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Exclusive Interview with Slade Smiley

by Guest Blogger – Real Mr. Housewife

Part 1

A Conversation With Slade Smiley

 Speaking with Slade Smiley was a pleasure. He was very open, honest, and had a lot of fun and interesting things to say, both housewives and not.  I am very excited for him with his radio venture that is going extremely well. Please make sure to tune into it at Playlist 92.7 (you can listen online as well!) Here is our interview below:

MRH: How was your radio show today?

Slade: You know, it’s a lot of fun, actually. You haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet?

MRH: I tried to listen to it on my iphone and couldn’t find an app to listen to it on.

Slade: The app to download is on our website.  Playlist927.com

MRH: Specifically for iphone?

Slade: Yeah. You can also stream us live. Go to playlist927.com. There’s a listen live option, you can stream us live under that. If you go to my page you can hear some of my shows and some of my previous interviews that we have posted.

MRH: I tried to do that before and it said traffic on your site was too high.

Slade: We’ve shut the server down a couple of times. We’ve been pretty lucky because a lot of people are tuning in. It’s getting bigger and bigger so it’s pretty cool… It’s a busy time.

MRH: So how did the whole radio thing come about?

Slade: The opportunity to do radio presented itself after my improv show. Gretchen and I toured around and we played three or four different improve venues. We also hosted Gotham Comedy Club in NYC when we were up there. One of the radio station managers had been to one of the radio shows and said “we’re looking to hire a mid-day drive, we were interested in potentially hiring a comedian so I’d love for you to come and audition for the part.” [this led to the radio show]… We’ve been named the highest rated hour of the day for the radio station. We’ve got consecutive growth week after week. The show keeps getting bigger and bigger. The radio station is thrilled. The advertisers are happy and I’m enjoying producing the content.

MRH: So I’m guessing there’s a lot more to that improv you mentioned than what we saw on TV?

Slade: (laughs) So much more! It’s very interesting because we sold out on a Tuesday night which is difficult to do at an improv. It was a very fun and entertaining show. There were 4 other comedians, so Gretchen and I were doing our variety act in between each of the comedians. One of the people in the audience that night was Robert Hartman, He is the principal owner of the Improv and Levity comedy clubs around the country.  He offered to manage me and continue our Improv show and put us out on tour because of the quality of the show. Bravo is… making the soap opera so they don’t really have time to show everything that happens. We were a bit frustrated because they cut off the laughter. When you see us doing the… jokes then no laughs it made it almost uncomfortable to watch. What Bravo forgot to do was… did you watch our reunion show? There was footage of me doing my comedy act in the reunion show. They do a flashback of it and they show the content, but they forget to edit it, and you see the laughter an all the people applauding in the background.

MRH: I’m not surprised. When I talked to Sarah Winchester, who I’m friends with, she seemed to feel Bravo chooses what they want to show.

Slade: I’ll give you the statistic- about 75 hours of filming equals one usable hour. Of that hour- because we’re an ensemble cast- the girls get eight minutes a week. Of that eight minutes the guys are typically ancillary, you’re in the background, you might get a minute or two. There’s no possible way for them to tell the whole story so you get bits and pieces of what happened that gets put together…. how those pieces are put together and people’s perception can be very different from seeing everything that went down.

MRH: I feel you have been misrepresented a lot on the show. It seems like you’ve gotten that “Housewife Hunter” label (Slade laughs) which I think is kind of ridiculous. From being a viewer for all the seasons it seems like you just have happened to be there but then a lot of the women, especially Vicki, seem to spin it a certain way.

Slade: Of course.

MRH: So what are your thoughts about that? One of my follow up questions is that Vicki and you seemed decently close in season one and then there seemed to be a paradigm shift?

Slade: That’s multi-layered, your question. I wasn’t so much affected by the term “Housewife Hunter,” I thought that was kind of funny. I was more affected by the deadbeat Dad stuff that Vicki and even Tamra at that time were putting out there. If you watch the first couple of seasons, all I was concerned about was my kids… the whole point in me ending my relationship with Jo is because she wanted to party and my primary focus was the kids. To suddenly be shifted from the doting father to the deadbeat was pretty frustrating. Unfortunately, people believe what they see last and they don’t always remember back to the beginning. I kind of feel that Tamra and Vicki- at that time- were busy pointing fingers at me, and the reality they are the ones that were going through their own indiscretions. I think smart people call that deflection.  Putting the bad things you do on to other people to take the focus of them.   It has just recently come out that Vicki has had many relationships with other men since day one. We’ve all known it, we’ve talked about it outside the show, but Bravo has never really focused on it or chosen to air any of that content. Vicki’s the one that’s been unfaithful to Don their entire marriage, not the other way around. The women are very hypocritical, but I suppose that’s why Bravo puts them on TV. In Tamra’s defense, Tamra has apologized multiple times on camera and off. She said, “Look, I was given misinformation. The mistake I made was believing it and putting it out there in such a public manner.” She said “I apologize for smearing your name, I should have never done that.” Tamra has lived up to her word since she apologized. She’s been very friendly and supportive. Vicki has apologized and then goes right back out there and stirs crap back up again pointer her finger at everyone else. Then she apologizes and then does it again.  It’s like Ground Hog day with this this woman.  We’ve just learned that she can’t be trusted and I don’t know what Vicki’s deal is, but we chosen to just really associate with her at this point.

MRH: There’s a spreecast on Wednesday nights… there were so many people talking negatively about Brooks…. This guy came on to basically defend Brooks and what a wonderful person he was and how wonderful Vicki and him were. It seemed like such a hypocritical move on Vicki to insult you for the last few years, but then date somebody who has public records of being the “deadbeat Dad.”

Slade: Sure. Right. It’s very true. Here’s the thing- I have no ill will towards Brooks at all because I really don’t know the guy. He certainly has a bit of a checkered past. He was certainly involved with Vicki while she was married, which I think is a bit shady to begin with. Her own daughter even confirmed that while she was doing her phony renewal of her vows two years ago with Don on the beach, Brooks was busy texting her at that time. She has already cheated on Brooks with a guy in Cabo.  She admitted to it off camera then denies on camera.  You never know what to believe. They’re really just kind of odd people. Gretchen and I don’t have the same beliefs system. Again, I don’t know Brooks… In my opinion, I think Brooks is enamored by Vicki because she’s on television. Obviously the 20/20 piece that was done on him was pretty brutal and when we’re with him he seems like a very nice guy, but he seems very salesman-y. He constantly repeats the same sales pitch and lines. He has what he believes to be a well thought out saying for every situation.   We always feel like we’re being sold a bill of goods. When they did the 20/20 piece on him, his baby mama- I guess he’s got four kids with three moms or something like that- she said that Brooks hasn’t seen the child since the child was two months old. She had the same greeting cards that he had given to Vicki with the exact same thing writing in them- He says the exact same lines to his baby mama’s as he says to Vicki.   People are saying he is a one trick pony.

MRH: His lines, as a viewer seem…

Slade: He recycles his lines depending on which woman he’s with, which is kind of weird and cheesy, and you know Vicki seems to buy into that and she likes it. Whatever. They’re just not people we would choose to associate with.

MRH: As I mentioned, I’ve become friends with Sarah.

Slade: Sarah Winchester?

MRH: Yes, I interviewed her and we’ve developed a friendly relationship. We talk a few times a week now. You seemed pretty respectful that night at the party when you walked her out. What are your thoughts in the way she was represented? She speaks very highly of Gretchen and you.

Slade: Sarah is a very, very sweet girl. Gretchen and I have known her socially for several years. Just so people understand the back story. She was approached to do housewives. We were asked about giving Sarah’s and her boyfriend (Kurt’s) name and number to production. We declined to do that.   I said “I don’t feel right about doing that until I’ve had a chance to sit down and talk with her and Kurt about what it means to be part of Housewives.” It’s not an easy path to take. People will be digging up your past. People can be making accusations about you that may not be true and you’re never gonna get your opportunity to voice the truth. It’s about this – they’re making a soap opera, there is not always resolution. And I just want you (Sarah) to be clear that you’re a single mother with an amazing kid and I don’t want your involvement in this television series to affect that. Gretchen and I did have a sit down conversation with her and tried to explain the pitfalls – are you really sure you want this? I said, look, if you get yourself in a situation, I’m gonna remove you from the situation, because it’s the only way I can really protect you. The longer you stay there and continue to spiral down, the more content you’re giving them to use against you. My biggest concern was how it’s gonna affect Sarah and her son… he’s an amazing kid. Unbeknownst to me, Peggy had already given her name and phone number to production and they were busy already speaking with her about coming on the show. She didn’t fare well on the show and I don’t know if it’s because she was nervous and happened to be drinking or if they just caught her at those weaker moments we all have. There’s a couple of times where you see me exit her and I’m like, look Sarah, you have to go. It’s the best thing to do right now. You’re not gonna recover from this. It’s gonna make you look really bad. The best thing to do is just cut it off and walk away.

MRH: I noticed at that party you walked her out of there. She’s honestly one of the sweetest people I’ve ever talked to and I’ve gotten a lot of hate tweets from people screaming at me about her and the interview I did with her. I’m like, get to know a person before you judge them.

