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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap – “Dinasty of Denial” by BB

See how clever Bravo was with the spelling of Dynasty?  Dinasty as in Dina?  Let’s see what’s happening with the New Jersey famblies.

The Gorgas. It’s Antonia’s first day of school.  Joey and Melissa talk about the trip and she tells him she tried to stay out of the argument that last night and Joey thinks Caroline ruined the last day of the vacation.  They talk about Jacqueline sleeping through the argument and Melissa is going to call her because she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.  Joey says Teresa’s his sister and he’s always going to back her up.  That day at least.  Tomorrow who knows?  Melissa’s so busy taking pictures that Antonia misses the bus and she has to drive her to school.

The Guidices.  Teresa is a little more busy with her brood as Gia will be going into the fifth grade (how time flies), Gabriella will be going into the first grade and Milania will be going into kindergarten.  Gabriella tells Milania that she will probably see her at recess, but she won’t be able to play with her.  Joe is making their lunches and puts Milania’s name tag inside her lunch box.  Milania tells Joe nobody knows her name and she’s supposed to wear the name tag!  Teresa and Joe get the girls on the bus and see them off.

While having breakfast with Audriana, Joe and Teresa talk about how they’re glad to be back in their own bed, but how much they enjoyed the trip.  Teresa says, until the last night when it was gang up on Joe and Teresa time.  Joe said he was loving it, go ahead, attack.  Teresa says she’s kind of done with Caroline.  Joe tells Teresa he would have just said whatever to Caroline and told her to go get her hair done.  Teresa tells Joe they were never that close, she was closer to Dina and Jacqueline and that Caroline hangs around more with her kids, even though she doesn’t get along with all her siblings.  Joe says that’s none of Teresa’s business.  Teresa says she will be cordial with Caroline and that’s it.

Teresa and Joe talk about how they enjoyed Joey and Melissa and even Richie on the trip.  Joe calls Kathy two-faced for turning on Teresa and describes her as one of those dolls that you squeeze and their eyes pop out of their heads.  Teresa laughs and says Kathy has pretty eyes.  Joe says they’re huge like a frog, but whatever.  Teresa has to go to Kathy’s to pick up some shoes she left by the Jacuzzi. Joe tells Teresa she doesn’t have to be nice to people like Kathy, she just has to put them in their place.

In her interview, Teresa says Joe’s not going anywhere, unless he cheats on her and then she’ll break his legs.  She asks Joe if he’ll support her in whatever she does.  He says he doesn’t care, she can do whatever she wants.  Then he says he has a meeting, he’s got to get outta there.  Teresa tells him if she ever finds out he’s cheating on her she would be done.  He tells her he’ll bring a girl there, just like old school.  She says, “Well you’re not old school, so just shut up.”

At the Wakiles, Victoria discusses college with Richie and Kathy.  Victoria says if she’s going away to school, she’s really going away.  Richie thinks that would be good for her.  Kathy says she’s old school (this term is getting old) and they never went away to college.  They stayed home and worked.  Victoria says she’s interested in the University of Maryland.  Richie wants both of the kids to go away to school so he and Kathy don’t have to wear clothes around the house.  I just threw up in my mouth a little.  I’m with Richie, I think it will be good for Victoria to go away and learn to be independent.  Kathy tells Richie he’ll be singing a different tune when his kids leave.

Jacqueline goes to Melissa’s house and, did I just hear correctly, tells Melissa she’d rather have tea than wine?  Melissa asks Jacqueline if she was really asleep during the argument between Caroline and Teresa.  She tells Melissa she didn’t want to get involved in that argument.  She had already had her talk with Teresa.  They discuss toast gate again.  This is getting old.  These people wouldn’t last a minute in my family if they get that upset over a toast.  Get Over It!  Melissa tells Jacqueline she didn’t want Teresa to feel that she was going against her and that’s why she stayed so quiet.  Melissa has never seen Caroline so angry.  Jacqueline calls it angry hurt.  Jacqueline thinks Caroline is pretty done.  Melissa hopes they can work it out.

Teresa and Audriana go to Kathy’s house and they talk about the girls’ first day of school.  Kathy asks Teresa how her plane ride home was and Teresa tells her she had a good time with her on vacation.  Kathy brings up the toast AGAIN!  (Does anyone notice that Audriana is playing with the stove?)  Teresa tells Kathy if she mentioned her, then she would have had to mention the kids too.  Kathy tells Teresa it doesn’t matter.  For some reason I think this issue is going to come up again.

Teresa said it seemed like Kathy was on Caroline’s side that night.  Kathy tells her that’s not the case at all and at a certain point she felt what Teresa was feeling and that’s why she went and sat beside her.  Teresa felt like she was ambushed and Kathy says it was not like that at all.  Kathy is not going to own up to the part she played in starting that fiasco.  Kathy tells Teresa she did have quality friends and they still are quality people.  Teresa says she never really hung out with Caroline, she hung out with Jacqueline and Dina.

Teresa tells Kathy, she and Jacqueline are pretty much back to normal and they’ve worked things out. Teresa tells Kathy if she has something to say, she’ll tell her.  Kathy says it has to work both ways and she not going to continue to be quiet about things.  Teresa tells her she just wants positive things in her life.

Next Melissa goes to Caroline’s house to try to smooth things over between her and Teresa.  Caroline tells Melissa she’s going to do a show on Sirius radio and it’s a huge deal.  Melissa wants Caroline to play her song and Caroline tells her she doesn’t know about that.  She has all kinds of idea notes on her bulletin board about the trip and friendship that she might discuss on her show and she will be taking Al and the kids with her.

Caroline tells Melissa she’s tired and she’s always been there for Teresa.  She says she really feels like she’s finished with Teresa.  Melissa tells Caroline she was the one who put it out there in the first place and it’s not fair for her to sit there and play victim.  Caroline tells Melissa she felt bad for Kathy and she wasn’t going to get involved until Teresa looked at her and said, “You accepted my apology, didn’t you?”  Caroline said she didn’t accept Teresa’s apology and she just wanted Teresa to tell her she didn’t like her anymore.  Melissa tells Caroline they’re not in high school.  Melissa’s right, Teresa has apologized and what else can she do?  Caroline says she’s forgiven a lot (I wonder what), but she’s not going to sit there and get beat up.  I wonder how Melissa got away with saying what she did to Caroline and why Caroline just stood there and took it?  I don’t see Teresa getting away with anything like that.

Melissa goes to Teresa’s house to pick up Gabriela and Milania because she’s going to watch them while Teresa and Joe are at her Fabellini launch that night.  Teresa talks about a play date for the next week and Melissa asks Teresa if she wants her to come too and Teresa says yes.

The Wakiles take a tour of the University of Maryland, where Victoria is interested in attending.  Richie tries his best to embarrass Victoria by asking stupid questions, like is there a bar on campus or does the Women’s study program take 30 years, etc.  One of the students tells Kathy she only lives 20 minutes away and Kathy grabs onto that trying to get Victoria to see you can go to college nearby but still feel independent.  One of the guides tells Kathy she’s been doing her own laundry since high school and Kathy says uh oh.  They show them a dorm room and Victoria says she never knew she was so spoiled until she saw that room.  Kathy likens it to a prison cell.

Melissa takes Antonia, Gabriella and Milania to a place especially for little girls to get manis and pedis.  They are all soooooo cute.  Melissa says she would take all the girls together every day.  She tells Gabriella and Milania that even though they’re Antonia’s cousins, they seem more like sisters.  Melissa buys all of them (including Teresa) love bracelets.  They do a fashion show and are adorable.  I love the Guidice and Gorga girls.  They are girly girls and so prissy.

The Wakiles take a tour of DC and Richie gives them a history lesson on the opportunities his parents took advantage of when they came to this country.  Victoria tells her parents that visiting the campus was a very “whoa” moment for her.  Kathy suddenly realizes going away to school would be a great opportunity for Victoria, but she and Richie will stand behind her whatever she decides.

Caroline and her family (including Al) arrive for her Sirius radio show (what, no Greggy?).  Caroline knows Sirius is not a joke and she has no clue why people are interested in what she has to say.  I have no clue either, Caroline.  Al is so excited he’s yawning.  After the radio representative meets and talks to all the Manzos, she has a look on her face like, “Who are these people and what are they doing here?”  She warns Caroline that as soon as she gives the phone number out, the calls will start coming in fast.  Caroline starts the show off by announcing who she is and introducing her family, then says they will take calls.  Dead silence.

Caroline and Al mumble and fumble around talking about raising kids and dealing with siblings and her kids sit there like morons.  Looks like the Manzo’s didn’t do their homework (typical) and are not at all prepared for this radio gig.  This is a train wreck.  Caroline is embarrassed because her family is scared and not talking.  I think it’s because none of them have anything interesting to say.  Caroline decides to take a break.  The phone calls aren’t coming in and the station rep tells them they are going to have to focus.  Ugh, this is hard to watch and I don’t even like Caroline.

It’s the night of Teresa’s Fabellini launch.  Teresa and Joe show up and pose on the step and repeat.  Teresa has just invited her close friends and family, but it looks like a lot of people showed up, including Pete Guidice.  Jacqueline wasn’t invited and she’s hurt.  Teresa says Jacqueline “hurted” her for no reason.  Teresa says she holds no grudges (I have to chuckle here folks, Teresa is a prime example of a grudge holder), but it will never be the same between her and Jacqueline.

Dina arrives and trips herself up on the red carpet.  She twists her ankle and worries about it swelling up.  She finally gets inside and greets Teresa.  Jacqueline thinks it’s odd that Dina showed up for Teresa’s event because she hasn’t been showing up for family events lately.  That’s because she and Caroline aren’t speaking Jacqueline!

Teresa knows she can count on Dina and she’ll always be there for her (until they fight about something).  She offers Dina a Fabellini and Dina jokes about how it makes her burp.  Teresa tells her about how much fun they had on the Napa trip and then tells her about the argument with Caroline on the last night.  Dina seems surprised that Caroline is offended about the joke Teresa wrote about her in her cookbook.  Teresa said she apologized to Caroline, but blood is thicker than water.  Dina tells her unfortunately not always.  She used to think that, but it’s not always the case.

Teresa asks Dina if she thought the joke in her cookbook was offensive. She says no because the tone of the book was light and fun.  Teresa tells Dina that Caroline said she didn’t want to be her friend anymore.  Dina said the last time she heard something like that was when she was in the fourth grade.  Dina tells Teresa she didn’t really do anything to her sister to hurt her and it’s kind of silly.  She also thinks if Caroline is mad about the comment about the car wash, that’s silly, too. Dina tells Teresa if she knows she didn’t do anything wrong, she can move on with her life and enjoy her family and her health.  Everything else is BS. They share a love you and a kiss and Dina tells Teresa if she ever writes anything bad about her, she’ll eff her up.  They laugh.

The Manzos finally get a caller who asks what was the worst experience that happened on the trip that Caroline was just talking about.  Caroline mentions a night that will go down in history and she had to make a decision about a friendship.  In other words she didn’t say anything of interest.  Yawn.  Another caller asks her about her relationship with Dina and she tells her they are a crazy family and they fight like crazy and sometimes you’re not on the same page with your siblings, but she loves her sister.  In her interview, Caroline blames Teresa for her problems with Dina.  She doesn’t really explain why that is.  The radio show was a big fail in my opinion and that’s probably why Caroline doesn’t have a regular gig on Sirius.  But apparently someone thinks she’d be good for a talk show.  Really?  I don’t get it.

I don’t know if it was fake or not, but I really enjoyed the way Melissa handled things in this episode.  She told Caroline how she saw things and really seemed to enjoy the time she spent with her and Teresa’s little girls.  It’s such a shame it doesn’t last.



Watch What Happens Live Recap by BB

If anyone was looking for a special mention of Lynn Hudson by Andy Cohen, they were disappointed.  I guess a tweet is all we’re gonna get.

The guests were Perez Hilton and Teresa Guidice

The poll question is “Whose side are you on Now – Teresa or Caroline?”  Of course Caroline won the poll at 60 some percent.  Who’s surprised?  Not me.

Teresa has a raspy voice from the reunion.  Perez starts off trying to stir up trouble when he asks Teresa if she and Dina Manzo are still friends since Dina has made such a success of herself since she left RHONJ.  It didn’t work. Anyway, in my eyes Teresa is just as successful as Dina if not more.  Dina has a show on HGTV that’s not even in prime time.  Teresa is RHONJ and has other successful ventures going on.

Other notable things from the show:

Perez and Teresa have both had hot dreams about Andy.

Andy showed a clip of Melissa’s new song and Perez slammed Melissa by saying he liked the song, but thought she was too old to dress like that and for that type of video. Melissa tweeted in complaining about that remark, but Perez really didn’t back down.

Teresa high-fives Perez when he says he lost a lot of weight the natural way.  Lauren Manzo tweets in complaining about Teresa slamming lap band surgery.  Teresa says she thinks the natural way to lose weight is the best, just like her Fabellini is all natural.

Kim D delivers the Plead the Fifth card to Andy. Do any of you think she might be a housewife next season?

Teresa said that she and Dina had been on the outs until Jacqueline and Caroline ambushed her at Jac’s house and she stopped by Dina’s on her way home so upset about it.  Maybe that’s why Caroline is so mad at Teresa.  She went to “the other side.”

That’s about it.  Teresa looked fabulous as usual.

Below is a another funny parody by Amy Philips, this time of Teresa talking to the empty chair (Caroline).

LittleNewton – Watch What Happens Live

WWHL is back after a long break! The guests are Teresa Giudice and Perez Hilton. It starts with Teresa talking about how her voice is still gone for the reunion and reveals that she sang On Display to Andy. The bartenders were an old couple from New Jersey in honor of Grandparents Day (random!).  Dina is brought up and Teresa says she is still friendly with Dina. Perez says sometimes there’s animosity when someone becomes more successful bit Teresa says that’s not the case between them. Andy asks Teresa if she was glad to see Melissa confront Caroline for her in the episode and Teresa said that she was happy to see it and that Melissa  should be sticking up for her because she is family. Teresa also tells Andy that Caroline is acting like she’s in high school (she’s not the only one, Teresa). The poll question is obviously, “Whose side are you on? Teresa or Caroline”

Andy aired a comment Teresa made in reference to Danielle that didn’t air on the WWHL special. Teresa says “Love and light” and Andy says he is impressed Teresa quoted Danielle. Teresa stammered saying she was loyal to Caroline and Jacqueline even though she didn’t know anything about Danielle. Looking back, she feels that Danielle had dirt on Caro and Jac and seemed to respect that Danielle never aired their dirty laundry. It was an odd statement.

Andy turns his attention to Perez and he says he heard among “the gays” that Andy is getting a lot of action these days. Andy seemed a little shocked to hear that and Teresa says she had a hot dream where she was trying to “turn” Andy. Gross.

Andy says the number one question for Teresa was about Joe’s phone call. When asked her thoughts, Teresa tries to explain the weirdest story about the call. She says Joe was speaking with his driver/friend Albie… then Albie handed his phone over to his Spanish worker, Claudio,  and that is who Joe was talking to in Spanish.  No one is buying that story Teresa. She says she was shocked by the C word comment but she isn’t going to divorce him a year later. She also said he made it up to her in “diamonds”. Yeah ok Teresa, we all believe Juicy can afford diamonds. She says she calls him a dick all the time and it’s pretty much the same thing. No one else agreed.

Perez gets a question on his weight loss and he says he lost 80 pounds naturally through dieting and working out. Teresa asks, “no lap band?!” and high fives him when he says no. Oh Teresa! Perez says the secret is what you eat and put in your body and that he exercises every day.

Lauren didn’t seem to appreciate Teresa’s comment and made these tweets during WWHL:

Lauren Manzo ‏@Laurenmanzo

@BravoAndy #WWHL I’d rather have LB than show my daughters my hub can call me a C as long as he buys me diamonds

Lauren Manzo ‏@Laurenmanzo

T thinks my lap band is a bad thing-Im healthy now-letting ur husb all u a C as long as he buys u things is a great msg to send ur daughters

Lauren Manzo ‏@Laurenmanzo

If @VitoScalia3 ever cheated on me or disrespected me no amount of material things or diamonds would ever make it better

Oh Lauren, I have a feeling no amount of anything will make you happy. Moving on. Andy previewed a sneak peek of Melissa’s video for “I Just Wanna”. Judging by what I saw, the song should be called “I Just Wannabe J-LO”. Perez says that he thinks Melissa is a little too old to dress the way she was in the video but he liked the song. Teresa even said it was good.

It’s Perez’s turn to plead the fifth and Perez randomly announces that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married. Congrats? Kim D comes out to give Andy his notecards and Andy says there’s big drama involving her. I thought it was interesting that she was there. The previews show she clearly stirred up the stripper drama.

Perez’s questions were:

Who lies the most about the work they have had done? Perez says Lily Tomlin has had really good work done but doesn’t really answer the question.

Who was the biggest disappointment when you met them in person? Perez says Kim Z and in the same breath says he was kidding. He settles on Cristina Aguilera.

Who do you most owe an apology to and why? Perez says Christina Aguilera and says he was sort of just kidding ok. He said in his mean days he called her a lot of not-so-nice names. Andy says that Perez was really mean about his good friend SJP and Perez admits he and Andy even shared words before but they’ve moved past it and he apologized to SJP for Andy. Who knew it made Andy so upset!

 A caller asks Teresa if she feels like she came between Caroline and Dina and Teresa says that Dina even stopped talking to Teresa for a while because she was on the show with Caroline and Jacqueline. She said that she talked to her again when she stopped by after the argument on the porch because her house was on the way home and that Dina and her sister Cookie listened to her and were supportive. Andy asked Teresa why she didn’t invite Jacqueline to the Fabellini party but I think we all know that the party was after the Posche Fashion Show so I’m not sure why he asked that. Teresa didn’t admit that, she just said that it was thrown together really quickly.

 Melissa tweeted Andy saying she isn’t old, she is only 33!! Perez says she is no J-Lo! Andy also brought up Lauren’s tweet and Teresa says that she likes doing things naturally and plugs her Fabellini by saying it’s all natural. Sure it is! They then played a game giving Mazels and Jackholes to recent media stories which wasn’t very interesting and Perez talked the most.

