Simon van Kempen Clears up a Furphy / Real Housewives of Miami/Project Runway

Simon van Kempen Clears up a Furphy or Two – and I learn a New Word plus other Housewife (and husband) News by NoMoreDrama

Yesterday, Simon Van Kempen posted on the blog to clear up a few things.

Orson: “Re Alex and Simon, …if you’re going to be a Bravo HW, you and your husband better be self-employed, because it’s very likely your employer will find a reason to let you go. And this happened to Silex. And it’s difficult to be a “Socialite” when you’re scraping to pay your bills.”

Simon:  “Orson, Alex and I actually discussed something very similar to your quote “that if you’re going to be a Bravo HW, you and your husband better be self-employed” while filming Couples Therapy and imagine it will be used in an upcoming episode. I wasn’t ‘let go’ from my job but, and with hindsight, I will agree that being on a reality show is not a good idea when you work for other people. In the first season of RHoNY both Alex & I worked for companies – she – Limited Brands/Victoria’s Secret & me as general manager of an hotel, but by the end of our RHoNY time we didn’t and were both self-employed.

One furphy I’d like to put to rest is that I was not responsible for Alex not being asked back for the 5th season of RHoNY. Remember I only participated in RHoNY filming as much or as little as the producers allowed and wanted. I remember at the time of my appearance on the 1st season Reunion many people stated that I must have forced my way on to the reunion set. I didn’t. Highly produced TV just doesn’t work that way. As many of you watch other franchises it’s pretty obvious by now that Bravo wants & encourages many husbands/significant others to be on the show. I never went to an event uninvited either by the cast and/or the producers; not even “Girls’ Night’ in Season 1.”

Sus asked: “Do you think it was JillZ’s fault you all weren’t asked back?

Simon: “No., well at least not directly. Season Four got the reputation in certain quarters that it was ‘very dark’ but it became that way in the editing suite. I know that’s seen as an excuse however if largely only a certain type of footage is used in the episodes (and the used footage is barely 5% of what was filmed ) it’s relatively easy for any reality show to highlight only certain scenes, to make that season appear dark, or light or humorous etc.”

There you go.  One furphy put to rest, and a little insight into what went on behind the scenes.  For those of us that don’t speak Australian – “A furphy, is Australian slang for a rumour, or an erroneous or improbable story” according to wikipedia.   NMD

According to Wetpaint, photo crews have been spotted filming Tamra Barney and Heather DuBrow at the Foodie awards. It seems likely that filming has begun for the Real Housewives of Orange County.  No word yet on if Vicki will sign on for another season – but you can bet she’ll make sure she has a friend to film with if she does.

Juicy Joe Giudice has been granted a postponement in his license case.  Just a few days ago, it was reported that he was considering a plea with his court date set for next Monday.  Now it looks like his court date is October 29th.  Read More Here


Real Housewives of Miami

She Beat Me to the Tweet! by MKValle

Joanna and Romain are walking to the beach, Romain says they need to talk, say what needs to be said.  Joanna asks what the kite surfers are, Romain explains their name, she doesn’t remember seeing them, he tells her they are always there, maybe she’s drunk everyday.  Oops!  They sit on the sand, Romain is still very mad for Joanna’s drunken outburst at Mynt’s anniversary party.  She embarrassed him, his staff and he’s fed up.  Joanna says they haven’t been talking since the party, she’s been sleeping in Marta’s room.  She apologizes, doesn’t know what happened (it’s the alcohol Joanna!), Romain says it’s not the first time.  Sounds like Joanna has a bit of a problem when she drinks too much.  Romain doesn’t want her sister in the club, if it wasn’t for her all of it would not have happened.  Uh oh.  Joanna insists it had nothing to do with Marta (but I thought it was all because of a DJ, Marta’s former BF).  Subject changed to Adriana flirting with Romain at the party.  Joanna’s feathers get ruffled by this, it’s okay because men are lining up for her.  Romain says he’s accustomed to men hitting on her, doesn’t happen that women hit on him.  Romain wants the fighting to stop, it was a bad part of their lives, he doesn’t want it to happen again, he will walk away if it does.

Adriana visits a photographer who is going to be a part of a Latin American artist exhibit.  She’s going to be his muse today, becoming a subject of the artist not just a dealer.  The photographer takes several shots but stops and wants to do topless.  Adriana is wary, she’s a mother and a business woman who wants her reputation to be scandal free.  Fredric convinces her it’s art, there’s nothing vulgar about it.  She agrees and goes ahead with the photos

Karent and her Mom are drinking wine, talking about Rodolfo.  We find out Karent’s mother “hated” Rodolfo in the past, when they broke up.  We don’t know how the mom feels now.  Karent wants to get married and have children but now’s not the time with Rodolfo’s career.  I think Rodolfo is a player and may not ever be ready to settle down with one woman and a family.  Maybe one for every country…

Lenny’s too tired to work out and Lisa’s stressed about the baby situation.  Taking way too long.  Lenny’s nearly 45 and has everything he ever wanted except a child.  Lisa wants to know if he blames her – no, he’s just frustrated.  We hear they have had three miscarriages and feel they’re out of options.  I may have misjudged Lisa at the start, maybe she’s not just another bimbo in a bikini.

Time for the exhibit and unveiling of Adriana’s photo.  She’s pleased he didn’t chose one of the topless shots but thought the photo could have been bigger and placed out of the corner.  Lea and Karent show up to see the picture.  Don’t know who commands more attention, Lea or Karent.  Karent asks the artist if he’d shoot her picture, Lea thought they were there to see Adriana’s photo, not commission a portrait for themselves.  Lea leaves, only there to support her friend.  Karent feels Lea gives back handed compliments, “nice nasties”.  Better nice nasties than nasty nasties.  Karent tried too hard, it shows.  They move an to another exhibit of kinetic art.  Adriana is explaining it to Karent, the dealer walks up and asks if they’d like to meet the artist.  Adriana is thrilled, she’s followed his work and admires him while Karent stands there calling his name “Carlos…Carlos”  Adriana tells the man how it’s an honor to meet him and how she studied his work, would he mind if she took a picture with him and placed it on Twitter.  He agrees, then Karent jumps in for a photo then has the nerve to tweet the photo.  She beat me to the tweet!

Joanna’s dancing at the Winter Party, a gay/lesbian event held every year on the beach.  She brings Marta along for the rehearsals.  Marta, laughs and talks through the rehearsal, Joanna gets upset.  Joanna always gets upset with her sister, one would think they are still kids.

Adriana’s loaning her Dali to an exhibit and needs Fredric’s help getting it off the wall and wrapping it.  We never get to see the painting, it’s blurred out.  Why is that Bravo?  We hear it’s a nude, could that be a reason?  At the exhibit, Alexia and her husband meet up with Lea and James, James is Elaine Lancaster out of drag.  Ana shows up too.  Lea asked where talking hand (Karent) is tonight.  Adriana didn’t invite her, she wanted it to be quiet.  Lenny and Lisa look over the Dali, Lisa thinks she could draw that, Lenny says no she couldn’t.  Adriana, Alexia, Ana, Lea and James are sitting enjoying drinks when the conversation turns to Marysol.  Alexia is worried about her, Lea heard she was sick and James says it’s because she’s out drunk.  Alexia asked why James always picks on Marysol, “because she always picks on me”.  Alexia disagrees, Marysol is not like that and leaves because Marysol is not there to defend herself.  Ana chimes in that Lea shouldn’t let James do her dirty work, Lea denies that (with a smile on her face and a big necklace on her neck).  James tries talking to Marysol but she doesn’t want to talk to him, Lea thinks Marysol tries to prevent James from getting jobs and is vindictive.  Being a drag queen is a job?  Really?  You can actually be paid for that?  I honestly did not know.  Ana defends Marysol.  Cut to Lea’s talking head and another big necklace, Marysol can talk to her at anytime.  James says he owns one of the best PR firms in the country and calls Marysol a vampire. Ana says they’re being catty. Cut to another talking Lea head and another big necklace, she has done nothing but try to help Marysol and her business.  Then we have (yes we do) Lea head talking in yet another big necklace (this one looks like a mop around her neck) saying she didn’t hire Marysol back because they blew it.  No more explanation on that.  Adriana tells Ana, Lisa and Lea about what happened at the earlier exhibit with the artist and how she was beat to the tweet.  Ana is laughing, Lea finds Karent annoying, Ana thinks she’s too much and Lisa says she was trying to be nice.  Lisa doesn’t like to talk behind people’s back when they can’t defend themselves.

A token scene with Marysol and Ana talking about the conversations with Lea and James.  Marysol doesn’t care about James, she had a bond with Lea but that’s broken.  She appreciates Ana sticking up for her but she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, give it any legs and wants it to end now and not hear about it anymore.

Joanna, Lisa and Karent meet for lunch.  Lisa, who doesn’t like to talk behind people’s back tells Karent she doesn’t think the other ladies consider her to be a friend, Lisa tells Adriana the story of the artist.  Karent defends herself saying she realized the artist must be a famous man so she wanted a picture with him too.  Lisa tells her not to be super nice to them, the other ladies are “holier than thou”.  At the end of the day money can’t buy you class, but it can buy you an ass.

Ana and her daughters get ready for the Winter Party, deciding what to wear.  Ana locks her closet to keep her daughters out of her stuff.  Sound familiar?

