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Real Housewives of New York Reunion was Drama Filled and Funny, with some Surprises by NoMoreDrama

Unlike the filming for the New Jersey reunion, not much information has come out about the New York Reunion. Andy Cohen tweeted a photo of the set, and Ramona tweeted a few pictures including Sonja Morgan and Ramona on lunch break and a sneak peak of the veteran cast members in full reunion dress.

So when RealMrHousewife sent a tweet to Aviva Drescher yesterday asking her how the reunion went, I was surprised he got an answer.  She replied:“OK. Drama filled and funny….some surprises.”  Not bad considering Aviva had been predicting a bloodbath.  As a viewer I couldn’t be more relieved.  Last year’s reunion was a trainwreck.  After a toxic Part 1, viewers tuned out.  I was one of them.

Maybe there is hope that these ladies get it.  Drama filled and funny … some surprises.  That sound pretty watchable to me.

And in case you missed the reunion pictures:

And here’s the one of the three veterans on the reunion couch.  They look amazing.  (I sure hope Sonja read my tips and wore panties with that short dress).


Real Housewives of Miami Cast Blogs Blogged by IDon’tBelieveinUnicorns

Ana Quincoces

Here we go again! Part II of “Rodolfo-gate.”

Apparently, Adrianna is upset that people are saying that (her dear friends???) Karent and Rodolfo are not an actual couple. Most people over 12 (and it’s been confirmed that I am over 12) are too busy to fabricate a story about telenovela boy and the dentist. The only reason that rumor is circulating is because Latin Lover himself started it. 

Ana goes on to explain how she met Rodolfo.  Does anyone really care?  Didn’t think so.  Quick summary… they met in the waiting room at the hospital while visiting Alexia’s son, Frankie.  While there, Rodolfo took a pic of Ana without her knowing and posted it on Twitter and she was surprised when she received the notification since she didn’t know him.  Now I’m ignorant when it comes to Twitter… so I have no idea how she would be notified of a pic being posted of her but regardless that seems really creepy to me.  Especially since because of it, they proceeded in sharing in small talk which she excuses away as…

… an effort to bring some much needed lightheartedness to a very sad scene.

He then insisted on walking her out, asked for her phone number supposedly so he could keep dibs on Frankie’s progress which she obviously fell for because she then complains that…

He began texting me regularly after that. I never initiated a communication between us and often just responded politely or with the standard “LOL,” which as everyone knows, actually means “funny dude, but leave me alone.” By the time the Swine and Wine event at the Biltmore came around, the texting had pretty much ceased altogether.

What a strange world this has become.  Maybe it’s just me, but if someone had taken my pic without my permission and posted it for the world to see, I would have run the other way… fast!  That’s also how to avoid being involved in a he said, she said situation such as…

It was interesting to see the footage between Adriana and Karent. It was particularly amusing to hear that this text I allegedly sent Rodolfo read: “te echo de menos :-(.” I have never written, uttered, or even formulated a thought which included those words. You see, Cubans don’t talk like that. That particular saying is used commonly by Spaniards, some Mexicans, and certain South Americans, not Cubans.  If I were to express that sentiment in Spanish I would say “te extrano” (which also means I miss you), but Rodolfo never gave me an opportunity to miss him, because he was constantly texting me. 

Okay, I don’t tweet and I’m not Cuban so what do I know?  This may all make perfect sense.

So what did we learn from the silly confrontation? Only that Rodolfo is a player who is receiving texts from someone (not me) who misses him, and that Karent is directing her misguided, smile-encased anger towards me. As a lawyer, I am a stickler for evidence and the only thing the evidence has shown thus far is that Karent needs more evidence. 

Here’s what we’ve seen so far:

Episode One:
-A reluctant Rodolfo barely responding to overt acts of affection by Karent.
-A quiet Rodolfo during one of Karent’s rants about me.
-Karent’s parents obvious disapproval of the telenovela, ahem, “star.” 
-Rodolfo making poorly timed jokes about sleeping with a blonde. Wait, Rodolfo likes blondes? Who knew! 

Episode Two:
-That the wording of the infamous text is inconsistent with the way Cubans speak Spanish. 
-That Rodolfo lives unsupervised in another country, where people say things like “te echo de menos.”
-Lea admits to both witnessing Rodolfo texting me all night and not being able to pick this “huge celebrity” out of a lineup.
-A very annoyed Rodolfo via Skype. (Even he is sick of hearing about this nonsense.)
-Finally, we discover that Rodolfo left me a Facebook post at 10:15 pm on Valentine’s Day at or around the same time their supposed “romantic Skype dinner” was taking place. Talk about multi-tasking.

Ana, being the smart attorney she is, then offers a vanilla pudding recipe in which proof is not an ingredient.  Clever, huh?

I am hoping that we can now let the dead horse lie. I would love to bury it altogether, since the poor thing has received quite the beating. Let’s see what Episode 3 has in store for us. Stay tuned!

If there’s one thing real housewives are good at it’s beating dead horses.  I wonder how PETA feels about this?   I guess it’s okay as long as they don’t skin them and wear them as last year’s Versace… oh wait… never mind.

One last note: I want to apologize for my daughter Beba’s potty mouth. I am not sure where that comes from :-/. I suspect she does it for shock value. I have made an appointment with Dr. Phil for a full evaluation. 

Is Dr. Phil really a doctor?

Karent Sierra

After observing Ana and Alexia discussing the event at Smith & Wollensky, I must disagree with Ana in that I was not nervous or apprehensive meeting her. I was curious to finally meet the woman that has been flirting and texting with Rodolfo. (By the way, I have seen the texts from Ana to Rodolfo and vice versa with my own eyes.) I don’t know anything else about Ana, and I look forward to getting to know her better and creating my own opinion about her instead of listening to all the rumors that have been said about her. Regardless of the fact that she was interested in him (I must say I can’t blame her). After all, he is very good looking! I still want to come to my own conclusions. I believe she deserves that much. I would also like to clarify about the “older woman” comment. Don’t shoot the messenger! I was just stating what was said by Rodolfo regarding Ana, and the fact that he is not interested in older women. Is she ancient? No, of course she’s not. She is actually a very beautiful woman. But in his eyes, she is too old for him and his taste. Enough said about that…

Here’s more of the he said, she said story… or should I say storyline… with a few passive aggressive comments thrown in.  I’m quite sure I was right about who the “villain” is in Miami, this season anyway.  I must say I do know my housewives… what I don’t know is if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Moving on to the couples massage. Rodolfo spends most of his time living out of suitcases and in hotels. I thought it would be nice to surprise him with a romantic massage, as he always does romantic gestures for me.

I guess he doesn’t get much sleep in those hotels.  Now I’m not insinuating anything… I’m just guessing that because he fell asleep.  Or maybe he was pulling a Jacqueline move and wasn’t really asleep at all.

Joanna interacting with her sister is very precious. As she states in one of her interviews, her mom was a very hard worker, and it was Joanna who practically raised Marta. The love they have for each other is evident, and I love how she will defend and protect her no matter what. A relationship is hard work no matter what, but add in a sister who is Joanna’s life, and it can definitely put a strain sometimes on the intimacy of a relationship. (Not to mention cause some interesting and sticky situations, LOL.) But it comes with the territory when you put family first. When you are a family oriented person, you make sacrifices that will benefit your family core, and at the end of the day, it will, I believe, make you more appreciative of the people that love you, and vice versa.

Another lesson for the RHoNJ?  Or vice-versa?

I think it is refreshing to see Lea interacting with her son. She is a very hands-on mom, and it definitely shows her softer side. She is actually calm and doesn’t sound like a screaming cat (thanks, Andy, for the reference). It’s wonderful seeing her act normally… I knew she had it in her! JK! 

Who thinks she really isn’t kidding?

Marysol is hard to understand, because she has a mom that is some sort of psychic, witch, etc, but then she goes to someone else for a “consultation.” Why would she need to go anywhere else?

