’t wait to see how that happens. Bethenny described her and Jason as they sneak into a backyard of a home in Los Angeles that they’re considering buying and it really is a hilarious story.

Relaxed and easy-going, Bethenny spoke with confidence and poise. One of her opening remarks prepared the audience that she had absolutely no intension of bashing Jill Zarin, she was clear that they had been very good friends and she doesn’t say anything negative about friends, past or present. She did add that Kelly was fair game, however, since they’d never been friends. (lots of laughter there!)

Bethenny explained to the large crowd that she would not be going back to Housewives, no surprise for those of us who follow Bethenny’s career. She explained that the negativity wasn’t good for her or her family and that her show was so much fun and so positive and upbeat that it just didn’t make sense to spend time with certain people who only bring negativity to her life.

We learned that Bethenny does keep in touch with Ramona and Alex, mostly through text messages but everyone’s lives are so busy that she doesn’t see them too often. She also shared with us that Ramona actually asked Bethenny if she could be in the delivery room as she gave birth to Bryn. Obviously Bethenny turned down Ramona’s generous offer, but we were all allowed in there through Bravo’s cameras so I’m assuming that Ramona simply wanted more air time on Bethenny’s show. That Ramona is a crazy broad!

Bethenny talked about her book, “Naturally Thin” and while I had already read it, as I’m sure several others in the room had as well, Bethenny explained in a bit more detail what each step of the process entailed and had some really funny remarks to make and personal stories to tell about each area of the book.

Her upcoming book, “A Place Of Yes” that will be released on March 22 was another short topic of discussion, she told us how her positive outlook and constant efforts to succeed are what created her life, her business and even her family. She is living proof that you really can have it all!

Toward the end of Bethenny’s show, she did a Question/Answer session allowing audience members to ask any question they’d like, I personally didn’t learn anything new, in fact, I probably could have answered the questions for her, although not nearly as clever and funny as Bethenny did. She really does have an amazing sense of humor and a quick wit.

There were a few dozen others who were allowed into the Meet and Greet where Bethenny signed autographs and took photos with fans. She was so upbeat, and personable, her laugh is contagious and her genuine warm welcome was so incredible. My friend and I stepped up when it was our turn and I could see a brief recognition on Bethenny’s face when she looked at me, it was as if she’d seen me somewhere before.

My friend announced that I was “Lynn In Chicago” and Bethenny screamed, jumped out of her chair and gave me a huge hug. It was so wonderful! She was telling her assistants and even the theatre crew that I was the one who wrote the “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog. (I wasn’t going to mention the name of the blog, but Bethenny did) Bethenny’s assistant, Jackie told me that she reads my blog and Bethenny gave me a signed copy of her book on DVD in addition to these little mini Skinny girl mirrors that you can attach to your cell phone.

My friend and I brought Bethenny and her staff a few gifts, we found these great lotions and bath gels with scents called “sweet dreams” and “relaxation” which are perfect for our Skinnygirl who doesn’t get enough rest or relaxation. I also bought baby Bryn her very first Chicago Blackhawks baseball cap and little t-shirt both with the Blackhawks logo on them. Finally we found these great Chicago oven mitts and kitchen towels with a chef cooking a deep dish pizza and Chicago written on them. Another perfect gift from Chicago for a chef.

Bethenny’s assistant, Julie was instrumental in getting us the VIP tickets and meet and greet passes. I wanted to go and see Bethenny and my friend knowing what a fan I am was so thoughtful and wrote to Bethenny’s assistant Julie that she and Bethenny’s biggest fan, LynnNChicago wanted to attend the show.

Julie was kind enough to leave two tickets at the VIP will call counter with our 2nd row seats and our meet and greet passes. Julie couldn’t be with Bethenny in Chicago but she brought her other assistant, Jackie and so my friend and I brought each of Bethenny’s assistant small gifts as well.

It was an amazing evening, we really enjoyed hearing Bethenny speak and meeting her was so great! She’s everything that you see on TV and so much more! Take a look at Bethenny’s tour schedule, if you get a chance and she’s near you, make an effort to attend, it is well worth it!

Until Next Time….
a photo of Bethenny and me…


Mar 6, 2011  Real Housewives Of DC Cat Ommanney’s Book Launch  Inbox Full  by LynnNChicago

New York Baby!

As most of you know, I interviewed Cat Ommanney for Reality Buzz a while back and we talked about her new book, InBox Full.  Shortly after the podcast interview with Cat was edited and released, I got an email from Cat inviting me to her book launch.  I was overwhelmed by her kindness and I knew I had to figure out a way to get to that party!

With a lot of help from a very good friend in New York City, I made arrangements and gratefully accepted Cat’s very generous offer.

The private party was held at Ted Gibson’s Salon in New York City and Cat sent me the official invitation just about a week later.  Cat also told me that there would be an after-party planned at a bar close by called Boxers that would be open to the public.  Here is my invitation…

I RSVP’d the same day!

I really wanted to let everyone know that I was going to the party but to be honest, I wasn’t sure if some of the New York Housewives would be attending (ie: Jill Zarin) and if she would have tried to get me uninvited if she had heard I was going to the party.  I read that Jill had a book signing scheduled in New Jersey that evening so I knew she would not be there.

Sorry I missed you Jill, maybe next time I’m in New York we can chat!

My NY benefactor was amazing, she not only let me stay with her while in New York, she arranged for my hair and make up to be done before the party and ordered a Town Car to take us to the event!

We arrived a bit late, about 7:45 but as luck would have it, so did Lynda, Ebong and Cat!  Gibson’s is on the second floor and there was a tiny elevator to take you up to Ted’s Salon.  As we walked into the small hallway we were stopped by security and gave our names to the event organizer, as she checked the guest list, in walked Lynda, Ebong and a few of their friends!

After chatting with Lynda and Ebong on Twitter I felt like I knew them already so I introduced myself.  (as Lynn In Chicago) They were both so wonderful, we all hugged and they introduced me to their friends who all told me that they read the blog, they complimented me on the writing and said they enjoyed reading the blogs.

There were two elevators on the wall but unfortunately only one was working and it was extremely slow considering it was going up only one level but that turned out to be a good thing because as we waited with Lynda and Ebong for the elevator, the guest of honor arrived and the party started right there in the hallway waiting for the elevator!

Cat is so charismatic and her smile is infectious!  She greeted everyone with hugs and air kisses, it was so great to see that Cat and Lynda are genuine friends, it was obvious that both Lynda and Ebong adore Cat!

Cat made her way over to us as we continued to wait for the elevator, Cat commented, “what a great day for just the one lift to be working”.  I told her who I was and more hugs and air kisses all around for me and my friends, Cat said she read about the boycott and agrees that we should get a bit of recognition and she’s our biggest supporter!  She thinks we need a bit more love from Bravo.  Cat assured me she would be introducing me to Andy Cohen.

Cat, tall and thin looked amazing in a animal print dress with her hair coiffed to within an inch of its life.  So beautiful!

The elevator opens directly into the Salon and the minute the doors slid open the flash bulbs started popping non stop.  Cat had arrived!

The Salon had been transformed from a place where people are made beautiful to a place where the beautiful people were celebrating.  Everyone was there to support Cat Ommanney’s book “Inbox Full”.

The step and repeat was set up just to the right as  you exited the elevators, Cat was immediately escorted over to the step and repeat and after several photos she began the endless interviews as her guests mingled, drank champaign and enjoyed the party.

Ebong made his way over to the bar to get Lynda some Champaign and while he was away, I was able to get a photo with Lynda.  She had already done her duty at the step and repeat.

Lynda couldn’t have been more gracious, she is so petite but really a huge personality with a smile that shines from across the room.  She talked with us for quite a while and when Ebong returned, she blazed up a dubie and we all got stoned.  (Just Kidding!)

This is Ebong and I along with a new friend I met that night, Her name is Dr. Rosetta and she’s a New York plastic Surgeon with an impressive client list. I think she’d fly to Chicago and kick my butt if I listed her clients, but the list is long and impressive A-list celebrities.

A celebrity in her own right, Dr. Rosetta is the coolest, hippest doctor I’ve ever met. I was lucky enough to be able to speak with her extensively after the party and learned that she’s a closet Housewives fan. We laughed all night long! She’s a fascinating woman!

Before I left for New York, I sent a DM to Rich Amons hoping that he would be attending Cat’s party. I interviewed Rich for Reality Buzz and he was so open and fun to talk to. The show’s producer worked hard editing that interview because it actually went on for about 90-minutes and had to be cut down to 45-minutes. Rich is so easy to talk to and he even asked me a few questions. Unfortunately he said he was on baby-sitting duty but Mary would be there supporting Cat for the Amons clan.

I ran into Mary near the bar, she is really easy to spot as she’s really tall and could easily be a model Mary is stunningly beautiful and so sweet we talked about my interview with Rich, she laughed and asked if he behaved himself during the interview.

After spending a few minutes with Mary we met Cat’s father, a nicer man you will not meet. When I introduced myself as just “Lynn”, he asked if I was the “Lynn from Chicago” and he said that Cat had told him all about me. He thanked me for supporting his daughter and his British accent was adorable. He saw the camera in my hand and asked if I had gotten a photo taken with Cat yet, I told him I hadn’t yet so he offered his arm and escorted me over to his daughter and insisted we take a photo at the step and repeat.

This father daughter duo are madly in love and it is so adorable!

As we took the photos just a few yards away someone stepped off the elevator that created a ruckus at the entrance, lots of flashes from cameras and even a few “whoop whoops” were heard as the buzz at the elevator grow louder and begin coming right toward us. Andy Cohen was being escorted directly toward us to the step and repeat to have his photo taken. It was a bit surreal to be honest.

In a skin-tight black turtleneck and jeans, Andy is exactly as he appears on television.  He arrived alone but didn’t stay that way for long.  He was immediately surrounded with people wanting to greet him.

We all cleared off the step and repeat area so that Andy could take center stage and then the flashes really started popping.

The crowd really started to gather as Cat joined Andy for a photo, then all of the DC Housewives were rounded up to have photos taken together with Andy.

When Andy was finally released from the photo area, he walked right toward me and my friend and so we introduced ourselves.   My friend told him that I was the “blogger” and Andy said, “You’re the one who writes the ‘I Hate Jill Zarin’ Blog.”  I was fully prepared to defend myself but he then chuckled and I knew that I wasn’t going to have to defend anything.  My friend assured Andy that I write about all of the Bravo shows and he said, “oh, I know”.

Smiling throughout our brief talk, without needing any prompting he brought up my email and the open letter.

He said, “I saw your email about the blogs, I answered you!”  When I protested, he said, “Wasn’t there something too with a Cranky Old Housewife or something”  I told him, “Yes, Real Old Housewife but as far as I know, she didn’t get an answer from you”.  He insisted that he responded to us because he remembered something about including a “Cranky Old Housewife”.

I don’t know what he was talking about with the “cranky” thing but unfortunately before I could say another word, the Salon owner, Ted Gibson tapped Andy on the shoulder and asked him to meet some of his friends.  Unfortunately that was the last chance I had to speak to Andy Cohen.  I’m not finished with him just yet!  lol

Cat was introduced by a friend and DC DJ who thanked everyone for coming, thanked Ted Gibson’s Salon and reminded everyone to support not only Cat and her book but the charities she supports, “New Yorkers for Marriage Equality” and “Human Rights Campaign”.

Then he introduced Cat who also thanked us all for coming and told the lovely story of her father trying to get through immigration in New York after flying out of London using his photograph of himself with President Barak Obama. You may remember that Cat was banned from the White House Christmas Party and Cat’s father went in her place.

Cat personally thanked her cast mates, Lynda and Mary for supporting her and of course introduced Andy Cohen to the crowd. Cat said that she knew Andy wouldn’t be staying long as he had dinner plans but she appreciated him putting in an appearance. And then he was gone.

Cat also noted in her speech that Staci was supposed to be there, she apparently said she was coming but hadn’t made an appearance yet, Cat announced, “I am not a fan” after being stood up by Staci.

After Cat’s speech, I was able to get near Paul Wharton who had been surrounded by a crowd all evening.  I can certainly see why all the DC Housewives love Paul to much, he is so kind and generous with his time.  He was focused on whoever he was speaking with and while so many were vying for his time, he gave me his undivided attention as I talked to him about how great it was that he was featured on the show, and how lucky the ladies were to have such a great friend.

