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Make Way for the Return of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Atlanta – and other Housewife News – by NoMoreDrama

Holy Cow.  How are we going to keep up?  Bravo has announced the premiere dates for Atlanta and Beverly Hills, filling in their Sunday and Monday time slots.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta


Atlanta will return with five of the housewives – NeNe, Cynthia, Kim, Kandi, and Phaedra.  Sheree couldn’t come up with enough of a story line to stay on the show, There will be two new housewives Kenya Moore and Porsha Steward on the show, but thankfully no Marlo Hampton.  I find it strange that Kim isn’t in the cast photo but NeNe does seem to be blonde.

What’s new in the ATL since we last saw the ladies?  We know NeNe’s sitcom has debuted in Hollywood and she’s a rising star.  Kim Z is a new mom and settling into down.  She is close to – or has moved into – her new home.  Cynthia tweets all the time about that modeling agency of hers – so maybe she’s still in business.  I think Phaedra Parks might still be with Apollo.  They tweet photos of them out and about quite a lot.

Kandi Burress is my favorite ATL housewife.  She seems to be busy with her radio show, opening a second retail store, and yesterday had a housewarming that implies she moved into a new house.  I’m sorry to be vague but I just got on twitter and it’s hard enough to follow NJ and NY much less the other ladies.  But here are three tweets from Kandi yesterday leading me to believe that 1) she is in a new house with a pool, 2) still with honey Todd, and 3) that Apollo was at the party and therefore Phaedra likely was as well.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


For Beverly Hills – as we already know the new housewife is Yolanda Foster, who’s the wife of music producer David Foster. Camille Grammer and Marisa Zanuck are also on the show, according to Bravo, but not mentioned as part of the main cast.  It seems that Camille accepted the “friend of the housewives” role that was offered to her. I find it really hard to believe that Kim Richards has a full time part on the show.  I sure hope she shows up once in a while.

This is what Brandi Glamville has to say, “I feel SOOOOOO blessed to be the first friend of HW to become an actual full-time HW after being in real life both!”  My only question is why wasn’t she considered a full-time HW last year.  She added a whole lot more to the show than Kim Richards.

TMZ is reporting that co-star Adrienne Maloof was granted a restraining order against husband Paul Massif today – continuing the saga of their ugly divorce proceedings.

Meanwhile in New York, the reunion filmed yesterday and Andy Cohen tweeted a photo of the set.

This isn’t much of a surprise, but Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer continued their bizarre behavior with Ramona tweeting a photo of the two of them in dressing gowns during lunch and Sonja tweeting I’m going in.  Everything relating to these two is beginning to feel very contrived, and I’m growing pretty tired of it.

Remember the sort of housewife who was on RHONY  when Sonja joined – Jennifer Gilbert?  Well she tweeted this to Bethenny Frankel.  Does anyone else find it strange that she doesn’t have her number and has to publicly tweet her?

Jennifer Gilbert ‏@JenGilbertNYC

@Bethenny hi, Its jen gilbert. I’m still obsessed w/being on your show. I did marie osmond this summer (trippy) and got a call from k.couric


The Real Housewives of Miami, Text, Lies and Your Smile is Fake by MKValle

Tonight’s exciting (NOT!) episode opens with Ana & Alexis meeting for coffee and discussing the evening meeting all the ladies.  They talk about Karent sizing up all the ladies and how odd it was that Rodolfo introduced himself to Ana when they already knew each other.  We learn that Elsa is okay, released from the hospital and at home.  Elsa was most concerned about looking good when she fainted and making certain her legs were closed.

Karent surprises Rodolfo with a special massage.  Turns out it wasn’t that special for Rodolfo.  Karent want him to talk about his difficult marriage and wants him to know that she is there for him, she’s not going anywhere.  Apparently he isn’t either because he’s fallen asleep on the massage table.  I almost feel bad for Karent, she seems desperate to marry the guy and I think he’s not the marrying kind.

Lisa visits her husband’s office with a pile of framed photos in hand.  She points out some pictures that need to be taken down.  One is of the doctor with models playing “naughty nurses”.  I have to agree with Lisa on this one, the picture is totally unprofessional, creepy in my book.  Lisa wants to replace some of his diplomas with pictures of her, why does he need to have so many?  Unlike Lisa, her husband is educated and wants to show his accomplishments.  She spots a Playboy cover with an ex girlfriend, removes that to add a wedding picture.  How do these homely guys get the hot girls?  Oh yea, money.

Marta is complaining to her sister because she doesn’t get along with Romain.  Marta is looking for Joanna and accidentally runs into Romain getting ready for a shower.  She runs through the house yelling about being grossed out seeing his penis.  Joanna shares that she and Romain had a great sexual relationship but not so much now.  Could be that sister Marta is around too much?

Adriana invited Lisa & her husband to a yacht show to check out the interiors for some remodeling ideas.  Lisa thinks Adriana will get seasick if she lives on a boat and won’t like it all.  Only time will tell but I don’t think Adriana will be happy living on a boat either unless it’s a really big boat.  Lisa and Adriana talk and we learn Lisa wants at least two children and that she’s been trying for three years to get pregnant.  Maybe Luanne can give her some advice on IVF.

Karent’s at her “spa dental office” meeting with her publicist.  This was an enlightening scene, how to get yourself invited to red carpet events?  You hire a publicist!  The event planners may question why you should be there but if your publicist is good, you will get out there and be seen.  Karent claims this is how she builds her business.  Her celebrity dental spa business.

Lots of marriage talk this episode.  Joanna gives her fiance an ultimatum, marry me or break up, Karent wants to marry Rodolfo but he wants to fall asleep, and Fredrick wants to marry Adriana but she wants to wait until the boat is done.  I did like the scene with Adriana and Fredrick.  They looked normal having a meal at home.  No makeup, no big hair.

A scene with Lea and her son online watching her husband giving his closing arguments in some big case.  I didn’t really pay too much attention to the scene, I kept thinking are you certain that’s her son, not her grandson.  Lea looks like a grandma to me.

Onto the Swine & Wine event at the Biltmore.  The texting drama continues, but no one really cares except Karent, In the end, Lea, Ana, Marysol, and Alexia laugh about being crazed fans, Marysol orders a double of ignorant bliss (referring to Karent).  So that’s where the title of the episode comes in, Text, lies and your smile is fake Karent.


Project Runway “I Get a Kick Out of Fashion” by BB

There are seven designers left; Dmitry, Melissa, Sanjia, Ven, Fabio, Christopher, and Elena.  Elena is the only designer who hasn’t won at least one challenge.

The designers meet Tim and Heidi at Radio City Music Hall where there is a line of Rockettes on stage.  They give a demonstration of their kick line and dance routine.  Heidi joins them on the kick line in a sparkly green dress.

Each designer will have a chance to come up with a new costume for the Rockettes.  The designers meet with the director and choreographer of the Rockettes, Linda Haberman.  She tells them the look must be versatile enough to be worn year round and must look spectacular to even the people sitting in the balcony. The designers have 30 minutes to sketch and can study past costumes displayed on dress forms.  The winning design will be produced by the Rockettes and used on one of their shows.

Dmitry was a professional ballroom dancer so he has an idea of what he wants to make. Melissa wants to use shocking pink. Elena has put dance costumes together before.  Fabio wants his costume to have some see through sections.  Christopher wants to have the New York City skyline in his design.

The designers go to mood to choose their fabrics. The choice of fabric is going to very important for this challenge.  Sonjia is getting no ideas at Mood.  Ven can’t find what he’s looking for and has to go in another direction.  Elena also has trouble finding what she wants at Mood. She’s not happy with the colors she has chosen, which she calls blue and yellow band colors.  Elena also goes $150 over budget.  She has to return some items and will have to try to make it work with what she has.

Before the designers go to work, Tim tells them they will all be going out to dinner that night to celebrate being in the final seven.  Elena is already complaining about the fabric she has chosen and Dmitry wonders why she chose it if she hates it.  Sonjia is already thinking she’s going to have a meltdown.  Ven wants to keep it simple and not go overboard. Ven, this is the Rockettes, it’s ok to go overboard a little.
It seems as if the final seven designers have loosened up a bit and are having more fun in the workroom.  They go out to dinner that night.  Sonjia would rather be back in the workroom instead of at dinner.  Elena apologizes to Dmitry for being a bitch.  He thinks the wine is working and making people open up a bit.  Ven talks about his upbringing and why he is the way he is.

Back in the workroom, Christopher thinks a lot of them are off their game.  Ven thinks Elena’s costume looks cheerleader.  Sonjia is not into it and her creativity is missing.  Melissa has 18 pattern pieces to her costume, which is insane to Fabio.  Elena tries on her costume and makes fun of it and starts laughing.  It looks like a drum majorette costume to me.  Christopher loves his design which looks like it’s going to be something silver.

