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Will Dumbass Andy Cohen Fire Teresa Giudice?

by NoMoreDrama

I don’t like to resort to name calling – but Andy Cohen is a dumbass.  He proved it when he didn’t give Lynn Hudson the mazel.  But is he enough of a dumbass to fire Teresa Giudice?

I wouldn’t even bring it up, but Wetpaint reported yesterday that Teresa is on her way out because none of her cast mates will film with her anymore according to an unnamed “source.”  And the same source says that they are looking for a “mean girl” to replace her and are considering Danielle Staub.   The only problem is that without Teresa there isn’t much of a storyline for the show.  In the past 3 seasons – all the drama has somehow involved her.  Besides, Teresa is a smart cookie.  What did Teresa do when the other 4 ladies ganged up against her after the Posche fashion show and reunion?  She brought in Dina Manzo to film with her.  (Sure they showed it out of sequence – but we knew the Fabellini party took place after the reunion.)  What a coup! With Dina in her own feud with sister Caroline, Teresa is sending a strong signal to production that she can still bring the drama.  Not only that – but Dina has publicly shown support for Teresa this week – by tweeting photos showing her attending Audriana’s b-day party.  And what about Danielle?  Danielle and Teresa have made it pretty clear that they’d film together.  Bing, bang, boom –  Teresa has built her team for next year.  Not to mention Juicy facing jail time.  This stuff is reality TV gold.

Advice to the rest of the cast.  I wouldn’t draw too firm a line in the sand about not filming with Teresa Giudice.  You just might be the ones Andy Cohen thinks are expendable.  That is – unless he’s too much of a dumbass.  PS – Andy wins my Jackhole for not giving Lynn the mazel.


Top Chef Masters “Old School, New School”

by BB

The Final Three

There are only three chefs left; Chris, Kerry and Lorena.  In the quick fire challenge, the chefs must instruct a mystery person on the opposite side of a divider in making the same dish they are making.  The mystery person with Kerry is critic Ruth Reischl; the mystery person with Chris is critic James Oseland; and the mystery person with Lorena is critic Francis Lam.  They have 20 minutes to prepare their dishes.  Each mystery chef tries to disguise their voice so the chefs won’t guess who they are.  Curtis will be judging the dishes.

Lorena tried to make pasta and it did not get cooked.  According to her, plan B isn’t going to work either.  Curtis can’t decide whose dish he likes best between James and Chris.  Curtis thinks Lorena’s dish was really good, but wishes he had something to put it on (like pasta).  Curtis thinks Ruth’s chicken might be a little better than Kerry’s.  The winner of the quick fire challenge is Chris with his teammate James.  Chris gets $5,000 for his charity.

Quickfire Winners

For the Elimination challenge, the Chefs must guide aspiring culinary students in making a dish.  However, they will not be able to do any of the cooking, just guiding.  The chefs draw knives to see who they will be mentoring.  They each get two students and will find out what dishes they will be making when they meet the students.  Kerry’s team is the blue team, Lorena’s is the red team and Chris’ is the green team.

Students and Mentors

The green team has to reinterpret pork tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes.  The blue team will be reinterpreting chicken florentine.  The red team is making lasagna.  Lorena doesn’t look that excited about trying to reinterpret lasagna.  The mentors get together with their teams and come up with a plan.  Then they all go shopping together.  The mentors are trying to get the students to relax and pumped up at the same time.

Chris seems to be the best mentor by making his team feel more comfortable and even jokes around a little.  Kerry is a little more intense and serious.  He is more like a drill sergeant.  Lorena is in the middle of the two and is trying to encourage her team.  Curtis comes in checks in on the teams.  One of Chris’s students came from poverty and will be the first one in his family to graduate from high school.  Kerry has something in common with one of his students in that they both came from divorced parents.  One of Lorena’s students found out he has diabetes so he has to cook and eat healthy.  Chris and his students get finished early and he’s worried that it may get cold and soupy.  Kerry keeps telling his students they have to move faster to finish on time.

The critics are Ruth, James and Francis.  Also eating are representatives of the students’ school and some family members.

Chris’s team is up first.  They made a pork loin dish. No complaints. Lorena’s team is next and serves a three meat lasagna.  No complaints for this dish either.  Kerry’s team serves Florentine inspired chicken.  James says it’s the best creamed spinach he’s ever had and Ruth calls it an impressive plate of food.  I think the critics may think the lasagna was too simple of a dish to have served and maybe Lorena was not creative enough.

The Final Two

The chefs stand before the critics.  I was correct that the critics are asking Lorena if she thought about doing a variation of the lasagna dish.  I think she’s in trouble.  James did sense that Chris’ students finished their dish a little early because the salad was a little soggy.  The winner is Kerry, who wins $10,000 for his charity.  Ruth says Lorena’s dish was not restaurant food, it was good home cooking.  James and Francis take up for Lorena and say they would pay for her lasagna in a restaurant.  James thought Chris’s salad was soggy, but Ruth and Francis disagree with him.  Ruth and James tell each other they need an exorcist.  Curtis takes up for Lorena but in the end, the critics decide to send Lorena home.  I agree with them.  Lorena kind of played it safe by making lasagna even if it was a really fancy lasagna.

Next week will be the finale between Chris and Kerry.


Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs

by RamonaCoaster

Aviva Drescher

Greetings from the human piñata! But without candy falling out of my leg.

It’s me, Aviva! Wait, did you not recognize me with all the needles stuck in me? Well judging by some of the  comments, it appears a few of you have torn the leg off a Barbie and made a little Aviva Voodoofest in your basements! Sheeeeeesh.

I’m beginning to wonder if she enjoys getting the hits. (Reid, shed some light on this please?). Calling your audience witches is asking for some shots.  It’s a good thing she’s not selling anything.

Aviva then goes on to talk about how she canceled her previous wedding at the last minute. As if her 250 guests have nothing better to do but drop their lives to fly to Jamaica. Things have not changed much. I’m sure her ex-fiance was glad to avoid that wreck.

Although it appears that all I do is talk about St. Barths — please remember it is my duty to beat a dead horse and apparently I am a Kung Fu master. . .SO HERE IS MY PROMISE: (Except for the reunion where duty calls again) HURRICANE AVIVA SWEPT THROUGH ST. BARTHS AND HAS LEFT THE CARRIBEAN AND IS DYING DOWN OVER THE OCEAN NEVER TO BE HEARD FROM AGAIN.

Hurricane? More like a volcano – full of gas, spewing ash and obscuring the sun.

The scene with Sonja is very painful to watch because what I should have said at that moment was that I  cared for her. I missed the opportunity to say that and that I was genuinely sorry that I hurt her.

You were too busy foaming at the mouth trying to put her down to say anything like that.  It takes a lot of energy to be that hateful, right?

Sonja Morgan

Pamela Morgan of Flirting With Flavors and I have been friends for over two decades, and I’ve used her catering many times.  BTW check out Pamela’s cooking school.

It’s nice that Sonja is plugging her friend.

Why Lu wants to bring up A-diva after the way she treated Ramona and furthermore, myself I don’t know?  And. . .she still has an air of defending A-diva which irked me to the tenth degree.

Luann irks me to the millionth degree. She finally has an interesting storyline – sex with a greasy pirate and she doesn’t use it.  She doesn’t want to bring Tomas up and uses misdirection by bringing up Adiva.  What a boring schmuck!

I was still peeved that she threw Ramona under the bus by not admitting that she too said she did not want Reid at the house, and that it was unfair since she didn’t have Jacques and Ramona didn’t have Mario. 

That discussion was between Ramona, Sonja and Luann, not Adiva!  Adiva is too spoiled and self-centered to understand that.

I playfully said to Lu you ask him to leave if he comes to stay in the house instead of the hotel as discussed, why does Ramona always have to do the dirty work: meaning everything everyone else is afraid to do or say.  This was not to be shared with our new friend A-Diva, and certainly not in a way that says just one of us said it.

They all said it. Why does ex-friend Adiva target Sonja and Ramona?  Adiva must have graduated from the JZ School of Reality.  Unfortunately, that’s the degree she decided to put to use.

Carole is acting too judgmental for a bohemian hippie that lives downtown dating a rockstar who lives in LA, tours most the year, and is in a relationship where they each sleep with other people.

So did Carole have sex with Peyman?  I wonder what Sonja knows.

Nothing wrong with it. Just saying, to say I was drinking too much while staying in a private home on vacation when I came home after dinner, “my frend” is just a little bit hypocritical!  We know what rockstars do!


Then the first thing Carole does when she gets back to the city (while she is sober) is state that her plan is to get inebriated and then she proceeds to in a public bar with a worthy partner who I would choose myself, Heather, enacts plan, and stumbles out into the public. Nothing wrong with that except would have been great to share a little bit of that with us in St. Barth’s after Russ was available, and Aviva arrived. So I don’t know what partying Carole is saying there was too much of or why it was wrong.

Aviva’s judgmental attitude apparently rubbed off on Carole. Carole forgot she likes to get drunk, party and have sex with different people.

I don’t know what happened to the Aviva I first met, but she is relentless and she will not stop. Ramona continues to apologize and she does not accept. I have made it clear I have no interest and she further insults me. Good way to mend fences??!!??

She will not apologize for the names she calls others and she takes glee in it during her interviews. I did not insult or embarrass Aviva.  Yet she continues to insult me after I agree to meet her all the way downtown to clear the air at least. I see very soon she did not want to clear the air, or really care, or have the capacity. 

The producers probably called Adiva to be downtown at a certain time to meet Sonja.  Adiva has practiced her line of bs and spews forth.

I think Aviva is jealous of my happiness.

Oh no, Sonja. Don’t steal Teresa’s line.

I have a full life with a loving family, a thriving daughter, friends who support and care for me fiercely, including Ramona, for decades and a team of professionals and interns who are there for me no matter how hard it is and how painful it can be to share. 

Friends support other because they want to help society in a ripple effect. It’s not all about ME.

So good to see that despite everything that has happened in your life, you continue to stay positive and know what’s important.

Luann De lesseps

I wasn’t surprised that Sonja and Ramona were upset about what Aviva said especially the painful parts but I believe in moving forward in life and I hope Sonja and Ramona forgive Aviva for her angry outbursts.

Easy for you to say. Adiva didn’t call you names and insult you.  I think you’re worried that everyone will see your part in the fiasco and turn on you.

Aviva has apologized to both girls for what she said but she still hasn’t really moved on. To me, it would be better for Ramona and Sonja to forgive Aviva even if they can’t forget the things she said rather than waste time going over and over the situation at parties where they should be enjoying themselves.

Why so they could get shot at again? I didn’t see Adiva apologize. I guess that apology is coming up?  Ramonja are better off staying as far away from that head case as possible. You deal with her Luann!

I appreciate Heather’s concern about the Jacques situation but she needn’t worry about us.  I called Jacques from St. Barths the day after I got a ride home from Tomas and explained everything. He trusts me and knows that I would never do anything to hurt our relationship. My relationship with Jacques is private and how we work things out shouldn’t concern the other girls.

Heather’s “concern” over Luann and Jacques relationship really makes me wonder if these new girls came in to take down these old girls. Why is Heather taking such an avid interest in Luann and Jacques relationship and feels she needs an explanation from Luann?  If that’s the case, I like Heather much better when she’s passive aggressively trying to take down Luann.

Aviva is entitled to her opinion but I think it’s far-fetched that Ramona was using Sonja to make her self look better.

Aviva’s just throwing her spin on it to make herself look better. I don’t think she realizes she comes off as a self-righteous jerk.

What did Aviva think she would accomplish by rehashing her grievances at how she was treated in St. Barth’s with Sonja for the umpteenth time? Sonja was done with subject and still hurting from Aviva’s choice of words plus Sonja is dealing with her own issues. I know that Aviva thought she was being helpful by telling Sonja that she overdoes it with the partying but Sonja isn’t going to be receptive to anything Aviva has to say right now because she hasn’t forgiven her for the things she said in St. Barths.

Helpful?  She was being condescending.  You should know. Look it up in your How to be a Haughty, High and Mighty Harridan book.

Ramona Singer

The girls and I rehashed about A-diva in St. Barths. OK, I know we discussed about Reid going to a hotel, but once they arrived no one asked them to leave and we were embracing the situation. I did answer A-diva that I thought perhaps the dynamic would change. LuAnn said the same thing in my bedroom.

I’m sure you know Luann would never confess to anything.  Please keep bringing Luann’s role in it and that she slept with Harry Dubin.  Adiva needs her memory shaken up.

A-diva’s ranting and raving towards Sonja and I was completely uncalled for. LuAnn doesn’t seem to get that. But, LuAnn really doesn’t get much, like throwing me under the bus. Look at how she is able to act as everything is fine with her and Jacques. It’s as if nothing ever happened in St Barth’s! LuAnn has selective memory and conveniently forgets what she wants to forget.

Luann also forgot she had her tubes tied.  Good thing her mother didn’t.

A-diva never said she was sorry to Sonja. She only said, “Things slipped from my mouth.” A-diva was acting so self-righteous and never took any blame on herself. I can’t believe she said I kept on bullying her. I apologized twice to her and I never told Reid to leave. I just spoke about it and vented my feelings to the girls before they arrived. Aviva doesn’t hold grudges? Are you kidding me?! I nearly choked when I heard her say that as my stomach turns.

She’s another one that needs to get a hobby!

Carole Radziwill

I want to revisit some housewife rules. These are straight out of the Real Housewives Handbook that we received when we signed onto the show.

It would be great if she took this idea from your list of top ten mistakes that NJ Housewives made, NMD.

I want to begin with Housewife Rule #13: Desperate times call for dinner.

LuAnn and Ramona and Sonja

Real men cook. I’ve never seen so many male chefs in a kitchen so excited about searing a roast. I know there is a toaster oven joke here somewhere but I’m too tired to find it. Real women, on the other hand, drink. Duh.  It’s Housewives.

Aviva follows Housewife Rule# 73: When others are not paying enough attention to you, go bat s–t crazy and drive people to drink.

Housewife Rule #86: When the conversation veers towards something you don’t want to discuss, call in reinforcements. LuAnn executes this rule in the first scene like a pro. Jacques is at her side with red wine and kisses just as talk turns loud and St. Barth-y.

Jacques has been trained well. When voices get raised, it’s his cue to enter with a glass of wine.

But first, I’m obsessed with Sonja’s headband, if Olivia Newton John doesn’t ask for it back, I want it.

It’ll give you a mushroom head.  Looks better with feathered hair.

Me and Heather

I’m free with my love when the person is not in front of me, or sitting next to me on a stool. I lo-lur-luh. . .I choked on my love for Heather! I can’t say those three words back. I suffer from love avoidant disorder. As you can see I’d rather make out with Heather, and do, than affirm our love by saying it back.

Heather and I did not need to make up, but we wanted to kiss. And do shots. A lot of shots.

Oh dear. Make out with Heather?  Doing shots? What would Adiva say? Someone get her some smelling salts.

Do you believe Aviva hasn’t done a shot?


Heather and LuAnn

Heather and LuAnn don’t make out or fall in love. LuAnn does almost choke on an egg. Speaking of eggs, Jacketi Jac and LuAnn are giving their eggs to the International Monetary Fund or taking them to Israel. It’s not quite clear. What is clear is that LuAnn is running out of eggs, even as she is choking on one, and it’s time to get serious.

From what I hear Luann’s eggs are stuck in her ovaries.

Heather invokes Rule #315 in this scene. For information on Rule #315, see below.

Me and Heather and Aviva

Housewife Rule #315: If the conversation is boring you, eat.

The health obsessed fun kooky neurotic Aviva that I like. We bonded over my new smoking habit. In the next scene, I quit.

If you didn’t Aviva would relentlessly talk about your poor lungs and what you’re doing to them.

When we realize there is no talking about anything but the trip, we eat. We eat and eat and eat. I don’t recognize Aviva at this dinner. I can’t tell if she reminds me of Clint Eastwood in Escape from Alcatraz, Dale Harding the high-strung paranoid in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, or Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Either way, I would not want to be the target to her assassin. The girls got aim.

Definitely One Flew of the Cuckoo’s Nest.  I think from now on when a new housewife appears on the scene I’m going to think “Gee, she seems normal. I wonder what’s wrong with her?”

Sonja and Me

Rules #549 and #7, respectively: Do NOT try to recap a fight within 48 hours of the fight. And, call Peyman back.

Sonja and I have fun drinking prosecco, until I have the nerve to try to talk. She’s having none of that. I am apparently not allowed to remember the trip. Or if I do I can only remember it one way — the best time of my life until Aviva arrives. I am not allowed to not say Aviva. Aviva Aviva Aviva. At least it’s an nice name to repeat. If only I’d had food while she talked over me, again, about Aviva –- because then I could have followed Housewife Rule #315 (When the conversation is boring you, eat). I do have prosecco, though. (Thank god.)

You weren’t in the “white trash” scene, remember? Selective memory is a disease that seems to be going around.

Sonja and Aviva

I actually love you, said Aviva. Wow. I couldn’t even say that to Heather! But uh-oh, whenever someone says warm and fuzzies it never ends well. Sonja apologizes, Aviva does not, and Sonja is pissed. Sonja was one person before the trip, a different person after, but Aviva was too. I was one person before the trip then two people after the trip. One smoked and drank, and the other did the usual things.

It’s never a good sign when a woman arrives with a black hat, then takes it off and puts it back on again before the pizza even arrives. That didn’t go well. What was taking the pizza so long, anyway? Aviva owns her behavior and Sonja has a laundry basket full of problems. You can own your hat and your laundry, but you can’t own your friends.

That didn’t make sense.  Carole’s inspired me to try drunk writing one day.

Heather Thomson

Once back and settled, Carole and I planned a “girls’ night out” for drinks and some fun conversation. I have to say Carole is an amazing person and despite the craziness of the trip we had just shared with all the ladies, the bond that she and I now share made it all worth it. The easy and friendly atmosphere, surrounded by all these cute and fun gay men (and maybe one straight bartender??), added so much fun to our evening. 

