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Real Housewives of New York – Pirate Booty Call

by BB

Holla!  I enjoyed watching this episode for a change!  I went into it with a little cynicism to be honest.  I mean, Bravo pays for these lavish trips, no matter who the “hostess with the mostest” is.  I know the housewives know that Bravo expects them to bring the drama.  Sooooo glad Luann is not the hostess this time around.  She pretty much ruined the Morocco trip for at least one half of the cast and for us viewers.

Carole, Ramona, Sonja, Heather and Luann all arrive on St. Barts and meet the villa staff, including Tony the butler and Jon Baptiste the chef.  Sonja is already salivating.  The villa is heaven on earth.  It’s amazing and all the women are impressed.  Ramona is speechless (NOT!)  There are two heated pools and an amazing dining room.  They are shown some smaller bedrooms and a huge master suite.  Ramona gives Carole the high sign about wanting the master suite for herself and Sonja.  Carole capitulates.  Carole has learned pretty fast that if Ramona’s not happy, nobody’s happy.  Luann wishes Sonja good luck being Ramona’s roommate.  Sonja pulls Heather aside and tells her she will be looking after Ramona and not to worry.  Heather breathes a little sigh of relief.

Carole and Heather get rooms in bungalows separate from the main house.  Carole has stayed there before the big villa existed when she was with her husband.  You know that commercial where someone used Windex on a window and it’s so clear a big bird flies into it?  Well that’s what happens to Heather.  She and her big honker walk right into a glass door.  I know it hurt like hell, but I couldn’t help but chuckle.  She leaves a big ugly greasy spot (go lighter on the make-up Heather) on the glass and her big honker is getting even bigger. Luann plays nurse for Heather and they decide it’s not broken.

Meantime, it’s party central at the main house with Ramona and Sonja already in the pool drinking pink champagne. Carole dubs them Samonja and Heather and Luann laugh.  Of course Ramona has to ask Tony to take back the regular champagne because she specifically asked for the pink.  I finally get a glimpse of Luann in a bikini as she’s diving in the pool, but just a glimpse.  Carole announces her boyfriend Russ will be arriving after dinner and Luann asks her if that’s such a good idea.

While the ladies are waiting for dinner to be served, Samonja are delighted to discover the villa has a wine vending machine. What could possibly be better for these two?  Dinner is served and Sonja wants to know where the dip is for her spring roll.  Carole offers to go get some soy sauce for Sonja until Luann tells her to let the chef take care of it because she and Sonja have dealt with it (I guess she means “the help”) for ten years.  Sonja talks about turning a new leaf since her separation from her husband and she’s turned a corner emotionally (I don’t think so, Sonja).  Carole wants to know why the talk has turned so serious.

Sonja brings up the toaster oven photo shoot to Heather.  Why, Sonja?   Carole doesn’t want them to go there.  Carole is a smart girl.  Heather doesn’t mind talking about it.  Of course Ramona gets her nose into it and it becomes the three women talking over each other.  Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla.  You’re not listening, Heather.  I am listening, Ramona.  Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla.  Luann leaves the table because she’s over it and can’t believe they are talking about it in such a great place at St. Barts.  I’m with Luann.  Carole gets up and leaves, too.  Ramona follows Carole and leaves Sonja and Heather to talk.  Ramona, Luann and Carole know Sonja has had too much to drink.  Carole tells them she’s nervous about her boyfriend Russ arriving soon, and asks Ramona not to say anything crazy.  Sonja gets loud while talking to Heather when Luann walks up and breaks it up with a toast.

Russ arrives and Carole runs up to meet him, warning him the girls are being bitches and fighting all the time.  The girls tell each other to behave and not embarrass Carole.  They all try to behave.  Russ tells the girls he can tell they’ve been drinking some wine.  The girls keep talking about Carole being hot to Russ and he tells them he’s lucky.  Sonja tells him she’s never met a cuter guy that night and he tells her thanks a lot.  Luann gathers the women (except for Carole) to go get some expresso.  Carole and Russ watch while Sonja drunkenly fondles and falls all over the butler in the kitchen and then they retire for the night.  Russ is laid back just like Carole.

The next morning, Ramona arrives late for breakfast, but she’s ready for the beach in her bikini.  Carole walks up with bed head and they ask her when Russ left and if they behaved.  Ramona suggests asking Mario and Jacques down for the trip since Carole has a man.   Carole tells them to have at it.  It’s Sonja’s turn to plan the day and she’s taking them to Tom’s Beach.  They all take forever to get ready because they all want to look hot.  You can never tell who you might run into.  All the guys at the beach are cute.  They talk about what Russ thought about them the night before.  He wasn’t intimidated by the women.  Carole refers to Ramona and Sonja as “crazy drunk aunts.”  Apt description. They all hit the beach and remark on Carole’s nice ass.  Sonja remarks, “No wonder Clooney did her for a year.”  Everyone’s in a bikini except for Luann. She’s covered up.

That evening, they all go for dinner at one of Sonja’s favorite restaurant/clubs.  The group is personally greeted by the owner.  They all meet Tomas, a Johnny Depp look-a-like.  Sonja claims him first, but Luann has her eye on him too.  Seems there is not a bad looking man on the island of St. Barts.  The ladies all get into some serious drinking and dancing.  There is a burlesque show on the runway and the ladies are asked if they want to do a show.  They go backstage and get dressed in some skimpy pirate costumes.  They decide they will dance on the tables and not the stage.  Luann is the only one not dancing on the table.  She’s heard explaining she wants to be special, she’s an Indian and not to phuck with her. They are all obviously drunk, some more than others.

The next morning Luann is in pretty bad shape (and Sonja isn’t even up yet, she looks worse later).  Heather tells Luann she needs protein.  Carole and Heather left the restaurant first, then Ramona and Sonja, then Luann.  Luann tells the girls she met some old friends from Italy the night before.  Ramona heard her when she came in and she wasn’t speaking Italian, she was speaking French to a man.  While Luann is trying to get a call through to her beloved Jacques, Heather whispers to Carole that Luann came to her room at 3 a.m. that morning with a man and tells her it was Johnny Depp aka Tomas.  Carole realizes she also heard Luann with the “young French boy.”

Luann is telling Jacques over the phone about meeting with her old Italian friends the night before.  The situation is making Heather feel uncomfortable and sorry for Jacques.  They all look at pictures from the night before all dressed in their Pirate costumes, including Thomas.

Carole and Heather talk via Skype to Aviva.  Aviva tells them she will come for the weekend if she can bring Reid.  Holla! Heather is happy Aviva is coming to the house.  She tells Aviva to bring Reid and prepare to have lots of sex.  Heather tells Aviva they are having a party that night and the ladies have invited the whole island.

At first, the ladies act like they are happy about Aviva coming for the weekend.  Ramona is talking to Carole about hearing a man’s voice with Luann, while Sonja is there getting her hair done.  Everyone’s been whispering all day and Ramona wants it all out in the open.  Ramona then finds out Reid will be actually staying with Aviva at the villa and not at a hotel.  Ramona and Sonja tell Carole the girls won’t be able to bond while Reid is upstairs.  Carole wants them to give Aviva a break.  Sonja tells Carole she’s bringing a man home too then.  Carole leaves to take a call from Russ and Luann agrees with Ramona and Sonja that Reid being there is going to change the dynamic of the trip.  They decide that one of them will bring up the subject when they arrive and suggest that Reid stay at a hotel.  Ramona misses Mario and doesn’t think it’s quite fair that Carole had Russ there and Aviva gets to bring Reid.

Sonja asks Luann about a man’s voice they heard the night before.  Luann tells them she brought a whole group home with her.  Ramona tells her she only heard one man’s voice.  In her talking head, Ramona finds it odd that Luann says on the one hand she wants to have a baby with Jacques and on the other hand is bringing another man home with her.  Heather is very uncomfortable with the lie Luann is perpetuating.

Luann gets on the phone with her friend Cat, the restaurant owner from the night before.  She talks in French and tells her she went out with Thomas last night and wants her to cover for her and tell Thomas not to admit he was there the night before.  She tells her she doesn’t want the girls to know.  She tells Cat she hasn’t changed.  We’ve all heard rumors about Luann’s sexual escapades and apparently they are true.

Thomas and Cat seem to be the only ones attending their party that night.  To be continued.  Looks like next week, Ramona is determined to get to the bottom of the Luann tryst, Sonja is going to have a go at Tomas, and Aviva’s arrival throws cold water on the girls’ fun.  Now this is what I call entertainment!


The Aftermath for LuAnn

This article starts like this:

“LuAnn De Lesseps has always looked like the ideal wife with children because she has always supposed her ex-husband Alex with everything he had going on with being the Count. “

I’m sorry – but I can’t get past that first paragraph.  First of all it makes no sense – literally.  Second of all – it’s completely and utterly wrong.  Why don’t they let one of us write their articles?

Oh – the article goes on to say that LuLu tweeted that she and Jacques were spending the weekend together – to show that they were still an item.  That’s not really a surprise – he obviously likes being on the show.

Seriously – they’d better hurry up and get on with having that baby.  LuLu is running out of time.


Gallery Girls – Episode3 “Wild child”

 by Lulu

Last week we left a drunken fool Eli trying unsuccessfully to get Maggie drunk. To major payback the following day. Maggie is hopelessly shoved into a back office stuffing envelopes. Then tasked to count all the pebbles in Eli’s bonsai tree. Meanwhile he takes Liz out for a bite. Liz mistakenly asks about Eli’s gallery. He goes on to not only say the word “China” after every word but on and on in useless detail. This man sure loves to hear himself say “China.” Once Maggie finishes counting pebbles she discovers an empty gallery. Liz at one point asks Eli why he treats Maggie as a servant to that he just laughs. What a jerk!

End of Century mess
A new artist brings in his abstract artwork to sell. They hope that by bringing in a fresh new artist they will miraculously make a sale! Miss Chantal fails to discuss pricing prior to accepting this artist’s work. They both discuss pricing which according to Miss Claudia is taboo. When the artist inquires about his compensation Miss Chantal is quick to offer 50% profit?!?!?!?! Overhead anyone?

At Liz’s apartment is a bittersweet scene with her grandmother. While cooking dinner they reminisce about her childhood. Particularly her relationship she had with her father which was great. Once she turned 19 she became addicted to cocaine. Once her father found out their relationship became strained. Thankfully she had her mother’s support that helped clean her up. In a very uncomfortable scene she met with her father at a restaurant. Liz tries very hard to make any connection with him.

Angela Angela Angela I had yet to write about her since thus far every scene focused on her “promiscuity.” She works as a waitress to bring in some sort of an income. Then free lances as an event photographer. She was hired to photograph the “Creator Project.” None of the photo’s she took launched her in anyway. That is her hope and dream to become a photographer.

Uptown Art Fair
Major dealers display their artwork and sell at sometimes a fraction of the cost. Amy quick to remind us of Kerri’s lack of art knowledge. Sharon Hurowitz tasks both of them to pick one piece that they believe she will like. This simple task will give her a better idea of what they know. Kerri picks a piece that connected to her via art and history of the drawing. Sharon commends her and tells her that is what she would chose too. Amy plays is safe and Sharon is quick to notice. One for Kerri zero for Amy darn!

Dorrian’s Bar aka “Upper East sider’s only”
Amy the sloppy drunk meets with Maggie. Hangs all over her boyfriend and his friends pretty pathetic. Then holds Maggie hostage in the bathroom while complaining that she can’t find a boyfriend?!?!

School of Visual Arts in Gramercy. Liz is still a student there she is assigned a drawing. During class someone accidentally steps on her painting. No one fesses but lucky for her she was able to salvage it and receive a nice compliment by her teacher.

End of Century “sale”
Miss Claudia decides to do a “trunk show” in hopes of a quick sale. They invite friends and acquaintances. The turnout is pretty good. Miss Claudia realizes that in order to make a sale you need a “cash station.” They finally make a sale what a revelation!

Eli Klein
Baby Jane Holzer arrives who is major art dealer that used to model for Andy Warhol. Liz is quick to introduce herself and discuss the current displays. For no reason other then to be a jerk at this particular moment Eli decides that the dog’s water dish needs replacing. Calls Maggie out to replace it. Poor Maggie is mortified! Honestly no idea why she puts up with that jerk.


Push Girls Season Finale – “Breaking Back In”

by BB

Angela is working on getting her modeling career going again.  She’s up for a big catalog shoot for Nordstrom.  She receives word from her agent she’s been selected and she will be going to New York City for the photo shoot.  Angela’s aunt Judy wants to go as her campanioin/caregiver.  Angela gently informs her that Cody would be better because he can constantly lift her and her aunt has a bad back.  Judy is a little sad but she knows she can’t handle Angela as well as Cody could.  Cody is Angela’s younger boyfriend.  Auti is concerned about Cody going instead of Aunt Judy because being a caregiver is not all that sexy and she’s afraid Cody might be turned off by it.  Mia agrees there’s a difference between being a boyfriend and a caregiver.