Someone calls Joanna at 4am to tell her Romain is making out with a dancer.  She confronts Romain, he thinks it’s stupid and laughs.  She doesn’t know if she believes him or not, something’s not making sense.  I think Romain’s a stand up guy, been with Joanna a long time, doesn’t put up with her crap.  We’ll see if I’m right.

Time for the Winter Party Festival, like a gay Christmas.  Lots of people, bare chests and butts, drinking and dancing and Lea in another big necklace.  Marta’s there to tell the latest about Romain to the ladies.  Marta needs to step back and stay out of it.  Joanna’s dance number come up, I hope it was much longer in real time because it was only seconds on the show.  Romain loved it and compliments her over and over again. Joanna still has doubts about him.  Cut to a long shot of Miami with thousands of people on the beach.  I like a nice deserted beach, but that’s just me.


Project Runway “In a Place Far, Far Away” by BB

Note:  Photo credits for Project Runway photos:  David M. Russell/AETN

We’re getting closer to finding out who will be showing at New York fashion week.  The remaining designers are Christopher, Dmitry, Fabio, Melissa and Sonjia.  Tonight is the final challenge.  I’m going to miss Fabio’s skirts and Sonjia’s head scarfs (not really).

Tim meets with the designers at a place far, far away – Oheka Castle, Long Island.  Using the surroundings of the castle as inspiration, they will be creating an avant-garde look for their muse, selected from the L’oreal Paris make up line with color pallets called The Enchanted Queen, The Artsy Muse, The Wise Mystic and the Seductive Temptress.

Choosing from the infamous black bag, Sonjia gets the Seductive Temptress colors; Melissa gets the Artsy Muse colors; Dmitry gets the Wise Mystic colors; Fabio gets the Enchanted Queen colors; and Christopher being last, gets to choose his muse.  He chooses the Enchanted Queen colors.  Seems everyone would like to have the Enchanted Queen colors because black is included in that pallet and they all want to work with black.

They are all excited to be creating avant-garde looks.  This is what they’ve been waiting for.  They have two days to finish their designs.  They go to mood to select their fabrics, but a few of them have difficulty trying to find the colors they want to complement their make-up colors.  When Sonjia gets back to the work room she discovers that five yards of her gold fabric are missing.  She is going to have to find a way to make it work.

Tim meets with the designers the first day because this is a most important challenge.  Tim tells Dmitry he’s concerned about his design not having any remarkable drama.  He’s worried about Melissa’s time management issues.  Tim takes a long worried look at Fabio’s design.  He tells him his coat is looking borderline costumey, it’s down, dreary, and flat. Fabio tells Tim he will step away and take another look at it.  Sonjia tells Tim she feels a little stuck, and Tim tells her he doesn’t think she’s been working up to her potential as a designer, she’s been holding back and she just needs to get it out.

The next morning, Fabio is stressing about what he has ahead of him that day.  So is Chris.  They have to do a month’s worth of work in two days.  Sonjia suddenly gets inspired, but Dmitry doesn’t like it.  Fabio flips his coat upside down and all of a sudden, it’s avant-garde.  Tim comes in with Bill B., the consulting make-up artist for L’oreal Paris.  He consults with the designers about what make-up they will be using with their designs.

With three hours left until the end of day two, Tim comes back to check up on the designers.  Tim is impressed with what Fabio has done with his dreary coat.  Sonjia disagrees with Tim, but Melissa agrees that Fabio’s coat looks very avant-garde.  Tim again is concerned about how much work Melissa has left to do.  He tells her to get it done.

Tim tells Sonjia he sees the avant-garde in her design, but to be careful it doesn’t look like a school project.  Tim asks Christopher what looks avant-garde about his dress.  Christopher can’t explain his design to Tim.  It’s all over the place.  Tim tells him he’s at a bit of a loss about where the avant-garde is in Christopher’s dress.  Tim also has a similar concern about Dmitry’s design.  It’s exquisitely made, but not avant-garde enough.  If it were a ready-to-wear challenge, Tim would be thrilled about Dmitry’s design.  He’s concerned that the judges will think they’ve seen Dmitry’s design before.  All of a sudden, Dmitry is very concerned.  I really hate to see any of these designers go home at this point, but I know at least one of them will be leaving.

The models show up and Fabio and Sonjia are happy about the way their looks fit their models.  Christopher is happy with his design even if it does look costumey.  Melissa thinks it’s going to take an eye to really get her look. Dmitry is going to go with his gut.

It’s now the last runway day and the designers all wish each other luck and say goodbye to their Atlas apartments.  Since this is the L’oreal Paris make-up challenge, the designers will have additional time with make-up and hair.  Melissa is still working on her design 15 minutes before the runway show.

It’s show time folks!  Take a deep breath.  Whose design do I think is avant-garde and whose isn’t?  By the way the guest judge is actress Zoe Saldana.  First up is Melissa.  It’s avant garde, but I’m not loving it. I think it’s the fabric used on some of the pieces and not necessarily the design I don’t like.  Melissa says it’s her on the runway and that’s what matters I guess.  Fabio’s design is avant garde, but Nina is holding her card over her eyes when she’s looking at it.  I don’t know if that’s a good sign from her.  Dmitry’s suit is well-made and he says he stayed true to himself.  Not sure he hit the avant-garde threshold.  I like Sonjia’s design. It looks like it belongs on a runway.  I like Christopher’s model’s look.  I’m not sure if the judges are going to think he went overboard and his look might be a too costumey.  It’s definitely dramatic.  Heidi tells the designers they did an impressive job.  Sure, Heidi, that’s until you judges start picking these designs apart.

Sonjia is first to be judged.  Heidi loves the color of her dress.  The only thing she doesn’t like is the light mesh fabric because it doesn’t match the models skin tone.  Nina has a few problems with the dress.  She doesn’t like the color and Michael thinks it looks like an ice skating costume.  Zoe doesn’t think it looks complete.  Sonjia doesn’t agree with them.  Heidi gets Sonjia’s idea, but Michael says it looks like an old lady bare back dress. Wow Michael is tough on this one.  It’s not that bad.

Michael thinks Christopher’s make up is great, but thinks the dress a little goth victorian.  Michael thinks she has hairy forearms and it’s crazy.  The judges think it needs more construction in the bust.  Zoe thinks it doesn’t fit and Nina thinks he tried too many ideas on the dress, but they all like the back of his dress.

Heidi thinks Dmitry’s dress is amazing and it looks good from any angle.  Zoe thinks the sleeves are stunning.  Michael thinks he’s a brilliant tailor and he and Nina don’t like the shoulder.  Zoe thinks the collar is Chippendales.  The judges want to remove the collar.

Michael thinks Fabio’s jacket is fantastic, but he doesn’t like the pants.  Heidi didn’t respond to the look.  She thinks it’s funereal.  Nina thinks the jacket is fantastic.  Fabio reverses the jacket and they like it better the second way.  Zoe thinks the clothes hide the model’s shape.

Last is Melissa.  Michael loves Melissa’s color combination and the idea of separates and thinks she has a good hand for leather.  Nina gets the artsy muse look.  Heidi hates it.  She doesn’t know which outfit is uglier, hers or Fabio’s.  Zoe loves it. So it’s three against two.  Michael, Nina and Zoe against Heidi and Me.  Ha! Ha!

The models leave and each designer has to say why they think they should go to fashion week and what two designer should go with them.

Melissa picks Sonjia and Fabio.
Fabio picks Melissa and Christopher.
Dmitry picks Fabio and Christopher.
Christopher picks Fabio and Dmitry.
Sonjia picks Melissa and Dmitry.

Heidi thinks since they disagree about the current designs, they should go back to include what the designers have done in the past.

They don’t think Melissa is one note.  They think Sonjia is consistent with respect to a women’s body, but they can’t pinpoint her aesthetic.  Will she give them a good fashion show?  They think Christopher’s designs are streamline femininity.  They like that he’s taken risks.  Nina likes him, so I think he’s in.  Michael thinks everything Dmitry makes looks exquisite and expensive.  Nina thinks he’s a one trick pony and wonders if he has range.  Michael thinks his craftsmanship can handle it.  They all like Fabio’s diversity in design, but Heidi can’t remember his past designs.  Is he memorable?  Michael takes up for Fabio when Heidi thinks he’s either too basic or either to out there.  It’s decision time.

Christopher is in.  He will be designing for New York fashion week.  He’s only 24.  Good for him.  Dmitry is in.  It’s the first time I’ve seen Dmitry actually excited about something.  Melissa is also in.  That leaves Fabio and Sonjia.  Fabio is in.  That means Sonjia is going home.

Next week the final four find out there will be only three showing at fashion week and they are not guaranteed a spot.  More fun to be had on the emotional roller coaster of Project Runway.




Happy Birthday Evangeline

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  1. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! First?

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning AZGirl and everyone. It’s going to be a good day.

  3. Tracyshea says:

    Hello. I tried to be first. Oh we’ll! It’s Friday!

  4. chismosa says:

    Thanks for all the insider info, I didn’t even realize Simon posted on the blog yesterday.

    Can someone clear up for me, and I’ll put this as simply as I can so as not to make it a d huge legal discussion, but with all the delaying and postponing of Juicy’s legal stuff, does this make it likely the case against him will be somewhat lessened and that he will get off with just a slap on the wrist ( you know, probation/ community service, easy stuff)?? Or does it really make NO difference or less severe if this goes to trial or plea bargains even 5 years down the line? I’m just wondering if all these postponements mean we won’t see a resolution of this that really fits his crime

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I missed it yesterday too and went back to see. Thanks Simon. Thanks NMD for posting it here.

