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Exclusive Interview with Slade Smiley Part 2

Special Guest Blog By Real Mr. Housewife

A Conversation With Slade Smiley

Speaking with Slade Smiley was a pleasure. He was very open, honest, and hot a lot of fun and interesting things to say, both housewives and not.  I am very excited for him with his radio venture that is going extremely well. Please make sure to tune into it at Playlist 92.7 (you can listen online as well!) Here is our interview below:

Part 2

MRH: Speaking of conflict… What do you make of the Bellinos?

Slade: We obviously were friendly with them when we met them through the course of the show. We started through a series of issues with them because Alexis would tell Gretchen one thing and then Jim would tell me something completely different. So their stories were conflicting and there was never anything that was consistent between them. It got to the point where it was very exhausting to try and be friends and keep up with the stories because we never felt like they were being completely honest about anything and we started to feel like they would only call when they wanted information. Maybe we are completely off about that but it’s how we started to feel.   It finally got to the point where I had to sit Jim down for lunch and I said, “We’re not gonna do this anymore. The girls are not going to talk business.” A lot of what we do is proprietary and we feel like it’s becoming a usury relationship.” I told him “it feels like you only call us when you want information and I’m not gonna do that anymore.” He was kind of upset about that but eventually agreed to it. In that meeting he asked me to manage Alexis and I said, “Jim, I don’t even manage Gretchen. I’m certainly not going manage Alexis.” They seem very vested in getting attention and media for themselves these days, which is why they have to run to the TMZ’s and all the Gossip sites to get articles posted about themselves.  That’s not the way to obtain legitimate press.   I hear there are only a handful of sites that will even talk to them anymore.  It makes them seem very desperate to be seen in the media and for someone like Jim who says he has quit the show and he doesn’t want Alexis doing the show they sure seem to be spending most of their time running to media or blogging about the show.  Gretchen and I just decided to focus on what we are doing.   I wish them a lot of luck and I hope they find success.    If Alexis chooses to come back this season, I think it’s gonna be an even harder season on her than it was the season before.

MRH: Yeah, especially now that she and Gretchen have stopped speaking as much- or at all.

Slade: Well, they stopped speaking but everything keeps coming out about them. All these people now are making the accusations about buying fake twitter followers. People are posting that Alexis’s Twitter account is spiking 10 or 20 thousand followers in a day which doesn’t even happen to Kim Kardashian.  They are not legitimate followers and now people are posting it’s a “False Sense of Popularity”  It’s like they are getting caught be fake all over again.  It’s sad to me.  Now the latest thing people are talking about is this “Operation Bullpen” Do you know “Operation Bullpen?”

MRH: No, I haven’t seen that. I know about the twitter followers. I saw something that popped up with Alexis saying she hired a team of experts and wasn’t sure what a twitter follower was or something.

Slade: I know, she’s so ridiculous. This is how she gets caught in her lies. The first thing she says is “I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I don’t know how to buy twitter followers”.  Okay, well she’s lying because Jim had a conversation with me while Alexis was there about getting social media people to buy followers to build your social followings, so she knows exactly what it is. It’s funny how she claims she knew nothing about buying twitter followers but managed to find Twitter experts in a single day to try and counteract a story that was spinning about her.  I’m sure these so called experts are the very same people helping her bump her followers.

MRH: Then she kind of seemed to allude to you, Gretchen, and Tamra that you were hacking into her twitter to raise her followers or something?

Slade: Again- Why would we raise her followers? If people were hacking into her account they would want to decrease her followers not raise them.  That’s Crazy! We’re not gonna spend our time hacking into someone’s account and increasing her popularity. Why would people do that? I feel like she just lies. She just flat out lies and that’s the frustrating part. Now… people are all tweeting us about this “operation bullpen.” This is where Jim Bellino was supposedly going to be indicted for authenticating a fraudulent Babe Ruth baseball. The story goes he ended up selling it to an undercover FBI agent and got busted in a fraud ring. In order to avoid prosecution, I’m being told he agreed to a deferred prosecution and to plead state’s evidence by agreeing to work with authorities. Reports say he is no longer allowed to be in the memorabilia business.  What sucks is now they’re gonna have to deal with the aspects of selling fake memorabilia, they’re accused of buying fake followers- (Alexis) admits to wearing a fake ring. They rent their home. They rent their cars. We don’t know what to make of anything. We have just chosen to step aside and not be involved.  I feel bad for them.  If anyone knows how hard these accusations can be it’s me.

If you watch the video interview that Jim Bellino did with Rumor Fix, doesn’t he claim to the reporter- the reporter is his buddy by the way, I have never seen him interview anyone but Jim and Alexis.  He has been to Jim and Alexis’s house. Anytime Jim and Alexis think they want to clear the air they get that goofy guy to come in and interview them. The first question they asked was about how Jim was rude and condescending to Alexis with the “Oh! Do you wear the pants now ,” comment.   He (Jim) tried to claim there was more to that conversation and that it was an inside joke.  They may pretend that they have an inside joke, but there was no further comment that happened during that conversation. He said that in front of myself, in front of Gretchen- there were about five people around him while he was being filmed. It felt very rude and condescending and Alexis was very embarrassed that he did that in front of everyone.  Jim trying to pretend that he was saying something off the cusp and comedic and that he was just joking is not how it felt.   We were all standing there. We all heard him say that and we couldn’t believe that he was so rude.   It feels like every time they get caught on camera and we get a glimpse of the real Jim and Alexis they run out to media and try to spin the story.

MRH: Didn’t Jim also claim that he wasn’t really pulling his car away from the Dubrow’s party but it was just a production thing?

Slade: He was absolutely pulling away. If you notice he took his microphone off and walked out of the party. He was taking his microphone off as he was walking to his car. Why would he be cooperating with production at that point? He walked off camera. He was leaving the party. He didn’t get mad, walk off camera, rip off his microphone, and then all of a sudden go back and say “oh I need to help out with production. Let them see me drive off.” It doesn’t make any sense.   If that’s the case the scene is fake..  Its comments like this that get them in trouble and then they wonder why the fake accusations continue to fly.

MRH: I know he also leaked a text message he claimed was between him and Terry, with Terry telling him he should come to the party…

Slade:  Terry did invite him to the party. I don’t think that was ever in question. See, Terry and Jim already had dinner. They already had this conversation about Alexis. Terry just said “Look, my experience with your wife is that she’s been fake and phony.” Jim was adamant about having the conversation on camera with Terry.  I think he thought he was going to control things and spin them back in his favor on camera.  Everything they do they want on camera. What happened is that it didn’t go down the way Jim thought it was going to go down at the party, which is why he got up and walked out.   I don’t know why he would care whether Tamra or Heather were there or not.  He can’t handle those girls?  He’s gonna run away and walk out on his wife? If he didn’t want to engage on camera, then why didn’t he just walk up to his wife and say “I’m not staying for this, I’m gonna leave.” Why didn’t he just do that? Why walk out, take your microphone off, and get in your car to drive away?

MRH: Jim totally acted like that was the first time they sat down.

Slade: That’s so untrue. We all had dinner together while the girls were in Costa Rica. All the men went to dinner together- myself, Brooks, Eddie Terry and Jim…

MRH: Didn’t Alexis say he wasn’t at that dinner on the show when he called her in Costa Rica?

Slade: Yeah, I think he told her that. He said “I’m not gonna go.” And then he showed up anyway. Brooks got really drunk at that dinner and he wanted to do that toast and he said “Here’s to a Mississippi boy making it big.” We all looked at him and were like what? You’re toasting yourself? And what makes you think you made it big? Because you started banging Vicki? That makes no sense. And now he wonders why the girls are questioning his motives.  You can’t script this stuff.

Jim also made a comment that he’s done so much for me. I think he made a comment about spending money towards Grayson’s (Slades son’s) charity. He offered to donate after Bravo told him that they were not going to invite him to the reunion show. He said “if you hire me to come on the reunion show, I’ll donate the proceeds back to Grayson’s charity.” That was a last ditch effort on his part to try and get Bravo to bring him back and help Gray at the same time, unfortunately they chose not to have him film. I don’t know why he’s acting as if he made a donation to charity.

We did have a caring event on behalf of the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation. Jim did donate a night’s stay for his hotel… that charity event was not for Grayson.  He (Jim) was one of 30 or 40 different corporations that did donate for that event and we appreciated it. I’m not sure why he’s acting like he’s gone out of his way and done so many great things for us.  We always enjoyed our time with them socially so it sucks things have gotten to this point.  Jim last comment to me was, “I’m not sure how we can repair the relationship.” I told him it starts with a conversation.  The Bellino’s have to-date not shown any interest in having that conversation.

MRH: I guess what it came down to (with Alexis and Gretchen), from a viewer’s perspective, is that Gretchen was trying to be her friend and be like, “Look, as a friend I am telling you what’s going on” and it was just totally blown off.

Slade: Yes and that’s what kind of pushed Gretchen over the edge.  Alexis knew before filming Fox News contacted Gretchen,  Gretchen also spoke to Alexis off-camera about what the girls were gonna do in Costa Rica on the airplane, so Alexis knew that was coming. For her to claim that was not true was a flat out lie. She spoke with Alexis off-camera about the fact that the people at Fox 5 news kept offering her this job and it was putting her in a really weird position. She was like, “Look, you and I are friends. The people you work for are trying to get me to come in and take your job and it’s really kind of an uncomfortable situation for me.” Our Production knew as well.  Production was pushing Gretchen to talk about it even further. That’s why all Gretchen said was “Look, I’m so glad you got this job. If anybody was gonna get it, I’m glad it was you, because they offered it to me, but I’m glad it ended up being you that got the job.” I mean she wasn’t trying to slam Alexis down in that moment. She was trying to let her know that this company keeps prospecting me. And then when Alexis accused her of lying publicly? That’s what did it for Gretchen. That’s why she ended up bringing the emails to the union show.

MRH: I think Gretchen in a really respectable way made them look stupid because on the reunion she had the email you were talking about and then Alexis just screams at production to get her an email (Slade laughs) which never appeared.

Slade: Yeah, which never appeared. What’s funny too is they accused Alexis of being so rude to everyone and she’s like “I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I’ve asked everyone and they don’t say I’m rude.” She’s then like really rude to someone in production… that’s how they are…. Unfortunately I believe they treat people that way on a regular basis and whether they realize they do it or not that’s the perception people have about them. It’s sad. I can tell you- you can have fun with Jim and Alexis. You can find them to be very charismatic and if you see them out socially you’d have a good time with them. There are just some idiosyncrasies about them from time to time and their true colors start to show up.

MRH: That’s why I kind of found it odd that Jim and Alexis contacted me.  I didn’t exactly write the nicest interview of Jim and I had tried to ask them more questions when they released their statement potentially threatening to sue Tamra which they didn’t answer. When they contacted me I even said that to them- I feel bad since I didn’t write the nicest blog about you.

Slade: I think they’re very caught up in trying to get press or media around themselves. They know full well that by signing a release with Housewives you are not legally allowed to sue another cast member, production, the network, or anyone because, as a public figure, you… defamation and slander don’t pertain to you. People are talking about you all day long, so you can’t hold one person responsible. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion especially if you’re a public figure. Jim’s brother in-law is an attorney and he knows that full well. They can’t sue Tamra- they can’t legally sue her and he knows it. But to leak to the press that she’s thinking about suing her means she’s gonna get press for 5 seconds.

MRH: I mean, suing her for the whole “Jesus Jugs” comment…

Slade: Oh, whatever. They like to play the religious Christian card, but unfortunately for them, they’re gonna take a lot of heat. I think Jim’s company- something I saw on the internet said – he was responsible for authenticating a forged document that was supposedly Mother Teresa’s signature. So he’s mad at Tamra for saying “Jesus Jugs” but he’s willing to authenticate a forged signature of Mother Teresa?

MRH: I think if they do come back they’re going to have a rough time this season.

Slade: Yeah. I think so too.

MRH: As far as you go, what do you think is the one thing we haven’t seen about you on TV? A lot of people have a lot of opinions about you. When I’ve mentioned you on twitter I’ve heard he’s a jerk and I’ve heard we love him. So what do you think is the one part we’re not seeing?

Slade: I would say the only thing that people haven’t really seen about me is that I have never quit working. I never stopped working. My company has been consulting since the moment I met Gretchen. Production has filmed that and never shown that because they think it’s a better story line for them to talk about the fact that I don’t work. As a consultant, I’m very similar to a real estate agent… I’ve consulted for big brands- I’ve worked with Blackberry, I’ve worked with Verizon,  I’ve worked with major tequila companies that were taking their product internationally. You know I’ve consulted with great brands. When those contracts end- sometimes they’re six months or a year- well, then you’re without a contract… You’re then busy trying to get more business. At the moments where you’ve heard me say “I don’t have a job” that’s because that previous month, maybe a contract ended and a new one isn’t gonna start for a week or two. Bravo has been fabulous at take their segments and having people say, “He doesn’t work, he doesn’t have a job.” I think the radio station prove to be a little challenging for them since it’s such a public job.  The production company came to the house to talk about the next season and they went “Wow, we didn’t think you’re radio deal was really legitimate and then we were coming up the 5 freeway and we saw this giant Billboard of you and Playlist 92.7.” I go, “Yeah, it’s FM radio.  I’m LA radio. It’s legitimate.” It’s such a public position; there’s no way for them to now say I don’t work.