 Caroline won the poll with 62% while Teresa got 38% of the votes. The results got a lot of boos from the audience.  Andy didn’t do his Mazel or Jackhole and there was no mention of Lynn. Unless Andy has something planned later this week, I am disappointed in him. She deserved some recognition, even if it was just a vanity card. Shame on you, Andy. Lynn gets my Mazel!!


Drama Behind the RHONJ Reunion

As we steadily approach the “explosive” Season 4 RHONJ Reunion, scheduled to air September 23, the focus continues to be on the intense conflict between Teresa and….well, everyone else on the show.  How do you explain this?  Are they all just crazy, evil, jealous?  And Teresa is an innocent victim of these unstable family members and former, duplicitous friends?  While the nefarious Bravo Productions lurks in the shadows, stirring their creative juices to dream up new and even dirtier ways to bring this family and group of friends over the cliff to a fiery, explosive end – all for our entertainment?

Perhaps – there’s probably some truth to all of these scenarios.  We know that Bravo casts participants on these shows who are…shall we say “colorful?”  They most certainly have eccentric qualities – extreme, self-serving and volatile personalities.

And we can certainly conclude that Bravo Producers are working behind the scenes to stir up as much drama as possible – it’s their bread and butter.

But, we’d be naive to conclude that Teresa has had nothing to do with any of the conflict that we’ve seen unfold among this group of people, wouldn’t we?  Can we really believe that she’s had no hand in the nasty articles that have come out in the tabloids about her castmates?  Did she have nothing to do with the content of the outlandish In Touch articles?  Was she really just joking around when she made digs about friends and family in her book?

And the big question to consider as the season draws to its conclusion:  How sincere has Teresa been about mending her relationship with Melissa?  Has she let go of her desire to bring Melissa down?  Because, as I see it, the answer to those questions are at the crux of whether or not she was likely to have had any involvement in Strippergate.


MeGo Still Keeping Her Distance From Teresa by BB

According to, Melissa Gorga recently called in to the Ryan Seacrest radio show to promote her new single “I Just Wanna” (I just wanna tell her she’s probably wasting a lot of time and money).  Anyway, Ryan couldn’t resist asking her about her relationship with her sister-in-law, Teresa Guidice.  About their current relationship, Melissa said, “We haven’t really seen each other in a while. We’ve just been trying to keep our distance. It just seems like it should be so easy. And what you’re seeing on the show, we’re getting along so well. It was really easy and I don’t know how it just keeps getting back to this spot. You will see in the finale that we are at the spot that we are right now.”

About the confrontation between Teresa and Caroline Manzo, Melissa added:  “It was crazy, it really was, it was nuts. I just stayed out of it. Because it wasn’t my battle, it wasn’t my argument. They’ve been friends for a long time…it was exhausting though.”

Golly gee, can she possibly be as innocent as she sounds?

Here’s the entire article:



Jacqueline Laurita will appear on Anderson Cooper’s new talk show, Anderson Live, tomorrow – Tuesday, September 11.  She will be discussing the diagnosis of her son Nicolas with autism and his treatment.  Note that she is discussing treatment – hope they discuss the notion of whether children w/autism can be cured of their condition.  You can see who he has lined up for the rest of the week here:

Wow – that Anderson is such a cutie – check out the watermark picture of him on the landing page there – he’s dreamy… 🙂

And, can I just say how much Nicolas looks like his Dad up there?





Typically, our tireless leader, NoMoreDrama does our recaps for Big Brother, but she is taking a much-deserved break this week.  So, our awesome friend, BB, has graciously provided us with a quick mini-recap of last night’s episode, in which the remaining houseguests nominated who would be up next for eviction.

Big Brother 14 Mini Recap by BB

Ian wins the next Head of Household contest.  He wants Jenn out, even though Jenn tells him she’s never done him wrong.  Ian can’t decide who to put up with Jenn, Shane or Dan.  Ian wants Jenn gone, not knowing that Dan wants him out.

Ian gets to decide if he wants to open Pandora’s box so, he can watch a video from his parents.  But instead of his parents, he gets a video of Rachel Reilly and listens to nothing but drivel from her including her annoying laugh.  Ian says it’s like he’s on a bad date and he’s going to vomit.  Meantime, all the other houseguests get to watch videos from their loved ones.  Dan gets visibly emotional when he sees his wife Chelsea.

The big reveal:

Ian nominates Jenn and Shane for eviction.


RHONJ – Where do they go from here?

Our friend, NJBev, asked last night what we thought would or should be the direction for RHONJ next season.  Of course, everyone has their favorite characters and their least favorites.  Love them or hate them, the show does need some friction to keep the story interesting, doesn’t it?  We thought a poll would be interesting at this point, regarding who Bravo should consider keeping and whose 15 minutes is up.  Please vote below and vote often!

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499 Responses to Real Housewives of New Jersey / Watch What Happens Live / Big Brother

  1. Kat from Ohio says:

    i really think bravo is responsible for trying to expose melissa. we’ve seen it over and over again. others have pointed to cedric’s appearance at SUR. frankly… we’ll know if he has a mic on or not. and because it looks like he meets teresa at kim d’s before the show, you can bet your ass he’ll have a mic. i think teresa would think that was crossing a line, even if it was true. she’s not always a likable woman, but she’s certainly not conniving and wouldn’t have orchestrated a set up, in my opinion.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Bravo had to have been involved, they did mic him, they arranged for him to be at the fashion show and filmed him approaching Melissa. They may also have filmed him approaching Teresa at the salon.

      I guess the real question is whose idea was this? And how did each party respond – how willing was Bravo to feed this (it appears they were quite eager). Was Teresa also feeding it (despite her denials)?

      I guess it’s really about duplicity. If you’re going to stab someone in the back – set them up for public humiliation and tear down their reputation – don’t pretend to be their friend and supporter. I think that Bravo is likely as guilty of that as Teresa is.

      • Powell says:

        Kat and Lady C I believe you’re right. Someone had to go to Bravo w/whatever info they had and Bravo wholeheartedly went w/it. If it’s true or not Bravo went for it and it seems T has egged it on. She’s kept saying “we’re family”. I don’t care if Mel and Joey are saying this and that about T which is wrong,.but why would T just take the attitude of “an eye for an eye” and go along w/this? From the little I have seen I remember when they were all at an event and Mel kept saying the words,”go to jail” & T stormed out cause Mel didn’t use the words “going away”, that T told Mel “I don’t go by rumors”. Well that was a lie cause she’s hanging onto this rumor for dear life. They are all FREAKS! When is this gonna be overrrrrr? It’s been on for a straight yr right? Ugh!!

        • Lady Chatterley says:

          It’s ugly to see family members going after each other like this. Melissa was saying in an interview on another site that they’re just like any other family – they love each other and bicker like any other family. Not true – they go out to destroy each other in the ugliest ways. Not pretty to watch.

    • scorpiosue1102 says:

      The producers could easily have been involved BUT Teresa also could have said, “I am not going to pursue this because it will hurt my brother.” Obviously, that did not happen.

      • Stars99 says:

        That’s what I don’t get, Sue… It’s one thing for me to have an issue with my sister-in-law… it’s a whole other Oprah when I let it go far enough to cause embarassment to my brother… and, more importantly… TO HIS KIDS! Are you freakin’ kidding me? The fact that these kids are going to be teased in school about their mom is atrocious to me. There is no amount on a paycheck that is enough to cause that kind of damage. It nauseates me.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          In Teresa’s way of thinking her brother hurt (or hurted) her so why should she protect him? Im not saying its right…

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I really do not think Teresa had involvement in it. She clearly seemed happy to be getting along with Joey and Melissa during the NAPA trip, and she clearly seemed happy about how it went afterward.

            She clearly seemed happy that she and Jac were able to make amends.

            I think she was still a little peeved at Kathy for straight-up lying to her about trying to, in a passive-aggressive way, say that Teresa stole recipes from Kathy’s mother. She directly talked to Kathy. Kathy claimed that she in NO way meant that at ALL. Teresa then has a conversation on the beach with Melissa where Melissa tells Teresa that Kathy told her that Teresa’s mother called Kathy’s mother for the recipe (or recipes). That is when I think that Teresa realized that Kathy had just lied to her face (because she said otherwise behind her back). So, I think, from that point on, she was again wary of Kathy because of this (and because Kathy has probably been pulling this sneaky, underhanded, passive-aggressive stuff with Teresa for YEARS).

            As for Caroline and her crew, on the NAPA trip, Teresa was cordial and respectful to them, but she basically kept her distance. When people where toasting Caroline for her 50th birthday in NAPA, as they were having dinner, Teresa was tearing up and almost full-out crying because I think she was/is truly hurt that her relationship with Caroline somehow got to such a bad place. Still, Teresa kept her respectful distance from the Manzo’s until Kathy (again) stirred up sh*t and caused the big Caroline EXPLOSION at Teresa.

            It looks to me like, from that point on, Teresa was HAPPY to have Joey, Melissa, Jac and Chris back in her life. She decided she would be cordial to Caroline and be just as DONE with Caroline as Caroline was DONE with HER. I think she wants a relationship with Kathy, but she is still at the point (during last night’s episode) where she does not quite trust her.

            So, WHY would Teresa, at THIS particular point, want to expose Melissa and hurt her brother and his family (and even her parents)? WHY, when she has SO much dirt on every single other one of her castmates (SERIOUS dirt, I’m sure) has she not responded in kind by exposing all of it? She seems to me to have ENOUGH drama going on in her life with worrying about re-paying her debt and worrying about whether or not Joe is going to go to jail and how she is going to handle THAT. She also seems to be super-busy promoting and/or creating several different product lines and streams of income.

            WHY would she add to her already-stress-filled and VERY busy life?

            I do not buy it. Apparently, Melissa has a lot of enemies in that area. I am pretty sure one of them (or, hell, even Caroline or Jacqueline when they were pissed off at Teresa) went to the BRAVO producers and told them about Melissa’s stripping past. To BRAVO, that IS television GOLD. Do you think happy families getting along is EXCITING to BRAVO? After the callous way BRAVO handled Russell Armstrong’s suicide, do you REALLY think they give a DAMN about whether they ignite the Gorga/Giudice feud again (I’m pretty sure that BRAVO expected the Manzo’s and Laurita’s to JUMP RIGHT BACK INTO that feud as well. Caroline would do it GLEEFULLY. Her kids would do it because they need a damned paycheck. Jac would do it because she was a stripper[and rumored escort] herself, and she would take it personally out of fear that Teresa [or someone else on the BRAVO crew] could one day expose HER shady past).

            Yes, Teresa can hold grudges. Yes, Teresa can be both aggressive and passive-aggressive at times (MAINLY aggressive). Yes, Teresa was very upset with her brother and Melissa at one time. But after the beating she took by ALL of them coming AT her, I honestly do not think she would want to ignite that flame again. JMHO.

            • Love, love that comment.

            • kendo says:

              I agree! I wouldn’t be surprised if Caroline is behind all of this!
              She’s looked so bad the last 2 seasons!

            • disgrazia4 says:

              Agree, agree, agree. It doesn’t follow her past behavior. She was getting along with her brother and Melissa. Now that we know about Kim D’s involvement at the Fashion Show and the reunion, who’s to say she didn’t have a motive. Read those juicy links below. There is more to this story than T.

            • Rebecca says:

              So who do we know is/was a stripper over there?

              Who has all this evidence of Melissa & Joey feeding info on Teresa’s dirty laundry?

              Who is dying to be relevant again?

              Who refused to show up at this taping to resolve this plot?

            • trudie says:


              • Chicago Diane says:

                Thank you , I agree a thousand times. She is passive agressive, she does not always speak the truth, but i DO NOT BELIEVE THAT TERESA SET MeGo UP ON THIS ONE. I do firmly belive that Bravo did- and Kim D is capable of absolutely anything. Any other third party with a desire to be on the show could well have brought it to Bravo- and if true, whatwell-deserved- justice to Mego for bringing “dirt and drama to T” ?

                Also, anyone notice the Melissa comment about not trusting these Kim’s? Talk about forecasting events to come! It is also completely true that Jacq has been searching to find a story line without Ashley , but am absolutely not surprised that she would wait and then sell the autism story just as the reuinion arrives- to generate income/a role when they are desperate for it. But it is not in Jacq’s best interests to share the Mego story- though it is certainly more than enough reason to keep her from being at the reunion, because she knows her stripper/pregnant when marrying Chris background is next to be disclosed when that comes out.

  2. BB says:

    Happy happy Monday. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

    • VV says:

      Excellent recap BB. I gotta read it again to make sure I didn’t miss a thing.
      Teresa did forgive Jac for the ambush in Napa after the trip she was done with Jac as the coward pretended to be asleep. So, yes I can understand why she said she doesn’t hold grudges because she’s done with Jac. I think Tre is the type that reacts when attacked.
      That whole Caroline Melissa scene was rehearsed. Melissa trying to fool us viewers into thinking she wants peace. Caroline was there to help Melissa look like the peace maker.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Maybe when she says she doesn’t hold grudges, she means that she will still be civil and speak to you in public, she’ll just never trust you again.

        • Dreamer says:

          But Teresa also told Kathy in that same episode how she and Jac are like they were before? If that was the case, then she should have had no problem inviting her to her launch party even if she was “hurted” before. She totally holds grudges.

          • Sam says:

            Yes, but as it says in the blog above about WWHL, Bravo showed things out of order, Teresa’s launch party happened AFTER the fashion show, which meant there was a new reason for her not to invite Jac.

            • Not only was it after the fashion show, it was also after they filmed last seasons reunion. By that point, they closed a lot of doors.

              • MamaZ says:

                Thank you for clearing up the timeline. I wondered why she hadn’t invited Jaq.

                • No problem love. The porch show was Sept 27th- the reunion was either the next day or two after that. Teresa’s event was Oct 7th. I guess Bravo wanted the fashion show to be the finally but so they played with the time lines. They should have just gave a hint of the fashion show, then fast forwarded to Teresa’s event-then next week filled in the gap.

                  • cc101 says:

                    I am still confused about the timeline though because if Teresa’s event was after the fashion show then why was Melissa watching her kids?

                    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                      She was NOT. Melissa was probably watching her kids at another time; however, BRAVO made it seem like Melissa was watching them the night of Teresa’s Fabellini launch party.

                    • On top of what detox said, I don’t even think Melissa was baby sitting at all, since the BABY was still there. I think it was a little girls day out that she put together.

  3. SoutheastVA says:

    Good morning everyone! It’s a beautiful day in southeast VA. Did anyone catch Bethenny on Fashion Police last Friday. She was one of the “designer” spoken to at the New York Fashion’s Night Out showing her Skinnygirl shapewear line. I’m sure that chaffes Heather T. and she who must not be named.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      I’d be interested to see how Bethenny’s line is selling vs YummieTummie

    • Stars99 says:

      I saw it… and I thought she was funny! But, she always does make me laff. Who knew there was so much demand for shapewear coming out of RHNY franchise…. just cracks me up…

      • Called A Princess... says:

        One of the reasons I think they hired Heather, and her shape wear line, was to slap Jill in the face. Cruel intent on Bravo’s part. IMO.

  4. Watching the previews of next week’s show, it seems to me that Kim D is knee-deep in the Stripper-gate. I think Teresa probably knew about it, but I think Kim D was the driving force. Never liked that woman –

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      I imagine that she was the intermediary for the 3 outsiders and Bravo.

    • Stars99 says:

      Why are we still promoting that danged fashion show?

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Really, I question why Kim D is still getting air time on this show.

        I get that she was Teresa’s only ally when she needed a sounding board. Sad Statement.

        • MamaZ says:

          QBB – That’s what I think.

        • Bea says:

          Agree, I really can’t stand either one of the NJ Kims. Both of them behave like cartoon villains.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Kim D. has some of the worst extensions I have ever seen.

          Teresa has OTHER friends besides Kim D. that are not shown on camera (as I am sure they ALL do). So, I do not think Teresa’s friendship situation is as sad as BRAVO (and her castmates) would like the public to believe.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Teresa could have 1000 friends, and Bravo would edit it to look like she was friendless by nature. This is not an honest franchise. Scripted reality is a shifting foundation. not to place true judgments on in any of the shows. They are all egged on to behave as badly as possible, without hitting each other. Miami looks like they will start to cross that line. IMO.

  5. VV says:

    Greggy Bennett tweeted this last night:

    “”I like natural”… You have giant fake tits you fuckin loser”

    What an A**hole!

    • aunannmarie says:

      Other than being crude, he is correct. How does someone with breast implants say they “only” like natural things?

      • VV says:

        The context of that conversation was losing weight. Andy pressured Teresa to explain why and she answered: the natural way is the best way. What do tits have to do with breast? Absolutely nothing!

        • VV says:

          ***I meant to type…What do tits or breast have to do with loosing weight? Absolutely nothing!

          • Orson says:

            Maybe T’s implants are made from natural silicon?

            • VV says:

              Of course!

              • disgrazia4 says:

                Come on peeps! Teresa was as flat as a board in season 1. Remember her trying on suits. I mean, she wasn’t even small, she was flat, flat. flat. How can you grow breasts?? Lauren is as nasty as her Mama, and silly too. Talking about Joe calling T the c word and her own Mother called her an A$$HOLE which, I guess after reading her tweets, she must be spewing the crap she does. I do not like these Manzo’s at all. Bunch of no ambition phonies (not including Albert who does appear to actually work. Psst, your wife ruined those children). Hot messes all!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        The same way Lauren could call Teresa “bitter and jealous”. I mean, Lauren is pretty bitter and jealous her damned self.

    • Rebecca says:

      Well Greggy, it takes one to know one.

  6. WindyCityWondering says:

    Monday will be busy in the blogosphere – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t link other HW sites here – it sets off my security software and that is a pain in the butt! I don’t care if you reference them by name but I am sick of the message that this site has unsecured content! Thanks.

  7. “Jacqueline Laurita will appear on Anderson Cooper’s new talk show, Anderson Live, tomorrow – Tuesday, September 11. She will be discussing the diagnosis of her son Nicolas with autism and his treatment. Note that she is discussing treatment – hope they discuss the notion of whether children w/autism can be cured of their condition.”