Witch?  Takes one to know one although there IS a difference between a good witch and a bad witch.

My life is very busy, and Liza meeting with me at my office to inform me of all my future events shows how I can not only promote my practice but also, by attending all these events, how I can bring to light and create more awareness for the foundation that I started over two years ago, the Sharing Smiles Foundation, in which I offer free dentistry to underprivileged children. Some women have a problem with me having a publicist, but they obviously don’t know my goals and involvement. They just criticize because of a lack of anything else to do with their own lives.


It seems funny how some of the ladies are so interested in my relationship with Rodolfo, when they should clearly be more interested and worried about their own relationships. Hmmm.


Alexia obviously knew that we were in a relationship, because we’ve run into her and Herman out on the town previously. So the fact the she did not know that we were in a relationship makes me wonder if she has a very short term memory!

Now moving on to Ana talking about Rodolfo texting her. She states that she has never PUBLICLY posted anything on his Facebook page. She neglected to mention private messages on Twitter and phone texts. Nice play on words…..

She doesn’t have many nice things to say about the majority of her co-housewives.  I think we’re witnessing the birth of a real housewives villainess… for this season anyway… inclusive with a fame whore boyfriend.  Will she be the only one?  Only time will tell.

Adriana De Moura

As I told you last week, this season will bring lots of drama and also glamour, and tonight’s episode already brings it! I found myself in an investigator position when rumors came out during the Food and Wine Festival, which was taking place at a historical landmark in Miami, The Biltmore Hotel. Gorgeous hotel! If you ever come to Miami, you should definitely visit it.

I have a feeling Adriana inserted herself as investigator because her only storyline is the possibility that she may live on a pirate ship yacht that isn’t much of a yacht yet with her fiance… who isn’t much of a fiance.  (She doesn’t want to wear her ring because it’s actually a ball and chain… ouch)

As I was saying, Karent’s boyfriend, Rodolfo, had allegedly pursued our friend Ana. I was probing and trying to get to the bottom of this story, because I’m very sensitive to anyone getting cheated on. It’s even worse having everyone around you know you are being cheated on, while you are the only one not aware. From personal experience I can attest that it is not a fun position to be in. Hence, my probing!

If her “personal experience” had happened while she was a housewife… now THAT would have been a storyline!!!

Besides, I really thought he was not telling the whole truth (or any truth to be exact), but I must also say that I have a hard time trusting men…need I say more?

No, you need not say more… that pirate ship has sailed (pun intended).

Let’s wait and see where this investigation of the love triangle will lead…

Okay Investigator De Moura.

And that’s just about all she said.  I rest my case.

Marysol Patton

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed Episode 2. It’s great to see mom feeling better and receiving guests at home. Mom is very fond of Adriana, and they speak often about life’s trials and tribulations. Adriana visits mom, which turns into a little unsolicited advice regarding love. Basically mom sums up love as being palpable as long as you can “rest your head on a pillow full of money.”  I know Adriana will make the right choices for herself, and I don’t blame her for being cautious with her choices. I on the other hand leave my personal life up to destiny.

Aren’t we supposed to create our own destiny?  That’s how the saying goes anyway.

Mom decided to stop by my office to check out the vibes and make sure there wasn’t any negative energy lingering from the Smith and Wollensky event mishap. Her method of choice for cleansing was dry rice and perfume. I know it probably doesn’t make sense to most people, but I believe implicitly in anything my mother does spiritually. Truth be known, she has never thrown rice on me before, so it was a welcome change. And who knows, maybe I will get married again and again and again…

Which is why you SHOULD create your own destiny.  Unless you like getting married again and again and again.

The only other thing Marysol talked about was the Ana/Karent/Rodolfo investigation.  Let’s face it… Marysol doesn’t need a storyline… she has Mama Elsa.

Joanna Krupa

Here we go again! My love life is unfolding in front of your eyes, and I will say that I will take a big part of the blame for not setting a date for the wedding. I let time go by, because I was so preoccupied with work and traveling. I always tell my friends or people I meet that if you get engaged, make sure to plan the wedding and set a date right away and go for it. Otherwise you get into your everyday life, and when time passes, it doesn’t seem to be a priority anymore. The excitement goes away, especially if you are busy with projects and always traveling and basically living out of your luggage.

I always knew in my heart I love Romain and want to be with him, but I feel I always shied away from making the big move, because I wanted to still have my freedom. Maybe at some point in my life I felt once I married I wouldn’t have the freedom to do whatever I want or that maybe he will want me to be the typical housewife (which of course would never happen as I am an independent woman, and no one tells me what to do). I was happy being engaged, but now I feel that after so many years I need to put my foot down and finally start planning the wedding or break up and move on. It’s not that my career is any less important to me now and that’s why I am more ready, but more that I feel after five years you just have to make that commitment. Otherwise another five years will go by and I may have regrets. (Plus I want to look good in my wedding gown and still be youthful!).

Okay, did you not get married yet because you were preoccupied with work and traveling or because you still wanted your freedom.  You need only pick one since you’re an independent woman and no one tells you what to do.  NOW you’re putting your foot down and I have a feeling we’re going to learn the real reason why you shouldn’t wait so long to tie the knot.  She said it… the excitement goes away… I think Romain feels that way too.

Anyway enough about the wedding! Time will tell what will happen and where we stand… Aside from my wedding issues, I have to be in the middle of Marta and my fiancé, because all they have been doing lately is bickering. Romain complains she doesn’t help around the house, and I am fed up with it, since I want them to be peaceful with each other, especially since they used to be really close in the past. I have no idea what has happened in the last year that they just don’t get along anymore, but it breaks my heart. I can feel a terrible tension escalating on a daily basis. My sister is my best friend and I love her with all my heart. Even the thought of her not living with us kills me, because we do everything together (I mean almost everything for the dirty minds out there! Haha!). I am hoping Marta and Romain can work past whatever they are going through right now so we can focus on the fun and positive things in our lives. 

I think Romain may have Guidice/Gorga syndrome and is jealous of the fact that he feels Marta is more important to Joanna than he is.  We all now how those things turn out.  Next week Joanna is really mad at Romain.  I wonder if he left her?  I wonder if she begs him to come back?  I wonder if he’ll marry her but she’ll still put Marta before him?  Never mind… somehow I don’t think Joanna is anything like Teresa Gorga Guidice.  And Romain sure isn’t anything like Juicy Joe.

Maybe Romain gets upset at Marta because she walked in on him naked a few times now. I guess I can understand he wants his space, but he should also close the bathroom door when he is naked and getting ready so Marta doesn’t have to see his, as she calls it, “ding dong” hanging out. 

Please Bravo, we’ve had our share of “ding dongs” hanging out.  Stop it, please!

And no, I don’t trim Romain’s bush! I don’t know where that came from, or maybe I did once, but that’s it!


Alexia Echevarria

In this episode I visit Ana, which by the way was on a Sunday. I snuck out of my house without Herman knowing LOL. Sunday has always been family day, but I managed to get ready quickly and of course put on my green boots just for Ana. It was interesting to exchange our opinions on the ladies. So far, so good… I genuinely like all the ladies with the exception of… Guess who? You probably know by now or will figure it out real soon. 

I bet I know.

I have to say that Karent’s demeanor towards me is bothering me, because for reasons unknown to me, it comes off as if she doesn’t know me when she sees me and clearly wants to separate the “original” girls from the “new” ones. I don’t get it! I don’t know, perhaps it’s because of my friendship with Ana? Time will tell. 

Guess I was right!

Until next time! I leave you with this thought: “Always concentrate on how far you have come, rather than how far you have left to go.”

That’s certainly true… we never know how far we have left to go.  Miss ya Lynn!  You will never be forgotten.