Tim checks in with everyone.  He thinks Sonjia seems very disabled.  She has no clue what her design is going to be.  Her costume has no top, just a feathered bottom.  He thinks Ven’s costume looks like a regular dress and wants to know where the impact is.  He tells Fabio to “bitch slap that bitch” when he sees his design.  Tim says “yikes” when he sees Elena’s band uniform dress.  Christopher thinks Dmitry’s costume looks like a high school dance costume.  Tim thinks Christopher’s costume has some crotch exposing elements with the short skirt.  Christopher is missing something and wishes he could go back to mood to get some things to embellish his costume.  Melissa’s has no sequins or shine and is going to have difficulty finishing on time.  Tim is takes the designers back to Mood, gives them $100, and 15 minutes.  Ven, Dmitry and Fabio are staying back because they are satisfied with what they have and would rather use the time to work on their designs.

Elena buys more sparkles and Melissa has no idea what she’s going to get to add to her costume.  Christopher tells her to use black sequins but she can’t afford them.  Christopher gives her $50 of his money.  Sonjia doesn’t feel any better than she did the first time around.  The models come in and Elena doesn’t know why, but she’s excited to see the outfit on her model.  What happened to the old bitchy whiney Elena?  I don’t care, I like this new Elena.  Melissa doesn’t know if she’s going to finish hers on time and Sonjia still doesn’t have a top.  Sonja skypes with her boyfriend and it puts things into perspective for her as to why she’s there.  Ven’s dress color is not bold and too understated and I wonder if it will be “glitzy” enough for the Rockettes.

It’s the day of the runway show.  Ven helps Melissa finish her design because she’s way behind.  Christopher’s outfit rips when his model lifts her arm.  Melissa’s zipper falls out of her dress and she doesn’t have time to replace it.  Sonjia, Christopher and Fabio try to help her get it back on but can’t.  Everyone is talking about Ven’s costume being too simple.  Melissa has to sew her model into the dress because she’s out of time.  Elena suddenly thinks she might be going home for her design (she might).  Christopher thinks the runway is going to look like a gay pride parade.

The guest judge for this challenge is Debra Messing, actress from Will and Grace and current star of Smash.  I like the way Dmitry’s dress moves.  It’s shiny and glimmery.  Melissa’s dress is cute but I’m not sure it’s totally Rockette looking.  Ven’s dress looks like a dress, not a costume.  Elena thinks her dress looks too overwhelming.  I love Christopher’s New York skyline dress.  Fabio’s dress is good, but not the best.  I can’t decide what I think about Sonjia’s dress, but I’m not crazy about it.  Fabio is safe and excused from the runway.  Those remaining have the best and worst designs of the night. I like Dmitry’s and Christopher’s dresses the best and Ven’s and Elena’s the least.  I think the judges will put Melissa in the top three and Sonjia in the bottom three, if they are going to go three and three.  Let’s see if I have the judges figured out.  I don’t always.

Heidi doesn’t think Sonjia’s dress is a showstopper.  She looks boxy and not sexy.  The others think the feathers may be too fragile and it’s not glam enough.  Heidi loves Dmitry’s dress.  It’s edgy and she loves the movement of the fringe.  Michael thinks it’s a new modern take for the Rockettes.  Nina likes the choice of the color and Debra thinks it’s glamorous.  Heidi thinks Ven’s fabric is nice, but the dress is boring, it’s just a dress that sparkles.  Michael thinks it looks like an evening dress chopped off.  Nina would have liked more drama.  Debra disagrees with the others.  She likes the simplicity and the movement of the dress, but doesn’t like the hemline.

Heidi thinks Melissa’s dress is a showstopper, but sees flaws in it.  Michael thinks it’s dramatic and graphic, but it’s a little awkward.  Nina thinks she looks like a cigarette girl, but otherwise it’s a miss.  Debra is confused by Melissa’s dress.  Heidi loves the message of Christopher’s dress and wants to know how he made it.  Nina thinks the illusion is beautiful and she loves it.  Michael thinks he had a great idea and he executed impeccably.  It’s a Bob Mackie moment.  Debra thinks it’s celebratory and magnificent.

Michael thinks Elena’s dress it tacky Las Vegas cheerleader.  He thinks the necklace piece is gaudy.  Debra thinks it’s a beautiful costume for the circus.  Nina thinks the problem is the fabric.  Heidi thinks it’s cheap and cheesy.  It’s not sophisticated enough.  Elena gets emotional because she tried to use more colors and different fabrics and Heidi appreciates that she pushed herself.  Heidi tells the designers that it’s very hard for the judges to make decisions at this stage of the competition and that they are all talented.

After the judges deliberate, they decide the winner among Dmitry, Christopher and Melissa is Christopher.  I loved his costume.  Dmitry’s outfit was really great too.  Sonjia is saved from elimination.  It’s between Elena and Ven.  Ven is going home.  Ven has not shown much range this season and has been a little one note.  The other designers seem surprised when they see Elena walk into the room.  She is overwhelmed with emotion.  Tim calls Ven’s exit a wake-up call for the other designers.  I enjoyed tonight’s episode.  Even with the little meltdowns, the designers seemed more relaxed and had a little more fun with each other.  It took them long enough.  Oh no, next week the designers’ models are babies!


Watch What Happens Live – by LittleNewton

On last night’s WWHL, the guests are Marysol, Alexia, and Ana from RHOM. The bartender is an actual telanovela star since Andy thinks the show is just like one. Andy even puts some scenes from next week episode to really dramatic music to further prove how telanovela-like it is

A caller asks about Alexia’s son and she says he is doing remarkably. He had a severe injury to his brain but he has responded really well to therapy and gets better every day. That question segues to Alexia’s part in the show. Andy says that her priorities shifted and that’s why she isn’t a bigger part of the show. Alexia says she never gave up on her son and is grateful for being able to care for him and have the resources to do so. She kept talking for about 2 minutes which is a long time for a show and I could tell that Andy kept trying to get her to stop talking. I respect Alexia a lot for making the decision to scale back her time on the show. It proves that fame wasn’t more important than her son.

A caller gives kudos to Andy for the Miami and New York cast changes and says, “now you just need to do New Jersey”!!!!!!! Andy didn’t seem surprised by the comment and just gave an OH. I agree with that caller. The caller asks Ana what she thought about Karent calling her an older woman. Ana says that she may be 5 or 7 years apart from Karent and that doesn’t make it a generational gap. She then goes on to say that Rodolfo did text her and texted everyone BUT Karent. I believe Ana more than I believe Karent. Karent seemed a little taken aback when she had to confront Ana about the texts but that’s just my thoughts!

Rodolfo comes up again after the break and Ana says Rodolfo isn’t even a has-been, he’s a never-been and not a real telanovela star. I love this drama. Ana says she thought it ridiculous that Adriana brought Karent over to talk about the texts. Ana’s ex-husband Robert comes up and she says he is great and can’t say anything bad about him. Alexia says her oldest son is not modeling anymore and does not have the same girlfriend. Ana and Alexia are tring to fix him up with Ana’s daughter.

Marysol (who I forgot was on the show because she barely spoke) is asked if she had a facelift and she says no and seems a little offended by the question but laughs it off. Ana hints that Lea had a facelift and Andy brings up that Lea denied it on WWHL last week. The ladies don’t buy it. Marysol is asked if she is seeing anyone and she says no but hopefully soon.

Game time! Andy had Marysol ask Mama Elsa a few questions about the future. The ladies have to guess what Elsa said. From the answers we learn that Mama Elsa believes we can talk t aliens, there will never be world peace (we will kill each other first), and Andy will still never find true love in 2013 because he’s too sensitive and doesn’t want to experience heartbreak but Marysol says who does? Since Andy thinks WWHL watchers smoke pot, Andy asks if marijuana will be legal in the future but Elsa wouldn’t answer because she is “too Victorian”. Lastly, will we see more naked Prince Harry? Apparently yes. Andy shares that Mama Elsa apparently has every single phone number Andy has and he has no idea how she gets them. Odd!

Andy’s Mazel goes to a woman who was stuck in a freezer for five days because she couldn’t get out after she sought shelter there. The Jackhole goes to whoever didn’t nominate WWHL for a primetime Emmy. Andy shows his make-out sesh with Cloris Leachman and says that’s the clip they submitted.

Next week’s line-up looks great and Cat is on the show which I believe was when Lynn was supposed to accompany her. Hopefully Cat will try to bring Lynn up and honor her in some way. We can hope!


Happy Birthday Ellabean

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215 Responses to Housewife News / The Real Housewives of Miami / Project Runway / Watch What Happens Live

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone and happy Friday.

  2. Farmewhorgas has a lot of information on NJ – such as confirmation that Cat was fired for conflict of interest and that she was the one texting Jacq (remember Cat is the producer who is friends with Melissa). I’m going to put them in our blog roll.

    • Sam says:

      Thank you for providing this link! The site provideds lots of interesting info.

