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New Update

I’ve heard from Lynn’s sister Cathy, and she wants to let everyone know how thankful the family is for the support and kind words on the blog.  They are reading, and really appreciate the outpouring of love for Lynn.

More on the account soon…



From OneMoreInBoston

finally some small glimmer of something positive to find hope in:

WSL set up the custodial account for Lynn’s son Bobby.

The paperwork is all set- we’re just waiting for Lynn’s husband to sign as he is the legal guardian/parent.

WSl was able to pull some strings and get some special perks for this account that would not be available to Bobby otherwise-which will be of a huge benefit if Lynn’s family wants to use any donations for a college fund.

As the account is finalized, I will post the information here, on the other blogs set up in Lynn’s memory, the chat room Boston 02127 started and on Friend’s of Lynn’s FB page. NoMoreDrama will post it and WSL will use twitter to reach out to all of Lynn’s twitter supporters.

I also have the emails that everyone posted on LynnNChicago and I will be contacting my bloggy friends that way as well.

Please understand-No pressure to contribute- Lynn would not have wanted that, and some of us may want to honor her memory in another way.

Sending all reading this peace and love in Lynn Hudson’s memory

(Note from NMD – please watch the comments for updated information from OMIB)    (((((Lynnfam))))))


NY Blog Mentions

Lynn made no secret that she really liked new NY housewife Carole Radziwill.  Turns out Carole had already connected with Lynn on twitter – and Carole wrote the following in her latest blog.

Carole Radziwill

August 20 2012 Carole Radziwill
“So we’re in the home stretch and I feel like a mudder on a dry track. I knew this would happen. We’re in our third month of the show and I’m starting to think I’m the only one in on the jokes. Which might mean there never were any jokes, or maybe it means all the jokes are on me. Or it might just be that I’m shopworn and weary. The long dog days of summer are getting to me. I need to go to St. Barths. I need a vacation. Is everyone on vacation? Write to me about your vacation plans. A blogger and passionate Housewife fan, @LynnNchicago, tweeted on what turned out to be the last day of her life “A vacation? I wish, I need one.” You always think there will be time and then there’s not. RIP Lynn Hudson.”

Ramona Singer

Ramona and Lynn met at least once. I believe the meeting took place when Ramona was in Chicago for an event – but I don’t remember Lynn ever shared the encounter with us on the blog.  Ramona also mentioned Lynn in her latest Bravo blog:

August 21, 2012
Ramona Singer – Life Happens
Ramona explains why she missed Aviva’s event and mourns the loss of a fan.

“In closing, I wanted to touch on the sudden and tragic passing of Lynn Hudson. Lynn had come from very little and was able to develop a name for herself by writing a popular television blog. While sometimes controversial, Lynn worked hard and was filled with passion. I was fortunate enough to meet Lynn and was always quite charmed by her. She was a hardworking writer, dedicated mother and passionate Housewives fan. RIP Lynn.”

Many of us remember that Ramona had mentioned Lynn just over a year ago in one of her blog posts.

June 26, 2011 – Ramona’s Bravo Blog

“Bobby had a heated discussion with Simon about a blog at the party. Simon has no involvement with it whatsoever. I find the author of that blog to be very amusing and dead on in her critiques. Why is Jill always pointing fingers?”


We have a big line up of blogs today from BB, Ramonacoaster, Michigan Susan, LoveMamaEarth. and RabbleRouser

Thank you everyone!


Love Broker “Pele & Brendan: Growing up for Love” by BB

Lori meets with Pele, who is 25.  He was born in the U.S. and grew up part time in South Africa.  He loves music and he works for a division of Sony.  He’s looking for a woman who loves to travel.   He doesn’t want to be bored.  Lori says he must be dating girls instead of women. He thinks a girl is someone who watches Jersey Shore and a woman would be watching Wolf Blitzer.  Lori thinks TV viewing habits is not a mature way to judge a woman.

He thinks his trouble is that women fall for him faster than he falls for them.  Lori explains that women attached immediately.  She tells him he does the quick check in and the quick check out.  He’s emotionally immature even though he’s intellectually mature.  Pele doesn’t agree with her assessment.

They go to the park to check out what he may be physically looking for in a girl.  She wants to see visually what he may be looking for.  Pele tells Lori he thinks he’s been in love and he uses an example of milkshake flavors (Lori rolls eyes).  She wants him to be super specific about the girls they are seeing.  He likes a pretty face.  He doesn’t mind watching one girl walk away.  Lori makes Pele more comfortable about telling her what he’s looking for.  He wants someone who looks athletic but has that wow factor and who doesn’t look too young.

Lori goes back to the office and tells her staff about Pele and who they need to be looking for him.  They pick out two potential dates for Pele, Chante and Amy.  Lori wants to have a one-on-one with each of them.

Remember Brendan, the comedian who kept throwing himself against the gong at the bowling alley?  Well, he’s back for a second try.  Lori wants to give him pointers for his next date so it doesn’t end up as a “just friends” date like his last one.  Lori has a couple of women in mind that love a man with a sense of humor.  Lori tells him he HAS to curb it on the jokes while he is constantly throwing out the one-liners at her.  Lori thinks wow, it’s going to take a long time for Brendan to change.  Hopefully she can find someone who can put up with his constant joking.

Lori meets with Amy, a potential date for Pele.  She describes her past dating experiences.  She tells Lori she has let things go on longer than they should with men who won’t commit, in one instance for three years.  Lori doesn’t think Amy has a strong enough backbone for Pele.  He will walk all over her.  She will find someone else for Amy.

Chante is 26 and an inactive flight attendant.  She’s pursuing a degree in the culinary arts.  Chante has a beautiful English accent.  She’s active and would love to travel.  She takes her time and doesn’t fall in love fast.  Lori thinks Chante is the type of woman Pele may not think he wants, but the kind Lori thinks he needs.

Lori holds a pre-date coaching meeting with three of the database girls.  Amanda the stylist will be working with Justine, Tiffany, and Amy, who need a little coaching on their wardrobe choices.  Tiffany shows up in a mumu and Amanda immediately picks out a wrap dress for her.  It’s a big improvement.  The outfit Amy shows up in is a little drab and makes her look flat-chested.  Amanda finds her a dress that enhances her bust line.   Justine has fabulous breasts and the outfit she’s wearing is OK, but not for a potential first date.  Amanda picks out a dress for her that Justine loves.  Amanda says if you dress for the job you want, not the one you have, then you should dress for the guy you want.  Step it up a notch.

What a difference Lori is from Patty Stanger on Millionaire Matchmaker.  She can give both the men and women good advice on their looks and actions without totally insulting and humiliating them.  What a breath of fresh air.  I cannot understand why Love Broker is not being renewed and Patti Stanger is still hanging around.

Lori calls Pele and tells him about Chante.  They will be going on a boat ride and he is to meet Chante at the ticket counter.  Lori is afraid Pele is not going to like one minor thing and it will spoil the whole date.  Pele thinks Chante is really pretty when she shows up.  She tells Pele she’s been to Johannesburg, South Africa before.  Once they are on the boat, she asks Pele about traveling.  He tells her where he’s been, especially many parts of Africa.  She tells him about going to culinary school and he tells her he will gladly be her guinea pig for her cooking anytime.  He goes to get her a drink and Chante seems to be happy so far.

Pele and Chante discuss what they are looking for and discover they are both homebodies.  She writes short stories and she wants to know what kind of girls he likes.  He says he likes athletic girls and he talks about the girls he’s dated recently having big breasts.  Chante doesn’t have a large chest and what Pele has said is a little off-putting, but she’s not worried about it because she’s comfortable with her body.  They talk about the kind of movies they like.  She likes horror movies and he doesn’t.  She talks about the story she’s working on and tells him it’s dark.  She also paints as a hobby.  Then she asks Pele if he likes pets.  He kind of doesn’t.  Chante is a pet lover and has a dog and a cat.  He probably wouldn’t mind someone having a turtle or something, but doesn’t like cats or dogs.  That would probably do it for me and that date would be over pretty fast.  At this point Pele is undecided.  The boat lands and they have kind of an awkward ending to the date.

Brendan is a problem client.  Lori wants to set him up with Justine and Jenn disagrees because her personality is so over the top.  Lori thinks she might find his humor endearing.  On this date, Brendan doesn’t want to be perceived as the funny guy.  He tells Justine he likes her dress.  He asks her if she likes his vest and tells her he’s trying to be a singer in a barbershop quartet.  Brendan spills a drink on Justine’s leg.  She tells him “minus ten.”  Brendan thinks he may be acting a little too goofy in trying to break the ice.  Justine tells Brendan she’s 25 and he tells her she looks a little older.  Not good, Brendan.  Brendan tells her he bought a scooter and she tells him she would love to ride on it.

Justine tells him they’ve been talking about him for too long and rule number 1 is to ask the girl about herself.  She tells him what she does for a living and he wants to go back to talking about himself.  Justine really appreciates that he is sarcastic because she is sarcastic too. They go against each other very nicely.  Brendan thinks they have similar personalities and she agrees.  They decide to get some bread and go feed some ducks.  They feed the ducks even though there is a sign for them not to feed wildlife.  They throw some bread out on the pond and the ducks come swimming over.

Justine invites herself to one of Brendan’s shows and asks him if that’s too forward and he says no.  Brendan tells her he would like to take her out again and they decide to ride around on his scooter.  They give props to Lori.  Brendan wants to end it on a kiss and beats around the bush about it until finally he asks her if he can kiss her.  They share a few smooches, say awesome, and walk off into the sunset.

Lori meets Pele and he tells her it was an exciting date because of all the scenery and the date started off well.  He eventually wasn’t interested in the conversation.  He doesn’t like horror movies or dark short stories.  Lori explains that in life people can have different interests and can go to a movie they would both like.  It’s not like religion or something huge.  Lori thinks it would be so boring if they connected on every level.

Lori’s shocked that Pele doesn’t seem curious about what Chante thinks about him and that’s a sign of his immaturity.  Lori asks Pele if he wants to know if there’s something about himself that can be improved upon.  He finally tells her he wants to know what Chante thought of him.  Chante didn’t the like talk about cup sizes among other things.  Pele thinks Lori was a little tough on him, but he’s looking forward to working with her again.  Pele has a lot of growing up to do and he’s not really ready for real love – yet.

Brendan tells Lori his date went great and he was attracted to Justine.  He tells her they kissed and Lori would have liked it. Lori says, “What, the kiss itself or watching you kiss?”  Lori tells Brendan Justine wants to go out with him again and as their date went on, he became more and more Justine’s type.  Brendan is happy, Lori is happy and Justine is happy. I love a happy ending.


Newsroom: Blackout Part 2 Mock Debate by LoveMamaEarth

Backup generators should have come up immediately. The whole building is in blackout. Battery powered minimum lights come on. The light people are goingto have to walk up 25 flights of stairs. Is there a contingency? No back up. Mac says a miracle happens. They become a team again. Mac says they hate to bump the important stories for Hollywood stuff. Mac makes a dismissive comment about the wiener girl.

Mac thinks it’s a sign to go back to the hard news. Will complains. The crew make suggestions about power and moving it to a new site. They talkabout getting a couple of generators and incandescents. Mac says WG can do the interview live but she says no she’s going to do Fox. Will asks Nealwhy he knows that sunset is at 8:35. Mac is making speech that this is going to save… Then the lights come back on. Mac cusses that her miracle isn’t a go. Looks at Will and says Will should use “bombshell” more in the Casey Anthony story. Wiener girl Sandy is back in the queue. They start the show with clips of Casey Anthony trial.

Pan to Neal at his desk talking to Sloan about the troll club story. Sloan asks questions about what lies he’d say about her—about being a whore etc. Nealwants to do the story, it’s his first. Sloan agrees it will be a good story.

Pan to Mac and ex in the bar doing an interview. Brian reminds Mac who broke up with who and Mac says she was with Brian behind Will’s back. Theytalk about Brian being a lightweight journalist. Brian says Will feels less lonely being a journalist with many viewers. Mac agrees Will is lonely.

Mac and Will are in Will’s office talking about the mock debate and guests. Will says the mock debate is tomorrow and says get a guest who is promotable. Mac suddenly notices flowers in Will’s office and they have a silly argument about it.

Pan to the bull room ……..they’re talking about the debate topics then Mac brings up Anthony case. Will says if they blow the debate they’re stuck with Casey Anthony and Weiner stories. Maggie’s friend knows the Casey family. She’s reluctant to call her friend who has turned down other media for interviews. Will presses her. Mac says when you have her let me know so they can do the promos.Pan to the fashion store to talk to Maggie’s friend Lisa who knows Casey from a Spanish class in high school. Jim tries to get the customer to pickthat dress so she’ll leave now so they can talk to the Lisa. Lisa works on commission and the dress is $11,000. Jim is shocked. Maggie’s frienddoesn’t have insight into how the Casey murder happened and she can’t stand the people who think they can. Lisa and Jim argue about the interview andJim makes a good case from a friend’s pov. Lisa looks at Maggie and asks if they’re all counting on Maggie and Maggie nods. Lisa gives in for Maggie’ssake. Maggie promises Lisa won’t be asked anything she doesn’t know the answer to. They’ll meet her at the studio at 7 PM. Jim still wants that new first date and gets stonewalled. Lisa shoos him out and then looks sad and pensive. This shop is like a jewelry store where the customers have to be buzzed in and the stock is very sparse. The customers are served wine.

Don comes into Will’s office and the flowers Mac saw there had come for Don. From a woman apparently. Maggie didn’t see Jim sign for the flowers. Don and Will talk about Don cheating, Don says they’ve broken up a lot in the last year and a half and Maggie doesn’t know Don’s gone out with others. Will says remember when I didn’t care about the people I work with? Those were the days. Will chastises Don for lying either to Maggie or to lying to Jena. Will leaves the office.

Will is at Dr A’s office talking about family stuff and being more susceptible to betrayal like going out in the cold makes one susceptible to a cold. Will talks about Google searching fiber optics and finding Help Me Rhonda advice web page. Is cheating the woman’s fault? Dr A says you went to a relationship website for advice? Will asks is the writer to Rhonda and Will guilty for being cheated on?Dr A says Will is not part of the equation. Mac got dumped by Brian, rejected and when he called her and she went back to get unrejected, even though she was seeing Will and then realized she loved Will after all. Dr A says how emotions and humans are complex. Will says Mac has taken all of his abuse and why can’t he forgive her. ~~~ Dr A says “You weren’t rejected. You were betrayed.” That’s why Will can’t forgive Mac.

Will, Jim, Charlie, Mac are talking in Charlie’s office about Hanover’s psych records at NSA, testimony on some case, stalking his ex wife, etc doesn’t mean anything to Charlie yet. Maggie comes to Will and Mac about Lisa’s interview. Maggie talks in code because neither of them can suggest to a guest what to say and how they don’t care what Lisa says in the interview. Mac understands and says to get stats on missing kids and leave the notes for Mac in the makeup room where Lisa is getting ready for the pre-taping. Maggie hustles off.

Jim goes to the makeup room to talk to Lisa again. Lisa says Don’s a good guy, not in love with her and Maggie knows it. Jim is on deck with Jim but Jim says he’s been there for a year. Lisa says she’s no one’s second choice. Jim says ”Neither am I”. Maggie gives Lisa a piece of paper with info on it and Jim says she can have it in the interview. Lisa asks they won’t mind? No. Jim tries to talk but Lisa wants to study the paper Maggie gave her. Jim says you don’t have to say anything you don’t mean and leaves.

Will interviews Lisa. Did Lisa know Casey Anthony well? No and neither did anyone showing up on tv know her well. But you took classes with her? Yes. Did she ever lose her temper? Yes, and when she did we all said Oh my God, she’s going to kill her baby one day. Fair enough Will says. Lisa interrupts Will’s next words and gives the stats on missing children, 800,000 missing children last year. Olivia Garcia was one year old when she mysterious disappeared from her baby sitters house, but Garcia had brown skin so no one was interested. Same with Triumph Skinner, a 7 month old African American child who was rushed to the hospital with a crushed skull for some reason he’s not showing up on Nancy Grace at night. Where are you getting this information? Google. Jario Alexander died after being knocked unconscious by his mother’s boyfriend and scalded with boiling water after soiling his pants at dinner but Jario’s mother isn’t pretty so we don’t care. Will says I think you’re making a very good point. Lisa interrupts Will again I’d like to make one more. What if Casey Anthony had wanted an abortion? She told you that? No I have no idea, I haven’t spoken to her in years, I’m just asking. If people care so deeply about the plight of a microscopic piece of biology with no ability to experience physical or emotional suffering, care at all about a two yr old who was born to a mother who didn’t want the child and was unable to care for her? Maggie tells Will in his ear piece to help her out of this. Will says Lisa I just want to be clear here that you’re not saying that Casey’s only 2 options were abortion or murdering a toddler. Lisa answers “I’m saying that there’s an undiscussed, unappreciated cruelty in forcing a child to be born to a mother who doesn’t want the child and isn’t capable of raising the child. Will says OK let’s get back to what Casey was like in high school. They fade away from the scene to…

At Jim’s apartment, he’s asleep in bed and gets a phone call. He’s called to a spray ’baby killer’ painted doors and bricks thru windows. Lisa and Maggie are there. Jim asks how did they know where Lisa works? Lisa had her work place on her website, Maggie will get rid of the info online. Will shows up without Lonnie and talks to the store owner. Lisa says she’s sorry to Will that she knows he’s anti abortion. Will says he’s not pro throwing a brick through a window and tells Jim to get them out of there and asks Lisa if that’s her boss over there, the owner of the shop? Yes. Will is going to talk to her, it should have happened to him, he says, not to Lisa.

Will is with his tailor talking about pant legs being hard to put on. Then a friend, Adam Roth, comes in with his partner at the RNC, Tate Brady. Will is republican. Will gave Adam’s son a recommendation to college. Mac comes in to meet them. They laugh about the past, summer camp was the White House And Will was the 4th son Bush Sr never had. They talk about the ratings improving. Tate says good because they considered giving the debate to Nancy Grace. They laugh. Tate rattles off the format, everyone gets an opening statement, everyone gets at least 2 questions with 60 seconds to answer and it’s up to Will if he wants offer someone a rebuttal. Charlie says they had something different. Tate asks like what.

Will turns to Adam, remember how they talked for hours about the quality of debate. Will says now they’re in a position to do something about the quality. He takes them out to the mock debate panel. Questions have to be tougher, they have to be able to spare their campaign rhetoric with fact. They have to be stopped when they’re not answering the question. They have to be called out when their answers contradict the facts. Our job is to find the two candidates who will give the voters the best competing arguments and Will doesn’t believe they’re seeing that. The candidates on a witness stand. Baseball testify about steroids in front of a house subcommittee are subject to perjury, he doesn’t know why presidential candidates aren’t. But he’s not reaching for the stars.

They start the mock debate. Charlie introduces the debate details. Will explains the rules which there are no rules, he’ll ask the question until the person answers the question. They can each make an opening statement. Charlie says beginning with you Congressman Bachmann The person who plays ‘Michelle Bachmann’ starts talking vitae details. Tate asks if that’s supposed to be an imitation. No. Will explains these people have studied for two months stump speeches, interviews, on the record statements, previous debates to come as close as the real people would.

Will starts again. Senator Santorum, you’ve said your campaign is about freedom and that twenty years from now you don’t want to be telling your grandchildren that America used to be free. Name three freedoms you had the day before President Obama was sworn in that you don’t have now. “Santorum” says Obamacare to begin with. Obamacare is the most aggr… Will interrupts asking have you had to change doctors? “Santorum” says may I finish? Will says no sir. Have you had to change doctors? No. Has anyone in your family had to change drs, has there been any change at all in health care for you or your family? “Santorum” says I’m talking about Obamacare now. Will says my question was name three freedoms you had before Obama became president that you don’t have now.

Mr Speaker you have said that if you were elected, the price of gas would be $2.50 a gallon. How does the president control the price of oil?

Governor you’ve said that as President you will never apologize for America. This question is in two parts. Name an instance in which the President hasapologized for America and can you imagine an instance in which a US President should apologize for America.

Mr MacAvoy I find it reprehensible that the liberal media would try to pit republicans against one another and I for one won’t stand for it. Will says this is the Republican primary, Mr Speaker and you’re running for the nomination, it wasn’t my idea to pit you against anyone, it’s yours.

Congressman Paul, I’d like to discuss the newsletters you sold beginning in the 1990s. Paul says he’s already said everything he’s going to say, I never wrote those letters and I never read them. Will says they had your name on them, they had your signature, you made money from them. In 1996 you defended them to the Dallas Morning News.

Tate stops it angrily and takes Adam into Will’s office to talk. Will & crew are quiet as Wiil says I think they really liked it. Sarcastically or facetiously.

[This discussion is excellent. IMO the debates SHOULD be harder for all candidates and more real] Adam defends Will to Tate. Tate is mad at the “embarrassment” in the mock debate. Will joins them and argues with Tate. Adam is for Will’s debate plan. The wanted a serious discussion about serious candidates and campaign reform. Adam vouches for Will being Republican. Tate says no Will is trying to embarrass the party. Did they think the candidates would subject themselves to this? Adam says they should welcome it and they should welcome it because it would clear out the clown car and give us serious discussions and better candidates. Adam says I’ll remember that when you bitch about how the press never vetted Obama. Tate wants the old will McaVoy without McKenzie—Mac turned him into something Tate doesn’t like Will lights a cigarette and puffs smoke at Tate. Will tells Tate to get out. Compromising on the debate is a no go. Will’s not the only anchor at ACN. Tate offers it to Don and Don says eat me. He offers it to Sloan Sabbath and she says Eff you. Tate says he hates these guys and doesn’t know why Adam doesn’t and leaves saying he’ll meet Adam in the car.

Adam tells Will he’s sorry, he can’t be out of work with his son in college. Will understands, it was good to see him. Will says all those things we talked about, don’t let them push you around. [reminds me of the comment McCain gave Palin in Game Change before his concession speech] Adam says take it easy. Theme music starts subtly.

Will goes to the mock debate panel and says sorry we lost the debate. They break up with an hour to air. Brian tells Mac that Will will cave on the debate program, that mock debate was about Will being the star. He attacked… Mac interrupts saying Will didn’t attack anyone. Mac says the debates should be like that format so the voters know how to vote wisely. Brian argues with Mac and says Will doesn’t want her. Brian says he came back and Will didn’t. Mac says not yet. Brian says he wouldn’t have caved on Casey Anthony like Will did. Mac doesn’t believe it.

Mac says Will is never absolutely sure about anything and he struggles with things and is never certain about anything. He Struggles with things. Will stumbles out of his office trying to get his pants on as Mac says someone help him get his pants on. Mac tells Brian she doesn’t think it’s going to work out with Brian here and Brian says she doesn’t get to decide that. Mac goes to will to get Brian fired. Mac says it was stupid of Will to bring Brian in. Will wanted to punish Mac and to look better to Mac compared to Brian. Oh god Mac is yelling like a fool. [Aaron Sorkin what were you thinking having Mac be such an idiot every week and really Maggie is too stupid to see what’s going on?]

Will says throw out the run down. they’re going back to real news. Mac argues to keep the ratings to protect Will from being fired. Will tells Sloan to get ready for financial questions for a new news show on the debt ceiling, can she fill two segments on the topic? Yes. She runs off to prepare. Can Mac handle Brian for a little longer being there? Yes.

Sloan and Neal talk more about his troll efforts and what he’s done so far failed to impress them. Sloan says too bad it wasn’t you who made the death threat against Will and a lightbulb moment lights up Neal’s face. Sloan says be careful this is dangerous territory. Neal says yeah unconvinced.

