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A Tale of Two Miamis by MKV

The ladies of Miami are back, well most of the them.  Gone are Larsa Pippin and Christy Rice, I won’t miss them, don’t think anyone will.  The status of Alexia Echevarria as a housewife is in question too.  She’s not featured in the opening credits but she does appear in this episode (and some others, so I hear). Alexia couldn’t commit to film the second season because her youngest son Frankie was in a car accident last August.  He suffered from a head injury and multiple broken bones including a crushed pelvis. He in physical and speech therapy.

Joanna Krupa (33) – “I’m a model but not always a model citizen.”
She’s a model and actress, modeling for magazine covers such as Esquire, Maxim and Stuff.  Her acting credits include Hot Girl on Son of a Beach (TV series I’ve never heard of), Friend at Leo’s Party in Plant of the Apes, Juggy Dancer on The Man Show, Waitress on CSI.  I don’t think I need to go further, you get the picture.  Oh, she was on Dancing with the Stars, partnered with Derek Hough.  I’ve never watched DWTS so that’s all I’m gonna say about it.  Joanna is either engaged, married or divorced from Romain Zago, a club owner in Miami.  I love the Internet, you can get all the information you want on someone, whether it’s true or not.  During filming, the couple are engaged.  She splits her time betw.een LA and Miami, her sister Marta lives with her & her fiance.  Sister & fiance don’t always get along.  She’s a big time animal rights activist (not in the Kelly B way) so she’s all right in my book.

Karent Sierra (38)- “If you don’t like my smile, then don’t look my way.”
The dentist to the stars, or so she tells us.  A hot Columbian woman the people gravitate to, who is confident because she was in beauty pageants when she was younger, so she says.  Her boyfriend is Rodolfo Latin soap opera star who is every woman’s dream, she says that too.  She doesn’t know it yet, but her dream man is playing text tag with newcomer Ana.  We see Karent in the her office preparing for a root canal, waving her hands (containing a dreaded needle) around talking about a red carpet event.  We see her at home with her parents and dream man at the breakfast table.  Doesn’t look like a big happy family.  Karent is a bit full of herself and rather boring.  Luann of Miami, without the title.

Lisa Hochstein (29) – “My husband’s a top plastic surgeon in this town and I’m his best creation.”
How creepy is that tag line?  Lisa claims she’s spoiled and somewhat vain (no sh*t).  Her job is shopping and taking care of the house with the help of her recovering alcoholic, studying to be a pastor maid Daysy.  Daysy does such a good job Lisa dn her husband are rewarding her with a breast lift, liposuction and a tummy tuck.  All that after Daysy loses a significant amount of weight. We learn Lisa’s husband is the “boob god”, they just bought a house on Star Island where home prices start at $15 million.  Oh, and Lisa has some movement in her forehead so her husband better remember to bring the Botox home.  She’s got the look of too much face work…separated at birth from Adrienne Maloof and Joan Rivers.

Ana Quincoces (47) – “Whether in the courtroom or the kitchen, I bring the heat.” Ana’s an attorney and a chef.  Her looks remind me of Khloe K, anyone else think so?  Ana’s been separated from her husband for two years.  They have two daughters and a great relationship.  They are also partners in a law firm.  She wants to move the office to Coral Gables, he wants to stay where they are.  Ana is ready to move on. Robert (the husband) has a 30 year old Columbian girlfriend and Ana is starting a new relationship with Rodolfo.  Yes, Karent’s dream man is straying.  Ana is old friends with Alexia and Marysol, you can tell their friendship is genuine, not Bravo generated.  I like her.  We’ll see if that holds true throughout the season.

Adriana DeMoura – “I may speak five languages but my true language is independence.”
Adriana’s still engaged but now living with Fredrick.  He brings her to his newly purchased “gentleman’s yacht”.  It’s a fixer upper.  I can see it, just need to put in a few hundred thousand and it will be a real show piece.  He wants Adriana to move onto the boat when it’s done.  She says she needs room for her baby grand piano and a walk in closet and she’d be a happy camper.  Somehow I doubt it.

Marysol Patton – “My job is about making fast decisions but my personal life I leave up to destiny.”
Marysol and her mom Elsa drive up to a jewelry store.  Elsa drives.  Elsa drives?  Elsa tells us her doctor said her ear looks like a banana, this is the surgeon that destroyed Elsa’s face.  They are not friends.  Marysol and Phillipe’s anniversary is coming up, too bad there won’t be a gift involved, they separated a couple months before and he moved into an apartment.  They are still trying to figure things out.  Elsa thinks she should get over it but Marysol clearly still loves Phillipe.  Marysol and Lea’s friendship is strained.  They haven’t spoken since last years Gala where something went wrong on the red carpet.  Apparently Lea blames Marysol for the error.

Lea Black – “I can deal with a lot but I can’t deal with stupid”
With the real estate market down, it’s a good time to buy investment properties.  Lea was “talked into” buying a house a Star Island   Lea finds out a friend of Adriana’s just bought a house on the island as well, a house she was interested in buying but wasn’t for sale.
Google Star Island, Lea’s house is to the right of Bridge Road, Lisa’s is the fourth house on the right.  Check out the real estate.  All sorts of celebrities live or have lived there.  From Will Smith, Don Johnson, Rosie O’Donnell, Gloria Estefan.  Lea complains that the house has too much wrong with it, they should tear it down and start over.  It’s too old.  It was built in the late 70’s.

The ladies meet up at a Food & Wine event.  Marysol, Alexia and Ana arrived in their limo…oops they almost forgot about Mama Elsa who’s sitting in the front with the driver.   Lisa arrives with Joanna and her sister Marta.  Adriana arrives and is glad to see Lisa there.  Lea shows up and is introduced to Lisa.  The introduction is brief because Lea spots Elsa and gives her a big hug.  Lisa thinks Lea is rude.  They talk later, Lisa says she’s looking forward to Lea’s Gala and that she puts on little Gala’s of her own.  Lea just stares her down, Lisa suggests they do shots.  Lisa is not what Lea expected.  Joanna is excited to meet Elsa and notices she doesn’t look quite right.  She goes off to find her a chair.

Karent and her dream man arrive. Ana tells Joanna about meeting Rodolfo through Alexia and her budding relationship with the dream man.  Karent spots Ana and introduces herself.  Rodolfo introduces himself to Ana as well.  Ana is confused.  Karent doesn’t think Ana is a threat because Rodolfo isn’t interested in older women.  I don’t swim in the ladies pond but I think Ana is much more attractive than Karent.

It’s crowded, hot and stuffy in the room.  Elsa is swaying and finally goes down.  They call 911.  Elsa’s in the ambulance and she wants Marysol with her.  We have to wait till next week to see what happened.



Big Brother Thursday Night Summary by BB

After Jenn exits the house, the Quack Pack celebrates for about 10 seconds, then realize they have to betray each other or, as Dan says, “We’ve got to start eating our own ducks.”  Danielle is now the HOH after winning a tiebreaker against Shane.  Dan has final three deals with everyone in the house.

I really don’t care what’s going on in the jury house.  Ashley is an airhead and is meditating and blowing bubbles until Britney walks in.  Britney and Ashley share girlie time until Frank walks in.  Ashley is happy to be with him, but wanted him to win.  They talk about how they should have gotten rid of Dan when they could have (ya think?).  Britney knows Dan is playing a good game.  Frank doesn’t think so.  I agree with Britney.  Joe is the next person who arrives at the jury house.  Britney and Frank get into it about who’s been loyal and who’s not and whether BB is a game of integrity (Frank) or a game to be won at all costs (Britney).  I say it’s a game of a little luck and a lot of smarts and they are both sitting in the jury room.

