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Project Runway “Starving Artist” by BB

In this episode, the designers are separated into three teams of three each and will be doing their own fundraising for their budget money.  The designers have to create arts and crafts and sell them to New Yorkers on the street.  They can also offer fashion advice or do alterations for people, anything they want to raise money.

There will be no team leaders; it will be all collaborative.  The three teams consist of Christopher (who has immunity and is pissed that nobody went home last week), Sonjia and Gunnar (who cannot stand Christopher) on one team (The CSG team); Dmitry (who is not happy to be working with Elena), Elena, and Alicia on the second team (The DEA team); and Ven, Melissa and Fabio on the third team (The VMF team).

The teams have three hours to work on the projects they will be selling to raise funds.  They are all working on designing T-shirts.  Some are painting them with different patterns and some are doing artwork on them.  The DEA team’s shirts look pretty bad and Dmitry and Alicia are already lamenting have Elena on their team.  All the teams leave to sell their shirts to the people on the streets of New York, not even knowing how much money they will need for their next challenge.

The Gang

Some of the designers are having fun and some are not.  I’ll let you guess who’s having fun and who’s not.  The next morning, each team announces how much money they made.  The VMF team made $800.48, the CSG team made $684; and the DEA team made $500.  Each team will be using their earnings to buy fabric at Mood to create two looks for Fall; one of which must include outerwear.  Sonjia feels like this is her “thing.”  One member of the winning team will be the winner of the challenge and one member of the losing teams will be out.  The teams have 30 minutes to sketch before going to Mood.

The VMF team has three very diverse designers so it will be interesting to see what they come up with.  The DEA team seems more indecisive before they leave.  At Mood, the DEA team is looking for different shades of grey with a pop of color.  Team CSG has a lot of trouble picking out fabrics and time is running out.  “Goodbye Swatch” (the dog) and “Thank You Mood.”

Back in the workroom, the other teams are already talking about team DEA.  Christopher describes Dmitry and Elena as Boris and Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.  They all think Dmitry and Elena will run all over Alicia and will throw her under the bus if they are one of the bottom teams.


Tim comes in to check on the progress of the teams.  This is the quietest bunch of designers in all of the seasons of Project Runway that I can remember.  Tim has to drag the information out of the teams.  He tells Alicia to keep her eye on the fit of her pant in the crotch area.  Dmitry is doing another jersey dress, according to Gunnar.  He shocks Tim when he tells him the dress will have exposed darts.

Team VMF wants their designs to look light even though it’s Fall wear.  Tim doesn’t think a woman who would wear the skirt and top would wear the coat they made to go with it.  He thinks Ven’s skirt doesn’t belong to the ensemble.  Ven is upset but will be open to modification if needed.  Tim questions Sonjia’s leather sleeves on her jacket for CSG.  Tim wonders if they’re over-designing.  Elena thinks Christopher’s coat looks like an ugly snugee.

When the models come in Gunnar is happy with his dresses, but Christopher and Sonjia’s outerwear is not looking so good at the moment.  Gunnar is worried because Christopher has immunity and feels Christopher will try to throw him under the bus even though he thinks his dresses are the best of the three designs on his team.  Alicia and Elena have a difference of opinion on Alicia’s pants, but Alicia isn’t going to change them.  Ven feels his skirt modification isn’t really him, but wants his design to blend in with the others.

The morning of the runway show, the three teams have two hours to finish up and get their models ready for the runway.  Ven cut and sewed Melissa’s pants for her.  He was worried about having to change his skirt, but once he sees everything all together, he’s OK with it.  Sonjia is very happy about the way her jacket turned out.  Elena is unhappy about Dmitry making last minute changes for their team and taking over.  Elena wants her coat to cover Alicia’s pants and Alicia’s not having it.

It’s show time.  This will be the last time someone has immunity (Christopher).  The guest judge will be fashion designer Anna Sui.  Here we go.  The first two looks are from team Dmitry, Elena and Alicia (DEA).  The first is a dress with a fringed shawl in dark and light gray made by Dmitry.  The second look is a pair of slim pants (Alicia) with a dark and light gray loose over coat (Elena).  Elena thinks her coat looks horrible and Alicia is worried the judges can’t even see her pants.  I’m not overly impressed.

Team Christopher/Sonjia/Gunner (CSG) is up next.  Gunner made a slim fitting dress of light pink with dark inserts on the sides and Sonjia made a form-fitting jacket to go over it.  Heidi is smiling.  The second look is another dress with a camel over coat with a belt.  Gunnar made the dress and Christopher made the over coat.  I like both looks.

Team Ven/Melissa/Fabio (VMF) is last.  The first look is a skirt, top and jacket.  Ven thinks it looks inexpensive and I agree with him.  The jacket looks like one of those fleece jackets you would buy at Old Navy, but Melissa likes it.  The next look is a little better (I think) with brown slim pants, a pink asymmetrical top and what looks like a taupe colored over coat.  These two looks are blah.

Heidi announces that the Christopher/Sonjia/Gunner (CSG) team is the clear winner and I agree with the judges on this one.  Someone on this team will be the winner of the challenge.  The other two teams are deemed less successful and someone from one of the two  teams will be out.

Tim, Heidi, Michael, and Nina

The judges ask for the two models from the winning team to come out first and the team explains who designed what.  I love both of Gunnar’s dresses.  Heidi’s favorite piece is Sonjia’s jacket and Nina loves the tailoring of it.  Nina also likes the camel coat and so does Michael.   Anna wants to hear how they worked together as a team.  Gunnar tells them they all got to have their point of view. Christopher thinks Gunnar should win since he made two bad-ass dresses (that was nice of Christopher).  Gunnar thinks he’s a contender and Sonjia thinks she should win for her jacket.

Dmitry and Alicia explain the looks of their team.  Elena complains about Dmitry taking over and she’s not happy about sharing an outfit with Alicia.  Dmitry and Elena get into it.  Dmitry tells the judges it’s impossible working with Elena.  Elena tells them Dmitry can only make dresses.  Heidi sighs and says “alrighty then.”  Nina thinks Dmitry’s dress is something they keep seeing from him.  She thinks the shawl looks old lady.  Nina tells Elena she only does oversize coats and it looks like an experiment.  Michael thinks Alicia’s top and pants are boring and Heidi calls them throw-away pieces.  Michael says it shows that they didn’t work together and Anna tells them all the conflicts they are expressing to the judges have come through in the clothes.  Elena thinks Dmitry should go home.  Dmitry thinks Elena needs to go home.  Alicia thinks Dmitry should go home because she respects Elena more as a designer.  I think Alicia should go home from this group.

The Ven/Melissa/Fabio (VMF) team explains their looks.  Nina particularly likes Melissa’s white jacket (I didn’t especially like it but maybe it looks different in person).  Heidi thinks this team is her least favorite and the two outfits look really sad and washed out.  They don’t like the crotch of Melissa’s pants, but they like the white jacket.  They think Fabio’s coat looks like grandma’s house coat.

Michael wants to know what Ven made because he can’t see him in either design.  They think the designs look cheap and second hand.  None of these team members wants to say who they think should go home.  Anna thinks that’s what may be their problem; they have been too nice and accommodating with each other at the expense of their own points of view.  Ven says if he had to pick the weakest garment, it would be Fabio’s coat.  Fabio would pick Ven to go only because he’s closer to Melissa.  Melissa picks Fabio’s design as the weakest.

Alicia is out

The judges sit and deliberate who should win and who should go home.  It’s pretty much a repeat of what they said when the designers were present.  I think Gunnar should be the winner and Alicia should go home.  I probably didn’t pick who the judges picked in either case, but what do I know?

The winner of the Starving Artist challenge is Sonjia for her jacket.  It was very well made, but I still liked Gunnar’s dresses.  Melissa is safe.  Ven is safe.  Elena is safe.  Dmitry is safe.  That leaves Alicia and Fabio.  Alicia is out.  I agree with the judges on this one.

Next week the designers will be making their own textile prints.  That’s always a fun episode.


Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs Part 2 by RamonaCoaster

Carole Radziwill

I’m wondering how she and Heather knew Tomas went through Sonja’s back exit.  Unless you’re really up close with a side view.  

But as my fat Italian Grandma Millie always said, “It takes all types to make a world.” That’s how I grew up. I celebrate the differences in people, and then look for commonality. It’s there, with everyone, if you’re willing to look. I always assume, regardless of what we’re wearing or drinking or saying, that we run around most of the time in our own personal hell. We all have that in common.

So very true.

We hugged Aviva, when she walked in, and thanked Reid for bringing her. Then she asked us to thank him again. She asked us to thank Reid more times than LuAnn asked us to believe in imaginary Italian friends!

That’s rather bizarre.

The scene that launched a thousand screams had back story, I won’t bore you with it. There were phone calls, there were talks behind the camera’s back. No good ever comes of that, we learned that during the alleged blackmail-gate.

There’s so many other parts of the story that we don’t see and we definitely can’t trust certain people to tell the truth (Luann).

What you did see, though, was on last week’s show, when LuAnn, Ramona, and Sonja discussed Reid’s arrival. (Remember, I’d stepped out of the room to talk to Russ.) LuAnn said Reid at the house would change the dynamic. (LuAnn had trouble with the truth our entire stay.)

Thank you, Carole. That confirmed it.

Everyone else agreed. Ramona ask diplomat LuAnn to ask Reid to go to a hotel, she deferred to me. For the record, no one ever asked me to ask Reid to go to a hotel. This was a throwaway conversation. It died. It was idle chatter. Maybe it wasn’t nice, but in the end they were all fighting and pointing like Larry, Curly, and Moe over something that was discussed but never happened. Oye.

The arguing and screaming seems kind of pointless.
Some of the smartest people I know never went to Vassar, or even to college. Peter Jennings never finished high school and he was one of the most gracious, elegant, and intelligent men I’ve ever met. I’ve met people with enough degrees to paper an entire guest bungalow who have the manners of a jackal. Dangling an impressive resume to belittle someone isn’t like Aviva. I think she’s rattled by her suspicion that Sonja and Ramona have been talking badly behind her back.

I think we’re seeing the real Aviva.

“White trash” is a derogatory slang term referring to people in this country of a lower social class. It’s a slur — used by upper class whites to refer to uneducated lower class whites. While it may differ from Okie or Hillbilly, it’s still pejorative, and worse — it’s vulgar and inelegant.

Aviva’s derogatory statement says more about her than about Ramonja.

Aviva had me at “Hello” but she lost me somewhere between “White Trash” and “Rush Limbaugh,” and her reference to his infamous empty apology. Limbaugh wasn’t sorry for calling an innocent young woman a whore and slut, he was sorry his show lost sponsors. And it was arguably one of the nastiest moments in his almost 50-year broadcasting career.

Sonja Morgan

If I am white trash then I really want to embrace my inner trash, because at least I don’t go around calling people nasty names.

Well, since your toaster oven cookbook is still in the works. How about tweaking it and calling it the White Trash Toaster Oven Cookbook.  It’ll go great right next to my Road Kill Cookbook.

I am who I am and I want to be with people who accept me the way that I am. I don’t expect people to be like me, I expect them to be themselves. I don’t need people to tell me how well educated they are, and how they are THE real New Yorker. New York is a melting pot of people who come here to be themselves in very unique ways.The fact is New York is the town of tolerance. We pride ourselves on that.

If Aviva is so proud of being a New Yorker, educated at Vassar and calls people white trash, what must she think about the rest of the country?

I live in the moment and celebrate the past! I have a love for life and my friendships. When I go on vacation I GO on vacation. I am in St. Barths to have an extraordinary time with some extraordinary ladies and to share my special ties to the sexy island I have been going to every year for decades.

I think it’s important to get in as much fun time as possible with the people you love because you never know what’s going to arrive around the corner.

And the key word: ladies! 

Ooooooh, you’re gonna get it on the reunion couch for that comment.

Why is everyone SO UPSET that I just wanted to spend quality time with my girls!?! No BOYS ALLOWED! But as you see there were boys (and a group of Italians) and I never went out of my way to make any of them uncomfortable! When Russ was around I ultimately excused myself, when the group of Italians came I was fast asleep. . .and then Reid and Aviva came. 

And then there was the Johnny Depp look-alike Frenchman.  You didn’t mind if that boy was allowed.

Before I go further I must tell you something. My favorite Alice in Wonderland is “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones mad to live, mad to talk.”

Have you been reading Teresa Giudice’s blog?

I LOVE the inner freak inside people. I love quirks and oddities! I have a certain freak side!

Heather and Carole saw a certain French freak inside of you.

Aviva should have been honest and said I can’t take a girls’ trip because I can’t go anywhere without my husband. Including the fact she couldn’t stay in the house without him. Then Carole enables her further by changing her story and saying she had Russ there. Well, I already explained that one. 

Aviva has enough people enabling her.  Didn’t she say she had issues over traveling or was that just in talking head?

LuAnn, when we were on the boat, agreed with Ramona and I but she still felt the need to stir the pot and as I am trying to diffuse things she says “Ramona YOU said the dynamics would change.” We all discussed it lightly because we were ALL surprisingly having such a good time and didn’t want to ruin the “mojo.” I was happy to see Ramona and LuLu getting along finally.

That was short-lived.

We were completely honest with Aviva and how we felt about Reid’s presence but it wasn’t enough. Never enough. What does she want from us? Ramona is right. . .did she want us to paint Reid’s name on our forehead?

And fall prostrate at his feet, kiss the hem of his garment, and swear your devotion.

Anyhoo, even with Aviva dumping on us after four months of the same repetition, I once again try to make her understand we are friends and not enemies, but she throws the education card at me. What does education have to do with relating to people?

Some of the smartest people in the world have a lot of trouble relating to people.

Heather Thomson

I am beginning to recognize in all sincerity that Ramona is actually funny. She is also being nice to me — so maybe that the difference, I don’t know? And I don’t know why she has turned this corner with me although I have my suspicions, but I must say, it’s nice to be in the vacation photos!

I remember when Sonja left that other woman….what’s her name…who bedazzles vajayjays…uuhhhmmm….it’ll come to me….give it time….Cousin It….hangergate….on the tip of my tongue…..has a creepy brother that smokes dead man’s cigars….damn I can’t think of it…….oh whatever… out of the photos on the camel excursion in Morocco.  That was classic.

I am actually finding Ramona and Sonja together quite entertaining. While they are a lot to handle, they have been harmless in their fun and a source of a lot of laughs in St. Barth’s — they are on vacation after all and they a real frick and frack team. They balance each other’s quirky characters and they celebrate each other’s flaws. Like a modern day Laurel and Hardy, they are Somonja. Forevermore!