Auti was in a movie and has a big premiere coming up.  It was an independent film about wheelchair ballroom dancing.  She is shopping for a premiere outfit with the other girls and tells them her dad will be attending the premiere.  She’s never had a good relationship with her dad.  Her mom died a year and a half after her accident.  Her dad left the country right after that for eight years, abandoning Auti.

Angela is talking to Tiphanny about her relationship with Cody.  Angela is high maintenance and even needs help to go to the bathroom. Tiphanny thinks if someone loves you they will deal with it. Tiphanny tells Angela Cody has consciously walked into this situation.  Aunt Judy has told Cody to call her if he has any questions about Angela’s care during the trip.

Cody is excited about going to New York with Angela.  He realizes he will be both lover and nurse to Angela.  Aunt Judy has her doubts about Cody being able to handle Angela. One suitcase of hers is just for medical supplies.  Even getting Angela on the plane is a huge chore. Angela is always afraid whoever is lifting her will drop her on her tailbone too hard which will create a sore.

Cody is always vigilant and watches Angela closely all the time.  Angela feels normal when she arrives in New York with Cody.  Getting her in and out of a taxi cab on the streets of NYC with all the cars blowing their horns is pretty tense and that’s only a small part of taking care of Angela.  Cody’s responsibilities include catherizing Angela, giving her pressure releases so she doesn’t get sores, making sure she gets enough liquids, and preparing the bed for her.

Modeling for Nordstrom is a dream come true for Angela.  She loves New York, but her traveling in a cab is not the safest thing to do.  They finally arrive for the photo shoot and she loves the ambience of it.  Angela is concerned about Cody losing his patience when she is getting her clothes on because everything has to be absolutely perfect.  Angela’s eyes start getting glassy which means her catheter is out of place and Cody has to adjust it for her while the others are waiting to get started.  Angela does really well during her photo shoot.  She’s a natural.  She’s so happy there are companies out there willing to use models with disabilities.

Eric and Auti are getting ready to visit Auti’s father.  They talk about how Auti can forgive her father, but she can’t forget he wasn’t there when her mom died.  Eric tries to explain what her dad may have been going through with her accident and her mom’s death at such a young age.  Auti thinks her dad may need some closure too.

Angela and Cody have dinner together.  He thinks it’s nice to have a nurse there for Angela and he just be the boyfriend, but he knows that’s not always possible.  Angela feels normal for once and thinks they may actually be able to have a life together.

Auti had a tough father.  He was angry a lot when she was little.  She wants to forget the past and she’s determined to make a relationship work with him.  They meet and have an emotional hug together.  Her dad has all these great memories of Auti.  He tells Auti he wished they could have sat down and talked about their pain when her mom and his wife died.  Auti explains to him that she felt like she lost both parents.  He tells Auti how he would get in her mom’s closet and sleep with her clothes for six months after she died and he couldn’t see her pain because of the pain he was going through.  They were both happy to get things off their chest.  He will be going to her film premiere and tells her he’s proud of her.

Auti is at her movie premiere and her dad hasn’t shown up yet.  She thought her dad had changed and she got that old feeling that he was going to let her down again.  He shows up at the last minute and Auti can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  Everyone she loves is there to share her accomplishment.  It was an emotional experience for Auti.  She met one of her goals, being an actress.  Her dad tells Auti her mom would be so proud of her.

This series has been one of inspiration for me.  If these women can accomplish their goals in their situations, then there is no reason for us able-bodied people not reaching ours.

People magazine did an article on Angela’s modeling career.  Here’s the link.


Housewives News

by NMD and Boston

It was a wild and crazy time on the set of Real Housewives of New York.   Sonja had her mind strictly on business:

Looking into the business niche of bidet salons.

Meanwhile, Heather tries to find a way to tell Luann that everyone knows about the Pirate booty.

 But can’t overtalk Luann – so she decides to tell Aviva what to do instead.

Thank you Boston for a sneak peak into the Housewives of New York.


“How Did I Get From There to Here?”

by BB

Poor Carole Radziwill.  Back when she was filming the fifth season of the Real Housewives of New York, she must have been thinking, “How did I get here?  What was I thinking?”

Going back to the time right after Bravo fired Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, Alex McCord and the other one, Andy Cohen must have decided to approach his good friend Carole about being a housewife one last time.  It’s been reported that he had been trying to get her on the show previously and she kept declining.

I date a member of Aerosmith

Here’s how I imagine the conversation transpired between Andy and Carole.  Please note this conversation is merely a figment of my imagination:

Andy:  Hey, Carole.  I have a proposition for you.

I can spin just about anything.

Carole:  Andy, I’ve already told you I’m not going to be on that lame housewife show of yours.

Andy:  But Carole, the public has spoken.  We’ve been reading the most popular blog about the housewives, LynnNChicago. She and her followers have been grumbling about last season and are clamoring for someone who’s the real deal.  Not a wannabe like Shrill Zarin.  Plus, we need someone who will take the Countess down a few pegs since they won’t be happy she wasn’t fired along with the others.

Pumkin Head

Carole:  But Andy, I have nothing in common with those women. I’m a serious journalist, the widow of a real prince, I’ve hobnobbed with the Kennedys, and I’m already a best-selling author.  What’s in it for me?

Andy:  Plenty, Carole.  First, being on Real Housewives will surely re-invigorate the sales of your book “What Remains.”  And aren’t you writing another book and in talks about a possible tv deal?  Think about the free advertising you’ll get marketing it on the show.

Carole:  True.  But Andy, I still have nothing in common with these women.  I’m not married, I don’t have kids, and the others are not exactly on the same intellectual level as me, if you get my drift.  In fact, I don’t think any of them even have a sense of humor.  How will we communicate with each other?

They’re ALL Crazy

Andy:  Just look at it as a social experiment, Carole.  Think how everyone will love your observations about the show in your Bravo blogs.  You will come out looking smarter, wittier and cooler than the other women without even breaking a sweat.  I promise you won’t get a bad edit and eventually you’ll be able to write another book about this.  And the pay’s not bad either.

This is a new low for me.

Carole:  (Sigh) Ok, Andy.  You’ve talked me into it.  I mean, how bad could it possibly be?

Well . . . . .


Did George Clooney do Carole?

On last night’s episode, Sonja mentioned how cute Carole’s ass was, and said “No wonder Clooney did her for a year.”

A quick google search turns up ….  Nothing.  She may have interviewed him -but that’s about it.  Hopefully she’ll spill on this.

I don’t kiss and tell but if I did tell I’d say Clooney was a very good kisser. #RHONY


Carole’s Tweets from Last Night

HousewivesGames sounds good. DM the name.

Here he is again. The pirate-waiter is back next week!! Wait til you hear what Sonja did w/ Capt Jack. Fun. #RHONY

I said #pirate 12 times but @CountessLuAnn said Johnny Depp 6 times so take an additional 6 swigs! #RHONY

Its never the crime its always the coverup. Didn’t we learn that during Watergate? Duh. #rhony

Ok I know I’d get in trouble for saying “Girls trip” at my m&m lunch.#RHONY

No one shows up at the party except for Capt Jack. Awkward.#RHONY

Le Ti night was a blast. The entire restaurant was up on the tables dressed in all different costumes. @SonjatMorgan rocked. #RHONY

Lets get my ass trending please. Would make my summer. 🙂#RHONY

DId you see me try to make the sexy @SonjatMorgan face in those pirate pictures? Its hard. #RHONY

Ramona says Sonja is Coma toast? Do we now have to reference toast every time we discuss Sonja? #RHONY

WHat! There wasn’t an Italian on the entire island. #PIRATE take a swig!!!! #rhony

Okay here we go!!!!! How many x’s can a Countess say Johnny Depp…? Count. #RHONY


Luxury Retreat

Rabblerouser found the retreat!  Anyone want to pitch in for a Lynnfam get together?  A mere $10 000 to $20 000 a night.  I’m sure my hubs won’t notice the charge on our credit card.










Saline, St. Barts, Caribbean



Happy Birthday Twoile


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  1. boston02127 says:

    Happy Birthday Twoile!

  2. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the great blog!

    Are Sonja’s nips showing in that pic?

  3. BB says:

    Good morning and Happy Birthday Twoile. Have a great day!

  4. DuchessofDryerLint says:

    LuLu can spin like a top for all I care, Ramona very clearly said “We left one of the drivers for you” and Lu clearly replies “Yes, and thank God you left me a driver”. Thomas was at 2 of the ladies bedroom doors after 3am and everyone heard them talking. She did not have him drive her home, the driver drove HIM to their house and then took him home in the morning. Period. Busted. DONE. And then she TOLD her friend, “I went out with Thomas last night”. The only truthful statement out of her mouth was that she had the “best time”. I bet she did. She zoned in on Thomas from the second she met him. She was the one who kept saying the Johnny Depp thing like 6 times in a 2 minute space. She was hot on him when the others were up on the table, telling him she wanted to be special and not like the “other women” in the bar. She tagged that. Period.

    • boston02127 says:

      I watched it a 2nd time. She seems so desperate. And he’s not all that. He looked kind of grubby.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Grubby indeed. Wasn’t he introduced as the owner’s guy? Apparently he’s ok with being a lure. Ick.

        Luanne does look desperate. I thought so when she joined the drunk aunts in their bathroom dancing. So eager to join in, too eager. Ick.

        Just ick. But so funny. She’s busted.

        • It’s my all time favorite episode already.

        • mardrag26 says:

          I wondered about that too Kansas. Didn’t she say in the beginning that the JD lookalike was her friend that owns the club’s boyfriend? And….didn’t that same friend BRING him to the house the night he partied there? Does she rent him out to her special friends? Ewwww!

          • mardrag26 says:

            Ummmm, this was in reply to your other post a little higher up! Not sure what happened there.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            The more I think about it, the more confused I am. Need to watch it again. Here’s my confusion. I thought the owner of the club was Sonja’s friend, or Sonja was the one who knew her. Sonja introduced all the “girls” when they arrived. I remember Lu putting out her hand and nodding like one would with a new acquaintance, not like they were old friends. Then later she phones Cat for help covering up her night. When Cat and JD arrive, the caption says “Luann’s friend”. So is Cat the friend the same as Cat the club owner? Why didn’t Luann greet her like a friend when they arrived at the club?

    • JustDee says:

      Exactly Duchess!
      Love this Carole tweet (bwahahaha) –
      OCCUPY JOHNNY DEPP Tees: contact @CountessLuAnn 🙂

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      ITA. LuAnn is such a liar and such a slut. I have no problem with sluts — in fact some of my girlfriends are sluts (Tha is YOUR business, Girlfriend! Be safe and have fun. No judgment from me. As long as you are both single and consenting, have at it). I draw the line at having liars as girlfriends, thoughs (I can take the sluts. I CANNOT take the liars.).

      My issue with LuAnn is that she tries to come across as this high-class lady who is the epitome of sophistication, class, grace and style when, in actuality, she is immoral, cheap, tacky, untrustworthy, and, frankly, trashy.

      Mario was right when he called her COUNT-LESS, and that band she hired (Their name escapes me right now) was right when they referred to her as “The Cuntress.”

      • designernailsdiana says:

        Maybe Luann’s a swinger?

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          LOL. Maybe she is, but I thought swinging partners were honest with each other. Why was she lying to Jacque on the phone about it? It would be nice if she would clue Jacque in on the fact that they are swingers. I’m sure he would appreciate it.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Well since the whole thing kind of happened on camera LuMan may also kind of be cruel. How is she going to fix this with her boyfriend in a convincing manner, unless their relationship is for show too? JD look a like looks rather sleazy, and passed around a bit. Perfect for the vampire/zombie, LuMan! IMO.

  5. boston02127 says:

    Had to bring this over from the last blog:
    Danielle Staub’s tweet to Melissa G.

    @melissagorga be careful dear I saved all your lengthy emails and recorded your calls to me you sure you wanna lie ???

    • BB says:

      Sounds like she’s ready to sell to the highest bidder.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      HA! Touche!

    • NightLight95 says:

      I say we take up a collection for those archives 😉

    • plainviewsue says:

      Just so you guys know that tweet was from a year ago. Somebody retweeted it. Danielle, it’s time for you to sell your story!!!!!!!

      Someone tweeted the reunion taping is September 8th.

    • scorpiosue1102 says:

      Personally, I think that if Danielle had that information she would have done something with it already. Put up or shut up I say.

      • kit9 says:

        You can’t believe a word Danielle says. She was probably dangling bait hoping for a guest spot.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Does Danielle lie? I don’t remember her lying. Stalking, yes. Obsessing, yes. But lying? I’m thinking, thinking, … pls remind me of the times she’s lied. It just escapes me.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Lainey, I do not believe that Ashley pull any of Danielle’s hair out of her head. That would be a lie. Also she said many times on the show, that she had class, another lie. Also I think she filed bankruptcy last year, so she wants to sell information when she can keep the money not while having to pay off debts. IMO.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I thought Ashley had pulled her hair out, CAP! Wasn’t Danielle waving around a mangy piece of the hair extensions at that hearing? Wasn’t there blood dripping from said piece of hair? (ok, now I’M a liar). I made up that last part. As for Danielle saying she had class, that was just her opinion.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                Lainey, I do not believe Ashley pulled any hair out of Danielle’s head. That story never worked for me. The screaming and the crying at the country club was so over the top. Too dramatic… and she had to stick to the victim hood story to keep a spotlight. The earth is square! IMO.