Now why couldn’t you guys have this kind of fun in St. Barth’s?

In addition to the cherry bombs that were going down all too easily, Carole drops quite the news bomb on me about Aviva as runaway bride! This certainly sheds some light on her current behavior patterns. But more on Aviva later. . .

Now this piece of info sheds some light on Aviva?  Nobody seems to be getting their memos at St. Barth’s.

Razzie is my girl and I get mushy and yummie with her in a classic, “I love you man,” moment, but I mean every word and my adoration for that girl is true!

Gotta get that “yummie” in a sentence. Not so subliminal advertising at its best.

LuAnn and I decide to meet for lunch and catch up. I am anxious to hear how she and Jacques are doing post-St. Barths so I suggest sushi at Blue Fin. Carole, Luann, and I are in the middle of Aviva and Samonja. But being in the middle of the story LuAnn has perpetuated with the charade about these Italians is worse.

Yes, keep digging at Luann.

But as the conversation turns back to LuAnn, she’s pressed the fast-forward button on me again and has skipped ahead a few chapters. I want to know if she came clean with Jacques about St. Barths and if she realizes she must tell the truth about Tomas vs. a late night with said Italian friends, but Lu is only giving me deets on the baby.

Love how you’re still sticking with the made up baby storyline. It’s almost as if you believe it. Or… maybe you do.

Really? I want to hear how they are doing as a couple and what her intentions are about telling Jacques and if she did how his reaction has been. I care about them as a couple and Jacques is my buddy inasmuch as LuAnn. I don’t want to feel awkward the next time I see him or even worse be questioned. . .she has put me in a horrible position and is even brushing it off with me! In my opinion Lu needs to rewind, slow down and press pause — having a baby is serious.

I love that Heather is so completely self-absorbed that she inserts herself in Luann’s subplots.

As a mother, Luann knows that this should be thought out long and hard at her age and under all the circumstances. This sticky web is one I am not interested in getting more entangled in than I already am so I decide its best for me to just listen and to play along with Lu for now, holding my opinions to myself.

You wouldn’t be yammering on and on about Luann’s adventure amoureuse if you didn’t want to entangle yourself, Heather. Other than running into a glass door, you need something else to do with your nose. I’m glad you decided to stick it in Luann’s business.

Later, Aviva asks me to dinner and she continues to talk about the trip. As I listen to her go on about what she wanted the trip to be, I have to break it down for her. We had that trip, she just missed out on it because of her hostility toward Samonja.

So glad you pointed that out.  She could have made that trip what she wanted it to be and ignored Ramonja if they had brought Reid up.

I need to be honest with her as her friend and tell her, it’s enough!  Aviva struggles with phobias and has overcome a lot given her disabilities clearly with the help of Reid, but I am starting to think her biggest problem might be her self-importance. 

Yeah, she’s got too much self-importance.  Her parents did her no favors by spoiling her as a child.  I can’t see how she can form durable relationships with girlfriends if she has a melt down when she’s not getting enough attention.


WWHL Speed Recap / Watch What Happens Live

by LittleNewton

Hi Everyone. Sorry for the lack of recaps. I was traveling all weekend and have been trying to get caught up on sleep and work. To start off, I will go over some key moments from WWHL from Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday and then dive into tonight’s episode, with guests, Sherri Shepherd and Cyndi Lauper.

Sunday’s guests were Jacqueline Laurita and Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. Most of the focus was on Jacqueline and she didn’t offer anything we didn’t know about her relationship with Theresa. First she blows off Ashlee’s story about leaving her gas running and her new tattoos. No warning signs there at all, Jacqueline. Theresa tries to say she got a signal saying she felt that Ashlee was doing well which I think that was a Big. Fat. Lie!! Theresa also tries to read the audience but it was hard to understand since the audience wasn’t mic’d. Anyway, Jacqueline says that she thought Joe’s phone conversation was common to what she had seen before but didn’t want to discuss it any further. A viewer asks if she thinks Theresa was actually shocked at the salon and Jac just keeps referring to the reunion. That’s pretty much how the entire show went and again, we learn nothing new.

If you’d like to get a reading with Theresa Caputo, she wants you to know she has a long waiting list and charges about $150/hr… which is apparently cheap, according to her.

Monday’s guests were Ramona and Liz from Gallery Girls. This episode wasn’t very interesting. Mario was behind the bar!… with a beard!! Mario says he’s lost weight for his precious Ramona but she says it was to be faster at tennis. I love Ramona and Mario together. Liz has a sleeve of tattoos which I would have never expected. Ramona overdid it with her long necklaces because she had FOUR on. She just can’t get enough of them. A lot of the questions for Ramona were about Aviva including what she thought about Aviva’s comments about her. In her rebuttal, Ramona just asks what about George? I think that’s a good point. She also says Aviva has displaced anger. I agree again! Liz says she likes Angela out of all the Brooklyn girls but also says Chantal is not as annoying as she comes across on TV. She also says her least favorite person is Amy and that she is “a few fries short of a happy meal”. Ouch!

One question for Ramona that I thought was good brought up how Ramona said she wouldn’t be in Luann’s music video because her daughter didn’t approve of the behavior yet she behaved the way she did in Saint Barts, knowing it would be on TV for her daughter to see. What makes that ok and the music video not? I love Ramona but that’s a good point. I love Ramona but I think she needs to be a little more appropriate sometimes. Ramona said her daughter explicitly told her not to do the video but didn’t really offer much on herself in St. Barts.

Tuesday’s guests were Cloris Leachman and Jeff Lewis. This episode was sort of odd, and not just because both Andy and Jeff made out with Cloris… we’ll get to that later. Andy brings up the drama with Andrew on Flipping Out and asks who was more inappropriate, Andrew or Jeff? I think it was equal. Jeff was horrible to the new girl! Andy shows a funny clip of Zoila going through Jeff’s bedside drawer while he is away. It is filled with an X’d out picture of Madison from MDL, a picture of Andy, and Zoila’s panties!! Cloris asks about Jeff’s lips and they kiss. It was odd but she is impressed. Then Andy kisses her and she is impressed again! I am grossed out!!

Andy plays Spill The Tea with Cloris and she tells a story about Judy Garland. She said Judy’s daughter once called her asking to adopt her and her sister. She then talked to Judy till 3 in the morning and she asked Cloris why no one loved her. What a sad story. Shows how much history Cloris has in Hollywood.

Apparently over a commercial break, the boys kiss Cloris AGAIN and she decides that Jeff is the better kisser but Andy would be good in private. Jeff interrupts Cloris at one point asking if she thought Andy was more gay and she gives it right back to him saying “you’re more gay than anybody!” That got a lot of big laughs from everyone and one uncomfortable laugh from Jeff. The fire alarm goes off and Andy kisses Cloris AGAIN!! People vote that Jeff Lewis was more inappropriate than Andrew. Enough of this episode.

Now for the most recent WWHL. The guests are Cyndi Lauper and Sherri Shepherd. Sheri announces that she is leaving right after the show because it is her “make love night” with her husband. They pencil it in and good for them! Sherri also says she has a wig line and she was wearing a deep purple one that looked pretty good.

Andy plays Spill The Tea with Cyndi and she had very nice things to say about people like Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Whitney Houston, Ricky Martin, and Rosie O. She says Jessica Simpson was… interesting. Andy tried to get her to go into that more but she stayed mum. Cyndi says that she never got to know Madonna because she closed herself off from people early and travels with too many body guards. Cyndi has a new reality show coming out on WeTV which just literally follows her around.

Sherri says she would love to go back on 30 Rock to play Queen of Jordan (housewives spoof). I hope she does!!

It’s time for Cyndi to Plead The Fifth. Her questions were;

Put these 3 artists in order of most talented to least: Gaga, Madonna, Mariah. Cyndi says each one is different so she pleads the fifth.

Name one artist that you wouldn’t work with again? Jessica Simpson. Andy pried and Cyndi said she worked with her on Divas and during Cyndi’s high note, Joe Simpson had the show cut to Jessica. She also just seemed to think she was weird and didn’t enjoy working with her at all. I could totally see it.

Name one male celebrity we would be surprised you dated? “I don’t date celebrities”

The game was That 80’s game which was trivia questions involving the 80s. Sherri wins and gets the silliest 80s wig! Andy looked very “Bill and Ted” in the wig.

Sherri talks about her partnership with Cloris Leachman and Poise to discuss menopause and offer comedy on the issue since many women do not want to talk about it. Mazel!

Andy’s Mazel goes to Prince and his new hairdo which is a small fro. The Jackhole goes to a guy who shoved cans of Red Bull in his pants to steal them and it gives Andy an opportunity to show John Hamm’s penis outline again. The group does the shotski to end the show. Tomorrow more Miami housewives are on. Can’t wait!!


Survivor Philippines By MelTheHound

Here we go kids.. 39 days, 18 people, 3 tribes including 3 returning players. The show opens with the usual fanfare with Jeff Probst approaching the island on a speed boat. The castaways are all huddled together on another boat and somewhere out in the Pacific is a third boat with the 3 returning players. The tribes are all ready set up among the 15 new kids and to refresh your memories, they are:

Kalabaw (Water Buffalo) Tribe

Sarah Dawson, 28, Silver Spring, Maryland, insurance salesperson

Katie Hanson, 22, Newark, Delaware, 2011 Miss Delaware

Jeff Kent, 44, Austin, Texas, former Major League Baseball All Star

Dana Lambert, 32, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, cosmetologist

Carter Williams, 24, Shawnee, Kansas, coach

Matsing (Monkey) Tribe

Malcolm Freberg, 25, Hermosa Beach, California, bartender

Zane Knight, 28, Danville, Virginia, tire repairman

Angie Layton, 20, Provo, Utah, model and former Miss Utah Teen USA

Roxanne “Roxy” Morris, 28, Brooklyn, seminary student

Denise Stapley, 41, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, therapist

Tandang (Rooster) Tribe

Abi-Maria Gomes, 32, Los Angeles, student

Roberta “RC” Saint-Amour, 27, New York, banker

Artis Silvester, 53, Terry Town, Louisiana, computer engineer

Lisa Whelchel, 49, Dallas, former star TV’s “The Facts of Life”

Peter “Pete” Yurkowski, 24, Holmdel, New Jersey, engineering graduate

When Jeff meets up with the castaways they are informed that each team will have a returning player who has been taken out by injury in the past. You can see right away that some aren’t very thrilled with that idea, neither am I. I really don’t like it when they recycle these players. The boat carrying the returnees arrives and it’s Michael Skupin, Jonathan Penner and Russell Swan. Just to refresh your memories, here is the scoop on these guys.

Michael, Jonathan and Russell were all taken out of the Survivor game for medical reasons and have been given a second chance. Michael show’s first medical evacuation ever in Survivor: Australian Outback. Jonathan’s return will be his third time playing the game. His last attempt ended in injury during the Micronesia season. Russell was removed from Survivor: Samoa for severe dehydration.

Michael is on the Tandang tribe and he immediately recognizes Lisa Welchel because they are nearly the same age and he remembers the show. Russel is on the Matsing tribe. He’s probably the biggest celeb on that team. That leaves Johnathan on the Kalabaw tribe. It’s time to get started and the teams are given 60 seconds to grab everything they can and get their rafts launched off of the boat and get rowing to the island. This isn’t a one world as it was last season, they aren’t cohabitating a beach.

The first to arrive as it is shown is the Matsing (blue) tribe. Russel says he doesn’t want to be the leader this time around but right away, he starts giving instruction. This isn’t lost on the others but they play along. Malcom, the bartender, knows how to make fire from rubbing two sticks together so he shows Russel how to do it. Maybe it’s me but Russel has been to this dance before.. Shouldn’t he know how to do it? Anyway, he gets it done and less than 60 minutes after landing, they have fire. They are all happy to let him think he accomplished it all alone is what it sounds like to me.

Next shown to arrive at their beach is Kalabaw (red). During the rush to get stuff and get on the raft, Jeff Kent thinks he tore his MDL in his knee but doesn’t want anyone to know it. Maybe it’s just me, but Johnathan (third dance for him) is looking a little out of shape. Me thinks he’s been enjoying the cheeseburgers and beer too much. The rest of the tribe is already scheming to get rid of him. They don’t like the idea that he’s there. Jeff doesn’t want anyone to know who he is because he doesn’t want them thinking he doesn’t ‘deserve’ to win the million dollars.

Sidebar: The one who Deserves to win, is the one who plays the best game. I don’t care who has what before they came to the game. Not necassarily here at this blog but I see things on other recaps that this guy or gal ‘deserves’ to win because they have 3 sick kids and a half dead grandmother at home. Bull. If they left 3 sick kids and a half dead grandmother at home then what they deserve is a kick in the teeth for leaving them to begin with. I will say it again.. The one who Deserves to win is the one who plays the best game. However that’s done. I may hate the winner at the end, but if s/he is the winner, they played the best game. End of story (and the sidebar).

Anyway, Jeff Kent is also recognized right away by Sarah Dawson, who use to date a baseball fanatic.

Next and last but not least, the Tandang tribe (yellow) arrives. As they disembark and begin to set up camp, RC (the tall big boobed brunette investment banker) and Abi-Maria are bonding. Right away, Ms RC (Roberta) decides she wants a 4 person alliance and it’s obvious that neither of these women recognize Lisa. I’m going out on a limb here to say that I hate RC already and we aren’t even 30 minutes into the season. There is just something about that cackle of hers that sends a chill up my spine. That may change, I’ll keep an open mind but right now, I’m hoping she doesn’t last. Abi has been in the USA for 12 years and is from Brazil I thought I heard her say. RC has now collected her alliance of 4 with the addition of Pete and Michael. Michael is slightly confused as to why Lisa is playing her past down and not revealing who she is. I can understand why… He tells her at night, he recognized her right away. She notes that no one is talking about what they did as a kid, why should she. I’m going to note here, that the night vision photography isn’t friendly to older people. It adds at least 30 years to Lisa’s appearance.

Okay, we haven’t even played any games yet. I’m just going to note here, that Zane from Matsing tribe has made an alliance not only with every individual woman but he tells the other men that he’s done so, and he hopes that will somehow keep his bacon out of the fire. Also worth noting, Michael is very accident prone. By the time they’ve finished building their shelter, at the Tandang tribe, there is barely an appendage he hasn’t cut or injured in some way. Over at Kalabaw, Johnathan is looking for the hidden idol. He finds a clue in a rice basket. Russel also discovers a clue in their rice bag at Matsing camp.

Time for the immunity challenge – Finally.

Each team divides into 3 pairs. Pair 1 tied together races through the jungle up a net ladder and opens a box to retrieve some boat paddles and return to the beach. The second pair then takes the paddles and paddles a canoe out to some buoys where they will retrieve a large chunk full of puzzle pieces. The third pair will then assemble the puzzle for the win. Two teams will receive immunity and the losing team goes to council. Two of the teams do this the right way, Russel does it the wrong way and dictates how things are going to go without taking into account anybody’s skills. It always comes down to the puzzle and in a split second victory over Tandang, Kalabaw pulls out the win. They win immunity and a complete fire making kit. Tandang also wins immunity and receives Flint for fire. Matsing wins a trip to tribal council where one will go home.

Back at camp, Russel is giving his speech about how these games are balls to the wall as if as if these people didn’t know that. Zane, starts taking full responsibility for the loss much I think, to the surprise of his tribe mates. Roxy, has never liked the idea of these returning players and she isn’t the only one. But we’ll see how this all plays out at council. There is some talk of a blindside at Russel because he’s the one who made the teams and he also may have a hidden idol (I think he only found a clue). No one has an idol yet. Off to council. There is a lot of discussion about peeling layers of an onion (metaphorically), how some wish this was a virgin game (no returning players), how Russel turned into a dictator without taking anyone’s assets into account, etc. Votes are cast, Zane is gone. His putting himself on the chopping block has to be the most noble or the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do. I vote the latter. From the word go, he’s had some c0ckeyed strategy of how to play this game of go along to get along and that never works. Especially when you tell your tribe you don’t mind going home because you’re weak. Idiot. Oh well. See you next week kids.

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Basketball Wives – L.A.

by Detox

Welcome back to Basketball Wives L.A.

We begin exactly where we ended on the last episode:  at Gloria’s taste-test dinner party, where Malaysia stood up and announced to the group that she invited Jackie to the dinner party because Jackie told her that she wanted to apologize to all of them.

Gloria responds by telling Malaysia that, as payback, she is going to “pop up with someone so random at your next event.”  Everybody, including Jackie, laughs (although Jackie’s laugh looks nervous and forced).

Malaysia responds by saying, “Miss Jackie promised…”.  Before Malaysia can finish her sentence, Gloria asks if Jackie has promised “to pick 1 personality?” (Good one, Gloria!).  Gloria has a look on her face like she is not interested in Jackie’s apology (or anything else Jackie might have to say).

Draya interviews that before they let Jackie talk, they need to say some things first.  Laura starts this process by telling Jackie that she feels that since Jackie is “the oldest on the block,” she wants Jackie “to act that way.”

Jackie interviews that she will NEVER accept several people coming at her at one time.  She says that she thought that the girls were being “catty” and that they wanted to see how far they could push her buttons.

Gloria tells Jackie that they have known each other for a long time; however, she felt like the person that Jackie showed them (last season) was a person that she did not even KNOW.  She then goes on to say that she thought Jackie had “split personalities,” and she did not know if each one of Jackie’s personalities were bipolar.  Gloria then says that she wants to know if Jackie recognizes that Jackie was the one at fault (for the whole mess and drama she caused between all of the women last season).

In her soft spoken way, Malaysia tells Jackie that the things Jackie did were very hurtful to them, and “Every last one of us was affected in some kind of way.”  She then tells Jackie that they all “literally wanted to beat your ass” (Malaysia may be very ladylike and soft-spoken, but she still gets her point across).

