Amazing Race 21 Preview/Bravo News and HW Updates

The Amazing Race 21 Preview – by MelTheHound

Hello race fans. We’re back at it again. Season premier here is, Sept 30th. Once again, I’ll be trying to guide you through this crazy ride as the 11 teams of racers compete for a grand prize of not one but Two Million dollars. That’s $2,000,000. So get ready for some real back stabbing here. Here from is how that will work (which I think came from the CBS website.

The Amazing Race‘s 21st season will introduce a new previously-announced change in which one team may be able to claim a $2 million prize instead of the series’ usual $1 million. However the change has a significant catch — if the team that wins the first leg of the Race eventually beats their 10 competitors in the final leg of the season to become The Amazing Race champions, that victorious pair will double their money. Should any other team win the Race, their prize will remain only $1 million.

What I take that to mean is that the first leg of this race is going to be brutal. ONLY the team that wins the first leg of the race has a chance at the $2 million. There are 11 teams competing on a 3 continent 9 country race with a revisit to an old roadblock in The Netherlands. Total distance covered will be about 25,000 miles. Each team pair must have some previous or I guess ongoing relationship to enter. Let’s get to the teams, Shall we?

In no particular order…

Abbie & Ryan – Dating Divorcees Abbie Ginsberg and Ryan Danz. – Kill me now. Another pair of divorcees. Remember Ralph and Vanessa from last season? I’m still laughing at Vanessa looking at Rachel’s assets at the end of each leg. We’ll see how this pair fares.

Trey and Alexis -Dating couple Trey Wier and Alexis “Lexi” Beerman – Our own LaineyLainey’s daughter knows Miss Beerman. (I hope you don’t mind Lainey) She writes on the chat – my daughter used to be on the University of TX Pom Team – one of her former pom girls and her (Alexis’s) boyfriend are on the upcoming season of CBS the Amazing Race. He was a football player and she calls herself a cheerleader. Wish them luck.

Rob and Kelley -Married Monster Truckers Rob and Kelley French – There’s a video on Youtube of this guy doing a back flip in his truck ‘Dragon Fly’. Kind of impressive I guess. Looks more like a face plant to me as the front end ends up on the windshield (sorry for the spoiler). Her first husband was killed 6 years ago in an accident and his good friend Rob, stepped in to help. Both are kind of set in their ways and both admit they can be stubborn. Might be interesting to watch them if they last beyond the first couple legs.

Gary and Will – Substitute Teachers Gary Wojnar and Will Chiola – These are a couple locals to me. Both in their early 50s and residing in SE Michigan. One less than about 5 miles from me. Will is admittedly the ‘slower’ one of the two. Sorry don’t know of another way to say it. He says, Gary is the thinker, he is the marathon runner (22 of them). They say they will ‘make friends’ when it suits them during the race, and cut them loose just as fast. Watch out for these two racers… Go Home Team!

Amy and Daniel -On and Off Daters Amy Purdy and Daniel Gale – Oh this ought to be good. Amy is a 32-year-old motivational speaker and snowboarder, who is a double amputee from Las Vegas, NV. Daniel is a 36-year-old executive director from Crested Butte, CO. Ummm Aviva, Take Note. This one has TWO prostetic legs and she lost her legs (below the knees) to bacterial meningitis at the age of 19. 2% chance of living when it happened, I’m betting there isn’t too much that scares this woman at this point. I kind of like her. Let’s see how they do.

Jaymes and James – Chippendale friends Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis – Jaymes is a 30-year-old Chippendales MC and James is a 27-year-old Chippendales dancer. They are both from Las Vegas, NV. The picture of them tells which one is which, I’ll have to wait and figure it out later. They met about 8 years ago and have been Chippendales entertainers since. One sings, one plays a guitar. Did you know this group wasn’t just about the skin? They too have traveled the world and look at TAR as a free ride to do bucket list sort of stuff that one would normally have to pay to do. Sounds like a plan to me and it sounds like the $1 million prize is a bonus for them, if they win.

Caitlin and Brittany – Best Friends Caitlin King and Brittany Fletcher – Caitlin is a 24-year-old special education teacher from St. Louis, MO. Brittany is a 25-year-old in medical device sales from Chicago, IL. Formerly it appears Caitlin was a soccer player at Auburn University and Brittany Fletcher was also a student there. One dated the other’s brother at some point (didn’t quite catch which).