MRH: From season 1, as you said, I remember you being a dedicated Dad and the other thing I remember about you is how much money you were making.

Slade: (laughs) That’s the thing. They have a reason for doing what they do and I’m not quite sure what that is. The guys are always vilified; it’s always about the Housewives, not the men. We used to be really upset about it, but we’ve have to embrace the fact they’re making a TV series. It’s entertaining. It’s fun to watch. I keep reminding Gretchen at the end of the day if we just put our heads down and we just keep working we’re going to accomplish all of our goals. For us- like I said earlier in this conversation- it’s about longevity for us. I know Housewives is gonna die at some point so Gretchen will no longer be a TV Housewife. When that happens she will have her cosmetic company, she will have her handbag line, she will continue in the fashion and beauty space because that’s what she loves to do. That’s what’s important to us. I’ll continue to do improv and do radio. She’s gonna sing. We’re very blessed at this point because we’re getting to do all the things we love to do.

MRH: It almost seems like for you guys Housewives has opened a sort of way to be exposed to do that.

Slade: It’s been a great platform to expose to the masses. That exposure is not always good, but at the end of the day, ultimately, the camera doesn’t lie. Over the course of time people will be able to see you for who you truly are. We’ll just continue being who we are and hopefully entertain a bunch of people along the way.

A few other things learned in the interview that were not captured above is that Gretchen most likely will be back next season. Also, as far as Slade and Gretchen getting married, we’re gonna have to watch and see what happens!

A big thanks to Slade for a great interview and big congratulations to him for the radio show. His radio show is featuring great celebrity guests including Housewives and celebrities such as Jim Belushi. Make sure to tune in to Playlist 92.7 daily from 12-1 PST. Also make sure to catch Gretchen at NY fashion week for all you east coasters.


Note from NMD.  A big thanks to MRH for sharing this candid interview with Slade Smiley with the Lynn’s Place.  Slade sure has strong opinions about the Bellinos.  Yikes.  I personally liked it better when Gretchen and Alexis were friends.   


Real Mr. Housewife was also interviewed for a RumorFix Article


Yay for Real Mr. Housewife – and thanks for sharing the interview with us first!!


The Manifesto Review

by RamonaCoaster

(It’s hard to believe that RamonaCoaster edited this down to less than a third – and it still goes on and on and on.  Oh that Jaqueline.  She might benefit from a ghost writer.  More cast blogs this weekend.  NMD)

Photo by Boston (of course)

Jacqueline Laurita

I can’t even believe all the things I saw and heard during this episode.

You mean you weren’t asleep?

To be honest with you, at this point I just couldn’t take it anymore. I am going to be honest with you and tell you where my head was at this point.

There’s that honesty crap again. Someone’s nose is growing.

Back it up to that make-up hug between Teresa and I, where all seemed so sincere. It was on my end. I finally felt at peace with us. There were some things that happened afterward that made me question her sincerity, but I’m not even going to bring it up now.

Oh yes you will.

When everyone started fighting, I felt like I had already said what I wanted to say to Teresa’s face. I had nothing left to say, so I chose to shut my eyes, stay out of it, and tune all the fighting out.

There wasn’t anything more could you do to stay relevant on the show without really .looking ridiculous.

Caroline had been holding it all in for a while, so I think she needed to unload. I feel horrible that Caroline felt like she went to battle alone.

Caroline is a bored housewife that needs an enemy to battle to feel alive.

She wasn’t alone. I think after watching this season and reading my blogs, she has seen me speak up and tell the truth.

Like a good little soldier.

I hope she found some peace in the end. Actually, I know she has. We are both doing great!

As long as you nod and say “Yes master” to Caro, you’ll do just fine.

While Teresa was denying it all to the girls, her husband was about 10 feet away admitting the truth to the guys. The truth is Teresa DID have a relationship with In Touch, they DID pay her, she DID put out articles that weren’t always true, and she DID answer all the questions for the content of the article!

But they can’t control the content of the magazines. Tabloids are to be taken with a grain of salt. You didn’t have to read the tabloids to know what was going on anyway.

It was one thing for Teresa to fake these relationships on camera, but another to try to take the others down OFF camera. On top of that, she was publicly trying to put out there that we were involved with these articles that SHE was putting out there. Unbelievable! Caroline just wanted Teresa to be honest and to tell her how she really felt about her. We ALL knew the truth.

I think she gives Teresa more power than she actually has.  I don’t see how Teresa or any minor or major celebrity has editorial control over what these magazines print. Does the Manzo/ Laurita family have control of reality show they’re on? What the hell does Caro care about what Teresa thinks of her?  Caro doesn’t give a crap about her.

I can’t believe she’d think I’m jealous that she’s on the cover of those magazines. She KNOWS that I have always avoided them as much as possible.

Which is why you are on the cover of People magazine.

And WHY would I be jealous of Teresa’s headlines of her being in bankruptcy, afraid of being poor, her husband going to jail, her facing jail time, her friends and family bullying her (while being posed strategically with a prop dog), something about her baby boy that didn’t exist, her staged wedding renewal, her husband cheating and calling her a “c”… I could go on and on! No thank you!

Well now you’re contradicting yourself.  You are alleging that she’s putting articles out that “take others down” but why would she put out info uncomplimentary of herself? These rag mags print what they want to sell gossip.  .

I said it once and I will say it again. If Teresa chose to put articles out there about her personal life in a national magazine, she shouldn’t get insulted when family or friends ask her about these articles on a national TV show. Their issues were clearly no secret.

So what’s the problem?  If they are the truth and the issues are out there via a Bravo reality show, I don’t understand the problem you would have if they were in a magazine article.  I feel like Jacq & Caroline are making up drama in their heads to stay relevant.  Teresa vs her family storyline took over the show.

Look, I’m not saying that Teresa never had any right to be mad at her family or friends for anything, because everyone has their own perception of how they were treated. What I do know is that at one point, I saw her family sincerely making an effort to try to resolve things, and I felt that Teresa couldn’t let go of anything to be able to move forward and wasn’t making sincere steps to resolving it.

You don’t own that problem.  It didn’t look like Caro wanted anything resolved.

Teresa’s real feelings came out when she told Caroline how much she loved her and her family, but when she walked away, she called her an f’ing “C” and that she can go ‘F” herself while Caroline broke down in the other room and cried. Those were everyone’s true feelings. Sad huh?

What do you expect when Caroline yelled at her and called her a disgrace?  It was embarrassing for her.

There is an enormous support system in the autism community along with resources and connections to be shared.  I think that others should be aware of this. I want us all to connect. I believe that while one treatment may work for one child, it may not necessarily work for another. But by sharing the options that are out there, we may just find the missing pieces that help our children to recover.

I feel for Jacqueline, Chris and their son Nicholas.   I’m glad they are getting support.  If she were to drop this Teresa nonsense and concentrate her energies on her son she would be better off for it.

We chose to tell our story to People magazine because of their outstanding reputation and outreach. Did you know that People magazine reaches over 43 million viewers? That blew my mind.  To put that in perspective, In Touch magazine, who you are also familiar with, only reaches around 680,000.

Rather competitive sounding. Trying to make Teresa jealous?

I think we made the right choice of magazine and did the article for the right reasons AND without pay.

If Joe Giu is reading this, he probably thinks they’re stupid for not getting paid.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your understanding, compassion, resources, connections, and support! We are very grateful and we are optimistic for Nick’s recovery!

She’d probably get more sympathy and more fans on her side if she was neutral about Teresa and stayed away from Caroline.  Forcing her way into Teresa’s family issues to remain relevant is not healthy for her. They are going to have a hard road ahead.
Please donate or walk with me on “Team Laurita” for Autism Speaks or join me at the “Sparkle Speaks” event for Autism Speaks at the Brownstone on September 20th at 7:00pm.


Project Runway – Oh My Lord and Taylor

by BB

Alicia, Melissa, Sonjia, Elena, Fabio, Gunnar, Christopher, Dmitry, and Ven remain in the competition.

They meet with Tim and Bonnie Brooks at the Lord and Taylor flagship store.  Bonnie is the president of Lord and Taylor, which carries classic, tasteful clothing for generations of women.  To celebrate the 10th season of Project Runway, the designers will be creating a cocktail or evening dress.  The winning design will be the 10th piece of a 10-piece Project Runway Capsule Collection and be sold in Lord and Taylor (L&T). The other nine dresses are the winners from the previous nine seasons.  The winning design will be featured in the window of L&T on 5th avenue.  The dresses need to retail between $200 and $300 so the designers need to keep that in mind if their dress goes into production.

Christopher notices there are already seven cocktail dresses and only two gowns.  Christopher decides to make a gown.  Dmitry decides to make a simple dress because he says you can’t hide flaws in a simple dress.  Elena is uncomfortable making the L&T aesthetic.  She makes more edgy designs.  Christopher and Gunner both feel confident in this challenge.  Three of the women do not; Elena, Alicia and Sonjia.

The designers don’t go to mood.  They get their fabrics from the manufacturer of the L&T dresses.    The only concern Christopher has about his dress is that it will be similar to ones he has already designed.  Elena is already acting defeated and says it’s not her challenge.

Christopher is hoping his dress will stand out because he’s making a gown and it’s not completely black.  Alicia wants to make a dropped waist Chanel inspired dress.  She thinks the judges probably won’t like it but she doesn’t care.  Ven has worked with factories one-on-one and knows pricing.  Gunnar tries to make Elena feel better about this challenge because she’s psyching herself out.  She knows she needs to make something wearable, not avant garde or couture.  Sonjia thinks the guys are more feminine than the girls and that’s why they’re having an easier time.  Ven thinks men are stronger designers and women are more practical designers.  The other designers notice Christopher is doing his shredding technique – again.

Tim comes in to check on the designers’ progress.  He thinks Alicia’s dress looks a little Joan of Arc.  Alicia’s not upset about that.  He tries to calm Sonjia down because she’s seems to be a little lost and frustrated.

Tim likes the idea of Elena’s dress but it might not be cost effective.  Tim tells her Bonnie might decide her dress is not practical for mass production.  Elena is not used to designing for the mass market.  Elena is acting a little, should I say, snobbish about this challenge.  She’s acting like she’s too good to make these simple designs.  SHE CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY THE JUDGES DON’T REALIZE HOW UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT AND TALENTED SHE IS!  Oh, the injustice of it all!  It’s nice to be an artist when you design fashion, but you don’t want to be a starving artist.  Gunnar again gives Elena a pep talk.

Ven’s dress looks a little costumey with the flowery design on the front.  Christopher realizes he’s taking a huge risk with his dress, but if he wins, he wants to be known for his shredding technique.  Melissa is questioning her choice of fabric which is a shiny black brocade.  Her model walks in and likes the fabric of the dress, so she decides not to change it.  But it doesn’t fit properly so she’s going to have to remake it.  The women are struggling and the men and rolling along.  Melissa panics that she’s not going to have time to finish her dress.

Things don’t seem to have improved for the women the next morning.  Melissa is making Fabio nervous trying to finish her dress.  Tim reminds them they should be very careful using the L&T accessory wall.  Gunnar is finished and feels confident.  Sonjia is also running out of time.  Christopher tries to help Melissa as much as he can.  When Tim comes to tell the designers there are only 10 minutes left, most of the models aren’t even dressed.  Sonjia has a mini-breakdown.  Elena comes over to help her and Fabio finds it painful to watch.  Tim comes to get the designers and has to make Melissa and Sonjia leave the work room.  Sonjia is still freaking out and Tim tells her to “Channel her Inner Winner.”  That’s a new one.

This episode hasn’t been very enjoyable to watch.  I’m exhausted and the dresses haven’t even come down the runway yet.  I’m just going to go with my initial opinion as I see them.  Heidi pronounces Lord and Taylor as Lort and Taylor.  Just thought I’d throw that in there.  Fabio has immunity this week.  Let’s start the show.

I love Fabio’s dress.  Unique but still classic.  I really love Melissa’s dress.  It definitely stands out.  I like Gunnar’s dress OK.  Elena’s dress is not that classic and is not flattering to the model in my opinion.  Christopher’s dress looks understated and elegant.  I’m not crazy about Alicia’s dress.  I agree with Christopher that Sonjia’s dress looks a little eighties.  I hate to say it, but Ven’s dress looks very well made and classic.  OMG I love, love, love Dmitry’s dark grey silvery dress.

Sonjia, Ven and Dmitry are safe and leave the runway.  Dmitry and Ven try to figure out who the top and bottom designers are since neither of them are in the top. I really think Dmitry’s dress deserved to be in the top and maybe even Ven’s.  Maybe the judges don’t think they are as mass marketable as the others.  Ven’s was a little safe, but I really love Dmitry’s dress.  Sonjia is just happy she’s safe and I call her lucky.

Heidi informs the remaining six there are four high scorers and two low scorers among them.  Fabio explains his look first, which is a classic little black dress.  He is among the top four.  The judges think he made the asymmetrical dress well.  Nina thinks the dress is versatile.  The judges also liked Christopher’s pale pink topped gown with his trademark shredded look.  The judges think he needs to back off of the shredded look in the future since he’s done it so much.  Melissa also has a high score with her bronze, shimmery dress with the unique neckline.  Michael thinks she went a little too far with her symmetrical hemline.  Heidi thinks the dress is a show-stopper and Bonnie thinks it’s ingenious the way she made the neckline.

