Let’s Chat – Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale – Part 2

‘RHONJ’ Finale: Buckle Up for Some Garden State Drama

It’s. About. To. Go. Down.

That’s the headline on Bravo’s Dish.  I suspect they are right – one way or another.  Drama will go down on our TV screens tonight – but is this cast also about to go down from too much  – well everything.

New Jersey fans know that a ticket to this fashion show means an early scoop on the NJ drama. That might account for all the information that has been leaked about what went down that night.  Between twitter and secret emails, anonymous sources, insiders in production – this feels like a REALLY BIG DEAL.  After all – it caused Jacqueline Laurita to miss the taping for the Season 3 Reunion which was the day after the fashion show.  It’s pretty shocking that Bravo gave Jacqueline a pass.  That left only four housewives for that reunion – which ended up being pretty disappointing overall.  Everyone was mad about something that viewers hadn’t seen – but had heard about.  The messed up timeline has haunted Season Four – because it had to be edited to have Caroline Manzo in a feud with Teresa Giudice from the first episode.  Normally viewers would have been eased into such an epic fight.  At the end of tonight – it’ll be Jacqueline Laurita who is screaming at Teresa –  and a year later their 15 year friendship is still broken.  More troublesome is the disclosure that Joey Gorga hasn’t talked to sister Teresa Giudice for a year.  I wonder how hard that is on their aging parents.

I’m a sucker for a happy ending and I’m not going to get it with this bunch.   All of the cast depend on the show to promote their books, products, or careers.  Although we’re supposed to believe they are rich – I’m not sure if that’s true.  Cut past the designer clothes and purses and you’ve got a few bankruptcies, a couple houses on the market, and a whole lot of new businesses.  This means they’ll all want back for next year.  Trouble is – there is nowhere to go with this story.  I suppose Teresa will get a spin off – and the rest of them will pretend to get along enough to film together.  Hopefully they’ll be able to find a few more cast members who are interesting.

Take a good look at this cast photo – because chances are – we’ll be staring at a whole lot of new faces next year.  And for a trip down memory lane – read some of Lynn’s insider information on this train wreck.




Even as the day started off, Jacqueline Laurita was having a meltdown on twitter.  Here’s the string of information she tweeted.

“Are u all ready for tonight’s episode?T had asked me2do the same thing to M that Kim D helped her do.When I wouldn’t,our friendship declined

Tonight’s show is intense …

Truth is…T never forgave her family for coming on the show. She faked makeup with them like she did with me.I overheard her in CA talking.

Whole thing is really sad2me.Hope T gets the help she needs.1ce season’s over,I’ll focus on better things.No more season 4 talk.

Make sure you all read my blog later when they post it after the show. Hopefully it will make more sense.”

Tonight this is Jacqueline…


(TY Boston)


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Lynn’s family would like to remind us about the college fund for Lynn’s son.

Lynn’s Son’s College Fund at Barrington Bank Account # 530037912 ABA # 071925651 Robert Smith.   Please give from your hearts My sister gave from hers !! Barrington Bank is located at 201 S. Hough Street Barrington Illinois 60010 God Bless you all and enjoy watching the fireworks tonite ! Love Cathy

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497 Responses to Let’s Chat – Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale – Part 2

  1. Donna says:

    Good Afternoon

  2. VV says:

    Spliced audio. That was what Bitter Clown and Jac Daniels meant all season long. We waited all season long for spliced audio…

  3. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Jac is crazy, just read her twitter. She’s changed her story a MILLION times about why she hates T. Now she’s saying T had asked her to help her with the set up early in the season…I’m not buying it at all. She’s trying so hard to save face from all the info that’s coming out about her involvement.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Lies are like spaghetti to Wacky Jacky – she just keeps throwing them against the wall to see which ones might stick.

    • The Tin Man says:

      My interpretation of that whole thing is a bit different. I understood it to mean that Jac was saying Teresa tried to get her (Jac) to expose Melissa as a stripper last season, not this season, and I think that’s why Jac was so quick to believe Teresa was behind it because she had first hand knowledge that Teresa wanted Melissa exposed. Also this business about Jac knowing about a set up before the fashion show meant, in my opinion, just that — she knew before the models walked the runway that night (the actual fashion show itself) not before she got to the restaurant where the fashion show was being held.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        But why the lag in time if Teresa was set on letting it spill that ‘rumor’ has it that Melissa was a stripper. She wouldn’t need Jac for that, she could have had the conversation with Juicy. Why would she mention the other ‘rumors’ to her brother in private and not this? Why wouldn’t she let this slip when Joey brought up the other rumors?

        And at the end of the day, what is the point of it all?

    • I’m really beginning to think that Jac has developmental problems or severe emotional problems. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  4. Thank you BB. That worked. Tweet went out – blog posted. The only thing I have to do by hand is close the poll. Yippee for technology.

    Looks like it’s a tie for Danielle. Interesting.

  5. LavaLady says:

    Thanks for posting the information for the fund for Lynn’s son. The check I sent originally was returned to me. So I will resend. The 2012 Poshe Fashion Show is scheduled for Oct. 2. Bravo will not be filming it for a change, since NJ will is over. Article in my local paper claims all the NJ hw’s are returning for another season. Article is on NorthJerseyMedia.com

  6. Tracyshea says:

    I am watching the Emmys but its almost time for NJ. What to do?!

  7. Cartwheels says:

    Very interesting article here about the real reason why Jacqueline hates Teresa


    What do you guys think?

    • VV says:

      Carts, I posted the link on prior blog. Some of the things make sense. However, why now? Why is an ex Bravo employer saying these things. I’m a bit skeptical. I’m thinking Bravo had her do these interview. Not sure though.

  8. You know what? I don’t know if I can do this tonight. I keep trying to get ready for the finale and I just can’t get there. Bravo’s lies. The time frame manipulation. Knowing they stuck to the story for the reunion even though the truth about the editing was coming out bit by bit. What is the point in watching something that just is not true and paints everyone involved in it in a really bad light. How many other of my beloved HW shows are totally faked? Reality my ass. I am watching the lead in shows, and all I can focus on is “When did that really happen? Who really set that up?” I just don’t think I can do this, so I am gonna rely on you all to let me know what happened.

    • Tracyshea says:

      I completly get where you are coming from. Bravo needs to get back to reality. Enjoy your evening.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I’m not watching, I’ll just read about it all over the place tomorrow. I’m over NJ. Bring on ATL and BH. Drama is fun…hatefulness and family disintegration is not.

    • BB says:

      I’m right there with you, Duchess.

      • MamaZ says:

        Same here. I’d rather watch the Emmy’s. I may flip over during commercials.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Hmmmmmm. Do we really think there ever was a reality show on Bravo? I mean real reality. Even MTV Real World would stop and re shoot things over again. I think it is fantasy to believe that Andy Cohen was really committed to delivering real stories about these women of reality TV. His vision seemed to be to create an entertainment world that would make him a star, regardless of the death and destruction that might happen along the way. He even admits that he modeled it after Desperate Housewives. A very cheap version. IMO.

