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Real Housewives of New York – Slutty Island

Heather:  “Which one of these ladies is going to take home the greasy prize”

Picture Recap by Boston

That about sums up this episode.   Thanks Boston.  I feel for Aviva – but that was off the chain last night.  NMD


The Real Housewives of New York – Slutty Island by BB

We left off last week with two burning questions … “Who did Luann bring back to the house with her the night before and did they engage in Zee Hankee Pankee?” AND “Who’s going to tell Aviva that Reid has to make like a tree and leave so they can continue to have their girls-only holiday?”

As to the first question, “Who did Luann bring back to the house with her the night before and did they engage in Zee Hankee Pankee?,” we already know the answer to the first part of that question, although at the time of filming, the girls are told by Luann she met up with and brought home some old Italian friends.  Luann has since fessed up to the fact that she did indeed bring Tomas home with her that night, but only to give him a tour of the house, a house he’s probably visited before.  In fact, later at the party he tells Ramona he attended a big party there the year before.

And though Ramona tells us in her interview that it’s really not that big a deal, after all Luann and Jacques aren’t married and Luann is single, she’s not going to let this one slide without trying to make Luann squirm a little.  Ramona is going to get to the bottom of this (or die trying).

SIDE NOTE:  Is it just me or does anyone else find it suspicious that Luann’s old friend Cat and Tomas are the only guests at this so-called party to which the girls supposedly invited the whole island, as Heather said?  Seems to me if there was word of a party at that fabulous house, there would be more than just two people showing up.  Free food, free drinks?  I mean isn’t that what St. Barts is all about, hanging and partying with a fabulous group of people?  Instead of a “Summer by Bravo, could this be a “Setup by Bravo?”

When Luann’s friend Cat and Tomas arrive at the party that night, Ramona wastes no time in initiating the interrogation of poor Tomas.  For some reason, I don’t think this is the first time good ole Tomas has been in this type of awkward situation.  Seems to me he’s enjoying this little cat and mouse question and answer game with Ramona.  Ramona keeps asking Tomas if he was at the house last night and he counters with the fact they saw each other at Le Ti. She asks him if he had fun there last night.  He gives her a look and she says OK, Kiss and Don’t Tell.  He tells her he had a good time because she came to Le Ti and afterwards he was really tired and didn’t move anywhere anyways.

Ramona tells Tomas she saw him at the house last night.  He tells her no, she didn’t.  He leads her over to the other women and makes up a story about his double disappearing for about two hours and then announces to the others that Ramona’s the crazy one (like they all didn’t know that).  Ramona tells the others she busted him and he’s not happy.  Tomas has a shit-eating grin on his face.  He then talks about his boyfriend coming soon and they all discuss such things as his being gay, bi-sexual and menage a trois.

Here’s the set up for the rest of the evening. Ramona is doing the usual Ramona turtle-time flirting. She’s not serious, but likes to party.  Sonja is working hard to snag Tomas for the night.  Luann is playing it cool, but doing her own amount of flirting.  Carole and Heather are watching the show.  At the end of this surreal mating ritual, Sonja walks off with the prize (Tomas).

Note from NMD – I thought the flirting scenes were the best part of this episode – of the season really.  They all seemed to be having a lot of fun.

The next day, Ramona has arranged for all of the girls to go out on a boat ride.  Heather and Carole remark on the fact that Sonja and Tomas definitely got it on the night before.  Heather realizes where all the bruises on Sonja come from and Carole says a sex act occurred in the house that used to be a felony in 37 states.  I’ll not elaborate further.

On the boat, one of the crew takes pictures of Heather, Sonja and Ramona.  Heather notes that Sonja and Ramona are all about harmless fun and she’s happy they all seem to be getting along and are having a great time.  Carole does a little topless sunbathing.  Sonja and Ramona change outfits for lunch and you can tell they’ve had a few bloody marys already.  Heather and Carole have a moment where they talk about the end of Carole’s husband Anthony’s life when he had cancer. This is a bonding moment for them.

Everything is going great until … we get to see Reid and Aviva getting ready to board the prop plane to the island and we get to hear Aviva explain to us for the umpteenth time about how she got her leg caught in a conveyor belt at the age of six; how she’s afraid of flying and just about everything else including death; and her list of songs she listens to when she’s in fright mode.  She’s also afraid of being trapped on an island with no way to get to help in case of an emergency.  Guess what? Aviva and Reid arrive safely with no incidents?  According to Aviva, the odds surely weren’t in their favor.  Reid is a saint, that’s all I gotta say.

Side Note:  Isn’t it odd that Aviva is already gunning for a fight with Sonja and Ramona and she hasn’t even arrived on the island yet?  And isn’t it odd that Ramona and Sonja are visiting the realtors office just in case they might need to leave the house and stay somewhere else after Aviva arrives?  Could this be another “Setup by Bravo?”

That evening before Reid and Aviva’s arrival, Sonja and Ramona are skinny dipping in the pool while Heather, Carole and Luann are sitting poolside.  Carole tell them of her plan to meet Russell at his rehearsal before dinner and she invites the girls to join them later but tells them they must wear clothes.  Reid and Aviva walk out the pool and are greeted by Carole, Luann and Heather while Ramona and Sonja get their bikini tops on; however I do hear them tell Reid and Aviva they’re glad they made it.

Aviva proceeds to tell each person she greets how really really really scary the trip was.  Really.  She then hands out gifts she brought each of them.  Ramona announces that Sonja can’t get out of the pool because she’s naked and Heather proceeds to tell Reid that the theme of their vacation has been nudity.  Sonja and Ramona walk up (with towels on) and Reid proceeds to tell the ladies he will be bowing out, he has work to do and he will leave Aviva with the ladies to do their thing.  This makes Sonja happy that she will have girl time with Aviva.

As Reid is leaving, Aviva announces they all need to thank Reid for getting her there.  We’ll get to that later.  The girls tell Aviva what they’ve done on the trip so far.  Carole and Heather leave to go change so Carole can go see her boyfriend.  This leaves Ramona, Sonja, Aviva and Luann still sitting around talking.

Ramona brings up the fact that inviting Mario would not have been fair to Sonja, Luann and Heather because they didn’t have men there with them.  Aviva asks Ramona if she has anything negative to say about Reid being there.  Ramona tells her she said that Reid being there could change the dynamics and Sonja tells her they thought Reid would be staying in a hotel and not there.  Luann the snake is sitting there taking it all in with a sneaky grin on her mug.

Aviva tells them they should be going upstairs throwing their arms around Reid and thanking him for bringing their “friend” there and that she doesn’t want to hear any negativity.  Do you hear that Sonja and Ramona?  The queen has spoken.  She seems to think that Sonja and Ramona didn’t show enough appreciation to Reid for bringing her down to them.  Luann throws fuel on the fire by telling Aviva they were sitting around talking about asking Reid to leave.  This sets Aviva off on a tangent about how she had heard how mean Ramona is, how disappointed she is in them and that quite frankly, Sonja and Ramona are both white trash.

Ramona points the finger at Luann and tells her she’s the instigator in this whole thing by her remark.  Sonja tells Luann she’s not going to let Ramona take the blame for all of this.  Aviva goes up and tells Reid she thinks they should go to a hotel.  Carole walks up and tries to diffuse the situation and Aviva tells her she doesn’t want her husband in a house where girls are not rolling out the carpet for him, opening up their hearts and arms to him and telling him how fabulous he is. Is this woman for real?  As Luann walks up (go away you snake) Carole is trying to explain to Aviva that the ladies are fine, they just needed to get over their little bluster.  Aviva tells Carole that either she and Reid are leaving or she can ask Sonja and Ramona to leave.  Carole says there’s no way she asking anybody to leave the house.

Ramona and Sonja are in their room trying to figure out how they can make things better with Aviva.  Sonja is going to try the hugging thing.  Meantime Aviva is venting to Luann about not being welcomed with elegance or grace or kindness and how disgusting and low class their behavior has been (with Luann standing there nodding her head).  It’s like uneducated and no manners behavior and the damage is done.

Carole and Heather walk up and Aviva continues her rant about it all being about Ramona when it should all be about Aviva and nobody, nobody treats her husband that way.  Heather tells Aviva that she doesn’t get along with Ramona but she’s sucked it up for the sake of her friends.  Aviva tells Heather that Ramona hasn’t gone after her husband or her family.  Heather counters with the fact that Ramona has gone after her (Heather) nevertheless and she’s making the best of it.

Just when you think Aviva couldn’t have gotten any crazier, she tells Heather, Luann and Carole that she expected a party when she arrived.  This blows Heather away because she didn’t expect that Aviva would have wanted a party after going through her traumatic flight.  Heather tells Aviva that she and Carole want her and Reid there and they are not leaving.  Aviva is still worried about her husband feeling comfortable.  Poor Reid.

Luann goes back to Ramona and Sonja and Ramona tells Luann she is still mad at her.  Luann the snake is feigning innocence and denying she ever said the dynamics of the trip would change if Reid were there.  Liar, liar pants on fire Luann. (I checked back to the last episode and Luann definitely said that Reid being there would definitely change the dynamic, that’s for sure.)

A little later, Sonja tries to lighten things up with Aviva and asks her if she’s feeling better.  Aviva is still disgusted with Ramona and Sonja.  Sonja says “me too?”  Guess what everybody, Aviva went to law school, she went to Vassar, she speaks several languages and she hears and understands everything.  You got that people?  Sonja fesses up that they thought Reid would change the dynamics of the house and they were afraid for Reid to be at breakfast.  She doesn’t fess up that there was a vote as to who would tell Reid he had to leave the house.

Sonja tries to remind Aviva that when they previously discussed the trip, they talked about Reid staying in a hotel and Aviva staying with the girls.  Aviva asks Sonja if she really thinks she would not stay with Reid.  Sonja said they discussed it.

Carole walks up and tries to interrupt the conversation.  They keep talking about what happened with the call Carole made to Aviva about her and Reid coming down and Carole admits she told Aviva Reid could stay there.  This makes Sonja mad because Carole changed the week from a girls only week to something else.  Sonja tells Carole she’s leaving and Aviva tells her she thinks she and Ramona should both leave.  Who made Aviva the woman in charge all of a sudden?

Ramona walks in and apologizes to Aviva and tells her she cares about her and she admires her and hugs her.  Aviva tells her she’s sorry she said things that were unkind.  She orders Ramona and Sonja to go apologize to Reid.  Ramona admits she apologized to Aviva to calm her ass down, not because she was wrong.  There will be no apology from Sonja.  Carole misses her date with Russ because of this.

Ramona tries to get Sonja to let it go and Sonja’s not going to.  Luann is acting all nicey-nicey to Carole when she pretty much escalated the whole thing.  I hate Luann right now.  Carole is all pissed because she’s on the same island with Russ and doesn’t even get to see him because she going back and forth between them all acting like the headmaster.  I don’t blame Carole but she did kind of create this situation.

Sonja is very upset for trusting Aviva.  Ramona is trying to make excuses for Aviva by telling Sonja she was stressed from the plane ride.  Sonja tells Ramona she’s not going to suck up to Aviva just to appease her and that she’s tired of dealing with ego bitches.  She feels like she greeted both Reid and Aviva appropriately and Ramona is not disagreeing with her.  She tells Ramona she has turned a corner and she doesn’t need any new friends.

All the women are meeting for dinner that evening.  Ramona and Sonja vow to keep everything light and fun.  Aviva isn’t going to allow these two to ruin her night.  Ramona tells Aviva to sit beside Luann and Carole because she’s a buzz kill.  When Aviva asks Ramona why she wanted her to move seats, Ramona tells her no reason.  They all make a toast to fun.  Aviva and Luann go to the ladies room while Ramona tells Heather and Carole about being attacked by Aviva.  Carole again tries to smooth things over with Sonja and Ramona by telling them people say things they don’t mean in the heat of an argument, but Sonja and Ramona don’t think Carole is getting how venomous Aviva was to them.

Luann and Aviva return and the conversation ceases. Carole tells the girls she’s going to go visit Russ later and Aviva makes a smart remark about her changing the dynamic of things.  She suggests they ask Ramona if it’s ok and Carole says “don’t.”  Aviva tells them that when she gets pissed, she’s relentless.  Carole tells Aviva that’s not a good quality.  Carole and Luann suggest to Aviva that she might want to apologize for the “White Trash” remark and she just shakes her head.  In her interview, Aviva says, “I’m very sorry for the words that I used.  That’s what Rush Limbaugh said when he called somebody a whore.”   I guess Aviva is comparing herself to Rush Limbaugh.

Whew!  I can’t wait to see how all of these women react to this episode and what they write in their Bravo blogs about it.  And it doesn’t look like things improve much next week.


Gallery Girls episode 4 “I’m not sorry” by Lulu

Kerri’s apartment.

Kerri and her mother prepare for her housewarming party. Her plan is to “show off” her new apartment that she found from craigslist. She calls the ladies to invite them.

Angela’s a real photographer

Angela is preparing for her photoshoot by taking pictures of random people and objects. Her friend Alex calls to inform her that her venue “Norwood” backed out. Apparently they have an expectation to be paid. She then asks the ladies at “End of Century” if she she can use their space but they say no. Angela is concerned that if she doesn’t make something of herself as a photographer then she will be doomed to be a waitress.