As the party started winding down and people began collecting their coats, Staci did make an appearance. With literally just a few minutes left of the party she arrived without her husband Jason and quickly greeted her cast mates and friends who were left at the party. As she came over to where Paul Wharton and I were talking, I introduced myself and asked her how Jason was, we took a photo together and she was off again.

It was difficult getting Staci to stand still for more than a few seconds, as Dr. Rosetta attempted to get a photo taken with Staci and Paul Wharton after I did Staci kept wandering off in every direction trying to say hello to people before they left the party.   Staci wasn’t gracious to the fans at all, it seemed as though we were an annoyance and even Paul rolled his eyes a bit.

The salon owner, Ted Gibson was the best surprise of the night.  This man walked up to every single guest at the party, introduced himself, thanked them for coming and made everyone feel so welcome.  With a constant smile on his face, he never missed talking to everyone in the salon.  A nicer man you won’t find anywhere!

I actually got a bigger surprise as I made my way through the crowd I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to find Alex McCord standing there next to her husband, Simon!  I had heard that Alex would be there and I caught glimpses of her and Simon across the room but didn’t get a chance to speak to them as they were surrounded by people wanting to talk to them all night.

I didn’t take this photo (obviously) but this is Alex and Simon at the party.

Alex told me that filming was really exhausting, they started in September and they truly had only just finished filming a few weeks ago.  Alex said she was surprised when Bravo announced that The Real Housewives of New York would begin to air in February as they hadn’t even completed the talking head interviews and she was equally surprised when they postponed the series debut.  She explained that with so little time they wouldn’t be able to get proper previews prepared and time to view and blog on episodes as they were just airing too fast.  She added that the whole cast was relieved at the delay in the air date.

Alex looked great, she was glowing as always and her black outfit with her blonde hair suited her so well.

I got a chance to talk to Simon as well, he said the kids are doing well and we talked a bit about blogging as that is an area where Simon is so very talented.

The book launch was so much fun!  It was a great party and I was so lucky to meet some amazing people.  Yes, they are cast members of a Bravo television show but they’re so much more than that!  Cat couldn’t have been more gracious and kind.  She supports all of us “Hobby Bloggers” and even as she hosted dozens of guests, she took the time to write this really sweet entry when I asked her to sign my copy of her book “Inbox Full”:

I highly recommend getting a copy of this book for yourself!

You can see all of the photos taken by professionals from the party here:

Check out this gallery: Cat Ommanney’s “Inbox Full” Book Launch Party on @photoshelter

More New York Trip Fun!

I made a side trip to Zarin Fabrics! :)

Standing out in front of the building, Bobby Zarin pulled up in his black SUV, parked illegally right in front of his store, pulled something out of the back of the SUV and took it inside the store.  He was in the store for maybe 30 seconds, came back out, hopped back into his SUV and took off again.  It all happened so fast I missed the chance to take a photo and admittedly too stunned to say hello, besides he looked like he was in a hurry!

I didn’t go inside of the store, the display in all of the windows are loaded with Jill Zarin’s pictures, Jill Zarin’s book and Jill Zarin’s “decorating tips” on faded cardboard signs.

All prior reports that I’ve read are correct, Zarin Fabrics is located in the middle of ChinaTown, certainly not the prettiest part of town, but in their defense, so are many, many other fabric stores.  Apparently in New York same type stores are all lumped together making it much easier for a consumer to check many stores for what they’re looking for.  It also benefits the consumer forcing these stores to compete in the pricing area.  I saw similar set up’s in New York with lighting stores, and appliance stores.  On the flip side, the competition must be really tough for the retailers.

This is Rockefeller Plaza, I’ve seen Andy Cohen film video blogs from his office and the view out his window is looking down onto this area.  Although I visited this area between 5pm and 6pm, no sign of Andy leaving for the day. :)

This is the view from my amazing home away from home while in NY

This is the East River


Not too far from there was Jill Zarin’s building.  I heard she was at a book signing in New Jersey while I visited:

This is St. Patrick’s Cathedral an amazingly beautiful and famous church in the heart of New York City.

I took this photo above.  The photo below is the exterior of the church, I didn’t take this photo:

I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, having no idea where I was going just took the same stroll that Bethenny and Ramona took just last season on the Real Housewives of New York.  They met Alex and Simon on the other side, I didn’t. :)

I highly recommend walking across the Brooklyn Bridge if you’re ever in New York.  The views of the city and even the Statue of Liberty were breathtaking.  I got very lucky as the weather was perfect, almost 60 degrees and everyone I met was really nice!

A blurry shot of Times Square

I visited some outstanding restaurants from Chinese to Brazilian, Italian and had a great Lobster Roll in a quaint little restaurant in the West Village.  With so many different neighborhoods, all with a different “feel” to them, it is like visiting several cities in one trip.  My first trip to New York and I can definitely say that I Love New York!


We have three new blogs today – Real Houswives of NY and Push Girls by BB (thank you BB – you’ve been such a rock for this group as they struggle to get through this) and Gallery Girls by LuLu (thank you LuLu for your first try at blogging – great job!)

((((((Lynn Family))))))

Housewifeaddict (currently nomoredrama)  – Lynn said she could never get used to the new name.


Real Housewives of NYC “All How You Spin It” by BB

We open at the end of last week’s party with Heather chastising Aviva about talking behind people’s backs (while Ramona is listening in behind Heather’s back). Ramona does another one of her hit and runs with Heather; you know, where Ramona screams something at her but doesn’t give her a chance to respond?  This has become Ramona’s MO.  Heather tells Mario his wife is crazy, which seems to upset Aviva more than Mario.  Heather then backtracks and says Ramona is acting crazy.  Aviva chastises Heather for telling Mario his wife is crazy and Heather chastises them all for talking about Jacques and Luann right after they left the party.  Mario tries to calmly take up for Ramona but Heather is having none of it.  Aviva tells Heather Mario is just taking up for his wife.  She turns to Reid and says “You would take up for me, wouldn’t you?”  He replies, “To a certain point.”

Heather tells Mario she is tired of Ramona starting things at parties and would be glad to talk to her in a more appropriate setting.  She’s also tired of Sonja’s flip-flopping all the time.  Mario asks Heather if he should call Ramona over to discuss the matter.  Heather wants to, but Ramona and Sonja (giggling like little girls) refuse to come over.  Ramona tells Mario not to fight her bottles, err battles for her.

Aviva then has to once again bring up the whole Ramona not being invited to London thing.  Heather reminds Aviva that she didn’t invite her (Heather) to Miami.  Aviva says that was different in that she only invited two people; she didn’t invite everybody except one person.  Aviva has a point there.  Heather just gets frustrated and leaves.

I give Heather props for at least wanting to get to the bottom of conflicts.  She’s not afraid to talk it out and get down to the nitty gritty of an issue, even if I don’t always agree with her explanations for her side of the story.

I agree with Carole’s observation that Aviva overreacted and Ramona was acting like a crazy person.  And can I just say that the bright red lipstick doesn’t look good on Aviva OR Heather.

I’m not going into a lot of detail about Sonja and Ramona’s visit to the plastic surgeon’s office to get some work done (not plastic surgery, heaven’s no!) for the upcoming trip to St. Barts.  Is it St. Barts or St. Barths?  Well, if you’re English-speaking, it’s St. Barts.  If you’re French-speaking, it’s St. Barths.  Sonja gets some injectable work done in the abdomen area and Ramona gets some buttock injections.  You can tell Sonja has lost weight.  The usual sexual innuendo ensues.

Aviva is holding a speed cycling event for her charity, One Step Ahead, which helps children get prosthetics.  Luann shows up ready to cycle, an Aviva has to remind her it’s a charity event.  Luann conveniently forgot it was for charity; probably so she didn’t have to make a donation.  Carole (who hates to exercise) and Heather also show up.  Heather is still a little peeved at Aviva, but would never not show up for such a good cause.  Ramona and Sonja call in that day saying they can’t make it.  Aviva is upset they aren’t coming, especially since she invited them to Miami.  I guess Aviva keeps score on those kinds of things.

O.M.G. The spin class leader starts playing the Countess’s “Money Can’t Buy You Class.”  I was hoping I would never have to hear that song again for the rest of my life.  Carole has never heard it before and thinks it’s goofy.  I think it’s horrifying.  In her talking head, Aviva points out this is a charity, not selling pinot or a skin care product (take that Ramona!).  She tells Carole Ramona gave the excuse of a doctor’s appointment and Sonja had to take her dog to the vet.  Aviva thinks if there were drinking involved or getting their photographs taken, they would have been quicker to attend.

There is one awkward scene, I guess for the purpose of giving Ramona the Bravo bitch edit, where Ramona and her cute dog are taking a taxi ride.  Ramona tells the taxi driver how to do his job.  She asks him which route he’s taking and when he tells her, she wants him to take a different route.  She also tells him she doesn’t like to be asked the address more than once and he should write it down so he doesn’t have to ask her again.  She tells him he’s lucky she’s more relaxed than normal that day.  Oh, Lord, talk about a control freak.

Aviva and Carole are window shopping and stop in at a jewelry store.  While they are trying on jewelry, Aviva tells Carole how hard it would be for her to go to St. Barts because of her panic attacks.  Carole tells Aviva she has had two panic attacks and one was in a small plane.  She doesn’t like to ride in small planes because of what happened to her best friends (JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bissette).  They sit and talk about St. Barts, and Aviva talks about how bad things can happen, like the freak accident when she lost her leg.  Carole calls Aviva a catastrophist and tells her the odds of something happening to her on the trip are one in a trillion.  Aviva’s not convinced.

Carole tells Aviva she’s afraid to introduce her boyfriend Russ to all the girls.  She talks about Russ and their relationship and how he is perfect for her because of their long distances from each other and his unavailability.  She’s afraid of getting too emotionally attached to anyone. Carole has commitment issues probably due to losing her husband so soon after they were married.

Luann and Ramona go bikini shopping.  Luann won’t try on a bikini even though Ramona wants to see one on her.  Luann tells Ramona shopping for bikinis is like masturbating, it should be done when you’re alone.  Ramona tries on several bathing suits to get Luann’s opinion.  They seem to be getting along better, even though I don’t think they will ever be good friends.  I must admit Ramona has a pretty good body for her age.

They get on the subject of Aviva.  Ramona has called Aviva to talk to her about the trip and tell her they understand her anxiety and will support her.  Ramona wants to know how Aviva went to Vassar all by herself.  She can’t seem to go anywhere without Reid, and Ramona doesn’t want to have to hold Aviva’s hand the whole time they’re in St. Barts.  Ramona wants to party.  Luann tells her they’ll take turns babysitting Aviva.

Aviva, Carole and Harrison go to A Step Ahead to present a little boy named Jake his first set of running legs.  Aviva goes to the back and gets the legs.  She comes to the front and presents them to Jake as a surprise.  He’s so excited.  He tries them on and starts trying to run with Aviva and the Step Ahead guy holding his hands.  They go outside to try them out and he gets to the point where he can walk fast with them.  Carole is so glad she was there to witness it.  Maybe one day Jake will be in the Olympics.

Carole and Sonja are at Ramona’s lovely apartment. Aviva will be showing up later and Carole tells them both how Aviva was disappointed when they didn’t show up for her charity event.  Sonja and Ramona tell Carole why they weren’t there.  Carole thinks their excuses are a little lame.  Carole tells Sonja it will be a mistake to go into detail about her dog with Aviva.  Aviva shows up and they make a toast to new friends.  Aviva seems to be in good mood, to Carole’s relief.  They sit down to eat and Ramona gives Aviva a check for her charity.  Sonja is a little put out because she can’t give her a check.  Sonja has her own charities to support.  Aviva starts to give them a lecture about not coming and they both start making excuses.  Sonja starts talking about her dog and goes into detail about how old and sick she is and what Sonja is going through with her.  Carole feels Aviva’s anger while Sonja is talking.  Aviva tells Ramona she should have scheduled her doctor appointment for another day.  Ramona agrees she could have.  Aviva tells Sonja someone else could have taken her dog to the vet.  Sonja gets upset and tells Aviva that every time she takes Milieu to the vet, she may have to put her down.  They both tell Aviva they are sorry they didn’t make it to her charity.  Aviva loses it and tells them it wasn’t about her or her charity, it was about THE CHILDREN WHO ARE MISSING LEGS!