Whoever wins the Power of Veto competition will be guaranteed a spot in the final three, along with Danielle (unless she wins).  Dan has a deal with Danielle and Shane to get Ian out.  He has a deal with Ian to take him to the final two.  Danielle wins the POV.  Ian is now on life support.   Or is he?  Dan is going to try to get Danielle to use the POV on him so he can control who stays and who goes.  Time for Dan to make his move.  He tells Danielle he doesn’t trust Shane, but promises her he will save Shane if she pulls him from the block and puts Shane up.  Danielle tells Dan if he double-crosses her she will castrate him with a butter knife.  She tells Shane about Dan’s plan and she would never ever put him up if she thought he would be in danger.  Shane tells Danielle to do whatever she wants.

It’s time see who’s going to do what.  Danielle uses the power of veto to save Dan.  Now Dan is in the driver’s seat.  Ian and Shane each address Dan.  Shane seems to be acting like he’s surprised and addresses all three players about how much he respects them, blah, blah, blah.  At this point he thinks he’s safe.  Ian’s seems shocked that Danielle has pulled Dan from the block, and makes a very short speech.  Dan stands and evicts Shane.  Shane leaves quickly.  Danielle cannot believe it.  She is stunned and speechless.  Ian is about to hyperventilate.  Dan takes Danielle aside and tells her as her coach he had to look out for her and now she has the votes in the jury house to win.  Shane tells Julie that Dan said something to him about Danielle having the votes to win as he was leaving the house.  Julie asks Shane why he agreed to go on the block so readily.   He says didn’t really readily agree and he trusted Danielle and Dan.  He says Dan is a dirty player.  Shane tells Julie who knows, there could be potential for a future with Danielle and he forgives her.  I personally don’t think this relationship will go much further.

So Dan, Danielle and Ian are in the final three.  Whew!


Project Runway “It’s All About Me” by BB

There are eight designers left.  That many?  This season seems especially long to me.  The designers go to the work room and see Mondo there, winner of Project Runway Allstars.  It’s the textile design challenge.  They need to come up with their own textile pattern and create a modern look inspired by their cultural heritage.  Mondo explains that he won his version of this challenge and announced that he was HIV positive during that show.  He tells them to dig deep and to make it matter, but not to make it too literal.  Christopher is kind of lost because he’s doesn’t know that much about his own heritage.  Dmitry is open to new challenges even though he’s not used to working with prints.  The designers will be getting a special delivery about their cultural heritage.  While the designers are working on the computers, the doors open and someone special to each one of them arrives, either a mom, old friend, sister, significant other, etc.  They are each there to help the designers come up with the concept of their designs.  Some of them get videos of their close family members and some of them look at pictures of themselves from the past.  Each one gets their own individual inspiration and consultation with their special visitor.  Christopher seems to be having the most trouble.  He hates prints and doesn’t want to work with them.  He’s already talking in a self-defeating manner.

They go to mood with a $100 budget.  Dmitry feels rejuvenated and Elena feels happier.  The go back to Parsons to start working on their designs.  Gunnar is going with the equestrian look.  Christopher wants to incorporate something to do with ladybugs to represent his grandmother when she passed away and there were lots of ladybugs around.  Dmitry knows he can’t do a dress this time.  He has to make separates because all he’s done is dresses.  Christopher can’t seem to proceed until he has the print in front of him.  Tim comes in and tells them their loved ones are back at Atlas making dinner for them and for them to have a nice evening.  They get to spend some down time with them and get some encouragement.  It helps the designers after they have kind of lost some steam emotionally and physically.  The designers try to enjoy the moment and not worry about what’s ahead of them the next day.  Christopher has convinced himself he will be the least motivated the next day and thinks his parents being there has taken away his focus.  If this competition were just about attitude, I would be showing Christopher the door for this challenge.  But it isn’t.  It’s about the design.

The designers get their prints and they’re all happy with them.  Fabio sees copulation happening in his fabric and says it’s the essence of life.  Christopher is Mr. Negativity about the other designers’ prints and his own design.  Ven wants to do something different (I hope so), but Dmitry thinks he needs to do something with those flowers.  Christopher hears Gunnar talking about his childhood and being bullied and feels the wall is coming down between them because their stories are similar.  Gunner runs into trouble getting his pattern to fit into his design.  Christopher has no clue what he wants to do and needs Tim for guidance.  He’s never been so unsure about anything.

Tim shows up and tells Christopher he needs to go with his heart.  He decides to go for the cocktail dress out of his two looks.  Tim tells Dmitry to use the top to sex his design up.  He tells Ven his dress looks like an homage to menstrual cycle and his dress looks like maxi-pads.  Ven didn’t expect that but the other designers see it now that Tim has said it.  Tim likes what Fabio did.  Melissa needs to be more ambitious with hers to wow the judges.  Tim tells Elena her design looks like a Marlo Thomas That Girl thing.  None of the designer have a clue what Tim is talking about.  Tim tells Gunner his design looks too heavy for the light print he’s chosen.  Gunnar will have to redo the jacket and Ven pretty much starts over.

The models have been made up and accessorized and it’s time for the Runway.  Here I go with my initial quick reaction with each design.  The designers’ loved ones are still there to see the show.  The guest judges are Mondo and Anya, Season 9 winner.  She’s the one who won who didn’t know how to sew.  She draped a lot.  I love love love Sonjia’s printed pants and black jersey top.  Elena’s design doesn’t look like her which is good, but it kind of looks like a nurse’s smock to me.  I’m not into Christopher’s dress.  Something about the fit of the dress isn’t right through the middle.  Ven’s dress is the exact same dress he’s done for every show except “Fix My Friend.”  Sorry Ven, you are pretty much one note.  Fabio’s design looks good, but the print doesn’t really stand out.  I love Melissa’s red print dress.  Good job.  Gunnar kind of likes his design, but I don’t like it.  The print’s OK, but the design and fit are not.  Dmitry really did something different.  I like the placement of the blouse print on the jacket.  It’s well constructed and looks expensive.

Elena and Fabio are safe and leave the runway.  Sonjia, Melissa and Dmitry have the highest scores. I totally agree with the judges on this one.  Gunnar, Christopher and Ven have the lowest scores and again, I agree with the judges.  I will be happy if any one of the top three win.  Of the lowest scores, I guess I like Gunnar’s the least, even if I’m sick of seeing the same design from Ven.  They do something different when Heidi calls Tim in and asks him if he ever tells Ven he needs to do something different.  Tim tells Heidi Ven’s first design looked like a sanitary pad and he didn’t use it and came up with the second design on his own.  Mondo was the most critical of all the judges, both towards the best and the worst of the designers.  Mondo has really come into his own and is no longer quiet and shy.

The winner is Dmitry (I would have chosen Sonjia but I like Dmitry’s too) and the loser is Gunnar.  I like Gunnar, but think the judges made the right decision.  Gunnar actually looks relieved to be leaving and he and Christopher share a moment before he goes to the workroom to pack his things.


Dance Moms- Season Finale- 9-11-2012 by Michigan Susan


Bottom Row: Paige (she forgot part of her choreography) (slam)

Nia (she needs to be as strong at the end as she is at the beginning)

Chloe (she has been consistently in the top 5; 6th just isn’t good enough)

Kendall (solo was energized and sharp but her turns were sluggish)

Middle row:  Brooke (is capable of much more; is lazy) (slam)

Mackenzie (messes up on easy stuff)

Top row:  Maddie (of course)

The group remains in California and they are now heading to Beverly Hills for the Energy National Invitational.

The group number is called “My Last Text” and everyone will dance in it.

