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Andy Cohen and Lynn Hudson

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@BravoAndy Glad to see you back on twitter. How about a few words for Lynn Hudson.

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@NMDLynnfam I was sad to hear of her passing – she loved bravo so much!

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Picture Montage by Boston

“Can you do a favor for me, a big favor? I went out with Tom last night. You know, the one that looks a bit like Johnny Depp? And the girls, they know I brought someone here,” she says on the call, which Bravo subtitles. “He can’t say that he was here last night with me. I don’t want the girls to know he was here with me.” 


Teen Mom- Series Finale

by RabbleRouser

Hi everyone, this is the Series finale of the original Teen Mom. I am willing to write about Teen Mom 2 if anyone watches it. Thank you NMD and LC for keeping the blog up and running, not to mention the other contributors and those on FB, a special thanks to all Lynn’s faithful readers who I consider to be friends.

Amber says because things with Gary have been tense, she decided to date other people. She seems to have a knack for riff raff but this guy is actually decent looking and has his own place to live in. I have a feeling that he is either never seen the show and doesn’t know how crazy she is or he has seen the show and wants a piece of the action.

Amber starts to tell him about her history of being teen mom and about her daughter. She also explains that she is going to give Gary custody to keep CPS at bay. The guy seems a little to eager to meet her which makes me question his motives.

Amber and Gary decided to wait until after the family court date to have a family party for Leah. But because he is angry that he and Amber won’t be getting back together, he decides to throw one without her. I guess he is taking a page out of the Maci Book(out) on how to use your child as collateral. Amber is lying in bed again (only this time she has company- I don’t know what happened because I wasn’t here but I am guessing he ‘took a tour of the house’) when she gets a call from Gary who texts her pictures of the birthday party he is setting up along with a snarky message.  She calls Gary and asks him what is up with that since they had planned to throw a party together. He then starts questioning her about the guy she is with and the nature of their relationship. She refuses to answer and he hangs up. Amber tries to call Gary; I know this because they showed his phone with a call coming through from someone listed as “Plain Old Amber”. I guess he has some other Amber’s in his back pocket and needs to make the distinction, but he doesn’t answer. Amber tells her new guy that Gary is shutting her out because she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. She is now questioning her decision about giving Gary custody.

Gary’s friend comes over and he tells him that he feels bad about the conversation he had with her. He thinks he went too far and said things that he shouldn’t. He says that he still cares about her and that if anything happened to her, it would devastate him. I think he is realizing that when you are dealing with someone who is bi-polar, drug addicted and suicidal that you shouldn’t say things that are likely to push them over the edge. His friend says he is proud of Gary for realizing that he crossed a line and that it’s not fair or right to go there. They talk about the court date the day and how it will be difficult.

Amber is sulking on the couch and calls Gary, he reminds her that she has court at 2:30 the next day; she says she knows but she wants to see Leah. He says it’s not a good day and she breaks down crying. He says he is ‘not dealing with his’ and she starts to yell that he is the one who is keeping her from her daughter and calls him a bastard. He calls her a whore, she says she is not. He calls her a ‘slut puppy’; she says she is not and that she was devoted to him. He mentions the new guy she is dating, she says it’s not about him, it’s about Leah. Gary says that he is going to get custody but Amber says that now she is not going to give it up. I wonder if Amber now realizes what her mom was trying to tell her before. It gets even more heated before Amber collapses on the bed in a pile of tears.

Amber is lying in bed again (with that guys she is dating) when she speaks to Gary. He tries to assure her that he didn’t mean the things she said and that she should give him custody, citing again that it will get CPS off their back. They go to court and put it motion. Later that day, Amber tells her friend that her family has given her a hard time about the decision but that she feels it was for the best.

Gary drops Leah off at Amber and says his mother will pick her up before he closes the door. Amber gives her some balloon’s coloring books. She also makes cupcakes with her daughter.

Maci is driving and thinks is a good idea to make a phone call without a hands free device. She calls Bentley to wish him a happy birthday; I don’t know why she waited until she got behind the wheel to make this call but it was selfish and idiotic. Bentley is having a good time opening presents with is dad and paternal family. They get him a guitar, I am curious to see if it stays at their house or goes to Maci’s, along with some playdoh- that goes well with hardwood floors and some finger-paint.

Later, Maci is in bed with Kyle reminiscing about the day Bentley was born and relieving every moment of it, noting how the baby came out of her hoo-hoo. I am not surprise she got pregnant at such a young age; clearly she wasn’t paying attention in all of her biology classes when they were discussing human antimony.  She also goes on to say how she was the rock star mom and how Ryan never wanted to be around. My guess is it might have had something to do with her being there. She also says how she should be the one to get Bentley for every birthday because he wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for her, as if Ryan had NOTHING to do with it.  (See, I told you she wasn’t paying attention). This wakes Kyle up from his coma and he makes some sort of snort (see even he knows how babies are made) but she tells him to shut his mouth and yammers on.

Bentley is still with his dad while Maci sees her college advisor; she tells her if she stays on the right track she can get an A in the class which is new for Maci, since previously she never even got a credit. Maci is talking to a friend of hers about her difficulties dealing with Ryan. Her friend suggests that maybe it’s that Ryan still has a thing for her and is wanting what he can’t have, so he is keeping her at a distance. Maci says she doesn’t know what the problem is but there is one.  I can tell you what is it Maci. She makes the mistake that I feel a lot of single mothers (especially young ones) do with their children’s fathers; they have anger and resentment with their exes over the failed relationship and use the child as a means to try and control them. This is exactly why Ryan will be a chump if he doesn’t get a formalized custody agreement from the courts.

Maci picks up Bentley from Ryan’s and says that it was uncomfortable. Ryan is meeting with a lawyer because he wants apply for joint custody of Bentley. He also addresses his concern about Maci living with someone she isn’t married to with Bentley being in the home. His lawyer asks him if he has a copy of the birth certificate, which he doesn’t but says he will ask Maci for it, although he isn’t sure if she will give it to him.  It’s beyond me why he wouldn’t have got a copy sooner. He should have his own file for his son in case of an emergency but he’s not too bright, so I am not surprised.

Maci has had Bentley for a few days and it’s Ryan’s turn to have him, he her for the birth certificate. She asks him why but he won’t tell her. She says she doesn’t have it with her and that it’s at her mom’s house. She tells him that he can go to a health office and pick on up himself. He doesn’t like that answer, it seems like he thinks that is an inconvenience which doesn’t suggest he is ready for a custody fight.  Maci tells Kyle what happened and wonders what Ryan is up to. She seems confident that nothing will change as far as custody and living arrangements if push comes to shove.

Ryan is telling his parents about the proposed custody agreement and how they should alternate weeks. His mom asks what his lawyers concerns were and he mentions about how Kyle and Maci are living together. His girlfriend Dalis doesn’t think that Ryan should go down that road because there could also come a time there they decided to live together. Ryan’s dad asks why would they do that and gets the reply ‘because we love each other’. His dad reiterates that even if there is a modified custody agreement that it is still important to try to work with each other and co-parent.

Maci goes to see her mom and tells her that Ryan is asking for a birth certificate. Her mom asks why and Maci says she doesn’t really know. Her mom says that she thinks it’s for reasons we all know, that he obviously wants something in writing in regards to custody so that he is not at the mercy of Maci. She asks Maci if she feels like Ryan has gotten better at parenting over time, she says that she does but is angry that Ryan gets to be the ‘fun dad’ and when it comes to the hard or unpleasant stuff he leaves it for his mom to do. Her mom in around about way tells her that she has to look forward and not back for the best interest of Bentley instead of hanging on to her resentments.

Tyler and Caitlyn are getting read to start college in a few weeks. April is still in recovery and Butch is still in jail. She asks the couple if they will watch Nic for the weekend for her. The reasons that aren’t clear, something about ‘having her own time’; they agree and it makes me nervous, I think she is going to party and end up using.  They talk about what her plans are in regards to Butch, she says she thinks she should divorce him but doesn’t sound really committed in that answer. Tyler is unsure about what to do; he thinks it would probably be best to cut his dad out of his life. I can’t even imagine what an agonizing decision that must be for those who are dealing with a family member battling addiction. They talk about how Butch told Tyler that his love for cocaine is deeper than his love for his own son; I can only hope that is the addiction talking and not his heart and soul.

Tyler, Caitlyn and her little brother Nic go to their trailer. Tyler becomes upset over a mess and begins to swear but Caitlyn says she will get it and asks him to watch his language. Later on that evening when he is playing with her brother, he is becoming agitated with the dog, especially when the dog poops on the rug. He takes the dog and shows him the mess then puts him outside. Seeing this, I am glad they decided to choose adoption, knowing how much kids poop everywhere, especially when they are potty training. It’s a frustrating task and process for the best of us. Cailtynn’s little brother starts to cry, Caitlynn’s voiceover says how Tyler’s tempter has been getting worse lately and it’s starting to bother her. My guess is that he is angry with his father but because Butch is in jail, he is projecting his anger on to those around him. The next day, Tyler snaps at the dog again and the subject of his tempter comes up. He and Caitlyn both note how it’s getting worse. They acknowledge how it’s good that Carly isn’t there to witness it and how it would cause conflict in their relationship if she was. Tyler says he wants to see a councilor.

Tyler tells his councilor about how his tempter has been flaring up lately. She asks him the source of it and he explains that on the surface it’s over small and petty stuff but he doesn’t know the root of it. His therapist gets him to dig a little deeper and he acknowledges his anger at his dad and how his dad has never been in his life. He said that had a lot to do with why he choose adoption for Carly, because he had no idea how to be a father and was afraid to fail. Tyler ponders about if he should write his dad a letter cutting him out of his life. But he is afraid that his dad will then die alone which will make him feel guilty.

Tyler is reading Caitlyn a letter he wrote to his father. It is a sad conclusion for any child to come to about their parent; that they are a destructive force in their life and they need to close that door. Tyler talks about to Caitlyn about how his relationship with Butch, pushed him towards adoption. Caitlyn said that because she knew he felt so strongly about, she was afraid if she changed her mind that Tyler would have left her. I think this must have stuck a cord with them both, since they kind of went into a defensive mode where he said that ultimately it was her choice; she agreed but said that he was lucky she took his feelings into consideration when she made it and how a lot of other girls wouldn’t have done the same thing. They wonder if it was the right choice or not but ultimately come to the conclusion that it was

Farrah is talking a bartending class (well, I guess it’s technically part of a culinary management program) .Clearly the science involved with adding a garnish to a drink or salting the rim is something that can only be done in Fla and without the distraction of being a parent. I suspect that Farrah was probably using around this time using distance to hide her tracks from her family that would likely intervene. At least she had the sense to send Sophia to Deborah’s (although I suspect she is on meds or using alcohol) thankfully Michael seems normal. Farrah calls her mom and speaks to Sophia for a bit. Her mom tells her that she is going to start potty training the child. Farrah says she has been spending time with her neighbor (I think they put out a casting call for people to film with her and they are dropping like flies). Farrah is racing in her conversation and it’s like she is trying to get her whole back story out in 30 seconds covering everything from being a teen mom, to her daughters father dying, how she feels alone, She then users her hat to cover her face and starts to cry.

Farrah is making a cake in her apartment with a classmate which is weird because the girl asked her what program she was in. Farrah tries to make a canolli. I don’t know what book she is reading but she cooked it like a pancake, then put the cream on top, then tried to roll it like a fajita. Is she on drugs again? Farrah is checking out some art classes for Sophia, she talks about price and how important it is for them to prompt her child on if she needs to use the bathroom. At home, she is checking her grades on line and talks about how Sophia is doing and how it’s gotten easier for her to deal with the fact that the baby is with her mom. Farrah flies back to her mom’s house and is met at the airport by Sophia and her mom. For whatever reason, her mom is holding a carseat in hands, which doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t look like they took an airport limo home.

Farrah is having lunch with her sister and Sophia when her daughter tells her that she is a bad person. Farrah says she is not, so Sophia says that then she (referring to herself) and her mom reassures her she is not. Having kids around this age myself, I know that this is just one of those things kids say, but it makes me uncomfortable watching it. Farrah talks about her sister getting engaged for a few seconds before she puts the focus back her. She mentions how when she was pregnant, how Derek proposed to her but she turned him down which in part leaf to her breaking up with him. She thinks that had she accepted that Derek would still be alive today and begins to cry. Sophia calls her a cry baby. She says now how she feels like she will accept any proposal since you never know how many chances you will get but I suspect that what she means is, she will get a proposal, even if she has to beat it out of you. Run Forrest, run.

Farrah and Sophia are getting ready to leave her mom’s house. She says she was able to get a lot accomplished in the time she Sophia was gone


Love Broker – “Ben: Nothing is Perfect in Love”

by BB

Looks like this is the last episode of Love Broker.  It came in with a whimper and went out with a whimper.  Bravo never really gave this series a chance.  There wasn’t much pre-promotion for it; they showed one episode, pulled it from the lineup, and then brought it back as a summer fill-in. The final blow came when they moved it from a prime-time slot to 7 p.m.  Too bad.  It’s a much classier show than Millionaire Matchmaker ever was or ever will be.  Lori and Jenn seem to legitimately want to help people find their soulmates, while Patti Stanger seems to be happy raking in the dough from the millionaires and insulting everyone while doing it.

Hopefully Patti will be fired soon

Lori meets with Stephanie to get feedback about what’s going on with one of her clients, Jesse. They had a very good first date and had a second date in Central Park (but no kiss).  They exchanged telephone numbers and he texted her for another date.  Lori tells Stephanie the texting thing is not OK.  For their third date, they went to a restaurant and had great conversation (still no kiss).  The next day, Jesse breaks it off with Stephanie in a TEXT!  He told her he didn’t kiss her because he didn’t want to lead her on and that he was not ready for a relationship.  What? Then why is he paying Lori to find him a woman for a relationship?

Bad Jesse Bad

Lori is very hurt and disappointed by Jesse’s actions.  He was immature and childish and she tells Stephanie that Jesse will definitely hear from her.