      Detox I laughed at your claim to have voted for Jill in the poll. lol I was kidding about Jill being here but if Simon reads, heck maybe Jill does too. ((( Simon & Alex ))) Best of luck in the therapy. Not all men will go to therapy. Kudos.

      • Powell says:

        love I believe they all read. Lynn started something & that NMD and gang has continued that is extraordinary, different from other blogs that I think the Bravoleberties trust.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        😉 LME (about my LIE that I voted for Jill in the poll).

    • LA_Debra says:

      I’m no attorney, but it sounds like he turned down the plea deal – the hearing to set a trial date was postponed, which often happens and does not reflect on the merits of the case – and it looks to me like he will double down on his attorney to try to get a reduced sentence. My question is, doesn NJ have mandatory sentencing laws? Anyone know?

      • Zoey says:

        Anyone know if you turn down a plea deal, and head towards a trial, can you then come back and say you want the plea? Or is he only allowed to proceed with a trial now?

        • lovemamaearth says:

          If the prosecutor will still offer the plea, you can.

        • PJ says:

          I think once you turn a plea deal down it’s off the table.

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Maybe it varies in states. Here, it’s up to the prosecutor. But if the defendant decides to take a plea after rejecting it, it’s usually because the case got stronger against them. It’s how it is on Law & Order too. But yes that’s fiction. kinda.

            • LME…and also in some states, the Judge has the right to NOT accept the plea deal and order that they proceed to trial.. and it’s not like Joe is coming into this whole deal with clean hands..He has a record of snubbing his nose at the law with regards to his driving habits..some people seem to forget that driving is a privilege , not a right…


              • Powell says:

                Diva Mr Ford’s appt is today right? Sending him prayers.

              • disgrazia4 says:

                Hi Diva! OT- Would you be able to access quickly the rules of the Presidential Debate, specifically, Can the participants bring and use notes during their debates? I’ve been trying to look it up but keep hitting dead ends. Thanks for your help and no worries if you’re too busy. 😉

                • lovemamaearth says:

                  It varies by the rules set up by the hosts i think. But I’m not Diva. lol

                  • disgrazia4 says:

                    Thanks for replying lme. I know that but what I can’t find out, at least not yet, is whether or not The presidential debate had any rule concerning bringing notes. Now I see that there is video and comments rolling across FB concerning whether or not Romney is caught in video slipping brought in notes onto his podium at the beginning of the evening so now I’m trying to figure out if this is even an issue within the rules of debate.

                    • Mary E says:

                      thanks. typical snarky liberal. You lose, you’re a victim. Somebody elses fault. Loved this blog, but like so many before me, I’m gone. Really…politics don’t belong here. Will miss all of you.

                    • disgrazia4 says:

                      Excuse me Mary E? I did not say one thing about whether or not Romney had done wrong or not! I am on a fact finding quest. Who the hell are you?? Your reading comprehension skills belie any intelligence you may think you have. Take yourself and be gone if you need!! I have never been so rudely interupted here before you and your swipe without basis. I am not writing the string of words my mind is conjusring to more accurately describe you!!! Have a great Day!!

                    • lovemamaearth says:

                      Obama was writing stuff so I don’t think Mitt broke any rules. 🙂

                    • disgrazia4 says:

                      I am merely trying to access the rules and am making no claim one way or another. In fact, the article presented in my newsfeed only led me to question if he had even done anything wrong and to ask, what are the rules. I haven’t found anything yet. Hence my query to Diva, who manages to get the details to anything! Ms Mary E certainly took the the wrong tack with me and I don’t appreciate her shallow insults that are based onobvious poor reading comprehension. If she wants to leave well, I have always described the peeps who comment here as an intelligent and witty group of people. Perhaps she is just not a good fit. She certainly pinched my nerve! 😉

                • RealHousewifeVA says:

                  I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be able to use notes. I did read that they give them blank paper so they can jot down stuff as they are going.

                  • disgrazia4 says:

                    Again, as I explained to lme and the RUDE Ms Mary E, I am only trying to access the rules which, by the way, I still haven’t found. If I had Diva’s email, I would have written her. I did not mean to cause an uproar. I did see note taking. What is the difference between a note from home and one made there? Inquiring minds want to know ..without causing a casino, LOL!! 😉

                    • lovemamaearth says:

                      You didn’t cause a casino. 🙂 Sorry I don’t have an answer.

                    • RealHousewifeVA says:

                      No uproar here, just thinking out loud. I’m curious to know the rules, too 🙂

                    • Sus says:

                      The only rule I know of and it’s ignored every damn day is that all posters are supposed to fawn all over me and thank me and my husband that I was able to get over my laptop phobia to join you. There’s supposed to be a daily party with confetti and cupcakes. Hasn’t happened yet!

                    • disgrazia4 says:

                      I will let you know if I find out! Please tell Sus how happy we are that she’s here and I’m almost done with the banner that I’m sewing by hand!! 😉

                    • ms molly says:

                      disgrazia4, I did’nt see anything offensive with what you asked, the offense was with the snarky answer you got. Politics or not.

            • PJ says:

              I think a plea deal is offered, for one reason, to save the state or county the cost of a trial. It may or may not be offered again but sort of defeats the purpose if they have a trial anyway. Maybe his attorneys think they can get a better deal by going to trial. I do feel bad for his daughters (not him) if their father goes to jail.

              • lovemamaearth says:

                I thought the question was after it being turned down, not after the trial. Yes after the trial a plea deal would be moot.

                And yes I’ve heard of pleas being rejected as well as jury results. Rarely happens though because the system needs credibility.

                I bet most of them do read here at least periodically or during their seasons. If we knew that would it affect or influence what we say? I don’t think so. I wish Tamra and Gretchen hadn’t turned into witches last season. Was heather a catalyst for that happening? Or Bravo? Probably never know.

  5. Morning all!!! Happy Birthday Evangeline!!!

  6. lovemamaearth says:

    According to Wetpaint, photo crews have been spotted filming Tamra Barney and Heather DuBrow at the Foodie awards.
    Well good. That makes another Bravo show I won’t watch. That leaves NY and maybe BH. Why would they bring back those two witches. or was this leaked to see what the feedback would be.

    • See, it’s funny because I think Bravo brings back the housewives that tend to create tons of polarization and drop the ones that don’t. I happen to like Heather quite a bit. I realize others don’t feel that way but that’s why we each have our own opinion. I happen to not mind Tamra that much…i don’t know why she doesn’t bother me meanwhile Teresa Giudice drives me bat sh*t crazy…..I kind of equate it to how if my mother in law says or does something no matter what it may be I will vehemently hate it/her….but if someone else did the same exact thing it wouldn’t bother me at all…..I know i’m SUCH a hypocrite but I just can’t help it!!!

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I agree with your first comment. To our social detriment imo. And I gave Tamra a pass too until she was so horrid and ugly last season. And I agree with you Obsessed that who does this or that matters some how. Partly I suspect by previous behavior… like straws on a camel.

      • Powell says:

        I will probably treat OC like I did NJ, watch 5 minutes and turn. I do want to see how Vicki, Brooks are and Brianna w/hubby and new baby. Brianna really is a “Housewife” now.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          I’ll read about it. If Brianna is smart she’ll refuse to film now. She has too much at stake now being married and a mom. Bravo is poison to families.

          • BB says:

            I agree, but sadly that fame bug and a little cash seems to make smart people make dumb decisions.

            • lovemamaearth says:

              So true BB. I hope Bri is smart enough and her DH seems wonderful. And I bet he’s why Bri was wanting to go to Iraq a couple years ago.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I just love Brianna. I can’t stand her mother, though.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I thought I was the only one who liked Heather from RHOOC. It’s good to know that I’m not. Like you, Tamra never really bothered me that much. I did NOT like the way she participated in the gang-up on Alexis, though (and I do not even particularly care for Alexis. I just don’t like gang-ups).

        You and I are on opposite sides of the debate when it comes to RHONJ, but on the same side when it comes to Heather and Tamra from RHOOC. I personally think it’s like Republicans and Democrats (althought I am an Independent, with ADMITTEDLY very strong Democrat-leanings): In many way, members of both parties probably more alike than different (although they’d probably never admit it. *Shrug*).

    • Mary E says:

      Trampa and a Heather…perfect together.

  7. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Good morning all
    Happy Birthday Evangeline

  8. SoutheastVA says:

    Has anyone seen this story about RHOM Alexia’s oldest son assaulting a homeless man?
    I hope he is prosecuted.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      It was mentioned yesterday and I hope he does time for that too. Shameful.

    • Powell says:

      Yes. Horrific.

      • Mary E says:

        Yes, but not shocked.

        • djprincessc says:

          Its so gross and sad he did that, was he the one in the accident? I know she has 2 sons. I bet a million dollars he’ll get a slap on the wrist for assault where Joe Guidice is getting what like 15 years for the license thing?? Thats what I hate about the system sometimes, I’ve seen child molesters get let go who are repeat offenders. Doesn’t make sense to me. :/

  9. AZGirl says:

    Ok everyone bring on George. I am ready. I will take him for a drive out into the desert and tell him to look under rocks for snakes. He might actually find one of his own kind. 🙂

  10. I think this is new – Jacqueline’s people interview on her website

    She talks a little more about how T wasn’t there for her – but most of it is about Nick.

  11. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday Evangeline. Have a great day!