Rob and Sheila -Engaged couple Rob Scheer and Sheila Castle – They are engaged and from Pigeon Forge, Tn (Dollywood?). She’s 44 he’s 53 and they are predicting they will win the race. Of course they will. He’s a championship lumberjack, she’s a cosmetics exec from the northwest. He sees himself as a McGyver type and she’s completely gung ho herself. We’ll see how they do.

James and Mark – Friends James LoMenzo  and Mark Abbattista – James is a 53-year-old professional musician and former band member of White Lion and Megadeth from Burbank, CA. Mark is a 45-year-old entertainment lawyer from Denver, CO. I personally think they are going to trip over their hair. Being rockers they are already world travelers so watch along as they draw on each other’s strengths to cover each other’s weaknesses.

Josh and Brent – Goat Farmers/Life Partners Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge – Put all their money into a weekend getaway in upstate New York that is a working goat farm. Within 6 months both lost their jobs and now must make things work on the farm. Been together 14 years and are engaged, they say they bicker a lot. Are these the gay Bickersons? (sorry, couldn’t resist). They say they’ll go to any lengths that aren’t unfair. We’ll see how that works out for them.

Natalie and Nadiya – Twins Natalie and Nadiya Anderson – Natalie is a 26-year-old physical therapy student and Nadiya is a 26-year-old project coordinator at Bridge2Peace. They are both from Edgewater, NJ. They are actually from Sri Lanka which is is an island country in the northern Indian Ocean off the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent in South Asia. They grew up there during a civil war and the language on the island is unique. They figure that, and the fact they are twins, will give them an edge. Good luck ladies.

So there they are my friends. The 11 teams. I will dub them with nicknames when we get started, Sept 30, 8pm Eastern time. You can check them out at



Rachael Zoe Project 5th Season Gets Green Light

Bravo issued a Press Release late last week announcing that The Rachael Zoe Project will be on the air for a fifth season.  Rachael now has an office in both NYC and LA and her little Skyler is a walking and talking toddler.  Can’t wait to see the little guy!


Our condolences to Paul Nassif and his family on the loss of his father, just one day prior to filing for divorce from his wife, Adrienne Maloof.  The Daily Mail reports that he provided the following statement:

“‘Adrienne and I have tried very hard to make our marriage work, but this is the best course for both of us.

This is a difficult time for our family and my prime focus is to ensure our boys are well and happy.’

He added: ‘In addition, sadly I just lost my father yesterday – a man who taught me how to be a man. I deeply appreciate the outpouring of support from family, friends and patients. We will get through this.'”

They also report that he was emotional as he drove away.

Paul does seem like a nice guy, it’s hard to see him going through this.

Interestingly, they also report that, while both parties originally indicated they would be filing for the divorce, Adrienne subsequently chose not to file.

Read more:

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242 Responses to Amazing Race 21 Preview/Bravo News and HW Updates

  1. Lulu says:

    Good morning! Am I first???? 🙂

  2. Nohausfrau says:

    Good morning. Happy Amazing Race is starting with my two favorites Josh and Brent aka The Beekman Boys. Don’t underestimate these guys. Brent is very smart, a workaholic and relentless. Josh is also very smart and funny as hell.

    For those watching Big Brother, I think this is the best season! Dan & Ian for final 2. I can’t decide who for the win. I want them both to win for different reasons.

    I hope Paul Maloof finds some happiness. He deserves better.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I love Amazing Race-cant wait for it to start!!!

    • Powell says:

      Nohausfrou I love The Beekman Boys too but I think Brent’s work ethic nay get in the way because he is such a perfectionist. I hope not but I can see that quality hold them back.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I went to their website and enjoyed reading about them and their personalities. I couldn’t tell if their show is still on?

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I love Josh and Brent. But not as much as I love Farmer John. I heard their show is going to be re-aired on the Cooking Channel and if there’s enough popularity possibly they may film a third season.

  3. plainviewsue says:

    Don’t watch Amazing Race, but I cannot wait for Survivor.

    So, because of JoeGo’s tweet & retweet about Teresa being a tree, a lot of Teresa fans are now going by the twitter handle Tre Hugger!

    Really looking forward to seeing and hearing what Teresa has to say about the reunion taping.

  4. ATLnNYC09 says:

    Thanks for the Amazing Race run down. I find it funny that identical twins always manage to have the same weight. Its one of those things that make you go hmmm.