Maggie’s Romantic Birthday dinner

Maggie’s boyfriend Ryan takes her out to dinner. Where she complains about his “lack of manliness” since he didn’t order wine nor did he bring her a cupcake. She contemplates if she wants to stay in a relationship with him.

Japan’s Top model

Chantal models for a Japanese magazine in order to make her ends meet. According to her she is “huge” in Japan. But poor miss Chatel is a nobody here in America.

One minute of Padna Furniture and Design expo

To justify the title of “gallery girls” bravo was nice enough to include a minor scene of this expo. Liz invites Maggie to join her and Baby Jane. Liz pitied Maggie for the embarassing introduction at Eli’s gallery. While Kerri, Amy and Sharon explore the exhibits. The ladies bump into each other. Amy politely says hi to Liz. Liz gives her the cold shoulder. She says the reason why she dislikes Amy is because she sees Amy as an addict. Amy’s response is to kiss her Uknowwhat begging practically salvitating for her friendship.

Kerri’s highschool housewarming party

Angela is first to arrive and on her best behavior as the remaing ladies trickle in. When Amy arrives Liz and Maggie’s claws come out. They spent the night bashing a bewildered Amy behind her back. Plays out like a horrible 80’s highschool drama.

Maggie goes bowling

A very uncomfortable scene between Maggi’s boyfriend’s friends and her friend. They bash her gay friend with every stupid stereotype out there then act like jerks at the bowling alley. One complaint that Maggie has of her boyfriend is his constant “frat boy” behavior. No idea why she would put up with him.

End of Century for some

Angela was hired to photgraph an event at End of Century. She finds it most important to confront her friend about not taking booking her event seriously. The poor girl can’t seem to understand why in New York city a venue a few days out wouldn’t be open and free.

Eli Klein’s mean interns
Amy arrives with cupcakes with the intention to reconcile her “friendship” with Liz. She politely asks her if on her break she can have a word with her. Once she leaves her and Maggie yet again bash and ridicule her to Eli. Eventually Liz meets up with Amy. Who desperately wants to figure out “why she doesn’t like her.” Liz flat out states it’s because she’s a sloppy drunk and fake. Amy doesn’t flinch turns her begging/Uknowwhat kissing up 10 notches and refuses to take that for an answer. This really reminds me of “Single white female.”

Thanks LuLu. I’m not sure if I like any of the girls at this point – but I’m enjoying the show – NMD.


Tweets from Carole Radziwill

Guess who went to a hotel that night? WIn a free trip to St. barths.#RHONY

Ladies are batshit nuts. I started taking xanax after that trip. Love it!#RHONY

This trip was about me. oh well. Who cares. I left. #rhony

oh no! a situation! Hearing this for the first time. red carpet? oh no. I’m drinking straight whiskey in that scene. #rhony

Ramona is right. Luann said the dynamics would change. Luann had trouble with the truth on st. barths. #rhony

I would never ask anyone to leave the house. Not Reid, not Ramona, not Sonja. Does that make me a bad hostess? #rhony

I can’t even respond to all of this. They are all bats shit crazy right now, no? #rhony

There were no Italians on the entire island. I promise. Luann hates that sonja gets pirates attention. oye. #rhony


One Final Laugh by Boston



Whose side are you on?

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Twitter Number Updates

Bethenny – nearing 1 Million followers

Heather – 27,000

Aviva – 36,000

Carole – 55,000

Ramona – 224,000

Sonja – 148,000

LuAnn – 118,000

Teresa – 535,000

Caroline – 480,000

Jaqueline – 475,000

Melissa – 396,000

Kathy  – 253,000


Flipping Out Chat Tonight

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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Back to the grind. Have a good day!

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Good Morning, Powell! 🙂

    • Good Morning Powell the fastest Greeter ever to grace a blog. I just can’t get up early enough to beat you. I tried once, but…..
      Anyway, Good Morning to my Blog friends. I’m back at work. Oh dear only two hours in and I’m ready to take a nap. I hope the next 4 hours fly by fast.
      Off to read more posts,

  2. Lulu says:

    Good morning!!!

    I think that Aviva expected the ladies to give Reid a proper standard BJ as an acceptable greeting and thanks. Honestly WTH??? You didn’t show proper respect to Reid?!?!?! I’m afraid to ask what her expectations were????

    Comparing Rush limbaugh’s “whore” comment to Aviva’s “white trash comment??” For a lawyer she is not that bright that’s for sure!

    • Mary E says:

      speaking of lawyers, has anyone seen erizzle?

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        No sign of ERiz yet – I miss her.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I’ve been wondering where e-rizzle has been myself. Also, although she commented shortly after Lynn’s passing, I haven’t really seen Mel around either. She used to comment all the time. Speaking of “Mel’s,” that reminds me that I also have not seen Mel007 around for a while either.

        Come out. Come out, wherever you guys are!

      • Trudie says:

        How about Windy? I haven’t seen her in awhile either.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      You know, Aviva’s behavior was so combative and over-the-top, I got the feeling that she was expecting a different response from Sonja and Ramona. It was like she was expecting them to be rude and confrontational w/her about Reid, but they weren’t. She kept trying to provoke them into it, but they didn’t take the bait, and it just made her look crazy and out of control. She’s starting to stray into JZ territory, I fear – not a good sign for old Aviva.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        IMO, she’s starting to stray more into Kelly Bensimon territory. Maybe you’re right, though. So, I will just call Aviva a combo plate of JZ/Kelly Bensimon of entitled, demanding and crazy.

        • Lady Chatterley says:

          JZ and KBB had a lot in common, didn’t they? KBB had more of the crazy and JZ had more malice. It appears that Aviva may be a dangerous combination of both. We’ll see….

        • Stars99 says:

          Lol… I’d like a combo plate of JZ/Kelly Bensimon with a side coma toast, please!

      • what no one saw on cam was that Luman told Aviva & Reid that sonja and ramona didnt want Reid there,now does it all make sense to everyone here is my older post and im reposting it here in case no one saw it
        how on earth do the majority here think Ramona & Sonja were in the right when it was obvious that they were way in the wrong here
        you dont treat invited guest as if they dont belong somewhere that is just rude and they werent hosting this vacation Carole was
        yes it was nice seeing Ramona apologize to Aviva and it seemed so genuine at the time till her talking head shot but of course we all know by now that its how Bravo does things they LOVE to light the fire or add fuel to it by asking these questions LONG after the fact just to stir up the pot
        all that being said im behind Aviva 100 per cent
        Ramona & Sonja were both acting like white trash pretending to be nude in the pool just to make Avivas hubby uncomfortable
        not cool ladies i would expect that from LuMann
        but thought more of these two but then when you think back to that “girls night out dinner party” where Ramona actually walked out because simon was there i guess i shouldnt be supreised
        i still love these women but lost a lil respect for both of them
        and mind you this is after Sonja had sex with Tomas not caring that they were LuMans leftovers UGH

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Hey Dizzy, ITA with you. Ramona and Sonja were not hosting the event. In fact this was a good example of why Heather should not have invited crazy Ramona to London. These to women are relentless in their need to control and inflame with smoke and mirrors. They behave like unconditional drunks most of the time, even when sober. So sad! IMO.

    • lilylynn says:

      No kidding! I was stunned to hear Aviva proudly compare herself to Rush Limbaugh’s whore comment. What an idiot. I’m starting to think there’s a little country somewhere named Vassar that she actually went to.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Me too LilyL. Welcome if you’re new.

        • lilylynn says:

          Thank you. I’ve commented a couple of times now and again, but mostly lurked.

          • Lilylynn you must have gotten your VIP card in the mail instead of emailed to you. LOL
            Sorry I just couldn’t resist. Bad Diana Bad!

            • lovemamaearth says:

              LOL Diana. How are you doing.

              & LilyL don’t be a stranger. 🙂

              • LME~ I am doing pretty good considering this is my first day back. I haven’t been in the office for my usual hours 11-5 since August 9th. My leg is swelling a little because obviously I can’t get it up high enough and still look like a lady. When I get home at 5:30 I’m going straight to bed, propping it up and popping a pain pill. THEN grabbing my remote, laptop and getting ready for Flipping Out preview and chatzy!!
                Thanks for asking.

      • kit9 says:

        I don’t think she was comparing herself to limbaugh. She was saying that her apology-sorry for using those words or whatever she said-wasn’t exactly sincere.

        • kit9 says:

          Damn! I want an edit feature. lol. I mean she wasn’t comparing herself favorably. She was being sarcastic, I think.

          • MamaZ says:

            kit – I agree that she was pointing out that she was apologizing for her choice of words not the intent behind them. But she looked so smug when she said it and reference Rush that it appeared she was condoning non apology to Ms. Fluke.

            • klmh says:

              I agree. She said it to show how insincere she was with her apology to Samonja, as he was with his to the college student. He apologized simply to escape bad press, but meant every word he said.

      • PrincessPindy says:


    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      BJ! LOL

    • LaineyLainey says:

      This is scary Lulu, based on this post, I have to say we think too much alike; you and I.

    • I Need A Life! says:

      She doesn’t realize that Rush IS white trash.

  3. PJ says:

    I think Aviva is CRAZY on a Kelly level. Not only do I think she is she crazy but I also think she is she is MEAN and a major B. She seems to have a self delusional sense of who she is too. I don’t know why Aviva came on this show but if it was to show the world how crazy she is mission accomplished. What’s wrong with all these women that they are so incapable of seeing the other person’s point of view and that most definitely includes Aviva? Not liking Aviva at all.

    • lilylynn says:

      She was expecting a friggin party with red carpet upon her arrival! Who does she think she is? Madonna?

    • COCfarm says:

      I think you maybe right. The other difference is that she is smart which in some ways makes her “crazy” more frightening.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I thought Ram matched her for craziness. Poor Sonja dissolved into tears again. Usually she brushes insults off. The lawsuit and white trash comment got to her.

        • COCFarm says:

          I think Ramona might be playing it up for the cameras. Noticed how quickly she backed off and got calm. To me, Aviva had not control over herself. She felt she had ‘caught’ them in the act of being disrespectful to her and Reid. She then just went off the rails. Ramona is inappropriate, shrill and over the top, but is not completely out of control…IMO.

    • bea says:

      The sad thing is in the promotional interviews before this season, Aviva always said she was on the show to be a role model for kids with missing limbs. I specifically remember her saying she wanted to show that even though she had been in an accident as a child she was able to go to Vassar, law school, have children, etc.

      I thought she was going to be this strong, smart role model. Instead she comes across as someone who is basically paralyzed by fear. She is scared of everything and relies on her husband to get her through fairly basic daily life. Add that she strikes out in anger every time something isn’t quite perfect and she clearly needs some serious help. I suspect she’s agoraphobic. One of my friends has a sister who is and the behaviour is really similar, except (luckily) she’s not angry.

      • klmh says:

        I like this post a lot. Well said bea. Paralyzed by fear, exactly. If things aren’t perfect or doesn’t meet her standards, she can’t accept it or them.

      • MamaZ says:

        I think Aviva needs to learn to fly a small plane. Seriously. She is afraid to fly because she has no control. If she learned to fly I think it would reduce her fear.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Interesting points you 3 on Aviva.

          After last night I understand WSL’s comments better about when she met Aviva and Aviva was unsure how she felt about the filming.

          • klmh says:

            Guess I missed wsl’s comments. Were they recent?

            • lovemamaearth says:

              A few days ago WSL popped in. She reminded us that she’d been to the opening parties and met Aviva and Aviva wasn’t sure how the season would make her look.

              • klmh says:

                Thanks lme.
                Oh, and Im glad I could save you from the Honey boo boo rediculousnessessss. Wish I could have saved myself from it as well. 🙂

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


      I called Aviva’s “crazy” a long time ago. That extreme flip and reaction to Sonja and Ramona’s missing her charity event was one of the first clues for me (shrug).

      • PJ says:

        You’re right you called it and you were absolutely correct.

        • I think Aviva was coddled and spoiled because of her accident. Now all these years later she thinks the world still revolves around her. How did HARRY deal with her needyness?
          It would drive me crazy having someone be so overly dependent on me to be by their side for every little thing. I made my oldest daughter do everything her older brother did even though she had epilepsy. I refused to let her use that as an excuse to avoid doing anything. She played Little League was in Girl Scouts and she is a great Mommy to Isaak now.
          The way she reacted to Ramonja not JUMPING out of the pool to RUN into her arms and greet her and Reid like the second coming was HILARIOUS! I mean really! I do think they were genius’ to be half nude in the pool when the Dreshers arrived. I would’ve been totally nekkid if it was all girls. The staff, meh, I’ve had 3 babies so I have no issues with nudity now.
          Lulu must have felt pay back for JohnnyDepp look a like interrogation was just what Ramon needed. Ramona could’ve cared less.
          I just wanna go party and on vacay with Ramonja ASAP!!