  12. AZGirl says:

    I have to say that Simon has always been very honest about his role with HW and his relationship with Alex. I think it is refreshing considering the crap we seem to get from the NJ crowd.

  13. SoutheastVA says:

    Happy Birthday Evangeline!


    Happy Birth Day Evangeline !!!

    Off to take Mr Ford for echo ….hope we get results today or it’s going to be a LONG weekend of worrying….UGH…
    ya all behave while I am gone….LOL

    Hugs and peace

  15. Good Morning! I gotta run out this morning but I just dropped in to say holla! LOL! and to let you know there is a new post and a new Daily Chuckle page to check out. I thought we could all use that after this crazy week! Enjoy!

    I’ll be back later to read and catch up.
    Love and hugs to all!!! TGIF!

  16. Sus says:

    I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog. I’m mentioned in the blog.


  17. trudie says:

    BB, thanks for the Project Runway recap. I wasn’t impressed by any of the designs last night. They didn’t scream avant garde to me like Christian Siriano’s did.

  18. BB says:

    It is the most beautiful gorgeous day at the Outer Banks today. My far away daughter and her dog are on their way here to spend some time with us and my near daughter andher dog will be coming down tomorrow for a few days. It can’t get much better than that! I hope everyone else has a wonderful day and weekend planned.

  19. rabblerouser2010R says:

    I woke up early again (this time it was about 5am) and the movie Tree of Life came on. I can’t stand it, I think Clock Work Orange is about as existential as I get.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      lol RR. I could take the Tree of Life as boring and ambiguous as it is over Clock Work Orange. I wonder if the books are better.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I think I like Clock work because it’s cult classic now, kind of like the Rocky Horror Picture show. I heard the book for Clock Work is very graphic.

      • kit9 says:

        Oh, hell no! A Clockwork Orange is fantastic! Brilliant. Totally agree about Tree of Life, though;)

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Almost every guy I know used to dress up like a Droog on Halloween. 😉

          • kit9 says:

            Lol. You could really do an all Clockwork themed party..the Droogie uniform, all Droogie slanguage and all the music being Ludwig Von!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Oh, my God, Rabble!! I could not stand that movie either. I just did NOT get it. I watched the whole thing and thought, “What the hell is this movie about?!” I was very disappointed. I had the same level of disappointment after I watched the movie, “Beloved,” which starred Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover. I thought, “Man, I spent good money to rent THIS!! I know it’s supposed to send some powerful message, and I was counting on it being good considering it had good actors and actresses in it….but, Boy, was I wrong!! WTF??!! I thought about asking Blockbuster for my money back.” (This was in the days when people actually went to video stores to rent movies to watch).

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        ITA I was telling my husband it how weird it was…there would be about 30 seconds of a scene were there was some acting followed by 15 minutes of rain drops falling where some woman is chanting “My son, my son” , followed by 10 minutes microbiology where an amoeba is dancing to classical music. Seriously WTF???

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          ROFL at your PERFECT description. I mean, I’m a pretty deep person, and I can get nuance and silent “messages” and “read between the lines” (HEEEEEEYYYY, Caroline!!! BTW, Caroline, I read between your lines, and the space between the lines did not tell me JACKSH*T!!)…..but “The Tree of Life” had me clueless (and angry that I’d wasted those 2 hours of my life).

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I can’t say I got it either. I think the woman in Tree Of Life is the daughter of Ron Howard and she did another one that was equally ambiguous for lack of a better word. I’m guessing Brad Pitt and Sean Penn are friends.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          It’s funny you say that Jessica Chastain (actress in “Tree of Life”) is the daughter of Ron Howard. She actually is NOT…..

          …..However, there are SEVERAL Blind Items and RUMORS that she actually IS the daughter of Ron Howard, but it is not acknowledged officially because she was the product of an affair that Ron Howard had with her Mother. Her actual REAL last name used to be “Howard,” but she decided to use “Chastain” as her last name once she became an actress.

          SO MANY people confuse her with Ron Howard’s daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, who is also an actress. If you look at pictures of Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard, side-by-side, though, they DEFINITELY show a STRONG resemblance to each other.

          Maybe it’s not true (but I think it IS. Was Opie a BAD BOY? Hmmmmm…..).

          • Sus says:

            OMG, I never heard that! Opie Opie Opie Why??????????????

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I know, Girl!! I never would have even entertained a thought like that about ol’ Opie (who was as cute as a bug in a rug when he was a little boy). Ron Howard’s wife is from Louisiana. They have been married for YEARS AND YEARS (I don’t know exactly how long, but it’s LONG).

          • lizzle says:

            Dang girl… you know more gossip than the rag mags. You should start your own gossip blog… and of course, you have to put the Evian bottle story in it!

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Lizzle, Janice Dickinson’s CRAZY ass actually used the words “Evian bottle” to describe Liam’s member (not me. Although I wish I had, it’s kinda clever).

              Janice also had a FUNNY (but TOTALLY TRUE, according list) list in that same book about all of the reasons Jewish men made the BEST husbands. Both (or at least a COUPLE. I have no idea how many times Janice has been married) of her husbands were Jewish. She basically owned up to the divorces from her Jewish husbands being all HER fault (because, according to her, they were GREAT. She was the one with the problems.).

              I WISH I could find that list. It was GREAT! I no longer have Janice’s book because I lent it to a friend who never gave it back and lost it. *Shrug* I guess I could check it out of the library one of these days, though. If I do, I’ll bring the list to the blog for your entertainment.

              Oh yeah, speaking of “Evian Bottles,” if you catch my drift, another one I forgot to list the other night is the SINGER/ACTOR ex-husband of J-Lo, MARC ANTHONY. I always wondered how he got such beautiful women. I’m sure his money and fame help too. *Shrug*

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Oh thanks for the clarification. Who knew that there would be two actresses who looks so much alike. But I should have looked it up. My bad!!! lol Thanks for the info. I used to confuse Julia Roberts with that other gal too. …. Monica Potter In my old age people started looking more alike. 🙂

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I saw an interview of Monica Potter once where she mentioned how people always thought she was Julia Robert’s sister. She said she could not see the resemblance herself, but she was very flattered by it.

              I think they resemble each other. In fact, to me, Monica Potter looks more like Julia Robert’s sister than Julia Robert’s actual REAL sister.

              • lovemamaearth says:

                I don’t think I’ve seen Julia’s sister. Emma is the niece iirc.

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  Julia’s sister has actually had minor roles in some movies with her. One that quickly comes to mind is in the movie, “Something to Talk About” Julia’s sister played one of the members of the Jr. League (I don’t know if it was the Jr. League, but it was some type of meeting of a group of women) that stood up after Julia told her some rumor about her husband and got upset and started crying.

                  They don’t really look alike to me.

                  Julia and her brother bear a strong resemblance, though. Emma, to me, also resembles Julia.

          • BB says:

            Not Opie! I’ll bet Andy gave him a good talking to! Lol

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Here is an article about them looking alike. No mention of them being actual blood sisters. I wonder if they are sisters, albeit half sisters,.. just admit it, right?

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Maybe the rumors are untrue, and they just HAPPEN to look so much alike.

              Or maybe the rumors ARE true, but Bryce Dallas Howard has NO idea because Ron Howard never told his wife and children about Jessica. Maybe Jessica never revealed her real identity because she got a payoff from Ron Howard and signed a Non-Disclosure agreement in return for him agreeing not to BLACKBALL her in Hollywood if she ever told the truth about her REAL father.

              Or maybe Ron Howard and his wife and children know ALL about it, but for privacy purposes and to prevent Ron Howard from looking like a “bad” person, they have all agreed to go along with the LIE.

              Who knows? *Shrug*

              Here’s another RUMOR that may not be true at ALL: The R&B singer/actor’s REAL father is Ben Vereen. Usher was actually the product of an affair between his mother and Ben Vereen, who was married to another woman at the time. Usher allegedly did not find out about this until he and one of Ben Vereen’s daughters met, were strongly attracted to each other and began dating. Usher’s Mom and Ben Vereen were vehemently against the relationship, but Usher and Ben’s daughter kept seeing each other ANYWAY.

              FINALLY, Ben Vereen and Usher’s mother were forced to tell Usher and Ben’s daughter the truth to END the relationship.

              PUBLICALLY, Usher calls Ben Vereen his “godfather,” and Ben Vereen calls Usher his “godson.”

              Maybe it’s not true. Usher looks like his MOTHER; however, I can’t help but to notice how, when he dances, he and Ben Vereen seem to have similar styles and mannerisms. Maybe Ben, as his godfather, gave him dance lessons. *Shrug*

            • lovemamaearth says:

              Isn’t that funny they were both in The Help. Ah did not even recanize the blond one. lol

          • Powell says:

            I don’t think she is but it still blows my mind that “Opie” is a father and now a grandfather! LOL. I don’t even think of it as “Ritchie Cunningham” being a father/grandfather or Ron Howard. That’s funny that so many of fans of his work associate him like that. He’s been making movies for 30 yrs and I still think of him as “Opie”. 🙂

          • mkvalle says:

            She was born in Sacramento and raised in Sacramento by her mother and father along with four other siblings. Nothing scandalous going on there.

      • Powell says:

        Haha. You all are funny. i really liked that movie. I haven’t seen it in a while.

  20. Kansas Girl says:

    OT: Ever wonder what is fashionable on campuses today? This may answer your question and either make you feel like you’re right in style or that you know better!

    • boston02127 says:

      The girl in the pink is from Big Brother. I think her name is Gordon.