Slade: She’s a very sweet girl. I don’t know if I would necessarily condone her behavior because I know the Dubrows were quite upset. I have to tell you, she doesn’t like the Dubrows and it’s unfortunate, because they really are good people- they’re kind people. Sarah is basing her opinion on them from heresay and listening to what other people have told her about them, because she doesn’t truly know them either. That’s the only mistake Sarah made, I told her this, I said- if you’re talking to an ex-employee of the Dubrows who is making accusations and talking about them, you have to realize they’re a disgruntled employee. They don’t work there anymore for a reason. Because they fired her,  because she was inappropriate or because she got caught stealing something, you shouldn’t believe what strangers tell you and you making accusations against people like Terry and Heather based on limited information is not good for anyone involved.   From everything we’ve seen they’re great people. She’s been involved in a conflict with them for a long time and I think it’s since ended, but it was spinning out of control. They were all kind of swinging things back and forth to each other and it just didn’t make sense to me.

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the interview with Slade by Real Mr. Housewife.


Top Chef Masters – Thai One On

by BB

And then there were six; Patricia, Lorena, Art, Chris, Kerry and Takashi.  When the chefs come into the Top Chef kitchen, they notice the ingredients on the tables are known aphrodisiac foods.  For the quick fire challenge, the chefs must create a sexy dish using these ingredients.  Dita Von Teese (American burlesque dancer, model, costume designer, and actress) is the judge for this challenge.

Kerry makes a tuna dish with fennel.  Takashi is using oysters.  Chris is making a foie gras dish with figs.  Patricia makes a warm custard she describes as creamy and seductive.  Art makes a desert using chocolate.  They go to the observation room to watch Dita sample the dishes.

Dita likes the texture of Art’s dish. She could dive into a vat of it naked. Lorena’s tuna with cilantro dish is not sexy to Dita.  She thinks Takashi’s dish is slippery and sexy.  She likes Chris’s fig dish.  She’s borderline sexually excited by Kerry’s dish.  She also likes Patricia’s dish.  Everything Dita says about the dishes has a sexual connotation.  She even embarrasses Curtis a couple of times.  Dita’s least favorite dishes were made by Lorena and Art.  Her favorites were prepared by Kerry (who is drooling over Dita); and Takashi’s oyster dish.  She tells Takashi she thought it felt good sliding down her throat.  Takashi may need a cold shower and his wife isn’t going to be happy.  The winner is Takashi (again).  He wins $5,000 (which brings the total for his charity to $20,000) and immunity for the elimination challenge.

For the elimination challenge, the chefs will be celebrating the Thai flavors of the legendary Nevada Culinary landmark restaurant, Lotus of Siam.  Lorena is immediately intimidated, Art wants to know why they can’t have a Southern cooking challenge, and Patricia announces she lived in Thailand for two years.  The chefs will be opening their own Thai restaurant right in the Top Chef kitchens.  They will be operating as one team and have to present the whole spectrum of the restaurant, operating the front, the service and the kitchen.  They all go to The Lotus of Siam for lunch to get acquainted with Thai food.  They meet with the head chef and owner, Saipin Chutima, and her daughter (there to translate).  While they are eating the exquisite dishes, they think about what dishes they want to make for the challenge.

Kerry, Art and Lorena go to one store, and Patricia, Chris and Takashi go to another.  Some of the chefs in one store have to call some of the chefs in the other store to get ingredients their store doesn’t have.   When they get back to the kitchen, things are still chaotic.  Patricia and Kerry have opened restaurants before.  Patricia kind of takes the lead and tells Lorena and Art they should work the front of the house, Kerry should be the expediter, and the others should be line cooks.  Lorena is a little put out because she has lots of experience as a line cook and wants to be in the back making her dish.

Patricia is making a duck dish.  Kerry is making a braised pork belly with Thai spices.  Art is making a Thai inspired crusted chicken dish with an Asian salad.  Chris is making a sirloin tartare, and Lorena is making soup.  Takashi makes a yellow curry with noodles (remember he has immunity).

Patricia chastises Lorena for taking up so much space in the kitchen and rudely tells her to get out of her way.  They get into it and Lorena tells Patricia she’s not the boss and to chill out.  Art tells Lorena to calm down and she becomes offended and stomps out of the kitchen.  Once the diners start arriving, Lorena knows she has to keep a smile on her face.  Kerry seems a little flustered expediting the orders from the front to the kitchen.  Chris and Patricia aren’t too happy about it.  The front of the house is very calm and the kitchen is a little tense.

Chef Chutima and her daughter Penny arrive with the other judges, Curtis, James, Francis and food editor Alan Sytsma.  Lorena’s soup and Chris’ tartare are up first.  They seem to like Lorena’s soup but not the garnish; Chris’ dish is delicious, but not that Thai.  Francis loves it.  Service is a little slow and the diners are getting a little impatient.  Art and Takashi are next with their dishes.  Takashi’s dish is a noodle curry and Art’s is the chicken dish.  They don’t think Art’s dish was that flavorful.  Chef Chutima likes Takashi’s yellow curry “a little bit.”

Kerry and Patricia are next and Chris becomes the expediter.  Patricia wishes Chris had been the expediter all along.  Kerry is holding everything up with his dish and Patricia’s duck overcooks and she has to start over.  Once Kerry’s dish is ready, Patricia’s is not, but she sends it out anyway.  She knows her duck is too rare.  James sends his rare duck back and Patricia is frustrated with Kerry’s lack of communication.  The judges love Kerry’s pork dish.  Chef Chutima thinks it’s the closest to a Thai dish.  Back in the kitchen, Patricia tells Kerry thanks a lot for making her wait for him.  Chef Chutima is not sure she would dine at this restaurant if she wants Thai food.

After service, Kerry is mortified about Patricia possibly going home because of him, because she helped him so much on this challenge.  Patricia hugs him and tells him not to worry about it.

All the chefs are called before the critics.  Patricia tells them the kitchen was very stressful and that she and Lorena had meltdowns.  Curtis tells them a lot of the diners thought the food was fabulous.  Chris and Kerry had the favorite dishes of the night.  Patricia’s face drops because she is supposed to be the Thai expert.  The winning dish belongs to Chris.   He gets $10,000 for his charity, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.  The least favorite dishes were Lorena, Art and Patricia’s.  Art’s dish was bland and boring.  The problem with Lorena’s dish was the garnish; it should have been cut up into the soup instead of on the side.  Patricia’s dish was adventurous but the duck was undercooked.

Patricia tells the critics there were reasons it was like that but she won’t explain why, it was her decision to send it out like that.  Curtis wants her to explain what happened and Patricia gets a little teary eyed while Kerry starts explaining what happened and she finishes the explanation.  Patricia didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus. The chefs go back to the kitchen while the critics discuss who should go home.

Lorena’s soup was good, but the execution and garnish wasn’t the best. The judges think Patricia was an inch from having the best dish of the night except for the duck.  Art had the most trouble translating his dish into a Thai dish.  The judges appreciate what he did, but the dish was bland. I don’t see Patricia going home. Back in the kitchen, Patricia tells Kerry to wipe the crestfallen look off his face.

The critics decide to eliminate Art.  He knows his dish just wasn’t Thai enough.  James really doesn’t want to see Art go, and Art says he’s really going to miss Lorena.  He predicts they will open a restaurant together one day and they both say they will be friends for life.

Next week Sugar Ray Leonard will be the guest judge.


Big Brother

by NoMoreDrama

The show this week opens with the veto competition.  As a reminder, Ian won the Golden Ball Veto in a special game last episode, and another veto is up for grabs.  Dan and Danielle are on the block – but in the BB house – everything changes with veto.

Brit has a plan to win the veto and take Dan off the block – and have Ian use the other veto to take Danielle off the block – thereby keeping their alliance safe – since they’ll control the votes.  Of course, Jenn ruins the plan by winning the veto.  Apparently Jenn has woken up and is now playing the game – and decides to align with Frank and keep the nominations the same.

Part of playing for the veto was having to accept some pretty strange punishments to win points.  Dan accepted solitary confinement for a day.  When he comes out – he gives an emotional goodbye speech.  He says nice things to everyone … until Danielle – when he said this: “

“The last time I played this game, I learned a lot tough lessons early on. I learned that you have to find one person and put 100% of your trust in them. I thought when I picked you that you would have similar qualities to Memphis Garrett. And through my own fault,” Dan says, “I was wrong.  We don’t need to get into it now,” Dan says, “but in this game, you’ll never get my trust back…”

Then we find out that Dan is pretending to be all emotional and crazy; in reality it’s game play.  After his speech he heads into the HOH with Frank, immediately throws Ian under the bus, and suggests that they put up Britney as a replacement nominee.  Frank is delighted to finally have someone to work with and agrees, and because Jenn has the veto they pull her in.

Dan then goes to find Danielle and fills her in on the plan.  He tells her he humiliated her to make it look like she was alone – so that the house would keep her.

Next up is the veto ceremony.  Everything has happened so quickly, that they are caught off guard when Jenn uses the veto to take Dan off the block.  Frank makes it clear to Ian that he would have been the replacement nominee if he hadn’t been holding the veto – and he’s putting Britney up instead because she’s he’s closest ally.

The show ends with Dan amazed that he’s pulled it off.  Tomorrow we find out who gets evicted; it could go either way.  I tip  my hat to Dan.