                • PJ says:

                  Wait a minute didn’t Ashley have some hair (extensions) in her hand after pulling Danielle’s hair. I think she did.

  6. boston02127 says:

    from Celebuz:

    If having the man at the house wasn’t enough to get the other ladies’ tongues wagging, the Countess says that she definitely complicated the situation by not being honest about the nature of Tomas’ visit and asking a friend to help her cover it up. And now, the reality star wants to come clean about her error in judgment.

    “My big mistake was trying to avoid the speculation and assumptions by telling a white lie,” the 47-year-old housewife tells us.

    “The problem with telling a white lie is that you have to stick to your story,” she continues. “That’s why I made the call when I heard that Tomas was coming for dinner that night. Never tell a fib, because it can snowball out of control. LESSON LEARNED!”

    As for her relationship with Azoulay, the complicated situation doesn’t seem to have put a damper on the romance. “As I write this, Jacques and I are on vacation and we couldn’t be more united and happy!” de Lesseps says.

    I don’t get this, what is she admitting to? She’s such a skanker.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      OK, Jacques is getting what he wants. A skanky woman who thinks she’s all that. Free (paid?) exposure on tv. Entrance into events he would not attend without Bravo’s connections. Etc. So why would he really care what she gets up to when she’s away. He likely does the same. Devoted couple my right foot!

    • Eastbayca says:

      Probably they have an open relationship…….
      I was listening to a Radio show sometime last week and they were discussing open relationships and it seems a number of people have them as long as it is discreet.

      • She lied to him on the phone with the Italian story. Like Carole tweeted, the coverup was worse than the cheating.

      • Mary E says:

        Just tossing this out there….does anyone think Jacques is gay and the entire relationship is a fraud for tv?

        • Thedesigndiva says:

          MARYE…. Love your comment…!!!!! Pepe gay !!! When he first appeared on scene,there was an article with him in it and all the folks who work for the wine company.. PICS ALSO…. Many comments were made about pepe and his “friend”.. I wish I had saved it..I’ll have to go look and see if I can find it again..BUT..heavy emphasis on him and his “friend”…

          • Mary E says:

            Hope you can find it. I think their are a lot of ladies out there who choose to have a man on their arm with no “commitments”. Liza Minelli, Liz Taylor, Renne Zelleweger (?), Barbara Walters, Linda Evans, Star Jones, various NYC socialites

        • catmom1 says:

          Yesssss!!!! Was just thinking that last night. Was remembering the over the top kiss he gave her (think it was at a dinner table with the other ladies & husbands) and thought that was just too much, like a performance.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      Boston..clowntess lugman said the same thing when the Count did not show up for Victorias horse show and word hit the street that he was off having his tryst.. CL later said that the family was on vacation and they couldnt be more happy..then the email came….OOOPS..

      • catmom1 says:

        Great catch.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        “Clowntess Lugman”^^^^?? so funny

        • Chicago Diane says:

          Remember the direct questions about Luman’s and the Count’s open marriage, which she denied during the first reunion or two, ( for the sake of the children- huh!)? But she admitted more recently at a reunion that she felt vulnerable during the divorce and last year of their marriage, and , but now that she had moved on, she admitted it was an open marriage. Certainly the articles in Page 6 ,etc, show that the Countess WAS classless as Mario coined – and appears to endlessly enjoy open relationships. Don’t you think that’s what she meant when she told Cat she never changes? It was my interpretation, anyway.

          I still return to the early footage of Noell asking her to stay home rather than partying, and Luann brushing him-as a 7-8 year old- off. She has been as self-centered, opinionated, and arrogant as anyone we have seen on the show- what nerve she had pretendign to pen a manners book- !

          Did anyone else notice- I don’t remember ber referencing her nursing background until now- as she attmepts to reinvent herself, with the truth is out about the charade she called a marriage-???

    • lovemamaearth says:

      And Sonja wants him after he’s been with Lu? I don’t understand poor Sonja.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I don’t understand Sonja sometimes either, although I THINK I may understand this one a little bit.

        LuAnn may have shared the TRUTH with Sonja (because she knows Sonja will not judge because she is just as slutty and because she knows Sonja will not tell Ramona or anyone else if she asks her not to do so. Sonja and LuAnn have a friendship separate from everyone else too.). LuAnn probably told Sonja that the dude was good in bed, and Sonja wanted to sample the goods for herself. Girls talk just as much about sex as guys do (probably even more). There are some men that fall into the category of “Big, Beautiful and Stupid but Perfect for a Good Time”. That might have been the case with this guy, and Sonja wanted her turn with the guy for a good time (shrug). Just my theory. I could be totally wrong, though.

    • scorpiosue1102 says:

      A “white lie”?!?!? Yeah right. LuAnn is starting to believe her own bullcrap.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Detox, I thought that Sonja said she had already had him before. I think she was
        re-establishing her mark on him. To say to LuLu this was mine first. IMO.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Oh, I must have missed that. I think those two are in the habit of sharing boy-toys. Remember, that dude Max that Krazy Kelly Bensimon tried to pretend she was dating during her first season? Well, BOTH Sonja AND LuAnn slept with ol’ Max. The show revealed that Sonja slept with him, but they neglected to mention that little tidbit about the Countess (also sleeping with him) for some reason (probably because she slept with him while she was still married to the Count. She apparently had several affairs while married, which was why Sonja called her “such a slut” in that phone call to Jill, unaware that LuAnn was sitting right next to Jill and could hear everything Ramona’s crazy ass was saying).

  7. Three Blessed says:

    Shiver me timbers…that wench is busted!!!

  8. boston02127 says:

    If the conversation Luann had trying to cover up her one night stand is a set up from Bravo, I’m gonna be pissed. It’s pobably going to come out that Johnny D. look alike is her long lost son.

  9. Eastbayca says:

    Ohhh my Aviva is definitely out to get Ramona’s and Sonja’s blood, her blog trashing them to hell and back. She used the word “bullying” and how they were ganging up on Lulu.
    She goes on to say how they didn’t want Reid there and how they are threatened that her solid marriage would interfere with their debauchery……That statement should be directed to Lulu who brought “Johnny Depp” back to the house.

    • She bashed them all night on twitter too. She seems pretty judgmental for someone on one of these shows. Didn’t she watch past seasons? Ramona has always liked her girls partying fun.

    • catmom1 says:

      When I read her blog, I thought what an angry, prudish, repressed woman. Hmmm, sound like Kelly much. Different season and location, same crazy. Waiting for Aviva to implode.

      • Eastbayca says:

        She comes across as someone who doesn’t know how to have fun.
        Say what you will about Ramona and Sonja but being on vacation with them seem more fun that being around Aviva.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I agree, Eastbay. That blog was vicious. So, this is her 2nd vicious, low-blow blog of the season!

      What is UP with this woman? It’s like she really liked Sonja and Ramona at first and really wanted to befriend them. Then, they miss one of her charity events, and they are now her mortal enemies. Does she have Borderline Personality Disorder? That’s what BPD people do. They love, love, love you one minute, but, Lord, fail to return a phone call or an E-mail quickly enough (or do something otherwise “fallible and human”), and they are, all of a sudden, out for your damned BLOOD!!

      Look, even I thought Ramona was being ridiculous about Russ coming to visit Carole. I mean, the whole purpose of Carole’s trip was because Russ was playing a music festival at the location, and she decided to make a trip of it. She was gracious enough to invite these women. So, Ramona should have SHUT UP about that. It was rude.

      With regard to Aviva bringing Reid, I’ve had those girlfriends/acquaintances that cannot seem to go anywhere without their significant other, and it DOES kind of put a damper on what is supposed to be an “all-girls'” event. The thing to do, though, is be gracious to the couple while they are there. And then do not invite the Co-Dependent on your NEXT Girls’ trip. Simple.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I get that her feelings have been hurt a number of times. But Aviva is acting really immature. And I’m guessing that’s partly due to her accident stunting her emotional growth. Just a guess and going from personal experience. I didn’t lose a limb but I had two other incidents.

    • scorpiosue1102 says:

      Also, it’s not like Ramona hasn’t had these type of feelings before. Remember that girl’s dinner that Bethenny cooked at Jill’s and Ramona walked out because Simon was there? This is nothing new. I think Ramona’s point is that she would have brought Mario if the guys were going to be there.

      Aviva is a tad cuckoo. All she is doing with these tweets and blogs is to cast herself as a bitter harpy.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        If we follow the story line narrative, Carole invite the women to the island with their full knowledge that she was meeting up with her boyfriend. So to me it was never going to be a real all girls vacation, from the get go. Since Carole did not object to Aviva bringing her husband, the juvenile club should just be quiet. Ramona is so controlling for someone who is really out of control, herself. Regardless she always has to have everything her way. She needs to just sit down and shut up. But when she does, like at the bar, she looks like a little girl lost. Poor baby. I think that Aviva’s issues with Ramona and Aviva run far deeper then non-attendance at a charity event. I think it has more to do with this underlying feeling that in Aviva’s mind neither of these women can really be counted on for anything but a trail of disappointing and slippery behavior, with a taste of drunken sarcasm for good measure. JMHO.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          CAP, you and I usually agree on a lot of things, but I am going to have to differ with you when it comes to Aviva. (*In my Whoopie Goldberg playing Oda Mae Brown in “Ghost” voice*)….”CAP, Ramona and Sonja are in danger, Girl!! Cuz Aviva be straight CRAY-CRAY!!!” (Just you wait and see!!).

          • LaineyLainey says:


            • Called A Princess... says:

              In reality TV there are always degrees of crazy. My feeling will always be, that if you are trapped on a small island with killer bees, it is best not to poke the hive or make loud noises. My issue is that Sonja and Ramona are loud pokers, and they are going to get stung by CRAY-CRAY, but good! JMHO.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Touche’ (but I still say, “Molly….You in danger, Girl!!!” LOL). 😉

  10. boston02127 says:

    Between Jacq’s & Johnny, Luann doesn’t have very good taste in men.

    • Eastbayca says:

      Her taste is Frenchmen….

      • catmom1 says:

        Must be the accent….

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I think her French must be horrible. To me (not at all fluent), it sounds like she pronounced everything with a terrible American accent. Anybody fluent and can comment?

          • RHOFrance says:

            Hi !
            Her accent is not that bad ! A lot better than Jacques english accent ! It’s funny, she prounounced certains things really well but others with a little bit i don’t know how to say exactly, the “r” are a little bit forced but it’s not uncommun because we prononce them with the throat with a sound who doesn’t exist in english if i’m not mistaken !
            Her phrases are really good, she can even speak a little bit of soft slang !

        • MrWestVirginia says:

          Some women love a foreign tongue!! LOL

  11. Eastbayca says:

    One of the pictures on Carole’s blog would make Aviva mad… the background they is a lady sunbathing topless.

  12. ATLnNYC09 says:

    I thought the episode was fun last night. Did anyone else notice that Looley didnt use her fake courtesy title in that French Caribbean island? Perhaps she knows they were on to her phony Countess-ery and she knew she would look like a fool?

    Yea Loo was busted last night but who cares? If you have to sleep with a celeb look-a-like wouldnt you rather sleep with a Johnny Depp rather than a David Schwimmer? Once again her moniker of “class” was shattered and she woke up with egg (among other things) on her face.

    It was funny to watch her spin the “Italian friends” story out of her ass, until she got busted a la Bravo translator. Shes not married, its not a crime to necessarily for her have a fling. By the look of her behavior last night she definitely seems like she had an open marriage.

  13. Eastbayca says:

    Aviva Drescher ‏@AvivaDrescher
    Well- its official. This was Caroles trip. Read her blog. She writes in black and white that she wanted the guys 2 come.NOT a girls trip! xo

    Carole Radziwill ‏@CaroleRadziwill
    @AvivaDrescher Haha..Nice try babe. U hilarious. Blog is all satire. But I’m with you we have a fight on that couch! 🙂

  14. Birdwoman says:

    Good Morning, My first born is going to Kindergarten today and I am trying not to cry. I am happy and sad at the same time….. they are both growing up so fast!!!

    About New York, when Sonja mentioned Carole doing Clooney I was shocked. Carole seems more interesting than the women Clooney seems to hook up with. 🙂
    Also, I have not watched this season super close but is Aviva a neurotic mess? Is she the Kelly of the season?

    • trudie says:


    • catmom1 says:

      Yes, Aviva is the Kelly of the season.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Oh I don’t think they’re in the same league. ROFL at the thought of Kelly. She gave us so many funny quotes. And some of them feared for their safety. JMHO

    • Mary E says:

      She’s not young enough for Clooney. And too smart.

      • RHOFrance says:

        And again if it’s true, we can see the difference between high and low standards. The Princess got the real Clooney. The Countess got a fake (and cheap i might had !) Johnny mon amour Depp !

