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We got the Scoop on George Clooney and Carole Radziwill First!

I declare it copyrighted!

No really – I mean it.

Heather Thomson has confirmed for us that Carole did date George Clooney.

@NMDLynnfam awww miss thang, love that dress:( but U can hate it!! 😉 @Carole did date George. Clooney that is…not Dresher! Lol!!

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Real Housewives of New York “What Happens in St. Barths Doesn’t Stay in St. Barths” by BB

Of the six ladies, who do I think would make a good friend?

Heather Thomson:  She is currently my favorite housewife in New York City.  I could be friends with her.  She can be a fun person to be around as evidenced by her getting totally sloshed with Carole while flirting with gay men at a bar and talking about men who had or had not been circumcised.  She can laugh at herself.  She’s not vain or self-absorbed.  She is also a live and let live person.  Even though she is concerned about what Sonja is going through at this time in her life, she doesn’t judge her or Ramona for letting loose at St. Barts.  In fact she pretty much told Aviva they were all having fun until she arrived.  She’s not afraid of letting people know what she thinks, but she’s not nasty or judgmental about it.  I could have kissed her when she told Aviva to stop talking about me, me, me, to speak her piece, and then get over it.  Heather pretty much has everyone’s number by now, including Luann’s.

Luann and Heather as Lunch

Ramona Singer:  I’ve always liked Ramona and I still do.  I like that she didn’t bring up the Tomas incident when Luann and Jacques arrived for dinner at Pamela Morgan’s house.  Ramona just likes to have a good time, but she’s not going to take any crap off of Luann or Aviva.  Ramona seems truly surprised at how Aviva has turned from being a friend to absolutely hating her.  I have to say I am too.  Ramona may seem like a dingbat, but she can be pretty perceptive too.  I agree with Ramona that Aviva is more nervous (insecure) about being without her husband than she is about flying.  She was kind and supportive to Sonja about her upcoming meeting with her ex-husband John Morgan.  She asked Sonja questions, listened to her, and tried to provide the best advice she could to her friend.  I would have Ramona as a friend, even with all her craziness.

Girls at the Bar

Carole Radziwill:  I’m kind of cautious when it comes to Carole.  On the one hand, she’s fun to be around, but I’d always be afraid of what Carole is saying behind my back.  I mean she’s nice to your face while judging you.  I don’t like that.  I’d rather have someone like Ramona who says what they’re thinking.  At least I’d know where I stand.  It was funny when she told Heather while they were getting bombed that Aviva was a runaway bride before she married Harry, but what was the point of that conversation other than to get it on film?   I also found it amusing when she wished all the gay men would go back into the closet so there would be a bigger dating pool.  One of the guys told her he wished he could get into their closets.  When Carole lifted her legs to show off her leather pants, one of the guys tells her with those pants he could be Danny Zucko.  It would be fun to hang with Carole, but I would probably be on my guard with her.  I wouldn’t trust her with my deepest darkest secrets.  She’s already proven she will tell the world about it (i.e. the sexual preferences of Sonja and Tomas, etc.).  Some things are just better left unsaid.

Luann DeLesseps:  Poor Luann can never seem to be on the right side of things.  She picked Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon as her best buds and now she’s left all alone to fend for herself.  Now it seems she’s taking up for Aviva and I think she will find that probably wasn’t a good decision on her part.  I’m not sure whether Luann is trying to fool herself or us, but seeing her tell Heather how great she and Jacques are doing and they are proceeding with trying to get pregnant through IVF when just before that we saw her in her talking head scared to death of losing Jacques was interesting. She even choked on her food while talking about the IFV. (You’re right, Cat Omanney, Ms. Manners does seem to talk with her mouth full a lot).  Luann is what I call a fair weather friend.  She’s your friend when it’s convenient and advantageous to her and would forget she even knows you if it’s not.

Sonja’s Done

Sonja Morgan:  Sonja is the most honest person of all of them.  She is showing her life, warts and all.  If I were in her shoes, I’d probably be a basket case.  She is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit, her only real asset is a townhouse that’s falling down around her, and she cannot seem to get her ex-husband to come to a divorce settlement, which has been ongoing forever.  She hasn’t even seen her ex since 2006.  She admits she loses sleep over it.  Everyone handles their problems differently.  I’m not going to judge the way she has chosen to handle hers.  I would be friends with Sonja.  She is compassionate and caring.

Aviva Isn’t

Aviva Drescher:  Aviva doesn’t know how to be friends with people.  She likes you until you do something to disappoint her and then she judges you harshly.  She even questioned if she could still be friends with Carole when Carole admitted she had started smoking.  If she does not approve, then you deserve the wrath of her anger; not once, but over and over again until you surrender to her and even then she’ll continue to beat you over the head with her ire.  Even Carole and Heather, who both tried to be objective, got tired of hearing about the trip to St. Barths from Aviva.  Poor Heather had to hear it twice after they returned to New York.  Aviva looked shocked or even angrier (I couldn’t tell which) when Sonja finally told her she didn’t care what Aviva thought of her.  I could never be friends with Aviva Drescher.  Who could? She sets impossible standards of conduct for people.  Remember when she couldn’t get over the fact that Heather called Ramona crazy and wouldn’t let go of it?  That’s just one small example.

I enjoyed watching Heather and Carole have a good time at the bar.  I enjoyed the uh oh moment when Sonja and Carole went to look at shirts (even though it looked a little set up).  I also enjoyed the honest exchange between Sonja and Ramona in Sonja’s bedroom. That looked real to me, not fake or set up.

Next week looks like more embarrassment for Aviva when her dad makes another appearance.  Poor Aviva.  I almost feel sorry for her – NOT!


Gallery Girls Episode 6 “Who loves the sun” by Lulu

Sushi Samba
Liz meets her mother for dinner.  She discusses attending the art Basel in Miami a
large art exhibition.  Then brings up her father and their strained relationship.  Her
mother is quick to point out that he shows his affection differently.  Which makes
sense since he took her out to dinner in a previous episode.

Coplan of despair
Sharon Hurowitz calls Amy into her office to discuss several issues.  At first she
asks her about what she thinks about her current position.  Amy is quick to state
all the right smoke up your uknowhat response.  Sharon cuts to the chase and
asks her why she pushed her workload onto Kerri?  To which Amy treats it as a
joke.  Sharon fails to see the humor in it and rightfully fires her.  Poor Amy
immediately states “You didn’t get to know me!”  Sharon responds by saying they
don’t click.  Amy is quick to get that point at least.

Eli is having a party
All the ladies attend Eli’s art show.  Angela learns that in order to be a successful
“artist” you have to promote yourself.  (and have talent!)  Liz decides that she doesn’t
hate Angela despite the OC comment.  She invites her to breakfast in Miami though
leaves out the rest of brooklyn.  Poor Miss Chantal and Miss Claudia feel left out and
vent their frustrations.

Welcome to my nightmare!  
Baby Jane invites Amy to the Brent foundation.  Amy asks Claudia and Angela to join
her who gasp when they see Baby Jane.  They are big fans of her and are quick to ask
her about her Andy Warhol days.  That lands the discussion to Eli’s gallery where Baby
Jane points out that Eli is a jerk!  No kidding right!  Amy quickly jumps in the conversation
and proclaims that she made out with him.  Probably not the wisest thing in the world to
brag about!  The reason behind Amy’s invite is to become an End of Century employee!  She suggests that while in Miami they do a pop up gallery. Claudia likes the idea and runs with it. I’m not an artist but strange hair covered things, bullet hole skulls and hands trying to dig our of walls is not my cup of tea!

End of Century coming soon!
The line has been drawn in the sand.  Claudia wants to make money but Chantal doesn’t
care.  Claudia presents the “pop up” gallery idea to Chantal who quickly slams it down.  She
doesn’t want to work while in Miami because it’s too much “work.”  Then states she wants
no part of it????  Hmm I’m really wondering why it failed???

Allegra hotel
Kerri meets up with her family for drinks.  Voices how she’s feeling overwhelmed but happy to do her work.  I think she’s burning out from her high demanding job/internship.

Basel time
The ladies from Brooklyn arrive in Miami and are quick to soak in the sunshine.  They quickly unwind on the beach.  But that is spoiled when Claudia mention the “pop up” gallery to Chantal. She points out that Amy is not to be trusted after all they don’t really know her.  Both are skeptical.  At the exhibition Sharon briefs Kerri on Amy’s dismissal and asks her to pretend she knows nothing.  Though later Amy runs into Kerri at the Duncan Art show and tries to dig information from a tight lipped Kerri.  Sorry honey you were F.I.R.E.D.

Amy’s brother’s house
The ladies from Brooklyn arrive at Amy’s brother house to discuss potential “pop up” gallery venues.  She gives them a quick tour of her brother’s house.  Then later takes them to the potential venues.  The first at Rosaria Bond Studio which they disliked due to the tacky pink art.  The second at a restaurant Nyette’s Cafe that both liked with reservations.  Since they don’t actually have a budget due to poor sales and non existing capital.  They have high expectations of what the owner will be providing.  Which is pretty rude it’s FREE!

Daddy’s Exhibits.
Liz meets with her dad who is very kind and asks about her flight/adjusting.  They
awkwardly discuss dinner plans which they couldn’t agree on and both part ways.
She loves her dad’s taste in art and that is the reason why she’s pursuing art.  Later
the ladies from Brooklyn arrive.  Liz quickly voices her disgust at Claudia and Chantal’s
wardrobe choices, lack of courtesy and the fact that they weren’t invited.  Clearly these
women don’t like each other.


White Trash??? by NoMoreDrama

I learned something new last night.  According to Aviva:  White trash = Moral failure.

According to the Urban Dictionary – it means: “Slang term for white people that usually live in a trailer park. With low incomes that spend their tax returns on things like big screen TV’s instead of clothes for their kids. These people tend to be mouthy and fight frequently. Generally these people are uneducated and have little concern for personal hygiene. To see these people at their best watch Jerry Springer.”

Shockingly – part of the Urban Dictionary’s definition does fit the housewives – These people tend to be mouthy and fight frequently. ”  The rest – not so much.

Deep sigh.  If you’re going to resort to name calling – at least call them something that makes sense.


Reunion Tips for the New York Housewives by NoMoreDrama

The New York Reunion will film in a few days.  The press is already saying that it’ll be a bloodbath as they work to resolve their issues.   Since we’ve got three new housewives – it’s probably good to give them some tips so that they don’t blow it like the ladies did last year.  PS.  When you choose a dress, test out how it looks when you’re sitting in it because you’ll be sitting all day.  And wear panties (cough Sonja).  People really do care what you wear.  I know that makes us shallow – but that’s the way it is.