Sonja also tells Aviva it wasn’t about her, it was about her dog Mileu.  They keep arguing about how important pets are and how they are like children to some people.  They all calm down somewhat and Aviva tells them the take away from all this is they now know how important Aviva’s charity is and next time they will make it to her events when she asks them.  She says something about assholes and then makes a toast.  It’s the first time Carole has ever raised her glass to assholes.

Next week begins the trip to St. Barts.  I think it was Ramona who said Scary Island was nothing compared to this trip.  I can’t imagine anything topping Scary Island.   That was Kreepy.


Push Girls “In the Deep End” by BB

Mia is at the Y to have her last swimming practice before her competition. It’s been 17 years since she competed.  Kenneth, her swim coach, is there to encourage her.  He knows she has to get past the psychological block she has about competing against able-bodied competitors.  Mia doesn’t feel she’s ready for the race.

Typhany feels the need to stay physically fit and attends a class that makes her feel not paralyzed.  She had never been into fitness before her accident, but now she’s never felt better in her life.

Eric and Auti are attend a parenting even though they’re not pregnant.  Auti needs to find out how she’s going to care for a child being in a wheelchair.  They practice dressing the baby (with dolls of course).  Eric seems more of a natural at it than Auti.  He’s definitely ready for a baby, but Auti isn’t so sure.

Tiphany talks to Angela about doing a 5K race.  She demonstrates her upper body strength and shows Angela how tough she’s become.  Tiphany has been training very hard so she’ll be ready for it.

Mia’s mom has come into town to watch her compete.  They have a complicated relationship.  Her mom has never fully accepted her paralysis, but she’s gotten better about it.  Mia realizes having her mom there is going to be much more stressful than she thought.  It’s hard not to associate her paralysis with swimming, for both her and her mom.

Mia and her mom arrive at the hotel since the meet is over an hour away from her house.  Her mom is surprised Mia has gotten back into swimming.  Mia has only been training for a month.  Her mom is afraid she might have a spasm during the swim.  Mia is getting more and more nervous, especially when her mom keeps talking about it.  Her mom tells her she doesn’t care if she wins the race, but she hopes she does.  Her mom’s not really helping matters at this point.

Tiphany participates in the 5K race.  Being in a wheelchair, she can’t just step over things in the road, like mud and rocks.  Things get caught on her wheels and hurt her hands when she wheels herself.  At the end of the race she sees people passing her while they are going uphill, but it just motivates her to keep going.  She experiences a high when she crosses the finish line.  Tiphany is excited about her future and getting back into fitness.

Eric and Auti have another discussion about having a baby.  Eric doesn’t want to rush her into it.  He went through the foster system and knows what it’s like so fostering would be an option for him.  Auti thinks she would get too attached and not want to give up a foster child.  Auti doesn’t feel like she’s ready to have a child right now, whether it’s through in vitro, adoption or fostering.

Mia gets up the morning of her meet and is very quiet.  Her mom knows she’s nervous.  They get to the outdoor pool 3 hours before race time.  Mia gets very emotional when she sees all the able-bodied swimmers and realizes she will never be one of them.  Her mom is doing her best to comfort and encourage her.

Eric and Auti continue discussing options for having a child.  Eric thinks Auti is being self-centered about it.  Auti tells Eric wanting to have a child for him is not self-centered.  Eric tells Auti either she wants to have a child or not. Eric thinks Auti is more focused on her career and she agrees.  Eric thinks talking about it is like beating a dead horse.  He thinks they should table having a child right now and reassures Auti that he’s not going anywhere.  I hope Auti realizes what she has in Eric.

Mia tells her coach she’s nervous but she needs to do this as a first step.  She just wants to get through it.  Auti, Tiphanny and Angela come to support Mia and are surprised she’s competing against able-bodied swimmers.  Her mom just doesn’t want her to get hurt or injure herself further.

Of course Mia swims nowhere near as fast as the other swimmers.  She’s really struggling and having a hard time getting through the race and her friends are shouting encouragement to her.  She’s glad she did it, but it’s not the same as when she raced before.  Her mom is sad she will never be at the level she was before, but she’s proud of her at the same time.  Her friends see her cry for the very first time since they’ve met her.  Mia has always hidden her feelings and this is kind of a breakthrough for her.  She finally accepts the fact that she can’t do everything perfectly and things aren’t the same.  Because it’s harder for her now, she feels like she’s accomplishing more by doing it.


Gallery Girls Episode 2 “What goes on.” by Lulu

I wrote this blog in the memory of Lynn.  I hope I’m making her proud from above.  I will never forget her kindness and incredible talent for writing.

Opening day at the End of Century gallery.  The ladies were suppose to arrive at 8am however at 10 Claudia arrives to a complete mess (shocker!) Poor Claudia spends the next 2 hours cleaning and straightening.  At 1245pm Chantal after doing yoga and having her French pressed coffee arrives with her boyfriend Spencer.  Chantal immediately announces that she has to depart.  After scheduling issues are discussed Chantal refuses to work more than she has too her and Spencer leave.

Next at Nespresso cafe in Soho Kerri meets with her boss.  Out of all the ladies she is the only one that has a full time job.  She works for a lifestyle management company that books dinner reservations and handles social life events for out of towners.  Kerri was concerned that her internship would conflict with her job.  Her boss still expects the same level of hard work and hours despite the internship.  Once the meeting was done she was tasked to bring bagels to a jet that was about to depart.  At the same time   the art advisor Sharon calls to ask her to pick up artwork.  Her days are spent running literally!

Now onto Maggie at Eli Klein studios.  She is treated like a servant by the jerk Eli.  The woman has an art degree and was tasked to clean out the dog water bowl set in front of the store.  As well as rearranging doggie waste bags?!?!  It’s no wonder why she had to take a break.  She is only there for a reference from Eli but it’s been months.  I have zero faith that Eli will either give her a job or provide a good referral.

The ladies all meet at Phillips auction.  Which is a painfully boring scene unless you count an odd your shirt is on backwards directed at Claudia.  We witness a painting being sold for 16k Oooo drama!

Back at End of Century gallery.  A customer arrives to view the artwork.  They are confused by the clothing/art/jewelry trying to determine what kind of gallery is it and purchase nothing.  When their first bill arrives from the the electric company they are already panicked?!?!  I have to wonder if they had a business plan? Savings? Anything?  A solution was reached though Chantal the dedicated co-owner announces that she will work hard to bring in foot traffic.  Need I say more???

Amy versus Kerri.  Amy questions how Kerri got her internship.  Since Kerry has no experience in the art industry.  But Amy has 2 years of experience (unpaid internships only) and not to mention a degree in art.  It will be interesting which one lands a paid job first.

In long island Kerri visits her family.  Her father takes her to a bar to discuss finances.  It was very sweet of him to be so concerned about his daughter.  She does express that she is spending more than she is making due to new outfits related to the internship.  Her father’s words of wisdom “When we are backed into a corner is when things happen.”  Hopefully she can keep afloat.

In the final scene Eli takes Maggie to a bar after work.  While a very clever Liz declines.  Something has happened between Eli and Maggie.  Which Liz has eluded to in her talking head.  Eli is trying to get Maggie drunk.  This won’t end well that’s for sure.


Special thanks to Lady C for keeping an eye on the moderated comments, and fishing posts out as they land there.


Happy Birthday Nohausfrau!


About Veena (NMD)

Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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555 Responses to Magic Moments with Lynn Hudson, The Real Housewives of New York, Push Girls, Gallery Girls

  1. VV says:

    RIP Lynn Hudson

  2. Lady Chatterley says:

    Wonderful, NMD! Thanks so much for sharing Lynn’s blog about her fabulous trip to NYC for Cat’s launch party. You could just feel her excitement – what a great time for her. She deserved every moment.

  3. Brought over from the last post

    Zoey says:
    August 20, 2012 at 10:19 pm (Edit)
    This is lovely. I see it’s posted on the FB page, and on the inspirational page here, but for those of us who missed it, KJo said it’d be fine to repost it here to share.

    Kristen johnston (@kjothesmartass) says:
    August 20, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    I was looking through Lynn’s emails to me (my friend who died suddenly of a heart attack at age 49), and I wanted to share just one with you all. I asked her to check out all the incredible stories people were sharing on my website

    This was her response:

    “Dear Kristen,

    Reading these comments, I have tears streaming down my face, I know that you had no idea when you sat down to write this book that you would impact so many lives and through your words, people would make their own lives better. You are such a special person and the way that you respond to everyone just underscores that for the whole world to see.

    This may sound corny but I believe that God spared you that day in that London Hospital so that you could do this right now and you could help so many people. You are an inspiration to addicts and drunks, sure but you are an inspiration to me too and to thousands of others who watch how you help so many people and are so good to everyone. You use your humor and your amazing heart – you have saved lives, I can only imagine what that feels like.

    I am in awe of you, sending you lots of love!! xoxo Lynn”

    Oh, Lynn. I can’t believe you’re gone. I love you.


    • Powell says:

      I can only say WOW!

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      That’s our Lynn. 🙂

    • Thank you NMD for posting KJo’s email from Lynn….it shows what a beautiful heart she had, and made me cry too, especially these words Lynn wrote: “God spared you that day in that London Hospital so that you could do this right now and you could help so many people.”

      Lynn’s blog brought us so many gifts. We got to meet KJo & when we did, we loved her too. I loved hearing about Lynn’s meeting Bethenny & attending Cat’s book party. WSL came to Lynn’s blog & what a great lady she is, helping many people behind the scenes & never advertising it. Many people have posted a question or a health concern, and other posters here have helped them. What a fantastic community, all due to Lynn’s efforts.

      There’s a lovely picture of Lynn in Mexico that her daughter posted here (click on the “photos” in the menu bar).

      If you click on the “condolences” you can read what many of the posters here wrote.

      (((( hugs to everyone ))))

    • Zoey says:

      Lynn said ‘You use your humor and your amazing heart – you have saved lives, I can only imagine what that feels like.’ She didn’t have to imagine. In a different means, she did the same. We had this place to come to when some of us were feeling really, really down, or feeling so overwhelmed with life’s issues, with pain, or any number of things that made us run to our support group of friends, right here.

      You can take all the tv shows out of it, and you still have a group of people that have been there for each other in good times, and in hard times. I know I’ve been uplifted when I felt so down, and not by one, but by many. Thank you to all who put in the hard work to make this place work so well, and thank you Lynn.

    • Carwtheels says:

      Absolutely beautiful.
      Whoever said that ” Life is not fair” sometimes was absolutely right, 😦

      • MamaZ says:

        Thank you Zooey. And thank you Kristen for sharing that with us.
        Lynn wrote these words about kristen but they could easily have been written about her-
        You are such a special person and the way that you respond to everyone just underscores that for the whole world to see.

    • That is so beautiful. I hope Lynn knew that she was also an inspiration to a lot of people out there. Rest in peace, dear, sweet Lynn.

    • sleeponthebrain says:

      Oh dear I didn’t think reading through a snarky hilarious recap of our favourite housewives antics would bring me to tears but I guess I’m still in denial that death hits hard. I’m ashamed at how desentized about death I’ve become because it’s commonplace to read about 100 killed in a train accident in some far off place in the world. Even if I didn’t know Lynn in person and all contact was me lurking and visiting for hilarious commentary on Bravo’s shows, the death of a person, every person counts. Another great line from the Dowager Countess (from Downton Abbey) comes to mind
      “One can’t go to pieces at the death of every foreigner. We’d all be in a constant state of collapse whenever we opened a newspaper.”
      Lynn, I’m so glad because of your passion you got to experience so many wonderful things and meet the people you wrote about. I wish all of us who come here to chat could have thrown a grand party and meet you in real life. RIP
      Thank you to everyone who’s running this new site. It’s a great way to honour Lynn.
      Sorry for posting such a long emotional ramble. I’m sure it is should go on the condolences page.

  4. Lady Chatterley says:

    Thanks to you all for the great blogs! 🙂
    I still can’t wrap my head around Aviva’s reaction to Ramona and Sonja missing her event. They apologized, Ramona graciously provided a contribution, they explained why they couldn’t make it…and she angrily chastised them – argued about it – would not accept their explanations, called them excuses. To me, the takeaway is, when she beckons, you better come. I doubt that she will receive the Diva treatment from this bunch – she will likely find herself angry and frustrated again in the near future.