Gloria tells Jackie that Jackie should not be surprised if Gloria refuses to give Jackie anything because, “I have nothing left to give you.”  She says that she is just letting Jackie know that it will NOT go back to the way it was between them.  Jackie responds to Gloria by telling her, “I totally get it.”  (This might be a whole new Jackie.  Wait.  What am I saying?  Jacking cannot go from crazy to totally sane overnight.  I do not believe her, and I think she is only telling Gloria this to placate her and work her way back into the group.).

While all of this is going on, Draya is sitting at the table re-applying her lip gloss like she is just “over it.”  She finally jumps into the discussion and tells Jackie that she does not hate her, and she is not even at the point where she cannot stand to be around her.  Draya then says that, despite this, Jackie still has to really show them that she has become a better person after everything that occurred.  Jackie simply nods her head in a way that says, “Yes.”

Draya then turns to Brooke and asks her if she would like to say anything.  Brooke tells Jackie that she does not know Jackie, and she does not know about everything that has gone on.  She then interviews that, assuming everything she has heard about Jackie is true, she would feel the same way all of the other ladies feel toward Jackie.

Gloria then stands up and says that she has to get intoxicated before she can even continue with her dinner party.  To that end, she grabs a bottle of wine and sits it in front of her at the table.

Jackie finally speaks.  She tells the other women that she totally respects their opinions.  She says that the last time they all met to discuss things she was very defensive and rebellious.  She also says that, at that time, she really did not listen to them.  Jackie then says that, more than anything, she came to the dinner so that she could really listen to what each of the women had to say.  She tells them that she is not there to point the finger or to say, “Well, you did this, and you did that.”  She  explains that she is there to strictly say that she totally apologizes 100% for her part in what took place.  Jackie goes further and says that she is not apologizing because she feels that she did anything wrong (…Ummm…WHAT??!!??  What kind of apology is this?  Is she saying that, even though she did nothing wrong, she is simply apologizing to them to make them all feel better?  Gee, thanks for that non-apology apology, Jac!).  Jackie tries to clarify her statement by saying that she is not saying that she didn’t do anything wrong, but she is also not saying that she DID do anything wrong (….What the EFF, Jac?!?!  What the hell are you saying?  I am confused.  The other women at the dinner party look just as confused.).  Jackie explains that she tried to help them in areas she should have stayed out of, and she has learned about that.

Laura interrupts Jackie and tells her that she “can’t come here to LIE!”  Jackie says, “No, no, no!  I’m definitely not!”  She then says that, it takes a strong woman, and she is trying to swallow her pride, not yell, not scream and not get aggressive.  She just simply wants to talk to them.

Draya interviews and says, “THIS is your apology??!!??  You’re f*cking it up!  Just APOLOGIZE!!  All that other sh*t you’re saying, we don’t really care about!  Just APOLOGIZE!  It’s that simple.”  (I’m with Draya).

Back to Jackie’s rambling apology/non-apology, she admits that she does have an attitude problem at times when she feels wronged.  This causes her to get defensive and to “get in peoples’ face, but that’s it!”.  She then tells all of them that “The games need to end!”  Jackie then says that she is not going to sit there and pretend that whenever they get together, she will not be outspoken.  She further explains that she is “not going to lie” to them because that is just who she IS.

Laura, who has been alternately ignoring Jackie while digging into a whole gallon full of ice cream by herself (Laura needs to stop because the $80,000 she allegedly spent on plastic surgery on her face and her entire body in between Season 1 and Season 2 is going to go to waste.  Put that whole gallon of ice cream down, Laura!!  Portion control, Woman!!) and paying just enough attention to Jackie (probably so that she can jump in whenever she feels offended by anything Jackie says), opens her eyes and mouth super-wide at what Jackie has just said.  It offends her enough to even cause her to stop digging into her gallon of ice cream.

Draya tells Jackie that there was no “I’m sorry” in her rambling.  Jackie denies this and tells Draya that she DID say she was sorry.

Laura jumps in and, surprisingly, defends Jackie by saying that Jackie DID say that she apologized.  Laura interviews that she wanted Jackie to give them a SINCERE apology, “Not some sh*t you thought about, wrote it out, went to Google and searched ‘How do you apologize?’  Get the f*ck outta here!  Be REAL!”.

Jackie then sticks her foot in her mouth and says that, when she went there, she felt like THEY should be the ones apologizing to HER, “but that’s not true!”  The other women’s eyes bug out after Jackie says this, and they all excitedly and angrily start talking at the same time.  Laura finally raises her voice louder than the others and tells Jackie, “We ARE sorry….that WE became friends with YOU!!”  (Good one, Laura!).

Draya then tells Jackie, “Jackie, you called me a CRACKHEAD!”  Jackie then says, “I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.” a couple of times.  The women are still angrily all talking over one another in disbelief.  Brooke, who is holding her wine glass up in the air, says, “Oh my God!  This is hilarious!”  Malaysia stands up, and Gloria does the same and begins pacing near the dinner table.

Gloria interviews that Jackie “did not apologize, her big DUMB ASS!  And if she did, I did not HEAR it!”

Jackie finally simultaneously raises one of her arms above her head and shouts, “JACKIE CHRISTIE IS SORRY!!”  (It’s about damned time!).  Malaysia then says, “That’s IT.  No more.  She said it.”  Jackie cannot leave well enough alone and adds that her “heart bleeds” for every one of them!”

Malaysia tries to help Jackie and tells the group that Jackie did NOT mean that THEY should be apologizing to HER.  Jackie stupidly interrupts and says that her pride sometimes gets in her way, and this is why she did come there feeling that THEY should be apologizing to HER, but she does not need that from them (It sounds to me like Jackie is saying and thinking that she is going to be the bigger woman and apologize even though the rest of the women are not big enough to offer her an apology in return.  This woman is arrogant, totally oblivious and NUTS!).

Malaysia says, “No, Jackie, you weren’t supposed to come here thinking that.  We talked about this already!”  Jackie responds by waving one of her hands and saying, “No, no, no, Malaysia.  What I am saying is that my pride gets in my way at times, and I felt like , ‘Why am I going to go and apologize to THEM, but I came here because I wanted to because I felt like…”  (Shut UP, Jackie!  The more you talk, the worse you sound!  Just SHUT THE EFF UP!!).  Malaysia says, “O.K., then you should have texted me and said, ‘I ain’t comin’!’”.

At this point, Laura interviews that Jackie simply came to the dinner party “to  try and appease Malaysia.  That doesn’t show for sh*t because what happens when M (Malaysia) is not around?  Then, who are you REALLY?!?”  (Good question, Laura).

Jackie then tells the women that they are misunderstanding her because they are thinking that she said that “on the way HERE,” she was thinking that way (They think that, Jackie, because that is exactly what you just SAID!!  This woman wears my sh*t out, and I do not even know her in real life.  Watching her on my television screen is enough to exhaust me.).  She says that she had been feeling like the other women should apologize to her, but “that’s not the mature thing to do.  Do you understand what I am saying?”  (…Ummm, No!  I can’t say that I do understand because everything you said makes absolutely no sense.).

At this point, new cast member Brooke jumps in and says that she is going to play devil’s advocate and say, “If someone truly feels like other people owe them an apology…”

Jackie interrupts Brooke to say that she felt that way before she talked to Malaysia.  Brooke responds by telling Jackie that what she was going to say (before Jackie so rudely interrupted her) is, “If someone truly feels like the other  person owes THEM an apology, then they are not really sincere” when they say they are sorry (I agree with Brooke).

Gloria interviews that she did not feel sorry for Malaysia and that she was looking at Malaysia like, “You big dummy!  What the hell did you expect?!?!”

Back at the dinner party, Gloria asks, “Is the time up?  Is the comedy show finished yet?” as she looks at her watch.  Gloria then basically throws Jackie out of her house by saying, “I appreciate you coming and your apology, but we are going to go ahead and finish this party.  We will see you to the door.”  Jackie responds by saying, “Wait, wait!”  Laura tells Jackie to just “hit me with a pound and then pound your ass on outta here!!”  As Jackie’s mouth hangs open, Laura says, “Get the hell on out!”

At this point, Jackie picks up her purse, stands up from the table, thanks everyone, gives Malaysia a hug and walks out the door.

Of course, after Jackie leaves, the other women start talking about her.  Malaysia says, “Seriously, guys, when Jackie and I talked, she said she was at a different space in her life so she is not going to bother us.”

Laura vehemently disagrees with Malaysia’s belief that Jackie is in a different space in her life and says, “Obviously NOT if she thinks that WE should have given HER our apologies!”

Draya interviews that, after Jackie left, Laura took Malaysia’s phone and called Jackie.  Laura puts the phone on speaker and asks Jackie if she coming back to the dinner party.  Jackie sounds puzzled and asks Laura what they want her to come back and do.  Laura says, “We WANT you to come back.  We want to see your boots.”  Jackie then agrees to come back.  Laura responds by asking, “So what?!?!  Are you coming BACK?”  Jackie says, “Yes.”  Laura then says that they were kidding and that Jackie needs to “get the hell back on up the freeway!  Put the pedal to the metal!!”  Draya interviews that what Laura did was sad…but FUNNY!

Laura continues her prank call and tells Jackie, who must have had on a pair of boots that looked like skates, to “ride them godd*mn skater boots until the wheels fall off!!  See ya!!”  Laura then hangs up in Jackie’s face.

Next, we see Brooke and her boyfriend, Bernie Macklin, walking on the beach  (Laura has on the shortest pair of Daisy Dukes I have ever seen and a hot pink bikini top.  Her breasts are nearly popping out of her bikini top.  I can’t hate on her, though.  She is built like a brick sh*thouse!  Her boyfriend is, of course, VERY tall.).  Brooke interviews that Bernie plays basketball in Detroit.  She also says that he came to visit her, so she decided to prepare a cute little picnic that she and Bernie can share on the beach.  Brooke says that Bernie is “very hot, very attractive” to her because he is “chocolate, tall with a nice build and tattoos.”  According to Brooke, when it comes to Bernie and all of these things, “You can’t beat that!”  (Hmmm….All Brooke really talked about was his physical appearance and the fact that he plays basketball.  I wonder what his personality is like, if he even has one at all.).

Once the two of them sit down to their little picnic, they discuss how nice the weather is (Once Bernie begins to speak, his name appears on the screen as “Vernon Macklin.”  It always sounds like Brooke is saying “Bernie” when she mentions his name.  I guess she was really saying “Vernie” all that time.  So, from here on out, I will be calling him “Vernie” instead of “Bernie.”).  Vernie is wearing square diamond earrings on each ear, and they are HUGE!!

Brooke interviews and tells the story of how she and Vernie met.  She says that 6 or 7 months ago, while they were both in Miami “hanging out,” a mutual friend walked up to her and told her that Vernie wanted to meet her.

Brooke tells Vernie that she wants to learn to surf because she thinks she would be good at it.  She notes that she is not an “athlete,” but she is “athletic.”  She asks Vernie if he thinks he would be good at surfing.  He says, “No way!” and that the deepest he will go in the water is just beyond the shoreline, NO deeper!

Brooke interviews that, “With Vernon, it has actually turned out to be a nice situation.  I like the fact that he is not here 24/7.”

Back on the beach, Brooke tells Vernie that she is glad he made it to L.A. so they can hang out.  She also notes that it has been a while since they have seen each other, and he agrees.

Brooke interviews that their long-distance relationship keeps things “exciting.”  It also gives them time to miss each other and anticipate when they will see each other in person again.

Back on the beach, Brooke asks Vernie when he starts training camp.  He responds that he starts in October, but he is going back to Detroit earlier than that so he can start working out with the staff and so he can get his place together (It sounds like he just moved to Detroit).  Brooke responds by telling Vernie that maybe they will be able to spend more time together this (basketball) season.  She tells him that she knows last season was rough for him due to moving.  Vernie says that this is the story of his life.

Brooke interviews that she thinks her and Vernie have a great relationship because they can talk to each other, and they are friends.  She also says that their relationship is “not serious or stuffy…we just enjoy each other.”  Brooke and Vernie start kissing on the beach (and I then imagine them moving closer to the shoreline and kissing passionately while the water runs over their bodies while they are kissing, like a Black version of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in “From Here to Eternity.”  I can be such a romantic at times.  *Sigh*).

Malaysia meets Jackie in a restaurant.  Malaysia interviews that she is meeting up with Jackie to talk to her and see what Jackie feels about Gloria’s dinner party.  Somehow, almost immediately, Malaysia and Jackie are walking outside holding their Styrofoam cups as they talk.

Jackie tells Malaysia that she has been thinking about Gloria’s dinner party.  She says she wants to start out by thanking Malaysia because she knows that Malaysia really went out on a limb by inviting Jackie without telling the other women that she was going to do so.

Malaysia accepts Jackie’s thanks.  She tells Jackie that, by no means, should Jackie take any abuse; however, before the dinner party, she and Jackie discussed Jackie understanding the other women’s positions.   Malaysia tells Jackie that when she said that THEY owed HER an apology, she thought, “Wait!  How?”

Jackie responds by saying that she wanted the other women to know that she was there to apologize, but she was also there for the other women to LEARN (There Jackie goes again with that, “I can TEACH the other women things” spiel.  *Sigh*  This woman just does NOT “get” it!).

Malaysia tells Jackie that it did not come off like that.  Rather, it came off like, “Look here.  I am in front of y’all’s face.  YOU all need to apologize to ME!”  Jackie, in shocks, asks, “Really?!?  You’re kidding me!”  Jackie then says, “What did I DO?  No one has been able to say what I DID.”  (Oh my God!  The other women DID tell you exactly what you did last season, Jackie.  They all told you that, after comparing notes, they realized that you manipulated them so that they could all turn on one another and only trust YOU.  They also told you that they thought you were CRAZY and IMMATURE for trying to pull off such a stunt!  Do you have amnesia?  Wait.  Why am I even asking this question?  Jackie cannot remember exactly what she did or exactly what the women told her because she is just that crazy!  Plain and simple.).

Malaysia looks at Jackie like she is crazy and asks, “You really don’t know what you DID, Jackie?!?!”  Jackie just looks at Malaysia like, “NO.  I REALLY do NOT know what I did.”  Malaysia interviews that Jackie actually thinks that things went well for her at the dinner party (Maybe Jackie is so used to being thrown out of places that she thinks it means that people only do this when they truly care about a person.).  Malaysia further interviews that Jackie actually thinks that she left the dinner party, and she and the girls are now all friends again – just like that!  Malaysia has an incredulous look on her face during her interview.

Jackie tells Malaysia that she is going to throw an event like a get-together or a dinner of some sort and invite all the girls.  Malaysia immediately tells Jackie that this is not going to work.  Malaysia says that the other girls would be too scared to show up at one of Jackie’s dinner parties because they honestly believe that Jackie would try to poison them (LOL.  I told you Malaysia was very ladylike and soft-spoken, but she still gets her point across without raising her voice.  She is basically telling Jackie that the other women believe she is crazy enough to try and poison them.  I’m with the other women.  I think Jackie IS crazy enough to possibly pull such a stunt.).

Jackie says she would NEVER poison the other girls.  She might “slap the sh*t” out of them, but she would never POISON them (Well, that’s comforting, Jac!  Seeing you say that onscreen just lets me know that if I ever received an invite from you, I would immediately tear it up and put it in the trash!  I would never attend an event held by a person who says she is liable to “slap the sh*t” out of me when I have never done anything to her.  But…that’s just ME!  I’m funny like that.).

Jackie interviews that she has a heart, and she does miss and truly care for the other women, “whether they want to believe it or not.”  (I’m going with NOT).  She says that she especially feels that way about Laura.

Jackie asks Malaysia how Laura really feels when it comes to her.  Malaysia tells Jackie that Jackie has known Laura longer than Malaysia has.  She says that, after knowing Laura for 10 years, Jackie should know that Laura is a little stubborn.  Malaysia tells Jackie that  they will try to work on Laura.

Jackie interviews that talking with Malaysia was great, and they came up with an idea of Jackie having some one-on-one time with Laura, so she “can start building my relationships back up with the girls.”  She says she hopes this will work out.

Malaysia advises Jackie to work on the women one-by-one and to let the past stay in the past.  She then hugs Jackie goodbye.

Draya and Brooke are sitting at a table outside of a café.  Draya tells Brooke she needs to know what Brooke thinks about all of the other women.  Brooke says that Gloria is really cool, and she likes her.  She also says that she likes Laura and thought she was really cool too.  Draya asks Brooke what she thought of “Jackie and her apology.”  Draya makes finger quotes when she says “apology.”  Brooke says that, at first, she wondered how Jackie could come to a party to apologize and expect apologies from the other women in return; however, once Jackie clarified and explained that she felt this way before she talked to Malaysia, she understood a little better.  Draya opines that Jackie really DOES want their friendship, but she does not think that Jackie is willing to change anything in order to get their friendship back.

Draya interviews that she does not believe they were too hard on Jackie at Gloria’s dinner party.  She thinks they told Jackie straight-up what Jackie needed to change about herself and the damage that Jackie did.

Brooke says that Malaysia was wrong for even inviting Jackie without telling anyone.  Draya says that Gloria “was pissed…and ‘O.K., but you gotta go!” when it came to Jackie’s uninvited speech at her dinner party.

As Draya is saying this, Gloria is walking up behind her. Gloria tells them, “Y’all better stop talking sh*t about me” as she gives them a big smile.  Gloria interviews that she invited Brooke and Draya to lunch to catch up because they have not really spoken since her dinner party.

As Gloria sits down, Brooke tells her that they were talking about Gloria’s dinner party.  Brooke says that when Gloria told Jackie to get out (of her house), she was a bit confused.  Gloria says she had no clue Jackie was even going to show up, and she is going to put Malaysia in a headlock the next time she sees her.  Brooke agrees with Gloria and says that Malaysia should have at least said something to Gloria since the party was being held at Gloria’s house.