    • mkvalle says:

      I think the girl from St Augustine’s needs to rethink her choice of shoes. I don’t hang around universities but I think her shoes are not the best when running from class to class.

  21. boston02127 says:

    Hi All, Happy Friday!!! My second favorite F word. (kidding) Happy Birthday to all the birthday people this week.

    Great blogs guys. Thanks.

    This girl is funny. NSFW (she swears a lot)

    • disgrazia4 says:

      She’s amazing boston! Thanks for the link. Boston, did you ever get my angry red egret pic? It looks just like Caro getting ready for a reunion!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I agree with EVERY….LAST….THING that Closet Freak said! She’s hilarious. She reminds me of another “vlogger” called “Cadillac Kimberly” (who is also NO B.S., straight-up and HILARIOUS!).

  22. ATLnNYC09 says:

    (Regarding RHONY reunion clips on Bravo tv website.) Im not a LuAnn fan at all but am I the only one that kind of commends her for calling Carole out on her nice/nasty approach all season. Being nice to your face while talking behind someone’s back is never cool. In fact, to me, its very high school. It shows immaturity. Why not face the person one on one if you have a problem with them? Carole is very guilty of having two faces IMO and its good that someone addressed that at the reunion.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Name one housewife who didn’t do that in their talking heads. I’d like more Caroles on RHWs. Civil. She has a life and cute guy. She’s funny much like Bethenny was. In fact Bethenny and Carole should do a book tour together. I think they’d be a riot. So funny that it was the “Countess” who called her out. lol

      • mkvalle says:

        But Carole did tell Luann to her face that she didn’t like her asking for the clothes from her designer friend, right? Or did I dream that scene?

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Oh great point. Yes she did do that.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          yes, mkv, she did tell her to her face. That was good. I think it really hurt Lu, too – – which is not Carole’s problem, but I believe that she brings it up later at the reunion. Carole said that the designer dresses the First Lady…and Lu took that to mean …”who do you think YOU are?” etc.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I think the only reason LuLu cares is because Carole is a princess and the title is the issue. LuLu assumed that they had something in common, and that Carole would protect her as part of a royal system and civilized society. LuLu was wrong because Carole wants the title to be understated and LuLu has always used a fog horn to let the commoners know that she has a title. They have next to nothing in common and this makes LuLu uncomfortable. LuLu is a phony, that is still trying to go up a social escalator, that is moving down to the basement. This complaint, from a woman that had no real honest story line, all season, and made $500,000. I hope she is gone next year. JMHO.

        • Powell says:

          Right mkv. That’s what I meant when I said Carole did directly to Lu.

    • noreen7 says:

      Ditto!! It really got old by the end of the season and I didn’t like that she blogs as if she is floating above it all and just there to report on the show.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        She thinks she’s above what? Why would she want to get into the fray of fighting when who the fuck cares about their petty bickering? lol They all have issues and god bless her she didn’t make any of it hers.

        • BB says:

          Then why did she go on the show? She knew it was about petty bickering. I know why, to sell her book, but she needs to just say that.

          • lovemamaearth says:

            And her sitcom. 🙂 I agree she can just say that. It was also said that Andy had been begging her to be in the series. Lu is just as guilty of what she called Carole out on only Lu has acted horribly before like last year’s reunion.

            • BB says:

              None of them are guilt-free, I agree! Ramona, Heather and Carole are all there to promote their businesses. Sonja and Luann need the money. I’m not sure why Aviva is there. She says it’s to promote her charities, but I’m not sure about that. If so, she’s not doing a very good job of it.

              • lovemamaearth says:

                I’m thinking the Universe is working in mysterious ways with Aviva and gave her the lessons she needed to fix before her kids are any older.

                • BB says:

                  Dare to dream. Wouldn’t that be great?

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  I still think that Adiva played a character that Bravo felt was needed to bring the DRAMA. It read too on note to me. Very scripted and too over the top. The season was not well edited and was almost a complete snooze fest. Team New. Team Old. Next season, Team Remade. JMHO.

              • Powell says:

                No Aviva is not doing a good job for her cause or fellow amputees. Lu also had 1 or 2 charities S1& 2 & she does nothing now. So what does Lu do?

    • BB says:

      No you are not the only one.

    • Queen Butter Bean says:

      I would pick Carole over Luann ANY DAY…

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi AtlnNYC09 – I do like that Luann apparently confronts Carole. But for me it’s not that I’m picking sides…you know, like” wooo hooo LU, booooo Carole!” It’s more a matter of respecting people who do work things out face to face. I know this is different than real life because Lu is calling her out in a public way,…but it fits the situation because Carole said some things in a very public way about LU and the others. It give a good example to others; it’s ok to talk to people face to face about what’s bothering you (in a civilized way, not the sadistic way Aviva does it). Oh geeez, I was trying to be neutral but my antiAviva feelings just won’t stay put.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I think, in a way, LuAnn kind of does the same thing as Carole. What I mean by that is she constantly makes passive-aggressive remarks to people’s faces that are really INSULTS. Instead of directly INSULTING the person and telling them what she REALLY thinks about them to their face, she does it in a SNEAKY way. Then, she denies it and tries to act like the other person is “crazy” when they call her out on that B.S.

        So, LuAnn is similar in a way. That’s probably why Carole’s doing that bothered her so much (That and the fact that Carole’s PRINCESS trumps LuAnn’s COUNTESS. *Shrug*).

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Great points. And Lu is mad cuz she ain’t funny like Bethenny and Carole are.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Yeah, BUDDY!! ITA.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Detox, I agree with you. Someone here once said that they thought that LuLu had been treated the same way by royalty when she was married to the Count, so that is why she treated commoners in the same fashion. I do not think that Euro royals would find LuLu very interesting. She is a bit to everything. Tall, loud and gaudy. IMO.

        • Powell says:

          Lu denies A LOT! From the beginning she’s always done that. I remember B used to say that to her quite often, Ramona also has said that to Lu.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah I saw that ATL but somewhat in Carole’s defense she tried on a few occasions directly & indirectly & Heather also tried & the stuff went right over Lu’s head.

  23. Lady Chatterley says:

    Hey Everyone,

    Blog Update – Miami Recap added above!

    Hope everyone is having a beautiful day 🙂

    Lady C

  24. BB says:

    Thanks for the Miami recap, MKValle. I’m not watching it and appreciate your doing it.

  25. Sus says:

    Putting this down here because I’m not that skinny.
    MaryE – you said “thanks. typical snarky liberal. You lose, you’re a victim. Somebody elses fault. Loved this blog, but like so many before me, I’m gone. Really…politics don’t belong here. Will miss all of you.”

    I think you should re-read disgrazia4’s comment. She was asking whether notes are allowed in the debate. There is no way you can tell from her comment whether she’s a snarky liberal or a republican. For all we know, she could have been asking because she’s outraged at the comments towards Romney.

    • BB says:

      Sus. I doubt that she was asking because she’s outraged at the comments towards Romney. If that’s why, disgrazia4, then I owe you an apology. Let’s be honest. Obama tanked the debate. Lot’s of people are in panic mode and I’m not sure why becauseI don’t think it swayed anyone from or two one side or the other. Chris Matthews almost had a heart attack. Dave Letterman could talk of nothing else last night on his show. Next thing you know Al Gore will be blaming it on the Colorado altitude. Oh, wait. he already did. It’s getting pretty ridiculous. In my opinion the debates are kind of meaningless and outdated. Everyone pretty much decided who they were going to vote for a long time ago. I wonder what the undecided voters are undecided about. It’s pretty clear where the two candidates stand. I would love for the political debate to stay off of this site, but sometimes we don’t always get what we want. I have tried not to engage in the political talk so far and will try not do so in the future. I hope Mary E can ignore and just enjoy the other topics she comes here to discuss. That’s what I try to do. I’m not always successful at it, but I try.

      • Sus says:

        My point was that the comment wasn’t any reason to flounce. I can’t wait for the election to be over with. People on both sides are out of control. My Facebook is scary.

        • BB says:

          I can’t wait either. It is scary so I’m trying to stay away fromit.

          • Sus says:

            Half the people on my FB think that if Obama is re-elected the USA will be a third world country at the end of his presidency. The other half believe that Romney is elected that women’s rights will go back to the way it was in the 1940’s and the middle class will cease to exist.
            It’s really wild how divided the country is right now.

            • BB says:

              IKR. It’s gotten so out of control that sometimes I just want to bury my head in the sand and not deal with it. Of course, I will vote because that’s a privilege I don’t take lightly. But it’s disheartening to see how obstinate and stubborn people can be – on both sides.

            • lovemamaearth says:

              Well I could say it in one word. And apparently Goldwater warned us.

        • RealHousewifeVA says:

          I agree that disgrazia’s comment didn’t seem to be offensive, and I didn’t realize that politics weren’t allowed on this board, but I’m learning something new everyday.

          • BB says:

            Nothing’s disallowed on the board that I know of. I was just expressing my own wish. Like I said, we can’t always get what we want. Lol.

            • RealHousewifeVA says:

              Oh sorry I should have clarified, Mary posted upthread that this board was not the place for politics, and I don’t understand why. Can’t people just scroll past the convos they aren’t interested in?

              • lovemamaearth says:

                Yes but it still causes a disturbance in the force. Anyone wants to talk politics can email me. I’ll bitch a houndawg’s ear off. lol

                PS I apologize to all for using the f word earlier.