    • PJ says:

      If a producer close to Melissa (who was fired for conflict of interest) knew what was going to happen how can these hyenas still claim there was a set up of Melissa? Like I thought all along this was the rest of the cast along with one or more producers setting up Teresa. They needed a reason that viewers would accept for hating Teresa and refusing to film with her, they want Teresa off the show. Just my opinion of course. But I think it’s falling into place, things are being uncovered and motivations are being revealed. I just wonder how viewers in general are seeing this?

      • melthehound says:

        I think the same thing I did last season. I don’t think there are ANY accidents or oopsies on that show when it comes to the gorgasms, MeGo and Poison Baby Joey. She is very calculated. Just watch come reunion time when she is sitting on the edge of the couch, with Manzorita’s arm around her as tries to squeeze out a tear. Those people are so full of crap I can smell them here in Michigan.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I am just now going online today about 4:20 PM. I always dvr the Wendy Williams show. Her new season started this week/last week? anyway, I was catching up on it and on Monday’s show she talked about how she watched RHNJ and that she felt Tre had been genuinely surprised by Angelo, etc. I was surprised because Wendy has always seemed to be anti-Teresa (well at least post bankruptcy). Today she showed a clip of Jacqueline accusing Tre of the set-up and Teresa asking her “why did you say that to my sister in law?” And Wendy says even from that clip that she feels Teresa is innocent. But then she went on to say that she’s going to talk to Melissa herself because she’s going to be on Wendy Williams on MOnday!! So…already Melissa is benefitting from the supposed set-up. Melissa’s prior appearances were usually with Kathy and Jac, etc. Never alone until now. So annoyed by that. Oh and then Wendy had this new segment where she had a roundtable of sorts…JILL ZARIN was on it. Even more annoyed.

      • disgrazia4 says:

        I have been reading many blogs and comments looking for answers to my question and links for the FB readers and you all as well. I will say that I’ve noticed a change in attitude from Teresa haters and it’s not even a change of their attitude toward her but that so many are seeing what you say Wendy noticed that she says that looking at the footage, it appears that Teresa was the one set up. So many comments are starting with something like:

        I can’t stand Teresa but even I cannot agree that she set anyone up……

        I enjoy Wendy Williams but I know what you mean. I always feel a bit let down when goes …’to the dark side’. 😉

  3. Thedesigndiva says:

    HAPPY BIRTH DAY ELLABEAN….. I love B days that fall on Fridays…Party On !!!
    Miami needs to step it up….so far B O R I N G..
    was SHOCKED they allowed that clip of ASSHAT Roy Black…and NO John Goodman IS NOT a nice person…He’s a rich person who thinks he does not have to be held accountable for the loss of Scott Wilson.. i found it “odd” that Lea and Roy would even allow their son to participate in the discussions about the trial.. I am still fuming that he gets to BUY his way out of serving time while he appeals his GUILTY VERDICT…

    Happy Flashback Friday All…

    • mardrag26 says:

      Oh Diva…..I am just so sure we have partied together in a past life somewhere! Absolutely LOVE your blasts from the past! Such good memories…..yes, I still have them! LOL! 😛

      • I Need A Life! says:

        Love you, Diva! Thanks. BEST weddings are held in September. The DJ usually gets everyone on the floor with this one. Happy Bday, Ella.

    • Winston says:

      I was sickened to watch that part, too. I can’t believe that Lea was defending the fact that John Goodman killed another human being and he left him to die instead of calling 911. He should go to prison for that fact alone.
      He is the scum bag who married his girlfriend in an attempt to hide more of his money from a civil suit. Which makes him even more unbelievable and completely repugnant.
      He also had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit 3 hours after the accident so for Lea Black to go on Nat’l tv and say he had one drink is an outright lie and I lost all respect for her.

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        Winston..John Goodman DID NOT marry his GF..He adopted her ..BUT..if a Judge in Ct rules that the adoption was not legal..John’s 7 million dollar bond is revoked and he goes back to jail to serve his sentence while he waits for his appeals to be heard. And it pissed me off when Lea’s son asked why he had a drink..and Lea says cause he hurt his head OMG..what a thing to discuss with your 10 yr old son… Goodman needs to suck it up and serve his punishment..even his sons in Texas are against the adoption because they dont want this chick getting any of the money…The civil suit of 40 mil was settled with Scotts parents the day before the trial started.. That news leaked out …hmmmmm
        and LOTS of folks know what a coke head Goodman was..( allegedly )
        I have not liked Roy Black since the William Kennedy trial..Our family was friends of the girls family involved in that… and we believed her and not William….

        • Winston says:

          Yeah that’s what I meant but typed married. How does him adopting her keep him from going to jail while on appeal? I don’t follow the legal logic in that?

            • Thedesigndiva says:

              Winston.. John Goodman did not have the 7 mil to post bond.His brother and others posted it.So Judge Colbath added a condition to his release..

              • Winston says:

                Thanks for the article it has some good info but it says,
                “Judge Colbath said if the courts OK the adoption and increase the chance Goodman will have access to that money, he will remove the bond and put Goodman behind bars.”
                So if the adoption is ruled legal he will go back to jail.
                What a tangled mess to follow and did you read that the $40 million settlement was paid for by insurance? Not a dime came out of Goodman’s pocket and $12 million was paid by Goodman to his attorney!!! So no wonder the Black’s bought a house on Star Island.
                Scandalous is what the whole thing is.

                • Thedesigndiva says:

                  Winston..sorry bout that..I inserted a word that should NOT have been there..need new eyes…LOL
                  I live down here and we followed this every day on TV live..I got so worked up over it.. I even participated on the live twitter blog they had going from the courtroom… Lots of bck stories about John that did not make the papers here…I hope he loses his appeals and they put his ass where it belongs…

          • T-Rex says:

            If she were his “daughter”, she would be given a share of his fortune that he had already placed in trust for his children which wouldn’t have to be subjected to payout the 46mil that he lost in the civil lawsuit for damages from Mr. Wilson’s family. His own children fired back with their own lawsuit claiming fraud and breach of contract, then Goodman actually did the only thing he should have done, he agreed to pay them off, so that he would look good in the courts, and in my opinion that’s how this dolt of a judge let him out of jail under house arrest. Here is the other sad part, even if he loses his appeal the most amount of time he will see in jail is around 4 years.

        • T-Rex says:

          From TDD: “And it pissed me off when Lea’s son asked why he had a drink..and Lea says cause he hurt his head OMG..what a thing to discuss with your 10 yr old son… ”

          Yep who thinks this little guy is going to be dabbling in the liquor cabinet by middle school? Seriously, telling your child that someone was “self-medicating” with alcohol is a good idea, NOT

        • JenninFL says:

          Did you know Lea was the foreman(woman) on the Kennedy rape trial. The Black’s disgust me. Living in Wellington for the past 26 years I can tell you Goodman was not a nice person.

      • Powell says:

        I said that on the chat last night that I couldn’t believe Lea said that. That trial is coming up on TruTV.

    • dickens says:

      TruTV will broadcast the trial next week.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        It would seem by media accounts, that Florida has a creative interpretation of the law. From William Smith to the 2000 elections to Casey Anthony and now Trayvon Martin. The system would appear to be broke or bias or both in tangent. Some of the the rich and powerful, seem to have a free for all, in the criminal system, leaning towards elitist maraudering, and the will to circumvent due process and gleefully get away with it. Now I wonder if Good-man can even get a fair trial because he has made so many awful choices after the crime and his mistakes are all over media. What a mess. IMO.

        • T-Rex says:

          The problem in Florida is that many judges are elected, so they campaign for their seats, the ones that are appointed are appointed by whatever Governor is is place and again this means that the biggest donors to whatever party is in the office gets their “people” in the seats mostly based on donors, I am not faulting either party in Florida, we are an “equal opportunity offender” down here.

        • Thedesigndiva says:

          CAP…He has already had his trial..He is out on a 7 million appeal bond and pays 2 PBSO 2k a day for security ..He is confined to his house…I think most people truly outraged that he failed to render aid and left the scene …It’s all the lies and BS he pulled after the fact… Who knows..he could have saved Scott that night… I dont care how much money you have or dont have… man up when you do the wrong thing…

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Diva, I thought that he had already gone to trial but then people said that a trial would be on TruTv. I do not consider an appeal a criminal trial. To me it stands alone as an appeal. Probably just me. One of the reasons that people want to be rich, is so that they can pay others to assume their humane responsibilities. I think a lot of the time these crime do not even see the light of day. People are paid off and the crime goes away. Mr. Good-man made so many blunders in his drink induced haze that a cover up was completely impossible. Diva, I am so glad to see you back here more! JMHO.

            • JenninFL says:

              I don’t post here that often but i would just like to tell you that i love your posts Called A Princess! Diva i also really enjoy yours as well.

              • Thedesigndiva says:

                Thanks Jenn…have you dried out yet ?? We no sooner think the water is gone …and comes the rain every afternoon… I am over the rain !!!!