    As the mother of an autistic son, I found that last statement is a little misleading. Autism cannot be “cured” in the traditional sense, but people with autism CAN overcome the hurdles and lead productive, happy lives. There’s no magic formula or pill, but dedicated effort on behalf of the individual, the parents, and the care givers makes the difference. 🙂

    • BB says:

      I believe that statement was made because Jacqueline herself has mentioned the word “cure” several times when discussing her son’s autism and hopefully she will clarify what she meant by that on Anderson.

      • Ah, I see. I didn’t intend to snark at anyone for using it. A “cure” is just not the reality of autism (at least, not yet), so I hope Jac clarifies.

        • Lady Chatterley says:

          It’s nice to see you here, Kukulet – please continue to jump into the conversation! I’m sure that this discussion will only get more interesting.

        • Rebecca says:

          Jacqueline said she is praying for her son to be “cured” and is trying everything for her son to “recover.” She has not accepted that this is a disorder and not an illness. I’m sure a mother like you took this more seriously and studied how to modify your life to make your child’s life as productive as possible. Jacqueline is searching for magic snake oils.

          • Lady Chatterley says:

            Jackie would benefit from getting involved in a good support and advocacy group. This one is excellent:

          • scorpiosue1102 says:

            How do you know that Jacqueline is not doing the same thing? There’s a whole lot of assumptions made about Jaq in your post. I get you don’t like Jaq, but why the vitriol? She has said in interviews that she is constantly researching, put Nicholas on a gluten free diet, that it is expensive (which it is) and time consuming. Most of her People article is on Reality Tea and shows that Jaq and Chris are doing what they should.

            Jaq realized that something was wrong with Nicholas, did an online autism checklist and went to her doc. Isn’t that what a parent should do?

            As someone who has had autism/Asperger’s hit closely to her family please do not trivialize what Jaq may have done or what you think she has not done because of a dislike for her. It is not fair to Jaq and it is not fair to Nicholas.

            • Are you speaking to me? I don’t think my post contained any “vitriol”, nor did I trivialize anything Jac has done. Certainly, she seems to have followed the best path. I just dislike the word “cure” associated with autism, especially from someone who reaches many people, and I hope she clarifies, because it’s misleading.

              (Hey, all, it’s good to “see” you, too! It’s been a while, I know.)

              • Lady Chatterley says:

                I think that SS is responding to Rebecca.

                In any case, this is a touchy subject, because it does touch many of us, but I don’t think we should shy away from it.

                I don’t think anyone is suggesting here that Jackie is neglecting her son’s care, but some of us are questioning whether she is misinformed, when she talks about curing her son’s condition. I would like to hear more about exactly what she’s thinking there, because I suspect that she may be misinformed. I hope not – because she is visible and could do a lot to educate the public about autism prevalence and treatment options.

                • Deborah D says:

                  The real issue (IMO) is not that Jax is looking for a cure but that she waited 8 mo. for insurance precertification when she should have used her plastic surgery money for evaluations instead. She stated that early intervention is key yet she chose to wait, all the while drinking, running around, traveling, tweeting, etc. Also allowing her child to be exposed to all of the noise, lights and strangers in her home cannot be helping this little boy’s situation. He needs his mother’s constant attention. If this were my child, I would never sign on for another season for a few more bucks. I would devote all of my time and attention to my son. What these parents are doing is tantamount to negligence at the very least. She is a phony as they come. Using her son as her storyline for S5. Disgraceful.

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    Deborah d – i like your post. On the surface, that’s what it looks like to me, too. They appear to be using their little boy as a storyline for S5; we saw how careful and protective she was with Ashley (NOT); they used her until it got painful to watch. So now it’s the baby’s turn. I hope they are more responsible and merciful with Nicholas; instead of it being an opportunity for Jacqueline to cry on cue.

              • scorpiosue1102 says:

                No, my reply was directly under Rebecca’s post. I applaud you for coming forward with your own family story. My niece has Asperger’s and my son is not yet diagnosed (forever for an appointment) but is thought to be high functioning Asperger’s. My son is 9 and I never really saw some of his issues as being Asperger’s until it was brought to my attention. He was seeing a therapist for ADHD/anxiety and they said, “We think he may be high functioning Asperger’s.” It was a complete shock because I saw his nuances as just being him (i.e. stringent black and white about everything, not socializing well, knowing all there is to know about a subject -almost on obsession_ yet after reading up I totally see Asperger’s. My son is super smart, is good one on one with friends, had no issues with development as to where I would know a clear cut warning sign. My niece has some serious socialization issues and is also considered high functioning Asperger’s (which will soon be just under Autism instead of under the Asperger’s umbrella. My point being it is different for each child.

                I just have a problem with people absolutely knowing how people have acted without knowing the person. For all we know Jaq could have been in constant contact with her pediatrician or was in denial with what was happening for 8 months. Point being none of us on this board know exactly what happened with Nicholas. We may get more answers when she is on Anderson Cooper’s show but we’ll never know it all and nor should we.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  Scorpiosue, so are you saying that we shouldn’t comment unless we KNOW for a fact that what we are saying is completely factual and accurate? I don’t think you’re saying that. Is that really our job? I thought our job was to speculate, discuss, give our opinion, etc. I’m getting a check every week from the blog, aren’t you? jk But seriously, this a blog; it’s not a newspaper. We don’t have to display journalistic integrity. But you knew that. Not trying to patronize you. I think what I’m understanding from your comment is that you want there to be some balance and fairness when it comes to Jacqueline and Nicholas. I can appreciate and respect that, but I also see the value of people expressing their opinions. I guess, I kinda thought it was a given that though we are passionate about our housewives we don’t know jack. We only know what is put forth by Bravo and by the Housewives themselves when they do magazine interviews, write blogs, and appear on national television talk shows. Other than what they feed us via their chosen media outlet, we really don’t know jack. I’m ok with that.

                • I am making my judgments based on what has come out of Jac’s mouth. Even if she did get in touch with Nic’s pediatrician on a daily basis for those 8 months (which I honestly find hard to beleive) , to what avail? He wasn’t getting speech or OT services in the interim.

                  My youngest DD also receives speech therapy (in addition to my oldest) without having another DX; what was stopping her Jac from getting Nic those services even if she didn’t
                  have a DX?

                  She has been very vocal about Chris denial but IMO she has yet to address her own.

            • I think Jac kind of opened herself up to this sort criticism when she tries to sell her BLK water and say it helps kids with autism without ANY data to support that. Not to mention, the fact that she said they waited for 8 months to get insurance clearance to see a specialist for a dx. That doesn’t really come across as proactive to me, it sounds more like sticking her head in the sand and hoping the issue will resolve itself in the meantime.

              Although, the whole denial aspect isn’t uncommon and I am sympathetic I am having a hard time getting past those 8 months. When I think of my own child, 8 months of nothing would have likely ended in irreparable brain damage so I am having a hard time finding accolades for her.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Rabble, I totally agree with you. No assumptions need to be made, when Jacqueline herself is using the terms “cure” and “recover” – – if Jacqueline Laurita has a cure for autism then we shall all celebrate openly. There will be dancing in the streets. If Jacqueline Laurita is using her son’s condition to sell BLK with no data to support it as a treatment or cure for autism, then shame on her. She and her supporters should expect some criticism or skepticism from the viewing public. This is black or white. Is BLK a cure? Is it not a cure? Which is it, Jacqueline? This has absolutely nothing to do with liking her or not liking her – her popularity is not the point here. I do wish her and her family well, regardless. I hope she will go forward intelligently and responsibly.

                • Chicago Diane says:

                  And I agree with you both- and have a friend with a son with aspergerger’s as well, who says, though high functioning and not visible at first, it is enough to ensure he will never be able to lead an independent life-, or have a real job- so am well aware of the struggles, burdens and compelling trials of any parent/friend/loved one touched by the disease. While noone is attempting to judge every action of Jacq, the truth is her own behaviour/comments raise questions which have led to the comments and speak about nothing but that. It has no direct reference to anyone else at all.

                  I have yet to meet a person here who- other than trollers trying to make trouble- do not have compassion and support for people with challenges- . The thougthful comments above clearly reflect that, and I hope you feel that- as I find it compelling. .

              • Out of curiosity, does she say how BLK water helps kids with autism? That doesn’t make sense to me.

                8 months IS a long time to wait. I have a hard time with that, too.

                • In one of her blogs, she was listing the benefits of BLK and she autism was one of the conditions she mentioned. Albie was also quoted as saying how a mom of an autistic kid told him how BLK lessened her son’s stimming. This is why a few people are pretty upset and are referring to them as snake oil salesmen.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Also, Rabble, what I do not understand is how you could wait 8 months when you still appear to have been getting Botox, and luxury cars still appear in the driveway. There is no vitriol in this statement at all. I am just seriously curious.

                How, also, once you find out this diagnosis, do you have so much time to spend on twitter and in blogs and interviews still bashing your former friend, Teresa (An SH commenter who personally met Jac either before or after this past reunion said how Jac told her that Joe has been cheating on Teresa for 4 years. This was a COMPLETE STRANGER to Jac. This happened JUST this past Friday. Also, this commenter does NOT like Teresa.). Speaking of vitriol, Jac has been the QUEEN of when it comes to Teresa just shortly before the Season 3 Reunion and for months and months afterward. HOW is this still occuping her mind and time when NICHOLAS should be her priority?

                I simply do not understand those things. Maybe Jac has some displaced anger at Nicholas’ diagnosis that she is ADDING TO her own anger at Teresa. Who knows?

                • lori says:

                  OMG EVERYTHING you just said!!!!

                • scorpiosue1102 says:

                  I think all of Jaq’s time spent on Twitter is just stupid but it doesn’t necessarily take away her attention to her son. Is it displaced? Could be. My SIL has a teenager, a seven year old with Asperger’s, a six year old boy who has been in remission for a year and a half after a 4.5 year battle with leukemia and a four year old. Who has time to do anything with that kind of life? Yet she goes out with her friends, has a full-time job, complains about her husband and parents and takes care of all the therapy appointments, remission testing etc.

                  We see and read a smattering of Jaq’s life. I don’t like a majority of what she says and/or does but I don’t live with her nor am I friends with her. I cannot assume as to what time she does or does not spend with her autistic son.

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    I understand that, Scorpio, but it sounds like your sister with the HEAVY LOAD is out there, when she is not caring for her children, doing POSITIVE things — not obsessing over trying to destroy and/or tear down a former friend of hers. We all complain, sure. However, I am pretty sure, your sister is not getting on people’s Facebook to viciously talk about and spread rumors about a former friend or sending anyonymous letters to newspapers saying nasty things about this former friend or PUBLICALLY twittering her complaints regarding various people about whom she complains (or a former friend) either. JMHO.

                • I have no idea how she could wait 8 months either. In my experience, it’s unheard of. Especially other than for an MRI, the out of pocket expenses to get a consultation for a neurologist and other therapists would be manageable.

                  Jac is very angry. I don’t know if she is just projecting her anger or not but she needs to stay focused. I don’t think she has the jam to burn the candle at both ends the way she is doing.

              • lori says:

                I found the 8 months wait curious too.

            • Rebecca says:

              Excuse me, but I have an autistic cousin. His parents didn’t wait 8 months to see a specialist. They didn’t take to twitter to bash their friends and family. The big one? There was no camera crew in their house disturbing their son. They prayed for tolerance of their son’s condition.

              She’s going to do as much damage to her son as she did to her daughter. When he grows up to feel like he disappointed his parents because they couldn’t cure him, we can revisit this discussion. After all, jacqueline is sacrificing so much for her children. Just ask Ashley.

          • klmh says:

            Unfortunately, there is a celebrity, Jenni McCarthy, that says her child has been cured of autism, as well as others on the net. I would imagine that type of diagnosis, you look for cures when it hits you out of the blue.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I could be wrong about this, klmh, but I think it later turned out that Jenni McCarthy’s son did not even have autism at all. He has some other kind of syndrome or disorder whose symptoms mimicked/were similar to autism but were NOT autism.

              Like I said, I could be WRONG. I am too busy to look it up right now (and I’m also too lazy. LOL). I THINK this is why SO many people are angry at Jenni for saying that her son’s autism was CURED.

              • Yes, I heard that too but it’s speculation. I think there was an article that suggest it but it didn’t come from Jenny or her camp.

                But really at the end of the day, he had autistic behaviors that were improved with therapy and likely diet- not to mention seizure control. His improvement, didn’t come easy or over night.

              • klmh says:

                Ah, that makes sense. I guess that’s why I haven’t heard about her miracle autism cure.
                Tx Detox

            • Jenny McCathy is a pretty controversial figure in the community, particularly when it comes to immunizations and hbot therapy. It’s not so much that Evan is cured but that he has fallen off the spectrum because a few of the main components to his DX have been resolved or greatly improved. But most importantly, her son also has epilepsy and had a few major seizures which are now well controlled.

              Evan also had many years of VERY, VERY intensive and expensive ABA therapy, about 40 hours a week in a group/school setting on top of OT and speech services.

        • BB says:

          Nice to see you here, Kukulet!

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Hi KuKulet – nice to see you! IMO, Jac has been doing her “research” and filling her binders with Autism information – at the end of the day, she may just not have accepted Nicholas’ diagnosis yet and is still in denial about it.

        • It’s good to see you.
          How do you feel about Jac being on the AC show to talk about it? It seems to me like she is putting herself out as an authority because of her notoriety when she is really new to the diagnosis.

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Exactly. I tweeted the same thing to Jackie.

        My work is in the area of disabilities – specifically with IDEA regulations and compliance. My understanding is that you can do a lot to teach children w/autism skills and mechanisms that will help them to compensate and function better, but I don’t hear talk of curing autism. Jackie has said it in print more than once, so I want to hear her speak more specifically about what she’s getting at there.

        • Orson says:

          The way I see it, if they’re going to talk about the “notion” of a cure/recovery for autism, well, heck, we’ve been doing it here. And we’ve pretty much decided the ‘notion’ of a cure is a cross between denial/whistling in the dark/not understanding the situation.

          • Lady Chatterley says:

            I suspect that Jackie doesn’t understand her son’s condition fully, and has been reading and/or talking to some sources that are leading her down a path of misinformation. I hope that she will be directed to some real helpful informative resources and supports.

        • LuvMyGals says:

          This isn’t a reply to anyone specifically. I’m just jumping in here. Let’s lay off Jacqueline. She’s a mom who has just had an awful blow and the natural hope for any mother is to wish for a cure. I’ve worked with parents in this situation for many many years and hope is what gets them through. Every parent hopes for a cure. How Jacqueline defines that is based on so many new raw feelings and the information she’s bombarded with at this point. Her journey has just started. Dealing with any child’s crisis is so highly personal for parents. Yes, she needs to be strong and she’ll learn the ropes. HOPEFULLY Nicholas will develop skills that will allow him to function so well that his “autistic symptoms won’t be so obvious.” Often children are misdiagnosed so there’s a lot that can happen for this young child. The semantics don’t matter one bit. Jacqueline is entitled to go through this without criticism. It sounds like she’s getting the services her sons need. Please let’s give her the support we would want.

          • I understand and appreciate your feelings, I really do. I totally get where you are coming from and I would be inclined to agree with you but for the fact that Jac is the one who is putting herself and her son’s dx out there. She is the one who is going on the AC show and continues to make statements that send ripples through the autism community.

            I said in another post, she has no idea what she is in for.

            • I agree with you RR.

              There’s no quick understanding of autism. You can read all the literature, talk to professionals and other parents, and develop a good understanding of the basics, but every case is different and working your way through the labyrinth takes time and usually comes from experiencing your child’s progress and setbacks.

              Jac IS putting herself out there, and that’s terrific, if she approaches the subject realistically and intelligently. There’s nothing wrong with using her visibility to heighten awareness. But if she’s promoting the idea that autism can be “cured” or that her son can “recover”, then either she has much to learn before she speaks, or she’s being purposely disingenuous. Either way, it’s going to attract criticism…and no one should be told to “lay off” Jac when she is the one who chooses to put herself out there on the subject.

              And if she’s promoting BLK water as something that can help autism, without any data to back up her claim, then that’s wrong. It just is, and she deserves any criticism she gets for it.

              It’s a minefield and she needs to tread carefully and educate herself more. Having a child with autism doesn’t automatically make the parent an expert. I’ve dealt with autism for 18 years, and worked with my son’s classmates and SO teammates, and it’s taken me years of educating myself and practical experience to gain what little knowledge I
              have, and I don’t consider myself anywhere near to be an expert.

              Autism is a vast mystery.

            • Lady Chatterley says:

              I agree on being supportive. But, if she’s putting information out there that’s questionable, we should discuss and challenge, if appropriate.

          • kendo says:

            I like your attempt!
            I have a friend that works in Home Health Care, he cares for a teenager that has Autism. He takes him to boy scouts, school dances, etc., he has to lead/walk him thru everything. For some reason, he loves doing laundry!

        • grandmadebi says:

          i all, believe me there is no “cure” for autism. it’s would be like curing eye color. you might be able to seem to change it with a different color contact but at sometime the contact comes out and the eye color is what it is,. my daughter has lived with asps for 35 yrs, i remember her first pre-school teacher told me she didn’t know what was different about my daughter but something was and it was serious. at that time there wasn’t a dx of asps but everyone knew she was hyper. we treated the symptoms and worked very hard with her everyday. we being my son and myself. my ex would not accept that his daughter was not perfect. now she is simply a high functioning person but every now and then the asps comes out. she is still working on making that work for her. jenny mc’s name is not spoken in either my son nor me daughters homes. they say she has done severe damage to both the education about autism and immunology.

          • Jenny McCarthy’s name is an epithet in our house.

            McCarthy has publicly long supported the notion that autism is caused by routine immunizations. Not only is there no data to back that up, but it’s also been actually disproven.

            But many parents responded to McCarthy’s proclamations and refused to have their children immunized. Now diseases that we have long taken for granted as being eradicated are reemerging. Recent studies by the CDC suggest that in 20 years, if parents continue to forego routine immunizations for their children, those diseases could reach epidemic proportions again. We spent the better part of the 20th century eliminating those diseases to keep our children safe, and now the situation is regressing. It’s inexcusable.

            Here’s the thing to remember: autism can’t kill your child. Mumps, measles, chicken pox, and polio CAN.