Only four solos are allowed and Abby chooses Mackenzie, Maddie and Brooke. Nia, Kendall, and Chloe will have to compete for the fourth solo. Paige will only dance in the group number. (slam)

The group dance is about kids texting and driving. The girls start out on prop car seats and while Paige is “driving” and texting, they have an accident. Abby says that Paige won’t have to do much and that she’s pretty. (slam)

Kelly realizes that Paige isn’t going to be doing any dancing but she’ll just be sitting holding a pretend steering wheel. Paige asks Abby if she’ll be dancing but Abby tells her that Paige blew it with her last solo dance. (slam) Why is Abby being so awful to the Hyland girls? The passive-aggressive slams are coming faster and faster.

Lots of mom-daughter tension this week. Jill continues to whine that Kendall should be given the solo since she beat Chloe last week. Christi “helps” Chloe rehearse for the solo audition. Christi is concerned because Chloe choked at nationals last year. Chloe seems frustrated.

ALDC choreographer and instructor Gia shows the Dance Moms a tweet from Candy Apple Cathy—“Can’t wait to kick your ass.”

Mackenzie practices her Honey Bee solo. Abby says Mackenzie is more of a “killer bee”. 🙂

Back at group rehearsal, Kelly can barely look at Paige sitting on the car seat holding the pretend steering wheel as the girls dance around her. Kelly is ready to cry.

Brooke rehearses her solo. Abby says it could be beautiful or sloppy and that Brooke needs to dance with her face (meaning with emotion).

Maddie practices her solo but Abby stops her saying that it’s hard to run a solo with 2 moms talking about Maddie. She glares at Kelly.

Then. It. Happens.

Abby goes off on Kelly saying that Kelly needs to go to a pediatrician to find out what’s wrong with Paige!!!!!! (Meaning that Paige is stupid for forgetting her dance routines). Wow. Who says that???? The Moms are horrified. Kelly takes her girls and storms out.  Abby says that Kelly’s temper tantrums are “pathetic”.

Christi says she’s seen Kelly storm out a time or twenty (so true!) but that this time was different. The Moms are genuinely worried that Kelly won’t come back. Kelly says she can’t do this anymore and she needs to pull her girls out of the dance studio.

During all of this, an agent calls Kelly hoping to set up a photo shoot with Paige. Kelly decides since Brooke got to record her song and do a video that now she wants to do something for Paige. They go to the photo shoot and Paige looks fabulous!

The Hylands come back for the next group rehearsal. Kelly says the girls want to practice and perform and that they will finish out the year. Abby says to her, “Why do you keep leaving? Why don’t you stay the hell away?”  Kelly replies that “the girls want to be here”. Abby stomps back to rehearsal.

It’s time for Kendall, Chloe and Nia to audition for the solo. In another sick twist, Abby decides that the Moms will choose the soloist. Obviously, Jill votes for Kendall , Christi votes for Chloe and Holly votes for Nia. To break the tie, Abby tells Melissa to choose. At first Melissa votes for Nia “because she works so hard”. Jill goes crazy and says Kendall deserves the spot. Abby asks Melissa who will bring the most points; Melissa says that Chloe is the one who can beat Justice of Candy Apples. Kendall speaks up and says she can beat Justice and that Chloe doesn’t deserve the spot. Ugh. Just when I was starting to like Kendall L

The Candy Apples arrive at the same rehearsal space as the ALDC with a guest choreographer. The Candy Apple kids start chanting “Clean Chloe’s Clock”. While I do love alliteration, the chanting was just stupid and unsportsmanlike. Seriously. Cathy is heard cackling and laughing like a deranged hyena.

PLOT TWIST! Cathy hounds Abby saying that Abby was annoying the Candy Apple Dance moms with calls and that they have the messages on their cell phones to prove it. Abby laughs it off and THEN Abby says Justice’s mom Tanya was contacting Melissa to find out about the ALDC. Cathy marches outside with Tanya to have a heated discussion. You can tell that Cathy knew NOTHING about Tanya’s “betrayal”!!!  Yee ha!

NATIONALS (finally!)

Cathy yammers on about her group doing a “classy” act and that their number is “heart-felt”. Yet her dances chant outside the ALDC room and Cathy refers to Abby as a “wide load”. Yep. Classy, all right.

Maddie’s lyrical solo “Telling Myself” goes beautifully. Abby says it’s “on the money” and it was like watching a professional. Sounds like Maddie is the favorite again.

Justice of Candy Apples performs next. Abby says he has tons of flaws in his choreography while Cathy says his kicks are “amazing’!

Brooke’s acro solo of “Diary of Anne Frank” is well done and she used emotion!

Mackenzie’s acro solo “Honey Bee” is adorable. Abby says that Mackenzie loved her dance and costume and hair bows and it showed. Cathy was annoyed with the “stupid bee solo”. It was the same music that Vivi-Anne used last season.

Chloe’s contemporary solo “Silence” is wonderful. Abby says that Chloe can be amazing or a freaked out mess. Holly says that she’s happy that Chloe got the solo since Chloe needs this solo to prove herself to Abby. Holly is one class act!

Candy Apples’s Group jazz number is “The Storm”. They use umbrellas for props and it wasn’t impressive. Vivi-Anne actually scoots her butt on stage at one point and then poses as a human prop yet again. Cathy—please note, your daughter can’t dance. Your daughter doesn’t like to dance. We know it. She knows it. Everyone, but you, knows it.

In the dressing room, Kelly tells everyone about Paige’s photo shoot and shows them one of the photos. Abby has to ruin the moment by saying the photo shoot is what is distracting Paige and that “pretty can go away quick, right Kelly?”  What a horrible thing to say, Abby. You are unbelievable.

Group Number! After the amazing yet disturbing performance, Cathy comments that the car seat must have come off Christi’s front porch but that the piece was brilliant. Abby says the crowd didn’t know whether to clap or cry. They were stunned, for sure.


Petite Solo       1st        Mackenzie

Teen Solo        1st        Brooke

Jr. Solo            3rd        Justice

2nd        Maddie

1st        Chloe

Group              1st        Abby Lee Dance Company!

Kelly says it was hard to watch the girls perform since it may be the last time. She really doesn’t want to come back. Who could blame her after Abby said those awful things?

Abby said that Kelly put her through hell. Huh?

Christi asks Kelly to wait and think things over. She says “it’s not a team without you guys.”

Next week….a Dance Moms Reunion Special!!!


LittleNewton – Watch What Happens Live

Tonight’s guests are Miami housewives Joanna Krupa and Lea Black. The bartender is Joanna’s boyfriend Romain Zago. Andy asks how Mama Elsa is doing because she collapsed in the episode and at a premier party this week. They say she is fine. Thank god!! Andy shares some observations fans made of the show like how casually Lisa asks her husband to bring Botox home as well as Mama Elsa’s energy box of rice.

Poll question is in reference to Lisa saying that her face matches her ass (because they’re both so attractive) and the poll asks if her face actually DOES match her ass. I don’t think she is very attractive due to her obvious plastic surgery so I vote no.

Andy says he missed Mama Elsa the most out of all the Miami housewives and he airs a montage of her awkward one-liners. Andy has his own energy box that he kept his hands in for a while. Andy says he discovered that Karent’s boyfriend, Rodolfo Jimenez, stars in a telanovela “Anita No Te Rajes”. He airs a clip and I must say Rodolfo is quite attractive (although I am Hispanic so I love all Latin men!) Andy rolls a very awkward tickle fetish video of Joanna from earlier in her career. She seems really embarrassed but says that when she moved to Hollywood and was 19 when she filmed it and got paid well. She makes a point by saying at least she wasn’t an escort!