Mac watches the people in the office talking and calls Jim over and asks whatever happened between him and Lisa. ‘GATHER ye rosebuds while ye may’* she quotes Robert Herrick. And gives Jim a meaningful look. Jim smiles and says he will. Mac quotes more and then tells Jim that they first need to get the news out. Jim nods and hustles off.

Pan to Maggie talking with Lisa in Maggie’s apt. Maggie encourages Lisa to date Jim. Jim comes by, like Maggie set it up. Lisa asks who comes at midnight? Don brings up the god question for Bachmann in the mock debate. Lisa greets Jim at the door and stops Jim from finishing his sentence and says Maggie talked her into going out on the new first date. Jim and Lisa kiss and leave. Maggie looks mixed feelings and stricken then smiles. Maggie talks to Don and pretends to be happy. Don says Jim came to see her, Maggie. Don admits the flowers were for him, Don and Jim signed for them so Maggie wouldn’t know or be hurt. Don says “I have to explain something.” [I’m tempted to leave out this silly McGuffin relationship stuff]

Pan to office with tv screen and the debate question to Bachmann was who her favorite music is.

Scanning the characters…Charlie is in his office going over callmelatefordinner Hanover’s papers. They’re still unsure if they can trust Hanover or if he’s Danrathering them.

Neal is on the computer at his apartment about the troll club. He types that he did the McaVoy death threat. Neal picks up the phone looking a little scared and dials.

Cut to Lonnie the body guard walking down a sidewalk getting a call and it sounds like Neal starting to explain his efforts to get into the troll club and claiming it was him who made the McaVoy death threat.

Maggie and Don are in bed and Don is gesturing and talking fast to a stonewalling Maggie. Will is on the Rhonda’s advice column page at his apt. Fade out to the music Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.

*[From Wiki: “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time” is a poem written by Robert Herrick in the 17th century. The poem is in the genre of carpe diem, Latin for seize the day. First published in 1648 in a volume of verse entitled Hesperides, it is perhaps one of the most famous poems to extol the notion of carpe diem. Carpe diem expresses a philosophy that recognizes the brevity of life and therefore the need to live for and in the moment. The phrase originates in Horace’s Ode 1.11.]

[The data I looked up on Lisa’s data above is true according to Google..]


RHONY – Cast Blogs by Ramonacoaster

The edited version

(Note from NoMoreDrama – remembering Lynn’s issues with wordpress in the past with copying full articles/blogs – we’re keeping these down to one-third of the original.)

LuAnn de Lesseps

In this week’s episode, it’s December in August, bikini shopping in winter, and a good workout for a great cause.

Boy, did Jacques and I pick the right time to leave Ramona’s party! 

Luann needs to protect her future income relationship with Jacques. Whisk him away!

Wow. . . .did things go downhill after we left. Ramona eavesdropping on Heather and Aviva’s conversation then yelling at Heather for having the conversation is vintage Ramona. To me, Heather was in the right and she was catching hell for defending Jacques and calling out the group on their immaturity. I say, “Well done Heather.”

Of course, you did.   Self-absorption is vintage Luann.

Couldn’t Aviva see Ramona lurking behind Heather? Why didn’t she say something instead of allowing Ramona to overhear the conversation? Heather apologized right away for the crazy remark — but there’s no doubt in my mind that Ramona was acting a bit crazy that night.

That was funny as hell.  Both Heather and Ramona were accusing each other of what they themselves were guilty of:  talking behind each other’s back.

I had so much fun at Aviva’s SoulCycle event and I was pleasantly surprised that they played my song!

Oh no…Will we ever stop hearing her cauterwauling?  Vintage Luann..

Heather Thomson

No excuses. . .Calling a man’s wife crazy was probably not the best approach but initially Mario didn’t seem to disagree that Ramona was acting irrational.

That sentence started off so well but then Heather had to scrape the bottom of the barrel.  Putting thoughts and words into someone else’s mouth is not cool.  Mario said “She’s not a crazy person.”  He did disagree with you when you told him his wife is crazy.

And in light of her behavior, I think crazy wasn’t far off the mark.

Sorry, Heather, you got Ramona’d and your Ramotional while Ramona’s laughing and drinking her wine.

Ramona should be fighting her own “bottles,” but instead of facing her issues she’s dropping bombs and then and running off, like always, and I am left to face Mario now.

Would you really have wanted Ramona to stay and “talk” about your mutual issues?  Who is the crazy one now?  Better off talking to Mario.

At least, Carole seems to agree with me.

It’s seems important for Heather to have people who agree with her and be on her side of this Ramona feud.  Aviva couldn’t be persuaded.  Luann left to try to make babies with Jacques. Sonja wants to appease everyone.  Carole just wants people to be cool like her.

And Aviva? What’s with Aviva? Is her attack on me a way of changing the subject? Come on ladies, I am right about Jacques.

They should not have made fun of Pepe Le Pew.

Reid is defending me while Aviva is defending Mario? And why is she is still talking about London? LuAnn and I were excluded from Miami and we don’t feel wronged. Enough is enough. Aviva and I definitely aren’t on the same page all of the time, but at the end of the evening, we realize together that this really isn’t about us and we decide to let it go.

Competing to be the voice of reason on a reality show is an oxymoron.

Despite the fact that Aviva frustrates me at times, I do admire her and care for her. I arrived really late to her charity event at SoulCycle — but not because I was angry at her or holding a grudge. I honestly am not. I was just held up at Yummie in a meeting I could not reschedule.

You can’t blame a girl for inserting some product placement because why would you think anyone cares why you’re late to a charity event.

… I do think Aviva is just having a momentary lapse of sanity with regard to Ramona and honestly hasn’t everyone admitted Ramona can be crazy? She really is just too much! I only hope she’s not contagious and is spreading her crazy to my friends!?

From what I saw on the episode, Heather’s already contracted the Ramonavirus also known as the foot-in-the-mouth disease.  The symptoms of this disease include talking crap behind people’s backs then accusing them of doing the same thing, lurking to overhear other people’s conversations and stirring up shit at social events.  There are no vaccines available once you sign up to do a reality show.

Boring, boring, boring. Next!

Sonja Morgan

As for the drama, I was surprised Heather told Mario that Ramona was crazy because she doesn’t name call (that I know of). The thing I respect about my relationship with Heather is we may have our creative back-and-forth banter and tug of wars (because we are both strong minded) but she never personally insults me. She understands I am fighting for my vision and I feel I need to get Sonja In The City and Sonja Home off the ground in the right fashion.

Sonja’s been talking about toaster ovens and cookbooks for a while now and it’s too bad she hasn’t capitalized on launching her products when the show began to air.  Bethenny said she needed to strike while the iron is hot so she had her cookbook in stores after her second season and promoted Skinnygirl Margaritas during her third season.  If she wants to be like Bethenny, she needs to move fast.

Dr. Sharon Giese is the one to go to! She really is one-stop shop and she is in my neighborhood. She is pleasant and easy to talk to and she makes it painless, more or less. Ramona looks incredible!!! Who looks like that in a swimsuit at any age? Dr. Giese has all these different procedures to tighten up loose, aging skin and has a great aesthetic eye, while being conservative, so she therefore uses alternatives to plastic surgery as well ( Also, Ramona plays a lot of tennis and eats well. She works hard and plays hard. That keeps her young.

Dr. Giese’s phone must be lighting up with women calling for appointments to get their butt to look like Ramona’s.

I was very happy to see LuAnn and Ramona getting along while shopping. The tension was getting old already. I hope they have moved on. I enjoy them both and would love to be able to share a meal with them together without agenda!

As long as Luann is not paying the check, I’m sure it will be fine.

Ramona is always very generous and wrote a check to One Step Ahead to support the children who need prosthetics.

I had to laugh when my mother watched the scene where Ramona handed the check to Aviva and Sonja felt empty-handed.  My mom yelled out, “’Cause you’re broke!”  She doesn’t even follow the housewives.

Regarding Aviva’s outburst, it wasn’t nice to yell at Ramona in her home.

I thought Aviva was yelling at Sonja because she thought her dog excuse wasn’t genuine.

People try to come to your charities, and then sometimes things come up. As I said she must not be a dog person. I was dressed and ready to go, but Millou has been at my side for 18 years. He slept in my bed, and had been from Turkey to Russia and everywhere else with me. He’s protected me, my daughter, my ex-husband, and all my other loved ones. He had an unbelievable personality and was loved by all. In fact, just before he passed away he was nominated for a Golden Collar Award in Hollywood and walked the Red Carpet with Uggie from The Artist, Arnold from Entourage, and many other fine dogs.

I’m a dog person too and I have called in sick to work when my dog needed to be taken to the vet.   I’m sure it’s true of cat people, bird people, turtle people, etc.

He is irreplaceable family to me. He gave me no trouble EVER and these devastating foreshadowing incidences where he would lose all bodily function started in February. I lost him March 25th, at 2:22 am. May he rest in peace.

My condolences to Millou.

Carole Radziwill

“An intellectual is someone who has discovered something more interesting than sex.” — Alduous Huxley

I’m going to go out on a limb and say Housewives are not intellectuals. But by Huxley’s standard, who is? This episode there’s lots of sex talk, again. Ramona has orgasms during bio-sculpt, Sonja’s needle feels like a penis, LuAnn masturbates alone, and I’m advocating for sexual revolution. All of this in an episode without George! It’s too much. There are some words and phrases that have simply worn out their welcome and while I can’t do anything about what we’ve filmed, I can try to preserve some integrity here. Penis and clitoris and horny, these words and their ilk are shopworn. My vow to you, readers, is to avoid shopworn like a bad case of crabs.

So we’re in the home stretch and I feel like a mudder on a dry track. I knew this would happen. We’re in our third month of the show and I’m starting to think I’m the only one in on the jokes. Which might mean there never were any jokes, or maybe it means all the jokes are on me. Or it might just be that I’m shopworn and weary. The long dog days of summer are getting to me. I need to go to St. Barths. I need a vacation. Is everyone on vacation? Write to me about your vacation plans.

A blogger and passionate Housewife fan, @LynnNchicago, tweeted on what turned out to be the last day of her life “A vacation? I wish, I need one.” You always think there will be time and then there’s not. RIP Lynn Hudson.

A shout out to Lynn!  Who doesn’t love this woman?  Lynn, I’m sure you are smiling and laughing up there.

Townhouse Brawl
The party of the jet-setting socialite was a plane wreck. It inspired me to patent a new parlor game, one where each player draws a card with one of the characters of
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and we all act out a scene. I get Nurse Ratched. I’m going to start running group therapy and rationing out the cigarettes. Our first session will be on boundaries. Mario doesn’t need Ramona to fight his battles and Jacques doesn’t need Heather to fight his. Not about his wine game or his exaggerated French accent. He’s a pacifist anyway. Last week when offered the chance at fistacuffs with Aviva, he went with a piano concerto in D instead. A friend of mine calls me the Ghandi of reality television, but I think it’s actually Jacques.

I Love Kids and I Love Dogs, Too!
Are you beginning to get the feeling that Sonja has more baggage than a skycap at Kennedy? In her defense, she’d had a long night. She told me this when she first arrived at Ramona’s, she was still hurting from the night before. But like my Grandma Millie used to say, “An awkward morning beats a boring night,” so I hope her night was a knockout because this was a very awkward late morning lunch. And for the record, this is another reason I like my lunches cool and casual, so no one’s stuck in a chair when the insults start to fly.

Sonja is crying at the lunch table about her dog peeing in bed. Is this normal? Are all those people who sleep in her bed normal? The look on my face belies my feeling I’ve been had. I told Sonja, don’t talk about the dog, exnay about the god-day, Aviva doesn’t need to hear about the dog. She’s talking about kids without legs. Seriously. Dog excuses seem suspicious, even when they are true. Didn’t we learn this in grade school? Dogs do eat homework, they eat almost everything, but we’re not allowed to say it. Like I said, it sounds suspicious. Let Aviva be upset and then a simple, “I’m really sorry” fixes all kinds of things. It’s like a diamond tennis bracelet when you’ve been caught en flagrante. “I had an emergency with Milou,” would have been fine, no? Short, sincere and sweet would have kept the peace.

I had lots of dogs growing up. We buried two in the backyard. Gigi, our pedigree poodle, even got a star turn in my book. I also had cats. My cat Sammi slept with me every night, like Milou sleeps with Sonja. She even died on my pillow. She went quietly, in the night, on my head. I was nine. We buried her next to Gigi. I was stoic, even then.

I do believe there was a serious situation with Milou. There is no doubt that a 17-year-old dog is facing major health problems and approaching the end of his life. There is no cure for 113 years old. Sonja is lucky to have had him for so long. My dog Margaret [pictured below] is only five and it already makes me sad to see gray hairs around her eyes. But that is what happens. And Jake is a sweet 11-year-old boy born with no legs. Lunch was a disaster and we learned Aviva can scream. Stay tuned for more.

Peace & Pleasuring
Did you get the same warm fuzzy feeling I did watching Ramona and LuAnn bond over nips and masturbation at the swimsuit shop? All of that messy history — the parenting jabs, alleged blackmail — and for the sake of beaches and tequila they are willing to put it behind them. It reminded me of when Yasser Arafat shook hands with Yitzhak Rabin in the
The Story of “O”. . .The Big “O”
Oxytocin. I first learned about it researching a story for 20/20 called the Biology of Love. It’s a hormone released in women during childbirth and during sex. You can’t fall in love without it. It’s also called “the bonding hormone,” “the love hormone,” and “the cuddle hormone.” It’s the key to monogamy and also, as Sonja says, a good Sunday between the sheets.

Next time you are post coital and having dreamy thoughts that he’s the One while you’re spooning after sex, tell him it’s the oxytocin, stupid. I’m getting us all t-shirts.

Let’s review the three qualities I look for in a man:

1. Highly sexual
2. Geographically undesirable
3. Emotionally unavailable

Don’t read too much into that, but Sid Ceaser said all comedy has to be based on truth. You take truth and put a little curlicue at the end. I have some curlicues. Sid is going to be 90 next month and he was married to Florence for 67 years, until she died. My mailman Lenny was married to Lucy for 68 years. They fought like Archie and Edith but they loved each other until the end.

I suddenly have this dreadful urge to get married. OK, it passed. Phew.

 Rose Garden. Right? We can all get along.

Taxi Cab Confessions
The strangest thing happened the other day. I was in a taxi and guess what. The driver was the same man who took Ramona to West 26th Street! Guess what else? He had a notepad. I’m not kidding. I was going to 432 E. 43rd street and as soon as I said the address he wrote it down. But as he was writing it down in the notepad that Ramona advised him to use, he ran a red light. It wasn’t his fault because he was looking at the notepad so he couldn’t see the light change from yellow to red. It’s like a butterfly flapping its wings in South America, causing a tsunami in Bali, and setting off a chain reaction in New York that starts with a bicycle delivery man’s swerve and ends in the wife of the head of Goldman Saks catching him with a hooker. Don’t ask. I can’t tell. Suffice it to say that while notepads make sense in a meeting they may not make sense in moving vehicles.

No freakin’ way!  I guess the notepad wasn’t such a great idea.

SoulCycle and Jake’s Legs
I have this crazy metabolism. It’s an unsolved mystery of my life, this weird ability I have to eat pizza and M&Ms and still bike at easy levels. It’s how I know there’s a God. It’s a miracle. Usually when I feel the urge to exercise I lay down and it passes. Don’t hate me, God is fair, he gave me a bunch other issues.

Jake, though, is why my soul is healthy and intact. Jake is good for the soul, he’s better than SoulCycle. I’m not sure if the cameras captured his spirit, but it was more exalted than any of those sweaty cyclists at the event. This is why you make the extra effort. Because then you don’t miss the chance to witness something extraordinary. You think it all might happen with fanfare and pomp but it happens in the quiet moments, sometimes, when you’re just showing up for your friends.

Great blog as usual!

Ramona Singer

I was surprised by Aviva’s reaction to Sonja’s situation. We have never seen Aviva act like this up until this point. It was pretty shocking. Sonja has had Millou for 18 years! Millou was her first child.

Aviva thought Sonja’s excuse was horse crap.  She overreacted.

Speaking of letting the past be the past, the tension between Heather and I is growing tiresome. I didn’t react well at the party. I definitely pulled a hit and run but I had gotten to a point with Heather where enough was enough.

Well, at least you came clean with the hit and run.

In closing, I wanted to touch on the sudden and tragic passing of Lynn Hudson. Lynn had come from very little and was able to develop a name for herself by writing a populartelevision blog. While sometimes controversial, Lynn worked hard and was filled with passion. I was fortunate enough to meet Lynn and was always quite charmed by her. She was a hardworking writer, dedicated mother and passionate Housewives fan. RIP Lynn.

Wow!  Another shout out for Lynn.  This brings tears to my eyes that she was acknowledged by two New York Housewives on their blogs. Ramona, Carole and other Bravolebs acknowledged Lynn on Twitter as well. What a thrill!

Big thanks to Carole and Ramona for their warm words and condolences.  This means so much for so many people.


Dance Moms
Tuesdays Nights on Lifetime
by Michigan Susan

Previously on Dance Moms

-Kendall and her Dance Mom Jill have returned from Candy Apple’s Dance Studio. Jill is sporting a new hairstyle which Dance Mom Christi said was due to Jill being in the “witness protection program”! Ha! Christi’s comments crack me up.

-Maddie got a part on Drop Dead Diva (another Lifetime show) and the Dance Moms think that the “audition” was rigged all along. No big surprise there. Commercials for Drop Dead Diva show that dance teacher Abby Lee Miller will be appearing as well.

-Paige broke her foot and will be out of commission for 4-6 weeks. Jill is delighted because now Kendallcan replace Paige. Paige’s Dance Mom Kelly reminds Jill that Paige is only injured temporarily and NOT out of the group.

On to the Pyramid!

Bottom row:  Paige (due to her injury), Maddie (because she wouldn’t do a solo last week at the last minute when Abby wanted her to do one) and Chloe (because she lost by ONE TENTH of a point and lost Abby’s chance for a “clean sweep”). Sheesh.

Middle row:  Brooke (she got the bonnet on Maddie for last week’s group number! Hurray for her nimble fingers!) and Mackenzie (because her duet with Kendall beat the boys duet last week).

On top:  NIA!  I’m not sure why but it had something to do with that she worked hard all week and all the other stuff.

Lots of complaining by Jill since Kendall still isn’t on the pyramid. Hey, Jill…your kid isn’t officially part of the group! She’s a “guest”!

Results from last week in Myrtle Beach at Starbound

Duet:  Mackenzie and Kendall got 1st place

Solo:  Chloe took 2nd (by ONE TENTH OF A POINT)

Group:  Took 1st place

Oh yeah. Here’s the Candy Apple results…

Duet:  Justice and some ringer named Drazen took 2nd

Solo:  Justice took 1st (BUT ONLY BY ONE TENTH OF A POINT!!)

As Justice performed, Abby grimaced each time he stretched or kicked up his left leg 9 times during the routine. Her comment? “That’s not choreography! That’s STRETCHING!”  Hee hee.

Group:  3rd place and Dance Teacher Cathy’s daughter Vivi-Anne was a human prop once again. I seriously don’t think this kid knows how to dance. It’s time to get over yourself, Cathy. Your kid can’t dance and she doesn’t even WANT to dance. She wants to play baseball.

And now for This Episode of Dance Moms…

Abby announces that they will be getting ready for the 2012 Annual ALDC concert where they showcase all the dances of all the groups for the entire past year. And, just because they don’t have enough to do, the girls will be performing a BRAND new dance for the occasion…a hip hop dance! The girls look less than thrilled. The Dance Moms look confused. Then we learn that by the girls doing hip hop, it shows that the ALDC is a “full service studio” and that Abby chose this style to incorporate Paige in a dance. Huh? Normally Abby ignores Paige. Payton gets called in to be featured in the group dance.

Oh Abby says the darndest things! She says that the concert is EQUALLY as important as a competition because all of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area will be coming to the concert. And, oh yeah, by the way, this is a huge marketing event so she can get new students.

We learn that Abby wants Paige to dance with her broken foot in the boot/cast because Abby has seen Paige bouncing all over the place on her boot and should be able to dance. Kelly says Paige can dance if the doctor gives his okay. Since Kelly was one of Abby’s students 20 years ago, Abby wants Kelly to invite those old dance students to the concert.

Random Dance Mom Comments:

Nia’s Dance Mom Holly says “The annual concert is exhausting. I’d rather have a root canal.”

Jill complains that Kendall still isn’t officially part of the team.

Oh no! Dance Mom Leslie (mom of Payton) starts to chat with Jill in the parking lot. There was NO WAY that this was going to go well…Leslie insists on giving Jill advice on tolerating the other Dance Moms. She calls Christi and Kelly “snakes” and says that Melissa is a liar. Ooooh. Then it looks like it’s going to get juicy about Melissa. Leslie starts telling a story about how Melissa took Leslie to meet her “man” and then…NOTHING! No details. Na da. Now out there on the internet, there are lots of stories about how Melissa’s “man” isn’t divorced yet but she took it upon herself to legally change her name to his last name. What? Who does that??

Meanwhile, back at the Candy Apple’s Dance studio in Canton, Ohio, someone has mysteriously sent Cathy an invitation to the Abby Lee dance concert.  Hmmmm. Who would do that? She decides that she’ll take a group to Pittsburgh so they can have a good laugh.

In order to teach Maddie a lesson for not doing a solo when Abby TOLD HER TO, Abby won’t be featuring Maddie in a group number and gives it, instead, to Chloe. Wow, Abby. First of all the kid is nine years old and secondly, her MOTHER told her not to do it. Back off, Abby. This kid is your ticket to some major fame.

While Abby is directing the rehearsal, Leslie storms in to complain that Payton doesn’t have enough time to make her costume changes. Then Leslie storms back downstairs to argue with Kelly about nonsensical stuff that includes Leslie saying Kelly needs to go to AA meetings and get therapy. Leslie is a mean, mean, mean little woman. Kelly gets so annoyed that she gets her girls, Brooke and Paige, and they leave.

Later, the Moms head out to some bar and party with a rather young looking crowd. Never see a Dance Dad around. Jill does something inappropriate to a young man.

By the way, the Dance Moms are all dressed up and looking very pretty.

Concert Day

The Candy Apples arrive to critique and criticize.

After the lackluster hip hop dance, Christi says, “You wanna learn hip hop? Don’t come here!” 

Kendall has a melt down and I think I hear her say that she hates her mother. Yep, Kendall. We all hate your mom. She’s obnoxious. Then Jill gives Abby roses. What a suck up. Anything to get Kendall on that stupid pyramid.

At the end of the concert, Maddie wins a junior scholarship and Nia wins a scholarship for Most Improved. Hurray for Nia! She’s finally getting recognition.

After the Concert is the Party. We meet some of the alumni who might not have been so fond of Kelly back in the day. Cathy starts poaching future students right in front of Abby. Abby says, “How’d she get here? There’s not a broom in sight!!!”

AND THEN WE KNOW….JILL invited Cathy. Oh Jill, you are going to pay for that!

NEXT WEEK:  a new student may be joining the group!

Hey there Lynnfam. This was my first time to write up a recap and I apologize for the length. Lynn sure made this look a lot easier than it really is. She had a real gift for finding the humor in the situations and pin pointing what was really important. Please feel free to let me know how I can improve.  Thanks!


Teen Mom by Rabble Rouser

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank our new blog hosts for carrying the torch and keeping what Lynn started still going. It really means a lot and is helping many of us cope with the loss of our dear Lynn.  I can’t believe how much I miss Lynn already. On other forums, there has been discussion about what Lynn would or would not have said about the ‘toast’ on New Jersey. It’s kind of ironic, that when it came to New Jersey, Lynn and I didn’t often see eye to eye…but what I couldn’t give just to hear what she had to say. I think moving forward, that will be a valuable reminder to us to appreciated each others opinions, even when it’s vastly different from our own because we never know when that voice will fade.