            • grandmadebi says:

              kukulet, my son has a phd in cellular and molecular biology and he is in his 3rd yr. of med school with plans to be an epidemiologist so he is really sensitive about the anti-immunization push he has seen in the last few years. he thinks mcCarthy should be put under a jail for child endangerment and he might by right.

  8. aranda says:

    To the New Jersey Housewives:

    “One loyal friend is worth 10,000 relatives.”


    Family, schmamily…cut your losses and move on! I am Sicilian and have done just that in my personal life, and I highly recommend it!

    Create your own family by surrounding yourself with people who add to rather than subtract from your life. I guarantee you that blood has very little to do with what constitutes true “family”…

  9. WindyCityWondering says:

    Holding onto anger makes you ugly – Dina Manzo. Best line last night and from Caroline’s baby sister no less!

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Yes, but – Teresa is holding onto anger, as well. She doesn’t admit it, but she’s doing it.

      You know, Dina tweeted last night that their conversation was actually in regards to Teresa’s relationship and conflict w/her brother – Bravo edited it to suggest otherwise.

      • BB says:

        I think they are all playing the innocent game. Did Dina really think she would just show up at Teresa’s event and Bravo wouldn’t want her mic’d? She could have refused or left. She knew what was happening and also knows Bravo plays with the editing. It’s her right to try to clarify what happened, but she shouldn’t be shocked by it.

        • scorpiosue1102 says:

          Hear, hear. Everyone on RHONJ plays the innocent victim yet they ALL make choices that contradict that. If Dina is all about good karma, burning sage and being out of the negative why come back on RHONJ for any reason? Why when you are in a tiff with your sister that just happens to shoot for RHONJ? All a bunch of b.s. Get rid of them all.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I agree with you, Scorpio. EVERYONE on RHONJ plays the “innocent” game when they have ALL done wrong and contributed to it. It is NOT fair to place all the blame on ONE person.

        • Lady Chatterley says:

          Yes – Dina kills me when she plays innocent. She knows the game and jumps in w/both feet – when it suits her.

      • cusi77 says:

        Lady C. I read that and I not surprised for that… they are stirring the pot between Dina and Caroline. Caroline’s anger made her look aged and not fun to watch.JMHO.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Hi Cusi! IMO, Caroline is carrying the most anger and it shows in her face – she was actually pretty during the first season, not so much now.

          • cusi77 says:

            Hi mi Windy! I agree with you, Carolines is the one carrying most anger… Not apparent good reason… perhaps is something that happened in Punta Cana… I don’t know but her face is distorted by her inner anger.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I have to be fair and say that I think part of Caroline’s saggy, jowly look also has to do with the fact that she lost weight after her lapband surgery. Once you get past a certain age, skin does just does not bounce back as before. I notice that with many people who lose weight past a certain age: their bodies look great, but their faces look a bit older/more aged. That is why the great French film actress, Catherine Deneuve, has said that, “At a certain age, a woman must choose between her ASS and her FACE.” I think this is why Ms. Deneuve has maintained a little extra plumpness/middle-age weight (She is still beautiful too. I’m sure she has also had a bit of help, despite the fact that the French are known to maintain their skin diligently).

            On TOP of that, Caroline looks the way she looks because she is ANGRY, BITTER and MEAN from WAY DEEP DOWN in her SOUL and in her CORE, IMO.

        • Lady Chatterley says:

          If she is leaving the show, I’m glad for her – all of this ill will has not been good for any of them. Best to walk away.

      • I agree that Teresa is also holding on to anger but the way I see it, is Teresa’s anger is bottled up in denial…and for the rest of them it seems to be coursing through their veins. I’m not sure what is better or worse but the later is definitely more transparent in many interactions, where as Teresa goes off like a grenade.

        • MamaZ says:

          I don’t understand how Dina pointing out editing makes her playing the victim. I watched NJ last night for a change and I thought there was something weird about the conversation while it was on. It seemed like an odd time for Teresa to make the statement about blood being thicker than water. Now that Dina explained it makes more sense.
          We all know that Bravo pulls this crap. Why should they be given a pass? Caroline is furious with Teresa for trying to drive a wedge between herself and Dina. Why aren’t all these people angry with Bravo for twisting these conversations and filming people like the guy accusing melissa of being a stripper?

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I guess because it is easier to be angrier at the “big, bad VILLAIN, Teresa.”

            I think Caroline projects. She claims that Teresa is trying to drive a wedge between her and her family (I assume she is referring to Dina). Is that NOT what Caroline has been doing this season?

            Also, has Teresa had contact with those OTHER siblings that want nothing to do with Caroline? How does Caroline explain that?

            She LOVES to say Teresa never takes any accountability, but I see that with Caroline as well. Jac PUNCHED Caroline in the face (and rightfully so, from what I can understand). Caroline says that Jac only did that because she was suffering from post-partum depression (NOT because Caroline overstepped her boundaries and was being her usual judgmental, critical, mean, bossy, controlling, bitchy self. Jac probably should have punched her TWICE).

          • klmh says:

            $, fame, fortune.

  10. Powell says:

    I got busy and forgot to say good morning. Gave a great day.

  11. cusi77 says:

    Good Morning sweet peeps! Thank you BB for Blogging RHONJ, it was hysterical! Your recap is better than the very own Episode was! It was too rehearsed at moments…Don’t ya think?

    I think that Bravo Producers are responsible for the coming streep-gate and they are using double-faced Kim D…

    The Radio program with the Manzo Family (and Al… thanks for the chuckle!) was painful to watch!

    I can’t see how or why Caroline could come for a 5th. Season… I like Jacq and Chris Laurita, they have a good heart (IMHO) and they have a long way to go…

    • BB says:

      Thanks Cusi. RHONJ is painful for me to watch – period. I for one will be glad when it’s over.

      • cusi77 says:

        BB_ Haa! So true!

        • cusi77 says:

          I prefer to watch Project Runway any Season again and again, than to watch a rerun of ANY HW’s! They make my blood pressure go to a dangerous high levels!

          • BB says:

            Mine too. And I know a lot of it’s smoke and mirrors and not all reality so I don’t know why I care. Maybe it’s because NJ involves families, not just acquaintences.

          • Stars99 says:

            It’s so funny, but I can have a Project Runway or Top Chef on in the background while I’m doing stuff… and I’m fine… but if a HWs comes on… I can feel myself getting more and more tense… lolol… However, if a Bridezilla episode is on.. I have to stop and yell at the tv. lolol… sighs… hello, my name is Stars and I’m a reality show addict.

  12. scorpiosue1102 says:

    I started watching WWHL but I hate Perez Hilton and could only stomach him for so long. I did see the whole “natural” thing and Teresa did mention that her Fabilini (or however you spell it) is all natural too. So if we were to dissect everything said, like the Manzo’s do, is this a dig towards Bethenny’s Skinnygirl or is just trying to get her product mentioned? Who knows at this point.

    • Orson says:

      Has any one read the label on a bottle of Fabulini to see exactly what the ingredientces are?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Oddly enough it was Perez who said he did it (lost the weight) naturally with a better diet and exercise and Teresa congratulated him on that fact. Some people don’t need much of a reason to be defensive or mean.

      • MamaZ says:

        It would have been best if Teresa had just congratualted him without mentioning the lap band.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          True (but it DID make me laugh).

          • disgrazia4d says:

            Yeah, I liked that part the best. Maybe we should all tip toe around Livid Lauren. We don’t want to get her angry. Forget aboudit, that’s her natural state! 😀

            • disgrazia4 says:

              Yeah, I liked that part the best. Maybe we should all tip toe around Livid Lauren. We don’t want to get her angry. Fugetaboudit, that’s her natural state! 😀

              • klmh says:

                I like your thinking d. She is not only young, but because of her mother’s decision to do this show for her family, she has been badgered enough. It seems that she is not a happy person, other than her weight, right now.

                • I just don’t see it like that. She is an adult, collecting a pay check and throwing feces with the rest of them. If some comes her way in response, then that the way it is. If things were the way they should be, NONE of these people would on television.

                  But more so, the worst and most hurtful things I have seen said about her, came from her own mothers mouth. Putting the kibosh on people talking ‘about the kids’ will only reenforce their bad behavior and in the long run, it won’t save them from themselves.

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    Why shouldn’t these adults be fair game? Teresa is somebody’s daughter. Caroline, too, If Teresa and Caroline are fair game as adult women who are collecting paychecks, so too, are the Manzo adult men: chris and albie and the adult woman: lauren. Just my annoying little opinion. Oh just wanted to add: IMO TheGuidice kids are not fair game as they are minors. The Wakile kids, aren’t fair game either as they, too are minors. Jac’s little boys are not fair game either. Jac’s comments and interviews and blogs ARE however FAIR game.

                  • klmh says:

                    I don’t have an issue with you ladies discussing it if it makes you feel better. Go for it. To me its not the right thing to do, thats all.
                    I did criticize Jackie’s daughter at one time, and am sorry I did, although she deserved it. 🙂

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I honestly think she was just trying to get her product mentioned. I did not see it as a dig to Bethenny at all.

      I DO think she was making a dig at either Lauren specifically or the 3 Manzo’s (Lauren, Al AND Caroline) who had lapband surgery. Bethenny – NO, IMO. One or more Manzo’s – YES, IMO.

  13. plainviewsue says:

    Okay, here I go.

    The bulk of the episode showed that you don’t have to have screaming & insanity to have an enjoyable episode. I loved seeing the kiddies getting ready for their first day of school; it brought me back to those days.

    As much as I cannot stand Juicy, I gotta give him props when it is due. He says exactly what he thinks about Caroline, and I loved how he cut off Teresa when she started to talk about the Manzo problems. As much as I agree with Teresa that the Manzo family issues should be discussed on the show as much as the Gorga issues are, Joe was right.

    Melissa’s meetings with Caro & Jacq were so fake. Bravo takes us for fools. Caro didn’t get upset w/Melissa, cos I’m sure Melissa told her before hand, “Listen, I’m gonna have to defend Tre for the cameras. You know that I don’t mean it.” JMO

    When Caroline said I have no clue why people care about what she has to say, I screamed Yes, Caroline finally gets it!!!!!! Her husband is so unsupportive of her & her kids truly are as stupid as the appear to be. I did like how Lauren called out Critopher on his gaining weight. The Red Queen didn’t look happy about that.

    Now, the editing of the events. Dina was tweeting up a storm last night, cos she didn’t understand why Teresa told her none of the women would be there to support her. She’s right, if the sequence of events were as Bravo presented it. She soon learned, I believe on twitter, that the sequence was first Bravo Fashion show, then filming of reunion & THEN Fabillinni party. I guess those Bravo sneaks thought they’d fool us all. They wanted to get Dina into the show & this is how they did it.

    So Melissa wasn’t babysitting cos of the Faballinni party. That was a ruse. She most likely took them for a play date. It all makes sense. If she was truly babysitting for a NIGHT TIME event, she would’n’t have taken them during the day, and she would have been watching Gia and Audriana as well. Boy, we really are a bunch of idiots if Bravo thinks they can fool us, aren’t we???????

    As for WWHL, Andy is a joke. Why would he ask Teresa why she didn’t invite Jacq to the party, when he knew that it was filmed after the Posh Fashion show and the reunion that Jac didn’t even show up to. Teresa, who unlike Jac & her psycho mom, don’t spoil episodes, came through w/an answer.

    You all know I am firmly in Teresa’s camp, but I don’t think she came off the best on WWHL. Yes, the Manzo kids plus Greg have been tireless in tweeting and knocking her but she didn’t have to bring up the lapband. And even worse was her answer to Andy that for Joe to make up for the disgusting, horrific words he called her, he gave her diamonds. Bad answer. Esp with their financials.

    Oh yeah, Kathy. My lord, this woman cannot return for next season. I expected Richie to start coming on to those tour guides of the school!

    • Carwtheels says:

      I agree with you 100% except that I think that Teresa has the right (even if it doesn’t look good) tpo take some swipes at the Manzo, why she has to take the high road when they have mopped the floor with her for two seasons with no accountability?

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I kinda agree (Shrug). I mean, Teresa waited a LONG time before firing back. I think when she saw what Caroline said about her marriage was when she started to take her gloves off. I mean, she addressed the Gia thing, but she was far less angry about that than I would have been. She let a LOT of stuff slide (all the nasty interviews and tweets since the Season 3 Reunion; having to view the episodes where she was being talked about CONSTANTLY by people she THOUGHT were her friends and by her OWN family).

        You can only kick a dog so much before it BITES your ass back! Even GOOD dogs get tired and show you their teeth before they jump your ass. I think when Teresa addressed the “skeletons” in Caroline’s closet, she was “showing her teeth” to Caroline (like, “Watch it, Bitch! You keep fu*king with me, and I will come back at you with the SAME fury. You forget that I was friends with you and your family members for YEARS!!! So, I KNOW where plenty of you guys’ bodies are buried.”).

        I think when Teresa saw Caroline claim that she was in the car with Teresa and her Mother, and she heard Teresa saying things to turn her mother against Joey, that is when she took her other glove off and began to GROWL and hunch so she could get ready to JUMP and lock her TEETH AND JAWS in like a kicked-so-many-times dog would (not just “show her teeth.” That is when, IMO, Teresa probably thought, “I have kept quiet about all of you guys’ dirt and skeletons out of respect for Dina and your mother, Nettie, but since you, Caroline specifically, had NO respect for MY mother by LYING about nasty things I said to her about my brother in front of you….oh, BITCH!!! It is ON like DONKEY KONG!! LET’S GO!!”)

        I am pretty sure it was at the Reunion that Teresa BIT BACK AND SHE BIT BACK HARD!!

        And I cannot say that I blame her one bit.

    • disgrazia4 says:

      Such a good read Sue! I so agree with you. But I still say that her foibles keep her genuine and that if I stood in her shoes, I’m certain wouldn’t be as successful as she is at holding my tongue. The more she holds it, the worse they look. There is a line in a song, B Movie, by Elvis Costello ❤ that reminds me of Teresa:

      Though you think I'm unkind, I'm being as nice as I can.

    • VV says:

      Exactly! … I do think the Manzo clan was told by there PR people to zip it last night shortly after MiniChukie-LapBand started her twitter rant against Teresa. Gregg is now their mouthpiece.

    • klmh says:

      Mmm, I think Caroline listened to Melissa because she respects what M. is trying to do with their family dynamic, and I also believe she respects her opinions.

  14. disgrazia4 says:

    Hey, can someone take me out of moderation. I have important news, LOL!

  15. Great recaps BB, especially RHONJ. I fell asleep last night, so missed most of the episode and WWHL. Reading the blog from last night and this am, now I don’t even have to waste time watching it.

    Bravo is ripping off these maroons, and us with this sh*tty show. For the love of $, these maroons are destroying their family and friendships. Andy schmandy, how awful to ask Teresa why didn’t she invite Jac to the Fabellini promo partay, when Teresa can’t even say “because it was AFTER strippergate, not BEFORE like they are showing on RHONJ.” Really Andy, really?

    OMG loved the comments about Perez looking like a Geico caveman! Ha! I did wake up for a few minutes, long enough to see Caveman saying he wants some of what Andy gets, meaning Andy is getting lots of sex…..ewwww really Caveman? Ya had to go there? It’s obvious why Caveman doesn’t get the groupie sex that supposedly Andy gets. I had nightmares about Perez’s teeth. They are wolflike, his teeth. Yikes.

    Have a great day everybody, we are having a gorgeous day here in central NJ. 🙂

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      You know, would it kill them to just let the events play out as they occur? It’s all dramatic enough, they don’t have to play w/the timeline.

  16. EmilyHO says:

    Just for the record, as far as Teresa labeling her drink “natural,” there are no US labeling laws in regards to that word. It’s all a crock, anything can be considered natural. The only thing that holds any weight is certified organic. Therefore, Teresa’s carbonated sugar wine isn’t any more natural than skinny girl. It’s a buzz word, used as a marketing ploy. Look it up, I’m not kidding. Personally, I don’t even see how they can call skinny girl, skinny. It’s got 120 calories in 4 freaking ounces!!!!

  17. scorpiosue1102 says:

    One major thing that was talked about on WWHL was the phone call Juicy Joe received in Napa. Andy straight out asked her and of course Teresa stuck up for Joe saying it was a co-worker and then afterwards it was a worker of his that did not speak English. Teresa looked uncomfortable, IMHO and stumbled on some words at the beginning. She says she’s in it for better or for worse and this was the worse. But it’s all good because Juicy Joe bought her diamonds *insert eyeroll*.

    • Poor Teresa, she can’t do anything without getting spit on. If she were smart, she would take the diamonds, dump his juiceless ass, get a spin-off, and find a man that wouldn’t cheat on her. Sigh. Never gonna happen. 😦

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I hate to say this, but I really do NOT think Joe bought Teresa’s ass ANYBODY’S diamonds. I think she said that just to save face. JMHO.

        I agree with everything else you said in your post, though. 😀

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Andy asked that question as a ‘throw away”-he knew Teresa has already discussed the phone call in magazines and so forth so asking about it again was only to cause discomfort. Lets be real-Teresa is no genius and is quick to shove her foot in her mouth-Andy knows this and loves it. Ask her a question and watch her fall. The diamond answer was stupid but Bravo GOLD-now everyone can scream about Joe spending money that he dosent have…etc. I think Teresa thought she was being cute with her answer-(she does have the mentality of a teenager) but she would have been wise to tell Andy to MYOB and move on.

      • Jill IMO that’s why people love Teresa, she just says it, doesn’t think it thru for damage control. Most of her fans don’t care about her past with not paying taxes, mortgage fraud, etc. They just love her regardless. I believe it’s her genuine nature that makes her so popular, and she’s fun to watch becaues she really is happy. Now the Angry Chuckie should learn from that. Nobody wants to buy anything from a bitter clown!

        Caroline saying that it’s Teresa’s fault that the Brownstone is losing business is her latest reason to hate Teresa. Those Manzos just can’t take it that Teresa is successful. And I love that!

