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Real Housewives of New Jersey Cast Blogs by RamonaCoaster with Photos by Boston

So far only two people were not too traumatized to write their cast blogs after filming the reunion – Teresa’s ghost writer and Melissa. (note from NMD – by the time this made it on the blog 4 cast blogs were posted on Bravo)

Teresa Giudice

I’m glad you got to see some of my Gabriella’s personality. I told you she’s not shy with her sisters, she just doesn’t run for the cameras! She is so funny and she’s like an old soul. The things she says amaze me. I love her, like I love all my girls. I’m just happy you got to see a little more of her this week.

Gabriella seems like the sweetest and prettiest of the Giudice girls. I knew Gabriella wouldn’t be standing by the water pump with Annie Sullivan.

Since Melissa is so much younger than her sisters, my girls are the closest cousins that Antonia has. I love that little girl so much and would do anything to have her over more. We’ll keep inviting her and our door is always open. Hopefully her mama will let us have a play date soon. We’ve haven’t filmed in a year, and coincidentally, we haven’t seen Melissa and her kids in a year (except for Melissa’s solo appearance at Gia and Milania’s birthday party in January). Maybe if the cameras come back around, we’ll see “all-about-family Melissa” again too. Fingers crossed!

Snarky, snarky. I’m sure you’ll get blamed for the missing play dates too.

So I had my Fabellini launch party after the Napa trip. I didn’t invite Jacqueline, because I didn’t want her drama there.

What are you worried about? She’s literally a big schnooze at a party.

You’ll see in the next few episodes, Jacqueline was not ready to be friends with me again. She was… well, you can watch and decide for yourself.

She was zapped. Caroline activated her collar and gave her a shock when she saw her starting to be friends with her again.

She did hurt me. (I can’t believe I said “hurted” on TV! Oh my gosh! That’s what happens when I think in Italian but speak in English!)

Thinking “hurted” your head.

I have always hoped Dina and Caroline, and Caroline and her other siblings, would get along. For Caroline to say I have anything to do with her and her family’s fights is just crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Dina said herself I had nothing to do with it. I don’t know why Caroline can’t just own up to her own problems, but I guess blaming me for everything helps her sleep at night.

I wonder if there’s a “Teresa” in her family. A scapegoat whom everyone blames their problems on. Could Caroline be the “Teresa” of the family? That would be so effed up and so funny.

PS: Last night on Watch What Happens Live, I high-fived Perez Hilton for losing weight naturally and not getting a lapband. I know Lauren thought it was a random dig at her, and I’m sorry for that. It came from a big conversation we all had at the reunion. You’ll have to wait and see what we said, but I didn’t mean for it to spill over. I guess I’m still a little delirious from a weekend of reunion madness…

Careful Teresa. She’s starving and could get violent.

Melissa Gorga

Well, let me start by saying we filmed the reunion this past week, and boy oh boy words cannot even explain the craziness. That day is probably the hardest part of being a Housewife and being on Bravo. We got through it, and I am so glad it’s over. It was pretty emotional and very intense, but it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

So you let Teresa have it.

Knowing what’s to come in the season finale, this episode makes me happy and sad at the same time. When I called a truce with Teresa, I meant it. I truly wanted to put all the past behind us and start with a clean slate. I wanted to forget about all the vindictive things that went on between us and move on for our children and our family. I was putting my two feet forward and giving the relationship my all. I didn’t want to go back to where we were in the past. We made a promise to move forward, and that’s exactly what I did. You will soon see that wasn’t the case for Teresa.

Singing the same old tune. Now all you need is to make your JLo style video you can play on Youtube. I guess we’ll see if Teresa was instrumental in outing you as a stripper and not Bravo production.

The play date with the cousins was so much fun. How gorgeous were Antonia, Gabriella, and Milania? They are all so precious. What a great day we had together! The girls loved it and loved being together. To be honest, Teresa is the reason we even live in Montville. Joe and I sold our house in Franklin Lakes so that we could move to a town that we would have family in and so our kids could go to school with their cousins. I grew up with so many cousins, and I wanted my children to have that bond. I wanted them to have those relatives that would support them up no matter what. That’s how it should be.

So why hasn’t Antonia seen her cousins in a year? Hhhhmmm, let me think. Could it be Teresa’s fault?

Unfortunately Jackie and Caro did write their blogs this week.

Caroline Manzo

I sympathized with Kathy while Victoria was checking out her college options. I remember when we did that with Albie, the dorms were small with cinderblock walls and it was quite a shock when we first walked in. Don’t worry, Kathy! She’ll be back looking for dinner with a bag full of laundry before you know it.

And back, and back, and back. Caro would know. There’s only so much an umbilical cord can stretch. They still need their allowance payroll money.

The scene with the little girls getting their nails done was too adorable for words; say what you want about the Jersey Housewives, you can’t deny we have the cutest little group of kids!

If it’s true that Don Caro said something about Teresa’s kids on the reunion show, she must be playing the spin doctor in this blog. She better not say anything about my girl Milania. I’d never want to meet her in person but she sure is entertaining to watch in the safety of my home.

Sirius Radio was a blast! We did a three-hour open mike special, allowing listeners to call in and talk about anything they’d like.

What listeners?

The Fabellini party scene was not an easy one for me to watch. It is what it is.

Not fun to watch your sister Dina shoot down your conspiracy theory that Teresa is the antichrist.

Jacqueline Laurita

Woohoo! A short blog!

I was very disappointed by the obvious calculating and scheming ways of certain people in this episode, but it doesn’t surprise me. It’s a shame. Teresa knew exactly what she was doing by bringing Dina into that conversation about Caroline while the cameras were on them, and Dina had to know what she was getting into as well. That’s all I will say on that.

How dare they not stick to the storyline Caro writes for them!

As far as the Fabellini party goes, I didn’t expect to be invited.

You’d probably be at home hammered anyway.

It was what it was, and I was just very frustrated at that point in time with the person Teresa had become. I knew at that point that her make-up with me was not sincere, and I had been waiting for her true feelings to come out on camera.