                • JenninFL says:

                  Thank goodness we did! During the floods from Isaac news channel 5 was broadcasting in front of my neighborhood. The one where people were floating in inner tubes behind the reporter lol! We got hit bad here but haven’t had any bad flooding since. However the rain is pouring now and I need to take the dogs out! I feel really bad for the people in the Acreage bc I don’t think they are dried out yet. Lesson learned though, I will never make light of a tropical storm or low level hurricanes. Cars were floating by my neighborhood, it was crazy. Hope you don’t get too much rain and also hope Mr. Ford is doing well!

            • Thedesigndiva says:

              Thanks CAP.. I have always truly enjoyed reading your comments..Gives me lots of food for thought….thanks bunches for posting and sharing ….

          • JenninFL says:

            That is what makes me the most angry about the whole thing. Everyone makes mistakes in life but you own up to them. Instead of helping he ran away like the coward he is. There is a fire station less then 2 miles from where the accident occurred, if he called 911 right away and jumped in Scott could possibly still be here today.

        • lady balls says:

          in all the recounts, gore never won the vote. period. left-leaning newspapers did an investigative report and concluded bush won the vote in florida in 2000. i lived there when it happened and my husband was a reporter at the st. pete times.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            It is really a moot point. Gore did not win THE votes because there was a concerted effort to suppress, counting the VOTES. The de-press was part of the problem. Those were dark days for democracy, and we will never be the same country, because of it. The government keeps treating us like we are stupid and that those in power, can get away with just about anything. So bad and so sad! IMO.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      loved the video and walk down memory lane!

    • JenninFL says:

      Diva I was disgusted as well when they mentioned John Goodman on the show. I mentioned a few times on the blog that Scott Wilson was my boyfriend’s best friend. It was so unnecessary to show it on Real Housewives. Sad that also Roy Black’s young kid didn’t even think that Goodman’s excuse about drinking after the crash made any sense. I shared this link before but it is a beautiful article interviewing Scott’s mom. Worth the read to see what an incredible person he was.

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        Jenn.. I so thought of you when they showed that scene last night !! I was pissed … i have been on top of this since the night Scott was killed… Just broke my heart… I so know his parents pain..and YEPPERS.. being a PBCounty person I know all about Goodmans antics..FROSTY from Wendys my ass.. everyone here knows what a ‘frosty’ really is…..

        • JenninFL says:

          Ughh and sadly a few years ago I went to the Player’s Club with some friends. Nothing but a giant coke den! It isn’t even that nice either. I was just shocked they showed that scene! Roy Black’s own son who I think is around 9 years old didn’t even think it made sense that he would drink after the accident! Sad situation but hopefully justice will prevail. Like i said previous everyone makes mistakes but most people man up and face the consequences unlike Johnny boy.

  4. mardrag26 says:

    Good Morning and Happy Friday All!

    Happy Birthday Ellabean!

    Another great day of posts! I don’t watch Miami…I feel on HW overload…so thanks MKValle for the recap. I will live vicariously through your words every week! Same with WWHL…I just can’t do even 30 mins of Andy…so thanks LittleNewton for your excellent recaps too.

    BB…always love your take on Project Runway. I clapped a little when Ven was sent home. Except for his first 2 dresses, he really did not impress me…and then there was that “real women” challenge. His Rockettes dress looked like something my daughter wore to a high school dance 12 years ago! My picks so far to win are Christopher or Dimitry, but this is reality tv so you never really know who will end up in the winners circle.

    NMD…you just continue to rock our world with all the scoop and amazing way you keep the blog rolling. This goes to the others who work behind the scenes to make it happen too.

    When you called Andy a dumb ass in yesterday’s blog…I heard Lynn’s voice and chuckle so loud and clear! LOL! Waving up to the sky…..

    Wishing everyone a lovely day and a relaxing, peaceful weekend! Hugs to All!

    • Called A Princess... says:

      I think there are very few surprises on Project Runway. There tend to be too predictable and one or two wild cards. I think the judges really like Christopher, Dimitry and Sonjia with the wild cards being Elena and maybe Fabio? Thinks have changed sense they left Bravo. Not for the better. A little to formulamatic? Christopher states he needs more fabric and then Tim Gunn decides to announce $100 more in fabric choices. Strange! IMO.

      • mardrag26 says:

        Agreed CAP, PR hasn’t been the same since it went to Lifetime. Everyone, even Heidi, seems to be phoning it in this season. It doesn’t have the same “sparkle” it used to have. And all these shows seem have turned into scripted stuff instead of that spontaneous “real” drama we used to love.

        I am looking forward to the new seasons of all those aweesome scripted shows that are coming up like Once Upon A Time, Castle, Bones already started, Revenge…etc!

  5. Obsessed with RH says:

    Hello All!!! Happy Friday!!

    I haven’t been on the blog in quite some time but finally have been able to catch up!! The recaps have been great and I am waiting with baited breath for next week’s RHNJ and then the reunion. I’m so curious to see what comes out and what we haven’t seen. As for RHOM it is definitely slow to start but with a basically new cast I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. I have to say on first glance I’m not a huge fan of Lisa because she seems devoid of any intelligent thought, Adriana is a tremendous shit-starter and I hope she doesn’t get away with that behavior for long, Ana seems well-grounded, intelligent and sweet, Karent is obviously overcompensating for her wandering eye boyfriend, Marysol is the same as last season, boring,…I’m hoping she develops a storyline of interest, and Joanna I can’t quite peg yet but I am going to foresee that she becomes a tremendous diva….something about her just strikes me as Diva-esque given the right opportunity. It will definitely be interesting to see it all play out!!!

  6. WindyCityWondering says:

    It seems that RHOM is a misnomer – it should be Miami Plastic!
    I watched last night and was not impressed, didn’t find a connection to any of them and have no desire to watch catfights Miami style because I am sick of Bravo induced lame at best drama. Rennovate the boat from Gilligan’s Island and call it home? Texting like teenagers over the cool looking boy? Penis in a forest on display – come on Andy we don’t want to see this crap! A silly kitchen scene watching Roy Black in action? A dental spa is interesting but the owner is not. And I am not even going to get into throwing rice and spraying perfume around a business establishment because it just messes with my positive energy not to mention my computer’s keyboard!

    • T-Rex says:

      WCW totally with ya here. I tried watching it on Demand and this is a YAWN fest. First off I can’t believe that they are ripping Lea for some work when Marysol’s face looks like something from the movie “Brazil” she is so injected and botoxed and whatnoxed, filled, lubed, juiced, whatever but her face is a cartoon, oh and on top of that she’s boring! Look this while Karent/Ana/Rodolfo so called “love” triangle I am sure is for the show as I think Rodolfo has a laundry list of women he visits weekly, this guy is not a one woman man by far. The playboy model and nerdy dentist, I feel like I am watching an old Jerry Lewis film, and yes Gilligan’s island to boot, it’s like they have pulled all those 50’s/60’s comedic films and shows and created some weird storyling for Miami.

      • Mary E says:

        Agreed with you both. Tried to watch and turned it off after 15 minutes. Dull. And that’s the worst thing a RH story can be. Yawn is right. Not even irritating.

        • bea says:

          Totally agree, it’s sooooo boring. Even the fake drama (Ana v Karent) is boring. Andy should just give Mama Elsa a show where she reads people’s energy and then throws rice at them and cancel RH Miami.

  7. Putchka says:

    Good morning everyone, Happy Birthdays to all on their day. Again thanx so much NMD, BB and all who do such a wonderful job. Anyway, don’t know if this was ever previously posted but New York magazine has wonderful recaps of NY and NJ and great comments:
    Have a great Friday everyone!

  8. T-Rex says:

    I am so BUMMED after reading about the new RHBH cast, because I have to read it here on the blogs as I refuse to watch the show if ShannaTaylorNOtFordlyingpieceofSh*t is still on there. Maybe they will faze her out and I can watch, but just knowing that Bravo is paying this vile woman, who to me is the worst HW out there right now, just turns my stomach. Miami is REALLY boring, I tried watching it, I can’t, I will try to give it one more shot, but I have fallen asleep during even the episodes watching on Demand.

  9. lady balls says:

    i’m not being disrespectful here because i really wanna know. do you guys like any of the housewives shows? did you always dislike the shows but came here to meet people and chat? i’ve been reading the blog for a couple years but didn’t read the comment section so i don’t know the history of the chat.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Initially we all came because of an intense dislike of JZ. It does appear that we don’t like any of the HW shows but I think that is Bravo’s fault not ours – and YES we are here because we usually have a good time, respect each other and feel comfortable posting here.