        • karrylyn says:

          Touche! the countless hasnt been too royal this year, especially with a princess in the bunch.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Clooney doesn’t like smart women? Oh I hope Carole tells us the scoop soon. Kiss and tell CAROLE. Please?

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Morning Birdwoman,congratulations! No tears infront of your baby 🙂 My kid is 24 & I still have newspaper clipping of her first day of school that the local paper took. Goes by so fast, savor the moment, you earned it, Lisa

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Awww…congratulations on getting your little one off to Kindergarten! (((Birdwoman)))

      I was shocked that Clooney would go for Carole as well. I mean, Carole has an actual BRAIN! George Clooney can actually date a woman that is not a bubblehead piece of arm candy. Who knew??!!??

    • Lulu says:

      Awww!!! I hope your LO has a wonderful first day at school!

    • Hi Birdwoman, how did it go? I know how you feel. My first DD also starts kindergarten but she goes on Sept 5th. I had to actually bring her there today for an assessment. Then my youngest starts preschool on the 6th but I have to bring her on the 4th for her ‘meet your teacher’.

      So many of the other kids I saw there seemed so much bigger than my little one.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Carole is refusing to confirm that she dated Clooney, so we do not know anything for sure. Yet. Sonja has a big mouth and can not be trusted. I think she thinks that because she is a name dropper that it is OK to gossip about other peoples high profile relationships. Passive aggressive and rather nasty game player. Sonja needs to grow up and stop drinking so much. Loose lips sink ships! JMHO.

  15. Lisa Renee says:

    Good morning everyone, great chat blog last night. No secret I watch show after the chat blog & the next days post. My Dvr didn’t record last night so I will catch it in repeat, if Bravo ever decides to re-run it, hahaha. The late night crew, funny as always, todays blog was great. I enjoy the shows much better with everyones opinions, perceptions & snark fresh in my mind. IIRC when Danielle sent those tweets about melissa it was after last reunion tapeing or T’s visit to WWHL. I think Bravo has some type of gag order or Danielle would have already sold them. Hoping they are brought up at the reunion. I know she just declared bankruptcy so maybe when that is formalized, danielle can sell them free & clear. IDK, just guessing. I want to see the “audition type” made by ME&JOGO. It’s out there I just know it is. Boston, the pics are hysterical 🙂 Everyone have a great day & to all those dealing with the weather please stay safe. Lisa

  16. BB says:

    Holla! Heather is on HSN right now with her Yummie Tummie

    • oooh missed it. how was she? I’m starting to like her more after she took that hit to her schnozz & called out Lulu for her behavior.

      • BB says:

        She knows how to sell her product. I was almost tempted – almost.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          That’s nice of you both to say. I think this year is all ok except Lu. But now I’m so glad she stayed on this season. This cheating episode is great karmic relief. snick snick.

    • karrylyn says:

      thanks for the HOLLA!!!!!! haha
      I missed the show, but its on again at 3am /Chicago Time or CST. I actually DVR’d it, I’m interested in seeing Heather w/out the other RH’s. thanks again!!!!

  17. Praying that everyone stays safe in the path of Isaac, looks like it’s going to hit New Orleans. Detox, Zoey thinking about you, take care.

    Seven years almost to the day since Katrina, praying those levees hold & flooding is minimal.

  18. Who’s organizing our trip to St Barts?

  19. Tweets

    NoMoreDrama ‏@NMDLynnfam
    @BravoAndy Glad to see you back on twitter. How about a few words for Lynn Hudson.

    Andy Cohen ‏@BravoAndy
    @NMDLynnfam I was sad to hear of her passing – she loved bravo so much!

  20. HD says:

    I enjoyed last night. Nothing was better than watching Luann try to cover up her indescretion!

  21. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Good Morning, All,

    I haven’t read the comments yet. Before I did that I wanted to say thanks for another great blog to the following folks: No More Drama, BB, Boston (Your pix and captions are always hysterical), Lulu & RabbleRouser. If I missed anybody, please charge it to my head and not my heart (and also to the fact that I have not yet had the requisite amount of coffee to get my brain working properly).

  22. HD says:

    Also, what is up with Aviva? Why did she need her husband on the trip? Why not just fly with all the other women if she was that afraid? I don’t get her. I would not want my man with me and all the other women around. At the very least I do think he could have stayed at a hotel and just let them do the women thing for a for a few days.

    • catmom1 says:

      I think Aviva is certifiable. I also think Bravos’ dirty little fingerprints are all over this. My theory is they arranged to have Aviva fly in later with Reid, knowing this would set Ramona off and chaos/drama would ensue. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

  23. mardrag26 says:

    Good Morning!
    Amazing blogs that made me laugh out loud! Always a good way to start the day. Boston….your pics are epic!

    “She and her big honker walk right into a glass door.” I know it is not nice to make fun of peoples looks….and I certainly don’t have room to talk….but this made me laugh so hard. What was she doing/thinking that she didn’t see the glass?

    I am usually very tired by the time these shows come on and this morning, all I really remembered was hearing a bunch of cackling hens talking over each other, “drunk clucking”. So I love the blogs so I can get a clear picture of what really happened.

    Loo Loo….”We can always count on Loo to put the “ass” in class.” Nuff said! Thanks for that quote ATLnNYC09. Perfect!

    Have a great day everyone! Hug yourselves today.
    And hurricane peeps…be safe. Prayers for you!

  24. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    I know I’ve mentioned before that I have not yet made up my mind about Heather and that there were things about her that bothered me (her pushiness; her controlling ways; her not being straight-up with Ramona to her face).

    I have to say that last night, Heather scored some cool points with me. I really respected the way she felt uncomfortable about LuAnn lying and how she felt bad for Jacque. That displayed a level of character and integrity that I tend to like in people. I still have not made up my mind about her, but that goes in my “I Like Heather” column (I have an “I Like Heather” and a “I Do Not Like Heather” column. I cannot figure out which will be longer by the end of the season).

    • catmom1 says:

      Feel exactly the same way. Was suprised to find myself liking Heather last night.

      • RHOFrance says:

        I like Heather. She’s seems the most normal. I really hope being kind of famous now will not play with her head and she will not become as self-important as the others !

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      See this is my exact problem with Heather. If Loo wants to cheat on Jacque, what business is that of hers? Why does she feel so conflicted about someone else’s relationship? Notice that neither Ramona, Sonja or Carole felt that way about the situation because they knew it was none of their business. Loo didnt tell her to lie for her to Jacque and Heather doesnt really have any true friendships with either one of them. Loo was on camera and Jacque will see the show. He has all of the cards on the table, if he decides to stay with her, its on him. Besides, dont they always shoot the messenger?

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I see your point, ATL. I don’t think Heather should TELL Jacque what LuAnn did. That would be really crossing the line.

        My point was that I liked that she felt bad for Jacque because she thinks he is a nice guy, and she thinks he really cares for LuAnn. I’ve been in situations where I’ve had couple friends, and I’ve known or seen one cheating on the other. And I’ve felt horrible for the other person. I did NOT tell the other person, though, because — like you said — it is the messenger that usually gets killed.

        • BB says:

          Yeah, I wasn’t thinking she felt like she had to tattle to Jacques. She just felt bad for him.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I like Heather because she is a real kind of character. Sonja and Ramona are not very real, to me. Carole seemed a bit shocked because LuLu is being brazen in her behavior. I think Heather is more concerned with LuLu’s need to lie about what happened. The lie creates a sense that LuLu is not OK with what LuLu has done. That makes some people uncomfortable. I also think that Heather is afraid that LuLu might ask her to lie to Jock her behalf. LuLu is just that kind of creepy and under worldly. I do not think that any of these women really cares about what LuLu does, they just do not want to be dragged into any of her messes. IMO.

  25. Lady Chatterley says:

    Thinking back on last night – interesting how a casino got going between Sonja and Heather – Ramona was butting in. First, Luann removed herself – and then Carole removed Sonja, and the whole thing died.

    Imagine if this was the way confrontations were handled on RHONJ….

  26. Orson says:

    So, both Sonja and Lulu have done Aviva’s ex husband and the Johnny Depp wannabee. Is this going to be an ongoing contest?

  27. Powell says:

    Morning all. I hope your having a good day and I hope everyone in the path of Isaac is safe.

  28. Good morning, everybody! 😎
    Thank you to all the talented, humorous contributors to the blogs here – it feels like coming home.
    Happy birthday, Twoile!
    Here’s to wishing everybody in the path of Isac stays safe and won’t have too much to deal with in the aftermath.
    (Now off to read all the comments…)

  29. JustDee says:

    I just got off the phone with my mom (she’s fluent in French). She says the Bravo subtitles of Lulu’s phone conversation were absolutely correct. So that’s verified.

    I was a bit worried that Bravo was trying to manipulate us (again!), but not so.

  30. BB says:

    Wow. Aviva must really lose it next week ’cause she’s already spinning her side about it in her blog this week. Not sure what she expected, but this was NOT your typical family vacation she was joining.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      I’ve really wanted to like her, but I don’t like seeing her lose her cool. She’s as bad, or worse, w/her twitter rants, as she is when she’s yelling at the girls on the show. Not a good look for La Viva.

      • Aviva is a partay pooper! I like her husband more than her. What a hypocrite to complain about anyone’s behavior after we’ve seen her oversexed octogenarian father acting up. Another one that needs medical supervision & a padded cell.

        • catmom1 says:

          I’ve wondered if her extreme reaction to things that would barely raise a blip on anyone else’s radar is because it’s either behavior Aviva once engaged in herself, or behavior she witnessed in her father.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          LOL Blue that’s sure true about her dad. ROFL

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I definitely like Reid better than I like Aviva. Reid is to Aviva as Paul is to Adrienne on RHOBH — definitely the better half of the partnership.

      • RHOFrance says:

        I don’t know either what she expected ! Sonja, Ramona (and sometimes Luann) bearly behave themselves in New-York. Ramona’s drinking is legendary, even when i didn’t watch the show, i knew of it ! What would that be different in a paradise island with hot men, hot weather and strong drinks !?! St Bart isn’t a family water park ! And who would want to watch that anyway ? If i wanted to see women playing monopoly next to a pool i would invite my friends at Aquasplash and shoot the all thing with my friggin’ phone.
        I understand this isn’t her type of “event”, totally, i respect that. But hey, if the only action she can bring to the table is fall of a scene (and even that wasn’t funny given the circumstances) and let us see what a strong and charitable woman she is overcoming some bullshit fears like crossing the road when the little light is red, maybe she should do another show. I don’t know, call Andy and ask for another gig. It was truly formidable to see her charity and their work last week but i would grow tired to see that every week !

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Agreed! Did she do any homework at all before signing on? Did she think this was housewives as in PTA? Aviva, you’re way off.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          even when i didn’t watch the show, i knew of it !
          OK Dish. You run in the same circles with these women? 🙂 We want the dirt ya know.

          • RHOFrance says:

            Oh no ! Sorry, i must have formulate my comment wrongly ! I mean, i follow gossips sites and all (shame on me, don’t tell my family !) and i read about the drama on RHONY even if i didn’t knew the show at that time. And i must admit, all those blabla that’s what draw me to those shows ! Sorry to disappoint !

        • Contessa says:

          RHOF – love your french take on the entire episode – you must stay with us and give us your views. Welcome!

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      Loca Viva is a pure KKB jelly bean drama queen. Its vacation, get the stick out of your ass.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I do not think it is Aviva’s place to be ashamed of her father. Most people have a blind spot where the family is concerned. She does warn people about him. That is more then some would do. She has enough problems of her own! IMO.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Not me. I have crazy-ass relatives that I am VERY ashamed of. I still claim them and invite and take them places, but they embarrass the hell out of me. I’m not blind. I know they’re crazy. LOL.

  31. MelTheHound says:

    Morning folks. Hope everyone is well.

    Way back when I was in college, I took an industrial psychology class. It was suggested as a filler in the curriculum so I took the class to get the remaining number of credits I needed to graduate. I don’t remember much from the class but one thing did stick with me. Hawthorne. These ‘experiments’ took place in a factory where they were tying to learn how to get the most out of their workforce. They placed watchers in various locations of the facility whose jobs were simply to observe. The workers knew who they were and what they were there for. At first, everyone was on their best behavior and production went up. Shortly thereafter however the workers became use to the watchers being there and went back to their normal way of doing things as if they forgot they were being watched.

    Mz Countless, seems to have fallen into that trap. She has forgotten, even though she’s aware she’s being taped and recorded, that there is a cyclops known as a camera watching her every move while they are filming. She has apparently also forgotten that she is wearing a microphone to record everything she says. Who really cares if anything happened? I don’t, not my business. Did something happen? I don’t know, I wasn’t there (thankfully). Someone said it isn’t the crime, but the coverup. If anyone knows anything for certain, it’s going to spill at some point, and classless Lu will once again have some splainin to do. Not about the crime, but the coverup. Of course she’ll brush it off and tell anyone asking, THEY have no class for even mentioning it.