Maci and Kyle are talking about the plans for Bentley’s upcoming birthday, according to the agreement they made with a mediator, it is Ryan’s turn to have him. Maci has decided to have a party at Pump it Up the day before but Kyle thinks it would be better for all of them to spend time together for his birthday and suggests they ask the almost 3 year old what would he like to do. I have a 3 year old, I might ask her what shirt she wants to wear or let her pick out her shoes, and I would never think to allow her to make decision about her over all well being. But I guess this is what happens when teenagers have babies.

Maci has Bentley call his grandparents to invite them to his party; she also calls him call Ryan and leaves him a message on this voice mail. Maci tells Kyle she is 50% sure Ryan won’t come, she isn’t even sure if he will return the boys call. Ryan calls back and his son invites him to his party and asks him to bring Dalis (his girlfriend). Ryan is a bit surprised because this is last minute but agrees to go. A few minutes later he texts her to tell Maci, he won’t be there but will pick him up from the place. It’s a bit of a dick move, but really Maci did put him on the spot by having Bentley call. She really should have let him know before hand so he could have prepared.

Because Ryan didn’t show up, his parents also decided not to attend the party. Maci and her mom talk about the fact that Ryan and his parents aren’t there. Her mom says that it’s good that so fat Bentley hasn’t noticed; another thing that seems to be KIDS. At Ryan’s house he is talking to his parents about the situation. His mom mentions how them being invited to the party kind of caught them off guard because they had previously discussed two separate parties. Ryan says he wished that Maci gave him a heads up and his mom agrees. His dad also adds that moving forward, if Bentley does get caught in the middle that ‘someone’ needs to be the bigger person. Ryan starts to get defensive but his parents reiterate that as much as they support him, the focus must be on the child.

Ryan picks Bentley up from the party. Ryan lets her know that he is upset with how the situation with the birthday party was handled; Ryan insists that she should have either given him a heads up or stuck with the original plan, Maci blames it on the child and says it was what Bentley wanted. The conversation goes in circles until it ends with Ryan telling her that she is ‘so fn stupid’ that he can’t even talk to her and jumps in his car. His girl friend makes a snarky comment like ‘good. Honestly, she really shouldn’t have been there given that it was clear there were going to be words spoken. The conclusion is, Ryan is a dumb ass and Maci is a pain in the ass, how did these two ever let each other go?

Farrah has returned home from Austin Texas and is trying to explain to her mother what happened. Why on earth would her boyfriend of 6 weeks ditch her (when all she did was give him an ultimatum that he needs to propose marriage and said it about a dozen times, she also insulted his step mother within the first 5 minutes of meeting her…but hey, she has big boobs so why not. Farrah down plays her responsibility by saying she only put all her card on the table and told the poor soul that she didn’t have time for games because she has a daughter to take care of. Farrah takes Sophia to a park to spend sometimes with her before her mom takes her back to Omaha for a month.

Farrah takes her mom and Sophia to the airport where they say their goodbyes. Her mom promises that she will have the little one call when they get back to her house.

Amber is in the middle of moving but is taking sometime since her new place is still being renovated. She calls Gary to meet up and see his new place. Gary goes over Leah’s day care schedule and tells her that it’s $400 a month. Amber freaks out saying she can’t afford that with having to pay lawyers fees, a car payment and rent on huge house (all the money these two bozos have made off the show and this poor child won’t see a dime but hey, maybe some drug dealer or strippers kid will get to go to college).

Amber picks Leah up from her first day for preschool and brings her home for a few hours. Later that night she brings him to Gary’s house. Leah begins to cry and asks her mother to stay but because of the court order, she is only allowed to spend a few minutes alone with Gary when Leah is around. Leah tells her mommy she needs her and begins to wail. Amber because upset and gets Gary to take Leah, as she complains about CPS.

The next day while Leah is at day care, Amber and Gary have a discussion. They many talk about how difficult the no custody order has been. Gary says if he gets actual custody of Leah, then CPS will be removed from the case. Gary says that he will then allow her to see Leah when ever she wants. They also decided to wait to celebrate the child’s birthday until after the court dates, so they can all be together.

Amber tells her mom the plan to give Gary custody to keep CPS at bay, her mom has concern that Gary might then to keep her from seeing Leah if they are fighting. Amber blows ups and becomes defensive and says she doesn’t need ‘people’ telling her what to do and it’s no ones business. She bickers with her mom a bit, before her mom has enough and leaves. Cleary Amber is not ‘cured’ of her anger management issues; not only does she still spend most of her time lying on the couch, she has developed a thing for hats that look like they came from the bottom of Ashley Holmes closet.

Gary picks Leah up from school and calls Amber to tell her about the child’s day. Amber says her mom left in a “rampage” and is angry at her moms suggestion that she hire a family attorney. Gary says that he can take are of Leah while Amber gets her depression and medications under control. Amber loses it and says that she is the one who went to rehab for two months AND went to jail, so really she is the one who is doing all the work and everyone else is doing nothing. Gary tells her he is not dealing with this (her mania) and hangs up.

Tyler is talking to his mom, she tells him that she is having a hard time dealing with the fact that she has not got to see her granddaughter. Because the adoption is semi-open, Brandon and Teresa (the adoptive parents) have a lot of restrictions. I also think they have a lot of valid trepidations given how Butch (Tyler’s dad) and April (Caitlyn’s mom). She says she is interested in speaking to a profession to help her through the process.

Later when Tyler shares this with Caitlyn, she suggests that his mom see Dawn, the person who co-coordinated their adoption for Carly.  They go out for to a diner to meet Caitlyn’s mom because they also think it would be a good idea for her to speak to someone. Tyler asks her if she could speak to Dawn but April says she was pretty mean to Dawn before. Tyler assures her that she would understand because of emotions involved in the adoption process.

Dawn visits Tyler, Caitlyn and their moms to discuss their feelings about the adoption. Dawn explains that Brandon and Teresa (the adoptive parents) focus right now is keeping the doors open with the birth parents and do not want it complicated by opening other doors. It becomes clear that having a visit or phone conversation isn’t going happen in the near future but that perhaps a letter can be written for Carly to read when she is older.


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  4. boston02127 says:

    There have been so many write ups about Lynn & the blog, I was getting lost. NMD, Do you post “new blog” at the end of each old blog?

    I’ll catch up today. If today involves doing my hair, makeup, irioning my cloths….it’s not gonna happen. I don’t have too many days left, I have to get in as much lazy as possible in the next week.

    • Hi Boston – I do post new blog at the bottom of the last blog each time I update. From now on I’ll try to keep the regular schedule of one post a morning except on chat days. It should be easier to find us. I’ve also found that typing in the main link takes me to the latest entry.

    • Powel says:

      Hi boston. How are you feeling? You’ve also been doing a fantastic job getting the blog up and running so I hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

      • boston02127 says:

        Powell, NMD has done all the work. I feel badly that I’m not even going to blog about one show but I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up when I go back to school.

        • Lady Chatterley says:

          Don’t feel badly, Boston – you went above and beyond in hosting the chatroom and getting that word out to all of us so quickly. The support at that time was much appreciated!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Boston, you did SO good in setting up that chatroom. I think it was the first thing anyone created, and you did it so fast. I know I was a little slow to figure out what it would do, and by the time I got there, people were already using it. It was really a comfort and helpful to lots of people. Allowed us to laugh and cry together, and in a virtual way hold each other up. It’s still going and we were talking last night about continuing to have a room for the group, for those who like it. So a BIG THANKs to you for setting it up!

          Do I remember right that you’re studying to be a nurse? I think you’d be a good one. Calm in the face of sudden problems is a great trait to have.

        • ramonacoaster says:

          The chat room was quick thinking when everyone needed it. It was very therapeutic. Thanks!

  5. Powel says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you’re feeling better today.

  6. Three Blessed says:

    RR Great blog on teen mom… I dont think for a second Farrah dumped Sophia on her mom for school reasons..She wanted to get her coke snorting on.. She’s the worst!

    • Powel says:


    • Hi Blessed, thank you.

      it’s interesting knowing now all the stuff Farrah had going on in the back ground. I am sure you are right but that is all the more reason Sophia should have went to Deborah and Micheal’s (her mom and dad’s) house. I’ve said before, Farrah reminds me of Casey Anthony in a lot of ways and I fear the use of drugs would just add to it.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Good Morning, Rabble,

        Amber wears my sh*t out. She goes from Zero to Raging Bitch in NO time. It’s like the littlest things set her off. I know she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and got medication and treatment. I know plenty of people with bipolar disorder that are fully functioning and wonderful people. BUT they must to take their medication and use other coping mechanisms (therapy, exercise, proper diet) in order to manage the disease.

        I don’t think Amber is doing that. Last night, Gary mentioned something to her about her not taking her medication and her needing to get her depression under control. I have a feeling, in addition to not taking her medication, Amber may also have gotten back into some bad habits (e.g., drinking and drugs).

        Oh yeah, I wanted to smack Ryan’s girlfriend, Dalis. Ryan and Maci’s interaction and discussions when it comes to Bentley are none of her damned business.

        Finally, that comment about the Ashley Holmes hats on Amber made me laugh.

        • Hi Detox, I agree. I don’t think Amber is taking her meds or that they still haven’t found the right cocktail. Was was also concerning is how resentful Amber seems to be over the fact that SHE needs help and that because of her bad choices the courts are now involved. She feels like she is being made to jump through hoops when really, it’s about her getting well.

          Dalis pissed me off too. In my head I was “Oh no you didn’t”.

          I am glad I made you laugh. 🙂

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I agree with you about Farrah.

      • Three Blessed says:

        I know Sophia is her granddaughter and all but I cant help but feel she just wants to take Sophia for herself.. That whole family seems so selfish..

  7. trudie says:

    Good morning one and all! Thank you for all of the great blogs. I am awed by your dedication.

    LME – I was confused on The Newsroom: did Neal post the initial threat on Will’s life? Is he just saying he did now? So confused…

    Michigan Susan: Dance Moms is another show that has me questioning my viewing choices. I never had a child in competitive dance classes, but why these women subject their children to Abbey is a mystery to me. She is so abusive it makes me cringe every time she opens her mouth. Can’t believe Cathy was trying to poach potential students at Abbey’s party.

    • re Dance Moms – I can’t believe anyone would behave either like Abby or the moms. With the exception of Holly they are all horrible. I think it has to be fake, yet seeing the tears stream down Kendall’s face make me wonder. A few episodes ago Abby called Chloe a sneak, and she ran out of the room crying, comforted by all her friends. Instead of following her daughter, Kristi got in a screaming match with Abby.

      I was a mom of a competitive gymnast and we had a few “Gym Moms” who were intense. But nothing like this. They were more manipulative and trying to suck up to the coaches to get their girls extra attention. Or buying extra lessons. But the coaches would never have put up with someone screaming at them. That’s just bizarre.

      • jules says:

        Hi NMD, I used to think the same thing about Dance Moms. Then I met a mother whose daughter has been dancing for years and she told me it’s true! She’s met some truly awful dance moms during her daughter’s dancing career (she’s now in college on a dance scholarship). Anyway, they really do have competitions every weekend and very little time to learn the dances. The costumes are expensive and everything really is that intense. My friend told me a story about her daughter winning an overall title when she was about 11-12. After the awards were announced, one of the other mom’s congratulated her daughter loudly then pulled her in for a hug and whispered “don’t think you’re better than my daughter because you’re not”! She made my friend’s daughter cry. My b-i-l’s niece is also involved in dancing and the stories he hears from his brother and s-i-l are insane. Thankfully I have sons who have no interest in dance!

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        First off a great big thank you to everyone who contributes to the amazing blogs, and thank you Michigan Susan for blogging Dance Moms! I was wondering if anyone would blog it, and you did fabulous!

        I agree with those of you that wonder why the moms subject their children to Abby. Kelly was a student herself? She looks to be the same age as Abby!

        However, I do know that some of this is totally scripted and faked. My daughter’s friend is a competitive dancer and has competed against the Dance Mom girls. She said that sometimes they film the girls dancing twice, to make it more dramatic. For example, if they do spectacular on a routine, they will have them perform it again on the stage and mess up a little to make it more questionable as to whether they will place or not.
        Also, she said Abby gave her dance school $2500 after one competition because they were so good and placed a very close second in the group number after Abby’s girls. That episode aired recently when they danced in Woodbridge, VA but they never showed Abby giving the rival school money.

        Another thing I heard was that Kendall never really left Abby’s school. That was all for drama purposes. Just like Cathy’s whole storyline is fake. Her and Abby are supposedly good friends/colleagues and Abby got her onto the show. If you think about it, it makes sense. Cathy is a dance teacher and owns her own studio, but in season1 was supposedly bring Vivi to Abby’s school for dance? An hour away? Why? And how the heck was Vivi suddenly on the team when she’s awful, but all the other girls have to audition, etc.

        It’s mostly fake. The ladies are all on contracts and instructed to ‘bring it’, just like the Housewives. They probably tell their girls not to take it seriously because they are just acting. Sometimes the tears are real, because they still are young, prepubescent girls who get emotional. I do think the one thing that is true is how much Abby hates Christie/Kelly and vice versa, but now they are all bound by contracts and can’t leave anyway. I’ve also heard Brooke actually dances with the older range girls (Payton’s age group) and only still dances with the younger girls for the show.

        Okay, sorry so long. My daughter and I always watch this show. lol

        • Zoey says:

          I haven’t watched it much lately, but I’m glad you explained a lot of that. It makes more sense. I tuned in to it the other day, and really nothing had changed!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          All of that does make sense, RVA. I wondered about some of the things I saw on the show.

        • Pghemtchick says:

          Kelly and Abby are roughly the same age. I think there is a year or two difference, but they are both in their forties. Kelly is an original member because Abby started corographing at age 14. Kelly and Abby both were members of Abby’s Mother’s (Maryen Lorrain Miller) studio. Maryen started her studio in Pittsburgh roughly 16-18 months prior to Abby’s birth as she moved from Florida (where she had a studio) to Pittsburgh. It gets confusing a bit.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi trudie: As unbelievable as it may seem, parents do subject their kids to a lot of negativity in the world of dance. If that director has a reputation for winning, that’s all that matters. And I do believe Cathy was trying to steal potential clients from Abby Lee. It happens all of the time. My daughter was brought up dancing since the age of four. She now teaches part-time while going to college (the pay is really good) and these directors (here in TX) smile to each other’s faces and literally approach another studio’s clients AT COMPETITIONS, followed by phone calls, texts and emails to try and recruit them to go to THEIR studio. Every little body in that studio represents a lot of MONEY. Yes, they do, to some extent, care about the “art” and the dance education of the child. But it pales in comparison to the desire for more money, to recruit kids who WIN (these are really, really mean kids with even meaner moms). But when you have winners, THAT is what really sells your studio to other moms. The fact that Abby favors Maddy is nothing new. Dance directors are notorious for this. What’s interesting to me is that I’ve seen so many of the “maddies” of dance (the undisputed favorite who receives all sorts of preferential treatment by their directors) leaving their directors in a NY minute to advance in their “career” – – -there is no loyalty. Well there is, until the next new HOT studio opens up. They look out for themselves and you know what? they should. But I’m always left thinking, “this is why you (director) should be nice to ALL OF YOUR STUDENTS AND FAMILIES. The Superstars don’t usu stay. Some do, but it’s rare.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I wanted to add that Maddie does not seem to be a mean dance kid. I know a lot of people do not like her mom and/or her relationship with Abby. But that lady does a really good job of helping her girls maintain a pretty healthy perspective. The other moms (i dont care what they say) are extremely envious of her and of Maddie. Melissa (maddie’s mom) is very strong to put up with the abuse from the other mothers.

        • jules says:

          ITA Lainey. I think all the girls seem very nice and are geniunely happy for one another when they succeed. It was so sweet when they all rushed to hug Nia when she was on top of the pyramid. I think the mother’s are certainly envious of Maddie and although Melissa is more restrained, I think she’s got some crazy in her too.

        • kendo says:

          I enjoy watching Maddie and her younger sister Mackenzie. They seem to be very happy for each other. I don’t know how their mother puts up with all of that drama from the other moms. They are just ruthless and upfront about their hatred/jealousy for Maddie.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I could eat little Mackenzie with a spoon because she is so cute and sweet. All of those girls are very well-mannered and sweet, IMO. They handle themselves better than their adult mothers.

    • Michigan Susan says:

      When I first started watching, I was mostly horrified by what came out of Abby’s mouth. Then, I realized that the Dance Moms were even worse!!! And I would have said that Holly was an exception to that but she’s spouted off some stuff to Abby recently. The worst thing for me is that the women say TERRIBLE things in front of the girls and the girls run out crying. I adore these talented little girls and can’t believe how much they care about each other even with all the craziness of their mothers.

      Comparing last season to this season, you can tell that the Dance Moms and Abby are stepping up their game, from how they dress, carefully crafted soundbites, and DRAMA. These women like to be on TV and they are doing what they’ve got to do to STAY on TV.Yet, knowing all that, I still watch…mostly to hear adorable little Mackenzie say things like she’d rather be home eating chips and watch the girls peform.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Right, Michigan Susan – or like last night when Maddie said “Here at the Abby Lee dance studio, we can’t hip …. or hop” something like that. It was super cute. I agree with all of you. Every one of those little girls is very well mannered. They are so precious and very, very talented.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      No Neal is just claiming the death threat to get into the Troll club. I should look to see if there really is such a club online. Kind of scared of those types tho. No morals or consciences. Thanks for reading it. 🙂

  8. Lady Chatterley says:

    Ha! Ramonacoaster: “They should not have made fun of Pepe LePew.”

    I imagine this comment being uttered in a deadpan delivery. Awesome! 🙂

  9. Good morning! It’s nice to see Lynn appreciated by the housewives.
    Question, didn’t someone print that after she was cast, Aviva joined charities just to have a story line? And… Does this part of Sonja’s blog seem to say she got Aviva involved? OR am I crazy?
    “I am so happy Aviva is getting involved with the One Step Ahead Foundation and bringing awareness to it through new friends. Its founder Amy Palmiero-Winters is also a beautiful mom who is an amputee. She has broken many marathon world records and sets an example for children through sports, helping them with their self esteem. It’s a perfect fit for Aviva! If you go to their photos you can see the sports trips Amy takes and she visits the kids.

    In fact, that’s why I introduced Aviva to a charity I support, Rusk Institute of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine.

    • cc101 says:

      It was Sonja who said that and that is exactly what I was thinking about when I was reading Sonja’s blog yesterday…that she is reiterating what she already said about Aviva. I wonder if it is true. Can’t wait for them to discuss it at the reunion, lol.

      Thanks NMD, BB, and everyone contributing to these blogs. Awesome job!

    • Eastbayca says:

      Sonja is the one who let it be known that Aviva got involved with a charity for the sake of the show. I went to the website and the only time Aviva is mentioned is in association with RHONY (soul cycle event).
      I did the google route too…anything regarding Aviva and One Step Ahead begins back in September of 2011.

      • Thanks Eastbayca, that seems to confirm it then. I also liked that Carol mentioned Ramona’s face problem. (that didn’t sound right, did it:)

      • So much for Aviva’s “It’s About The Children!” What it’s really about is Aviva finding a charity to support while on a reality show to get her more time on film. Glad she finally became charitable!

        Aviva doesn’t realize how bad it makes Her look when she was yelling at Ramona & Sonja. At least Ramona gave her a check. A simple “sorry you couldn’t be there to support the charity” would have been sooo much more impressive.

        Roamonacoaster, you had me laughing so hard when your mom yelled “cause you’re broke!” when Sonja didn’t cough up a check lol.

        great job, all of you on the blogs!

        LME, I have to catch up with Newsroom. My husband loves “Boss” so we’ve been watching that. Kelsey Grammar is a good actor, perhaps this role is easier for him than others since he plays a horrible person?

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Hi Bluesky: We had a free trial period with Starz during the last season of BOSS. I love that show. Kelsey is fabulous in this role. No more free Starz… no more Starz… no more BOSS. phooey!

          • We’re on some kind of promotional thing right now too, I’ll be in the same boat soon. Do you think Chicago politics is still this bad? Plenty of history during the Daly decades….very troubling to think this is how they do government in Chicago. Hard to believe the mayor controls who becomes Gov of the state, SMH! And since Boss has an incurable brain disease, his days are numbered anyway so this is one tv series that can’t go too long….or can it? You never know with tv, look how long these dreadful housewives have hung on. 🙂

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Hi disease colors/colours everything for the viewer… we’re in on the secret which makes it so much more intriguing to me.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I agree. With the way Aviva acted, I could have sworn that she had been involved with this charity and offered her blood, sweat, toil and tears for it over MANY years. However, it looks like she’s only been involved with it for less than a year (even less than that while the show was filming).

          That makes her over-the-top reaction to Ramona and Sonja seem even MORE crazy to me.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            We are talking about a reality show. Aviva has been to everybody else’s events and expected the same. She at no time stated that she was the queen of charities. I would look stink eye at anyone who would use past charity participation as a way of delegitimizing one present commitments. We have no idea how many checks Aviva has written in the past and if we did then she would be attacked for bragging. NYC housewives has always had a strong charity story line and Aviva picked one close to her heart, which made her emotionally committed. All the wives seem emotional committed to their personal charities. I do not believe that there is anything wrong with that. JMHO.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I understand what you are saying, CAP. My point is this: I would have better understood Aviva’s SCREAMING at Ramona and Sonja over missing her charity event if was a long-standing commitment of hers to which she devoted many hours (or tons of money through the years).

              Outside of that, I do NOT get her intense and inappropriate reaction to the two of them. And it leads me to believe that she’s a bit psychotic. Sorry. JMHO.

            • CAP (HUG). So happy to see you

            • lovemamaearth says:

              After seeing Jake and his family’s reactions (looked like the brother cried) I can understand Aviva’s passion for the charity. Detox I don’t get why Aviva went off on Sonja and Ram because the only person we control is ourselves. She can state her preference and hope they come but too bad they didn’t.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Oh, I agree. The scenes of that little boy brought me to tears as well.

                I hate to say this, but, in my personal opinion, Aviva’s intense and inappropriate reaction had much more to do with her control and anger issues than her charity. I’m sorry, but charity tends to make me more charitable (and forgiving). JMHO

                • Scorpiosue1102 says:


                • Lady Chatterley says:

                  Yes, that’s exactly what it was about. Which is funny, because she’s tried so hard to keep that part of herself under wraps. Her crazy is leaking…

                  • Called A Princess... says:

                    Right or wrong, I think Aviva thought she smelled bull poop and it set her off. Both Ramona and Sonja looked sheepish to me, during the scene, and one thing crazy people hate is if you appear to be trying to pull something over on them. Ramona has a habit of double teaming people, so I can understand Aviva’s reaction. Truth be told, none of these women are very good actresses, they all make melodramatic overstatements, at times making the head spin. I think we except it more from the people we favor or are more use to seeing over play their hand. Aviva is crazy, but tightly wrapped. Sonja is unraveling by the episode. JMHO.

                    • Lady Chatterley says:

                      Yes – they each have their special brand of crazy. We’re just beginning to see Aviva’s unfold.

        • ramonacoaster says:

          BlueSky: Glad you enjoyed it.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Blue I think you’ll like it except for the stupid relationship stuff. You might also like Political Animals. Even better written.
          What I didn’t like about Boss was that everyone seems to be corrupt and conniving. I don’t want to promote a world view like that nor do I want it in my lil’ pea brain. lol But hey when I was younger I would have found it griping.