  5. mardrag26 says:

    Good Morning! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
    A hearty thanks to those keeping the blog rolling so spectacularly well! I do not watch Amazing Race, but I might start this season. Wayyyy back in the day I used to manage rock & roll bands and I am still a sucker for rock stars with really long hair! Thanks MTH! 🙂

    So, I just had to come here this morning to share a story of a humorous nature. I know you will all understand it and relate…..being the amazing group that you are!

    My Darling (adult) Daughter and I spent the day together yesterday, shopping and baking her spectacular cupcakes to bring to work Mon…..and we had an epiphany. She wanted to drive us around shopping, which I agreed to…..when in actuality I prefer to drive as I am a terrible passenger (no control issues here, LOL!). It’s just that I like the left side of the car better than the right side (my story and I am sticking to it!).

    Anyway, DD is an excellent, excellent driver and I feel completely safe and comfortable with her….except for one small thing. She doesn’t use her blinkers as often or soon enough when turning as she should. So, when on a right turn, she turned her blinker on half way through the turn, I had to tease her. (we have a great relationship!). So, of course this began the banter of who was the better driver and she told me I had issues driving too. After I teased her back saying no, I am a perfect driver, I sat for a moment and thought….and then it hit me. My next response to her was:

    “Well DD, I only created that issue so you would not feel inferior to my perfect driving.”

    We both burst out laughing…and then it really started, and we realized……that is THE Perfect Excuse….for everything! Especially with spouses and boy/girlfriends. The conversation would be:

    Spouse: “Honey, you just did such and such and that is not right/bothered me”, or, “You have such and such issue.”

    Reply: “Well, yes, but I just created that issue so you would not feel inferior to my perfectness. Always thinking of you dear.”

    Did you just hear the collective mouths dropping open with minds buzzing thinking, “Is he/she serious?” and “S**t, what if he/she is right?”. Thus, giving you time to either think of a better response or skip happily away leaving your spouse totally bemused and possibly thinking he/she will never bring anything up ever again!

    Seriously, we used this excuse for the rest of the day, laughing hysterically at the absurdity. What do you think about ……The Perfect Excuse?
    (P.S. This is all in perfect jest, joke, etc)

    Love and Blessings to all!
    (P.P.S. New Inspiration Page posts next week when NMD returns)

    • Powell says:

      Hahaha mardrag! I like that perfect excuse. That’s brilliant. 🙂

    • MelTheHound says:

      mardrag26, they’ll probably do fine. I just had to stretch to finds something to say about them 😉

    • lovemamaearth says:

      lol at you MarDrag. Your relationship sounds fun with DD. It must have been great to laugh together and share that time.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Sounds like a fun day with your DD!!! When I’m with my 21 y.o., I’ll say “You drive!” and she’ll say, “Ok, but no screaming!!”

    • PrincessPindy says:

      I CAN’T WAIT to use it!!! Now if only someone can come up with something …..I may have to wait a long time to use it!! LOL!!!!

      • mardrag26 says:

        Hello! Glad you guys had a good chuckle over this. My DD and I do have a lot of fun together. Good luck using the perfect excuse! 🙂

  6. catmom1 says:

    Gorgeous Sunday morning here in Indy. Did a quick google on the NJ reunion. Ended up going to the SH site. Took a litttle bit of time to download because of so many pics, but I thought it was worth it. There’s a great Alice in Wonderland themed one on there, as well as some reunion pics and gossip.

    • Powell says:

      Catmom that’s so funny that on SH they also call Andy Miss Andy and Caroline DonCaro. Ha!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Funny comments over there, too!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      It is absolutely gorgeous out here in my part of Louisiana too. The weather is perfect too. No humidity (RARE). No heat (RARE). Just nice, pleasant breezes and not hot or cold, just right.

      I think the person who does those pic for SH is called “Housewife Hoe.” She’s also the one who recreated the Time Magazine cover of the mother breastfeeding her child to turn it into Caroline Manzo breastfeeding Albie. LOL.

  7. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. If Tornadoes and storms were in your area I hope you’re ok. 🙂

  8. catmom1 says:

    Looking at some of the pics at SH reminded me of the ones Mickey Mouth used to do. Any idea what happened to her? Haven’t seen one of her postings in a long time, always enjoyed them.

  9. BB says:

    Good morning or afternoon (depending on where you are)!
    Great Amazing Race recap, MTH. I might just watch for the first time.
    It’s drizzlie and much cooler here on the Outer Banks today. So much cooler we’ve opened the windows. I’m going to be watching some football this afternoon. Go Redskins!