Let’s stick to the true timeline please, not the Bravo fake one. Your make-up with Teresa on the camping trip was over by the Fabellini party. Probably blew up during the Posche fashion show which happened Tuesday, September 27. Third Season Reunion was Wednesday, September 28, 2011 which Jackie missed. Fabellini launch party was October 7, 2011. Lynn had the Posche fashion show scoop a year ago. Thanks, Lynn! We miss you!

Fashion Show

Fabellini Party


Lynn’s Fashion Show Blog from Last Year

Another Blog from Lynn – just under a year ago the fashion show we’ll watch tomorrow actually occured – NMD

Posted on September 29, 2011 by LynnNChicago

The Jersey girls went up in flames yesterday since I showed you Jacqueline’s tweets yesterday, so much more has become public.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey filmed their reunion without Jacqueline Laurita on Wednesday.  This is the first time in Bravo Housewives history that a Housewife was missing from a reunion filming but I can’t say that I blame her.

Best we can tell there was a battle over at the Posche Fashion Show (not again!)  that filmed last night and Jacqueline claims that someone got “set up” and we know that Teresa and her neon pink dress were involved.

Somehow during all the Twitter drama, Melissa Gorga was accused of being a stripper.  Once the ladies were released from Reunion Purgatory, Twitter went all bat shit crazy, here’s what Teresa Giudice had to say:

On my way home… Loooong day. Wow has Twitter gone crazy.

Wow have some people gone crazy… #sadforthem.

I don’t even wanna go there b/c I don’t fight on twitter not w/ fans, not haters, not w/mean RTs & def not w/ a friend (ahem) or my family! But the rumors are getting ridiculous.

Let’s get this straight: I LOVE my WHOLE family. Would never do anything to hurt them. xx.

THIS is exactly why I didn’t want my family on the show–people come out of nowhere to try & hurt you. I don’t want my family hurt. Ever.

Breaks my heart that anyone would believe I would be part of something to hurt my family. Fame can mess with your mind. Family is forever.xx.

And for the record: I don’t believe MG was a stripper but I wouldn’t care anyway. (I have lots of ex-stripper friends… ahem…).

She’s the mother of my niece & nephews & part of my family. You’ll see how I defend her in S4. xx #lovemybrother #lovemyfamily

Please make note of Teresa’s comment in particular the “ahem”:  I have lots of ex-stripper friends… ahem..  Keep in mind that Teresa doesn’t have many friends at all!

Now read Jacqueline’s latest:  Note the “ahem”.

@JacLaurita:  I love the blame shifting when someone is caught in lies. Unbelievable. There is no real love there. Things aren’t always what they seem. SOME people live a different life OFF camera then they do on. ( ahem) You’ll all see through the bullshit if you look closely enough. I think you all are pretty smart

The ladies are “ahem” ing to each other,  Jacqueline didn’t stop there:

@JacLaurita  I love the blame shifting when someone is caught in lies. Unbelievable.

@JacLaurita  Ok,I’m pulling back.I’m not going there.I was impulsive.It’s behind & beneath me.Too Unimportant.My life is good now.

@JacLaurita  Come on! You should know me better than that by now. There is OBVIOUSLY a lot more to it.Things were done to me personally too.

@JacLaurita  I’d like to only focus on positive things now please.I threw the trash out.I’m cleaning now and reorganizing.Starting fresh and new.

Jacqueline is trying to tell us something here, she’s said it before on her blog, Teresa is two different people on screen and off.

Clearly no one cares what Kim G has to say but she did answer a few questions for us, The following Tweets are all Kim G:

I was on to what was going on last night…I wasn’t about to get set up again! That’s over. It’s now my ballpark and my game!

I love it. U go Jacqueline! It’s about time you woke up!! Teresa is a jealous vindictive B…..

So glad I made the decision not to go to the Posche Fashion Show. I knew I was being set up again. And 4 the record, Momica was not there

Oh I meant Monica. She would never ever subject herself to that ever ever again!

I told you Teresa was no good!! She has zero morals and a forehead that she shaves! Confirmed through a very good source.

Can u imagine Danielle was invited too!! That would have been a major disaster!!

watched the whole show unfold since I have a fabulous condo in that building, and Bravo did not even know it.

There were rumors that Bravo invited Monica to the Posche Fashion show to antagonize Teresa and that Danielle was brought in to confront Melissa about her communication with Danielle during Season Two.  Kim cleared up both of those rumors, Monica and Danielle both stayed home.

It seems as though Melissa Gorga was involved in the Teresa drama, no surprise there, she and Teresa have been at each other’s throats and stabbing behind each other’s backs for months while smiling and chanting that it’s all about family in their talking head interviews yet doing nothing to promote the health of the family dynamic.   Teresa seems to have a bathroom fetish when it comes to these Posche Fashion shows.  Last season she waited outside the bathroom to start a ruckus with Danielle Staub, this season she has apparentlystarted drama in the bathroom where Bravo’s camera’s cannot go.

Here are Tweets from Martha Byrne of As The World Turns who was a guest at the Posche Fashion Show

Getting hair done for Posche Fashion Show.

I think I see a Housewife……

Kim Gs MOM! This is gonna be a night of some Jersey drama!

Manzo’s in the house

One of the producers from Bravo just asked me if I’m still on atwt

He said he wants a picture lol

Fight in the bathroom

Teresa in bathroom with ……

I just can’t sit with the Housewives for a photo op……feels wrong.

Feels like I’m betraying scripted drama… But I do enjoy them on anentertainment level.

Messy housewives and their husbands

RHoNJ…..atwt was less scripted #justsayin

But everyone needs to make a living.

Hot mess in NJ

Teresa and the gang didn’t disappoint

Joey Gorga had a few things to say too:

@joegorga  I thought the saying was blood is thicker than water. #BULLSHIT

@joegorga   @melissagorga Im so disappointed of the news can u find out how to become one please!!!  (this is in response to Melissa denying that she was a stripper)

@joegorga  @TRHONJ keep on trying I know u work for Teresa stop hiding come out come out who ever u r!!!

Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley Holmes never stays too far away from the drama even though she’s across the country, here are some of her Tweets:

@AshleeHolmes:  @melissagorga @joegorga just sending my love to u!! u guys are awesome.. i miss u !! don’t let the negative people disrupt your happiness xx

@AshleeHolmes:   @Teresa_Giudice You make me sick. WOW.

@AshleeHolmes: some people are sooooo sad with their own lives that they feel the need to cause drama in other peoples lives to make themselves feel better

@AshleeHolmes:   @JacLaurita i love you sooooooo much mama ❤ i can’t wait to see you!!!! eeeek !!!!! come sooner!!!

@AshleeHolmes: UGH..i’m sorry..i’m done now..some people just make me so angry..i don’t put up with fake people &their petty bullshit… 

I spoke with a Bravo insider this morning and got all the details, look for the whole ugly story on RumorFix sometime this afternoon.  Lynn~


Housewife News by NoMoreDrama

Blogger AllAboutTruth has the inside scoop on S4 RHONJ Reunion Antics.  It looks like things are still really bad between the ladies – and it was a 4 on 1 fight with no happy ending.  Read about it here:

More on the reunion here:

Joey Gorga claims that Teresa calling Melissa a stripper was the last straw for him, and he hasn’t spoken to her in a year.  Read about it here:

Melissa’s alleged ex-boss speaks out in Teresa’s defense – saying she wasn’t part of the set up we’ll see tomorrow on the show.  “Angelo insists that Teresa Giudice actually defended Melissa. Angelo said, “I don’t want to say too much, but she was very defensive of Melissa and said, ‘Listen, don’t talk about my family like that.’ She didn’t like the fact that I mentioned that Melissa and I worked together. I apologized to her repeatedly and told her that I had no idea she didn’t know.”

Caroline Manzo’s sons, Albie and Chris, are planning on opening a restaurant in Hoboken, N.J.  Chris should have lots of experience since he worked at the Brownstone.  Let’s hope they know what they are doing, because it could be a money sink.

Andy Cohen says his day was made better when he ran into Bethenny.  We all know he likes Bethenny the best.

Divorce rumors for Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy began to swirl this week when Bethenny tweeted that she needed a break.  She’s clarified that she wasn’t taking a break from Jason – just a break from her busy schedule.

Did Carole Radziwill really date George Clooney for a year?  The answer so far is no.  It was just a comment on camera that was meaningless.  Unless Clooney is covering.

Heather Thomson made the “Call the Fashion Police list with this outfit:

Read about it here

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta housewife Lisa Wu has been working on film projects since she was cut from the show.  Her latest one is “Must be the Music”.  Go here to read an interview with Lisa.

NeNe Leakes has announced that she’s single and ready to mingle.  I thought she was divorced months ago and was “dating” on the show – so I’m a little surprised by this announcement.  Press maybe?

Gretchen Rossi shoots down engagement rumors, and the rumor started by Tom Morro that Slade calls Joe Giudice a “douche bag”.



Real Housewives of New Jersey continues to have strong ratings, with over 6 million people tuning in for the last 2 episodes.  New York’s trip to St. Barths gave them a temporary rating boost – but part 3 had the lowest rating of the three-part series – with 1.8 million viewers.  Miami rating are more surprising.  Miami wasn’t supposed to be a housewives type show – it was supposed to be a group of women hosting dinner parties.  It was recut and thrown into the schedule when NY wasn’t ready to go.  It debuted this year to 1,066,000 million viewers – down quite a bit from the 1.2 million the premier drew in last year without any advance advertising.  Perhaps running three cities at once isn’t a good idea.  It’s hard to get into all of them at once.


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning and happy Saturday everyone.

  2. Powell says:

    I love,Martha Byrne’s tweets. ATWS is less scripted. She’s got Bravo there. 🙂

  3. VV says:

    When Kathy & Rich Wakile wanted to open a restaurant, all knowing all powerful Al Manzo was negative about it. When Joe Giudice was saying he wanted to open a restaurant, all knowing, all powerful Al Manzo was negative. When his two offsprings want to open a restaurant. No problem. They are perfect!

    • MamaZ says:

      HA! That’s right VV.

    • Stars99 says:

      And it’s soooOOOOo easy to create a financially successful restaurant – it takes months, even years for it to be financially viable… especially in this economy…. such a smart move… to have BOTH of their livelihoods wrapped up on this kind of venture…

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Well they ARE. They are perfect(ly ridiculous and totally spoiled).

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        DIdn’t Albie say that all his money was wrapped up in Blk? And what exactly did Chris do at the Brownstone again? The Manzo money tree has got to be looking pretty bare about now.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          It looked to me like he did everything, Windy. They showed him doing set-up, talking to clients, being a greeter, valet, waiter,..I think he even said once that he’d be willing to clean up vomit if he had to. Back in the day, I really admired the once humble kid for so graciously helping out with his dad’s business.

          • disgrazia4 says:

            Good points Lainey.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              I wonder if he was paid over time. The Manzo’s are storytellers, All of them. Bull poopers.I liked the story, But was it true? I really do not know! JMHO.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                LOL re: the overtime. funny, CAP! I wanted to believe it, and that’s half the battle. The first half: telling the story…(or the lie). The second half: getting people (like me) to believe it.

    • Powell says:

      Hm. It seems Al takes after his wife.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Al Manzo laughed in the Wakile’s faces when they told him about their “dream” of opening a restaurant.

    • Call me crazy but I think if Kathy opened a restaurant, it might just do very well. I’d go there just for the desserts!

      • A great idea would be for Teresa to open a pizza place, and for Kathy to open a Middle Eastern/dessert place, in the SAME shopping plaza. It would be a “feeding frenzy” especially if Teresa & Kathy were on site to meet & greet the fans.

        The potential is there, people just can’t get enough of these NJ maroons!

        • In NJ, pizza places also have a great selection of other food, like lasagna/pasta/salads/chicken parm/eggplant parm/sausage rolls etc. I absolutely love the little pizza place close enough for me to walk to, about a mile and a half. No kidding, the food is fantastic.