Well, that lasted only an episode and a half then….duhn,duhn,duhhhhhn… Aviva had to squash it.  I felt bad that your fun was put on hold too.

The Aviva that I have gotten to know is confident, glamorous, and a true class act. The Aviva that came to St. Barths was twisted up from jump, relentless, and unexpected.

From her blogs, interviews & twitter, she’s still bringing the crazy eight months later!.

Encouraging does not equal begging, and while I am glad Aviva is here, I only ever wanted her to be here for herself, to face her fears and enjoy the benefit of it and, if she didn’t come we would have supported that too. Carole and I have been her encouragers, her supporters, her friends, but there was no begging by any means. I was proud of Ramona for apologizing to try to diffuse things for once. I didn’t think she had it in her! I am finally seeing the side of Ramona that Aviva told me about, the good side. And, Aviva well. . .I guess she is seeing something different. Unfortunately, it’s at the cost of us all.

It’s nice to see that you were a good friend to Aviva but it’s not going to be enough.


Housewife News by NoMoreDrama

It’s New Jersey Reunion filming time.

Lauren Manzo tweeted that she was on her way to the reunion with a make up artist  drinking mini bottles of wine from straws like real ladies.  Lauren didn’t say whether she was doing makeup or would be on the reunion, but she posted a picture for us:

Teresa Giudice tweeted about how shiny her hair will be and named a bunch of hair products.  Caroline didn’t tweet about the reunion – she said she was sitting in the doctor’s office.  Kathy was tweeting about shopping for a dress at Nordstrom (don’t they get their dresses in advance).  Nothing about the reunion from On Display  of Vague.

Responding to an invitation for lunch, Carole Radziwill tweeted that she would be filing in New York through January.  It sounds like she’s coming back for a second season of RHONY.  RHONY’s ratings were at another season high at just shy of 2 million viewers on Monday as the ladies and their boy toys/ boyfriends and husbands were in episode 2 of the explosive vacation.

Flipping out also premiered to 1.3 million viewers – the highest premier in Flipping Out’s history.

Wetpaint has posted a  video of Ramona Singer and her husband Mario dancing on a yacht.

Not to be outdone by Teresa a few days ago photo of Bethenny Frankel on a paddleboard wearing a bikini made news.

Real Housewife of Miami Karent Sierra has interviewed with the Miami Herald and tells us to expect drama.  (I sure hope there is drama – otherwise what’s the point).

Speaking of Miami – my twitter blew up this morning with news that Dance Moms Miami was cancelled.

Vicki Gunvalson shared a photo on facebook of  lunch with her pregnant daughter Brianna.

Old Interview with Aviva

One of our posters found this old interview with Aviva Drescher in the free library (which I hope means I can copy and paste it here for you to read.

I lost my leg in an accident at the age of 6, but I fought to become a model.  Zone

“SHE has the willowy body, caramel skin and pronounced cheekbones of a true beauty.

As a sought-after model, Aviva Teichner is used to being seen as a paragon of physical perfection. Yet she hides adevastating secret.

At the age of six, she lost her left foot and ankle in a farming accident.

That alone would tax to the limit the courage of most people.

But two years ago, at the height of her career, Aviva chose to go under the surgeon’s knife once again.

This time, the 28-year-old asked doctors to remove a further six inches of her leg to make it easier to fit a more natural-looking replacement. Losing a limb would make most women want to hide away from the world. Not Aviva.
The 5ft 10in beauty accepted the challenge – and won her way on to the books of New York’s top modelling agency.

Speaking at her white-walled apartment, on the upper East side of Manhattan, Aviva is all too aware of the incongruity of being both a model and an amputee.

“The average model,” she says, “freaks out if she gets a pimple or a wrinkle. The emphasis is on perfect beauty, though no one can say I have that.

“But when I was young, modelling gave me the confidence to prove that I could do what other girls could.

“It reinforced my belief that I was still attractive.”

ONLY last month, Aviva retired from modelling to become a lawyer. But she still looks the picture of New York glamour, a Sex-In-The-City-style babe in three-inch heels.

And she still turns men’s heads, as she did in the early days.

“When I went to nightclubs, men would try to pick me up because they fancied me,” she says. “But wearing a prosthetic limb has literally kept my feet on the ground.

“It was a joke. Guys would look up at you and say, ‘Oh, you are so beautiful…’

“And I would think to myself:, ‘Well, I’m not as beautiful as you imagine…'”

Yet Aviva admits she still feels hesitant about letting men see the extent of her limb loss.

“When I lived in Paris as a student, I had a French boyfriend who owned nightclubs. I was thrown into a very superficial world, hanging out with rock stars and supermodels.

“I remember a boyfriend saying to me, ‘You know, people in this world are never going to accept you.’ That made me very angry.

“I had another boyfriend I was in love with. We’d been dating two months.

“Then, one night on the sofa while we were watching TV, he said, ‘Well, what will you be like when you are 50? How fit will you be?’.

“It turned out that his parents were concerned that I would not still be able to work or look after children.

“Again, I was furious. After all, I had additional surgery so that I would not have those problems down the line.

“I said, ‘How do you know what you are going to be like in 30 years’ time’?”

With a throaty laugh, Aviva says: “Let me tell you, it is a very quick test. If a man met me because of the way I look, then did not want to go out with me because of my leg, good riddance. I don’t want to deal with anyone who is that shallow.”

BUT Aviva also appreciates that the natural human reaction is to recoil from amputation. “In a way, I also understand the fear.

“On a very primal level, any man would probably wonder, “My God, if I make love to her, will she leave her leg on?

“It would scare me, too. It is not a pretty thing and I could understand it being a physical turn-off.”

For the past two years, Aviva has been dating Harry, an estate agent she met through friends.

Her experiences made her reluctant at first to tell him the truth.

“We were on our second date. I guess I was having a bad day and I was tired when he asked me, ‘Why are you limping?’

“At that time, I didn’t really care for him, so I simply said, ‘I hurt myself skiing’.

“When we started dating seriously, I wanted to apologise for lying to him. But he already knew the truth from a mutual friend.

“As soon as I brought it up, he said, ‘I know about your leg and I don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me’.”

It was only then that Aviva found the confidence to tell him the whole story.

AS A little girl born into an affluent New York family, she had grown up with everything a child could wish for.

Her parents – German model Ingrid and businessman George – named her after the Hebrew word for spring.

Aviva was just six when, during a stay at the family’s country home in upstate New York, she wandered into a empty barn with a playmate. Together, they quickly learnt how to turn on the conveyor belt used to carry cow manure.

What happened next was a nightmare beyond imagining.

Aviva started “riding” the belt – and stayed on a moment too long. Her legs were sucked into the machinery as the belt moved on. Another few inches and she would have been dead.

For an hour and half, doctors battled in rotation to free her from the teeth of the machine.

Aviva has largely blanked out the trauma, but she does remember screaming. “One of the doctors told me to stop. But my dad, who came running when he heard the noise, said, ‘You just scream all you want, Aviva’.

“I think I was more scared of the needles they were sticking in me than anything.”

Over the next few days she underwent 14 hours of surgery and the countless operations as doctors battled to save her foot. But when gangrene set in, the fight was lost.

“They tried to save what they could. Then, before my sixth operation, my father came to my bedside and said, ‘They are going to remove a couple of your toes, Aviva. You’ll be like the bionic woman’.

“But when I woke up, I wasn’t missing a couple of toes. I was missing an entire foot.”

AT AN age when children delight in running, skipping and jumping, Aviva was facing life weighed down by a cumbersome, ugly false leg. Her first challenge was to walk again. She learnt to put one foot in front of the other as she held tight to parallel bars.

Then, using crutches, she was taught to walk with a prosthetic limb fastened to her knee.

“It was very old-fashioned leg, but I soon got my balance. Within a few days, I wanted to throw away the crutches altogether,” says Aviva.

“I kept trying to sneak out of the apartment and my parents would come running after me. I wanted to be like everyone else.

“Human beings have an incredible ability to adapt. Because it happened when I was so young, I walked very well.

“It’s like when you throw a baby into a swimming pool. It sinks, or it learns to swim.”

Aviva’s parents had far more difficulty coming to terms with their daughter’s disability.

“My mother was devastated. She would say, ‘My daughter was born with the longest legs the world’.

“She really feared for me. She worried that I would grow up never be able to deal with it, that I would ever be able to make love to a man.”

“Even now, when I’m 28, they wake every morning feeling sad because this happened to me.”

From the outset Aviva insisted on being treated her like an ordinary child.

“The kids at school knew what happened. I had a fixed and clumsy ankle and they used to stare.

“I found it hard not being like them because that was all I wanted.”

“I was very uncomfortable wearing a bikini and going to the beach. My parents knew this and did a beautiful thing – they bought a house in Jamaica so I could have the freedom to run around in private.”

As she grew to adolescence, even an amputation could not take away from her blossoming beauty.

But her deep-seated fears about her attractiveness remained.

“I was into every sport and even became captain of my high school volleyball team. But I was limited by what I could wear, and I felt I could not express myself.”

When friends were experimenting with clothes, Aviva had to stick to long skirts, trousers and flat shoes that hid her prosthetic limb.

“Thin and 5ft 10in, I wanted a short skirt. Instead I settled for kneeboots.”

She admits her disability was hard to bear on top of the normal burdens of the teenage years. “When I was younger, I kept it more of a secret. I had to grow up a bit before I could be comfortable with it.”

“Boys she met often knew already. “If they did not, I felt an absolute obligation to tell them on the second date because I did not want to draw anyone in and then give them a shock.

But, when she was 13, a photographer friend of the family suggested Aviva try modelling.

IT WAS what she needed to banish her subconscious fears that she was not attractive. “It was important to me to feel like everyone else. I just did not feel as completely whole and beautiful as girls with two full legs.”

From the start, it was made clear what assignments Aviva could do.

“I did head shots, and shampoo and make-up work. If they shot me standing up for a catalogue, they cut the picture off below the knee.

“I was cushioned. I was never sent for any kind of leg work. I was always very open about my limitations.”

Throughout college, Aviva kept up her modelling as sideline to her law and language studies.

But, before the camera or not, however beautifully made up she was, Aviva always felt let down by her clumpy replacement limb.

Skin grafts from her thigh had been used to try to cover the wound. But, as her bones grew and started to push through the stump, she suffered agonising pain.

The excess skin from the graft also chafed against her prosthetic limb.

Clearly, a more practical, aesthetic alternative was needed. Yet that, she knew, would mean taking off more of her own leg.

“It occurred to me that if I was going to get married and have children, I did not want to have to care for my stump as well.

“I realised that a better prosthetic would make me more mobile and that would be better for my kids. In short, at the age of 26, I decided I did not want to be a caretaker for my leg.”

Incredibly, Aviva chose to be awake through the amputation.

“I elected to have the surgery under an epidural because I did not want to take the risk of having a general anaesthetic. Also I was not really afraid of the mechanics of the operation.

“They gave me Valium at the start of the surgery and at first I was asleep. Then I woke up. The doctors knew I was conscious and they talked me through it.

“I think I must have been the only person in the history of medicine who, in the middle of it all, asked for a phone to call my mother because she was so nervous.

“They brought one to me as I lay on the table. I rang and told her: “Mommy, they are removing the leg now and everything is okay.

“I could hear the sawing noise at the end of the table, so I put my Walkman on and started listening to dance music.”

The operation lasted about an hour and half.

Aviva remembers waking up next day and feeling “very very sad”.

“I looked down and thought, ‘Oh my God, my leg is so much shorter’.

“I was in extraordinary pain. But I went home four days later and I was pretty much on my feet in a couple of days. In no time, I was walking.”

She had to wait a year for her new leg – and, when it arrived, it was a bitter disappointment.

“I was promised a leg that was realistic. But it wasn’t.

“The colour was a ridiculous match and it was very heavy. It looked like they had pulled a leg off a mannequin.

“The people there did not care about the cosmetic aspect, the fact that I’m a woman and I wanted to look beautiful.”

DESPERATE and depressed, Aviva began to believe she would never find a limb that felt and looked like a part of her own body. But then she met Aimee Mullins, an American model who had had both legs amputated. And that changed her mind.

“I was at a sports event when I saw this very pretty blonde woman. She was introduced on stage as having had a double amputation.

“Suddenly I was sure that this woman would know where to get the legs I needed.

“I waited to speak to her and, when I saw her legs up close, I could not believe my eyes.

“It was a revelation. I had never met a young, attractive person in my age group who had the same needs as I did.

“Aimee explained to me that the root of my difficulty lay in the fact that in America 77 per cent of amputees are men.

“The women tend to be older people who have lost limbs through cancer, blood clots or diabetes. There is no special provision for younger women.”

Aimee’s limbs had been made by British designer Bob Watts, one of top prosthetic-makers in the world, on the recommendation of British amputee Heather Mills.

“I never thought I would get to England,” Aviva says. “But I told my parents and they said, ‘Right, we’re going’.”

A few weeks later, Aviva was standing in front of a mirror in his studio in Hampshire, gazing for the first time at a limb that closely resembled what her own would have looked like.

She says: “I wanted to see what a lifelike leg would look like on me because the legs are virtually real.

“There was a leg there that had belonged to Heather Mills. I was the same fit. I put it on and looked in the mirror.

“‘Wow,’ I said to my mother, this looks like I have two real legs’.

“Bob uses a machine that takes the shape of your leg and exactly matches it.

“The shell is made out of silicone and then sprayed with a special chemical.

“But instead of looking shiny and fake, he matches the colour and even paints hair folliclesmoles and little wrinkles on the toes and back of the heels. They don’t just match the colour of your toe nail. They match the colour of the crescent in your toe nail. These legs are made by artists.

The leg even comes complete with a foot shaped to fit heel height – so Aviva can wear stilettos for the first time.

“I can wear knee-length dresses, although you can still see the break in the knee. I can even get pedicures for both feet.

“When I finally got my new leg from Bob, my boyfriend was so amazed by how lifelike it was, he called it the Thing, after the moving hand in the Addams Family!

“If I cross my legs, he can’t tell which is the false one.”

Aviva has always worn her limb more than 80 per cent of the time, except in bed. She is reluctant to have her stump on view, even when she is completely relaxed in a relationship.

“I feel better about myself when I have my leg on,” she explains.