  9. I’m watching the Finale AND Dr Drew’s Rehab. I’d rather watch rehab after reading Kristen’s book GUTS.
    I’ve had very bad luck posting on this blog lately. I misspelled my email address and it kept telling me that was already said when I tried to repost using the correct email address. Then had another issue this morning so I’m on my laptop tonight.
    Thank You all for the very nice Birthday wishes yesterday. I enjoyed the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with my family and friends. In fact two friends flew in to surprise me. I have the best memories made for my old age.
    I’m finishing RHONJ and RHONY and watching the reunions. Then I’m done with all things Bravo TV even Top Chef. I’m done with their manipulations and trying to make drama and hatred part of reality. I watch reruns of the first seasons and enjoy them so much more than what we’ve seen the last 3 seasons on almost all the RH shows. The first season is usually the most fun. With the exception of DC which had more contrived hype before it started. I’m inclined to believe Bravo set up the Salahi’s and then didn’t back them up after the shit hit the fan. They all sign contracts which I believe would limit them doing any type of REAL tell all book or talk show circuit to tell the viewers what REALLY happened. I think Silex tells us only as much as the contract allows her to tell without exposing too much inside info.
    I’m looking forward to Once Upon A Time, Revenge and 666 Park Ave. starting next Sunday.
    Did anyone see the side by side photos of Donatella Versace and Elsa on TMZ last week? A Who’d You Rather Do? poll. Tragic looking plastic surgery jobs on both of them. They are a good reason to never have plastic surgery!!
    Bring on the Drama for the stupid Poshe fashion show.

  10. bea says:

    Ok, I’m not going to see the finale until late tonight, but I wanted to post on this ominous night.

    I really love this site, the blogs are so great and I have so much respect for the amount of research you all do. I was a long time reader, who came out of lurkdom when we lost Lynn. I kind of vowed after her passing that I would try to be a more active member of this community, that I really do admire. I love/hate these shows and it’s a lot of more fun to “watch” them with other people like me.

    That being said, I really hate these NJ broads. I can’t stand any of them. To me they represent the worst examples of what I see in our society. I don’t think any of them are very smart or have strong ethics. They all lie so easily and judge so harshly. I would be mortified if my children grew up and behaved like them. The only one I kind of give a pass to (and I’m not exactly sure why) is Kathy. But why the heck is Kathy even on a reality show, she is so freaking boring!!!

    I feel so badly for all their children (channeling Aviva here: “It’s about the kids!!!” Even the adult ones who should have been raised better.

    So anyways, thanks everyone for being a sort of support network through this. I know we don’t always see eye-to-eye, but I appreciate you all.

    • MamaZ says:

      Bea – I think a lot of us feel the same about NJ. I quit watching for a long time. I only started watching again a few weeks ago and I regret being sucked back in. Will you be watching BH or ATL? If so make sure you join us then.

      • bea says:

        BH is my favorite so I’ll definitely be watching. I love seeing the huge houses, I tend to fast forward through Taylor and Kim’s scenes, but I like watching the others. I watch Atlanta too, I’m the last of my real life friends who watch this one. For me all the other cities are much funnier/lighter than NJ. Maybe because the focus isn’t family infighting. I hate when the shows get dark (probably why I don’t love the Taylor and Kim scenes on BH).

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Why is Kathy on the show….in my opinion, for the following reasons,…There’s the Tre connection (of whom she cares not one iota); and then of course there’s the matter of a nice paycheck for basically doing nothing of any consequence and then of course, now she has her dessert products. Someone said earlier that these nobodies should be thanking Teresa for their present financial and fame status and the opportunities they now have. That person is right, they owe Teresa some gratitude. Without their connection to Tre none of this would be happening for them.

  11. cdnfillie58 says:

    I wish we could get Lynn’s take on all this drama….miss you Lynn muahhhh

  12. VV says:

    I posted this on prior blog. It is a good read. Also, brought it over so, that you can see how classy Melissa Gorga and her husband are. Scroll down to the picture if them.


    • VV says:

      I think that picture caused this Twitter exchange. Now, to be fear it is clear to me they were pretending…classy nonetheless…

      @melissagorga A very distasteful picture on Twitter of you/ Joe. It is you in
      performing oral sex on Joe. Can you verify its a valid photo?

      @flygirltpa oh my goodness.. Of course not..xo
      Sent Sep 23, 07:35 AM

    • boston02127 says:

      Their kids don’t have a shot.

  13. MamaZ says:

    Clare Danes just said Holla on the Emmy’s lol.

  14. Real Mr. Housewife says:

    Thank you all for your love and support. I’m very excited to watch RHONJ with you all tonight. Please follow me on twitter @Realmrhousewife. xoxo

    • designernailsdiana says:

      Lemme tell ya this has been the craziest season yet. Glad you’re tweeting and on this blog too.

  15. VV says:

    Somebody asked the other day how come Teresa came back to the room for make up right after Angelo left the room. Ahhhh, ever heard of “editing”? In the edited version they made it look like as soon as he left, Teresa came back as if she was right there listening to the conversation.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      This post makes me miss Lady C. She would have something to say about now. Lady C where you @???

    • The Tin Man says:

      Or possibly she could have been right there listening. That’s the way I saw it. You could be right, but I might be also.

  16. boston02127 says:

    Warning warning warning: Take 2 asprine now.

  17. VV says:

    RHONJ Baby!

    “Gimme Pizza You Old Troll!”

    (I took my two aspirins)

  18. dch60 says:

    If Teresa really did this why would Caroline tell us in the beginning of the season to “read between the lines”? Why wouldn’t she just say, “wait until you see all the horrible things Teresa did this season”? Because they all knew (they all said “read between the lines” at some point) Teresa really didn’t do anything horrible so they had to suggest… or as Caroline would say “plant seeds.”

  19. zoey1234 says:

    How can the troublemaker bald guy appear soooo sleazy with only a few lines? As least that’s my take on him. First impressions really do stick!

    • kendo says:

      Who cares if Melissa was a stripper? Why wouldn’t she want anyone to know? Unless she was turning tricks on the side, which I think is the reason a lot people have a problem with strippers. Usually, there’s more involved, drugs, turning tricks, happy endings, back rooms, etc. I’m gay and I’ve been taken to the gentlemen’s club, and there was a lot of illegal activity going on!

  20. LaineyLainey says:

    I think Kathy was picking her nose, rewind, rewind… oh nevermind… the things that excite LaineyLainey…

  21. VV says:

    Well, JacDaniels maybe Teresa is wondering if all those rumors about Melissa are right. Just sayin’

  22. Christi44 says:

    Perhaps Tre is acting weird because she doesn’t like any of youse.

  23. klmh says:

    leading question Teresa?

  24. LaineyLainey says:

    Such a classy event…the hostess “We’re going to have f….ing fun!!!” I know that’s weird coming from the woman who got excited about Kathy picking her nose.

  25. cdnfillie58 says:

    Liar liar pants on fire 😛

  26. dch60 says:

    I thought Melissa said she didn’t recognize him? I guess her memory came back quickly.

  27. dch60 says:

    This is IDon’tBelieveInUnicorns. I obviously don’t use that name on other sites (wouldn’t make much sense to most) and I don’t remember what my password is under my real name here.