Daily Dose of Housewife News

Thanks BB and Boston for sniffing out the scoop

Karen Zolciak sues Kim over visitation rights to her grand children  Always the source for insider information in Atlanta, Tamara Tattles has discovered that Karen Zolciak has sued her own daughter Kim.  According to Tamara’s source:

“ Plaintiff is seeking the right to regularly see her granddaughters, who are the daughters of Kim Zolciak Biermann, who is a star on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The girls live such a crazy, abnormal life being on T.V., they need a normal haven to relax and unwind and just be kids. Plaintiff was portrayed as a bad person on defendant’s show Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding which featured defendant’s wedding to Kroy Bierrman. In addition, plaintiff claims she has not seen defendant’s new baby since he was born.”


Something tells me that they’ll have lots of material for a spin off.

Gretchen and Alexis Twitter War – In what has to be the stupidest attempt at getting attention ever, Gretchen and Alexis are in some sort of fight – over a hair cut.  You heard that right – I guess Gretchen cut her hair a few weeks ago – and Alexis just cut her hair – and immediately had to defend herself that she wasn’t a stalker.  You read that right.  Gretchen wrote – single – white – female – on her twitter feed.  Seriously – the OC ladies are kittens compared to the NJ tigers.


Ramona thinks Boston’s Spoof Photos are funny – After yours truly made a shameless plug for the blog yesterday – Ramona retweeted

ramonasinger Ramona Singer
“@nmdlynnfam: @ramonasinger @realmrhousewife at Lynn’s Family – Spoof Photos wp.me/p2FHcY-7V” rt spoof on Luann what’s ur fav one?

Ramona might just be my all time favorite housewife!

LuAnn Begged Producers to not show the Pirate’s Walk of Shame


This story just keeps getting better and better.  According to Radar Online, ”

“LuAnn begged Bravo execs to not air footage of the Captain Sparrow look alike leaving the vacation house in the very early morning hours. LuAnn was absolutely beside herself at the prospect of the man leaving the house in the same clothes he was wearing the night before being seen on television, especially by her boyfriend, Jacques Azoulay,” a source close to the situation tells us.

“Bravo agreed to not air the footage of the walk of shame by her new friend that she made on the trip, but drew the line at any other requests LuAnn made in regards to the Johnny Depp twin,” the insider added.”

Did you hear that?  That’s the sound of me rolling on the floor laughing.  What a fool to think she could get away with this.

Joe Guidice’s Trial is Delayed.  Is it just me, or is this the most drawn out trial in history.  Wetpaint is reporting that Joe’s trial might no be until 2013.  I would have thought he’d want to be in jail so he wouldn’t have to face T when the footage aired of him calling her a b^^ch and c**t.

“Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jay McCann told Celebuzz this morning that Joe’s trial over his fraudulently obtained driver’s license, originally set for October 1, could be delayed into 2013. “


Melissa Defends Caroline  Wetpaint is reporting that Melissa is coming out in the defense of Caroline – saying the Teresa has finally been exposed for her lies that she wasn’t paid for the tabloid stories.  It feels strange typing this when the article above is talking about real things like Joe going to jail for 10 years.


Teresa Thanks Fans for Support  In another article about nothing – Teresa’s tweets thanking fans for their support made headline news.  There seem to be a lot of articles about nothing lately.  I’ve never noticed that before.


Tamra is still in Hospital

5am hospital is quiet. Pain is intense even with meds. Can someone take my mind off of it?

Taylor Armstrong Speaks Out About Camille’s Marriage  Taylor Armstrong, along with the rest of the world, think’s something is fishy about Kelsey Grammer’s interview with Oprah – where he calls his marriage to Camille a self-imposed prison sentence.   I remember Kelsey having to take time off Frasier to go to rehab as he entered a downward spiral – and Camille was his rock that helped him get sober.  Perhaps he’s trying to say that he felt he owed her – and stayed with her even though he’d have rather traded her in for a newer model.  Whatever the case – he’s an ass.  Taylor’s video is here if you can stomach to watch her.



LeAnn Rimes checked into Rehab for Anxiety and Stress



Special thanks to our new/returning Guest Contributor Real Mr. Housewife for sharing his interview with Slade on the site.  In the second half of the interview Slade opens up even more.

Also thanks to all our regulars.   You all rock!  As the fall season starts I’ll post an updated list of who is blogging what.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Happy Birthday Kris

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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Friday Eve. 🙂

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    Nancy, BB, FlowerPower the Beekman Boys are going to be on the Amazing Race? I’ve gotta see it to believe it. I love those guys. 🙂

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    OMG. What happened to Taylor ? (screen cap http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/829/taylo.jpg/) I barly recognize her before i heard her cringing duck voice.

    • BB says:

      She looks pretty rough, doesn’t she?

      • Powell says:

        Doesn’t look like she’s slept or eaten in quite a while. Her eyes look empty, lost. It’s sad.

        • mardrag26 says:

          I agree Powell. She has that spaced out look. I worry about her daughter. This doesn’t bode well, and once the BH season starts and she is in the press again…..what then?

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Me too. Only having seen what we have via Bravo and other media I think Taylor sold her soul.

        • Lady Chatterley says:

          I think it looks like cosmetic surgery – she’s done something to her eyes. We need a side-by-side comparison w/her face from last year.

        • Countess Lillybee says:

          It looks like a mug shot.

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      duck lips, yes. duck voice? I would have never thought of that!! Very funny!! quack, quaaaaaack!

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        I think for some reason she looks more like a real person. Her eye brows look different? IMO.

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    Great Interview Real Mr. Housewife and great blog NMD.

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      Yeah. I can just see the Beekman Boys going back & forth w/decisions. They are so funny.

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        I’m still doing the happy dance about the Beekman Boys and TAR…two of my all-time favorite things finally together…it’s like the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials…you got your chocolate in my peanut-butter…two great tastes that taste great together…I’m positively giddy!!!!!!

        My daughter has even committed to watching TAR with me cuz she loves the Boys too. (I’m usually the only one in the house watching TAR.)

  6. Birdwoman says:

    I am really surprised that Bravo would let Luann talk them out of showing the footage of Tomas’s walk of shame.

    • RHOFrance says:

      It does bring more speculation/press/talk with a possibility of denying than something who doesn’t let anything to imagination i guess.

    • Powell says:

      On Twitter she keeps saying she lied.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      I don’t believe any of it – I think that Alex is correct. Luann concocted all of this (w/Bravo) to generate a storyline. I was finding it hard to believe that a fairly good-looking young guy would schtoop the Countess.

    • Amalfi says:

      That Bravo didn’t air the footage means they are luring her into a sense of safety before the big fall, or they are in cahoots to make the show as interesting as possible.

      Zhack’s alleged reaction does make you think otherwise, but I think the entire thing is a plot twist everyone is in on. Well Luzanne Zhack and Bravo…

  7. Powell says:

    Thks Mr. Real Housewife for the interview w/Slade. It’s good he is doing well w/his radio show. I’m glad he set the record straight on Vicki’s constant bashing if him. So Vicki is the one who’s been cheating throughout their marriage not Donn. And cheating on Donn w/Brooks and cheating on Brooks w/a guy in Cabo. I don’t understand how Vicki has kept a straight face on the show all these yrs & passing judgement on everyone while living a foul life. It’s funny how Slade said Brooks is “very salesman-y. Has the same sales pitch”. I guess Brooks just practiced those lines until he had them down pat. Why does Vicki refuse to see this or is she just refusing to call ‘uncle’ and say everyone is right.

    • Slade was pretty candid in the interview. It’s got to be frustrating to only have a little piece of everything make the air.

      • Powell says:

        Yeah. Especially when season one we saw so much of his life and got to hear his point of view. We have only been privy to tidbits to make him look bad based on what Vicki and Tamra said. I guess the info Tamra told Slade she was going by was from Vicki mostly.

      • Shiny says:

        Thanks for the interview. Good questions!

        He sounds straightforward and candid in his answers, and he comes across as much more likeable than in the Bravo-edited clips. Good for him in trying to get Sarah out of situations that had spun out of control before they devolved even further. This interview would convince any sane person to run screaming away from any offer to be on a “reality” show, unless you really needed the money…..

        • RHOFrance says:

          Thanks for the interview and the blogs. I had to pass quick quick quick on the recap for Top Chef because i’ve yet to see the episode! 😆 (hey, i can do smiley faces now ! Hoohoo !) The interview is great. I really don’t like Slade, from season 1 (i found him controlling and bizarre) to now but i didn’t like all the fuss the women made about him.

    • Mary E says:

      Thank you for the interview w/ Slade, but I still think Slade is slick and so is Gretchen. Slade still has not answered all of the questions regarding the responsibility for his children. Gretchen still has not, to me, totally answered all the Jeff questions and her other boyfriend. Neither has really explained the timeline of when and how they got together.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Great job on the Slade interview MRH, but I have to agree with Mary. I still find him as scummy as ever. As for Gretchen, she totally slid by this last reunion.

        Hairgate (another gate!) is ridiculous. Their haircuts look nothing like each other, and Gretchen only took out her extensions cos Alexis called her out on her lying. Alexis’ due is so much more sophisticated. Gretchen still looks like a beauty queen.

        • Mary E says:

          It’s too bad, because when we see Gretchen without makeup, she is a beautiful woman.

        • I agree, while I appreciate Mr.HW’s efforts and it’s always interesting to get the other side of the story, IMO Slade is a gob of shit and always will be. I also don’t think much of Sarah and Gretchen either.