    • Powell says:

      I think she wanted to accept Ramona’s more at first then Sonja went on about her dog, which was sad, but Carole warned Sonja not to bring that up. I could see Aviva’s wheels turning in her head cause all she could hear was dog, not how sick he was.

    • BB says:

      To me, Aviva seems headed to Kellyland. Each week she acts a little more off-kilter. I will have to say the scene with her presenting little Jake his prostetic running legs was touching.

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        I loved the scene w/Jake, too.

        I think she (and Carole) were also reacting to Ramona and Sonja’s over-the-top emotionality (the hand-holding, the tears).

      • kendo says:

        That was amazing! Very touching!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I agree with you about Aviva’s behavior. I also agree with BB that Aviva seems like a score-keeper (“I did this for you. Now you need to do this for me.” Jill Zarin was very much like that — a score keeper extraordinaire).

      I can understand Aviva being disappointed and expressing her disappointment; however, I think her reaction was way over the top and, frankly, inappropriate. She did talk to them like they were children. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I think there’s a whole LOT of craziness brewing under the facade of “Aviva.”

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      From what Carole tweeted Ramona really did have something wrong with her face. There is no way Ramona is going to be filmed looking like a “pizza face”. Also, I could totally understand where Sonja was coming from regarding her dog. Dogs become part of the family. Look at Cookie and we’ll see the same with Bethenny. Aviva’s answer of “someone else could have taken the dog”, all I could think of was, “boy, that’s kind of ballsy.” Good for Sonja to stand up for herself and say that she was not going to have someone else take her dog to the vet if it needed to be put down.

      Yes, it was an important event for Aviva but come on! I absolutely cannot stand when someone is tit for tat and takes stock of what everyone does.

      Aviva expects a lot from others than what she expects from herself.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I think the scene about the charity event was directed to be over the top. Sonja crying like a teenager, Ramona buying forgiveness, and Carolyn trying to keep the whole meal from ending in a food fight. There seemed to be a lot of blame to go around. I still marvel at how Sonja will always attempt to make the issue all about her regardless. She has very little grace but still feels that she is the Lady of the Manor, not unlike the Countess and her nobility issues. I think that Sonja is the one that is headed for an emotion breakdown cause by a combo plate of weak emotional resolve and pickled brain from excessive alcohol consumption. Aviva is just wound way too tight for these two women. JMHO.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          I agree with you CAP. I gotta say though that little Jake made my evening.

          T Rex, I agree today was harder than I expected. So was yesterday. Thanks to you all for being around for each other.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Hi Cap,

          Long time no see!

          Do you think Sonja might have some prescription meds added to that combo plate?

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Detox, I am afraid of what med’s Sonja could get a script for. One can only imagine. I know the pet issue can be daunting and very hard, at times, but Sonja has had meals with the Churchill’s, who eat humans for supper, so it was a bit scary to see her crying like a teenager, when making excuses for not being at the charity event. She looked guilty of something. Also it gave crazy Aviva an excuse to treat Sonja like a 13 yr. old. Remember, Carole asked Sonja not to mention the dog. I will say it one more time. Sonja reminds me of a con artist. She is never really direct about issues, and getting her needs met, and she gets down right nasty, if one does not make great efforts to read, her rather deteriorated mind. JMHO.

            • mrs peabody says:

              She likes to play the aging sex kitten, lady of the manor, etc but go against what she wants and she does not like that at all. I think she is used to having her orders followed exactly and even though is is not longer married to the Morgan family she still expects to be treated as if she is. I bet she was one hell of a boss.

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      Am I the only one that gets the feeling that if Sonja would have provided a check before talking about her dog, all would be forgiven? If so, that makes me dislike Aviva alot more.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        No. You are not the only one. I think I also read somewhere that Aviva JUST got involved with this charity once she started filming the show.

        If she was sincerely so committed to helping other amputees, why so late?

        Maybe she was involved with similar charities and just not this particular one (That’s me giving her the benefit of the doubt).

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I heard that about Aviva and the charity also…did Sonja give an interview about it?

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I think it was Sonja’s interview, and I read it somewhere else (but I forget where. My mind is FILLED with absolutely USELESS information).

  5. T-Rex says:

    Good Morning! I didn’t think today would be this hard, those stories are just SO wonderful. I will be thinking of Lynn’s famiy and friends all day today since for them today may be especially difficult. Won’t be on much today and thank you to everyone carrying on the dream of this blog in Lynn’s honor. I Heart you all!

  6. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone.

  7. trudie says:

    Happy, happy day Nohausfrau!

  8. Eastbayca says:

    Morning all,
    Thanks NMD for the walk down memory lane.

    The Heather-Mario confrontation reveals Heather’s need to win an argument, she seems the kind of a person who will brow-beat you to submission/surrender. We also saw this the few times she sat down with Ramona, Ramona gave up arguing with her same as Mario did last night.
    Seems the only person willing to go toe to toe with her is Aviva who happens to be a lawyer.
    When it comes to Ramona, Heather seems to be a flip-flopper. One moment she wants to apologize and be friends, the next she is talking “badly” about Ramona.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I agree.

      I haven’t decided on Heather yet. There are some things about her that bother me, though. She is extremely pushy and controlling. She also claims to be direct and adult and to always want to talk things out like an adult, but she’s lying to herself a little bit.

      Instead of being straight-up with Ramona, whenever confronted by Ramona, she offers Ramona a BIG smile and tries to downplay her real feelings. Just say, “Look, Bitch, I don’t like you!! You stay outta my way, and I’ll stay outta yours. I’ve made up my mind about you before I have really gotten to know you. I know that may not be fair or reasonable or really right, but, oh well! It’s just the way I am. So, deal with it.” I mean, I basically think that is how Heather feels when it comes to Ramona. Why sugarcoat it with a smile and try to act like it is NOT how you feel? I think Ramona would respect her more. I also think this is why Ramona is so frustrated with her. Ramona just can’t articulate this properly in the midst of all her craziness and manic behavior.

      • TMarsh101 says:

        Detox, I couldn’t have said it better. Your post literally took my thoughts on Heather and Ramona out of my head. Ramona is Ramona. Like her or don’t, you know what your gonna get. Heather is fake and pretentious. Most of the time I want to slap that fake smug smile off her face.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          LOL. Great minds think alike. 😉

          There’s something about Ramona that allows me to give her a pass for some things that I would not give to others. I know it’s not right, but…there it is. I think it’s because I don’t find Ramona to be malicious, and I think, overall, she has a good heart. I also give her a pass because she is straight crazy, but it’s the “good” kind of crazy, not the “scary” kind (like Kelly).

          Jury’s still out on Heather for me; however, like you, there have been times I’ve wanted to slap her too. 😀

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Detox, I have to remind you once again that Ramona slapped one of the production crew people during a shoot for this season. She is crazy but not harmless. She and Mario are also a bit xenophobic and seem to think that anything different from them is fair game for ridicule and a certain open public disdain. Although Ramona makes for great TV, she appears to be a haughty controlling bigot, with a low tolerance, when things do not go her way. There are almost always 3 sides to a story, but with Ramona, it’s her way, or you are a liar. Real nice! IMO.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Considering the shadiness of BRAVO, I would have probably slapped a producer or two myself if I were a cast member, and I am not even violent (shrug).

              I know Ramona has her faults. I swear I do.

              But I still like her — even though, from time to time, I seriously want to jab her with a syringe containing sedative,wrap her in a straitjacket when the sedative takes effect, tape her mouth while she is still under and calmly explain some things about proper behavior and etiquette once she wakes up restrained and unable to speak.

              That’s all Ramona really needs from time to time. No biggie.

              Other than that, I find her to be a hoot!! 😀

            • kendo says:

              I think you’re being very harsh calling Ramona a bigot.
              I don’t see it that way. I think she’s just a little dramatic and passionate. She’s completely harmless in my opinion. I find her to be a good kind of crazy!

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I thought it was funny that Heather was mad that Ramona for talking about Jacques behind her back while Heather was talking about Ramona behind her back! Pot, kettle, black.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Absolutely – and while Aviva was pointing out that she’s been more than a little unfair to Ramona, she couldn’t just acknowledge that. She turned it around to “Why don’t you defend me? Why are you so far up Ramona’s a$$?” There’s something very wrong w/Heather…super-competitive and nasty – while hiding it all behind that toothy grin and street slang.

      • Eastbayca says:

        At that point she was indefensible as Aviva stated.

      • Chicago Diane says:

        Super competitive, and controlling, aggressive, judgmental, and sure she is always right. One of the things that bothers me is Heather is one of the newbies. One of the reasons I think she is being poorly advised by an unnamed, very aggressive person, is that as a newbie, in a show where the majority of the group was fired for being too confrontational, she started the first shows of her first season with aggresive efforts to diminish one of the original group, rather than settling in, getting to know everyone, and taking some time to see how things evolve. Instead, she deliberately chose to go after Ramona and single her out for hurtful exclusion. That was a blatant effort so early in the season- which was clearly sparked by someone or something. Anyone have any thoughts?
        While it was smart to get marketing time early for her copycat firm that noone has heard of, it tok nerve to go after one of the minority who were retained. Someone or something sparked that, I think. If it was just her alone, it further reflects exactly how incredibly self-assured and unnkind a person she is. Anyone with an ounce of kindess would not start with hostiiliyt in that situation. n.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


          I think the person who may be advising her has a name that rhymes with Kill Marin.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I can’t see why Heather or any housewife newbie, for that matter, would seek the counsel of a fired housewife. I could see befriending the reigning queen bee, but not the discarded bee.

          • lovemamaearth says:

            I would ask Alex. Not JZ or KrayKukulet

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Yes, I suppose Alex is the exception to my “discarded bee” theory. I feel that Alex’s departure was more collateral damage than an actual “discarded bee”. She was caught in the crossfire.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                I feel that Heather and Ramona honestly do not like each other. Also neither is above following the orders of the production team to bring on the drama, and sometimes over do it. I thought we had decided that Jill would not touch Heather because of the Yummy Tummy brand. Also any negative traits that can be applied to Heather can also be applied to Ramona. I wonder if the fact that Heather is a tall women makes her look more menacing then the petite Ms. Singer when they battle? Because in my eyes, Ramona started this rift in the first episode and Heather has simply not capitchulate to the terms of a Reality TV diva. I would not expect Heather to do that because Ramona is not her boss and Heather seems to have been hired to annoy Ramona as much as possible. IMO.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  If, indeed, that’s why Heather was hired, she is doing a GREAT JOB.

                • Lady Chatterley says:

                  Mmmm…maybe. Except, it now appears that Heather is the one who is having problems with Ramona getting under her skin. She’s not keeping it so cool and collected as the Season wears on. Ramona, on the other hand….she may be a bit of a wacko, but she’s got staying power – she seems to be in it for the long haul.

                  • Chicago Diane says:

                    I hear all of that, but given JZ’s inability to let the show go, and her need to continue to be relevant, I could easily see her calling the newbies and offering her thoughts(which she has admitted doing) – and finding one who clearly wanted to make a splash early.. I thought we determined that they had been on a show together some time ago, had met through that, and while competitors, probably joined together in similar views of who knows what- at least, a desire for attention and to make a scene-perhaps to dislike Ramona? Just a thought.

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    Staying power, yes, that seems to be Ramona. She’s well-preserved, too.

  9. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Good Morning, Everyone

    Thanks to No More Drama, BB and Lulu for all of the blogs.

    My thoughts are prayers go out to Lynn and all of Lynn’s family and friends today.

  10. cc101 says:

    Really enjoyed reading these old blogs again. Thank you. Thinking about Lynn’s family today.

  11. For Lynn’s family, in Chicago and here….

    I Am Not Gone

    I am not gone
    I remain here beside you
    Just in a different form
    Look for me in your heart
    And there you will find me
    in our love which forever lives on

    In those moments when you feel alone
    Look for me in your thoughts
    And there you will find me
    in sweet memories that burn strong

    Every time a tear
    Forms in your beautiful eyes
    Look up to the heavens
    And there you will see me
    Smiling down from God’s glorious skies
    ~ by Injete Chesoni

  12. BB says:

    Thanks for the wonderful memories of Lynn, NMD. My wish for today is that Lynn’s family can feel the love coming from those around them, including her blog family, and find some sort of comfort from that. The days ahead will be very difficult for them.

  13. BB says:

    Thanks, LuLu for your blog on the Gallery Girls. Great job!

  14. lady balls says:

    you guys are doing a terrific job. love reading the older lynn posts.
    thinking of lynn’s family today.