Lisa Hochstein

After being introduced and “reintroduced,” it’s time for the real fun. After watching the second episode, I have more of an insight about the motivations behind some of the actions I witnessed throughout this bumpy ride. Watching Karent and Roldolo together was upsetting to me. Karent and I have become fast friends over the past few months. I find her to be an incredible woman, who is smart, successful, and beautiful. She deserves a man who adores her, not one who’s falling asleep during a talk about where their relationship is headed. 

Or talking about blondes in his hotel room, or tweeting pics of other women, or lying about texting other women, etc. etc.

After watching my visit to Lenny’s office, I realize that it may have come across a bit territorial. I really am not worried in the least about what he does at his practice. He is incredibly professional, and I am very secure in our relationship. I simply wanted to pay him a visit and bring him the pictures I promised to put up…and take down! He has since moved into a new office building with massive amounts of wall space. I am so excited about filling it up! My nature is to be playful and making my husband laugh is part of the deal. I hope people understand my sense of humor and don’t take it too seriously. 

Trust me, I don’t think you have to worry about people taking you too seriously.

There was a lot going on behind the scenes at the Swine and Wine event that I had no clue about until after it all happened. I had some mixed feeling about it, because I felt like Roldolfo wasn’t being completely honest. I also felt that everyone involved was almost enjoying this a little too much…except for Karent. The whole thing was very high school to me. I ended up tuning out of this soap opera, because I had nothing to contribute at this point and didn’t feel like getting all the details either. I’m sure this is not the last time we will be hearing about this drama…

I just realized the irony of this event being called “Swine and Wine.”  Was that the actual name or Bravo’s brain storm?  Not surprised at it being very high school.  Not surprised she had nothing to contribute.  Certainly not surprised it’s not the end of the drama.  Tell us something we DON’T know!

Lea Black

I read Lea’s last because it’s the longest (and most interesting… gave me something to look forward to).  Funny how she and I see some things the same way and no I’m not going back and rewriting the blogs because of it… lol

Lea’s blog, once again, is the only one worth reading.

Watching Episode 2, you probably noticed my “red eyes” constantly, especially during the interviews. Well, I cried a lot during that time; I tried to put on a happy face, but there was a tragedy in the making. You will see as it unfolds. Looking back on it 5 months and 21 days later, it still brings tears to my eyes. It was a romance that ended in a tragedy like so many romances do.  Enough about that for now.  Let’s put a smile on our faces and do what all “Housewives” do — let’s talk about ourselves and “each other” (Housewife Qualification #2). You remember Housewife Qualification #1 — let’s talk about “me.”

Interesting.  There are a few relationships she may be referring to. (Note to LaineyLainey – so sorry about the dangler but hey, there’s EIGHT, count them EIGHT Miami housewives and I’m tired.)   I can’t see her crying over Karent’s romance, (can it even be called a romance?) so I wonder…

Lea talks about introductions, relationships and insecurities.  I’m going to include her comments about insecurities.  No additional comments from me necessary.  (Am I taking the easy way out? Maybe, but like I said, I’m tired.)  Seriously though, her comments need no fluff.


Let’s sprinkle some rice and spray some perfume and create prosperity.  Wonder if Apple or IBM has thought of that? What’s next? Chickens? Prosperity Insecurity (Insecurity #1)


When a guy pretends to be sleeping the moment you bring up marriage even though you’re in the nude and holding hands — hello? Marriage Insecurity (Insecurity #2)


When you’re holding on to an ex-romance (sort of) while having a serious man romance blossoming and a text maybe romance? Commitment Insecurity (Insecurity #3)


And when you’re saying enough is enough of this ongoing romance, commitment please? And the cell phone and the Blackberry are getting all the attention?  Lots of guys could be lining up for this bombshell. This is the “Someone Should Be Insecure” Insecurity (Insecurity #4)


And if you’re competing with the diplomas that built the house you live in — Attention Insecurity (Insecurity #5)


When the advice is “rest your pretty head on a pillow of cash” but you’ve got to wait till the boat that’s being refurbished in mañana-land Miami (and all mañana means in Miami is not today) is finished while you’re recovering from a rotten marriage that ended years ago — That’s the “Never get over the Scorn” Insecurity (Insecurity Exhibit # 6)


Then there’s the I am so insecure that I have to write an entire blog about insecurities. That’s the “Pot call the Kettle Black” Insecurity (no pun intended) — Projection Insecurity (Insecurity #7?  You decide!)


Now, if you’re too insecure to admit you have insecurities, that would be the Insecurity of being Insecure Insecurity  (Insecurity #8). Don’t expect to see that insecurity; it hides behind rose colored glasses.

And what have we learned about insecurities? No matter how successful or accomplished or beautiful or in love we may be, all of us are full of insecurities and they are all on full display in Episode 2 of RHOM.

Spread the love and keep the peace, and whatever you do this next week, “don’t deal with stupid.”

Guess Jersey’s out tomorrow then… lol  Seriously, Lea is one smart lady… and I know my housewives.


Housewife News by NoMoreDrama

Poor LeAnn Rimes.  Brandi Glanville just made no 31 on the top 101 Hot Bodies List according to Celebuzz.  Fans of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will remember that Brandi’s bikini made an impression on househusbands and castmates last season.  As for advice on how to wear a bikini, this is what Brandi had to say:  “The smaller the bikini, the better you look …” she explained. “I think when you get a big bikini on a small person, you end up looking heavier.  So, I feel like you, [if] you make it smaller, then you look smaller.”

(Photo credit: Celebuzz)

Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof stepped out to an emmy event yesterday.  Adrienne tweeted a photo of the ladies looking happy in their step and retreat.  Hopefully they were able to commiserate about their relationships.  Kelsey Grammer made a fool of himself on the Piers Morgan show by racing off the set after being shown a photo of ex-Camille.  Adrienne is embroiled in a nasty divorce with husband Paul Nassif.

Remember that cast blog for the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta I posted a few days ago?  Other people also noticed that Kim Zolciak wasn’t in it.   NeNe Leakes sent the cast photo out on twitter with the following comment: “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta kicks off Sunday Nov 4th @ 9pm. The only original standing! That should tell u a LOT”  At the same time, Bravo included Kim Zolciak in the season writeup and list of cast members.  Rumors are flying that Kim was a no-show during much of the filming and they may not have her as a full cast member.  They may just use the footage they have with her for a second season of her spin-off show.  Maybe it’s just that those Bravo interns are so busy monitoring comments on cast blogs, they messed posting the photo.  JK.

Bravo continues to announce new shows for November.  Top Chef Seattle (in my back yard) and Million Dollar Decorators are also set to start.  It will be sweeps time – and they want a lot of original shows airing to bring in the viewers.




Did Tamra Barney get married last night?  Late last night she tweeted the following :”@eddiejudge headed to the chapel and were gonna get married !#lasvegas

I hate to be the grammar police because it is twitter – but did she mean they HAD been headed to the chapel and WERE going to get married, or did she mean they WERE headed to the chapel and WE ARE (We’re) going to get married  – like the song.  She’s been twitter silent for a few hours – so we’ll have to wait to find out.

(Hat’s off to RealMrHousewife for catching this tweet and getting a Rumorfix Article – he’s on top of this stuff :)))) )

And Tamra – showing what a sunny bride she’d make, tweeted this out a few minutes before the wedding tweet:

I hear Brooks is throwing down some mean comments on twitter cuz he got dumped……boy did I call that move!

Looks like Tamra was wrong about Brooks.  He responds with “Huh? What are you talking about?” and then “Stupid and you aren’t even “in the loop”.

Then Tamra said something like:  That’s not what I heard – maybe deleted?

These were probably the Tweets Tamra was told about. I think they had something to do with Vicki’s SIL saying things about Brooks.

I have never lived with Vicki or in one of her places. Have a great day!

I’m not a perfect person, I make a lot of mistakes but still I love those people who stay with me after knowing how I really am. #loyalty

A lot more to the story…. have a great weekend!

I din’t sell her story to the press. That’s stupid.