    • Mary E says:

      Kudos to Carole and Ramona for recognizing Lynn.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      It sounds like Sonja is saying she got Aviva involved in another charity: Rust Institute of Pediatric Rehab…
      Aviva said in her blog that she was involved in One Step Ahead since 2007. Why would she lie about that? I have a hard time believing that she was NEVER involved in a charity involving children with missing limbs until she was on the show. And even if that is the only reason why she did the show, then I still can’t begrudge her that. It’s an admirable reason, IMO.

      I don’t think Sonja is getting anyone involved in anything. She’s so self absorbed, IMO. She doesn’t want to give anyone any credit for what they are doing. Just like she tried to ignore Heather’s involvement at the photo shoot, now she’s trying to downplay Aviva’s role in the charity function. Sonja is too much of a pretentious diva for my taste, lately.

      • Contessa says:

        I have been a fan of Sonja’s since she came on, however I do question some of her comments. I think she should have been nicer to Heather, as Heather did put it all together for the photo shoot….I would have been nicer.

        Sonja did put out that Heather never had a charity, per her ex – the infamous Harry. However Heather said, as stated above and in her blog she’s been involved since 2007. So who is correct. Sonja did infer that she basically introduced Aviva to similar charities, so what does that mean…it just seemed a bit mean spirited.

        BIG THANKS to Carole and Ramona for putting Lynn in their blogs!

        • BB says:

          Aviva could have been a contributor to that charity since 2007, hence her “involvement.” That wouldn’t be a lie, I suppose. Just a guess.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I agree, Contessa. Sonja can be dismissive and rude. This does not mask her deep insecurities. Aviva’s work with the charity regardless of when she became involved with it, is admirable. Aviva’s not putting out a horrible record or trying to make us believe that BLECH water is the next big thing… she was helping children WITH NO LEGS!! But I digress….Sonja’s insinuating herself into the benevolence of the whole “Step Out” thing by implying or leading us to infer that without the great MRS. MORGAN, this event wouldn’t have taken place. I call BS on you and your insecurities LADY MORGAN. Let Aviva have her moment to shine the light on something that is (now) dear and probably therapeutic to her. Let other people shine, Ladies!! It doesn’t mean you are less (until you scream out your insecurities on your blog).

      • Pghemtchick says:

        2007? And she lost her leg at 6? She made it very clear she was from a well to do family, and she didn’t get into this charity all that time? Seriously respecting lil Victoria Wakile more and more.

        • BB says:

          How long has One Step Ahead been in existence I wonder?

          • klmh says:

            I couldn’t find it on Charity Navigator for any information. Isn’t 2007 when she would have been a newly wed with her second husband? Maybe thats why she hadn’t been involved earlier, or perhaps under her maiden or first marriage last name?

          • Pghemtchick says:

            I should rephrase as a charity of this type. From what I can find “several years later” after Amy’s 1993 motorcycle wreck she founded it. I looked on the “a step ahead prosthetics” website and couldn’t find it. I wonder how many children they’ve helped. I get it’s not like make a wish where roughly $3,300 will grant one kids wish. I think KLMH has a good thought on the marriage. I suspect Reid is the more philanthropic of the two as he’s been on the board for Fran’s charity (Aviva also has a role).
            In clarification, even if she did do it just for the show at least some good will come to the charity. Although Aviva doesn’t think it’s about the charity, it truly is. Hopefully the exposure helps multiple children.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Sonja seems to be staving for attention, this season. I find her to be dishonest! JMHO.

  10. Lady Chatterley says:

    Heather is as crazy as Ramona and worse. She just hides it behind that Grinchy grin. I prefer my crazy served straight up – Ramona-style.

  11. boston02127 says:

    I can’t believe Caroline Manzo got a book deal. A book about raisinig kids & true happienss??? Seriously?

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Well, hey – Kellz wrote a book about being “hawt.”

      Hell, I’m thinking I should write a book – apparently, it’s not THAT hard.

    • LizzieLou says:

      Nutball KKB also wrote a book on being “hot.” Who buys these things?! But yes, I’m stumped by the Clown’s book deal as well.

    • The book isn’t coming out until next year. Did you see the tags people posted on Amazon? It’s funny, but sad at the same time. Caroline will get to go on the talk show circuit when her book comes out, but by then will people remember her? Makes me think she will do another season, otherwise her book will be not be as promotable. Let me tell you something Caroline, promoting a book requires lots of travel and dedication to your fans. Ask Teresa. She might have had some good advice for you, if you hadn’t treated her with such disdain.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Can anyone here think of titles that would be more appropriate for Caroline’s book? I have more than a few in mind.

      One of them is, “How To Lose Friends and Alienate People”

      • I think she really has gone nutso. What kind of a title is “Let Me Tell You Something” it sounds like she is yelling at the viewers of RHONJ. What a way to get the fans to like you & buy your book Caroline! How about “Da Nile Ain’t Just a River in Egypt” for her book title. She just doesn’t get it that most viewers perceive her as an old, bitter, haggard clown. Menopause or whatever – she’s in denial about what the viewers think of her.

      • kendo says:

        What about:
        “How to have Friends for Life”
        “How to Control Everything and Everyone Around You”

      • Called A Princess... says:

        “Bitter is Better!

        • cakers says:

          Possible tags for Caroline’s book:
          “Been Lactating For Over 25 years”
          “The Manzo Guide To Family Entitlement & Dysfunction”
          “Fun With Ham”
          “Nothing Is Ever Her Fault. EVER.”
          “10 Easy Exercises To Perfecting The Perfect Scowl”

  12. boston02127 says:

    Is Jacqueline’s son Autistic? I wonder what magazine this is???
    Beautiful article @JacLaurita!!!

      • Powel says:

        Wow I’m so sorry about that. I hope he gets all the support he needs.

        • Early intervention is critical and be be a key part to helping Nicholas reach his full potential.

          I feel that for some people when they think of autism they associated it with “RainMan” or imagine it means someone who is largely non verbal with low I.Q. I interact with kids with the dx almost daily when I take my kids to therapy (oldest gets speech, OT and PT- youngest just receives speech) and when I took my daughter to her special needs pre-school ( she starts general ed kindergarten in the fall YAY!) . Certainly
          there are kids who are low functioning but there are many who are doing beautifully and continuing to thrive.

          I hope and trust that Nicholas will get the help he needs.

      • NJBev says:

        This breaks my heart.
        Can you imagine? Think about it. She spent the whole first season trying to get
        pregnant. I clearly remember thinking how lucky she was that she already had
        2 beautiful children and was so upset that she wanted more. (FYI- having
        suffered 12 yrs trying to have children, having 5 pregnancies, and being blessed
        with one beautiful child, pls. try to see where I would be coming from at that time,
        If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a large family, you are lucky enough.)
        She must being dealing with a huge amount of emotional stress, guilt(even tho she’s done nothing wrong, you will never be able to convince her of that)
        And on top of that all, she has to still deal with Ashley’s antics, who should be
        self-sufficient by this time~~
        I feel so bad for them. Hopefully they have the money they “seem” to have and can
        provide him with top notch care. Many have dealt with worse, so hopefully in the long
        run things will work out.

    • lori says:

      It makes me wonder if some of her over the top behavior is due to the stress over finding out Nicholas has autism?

      • Orson says:

        I think this is very possible. I have several friends with children on the autism spectrum and they all have the occasional guilt attack. And there’s a LOT of stress especially with a 3 year old on the spectrum. For some reason some parents are embarrassed or ashamed to admit that their children are autistic. I think this could explain some of Jac’s tearstorms (a phrase invented by a friend, a mom of a 7 year old high level autistic girl and a 9 year old asperger’s girl with OCD). I hope Jac’s “coming out” is a start for progress. There is help out there for kids on the spectrum and their parents, but they’ve got to seek it out.

      • BB says:

        I was thinking the same thing

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I had a feeling this story would be coming out. I knew something was going on with her-more than she was letting on. She must have been struggling with this duing the filming last year.

    • Three Blessed says:

      I feel bad for her..I have a 16 month old son and worry about this all the time.

    • That’s very sad news. There’s a lot that can be done for Nicholas, but it is not an easy road. Could explain Jac’s emotional distress. She could do a lot for autism, being on the show (thinking about supporting a charity), so praying that she & her family can deal with this and help their son too. Makes me realize that everybody has problems, & reasons for going on tirades….and makes me feel bad for calling her out. Praying for you & your son, Jac, best to you…

    • Amalfi says:

      Sure seems so.
      Jacqueline Laurita: My Son Has Autism – People Magazine,,20623084,00.html

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I sincerely feel for Jac. One of my brother’s has Aspberger’s Syndrome, which is on the autism spectrum. He is highly functioning, but it has caused problems for him socially when he was in school. Seeing him being teased and ostracized and want so badly to make friends was heartbreaking.

      With much help and hard work, he has a pretty good life today. He drives; dates; has had a few girlfriends; has a few friends; and works TWO jobs.

      I hope this is a cause into which she can put her energies and attention. I think it will be very helpful and gratifying for her.

      • One of my friends has a son with high functioning Asperger’s syndrome. He is an amazing person, made it thru high school (he hated it – hs is tough enough without the additional social stress). He graduated from college with an impressive technical degree, and after a couple of years of looking for the right job, is now working in another state (far from his parents) and he’s doing great. I love that kid!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I like hearing stories like that.

          Oh yeah, my brother is a “human calendar.” If I ask him for the date of even the most mundane thing (For instance, I once asked, “Hey, remember when we were on the phone, and I mentioned that old car I had and how I’d gotten the oil changed that day? What day was that?” He can tell me the EXACT day. He remembers the EXACT day for anything that occurred. He can also look at a list of dates for events — every single Super Bowl, the years and the winners, for instance — and give each single one of them to you. While he’s gathering his thoughts about it, he does this thing with his fingers where he rubs them together [like his brain is computing] and then he spits out the answers.

          • Hey that’s pretty cool & I could use that in my life as I’m getting more and more forgetful. Good for your brother that he can do that, as I’m pretty envious lol. I take care of my mom and have to make her appointments and mine and I always forget which is which. For example, my consultation for my neck procedure was July 31 but somehow I got it in my head that it was the 30. Took the day off and everything. A couple days before the consultation I was talking to the guy I’m seeing (OMG he is as perfect as someone can get and I haven’t had someone who treats me this well, ok enough with the gushing) and I mentioned I was going on the 30 and he told me I think you said it was the 31 and I had only told him a month before when I made the appointment. So I guess I have a measure of that in my life and I am so glad that he can remember more things than me. Might be cause he’s 21. Does that make me a cougar since I’m 30? 🙂 Well I’m ok if I am cause I’ve never been happier.

            And thank you for your kind response yesterday when I popped in to talk about the procedure. I felt like I won the lottery when I woke up this morning with no neck pain. I have to go for another injection in 2 weeks so I guess it can only get better.


      • Winston says:

        Oh wow! This makes me feel really bad for. Maybe that’s why she was so upset about Teresa not asking about her (Jac) and what was going on in her life. And probably explains why she seemed so irrational in her sit down with Teresa and the magazines.

    • Lulu says:

      Well this explains Jac’s drama behavior all season. When my nephew was diagnosed with autism my SIL was devastated. That explains alot. No wonder why she wants off the show.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Jackie simply went after Teresa this season as some sort of super sized home ec. project? Was it because she wanted to feel better about herself, by hurting, a so called friend of ten years? Was she jealous that all Teresa’s children seem to be healthy? I do not understand Jackie’s logic for going after a friend when her child is in such a vulnerable state. She also seems to be drinking a lot to cope? We all know that Jackie does not have a story line, she did use Ashely for several years, I hope she is not also using Nicholas now that her campaign against Teresa has turned out to be an epic fail. I am far more worried about the welfare of this child then I ever would be Jackie, after a three season debacle into her need for gang welfare, first Danielle, and now Teresa. JMHO.

        • plainviewsue says:

          I read Jac’s blog. She is as vicious and vindictive as ever.

          I feel for her as a mom. But instead of slaying Teresa, she should look at what is most important in her life.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Though it does not excuse all of her behavior some of it makes more sense. Autism/Asperger’s is such a devastating diagnosis for most parents yet, there is so much that can be done to help those kids i.e social skills classes, diet, etc. Truly, all the best to Jaq and Chris.

      • Rebecca says:

        Campaigning for children with autism and parents would have been a much better use of her time the last 18 months than her acting out on this show.

  13. For everyone on Chatzy last night…

    I checked the Washington Post this morning…The little boy was found unharmed.

    Thank goodness…

  14. shamrock blonde says:

    good morning my lovies *hugs entire board really hard*

  15. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Last night I signed off quickly due to my laptop acting up. Of course, first born got on and started working on it. Downloading more firewalls etc. He cleaned it up quite well. That young man is a gem.

    Good news about the young child that QBB had reported abducted. He is fine. Chat room was very busy last night.
    Off to the gym!

  16. Orson says:

    Morning all! I’m barely functional because I haven’t ingested my 2nd cuppa yet. And my attention needing feline master keeps interrupting that.

    • My big dog loves to push my screen with his nose. “hey I need attention! Where’s my doggie chew toy, where’s my treat? Hey isn’t it about time we go outside to play catch???” etc. The female just sits in front of me and whines. Lol, they do seem to mirror human behavior. The male is happy go lucky, pushes me over for attention, while the female must be in “doggy menopause.” I give her extra hugs!

  17. BB says:

    Great blogging jobs LME, Ramonacoaster, Michigan Susan and Rabble Rouser. Thanks. Wow!

  18. BB says:

    Boston, I want to thank you for getting the Chat room going. That was a lifeline to a lot of people.

    • Mary E says:

      Yes, thank you.

    • kendo says:

      What’s the chat room? Did I miss something? Is that temporary?

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Hi Kendo,

        Boston set up a chatroom just after Lynn passed – we were completely lost. We knew that Lynn’s blog wouldn’t sustain continued chat forever and needed a place to gather. Boston was very quick on her feet and set this up: Anyone can join (although I’m hearing that there’s a 3-day trial period???). Anyway, I don’t think it’s temporary. Many love it, because it’s very quick-paced, immediate responses. Give it a visit – it’s a lot of fun! I’ve always found a nice crowd there of our LynnFam members there.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          some of us have used it for 4-5 days, so we’re not sure how long the trial is. And when the trial ends, just log in with a different email. LOL. but we’re working on a permanent chat room that we could have administrative control over. When that happens, we’ll let ya’ll know.

        • Delia says:

          I can never get in to that room. But thank god I can get in here . Thanks everyone for setting this up and writing these recaps. Im so thankful your all here and I wish I had said it more to Lynn , but I think she knows that, so I’m saying it now to everyone here.

  19. Off to the pool. Gotta teach all these people how to strengthen their core. It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it. Have a beautiful day!

    • BB says:

      Have a good day, Dame

    • Winston says:

      I sure wish I could join in and get you to teach me how to strengthen my core. I did physical therapy for my back and it didn’t help much but I loved swimming and how weightless it makes you feel. Too bad we don’t leave near each other so I could join your class.

      • Winston, I hope you see this. Email me & I can give you some exercises to do in water. They truly do help!

        • Winston says:

          Thank you so much, Dame. I will email you. My email address is I would love to have some exercises to do in the pool.
          One of the things I regret now that Lynn is gone is not telling her how much she meant to me and the hard times she got me thru. One was last summer and my back went out and I was completely paralyzed from the waist down. I could not walk and had to be in bed for a month healing…this blog saved my sanity. I still have severe problems with my back so any help is welcome. Prior to that I suffered a miscarriage and became pregnant again shortly thereafter, I had to be on bedrest for 4 months!!! I thought I might lose my mind a few times and having this blog to read was lifesaving. I truly feel that Lynn and her blog had a hand in me delivering a healthy baby girl, helping me stay rested and calm and giving my mind something to focus on during that time. I so wish I had told Lynn how much she meant to me and all of the posters, too.

        • Plymouth Lighthouse says:

          Hi Dame! May I email you for those core strengthening pool excericises? Thank you so much!

  20. lizzle says:

    Good Morning! I haven’t read blog or comments yet, but now that I see some of you guys on facebook… I realize that I have a connection with some peeps here. Dickens… I am from the area that you live in and return there a few times a year to see my parents. Rabble Rouser… I bought my first surfboard at the Stuart shop in San Clemente… and immediately went to the beach there to surf. Small world.

    I have suddenly found myself with two kids and don’t have the time that I used to have here at the blog… so it can take me all day just to read and look at comments. Thanks to everyone, once again, for keeping Lynn’s memory and this space alive. This is the only place I go on the internet besides the usual FB, Twitter and Yahoo (and I don’t stay at those places too long)… so without it… I would be lost!

    Much Love

  21. psol says:

    Good morning Lynn’sFam!

    I want to thank BB, Ramonacoaster, Michigan Susan, LoveMamaEarth and RabbleRouser for the great recaps today! I’d also like to thank all of those that have taken the time to keep our group together. I’m signed up for the chat line, fb page and here. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have all of you to help get me through this terribly sad time. I’m truly grateful for Lynn and all of you!

    Have a great day!

  22. aranda says:

    I have waited to comment until our Lynn was buried because—I don’t know why…I just wasn’t ready I guess.

    I am a long-time lurker on Lynn’s blog, with this comment being only the 4th time I’ve ever left a comment. What am I going to do without my daily visits to Lynn’s blogs and her comments???

    When I first discovered Lynn’s blog, I was a little worried about the name containing the word “hate”, but when I read Lynn’s comments I realized that (just like she said not too long ago) the word “hate” is used within the former title and comments of this blog much in the same way you might say “I hate brussel sprouts!” This was the essence of Lynn, I think. To really “hate” someone you would have to disallow their humanity, and I don’t believe anyone could ever accuse Lynn of doing that to Jill Zarin or anyone else she blogged or commented about.

    I did truly enjoy all of Lynn’s blogs, but I most especially loved her replies to other members of the blog. She was soooo very on-spot about most everything and while I did not always agree with everything she said, I was always able to respect her right to her own opinion and I believe she returned that favor to all her blog family as well,

    So, to the entire blog family I extend my heartfelt sympathy. To those members of this blog who had very special, close relationships with Lynn, an extra dose of love goes to you. But to Lynn’s blood family, I AM SO VERY SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS! I wish I could give her back to you…

    Special shout-out to OMIB! A long time ago when I made comments on Lynn’s blog I was attacked by one especially nasty member. What I do remember the most about you is how KIND you were in your reply and comments to me. Thank you! You are funny, well-read, intelligent, intuitive and compassionate, and I always enjoy reading everything you have to say…

  23. melthehound says:

    Good Morning gang… Hope this finds you all well. I know there are still a few MIAs out there so when they find this, welcome back and come on in. Boston I’ll add my thanks to you for setting up the chat, it’s been a blast the past few days going real time with some of you. Disgrazia and a few others have also set things up, FB pages and such. I don’t use FB but your efforts are appreciated as well by all who do. NMD and LC (and?) I can’t tell you how glad I am to see this continue. My mornings would be quite empty without it. Lastly, Carly Hall, if you’re reading this, please don’t shut your radio show down. I and many others enjoy it greatly. It’s become part of my Monday nights.

    On to the shows.

    RHONY (and the others) – These shows have gone to Radio mode with me. That is, I really can’t watch them anymore. They have their watchable moments for sure but if you step away from the view of the screen, all you hear is people bitching at one another. Likely about the stupidest things too. I hate this formula that Bravo has ‘forced’ on us in the last couple years. I know people really do behave like this at times but really? This is the best that Bravo can give us? Once a high brow artsy fartsy cable channel has really sunk into the gutter. I know we, the viewers, are in there right along with them but out of the thousands of hours of footage they shoot, this is the best they can do? Really? Take a hint from the Push Girls. They too are doing ‘real life’ as it is for them as well as being positive and not wallowing in self pity or cattiness. I’ve read here that many of you began watching these shows to see the fabulous lifestyle that you do not live. Looking to see strong women shown in a positive light doing cool things and overcoming the obstacles placed in front of them. Are we there yet or has it come and gone? Would any of you want to trade places with any of them? Because I must have missed that part of it. The ‘good’ moments on these shows are too far and few between for my liking and IMO. I don’t think the casts have anything to do with that either.

    Dance Moms – Michigan Susan, You did a great job. I haven’t watched the show in months but reading your recap, I know exactly what happened. From your recap, I think Leslie has a hell of a lot of nerve telling any of the others how to behave. Actually all of them do. Since there haven’t been any recaps recently though, I have to wonder why Jill is back at Abby’s studio rather than CrabApples. I dislike Cathy more than I do Abby and that’s saying a LOT. Cathy makes me want to stab my ears with an ice pic every time she screeches. I’ve always liked Chloe and many times feel she gets a raw deal. I know Maddie is the fav there but to me, every one of her routines look exactly alike to me. She should be able to do them on her worse day while she’s asleep by now. My sister took dance growing up. Tap, Jazz, and Ballet. She did recitals and competitions but I don’t remember any of it being like this. Different kind of studio I guess and my parents had her in it to give her something to do, not become a star. I guess that’s the difference.

    Teen Mom- Again, Nicely done RabbleRouser.. Can’t stand any of them any more. To touch a little bit on the show though, I still tend to think open adoptions are a bad idea. That’s without any real personal knowledge on the subject though. For some, it might be good. I can’t help think that if they had just given Carley up and been done with it, they could be easier in moving on with their lives. Perhaps not and that’s the part of a closed adoption that we might not see. They did a noble thing IMO giving that kid a better shot than one they could offer and they should just leave her be. The kid doesn’t need 4 sets of grandparents and 2 sets of parents. I see that in divorced couples who start other families and I think it just confuses things too much. Don’t hate me for that view, it’s just the way I feel about it (as a non parent).

    Maci- really growing tired of her and her antics playing Bentley against his father. I really think Ryan should get something solid, court ordered, on paper, before she really screws him over with that kid. It’s coming, I can smell it. Amber- hated her and that fat pig she made a kid with since her first season. The fact she is now exactly where I figured one of them (or both) would end up speaks volumes to me. I’m laughing my ass off at her raiding Ashley’s closet though RR. Farrah- What an annoying bratty bitch she has shown herself to be. The queen of putting blame on everyone but herself. I think when they inflated her boobies they had some air left over and pumped it into her skull to fill the cavity where her brain may have once been. I’ve said this before, I really hate the concept of these shows. I can’t get the picture out of my mind of a bunch of teenaged girls lined up around the block to get on the show, girls that got themselves into that situation for the purpose of getting on the show. Sorry, that’s just what I think is happening with some of them.

    BB, LME, I appreciate your efforts as well but have never seen either show.

    I’ll leave you all with that, to the rest of your Wednesday.


    • NJBev says:

      I really have to agree with you Mel, re; the open adoption. I always thought it was such
      a great way to go, but now that you mention the inability for the birth parents to move
      on I would have to agree with you.

      • LavaLady says:

        I have to say the adoption counselor handled the meeting with the grandmoms very well. Her point, to me at least, was how many people does young Carly need in her life right now. She has an adoptive family. And then Caitlyn and Tyler. To add two additional grandmothers is overload, imo. Somehow the grandmoms have to move on. If I were to adoptive parents, I would find it very difficult to let two more people into my child’s life; people I really don’t know at all.

        • melthehound says:

          You know once you let them move in, too, they’re going to want a say in how the kid is raised. Some obviously would be more intrusive than others but I can’t see it being good at all.