    LuLu, I tried to watch Gallery Girls, I really did. I couldn’t get all the way through it though. All that show taught me is to be thankful that I’m not part of this NY fake-ass people art world. Next only to the HWs these have to be some of the most uppity fake people I’ve ever seen on TV. That Amy woman, all I could think of whenever she opened her mouth was Jodi from Vancouver. Or worse, her daughter whatzername. The only one I had any feeling for at all was the ex junkie while she was meeting with her dad. She did it, she’s apparently recovered, dude, get over it or cut her out of your life completely. That’s a bit flippant of me to say I know but, the cold routine isn’t going to help her stay on the right path. Another part of the episode with her, in the art class when some d-bag stepped on her project. Whoever it was couldn’t own up to it. Really? Some people wonder why I think people in general are azzholes (not you all, you’re cool). That’s one example. I don’t know if I’ll watch again, I found myself wanting to bust a few of them with their pompous attitudes and fake laughs in the mouth. I’ll continue to enjoy reading your recaps though, Lulu now that I know who these people are.

    I’ll say it again (and again), you’re all doing a fantastic job keeping this going. Thank you all for putting in the work to make it happen.

    • Lulu says:

      Hi Mel honestly I had 0 interest in Gallery girls their promo’s are epic fails. The only reason why I am interested in watching/blogging is End of Century. I’m genually amazed that those women who are running it can’t figure out how to A. make a sale B. advertise C. It’s your business so you really should be there to run it. I’m just watching a train wreck that’s all. Though the other women’s story’s are slowly unraveling. Thank you Bravo! No wonder why people check out of their new series.

      On a side note. I was kinda interested in seeing the new movie “The Words with Zoe Saldana.” The previews were intriguing till the powers that be completely crushed it and ruined it for me. They gave away the movie! That is just my simple point with Bravo they present these people in the worst possible light. Then wonder why no one is interested. There’s my rant and thank your for your nice opinion!

      • lovemamaearth says:

        That movie does sound good. I’ll watch when it comes to TV.

        quotes: ‘There’s another layer to this. Publicity for the movie aptly puts it: “The worlds of two men living in different times threaten to converge as both are forced to confront the steep price that must be paid for placing ambition before love.”

        Would you do something unscrupulous if you had tried everything you could to get the winning lottery ticket but always came out the loser?’

    • kendo says:

      I’ve watched it! It is kinda hard to watch. I thought it would be really interesting, but that lower east side group turns my stomach! I can’t deal with all that fake mess! I love to go to Galleries, and have run into some owners that I wouldn’t even think about buying anything from! Way too much attitude.

      • NightLight95 says:

        FYI: that is how 99% of them are in the business. It’s really rare to find a genuinely kind person in this business. I watched 10 minutes and it hit too close to home.

  32. Amanda says:

    I want to thank you for recapping Push Girls, BB. I love to read about this show. I hope it is picked up for another season. Keep up the good work everyone 🙂

  33. BB says:

    More info on the Project Runway episode last week. Alledgedly more to it than we even saw. Not sure I’m buying the client’s claim that she was a size 10 though.

    • Amanda says:

      BB – Thanks for posting this article. When the recap was first put up I mentioned that I thought Ven might have Asperger’s….I did not realize he was being such a d**k during the airing of the show. I am not on the Twitter and had no clue he was talking smack about his model. I formally revise my opinion to the following – Ven suffers from Douche Bagery for which there is currently no known cure

    • PrincessPindy says:

      I felt so sorry for her, but I don’t know where she is buying clothes that are a size 10. I know the more expensive the clothes, the smaller the number. For example, clothes from higher end dept. stores, I am at least 2 sizes smaller than something from some place like Target. (Target ftw when it comes to tank tops!)

  34. Thedesigndiva says:

    Clowntess Lugman theme song..

  35. great blogs BB, NMD, & Lulu. Boston’s pics & captions are hilarious.

    That picture with Luanne & faux Johnny Depp is intriguing. She looks like she has already planned out her seduction & he is totally into it. Ramona has the crazy eyes, no surprise Sonja is losing her top! Heather looks like she’s trying to have a good time, but is drunk as a skunk. Carole looks like she’s enduring a nightmare but will take notes for her new book, “How to survive the RHONY and enjoy life as an Aerosmith Groupie while Bravo pays us to vacay at St. Barts.”

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Sonja’s totally baring her breasts and Faux-Depp only has eyes for LuMann – feels like a script to me.

      • RHOFrance says:

        From what fauxJD said when he comes in the house at the end of the episode, with the other girl friend, i understood one or the other option : he knew her before that night or they reaaaaaaaally had a good talk because he was talking about her ex and all. Who say that he don’t want to be like her ex who hate her, after one night ? Either way, at the time, i found it bizarre. I’ll rewatch that later when i’m able to focus more on this juicy drama. I just had one hear while i was working but hearing french, i put my eyes on the tv and i really remember hearing that. I can be wrong of course.

        • Lady Chatterley says:

          Well, that’s an interesting theory…although, she’s so self-centered, I can imagine her droning on and on about her entire life story, post-coitus…

          Sorry for the visual image. I know – it’s gross. 🙂

  36. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Thank you BB for the recap. Loved last night’s episode. Girls were having fun and Lulu is busted. Can’t get any better than that!
    Happy Birthday Twoile

  37. Eastbayca says:

    Lulu is sticking to her story, Tomas gave her a ride home and she gave him a tour of the house…….per her blog

  38. Eastbayca says:

    This is worth watching….according to Tomas his double was there for two hours.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I think Ramona suggested that to him as a joke to see if he’d run with it. Or did I miss something? The conversation was rather quiet at times and she was being very coy.

  39. that picture of Heather & Aviva in the backseat of a car….

    Heather looks like she’s thinking “wow, Aviva is crazy! OMG she does need meds, a padded cell & why am I sitting next to her?”

    Aviva is on a rant, counting all the ways 1) Heather has annoyed her 2) examples of Ramona’s white trash behavior 3) examples of Sonja’s white trash behavior, but she’s running out of fingers…

  40. Powell says:

    OMG BB, NMD and Boston! You ladies did a fantabulous job. You need to take your imaginations on the road. Thks so much for the laughs. 😀

  41. stellastars21 says:

    So last night I was watching with my mom of course. When Luann was trying to cover her tracks and kept talking about Tomas and mentioning how he looked like Johnny Depp we had the following conversation:

    Stella: Wow she’s like so taken with the idea he looks like Johnny Depp, she can’t stop talking about it. What would she have done if she had slept with him and it was Johnny Depp?

    Stella’s Mom: Tell everybody.

    That cracked me up. She probably would have and kicked Jacques to the curby.

    We also had this conversation about Venice cause it is my mom’s and my favorite place:

    Stella’s Mom: When you get engaged, tell your fiance to take you to Venice.

    Stella: Well I don’t wanna go there without you.

    Stella’s Mom: Please, if I get engaged, I’m leaving your butt at home!

    To BB-Congrats on the grandbaby on the way.

    To everyone dealing with Hurricane Isaac- I’m sorry you have to endure this right now and my thoughts are with you.

  42. stellastars21 says:

    So last night I was watching with my mom of course. When Luann was trying to cover her tracks and kept talking about Tomas and mentioning how he looked like Johnny Depp we had the following conversation:

    Stella: Wow she’s like so taken with the idea he looks like Johnny Depp, she can’t stop talking about it. What would she have done if she had slept with him and it was Johnny Depp?

    Stella’s Mom: Tell everybody.

    That cracked me up. She probably would have and kicked Jacques to the curby.

    We also had this conversation about Venice cause it is my mom’s and my favorite place:

    Stella’s Mom: When you get engaged, tell your fiancé to take you to Venice.

    Stella: Well I don’t wanna go there without you.

    Stella’s Mom: Please, if I get engaged, I’m leaving your butt at home!

    To BB-Congrats on the grandbaby on the way.

    To everyone dealing with Hurricane Isaac- I’m sorry you have to endure this right now and my thoughts are with you.

  43. Pghemtchick says:

    I loved this episode! I’m just sad Aviva has to ruin it. Great blogs and updates! Really helped ease my mind while my baby’s at the vet. She’s fine just a nail clip, but I’ve seen so many dogs go in-makes me a nervous bunny-mama.

  44. cc101 says:

    Thanks so much for the awesome recaps everyone and all who are helping to keep the blog going.

    I just watched NY right now and I have to say that I LOVED this episode! It was super fun.

    As many have said above I don’t know what is with Aviva. I have progressively been going off her and her blog has done it for me. Talk about holier than thou.

    Have a great day everyone.

  45. COCFarm says:

    Well, I actually watched the rerun last night of RHONY and I have to say, I kind of enjoyed it. This is what I concluded:
    Heather: Not as bad as she has been. Appreciate the honesty about Pirategate. Don’t know if it’s wise for her to be Jacq’s protector
    Lulu: Predator. She went after him with a predatory intensity. I’m sure before anything happened behind closed doors, she said “I will call you Johnny, and you will answer to it.” I mean, after all, that’s as close as she’s gonna get to Mr. Depp, who by the way, is just as grubby looking as Thomas.
    Sonja: A cartoon character predator compared to Lulu.
    Ramona: Same as always. Butting into the conversation at dinner was annoying. topless-typical behavior.
    Carole: Cracks me up. Was actually caught with her facade down when she got nervous about her bf coming to the house. Loved her butt and her tude! She’s great.
    Aviva: Scary.

    • BB says:

      Agree with you about the Johnny look-a-like. He didn’t look any grubbier than the real deal. I mean, look at photos of him and his ex. They both looked like they needed a nice long hot shower, shampoo, rinse and repeat..

      • COCFarm says:

        I didn’t finish…ran out to handle a farm issue….but

        Aviva: Scary. With all the phobias this poor woman has, it’s hard to believe that one of them was’t “Fear of appearing on a reality tv show.” Come on, if she didn’t have it before, she has it now!

        I agree BB. I think he is great looking, but always wonder what is living in his hair…ick.

        I get where Ramona and Sonja wear on people and the cast. But here’s the thing, they ARE NOT pretending to be anything that they are not. They openly admit to being kookie. If you don’t like them, don’t hang out with them. But they aren’t liars.

        Lulu on the other hand, lives behind her semi-well constructed facade. But it is cracked and crumbling. Heather has a bit of it too.

        • Lady Chatterley says:

          Yes and I fully expect Heather’s facade to deteriorate in the same ugly fashion as Lulu’s, as time wears on.

    • NightLight95 says:

      Sonja is a predator but with ADD

  46. Viki55 says:

    Offering prayers for all those in the path of the latest storm. Having lived with severe drought the past two years, I am trying to think positive. That area and the whole Mississippi River valley could really used the rain. It could also be a good test for the levy rebuilding & pumping stations in New Orleans provided people have taken precautions. I hope it brings just enough rain and moves north were it is so needed. If it could take then take a sharp turn west and head south to Texas it would be most appreciated:)

  47. Eastbayca says:
    Alex vlog is up…..she has an interesting take on Lulu.

    • COCFarm says:

      WHOA!!!!! Did you guys see? If you go to Eastbayca’s link at rumorfix, up in the right hand corner, story number 2 has A PICTURE OF BETHENNY AND LYNN. The caption reads, ALEX MCCORD AND KRISTEN JOHNSON MOURN THE LOSS OF BLOGGER LYNN HUDSON.

      • COCFarm says:

        Did I just miss this when it was first written? Just a nice surprise to see Lynn’s picture.

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Wow – really sweet and generous of Alex to do that. I’ve always thought she’s a really good soul.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        I saw it. Loved Lynn’s smile in that pic, her smile really did start from within. I was so relieved & thrilled Lynn wasn’t referred to as the “hate” blogger. No matter how hard some tried, it was a label that never stuck, all her supporters made sure of that & I thank you all. Opinionated, dedicated, loyal, discreet, vocal…..that is how I will remember her. Lisa

    • BB says:

      Dang it, Alex! Don’t rain on my parade with logic. I want to go on believing LuLu is a tramp! Lol.

  48. shamrock blonde says:

    thanks for the great blogs BB, NMD, & Lulu. Boston the captions for those pics were just too funny!!! –

    Birdwoman – I know exactly how you feel about your little one daring to start to grow! – the bus stop for school happens to be directly across the street from my home, so when shamrock 1 boarded that bus for the first time, the second the bus door closed, I started crying and rather than put on a brave “I’m so proud of you” face, I scooped up shamrock 2 put her in the car and followed the bus all the way to the school! I have no idea what came over me, and I was helpless to stop myself – of course fearless shamrock 1 frowned at me and shooed at me when she got off the bus and spotted my car – she is that way to this day – I left feeling proud, scared happy and sad, all at once – of course I managed to get lost trying to find my way home – new house, new driver, and no sense of direction – long story I will tell some day – it was an adventure!! yours is just beginning – enjoy it – it will fly by sooo fast – *hugs birdwoman really hard*

    as for NY – I liked this episode, but I must confess I changed the channel the second they all started talking over each other about the toaster oven – I did come back, but sitting through that even for a moment or two is too stressing –

    *hugs entire board really hard*

  49. stellastars21 says:

    Was I the only one who found it funny that Heather’s nose was so big there wasn’t even a mark of her lips or forehead touching the glass. I mean she hit it so hard but no other part of her face hit it.