5.  It’s never too late to change viewer’s opinions.  Ask Camille Grammer.  By owning her behavior and then keeping her mouth shut – she turned it around at the S1 reunion of Beverly Hills.  If you have to come up with some sort of excuse – make it a good one – like your A-list husband cheating/divorcing you.

4.  Think independently / act independently.  Viewers don’t like it when housewives gang up.  Speak for yourself and don’t fight anyone else’s battle.  On the flip side – if someone is being ganged up on – put a stop to it.  Remember Bethenny in S3 saying Jill had had enough – that was a classic move and gained viewers’ respect.

3.  Don’t over talk your cast mates.  Andy doesn’t want to tell everyone to STFU again.  That wasn’t pretty and it gives viewers a headache.  And don’t act like you don’t care about what your cast mates have to say.  We may not care either, but mean, belittling behavior makes viewers change the channel.  Ask Jill, Kelly and Cindy.  No wait – you can’t.  They got fired.

2.  Come in with a few good one-liners and try to get them in.  Humor always works. “She’s got a great butt.  No wonder Clooney did her for a year.”  It’s short – memorable – and gets us talking.

1.  Make your point and move on.  Don’t rehash old news.  It gets old.  If you have some good dirt – spill it.  Here’s a hint.  Viewers don’t really like the Countess – so if you have any dirt on her – go for it.  It’ll give us a laugh.  Ask Ramona.  It’s worked for her in the past.


Housewife News

Bethenny Frankel had a Big Announcement on Ellen today.  Her talk show has been picked up.  Yeah for Bethenny.  We’ve been expecting this news, but it’s great to have it confirmed.  Is there anything Bethenny can’t do?

Andy Cohen and John Mayer

Celebuzz posted a photo of Andy Cohen and John Mayer together last Sunday.  It sounds like they have a bro-mance going, because this isn’t the first time they’ve been caught together.

Heather Thomson has been named the “Liver Champion of the Year” by the American Liver Foundation of Greater New York.  She will be honored in a ceremony on Wednesday.  Heather has been open with viewers about her son’s struggle with Biliary Atresia.

Vicki Gunvalson’s son in law Ryan went to twitter to vent his frustration about her latest boo – Brooks.  “Brooks Ayers is a manipulative lying piece of shit!” He then stated, “out of respect for my MIL I will keep all the issues we have against Brooks private for now!”  Poor Vicki.  First Slade outs her cheating on our blog – and now this.   PS -Ryan – tweeting it doesn’t keep it private.

New information on Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof’s relationship emerge from court documents.  Claims of physical abuse, verbal abuse, and child neglect all surface as these two begin a contentious divorce.   It’s turning into a He said / She said – for instance:

“Maloof also alleges that Nassif has been irresponsible when caring for the children. She claims that on a weekend in August, he was under the influence of alcohol during a kayaking trip with the kids. She alleges that one of the children fell in the water and another went missing for some time. 

But an eyewitness from that same day states in Nassif’s court documents that, “Paul was never more than five feet away from the boys,” that he was not intoxicated, but did have a glass of wine prior to the outing. ” according to the article.  Read more:,,20630288,00.html


Lessons Learned from New Jersey – By WindyCityWondering

1. The lower your expectations are for your children, the more impressive they become by doing whatever you tell them to do.

2.  If you want your business opportunities ruined, bring your fame hungry husband to your business meetings.

3. Not having an identifiable job but having lots of money to spend is the NJ career of choice.

(Photo by Boston)


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384 Responses to Carole Radziwill and George Clooney / The Real Housewives of New York / Gallery Girls / White Trash? / Reunion Tips / Housewife News

  1. designernailsdiana says:

    Good morning all. I absolutely loved Sonja last night she stood up to Adiva!!

  2. mrs peabody says:

    I’m 2nd? I loved she did too, Go Sonja. Just wish Carole would be more like her, she’s too wishy washy on things to me. Heather is starting to grow on me. Still love Ramona and Sonja. Aviva needs to join the other ex housewives and disappear.

    • disgrazia4d says:

      I’m disappointed in Carole’s blog. I expected better. SonJa is a grown woman and, to me at least, she showed the most sense in her conclusion of what the trip was after Aviva arrived and her decision as to what to do about Adiva was thoughtful and mature.

      “Aviva owns her behavior and Sonja has a laundry basket full of problems.”, writes Carole. Really?? It looked to me like Adiva came with a pile of laundry that Sonja folded and organized and returned to Adiva’s basket. She sorted Adiva out. She schooled Adiva in how a woman takes care of a problem child. I have mad respect for SonJa.

  3. Shiny says:

    NoMoreDrama: great list of reunion tips for the new housewives. Now we’ll have to wait to see who reads them and learns.

  4. Liking Carol less each week. She doesn’t speak up to anyone but talks about everyone. Her TH snark has become mean girl. JMHO
    Off to the pool.

    • COCFarm says:

      People talk over her when she tries to confront them. It has happened a few times now. In st Barths…remember she said ‘caoles right here and can hear everything you are saying’. She had tried to interject then but gets shut down. Then again last might w Sonja. S new she was in trouble so she didn’t let Carole say her peace. At least that’s how I see it. She’s polite, does not push and then does not get her say. Jmo!!!!!

      • T-Rex says:

        I agree, I like Carole she reminds me of a good friend of mine, that says their peace but if someone tries to talk over her or starts yelling she just walks away or shuts up and lets the other person rant and then says “are you done” or “can I now continue”. I don’t see why folks don’t like her, of course I can’t see how folks like the Coaster so to each his own I guess.

    • Mary E says:

      Me too. I liked Carole from the beginning, but I do wonder if she’s trying to play off the JFK Jr connection too much. Do you think his family is thrilled she is talking about this on tv? Seems kinda fame-whorish.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        They probably don’t like it one bit.

      • mkvalle says:

        Fame-whorish? Ridiculous!!!

      • T-Rex says:

        I don’t think she is a fame-whore at all we know for a Fact that Andy has been trying to get her to be on the show for years, and I think once they made the cast “shake-up” she thought why not. FameWhores are what Jillz, KKB, Silex and Barshop were, and that’s why they are gone

  5. VV says:

    Teresa’s Blog is up!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      And she knocked out of the park again! It is about time the rest of that crew got what was coming to them.

  6. lori says:

    I just watched the previews with Aviva and Ramona. I just really don’t understand where Aviva is coming from. Why is it her business how Ramona and Sonja slept? Why does it bother her. Why are Sonja and Ramona so horrible for going out until 2am and dancing on tables but, none of the other ladies are? Really not liking Aviva.

    • My theory (with no real evidence) is that it really really bugged her that they blew off her charity event and she hasn’t gotten past that. She had certain expectations of how the cast would behave and support each other throughout the taping – and they didn’t hold their end up. She needs to let it go because she’s completely lost viewer support.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I wonder how far back her resentments go, then. If she can’t let anything go and then these real or imagined offenses happen again and again (as a result of her judgmental, sadistic and cruel treatment of others)…I wonder if she keeps a list. I would need a list. You know she has a Harry List a mile long. She now has a Ramona list. She has a Sonja list. She probably has a Carole list – for smoking. She might have started a Heather list; for telling her to “let it go.” There have to be other lists of every person (people we don’t know about) who has not lived up to her expectations. She must find them all. And… scold them!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Didn’t we hear she consulted JZ before filming began?

          • Powell says:

            NMD KG has another tip for the reunion. Don’t under any circumstances consult Jill Zarin. Remember she got fired?”. I/you/we added that last part? LOL.

          • amalfi says:

            I feel like when no one liked Heather, it was said that she and JZ consulted before filming, And now Aviva is a psycho and we say that she consulted JZ.

            Cmom JZ is a total jackass, but I think other women are capable of being jackasses on their own without JZ’s help — although she is definitely be the authority on bitchiness.

            • Kansas Girl says:

              True. But I think I remember a media report of Aviva meeting with the Jillster before filming started. Am I wrong? I’m sure someone remembers and maybe even has the link.

        • disgrazia4d says:

          Seriously, and I don’t mean to sound facetious but the woman lost a leg. She’s prolly been tightly holding onto everything in her since then. Look at the hoarders. They do the same thing in a different way, usually after suffering a great loss. I don’t want to see her closets.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        My theory – LuAnn was in her ear to split up the Ramona Sonja block thus isolating Ramona without breaking their truce. LuAnn is a snake and it was so funny at the beginning of the season when she was trying to wrestle Sonja away from Ramona to no avail.

      • bea says:

        I completely agree, it seems like that is when her behaviour really shifted.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      She’s Judgy McJudgerson – she judges all of those around her – in order to deflect scrutiny of her own unacceptable behavior. She is what Sonja aptly described as a “Real Piece of Work.”

      • Mary E says:

        I also this Ms. Judgy McJudgerson needs to look at her immediate family. How dare she judge others when she puts her perv father on tv.

        • PJ says:

          I don’t think Adiva has any real self awareness. She seems to be a narcissist so everything she does is fine while anyone unfortunate enough to have her mad at them is all kinds of horrible. Sort of like Caroline and Jac but even worse, even worse than JZ and I didn’t think that was possible.

  7. Lady Chatterley says:

    Good Morning Lovely LynnFam!

    You know – if those who are mouthy and fight frequently are considered White Trash, well then….that would certainly include Adiva, wouldn’t it??

  8. Morning All.. Just a quick FYIW … Mr Fords nephew owns a music/recording studio in LA..He is/was the music producer for shows like The Sing Off ,i carly , shows on MTV etc…
    I called him to ask about how people are mic’d for reality tv shows like the HWS…
    He told me that NOT every character is mic’d… the production crew has boom mics and with today’s technology they can actually zoom a boom into hearing a pin drop..i laughed and told him we say “it was so quiet you could hear a frog fart ” …He now wants to use that line… So he says that people like Pete D and Angelo very well were not mic’d as they are not central players in the show…
    his words about MEGO and her music …. he laughed.. said not to worry she’s not even in the category of a one hit wonder like Norman Greenbaum..

  9. If anyone is bored today – see if you can dig up more dirt from these peoples’ tweets and write us a recap – my email is in the comment box on the right. NJ is the most leaky franchise of the bunch. Trouble is – I don’t believe anything from anyone anymore.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Covering tracks….

      Pete Giudice already has a long twitter trail of association w/these people. And started it by telling Teresa that he “has her back.”

      You could, of course, question whether he did any of this w/her blessing…but, she certainly knew what he was doing. It was all over twitter.