          Yesterday I did 3 miles of walking. When I go to the post office, it’s almost 6 miles! Every day, out there walking. 🙂

          • LaineyLainey says:

            that’s inspiring, bluesky!!! Two years ago I was walking 5 miles a day at least 5 times a wk. Then I had a back injury. Instead of working up to my former walking goals after I completely healed, I just got lazy. This week I worked up to 1/6 of a mile. No kidding. As Caroline, Lauren and Ashley HOlmes would say…”baby steps.” “It is what it is”.

            • Keep going Lainey, my knees hurt so bad last February, that I just quit doing everything. Got back into exercising with walking, so far the knees are holding out. But the other day, my back was hurting so bad (left lower back, it’s weird) that it hurt to walk. So frustrating! We never appreciated how easy things were in our 20s did we?? I remember going on 50 mile bike rides, playing tennis, and jogging 2 miles….can’t do any of those things anymore, sigh.

              I have all my equipment in front of the tv, the weights, big ball, step, stretch bands. Sometimes they do get used, but not often enough.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I agree, bluesky, unlike her husband and the Manzo Men (Al is the exception) and Manzo Women, Kathy seems to be willing to get in there and put some elbow grease into it. I could be wrong, but she seems like the type to work as hard as it takes to make a go of it. She is Tre’s cousin after all, that “hard work” gene must run in their family.

        • Lainey, wouldn’t you go there to eat & meet them? I would, and I have never ever bought any of the housewive’s stuff. It would be fun! Teresa is going to be in Shrewsbury, NJ 9/21. I’m dying to go, dying….but I don’t want to go alone!!!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I would come with you, if I could, Bluesky!! Maybe Bev? I have yet to purchase anything that is housewife related, even Skinny Girl. Not saying I never will, I simply have not as of yet. I would definitely go to the make-believe restaurants you proposed! Heck I would even be willing to try the Manzo sons new restaurant. I would also go to your make-believe Indian restaurant, by the way!!!

          • Kansas Girl says:

            Wish I was closer! I’d go with you. (How hard would it be to move a state?)

            I love your idea of the 2 businesses. Teresa’s place would be Skinny Italian, of course. What could Kathy name her bakery/caterer? I can’t think of a good name, but a play on the recipe debate would be funny. Your Nona’s Bakery? (Isn’t Nona Italian for grandma?)

      • I Need A Life! says:

        “Just Desserts” by Kathy would be a great little coffee shop. Serve me some espresso and her treats and I’m there. She seems to get lost in her cooking. Love that! Very real.

    • Donna says:

      ROFLMAO Maybe Teresa & Kathy could open an Italian Restaurant. I don’t care for Kathy, but she does have yummy looking desserts.

  4. VV says:

    Ramonacoaster Hilarious as always!

    • ramonacoaster says:

      This comment from prscilla’s blog made me laugh:

      PreppyMeetsRedneck • a day ago

      The Teresa/Caroline feud reminds me of an idiot standing in front of the monkey cage at the zoo, taunting the monkey over and over and then gasps in shock when the monkey throws shit through the fence.

      In other words, I’m with you. Why are these women surprised when Teresa reacts to how she was treated? I’m no fan of Teresa, I think she is indicative of everything I despise in society, yet Caroline’s hatred of her, and the ganging up mentality makes me want to puke.

      • VV says:

        I think she edited her blog. It seems shorter now. I’m with her in the sense that Melissa and Jac assisted and were complicit with Bravo in perpetuating a lie (Melissa babysitting the kids for Fabellini party and Jac offended about Fabellini party) taking their viewers for fools.

      • PJ says:

        Yeah I felt the same way as the person making that comment. Caroline launches a demented and vicious attack on Teresa and Teresa reacts, anyone would react to something like that, and somehow in Jac and Caroline’s minds Teresa is wrong and Caroline’s hands are clean. This tells me that they are really out to get Teresa and whatever wrongs Teresa has done against them are largely fabricated, imagined and made up. It makes me wonder just who is really responsible for the on camera set up that is going to air tonight and exactly who is being set up? I actually think it’s Teresa who was set up not Melissa. It would be very interesting to find out who is behind this.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Great Post, P.J. – – – as many have asked “How stupid does Bravo think we are?” For a year now, they’ve been planting the seeds of “The Bad Teresa set-up the good Melissa” when it was Teresa, herself who has been set-up. I’m not in love with Tre, not a die-hard Tre supporter; but helllllllooooooo; I refuse to be manipulated by those who think they are controlling the puppet strings.

          • PJ says:

            I agree, I never was a big fan of Teresa but this let’s all gang up on one person is too much to take. These people want the viewers to believe that Teresa is evil incarnate and the rest of them are angels of light, they must really think we are idiots. I don’t buy the good Melissa and saint Kathy load of hose hockey either.

            If Kathy really called Teresa’s Mother a liar that is inexcusable and proves just how much of a saint Kathy really is. Teresa’s Mother isn’t even on this show. Joe Gorga has no family loyalty letting this go on.

            • MKValle says:

              You can’t pick your relatives and not all families are good to each other so I don’t agree with the comment about Joe Gorga having no family loyalty. Sometimes family members don’t deserve loyalty….just saying.

              • Rebecca says:

                What? Kathy called his mother a liar. He is a horrible, horrible son if he lets her get away with that.

              • PJ says:

                Sorry but I will never agree that Joe should sit by and let his Mother be called names. I think that makes him disloyal. I just hope this is only a rumor because it’s pretty ugly.

      • Rebecca says:

        Greatest analogy EVER.

        My sister always reminds us not to talk to her daughter right after she wakes up from a nap because she’s c.r.a.b.b.y. “Don’t poke the bear!”

    • Powell says:

      Ladies this is why I haven’t watched but am so looking forward to the reunion to hear about all this nonsense from the horses mouths and listen to their justification.

    • Powell says:

      And I think they are the worse in the franchise all with the help of Bravo and Andy. Do you all think we’ll get that “viewers we heard what you’ve said” nonsense from Andy like NY and get rid of anyone?