    • MelTheHound says:

      I don’t think you’re the only one, no 😆

      • Contessa says:

        I have not been a Heather supporter, but gotta say she handled it like a trooper…must have hurt like hell. I also liked that she laughed at herself and made the joke about getting a nose job. I’ve done this with a doorway and I saw stars for awhile…LOL!

        • MelTheHound says:

          I don’t claim any innocence when running into glass doors. Many have stickers or lettering on them for a reason. I’m just glad there was no camera recording it when it happened to me 😳

    • PrincessPindy says:

      This made me giggle so much!!

    • trudie says:


  50. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Johnny Depp used to be the hottest thing going. I mean, the man was BEAUTIFUL (that bone structure; those lips; that stare; the je nais se quoi. And, the thing is, he stayed beautiful for a LONG time — like, he simply did NOT seem to age at all.

    Then, within the past year or two, it’s like he started to look like an unkempt, dirty, bloated mess. It also looks like he needs to see a dentist (because his teeth, when he does smile, look brown). I wonder what’s up with that.

    • MelTheHound says:

      Seems like a lot of them are looking that way these days. If unkept and ratty looking is in, then I’m finally in style 😉

    • PrincessPindy says:

      He smokes a lot.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Well, that would explain the brown teeth. I’m thinking he may drink a lot too. That would explain the bloated look.

        • PrincessPindy says:

          What a waste of beauty. One of favorite movies is What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, before Leo’s head grew two sizes, 2 big.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            LOL. I love Leo as an actor. Sometimes I find him attractive/handsome. Sometimes I find him beady-eyed and bloated-looking. It’s hit or miss with him.

            It’s never hit or miss with his acting, though. It’s always good. He will go down as one of “the Greats” when it comes to acting, IMO.

    • kit9 says:

      I think I’m the only hetero female on the planet that never found Depp hot. Not even when he was young. He never did anything for me. Nada, zip, zero.

      • RHOFrance says:

        Yeah ! Good for the rest of us. But i fear that after Vanessa Paradis, he doesn’t love french women anymore. Specially chunky ones.
        Note for my husband : of course i’m jocking honey, you are the only love of my life and i would never never never…. never.
        Sorry, reflex, i’m pulling a Luann, covering my tracks and all. You never know with google.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        That’s exactly how I feel about Bradley Cooper. When he got People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” cover, I was like, “…HUH?” I do NOT get his appeal at all. He has a gerbil-face to me.

        • RHOFrance says:

          Haha ! I had the same reaction for Bradley Cooper. But Johnny Depp, i still have a crush on him, bad teeth and smell of alcool and all. Certainly because when he was 25 i was 14 (i’m not sure with the date!) and i saw him in 21st Jump Street and was totally, poster on the door, in love. That’s why i can’t hate Mel Gibson even if he’s crazy now. I still see him as Riggs my ultimate love when i was 13.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Mel Gibson USED to be so hot. He has aged very poorly, though.

            George Clooney is someone who has gotten better looking with age. I have a thing for men with salt & pepper hair and graying temples and olive skin, though. So, maybe that’s it.

            When Brad Pitt first came out, I just did NOT get the hype because I’m more attracted to dark and exotic, as opposed to blonde. But when I saw him in”Legends of the Fall,” that’s when I “got” it and thought, “Oh yeah, he could GET IT!!”

            And, like you, my crush on Johnny Depp started with “21 Jump Street,” which I watched every week!

            I also have a thing for bald men too. Boris Kodjoe could get it all day, every day.

            Then there are other men that I would spray with mace if they came within 5 feet of me. Li’l Wayne looks like a Gremlin, and I would spray him with mace and hit him with my purse if he ever came near me.

            • Noelle says:

              OMG! bwahahahaha!!
              Detox~You gave me the biggest chuckle with your Li’l Wayne summary! LMAO!
              My oldest DD is going thru a ‘rap’ phase and loves Li’l Wayne, were talking posters(barf,) t~shirts(gross…has she really looked @that face!?!,) and cd’s. LOL!
              Amen to a “Gremlin” as it’s very apt, I always thought he looked like a rat! LOVED the visual you provided me with the mace and purse! Still roaring!

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                😀 I LOVE his music. He makes my workouts that much easier (because he pumps me up), but he does, indeed, look like a Gremlin with dreadlocks and gold teeth!

                Despite the fact that I like his music, I still would not let him anywhere NEAR me (much less my va-jayjay)!!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I also wasn’t understanding the Brad Pitt love early on. He was too pretty. But in “Legends of The Fall” he was all rasslin with bears and sh!t… yeah.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Yeah….It was something about the long hair and the strong, silent thing and the wrestling with bears and just the whole macho WILD/cannot be tamed thing.

                I was SOLD on ol’ Brad after that movie.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  I love Brad Pitt in “Legends.” It ends right there! I have never been that into male movie stars. I like the diva’s. JMHO.

      • Amanda says:

        Not even in 21 Jump Street? or Cry Baby? Man….He was my A #1, get in my bed crush when I saw Jump Street…. 🙂

  51. PrincessPindy says:

    Great Blog again!!!!

    I watched a second time last night and here is what I figured out. Sonja’s friend owns the nightclub. Her name is not Cat. Cat is LuAnn’s friend that came to the house with Cpt Jack Sparrow. Two different women.
    I was confused the first time, especially since the woman, Cat, that came to the house was dressed so “frumpy: and the woman who owned the club was more “gypsy.” , so I watched closely.

    • Contessa says:

      Princess – you are correct – two different women, I picked that up when I watched it a second time to be sure about this. Thanks for brining it up – cool observation!

      • PrincessPindy says:

        TY, what I don’t understand is why she didn’t tell her friend to not bring him, duh? Unless she thought she could get a repeat performance, but it looks like Sonja beat her to it!

    • BB says:

      I was confused too – obviously. Lol

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Excellent and thanks. I was confused about that.

  52. Contessa says:

    This was a fun episode in a lot of ways, as I got to see a fabulous home and vacation spot. I’ve been on a few girls vacations and trust me we were pretty tame in comparison (same age bracket then as the NY group). I did get tired of Ramona giving digs to Carol about her BF being there…that was put out with the invitation and was no surprise-drop it Ramona. Russ has not put a damper on the group dynamic as he is working. Aviva coming with Reid does put a different spin on things, and in some ways I agree with the group, but it is Carol’s decision as she is the Bravo designated hostess. My way of handling it, as a guest, would have been be gracious and let it go and take the lead of Carole – end of discussion.

    One of the funniest things that I can’t get out of my mind is Ramona in pirate costume, dancing and swatting her behind with a plastic sword – I was in stitches. The nightclub was like most in the Caribbean – tacky and dirty looking. What surprises me is the desperation in Sonja and Lulu for these young guys???? Sonja so drunk she is hugging the butler – ???? I don’t know what happened with lulu and tomas, except what Bravo is implying, but doesn’t anyone think of std, etc? or safety? Than Sonja going after him the next night – yuck – sloppy seconds??? Sonja is becoming a very sad drunken caricature of what she started out to be. Now she is too much Blanche Dubois grieving for the life she had as Mrs. Morgan. There is a reason her ex detests her to the point of destroying her financially…perhaps too much party time and not enough real wife time. Sonja needs to stop stirring the drink and dry out, and take a long hard look at her life and where she is going. She has opportunities as a Bravo Housewife to do something…and the toaster oven is not going to make her rich – I don’t see it on the shelves of Target. If Sonja is looking to get involved with a decent nice man, she needs to clean up her act and stop with the drunken cougar crap and looking for “boys”.

    • PrincessPindy says:

      Ramona did look like she was having the time of her life up there spanking herself! They must have been really toasted because the scene where they are walking in a line to go up on stage, Ramona especially had a really vacant stare and it looked like they were out of it!.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      ITA, Contessa.

    • Powell says:

      I think they all need to give it a rest w/Aviva and Reid. They now know Aviva has these angst and only wants to travel w/Reid. They all wanted her to come so they just need to stop that broken record. And saying Reid needs to stay in a hotel is ridiculous.
      Sonja is acting desperate and sad for her former Morgan lifestyle more this season than past seasons. Toaster ovens is not going to make her a multi-millionaire but IMO she needs to concentrate on the toaster oven recipes. I think she’s git something there but she’s focusing on a toaster oven.

  53. designernailsdiana says:

    Ok my laptop was not charging last night so I gotta keep this short.
    I miss all of you so much. My foot is finally not hurting so badly all day long.
    I’m on twitter and some of you have followed me. Please tweet me so I can follow you and let me know what your name is on here, I get confused. I’m @designernails on twitter.
    I enjoyed tweeting during rhonj and rhony.
    NY was much more enjoyable to watch and NJ made me wanna cringe. So much fighting and over petty crap.
    I love my LynnFam!!
    I’m mad that ill-angle has been so mean and still saying nasty stuff about Lynn (God Bless Her Soul). We stand up for our own and we need to honor Lynn’s memory. We can best do this by ignoring those that wish to bring us down to their classless level and attack Our Lynn. Lynn fought her battles in private and told us after the fact. She didn’t want to see us lash out and cause more problems. Lynn was the one with Class and Honor. We should pause and ask What Would Lynn Do? WWLD!!!
    Dang battery is almost dead. I’ll be on twitter and will be back here after charging is complete.
    Love and Blessings,

  54. LuvMyGals says:

    Haven’t had this much fun on a Bravo trip since Bethenny’s honeymoon.The Countess has a very discreet way of “showing the house.” Imagine how funny she’d be on Million Dollar Listing. Love love love all of your comments. Thank you to all of the bloggers —- and hoping all stay safe in the storms.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      OMG, LMG, I think you have come up with the perfect source of an income for LuAnn. I mean, with the way she always seems to run away from paying her share of the bill, it seems like things might be a little tight for Miss LuLu. Those kids of hers are getting up there in age too. So, that means her income stream from child support is sure to end soon too.

      She should definitely get her real estate license and look into giving “tours” of homes like the “tour” she gave Tomas last night! I bet she’d be great at it.

  55. kit9 says:

    Loved this episode! First, Ramona and Son? Wow. You’re not 18 anymore. Or 25. Or 35. The sight of them dancing together getting ready was just…oy. And, poor Sonja-someone needs to tell her desperation isn’t sexy. But, it was fun to see all of them having fun at the club, rocking the pirate costumes. But, the best part was seeing the real REAL Luann. Finally!

    I’m pretty sure that even going back to the 1st season, there have been comments about Lu’s slutty behavior. I recall something Ramona said at the reunion about Luanne grabbing some guys junk at a party. This behavior from the woman that was all school marmish and preachy negative about Mona’s advice for single girls to give men their number(or something similarly benign).

    Last night for the very first time we saw Luann in full blown predator mode. She took the opportunity of the other women dancing on the table(ie, out of the way) to pursue her boytoy. Wow. I can’t believe she’d let this side of her be captured on camera. I don’t know if she was just so loaded or just tired of keeping up the Miss Manners facade. Maybe both. But, man, she’s scary! She struck me as a woman who would but a bit*h to get w/a man. Cannot believe she’s floating that hilarious bad lie that he just took her home. Something cray cray about telling such on obvious lie. Can’t wait till next week.

    • Powell says:

      I don’t know why Sonja is acting so desperate this season. Is she desperate or just acting? Hmm.

      LuAnn is a trip. How did she explain it to Jaques is def a ? I’d like the answer to. And how is she gonna spin it at the reunion? Hmm. You’re right Ramona did say that, and Lynn posted here about LuAnn’s escapeds in the Hampton’s. Boy would Lynn have had a field day with LuAnn in St Barts. I miss Lynn. 😦

  56. RHOFrance says:

    I thought it could be useful in this Clue board game of did she slept with him or not ?
    So : i’m rewatching when fauxJD was coming with the blond woman (around 40′, just before the “next time on the RHONY”). There were no english subtitles so i’ll translate : He says “je ne veux pas avoir la même relation qu’elle a avec ses ex” –> I don’t want to have the same relation she has with her exes. “Parce qu’elle est pourrie, ils ne se supportent pas” –> Because it sucks, they can’t stand each others.
    After that, everybody says “hiiiiiiiiiiii Tomas” with the fake smile and all.
    Voilà ! Not very useful maybe but there, you have the all (aired) story !

  57. lovemamaearth says:

    Alex’s blog is excellent. She talks about Lu and how Lu is probably manipulating us all. We have fallen for it.

  58. Ça va says:

    A little ditty:
    She’s got Jacques in the box
    when she’s at home
    And in St. Barths
    it’s how Depp can Johnny go
    The pirates of her Caribbean
    know no bounds
    She is their treasure to be plundered
    some booty found

    Frère Jacques, frère Jacques,
    Voulez-vous? Voulez-vous
    Din, dan, don. Din, dan, don

    Ms. A(viva)D(ubin)D(rescher) is one Angry, Vicious, Intolerant, Vile, Asinine chick. The sooner she is voted off the island (St. Barths and Manhattan) the better!