“It is wonderful to be close and in love. But I believe that familiarity breeds contempt.

“Even in marriage, I think it is wonderful to have a little bit of mystery.

“I believe in closing the bathroom door unless needs be.

“If my boyfriend had a cut, I wouldn’t expect him to flaunt it. It’s the same with my leg.

“It’s something that is not attractive. It’s like if you have a pimple, you try to hide it, not show it off.”

Her shyness meant that early in their relationship Aviva slept with the leg on, despite the discomfort.

“Eventually, I told Harry, ‘I have to start to taking it off at night’.

“He was great. He joked, ‘Okay, but you’d better watch out because I might steal it!’

“To be honest, though, I think it took Harry a little time to be completely comfortable with it. But if he wasn’t comfortable, he never showed it.”

MODELLING, more than anything else, has helped Aviva come to terms with her affliction. Though she still wonders why she was given so much, only to have so much taken away.

Now she has decided that 15 years is enough.

“I know how easily beauty goes. I wanted to do more with my life,” she says.

Which is why she has finally taken up a career as a lawyer.

“My mother always told me that beauty is all about imperfections anyway. Everyone has their baggage and it is all relative.

“Top models today have moles, and big noses, and awkward, funny lips. I have another kind of imperfection.”

Aviva insists that she has never felt sorry for herself. That she has never wondered why she was given so much – and had so much taken away.

“It’s true I have been frustrated by not being able to wear certain shoes, or disappointed when I’ve seen a beautiful dress with a split down the middle that I can’t wear.

“But my philosophy is that God gives people what they can handle. And I believe he gave me this because he knew I could handle it.

“I am just glad that losing my leg is the worst of my troubles.” ”


No Big Brother recap.  The show was delayed because of the convention.  Morty’s has all the latest (spoilers so beware) here:

Keep checking Morty’s next week to keep up with Big Brother while I’m on vacation.

No new Inspirational Postings for next week as well.   NMD



Now that We’ve Seen Scary Island II  – You can change your mind …


Happy Birthday Ms Molly and Catseye

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  1. designernailsdiana says:

    I’m beating Powell today again I hope. TGIF!!

  2. BB says:

    Happy birthday ms molly and Catseye! Hope you both have a great day!

  3. designernailsdiana says:

    Abby & Brittany
    Trip to Chicago
    Abby and Brittany are typical females, over packing for a Girl’s weekend get away. (not unlike our RH’s)
    The roommates and friends have decided on a Girls weekend before they all graduate from Bethel College in Minnesota. The trip will be a Road Trip and the twins are in the drivers seat to start. Abby controls the right side of their body and Brittany controls the left side,
    Their roommates and friends all see them a normal girls. They don’t see them as conjoined twins just two girls in one body.
    While driving Abby gets to work the gas and brakes while Britt mans the turn signal. They often talk in unison and finish each others sentences it’s like listening in stereo.
    When they arrived in Chicago (Lynn would have loved to see this episode) the checked into the hotel and headed out for sightseeing.
    First up was a Segway tour of Chicago. For most of us it wouldn’t be too difficult to just balance and ride the Segway, but nor for the twins. Their center of balance is slightly off so they need to acclimate a bit more to feel confident about riding solo. Their friends are very encouraging and they all seemed to enjoy the tour. The weather report said 70’s, but Lynn would’ve been the first to say BRING A WARM COAT!
    After the slightly frozen Segway ride they head across the street from the Sheraton Four Points Hotel to eat at Pizzeria Due for a yummy deep dish pizza. Their waitress is Shonda and she writes her name on a napkin for them to remember. Shonda was very nice and entertained the group from Minnesota. The twins each have a stomach, but are careful not to eat too much. Abby feels her stomach pains on the left side while Brittany feels it on the right side. Opposite sides and they find that rather odd.
    Because they share a body they have to compromise on lots of things most of us just take for granted. For instance when they went UP into the Sears tower and stepped out onto the Sky Deck Abby was not afraid, but Brittany is afraid of heights. Once out on the deck they all seemed to relax and had a great time taking photos.
    They all decided to go to the park and see The Bean which is a very shiny bean shaped sculpture (I’ve never been there so if I got this wrong please correct me).
    The twins love taking photos and find themselves behind the lens more than in the pictures. The friends all took goofy photos while on this trip so I’m sure their scrapbooks have some great shots.
    That night they decide it’s Girl’s beauty night for their nails. Out comes fun colors only twenty somethings would wear. Think yellow, green, etc.
    The topic is what they enjoyed most about their trip to Chicago.
    I find the show to be very entertaining and the twins are fun to watch as they interact with friends and family.
    The second show was about their Graduation.
    If you want me to write about it let me know and I’ll email it to NMD to add to the blog tomorrow.

    Blessings to you all,

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      WOW I never knew this show even existed or about these girls. I just googled them and it’s so amazing to me!

      • RHWVA… I started watching from the first episode..They are awesome ladies and have an even greater outlook on life….Now this is a REALITY Show that all should watch..

    • Chicago Diane says:

      I must have missed it- what’s the name of the show?It sounds fascinating!

    • Sus says:

      I thought you made a type when you said these girls are graduating from COLLEGE. I remember seeing a special on them when they were in middle school. I’m getting old.

      I’d love to know what they are planning to do.

    • AZGirl says:

      The Bean is at Centennial Park and is really cool. You take a picture of yourself in your reflection and the entire skyline is in it too.

  4. Powell says:

    Giodorning everyone. Have a good day.

    • Powell.. did you spend the nite with a french man ??
      ” giodorning”…. ??? LOL Love. it… and giodorning to you also….
      happy furday

      • Powell says:

        Haha. No. I was hooked up to an IV in the docs office when I typed that. After I hit enter I was lik “what the heck did I type”. 😉

  5. mardrag26 says:

    Good Morning and Happy Friday!
    Happy Birthday to Ms. Molly and Catseye too! Have a fabulous day!

    Great blogs and info ladies…thank you!
    BB…I love your Project Runway recaps. I had coffee yesterday afternoon, so I actually stayed awake to watch in real time! I so agree with you about the designers and their attitude with Tim Gunn. I mentioned that early on in the season because I usually enjoy the banter and conversation between Tim and the designers, but, wow, this season they just clam up with him. It kind of bothers me! Remember how fun seasons like Santino’s were with his hilarious imitation of Tim? I miss that aspect of the show this season.

    BTW – I am not a fan of anyway Nina’s, but I think she is really phoning it in too. Her responses and “buzz words” seemed so rehearsed last night and she seems to be running out of descriptors. She needs a Thesaurus! And, this week there was a picture of her on the web at some party wearing a grey frock with a floral print and a black belt with black short boots that looked terrible together. The dress was ok….but the accessories were awful. It amazes me how some people who are big in fashion choose the looks they do.

    Anyway, I agree with your assessment and who went home. But honestly, I am not that excited about any of these designers. I miss the old days!

    NMD, have a spectacular vacation!
    Blessings and wishes for a great day and weekend to everyone! 🙂

    • kendo says:

      It’s a bad season! None of these designers seem to have any personality!
      I was hoping they would get rid of Elena, she’s just angry and impossible to deal with.
      I wonder if any of these people will make it in the fashion industry. They could learn so much from Tim Gunn, but they’re really not even interested in his opinion.

      • T-Rex says:

        I agree, there is not one “stand-out” designer this season, and I have watched every season and number 10 is a DUD. Alicia wasn’t even close to being a contender and Elena gets on my nerves, she needs to go! Maybe they will surprise us, I thought Ven was going to be good at first, but he is a “one-trick” pony, and in addition this VingRhamesyoungerFATTER brother that is Ven should not say anything about someone’s weight when he sporting a good 75 pounds of excess weight himself!

      • T-Rex says:

        I agree, season 10 is a DUD! Alicia was horrible from the get-go, but maybe they thought her lesbian-grunge would be interesting, it was not. Ven I thought would be a contender but his a “one-trick pony”, oh and Mr. VingRhamesYoungerFATTER brother, you have no room to criticize a plus size model when you are sporting an extra heavy load of 75+ pounds yourself! Elena, uhg I wish I try to fast forward through her scenes, don’t like her attitude or her clothes. This season doesn’t have even one standout or anyone with an original idea! No wonder Nina is phoning it in, there isn’t anything to phone-home about. Maybe next year will be better

        • mardrag26 says:

          Kendo, T-Rex….I agree with both of you. Ever since this show went to Lifetime, it just hasn’t been the same. This has been one of my all time favorite “reality” shows, but it is losing its steam. I, too, wonder how/if any of these “designers” really expect to get work after these shows. I rarely hear about any of them, except some of the winners. I certainly would not want to work with someone like Ven or Elena to design something for me. But, I am not a stick pin model,,,,,so Ven would not deign to work with me anyway!

          “No wonder Nina is phoning it in, there isn’t anything to phone-home about.” LOL!
          ET would do it better! 🙂

          • Bea says:

            Agree, the move to Lifetime took the wind out of the sails for Project Runway. This season is really boring compared to the first 2-3 seasons.

            • MamaZ says:

              Elena and Dimitry were so stupid to argue like that in front of Anna Sui! What were they thinking?

              • Called A Princess... says:

                MamaZ, those two have a Love/Hate relationship going on. Elena started it, by throw people under the bus, out of the gate. Dimitry seems to be embarrassed by anything Elena. We have seem this before this season, No? Christopher and Andrea come to mind. I want more art, less drama. I wish that Heidi would just host, and not judge. Cheap and sad is all she has in her little black bag of tricks. Boring. JMHO.

  6. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! TGIF Happy Birthday Cateye and Ms. Molly

  7. Good morning! BB, thanks for the PR recap. I missed it last nite. I wanted Elena to go home because she’s so mean! How can she make it as a designer if she yells & snipes at everyone!?

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Did you have fun? Sorry I missed you in the crack den this morning.

      NMD have fun on vacation. (thanks Mardrag for mentioning)

    • MamaZ says:

      Dame- And she’s not nearly as good as she thinks she is either. That coat was awful.

  8. MelTheHound says:

    Happy Birthday Ms Molly and Catseye 🙂

  9. I’m weary if AvivaDiva. If she has all these emotional problems, I can empathize having gone through similiar issues. However, this has to be exhausting & she has to see how she has changed. She also has to see how it’s affecting her children. Especially with her honored degrees 🙂

  10. T-Rex says:

    Good Morning, loved reading Carole’s blog, she has Lu-Man’s number and she is going to use it again and again, oh the JOY! Princess trumps FakeCountless at every turn! As pointed out yesterday, Aviva is almost borderline obsessive when it comes to her husband Reid! I have been married for twenty-odd years and one “hello” or acknowledgement of my husband is all that is required, my lady friends are not married to him, and don’t need to validate his appearance or presence ad nauseum, apparently Aviva thinks there should have been a shrine to her husband already setup for him graciously showing up(Note to Aviva, no one wanted him there it was a “ladies” weekend you should be lucky they even said hello). I still say that Sonja has some serious substance-abuse issues and with a teenager(I think her daughter is either 12 or 13) this is not something a child needs to see in a parent.

    • karrylyn says:

      as I was reading your comment, T-Rex, it came to my mind in a flash!!!! the REASON Aviva wants the other women to OVER THANK Reid, is because she has this sick need to make sure her husband thinks she is LOVED by others, so much that they are going to bow down and over thank him again and again, because he brought his wife to be in their presence, and they are forever in his debt for their time with the Queen in her own mind.
      She knows she is USING Reid, relying on him to do stuff she really could do…like choose to try and be in a plane, or choose its just too much for her anxiety and so she makes him bring her, then the guy goes to do work in the bedroom.
      Her husband obviously loves her, or so it seems on the show and probably would do all this stuff for her, just because he is her loving husband. He is NOT the one that needs the Thanks….but she does, to prove to him, that she is not ICKY….
      does that make sense?
      I have anxiety and I have scars all over my face from a car accident at age….SIX.
      I “get Aviva” but I don’t like her. Just because a person has a SCAR or an obvious disability, doesnt mean that they can be a BITCH or ruin a very nice vacation for everyone else.
      when I am unable to breathe, due to anxiety….I stay home. I refuse to ruin the party.
      I cry, and I feel sorry for myself, I admit it. But, I will not use the coping technique of “bend over and kiss my fake leg” the way Aviva does. Or the Bringer of my fake leg attached to my anxious body, actually. Reid is the Bringer. Truly a CODA pair.
      oh, my husband does things for me, that I cannot do. I still have adult women, mentioning my scars and my anxiety and acting all EEEWWWWW. Well….it hurts, but I dont PUSH myself on them, if I had been invited to that party in St Barths, I would have gone or not gone. I would have made sure, I went with one of the other ladies….taken a xanax and attached a sea sick patch/air sick patch behind my ear. I would have sunned, and my scars would have stayed white. I could have applied make up. I would have been the one THANKING the ladies I flew with for keeping it fun and allowing me to get outside my anxiety and forget my huge facial scars.
      so Aviva is a BITCH and she should have stayed HOME!!!!
      LuLU may have boinked fake Johhny Depp, and denied it.
      Sonja and Ramona may have gotten drunk and gone skinny dipping and had fun…..
      LuLu may have stirred the pot….and been a liar about Italians coming over.
      But Aviva called people horrible names and probably just because she cannnot go skinny dipping due to her leglessness. So she gets pissed off…..its the freaking GIRLS party and the bikini’s were right at the edge of the pool. SO SHE IS WORSE THAN THEY ARE!
      I get Aviva…..and I wish I didnt but she thinks she can call others out in a really bitchy way and in my opinion, that makes her Trash, not Ramonja!!!!
      Oh….Aviva’s parents sound like dolls….to me. I wont even get into what I went through with the parental units and my facial scars…and all the stuff that life would deny me….all through school….You’ll never be able to………go ahead fill in the blanks.
      they said it.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        You go girl! Tell ’em! (From over here I don’t see any scars. Just a strong woman.)

      • catmom1 says:

        Another most excellent rant. I agree with everything you said. Thanks for posting karrylyn.

      • T-Rex says:

        Karrlynn nice rant, love it! 🙂

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        PREACH, Karylynn!! I agree with everything you said.

      • MelTheHound says:

        There’s a rant that would make The Hound, Proud.

        I just have one question about it though. Who says, she can’t go skinny dipping with a fake leg or even without it for that matter. It isn’t like we don’t know about it.

        • karrylyn says:

          Oh,I have no problem with her skinny dipping, but since she has a leg for other activities…?????? Gee….maybe I just thought since I hadnt heard her mention her swimming leg….