  28. LaineyLainey says:

    That voiceover was dubbed in later… to save face. To make Tre look guilty.

  29. amalfi says:

    Melissa is a self-serving bitch. lol

  30. dch60 says:

    You should know where it is Joey, you’re right next door.

  31. Lady Chatterley says:

    Teresa, please. What she does to her sister-in-law is one thing. But, playing us for fools – no respect.

  32. zoey1234 says:

    Whoa, Teresa is such a trouble maker! Then when she sees she’ll get in trouble, she tries to undo it! She’s done this so many times it’s getting boring.

  33. cusi77 says:

    Call me naive… I still think that the setted up one is T!

  34. Kat from Ohio says:

    you can tell how badly teresa wishes melissa could speak italian when she’s trying to explain what’s going on without the whole production team realizing. there’s no way she could fake being so flustered. melissa on the other hand… soooo defensive and her eyes moving from side to side when she denied. such a liar. no cares if you stripped! it’s not like you killed someone! just own it and it will be old news.

  35. WindyCityWondering says:

    Why would Melissa call her husband to come get in a fight and maybe go to jail? On her children’s eyes she is a nasty piece of work.

  36. VV says:

    From Twitter:

    Lookers is not a Bikini Bar. It’s a GoGo Bar!

    Just putting it out there don’t know if it’s true.

  37. VV says:

    If you weren’t a dancer, why so upset? Just ignore guy that you claim to not know or quickly remember.

  38. Nancy says:

    God I HATE Caroline.

  39. Lady Chatterley says:

    Teresa seems to be quite upset that Baldy left – why????

    Appears that Pt II of her set up has fallen apart….

    • Kat from Ohio says:

      because she KNOWS it’s a set up when he’s suddenly gone, probably taken away in a bravo car. she knows they got him in to start shit and got him out to make teresa look guilty as sin. she knows what’s happening and she knows she’s powerless to stop/change it.

    • dch60 says:

      She obviously wanted him to verify what she told Melissa. But she’s actually glad because she was worried what her brother would do.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        She was worried about her brother’s reaction and that he would get in a fight and that could lead to jail – apparently Melissa isn’t that concerned because the real target is Teresa.

        • cusi77 says:

          And Melissa to tell that Teresa has a big smile because someone was taking her down was a lie, Teresa was concerned about what the bald guy did say about her SIL… Teresa can’t win with these snakes!

          • melthehound says:

            She can’t win with some folks here either. That’s okay I suppose but I’m still amazed at all the people who call her such an idiot, putting so much power to pre-plan such a ‘take down’ in her hands.

            • Lady Chatterley says:

              You don’t have to be smart to be conniving – you have to be smart to pull it off and not get caught. Teresa got played here by the folks she was playing with. Not smart.

  40. amalfi says:

    That fat cow Lauren needs a life and a lap band. At least she got a lap band because a life is not something Daddy can buy.

  41. VV says:


  42. dch60 says:

    How did Teresa hit? She didn’t make the guy come up. Oh wait… they say she did.

  43. VV says:

    You can see the hyenas just savoring this moment.

  44. amalfi says:

    Why is Kim D lying? lol.. if those trash bags don’t get it by now, then it is obvious the set up was real but on Teresa not Mel and they are the ones (M, C, J – maybe not K since she is irrelevent) who are doing it.

  45. boston02127 says:

    I know she knows.
    I know she knows he knows.
    I know he knows she knows,
    I know they know.
    I know she said she knows.
    I know he said she knows and she doesn’t know.
    I know they know we know.


  46. Lady Chatterley says:

    Oh Looky, Pete Giudice is involved. How convenient!

  47. Kat from Ohio says:

    so they (bravo) clearly dangled a carrot in front of kim d (promising her a spot next season?) to help them orchestrate this. that explains why she’d keep it from teresa… she cares more about being a housewife than her friendship with teresa or hurting the other cast members. there’s just no other rational explanation.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I agree with you, Kat. Getting on this show… It’s like hitting a small lottery for these n’er-do-wells.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I don’t think Kim D ever was really a friend to these women….she needed publicity and they want free clothes.

  48. dch60 says:

    See Jac is acting dumb but they all were supposed to go to the salon.

  49. amalfi says:

    Caroline I really really love how she stays out of T’s business. That clown can’t even be put up with by her family.

    Figures. Carrying around hate makes you ugly. Stay pretty.

  50. dch60 says:

    If Melissa et al aren’t the ones that set it up, then why were Joey and Richie next door… waiting for the moment?

  51. cdnfillie58 says:

    ( I don’t care if I’m a minority here). Tre….you are guilty as sin :::: sorry folks:::::

    • zoey1234 says:

      You don’t have to be sorry! I totally agree! There aren’t many of us left, we’re a minority! Hey, can we get a discount?

    • AZGirl says:

      Guilty of what? Some guy who said to Mel “Hey remember me”?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Rule number 89: Minorities don’t apologize for being minorities.

    • AZGirl says:

      Meanwhile..Lauren, Jac and Caroline on their phones communicating with Cat the producer? and Tre the one who is the one setting this all up?

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Should I take cover LOL

      • zoey1234 says:

        Hell to the no! We have just as much a right to an opinion as anyone else! We can’t help it if we are more wiserer….lol!

      • cc101 says:

        thanks for speaking up…i love this site, but i am usually quiet because it is soooooo pro Teresa and I just can’t stand her. it is nice to read that someone else is on the same page.

        • zoey1234 says:

          🙂 I feel ya!

        • Orson says:

          You’re not alone. I hate Teresa also.

          • kendo says:

            Why hate? I can’t stand Bitter Clown Caroline, but I don’t hate her. She’s not that important.
            I just don’t get this season, everything has lead up to this. They should have just started over.
            Hope they dump the Manzo(s) or keep and bring Danielle and Dina back.

    • klmh says:

      Guilty of letting the production company know she is going to talk with Melissa in the bathroom about this, yes. It was obvious with the look she gave to the camera before she went to the br. Guilty of setting her up, no. imo

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        I don’t believe she knew this creep was going to tell anything about Melissa..that’s all on Kim D doorstep. But I believe she’s never wanted to make up with her brother and Melissa, I believe she wants her brother back and Melissa off the show. I believe she knew he was going to approach her at the show. And she had bravos help…that s what I believe

        • zoey1234 says:

          That makes a lot of sense. ‘Wants her brother back’… that just creeps me out! But I agree.

        • mygirlsmom says:

          I agree. When the guy at the salon was saying those things about Melissa, with cameras filming it, Teresa should have warned Melissa off camera about what was said.

    • I agree that Tre is guilty. If nothing else, she knew who that guy was and what he had been saying about Melissa. Even if she had only met him that afternoon, she knew what he was up to when he showed up at the table. She gave herself plausible deniability by walking away ON CAMERA and claiming she didn’t want to hear any of it. Sorry, but I am not buying her innocent act. She may not have been the mastermind behind the plot, but she KNEW!!!