Gloria interviews that she really digs Brooke.  She says she does not know anything about Brooke’s background, but she is in this place where a person’s past does not really matter to her.  As far as she can tell, Brooke seems like a “cool person.”

Draya asks Brooke what she thinks about how Jackie looks and dresses.  Brooke says that not everybody can be a “fashion icon.”  Gloria then animatedly tells Brooke, “But wait!  She has her own fashion line.  She is a fashion DESIGNER!!”  Brooke has a look of shock on her face.  Draya, in a very sarcastic way, says, “Jackie is a fashionista, Girl!  You don’t know?!?!”.  Gloria says that Jackie “has like 18 clothing lines!!”  Brooke looks even more shocked.

Gloria then asks Draya if she heard an apology from Jackie.  Draya says, “No.”  Gloria says she did not hear any kind of apology either.  Gloria says she could not believe it when Jackie said that, before she talked to Malaysia, she felt like THEY needed to apologize to HER.  Gloria then says that Jackie is known for doing things like that.  She says that Jackie is the type of person that will burn down your house and then she will bring you water (I have to say that this is an accurate analogy that describes Jackie’s behavior perfectly).  Gloria then says that Jackie is “crazy!”

Next, Draya interviews that Malaysia has invited Gloria and her to lunch to talk about Malaysia’s jewelry line.  Draya says that she and Gloria really want to, instead, talk about Gloria’s dinner party.  Likewise, Gloria interviews that this is the first time she is seeing Malaysia “since the Jackie pop-up at my dinner.”  She says it will be interesting to see if things will be awkward between them and/or to see if Malaysia is going to apologize (for bringing Jackie to Gloria’s dinner party).

After they sit down, Gloria sarcastically asks Malaysia if it is going to be just them, or if a surprise guest will be joining them.  Malaysia promises that the lunch will involve JUST the 3 of them and no one else.

Malaysia then explains that things at the dinner party did not exactly go the way she wanted them to go.  She then says she really wants to apologize to Gloria for facilitating Jackie being allowed in Gloria’s personal space.  Malaysia tells them that she envisioned the women embracing Jackie a little more (I really like Malaysia, but her vision was a version of magical thinking and delusion combined).

Gloria says, “So you thought we were all going to be like, ‘Group Hug!  Everybody including Jackie!’?”.  Malaysia nods her head and shrugs her shoulders.

Draya interviews that she thinks Malaysia is “harmless.”  She says that Malaysia setting it up to invite Jackie to the party was “a little stupid, but it was harmless too.” (I agree).

Draya says that they were cruel to Jackie.  Gloria disagrees and says that they were NOT cruel.  They were just REAL.

Malaysia says, “It is what it is.  I expected you guys to be mad a little bit but also, I felt like once you guys saw her face, you would be like, ‘Awww’ and remember the good times we had with her.”

Gloria says she felt no such thing when she saw Jackie.  Malaysia says she knows Draya felt that way.  Draya admits that she did feel that way in that she did miss Jackie a little bit and think about the good times they once had together.  She interviews that she still feels really bad about how they kicked Jackie out of Gloria’s dinner party and prank called her afterward.  She says she has been thinking about it, and it has “been on my brain ever since it happened.”  Draya also says that, as more time goes by, the worse she starts to feel about it (This is why Malaysia and Draya are my favorites of the cast:  they both have soft hearts.).

Malaysia says she just wanted all of them to be able to do things together without there being any conflict.  She says she told Jackie beforehand that if she was going to the dinner party with a “fight” attitude, they were not going to put up with it.

Draya brings up the fact that Brooke said, at the dinner party, that anyone apologizing so they could get an apology in return is not sincere in their apology.  Draya says that this is so true, in her opinion.  The other women agree.

Gloria interviews that she is 50/50 on Malaysia’s position.  She says she understands that Malaysia wants Jackie back around, and Malaysia also wants them to give Jackie a break.  She says she “gets” it, but she is not going to go out of her way to make any amends with Jackie.  She bluntly says she is not interested in that.

Next, we see Brooke at a “King Magazine” shoot, getting ready for her close-up.  She interviews that the shoot is basically a competition and whoever brings their A-Game is going to be on the cover.  She further interviews that her makeup is almost done; she’s feeling good; and she is ready to get started.

At this point, Draya walk into the shoot.  Brooke interviews that Draya’s “Hi” to her was “kinda dry, and she doesn’t seem very happy.”

Draya tells one of the men at the shoot that she needs to talk to him outside.  Another man nearby tells the man to whom Draya wishes to speak, “Uh oh!  You in trouble!”  The man (to whom Draya wishes to speak) simply says (with an attitude), “It’s not the FIRST time, and I’m sure it won’t be the LAST!”

Draya interviews that, as far as the photo shoot goes, if she has an agreement for a closed set, there should be NO ONE there except for hair and makeup.  She says that once a person gains a certain amount of clout in the industry, you’re allowed to make moves like this.

Draya drives off before the man to whom she wanted to speak walks outside.  He calls her, and asks her where she is.  She tells him that she is not going to participate in the photo shoot.  Draya also says she sent him an E-mail asking him of they could re-schedule for a later date.  He angrily asks, “HOW later?”  Draya responds, “Preferably when no one else is there.”  The man then asks her “What’s the issue?”  Draya responds, that there is no issue.  She just does not like shooting with other people.  The man says, “Come on!  I don’t have time for all this!”

Brooke interviews that everyone is bringing “their A-Game” and Draya just walked in and ruined the mood.  She opines that this is not professional at all.  The man walks back in and tells Brooke that Draya does not like working with other people.  Brooke interviews that, “At the end of the day, nobody wants to work with a diva.  No one wants to be bothered by someone coming to work with a bad attitude.”  (I like Draya, but I do think she just pulled a little bit of a “diva stunt.”).

Draya interviews that she always sticks to her agreements, and she wants people to also stick to theirs.  This is why she left.

The shoot takes place, and, of course, Brooke is wearing an itsy-bitsy bikini and then just her bikini bottom with her breasts being covered only by her hands.  She interviews that she is going to take advantage of the fact that Draya left because it gives her more “shoot time.”  She then humbly states, “I look HOT!  Who doesn’t want to get naked when they look HOT?!?!” (…Ummm…A LOT of people…?).    Brooke says that Draya leaving may actually help her get on the cover of the magazine.  She says she feels like she knocked the shoot “out of the ballpark!”.

Gloria has a meeting with her manager.  She interviews that her manager’s name is Jeff, and she auditioned for a film that “is kinda like the new Lara Croft.”  She says she is excited to find out what her manager has to tell her.  Jeff tells Gloria that, out of the 200 people that auditioned, she got the role in a film.  Gloria is very happy and excited.  She interviews that to be picked out of all those women makes her ecstatic.

Jeff explains that it is going to first be a 6-episode web series.  He also says that Gloria will be playing a ballet dancer by day and a hit woman by night (That sounds like a  DUMB movie that will be going straight to video to me, but, hey, I could be wrong.  There might just be a market for people who believe that a professional ballet dancer would have the time to knock people off when she is not on pointe and twirling around in her tutu.  Talk about a “BLACK Swan”!!).

Gloria is confused and asks her manager if she is really supposed to play BOTH a ballet dancer AND a hit woman (I am confused about that too, Gloria).  Her manager tells her that she will indeed be playing both.  Gloria’s happiness and  excitement turn to fear and nervousness, however, when Jeff says that she must learn ballet and learn “to kick ass.”  Gloria said she is o.k. with the “kick ass” part, but she is nervous about having to learn ballet in a short period of time.  He confirms that Gloria will indeed have to take ballet classes.

Gloria interviews that she thinks the movie is “awesome” because she is athletic and loves to be really physical.  She says that movie sounds “badass,” and she is excited.

Jeff tells Gloria that the director of the movie does not want to use a stunt double.  Instead he wants Gloria to do all of her own stunts (This is probably because the movie is so low-budget that the director cannot even afford to pay for stunt doubles.  This director will probably be selling copies of this “straight to video” movie out of the trunk of his car once it is all said and done.).  Jeff also tells Gloria that she has “about a month” to learn ballet.  To that end, she will be taking ballet classes 3 times a week for the whole month.  He also tells her that she has to take yoga and martial arts classes so she “can be comfortable with the moves.”

Jeff emphasizes to Gloria that this is a “real” role, and it is a very good one for a beginning actress.  Gloria asks if she is “the main chick” in the movie, and Jeff tells her that she is.  He says she will be playing a character named “V,” and it will be called “The V Chronicles.”  He also says that the role is sexy and action-packed, and they are also looking into turning it into a comic book.  Jeff again tells Gloria that she is getting a new role that most new actresses would never get.  Gloria tells him she is excited.  He tells Gloria they are going to shoot the webisode in the Fall, and the full-feature film will be coming out “at the top of the year.”

Gloria interviews that the meeting was a little overwhelming.  She says she went from being super-excited to really nervous to “Aw, Hell!,” to “What did I just get myself into?!?”.

Next we see Brooke, who interviews that she is going to meet her agent today so they can discuss “new business.”  She mentions that she did the “King Magazine” shoot, and she is really excited to start a new venture that her agent has on her calendar.

Brooke’s agent tells Brooke that she has “tons of bookings.”  Brooke says this is good.  She tells her agent she is ready to get started and to put the pedal to the metal.  Brooke interviews that she is a hard worker, and she is “not just some girl who is fly by night.”

Brooke tells her agent that the “King Magazine” shoot was “great for ME, but there was another model there that came in, saw me, walked off and never came back to the shoot.”  Brooke’s agent just shakes her head from side-to-side like she cannot believe that someone did something so unprofessional.  Brooke interviews that a person “needs to be professional at all times.  Being a diva or being a brat is not going to get you anywhere.”  (I like Draya, but I agree with Brooke on this issue).  She tells her agent that she does not do “the diva thing” even though she probably COULD if she so desired.  Brooke’s agent tells Brooke that she handled that shoot and her business professionally.  She also tells Brooke that, “At the end of the day, you’ll benefit.”  Brooke says that she did, indeed, benefit from Draya’s absence.  She interviews that Draya’s walking off the set left her with so much more time to film, and it worked out in her favor.

Laura and Jackie meet for lunch.  Despite what happened at the dinner party, they both greet each other warmly.  Jackie interviews that, after her talk with Malaysia, Laura called her and asked to meet for lunch and to “just hang out.”  Jackie says she felt “really, really, really excited about it” because she missed Laura, and, after the dinner party, she was not really sure where she and Laura “stood as 2 girlfriends.”

Jackie begins the conversation and tells Laura that she was so glad Laura called and invited her to lunch.  She then tells Laura that she hopes Laura knows how much Laura means to her, and she hopes Laura also knows how much she respects her.  Jackie says she feels really bad “about taking what was said personally and getting angry.”  She says that she was wrong, and it was childish on her part, and she wants Laura to know that.

While Jackie is saying all this, Laura is looking at Jackie like she does not believe a word Jackie is saying (I would be skeptical too when it comes to Jackie).

Jackie continues her ramble and tells Laura, “You mean the WORLD to me!  You always have, and you always will no matter how angry you are with me.”  Laura responds by telling Jackie that she is NOT angry with her.  This seems to shock Jackie.  Laura interviews that she thinks what she likes about Jackie is that, “I accept her for who she is.”  (How is that something you like about Jackie, Laura?  It sounds more like you are complimenting yourself for accepting Jackie, flaws and all.).  She also says that she has gotten “over it,” and she is just at the point – when it comes to Jackie – that is like, “F*ck it!  Alright, you’re here.  Now, let’s just get over it.”

Laura tells Jackie that she sometimes feels like she does not even know who Jackie IS.  Laura brings up Gloria’s dinner party and tells Jackie what she saw from her own perspective.  She says Jackie walked through the door and started, in Laura’s opinion, acting fake.  Laura says she expected Jackie to be herself.  She says that she felt like Jackie was only at the dinner party because of Malaysia’s orders (and not Jackie’s own).

Jackie responds by saying, “That’s what I LOVE about you – your ‘realness’.”  She also says that, at the dinner party, her heart was beating a million miles a minute.  Laura asks, “Why?!?!”  (Maybe because you all said that you no longer wanted to have ANYTHING to do with Jackie because of all the mess and drama she caused.  I understand totally why Jackie was nervous at the dinner party.  She SHOULD have been nervous, in my opinion).

Jackie interviews that, if it were Laura in Jackie’s place at Gloria’s dinner, she “would have kicked major beaucoup, beaucoup bootie!”.  She claims that, if Laura were in her position, once Laura left the dinner party, “There would have been hair weave pulled out, teeth missing, clothes ripped off.  Oh, it would have been a messy scene.”

Laura tells Jackie that what she feels right at this moment is going to hurt her lips as it comes out of her mouth.  She tells Jackie, “I DO like you.”  Jackie is as happy as a clam to hear this from Laura.  She says, “Thank You!” and gives Laura a hug.  Laura interviews that she feels like Jackie is “kinda like a foot fungus” (…Ummm…WHAT?!?!).  Laura further explains her foot fungus analogy by saying, “You have it.  It’s there.  It itches.  You spray it.  You kill it.  And then you’re like, ‘Damn!  Where is that itch?’”  (Again….WHAT?!?!  What Laura just said makes absolutely NO sense to me.).

Laura tells Jackie she feels like Jackie should be respected more (Laura must have had a few drinks alone at her table while she was waiting for Jackie because she sounds crazy and is making absolutely NO sense right now.  Is this the same Laura that helped throw Jackie out of Gloria’s house?  Is this the same Laura who then used Malaysia’s phone to cruelly taunt Jackie about the group wanting Jackie to return to Gloria’s?  Maybe Laura, like Jackie, has more than one personality herself).  Laura notes that being respected more is up to Jackie (and nobody else).

Jackie responds by telling Laura that she “felt really good after she left the dinner party.”  Laura indicates that she does not believe Jackie.  Jackie says she did feel good because she got to see all of them (before they threw her out!  How can a person feel good when former friends kick them out of one of these friend’s homes?  That’s Jackie Christie’s warped mind for you.  I warned you guys in my last blog that Jackie was crazy.  Don’t look at ME!!).

Laura then bluntly tells Jackie that, because of what Jackie JUST said, she thinks Jackie is straight CRAZY!  (^5, Laura!  You think that, Laura, because Jackie IS crazy.  Trust your instincts!).  She also tells Jackie that she thinks Jackie has “problems” and may even be “slightly delusional.”  Jackie just smiles at Laura and denies that she is crazy (Who smiles at a person when that person calls the other person “crazy”?!?!  ….Ummm, that would be a CRAZY PERSON!!).  To emphasize her point, Laura tells Jackie that she is “psycho!”  Jackie asks Laura if SHE is “psycho,” and Laura says, “Yes!”  (No wonder these two were so close at tone time.  Birds of a feather…).

Jackie says that she is not crazy and neither is Laura.  Jackie tells Laura that she is “hilarious!”  Laura responds by saying that she is honest with herself.  She states simply, “I got problems!!”  Jackie just shakes her head and says that she is NOT crazy (Oh yes, you are, Jac!), and neither is Laura (Laura might not be crazy simply because she is self-aware enough to know that she has “issues.”  Self-awareness is a concept that is totally foreign to Jackie).

Laura interviews that she will take Jackie as she is.  She says Jackie is crazy, and she “gets” it (“It” being the fact that Jackie is NUTS!).

Jackie tells Laura that sitting there with her helps her to understand WHY she, despite everything, always considered Laura to be her friend.  She tells Laura that she has her back.  Laura asks Jackie why she always says that.  Jackie responds that she can look in Laura’s eyes and just know that Laura is a sincere person.  She also tells Laura that she loves her and thanks Laura for inviting her to lunch.  She then asks Laura if they can just “see where things go.”  Laura agrees, but she still looks a little leery of Jackie.  Jackie then asks Laura for a hug and gets one (I would check to see if there was a knife in my back after Jackie left the table if I were in Laura’s shoes, but that’s just me.).

Jackie interviews that she was totally taken aback and excited and surprised when Laura gave her “that HUGE hug” at lunch because the way she acted at Gloria’s house was totally different (Slap me because I actually agree with Jackie on this one).  She says that getting that really warm and friendly hug from Laura meant the world to her. (She only hugged you because you ASKED her to do so, LOONY!  Also, that hug did not look that ‘huge’ to me.  Laura was probably just scared that you would stab her with one of the utensils on your table if she refused your request.).

Next we see Brooke at another bikini shoot.  She looks really good in the bikini too (You GO, Brooke!  I HATE you right about now because you look so good in that bikini.  Despite my hatred, I do think it looks like you are doing a good job posing.  I am FAIR like that.  You can thank me later.).

For some reason, Gloria arrives at Brooke’s photo shoot.  Brooke interviews that she has been hanging with Gloria, and she thinks Gloria is a really great girl.  She says she invited Gloria to come to her photo shoot (So, that’s why Gloria is there.  Now I get it.  Thanks, Brooke.).  Brooke says she invited Gloria to her shoot so that Gloria could get to know her better with regard to what she actually does for a living.

Gloria is holding a magazine that has Draya on the cover.  She then asks Brooke if she is “on the cover.”  Brooke says the shoot right now is one for the cover of a magazine.

Gloria interviews that she “really digs” Brooke because she is really sweet, and she seems like a cool person.  She also says that she and Brooke are “off to a good start.”

Back at the shoot, Gloria asks Brooke if she has “shot” in a while.  Brooke says that she has.  Brooke ends up telling Gloria how she and Draya were supposed to have a shoot for “King Magazine,” but Draya left.  Gloria looks surprised and tells Brooke that she just saw Draya.  Brooke continues with her story about the shoot, and how Draya simply gave her a “dry…Hi” before she walked out (Something tells me that Brooke and Draya are going to have it out.  I sensed this last week when I saw how they both claimed to be buddy-buddy.  I knew it was too good to be true.  The friendships on these shows often end in such ugly ways, don’t they?).