      I said it yesterday, I’ll say it again – her “surprise” at being approached by that lowlife was completely feigned.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        and again and again and again…

        • Lady Chatterley says:


        • disgrazia4 says:

          My beef is that I now realize that we will never know. I just wrote on my FB wall, we had quite the discussion yesterday on my posts here that I created as a statuses there, about how if the cast must regard the fake timelines as truth (as evidenced by their talking heads), then the reunion will be just another staged event and not a time for revealing What Happened. I read somewhere yesterday that Andy got defensive on twitter when questioned about the fake timeline. I would love to find out more about that,

          But as regards NJ, their fake timeline and the reunion, I think no matter what side we are on, no matter what theories we hold about what really may have happened, none of us are ever going to be rewarded with the satisfaction of finally finding out the truth. And that, my friends, is part of the aggravation so many of us feel. Bravo may have given us a real to reel Soap Opera but somewhere along the way they forgot some very basic rules of story telling:
          Tell the whole story.
          Don’t leave so many strings hanging.
          Don’t cannot load up a story with only villains.
          Don’t treat the ones you tell your story like they are stupid.
          If you do, get ready for rotten tomatoes to be flung your way.

          Bravo has lost their way.

          • VV says:

            MELISSA LIE to me and us viewers with a smile and very calmly saying she baby sat Tre’s kid so she could go to Fabellini party. LIER LIER PANTS ON FIRE!!! So to continue with Bravo’s fake timeline. She also LIED to us viewers with that fake scene at CAROLINE’S home when they talked about C gig with Sirius. Both of them LIED…LIER LIER PANTS ON FIRE!! So to continue with Bravo fake timeline
            WACKY JACKIE, lied to ME and us viewers by very calmly sad face and all staring at the camera and saying she was hurt for not being invited to the Fabellini party. LIER LIER PANTS ON FIRE!!!
            BRAVO ANDY, lied to me and us viewers by asking Jac about Teresa not inviting her to the Fabellini party. LIER LIER PANTS ON FIRE. All in a two year effort to bring Teresa down. In the end Bravo produces the show. They have full control of who they want and how they want to show people on the show.
            It is no secret Andy loves Bitter Clown her kids and the Gorgas…There are tweets and pictures on the Internet of producers of RHONJ hanging out with Gorga, Wakile, Manzo,Laurita. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. They got got and now they don’t know what to do as bowers are getting turn off with revelations of manipulations of timelines and favoritism.

          • Lady Chatterley says:

            Yeah, they play us all – they’re playa’s and we’re sucka’s for gettin’ played.

            I hate them, but somehow I just can’t give them up.

  10. Lady Chatterley says:

    NMD, SO cool that you got the scoop directly from Heather T!! 🙂

    • klmh says:

      Congrats from me to NMD.
      Enjoyed the blog this morning as well as all the others I have forgotten to mention. Tx for all your hard work.

  11. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Adiva needs to be part of some intense therapy. Not only is she completely narcissistic, she is judgmental to the extent that if someone does something that she does not like i.e. smoke or drink or dance on tables you are no longer her friend. We’ve also seen that her phobias are being passed to her kids (by this Reid shows he is a complete enabler). Adiva’s behavior has been enabled by many people in her life. We have seen it with Reid and her father.

    Yes, she had something horrible happen to her, but that does not mean she gets an out for her behavior. If Adiva were to picture Ramona as herself and how she acted she would be even more appalled.

    The topping to this Adiva crap cake is her blog. She essentially bashes people that posted on the Bravo blogs. She does this so that she still takes the blame off of herself. She says she owns her behavior but she really doesn’t. Adiva will always think she is right all the time.

  12. WindyCityWondering says:

    While this was supposed to be the episode where the RHNY recap their St Barths adventure – Aviva took it as another opportunity to list her various grieveances and judgements – tre boring! Every housewife she met with had eyes glazing over from the same old same old – and those who tried to get her to put it to rest were looked at like blathering idiots! Sonja was the only one who really took it to her and left her with a clear message.

  13. Eastbayca says:

    1st place – Heather (winner), although I have noticed she pussyfoots when it comes to Lulu.

    2nd place – Sonja loved, she didn’t buy what Aviva was selling. She ate her food and graciously told Aviva where to stick it and walked off.

    3rd place – Ramona, has proven she is a good friend time and again despite her “wacky” behavior. She is the kind of person you want in your corner.

    4th place – Carole, fun to hangout with but not one to trust or confide in.

    5th place – Lulu, space filler.

    6th place – Aviva (loser) is jealous of Ramonja’s relationship…apparently she doesn’t realize that a few (Lulu & Jill) before her have tried to break it up but failed miserably. Besides they also look much younger than her.
    I think she is channeling KKB and/or Jillzy on some level. What the hell was she angry about? Why come to St. Barts for a vacation when you are angry? She needs to go see a religious leader (priest, rabbi, Buddhist monk), spiritual leader, life coach, 2-4 therapists, one of them or all of them might succeed in exorcising her demons.
    Per the previews for next week she sends her dad to demand an apology from Ramona at a charity event that supports abused women.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      🙂 “Graciously told her where to stick it and walked out.”

      What an awesome skill to have – this should be taught – like in some kind of charm school or something.

    • Queen Butter Bean says:

      I think Adiva sees Ramona as the QueenBee of the show and wants to bring her down…of course, Adiva is BSC, so it probably won’t work and she’ll go the way to Kuku

  14. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Great topics to read about. Can’t wait til lunch to get started. 🙂

    Detox I hope you and your mom are doing well. I hope you did see the doc about that cough.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I just copied andpasted this and emailed it to her, powell. I have another update from her: long story short; she finally went to the doc, but I want to cut and paste so you guys can hear it directly from her.

  15. lady balls says:

    just read tre’s blog. she says she was upset over melissa talking to danielle about her. hhmmm…

    i don’t believe for one second tre never talked badly about melissa to other people (and i’m not even referring to what jaq and caroline have already said about tre talking badly about melissa to them).

    i think tre did get this whole strippergate going– indirectly. when tre found out melissa and kathy joined the show, she was livid. i think tre expressed her anger to anyone and everyone who would listen. i think kim d saw an opportunity and jumped on it. i think kim d arranged for baldy to pop out and spook everyone.

    it would explain why tre doesn’t know anything about him and her honest reactions when meeting him. it would explain the look of joy on kim d’s face when he introduced himself to tre. it would explain tre’s racing heart (i don’t think tre expected to patch things up with melissa in napa and now her cruel intentions from months prior were coming home to roost thus heart palpatations). and if the previews are any indication of tre’s attitude later that night, it would explain why tre will become defensive in the next episode.

    tre has made her bed. now she’s lying in it.

    • While I can see it happening the kind of the way you said it went down, no doubt Tre did talk smack on Melissa and Kathy, it was very much a two way street. If Teresa had cruel intentions, they paled in comparison to the conniving of her brother and her SIL.

      There seems to be a double standard where Teresa is screamed at and admonished for just ASKING about Melissa’s involvement with Danielle. More so, that a simple tweet she sent Danielle in reply to her saying Thank You was treated like a betrayal. What a joke.

      But more so, Teresa is getting blamed for something she did not do. While she might have let the cat of the bag, she did not orchestrate this fiasco. If I were Teresa, I would tell them all to kick rocks.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Tre is all love and light. She is high maintenance and a PIA but the rest just come across as jealous haters to me.

      • VV says:

        RR, yes there is a double standard . If that had been Tre lying about baby sitting or making up a scene to continue the lie of the timeline or lying about getting her feelings hurt to continue the lie. People would be saying How dare she lies blah blah blah..
        It’s double standard period!

        • lady balls says:

          tre has been getting it coming and going for months now. that is true.
          all i’m saying is teresa had it coming.

          melissa may be the next one on the hot seat or caroline may be the next one. i don’t know. but if or when it happens to the next person, i’ll probably say they had it coming, too.

          • I wondering who the next one up on the list is.

            My guess is the Manzo’s and the Laurita’s will be gone next season. Even though Bravo keeps trying to make the Manzo’s happen, especially the boys and their buddy Greg….no one really cares, at least enough to make it a marketable tv show. They even tried to dupe my DVR into recording that awful Manzothon. If I was a Neilson family, I would be writing a letter wanting it retracted.

            My guess is they will bring in friends of Teresa’s so she will have people to film with, while Frick and Frat (Joey and Richie) pull out their Johnson’s as Kathy bakes and Melissa sings into a hair brush.

            The theme of next season will be Teresa and what’s happening with Juicy and if her brother will reach out to her.

            As for Caroline’s prediction about Teresa, there was also thinly couched jealousy, yes Teresa will write another book and it will be another best seller (deserved or not) and Caroline’s book will be in the 99 cent store, along with that shrew Kate Gosselin’s.

    • PJ says:

      You know what I find interesting is that in the past Jac has said that Tre rarely talked about Mel but now suddenly that story has changed. Is Jac lying now or was she lying then? These people saying thing about Tre are all very self serving.

    • T-Rex says:

      I haven’t read the blog that Teresas-ghostwriter wrote but I don’t understand why everyone is so upset that Teresa is going to be blamed for some setup. Look even me the biggest Teresa-hater going doesn’t believe that she “setup” Melissa regarding this incident Teresa is not bright enough to do this. So unsure why anyone would believe she did. Oh and really, again with the Melissa/Danielle stuff? TeresaMissHoldsagrudgemuch, that was 2 years ago GET OVER IT! I don’t believe Melissa was a stripper, I do believe she was a party girl and was no where near a virgin when she met and married JoGo. I do believe that KimD has wanted DESPERATELY to be a part of this cast, and instigating shite behind the scenes, I think this whole thing is going to be a SUPREME let down once everyone actually watches it, I mean c’mon it’s no where near as good as watching Juicy talk to his side-whore and call us wife a bitch and a C**t on camera, while fully mic’ed. Shame on Bravo if they edit this to look like Teresa set this up, Bravo she is not bright to even come up with this scenario and then to have pull it off, nope not buying it. Interested to see what this Penny person has to say, from what I read she is not talking and frankly not the great business person as the person that wrote some email to another blogger seems to have purported since her long time business is not OUT of Business.

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        The Penny person was angling hard to get on the show – she’s pretty pissed now that they didn’t even show her last night…according to twitter.