Andy goes to some caller questions and the ladies are asked what their secrets are to looking so good. Joanna says moisturize and wear sunglasses to, “protect your face from squinting”. Lea says hanging out with the women is enough motivation to keep her in shape. Lea is asked if she has had work between seasons but she says no. Andy got questions asking if Joanna was making digs at Kimmy Kardasian in the show and she does admit that she is very anti-fur and believes Khloe is a hypocrite for doing an anti-fur campaign and then leaving the campaign for her sister (this goes back to when Kim was flour-bombed by a PETA activist and Khloe left as a spokesperson because they “attacked” her sister. I personally think the whole thing was staged for their show and for Kim to gain sympathy after her nasty divorce but I digress…). Joanna says her sex tape comment could be in reference to anyone these days. Andy asks Lea if Christy Rice ever paid her back for the gala crashing drama from season 1. Lea says that Christy made a nice donation and that she is a sweet girl and she misses her this season. We don’t!

After the commercial, Joanna is asked if she has had her lips injected. She admits to having it done in the past but says her plump lips come from a lip gloss called “lip injection”. Suuuure…  Joanna is asked about what she thought about Mama Elsa and she says that she was nice and felt bad that she got sick at the party. She hints that things might change later in the season. Andy asks lea AGAIN if she had work done and she says that it’s just not true. Andy doesn’t buy it. Joanna talks about the Ocean Drive cover and says that she hasn’t gotten it…yet. “Tick Tock!” Andy says. Sounds like we won’t be seeing that cover anytime soon.

The game for the night is called Lea Black or Just a Cat? Clips are played and they need to guess whether it was her or an actual cat. They don’t do very well but honestly the sounds all sounded the same so it was really hard to tell.

Andy takes more caller questions and Lea is asked if blowing off Lisa was a very neighborly thing to do. Lea says she was simply just working the room and she did say hi to her.

Andy’s Mazel went to Sally Struthers because she got a DUI and could use a pick-me-up. Andy says that he and his staff were talking about her at the exact same time she went to jail and thinks it’s SO weird. Jackhole goes to a Malaysian car wash that teamed up with a massage parlor and is giving away free sex for every 10 washes. Keep it classy!

Poll results are in and show that 60% of people think that Lisa’s face does NOT match her ass. 40% think it does.


The LynnFam wishes a very Happy Birthday to our good friends One More in Boston and Dickens – hope you both have a great day! 🙂

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  1. BB says:

    Great Blog today. Happy Birthday One More In Boston and Dickens! Hope you both have a wonderful day!

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    Happy Birthday Princess!
    Happy B-Day Dickens
    Party on 8)

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    Thanks so much to our wonderful bloggers for the awesome content today: MKV, BB, Michigan Susan, and Little Newton. You guys are great friends of the blog – we appreciate your dedication to the forum!

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    Good morning all. #FF Freedom Friday Follow Friday!

    Lady C and WCW I think we need to get your husbands to blog HWs. 😉

  5. OneMoreInBoston says:

    happy birthday to my fellow birthday holder-Dickens!

    where’d you get that cat pic? Need me one of those…

  6. “””Jackhole goes to a Malaysian car wash that teamed up with a massage parlor and is giving away free sex for every 10 washes. Keep it classy! “”” WOW…the Manzo boys are out of the country finally….!!!!

    Happy Birth Day OMIB…Make it a good one..
    Happy Birth Day Dickens….Enjoy the day….

    It’s Flashback Friday..Were did the week go !!!!


  7. Powell says:

    Last night I saw that a few people are doubtful that they ate going to be able to watch Miami. From the previews they showed I can see that there will be some fighting that seems like “a territorial thing” and it seems like Adrianna will be doing a lot of the fighting and causing fights. If you remember at the reunion she yelled at Christi practically getting out of her seat which wasn’t easy since they were treated like stepchildren and relegated to the WWHL headquarters instead of a posh hotel. Adrianna exhibited none of that during the 6/7 show season & I suspect she like this tv thing & is trying to ensure Miami’s return.

    • NightLight95 says:

      Adrianna said as much! That she was the only one that brought the drama and the rest were so boring. But I am still going to watch my Miami girls. I enjoy watching Mama Elsa and Marysol.

    • Winston says:

      I was thinking I might not be able to watch the show but am going to give it a try. I enjoy reading the blog and chats so if it gets to unbearable I’ll just read instead of watch.
      The show is so superficial and overly dramatic it makes me feel like I am watching a soap opera.

      • Powell says:

        Winston that’s exactly what I have done this season for NJ. They were really getting on my nerves so I read the blogs and live vicariously thru all of you. 🙂

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Yes – she’s showing more alpha characteristics than she did in Season 1.

    • Donna says:

      I decided I wasn’t going to watch Miami after a preview showing one women punching another woman. Enough is enough for me.

  8. Winston says:

    Lisa is 29! I think that’s the most shocking thing I’ve heard about the RHOM.

    • Powell says:

      She’s pretty, but I’m sorry she looks older than 29. And Karent is pretty but looks older than 38. They don’t know what not to touch on their faces when it comes to plastic surgery. Theyve had work done way to early.

      • Winston says:

        That’s what I was thinking…who needs plastic surgery at 29?? And so much. You can tell she has had a lot of work done. It aged her, it did not make look better.

      • Bea says:

        They do look older than their stated ages. I wonder if it’s all that sun. Lea’s skin looks great for her age. Ana looks good for 47 too.

  9. VV says:

    Happy Birthday, OMIB and Dickens!

  10. Thanks for the great blogs, everybody! It’s clear I won’t have to try to catch Miami in reruns. 🙂

    PR is more watchable this season – some of these designers a) actually design and b) know how to construct a garment. Why Anya – the the PR “winner” former beauty queen who “constructed” one-seam-floaties was there to judge is beyond me.

    Dmitry’s jacket was truly amazing – a unique piece. He didn’t applique his printed fabric on top of his jacket, but let it show through slits in the jacket. What’s more, the slits echoed the shapes in his print. Check this video:

  11. VV says:

    Thank you BB for the recap. I’m gonna watch Miami from a distance and by distance I mean I won’t be tuning in religiously. I like the fabulous homes and the beach is BEAUTIFUL that’s the main draw for me.

  12. Just one more Project Runway comment:
    Dmitry used Ralph Rucci’s “suspension technique” to make his suit jacket – but unlike Rucci a bold print became the focus point of the design. 🙂

  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    Happy Birthday ladies – a Friday twofer – enjoy your day and fill it with laughter and love! Tinfoil hats are option.

  14. plainviewsue says:

    Happy Birthday One More in Boston & Dickens!!!

    Watched RHOM this morning. Last season I watched 1 1/2 episodes & quit. I was determined not to allow another housewife franchise in my life, but as always, I caved and watched.

    It was hard to remember who was who, but it did hold my interest. I’ll watch it again next week & then make my decision.

    • Powell says:

      I remembered the previous ladies but I only remember Joanna Krupa cause she’s a model & very famous. I’ll have to learn who the others are.

  15. plainviewsue says:

    Some interesting Dina Manzo tweets today:

    Dina Manzo‏@dinamanzo Can’t wait to see my little muffin goddaughter for her Birthday today @teresa_giudice it’s been too long!

    Dina Manzo‏@dinamanzo When suggesting to be nice, A family member used to tell me to take off my rose colored glasses, 1 just told me to get out of Lala land…

    I’m assuming its the Red Queen who said about the rose colored glasses, but I wonder who just just told her to get out of lala land????

    Anyone thinking Dina might be ready to spill????