  5. D@mn, the comments from the reunion show recaps are harsh! Telling each other to STFU? Goodness…
    It’s sad reading Lynn’s old blogs. Brings back memories. She is the reason I changed my name from Rhetorica to Dame Rhetorica. Shortly after I took over the birthday list, she said I should be nobility & wanted me to be a Lady. I told her I’d rather be a Dame. 😥
    Have a blessed day everyone!

  6. Fly says:

    Thank you for all the work y’all are doing to keep Lynn’s family together! Great writing and reporting. Getting the blog via my email is the best idea! I used to access it from Lynn’s tweets and was worried for a while that I would never find it – but the email is perfect. Thanks again for all the hard work.

  7. Morning All from a really GORGEOUS DAY in S.Fla..
    Perfect weather to be dancing in the streets.. !!!!
    Thanks for all the links… Glad to see Lisa Hartwell doing well.
    Update on Mr Ford… has to have more intensive blood work to find out what’s going on. I think some of the meds are working against each other myself..but HEY..what do I know..I am not a Dr.
    I think we will be requesting the echocardiogram when he goes to cardio Dr on the 25th and then depending on those results , they may go ahead and do the heart cath.. I am at that point where I want more definite answers as to what is going on.
    other than that..all is well.. job is still B O R I N G but it’s a job…am looking for a second job , hopefully an opening is happening at the one 24 hr Subway .. I LOVE working at night.. !!!!!

    Dame..I miss your birth day postings !!!!! They always made my day when I read them….
    I plan on giving RHOM a few more viewings before I decide to pull the plug on it..
    REVENGE coming back Sept 30th…OH YEA !!!!!!!
    Will be so nice to see the new fall line up finally… SAMCRO still FIRST on my list…..
    Off to get ready for work… Boss comes back from Telluride late tonight… have a list of GREAT IDEAS for the biz….let’s hope he has an open mind to them.. The registered agent / partner/ lawyer for the biz says he LOVES them..BUT.. we need Zac to be on board with them also….whoop whoop…

    ya all have a WONDERFUL Saturday..check with later

    Hugs & PEACE

  8. Ah that kooky Kelly – here’s a tweet

    Kelly K. Bensimon ‏@kellybensimon
    Is honey boo boo the new shirley temple @nymag.

  9. Lisa weighs in on the Kate topless photo situation – with humor

    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump
    I thought the crown would come with a bra….#justsaying

    Happy Birthday Lisa!

  10. Powell says:

    Detox I wasn’t on the blog last night so I hope your feeling better.

  11. Powell says:

    Diana how’s the tootsie doing? 🙂

  12. Powell says:

    Princess P how’s your little Princess doing and how’s her 1st weeks of school going?

  13. mardrag26 says:

    Good Saturday Morning!

    I haven’t read the blog yet but wanted to say Welcome Home NMD! I hope your vacation was everything you hoped it would be. Good to have you back though!

    Wishing everyone peace and love amid the madness.

    Heading up to read and enjoy now!
    Thanks and Love!

  14. JustDee says:


    I told y’all a few weeks ago that my mom had been to Tuesday Morning (in Ft Lauderdale) and saw Jillz Squeezewear. Well I’m back in Florida (Jacksonville) and was out running errands yesterday so thought I’d stop in TM to see if I could get a pic of the Jillzwear. THIS store did not have Jillzwear. BUT! They did have – on clearance – a whole rack of Yummie!

    What does that say about how well Heather’s brand is doing?

  15. nohausfrau says:

    Good morning,
    I’m starting to come around to the idea that Tre may have also been setup in strippergate. I think Melissa sincerely wanted the drama to end. I don’t think Melissa was a stripper but I don’t think it really matters. The setup explains the indignation on all sides. I don’t like Tre but I just can’t believe she would be that stupid.

    It will be interesting to finally see Bravos edit of the fashion show after all we’ve been waiting for a year. I’m not looking forward to the reunion. I’m sure it will be all against Tre. I thought Tre was caught in several lies and distortions of reality in the last reunion which is why I’ve been pretty disgusted with her this season but something just doesn’t jive here.

    I can’t believe it but I didn’t even set Miami up on the DVR. I’ve never missed a housewives season opener since season 2 of RHWOC. I’ll catch it on reruns but Miami was my least fav of the franchise.

    • Powell says:

      Nohausfrou I’m with you. There is a lot of distortions going on w/Tre and all of them. I don’t think T had anything to do w/the stripper rumors either. Who is it that’s putting it out there besides Mel’s sleazy ex-boss? Even though you’re not looking forward to the reunion you are going to watch right? I’m looking forward to having fun blogging w/everyone that night?

      • nohausfrau says:

        Wouldn’t miss it Powell. I’m going to try to get on with everyone. It’s been awhile and the snark is the best part!

      • MKValle says:

        I don’t think Teresa set up the stripper thing either but what she did do is perpetuate it. She couldn’t wait to see Melissa’s reaction and Teresa did nothing to stop it. She watches it all unfold with glee in her eyes.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Where did you see the glee, MKValle? I’m not doubting you, I’m just wondering where/when you witnessed said glee? I thought the episode hadn’t aired, yet. If you saw it somewhere online could you please direct me to the link?

          • PJ says:

            Teresa looked shocked and blind sided in the clip posted on Bravo. I didn’t see any glee. The guy who outed Melissa says Teresa was shocked and that Teresa defended Melissa so I would really like to know where the glee clip showing Teresa looking gleeful is.

    • Where does RHONJ go from here? Bravo is going to want to continue this franchise, due to the ratings. So it’s scripted, more than the old soap operas, haha that’s enlightening.

      Makes you wonder what these people are like in REAL life. They sure will do anything for a Bravo paycheck!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Since no one else showed up to get their hair down as schedule before the show, I smell a cast rat or a producer rat. I wonder if the stripper reveal/confrontation was supposed to have happened at the salon since Melissa’s boss just happened to be there.

      • Rebecca says:

        Is she was never a stripper, what’s she getting so upset about? Juicy called her a raccoon. She didn’t freak out over that.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Good question, Rebecca. The Raccoon and Stripper paralllel: I had never thought of that before. 😉

        • nohausfrau says:

          I think stripper has more of the ho connotation. Where raccoon is just dissing her makeup. I can understand why one might irritate where the other could start WW3.