Gunner’s matte sequined black dress scored low.  Nina thinks it’s too expected and she’s seen that dress from him.  She doesn’t want to see it again.  Michael thinks it’s a typical evening dress and it’s kind of blah.  Elena scored high with her shiny black dress.  She breaks down in tears because she’s been struggling throughout the competition and she’s not been at the top.  Elena’s dress to me is not flattering, unique but not flattering to the model.  I think the judges like the uniqueness of the halter top.  Bonnie thinks it’s for a specific customer, but that customer exists.  I guess this means Alicia’s dress is one of the lowest scoring ones.  I agree with the judges on this one.   Heidi thinks the dress is pretty but she doesn’t like that Alicia says she doesn’t like to do feminine dresses.  The designers should think they can do anything.  Nina thinks it might look a little mature and dowdy.  Michael knows she likes structure and not frills, but thinks she either needed to go sporty or go dressy.  She didn’t do either.

I feel bad that Gunnar and Alicia are on the bottom.  Their dresses weren’t horrible.  As Heidi said, there were no train wrecks in this challenge.  I agree.  The judges discuss why they like the top four.  Heidi likes Christopher’s dress and the other three judges like Fabio’s dress.  They all agree Melissa’s dress would be the hardest to sell.  They also like Elena’s dress but it may not be for someone in the 35 and older demographic.

They really can’t say anything bad about Gunnar’s or Alicia’s dresses except little comments here and there.  I guess they have to send someone home.  Of the two dresses, I personally prefer Gunnar’s dress (but I’m in the older demographic).  Alicia’s dress just looked a little weird to me.  I can’t quite tell what it wants to be.

Christopher is the winner of the challenge.  I was sure Fabio was going to win.  Fabio, Elena and Melissa all leave the runway.  Alicia is in and goes back to the other designers.  Some of them are upset about it as they think Gunnar should be in.  Heidi informs Gunnar he’s not going home either.  None of the designers deserved to go home.  When he goes to the back, the other designers are moaning and consoling until Gunnar informs him he’s not going anywhere.

Next week is another team challenge (Ugh!) and it looks as if Elena and Dmitry don’t get along as teammates.


Daily Dose of Housewife News

Thanks Boston for sniffing out the scoop

What is wrong with LeAnn Rimes! – Jeesh – stop stalking Brandi already.  You already stole her man.  Yesterday LeAnn was reported to be in rehab for stress and anxiety – and tweeting up a storm.  Turns out she’s stressed because she thinks Eddie is cheating on her.  Duh.  Once a cheater – always a cheater.


Today we lean that she’s suing two women for taping a phone call with her.  And RadarOnline reports this “Right before the very public war, however, Rimes had a far more bizarre meltdown, going on a profanity-laced tirade against Kimberly Smiley who had stopped following the star on twitter.”  Seriously?  Shouldn’t she be shopping for bikinis?  



LuAnn De Lesseps- LuAnn just doesn’t get a break.  She’s sticking with her story that she didn’t bang the Johnny Depp look a like – but it sounds like Jacques doesn’t believe her.  Rumor has it that she won’t let him preview the episodes with her.  Good move LuAnn – that preview tape is the only way he’ll see it.  What are you going to do – take away his TV too?


Lynn’s Place poster Orson  has discovered that it really doesn’t matter since Jacques is her nephew.  At least that’s what the daily mail is reporting, and they wouldn’t get it wrong, would they?



Melissa Gorga might get a spinooff?  Not so fast.  If you read this article carefully, it looks like Teresa is being considered for a spinoff by Bravo – but when someone (probably Joey) asked Melissa if she’d consider a spinoff she said yes.  Okay?  So that’s the story?  #graspingatstraws



Move over Ramona Singer, Lisa Vanderpump is rocking a bikini in as she celebrates her 30th anniversary.



Aviva Drescher speaks out about why she called Sonja and Ramona white trash.



Theresa Giudice is in the news being quoted as saying that Caroline Manzo exudes an “unhappy, almost evil” energy.”   Really?  I hadn’t noticed.



Tamra Barney underwent a three hour surgery today for a hernia.  I wonder if Vicki brought her flowers?



NeNe Leakes was photographed having dinner with Kenya Moore – the (rumored) new Atlanta housewife.  Personally I was hoping for Rudy from the Cosby Family.  Looks like the Talls will have a new alliance mate with this former beauty queen.


NeNe has also released her own shoe line – Nethia – sharing this photo on twitter.

NeNe Leakes

I love this “Nethia” shoe! I’am very proud of it & created it myself 4 a great charity


Did LuAnn Cheat on Jacques

What do you think?

(ps thanks Ramona for the great idea)

Let’s do a poll Who thinks Luann just hung out with Tomas or did she do more than that ?


New Post on the Inspirational Page

Quotes of the Day by Mardog


About Veena (NMD)

Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: nomoredrama8@gmail.com. Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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406 Responses to Exclusive Interview with Slade Smiley Part 2 / Jaqueline Laurita Cast Blog Review / Project Runway / Housewife News

  1. BB says:

    Good morning, NMD and everyone. Thanks Ramonacoaster for taking one for the team by dissecting Jac’s blog. And thanks Boston for the funny visual. Also thanks, MarDrag for the inspirational quotes as they are a nice start to the day.

    • mardrag26 says:

      I am glad you think so BB! Thanks!

    • Stars99 says:

      And thanks to you for the Project Runway blog… I totally agree with you about Dimitry… I was SHOCKED when he didn’t at least get into the top 4… that’s crazy… And Christopher’s dress… while nice – I thought it kind of made the model’s ummm… upper lobes… ummm… kinda not perky…. Which is partially because designers seem to love to make dresses in which you can’t wear a brar… which can be tough on most of the public… that ummmm… welcomes that kind of support. {I tried really, really hard to be good….}

      • Pghemtchick says:

        Agreed on Dimitri. I don’t know why he’s not winning challenges. This isn’t the first challenge he’s been robbed of winning IMO. I like Christopher, but I’d buy Dimitri’s over his anyday. I guess Nina isn’t digging Dimitri. And omg why didn’t Gunnar go home. Lame 😦 thanks for the recap BB.

        • MamaZ says:

          Dimitri is a brilliant designer but I don’t think he understands the challenges. Like the open back dress for the office, and last nights dress wasn’t cocktail wear.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Stars99 – dying laughing over the “upper lobes”…LOLOLOL!!!

    • Ramonacoaster has a very good sense of humor, loved what she said about Jac’s rant er blog. Jac you have much more important things going on in your life. No need for lengthy explanations. Forget the Teresa/Caroline drama & focus on Nicholas. We will respect you so much more if you do that.

      Boston you are going to become famous for your pictures, luv them!

      Thanks BB for your blog too, enjoyed it.

      Someone should blog that convention that took place last night, I am still lol at Clint Eastwood & that empty chair!

    • Wait Jac has a blog? Sorry Ramonacoaster I scrolled past that part. HONESTLY I’m over her and RHONJ.

    • Mardrag, I’m enjoying your quotes of the day too, thank you!

  2. Eastbayca says:

    Morning NMD, blog is looking great.
    To all those who contribute to the blog, your work is greatly appreciated.

    • LizzieLou says:

      Yes, much appreciated! Great Slade interview as well!

    • Reallvhousewife says:

      I can’t believe how amazing this blog has been. Thank you to all who have kept it going and a great place for everyone to come together!

  3. JustDee says:

    Part 1 had me *almost* liking Slade, part 2 reminds me of why I DON’T. He could dislike Alexis & Jim without smearing them. (“I read it on the internet” – really Slade? That makes it a fact?)
    AND –
    “We did have a caring event on behalf of the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation. Jim did donate a nights stay for his hotel… that charity event was not for Grayson.”

    How nice. You had a charity event NOT for your dying son who needs money for operations.

    • He spoke his mind. I’ll give him that. I was surprised by how candid he was about what he thought about Jim.

      • JustDee says:

        Oh yeah. I appreciate him being candid.
        And a Big Thank You to Mr. Housewife!

        • Stars99 says:

          I am so not a fan of Slade or Jim… nor am I a fan of Gretchen or Alexis. However, I think that Slade really seems to love Gretchen… but it also seems that Gretchen really, really does NOT seem to love Slade, treats him really poorly, and talks to him incredibly condescendingly – at least based on the small window of their lives in which we get to see. I think it’s pretty unfair to talk about Jim’s business dealings in disparaging ways especially when it’s not part of the show at all… It has nothing to do with what we see in the footage. Slade’s business dealings or lack thereof HAVE been part of the show – and I’m so glad he set the record straight on it… although I’m confused, because I thought sometime during this season he or Gretchen had said he hadn’t made any money in the last 12 months or so… but this interview suggested otherwise – or maybe it was a different 12 months… who knows.

          I also hate the gang mentality when 3 or 4 housewives gang up on someone… just because it’s fun. I mean, who does that? I know it’s a TV that is all about creating drama… it’s been a while since that trip when they all ganged upon Alexis… and if I’m remembering correctly… wasn’t it all about how they thought she was so high and mighty, flaunted her wealth, and treated production people poorly? Ummmm…. are you freakin’ kidding me – they ALL are guilty of most of that… While I agree that how one treats others is a good indicator of their character… they all just seem to be so blinded to their own hypocrisy. They’re free to do and say whatever they please whenever they want… unless it was the previous seasons when Tamra wanted to tear Gretchen’s face off. It’s exhausting to me to try to make sense of this all… it really is… and perhaps I’m the biggest fool of all – trying to make sense out of utter nonsense.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            “Gretchen really, really does NOT seem to love Slade, treats him really poorly, and talks to him incredibly condescendingly””^^^^ I agree with that, Stars99 and it really bothers me about Slade and Gretchen that she is so rude to him. It bothers me that he allows it, when he has a mother who watches and also children. Does the man have no pride? Doesn’t he realize that it is demoralizing not only for him, but for his family members who really and truly love him (not Gretchen – I’m referring to his mother and children). Also, it’s interesting that Slade and Gretchen have a problem with the Bellino’s pretending to have more than they do whereas Slade and Gretchen pretend to have less than they do. They seem to be really careful…like when Gretchen’s ex died, she said she got very little or nothing (can’t remember exactly) and anytime talk of Slade’s income comes up; he MAKES NOTHING. Why is that? He is quick to say he doesn’t manage Gretchen, etc…that would mean he earns an income and I suppose with the support he owes and/or his child’s medical bills, he seems to want to perpetuate the notion that he is unable to earn any income at all.

            • Winston says:

              Glad you pointed out how they are both trying to act as if they have nothing. At least Jim Bellino takes care of and financially supports his wife and 3 kids which is more than I can say for Slade. I don’t know Jim but I tend to believe that IF he and Alexis ever divorced he would 100% provide for his children and respect and care for Alexis as the mother of his children.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                I am not sure what Jim Bellino would do. Most of the characters, on the OC show seem to be very shady, under the best of circumstance. I can not compare any one of them, to a better position, in this fast lane to the abyss. JMHO.

    • JustDee…I agree with you – the first part was okay – the second part reminded me why I can’t stand him…

    • No questions about Grayson, child support…..I’m disappointed. Why can’t Slade do SOMETHING for his son? I’m with you JD, Slade is a slick one, exactly why I never liked him from the very 1st episode. Mr. Housewife, you just stepped in a big ol’ pile of Slade.

    • Winston says:

      ITA, to me he sounds like a fool. He accused Brooks of having 4 kids with 3 different women (which is a lie, he has 3 kids with his ex-wife and 1 with an ex-gf) when he has 2 kids with 2 different women and if he had a kid with Gretchen he would be the one with 3 kids with 3 different women.
      He accuses Jim and Alexis of renting their house…SO WHAT!!! Where’s your house, Slade? Oh yeah, you live off of Gretchen.
      And haven’t you hooked up with 3 of the OC Housewives?
      His interview was filled with lies and false accusations.
      Dude needs a mirror!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Wow, no kidding.

        • I liked the Interview with Slade. He didn’t email it in like sneaky Jim did.
          I’ve watched RHOC since the first season. I have to admit this interview sounds very real to me. He’s explained how they film and he’s right it is like a night time soap opera. Filled with heros and villians.
          I’m glad he got the radio gig because now he CAN pay child support.
          As far as RHONY is concerned WHO GIVES A F*CK if Lulu did the whole island or not? It’s all for ratings. It makes me mad that bravotv is now featuring Lulu’s explainations. This IS semi scripted tv just for us.
          I’m losing what little patience I had left, after two kids with adhd I’m lucky to be sane. These shows are fast becoming boring to me. I’m so excited to watch The Exes (featuring Kristen Johnston), Revenge and Once Upon a Time is coming back next month.
          The semi cranky, home-bound, kneely wheely drivin, Mostly Sweet Diana

          • Winston says:

            So excited for Once Upon A Time!! I fell behind last season so I am happy to see it has come out on DVD.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I do agree that I give Slade more points than Jim for actually giving an in-depth interview as opposed to Jim, who just E-mailed either NO answers at all to questions or very vague and/or short answers to those questions he DID answer.