Gloria seems surprised and asks Brooke, “What was that about?”  Brooke says that Draya told them she wanted a closed set, and, because she did not get that, she chose to leave.  She also says that she has “been doing this for 6 or 7 years,” and she has never asked for a closed set.  Gloria says, “That’s not cool.”  Brooke then tells Gloria that she felt like, on a professional level, what Draya did was “so uncalled for.”  She says that Draya came to the set and brought a bad energy that she did not appreciate.

Gloria asks Brooke if she thinks Draya took it as, “What are you doing here?”  Brooke says, “Yes.”  Gloria tells Brooke that what happened could be 1 of 2 things:  1) Draya has a problem with Brooke; or 2)  It is not even about Brooke.  Instead, it is about Draya and some things she may be going through that have nothing at all to do with Brooke.  Gloria then tells Brooke that she is sorry that this happened.  She then says she will invite both Brooke and Draya to lunch because they have enough to deal with Jackie alone, and they do not need any more problems.

A staff member at the shoot comes up to Brooke and Gloria and asks if they can put Gloria in hair and makeup and shoot her too.  Gloria humbly and modestly says that they will “break photo shop” if they take any pictures of her.

Malaysia and her friend, Bambi, are hiking.  Malaysia interviews that she and Bambi have known each other for a very long time, since they were little girls.  She says that Bambi is one of her “ride or die” friends.

Bambi asks Malaysia how the dinner party went.  Malaysia says Gloria “did her thing with the cooking.”  Bambi asks Malaysia why she did not bring Bambi to this party.  Malaysia says Bambi was not invited (I love you, Malaysia but neither was Jackie).

Speaking of Jackie, Malaysia tells Bambi that she invited Jackie to Gloria’s dinner party.  Bambi’s mouth hangs open once Malaysia says this.  She then asks Malaysia “What happened?”  Malaysia explains that things started off really well.  She notes that she was apprehensive about the other women’s reactions to Jackie, but the women, although a little rude at times, seemed to go easier on Jackie than Malaysia anticipated.  Bambi tells Malaysia she is “gangsta” for inviting Jackie to Gloria’s house, and Jackie is “gangsta” for even showing up.

Malaysia explains that she believes in giving people a 2nd chance.  She says she knows she should not care what people think, but when and if Jackie does “bite me in my ass,” she knows she is going to hear a bunch of “I told you so’s.”

Bambi tells Malaysia that she thinks Jackie’s “punishment” is not equal to Jackie’s “crime.”  She says that all Jackie did was talk behind people’s backs, and “Who the f*ck cares?  That’s what bitches DO!”  (I care, and no, we do NOT all do that, Bambi!  That’s “MISS Bitch” to you, by the way.). Bambi says, “I be sayin’ sh*t about bitches and then when I see them, I’m like ‘Hey Boo!!’”  (That made me laugh out loud.  Well, at least Bambi admits that she is two-faced!  I give her a little credit for that.).

Malaysia then tells Bambi that Draya brought her friend, Brooke, to the dinner party.  Once Bambi hears the name “Brooke,” her face immediately looks like thunder.  Malaysia says she met Brooke a LONG time ago.  Bambi tells Malaysia, “I know who you are talking about.  That b*tch is a f*cking HATER!”  (Gee, Bambi, why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel about Brooke.  I know Bambi has basically admitted that she is two-faced, and she strikes me as being all about herself.  Despite those awful qualities, however, I like her because she makes me laugh.  Besides, she cannot be all-bad if she has maintained a friendship with Malaysia all these years.  Malaysia is a good egg, but she does not put up with too much foolishness.  Last season, Laura mistakenly took Malaysia’s soft-spoken, ladylike and kind ways for weakness.  She attempted to fight Malaysia, who calmly took off her earrings and shoes and then whipped Laura’s a*s right there in broad daylight.).

Malaysia interviews that when she mentioned Brooke’s name to Bambi, Bambi immediately raised one of her eyebrows up, and she thought, “What the hell is going on?!?!”

Bambi describes Brooke’s physical features to Malaysia to let Malaysia know that they are talking about the same Brooke.  Malaysia then asks, “So, she KNOWS you?”  Bambi tells Malaysia that she and Brooke do not really know each other, but they have a lot of mutual friends.  Malaysia interviews that she is thinking, “Why haven’t I heard this before?”

Bambi tells Malaysia that Brooke has a problem with HER “because her dude thinks I gotta lotta ‘shimmer,’ and he likes to buy me presents, but we don’t have any issues.”  Bambi says that if Brooke wants to MAKE an issue with her, however, then she can make that happen for Brooke.

Next Week:

Malaysia asks some of the other women if they are telling her that she is being naïve.  Laura tells Malaysia that she thinks it is fine if Jackie (???) comes around, but she should not expect their friendship.  Jackie interviews that her 17th wedding to Doug is going to be the wildest, most out of control and over-the-top wedding they have ever had (These fools get married again EVERY year with different themes each year.  According to Jackie, “If you are busy planning a wedding, you do not have time to plan for a divorce.”).  Jackie and Doug meet with a gay club/bar owner, and Jackie tells him that she wants to make their next wedding a tribute to the gay and lesbian community (Aww, that is sweet, Jackie!  I still think you are NUTS, but I like the sweet gesture.  Doug probably suggested it because he is such a nice guy.).  Gloria is in a dance studio with Draya putting on stilettos.  She explains to Draya that her movie role is that of an assassin who is also a ballerina (Draya has a look on her face like what Gloria is describing sounds like the DUMBEST thing she has ever heard.  That is probably because it IS the dumbest thing Draya has ever heard).  Draya, who is also wearing stilettos, tries to show Gloria how to pole dance (Wait a minute!  I thought Gloria was supposed to play a ballerina/assassin.  What does a pole have to do with ballet?  I don’t get it.).  Draya interviews that Jackie has said that if she did not love Doug so much, “she might be out here in the streets wilding out.”  Jackie gets a new tattoo, while Draya watches.  Jackie looks at her tattoo in the mirror and says, “It’s gorgeous.  He’s going to love it.”  Draya makes a face behind Jackie’s back that indicates that she disagrees with the use of the word “gorgeous” when it comes to Jackie’s tattoo.  She then covers her entire face with both of her hands in horror.



Housewife News by NoMoreDrama

Real Housewife of Miami Castmember Karent Sierri might be in hot water because of Lindsay Lohan.  According to TMZ – the car Lindsay was driving when she reportedly hit a pedestrian yesterday was registered to Karent.  Karent had sold the Porsche a few months ago to a friend of Lindsay Lohan’s – but the registration hasn’t been changed.

The divorce between Adrienne Maloof and Paul Massif keeps getting uglier.  There doesn’t seem to be any pretense that this will be amicable any longer.  According to TMZ – Adrienne has been awarded temporary custody of their three boys, after telling the court that last Thursday Paul picked the kids up from school, and allegedly choked one of them when the boys were kicking each other in the back seat.  She also claimed that he (allegedly) spanked one of the boys and threw him in the corner after the child peed in the bathtub and the boys started fighting.  TMZ is also reporting that the couple’s chef filed a declaration claiming that he saw Paul kick the family dog when it peed in the corner, and a friend of the couple (who is a DEA agent) filed a declaration saying he saw Paul put his hands around the neck of one of the children.  From what I understand filming for S3 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is finished – so at least none of this will make the show.

Aww- Kim Zolciak is on the cover of Life and Style dishing about her baby Kash Kade.


Wow – lots of bloggers today.  Thank you everyone!


Happy Birthday Kristen Johnston (KJo)

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  1. Powell says:

    Food morning everyone. Happy Friday Eve! Lots to read today.

    Happy Birthday Kristen Johnston kjo smartass.

  2. COCFarm says:

    Good morning. Lots to read here this morning.

    I caught an episode I had missed of my and I really really dislike aviva now. Ick.

  3. So so much to read and I didn’t even put Big Brother in – by what a finale! Both Ian and Dan played great games and I tip my hat to them. They knew what needed to be done and did it. I guess at the end of the day Dan just went a little too far for the jury – or didn’t make the same connections with them.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      In season 10, he betrayed a lot of the jury and still they gave him the win. He misread this jury and their emotional bitterness. Also, no one really liked Memphis on his season, so he was sitting next to an easier win. Everyone loved Ian. I really hope Dan didn’t throw that last HOH, because I think he would have totally won against Danielle.

    • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

      NMD as soon as I saw the title of the blog today I was smiling! Yes dumbass Andy indeed.

      Great blogs today, thank you ladies. Detox, those crazy ass women scare the h*ll out of me. The best therapist in the world couldn’t help that jackass Jackie. Wow. So Jackie thought Gloria’s party went well, even after they kicked her ass out & prank called her? Such a scary, mean nasty bunch aren’t they! Oprah tried to help Evelyn, right? I want to see those shows. Oprah’s sure got her work cut out for her, trying to help the women who date/marry/whatever ballers. Maybe she could help the ballers too. Even Oprah can’t fix all these people.

      What is sad is, these shows about Basketball, Football, Baseball – Ballers – and their relationships with women is based on truth. It’s just a world I am glad not to be a part of.

  4. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Wow, great blogs today! Good morning everyone.

    Please tell me Kash Kade is not really Kim Z’s son’s name??!!

    Doesn’t make sense to me if they get rid of Teresa only to bring in Danielle? Who would film with Danielle? I can’t see them getting rid of Teresa, but who knows. Seemed to me that Kim D. is in for next season, when she was on WWHL.

    I’m sad Dan didn’t win Big Brother, but Ian was my 2nd choice so I was at least very happy with the final 2. I hate bitter juries. But Frank winning America’s Fave was a big old WTF for me!

    • Since Ian was the one that sold out Boogie I was good with the win. If he hadn’t told the Quack Pack that Boogie and Frank were doing those ridiculous interviews in the diary room mocking them – I don’t know if the Quack Pack would have turned on them. Dan was a little oblivious back then.

      Exactly – WTF for Frank as fan favorite? Ugh.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        True, true…you made me see the light! I HATE Boogie and Ian was awesome for not only getting rid of him, but telling him in his goodbye message.

  5. LA_Debra says:

    Great Blogs! Thanks everyone for some great work!

  6. RealHousewifeVA says:

    So Melissa did a rag mag cover/story where she bashed her sister-in-law, said on twitter she didn’t get paid one cent for it, then Jac defends her for doing the story…

    Umm…what the hell were they crying about this entire season then!?!?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      And how dumb were they to go crying to Wetpaint – they threw down and now Bravo will have to get rid of some of them because no way will they fire their cash cow! So who will get the pink slips? The Manzo/Lauritas? The Mego Gorgas/Walikes?

      • Birdwoman says:

        my bet is on the Manzos and Lauritas.

        • Powell says:

          Birdwoman I agree. I want the lot of them gone but I’ll take what I can get to be able to start watching again. And if Caroline is gone Kathy will get the puppet strings out of her back that Caroline has been pulling.

          • Chicago Diane says:

            As do I- latest story today is Teresa is already signed, Jac is gone and Caroline is supposedly negotiating on her own show with Andy. If that is true, Andy has stopped reading any outside input and is just blindly signing/hiring/keeping his buddies. The Manzos- and esp Don Caro- have added exactly nothing to the show for two years at least- except for ugliness and negativity- you would think they took lessons from JZ, and that Andy was well aware.

            I think the whole franchise is in serious trouble- Bravo has taken the negativeity, the set-ups, the biased editing, not annoucing they had a biased producer who was fired because of it and making that public as they set it right. If Andy actually thinks they can get away with presenting a version which blames Teresa for setting up stripper gate, he has lost it- and unless her fixes it immediately, he will lost most of the audience. It is one thing to have a point of view- but this has all gone FAR TOO FAR. And if her thinks people are going to buy a Manzo anything, he is really out of it.

            • Powell says:

              If Caroline gets her own show I won’t be watching.

            • Chicago Diane says:

              So Sorry- negativitt. If Andy actually thinks Bravo can get away with presenting a version which blames Teresa for setting up stripper gate, he has lost it- and unless he fixes it immediately, he will lose much of the audience. It is one things to have a point of view and edit using it/showing it. It is something completely different to hire people for the purpose of bringing down a family member while they lie and destroy the family, all for ratings. And if he thinks people are going to watch a show with Caroline as the star, he is really out of it. We could all see that her confrontations with Danielle, in sesaon 2, when she had Danny and guys with guns, was was over the top- while Dina’s was much mroe lady like and appropriate. It was all about proving how special Caroline was- the wise defendeor of what is right. But the last two season have shown she is egotistical, arrogant, thinks she can sell her lies while spoiling her kids and get support, and is always right- while she completley sold out a “friend who is family and thick as thieves” to a lying group who set out to hurt someone.
              I do not respect Juicy on any level and think he and Teresa- whether or not she knew what he did at first- are anything but complete lying people who belong in jail, but Andy went way too far when he hired a sister and brother to “destroy” them- for ratings- and then spent two seasons trying to get them fired.

              Bravo played it fast and loose by keeping Kelly after Scary Island, hiring Traylor and Russ and then keeping Traylor aftyer the suicide, , keeping JZ , keeping Kim, Marla, Camille, etc, etc- but this last two seasons on NJ have been disgusting and wrong- and their setups and manipulations are public knowledge, visible, and obnoxious- and Me and JoGO’s lies , lack of talent, and lack of integrity (along with Kathy and utterly obnoxious Rich) have made all of us feel like fools and being used. Enough. Now it is clear how much they hire people to go after them, setting them up and laughing at them.

              Add to that the fact that the seasons of NJ and NY this year could each have been reduced to three of four episodes, and it is clear Bravo has no idea what to do with the franchise, and is desperate. How else do we explain all the empty episodes without any real action on both shows, most of the season, and no activlty of NJ shooting for a year. Andy knew he could not shoot any more of NJ after all the nonses, and lack of substance, in late Season three and into four on NJ– and there is nowhere to go with it.

              Danielle may be a good addtion for one or two episdoes to share all that Melissa has pulled, but there is no story line that anyone would find meaningful for her -or that she could carry, after her profound fall from grace and display of desperation, and while Dina’s appearance would bring a real voice to the Manzo family destruction, and many would be thrilled to see the truth about Caroline’s family be exposed after all her nonsense, it is a story about the destruction of another family- and Andy won’t do it to the Caroline he supports beyond reason. And if he did, it would cover four episodes- maybe six, depending on how much of the family would be included. But it won’t get attention for a season-there has been too much of this already.
              Bravo needs another approach to the franchise- and I hoped they were starting with NY-that certainly is not the case, when Aviva’s nonsense gets five episodes of attention.


              • Called A Princess says:

                Well, I think that Andy Cohen is a megalomaniac with most of the issues surrounding power. He has decided that he can do no wrong. Caroline is like his big sister in crime. She thinks she can do no wrong either, or the wrong she does, really does not matter. A false sense of entitlement any way you look at these two characters. When Andy uses a network to punish and discredit one of his top earning stars, he really does show that he has very little balance, in his judgement, concerning the welfare of others, including small children and the American family. JMHO.

  7. mrs peabody says:

    I’d really like to know what set Adiva off in the first place against Ramona. Exactly what had Ramona done to her that has gotten her so crazy. I want to know what happened before the trip to St Barths that has made her so mad at Ramona. Was it something in Miami (or where ever in Florida) that I missed. I must have missed something because I thought they were getting along fine until this trip. Then I thought well based on how she reacted over what I saw as nothing (I thought they welcomed her and Reid just fine) maybe Ramona forgot to pick up after herself in Florida and that is the reason for all the hate. I think the whole mess in St B’s was started by LuLu anyway. I think Adiva either was told by lulu of the conversation ahead of time and she came looking for a fight or lulu told her after she got there and because she was upset about no banner or party thrown by ramonja this p*ssed her off even more. That was just to extreme of a reaction for basically nothing. The woman has some deep anger issues and even in her dinner with sonja she really didn’t seem like she could let it go. She’s like a pit bull. I’m curious to know where she got her info that Ramona is crazy and mean at anyway, she who shall not be mentioned?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Why the Countess of course! And JZ says she is “friends” with Aviva…. The only thing Ramona did was be too honest with the crazy one – but who knows that could have been enough.

      • mrs peabody says:

        JZ was my choice. I’m was going to say she probably left the toilet seat up and Adiva flipped out and hates her forever for that. She either sat down not knowing it was up and fell in. Or maybe she forgot to up the seat up and poor Reid had to lift it, poor Reid he just can’t get a break with these ladies, they are so mean to him. Well time to get ready for work….back tonight. Have a good days people

        • Aviva is pissed at Ramona for being such good friends with Harry… remember at dinner in Miami , Ramona shut the convo down about Harry then proceeded to instruct the staff to skip salads and serve the main course…
          Something weird about that whole George “chicklet” Teichner and the Dubin connection..I almost think Aviva was married ” off ” to Harry Dubin…winks


          • T-Rex says:

            Plust STDS slept with Harry while he was still married to Adiva and still keeps in good contact with him as well, although I would be pretty pissed at the woman who slept with my husband too, but apparently you can’t swing a dead cat in Manhattan and not hit someone that hasn’t slept with Harry man truly got around from what has been published.

            • Powell says:

              Oh T-Rex you just don’t know how you’ve got me laughing at that! 🙂

              • Called A Princess says:

                My theory is that outside of the edit that Adiva made an alliance with Sonja and Ramona and that at some point, maybe over the no show, at the charity event, Adiva felt some sort of betrayal. Now, everything they do, in her eyes looks like another betrayal. She should be bright enough to know that the world is full of people that say one thing and do another. Her whole thing seems to be about being protected and I feel that she has to know that being on a Bravo reality show is not the place to expect any kind of protection, particularly from someone that she knows has slept with her now, ex husband. The reunion will be interesting at the least. JMHO.