        • T-Rex says:

          So, between the setup emails sent from several folks who are former Penny’s employees, her being friends with KimD and both know this balddude Angelo was never an “owner” of Lookers as he once claimed, he was a manager, a manager that was FIRED by the actual owners, yet worked at Penny’s salon(big DE-motion there). In addition don’t know if this was posted previously so sorry if it was, but the true owners of Lookers have attested that Melissa was indeed a bartender. Again, living in Stripper-ville Tampa, and reading about them, NO WAY, they wouldn’t be using the connection if it were there for their own advertisements, instead they send this out to the public. This also explains why Melissa didn’t know who he was, he never managed or supervised her, which means sleazebucket only managed the “talent” not the actual “staff”, going to try to dig up more, but there is something lurking out there about the dirty Angelo Vrohidis character.

          • Trex… I tried going back in my history to find a story about Angelo from a wayne nj paper… cant find it..BUT..there was a comment posted that Angelo Voorhees had been hired for only ONE DAY at this salon for this Posche thing and he now works at some diner or cafe in Jersey…..LOL
            Also.. went to research owner of Lookers… the weirdest thing happened…. I almost quit clicking “next page ” on google and I recieved a NUDGE to keep going… Page Seven.. here’s what hit me….

            I got goosebumps…. so I thought I would post….

            • T-Rex says:

              Aaah! So the Bravo fix was in from the beginning. They brought this Angelo guy in for one day to create the drama and Dumb-Ass-Teresa falls hook line and sinker for the bait, and runs with the rest of the drama so she ends up looking like the one behind it all. They always use the dumbest player as the fall-guy in setups and Teresa fell right in line.

            • Rebecca says:

              The inside “source” is Lauren. You can tell by the quotes.

          • T rex… sorry i forgot to post this for you..
            This PDF has his name spelled wrong..
            it’s ***** angelo voorhees *** not vrohidis ……

        • Was she the big giant smirking face standing behind Angelo?

      • VV says:

        Rumor has it that entire Juicy phone called was pieced together. Don’t get me wrong. He did call her C. The other parts where taken from other conversations and scenes. Remember, we only see Juicy mouth moving on a brief part of that phone call and even when we see him talking to Tre and calls her a retard a hearing impaired poster that posts here says she didn’t read his lips saying that word (retard) at all.

        Teresa found out about Melissa/Danielle connection a year ago.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Producers are being fired for bias to certain housewives and messing with edits. Juicy said the word cunt and Richie said the word fish and we know that neither of those conversations were unedited.

          • T-Rex says:

            I heard they were getting fired for leaking information to the tabloids, can’t get the real scoop from any reputable source as of yet. So keeping a lookout as to the real reason.

        • disgrazia4d says:

          Donna from the FB group is hard of hearing and regularly lip reads. She brought up that his lips don’t match the words.

      • PJ says:

        I think Teresa is just pointing out the hypocrisy of scary chucky and her gang of woe begotten misfit devotees by mentioning that Melissa was in contact with Danielle. Danielle was the evil incarnate that Caroline had to smite with her sword of righteousness. But suddenly because Caroline needs to be allied with someone in Teresa’s family so she can cause general havoc in her battle of good versus evil it’s ok that Melissa was working with Danielle while Caroline was doing her smiting. But let Teresa merely text Danielle once and all hell breaks forth in righteous indignation from the all wonderful Caroline and her lackeys /devotees/cult members. Teresa has a point.

        • lady balls says:

          we know teresa and melissa have a long history of not getting along. we don’t know who started what first between the two of them in the beginning of their relationship, but they have said they were “in a bad place” when melissa communicated with danielle.

          melissa may have filled caroline in on why or how she came to be in contact with danielle and caroline may be satisfied with that answer. plus, melissa wasn’t a housewife at the time, so melissa’s contact with danielle didn’t affect caroline at that time or now, for that matter.

          so, noting that hypocrisy in her blog does not score her any points for me.

          • But don’t you think they were also in a bad place if/when Teresa was telling people on the DL that Melissa is a stripper?

            I think the reason the Manzo and the Laurita’s gave Melissa’s dealings with Danielle a pass is because her shenanigans didn’t effect them. Melissa was giving her the goods on Teresa and it was off of camera. Which is exactly why they needed to stay the F out of it, but instead they treated Teresa like she betrayed them. Who are they to think they have the say so to shut down any conversation?

            The reason that they are mad at Teresa isn’t really about Danielle IMO but even if I just take it at face value is it’s because they thought they had beat the last nail into Danielle’s coffin but by Teresa asking publicly and on the show resurrected her. If they didn’t like what the living Danielle could do, they sure weren’t going to see what the Zombie version was capable of, especially she has nothing to lose.

            I appreciate your conviction, I really do so I will say again, the bulk of my animosity towards the rest of the cast is because they actually make me feel bad for Teresa or at least make me more disgusted. It’s not that I think Teresa is all that good, I just think they are worse.

            • lady balls says:

              i hear ya.

              metaphors are silly, but…..

              let’s say teresa is hitler, caroline is stalin, and jaq is hussein. when hitler gets pummelled by stalin and hussein, it’s okay with me cause hitler has it coming. will stalin and hussein get theirs? i don’t know.

              full disclosure: i dislike caroline or jaq….yet.

            • bea says:

              Your last paragraph perfectly covers how I think a lot of people feel. I personally can’t stand any of the NJ Housewives (since the 1st season Caroline has been my least favorite). And the storyline has been totally the same – one against the rest of the group, first with Danielle and now with Teresa. It’s not entertaining to watch.

              That being said, I also can’t really back Teresa because I feel like she really is a horrible person too. I think Bravo sets up these fake fights and has the audience choose sides when there really is no right side, that they are all awful.

              • I think that’s part of the problem, when the tension is so convoluted and ampted up by people trying to “keep the apple” or whatever it is city is holding, we judge them on a curve and base our support on who offends us less, not who we actually like or admire.

            • PJ says:

              I agree Rabble. I never liked Teresa before, but I dislike the rest so much more, they make Teresa look good by comparison. I feel Caroline, Jacqueline, Melissa and Kathy are far, far worse than Teresa ever dreamed of being. I don’t agree with the idea that because one is bad it’s ok for the rest to be bad because the one deserves it. I hate the gang up on one person and take them down mentality, the I’m so good you’re so bad mentality. I give Teresa credit for taking her life into her own hands and working hard to pay her bills, and I’m sure she didn’t make them by herself. Teresa doesn’t battle or rant on twitter, she isn’t self righteous, she doesn’t pretend she is perfect and everyone else is bad, she doesn’t pretend to have talent that doesn’t exist and she also doesn’t pretend to be miss sweetness and light while scheming to take people down to get on a TV show, her own family. As much as I don’t like Teresa’s husband he’s less objectionable than Kathy’s creepy husband. I could go on but I think I made my point.

              • lady balls says:

                do you admire teresa?

              • I think for me, the thing I disliked the most about Teresa was the shady business stuff and all the highfalutin and spending despite being so much in debt. it still actually irks me when I think about people living in a mansion, having a vacation home, driving expensive cars and pricey cloths while being MILLIONS of dollars in debt.

                But then I learn almost all of them are guilty of the same sort of thing more or less

                So it comes down to this, the rest seem so bitter meanwhile Teresa is persevering. My husband doesn’t even really watch the show and he can see it. He asks me, “What the hell happened to that Caroline woman, she used to be normal but now she is just so angry”.

                • PJ says:

                  I understand why that would irk you. I just wonder exactly how much Teresa actually knew and was Joe the one that got them into most of the debt? I have read that these were business debts so Teresa may not have know the extent of the situation. I know many women who have husbands that keep them in the dark; so love Teresa or hate her it does happen. To Teresa’s credit when the extent of the situation came to light she got to work and started paying off the debts. She could have kicked Joe out and let him deal with it. You don’t see Melissa doing the same instead she is spending money to get a non existent career off the ground, at least Teresa is doing something realistic. You don’t see J-Wac doing this either and apparently they have money issues as well, if you can believe what you read. It does appear as if a lot of these people are in the same kind of trouble ad Teresa and Joe, again if you can believe what you read

                  • Not the right time says:

                    tre hasn’t been paying any debt, as her lawyer said earlier this season it still hasn’t been agreed to. So she is making money & not paying off debt and still spending big.
                    i like Jac & kathy, I think they are nice people. melissa is full of herself, and having Tre & her in a room with their egos their would be no room for anyone else.

                    • PJ says:

                      And you know for sure that Tre hasn’t been paying the debts?

                      Sorry I can’t agree with you on J-Wac and Kathy. In past seasons the way I watched
                      J-Wac interact with her daughter was disturbing to me. It felt abusive to me–just my opinion. I know her daughter is a problem but it made me wonder just how much J-Wac contributed to that. Plus she is so obsessed with Teresa, it’s all out of balance and I find her to be not nice just so fake. Kathy to me is two faced, passive aggressive and jealous. Just my opinion we can’t all agree on everything.

                    • disgrazia4d says:

                      Lots of assumptions in your statements. I’m with you PJ.

                • lady balls says:

                  my husband says that about joe guidice. we liked him in the beginning but he’s so gross now.

                  • Not the right time says:

                    It was what her attorney actually said, I like the rest of us can only go on the information we are presented even when it is edited. Jac & chris seem like really nice but over indulging parents and sometimes the egg is just bad. kathy to me seems like she keeps trying to have a relationship and be included for whatever reason it seems important to her. teresa has done really well and hopefully it will continue as though I don’t get it but she seems to be loved by alot of people.

                • disgrazia4d says:

                  RR, you always say what you mean with style and grace. Perseverance is a good word to describe Teresa, who carries the sins of all those living in Jersey.

    • Tracyshea says:

      Well put! Tre is not innocent.

  16. WindyCityWondering says:

    I like Carole – she is an observer, a writer, has a sharp wit and makes an excellent foil for this crew. She connects with Heather, cares about Sonja, gets Ramona, doesn’t enable Aviva and best of all – has absolutely no use for LuAnn! Her talking heads remind me of Bethenny and once she is comfortable she will be delivering quotable one liners.

    • T-Rex says:

      WCW I really like Carole, as I posted earlier I have a friend like her so I get her sense of humor and what she says, and honestly I think she would say what she says in her THead to the ladies faces, we saw her do this with Lu-Man and the dress incident. It’s just that when the ladies get all ramped up she just retreats until they are done, she doesn’t want or need to talk over anyone, since nothing good ever comes of that, it’s just annoying.

    • klmh says:

      I enjoyed your post. She isn’t a bully or demanding, by shouting over their heads when confronted. I enjoy her as well and think she is a good fit, if she decides to stay.

    • I like Carol too. As far as some of the snarky comments she makes out the others in their talking heads, she hasn’t said anything I never thought or said myself.