      • Open adoption sounds terrifying to me (my son is adopted). I wouldn’t want the influence of the birth parents on my son, or having to put up with their concerns. Just me…my son always knew he was adopted, and he’s okay with it. He’s very well adjusted with lots of friends. He did go thru some periods tho where he wondered if he had other brothers or sisters. This is when he was around 14. He feels that he does. Sadly, it would be impossible for us to find his birth mother (she’s in India, and she was 19 when my son was born). I pray for her often, as being a Muslim, it may have been devastating for her to have a child out of wedlock. Every day, I thank God that she did not have an abortion.

        • HI Bluesky, I can’t imagine what it must have been like for your son’s birth mom. In some places being pregnant out of wedlock can put the mother’s life in peril.
          I have always wondered about children who are adopted from countries abroad that are impoverished, if maybe there is sort of a survivors guilt when they think about any siblings they might possibly have.

          • Well, our son doesn’t express that, and he’s been to India several times, when he was younger. He regrets not having siblings (we shouldn’t have wasted all those years on infertility treatments, as that caused me problems later, plus we could have adopted several kids – but can’t rewrite history). He expressed to us that he’s sure he has biological siblings, which is sweet really. He has no wish to meet his biological parents. I think that’s because he’s known about being adopted from around the age of 3. I told him that his birth mom couldn’t keep him, and God helped us to find him, so he’s our “gift from God.” There are many books written about how to tell your child they’re adopted, Jamie Lee Curtis was my favorite


            We never met his birth mom, just heard about her. She was helped by friends or relatives, taken to another city where she gave birth. I do wish I could help her some how, but there’s no way to find her. In fact, finding her now might endanger her. She was very brave, and I thank God for her gift to us.

            • I think you have helped her in the most important way possible. You gave the son she gave birth to, loving and stable parents and a qualify of life that would probably not otherwise be possible for him. I am sure you and your son are also remembered in her prayers.

            • melthehound says:

              In fact, finding her now might endanger her.
              That blows my mind. I don’t Doubt it but the idea is so foreign to me I can barely imagine it.

              • It’s a different culture MTH. It’s a disgrace for unmarried young women to have a child out of wedlock. Sadly, most prospective grooms would not knowingly marry such a woman.

                • Powell says:

                  Such a shame. I saw a documentary on Sundance once where it had nothing to do w/pregnancy out of wedlock but about women & arranged marriages & that if a woman is rapped & its known she can’t get married, she’s a disgrace to the family & some families w/sons kill his sister to bring back honor to the family. That’s so sad.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              What a beautiful story. It’s your life, not a story… what a beautiful life! It’s wonderful that you’ve taught him that “she was very brave…” because it’s true.

          • Mookiesmom says:

            RR, I think it’s natural for any adoptee to wonder about having siblings. I actually had dreams about a long time ago. I dreamed that I was having lunch with my brother.

        • Mookiesmom says:

          bluesky1forever, I am an adoptee. I was adopted at a time when open adoption wasn’t even a possibility. I think open adoption would have terrified my mother as well. I also always knew I was adopted and was OK with it. Sometimes I had questions, some reasonable some not, but it never changed the fact that my adoptive parents were my parents. I only use the past tense because they both have passed away. If your son would like to chat I would like that. Sometimes it can be difficult to express things to your own mother because you don’t want them to feel like you are betraying them. At least that is how I felt. I wondered if I had brothers and sisters as well. So, I know that feeling. Anyway, like I said if he would like to chat with another adoptee please feel free to email me @ Sounds like you have raised a pretty great kid.

          • aww Mookiesmom that is so kind of you. I’ll ask him, he’s 18 so still a teen & may be shy. All his friends know, they’ve always known I think. Nobody ever made a big deal of it. It was so cute when he was about 4, 2 of his little friends claimed they were adopted too! They thought it was cool. Around 4th grade or maybe 5th, one of his close skateboard buddies said the sweetest thing. “I think I’m adopted, because I don’t look like my mom or my dad.”

            I think the reason people figure out he is adopted is because I’m blonde, blue eyed & extremely fair, so when people see us together they never think I’m his mom. But I am!!

            • Powell says:

              You are. 🙂

            • Mookiesmom says:

              Just one adoptee reaching out to another, but thank you. He may not want to chat with some 42 year old woman and I would totally understand but I can relate as an adoptee. Every one of those things happened to me too! That was sweet of his skateboard buddy. Does he use a long board or short board? (Tell him I know the difference because my hubby use to skate and do trick riding on bikes years ago. Man that was scary to watch! LOL) For some reason long boards are popular with the skaters in my little town. But you are his mom no two ways about it, whether you look like him or not. People used to think that I was my parents grandchild because they were older when they adopted me. I remember someone saying to me that “the real parents are the ones that are there thru the mud, the blood and the beer”. I think that is very true. I think they were trying to say that the ones that are there through the good and the bad are the parents. Just let him know that as one adoptee to another that he can email if he wants to. No pressure.

              • Thank God he gave up skateboarding when he was 17 & started to drive. Now if you were a hot young thang, I’m sure he’d want to Facebook & email you!! lol it’s a different girl every day, & he just told me he’s chatting up 2 girls in the same grade (they must still be in high school). So I told him he’s going to get kicked to the curb by both girls, once they compare notes!

                • oh forgot, he used a short board, & he was pretty good.

                  • Mookiesmom says:

                    I was so happy when my husband stopped! He used to scare me to death. He used a short board also it was the bike tricks that really scared me. And hey! I was a hot, young, thang! (Well, 20 years ago! LOL I guess I gave it away when I used “was”.) Once those girls compare notes it’s all over for him! But seriously, sounds like he’s a normal kid and that doesn’t happen without a great mom!

        • Powell says:

          That’s sweet Bluesky. I saw a show once where the adoptive mother told her son he was chosen. It’s really great that your son has you. 🙂

        • RealHousewifeVA says:

          My daughter’s best friend is adopted. She was adopted with her 2 biological brothers, which I think is so awesome. Her mother is very open with them that they were adopted. I guess the boys would have known anyways since they were about 6 and 8 when they were adopted, and the girl was 3 or 4. So the 3 of them were adopted and she has one biological son in his 30’s and he still calls them his brothers and sister even though he was in his 20’s when his mom adopted them. It’s such a cool dynamic to me. A family can be formed in so many ways. There is no textbook version of what makes a family, IMO.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Thanks MTH. There are plenty of shows I don’t watch and sometimes I read parts of the recap and sometimes not so I understand completely.

      Thanks to all those who are keeping this going. I can’t express how much I appreciate you all including the commenters. And thank you to the lurkers who came out to tell their stories. It’s all been so touching.

      • Chicago Diane says:

        A special thanks to each of you, including you lovemamaearth- who went out of your way to welcome me over the past few weeks- and to each who has been especially kind this weekend to all the former lurkers. This is a unique experience for me- I have a full time job and rarely can read all posts as they occur but have been so touched by Lynn’s loss and the amount this group has come to mean- whether or not we have each spoken before- that I am spending most of my time on it. So I wil find a balance again- but have been so shocked as all have- , and I so appreciate all of you doing so much ot be kind to each other in Lynn’s name, and to keep it all alive- . Given how unkind some were to Lynn and others, it shows the reverse is also true- that real goodness and kindness overrides the opinions about the shows and the “stars” and that it is people and their relationships which matter most. And that she is responsible for each of us finding this site, feeling welcomed, and choosing to remain loyal to it- and Lynn- and each other.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      With regard to “Dance Moms,” Chloe has been my favorite for a while now. All of the little girls are sweet and well-mannered, IMO. Chloe is my favorite, however, because I feel like she is an excellent little dancer that is just as good as Maddie (and, possibly, even a little better). Despite this, Abby basically focuses on Maddie while minimizing Chloe’s talents. It’s like Maddie is “Golden Boy Albie” and poor Chloe is “Basically Ignored and Tolerated Lauren Manzo.” Caroline and Abby are both big bullies. So, maybe that explains it.

      With regard to “Teen Mom,” I agree with you that Ryan needs to get something set in stone via a Court Order. Maci is a good little Mom, but I do think she can be a bit unfair and controlling at times as far as Bentley is concerned. Ryan can be a real jackass, but he does not have to deserve with wondering if Maci is just going to pick up his son again and move to another town or State to follow behind some man.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Oops, I meant to say Ryan does not not have to deal with wondering (not “deserve with wondering”).

      • melthehound says:

        Nice analogy on Chloe and Maddie, Detox and I completely agree. Except, Chloe keeps pushing forward and Lauren has to be pushed and coddled. That’s what I see anyway.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Good point, Mel. Chloe does keep pushing forward (unlike Lauren).

    • Mel, I agree with you. Ryan does need to get something in writing from the courts. Maci is just way too fickle to take her at her word. I also agree, that the notoriety of this show and the money it brought to the cast, has really distorted the burden and trials of being a Teen Parent. It makes me sad not only to see how many teens are having sex and getting pregnant but how many are deluded into thinking they can keep and raise their baby.

      • melthehound says:

        deluded into thinking they can keep and raise their baby
        When they don’t even have jobs or the education to get them.

      • Powell says:

        And RR it keeps happening. You would think that 16 ang Pregnant would not have so many girls each season but it continues. I don’t watch TM and 16 regularly but when I do it just amazes me. The little girls all think the BF is going to be there. After a few months at most the BF is gone, especially if the girl moves in w/the BFs family.

    • Powell says:

      MTH the fab lifestyles that we wanted to see is fading. Im holding out fir BH and Miami since they get another shot at it.
      TM I understand what you mean about closed adoption. Carly is def too young to deal w/additional grandparents. Farrah I’m just kinda lost for words w/that girl & that’s what she is an immature girl. I think she’s acting like Vicki Gunvalson in that she has to have a man. She’s talking marriage after 6 weeks. I think you said last week the BF should be glad he got out when he did.

      • melthehound says:

        So you think it’s all about the ‘love tank’ for Farrah.. You might be right about that. If she doesn’t tone down the attitude though, she’s going to spend the rest of her life with an empty one sans the occasional one looking for a quickie. None are going to want to stick around.

        • Powell says:

          Right. I don’t know what Debbie did to Farrah and her sister but whatever it was has made a tremendous impact on them that has damaged them. Farrah needs to continue w/Therapy.

    • codystl says:

      Mel – you’ll be recapping my two favorite shows. Also enjoy your weekend columns with Aiken.

  24. DuchessofDryerLint says:

    Hey all. Just a fast minute to stop in. The site looks great and this is just a wonderful way to keep Lynn’s legacy going. You are rock stars, each and every one of you. Hugs to everyone and will check in tomorrow, God willing and I don’t get called in early!

  25. Three Blessed says:

    Maybe not the best place to ask this but with Nicholas’s diagnosis it’s got me thinking… my 16 month old likes to bang his head on the side of the crib when trying to sleep..He also likes to spin in circles..Other than this he seems normal..Likes hugs, knows his name, etc..Should I be worried? Anyone have any experience with this?

    • NJBev says:

      3-have you mentioned this to your pediatrician? What has he/she said?

      • Three Blessed says:

        She says not to worry about it…”he spins cause it’s fun..he bangs his head to get attention”

        • NJBev says:

          oh, ok. there you go~
          he does maintain direct eye attention(looks you in the eye) right?

        • Just Wondering in Jersey says:

          I used to bang my head on the crib for attention. I’m relatively normal 🙂

          • dickens says:

            My mother says I would bump my head in the crib to go to sleep. From other’s responses, it must be a fairly common thing.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          According to my Mom, I ate dirt, and I was obsessed with putting objects up my nose as a toddler (thus necessitating a visit to the E.R. and more than one occasion where I had to lay across my mother’s lap, as she painstakingly used tweezers to remove items from my nose).

          Do not ask me WHY I did this? I have no idea.

          I think I turned out just great, though!! 😀

          My brother (the one with Aspberger’s) had a very flat affect as a baby (very calm; very good; just no real interaction). He also did not speak until he was 3 or 4 years old. I would pay attention to milestones. Is he meeting them on or near the average times for his age? Is his speech really delayed? If you notice problems with any of these things, please see someone.

          • INAL – I used to eat dirt when I was a kid too. My aunt beat the bejeebers outta me one time for making a dirt sandwich.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              LOL. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. My Mom said that when she would catch me doing it, she would yell at me, and I would try to hurry and lick all the dirt off my hands before she could get to me. Gross!

            • Powell says:

              A dirt sandwich QBB? Damn that was some good dirt. 🙂

            • Powell says:

              I didn’t do stuff like that. I just climbed out the crib onto the dresser and then “wham” on the floor knocked out cold. I wanted to walk in a bad way. I walked at 7mths old, never crawled.

    • melthehound says:

      My nephew use to bang his head on the concrete floor as an infant when he got mad. Couldn’t do anything about it, he just did it. Grew out of it and turned out fine (eventually). He’s 28 now.

      • Three Blessed says:

        Thanks…When I found out he was a boy Ive worried ever since. My husband thinks I’m ridiculous.. yes NJ looks at me when i talk to him..Glad to know there are other head bangers out there.. He only does it when going to bed..Seems like a soothing thing or he wants me to come get him Love ya’ll I feel better.

        • LavaLady says:

          It seems like autism is all around us, right. I can see why you would be worried; i think it crosses every moms’ mind at one time or another. If I can offer any advice to moms of young children, it would be to read them, alot. Before naptime and bed time. Even at a year and a half, they can look at picture books with you. There’s pop up books and touch and feel books, and many other kinds. And most of all, enjoy them. Mine are 19 and 22. Time goes so fast.

        • melthehound says:

          It wasn’t an easy road with him, broken home, addicted parent, and other stuff, but considering all that, I’m amazed he’s where he is (A physical therapist), self motivated and the whole bit. Quite proud of him. So yes, there’s hope. Do try to pad the surface though, it may just be your son’s way of rocking himself to sleep. Best of luck.

    • Maybe you can put a little extra padding where he bangs his head? He will probably grow out of it, but as long as he interacts with you, that’s good. I was alone with my son a lot when he was little, as my family & my husband’s family were thousands of miles away from where we live. I found a good play group with very kind women & children eventually, and they became my “family.”

      One thing I wish I had done was interact more with my son….those educational books with touchy/feely things are great, and toys that you play along with him. I should have spent more time repeating words to him, too….but he was my first child, and I’m the youngest in mine, so I just thought he would learn on his own. Not true, they learn from playing with you & with others, the more interaction the better.

      Now he’s all grown up, and doing fine but he did have a little trouble in school. He learns one on one much better than in a class full of kids.

      Your post reminded me of when he was a teenager, and banged his head into the wall. The dent is still there!

      • Three Blessed says:

        Thanks Blue..good advice he’s starting a two day a week preschool, maybe that will help

        • LavaLady says:

          That’s great about the preschool. I’m sure he will love it. Most do.

        • Lady Chatterley says:

          Hi Blessed,

          My son had a difficult birthing and some seizures when he was in his first week. He was on medication to control them for the first few months. As he developed, he had some strange behavior – banging his head on the ground during tantrums, hitting himself – extremely sensitive to auditory and visual stimulation. Otherwise, he developed well – speech was good, motor skills excellent, cognitive excellent – he was just always extremely shy and avoided eye contact, found it hard to sustain conversation. When he entered high school, I started to notice some struggles academically and I suspected that he was struggling w/reading comprehension. I took him to an educational psychologist for testing and told her his background and that I suspected autism. He was tested and they did not find that he indicated autism, but he was diagnosed pretty clearly with attention deficit. He’s never been medicated, but I arranged a lot of intervention and support for him academically. He’s doing great now – very successful in a university program in engineering (out of state) and did an awesome internship across the country from me.

          Anyway – my point is that, there may be nothing at all going on. But, you should watch your son’s development carefully. No one knows your child better than you. And these kinds of things can be very subtle. Not something to worry about, but you should be aware and just watch him, so that you can intervene and support if and when he needs it.

        • that will give you a nice break too 🙂

    • lovemamaearth says:

      One of mine banged his head but stopped after I said don’t do that a few times.

    • Lulu says:

      Hi Three blessed I have a 23MO who will be 2 September 8th 😦 (growing up too fast!) He used to and still does bang his head. His pediatrician said it’s completely normal. They do it for a few reason frustration, curiousity and boredom. Don’t worry he won’t really hurt himself they know their limits. The first time my sweet sweet DS banged his head on the ground was a complete shock. Now at almost 24 months he rarely does it. Once they are able to express themselves it will stop.

      Circle spinning is a wonderful new skill that is vital to their development. No worries it’s completely normal behavior. I remember the day my DS just learned how to spin it was so adorable I just remember how proud he looked!

      • Three Blessed says:

        Thanks so much Lu …That really helps take a load off! Really Appreciate it!

        • Lulu says:

          No problem anytime!! Any issues with the absolute dreaded temper tantrums???? I absolutely could do without them I swear! My life would be soo much quieter! 🙂

    • Hi Blessed, while that is sensory seeking behavior at the same time, sensory seeking is also a typical part of development. I think every kid I know likes to spin in circles- hell, even kids in college made a game out of it (all thought it involves beer).

      Here is something called a M-Chat, it’s part of screening tool used for toddlers.

      My daughter used to be at risk when I did it with her, because at the time she was still largely non verbal and didn’t point with her index finger, as well as being VERY tactile defensive but with the therapy is has been receiving, those issues are resolved.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      3 blessed, don’t worry. I believe (from some training I’ve had) that spinning is a natural way of reconciling the right and left brain. It’s soothing and it helps with the “wiring”of the brain so to speak – to engage both sides of the brain. With that being said, awareness and education can’t hurt either. You can go to your pediatrician, go online, visit a reputable pre-school and ask them for a list of milestones (as someone else here suggested). Spinning is quite common. I, personally, would find it more concerning if the child DOESN’T SPIN at all, ever or if their movement is extremely limited. From what you said about him being affectionate, being responsive to his name, etc. – it sounds like it’s all gooooood!! Of course, a qualified professional will help ease your mind. I think it’s cool that you ARE curious and checking… as some other wonderful person pointed out here, early intervention is KEY.

    • Christi44 says:

      Hi 3 Blessed. I am in the mental health field and work through the schools. Part of my job is working with a team of people to identify students with autism spectrum disorders. I also have a son who falls on the spectrum. From what you said in your post, it sounds like normal developmental behavior. If he is responding to his name, imitating your actions (waving back at you, playing patty cake, smiling when you are smiling, etc.) and hasn’t shown signs of developmental delays, I would not be overly concerned. However, when in doubt, you can always take him to a developmental pediatrician or psychologist to have him evaluated (at this age they will mostly ask you questions). Check them out first though. We have one doctor in this area who way over diagnoses. As he gets older, if he isn’t playing with others (playing alongside instead), seems not to be able to use objects in pretend ways (e.g. can’t understand how a brush could be used as a train), or seems to get overly fixated on topics, you may decide then to have him evaluated.
      Parenting is so hard and can produce so much anxiety. I remember having my stomach turned in knots with my oldest (who also was dx’d with developmental stuttering and a mild form of Tourette’s). He is 15 now and doing really well.
      Hang in there mom!!

      • Three Blessed says:

        Thx Christi the only other thing I can think of is the pointing..he doesn’t do that..He however will grab my hand take me over to what he wants..I need to relax I guess.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      My sister in law’s son went through a faze where he’d rock back and forth forever before falling asleep. I think some kids just do it as a comfort thing (the rocking motion)

  26. Contessa says:

    Good Morning, is there a specific face book page set up for Lynn, outside of her facebook page…if yes I haven’t found it? Can anyone enlighten me Thanks, XO

  27. NJBev says:

    I’m sorry to be so technically challenged, but does anyone know how I can get this site sent
    to my e-mail automatically? I have to go thru so many steps to bring this page up.
    Thank you.

    Thank you again to all for your efforts. Lynn would be so proud.
    I can’t seem to get into Boston’s chat, do you have to pay a fee? is that what everyone else does?

    • Just Wondering in Jersey says:

      No fee NJBev. Just sign up and jump on.

      • NJBev says:

        It always tells me too many people already on- limit 10.
        I must be doing something wrong (as usual)

        • Bev, I never got into the chat room either. Someone suggested try a different email address. It only let’s you chat for 3 days anyway, so I gave up.

          Luckily this blog shows up in my “top history” sites, so that’s how I find it. Or google Lynn Fam blog, that works too. Did you know there’s an actual Lynn family that comes up with their Facebook page on google too? Thanks to psol for posting the Facebook address I was looking for!

        • Lady Chatterley says:

          I have this page bookmarked.

          My understanding is that Boston’s chatroom doesn’t apply the 10-person limit, if you register.

          But, is there a 3-day trial limit on how long you can participate, once you’ve registered?

        • lovemamaearth says:

          You need to register and log in. But well worth the effort. Also you have to login and still have to enter the room. They email you a password tht you can change to something you’ll remember. And after 3 or 6 days you may need to register a different name and email for another free time.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Bev-bookmark this page on your computer. NMD always post a link to the new blog on the bottom of the last blog. If you dont know how to “book mark” the page-maybe we can get MelTH to help you-he is pretty savvy!!
      As for the chat-I think there is limited space as to how many people can be in the room-keep trying and you will get a turn to enter….AND DONT BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF!!!!

      • melthehound says:

        Depends on the browser but Most of them,

        Simply grab the little icon next to the web address in the address bar, in this case, the wordpress W, and drag it into the area where your other links are. Too much of that and it’ll get crowded though so if you have a folder set up (CTRL-B to access the bookmarks folders) you can drag it into there as well. On mine, there is a ‘bookmarks’ folder in addition to the sorting folders I have set up so I drag most things there until I decide what to do with them.

        If you look at where I have the arrow pointed on the above link, you’ll see two greater than characters next to where it says bookmarks. This is where the overflow of dragging links to the address bar goes.

        Hope that helps.

    • BB says:

      NJBev. I saved this link into my favorites.

    • BB says:

      As for the chat room that Boston set up. I did have to register, but didn’t have to pay. Eventually, I was asked if I wanted to become a premium member (that costs) but I didn’t. This morning, I was able to get on there again, free. Maybe because there were less than 10 people chatting at the time.

  28. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Good Late Morning, Everyone,

    I took a new medication last night which caused me to wake up much later than usual. I’m still a little groggy.

    I want to thank NMD, BB, Ramonacoaster, Michigan Susan, Lovemamaearth and Rabble Rouser for all the great blogs!

    Now, I’ve got to scroll back up and make comments to the other people’s comments above!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Check out the article above about Jac-it will explain some of hr off behavior

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Thanks, Jill. I read it. Jac has my sympathy.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I had a feeling something was going on with her besides just the dumb shit we were seeing on TV-and I didnt think it was her drinking! Her hysteria had to have some deeper meaning then being upset by magazine covers

  29. Eastbayca says:

    Breaking news!!!!!

    Nene Leakes has a grand daughter Bri’Asia (she is on Intouch magazine with)

    • Pghemtchick says:

      @NeNeLeakes: Yes this is the first & only! I’am proud 2 b a Glam Ma

      Hope the link works, she’s a cutie!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Bri’Asia? I wonder how they came up with that name. Thanks for the news. I’ll check out the article.

      • isn’t her son’s name Bryson?

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Yes. Maybe that’s it. I wonder how it is pronounced.

          Certain names can make me say, “WTF?” sometimes. For instance, I LOVE Mariah Carey. I know she can be a bit loopy and a bit of a diva, but I love her anyway. Despite that, I thought naming her son “Moroccan” was one of the dumbest things I’d ever heard. His full name is Moroccan Scott Cannon. That’s like naming someone “Brazilian Jose’ or Swedish Erik.” Just dumb. JMHO (I do not mean to offend anyone). That being said, Mariah Carey’s twins are absolutely gorgeous, and I could eat each one of them with a spoon.