Lori hurries to her next appointment with Ben, 28.  He’s a copywriter from Connecticut.  He’s ready for a relationship and he asks her how she met her husband.  His most recent girlfriend broke up with him in a TEXT!  What is going on here with the texting?  Nothing is a substitution for a real one-on-one conversation.  Ben was in love in college, but the girl didn’t know what she wanted.  He was serious and she wasn’t.   He wants someone who has goals and stands up for what she believes in. He likes someone who’s creative and would like to go on runs in the park with him (he thinks that’s sexy).  Looks wise, nice eyes, nice smile, nice butt and blonde.  He’s never cheated on anyone before and wants someone with integrity.  Lori loves sensitive guys.  She has to find someone who doesn’t have a hard exterior.


She takes Ben to the park to see what type he likes.  He keeps seeing women who aren’t his type and feels bad for saying it.  Lori tells him to be honest.  He finally sees a very cute blond woman.  Long blond hair and nice butt are his definite likes.  Lori calls Ben a dream client.  She tells him she will get back to him after she and her staff find who they think is the perfect date for him.  Lori tells her staff how much she loves Ben and they discuss who might be good for him.  They look at Lindsey and she seems to fit the bill.  They also talk about Sofia and Kelsey.  Lori will meet all three to see which one she thinks will be best for Ben.

Lori has Jesse come to her office and she’s ready to let him have it.  She lets Jesse tell her his side of it and he tells her he stupidly texted Stephanie to break it off.  Lori tells him that’s the ultimate sign of immaturity.  Lori asks Jesse what he meant when he told Stephanie he wasn’t ready for a relationship and tells him it makes Lori and her company look bad because they are there to help their clients find a real relationship.  Jesse tells Lori he’s ready for a relationship, but not with Stephanie.  He tells Lori he knows he screwed up.  Lori is trying to pinpoint what it was about Stephanie he didn’t like.  He thought she looked great and had a great personality.  Jesse said Stephanie didn’t have the wow factor.  Jesse finally admits he would like someone a little more fit and toned.  Lori thinks they could have saved a lot of time if he had just admitted that.  Jesse learned a lot from that discussion.

Lori meets with Lindsey as a potential date for Ben.  She is bubbly, outgoing and a little quirky.  Trust is a huge issue for Lindsey and Lori thinks that good because Ben is looking for someone with integrity.  Lindsey sees herself being married five years down the road and wants to start working towards that.  Plus she has a nice butt and she’s blond.  Lori thinks she’s great.

Lori then meets with Kelsey as a potential for Ben.  She’s 23 and she’s in social media.  She tells Lori she’s in a career she loves and she’s goal-oriented.  Kelsey seems very confident.  She ended her past relationships she had in college because she wanted to focus on herself. She likes someone thoughtful and caring and the guy must eat more than she does.  Lori thinks this decision is getting harder and harder for her.

The third girl she meets for Ben is Sofia.  She’s Swedish and has been a skier all her life, but she’s had some bad injuries from it.  She loves running in the park (so does Ben).  She’s currently a full time student and working towards an interior design degree.  She tells Lori her former boyfriend broke up with her in an e-mail.  She admits she can be kind of a control freak.  Lori likes that she admits that.  Poor Lori doesn’t know how she’s going to pick one of the three women she’s talked to.  I personally like Lindsey.

Lori gets a call from her client Justin who had a great first date with Paula.  He waited like Lori told him to do and left a message with Paula that she never returned.  He then texted her twice to see he even had the right number.  Paula puts him off for a couple of weeks because she tells him she’s busy.  Justin felt he was getting the brush off and Lori asks him why he kept pursuing Paula through texts.  Lori tells him there’s nothing less attractive then a needy guy.  She tells him not to appear over-eager.  Lori tells him at the end of the day he will find someone more responsive and he’s willing to try again.

Ben doesn’t have a game plan for his blind date.  He’s just going to talk to her.  Lori calls Ben and tells him he’s very lucky to be going on a date with this woman.  Lori advises him not to forget to ask for a second date on the first date.  It’s a first blind date for both.   And the girl Lori chose for Ben is . . . Sofia, the Swedish former skier.  Ben thinks she’s very attractive.  Sofia tells Ben about herself.  I think Ben is a little in awe of Sofia and he’s not being very talkative.

They both live near each other and find out they both like running.  She tells him about her professional skiing past and her bad crash that ended her career.  Sofia does most of the talking and Ben seems a little intimidated.  Sofia is a morning person and Ben is not.  Sofia tells Ben sleep is overrated.  Ben tells Sofia he’s a zombie and she says maybe he can change and he says he probably will not.  Sofia is a neat freak and Ben is a slob.  Sofia starts organizing things on the table and Ben teases her about it.  They talk about the whether they would have a family in the city or not.  They go to the cabana downstairs and sit on a couch together.  Ben tells her she’s very cute.  While Sofia is talking about traveling, Ben leans over and they start kissing.  Sofia thinks he’s a great kisser.  They agree to hang out together more that night.

Lori meets with Ben to find out about the date.  He thinks the date went really well.  He tells Lori she is his type physically and he thinks she’s a good kisser.  He got her number and asked her out again.  Lori asks Ben if he’s interested in Sofia’s feedback and he thinks that’s a negative thing.  Lori says it’s mostly positive but there’s a little tweaking needed.  Ben tells Lori he’s not changing anything.  Lori tells him Sofia felt Ben wasn’t confident in the beginning so he needs to control the conversation better.  Lori thinks there is definitely great potential for them.  I’m not too sure about that Lori, and I hope to find out how this one ends.

Lori and Jenn have a Summer Client Appreciation event for their male clients to catch up on their lives.  Some have found love and some haven’t yet, but Lori is determined that everyone deserves love and it’s out there for them.


Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs

by RamonaCoaster

LuAnn de Lesseps 

What may have looked like infidelity on last night’s episode was in reality, a ride home with a friend and a tour of the house after an evening of fun on vacation eight months ago. Do you think I would bring a man back to a houseful of housewives (and cameras) if I were planning on having an affair?

She makes a good point but maybe she figured no one would suspect she would have a night of “fun” with a Frenchman because the camera and women were there. Or she needed another storyline.

My big mistake was trying to avoid the speculation and assumptions by telling a white lie. The problem with telling a white lie is that once you say it, you have to stick to your story, that’s why I made the call when I heard that Tomas was coming for dinner that night. Never tell a fib because it can snowball out of control. LESSON LEARNED.

Just like Bill Clinton. Stick to your lie.

As I write this, Jacques and I are on vacation and we couldn’t be more united and happy!

If Jacques believes you didn’t cheat then that’s fine with me but I defend my right to gossip about it!

Ramona Singer

As you all well know, I love dancing! Heather and I suddenly bonded on the dance floor. Once Heather, Carole, and I got on top of the tables to dance, it was sealed. Heather and I reached an unspoken understanding with each other.

Leave it to Ramona to make a moment on the dance floor into something deeper than it is. Not exactly a “feeling fist” moment (Urban dictionary: The fist used to express deep or extreme emotion during a song, in which the singer extends a fisted hand and brings it back in toward their body with intensity of emotion).

How many times did LuAnn say Tomas looks like Johnny Depp? Was it just me or was she obsessing a bit over the way he looked? I really don’t know why LuAnn would lie about having Tomas over to the home. And to say Italian people, not French?!

Since Johnny Depp would never consent to being on this show because he has a career, Luann will have to do with a look alike.

We were all surprised that Aviva was coming with Reid and that he would be staying in the villa. Aviva had always told us he would have business and stay at another location with a business associate.

I guess we’ll have to tune in next week to see what the ruckus was about.

I was glad Aviva was coming, but I wish I knew under what circumstances before I committed. I really can’t take that much time off away from my family, and if this was no longer a girls’ trip, I might have done things differently.

Who can forget Simon and his red pants

Didn’t we see this scene before? What’s the big deal with a man on the trip? We don’t know Reid very well and he may turn out to be just as effeminate as Simon. He just might have a pair of red leather pants in his closet.

Aviva Drescher

I find this trip appalling for so many reasons: Women abusing themselves with alcohol and god knows what else. Women behaving like mean teenagers thinking only of themselves and bullying others whenever they get the chance.

I can feel Aviva’s seething hatred emanating from my laptop screen. I’m leaning back for fear of getting sprayed with saliva as she spews her vitriol.

I would have hoped that women in their 40s and 50s had evolved to a place of kindness, compassion, and decency, having had children and some life experience.

Their young eggs prevent them from doing that.

Next, Carole insisted that Reid and I stay in the house (we could have just as easily stayed in a hotel). I was so excited to go on the trip and fight my fear of small planes. With Reid at my side, I was still petrified but it felt doable.

I guess we’re supposed to feel bad that she made such a sacrifice to go to a beautiful island for a weekend getaway to film a Bravo reality show.

What is most disturbing is, if some of the ladies felt so strongly about Reid not being there, why didn’t anyone call me???

They were probably too inebriated to make the phone call.

The real issue is what were the ladies so  worried about? Wasn’t the dynamic of a female trip altered from the start given Russ’ presence and random local guys, invited by some of the ladies, coming and going?

Rather uncomfortable to run around nude, drink and bring home young Frenchman to “talk”, when someone’s husband is hanging around.  When you have your midlife crisis, you’ll understand.

How could those women possibly be so selfish and mean to debate as to WHO was going to ask my husband to leave this house?.

Apparently what worked in Season one with Simon and Alex, producers felt will work again in Season Five.   

And let’s not forget that Ramona KNEW that Reid was coming before I ever left New York and, believe me,  he was not interested in being around this group of pent up cougars. We had discussed it!  The house was HUGE with separate entrances/exits for each room So what was the problem?  Why such insensitivity towards me and my family?

So was Reid supposed to stay in another room of the house so Aviva could hang with these cougars? That doesn’t seem fair.

The ganging up on LuAnn to shame and intimidate was terrible.

Well, it was going to happen someday. Luann shames and intimidates them with her height and passive-aggressiveness constantly.

This trip was trashtastic filled with immature, selfish women.

By Aviva’s reaction, you would think Ramonja was planning a terrorist plot to bomb St. Bart’s.  The only thing they’d bomb was the toilet.

What didn’t Ramona and her sidekick want Reid to see? Their selfish, partying, hedonistic, binge-drinking behavior? Or perhaps they wanted to hide sleeping together naked and spooning?

Reid would see it anyway on his tv screen along with the rest of us. Thank goodness for pixelization. It seems Ramonja’s site gag was not appreciated by the Dreschers.

Heather Thomson

The beginning of Heather’s blog just describes what we saw on the episode.  I don’t know why she bothered. The only interesting part was:

Let me tell you this much as I know it to be true, Carole and I leave the group well before the clock strikes 12 and we go back to the house and off to our beds. Later that night, I don’t remember what time, Lu comes a knocking on my door to try to get me up for a nightcap. She is with someone but they are not sneaking around. They are being very loud. I go back to bed. The next morning, Carole and I are taking in the sun and some Vitamin D by the pool and she asks me about the noise from the night before. I could have said, “I don’t know,” but that would be lying to Carole and so the whisper fest ensues between us about what happened.

For some reason, I can picture myself leaning in while she’s whispering these sentences.

I adore Jacques and LuAnn both and I love them together. I don’t believe anything but partying happened last night because I know how Lu feels about Jacques, but she is making it worse by weaving up this complicated, cockamamie story. She is certainly coming off very suspicious to the other ladies and no one believes her.

So what kind of “partying” do you think they did, Heather? Inquiring minds want to know.

 I am concerned that soon the questions will turned to me, so I am just backing out of any group discussions with Ramona and Sonja about this whole scenario while we are preparing for who knows what this evening.

I get it. Heather wants to be the good girl and not get her hands dirty. Leave it to Ramonja to do it.

The girls invited everyone they knew and saw at Le Ti to our house for a party and so we are expecting a potentially large group — but to our surprise and Luann’s chagrin it is just Kat, (LuAnn’s good friend), and Tomas who actually show up! Ugh! LuAnn is digging a hole for herself and I wish she would clue me in on her thinking because I would have made every attempt to stop her!

A rumor-mongering control freak to be sure.

Although we as RHONY are surrounded by a media bubble that can teach us to think the opposite, being liked is not always the most important and the truth is that even our “reality” cannot always be Photoshopped or clicked away with a mouse — its “tale” has to be confronted…

Blah, blah, blah…I’m sure there is a lesson learned in all of this but she’s mistaking this show for an afterschool special.

Meanwhile, Sonja has decided that no matter what went down the evening before, tonight it is her turn with Tomas aka Johnny and she is making her moves! I guess Carole (from Le Ti) and Tomas have broken up!?

Can’t these women let us see the episode before they spoil it for us?

Carole Radziwill

Carole’s blog is always perfection. My comments would mar it. It’s better to read it in its entirety and I definitely recommend reading it so here’s the link:

Sonja Morgan

This is a girls’ trip! I’m here to stir the drink! What you don’t see is from first flight to the end of the night we were all constantly being served! Welcome mimosas and wine with lunch in first class on the plane, arrival champagne at the villa. Rosé was not flowing in this Villa, it was gushing from a SPIGOT! In all my travel I’ve never seen this.

With as much as you drink, it’s a wonder you remembered having a good time.

It would be like one wife coming along with a group of husbands to Vegas and expecting the wife to be comfortable!

That sound like a vacation you’d be very comfortable on.

I’m not in St. Barths to be on my best guarded behavior in front of Carole’s boyfriend, I’m here to have a blast and blow off some steam. I’ve been working really hard on Sonja Home Innovative Living, booking Sonja in The City parties, maintaining my charity work, combating the hurricane damage at my home, managing my assets, and most importantly being a mom. All this when not shooting RHONY!

Let’s not forget, bossing around interns is exhausting work.

I have been friends with Carole Gruson, owner of the fabulous Le Ti St. Barth, for decades. I had no idea her and Tomas were broken up until Tomas told me at the house the next night at our cocktail party. He’s French, always flirtatious (especially with the clients), which is what we go there for!

As long as Tomas says they are broken up, I guess it’s socially acceptable for you to “flirt” with him.

There is nothing wrong with bringing people (or a group of Italians) back to the house! Now I know Ramona doesn’t sleep and she watches TV with the butler and snacks (and still has a phenomenal body), but what were Heather and Carole doing up at the main house?! The bungalow was hundreds of yards away from the house, so what were they doing? Creeping around in the bushes?! Peering through (or running into) glass doors?