  15. The Tin Man says:

    Aviva’s children are adorable, and I thought the scene at the merry-go-round was very telling in that the little boy, Hudson was afraid to go on the ride and he blamed it on his penis. Children are reflections of what they see.

  16. Zoey says:

    Going back up to read, just wanted to say Good Morning all, and thoughts and good vibes go out to Lynn’s family. May they find the strength to get through this day.

  17. disgrazia4 says:

    Today is Lynn’s funeral and this song is haunting me. It’s about Mary, the Mother of Jesus, but it’s also about all women and mothers, like us. I dedicate this song to Lynn, a woman and mother who, took care of her family. I dedicate it to NMD, BB, Detox, Mardrag and all the ladies here who are taking care of all of Lynn’s family now. I wish all of you peace and love, today and always.

  18. Thank you NMD,for the thoughtfulness evident in all the work you are putting into this gathering spot! BB, Mardrag, Detox and Lulu many thanks to you, too, for your blogging – and also to all the kind people who have volunteered to blog, keeping track of email addresses, to help monitor, and so much more. I raise my cup of coffee in a toast to you all! 🙂 Hugs all around…

    • yes thank you NMD & BB, great blogs today. Those push girls are inspiring, aren’t they?

      • kendo says:

        They are really inspiring, so glad this show is on!
        I feel like they may be changing lives.
        Makes me think of that song “What have you done today to make you feel proud?”

    • Chicago Diane says:

      Yes, thanks so very much to each of you. For those of us who got the news late( just yesterday) are there lists we missed, and things we should do to remain close to the group, and in touch- is the email list still needed? I have been very touched by this group in recent months, and yesterday reminded me how short our time is and to let those who are part of something you think so highly of know- so here I am. I reread Thursday waiting for Lynn’s new blog, and thought she just took a holiday for her birthday, as so many did. Lynn made a difference as many of us avid RH viewers were hitting a wall as Betthenny was crying while JZ was scoffing her- and that blog title meant a lot to many of us. All of you have joined in to something very special , that has a broader group reading than I think you know. . .

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Chicago Diane, I think you’ll find any info that you need here. There is also an email list – you can send your address to:, if you’d like to get your address on that list. We’re glad you’re here!

        • Chicago Diane says:

          Thanks very much- I like veryone else, amd jusg shocked and so sad- Lynn had too many uphill battles with all this but she handled it with dignity and class-and honesty.

  19. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    It was so lovely to read Lynn’s old blogs. Not only did we get to read about Lynn’s excitement but we also got to read that Lynn’s blogs DID matter. Andy Cohen knew all about her, her open letter, everything.

    • There was a woman on twitter, with a name like “@CrankyOldHousewife” that was great. I think Andy got confused & sent an email to her, not @reallyoldhousewife and not to @LynnNChicago. Cranky had a blog too….haven’t seen her tweets for a long time on twitter.

      • disgrazia4 says:

        I’ve been checking her blog for any mention of Lynn. None yet. Hope she is doing ok.

        • disgrazia, I can’t find Cranky’s blog or her tweets. Are you talking about Cranky, or ReallyOldHousewife of Manatee County – ROH for short ( @RealOldHouswife ) ?

          • MamaZ says:

            I have been looking as well. I am very disappointed that some of these bloggers who knew and collaborated with Lynn didn’t acknowledge her passing. Regardless of what happened between them Lynn was a part of their lives at one time and deserved to be shown some respect. Even Ilana Angel had the courtesy to blog about it and offer her sympathy.

          • disgrazia4 says:

            ROH of Manatee but I checked both and neither had written anything.

            • Pghemtchick says:

              I’m pretty sure Roh tweeted about Lynn. I know she retweeted Boston’s tweet regarding a Mazel for Lynn.

  20. Kansas Girl says:

    You know where my thoughts are right now. I’m sure yours are too. And they’re with all of you too. Thank you, all of you, for keeping this going. Blessings.

  21. disgrazia4 says:

    From the FB page:

    ‎Erica Velasco Hess has a wonderful suggestion that we all light a candle at a certain time for Lynn. I suggest that, because her service starts at 10 am central time, a unison lighting begin then, which is about 4 minutes from now. The candle, traditionally, signifies a lighting of the way for the soul’s journey. But let it mean what it needs for each of us.

  22. Contessa says:

    One of our own was at Lynn’s visitation yesterday and it is on the previous blog late in the evening. Please read. I don’t know how to bring things over, NMD if you have a moment can you look and perhaps bring it over. I know everyone is talking about taking up collections through paypal, but I just decided to go with sending a card with a check to the family,in care of the funeral home. Apparently there were a lot of flowers from our group and also Lynn’s sister is is surprised at all the messages on twitter etc…she also mentioned Lynn’s youngest son and how brave he was, as well as Lynn’s daughter and how beautiful and gracious she is. There is more and I am probably missing some of it, as it made me cry last night. I also wish we knew more about Lynn’s birthday and how this all happened. With regard to the money, I lost a spouse and I can tell you the expenses of a funeral and everything that comes with it are pretty hefty, as well as the fact the family will now be a one income family. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and with our blog family who is all saying goodbye, but rest assured Lynn’s soul is soaring with the angels…she was the blog rockstar with a heart of gold.

    • You are right Contessa, I’m sending a card & check for Lynn’s family to the funeral home. Her husband’s name is James Smith, as noted at the top of this blog. The funeral home address is there too.

    • Contessa, here is the post from I Need A Life, from yesterday – it’s very touching:

      I Need A Life! says:
      August 20, 2012 at 9:44 pm
      I don’t know how to express my thoughts here. Not sure how appropriate. I live in Chicago, and knew I wouldn’t be too far from the funeral home where Lynn is at rest. It’s near O’Hare, and I flew out of town tonight for business. Many of you have felt exactly like me. I didn’t understand how I cared for someone I had never met. Yet, I’ve spent all these mornings with her and her, “family.”

      This afternoon, I paid my respects. Her sister is so gracious. Lynn’s children are extraordinary. I met her beautiful daughter, Julia, and told her how important her mother was to all of us. She told me that she understood and that we were important to Lynn as well. Lynn would get anxious if the blog wasn’t up on time. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything to her son. He’s only a few years younger than my own son. Ladies, he’s tall, handsome, sensitive, kind. (Gorgeous!)

      Lynn was surrounded by flowers. I recognized some of your names. Know that the flowers did arrive and they were perfect. Perfect.

      If you are thinking of sharing a thought with her family, send a card and contribute what you can. It’s that simple. I can’t get that young boy’s face out of my mind. I wish anyone who has written or is thinking of writing a negative comment about Lynn could have seen how her family is hurting. I wish anyone who has hurtful blogs about Lynn could have looked into that young man’s face.

      Lynn created a beautiful family at home, and one on these boards.

    • The Tin Man says:

      I Need A Life! says:
      August 20, 2012 at 9:44 pm

      I don’t know how to express my thoughts here. Not sure how appropriate. I live in Chicago, and knew I wouldn’t be too far from the funeral home where Lynn is at rest. It’s near O’Hare, and I flew out of town tonight for business. Many of you have felt exactly like me. I didn’t understand how I cared for someone I had never met. Yet, I’ve spent all these mornings with her and her, “family.”

      This afternoon, I paid my respects. Her sister is so gracious. Lynn’s children are extraordinary. I met her beautiful daughter, Julia, and told her how important her mother was to all of us. She told me that she understood and that we were important to Lynn as well. Lynn would get anxious if the blog wasn’t up on time. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything to her son. He’s only a few years younger than my own son. Ladies, he’s tall, handsome, sensitive, kind. (Gorgeous!)

      Lynn was surrounded by flowers. I recognized some of your names. Know that the flowers did arrive and they were perfect. Perfect.

      If you are thinking of sharing a thought with her family, send a card and contribute what you can. It’s that simple. I can’t get that young boy’s face out of my mind. I wish anyone who has written or is thinking of writing a negative comment about Lynn could have seen how her family is hurting. I wish anyone who has hurtful blogs about Lynn could have looked into that young man’s face.

      Lynn created a beautiful family at home, and one on these boards.

      • Ha! you owe me a can of diet coke Tin Man! 😉

        • Contessa says:

          You guys are the best – thanks for bringing this over. XO

          • MamaZ says:

            Thank you bluesky and Tin MAn. And thank you I Need A Life for expressing our love and respect for Lynn to her family. It is no surprise that they were strong and gracious. Lynn was the same way.

      • Sus says:

        I’m so happy that “one of us” went to the wake. There were probably others of us there too. I sent flowers and happy to hear it was beautiful. Lynn and her family deserved it. I’m very thankful that Lynn and you all put up with me. I disagreed with Lynn’s take on the HWs a few times. I think she liked it when there was disagreement because of the great conversations that happened. She certainly never, ever, said anything negative to me or anyone else that I saw, when there was disagreement.

  23. Here’s Carole’s blog, she mentions Lynn on the 1st page

    (thanks to the poster from yesterday’s blog, TTinOC for the heads up!)

    • Contessa says:

      Hi Blue, I didn’t want to wait for a collection as I know what it’s like to deal with a loss; I barely had any money when my H died and had to borrow to pay for the funeral until the very small life insurance paid up. I had to sign a note at the funeral home; thank God I had a wealthy boss who helped out. I just wanted to help out the family and not wait. I also have some gift cards from restaurants that I have collected – (chains – red lobster, that kind) that I am going to send to Lynn’s H, as it might be helpful for him and little guy to get out of the house in the beginning. I guess we are on the same wavelength.

  24. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Today we also have Jill still trying to be relevant.

    “I think they changed the formula that worked. I don’t know why. I think they changed it too soon,” Jill laments. “Why would you change the formula of a show when the ratings were up 15 or 20 percent last year? I say, you change the show when the ratings are down, because then there’s only one way to go, hopefully, and that’s up.” Jill, Jill, Jill. You really don’t know why?!?!? Because you treat people terribly and we didn’t want to watch that crap.

  25. melthehound says:

    Once again, very fine job. Thank you for posting the stuff about Lynn’s NY trip to Cat’s book launch (?). I’ve never seen that before. What a fun time she must have had. I’m quite pleased to see this continue.

    Happy Birthday Nohausfrau 😀 Hope you’re having a great one. His Houndness sends his regards to Mishka as well.

  26. Carly tweeted

    c. ‏@prettyplusmore
    I’m off to bed. She would hate me dragging it out like this, so here’s my last tweet for my Irish friend; #LynnHudson

  27. Prince of Pizza says:

    Good morning everyone. Thank you so much for the great blogs and wonderful tribute to Lynn. Seeing that photo of her in front of Zarin Fabrics brought a smile to my face- a real classic!

    I am so impressed with everyone here– putting this tribute together and finding a place for our LynnFam. Lynn would be beside herself with joy seeing it come together and knowing everyone was still together.

    This site speaks not only as a tribute to Lynn but a reflection on the kind of people you all are – kind, caring and selfless. God bless.

  28. Carly’s podcast was about heart health, with Dr. Mitch, @drmitchshow – dedicated to Lynn

    c. ‏@prettyplusmore
    I’m broadcasting live on the air! Listen in now at #BlogTalkRadio

  29. JustDee says:

    Thanks for the great trip down memory lane! So piognant reading it at this time.
    :::::wipes tears off face:::::

  30. california35 says:

    aaaww i remember those blogs 🙂 thank you for reposting them. i wanted to go back to read old blogs… this makes it easier for us. THANK YOU!!!

  31. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone. I know you are all thinking of Lynn right now as her service is probably finishing. Thank you NMD, BB, Lulu for your hard work and great recaps. I loved reading the blogs of her trips. She was so thrilled to be in New York with WSL. You could feel her excitment in her writing. Lynn meeting Bethenny was so special. I believe the turning point for Lynn’s blog is when Bethenny recognized her as the IHJZ blogger. Seems like yesterday it all began with us not getting our comments posted on Bravo and we all landed here.

  32. SoutheastVA says:

    Hi everyone. I just popped in to say that my thoughts are with Lynn’s family today. I’m still in shock. I’ve resolved to get a full check up and really start taking care of myself.

  33. TrashyT says:

    A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who is keeping the blog going. It has been such a big part of my daily routine and I was afraid that it would end with Lynn’s passing. It is a true tribute to her that this group doesn’t want to fade away. It shows how much we have all enjoyed and appreciated Lynn’s work and the sense of community she created. Even those of us who rarely post. Missing you, Miss Lynn!