  4. LaineyLainey says:

    Good morning lads and lasses!!! Can’t wait to read the blogs and NJ blog recap/commentary! Have a great Friday!

  5. JustDee says:

    Re: Lulu – I TOLD y’all her vacation with Jacques was suspiciously timed! She SO didn’t want him seeing the show!
    And didn’t school just start? How many of you moms would plan vacation right after school started?

    • She is sooo busted. I don’t know why that makes me so happy!

    • Orson says:

      Money can’t buy class, but enough of it can allow you to ship your children off to whatever boarding school will accept them so you only have to “parent” them on weekends. Unless you’re busy.

      • BB says:

        And then you hire a “Mother’s helper.”

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Yeah, I remember she said she needed that “Mother’s helper” because she was going to be in the city during the week working on her “music career.” Yeah, right (more like working on banging your boyfriend and God knows who else!)!

      • mardrag26 says:

        Orson, I was reading comments somewhere else a few days a go and saw one that was so good, I will share it (tho I do not know the name of the poster to give credit to):

        “Elegance is slurred, my friend”

        That made me laugh out loud! A good one!

    • On the east coast school starts after Labor Day, and then drones on until practically the end of June for Pete’s sake, I personally Hate it. This is true for k – 12 th grade and even some colleges/universities. Meanwhile, the rest of the country is almost 4 weeks ahead of us. For people with kids in college and still in k-12 it’s nuts. They get barely 2 months off in the summer, with all the crazy schedules due to school. (some kid in school from late August until the kids still in k-12 are done late June).

  6. That’s one big shoe on the blog. I’ve got to figure out how to size the photos LOL!

  7. Powell says:

    Good morning. Happy Friday everyone. 😀

  8. BB says:

    Thanks Mr. Real Housewife for your efforts and for sharing the interview. Let’s just say I definitely need my blood pressure medication today as it left me a little frustrated.

    • I feel like everyone is left a little speechless by what he said. Most people here really like Alexis – so we’ll see what sort of feedback Slade gets – or if people will hold back and be polite. He’s a grown man. He knows when he puts this stuff out there – there will be a reaction.

      • PJ says:

        It is completely possible he is telling the truth.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          It’s the truth insofar as it is HIS TRUTH, perhaps? Everyone has their own unique “reality.” Perfect example: Luanne. What others saw as Tomas, she saw as a group of Italians. etc.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I agree, P.J.

          Look, Slade is not my favorite person. In fact, none of the OC Housewives particularly move me. I know I am in the minority, here, but there is something about Alexis that just “bugs” me (Despite that, I did not agree with her being ganged up on and bullied last season). The same goes for Jim.

          My instincts tell me that they are very disingenuous, and, when it comes to Jim, I just find the dude to be shady. I think they front and posture about how much money they really have and how well they are really doing. They are acting like there is a strong possibility that Alexis will not be back because they are “above” the antics on the show.

          In all honesty, I think, if Alexis is ASKED back, she will be there in a New York minute for the following reasons: 1) I honestly think they need the paycheck more than they let on; and 2) I think they are more famewhorish than they let on.

          Also, Jim hates the show so much. Yet, he writes several-page-long blogs about it. I think he is more into it and his wife being on it than he wants to admit. Also, he claims he no longer films because BRAVO edited him to make him look bad. I agree that BRAVO can manipulate and do some things with editing. However, I do believe that there were legitimate occasions where BRAVO caught and filmed Jim acting like the controlling, chauvinistic jackass that he can be to Alexis (and probably to others in general). JMHO.

          • MamaZ says:

            I agree about Jim. He is shady. I think Alexis is just really, really dim.

          • Love how Jim Bellino wants to control how he’s portrayed on the show, just like he controls Alexis (and she seems to need & like being controlled). Jim is shady, but so is Slade. No hard questions for Slade. I did like the interview, it was good to hear Slade’s thoughts. Overall, good job Mr. Housewife. You remind me of Larry King, the greatest at doing a “love fest” interview.

            Here’s a great little exchange between Mr. Housewife and Carole Radziwell:

            Carole Radziwill ‏@CaroleRadziwill
            @Lady—– @bravo—- No one smart believes anything on twitter. Its not journalism its social media. Meant for some good fun.

            25 Aug Mr. Housewife ‏@realmrhousewife
            @CaroleRadziwill @lady—— @bravo—– I actually really disagree with that. Social media is becoming news nowadays

            4:56 PM – 25 Aug 12 · Details
            Tweet textImage will appear as a link
            25 Aug Carole Radziwill ‏@CaroleRadziwill
            @realmrhousewife I some ways but what people tweet is not News. It is their opinion. What news outlets like @cnn tweet is the News.

            25 Aug Mr. Housewife ‏@realmrhousewife
            @CaroleRadziwill well that’s true. I love u on #RHONY btw. Would love a follow and I do interviews also. Would love to talk to u

            Mr. Housewife did get a follow from Carole, so cool! Here’s to more interviews for Mr. Housewife, I like him.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I think they (the Bellino’s) underestimated how negatively their supposed “traditional” values would be received by the viewers. IMO What they call traditional looks like chauvinism to the average viewer. He does not speak lovingly to his wife, nor does one get the feeling that she is treated as an equal. He takes on a tone of “teacher” or “authority figure” in the conversations I have seen. He doesn’t address her as though she is his intellectual or spiritual equal. He is the head of the household, and I can understand that; but guess what, Mr. Head? Your wife is your partner, not your child. Your wife probably earns more money than you. That’s not editing, Mr. Head. Does this mean I like Slade more than Jim? HELL TO THE NO!!! They both sicken me.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I know. I don’t really care for Slade or Jim.

              I also think, on some level, Alexis’ Christian beliefs and stance against gay marriage have caused BRAVO (and Andy Cohen) to treat her a bit unfavorably. Although I do not particularly care for Alexis, and I think she is a poser in many ways, she has a right to her beliefs (even though I, as a Christian myself, disagree with her stance on gay marriage. She is against it. I am for it. We are both still Christians.). She should not be punished by BRAVO (and Andy Cohen) for her beliefs.

              However, she SHOULD be punished for marrying Jim Bellino and for the fact that, when the wind blows, her head whistles (Just Kidding! 🙂 ).

              • Called A Princess... says:

                Yes… Alexis lets that man treat her in a disrespectful manner. He seems to have her permission. SMH!

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  Detox, in the picture of NeNe, the women with her looks like Jennifer from BBW’s. They are friends too. So I am not sure who is in that picture. IMHO.

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    That IS Jennifer from Basketball Wives. I can clearly tell the difference between Jennifer Williams and Kenya Moore, but, obviously, the people at WetPaint cannot (shrug).

          • PJ says:

            I agree there is something about Alexis that doesn’t ring true with me. But then I don’t care for any of the OC cast either.

            • I agree, I beleive it when they say Alexis is rude to what she believes are the “little people”. I see how her husband treats her and feel like she has to project that one someone one else.

  9. Powell says:

    NMD, BB, boston, MarDrag, Ramonacoaster, MTH, Detox and anyone I missed(I’m sorry), I can’t believe how quick you have gotten the hang of Lynn’s Place. Every day it is looking better and better and you keep coming up with fantabulous ideas to welcome us and bring new readers. All I can say is YOU ALL ROCK!! Lynn is smiling so brightly down on everyone. And NMD you now have 71 followers on Twitter. I’m proud to know you all. 😀

  10. Rebecca says:

    Has anyone heard of or read anything negative about Caroline or Jacqueline in InTouch?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Never, ever, ever, ever, ever EVER! Have I read anything negative in Intouch. Granted, I’ve never seen or read an Intouch magazine….

    • Pghemtchick says:

      There was the bully mag. I posted the quotes on Lynn’s blog. From what I recall most of the negative comments were about Joey and Melissa. There were direct quotes from Joe G calling Joey a monkey who won’t be there for his sister. I find it hard to believe a magazine can get away with quoting you if you didn’t say it somewhere. In the same article she was quoted as Kathy and Ritchie getting on her over mall trips and money.

      The whole thing is stupid. I don’t see why the need to lie about it. Obviously, these people aren’t her friends anymore so why lie/apologize. A simple, yep I did it so what or its none of your f$&@;!? Business would have worked.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I think people get miss quoted a lot in the press. You see it with politicians a lot. The press really likes to reconstruct a sentence so the the meaning of the quote becomes a totally different animal. Then if the subject, in the story complains, the story gets blown up even more. That is why I say that Reality press is just as crafty as a bravo edit. Teresa decided to take the money and run, and not look back, while the rest of the cast wants to parse out every word. For a story line? These Jersey people are not very savvy. IMO.

  11. What about that double-eyed photo Boston did. When I was a kid our museum had a tilted kitchen – it made us feel off-balanced. That’s what that photo does to me. Cracks me up!

  12. Eastbayca says:

    Is Aviva on a damage-control-tour or is she just out bashing Sonja and Ramona?

  13. Update to Post – I added a poll – at Ramona’s request (well her general request to the twitter world – but I’m on it!!)

    Ramona Singer ‏@ramonasinger
    Let’s do a poll Who thinks Luann just hung out with Tomas or did she do more than that ?

  14. vilzvet says:

    So glad this place is still here (great recaps of everything) but boggles the mind that Lynn is not. I wonder how her family is doing…I was just using her daughter’s lotion and thought of her…

    • I know. Sometimes it just hits me that she’s gone. 😦 But I’m glad we still have a place to hang out.

    • lizzle says:

      I was just thinking about Lynn’s reaction to Mr. Housewife’s interview with Slade. I wonder what she would have said, because she is/ was a supporter of Alexis and Jim. In regards to is/ was… I wonder if Lynn is still watching the housewives on the other side.

    • Just yesterday I was thinking about you vilzvet & hoping you would comment! Is Julia still doing her lotions? Maybe NMD can post a link here, I would like to give her some business.

      Miss Lynn…..she would have had so much to say about Slade, the St. Barts trip, RHONJ….RIP Lynn.

      • vilzvet says:

        Hey bluesky! Yes I’m here, in and out, thanks for thinking of me. This is still the place to be! I’m still using my original Julia’s bottle, and I really like it. Lynn always used to have the link at the bottom of her blogs (Julia’s Organics I believe).

  15. mardrag26 says:

    Good Morning! Wishing everyone a Fabulous Friday….and it is a long weekend too! (I hope for everyone). Stay safe and well.

    So appreciative to everyone who keeps the blog rolling. It is so good to have this community to come to every morning! Hugs!

    • Good morning. Thank you for all of the inspirational posts. What a blessing to have you in the Lynn Family

      • mardrag26 says:

        Awww, thank you NMD! You (and everyone here) are so special. I am honored that you welcomed me into the fold.

        I hear Lynn’s “voice” in all the posts. Such great writers….and I think her energy infuses us all as we gather here. I like to believe she is looking down and very happy with what is happening here. ((((Everyone!))))

  16. mardrag26 says:

    Awwww, thank you NMD! You (and everyone here) are so special. Thank you for welcoming me into the fold!

    I hear Lynn’s “voice” in all the posts. Such great writers, and I believe her energy infuses all we do here. I like to believe she is looking down and very happy to see what is happening here. ((((Everyone!)))))

  17. Poor Brandi –

    Brandi Glanville ‏@BrandiGlanville
    PLEASE remember that I have children involved in this madness, let’s STOP hating!!!!

    • MelTheHound says:

      That woman who stole her cheating husband is bat shit crazy. Did I read above that now he’s cheating on her too? and she’s Surprised by that?

      • mardrag26 says:

        So true MTH. And it looks like this situation is going to spiral so much farther out of control before it ever gets better. If “Bonus Mom” was such a good person, she would be thinking of her “Bonus Kids” before she did any of this nonsense. I feel for Brandi & the kids.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I do too.

          I still think this is a ploy by LeAnn. She has now filed a lawsuit against the “twitter hater” she called who recorded the phone call and released it to the media. Laws differ in states. In some states, you must have BOTH parties consent to record a phone call. In others, you do not. LeAnn will still have to prove that this caused her damages and emotional distress. What better way to prove damages and emotional distress than to have to been so distressed that you had to seek professional treatment for this stress somewhere?

          Also, what better way to possibly gain public sympathy and get them to buy the new album you have coming out?

          And, if the rumors are true (maybe they are NOT true), what better way to prevent “The National Enquirer” from cominng out with a detailed story about how your husband has been cheating on you. How could a tabloid print such a story when this poor woman is in treatment for anxiety and stress?

          LeAnn gives me the creeps.

          • mardrag26 says:

            Ahhhhh Detox. This makes so much sense! You nailed it! Especially the law suit/ rehab thing. I also read that it is not a “typical” rehab facility (for addictions, etc.) and she will only be there on weekdays. She gets to keep her phone and go home on weekends. Sounds like a spa to me.

            And if all she needed was some help working through her stress and anxiety, why not quietly go to a therapist and learn coping tools.

            What a crock! I distrust her even more now, if that is possible.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              LeAnn Rimes do something QUIETLY? Ever since she got with Eddie Cibrian, I am not sure the woman is even capable of doing ANYTHING quietly anymore (except sell records. I heard her last album went cardboard).