          The hair thing is so beyond ridiculous, the two styles aren’t even comparable. I say it’s just manufactured drama.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I do not like any of the people on the OC show. That being said, Slade’s defense of Terry and Heather and love for Wretchen are too much! These are some really crazy characters that seem to have little moral compass. Not a deal breaker in reality TV, but kind of boring and predictable. Also Slade is not loyal to anyone on the show, including himself. Wretchen treats him very badly, on camera, for the world to see, over and over again. IMO.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Remember that scene with his mom? She seemed concerned that he was not doing his own thing; and just helping Gretchen. It would be very hard for me to see my son being treated like that (like a fool) for all the world to see.

    • mardrag26 says:

      I too thank MRH for the Slade interview. You know, I started watching the houswives with the first season of OC and I have watched Vicki get more and more, (or reveal more and more) her sketchy behavior and attempts at deflecting on to the other women. She is a piece of work….and I don’t understand how she can keep doing what she does and think it won’t come out. People say Theresa is in denial….I think Vicki owns the river.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        People say Theresa is in denial….I think Vicki owns the river.
        LOL Maybe all the HWs own a share of it. Alexis was in denial until this season. If she comes back it will be interesting to see how she’s changed. I agree Vicki has just gotten ickier and ickier.

        Thanks to all the Bloggers for the recaps and comments. I’m late getting the Newsroom done. If anyone has feedback on how to handle the show’s ending please email me.
        lovemamaearth@yahoo.com TIA

        • mardrag26 says:

          LOL! Yes LME….all the HW must own a share of the river of denial! Maybe it is one of Bravo/Andy’s investment opportunities they use to lure the HW’s to do the show. 🙂

        • Mary E says:

          The difference between Tre and the Vickster is that, IMO, is that Tre is in denial and truly refuses/cannot see what’s going on around her while Vicki just pretends to…more pretense and avoidance, more of a facade. Does that make sense?

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      It’s usually the judgiest of people that are hiding the most dirt. That’s Vicki.

      At the Reunion, when she said Donn had an affair for 20 years, I knew there had to be more to the story. I figured she had been doing her dirt too. I mean, she was having an affair with Donn and got pregnant for him while she was married to her first husband (Brianna and Michael’s father). She aborted the baby in order to avoid a scandal. Her ex-husband and his new wife used to have a blog where they provided all of this information. I think Vicki kept harassing and threatening them with a lawsuit over it. So, they took it down or something.

      And, on the show, they barely touched on it, but Donn mentioned being resentful of the fact that, once they were married, Vicki had her tubes tied even though he wanted at least one biological child of his own. She did not want any more children. So, she did it anyway even though Donn asked her not to do so.

      Brookes is EXACTLY the man Vicki deserves. Donn was too good for her. I’m glad Donn is no longer with her, and I hope he is with a woman that treats him the way he deserves to be treated.

      • Mary E says:

        “It’s usually the judgiest of people that are hiding the most dirt. That’s Vicki.” It remains to be seen if that is true with Don Caro as well.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          It seems to be different with Don Caro. She is throwing stones because her own family is slowly leaving her and her husband has another women. I think deep down she is afraid that she will someday be all alone and have no one to blame but herself. JMHO.

  8. mrs peabody says:

    Interesting how the NJ cast think everything Tre and Joe say are lies except when Joe says they get paid for the stories. Let’s see he said that when they say he was drunk so of course it was the truth. I wonder if he meant the same thing Tre has been saying all along, she does the covers, they write the story and they get paid meaning for the covers. It sure would be nice if the mag could clarify exactly what they are paying for. I really believe they pay for the pics and write what they want in the articles. The info they are saying basically is a repeat of what is said on the show and what is out there on the internet, why do all these women just assume it is from teresa. Has anything been said in any of the articles that was said to tre only by one of them, anything that only tre was aware of? I’d like them to provide that article so we’d have proof she is selling the info in the articles. Until then they need to stop with this bs reason for hating her.

    • VV says:

      They are jumping at anything the Giudices say because if it turns out not true. Manzo/Laurita/Wakile/Gorga look like the idiots they are.
      That is a very good point tough. All I hear and read that Joe Giudice is a liar liar liar…but when it came to the magazine cover. He was telling the truth. Pathetic bunch they are.

      • Mary E says:

        I think they are just jealous they are not getting paid for covers.

        • RHOFrance says:

          My thought exactly. Nobody wants them except for a little pieces of article. And even there, it’s just to know what Teresa thinks about them or told about them. It tooks a big (and sad) revelation for Jacq to exist in the press.

        • VV says:

          I don’t even think is the paid part. I think that everytime they go to the store and see Teresa on the cover and not them they get upset. Jealousy big time.

          • Powell says:

            Right. Every time I’m in the GS sometimes there are at least 2 covers w/T.

          • MKValle says:

            I don’t understand why everyone thinks Teresa’s castmates are jealous of her. Her life is a bit of a wreck, her husband is disgusting and the whole world knows it. She’s uneducated and inarticulate. The “sex in the vineyards” scene was disturbing…who does that with all your friends (not to mention) cameras in sight. I find Teresa to be sad a pathetic, not someone I would ever want to associate with.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Jealousy is often irrational.

              It does not matter how screwed up certain things in Teresa’s life are. She is STILL the most talked-about cast member of RHONJ. She is STILL the only RHONJ cast member that can go on any talk show and only have to talk about her 3 NY-Times best selling cookbooks and her other product lines on which she is presently working. She does not have to talk about the others at all. Her other castmates, on the other hand, from the interviews I’ve seen, cannot have a single interview without being asked about Teresa.

              Teresa is still the only cast member of RHONJ who has built a brand from which she can still generate an income once RHONJ is over. The others cannot say the same thing.

              And you may not like Teresa and would not want to associate with her. Plenty of people have the same opinion as you.

              But there are plenty of others who do NOT have the same opinion as you (as indicated by her book sales; the ratings she generates when she is on WWHL and certain other programs without her castmates; and as generated with the way magazine sales go through the roof when she is either inside or on the cover. There is a REASON magazines keep featuring her).

              Yes, Teresa may be inarticulate and uneducated (although, she does have a college degree), but that does not really matter in the entertainment world when you have that undefinable “X-Factor” that cannot be manufactured. You either have it, or you don’t. Teresa provokes reactions in people (good and bad) and gets them talking. Her castmates just don’t have it.

              Additionally, things are not exactly as “rosy” in the other lives as they try to portray on camera. Caroline does NOT have the perfect marriage. From what I hear, the Brownstone is mortgaged to the hilt, and it presently has a class-action suit it has to fight for allegedly failing to pay overtime to several workers. Kathy has to sleep with Richie Wakile (That alone is enough to make one, not only sick, but very, very unhappy, IMO). A certain Exxon lawsuit against Richie’s family business indicates that the Wakiles really NEED the RHONJ paycheck (and other income that could possibly be generated from any products Kathy can generate from that platform). Melissa looks repulsed by her own husband (even though they constantly try to say how “oh-so-in-love” they are. I don’t buy it. Sorry. JMHO.). Also, Joey and Melissa’s finances are allegedly very, very shaky and not as “wonderful” as they try to portray. And if Jac were TRULY happy, she would not spend so much time on twitter and in her blogs obsessing over and bashing Teresa. Also, Chris and Jac are dealing with a MAJOR lawsuit and financial problems and issues of their own as well.

              So Joe and Teresa are not the ONLY ones who have issues in their lives. Despite their issues, I’d say their castmates have plenty of reasons to be jealous.

              • MKValle says:

                A college degree? From Hoboken Hairstyling College? Did you get that off of Wikipedia? It says Teresa was contributor to Vogue, doesn’t everyone consult Vogue for their Jersey chic attire?

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  Yes, MKValle, I get all of my information from Wikipedia (insert sarcasm here).

                  By the way, it is Kathy that is the hairstylist, not Teresa. Maybe SHE is the one who got her degree from Hoboken Hairstyling College.

                  Speaking of how you mentioned being “uneducated” as one of the reasons no one would ever be jealous of Teresa, from where exactly did Caroline Manzo obtain her degree? What about Jacqueline (and that’s a degree, not a certificate)? We’ve established that Kathy MAY have obtained her certification (not degree) from Hoboken Hairstyling College, but that is not for CERTAIN yet.

                  By the way, Teresa graduated from Berkeley College with a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management (I got that from BRAVO, NOT Wikipedia. FYI). Melissa graduated from New Jersey City University with a degree in education and psychology. Despite the both of them having degrees, however, they still use words like ingrediences (Teresa) and eggmit (Melissa).

                  But Teresa still has the best sellers and magazine covers. The others do not. That was my original point and answer to your original question. XOXO 😀

            • LaineyLainey says:

              MKValle – She didn’t “do it” in front of her friends. Those people are not her friends.

        • Powell says:

          Right. That they are not even asked to be on covers.

      • PJ says:

        I think they are jealous and this was meant to be a take down of Teresa. I could be wrong of course, but I think it was all planned in advance at least by Don Carolone and Saint Kathy (T calling her that cracked me up). Why would Kathy choose that moment to have what should have been a private conversation with Teresa? Kathy knew crazy Caroline was listening and if she cared anything about Teresa at all she would not have done that. Why did they both bring up magazine articles? If Teresa put the stories out there or not it isn’t like Teresa is the only one making public comments, but she is the one most people are interested in. This is all just my opinion of course but it seemed like there was an objective in bringing these magazine articles up like maybe they want the magazines to do stories about them and not about Teresa.