  4. NightLight95 says:

    I liked Heather on this trip so far. She seems to get the point of not making a big deal over everything but I didn’t like her talking head comment about Ramona not liking more than one fight going on.
    Carole treated everyone like an adult and she should of left them behind once the fight started to enjoy her date with Russ.
    Ramona and Sonja don’t need to explain to Kelly II (Aviva) their previous conversation. That’s how they felt, they vented and once Kelly II and Reid arrived they welcomed them albeit no red carpet. I am with Sonja f*ck Kelly II I wouldn’t apologize either.
    LuMann is a snake is a cheating snake.
    Kelly II (Aviva)-when you have to tell people your credentials, where you were educated, you have already lost. Red carpet for who??? Look I love my girlfriends and like/love/care for their partners but my friendship is with my girls. For someone who continues to CLAIM to not want attention brought to her “condition” YOU bring all on your own. Finally, it’s nice to know that you align your reasoning with a misogynistic, pill popping self serving idiot like Rush. Good to know!

  5. NightLight95 says:

    I watched previews where Sonja and Ramona are looking up the definition of White Trash. L-o-v-e it! Had me in stitches! Those two have a job with Bravo as long as they want.

    • plainviewsue says:

      NightLight, amen to both of your posts!!!!!

    • MamaZ says:

      But I didn’t like when Sonja made the remark about hillbillies and the trailer. I am so tired of people bashing those who live in trailers or even low rent housing. Not everyone is born to or marries into money.

      The same with Aviva calling Ramonja and Sonja low class and saying they had no manners. The amount of money you have is no indicator of how mannerly you are. You only have to watch any Housewives show to be aware of that.

      • NightLight95 says:

        I didn’t take Sonja’s remark in a mean spirit. Neither the scene or her blog.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        I thought her comment about the hillbillies/trailer was funny. “Hullo, welcome to my trailer”. She didn’t seem to be bashing, IMO.

        • Contessa says:

          I agree and I think that Sonja’s comment was she would rather be in a trailer than mix with the likes of Aviva-diva. I think the point is manners, class and elegance do not come from money….they are traits scattered like the winds amongst all people

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I totally agree with the gist of what you are saying MamaZ.

        I’ve met people who live in trailers who have more class than MANY of the moneyed, numerous-degree-having people I have met.

        One of the MANY things I loved about the movie, “The Help,” was the way they showed how the Celia Foote character, who was supposed to be “white trash,” had more class and kindness in her pinkie finger than the majority of those Jr. League-ers in the movie (and I am not insulting the Jr. League, as I am a member myself, but that is only because I love doing volunteer work. I want to slap 3/4 of the women in the Jr. League when I am in the meetings with them; however, it is the children and old people in the volunteer programs provided to me by the Jr. League that keep me from doing that. I also refrain from doing so because I would go to jail and possibly lose my license to practice law. Oh, they also serve wine and other drinks to us before the meetings. So, that also helps prevent me from slapping many of those snobs while I am in those 3-4 hour meetings!)

        I do not think Sonja meant any harm by her comment, though. It was Aviva who was the jackass and DID mean harm by HER comments. JMHO.

      • she didnt say they didnt have money just that they acted low class which they did and w/o manners also in sonja’s defense the thing about the trailers i think came from teh website she was reading from

      • I Need A Life! says:

        You’re correct, MamaZ. It would be insane for anyone not to see that the red, white, and blue in America is made up of TV shows featuring red necks, white trash, and blue collar workers in a negative way.

        • I’ve lived in a trailer aka Manufactured Home. I’m not trashy, although I am white. I think Aviva wanted to make them feel inferior. UGH I hate when people think they are entitled to feel a certain way that they expect to be treated the way they feel. Did that make sense??? I have had my pain medicine so maybe it didn’t. Anyway, HOLLA!!

          • I Need A Life! says:

            Of course you’re not trashy. People who expect to be treated a certain way are trashy. People who talk down to others are trashy.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


      Those previews with Sonja and Ramona looking up the definition of “white trash” also had me laughing my butt off!! It was like they had never heard the term before in their life, and they were truly puzzled. As they were researching, Ramona, with the I-pad in her hand is saying, very slowly in a puzzled tone, “white trash…cracker…trailer…” as Sonja looks over her shoulder, equally puzzled.

      I don’t know why, but those two’s complete cluelessness about Aviva’s insult to them and the meaning of it and their attempts to find out EXACTLY what she meant were hysterical to me.

      • MamaZ says:

        I agree with everyone that Sonja didn’t mean any harm. I probably reacted a bit Aviva like to the comment. The trailer thing has pushed my buttons since it came up on BH last season.
        Loved the Celia Foote character in The Help!

      • NightLight95 says:

        It was pure housewife perfection. Did you see the guy behind the bar giggling too? Too much!

    • all they had to do was look in the mirror

  6. sammyjoesmom says:

    Good morning you guys. This is totally off topic but I need to be honest. As a long time fan of Lynns blog and a friend I was worried that Lynns blog would turn into everything she didn’t like. I was tempted to just keep lurking as I had been doing for awhile. I am still, for whatever crazy reason, a non fan of Teresa and I seemed to agree with Lynn on just about everything. That being said, You guys are doing an AMAZING job. I never knew how Lynn did this everyday and I now see that those of you that are keeping it running are blowing my mind as well. I can’t even put into words a complete post, let alone an entire blog as you all have done and are doing. I am very very proud of the work and words you guys are doing everyday. The only reason I am posting this is because I have been feeling very emotional. Whether it’s because of Lynns passing, Sammy leaving home or nostalgia, You all have brought tears to my eyes in your tributes to Lynn and in a kick butt job of carrying on the Blog of Love. I trully hope my words read as I entend them to as I worry all the time that I am saying stuff stupidly, but Thank you Thank you Thank you for all you are doing and have done. Lynn would be so incredibly proud. Peace and love and you guys are THE BEST. Oh yeah and, Avulva really does need a xanax or the stick taken out of her Vasser Ass.

    • (((((Sammy’smom))))))) It’s been tough but we’re working our way through this together.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Beautifully written. The ladies have done an amazing job.

      I offered to write up RHOBH when it returns, and I can only hope that I do half the job of writing that these ladies are doing!!!!!

      • MamaZ says:

        Plainview – You will be great! Your comments are always so insightful. I look forward to reading your recaps.

        Sammy’s Mom – Lynn attracted and kept great commenters and bloggers because she was a quality woman. She created a family from a group of strangers. Hope your empty nest isn’t getting you down. How is Sammy enjoying college?

      • Mary E says:

        Would love to see your RHOBH recaps

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Oh Sue your recaps will be fun. Thanks for volunteering for that. For all our sakes I hope Taylor lasts about as long as Peggy did on OC.

        • Iowagirl says:

          As much as I threaten to not watch these shows it is a possibility that Taylor may throw me over that edge. I hope not, housewives are my no calorie pleasure. Please Taylor , don’t ruin my chocolate Sunday!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Of course, Sue, you ALREADY know that I think your RHOBH recaps will be great, as your comments always are, IMO. 😉

        • plainviewsue says:

          Thanks ladies. Wink wink Detox! Does anyone know when it’s returning?

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I Googled, and according to the BRAVO website, it premieres on Thursday, 10/14/12. I hope that’s accurate.

      • What a great comment sammysmom. I think your words were well said and received so please don’t let a nervousness keep you in lurkerdome if there is something you want to say.

        Sue, I am looking forward to your BH recaps.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      You’re so sweet, SJM. Don’t stay in lurkdom, come out and join us more often! The interaction and support have really been a great healer, I think. And the camaraderie and spirit of community that we built through Lynn’s blog was the real gift that she left us.

    • Beautifully said, Sammyjoesmom! Glad to see you back. 🙂

    • klmh says:

      Well said sjm. Couldn’t agree more.

    • jules says:

      ITA SJM and thank you for taking the time to post your feelings. I’ve been thinking the same exact thing this whole time. I’ve checked in nearly every day but haven’t posted very much because I feel like a slacker compared to those who’ve picked up Lynn’s baton and kept this fabulous community going. Thank you to everyone who has worked to keep Lynn’s idea alive. I, too, am very grateful to have to blog to visit every day.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      (((sammyjoesmom))) I have read every single one of your posts, sammyjoesmom, and you NEVER come across stupidly. So, please do not ever say that again or even think that about yourself (because it is absolutely NOT true)!

    • MelTheHound says:

      Welcome out of lurkdom or welcome back, whichever the case may be.

      Avulva – I don’t know i that’s a typo or you meant to say it that way but it’s hilarious 😆 or at least I think so… 😀

    • Stars99 says:

      Kumbayah… I so agree…

    • Boobah says:

      Very well said and I agree. oxox

  7. MamaZ says:

    Thanks for the recap BB. I missed the first half. I turned Bravo on at 9pm and the screen said no programing at this time. Finally around 9:30 it came on.

    So I missed the entire fight but from reading the recap and comments it seems like Aviva made a big deal about nothing. So the girls wanted a girls week? And her feelings were hurt on Reid’s behalf? They have a weird relationship. My husband has camping weekends and guys football parties. I’m fine with that. We don’t have to be attached at the hip to feel secure in our marriage.

    I really liked Aviva at the beginning of the season. I was trying to still like her until last night. Using the term white trash and then apologizing without apologizing ala Rush Limbaugh were too much for me. She joins JZ and Caro on my most hated list.

    And in the preview for next week Reid makes a comment about overweight, older women. Or did I hear that wrong? Because if he’s talking about Sonja and Ramona they are far from overweight. And even if they were I am not going to approve of a man body shaming any woman! That is unacceptable.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Her feelings couldn’t even have been hurt on behalf of Reid, cuz he didn’t even seem to care! He understood he wasn’t ‘welcome’ to be involved in the activities, and promised he had tons of work and would stay away. Aviva was just crazy

      • MamaZ says:

        She’s like a child with her constant need for reassurance. She wanted a party because she accomplished something that many people do on a daily basis afraid or not.

        I think it’s great when a person faces a fear. But part of that is accepting that the fear is irrational and moving past it should be cause for a quiet sense of accomplishment and a brief nod of approval from friends. Anything else enhances the scope of the issue and that is not healthy.

        • Trudie says:

          I get the feeling that Aviva wanted a party because that is the way she has been rewarded in the past for dealing with things that scare her. If she manages to do something that uncomfortable for her, she gets rewarded. That may have been an understandable response when she was a child, but as an adult she should no longer demand it. I am in no way minimizing her fears, but they are her fears to deal with and she should not expect a ticker tape parade when she does.

          • Just Wondering in Jersey says:

            Someone must have led Aviva to believe the world revolves around her instead they should have taught her that accomplishment is its own reward. Sheesh what a Diva PITA.

          • Scorpiosue1102 says:

            I think you hit it right on the head. That’s exactly how she was handled for something that was uncomfortable to her.

          • plainviewsue says:

            Trudie, I think you hit the nail on the head! What got me was when she told Ramona and Sonja to once again thank Reid by going up to his room & then said to Sonja your flirt with all the men, go flirt with my husband. I mean, is she serious? Who tells women to go flirt with their husbands??? There is something seriously wrong here.

        • Under My Wheels says:

          If I had just overcome a huge phobia, I would’ve done some shots and jumped in the pool naked.
          (Who am I fooling…I do that every weekend)

          • BB says:


            • MamaZ says:

              Great point Trudie.
              Aviva told Heather that her parents treated her like a princess because of her injury. She was probably overly rewarded for everything she did. Instead of making her feel that she was as capable as anyone without a prosthetic it made her feel each accomplishment was huge and almost out of her reach.

              Under My Wheels – You sound like a lot of fun! So Aviva would hate you, lol.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            HA! Your weekends sound like fun!

        • you couldnt get me on one of those 4 seater planes for any amount of money in the world
          even if you told me that Tatum Channing would be sitting next to me naked

    • Iowagirl says:

      He did say fat and old! They are amazing looking women without accounting for age. Accounting for age they are top of the scale. I bet his wife looks gaunt in person, not healthy and fit.

      • Contessa says:

        Iowa – I am waiting to hear Reid’s fat and old comment, cause they do not look fat and old – you can see they did not have breast implants, and if you look closely at Ramona’s neck – she did not have a face lift. Yes, they probably do botox and fillers, plus some other weird stuff, but not full out surgery yet. But I do believe Reid was being mean for Aviva’s sake and it was nasty if that is the case. I do not think Aviva is attractive, I have a very large screen TV and trust me up close her skin and hair look awful and her eyes are very small. I will say she has great abs, but that is about it.

        • MelTheHound says:

          I don’t think she’s any appearance prize either but, I don’t live with her and don’t have to look at her. I kind of feel the same way about most of them.

  8. plainviewsue says:

    Boston, those pictures were to die for!!!!

    BB, fantastic write up on the show.

    I truly think that Aviva has so many issues that this show is the last place she should be. Does Bravo vett these women at all????? My guess with Bravo standards if you fail the vetting process, you get the job.

    She said her blog would explain a lot, but it really didn’t. I think she might have a personality disorder, and I am not being funny. Yes, she should be commended for overcoming a fear and getting there on the small plane. But to expect a red carpet for her husband, a party for them, the fact that she goes on and on about how wonderful her husband is (good lord, the man is a saint) and that she wants all ladies to basically kiss Reid’s ring for being there is crazy!!!!!!

    Wow, what a hardship for Reid. He gets an all expense paid trip to the beautiful island of St. Barth’s. He stays in a gorgeous house.