          • Where do these people come up with such ridiculous names? Blanket has to be the least creative name I’ve ever heard. I’m used to a lot of foreign names, some of them are so beautiful. Others aren’t, but the kids get used to it I guess.

            Mariah Carey on Idol, that should be fun to watch!

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Well Michael had a problem when he named both his son’s Prince Michael Jackson. Blanket is a nickname. It is kind of comforting. I think as he gets older, the family should call him Kett. I am sure that that might be to practical for the Jackson clan thought. I wonder about superstars that name more then on child after themselves. It seems like a sign of a major slew of personality disorders. George Foreman comes to mind. He has five sons named George Foreman. Insane. Problematic. Cringe worthy. JMHO.

          • NJBev says:

            You know what’s funny about Mariah and Nicks kids?
            The call them “Rock n Roe”
            After thinking about the “Birthnames” Detox. I thought they were KA RAY ZEE

            But I like the nicknames Rock n Roe. those names kinda sooth my soul, when I’m thinkin
            bout Rock n Roe. he he It’s late in Jersey and I’m signing out.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I agree. You’re absolutely right. The Roc & Roe nicknames are adorable and the cutest things.

    • psol says:

      Precious !

    • kendo says:

      Guess that condom talk she gave Bryson didn’t work!

  30. klmh says:

    Ramonacoaster, sure enjoyed your blog rundown.

    I don’t watch any of the other shows mentioned here, but thank you ladies for doing such a great job at blogging. Congrats all ’round.

  31. Lulu says:

    I hope everyone”s day is going great. Just wanted to say thank you to NMD and Lady C for keeping this site going. Also a huge huge thank you to BB, Ramonacoaster, Michigan Susan, LoveMamaEarth. and RabbleRouser for your wonderful blogs! Love the wit and snark!

    If you follow Alex and Simon on twitter. A few days ago sorry remembering this now (my mind was preoccupied.) They are doing couples therapy on VH1 and I think it airs September 20th??? I thought they boasted about how strong their relationship is!?!?!? Very strange!

    • Three Blessed says:

      I lost a lot of respect for Alex when I found out…Almost as bad as Jill that move..

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Simon tweeted defending it as “prevention”. So are they really having issues or is this another famewhore moment…I know which direction I’m leaning to believe.

      • Just Wondering in Jersey says:

        I suspect we are in agreement Pghemtchick

      • BB says:

        I’m sure I’m leaning the way you’re leaning, chick. Lol

      • LaineyLainey says:

        That tower in pizza is leaning right along with you, Pchick

      • T-Rex says:

        Prevention, famewhoring yourself out to keep some relevancy on a z-rated program, well I guess that’s tomatoe-tohmatoes to them

      • Orson says:

        There was a while when many married couples were going through “Marriage Encounter” groups to beef up their communication skills and stuff. My brother and SIL did and their marriage lasted until my brother passed on. So, that is sort of “prevention”, isn’t it?

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Do you guys think anyone would want to blog about the show?

      • BB says:

        I’ll probably watch it because I’m curious to see what their (cough, cough) “problems” are.

      • LizzieLou says:

        I tried to watch last season of Couple’s Therapy, but just couldn’t get into it. I’m going to try to watch this season b/c I’m curious about Alex and Simon.

      • Lulu says:

        I plan on watching it after all how can I possibly refuse watching train wrecks!!! 🙂
        I’ll blog it!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Goody!! Thanks, Lulu.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I’ll call your “goody” and raise you a “gumdrop”, Detox.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Cute. This made me chuckle.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                To tell you the truth, I do not see how they could not have very serious problems. On their last season with Andy’s crew. Simon was, at times, pretty rude to Alex. When she was at the photo shoot, he was a complete controlling pooper hole! I will always like her, him not so much. I think he cost her, her place on the show. I think she also looses a lot of opportunities because he is pushy, greedy and unreasonable. JMHO.

  32. Three Blessed says:

    Wonder how long it will be before they pimp their kids out? Famewhores!!

  33. LuvMyGals says:

    Lovemamaearth – What a challenge you took on, recapping Aaron Sorkin! And you did a great job. I had forgotten that Newsroom is a show I wanted to see. So I’m off to Hulu in the next few days to catch up on that one. Thanks so much!

    I have to say that I’m very sorry to hear about Jacquelyn’s son having autism. Their family is facing such a challenge; my heart goes out to her. She certainly needs an empathetic friend to lean on,so I can see that she’s be especially sad that Teresa could not be there for her. I hope Jac finds the supports she needs.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Let us know what you think after you watch. 🙂

      Jac is from NJHWs I take it. I don’t watch but that is sad for anyone to deal with. Poor kid especially but it affects the whole family.

  34. PrincessPindy says:

    Great Job Everyone!!
    I feel so bad for Jaq. Having a 22 year old son with Asperger’s, I just want to cry for her. I am out of that long dark tunnel. But omg, the shit I went thru with him, the schools, meds, Drs, wrong diagnosis, psychologists, psychiatrists, did I mention the other kids and sometimes worse, their parents. UGH. I don’t like Jaq, I think she is a whiney butt, but man, she needs to pull on her big girl panties and start being Momma Bear so that she can advocate for this kid. She is going to have to focus on being his warrior and get what he needs. It is exhausting, overwhelming and sometimes you just need to crawl into bed and pull the covers up and cry! I am so glad that I worked so hard and my efforts had a excellent result. I know many parents with kids that work so hard and don’t get that happy ending, and my heart breaks for them. Jaq, put down the wine glass and pick up the mouse and start googling! Arm yourself with information. Sober up and go with your motherly instincts!! Only feel sorry for yourself in private. And get a comfy pillow for your knees, cuz you are going to be doing a lot of praying!!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      My brother has Aspberger’s, Princess. My parents (and his siblings, including me) feel/felt your pain. (((Princess)))

      Jac has MUCH more pressing and important things to focus on than Teresa. I hope she does that.

    • melthehound says:

      I’ll bet when your son was born, there was very little information about it too. Raising me glass to all you supermoms (and dads) who deal with this the way it needs to be dealt with.

    • BB says:

      I feel very blessed that I didn’t have to struggle with what you and others have had to deal with PP. I commend you for all your hard work on behalf of your son and daughter. I hope Jac has the fortitude to do what you have done.

    • Princess Pindy, you are a dedicated mom. For Jac to devote herself to her son, she would have to get off of the reality show circus.
      ((( PrincessPindy )))

      • PrincessPindy says:

        BSF, I was thinking the same thing. To expose her son to the cruelty of the internet would be horrible. She needs to retreat, regroup and get a game plan. Of course that game plan changes daily, some times min by min, lol.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Beautifully put, Princess! How wonderful to read of your own journey. God’s blessings to you, sweet lady.

      • MamaZ says:

        I feel sorry for Jaq as well. But somehow I don’t see her putting in the hard work that is necessary. I hope I am wrong but she seemed to take the easy route with Ashley and look how that worked.
        Pindy – You are a wonderful mother and an inspiration.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Mamaz, her track record ‘aint great, but this is her chance to do as Pindy said and be the best advocate and mother that this child deserves. Let’s pray that she takes this chance and does a great job. I’m willing to give her a clean slate (not that it matters what I think) but I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. I am surrounded by many parents who go through the natural process when they are first informed of their child’s condition. Most, after the natural steps of denial, anger and grief… DO step up for their kids and become their children’s advocates. I hope she reaches out to her school system and doctors and other families for optimum results for her baby.

    • LuvMyGals says:

      {{{{Pindy}}}} So you and your son were two of the trailblazers. I can’t imagine how difficult that was. Jac and many many others moms and children benefit so much from all the battles you fought. Wine glass going up in your honor this evening! I’m so happy that your son has had success – I’m hoping for the best for Jacquelyn’s son too.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      ((( Pindy ))) Best of luck to your dear family.

    • Powel says:

      PrincessP I’m sorry your family and son had to go thru that. I hope all your hard work paid off for him.

      • Powell says:

        I’ve seen actresses Holly Robinson-Pete and Jenny McCarthy talk about the struggles they went through w/their sons. Holly said when her son was finally diagnosed she told her husband Rodney that he’d better get on board fast or be on his way cause she didn’t have time to waist, or something to that affect and Jenny did the same and her husband walked. Today their sons are in main stream schools w/their peers and at their grade level for their ages so hard work from the parents pays off.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Let’s hope she puts as much work into taking care of her son that you did. That’s an amazing story. Glad your son is doing well.

  35. Okay, testing a theory, let's use this name. says:

    This will be my last time trying to comment.
    For one, we thank everyone for trying to keep the group together.
    There is talk on twitter that many people have been trying to comment but can’t and noticed only a certain group of people have been able too.
    We just ask this. Is this blog only for certain members?
    People have left comments and saw it said comment in moderation, so they knew the comment went through. Then other comments were posted like wild fire. Other people have made tributes to Lynn and also, such as realitywives and a few others.
    I think what we are trying to say is, if you are going to have a blog called the Lynn Fam, you should know that Lynn allowed anyone to comment unless they caused trouble.
    Maybe you can let us know if this blog is only for certain members also.

    • T-Rex says:

      What are you talking about? First off this place is for everyone, secondly, all posters go into moderation the first time they post here and then someone “frees” up that post and you don’t have the problem again. Seriously, we are like day 3 in mourning and starting from a new place and drama has to be started. We have seen tons of new posters and old posters I know mine went to moderation and when released had no problems.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I don’t think so. I know the first time you comment it says comment in moderation but after that status is removed you can comment again. This blog is just starting so please be patient.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      When you first post, your comment goes to moderation. Once approved, you shouldn’t have any problems posting again.

    • trudie says:

      You are obviously out of moderation now.

      Welcome if you are new.

    • kendo says:

      Personally, I would like to thank everyone involved in getting this blog going. Just think about the number of people that came together to make it work. On top of that, everyone is in a different city, state, etc. It’s taken a lot of work, and they didn’t miss a beat, which is amazing at this extremely emotional time! Thank You for your hard work!

  36. Gina says:

    Gina, i don’t see your comment.. Did they put it through?

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Confused here. Gina, why are you saying that you didn’t see “Gina’s” comment? Unless you thought you were posting under a different name?

  37. Okay, testing a theory, let's use this name. says:

    Okay, no problem, we can start a page for the other Lynn Family Members. This is really sad. Someone else just had the same problem.

    • LavaLady says:

      There have been a lot of new posters here. Just be patient. Lady C. will let your first comment out of moderation when she can and then you will be all set. All are welcome.

  38. Pghemtchick says:

    Free Jackpot! (actually I’m just glad she didn’t toss him to the curb!)

    @AdrienneMaloof: My little Jackpot is still King of his Castle. @TeamJackpot

    • BB says:

      If this posts twice sorry about that. Didn’t she just get another puppy and ask for suggested names for it? I remember someone saying “Just name him Giggy and be done with it already” or something like that. Lol. I wonder what she named the new one.

  39. Gina says:

    Ok Gina D, I don’t know if My comment went through either, it looks like this place is only for people OMIB . BOSTON & NMD want here. So many comments have been posted since. other new names also. This is very sad, Lynn would not want this. She would want us all to be together.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Gina, you’re welcome to participate – as I noted above, all comments go to moderation for new posters. Once approved, you shouldn’t have a problem posting. Just refrain from personal attacks and there should be no problem.

    • T-Rex says:

      Uhm seriously, your post is here and showing up so obviously you can post here, again stop with the Drama can calling out people, this is not helpful and you obviously are not coming back here regularly since your posts are most certainly showing here.

      • Chicago Diane says:

        I am one of the new poisters- have ben reading fro years but was not posting. – I did see the post slowed but am not the least bit concerned,. I am noone’s special friend, have not been on for years-. I don’t undertand why you would start suggesting that there are limits that are not there. As a new poster, it was clear to me, that a new site, and a new person in it, would need time for it all to gel- what’s the problem? This is the wrong time and place for this. Lynn would be the first to say you don’t speak for her when you suggest there is some process limiting who has access here.

        I apologize if I have offended anyone but know this is just not a true assertion, and has no place here now. Everyone here is sad and trying to be supportive of each other and Lynn’s family. Why would you bring petty concerns about poliltics into it, when there is none? . .

  40. klmh says:

    Thought this might be of interest to those here who are trying to decipher the truth from the crap…

    • melthehound says:

      I don’t need a super decoder pen but thank you. The way I look at it is this. If it’s on the tele, in commercials, on the news, or in print, endorsed or not, it’s bullshit.

      • Luckily I don’t live in a “battleground state” so the political ads are not deluging us with nonsense – so far. Sad that they are spending a billion dollar on political nonsense, instead of something worthwhile.

        • klmh says:

          We haven’t received them yet that I know of, but truthfully we don’t watch local broadcasts unless its the news. Our state is obviously republican, but these ads creep into the internet, where I live. Just like to know what was said really was said from the opposing sides.
          I agree with you, this money could go for better use, but hey, oh never mind…

      • PrincessPindy says:

        It’s all crap, that’s my app.

      • klmh says:

        You might want to read where the information comes from MTH.

        Unfortunately, where I live, there is an abundance of, let us say, the lack of intellectual questioning or knowledge, when it comes to politics. Fox is rarely questioned, and bashing of all other news agencies, non-political or no, is considered politically correct. I don’t have a crystal ball so although I understand the game, I don’t have the resources available to decipher fact from fiction. Its a tool and if you are planning on voting, may be worth looking at, or not…

        • melthehound says:

          Oh I’ll look KLMH, with an eye that thinks it’s all bullshit. I don’t watch fox, cnn, or any of the rest of them. I’m mostly independent and feel I’m forced to choose the one that smells the least. What I would really like to see is a viable third party to knock these other assholes off of their self built pedestals. Let’s have some term limits and get rid of these lifetime career bastards. I know in my lifetime though, that isn’t likely to happen. These elections are bought and paid for before they even begin. Simply stated, unless I have the pre score card, I don’t think my vote means a damn thing, though, I’ll vote anyway.

          • JenninFL says:


          • so true, the “lifetime career bastard”

            agree with you MTH, it’s a choice of which one stinks the least

            I’ve always said, All politicians can be trusted just about how far you can throw one.

            • klmh says:

              So how do you judge for yourself, just wondering? How do you know which one stinks the least? I’d love to know how to do that without checking the facts.

              • melthehound says:

                KLMH, Especially when it comes to the POTUS and the ‘erectoral college’ (No I didn’t accidentally misspell that) being a winner take all proposition, I know exactly how my state is going to swing. It doesn’t matter how I vote, all votes go to the same candidate, the one I’ll be voting against. The way you tell which one smells the least, you take a quick sniff. Keep sniffing too long they begin to smell alike because in reality, they are exactly the same steaming piles of you know what. Just wearing different color neck ties.

                • klmh says:

                  This is simply to check to see if what is being said by either side stands up the truth test.
                  I use factcheck, and both candidates are either stretching and distorting the truth. This is simply a means to read the truth, and it goes back to previous statements made by the politicians. Im not going to call anyone names, I just thought some would be interested, as I am. Obviously there is a lot more apathy about this issue than I thought here. Oh well…

                  • melthehound says:

                    Obviously there is a lot more apathy about this issue
                    And with good reason IMO.

                    I understand your point and what you are trying to do but I’ve watched enough of these elections to know that, they wet their finger, hold it in the air, and whichever way the wind is blowing that week, that’s their stance.

                    • klmh says:

                      Exactly. That is why these sites are invaluable. You see not only the present, but the past of their voting records and broken promises. You see the whole picture. It’s just something that’s important to me anyway, and in years go by, this truth of information wasn’t as accessible as it is on this one app. Amazing to me.

                • Lady Chatterley says:

                  So true – in the end, you’re voting the same bastards in.

              • klmh, I do check them out & follow the issues closely. I’m just sick of nothing getting accomplished in congress. The fighting makes me ill. Like the fiscal cliff. Really the bastards should be working on it now instead of being on vacation! Ha like that would ever happen. When someone gets elected to congress it’s like they won the lottery. Suddenly they become millionaires & influence peddlars….we are beholden to those who can pay the most $ to the politicians. What happened to doing the best for our country, compromising because we can’t just have one set of people get everything….I just get high blood pressure from it all. The other day I hung up on my 87 year old mom. She’s totally opposite from me when it comes to our political beliefs. After a few days I called her, & we agreed not to talk about politics! 🙂

                We are the most spoiled people on earth. The USA, despite the problems we have, is a great place to live. Billions of people on this planet do not have electricity, hot water (or any piped in clean water), a computer, and have never used a cell phone. They are lucky to have a roof over their heads. Some day maybe we can do more for the rest of the world instead of fighting wars that can never be won (Afghanistan). Sorry, rant over!

                • klmh says:

                  I couldn’t agree with you more on the congress. Its disgusting, disappointing and I agree with MTH about term limits. I can’t fix anything, but I did find something cool that might answer some questions truthfully.

          • Just Wondering in Jersey says:

            Ditto. I agree.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I think we all need help figuring out what’s true and what’s BFLs. Our media has let us down for a long time. And it’s owned by the corporations with lobbyists who are buying voted in congress. So… ugh.

    • klmh says:

      More information about the app mentioned above:

    • MamaZ says:

      That’s fantatsic klmh! Sadly I think a lot of people aren’t really interested in the truth. They choose to believe certain things in spite of the facts. But I hope it helps.

      • klmh says:

        Glad you like it and I agree, that’s why I thought this would be important, but of course its important to those of us who are not straight line party voters. I was hoping the app would be available on iPad, but sadly thats not the case and I don’t have an iphone. The sites mentioned above though are great, so I’ll just look them up separately.

  41. Gina says:

    This comment went through.
    Amanda says:
    August 20, 2012 at 11:47 am

    Thanks for setting up this blog. It is a wonderful tribute to the community that Lynn helped to build.

    What about everyone else’s?

  42. shamrock blonde says:

    thanks for all of the blogs, you guys rock my socks, and thanks again to NMD and Lady for keeping Lynn’s place open for us – great job!!!

    I do feel badly for Jaq, and I pray that she understands that this is where her priority should be – I also hope that she understands that drama does not help her son – at all –

    *hugs Princess Pindy really hard*

  43. kendo says:

    Just read Teresa’s blog. She has some amazing support from fans. A lot of people feel like I do about the toast, Caroline being around was the only thing wrong with that toast. There was nothing mean about it! Another title for DonCaro’s book: “How to turn everyone around you into a bitter clown”

    • The Tin Man says:

      I don’t care for Teresa, but this uproar over her toast is just ridiculous. If Caroline thought Kathy should be mentioned in a toast, then she could have chimed in and made a toast of her own to Kathy and she could have even said that everyone should be acknowledged, and then Teresa would have had to drink to Kathy as well, or come off looking like Caroline did when she wouldn’t raise her glass. Caroline has been looking for a fight with Teresa all season, and I didn’t have to read between the lines to figure that out.

      • melthehound says:

        That’s the first remotely Pro Teresa thing I’ve seen you say all season. Even telling Momz to get the eff over it (which I think is what you just did), is a step in the right direction 😉 (ducks as tin objects come flying at me)…

      • mrs peabody says:

        totally agree. To me all teresa was doing was thanking Chris and Jacq for inviting them on the trip, saying her and her brother and sister in law were getting along and telling the bitter clown happy birthday. She was not saying anything to Kathy and the creepy husband, Albie, Christopher, Lauren, Albert, Greg and Vito so I don’t see what the problem was. If she had mentioned everyone in her toast but Kathy I could see that being rude but that is not what she did.

  44. Contessa says:

    Here are my thoughts for the day:

    Thank you to all who have put together the blog and reporting on all the shows – you all rock!
    It is a wonderful way to honor Lynn’s memory; as she put her blog on the top…as evidenced by all the public people who responded. She was THE BLOG ROCKSTAR!
    Jaq- I am so sorry about her son, there are two things that really upset me no end…the death of someone young (like Lynn) and illness in children. Thank you to our blog sister who reported dealing with similar issues at a time when informatin was not readily available…you have my admiration beyond anything. I hope Jaq can take this to heart and make this her cause and work with her child as much as possible. She needs to get rid of the wine and as said above put those big girl pants on right now. She has not come across as a strong woman, but she has tremendous support and information readily available to her. Needs to stop with Tre bashing, it’s old and done and is very pale in comparison to what she needs to do.
    Don Caro – a book, well hell bells, I want a book too. If that non-informed a$$hole calling mother who’s sons appear to still be nursing can write a book, well so can I. I have much more life experience as I am sure most do here. What a ridiculous farce…but remember every company, even literary company like some losses on their fiscal balance sheets – LOL.

    • PrincessPindy says:

      Still nursing!
      Should of gotten them on the TIME cover, lol!

    • LuvMyGals says:

      oooo Contessa, those are backhanded congratulations. I’d swear they came from the Countess – or JZ herself. So well put.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      That could be one of the tags on her amazon page “Still nurses her adult sons”…. nevermind, that’s kinda pervy, now that I look at it.

    • Powel says:

      Contessa “well hell bells”. That’s good.

    • melthehound says:

      I agree. Jac has a long hard road ahead of her and she needs to pull her head out of her ass and get to traveling it. What little I know about Autism, I do know that taking care of a kid with it is a 30 hour per day job (no, not a typo) and unless you institutionalize the kid, it’s a never ending job.

  45. VV says:

    Dina tweeted:

    “Congratulations to my sister on her book deal! No matter what I’m happy for her : )
    Sent Aug 20, 05:30 PM
    From UberSocial for BlackBerry”

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Classy and nice of Dina to do that.

    • BB says:

      Hmmm. I wonder if Caroline tweeted a congrats to Dina on her HGTV show. Anyone remember?

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I think Jac and Caroline tweeted about Dina’s 1st season of her HGTV show.

        As for the 2nd season, however, neither Jac nor Caroline tweeted and/or acknowledged it. The only 1 who did was Teresa. If they did, I must have missed it. So, I could be wrong, but that is my recollection.

  46. VV says:

    There is no way in hell. I’m buying that Bitter Clown handbook to an unhappy life!

  47. BB says:

    The answer to the burning question of whether this week’s WWHL was taped or is going to be live:

    • Nancy says:

      Caroline is so full of sh*t! She actually said that she doesn’t talk about Teresa?
      That’s ALL she does. Please tell me she’s not returning.

      • BB says:

        Caro will probably return so she can hawk her new book.

        • Nancy says:

          I was worried about that. Her book is going to embarrass her big time as it’s going to
          flop as much as Jill’s did because no one could stand either one of them. She must be
          one very unhappy married person. No wonder AL doesn’t want to be home at night’s.

          BB, Thank-you so much for all the work you are doing keeping Lynn’s place afloat.
          My hat is off to you. 🙂

        • LaineyLainey says:

          oy vey!!!!!

      • Powel says:

        I haven’t watched it and I know that’s all she does. She’s obsessed w/T.

  48. Powel says:

    RR you are right on the money with Teen Mom. You are so funny. I was laughing reading most of it especially Maci and Farrah. I am so glad April gas turned the corner w/acceptance of Caitlyn and Tyler’s decision to adopt out Carly. She even acknowledged how she acted towards Dawn in thr past. I’m glad April and Tyler’s mom spoke w/Dawn. It seems that April is laying off the alcohol/drugs. She is speaking logically.

    • Thank you so much Powell.
      I think now that April has gotten away from Butch and is going to AA that is probably have more moments of clarity. Unfortunately, if the rumors are true she is the one who sold a fake story about Caitlyn being pregnant to the press and even impersonated her on the phone which makes me nervous that she is back to her old habits.

  49. not THAT Jill says:

    I noticed Lynn’s sister Cathy has been posting on the FB page and just now was in the chat room-she seems lovely and heartbroken, telling us she is sorry for OUR loss-no surprise she is related to Lynn!!