        I don’t believe anything Caroline or Kathy have to say I think they are both very calculating. Even Caroline sobbing at the end seemed fake to me like their was some sort of objective involved in it.

        The funny thing is that everything Caroline says about Teresa is really true of Caroline so in my book Caroline is one big hypocrite. Why does Caroline hold Teresa to a higher standard than she holds herself to, and the same for Kathy?

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Because Caroline is a miserable, hypocritical, evil bitch! This is JUST my opinion, of course. No offense. 😀

        • trudie says:

          I am sick of the whole magazine brouhaha. I am sure Teresa gets paid in some way, shape or form for some of them. But, do they honestly believe everything that’s in them and that Teresa is the source? How many times has Jennifer Aniston been getting married or out to ruin Jolie/Pitt? How many times has Big Foot be sighted? How many celebrities are pregnant when they are really just putting on weight? Blah, blah, blah.

          Every time they start on the damn magazines I just want to yell (in the words of Bethenny Frankel) GO TO SLEEP.

          • BB says:

            I’m with you, trudie!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            OMG, Trudie! I’m so glad somebody said that because I agree TOTALLY about the constant harping on the magazines/tabloids issue.

            I mean, when Andy asked Caroline about Dina on WWHL (not last Sunday’s episode, but the prior episode of WWHL on which Caro appeared), Caroline, in a morally superior voice, said, “I am NOT going to answer that question because I do not SELL my family!!!”

            When she said that, I thought, “….Ummm….aren’t those YOUR 3 useless children and your mostly absent and totally-over-it-looking husband I see on my t.v. screen on a reality show that appears in front of the entire NATION discussing your business every week for months out of the year??!!! (I’m not even going to mention your puppet sister-in-law and her husband). How is that NOT selling your family, Bitch??? GMAFB!!”

            Those people kill me. They say, “Teresa, you should not talk about your friends and family in a magazine.” Meanwhile, they speak HORRIBLY about Teresa, Teresa’s husband AND even, at times, Teresa’s children on every damned episode.

            GO TO SLEEP, indeed!!! Thank you, Trudie.

            • PJ says:

              Everything Caroline accuses Teresa of she does herself, it would be amusing if not so stupid. I guess it’s OK for Caroline but not for Teresa.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Big Foot is constantly giving out stories about his supposed sightings to drum up interest. That fame whore. And you just KNOW he gets paid. He says it’s just because he like the pretty pictures of himself. Here’s what I say: Riiiiiiiiight Sasquatch. You will soon be exposed for the liar that you are, you damn Big Foot, living off the land for free, letting the taxpayers provide for your sustenance (unguarded picnics and such) and shelter (our national parks and such). Bitch, please!! I will not buy your book either, you Big Assed Foot.

  9. LA_Debra says:

    I just want to thank you guys for this blog. What a great job! I felt like I needed a bath after trying to read some of the other housewife blogs out there – honestly, the language (and I’m no prude) and they seem to hate everyone (so I don’t understand why they watch). Just thank you thank you thank you for continuing an entertaining and joyful read. Bravo! (pun intended)/

  10. Jules says:

    Rimes checks into 30 day rehab for mental health. Sorry if already posted and discussed.

    • Thank you! I added it to the main blog!!

    • AZGirl says:

      Supposedly for anxiety and stress. I guess stalking Brandi takes its toll

    • scorpiosue1102 says:

      I love how celebrities go to rehab for “anxiety and stress”. Wouldn’t you just need to see your therapist for that ;)? I guess it’s the in excuse for other reasons to go to rehab.

      • Mary E says:

        Yes. It’s all BS. They’re going for substance abuse. Why can’t they just say it? Who cares? I actually truly respect people who admit it…like Robert Downey Jr…I like him all the more for his struggles and his honesty.

        • mardrag26 says:

          So agree Mary E. And she must really be in bad shape with it because I can’t imagine she would be ok with leaving Eddie alone for an entire month to gallivant around without her if she did not really, really need the help.

        • Powell says:

          Right. I remember last yr I think it was that Robin Williams checked himself into rehab , he said it was like his check-up so that he didn’t have to be checkred-in. Another actor did the same thing.

      • Powell says:

        Right and go to a spa/retreat instead. I think we all need a room booked for stress and anxiety then.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        And how stupid that we don’t see through that. GMAFB

    • Powell says:

      Wgats she doing w/stress. Brandi should be the one w/stress. LeAnn should be living La Vida Loca. She got the man. She’s suppose to be living the charmed life. That’s what she wanted. Has she made any new music?

      • mardrag26 says:

        She is supposedly coming out with a new album and going on tour soon. But I agree….what is the stress? She says her life is perfect.

        I personally think that child stars like her (she began at age 13) grow up missing learning life skills that they will need in the real world as adults. I think her growth is stunted at adolescence and she is having trouble being a grown up. She just turned 30. I also believe she has substance abuse issues as well.

        • BB says:

          Anybody think it might be an eating disorder? She sure lost the weight fast and looked scary skinny for awhile there. Diet pills?

          • Stars99 says:

            Yeah, I can’t help but think Brandi is one tough, hot, exhibitionist body to live up to for a marriage wrecker… I mean… yikes! And it’s tough because Brandi seems to be able to keep up that body somewhat effortlessly… but somewhere, in my deepest darkest heart I hope she hasta workout a bazillion hours a day and that she can only eat diet cheese, rye krisps and six grapes a day.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Recently (like within the past week or so), a story came out about LeAnne calling up a “twitter hater” of hers. She allegedly began the conversation by classily saying something like, “O.K., bitch, you have 5 minutes to tell me why you hate me so much!”. This person taped the entire conversation and then released it to the media (I read about it on several different sources). LeAnne was allegedly taped calling Brandi “vindictive as f*cking sh*t” and spewing other nonsense.

      This story is the latest of many stories that have been coming out about LeAnne’s odd behavior in general and her Single White Female and stalking behavior toward Brandi and her constantly calling the paparazzi to take pix of her and Eddie, particularly when they are with Eddie and Brandi’s children. There have also been stories of LeAnne befriending people who hate Brandi and getting them to do her dirty work by harassing Brandi mercilessly via Twitter.

      I think LeAnne is entering rehab as a way to possibly “rehab” her image and make people feel sorry for her (I don’t feel sorry for her at all. I think she is literally INSANE. Oh yeah, allegedly, Eddie is already cheating on her. Maybe that’s another reason she checked into rehab for “anxiety and stress.” Shrug).

      • Powell says:

        Well TMZ gets LeAnn all the time in the grocery store parking lot, going to or coming from working out and going shopping.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I mean, LeAnn just does not GET it. First of all, I SERIOUSLY think she has a personality disorder. I am NOT joking. I cannot figure out if it is just one or a combination of more than one. In short, bitch be cray-cray!!

          In her DELUDED mind, the whole world is “judging” her because she and Eddie had a love that could not be denied, were soulmates, and just could not bear to live without each other. So, they, unfortunately, hurt their spouses by having an affair. In her mind, all should be forgiven.

          What LeAnn does not GET is that it is NOT the affair. People sometimes marry the wrong person. People sometimes fall in love with someone else while they are still married. I am NOT an advocate of cheating — AT ALL! However, nobody can tell me that June Carter and Johnny Cash were not SOULMATES. And their relationship did not exactly start out in the most wholesome of ways. Nobody can tell me that Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman were not the loves of each other’s lives. Paul was married when he got with JoAnne. He got a quick divorce and married JoAnne when she got pregnant. Sometimes, sh*t happens. Again, I am NOT an advocate of cheating.

          LeAnn’s mistake is that she is thinking that she and sleazy Eddie are June and Johnny and Paul and JoAnne when they are soooo NOT. It is NOT the affair. It is the tacky way they conducted everything during and afterwards. It is also the complete disrespect and insensitivity LeAnn and Eddie showed to Brandi, not only as Eddie’s ex-wife, but as the mother of his two children. I mean, LeAnn did not even have the decency to lay low and be ashamed of her g*ddamned self for a little while!! And the way she crossed so many boundaries with Brandi’s boys is just mind-boggling to me. Also, the way she acts like Brandi did something to HER also wears my sh*t out. I mean, was Brandi supposed to just lie down and let LeAnn walk all over her without saying something?

          I don’t think so.

          LeAnn is OUT OF HER EVERLOVIN’ MIND.

          She’s lucky she did not pull that sh*t in certain neighborhoods. She would have gotten the brakes beaten off her ass!! And NOBODY would have called the police either. Neighbors who knew the story would have just quietly shut their doors and said, “…Well…serves her right. That’s what she gets….I’ll just go back to mindin’ my business and turn this here t.v. up.”

          • Powell says:

            You are absolutely right. They disrespected Brandi and Dean and didn’t give two hoots about it. There was no laying low for LeAnn. She wanted what she wanted. I remember she was on the Today Show saying it wasn’t true, she and Dean know what their relationship is, the lies are hurting us and our families. And now she wants Brandi’s sons as if they’re hers and she wants to look like and dress like Brandi. She thought she would knock Brandi down but Brandi is fine and LeAnn is suffering from stress. Isn’t that a hoot. You reap what you sow.