    • T-Rex says:

      I like the new RHNY, but I am one of the biggest boycotters on the boards I think. I loved RHBH at first and then the whole Shannataylornotfordlyingpieceofsh*t after Russell died she should have been FIRED, because I won’t watch the show until she is. Watched OC for a couple of years, and after they kept Tramprot after she went after Gretchen and Tramps was friends with Vicks I lost Total interest in them. Would love to be able to watch Vancouver and I stopped watching what really is the trashiest HW the jersey folks after Danielle left(no like for Danielle here at all) after realizing I could not relate to any of the cast and they were all unwatchable for me. Came here the season when LUNATIC went after B and stayed cause I like the folks here and I like reading blogs about other shows we are watching on Bravo or elsewhere, it’s home. But I am liking NY even though I complain about Coaster and STDS(who I liked up until this season), I am still watching this one

      • DesignerNailsDiana says:

        I’m on my last episodes of Housewives. I’m finishing up those I started. RHONJ and RHONY when their reunions are done I’m done with Bravo. I even stopped watching Top Chef. I don’t watch Flipping Out or any other shows on bravo now. I’m done with the contrived drama and how mean the shows have made seeming nice people act just from watching the shows.
        I came here because of JZ whining about some blogger and found Lynn and her lovely way of viewing the shows. She is deep in my heart and I smile every time I look at the last tweet she sent me on the day she died.
        I’m pretty tolerant of others points of view, but the vile that has been flowing since this season of NJ made me step back from the blog. I do value each person and their point of view, but I draw the line and letting a network bring out the worse side of the HW’s and the Audience/Fans.
        Love and Blessings to You All,

    • The only HW show I can say I actually really like right now is RHOBH sans Taylor. I don’t dislike Kim R but I think she needs to be in a very intensive rehab.

    • The Tin Man says:

      I started watching the shows because they were different and unique and I used to love them. Now they’re all the same, contrived predictable staged drama. They don’t interest me any more at all, and I would have quit them all a long time ago except for this blog. It’s not Bravo I can’t give up, it’s this blog. This is the entertainment, not the shows.

        • lady balls says:

          shows like the kardashians and married to jonas are even worse. talk about scripted…wowza.

          • Not to mention, it made those trashbag kardashions multi millionaires.

            • MamaZ says:

              I loved ATL and NY for the first couple of seasons. I even liked NJ and BH first seasons. The shows have all gone downhill. If it weren’t for Lynn I would have stopped watching a long time ago.

              • Chicago Diane says:

                All good quesstions /terrific responses, and I am glad you asked. .

                I LOVED the shows at first and only found it by chance after hearing about it. I was drawn to it-the picture Lynn picked was PERFECT, and the comments/ information, sharing so real, interesting and informed, and the group sincere. Lynn had terrific sources , a lovely writing style, and there was a lot of wisdom /kindess being shared, even when things were not always happy.

                It also seemed like the group was heard/had influence over the past few years as Bravo was listening to many audiences to hear points of view, and take action. We know that some of the RH women actually read the columns each week, so you have the ability to say somethign that might be heard, every once in a while.

                With Lynn’s shocking, very early death, to me- someone who read occasionally but rarely commented openly – I have been touched by the combination of wonderful people who care for each other without meeting in person, a group who have stepped up to the plate amazingly well- to provide well -written , witty, snarky,informed thoughts about all things Rh and other reality shows, as well as personal support, while sharing information, and keeping a sense of Lynn’s kind heart and team going-whatever their own lives demanded, and in her honor , as well as for the whole group.
                This team seems to have an abiilty to share points of view without warfare, most of the time, and to grow in knowledge/ friendship, and perspectives about Bravo , all at the same time. I hope this is another way to summarize all you do, to NMD/ BB/ Detox/ Each of you who have added/enhanced/ written/commented/.shared with some one who was new in the middle of all this.

                Thanks for the kindess, the hard work, the witty retorts, and the perpective and sharing, all. IN my mind, the reason to continue to share our frustrations/ perspective/negativity is to hope that Bravo is listening/reading and gets the message there is a world of historically- supportive Bravo fans who are no longer in that group- and Andy needs to take some very strong, specific action, in light of all that has been exposed about Bravo’s handling of NJ, if it wants to keep the audience- and expect any of us to lose our frustration/ disappointment/lack of trust iin Bravo, and the editing/managment process.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              The Kardashians remind me of Dragon Ladies and Rob the Vampire male in training. Those snooty voices with meaningless banter about synthetic worth. The mother is like an accounting machine expert on the laws of scarcity with a big Dash of greed. ‘How to turn a murder trial of best friend and daughters sex tape into a global empire.’ There really is no shame left on the planet. Maybe Mars? JMHO.

      • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

        ditto Tin Man. Really, Andy Schmandy should be paying us to watch his perverted & scripted soap operas. I’m here for the camaraderie. The blogs & posters here are the best! The recipes aren’t bad either. Thanks to MamaZ for posting that link to the pumpkin French toast recipe, going to make that soon!

        • mardrag26 says:

          Great comments and sentiments everyone! As I sit here with my shot of whiskey on ice, I rock to and fro to the words of my Adele cd and I sing to Andy….”When was the last time you thought of me…have you completely erased me from your memory? Don’t you remember, don’t you remember….the reason you left me before….baby please remember me once more…. LOL! 😛

          • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

            Mardrag, Andy Schmandy will never have a meaningful relationship with anyone, IMO. Sorry to say, he is and will be a lonely person. It takes a cold heart, doesn’t it, to allow the drama, fake or real whatever it is, tear apart families and friends? All so Andy can enjoy his vacation home in the Hamptons, and clink drinks with his faux celebrity friends who need a few minutes on WWHL to push their career, movie, play, or book.

            Enjoy your fame Andy. Enjoy your money. Don’t think about what it costs real people on these “faux reality” housewives shows.

    • Realhousewifeva says:

      I love to hate them. How boring would it be if we all came on here and said “loved last nights show, love everyone, love love love”. Miami was never even blogged about during Lynn’s days (it was boycotted by many) so its not a popular blog day I guess, although I enjoyed season 1 and am enjoying this season so far, so thanks for the recaps!

  10. melthehound says:

    It’s a little of both. I like to trash the characters I don’t like and this blog gives me a place to do that. I’ve yet to publicly swear off of the shows but I’m becoming less and less interested in them. I quit watching Atlanta mid season and gave up on OC after first few episodes. Miami sucked last time around so I haven’t seen any of those yet (and it doesn’t sound like I’m missing much). NJ, NY, BH, for now, I’m still in but, we’ll see what happens.

    • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

      Jeff, we need to talk about Sons of Anarchy. Yikes, it was hard to watch last week.

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        Bluesky..why was it hard to watch ??

        • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

          When Tig’s daughter gets burned up alive, and all the violence (killing the guy that didn’t want to be in charge, blammo we see the shot to the head, & he dies….blood pooling on the street) it’s too much for me. If you think all this raw violence doesn’t affect people watching think again. People who are fragile, mentally ill that watch (or even normal people, get desensitized) all these violent tv shows/movies then they get inspired to go & shoot up schools/movie theaters….there is a direct link. We know drug dealers and biker gangs are messed up with violence, but do we have to see it depicted second by second in up close detail?

          Then cut to the romantic scenes, not the porno ones but Jax & his girlfriend getting married. How sweet, love on the run, dripping with the blood from the previous scenes…’s making very real violence so romantic – not for me. It’s a good series, but do they have to show explicit sex & violence in such large doses?

          Breaking Bad went off the deep end too, when the kid on the bike gets blown away, and then they put the body in the barrel of acid to dissolve. It’s just too horrific.

      • melthehound says:

        To me it was actually a bit boring. More like filler and I can do without all the ass shots in these programs. Here’s my overall take on the episode though.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          BlueSky… you are right. The show is very violent. I think the fact that it is on after 10:00 pm helps a little. The show is not for the faint of heart, at all. The perverse blood letting is no worse then what our government does in many third world countries, in real time. We just never really get to see or hear much about it. The show to me is more like an uncivil war story. Common man criminal against the forces of corrupt governmental criminal. Is the fantasy nightmare story worse then the real one, we may never be fully aware of? EMWTK!

  11. lady balls says:

    i love all of them. i hated dc in the beginning but ended up getting caught up in that one, too. because i lived in atlanta, i hated that one in the beginning but i always watch it so……

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      DC had some interesting HWs but that show got hijacked and sadly instead of just removing the offensive parties. Bravo cancelled the franchise.

      • lady balls says:

        the salahis are so creepy and yet they are the reason i ended up liking dc.

      • T-Rex says:

        WCW- I think there is more to that, it had to do with contracts and the whole Salahi’s whitehouse crashing, where Bravo cameras were also involved. Bravo I believe was going to try to salvage the show, but the Salahis threatened a lawsuit if they were let go, they also knew Stacy’s and Cat’s marriages were done, so I think they just threw in the towel and said they couldn’t fix this one.. I still would love for Cat to be a RHNY and them get rid of Sonja(I know she needs the money but the show is not healthy for her) Advica and LuMan. I would say Coaster but we all know Andy won’t part with the resident kookoo, got to have one on the show.