          • Rebecca says:

            Ok then – You’re a stripper! There it is! I’m calling you a stripper. Are you gonna go running and screaming and crying to Caroline Manzo to tell her I’m setting you up? No, you’re gonna tell me to jump off a cliff.

            And just why is it ok for Melissa to go running to Caroline, when it’s conniving for Teresa to go running to Dina, who she has been close friends with for 15 years?

      • Mrs. Noogent says:

        The salon. The chateau,the same one Cafface is now in. The one where Caroline brought the infamous book into. The same salon she claimed they were such good friends of hers that she wanted to warn them about Danielle. Jac, Dina, Caroline all frequented this place.

  16. Powell says:

    Imglad Lisa,Wu is doing well. Lisa always had so many career balls in the air I never really knew “what she did”. She was a realtor, had a jewelry line, a kids line & the disastrous clothing line. I had no idea she wanted to act/write.

  17. thedesigndiva2 says:

    This is just an awesome SATURDAY SMILE … Enjoy…
    PS… When this song first came out.. I almost had my dad convinced that I wrote the song …LOL Because at the time..I lived.. ate.. and breathed ROLLER SKATING…..

    It is actually an HP Printer & Evian Water commercial. But, there are only a few seconds which actually bring attention to the HP printer & Evian water. The bulk of the commercial is purely entertainment. And, it is amazing! I don’t know how they do this kind of stuff, but it is flawless. It is so perfectly done that I could not find one thing that would make you think it wasn’t real if you didn’t know any better. Cool!

  18. Llinda says:

    I think Caroline and Jack had a hand in the set up. Jack especially is very sneeky/manipulative. She will never admit her stripper past, so probably loved another cast member ti be labelled as such. Don’t firget, Caro wasn’t happy that Melissa/Joe left that night ti fly home with Tre/Joe. Caro and her lackey Jackie would definately wabt some payback abd Caro $ spawn are very tight with the producers.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      “LACKEY JACKIE” ^^^ lol, Llinda! I think the opposite. I think Jac did NOT want the Mel strippergate to happen cause then the Jacq LingerieGate would not be far behind. I believe that is part of why she stuck by Danielle way longer than she wanted…because Danielle knows the truth. I, personally, don’t think less of Melissa or Jacqueline for their past career choices or employment, I think less of them for misrepresenting themselves and for openly attacking and judging Teresa’s and JoeGui’s character (or lack thereof) so harshly. Not saying the Guidices are angels,…but the point is neither are THEY!! Any of them!!! (any of US, truth be told)

      • Llinda says:

        Interesting perspective Lainy Lainey! You are right, Tre is no angel at all. I just don’t like the gang-up mentality encouraged by Andy, the producers, & Caroline. My very least favorite is Jack & ger husband. The storyline with Ashlee and every shady thing that constantly surfaces about him! He enables bad/unhealthy behavior in his wife& Ashley. His smug act of being so much better than Joe Giudice-when he is hust as bad, maybe worse. He is Caroline’s twin, imo. But for him & Jack to follow this hate train knowing all this time their child had problems….that says everything to me about their true lack of character. Ok, I am done-sorry, just had to vent. LOL But, I loved your opinion and certainly think you may be right!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I think we’re on the same page Llinda. It’s the bully mentality that has earned the disdain of so many of us (viewers). Oh and don’t apologize for speaking your mind. I enjoy reading your comments . So True about Lurkita (Chris, Jacq’s hubby) – I had never really thought about him being an enabler with Jac; and/or being Caroline’s twin! The twin thing made me LOL.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          I don’t like gang ups either. Welcome if you’re new.

          Thanks all for the blogs above and for the comments. It takes everyone to make it a party. 🙂

    • PJ says:

      I think Melissa may have had a hand in the setup because i think the real person being setup was Teresa not Melissa. What better way to tear a family apart than this.

  19. Thank you for the great blog today ladies, and the captioned pictures are great too.

    Gorgeous day here in NJ, off to get things done! Have a great day everybody.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      What have I done so far? 1) wake up, 2) make and eat breakfast 3) fetch paper 4) sort through this weeks newspapers, 5) located our new health insurance info (yay!) 6) LynnFam blog,…so far that’s it!!!

  20. dickens says:

    I was too busy celebrating (i.e. serious card playing lol) my birthday last night to come to the blog. Just wanted to thank everyone for the happy birthday wishes yesterday. Warms this *old* heart.

    Love you all! 🙂

  21. Cartwheels says:

    I do not think that Teresa set up Melissa. I think Kim D and Peggy K did with the complicity of Bravo.
    Kim D. and Peggy K. obviously were trying to get a spot on RHNJ and tried to set up Melissa. Melissa was nervously awaiting for Danielle to show up at the event and confront her and suddenly instead of Danielle, this guy Angelo shows up and she obviously thought it was a set up.
    Whatever Melissa did in her past is her business and if Joey can live with that then it is nobody’s business, but I firmly believe that Melissa in her cunning and clever ways used a situation that was bad and turned it around to destroy Teresa.
    So after all it is not about Melissa being a stripper but it is about Teresa being the evil SIL who set Melissa up to destroy her family.
    Melissa couldn’t have had any evidence about Teresa setting her up because there was none (Kim D. and Angelo both have said that Teresa didn’t know anything about it) but because she (at least I believe so) is capable of doing anything to get rid of Teresa (auditioning tape promising to destroy her), I think Melissa thought that this was somehow coming from Teresa and that probably made her salivate with pleasure.
    Melissa went crying to the Manzos, Wakiles and Lauritas and with not one ounce of evidence , she declared that this set up was Teresa’s doing and that she was devastated. It was the perfect weapon that all of them needed to destroy Teresa’s reputation and it was served by Melissa’s wrong assumptions.

    • MKValle says:

      I don’t think Melissa went crying to the Manzos, they were at the fashion show and saw it all unfold before their eyes. Melissa went crying to her husband. I don’t think Teresa set it all up, probably was Kim D. but it was Teresa who was salivating with pleasure, she couldn’t wait to confront Melissa with the new info she had.