          I dont think she would, because that would make her too normal and then no one would need to kiss her ass and she wouldnt like that.
          I just do not like Aviva, but she is in pain, and just hasnt found peace. But….for all we know, she is just a B@tch and would have been even with two good original legs!!!!

          My uncle had a leg, amputated right above the knee. I was visiting him, and he was at the breakfast table reading the paper when I awoke the first morning, and there PROPPED up on the table was his partial leg/stump or whatever the proper term for that is…???? He did it to freak me out and guess what? I didnt freak, I just said Oh Hi, thanks for letting me sleep in!
          But he was the type that would say things like “hey, ride with me to the restaurant, because I have handicapped parking and we’ll be inside drinking while the rest of the group is walking from the parking lot!!!!!
          he wasnt all Poor Me….I’m sure he was not thrilled he had to have his leg amputated, but he didnt make anyone feel uncomfortable about it, he made it a NON issue throught humor.
          Aviva should try that!!!!

      • Trudie says:

        You are woman, hear you ROAR!!! Brava!

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Karrylyn, that was a great post. DivaAviva & how she deals has pushed alot of buttons for many of us. Welcome to the club. Interesting take on Reid. Go on with your bad self! You impressed one of the BEST ranters (is that a word) on the net, MTH. Lisa

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        I hadn’t even thought about Aviva possibly resenting Sonja and Ramona’s free and breezy ways, because she believes that her prosthetic prevents her from being that way. Her anxiety, tension, judginess….she has this incredible fear of letting go.

  11. Lady Chatterley says:

    Yay for Heather – she’s actually sounding like the voice of reason here.

  12. Lady Chatterley says:

    I believe that the WetPaint video of Mario and Ramona dancing was originally tweeted by Ramona yesterday.

  13. Happy Flashback Friday…
    A trip thru time.don’t blink

    Happy Bee day ms molly and catseye…!!!
    Hugs and peace

  14. LuvMyGals says:

    Happy Birthday to Catseye and Ms. Molly! Have a great day.

    BB – Haven’t had an opportunity to congratulate you on your coming bundle of joy. I’m so happy for you. And thank you for all your work on the blogs. Everyone is doing an amazing job. It is so greatly appreciated. I loved Carole’s line “she asked us to thank Reid more times than Luann asked us to believe in imaginary Italians.” I didn’t see the show and now know that I probably don’t want to see this one. I was tired of Aviva the 3rd or 4th time she told the story of losing her leg. It is a tragedy, no doubt. I disagree with Carole that “we’re all living our personal hell,” but everyone does experience some hell. But then we pick ourselves up and go on. It doesn’t become the narrative of our entire life. It’s our past. In the very beginning when Aviva’s status with her education and law degree were mentioned, I wondered why she wasn’t practicing at all, not part-time or in some volunteer capacity. She obviously would have some incredible doors open to her. It seems to me that Aviva is staying in her hell. I hope she does find a way to move past that.

    • jules says:

      I agree LuvMyGals, Aviva seems to enjoy living in her own hell. We’ve all had hardships of some kind but it’s how we emerge from the other side that defines us (IMHO). If Aviva was constantly speaking out for amputees then I would understand the repetition of her story. But she really doesn’t seem to be doing anything positive with it right now. She’s let her anxieties or fears, whatever she wants to call them rule her life. I myself take medication for anxiety attacks after I started having them on a daily basis but I don’t focus on it. I educated myself about the signs and how to control them and moved on. I don’t let it keep me from doing things because I’d be stuck in neutral. Perhaps I shouldn’t be judging because I’m not walking in her shoes but I think she’s doing a disservice to herself and her children when she keeps her focus on only negative things.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Good points. I can’t imagine losing a limb. I do know having kids triggers past stuff. Divorce is hard. Having a handsome husband in a city like NY would feel threatening to me. Yes I know cheating happens everywhere. still… Opportunities abound and most of them look dressed to kill. And there Aviva is missing a leg and self confidence.

    • BB says:

      Thanks LuvMyGals

  15. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Good Morning, Everyone,

    I’m just popping in and out because I’ve got some major things to handle today. I have not even read the blogs or the comments yet. I tried to read yesterday’s blog to catch up on any comments I may have missed after I fell asleep or before I awoke this morning, but it is GONE.

    I just wanted to let you guys know. Maybe MeltheHound can work his magic and get it back for us.

    I hope to chat with you guys later, and I hope you guys have a great day. Bye for now (*Waving*).

  16. lovemamaearth says:

    Well, since your toaster oven cookbook is still in the works. How about tweaking it and calling it the White Trash Toaster Oven Cookbook. It’ll go great right next to my Road Kill Cookbook.
    ROFL at this. So funny RC. Love that Sonja is willing to embrace her inner trash. I’m still reading.

  17. catmom1 says:

    Good morning. Oh the irony! I finally got around to reading the US Magazine article about Aviva that was posted yesterday.

    The title of the article is “Aviva Dresher I’m not speaking to ramona singer and her puppet sonja morgan.” In the accompanying video to the article Aviva makes her claim about how name calling is bad, was done in the heat of the moment, and regrets calling Ramonja white trash. A number of the comments posted after the article point out that on the one hand Aviva is saying she’s against name calling, and yet she does it again when she calls Sonja “ramona’s puppet”.

    You know what they say, when you find yourself in a hole, you should stop digging. If Aviva were as smart as she claims to be, she’d stop talking and making things worse.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Well, her first non-apology is how she really feels. She has no regrets about what she said.

      • catmom1 says:

        Exactly what I thought. There’s a Maya Angelou quote I love, something like, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” I’m pretty sure we’re seeing the real Aviva.

        • PJ says:

          Aviva has told us loud and clear exactly who she is.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            And Maya Angelou says that when people show you who they are, you should believe them the FIRST time (in other words, don’t stick around for them to affect you with their bad behavior again. Don’t keep hopin’ and wishin’ they will change. Run for the hills!).

    • Powell says:

      Or when someone tells you you’re dead, you’re dead. Is that was Heather Dubrow said? What did she say?

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Hi Powell, Haughty Heather LowBrow said….if everyone is telling you you’re dead, it’s time to lay down.
        Ain’t she funny, ain’t she Joe 🙂 Lisa

        • Powell says:

          That’s it Lisa. :-). I knew that one of my peeps would get me straight.

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Powell, the funny part is I have a bad case of CRS(can’t remember shit) I am the last one looked at to recall what I had for lunch. I think it stuck with me because it was so nasty & so premeditated. Lisa–one of your peeps

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Wasn’t that the stupidest thing a RHW has said yet?!!!! Dead. How stupid. Dubrow is not only a bully but downright hateful.

  18. Powell says:

    NMD you’ve earned a well deserved vacation. Enjoy yourself.

  19. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Good morning everyone.

    I know a lot of people said Carole won’t return next season, but I totally felt that she would. I think, as much as the girls antics may amuse/horrify her, she loves the popularity she has gotten from this show. She has the ability to display her writing and I read her memoir has been selling like crazy again since she’s been on the show. There’s no way she will risk falling off the radar now with her new book coming out and the comedy centered around it. I just hope she doesn’t suffer season 2 disease!

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Oh and I forgot to say WOOT WOOT Drew Peterson is GUILTY!

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Morning, I was one of the people who posted that I thought Carol was too cool for school & that this “adventure” was research for her next book, thinking she would jump ship after one season. I hope I am wrong & I hope she doesn’t catch season two swamp fever. I am enjoying her the most. As for Drew Peterson……….ITS ABOUT DAM TIME! Lisa

    • Mary E says:

      I think Carole gets a kick out of the situation and views it as a research/anthroplogy project.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I agree Mary E. I can’t see her coming back for season two unless to promo her sitcom. Will the HWs be parodied I wonder? lol

        • Mary E says:

          Oh…I hope so. Any news on a new book project?

          • lovemamaearth says:

            I looked yesterday and didn’t see anything about the sitcom. I’m not sure when the new book comes out. I think the book should come out first to bump interest in the sitcom.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I think she views it as a research/anthropology project too. I also thinks that she thinks most of them are insane in some way — except for Heather. It looks like she and Heather may be bonding a bit.

    • T-Rex says:

      RealVA, Oh she is too much on the “in” from Andy to get the bitch edit, and so far I think Carole has been pretty good about not getting caught on camera doing something stupid.

  20. JustDee says:

    Oh For Cripes Sake Aviva! SHUDDUP!!!! That interview was from 1999, *13* years ago and she’s STILL playing the Poor Little Rich Girl card! NOTHING’S changed. I’m so sick of her going on and on and ON about the loss of her leg – even though she doesn’t want to bring attention to it :::::snort:::::. Guess what Aviva? You’re not the only person on earth who lost a limb! And most likely the others didn’t have a Daddy that would buy them a private beach in Jamaica! Or a Mommy that would fly them to London so they could have a “pretty” leg!

    Maybe instead of navel gazing you could I don’t know, maybe visit a military hospital and help some amputee soldiers who lost limbs in service to our country and NEVER EVER COMPLAIN!?!

    • JustDee says:

      ‘scuse the rant, that whiney biotch pisses me off 😉

      • jules says:


      • catmom1 says:

        LOVE the rant. I second the standing ovation. Can you hear the crowds cheering?!!

        • designernailsdiana says:

          Big brother was a nice fun show. For me it was. The only vote for Danielle was Jenn. Bye bye Frank!!
          Surprised houseguests find out this is a double header a great twofer.
          Dan knowing his a$$ was on the line managed to correctly answer the final question between Jenn and Danielle they were all tied. Dan got the closest to the correct answer and won a very important HOH.
          He put up Ian and Danielle. She looked pissed.
          The veto challenge was a puzzle. The peg was in the board and had to be maneuvered down to the end to free it. It was very tense as each player was forced to go backwards more than a few times.
          We finally see Ian step up and win a much needed Veto.
          Of course he pulled himself off the block and Dan put up who else, but Joe!
          Joe is so used to sitting in that chair he just goes to it automatically. A very quick meeting took place with Dan, Ian and Jenn exiting stage right and Danielle looking at Shane who pulls her to stage left. Joe just sat there.
          You guessed it Joe was evicted.
          I do hope Ian and Dan end up in the final two because they have both played a very good game.
          Hope this helps for those who missed it. I’m on central time zone so I got to see it before the DNC started.

      • Powell says:

        JustDee that was quite excellent!

      • JustDee says:

        Awww shucks y’all. Thanks 😀

      • Lisa Renee says:

        JustDee, god, that felt good to read!!! That was a great rant, Lisa

      • Mary E says:

        Thank you for the rant. Like Caro has made me start being Team Teresa, Aviva only causes me to like Ramona. T-Rex, I know this won’t change your mind, but maybe if Andy decides to gang up on Ramona at the next reunion…

        • T-Rex says:

          Naw, won’t help, look I hate Teresa as much as Ramona in fact hate them both even more this season, I find no redeeming qualities, so I just agree to disagree with folks here because I really like everyone here on the boards and they let me have my little grudges, HA! 😉

      • MamaZ says:

        Bad dog! You know you aren’t allowed on the computer.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Visiting amputee soldiers – yes, that would be completely awesome! And, perhaps, draw her out of her perpetual self-pity.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I know. I think JustDee has come up with an EXCELLENT idea for Aviva. The thing is, though, she might let all her anxieties prevent her from taking the trips due to flying, etc. and visiting with these brave men and women.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Seriously, the jamaica thing totally turned me off to her. Must be nice.

      • catmom1 says:

        Yes! Money may not buy happiness, but it can sure make your life a heck of a lot easier, especially if you have a disability. In light of all she has financially, she’s a very poor woman. Appears to have no appreciation for the gifts she does have – family,health, beauty, education, and wealth. I’m so tired of her whining and self pitying. I figure if she pisses me off this much, she must really be driving other amputees nuts.

        • JustDee says:

          Excellent point catmom! I wonder what other amputees think of her? ‘Specially the ones who can’t afford a new leg, much less *3* (that we know of) custom made ones!

        • Powell says:

          catmom1 you are so right about her “gifts”. She can walk, talk, go anyhere, do anything, has great kids, a husband, family and friends. She has enough dough to have realistic looking legs, not one but three legs. Some amputees dont get one leg. i would not be complaining but thats just me.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Good point. I’m getting the impression it’s NOT about the children who have lost their legs, but rather IT”S ABOUT THE AVIVA WHO HAS LOST HER LEG.

      • Chicago Diane says:

        A quick story re: AViva and challenges : we found out, one at a time over many years, often after misdiagnoses and hospital stays, followed by new challenges, that I was born with a series of autoimmune diseases, many of life- threatening natures, which have, one at a time, thrown me and a team of doctors built over the years- for real loops. It has meant all kinds of treatments, studies, surgeries,massive pain , etc. And ultimately- after 25 years of working very hard despite the illness, I ultimately becoming a highly ranked and successful women in one of the world’s largest banks, I was forced to leave the job for what the doctors hoped would be a year, while they worked to reduce the number of life- threatening, dangerous chemo and other drugs I was on. I had worked 12-14 hour days 5-6 days a week,(when able, which was always for 23 of those years) travelled all the time, and loved what I did- as did my clients and coworkers. It is over ten years later and I am still waiting to be told I can go back- highly unikely now, of course.

        My point is- you either decide to do the best you can with life’s challenges, to understand how to handle them, obtain the best resources and information, but move on and live life- or let it control you. My strong preference was to make it invisible to everyone who I encountered each day- and to live life. I took the time to understand each new issue, and how they impacted the others, to ensure correct treatment, and moved on as best I could, making it invisible to everyone else, and out of my mind, other than to do what I needed to to keep it controlled. . Otherwise, as I saw it I was making it an issue for others, and keeping it in my mind, which meant focusing on it rather than lilving life. .

        Aviva’s intro to the show made it sound like she was part of the group who got control, to the extent possible, of her challenges and moved on- and wanted to share how that was possible for others.

        It has been very disappointing to me- after she presented herself this way- that not only is she controlled by- or allows herself to be controlled by- the ramifications of her challenge- but she then stands behind it, as it shields/explains away her ridiculous rants of hostility and superiority/judgement/imperialism/rudeness.