      • Mary E says:

        I couldn’t tolerate anyone on DC except, Stacie. Mary– talk about someone who always looks like she had a few vodkas in the morning, found Lynda self-righteous and phony, really a high powered modelling agency in DC. Salahis, no comment.Cat belonged more in NY.

  12. Kansas Girl says:

    The Realestalker is listing the Maloof’s residence is on the market. Lots of interior shots.

    • The furniture and textiles are so ostentatious and garish. YUCK. I think they will need the home staged.

      • T-Rex says:

        Hopefully they take down that Ginormous shadowbox that was holding her wedding dress. It depends there are some folks that like that style out there, but if I were the realtor I would certainly de-clutter a lot of the home and take out a lot of larger pieces especially in the rooms that have more than a few large items.

    • COCFarm says:

      Wow. It’s difficult to even look at. Screams desperation. Poor house.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      Best comment posted there…
      Anonymous said…
      Did Navin Johnson decorate this pile?

      SEPTEMBER 20, 2012 10:26 PM

      Now..who knows who Navin is ??? hahahahaha… I LOOOVVVEDDD him….

    • klmh says:

      The decor fits her.

    • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

      That thing in the living room that looks like a rocking chair….and all the rest of the garish furniture has to go! Mama’s blog about the house is great, very funny. One of the comments hit the mark, saying all it needs is a custom set of coffins for the funeral director to sell….yes indeed it is that bad. Perfect for a gothic/faux-rococo/baroque horror film as well.

  13. MamaZ says:

    Happy Birthday Ellabean!

    I agree with everyone that Ven is one note but that monstrosity Elena designed should have sent her home. It was so tacky. The judges are always commenting on taste level. Ven’s costume was boring but Elenas was in the worst possible taste.

  14. shamrock blonde says:

    thank you so much for the blogs – I stopped watching Miami last year and it appears that I am missing nothing this year either, but I can at least keep up with the goings on courtesy of MKValle – you all know that I despise Andy Cohen and refuse to allow his show in my home, but I do enjoy reading Little Newton’s blog just the same, so thank you for that too – Love Project Runway and loved Christopher’s costume – Deborah Messing did say that she was a bit concerned about the appropriatness of Dimitri’s costume when it came to little children, and that was probably the only reason I could see him coming in second – it was gorgeous

    every time I read this blog and read all of your comments, I can feel Lynn throughout each word – No More Drama and crew, you do her a great honor with this little home away from home and I know that she is so proud of all of you – somebody twitter Cat and tell her to mention Lynn when she shows up on Andy’s show – I know she will do a marvelous job –

    my love to you all *hugs entire board really hard*

  15. Thanks for the PR recap! Elena should have gone! Poor Ven just does not have a fun side! Christopher’s was smart; loved the skyline but it will be totally washed out on stage under the lights & lost. Loved Dimitry’s – wish he would’ve won.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Maybe they’ll tweak it a bit to make the skyline more striking before they make them for the whole group.

  16. I’m not jumping on the Poor Paul bandwagon yet. We don’t know what went on behind closed doors. Maybe there was a reason Adrienne was so angry at Paul all the time. My X was a charmer; everyone loved him! At home, he was abusive in EVERY way. Took me several years of my young life to develop self worth to realize it wasn’t my fault. Also, remember how we felt about Russell the first year? He was so controlling & unloving! JMHO

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      I hear ya Dame !!!


    • Kansas Girl says:

      Agreed. But on the other hand, somewhere it said Bernie the cook was one of the witnesses reporting. Bernie already cooked his goose with viewers last season, so I’m suspicious of his motives.

    • melthehound says:

      So far what we have is he choked his kid and kicked the dog. Does any of that sound remotely familiar in BH? Adrienne’s been a bitch on wheels around him, both seasons. She’s already established she’s willing to spread rumor. Just sayin,, I’m not on either bandwagon but just like RA, if Paul has done something, I want proof.

    • Rebecca says:

      I think most are on the anti-Adrienne bandwagon. She would do anything to get her way. What faster way is there to get your kids than claiming abuse? And Bernie is the only witness? We know how slimy he is.

    • VV says:

      I think Adrienne will get the sympathy edit. Andy likes her…
      I’ve seen Paul be nasty to Lisa and now Brandi. However, Adrienne is a bigger b*tch. Jury still out on this one.

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        VV… go back and watch the white party episode where they are all outside telling the armstrongs they have to leave..Paul was curt with A that night also…
        I also think that A has left Paul before… At the very last gathering of the gals , when there looking at pics at Kyles , A showed up with a rolling suitcase and someone made the remark bout her moving out..she replied it wouldnt be the first time or something long those lines.. I think Dr Paul has him a N.Y. girlfriend …winks

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Normally I would be on Addy’s side but she is a haughty bitch. Paul seems like a decent person. Lawyers are the ones that make the money in a contentious divorce. I think that Addy is being short sighted if she thinks her failures as a mate are not painfully apparent to anyone with much common sense. I want police reports and pictures before I entertain the belief that Paul is the abuser. In fact when the son broke Paul’s nose several times, season one, Addy not only thought it was funny, but told Paul that he was acting like a baby and needed to get over it. Now that does not sound like a spouse that is afraid of physical abuse or retaliation against her or her children. Not only that, but she did not seem to eager to discipline her sons against, violent anti social conduct, or horse play. In a nutshell, she seems like the one not fit to raise children unsupervised, if push came to shove. But money, name and power talk in Beverly Hill where a lie can become the truth, as a big story explodes. JMHO.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              It starts out as spin control – it can be the key to sully the name and reputation of “the enemy”…and her side started the first round of spinning.

    • T-Rex says:

      Just a side note, some rumors floating out there that the Kings are looking to potentially move the team to Virginia, so that whole “sole” custody so I can take my kids out of state without permission from the other parent, could be something there. Oh, and seriously an affidavit from her nosy chef as proof, he knows who pays his paycheck, of course is siding with the HoofMaloof. Choking the kids, not buying it, she would have had him arrested that day or at least a call to 911, I don’t buy kicking the dog, its the HoofMaloof that gets rid of dogs like they are yesterday’s news.

      • NightLight95 says:

        THe MaloofHoof learned from the best, TrailerTaylor!

      • mkvalle says:

        Those are old rumors about the Kings moving to Virginia. Came about when they had a meeting about building an arena. Seattle is doing the same so there are those rumors out there too. I’m a former season ticket holder for the Kings and have been disappointed in the Maloofs for some time. They backed out at the last minute of a sweet deal to build an arena in downtown Sac that had the NBA and AEG contributing money besides the city and the team. Even the NBA is sick of their antics. Their main problem is they don’t have that much money. They lost millions and millions when they expanded then lost the Palms in Las Vegas. Their worth is being estimated at $300-$400 million, which is a boatload of cash to us little folk but small peanuts in the profession sports ownership world.

        • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

          They don’t seem too bright, do they? The fortune they inherited, the beer distributorship (foundation of their dad’s wealth) they sold, frittering it away. Not so easy to keep money when you didn’t earn it the hard way.

    • MamaZ says:

      Been there Dame!

    • PJ says:

      No one ever wants to discount an abuse claim out of hand, but it has to be taken into consideration that sometimes when abuse is claimed it isn’t true. Sometimes this is used as an excuse to get custody. I want to know if Paul was represented at that hearing?
      I read he wasn’t even there but don’t know if that is accurate or not. I have seen people go through ugly divorces and I have known of times that a court proceeding took place without the other party being properly served, this is a very ugly thing to do because people have the right to answer claims. I don’t know the facts here of course so I have a wait and see attitude. When the next hearing takes place and Paul is there properly represented with his lawyer lets see how this claim sticks.

      • Nancy says:

        I heard that he didn’t even know about the court hearing.
        I have a hard time seeing Paul being violent to his children and/or his dog.
        I think A is a snake.

        • I have a hard time thinking that a man who sat there composed and quiet while his wife was curt and dismissive of him is a rage-a-holic behind closed doors.

          • Nancy says:

            Hi RR,
            Exactly. This could really affect his practise.
            I feel for their children.

            • I’m not saying he was. But we don’t know. I’m only going on my history. He knew exactly when & where to let the pent up rage out. He also was clever enough not to leave marks where they could be seen in public. The day after he was arrested for assault (in Chicago, the victim doesn’t press charges, the state does) neighbors still couldn’t believe it. BUT…I’m all good now, years of therapy, self idenity, & career. The Sire is my partner. But he still paints my toe nails cause I can’t bend that long with my back. 🙂

              • Nancy says:

                I hear you Dame.
                What colour does he paint your toes?
                You found a good one. 🙂

                • Hey Nancy, I don’t mean to say she was abused, just that we need to wait & see. I remember the first season several thought Taylor was abused & I warned then
                  about jumping to conclusions.
                  Right now, purple! He likes to buy the color for me too. Should I be worried 😉
                  He is a keeper. How’s it with you?