  18. LavaLady says:

    I am surprised by the use of the words ” recover and recovery” in Jac’s blog re: Nicholas. I know with therapy and early intervention, children can overcome many of the symptoms of autism, but is it possible to actually recover from it?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I certainly have compassion for her on this, but it is irresponsible of her to put that type of language out there. I don’t look up to her for anything, but on the off chance someone does… I don’t want to judge her on this topic. But I don’t understand how/why she would use those words in regards to his recent diagnosis.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Yeah, I don’t get it – I understand teaching them skills to cope, compensate, adjust…but I don’t think that you ever just don’t have autism anymore. I have to wonder about Jackie’s support network.

      • LavaLady says:

        I am in no way an expert on autism, but I have worked with austic children on occasion for my job. I leaned certain techniques to help keep them on track, cope with noise overload, and deal with other children. I just hope Jac is dealing with this in the right way, accepting it and trying to find the best therapies for her son. I read the People article, and she did mention starting ABA, etc. I wish them all the best, but I think, despite their optimistic outlook, that she has a difficult road ahead.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hi LL, I had same questiom. No first hand knowledge but I never heard the word recover when discussing autisim. Only one group of people that I am aware of that claims to “cure” autisim (along with everything else) is Scientology. lisa

      • LavaLady says:

        Maybe someone out there knows, but didn’t Jenny McCarthy claim to “cure” her son of autism. I’m not a fan of hers at all, and I remember she was making herself out to be an “expert” on autism. But I also think maybe her son didn’t have a definite diagnosis of autism.

        • MamaZ says:

          You can’t cure autism any more than you can cure Downs Syndrome or Cerebal Palsy. But you can lessen symptoms and make improvements in all three. Early intervention is the key but even then not all children will respond to treatment.

          • grandmadebi says:

            good day all, my daughter was finally diagnosed as high functioning autisic asperberger but befor that she had many dx and treatments. i and my son had to work with her daily to get her to cope with her world. it worked because now she is 35yrs with a masters degree and happily married but she wasn’t cured she still is autistic. now when she is stressed and it starts showing her hubby or i will say “your asp is showing” and she knows to use one of her many coping tricks to come back to “midline”. there is no normal!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Yes, yes…I remember about Jenny and her son getting “cured”. that’s it. nothing more to add.

            • mardrag26 says:

              Wow grandmadebi….I am sorry your family had to go through this….but what an inspiring story. It is good to hear of the success of your efforts and your daughters full life!

              • grandmadebi says:

                ty but i’m not sorry. it all went to make our family what it is today. now she’s trying to get pregnant and since her hubby is a prof of genetics they know what the possible challenges will be but know it’s worthwhile.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Grandmadebi – your daughter has achieved more than most people. You must be very proud of her and of the family effort (you and your son) it took to help your daughter. Mardrag is right, you and your daughter (and son) and now her hubby are so inspiring.

    • Lulu says:

      Nope no recovery. Depending on the spectrum of autism they can lead as close to “normal” lives as possible.

      • Rebecca says:

        Unfortunately, having camera crews in your house and a mother who drinks herself silly and worries too much about ex-friends can’t be “normal” for little Nicholas.

  19. plainviewsue says:

    Hey. I didn’t read the recap of Jac’s blog yet, cos I wanted to comment first on the Slade interview.

    Kudos for the interview, but I thought Slade was a slimeball from season one on, and this still has not changed for me.

    He said in Part one of the interview that we saw how he was a dedicated father in season one and the reason he broke up with Jo was cause she still wanted to party. It’s easy to be a dedicated father when money is not an issue. When he still was making a very good salary. Gretchen doesn’t like to party??? Slade wants to be famous. Gretchen joins the OC. Sadly, her fiancee passes away. The next season, there is Slimey.

    Grayson’s mom tweeted yesterday that the insurance company turned down the request for his operation, which I think means, the boy will die soon. But by all means Slade, take the time to bash the one and only friend Gretchen had for two seasons on the show. Yippee, Tamra invited her to the cool girls group, so now you get to hang out with the wealthy Dubrows.

    Instead of Gretchen tweeting about Alexis copying her new haircut (which looks nothing like hers) maybe she should think about her boyfriend’s child.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to go on, but he and Gretchen are two of the phoniest people ever. Just my opinion.

    Now to go read the recap!!

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      She’s certainly putting a lot of effort into keeping this in the media, isn’t she?

    • lizzle says:

      LeAnn, LuAnn … it’s hard to keep all this cheating straight. Even Reality Tea slipped and said LeAnn at one point. I am surprised at LuAnn the prude… but not LeAnn the crazy train… cause she always seemed unstable to me. The lovey dovey act with Eddie C always seemed so staged and over the top. Now that I think about it, the lovey dovey stuff with Jacques and their future baby… seems equally staged. Two women who are desparate to stay in the limelight.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        There is nothing new in this article concerning LuLu and the pirate. She is not talking to all these different reality news people. They are simply writing and rehashing this story about her. I read her making several key statements, and then several websites creating their own little story. These people feed off one another. IMO.

  20. lovemamaearth says:

    It finally got to the point where I had to sit Jim down for lunch and I said, “We’re not gonna do this anymore. The girls are not going to talk business.” A lot of what we do is proprietary and we feel like it’s becoming a usury relationship.” I told him “it feels like you only call us when you want information and I’m not gonna do that anymore.”
    I’m still reading but I think that’s bs. Proprietary. Poooey

    • Belle says:

      ITA. Plus, “usury” refers to exorbitant interest rates. WTF?

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        LOL. I know. I guess he was trying to be fancy and sound smart. He should have just said, “Gretchen and I feel like you guys are using us, and we know absolutely NOTHING about USING people OURSELVES.” (My tongue was firmly in my cheek as I typed that last part).

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Detox, that is just it. Slade and Wretchen want to get over on people, but they do not want the same behavior, in return. The problem is that that is not how Universal Law works. You get what you put out to the world. IMO.

  21. plainviewsue says:

    Now for Jacq. This season is like sludging through dirt. I cannot stand it.

    The latest rumor to go round now is that Teresa told Jacq that Dina said Nicholas’s autism is karma. Some tweeter who is very very anti-Teresa supposedly has a “reliable” source. I then heard that her source is Melissa’s hair stylist, who has supposedly tweeted a lot of negative stuff about Teresa.

    I would like to believe that this is not true. I cannot imagine Dina saying that. But, to play devils advocate, could that of been the emails that Caroline was talking about?? I can’t believe that Dina would email something like that.

    A lot of negative stories (including this one) has come up on radar online. I believe Jacq is their source, as well as Melissa and her sisters.

    I really don’t want to sound cynical, but everything seems to be “falling into place” for the take down of Teresa at the reunion. First, after all this time, Jacq finally tells the world in an interview that Nicholas has autism. Right before the filming of the reunion. Now, this rumor comes out, which if true (and I don’t believe it is) would destroy the friendship of Teresa and Dina. Which is just what the Red Queen wants.

    Caroline put out the rumor that Mel was a stripper (and if she was, who cares). The finale will want to show that Teresa is the reason that rumor comes out.

    I wish that Teresa would tell them to all go f*ck themselves and not show up at the reunion.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      PVS, You just said everything I have been thinking! The timing, to deflect potential q’s about her finances or whatever else at the reunion. Treat her with kid gloves, her son is having “issues” So J can sit on the couch & declare I never got paid. I would like T to go to reunion & for every q about her life she tells Andy I will only answer if you ask J the same question. I hope T brings up the noshow job that carried Clowns entire family’s health insurance for years. But, thats just me. Lisa

    • MamaZ says:

      I can believe Dina said that. And she may not have even meant it the way it sounded. Dina seems to have this new age idea of what karma & Buddhism are all about but with no real understanding. She may have been talking about them continuing to try having a child after so many problems. Or possibly because of Jaq’s poor relationship with Ashley.
      I only say this because I have heard some people saying that others have “earned” illnesses like cancer. They don’t always even mean earned in the sense of deserving either. But because they have high stress levels or anxiety.

      And also because Dina can be a real b***h!

      • Lisa Renee says:

        MamaZ, I am not even factoring in what dina said or didn’t say. I wasn’t there & no one is going to admit it, to me its a wash. My thing is the timimg of J. I am watching it play out, not based on hesaid/shesaid & with out editing. Very convienant to me. Lisa

        • MamaZ says:

          I agree about the timing. Plus both Jaq and Caro have said some nasty things about their own daughters on camera so maybe they shouldn’t be so quick to jump on anything other people have to say.

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Never could rationalize as an observer why those mother/daughter conflicts were played out on TV. If child did not sign the contract, not a good mom look. Lauren was of age & not new to her mom’s “style”, must be brutal to hear your mom equate your weight with your personality “old lauren back”, nevermind the azzhole drop of sunshine the Don was just spewing. Good Times, lisa

          • LaineyLainey says:

            good point mamaZ

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I’m totally exhausted by this season of RHONJ myself, Sue. I cannot wait for it to be over.

      With regard to this latest rumor, I did not believe it when I first heard it. Now that I know that it comes from Melissa’s hairstylist, I DEFINITELY know that it is a LIE and pure B.S. being put out to further vilify Teresa and to break up the friendship between Dina and Teresa (For some reason, I think Dina and Teresa’s friendship drives Caroline mad!). That hairdresser has, for months and months now, been tweeting and saying some of the most vicious and nasty things about Teresa and Joe. It has gotten so bad that people have pleaded with Melissa to ask him to stop. Yet, she refuses. She claims she cannot control what she tweets. You mean to tell me you have no control over a man whose paychecks you sign and with whom you are most likely in constant contact? Melissa does not stop him because he is doing her dirty work (It’s the same situation with her nasty sisters and their constant nasty tweets). Melissa CONDONES what he says. That is why she does not put a stop to it.

      Also, like you, I believe Jac is the source for more than one publication/blog. She loves running her mouth. I believe she has put out very nasty and negative information about, not only Teresa, but Dina as well. I also believe that Jac is the one who told Danielle about Dina forging her ex-husband’s signature to allow her daughter Lexi to be on the show the first season. I think Dina knows this, and I think she knows how Jac operates, which is why she really wants nothing more to do with Jac. I also think that, during their friendship, Jac told Danielle LOTS of secrets about herself and the Manzo’s and the Laurita’s (and probably the Giudice’s too), which is why she was so adamant about Teresa NOT talking to her. JMHO.

      At first I thought that it was only BRAVO who set Teresa up in the end to look like she engineered the outing of Melissa’s past as a stripper. After last week’s episode and this latest twitter rumor, I think Caroline may have had some involvement as well. Last week, she said her husband would “destroy” Joe Giudice. That seems to be Caroline’s M.O.: discredit and DESTROY her enemy (not just leave them alone and simply have nothing more to do with them….you know…like a NORMAL person?).

      • Called A Princess... says:

        But Reality NORMAL is a different normal. IMO.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I suppose you have a point, CAP. I still think Caroline is a bit unhinged lately — even in the reality arena of crazies.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Detox, were we separated at birth?????????????? Cos we sure do think the same!!


        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          We just might have been, Sue! My parents are very mysterious about the circumstances of my birth (I always thought it was because my Mother was knocked up when she got married…but….there could be different angle to the story entirely….Hmmmmm….). 😉

    • Rebecca says:

      Teresa and Jacqueline have not been speaking in a year. I doubt she would betray her real friend Dina, godmother to her littlest daughter, and say something like that to Jacqueline. I’m calling shenanigans on this rumor.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        They are probably going to say that Teresa said it while Teresa and Jac were still speaking and Nicholas had just been diagnosed.

  22. lovemamaearth says:

    I hear there are only a handful of sites that will even talk to them anymore. It makes them seem very desperate to be seen in the media and for someone like Jim who says he has quit the show and he doesn’t want Alexis doing the show they sure seem to be spending most of their time running to media or blogging about the show. Gretchen and I just decided to focus on what we are doing. I wish them a lot of luck and I hope they find success. If Alexis chooses to come back this season, I think it’s gonna be an even harder season on her than it was the season before.
    MRH: Yeah, especially now that she and Gretchen have stopped speaking as much- or at all.
    Slade: Well, they stopped speaking but everything keeps coming out about them.
    1. he seems to be calling it both ways and it’s not possible.
    2. yes two women will make sure Alexis’ next season is harder. They’re the ones who made the last one harder for no good reason other than jealousy. Lex got the Fox bit and Gretch didn’t. jmho

  23. lovemamaearth says:

    lol at the poll. I think more than talk happened with Lu and Tomas but I don’t care. Lu could swim to Cuba and I wouldn’t care.

    MRHW great coup on getting the interview. I liked Slade better before today’s interview. I find him even more dishonest than he was portrayed ever before—jmho. Thanks for doing it.

    Great blog NMD. I’ll get Newsroom done today. (Miss you Lynn. I hope you’re smiling.)

  24. PJ says:

    As to what Teresa said about Don Caralone I always thought that Caroline exuded a very negative and hateful energy. I mean look at her face I see no softness or kindness there just all hatefulness and ugliness of spirit. I think she is still pissed that Teresa won that meatball contest on that morning show they were on..