    • mrs peabody says:

      also forgot to say, good blog and if dumbass fires Teresa I’m done with NJ. There is no way I’ll support or watch his dumbass friends who are left. Beside I thought Caroline and Jacq were leaving anyway. I’m not the least interested in the Snake and the Saint or their rediculious husbands

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        Jac wanted to leave, I believe she even told Lynn that. Now I think she needs the money and is afraid to be let go, so she brought out her son’s autism to gain sympathy from Andy and Bravo. Just my opinion.

      • chismosa says:

        i still think Caro has to stay for her kids’ sakes. They have zilch going on in their lives apart from this show, despite their many attempts at new businesses and restaurant franchises and black liquids. Probably a storyline of Prince Albie breaking up with faux girlfriend, etc…
        I think Lauren will want to show off her new body too, so she’ll persuade mommy to let her stay on. Though who knows if Caro will listen to that “asshole.”

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Caroline boxed herself into a corner with her I’m Done strategy with no hope of a reconciliation with the franchise golden girl. With the rumors of downsizing and getting an apartment in Hoboken (LaurenLapband recently tweeted a picture from an apartment with a view of NYC so maybe she is moving there too ), I am hopefully they are gone from Franklin Lakes and the show.

        • Powell says:

          chisoma I think if Caroline left her kids would probably grow as adults. She’s holding their hands like It’s their first day crossing the street to go to school.

    • She did say that Ramona only wanted to party in Miami and wasn’t a great guest – plus there was the missing her charity event thing. I think it was a lot of things that built up. I would have found Ramonja’s behavior tiring but they were out to make an entertaining show – and that’s what it is all about in the end. It’s not like these people would go on vacation otherwise. And nothing excuses Aviva’s over the top reaction in St Barths where she ruined the trip for everyone.

      • chismosa says:

        Yes but isn’t Aviva on this anti Ramona swing right now, so of course she’s going to say all Ramona wanted to do in Miami is party. Because it’s so rare to go to Miami for a few days and actually have fun!?! The nerve of Ramona.
        The charity thing i get. Aviva looks like the kind to hold grudges forever and ever.

        • chismosa says:

          oh i should have added, also Miami is where the true disgusting-ness of Aviva’s father was showcased to the world. So of course Aviva wants to throw some blame on Ramona for a bad Miami trip.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Ramona gave AvivAdiva a check for her charity at that dress down lunch!

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I’m not a fan of Ramona so I don’t blame people if they don’t like her antics or whatever, but the way Aviva behaved is inexcusable as well. She acts like the school principal, dictating to everyone how to behave.

    • Eastbayca says:

      I think she was expecting Ramona to pay the same attention she did in Miami…..remember when Aviva forgot her swimming leg and Ramona was all worried about her getting her whatever leg she had wet.

    • Orson says:

      I think whatever it was, it happened between the time Adiva and Reid got off the airplane in bright daylight and arrived at the rented house in full night. I won’t be buggered to look it up, but how long can it take to clear customs and drive from the airfield to the rental? How big is the freakin’ island, anyway?

    • T-Rex says:

      Adiva(love that we know STDS and Coaster read this blog still), hates STDS(SonjaTheDrunkenSlut) and Coaster because they backed out of attending her charity gig with excuses that Adiva didn’t think were worthy. STDS was definitely worthy her dog got sick and she was afraid he was dying but Coaster didn’t go because STDS bailed out, so no excuse there and Adiva is going to make them pay again and again for that, not good Adiva. Then she gets to St. Barts and they aren’t “fawning” all over her coming down there, and bowing to St. ReidyBoy for bringing her, bad move again. Then being around 2 drunk old ladies, one of whom is “sans” apparel half the time was probably a bit nauseating so it just made Adiva attack them further(projecting some mommy issues we think since her mother was a drunk). Then said Drunks can’t remember anything said so Adiva pounces on this like a hungry cat on a fat mouse and just keeps repeating herself. Oh, then Adiva did the unthinkable she took direction from THELUNATIC who was fired, but kept in contact with at least one dumbass HW so she could still try to manipulate the actions, well she has probably manipulated Adiva right off the show, I don’t see her making the cut for next season, but who knows what rolls around in Andy’s mind.

      • Eastbayca says:

        Per Carole who saw Ramona the day after the Aviva’s charity event….she said Ramona’s face looked resembled a pizza. I surely won’t want to be on camera with a pizza face!

        • T-Rex says:

          From what I heard from peeps is that Coaster scheduled the appt well after being notified of the Charity event, Coaster has had this procedure done numerous times and knows what her face will look like, it was an EXCUSE not to show up since it didn’t involve a red-carpet and booze.

          • chismosa says:

            Ramona works also, all day, unlike most of the other ladies. I don’t know about her scheduling of these appointments. Things happen with procedures at times that you can’t control.

          • Austin says:

            No one is obligated to go to anyone’s event. I’m sure Ramona has her own charities and and she did give Adiva a check (it was a fundraiser, so kind of the whole point ultimately). Adiva could have been a bit miffed and maybe decide to beg off one of Ramona’s events, but she was way out of line to make a huge federal case out of it and lecture Ramona and Sonja as if they have to answer to her for *anything*. She acted like they ran over her leg. . . I mean dog. She’s nutz.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Funny, Austin. and good point!!!

            • T-Rex says:

              Look I agree that Adiva is definitely rolling on the crazy train, but Coaster has been doing this show LONG enough to know the score when it comes to the “made for TV” charity events, every housewife does one to say look we really aren’t this shallow, we have charities too, bottom line they didn’t want to go and made up excuses for it should have just said they didn’t want to go.

              • Chicago Diane says:

                Great points and I do suspect JZ has been giving input to both Heather(early in the season when she went after Ramona) and Aviva. I see her differently -there have been suggestions that Aviva has never been involved in charity work before she joined the show, and her reaction to their absence suggested to me that she thought, if she invited them, it was their obligation to attend. Her lack of acceptance of nay other point of view, or the importance to anyone else of anything other than her priorities, was a perfect example of it. Of course the world does not revolve around her, much as she doesn’t understand that, it seemed to me she was showing how much she believes that anythign she says/does is something everyone should simply do. It also appeared to m e that, given the time lapse from their airport arrival to their house arrival, they had plenty of itme to be fed someone’s version of history- and who had what issues.
                She turned to Ramona with the answers to her question already determined- and didn’t give her a chance to answer. Whether set up by Bravo or LUann, etc- someone had set the stage, and she just believes whatever she says, must be done . She reminds me of a boss I used to know who was wealthy and demanded that everyone jump as he spoke- and seems to believe that her will is enough to make anything happen. She seems to have no social skills, unrealistic expectations about her own importance, and is used to having people jump when she says so. Aviva hasn’t lived in the real world much, has she? When her parents bought her a Jamaica house so she didn’t have to deal with beach experiences, she clearly had a world which revolved around her- and led her to believe that is how it works.

    • mkvalle says:

      Please don’t compare pit bulls to Aviva. Pit Bulls are loving, loyal companions who’s only mission in life is to please their humans. Aviva has none of those qualities.

      • mkvalle says:

        Ooops, this is a response to mrs peabody’s post. Kind of went haywire here.

        On another note, I’m watching Robert Blake on Dr Phil…he’s showing us his apartment, I believe he is mentally ill.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        awwww, that’s sweet. Pits get a bad rap as it is…comparing them to Aviva is going just a tad too far!!

      • T-Rex says:

        I like my new saying a “hungry cat on a fat mouse” of course teh “mouse” groups will come after me for that one probably, HA!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Well, I didn’t even give you time to blink but…”Mice and rats are complex, unique beings with the capacity to experience a wide range of emotions. As highly intelligent as our canine friends, they’re natural students who excel at learning and understanding concepts.”

    • Called A Princess says:

      Mrs. Peabody, there is also talk about a conversation that the Adiva and her husband had with Mario off camera having to do with going to St. Barfs, and that Mario declined to go because he said it was a set up for Bravo conflicted. It sounds to me like Bravo wanted to stir the pot, by getting Adiva/Reid to the island and with the help of LuLu, cause a casino. JMHO.

  8. That was a great Survivor intro. What a fool that guy who got voted off was. Heh. I’m really rooting for Lisa but I don’t think she’ll be on long. It was so cute how star crossed Mike was about her. My hubs kept saying – who is she – am I supposed to know her? Then I remembered he didn’t have a TV growing up.

    • T-Rex says:

      I loved the first show, Moron move number one made on the very first show, WTG Zane, have you never watched a Survivor show dude, wow! Can’t get any better than that, which means we are probably in store for another epic fail of a move later in the game. I read an interview and Lisa said that she didn’t have it in her for all the lying and backstabbing, so pretty sure she isn’t going to make it even to the merge, but who knows, stranger things have happened.

      • Powell says:

        That’s w/all the reality shows. When someone does something crazy it’s liked “haven’t you watched before”. All of these shows gave been on to long for people to make amateurish moves.

        • T-Rex says:

          Hey when have you ever remembered the first one sent home on survivor, can’t think of a one, I will now, Zane will forever be remembered as “you remember that moron that asked to be sent home at first tribal council cause he thought his tribe would vote to keep him”, HA!

    • Stars99 says:

      I am SOOOOOO glad that someone actually recognized her – and had the good sense to talk to her about it before saying anything. I doubt she will be there long, either – unless she can really, really do puzzles… I love how all these Survivors try so hard to make a move that “has never been done before on Surrivor.” It makes me laff. I loved the accident prone guy when he was on the first time – and it COMPLETELY changed the game when he got hurt. Great recap, Mel – I cackle in your general direction.

    • Powell says:

      It was. I Didn’t watch it all but its off to a great start.

    • melthehound says:

      I would like to see Lisa last on the show but I’m not getting the impression she will. Truthfully, at first glance, if I didn’t know that was her (Blair), I wouldn’t have recognized her either. I’ve never been very good with face recognition though when there’s a 30 year gap in seeing them.

  9. Lulu says:

    Good Morning!! I’m enjoying the read thanks for the witty blogs!

    I highly doubt Tre would be fired for the following reasons:

    1. Caroline Manzo plus etc are just not that interesting to watch. When the manzo boys/girl are on that is my cue to catch up on dishes, laundry, etc.
    2. Jaq is annoying!!!!! Everything and ANYTHING becomes this epic DRAMA!! I swear if you were to walk down the street and glance at her the wrong way. Her entire day would be ruined! We would hear about it for years!
    3. Kathy and Jeff goldblum BORING!! They bring nothing to the table.
    4. Pitch perfect Melissa and tarzan— Joe may think it’s hysterical to refer to himself as tarzan. Majority of the viewers are real HW’s. No one CARES!!! Seriously! He is not funny. Melissa’s story line only consists of hating Tre, or molesting her!

    It’s time for a recast.

    Today poor Andy is taping the NY reunion. Hope he doesn’t get smacked in the head by Adiva’s faux leg! I hope she goes just like what’s all of their names??? Keep Heather though.

    • Eastbayca says:

      We can only hope Andy remembered a red carpet and a banner welcoming Adiva.

      • chismosa says:

        ha! Wouldn’t it be great if Andy actually says something like ‘i was planning a party for you Aviva cause i know you like that….’
        He wasn’t so in love with her when she was on WWH so maybe she’s not his fave.

      • Powell says:

        I just tweeted Andy to tweet us a pic of the red carpet and banner he has especially made for Aviva. I added her in the tweet too.

    • chismosa says:

      i can’t stand Jacqueline but more for her look right now. I want to a) take the implants out (Iike many have said here, they add 20 lbs to her frame), b) give her a whole new post-1995 makeup lesson, and c) chop 8 inches off her hair. She needs a nice sleek bob but angled correctly for her long face. This is annoying me moreso than any of her drama lately. The same way Lauren’s nasally voice is getting to me.

      What is with these celeb-women being so insecure so they have to hide behind 20 inches of hair! The Kardashians, Giuliana Rancic, Kim Z. and most housewives, ughhh i can’t stand it! You look so insecure and trashy. It’s one thing if they have nice hair, which i do say Teresa has nice hair (because I have her exact hair. ;)), so minus the forehead issues i do like her hair as it is. Maybe in a few years, chop a few inches off.

      Jacqueline! Welcome to the look of the 2000s! Please, enter….

      • Contessa says:

        I totally agree with the long hair bit, some of these women would look much better with a layered look (softer) or a really nice bob as you suggest.

        Jaqueline looks like a box because of her figure, I agree boob implants are too big, and I am getting tired of her incessant thoughts on her body. Dress well and chop off that hair and you will look better Jaq. Lesson her – Doncaro looked better with layered hair (when it was washed and styled), now she is growing it out and it looks AWFUL, drags down her face big time. However I think when one is ugly on the inside, it tends to come on the outside as well.

      • Lulu says:

        Porn star hair. They have a misconception that big hair equates being a sexy woman. Kim Kardashian looks like Chewbaca to me too much hair for that head. Jaq looks like she’s stuck in the 80’s with the way she styles her hair. Tamra learned hair 101 from her pole days and stuck with it. I completely agree with a nice cut to match your head and frame.

      • Powell says:

        Chisoma ITA about Jacs look. If she did exactly what you suggest she would look lighter and fresher but I think her look is supposed to ne the NJ look. No offense.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Oh I agree with you about long hair on older women. The Kardashians are young enough to keep the long hair look. I think it’s pretty. Kathy’s is too long, too. Jac, right on you’re right. Lauren is young enough. Giuliana, right I agree – too long. Kim Z….ughhhhhh! But she requested a wedding dress with “side boob”. I’m torn with Mel…too long? Maybe a better framing of her face to deal with her forehead issues? My son calls those five heads (you know too big to be called a four head?) Maybe bangs would only emphasize the five head. Where as poor Teresa has a 2head? Too small to be called a ” four”head – – -I am just making a joke to all those who are gasping at my cruel forehead humor. Let me apologize now. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry! (never mind that I was one of the people defending pitbulls and mice) 🙂

        • T-Rex says:

          Hey now, first you defend a fat mouse that clearly a hungry cat would really want to eat, because even if the mouse had the best social skills of his pack, flat out, the other mice were faster and well survival of the fittest. Now you are bashing women of a certain age and hair length, hmphhhh. I am of a “certain” age you young whipper-snapper and I will have you know that I look nice with long hair. I look much younger for my age, and don’t gob on the makeup, and my hair is not jackeduptojesus either. I always had short hair, then about 4 years ago decided to grow it out and went to chop it off this summer and my husband and the guys I work with were like NOOOOOOOO it’s better long(I only work with 2 other women and they didn’t have any input for me). Lainey you know I still love ya!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Oh whew!!! I was worried that you might have a five-head or a two-head. You have long hair? How long is it? Do you wear it in a pony-tail everyday (please tell me no) – – it is just my own personal thing, my darling T-rex!! Don’t take me seriously, besides it’s just my opinion. If you have long hair and you look purdy and you feel good in it….then you go, girl!! My mom was a hairdresser and she had strict rules about long hair being for the young (under 30 or a little over 30 if you’re tall – which I am not). Oh and I am no whipper snapper AT ALLLLL, but I cover my gray and keep my hair in a shob (half bob/half shag) it’s kinda like a generic dance moms, ‘do. Party in the front (shoulder length), business in the back (neatly stacked) You know? Also, something else I’m weird about is EYEBROWS, I always notice them. I’ll be talking to someone and say “your eyebrows look nice” and they’ll say…”weird, I just got them done and NO ONE ever mentions my eyebrows except you.” haha!!! If you have blonde eyebrows, I like to see them filled in ever so slightly, if you were blessed with bushy caterpillars (like mine),then keep them trimmed, shaped, plucked and short. If I put that much energy into my fitness, I could be the next Mrs. America. But no….. cause I also love to eat. My coWorker (and one of my closest friends) keeps her curly hair long long long and gray and wears it in a ponytail everyday. I love her to pieces, and I’ve never said ANYTHING to her, but I WOULD love to bring her to my wonderful hairdresser and colorist and have them do some magic on her. But I would never say anything, she’s a super nice lady and I would never want to hurt her. Just as I would never intentionally hurt you or anyone else here. Know that. 😉

            • LaineyLainey says:

              You rock your long locks, T-Rex!!!!! luv u 2, btw.

            • T-Rex says:

              I very rarely wear in a pony tail, and that’s when we are in the woods and usually it’s a low off to the side pony tail. I have a huge forehead and have bangs, and recently got some Keratin stuff so my frizzy curly hair is now straight, the guys at work were floored the day I came in with the new doo, my hubby absolutely loves it. I have thick hair but not that REALLY thick stuff. I am going to rock my long hair for as long as I can then it will go back to the short style, and maybe let it go grey. My greys are really nice, but unfortunately only come in on the top of my head, the sides the back elsewhere, no grey and while I do think Skunks are cute, don’t really want to look like one.

              • Powell says:

                You did the OTC keratin treatment right? Not the gas mask wearing $350 treatment.

                • T-Rex says:

                  oy vey! would never spend 350 on my hair, spent 20 bucks(amazon I can get 14 bucks) on a spray treatment, Mr Tee-rex would be muy irritated if I did spend that on my hair no matter how good it looks.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                I thought you should know Karma is alive and well,…my hair looked like crap today even after I did the usual washin, productin’, blow dryin, flat ironin,,… eeeek!!! I actually thought …”that’s what you get for gettin’ on T-rex for her long hair.” LOLOLOL!! Oh well, it feels soft – – it’s poppin’ wheelies but it’s soft. And I’m home. Bday party later will have to try to tame the whirlie curlie cues later. hahaha!!

    • Powell says:

      lulu I want a whole new cast.