                  • Nancy says:

                    Hopefully A and Paul will think of their children while this gets played out.

                    All is great here in LA LA Land. Emily is still here and I’m getting to know my 1/2 brother
                    really well. My bff has already met him as she was vacationing up in PEI.
                    George and I (and Emily) are thinking about going to the British West Indies for a vacation.
                    p.s. I love purple. 🙂

              • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

                ((( Dame ))) I’m so sorry you went thru that. Makes me happy that you have found your Sire & he’s good to you. 🙂

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Dame so sorry you suffered at the hands of an abuser. But you survived it (thank God) and as you said you’re all good now – – you have obviously worked very hard for the “good” in your life. Mad respect, lady!

          • T-Rex says:

            Also, let’s go back to Season 1 when we first met the HoofMaloof she was “taking” down her instructor during the exercise scenes and Paul mentioned that she could “take” him down any time he was no match for her. She agreed that she was stronger than him, so NOPE not buying the abuse, she was pretty feisty during those boxing scenes as well, and she was an Outstanding Tennis player in college, she has always been athletic. Do you see Paul N as the more athletic type to her, nope!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              ITA with you, T-Rex. I remember watching that and how smug she was in this scene as she proudly emasculated her husband on camera. She was visibly giddy (well as giddy as someone with an excess of plastic surgery and botox can be – there might have been an occasional facial almost quiver).

  17. VV says:

    I’m glad RHOBH is coming back!
    Could it be possible that Miami came back due to the creepy obsession Andy has with Mama Elsa?

  18. AZGirl says:

    Ramona posted a great picture of her, Sonja and Lulu on her facebook page. She captioned it “We survived the reunion” but what so great is the look on Lulu’s face. She looks really pissed HA!

    • T-Rex says:

      Maybe the “Italians” phoned in and in their best French busted Lu-Man about Tomas or she got called out on the Tubal ligation or she just realized that her fossilized eggs won’t survive IVF

  19. Thedesigndiva says:

    Time for an AAHHH video..
    Mother dolphin gives birth on Monday the 17th of Sept…too cute..

  20. VV says:

    Bravo posted yet another Blog about NJ finale.
    Still trying to lead people into thinking Teresa ( who I guess has complete control of who gets mic’d and filmed and editing at Bravo )
    This was Bravo creation and Bravo only. I know they want to blame Tre. Bravo and it’s idiotic producers thought they could continue to fool us. The hyenas knew (K, C, J, K) Read their body language and at the table. Even Saint Kathy interaction with Teresa was odd. She ask Teresa if she drank a lot of coffee because Teresa says her heart is beating fast? WTF is that kind of question?
    This was to be the culmination of a two year campaign destroy Teresa and they almost pull it off was it not for their obvious bias, fake timelines and arrogance and viewers getting fed up with it.

    • Nancy says:


    • mkvalle says:

      I think Kathy’s question about coffee to Teresa was a valid one, Tre said her heart was beating out of her chest. Cracks me up how so many people think so highly of Teresa. I don’t care either way, they all have their faults. If Bravo wanted to get Teresa off the show, they didn’t have to re-sign her.

      • VV says:

        The way Andy brain works is more like. Let me humiliate you first then I get you off the show. Andy and Production was not counting on the backlash they are getting now. I don’t think they care… but they were not counting on it…

  21. Thedesigndiva says:


    It has been confirmed that Real Housewives Adrienne Maloof and husband Paul Nassif are divorcing.

    But we at have exclusive details about why and how much Paul wants. A source very close to the production company at Bravo told us that the seperation has been coming for a long time.

    Both Paul and Adrienne hardly ever saw each other, other than when they were filming. The source continues and tells us that both Paul and Adrienne cheated on each other. Paul cheated with a secretary and Adrienne did it with an executive at her corporation. While they both forgave each other Paul kept having affairs Adrienne looked the other way but now she is pissed.

    So how why is Paul demanding $100 million?? Good question. Paul feels that he is entitled to money because he feels he made Adrienne a star when he told her to do Real Housewives and gave her some advice that made her millions.

    Both want joint custody of the children.

  22. VV says:

    On Twitter:

    @GraceIn2013: Notice how quiet @BravoAndy is about the Bravo producing scandal @CarolineSelf & @yourfriendkitty — Why so quiet Andrew? #bravoisscripted

    @BravoAndy: @GraceIn2013 @CarolineSelf @yourfriendkitty cuz there is no scandal!

  23. VV says:

    Okay @yourfriendlykitty ( the fired producer ) changed her Twitter pic to a picture of her on the Step and Repeat for the Fabellini launch. I’m on my phone and can’t link it.
    Very Juvenile…

  24. VV says:

    Cat O.will be a guest on WWHL next week according to Pinocchio Cohen.

  25. LaineyLainey says:

    HI FRIENDS OF DETOX: I had mentioned to detox about the “fish” thread the other day. In her post script to yesterday’s email, she shared her thoughts about the subject of Richie and Kathy – sorry it took me so long to post this: (cut and pasted) enjoy

    “P.S.: I am so behind on reading Lynn’s blog and comments. I can’t wait until I find some time to get to them and catch up. When Rich said his wife tasted like “fish,” I was grossed out. Kathy may need to look into that. Mine sure does not smell like fish, and I also have never been told that I TASTE like fish either. If it ever does, it means I have an infection. Now, when I look at Kathy and see her scenes, especially the ones with her using her hands to prepare food, I am going to be thinking, “Your husband said you had a fishy/smelly ‘Hello Kitty. I think I will now pass on your desserts, ‘Miss FUNKY Town'”!! LOL.

    P.P.S.: Maybe Kathy can try to get an endorsement as a spokesperson for Massengill or Summer’s Eve (or, hell, maybe Rich could, seeing as how he is such a DOUCHE himself). I also think Kathy needs to call Ambien and ask if she can endorse their product because she and her scenes are SOOOO boring that they almost put me to sleep. She is “Housewives’ Ambien.”

    I can just see and hear the informercial now: “Having trouple sleeping? Don’t worry. We have just the thing for you: our new KomaKathy Ambien. I promise you that this woman is such a SNOOZEFEST, her scenes will put you to sleep in NO TIME! Order today, and for just $19.95, you can get two bottles of Kathy Koma Ambien; along with a CD of all of her (BORING) ‘Real Housewives’ scenes; a bottle of her Red Velvet Cosmo drink (that is presently rotting on shelves); and a sampling of her Goddess desserts (Never mind that you can probably walk or drive to a bakery nearby and buy FRESH desserts just as delicious without having to deal with the wait-time of getting it in the mail.).

    If you call today, we will also throw in a packet of coupons for the douche of your choice. All this for just $19.95! I promise you, people, you can’t beat that offer with a bat! Call today before this special offer ends! Koma Kathy Ambien: It will provide you with a good night’s rest in NO time!! And those douches you get with our coupons will have you feeling and smelling as clean and fresh as a nice ocean breeze off a tropical island and tasting like anything BUT fish. Believe me, your husband and/or partner will THANK you! Our special offer ends soon. So, please order as soon as possible before we run out. It is first come, first served! Koma Kathy Ambien, where you get a good night’s rest and no longer have to worry about having a ‘not so fresh’ Hello Kitty!”

    Alright, gotta go because I am on another coughing jag. God is probably punishing me for talking about Kathy’s “Hello Kitty” (Me: But God, it was her HUSBAND who brought the subject up. God: I do not care. It is not right to laugh and makes jokes about someone’s “Hello Kitty.” Now go forth and think about what I just said).

    I will also go to Confession and tell the priest that I talked negatively about Kathy’s “Hello Kitty” (Me: Bless me Father for I have sinned. I made jokes about a woman on television whose husband’s words about her Hello Kitty made it sound like her Hello Kitty was smelly and tastes-like-fish. Priest: Say 4 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Mary’s and promise to never talk about this woman’s Hello Kitty again. Me: I cannot promise you that, Father. I know myself, and I cannot tell a lie. I just may do it again. So, I will probably be seeing you again in another week or so in order to, once again, be absolved of my sin of talking negatively about a woman’s Hello Kitty. Priest: After you follow my directions with your prayers, throw praying the rosary in for good measure. Good luck and Godspeed, Anonymous Parishioner! Me: See ya soon, Father!).”

    • Contessa says:

      Lainey, thank you for posting this from Detox, i was laughing so loud and so hard, my lazy a$$ cat came running in and jumped on the desk. I cannot get that Ms. Kitty fish smell comment out of my head. If I was Kathy he would be appearing with electrical tape on his mouth for the rest of the season as public punishment for public humiliation. How repulsive can this man get…oh I forgot we are talking about garbage mouth Richie – puke.

    • mardrag26 says:

      Waving a high hand to Lainey…Hey Gal!
      Thanks for posting Detox’s comments.
      Detox, you are hysterical as usual and very missed here. I almost fell off my chair laughing so hard! I hope you are taking very good care of yourself and getting better every day. Sending healing energy to you. Looking forward to your return to the blog!

      • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

        sooo funny! ((( Detox ))) thanks for reminding me why I love your posts, and Lainey, thank you for posting! Still laughing….!

    • melthehound says:

      But Wait! Call in the next 10 minutes and we’ll Double your order (just pay separate shipping and handling of $39.95)…..

      Thanks for keeping us posted on Detox, Lainey.

    • JenninFL says:

      Love Detox’s comments! Thanks for keeping us updated on her Lainey! (((Detox)))

    • VV says:

      😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    • lizzle says:

      (((((DETOX))))) Dang girl! I miss you and those wonderful comments! The Rich comment about Kathy’s Hello Kitty has brought me endless hours of joy and laughter

      • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

        I don’t remember that one….do tell!!

        • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

          SMDH again, never mind I’m reading bottom up & just got to Detox’s comments about “hello kitty.” Warning: before reading Detox’s comments, go the bathroom, and don’t drink or eat anything while reading. Thank me later….! May have to invest in those padded underwear diaper thangies too, no kidding!

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Earth to Detox…get well soon. We miss you. Thanks Lainey for sharing.

      I shared too much in Chatzy & now it’s not letting me back in. Pout.

      (((( DETOX )))) (((( Bloggers ))))

  26. VV says:

    Somebody has balls to say that he started to hate Iliana’s because he was told to???!!!
    Why is he writing on Iliana’s blog? Who does he think he is? This kid needs psychiatric help pronto! I’m trying to understand his reasoning. It just doesn’t add for me not just yet.

    • Nancy says:

      Who are you talking about?

    • not THAT Jill says:

      VV-dont give it air…its not worth it.

      • VV says:

        I know. It just rubs me the wrong way…He still very inmature…

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Yes he lied because he’s a liar too.

        • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

          VV the worst for me is how a couple of ladies in NYC helped him out. A lot.

          He doesn’t get it….his “new friend” is looking for info.

          When you cut off the helping hand(s) that were put out for you, to give ammo to your former friend’s enemies, what does that say?

          I’m praying that this new friend, that writes for a religious journal, has good intentions and sticks to them. Perhaps Lynn’s death has caused her to look over her past actions.

          If his new friend can help him, I do wish them well. Peace Out.

          • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

            SMDH, if he’s “sharing” on her blog then those intentions are not honest or wise!

            • VV says:

              It’s only been one month. I too was puzzled by the NY ladies, but I’ll leave it at that.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                I read the blog piece. These two deserve each other. Maybe the can take their act on the road. She is hateful and he is a liar and they are both hungry for power and unearned, positive attention. They are delusional and deserve everything life has to offer them. IMO.

            • The Tin Man says:

              I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that these two will be at war in no time, and then she’ll know; karma, baby. Let the games begin.

  27. not THAT Jill says:

    Want to chat??? Come over for a visit…VV? Nancy?

    • VV says:

      I tried but can’t do it from my phone. It’s very hard to read and type from my 4in screen 😦
      If I enter the chat room, it will be as an spectator 😀

  28. Ça va says:

    You guys probably already saw this, but look what a Google search turned up about Ingrid Teichner, ADD’s mom?:
    $2.95 –
    Miami Herald – Jul 27, 2003
    Store manager Joanne Mullerysaw Ingrid Teichner, 63, of 9601 Collins Ave., hide the bottle in her purse and leave the store, according to the police report.
    I didn’t want to pay to read the article. Thought that little teaser was interesting. Anyone know what this is about?

  29. VV says:

    Dr Paul posted on his FB page.

    It continues to amaze me how so much of the hoopla surrounding a reality show is in reality, unreal — including the absurdity of the latest utterly false accusations by Adrienne’s attorney which we will vigorously address in court. It is becoming a bit of a circus isn’t it? The phrase ‘all is fair in love and war’ must have been penned by a divorce attorney. I’m very disappointed in the ridiculous tactics that are being used that potentially compromise my relationship with my children. As I’ve said throughout this ordeal, the most important thing is the health, happiness and stability of my kids. I hate to see others using them as pawns. I’m going to stay utterly focused on their well-being and the knowledge they need equal time with both of their parents both of whom love them very much. I’m sure all will be fine and when all the emotion of the moment dies down, Adrienne and I will be terrific co-parents.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Seriously-grown people posting this on FB? Is nothing private?????

    • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

      Dr. Paul is actually wise to do this. All he is asking for is fair treatment. Sometimes the divorce attorneys push their clients to warfare, because after all, they do make a lot more $ when it goes to court.

      I’ve had a couple of people that went thru nasty divorces (when I was in real estate) that told me not to get attorneys. Sort it out for yourselves, if you can. One couple spent every dime they had on their divorce attorneys. Money their 4 children will never see, money that could have helped these kids go to college.

  30. LaineyLainey says:

    Hi Bluesky – I agree!! Instead of the couple’s money going to their own interests, their homes, businesses, children, etc. Their money will ultimately go to line the pockets of these unscrupulous lawyers and their country clubs and their own children’s many advantages which could only be afforded by lawyers who manage to nearly if not outrightly bankrupt their clients without blinking an eye. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with his comment, either, by the way.

    • BlueSky1Forever ( @BlueSky_Forever on twitter ) says:

      LL sometimes you need an attorney, maybe when one spouse is trying to hide assets or cut the soon to be ex out of retirement accounts (funny how many women don’t realize that after say 20 years of marriage, they absolutely do deserve half of their husband’s pension, IRA, etc.). What got me is my clients were not wealthy people, they were broke after selling the house, buying smaller new homes (barely) and paying the attorneys. I gave them lower commissions, as really I felt bad. When the wife’s attorney wanted to go back to court over some “lost” collectibles, I talked her out of it. Imagine, what the “lost” collection of shot glasses would have cost her in attorney fees & court costs. Un-fricking-believable, right?

  31. LaineyLainey says:

    MKVALLE – I DO like the RHoMiami – thanks for blogging it!!!!

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      laineylainey… I watched it last season..Glad that Larsa and Christy are gone.. Now I just wish they would all get some story lines going.. and we did the whole living on the boat thing last season..wonder why the repeat lines…LOL I have to mute lea when she is on..cant stand her voice. !!! OMG… like a screeching macaw….

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Oh yes, those two were something else, weren’t they? Christy and Larsa…I’m going to have to admit I found them entertaining. Larsa being nouveau riche with their basketball money…one might have thought her classy by looking at her and then she would open her mouth and constantly ruin that image. Mean of me, I know, but perhaps the thought of all that money, big house, great clothes, etc… and her conversations were so shallow and her eyes empty of anything beyond the latest fashions. I found it intriguing and I suppose it appealed to my meanie side…my sense schadenfreude. Week after week she appeared on this show and lacked the self awareness to see how she was portraying herself in such an unflattering way. For all we know, she is probably not so bad…but she was trying so hard to appear to be “fabulous” and it was just silly. Christy on the other hand seemed to not put on airs the ridiculous way Larsa does/did. I am looking forward to seeing the new cast interact and of course Mama Elsa is just a study in the strength of the human spirit. Yes, she might be tipsy sometimes (I underexagerate here) but in a sea of pretentiousness and an obsession with outer beauty, she defies all the
        odds. She’s smart, funny, loving, loveable and when Mama Elsa talks, people listen!!! Her plastic surgery mishaps messed with her appearance, but her spirit emerges and makes one forget the outward,…and it makes her the most beautiful person in the scene sometimes. She seems grateful; very UNLIKE a Bitter Clown we all know.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          schadenfreude is an awesome word….so is shenanigans…no relation- just fun to say.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Well, it’s packed with meaning… and sounds better than the definition “taking pleasure in the misfortune of others”…. ewwwwwww! so harsh. But in my defense, she wasn’t really experiencing real misfortune (I’m talking about Larsa when she sounded stupid and shallow on the RHoMiami) she didn’t really lose anything that matters to HER. I agree shenanigans is good, too. Depending on who one is discussing it could have so many different meanings!!!

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I think Larsa was just immature and thought she was going to be a BIG STAR-almost like she was tired of her husband getting all the attention and now it was going to be her turn…like Camille Grammer in season 1 BH

              • LaineyLainey says:

                True Jill, I hadn’t thought of that. She just seemed very “one note” to me.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  I think she really believed that it would be kind of fun to be on the show and everyone would LOVE her…didn’t work out that way!!

                  • Called A Princess... says:

                    I think she would still be on the show if her husband had not been transferred to another state. Andy does not care about shallow. He is shallow. IMO.

  32. Zoey says:

    This is an oldie but goodie, depending on how you look at it. It’s so flippin’ ridiculous to read KKB’s answers, I don’t know whether to laugh or get my Pepto Bismol. She is nauseating! I’m glad she’s gone but I couldn’t resist reading this interview of her, and it doesn’t disappoint in the cray cray department!

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