    • Powell says:

      BB I’m glad you’re ok. A tornado touched down in Upper Marlboro MD, too darn close to me. Yikes.

      I have to admit I’m a bit nervous for our Skins. Go Redskins!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Hooray for opened windows! It is in the 60s, no humidity and sunny in the Windy City today. It would be interesting if the HW franchises did an Amazing Race season – winners stay and losers leave the network.

      • Powell says:

        HWs Amazing Race? Ha! None of them would survive. No makeup/hair stylists, no Gucci, no Loubi’s, no spray tan, no Pinot. I don’t think so!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Great idea. But I only want Housewives… no peripherals please. No Manzo “boys”, No friends of Manzo “Boys” , no sister of the Manzo “boys”, no husbands, no sisters, no hairdressers, no neighbors, etc…. but the housewives could bring their dogs! That would be fine. hee hee!!!

  10. Powell says:

    MTH I’m gonna guess that Jaymes w/the 8pack abs is the Chips dancer. But we’ll see. 😉

    • MelTheHound says:

      Powell, you’re probably correct. Theirs just isn’t a group I’ve ever paid much attention to 😉

  11. ATLnNYC09 says:

    These Real Housewives show seasons are entirely too long. 20 episodes is enough to make anyone dislike everyone in an entire cast. Their should be 12-14 episodes max imo.

    • Powell says:

      ATL when it’s a fun season I don’t want it to end but when it’s a crappy season I can’t wait for it to end. I am so looking forward to NJ reunion so we can be done w/them.

      • Sasha says:

        I’m with you Powell on Atlanta. There is something about it that keeps me interested. I wish they would all just get along so that we could see more interaction between all the ladies.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Completely agree. I couldn’t wait for OC to end, & this Teresa bash season of NJ needs to end yesterday.

        However, I don’t want NY to end this season. And I usuall feel that way about Beverly Hills.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Totally agree – Bethenny’s seasons were so short but packed with interesting stuff. But when the HW seasons go too long we viewers are the ones who have to suffer throughout the insipid story arcs and bad editing.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I like this quote, not surprised, but I like it…”Caroline tweeted she needed a drink, while her sister-in-law Jacqueline went on a Twitter bender” like I said, not surprised.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Andy always tries to say that everything is epic. The truth is its all scripted reality, which really is not that big a deal. Not really epic. He is so dramatic! Really. IMO.

  12. AZGirl says:

    For those of you on Facebook Lynn’s sister posted some family pics of Lynn. Really great

    • VV says:

      Did she post the pic’s on LynnNChicago FB, Friend’s of Lynn FB or did she tag Lynn’s pics?

    • ms molly says:

      Has anyone spoken to any of Lynn’s family (sister, husband, etc.) to see how they are doing? I’m not on Facebook, but I may have missed an update on here?!?!

      • plainviewsue says:

        Cathy was tweeting. It was either yesterday or Friday, don’t remember. She said that Lynn’s son’s (I think) soccer team was devoting this season to Lynn. Cathy (Lynn’s sister) said it was very emotional.

  13. Sasha says:

    I can usually pick a favorite team from the bios for Amazing Race but I don’t know about this group. I may need an episode or two until I decide.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I like several of the couples, Sasha. It will be fun. But you’re right, sometimes you have to watch a couple of episodes and some of these couples will just “win your heart” . I like when that happens.

  14. VV says:

    Andy as usual back to his old trick is paring Teresa with Perez Hilton who is a well known Caroline supporter and Teresa basher.
    I’ll try watching WWHL, but if this is a continuation of more Teresa bashing, I will tune put.

    • VV says:

      *I’ll tune out.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Teresa tweeted yesterday that she had no voice, and Andy tweeted that he would provide her with plenty of whiskey to soothe her throat and let Perez do most of the talking (Shrug). I guess she lost her voice from screaming maybe?

      • VV says:

        You don’t need a voice to Tweet. She just tweeted:
        “I hope it’s a gorgeous Sunday for you.”
        She knows she will be attacked again by Perez and Andy.tonight on WWHL. Perez is so pro Caroline ….

  15. dickens says:

    NJ Season 2 has just started. I had forgotten how awful Teresa was to Danielle from the get-go. She has really re-renovated herself since then!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes, she was horrible to Danielle. They ALL were!!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Re-renovated! HA! That was another one of Teresa’s CLASSIC words (like ingrediences).