        • disgrazia4 says:

          The Manzos love boarding the hate train. Food for the soul? Great post Blue

        • PJ says:

          As to who is responsible for all the craziness of RHONJ for the reasons you stated I just don’t care. All I know is that the RHONJ housewives love to gang up on people and by that I mean one person. It was Danielle and they were obsessed with her and now it’s Teresa and they are just as obsessed with her; whoever they are ganging up on is evil incarnate in their (Caroline’s) eyes. What I see is Caroline being mean and a bully and doing EXACTLY what she accuses Teresa of; and of course she blames Teresa for EVERYTHING, even business losses. Is Teresa totally innocent or partially responsible for the negative feelings of the rest of the NJ cast? I don’t care because they have done this before it’s their pattern, and no one person could be as horrible as they are painting Teresa to be and as innocent as the rest of the cast wants us to think they are. We all bought it when it was Danielle but really why should someone be judged on something that happened in their long distant past? I didn’t like Danielle but what was done to her was mean, and in my opinion Caroline spearheaded the take down Danielle operation just like she is in my opinion is spearheading the take down Teresa campaign. I think Caroline and everyone around her need to ask themselves, with the help of a good mental health professional, exactly why Caroline has to have an enemy to take down. As to Jacqueline why does she hold Teresa to a higher standard than she holds herself? Why do they all? Melissa I have no idea what her deal I but I do think she does have an agenda. Saint Kathy is a waste of time to comment on I fast forward through all of her scenes.

        • Caroline says it’s Teresa’s fault the Brownstone is losing business? When/where was this?

          • BB says:

            I think rumor is that it was said at the reunion. Something about posting negative comments on their website or some such nonsense. I may be wrong about that though.

        • klmh says:

          Did Caroline really blame Teresa for the Brownstone?

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            It is just a rumor right now, klmh. One of the “inside sources” at the reunion claimed that Caroline told Teresa that she wrote nasty reviews about the Brownstone online, which caused them to lose business.

            Maybe Caroline did not even say that. We will not know until the reunion.

            If she DID say it, I am wondering why Caroline is not factoring in the bad economy and blaming these so-called bad reviews ALLEGEDLY written about the Brownstone by Teresa (which I do NOT believe, by the way. Milania probably did it whenever she would get off the bus from kindergarten each day and spent extra time doing it on weekends. Joe and Teresa probably slipped Milania a few extra slices of pizza or a few bucks for her efforts).

            • klmh says:

              hehe. Should be interesting. I will say I think Caroline is telling the truth about rumors T. said. She showed her colors last night and in several interviews. Passive aggressive because she feels she has been hurt by them, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, as C. mentioned earlier. The information we received about T. and J. being bankrupt came as a surprise to C. She said she didn’t believe it, or that the house was on the market either, the first season.
              If this doesn’t make any sense, Im watching Djokovic and Murray play and I’ll tell you its wild1 The wind is blowing like crazy and Im zigging and zagging just watching this!

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                I respectfully disagree because I am having a harder and harder time believing much of what Caroline says these days. BUT, I am smart enough to know that I do NOT know everything. So, you COULD be RIGHT and I COULD be wrong. I just do not see how Teresa would have the TIME, with everything else she’s got going on, to do that foolishness. I supposed she could squeeze it in by doing it on her phone while waiting to pick her kids up or waiting for meetings to start and such.

                If she DID, I want HER secret to multi-tasking because I kinda SUCK at it sometimes. LOL

      • disgrazia4 says:

        Good assessment, I totally agree.

  18. disgrazia4 says:

    I’ve tried three times now.

  19. disgrazia4 says:

    Hi everyone. Haven’t finished reading the blog yet but just wanted to let you all know that I highly recommend reading these blogs as well today for inside source info on next week’s epi and the reunion.**

    Also, I posted this status on FB this am.

    I watched WWHL and did not see Andy Cohen make any mention of Lynn Hudson, It was sad to realize that, even though one of his guests was Perez Hilton, whom he introduced to the audience as a celebrity who made his start as a blogger, he was unable to segue this into a mention of our dear Lynn, whose Blog soared above the efforts of Hilton. Perhaps the jackhole/mazel game took to long or perhaps Cohen is only showing his insensitivity yet again. Well we don’t need no stinkin’ mention. A nod of distinction may not be forthcoming but it is plain to many, the mark that Lynn herself left on the franchise she so thoroughly enjoyed. Mention or no from Andy, we Watched That Happen, thank you very much.*

    Also, Detox , I tried sending you another link of the reddish egret, who angry stance immediately brought to mind Don Caro getting ready for a reunion. Detox’s hysterically funny and accurate description of Caro’s hair looking like a chicken danced in it cams to mind too. I am hoping Boston sees this and can provide a perfect caption for it. I will add it to the photo section of the FB group.,r:2,s:59,i:273*

    Okay, back to reading, so much to read..and talk about. Until we meet again, ciao for now!
    Okay, fourth time and with stars!

  20. disgrazia4 says:

    Hi everyone. Haven’t finished reading the blog yet but just wanted to let you all know that I highly recommend reading these blogs as well today for inside source info on next week’s epi and the reunion.

  21. disgrazia4 says:

    Also, I posted this status on FB this am.

    I watched WWHL and did not see Andy Cohen make any mention of Lynn Hudson, It was sad to realize that, even though one of his guests was Perez Hilton, whom he introduced to the audience as a celebrity who made his start as a blogger, he was unable to segue this into a mention of our dear Lynn, whose Blog soared above the efforts of Hilton. Perhaps the jackhole/mazel game took to long or perhaps Cohen is only showing his insensitivity yet again. Well we don’t need no stinkin’ mention. A nod of distinction may not be forthcoming but it is plain to many, the mark that Lynn herself left on the franchise she so thoroughly enjoyed. Mention or no from Andy, we Watched That Happen, thank you very much.

    Also, Detox , I tried sending you another link of the reddish egret, who angry stance immediately brought to mind Don Caro getting ready for a reunion. Detox’s hysterically funny and accurate description of Caro’s hair looking like a chicken danced in it cams to mind too. I am hoping Boston sees this and can provide a perfect caption for it. I will add it to the photo section of the FB group.

    Reddish Egret 9388

    Okay, back to reading, so much to read..and talk about. Until we meet again, ciao for now!

    Okay, I hope this works. X fingers

  22. BB says:

    Well I guess there’s no need to watch the reunion because everybody seems to already know everything that happened! LOL.

    • disgrazia4 says:

      I totally hear you BB!!!!!! 😀

    • Orson says:

      I’ll never understand how someone can keep score of every slight (real or imagined) and claim “I don’t hold grudges”. Or say “I never said X was a father raping, mother stabbing, drug dealing, child molesting, kitten drowner, I just said there was a rumor that X was a father raping, mother stabbing, drug dealing, child molesting, kitten drowner.” Is this a High School internecine warfare/psyops thing that I’m just genderly unequipped to understand? Anyway, I expect there will be much of this going on at the reunion.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I hate to say this as a WOMAN, Orson, but some of this B.S. is typical of many women (and, yes, it may be hard for you, as a man, to understand): a whole lot of sh*t-stirring and gossiping and competitiveness and jealousy and pointing fingers and talking behind each other’s backs. A lot of it is pretty high school and does seem like petty warfare.

        I hope I do NOT get bashed for saying this as a Woman myself. I have great, great girlfriends, but I can only be friends with certain KINDS of women: straightforward; no B.S.; direct; mature; no backstabbing; very little gossiping; supportive; and NOT jealous. I do NOT have time for those women that are always involved in drama and sh*t-stirring and mess and “manufactured” drama.

        Life gives us enough REAL drama (cancer, autism, fatal car accidents, unemployment, suicides, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.). I would rather preserve my energy for dealing with the REAL drama Life throws my way instead of WASTING it on a buncha B.S., which is what, unfortunately, many women are into for some reason.

        It’s like that Chris Rock joke where he said, “Men and Women are SO different. Men can have a problem with each other. They mouth off at each other for a little bit. Then they each have an all-out argument or a fistfight where they work it out afterwards and are DONE with it, no hard feelings, OR they are done with each other for good. That’s it. No more talking about the dude. That’s it.

        Women, on the other hand, are a bit different. For intance, my girlfriend, EVERY SINGLE DAY, would come home and tell me about one of her co-workers who she felt was trying to sabotage her at work, “Chris, that BITCH, today she did this. I am not fooled by her, though. I know what she is up to.” The next day, “Chris, that BITCH was at it again. She has got it out for me. I am not even going to talk to her, though. I did tell some of our other co-workers behind her back what I think she is up to, though!” The next day, “Chris, with what that BITCH did today, I now know for sure that SHE….IS….TRYING….TO…..DESTROYYYYYYYYY……MEEEEEEEE!!!”

        His response, “Damn, Baby! You just work in GIFT WRAP! Really?!!”

        Funny but kinda true sometimes when it comes to women.

    • T-Rex says:

      Well, you all know I won’t be watching! Look if EVERYONE, family, friends, etc. say you have changed you are not the same person, then you probably aren’t and you need to own it, not make excuses. The Juicy’s are lying, scheming, thieves who have been caught outright, and now they are getting their comeuppance, it’s about time.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Ah, the past two seasons have been the classic mean girl ice out – Teresa is the target and she can’t do anything about it. IMO, she hasn’t changed (except for becoming successful in her outside business ventures) but the rest of them have. It’s petty and juvenile. Should Teresa not return next season then Melissa will be the target – this is the way the Red Queen rolls.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          The Lauritas and the Wakile’s are also lying, scheming thieves who have been caught outright. Check the public records. It is not just Teresa and Joe. Joey also played real shady with that house in which he now resides, and he knows it. Let’s face it: This New Jersey Crew does not consist of the most ethical and law-abiding of citizens.

          • MKValle says:

            I got this from Huffington Post today, Rob Shuter of course, about taping the reunion show.
            “One of the funniest moments of the taping was when Caroline’s daughter, Lauren Manzo, picked random words from Teresa’s blog and asked her what they meant. Teresa’s responses caused many to laugh and wonder who actually writes her blog.”

            I hope they don’t cut that part out!

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Well, if rumors are to be believed, Teresa called Caroline out on the fact that her husband has had a mistress for the past 25-years or so. I hope they do not cut THAT part out. 😉

              Teresa also ALLEGEDLY said that Caroline was the one who told her that Jac was a stripper. I hope they do not cut THAT part out. 😉

              BTW, Rob Shuter has been fired so many times (once by Paris Hilton) for lying and/or making up stories. In fact, I think he told a lie that caused Paris Hilton to have to go to court (or at least be deposed in the matter) because someone sued her over Rob Shuter’s LIE.

              Rob Shuter was ALSO the one who caused so many problems for Bethenny when he said Bethenny LIED about her Forbes deal and the amount she received. I think Forbes came out in support of Bethenny and basically said that Rob did not know what the HELL he was talking about. After this, Rob Shuter was not even MAN enough to issue a retraction of his LIES about Bethenny and her Forbes deal.

              Is there any PARTICULAR reason you directed this quote (which has absolutely NOTHING to do to the particular post of mine to which you are responding) to ME, specifically? I sense some underlying hostility (which I believe is a result of the last time you and I interacted on this Board when you claimed Teresa was uneducated, and I told you she did have a degree. You basically tried to insult my intelligence by claiming that I got that information from Wikipedia. I did not get ugly with you, but I DID respond showing you how you were WRONG about what you said about whether or not Teresa has a degree). If that is the case, I really do NOT have time for it today, MK. I have a cold, and I am about to watch “Basketball Wives-L.A.” so I can prepare a blog for tomorrow if I can work through my cold.

              I have nothing against you. I try my best to be respectful to commenters on this Board. My opinion just so happens to be different from yours on certain issues and people on RHONJ. That should NOT be a big deal. So, please do not start with me this evening. I am sick. I have something else to do, and I am not in the mood.

              No offense. Let’s act like adults, shall we? I can do it if you can. 😀

              • LaineyLainey says:

                OT here, Detox but how was your walk the other day. Yesterday? How much/far are you walking? good luck with your goals, just want to encourage you to continue, you seem to be doing great. Now if I could or something could light a match under my pirate pad, I’d be doing great.

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  My walk was great. Thanks for asking, Lainey. We only walked for 30 minutes because I want to start off slowly. My ultimate goal is to get up to 45-60 minutes of cardio in 4-5 times a week and add some weight training so I can one day look like a STONE COLD FOX.

                  I also did 10 minutes on an exercise bike I have at home. It’s not much, but I eventually would like to work up to doing 30 minutes on that thing. Once my Doc put me on thyroid medication, I decided to get back into working out because, when my thyroid went crazy, I could NOT lose weight no matter how much I dieted and exercised. I was told that this is normal. The only way it would happen again for me is if I got on the right dose of thyroid medication. Once I started the medication, I decided to start moving again. (*Fingers crossed*).

                  Thank you so much for your encouragement! I know what you mean about needing a fire lit under your butt. I HATE exercising….but it MUST be done (unfortunately). 😦

    • LaineyLainey says:

      and then you have me…I know nothing!!! and I’ll be watching.

  23. Orson says:

    How long does it usually take to be accepted into the FB Friends of LynnNChicago group?

  24. Lady Chatterley says:

    Hey Everyone,

    Please see the blog update above – I’ve added a WWHL Recap from our own Little Newton – she did a really great job. Thanks, so much, Little Newt!

    Lady C

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Lady C, I saw the additions to another stellar blog. I loved BB anything, but Little Newton sure did a great write up also. Thank you all so much. The blogs, the comments, the POV’s & the frustration with the lot of them (HW,HH,Hkids) great reading. Hope everyone is in the middle of a great day, Lisa

  25. Putchka says:

    Hi, everyone… adore all who put so much work into this. Much appreciated as this was always my “go to spot” first thing in the morning. Especially after an episode of Real Housewives. Cause I would sit there and say “Did they really say that or did they really do that?” I’d come here for a reality verification. Anyway, NJ is such a yawn. I am a somewhat intelligent person, even though I watch this crap and hide it like a liquor bottle. I can’t defend my addiction anymore… I’ve reached rock bottom with NJ (loving NY, though). Teresa is such a maroon, asking, on national TV, her husband to stick his digit up her butt. For laughs. She is so DUMB she doesn’t have a clue to what’s funny or not, especially to her “fans”. I can’t with her. She showed her true colors on that other A**hole show, Celebrity Apprentice. She was beneath the radar and didn’t dare confront the others who had brains and talent. I’m pissed that such a stupid woman is making a fortune being, well, stupid. Snooki all grown up. OK, rant over. Love you guys!

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      You hide your NJ addiction like a liquor bottle! 🙂

      You know, I wear it w/pride. And my husband, who used to side-eye me when I watched it, now turns it on when I’m not home, and sits down and comments on it when I am home.

      It’s contagious, you know!

      • Putchka says:

        Hi Lady C, always look forward to your comments! I lve with my father (taking care of him). He’s so old he doesn’t care. But if we have visitors I immediately change channels. Your hubby is an enabler ha ha. (He sounds like a doll).

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        lol – my hubby always seems to wander into the den when RHs are on and pretends he is busy with his Blackberry! Last night he made a comment about looking for colleges after Labor Day – I left him with his dignity and didn’t say anything!!

        • Lady Chatterley says:

          I’m out of town today and called my husband last night to check in. He told me he was watching the Steeler’s game, but was switching back and forth between that and RHONJ! Now, when the Steelers are sharing time w/RHONJ – well, my husband’s in deep, that’s all I gots to say. 🙂

        • Putchka says:

          Pretty funny Chicago lady. Always leave them with dignity!

  26. Powell says:

    Guys don’t kill me but for the very 1st time I’m going to agree w/Joe,Giudice. Ohh that hurt. Joe is so right that T and Caroline were never that close, it was Dina and Jac that she was close to and that Caroline’s kids are her friends. 🙂

    • MamaZ says:

      And that Caroline’s problems with her sibs were none of Teresa’s business.

      • disgrazia4 says:

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Joe Guidice, the voice of reason for RHONJ!! 😀

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I think that Joe (although I am still SUPER-PISSED OFF at him), to his credit and despite his flaws, has had many of these people’s “numbers” for a long time. He tolerated them because Teresa asked him to do so.

          He has BEEN telling her that her brother and sister-in-law mean her no good and will stab her in the back every chance they get. He was tired of hearing her constantly complain about it when he told her to STOP DEALING WITH THEM ENTIRELY A LONG TIME AGO.

          He knows that Kathy is a passive-aggressive sh*t stirrer who will stick it to Teresa whenever she gets the chance. He knows Rich is slimy. He also knows that Teresa’s brother acts like a bit of a whiny, spoiled, titty-baby, GIRLIE BRAT. He tolerated Joey for Teresa’s sake, IMO.

          He knows that Caroline is a BITCH and BORING. He just kept it to himself until Teresa had a problem with her.

          He knows that Jac is unstable and has pretty much called her a “do-do bird who needs to mind her own business.”

          I think he REALLY, REALLY DID like/love Chris Laurita, though.

          Joe can be a bad and insensitive and thoughtless husband who does dumb and shady things. I hate to say this, but he calls it like he sees it…and, oftentimes, he is RIGHT.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hi, my name is Lisa & I have issues. I am slinking in to raise my hand. This is not the first time I have had to agree with him, I am starting to get scared. I thought when he said that Manzo family drama is none of T’s business it needed to be said.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Me too. Like you, I hated that I agreed with him last night (because I am still very angry with him! Hell, I’m acting like he’s MY damned husband!! LOL).

      • Powell says:

        Holding my right hand up I will recite-“Hi, my name is Powell & I have issues. I’m slinking in to raise my handisa we need help. 😉

      • LOL with you all. Joe Gu and Chris L kind of remind me of each other in that sense, both are very much about “MYOB” but most of me thinks it’s because in turn, they don’t want people poking around their business (because they are hiding stuff).

  27. Powell says:

    Y’all tell me Victoria didn’t go to the University of MD? Damn. I might run into Ritchie and Kathy?

  28. ATLnNYC09 says:

    Does anyone know who drudged up the strip club owner that claims to know Melissa? Its people saying its Teresa so why does she act like she doesnt know him in the previews for next week? IMO the only people that do a stellar job at resurrecting the past are the same ones that dug up a book that hadnt been in print for 10+ years about events that took place 25+ years ago to use as part of a hate campaign to destroy a season 1, 2 ex-cast member.