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                I would prefer that politics, especially before an election be left out of the discussion. if RHONJ causes feelings to be hurt and feathers to be ruffled, I fear active political discussion will really cause a casino here. I though Disgrazia’s comment was ambiguous unfortunately Mary didn’t see it that way. I also hope Mary comes back. My fear is after the election (regardless of who wins or loses, all hell will break loose here)

                While people can scroll past discussions they aren’t interested in, from the way I have seen the direction of political discussions take at some point some says something that will offend the other side.

                • disgrazia4 says:

                  I saw that Mary woman’s comment and gave her a reply of my own. It is unfortunate when people can barely decipher a paragraph and then think they are qualified to comment. Hubs told me a long time that the majority of people don’t really think. He wasn’t wrong.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I miss a lot. I’ll have to look for the comments. But I disagree on Obama tanking. If you follow the fact checking… I’ll say no more. 🙂

        Hey wouldn’t it be nice if we could put topics or certain people on ignore? I’d put Jersey on my ignore list. 🙂 If wishes were horses we’d all have compost piles.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        I always say the same about the undecided people…really, what are they undecided about? Regardless of who does better in the debates (there are still 2 more to go), we should all know by now what the candidate’s stances are. I don’t even watch the debates because I already know who I’m voting for anyway. I just read up on it the next day when they do the “fact checks” and half the stuff both candidates spew during the debates end up being lies anyway.

        My vote is going to Big Bird!

        • JenninFL says:

          Mine is to lol! I’ve been following the twitter handle @firedelmo on twitter and it is hilarious.

          Elmo ‏@FiredElmo
          Elmo has been looking through job ads all morning. Time for a break. Elmo is TIRED! Ha-ha! Get it?

          Elmo ‏@FiredElmo
          Elmo needs help with his LinkedIn profile. Can other monsters please review Elmo’s resume?

      • disgrazia4 says:

        Hi BB. I was seeking to know the rules regarding the debates. My FB newsfeed had the item in there and it led me to wonder what exactly the rules were. I searched but failed to find answers and thought Diva, you know she can anything, would be able to find the info in a snap or at least give me a lead. I added the link so Diva could see exactly what I was seeking an answer to. If I had her email I would have asked her more privately.

        Ms Mary E had an earful for me! And I gave her a proper answer in return! I agree that at this point everyone has decided and personally, I don’t need to hear or debate anything further on politics, especially on my Facebook wall which gets so clogged with it. I wonder what some will do when the matter is finally settled, LOL! As far as the Mary woman, I can take rough strokes from undisciplined minds. It ain’t nothing but a g thing!! 😉

    • AZGirl says:

      First, you are right. Disgrazia was just asking a question about the debate rules. Nothing was said in a snarky way and I don’t know who Mary E is.
      We usually get a “fly by” troll and this morning was it. Mary’s response was rude and uncalled for and I just ignored because I suspected it was a “fly by” troll.
      If I am a victim then so be it….I paid for my college education IN CASH. I paid for both my son’s college educations. My house is almost paid for and I am making my last payment on my car and it will be paid for. MaryE can stick it because I am going to make sure that Big Bird has a job next year 🙂

  26. How does that song go…”What a day/week this has been, what a rare mood I am in…..”? Yeeeahhhh, what a week. So, in honor of it, I just posted a special Friday message for posters and lurkers alike, take a look. And don’t forget to check the new Daily Chuckle page…it’s a good one, and a great way to lighten the mood.

    Great posts as always today everyone. Thanks!
    And Happy, Happy to any birthdays I missed.

    Love & Hugs to all!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      We used to sing it thusly: What a day this has been! What a rare mood I’m in! Why it’s almost like being INSANE!

  27. Orson says:

    Referring to a previous post of mine, I left one sort of mother represented on RHNY out. And I really can’t seem to come up with the appropriate label, but Luann is the representative. She’s the kind of mother who hires a wetnurse to feed their spawn, a nanny to raise them, and a housekeeper to feed them. That is, until they’re old enough to ship off to boarding school. I expect if Luann really goes through with her plan to entrap Jacques with a child, she’ll seriously consider hiring a surrogate to actually bear it.

    Hmmm… maybe she’s a “Nothing To Do With Her Children Mother”.

    • BB says:

      That’s good. Or how about “A Mother In Name Only”?

    • princesspindy says:

      Motherless Child

    • butterisafruit says:

      I have a friend. She’s a good friend and I love her dearly. But I grew up with her
      and have come to accept her in all ways, where many wouldn’t.
      She had a nanny for her three children (beautiful children). Housekeeper, and a
      cook. When you live in Aruba you can get help easily. She never missed an
      event, a party, a hotel opening, name it she’s been there. When you talk to
      her about something you did, somehow she takes credit for giving you the advice,
      (reminds me of Teresa). Can’t see staying home nights because of children.
      (reminds me of LuAnn)..hired tutors and drivers to cart them around.
      She’s been all over the world, from Africa to the great wall of China. And she
      just can’t see how anyone would use family as an EXCUSE to not do what
      they want.
      Some people are programmed this way. My husband used to call her a space shot.

      • princesspindy says:

        Wow, she sound pretty smart to figure out how to do all that, lol!! jk but maybe not…. Some women are not cut out to be mothers, it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure!!

        • butterisafruit says:

          Actually you’re right. She IS smart. I go to her for, not so much as advice but
          for what she knows. Medically she could put Jill Zarin to shame. She’s
          a brilliant business woman, has numerous degrees. Is fun socially. Her
          children turned out wonderfully. They’re all well adjusted, and in fine careers.
          She just doesn’t see using family (of all things) as a reason not to do what
          you really want to do. Hire SOMEONE. That always got to me because I
          always fell to the role of caretaker, parents/ husband.
          If you get HGTV you might see her as a realtor when they do the Aruba

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Since LuLu does not really like to pay for things and medical procedures and surrogates cost a lot of money, I think she is not going to be having a baby anytime soon. JMHO.

  28. Happy Birthday Evangeline. I love your name. I love the poem (I’m big on Longfellow) and I love Emmylou Harris’s song Evangeline.
    I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Oh I love EmmyLou Harris too. I get her confused with Joan Baez though I must admit.

      Nice to see you Butter.

      • BB says:

        I saw Emmylou in concert once. She was great.

        • butterisafruit says:

          That’s beautiful. I saw her eons ago, when the world was flat. She was wonderful.

          That’s the song I enjoy all the time BB, I have it in my car too.

      • butterisafruit says:

        Hi Darling,

        Yeah I’m an Emmylou gal too. Although I used to be huge on Baez, too Their voices
        are so soothing.
        A few yrs ago I was listening to Joe and Rory, ..She sang a delightful song, about
        her latest heartbreak. And it was so cute, starts. Sweet Emmylou, I blew the
        dust of you, your the only one who knows, what I’m going through, and like the
        hickory wind, he’s gone again, Sweet Emmylou.
        Well I guess I was supposed to be sad but I busted out laughing. I had to get out
        all my old Emmylou songs and start listening to her again.
        I must say that songster has a voice that’s equal to anyone I’ve ever heard before,
        her voice is magnificent.
        Nice to see you too LoveMamaEarth.

        • BB says:

          I love all those female singers. I used to play Joni Mitchell so much I wore her vinyl records out. My favorite now is Joy Williams of the Civil Wars. I love her and their harmonizing cannot be beat.

  29. butterisafruit says:

    Here is the link (I think it will work that way)….for the Joey and Rory song,
    Click here: Sweet emmylou by joey and rory – YouTube

    I never sent one of these before

  30. princesspindy says:

    I was on the Debate Team in High School and we had little 3×5 card boxes that we brought to the debates so that we could site facts, well, for some debates the boxes weren’t so little…. just saying.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I don’t see how a few notes on cards would help all that much anyway. but I do think they should be able to make notes to themselves. That one debate with Bush and someone there was nothing allowed. I think it was too restricting imo.

      • princesspindy says:

        Part of the requirement was that you had to say where you were getting your facts, what a concept, so we were allowed cards and then we would write down the stuff that they were saying that we wanted to hit upon and use in our rebuttal. I can’t imagine having an ipad or laptop to do it, sooooo much easier. See how you and I are having a discussion and we are not calling names or getting personal? (((LME)))

        • butterisafruit says:

          princesspindy, you must be very smart. I used to be in awe of the debate team. Well I still am. You have to be quick and precise. Good Going!

          • princesspindy says:

            It was fun because back then a girl on the debate team was rare and the boys from other schools just didn’t know what to think. I use to make sure I wore high heels so I was at least 6 ft tall, LOL!!! I got all the training I needed around my dinner table, it was sink or swim!!

        • lovemamaearth says:

          ((( Pindy )))

          Like Butter I’m in awe of debaters too. Our school didn’t have one.—-was it Butter who said back in the day when the earth was flat. 🙂 cute.

          • princesspindy says:

            LOL, I was in the Credit Union on monday to stop payment of an automatic withdrawal from my old insurance company and asked for them to dispute the last withdrawal. So she had the form and I signed it and then she went to check with the manager to see if my signature was enough. She came back and said my hubs had to sign too but they had stopped payment. So as I was leaving my Helen Reddy self went into the Bank Manager’s office and said, “If my husband had come in and asked to do this would he have had to get my signature?” She explained not for the stop payment but to dispute the last payment since they want all their bases covered both parties need to sign. I said, “I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t because I was a woman.” I just wanted to be sure….