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hi PJ,

      After last season and this season, I have grown to DETEST Caroline, but I must be fair. It was Caroline who actually won the meatball contest on “The Rachel Ray Show” (the same show where Teresa joked and called Caroline “as Italian as The Olive Garden,” and Caroline laughed heartily. Suddenly, when Teresa said the SAME thing in her cookbook, Caroline found it to be a purposefully, hateful insult from Teresa. Why the change?) I agree with you that Caroline exudes a very negative and hateful energy, and it comes out in her face.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        It spews out of her mouth as well, which technicaly is part of her face. So yes, I agree with both of you.

      • VV says:

        All of that negative energy is encoded in her Bitter Clown DNA. She can’t help it.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I’m not sure, VV. I think that may have been a genetic mutation that started with Caroline. Chris Laurita never appears nasty. Dina could be a little snobby at times, but she never struck me as mean or nasty. Her brother Jamie seemed like a sweetheart.

          Caroline does seem to have passed this genetic mutation down to Lauren and, sometimes, Christopher, though. I actually kinda like Albie at times.

      • PJ says:

        Hmmmm I thought it was Teresa that won, oh well maybe Caroline is pissed that she won.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Detox, Albie’s tongue seems to be getting heavier by the episode. It is starting to become hard to understand him, when he speaks. I do not think he is very comfortable with the bash Teresa story line. JMHO.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            You know what, CAP, I kinda get that feeling too. Out of the Manzo kids, Albie seems to be the one most interested in breaking free and doing his own thing. I think he’d be happier. JMHO.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          LOL, PJ! Caroline does seem pissed off at every damned thing, doesn’t she?

  25. lizzle says:

    Thanks for all the recaps/ funny stuff/ interviews/ inspiration/ comments etc that everyone is providing every day. I really appreciate everyone’s effort in keeping Lynn’s memory and community alive! And to NoMoreDrama… for someone who is figuring out wordpress… you are doing an amazing job. I wouldn’t have known where to begin with all of this… you truly are amazing! This blog makes me smile when I need to smile the most.

    As for the Slade interview, I loved it! He was so open and honest (regarding his perspective) which I appreciate. I wish more reality peeps would be so candid!

  26. MamaZ says:

    Thoughts on Project Runway

    I loved Fabios’ dress too but it I thought it could have used a bit more drama in the styling.

    Melissa’s dress was gorgeous but it would only look good on certain types.

    Sonjai’s dress may have seemed 80’s but peplums have made a big comebac recently. At the time it was filmed Sonjia was being “fashion forward” and the others didn’t even realize it.

    Ven’s dress looked matronly to me and I am more tired of his signature flower detail than the other designers were about Christophers shredding technique.

    Dmitry’s dress was beautifully designed but in that color it was too severe for cocktail hour. I would wear that dress to business dinners. All his designs are pretty severe.

    I hated Elana’s dress and agree that it didn’t flatter her model at all.

    Gunnar – I think he got the bitch edit early on because he continued to be a sweetheart this episode. His dress wasn’t all that original but I thought it was beautiful. I would wear that to a cocktail party.

    Alicia’s dress didn’t flatter her model either. I loved when Michael Kors said it looked like a field hockey uniform! She should have been sent home.

    Christophers dress was beautiful. I loved the pale pink with the black. But I thought it look almost unfinished where the two fabrics joined. I would have liked to see a belt.

  27. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Thank you so much, Everybody, for another great blog!! I loved the interview, the recaps, the blog breakdown, the poll and the inspirational page. I think Lynn would be very proud.

  28. Good Morning everyone, I will be away from the blog this morning. I volunteered to do some ‘service hours’ for my daughters preschool to get it ready for the start of school. I just wanted to thank everyone for their blogs this morning. I can’t wait to read them all- and everybody’s comments.

  29. Powell says:

    Rralr Housewife thanks for part 2 of your interview w/Slade but quite frankly Slade was kinda confusing in part 2, or is it just me?

    • Powell says:

      Real Mr. Housewife

    • Orson says:

      No, it isn’t just you. He went a little back and forth.

      • BB says:

        I like it when Slimey says he feels bad for the Bellinos then SLAM! WHAM! BAM! I haven’t really seen anything they’ve done to Slade or Gretchen to deserve that kind of public bashing. Don’t particularly like any of the OC soap opera “charatcters,” but that was a little harsh in my opinion.

  30. grandmadebi says:

    i loved the articles but what i love the most is the way lynn’s spirit lives on. you all have done a fantastic job and i know lynn looks down with a very loving smile. i think about quincy and wish all differences could have been resolved. i know she feels she got some nasty e-mails from lynn but lynn always denied it and i believed lynn. we have seen the how ppl can pose as anyone and send e-mails etc. i’m sure lynn’s death hurt quincy as much as it has hurt us. love to all, debi

  31. SoutheastVA says:

    Hi everyone. Great interview Mr. Housewife.
    Note: The lady pictured with NeNe is not Kenya Moore but Jennifer Williams of Basketballwives.

    • BB says:

      Good catch. I see some comments on WetPaint’s article correcting it. You would think WetPaint would make the correction after getting those comments.

  32. Kansas Girl says:

    Bests hurricane ever, here. Light winds, perfect temps. Cloudy. No rain yet. Just perfect. I think we should all evacuate and go home. (But no one agrees with me.)

    • BB says:

      Nice try. Lol! At least it’s Friday.

      • Orson says:

        It’s Friday, Friday
        Gotta get down on Friday
        Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend

    • Kansas Girl says:

      LOL. Teachers and students are now crowded inside the exit door, waiting for the rain to quit. They might as well order pizza. They’ll be there for hours. It’s a hurricane! (and they laughed at me when I gleefully said “Hurricane!!!”)

  33. Lulu says:

    Hi all!!! Great blog!!! Thank you to NMD, Boston, BB, Ramonacoaster and Mardog!!

    Ok so I’m officially confused! Jacque is Luann’s nephew??!?!?!??! Is that a joke?

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Maybe he’s her “nephew”. Ya know what I mean, nudge, nudge.

    • Orson says:

      So much potential there for snarky comments, huh? I feel like a professional baseball player stopping to watch a T-ball game. Sometimes it’s just too easy, you know?

    • Countess Lillybee says:

      there was another boy in that picture who could have been the cousin. I think that the article forgot to use a comma.

  34. shamrock blonde says:

    thank you all so much for the blogs!!! – thanks for the second part of the Slimey interview MRH, but all it did for me was confirm what I alread believed – he is a slime ball –

    Boston – that picture!!!!!! – my eyes!!!! – too funny!! – but very appropriate for Jaq’s manifesto –

    as for T – please don’t come to the reunion – please don’t give them what they want – a chance to attack you – they are so looking forward to it, taking pleasure in it – deny them –

    my love to you all – I know Lynn is watching – both the shows and us – and she is so happy and so proud – I feel here all the time –

    *hugs the entire board really hard*

    • NightLight95 says:

      Maybe Tre can have one of those infamous meltdown. (Cry over some raw onions 🙂 )

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Maybe Teresa should have representatives go in her place to the reunion instead to argue her position since she seems to get so flustered. I do not usually get flustered when making an argument; however, even the best debater would get flustered when you have more than 1 person coming at you and attacking.

        I nominate this gentleman to take on Caroline Manzo (Full Disclosure: I saw this on SH’s website. So, I want to give her credit because SH goes BATSHIT if you do not give her full credit. Never mind that this gentleman was on youtube first. In the spirit of full disclosure, I also want to say that this is NSFW. So, those of you who are still at work or near small children, please turn your volume down. This video is only about a minute long).

        My nominee for Teresa’s representative to argue on Teresa’s behalf against Caroline (P.S.: He also has a couple of opinions about Melissa, which Melissa might even consider flattering):

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Yes!!!!! He should sit next to her a the reunion.

        • Noelle says:

          Awesome! Spot on and straight to the point!
          I’m in total agreement; he should definitely be T’s represenative @ the reunion!!

          Four against one is going to be ugly, and T gets verbally flustered with one, three more piling on is going to be horrendous!! Girlfriend needs help, I hope she seeks it before the reunion to shut those jealous hens down or refuses to film with them. Don’t go there, or film a segment seperately, what’s there to be hashed out that hasn’t. At this point, Teresa needs to shut them and their rhetoric down. IMO best thing to to is don’t show up and if you do…don’t take the bait!! Please!!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I agree Noelle. Here are the following options that might work for Teresa at the reunion:

            1) film her segment separately (the way she did on “The View” when Kathy and Melissa were also on);

            2) refuse to show up at all (I cannot see Teresa doing this for some reason. She would be well within her right, but something tells me that the fighter in her would want to show up. I’m a fighter too, but I believe in picking my battles. I also believe in sometimes going back to that old African saying: “Phuck ’em!” My attitude would probably be, “These crazy heifers are not even worth my time! I’m not showing up for that mess! I will be home brushing my teeth with the Pearl Brite for which I am the spokesperson; then leisurely washing and conditioning my hair with the hair products for which I am the spokesperson; then getting dolled up with my own makeup line; then signing copies of my NY Times’ best sellers for my fans while awaiting the several guests I have invited over for a party, and then, after their arrival, eating some of the recipes I have cooked from my best sellers and also drinking tons of my Fabellini that they cannot keep off the damned shelves! BLACKWATER, You say? BWAAAAAAHHAAAHAAHAA. But….I can be a BITCH like that at times. Just sayin’;

            3) be shot up with a drug that allows her to remain calm and say, over and over, “I am so sorry I hurt your feelings and you feel that way. I love you _______ (insert each of those other b*tches names here. Of course, it would be a lie, but who cares? This sh*t is t.v. gold!)” with a smile and to continue smiling while the others get more and more infuriated and go batshit on her (thereby making them look crazed and making her product sales go up even further);

            4) be fitted with an earpiece that allows her blog writer to speak into her ear throughout the reunion so she can handle the attacks and handle that smiling Devil, Andy Cohen;

            5) or, for a slightly different approach that will ABSOLUTELY SLAY THOSE BITCHES, be fitted with an earpiece that allows Joan Rivers (who has been paid to watch every single episode and take notes at length to help Teresa at this Reunion) to tell each and every single one of those women EXACTLY how hypocritical and shady they all are and to reveal every single one of their OWN skeletons (Bodyguards would, of course, have to intervene several times and some of the women would probably run screaming from the room at times. BUT…the ratings would be THROUGH THE BRAVO ROOF!!!).

            Why in the hell am I writing all of this sh*t down on a damned Friday night!!?


            • Noelle says:

              I Love It!! LMAO!!
              You need to be #3, 4, and 5!!
              Hail to the “DETOX!!” 😀
              Amen, amen and amen!!

        • plainviewsue says:

          Detox, I saw this on twitter. I laughed out loud. I went to tweet SH’s and it turns out she blocked me! I have never tweeted her before or commented on her blog.

          • Noelle says:

            SH is a nasty piece of work. (She used to post on Lynn’s blog as waxdiva)
            She has good info every now and then but basically posts redundant info along with video downloaded from her iphone. LOL!!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            That’s the thing about SH. She has really good info and other things on her blog. She also seems to HATE everyone equally. So, her articles tend to, in my opinion, not really be in favor of one person or the other so much. I mean, she can say some nice things about the housewives, but she will also say mean things about those very same housewives. So, I don’t think she has any favorites.

            However, she is VERY bitchy, and can be quite mean to her commenters if you do something to piss her off. The thing is, though, you never know exactly what is going to set her off. It’s like it changes from day to day. I don’t know if it’s because she is on different medication on different days or WHAT!

            So I do not DARE comment there….but I LURK LIKE CRAZY and just allow myself to enjoy!!!

            I think she and Lynn got into it or something. I do not know the history behind that. That could be why she has you blocked, though. If I were on twitter, that heifer would probably have me blocked too (But she still can’t stop me from READING there whenever the hell I want to!! So there!! *Sticks tongue out at SH and gives her the finger*). Consider it a badge of honor (shrug).

            • Noelle says:

              She’s making $$ off her blog that’s why she poaches off others (Tmz, rumorfix..blah, bla, bla.) She breaks up her blog in to individual stories to get more hits and to make it appear she’s getting so many peeps. Nutcase!

              She make’s fun of posters and their grammar, and will not allow questions or posting links!
              If a poster disagrees with her she posts their info and says “POOF” your out of here.

              The Final Straw was when Lynn passed. I read there was @least 20 peeps “POOFED”
              Not only did she ‘poof’ posts that spoke of Lynn’s passing, but also edited Ramona and Carolle’s blog to omit Lynn’s passing. Also edited Alex’s “Rumor-fix”…no mention of Lynn.
              Without Lynn, your so-called blog would be non-existienent!!

              Lynn gave you your start…..and this is how you repay her??
              For Shame.

  35. We need honesty and answers. says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Okay, there has been much talk on twitter and Facebook that people are upset because they have tried to comment here and their comment is in moderation and never posted. People feel as if the person here just took it upon her self and said this is the new lynnNchicago blog and that no one really got a say and only certain people are allowed to comment. I have witnessed it first hand. I tried to leave a comment here before, I thought to my self, this can’t be on purpose, maybe they aren’t commenting right? I commented on my phone which comes up as a different I.P. and the comment was general, just commented on the post. said nothing bad, I think I said, I agree with you. Surely enough, comment went in to moderation, okay, I see why that would be, your approving all comments or a commenter must have a previous approved comment. but to not post it when nothing wrong was said, just an I agree with you, I mean come on? Lynn was not like that at all. Anyone was welcome as long as you were respectful.