    Lulu was the instigator as she is always. Why say anything to Aviva??? And then she lies about her part in it. Once a sneak, always a sneak. Aviva tweeted thanks for the information to Lulu, as well as telling us point blank in the blog that it was Luann who gave her the info. But yet she has no issues with Luann saying this??

    For someone who wants us all to forget about her leg, she brings it up way too often, which again shows her insecurities. For her own sanity, this truly should be a one season show for her.

    I was really proud of Ramona for how she approached Aviva, even when she felt she did nothing wrong. She apologized to her, but then Aviva goes on how she needs to apologize to Reid. Reid was probably just so happy to get away from these crazy b*tches!!!! Including his wife.

    I have to say I am warming up to Heather week by week. The only one I really dislike is Luann.

    As always, great job to everyone!!!!!!

    • MamaZ says:

      I loved the photo captions! Great job Boston.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I agree. Great job on photos.

        And I’ll agree that Aviva should not come back next season for her own good.

        • Ça va says:

          For the viewers own good, can you make that happen? 🙂 I don’t think I can watch another season with her. Getting through the next few shows will be difficult enough. After this exposure though it will be difficult to get her to crawl back under the rock from whence she came. Isn’t JZ proof of that?

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      What I don’t get is how LuAnn STILL does not get that all of her words are being FILMED for America to see and hear. She truly was the instigator. She makes these situations that much worse. Can you imagine if she was on Scary Island with Cray Cray Kelly?

      • lilylynn says:

        I think LuAnn was happy to create some drama just so people would stop fixating on the Johnny Depp lookalike. Her next book title: The Art of Deflection

        • lovemamaearth says:

          lol Good insight. I don’t know why Lu is still on either except to be the bad guy. Has she gotten any good edits? Bad mom, bad faking at wanting to be pg, bad gf, bad friend.

    • PJ says:

      Can you even imagine what Reid has to put up with? We saw a little window into Aviva and it isn’t a pretty view. Just imagine being married to Aviva and getting into an argument with her, the thought makes me cringe in disgust. Reid does deserve a party.

      • MamaZ says:

        Redi made a comment in the preview next week that bothered me. He referred to Ramona and Sonja as overweight, older women. As a husband of a woman missing a limb I would have expected him to be a little more open to the physical differences of others. The fact that Ramona and Sonja aren’t overweight doesn’t change the fact that Reid seems to look down of people who don’t conform to his standard of beauty. No party for Reid!

        • BB says:

          I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt until I see it. You know how Bravo manipulates the previews sometimes. Although he shouldn’t be referring to anyone like that.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          LOL Good catch Mamaz. I’m guessing he wanted to rationalize to Aviva why the women would be acting so cliquish leaving Aviva out. JMHO

          And when Sonja and Ram wear clingy thin material that shows their belly button indents it does make them look a bit fat. In spite of them being ok wt.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          If Reid really DID make that comment, EXCELLENT points, MamaZ. I agree wholeheartedly.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Instead of a PARTY, I think Reid deserves a DIVORCE. JMHO

      • i chat with her on twitter a lot and she is without a doubt one of the nicest women that have ever been on housewives
        sonja twits with me from time to time too
        Ramona has never once replied to any twit i sent her i guess she sees me theway she sees waiters and taxi drivers

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


      I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but I play one on this blog. Also, I have a couple of relatives that have some “issues,” shall we say. For instance, one of my Mother’s sisters has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. And the ENTIRE family (myself included) has been affected by it.

      Outside of Aviva’s anxieties and phobias (which I think are to be expected — or should I say, not surprising? — considering the trauma she went through as a child and considering the fact that her mother was an alcoholic and her father is….strange), she exhibits signs of BPD to me. That QUICK-CHANGE flip from love, love, loving Ramona to turning Ramona into her MORTAL ENEMY is one of the signs. The complete overreactions to certain situations is another. The expectation that people OWE her something (like a party simply because she arrived; to bow down to her husband simply because he made sure she got there) and the complete self-centeredness is another sign to me. The inability to let something go and the desire to then go on a relentless “campaign” to harass and verbally abuse the object of her ire/new enemy (e.g., Ramona and/or Sonja) is another sign.

      The completely nasty statements she has made about her ex-husband (and the father of one of her children who can read, mind you) in her blogs and the way she has attacked him in the press are other signs to me.

      I have not yet seen Aviva try to lie and manipulate and turn members of the group against each other. So, that is in her favor (because BPD’s LOVE to do that. Taylor from RHOBH does that all the time. I cannot decide if Taylor is a sociopath or BPD. I’m leaning toward sociopath on THAT scarecrow.).

      For the sake of Aviva and her family, I think it might be best if this is her one and only season. These are just my honest opinions. I acknowledge that I could be wrong, and I mean absolutely NO offense.

      Oh yeah, Lulu is a sneaky, instigating bitch. I’m starting to like Heather more and more. Carole is as cool as a cucumber. Ramona is still her usual crazy self, but I thought she tried as best she could to smooth things over with Aviva. Sonja….well, I like certain things about Sonja; I feel sorry for Sonja in some ways; I suffer for secondhand embarrassment for Sonja in other ways; and I totally understand her feeling like she did NOT need to apologize to Aviva at all (shrug).

      • ImaJillHater2 says:

        Long-time lurker/ occasional poster here – I TOTALLY agree with you that Aviva’s behavior looked suspiciously like borderline personality disorder. Have one in the family & am very familiar with the behavior. Aviva’s behavior you describe in your post is a dead-giveaway of BPD in my opinion. (Buckle up everyone!)

        • lovemamaearth says:

          ((( Ima ))) Welcome to the blog.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Yes, welcome ImaJill.

          Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, like Aviva, my BPD-aunt was EXTREMELY CODDLED AND SPOILED as a child for several reasons: she was a sickly child; she was the youngest (she has a fraternal twin sister, but she came out afterwards by a few minutes, so, technically, she IS the youngest) of 7 children and EVERYBODY — parents, siblings — catered to her because of it (In fact, in many ways, they are STILL doing it because of her constant stunts and frequent psych hospital stays. Everybody has to take turns doing things for her because, since she divorced her THIRD husband, she is now single [She was married 3 times by the time she was 30]. Poor her. She has no man. So, of COURSE, her brothers OWE it to cut her grass, paint her house, do all the manly things. Never mind that they have their own wives and children and grandchildren and tons of their own sh*t to do. Never mind that I have been single all my 41 damned years, and I manage to find a way to handle all of my damned business with no man, but…whatever); AND, because her fraternal twin sister was very outgoing, bubbly and slightly more attractive, she constantly complained that everybody liked her twin better than her and paid her more attention and she had more friends and got more dates, etc., etc. (Yet, ANOTHER reason, the family was supposed to feel sorry for her. Yes, her twin was slightly more attractive than her; however, her twin had a nice PERSONALITY. So, THAT’s why she had more dates and friends. Whatever. She is EXHAUSTING! She wears our sh*t out. Kinda like Aviva wore everybody’s sh*t out last night.).

          Like I said, I could be wrong, but Aviva’s behavior sure looks a LOT like my Aunt’s behavior to me (shrug).

      • plainviewsue says:

        You sure sound like a psychologist to me!! I think your assessment could be very true. She attacks these women with such venom. You can’t blame Ramona and Sonya for being flabbergasted by it.

        She doesn’t want to discuss her phobias, but that is all she spoke of. Her demands of the party, red carpet, for all of them to hug and kiss Reid for his bringing her there…………..yes, borderline personality disorder is a very possible diagnosis.

        But we don’t know if she is/was in therapy. I do feel for her; this atmosphere is not conducive to her at all.

  9. sammyjoesmom says:

    Those pictures are Way Cool Boston!! I think Aviva posted a blog so quickly because she knew she was wrong and was attempting to gain or retain any support from any fans she has left after for her idiotic behavior. The only one who is happy with her is probably Lumann, for the distraction of her lies. I hope it’s only temporary.

  10. Lady Chatterley says:

    Thanks so much to BB, LuLu, and Boston for the great recaps and fun photocaps! 🙂

    And thanks to NMD for pulling it altogether and keeping this blog rolling every day for us. You’re the best, M’Lady!

  11. lovemamaearth says:

    Side Note: Isn’t it odd that Aviva is already gunning for a fight with Sonja and Ramona and she hasn’t even arrived on the island yet?
    I’m still reading but Samonja were gunning for Aviva just as much only double teaming. I suspect Bravo fueled both fires.

  12. Fabulous job on the blog today, all of you!!! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this. Hugs!

  13. Please post my comment says:

    YOu guys have to read RealHouseWifeOfAiken take on Avivia

    Sneak Peak:
    “Aviva freely admits that she has phobias which lead to anxiety and panic attacks. On Twitter, when someone mentioned that she could have taken a ferry to St. Barths instead of the small plane, she responded that she gets seasick and joked that she has a boatload of issues. I think that’s putting it mildly. It seems that the only things she’s not afraid of are taxi cabs, her children and her husband. Her fears have been visited on her family, though. Her husband is not just her partner and friend, he’s also her crutch and enabler. The world is beyond her reach unless he’s right there by her side. Her son expressed certain concerns about riding a merry-go-round. Now, I know that small children can come up with some doozies, but his was a new one. It makes you wonder just what kind of conversations about the dangerous world the Drescher family is having.”

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Welcome to chat. The first comment is always moderated.

    • MelTheHound says:

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ what LME said…

      Since you brought the link over to Empress’s blog, I’ll bring my comment. This is as good a place as any.. Apologies in advance for being insensitive about the plight of Aviva.
      Avivia has worn my last nerve raw. As far as I’m concerned for this, yet another bravolebrity vacation gone to hell, she can hobble her one legged ass the F on out of there. If she’s afraid of the plane, she can pull the broomstick out of her butt, jump on and fly away. How Dare she stagger down there and DEMAND a welcome and thank you from them because her husband graced them with his 5 minute presence to drag her down there. White Trash? Really? bitch.

      Lulu with her scooby doo shaggy hair do. Don’t be smiling so wide there. You’re ass was never anything and you got dumped. You’re about to get dumped again if frenchie has any self respect, Cut the effing crap Lulu, you are neither funny or clever. I wish someone had pushed her into the pool, just for the fun of it. I would have enjoyed seeing that.

      • NightLight95 says:


      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


      • Lady Chatterley says:

        LOL – okay, Jeff, now tell us how you REALLY feel about it. 🙂

      • COCFarm says:

        Oh crap. I have a scooby doo shaggy hair do? I basically have Lulu’s hair. That was the one thing I liked about her. Now I feel I can not go our without a bag on my head. ; (

        • Boobah says:

          COC – The only thing I like about LuLu is her hair! So if yours is similar than I say its HAWT!!! No head-bagging for you! Seriously, I do find LuLu’s hair very attractive – I could never pull it off.

        • MelTheHound says:

          Take the bag off COCFarm. I’m sure you’re beautiful 😉 . I just don’t like Luanne is all and since that’s her only physical feature she has any daily non surgical control over, it’s what I comment on.

          • COCFarm says:

            Whew. Thanks Boobah and MTH. I will take the bag off my head. I don’t like her either. Never have. She has nothing to offer as far as I’ve seen. She isn’t gracious, helpful, kind or self aware. She inflicts pain and denies having been involved. I pretty much think if you looked up the word ‘condescending’, you would find a picture of Lulu….(((but I like her hair)))

      • He didnt leave the dumb drag queen they are still very much a couple remember this was filmed a long time ago and had it not been for Luman there would have been no fight at all between Aviva with anyone she set it all up if anyone is white trash it is CountLESS LuMann and unless you actually suffer from a fear of heights you have no idea what flying in a small plane like that is
        id venture to say that no one on this blog has ever done it or at the least maybe 1 per cent here has i could never and certainly not to meet up with and of those women
        well ok id go to meet and hang with Carole and Avivia if she was there buut the rest no way
        first off sonja would be trying to have all the men i would be going after so id have to slap her down and well with Ramona you know when you cant get drunk (as i with ) you dont wanna be with onediabeties cant)

  14. Please post my comment says:

    Whaahhh where is my comment?? Me sad.

  15. Three Blessed says:

    Aviva is a major narcissist (sp?) ..Why is everything all about her again? Oh, cause she lost a foot as a child? Ridiculous! She didn’t look that scared on the plane to me.. no hyperventilating , shaking..She just wants attention. Why were the ladies suppose to roll out the red carpet for Reid again..because he brought Aviva on a trip he wasnt invited on? If she couldnt make it without him, she should of stayed home! She ruined the trip bringing her husband and her bitchy attitude. LuAnn is such a snake and backstabber…oh and a slut! PePe should leave her pronto! Anyone see Sonja smoking? Keep waiting to see Luann smoking cause you know she does either that or she truly swallowed a pirate..I mean toad.

    • MamaZ says:

      LOL, I just caught that last line.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I’ve read before that LuAnn smokes, but she refuses to smoke on camera. I guess she thinks the smoking would make her look less-Countess-like and less classy.

      I think her sluttiness has already done that.

      So, she might as well go on ahead and start smoking 3-packs a day on camera. It’s not like it’s going to change the fact that her behavior has made her claims of “class and elegance” completely laughable.