    • Powell says:

      Cartwheels so you think since Danielle didn’t show Kim & Peggy w/Bravo’s help brought in the ex-boss to start problems for Mel, landing T as the fallguy so hopefully Kim and,Peggy would be HWs? So was Bravo desperate to set up Mel or T?

    • VV says:

      I don’t know about Kim D. Carts. She has remained friendly with Teresa, Jac, Caroline and even Joey Gorga. She either Twitted or Retweeted something about her or Posche Boutique. Why would he do that if she set up his wife?
      Bravo’s paws are all over this. Now, who was given the heads up?
      If Jac was willing to LIE to us viewers to perpetuate the reason she was not invited to Fabellini, makes me wonder…. If Melissa, LIED to us viewers about taking care of the girls so Teresa could go to the Fabellini party, makes me wonder. If Caroline was willing to LIE along with Melissa on that phony scene at her house, makes me wonder ..

    • VV says:

      My reply to you ended up in Cyber Heaven. In short, I was making two points. Point one, Kim D. has remained a friend of Carolina, Jac, and Teresa. Even Joey Gorga recently retweeted something positive about Posche Boutique. Why would he do that if Kim D. has tried to hurt Melissa?
      My other point was that we know Melissa and Bravo teamed up to LIE to us viewers about Melissa babysitting Teresa’s girls so that Tre could go to the Fabellini party. Jac had done the same by acting all hurt that Teresa didn’t invite her to the Fabellini party. Lastly, Caroline and Melissa LIED to us viewers once again on that fake scene at Caroline’s home.

      • ATLnNYC09 says:

        I read somewhere that Melissa and Kim D actually dont get along. Something about her going to Posche and recommending that another store to other customers. This would explain the riff between those two.

        • Powell says:

          Do all these ladies have to go to Posche, aren’t there other boutiques? Haven’t they heard of Malls? I think Posche is one of their main problems.

  22. JenninFL says:

    Did anyone see this tweet from Jacqueline?? That seems like an awfully restrictive diet!

    Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita
    Curious what I should give a very picky eater that is Gluten free, Casein Free, Soy Free, Chick pea/Garbanzo free, Dairy free, wheat free,..

    • klmh says:

      Looking for a “cure” for autism? At one time rumor had it that it was related to Celiac disease. Not.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Looking for a cure or Pimping and Pandering for Public Sympathy and Relevance?

        • klmh says:

          I try not to look for the negatives with these ladies. They have so many issues as it is…

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Does it seem like I’m looking for the negative? Maybe I am looking for it; or maybe on this blog I choose not to ignore it. I guess I don’t have to comment on it, but I guess I thought that what this blog was for. Making comments. I just find the excessive tweeting by J.Laurita really annoying and so self-serving. But to be fair, (and I can be fair,..I think) is that the purpose of twitter? To promote yourself and your thoughts? I feel that she is relentless in in her desire to recruit TeamJac people or to try to get people to hate the object of her own obsession.

            Yes, she is part of a reality television show. But why must she seemingly publicize every thought and action that is not being televised, via twitter? I’m about to make dinner, do I tweet to all of my follwers: “Alfredo or Marinara sauce?” NO!!! Why? because no one cares and I don’t have a twitter account. 🙂 I’m reminded of something called Truman Syndrome: I quote,

            “Truman Syndrome is a form of psychological delusion in which the patient believes that he or she is trapped inside in a reality television show, or that people are monitoring his or her every move. The name for this syndrome is a reference to The Truman Show, a 1998 film which revolved around a character who was living his entire life on camera without being aware of it. To those of sound mind, Truman Syndrome might sound a bit ludicrous, but not dangerous, although this is not, in fact, the case: this condition can actually be very dangerous for the people who suffer from it.”

            In her mind, has her entire existence become a reality television show? Is that why she’s always “on”? Is that why, even in light of her child’s condition which I know requires parental effort of Heroic Proportions…she still won’t get off of twitter? Is twitter Jacqueline’s Truman Show?

            And even more troublesome, is this blog, MY TRUMAN SHOW? hmmmmmm – – ok, I’m off to start the Alfredo sauce. Cravings.

            • BB says:

              LL I had Marinara for dinner. Should I tweet it? Oh, yeah, I don’t have twitter. 🙂

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Was it good? “Enquiring minds”…oh and, my alfredo was… meh. Hubs liked it a lot so alls well.

            • lizzle says:

              Lainey Lainey… I see you as HILARIOUS, not negative… keep up the snark! My day would be lost without it 🙂

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Why thank you, Lizzle! I’m glad to hear that I’m doing my part, as I find myself guffawing at things you and the other Lynnfammers say. 😀

            • klmh says:

              I don’t know what you meant, but thought my response was appropriate to JenninFl. As a mother I wouldn’t be surprised if Jac is looking for something that might help her child. With lots of therapy, and possible medications she will be able to help him. I thought since the diet was so restrictive, her question was directed to her child’s possible diet, because of previous links to Celiac Disease.
              I am explaining that I try to find a reason without snark. Your response to me was a question, and I answered it. I went no further because I didn’t see the need to do so.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                It was truly my opinion that Jacqueline’s tweet was yet another attempt of her trying to remain relevant and pandering for public sympathy. I think, we’re a lot alike- you and I. For I, too, thought my comment was completely appropriate! Just as you thought your comment was appropriate (I agree, by the way). As for you not knowing what I meant…sometimes people here understand me and sometimes they don’t. I can live with that. 🙂 Here’s where we differ: I’ve never aspired to being without snark. So far, from what I can tell, snark is still (thankfully) allowed here. I’d be in big trouble otherwise.