“If a relationship has to be a secret, then you shouldn’t be in it.” Just saying….


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    Good morning everyone. Thank you all for the good and heart felt words of your blessing for me and my family.

    NMD I love the new header of the “blown away woman”. HA! I think it describes ye well, HW fanatics. It was great you were able to have “save Danielle” Twitter owner blog their opinion on wanting Danielle back. I don’t want her back cause to me it serves no purpose, she’ll bring nothing new to the show. Danielle is a one trick pony. But what do I know.

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      However, I would love love love to see her do a live interview and spill all that she knows. Not with Andy, cos I don’t think he could be fair. Maybe on Wendy Williams.

      I want to hear all about the skeletons of every other HW, since they sure as hell made sure we knew about Danielle’s and Teresa’s.

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              I think it is pretty easy. Anderson Cooper. Maybe he would not do it because of his friendship with Andrew? I think he would do the best interview for a talk show, with Danielle. JMO.

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    • melthehound says:

      Powell, I had to go back and read to find out what your loss was. I hope you and your family are doing well (as could be expected).

    • ((( Powell ))) sorry for your loss too.

  4. VV says:

    Melissa Tweeted this morning:

    “I’m up early! Taking Antonia to church & CCD, then off to the Yankees game!!! Have a great Sunday!
    Sent Sep 23, 07:46 AM”

    • plainviewsue says:

      Gee, Teresa tweeted on Saturday that she was at the Yankee game & there were pictures of Joe w/some ex Yankees.

      I can hear it now………….Melissa: “Joey, ya gotta get us tickets to the Yankee game. Teresa was just there and now I HAVE to go.”

      Looking forward to tonight, only cos it will be over except for the reunion.

      • VV says:

        PVS! Yes, this season of RHONJ has been too long. I’m tired of it already. Let it be done over with…
        Tonight, we will see. How once again Audio is being manipulated, spliced together to make new sentences and conversations that never took place appear real. The morons at Bravo just keep stickin their foot in the mud deeper and deeper. We viewers know. I say. ENOUGH!

      • melthehound says:

        Isn’t that special? They may have had tickets already but keep us posted on the pictures that MeGo posts (you just know she will).

      • Powell says:

        sue what was the purpose of Mel tweeting that? That’s why it always seems like a competition between her and Tre. Ridiculous.

        • plainviewsue says:

          I don’t know Powell. Teresa tweets she went to see a movie with the girls; Melissa tweets the next day that she is taking Antonia to see the same movie. Teresa likes leopard prints; that’s what Melissa wears.

          In the mean time, Wacko Jacko is tweeting up a storm today trashing Teresa and her “part” in the takedown of that innocent lamb Melissa.

          Jac desperately needs help, a la Kelly.

          Teresa never ever has tweeted one negative thing about her or any of those wenches.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I do not think Jac needs that much help. I think she just needs to grow up. She just seems so immature, like Ashley’s age. JMHO.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              She seems traumatized to me. She has spoken of seeking counseling to help her with Ashley. That’s a step in the right direction; it could help her with the present challenges she faces with her little boy. I hope she sticks with it; it would display a sense of maturity, accountability and responsibility that I have yet to see.

  5. Updates on OC peeps added to the blog

  6. plainviewsue says:

    A few minutes into the 2nd episode of Miami, I decided to delete and not watch. Don’t want to watch and get involved in another HW show. I am so disgusted with the manipulations of Bravo in terms of NJ. Maybe it’s my own little protest.

    • Donna says:

      I’m with ya plainviewsue, trying to watch NJ to the bitter end I am done, done, done with HW shows. I have been enjoying 2 Hallmark Channels among others. Who needs drama? If I wanted drama I would call my ex-brother and giggle while he rants nonsense and lies.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Me too. After the first comments of Miami were about the fighting, I signed off any interest.

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      Geez the ratings for Miami last week were horrible. Only 815,000 viewers. I watched the show late last night and one of my issues (besides the plastic surgery obsessions and over the top materialism) was the fighting between Karent and Ana(the dentist and the lawyer). I mean, two attractive, educated, independent, relatively distinguished career women fighting over a man. Its so high school and elementary minded.

  7. catmom1 says:

    Kudos to Unicorn for the Miami recap. Unfortunately, I just can’t watch it. Tried twice and had to turn it off immediately. At this point, the only Bravo Housewives shows I can watch are New York and Beverly Hills. Just curious, what is everyone else still watching?

    • The only one I haven’t been able to watch is Orange County. I’m hoping Miami will be great. It will take a while to get into it though. I will watch Atlanta, but I’m not sure about BH because of Taylor. I really feel they crossed a line keeping such an emotionally unstable person on this show. Kim Richards too. I’m afraid it just ruins the whole show for me.

    • BB says:

      Those are the only two BH and NY that I am still watching and that may not be for long. Depends on how BH goes.

    • melthehound says:

      I am certainly not the dedicated fan of all the HW shows I was a year ago. Actually, Lips McGee ruined it for me, not any of the NJ crew or even Bravo. Well, I guess Bravo was part of it because they decided to go ahead and air her BS and play along with her claims.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Dear IDBIUnicorns: loved the Miami blog comments! Laughed at your Lisa comments, so funny. “Don’t worry no one is taking you seriously..” haha!!! Imagine my eyes bugging out when I settled in to read your take on Lea’s blog and then…you mentioned ME!!! I had to rub my bugged out eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things!! The Bug eyes gave way to the big cheesy grin. thanks!! I guess I’ll have to mosey on over to bravo to finish reading Lisa’s blog.

    • disgrazia4 says:

      I admit, even after and over my own protestations that I have begun to watch Miami. But I have one good reason to do this. Therese Odell writes the funniest recap on Miami. She covers NJ and NYC too. Just humorous snark from beginning to end but her Miami recap is her crown jewel. If only people would stop mentioning these hw’s, I would be able to stop, LOL

      I f anyone is interested here is a link to her first Miami recap of this season.


      I may just read the recaps. HW’s punching each other, as it appears in a Miami preview?? Totally not into that.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Great recap – but I’m wondering if any english only speaking person who doesn’t read in spanish can enjoy that blog? She uses a lot of spanish… and it’s very witty, but it did make me wonder. “Lo peor.” I kept correcting it in my head “LA peor” Good nickname, though. LOL!!

    • Sam says:

      Catmom1, although I once watched every available Housewife show, now I’m only watching RHNJ and RHNY. However, I’ve decided that after the NJ and NY season finales I’m going to bail on those shows too and just read recaps here. Bravo’s shenanigans have destroyed all sense for me that these are “reality” shows, and if I’m going to watch scripted TV then I’d rather pick well-written stories rather than ones that have been cobbled together by editors.

  8. MamaZ says:

    Love the new header NMD!

    So Viki dumped Brooks? Good for her.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      cool, thanks Eastybay!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Oh yes, I like Cat’s words…”I’d like to see the Real Housewives of NYC ladies slumming it, maybe in the suburbs of Bangladesh and then see how they get on, seeing as paradise never seems to work out.” They ALL seem to come off as so ungrateful and spoiled on these fantastic trips to paradise locales. I’m not just talking about the NY ladies; I would say the only exception was the Atlanta girls’ trip who went to Africa, that was beautiful and also gave them a chance to interact with the local children; they did what they could while there to make a difference. Of course they still had their spats but it wasn’t on par with Scary Island or with Slutty Island. And the NJ group didn’t get a trip to paradise (in comparison with the NY trips – I personally would find the RV trip magical) – I mean can you imagine LULU in an RV???!! I do love to read Cat’s take on things and of course, she’ll always hold a special place in my heart because she knew and loved Lynn. Thanks again for the link, Eastbay!