  34. Prince of Pizza says:

    Someone in the previous blog asked when Lynn had met Alex and Simon. Thinking back, I believe that it was right when Scary Island had aired, pre-Season 3 reunion time. Although Jill, LuAnn and Kelly were awful, something about that time (and the banding together of Bethenny, Ramona and Alex, plus Sonja) really popularized the Housewives. It’s when I first found that site.

    In a lot of ways, I kind of look to that early Summer 2010 time (right when Lynn’s site really got popular) as the “glory years” of HW’s…anyone else?

  35. BB says:

    Hey, to show y’all where my head is at today, I just took a shower and shampooed my hair with calming body wash instead of shampoo. I probably shouldn’t drive or operate any heavy machinery for a while.

  36. For me, the good years were when Bethenny was on RHONY. Now I watch RHONY and sometimes it’s good – Carole has made it so much better IMO, so let’s see what happens. RHONJ has descended into some sort of Bravo Housewife h*ll that is awful to watch, but still I want to know who will survive this current season. No wonder nobody in my real life admits to watching these shows!

    When Bethenny starts up her talk show again, I’ll be there.

    • oopsies, that was a reply to Prince of Pizza!

      BB, I’m with you on that one, not going to do much today

    • Boobah says:

      Hey BlueSKY1 I couldnt agree more. The best yrs were definitely when Bethenny was a NY “housewife ” and before Ill’s lunacy began. I also agree about Carole. So far she offers relief from the nonsense. I havent read Carole’s book yet but its on my list.

    • california35 says:

      Im with you on NY – Ramona and Carol help a bit, but not much. all the hare tours Ramona just makes it annoying. will she reacts to the attacks or not, then if she does she is crazy and if she doesnt she is a coward.

      any ways – since B left i am not into NY. i am watching though for two reasons – 1 THIS BLOG and 2 because two wives got fired 🙂 ok 3 because there are new wives and wanted to see how that went.

  37. Hi All,

    I just want to say that despite the fact Lynn and I were not as close in the end, I am very thankful for everything she taught me and afforded me. Lynn gave me opportunities when I did not deserve them and despite the stress and and everything else she was under, she was always there. I am devastated that her young son is without his mother and that her family has lost her so soon; my prays go out to them. Love or hate her she was a trailblazer in this industry and forged the top place for all things reality television.

    Michael Mazzella

  38. Oh Lordie….what a tough day.

    Reading the comment that her daughter (perhaps Julia?) wrote on the photo made me burst into tears…and then INAL’s comments about going to the funeral home…I’m just in tears…

    It’s not right…it just isn’t…and there’s no way to make it right. That boy needs his mama…

  39. BB says:


  40. PrincessPindy says:

    I am going to come back later and read and check out links. I have to keep it together until after my daughters Dr. appt. So then I will come back and have a good cry. I miss you Lynn!
    In the words of SHR **Hugs Board Real Hard**

  41. MamaZ says:

    From the song Generous by Natalie Merchant one of my favorite artists. I have been singing it to myself all day for Lynn.

    I want to thank you for so many gifts you gave with love and tenderness, I want to thank you, I want to thank you for your generousity, the love and the honesty that you gave me, I want to thank and show my gratitude, my love and my respect for you, I want to thank you,I want to thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thankyou………

    If you’ve never heard it give it a listen today with Lynn in mind.

  42. Good Morning all, I saw this tweet from WSL.
    Contributions can b made 4 Bobby Hudson c/o SmithBarney 800 666 3966 The Blonkvist Team can explain all details of how 2 contribute

  43. OneMoreInBoston says:

    OneMore InBoston
    finally some small glimmer of something positive to find hope in:

    WSL set up the custodial account for Lynn’s son Bobby.
    The paperwork is all set- we’re just waiting for Lynn’s husband to sign as he is the legal guardian/parent.
    WSl was able to pull some strings and get some special perks for this account that would not be available to Bobby otherwise-which will be of a huge benefit if Lynn’s family wants to use any donations for a college fund.
    As the account is finalized, I will post the information here, on the other blogs set up in Lynn’s memory, the chat room Boston 02127 started and on Friend’s of Lynn’s FB page. NoMoreDrama will post it on Lynn’s personal FB page and WSL will use twitter to reach out to all of Lynn’s twitter supporters.
    I also have the emails that everyone posted on LynnNChicago and I will be contacting my bloggy friends that way as well.
    Please understand-No pressure to contribute- Lynn would not have wanted that, and some of us may want to honor her memory in another way.
    Sending all reading this peace and love in Lynn Hudson’s memory

  44. Ahh, so good to see Lynn’s voice again. She was so excited! Thanks to all who are continuing Lynn’s legacy. My heart is doubly heavy today. A dear neighbor, who helped me after my surgery, passed yesterday. She was nearly 90 & very spry. Fortunately, hospice & her family were there. It wasn’t such a shock as with Lynn’s family. Wishing everyone peace.

  45. KatLG says:

    Very late getting here today, sorry, such a sad day for all of Lynn’s family.
    Want to check in every day even if I don’t post because everyone here means so much to me.
    A greatful thanks to all that write the blogs.
    Will start reading now

  46. trudie says:

    Has anyone heard from Minkey?

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      I lit an old Chinese Lantern for Lynn – my beautiful chimes were blowing steadily in a very gentle breeze. The sun was shining. And I thought to myself, “Fair winds, calm seas, and gentle tides, dear Lynn.”

  47. I’m very happy to heat that WSL has organized a fund, hopefully it will bring some relief. WSL and I will be together tomorrow, it’s been a while, but so ironic it is happening at this time. Also, it was sad to hear Carly is ending her show.

    • PrincessPindy says:

      One comment was enough. Don’t need to hear anything else you have to say.
      You have exceeded your comment limit, just saying.

  48. LuvMyGals says:

    Hello friends.Our girl Lynn is at rest. How lucky we are to have been part of her life.

    Happy Birthday NoHausFrau! Love to all of you.

    • psol says:

      I agree LuvMyGals,
      How lucky we are to have been a part of her life and she a part of ours. I feel so blessed the day I followed her from the Bravo chats when she started this wonderful place.

  49. klmh says:


    What a lovely tribute to Lynn. I can only imagine the strength and time it took to write , but you made it look like your pen flew onto paper.

    Thank you.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      OMG- yes KLMH you are so right.

      I haven’t thanked you properly NoMoreDrama for everything you’ve done, Lynn would be so proud of you

  50. TMarsh101 says:

    Thank you NMD, BB, Lu Lu & Lady C for today’s blog and all that you have done the past few days. Im sorry if I’m forgetting anyone, as I’m multi-tasking on my phone while in a very boring meeting.
    I love reading these trips down memory lane especially since these posts and interviews were before my time (during the dark time before I found Lynn and you all ;)). Lynn really had a passion for all things in life. Ugh, watery eyes in conference room.

  51. Shiny says:

    How wonderful to read some of Lynn’s earlier columns and then to move forward to the synopses of new shows. The continuity made me cry, but it felt really right. A new normal for my days. Lynn had a bigger impact than she probably ever knew, and continuing the blog honors her and the entire group she attracted. Thank you all of you who write.

  52. lori says:

    Thank you to everyone who is contributing to the blog. One of the things I feel most guilty about Lynn is I didn’t thank her enough. I took for granted that her blog would up and waiting for me every day. I just wish I could go back in time and really take the time to tell her how much I appreciated her hard work.

    RIP Lynn and I pray that your family finds peace during this horrible time.

    • HI Lori, please don’t feel guilty. I had a hard time thinking about how Lynn was taken on her birthday until someone said something I facebook that made a big difference. That in a way, if she had to go it was a good day to be taken because on that day everyone who cared about her made her feel special. I cling to that thought and it gives me lots of comfort.

      • mardrag26 says:

        Rabble…that is a lovely sentiment. She left on the day when everyone was celebrating her and sending her warm and happy wishes. She got to hear and see all of that before she had to leave. That is amazing to think about. That had to have made her feel special and loved.

      • Delia says:

        That is so true and I only hope she saw the love on her birthday . I know she sees it now.

  53. Has anyone seen Justanothermary?

  54. mardrag26 says:

    Whew~finally had a moment to pop in this morning to say hello and add my best wishes to Lynn’s family….and wrap a hug around everyone on the blog today. I feel like we should all have been able to declare a holiday today and not have to do anything but be here and support each other!

    I see Lynn on her cloud with a laptop in front of her and the cord plugged into a heavenly outlet….a breeze rustles her hair as she types furiously away to get the blog done. She has lots of scoop about “The Real House Angels” and their bickering about how one of them did not show up for the other one’s Golden Gate Party. Apparently some wings were clipped in the flurry and now The Big Man is upset and is going to be doing some “heaven cleaning”. One of those angels will likely be feeling the heat as she is dismissed!

    My heat goes out to Lynn, her family, and all of you today.
    Sending so many Hugs and Blessings!

  55. dickens says:

    I love love love the picture of Lynn at Zarin Fabrics!
    I remember reading the NY trip blog with a big goofy smile on my face. What a fun time that was.
    Someone mentioned above how it’s a testament to Lynn that we’ve stayed together in her honor like this. There are a lot of other good bloggers out there but I can’t imagine this happening in the event of their passing.
    I’m so glad to be a part of such a top notch group.

    • LizzieLou says:

      That is one of my all time favorite pics. Makes me smile every time I see it.
      I just keep thinking, “she was only 49…” So sad.

  56. dickens says:

    Re last nights preview of St. Bart(h)s:
    Did anyone else notice Sonja making the stabbing motion with “eee eee eee” like Kelly did on Scary Island? Then Aviva says, “You can’t handle to truth!”

  57. Zoey says:

    On there are no reviews of Bitter Clown’s book yet (whoever gave her that name, I love it) since it doesn’t come out for 7 months, which seems a bit ridic. But- tags have been added at the bottom of the page which are amusing! None are too terribly mean, (yet) which I like, but they do describe how people see her.

    • NightLight95 says:

      Caroline a businesswoman? a street businesswoman? Which corner was she working? Caroline is not going to sell advice books after this season. She might of after the 1st season but she waited too long and her true self came through.

      • disgrazia4 says:

        Right. That ship sailed years ago. How to ruin your kids and make everyone miserable? That would sell as a memoir maybe.

    • dickens says:

      Thanks, Zoey. Those were funny. Not a single favorable one there.

    • Rebecca says:

      I added a couple, but I thought all of them fit her perfectly.

    • PrincessPindy says:

      LOL, I put Bitter Clown there yesterday and said it on the blog and now there are 12, if more people tag it it will be #1 tag for her book , hint, hint!

      • Zoey says:

        That one cracks me up! Right now it’s ‘Calls her daughter an a**hole on tv’ in the lead, ‘Bitter Clown” coming in second, and ‘Hypocrite’ pulling up the rear in third place!
        They are all amusing. I added ‘fiction’, haha.

      • lizzle says:

        PP… I just tagged “bitter clown”… and VV… that is hilarious that you started that! It is tied for first place on the Amazon tags…LOL

    • BB says:

      It seems early to be previewing a book and taking early orders (7 months). Perhaps the reason they are doing it is because the RHONJ is on tv right now and people might be more inclined to order now. If she doesn’t come back for another season (which rumor has it she isn’t) then her book might not sell so well in March 2013 when it actually comes out. Just a thought. Either way, I’m not buying.

    • VV says:

      Zoey, everybody was calling her a Clown…one night on an episode she po’d me so bad…that I typed in disgust…. She’s a Bitter Clown …. and have been using it ever since…

      I will I could take credit for “The Manifesto”… but that one is not mine…

  58. AZGirl says:

    Ramona’s Blog is up and she mentions Lynn. Very nice.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      So sweet of her to do that! She really is good-hearted.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Lynn always wrote that about Ramona. She would say.. Ramona may do this and that and say the wrong thing sometiems, ..”.but, she has a good heart.”

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Ramona’s words made me cry. She didn’t have to do that and I really admire her for pausing to acknowledge Lynn’s death and to speak so well of Lynn’s talents and her life.

    • PrincessPindy says:

      That gave me chills, and tears… That was so nice.
      And the title of her blog.