                • klmh says:

                  I’ve tried snark and failed, miserably.
                  Its been a tough day and I knew you didn’t mean anything by it, just didn’t want to get into the snark about the diet thing because I think, like anyone who is facing this diagnosis with their child, we would be looking for help, anywhere we could get it. I suppose she might have thought someone could give her a head’s up on something that might help, even on twitter. Help and suggestions would be most appreciated by me anyway.
                  Didn’t mean anything else by my remark. Tx

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    I understand, klmh – – – I think we did ok, don’t you? kudos to us. 🙂 Truly Sorry you had a tough day. I know what that’s like and it’s no fun. This should be a place where the bad days melt away if even momentarily. Please know I always enjoy reading your take on things. Good night!!

          • PJ says:

            klmh Maybe it’s best to try not to look for negatives in the comments posted here either.

      • Powell says:

        This is about Nicholas but why tweet it? Doesn’t she think anything should be private?

    • Rebecca says:

      She’s lucky I didn’t reply; Anything he wants! Stop messing with this poor’s child’s diet – there’s no “cure” for autism.

      • Nancy says:

        My cousins son is autistic and was put on a Gulten free diet and it has made a huge difference.

        • MamaZ says:

          Nancy -I think Rabble addressed the Gluten free diet issue once too and said it is a common treatment . I wish nothing but the best for little Nicholas.

        • BB says:

          But did your cousin get that information from twitter? Sorry, but if my child had Autism, I wouldn’t be going to twitter to get expert advice. I thought NJ had some of the best resources for Autism in the country. I think Jacqueline needs to get off of twitter and shows like Anderson Live and do some serious research. Did Jacqueline being on Anderson Live help others whose children have been diagnosed? There is an Anderson/Andy Cohen connection. Why would Anderson and Niecey ask Jacqueline who had or had not reached out to her? What has that got to to with anything except to get attention for RHONJ. Everyone who watches the show (including Anderson and Niecey) knew the answer to that question. And those who don’t watch Jersey wouldn’t give a crap who had reached out to her or not. And her little coquettish non-answer made me sick. Sorry Nancy, this isn’t directed towards you. Gosh if felt good to get that out.

          • Nancy says:

            Hi BB,
            No she didn’t get that info on twitter lol. It was a Nun that told her about it. (She was also a Nun and dropped out right before her final vows as she really had a need to have a family of her own.) George and I noticed a big difference from year to year as we always spent christmas with them. I don’t know for sure that his improvement had anything to do with the diet but he did seem much better as the years went by.

            I wish Jacq and Chris would get far away from Bravo and do the right thing for their son.
            I guess we will see.

      • Powell says:

        There’s no cure but it’s obvious she’s been doing research and It’s lead her here and maybe it will be helpful. My point is why tweet about it?

  23. JazzNightOut says:

    Can’t watch RHWNJ for aesthetic reasons, but still love lurking in Lynn’s Place!

  24. auntannmarie says:

    It’s difficult to take any of it seriously when we know it’s all contrived for ratings and ALL the housewives are complicit with the whoe thing. They tweet all this personal family business to perpetuate the B.S.
    This I found thoroughly discusting not only on Bravo’s behalf but the entire cast.

  25. Dina’s Party is on HGTV in 4 minutes.

  26. MamaZ says:

    I can’t help thinking Teresa is not entirely innocent of the Poshe Fashion Show set up. From what I’ve read Kim D had an axe to grind with the Gorgas. I beleive she was the instigator but that Teresa knew it was going to happen and didn’t warn her brother or refuse to play along. I’m basing my theory on the fact that Teresa didn’t seem at all put out by Kim D showing up on WWHL earlier in the week so I assume they are still friendly.

    I don’t really care if she was behind it though since her brother and SIL allegedly sent an audition tape to Bravo vowing to take down the Guidices. I’m not personally a fan of paybacks but fair is fair.

    • VV says:

      Kim D. is friendly to Jac, Caroline, Teresa. They still tweet each other. Joey Gorga retweeted something positive about her boutique recently.
      Bravos paws are all over this. I think Melissa is such a terrible actress that we can all tell by her reaction how much she knew. We all know too that Jac, Melissa and Caroline. Can team up with Bravo to enhance a storyline even if it takes lying to the viewers to do it.

  27. Channel 13 PBS is showing “Dark Passage” with Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall. Looks good!

    • Powell says:

      Shucks. That’s a good movie and I missed it. 😦

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I’ve never seen that one. I’m watching Rocky. The first one. It is still one of my favorite movies. When it came out, I must have gone to see it 5 or 6 times.

  28. JustDee says:

    Mornin’ Y’all.
    Sure is quiet around here, everyone must’ve been in the crack room all night 😀

    Don’t forget to visit the Book Chat page –

  29. Good Morning New Post
    Don’t forget to follow me on twittter and/or request emails for blog updates (click below to sign up)

  30. Exit4 says:

    If anyone is brave enough to watch, SH has a reader video of Melissas performance at Great Adventure. I won’t spoil it for you.

    As far as next years cast, the best move would be to keep everyone but Teresa. Otherwise we will have to watch a third year of the same fight. Then, give Teresa her own show and it’s sink or swim for her. As for hws, let the other ladies who are left eat each other.

    As to the set up, sure, strippergate was set up. By bravo, Kim d, penny, Johnny, whoever else slipped out of the woodwork in the hopes of getting tv time and production. Melissa was nervous to show up at the fashion show. She knew something was coming. As far as Teresa is concerned…I don’t believe she’d set up Mel like this. Not because she cares about her, but because she cares about her brother and her parents. She knows she can’t win against Mel without losing joe. Joe trumps all. Or at least it did-Teresa crime, was not warning her or trying to stop it. But, really, could she have stopped it? If Teresa ditched the fashion show, the guy still would have approached Mel. If Mel stayed home, he probably would have approached Teresa or one of the other ladies. This was coming out regardless. These ladies have no power. They are slaves to the network and their storylines.

    I will predict that Jac will be painful to watch on WWHL.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Great post and interesting observations, Exit4. As for them being slaves to the network, I agree in terms of where their stories go they have little or no control… but they are highly paid “slaves”. That’s why, when I start to feel sorry for any of them; I remember they are making lots of money and poof there goes my sympathy. If this weren’t so, they wouldn’t keep subjecting themselves or their families to all of this, would they? Bravo should pay us, too, don’t you think? LOL!!

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