    • Donna says:


    • Powell says:

      It’s good she’s going to see her god daughter but why tweet it? She just wants the hate to continue & to piss Caroline off. Dina is suppose to be the “calm, love and light, no drama” sister.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Who knows lala land better than Wacky Jacky? Dina will never spill only correct information that directly impacts herself – she isn’t the family destroyer – that is the Red Queen’s domain.

  16. Sus says:

    Is it just me or is Danielle a complete moron? I have high hopes for Ian to win. Although, Dan probably deserves the win for hoodwinking the entire house!!!! I could not believe Dani took Dan off the block. I just couldn’t believe it.

    • BB says:

      It’s not just you.

    • disgrazia4 says:

      Danielle is a moron. She has been telling so many stories in that house. Her parents beat her. Her dad is an alcoholic. Her parents tried to sell her to gypsies. She is a charge nurse who is in charge of 60 patients. MDs call her all the time for assistance and advice. She saved about 200 people from dying. She broke her back, had chemo (a new kind which doesn’t make your hair fall out) for a benign breast tumor, became a gymnast, plays basketball, softball, speaks chinese, had a bf who beat her, was in a pageant, is friends with 2 famous country singers, Janelle, Kara, Ashley and JoJo were all jealous of her, America will regard her as THE greatest player of all time because she got Janelle out…That’s all I can remember right now.

      Last night was the best episode in an otherwise dismal season of BB. The expression on her face when Dan evicted, dumb as a box of rocks, Shane ( who told Dani when they were both up for eviction that if he won the Veto he would use it on her), was priceless. Hopefully Ian will win the HOH, evict Danielle, and he and Dan can be F2. The jury can then name Ian the winner as Dan has won before and though he played the best game (one of the few played this season), Ian has totally immersed himself in the BB experience and will be estatic. Besides, he walks on his toes and is weird and quirky.

      Danielle should leave the BB house with no prize money and have no one to turn to but the parents she disparaged and co-workers who would like to ask her a few questions about what she said on TV! These things must happen in order for the World to continue to properly spin on its axis.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hi Sus, I am a feed watcher. Before the feeds cut off for live show all I was sure of is that everyone was lying to someone, just didn’t know who. Line of the night goes to Britt for saying Frank’s social game sucked. BB did a wonderful summary. Shell shocked Ian, as of late last night/early morning is still rocking his way around the house talking to himself, loudly. Ian spent the night making big circles in the house saying “what” repeatedly, very funny. The indoor lockdown is killing him & he wants his hammock, bad. He can’t believe he is still in the house & his pet name for Dan is scum***. Ian has F2 deal with Dan & knows it means nothing, but being all buddy buddy excuse me quacky quacky (stupidest name ever) with D&D. Dani, soaked to the bone from mist, poor put upon Dani (ha) cried all night long over Shane but holding up well enough to stratagize with Dan. Only way Dani wins is if she cuts Dan & is in a position to evict him. The jury will not reward how Dan used her, they will reward him (imo). Dani made herself the perfect person to win 2nd place & doesn’t know it. I want to see Ian/Dan F2 with Ian for the win. Best season in a long time, Lisa

      • Sus says:

        I was up until 4 am watching BB on Showtime. I was worried Ian was going to have a heart attack last night. ALL of his quirks came out. He could not keep still. He was up and down, pacing, tic’ing and talking to himself. He could not believe what happened.

        I haven’t heard Dani talking badly about her parents. I did hear the fake breast cancer thing. There are chemos that don’t cause hair loss. However, I haven’t heard of anyone having chemo for a benign tumor. As someone who had real chemo with a real tumor, that pissed me off!

        I also haven’t heard her claims about her job. I did see somewhere that she isn’t an RN but an LPN.

        I don’t think Shane was into Dani other than furthering his game. If he was into her, I’m sure that ended last night. How could he like someone that is so dumb!

        This season has been one of the better ones. Fingers are crossed for Ian. I’d love for him to win.

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Sus, watching Ian on the feeds last night I learned a “spaz attack” is not urban legend, but a real event. Poor Ian, he needs to rock, move the hammock inside! As for Dani & her lying, when she said her dad would be so proud of her, my only thought was WTF! When will he be proud? When he sobers up & takes a break from beating her or when he gets out of church from being born again. To elaborate on what Disgrazia posted, I read an interview from a former friend that Dani is a well known liar. She has alot of former friends. The whole “special” chemo is suspect to me since I recall her saying it was to treat scar tissue from a cyst that had already been removed. IMO that is a tad extreme for something she assures everyone is not a big deal. She is the same type of liar as Gnatalie. Lies just to lie, and it cost her the game but she was a perfect F2 for anyone sitting next to her. Whoever wins HOH would be a fool not to take her. It will be a much tougher vote if F2 is Dan/Ian. I would like to see Dani evicted & in tears leaving her mountain of makeup a hot mess on live TV unable to speak & unable to pay her rent (too harsh?). Ian won my vote for favorite houseguest weeks ago. Lisa

          • Sus says:

            LOL! that’s exactly what happened with Ian last night. I will be cheering if Dani goes out. F2 will be tough for the jury to decide if its Dan/Ian but I’m hoping they would vote Ian since Dan has won before.

  17. Kat from Ohio says:

    I mentioned last night that I really enjoyed Miami. I even liked it when it originally aired, mainly because there wasn’t the insanity of NJ or BH. In terms of how the cast interacts, they remind me a bit of how the OC used to be. Mama Elsa is absolute gold. As far as the new girls:
    Karent-I don’t know she seemed pretty lame, but I feel bad (and curious!) about her parents hating her bf.
    Ana-So far I like her. That may change depending on what her role in the love triangle is.
    Lisa-I was expecting to immediately hate her, but I didn’t. She seemed really nice to the housekeeper… not fake Luann nice to Rosie either. But again, depending on the next few episodes, I’m prepared to revise my opinion.
    Joanna-That freak out over the mag cover was a bit over-the-top. I like her sister, but not her fiance. She’s gorgeous. Maybe a little too young to be on RH? I guess she’s like the Jo of this show.

    anyway, after all the dark, family related stuff on NJ and the weird antics of multiple housewives on NY, this seems breezy and fun.

    • Amanda says:

      ITA Kat! I started watching HW’s because they have spectacular homes, clothes and cars. They run in social circles with amazing, fabulous people. They hire private chefs and makeup artists – These are the things I enjoy about HW’s! IMO this is how the franchise started and this is what it needs to return to. I can’t stand the bickering, screaming, yelling…The mean girl attitudes an accusations of “bullying” need to stop – for ALL the franchises. I hope Miami doesn’t go too far down the paths of the other cities. Only time will tell….

    • T-Rex says:

      Kat, you know Karents parents may “know” something about RicoSuaveRodolfo, that the community down in Miami, especially the Latin community is tight, everyone knows everyones business. Like with many women, sometimes they don’t see that their man is one old cheatin’ bastard, they have this blind eye to their antics, but her momma may see right through his BS act.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Joanna is 33, older than Lisa. Around the same age as Kim Z, Melissa, Gretchen, Alexis, Brandi… I agree she is beautiful, but not sure I’m gonna love her attitude.

      • Kat from Ohio says:

        that’s very true… i think i forgot that because those women seem so much older because of their styling/surgeries/fillers.

    • JenninFL says:

      I like Lisa too! She seems really sweet. I think she might come out as being the “normal” one of the group….as if there is such a thing in housewives land.

  18. Powell says:

    With RE prices being down why would’nt Ana and her ex just open a 2bd office in the Gables? Duh.

    It’s gonna be fun I think watching Ana & Karent go after “The Dream Man”. Karent’s mom doesn’t like him anyway.