    • disgrazia4 says:

      That was the gossip I posted 2 links for above. Sources who were there and are considered to be good say that Kim D brought him in.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Like I said earlier, from what I read, Melissa has a LOT of enemies in that area. I also read that Kim D. has a PERSONAL problem with Joey Gorga for a few reasons:

        1) she and Fabulous Fred, who did the big Christmas Charity Party and Joey and Melissa’s house in Season 3, and Fred’s wife are allegedly very good friends. Fabulous Fred billed Joey $50,000 for the party. Joey was refusing to pay him and ignoring his letters and calls to do so. Fred was going to publically embarrass Joey about the fact that he owed him money and refused to pay. Because she is friends with Teresa and, at the time, was a friend to both Joey and Melissa, Kim D. begged Fred not to do it and said she would handle it with Joey. She supposedly talked to Joey about it, and he told Kim D. he would pay Fred. Well, at a subsequent party thrown by Kim D, and being filmed by BRAVO, someone brought up the fact that Joey still owed Fred that $50,000. Kim D., allegedly thinking that this must have been approved by BRAVO beforehand, agreed that Joey DID still owe it, and she thought Joey had paid him (or something like that). She allegedly said this in front of Melissa and Joey. Melissa and Joey allegedly went ballistic (probably because it was on camera and makes them look like LESS than the “ballers” they are appearing to be on the show). Joey allegedly cursed Kim and told her very ugly things and called her “a coke whore.”

        This did not go down too well with Kim D., who also is allegedly friends with some of those people in town who cannot stand Melissa.

        2) Afterwards, Melissa was allegedly going around town badmouthing Kim D’s store and actively promoting OTHER stores instead of Posche out of vindictiveness.

        So, ol’ Kim D. had a few scores to settle with Joey and Melissa herself (as did, allegedly, some of her other friends, including Fabulous Fred).

        Add in Melissa’s enemies, possibly Caroline (who loves to dig up people’s pasts and cannot STAND it when people close to her continue to associate with those she has ORDERED them NOT to), and BRAVO Producers and STIR!!

        VOILA: T.V. GOLD!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Fame Whorgas blog today lays the whole sorted mess out – there are a lot of busy little mischief makers in Franklin Lakes! lol

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Hi WCW,hope you are enjoying what my southern hubs calls outdoor air-conditioning lol. That FameWhorgas blog is a hoot. I see that PVSue it a popular tweeter that gets alot of play by the blogger & alot of familiar names from here used to create the FWhorga blog. This person really compiles a succinct time line with tweets & comments from all over the web. Alot of time has to go in those timelines, I don’t read comments so no clue if this blogger is making friends or haters, I just read em, Lisa

  29. LuvMyGals says:

    BB and everyone – thanks for all of your work on the excellent recaps. I will try to catch a rerun only because I want to see Caroline left hanging with no calls. It makes me laugh just thinking about it!

  30. ATLnNYC09 says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Tre and Joe took the wrong baby home from the hospital in terms of Gabriella? That child is so precious and well behaved. Mild mannered and so sweet. She does not fit into that family at all. In the back of my mind I wonder if the real Giudice child is running around New Jersey raising hell, pulling hair, swinging babies and talking about ol’ trolls (I do love Milania).

    • LaineyLainey says:

      That’s hilarious, ATL!! the thought of the lost Guidice shocking everyone in NJ. I do see Joe in Gabriela, though. Do you not see the physical similarity? Maybe I just want to see it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Gabriella and Audrianna both look like Joe – love those beautiful blue eyes. Teresa has said that Gabriella doesn’t like to be on camera. IMO, all the kids are different, some more so than others – remember when Gia was loud and bratty? They are growing up so quickly!

      • MamaZ says:

        I thought Milania was adorable in last night’s episode. How cute when she didn’t understand why her sister couldn’t play with her at recess.

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Hi MamaZ, the best chuckle of the night was Melania afraid no one would know her name. Legend has it that my first day of Kindergarten I was directed to my seat was & told the teacher, I will sit where I want. Who do you think you are, the president of the United States? It is why I am over the moon my kids life looks nothing like mine lol, Lisa

          • LaineyLainey says:

            My daughter, after having removed all of her exterior clothing on the playground and running around in a little slip w/small petticoat attached, told her kindergarten teacher” I do NOT have to put my clothes back on. I was hot and besides, I am wearing clothes. My mommy lets me wear what ever I want. My mommy picks her battles and she doesn’t want to fight about clothes.” Her teachers were so mad (she had 2 teachers, well one was amused, the other one was pissed off). My daughter was so emotional about her clothing, socks and shoes that I’d decided not to fight with her about this as long as she was following dress code for her preschool. But this was kindergarten now and the dress code was more strict and well-defined. I just explained it to her and she was fine. But I will never forget that. She was quiet like Gabriela, but Oh my goodness, quiet does not mean weak. She would come at those kids who teased her (she stuttered); I mean, she let them have it. i.e. jumping onto a table and kicking them in the head. She was my quiet Milania if there is such a thing. If she got mad, she could pick up her peers and throw them out of sheer adrenaline. You wouldn’t know it to look at her, she was so feminine looking with bows in her hair, ruffled socks, her hair gelled back in cute ponies or half ponies – that she did completely by herself. She would not let me touch her hair. Yes, I know I was the parent, but she would sob all day if I imposed my style on her. I was so strict about other things, that I decided to let that stuff go. It encouraged her feelings of competence and independence; and frankly I liked that side of her.

            • Lisa Renee says:

              Lainey, I love your child declaring that her mommy picks her battles, hahahaha! Your child sounds like my sister, “I don’t get mad, I get even”. I was rough & tumble my sister was all frills & lace. When my kid was in Pre-K she kicked a child while it was nap time. When I asked why, she said he made me mad so I waited till he wasn’t looking. She was reprimanded by me & it never happened again, but she has that in her also & you would never know it to look at her. ITA about liking that side of your child, it maybe an age appropriate struugle, but the end result is amazing. Lisa

          • LaineyLainey says:

            By the way, I love your answer to the teacher “Who do you think you are…” so funny. The teacher was probably stunned. LOL!!!

            • Lisa Renee says:

              Lainey, DD had no filter at all & if she did something she owned it. Every one knew my name in the office & not in a good way. Vice Pricipal had my mother on speed dial 3rd-6th grade. I apologized to my mom, alot & often. Thanked her for not killing me, alot & often. Lisa

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      LOL!! I think Gabriella looks like Joe’s sister.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      ROFL. ATL, for the longest time I thought the SAME thing. Then I saw Joe’s mother and recognized Gabriella’s strong resemblance to her immediately. Then little Audriana came along, and I think she and Gabriella do look a bit a like. I think Gabriella and Audriana took more after Joe and his side of the family, while Gia and Milania took more after Teresa and her side.

  31. Powell says:

    When I was in high school and girls no longer wanted to be friends w/one another it usually was “Done” within a week or so. It’s taken Caroline 2 damn yrs to be done w/T. Sheeshhh!! Is it gonna be done at the reunion you think?

  32. Powell says:

    You know I love my family but I don’t want them to go everywhere w/me. Damn why can’t Caroline go w/o her family sometimes? These ladies have me cursing today. I’m sorry everyone. 😉

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I wonder the SAME damned thing, Powell. It’s like where are Caroline’s FRIENDS her OWN age? I did see that Deloris chick a few times, and she appeared to be a friend of Caroline. Then, she was never seen again. I read that Deloris was also friends with Dina. So, maybe that’s why we no longer see her (Shrug).

  33. Thanks so much to everyone for their blogs. It was much appreciated. I enjoyed reading last nights chat too but by the time I saw the show, most of you all were gone 😦

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Been there! Hate that feeling of being the last to arrive at a party…sound of crickets.

      Sometimes, it’s just a lull and if you wait a bit, the West Coasters jump on.

      • MamaZ says:

        I went to an Apple Festival yesterday. It was great but I was so tired when I got back I did little more than check email.

  34. Powell says:

    Woo I see I missed the Wakile’s visit last yr. I’m surprised UMD showed them the older dorms and not the newer ones off campus. I would’ve to lure them in. But that’s just me.

  35. Last night my mom and I had the following conversation:
    Stella: You know Adrienne is saying that Paul was abusive towards her and the kids?

    Stella’s mom: Remind me who that is again.

    Stella: You know the one in Beverly Hills who was always bickering with her husband.

    Stella’s mom: & who is going to believe that dumb a$$?

    Stella: Well he said it was actually Adrienne who was more agressive.

    Stella’s mom: I believe that just from what I saw on t.v.

    Not to make light of domestic abuse of any kind but it seems that this will be a hard story for Adrienne to sell cause even my mom who is a casual viewer ain’t buying it. Though my mom is a good judge of things and every time she makes an observation about someone it is usually true.

    • BB says:

      Stella, Your conversations with your mom make me smile. 🙂

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Stella, great story. I loved watching HW’s with my mom. I say your mom as a casual viewer is why some of us can not see Paul as the aggressor. She really opened a Pandora’s Box with those claims against him. Is Adrienne really going to hop on the TIT train? Grasping at straws & desperate times if you are willing to align yourself with Taylor. Ad was not very supportive of Taylor when she was sporting “a blackeye” & now they are kindred spirits???? Is it possible Adriene never told Bernie to STFU because he really did have a front row seat of how hardcore she was towards Paul? If Adrienne writes I am survivor of abuse book……then she better hope that Bravo never shows her position of “I would leave in a minute” while Taylor begged for understanding for not being as strong a woman as Adrienne all while having little empathy for Taylor when sitting with Dr. NoSocks. I had a tough time seeing Taylor as a “victim”, will never buy Adrienne being a “victim”. My two cents, Lisa

    • MelTheHound says:

      After Stella’s mom: & who is going to believe that dumb a$$?, That would have been it. I would have been on the floor LMAO 😆

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I’m with your Mom, Stella!

  36. WindyCityWondering says:

    I found it interesting to learn that sister Cookie was at Dina’s house when Teresa stopped by after the patio ambush. Wondering if she spilled that convo to Caroline and Wacky Jacky? It would make Teresa and Wacky’s make up in Napa make more sense and it would drive Caroline nuts because she had no control over the conversation.

  37. BB says:

    No Bravo blogs from any of the NJ ladies yet. I wonder if they’re DONE since the reunion has wrapped.

  38. MamaZ says:

    Kathy annoyed th heck out of me last night.

    I’m from a traditional Italian family too, one of 5 girls and we all went to college. So did most of my aunts and uncles who are much older than Kathy.

    Also University of Maryland isn’t very far from NJ. They acted like she was moving to the west coast.
    The dorm rooms were pretty standard. It irritates me when parents get bent out of shape about the size and lack of closet space. Your precious little snowflake doesn’t need an entire suite to his or herself. Learn to live in close quarters and do with less stuff. Those lessons are as important as anything you will learn in a lecture hall!

    • BB says:

      I agree about the dorm rooms. There was no room in the freshman dorm when my DD transferred to a new college mid-term, so she roomed with a Senior. Of course the Senior had already taken up most of the available space for herself, so she pretty much just had the bed and that was it. Oh, and her head was right by a window that had a terrible draft in the winter. Poor little snowflake survived though. Lol.

    • Putchka says:

      Yay Mama! “precious little snowflake’. I’m using that…

    • lizzle says:

      “Your precious little snowflake…”

      LOL… love it!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Alas, I am a horrible mom – I made my son learn how to do laundry when he was four! It took longer to sort than it did to actually wash because hitting those three baskets (light, dark and white) was always an NBA challenge. But I did get Kathy’s emotional need to let go of her need to be needed and to support Victoria in this chapter of her independence.
      My oldest is a college freshman now and his tweets crack me up – “Mom, when is the best time to do laundry?” Reply “When your clothes are all dirty and the laundry room is empty.”

      • Lisa Renee says:

        WCW, another horrible mom here. DD went to boarding school for HS & knew how to do her own laundry, even though they supplied laundry service. I started her young also. Love the tweets from your child from school, am looking forward to the inevitable texts as she starts this next chapter. Lisa-mom to another precious snowflake who has to survive less than stellar accommodations 🙂

  39. Winston says:

    Very disappointed but not surprised Andy made no mention of Lynn. The very least they could have done was put up an “In memory of Lynn Hudson” at the end of an episode of RH’s.
    They made her blog a storyline on an episode of RHNY so how hard would it have been to publicly acknowledge her death. My opinion of Bravo just sunk a little lower.

    • Putchka says:

      I agree Winston. Lynn stirred up a lot of interest in the houswives. At the very least, there should have been a mention. He’s an ahole for not recognizing that.

      • VesperL says:

        I was really disappointed Andy couldn’t take 30 seconds to mention Lynn. He’d rather play a stupid game that Teresa had no interest in at the end. He knew it meant a lot to all of us that watch Bravo. Maybe he’ll redeem himself tonight, but he has given such stupid random Mazels and shown ridiculous clips in the past that have nothing to do with anything, so it’s not like he’s so above it.

        • Winston says:

          My opinion of Ramona went a lot higher, as well. I have always liked her but the way she reacted to Lynn’s death and her heartfelt words gave me a whole new respect for her. Aviva calling her white trash means nothing when Ramona acted with total class in regards to Lynn’s death. It says a lot about who she is as a person, not just her housewife persona.

      • disgrazia4 says:

        I don’t think that much of Andy so I wasn’t surprised he said nothing but I was still disappointed. Totally agree that Andy is an ahole for not acknowledging Lynn’s contribution to the NYC storyline as well as approaching these storylines as fodder for our pleasure when families are being torn up. Bravo Bravo. You destroy peoples lives by turning them into Soap Operas from which there is no escape. You think it’s witty and funny or at least you play the part that it is when we all know that is no longer the truth. You pretend that the viewer does not see the hand of Bravo in the charade when that is more or less what the viewer has shifted to watch. Judgement TV eh. We are all judging you now. Andy rant now over.

  40. Patti says:

    Did anyone catch Dina’s tone as she was entering the party? She said something like, “Look who we have here” (or something to that effect) but her tone was all, “Oh, I just stepped in dog poo.” I think she is just glomming onto Teresa so thet she might be relevant again.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      yeah, that bugged me a little bit, too, Patti.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I’m pretty sure Dina buddied up to Teresa during that time because it was known that Teresa was going to be on Celebrity Apprentice and she needed to pick a charity (project ladybug anyone?) She even admitted on twitter that she was disappointed at first that T didn’t pick PL.

  41. RealHousewifeVA says:

    After watching this season, I don’t think for one second that Teresa masterminded the ‘exposing Melissa’ storyline, when Melissa and her brother were the only ones she was starting to become good with at this time! It would make more sense to me had this been done LAST season when Caroline and Jac were her BFFs and she was trying to take down Melissa, but not now, in my opinion. I watched the two clips online and I’m convinced Kim D and Penny set it up. But what confuses me is that Jac and the Gorgas continue to plug Posche boutique on twitter whenever they get clothes from there. Do they really believe it was Teresa who set up the whole meeting at the salon (where Kim D convinced her to come do her hair with her) and not Kim D herself?
    After watching WWHL I’m sure Kim D is probably gonna be a HW next season. She made sure to be very clear with Andy on the aftershow that she knows all the gossip around Jersey.

    I am really sick of this “we hate Teresa and this is why” storyline. I’m not saying they aren’t allowed to hate Teresa, but really. can we move on now? I have a big family and someone is always fighting with someone else and maybe we talk about it a couple times but then it’s just old news and they can figure it out when they figure it out. This is getting redundant and ridiculous.

    Teresa is clearly a bit dumb (I mean, there’s no way she really believes Juicy was talking to his friend and then a worker on the phone that day, is there?? Who can be that naive) so the whole gang up on her just seems unfair. Let her do her stupid rag stories about herself to make money. None of those stories were ever about the other ladies. Obviously she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone that InTouch was paying her to tell bogus stories about herself, so why do Jac and Caro care so much? None of the stories were ever about them, and the one they pointed out were just quotes taken from the show. Big Deal. Move on. Ignore her and let it go. Geez.

    This show really needs an overhaul.

  42. mrs peabody says:

    A guick note before heading back to work, I haven’t read the comments so hopefully this wasn’t already commented on. If I had twitter I would have tweeted Lauren the following while she was tweeting about what JOe called tre………I would have said “at least her mom doesn’t call her an asshole on national tv” Or “what about a mom who calls you an asshole on national tv, what would you do about that? Please someone tweet her and ask her. will be back tonight. bye

  43. RealHousewifeVA says:

    On the Aftershow Teresa said her brother was so mean to her at the reunion and that she asked her dad if he said the things Joey said he did, and he denied it. Andy sort of stopped her from going into it further, but apparently there is no resolution to the siblings. lol

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      If rumors are to be believed about the Reunion, Teresa was holding her own and doing just fine until Joey walked in. That is when she supposedly lost it and got very emotional. I think Teresa really DOES love her brother.

      I think he feels like she SHOULD WORSHIP, ADORE AND LOVE him, and he will GRANT her his love ONLY if he feels she deserves it.

      In short, I think she loves him unconditionally. I do NOT think he loves HER unconditionally (Maybe that is a pattern with the MEN in her family. Maybe this is also why she puts up with SO MUCH from Joe. It is what is “familiar” and “comfortable” to her).

      • Orson says:

        I disagree, Detox. I think Teresa feels she was betrayed by Joe when he was so disloyal to her to get married. And I don’t think it would be any different if he had married someone other than Melissa. From what I’ve seen of Teresa, she considers anyone who offers her less than 110% support and agreement for her as an enemy. And Joe had the effrontery not only to marry someone but to spend less time with Teresa and her family to spend it with [treworld] that bitch he married [/treworld] and his baby daughter. In other words, Teresa DEMANDS unconditional love and loyalty. My read is Joe loves her, but doesn’t like a LOT of stuff she does.

        In most blog comments that I’ve seen, the rule seems to be that if you disagree with someone’s comment, you’re also supposed to make ad hominem attacks also. So I’ll just say that I bet you throw like a gurl.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Orson-you are a funny one!!!!
          ps-that was the lamest “attack” ever-we all know Detox throws like a gurl…hehehe!!!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          LOL. Orson, I actually DO throw like a girl — even though I was a tomboy growing up. Go figure. No attack from me here.