  11. AZGirl says:

    Thank you MRH for the Slade interview. Interesting stuff about Vicki. Personally, i don’t know how she finds men to sleep with her. She really not that attractive looking or a nice person.
    I am really relieved that Patricia was spared. You can tell that the competition is starting to wear the chef’s out.
    Happy Birthday Kris.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Thank You, AZGirl, I don’t know how Vicki is able to find people to sleep with her either. It’s not like she has this wonderful personality that overcomes her unfortunate looks. Then again, she is dating a man that, before his dental work, did not even have all his teeth. He is also 45, but looks 65 (I almost fell off my couch when that man said he was 45 years old!!).

      So, I guess it’s all relative (Shrug).

  12. Orson says:

    Good morning, all. My thoughts:

    Slade gave a good interview. I guess it didn’t fit Bravo’s story line to show the parts of his comedy performance that were funny and appreciated. Or to let folks know he has a radio program. My major beef with him is this: It’s not 1980 and he’s not a narcotics officer in Miami. Either grow out the stubble or SHAVE it off!

    Kim’s mother suing for visitation pro se? What a waste of a filing fee!

    It doesn’t matter what Alexis does or does not do. Gretchen and Tamra will find something to criticize about it.

    I’m confuzzled… was LooLoo a LPN or a RN?

    Taylor looked bad in that photo? It looks like the only photo of her I’ve ever seen where her face didn’t have that skeleton-like gaunt look.

  13. scorpiosue1102 says:

    LuAnn is just a facade of someone respectable. She lies, she cheats and she is always holier than thou. It’s taken a while but Bravo has finally caught the real LuAnn. Bravo “Bravo”!

    • AZGirl says:

      OMG that is too funny! Lulu is going blow a gasket when she reads that

    • mardrag26 says:

      OMG…that is hysterical. I can hear her deep throated screech now!

      • Orson says:

        Did you notice the article also referred to LooLoo’s French heritage? I thought like her title, any French heritage she had was acquired via “injection”, so to speak.

        • mardrag26 says:

          Yes. I do read the Daily Mail every now and then and am often amazed at their misinformation, misspelled words, and fact screw ups. Being a writer, it makes me crazy to see such nonsense. Where are their fact checkers, editors and spell checkers??

          On another note….I wonder how many nationalities Loo Loo has been “injected” with! Yes, I went there! 😛

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Girl, if there were a picture of all the nationalities with which LOOSEAnn has been injected, that sh*t would probably look like a Benetton ad (Remember how those Benetton ads used to have tons of people in them, every nationality and color of the rainbow?)!! LOL

        • That was so funneeee! Even the picture in the article stated Jacques was Luanne’s nephew. LOL!

          Enjoyed the pics of their Hamptom homes. Kelly sure is having trouble selling. I read in the NYTimes that real estate in the Hamptons was in the “dumps.” What goes up, sometimes comes down. Houses are still uber expensive in the Hamptons. #MoneyMustBeTight even for the rich.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I don’t know why, but this gave quite a chuckle. I’m still laughing.

    • heehee I tweeted that article to all the NY housewives with a #RHONY hashtag. Thx Orson, I got such a good laugh from it!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      A reasonably bright 8th grader could have written a better article. The 8th grader would have done the basic research on who was whom and whether or not the “Countess” is french. What passes for writing nowadays just amazes me. Stepping carefully off of my soapbox. OOOh, my knee!

  14. AZGirl says:

    Just finished reading Hugh Acheson’s blog on TCM on Bravo. This guy is hilarious. He is so creative. He believes that what Dita really needs is citrus and a six pack of beer because he believes she suffers from scurvy. HA! Dita is beautiful but she is a bit pale.

  15. mardrag26 says:

    Good Morning! Such great blogs and interviews! You ladies rock for all the hard work you do to bring this to us every morning!

    BB…thanks so much for your Top Chef masters post. I sat down last night to watch (love the show) and danged if I didn’t fall asleep like 5 minutes in. 😦 I woke up 2 hours later and stumbled into bed thinking…ok…no worries…BB has got the details for me in the morning! Sad to see Art go, he is a bit of a curmudgeon but I like the guy. It does seem that even the seasoned professionals are not immune to the stress and lack of sleep.

    Many thanks to all. Have a great day!

    • Powell says:

      I think TCM brings the chefs back to when they were learning and the have a whole new respect for the chefs working w/them in their restaurants.

  16. Kansas Girl says:

    Happy birthday Kris!

  17. klmh says:

    Enjoyed the blog so much this morning. Thanks to all contributors, and also RMH for sharing his interview with Slade.
    Loved your work too Boston02127, from the past few days.

  18. Heather was supposed to be on Access Hollywood today – NBC tv 11 am east coast time. Did I miss it? Here’s what Heather tweeted, funny photo

    Heather Thomson ‏@iamHeatherT
    Who do u love? ❤ @billybush 😉 @LiveAccess comin up soon w/ @kithoover Tune in! We R gonna have Yummie #RHONY fun! pic.twitter.com/rJt3qqhF
    Retweeted by Blue Sky

    • Heather did a good job, she had models wearing her yummie tummie before & after. She tweeted a lot about it, with plenty of pictures. Heather is good at marketing. I’m starting to like her more, after the last episode.

      I never did like Slade based on RHOC, but in Mr. Housewife’s interview, he comes across very well. What Slade said about what scenes Bravo selects to air to follow Bravo’s storyline is what many of us have suspected all along. It’s a soap opera, period. Down below I posted a link to an article about Slade’s son Grayson. Please pray for Grayson.

      • Powell says:

        It’s funny how Slade’s the 1st cast member that I ever heard say its a “soap opera”. The way Bravo presents it to us he’s right. It didn’t used to be that way tho. :/

  19. Dixie says:

    I don’t know if anyone here reads Tom and Lorenzo ( you should, their Project Runway posts are priceless), but this has to be the best Eddie and Leanne post anyone has ever posted:

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Ha! Pube Booties – yes, that was awesome. 🙂 Thanks, Dixie!

    • Powell says:

      It’s sad tho. LeAnn used to be such a pretty girl. Now she looks like a Brandi wannabe. Look at her hair, her off the shoulder top, her skirt. That’s Brandi’s look and Eddie isn’t doing anything. His wife is trying to be his ex-wife before his very eyes and he’s oblivious.

      • mardrag26 says:

        I dunno. I know this is a huge stretch because I do not know him…but Eddie strikes me as the kind of guy who would demand perfection from his wife, directly and covertly, and state his preference for how she looks. In order for Lu Ann to rise up to that and convince Eddie he upgraded with her, she would have to surpass Brandi in every way….a difficult task at best.

        I went out with a guy. (a 100,000 years ago!) who told me things like, “dress this way so I can show you off”, or, “you know I like things this/that way”, and “I expect you to look your best”….etc. THAT lasted about 5 minutes for me. Pffft! I wonder what he would say about me now! LOL!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I don’t know. I never thought LeAnn was pretty. She always resembled a horse to me. Then, one day, it hit me that she looked JUST like that flying dog, Falcor, from “The Neverending Story.” JMHO


    • trudie says:

      I love TLO! I have been following them for years.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      “so very rare to sight the elusive she-douche in the wild” what a line!!!! Thanks for the laugh.

  20. Blue Sky ‏@BlueSky_Forever
    @NMDLynnfam great blog today!! Loved the interview by @realmrhousewife with @SladeSmiley! https://lynnfam.wordpress.com/2012/08/30/exclusive-interview-with-slade-smiley-top-chef-masters-big-brother-housewife-news/#comment-7452

    Hoping @SladeSmiley, @GretchenRossi & @realmrhousewife will retweet the blog, NoMoreDrama. So I’ve tweeted it a bunch of times to all 3. MrHousewife is talking to a lot of the housewives on twitter! So cool to read his timeline. NoMoreDrama can you ask him to tweet the link for his interview? If it gets retweeted by the housewives, imagine the exposure for the blog! That would be awesome. Plus I have a suggestion….put peoples’s twitter handles along with their names, when they blog. (They should be doing it themselves, but in case they forget).

    @ramonasinger is loving those pics Boston did of LuAnn 😉 lol!

    Everybody, brace for the backlash against Mr. Housewife’s interview with Slade……hope it’s not too intense. I was on twitter for a hot minute and got tweeted an article about Slade’s son Grayson. It’s a very tragic situation with Grayson, he’s very ill. Please pray for him.


  21. Stars99 says:

    Thanks for the blog… great job… I’m so sad Art left… but at least it was after he wore a smallish suim suit on national tv that showed off his new older bod… I’ve always liked his personalit and was hoping he wasn’t going to have to leave… but it’s weird that his food for the last episodes has been so simple… I would think he would be WAY out there… lol… I never understand the chefs on these shows, when they’re in a situation where there are a limited number of burners available to all of the chefs… and one chef thinks it’s perfectly fine to take take up half of them just for their portion of the meal without having worked out some sort of a schedule with the other chefs who also need the burners.. and then they get all indignant and crazily reactionary when someone says they need a burner? I mean, come on… Didn’t we learn to take turns and to share our toys when we were like 2 years old?