      • Chicago Diane says:

        I’m with you Powell-

        Something just dawned on me- remember the whole cover story about Juicy and Teresa having a re-commitment ceremony, with a wedding gown, a big mansion, horse-drawn carriage, bridesmaid gowns for the girls, etc? There was a long discussion about how expensive the gown was, etc- yet it never appeared- and instead, we get a chopped- together phone call which purportedly shows Juicy cheating on T– interesting to see how far Bravo has gone to pretend to cover stories the women made up/ yet fail to include them if they don’t suit the editorial story of how the group is breaking up, because T is so evil , isn’t it? That was one very expensive exercise to end up on the cutting room floor- makes you wonder who many others like that appear each season- it must be scary to the women to have to wait to see how they are portrayed – clearly, Aviva was sure she got the good edit, and has had to recant everythign she said before, in the past few weeks- I have often, thought about how frustrating it must be to be one of the “stars, know where you think the season is going covering you, and then find you get the bad edit–!!

  10. Kansas Girl says:

    Happy birthday KJo! You’ll find your cake in Jeff Lewis’ bedside drawer. You know, the one Zoila cleaned out for the camera. LOL!

  11. Kansas Girl says:

    Tomas gave Lulu a “ride home”. Sure. Sure he did. We’ll call it that from now on. “Ride home”

  12. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday KJo! Great blog. Andy would be a fool to fire Teresa. As far as I am concerned the Manzo’s are boring. Can you imagine Danielle and Dina coming back to film? Dina’s and Caroline family dispute would be front and center and I would watch for sure.

  13. Cusi77 says:

    Great Blogs today everyone! Thank you so much!
    NMD_ I love your Jackhole to dumbass!

    Happy Birthday Kristen Johnston! All the happiness in the world!

    I liked that Ian won BB!

    If it is true that Teresa will be fired… what a snooze fest RHONJ will be! What the Manzo’s, Laurita’s, Gorga’s and “whatshername” will bring to the show?

    RamonaCoaster_ Love your comments on the Blogs, thanks for the laughs!

    MeltheHound_ Good job, amigo! Great recap!

  14. chismosa says:

    just some replies from yesterday’s blog, if you’ll allow me:

    @ Mel– where are pre-release reviews for Caroline’s book? When was this released– does anyone know? Was there a formal announcement from the publisher of this book ? Sorry i had not caught this. Thanks so much….

    @Lainey Lainey & C.A.P.– just to clarify what i was saying regarding the now infamous adjective “NYT bestseller list”, the prestige associated with being on the NYT bestselling list is absolutely NOT what it was 10-20 years ago. It just is not. Books are written, as reality shows are given nowadays, by any and all people. Nonfiction is just not what it was.
    Huge lines to see somebody at a book signing are just what that is– they are to glimpse ***famous*** personalities for being on a tv show/ movie/ wrapped in a scandal, etc. Absolutely there are going to be lines to see these people! I have worked with authors at their signings and through the years can tell you things have devolved so much, add to that having to move away from the actual stores of Barnes and Noble and Borders at many times. Because of subjects of these ‘authors’ — you have to go to where each particular book fits- i.e. Bethenny at a liquor store, Luann at some ridiculous etiquette class at Bloomingdale’s or whatever, Snookie at a leopard furniture and hairspray convention… Books are not ‘books’ anymore. Everyday i get so sad over this.

    I am not belittling writing a book (well, when you yourself can actually write one– not a ‘with’ or via ghostwriter)– i went into trade publishing for my LOVE and respect of writers and books and since i majored in English Lit. I am saying that to be on that ‘list’ is a cop-out name-drop in a way, as it is just not noteworthy anymore. (Just like many think the NYTimes is not exceptional because of errors in recent years.) What is at times noteworthy is staying weeks and weeks and weeks, say, >>52 weeks at least on ‘the list’ and actually writing something substantial and not just recycled information. I am not saying any of the above for my hatred of Teresa (as Princess thought i was), that is making my explanation very limited. I do loathe her and not because of editing- but I am saying this as it applies to any and all reality stars, personalities, ‘home’ cooks, and Joe Shmoe’s who are with pen in hand.

    Just to be clear. My love of books is undying so i am very into this 😉

    ~~~~PS if anyone wants a good book and has not read it yet, Gone Girl was my book of summer. Excellent! Thriller and the best i’ve read in years. Ending was terrible though, imo.

    • JustDee says:

      chismosa – there weren’t “reviews” of Carolines book. It doesn’t come out until next March. But on the Amazon page, people have been tagging it and there’s NOTHING nice.

      Do you know about the Book Chat Page here? Please join us!

      • chismosa says:

        oh thanks JustDee, i’m on amazon almost every day and never knew people ‘discussed’ books pre-release date. um, hello i need to wake up. How did i not know this? Well, it’s fun to see those comments, — well, things can be manipulated as all comments seem to be online these days having to do with Bravo, but i hope Andy & co. see this and send her and the ‘kids’ on their way. New cast please!

        That is hysterical… i just laughed out loud when i saw the title. She looks good- if they keep that cover. The boots distract me a little.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Gone Girl is next on my list, Chismosa.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      the NYT bestselling list is absolutely NOT what it was 10-20 years ago.
      Soooo true. And when that started, I’m not sure.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        When oprah started her book club?

        • Sam says:

          No, the list has been around since the 1950s, although it didn’t always have its current categories.

          • Sam says:

            But now I’m thinking maybe you meant that the Oprah period was when you believe the list went downhill?

          • LaineyLainey says:

            LOL, yes, Sam it was just ‘tongue in cheek’ and yes, i was suggesting perhaps that’s when the NYT Bestsellers’ list started going downhill. I see that you recognized that, below.

      • Sam says:

        I don’t want to sound like a braggart — but I’ve had several books published, and to me the NYT bestsellers list is still a big deal.

        • Oh wow Sam. What kind of books? Maybe something that the book club would read? 😀

          • Sam says:

            I’ve been a writer for over 30 years; my early books (no longer in print) were romance novels, then I got into writing nonfiction for kids, then nonfiction for adults, and now I’m back to fiction again (although I still write nonfiction too), currently working on a sci-fi novel for teens involving time travel (and of course some romance!). My nonfiction is pretty varied, but I mostly do things related to history, crime, world events, and the paranormal.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Sam, to me, the fact that you’ve had several books published is super impressive to me, too!! I KNOW A LOT OF WORK went into making that happen. congrats!!! Being on the NYT bestseller’s list, I believe (even if it has lost it’s luster to some), WOULD be a big deal to me, someone who doesn’t write. I didn’t know if I was being a simpleton for my admiration of it. Glad to hear that a published author still sees value in it.

        • Ça va says:

          I don’t want to sound like a braggart, but I’ve read several published books (sorry, couldn’t resist being silly) and now I’m wondering if one of them was yours! Tell us all!

          • Sam says:

            LOL, Ca va! I told about my own books above, but since you’re a big reader, now you get to tell me about what you like to read! (I’m a big reader too, and I’m currently absorbed in the newest Philippa Gregory novel that’s part of her historical fiction series on the War of the Roses, which she calls the Cousins’ War.)

            • disgrazia4 says:

              I love her depiction of Queen Isabella’s daughter, Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s first wife. I liked it more than Weir, who I also enjoyed reading.

              • Called A Princess says:

                I does not surprise me that the NYC bestsellers list is not reliable. That being said, I do think that the shine can not be completely taken away from Teresa Guidice compared to the others in the housewife franchise. Her value as a pop creature can not completely be diminished do to a faulty newspaper list. Lemonade into lemons. She could choose to not want to be close to her fan or to be rude to them. She has chosen a more productive path. IMO.

            • Ça va says:

              When I was younger I used to read romance novels and historical fiction. Mostly read bios and history now. Enjoy researching Hollywood history. Currently brushing up on French history.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      chimosa-there is a BOOK CHAT at the top of the page-stop by there and check it out. Lots of great recommendation.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Even with your clarificaton, Chisomosa – I still find it impressive to make it onto a bestsellers list. Maybe If I had accomplished the same, I’d be less impressed by it, but I haven’t, so I am. Maybe it’s not a big deal to run a mile. But I haven’t been able to do that in many years. So I’m impressed by that and other accomplishments that have elude me. It’s never too late, I guess!!! I think I have a book in me….!!!! Or a mile!! And if it is that easy… you never know, people, I could be next!!!!!! yeeee-hawwwww! (I wish.)

      • LaineyLainey says:

        have elude, should have been just “elude”

      • Sam says:

        Yes, it’s never too late, and you probably do have a book in you. I used to teach a book-writing course, and some of my students got books published after years of thinking they’d never been able to do this. So I say: go for it!!!!!

    • melthehound says:

      Not that it’s going to matter but my comment was “Have you Seen the pre-release comments for Manzo’s book? ”

      JD has provided the answer to your question.

  15. JustDee says:

    Great blog everyone! Thanks!

    “I called Jacques from St. Barths the day after I got a ride home from Tomas and explained everything……………”

    Really Lulu?!? We SAW you calling Jacques the next day and telling him All About your ITALIAN FRIENDS!

    • T-Rex says:

      Yeppers, glad you published that I was going to point that out as well. She didn’t mention Tomas at all to him, just said that she met some Italian friends and they came back to the Villa for a while. What we did see when she talked of Tomas was her covering her ass in French to her “Italian” friends so that they don’t spill the beans about Tomas taking a private tour of her bedroom.

    • chismosa says:

      i really think for now on ‘get a ride home’ should mean. yada yada yada.. went home with someone and got freaky. i’m going to start using it.

      • EllaMinnowPea says:

        Plus, I thought that next morning Ramona said something about having left the car for LuLu to which LuLu replied, “Thank god you did,” or something like that. I’ll have to see if I can go back and watch that episode. But if the girls did leave the car or send the car back for LuLu why did she need to get a ride home from Johnny Depp?

        And speaking of Johnny Depp, it had me thinking that as many times as LuLu mentioned Tomas’ resemblence to JD, maybe she and Jaques have “free pass” celebrity list (you know, it’s ok to cheat if it’s with one of these particular celebs on your list). Maybe LuLu expanded her list to include dopplegangers. 🙂

        • Ça va says:

          She used the car to return home and then got a ride from JD. 🙂

        • Powell says:

          Yeah Ramona did say that. Hey EMP you’ve got me thinking. Way did she “need a car” if she was w/her “Italian Friends” too? They would have their own car right?

      • LaineyLainey says:

        weeee weee weeee ALL THE WAY HOME!!!!

  16. disgrazia4 says:

    WOO HOO!!!!! I’m standing up and cheering wildly for the NMD’s excellent argument!! I don’t believe the rumor that they would bring Danielle back anyway. The Red Queen would not have it!!. There is one thing, though, that I’m not clear on(Yeah right, just one, LOL), Are the Bravo ass. producers ,2 of them, still working on the show?? They need to be gone.

    BTW, YES Andy Cohen sucks and for an abundance of reasons, not the least of which is stated above.

  17. Stars99 says:

    Once upon a time, there was a saintly, innocent little Stars who brought light and life everywhere she went. When finding out that someone was sad or mad, she sprinkled a lil stardust over their heads to make them feel better. Over and over again, she heroically and selflessly threw herself under the trajectory of falling stars, thus cushioning their fall. Her favorite candy was even Starbursts and Milky Way bars. One day, our favorite lil Star fielded an innocent phone call from a very good friend. Unfortunately, at the time, she had been chatting in a room full of mockers who attempted to sully her otherwise stellar name by actually inferring she was doing something unsavory on the phone. They even had the audacity and unmitigated gall to change their names in a futile attempt to hide their identities and to cover-up their certain guilt. They took our innocent lil Stars name in vain, by using the following names: Starsbootycall99, Stars 10 Boobs, Stars 4th Boob, Stars666, Stars Chicka Boom Boom 99, Stars Bootyful, Stars Booty Call, Stars Goathead99, Gigolohound, The Real Stars Rebecca, Porn Stars99, and yes, StarsTheBeagle. Our poor, lil despondent Stars, got so confused in this sea of stars that she developed an identity crisis and aimlessly walked the streets all night, all alone. Rumor has it that she was so embarrassed that in the morning, she followed the next shooting star to a galaxy far, far away. But fret not – I hear she’s learning all about light sabers from a young, hot Jedi knight. She will be back. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

  18. chismosa says:

    can someone tell me what FEBUS is and what it has to do with regards to Teresa and Lauren? Someone mentioned it last night with the flashcards situation at the reunion. I don’t know what that means?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      look it up in urban dictionary – it isn’t nice.

      • VV says:

        I remember Chris giving another definition on Twitter. That was ages ago…that was not the Urban Dictionary one. Another lie by the Manzos.

    • T-Rex says:

      Go to UrbanDictionary.com and they list out what a FEBUS is, loads of cuss words in their explanation which is why I am not cutting and pasting it over here. Suffice to say it’s someone who thinks too highly of themselves when in reality they aren’t anywhere near the status they think they are. They treat their co-workers badly, and think everyone is jealous of them. Again, this is my interpretation of the much longer and colorful version at the website

    • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

      check out this definition on urban dictionary


      Albie tweeted #FEBUS but I don’t know what he tweeted. Sad, but Lauren = FEBUS is what I think people meant

    • LaineyLainey says:

      did u look it up yet? What do you think?

  19. lady balls says:

    am watching the hwonj marathon. it’s interesting to see it all again knowing where we’re at today.

  20. VV says:

    I’m with you NMD about Andy Dum Ass. His excuse was he really didn’t know her was so lame. He doesn’t know hardly any if the people his gives the stupid Mazel to. Another lie by Andy.
    I’m actually okay he didn’t do it because his show like most of the shows on his Network is becoming way too trashy. There are exceptions though …

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I suspect he’d have made it sound like a joke, like he does most everything. Or used his “sad face” that’s fake sad. So perhaps it’s for the best that he did nothing.

  21. WindyCityWondering says:

    BB – thank you for the TCM recap!
    Best season ever with wonderful personalities and cooking styles. So happy to see Kerry and Chris in the finals. Chris is a fantastically talented chef and a stand up guy and I want him to win. Kerry has made many interesting dishes but wasn’t a team player when he should have been. I realize many here like Lorena but I didn’t like her one theme cooking (which I believe the judges were tiring of) and it didn’t appear that many of the other chefs admired her either.

    • VV says:

      I agree with the final two. They were the right Chefs to make it to the finals. I’m glad Lorena went far because she was disliked by others for not having enough schooling and experience. Patricia always looked down her and others did too by their body language.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        yes, BB great recap. I love Top chef masters. I wish Lorena had moved on. Like VV said the other chefs didn’t care for her. She is super successful and well known (I love her taco bell salad) and it always seemed she had the Teresa G curse, no one on this cast thought Lorena deserved her success. I would have loved to see her beat CHris (i think that’s his name).

    • mkvalle says:

      I agree with you about Top Chef Masters. I lost all respect for Lorena with her “cantina bowl” at Taco Bell. The dish tastes the same as all the other items on Taco Bell’s menu, all taste the same, just different shaped tortillas or bowls. She sold out. Okay, I am biased because I love Chris, love his restaurant.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        That is so funny, MKV cause I love the cantina bowl!!!!! That does NOT taste like their other stuff, for example, their bean burrito (gag) or their enchirito (WTF??) or their dorito shell taco (honestly, I’ve never tasted those, so I’m lying) … you get the pic.

  22. EllaMinnowPea says:

    Aviva *sigh*.
    First, does anyone else notice that when she’s lecturing to her “friends” she sounds EXACTLY like a mother lecturing a child? So annoying.

    Second, does anyone else wonder how she functioned before she met Reid? I mean seriously, was she a shut-in in her time between Harry and Reid? And did Harry cater to her the way Reid does? Maybe not and that’s why they’re divorced. I mean it’s one thing to be a loving and supportive partner but does he encourage her to get professional help for her issues or does he see himself as the White Knight who’s going to rescue the distressed damsel?

    Finally, is anyone else tired of hearing about her and her issues? At first I thought it was brave of her to go on TV and show the world that one could function and have a full life even with her disability and all her other “issues” but now I’m wondering just how full that life really is and why anyone would want to emulate her.

    • T-Rex says:

      I posted a link about a week ago that was also posted by NMD to an article Adviva gave just before she married Harry Dubin. She was a self-sufficient college, grad school/law school graduate who explained how she was able to become this jetsetting model while having a prosthetic leg. She talked of meeting the fabulous people while she was modeling in France, that she got her first really “good” leg after meeting a doctor in London, her parents bought this huge ass estate for her in Jamaica, also had a beautiful condo in Miami, yadda yadda yadda. These phobias occured when Harry got caught screwing everything that moved, and it got outed to Page6 before she really knew what was going on, so she got blindsided. So in walks ReidyBoy and he is just thrilled to have this gorgeous tall woman on his arm, he “allows” for her to think of him as her prince to her damsel in distress. I.E. Adviva can’t basically stand to let him our of her sight to go to the bathroom in case he meets some random woman and accidentally has sex with her, while on the way back to her. It’s a self-made, self-induced paranoia and she needs to “snap out of it”, but I think Reidyboy likes her this way because she is 1000% dependant on him.

      • Ça va says:

        A couple of things really stood out in that article. One was the strength she showed when dealing with the accident. Hard to believe this is the same woman quoted in the article as saying, “I am just glad that losing my leg is the worst of my troubles.” What happened, indeed! She endured a lot and yet goes into a blind rage because a couple of women overindulge and show some skin? I’m starting to think part of that rage is due to the fact that said women, while not as educated, classy, or refined, as ADD sees herself, have both their legs. How dare white trash have two legs when MissyStickUpHerAss has one! The other is her obsession with beauty and her notion of what constitutes true beauty. The article is a schizoid mess of extreme strength and extreme shallowness.

      • Eastbayca says:

        Hhmmm I read the article…
        How could she have problems with Ramonja after having lived in France for a couple of years and having a pervy dad? It just doesn’t make sense, last time I checked the French love drinking wine at all hours of the day and are very free with their sexuality (forgive the generalization).