        I share my story just to say she is not alone- many. many people in life are challenged, and do all they can to live life Without ANYONE knowing about their afflictions/challenges. She is doing the opposite- it sounds like she got on the show by using it as a calling card- and now is using it to diminsh not just her life, but that of her husband, her family, and everyone else she deals with.. They are ALL to understand how VERY VERY VERY HARD it was for her to be on the plane. And to reward her with a party and a red carpet-she is denying it now because it sounds so ridiculous but if flew from her mouth , since she focuses on herself and her needs to the exclusion of everyone else- esp. her husband/nurse/counselor Reid. . Yet SHE is the one calling attention to it- making herself miserable because of it- and Reid, and in the case of this trip, everyone around her.

        That is not living- it is making youself the victim- and expecting everyone around her to make it better for her. I shuddered each time she added a VERY to the discussion of how hard the plane ride was- I have heard this tune before, and if you are seeking that much attention it isbecasue it never leaves your mind- and you allow it to control you. I empathize with t he ultimate reason but she is an adult, says she is a resource to prove how you can overcome it- and then proves the opposite. I am sorry for Avia, but mush more diappointe din her- her lack of self-disciple, maturity and judgement is appalling.

        • JustDee says:

          God Bless You Diane and thanks so much for sharing your story! You sound like everything that Aviva promised she’d be – and is NOT.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          ((( Chicago Diane ))) Thanks for sharing your touching story.

          i think most of us get along by the time we’re our age/Aviva’s age. But Bravo shows are stressful. I’m not going to judge another. But I hope she gets therapy soon. Or more therapy as is probably the case. She should have gone to the Dr that Bethenny had.

        • jules says:

          Here, here Chicago Diane! Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. You sound like one inspirational woman!

          This is whole victim thing Aviva plays drives me crazy. She beats everyone around her over the head with her anxieties so much that it’s difficult to empathize with her. It’s so sad when you think about all the truly good she could be doing by broadcasting her issues but instead she’s just making herself look like a pitiful fool.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          (((Chicago Diane))) Thank you for sharing your story. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. I really do feel for Aviva and everything she went through (and still goes through) as the result of becoming an amputee.

          However, like I said in yesterday’s blog, we ALL have our sh*t (e.g., baggage) with us. It us up to us to learn how to manage it and live our best life possible. It is OUR job — nobody else’s (not Reid’s, not Ramona’s, not Sonja’s, not Carole’s, not anyone else who is in Aviva’s sphere. Aviva needs to take more responsibility for handling her baggage and not using it as a weapon to somehow manipulate and control others. I’m sorry, but I just feel like that is what she does. And, for God’s sake, the woman’s parents bought a house in Jamaica specifically so she could run around privately on the island. How many of us can say THAT? I mean, how supportive they were, and how lucky she was!! I told my story yesterday. When I had one of my panic attacks in front of my father, he told me to “Pull your sh*t together!!” No, not the most supportive thing, but I know my father. He does not quite know how to respond when he is afraid. So, he can be inappropriate in the face of fear at times. But, you know what? He was right. I DID need to “pull my sh*t together,” and the ONLY ONE who could do it was ME — nobody else. So I did and still do.).

          Aviva needs to learn to develop an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE because she has been truly BLESSED with SO MUCH.

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Chicago D, thank you sharing your history. Perspective, you are gifted with it. AvivaDiva not so much. Lisa

        • plainviewsue says:

          Thank you so much for sharing Diane. What a wonderful inspiring story.

        • Contessa says:

          WOW – you are a phenomenal person! Sending prayers and postitive thoughts to you across the miles. My admiration for doing it your way and not letting the medical issues define who you wanted to be and you accomplished all. To me you are a true hero, as I am sure to the rest of us here on this blog. This is a truly inspiring message and not to negate Aviva’s injury, yours is much more serious. Aviva has allowed the accident and loss of her leg to define her and she has become a professional victim. You on the other hand accomplished everything despite your medical condition and did not use it as your life force.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


            • Chicago Diane says:

              Thanks so much for the kind comments and sharing. I felt comfortable sharing it because You are so open and kind with each other- so thanks for making me feel welcome.

              I do think I was blessed on one level though- because at one of the points where my life was really threatened- and it has been a number of times-it became clear that that is no way for me to live. I live with a lot of pain/ongoing/ more obvious issues now, as the physical problems are more overt, at least for some things. But when the likelihood that one or more of these crummy diseases will not just cause pain/diminish my abilities- but will actually stop it all got to me, I had a clear choice- either allow it to become the focus or do what I said above. I chose to manage it as needed but move on and live. To me, that was the only choice that made sense, for anyone who loves me, or for me, to deal with it.
              In some ways, I think it made the choices much more clear-because I could see what just the fear of what certain diagnoses/impacts could mean did to those I love. I couldn’t live with it- or ask them to, unless there was no other choice. .

              Aviva has had a serious loss that can be invisible at certain points but very visible in ways that create vulnerability. I understand and respect that. And we can all agree that anyone plagued with a serious anxiety issue cannot just will it away, and suffers . I hope for her sake she can turn her loss into a reason to be selfless, rather than what we have seen.

              I sincerely hope this doesn’t sound preachy. I apologize if it does in any way.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                It does not sound preachy at all. Well said.

              • Lisa Renee says:

                Last word I would use to decribe what you shared is preachy. As we have all learned in the last few days is that the LynnFam is a mixed bag of nuts (said with much affection & humor) & enjoying everyones “stuff”. Sharing a coping mechanisim or a new perspective is greatly welcomed & appreciated. Lisa

    • NightLight95 says:

      Did her parents role out the red carpet?

      • mardrag26 says:

        I think they did and that is a large part of the problem!

        • lovemamaearth says:

          True she did say they did and she had to learn to live beyond what they created for her in that little world. I give Aviva props for helping Jake and other children. Life is a learning process for us all.

      • lori says:

        LOL! Seriously though, I don’t think her parents did her any favors. Instead of buying a private beach they should have taken her to a public one. She needed to learn how to live in the real world. Maybe if they had she wouldn’t full of anxiety now?

    • JustDee says:

      Oh, and while I’m ranting……apparently Fraidy Cat Aviva has no problem flying to Jamaica! Or Miami! Remember she told us she goes to Miami “all the time” ’cause it’s just as quick as going to the Hamptons? I guess the elevator to the sky-high Miami penthouse doesn’t bother her either? Or the Height of THAT building?

      • catmom1 says:

        Excellent points Just Dee. Please continue with a very fine rant since you’re on a roll.

      • T-Rex says:

        Not to mention all the times she flew to Paris while modeling and vacationing and to England for her numerous prosthetics, those trips are far from quick flights. She is a walking contradiction, and all of this has manifested since she found out that Harry was screwing his way through the Manahattan Socialite(and wannabe Socialite) directory! In order to keep Reid, I think she thinks she needs to be this damsel in distress.

    • MelTheHound says:

      ‘Scuse me for saying this but the dog owners come up with some of the best rants. You kept it cleaner than the hound would have so Kudos for that.

      I agree with you on the US Soldier thing.. Instead of pissing and moaning every second she could be visiting them instead. I’m sure they all think it sucks to lose a limb or more but you don’t seem to hear them publicly (anyway) bitching about it.

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Or demanding red carpets and parties when they show up for an event.

      • JustDee says:

        ^4 😀

        • Contessa says:

          You are on a roll today! ITA on everything. I now believe what Sonja said about Aviva adopting the amputee charity just recently as she was going on TV. If she had been in this longer and really active, I think the fundraisers would have been on a much larger scale, like JZ. She wasn’t angry about Ramonja not going to the event, she was angry because their absence might not give it as much relevance to make it appear as a large fundraiser (which it wasn’t). Aviva supposedly has the connections to do a much larger benefit and also has the time as well. If I had that type of public persona it would have been a big deal and if the cause meant so much to me, I would be out there raising money for kids/military 24/7 (Aviva is a spoiled brat that has grown into an insufferable so-called socity beyotch that has a professional victim attitude). The other women are active in charities/fundraisers on a much larger scale.

          • JustDee says:

            I was thinking that too, for someone with her means…..a spin class for her charity? Seriously? She could have a top of the line GALA with the richest of the rich and raise MILLIONS instead of a few bucks from housewives. OR she could just buy a kid some legs with her own damn money!

      • Contessa says:

        And a lot of our soldiers are suffering in this economy and probably have poor fitting prosthetics (not everyone can fly to England and have one tailor made)

        • karrylyn says:

          Yes, and their anxiety after their battles that cost them limbs, and peace of mind is an ongoing one, an understandable one. They should have the benefit of good prosthetics, that is a shame that sometimes we don’t treat some of our wounded military with the best care. But….I hope that Aviva doesnt go visit the wounded vets, what on earth does she have to give them???? She is still Angry about losing her leg, so how can she lift their spirits? She is so shallow and a person in pain, can see the person for what they are. Fake or Genuine. What can she say? Oh, maybe if only your parents would buy you a private beach? or, maybe if you marry a person who will put up with your crap, you’ll always have excuses to be a pain in the butt cuz you are upset that your life isnt where you want it to be?
          I hope she doesnt visit them, unless she is going to buy them good prosthetics.
          They might want to visit her! if she saw, what some of them are missing…she might get a real good dose of reality about what some people live with, and what they are missing, and can still go one and TRY to be OK and even better !!!!!! happy even!!!!!
          She is reaping what she sowed…alot of junk.
          She is a mean name calling woman, who is so entitled she should be ashamed of herself.
          i will say…..I do feel badly for her. No one wants to think of a six year old child getting their foot ripped off in a machine. That is PTSD, I’m sure.
          I’m sure she went through a lot w/out a foot, then w/out a leg…..people can be very mean.
          I still get mean comments from mean people “just asking” about my facial scars and saying stupid things….”oh, it gives your face such character!”
          But they are the creeps, and even when someone tries to act all sorry for me….I HATE THAT….
          Aviva has so many other things that most of us do not. She is an ungrateful bitch and should remember how fortunate she is, her lifestyle is one that could help other amputees, but not until she gets healthy in the head herself. AND…until she stops using her disability as an attention getter.
          I just had a funny…or maybe not so funny…????? picture. Aviva getting all upset with one of the ladies and pulling a leg out of her purse and hitting them over the head with it!!!!! She does that, basically with her words, why not just use a real prosthesis?
          sorry, my sense of humor can be strange…..
          but if I can laugh inside….I’m ok.
          I do what I have to…..
          and I dont throw it on other people or make them feel sorry for me, to get attention.
          who the heck wants that kind of attention?
          her parents must have really done a bad job…..but who is really ready to help a six year old that had her foot ripped off????? Damn……and look at her dad!!!!
          now…Poor Aviva….she never had a chance to be nice or normal or…..well, she is a housewife. And…if she was healthy mentally….she wouldnt be.

    • LuvMyGals says:

      Applause applause Just Dee. What the woman needs is a backbone – and likely some more effective meds.

  21. plainviewsue says:

    NMD, Have a wonderful vacation. You definitely do deserve. Thanks to you, BB & all of the other ladies that have continued our wonderful blog!!!

    I am dying to know what is happening at the reunion taping. I will check twitter throughout the day to see if there are any postings from “inside sources.”

    Priscilla, Teresa’s hair stylist, tweeted that Teresa looks stunning.

    I am guessing the seating with be similiar to last reunion. Teresa & Kathy on one couch (with hopefully Dina and/or Danielle joining them at some point!!!) and the Red Queen & the other two on the other. I imagine Caroline will be in the seat closest to Andy. Guessing that Jac will be in the middle and then Melissa.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I thought the taping was tomorrow, is it going on now?

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        Nevermind, I read it on QueenzofMedia twitter that taping was tomorrow and they just admitted their source was wrong. lol. Shocker.

    • VV says:

      Sitting will be Andy, Caroline, Jac, Melissa, Kathy on one big couch and Teresa all by herself on one chair.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        VV, hahahaha I can soooo see that. Its going to be a T bashing session anyway, why play pretend. When the firing squad takes aim, there will be no close calls, all direct hits. I wish T was better at verbal combat. When she tries to get her point across she gets so tongue tied. Lisa

      • plainviewsue says:

        Okay, there has been some tweeting, but as I don’t know the sources, take it as a grain of salt.

        1) Originally Jacq was sitting closest to Andy, but Caroline was not happy. When we see the reunion, I guess we’ll know.

        2) A lot of screaming going on between Tre & and the Red Queen. Caro holds Teresa responsible for business going down at the Brownstone, because she has posted bad reviews on the site. Personally, I don’t think Teresa would have the time to do that; but you all know, Teresa is the cause for everything single bad thing that has ever happened.

        3) Caroline was talking about Melissa’s hair. I guess it came up that she’s taken for black & called it natty. *****Remember I am JUST reporting tweets that I saw.

        4) Jacq said when she was in Vegas she modeled lingerie for men so they could see it on a woman before they purchased it.

        Other tweets out there (and I do not know if it’s coming from the reunion) is that, as we all know, the Manzos were good friends w/Bernie Kerick. Someone tweeted that Bernie hid money in the Brownstone and he offered Caro a little under $1,000,000 to hide it.

        Andy tweeted a picture of himself when on break. He tweeted OMG, this reunion is epic.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          So, Teresa had time to sit around and post several bad reviews on the Brownstone website? Oh, o.k. THAT made the Brownstone business go down. It is all Teresa’s fault. O.K. Never mind that the economy is bad, it is Teresa’s anonymous posting of bad reviews that did it. I am sure Caroline is going to say that they traced these i.p. addresses back to Teresa’s house.

          I still would NOT believe Caroline. I am sorry. I just wouldn’t. Then again, maybe while Teresa was out driving Joe around; driving her 4 kids around to school and their various events; running her regular wife/mommy errands; trying to get her 3rd book out; trying to promote her Fabellini; trying to get a haircare line endorsement up and going; going either alone or with Joe to see their lawyer; going with Joe to the damned courthouse AGAIN; AND trying to get some type of makeup deal in place — she, being the GREAT MASTERMIND that she is, paid Milania a few extra bucks and had MILANIA stay home on the Giudice computer to type all of those nasty reviews.

          By George, I think I’ve got it!!

          • Called A Princess... says:

            The term for un – maintained black kinky curly hair is ‘nappy’. Since Melissa has straight, maybe processed hair, there is no way her hair is ‘nappy’. LOL! People are on fire today, tweeting garbage and crazy! IMO.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Based on older pix I’ve seen of Melissa and Melissa’s hair back in the day, I DO think Melissa has her hair relaxed and/or permed (and I’m talking about those perms for African-American hair, not the perms to make straight hair curly). JMHO

              Teresa probably said that sh*t. LOL

              • Called A Princess... says:

                Melissa has Dominican Republic blood. Most of the population considers itself Mulatto due to an aversion to Africans and Haitians in particular. People might want to try to get along with the neighboring villages, across the way. So I wonder how the Gorga senior family members feel about Melissa’s family heritage? I have wondered this for a while. EMWTK!