      • PJ says:

        I like Carole but she is wearing on me a bit because I feel she does think she is better than everyone else.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I think different and better are separate issues. I think that Carole has not spent time around women like this in a long time. Drama, high emotions and fighting are not places a person like Carole would choose to be. On top of the drama, I am sure she still wants to keep some dignity to her personal character. Rare, in reality TV. And she will get roasted for TH comments about the other women. but she is a very laid back, kind of person. IMO.

          • PJ says:

            She did sign up for this show and must have watched it once or twice so she had to know what she was getting into. She had some sort of agenda signing up for this show. But in all fairness I don’t know anyone like these women so I would be a fish out of water with them and constantly shocked by them.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              I am not sure how much TV Carole watches. I am sure she did the show for Andrew Cohen and because it would promote her book and possible TV serial. Sh probably thought that she could deal with the other women. She is very different from them her co-stars. It would take a full on possession for her to change. IMO. I have known women like these women. Rule. Small doses!

  17. LaineyLainey says:

    I still like her too, WCW. She is a lot like Bethenny, smart, well-read, spontaneous; except that Bethenny was more upfront with people. Remember there were many times that she lacked a filter; Carole has more of a filter and perhaps that is why she comes off as slightly disingenuous. Whereas Bethenny was regarded as lacking in finesse, but shining in her honesty.

  18. Lulu says:

    I think there is something wrong with me Heather is starting to grow on me. Quick SNAP ME OUT OF IT!!! 🙂 I love how Sonja handles herself in confrontation and that groundwork she laid out on times she’s not so fabulous.

    Anyone catch the Kardashian season finale? Sorry TMI Why must they film her literally pull her baby from her unowhat! I don’t want to see that! Is there anything that family won’t do?

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I love Heather. I always liked her, actually. I think I was one of the few. She got off on a rocky start with Ramona but I think overall she seems like a nice, fun person.

      • Lulu says:

        Rocky start! I’ll say her Holla tagline, yummie tummie this yummie tummie that. It wasn’t until St Barth’s that the true Heather came out. Hopefully she will remain that way!

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I always liked Heather. I think it is really hard to get used to new characters. Ramona talked about her wine, non stop, for two seasons. The product pushing seems to be the big reason these ambitious people are on the show. IMO.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            You HAVE always liked her. I remember that. She’s won me over. Her edits are showing her as less severe and more of a fair and real person.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              I want to be fair to the new characters and give them the season to find a role. The others, not so much!

  19. Lulu says:

    BTW hit post before my brain realized it! Great job on the blogs nmd, bb and windy city wondering! Love the NJ lesson learned couldn’t agree more!

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Great job for you too. I don’t watch Gallery because I don’t like Bravo and trying to ween myself off it. But good job.

      Thanks to all who keep this site going. NMD you’re doing a great job.

  20. lovemamaearth says:

    Congrats on the exclusive tweet from Heather. Cool about Carole & Clooney. Carole Clooney. lol that would be funny.

  21. I am lazy today…easier just to copy and paste….

    Carol needs to give up the ‘pink’ cigs and smoke a left handed one and get the munchies….

    Aviva !!!! Now that’s one effed up chick for sure…. no wonder she needed help walking from Carol and heather..her ego is so big is makes it difficult for her to walk…. Now that’s one chick i would DEF…BEEITCH SLAP and enjoy it… and never apologize for it….!!!!

    Luann… choked on her EGGS…now thats poetic justice !! pretty bad when COOKED eggs dont even want anything to do with her. !! As us “southern” redneck okee white trash folks say..hey LULU…here’s your sign IVF!!!!…. I spit hawaiian punch out when she said that..busted a gut laughing so hard Mr ford needed to bring me paper towels cause HP was in the nose….. the kitchen scene and the aprons..Oh..Real Men Cook…Lulu..well I cant wear one I am not a man.. Are ya sure Lulu ???
    Heather was pretty cool tonite I must say…hmmmm wonder whats down the pike ???
    Sonja…. She held her own with A and really put her in her place w/o anger…!! SCORE !!!
    Now if she would only apply that same logic to Mr Morgan..she’d start to have good things come her way..Holding onto the past bars the future from coming thru. She needs to just wash her hands of him, be grateful for the time they had and MOVE ON….She allows herself to be defined by the name MORGAN and not the person Sonja..Same with Aviva..she allows an acccident to define her….. What a waste !!!!!
    I’d hate to think what kind of person I would be IF I had allowed all the shitty things that have happened to me to define me in the way they have…instead, like I told PITA after BJ can either allow it to make you bitter or better…. I chose better….
    Cant wait for next week and mr chicklet to get his !!!!! WHOOP WHOOP…. Whos sends their DADDY to BULLY women !! Oh yea..The IHOP waitress…….

    hugs and peace

    • Sus says:

      If they would all smoke pot instead of drinking, there wouldn’t be all these fights! You are too unmotivated to do anything when you are stoned.

      • SUS… you got it.. We would privey to JOINTS chiefs of staff meetings instead of what they are dishing out to us now !!!!!

        after we watched NY last night , even Mr Ford asked what was Aviva’s end game ….told him I didnt have a clue…he saw the preview for next week and when he saw George he said he reminded him of a HUNGRY BEAVER….. !!! I’ll leave it to your imagination as to how the rest of that convo went…LOL

  22. PJ says:

    Please think about adding to the poll that the other housewives and/or Melissa herself had a hand in that so called setup. It did serve Melissa’s purpose well and the others. 1) It gets Melissa’s husband away from his family. 2) It makes Melissa the center of attention to extend her 15 minutes and perhaps put focus on her singing career since it is doubtful that her ‘talent’ will get her far.
    3) It makes Teresa look bad, which is the added bonus that may mean everyone besides Teresa was involved.

    • The Tin Man says:

      I think you could be right. I’ve been thinking about that conversation Melissa had with Teresa in the bus (or RV or whatever it was) on the Napa trip. I don’t remember all the details, but Melissa mentioned something to Teresa about making a sex tape to get attention, although it seemed like she was kidding at the time. Now this revelation that she was a dancer at a “gentleman’s” club, whether true or not, could be her way of getting attention focused on sexual behavior. She’s obviously given some thought to that kind of thing.

  23. I love the blogs today girls. I feel asleep last night so I didn’t get to watch the whole show. I will have to check it out again because it sounds like the sit down with Sonja and Aviva is epic.

  24. Sus says:

    Great blog today 🙂
    If the Maloof’s don’t show some class during the divorce, I’ll be disgusted. There shouldn’t be money issues. They have enough that both will not have to change their lifestyles and go on food stamps. They are both very busy so they should be able to share those kids without issues.
    I haven’t been divorced so should probably shut up. But, you know me, I can’t. I don’t how people can go so nuts during a divorce and not be fair. The two people picked one another. It seems like such an insult to yourself if you carry on how the ex shouldn’t see the kids and all that. What does that make you? A terrible decision maker? A terrible judge of character? I know, I know, people change or don’t show their true spots and all that.
    Anyway, Paul and Adrienne? Take the high road. There’s plenty of money. Keep it all instead of giving it to lawyers.

    • It really makes me sad that in divorce proceeding how sometimes couples twist and turn something innocent into something ugly- more so they start to beleive it. It has to be horrible for the children.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Adrienne is too combative to take the high road – she will fight to the bloody end – just for the pure satisfaction of drawing blood.

      • T-Rex says:

        I agree with LC Adrienne is in this for the “kill”, not for the sake of the children. Seen this before, and no one “wins” when this happens, especially the children. You can easily take this out of the papers, blogs, twitter and quietly come to an agreement and start your new lives while maintaining at least a modicum of respect for one another for the sake of your children. But we know that both Adrienne and Paul are also fame-whores or why else would they drag this out in the press!

        • bea says:

          Totally agree. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes finalized their divorce in 2-3 weeks. If they really have the kids’ best interests in mind Paul and Adrienne will wrap this up quickly.

  25. Sam says:

    Regarding this part of the section on having Aviva as a friend:

    “If she does not approve, then you deserve the wrath of her anger; not once, but over and over again until you surrender to her and even then she’ll continue to beat you over the head with her ire.”

    I hate to admit it, but when I read this, as I was approaching the end I thought you were going to say “beat you over the head with her leg.”

  26. not THAT Jill says:

    Aviva is crying on twitter b/c Ramona brought up her dirty old father on WWHL last night. I guess its ok to call people vile names on TV as long as you don’t mention their gross relatives!!!!

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Yes, well, as I said earlier, Adiva is trying to cast Ramona and Sonja as “disgusting, trashy, and immoral” to draw attention AWAY from her father. I loved it when Ramona said very simply that Adiva was demonstrating displaced anger. So awesome and so true! 🙂

    • Aviva is going the way of kookoo for cocoa puffs.. She posted a video from John Basedow about Bullies and haters…. Another whacked out HW who cant stand the fact that she isn’t all that and when people call her out on her actions we all become haters and bullies.. She really needs to get over it already…

  27. Jill.. I actually watched WWHL and I thought Ramona was very gracious , even somewhat subdued… aviva needs to BACK OFF about all this OR some of the blue hairs in MIAMI ………….J U S T might start spilling the beans about dear old chicklets… God knows those ladies from the condo associations LOVE to blab POOLSIDE….

    • not THAT Jill says:

      i thought Ramona was very kind-she could have gone all Ramonacoaster on Aviva’s ass but she didnt!! Somebody tweeted to Aviva last night that she was just “bringing it” – otherwise the show would be boring. Aviva thanked the person who tweeted it for “getting it”. I think someone gave Aviva some bad Housewife advice!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      It’s gems like these that keep me coming back to the LynnFam”…OR some of the blue hairs in MIAMI ………….J U S T might start spilling the beans about dear old chicklets…”

      • LL.. well Aviva DID diss about Miami Beach in that one episode where Ramona and SOnja came to visit and the Miami Herald picked up on the story.. Them blue hairs dont take kindly to being talked about like that on TV for sure….I wonder if thats why chicklets has been spending so much time in New York… Wait till the folks in Miami see him next week !!!!!!! HOO HA

  28. VV says:

    Bitter Clown blog is up.

  29. NightLight95 says:

    Read Tre’s blog and girl (imagine my head bobbing side-ways!) it’s a good one. Good for her. Tre stay in your lane and keep it moving—F@ck those bitter, boring women and keep pushing whatever it is that you are pushing today.

    • T-Rex says:

      Well with one exception she didn’t actually write it, wonder if she even reads it!

      • NightLight95 says:

        Well you can keep your exception because I didn’t say she wrote it 😉 I said it was a good one! BTW I could care less if she or her ghost wrote it: many of the other ladies could use one. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

      • PJ says:

        Oh come on she reads it and directs it and good for her if someone else is writing it, it sure makes the point.