  16. Carole’s blog is up – and she refers to off-camera phone calls that were made… Maybe that’s where the oh-so-well-educated-born-and-bred-New-Yorker heard “I heard you are so mean, Ramona” etc. etc. etc. For a person who claims she hears everything, I don’t think she hears herself. She’s exhausting. Her “white trash” and Rush Limbaugh comments sealed the deal for me. She’ll be on mute from now on, so I don’t have to hear *her.*

    • Mary E says:

      Like your comment. As we know, education is not only about degrees you receive, but life lessons. and Aviva received a bunch from her perv father.

    • Shiny says:

      Aviva, I live in an academic town and know many many lawyers and academics who speak lots of languages and have multiple academic degrees, but they still miss a lot and misinterpret more and speak total nonsense pompously. And the ones who have to pull out their credentials to prove how smart they are? They are always the least smart and have the least common sense, too.

    • and just who do you think called her i hope it all comes out in the reunion just what a snake Lumann is anything to make people talk about her cheating on her b/f

  17. I’m stopping by to thank you for adding The Farm to the Blogroll. As the first “outsider” to be on that list means a lot to me and the favor has been returned. You’re all doing a great job at keeping this blog and a terrific group of people together. 🙂

  18. For Tom & Lorenzo fans here: They have gotten the go-ahead on a book they are writing. Should be a fun read. 🙂

  19. BB says:

    Do you know who I think is most to blame for the tensions getting to the point they did on last night’s episode? None other than the Countess Luann De Lesseps. Do I care if she boinked the pirate and lied about it? Nope, she didn’t hurt anyone in the process (except maybe Jacques). Do I care that she perpetuated and fanned the flames repeatedly during the entire last half of the episode? Yep. Did you notice that the Countess was in EVERY scene except for the one with Sonja, Aviva and Carole? I’m sure she would have been there if she could have wiggled her way into it. She’s an instigating, lying snake in the grass. She a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She’s the lowest of the low in my opinion. So far, Ramona is the only one who’s called her on it to her face. Carole alludes to it in her blog. Hopefully one day they’ll all realize that Luann is a friend to nobody except Luann. Ramona already knows this.

    • MamaZ says:

      I agree. But why does Aviva continue to ignore LuAnn saying last week that Reid would change the dynamic? Why is she going after Ramona and Sonja so strongly?

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Because she needs an ally. Aviva doesn’t actually stand on principle, she likes to huff and puff and blow really hard. She’s basically a bully – full of fears, anxieties, neuroses, and looking for someone that she can step on to make herself feel more empowered. She’s not a nice person.

        • I do agree that Aviva was just way over the top but I think she was really coming from a hurt place. She had Ramona’s back on many occasions and I think she thought that Ramona’s would have hers. It doesn’t work like that for Ramona.If she thinks it, she says it regardless or not if it is unkind and unfair and especially unsolicited. Heck, even her bestie Sonja got a taste of it when she went off about her to Mario.

      • BB says:

        I have no clue what’s going on in Aviva’s head since so far she hasn’t shown she’s much of a rational thinker. I mean, she thinks her dad’s funny, but she thinks Ramona and Sonja are “white trash.” The woman has deep-rooted issues. That’s why I think it was cruel of Luann to use her as a pawn to get back at Ramona (which I thinks she wants to do) and to take the spotlight off of her own questionable behavior. Couldn’t she see Aviva was already becoming a little unhinged without having to throw her little zinger in there?

        • mardrag26 says:

          “That’s why I think it was cruel of Luann to use her as a pawn to get back at Ramona (which I thinks she wants to do) and to take the spotlight off of her own questionable behavior.”

          Ahhh, brilliant BB! She was getting back at Ramona AND Sonja for their highjinx with Faux JD. As well as seeing a perfect opportunity to put her behavior back in the shadows. Just such a horrible woman!

        • Trudie says:

          Very good point.

      • Sam says:

        After reading Carole’s blog, I think LuAnn called Aviva to fill her in on what was going on in the house, and during that call LuAnn told a bunch of lies in order to turn Aviva against Ramona and Sonja and make herself Aviva’s ally. LuAnn clearly wanted this implosion in order to end the conversation about her pirate lust, so she orchestrated it.

        • BB says:

          I think both Luann and Zill Jarin have whispered disparaging remarks about Ramona in Aviva’s ear at various times, both before and during filming. Have no proof, just a hunch.

          • Sam says:

            I hadn’t even considered that JZ would be involved in this, but now that you’ve mentioned the possibility, I can imagine how the phone calls would have gotten started and how easily it would have been for JZ to poison the well.

            • MamaZ says:

              It fits JZ’s MO. Remember she was in contact with KKB before and during her breakdown.
              Could it be that she’s responsible for both Scary and Slutty Islands, lol?

          • Boobah says:

            I wondered the same thing. In fact, one of the questions I thought to ask TEB for her interview w/Aviva was related to this…I also suspect JZ had Aviva’s ear before and during filming. I can see LuLu giving her “tips” before filming also.

        • Stars99 says:

          Holy Manipulation, Batman – I TOTALLY agree… She know her daliance was gonna be highlighted… and that she would be skewered…so the best way to get the spotlight off of yourself is to point it elsewhere…

      • because she wasnt there when Lumanm said it and it WAS Lumann that called her and told her that Sonja & Ramonna didnt want Reid there conviintly leaving out the fact that she started all that up herself and also because by this time Aviva thought of Ramonna and Sonja as real friends and wasnt very close to the Countless so it hurt hearing this being said behind her back

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Good points BB.

      • Shiny says:

        Thanks for the further insights into Her Snakiness. She certainly is being consistent about lying and denying at every opportunity. Is that one of her manner book’s chapters?

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I agree, BB. LuAnn is no good. She is simply NOT a nice person, IMO. A true SNAKE that one is!

    • Boobah says:

      BB!! Excellent points and I agree. LuLu is a wolf in sheeps clothing! Her entire motive is selfish. She completely capitalized on Aviva’a vulnerabilities using it for her personal gain. All she wants is to control people’s perception of her. She is among the worst kind of manipulators….cunning, spiteful, calculating, etc.

      There’s actually a great book out there called, In Sheeps Clothing. It is a helpful tool for people that have manipulators in there lives and need some assistance in how to deal with them.

  20. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Morning All! I’ve been away so I have lots to catch up on. Thanks again for the great job with the site, and now the hilarious pics/captions! I laughed out loud at the one with Luann and her daughter!
    Speaking of that caption, this is the second guy we know of that both Luann and Sonja have slept with. GROSS.

    Now, I’ve always been pretty vocal about my dislike for Ramona. I pretty much am opposite of most in that I liked (and still like) Heather and don’t like Ramona. I was on the fence about Aviva but was giving her the benefit of the doubt. But this episode? She clearly is BSCrazyyyyy. OMG, what was wrong with her?? And I was enjoying Ramona!
    If I had come on a girls trip with my husband because of my issues, I would be the one apologizing profusely! She should have been apologizing and explaining she really wanted to hang out with them but had to have her husband fly with her, and that she would be sure to make sure that he was not at all an inconvenience. She wanted them to gush over him and roll out a red carpet?? They don’t have to thank him for dealing with your crazy ass! No one was begging you to come…stay at home if you can’t handle it. She was looking for a fight the minute she walked in.

    I totally agreed with Sonja when she said Aviva is only okay once you kiss her ass and apologize to her. I think after the charity thing and then this, Sonja was DONE…I don’t blame her. Friendships shouldn’t be so exhausting and feel like walking on eggshells. I don’t know how Reid puts up with her. The best part was, he didn’t even seem to give a crap and just wanted to get his work done.

    And why was she going to St. Barts dressed in jeans, white button up shirt and a blazer?

    Looks like next week she continues the crazy. Walking into Ramonja’s room while they are talking to Carole and yelling again?

    • kit9 says:

      I think the white trash comment is what really hurt, upset Sonja.

      • MamaZ says:

        I have also been a frequent critic of Ramona. I don’t really “like” any of these women with the exception of Carole. And Heather has grown on me a bit.

        • catmom1 says:

          Feel the same way. Although I’m rather disappointed in Carole’s TH comment, as well as her blog, about Sonja’s anal sex. In my opinion, what someone of legal age and consent does behind closed doors is strictly their business, whether you agree with or approve of their actions. Sonja was “off the clock” and should have had a reasonable expectation of privacy. Probably should have locked the door as well, but that horse is already out of the barn. For me, I can’t imagine discussing someone else’s sex acts on national TV or in a blog. Even if I despised that person, I would not want to subject them to the embarrassment. It’s just not right.

          • 2Stupid says:

            I agree completely. It kind of disappointed me as well. Carole can be passive agressive as well. Makes me wonder if she comes back for a second season, what will we be in store for us.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            You know, Catmom, so far, I have considered Carole and her blogs to be pretty perfect as far as housewives go. I honestly could not find one bad thing to say about her.

            However, what you just said has made me think, and I agree with you. Carole was very wrong to do that. Whatever sexual acts Sonja chooses to perform in the privacy of her own bedroom is her business, and it should not be written down on an internet forum where everyone (including Sonja’s daughter) will be able to read it in cyberspace forever.

      • I think it hurt Sonja because maybe she sees some truth to it or at least feels that others do. She was once the wife of JP Morgan and now broke and living in a falling down townhouse and recycling her old cloths- not to mentioned getting it up the pooper by strange pirates in a Caribbean,

      • I Need A Life! says:

        She’s probably been called that more than once in her life. Last night it was, “white trash meets Euro trash.”

      • im sure the press have called her that since her divorce and maybe even before when she first married into that family
        she still is sad ove the failed marraige i think she still loves her ex

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hi, RHVA (*waving*),

      I had been wondering where you were. I have missed you and your comments. Glad to see you back. 😉

  21. mardrag26 says:

    Good Morning! I hope everyone’s holiday was great and your week starts out well!

    Aviva did it for me last night. First……she had that fight/speech planned long before she landed on that island. A hint….she never changed her clothes when she got there. When you land on vacay, especially on an island like that, first thing is remove your jacket, shake off the stress of the flight, get comfy, have a drink, change clothes, etc. She stayed in her “power suit” the entire time and it dawned on me she did that for a purpose. It was a control/ego thing, like wearing your power suit to an important meeting or interview. The other women were casually dressed (or not dressed at all!) and in the more vulnerable position for “the fight”. Aviva clearly had that all staged in her mind and stuck to it no matter how easy and breezy they all were when she arrived. She was determined to have that fight. Just my humble opinion!

    The look on her face at the end when she made that disgusting Rush Limbaugh comment made my jaw drop…..and I was appalled. That did it for me. She is on mute….and get off my tv next season! And isn’t she worried all this will affect Reid’s business? Isn’t HE worried about that?
    (And he may be a saint, but he is also an enabler).

    I can’t even comment on Loo Loo. I can’t even insult the snake family by calling her one. She is lower than their bellies.

    Okayyy, got that off my chest! LOL!

    Blessings and have a great day!! 🙂

  22. MamaZ says:

    LuLu – I can’t stand Angela and Chantal.

    Angela hadn’t even taken any photo’s for her show but she is angry that her friend doesn’t have a venue? A real artist has hundreds of photos ready to display. And the pics they showed her taking were laughable. She better stick to modeling because she is a beautiful girl.

    Chantal is an idiot and I don’t believe she does yoga twice a week. If she did her posture wouldn’t be so terrible. Or does she think it looks cool to slump her shoulders all the time? It’s very unattractive. I do yoga several times a week. I have for years. In spite of my experience the instuctor is always correcting me. And yes she has to touch me to shift my body the way she wants be to pose. If Chantal does yoga twice a week why is the instrutor a stranger?

    These girls are going down a dangerous path if they spend a night together with Chantal’s BF. I hope they don’t include any more of that on the show.

    • Lulu says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I think Angela just likes to say she’s a photographer because it sounds so hip. In my opinion this series is a bust when Bravo tries to over dramatize something you know it’s headed south. Last night was truly painful to watch.

  23. Amalfi says:

    If I had a wild night with Tomas after he told me that he had a boyfriend and then had anal sex with me, I would be getting tested for everything. Immediately.

    Not only are these women utterly gross by sharing a sex partner on consecutive nights, they obviously don’t care at all what message they are sending to their own daughters – forget about the rest of the world.

    Hope they used a condom.

    • kit9 says:

      They’re all walking Petri dishes at this point.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I agree. So annoying that this is on tv when teens are watching. Yuck and shame on Sonja. Shame on Lu too. did i say yuck. ugh.

      • BB says:

        LME. Do you really think that many teens are watching the real housewives? I think they are more than likely watching the quality shows like Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, the Real World, the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, etc.

      • klmh says:

        Gosh, I think the shame should go to Carole. If she had handled it discreetly, as Heather did, it would be a none issue, and I don’t want to know or care what happens with these people behind closed doors.
        I found it distressing that Carole went into that detail with us. tmi.

        • catmom1 says:

          Same here. I posted a similar comment up thread.

        • BB says:

          Me too. Carole didn’t need to go there – not in her talking head and not in her blog.

        • Scorpiosue1102 says:

          Agreed. This is my little quibble with Carole. I think she feels she needs to be the “honest” one about everything, which is all well and good, but we did not need to know about the anal.