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I agree that Teresa was at least a guilty party. If nothing else, she knew what this guy had been saying about Melissa to her that afternoon. Her heart was pounding 500 cause she knew the $h!t was gonna hit the fan. When he walked up to the table she knew why he was there. He may not have said anything to Melissa other than hello, but he did get the stripper conversation started didn’t he? The walking away ON CAMERA was to give herself plausible deniability. Now she can run around saying she didn’t have anything to do with it, she didn’t even want to hear what was said. If she really cared she would have told the guy to shut up that afternoon and then told Kim D to do the same. I agree with Jac that she wanted the stripper story out and was happy to have someone do the dirty work for her.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        Exactly. She had at least a 20 minute ride from salon to restaurant she could have texted Melissa a heads up. Do I think she set it up? No. Do I think she was a player once the “game” was set up? Yeppers.

    • Constance says:

      I am also in the minority apparently. Really don’t get the Tre love …she and her husband have spent money they don’t have for years. They owe money to many, many creditors. They kind of people cost all of us money. We pay in the end for dead beats like them

  52. ramonacoaster says:

    Caroline had the biggest smile I have ever seen her make.

  53. I Need A Life! says:

    I hope we’ll know what that text message was all about. Was it the fired producer?

  54. dch60 says:

    Exactly! So why are they making it a big deal?

  55. VV says:

    SHUT THE F*CUK UP…. What’s her name?…

  56. dch60 says:

    Now why would they think it was a set up? Nobody even said anything.

  57. dickens says:

    Andy just announced Kelly Rippa and Mark Consuelos will be on WWHL tonight. I can’t remember who, but I thought one or two of the NJ housewives were on tonight. Wonder what gives?

  58. VV says:

    Did Angelo say Melissa was a stripper? I thought Angelo said she was a dancer.

  59. dch60 says:

    So far?… probably walked over from next door.

  60. Lady Chatterley says:

    Joe wants to confront Pete Giudice – that would be good TV

    • kendo says:

      What’s up with that? Is this the first time we’ve seen Joe’s brother? Why was he there? Is he going to help take care of T while Joe goes to jail?

  61. I Need A Life! says:

    That’s my new line. “Bring the stretcher. I’m having a heart attack.”

  62. dch60 says:

    Okay… so I’m waiting to hear what this person who said something while he was mic’d said about Teresa being guilty? Planting seeds.

  63. MamaZ says:

    I just flipped over to NJ and heard Jaq say that she heard the bald guy earlier say he was going to try to embarass Melissa. So why didn’t Jaq tell Melissa?

  64. dch60 says:

    See they all know him all of a sudden.

  65. dch60 says:

    So this “friend” who was texting Jac sounds like someone who was in on the set up. I can’t believe they are all so quickly jumping to this conclusion that Teresa set her up.

  66. Lady Chatterley says:

    Pete? “You did such a good job Babe!” Big Kiss.

    • The Tin Man says:

      Yes, what was that about? Did a good job with what?

      • Cartwheels says:

        Teresa was supposed to be the co-host of the PFS.
        She got congratulatedfor being a good host, the tickets got sold out and she was working the crowds, that is what PG congratulated her for.

  67. Exit4 says:

    Lies Melissa told in the bathroom:

    I worked there for a week. Nope, it was a year, you put out time sheets remember?

    My cousin owned the place. Nope, penny, the salon owner and wife of Johnny, her family owned it. Are they related? Nope.

    I was a school teacher. Nope. You said a few times you went to school to be a teacher, but never taught. You went to work with Joe. Although I will give her the benefit of the doubt because you do student teach on a school for one semester your last year. That’s not a teacher though-it’s an intern basically.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      She also said she was Ralph Macchio’s cousin but then a few weeks later, he was on WWHL and said he had NO IDEA who she was.

  68. amalfi says:

    That Joe Gorga is so classy!

  69. Lady Chatterley says:

    Love JoeGo telling KimD she’s a POS.

  70. I have seen Melissa dance – and she was never a professional dancer.

    (Why do they say dancer for stripper, and going away for jail. It’s like a secret Jersey code.)

    • Kat from Ohio says:

      i know you’re not necessarily saying this… but a lot of the people who don’t believe she could have stripped because she can’t dance. i know for a FACT that having dancing skills has nothing to do with stripping (an acquaintance was evidently a terrible dancer but was popular at the club for her looks–all it really takes to be the kind of “dancer” in a “gentleman’s” club. like i said, i don’t care if she stripped or not and i dont see anything wrong with it as long as she didn’t hide it from joe. just pointing out that just because she’s bad at dancing doesn’t mean she couldn’t be a stripper.

  71. AZGirl says:

    This is so stupid. No one cares that Mel worked a Lookers at any capacity. This is all set up to get Teresa and Joe off the show because Andy does not want to deal with them. Stack the cards (family included) and drive Tre and Joe out. Good luck Andy. Manzo are boring and so is Melgo

  72. MamaZ says:

    I already posted this but it’s missing. I’ll try again.
    I switched over to NJ during a commercial. Jaq said she overheard the bald guy saying earlier that he was going to try to embarrass Melissa. So why didn’t Jaq tell her?

  73. dch60 says:

    I’d still like to know how they thought this was some set up. This guy said nothing but “remember me.” How would that embarrass Melissa? And if she didn’t dance – how would it be a set up? And even if she did dance, so what? Much ado about nothing but they’re sure making a big deal out of it. Ugh what bs.

  74. boston02127 says:

    All of a sudden Jac has a friend besides Red. Odd.

  75. VV says:

    OMG! JacDaniels is at it again..tweeting none stop!!!!

  76. Nancy says:

    Old hag! LOL Go Teresa!

  77. Exit4 says:

    Wait. I left after a week because I hated it, buy in her talking head she said she’d be stupid not to work there? And again, the time sheets she released said a year. Not that it matters but if you lie about the little things, you’ll lie about the big things.

  78. Lady Chatterley says:

    PeteG’s interest in fashion is????

  79. klmh says:

    We do know that Angelo was employed a whole day. No coincidence. Bravo, Kim D., both?

  80. Exit4 says:

    If you didn’t want joe involved why did you call him? I think the texts were coming from the ladies inside the show. Like that movie “the calls are coming from inside the house.”

  81. klmh says:

    Also interesting that M. said Joe wouldn’t marry her if she danced.

  82. MamaZ says:

    For some reason my posts aren’t showing up.

  83. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Why were they all asking where Pete Giudice was? What does he have to do with this?

  84. WindyCityWondering says:

    Call Joey Gorga to steal the casino. Please don’t whip out little willie tonight!

  85. zoey1234 says:

    Bitter clown is turning into ‘IT’! Gonna have nightmares about her!

  86. LaineyLainey says:

    So, Kathy in her talking heads…Bells Palsy? Not trying to be mean to those who’ve been afflicted, but one side of her face is drooping in those talking heads.

  87. amalfi says:

    Does caroline want to vomit when she sees herself? I do.

    Jacqueline… you need another drink. Or rehab. Take your pick.

  88. VV says:


  89. dch60 says:

    How does exposing Melissa as a dancer show her as a gold digging copy cat?

  90. Lady Chatterley says:

    Teresa could have put a stop to it – she could have refused to be a part of it – chose not to.

    • amalfi says:

      So could Mel instead of escalating it to get maximum drama… well done.

    • zoey1234 says:

      Totally agree Lady C!