      • dickens says:

        I hoped you got that and didn’t think it was MY word. lol

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Somebody should put together a RHONJ dictionary/translation book that allows one to translate from RHONJ-speak to English.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah I saw that but am giving it a pass.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Danielle was no angel in the relationship with Teresa. I think she implied that Tre was a dangerous animal. Pot calling kettle black. Danielle still does not seem to be very productive. A born again schemer. IMO.

  16. VV says:

    Watching the scene at RHONJ reunion when Teresa asks Dina to be the Godmother of her baby. They have a shot of Carolina at the bottom of the screen at the same time and you can see how Bitter Clown has a big smile and as soon as Teresa asks Dina to be the Godmother her smiles fades away quickly into a hate face. Caroline is one evil bitch!

  17. boston02127 says:

    I can’t wait for the Amazing Race. And out of the kindness of my heart I will cheer on Jaymes & James. Sigh…someone has to do it.

    Rachael Zoe!

  18. LaineyLainey says:

    Good afternoon! I just saw MeltheHound’s blog on “the Amazing Race”!! How fun to be mentioned AND quoted!! 🙂 I didn’t realize the things we type in chatzy might make it onto the blogs!!! LOL!!! Guess I’d better be more careful?…..nahhhhhhhhhh! 😀

    So it looks like Lexi is going by “Alexis” on the show? She is known as Lex or Lexi here in Austin.

    I was in San Antonio on Friday night to watch one of my longtime friends’ daughter (also a former Texas pom girl) perform in the Disney tour live production of Phinneas and Ferb (?). Those of you with little ones or grandchildren,…I highly recommend this show. They are doing a national tour, even performing in Canada, I believe. Her daughter (Nat) is a featured dancer in this production, she plays the blonde fireside (?) girl. There we were, surrounded by small children who were dancing and singing their little hearts out, while their parents were bilked out of big bucks for the souveniers in the lobby. It was actually very cute. We mosied on down to the Riverwalk for dinner afterward and they told me that Nat not only knows Lexi from dance and pom, but she also knows Trey very well as they both attended Austin High together. Small world, huh?

  19. BB says:

    Hail to the Redskins!

  20. Nancy says:

    Watching the reunion from 2010 right now. Caroline is so nauseating. I love when Danielle just blows her off. It’s hysterical.

    • dickens says:

      Caroline is the WORST! She won’t let anyone else speak. She’s treating Danielle just like she treated Teresa in the last episode. She’s so hight and mighty! Ugh!

  21. VV says:

    Going through my emails I found this…
    Early this year I posted a question on the board asking for input buying an eReader. Several people here gave their opinion. Lynn was kind enough to write me an email to let me know she had read my question on the blog about the eReader. She mentioned in short that she had gotten a Kindle Fire for Christmas and that she loved it. She also mentioned her mom owns a Nook and it was complicated to operate. She said she didn’t know much about the other eReaders. She ended the email hoping her input was helpful ( xoxo Lynn ). I replied to her that I decided on a Kindle Touch. She replied to me: “Excellent, Enjoy it! 🙂 xo Lynn”
    She didn’t have to write me, but she did.
    I miss Lynn! RIP

    • dickens says:

      She was good about that. She knew that I didn’t comment a lot because I had seen so many casinos caused by misunderstandings, etc. She understood that and was protective. I’m older than she was, yet I always felt protected by her. She was like a mother hen. I loved and miss her too.

    • Powell says:

      That was sweet of her. Always helpful.:-)

  22. JenninFL says:

    I didn’t get to reply to you on the last post but yes John Goodman is the one that adopted his adult girlfriend as his daughter in order to hide assets from Scott Wilson’s family.

    • Powell says:

      OK That guy. I didn’t know he adopted his girlfriend. Couldn’t he just give her some money in a mother legal manner instead of adopting her? Hmm. Thks BB.

      • JenninFL says:

        Yeah, my boyfriend was Scott Wilson’s best friend. What brought the convo up was that Lea Black on the Real Housewives of Miami husband is Roy Black who represented Goodman.

        • JenninFL says:

          Also forgot to add the Roy met Lea because she was the foreman (woman) on the William Kennedy Smith rape trial. Interesting that he got off and then Roy married Lea the jury foreperson. Seems so unethical.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            You are right as rain, Jenninfl – that does seem very unethical. That gave me the chills.

          • Powell says:

            I didn’t know that. As long as the relationship started after the trial ended it’s not unethical. Many times jurors got to dinner and become friends w/members of the defense team.