      • EllaMinnowPea says:

        Aha! I missed the article but it sounds like it explains a lot. I knew she’d been a model and it’s been driving me crazy all this time about how she was able to fly off to exotic locations with these phobias of hers. Now I know. Thanks for the info! 🙂
        By the way, it sounds like she and Reid are made for each other and it makes me worry about how their kids will fare with a phobia-ridden mother and an enabling father with a Prince Charming complex.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      And dear pervy daddy is going to throw another one out there when he goes after Ramona – AvivaDiva has Panic Attack Disorder…..she should not have been on this show because she isn’t equiped to run with the cheesy, low class, white trash, ill mannered, amoral big girls.

      • T-Rex says:

        Exactly, if she can grow up around all of that inappropriate talk and behaviour from her father, her mother was clearly an alcoholic and then she can wax majestic about her so-called “great” upbringing in an article that clearly shows she was more than okay with herself back in her mid 20’s, yet now in her 40’s she is this driveling, phobia-laden passive-agressive shell of a woman??? C’mon why did you go on this show then? She has watched the show, she then consulted with THELUNATIC and well, that backfired now didn’t it Adviva, can’t see her coming back for another season, don’t think Mizz Andy is all that happy with her either.

    • Powell says:

      EMP Aviva is so lucky and so blessed. She has her leg she was born with and an expensive leg that she/her parents had the money to pay for that is very realistic looking. She’s always lived a great life. Her parents bought a home in Jamaica w/a private beach for her. She was a model, looks great, wears fantastic clothes, shoes, boots. She needs to speak to the ladies on the Push Girls and our soldiers back from Afghanistan. These brave individuals are in wheel chairs, have one leg, no legs, no hands, no arms. These are the people that need red carpets and banners celebrating them. I know what happened to that 6yr old little girl that she was was very traumatic but there is nothing traumatic w/her life now. She doesn’t know tragedy like the people I spoke of do. These are the people she should have been highlighting on the show.

      • EllaMinnowPea says:

        I agree! Every time they talk about her various legs I wonder why nobody mentions the fact that these legs (multiples of them, too!) are akin to driving a $100,000 car. And most people are not fortunate enough to have the really “good” ones.

  23. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Jeff-great Survivor re-cap….I really do not like RC-at all. Just because she works as a banker and wears 6 inch heels annnnnd hail a cab in the rain in NYC does not mean she is going to out-last nor out wit anyone!!!! Really-that Zane…what a rookie mistake-does he not own a TV? Did he never watch Survivor? After all my years of watching this show I feel like I could take down most of these fools in the “social game”. I could never live like that or have the endurance to last, but socially I would kick their asses!!!!

    • melthehound says:

      By the 4th word out of her mouth, RC had worn my last nerve raw. I could probably kill them in a social game too but challenge and living like that, I’d never last. Zane was a fool. Russell was likely going home until he opened his mouth. My guess, he didn’t want to be there.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        If Zane didnt try to outsmart his dumb self Russell would have been gone. I think RC will last a while-maybe till they merge. After that I can see her getting on everyone’s nerves!!!

        • melthehound says:

          I think RC is going to turn into this season’s Alicia. That was a real jackass move on Zane’s part unless, like I said, he Wanted to go home.

  24. klmh says:

    Man Killed on Golf Course

    A foursome of guys was waiting at the men’s tee while a foursome of women was hitting from the women’s tee. The ladies were not rushing and were taking their time.
    When the final lady was ready to hit her ball, she hacked it ten feet. Then she went over and whiffed it completely. Then she hacked it another ten feet and finally hacked it another five feet.

    She looked up at the patiently waiting men and said apologetically, “I guess all those fucking lessons I took over the winter didn’t help.”

    One of the men immediately responded, “Well, there you have it. You should have taken golf lessons instead!”
    He never even had a chance to duck. He was only 63 .

  25. Ça va says:

    O/T but earlier Luann was on some HGTV episode. She introduced herself as Countess Luann! Ha! Didn’t she say she doesn’t refer to herself as Countess? Doesn’t she realize it’s on film or is she really that much of a liar? Or does she, wisely, not bother to listen to herself?

  26. majnon says:

    I read that the new “Top Chef” will start Nov 7th and will be in Seattle! I’m so excited. I grew up there and it will be wonderful seeing local sites.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Hope we see them racing around the Public Market!

      • majnon says:

        Yes, windy, that would be cool. I also wonder if they might venture down to Portland or over to the San Juan Islands. So many beautiful places for them to shoot.

  27. Thanks for all the fantastic blogs everyone.

  28. Powell says:

    Detox bless your heart. Take care of yourself. 🙂

  29. VV says:

    I’m getting Manifesti withdrawals. WHERE IS THE MANIFESTO?!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Somebody cleverly stated that it might be manifestering??? love that. hahahaha!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Give Wacky Jacky a break – she spent yesterday lamenting her diminished eye shadow stock and was busy sending tweets about autism and affirmations. Maybe Caroline didn’t have time to write her rebuttal blog for her. Oh the excuses are endless!

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      VV-she maybe composing the the longest one yet….or she wont post at all!!! What will we do with the MANIFESTO??????

    • Winston says:

      Well if it’s true she has not been asked to return to the show, maybe she has decided not to play along anymore. If she doesn’t write any more blogs then that will basically speak for it’s self.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Oddly enough, I could live with that!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        She might write the “Magna Carta” if they have dismissed her…I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t want to vent!!

        • Winston says:

          I’m sure she’s venting, just not for Bravo. Maybe she wrote a blog and they won’t publish it. It will be interesting to see if she has indeed been let go. I would have fired her after the way she behaved with last year’s reunion no-show and then tweeting about it all. It seems like she pulled a fast one on Bravo.
          And yes, WCW, I could live with that too. Reality TV has not been a good look for Jac.

        • disgrazia4 says:

          either that or she’ll have the longest twitlonger ever!

        • VV says:

          Magna Carta 😆 😆 😆

  30. Ça va says:

    Andy tweeted a photo of the NY reunion set. Love it!

    • T-Rex says:

      I looked on the internet(I don’t tweet) and didn’t see anything does it take more time when you log into the internet to read tweets then I guess the phoen?

      • Ça va says:

        Google BravoAndy on Twitter and that should take you to his timeline. Not sure how it works with a cell phone.

      • Ça va says:

        Luann tweeted:
        31m LuAnn de Lesseps ‏@CountessLuAnn
        Having a dance party to oldies on our lunch break:))
        21m By the way no one has left in a huff yet;)

        • T-Rex says:

          Can’t wait to hear about the seating chart! I figure Carole sits close to Andy, he loves the Coaster so she will be on the other couch on the other side of Andy, my guess is that Adiva is far down the couch and Lu-man has the rear on the other couch with Heather between Carole and Adiva and STDS between Coaster and Lu-man

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Ramona tweeted a pic of her and Sonja-both before and after lunch.
      I sent Luann a tweet about dancing…I asked if the Italians were there…no reply!

    • AZGirl says:

      Its purple and really nice

  31. Ça va says:

    Link: (I left out the www. stuff so as not to cause problems!)

  32. LaineyLainey says:

    Hi Friends of Detox: Here is an update for today – is this number 3? Yeah, i think so. I’ve cut and paste her most recent email and since I’ve been sending her random (meaning not attached to a Detox thread) messages that I run across, I’ve also cut paste responses to some of those messages.

    (9-20-12) “Thanks again for these, Lainey. Please tell AZ Girl and Austin that I will definitely follow their advice. Yesterday, I got back into doing some laundry, washing dishes and cleaning the bathrooms in my Mom’s house while she was asleep. My Dad has turned out to be a “wonderful” nurse (Insert Sarcasm Here). He is an excellent provider, but he can be so damned clueless at times. I guess he figures that his mere presence is somehow going to magically make my Mother and myself feel better. I love my Dad, but like many men, he just does not “get it” at times.

    A co-worker of his called and asked if my Dad could replace him because he wants to attend one of his son’s sporting events. My Dad said “Yes,”. So now he will be going back to work a little earlier, and my Mother is breathing a sigh of relief. LOL. He is now talking about working 1 more year at ConocoPhillips instead of retiring after his 65th birthday on 10/28/12. My Mom is ecstatic that he wants to work another year because it gives her more time, once she is healed, to find things to do once my Dad retires so he won’t be in her face all the time. She often says, “I wish your Father would get a girlfriend that would keep him busy at times. I love the man, but he wears me out at times. I need another woman to take him off my hands every now and then.” LOL

    Maybe she should look into becoming a Mormon and getting a “Sister Wife” (Shrug). :-D”

    Here’s another reply from D: “Thank you so much for that, Disgrazia. I believe in the power of prayer (even though I sometimes feel like my prayers go no higher than the top of my head. So, that is why I appreciate OTHERS really praying for me too. :-D).”

    Here’s another one: “Please tell each and every one of them that I sincerely appreciate their concern. It warms my heart. Please also tell them that I miss them too, and I will be back on the blog typing like a maniac and laughing my head off at some of the comments very soon. I just have some business stuff on which I need to catch up! I am behind on EVERYthing (including reading Lynn’s blog and blog comments. I cannot wait to catch up. I love hearing the commenters’ opinions and perspectives, even if they differ from my own. Some of them really make me think and consider my point of view on certain people and certain things)

    XOXO to ALL of the people below (and everybody else in the LynnFam).-D”

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Wow! That’s fabulous. He’s the orchestra!

      Where’s Nancy? She’ll love this.

    • Stars99 says:

      Yeah, that was pretty awesome… it’s surprising to me that people didn’t just stop and listen… I’m sure there were people behind the camera person… but… wow… I love street performers! = )

  33. VV says:

    OMG!!! Somebody posted a picture of Jac pre Botox etc etc. She doesn’t even look like the same person. I can’t find the article or was it Twitter or FB?

  34. Exit4 says:

    Game Whorgas has quite a breakdown on the Strippergate episode. Analyzing what the women are doing while Angelo approaches the table. While reading through it I realized something.

    Strippergate is the HWs version of the JFK assassination and the 2 finale episodes are its Zapruder Film. Or at the very least, one majic loogie.

    • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

      Time to step away from the over analysis Fame Whorgas….back away s-l-o-w-l-y…..that’s it – a little more – whew!

      Oh look, something shiny over there…..

  35. Winston says:

    Was watching some of the Bravo teasers for next week’s episode and I just can’t get over Aviva. She is still a complete train wreck even when she returns to NY.
    I find it odd that when she talks to both Ramona and Sonja she is denying that she was “acting crazy, that she lost it.” Any word that implies she is not mentally sane, Aviva tries to deflect those definitions and says she was disgusted or she was angry. Her complete denial and not wanting anyone to use such words to describe her seem a bit crazy to me. Why can’t she just own that she was acting crazy, that she did lose it? She would seem a lot healthier mentally.
    Her definition of malicious must be her own made up definition just like white trash. When she is calling Ramona malicious does she not see that she is the one being so malicious. She purposely says Ramona is 56 to try to put her down for her age. Sorry Aviva but Ramona looks better than you and she is 15 years older. Epic Fail! That is the definition of malicious, Aviva! Telling someone they are on a downward spiral is malicious! The only person we have seen act maliciously is Aviva!
    Aviva also did not show up to Ramona’s charity event and instead sends her dad. I think that was a tit for tat move to get even with Ramona for not showing up to Aviva’s charity. The difference is Ramona does not care.

    • Ça va says:

      The hate in ADD’s eyes is scary to behold.

      • Winston says:

        So true. She doesn’t even have to speak, her eyes can do the talking.

      • PJ says:

        I’m sure Ramona kept her sunglasses on because she wanted to keep her distance from Adiva (sort of like body language) but of course Adiva made an issue out of it.

    • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

      lol that was epic. Aviva you are taking on Ramona, who spent many years fighting with Jillz, Luanne, & others on this show! Give it up Aviva. Your sanctimonious “that’s not how I behave” is stupid. Who cares how Ramona & Sonja act together, they were having fun! They didn’t hurt anyone. Get lost Aviva you are a buzzkill.

    • PJ says:

      According to Adiva she was a woman expressing herself…………………heaven help us.

    • dickens says:

      You’re right about her having a problem with the wording. Yet, when she was talking to Sonja, she says herself that she “flipped out.” What’s the difference?

  36. Powell says:

    MTH I don’t blame RC for keeping her career as a Waal Street Banker a secret. For all that has happened on WS in the past 10yrs I would’nt be surprised if she got the side eye. You are so right about the night goggles green light on Lisa. It made her look older than she is. I can’t tell if knowing she was a child actress/star will help or hinder her. I know one thing she may not want to show her skin but she’s gonna have to shed something in that heat. I’m sorry that she lost her money. Great recap. I haven’t watched since probably season 5 or 6.

  37. amalfi says:

    Wow – just saw the field trip episode. Reruns are not your friend Caroline.

    And Lauren “I would like to spend a field day with just my family, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, who don’t fight with each other.” So that would be like… one family member. Maybe?


  38. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    There is very little talk on Twitter today about the NY reunion-I guess after the NJ reunion they aren’t taking any chances. I saw a few pics of Ramona and Sonja but no gossip yet.
    For the seating -I’m betting Ramona is next to Andy with Sonja in the middle and Luann on the end. Aviva on Andy’s other side with Carole in the middle and Heather on the end.

  39. lady balls says:

    still watching the marathon.

    tre just said kimd is her biggest fan and agrees with her all the time. hhhmmmmm…

  40. PJ says:

    I think whoever orchestrated this so called set up has pulled back the veil of reality television and removed the real from it.

    Does anyone remember a show that used to be on where celebrities lived together in a house?
    I can’t remember the name of the show but one season Janice Dickinson and Omarosa were both on the show. Omarosa made a career off being a mean girl starting with her appearance on The Apprentice. On this celebrity show she went after Janice Dickinson, sort of the way she went after Piers Morgan on Celebrity Apprentice. Well one scene showed Janice going after Omarosa with a big kitchen knife and Omarosa made a huge deal out of it like she was actually in some kind of danger. You didn’t really know what to think because Janice Dickinson is kind of a loose cannon. But at the end of the show when they had what I guess was like a reunion Omarosa still stood by that story and the show producers showed the unedited tape. It was all just a scene and they were taking direction. But even in the unedited scene Omarosa made a big deal out of it, though it was clear watching the united version that Janice Dickinson had no intention of doing anything to Omarosa.

    My point is that someone put this so called set up NJ style together and if you look at this closely you can see that most of these women were in on it. If they didn’t actually come up with the plan they participated and were acting and are are still acting. Caroline goes to a fashion show she has never attended before, sits at a table with Teresa who she hates, Jac suddenly starts getting texts from someone whose name she won’t reveal(could it be because the texts were her cue from a producer?). Melissa has JoGo stashed next door waiting to burst in like Tarzan and save the day. We have producers who have made friends with certain cast members and not others, cast members who are trying to claw their way to fame and want to get Teresa off the show, cast members who thought this was their show and want Teresa off the show, cast members viewers don’t care about who want Teresa off the show, men named Angelo who are shady and not to be believed UNLESS he says something bad about Teresa, Angelo conveniently forgetting he is wearing a mic UNLESS he didn’t say what he is supposed to have said. Sit back it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

    • lady balls says:

      the surreal life

      • Powell says:

        Yeah. I watched that season but didn’t see the reunion.

        Lady Balls I thought you didn’t have an avatar at first then realized it’s yellow. It almost disappears. 🙂

    • lady balls says:

      btw, melissa did an interview in which she said “caroline knew, we all knew.” i don’t know what melissa was talking about.

      • PJ says:

        Well if she was talking about the “set up” of course she knew and they all knew. That’s why they were there. It’s funny if Teresa was really behind the so called set up wouldn’t she have been more careful about who exactly knew what? The only way everyone knew is that they were in on it and it was set up by a producer, with their compliance.

    • Powell says:

      Said very well.

    • melthehound says:

      It was The Surreal Life on VH1 but JaniceD didn’t ‘go after’ that nut Omerossa with a knife. They were doing photos and Janice Posed with a knife as if she were going after her. Of course that nut Omerossa made a huge deal out of it and for absolutely no other reason than to get screen time. I think Janice SHOULD have gone after her for all the shit she was talking during the show.

      • Powell says:

        Omarosa did the same thing on her Apprentice debut. She made small things into huge deals for screen time. I didn’t like her from the very 1st epi of Apprentice when they introduced themselves to Trump and with a smug attitude and a puffed out chest she said something to the affect of “I’m from DC and I worked at the White House”. I was like so did Monica Lowenski. It wasn’t that she worked at the WH that got to me. It was her attitude and the way she said it like she was better than everyone.

      • PJ says:

        Of course my memory of this show is not fresh but this is the way I recall what happened. I know Janice didn’t actually go after her that was my point it was scripted and Omarosa made like it was real. Even at the reunion where she was proven wrong she didn’t back down. Omarosa insisted Janice was doing drugs although no one ever saw her doing any even the crew. It’s the unreal reality.

        • melthehound says:

          I’m pretty sure we agree, I was just kind of spelling out what happened. The whole thing started with the photoshoot though and I do remember the drug accusations. Makes me wonder what that nut Omarossa is on.

  41. BB says:


    Lisa Welchel’s divorce became final just days before she went on Survivor.

  42. HWFan4 says:

    RHOA and RHOBH returns in NOV. ROHA returns on Sun NOV 4 and RHBH returns Mon NOV 5.
    Bravo has a preview of BH,
    The men is getting to some fights this season, sadly.

  43. majnon says:

    The other day The Tin Man made a comment about how when Aviva enters a room, it’s all “me, me, me” and she told the story of someone she knew who did just that . The story was great, turns out it’s her 5 year old granddaughter.Just wanted you to know, that was so funny and so true.
    I have one of those little treasures myself
    Thanks tin man

  44. majnon says:

    Oh yes, an happy birthday to kjo as well

  45. VV says:

    Where’s Plainviewsue? I see her on Twitter but she hasn’t posted anything in a whole on this board.

  46. Eastbayca says:

    **NEWS ALERT**
    KJo will be on 20/20 tomorrow.

  47. JenninFL says:

    Is there going to be a chat for Miami tonight? Also did anyone see that Adrienne got a restraining order against Paul?? Crazy!!!


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