    • Exit4 says:

      Or maybe she thought the salon scene was the end of it? Did she know how far it would go? It’s one of those things where no one knows what’s happening until someone tells them what’s happening. We’d see it on camera, but really, no one else would know-if that makes any sense? This whole thing is beyond staged. Even Martha Byrne thought so and she was on a soap her whole life!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      But why does Teresa have to compromise her position with Bravo for the sake of Melissa? Melissa sat and watched while Caroline screamed obscenities at Teresa and didn’t utter a word.

      Then they filmed the FAKE conversation back in NJ where she does say something.

      Obviously, they are both disingenuous in their protests when people are talking crap about the other.

  91. VV says:


  92. dch60 says:

    Even if Teresa did say that why does that mean she set her up tonight? If it’s the truth, it’s the truth and it’s bound to come out.

  93. dch60 says:

    I don’t believe Teresa was standing next to him.

  94. Lady Chatterley says:

    Teresa – betrayal. Why? It’s so ugly.

  95. VV says:

    Jac is a major pot stirrer!

  96. zoey1234 says:

    I like Joey G’s tender moment talking head, lol. He’s right though, that is not love. T can say she loves her brother all day long, but that’s not love.

    • I Need A Life! says:

      I wonder if that incredibly sad face from Joe G. comes from the fact that he knew Melissa was a dancer, but didn’t want anyone else to know, and now is betrayed by his sister.

  97. cusi77 says:

    I’ve never said this: Jacqueline is a sh!t stirrer!

  98. Lady Chatterley says:

    Hmmm…So Jackie’s in cahoots w/Baldy? Right. Teresa is kookoo.

    • zoey1234 says:

      T just says whatever comes into that pea brain of hers! Regardless of who it hurts.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I don’t think it’s about Baldy, he is just a pawn …a real non factor in the issue. I think Teresa thinks Jac might be in cahoots with whoever is behind the curtain.

  99. dch60 says:

    Who’s getting the shaft Jac? THAT’S why you would set it up.

  100. dch60 says:

    What? Apples and oranges.

  101. Lady Chatterley says:

    OK – So, Pt II was suppose to be the confrontation w/Baldy – and Teresa defending Melissa. She’s sick.

  102. VV says:

    Joey Gorga is a piece of shit. Melissa deserves her midget husband.

  103. zoey1234 says:

    Good point Melissa.

  104. dch60 says:

    You can’t strip in a place that serves alcohol! Why does Melissa keep saying that?

  105. zoey1234 says:

    Uh oh, crumbly Jac!

  106. dch60 says:

    But we’re supposed to “read between the lines.”

  107. zoey1234 says:

    Is ‘dancer’ NJ code for murderer, or theif? Geez Louise!

  108. boston02127 says:

    Why did Melissa (beg) to get on this show. She didn’t promote herself or music b4 the show. She gets what she deserves.

  109. dch60 says:

    I missed what the cat said.

  110. Jules says:

    What are they talking about. Jac hello, teresa said you wre setting teresa up not jac setting mellissa up.

  111. dch60 says:

    I didn’t think Albie was seeing Lindsey anymore.

  112. VV says:

    Sorry Caroline. You will see Teresa’s face on magazines wherever you go …

  113. dch60 says:

    What? What magazine? Apologize for what?

  114. VV says:


  115. dch60 says:

    shocking… please.

  116. dch60 says:

    We’ve known about it for a year thanks to Jac Andy. Hello?!?!

  117. Lady Chatterley says:

    Bravo has spent how many seasons exposing this psychopath Teresa?

  118. zoey1234 says:

    I like Kelly Ripa and her husband, and I think she’s cute, but….I know she works out a lot and stays fit, but I have read that when your head looks larger than your body and hips/disproportionate you are underweight. I find she looks underweight and unhealthy in a very lean sort of way, just my thoughts.

    • Birdwoman says:

      I agree. She looks very under nourished. She needs a good 10 lbs on her.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      She always is way too underweight in my opinion. She looked best when she first joined the show, I thought she was so beautiful then…she was very early in her pregnancy so she didn’t show, but had some weight on her.

  119. dch60 says:

    Shut up Andy

  120. VV says:

    Yay!!! Go Mark!!! YAY!!! Go Kelly!!!
    Comon sense…

  121. cdnfillie58 says:

    Now Kelly makes a lot of sense

  122. cdnfillie58 says:

    I’m cracking up…luv thosenteo

  123. cdnfillie58 says:

    I meant those two…sorry for typos I’m typing through tears of laughter

  124. VV says:

    Bethenny tweeted this, hmmm

    This is some serious shit stirring on bravo right now @BravoAndy
    Sent Sep 23, 09:19 PM
    From Twitter for iPhone

  125. LaineyLainey says:

    Caroline Pesci has spoken i.e. her blog is up. A coupla lines is all.

  126. dch60 says:

    I just think they were all way too quick to come to the conclusion that Teresa was setting up Melissa because some guy came to the table asking if she remembered him. They shouldn’t have been able to figure that out so quickly. But it was the finale so they had to get it in there quickly.

  127. LaineyLainey says:

    Kelly just said Mel is a star. I don’t know ANYONE who has purchased her music. Do you?

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Her music sells because she always tweets what number it is on the itunes chart, but I never bought it and the only one I remember is “on display” last season.

    • klmh says:

      Do you broadcast that you watch this mess? 🙂 I think I’ve told 3 people…

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Maybe I shouldn’t but all my friends know that it’s my thing. They want to do an intervention. Sometimes they will sweetly say, “remember when you used to walk 5 miles every evening? Can you do that and still watch your housewives, etc.” It’s cute and they mean well. But yeah, they know. They know at work, too.

      • It is so embarrassing. But I don’t buy any of the music – that’s for sure.

      • The Tin Man says:

        I don’t tell anybody I watch this crap, too embarrassed. If I have it on and somebody walks in the room, I act like I’m channel surfing and change it quickly; that goes for all the Bravo shows, not just Jersey.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I haven’t got the energy to front. I’m just me. I yam what I yam. or…. It is what it is. It was what it was. que sera sera. I borrowed all of these cliche’s from the Bitter Clown book of communicating.

        • lillybee says:

          It is my deep dark secret.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        All my friends watch it! They have viewing parties on reunion nights. LOL

        • LaineyLainey says:

          HOW FUN!!!!! I have one friend who watches Beverly Hills. I’ll have to suggest to her that we make it a fun get-together. Oh wait, I wouldn’t be able to chat. oh jeeeeeez. The double edged sword. (another cliche’)

      • disgrazia4 says:

        I’m embarrassed that I do. I don’t tell my family and I have no friends that watch this mess. I really need to stop.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          disgrazia, you, tin man and lilybee crack me up!!! You must come out it’s so freeeeeing!!! I know Detox’s parents really look down on the whole housewife thing.

          • MM in OC says:

            I try to keep my housewives obession quiet. Only close friends know that I read all the blogs. Yes, they talk about staging an intervention. I don’t tell any of my friends that I comment on the blogs – if I say it outloud that means I really have a problem.

            My real obsession is wiht Lisa Vanderpump. i want to be her when i grow up!