          I respectfully disagree with your comment. I think, even after getting married, Teresa still provided Joey with a LOT of the attention he still demanded from HER. Joey did not do the same after he got married, and I think it hurt Teresa’s feelings. Teresa was stupid for not putting her husband first. Joey did what he was supposed to do in putting his wife first. However, Joey did mention in therapy that he was pissed of that Teresa, who was pregnant with her THIRD child, did not drop everything and cater to Melissa and him when Melissa was pregnant with their FIRST. So that attention-needing thing goes/went both ways with those siblings if you ask me.

          And I also think Melissa is a manipulative, narcissistic snake who wants Joey’s attention ALL to herself; is secretly loving that Teresa and Joey are no longer getting along; and has this sick need to constantly compete with and compare herself to Teresa for some reason. Teresa and Melissa have BOTH done nasty things to each other too, IMO.

          They should all leave each other the hell alone from now on. JMHO.

          • mrs peabody says:

            teresa also said that when JOey got married and Melissa and her sisters were saying things about her Joey was like Teresa who? and did not stick up for her. I think that is what she meant about when he first got married, it was him not saying enough that is my sister you are bad mouthing, he didn’t stick up for her

        • disgrazia4 says:

          I don’t know Orson. That doesn’t add up to me. I have a feeling that he is a prima donna and VERY used to being the center of attention. I think a hole has been burning in his brain ever since she got on the show and he didn’t. He fell in with Melissa and got an accomplice to make her life hell, I can believe that but I think she always loved her brother, prolly was admonished by her parents since the day he was born to watch out for that holy prince.

        • Boobah says:

          Orson – wow! Well said.

      • MamaZ says:

        If that’s true it makes me feel so bad. I would curl up and die if one of my sisters treated me that way.

      • I absolutely think she does love him. I think it was very clear at the book signing when she was full of tears just how much she does. It just doesn’t seem like they like each other very much. There seems to be a lot of ugly layers to their family dynamic.

  44. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I love how Caroline criticized Teresa for “belittling all those who suffer with self confidence issues” Is this lunatic serious??? Wasn’t she the one saying she can’t call Lauren beautiful and she was an 8 lb sausage stuffed in a 5 lb bag? Or calling her an asshole and chunk o’ munk???

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      When it comes to Caroline, at this point, I am with the dude in the video I posted to this blog a few blogs ago, “Caroline…..SHUT….THE….F*CK….UP!!! ‘I have no time for drama. I have no time for drama’. That is what you are always screaming. B*tch please!! YOU have been the MOST DRAMATIC one for the past FOUR years. Go and sit your old a*s down somewhere and have some grandkids or something. I’m SICK of you!!!”

      That gentleman so plainly and succinctly expressed my present feelings about Caroline. *Sigh*.

  45. djprincessc says:

    I love NJ, but this is the LONGEST season of it ever. I don’t remember a season of any of the franchises being SO long. Talk about dragging it all out, I’m ready for the reunion and to move on!! At this point I don’t care if the Gorgas stay, they really don’t bug me as much as in the beginning. But I really really REALLY need the Manzos, Lauritas and Wakilies(sp) to be GONE!!!!!!!! Time for a new storyline!!!!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Family feud without the fabulous prizes! ITA – the Manzo/Lauritas need to leave.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        IMO, the Wakiles can go too. Richie gives me the creeps, and Kathy puts me straight to SLEEP!!

  46. I’m just going to post this before I read everyone else’s take on this cray cray season of RHONJ.
    I feel Caroline has tried to be open minded about Tre’s family and even though Tre tried to say sh*t about her family members. When you try to “warn” friends it usually comes back to haunt you if your lying.
    Kathy was simply trying to help smooth things over between Tre and Caroline, but I don’t think Kathy knew just how far the divide had spread. Caroline was DONE DONE DONE and she was okay with being done. I’ve been the friend who wants to help friends smooth over issues so I know where her caring was coming from. Don’t shoot the messenger!
    Melissa was wise to let Tre and Caroline handle their issues on their own. Lauren was jumping in only because as kids they do everything to protect their parents, if they’ve been protected by their parents. I know and you know Caroline didn’t need any help or protection, but it’s instinctual with close families.
    My kids are very protective of their Mom so they would also back me up. It’s what healthy families do. Dysfunctional families set up each other for failure and abuse the trust they get from their family members.
    Jac has had a lot to deal with, but I think she’s always wanted to be real and truthful. I do feel Caroline has shut her down in that area. The first season when they all discussed the book, we all KNOW it was Dina who got the book, but Caroline wanted to take the responsibility for it. Fine let her take it on, but then don’t make everyone else go along with your lie. Own It and speak up. Caroline wanted Tre to just Own It with regard to how she feels about Caroline. I know we all like things even and fair, but good lord it’ll never ever be that way on these RH shows! The Bravo producers live for discord and contempt. They must salivate when they see their prodding produce a great fight on camera. That leads me to think it’s a little scripted, especially if something took place off camera and they didn’t get it on camera so they rehash it. But they also rehash the same tired lines over and over again. Do we really care about the Toast? The producers sure must have thought that was a great dis. Not so much really.
    The Manzo kids. I’m fed up with the bashing. I have kids their ages and if people were bashing them like I’ve seen in twitter my panties would be in many bunches. I loved when Tre was going to swear on her kids and Caroline said No don’t say that. I felt the exact same way when she said that. Don’t swear on your kids, they are the innocents involved in their parents sordid crazy life.
    Lap band surgery is safer than anorexia, bulimia and over exercising. Big F-in deal someone got a surgical help to lose the weight. I grew up overweight and teased mercilessly for my entire school years. I feel for Lauren and I hate that people are attacking her. I know Caroline has said some extremely hurtful words about Lauren, but she will deal with the fall out from that in the future I assure you!
    The Gorga Guidice kids are freakin adorable and Wakile teens are cute/handsome too. Laurita kids also adorable, even Ashlee is pretty. None of these Housewives has ugly kids.
    If I was married to Joe Guidice he’d be on a very short leash, but I’m not even getting into the marriage issues on these shows. I’m strictly speaking wives and kids.
    I’ve vented now. But I will never watch WWHL ever again, Andy had to only mention a quick “Sad to hear of Lynn Hudson’s death as she was a very passionate Housewives follower” end done nothing more to say. Doesn’t mean he has to mention other bloggers just mention a memorial type acknowledgement. He gets the ASSHAT of the WEEK!
    I’m not even watching Miami now. I’m over housewives. I’ll finish out RHONJ and RHONY, but not giving Bravo anymore precious hours of my time after that.
    On to Big Brother, Once Upon a Time, Revenge and Abby and Brittany.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Actually, Caroline was upset that no one had her back when she was fighting with Teresa. She said it to Andy that she felt very alone and blah blah blah. It’s only okay when they are all ganging up on Teresa, dontchaknow.

      The Manzo kids can dish it out more than anyone, so, I’m sorry, but I don’t feel bad for them if they get it right back. They are grown adults. They’ve been making fun of Teresa on twitter and the show for some time now. So of course she is going to put her digs in when she can. They always cry whenever anyone ‘attacks’ them but they can say whatever they want about people and it’s ‘funny’. They were making fun of Teresa’s first book-Skinny Italian- on one of the shows in Season 3, but then her second book comes out and they are all sitting around the table crying because Teresa called them 1/16th Italian. It’s so laughable.

      Caroline runs to Melissa and says how Teresa said horrible things about her. But then they want Teresa to just forget about the fact that Melissa did the SAME EXACT THING to Teresa when she contacted Danielle. So Teresa is the devil for talking about Melissa to her friends, but it’s okay that Melissa talked about Teresa to all of their biggest enemy?
      It’s all crazy to me.

    • PJ says:

      Is no comment a good comment?

    • Orson says:

      I agree with a lot of what you’ve said, Diana.

  47. trudie says:

    Did anyone watch Ellen today? She had a young man on whose car was vandalized, simply because he is gay. Someone wrote “die” and “fag” on it, someone slash the tires and smashed in the windshield. A local body shop owner heard about it, and not only fixed everything but added a stereo system and an alarm system.

    I honestly don’t understand how someone could have so much hate in their heart toward someone they have never met. But, the act of kindness from a total stranger gives me hope.

    Off my soapbox.

  48. VV says:

    Victoria Wakile is 18 years old almost 19……….She’s fair game.

    • Orson says:

      Yeah, but she’s hardly had any presence in the show. I think she and her brother should be considered innocent bystanders.

    • klmh says:

      You go girl. Tear her a new one! You know, I changed my mind. I think the Wakile’s son should be tarred and feathered as well. Why not rip him to shreds too? Since that is the case, how about the rest of the kids? Yea, lets make their lives a living hell when their classmates and chums read this blog. Lets tear down their self esteem and ego.
      Yea, that’s the ticket.

    • VV says:

      This was in reply to LaneyLaney. She indicated that the Wakile kids were minors. Victoria is not. I didn’t know if she knew. Comments were posting out of order and this one didn’t post were I had intended it to post.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Hi VV – – i didn’t realize that Victoria is not a minor, but I suppose if I do the math… but I do see them – the Wakile kids (thus far) as pretty much like Orson said, innocent bystanders. It seems that she is not going to be a “regular” like the manzo men and woman (Caroline’s offspring). Victoria is talking about going off to college to try to build a life and skill set apart from her parents and this show. I applaud Victoria for that. Yes technically she is an adult and fair game, I guess. But in light of the positive energy that Victoria puts out into the world; I would hesitate to comment on her except to wish her the very best. Good job, Kathy and Rich. She is completely different from the other young adult daughters we’ve seen on this show. Right?

  49. VV says:

    Teresa’s Blog is up!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Even though I don’t like him, I wish the Filthy Fly had a blog – just to hear you proclaiming it

  50. VV says:

    Comments are posting out of order…

  51. Winston says:

    Has anyone watched the show Married to Jonas? I always get sucked in because I am curious to see what the person is like in real life but OMG that mom is a piece of work. I’ve only seen a couple episodes. I always liked the Jonas Brothers but their parents seem so extreme. Sad.
    It is on E! right now on the west coast. I think the regular time slot is Sunday night after or before the Kardashians.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I want to watch it, but it’s like I can’t fit another t.v. show into my life right now. I may still try to catch a marathon of it one day, though.

      • Winston says:

        I felt the same way and usually catch them on a repeat. They are only 30 minutes. I was just curious to see what people thought of the Jonas parents. The mom seems especially uptight. She was chastising her daughter-in-law for using paper napkins instead of cloth for a dinner??? I can understand using cloth napkins for holidays and special dinner parties but an everyday dinner?

        • PrincessPindy says:

          I’ve been watching, it’s cute. But his family is WAY too much in their business about birthin babies, imho!!! His family are duds but her family looks fun. And his mom is way too uptight.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Oh, God! I hate mothers-in-law like that. This is probably why I do not have one at ALL. LOL. I have heard some horror stories.

          The Jonas mother has probably been so used to really being the ONLY woman in her husband and all of her sons’ lives that she is having a harder time getting used to a new woman that will take priority over her than she will admit. That paper versus cloth issue was probably a manifestation of that.

          • Birdwoman says:

            I am married to a man who has only brothers. My MIL, is very invested in her children, she reminded them about birthdays and social events. Called them a lot and was very interested in what is happening in all of our lives. She had a very, very hard time with all her daughter in laws at one time or another. It was hard for her to let go and it was also hard for her to understand that we (daughter-in-laws) don’t always want her opinion on what we are doing in our lives. 🙂 I have a son and I realize that the Mother-in-law/Daughter in law relationship can be very difficult one.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Birdwoman, I too am married to a man who has only brothers. MY MIL, also has had issues with all of her DILs. She’s only gotten worse as she has gotten older. She’s truly awful and getting awfulller and awfuller. MY MOTHER on the other hand is a saint. Seriously. 🙂

  52. I’m done with this blog. Bye

    • Contessa says:

      Diana, sorry you feel this way. Please remember this is based on opinions and feelings, that come from each of us based on our pasts, who we are and how we see things. I for one do not like Caroline, never have, her holier than thou routine and godmother of the show in season 1 made me think she was nutty. Her blubbering and crying at that first reunion screaming at Danielle was disgusting. Her attack on Tre in Napa was uncalled for. We know through Dina that Tre had nothing to do with their estrangement. The Manzo adult children have been making fun of Tre for the past couple of seasons. Her initial role was the daffy comic relieft/sidekick friend, and behold she became the break out start. With regard to the adult Manzo children – they are adults not teens, tweens, little kids or babies. They have consistently bashed Tre, her marriage, her success, her kids (caro and Jaq discipling Gia), her role in her family dyamics with her brother, adding fuel to the fire. Tre knows a great deal about the Manzo/Larita backstories and has not bashed or outed them at all, and I have no doubt there is a lot. I am overweight as well and have had issues with this for the last 20 years, but if you out having the procedure , as an adult, on TV you are fair game. The entire hw series is based on bashing, arguments, he said/she said. We all get caught up in this on opposite sides of the fence. If I had adults kids I would expect them to stick up for me as well, and I know your kids would definitely stick up for their loving mother. Hope all is well with your foot and you reconsider…you know we all love you!

    • BB says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that Diana. Hope you will reconsider. I respect your opinions and point of view.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      What happened to Diana??? I missed something? Im confused-don’t be done Diana!!!!

      • Sam says:

        I didn’t see any rude responses to her, but I also didn’t see anyone agree with her, and I think she just didn’t like the fact that her opinions weren’t validated.

        Discussions that feature varying opinions aren’t for everybody.

    • klmh says:

      Diana, Im sorry you’re done. Is it because of the negativity with the NJ housewives? They aren’t worth it. Come back.
      Im in your camp as far as they are concerned though.

      • MamaZ says:

        Diana – I really hope you will come back. I always enjoy your posts.

        I also think it was wrong of Teresa to comment on Lauren having lap band surgery. Lauren is an adult and the surgery is public knowledge BUT, when Teresa slammed her she was also slamming everyone who has had the surgery.
        I think Lauren should have tried losing weight in a more natural way. I have no doubt that she could have given her age and resources. But for other people it is life saving surgery.
        And they may feel hurt and shamed by Teresa’s comment.

        She could have made the same point by just congratulating Perez for doing it, in his words ,naturally. That would have been enough.

        • klmh says:

          Absolutely, we have seen time and time again the ego, self-centered, and passive aggressive behavior Teresa exhibits on an almost routine basis, if not in magazine interviews or cookbooks, on the show. We also know how she speaks about Melissa and Kathy to friends, as Caroline has mentioned on numerous occasions. Its also noteworthy that her immediate family tries to walk around the issues, and the Manzo’s don’t have to. I think a lot of the hatred of the Manzo’s comes from a hatred of the whole show.
          Its so frustrating and sad to watch a family being torn apart like this, and to know there has been no resolution to their hatred in the past year is disturbing, to say the least.

      • chismosa says:

        KLMH– just wanted to let you know i agreed with basically all your comments during last night’s chat. fyi


    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Oh, don’t go, Diana! I LIKE reading your posts — even if your opinions are sometimes different from mine. That is what makes the world go ’round. I liked Tamra (from the O.C.) at one time and got a little bruised by other commenters who did not “get” it. I did not take it personal, however, because some of those same posters who disagreed with me about Tamara AGREED with me when it came to OTHER housewives (on the same and other shows. I NO LONGER LIKE Tamra, by the way).

      I also liked Heather from the O.C., when the majority of the people here hated her. It happens. I think I speak for MANY people here (if not all), when I say I/We would like you to stay.

    • chismosa says:

      Hi Diana, i agreed with a LOT of what you said, and i get nervous about the NJ ‘talk’ on here early in the week– so please don’t leave! (i’m still sorting through comments)

      We will miss you, but come back when you can. Just know you are not alone in your opinions!

      • Contessa says:

        What I didn’t make clear in my original post was that all we really see is one-sided dimensional characters (Bravo plays up the negativity). I have no doubt that all of these people have good and bad in them. I can’t get overly shook up about a show, or get angry with other posters that do not agree with me or vice versa. I can see how feelings get hurt when it comes to something relatable in our lives. I hated the fat comments Caro made to her daughter as my late Dad would get on my case every so often and it hurt my feelings as I thought he should also consider some of the other things I attained in my life, like running/owning a successful business. I was a junior executive in my late 20’s and he still though I was a secretary of some sort??? Used to drive me crazy and it was hurtful, but I figured that my dad as an immigrant, who was in a camp in WW2 chose to live a very closed lifestyle in his older years, without friends etc… only me and stepsisters and stepbrother and stepmother. The fat comments have stayed with me and have made me so self conscious I won’t join a weight loss group in my company for fear of someone knowing my weight – stupid I know, but it is what it is. I can’t afford to go out and have lap band surgery and when I was Lauren’s age I ate healthy and exercised a lot to maintain a healthy weight (not skinny, but in line with my height). We all respond to what is going on in the hW relative to how we respond in real life to similar situations.

        • chismosa says:

          agreed. I mean i personally feel Lauren is too young to go this route. I think she is stubborn and quite lazy. She is so young!
          but you are right, we all go by our own experiences. Well-said

          • djprincessc says:

            I’m 27 and have suffered from being over weight my whole life. Its a lot of work I lost 30 pounds once by just cutting out sugar and carbs and didn’t even work out. I’ve gained most of it back through the years, but I fluctuate between 10 pounds. Guess what?!?!? When I watch what I eat I loose weight, when I eat horribly I gain. I don’t respect Lauren at all for the lap band I know girls her age that were way bigger and had it done but they were like in the 300 range, she’s just lazy and took the easy way out.

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      Everyone has their own views of RHONJ. Im in agreement with the majority of the blog but Teresa didnt have to say anything about the lap band. It was tasteless and she stooped to the low level of Manzo. She could have kept her opinion to herself regarding that. Lauren had her lap band and did what she felt was best for her. I still think she took the easy way out but she lost the weight so good for her. She looks great!

      After seeing her struggle with her body issues, I hope she has found some happiness in her life.

      • djprincessc says:

        I think it was very appropriate for Teresa to say she likes natural. Lauren was disrespectful (I thought) to Teresa when they were on Vacation telling her she pulled whatever she said outta her ass. The convo was between Teresa and Caroline and Lauren got in it and was rude with the way she spoke to Teresa. I think bc of that, thats why Teresa said what she said. Kinda like ok bitch I’ll show you, not to mention all the other times the Manzo “children” have made fun of Teresa. If anything Teresa was being nice bc I would have said A LOT more about Lauren and her “surgery”. lol.