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  Has it ever been officially confirmed that she is 1/2 Dominican? I have heard that rumor before. Was her father actually Dominican and not Italian (Marco is a last name that can possibly go either way)? Her mother does not look Dominican at all. And Melissa claims she is 100% Italian.

                  And, yes, you’re right. Many Dominicans downplay their African heritage because they hate/have a rivalry with their neighboring country Haiti (which is majority Black/more African-looking). But I mean, come on? Look at Sammy Sosa. He’s Dominican. Before he bleached himself to death, he looked like an Afro-Latino (He looked better before the bleaching, by the way). Alex Rodriguez is Dominican and is, obviously, mixed-race (green eyes, yes, but his hair, skin and features and build are more like one of African descent).

                  It is like there is so much shame or denial about that, but do you know where the #1 market for African-American hair straightening products is? Yep, you guessed it: the Dominican Republic.

          • Powell says:

            You’ve got it Sherlock. 🙂

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Re #4 – Jac and the lingerie

    • Chicago Diane says:

      NMD< thanks so much for all you have been doing- have a good break.

      And now may I ask- is the reunion today?

      And another- another blog has a series of stories out that say much of the discord between Jac, Dina and Caro the CLown has to do with some info Jac shared with Lynn in October 2010 about Ladybug -impyling dishonest practices that turned out to be an error. It goes on to say that Jacq released it to hurt Dina, hid behind Lynn as I guess she is often said to be the inside contact who never is disclosed, and then Caro would not support Dina or deny that is was false.

      It led to to a couple of questions
      1) has a decision been made, and will Lynn's site remain up, so we can go back to the past, and
      2) I know many/some of you were very close to Lynn and knew a good deal about her contacts, sources,e tc.
      I would never expect you or her to disclose anythign she /you would prefer not to, but was less consistent then about reading each day and wondered whether in fact there is any truth to any of it that can be mentioned. ?

      I don't mean to ask uncomfortable questions and hope this is not in any way an issue for anyone -just was a bit amazed to see all the language about Lynn in their site.

      I guess we came to know where Lynn stood with many bloggers and she had many people she helped and supported, some of whom were grateful, kind, and cooperative back. then there were others-

      I have no idea where she/we/ the bloggers here/ stand with some of those bloggers and hope you don;t mind the question. I just don't want her name used in any context incorrectly or hurtfully. .

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Hey Diane,

        I don’t know how others feel – my sense is that we can’t control how others will speak of Lynn. While she was still w/us there were some out there who took great delight in speaking ill of her. I imagine that, over time, that will continue. If any one of us has the opportunity, it would probably be good practice to speak in her defense. But, I don’t think it’s productive to get pulled into battles that end up bringing attention and traffic to those who are speaking ill of her – since that, I suspect, is exactly why they are doing it.

        If you would like to dig through the archives on Lynn’s page, it’s all still there. I was pouring through it the other day – it actually brought back so many great memories. She was such a fount of great information, good humor, and entertainment!

        I don’t know how long it will remain, so we should enjoy it as a resource, while we can.

        Lady C

      • plainviewsue says:

        Diane, I did read the blog that your are referring to. Someone had retweeted it.

        We do know that Lynn & Jac were in contact, cos Lynn did an interview with her.

        Personally for me, anything that was written means nothing to me. Lynn will always be a hero. Or should I say heroine???

        • Chicago Diane says:

          Thanks so much and I agree to both comments- nooone was critical of Lynn in any way- just her name was being used and I wondered whether or not it had all been fully vetted and disclosed at the time-and apparently there was an interview so it was- great. That’s what I was looking for.. And of course I know any of us would support her fully- as I also agree that other than Lynn and those we come to know personally and over time to be honest, it is hard /if not impossible to trust or believe anything on these blogs- too much nonsense and people pushing their version of reality.

          • Contessa says:

            I would like to add to this conversation. Lynn was always happy to introduce new bloggers to the web…she was open, nurturing and helpful. However I do believe Lynn’s success made others very jealous and that is the key to all the crap out there. I wish with all my heart these “others” would let her rest in peace. However we all know she is in a better place and there is nothing that can hurt or upset her anymore.

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Chicago Diane, I have seen what has been going on. Heres what keeps me from engaging……everyone here along with her family & friends know the truth. Further discussion would be futile. Lisa

  22. stellastars21 says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope everyone will have a great day today. I really enjoy reading this blog even if I can’t always comment with you guys. Take care.

  23. Pghemtchick says:

    Yesterday (I think) someone mentioned Aviva’s parents having an island home with private beach (apologies if posted already) here’s an overview of it w/pics:

  24. Lisa Renee says:

    Good Morning everyone, NMD enjoy your holiday, you have been amazing & I can’t thank you or BB & all the bloggers enough.
    I just quoted Lynn in my reply to Powell with a smiley face. Then it hit me, she won’t see it & I really miss this amazing woman I never met. The blog has been on fire & chatting with all of you has been more entertaining/enlightening than I can ever convey. Not trying to detract from anyones hard work & not to seem ungrateful, I just miss Lynn & her voice. Lisa

  25. Stars99 says:

    The best part of last night’s Project Runway? Members of the winning team were asked who should win the challenge in their opinion… most desigener’s say they themselves should win… and while no immunity was at stake… Christopher, the President of the “I hate Gunnar” fan club… honestely, and genuinely said, “Gunnar.” I gasped… the birds and the beasts of the field suddenly fell silent, pigs started to fly, the earth stopped rotating, hell indeed – froze over, and this cynic’s little heart grew 3 sizes that day.

  26. If you had it like this says:

    Hi Lynnfam! I have a few observations I want to mention and they’ve all probably been mentioned so bear with me. I think losing a limb combined with the fact that Aviva was extremely privileged and coddled have made for a person with a very screwed up psyche and self-image. It’s like that deadly combo of narcissism and low self-esteem. Someone said before that she was probably used to having a party thrown for her every time she accomplished something that might be normal for other people. I agree with that. She is extremely used to be fawned and fussed over.
    A couple of things that are confusing to me… one, she obviously flew a lot when she was a model, she spoke of being in Paris, and two, she was AWAKE during her second limb removal surgery! She seems like a tough cookie to me. Not the nervous nelly we see now who seems to be afraid of everything. What has changed? I don’t get it. The other thing that confuses me is her attitude that Ramona and Sonja are white trash and classless because of their behavior but she seems to have no real problems with her father who told one of her friends he could give her a screaming orgasm and rubbed his penis on another friend. That behavior is more trashy than classy to me. Just sayin…….

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Offered to give her friend a screaming orgasm, rubbed his penis on her other friend, and…

      said that he’d “do her,” if she wasn’t his daughter.

      And she’s calling these ladies trash.

      Aviva is what is often referred to as a Piece of Work.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      As someone before me mentioned having kids can trigger emotional problems. I’ll go out on a limb here and say I know this first hand. As a parent, I don’t know how I’d try to make it up to my kid. It would be a horrible situation to have to deal with for them all.

      Who knows how much Bravo stirred the pot before this get together. As Alex pointed out, the villa is 15 minutes away, Aviva landed in broad daylight but arrived at the Villa in the dark. I blame Bravo more than Aviva.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I agree that Aviva’s extreme anxiety and phobias may have been triggered by some event that occurred AFTER her world-traveling and modeling and schooling. So, that would explain how she was able to do all of those things before but can’t now. I think CAP mentioned last night that Aviva said it began after she had her first child.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I also think that panic attacks can be brought on by a fear of lack of control and added mental idle time. When Aviva was younger and single she may have been to busy and ambitious to exercise her neurotic impulses. There is a lot in the world to be afraid of, if one chooses fear. I am not sure how much of her issues are biological or social, or both. I do not think she can maintain a healthy relationship with Reid for long, with the public watching her crack up. The public can be shallow and cruel and mental illness has absolutely no place in most reality TV. That being said, so many characters on Bravo are mentally unstable, it would seem to be by design. No? Maybe Andy needs to have unstable people around him to make himself feel better, at arms length of course, because brave he is not. Suicide did nothing to elevate the Bravo product, or game plan. Peoples emotions and reputations are the new gladiator sport. IMO.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Yep. We truly probably are not that far off from “Housewives’ Hunger Games.” We’re already there in a way — it is just more subtle, and it does not involve the wives actually fighting and injuring or killing each other. I DO think they injure and kill each other mentally and spiritually at times, though.

            • Chicago Diane says:

              Very well said- and something I would really like to explore- not at the end of a day, but with more time for more to share- this has become a very big issue as the seasons have unwound- and the topics have become so negative.. It appears to be some combinaiton of deliberate- like the hiriing of MEGO and KathyW- to the targetting of the victim/s of the year’s editing, to the personality evolution which has been so disturbing.

              I would really like to hear others’ views about how negative the shows have become , especially how demeaning to women , and destructive, rather than constructive.

              I had hoped that with the cast change on HY , we would see a shift in Bravo, given Russell , Traylor and the rest. Instead, the new NY appeared to be set up so that Heather ( a newbie) was encouraged- or at least tolerated in a deliberate, out- of -the- gate attempt to hurt a long term cast member.

              I hope we can make it a primary topic for another time- not a Friday night. It will need time to explore as it has evolved inthe past few seasons and continues to .

    • T-Rex says:

      My opinion, she was a mildly self-sufficient woman when she met Harry Dubin and married him, then she was leading a nice life as a socialite lifestyle she was “bred and raised” to have by her parents, and a son and life was good or so she thought. Then BLAMMO, all over Page 6 there was the “other” Harry Dubin the one that was sleeping with half of Manhattan she was mortified, I think she may have know of one or two dalliances but she had no idea about just how many there were. So, in walks Reid, the “rescuer’ and she is not going to let him out of her site and how to do that, make up phobias, which may be real phobias now since she has convinced herself she has them. I don’t think Reid actually goes to an office, he works primarily from home, they spend almost 24/7 together because she is so afraid that Reid might cheat

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Good points TRex. I kind of feel sorry for what she’s going through. I wish I could quit Bravo. I have zero respect for them.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          The weird thing about Aviva is that she seems to be comfortable in disturbed mode. She admitted from day one that she grew up pampered by her care takers. She admits that she feels guilty that her mother could not deal with her accident and turned to drinking. She admits that her father is a sex addict. She admits that she is unstable. But then when she presents it in HDTV, the audience and fellow cast members seem surprised and disappointed. Have you never been around a mentally disturb human being before? The car wreck issue comes to mind. No one wants to look, but it is hard not to. One thing I have noticed about mentally ill people I have known, is that the are very prideful. Although they can be disrespectful, they want you to know at all times, that they will not tolerate disrespect from anyone else. Aviva’s comments about her college credentials.Yet generally in the healthy world, all people want to do is disrespect, ignore and dispute the degrees of another’s mental health issues. The mentally ill in this country deserve much better, whether they are sleeping under a bridge. or staring at us on a HDTV screen. JMHO.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I agree. Many homeless people are mentally ill and cannot afford to get the medication, therapy and other types of treatment they need in order to get themselves functional and employable. In my opinion, mental health treatment is the most ignored when it comes to providing treatment for the uninsured or unemployed or underemployed. I do not know why that is, but it truly is a shame. Maybe it is because of the stigma that is still attached to mental illness.

            Unlike the homeless mentally ill and the poor mentally ill, Aviva has plenty of resources. I wonder how much help she is actually getting and how active she is in participating in getting better or at least becoming her most functional self. When she said, “I don’t NEED a Xanax. I just need my husband!” I thought, “No, Sweetie, you need Xanax and possibly other things and therapy and God knows what else. But you cannot pin all of that on Reid.” That is NOT fair to Reid, and whether she realizes it or not, it is also not fair to Aviva herself

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Detox, I think most of the medications that are available now are just as dangerous as the illnesses. I understood Ramona’s rant about the Xanax and I don’t know, the best solution at this time, but I am pretty sure it is not a pop drug that has a body count that includes Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. These drugs seem to be created for mass profit and little accountability, not to mention how addictive they can be. I can only agree, that the subject of mental illness, is very complicated, in America, not unlike general healthcare. JMHO.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                I agree. I should have been more specific. Aviva needs Xanax XR, which is the time-released NON-HABIT-FORMING version to be taken only as needed (That’s what really helped me. I took it only as needed for a few months and went several months without needing it again.).

                According to my Doc (who refuses to prescribe it), the regular Xanax can be dangerous — specifically because of the habit-forming issue.

                But you’re right. Prescription drugs can be tricky and dangerous if not used correctly and responsibly. I still think Aviva needs more than JUST Reid, though. JMHO.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  Thank you. That is good to know. IMO.

                • Orson says:

                  Just for the record, I’m not really comfortable the way folks here are prescribing Xanax for Aviva. I’m not saying she doesn’t have problems, or doesn’t need treatment for them, or that some medication might help her deal with her stressors as a bandaid until the therapy starts really working, but I don’t think non-MDs should prescribe specific medications. But that’s just me.

      • LuvMyGals says:

        Once again, I think you have it figured out Dr. T-Rex. I think you could give Dr. Sophy a run for him money in the Hills.

  27. WindyCityWondering says:

    AvivaDiva is very bothersome – she talks the talks but isn’t even close to walking the walk (no pun intended). IMO, she does not like happy people who refuse to apologize for their happiness or buy into her challenge filled life. Is she so insecure in her marriage that she demands others to fawn over her enabler? I find it very interesting that she takes her wrath out on Ramona (LuAnn’s enemy) instead of Sonja (who has never apologized for her relationship with Aviva’s ex husband). And where is her apology to her hostess for making demands on who should go and who should stay and the casino she caused on her arrival? Bravo gave us a real live NYC socialite, complete with neurotic, BSC behavior. She travels in the circles JZ only dreams about and she has rules, within rules, within her model molded brain. She is a definate keeper!

    • If you had it like this says:

      I agree. She has to stay! This is going to be a very interesting reunion…..