            I was considering asking some friends if they wanted to get together for a reunion party – great excuse to make italian food and drink wine!!! But I know my back story knowledge will only serve to freak them all out. What’s a housewives fan to do???

          • disgrazia4 says:

            LOL Lainey. I’ll tell you, I truly think I’m done. After last night’s episode I don’t even feel a snippet of desire to watch the reunion. I feel a dread. Actually, I have been feeling a dread to watch NJ for a while, NYC lately with Aviva going through her crazy reveal, and I see there will be physical violence now on Miami, ala Bad Girls. My only consideration in not watching the HW’s any longer is that I fear I will lose touch with all of you here and that reading my favorite HW bloggers will become less and less understandable or relevant if discontinue viewing the shows. That is, more or less seriously, where I stand. Will y’all still love me if I quick the broke down HW’s?

  128. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I love that Kelly Ripa said she didn’t see a set up on T’s part and Caroline is coming off as a bully this season.

  129. VV says:

    The Manifesto is up.

  130. LaineyLainey says:

    Thank you, Kelly. to me it doesn’t look like a set-up by Tre either.

  131. dch60 says:

    She’s a bully Kelly. How quickly they forget Danielle.

  132. dch60 says:

    Poll… what the most dramatic?

  133. disgrazia4 says:

    Okay, so that was excruciating. So far, here’s what it looks like to me. Jac, the BLABBERMOUTH, spread the contents of that text like it was gospel. Whether or not the text was telling the truth, Jac was telling the others as if it was. But she didn’t give Teresa the name of the texter. Teresa couldn’t win that fight for losing. The question remains, who was the texter. Was it Cat Rodriguez? Did you all see her there, standing next to, behind Kim D when she was calling Lil Boots on his height? Was it Kim G, who had a supposed prime view from across the street on the balcont of her condo? She is not a friend of Teresa’s but she is a friend of Jac’s. None of this crew is a close friend of the truth. I wasn’t able to see the whole casino. Had to pick up little d from a gym weekend bonding thing.

    I still believe Teresa was in true shock when the bald canary showed up. I still think Kim D played some kind of part that Teresa suffered the consequences of, Pete Guidice too. But Jac was the ignition. Whoever was behind this debacle picked the igniter of the flame very well. Was Jac lying? No. She just believes anything she hears.

  134. zoey1234 says:

    Mark is so funny!!!

  135. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Can someone give me the cliff notes of Jac the Wack’s blog? I hate reading them. lol

    • VV says:

      Blah blah blah Teresa’s fault Blah Blah blah blah Teresa Blah blah blah Teresa’s fault Blah blah blah Teresa Blah blah blah Teresa’s fault Blah Blah blah blah Teresa Blah blah blah Teresa’s fault Blah blah blah Teresa

  136. Lady Chatterley says:

    Mark Consuelos is the best Joe Giudice ever! 🙂

  137. dch60 says:

    If Melissa and Joey gave a crap about Teresa, they would have done a bit more research, would have HAD to, would have wanted to, before coming to the oh so quick conclusion that she sat Melissa up. Doesn’t make sense.

  138. Okay – I don’t know who did what to whomever. But I do know that whoever was tweeting Jacqueline caused most of the drama by stirring things up. That’s no friend to Jaq, Know that!

  139. klmh says:

    Did anyone else see the look T. gave the camera before they went into the restroom? It’s like, well Im going to ask her now.

  140. Lady Chatterley says:

    Teresa badly wanted a confrontation between Melissa and this guy. It appears that the intended confrontation went badly off track.

    • bea says:

      That’s what I saw too. They get into the bathroom and Teresa is definitely leading things towards a confrontation. Melissa threw a wrench into the plans by calling Joey.

      • Sasha says:

        That’s what I saw too. Melissa was messing around with her makeup and Teresa brought the guy up. I don’t think things would have gotten to the point that they did if she had let it go. That wasn’t the plan though. It seems like she wanted a confrontation between the two.

  141. Racine Thyme says:

    Anyone interested in watching Downton Abbey can find it here. The first two episodes have already posted. http://www.free-tv-video-online.me/internet/downton_abbey/season_3.html

  142. looneylucy says:

    Rewatching and i hear that while Melissa is talking to Joey in the bathroom, she says “strip club”, All the while we’re hearing ‘waitresses in bikinis’, etc. ‘Can’t strip where alcohol is served’, but she is a bartender?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      no one ever said stripper before mel gotta holda this.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Prior that that, I heard gentelman’s club, bikini club, bartender, dancer, … then it became, prancer, vixen, stripper

        • zoey1234 says:

          Maybe it’s Hooter’s.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            You know, zoey – -one of my daughter’s peers (let’s call her Jan) started working for Hooters. She was a trained dancer as a kid, very talented, she’s super tall and beautiful and was going to college. But she dropped out of college and now she only works at hooters. People will ask have you seen jan? what does she do now? We say, she is a waitress. When/If they press where? where? where? and we say “hooters” people go nutso judgy!!! It is nutty.

            • zoey1234 says:

              Women just can’t win either way! Someone is always going to judge. She probably works very hard. I say use what you have as long as you’re right with yourself inside. I’ve only been in a Hooter’s once, and that was a great burger, yum!

      • klmh says:

        Teresa apparently told Lauren and Caroline M. was a stripper. At least we know from Lauren that she said T. had told her that a year before.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          klmh, yes – that’s what they say now. but i meant on camera no one had said that word. Oh wait, Mel brought up that word during the RV trip too? coincidence?

          • klmh says:

            Why would they LL? Had they discussed M. being a stripper before this evening’s show? I don’t know if she was or not, but she obviously if true, is threatened by the information, so until tonight, the subject would have been taboo, other than in private conversation.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Your right, it was I who stated I hadn’t heard anyone use that word before Mel started throwing it around. KLMH, I think we might be in agreement again!! 🙂 Except that now I remember Mel saying that word during the RV trip.

        • Orson says:

          I remember in some episode T telling other HWs that there was a rumour going around that M had been a stripper. In T’s sunflower seed sized brain, that is NOT the same as calling M a stripper.

  143. zoey1234 says:

    This is totally random, but the guy that walked behind Teresa, he had on the dark clothes and dark sunglasses, looked just like the guy who killed Scarface at the end of the movie.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes. random. but now I will be looking for that character the next time I watch Scarface.

      • zoey1234 says:

        In the movie, I think they first show the assassin dude at the rich guy’s house in South America when Al P and his higher up go to visit him to make a deal, and the guy with Al Pacino ends up hanging from the helicopter.

  144. Cartwheels says:

    Please tell me that some of you catch the comment from Melissa when she was whispering to Joey “roll down the window and yell to your sister , you are a shame” she said it twice.

    It was not a product of my imagination was it?

    • looneylucy says:

      I heard it too.

    • Nancy says:

      No it wasn’t. She’s a #1 SNAKE!

    • klmh says:

      If my sister supposedly did something like that to me I would be ashamed of them as well. I see nothing wrong with this comment because he probably said it in the car.

      • I don’t have a problem with it either. She was mad and she wanted Teresa to know. The one I’m really having an issue is with is Jacqueline for all that texting.