        • melthehound says:

          I can’t see any of the NYers in an RV, at all. Even a top notch one like those they used for NJ. The first one to board would have it packed full of needless luggage and God forbid, LuLu has to bring ‘an Italian’ back to give him a tour of the house 😉

          • Powell says:

            What about one like Will Smith? He’s got a BB court on top, multiple flat screens, a full fitness center. They could turn that into a tennis court on top and a beauty salon. How about that? 🙂

          • LaineyLainey says:

            LOL, MTH. Just ONE Italian?? At first, I thought you were referring to Italian Luggage, then I re-read it and realized we were talking about a whole notha level of Italian.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              I think they would each have their own rock star type touring RV, or pair up for the conflict. Maybe up to Montreal or the Pacific Coast Highway. Something with a lot of nice views. JMHO.

  9. Eastbayca says:

    Bethenny Frankel got a mention on SNL last night…

  10. Tweet exchange with Jill Zarin

    @_______: Why is @Jillzarin not on #RHONY any more 😦 #devastated #besthw”

    Jill Zarin ‏@Jillzarin
    Andy fired 4 of us but did me favor!“

  11. VV says:

    Bringing this over from last post because this is the kind of manipulation that we have been subjected to all of these years with HWs shows. The interesting thing on this aside from timeline manipulation is that Jac was okay with Teresa on one scene then she was mad at Teresa on the other scene.

    Pizzle01 says:
    September 23, 2012 at 5:30 am
    Was just watching re-runs of RHONJ and noticed that jac and T are wearing the very same outfits in the episode where jac is at T’s house and they are looking at things T can wear to Jamie’s wedding that was shown
    In the beginning of the season that jac and T are in the same exact clothes & shoes as last episode where Mel came over and jac was on the swing ect. Just thought that was interesting. It was T’s gladiator shoes that made me notice!

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Wow, seriously the timeline manipulation is crazy! That’s a good catch.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      VV – I just got an email notification – where you referred to Jac as “JacDaniels” – that cracked me up. I tried to follow the link to tell you how funny you are… but I got a message that said “Page not found.” That’s why I’m telling you here on this thread…you pulled another “VV” – – JacDaniels is perf.

  12. Powell says:

    How come on NJ they rarely show the men going to work or coming home from work w/the exception of Al?

    • melthehound says:

      Because they are already at work? We’ve seen poison joey at his sites from time to time but beyond that, they all just talk crap about JoGui’s attempts at businesses.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Because being HouseHusbands are their jobs.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Being a NJ househusband is easier than working a real job. NO…. that’s not fair, I think there might be some evidence of real work…Richie and his cute son did stop in to a gas station once where the employees looked confused. We’ve seen Joego driving around showing MeGo a house he bought, JoeGui…well, he can’t drive to go anywhere, right? Chris, they did show him trying to market and promote swampwater aka BLK and the trip to Napa was a business trip for him. Al hasn’t been filmed at work this year, but he did join in on that convention where he was selling Brown Slime/sauce and then the “business trip” to Napa and he seems to make an effort NOT to be around his wife and I believe we’re all to assume he’s at the Frownstone when he’s not at home.

      • Powell says:

        Frownstone Lainey. Hahaha. I guess you all are right. Being a househusband is their job. It’s a shame. NY, BH, MI, the husbands ALL work regular jobs, we see it many times throughout the season. On BH we always see Mauricio, Ken, Paul in work mode. ATL used to show husbands going to work or coming home but not that much but more than NJ.

      • ATLnNYC09 says:

        Lol @ Lainey and Frownstone. Id love a list of these names that I can just refer to at the drop of a hat.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          ATL I can’t take credit for Frownstone, I read that somewhere else and borrowed it! I’m glad it made you laugh, too!! 🙂

  13. Sorry – I didn’t mean to publish the chat blog early – I was playing around with WP settings. It will go up later today.

  14. zoekayla says:

    I’ve read through the various posts this morning, and feel (sort of) like it’s home again… Believe me when I say that finding out about Lynn’s death this morning is just as shocking for me today as it was for everyone on her birthday. I am so glad that the blog will continue…and evolve. I know Lynn would have wanted that. It won’t be her spot, but her influence will hopefully keep it a site with integrity and good manners. I loved how she would gently remind us (when things were troll-ish) that her only rule was to be respectful. As always, I will continue to check-in an enjoy the posts…and occasionally reply 🙂

  15. Cathy Connor says:

    Morning, Gonna be a big nite on T.V. tonite I will be watching with my angel Lynn ! If Andy Cohen doesnt want to give Lynn a mazel Maybe he can donate to a worthy cause Lynns Sons College Fund at Barrington Bank Account # 530037912 ABA # 071925651 Robert Smith . I guess there were problems at first with a returned check due to no account number . I would like to thank Karen from Oklahoma for her donation and of course my friend Carly Hall . Please give from your hearts My sister gave from hers !! Barrington Bank is located at 201 S. Hough Street Barrington Illinois 60010 God Bless you all and enjoy watching the fireworks tonite ! Love Cathy

  16. No time to read right now, so not sure if this has been posted. RHOA:
    Off to linner/dunch? with family. See you tonite for the series (hopefully) finale.
    Have a great day.

  17. Powell says:

    I can’t get over that Lu didn’t wear a one shoulder dress and Ramona didn’t wear a satin dress. I can’t wait to see the reunion to see how they really look.

  18. Birdwoman says:

    Jacq has already started tweeting about Teresa. She said that she hopes that she gets help. Project much Jacq? (though I think they all need help!)

  19. Cathy Connor says:

    I must add Lynns dear friend Wall Street Lady has been terrific and generous to Bobby. Am sending her my prayers for a speedy recovery ! Hope shes back soon Love to all !

  20. Cathy Connor says:

    She will be fine hope I didnt speak out of turn ! drats my big mouth

  21. Powell says:

    NMD that’s a great idea. Whatever makes it easier for you. I’m so proud of you and BB, Ramonacoaster, Detox, MTH, IDBIU, MKV, Little Newton, and anyone else I missed. You all are truly talented. 😀

    • We really do have such a great group of talented writers and snarkers (let’s not forget Boston) not to mention researchers (I mine the comments for the next day’s blogs) and Lady C helping behind the scenes. Everyone is just so great. I just wish NJ was a little more fun to watch.

  22. Cathy Connor says:

    Have a great day everyone ! Enjoy T.V. tonite !! Love Cath

  23. Cathy Connor says:

    Have a great Day everyone !! Enjoy T. V. tonite it should be good……..Love Cath

  24. VV says:

    We are guaranteed a Manifesto tonight. She tweeted to make sure that we read it after the shows airs tonight…
    She has tweeted quite a lot this morning and amongst her tweets is this one:

    “Are u all ready for tonight’s episode?T had asked me2do the same thing to M that Kim D helped her do.When I wouldn’t,our friendship declined
    Sent Sep 23, 12:36 PM
    From Mobile Web”

    Of course, Jac has no credibility. We have seen her lied to our faces so, why should we believe her now. Thanks but not thanks Jac… You, like Andy have no choice that to continue with the lie because you are too deep into it….

    • melthehound says:

      That friendship was dead long before the PFS ever happened. I could respect Jac a little more if she didn’t continue to play the facade that what we are seeing happened as it is shown to us. If she just admitted she can’t stand Teresa and was just done with it all. As it stands however, everything she says is suspect to me and there is zero respect for her, coming from my keyboard. FWIW, The Hound doesn’t like her very much either 😉 Then again, he rolls his eyes at me when I even turn these shows on…. ‘Dude… Really?’…

      • Powell says:

        I knew that’s why I loved The Hound. He’s got a great sniffer for BULL. 🙂

      • VV says:

        You are right. I do think Bitter Clown has a lot to do with it.Also, Chris Lurkita ( can’t trust those quiet ones ). I’m sure Caroline just flat out told Chris we are going to foot your new venture “Miracle Murk” but there are conditions; my boys will have to play a big part on it and that friendship with the Giudices is gonna have to end. This is how it went IMO. I also would put it past the production to come up with gossip “on the set” to sort of stir the pot…

    • Birdwoman says:

      I read that. She must be really worried because from the previews it looks like she was in on the set-up. How can she explain away that she ran right to Melissa to claim Teresa set her up. Then when confronted by Teresa that she was causing drama in her family, Jacq turns around and blames ‘some’ person that tweeted her the info. But won’t tell Teresa who it was, even though I think Teresa is entitled to know who is causing more problems with her brother.