    MKV I like your spin and suddle snark. This will hopefully be fun. 🙂

  19. BB says:

    Did I hear correctly in this preview? Did Luann say she was going to try IVF? First, can you get IVF if your tubes are tied (I dunno, maybe you can)? Second, can anyone see Luann going through all the harmone injections and other stuff you have to go through to do IVF? Third, that outfit makes her look more like a grandma than a mom. Or maybe a society matron going to a charity meeting.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      This may be LuAnn’s lamest storyline yet. Interesting how her own mama busted her on the tubes – I have to like her “sense of humor”.

      • Eastbayca says:

        Last season she was making fun of Ramona who thought she was pregnant. Maybe that is where she got her storyline from?

    • Orson says:

      For the record, I am neither a physician or an operator/owner of the organs I’ll be referring to in the next 2 sentences. The tubes are there to allow the ova (ovum?) to travel from the ovary to the uterus (and perhaps get fertilized along the way. In IVF, the already fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus via the cervix. So tied tubes couldn’t interfere with IVF.

    • PJ says:

      Loo Loo is almost 50 isn’t that a bit past the child bearing years?

    • T-Rex says:

      Yes, you can get pregnant via IVF if you’re tubes are tied, you get hormone injections and then you produce eggs in the ovaries, then they go in with laparscopy and “harvest” the eggs then fertilize the eggs outside the womb then replant in the uterus, completely by-passing the tubes. When I went through this it was because my tubes were too scarred for a viable pregnancy. You have to do 6 weeks of hormones and injections to stop your period, it was brutal for me, I didn’t take well to the hormones at all. Would never do it again.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        So sorry you had to go through all of this.

        • T-Rex says:

          Actually we really didn’t want kids but the families on both sides were like, you will feel different when you have one, once they get here you will be thankful, etc. So, we tried, it failed(this was back 19 years ago, technology wasn’t as good), and we decided that this was a sign it was not meant to be. So we rescue dogs instead, and we shower our niece and nephews with tons of love and that works for us.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Thanks for rescuing those sweet critters!!! 🙂 What a blessing you must be to them and of course to your nieces and nephews, as well.

  20. AZGirl says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY OMIB! Among OMIB many talents is the ability to build a city out of a box of matchsticks! OMIB can sniff out a troll at 100 yards! We all love OMIB. OMIB have a fantastic day. LOVE the picture of the cat in the foil

  21. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday Dickens!

  22. AZGirl says:

    Mr. AZGirl is in trial all day. My work is finished so I get to play on the computer all day at the office. Just finished watching a clip of Dr. Phil interview with Dina Lohan. It is so disturbing. She is totally out of it and high as a kite. Jill Zarin brags on Twitter that Dina is her buddy and wants to have lunch with this looser. Between Michael and Dina no wonder Lindsey is so screwed up.

  23. AZGirl says:

    Whoever is monitoring the board you can delete my post about the clip.

  24. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I BOW to Dan’s greatness on Big Brother. Seriously, that guy is a GENIUS. Might as well stick his hand up Danielle’s backside and complete her transformation as Dan’s puppet. I really hope this jury is not full of a bunch of bitter people and can appreciate the amazing way Dan has furthered himself and executed each one of their departures, but I am scared they will be too bitter.

    Dan came into this game with the disadvantage of people already knowing how he plays the game. He turned that disadvantage by using it to his advantage, making everyone think he’s that trustworthy guy who picks one person to take to the end, and they ALL believed him and kept their final 2 deal with him quiet. He needed to play a different game this year, and he did it well, IMO. Even if he was not loyal or honest, he still never treated people badly or attacked people like others in the past have. I know Dr Will is one of the best players ever, but I think Dan definitely de-throned him. And even after all that, he STILL has Danielle eating out of the palm of his hand.

    I really hope he becomes the first 2 time BB winner.

  25. 2Stupid says:

    Why is it socially acceptable for Andy to ask Housewives if they have had work done, but he wouldn’t dare ask some of his famous friends like SJP, Kelly Ripa or Ellen Barking. It is just another example of how little he thinks of his puppets.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I think because they show it all the time on the show. They expose themselves to the ‘reality’ part of TV, meaning everything is fair game. Not so much with actual celebrities. Just my opinion. But I think you are also right, he definitely has far more respect for the famous friends than the Housewife puppets.

      I also noticed once how most of the WWHL commercials only show the celebrities and not the Housewives or Bravolebrities that are often the main focus of these shows.

  26. Patti says:

    Why does Abby dislike Chloe so much? This is beyond Christi, but directed at Chloe herself. She’s called an 11yo a sneak, a liar. What damage could a ‘tween do to this woman to make her hold so much venom for a child?

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Chloe is more loved by the public than Maddie.

      • trudie says:

        And that, my friend, is Abbey’s fault. She fawns over Maddie so much that eat leaves a bad taste in the public’s mouth. I don’t recall ever seeing Maddie being obnoxious or bratty to the other girls. By and large, the girls themselves are more mature and well behaved than the adults.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          ITA, trudie. I just love those little girls. They are all very well-behaved and display character and maturity in the most stressful moments. They are great kiddos.

      • Patti says:

        I did read an interview with Abby from about a year ago that said the whole pyramid thing was the producers idea, she had never done that before in her career. Hopefully more than that is scripted and the girls know because the way she treats them is unforgiveable. No teacher is that great to subject your kids to that kind of abuse.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      It’s the only way she knows to hurt Christi.

      • trudie says:

        Good point. There has to be some kind of dark history between Christi and Abbey. Maybe Christi gave up a promising career to be a mother. Who knows?

  27. jennykluv says:

    Thanks for the wonderful blogs! A good read as always. My take on the RHOM wives:

    Joanna: I think Miami found their Brandi Glanville. I have a feeling she is going to keep it real. Maybe real tacky sometimes, but at least real.

    Adriana: Def going to bring the drama. But I don’t think it’s an act. You just don’t mess with her friends, right or wrong.

    Lea: Think she will expect the other ladies to bow down before her a bit. She may think she is on a slightly higher level than the rest.

    Ana: I think she is beautiful, if she’s done the plastic surgery route, it’s been light. Her face looks natural. I think she will be caught between Karent and the soap star. She doesn’t seem like the type that would go after a man that is attached.Her family environment tells a lot about her.

    Marysol/Mama Elsa: Marysol seems a little emotionally fragile. Even before the split with Phillippe, she just seems a little neurotic. As for Mama Elsa, I keep seeing the clip, “I don’t know her, I don’t care.” LOL!

    Lisa: Poor girl, she thinks that is what pretty looks like. I think her face is very catlike, but not in a good way. She is too young to even need Botox, and these women don’t realize real women and real MEN think they look ridiculous. She seemed sweet, but shouldn’t have been upset that Lea brushed her off for Mama Elsa. Who wouldn’t!?!

    Karent: Jury’s still out. We’ll see how she treats Anna when the truth comes out about her boyfriend lying about being in a relationship.

    Was that all? I know Alexia, of course, but she’s not a regular housewive this season. My heart goes out to her, one thing we saw last season was her devotion as a mother and wife. I have to admire that. ~ jennykluv a/k/a Jenny Knoblock

  28. LaineyLainey says:

    Agreed with your take on this cast. I really like Alexia and agree she is most definitely a devoted mother. She seems a bit shell-shocked from her son’s accident. Completely understandable, but I do hope they are doing well and that she can put it behind her.

  29. looneylucy says:

    The blogs have been fantastic. All contributing have done a fabulous job! Thank you! Happiest of all birthdays to OMIB and Dickens.

    Is there any news about Detox? I hope she’s ok.