        • klmh says:

          I agree. I am wondering if she needs a story line, because she doesn’t have one, and wants to be kept in the loop. She seems so nosy to personal private information most of us wouldn’t share with relatives and some family members, let alone someone like that.
          Oh my, T. just outed Jacq as being a stripper too. Forgot about that one.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        She was reminding him of his script lines.

      • zoey1234 says:

        I have to agree. I would be angry and say all kinds of things! I think IF all this is real, Melissa had every right to be angry yet carried herself pretty well. I think shame was the correct word!

        They probably all get along fine and are all laughing at how much money they made from such a lame show, lol!

        • The Tin Man says:

          I’m kind of a vengeful person (okay, that’s an understatement) and if I thought somebody set me up like that there is no telling what I would do to get them back. But I would never tell my husband to yell shame on you to that person because first of all he wouldn’t do it, and secondly, I fight my own battles and don’t need his help.

          • zoey1234 says:

            Whoa! Lol, you go girl! Remind me never to get into a skirmish with you! Would you say you’re relentless as is Adiva?

            • The Tin Man says:

              Relentless, yes, but I’m much more subtle than the paper towel.

              • zoey1234 says:

                Hehe, thank goodness. If Adiva were as smart as she thinks she is, she could really get some dirty work done and cause trouble! But she just scolds and repeats herself, being endlessly annoying but causing no real casinos. Not so smart after all!

    • Exit4 says:

      No it wasn’t. She said it 2 or 3 times.

    • VV says:

      Carts, why are you surprised. She tells him what to do all the time. Remember the fake scene in the closet when Joey tells her that Tetesa said or heard people saying Mel would leave him. REHEARSED.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I know I shoudn’t be surprised but I am.

        Melissa quickly had to hear from JL that the set was was done by Teresa and she was more than eager to believe, she had KIm D. right there, she didn’t need the guy, she could have confronted Kim D. right there and ask her if Teresa was in on it. She never did.
        Melissa was not set up, the only one who was set up was Teresa.

  145. RealHousewifeVA says:

    EWWW I’m thoroughly disgusted of the previews where Jac is screaming “I swear on my autistic child!” …and Kathy is on twitter showings texts she sent to T last year…they are so gross.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yeah, she had to throw “autistic” into the mix. Why does she swear on the life of her autistic child only…. only him?? I find that odd. It’s a strange turn of phrase. But then again none of them are natural orators. Her mouth might be moving faster than her brain.

  146. looneylucy says:

    Don’t tell me that in real life Teresa didn’t call her brother afterward (perhaps the next day b4 the reunion taping), and tell him how it all went down. Any normal, sane person would have. Bravo has scraped the bottom of the barrel, also Andy Cohen and his cronies, Kelly and Mark are loving it. They were on vacation together just a couple weeks ago. Kelly and Mark have a production company and have a reality show about cheerleaders…much like Dance Moms. I don’t think Kelly and Mark are cute. I think that after the 20 million/yr she’s making, she and her husband are willing to go down the route of teen moms, housewives, to produce their own disfunctional show. I don’t feel the love for them.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      They filmed the reunion the next morning and clearly her brother wouldn’t even listen to her side, he immediately believed jac. Normal people would do that.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        I meant, Normal people would first listen to all sides and not just accuse someone without knowing details.

    • BB says:

      I liked Mark and Kelly the first one or two times they were on WWHL. Now it’s been too many times and I’m kind over them being on there.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Looney – well, I have fallen out of love celebrities before! I didn’t know about their new reality show. Hopefully, their show won’t tear up families like RHoNJ or RHBH.

      • looneylucy says:

        Hi Lainey. I don’t have an affinity for Kelly, that’s all. Have you been to TWOP.com? Go to Forums, talk shows. Not a lotta love for the little fella.

  147. california35 says:

    Hi everyone,

    Did anyone watch the Emmy Awards? On the Reality section, the only Housewives peace was the one of Taylor doing her “dont be my enemy” speech. i wish they hadn’t :-/

    • melthehound says:

      Oh geeze please to tell me that Lips won an emmy for her don’t be my enema speech or was even mentioned. Proof positive that all those awards shows are total crap.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Lips McGee with an emmy? really? no… I think C35 is saying they showed a clip of her saying her “If you can’t be my friend, then give me an enema,,,” line.

      • california35 says:

        no, award. it was just a section of many reality shows. the real nominations for reality shows were for contestants kinds of reality shows. the guy from dancing with the stars won. it was still annoying to see the one video about the Real-housewives was of HER. Lisa’s face showed for a quick second also.

  148. melthehound says:

    Where in NY (that’s where MeGo said they were) was the show held? How long does it take to drive from the Angel From God’s house, pick up that dumbass Richie, and drive there? Am I really supposed to believe that ManzoritawakilieGorgazm was standing outside all that time waiting for him or was it the other way around and Poison Joey and Richie were there all along? Me thinks it’s the latter of those two options.

    • BB says:

      Supposedly they were at a club nearby, conveniently.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        Joe tweeted that he was at home watching the kids! LOL they are all so full of B.S. If he was at a club nearby why would he have to ask Melissa where she is..

    • I thought I read that they were in a club close by – but then when he asked her where the show was would have been a lie.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      And they both had to carefully choos what to wear. Richie with the Ralph Lauren outlet mall shirt and the Hairy Little Man with his Ninja outfit. (or as Jay Mohr used to say his Cat Burglar outfit)

      • LaineyLainey says:

        “choose” not choos. That reminds me…My daughter wants to use some of her hard earned part-time income to buy Jimmy choos for her graduation day. WHAAAT???!!! DID SHE WIN THE LOTTO? She told me by text, so I didn’t yell. I told her to focus on her studies now and we’d talk about it later. She’s usually so sensible, but the materialistic bug bit her. She’s been doing trunk shows at Neimans and I guess it’s bound to make one crave the finer things when you get to wear them for a few minutes and then have to give them back.

    • melthehound says:

      He probably drove her there.

      • zoey1234 says:

        I read somewhere today in a link from this site that it was in a town called New York, that is in New Jersey. I’ve never heard of it, but that’s what the article said!

    • Pghemtchick says:

      They were technically in NJ. I posted the address on the last blog, but Son Cubano : 40-4 Riverwalk Place, West New York, NJ
      Roughly, 10 miles from the hair salon.
      Roughly, 26 miles from the Gorga home.

  149. Lady Chatterley says:

    Pic of Teresa w/the lowlifes behind Strippergate:

    Sweetpeen! @SweetnessnBubba
    @sweeetbea . http://www.mobypicture.com/user/JohnnyTheGrk/view/10802198 *nice to meet you* this pic was taken 5 days b4 posche show.. way to be on the downlow teresa…lol

    She doesn’t seem to be actually trying to hide her involvement.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      The date was listed as Sept 26 2011, only one day before the fashion show.
      Is the greek saying anything different?

    • VV says:

      Who’s the guy in the far left (white long shirt). He looks like Melissa’s brother in law Lysa’s husband.

  150. boston02127 says:

    I had to log back on.