            • Kansas Girl says:

              YOU GO, GIRL!

            • lovemamaearth says:

              That’s what she claimed but I bet he wouldn’t have. I applied for a credit card and asked for one for DH and they made him the dominate card holder. I hate Citibank.

              • princesspindy says:

                I can remember in 1978 when my dad left my mom and they wouldn’t give her a credit card, I went into that bank with her and I read them the riot act, I was all of 19. That Bank Manager didn’t know what hit him. She did get a credit card. I used my debate skills, lol, I had my facts and figures. I was soooo pissed!!!! My mom was so devastated by the whole divorce she could barely function for a couple of years.

  31. Kansas Girl says:

    We’ve all been talking about this TED talk at work.

    She talks about body language and how it can change you. Practicing an open stance (arms up or out, shoulders back) can affect even how you do in a stressful job interview. I’m posting it because I intend to give it a try. Many of us have talked about depression and a host of other worries, and if how we carry ourselves can change our outlook, well I say heck yes. The video is about 20 minutes. I found it amazing with many applications. Really made me think.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      ((( KG ))) what a wonderful post. Great idea to use a kind of fake it till you make it for those who get down.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Wow that woman is amazing. Her story is amazing. TY again for sharing.

      • thanks for the video KG… when I was driving Mr ford to the Dr today he looked over at me and asked..Why do smile when you are driving ?? it sorta took me off guard so I thought for a second and told him that I try to not allow all the crappy things going on in our lives to occupy the space in my head and instead try to recall and remember all the good things… and that makes me smile… I try hard to not let him “see” the worry I have..
        then Dust in the wind came on the radio and I thought of you !!!!! and again , I smiled…..HUGS

    • butterisafruit says:

      This is great KansasGirl. Thank you so much. I know someone who needs to see this.

  32. RealHousewifeVA says:

    You know I was thinking the other day about why NY was not successful when they did the cast change, but NJ was very successful when they did their cast change in Season 3. And OC seems to always stay successful and they are constantly changing up the cast season after season. At one point, wasn’t NY one of the most popular seasons? But they couldn’t seem to recover this season. OC has only one original cast member, and they’ve had several that have come and gone (Original Tammy, Laurie, Jeana, Quinn, Peggy, Lynn, Alexis…) and yet their ratings seems to stay up.
    I know with NJ it was because it was such a controversial addition to the cast. By why has OC and to some extent Atlanta been able to succeed with their cast changes? Is it because they always kept the villian, but when they got rid of Jill they got rid of NY’s villian? Would Jill being on the show have kept the ratings up. I know people HATE her, but was she ‘good’ TV? Would people really have stopped watching NY altogether if Jill had been on this season?
    Sort of like how people hate Teresa, but she’s good TV. I mean, the finale and reunion ratings speak for themselves. Same with Tamra/Vicki.

    And I have a confession, I am the one that keeps voting for Jill! I just wanted to have fun with the poll. hehe 🙂 I honestly DO NOT want Jill back on, and I loved this season of NY and like the new cast…just wondering why the ratings have fallen so badly with this new cast.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      You rat, you! LOL! Seriously, my biggest concern is that Jill will BELIEVE she’s popular and use that as motivation to come back. I’m so enjoying NOT watching her, I ask myself if I would continue to watch if she was on it again.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        LOL wait, I just voted again and this morning jill was at 2% and now she’s at 13%…I swear I did NOT vote that many times! I only voted 3 times! I have no idea how she jumped that high, lol. I don’t really want to see any of those women back, so I just picked the worst, haha

        • butterisafruit says:

          Oh so YOU’RE THE ONE!!!!!

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Jill is here!!! ROFL Looks like she took the most votes from Jeana.

          You’re probably right none of them would fit in now. And they’d be smart to move on. Gosh as much as I’d love the storyline, I hope Brianna and her DH do’nt joint Bravo cast. Run Bri Run!!!

    • Powell says:

      I’ve said I probably watched an hr of NJ this season not including the reunion. If JZ would’ve remained I wouldn’t have ANY of it. I really don’t like the type of person she is. Simon was ok & got on my nerves but how dare JZ try to get him fired from his real job. He has a wife, kids, and home that depended on his income & she tried to destroy that.

  33. LaineyLainey says:

    NMD – to the SIMON part of the blog you forgot to add: LaineyLainey wrote an excited greeting to Simon, wishing him, Alex and the boys well and was soundly ignored by Simon. Lainey has contacted a high priced attorney to send cyst and disease letters to anyone who dares to ignore her overtures of friendliness.

    • princesspindy says:

      I got my letter and I humbly apologize for those 2 days where I was late in responding to your comments. I swear on my autistic son’s head that in the future I will never, ever, ever, ever ignore your overtures.

      FYI, my lawyer says the restraining order I filed against you will certainly help with this issue.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Lainey and Pindy,

      I want you guys to take this act on the road. I would pay good money to see you guys’ comedy routine. I’m sitting here in front of my laptop laughing at you guys’ for FREE.

      CAPITALIZE on your comedic talents, Women!!

      Oh, and I want your Opening Act to be the singer, Maxwell (Because I want to marry him if he is NOT gay, as is rumored. Aww, hell! I’d marry him even if her WAS gay. As long as he sang to me constantly, I’d be cool) or the “Rock,” Dwayne Johnson (Because I want to marry him too. He would have to get some sort of naked in his routine, though) or Lenny Kravitz (Because I want to marry him too) or George Clooney (I don’t want o marry him because he says he will never marry again. I want to sleep with him and visit his place in Lake Como, Italy).

      I don’t ask for much.

      • MamaZ says:

        I love Maxwell

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Awwww….put ya dukes up, Mama Z!! We are going to have to fight over him.

          Oh, never mind. I’m not one for physical violence. We can share him. I have no problem having you as my Sister Wife to Maxwell, Mama! XOXO

          His music makes my clothes fall off. Just sayin’!

      • Sasha says:

        I may have to fight you for Maxwell and Lenny. I even liked Lenny in the early days when he looked like he needed to be taken outside and water hosed down a bit.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          O.K. I’ll add you to the Sister Wife list, along with MamaZ (See my reply to her above).

          When I was clerking in New Orleans, one of my fellow clerks actually dated Lenny, who used to have a home in New Orleans. She was drop-dead gorgeous. She stopped seeing him, however, because she claimed she felt like he just wanted her to be his “New Orleans girlfriend”.

          I’d have been “just his New Orleans girlfriend” with NOOOOO problems!!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        You are funny, detox!

  34. contessa says:

    I hate petulant behavior in children and more so in adults. This blog is a wonderful place to gather, chat, rant, laugh, share and cry. In the last couple of days we’ve had a couple people say they are “out” and “done”, for whatever reasons. Here is my message…don’t announce it, just leave, goodbye….no one is going to beg you to stay. As NMD said this is not kindergarten and she has no time to police grown people. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether one likes Tre or hates her, or choices in a presidential debate, in today’s case a simple question about the debates that one person took as slur to Romney…if you don’t like that particular topic, skip it and go to the next one on the blog. If you feel the need to answer do it with respect. If you feel the need to leave, just go…I won’t beg you to stay (I hate childish behavior – I passed na, na, na, in 2nd grade).

    We all miss Lynn terribly and she will forever be in our hearts, but to keep bringing up her name as what she would do or not do, is not fair to NMD and is an insult to all the work she has put into this blog (along with all the other reporters/helpers/writers). The blog has continued, and it is the same, but different and some here need to respect the differences in style and fact that NMD took on this huge huge project to keep us together.

    Thank you NMD BIG TIME, and this is my opinion, feel free to attack or praise as I will take all comments under consideration with my advisory board in the royal chambers, Love Contessa

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Can I get a HOLLA!!!

      I couldn’t agree more.

      It’s like my friends on facebook that announce they are going to deactivate or that they are going to clean up their friends list. Like they want me to beg them to stay or to keep me as a friend. I’m like “I liked you before, but now you suck for that, so please delete me, sucka!”

      • not THAT Jill says:

        VA-When I see people on FB that say “Cleaning up my friend list-lets see who makes the cut”…I always say-“Please delete me first!!”

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I will be praising…mark it down and bring it to the royal chamber. You have clearly stated all I have been feeling-thank you.

    • princesspindy says:

      So, am I safe in thinking that I am not the only one who says to themselves, “Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out?”

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I am reminded of that old saying: “don’t go away mad, just go away.” not referring to anyone or anything, just reminded of that saying.

        • butterisafruit says:

          I think, and sometimes I’ve been the one,. who feels that I don’t like what’s being said, Or, just doesn’t have the stuffing to deal with the topic…stop posting. Not so much right now. But in the past I haveput myself on cruise, read or don’t read, and enjoy my day. I would never want to lose you gals and Mr. Mel., because I’m in a mood. And now that NMD has gone through so much work, and her bloggers, I think it would be ungrateful of me to stomp away. It’s always nice to come back home.
          I’ve been away recently because of medical junk nothing to do with my ego. SO FAR LOL.

          • contessa says:

            Butter…we can all get emotional about things, and we do here daily. I’ve put myself in time out and have also answered (maybe with a testy tone, but hopefully with respect) to something I didn’t like. But overall, I have never missed a day without reading and catching up. I am so glad you are here and hope and pray the medical junk is passed and all is good!

            • butterisafruit says:

              Thank you Contessa, Sometimes we can take ourselves too seriously. Even when others are being kind. I’ll know next Thurs. how things are. No matter what happens I know I have all of you.