  59. plainviewsue says:

    OMG, Teresa’s blog is up and she is going to town!!!!!!!!! She let it all out and some. There’s no turning back now. She slammed each and every one of them.

    And I loved every single word of it……………………………………….

    • VV says:

      Me too. She’s not holding back!

    • Powell says:

      I gotta check this out!

    • Powell says:

      Well that was a darn good blog. Teresa says she knows how it all works. She’s watched NY reunion w/the notes and JZ. Haha. The only thing that I believe T is wrong is the book about Daniell at the Salon. Caroline did admit that she took the book to the salon and not Dina like Jac kept insisting. Dina did pull info up online about the book after hearing Caroline at the salon with the book.

      I still don’t think T is being honest about being paid for multiple mag articles.

      • VV says:

        Here is my take on the magazines. Remember this are gossip magazine. She says she gets paid for the pictures. She also says that they send her a small questionnaire and she answers those questions. These gossip magazines much like Bravo then take those answers and mix and match with quotes from the show. I think they also make up some stories because they need to spice up the article to sell them. I also think there are people in the production crew that leak info to rag magazines to create chaos amongst the cast.
        I don’t think Teresa who adores her kids would swear on them in vain.

        • Powell says:

          ITA w/you but I think she’s getting paid for more than just pics. Maybe not all the articles but she’s getting paid for some of them.

        • kit9 says:

          Oh, I do. This is a woman the uses her kids constantly-in her war against Melissa, in her war against Joe, as props for the tabloids. So, why not as emotional punch in her pathetic attempt to convince them she’s telling the truth?

      • VV says:

        I’m confused about the book. I thought Carolina lied about her being the one showing the book when in fact it was Dina. I thought I read that on several blogs and even here that Carolina – control freak that she is – decided to take the blame for the book in an effort to protect Dina from Danielle.

        • designernailsdiana says:

          I remember that Caro stated SHE showed the book (fell on the sword for Dina) and Dina cowered while Jac wanted to be open and honest about it all. Jac has been forced to keep silent or pretend to sleep because the wrath of Caro is a lot to deal with.
          It was deja vu seeing Caro use almost the same statement to Tre when they were arguing about that stupid cookbook. Cookbookgate is OVER let it go for pity sake!
          Tre has moved on even if she is not good with thinking fast enough to keep her lies straight. Just say I got money for In Touch stories and “Family Pictures” on the cover.
          Like this surprises us the viewers? Do any of you seriously believe what In Touch or any of those magazines say as truth?
          I know from personal experience that magazines aim their advertisements AT their audience and is targeted by the area it is circulated in. So the stories are aimed at getting us to buy the mag based on the cover headLIES. We get sucked in and then buy the lies they publish. The Bravolebrities don’t sue them because they get free PR for taking the hits. It must get a bit weary after a while to keep acting like it’s true and you need to pretend it’s the truth and bring the drama.
          I don’t miss Dina nor Danielle and I won’t miss anyone else who goes. It’s all about the $$ to bravo.
          Just my Opinion,

  60. VV says:

    Teresa’s blog is up!

  61. BB says:

    Teresa’s blog is up. Hoo-Lordy!

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I look forward to NMD’s recap tomorrow. 🙂

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Me too LME, along with everyones take on it. I am so glad I told Lynn how much I loved her take on the blogs. NMD will have her own spin & It will be my pleasure to read it. Lisa

  62. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


    Teresa’s blog is EPIC!

    Her blog writer hit the nail on the head with EVERY SINGLE THING he or she said because it is ALL true!! Keep smilin’ and fightin’ and callin’ those hypocritical heifers out, Teresa!!

    • Powell says:

      It’s pretty epic alright.

    • plainviewsue says:

      The only thing (and believe me, I LOVED it all) that could come back and bite her in the butt is stating the rumors about Melissa. I am sure she did it because of the recent blogs of Mel & Kathy, where they are back on the Manzo agenda. But you know Andy will go to town on it.

      How I wish someone on this blog could be with Teresa at the reunion backstage and tell her what to say in a mike in her ear!!!

  63. Thedesigndiva says:

    Dr Paul and A BOTH filed for DIVORCE today…..

    • Powell says:

      So much for A saying she was going to work on it.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I know, right? They probably went to one counseling session, and the counselor told Paul, “Dude, your wife HATES you for some reason. Save yourself while you are still young enough to find a woman who will not treat you like dirt on the bottom of your shoe!!!”

        He probably then told Adrienne, “Lady, you should be kissing this man’s feet. When you were not boring the hell out of me during this session, your hideous outfit, makeup and hair made me want to call ‘The Fashion Police’ to have you arrested and locked up as soon as the two of you walked out of this session. I’ve decided to go easy on you and refrain from doing that since this is only our first meeting, though. Go forth…..and DIVORCE…IMMEDIATELY!!”

    • VV says:

      The FREE PAUL campaign worked!

    • Lisa Renee says:

      DD, this is why I call you Quick Draw McGraw 🙂 Lisa

    • VV says:

      Just read on twitter that Paul’s dad passed away.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Oh, man! Poor Paul! A divorce and a death at the same time. That sucks!

  64. PrincessPindy says:

    LORDY, LORDY!!!!

    Tre’s Blog MY FAVORITE PART~~~~

    I still to this day don’t know if Melissa was or wasn’t a stripper or a call girl or a whore or a lesbian or a drug user, or an axe murderer, or a terrorist, or a kidnapper, or an identity thief, or a Enron CEO, or a puppy mill owner, or a adulteress,or a arsonist, or a Twilight fan, or a servant of Sauron, or a jaywalker in her past, . And I don’t care.

    • LOL- there is no way Teresa wrote that, she can’t have all those thoughts in her head at the same time- and my guess is she has never heard of Enron and “servant of Sauron”- even I had to google that.

    • kit9 says:

      God, how I loathe Teresa. She is such a pathological liar. I don’t know why people are referring to this as ‘T’s blog’. She didn’t write a word.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Kit9 – yeah, but she probably paid for that blog. Doesn’t that make it “hers” in a manner of speaking. Just like someone who buys boobs, they may not be natural, but they paid for ’em so they should be able to claim some ownership.

  65. MelTheHound says:

    Teresa definitely went into that blog loaded for bear. All I want to know is who wrote to her calling Momz ‘Angry Chuckie’. Come on, fess up. I know it was somebody here 😉

  66. plainviewsue says:

    Another thought I’ve been having for awhile. Teresa said on WWHL and in her blog something to the effect that she didn’t want to say anything to hurt Nettie, Caroline’s mom.

    I went on Nettie’s twitter feed and there are a ton of tweets between her and Dina, but very few w/Caroline. In fact, it seems that Nettie found out on twitter about the book deal, cos she tweeted caroline about it. Then she tweeted asking Caroline where she was and Caroline said the Jersey shore. Personally, when my mom was alive and I went on a trip, I let her know when I left and where I was.

    I think Teresa knows a hell of a lot more about the Manzo issues than we thought. But because she is a loyal friend to Dina, she won’t go there.

  67. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Yesterday, I talked about how it is always good to be underestimated, and how it can be used to your advantage (because they never see you comin’). The Red Queen Caroline and the rest of that gang underestimated Teresa. No, she may not be the smartest or the most articulate, but she’s a TOUGH bitch that will not be bullied or bow down to Caroline or the rest of ’em. In this latest blog, she makes that very clear to each and every single one of them. Even though there are things I dislike about Teresa, I respect her.

    At the end of one of her earlier blogs this season, Teresa mentioned how she likes to listen to music to motivate her when she works out. She dedicated the song that she said she listens to the MOST to every single one of her castmates. The lyrics, in my opinion, really DO apply to Teresa (love her or hate her. I also love that the lyrics basically send an F.U. message from her to every single one of them):

  68. catmom1 says:

    I read the Teresa manifesto. Two words……holy shitballs!!! Whoever wrote that deserves some sort of award. As I was reading it, it started to remind me of an old song. So old, it’s from the days when Country music was referred to as Country and Western. Does anyone remember the song, Harper Valley PTA? In the song the singer pretty much calls out all the holier than thous who are looking down at the singer (I *think* this was because she was divorced IIRC) and exposes all their dirty laundry. Anyhow, most excellent blog for Teresa.

    • PrincessPindy says:

      Loved that song!!

    • trudie says:

      One of my favorites. Now it’s stuck in my head!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I remember that I used to like that song, but it’s not coming to me for some reason. I’m going to Google it right now to see if I can listen to it.

    • catmom1 says:

      I knew that was an old song, but didn’t realize it was quite that old – just checked, came out in 1968. Here’s the link if you’d like to listen to it

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Thanks, Catmom. I’d found it on Google and listened to it, but I liked it. So, I’m going to use your link and listen to it AGAIN (Like my Grandmother used to say, “How ya like them apples?!). 😉

  69. AZGirl says:

    Teresa’s blog was great. The analogy of Alice in Wonderland probably was not coming from Teresa but that is o.k. I do think the blog reflects Teresa’s feelings. If she got help writing it that is fine with me because it does make a lot of sense.
    Caroline has always been hellbent on destroying anyone who messes with her or her family. This explains the downfall of Danielle. This also explains why Caroline is not close to Dina or her mother Nettie. Teresa’s statement about not hurting Nettie is touching. But Teresa does need to clean shop and bring her parents, her family and Joey back together.
    Teresa shows us that they all are trying to shill for as much publicity as they can get for money. This is part of the “game”. How hypocritical of all of them to judge her? Teresa is playing the game and playing it well.
    The Manzo’s went from being No. 1 in Season 1 and lost a ton of film time over the past few seasons. They were pissed and alas Teresa got hit by the Manzo “Angry Chuckie”. This explains a lot, the fired producer, Greggy, Blk water, Lauren lapban… all of it boring and stupid but got all the film time. As I said before Teresa and Joe will get their own show. They don’t need the Manzo’s. Why else would Mel and Joey leave Napa with them?

    • VV says:

      Joey Gorga is controlled by Melissa. So, Teresa can try try try all she wants but it is all up to Melissa for that to happen.

    • Nancy says:

      Have you heard that Howard Stern got blasted by channel 4 because he called
      Jay Leno a “spineless maggot”? Too funny. You have to google it. I’m still
      cracking up over it. The worst thing you could say to Howard is “Do not do that”!!
      How stupid can they be. lol

      • AZGirl says:

        Jay and Howard’s fight go way back when Jay lured over “Studdering John” to MC his show. Rather than being a business man, Jay went behind Howard’s back and offered SJ a salary he could not refuse.
        As you know, Howard hates when shows copy his material or steal his employees.
        Howard does have his Leno impersonation down to a tee.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Teresa got hit by the Angry Chuckie???? LOL!!!

  70. Catnip0715 says:

    Looks like Jac just read Tre’s blog: Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita
    Anyone remember”Alice in Wonderland”?In the end,Alice woke up&realized all of her crazy thoughts were just a fantasyworld dream in her head?

    • Nancy says:

      Doesn’t she have anything better to do with her time?

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I would say Jac has a LOT much more pressing things to do with her time. Jac’s blog was still focused on Teresa. And, even when addressing her son’s autism and how she chose to go public withh it in “People” magazine, she just HAD to point out how much better of a magazine “People” is than “In Touch” (which, of course, is associated with Teresa. “Us Magazine” has become Melissa’s mouthpiece, I’ve noticed. No magazine has picked Kathy up yet because when you say Kathy Wakile, its…..CRICKETS….She’s just that damned boring…Sorry…but it’s true.). Jac also had to point out how she handled it better than Teresa, yada, yada, yada, Teresa, Teresa, Teresa.

        It SHOULD be Nicholas, Nicholas, Nicholas!! She should not even be giving Teresa a 2nd thought!! It BOGGLES my mind!!

    • VV says:

      Oh no here we go again! JAC HAS TWITTER DIARRHEA AGAIN!!!

    • boston02127 says:

      I tweeted her back:
      @JacLaurita You’re so bitter over T’s blog. You’re turning into Caroline. Soon U 2 will be Carolwhine & Jackowhine. Lucky u. #RHONJ

    • Funny coming from Jac who thinks that all the liquor bottles in her house have a sign that says “Drink Me”.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        HA! Good one!

      • plainviewsue says:

        Rabble, OMG. A true laugh out loud on that one!!!!!!!!! Boston, great tweet!!! The twittersphere is agog with Teresa’s blog. Everyone is retweeting & just loving it. I got a comment posted, as well.

        This reunion will be off the charts. I swear, if Melissa and Kathy get soft balls thrown at them again, I will go ballistic.

        Andy, it is time for you to take no prisoners. If Caroline is really leaving, let her have it. She has had it so easy for three reunions in a row.

  71. LuvMyGals says:

    I find it hard to believe that Teresa actually wrote that blog but I hope she dictated her thoughts with the same vitriol. Them’s fightin’ words. Sounds like Teresa is ready for the reunion this year.