        • In some ways, I feel like the bulk of us posters write Teresa’s blog. Often,I see comments or observations made here find their way onto the blog. It wouldn’t be the first time, remember when Sonja borrowed from Q’s blog about her?

        • NightLight95 says:

          Don’t you get it, Tre is responsible for everything wrong in the world! She’s such a moron but a genius at setting things up, all at the same time!

          • T-Rex says:

            Oh I for one would NEVER give her credit for setting up more than a ham sandwich, and for the life of me can’t figure out how anyone in the right mind could even “think” that Teresa was behind this setup.

            • Lady Chatterley says:

              I, Lady Chatterley, am of sound mind, and do hereby declare that I am of the opinion that Teresa was right smack dab in the middle of this here hubbub.

              Not the mastermind, necessarily, but her fingers were in that pot.

              I mean – did it really take a genius to come up with this mess, after all??? All it took was the right dose of nastiness and a desire for vengeance.

              • NightLight95 says:

                If it’s because of vengeance any of the banshees could of done it.

                • PJ says:

                  I agree. You have to look at who got something out of this set up. Melissa really extended her 15 minutes and turned this into the Melissa show. Jac and Don got to be ugly toward Teresa on camera and feel completely justified. Kathy got to pretend to be a saint and to tell us what Teresa should have done. What exactly did Teresa get?

              • lady balls says:

                i, lady of balls, so agree with you.

            • NightLight95 says:

              HA! ham sandwich. Good one!

          • melthehound says:

            … and yet she’s too stupid to string more than 2 words together to express a thought on paper. People in their hatred for this woman are unbelievable.

    • Donna says:

      I believe that Melissa set herself up and the producers twist it to make it look like Teresa did it. The 4 mad dogs and the 3 mad puppy dogs had a hand in it too

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      You got to give it to Tre. Those women hate her so much they went out of their way to set her up. Instead of focusing all of that energy on bettering themselves, they concoct some ridiculous (and dumb) story. I have never hated anyone 1/10 this amount to go out of my way to do something like this. Geez they need to get a damn life!

  30. I Need A Life! says:

    What is the difference between being a, “bully,” and being, “Aviva?” Why is it that some people feel it’s Sonja and Ramona’s behavior that needs to be loathed, while it’s fine for Aviva to speak to Sonja the way she did, and call her trash, and to call Ramona, “unrefined,” behind her back? Is it the difference in $$$$ signs or where you were born? I’ve been around folks who have blood the color of ink, and they have never let a drink pass them by. I think calling Ramona, “unrefined,” was very ungracious…not Ramona. Again, who is the bully here?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Aviva sure has the name calling down to a science! Maybe we should call her the morally corrupt Aviva Drescher??? She is showing viewers everything a Manhattan born and breed is not.

    • T-Rex says:

      I haven’t seen even one person on this blog since the recent incidents that has had ANYTHING nice to say about Aviva’s recent behaviour, in fact most everyone that even liked her a little bit have now squarely stated that she is ridiculous, including myself. I abhor her behaviour of this judgemental-holier-than-thou, can’t leave her husband long enough to even go to the bathroom so he doesn’t stick his d**k in some random woman, fake-phobiad person. Now, just because she is this way doesn’t give STDS(Sonja the drunken Slut) and Coaster a free pass on their behaviour just because Aviva is a all of the above. Those 3 are the worst of what the RHNY franchise is right now, crap I can’t even hate Lu-man as much as I would like to because these 3 take all of that up!

    • COCFarm says:

      It’s because aviva thinks her opinion is the only one with merit. SHE sees the situation w clarity and everyone else is misguided or beneath her. IMO.

    • bea says:

      Last night, when Aviva said she wanted to let things go, but that Sonja and Ramona just kept bullying her, I literally thought my head would explode. She is completely detached from reality.

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Trying to turn those old tables – Heather looked shell-shocked. 🙂

      • COCFarm says:


        • I Need A Life! says:

          There are stories coming out that Ramona and Sonja were so drunk on vacation that they threw things at the camera, and Sonja was naked on camera. Bravo gets these ladies drunk so we have something to talk about. I don’t drink, but if there was booze pouring from spigots, I’d act out of my mind. If The Supremes – Aviva and what’s his name – had been drinking prior to their flight, they would have jumped into the pool with the girls.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            These stories are coming out…right out of Aviva’s mouth!!!!!

            • Called A Princess... says:

              I think that Sonja and Ramona like to drink regardless of the cameras. Just trying to keep it real. Remember Sonja has the DWI! Ramona looks drunk or hung over most of the time. Neither seems very rational or down to earth. Aviva is no day at the beach but I do not think they are too much better. JMHO.

              • PJ says:

                I think R & S are a handful but they didn’t do anything to Adiva really. Adiva is over the top over reacting.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  Ramona and Sonja were on VACATION-i hope they got rip roaring drunk and did what ever the hell the wanted to do. If that is not your cup of tea (or pinot) on VACATION that is fine by me but I don’t know why it gives Aviva the idea that she needs to lecture them. People drink on holiday-I know I do and I know the Countess did but Aviva didn’t say anything about her being the Italian group welcome wagon. She is going after them b/c she looked like a fool in St. Barths and again back on the isle of Manhattan. She outdoes care if they both drink themselves blind-as long as she comes out looking a little less insane! And then to say they bullied her…well that is just too much for me.

                  • PJ says:

                    Why is it that the bullies are the first ones to scream I got bullied? They were probably drinking so they could stomach Adiva.

                  • mrs peabody says:

                    Another thing that gets me was she was only there that last weekend, why is it any of her business what they did when she wasn’t even there. If she didn’t like how they were behaving while she was there she could have gone to a hotel. They are adult ladies and can drink and F*** anyone they want (or at least Sonja can as she is single. I do not for a minute believe Ramona would do that to Mario)

  31. disgrazia4 says:

    I just posted this to the NJ ass. producer who writes the Garden Statements Blog. I’m sure they won’t post it so I’m leaving my evidence here. Curse you, I exist!! (shakes fist up to sky)

    Hmm, has Bravo been reading the blogs out there? There are lots of disgruntled comments about Bravo editing and fake timelines. Tell me, is Bravo going to respond at all, and by that I mean a detailed response that consists of more than Andy’s defensive twitter replies? Readers in my FB Group are saying they are done, more than ever before. Question- If the ladies must pretend the fake timelines are true as evidenced by their talking heads, then what exactly is the reason behind viewers even watching the reunion? Won’t the ladies and Andy’s questions be held to the fake timelines there as well? If the search for satisfaction is never ending, at what point do you just walk away?

  32. Kat from Ohio says:

    this is a rather off topic comment. I’ve been re-watching the early seasons of real housewives. Wow, in Season 1 I STILL like Jill. Can’t believe it… Even LuAnn, while not without her moments, wasn’t too bad. But god, Alex and Simon were horrendous. But because they go around telling everyone how solid and basically perfect their relationship is, why are they doing the Couples Therapy show? Does anyone know what their “issue” is? I just don’t get it. They’re such fame whores. I’d love to see their segments of the show written up just so we can make fun of how ridiculous they are.

    • Lulu says:

      Apparantly with Silex there is “nothing” wrong with their marriage. They are simply doing couples therapy as a preventative measure?? That’s what Simon tweeted a little while back.

      I plan on writing a blog about it and my DH asked to join forces. After all two opinions are better than one when it comes to couple’s therapy.

    • T-Rex says:

      This is exactly how I felt after watching the last season Bethenny was on and then reading about the infamous season(wasn’t watching) which was SO bad 3 cast members had to be fired. I happened across a marathon of Season 1 and remembered how much I disliked Silex and the only reason I started liking Alex was during the SeasonOfTheLunatic when she went off the rails and went after Bethenny, Alex didn’t seem so bad. Now after seeing that they are some dopey show on VH1 with a “fake” storyline just to be on TV again is just so deplorable, they are the lowest of the lowly now!

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Maybe they needed the money? It might be hard to leave the Bravo paycheck behind. Silex were awful the first season but they changed and became better characters. At least Alex did. I read that they were told to play up, the social climbers from Brooklyn story line, by Bravo production. As for Couples Therapy, it is a stupid show, IMO, not based so much on reality, but based on Z- list stars looking for employment with a large paycheck, and national exposure. Even talented people can be fame whores!

        • RealHousewifeVA says:

          Simon did say it was very hard to lose the $300,000 salary.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          OMG absolutely, it’s easy money in comparison to what most bs the rest of us put up with in order to pay for medical ins and to put food on the table (oh and then there’s the chard – I still buy the chard. I’m like Ramona with the pinot)… can you imagine what it feels like to be collecting these huge paychecks to go to lunch, parties, dinner, parades, fashion shows, trips,…and then the ax falls and you have to go back to digging ditches in the summertime in TEXAS. Oh Lawd!! that must be a hard to pill to swallow.

  33. catmom1 says:

    Like many others, I think Aviva is completely wackadoodle (I believe that is the technical term) and her parents are probably responsible to some degree. I started looking for information on her mother, Ingrid Teichner, and could find very little. Found her birth date Oct 5, 1939. Found her date of death May 18, 2006. I even found her social security number. Came a cross a couple of mentions of her in relation to the lawsuit about Aviva’s leg and property holdings. What I couldn’t find were any pictures of her. Since I had heard she had been a model, this seemed pretty odd. Also, I thought that Ingrid and George were socialites, so it seems odd there wouldn’t be any mention of them in the press. Has anyone seen any pics of Ingrid or come across any info on her?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Maybe you need to find her maiden name? That is odd that there are no pictures to be found.

      • WCW… ingrids maiden name is CICHNER… however..when you google it …it wont let you get any changes the name IMMEDIATELY to her married name of teichner… hmm..George must have paid some bucks to have her past hidden from the internet… i did however find the compound they owned in Jamaca..It’s the Oscar Hammerstein place…

        • catmom1 says:

          Thanks diva. I was starting to suspect someone had intentionally had any references to Ingrid on the internet removed. Then I thought, naaaaa, you’re just being paranoid. Happy to hear I’m not the only one who came to this conclusion. Those pics of the compound are amazing. Aviva has definitely been living an alternate reality from the rest of us.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I found nothing on the Teichners on New York Social Diary. Maybe he’s not allowed in polite New York society. He’s probably pinched too many behinds. Exile him to Miami.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      A poster on Vulture claims Aviva’s mom was a stewardess so maybe that is why you can’t find any modely pictures…..