She brings up a good point. Very intriguing.

(NJ Cast Blogs will be posted later this week – NMD)


Housewives News

thank you Boston and BB for finding interesting hw gossip to share

Ramona is already spinning / spoiling / deflecting – as a seasoned housewife should.  She’s let slip to WetPaint that Aviva was verbally abusive.

According to the article, Ramona says: “I’ve been getting flack because people have been saying I’m just walking away from Heather,” Ramona said. “You will see in the episode when we come back from vacation where I sit down and have lunch with Aviva and sit down and stay and take this verbal abuse from her. The producers even asked me why did I stay so long and take that from her, but the truth is I stayed is because they always were telling me I leave and walk out when there’s conflict, so I just stayed and got verbally beaten up.”

The question is, what did Ramona do to make Aviva scream at her.  It’s clear that whatever it is the two ladies haven’t made up yet  – Aviva’s blog and twitter feed make that abundantly clear.  The real question is  – how are the rating?  We’ll have to wait until Simon updates his website to find out.

Tamra Barney was hospitalized yesterday after doubling over from pain from a hernia, the Enquirer reports

“I thought I was going to die,” Tamra said.  Calling the pain 100 times more painful than childbirth, famewhore Tamra had time to send out a tweet before calling 911.

Sonja Morgan made Page 6 news by causing a little ruckus in a restaurant when the bill arrived.  Although she claims she was with a wealthy man, they disputed the bill and asked to be comped for a bottle of Tequila.

One thing was cleared up.  Yes – Sonja does bruise easily.  We’ve all been wondering about those bruises on her ass and arm.  According to the article – “The Sonja in the City caterer says the real drama went down when a fan invaded her VIP section to grab her: “These girls got very excited. Ten girls and three boys jumped the rope into our private section. I bruise really easily. This girl grabbed me.””

Recap of Housewives biggest fights by US  Weekly

Relive the hair pulling and bus brawl in Atlanta, reunion antics and wine throwing in OC, scary island and the Jill and Bethenny epic feud in NY in this article, hair pulling. table flip, Christening, and Manzo smack down in NJ – and other precious moments of these classy ladies.


Paul and Adrienne have both officially filed for divorce.  That was quick.


Just In – Bravo had renewed It’s a Brad, Brad World and added Courtney does love Dallas to the 2013 lineup.  Anyone want to blog them?


Happy Birthday Jill…no not THAT Jill

About Veena (NMD)

Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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  1. bea says:

    Great blog today! Happy birthday Jill!

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone.

  3. BB says:

    Happy Birthday, Jill!

  4. trudie says:

    Happy, happy day Jill. May it be fabulous from beginning to end!

  5. BB says:

    Thanks, Boston, RR, Ramonacoaster and MarDrag.

    • Yes, great blogs – enjoy them even tho I don’t watch all the shows. The recaps are better than the original shows anyhow lol.

      Ramonacoaster you remind me of an old housewife blogger from a few years ago. She was/is Real City Housewife, or @putyourhairup on twitter. Very funny, always a good analysis of the housewives & their crazy ass behavior.

      So now I’m suspecting that Aviva is really mad at Ramonja because Reid saw their bubbies! Really Aviva you beat up on Ramonja for their antics when your father is so disgusting? Oh that reminds me, Ramonja showed their disgust with your father’s quasi indictable sexual advances…..maybe Aviva is mad about that? Aviva’s anger is coming from a deep place. Can’t imagine what growing up with her father was like. Or is she angry with her parents for the accident that took her leg. Her phobias are odd too. Deal with your fears & anger Aviva – please don’t allow it to affect your children, your marriage & your ability to make friends.

      • Orson says:

        This just came to me. Maybe Aviva is so angry at Sonja because she really wanted Sonja as a Stepmother and no it seems that simply is not going to happen?

      • ramonacoaster says:

        Thanks Blue! I think so too. I saw on a preview on Bravotv that Aviva spoke to Carole about her mother being an alcoholic which led to her death and maybe seeing all the alcohol served may have triggered her. This was filmed 8 mos ago you would think she would let it go by now. Scary Island 2 coming soon to a tv near you.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I think Aviva has a LOT of deep-rooted issues. She suffered a very traumatic incident as a child. Her mother was an alcoholic. Her father has an obsession with sex and is extremely inappropriate. Yet, Aviva claims that her mother and father had a “wonderful and devoted” marriage for years, and this perverted behavior of his started only after her mother’s death. I do NOT believe her. Maybe her Mother drank for several reasons: a genetic predisposition to it; guilt over Aviva’s accident; and the fact that she was married to a pervert.

        I think Aviva suffers from more than just extreme anxiety and phobias. Her extreme vitriol toward Sonja and Ramona is very, very odd to me. And, it’s like it went from love to hate in the blink of an eye. One minute, she’s taking up for and defending Ramona and constantly complimenting Sonja. Then, because those 2 flakes miss a charity event, she goes BALLISTIC on them? And 2 of her blogs have been downright seething with venom and words that one can never take back (For instance, in one of them, she basically said she wishes that both her and Reid’s ex-es did not exist so all 4 of the children could be theirs alone is just one example. I mean, she DOES realize that her son with her ex- and Reid’s daughter with his ex- can both READ, right? I mean….WTF??!!). I’m sorry. That is just BIZARRE and signS of much, much deeper problems to me. JMHO.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Agree completely Detox!!!!!!! I wonder … I don’t want to type what I wonder. If Aviva is burying some memories on the perv dad. I didn’t realize her mom was an alcoholic. She needs therapy before she ruins more than just a trip and a luncheon.

          • Amalfi says:

            Fine I’ll say it (and have before), Her dad talks and acts like a child molester. He certainly has a wayyyy beyond appropriate physical attraction to his daughter and has said so on camera. I would also have an obsessive need to always have my husband at my side too if I were her.

        • Mary E says:

          Maybe her mother drank because of her husband.

          • MamaZ says:

            I think Aviva’s defense of Ramona was strategic. She doesn’t appear to enjoy Ramona’s company in any of their scenes together including vacationing in Miami. I think she understood the pecking order and was determined to win Ramona over. I also think she’s a scorekeeper like JZ. And when she didn’t get the payback she believed she was owed frm Ramona she is going to make her suffer.

            I think she may have hated Sonja before they even started filming together. Even if Harry’s fling with Sonja was before he married Aviva they remained friends. Aviva seems to insecure to have that sit well with her.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Good points about Sonja. I actually said that before, but I forgot. I do think Aviva believes that Sonja had an affair with Harry while Harry was married with Aviva. That can explain some of the vitriol.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Keeping secrets will drive a person to drink.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              It is not just the affair that is troublesome to Aviva. It is the way that Sonja talks about the relationship in front of her and her peers that is creeping her out. Sonja seems to think that she is the only one that should be able to publicly talk about sex on camera. Sonja is a very strange person, to think that she is a lady. We still do not know if Aviva’s father has always been a pervert or if it is a side affect of sex med’s or a manufactured Bravo story line. I still blame the real perverts, Andy and the production staff. If Aviva’s father had a habit of this sex pervert behavior in general wouldn’t there be some record or trail of lawsuits. Easy money? JMHO.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                He was sued by Mary Lou Retton — but not for being a pervert. He was sued for allegedly bilking her out of $1.4 million. I do not know all the details, and I do not know the end result of the lawsuit. And I honestly am too lazy and honestly do not care enough to find out. I do know that Mary Lou Retton was cute as a button when she won that gold medal, and I do know I begged my Mom to buy a box of cereal just because Mary Lou was on the box. 😀

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  I was about to do my own research and got side tracked. Thank you for reminding me.

  6. Powell says:

    Boston two thumbs up for the LuLu pic montage. It’s just great. 🙂

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I love the pics. People are wondering what I’m laughing about. I looked up the phrase in Google french translator and it says “got my snake pants, is very itchy” You’re so funny Boston!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I agree. Those pix are the business!! I laughed out loud.

      • RHOFrance says:

        I had to search what “prurigineuse” mean. Never heard of the word before. Lynnfam, the only place on the internet about the RH where i’m not ending losing neurones but won some !

  7. JustDee says:

    Great blog y’all! Thanks!

    Lulu says –
    “Do you think I would bring a man back to a houseful of housewives (and cameras) if I were planning on having an affair?”

    After drinking a boatload of tequila and casting all common sense into the wind…..Why Yes I DO!

    • cusi77 says:

      I second that, Dee! I love you Dee! Thanks for sharing your experience… it touched my heart!

    • mardrag26 says:

      Here, Here, JustDee. I was thinking the exact same thing! Tekillya will do that to you!

      Morning All. Happy Birthday Jill. Have a great day!

      Sometimes the spins these women give in their blogs and articles make my eyes and brain go wonky! ;_) Thanks to all of you who fish out this info for us! Love the pic of Andy and Lynn. What a legacy she has left here. Hugs Lynn!

    • JustDee says:

      Annnnnd…….I think Lulu went on vacation THIS week to keep frenchy from seeing the show OR the backlash!

    • Stars99 says:

      Hysterical… I mean, if she and Jacques really do have an “open” relationship… and that’s how she’s operated for a long time… then why is it so surprising to her cast mates? While I honestly can’t wrap my mind around having that kind of relationship – there’s a big difference between having it… and allowing it to be shown on national TV. For me it’s a respect thing… Jacques may be sleeping with other women, too – but we haven’t seen it on national TV… yet.

      • Powell says:

        Stars she’s the one walking around saying she wants to have a baby w/Ross Gellar so I’d be shocked to if I were the ladies.

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Not to mention…what must her kids be thinking????

        A little decorum, Countess, please.

    • Powell says:

      JustDee you bet she would.

    • Orson says:

      And it wasn’t an “affair”, in my opinion. There’s a difference between an “affair” and a drunken boning session.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      ROFL JD. Now we know. 🙂

  8. cusi77 says:

    Good Morning everyone! Thanks BB, NMD (great side comments on the RHONY blogs, lost of giggles here), Ramonacoaster, Boston, You guys made my day! Thank you so much!

    I had a blast most of the time in the last RHONY episode! Mostly because of the chat while watching it!

  9. Stay safe everyone. Flooding has started in Louisiana.

  10. LuAnn de Lesseps ‏@CountessLuAnn
    Had fun debating with the very funny @RealDLHughley on @GAA yesterday. Here’s the clip @bravoTV #GoodAfternoon America

    Please someone bite the bullet and watch her clip – and tell us if it’s interesting

    • Powell says:

      I’m boycotting GAA since they hired JZ for regular segments. It’s just on for the summer right?

      • Yes, GAA is just a summer replacement show and it has only a couple of weeks left. The ratings have been awful. It was a test run and if GAA got decent ratings, it would have been added to ABC’s daytime lineup. When JZ first started, she was on every week, now she is only on every other week. I guess ABC got tired of her. LOL

    • trudie says:

      Is it interesting? In a word – no. Best part was when LuAnn came out and tried the double kiss with the female host and only got one kiss in.

  11. california35 says:

    Great blog today! Happy birthday Jill!

    good morning and happy Wednesday!

    great blogs – i watched NY until last night, ay Luanne lol maybe the french boyfriend doesnt mind? or maybe they are done? she did have a few drinks and she got lose 😛

    on Aviva – i keep thinking she will explode soon.

  12. Stars99 says:

    Great blogs… ITA with you about Love Broker – why on earth would they just rerun various other shows at primetime and bury Love Broker at 7:00 PM??? I barely found it last nite. It’s almost like a Bravo staff member used the Lover Broker’s services and wasn’t satisfied or something. I will say, though that I really disagreed with Lori’s choice for Ben. I thought it should have been Lindsey… and when it was Sofia… I really cringed. During the date I found myself cringing even more… intense control freak, early riser vs. laid back, late nite guy… Also, it wasn’t so swift for Sofia to make a statement revealing that she expected Ben to change his sleeping habits to become a morning person. Who does that? I mean, who expects someone to change their sleeping patterns ever… much less chose to do so while on their first date? lol… I admit I have slightly modified mine here and there based on circumstance – but I was NEVER asked to do so… it was something that I chose to do or something that naturally happened. All is well, though – cuz they sucked face. Since it’s been established that they’re both really good kissers… I’m sure THAT’S enough to keep them together. I kinda also wasn’t too surprised Ben reacted so quickly the moment he heard Lori use the word “feedback.” There have been a couple of places where I’ve worked that used the word “feedback” to mean – “here’s a laundry list of everything that’s wrong with you, and plus we hate your shoes” – and Lori’s face and voice inflection was really quite serious… although, I do think Ben just might be Captain Hyper-Sensitive.

    • Powell says:

      Stars you are a hoot. You and Detox need to take your act on tge road. You all just crack me up. 😉

      • Stars99 says:

        Detox is hysterical, isn’t she?

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Thanx, Powell and Stars. I seriously do NOT try to be hysterical. I just see the absurdity in things most of the time (including myself and the DUMB things I often do).

    • BB says:

      Stars – I thought should have been Lindsey too (I almost said that in the blog). Sofia would have been my third choice. I’ll bet it didn’t work out between those two.

      • Stars99 says:

        Yeah, me too… I think the “professional ski” thing it prolly what got her the nod… and the fact that she likes to jog in the park in the morning… too bad Ben is still going to be asleep when she does that. I thought Ben was adorable in that “I will love him, and pet him, and put him in my pocket” kinda way… but I kinda thinks he needs more of a laid back conversationalist and less of a highly competitive, strong willed kinda person. He might also have issues with a woman being more succeessful than he… but.. then again… I’m basing it all on like 10 minutes of air time… how silly is that? lol

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Great points youse all. I almost feel like I saw the show. 🙂 Too bad I’m semi boycotting Bravo for its badness.