          • it didnt bother me
            i found it funny that it was explained how she gets all those bruises she has
            i prefered this then Countless lying about Tomas being there then lying about how all she did was show him around esp since he said hes been there many times before what i really wanna know is how much does she usually pay for this service LOL

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Amalfi, I haven’t seen such a repulsive display of mixing bodily fluids since……I got nothing. No words, Lisa

  24. Lisa Renee says:

    Good Morning to all, great blog again, ITA with Sammyjoesmom, Lynn would be very proud. The writing is great & the spirit of her vision, thanks to the amazing people who jumped feet first into the fire to keep us together, stays intact despite our loss & aching heart. SJMom, I have learned so much from you, please keep posting.
    I have gone into great detail about what a lousy flyer I am. Here is what I didn’t share….I traveled to the Turks & Caicos several times a year by myself to see my mom. I flew without my husband, alot. I never expected any fanfare for getting my behind down there with or without my family. I apologized to my family everytime we travel, humbled & embarrassed they have to deal with a crazy woman. I watched Aviva fly, I did not see her jump out of her skin & yelp outloud from bumps (I did alone or not) & no real tears from fear. Being as nuts as I am, wherever I went, never copped an atitude with anyone, ever. You can’t be nuts & nasty….it’s one or the other or IMO the lack of self awareness eliminates any empathy or accolades Aviva expected. I would have swam or taken the ferry before I set foot on that tuna can with wings pretending to be a plane. Not enough meds in the world lol. Aviva is a piece of work & a man responds one of two ways. Either his ego enjoys being so needed & enjoys being her knight in shining armor because she crossed the street alone or he will run for his life from being with a woman that sucks at life, has no problem visiting her crazies on the children & ends up sucking the life out of him. Reid is an odd bird. LuAnn was the instigator & a yo ho ho with a bottle of rum. Sonja & Ramona….they really are embracing the F***it 50’s. Heather, first time I am seeing another side & enjoying her, I am sure it will pass. Carol is to cool for school, felt bad she missed her window to see Russ. My guess, this is all research for Carol’s next book & no way she is coming back. Last nights chat was hysterical, watched & read in real time. Have a great day everyone, Lisa

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I wonder if Bravo asked Carole to take care of the women instead of going off to meet Russ as she well could have.

      I’ve heard that Turks & Caicos is fabulous.

      • kit9 says:

        This is my only gripe about Carole-her whining about not getting to go to her bf’s practice. She could have gone at any time. She wasn’t under house arrest. And the hostest excuse won’t cut it…we all know that Bravo sets up all these trips.

      • MamaZ says:

        Lisa Renee – I’m sorry you have such a strong fear of flying but I commend your willingness to do what you need to do in spite of your phobia. has it gotten any better over time?

        • Lisa Renee says:

          LME & MamaZ, My parents retired to TCI post 9-11 because our travel habits changed & they were younger & madly in love & pretty much done with The city & the house in Lido beach. They maintained the Rector Place apt that took 2 years to fix after 9-11, they were in Germany on holiday so they were not in the country. TCI is comprised of several diffent clusters of islands & we put down roots in The Providencials, Provo for short. Country is UK owned & they had (but were stripped of) their own constitution. It is comprised of Belongers & Ex-Patriots (ex-pats). The most stunning beach & Island I was ever on. My husband is a master diver & TCI is second only to Australia. So my step dad & of course ashley started diving. Barely developed except for the ExPats & gov’t homes. I refered to it as Bedrock. It is 1 mile wide & about 20 miles long, it has come along way in 15 years. I was my parents travel agent, 2.5 hrs from NY direct & I sent them to Grace Bay for 10 days & they never looked back. They started renting homes until purchasing ever since. Here’s the juicy part….My parents attended the marriage of Lisa Raye McCoy & Chief Priminister Micheal Missick. They are now divorced & he is seeking political asylum where ever he can. A little more than 10 years ago My stepdad got very involved in getting MIchael into office. Big $$ supporters to get in good with the Gov’t. My parents obtained dual citizenship quicker than most. Several people that were at my wedding in New Orleans are now in jail for a very long time. The Missick family is a political dynasty akin to our kennedy/rockefeller type. He disgraced his family’s legacy & the entire country by robbing them blind, illegal land deals & so much more. TCI pays for college education for their children since they have to go abroad & this man stole every last dime. Every cousin had a no show job, with an expense account. As a belonger you were gifted a piece of property from the gov’t, MM sold prime real estate to nefarious people (russian/bulgarian connected) in an illegal manner & nothing was left for the belongers. He left a thriving country broke, broken from hurricanes & corrupt. It is very sad. As for my fear of flying……I said aloud that my mothers passing meant I no longer had to fly. Headphones, never, how are you going to hear if something is wrong? Mom did say one thing that Aviva said, change the picture in your head, focous on the hugs & how happy I would be once I got there, that did help a little, meds help more. Ashley going to law school in MI & have already researched RV’s. Except, I give it to the valet & check in somewhere at night lol. I love roadtrips with my husband but I love room service more,

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Thanks for your fun travel-logs Lisa!! 🙂

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Oh, Lisa, thanks for that info about Michael Misick. I only knew of him because of Lisa Raye. I heard they had a very ugly divorce. Lisa Raye is back on my t.v. screen again in “Single Ladies” on VH1.

            • Lisa Renee says:

              Detox, oh the stories I have about Lisa don’t dare forget the Raye. There is a LaRaye movie theater, first on Provo, with a VIP section, that still bears her name, hahahahahaha. She who only wore white took Bougey to places only seen by Jesus. Her sister is Da Brat from back in the day, she looked so miserable in the dress for bridal party. I got a smaller version of the Murano Glass lovers sculpture they got as a wedding gift, they fought over that baby hardcore. It was over 6 feet & weighed hundreds of pounds. The divorce was public & ugly. Rape allegations and more. Their home, which was palatial was built on belonger money. She had to testify at the inquiry about her lifestyle. Riveting & all public record. Basically she woke up one day & found out her black card was through a Ukrainian country, lavish lifestyle only could be described by Robin Leech, unheard of spending. It was not a good look. Legend has it suitcases of money were flown off the Island. The UK & the belongers want it back. If you couldn’t tell…not a
              fan, Lisa

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Oh, Lisa Raye has been considered “shady” since way back — long before Michael Misick. She was allegedly the long-time mistress of some pro-ballplayer. His name escapes me at the moment. I’ve read interviews where she is very honest about being a straight golddigger. I guess I do respect her honesty about that (if I respect nothing ELSE about her). At least the men who date her beforehand will know with what they are dealing (shrug).

                • Lisa Renee says:

                  Detox, and after all is said & done she shows up at Michael Jacksons funeral on the arm of Al Sharpton, dressed all in white. Fool stuck out like a sore thumb, could spot her from the helicopters, which I guess is her point. My favorite part is she is from Hollis, Queens & that is where Ashley’s paternal family still lives. Ignore it all you want, your behind walked to the subway with us peons no matter how hard you try & forget. I will give her this much, she always lands on her back, oopps I mean feet, Lisa

          • the headphones are for the music that soothes her nerves,that has helped me on short flights but the last one from miami to newark was so bad that i swore i was going to die for sure and this wasnt just MY fear of flying the stewardesses all looked like they were whiter then sheets it was a very bumpy stormy flight and at one point it felt like we dropped a HUGE ammount no idea how much it just felt like a drop on a roller coaster

            • lovemamaearth says:

              I went through a flight like that too DQ. Not easy to fly again. Now 911 hassles make it easy to stay home. ((( DQ ))) Glad you came back.

    • FlowerPower says:

      “Heather, first time I am seeing another side & enjoying her, I am sure it will pass.”


      • Lady Chatterley says:

        🙂 I know, I share the sentiment. I want to like her, but I’m confident she’ll torpedo any good will I may be feeling at the moment.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I find myself liking Heather more too, but I’m very wary. I’m still sleeping with one eye open as far as she is concerned.

        • Contessa says:

          Hey Ladies, I am with you on this with regard to Heather. I think she will improve with time (at least I am hoping so). I would have gladly gone on vacation with Heather and Carole – stress free, laid back and no back door sex shenanigans. If Carole wants to spend time with her man – more power to her, just check in with us periodically to hang out every so often and I’ll be fine knowing you are safe and having fun!

    • they only showed moments of her flying however who knows how she was the entire flight what they did show,showed how tense she was

  25. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Carole’s blog is awesome, as usual. Here’s some exerts:

    “LuAnn said Reid at the house would change the dynamic. (LuAnn had trouble with the truth our entire stay.) Everyone else agreed.”

    “Still, there is never a reason to call names. It’s not decent or nice. “White trash” is a derogatory slang term referring to people in this country of a lower social class. It’s a slur — used by upper class whites to refer to uneducated lower class whites. While it may differ from Okie or Hillbilly, it’s still pejorative, and worse — it’s vulgar and inelegant.”

    “Sonja is trying hard here. As I watched this scene, I wished I had hugged her. She’s been over-served and over-insulted and she’s hurt.”

    “Aviva had me at “Hello” but she lost me somewhere between “White Trash” and “Rush Limbaugh,” and her reference to his infamous empty apology. Limbaugh wasn’t sorry for calling an innocent young woman a whore and slut, he was sorry his show lost sponsors. And it was arguably one of the nastiest moments in his almost 50-year broadcasting career.”

    “Which of the ladies actually did leave that night, and stayed at a hotel?

    If you guessed me, you win! I left dinner to see Russ and I didn’t come back. Russ was staying at the coolest little dive near town, it hadn’t been updated since the 50s. The bed had a mosquito net canopy, the orange walls were faded and peeling. It was beautiful. We contemplated running away that night. We called the house on the hill Alcatraz. When I woke the next morning I had hoped it was all a dream, a nightmare, then I got a text from my producer — “Please return to the house.”

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      🙂 It sounds like she was a prisoner…interesting that she decided to do this show. I hope that it’s turned out to be a learning experience for her. I don’t like that she seems to be looking down on everyone much of the time – even if she’s doing it w/great subtlety. I like when she lets her guard down and actually connects w/one of the ladies.

      • COCFarm says:

        I know what you are saying about looking down her nose, but I don’t think that’s it. It may be. I just think she has more worldly experiences than these ladies. The things that they get wound up about don’t make sense to Carole given what she’s seen. I think she comes from a place of not trying to react to or with emotion. Look at the situation logically, don’t get emotionally tied to it so that it distorts the reality. It’s more of a business approach which I think is correct. But that’s just me. She lost me with the tmi comment with Sonja which was not necessary. Otherwise, I can’t blame her for escaping. I like how she described the place her bf was staying. Her love of the fact that it is unaltered from the 50’s is great. She can roll with it and likes it. I don’t know that anyone else in that group would describe it that way. Imagine Lulu!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I agree with many of your comments/opinions about Carole. In her book, she came across as very down-to-earth and not snobby at all. She seemed like she was firmly grounded and remembered her lower-middle to middle-middle class roots DESPITE the fact that she just so happened to marry a Prince who also just so happened to be related to “American royalty”.

          I think that, as a writer, Carole is more of the type to sit back and be an observer. I think that is what she is doing with these women.

          I also think that Carole, just like many of the commenters here on this blog, is very normal and SANE and has a sense of humor and realizes just how utterly RIDICULOUS, PETTY, BIZARRE and straight CRAZY some or all of these women are in general or how they often display this type of behavior.

          And I think she finds it absurd.

          I think it also gets on her nerves a little bit.

          That is why I think her blogs are often a bit tongue-in-cheek, funny, but still, in a passive-aggressive way, pointing out how super SERIOUSLY these ridiculous women take themselves. I mean, it’s not like they are curing cancer, for God’s sake!! Let’s REALLY take a look at these women through Carole’s SANE and REASONABLE eyes, shall we:

          One sells support drawers and thinks that, just because she’s worked with several Black people (Diddy, Beyonce), she has got the Black lingo DOWN, y’all. HOLLA (Psst….that term is now passe’). This would be HEATHER.

          One does not work at all and does not come from ANY type of blue-blood background WHATSOEVER, but thinks she is the height of sophistication and elegance simply because she banged a (fake) Count, who decided to give her the very SPECIAL title of being his FOURTH (yes, 4th) wife. This same “Miss Manners,” who goes around demanding apologies and correcting everyone’s behavior is basically a cheap slut who never wants to pay her bill (tacky and annoying) or see her children (Disgraceful and Sad). This would be LUANN

          Another one has a serious case of A.D.D., a possible thyroid condition — which causes her eyes to bug out –, a possible form of Tourettes, which causes her to blurt out the rudest and most inappropriate things very often at the worst possible times. She deals with her A.D.D. by doing several things at once: buying and re-selling clothes nobody wanted in the first place to other stores where people with different tastes might decide THEY want them; selling skin cream; selling jury (that’s the way some people Ebonically pronounce “jewelry,” and it drives my Black ass CRAZY — almost as crazy as people who say “ax” for “ask,” but not quite); and selling wine (which is the PERFECT one of all of her businesses for her because, as much as I LOVE this woman — God knows I do — I really DO think she is a functional alcoholic). This would be RAMONA.