  34. VV says:

    The Douche (Bravo) has new blog up about Teresa’s blog

  35. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, whoever rights Teresa’s blogs needs to get paid BIG TIME. Amazing. I laughed out loud several times.

    • NightLight95 says:

      I have not like Tre since the fashion show where she started the argument with Danielle. But then the christening fight broke out and I felt bad for her now with this season which I have not watched (Where the hell is Powell??? She asked that I finish out the season) and I see how awful the bitter banshees blame her for the every cloud in the sky, well I am siding with her. The Clown thought she could treat her like Daniel and Bravo would cut her lose but Tre IS the show. NONE of the other banshees have anything that’s entertaining.

      • PJ says:

        If angry Don Caro gets her way and Teresa is off the show next season I wonder how long it will be before angry Don Caro focuses her sights on her next enemy that she needs to take down. Will it be Melissa of Kathy?

  36. amalfi says:

    My respect level for Sonja has never been higher — something I thought I would never say after her shenanigans on St. Barths.

    When Aviva tried to do her thing by isolating whom she saw the weak one (Ramona) and lure Sonja to her side by giving Sonja a pass and blaming her “poor behavior” on Ramona, Sonja was having none of it.

    Dear Lord, Aviva, what a classic bully trick. You are such a dumb cow. Kadoooz to Sonja!

    • NightLight95 says:

      Adiva really thought she was going to get Sonja to turn on Ramona! Don’t mess with Sober Sonja…she will quite elegantly tell you to eff off!

    • Ça va says:

      Check out the longer clip (on Bravo’s site. There’s a longer clip of white trash daddy telling Ramona SHE needs to apologize to his a**hole of a daughter.) of ADD’s lunch with Ramona. It’s even worse than what was shown. Hope Andy doesn’t give ADD a pass on her vileness. Will he ask her about Reid being sued for investment fraud?

  37. dickens says:

    Random thoughts:

    I loved how Sonja handled Aviva last night!

    I also loved one comment in Teresa’s blog. She said something like, “I don’t care what Melissa does. I don’t even care if she opens a car wash as long as she doesn’t recruit my girls.” Take that, Caroline!

    • NightLight95 says:

      I had this image in my head of Tre bumping Mel & Clowns heads together a la three stooges

    • Nancy says:

      That line was perfection at it’s best.

    • Donna says:

      I loved this comment on Teresa’s blog.

      “But conveniently the other Housewives, the ones with the matching blogs every week, came to the same exact conclusion right away: Teresa set Melissa up! “

  38. auroracooper says:

    Great blogs everyone! Just thought I’d pop by and see how things are with everyone. Just read that Alexis is packing up her bubbies and staying home. Don’t blame her. Who will be Tamra’s new punching bag? Hum? Hope everyone is doing well. xxxooo

  39. djprincessc says:

    I have something that I want to say about New Jersey and Idk if anyone already said this, so if anyone has sorry for bringing it up again BUT…Richie said his wife was fishy, or tastes like fish? Something to that effect which is beyond gross, BUT if thats the case Kathy isn’t a clean person at all and that is nothing to be proud of or laugh about. She must have horrible hygiene, because “quite frankly” as Aviva would say, it shouldn’t taste/smell whatever the hell he said like anything!!!! And they say Joe Guidice is trash?!?!

    • bea says:

      Supposedly it’s another example of weird Bravo editing. I watched it again (because I am a glutton for punishment), and he says his favorite dessert is Kathy, then it cuts away from him and it’s his voice saying the fish line (tastes like fish and gets the job done). It doesn’t sound like it it was recorded at the same time and it doesn’t neccessarily sound like he is talking about Kathy. If he is, gross, gross and gross.

      I think all the NJ husbands (with the exception of Chris) are total losers. Albert seems done with his wife, Joey Gorga is an idiot, Richie is so obnoxious, and there are no words to describe what I think of Joe Guidice.

    • disgrazia4 says:

      Indeed Richie was implying that eats out his wife and enjoys it(maybe after dinner as he called it dessert?). He is, of course, letting us know that he is very sexual, can still get it up and, perhaps he is conveying that as Italian men are stereotyped, his prowess is…extensive and …less traditional. You say you did not find this as charming as he meant for it to be?? LOL If he is a cheater, then perhaps he was sending out a cloaked resume? LOLOL

      I do have a bit of an issue your reluctance to embrace the natural aroma of the vagina. Fish, when it is fresh, does not stink, and the scent of the vagina, does have a familiarity to that bastion of Life itself, the ocean. I highly recommend you view Eve Ensler’s, The Vagin Monologues. I’ll send you a link that speaks directly to this issue of aroma. If you click the uploaders name, you’ll see that the whole show has been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Every woman should see The Vagina Monologues, IMO.

      • djprincessc says:

        You have a bit of an issue with my reluctance to embrace the natural aroma of the vagina?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I’m sorry but that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. There is no issue about anything and you telling me to embrace the aroma of the vagina is ridiculous! I have read over and over that the vagina is supposed to be odorless as a woman I’m sure you have heard your doctor say the same thing (I know mine have told me that) and yes you are correct fresh fish is not supposed to smell, but usually does have an odor. If he would have compared hers to a flower,it wouldn’t have been gross. So again, please don’t tell me what I need to embrace when you don’t know me.

        • disgrazia4 says:

          Sorry. I was wrong to put my sentence that way. I was trying to be sensitive to what I perceived as your fear of vaginal odor being “gross”. I don’t care for when some try to put down the vagina, thinking it is stinky and should be masked with douches and perfumes. I thought that was what you were trying to imply. I still don’t know what you are trying to say, “If he would have compared hers to a flower,it wouldn’t have been gross.”, but I have given up trying. Whatevs…

          • djprincessc says:

            Understood, and thanks for clarifying. I have absolutely have no fears about the odor or any part of the womans body at all. I am a firm believer in women embracing their bodies no matter what shape size etc. I know that perfumes and douching are not recommended because they can interfere with the ph balance so thats not what I meant either. Idk if you have ever read about infections or such but whenever describing symptoms like for instance bacterial vaginosis some of the symptoms are usually described as “unpleasant odor or a strong fishlike smell/odor.” Just an example. So medically they use the term fishlike indicating the odor. So basically thats why when Richie said that I found it to be gross, to me comparing it to fish isn’t the right comparison. He could’ve been like Rihanna and compared it to cake (he was talking about dessert) and i don’t think anyone would have been disgusted, just immature.

  40. AZGirl says:

    Ramona’s blog is great. She talks about how Carole was high the entire time at St. Barts. Boston’s tweet to Aviva last night had to be the funniest tweet ever.
    @Boston you are so clever and funny. Thanks for the picture and captions.

  41. Lady Chatterley says:

    Hey LynnFam: had to post the Chat Blog early tonight:

    • not THAT Jill says:

      OMG Diva thank you for this little gem….This article would have convinced me that Aviva was sane, level headed, even tempered wonderful lady. LIVE AND LEARN!!!!!

  42. Mygirlsmom says:

    Did anyone else notice in the bar scene last night with Carol and Heather that every time shots were poured, there were three shots. Makes me wonder who else was there drinking with them.

  43. Hi Everyone,

    I got an email from Detox.this morning. ” I was in the E.R. for 6 hours (from 6 p.m. to Midnight). I have been diagnosed with “Walking Pneumonia.” After a review of my x-rays, my doc said my lungs were very inflamed, and I have not had a full breath since 9/2 (when the shortness started). The cough started 3 days later. They told me if I had waited just a few days before coming in, my “walking pneumonia” would have turned into full-blown pneumonia requiring a hospital stay (and no guarantee that I would make it OUT of the hospital). I was given a steroid shot, a breathing treatment and 3 prescriptions. I was also told to rest, rest, rest! And I was told I might not be my full 100% self for up to 2 weeks.”

    Get well soon Detox and get lots of rest!!

    • VV says:

      Godspeed Detox.

    • Countess Lillybee says:

      Get well and try to rest.

    • Detox, so glad you went to the doctor, and that now you are on meds for your walking pneumonia. You need rest, so please find help to care for you, and your mama! I’ll bet you both qualify for a visiting nurse. So hard when you’re sick & you want to help out your mom’s recovery.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Oh I’m so glad she saw a dr!!!! I had that once and yes you cough and cough til it hurts.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      NMD – thanks for posting that – I have cut and pasted from her recent email; some of it is a repeat of what you said, but there are some messages to the posters, too.

      Dear Friends of Detox: HERE IS UPDATE #3

      Please let ATLnNYC09 that I miss her (and everyone else too). Please also thank her for her well-wishes.

      Please tell Winston “XOXO” from me. Also tell her that I did hear that “Hollywood Ex-es” got picked up. I’m glad. Yay! I also heard Keenan Ivory Wayne’s ex- will also be on the new season. She was supposed to be on the 1st season, but Keenan forbade her to do the show. I guess, once he saw how positive the show is, he decided it was o.k. for her to do it.

      I warn you in advance: this is going to be a LONG E-mail (LOL).

      Please also let the rest of the commenters know the following: 1) My mom was prescribed an antibiotic and is feeling better already; 2) Since my Dad was still off and got back early enough from my Mom’s appointment, I had him take me to the E.R. because I was coughing and wheezing so much I could barely drive. I packed a hospital bag and everything “just in case.”

      I was finally able to see E.R. nurses and docs and get X-rays of my chest and side.

      It turns out that I have “walking pneumonia.” They were nice, but they chastisted me a bit for having labored breathing since 9/2 (As a lawyer, I’m trained to document EVERYTHING. So, I was documenting all my new meds and the results/side effects. I thought it was the Phentermine prescribed to me by my doctor because I read online it can have that side effect. So, I stopped taking it. A cough started 3 days later. So, I’ve been suffering with that for a little while now).

      The doctor and nurses chastised me a little bit for waiting so long to come in, but they then told me that they were glad I came in when I did because, very shortly, my walking pneumonia would have turned into full-blown pneumonia. The X-rays showed that my lungs are very inflamed (hence the serious back and middle of my chest pain when I coughed). They also told me that I could never get a full breath because everytime I would try to breathe, part of my breath would get trapped in my body and spit it back out, resulting in the hacking cough. So, I basically have not had a decent breath since 9/2, and with everything else I was doing, my body just got run down. FYI: He told me to NEVER take cough drops again because all they do is make people cough MORE. He wishes they could be banned. Most other over-the-counter stuff is o.k., though, in his opinion.

      They gave me a steroid shot, a breathing treatment, and 3 prescriptions (some type of cough syrup which will also make me sleep; a steroid medication; and a Z-pac). The doc told me I may not be back to my full self for up to 2 weeks. He told me to get LOTS of rest and to try not to rush it or push myself before I’m fully healed. He also told me the Phentermine had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this. I’m wary, but I may try it again in a month or so, as it can help me with my goal of getting HIGH SCHOOL SKINNY again!