      • VV says:

        Jac’s getting a lot of slack from Bravo because she started the finger pointing due to the texts she got from fired producer. They probably told her don’t worry. Viewers but our stories all the time. The edit will make it look like Teresa set her up.
        I said it before and I say it again. Bravo was not counting on viewers keeping tabs of timelines, noticing fake spliced phone conversations and fake Talking Heads. It all blew up on their faces. Tonight they will continue with their charade..

      • PJ says:

        Any time a person does what J Wacky did (some one said something but I can’t tell you who said it) they are lying or in on the set up or up to something shady.

  25. boston02127 says:

    Albie Manzo’s tweet~~~~~~Tonight at 10: 📺🏠👠🍸👴🎤🎥💃😱👊 #RHONJ 😧 Me: 🙊🙉🙈

    Does he really think that he’s important? Funny? Handsome? Exciting to watch? Liked?

  26. Powell says:

    B just tweeted she’s going to be on Ellen tomorrow and she’s bringing a video and Bryn will be on it.

  27. Nancy says:

    Another bad day for the Zebra’s!

  28. Powell says:

    I’m sorry if you all have discussed this but Downton Abby premiered already. Did anyone watch?

    • Birdwoman says:

      It is showing in the UK but not here until January. I have tried to watch episodes online but they block the US access to view it at this point. 😦 I’m sad!

  29. uffdamom says:

    I thought Downton wasn’t starting until January. Boy I’m messed up. I love, love, love that show!!

  30. Exit4 says:

    One thing I’ve noticed with Jac is that she has what I’ve always found to be the “liar trait”. Which is long, drawn out, overly detailed stories about the simplest things. Like her tweets today and the God forsaken manifestos! Another thing I’ve noticed, and I guess this could be the mark of a liar too, is backtracking-for example, she tweeted today that Teresa wanted her to play the Kim d role in the set up and Jac said no. Someone asked her why she didn’t warn Melissa then and jacs reply was that it was during Melissas first season. Huh? Last week Jac was asked why she’s not mad at Kim for her part in this. Her answer? Because Kim isn’t Melissas family. What? She has an answer for everything and a story and of course “proof”.

    Now that I’m typing this there is one more thing I realized….jacs “proof” or “evidence” is always something vague. A mutual friend calling or texting her. A friend who’s is never mentioned by name nor are the contents of said phone calls/texts etc. Jacs excuse for this is not wanting to sell anyone out. This to me is not only a manipulative tactic, but a liars insurance policy. You can’t prove or disprove the existence of said texts, messages, or conversations, so you are forced to believe what Jac is claiming is true. Or at least that’s what a liar hopes will happen.

    I guess the answers will be shown tonight…maybe. I myself, just think its funny that even when the relationships went bad, that Jac or Caroline didn’t warn Melissa what may happen at some point. They’ll claim they didn’t want to be involved in her family issues, but all they’ve done for over a year is….be involved in her family issues! Or maybe, they did let Melissa in on what was going on and maybe, just maybe they chose to keep Teresa out of the loop. Let things play out and slam her. I wonder if when they were filming this, the Teresa hate was still strong enough that they believed they could be rid of her once and for all. I guess they didn’t anticipate that over the course of a year (and really, 1 half aired/1 unaired season) the viewers flipped their script. I guess Caroline figured that it worked with Danielle, it would work with Teresa. Difference is-dani didn’t have half the fan base Teresa has. And FWIW I don’t want Danielle back. I would however, LOVE to hear her story…assuming their is one!

    Last but not least, the whole crux of this episode is Teresa exposing Melissa as a stripper or dancer or whatever! So her big scheme is uncovered when the ex manager stops by the table to say hi. Teresa in response to Melissa question about who the guy is, tells her. In the bathroom. Melissa flips out and calls her husband, then runs to the other ladies crying set up. Umm Melissa you WORKED AT THE BAR! that’s all you say, I was a bartender there, I never danced the guy is lying. End of story.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the whole stripper thing was going to be exposed anyway, since it was brought up in the salon!!! No matter what Teresa did or didn’t do, it was coming out. Production was including it regardless of whether or not Teresa warned Melissa, didn’t go to the fashion show or asked Kim to remove him. Sure, it may have made her look better, but there was no way this story was staying buried. And, if Jac had enough info in real time, before the night began (via phantom texts) to know something was going down, why did she stay quiet? Or more to the point, just stay away. This whole thing is so stupid and contrived. And I think most people feel that way.

    I know a lot of people don’t like Teresa and I understand why. But IMO, the things they’ve done (financially, legally etc) has an endgame so to speak. They will face consequences for all of it. Financially, legally, personally. I know some people wont be satisfied until tree and joe are serving 50-life-I don’t see the Giudices as grifters or con artists (like Taylor, Cedric or even brooks!) I think they areole like the Curtains from OC-simply clueless and unable to get out of their own way and make good choices. Everyone deserves a second chance and the opportunity to make things right. I hope the Giudices can do this. If Michael Vick can QB my football team, Teresa and joe can pull their lives together and make right there wrongs. And IMO what Vick did was a lot worse. The Eagles are winning, so no one seems to care anymore. Such is life.

    That said, I truly feel what Kathy and Melissa have done is awful. They chose money and fame over family. Going on the show wasn’t going to fix anything. In an interview last week Kathy was asked if the negatives of the show were worth it. She actually said yes and proceeded to hawk her cannoli kit. So sad. Could Teresa have walked away? I dont think so. Being on the show was a necessity not just for the financial reasons, but to promote her books etc that outside entities invested a lot of their own money in. In a way, Teresa was a victim of her own success. She had to stay in an environment that’s toxic, to try to make a living. Out of all the ladies, Teresa needed the darn show-the show didnt need her. Hence the destruction of her family. Besides, if Teresa walked, there would have not been a Kathy or Melissa on this show. They’d serve no purpose. So, we’d have 3 strangers for Caroline and Jac to hate and Teresa would still be at odds with her family, because her walking would have “ruined” Kathy and Mel’s chance at baking fame and singing stardom. Teresa was always going to be the loser here.

    I will end my manifesto now. I can’t wait to end this horrible season and I hope the show, Andy, bravo et al get some backlash for trying to sell us something that is so contrived and fake. No matter what you think of each individual wife, it’s us who keep this train wreck going and I hope now, enough people will reject this tripe and bravo will put the train back on the tracks.

    • VV says:

      Excellent Manifesto, Exit4!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Too many excellent points! At the end of the day the outrage for other peoples actions and words is practically nonexistant. The Manzo/Laurita clan only wanted Teresa’s family to implode and make it impossible for any of them to return for another season – the question is why? Personally, I don’t watch entertainment tv for it to be a platform on autism, peddling brackish beverages, seeing mama set entitiled kids up in various businesses or to hear her “sage advice”. Nor do I want to see Lapband’s wedding, Albert’s will he or won’t he retire or goofy sidekicks or pretend girlfriends.

    • lizzle says:

      hehe… spell check said “areole” instead of “are like” (paragraph 6)…. you all know where my mind is at. of course my avatar is kathy’s “stinky fish”

      and exit 4….. i always love your commentary

      • lol… I guess it’s areola that i was thinking of, not areole (which is a feature on cacti)… ok…. leaving now… face red

      • oops… i was thinking of a word that closely resembles “areole”… disregard my comment

      • lizzle says:

        lol… I guess it’s areola that i was thinking of, not areole (which is a feature on cacti)… ok…. leaving now… face red

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I’ve been loving your gravatar Lizzle, sorry I hadn’t mentioned my love for it. LOLOLOL!!! But I do love it and I get a gleam in my eye everytime I see it!! I noticed your “areole” well not your areola but your autocorrect…but decided to let it go as I have a tendency to cross the line sometimes.