          • I enjoyed the Love Broker and am now very pissed off at Bravo for not replaying it like they over replay every other bravo show. I can’t find it to dvr it. And I was mad they put it on at 6-7 CST which meant I almost missed seeing it. I happened to turn it on, but missed the beginning. Take Skanker out of your back pocket Bravo and drop her in the trash where she and her show belong. LOVE BROKER is THE matchmaking show to watch. Lori and Jen know what they are doing when making matches, plus they don’t humiliate their clients nor their matches for those clients. Skanker is rude and a bully to everyone even her own staff.
            Breath of fresh air is what Lori and Jen are for the match making world.
            I wish they were here in MN because I have some friends that need REAL help. I can only do so much, after all I am over 50(Tre doesn’t like old people) and working with one foot right now.
            RHONY was hilarious and a great break from MY reality for an hour. Let lulu be the swinger that she is and if Sonja wants to tap that Jack-Sparrow-Look-a-like let her. If she likes sloppy seconds more power to her, but discretion is not something these two “ladies” ( I use the term loosely because ladies they are NOT) know. They tramp around like floozies and seem to enjoy any attention then can get.
            Sonja looks very desperate for ANY male attention, even pawing the help. Someone buy Sonja a Hitachi Magic Wand!!
            My Opinion as usual,

  13. Lisa Renee says:

    Good Morning All, amazing blog today. Thanks to all of you for the hard work. Everyone is very funny 🙂 Lisa

    Happy birthday Jill…NNTJ have a great day

  14. JustDee says:

    One more thing that’s bugging me……..Having a couple of overnighters – Carole’s bf and the pirate – is NOT the same as having your HUSBAND included on an All Girl Trip Aviva!

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Agree – if it bothers the other girls, she should have made other arrangements – even if Carole was kind enough to okay it.

    • auntannmarie says:

      Yes Dee! I wrote on aviva’s Bravo blog that if my sisters and I were all hanging out in one room with towels and any one of our husbands joined us it would be sooo inappropriate. There would be a completely different vibe!
      Same holds true if a bunch of men were on vacation and she were there. How could it not be different? Further putting her husband in that situation was wrong! While it was wonderful of him to help her get there, I connot imagine he even wanted to stay?

      • Aviva seems to be very picky about how everyone should act and treat each other. If she were my friend I’d have either had it out with her or frozen her out.
        I hate being told what to do especially by someone who has so many “issues” and seems unstable.
        Her twitter feed is very vile and hateful. She’ll go back and forth with anyone who tweets to her even if she looks bad. Most housewives ignore the nasty comments and only RT the a$$ kissers tweets. (eye roll)
        I think it was genius for Ramona and Sonja to be topless in the pool. They made Reid uncomfortable and he says he should leave the area. LOL I’d go on a trip with those two any day. I’d try to limit the alcohol a little, but I love to eat so they’d be forced to eat with their booze.

  15. What a professional business woman

    Jill Zarin ‏@Jillzarin
    We are going to UK sept 29-oct 4 for birth of our friends baby. Would love to set up book signing a retail store anywhere.Ask around for me?

    • AZGirl says:

      Jill doesn’t have an agent? no PR person?

      • Powell says:

        I’m pretty sure she’ll need quite a few more Twitter eggs to afford a PR person and the publisher isn’t gone give her one cause the book didn’t do what they anticipated.

      • Mary E says:

        She’s so desparate…ti’s almost sad. Almost.

    • Powell says:

      Um where in the UK? From what I learned in elementary school geography the UK is pretty big. Yes some businesswoman NMD. LOL.

      I think you’re kinda getting the hang of Twitter. 🙂

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      🙂 Um…WTH? Who is she speaking to here? Does she think that the general public is going to drum up business for her?

      I….never mind…can’t even come up w/a summative comment on this little bit of stupidity.

    • I never heard of a ‘friend’ flying to another country for the birth of someone elses child- family yes but a friend no.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Oh for the love of God!! Is she STILL trying to sell that book?!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        “For the love of God… and all that is holy.” Give it up, woman. You have to hand it to her, she is tenacious.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          At all the WRONG things. Just think of what Jill could do with all of that tenacity if she put it to more productive uses (instead of desperately trying to remain on camera and mentioned in magazines).

    • boston02127 says:

      I’ll call the UK for her, I’ll get her all set up, no problem. Bwahhahhahaha

    • No one wants your book!!!!! Hint Hint

  16. Thedesigndiva says:


    NMD…DL HUGLEY was funny…Clowntess..LOL …ZAC not allowed in her closet !!! winks

  17. AZGirl says:

    Thank you Ramonacoaster, RR, BB and NMD for all your hard work. Ramonacoaster you did a great job with the blogs. You are so right about Carole’s. It was perfection.
    Happy Birthday Jill!
    Stay safe Lisa Renee and all of you that are in the south and dealing with Hurricane Isaac.
    Chat room last night was great!

    • Stars99 says:

      Dang, I missed most of the chat room last nite… did you make sure the cussin’ jar was passed around?

      • Powell says:

        How much is in there now?

        • Stars99 says:

          I’ll have the current count by the end of the day…. SOME people keep putting in quarters… and in order to count it… I hadta take off my shoes and socks… and now I’m having to call in reinforcements to help count it. Plus, I hafta take into account how much money I already gave to grandma bean for the nekkid pics…

          • Powell says:

            LOL. Keep adding girl.!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I’m telling you right now, Stars, I’m just going to have to get on some type of installment plan because I am going to end up owing you tons of money for that cussing jar.

            What is really odd is that, in my everyday life and everyday speaking, I rarely curse. Seriously. I don’t know why I let loose more when I’m writing and when I’m here. I guess it’s just because I feel more comfortable for some reason. I think it’s also because these housewives and their bad and crazy behavior inspire it.

          • Christi44 says:

            Well, your phone call took forever and there was a lot to curse about last night 🙂 …And we still haven’t seen the pictures.

          • MelTheHound says:

            What’s the matter with Quarters? Just because the strippers at the car wash wouldn’t take them….. sheesh … 🙄


    • lovemamaearth says:

      I agree with all of that. Great great great!!!

      Re Teen Mom… I don’t think Butch has a soul. Poor Tyler. He shouldn’t feel guilty for dumping his dad before the dad drags him down to Butch’s level. JMHO. I think Tyler is angry for many reasons… Butch, having to watch a kid (who is stepbrother to both Caitlyn and Tyler) who should have been given up for adoption–how many kids are April & Butch going to screw up?, Tyler wants to date other girls too imo and stays with Caitlyn out of guilt, duty, and habit. She’s sweet but they both need to date others and get strong on their own, and Tyler no doubt has anxiety at being a full fledged adult and starting college. It’s a reality on all fronts.

      I don’t watch Love Broker but I agree Bravo didn’t give it a fair chance. I wouldn’t have called 7 pm prime time though. jmho

      Great write ups again. I’m still reading.

      • RR I don’t watch the show, but love the recap you do. These kids don’t know how to train a dog to go poop outside, thank God they realize they would be clueless as parents too.

        Taking care of pets is so much easier than taking care of a baby. Let alone raising that child to become a responsible, caring teenager. Oh wait….maybe that’s why these teens get into all this trouble in the first place! It started with their parent’s lack of skills.

        • Tyler & Caitlyn are the ones that have the untrained dog & gave up their baby…..but all these teens are pretty clueless about caring for a baby & how to have a real relationship – with anyone. Depression, bi-polar, addiction, anger issues….what isn’t wrong with Amber. The reason I stopped watching Teen Mom was I felt the show should be doing more to help Amber. Maybe they did try, who knows. If something good comes out of this show, it should be to to demonstrate to other teens out there that effective birth control is a MUST.

          • I do agree with you, I think the show only ponied up on getting Amber help once they come under fire. It was actually the viewers who called and reported Amber for domestic abuse, it’s a bit shocking to me when they know that they would sit idly by while a infant is put a risk in a home plagued with domestic violence.

            I have even noticed situations where Sophia, Farrah’s daughter was in jeopardy and they just filmed it without intervening. One she was giving Sophia a bath in a sink and walked a way to make a phone call. I couldn’t beleive it, on top of that the baby turned on the facet, thank God she wasn’t scalded to death. There is no way, I could sit there and watch something like that without saying “WTF do you think you are doing?”.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          that’s why these teens get into all this trouble in the first place!
          Sooooo true Blue.

      • Powell says:

        Love great points on TM. It’s kind of scary to think what Caitlyn and Tyler would handle every day life if they didn’t have each other as BF/GF cause they’ve been all they could rely on w/Tyler’s mom’s support. But you’re probably right. They need to spread their wings.

        I haven’t watched Love Broker either but I thought they really cared about their clients unlike Patty. I don’t know why Bravo didn’t give them a fair chance.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          they’ve been all they could rely on w/Tyler’s mom’s support.
          Great point Powell. Yes they helped each other through a hard time. Now it’s time to be adults on their own. Otherwise they’ll be codependent until they do. Where is Dr Drew’s counseling on all this? He’s not doing them a service by ignoring the obvious. IMO.

          • Powell says:

            Dr Drew does the reunion but I wonder if he sees them outside the show.

            • lovemamaearth says:

              Yes he doesn’t do a very good job imo. And they have needed counseling all along imo. There’s a reason these couples got PG.

              Dr Phil has a new episode coming up where he tells one teen mom he thinks she got pg to be on the show (after she denied it) and tells a teen dad that he needs to keep his pants zipped. Dr Drew needs some starch in his spine imo.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


        I agree with many of your points. I think Tyler needs to have a very distant relationship with his father until his father gets clean (if ever).

        I also agree that Tyler wants to date other girls. I think he loves Caitlin, but I think he wants to be able to just explore and date and experience other girls and other relationships like many young people his age. I think he feels obligated to Caitlin because of everything they have been through together. I think he loves her, but I do not think that he is IN love with her.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          I agree with you.

          I’d love to know how Tyler’s mom got with Butch. She’s so together (now anyway) and he’s so addicted (now anyway), makes me wonder what was the case when Tyler was conceived.

      • Hi Love, I don’t think Tyler should feel guilty either but it seems to be a bi-product of dealing with someone who is addicted. I am glad he is seeing someone to help him process his feelings. I also think he should attend Al-anon meetings.

        I’m not sure if Tyler wants other girls. I haven’t seen anything to suggest he has a roving eye and if that fat turd Gary is getting all kinds of offers, I am sure Tyler must too but I do think that he probably does feel some sort of obligation to his bio daughter to stay with Caitlyn out of a sense of duty. I also think that he craves the comfort of stable relationships.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I don’t think Tyler has a roving eye either RR. However, people grow and change a LOT from their 20’s to their 30’s. What they want and need from their partners and in their lives also often change. I remember seeing one show where Tyler admitted that he did sometimes wonder what else was out there and what it would have been like to date. A person can still be a good person and still have those feelings. I think those feelings are only natural. JMHO.

  18. Powell says:

    Rrou did a great job on Teen Mom. Ryan is an idiot asking Maci for a copy of Bentley’.s birth certificate. Why couldn’t he think to go to the health dept, the hospital, the county to get a copy and why wouldn’t his lawyer tell him that? Ugh. Idiot. Maci/Ryan & Gary/Amber use their kids like ping pong balls. And its sad that their own parents continue not to guide them in the right direction.
    I hope April didn’t take the weekend to party too. She seemed to be doing so well.
    If their is TM2 I look forward to your blogging it. 🙂

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Why couldn’t he think to go to the health dept, the hospital, the county to get a copy
      Ryan take responsiblity? Besides if he has Maci’s copy then it will look bad for her in court when Ryan has a copy and Maci doesn’t. Yes she could claim he has her copy but Judge probably wouldn’t buy it. Ryan is a no-account. Isn’t he still living with mommy & daddy? And don’t they watch Bentley more than Ryan does?

      • I think he is still with his parents. That doesn’t really bother me, better in their home than a frat house somewhere. I don’t know if they watch Bentley more than he does, Maci says they do but really has no room to talk, she has Kyle who is not even related to Bentley watch him all the time.

  19. AZGirl says:

    I have to agree with Ramona and Sonja about Reid being at the house. I set up an all girls happy hour and someone brought their husband along. We could not gossip about anything and after one drink I left.

    • Powell says:

      I get it AZGirl but they all wanted Aviva to come and they know she wouldn’t travel w/o him. They could’ve dealt w/it better. They could’ve discussed a compromise regarding spending GF time together.

      • Amalfi says:

        I agree it wouldve been nice to make Aviva feel welcome regardless, but the onus was on Dreshers to get a separate place for themselves… or a place where Reid could have some alone time away from them – both for his sanity and their comfort.

        And nice or not, it does change the dynamics.

    • Mary E says:

      I think just another Bravo set up for confrontation…like Simon before and the set up of Vicky on the girls’ trip on OC. Aviva has no other story line except for her phobias, philandering ex and perv dad.

  20. Thedesigndiva says:

    Dollars to donuts Clowntess and ZAC stay together for appearance sake till AFTER the reunion is filmed.. Even Mr ford says that “white lies” like that kill the trust in a relationship..
    No chillens for Clowntess from Zac….

  21. Boston- Ramona retweeted the blog because of your photos – you are famous!

    ramonasinger Ramona Singer
    “@nmdlynnfam: @ramonasinger @realmrhousewife at Lynn’s Family – Spoof Photos” rt spoof on Luann what’s ur fav one?
    Aug 29, 7:23 AM via Twitter for iPhone

    • PS – to follow the blog on twitter click on the button on the right of the post – near the bottom of all of the information on the right. Let’s see if I can get up to 60 followers by the end of the day!

      • Powell says:

        I sent out a tweet NMD. Here’s hoping we get you to 60 today. 😀

      • Lisa Renee says:

        NMD, very very cool, Ramona loves the snark. I am already following you. If you build it they will come :). I predict more than 60 based on the hits this blog is getting. I have taken the blog stat numbers as my new pick 5 numbers everyday, if I hit there is a college fund I would love to be part of. Kudooz to you, Lisa

        • Lisa How are you holding up down there with Isaac knocking at the door?
          Message me on twitter so I can follow you or mention @designernails in a tweet to NMD or Powell

    • Powell says:

      Haha. That’s great! Can we give boston an Oscar for cinematography? 🙂

    • woo hoo! that is cool NMD. I wonder if tweeting the blog to the hws the other day did work out after all. I love Ramona!! Boston will be so happy.

  22. Lady Chatterley says:

    Good Lord – Aviva is such a Judgy McJudgerson. I’m finding her increasingly unbearable.