    I’d like to share a story. I haven’t had much sleep as late for various and sundry reasons (nothing major). In any event, my son comes home from college/work, and while talking I mention how sleepy & tired I am. Awhile later while I’m in the kitchen (he’s in his room), I say to myself, “I can’t even keep my eyes open”. Next thing I hear is “GO TO SLEEP! GO TO SLEEP!”. I bust out laughing. He’s comes to the kitchen and proceeds to tell me I’m cracking up. I asked him where the jellybeans were. I was fine, but he really thought I had tipped over, and the good laugh gave me a second wind! Thank you Kray Kray.

  30. LaineyLainey says:

    How funny and OH yes, the KKB vs. Bethenny memories. They are priceless “I’m up here, and you’re down there…” or whatever that was. Another thing that always made me scratch my head but now makes me laugh is from the NY reunion and KKB (Miss supposed Anti-systematic Bullying) tell Alexis, “Stop turning red!!” (when poor Alex was breaking out in hives due to stress).

    • looneylucy says:

      Right, Lainey. And the scene in Morocco, while Kelly thinks she is being the sane one, tells Alex in a scene, “talk, don’t talk, stop turning red”, something like that! What a trip that woman is!

  31. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Feliz Cumpleano, Happy Birthday To OMIB and DICKENS!!! Have a shot of tequila for me! 😉

    Loving me the RHOM again! Its got more Anglo blood this season, but methinks the Latinas will be able to bring the drama like caraazy.

    Don’t like what Frederic is doing with Adriana. From house to houseboat/yacht? That’s a downgrade darling. Come on it’s Miami, Florida where ya gonna hide from the hurricanes love?

    Joanna and her sister are a mess. She forgives the cheater and allows him to mistreat her sister. Why o why does her sister have to stay with them in FLA. Get her an apartment…. unless you’re afraid of being sent packing during your many squabbles?

    Ana needs to move on with her practice as her ex has clearly moved on romantically but seems to enjoy dropping in for dinner and working with her. Separate for good in order to be able to move on.

    Lea has had work done but it may have been prior to last years reunion because she already looked refreshed back then. She keeps denying work done in a timeframe but she did something. Also she seems to be dressing better than a OceanAveHomelessWoman. Her squawk is still annoying and I hope Marysol and Adriana can be released from Lea’s iron-clad grip.

    Karent and her meh soap boyfriend…. honey he’s not AndreGarcia! He’s obviously a cheater and a charlatan and her mother has got his number. Can’t wait for the mask to be pulled on this relationship!

    Lisa seems like a kind-hearted mistress who wants to help her employee, but it seems she’s been dipping in the plastic surgery well a little too often. 29? I’d have thought mid 30’s easily.

    Alexia’s story is so sad. She has dedicated herself to caring for her younger son after an accident so tragic that no one believed he’d ever recover. All miraculous milestones achieved are a testament to both her son and Alexia who never gives up.

    Finally as a hopeless romantic, how sad the break-up of the Witch, the Publicist, and the Frenchman. I had faith in this trio. Especially sad for Marysol as she seems devastated that she separated from Phillipe. Hopefully they wll reunite or she will move on and seek love again.

    Mama Elsa…. simply the best! LOL Loving Mimi, her housekeeper, as her calming advisor. Love the relationship she has with her dear devoted daughter. Can’t wait to see what hijinks are coming!

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      I agree on much of the above, Amber. I’m looking forward to seeing Ana’s story unfold. It’s sad to me to see her holding on to her ex – time for her to move on. And Marysol and Phillipe – oh, holy heartbreak – I loved them together. Maybe they can still work it out?

  32. not THAT Jill says:

    Hi everyone…I have had a very interesting day. Someone in my neighborhood was robbed on the street-the suspect has been running from the cops-on foot-since 12:30pm-he was on top of my roof at one point and on top of my garage…4 hours later and the cops can not find him-scary!!!!!
    Have we heard from Detox today??? I hope she is feeling better.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Keep us posted Jill. Wow. ((( Detox ))) if you’re reading.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I have not seen anything out of our Detox. I, too, hope she is busy recovering from her illness.

      Wow, Jill – that IS scary!!! My daughter attends the University of Texas, the campus was evacuated today due to a bomb threat. These are such trying times. I have a nephew who is stationed as a US diplomat in Azerbaijian in the US Embassy there. I do worry about him and his wife, too. Praying us all.

    • looneylucy says:

      HO-LY CRAP! I know your doors are locked, have a phone in hand, and a baseball bat handy! How scary. Be safe.

    • trudie says:

      OMG! Keep your doors locked and stay safe.

    • AZGirl says:

      Wow. Stay safe.

  33. LaineyLainey says:

    MKV: Thanks for the Miami blog. It was well written and since I was not fully engaged in watching and I forgot to dvr it,…I was glad to have your blog to see what I missed. Maybe now I can keep the new people straight.

    Michigan Susan: Hi! I enjoyed the Dance Moms blog, too. I was a dance mom once; if I had ever, even once, pulled my kid from a rehearsal due to a temper tantrum, we would have been kicked out of that studio. Kelly seems to be (imo) quite unstable…one minute she’s talking tough in her TH or making fun of Abby (in the parents’ viewing room) and then the next, she’s boo-hooing or cussing in front of everyone and running out the door or peeling out of the parking lot. When Abby says that Kelly has been putting her through hell, I believe those documented behaviors (that I just mentioned) are what she means. I do feel sorry for Jill, because she seems to be trying to secure her spot on the show by being more like Christi, but Jill doesn’t have it in her to maintain the “bitchy” persona. Christi just has a certain, I don’t know what,…charm (? ) to pull off the super cruel and catty comments, but she still manages to come off as intelligent and comical. Jill might be going through perimenopause; her open wailing makes me wonder.

    It is funny, like you said, that Cathy talks about class and then behaves like a lunatic at the competitions. ha ha!!! Truth be told, if they want their children to be “discovered” this show is helping all of these little girls. Their moms have GOT to know that. Even Jill, who is trying take the victim role and tries to put her girls there (in victim mode)…has got to know how fortunate they all are to be part of this show. Her girls are so adorable, I hope they are savvy enough to know that just because they are not Abby’s favorites doesn’t mean that their careers won’t benefit from their participation on the this show and also from their training under “the dreaded” Abby Lee. They are, across the board, extremely talented, well trained children and they are all well-behaved classy little girls. The moms? Well, they, along with Abby Lee, bring the drama, conflict and in all honesty, they keep ME watching!!!

    • trudie says:

      Did you know that Abbey is going to be hosting a new dance competition?

      “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” debuts at 9 p.m. Oct. 9, preceded by a one-hour casting special. Twelve boys and girls ages 6-13 will compete in a 10-week competition, with $100,000 and a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet at stake. “Pussycat Dolls” founder Robin Atin and choreographer Richard Jackson will be among the regulars, with Kevin Manno hosting.

      Read more:

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, Trudie!! I’ve been seeing the ads for that and can’t wait to see these amazing kids audition! Thanks for the link!!!!

    • looneylucy says:

      Lainey, I’ve been meaning to ask you…you’ve mentioned your daughter is a pom girl at UT. I’m somewhat familiar (from years ago) about UT and the girls that had the high-kick line like the Rockettes. They wore hats and boots. That was every girls’ dream in high be a member of that line.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        HI Looney; She was a Texas Pom Girl at the University of Texas. It’s part of the Spirit program but they are not cheerleaders. This is a dance team and they are the ones who wear chaps. What you’re referring to (I think) are the Kilgore Texas Rangerettes. They are amazing and are famous for their kickline. Since Kilgore is a junior college (a two year school) many Rangerettes who transfer to UT Austin end up as Texas Pom Girls, too! I believe a high percentage of these talented young ladies (Rangerettes) go on to earn a spot on the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders or the Radio City Rockettes.