    • MamaZ says:

      I like the strong Aviva from that interview. And I can see how her ex husband’s infidelities, the divorce, having children and her mother’s death could have tipped the scales.
      I would be able to get past her behavior if only she would realize looking back that she way overreacted. But instead of saying it was ridiculous to expect the other women to worship Reid for bringing her and should have thrown her a party she continues to maintain that stance. She’s either so deluded that she’s unable to see that she was wrong or she is unwilling to admit that she was wrong. The first option is sad, the second ugly.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I love that AvivaDiva. I hope it would make her smile. 🙂

      • klmh says:

        Isn’t the diva label derogatory? This is the description I read of the title:
        “2. diva 2468 up, 1571 down
        a bitchy woman that must have her way exactly, or no way at all. often rude and belittles people, believes that everyone is beneath her and thinks that she is so much more loved than what she really is. selfish, spoiled, and overly dramatic.”
        Maybe if she had a sense of humor, she would enjoy it, but I haven’t seen that side of her. 🙂

  28. Pghemtchick says:

    I know SH has an article on Aviva’s settlement from the farm accident where they sued the co-owner and equipment company, but I haven’t been back to check out any updates. I ran across this article looking up info on her mom.

    A State Supreme Court justice in Manhattan has ordered Aaron Broder, a trial lawyer, to return $237,853 in legal fees that he received from clients in a personal injury case.

    Justice Martin Evans ordered the reimbursement earlier this week after finding that Mr. Broder had actually been discharged from the case before receiving what he contended was his share of the $1.2 million settlement award.

    In the case, the justice found, Mr. Broder breached his fiduciary duties to his clients and sought to increase his own legal fees at the expense of money earmarked for an injured child, Aviva Teichner, who lost a foot in a farm accident.

    ”This is, I believe, the most substantial penalty ever against a lawyer for oppressing his own client,” said Adam Walinsky, the lawyer for the girl’s parents, George and Ingrid Teichner.

    Mr. Broder called the charges against him ”preposterous” and said he would appeal the ruling.

    I’m curious if he did appeal it.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      That lawsuit would be bogus imo. It’s not like the dairy invited the kids over to ride a manure belt. How stupid.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        They all settled it. Aviva’s lawyer’s argued the equipment looked like a merry go round. Thus, inviting children to play on it. I think it’s bs to sue the company as well.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Thanks for the information. If I recall, Aviva said they snuck out in the middle of thenight to ride the belt. They knew what they did was wrong. Take responsibility. JMHO

      • catmom1 says:

        You would think that lawsuit would be crazy, but…… I’m in Indiana. Around 45 years ago, there was a concrete plant. Talll fencing surrounding it and locked up tight as a drum on weekends. A youngish boy (IIRC I think he was somewhere btn 11-15) and his friend climb the fence and break into the plant. They get the conveyor belt running, kid gets on it, ends up tearing his arm off. Parents sued, they won, concrete co. paid. Seemed wrong then, still seems wrong.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          I agree. I’m sorry kids get hurt. I should be dead from some of the things I’ve tried. But no one would get sued.

    Start tomorrow…. Going to go meet the guy and get the keys…. He’s leaving town and I will be running the place while he is gone….
    THANK the Lord and all you who sent me good mojo !!!!!!!!!!

  30. MelTheHound says:

    Posting a Happy Dance for Diva and ran across this… Enjoy.

  31. lovemamaearth says:

    I don’t want this to be political. But if a company pumps poison deep into the streams of well water supplies in the US, how do they plan on doing a clean up? You poison the well water, it’s pretty serious. But then again they could create a new business to distill the water to sell in bottles to everyone, even to farms for animals. And then they’d need more jobs/Dentists to care for the teeth rot from the more acidic distilled water. Etc.

  32. not THAT Jill says:

    Anyone watching NJ season 1 on Bravo?? So crazy how things have changed. I loved Caroline during season 1-she actually smiled once in a while-complete opposit of her bitter ass this season!!!! The finale is on now and then the season 1 reunion.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      JNntJ, thanks for the heads up, watching reunion now. To think how I use to enjoy Clownzo & her family. Talk about losing your new car smell. Lisa

    • plainviewsue says:

      Jill, I was watching a few of the episodes. I was such a fan of Caro’s back then.

      And how about Jacq??? OMG, she looked so much prettier back then. Too much botox destroyed her face.

      And Teresa was happy go lucky Teresa………………….until the table flip which made her a star.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        It is so crazy to think of how they all treat each other now-sad. Teresa flipping that table was her rise and fall all in one. While some thought it was kind of funny, others found it to show her “violent” side. I will tell the truth-I thought it was hysterical. Danielle needed someone to yell at and it was plain to see she was scared shitless of Caroline so she picked Teresa-thinking it would go over Teresa’s head. We all saw that Teresa got the dig and went off.
        I didnt notice in all the times I watched that episode how much Caroline and Jac whispered to each other about Dina. Jac said something to Caroline about needing to feel sorry for Dina, what the hell was that about? I guess I didnt “pay attention” to all that back then!!!

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Thats why I usually watch after the blog & comments….so no one says to me pay attention Puh-leeze! I still can’t believe how different it all is from then to now & how much I missed. I still use the word skeevotz (sp) despite Andy says its a word from the 70’s. lisa

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I always say Skeev..and skeevots but I pronounce more like scheevots-maybe thats how we said in the Bronx?? I wonder why Andy said it was a 70’s word?

            • Lisa Renee says:

              JnntJ, because Andy has been on T’s ass since day one & not above exaggerating to get in a dig to T every chance he gets. JMO, but for someone who helped put Bravo on the BSC train he has no problem biting the hand that feeds him, if it is true Bravo gets a cut of T’s projects. Andy is all about the Manzo’s (Manzothon-SMDH). Lisa

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Ewwww that Manzothon-I dont know who in the hell wanted to watch that. Those boys get on my last nerve but they sure get a kick out of themselves-on the show and on twitter. I have little to no patience with self absorbed youths-all entitled and useless. They honestly believe the are as wonderful to us as they are to their mother!!!!

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  I think that Andy is craven. He is not afraid of Teresa, he is afraid of Caroline. Caroline is so dishonest about her father-in-laws connection to organized crime and the reality of his death. Her lack of concern for true family history and the willingness to mystification of the
                  facts is sad and interesting. Tiny Manzo was shot, stripped naked, with his manhood cut off and left in his mouth, for stealing money from the mob. I read that somewhere. Caroline knows full and well that he was in the mob, and so does Andy. She is high and mighty because she has a deep pool of family secrets to hide. She feels the need to point the finger away from her and her family at the cost of other cast members. IMO.

  33. PrincessPindy says:

    For an hour and half, doctors battled in rotation to free her from the teeth of the machine.

  34. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I just saw the first episode of Real Housewives of Miami OnDemand, and it looks like it’s going to be great!

  35. MamaZ says:

    Boobah – Thanks for getting back to me last night about the seasons changinfg and anxiety. I knew I wasn’t imagining things!

    • Boobah says:

      No problem MamaZ – I am so happy to help. I would love to catch up with you in the chat room – If you get a chance, I will likely head over there in the evening.
      I really feel for your situation. oxoxoxoxoxox

    • BB says:

      I thought they were going to keep this amicable for the sake of the kids. Guess not. Too bad.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        How stupid are these people??? What drives them to air their dirty laundry for all to see? All these “celebs” do the same dumb things while going through a divorce and in every case it comes down to one thing….MONEY. They fight over their kids like they are pieces of property.It is a disgrace!!!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      What the EFF?

      I hate to say this, but I do not have a hard time seeing Adrienne getting physically abusive with Paul. I do not care that he is bigger than her. She was very verbally abusive on camera. She also had a habit, I notice, of putting her hands over her castmates’ mouths or doing something physically aggressive to them when she wanted them to shut up or do something her way.

      I often talk about putting Adrienne in Fashion Jail, but maybe she should go to “For Real” Jail (3 hots & a cot) for domestic violence (Shrug). I also believe Paul that Adrienne has been putting negative stories out about him in the press. In my opinion, she’s been putting negative stories out over at Radar Online about ALL of her castmates since the last reunion. She must have them on speed dial. Curiously, Radar Online, NEVER has a negative story about Adrienne — only her other castmates. So, I can see her doing the same thing to Paul. JMHO.


    • Rebecca says:

      I saw that. I believe Paul. She is a true snake. I’ll bet you anything she has her stooge Bernie to testify on her behalf as well.

  36. WindyCityWondering says:

    I’m having too much fun watching RHNJ Reunion Season One – the body language, the bs and the fact that we know where they went from there! IMO, Dina really never was that close with Caroline and she doesn’t particularly like Wacky that much either.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Hi Windy-how are you?
      I agree about Dina-she doesn’t seem like she is BFF’s with her Sis or Jac. She always said she came on the show to promote her charity-watching this first season it sure seems true. She is just kind of going through the motions of being a HW but her heart isn’t really in it.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Hi Jill – doing good and how are you? It surprises me but I would like to see Dina come back! And Wacky Jacky used to be pretty – she has really jacked up her face.

    • JustDee says:

      I just turned it on. Caroline actually looked pretty then. The inside ugly hadn’t started showing on the outside yet 😉

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Im doing great Windy-thanks!!
        OMG Dee I said the same thing to my sister about Caroline-she was so much prettier back then…because she knew how to crack a smile!!! And really-what did Jac do to her face? She didnt need anything done-she was beautiful season 1-no she looks like a cartoon!!!

        • JustDee says:

          Anytime I see an older show I notice how much prettier the ladies were before they got buffed, fluffed and botoxed.
          Either that or Selling Your Soul To The Devil makes ya ugly 😉

  37. JustDee says:

    My mom just asked for the link to this blog. OF COURSE on the day I go off on a rant! She probably wouldn’t recognize me but that’s her Grand-dog in the picture, lol.
    ::::::ducks head and waves, Hi Mom!:::::::

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Time to put granddog in the witness protection program!

    • JustDee says:

      LOL, maybe she doesn’t read down too far into the comments.
      ::::::::::crosses fingers::::::::::

      • BB says:

        I’m glad my mom doesn’t do the internet much. Lol

        • JustDee says:

          It’s my fault – I got her “Hooked On Housewives” 😆

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            You’re lucky. Both of my parents talk about me so bad for watching the housewives’ shows and other reality shows. They think the shows are pure trash and a total waste of time. My father thinks I should be watching news programs and shows on how to invest and save money, yada, yada. My Mom watched a couple of housewives’ shows, said the women were crazy, immature and disgusting; she would never watch again; and she could not understand my “obsession.”

            I have other friends that judge me as well.

            But that is O.K. because I’ve got YOU GUYS who understand and who “get” it (Take that, Judgmental Friends & Judgmental Mom & Dad). I’m a watcher and other great, smart, talented people are watchers TOO, Dammit!! (P.S. They will NEVER see this message because I will NEVER tell them about this board. I think I would lose my inheritance. It feels good to type it anyway, though. :-D).

            • JustDee says:

              Eeeeek! I don’t even tell people I watch this crap! Had to with Mom ’cause I’ve been staying with her so much. Lucky for me she likes a good trainwreck as much as I do. When she was in France last month she’d call me to find out what she missed, lol.
              She’ll watch Survivor & Top Chef but I can’t get her interested in BB, Real World, Teen Mom or Jersey Shore. Geeeze….Wonder why.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Once, my father came over to fix something with my roof (I’m single. So, I’ve gotta depend on ol’ Pops to help me out with some of those manly things).

                Why did he walk in to get a drink of water and catch me watching “Bridezillas” with pure glee on my face? I guess he watched a few minutes as he sipped his water and took a breather. Then, as he walked back out to finish working on the roof, under his breath, he said, “Hmph….2 degrees and this is the kinda mess she watches!! Why would those men want to marry those crazy-ass women anyway!?!”

                I am so SAD that “Jersey Shore” is ending. I get judged for that show too (Shrug).

                Fight the Judgers of Reality T.V. Lovers and Watchers (*fist raised*)!!

            • PJ says:

              Detox: My husband feels exactly the same way and none of my friends or any other family members would be caught dead watching a housewife show.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                (*Fist Raised*) We have to come out of the shadows. The more people speak out about this, the less SHAMEFUL it will be. We do NOT deserve to be judged and stigmatized simply because we like watching trainwrecks, lowbrow television and the dregs of humanity. There ARE worse things we could be doing with our time: like kicking puppies; or running up behind old people and pushing them down and then running away; or stealing our neighbors’ newspapers or the coupons out of their mailboxes. The list of worse things is endless.

                So, let’s stand in solidarity and no longer be ashamed!!

                P.S. I’m still not telling my parents. I want my inheritance (Shrug).

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Change the picture quick. It will change on all your posts.

      • JustDee says:

        But then Y’all wouldn’t recognize me 😦

        • BB says:

          And Tux would be VERY disappointed.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Maybe she will think it is a Tux-lookalike. Does she have that exact picture of Tux with that same collar? Has she seen it? If she has only seen it, do you think she would remember it.

          I would just LIE and say that it is a Tux impersonator (shrug).

          • JustDee says:

            That’s his FAVORITE bandana, he wears it all the time!
            Maybe she’s not that observant. Maybe she doesn’t even read comments. I’ll have to do some detective work when I get there 😉

    • Contessa says:

      Dee – tell her granddog Tus is putting all these rants out there, just like Mel does sometimes. XXOO

  38. BB says:

    I don’t do twitter but I think Andy has tweeted something about the reunion being epic.

  39. JustDee says:

    LOL, I missed this the first time – “Fabulicious Haze”

  40. Lovemamaearth,
    In answer to your previous question, no 😦 They changed the event in Panther Stadium due to possible storms & held it in the basketball arena. Seats went from 74,000 to 20,000. Sire & I received our credentials because of volunteering; our kids couldn’t get tickets because they ran out! Doors were supposed to open at one & events were to begin at five. Two huge thunderstorms came during this time. Can you imagine trying to evacuate this many people? I hated to miss it but it was a good call. (so was the call from the president to all of is with credentials Thursday afternoon:) We can use the credentials another time. We did go to a big party at another event location tho. Thanks for thinking of me.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Dame,
      I was thinking of you all night. It’s a shame you didn’t get to go.
      Wasn’t it great? He even made a few jokes. 4 more yrs!!!!!!!!

    • AZGirl says:

      Oh Dame what a bummer. I was thinking of you last night while watching. Of course Gabby Gifford’s pledge just brought tears to my eyes. She is doing so well. AZ is proud of our Gabby!

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Awww Dame. Sorry. But glad you got to go to another party. I think many of us thought of you being there. 🙂 Glad your son got some relief and best of luck with the AC. How fabulous the old one worked so long!!! Ours is ancient too but I don’t know when the previous owners bought it.