          Another one is COMPLETELY unaware that she is clinically depressed, a possible nymphomaniac, a terrible housekeeper, living way above her means, misses being the days of being able to order servants around as the former “Mrs. Morgan,” so, instead hires several interns to replace her servants and cater to her every whim and desire as she dithers and dithers and whirls around considering herself this “great business woman” who is going to be “the next Housewives’ mogul” while she really gets either very little or ABSOLUTELY NOTHING done because she is either too tired from the bender she went on from the night before, or she is too depressed to really focus or she is too tired from entertaining God knows what young (or old) man in her boudoir all evening. This would be SONJA.

          Finally, we have one who, on the outside, appears to have it all together. She is always perfectly dressed. Her hair is always perfectly styled. Her makeup is always perfectly done. Her home could be featured in an Architectural Digest magazine. Her husband is handsome, seemingly a gentleman, and seemingly adores her. Her children are absolute dolls. This woman has major accomplishments. I mean, after all, she went to Vassar. She went to law school. She has lived in France. She speaks 4 or 5 languages. Despite ALL of that, this woman is BATSHIT CRAZY and is liable to drive those around her to do one of the following: follow her lead and GO COMPLETELY BONKERS as well; run away from her as fast as they possibly can on their 2 legs (because they have just been SCREAMED AT MANIACALLY by this woman that, even though they are running away from her on their 2 legs, IT IS ABOUT THE CHILDREN WITH NO LEGS.!!!!!!!!!!! WHY CAN’T YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT!!!!!!!); slowly back away from the cray-cray while speaking soothing words to her as they make a mental note to NEVER go on any type of vacation with her or fail to attend one of her charity events EVER AGAIN…..OR ELSE!!!! This woman’s father is also a pervert who she, for some strange reason, finds absolutely cute, adorable and to be just such a “character.” This would be AVIVA.

          So, I really “get” Carole and where she is coming from with all of these women (shrug). JMHO

          • JustDee says:

            BRAVO Detox!
            I find Carole a bit smug but when you put it THAT way it all makes perfect sense 😉

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I find writing to be therapeutic. Carole is probably the same way. Her blogs are probably one of the ways she prevents herself from becoming JUST AS CRAZY as her castmates. 😀

          • Contessa says:

            I Love you Detox…are you a writer? I was going to say that about Carole as well…writers observe and try to blend into everything as they are sponging up their atmosphere. Carole is my type of woman and she grew up in my type of neighborhood – looking back now I didn’t realize I grew up in the “hood”. I am with you on Heather – she needs to drop the lingo….there is nothing worse than a middle aged woman trying to use the newest hip lines.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              And I love you RIGHT BACK, Contessa! MUAH! No, I am not a writer, but I wish I were. I would LOVE to get paid to just write and write (and not about the law either). Like I told JustDee, I find it to be therapeutic.

              I’ve often been told that I am a very good listener, and I do tend to observe A LOT — so I pick up on things, even very subtle things, that others might not (particularly people’s PATTERNS of behavior). This is what most of my friends and acquaintances tell me anyway (shrug). I like “studying” people.

              I’m starting to like Miss Heather more, but she DOES need to quit it with the “HOLLA”! LOL

              • COCFarm says:

                I get told the same thing, that I’m a good listener. But I have a feeling I would go off the rails and tell all these women they really need to get a life! I came from a lower middle to middle class upbringing. But my parents would do anything for me and my 6 sibs. There were always squabbles…but these women don’t know what it’s like to share, go without or get a reality check. I’m with you Detox.

                Glad to know my interpretation of Carole is similar to several of you. The other thing I like about Carole, that Bethenny did as well (but more harshly at times) is ‘call it like I see it.’ but with a dash of humor. Yes, it can go to far or fail, but it is humorous. I tend to do the same thing. She is also self deprecating, which I get.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I’ll bet ya, Carole would like you and get you, too.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I think she’d like and get SEVERAL of us on this blog — because we also get it: the majority of these housewives are either ridiculous in some form or fashion; completely UN-self-aware; and/or NUCKING FUTS!! 😀

          • aviva is far from crazy she just inst used to these back stabbing two faced women

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Thanks for those bits. Post the whole thing if you want. I can’t make myself go to Bravo site even for Carole’s blog… Thanks again.

    • Shiny says:

      “Please return to the house” says it all. If you’re paid to be a housewife, you obey and be a housewife. Carole should have claimed her phone wasn’t working.

  26. Three Blessed says:

    Luann should of just called PePe to join them..I bet PePe and the pirate would have enjoyed a menage a’ bi tois..

  27. OMGoodness you guys! I just got back from my Aqua Rehab class. One of my people with onset Parkinsons went under! I dived under the water & got him up. The two lifeguards were talking & didn’t even see him! He’s ok but we had to file an incident report just in case. I was fine til I got home. I’m shaking & crying now…..

  28. Powell says:

    Cudos boston on the pics/artwork!!

  29. Powell says:

    Eww! Way to snark NMD. “Instead of a Summer by Bravo, could this be a set up by Bravo? You are getting quite good at it. LOVE IT! It’s so true. 🙂

  30. Winston says:

    Just caught some of Live with Kelly and her new co-host is Michael Strahan! I forgot who put that out there a week or so ago but you were correct. It will be interesting to see if that plays a part in the 2nd season of Hollywood Exes. I love Nicole Murphy so am happy for them both.

  31. Orson says:

    I don’t have much to add to what’s already been said about this NY episode except for one observation. Yes, Aviva’s been to law school. I don’t know if she’s passed the bar or has ever practiced as an attorney, and if so what sort of law. I do have friends who are attorneys and one is a litigator (aka trial attorney), and I’ve noticed this spills over into non-court room situations. She tends to be very strident in her beliefs and keeps things going far beyond the point where others are willing to say “Look, we disagree. Let’s move on.” Actually, she’s taken it to the point in several online communities to where she’s been asked to leave (banned or given “time outs”). My point is I’m seeing this in Aviva’s behavior. It’s not attractive.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      That’s interesting, Orson – do you know which online communities she was asked to leave? And what happened there?

      • Orson says:

        I was a member of 2 of 3 online communities (that I know of) she left/was asked to leave. We’re currently both members of an online community where several times she’s been put on time out. I just deleted a chronological history of her escapades but decided nobody didn’t want to read a thesis here. Short versions:
        1. First time, she was a moderator, got in an argument with another moderator over not really much. It escalated to the owner of the message board where my friend was told to let it go. She wouldn’t and was then banned.
        Another member of this community with pretty good web skills for the time had set up another message board and the community was mostly members and former members of the first community. When my friend got fired as a moderator and then banned from the first community, she was made a moderator on the second community. At some point in time, the press of work/life required her to resign as a moderator. The owner (who has been diagnosed with several mental health issues) took this as a personal insult and a sort of guerrilla war went on between the owner and her “coven” and my friend. Eventually, she was provoked enough to cross the line and was banned there.
        The 3rd place I wasn’t a member. It was some online roleplaying game place, WOW or something like that. She somehow became a mod or whatever they have there, got upset at some of the policies, and as to form, made too much of a stink about it.
        At the place we’re both members now, she gets strident during times of elections. And she’ll cross the line between disagreeing with someone’s opinion to taking shots at posters she disagrees with. Let’s put it this way… it’s September of an election year. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s given a time out in October. It’s happened before.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Very interesting points.

    • Shiny says:

      Good point – you’re right that my defense lawyer friends always seem to argue to win and think that debate is conversation. Guess the law school training becomes totally ingrained in some.

      • Orson says:

        Yes. I’ve called her on this once or twice. I told her part of it is genetic and part is training. She started to get huffy at that and I said “Look, you’re a woman, you’re a redhead, you’re Scotch/Irish, you’re a Virgo, and you’re a trial attorney. How the hell could you not be argumentative?” And she wryly grinned and accepted what I said.

    • PJ says:

      I have a good friend, who I have been friends with for thirty years, he is also an attorney and he is brilliant in his reasoning and use of questions to get to the truth; but never would he speak to anyone as Aviva does.

      Aviva saying the things she did in the way she did shows how arrogant she is not how brilliant she is. Education is a good thing but wisdom is the ability to apply learning, I didn’t see any wisdom coming from Aviva.

      Unfortunately education does not elevate all people a person can be well educated and still be quarrelsome and aggressive and unwise and yes even ignorant. To me a truly despicable person is one who is arrogant and haughty which is what I saw in Aviva this episode. If her husband really called Ramona and Sonja fat then I see why they are together…..birds of a feather.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I could be wrong about this, but I do not think Aviva has ever practiced. In fact, I am not even sure she is even licensed, BUT (and that’s a big “BUT”) I could be wrong about that too.

      Aviva could be strident and relentless because she is an attorney.

      She could also be strident and relentless because she is NUCKING FUTS. JMHO.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I wonder if she works at all. I also wonder with all her fears if she is even capable of holding down a job. Maybe that’s why she has never practiced (if she hasn’t that is, I don’t know)

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          You know, Mrs. P, I don’t think she works at all. And I HATE to say this….but Aviva strikes me as the type of person who wanted the prestige of all of those letters behind her name and could afford to get them via her family money, but one who REALLY just wanted to get her M.R.S. degree (as in snag a wealthy husband at one of these institutions). She also strikes me as the type of person who loves SAYING she has all these degrees (but I’m not too sure how much she REALLY planned on using them, you know?).

          I mean, with all of Aviva’s anxiety and phobias, I’m not too sure she could actually handle the STRESS of being an attorney (unless she went into an extremely specialized area of the law that did not require much confrontation and/or much actual courtroom time. She could probably be a law clerk for a Judge or something. That would probably be ideal for her).

          Aviva strikes me as the type who “does not play well with others.” Can you imagine her going off like that in a work environment?

          Wait…God…what am I saying? I know PLENTY of lawyers who have gone absolutely nuts in the office and in the courtroom. There is a reason our profession is #1 for alcoholism and drug addiction (the extreme stress) and #2 for suicide (Dentists are #1. I never could figure that one out). That being said, I still don’t think Aviva could handle the stress of most traditional types of practices. JMHO.

  32. TT in OC says:

    I wish Bethenny were there. She would tell Aviva: GO TO A HOTEL! GO TO A HOTEL!
    Sorry if some one said it already.

  33. JustDee says:

    Testing – Ignore

  34. WindyCityWondering says:

    LuAnn (the Countess of Grudges) will never stop trying to turn people against Ramona. Aviva is the opposite of what she professes to be and uses her phobias as weapons! Ramona and Sonja are reliving their glory days cause girls just wanna have fun. Heather and Carol are having a hard time processing the behavior of this crew and have to be having second thoughts about a second season. Scary Island Redux? No, not even close. Slutty Island? No, St Barth is beautiful and Bravo didn’t leave their sluts there.
    But at the end of the day – this season is better than what we were subjected to last season.

  35. In the end Luann loses. I believe it was last season that Ramon referred to her as a “weekend mom” This hasn’t changed, her kids are on their own. She tweeted that she is away with her boyfriend, wonder how her kids are doing with all the crap people are saying about their mom.
    Fast forward 15 years. Luann is in her 60’s, no longer desirable to men, her kids may have young families of their own and I don’t see her taking the time or even having the desire to be a loving grandma.
    She has alienated her kids and I see her in 15 years as a lonely, bitter older woman.
    In the end Luann loses, Big Time.

  36. MelTheHound says:

    Good afternoon..

    What little bit of Gallery Girls I saw last night, had me annoyed with whatzername with the camera. If she wanted to do a showing, why doesn’t she understand it’s a good idea to make sure the venue is booked BEFORE telling everyone about it? The gallery where that minimalist dude is showing his stuff, if they spent more than 30 seconds deciding on where to hang that crap on the walls, they spent too much time at it. Still appreciate you, LuLu for doing the recaps.

    As or NY, see my comment up thread somewhere. The only thing I’ll add is a question. Was it really necessary for Bravo to tell us, and post it on their own blog, exactly How Sonja likes to be done?

    • Lulu says:

      Hi Mel Thank you!!! I found last nights episode to be very challenging! Sure I like my HW’s bit of drama but not Highschool drama! Yikes

      Yes it was absolutely necessary to say how Sonja does it! 🙂 It’s Bravo’s business who is taking what where! 😉

      • MelTheHound says:

        More information than I care to have about somebody I’m not with 😉

        These Gallery Girls all seem like self entitled little brats to me. Maybe I’m just still not getting it though. I guess that may just be based on photographer girl as She seemed disgruntled that this gallery wouldn’t clear their calenders for this unknown (because she’s really all I saw of the show). Frankly I can name at least a dozon other unknown photogs who I think would be far more deserving of such a privilege. I’m sure there are 100s more.

        • Lulu says:

          No doubt! Trust me your not missing much about the rest of the Ggirls. I’m sure there are more talented hardworking photographers out there. But true to Bravo style we get to see the one who is waiting for that lucky break to come on a silver platter.