        • LaineyLainey… have I told you lately, how much I love you! BTW, I just moved to San Antonio… and wishes I were in Austin.

          I just had a freak out posting moment… as you can see with all of my different names… in and out of moderation…. oh well…. that’s the blog life!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Well, THANK YOU!!! the feeling is mutual. The blog life; that’s the better than the “Thug Life” or is it? LOL!!!

          • I can’t tell you how many people do that. I’m always fishing us out of moderation.

            • lizzle says:

              I have no idea how a little wordpress blog that I never wrote in has followed me here! I usually change the autospell, but in my haste to correct my aereole(a) mistake… I forgot to change my name to lizzle… it is totally my mistake! it is all linked to my email addy, which I use for everything.

      • Exit4 says:

        Thank you! I have given up trying to spell check with the iPhone. It’s a little game I play-how bad will iPhone screw up the spelling or change it to something crazy!

    • Winston says:

      Great points and I would like to add, have any of them thanked Teresa? If she hadn’t joined the show and made it successful, how could any of her family members have been brought on? She opened the door for all of them and they are all riding on her coat tails yet all they do is begrudge her.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        The newbies are so jealous of Teresa you can cut it with a paper fork. It is like they are trying to cut the tree from the roots. If Teresa is ruined, then the show is on the way out. Ruined! This group of people is too dim witted to do the math. Study the demographic’s. Teresa is the star. They need to just get over it or leave the show. IMO.

  31. LaineyLainey says:

    Great post Exit4. I’ve known a woman for years who lies about EVERYTHING. I work with her, too. For example, She can’t just be late to work, she always has to have some big drawn out detailed story with a bunch of unusual coincidences and freakish circumstances. Our girls were in school together and her daughter is a liar, too. Her lies are even comical…I mean, she is super creative and makes up funny stories to go with her lies.

    • Exit4 says:

      Lainey that is too funny! I had a coworker who was EXACTLY the same way! Honest to God, when I was writing the post, that’s who I was thinking of and comparing Jac to! It was the same deal, instead of just being late for work because you overslept or the alarm didn’t go off, it was an hour long take of crazy. The best was she asked for some days off and told this while story about going on a cruise and it was non refundable an on an on…she got the days off and guess what? One of our coworkers saw her, when she was supposed to be on said cruise at a semi local outlet mall! She hid from her and of course told the rest of us! After her “cruise” we asked so many crazy questions just to torture her. It was hysterical! We never told her the truth!

      • Powell says:

        Exit that is hysterical!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        OH I LOVE THAT STORY!!! Your friend asking her questions about her make=believe cruise… how did y’all keep from busting up? It’s an insult to our intelligence with their blatant lies, right? The problem (to our evil amusement at work) is that they can’t even keep up with their own lies. Which can be really humorous when they make comments that prove their previous comments were complete fabrications. Her “I’m late” stories are worthy of some kind of prize. It can’t just be “I’m sorry, I overslept.” or “I logged onto my laptop and started reading the LynnFam page and I lost track of the time,…” hahahaha!

    • Powell says:

      Haha funny cause my mom used to tell me about a co-worker just like her also.

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      OMG Lainey I hate people that lie for no reason. Its really pathological and sick. If your gonna lie, at least lie for a good reason. Habitual liars are the worst.

  32. ladyballs says:

    i don’t understand the freely-given benefit of the the doubt for teresa and the wholesale condemnation of the others on the show.

    • majnon says:

      Either do I, ladyballs

    • Exit4 says:

      Because what Teresa has supposedly done to them, most normal people would not be this angry about. The cookbook stuff, the fake stripper set up, leaving someone out of a toast, not sharing details about someone’s personal business, mot taking jacs advice etc. Hypocrisy is an issue too. They reamed her for the magazines, which said exactly nothing (if I knew they’d play such a part in the season of have saved them!) but have all done articles themselves. They highlight her issues but ignore their own. Making accusations about stealing business deals but never explain what it actually was. Totally ignoring Punta Cana.

      Teresa is an imperfect person and their is a part of me that understands the concept of when everyone hates you, it’s gotta be something about you. It can’t always be someone else. If the other ladies would just tell the truth, maybe we could see it, even agree with the anger. But they’re not. They are just yelling, svreong and focusing on such stupidity that most sane people would never go off the rails about. If you want us to get it, tell us! Show is the money!

      • ATLnNYC09 says:

        Exactly Exit. They all lie and deflect and then turn attention on to Teresa. I dont like watching someone being ganged up on. Its unfair. No one in this bunch is innocent. They are all conniving and manipulative. Kathy and Melissa knowingly went on the show to take Teresa down. Thats as low as it goes, they are scum. Making money off of their family’s misfortune. I have a cousin I cant stand and a brother im not very close to but ill be damned if im gonna sell them out for a few bucks.

    • I’m with you ladyballs. She’s up to her eyeballs in this as much as any of the rest of them. I think Jaq’s problem is she’s so desperate to prove it to us we’ve stopped caring. Like Aviva in NY. She might have a point – but after a while you get sick of hearing about it.

      • Exit4 says:

        I posted earlier this week that this cast is like the movie The Departed. There’s so many moles and double crosses and alliances and triple crosses that it spins the brain. I’m exhausted and kinda drunk after RHONJ. 🙂 none of them trust each other and they are all convinced that someone is going to burn them, that they don’t even know how to act like normal people. They are all cagey and guarded. It’s annoying and sickly fascinating and i suspect why the editing is often screwy. And gives me a reason to drink on Sunday. That’s all I’m going to miss. Lol.

    • Donna says:

      Because Bravo has been caught putting words in people’s mouth when their lips are not moving. Their Closed Captions are a big fat farce. They splice and dice words/scenes, when Miliania was supposed to tell Teresa “you are not my boss”, she said it to her sister in an earlier episode. People are really paying attention as they have caught Bravo producers at their miscraft.

      • VV says:

        They splice and dice all the time. I think you also caught that Juicy didn’t call Teresa a retard – on the fake phone call. I believe you said the caption said he said it but his mouth was not moving.

        • Donna says:

          yep, I did. I feel we are need to “pay attention” and flip the Bravo table

          I’ve been asked to take notes on tonight’s NJ. It would be wonderful if everyone did. For instance someone noticed that Jac was waving at someone and pointed to her mic when Baldy approached the table, so I re-watched and sure enought she did!

          I noticed that when Juicy’s brother walked up to the table Caroline glared at him with hate in her eyes. When Baldy approached the table she and Lauren were busy with their cell phones.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I think in part, it’s because of the all against Teresa.

    • PJ says:

      Perhaps because the others are all horrible but they never own anything, it’s all Teresa’s fault. They all gang up on one person and they push the I’m so good you’re so bad line of horse hockey. It isn’t all that one sided and people get that.

  33. VV says:

    OMG! JacDaniels is at it again on Twitter. For the love of Pete. Put Twitter down.

    Jac tweets:
    Question..If T knew Kim was targeting M.Y isn’t she mad at KIM for destroying her family?Why Because T wanted it to happen.Think about it
    Sent Sep 23, 03:42 PM

    Somebody tweets Jac:
    @JacLaurita So what if it was at the season beginning? You said T told you all about her plan, yet you kept quiet. #toosneakyseemslikealie
    Sent Sep 23, 03:34 PM

    @forumforwomen NO honey, I didn’t think she would try to attempt it again. I was trying to get them in a better place. #fail Didn’t happen.
    Sent Sep 23, 03:38 PM

    Eating my sister-in-law @CarolineManzo ‘s award winning fried meatballs!Delish! Recipe on carolinemanzo.com & httpRachaelRayShow.comOY!