    Time for her to give it a rest. No one cares what she thinks – and by the way, maybe she should try reining in her perv Dad, instead of passing him off on these women that she’s so quick to judge.

    • bea says:

      Agree completely! She’s just a total downer at this point with all her phobias and judgyness. It’s weird that she thinks her dad being a total pervert is funny, but judges everything Ramona and Sonja say and do so harshly.

    • Mary E says:

      Agree to.. Not condoning all of S and R’s behavior, but, what, you turn 40 and fun stops?

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hi Lady C, I am all about phobias but I worked my butt off not to visit my crazies onto my kid. She is doing her child a huge diservice by not sucking it up. I am so sick of these women and their fear of flying. If you are not up dry heaving at 3 in the morning & crying in line at securtity & strangers showing pity & kindness, holding a zip lock bag filled with paper towels & jumping out of your skin & yelping at every bump & your family isn’t embarassed by your antics, you are not afraid of flying. My daughter only wanted to know why my xanax doesn’t work like Brandi’s did on the flight to hawaii. I managed to be that nuts & my kids passport looks like most peoples bucket lists. She loves to fly & when she got older my mom had to tell her to be kind to me instead of stearn, DD has zero tolerance for my fear of flying. Ashley called it tough love, I called it mean as hell hahaha. She still can’t believe I was able to keep it on the down low for so long when she was younger. I was determined she would love to travel, unlike me. I have flown on PP’s & the Concorde & hated every second. When day I will tell you all
      about my travels on the QE2. After second cruise my family relented & left me at home. Lisa

      • Just Wondering in Jersey says:

        Since I love cruising I am on the edge of my seat waiting to hear about your QE2 experience.

      • LR good for you, and sad about your travel problems. My sister just vomits all over, she even got a vomit attack when we took the Staten Island ferry to Manhattan. So we always have a plastic bag ready for her. And she’s 63 & has travelled quite a bit. She knows now not to book helicopter tours for an anniversary (can’t believe she actually did that with her history!).

        Tell us your QE 2 story, sounds good.

        • Lisa Renee says:

          My cruising conflict was not from fear. I love any water, very comfortable on all boats. Moved to a home where the only thing between us & the gulf of Mexico was a sand dune & sea oats. Paradise for a city kid with an infant & a dead husband. Went to camp, so I can swim. Who knew I had no sea legs???? The QE2 is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced, both times. My writing capabilities limit my ability to decribe it properly. One of the most unique traits is that Cunard has little to no staff turn overs. When we first arrived we were greeted by people that had been dying to meet their favorite 2 passengers family. My parents attended several weddings of crew members over the years. We were 12 people traveling all together. My parents had the penthouse (their calander was 2 years ahead so they got their preferred cabin.) It had a friggin spiral staircase & 3 levels. Wrap around windows, amazing view no matter where you looked. The rest of us all had our own rooms (700 sq ft) & they all had balconies. Opulance I have only seen in Dubai in pictures. The staff made the entire trip an experience that can not be duplicated. Dinners, we were allowed to order off the menu, and because of our cabins we had a seperate bar & dining room. You were assigned several people to serve dinner. This is when a I learned about the power of a well placed tip. My parents would request Lobster Thermadore, Beef Wellington, Baked Alaske stuff like that. Every dinner was an event with entertainment & a finale. The other diners always wondered how we were never eating the same choices as dinner & we were in the same diningroom as Gene Hackman. Ashley had the time of her life, beautifully behaved & so polite, everyone knew her name & if she wasnt playing bingo or having high tea, or swimming or shopping (she bought someone a gift everyday & mastered the phrase please charge it to my room, she was 10) she was at the photo counter developing pictures. It was on this trip my mom promised my daughter they would do the world cruise, between
          college & Law School. My favorite part of the whole trip was getting back to the cabin & ordering hot chocolate & sitting on the balcony just chatting. Ashley enjoyed the beauty of the sterling silver tea set she was so careful when pouring. The service, the accomodations & the atmosphere was so intoxicating I started to speak like I was Thouston Howell III from giligans island. The whole reason for the cruise was to avoid jet lag from 3 weeks in Europe. 2 days we were due in Miami & the plan was for me to disembark with all the kids & get us home to Pensacola. Out of no where I began to spin & vomit & all the good stuff that goes with it. (left housekeeping huge tip I felt so bad). We are in Miami & I am laying on the floor spinning & the ship Dr tells my mom that I am in no shape to travel especially with 3 children. So my step dad dropped his kids off at airport & I went on to NY with everyone else. Got me 2 NY doctor & I am diagnosed with Meniers (sp), an imbalance in your inner ear & sometimes permament. The only treatment was valium, I spun for days after I was off the boat. I decided I am not living like this, spun till I stopped and finally returned home. The following year it was time to do it all over again. I decided that what I experienced was a fluke & to give it another go. Well, did you know that you can get 20 foot swells traveling transatlantic? Me either, both Ash & I went down. I skipped dinner & ashley tossed her cookies right at the diningroom table. Family said Ashley cleared the diningroom and the crew was thanking them because they got off so early that night. I was never so sick in my life & the brits like to give out valium & I got a shot in my butt to stop the vomiting. Spent the next 3 days sea sick. It was still one of the best trips I ever took, hated to get off the boat thats how amazing this ship & staff were. That was the end of my crusing days. I did get some really cool gifts from the QM2 launch/QE2 tandem last crossing & everyone was happy I wasn’t there. No one was happier than me. The pic’s I saw of the QM2 suites made the QE2 look like a dump. Sorry so long, Lisa

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Very interesting Lisa. Your Daughter knew she wanted to be a lawyer at age 10? And tell us the trick to a well placed tip. 🙂 Give us the tip on tips. Love your story. I’m going to read it again even though I’ve reread parts of it already. Thanks again.

            • lovemamaearth says:

              BTW I know first hand that violent dizziness can be from too much of or the wrong kind of antibiotics… not saying it was Lisa’s cause but in case it happens to someone else.

            • Lisa Renee says:

              LME, she has always had a plan. Until she was 10 she was hell bent on marine biology, shocked us all. I didn’t plan lunch never mind life. Her life looks nothing like mine & that was my goal. That was everyone’s goal. She is a very old soul. Lisa

            • Lisa Renee says:

              LME, give your sanitation person $50 bux for Christmas & they will haul away a dead body if you put it out. The crew behind the deli counter & bakery, not walmart a real deli a real bakery $20 bux will always get you next in line. Hotels, on the islands, should you choose to imbibe in local customs… service staff get you what you want with a well placed 50. Do I smell a travel guide book?? Lol Lisa

          • Powell says:

            Lisa I’m sorry you and Ashley got sick and you both times. Whew. I’m glad you gave it is 2nd go tho. When I went on a cruise that was my 1st time having lobster thermador. I fed want the QE2/QM2 treatment. Those were fantastic family vacations for you all to take. I love Ashley’s “charge it to my room”. That’s for a kid and an adult. And Gene Hackman on the same cruise. I would’ve had to ask him how he likes the cruise compared to the movie “The Poseidon Adventure” he did. I know. It’s a movie. It sounds like your family had some great times while on vacation.

          • trudie says:

            Reading your story, I knew you had Menier3’s disease. I’ve had it for 20 years. No fun.

            • Lisa Renee says:

              Trudie, I never ran tnto anyone who has heard of it let alone suffer from it. I can’t imagine having it as long as you, so debilitating & no words. Dr. telling me might be permanent & I was trying to process how to parent while on valium all day long. Are there any other treatments now? Does it come & go? Sorry if I am being nosey, it was the strangest thing I ever experienced I am so curious. Lisa

              • trudie says:

                The first time it happened, I was playing with my baby on the floor. I started to get up and the world started spinning. I didn’t know what the heck was going on, and I was afraid to pick up the baby. Fortunately, my husband was home and got the baby, but I couldn’t get up off the floor.

                It is not constant, but it happens at times, like today, when I am in the dentist chair,
                getting a shampoo at the salon or when I lie on my back on the floor. I never took valium or any other drugs for it. I have seen a couple of ENTs for it (did you know that your eyes kind of spin when it happens?). One ENT did some “adjusting” of my head and I had to sleep on sitting up on the couch for 3 days and wear a neck brace for a week.. Didn’t really help and I didn’t go back. Mostly I have just learned what not to do to bring an episode on – like getting out of bed too quickly. I have to slowly sit up and let the room stop spinning before I start to move. It really is a pain in the butt, but it is not debilitating.

                • Lisa Renee says:

                  Wow, appreciate you answering my questions. Having a young child while dealing with this….I’m glad you weren’t alone. Glad to know they werent shoving valium on you. I saw ENT also. It never happened again, but I did become clumsy & have never been right on a fishing trips since. 🙂 Lisa

      • Powell says:

        That’s good that you held onto your phobias so they didn’t affect your daughter. I’ve got to hand it to you being well traveled despite your phobias. I’d love to hear about your QE2 excursion.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        My daughter only wanted to know why my xanax doesn’t work like Brandi’s did on the flight to hawaii.
        LOL Lisa. ROFL

    • Powell says:

      Lady C Judgy McJudgerson. Ha! We need a HW dictionary. Good one.

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        🙂 I like it, because it sounds childish- and that’s how Aviva’ haughty tsks tsks sound to me. I think she’s stuck in middle school.

        LR, I’m sorry about your flying phobia – it sounds like sheer torture. Poor thing.

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Yes Lady C, pure torture, Gia kind of tooooorrrrture. It’s why I was hell bent my kid would never be so nuts. My fear of flying started after I became a mom & lost my husband. Therapist said my healthy dose of denial diminished because my mortality became paramount worried my child would be an orphan. Very deep, didn’t help a drop. Thats when I learned about better living through chemicals. Aviva should rethink not shielding her son from “her” issues. I have hard core hang ups & Aviva makes me look like the picture of mental health, Lisa

          • lovemamaearth says:

            ((( Lisa ))) I’m sorry I didn’t realize you’d lost your husband.

            • Lisa Renee says:

              LME, it was my first & I thought only husband to cancer, ashleys dad, when she was 2. Hugs, Lisa

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            (((Lisa))) Paula Deen suffered from panic attacks and agoraphobia for 20 years. She did not know why. She finally saw a therapist. Through therapy, she learned that the death of her parents, who died within months of each other and to whom she was very close, is what precipitated the panic attacks and agoraphobia. I think the therapist told her it had to do with feeling a loss of control and probably also with grief.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              P.S.: It can also be the result of post-traumatic stress disorder. FYI.

            • Lisa Renee says:

              Detox, you hit the nail right on the head. I became a control freak after I became a mom & then my need to control kicked into overdrive from grief. I never suffered from classic type panic attacks…..thats a much bigger problem & has greater impact on day to day life. My plane thing, over the top lack of control, I even have to control my need to control my panic. SMDH lol Lisa

  23. Luann is a classic beauty but her boyfriends are ugly. Why?

  24. NightLight95 says:

    I am not sure if it’s been mentioned already but Tre’s blog is up and it’s g-r-e-a-t! I don’t care if the crazy girl has a ghost writer, it’s good, so good I think she is reading this blog. 🙂

    • plainviewsue says:

      Yep, we discussed it on yesterday’s blog. It was a masterpiece and was the talk of twitter!!!!! Don’t care if she wrote it or not. I just keep seeing Caroline as the Red Queen!!!! Teresa let if fly, nothing held back. After two seasons of her seeing everyone knocking her and talking non stop about her, she went to town!!!!!

    • Lisa Renee says:

      I haven’t read it but the comments from the people who did were off the chain. I may break down & take a look. I like to wait to get everybodys opinions & looking forward to NMD’s take on it. It will give me something to contemplate as it continues to rain (48 hours & not done yet). Lisa

      • It’s a masterpiece. I want whoever wrote it to come to the reunion instead of Teresa. That would be so awesome to have them take on the Angry Chuckie & crew!!

      • Powell says:

        Lisa its worth the read and I’m no fan of Bravo’s website since it sucks but everyone’s comments made me check it out. I think its the best one she or her ghost writer has written.

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        Lisa…I feel your agony..Day FOUR no bathrooms…UGH.. and it POURED here last night AGAIN… My yard wont drain till the main road does , and it’s NOT !!!!!!
        We got sunshine now..but will need it for a week or more to get the land dried out…unless…we get more rain….

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I said it last night, and I will say it again: that blog was EPIC. Teresa’s blog writer SLAYED every single one of those bitches (and deservedly so, IMO).

      It was like, Caroline…BOOM, Bitch SLAYED.
      Jacqueline….BOOM, Bitch, SLAYED.
      Kathy….BOOM, Bitch, SLAYED.
      Melissa….BOOM, Bitch, SLAYED.

      Then, it was like Teresa, head held high, in her stillettos, said, “Alright, then, I’m OUT!” and DROPPED THE MIC as she left the stage (while the other bitches just sat there looking like they each had three fingers in their asses and two in their mouths — just straight TOLD AND SERVED!!! ROFL).

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I wish you could sit in her place at the reunion and slay those bishes up reeeel good.

        • Birdwoman says:

          I just read Teresa’s blog! Wow! I agree Detox…she bitch slayed.
          I also started to crack up with the “Angry Chuckie” reference! 🙂

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          If I sat in her place, Lainey, I would not make it out of there alive.

          And if I DID make it out of there alive, I’m sure I would not live that much longer because a HIT would be put out on me (probably by Caroline. She’s the one I would hit the hardest.).

          My tongue can be lethal at times (shrug).

  25. Stars99 says:

    After seeing the RHNY a couple of nights ago… some questions and observations still really haunt me… While all the other HW pirates were busy shakin’ their booty… the Countless was ensuring she would get a special introduction because she’s so “special”… are you freakin’ kidding me? Yeah, yeah, YOU’RE special, alright. Plus, the visual still startles me that Ramona seemed to fully embrace her inner “slut” and was having way too much fun using that sword to spank herself… I mean the way she was eyeing that sword… I admit, I got a lil nervous for the sword… And why would someone who is actively TRYING to get pregnant – have sex with an ummmmm… pirate? Lulu did get into predator mode… and it felt very conquesty to me and a “hahaha – I got him before you did, Sonja”… I dunno, perhaps it turns on Jacques that she can still {cough, cough} attract younger men… but this guy works where he works… does what he does… over and over again… it just seem so irresponsible to me… but I can relax, cuz Mom Aviva is on her way and will surely harsh everyone’s mellow. I never ever thought I would say these words, and I’m gagging even now…. But I hafta agree, “money can’t buy you class” can it, Lulu?