  53. not THAT Jill says:

    Im going to bail out of the NJ drama-I have things to do tonight that make my heart heavy.
    Tomorrow is 9/11. That means I have to make sure my Husband’s FDNY uniform is pressed and ready so he can make his way to his firehouse in the morning,where he and his fellow firefighters will pay tribute to the 7 brothers they lost 11 years ago.
    My heart hurts on this day because I know the pain these men will relive tomorrow and I know the sorrow that the widows of 9/11 must be feeling. It is with guilt I say, every year…”There but for the grace of God go I.
    Peace to all.

    • MamaZ says:

      Thank you Jill for the perspective.

      And thank you to your husband and his brave fellow firefighters. Prayer for the friends and families of all who were lost.

    • Nancy says:

      Jill-Give your husband and yourself a big hug from me.

    • chismosa says:

      agreed Jill, thanks to all your husband does. I remember 9/11 like it was a few days ago, it was a Tuesday, just like this year, i remember what i wore to work, the exact weather, i remember walking down avenues in Manhattan with NO CARS on it and the surreal experience.

      Sad sad memories.

    • trudie says:

      And that, my friends, is reality.

      Thank your husband for me. May God bless and watch over him always.

    • BB says:

      Jill, please tell your husband how much I appreciate his service and dedication. My father was a firefighter.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      and Peace be with you Jill. Please accept my thanks to your family and to your husband.

    • klmh says:

      Please let your husband and his group of firefighters are in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow, along with the families and friends affected by this horror.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        You are ALL truly warmhearted loving people. You are ALL the reason this blog was and is the place to be. Who cares which HW we love or love to hate, when it comes down to it we are ALL on the same side.

        • Contessa says:

          Jill, a big hug, super big to you and your husband and all that responded to 9/11 and prayers to those that lost their lives in the vicious attack on our nation. I too can remember that day in detail, like it was yesterday and driving to work (I had a crappy boss) thinking we were going to war and the east coast was going to get bombed and how I could get home to Chicago to take care of my elderly parents (I just moved to AZ 9 monthes prior to the attack). I cried all day, and said screw this job I am going home and went to a church and sat there and cried for the world.

          Jill I have no doubt it hits you much more than those of us in the SW, I have no doubt you and your husband are reliving that horrendous day. My heart is heavy for yours.

        • Birdwoman says:

          Jill, tell your husband and his men…Thank you for all they do as first responders.

    • ATLnNYC09 says:


      Speaking as someone who also lives in New York, I am truly grateful for your husband and other firefighters like him. They put their lives on the line to save civilians and New Yorkers, like myself and I cannot express how much this means to me. I remember 9/11 so clearly in my mind, down to the shirt I was wearing that day. I remember the fear and feel the emotions felt down to my very core. It is a day that I can never forget and yet, I am so thankful that the brave men and women, like your husband put fear aside and with love in their heart were their on that day.

    • (big, big hug). Many thanks for his service and the service of those like him.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Please, on my behalf, thank your husband and his firefighter brothers for their service, Jill. And thank YOU, Jill, for being the support that I am sure helps your husband to do his job every single day. 😀

      • not THAT Jill says:

        You people got me crying over here like a damn fool…Thank God i have Aviva to lighten the mood….

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Feelings are going to be on the surface for you, JNNTHATJILL. I can’t even imagine what you guys go through every year. Take care.

  54. chismosa says:

    hi everybody, happy monday. Just a few notes i have that i jotted down watching last night, i know the slant of the blog is now very pro-Teresa/ anti all the other ladies since Lynn doesn’t do the blog anymore but here goes:

    –One of my favorite parts was how much i loved how Dina, one of Teresa’s closest friends – had to be asked by Tre if she read the cookbook, or knew about the joke about Caroline, only a huge topic of NJ. Aren’t they great friends?

    –I agree with whoever said that Dina walked in to that party like such a diva. She has her assistant with her, the one she hired onscreen a few seasons back. Seemed like a little entourage.

    –I found the Kathy storyline adorable. I think there’s a very fine line between ‘boring’ storyline and ‘nice, happy’ storyline. We are all just very jaded right now with regards to these shows. I hate that everyone calls Kathy names here. Compared to Teresa Kathy is drop dead gorgeous. Ape woman! If everyone will call Kathy and her husband names, then Ape is disgusting by comparison. I’m sure Jacqueline really “hurtED” you a lot Tre Ape. Loved that! I don’t want to get hurted by anyone in my life! Awww, poor Ape

    –I think in regards to Caroline looking ‘bitter’, she just needs a very good facelift. Her jowls are too too much. She should get work like that stupid Lea Black has done on Miami. They’re about the same age.

    Re: WWH
    –Teresa looked almost black on wwh. I agree Perez is too thin now. I think that happens a lot w people who lose a significant amount of weight (like Jennifer Hudson these days).

    –How nice of Tre Ape to be grateful her s.i.l. stood up for her with Caroline. Lovely! I’m sure Ape would definitely stick up for Melissa a lot too as they are “family”. Um, NOT. Double standard much hypocrite?! What a freakin moron.

    –As for the Danielle comment by Ape, we all know that is Ape’s m.o. When she’s got no one left in her circle, she goes back to others. I.e. her BFF Dina who went to her launch party and was BARELY familiar with the cookbook. Nice. Ps I didn’t see a ton of female friends of Ape’s at the launch. They all look publishing/ marketing related, not very close to her. Seemed very superficial friends. Hmm, she says she has so many other friends, verrrrry interesting.

    –I love that Juicy could afford diamonds for Ape. All that hard-earned cash from working hard, good for you Juicy!

    –I miss nasty Perez from years ago. That was cutting edge and cutting and awesome. He’s too nice now I just don’t bother. I think I heard the love of my life, Jeff Lewis say that too on some talk show.

    I LOVED Greg’s tweet about Ape’s **natural** body. Ha!!

    • Sam says:

      Who is Ape? I guess from context you mean Teresa?

      I don’t like any of these ladies, but I also don’t like it when people use derogatory names for them. (Or for anyone else, including political candidates on either side of the aisle. The current state of public discourse in the U.S. makes me very sad.)

      • chismosa says:

        i agree, and i hear ‘Fly’ and ‘Frog’ too much here to avoid using something against Teresa. That’s why i’m doing it!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          FLYis because he looks like Jeff Goldblum (sp) who played THE FLY. Frog is because, umm, ahem… well Joe Guidice explained it in the episode last night. Joe Gui started it!!!!! chismosa, say whatever you wish, I mean it’s not like you’re insulting the commenters here or scolding us or saying you can’t say this or that. That’s fair. I’d rather have someone who expresses herself freely (you can dish it out) and is willing to read/listen to opinions that differ (you can take it). Versus those who dramatically announce that they are picking up their toys and leaving. JMHO.

    • MelTheHound says:

      Ape woman… Really? I suppose you think the same of her four daughters because they look just like her. BORN that way too. As for that asshat Greggy, he really can go phuck himself.

      • chismosa says:

        please read above, Kathy was born with her eyes and Richie was born with his face as well.

        • MelTheHound says:

          And? Two wrongs make a right, Correct?

          • chismosa says:

            i never heard anyone here say that calling Kathy and Richie those things was wrong, so thank you for finally pointing that out. Hopefully it will subside, can’t wait !

          • klmh says:

            I believe you used some derogatory comments about others here MTH. I think she explained herself well when she retaliated because of the horrible names others were calling those that she supports.

            • chismosa says:

              Gracias klmh

            • MelTheHound says:

              I don’t think I have EVER said anything about the way people are born. I would like for you to point out to me where I have, if it is indeed so. What I have slammed them for is What They Do.

              • klmh says:

                If you remember, I commented on it. You also returned a comment. I was surprised you went there. I think it was last week, maybe several days ago. You might not remember, but I do. Should be about 6 or 7 nights ago.

                • MelTheHound says:

                  THat’s right, you hold me to a higher standard. I still don’t think it was a comment about the way someone is Born.

                • Contessa says:

                  That’s a little snarky – I remember that comment as I commented as well. Why a higher degree?

              • klmh says:

                But needless to say, you don’t condemn others here when they comment against those that you do not like either. Its the nature of the beast, and we have all done it. She was simply trying to prove a point and get a rile out of someone, successfully I might add…

                • chismosa says:

                  i did not mean you specifically Mel– klmh is right, i just meant generally. If i’m specifically calling someone out on something they said, i’ll comment right directly to them. Sorry, did not mean you specifically.

                • MelTheHound says:

                  KLMH, I don’t have that kind of time on my hands to police everything everybody says about these people.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                I’ve seen MTH go off on these people’s character (or lack thereof), bad manners, etc. but not their physical appearance. However, I’m not keeping score.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Chismosa: I have been wondering today where you were! …and here you are! You put up with a lot of “Bitter Clowning” so, “Ape” is…well, what’s good for the geese is good for the ganders. I’m glad to see you are back; and watching and commenting.

    • BB says:

      Chismosa. I kind of take exception to everything being different because Lynn has left. I know I don’t cover the housewife shows the same way Lynn could, nobody could, but I thought my recap of last night’s show was pretty evenhanded. I tried to call it like I saw it. The comments were pretty much pro-Teresa (much because of the 4 to 1 pile-on) even when Lynn was blogging the show. So I don’t really get where you are coming from.

      • chismosa says:

        BB, ‘m sorry, i meant no nastiness nor harm at all– what i meant was– -the comments, yes, have always been the same; in regards to the tone-slant of the blog/recap itself– that will have changed, simply because Lynn definitely saw it differently (i agreed with about 99.9% of her assessment of the show),and i know many here disagreed and got angry sometimes, with how Lynn saw the show. I felt my comments would be so alone against the tone of the blog itself, ++ then add to that the comments – which always skewed against K, M, J, and C, so,=== 90% of the overall page of NJ day-after recapping here, i would be opposing. Just meant i would be lonesome in this.

        I get that it’s subjective, i appreciate everything anyone does that is running this site, please— thank you!
        And sorry, i’m not sure as to how many people overall are running it over here, if it’s primarily you, or you and someone else, etc., but thanks to all who do! (i have to get back into the swing of things around here).

        • Contessa says:

          BB I think your blog/blogs have been even handed and Lynn would be proud. Lynn was beginning to see another side to the HWNJ, and I have no doubt, scrappy Chicago Babe Lynn was she would not have liked Don Caro’s spewing crap on the last night of a nice vacay. But that’s me.

          Chismosa – calling Tre an ape is horrible…have your heard some of the things that Richie has said about Tre – it was disgusting. Are we watching the same show? I thought Tre’s tan looked lovely and I sometimes tan almost as dark, I guess I must look like a blonde black woman, perhaps a short version of Nene…I think that comment was uncalled for as well.

          • chismosa says:

            i didn’t mean black as in race i meant black as in color— the only color ranges you can go being super tan are what, orange, then brown, then black— i get super super super dark when i tan, people have even thought i was mixed-race (but not tan i’m not that tan at all).

            I explained my take on the Ape name above and if we are going to take Richie’s comments that badly then let’s revisit seasons and seasons and seasons long of Juicy’s intelligent and happy wordplay. If my husband/wife’s cousin treated and spoke to my husband/wife that badly, also physically forcing her face in her hands, yeah i’d be a bit colorful in my language. They’ve known each other for decades and Richie *knows* Tre’s true colors. None of us realize this. On here it is only stated how long Teresa ‘knows’ her cousin and s.i.l. — how about the other way around?

            However i do agree with Richie stating that working for the government would be wonderful because then you can steal legally. Best comment of the whole night!

            • Contessa says:

              You have a right to your opinion and I respect that, it is only the ape comment that really bothered me. I think Tre is the prettiest of the group and she was born with the hairline, I guess she can go and have it fixed like Lauren took care of her small weight issue with overkill like in lap band. Also she wasn’t really all that heavy for lap band.

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      Im backing away from this section of the blog….. I do recall Lynn liking Melissa and Kathy but not Caroline so I could find some common ground with her in that regard. Nobody likes Caroline. Melissa and Kathy have redeeming qualities.

  55. chismosa says:

    isn’t Gia going into the wrong grade? I thought it didn’t correspond, like she was a year behind in school? Or am i calculating that incorrectly?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I think I remember people kept saying that Gia was ten years old during that Field Day scene with Jacqueline and Caroline. She might have been in 4th grade. Fourth graders are 9 going on 10. So that means that she would have turned 10 in 4th grade and then when she went into 5th grade, she was ten going on eleven. Did I help or make things more confusing?

      • MelTheHound says:

        I was almost 6 when I started school because I was born at the end of December. Of course, being a kid of Teresa’s Gia is too stupid to keep up with the class so maybe she was left back a grade.

        • djprincessc says:

          calling a 10 yr old stupid is mean. Hope I’m reading your comment wrong.

          • MelTheHound says:

            My comment is full of sarcasm for those questioning Gia’s level of education at a given age based on YEAR old footage just NOW being shown. If you think I’m calling Gia stupid, then yes, you’re reading it wrong. Apologies that it didn’t come across correctly.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I think MTH is being sarcastic. He likes Teresa. I think he is, in a passive-aggressive way, pointing out that some NON-Teresa-Fans might use this information to say Gia is dumb like her Mother and probably got held back a grade.

            I hope I am not out of turn speaking for you, MTH. If this is NOT what you mean, I apologize. (*Heading hanging down*).

      • chismosa says:

        i think so, here in NY (not sure if it’s everywhere)- they have a cut off in about October i believe, and especially boys are left back most times, for developmental reasons. I just didn’t realize if Gia’s birthday fell very very late in the year or whatever.

        ps Gabriella is so gorgeous and i love her personality.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I believe Gia turned 11 this past winter (around January), so she would be in the right grade.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        I also meant to add, she has tweeted that she is in middle school (6th grade) so entering 6th grade at 11 years old is right (same age as my daughter)

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Tre said in the episode last night that Gia was starting 5th grade. But that was filmed last year, right??? My point, hmmmmm….I agree with you RHVA. 5th grade last year. And 6th grade this year.

  56. Nancy says:

    Is anyone watching the US Open right now? I would love to try to return a ball from these guys.

    • Nancy says:

      OMG that’s something Jill Zarin would say. Hanging head in shame.

    • klmh says:

      I am exhausted from watching just the first set!!!!! Honestly, 20 to 30 points in a point, with this horrible wind. I have never become tired at sitting in a chair watching a tennis tournament, but this one is doing it to me. Im flashing right now!
      Amazing concentration, strength, agility and patience. Ugh.

      • klmh says:

        Shots in a point, sorry

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I watched yesterday. It was amazing!!

        • klmh says:

          You saw the ladies. Chills! You could tell Serena was as surprised as I was. The time was so short, for such a big turn around in that match. So glad we could see that. What a great player she is.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I am embarrassed to say I don’t remember the name of Serena’s opponent. But that talented young woman truly held her own. I could not believe it. I hadn’t seen Serena struggle like that in awhile.

            • klmh says:

              Asurinka. Bad spell, but she’s no 1 at this time. Im blown away too, because I hadn’t really watched her that much before and she handled Serena’s pace beautifully. She also returned serve well, from the best female server ever. Serena scares me really… 🙂

    • chismosa says:

      i was watching some announcers recapping the Open and on it was Justin Gimelstob (sp.?)– and he was so handsome, and i think that was the guy Jill was trying to set up Bethenny with back in season 2. Hot guy!

  57. carolbg says:

    Hey there, Guys and Gals, we have new blog for RHONY: Let’s Chat!

  58. Cityside says:

    Today, 35 years ago a young Cityside and Mr. City got hitched.
    And they said it wouldn’t last (that was my Mom!)


  59. VV says:

    I can’t take credit for Frog eyes. JoeyGiu called her that on an episode. Many HWs blog will have posters call Kathy that.
    The Fly…. well that one is quite obvious the dude looks like the actor that played the Fly. Just like Froggy, many people call him that in other blogs.
    I make it easy on me. I read comments by people that I disagree with, but hardly engage. I come to this blog to have fun like most do here. Neither Kathy nor Rich are losing any sleep because of this. They are happily living their celebrity status thanks to the show (and Teresa) and they know there is a trade off when you are in the public eye.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      They are “FLYing” and “FROGing” all the way to the bank!!! He who laughs last. You are hilarious, VV. never change.

    • klmh says:

      I think kids can be mean and with celebrity status, the children involved in these shows, are easy targets. I also believe they have been privy to the information on certain blogs, including this one. It would be nice to think that what we write here or on other blogs won’t be seen by those involved, and won’t be available look at in the future. Fargetaboutit.

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      Im actually kind of surprised Kathy isnt a target for Caroline. Kathy comes across as June Cleaver, which is exactly what Caroline was trying to be in season 1, 2. Her competition really isnt Tre, its Kathy. Kathy can cook and bake, she has nice kids and appears to have a stable relationship. In short, she is everything Caroline isnt and tries so desperately hard to be. Victoria is even in college, I bet her kids do 1,000 times better than the Manzo kids in the future. Im not really a Kathy fan but that’s Caroline’s competition.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        You know what, ATL? Those are excellent points. I sincerely hope the Red Queen does NOT read these blog comments because if she does, Kathy is gonna GET IT next season (Run, Kathy, Run!! Run as fast as you CAN from that redheaded BoogieMAN [zo}]!).

  60. Powell says:

    VV you’re right. Ritchie does favor Jeff Goldblum when he played The Fly.

  61. Donna says:

    I thought that Andy didn’t mention Lynn because of Perez. I do not have any knowledge of the relationship between the two bloggers. So I will give Andy a 1 night pass. I only recorded WWHL because I was curious that Teresa was going to on the show. When/if he mentions Lynn please let us know.

  62. Mrs. Noogent says:

    I’m a little confused with this timeline and what we’re being shown. Lauren and Caroline rented the space that was formerly the Chateau. I looked up the addresses and they are the same. I’ve read that the ladies were invited to the Chateau to get their hair done on the day of the fashion show. And yet, the episode where Caroline and Lauren went to look at the space it was shown much earlier in the season. Was the episode added to showcase Cafface?

  63. Powell says:

    Good afternoon all. Don’t you just hate 3 hr meetings? Ugh. I hope you all survived that crazy 3 hr tour of NY. And I can’t believe I sided w/.Heather.

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