  59. Boobah says:

    NoMoreDrama, BB, Boston, and everyone that helped get this site up & running –
    I have been meaning to thank you for putting this all together so that we may have a place to to chat. Such a fantastic job. I was blown away at how quickly and thoughtfully this was done. Thank you. I think I needed a couple more days of denial before I was able to say thanks.

    This is a very touching tribute.

  60. eleven11 says:

    Holy Crap! I’m just coming off a busy weekend with no electronics and find that Lynn passed away unexpectedly. I can’t even begin to tell you how sad I am! I rarely ever posted ( maybe once or twice) but Lynn’s blog was the first one I read every day. She was eloquent and fair and this just seemed to be where I fit in. She covered such a wide variety of shows and she did it so well. Thank you so much for carrying on her in tradition – I know we are all so grateful! RiP Lynn – you will be missed by many

  61. nohausfrau says:

    Thank you everyone for taking the time, during this sad time, to wish me a happy birthday. It is appreciated. I took the day off and spent it with my best grrrrl Mishka.

    I loved reading those blogs that were before my time. Good times!

    Many thanks to those who are keeping the community together.

    BB ITA with your recap of NYC. Great job!

  62. AZGirl says:

    Manifesto is UP! Five pages long. For heavens sake.

  63. PrincessPindy says:

    OK, Back from the Dr’s appt with my daughter and they went up her nose into her throat right there, no waiting 3 or 4 weeks for an another appt. The good news, her nose and throat look good. A CAT scan was ordered of her head so we will wait 3 days for the call and see how long that will take.. So, the good news is that her lungs are good, her throat and nose are clear no growths ,. So that relieves a lot of my anxiety. So we will see what happens with the cat scan. She is still coughing but I have to look at the good news!! She is still in a lot of pain. We did discover the other day that she has abs of steel from all the coughing. So really nothing has changed but we have ruled out her throat and nose. Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers. Now, I am going to change into something really comfy, read, cry and be grateful for all I have, which includes all of you!!

  64. Winston says:

    Thank you for a beautiful blog and a way to remember Lynn today. I can’t express enough how much it helps to have a place to come to where we can remember our friend Lynn and share in our grief and continue our camaraderie. I always knew this was a special group of people but now more than ever it shines thru. Lynn would be so proud.
    Love to you all.

  65. melthehound says:

    Blasts From The Past

    Seeing these ‘old’ blogs and suggestions the other night about archiving Lynn’s old work, even from the IHJZ days, I went looking for something. It was my one and only swansong from the blog (there won’t be another, I’ll just leave), when I told you all who I was. I said the other day that Lynn as well as all of you welcomed me to this ‘hate’ blog, and if anyone needs proof to the contrary of that term, not only is it here for Lynn, but has always been here for everybody else. Agree or disagree, we’ve all been in this together and it’s been a fun ride. One that, I hope continues to continue. So I give you,

    Thanks for all the fun my friends.

  66. lillybee says:

    roaming around the net I happened to find this. Copy and paste. I didn’t want to link to another blog

    • LaineyLainey says:

      yes, there’s a book out about this psychology – – -I’m probably the clown. Not the bitter clown, mind you. I thought there was a “reporter’ or “scout bee” too.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        That was a good article. I can’t wait until she finishes it. She stopped on “The Clown.” I want to read that book.

        I’m either the Clown (don’t know for sure because I haven’t read the description yet. I do know that I like to have a good time and to laugh) or the Scapegoat. I have found myself to be the Scapegoat around a group of women once in college and once in my 30’s. The difference is that I did not give a damn what “the Queen Bee” of those groups thought (unlike the description of the Scapegoat in that article). I think not giving a damn and being a bit of a lone wolf (which I can be at times) can be threatening to Queen Bees (shrug).

  67. JustDee says:

    So…..I was reading the comments and saw something that made me angry. Not wanting to say anything and disrespect Lynn (on this of all days) I left.

    I went over to Lynn’s Blog to see what’s been posted since last time I looked.
    I just can’t wrap my head around people who would go to someones page that JUST DIeD to write ugly things! At least this one waited until she was buried.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      There are a lot of sick people in the world, Dee – I just try not to give them the attention that they seem to crave.

  68. VV says:

    The Manifesto Is Up!!! The Manifesto Is Up!!!

  69. VV says:

    OMIB’s comment on Ramona’s blog at Bravo got posted!

    • VV says:

      …and her comment on Carole’s got posted too!

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Go on OMIB.You and PVS are hitting it out of the park. Lynn’s blog is Bravo’s own focus Group. I was not looking forward to having to go back to reading the blogs. I told Lynn her take on the blogs was good stuff & looked forward to them & for taking the hit for us. Memory lane has helped alot today. Thank you all who are working so hard. Lynn’s pic infront of ZFabric, classic! Lynn’s smile makes me believe she was thinking “she is going to plotz when she sees this.” Hadn’t seen that pic in a while & I laughed like it was the first time I saw it. Lisa

  70. Lady Chatterley says:

    Can I just share something a little insane that I just did? The Lord C came home a little early today, I was just about done making dinner, he made himself a plate and started eating. I made myself a small plate (I don’t eat a big dinner) and sat down to the computer and after a few minutes, I realized that I’d been developing a headache all day and should take something (we’re going to our weekly dance lesson in a little bit). So, I realized that the Lord C wasn’t around and thought maybe he’d gone upstairs to change for our lesson and thought I’d ask him to bring down some Advil for me. Rather than yell up the stairs, I pulled out my cell phone and called his cell number.

    It rang about 5 times and I was about to hang up, when he answers it with a puzzled, “Helloooo?” I chuckled and said, “Where are you, Honey?” He said, “On the toilet.” And I laughed – like the kind of laugh where you can’t speak for a minute or so. I don’t know why he answered the phone. What made it even funnier was that he was in the bathroom on the main floor – about 10 feet away from me. He asked me what I needed – I told him it wasn’t important, to go back to concentrating on his business and I’d take care of it myself.

    He’s a pretty good egg, but there are times when he should just let Voicemail pick up. I’d understand.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Hahahahah Thanks for the laugh Lady!!!! “On the toilet”…..hahahahahah

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hahahahah Marriage, there are certain truths we all share. Our husbands will never ignore our phone calls under any circumstance. Thats why they are keepers lol! I text my husband & kid from inside our home all the time. You would think we lived in a 12,000 sq ft home. Lisa

    • Kansas Girl says:

      That’s wonderful. And he IS a good egg.

      Isn’t it good to laugh like that now and then? Particularly right now. I got that tickled last night in the chat room. Something just set me off and tears were rolling from laughter. So good to laugh.

      (((Lady C)))

    • melthehound says:

      😆 My toilet seat has a phone switch on it. Sit down, the phone rings. I ignore it.

    • PrincessPindy says:

      That gave me a re3ally good belly laugh!!!

    • klmh says:

      HAHA, I loved that. Tx for sharing!

  71. Eastbayca says:

    Alex’s Rumor fix blog is up she acknowledges the lose of Lynn.

  72. LuvMyGals says:

    Jacquelyn Laurita is so limited and needy. And after reading this week’s manifesto it is clear that there are cultural divides we’ll never cross in order to understand (kind of like me and the Romneys). Jacquelyn states “we’ve all been there”, excusing why she had the need to laugh her ass off while her bonehead relatives were desecrating someone’s property. NO, JACQUELYN! We have NOT all been there. We are not morons. We don’t run with the losers you do. And your husband is a fool if he thinks he is going to regarded as a respectable businessman if he allows that to happen.I’m not a “millionaire business exec” but I do know that this is not how you build a reputation.
    Kathy’s insult is insulting to Jac also. Oh boo hoo. News flash: Kathy is dismissed and placed in the background because that is where she places herself! How many times do we have to see Kathy shrug her little shoulder, roll her eyes, and say “I don’t know.” “We’ll see.” Kathy is a passive nothing (oh excuse me, is that the “traditional” good wife?) She brings nothing to the table – until the end, (her dessert.) She didn’t bring dessert any of those nights, I guess.
    Jac makes so many excuses for her eternal self pity party, the endless hurt feelings she has. Does she think Teresa should be wearing a WWJ(Jac)D bracelet? My lord, go get a life. Volunteer with children who have no legs!
    Can’t stand this whole NJ bunch. I’m going to watch just to be sure they fight one another to the end. I hope they’re all cancelled.

    • melthehound says:

      Who is the “we” that Jac refers to? I find it amusing when people excuse their own behavior by saying everyone does the same thing or something similar. I know the only WE I can speak for is me, myself, and I. Well, maybe the hound too but even he gives me this ‘what’s this WE shit?’ look 😀

      • LuvMyGals says:

        This bunch operates on such a weird mob mentality – total lack of understanding that all people have their own perspectives, their own thoughts, and reactions. (Oh no, you’re not allowed.) Even the hound gets it!

      • trudie says:

        I didn’t buy the “we” excuse from my kids, and I don’t from Jaq either.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Luv – I love your volunteer suggestion for Jac.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Jac definitely needs something PRODUCTIVE (not tweeting; not gossiping; not drinking — productive!) to do. I think volunteering is an excellent suggestion.

      That way she can get outside of her own self-absorption and obsession with other people’s drama (thereby allowing her to avoid her OWN mess. If I was looking at a bankruptcy where my family might lose damned near everything, I would have neither the time nor energy to worry about what Teresa is doing. But my maturity level is way past that of a teenager — unlike Jac).

  73. PrincessPindy says:

    It’s so weird having the time on the blog be “my” time zone, I don’t have to do math anymore to figure out if anyone has posted recently….and as School Teacher Barbie says, “Math is hard.”

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Yeah, it’s equally weird having the time NOT be “my” time zone! I keep thinking wait-a-minute. 🙂

  74. Butters'Mom says:

    Lynn in front of Zarin’s is my fav picture of her. I probably won’t be commenting much but please know I will read every day. And love you all for keeping us together. As Lynn would say mwah

  75. JustDee says:

    I just got off the phone with my mom. I told her about Lynn (she’s in France) and she wanted me to express her sincere condolences to everyone.

    She usually reads the blog everyday but doesn’t comment. (I hope she doesn’t know my user name!) But she would say to me – “Did you see what Lynn In Chicago wrote today?”, and then we’d discuss 😆

  76. stellastars21 says:

    Not trying to take away from this day but I just had my neck procedure I was so eager to have to try to relieve the intense pain I had talked about before. I’ll let you guys know if it was helpful since you guys were so encouraging when I was complaining about the pain.
    I hope that in spite of the sadness of the day/situation everyone here can find a measure of happiness today. Take care everyone.


  77. PrincessPindy says:

    Rumor Fix has a picture of Lynn and Beth. on its site.

    • MamaZ says:

      Great pics. My favorite is Lynn with Gretchen. Gretchen has crazy eyes but Lynn looks beautiful.

  78. PrincessPindy says:

    And I now know what happens in the Chat Room when your premium trial expires. You get kicked out and they ask you to sign up.

    • KTinCT says:

      me too, Princess, I haven’t been “let in” since Sunday night 😦

    • LuvMyGals says:

      Thank go- Boston that we had somewhere to meet. That was a brilliant move on her part.Thanks again Boston!

      • KTinCT says:

        I’m very appreciative to Boston that we had a place to chat for a few days

      • lillybee says:

        Thank you, Boston

      • trudie says:

        I am amazed at everyone who moved so quickly to find places for us to congregate. I would be lost without you guys.

        • KTinCT says:

          me too, (((Trudie)))

        • LaineyLainey says:

          same here, Tru

        • Orson says:

          Or you can’t get back in if you leave it after your 3 days times out. I think an IRC chat would work if someone was websavvy enough to figure out how to set one up.

        • Lady Chatterley says:

          That chatroom was a lifesaver – really helped to have immediate contact w/everyone. And it facilitated the development of this site. Thanks SO much to Boston for her quick work on that!

          • Chicago Diane says:

            May I ask how that worked? I did not know about it- and was searching for an indication of what was happening – didn’t see anything on the site- did I miss it, or were those of you who have known each other so long able to find something else? I so admire that you are all acting as you should be- with love and support for Lynn and each other, as well as her family in a time like this , circliing back and forth over the blogs to connect with people and be aware of how to help, and move on as a group- extremely well done!

  79. I wanted to say to all of you loyal readers, commenters, and lurkers how sorry I am about Lynn’s recent passing. Lynn was so wonderful during the trying time of divorce in my life last year when I was losing sense of myself and worse, a sense of reality. She emailed me often to make sure I was okay and even though we had our disagreements, we made up in the end. Even though I never got to meet her, I am forever grateful to her just like you all are. I wish nothing but the best for Lynn’s family in this trying time and may God look after her beautiful soul for all of eternity.