  26. trudie says:

    It is a small thing, but I had to laugh when LuAnn told Carole that she can tell by the way Russ looked at Carole that he really “digs” her. That LuAnn is so hip and happening with her lingo.

    • Mary E says:

      She has to one up Heather. Holla

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      I thought she was going to say, “You can see that he really loves you,” and I was thinking that it was a really sweet thing to say, and then she goes to “he really digs you,” and I’m thinking “WTF, Luann?”

    • I don’t know, maybe I’m a party pooper but I thought Carole is wayyy more into Russ than he is into her. Especially from still photos, her face just lights up when she looks at him. He doesn’t have that reaction to her. I get all kinds of bad vibes from him. He’s a user. Carole is just another one of his many girlfriends. Rock stars, groupies, please Carole get a std spectrum done. Check for HIV, Hepatitis, and heck strep too.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Well, then I guess I’m a party pooper too then, Blue, because I thought the same thing. Don’t get me wrong. Russ seemed like a nice guy. I liked him. But I did get the feeling that Carole was more into him than he was into her.

        I do believe that Carole dates other guys, but I think, if Russ were to say, “Hey, Carole, let’s be exclusive,” she would go for it. She seems giddy and schoolgirlish around him. I am sure she has commitment and intimacy issues after everything he has been through (watching her husband suffer and die with cancer), but even commitmentphobes (like myself) have that one man (or two) that makes us say, “You know? I think I could do the relationship thing with this one because I LIKE/LOVE him just THAT much. I can work through my fears for THIS one.” I get the impression Russ is that guy for Carole.

        Unfortunately, like athletes, entertainers and many other men in the public eye, musicians do have a reputation for being whores (shrug).

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      LuAnn is the same woman who said Heather was “gangsta chic.” So, I guess she goes back and forth between the 70’s and 90’s with her lingo (shrug). Yeah, that LuAnn….she’s really hip and happenin’! LOL

      • Called A Princess... says:

        The royals also have a reputation for whoring. That would be male and female. I think it is a world stage sport. Bed hopping 101. I think that Carole has no problem living in the moment, and feeling in the moment. I think this guy is just her boy friend. She does want to protect his from the She Demons.JMHO.

  27. lovemamaearth says:

    That first picture is Lu?? Wow. What work did she have done?

    Wow. Good comments about Amber. I haven’t finished reading the blog but she’s in prison for a reason. I’m glad she’s out of Leah’s life for awhile. That will have a downside too but less bad than if Amber was acting out in front of her daughter.

    I agree that Maci should have her son every birthday. Ryan was a real shit who didn’t give a fig about the baby. Too bad Maci involved him at all. Ryan’s parents weren’t much different until the little boy got so cute. And yes Maci’s got problems too. I wish all the gals had given their babies up for adoption. Kids shouldn’t have babies. Shame on all those parents of the teens. Shame on schools for not insisting on sex ed. Free birth control people. Much cheaper than raising babies and there’s no victims. *handing over the soapbox*

    • Lisa Renee says:

      LME, standing ovation!! **dusting off soap box for future rants** Teen Mom brings out the worst in me hugs to you, Lisa

    • Powell says:

      Yeah love but you’ve got so many hard headed parents saying “sex education should be taught in the home” and they don’t do a thing but tell their kids not to have sex. That’s not teaching kids sex education. That’s just saying to kids don’t because I say so. And then we have these supposed Politicians that only care about them having power not what’s right for kids.The Dept of Education needs an overhaul. Sex education, physical education, bullying, etc needs to be a top priority today.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        TY Lisa and Blue.

        So true Powell about hard headed parents refusing sex ed but not filling the void. Then surprise when kid turns up pg. Teen shouldn’t get an abortion, would be looked down on if they give it up for adoption and if they do they should stuff the feelings because they can’t afford therapy and god forbid any public services if they adopt out OR KEEP the kid.

        Like they brought up in Newsroom, think Casey Anthony should have/would have gotten an abortion?

        Too many on the right have become McJudgersons imo. (cute reference name there whomever said it above… CRSing)

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I remained a virgin until my 2nd semester of college. I was petrified of having sex and petrified of getting pregnant.

      My father’s method of ensuring that I did not have sex and did not get pregnant was as follows: “Go ahead and come into this house pregnant. I’ll BEAT that baby outta you and SHOOT the jackass who got you pregnant!!! You just go ahead and try me!” (Mind you, my father never beat me EVER. I got spanked every now and then, sure…but BEATEN…NEVER).

      And at 41 years of age, I have NEVER been pregnant…EVER.

      Different parenting methods work for different children (shrug).

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Detox, there is alot to be said about having a healthy fear of your parents or “accountability”. It’s a dying art. I have given that type of talk about sex to tatoos to piercings. She also knew if she ever got a DUI she better beg the judge to put her under the jail & away from me. So far, so good 🙂 Lisa

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          LOL. It’s true, though. Look, I tested the limits by being sassy and a smartass with my parents at times (which kept me punished…..A LOT…like…A LOT!!). Despite that, I still had a certain FEAR and RESPECT when it came to my parents, and I knew that there was a line and I better NOT cross it. I’ve told this story before, but I’ll tell it again. My Mom had spanked me for something, and I ran to the phone, picked it up and threatened to call CPS on her. Her response, “Fine. Be my guest. Go ahead and call CPS. But know this: When you hang up that phone, I’m going to beat your ass with it. And after I get outta jail and get back home, I’m going to beat your ass again!!”

          I hung the phone up and just went back to my room.

          Kids no longer have any fear (shrug).

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Detox, I was a fresh kid, my mom said Melania G had nothing on me, I got my hair pulled….alot. Love the CPS story, I flipped the script on ash when she threatened to run away at 12. I said go ahead & walk wherever you want. it is against the law for me not to know where you are & if you think you can threaten me, then I am not in charge, If I am not in charge, you are not safe. I will call & have you picked up, its my legal obligation to keep you safe until you are 18. She stood there for a few blinks & asked if children in Foster Care go to private school. I was still laughing in her face as she walked back to her room. Lisa

        • Powell says:

          Oh Lisa I couldn’t help but laugh at “she better beg the judge to put her under the jail & away from ne”. It’s serious. But you are right about having healthy fear of your parents. To many parents want to be friends instead of mom & dad 1st.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Exactly, Powell. If I had a child, I would do some things differently from my parents. I’m kind of a softie when it comes to kids at times (Maybe that’s because I don’t have any of my own. Maybe I’d be harder on my own. Who knows?). So, I can’t see myself spanking. However, there are definitely MANY things I would do the same. The main thing I would do the same is make it clear that I am the parent NOT the friend (We can be friends when you are all grown up).

          • Christi44 says:

            Personally, I don’t want my children to “fear” me, but they had better respect me. I think the problem isn’t a lack of fear, but a lack of clear and consistent consequences for poor behavior or disrespect. A lot of parents make threats and then don’t follow through or make excuses for their behavior. It is the neighbor’s fault, or the teacher’s fault, or the police officer’s fault, but not the kid’s.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Oh, I agree, Christi.

              When we got older, my parents told us how, sometimes, when they were alone in their room together at night after threatening us over something, they’d ask each other, “Do you think we made them believe that we are actually CRAZY enough to do what we threatened to do? You know we have to make them think we’re just a LITTLE bit CRAZY so they won’t cross the line.” And they’d laugh hysterically.

              Who knew? LOL

    • I don’t think it’s right for Maci to get Bentley for every birthday, it shouldn’t be an award that goes to the better parent. Bentley deserves to grow up and look back at his birthdays that have memories that include his father.

      I think I remember the first season a bit differently from you. I seem to remember Ryan’s parents being involved the whole time and really pushing the Ryan and Maci to stay together. It might have look like Maci’s parents were more involved but I think it’s because she lived with them.

      I think there is plenty of free birth control available but as the saying goes, you can lead a house to water but you can’t make him drink.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        People are watching this show. It seems to be popular. Is there a risk that some young viewers will get pregnant on purpose to be on this show?

        • LaineyLainey says:


        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Wait, let me amend that statement. I think studies have shown that the teen pregnancy rate has gone down. Maybe it is a result of this show. However, I have also heard of instances (Chelsea’s best friend from Teen Mom 2, for example) of girls getting pregnant in the hopes of getting on the show.

        • MelTheHound says:

          Been saying that all along and even think some have. Don’t know if we’ve SEEN any who have but I’m 99.9 percent certain, they are out there.

  28. plainviewsue says:

    Happy Birthday Jill!!!! Ramonacoaster, fabulous job on the blogs.

    I, for one, am so loving this season of NY. I just lie back on the couch, laugh at their silliness, and there is no agita. Unlike NJ where I yell at the television and need a xanax before going to sleep!

    Ramona and Sonja are hysterical together. Yes, I worry about Sonja’s drinking, but it’s vacation. Have a blast.

    I don’t mind Heather at all; Lulu has been so much better to handle since last season, esp w/Carole’s one liners about her. Carole is the best thing to hit a HW show since Bethenny.

    As for Aviva, I do have mixed feelings about her. Her blog was so angry and her tweets have gotten out of control. She does answer tweets a lot. She had tweeted something so stupid about how old Sonja’s dog was in dog years, but Jake will never have legs. I tweeted her back, and said that was a really silly tweet and she answered me Point well taken.

    I feel for her phobias, as I am sure we all do. But she needs to take a deep breath before she tweets (same advice to Jac), count to five and then maybe she won’t be so out of control.

    If I could get a free trip to that house on the beautiful island of St. Barts, I’d be happy to watch Ramona and Sonja all day long!!!!

    • Powell says:

      sue I agree that this is a great season for NY since B. I’m w/you about the trip. I’d go and sit back w/some drinks w/umbrellas and laugh my hiney off at all of them.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I, for one, am so loving this season of NY. I just lie back on the couch, laugh at their silliness, and there is no agita.
      True. It hasn’t been ganging up on anyone or other horrid stuff that I abhor.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Thanks sue. I’m loving the new season too. Hope it doesn’t get too dark next episode. I like the lightness and fun in this episode.

    • auntannmarie says:

      Me too. I would LOVE to vaca there in THAT house. I love the antics of ramonja. I do get the feeling Sonja is begining to spiral a bit.
      Carole handled Ramona perfectly. I think all you have to do is be up front with her and she’ll do what you ask.
      I adored Aviva. I thought she got it in the beginning, not so much now. I just don’t get with a father like hers why she doesn’t get the dibotchery of Ramona, Sonja and lets Luann off the hook. I too tweeted her when she was going on about the dog versus the boy with no leg. She was really over the top.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I think you said it perfectly when it comes to Ramona, auntannmarie, “I think all you have to do is be up front with her, and she’ll do what you ask.” That’s how I feel about Ramona too.

  29. Good Morning! I was happy to see that Monday night’s episode of RHONY got the highest ratings of the season. I am so sick of JZ and Simon talking how low the ratings have been for RHONY this season. They got off to a bit of a slow start but the last three weeks, the ratings have been good. Personally, I haven’t enjoyed RHONY this much since the second season. The cast changes were necessary and JZ and Simon need to get a life.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Supposedly Simon is behind the twitter handle BravoRatings. Week after week, that twitter account tweeted the ratings and how much worse they are doing than last season. Surprise surprise. No tweet this week. I tweeted the account to ask where the numbers are, and I didn’t receive a tweet back.

      Alex is so great on her rumor fix video feed, and I love her behind the scenes commentary. Too bad she is married to such an idiot.

      • Eastbayca says:

        Interesting….He is off the show but you still give him attention!
        Am not defending any of his annoying actions or words….

      • Love you Plainviewsue!!!!!! I’m going to tweet that silly account too. So the ratings are good, and you DON’T tweet? Sour grapes are sour lol.

        Where’s my bleach, that photo of yuck face above in red pants is still burned into my memory…..ugh.

      • Powell says:

        I found it and you too sue. I’m following you. 🙂

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Alex is so great on her rumor fix video feed, and I love her behind the scenes commentary
        Me too. 🙂 I’m indifferent about Simon. I think getting fired (bec of Jill imo) had to be hard on his ego their finances and then losing the Bravo pay check… I’ve been down and acting unlike my usual self. I don’t think he’s been hateful like the brunettes were at last season’s reunion.

      • auntannmarie says:

        I agree! I too think its him. They’re doing Couples Therapy. When I inquired he tweeted and I quote “Over 5 years ago we signed a contract w/out knowing its full ramifications. Our lives are now in the public eye 4 all 2 judge”
        So he’s claiming theyre being forced to do the show., can u say Kelly Bensimon? You can see him complaining about being in the public eye on his twitter feed from 8 days ago. He’s laughable!!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


  30. disgrazia4 says:

    Thanks for the great blog. The pics were funny. RR knows those Teen Moms well! I adore Tyler and wish him and Caitlin the best. Move away from there kids and work and go to school. I have no idea what Luann is talking about.

  31. MamaZ says:

    Thank you for the great blogs everyone!
    I have been so busy I haven’t had much time to comment but I have read every word. ❤

  32. MelTheHound says:

    Happy Birthday JillnoNotThatJill 😀

  33. lovemamaearth says:

    Thanks, Ramonacoaster for recapping the NY blogs.

    So this makes me think Alex’s video blog is correct in her assessment of Lu needing a story line more than she needs to keep her self respect: Later that night, I don’t remember what time, Lu comes a knocking on my door to try to get me up for a nightcap. She is with someone but they are not sneaking around. quote from Heather’s blog

    • Powell says:

      I bet Bravo and many if the HWs don’t care for Alex’s blogs.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I wish Alex’s vlog wasn’t so logical because it’s much more fun to think Luann likes to spread herself around.

      • BB says:

        Me, too! I like them, but I don’t want to know everything. Lol.

      • MamaZ says:

        ramonacoaster – I think LuAnn spreads herself around plenty! But not with Phony Depp. At least not on that trip.