      My Mom is no longer using her walker now and doing more and more things; however, she still needs some help. Because my Dad has been with Conoco 38 YEARS and hardly EVER takes a day off he got people to replace him at work until Saturday so he could help my Mom more and let me rest a bit.

      Thank you so much for checking up with me and relaying my comments to the rest of the blog. Once again, give them all my love and tell them I miss them too. I ❤ them all (even the ones that do not agree with my opinion). I'm going to do my best to get you guys a BBW-LA blog up as soon as possible this week.


      • JustDee says:


      • Nancy says:

        So glad to hear from you. I have been worried. Re: Phenterimine…I had the same thought and that’s why I told you to call your doctor that day. It turns out that we were
        both wrong but the medication does have a bad history. Please take it easy as AZGirl
        posted. This can really take you down if you aren’t careful. I’m glad to hear that your
        mother is feeling better. You are missed around here.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        Feel better detox! So glad you went to the doctor! (((HUGS)))

      • Winston says:

        Aw, Detox, I am so sorry to hear how sick you are. Wish I could bring you some soup and tea and fluffy slippers and laugh our butts off in real life at all the silly housewives and even some of the Hollywood Exes. I hope you are feeling better very soon! Glad to hear your mom is on the mend. If you feel up to it please keep us posted on your progress. Will be thinking of you! Miss you ❤

      • Stars99 says:

        Detox – You are greatly loved… you are sorely missed… get well soon – or else…. lol… = )

      • ATLnNYC09 says:

        Thanks Lainey. So nice to hear from Detox. I feel like we are Lynn fam sisters. Please get well soon and take extra care of yourself!

    • AZGirl says:

      Let Detox know I had a serious bout with pneumonia 15 years ago. I poo poo the doctors and did not rest. I ended up in the hospital a month later with double pneumonia, 3 broken ribs and plurasey (sp?), I was hospitalized for 7 days with 2 young children and sick for additional 6 month. Do NOT dick around with this and rest. Trust me. I was healthy, young and an aerobic instructor and I still have scarred lung tissue. REST REST and REST

      • Austin says:

        I second this. I had pneumonia in July and I was very sick for one week and then tired and under the weather for at least two more after that. I could only miss one week of work so did little besides go to work and come home for several weeks. The cough is still hanging on a bit, especially if I get winded at all, which makes resuming my bike workouts difficult. Pneumonia is serious and you really need to give yourself TIME to recover. I am generally a very, very healthy person and was shocked to find I had pneumonia in July, of all months. I thought it was just a bad cold.

    • Thanks for the update; send her our love.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Tell her walking pneumonia is no joke. People can die from it because you don’t always know you have it. You MUST rest and take all your meds. Drink plenty of fluids to mobilize secretions. Get well soon!

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Feel better detox! So glad she went to the doctor!

    • disgrazia4 says:

      Do not let anything like this happen ever again! 😉
      And please get better soon. Your absence was noticed. We need your snark! Much love and best wishes.

  44. I’ve been over on twitter and found some very interesting info about the Bravo RHONJ producers.

    click on the maggie info, and it will appear larger….

  45. Feel better detox…. !!!! Glad to read you FINALLY went to the Dr….


  46. SAMCRO at 10 tonite.. !!! YEA……repeat of the first episode at midnight

  47. So this is the tweet that everyone is talking about from Will Love –

    @AutumnLeaves61 Andy Cohen does play a role in the editing process. He has said so directly in interviews. With that said, overall @yourfriendkitty and @carolineself have the most editing power. They are the executive producers of Season 3 and Season 4 of #RHONJ. They work on location and off location. They send the editors what footage to use as well as tell them what to keep in and what to cut out. @carolineself is tight with the Manzos while @yourfriendkitty is tight with the Gorgas and Wakiles. Cat edited @PDKhair as well as multiple ex-coworkers of Melissa’s, who were present at the salon and fashion show, completely out of the two-part finale. Their interactions made the Angelo incident look g-rated. Obviously that move was deliberate. Furthermore, Cat held Penny back from defending Kim when Joe Gorga called Kim a drug addict, a c**t and went to punch her. Even worse, as you will see in the finale, Cat completely butchered the conversation Angelo had with a friend at the bar to make it appear as though Teresa masterminded everything. The unprofessionalism of Cat Rodriguez and Caroline Self is disgusting. In this economy, why are these the type of people who have employment? Only a network like @BravoTV would believe that their viewers are so incompetent that they wouldn’t see past the blatant bias. Take note @stoopidhsewives. Take note @WetpaintTV. Take note @allabouttrh. This is the real reality.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Twitter is crazy with all of this NJ talk today. It turns out that Pete Giudice said today that this Penny and Johnny are not friends of the Giudice family and never were. They have met a few times and that’s it. Johnny and Penny or whoever runs @PDKhair is not happy with this and has been tweeting pics and all sorts of crap. Penny and Johnny have been tweeting about this season all year and have been quite vocal in defending Teresa and her family. Sunday night they were tweeting the Marco sisters left and right. I don’t know why Pete Giudice decided to say they weren’t friends now?? I know that @PDKhair was very upset that they weren’t featured more on Sunday nights show and they have been talking a lot about it.Im going to believe that they are not really friends with the Giudice family-when Teresa met Johnny at the salon on Sunday she said “Nice to meet you”.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        On the show, when Kim and Teresa go to the salon, Kim introduces T to Johnny seemingly for the first time because Teresa says “nice to meet you”.

    • AZGirl says:

      I think Joey has real serious anger and drug issues. He was crazy wild at the christening and who threatens to hit a woman? Joey is no better than Juicy. Stupid.

    • AZGirl says:

      Shame on Bravo for not having the guts to put the production companies on a short leash. Andy needs to address this because everyone now knows that the reunion is BS.

  48. Nancy says:

    Is anyone watching Dance Mom’s reunion? I feel like I’m watching NJ Housewives all over again.
    It looks like they all won’t be returning next season.

  49. mygirlsmom says:

    Holy cow, who else is watching WWHL tonight?

  50. VV says:

    An insider tells all about what really happened on #RHONJ between @melissagorga & @Teresa_Giudice

    • Why do these articles keep stating that Angelo OWNED the club ??? He was NOT the owner..he worked there as a daytime manager till he was let go …Even the owner states that Angelo was not MEGOS immediate supervisor….so , yea I can see where she would have that look of hmm that guy looks familiar…. BY NO MEANS am I siding with Mego..Can’t stand her… I think she is one slick conniving chick…Lots more layers to her yet to be peeled back..Stay tuned for sure…..winks

  51. bea says:

    Ok, I just came across something crazy. I’ve had some down time this week, I’m visiting my mom who had surgery last week, so I’ve spent a fair amount of time poking around the Web.

    Do you all remember the WWHL All Star Party with all the housewives last spring? I remembered that Kathy Griffin was the guest on WWHL a day or 2 after that episode and Andy asked her who was the most drunk at the party. Kathy said it was “one of the new NY housewives”. I remember wondering who was going to be the crazy new chick. Well, I just watched the video and evidently she says it’s someone with one leg, so Aviva. Does anyone remember seeing Aviva from this party? Did she seem drunk?

    This might be old news to all of you RH experts, but I thought it was interesting.

  52. Eastbayca says:

    Morning, if you haven’t check out Vulture recap of and read the comments especially the ones from “Showtime”.

  53. George and Ingrid Teichner were NOT part of Palm Beach Society in the island.. they owned a condo in Palm Beach Gardens purchased in the late 90’s for 75K…I think ? George may have come into $$$ when his Mother passed away.. Someone with the last name of DUBIN was the executor of her estate …hmmm


  54. Good morning all, DD came into my room crying about:4:30am saying she had a bad dream, crawled into bed with us and was fast asleep not even 60 seconds later. But I can fall back to sleep 😦

    I’ve been pondering the whole RHONJ and come to the conclusion that not only was strippergate a dud, it was also a complete farce.

    What would Teresa have to gain by revealing on the show that Melissa was a stripper?
    Nothing, because no one cares. Granted, she might have said to people she heard ‘rumors’ which might not be ‘nice’ or sisterly but it’s hardly the same thing as trying to expose her.

    As soon as the revelation came out about it, the defense was already prepared. Joey was just next door to come blazing in like the guns of Navarone. Kim G, who happens to be Kim D’s sister also was treated to a birds eye view from her luxury condo, that just ‘happened’ to be next door. Affidavits from the owners of the ‘gentleman club’ saying how Melissa was just a bartender were hot off the press.

    Looking back at the kick off of the season and the first fight, what happened. Joey and Melissa took something that was mentioned to Joey MONTHS before off camera and brought it to the surface, as if it was something fresh that happened. Remember that very contrived scene in the closet? How calculated Melissa’s speech pattern was? Sounds very similar to how she sounded in the bathroom with Teresa.

    If anyone has a penchant for bringing stuff to the surface, to try and make Teresa look like she is nasty, it’s Malicious Mel and evil side kick. Teresa probably did vent and complain to others about her brother and SIL, they surely did the same to her but who is it who secured a spot on this show by positioning themselves as the one’s who were going to “take Teresa down”? Especially because that is what so many of us were begging for after season 2.

    So here Teresa is at the fashion show, sitting the furthest away from Jac…who is busy texting with Kim G and other ‘unnamed sources’.

    Teresa gets accused of being behind all of this, so the cast can use this as the reason to hate her..because the ‘read between the lines’ mantra really doesn’t have much clout. They are never going to admit that they are angry about Punta Cana but more so that Teresa is the break out star.

    Just look at every major feud within the franchises, Jill vs Bethenny…things were happening for B and Jill was mad she wasn’t also being taken along for the ride. NeNe vs Kim, NeNe comes up with the idea to use Tardy for the Party and make it a duet but instead Kim makes it a ‘hit’ solo. By product of that, Kim also stiffs Kandi for her share of the money. Adrienne and Lisa, big houses side by side and competing shoe lines.

    So here, we have Teresa on the defensive about some BS- but what is really happening?
    Her husband is being tailed… a spy and they photograph him with another woman.

    So here we have Teresa, going into the reunion alone…her brother turned against her while people are trying to force her to face that her husband is cheating on her. What a lonely place to be.

    Stippergate, was just a ruse…a diversion and even the photo of Juicy was just collateral damage. The real agenda was to destroy Teresa and to break her…thinking that once Teresa is shattered into a million tiny pieces, another star will be born.

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