    • Powel says:

      I have to take a look. Isn’t she sweet. You’re right. She’s Lynn’s sister. It is nice to know that she knows how much we appreciated Lynn.

    • BB says:

      Didn’t Lynn say in one of her blogs that she and her sister joked about her sister liking Tamra? Or did I dream that? My mind’s been in a fog for days.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I remember something like that BB-I think she even commented on the blog once.

  50. Powel says:

    LittleNewton when I read you’re going to blog The Kardashian’s I just laughed because so many here don’t care for them & I do like them. I like their business sense. It just surprised me. 🙂

    • BB says:

      Are you missing an “l?” 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      The only one I like is Kloe. I cannot stand her mother though. All she is doing is
      pimping out her kids. Their father would never have let this happen.

      • BB says:

        Nancy, do you think the rumors are true that Kloe may not have the same bio dad as the others?

        • Powel says:

          I don’t think it’s true and couldn’t believe they played that out again this season.

        • AZGirl says:

          I do. Even the daughters with Jenner look more like their mother than Kloe.

        • Nancy says:

          Hi BB,
          I don’t thinks it’s true. If it was they would never have use it as a story line.
          Plus I thought they did the DNA test. She’s the only one I like so I’m glad
          she has Lamar. They have a fun relationship between them and it’s fun to watch
          in small doses. 🙂

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Khloe is the only one I like as well. Wait, I also like Mason, but maybe that’s because he’s a toddler who can’t really talk yet.

        Khloe is the most down-to-earth, and she calls them all out (especially her mother) on their B.S.

        I do think she has a different biological father from Kourtney, Kim & Rob too. I just do not think she is a biological Kardashian.

        • Winston says:

          I agree, Khloe is the most level headed and mature of them all. Weird cuz she is the youngest.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Khloe still has the ‘I am so uptight and bored I can barely breath’ tone in her voice, most of the time. It makes the show watch able only in small 10 minute doses for me. A family filled with paranormal/parasites. Poor/rich Mason! IMHO.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I think it’s cool!! My girl and I watch this when we’re together… the way one wants to look at trainwreck – morbid curiosity. Or just to snark on ’em. (sound familiar? hee hee)

      • Powel says:

        Ha. I may not agree w/everything they do but they’re not murderers, drug addicts, or thieves. They’re lives/personalities are a whole lot better than a lot of the other reality shows.
        I don’t care for Kourtney and Scott’s relationship. He’s a lot better but much of what he has is because of the family. It’s only the last 2 seasons that he has showed any get up and go attitude.
        I still don’t know what to think of Kim and Chris Humphrey’s marriage. I’m still not buying she didn’t want to call it off because she didn’t want to disappoint people.

        • Winston says:

          She might have had to return a lot of money had she called of the wedding. I was surprised to hear that Chad Ochocinco Johnson is being asked to give back $90,000 he was paid to hold his wedding at a particular resort. It’s interesting to learn what goes on behind the scenes of TV Weddings.

          • Powell says:

            Chad and Evelyn is a shame. Shawnee cancelled their show that was wrapped and in the can, Evelyn wants a divorce, The Dolphin’s fired him, he’s gonna have a court case for abusing Evelyn I guess and The Washington Post asks should the The Redskins take him. No! We don’t need any trouble/distractions.

    • Winston says:

      I hate to admit it but I watch the Kardashian’s when I can. I really loved the Khloe and Lamar spin off and seeing them interact with each other. People gave me a hard time because I have a daughter named Kylie and then decided to name my 1 1/2 year old Chloe. Everyone wondered if I was going to spell it with a K like the Kardashians. My name starts with a K so I was tempted but didn’t want the comparison….lol.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I like Khloe and Lamar together too. Their relationship seems genuine.

        As for Kim….she reminds me of Jennifer Lopez with her inability to be without a man for 5 minutes.

        • Winston says:

          It’s strange how that works because they knew each other so briefly before marrying.
          I don’t see Kim ever having a lasting relationship, she seems too self absorbed and it takes a lot of unselfish thinking to make a marriage work.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I hate to admit it but I started watching them last year to see how the husband really treated Kim and became hooked. I think he was a jerk, I think she was just in the love with the idea of a big wedding and gave no thought to live afterwards and is such a control freak. I like Khole and Bruce but what’s up with his face and that haircut. The other one with the kids I can’t stand her voice, her little boy looks like his dad, I haven’t seen the new baby, I like Scott but wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with him, what a child. Kind of like Rob and the other 2 sisters. The mom is something else.

  51. damnert says:

    Amazing job to all involved ! I enjoyed reading every single one of your entries – truly great talent. You honor Lynn greatly and passionately.

    My Grandfather encouraged me to read letters and little notes my Mother had written and put away for me, even though I didn’t want to, saying to me, El-‘ein baSeerah wel-eid qaSeerah. Translated: The eye sees, what the hand can’t reach.

    All of you contributing in honor of carrying on the spirit of Lynn evoke the very meaning of what this Proverb expresses.

    I read, and all of you touch, without ever having physical contact.

  52. Dovey1000 says:

    A huge thank you to all of you who are doing this. You are carrying on Lynn’s lifework and I think you are all wonderful!!

  53. Dovey1000 says:

    Sonja said her beloved dog protected all of her loved ones. Did that include Harry? And is that the real reason behind Aviva’s rage?

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      🙂 It does seem to me that Aviva has been hiding her resentment of Sonja’s connection to Harry behind a very thin veil. Why does she care who befriends (or sleeps with) her ex? She has a new life now – let it go.

  54. klmh says:

    I cannot figure out how to send the link to this, so please forgive, but when you watch it, you will smile.

  55. shamrock blonde says:

    Nancy – Kloe is the only one I can tolerate too – although I do like Bruce Jenner – as for their Father – he would never have agreed to this embarrassment – I remember watching his face when the verdict was read for OJ Simpson – he was shocked – his whoe face was simply one of great surprise and shock – imagine him trying to deal with his daughter’s very public behaviour, not to mention his wife? not a chance – I know the girls loved their Father, but I see no honor for him in their actions –

    • Nancy says:

      sb,I will NEVER forget the look on his face when the “Not guilty” verdict was said.
      He was literally is shock. I thought he was going ton pass out.
      I have a feeling that Chris will leave Bruce one day. Her ego is off the charts.
      I keep thinking about their real father. No honor at all.

  56. ATLnNYC09 says:

    I just read this. It turns out that Jaqueline’s youngest son has autism.,,20623084,00.html

  57. AZGirl says:

    First and BIG THANK YOU for everyone who volunteered to blog shows. You are the greatest! Thanks again to Boston for the chat room set up. Last night was great.

    So sad about Jac’s youngest son. That explains why she has been so emotional.

    I just got an update on FB from Ramona’s website about Alex’s blog on Rumorfix. She acknowledges that Alex is right about the producers/editing making it look like Ramona and Sonja were at the doctors the day of Aviva’s Soul Cycle event. I can’t wait to get home and watch Alex’s blog.

  58. grandmadebi says:

    hi all, i came in last night from new orleans where i had been without computer for over a week. i clicked on and found out about lynn and was devastated. i tried to write a note but just could not complete it.
    i think it is such a tribute to lynn the way the ppl on this blog have responded and just shows how amazing the ppl in the blog are. i go from crying in saddness to laughing with tears watching the video klmh posted and my kittty has the most confused look on his face. he keeps licking my tears. my thanks and my love to all. this blog is the best. i’ll check in later after reading as much as i can. debi

  59. djprincessc says:

    So I just read that Jaq came out today and said her son has Autism. In her quote she says that if she’s asked back for next season should would love to bring that into her storyline to help bring awareness (I’m paraphrasing but something to that extent) now I’m sorry but I wouldn’t put it past her to suddenly reveal that her son is Autistic so she would be asked back, what is her storyline if she isn’t fighting with Teresa?? I just think the timing is too weird. She should just deal with it privately for his sake.

    • melthehound says:

      I’m going to stretch my neck WAY out here… These people who use their kids as story lines, especially in a case like this, are even more effed in the head than I ever could have imagined. Usually, especially in the case of Bravo it seems, these story lines get lost behind the same old shit. Maybe featured on one or two episodes at best, which I guess is good, but I think Jac would do far more for her son if she just concentrated on him, and not the show.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I agree. I think she can use her twitter for good by tweeting about autism and related organizations that provide help for those affected by autism. I hope she re-focuses her energy on productive and positive things. Focusing on her son and getting him the best possible support and treatment as well as focusing on raising money for the cause would be a good thing for her.

        She needs to let the negativity and Teresa-bashing go. It’s not worth it, and it is very petty in the overall scheme of things.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          She has been tweeting about an Autism event at the Brownstone for the past few weeks-that’s what got me thinking that there was something going on with her son(that her her strange behavior on the show and twitter) I didnt want to say anything b/c, well, its rude to assume anything about someone’s kid.

        • mrs peabody says:

          Seems like she has been taking her anger at her son’s problems out against Tereas. Not cool

  60. klmh says:

    For dog lovers.
    I don’t know if this site has been presented here, but its adorable:

  61. Mookiesmom says:

    bluesky1forever, I left you a message wayyyy upthread.

    I’m so thankful that NMR and Lady Chatterly gave us a place to land. Boston for the chat room. And all of you that take the time to write up all the different shows. I don’t always comment but I always read. You all give me true LOL moments everyday!

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Thanks, MM – I’m just doing a little bit of work behind the scenes. This was NMD’s brainchild and many in Boston’s chatroom provided input to get it off the ground. And so many more, as listed above, are providing the creative content. It’s great to see how quickly it came together and it’s really just cruising, isn’t it? And it was truly a team effort. Applause for all who threw their hat in to bring this about!

      • Mookiesmom says:

        Sorry LC I didn’t see response earlier. It really is amazing and I do applaud all those involved including you!

    • ((( Mookiesmom ))) thanks so much, I responded up there too….you are so kind!

  62. MamaZ says:

    Thank you everyone who blogged the shows. I would love to do Project Runway but I’m not sure I can commit. With two teens in the house we always seem to be in a state of chaos.

  63. Nancy says:

    I’m watching this great program called Dallas DNA. It’s about freeing the wrongly convicted
    by testing the DNA evidence. Some of them have been in prison 1/2 of their lives. I don’t
    understand why it takes so long to get the results back? I would love to work with this
    organization. There should be more of them esp in Texas.

    • T-Rex says:

      There is a lot of “red” tape involved. In some cases the police departments think they have the right person and don’t want to go back and re-visit evidence, some times the police botched up evidence and don’t want it found out. It takes a lot of time to even get the cases heard if the inmate is not on “death” row. The courts only allow for so many appeals to the case and once they have been exhausted takes a lot to even get the courts to order that the police departments re-open the evidence.

      • Nancy says:

        Well the system needs fixing big time.

        • T-Rex says:

          Yes it does. Every DA will tell you it’s to much money to re-evaluate every case. On the flip side there are criminals found guilty with tons of evidence and DNA that still profess their innocence

      • Mookiesmom says:

        I get what you are saying and I’m not trying to start anything but Dallas County is really bad. I don’t know how that averages with the rest of Texas or the country.

        This is taken directly from the website.”Since 2001, 24 men who were wrongfully convicted in Dallas County, Texas, have been fully exonerated by DNA testing. Together they served more than 300 years in prison and many more years on parole. Several more cases, in which DNA has proven innocence but exonerations have not yet become official, may still be pending in courts.” Three were life sentences and one man served more than 30 years. I could not imagine if that were me or someone I loved. But DNA is DNA. Some people cannot afford a really good lawyer that fights for the truly innocent.

        • Mookiesmom says:

          According to the website Texas had 46 exonerations. The next closest state is Illinois with 42 exonerations.

        • Nancy says:

          Trouble maker! lol
          I would be terrified to live in Texas.

        • T-Rex says:

          I totally agree I think EVERY case should have the DNA testing done and everything sampled, unfortunately the reality is cops don’t want to think they are wrong in some cases, which sucks! I think all cases that are in storage that have DNA in them need to be re-evaluated, and I mean every stinkin one of them. My Cousin(the lawyer) worked with the innocence project 15 years ago, and she was telling me just how really difficult it was to get the courts to force the police departments to re-open files, she said that ego got in the way of truth it was disgusting to her.

          • Mookiesmom says:

            I’m sure the courts don’t want to re-open cases they consider shut. Unfortunately your cousin is totally right. Egos get involved in places they shouldn’t.

  64. ATLnNYC09 says:

    Regarding the cell phone conversation, I just watched it again and wrote down what happened because I missed it (the context of the conversation) the first time.

    Joe: “What you doing?”

    Joe:”Oh don’t even tell me that,” giggling into the phone.

    Joe: “Hold on here she comes. My b—- wife. She’s such a c—.”

    Teresa: “Who are you talking to?”

    Joe: “A worker. Don’t be such a pain in the ass,” snapping at her.

    Joe: speaking in spanish to a worker he says doesnt speak English.

    It definitely didnt start out as anything near a work call. Why would he call his mistress on his vacation with his wife?

    • MamaZ says:

      Because he’s a pig!

      • klmh says:

        Im sure the mistress is as well, or the correct term for a female pig is sow.

        • MamaZ says:

          I felt sorry for him last season. Or was it the one before? He seemed depressed. But now he’s the same old Juicy again. And every time he opens his mouth something stupid comes out and makes me hate him again. And last week was the only whole episode I watched this season.All that from one episode, lol.

          • klmh says:

            He has always been an idiot ass as far as Im concerned, and his wife included. Just dumb rude and crude, and he has no moral compass.
            Someone said a while ago that they didn’t care if the Giudice’s declared bankruptcy or not. My question is, why not? Someone pays for the work on their house. The people writing off the debt aren’t paying taxes on the debt, and neither the state nor the gov’t receives the money. Joe and T are the winners. A roof over their heads that can’t be taken away from them, and the taxpayer picks up the tab of the unpaid taxes legitimate contractors would have paid. When this happens, we are all negatively affected, imho.

            • MamaZ says:

              I know several families who have declared bancruptcy and continue to enjoy lavish vacations and live in expensive homes, drive luxery cars. Meanwhile the rest of us absorb their debts one way or another.
              I guess saying I felt sorry for him wasn’t accurate. He appeared very depressed and I was concerned that he would possibly try and harm himself. But Teresa’s success is paying for his booze and broads so he seems all better now.

              • klmh says:

                That’s another bag of worms. How can she afford the designer bags she carries? Those are real, you can tell by the way she parades them around, and they cost several thousand dollars apiece. I honest to God don’t get it. Are they paying a portion of what they own to those they ripped off?
                As far as his depression, poor guy, he has so much to be depressed about, number one being married to Teresa. He is a piece of work, and deserves jail and living with T. until the end of his days, no girlfriend included. Do you remember the Alice and Wonderland movie a few years ago with Johnny Depp? At the end of the movie, the Queen was tied to her lover and he wanted to die instead. hehe… bet Joe would feel the same way.

                • MamaZ says:

                  That would be a fitting punishment for both of them, lol!

                • Nancy says:

                  I take it you don’t like Teresa. lol

                  • klmh says:

                    Hehe. The Giudices are cheaters, liars, thieves, without regard for anyone but themselves, manipulating the truth, well I can go on, but I think Im ranting… 🙂

                • mrs peabody says:

                  maybe she bought them before filing. I have bags I have used once or twice, put in my closet with the other 30 bags (I gave 20 away to the good will so I used to have a thing for handbags in case you couldn’t tell) and they still look new. Just sayin

              • Powell says:

                MamaZ maybe we’re the stupid ones huh? We go to work everyday, pay our bills, pay our taxes, honest citizens.

    • melthehound says:

      I didn’t think so either ATL.

    • PrincessPindy says:

      He also said, “I’m gonna hang up now” and hung up and then started pretending like he was talking to a worker. the Asswipe.

    • T-Rex says:

      Thanks ATL not watching the show, but I think this time Bravo truly caught the JuicyTroll in all his lying, cheating glory and didn’t need to edit this it was just pure unadulterated Adultery. You know what I don’t know why anyone feels sorry for Teresa anymore regarding this POS, she CHOOSES to stay with this lying, unemployed, verbally abusive, cheating man!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Because he was drunk (IMO) and because he is a dumbass in general.

      Joe better get it together. In my 20’s, I had a horrible ex-who thought I would NEVER leave him. I finally did and that was IT. It took him 4 years to realize I was never coming back (because I eventually forgave him and was even able to be friendly to him on occasion). He called me one day and said, “You have GOT to hear this song!! It could have been written for you and the way you refused to take me back.”

      This is what Joe will be singing if Teresa finally gets the strength to leave:

      And, hopefully, this is what Teresa will be singing (because he’s not worth her tears):

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      Thanks for your input everyone. I missed it the first time and thought I might not be the only one. I know Joe called his wife the “c” word but I didnt know he was talking to his mistress while he was doing it.

  65. Zoey says:

    Hey guys, what time zone is the blog in? Must be west coast? Everything shows hours behind my central time.

  66. not THAT Jill says:

    Thanks for the great blog today.
    RR-love your Teen Mom blog-I think I am finally caught up.
    BB-any idea why Love Broker is showing at 7 pm eastern time? I have a feeling that this may be the last run for this show. it a shame too b/c I really like it.
    Ramonacoaster-FAB job on the the Casts Blogs…very witty!!! Pepe le Pew!!!
    Mama-I do not watch Newsroom but your writing was terrific-maybe I will start watch the show On Demand.
    Michigan Susan-great Dance Mom blog-another blog that I like more than the actual show!!
    NMD and Lady C-thanks for all you do to make things run smoothly. Im sure it is time consuming-but I appreciate all you are doing.
    I love that the NY wives showed Lynn so much love-especially b/c they are the franchise that launched the blog!!!!

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Thanks Jill. 🙂

      I agree all the recaps were fun to read. NMD and Lady C thanks again for all the administration duties and writings. RR the Teen blog was good. I don’t usually see the show anymore but why bother when your recap is so comprehensive! BB good job on Love Broker as always. I wish they’d promote it better. MI Susan I don’t watch Dance Mom but thanks for recapping for the site. Ramonacoaster—I don’t like going to Bravo site so thanks for their write ups and your editorials. Excellent. Now I need to check the inspirational page to see if Mar has some good things to contemplate. (((( Room ))))

    • obx1 says:

      I’m not positive but I think Love Broker will be over after next weeks episode. It’s a shame that it’s gone and Patti Stanker is still hanging aroung.

  67. Cityside says:

    Before I forget…..and I forget a lot these days…..
    Thank you all for doing this blog. Thanks for giving us a soft place to land when we were in limbo.


  68. designernailsdiana says:

    Thank you all for the great recaps. We see that Lynn made it look easier than it really is.
    It was so heartwarming to see Carole and Ramona mention Lynn in their blogs.
    I’m still learning how to get around on this new blog while on my iPhone. I’m away from the big work pc until after labor day. I don’t even want to go back to work now. These muscle spasms are horrendous especially at night when I’m trying to go to sleep.
    Ok enough whining.
    My tolerance for housewives bad behavior to one another is reaching its peak. I won’t watch BH, OC or ATL when their seasons start. I’ll finish NJ and NY, but fed up with them now too. I’m giving Miami another chance. Wish bravo would give DC another chance I liked all, but the Salahis.
    Watching grown up women yell at each other and treat their “Friends” so shabby is beyond my sensibilities. If my friend ever treated me like lulu treats these ladies she’d find herself doing things solo all the time.
    Aviva has a great charity, but she forgets people do have lives that they need to attend to. If Ramona ignored her businesses she’d lose business. Honestly why force your agenda on others?
    I look forward to the Big Brother blog and can’t stand Booger either.
    I’m liking Beverly Hills Nannies, but it’s fairly scripted.
    Love Broker is fun to watch and I love that there are no Millionaires on it. Spoiled rich snobs is not appealing to me.
    Show me the blue class workers and places I’d want to vacation or visit.
    I miss Wife Swap and Trading Spouses. The celebrity wife swap was fun to see too.
    I’m sick of the Manzos all of them.
    Seeing the news today about Jacqueline’s son Nick being diagnosed as Autistic was sad, yet now I’d like to see her show us what it’s like to parent an autistic child.
    This news makes me want to slap Tre upside the head and ask what kind of friend doesn’t ask how her “Good friend” is doing and how her son is. She is such a selfish woman.
    Ok time for my muscle relaxer. I’ll be drooling in an hour.
    Love and Blessings to You my LynnFam ,

    • Nancy says:

      Is your post-op pain gone at least? I hope so.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        Nancy I wish the pain was over but it’s not. I did see what my incision looks like when I had my cast changed yesterday. It’s now red w blue stripes.
        The part of my foot that had to be fused is the bones in the top part of the arch. VERY painful to heal.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I’m sorry you’re going through all of this pain. What is the normal healing time? Like 2-3 months?

    • Powell says:

      Hi Diana,
      I’m glad you’re better. Sorry about the muscle spasms now.
      So you’re not going to give BH a chance? You’ve gotta see what Adrienne is so up in arms w/Lisa about & what’s up w/Taylor since the tabloids have been talking about her drinking. I am looking forward to Miami also.

    • Hi Diana, hope those muscle spasms get better. Your post had me agreeing with you!

  69. plainviewsue says:

    Hey all. I’ve been on a mini vacation with hubby, just got back. We went to Westhampton, which was beautiful. Great beach, great town. I was so hoping I’d run into one of our Housewives. I’d go right up to them and say I am a friend of LynnnChicago! But alas, I only saw mentions of them in a local newspaper. Two pictures of Kelly (her house dropped down again in price), plus mentions of Sonja, Ramona and even Teresa at various events.

    Was anyone at Lynn’s funeral that we know of? When we were walking through town, there was a store named Lynns………….

    Just learned of Nicholas’ autism. I had heard rumors of this, and I had thought of mentioning it on the blog before. But I just didn’t feel comfortable about it.

    Assuming she just learned of this now, it could explain her out of control tweeting and blogs. I wonder if Teresa knew of this or was just finding out via the People magazine. It sure should put things in perspective for her and the Manzo family.

    Someone posted above, and I do kind of agree with the posting. I hate to say it but one of the first things I thought of was the reunion taping is coming up, and now with this announcement, there is no way that Andy will come down hard on anything she has done. Don’t want to appear so cynical.

    Also, is there any truth to Caroline definitely leaving after this season?

    • VV says:

      Welcome back PVS!

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Westhampton is a very pretty town.I like the gazebo in the town park. Glad you had a nice break.

    • MamaZ says:

      I think Teresa probably knew they were worried about his development. And I’m sure it’s the real reason their friendship crashed and burned.

      Teresa is no rocket scientist. She may not have known how to respond to Jaq’s concerns. She may have tried to brush it off “He’s fine!” or stopped asking about him. Especially since she doesn’t want to talk about her own problems. Some people just don’t know how to react in these situations. I have seen friendships and marriages collapse when a child is born with Downs or Cerebral Palsy this way.

      It’s also possible that in her tactless way she was the one who began pointing out his delays. Audriana is near his age and she may have asked “why isn’t he _____” Audriana can already______”. I had a neighbor who was worried about a friend’s child. She told her friend really nicely that her son didn’t seem to be reaching some of the milestones he should have. The friend was furious. She never forgave my neighbor even after her son was diagnosed with autism.

      And Teresa is self absorbed so it’s also possible that she really didn’t care when and if Jaq told her she was worried about Nicholas.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I think we have to be careful not to assume. I see some are already saying, “Teresa is a horrible friend for not asking about Nicholas.” Until we hear Teresa’s side of the story, we do NOT know WHAT Teresa knew about Nicholas or WHEN she knew it.