        • ramonacoaster says:

          I started wondering if there’s a friendly secret competition between her and Sonja with men.

      • Eastbayca says:

        Her latest vlog shows us how low Lulu will go for a story line.
        Embarrassing herself, Jacques and family.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        She still could have slept around. It’s just that she didn’t really try to keep it a secret as she led us to believe. She probably did sleep with him. And Jac probably sleeps around.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I think that Sonja and LuLu are attracted to the same type of rent boy. There are few expectations with young bar flies. They both have proven that they like to use people. On an island, that can be a very limited market. A royal feeding frenzy, so to speak. JMHO.

    • Prince Ali says:

      Yes, Alex’s blog actually does make a lot of sense.

      Personally, I like it when the show highlights the housewives getting along, making successful deals, being silly, etc. A little drama once or twice a season is OK, but the show cannot have the girls at a Level 10 anger all the time…and over the most petty things. It get’s exhausting for the viewer. That’s why I like Carole, Lisa V, Kandi, they are fun to watch.

  34. lovemamaearth says:

    Ram quote: The producers even asked me why did I stay so long and take that from her,
    The same producer Ram slapped during a previous season? lol

    • Called A Princess... says:

      I think the slap was during the filming of this season. There seemed to be a big issue with the new women taking too long filming their dialogue. Ramona is not very easy going? Surprise! JMHO.

  35. ProstitutionTroll says:

    Thank you everyone – you are doing a great job with the blog!
    Happy Birthday Jill!

    I have a couple of questions/comments/thoughts…okay, maybe more than a couple 🙂
    Would you really consider what LuAnn lied about a “white lie”? I thought a white lie was saying something looks nice when maybe it is not the best…or saying someone’s haircut is great…when maybe it isn’t so great – you know, to save someones feelings from getting hurt.
    And just a comment from my limited experience, but the french gentleman I dated WAY in my past was very open about sex – he used to say that America was pretty prude compared to Europe – he was not saying this in a bad way against the US, just that we were much more conservative. And in my travels to Europe – they are much more sexual. So that being said, maybe this type of thing is not a big deal to Jacques.

  36. VV says:

    I hope Andy does more for Lynn than just a reply on Twitter!

    • ProstitutionTroll says:

      Me too!

      • Contessa says:

        KJO asked on twitter of facebook that we not ask Andy about this at all. She said she would handle same and talk to him. This was last week, so I think we should not contact him anymore about him giving her a mazel.

  37. Boobah says:

    Have a very Happy Birthday Jill…NoNOTthatJill!

  38. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Hello All,

    I haven’t read the comments yet. I just wanted to say thanks to NMD, Mardrag, Boston, Rabblerouser, BB, and Ramonacoaster for all the great blogs and pix. Lady Chatterley, I also want to thank you for moderating the Board. It just hit me today that I had been forgetting to do that. I apologize. Please charge it to my head and not to my heart!

    Happy Birthday Jill…no not THAT Jill!!

  39. lovemamaearth says:

    Just a reminder to Mardrag’s blog and one of her comments.

    Contact me at if you have comments, suggestions, issues you would like covered or questions. (I would be very respectful and discreet!)

  40. PJ says:

    I’ve had of out of town Company so my comments are about NJ because I’m behind.

    OK here is my personal opinion: C A R O L I N E oh lord what a big old sack of vitriol that old hag is. I know Teresa has those who don’t like her but I personally feel no human being should ever be subjected to what Teresa was put through by Kathy and C A R O L I N E. Kathy stirs the pot in what should have been a purely private conversation, then C A R O L I N E goes in for the kill unable to resist the smell of blood like the blood thirsty animal she is. I couldn’t help but think that whole thing was planned in advance much like the take down we saw on NY last season. Then when Teresa stood up for herself C A R O L I N E says ‘ it’s over.’ Well sure it’s over if
    C A R O L I N E says it is because she is the queen after all, C can dish it out but she sure can’t take it.

    I really don’t think Teresa ever did anything to C except for becoming successful which in the C’s eyes makes Teresa a horrible person. As long as T was the sidekick and C was the queen of all things everything was fine. Then T stepped out of C’s shadow and all hell broke loose. C just seems to think she is better than anyone and sits around looking down her nose at everyone waiting for a moment when she can take them down, put them in their place, and establish her superiority. What a thoroughly despicable person C is!!!!!!!! C has not one gracious bone in her body. C claims T is trying to separate family but what was C doing for goodness sake? A bit like the pot calling the kettle black wasn’t it? To me the worst thing you can do is to sit around with a person’s family and say horrible things about the person which is EXACTLY what C A R O L I N E did. Where BTW was any loyalty from Teresa’s family? The second worse thing in my book is to have no family loyalty and neither Kathy nor Melissa have any.

    When C A R O L I N E said she looks at T and sees ugly she must have been looking in a mirror and got confused as to who she was looking at because when I look at C A R O L I N E I see
    U G L Y. Kathy isn’t a whole lot better in my opinion.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I don’t like any gang ups. Confrontation about bad behavior and letting the person apologize or ignore it is one thing. It sounds like Ter has been getting ganged up on by castmates AND abetted by Bravo. Not unlike what happened with Vicki and Alexis. Not unlike the NY reunion last year and the pretense that Kelly was a voice of reason. GMAFB I hate Bravo’s lack of ethics or moral conscience. Shame on them.

      • Powell says:

        Saying nothing to defend T is just like saying they agree w./Caroline. I think T and Joey’s family are worse off than when the season started, or even when last season started.

      • Mary E says:

        and Lisa from BH. She really did not deserved to be trashed, esp by Adrienne.

  41. dickens says:

    I just read that RHNJ won’t be back on till Sept. 9 because of Labor Day. Waiting an extra week will be tortuuuure!

    • BB says:

      I need the break, Dickens. Lol

      • plainviewsue says:

        Gotta agree with you Dickens. I am thrilled that NJ will be off for a week. This past episode get me so angry I was literally screaming at the tv when Kathy said that Caroline had done everything she could to fix the family issues. I paused the show on my DVR, screamed like an idiot and took a deep breath, and said to myself Would you calm down you idiot????

  42. shamrock blonde says:

    I love coming here – i’m at lunch and this is my little slice of heaven in a world of chaos –
    and Happy Birthday to Jill..NNTJ!!!!

  43. VV says:

    Read on Twitter that Bravo picked up a Blog about Teresa that Q wrote. Has anybody read the blog. I know Q has been very critical of Teresa for some time now… Not suprised that Bravo picked her piece up if it helps them make the case of destroying and discreting Teresa.
    I haven’t gone to Bravo and/or read the pice. Has anybody seen it?

    • BB says:

      I don’t see anything on Bravo’s site.

      • AZGirl says:

        I can’t find it. I read it on Q’s blog and it is great. I had forgotten that Q has used the same analogy with the HWONY a few years ago. Jill was the Red Queen.

    • Powell says:

      I haven’t.

    • AZGirl says:

      Q does acknowledge that the blog did get help but she also says that it is Teresa’s “voice” and that most parts are Tre’s

    • plainviewsue says:

      I am in the facebook group that Q writes her blogs for. So it appears on both the facebook page, plus her blog. When I read her post, I disagreed w/alot of it, but unfortunately my post to her didn’t post!

      It was a very well written blog; she is a great writer. It was critical of Teresa, but not over the top at all. It will not make the case of destroying Teresa at all.

      • Why would Bravo “pick up” (what does that mean, is Bravo going to post it on their website?) a blog that is critical of their #1 star of RHONJ? Imagine Bravo “picking up” a blog critical of Bethenny or Lisa Vanderpump. It just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like working for Cocacola but saying Pepsi tastes better. Bravo, get a clue!

        • BB says:

          I don’t see Bravo picking up any blogger’s blog. That would set a bad precedent for them IMO.

        • VV says:

          There is no love between Bravo/Andy and Teresa.
          Teresa became more famous and popular because Bravo plan to destroy her BACKFIRED on them. Teresa was not as popular on S1 as she became on S2 & S3. So, yes I understand what you are saying. This is the dilemma Bravo faces for their stupidity. Andy loves Bethenny and Lisa but Teresa he does not.

    • Does someone have link to Q’s blog?

  44. AZGirl says:

    @ Boston. I just read your post yesterday of your tweet to Lulu. Burst out laughing in the office and Mr. AZGirl says “How the blog”. If anyone has not seen it go to yesterday afternoon/evening. Lulu amazingly did not block Boston.

  45. PrincessPindy says:

    Happy Birthday Jill (NO NOT YOU FOGHORN!!)

    Great job on the blog!

    Gonna try and stay out of chat today *takes seat next to Detox at 12 step meeting*
    “Hi my name is Princess Pindy and I’m a chataholic”

    Boston### Had fun watching the twins “with you”!!!

    • Powell says:

      Hahaha. I like that PrincessP. I haven’t been on cause of the migraine. It’s mostly gone but the fast moving chat may bring it back full throttle. I’ll be back soon. 🙂

    • Pindy….Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

      • PrincessPindy says:

        Just till I come back from my group tonight. I have a potluck this Friday and I’m speaking, so I have a lot to do. I have to limit it to nites, I just LOVE it TOO much!!!!!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hi, Pindy,

      Thanks for the Chats-Anonymous support at the 12-step meeting. One day at a time. We can get through this. Remember, the program works if we admit that we are powerless when it comes to chat and if we remember that the program works if we WORK it!

      Stay strong, my Sister (*fist raised*).

      • PrincessPindy says:

        I decided to go swim and read and relax for a little. When the urge hits I just say, …God, grant me the serenity….lol, I have tools DAMMIT!!!

  46. Powell says:

    BravoRatings just tweeted me that the website is updated /RHONY ratings.

  47. Winston says:

    Happy Birthday Jill…no not that Jill! Hope you are enjoying your day.

    Saw this on RO. Isn’t it funny that LuAnn was so concerned about what Ramona had to say about her children and yet she would think nothing of humiliating them by being caught sleeping with a pirate on TV.

  48. shamrock blonde says:

    I cannot stand Andy and refuse to watch WWHL no matter who is on – what still amazes me is how little he and Bravo think of us – they are so full of themselves – slant the storyline this way, give that one a bad edit, the viewing audience will never know that it was deliberate – to me that is an insult – him and his smug face can go grace the bottom of my trashcan – it won’t be seen on my tv –

    • Andy is in love. Does it matter to him that these guys are ALL married? Andy is an incredible dumb jerk, IMO.

      Andy Cohen ‏@BravoAndy
      HOW do I get a date w/ one of those #RomneyBoys? @pattistanger any thoughts?

    • plainviewsue says:

      According to this blog, Kathy does well. This blog absoluely despises Melissa, so I do have to admit, it is a fun read sometimes! They have pointed out her hypocrisy, her lying statements of how she has done nothing to Teresa, etc.

      But this is my FAVORITE blog!!!!

      • I have questions about that. Not an attack just questions. When some people post info that is pro Gorga/Wakile others say that since it is biased they aren’t interested in what it says. When someone posts somthing anti Gorga/Wakile it is taken as a golden nugget in the list of horrible things they’ve done. Is the bias ignored because it goes with the commentors point of view? If so does that mean the bias isn’t really the root of the issue, it is just that it goes against what the person wants to like or not like? If everyone who reports on these people are biased then doesn’t that negate what they say unless the reader agrees with it or they choose to reveal their source or show the proof they are looking at? I only ask these things as I guess what you would call a psycologial analysis of this heated issue. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter, I just don’t understand the point of dismissing something because it is biased on way and accepting something that is biased in the other direction. Another thing I don’t understand is that someone will say they don’t believe something Caroline or whoever says cause she lies but that they will believe Teresa who has lied to the courts in addition to the audience. Doesn’t the same rule apply. And I am not a fan of anyone on this show. Believe me I wish the NJ show would just go away. I just read here a lot and am not following some things.

        • MelTheHound says:

          I think it’s just like everything else, Stella. You have to make up your own mind, decide what to believe and not believe, and go from there. NJ is probably one of the post polarizing franchises. Almost like republicans and democrats. Either you’re for or against, rarely it seems is there a middle ground. Many or at least one (raising hand) found Lynn to be more pro Jacqueline than (I) would have liked in her writing. That doesn’t mean she was wrong in doing so, it was just the way she saw things. Other bloggers I suspect are the same way and I think some even take it far too personally.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


          They ALL lie.

          And they all LIE about LYING.

          And then point the finger and judge and say it is the OTHER one that is LYING.

          That’s my whole thing with this whole gang up on one person and acting like she is the AntiChrist when these same people pointing the finger at her each have a cemetery of skeletons buried in their OWN backyards to which they need to be tending and about which they need to be concerned (instead of focusing on and trying to dig up only Joe and Teresa’s).

          Some blogs are Pro-Tre. Some blogs are Anti-Tre. Some blogs (like SH) were Anti-Tre, but now have changed their position (but still criticize Tre as well. Personally, I think SH hates EVERYBODY equally. JMHO).

        • stellastars21 says:

          Thanks MTH & Detox. The politics analogy was a good one and that made a lot of sense so thanks. And Detox I agree they all lie and that sucks and they all shouldn’t point fingers and gang up for sure. I really do wish they’d all go away lol. Hope you guys have a great day!

          • plainviewsue says:

            Well said everyone. The writer of the blog definitely and rightfully has their opinion. What I have always loved about Lynn and all the contributors was that every opinion was listened to. Lynn and I didn’t agree on NJ, but that was okay. This is the only blog I contribute and post comments to, but I do look at others at times. All About the Real Housewives is very pro Teresa, so because I am at this time (it could always change!), I like to read the comments.

  49. california35 says:

    luanne the classless countless – if she wasnt the one talking about class and dating someone, i wouldnt care much about the Tomas thing, but come ON!! Also, i couldn’t help but wonder what would have been if Jill was there? what would she have done ir said about it? “her countess” was not acting very countess like lol it was fun to see how bravo gave us the audio of what she was saying while the other ladies were dancing in their pirate clothes. Also, fun that Bravo gave us the subtitles for what she was sayinf in French 🙂

  50. california35 says:

    hi all, i am glad we can still come here 🙂 work has kep me pretty busy specially these days. it is helpinge soooo much, so i am not complaining. life goes on and it is best to keep busy…

    i hope eveyone is doing well…

    • Hi Cali, doing good. It is wonderful to come here to get the latest news.