    This is the thing. Sadly WE ALL LOST LYNN, not just the 30 or so people that are allowed to comment on this blog. Lynn’s blog was open for anyone to comment until they crossed the line. I know this blog was put together at last minute, I do enjoy reading it, on the other hand, you see Lynn fam, it’s like, no, only a select VIP people can comment. I do understand that it’s work to have a blog, but also you have understand the other side.
    I really hate to be lied too. I talked to someone who has a wordpress blog. They said how commenting works you can I said above and/or;
    -Approve all comments
    -Commenter has to have a previous comment approved.
    Then if some idiot crosses the line, there is a blacklist that you can put an email address and or the I.P. and those comments will be blacklisted i.e. go to SPAM.

    We do know that the people that comments do show up had to be approved at one time. So it can’t be you’re learning the commenting section because I even opened a blog as a test and I saw for my self. Oddly enough one person who commented here when you first opened the blog, her comment is no where to be seen and she just commented about missing Lynn.

    People are really upset. People are saying how can you call it the Lynnfam blog when only certain people can comment, people have made tributes, pages, wrote stuff and none of it is here at all.
    So, if your intention is to have this blog for certain people then be honest about it. The truth will set you free.
    I feel like an idiot, I don’t even want to use my name because I don’t what is going on and from what I see, I really do give people the benefit of the doubt, but from my personal experience, it seems like only 30 or so people out of 1000’s of people can comment. Not right.
    I know though something is up here and someone isn’t being honest. There is no way that only 50 people who were regulars on Lynn’s blog and their comments aren’t posted but only certain people can.
    I think the people who run this blog should answer this honestly.

    • catmom1 says:

      For what it’s worth, I don’t consider myself a regular poster. I’ve followed Lynn since hubpages. After having my first post accepted and getting out of moderation at this site, I haven’t run into any problems posting.

    • You got posted, so did some other people with the same beef on an earlier blog. So?? If you have something useful to contribute, stay. If you just are here to disrupt, please GL.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      I guess I’m missing all this on Twitter. Which is possible since I’ve been out of the loop. I guess I fail to see what’s wrong with the first comment hitting moderation since NMD and LadyC are both keeping that running (to my understanding). I guess since I’m here I’m a VIP. I’d say first time VIP, but that’d be a lie. Do I get a card in the mail? Make it sparkly please. I’ve seen a lot of former lurkers and new people post here, so I’m confused. I love that people have come out of lurking to chat and get to know everyone better. I don’t know how the site is ran, but the love/respect that Lynn’s blog had-I feel here. I know there have been people who were either banned at Lynn’s or left after a fallout who came back. Two received well wishes (one I’m happy to see with her kitties missed ya) and one male grifting/lying/immature person didn’t receive open arms. Part of being a part of a community remembering Lynn is remembering the hell some people put her through. I’d be happy if he never showed his face here again. I hope you and whoever else is having issues figures it out as minus the one example I haven’t seen anyone turned away. Good luck

    • BB says:

      Hello there. Did you use the same e-mail address the other times as you did for this post? If so, then I can’t figure out how this comment got posted and the others did not. I don’t know that much about wordpress, but I do no that I’ve been in moderation a couple of times. Of course the first time I commented I was in moderation, and then a couple of times when I’ve entered the wrong e-mail address or password. Yes, each time I initially log onto the site and comment, I have to enter my password. I’m sure if you send an e-mail to NoMoreDrama8@gmail.com, she will be glad to address your concerns personally as I do not know exactly how it works. I can assure you that this blog is not restricted to 30 or so posters. Thanks.

    • Delighted says:

      There has to be some mistake. A glitch or something. Lynn and this group would never want you or anyone else to feel excluded.

    • justanothermary says:

      I have never had a problem posting here and I doubt I would be considered a VIP by any stretch of the imagination. There’s going to be a few glitches with anything new. Please hang in there and know that the people who are working so hard on this blog are doing so in Lynn’s memory and would never do anything to squash the spirit of Lynn that lives on here.

      • Nancy says:

        I disagree with you. You are very much a VIP around here. 🙂
        Nice to see you again. xoxo

    • TT in OC says:

      Testing, testing.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I’ve seen many of the same posters I saw before, and I even see new ones that came out of lurking after Lynn’s untimely passing.

      I do know that my first couple of comments were in moderation. After those first two, however, I have had no problems posting here.

      I am clueless, but I sincerely doubt that there is any type of agenda or conspiracy to exclude certain people from posting to make this some type of exclusive club.

    • VV says:

      Please keep in mind that NMD is new at this and don’t know all the tricks of running a blog. She is learning and is learning fast. I too have to sign each and everytime I post from my phone. That was not the case before but I don’t mind as NMD and others have their hands full running this site. She still ironing out all the wrinkles but I think they are doing a fantastic job.

    • MelTheHound says:

      People feel as if the person here just took it upon her self and said this is the new lynnNchicago blog and that no one really got a say and only certain people are allowed to comment.
      I guess when my first post here was in moderation I should have been offended too. You and these ‘people’ cannot be serious. Hell I can get myself put into moderation right now, from the same IP I usually post from and with the same screen name. Hint – Email address. You know what else I can do? I can get my posts sent to spam by linking a website to my screen name that wordpress doesn’t recognize. Never thought of that one, did you? Something dishonest is going on here… Bullshit. Since you don’t want to use your ‘real’ name, I really believe you should rethink what these ‘people’ on twatter are saying, post with your real name, and don’t worry about the rest of them. They will figure it out, eventually, if they are really interested in participating. JMO.

      • Noelle says:

        Howdy Jeff,
        You hit the nail on the head. “Bullshit” and that’s all it is.
        NMD and Lady C have stated and restated time and time again that the first comment made to “this” blog will go to moderation, (and they have been working Relentlessly to ‘okay’ those…so ALL can comment) after that, everyone is free to comment without moderation!! Unless your a troll here to cause headaches! Hmmm…why cause a conundrum unless…….

        Give Mel a cookie!

        • MelTheHound says:

          Soon as he comes in Noelle, I will 😉

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I feel left out. I was never in moderation.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              That is because you are royalty! Membership has its privileges.

            • plainviewsue says:

              Neither was I Princess! Sorry, but that post made me sick to my stomach. NMD has done an unbelievable job in taking the reins so this wonderful and inviting blog could continue. Obviously, your post did make it through this time. The women writing for this blog are doing it all out of the goodness of their heart.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Now, just wait one cotton pickin’ minute!! You were never in moderation either? I thought CAP was not in moderation because he was royalty, but you are a regular citizen like me, Sue.

                I think I was placed in moderation because I have an addiction problem.

                It is not fair that this blog discriminates against addicts. I mean, the FIRST STEP is recognizing that you have a problem. I mean, my blog name is “I Need A Housewives’ Detox Program” for God’s sake! Shouldn’t I get a little credit for THAT, at least??!!

                This has me stressed and jonesing. I’ve got to turn my t.v. to BRAVO to see if I can find a housewives’ show!!


              • MelTheHound says:

                Well then youse must be on the super secret VIP list. How the hell did that happen?

    • Reallvhousewife says:

      I wasn’t a regular poster although I did follow Lynn since the Hubpages and only posted occasionally. I was sent to moderation for the first post (as we were informed would happen on the very first blog on this site) and haven’t had a problem since.

    • Oh for petes sake. Give me a freakin break!
      Everyone can comment here. I have a blog and I have it set for me to approve ALL comments. That’s because sometimes a commenter is just trying to post advertisements and not commenting at all.
      If you did indeed follow Lynn then you’d know this is NOT an exclusive blog for just the VIP as you say.
      You have my “spidey senses” going off. W
      1. Why won’t you identify yourself and or give your Twitter name?
      2. Why are you saying only 30 or so people can comment here? (I’ll go count for ya)
      3. This is to HONOR Lynn and carry on what she worked so hard to build. I suspect a hidden agenda from you. Are you posting another Housewives Blog?

      ^ Hi Lynn,
      I’m sorry if this might upset you, but we are all hurting and missing you deeply.
      We strive to honor the blog you poured your heart and soul into each and every day. We built a new home here to save your memory and continue the daily blogging of Housewives shows and those other shows we’ve come to enjoy discussing.
      If we mess up once in a while just toss some rain on us and we’ll get the hint. None of us are perfect as you stated more than once.
      Together our new LynnFamily has embraced everyone who your life touched and we welcome all who wish to keep your memory alive through positive communications.

      Ok carry on and remember we ALL had to post and work out the kinks of this new blog.

    • RHOFrance says:

      Hi there ! I’m new here and i’m french (not that it a fault but to explain why my post is a little illeterate). My first post, or i think it was the first, was after Lynn’s passing on THE blog, to tell how sorry i was. My first post on the new blog was moderated, i had to wait to see it online. I’m not sure but as far as i recall that dreadfull night i heard of this awful news, yes, my post was moderated here. And as far i as i recall, others had the same problem. And as far as i recall, the new owner explain it all. I’m not on twitter, i’m not on the chatroom, i do not know about feud between posters, between blogs, i see them from times to times but i never understood them because i’m just a casual reader. I tried but it’s to much english for me. I saw them, i tried to understand them the same way i try to understand feud between housewives : with disbelief and mockery because it’s just a show and because even if we, posters, are certainly most real than the subject of this blog, hey, it’s just the internet.
      Comment on this blog is just what i can handle because english is not my native language. I just can say that i’m sorry you feel this way, rejected. I hope all this is a misunderstanding. I hope you will have the same feeling i had when i first came here. A warm welcome. People who where willing to pass above my faults and willing to understand and laugh at my silly comments (and the fact that i’m french, it’s not always easy !). I really hope you can feel warmth. I just can testify for the time i was here : i talked to people here in real time for about a week. I speek, i refresh to see if somebody talked to me to respond because i hate for the others posters to think i’m rude if i don’t answer or react, and with the jetlag, i can assure you, nobody can delate messages as fast as i can read them. Nobody is moderated before hand or lynnfam has the most fast team of moderaters ever !
      I hope i’m clear. If not, at least i hope you hear i’m not dishonest here.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        RHOFrance: I think it helps that your posts are always positive. Keep posting, I love reading our comments!

      • Queen Butter Bean says:

        RHOFrance…I’m glad you’re here!

        • RHOFrance says:

          As we say in France : CQFD “ce qu’il fallait démontrer”.
          The proof is in the pudding i think you say !
          Warm welcome and all i mean.
          I reiterate : thank you for them ! I’m glad to be here ! If “We need honesty and answers” post is legit and honest, i really hope she’ll get past the anger !
          Now, good night to you all, it’s past 1 am here, i’m kinda tired and someone is begging me to go to sleep ! Special thoughts for Louisiana & Mississipi tonight.

      • Winston says:

        RHOFrance, nice to see you. It would be so very nice if you could translate what Tomas was saying to Cat when they were walking up to the house on the last episode of RHNY. I just wondered if it had any meaning and why Bravo put it in.
        That is if you even watch RHNY.

        • RHOFrance says:

          Hi ! I was going to sleep when i saw this after posting my good night just before !! 😆 I translated it after the episode, i’ll copy past my post it for you quickly. I think you’re talking about the same thing here.
          I thought it could be useful in this Clue board game of did she slept with him or not ?
          So : i’m rewatching when fauxJD was coming with the blond woman (around 40′, just before the “next time on the RHONY”).
          There were no english subtitles so i’ll translate : He says
          “je ne veux pas avoir la même relation qu’elle a avec ses ex” –> I don’t want to have the same relation she has with her exes.
          “Parce qu’elle est pourrie, ils ne se supportent pas” –> Because it sucks, they can’t stand each others.
          After that, everybody says “hiiiiiiiiiiii Tomas” with the fake smile and all.
          Voilà ! Not very useful maybe but there, you have the all (aired) story !
          You can find the first post here here https://lynnfam.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/real-housewives-of-new-york-gallery-girls-push-girls-housewife-news-and-spoof-photos-george-clooney/
          If that’s not the thing you were talking about, don’t hesitate to tell me, it will be my pleasure to translate other parts.

          🙂 Have a good night Winston !

          • LaineyLainey says:

            merci RHOFrance. I love it!!

          • Winston says:

            À votre bon cœur!
            Interesting, she said she goes to St Barts often to visit her friend Cat maybe there is an ongoing relationship between her and Tomas. And maybe Sonja knows this so she decided to sleep with Tomas, too, as LuAnn could not protest on camera.
            I sometimes wonder if Bravo throws in little snippets of footage to put something out there that is going on behind the scenes for us to uncover…..hmmm.
            Lighting up my Colombo cigar and going to mull this over for a while.

    • azgirl2345 says:

      I have been with Lynn since the beginning. My first post here on the new blog went into moderation. There may be some glitches but your post did come through so it should all be good.

    • PJ says:

      With all due respect your (long) comment did go through so what is the problem? You wouldn’t be trying to cause a casino would you?