        • looneylucy says:

          Now I remember. Thank you! Yes, growing up in Tx, being on a drill team, we always tried to emulate the Rangerettes. And of course, who didn’t watch the Rockettes years ago? I was a shorty, on the end of the line, and never had the gymnastics/dance classes, but had fun. I guess I was good enough even though, because I made the cut. How great for your daughter!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            You must have great memories from drill team. That’s so cool. I have never been a dancer so the whole dance world was completely new to me. My daughter was on drill team in High School and loved it!! She also did studio competition dance for over 10 years. Her connection to dance now, is that she teaches part-time at a local studio. The Rockettes would be a dream come true, she won scholarships to the Rockettes’ classes and auditioned for the Rockettes Summer Intensive (and made it – and LOVED IT!!). She is 5’10’; Rockettes would be a dream come true (for me, too – not gonna lie). She graduates in Dec., so we’ll see which doors open along the way. Just writing about it gets my Dance Mom juices flowing (the tendency to live vicariously…) not good. Snapping out of it now hahaha!!!… It will be interesting to see what she ends up doing.

            • looneylucy says:

              So as I understand correctly, Lainey, your daughter has the chance to dance for the Rockettes and will find out in Dec? Are you kidding me?!!

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Let’s not celebrate, yet. haha!! She has just as good a chance as any other leggy trained dancer, I suppose …but she has to wait until the official auditions. They just held the last one for 2012 in August. I believe they’ll start auditioning girls again sometime in the Spring of 2013. She has attended two of their summer intensives and would love to audition (and make it!!!!). She says it’s rare to make it the first time you audition; but a mother can dream? right? I just meant that after she graduates college, she will be free to pursue this and any other dreams/goals she’s been putting on hold.

                • looneylucy says:

                  Absolutely, Lainey. She has the background and experience, and she’s obviously got the chops. If I were in your shoes….are you kidding me? Congratulations to her for making it this far, and to you for supporting her in what she excels in. With a mom like you, she’ll be a winner.

                • Sus says:

                  I can dream too! I post on a board where a member’s kid is auditioning for the Rockettes!! So cool.

                • JenninFL says:

                  Omg that is so awesome/cool about your daughter Lainey! I think every girl has dreamed about being a Rockette! Wishing her good luck 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      He’s such an idiot.

      • klmh says:

        I don’t think he is, but obviously I could be wrong. He seems to be completely out of touch though, on this issue, which is like one of the most important of the day. I couldn’t believe it when I read it and had to share… scary.

        • Nancy says:

          He’s out of touch with a lot of major issues including the middle east.
          He should have kept his mouth shut these past few days. I’m not worrid
          though because he’s not going to get elected thank God.

          • MKValle says:

            I hope you’re right Nancy!

          • JenninFL says:

            His comments about Iran scared the crap out of me! I hope you’re right about him not being elected Nancy! Our soldiers are already in the longest war and don’t deserve to be thrust into another one due to someone that has absolutely no experience with national security. Like Obama said “you can’t shoot first and then aim later”!

    • AZGirl says:

      This is a guy who has NEVER had to worry about working a shit job for 50 hours a week knowing he not going to make enough to pay his basic rent, food and utilities. Forget health insurance. It is not even an option. He has no idea what the average American goes through. Everyone compares his wealth to the Kennedy’s but there is a BIG DIFFERENCE. The Kennedy’s gave back in service to the American people. They understood their wealth to be a “gift” not an entitlement.

  34. klmh says:

    Just found out one of my friends lost her husband. He was 68, ready to retire, and was hit when a service truck hit his car while the driver was texting. Wish they would outlaw this or somehow be able to disable the device while driving. So sad for the family.

    • Nancy says:

      Now that is tragic. Way too young. 😦

    • AZGirl says:

      that is so sad. We have a serious problem here in AZ with texting. I thought this girl in a Lexus was going to slam into me this a.m. on my way to work. Her head was down and she did not know traffic had stopped on the freeway.

      • Nancy says:

        Parts of LA are in flames right now. It was 104 here today. Major freeways are closed.

        • klmh says:

          And there is no global warming…

          • Nancy says:

            Exactly!! I just don’t get it.

            I feel so sorry for your friend. I hope she will have a lot of support around her.
            My father died at 68 right after he retired as well.

            • klmh says:

              I’m sure she will. She is a great gal, but man, what a blow.
              What is it with retirement? I don’t want my husband to retire. Its just too hard on them. The physicians who retired that are in our age group have now re-entered the work force, whether it be thru donating their time to clinics, or going back to work for a few hours a few times a days/wk. Just too much of a change Im afraid. They are appreciated too. 🙂

      • klmh says:

        AZGirl, scary. I guess besides driving defensively we have to look for a place every second or two to find a safe place to pull over, if we’re lucky.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh I’m so sorry for your friend klmh!

    • lovemamaearth says:

      oh KLMH I’m sorry to hear that. I agree the cars should have a disable thing when car is running.

      • klmh says:

        Tx lme. I looked it up and 39 states have laws with texting regulations, though some are pretty bad, like bus drivers and novice drivers. OK along with AZ HI and others haven’t done a damned thing. I am off to speak with my local state legislator on Monday…

  35. VV says:

    What’s her name? blog is up.
    (Hint: Jersey)

    • klmh says:

      You mean Kathy? Revolting, isn’t it. How dare she not mention Teresa and her family.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I just read it, and I have to give her props for NOT passively aggressively tearing down her cousin. Her blog was sweet. I have to say, she seems like a great mom. She appears to have spent her life focused on the right things.

        • klmh says:

          ITA and I think she is trying to be a good cousin as well. Just too nice though for the T.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I’ll wait to see how Kathy behaves toward her cousin at the reunion before I say if she’s too nice for Tre. However, I do stand by my observation that she does seem like a sweet and attentive mom. When Richie was calling her out for not teaching the kids to do laundry, at first I was thinking maybe she spoiled them a little. My kids have been in charge of their own laundry since 5th grade; but you know when they come home to visit, NOW as adults I actually feel so happy to do their laundry. THAT IS SO CRAZY!!!! I raised them to eventually not need me!!! But there’s a part of me that wants to be needed just a little bit.

            • klmh says:

              Yikes, my mother never told me how to do the laundry either. Not very good at it even now, as I get some of my husband’s underwear becomes pink in the dryer and my underwear blue.
              I don’t know about these ladies, but I know that what we have been led to believe isn’t the truth, in any way, shape or form.
              The only thing I know that is the truth, in fact, is that T. and J. tried to rip off our government, me and you, and they are still trying to get away with it. I will never support their thievery and felonious actions. The Giudice’s are in my sites and will remain there.

            • klmh says:

              They will always need you LL.

    • LaineyLainey says:


  36. Nancy says:

    Here is another one.

    2011 nova open Canadian 2e skate.

    Your daughter will like this. 🙂 hopefully.

  37. I’m back. No phone or internet on the ship – but Direct TV and Bravo. Fantastic trip! Sunny, calm seas, and great company.

  38. not THAT Jill says:

    Can you believe after a 9 hour man hunt the suspect is still at large?? I think he is long gone from my area …I hope so anyway..Thank God my BIL is a cop in my city and had kept me posted all day!!!
    Any word from Detox??

  39. JustDee says:

    Mornin’ Y’all!
    Welcome back NMD 😀
    I’ve been staying a day behind on the blog but finally caught up. DETOX – Hope you’re feeling okay. Please check in.

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