        For the sake of argument, let’s say Jac did share Nicholas’ diagnosis with Teresa, I think Teresa and Jac have very different ideas of what constitutes being a good friend. In Teresa’s mind, she is being a bad friend if she asks too many questions or if she pries. In Jac’s mind, Teresa is being a bad friend by not liking the fact that Jac asks a million questions and wants to know every single little detail of things that Teresa may consider to be very personal.

        I’ll give you an example. One of my acquaintances/friends’ father got into boatloads of trouble that was all over our local news. He had to resign in disgrace from a political position, and he was facing possible criminal charges and a trial. It was all over our local news and all over town. I happened to see her very shortly after all of this became public, and I just asked her, “How are you holding up? You know, I know we lost touch because we both got so involved in our lives. My phone is always ready if you want to call, and my door is open any time you need me. Just say the word.” She thanked me and didn’t say much.

        It was not until a few months later, that she called and just poured her heart out. She thanked me for not prying at that time because she said she was still processing it all in her own mind and was not yet ready to discuss it. She also expressed resentment and anger toward those friends and acquaintances that immediately bombarded her with a million questions and those friends who all of a sudden decided to ring her phone off the hook to see what was going on. In her mind, they were doing this, not so much out of concern, but out of sheer nosiness.

        So, before we crucify Teresa about this issue (like so many seem to want to do about a million other things when it comes to her), let’s try to hear both sides of this story.

        I sincerely do feel for Jac, but there is a part of me that wonders, if she knew this about Nicholas, how she could have had so much time and energy to devote to some of the things she has been devoted to when it comes to this smear campaign against Teresa. She and her husband are facing SERIOUS stuff when it comes to that forced business bankruptcy. One would think that would provide her with enough to focus on, as opposed to Teresa.

        Now, add to this the fact that Nicholas has been diagnosed with autism, and it makes some of her behavior even more incomprehensible to me. Maybe some of it is distraction (to avoid thinking too much about some things in her OWN life that might cause her to break down completely) and/or maybe some of it is displaced anger and frustration (that has been all pointed in Teresa’s direction). JMHO.

    • Powell says:

      Glad you and hubby had a great time.

      You know it just hit me that maybe Nicholas is one of the issues that Jac was speaking of when she said T never asks her hoe she’s doing. All phone calls are always about T.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi PlainviewSue – i hope hope hope its’s true that Caroline isn’t returning. She has that book coming out though! so…who knows. Jill was on the show when she was shilling her book and it didn’t really help. Remember when she and Mother were on WWHL…”It’s in the book!!”

  70. OneMoreinBoston says:

    awww…glad to see you again- just wish it was under better circumstances 😦

  71. CdnFillie says:

    This is starting to feel like home again…almost….thanks everyone

  72. VV says:

    This was posted at LynnNchicago FB page. Has anyone seen this? Is this really Lynn’s sister?

    Cathy Connor posted to Lynn Nchicago Hudson
    6 hours ago
    I would like to Thank everyone for there kind words,love,prayers and support during this difficult time. We have set up a college fund to help her youngest son Robert Smith (Bobby) to attend college, that was her wish for him. At Barrington Bank & Trust Co. 201 S. Hough Street Barrington Illinois 60010 Account # 0530037912 God Bless you all words cannot express my sincere gratitude to you all Sincerly, Cathy Connor (Lynns Sister)

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      it looks like it is- but I want to double check too.

      It looks like her sister is the executor so if a donation is made to the above account then they could transfer it at a later date into the account WSL is setting up- that is bound to have better rates and perks because of her connections.

      sit tight, the funeral was only yesterday- Lynn’s poor husband has to provide some SS#’s and other info, sign off on it and fax the paperwork, I’m sure it’s not his big priority right now.

      But I would like to strike while the iron is hot so to speak, before Lynn’s memory fades away to some of the Bravo celebs that have pledged donations to the account.

  73. T-Rex says:

    SparkleMuffy could use some thoughts and prayers for her son, had like gran mal seizure and that’s why she has been away.

  74. dsc60 (formerly IDon'tBelieveInUnicorns) says:

    I hope everyone is doing okay. You’re all in my thoughts.

    I haven’t read the blogs yet but I’m so certain that everyone is doing a fantastic job. I will be back soon to read them.

    I just had to stop by to mention that I just read Carole’s blog. I was a fan before – but I’m an even bigger, life-long, no-matter-what-happens fan now. Bless you Carole.

  75. Exit4 says:

    Such a shame about jacs son. Nj has the highest rates of autism in the US. Noone is sure if it’s because there’s something “I’m the air” here or if our services are so top notch ppl come here for them. Nj gets a lot of flack for taxes, but we get a lot for our money, ESP in the schools. I know lots of people with autistic children and it’s a long hard road. Goods luck to Jac.
    That being said- as difficult as it is to get and live with a diagnosis, I hope it isn’t used as an excuse for everything. Plenty of ppl don’t do off the deep end over this. I guess I saying I hope the child’s diagnosis isn’t exploited for jacs public relations. I also hope people don’t suddenly assume Teresa was uncaring or cruel to her simply because of this. That’s unfair. Maybe she knew, maybe she didn’t and maybe she simply chooses not to say anything. If this turns into a sympathy pissing contest I will be disappointed. It’s a 3 year old kid, not a pawn in a tv show.
    Yes I am cynical! I also hope Jac called All of her friends and told th of the diagnosis. If not that would make her a bad friend, right?
    I wish her well and I do hope this all goes positively and helps others.

    • Exit4 says:

      I swear the iPhone makes me seem illiterate. I meant I hope Jac told everyone
      b/f the magazine came out. Otherwise she’d be a bad friend. Right? I also hope Caroline stays out of any and all treatment discussions. She seems like she’d be such a know it all and just add to the stress.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        She should offer to baby sit and learn as much as she can so she can be part of Team Nicholas!

    • Powell says:

      Well it’s good that NJ has top notch services. I hope Jac and Chris take advantage of them..

    • Winston says:

      That’s very interesting about NJ’s autism rates. My best friend moved to NJ and 2 years later had a little boy who was diagnosed with autism. Her husband was a lifelong NJ boy. I’ll have to ask her if she is aware of these statistics.

  76. Boobah says:


  77. ms molly says:

    It was good reading again today, bless you guys!!!

  78. CdnFillie says:

    I think I’m back

  79. Powell says:

    I just read a tweet from Tamara Tattles and the attached blog that Sheree Whitfield’s house is finally showing progress in the building stage. From the pics it looks like the next step is for the facade to be completed w/brick or whatever she chooses. It’s quite a large home. Good luck to Sheree. I hope everything works out. Also Tamara says Sheree will be going back to court for child support w/her ex Bob. I hope that man steps up and supports his kids.

  80. MamaZ says:

    Detox – I wasn’t crucifying Teresa upthread. I am not saying she’s a bad friend for not asking about Nicholas. As I said she prefers not to discuss her own problems and may assume others feel the same. As for pointing out delays I didn’t mean to suggest she took any pleasure in them. Just like my neighbor she may have been trying to alert Jaq. This is all speculation of course. I don’t pretend to know what happened. I added that her own self absorbtion may have left her unfeeling and that is a real possibility. Teresa is terribly self involved. I don’t really believe that’s the case though. You would have to have a heart of stone to be indifferent to the problems of a child. I am saying that these situations can be very hard on friendships and families.

    I have a BIL who is deaf. I have been told of a lot of ill will that this cause when he were young. Relatives who avoided not only the subject but the child himself merely because they didn’t know what was or wasn’t appropriate to say. And to be honest my MIL, who is a wonderful woman, didn’t always handle it well. She was somewhat bitter and not always as happy for the good fortune of the children of her friends and siblings as a Christian woman should have been. Her own words, not mine. And not very understanding or forgiving about the behavior of others.

    I think it’s very possible that this is the root of the problem with Jaq and Teresa. I doubt if either is “to blame”. A diagnosis like this can change the entire dynamic.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      This diagnosis should at the very least change Jacqueline.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Exactly! Name one parent on this blog that has a child with any type of issue & has the time to tweet as much as she does. Lisa

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      Mamaz, I partly agree with you. I believe Teresa is terribly self absorbed and she isnt the type to move the focus of the conversation away from her. However, Jaq knows exactly the type of person Teresa is (she has been friends with her for years and you know the personalities of your friends) so if it was really important to Jaq and it was something she really wanted Teresa to know, she knows how to address it in a manner that will get her attention.

      • ATLnNYC09 says:

        Teresa is a 90/10 friend (I have had a few, as many of us have) which means that 90% of the conversation is always about her in some way or she figures out a way to make it about her. It isnt hard to see. Teresa is many things, but sneaky isnt one of them.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Oh no, MamaZ, I didn’t think you were trying to crucify Teresa at all. I was just speaking generally about those who want Joe and Teresa to both get life without parole and then be buried under a jailhouse.

      It seems like it’s mainly her castmates who want this (Never mind the illegal, unethical and underhanded things THEY do. Let’s burn Teresa and Joe at the stake, Dammit!!! We’re perfect. They are the Devil. Let’s not stop until we run them into the ground.). I’m pretty sure that, somehow, this unfortunate diagnosis of Nicholas and Teresa’s reaction or lack thereof will be added to the arsenal of weapons all of those people use against her. It will be added to the list of “Teresa’s Unforgivable Crimes.” And don’t get me wrong. I’ve wanted to slap, shake and choke Teresa vigorously myself many times.

      That being said, I still do NOT think she is the monster the rest of them are making her out to be, and I do NOT think she is guilty of many of the things of which they accuse her.

      I know Teresa can be incredibly self-absorbed. Did this all of a sudden become a new thing that Jac just noticed after 10 years? Were there never any rough times Jac had throughout all of that time that she was never able to discuss with Teresa? Is it just NOW, all of a sudden, bothering her. If that were the case, I just don’t think I would have been able to friends with that type of person for TEN LONG YEARS.

      But maybe Jac is different. I do not know.

      I’ve had self-absorbed friends before. With a couple of them, I had to kinda train them like a dog (sounds crazy, but it’s true). After telling one friend how I felt like I sometimes felt like I was there more for her (She was completely shocked by this. BUT she was truly sorry. She had no idea), every time she would try to pull the focus back to herself, I would say, “Yes, but we are talking about ME and MY issues right now. It is not about YOU right now. I have the floor. FOCUS! Remember what we talked about?” And she would say, “Oh my God, I’m doing it again, huh? I’m so sorry. O.K. I swear I’m really listening.” And she would. It finally got to the point where she would sometimes, on her own initiative, say, “I feel like I’ve been so wrapped up in myself and my issues lately, let’s just talk about you.”

      I had another friend who basically denied this and got highly offended. So, I basically just stopped answering her phone calls and distanced myself. I did not, however, go all around town saying horrible things about her to everybody and their Mama. And I also did not try to hurt any of her personal (We have mutual friends) or business relationships (We have mutual business associates).

      Jac should have flat out, OFF CAMERA, asked Teresa for what she needed from her when it came to the friendship if it involved needing Teresa to listen to and focus on her more. If Teresa could not give that to her, then Jac should have ended the friendship with dignity and moved on (NOT go on some damned smear campaign and obsessively tweet about the woman and write 20 page blogs about her).

      I am so sorry about any suffering your brother-in-law and the rest of his/your family went through over his being deaf and over other family members either not being able to be there or simply refusing to be there for them. (((MamaZ)))

  81. ATLnNYC09 says:

    Regarding Kathy and her blog. She writes, “This brings me to our last dinner. Sometimes I need to see things played back, because I want to be sure of what I heard or didn’t hear at that dinner. The fact that I was left out of my cousin’s toast after I had tried so hard with her was a disappointment at best. If you were there, you knew it was a deliberate snub. You could cut the tension with a knife. I was embarrassed, but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my evening or cause a scene that would ruin anyone else’s evening. Once again Teresa’s actions speak volumes. So at this point I would like to offer my own toast, “In Vino, Veritas (In Wine Is Truth).”

    Why does she feel like it was a deliberate snub? Its pretty clear Teresa isnt very bright and she doesnt appear like the type to do something like that. I dont mean she is an angel, I mean that she would probably confront Kathy before she snubbed her.

  82. Lady Chatterley says:

    MTH – just saw a commercial for SOA – starts on Tuesday, Sept 11 – looks good! Jemma vs. Clay – good stuff.

    • Mookiesmom says:

      I can’t wait for SOA to start! Looks like it’s going to be a good season. I’ve been watching reruns that they run in the right order. It comes on early mornings on Thursday and they have two or three back to back.

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Ooooh – good to know, MM! We’ve been buying them on DVD – I’ve been dying for Season 4 to come out – they’re probably holding it for the holiday season. Bastards.

        • Mookiesmom says:

          Kurt Sutter is an evil genius! Mookie’s dad and I have had many discussions about SOA. But I don’t think he would hold out on fans so it’s probably the network holding out or some big corporation. And yep they are bastards! I just set the DVR to record all new and reruns of SOA so it’s waiting for me.

          • Lady Chatterley says:

            There’s the commercial again!!! I am so excited for this show to start again. 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Mmm. Sept 11th.

    • melthehound says:

      I’ll be watching 😀

  83. Powell says:

    I’m so glad to see everyone tonight. 😀

  84. Hi Everyone – Update at the top of this Post.

  85. Bringing this over from the RIP Lynn Hudson Page
    I’ve asked OMIB to get in touch with Cathy re the account and the perks WSL can get for the family. NMD

    Cathy Connor says:
    August 22, 2012 at 10:48 am (Edit)
    Good Morning All, I would like to thank everyone so much for your loving words,kind thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time . I am Lynns biggest fan and very proud sister Cathy. I am not the talented writer she was however I need you all to know we ( her Family ) are reading and feeling the love you all have for her. We were happy to share her with you all ! I have set up a bank account for her son Robert Smith (Bobby) to help with college as she wished that for him. I know she would have been too proud to ask for any help its at Barrington Bank & Trust 201 S. Hough Street Barrington Illinois 60010 The Account # 0530037912 I talked to her at 7 pm the nite of her Birthday and said Geez you have tons of birthday wishes on your blog hon and she said ” I know they love the blog” I said no sweetie they LOVE YOU . in her most humble way she said yea i guess . But she did know believe me we talked about it often. We talked about the upcoming trip Cat had invited her to in New York I was going to go with her. She was sooo excited I believe she will still be there in spirit. I LOVE the idea of trying to get Andy Cohen to give the Mazel any day would be great. Thanks again from my entire family to her Blog Family We Love You God Bless Sincerly, Cathy Connor

  86. Kats2 says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Just checking in to say hello, I miss the Lynn family and I really miss Lynn. This still doesn’t seem real and I’m so mad I was gone for so long. I love how you are all pulling together, setting up the fund, the chat and keeping the blog going. She would be so proud! Speaks volumes of the home Lynn created for us and the people who supported and appreciated all of her hard work. You are amazing and I thank you so much for doing it.

    Lynn was one remarkable lady, so talented and creative. I’m still in awe of her success and I think there are still people who don’t realize the impact she had. This wonderful lady in Chicago who loved her city, her black hawks and Bravo. Let’s face it, if you wanted HW news and information Lynn’s blog was the place to go. What grew from the blogs was a home Lynn created for all us and it is unlike anything I have ever experienced. There are so many wonderful people and hysterical memories.

    I feel blessed I was part of this special home she created and I had the honor of knowing Lynn and supporting all of her success over the years.

    Love Kats2

  87. VegasChick says:

    How touching that Carole and Ramona took the time to express their thoughts and sympathies for Lynn on their respective blogs. #goodstuff

  88. Mookiesmom says:

    Well I’m going to have to go. I’m trying to finish a surprise for Mookie’s dad and he may be home tomorrow. How would you like if your spouse re-decorated your bedroom as a surprise? Hopefully, he’ll like it. Fingers crossed! I’ll try to check in later if I can. Hope everyone has a good night!

  89. Nancy says:

    Good night ladies.

  90. Boobah says:

    Sometime in April I stopped posting but I still lurked from time to time. When I did get a chance to read, I noticed Lynn had become more supportive of Jac. There was one blog in particular that I remember about Jac. I remember really enjoying Lynn’s perspective…it gave me food for thought. Does anyone remember that blog (I think it was somewhat recent)?
    Anyway…I was wondering if somehow Lynn new about Jac’s son? That Lynn knew what was really going on with her and couldn’t tell us but her compassion surfaced in her blog. Maybe Lynn keep her confidence and waited until Jac was ready to discuss it.
    This thought crossed my mind earlier but, for obvious reasons, it upset me and I couldn’t write out my thoughts.
    I have started so many posts and then just delete them because it makes me sad.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Boobah…I know what you mean-the first post is the hardest.
      As far as Lynn knowing about Jac’s son-I bet she did. I heard somethings about it and Im a nobody. I think me and Detox(?) discussed it a little on one of the blogs…if we had an idea then you know Lynn had to know.

      • Boobah says:

        Thank you for that JillNNTJ. In the last few days, I posted small posts but I could tell I was trying to avoid my feelings about Lynn’s passing. It took me forever (at least it felt like forever) to write my thanks for all that NMD, Boston, etc had done to keep this community together. And I joined in the chat room but still kept it light.

        Yeah, I agree. Lynn had to know about Jac. Maybe that is why Ashley was thankful for her support. It is very touching. I can’t quite figure out why, but it just upsets me – I just find it so kind.

        I can’t seem to find the right words.

        • Mookiesmom says:

          Take your time and a few deep breathes. The words will come. Hang in there! We are here for you!

          • Boobah says:

            Thats so sweet, MookiesMom. Thank you.

            I see so many familiar names, and your one…if I remember correctly, you had a cat named Chairman Meow. I’m sorry that I forget your other cats names, but Chairmain Meow was the best name! I delighted in that name and even told my husband…he loved it too. Was it you that said that you had a knack for raising male cats? I remember that because I also felt that I raised very silly males. I have 2 males & 3 females. The boys are so ridiculously funny and friendly. I identfied with you and was secretly relieved that someone else felt that way! 🙂

    • Pghemtchick says:

      (((((Boobah)))))) you’ve been missed.

      I suspect you are spot on with Lynn knowing. How many times was it brought up that Lynn’s NJ insider was Jac/in Jac’s camp? I could totally be off, but I think one of Lynn’s sources was Ashley. I read Ashley’s tweet about Lynn’s passing and I can’t help that “source” was my first thought. Followed quickly by wow Ashley you’ve went up on my scale due to her compassion/acknowledgment of our special lady. Didn’t see any other Jersey kids doing that. Maybe Jac did raise Ashley okay…

      • Boobah says:

        Thank you…I missed being here. I didn’t realize how much I had been impacted by this lovely community until I started to see familiar names again. I hate that it’s under these circumstances.

        I enjoyed your comments and felt so bad about your foot. I remember thinking that I wouldn’t have half the resilience you seem to have. I remember when you would write about your nephews…I learned a lot and felt for you during those times. It seemed like you were the voice of reason.

        I didn’t know people suspected Jac/Ashley was the insider, but it sure does make sense. Ashley was very sweet with the tweet about Lynn. Like you, I realized she isn’t the horror-show I thought she was.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I always thought that Jaq was Lynn’s inside source. It was obvious that Lynn always had some good scoop. Lynn was a compassionate person. Many times she saw bits and pieces of good when others did not like a person (heck, she even thawed a bit with Teresa this year). I can totally see Lynn reach out to Jaq. I think Lynn knew way more than she ever published on her blogs i.e. Scary Island, Jill Zarin, Gorga v. Guidice. Some others may have been privy to this information yet we still heard nothing. Shows what kind of lady Lynn was.

      • Boobah says:

        ScorpioSue – Yeah, me too….Lynn probably did reach out to Jac. I can see it also. Your last sentence says it all…it DOES demonstrate the type of person she was. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that she knew what was going on with Jac and kept her confidence. And didn’t she keep Cat’s pregnancy news under wraps? Lynn knew she was pregnant but never even alluded to what she knew! Thats a class act right there.

        But I must say, I would pay to hear the truth about Scarey Island!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I always thought Lynn had 2 sources when it came to RHONJ: Jacqueline and Melissa.

  91. mrs peabody says:

    Has anyone found out what exactly happened to her? I’m just wondering. I thought I read she had a heart attack and was given something for it and did not wake up. Does anyone know for sure?

  92. Noelle says:

    No, and it’s not for me to speculate about.

  93. Good morning! Just read the post from Lynn’s sister. I’m so glad she told Lynn how much she was loved. I don’t think I’ll ever stop crying.
    Everyone have a great day.

  94. Noelle says:

    Off to work. Have a beautiful day everyone! xx

  95. COCfarm says:

    Hey everyone. Still in shock. I have been preoccupied and did not know until yesterday. I could have gone to the service. Just feel so sad. Just wanted to say ‘hi’ to everyone.

  96. COCfarm says:

    Awwwww…. and my puppy avatar went away: (
    MeltheHound…I will need your help again! Sorry!

    • BB says:

      Good morning COC. I had to learn this the hard way. If you are using a different e-mail account here, then you have to go to your Gravatar account and add this new e-mail to it. Don’t create a new account for your new e-mail. Just add it to your existing Gravatar account. Hope this helps.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


      • BB says:

        Oprah looks like she’s thinking, “What a POS.”

      • Eastbayca says:

        Let’s hope his current wife is taking notes….she might be treated as such in case of a divorce.

        • BB says:

          I can’t figure out what the attraction is other than the money. I mean, he looks like an old geezer in need of a shave with his shirt straining at the buttons.

    • Mookiesmom says:

      What a jackass!

    • COCfarm says:

      He has some serious issues. He also recently blamed not being nominated for an Emmy on his conservative political views. I think he’s just to damaged to get it. He will end up saying Oprah edited this in an unflattering light because they don’t agree politically.

    • AZGirl says:

      Yea and that young wife he has now thinks he is the sexiest man alive. As Joan River’s always says “Give me a break, a 25 year old marries an old rich man because she loves hair plugs.”

    • LuvMyGals says:

      I’m so sick of people treating marriage and having children so lightly. Kelsey was a POS sicko who wanted arm candy and a good piece in the bed. If he couldn’t be honest with his wife when he came out of his decade long stupor he should only be talking about what an A$$ he is. I can’t believe the new “Mrs.” isn’t waiting for the other shoe to drop. Good morning everyone.

  97. good morning says:

    Just checking to see if new comers are allowed to post. Well, I’m not a new comer, been reading Lynn’s blog since day one.

  98. Shannon says:

    I just want to post a quick thank you to everyone who is taking the time to write the recaps. I know it takes a lot of time out of your day. I used to write the Big Brother updates last year before a family emergency required all of my attention. Lynn sent me a very nice email telling me how I had her thoughts and prayers and that if I needed her to let her know. So with everything going on in her life she had no trouble adding my burdens to hers. This proved to me that she was truly a nice person, not someone who was just pretended to be. I still go to the blog everyday. I know there isn’t much to read, but I haven’t been able to break it yet. I feel comfort when I read the recaps from all the wonderful contributors. I’m so thankful someone decided to start this blog in Lynn’s memory. What a great way to keep her memory alive and keep everyone together.

  99. LaineyLainey says:

    RamonaCoaster, I am just now getting around to reading the the NYblog recaps. Your comments were hysterical. I especially loved your comment about Heather inserting her product placement… it did seem like a random mention. How about simply saying “I was at work” or “I had a meeting at work.” You’re doing great!

  100. jeepers1941 says:

    I am so deeply sadden to hear of Lynn’s passing. My thoughts and prayers to her family and so many of her friends on her blog site.
    Carly wrote a beautiful tribute to Lynn and I don’t think anyone could have said it better than she did, thank you Carly…………Jeepers

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