    Why in the world would Melissa ever let this segment air? She’s a mother of 3. She has to deal with other mothers at school and teachers, neighbors, etc. Her husband supposedly owns a business and this is how she wants to represent him? (not that he’s any better)

    She could of put her foot down with Bravo and said “you’re absolutely not setting me up to look like I was once a stripper, I have children”. Period.

    How far she will go for a storyline and attention?

    • I don’t think they can stop Bravo. They sell their souls to be on the show.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      You are very convincing, Boston. This almost makes me wonder if I’m wrong in thinking that Mel knew ahead of time. I do vacillate (sp) between thinking/wondering if they (Mel and Tre) were both set up. Or maybe Mel was in on it to put more trajectory upon her supposed star…. truth is, I don’t think I’ll ever really know.

  151. Lady Chatterley says:

    Teresa: “I wanted me and her to go up to him together”….

    The intended scenario….the reason she was pissed when he skipped out.

    • The Tin Man says:

      Exactly, and she seemed pissed at Kim because he left too, like Kim let her down by letting him leave before the confrontation she wanted.

  152. Lady Chatterley says:

    When Melissa said she was calling JoeGo, Teresa said, “No, don’t get him in trouble.”

    That’s a seriously weird response.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Probably because she knows her brother is a maniac. He caused a riot at his own sons baptism over “Congratulations”….

      • Cartwheels says:

        That is how I know this whole thing was a sham, If Joey Gorga actually believed that anybody had set Melissa up he would had been like an animal, he would have trashed that placed and left no table unturned, that is just how he reacts.
        Actually besides his little spat with KD, I think he was pretty cool, calm and collected, he followed his lines, he hit the marks, didn’t levae before he was sure that he told his sister that she was a POS and that he of course believes in a text message coward who doesn’t have the guts to show face, than his only sister.

    • VV says:

      I think Teresa was thinking of what happened in Punta Cana and knowing her brother temper. She didn’t want him to come and get himself in trouble.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Not really. Men fight and can get in trouble. She saw it happen in Punta Cana, one of the reasons Caroline hates her. She probably didn’t want any of them the men to physically fight.

    • melthehound says:

      Not if she knows what her brother is likely to do, resulting in him being hauled off to jail. Can you honestly remember back to S3E1 and tell me he would have had a calm rational discussion with baldy? I think not.

    • looneylucy says:

      Don’t you remember the rape charge he had as a young man? And that is why the elder Gorga’s sold their house to pay his lawyers for his defense? That’s why he’s paying for their rent now.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Wow, what?
        Rape charges?
        Could you please elaborate on this, I have not heard about this before

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          It’s really just rumor, that he was accused of rape and his parents paid the victim off to keep quiet.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Oh yes, LooneyLucy – that is part of why she treats him with kid gloves; he’s been in big trouble before and she wants to protect the little dervish more than she wants to protect herself.

  153. Lady Chatterley says:

    Good night, good people! Sweet Dreams! 🙂

  154. VV says:

    Bottom line. Teresa was set up by Bravo. I think Bravo used JacDaniels to stir the pot and it worked. IMO.

  155. boston02127 says:

    Melissa’s tweet:
    My college degree;.) #rhonj

    View this post on Instagram

    My college degree;.) #rhonj

    A post shared by Melissa Gorga (@melissagorga) on

    Maybe when I have kids she can be their teacher…………………NOT

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Getting a degree and actually being a teacher are 2 different things. Suddenly she was a 2nd grade teacher? lol.

    • BB says:

      Bachelor of Arts in what? I’m pretty sure my two daughter’s college diplomas say what the degrees are in (i.e., education, business, biology, etc. etc.)

      • Pghemtchick says:

        Mine don’t. I don’t have to pull them out, because I remember being pissed they didn’t say that since I earned 3 bachelors and got 2 diplomas (the only reason for two is one is a BS and 2 are BA’s.). Pretty lame IMO.

  156. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Here’s what I think…I think in the beginning Teresa DID hate Melissa enough. Kim D. probably told her that she met this guy Angelo who supposedly managed Mel when she worked at his club, and Teresa was eating it up (Teresa has said over and over that people kept telling her Mel was a dancer).
    HOWEVER, I think with time, things flipped. Suddenly T has a huge falling out with Jac and Caroline, and she genuinely gets closer to Mel and her brother. I think at this point, she didn’t want anything to do with exposing Melissa. Teresa always needs an ally and just one enemy at a time.
    Kim D was probably not liking this newfound love with T and her family because it messed up with all the plans in her head that she had for her fashion show (she wants to be a HW and gets publicity). I think at that point, she didn’t include Teresa in the setup because she knew T wouldn’t want to do it anymore. But she probably DID tell Angelo that Teresa wanted to expose Mel at one point. He was surprised at Teresa’s reaction because he might have thought Teresa wanted to be involved based on what Kim D said, but Teresa was basically also being set up. He thinks Teresa is involved because that’s how Kim D convinces him to do it.

    I think Jac knew a lot beforehand, at least that something was going to do down involving T and M. (she is good friends with Kim D and Kim G as well) and let it all go as planned because this was the moment they can use to make Teresa look bad (remember, they were all hating Teresa for all the opportunities she was getting). Jac is STILL friends with Kim D and supports her shop.

    All in all, I think Melissa AND Teresa were both set up…in my opinion. Teresa was freaking out because she probably realized what was going on, and it was something she maybe at one point would have been involved in, but didn’t want to be anymore. She knew it was going to get turned around on her.

    Melissa is loving it all. This is her “sex tape” and now she gets the US weekly cover with the sad/disgusted phony pose and the one-on-one TV interviews (she will be on Wendy Williams tomorrow)…and to top it all off, her husband officially hates his sister. Win-win in her eyes.

  157. lillybee says:

    If anyone watches FN’s Food Truck Race, a trio of Jersey girls made it to the finals. These girls are showing the world that women from New Jersey aren’t all like the Jersey housewives or the Jersey shore shanks. Funny thing is that they look and sound a bit like Tre and Melgo. But they are hardworking and playing a class game.

  158. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Lauren Manzo said to follow @purveyorsofpop on twitter during the show because they are the producers and know everything…

    Well, they tweeted that as far as they knew, Teresa was NOT involved in the set up…

  159. LaineyLainey says:

    Well, I’m turning in for the night. I am trying to get to bed before 2a.m. – makes for a better morning, geeeeee, ya think? I loved doing chatzy but it was taking a toll on my mornings. Well tonight wasn’t quite as anxiety inducing as I thought it was going to be my fellow commenters were hilarious as usual. funny stuff people. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. See you then!! I know we’ll have a good time then! (harry Chapinesqe)

  160. VV says:

    famwwhorgas is claiming Kathy is gone. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  161. zoey1234 says:

    I have never seen the movie Deliverance, just heard many references to it. It’s on now. Should I be afraid?

  162. Nancy says:

    Night,night ladies.

  163. Winston says:

    Just read some interesting stuff on famewhorgas that sheds light on what was happening on RHNJ and a lot of it makes sense. Thought you might want to check it out. It’s titled:
    Bravo Insider Reveals Details About Dina Manzo, the Gorgas, the Christening, Editing, the Mystery Phone Call and Next Season’s Casting for RHONJ


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