  34. ladyballs says:

    does anyone remember how juicy lost his drivers license?

    • Donna says:

      He was driving home from eating out, hit a tree, a friend at a nearby house gave him shots to calm him down. police come, failed breathalizer? dui.

      • ladyballs says:

        didn’t they have a scene on the show that described it just as you said above?

        • Donna says:

          I barely remember it. Was it a flashback reinacted scene.

          • I think he explained it to everyone – and then I remember a bunch of talking heads collaborating his version (that he wasn’t drunk when he left the restaurant) but Danielle didn’t buy it. I don’t think they reenacted it.

          • ladyballs says:

            in the scene, teresa told the story to chris and jaq in the laurita kitchen. the funny thing is….chris and jaq were with juicy and teresa at dinner that night, but the lauritas seemed on the edge of their seats at this incredible story.

            teresa says…”and you know juicy didn’t drink anything at dinner…” and chris and jaq say…”yeah, he didn’t have anything to drink…”

            um. yeah, ok. hahhhahahhahah

            did juicy set up this scripted scene on the real housewives of new jersey?

            if not, who would set up this scene?

            how would one set up this scene? would others have to commit to a storyline to make a scene like this happen?

            • Oh yes – good point. All lying through their teeth to protect Juicy on that one.

              • ladyballs says:

                what if teresa set up this scene?

                what if she got jaq and chris to lie on cam about juicy not drinking at dinner that night?


                that would create a precedent. in other words, it wouldn’t be such a stretch to think teresa could move the chess pieces around to suit her and it wouldn’t be such a stretch to see jaq as a pawn in teresa’s plan.

                • I don’t have any problem believing that. None of these people seem above lying or setting up scenes.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  Good point, lady balls. Completely plausible. It isn’t without plause. But seriously, it could have happened that way.

                • Powell says:

                  T a chess master? IDK about that ladyballs.

                • Exit4 says:

                  To play devils advocate here, it would also mean that Jac and Chris were willing to lie AND have no problem being part of what to me was obviously a clear joes name set up. They were helping a friend. Wouldn’t Jac be as willing to hurt an enemy? If this set up happened in episode 3 of season 3, I’d believe it was Teresa. But now? Why at this point when things were going well? Read Lynn’s old article from above I’m one sentence Jac says Teresa only talks about herself. Later she says Teresa listened to her and was helpful. Which is it? Another interesting thing in the article was that Jac accused Teresa of calling and yelling at people who offered her gigs. Melissa accused her if the same thing in US magazine this week. Does Teresa have a roladex of every possible housewife hirer? Weird. I can’t imagine Jac and Melissa would share tactics? Because jacs never lied to help a friend before? Darn this thing is deep!!! These women should be in politics or the CIA

      • bea says:

        I have a neighbor who is a prosecutor (and a housewives fan) and she says people use this excuse all the time for DUIs – I was totally sober and then had a drink to calm my nerves after the accident. It really made her chuckle that Joe and the gang said that. She said someone his size would need to have 4-5 drinks, quickly, to fail the test. The speculation was he went somewhere between the dinner (where everyone was together and he was with Teresa) and the drive home (where he was alone).

  35. AZGirl says:

    {{{{WSL}}}}} get better please and check in with us. First day of Fall and 106 yesterday. Watched Notre Dame game last night and this time of year I wished I lived in the midwest. Many of you probably have your fall decorations up.

    I really doubt Jac’s explanation about what happened at PFS. I just don’t believe Mel with all of the angry tweets she and her sisters have sent for the PAST YEAR. In addition we all now know that Mel, Joey, Tre and Joe were hanging out together several years ago. We know about Cat and her favoritism to the Mel. Mel and Joey wanted a piece of the Bravo pie and sacrificed their family for it.

  36. Powell says:

    Oh gosh! Are you all watching/rewatching the NJ vineyard epi?

  37. Lulu says:

    Would anyone want this person for a friend:

    Question..If T knew Kim was targeting M.Y isn’t she mad at KIM for destroying her family?Why Because T wanted it to happen.Think about it

    That was on someone’s twitter feed. Pretty sad and pathetic that after the fact someone is still obsessing over it!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO, they were all told different things to make them feel uneasy because there was a set up coming. Teresa didn’t know whether to tell Melissa (and get the wrath of her brother) or not to tell her about Angelo’s remarks at the salon – where the set up should have taken place but the other women elected not to go there for filming (who told them not to go?). Then the texts start flying…..a perfect housewife casino ensues. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  38. Powell says:

    I’m just watching E! pre-Emmy show. Anyone watching?

  39. VV says:


    How far is the boutique were Tre and Kim were getting ready from the actual place were the event was taking place?

    • Pghemtchick says:

      9.99 miles/19 minutes.

      La Chateau Allure salon (no longer there) 599 Ridge Rd.
      North Arlington, NJ 07031

      Son Cubano Restaurant
      40-4 Riverwalk Place, West New York, NJ

      Got the name of the club/restaurant for this link of pictures which include pre-event pics of Tre with set up/Penny/Kim. http://www.jargapix.com/la_chateau_allure_posche_fashion_show_son_cubano_2011

      • VV says:

        Thanks P-chick. According to Google Maps, they are 10.2 miles apart and it takes about 18 minutes to drive from one place to ther other with no traffic.

        • LavaLady says:

          Well now, that’s a weird coincidence, I grew up in North Arlington, NJ. Lived there for 25 years. Probably would take longer than 18 minutes to drive from one to the other. I would figure about 45 minutes with traffice.

          • VV says:

            I got the info from Google Maps which is pretty accurate but I take the word from a local over Maps anytime 😀

  40. VV says:

    Another interesting read from famewhorgas.


  41. Hi all! I haven’t been around much lately and even need to catch up on reading the blogs. I haven’t gotten a chance to read any comments so I’m very sorry if I’ve missed any news. I hope everyone is doing okay and nothing serious has happened. I feel bad thinking about being out of the loop and therefore not commenting on goings-on I may have missed. So please know that ALL of you are in my thoughts.

    NoMoreDrama – from what I have gotten a chance to read, you’ve been doing an absolutely fabulous job along with everyone else blogging. Lynn is proud I am sure. Truly, I am very impressed. It is quite the tribute to Lynn… way to go on keeping the legacy alive.

    Just one comment about tonight. Everyone is saying that someone’s (rumor has it it’s the bald guy) mic was on and implicated Teresa’s part in stripper-gate. My question is how would they know this? No one gets the episodes that far in advance. The only way this would be known is if it was done intentionally. Am I wrong or am I missing something?

    • Exit4 says:

      The ladies usually get them a week In advance. But in this case, since the reunion was filmed before the end of the season, they watched the balance of the Eps before they filmed. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to talk about them. I’m sure they do that all the time. Oh and PR to promote the finale. It’s no accident Melissa was in the cover of US this week! 😉

  42. Hey everyone. I’ve got a favor. I’m gong to set up the chats to come on automatically so that I don’t have to worry about rushing home to post them (I'[m on west coast time). So – when someone notices a chat blog get published, could they put in the bottom of the comments in the current blog – New Post with a link. And if you have twitter you could even tweet it out. Thanks. Mainly on Monday and Thursdays. But we can practice tonight.

  43. Pghemtchick says:

    Brandi tweeted she’s at the vet hospital with her Chica. At first thought it was a spider bite, but her puppy was bit by a rattlesnake 😦

    Hoping her furbaby recovers quickly.

  44. VV says:

    Another good blog by Chirp… Picture of Melissa and Joey. Totally disgusting. I think I’ve seen it before on this blog, but had forgotten about it.


  45. VV says:

    Kim D and one of Melissa’s sister are battling it out on Twitter right now. Are these two trying to land a spot as HWs?

    • Birdwoman says:

      I think so. At least I know Melissa’s sisters would love to be on the housewives show. Don’t they have a fan page on facebook?

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