            Hm. I better look out if I ever go on jury duty. I might be able to get lucky w/a handsome defense attorney. 🙂

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Well. I think it is very unethical. Lea is a strange cookie.I do not find a lot of the legal stuff that goes on in Florida’s high profile cases to be ethical. The prosecutor in the Casey Antony case and her her lead attorney, both wrote books after the trial. OJ Simpson moved there, to high assets, from the judgement against him in the civil case concerning Nicole Brown. And now a new judge, in the Zimmerman trial, because of claimed bias, made Zimmerman and company seem dishonest, because the judge claimed that Zimmerman lied about hiding assets. Which by evidence is exactly what Zimmerman did. I think now the question in Florida law, has to be, what does the victim have to do to get a fair trial. Dying does not seem to be enough! IMO.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Justice won’t be served until he’s sentenced. I worry they’ll go easy on him. I feel for the family who lost their son because of Goodman’s sense of entitlement and lack of respect for the safety of others.

          • JenninFL says:

            Thank you! He was sentenced to 16 years but currently is out on bail while appealing his sentence.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Oh, I missed that. 16 f’in years, huh??? Has a civil case been filed? can they make him pay even after he adopted his gf… to hide his money.

              • BB says:

                I think he settled with the family before the criminal trial took place.

                • JenninFL says:

                  Yes they settled the civil suit before the criminal trial. The defense also chose to leak false amounts of how much the Wilson family received in order to taint the jury during the criminal trial. It was disgusting.

            • Powell says:

              That bail while out on appeal is nuts. Not right at all.

        • BB says:

          Sorry your boyfriend lost his best friend in such a tragic way. I figured that’s how this subject came up when I saw that Roy Black was the defense attorney.

          • JenninFL says:

            Thank you!

            • Lisa Renee says:

              JenninFL, I watched this trial very closely & made the connection about Roy Black being Lea’s husband immediately. I saw your post & the comments from last night. I wanted to send you my heartfelt condolences for your loss & if you can, please extend same to the family. No one I know here in Pensacola has forgotten the victim, it was senseless, tragic & maddening. I have faith he will lose his appeal. There are more people than you think praying for all of you. I do want to share that when you relayed that Lea was jury person for Kennedy rape trial, It mad me ill, like a punch in the gut that knocked the wind out of me. After 20 years of living here I wonder when FL will stop shocking me. I will keep good thoughts for all affected to have the strength to see you through as you all wait for justice. Lisa

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Yes, didn’t realize this touches you so closely and so deeply. So sorry for the loss of your boyfriend’s best friend. It is such a shame. My sympathy to you and your boyfriend and the family.

        • Powell says:

          That’s right. I forgot he was his lawyer. That’s rough for your BF. How’s he handling the sentencing?

  23. Contessa says:

    I just read that Jaq supposedly said at the reunion that she used to model lingerie, so men could see what they were buying and what it looked like on? If I recall correctly this happened at private men’s clubs???? It will be interesting to hear this, if true that she discussed at the reunion. She is so busy throwing out poison darts at everyone, it will be good to see some of same type of gossip land on her.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Can you imagine your husband or boyfriend saying, “honey I’m gonna go buy you some lingerie!! I’m Gonna go watch young women model it first, so I can see what it looks like on…” riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. that’s not happening over here in LaineyLaineyLand. I knew there had to be more to Jac’s “I was a model” story.

      • Powell says:

        Not saying that’s it’s good or bad but that’s just how shopping was in the 50’s, 60’s in a lot of dept stores.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Really? There were no live lingerie models walking around our JC Penney, Montgomery Wards or Sears back in the 60’s, Powell. LOL!!! But, I grew up in South Texas. I’ll have to ask my family members who grew up in the 50’s if they saw live lingerie models at our local department stores. I do know there were live lingerie models at the adult sex toy stores and adult bookstores, how do i know? because there were signs outside of them that said “live lingerie models” and when we drove by… I read the signs, sometimes out loud to the joy of my younger siblings and to the dismay of my poor mother! 🙂

          • Powell says:

            Yeah Lainey. It was many high-end dept stores that had woman modeling clothes and that’s how a lot of women w/means could shop. JC Penney, Sears, Wards I doubt it. 🙂

            • LaineyLainey says:

              LOLOLOL!!! Powell – – – you cleared that one up for me. If you’d said high-end, I never would have … well,….commented!!! But thanks for making me laugh. I just read JenninFL’s article about her friend and was sitting here crying and your comment cracked me up. Yes, this board is a roller coaster of emotions sometimes, isn’t it?