      Good to see you & read your thoughts. You are right, keeping busy does help. 🙂 Have a good Labor Day Weekend, you deserve the time off from your job!

  51. boston02127 says:

    RabbleRouser — I missed Teen Mom. Thank you.

  52. grandmadebi says:

    good day all, sitting here watching the hurricane blow around us. heavy feeder bands but it doesn’t last long. lost power 2 or 3 times last night but not for long. have lots of branches down in the back yard and my neighbors yard looks like a swimming pool but it will drain quickly. kids are all fine.
    i don’t think jacq thinks luman is busted because he knows she doing the samething he is when they are apart. i really don’t think their agenda is about love. thanks for the teen mom updates. i think amber is sick but so is her baby’s daddy. he can’t give up the idea of them being a happy family and it’s way pasttime for him to get over it.. i just want to say to him ” girlfriend please, grow a pair. glad i can read about it here. all channels here are about the weather. snuggled in for the day and will check back with ya’ll later. love,debi

    • so glad to hear you are okay, stay snug out of the rain 🙂

    • BB says:

      Glad you checked in. I’ve been thinking about all of you in that area.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Glad you’re ok! Thanks for letting us know.

      If tv weather doesn’t float your boat, go over to the chat room. There’s usually something entertaining going on there that will keep your mind off the wind.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Thanks for letting us know you’re ok. I hope others check in when they can. (( Stormers ))

    • Powell says:

      You all stay safe.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Grandmadebi, stay safe & stay off the roads for as long as possible. The last most outside band is parked over us, so still raining. As always, most injurys happen post storm Lisa

  53. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Goodness isn’t that Aviva a pill?! She’s UNVAVIVABLE ain’t she Joe, Reid and Ramonja? She’s got some hatred for Ramonja with their carefree drinking, nudity, fearlessness and careless abandon! Like RHOBH Ramonja says ” We Don’t Care”. Those two nuts want to have a good time and don’t want anything to stop their party! Meanwhile, SticksDrescher thinks so highly of herself and believes the ladies are so into her they’d welcome her husband into the compound too. Uh…no! Much like JZillla declined the invite and decided to show up, while Aviva was again re-invited she is now putting HER conditions on the invite. She’s SEEEEEEN and SCEEEEENE the show so she knows these ladies are going to let loose. Why would she not understand that they wouldn’t feel comfortable talking, walking or being free infront of her husband? Because SHE CANT Blanche… SHE CAN’T! Aviva is selfish and needy insisting everyone cave to her demands or feel her pain while simultaneously refusing anyone’s sympathy for her condition.The chopstick doth protest too much!

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Hilarious, Amber! She is indeed, unavivable! 🙂

      You know, the fact that Ramona and Sonja’s free-wheeling ways make her so uncomfortable…it makes you wonder what’s behind that. Why’s she so uptight? What’s she hiding?

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I think it should be Samonja. Give Sonja top billing and include more of each name. I can’t recall what Carole said exactly but it was funny.

      • BB says:

        LME I thought Carole said Samonja, but Sonja’s blog said Ramonja. I erased it from my DVR so I can’t check it.

  54. designernailsdiana says:

    Happy Birthday Jill (the one we love)!!!!!!!!

  55. Nancy says:

    Re: Teen Mom…Maci and Kyle have broken up. He had an affair on her.
    I was actually surprised. I though he was really “into her”.

    • Nancy says:

      Happy Birthday Jill! Hope it’s a good one. 🙂

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Kyle? He had started treating Maci similar to how Ryan was. I didn’t know he’d had an affair though but shame on him. Maci needs counseling. & tied tubes.

    • He said on twitter that they are together and he didn’t cheat. He tweeted something about what actually happened but then deleted it…according to internet stories.

  56. BB says:

    Farrah Abraham leads reality stars who can’t sing.

  57. NightLight95 says:

    Wacky Jacky takes time off from caring for her sick son and shipping off her daughter to comment on Tre’s blog.

  58. LaineyLainey says:

    The latest entry on the “LMAO” discussion for Caroline’s “Let Me Tell you Something.” Who is this alleged “Jill” of whom this writer speaks? hmmmmmm?

    • Powell says:

      The commentor Linda says Albert can’t by Caroline things to make Jill happy? Huh?

      • Powell says:


      • LaineyLainey says:

        copied and pasted “And tell Albert that he can’t buy you gifts to make things with Jill ok!” I took it to mean that he can’t buy Caroline gifts to make up for (or to make ok) whatever is going on with this alleged Jill.

        • Powell says:

          Mmmmm mmmm mmmm. I hope its not true but like T said Caroline needs to keep her nose in her marriage not Ts.

        • Sam says:

          Yes, I’m sure this is what it means. Albert has apparently been buying Caroline “apology gifts” because of an affair he had or is having with Jill. (And here’s hoping Jill’s last name doesn’t start with a Z!)

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I’ve read from commenters on several other boards that Albert has had a longtime mistress that Caroline knows all about, but she chooses to look the other way because she does not want to lose her lifestyle.

            Who knows?

            Maybe it is not true.

            Maybe it is.

            Maybe this is one of the skeletons to which Teresa was referring on WWHL when she commented on the audacity of Caroline judging HER marriage “considering all the skeletons she has in her closet.”

            It IS acknowledged on the show by Caroline that Albert is hardly ever home and spends many nights at that the Brownstone apartment because he is always “working” so hard (shrug).

            If there IS a “Jill,” maybe this is why Caroline spends so much time getting all up in everybody else’s business; is so bitter and angry all the time; is always focused on gathering an army to rail against some perceived “enemy of the moment”; and has an emotionally incestuous relationship with her sons (for the male attention she does not get from her husband). JMHO.

            But maybe there is no “Jill” at all.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Funny Sam – – – that worries you more, that it not be Jill Z. hahaha!!! Well… now that I think of it, that would be realllllllly bad.

            • Sam says:

              Ha! Yup, it does worry me — especially since Bravo would probably turn it into a spin-off TV show. (Can you imagine Caroline and Jill Z competing for the same air time??)

  59. Powell says:

    7 followers away from 60 for @NMDLynnFam on Twitter.

  60. Powell says:

    NMD I just sent out a new tweet. Trying to get you to 60 today.

  61. not THAT Jill says:

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes-you guys are the BEST!!!!!….had a wonderful day at the water park with the kids!!!!

  62. Powell says:

    Just saw a tweet from Phaedra that her husband as she says, Apollo and Peter and rapper Benzino-Love & Hip Hop Atlanta are hosting the ultimate white party on Friday. We keep hearing that there is trouble in paradise in Phaedra and Apollo’smarriage but she keeps tweeting things like this and that she and Apollo are hanging out w/Kandi and her BF. I don’t know.

  63. Christi44 says:

    Wow! I just want to say thank you again for such a wonderful blog!!! NMD, ramonacoaster, RR, Boston, and BB, you continue to amaze me at your dedication.

    LadyC-loved your post about Aviva. She is really starting to get on my nerves. She is that friend that goes out with everyone and then judges the whole night.

    Stars-you always have me in stitches.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Isn’t she? I believe it was Amber, above, who described her as a real pill.

      Everyone is there living it up, having a good time, getting their party on…and Aviva is joining them….why? I don’t think I’ve actually seen Aviva have a good time yet on this show. We’ve seen her bathe her children, teach about her leg, do a little charity work, and spend ALOT of time bitching about what the other ladies are doing that she doesn’t approve of.

      I really wanted to like her, but she just never seems to have fun – and resents it when others are.

      • Christi44 says:

        She isn’t quite as negative as Caro, but she is following in those footsteps; never having fun and always preaching about how others should act. It is one thing to let your anxiety keep you from living life (I get it-she is in treatment and working on it). It is another thing entirely to keep everyone else from having fun and living theirs.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I had a group of girlfriends in college that would hang out. One of the girls in the group was an “Aviva” — always judging and trying to put a damper on things. I don’t know why she always wanted to come out with us. I mean, she would usually just stand there observing, with her arms crossed, like she was taking damned notes on everybody to report to God knows who later. At this time, we were all single and in college. So, that was the time to just cut loose and act the fool before we had to go out into the real, adult world, you know?

      I’ll just call this friend, “Sally.” Sally also had this habit of setting her hair in rollers and, once she took the rollers out, never quite combing her curls out — giving her hair this banana-curl-like effect.

      One night there was a dance at the gym armory, but I was sick and couldn’t go. Well, all my girls, including ol’ negative Sally went. The next day, I asked one of my girlfriends about the dance. She told me, “Oh, Girl, it was so much fun!! The music was the best!! The drinks weren’t watered down. There were a lot of fine guys there, and we all just danced our a*ses off. Well all except for Sally.” I asked, “Well, what was Sally doing while all this was going on?” My friend’s response, “Girl, you know, her usual: standing up against the damned wall, with her arms folded looking like a Black Nellie Olsen!!!” (Do you guys remember Nellie Olson and her banana curls from “Little House on the Prairie”?) LOL

      We eventually dumped Sally.

  64. Kansas Girl says:

    Happy birthday (only a little late) to Jill no not THAT Jill!

  65. klmh says:

    Not sure if anyone has brought this over, but Camille Grammar is selling the Malibu house and her real estate fellow isn’t Kyle’s husband.

  66. trudie says:

    Calling MelTheHound – Amazing Race info:,,20625116,00.html

    • MelTheHound says:

      Thank you Trudie.. BB also posted something a few days back. I should have something ready to go soon for a preview 🙂

  67. trudie says:

    B-side did a photocap of RHONYC. Love the title: “The Pirates of LuAnn’s Pants”!

  68. Powell says:

    Congrats NMD! 66 followers on Twitter. 😀

  69. Cityside says:

    Did MM come here and cause a casino?


    • VV says:

      He is a friend of WSL as he let us know he was meeting her a week or so ago. He also tweets Carly. I have not seen him here lately, unless I missed it.

      • Cityside says:

        I saw someplace that someone here “shut MM down” . Oh well, I always miss the casino. (OK in real life I love the casino, Mr. City wishes I hated the casinos!!)


  70. VV says:

    The Manzo’s PR machine is in full motion. Twitter is a nasty place. I don’t believe those rumors about that conversation between Dina and Teresa. Consider the source. Who is benefitting from this leak? It makes it very suspicious. This is all an orchestrated campaing that started a few weeks ago. Again I asks who benefits from these rumors. Very suspicious, very suspicious.

    • Nancy says:

      What rumors?

      • VV says:

        Teresa supposedly told Jac that Dina said: Nick’s autism was karma for Jacqueline.

        • Cityside says:

          I sure hope Dina did not say that. That would be just plain mean.


          • Lady Chatterley says:

            I don’t care for Dina – I’ve found her behavior on Twitter petty and wouldn’t be surprised if she said something like this in private. But, I would be surprised if Teresa passed it on to Jackie – why do something like that? It not only hurts Jackie, but feeds conflict in an already troubled family relationship – and puts her on the outs w/Dina. It would be, not only really mean, but stupid.

        • plainviewsue says:

          Jac has radaronline on her speed dial. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the source of that. I know that sounds horrible, but that sure would be a way to break the Teresa/Dina friendship. Dina tweeted how disgusting that was.

        • Nancy says:

          I don’t believe that for a second. Terea isn’t cruel.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I could NEVER see Dina saying something like that. I’m not saying Dina is perfect, but I’m sorry. I just cannot see her saying something like that. Dina can be a bit snooty-wooty, but I NEVER got an evil or mean or malicious vibe from her.

          Caroline…on the other hand….

          I’m sorry. It’s starting to look more and more to me like Caroline might indeed be involved with the BRAVO producers in setting Teresa up at the end of the season to look like the one who revealed Melissa’s past as a stripper.

          One thing is specifically coming to mind. At last season’s reunion, Caroline screamed, “Teresa, I have proof that you have been poisoning Dina against me. I have the E-mails.” Teresa said, “Oh really. Well, then let’s see them. Seriously, I want to see them. Where are they?”

          And Caroline just shut up.

          Teresa did NOT look like she was lying at all about that. Caroline looked like she was trying to fool Teresa into thinking she may have said something bad about her (or Jac) to Dina in an E-mail, but Teresa was adamant that she did NOT. When Teresa said, “Let’s SEE them, Caroline,” Caroline backed down and shut up.

          I would not put it past Caroline and her crew to be so pissed off at Teresa over that blog to LIE and say that Teresa told Jac that Dina said that. Those people play REAL dirty! JMHO

          • ATLnNYC09 says:

            Red Queen is the type of sneaky bitch that would not just bring you down but DESTROY you. She has way too much hate coursing through her veins. I remember how she was with Danielle. Red Queen has no love in her heart all.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              And who knows her better than her own brothers and sisters, many of whom are not even speaking to her? Did you notice how nice Jamie was to Teresa and Joe at his wedding? Did you notice how he also said nice things about Teresa afterwards via twitter? Why would he be so nice and say such nice things about a woman that his own sister, Caroline, calls “ugly” and “evil” and “a disgrace”?

              Supposedly, one of Caroline’s brothers did not even want her at his own son’s funeral. I mean, how BAD do you have to be if your OWN brother tells you, “I do NOT want you at the funeral of my child.”?

          • Nancy says:

            C-sign. What a nasty woman.

        • klmh says:

          Oh that’s just awful. I don’t believe it either. Dina loves kids and dedicates a lot of her time to helping those in need.

  71. boston02127 says:

    Sonja was hired to throw a party for the Beekman Boys. I miss their show!

    • Nancy says:

      I agree boston, I loved their show. Very sad to see it not picked up again.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I heard their going to re-air their seasons on the cooking channel and they may have their own show on the cooking channel. I guess we’ll have to see.

  72. Cityside says:

    Happy Birthday Jill and any others I missed in the last week.
    NMD, I would follow you on Twitter if I knew what that meant.


  73. Lady Chatterley says:

    Lordy, I just have to comment that Curtis Stone is entirely yummy – dreamy green eyes….sigh.

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