  72. sugar magnolia, I hope you stick around and decide to post again. I know the first posts with RHONJ were a bit of a bumpy ride but the blogs and convos about other shows are a lot smoother for everyone.

    We obviously have the fact that we have children with speech delays in common and others have also shared there stories. Better yet, their children are grown and doing wonderfully which gives moms like us hope.

    • KTinCT says:

      sweet comment, Rabble 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      Hi RR,
      That was very nice of you. I hope she comes back as well.

      What do you think about the BLK water and autism?
      I’m so disgusted at them.

      • I think the whole BLK thing is crap. For the marketing geniuses these folks claim to be, they should really be a lot more cautious about making claims in regards to the health benefits that can’t be proven or substantiated- and if they continue to try and pitch it as a magic elixir they can find their product off the shelf while they await approval from the FDA.

    • klmh says:

      I found out that you can be right and the article I sent to you applies to the more difficult cases to diagnose for autism. (From a few days ago. I was unable to post for a few days.
      Apparently there is a test that takes an hour or less evaluating the child’s development, so I just wanted to let you know I was wrong. He said that sometimes you can tell for a 12 month old if s/s are there. I know of some people who’s children took longer to diagnose, but you can tell fairly quickly.
      Good info on your part…

      • HI Honey, no worries. I did see your post and replied to you but it was a few days ago so it’s easy to miss. I also didn’t take it as if you were ‘questioning’ me or calling my credibility into question. I knew you were probably seeing it as a mufti-facet dx involving many specialist, which isn’t untrue but to get the ball rolling, most folks (or the ones I know) start with their kids pediatrician who orders an visit with a nuero to dx or the nuero orders the referrals for the other specialists like OT or speech. Depending on the insurance company the dx is important because it helps qualify for services for the therapy clinics.

        Even with insurance, it’s still expensive, with my two kids now getting speech (oldest gets more services) and a discounted co-pay, it cost us about $800 a month out of pocket.

        • klmh says:

          Oh, its awful, isn’t it! My friend has to pay for all of her son’s therapy including physical therapy, speech, and I don’t know, but she is constantly running him hither and yon for hope for some improvement.
          Tx for the note RR.

          • Thanks KLMH, it’s really sad. I don’t know how some folks do it; A friend of mine who had insurance couldn’t send her son with DS to private therapy for a while because they couldn’t afford the co-pays. Thankfully, they were able to get Cali-optima to pick up the difference.

  73. grandmadebi says:

    hello all, haven’t read the blogs yet but plan to. just got a call from my daughter saying they had made it to columbia mo. and were watching the weather channel showed we were getting hammered. i had to laugh cause i’m looking out the patio doors and i don’t see the hammer. we are getting strong gusts and have a couple of dead tree branches down. they are still saying it will last the night with heavy rain but nothing we need to worry about here. the only problem i have is having to listen to hubby ask “now aren’t you glad i refused to buy that house on 2nd st.” it was leveled by katrina and i haven’t heard the last of it yet evidently. oh well on to the blogs, have a good night all, love debi

    • HI Grandmadebi, I am glad your DD and her family made it to their destination okay. I hope all is well with you and those effected.

    • NJBev says:

      oh our dear grandmaDebbers!!
      I’m so glad that you made it through the storm. so far. 🙂
      I pray you stay Okay!
      Just a year ago we were out of power for 6 days from Irene and we
      lost $$ in food.
      Hurricanes SUCK

  74. boston02127 says:

    Lauren Manzo’s tweet~~~ @carolinemanzo I know I didn’t do everything u told me to this week- but will u still keep me on the payroll? Thanks

    She was probably upstairs in her bedroom eating bon bons while tweeting to her mother downstairs.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Or she was at CaCaFace making somebody look like a damned clown while she tried to sell ’em a purse and some Poo-pourri and constantly thought about how she could just beat her brothers at SOMETHING FOR ONCE IN HER DAMNED LIFE!!!

  75. Contessa says:

    applause to Tre for that blog – go girl and let it all hang out. This is simply a big case of jealousy – the Manzos were ahead of the game in the beginning season and Tre just evolved, yes she went down with the bankruptcy, but she got herself up and is working to pay off those debts and trust me she has to work with the settlement.

    I bet Caroline and her minions are pissed big time…angry chuckie…I almost fell off my chair. Jaq needs to concentrate on her son and lay offf the f’ing booze and twitter. Her child needs her 110%. I hope she is not leaving his care up to therapists and special nannies, etc… I am so tired of the Manzos, Gorgas and Wakiles. I wish Danielle would put out those emails of Melissa’s. Let’s be serious Joe Gorga jumps to Melissa’s wishes, and the Wakiles are lining up with who they think will be winner of the season. I guess they choose the wrong team: can Tre now say eat my dust a$$holes?

  76. New post on the Inspirational Page – The Art of Letting Go

  77. AZGirl says:

    I rewatched last night’s episode of NY and I just loved it. Other than Lulu trying to lie about the “overnight” Lulu was cool. I am really thinking Simon was right about Lulu.
    Andy asked Simon who he would “shag” of the housewives and he said Lulu but Lulu not being the “countess”. Last night we saw the REAL LULU. She was cool. Horny but cool. Not as horny as Sonja baby. What a hot mess. If you need a girlfriend to watch your liquor intake then Sonja needs a vacay in rehabbay. Xnay?

    • AZGirl says:

      Oh one more thing…. I want that T-shirt Carole was wearing “OCCUPY THIS” on her breasts. HA! That is so cool.

    • Contessa says:

      Hi AZ….I wrote about Sonja earlier – she is getting a Blanche DuBois quality talking about her past married to the zillionaire. She needs to let it go and begin behaving if she wants to get married again. Enough with chasing the “boys” as she calls it. What she needs is that little vacay you mention, so she can get well, grow up and maybe find a man instead of a boy – ya think?

      • AZGirl says:

        To me Sonja has so much going for her but this divorce has messed up her head and she is not seeing clearing. No cool, respectful guy is going to put up with sloppy drinking.

      • Nancy says:

        It’s called The Betty Ford Centre!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I agree. I think Sonja may need rehab and some serious therapy. I get the feeling that she is a good person deep down. From all accounts, she absolutely adores her daughter. If she can’t get it together for herself, maybe she can do it for her little girl.

  78. BB says:

    NMD, I turned it to Dance Moms and it looks like The Week The Women Went is going to be good tonight.

  79. CdnFillie says:

    Luann speaks horrible French. I am fluent French and I cringe when I hear her speak it. She is horribly pretentious and comes off even worse … She needs Loretta Stone or whatever that language thing is 😛

    • CdnFillie says:

      Oops…I think it’s Rosetta Stone? LOL

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        It is Rosetta, but your Loretta Stone made me laugh out loud. Cute!

    • AZGirl says:

      I speak spanish (enough) to get by due to demographic. I understand and read better than I speak. I have to say I am impressed with Lulu being able to speak French and Italian. I did learn a little Italian but enough to find a bathroom and the train station. I know enough German to order from a menu. I wish I was more deciplined.

      • CdnFillie says:

        I hear you AZ but I bet you have never stated you are fluent French las Luann did last season

        • RHOFrance says:

          Again, i think Luann speaks a really good french. For me, she’s fluent. She makes sometimes little grammatical errors but believe me, many little frenchies speak far worse than her nowadays ! Ok, her accent isn’t perfect, i’ll give you that !

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I tried to learn french but it’s so harrrrrrd!! I thought Lu sounded pretty good, too. But then I was thinking, what do I know?

            • RHOFrance says:

              Yeah, it’s hard to write, (a little less to speak) it seems to be a consensus there, even for us ! Conjugation and grammar are bitches !

  80. AZGirl says:

    Dear God the chat room is totally hilarious and unleashed. Enter at your own risk. I am getting another glass of wine. 🙂

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      That chat room is like CRACK for me. I end up going in there and staying for HOURS. Seriously, it makes me feel like I need a 12-step. I’ve got stuff to do tomorrow, so I’m going to white-knuckle it or call a chat room sponsor to help me NOT go in there tonight!!!

      • Nancy says:

        I’ll sponsor you Detox. 🙂

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Thanks, Nancy. I can only go in there on weekends, if I go in there at all.

      • mygirlsmom says:

        I’ve been avoiding it for that very reason Detox.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Smart move, Mygirls. All it takes is one hit on the chat crack pipe to be hooked for life (then you start missing work; selling stuff; lying to your friends and family; stealing….Girl…just don’t even take the first step down that road. Believe me…it’s NOT pretty).

          Stay strong, Mygirls! 😉

          • mygirlsmom says:

            So instead of a crackwhore, I could become a chatwhore?

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Exact-a-mundo! You would not believe the depths to which you would stoop just for a few hours of CHAT!!

    • Orson says:

      It’s mostly that Stars99’s fault.

  81. NJBev says:

    Dear Lynn in Heaven.
    I hope you know how much we loved you and still do. You can see how much your friends
    loved you just by the fact that they are doing their best to keep your dreams alive.
    You were such a precious soul Lynn. I and countless others miss you terribly~~
    You created the greatest “housewives” blog ever. You will never be replaced.

    I really miss you Lynn. I hope God appreciates his new Angel as much as we miss her.

  82. mygirlsmom says:

    I just read the HWNJ blogs…….Wow, did Teresa just write a great analogy. I think I might have been too harsh in judging her intelligence factor. She was articulate, concise, made great points, and came out with both guns blazing. I am impressed. I’m not buying everything she wrote, but nonetheless, I am still impressed.

  83. Ann Little says:

    hey LynnFam!

    delurking, now that i finally have my thoughts in order and can coherently express my feelings of Lynn’s passing 😦
    Utter shock, sadness, grief aren’t enough to express how much it hurts she is gone 😦
    To just wake up one morning and read that someone you feel connected to has gone to heaven, heart breaking!!! But the world turns and its so wonderful to see the community that she helped build grow, live and flourish!
    Its great to see the “usual suspects” and then some here in one place and its so awesome that Lynn is posthumusly (sp? sorry if wrong) getting credit from the higher ups and the Bravolebrities!
    Great job everyone, in keeping the ship together! May S.S LynFam sail on calm and sunny waters!!! Just to keep in line with last nights pirate theme 😉

    While thinking of people we love passing…and watching all of Aviva’s antics and anxieties unravel, it strikes me as quite odd and off that she clings to Reid like a lifeline and makes him fly with her – I mean, that small plane…God forbid something does happen: their children are now left without any living parent (and their respective stepchildren may have 1-1, but still, it would be heartbreaking!!!) I know families that whenever they plan a trip the book seperate airlines just to make sure if something does happen at least the children have 1 living parent! In this world you never know!!!
    So its surprising (and sort of heartless to me) that she drags Reid along and pays no mind to her kids in this respect. jmho

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hi Ann,

      I’m glad you de-lurked. I hope you keep commenting. 🙂

    • BB says:


    • The Tin Man says:

      Hello Ann; I’m kind of the resident expert when it comes to being heartless, since I, you know, don’t have one, and I agree with you about Aviva. If she’s so phobic she thinks the plane will crash, then she should just stay home and not risk her life and her husband’s. Her phobias are affecting her brain, and I have some experience with brainlessness too.

    • Ann Little says:

      thank you all:)!

  84. boston02127 says:

    This morning I tweeted to Luann and thought I’d be blocked asap. Nope.

    @CountessLuAnn—- twinkle twinkle little whore shut your legs your not a door

    Guess she’s wants to be pals! HA!

  85. BB says:

    Good night all. See you in the am

  86. boston02127 says:

    I’ll just leave this here. It’s a free for all.

    Lauren Manzo’s tweet~~~~
    I hate when ppl say TV shows represent a certain culture/state- the ppl on the show represent no one but THEMSELVES.

  87. Nancy says:

    Teen Moms was sad tonight. Children having children rarely ends well.

  88. I Need A Life! says:

    I thought Tre’s blog was terrific and it really did “sound” like her. I could “hear” her accent, her voice. She probably had someone type it while she was screaming and pointing fingers. Her analogy of Alice was clever and she saw herself as the victim, not someone who ate mushrooms and can’t figure out what the reality around her really is.

    NY was fun, and I’m happy to see “real” women on the beach. With Beverly Hills and Jersey, you won’t find a natural chest in a bathing suit.

  89. zoey1234 says:

    Hi guys! Just saying hi before our power goes out. Can’t believe we still have it. Isaac is all around. He’s not here fully, still over water but it is loud! Rain in every direction, strong gusts, street lights out hours ago and transformers popping and going out in the distance.

    I cannot complain too much so far, we’re safe, have all we need and are comfortable. Thanks for all the well wishes and good luck to all effected by the storm. Love you guys, chat soon!

  90. boston02127 says:

    Good morning.

    Good luck today Pghemtchick. Thinking of you & sending prayers your way.

  91. boston02127 says:

    “There could be forgiveness if it’s asked,” Manzo told Celebuzz. “I’m big enough to say that I was rude and obnoxious and very hard on [Teresa], which I was. But, that’s the level she brought me to.

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