    • MelTheHound says:

      Yeah, I’ll BET they saw what they were buying….

    • Powell says:

      I really wish they’d stop bringing up what they did when they were 20 to make a living. I haven’t heard that they were bad people, did anything illegal. That’s the past & they’re not doing it now so who cares.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Hi Powell, I understand your point, but the phrase “people in glass houses”…comes to mind. Why twitter endlessly on the faults of others when you, yourself, (not you, Powell, I’m talkin’ bout Jac) are not as pure as the driven snow either? No one is. One opens onself up to this kind of scrutiny when one is tweeting judgmental comments 24/7 on the faults of others.

        • Powell says:

          Yeah. They all just need to stop because they can’t walk in the other’s shoes and because of those “glass houses”. Jac said she had a young daughter to raise. That’s her story & she’s sticken to it right. Well all the other’s that did whatever have their reasons too.

          • Contessa says:

            I agree with people throwing stones – enough of the personal attacks and dragging up ancient history. However when Jaq attacks Tre’s family (sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong, reprimanding Tre’s children and discussing the state of Tre’s marriage, etc.) Jaq makes herself fair game. My BIL used to take clients to these types of clubs with the lingerie models in California…not saying it is bad, or good. Everyone has to make a living. It still amazes me that the h’wives don’t realize the power of the net and how everyone will dig around in their backgrounds – unbelievable or they are totally stupid.

    • T-Rex says:

      Yeah right! We have those “lingerie” modeling joints here in Florida, and can say that at least once a month one or more get busted for other “illegal” activities also being paid for, and they are worse than dance clubs, from what I hear.

  24. Nancy says:

    Good game BB. It went so long though. The 49er start time was delayed for almost an hour.

    • BB says:

      They almost gave it away, but I’m happy!

      • Nancy says:

        I must admit I was getting nervous for you but I’m glad you got the win.

        • BB says:

          Aren’t you glad Randy Moss came out of retirement?

          • Nancy says:

            You must have esp. I was just about to post the same thing. How ironic that
            Randy Moss gets the first touch down for the 49ers. He didn’t even play football
            last year. I love when the underdogs do well. I hope he stays out of trouble though.

          • Nancy says:

            I might be wrong but he didn’t retire no one was willing to sign him on until.
            Needless to say the 49ers were willing to take the risk.

            • BB says:

              According to him and his agent, he retired (probably because nobody would sign him). This is not a pretty game, partly because of the officiating.

  25. not THAT Jill says:

    There are so many things going on over on twitter…so much NJ reunion stuff. I dont know whats true, but even if only a small percent is the truth-this reunion ought to be unbelievable!!!!

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Jill,
      I wonder if Caroline’s book came up? The tag lines on Amazon are so mean but so funny. I can’t believe a publisher signed on with it. Bad move.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I was reading them yesterday and they seemed to have slowed down but there is nothing nice about her. I went to the publisher to see if you could comment about upcoming books but couldn’t find a place to do it. I was just going to say I’d never buy a book by her but instead would go buy Teresa’s book as soon as Caroline’s came out. Her’s has really fallen in price. Soon it will be at the Dollar store, that’s where I found Kate Gosslin’s and even that was overpriced.

    • mrs peabody says:

      What kind of stuff are you seeing? I don’t tweeter

      • not THAT Jill says:

        There is one blogger who said that Teresa held her own in the beginning but kind of lost it a bit when her brother came out to the set, I believe she hasn’t seen him in a long time. I read that Jac said some mean things to Joe Guidice and Kathy says some things about Teresa’s mother.
        Ohhh and Melissa said something about Teresa’s kids…not sure what.
        Please don’t forget I am not quoting anyone and this is all from memory…

        • Nancy says:

          Once this airs Teresa’s book will go up big time. Same with her wine. 🙂

        • Powell says:

          Jill I know we can necessarily believe what’s going on Twitter but if it’s true I wonder why would Kathy say something about her aunt that was barely on the show?

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Right Powell-the blogger apparently has a “inside source” who gave her the scoop. I read that Kim D was there but not Danielle-like every hoped.

          • Contessa says:

            Kathy, the crazy relation, will say Tre’s mother stole her Mom’s recipes and Tre put them in the book. That was the reason for her photo-shot of the tablet with her mother’s notes about the cookies. Now here’s my point, there are only so many ways to make a specific cookie – duh? Kathy has really gotten on my nerves this season. Her holier than thou attitude is so fricking phony, and her husband is a PIG – he has called out Tre in such a nasty way – hey Richie go play with the boys and leave the girls alone. He is so jealous of Tre’s money making ability it just pours out on the screen.