  22. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Thanks again everybody for the great blogs and the juicy housewives’ gossip. Thanks also for the great interview with Slade, Mr. Housewife! I hate to say this, but I actually liked him in this interview (Go figure).

  23. Eastbayca says:

    Ladies and Gents…exciting news from MTV.
    Jersey Shore is not returning after this upcoming season.


  24. plainviewsue says:

    Congrats to Guiliana and Bill Rancic. Their baby boy Edward Earl was born!! I am so so happy for this truly wonderful couple. That is one reality show that I can watch without having to take a shower after!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I agree. I enjoyed watching their show until DirecTV dropped Style Network from my package. So, I can no longer watch it. They seem like a cute and solid couple.

    • Powell says:

      That’s so great. I had to tweet them. They deserve to be a mom and dad. They worked long and hard for this dream. I’m happy for them.

  25. NoHausFrau says:

    You and the other bloggers are doing such a great job! Kudos. This week in Big Brother was the best!!! Dan came through like the BB superstar that he is. I hate that Brit is probably going home. I would much rather it was Danielle. What a whiner she has turned out to be.

    Excellent interview with Slade. He comes off very well in the interview. Not sure that he is this good in real life. Interesting stuff about Vicki. I have to say though that I don’t believe it was just Vicki. I think her and Donn both probably cheated on each other. I don’t believe that Brianna would have left that perception out there at the reunion if it wasn’t true. I also think Tamara would have totally jumped in to give her .02 if she could have had a chance to make Vicki look bad.

    • Powell says:

      NoHausfrou I thought about what Brianna said too. You’re probably right. I guess Vicki cheated over the yrs on her insurance trips. She went on a lot if them.

    • BB says:

      If Vicki did everything that was said about her (aborted Donn’s baby, had her tubes tied and cheated on Donn all along all these years) then I have to wonder why Donn put up with it for so long. Makes me question his judgment and wonder if he was so innocent. I mean, wasn’t he spotted at some kind of crazy voyeur type orgy event not long after they separated?. Not that I care if that’s what he’s into. Just kinda made me go “hmmmmmmmm.” Not defending Vicki here, just wondering if it was as one-sided as everyone seems to think.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Maybe that’s how she developed and became known for her signature “woo hoo!!!!”

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        They probably both cheated, BB.

        But Vicky cheated AND had a nasty personality.

        Donn cheated but was pleasant and fun to be around.

        So, I pick Donn! 😀

  26. Boobah says:

    Happy Birthday Kris! Have a great day! Also, but not to take away from Kris’s day, happy belated to people that had recent bday’s…hope you are still celebrating.

    To all our fine folks in the south – I’ve been sending a lot of my thought/prayers to anyone in the hurricanes path. Hoping everyone is safe and sound. I liked reading Lisa’s reminder (that I took to heart), most injuries occur post storm. Thanks for that info…I had no idea but it makes perfect sense.


  27. AZGirl says:

    Hope everyone is safe that lives in Isaac’s path. Looks like they are evacuating parts of Mississippi due to a dam weakening. This storm is moving so slowly it is really causing a lot of damage.

  28. catmom1 says:

    Here’s the link for the Radar on line story about Leann calling a former twitter follower:

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Mmmmm….Leann sounds extremely unstable…waiting for the total breakdown…

    • Powell says:

      LeAnn is pretty sad. That’s an awful thing to do to that lady. LeAnn is desperately trying to convince people she’s a good person. Why is she throwing her ex under the bus?

    • Leann really went nutzo….hope Aviva hears about this story & gets help before she goes down the same path. Although, let’s not blame twitter, Leann & Aviva both have neurosis that being on twitter just made worse.

  29. Contessa says:

    First thank you all for the wonderful blogs and our haven of discussion!

    I enjoyed the interview with Slade…when OC first came on I watched and he seemed to be a very involved father that had his kids all the time. I still have issues about his payments, however I believe he must have made some, as he would be in jail if he didn’t. Always happy to see someone coming back from the brink of economical disaster. I am not a fan of Gretched, after her behavior last season with regard to Alexis. I also dislike Trampra very much. She pulled all the garbage off the internet and called Slade’s ex on TV – she is not innocent at all, and cannot blame that public behavior on V. With regard to Vickster…who knows what the truth is…I think they both were cheating. V was cheating on her H when she met Donn (her ex is a piece of work), and I truly believe that everything in life comes full circle. By the way Alexis haircut is trendy and cool, while Gretched still looks like an old beauty contestant with an oversized head. It appears that she got rid of her extensions and it still looks the same, but shorter.

    Kim’s mother suing for grandma visitation – wow – I see a play for a new show for Kim.

    I still think the Lulu and Tomas story was made up for relevance on the show. No one could be that stupid to be this public about an indiscretion – or could they – LOL?

    • Powell says:

      Contessa why is Gretchen starting a Twitter died w/Alexis about a haircut? Just stupid. And I don’t know why Alexis is going along w/it. Why doesn’t she either block Gretchen or just not respond to her tweets.

      • Contessa says:

        Hi Powell,

        I don’t follow twitter, but Alexis should just let it go and simply say consider the source – I’m done. They should be praying for the folks in the South that are dealing with the flooding etc…I do peek at their twitter online sometimes, will go look and see how stupid this is for laughs.

      • PrincessPindy says:

        Because she has a chronic case of Fame Whore-itis and it looked like Alexis was getting some attention.

        • MamaZ says:

          I got my haircut a few days ago. So they must both be stalking me. Because I am the first woman to EVER get a haircut. I invented and copyrighted the process. They will be getting Cyst and Decease letters!

  30. shamrock blonde says:

    Thanks for the blogs!!! – so sorry that Art went home, but I love the comradarie that exists among the chefs – its a fun show to watch –

    it is a true testament to my liking of MRH that I read the interview with Slimey Slade – I still don’t like the guy – but I have to say – he is a very good salesman – he sold himself very well in that interview – yet, when I see that article about his son, all I can think is why – why – is he not with his son – I have the same question for Jaq concerning her son – were it I, nothing else in the world would matter to me but my child – and yet – here we are, doing slamming other people and calling it comedy, and travelling around in giant buses and behaving like a high school drama queen – and yes, please PLEASE – shave – you look ridiculous!! Slimey not Jaq –


  31. Contessa says:

    Does everyone here think that Eddie Cibrian realizes he married a crazy person? KARMA. Leann is an idiot who I think is an addict to some kind of diet pills or whatever. Her craziness on twitter and calling twitter people gives us a window into what is going on in her delusional brain. I have never liked her, I always thought there was something off about her. She needs to go take a long hard rest and do some serious reflecting on her behavior. I knew someone that married her lover who got a divorce from his wife…he did it again and again and again. Last I heard he is on wife #5. The woman that I knew was very insecure because of the cheating as we all told her he did it with you and he will do it again. She questioned him all the time. Leann simply wants to become Brandi – clothing, body, photo ops with Brandi’s sons…it is so sick!

    • There was a blind gossip item recently about a Hollywood husband taking great lengths to cheat on his wife, who rarely left his side. Maybe Leann just found out the truth about Eddie, which caused her world to crash. Along with the stress of working on a new album & a concert tour, plus she is nutzo. It was sad what the article reported about Leann trashing her former husband, she really seems to have some mental problems.

    • Powell says:

      Sgeitally wants to become Brandi. In that picture she looks like she’s trying to look like Brandi from head to toe.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I think Eddie realizes it. Have you noticed how much he has aged since he has been married to LeAnn? I mean, seriously. Look at pix of him BEFORE he got with LeAnn, and look at pix of him AFTER he got with that NUTBASKET. He is still a very handsome man, but he has definitely aged.

      That is because he is living with a crazy woman that probably never lets him out of her sight. And he is forced to stay because she is his main source of income. In all honesty, I think he only stays because of her money.

      Allegedly, after Brandi found out the truth about his affair with LeAnn, she tried to forgive him and attend counseling. It was when ANOTHER woman came out (that waitress that works at Lisa’s place, Sur) with her story of how she ALSO had been having an affair with Eddie that Brandi kicked him to the curb. So, IMO, LeAnn got him by default. I heard he begged Brandi to take him back, but she was D-O-N-E. Maybe that is why LeAnn tries to SWF Brandi so much (because, deep down, she knows that Eddie did not actually leave Brandi but, rather, was PUT OUT by Brandi.).

  32. AZGirl says:

    Someone on Twitter says LeAnne is tweeting from rehab. SOMEONE TAKE HER PHONE AWAY PLEASE!

    • Powell says:

      That’s a mistake IMO. If they can take away tv, why can’t they take away her phone/computer?

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I don’t twitter. How does one do it? Do you twitter from your phone? from your laptop? from your I-pad?

      From those rehab shows I watch on t.v., don’t they immediately make you surrender all of your cell phones and stuff like that as soon as you enter the facility?

      I mean, where is she rehabbing? Her Mama’s house?

  33. NightLight95 says:

    Wacky Jacky’s twitter account is under protected status….wonder why?

  34. PrincessPindy says:

    I was awoken in the middle of the night by two male voices, one of them was Luann’s.
    ~Carole’s TH.

  35. there’s a new parody account on twitter, @ManzoLostWallet. First, Chris Manzo tweeted this:

    Christopher manzo ‏@chris_manzo
    Staring at the moon before bed, i know my lost wallet is looking at this very moon, at this very moment, and it knows I’m coming for it.