    • Stars99 says:

      Hi there… I have been a lurker for years… I had NEVER made a comment… up until the last couple of weeks. The ONLY list I’m on is Santa’s list… and it varies from year to year which one of the two I’m on… My very first two comments on this blog were put in, what I tenderly call “time out”… for a couple of hours, I think. After I was released from time-out a couple of hours later… I have had absolutely no issues at all in commenting… and trust me… if ever there was a reason to censor a commenter…. I SURELY provide it. However, I do comment from the same computer, same email, etc. – so perhaps that’s why I’ve had the success. It’s certanly not about being on any kind of list… cuz trust me… I would SO not be on it… lol…

      • MamaZ says:

        Stars – Like you many people posted after Lynns passing to express their sorrow. And stuck around. I don’t know why certain people are having trouble but many newcomers have not.

        It’s offensive for someone to suggest that the blog is a private club or that Lynn would not approve. NMD, BB, mardrag and Lady Chatterly(sorry if I forgot anyone) are doing the best they can to keep up with the demands of the blog. And they get help from an amazing group of people who help write the blogs. They have jobs and families so they can’t be expected to babysit twent four hours a day just in case someone’s post goes into moderation.

        Lynn took a lot of abuse from people for writing and moderating the blog. It affected her peace of mind in her final days. Lets not go down that road again please. If you don’t like this particular blog start your own and good luck to you. I hope people treat you with the same kindness, patience and respect you have shown…. no wai
        t. I hope they don’t, I hope they treat you nicely.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      And yet you’re here, we are reading your words. So what is the complaint? That the ISP information is better monitored? I’m glad the trolls are better weened out before causing a casino. They set the Chatzy site up to better check things too for the same reason. There are Borat types out there who just get jollies from making an uproar. We don’t have to bow to their evil whimsy.

      I’m sorry we couldn’t keep Lynn’s site going. But it was hers and maybe best that we started new. None of knows what she would have wanted.

      Welcome/welcome back to chat. No one has been shunned and many lurkers came out to be included. There are still shows that can be recapped if you’re up for it.

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Thanks everyone, for responding here. I’ll just reiterate what everyone has already stated: Once approved, you won’t have any further difficulties, unless you change your sign-in info. Beyond that, there is no gatekeeping here – so long as posters remain respectful and avoid personal attacks. All are welcome.

    • I really don’t think anyone with good intentions is being blocked on purpose. What would be the point of that? I think initially, everyone’s comments were in moderation; I know mine were. Maybe someone posted before comments were being released. I also know that someones added a URL to their log in before which was blocking their comments. It was a WP thing and not the moderators of this site.

      I feel that people with various differing opinions have been able to post here, so I am at a loss as to what the agenda might be.

      If there is an issue with comments being posted, then yes it’s good that its being addressed but I don’t think that NMD or LC are doing something shady. I think they have worked really hard and its sad they are being accused of being shady.

    • mrs peabody says:

      haven’t you posted on here before?

    • Sam says:

      Hey, “We Need Honesty,” who’s ‘we’? And when you say, “People are really upset,” which people where? Without specifics, any complaint like yours is suspect, so be honest yourself next time and provide details and evidence to back up your claims.

  36. Orson says:

    This is sort of off topic, but was spoken of in the chatroom last night. This is for all the doggie lovers: https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/255582_360667467344078_1958181685_n.jpg

  37. Completely off topic.
    I am now 3 weeks post op and my pain has finally subsided a little so I don’t have to take so much pain medicine. I start back to work Tuesday. Thankfully only 6 hr days for me.
    Thank You ALL for your tweets and so much love. My LynnFam is so special to me. I’ve managed to fight off the depression I was sure would take over me when Lynn died. The only way I fought it off was with you my dear, dear friends praying for me and sending me so much love and get well wishes.
    I can’t thank you enough.
    God Bless You and Be Safe this Holiday weekend,

  38. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Thanks for the great blog today!!
    Ramonacoaster-I love your re-cap of the Manifesto-especially since you cut it down my 9 million words!!!
    RMH-Nice interview with Slade-I commend you for being able to not want to vomit the whole time you conducted this interview-he turns my stomach that Slade Smiley!!! I actually like him less now. I love how all these HW people call each other fake-like we don’t know, as viewers, that they are all on TV to promote themselves. None of them are “real” so they need to shut it!!! They also love to call each other out on every discrepancy as if they are all a bunch of truth tellers. I think they all lie and even when they get caught, they just make up a new lie…very tiresome!!

    We need honesty and answers-I can assure you I am not VIP-I have been commenting for a few years but I am in no way, shape or form VIP. I dont know who the VIP’s are but I vote for all the wonderful and dedicated people who have kept this blog running and have given us a place to come together-for ourselves and for Lynn. I appreciate the hard work that they put into something that they never really did before. They make it look easy-but we all know it takes a lot of work and I love them for it!

  39. AZGirl says:

    Late to the blog today. THANK YOU EVERYONE for all the recaps. I am so impressed by how all of Lynn’s Family are pulling together and keeping the blog alive. You guys are the best!
    I don’t know what to think about Slade’s interview. He sure has made his rounds in OC. My biggest question to Slade is that with a media venue like OC why has he not used it to promote a charity to help his son? The HW peddle all their sh%t why not promote some kind of charity for Gray? Just wondering.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi AZGirl,
      I’d like to hear more about why “The State” is blocking his surgery. I find that odd.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Could it be he’s not up to a good outcome?

        Good question about why Slade hasn’t done more fundraising AZG. His interview makes me think he’s slimier than I thought. I didn’t have much opinion until now since I really don’t know the details. But he sounds as mean as Gretch has turned this season.

    • Powell says:

      You say that AZGirl and you’re right. Why haven’t they done some type of charity event on OC? Wine parties, shopping parties and no charity events at all.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      That is an excellent question.

  40. Tracy Shea says:

    I really do not think the person complaining about this blog is telling the whole story. There has got to be more to it. It seems fishy to me. I am new to posting and I feel everyone has been very kind and respectful. I miss Lynn though! Today seems especially hard.

  41. Tracy Shea says:

    Not telling the whole story. Sorry. Menopausal brain. It’s like pregnancy brain only no sweet baby at the end. Just hot sweats and crying at everything!

  42. BB says:

    ******** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ***********
    NMD wanted me to tell you all to make sure you stop by the LynnFam blog tomorrow. It will be an Extra Special edition.

  43. BB says:

    As Bethenny would say: “GO TO SLEEP!” And wake up tomorrow and come join the LynnFam

  44. JustDee says:

    I bet if you changed your name and email everytime you wrote a comment (given the 1st comment moderation) you’d FEEL like you were being blocked.

    “Just sayin”

  45. The Tin Man says:

    GIMME A VEE! GIMME AN EYE! GIMME A PEE! What does that spell? ME, I’m a VIP, and I’m positively giddy about it. I don’t know who made me a VIP, but I’m forever in their debt as I have wanted to be a VIP since I was nothing but sheet metal. It’s been a life long dream and the main reason I became a super hero without a heart, Tin Man, protector from the evil eye and other such made up nonsense, at your service, now with VIP status. I’m having new business cards printed as we speak.

  46. LaineyLainey says:

    Give you a PEE? just sneeze four times in a row, there’s your pee.

  47. Hey everyone. Remember tomorrow you have to knock three times and whisper the secret password to comment on the blog!

    • Noelle says:

      but, but…I’m VIP!!!!
      NMD, I simply won’t stand for this!! (Did I inform you that I roll with the VIPs)
      Know THIS!!!
      😉 Thanks NMD and Lady C!!
      What a HUGE undertaking NMD, and what a FINE job you’ve done!! {{{NMD}}}

  48. Good evening my fellow VIPs. Please don’t let the commoners know about the exclusive room with special brownies. We just can’t have those people among us.

  49. BB says:

    Friday Night Featured Song. VIP viewing only. Warning has a few cussin words, but not that bad.

  50. vilzvet says:

    The website for Lynn’s daughter Julia’s skin care is as follows (good stuff):

  51. AZGirl says:

    I am going to make this brief and I have been drinking wine…..why you ask????? (of course you are asking right?)…because I am…


  52. Lady Chatterley says:

    It’s working okay on my end.

  53. Hi all, I would like to point something out in regards to Slade, in the past the sorry sack of crap has like to say that in lue of child support he had being trying to pay down his sons medical bills. Remember last season with him with that huge pile of paper saying how the bills were over a million dollars? Then when Michelle said he had not paid a sent towards the medical bills he tried to spin it that he had never paid child support.

    I don’t know if anyone notice the article involving Michelle, but not how she said that STATE was denying Greyson the operation? Which helps reaffirm what I have mentioned before, that I think that they are using Cali-optima (basically state funded medical) for the boys care. Which proves that the filthy liar hasn’t paid for it.

    Also in the court documents, there was an anonymous source that donated several thousands of dollars to Greyson’s care.Which does lend some creditability to Jim Belino’s claim he did donate to him. Granted, it could be someone else but it sure as shit didn’t come from Slade. Sack of shit.

    If one of my kids needed a surgery and we couldn’t pay for it, my DH would be selling everything he owns, including a kidney and a lung.

    I hate Slade.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi RR,
      So is the reason he is not having surgery due to lack of funds?
      I don’t think they can do that.

      • I think that if it’s coded as being an elective surgery and not emergency, that they deny; Even with private insurance procedures get denied. It’s unfortunate but it happens.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      So, Rabble, when Slade said he was paying SOMEthing, to what do you think he was referring? Do you think he was paying a small amount toward child support only? I’m only asking because I am seriously confused.

      • It might have been making some small payments here and there but mostly he wasn’t paying anything. He at one point owed about 250k, all though some of that was probably late fees and penalties, the bulk of it was arrears for missing support. His original order to pay $4,500 per month, so to get to the amount he is still owing, that a LOT of non payments. Years and YEARS worth.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Now, I’m remembering Gretchen saying that she could clear up Slade’s child support debt for him, but it was HIS responsibility. I understood her point when she said that.

          However, at the time, I was not really considering the situation and Grayson’s condition (which one tends to forget about when watching the shallow housewives), I’m thinking that this kind makes Gretchen….Ummm….a bit of a coldhearted bitch, maybe?

          I mean, I understand if this is a man that you claim you love and to whom you are committed, but he owes back child support for HEALTHY children….but I mean, this little boy is DYING!!

          One of my cousins (I know I’m always mentioning cousins, but my maternal grandfather was one of 16 children, his wife, my maternal grandmother, was one of 13. Large family on my father’s side as well. So, I have TONS of relatives fortunately AND UNFORTUNATELY!!!!) got with this man who was a bit of a MESS. He wasn’t a bad guy, but his confidence was a bit low, and he needed to get his act together a bit. He had 3 kids (Well, it turns out his baby mama lied about the 1st one that is NOT really his…but that’s another story) and owed back child support.

          What did my cousin do? She forced him to get his act together and get a decent job. His job alone could not cover his back child support, though. For some strange reason, his “baby mama” refused to get a job. My cousin has always worked her butt off….Anyhoo, my cousin married this guy, and SHE paid his back child support and got him on a budget to make his monthly payments himself from that point forward (which he has done without fail). She said she did it because she loved him and his kids and his kids and debts came along with him as a package deal. She also said she felt like it was not fair for the kids to suffer just because their Dad had been through a rough time and still trying to get his act together. They’ve been together for 12 years now.

    • Noelle says:

      Amen and Co~sign!!
      ITA RR

    • karrylyn says:

      If California is paying for Greysons medical bills….that might be the reason Slimy claims he works, but as a consultant, or barely made any money etc etc. Even his ex wife might need to be saying “he hasnt paid a thing!!!” to keep her child on the Cali-optima plan.
      people are funny when it comes to insurance, and bankrupcy and getting the state to pay for things. If you make too much money, you cannot get the state to pony up the costs. If you have too much money, you will have to pay the hospital off, or pay the state back or whatever, and end up filing bankruptcy.
      might sound like fairy tale reason…but I’ve seen it done before, in other words, you must stay poor in order to qualify for some benefits like these, although the child couldnt be denied treatment, the full expense would fall on the parents, and they would have to go bankrupt.
      Just saying….not that I’m a Slade Fan, I didnt even like him when he was living with Jo….in the first season! (although in fairness, I do remember him breaking up with her on a couch, mentioning she wasnt living the type of life that was a good role model for his sons, my paraphrase of course)
      Money makes people do strange things, as many a single mom can attest to when trying to collect child support!!!! But to have to pay back millions of dollars of cancer treatment? It would be worth it to be poor, to many people who don’t or cannot apply for bankruptcy again.
      Just a thought…anyone else?????
      Would also explain one reason Gretchen isnt helping Slade pay any back child support.
      I know this makes me sound like I am Pro Slade, and even suggesting Michele is in on it…to GET THE TREATMENT FOR THEIR SON….Well, stranger things have happened in situations like this one.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Karrlyn – You make a lot of sense. Thanks for posting and sharing your thoughts.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Makes sense Karrylyn. It makes me like Gretchen even less, and I had no opinion of her before her mean girl match up with Tamra this season.

  54. Tracy Shea says:

    I need my beauty sleep now so I can get up early and read our special blog tomorrow. I will keep all VIP words and handshakes under my pillow for safe keeping!
    Thanks for helping smile on a day I had been missing Lynn. Love and kisses to all! Ha ha.

  55. Real Mr. Housewife says:

    Thank you to all of you for following my blog and for your feedback. It means so much to me that you take the time to read my pieces. Please follow me on twitter @realmrhousewife . I look forward to serving you all with more pieces. xoxo

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