            • MelTheHound says:

              Kathy’s mother probably got the recipe from the side of a flour bag or something like that. I don’t think anyone can lay first claim to stuff like that. Kathy is trolling for a story line and so far, she’s come up empty.

              • Contessa says:

                Absolutely – she’s flailing around like a puppet with mego handling her strings. Too bad they chose the unpopular Don Caro to side with….LOL!

              • Lisa Renee says:

                Alls I know is I was gifted the cook book from The Sopranos Artie Bucco (to lazy to go see his real name) while going though it, I recognized every recipe & it was like taking a stroll down my best childhood food memories. This is such a non issue, much like Kathy & if I can make a BB Wives referance a non motha phuckin factor, Lisa

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I don’t think Teresa has seen any of them in a year or more if I recall correctly.

          • Nancy says:

            Now we know why she looks so good at the reunion. Go T.

          • Powell says:

            I wouldn’t see them either. They’re freaks.

            • Contessa says:

              There is nothing worse than a full bodied woman like Cathy trying to pull off a bikini, than puts on a cover-up to sit in same bikini in the hot tub – why not just wear a one piece and be comfie? I think Cathy has a nice figure, voluptuous and healthy, but she is self-conscious in those 2 piecers and it is stupid to try and compete with the thinner girls and let’s not forget the camera adds pounds on top of everything else. Cathy needs to stop with the tight clothing and bikinis.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                I agree,Contessa – I find her attractive and sexy. But she dresses way too young. Some people at least look confident in their too young clothing, but Kathy doesn’t look comfortable in her too young fashions. It makes me want to gag when she wears those gangsta fedoras. No girl. uh-uh. stop.

                • mrs peabody says:

                  She just dresses like that for the show and that is why she is uncomfortable. She is not used to dressing nice. She probably is just a regular old housewife who runs around looking like the rest of us and has always been that way and now thinks she has to dres all fancy.

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    I’ll bet you’re right, Mrs. Peabody. True, it’s probably fancier than what she’s used to doing. But it’s also whoooorish. She’s not comfortable dressing like a whoooor.

  26. ATLnNYC09 says:

    The whole RHONJ cast is so typical that they can be summed up in a few words. Im so tired of Caroline’s anger and hatred, Teresa’s spinning stories, Jac’s delusion’s, Melissa’s manipulations and Kathy’s desperation that I cant wait until this season is over. Please bring on the next show.

    • Powell says:

      ATL halilujah!!!!!! Thk you. You have summed it up. They’re all a bunch of freaks! Come on Miami and BH. 🙂

  27. Nancy says:

    Did you see that? 63 yards. WOW! He tied the record.

  28. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    O.K. I do not know how reliable it is, but All About TRH claims to have an inside source who was at the reunion. This source provided many details about what allegedly took place. I’m about to meet my walking partner, and I don’t want to be late. Feel free to go on over there if you are interested, or to post the link (My walking partner will kick my a*s if I am late. I’m still working on being HIGH SCHOOL SKINNY).

    Catch you cats, later!! 😀

  29. Powell says:

    I’m watching “Pirate Booty Call” NY.

  30. Powell says:

    I know everyone’s seen NY but damn LuAnn can lie like a rugrat!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      She is so smug-like she knows she will not be called out. I cant stand her and her shit eating grin!!!!

    • JustDee says:

      I’m watchinng too. I would have asked her if the ITALIANS were cominng to the party!

      • Powell says:

        Right but then she would’ve said “they’re going back”. Ramona & Sonja will bring it up at the reunion you can be sure!

        • JustDee says:

          But it would have been fun to see her face!
          By reunion time she’ll have her “little white lie” story down pat.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            All three of the returning cast members are poop stirring delusional liars. It is part of the game to stay on the show. They would not still be there if they were not somewhat good at it. LuLu was just getting Ramona back for all the back handed comments made about LuLu’s lack of good mothering skills. Since Sonja and Ramona are not nuns, LuLu is not obligated to truly come clean for them, the viewers, or for the truly creepy, Andrew Cohen. IMO.

  31. Powell says:

    Why didn’t Aviva take some kinda drug to calm her on the airplane?

  32. Nancy says:

    49ers WIN!!!!! Thank-you God. 🙂

  33. Nancy says:


  34. Lady Chatterley says:

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