    So the @ManzoLostWallet tweeted Chris Manzo:

    Chris wall ‏@ManzoLostWallet
    @chris_manzo I miss u 2 buddy. just needed some time away from being so close 2 your ass 2 find out who I really am. #dontgiveuponme

    My personal fave:

    Chris wall ‏@ManzoLostWallet
    @chris_manzo just got a whiff of a combination stench of pizza & methane gas. Made me homesick 😦 #misstheManzbackpocket

    you can read more tweets here, funny stuff:


  36. Christi44 says:

    If this posts twice I apologize. Don’t know if it went into moderation or if my computer hung up so I am trying this again…

    Well that is 8 minutes of my life that I am never getting back. If you want to listen to the full 20 minute phone conversation with LeAnn and the former twitter follower you can go to the following website (you may have to hit the story title on the far right to get the audio to play):


    I am sorry, I tried to take one for the team so I could recap it, but I could only listen to part of it before I wanted to start jabbing things into my ears.

  37. Lady Chatterley says:

    Oh Lordy, the new RHONY preview.: “I heard – I heard the mean things that you said and I’m disappointed!”

    Such a scolder, that one. I think maybe she needs to stay home w/her little ones, that perhaps are accustomed to the scolding. She doesn’t seem to know how to interact w/other grown ups.

    • MelTheHound says:

      Let me guess…. Aviva?

    • MamaZ says:

      Aviva likes to be in control. Everything she can’t control makes her nervous. Ramona and Sonja must be driving her NUTS! lol

    • Orson says:

      I thought Aviva studied law and would know what “hearsay” is.

      • PJ says:

        I bet she knows what crazy as a loon is, but doesn’t realize it applies to her.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        lol to orson and pj. She knows, she knows….

        • Contessa says:

          Aviva is beginning to get on my nerves. Is she becoming the police of misguided behavior? Puuuleeze, I didn’t see her correct her Dad, the overage viagraed ogre of Miami. His only attraction to younger women is his wallet.

          • Orson says:

            She’s used to her father’s shenanigans and can’t see how far outside the box he appears to others. It’s a “It’s just dad being dad” (shrug) versus “That dirty old man molested me” (take a long hot shower) sort of thing.

  38. I got posted on Bravo!
    “Dayum, Aviva, why are you so angry? People dance, play, drink, and yes, even have sex on holiday. If you can enjoy that father of yours, you can surely enjoy Ramona & Sonja. Lighten up!”

  39. AZGirl says:

    So LeAnne is in rehab for anxiety and stress. This afternoon she is still tweeting from rehab. What may I ask does she need her phone for? Well, to keep tabs on that husband of hers who is probably doing gynastics in someone else’s bedroom (or boat, eddie likes boats and bikinis).

    • Winston says:

      Here is the follow up story on RO.
      I am sure you are 100% correct that she has her phone to keep tabs on Eddie.
      As someone said upthread, it would be one thing if they had an affair and it was a one time thing for Eddie but he is a proven habitual cheater so why Leann would think he was going to be faithful to her defies all logic.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Crazy people do not depend too much on logic.

        Somewhere…Brandi Glanville is CACKLING….

        • Winston says:

          Good point, Detox. It would not surprise me in the least if a photo of Leeann in a bikini in rehab turned up on the internet.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I wonder what would happen if Eddie actually left LeAnne for another woman. Do you think she would be in a bikini, tweeting, and boiling a bunny after she broke into Eddie and the new woman’s house, screaming, “I’m not going to be IGNORED, EDDDDDIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Brandi certainly deserves a good cacklin’

    • MamaZ says:

      Gymnastics in someone else’s bedromm – LOL!

    • So I’ve been looking at twitter, some people think Leann is just trying to get publicity about herself out there, for her upcoming new album & concert tour. Plus the sympathy factor, since she get so much bad press for her crazy ass antics.

      Now if she delays the release of her album & concert tour because she’s still in rehab, then it would be more believable.

      I may have to check in someplace myself soon, spending way too much time on this sh*t lol!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I’ll be right behind you, Blue. Maybe we can check in together.

        And, yes, a big part of me thinks that LeAnn is doing this as a manipulative ploy to generate sympathy for herself and to take the heat off herself for the exposure of her sheer insanity via that phone call to someone on twitter (I mean, how did she even find out this person’s telephone number? And why would a celebrity go to all of that trouble anyway? Not everybody is going to like you? Jeez!! Get a grip, Woman!).

        • Oh Gawd take me now, I actually know the answer to how Leann got that poor woman’s phone number lol! Someone posted the article above about Leann screaming at a former twitter follower…..well it seems that Leann was at lunch with a few of her biggest fans (from twitter) and one woman actually knew the ex-twitter follower. So she called her, and then handed the phone to Leann.

          Detox, it’s time to check in. Can we make it a nice spa type place that specializes in beauty treatments, exercise, and a nutritious yet figure slimming cuisine? Preferably in a scenic location!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Absolutely, Blue. No t.v.’s allowed. We MUST truly detox and get our minds and bodies right. I love spas.

  40. BB says:

    Prayers for Robin Roberts who starts her leave today for her bone marrow transplant and her sister who will be donating her bone marrow. Oprah will be filling in for Robin.

    • MamaZ says:

      I will certainly include both of them in my prayers. Thanks for letting us know BB.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I love Robin and her sister Sally Ann! Prayers will be going out.

      Did you say OPRAH will be filling in for Robin? Wow!! She’s presently acting in some movie called “The Butler.” She seems to be doing several shows on her OWN network to try to keep it from failing. And, now, she’s filling in for Robin Roberts?

      Damn, Oprah, Girl!! I guess, just like Jay Leno, you just couldn’t stay away, huh? (I mean no offense, I LOVE Oprah — even though my father absolutely despises her. I think she’s just GREAT! My Dad is an ornery old cuss who hates Oprah and Nancy Grace! Do NOT ask me why.).

      • BB says:

        They didn’t say if Oprah would be filling in full time (I didn’t hear it anyway). They were talking about her being in competition with Gayle King in the mornings. I think I heard Robin was going to be away for about 9 months. I can’t see Oprah doing a daily morning show for that long. Can you?

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I was wondering about that. And, no, I can’t see Oprah doing a daily morning show for that long.

  41. MamaZ says:

    From the previews of next weeks RHONY at least we can tell Aviva didn’t forget to bring her swimming leg. Its firmly stuck up her butt.

  42. Way to go Lynn Family – Gretchen Rossi tweeted the blog this morning:

    Gretchen Rossi ‏@GretchenRossi
    RT @realmrhousewife: Check out my interview with @SladeSmiley https://lynnfam.wordpress.com/2012/08/30/exclusive-interview-with-slade-smiley-top-chef-masters-big-brother-housewife-news/#comment-7452

    And Real Mr. Housewife had his story picked up by Rumorfix

    We were in on the ground floor on this one!

  43. Pghemtchick says:

    Happy birthday Kris! Hope you have a great one!
    Happy belated birthday, Jill no not that Jill! Hope your day was wonderful!
    Thanks for the interview and blogs.

  44. mrs peabody says:

    does anyone know how much Tre and Joe still owe on their massive debt? I know they sold some of the properties so that took the bill down but what about what is left owing, anyone have any ideal? I’m just wondering when she will get to start keeping her earnings from her books.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hi, Mrs. P,

      I have no idea. I do have a sneaking suspicion, however, that if you call someone whose name rhymes with Sharoline Canzo, she could tell you down to the exact penny how much Teresa and Joe still owe, as she seems to be obsessed with all things Giudice. This woman whose name rhymes with Sharoline Canzo might be listed, but I am not sure.

      If that does not work, you can also try to tweet a women whose name rhymes with Smackelyn Maurita. Smackelyn is another person who also seems to be obsessed with all things Giudice. She has even been known to send private to DM’s to people via twitter regarding personal business of the Giudices (I cannot ensure the veracity of the information she provides, however, as this Smackelyn person can be a bit, shall we say…loopy and unstable?).

      That’s all I got! I hope that helped, Mrs. P. 😉 (Just kidding! LOL)

      I know Teresa and Joe did sell some buildings and get some of their debt down; however, that debt was so massive, she might not see those earnings from her books for a while (shrug). So, she better keep hustlin’! Teresa IS a hustler, though…so, who knows? She might see those earnings sooner than I (or anybody else) think(s).

      • mrs peabody says:

        lol, I’ll call Sharoline first thing tomorrow morning. Thank’s for the name of someone who is keeping tabs on the bill.


    Honey Boo Boo has more people watching her show than Fox News…..whoa


    However, even more people are watching the Teresa show…..over 3 million whereas Honey Boo Boo only got 1.3 million. Fox News? 1.2 million.

    Don’t even want to guess what this all means….!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      It means that America is going to hell in a handbasket, and we are getting dumber by the minute. It also means we are much more vulnerable to being invaded and taken over by another country than the majority of us (myself included) even realize.

      It will probably happen while most of us are watching reality t.v.

      When it does, I cannot even complain, as I was a big part of the problem (shrug).

      • Someone I heard talking just recently on tv at a really large convention said we need to be ready to stand up to Russia, Iran & anyone else out there in the world that pisses him off. I wish he would just tune in to Honey Boo Boo or the Teresa show along with everyone else. 😉

  46. Nancy says:

    Project Runway was fun tonight.

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