          • I don’t know what the girls name was but she kept saying LIKE, ugh it made me cray cray, I said Oh stop saying Like Like Like and my hubby comes in and says what are you liking? lol

  37. shamrock blonde says:

    Dame – thank you for helping that man who had Parkinson’s – I lost my Dad to that – if not for you, he may well have died – *hugs Dame really hard*

    I missed the episode last night due to the night before school starts drama – one twin loves dressing alike – the other one hates it – the argument that ensued took quite a while to settlle and the aftermath resulted in clothes strewn throughout the house – I found a flip flop in the bathtub and a shirt on top of the fridge this morning – and yet, despite torrential rain this morning these two beauties went running for the bus, laughing and smiling and helping each other reset their backpacks as they went – I’ll take their fights over the NY fights any day –

    thanks for the blogs, the space, and the love!!

  38. Pghemtchick says:

    I had my suspicions before that Aviva slammed the women on page 6 when she got back, but now I 100% believe it. Rob tweeted and wrote: @NaughtyNiceRob: WOW @AvivaDrescher: ‘Real Housewives’ St. Bart’s Trip Involved ‘Drugs, Sex And Rock ‘N’ Roll’ via @HuffPostCeleb

    “The drama has left New York and landed on St. Bart’s on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” After initially staying behind, Aviva Drescher joined her castmates on vacation on Monday night’s episode, a decision she appears to regret.
    “I’m alive to talk about it,” said Aviva, who admits that going on vacation with the other ladies was not relaxing at all. “We do more filming, and on vacation that microphone never comes off. There was a lot of drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll.”
    After letting the bombshell slip, Aviva was quick to add that nothing illegal was consumed.
    “I think when the trip is coming, everyone gets very excited. Everyone loves drama. Since the beginning of time, conflict has been this amazing force of life,” says Aviva. “It’s actually very tough, and I’m not typically a very dramatic person, but once you get pushed 25,000 times, you might explode. I tend to pick and choose my battles and things that are really important to me tend to make me become unhinged.”
    Clearly upset that a topless Sonja, joined by Ramona, jumped in the pool when Aviva and her husband arrived at the rented house, Aviva now knows she might have sided with the wrong group.
    “I think they did that specifically to titillate my husband; unfortunately he wasn’t excited. It made him leave the pool area, but I think they did that on purpose unfortunately to make me and Reid feel very uncomfortable,” says Aviva. “I think Ramona is full of baloney.”
    Aviva continued, “I don’t think Ramona is scared of me at all, and in terms of teams, what I did was organically gravitated towards people I gravitated towards, and my judgment was clearly askew as it often is, and it changes. I don’t stick by teams unless I’m blood-related to them.”

    So alcoholics-check, trash-check, and drug addicts-? What a female dog (as FB would say)… Her husband prolly had a fanny pack full of Xanax…(allegedly) Aviva is my #1 “hated” housewife.

    • PJ says:

      Weren’t Sonja and Ramona already in the pool when her majesty arrived? So how is it that they did that on purpose to make her majesty and her husband/sidekick uncomfortable?

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Oh comment 2 from me: Carole told Heather and maybe Lulu that Avivaand Reid would be there around 6… It was very dark and it was discussed in the kitchen that they have been enjoying night swims. When did Aviva arrive? Is it dark there at 6? Seems later than that to me…

      Also, gross thought and thanks Carole, if Tomas prefers anal sex and there was an “affair”- he really got a piece of faux royal ass…

    • BB says:

      I noticed Rob posted a comment on his own article that “This Show is Getting Good Again.” I wonder what his BFF Jill thinks about that comment? OR I wonder if Aviva is now Rob’s BFF?

    • JustDee says:

      “my judgment was clearly askew as it often is”

      Aviva lets the truth slip out.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      So, now Aviva has made up a story in her mind that Sonja and Ramona wanted to “titillate” her husband? ….Ummm….o.k. To be fair, maybe she feels that way because she suspects that Sonja slept with her ex-husband, Harry, while she was still married to him. So, I will give her that one (even thought I totally disagree with her. I CAN see HOW she can THINK that, though).

      But Ramona? Why would she think Ramona would try to titillate her husband? Ramona makes not secret of the fact that she is still very “hot” for her husband, Mario.

      • PJ says:

        I think her majesty the queen of mean Aviva is making that up to make herself not look so bad (epic fail there is no excuse for what she did). I think Ramona mentioned Aviva’s contrived stories in her blog.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I’d take Mario any day over Reid, all I think of when I see him is the Nanny with his cousin. I think it’s time to do a poll on who has the hottest husband, Ramona or Aviva. I’m voting for Mario

  39. Countess Lillybee says:

    I believe that Aviva really does consider Sonja and Ramona to be white trash . This is why. Aviva makes it a big deal that she is the only one who was born and raised in Manhattan. Both Sonja and Ramona are from lower middle class families living upstate.

    I have seen rich folks from Manhattan when they are out in the country like sking at Hunter Mountain treating the locals badly. Not to mention how some of them when attending colleges out of town get very nasty with the townies. She feels that she is superior to those who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouths like she was. She in addition to her other problems is a major snob.

  40. Hi all, thanks for your sweet words; I’m better now after a rest. So now I’ll get my blood pressure up on RHONY. 🙂 AvivaDiva (forgot who coined that) is too much! She acts like a spoiled brat; doesnt that add to her anxiety? I am so tired of Lulu thinking we’re stupid. Does she realize she’s being filmed?

  41. klmh says:

    Before I move on, I sent a check to Lynn’s son’s fund at Hinsdale Bank in Ill., and just received it back. Has anyone else run into this problem?

  42. I don’t care what her problem was. There is no reason for an adult to
    act like Aviva did. If she spoke to me that way, I would of told her to
    shut the XXXX UP. And when LuAnn threw in her remarks I’d tell her
    she’s no friend either, she’s making Aviva more upset.

    Speak to me like that and it’s the last opportunity you’ll have. Then
    I’d pack it up and move to a hotel. Bravo could film there.

    And Aviva is the one who insisted her husband be with her. If she
    didn’t want to see anyone topless she should have left him home.
    Those islands, do not go by our puritanical standards. (well
    most of them don’t)

    • JustDee says:

      If she spoke to me that way, I would of told her to shut the XXXX UP.

      Me too Butter! I don’t care who the hell you are (or THINK you are), you have NO right to treat me like an errant child!

    • MamaZ says:

      Sonja want a girls only weekend because she is the only one of the women without a significant other. As someone mentioned upthread they may have been deliberatly tring to make Reid uncomfortable by swimming topless when they were due to arrive. I’m not sure they were aware of the ETA though. If that’s what they were doing it was rude.
      But Aviva’s reaction was out of proportion to the offense. They didn’t want Reid there not because they dislike Reid but because it was supposed to be a girls only activity.

      I used to go to church with a couple who refused to go anywhere without their four children. They didn’t believe in babysitters. The didn’t trust them to care for their children as well as they did. They homeschooled for the same reason. I would not have minded but they insisted on bringing them to adult only events. I mean church type adult only like Mardi Gras or Octoberfest where there was gambling and alcohol. Yes, I’m a Catholic. It made many people uncomfortable and they didn’t care. Once they were invited to a wedding and their children were not included in the invitation. They were outraged and felt their children had been disparaged. They called the bride to be and demanded that their children by allowed to attend. The woman explained to them that they couldn’t afford to invite everyone’s children so they had to exclude all the children. They were furious and ended their friendship with the happy couple immediately. Privately the mother told me that her children were much better behaved than other children and should have been an exception, she said this to me knowing I had two children. She even threatened to show up with them anyway. I was afraid she really would as I had seen her bring them to parties clearly listed as adult only on the invitations! She bad mouthed her former friend to everyone she met. And is probably holding that grudge today.
      True story. I was reminded of it watching this episode.

      • AZGirl says:

        Yea I know a few couples like this over the years. Their kids ended up all messed up because they had no social skills or boundaries. Best behaved? i don’t think so.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I believe Samonja were clearly trying to make a point by being topless when the Dreschers arrived. “Oh, excuse us, we thought it was a girls only weekend…hee hee hee”

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I ABSOLUTELY thought Ramona and Sonja were being passive-aggressive with that move. That is the exact message they wanted to send, IMO.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I HATE people like that. Some places are simply not FOR children. Wanda Sykes used to talk about it in her routine. She said, once she went to a bar to have herself a few drinks. She wanted to just relax and get her buzz on. She said this dude walked in with this little girl who he proceeded to prop up on the bar. The kid goes on to throw the pretzels and bar nuts around, SERIOUSLY disturbing Wanda Syke’s attempt to get her drink on. She said she wanted so badly to walk up to that man and say, “Ummm, excuse me! You do know that this is a BAR, right? As in this is not a place for KIDS! I think you are being incredibly rude by bringing your child in here. I mean, do I go to her PLAYGROUND and sit next to on her on the swings and DRINK!!!”

        I thought Wanda made an excellent point.

        One of my first cousins had a wedding that SPECIFICALLY said ON THE INVITATION, ADULT-ONLY reception. They had the reception at a very nice place, and they had to pay per head, thus the no kids request. Well, sure enough one of his cousins from the OTHER side of his family brought herself, her husband and her FOUR KIDS — and did it with an ATTITUDE (I NEVER liked this bitch)!!!

        This was one of the 16 weddings in which I was a member of the wedding party (bridesmaid). After a few too many and shaking my groove thang on the dance floor, I ran into her in the bathroom. I know I was wrong, but I said, “I see you brought your 4 kids even though your cousin’s invitation specifically said NO CHILDREN!!” She said, “Yeah, and…I was insulted that his invitation said that. Also, you are RUDE!!” I said, “And YOU are GHETTO!!”

        She told my aunt, who told my Mama — who did not speak to me for a while…but she got over it (because I was RIGHT, even though my approach was wrong)!

    • BB says:

      The most interesting thing I think Alex had to say is that the producers for season 2 of Miami are the same producers of season 3 (Scary Island) of New York.

  43. grandmadebi says:

    butter,i always love your posts. you make such sense and give me strengh ty. i think there is something very wrong with aviva mentally. if i remember she said her parents marrage was happy and yet she blamed herself and her loss of her leg for her mother being an alcoholic. she tolerates her fathers rediculous behavior which is past white trash and into pervert. i wonder how close she was to her father. if anything happened she would have blamed herself. i also think she is still in love with her first husband and doesn’t love but needs the one she is with right now. i don’t think the first hubby was willing to put up with all her demands and phobias. it’s all rediculous because when they first got there he was going to his room to work and leave aviva to be with the girls and if aviva is so “well heeled” she would be used to women being topless while sunbathing or swimming. it’s accepted in europe not in the states. sorry for the long rant but she has really set me off. love debi

    • Thank you grandmadebi, that’s very sweet of you to say.
      I agree with you. Her who family dynamic is warped. The life altering
      accident at a young age, both parents must have suffered horribly from
      that. Leading to drinking and bad behavior. Now Aviva has to control
      things, EVERYTHING. She scolds and berates anyone who slips up.
      ..well slips up according to her. She has to be right.
      That first husband was not going to be led around by a noose.
      LuAnn was dreadful, Aviva didn’t need to hear what was going on before
      she arrived. It pushed her over the edge.
      She needs to start managing her anger and control issues. It might even
      be a reason why she’s on HWs. She has to show the world how
      right she is, and we all should follow.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        What I find more than a little disturbing, it that I doubt she can turn that off (her rage) when she’s parenting. She has great intentions and is an idealist, but her rage is scary. I hope I’m wrong, I’ve just never known a rage-aholic who can pick and choose when to lose it. They just lose it and they can’t help it.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi debbi,
      I completely agree with everything you said. She is messed up in the head.
      She acts like an entitled spoiled brat.

  44. JustDee says:

    Don’t forget to check out the new Book Chat page y’all!

  45. I’m under the impression no one saw Coma last night. ..considering
    the events on Real HW’s.

    I saw the encore and it was chilling. They’re repeating the first part again
    now ..on A&E and the second part at 9PM.

    It’s still follows Robbin’s book but it’s updated and has more devious character.
    And everything happens in Operating Room 8.

  46. grandmadebi says:

    i watched “coma” pt1 last night and loved it. will watch 2nd tonight. nancy, my hubby signed us up for Amazon Prime Instant and dropped netflixs. he says it’s cheaper and there are many more movies and tv shows to pick from but the best was a series you need to see. you and anyother nurses on the blog would love it. London Hospitial series. its about the leading hosp. in the early 1900’s and it is amazing how things have and have not changed. i don’t know if it can be found anywhere else but please try to find it you will appreciate. “London Hospital” season 1 & 2. love to all, debi

  47. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Sometimes I dream I leave my body at night- I hear that’s called Astral Projection. It’s that what you meant?

    I wonder why KLMH doesn’t want to hear about Astral Projection? It’s not all that uncommon.

  48. Three Blessed says:

    Watching Hoarders… Never do this while eating dinner … Barf!

    • Powell says:

      Haven’t watched that in a while but I can imagine.

      • Three Blessed says:

        Can’t help but think they are just totally lazy and there’s not something really wrong with them ….It’s so gross! Having a lot of crap I get… Pure filth…no! Take the trash out. Wash the toilet

        • disgrazia4 says:

          No. They all seem to have a common theme of losing a loved one, through death or divorce. There seems to be loss followed by a desperate need to hold on. So sad. I find it terribly difficult to watch.

  49. Iowagirl says:

    Where is france, I so enjoy her breakdowns

  50. COCFarm says:


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