  80. BB says:

    This is for a couple of the posters above. If you want to include your e-mail addresses on the general e-mail list, you can contact Kansas Girl at and she will add you to the list.

  81. Dixie says:

    I haven’t commented since I read of Lynn’s passing, mostly because I was too stunned. I want to thank her, and this blog family, for the creation of such a special blog. I started reading Lynn in the old Hub days. I was on maternity leave, had no idea how to take care of the precious gift we had been given, and a husband getting ready for a 14 month tour of Afghanistan. This blog was one of my calms in the storm ( the other was Our Heavenly Father). Throughout that time, when I was dealing with so much on my own, including a boss that wanted me gone, I knew that if it ever got to be too much, no matter what time of day or night, I could send an SOS comment and someone here would give me encouragement. Although I never had send a SOS comment, just knowing there was support here helped me feel not alone or overwhelmed.

    Thank you Lynn for your creation, and thank you to everyone for wanting to continue this special blog.

    • BB says:

      Aww Dixie, thank you for sharing that. .

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      So sweet, Dixie. It’s so cool knowing how many people came to rely on Lynn’s blog for the camaraderie and support that she and the group offered. I’m delighted that we can all still gather here and I know that Lynn would be so proud to know that we are carrying on.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      ((((((( Dixie )))))))

  82. Contessa says:

    I’ve been looking around the net and did go and read Ramona’s blog where she mentions Lynn – very nice and classy.

    I then went and read Vulture NY recap of NY HW’s and the following quote really cracked me up and perhaps some laughter is needed tonight: “Do women really need to see their friends’ buttocks get all “Claire Danes in Homeland’ed” in order to bond? Oh, and Sonja, if that TRULY made you horny, you might want to reconsider giving George a call. Perhaps you two weird perverts have more in common than you originally thought.” That was pretty appropo considering Sonja and Ramona get into this sex talking thing.

    Manifesto – can’t get through it, it is the same old, same old, same old, Tre, Hurt, Tre, Hurt, blah blah blah. Is Jaq’s brain so saturated in alcohol that she doesn’t get it. At this point she should just pull all her blogs and make it easy on herself by doing cut and paste. I still don’t get why she is angry – is it because Don Caro told her to be angry? As someone mentioned upthread this woman needs a hobby, or to do volunteer work, or maybe work at cacaface and help Lauren out at the caca makeup bar. At least she would draw some customers in, those that might still like her. She has lost a lot of ground with me starting with last season, when she started throwing shade at Tre for no reason.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I would get in my car in TX and drive to Jersey to see a sober Jac working at the Cacaface counter. I can pick people up on the way up! Let me know! I’ll rent an RV with a real oven so we can bake cookie-gate cookies, we’ll fill the cooler with Pinot and/or Fabellini while blasting “money can’t buy you class.” I could pull over if so someone gets the urge to make whoopie if we spot a vineyard along the way. If I find that you bring BLK water, you’re out. I will put you to the side of the road and call you an asshole.

  83. JustDee says:

    For my chatzy friends – here’s the story I was trying to tell last night but failed at miserably. I have no idea WHY I was telling it, lol.

    Maybe just to make y’all laugh. That’s my reason now anyway 😀

    Mike and I moved from Louisiana to Arkansas a year before hurricane Katrina. We moved to a house back in the woods down a ½ mile driveway. Late one afternoon about a month after the hurricane we’re sitting in the LR, Mike is wearing these navy blue silk long johns that I HATD because they were full of runs and holes. He wouldn’t throw them away! Also, no shirt and he hadn’t shaved in about 3 days (my limit).

    I hear a car drive up and go out to see who it is. (cause I’m the one who’s dressed) It’s an entire van full of Church People and they’re there to “help” us! They say they heard we’re from Louisiana and must b Katrina victims and they want to Help Us! I tell them we’ve been living here a year and are NOT refugees. They INSIST, I deny, and we kept going round and round.

    Well, out comes Mike, looking like guess what? A refugee! Picture it…..unshaven, wearing no shirt, old blue long johns full of holes and runs and he’d thrown on his green High School shorts over them!

    OMG! I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life! I wanted to crawl under a rock!

  84. disgrazia4 says:

    I dedicated this song to Bobby, Lynn’s son, at the FB group page. Please enjoy it. Good night. ❤

    • klmh says:

      One of the best songs ever. I love IZ, and he passed too early.
      We played this song the way to my mother’s funeral in the limo. It was also played at my beloved little sisters funeral. One of the first songs I ever heard from IZ in 2002, when my great friend passed. Many memories from this one song…
      Thanks for posting.

  85. AZGirl says:

    Like many of you I have gotten so much grief from my husband and son’s about blogging on a Housewife/Bravo blog. Even though I explained to them how special it was they would constantly tease me about “Oh…what did a housewife do now?” Forget about me watching and posting on the chat posts. They thought I was cray cray as Kelly. (this is coming from men who not only play golf but watch it on tv and I am the crazy one)

    Last Thursday when I got the news about Lynn I was so upset. I was at the office. Mr. AZGirl and I have been really swamp at the office and under a lot of stress. I kinda kept it to myself until the end of the workday. I told him that Lynn had passed away on her birthday at 49 from a heart attack. He stopped and looked at me and sincerely said “I am so sorry” “how sad for her family”

    Trust me….Lynn touched more people then she will ever know.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      That’s so sweet, AZGirl.

      You know, my husband wasn’t really getting it. I told a story about it here a couple of days ago. That evening, he borrowed my laptop to check some baseball scores and read my story about how he’d been less than supportive. He felt terrible and he’s been very sweet ever since. He’s a pretty good guy – I’m going to definitely hang on to that guy. 🙂

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        That’s nice.

        From now on, whenever you want him to do something or whenever you want to make him straighten up, write something about him in this blog and leave your laptop in a place where he accidentally has to see it (Whatever works! We’ve got to keep this momentum going, Lady C!).

      • KTinCT says:

        My hubs was being less than supportive until tonight, I handed him my iPad with the streaming comments….. He was in awe and was so happy that I had all of you to depend on….. He could not grasp the concept that although we do not know each other in real life, we do “know each other” ….. He apologized to me and offered his support…. I truly appreciate you all and am so thankful that we have this forum to continue what Lynn created! I truly appreciate you all….

    • Nancy says:

      Hi AZGirl,
      George gave me a big hug after I told him. The next day however he told me that this was his biggest nightmare as he has to keep me entertained now. I slapped him.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Awww….he sounds like a keeper.

  86. not THAT Jill says:

    Thank you all for the wonderful blogs-you are all amazing in your efforts to keep things going.
    Lulu-great job on Gallery Girls-I liked the blog better than the show!!! Great first blog!!!
    Hope everyone held their own today-I know it was a rough one for all-keeping together here has made things much easier to deal with. Thank you all for being so supportive to me and to one another. Peace to all.

  87. Nancy says:

    Casey Anthony is off probation. I sure hope she’s not coming to California.

  88. Zoey says:

    I may have missed it, but I haven’t seen WSL here. Just wondering if anyone knows how she’s doing?

  89. BB says:

    Good night all my lynnfam. I’ll see y’all tomorrow the Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise.

  90. Zoey says:

    Is it opposite day and no one told me? Maybe I shouldn’t say this…but I just read many of the comments over on Reality Tea, and tons of people are singing the praises of NY Heather!!!
    What the ???
    Ok, I know people have different opinions, and I respect that…usually, but not this time, lol! That’s just cuckoo for cocoa puffs! Truly no offense to anyone here that likes her. I just could not believe how MANY people think she is fab. A few of them even like Luann! I had to get out of there and get back over here, haha!

  91. Lady Chatterley says:

    OK Guys, checking out – stay out of the moderation pond, K?

  92. klmh says:

    Could someone explain why, when I write a post here, it says the website is from a blog from the prarie?

    • kidsrfunny says:

      I just replied and I didn’t see that message. Sorry I can’t help. I have visited that site recently.

      • melthehound says:

        Her name is hyperlinked to that whatever it is.

        • klmh says:

          Tx. but its there when I reply to you as well… or are you hyperlinked to her blog from the prairie but spelled prarie??

      • klmh says:

        I didn’t know Q was writing a blog again because she was afraid because she was getting negative feedback, or something like that. She had insulated herself somewhere and I haven’t read her in a long time. I just thought it was interesting that Im reading Lynn’s site and that Q’s site came out of left field. I must ask Zoey, since that’s who I had responded to. Thanks for trying to help though.

    • melthehound says:

      Just clear that field and it won’t say that anymore.

  93. Pghemtchick says:

    Thank you for posting Lynn’s blogs and continuing this blog, NoMore. Thanks BB and Lulu for the blogs. I really hate crying, and the blog made me do it again today. I pray Lynn’s family is finding comfort in this tragic time, and Lynn is resting in eternal peace.

    It seems so silly to comment on housewives right now to me, but of course I’m going to. I know I’m late to the NY game, but have I said I don’t like Aviva? If you go on the charity page, this is one of like three fundraising events she had as she’s only mentions since like September of last year. I get the spin class to show amputees can do anything; however, knowing food/wine/photos bring out her cast mates and others why not have a party? I hate to say it, but Zarin’s arthritis charity event was more successful. I know it’s not easy to organize, but if my friends and I did it in college she can. Heck, we ran a 2 day radio station lock-in and battle of the bands and raised over $3500 from college kids for JDRF… If we could get that from poor college kids, what could she get from socialites? Maybe a 5k run/walk like they have for breast cancer would have even brought in a larger crowd equaling more awareness/donations. Anyways, I feel she’s the coddled princess. If you don’t kiss her ass and do what she wants, you’re scum on her shoes.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Yes, she seems to think that the way to get buy-in to her events is to throttle the ladies. I’m sorry to see Aviva going down this path – clearly, the other HWs aren’t going to allow themselves to be bullied.

  94. Nancy says:

    Good night ladies. RIP Lynn Hudson

  95. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    I was just over on the RHONJ thread on Lipstick Alley. They evidently have a chat while the show is airing like we do. Here’s one comment that made me giggle:

    “Caroline, nobody freaking cares about NOT having your friendship, Honey. With your ole Ronald McDonald clown lookin’ ass!

    I mean, this trick really think she is the queen ‘Heather’!”


  96. Exit4 says:

    Hello friends.

  97. Exit4 says:


    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hi, Exit.

      I can’t sleep.

      • Catnip0715 says:


        Professional insomniac here. JZ will be on HSN peddlin’ her girdles in an hour and TMZ has Prince Harry in the buff. That’s all I got!!! Hope you can sleep soon.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          This made me chuckle!! Watching JZ would give me nightmares when I finally got to sleep. Prince Harry seems like he’d be a lotta fun. I might check that out. Worse comes to worst, I’ll try to watch “J. Edgar” on HBO for the 4th time. I can’t seem to watch that movie all the way through for some reason. I like Leonardo DiCaprio. So, I don’t get it (shrug).

          • Catnip0715 says:

            Oh girl you have got to click on TMZ and just take a peek at those pics.. Granny ain’t gonna be happy!

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Good Lord! Wow!’

              They will have his butt back at Buckingham Palace in no time flat. Then, they’ll send him off on some military mission until the talk dies down.

              Harry did always seem like loads more fun than William. This proves it.

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Hoover’s mom sounds like something else. And too bad gays weren’t accepted since the times of Socrates. Would have made a whole lot of lives better.

      • Exit4 says:

        I have a little one who needed some attention! I’m at the shore so I’ve been catching stuff here and there. Wow. What a week. Life is fleeting isn’t it?

      • Exit4 says:

        My posts keep disappearing.

        • Exit4 says:

          Until now! I guess there’s a delay in the new spot. Looks like I’ll be up since number 2 hears number 1 and has determined they are missing the fun! Ugh.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            You were probably in moderation, Exit. I’m not quite sure how it works, but I think you go in moderation for a little while over here if it is your first time posting. Once you get out of the moderation pond, you can comment away.

            I think that’s how it’s supposed to work anyway.

          • Lady Chatterley says:

            Welcome back, Exit! We’ve missed you here – you should be okay now, no more moderation.

  98. PrincessPindy says:

    Jill is on HSN right now. That voice!

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