      • Thanks lovemamaearth, I’ve never seen a sitting President. The closet I got was when I got lost driving around Ohio State University & was stopped by the police because I wandered into Richard Nixon’s route! Maybe that was a blessing 😉

  41. Out heating & AC unit is 30 years old. We have it serviced twice a year & they get so excited it’s still working. Well, we decided to bite the bullet & get a new one. It’s coming Monday; of course, this one stopped working yesterday! And…this is the first day this week we haven’t had afternoon storms to cool it down. We may take the dog & cat to a motel. Fun!

  42. AZGirl says:

    Any bets on when Aviva’s marriage will dissolve? Can you imagine poor Reid having to deal with her constant media hounding and PR crap. He and Bobby Z. should go to dinner and swap notes.

  43. We’re sitting out back on the deck in the shade. It’s still hawt! Sire is playing Angry Birds on his phone & I’m with youse guys. We just looked at each others’ sweaty bodies and smiled. All we need are two bathtubs & this could be a Viagra commercial.

  44. AZGirl says:

    Well…how far can the Jill spiral go? Wetpaint article comparing outfits with…..Snooki Snark
    RHONY’s Jill Zarin vs. Snooki: Who Rocks Leopard Print Best?

    • Powell says:

      Speaking of Jill, I was watching Steve Harvey’s New show today and he had a segment on what men like physically about women and had a woman on to talk about products you can buy on a budget. Steve said men like the behind so the woman said you have to wear the correct undergarments. What were they? Squeeze Couture underwear for $40 bucks. Squeeze just keeps getting around. I know that made Jill’s day.

    • JustDee says:

      O.M.G. WHAT is she thinking? Snookie looks classy compared to Jillz!

      • Exactly! Poor thing…

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I hate to say this, but despite being a bit of a trainwreck at one time, Snooki IS classier than Jill because she is much nicer and she treats people way better than Jill does. On the show, Snooki, unlike Jill, also appears to be a good friend.

    • Countess Lillybee says:

      Jillzy is a bit too old to be wearing a tutu.

  45. JustDee says:

    Ooooh! SH just spilled some dirty dirt on Reid! I’d copy/paste but SH would probably hunt me down and kill me. She’s scary!

    • Powell says:

      Oh Lord JustDee. Here we go again. Dang. Can’t o find anyone that doesn’t have money problems?

      • I thought that Bravo had decided NOT to allow some other woman to join the cast of characters because of her husbands SHADY financial dealings.but YET picked Aviva ??? WTH.. !!!!!
        I also found some stuff on Dirty George BESIDES the Marylou involved his parents…. ??? Bravo needs to hire tv viewing HWS to do background checks…LOL

        Speaking of which..there is a big too doo going on in Palm Beach County and St Lucie County Fl right now with the collapse of Digital Domain.. Well…while reading bout it…I remembered names…and sure enough…. BABY UNIVERSE popped up.. Stuart Goffman
        and his name ties back to TIT …… Mr ford and I are laughing our butts off bout it now….CON ARTISTS flock to Fla for some reason UGH…

    • That’s a really small company here in NC. I dont know how that much money could have been raised for such small production & employees. I smell a rat.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      JustDee, I hear ya about SH! She is hmmmmm quite territorial. Takes all the bravery I can drum up just to lurk. Never read the comments, never post. Thanks for running the risk of her wrath to post the link, Lisa

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        LOL. I’ve lurked and have read the comments for a long time (The comments can also be informative and/or just plain funny). (*Fingers Crossed*) SH has not come after me yet. I do not DARE comment there, though. Oh, NO MA’AM! I have enough crazy people in my family. I do not need to be fighting with some crazy person on “da internets.”

  46. not THAT Jill says:

    Naughty but nice Rob is tweeting about the reunion-so far he has said that they were still taping as of 45 minutes ago and the booze is free flowing. He also said that Teresa and Caroline have the prime spots on the couch on either side of Andy. I don’t know why they care where they sit but I guess its a big whoop to be next to the guy who is responsible for you looking like a moron all season???

    • Powell says:

      I guess Rob has his insider spies giving him the 411. I don’t know why they care about sitting next to Andy either. Whatever.

      • BB says:

        Because hasn’t history shown that the closer you are to Andy the more likely you are to come back for another season? Didn’t Luann sit right next to Andy at the last reunion and not Jill? We all know how that turned out.

        • plainviewsue says:

          Also, last NYC reunion, Alex was really upset that she was at the end of the couch like she always is. She thought she was supposed to be in the middle between Ramona and Sonja.

  47. Welp, we’re gonna take the dog & cat for a car ride & get ice cream. Maybe when we get back, the sun will be down & it will be cooler. BBL

  48. Pghemtchick says:

    This goes with the Aviva lawyer story I posted earlier. I’m confused by it (I blame casino brain) so if any lawyer wants to translate that’d be great. Thanks 🙂

  49. MamaZ says:

    Anyone have the link for the chat room? I haven’t tried it yet.

  50. JenninFL says:

    I thought Paul & Adrienne were a normal couple season 1 but I guess I was fooled. These allegations are explosive. I guess you never really know what goes on behind closed doors….

    • Zoey says:

      Wow, that’s hard to believe. From what we’ve seen, imo, she is the more aggressive one, and he is the calm and cool one. Of course, no one knows what truly happens behind closed doors, but why say these things years later? Doesn’t add up to me.

    • Powell says:

      Jenn I was just coming here to post just this. Incredible. Paul tried to get emergency custody but the court denied that request. Just terrible for their kids.

    • Powell says:

      I don’t believe Adrienne. We’ve seen on BH that Adrienne is an avid kick boxer. She can handle herself w/Paul. I just don’t believe her. I read on E! Online that in court the housekeeper and another employee said Adrienne has been physical w/Paul, scratching him on his neck and Paul said she had a gun and took a picture of it. The oldest son has some type of therapist that Adrienne fired and she didn’t get the kids to dental appts Paul made for them.

    • klmh says:

      Adrienne has always been acidic to me. Im not sure of her intelligence, but she seems to stammer to find the “correct” words, as if not wanting to be sued. Always felt that way about her though.
      Paul on the other hand is just a nice guy. Sorry he got involved with someone that thinks she is better than anyone else.
      But then it makes me wonder, why would anyone be attracted to her, other than to her money? IDK

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I think a gun trumps kick boxing! I think she hired a PR/lawyer person to slay her husband in the press. Addie is a little troll. IMO.

  51. Putchka says:

    Hey everyone here, just my take on things, I adore you all. Paul Maloof? I think he would be a great dorky husband. Hey, I’d take him. Theresa? A moron that stepped in s**t. Caroline has gone the way of JZ..
    Aviva Is a strange bird, I adore Carole, everyone does. And the last, I’m starting to like Heather.

  52. disgrazia4 says:

    Hey every one I need some help!! I am trying to remember a video link that was posted in Lynn’s Blog maybe in July?? It was a fabulous video to this nutty, I think Indian guy, singing and dancing to this funny Pop song. I cannot remember enough about it to hunt it down. Any help would be welcomedddddddd!!!!!!! Thanks!

  53. ramonacoaster says:

    Disgrazia was it a Korean singing and dancing Gangnam style? I think Boston posted it.

    • Zoey says:

      Anyone have any idea what he is saying? I love the little boy in the beginning, lol.

      • disgrazia4 says:

        A girl who is warm and humanle during the day
        A classy girl who know how to enjoy the freedom of a cup of coffee
        A girl whose heart gets hotter when night comes
        A girl with that kind of twist

        I’m a guy
        A guy who is as warm as you during the day
        A guy who one-shots his coffee before it even cools down
        A guy whose heart bursts when night comes
        That kind of guy

        Beautiful, loveable
        Yes you, hey, yes you, hey
        Beautiful, loveable
        Yes you, hey, yes you, hey
        Now let’s go until the end

        Oppa is Gangnam style, Gangnam style
        Oppa is Gangnam style, Gangnam style
        Oppa is Gangnam style

        Eh- Sexy Lady, Oppa is Gangnam style
        Eh- Sexy Lady oh oh oh oh

        A girl who looks quiet but plays when she plays
        A girl who puts her hair down when the right time comes
        A girl who covers herself but is more sexy than a girl who bares it all
        A sensable girl like that

        I’m a guy
        A guy who seems calm but plays when he plays
        A guy who goes completely crazy when the right time comes
        A guy who has bulging ideas rather than muscles
        That kind of guy

        Beautiful, loveable
        Yes you, hey, yes you, hey
        Beautiful, loveable
        Yes you, hey, yes you, hey
        Now let’s go until the end

        Oppa is Gangnam style, Gangnam style
        Oppa is Gangnam style, Gangnam style
        Oppa is Gangnam style

        Eh- Sexy Lady, Oppa is Gangnam style
        Eh- Sexy Lady oh oh oh oh

        On top of the running man is the flying man, baby baby
        I’m a man who knows a thing or two
        On top of the running man is the flying man, baby baby
        I’m a man who knows a thing or two

        You know what I’m saying
        Oppa is Gangnam style

        Eh- Sexy Lady, Oppa is Gangnam style
        Eh- Sexy Lady oh oh oh oh

        Read more:
        Follow us: @kpoplyrics_net on Twitter | kpoplyricsnet on Facebook

    • disgrazia4 says:

      Boston was the one who posted it?? Funny she is who I’m seeking now. I have a photo that reminds me of when, I think it was Detox , described Caro as looking like a chicken danced on her head. Thought the photo could use the right caption, LOL

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        That guy had a small bit with Kevin Hart, the host of the MTV Video Music Awards, this year (played last night; tonight; and will be shown again at 11 a.m. tomorrow). He and Kevin Hart came out from underneath the stage doing the dance that he does in the video. It was cute.

        Where is the pic of the woman who looks like a chicken danced in her head (People in my family say that for some reason when someone’s hair looks like a hot mess. So, I picked it up. LOL. I also picked up, “I will BET you 3 fat cows to 10 skinny monkeys that….” Who knows how these expressions arise?).

      • BB says:

        I believe it was One More In Boston who posted it.

    • disgrazia4 says:

      Ramona, This is it! Thanks your an angel…of snark! LOL

  54. klmh says:

    Boston 02127, Im up for the next month’s payment for your site. Let me know, K? That was fun!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      It moves fast right? The more you go-the quicker you start reading!!!We will all be speed readers soon!!

      • klmh says:

        It does, and I asked some questions and received excellent answers. It was more than I had expected. A bit of a thrill, but just a fun thrill, nothing erotic. Oh hell, with all the stuff going on with Aviva’s father and Carole’s explicit report, I have to clarify myself I guess!

    • MelTheHound says:

      There’s a line to pay for the chat room?

      • boston02127 says:

        klmh—I have been using Chatzy since I was in HS. I have never paid. I’m not sure how to go about it. Maybe Butter can help and let you know how she went about things. I wish I could be more of a help.

        • klmh says:

          Thanks Boston. I have no idea how anything works on the net, but did notice you mentioned someone was paying for a month of it, so I thought I would just extend it.
          Hope its mentioned here to continue, because people sure seem to like it and it was a lot of fun last night. I’d be happy to help.

          • MelTheHound says:

            QueenButterBean paid for the room for a month to make it a premium room so no one would have to pay to get in and we could control who got in (toss out trolls) and to test if it’s something we want to continue doing. Right now, she is the Admin of the chatroom that Boston set up after Lynn passed away. I think she is planning on paying for a quarter year next and we are trying to convince her to take donations for the cause.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        If there is I wanna be next in line, someone please let me know how. Thanks, Lisa

  55. RHOFrance says:

    Hi everybody ! Don’t know if you remember me or not !
    It’s been a week since i could read this blog or watch anything ! Hope everybody is doing well. I’m trying to read everything i miss but it fell like it would be impossible ! I’m just watching the crazyness of this week episode of the New-York upper grown women. I’m laughing hard, i believe you were too !
    Have a nice week-end everyone and thanks again for keeping this blog alive and well and kickin’ !! 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Hi RHOFrance. Hope you have a good weekend too.

      • RHOFrance says:

        Thanks Powell !! You too !
        As i’m here, and watching Project Runway (I told you, i’m catching up in a hurry), is there any news about a cancelling or renewal of Work of Art The Next Great Artist by anychance ? The challenge of the week reminded me of the one where the artists had to sell there art on the street (i didn’t read the blog about it yet, don’t want any spoilers (sweetie©riversong) !!)

        • klmh says:

          I remember you and enjoyed your posts. Good to see you back.

          • RHOFrance says:

            Thanks a lot ! Good to read you here as well !
            (hope it’s not a problem my husband is reading the blog as well. I can put him in a hotel for the week if we must. That’s only if you are not willing to put a red carpet on of course. Hahahaha !)
            (Good lord, that was the most ridiculous argument ever but boy, did i enjoyed it !)
            Frak ! I’m talking and talking but i have work to do. *sigh* I’m out of here. Yes i am. Yes. I. am.

        • Powell says:

          I haven’t heard about Work of Art. I hope it’s back too. I really like it. Have fun catching up on Bravo. 🙂

          • VV says:

            I read somewhere it got cancelled, but Bravo was shopping it around to other networks. So, it might return but on another network … again…. rumors…..

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I remember!! HI!!! Yes, last week was interesting.

  56. VV says:

    Can you put a permanent link or page to both bank accounts for Lynn’s son on this blog? I think it will help us not forget and also for newcomers. Just a suggestion…

    • California35 says:

      Good morning everyone!
      GREAT idea VV – i was just thinking about that. I have not been around a lot lately, and i have not contributed to fund either.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      If not a link – a message to contact NMD for the information. Maybe if we give a little every month we can make college a reality for Bobby.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      That’s a great idea, VV – I think that NMD could just create a permanent link in the header above to the page that she originally created w/the info about the College Fund. I’ll pass the suggestion on to her.

      • Hi Everyone – I had a request to pull the actual account number from the web – but I can definitely put up the the basic information about the account Lynn’s sister set up for Lynn’s son’s college fund – and people can email me for the account number.

        I’m not aware of any other accounts – maybe I missed something.

  57. Powell says:

    On Twitter Phaedra is retweeting Donald Trump’s name. Is she angling for a Celebrity Apprentice spot? 😉

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I could see that.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I think she’d do well on that show, but not sure if she’s the type of housewife Donald goes for. Seems he like the housewives who make the most waves.

  58. Lady Chatterley says:

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry about the tardiness of the new post – working on a technical difficulty – should be posted shortly.

    Lady C

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