        • contessa says:

          Princess and Lainey – those are my fav sayings as well!!!!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I also sing the Nananana, nananana, hey, hey goodbye in my head ….with an its about time tacked on the end.

      • JenninFL says:

        Lol I’ve been tempted to say that many times.

    • lillybee says:

      I wish we had a like button because I so agree.

    • melthehound says:

      Standing and Clapping. 😀

      • contessa says:

        Hey you all are so awesome in so many ways and I love coming here to read and laugh and share. Everyone helped me through some tough times and I want to give back. I am older than most here, and figure age has it’s privileges (as does senior moment) in putting it out there. Now I am going back to the Royal Chamber (Boudior-bedroom/bathroom – to clean as the royal maids/interns have all disappeared).

        XXOO and Holla back at ya!

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Me too

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Well Said, Contessa!

    • BB says:

      The Baroness is bowing to the Contessa! 😀

    • lovemamaearth says:

      feel free to attack or praise as I will take all comments under consideration with my advisory board in the royal chambers,
      ^^^ LOL You are just no fun at all Contessa. I agree that NMD and Co are doing a fine fine job.

    • trudie says:


    • PJ says:

      I stopped posting here for awhile, not because of anything anyone said, but just because I got sick of the shows that were being talked about and stopped watching them and reading about them. I never announced it when I left and didn’t announce it when I came back. I don’t understand when someone says they have been posting here for a month and have already said twice they were going to leave. Stay or go, it isn’t mandatory that anyone post here.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        For some, posting here is court ordered. But seriously PJ, like you, sometimes I take a break (or I just get busy sometimes) and don’t tell anyone… “hello, did you notice I was gone ? did ya miss me???”

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I just want to say…this post is not meant to call you out, it’s actually positive so please finish reading before your reply.

        But the only unmistakable fight that I can ever recall being involved in here was with you. (I AM NOT SAYING IT WAS YOUR FAULT), The specifics of it aren’t important other than we both were coming from places of emotion. But to both our credit, when a new blog was posted, neither of us brought it over to the new discussion. We didn’t drag out our disagreement over days and days.
        It seemed like we might have avoided each other for a short time but over time that changed. Over the last while, not only have we replied to each other but we have been friendly and warm.

        How sad would that have been if either of us left in a huff over something that in time would have healed itself. That is why I wish that people don’t leave the board or discussion…just give it time. Not that we are all gay but “it gets better” I swear.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          This is so nice.

          I can’t understand dragging a fight over from one day’s blog to another. That just baffles me. It’s like, “It’s a whole NEW day! Are you SERIOUSLY wanting to pick a fight or bait me AGAIN over some B.S. because you are still pissed off over an exchange that happened DAYS ago. OMG! I just CAN’T — and I WON’T.”

          I’m glad you and Contessa were able to refrain from doing that and to work it out over time. (((Contessa & Rabble)))

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Oops, it looks like I was confused.

            I am glad that you and PJ were able to refrain from doing that and to work it out over time. (((PJ & Rabble)))

            And I’ll still leave my huge for Contessa too. What the hell? (((Contessa)))

        • PJ says:

          I had an epiphany one day. My husband asked me to do something for his business that I didn’t want to do and I said no which I never do because it’s my job to do the business related stuff he doesn’t have time to do. My saying no upset him and as a result of that I thought he was being mean to me. I was upset and felt fully justified in being upset and I even told my best friend that he was being mean. This may not seem very bad but my husband is never mean to anyone. I started thinking about what had happened and I realized how stressed out my husband was and how I had added to his stress instead of working with him. It dawned on me that he wasn’t really being mean, I was only thinking about my own point of view not his. I was shocked at how wrong I had been. I started to wonder just how many times had I been upset at something or someone and maybe I was wrong. I may not be saying this very well since it’s late and I’m tired.

          I have wondered that same thing about the time you and I got upset at one another. I think we both over reacted and neither of us wanted to back down–I think we’re both Irish so that may have something to do with it 🙂 . Anyway, I appreciate that we have been able to put this behind us and can comment back and forth to one another and I do appreciate your point of view. I feel like this speaks well of both of us. Honestly looking back it was really something that could have been overlooked then and should have been, I’m sorry that I let it upset me to the point of foolishness.

  35. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I’d like to take a moment to announce that I am going to leave………..

    to go clean my house. Later peeps!

    • princesspindy says:

      I’m offended by that comment so I am going to leave…..

      To go get my annual Pap and Mamo.

      PSA!!!! Have you scheduled your ^^^^ this year??? Please do if you haven’t!!!!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:


    • Remember about every 6 months, for the past 3 years, someone would post that “Lynn’s blog used to be such a fun place, but now there are so many posters afraid to post because it has become such a dark atmosphere” or something similar. Such bullsh*t. Many times I’ve kept my true opinion to myself, rather than risk starting a skerfluffle. That’s a scuffle and a kerfluffle 😉 However now I’ve become so jaded, a good blog fight can be enjoyable – yeeehawww! Must be the RHONJ affect.

      Really if you want to see posters hating on each other, Reality Tea is the place to go. I don’t even read there anymore, too crazy most days. Another place I used to read but don’t anymore is the message boards over yonder at the Bravo web site. One thing they do have there is the block function, which you can use for annoying posters.

      I just keep on scrollin’ scrollin’, keeps those doggies rollin’ along…was that the them song for Rawhide?

      It’s going to be a fight fest Sunday night. Get your favorite beverage, your popcorn, and let’s have some fun slinging the bullsh*t. I love everybody, even the posters that are not going to vote for my candidate in November!!!

      • Sus says:

        LOL! I have to admit that I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good flamewar. I don’t want it to happen here though. This site is sacred to me

        • princesspindy says:

          LOL, I really am walking out the door, but now I don’t feel so bad, cuz I always get a kick out of it.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          I go read other blogs – but skip the poster sections on some of them because it is too scary and too mean. This is the place where I am comfortable – and our mutual respect is a precious commodity.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I wish I had a Snuggie to go along with my favorite beverage and popcorn for the Sunday night fight fest!

        I always wanted one of those for some reason. I’d never pay for one, though.

        Seeing as how I’m only 5 feet tall, a Snuggie probably wouldn’t work for me, though. It’d probably be too long, and my clumy self would constantly TRIP in it and possibly cause myself GREAT harm and bodily injury.

        I guess I’ll just have to stick to my nightgown and matching “duster”. A “duster” is what my grandmother used to call the lightweight “robe-type” garment she would wear over her nightgown of choice.

        She also slept with a pair of EXTRA-LARGE panties on her head because she said they kept her hairstyle fresh and also worked when she had her hair set in curlers. I found it quite embarrassing for her to walk to her mailbox in broad daylight with her X-LARGE Drawers on her head and complained to her about this. Her response (in a HEAVY Cajun/French accent because this was her 1st language. English was her 2nd. Many of my family members had this accent, which is why I am a sucker for accents. They remind me of “home”):

        Mai, Cher! Why do you complain about dis (this)? Dese (These) are my draws (drawers/panties), and dey (they) are CLEAN!!! Now, stop actin’ YOU (your) CRAZY!! (Translation: Stop being ridiculous. I would just think, “You are walking around in broad daylight with UNDERWEAR on the top of your head….and I am allegedly the RIDICULOUS one!!?? O.K. Granny! Whatever you say!” *Sigh*).

        • Kansas Girl says:

          You’ve got me laughing. I DID try a Snuggi once. I’m 5′, and I tripped. (OK, I’m 4’11.75″.) AND… my great grandmother wore her husbands drawers on her head. She said his drawers were warmer than any other drawers. LOL.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Thank you for confirming my instincts about the Snuggi being a danger to a height-challenged person. You probably saved my life because I’m sure I would have hinted around to my parents to buy me one for Christmas or my birthday.

            This could have caused me to be killed in an unfortunate freak “Snuggie Accident” (I could just see the headlines now, “Local Woman Killed by Freak Snuggie Accident”).

            And my parents would forever after be filled with guilt for buying me a damned Snuggie in the first place. Well, my Mom would. My Dad would NOT (My Dad is very practical and very matter-of-fact about things. He also doesn’t have a sentimental bone in his body. He’d probably just think, “Damn! I can’t believe my daughter, Detox, is dead! Well…she wanted a damned Snuggie and got it. At least she died HAPPY! Imiss her. I’m going to eat a box of Fiddle Faddle I make my wife buy for me every week.”

            Girl, I cannot BELIEVE I found ANOTHER person whose relative wore UNDERWEAR on her head!!! I feel less alone in the world.

            We are kindred spirits, KG.

            • BB says:

              Sorry to say my grandma never wore underwear on her head, but she did wear a duster.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Do NOT be sorry about your grandmother failing to wear underwear on her head. You were one of the lucky ones who got to escape that “trauma,” BB.

                I wonder where the term “duster” came for those things. I still call those garments “dusters.”

                • BB says:

                  I don’t know why they called them that. At first I thought maybe she cleaned in it and that’s why she called it a “duster” but if I remember correctly, my granny wore “house dresses” to clean in. I never saw my one granny in a pair of trousers, always dresses. Now, my other grandma (not my granny) wore those polyester pantsuits all the time. Lol.

                • Kansas Girl says:

                  I think they kept the dust from your clothes when you did housework.

                  I’ve come to grips with dust at my house. It’s part of my wardrobe.

              • BB..i used to drive a DUSTER…LOVED IT…LOL LOL

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  OMG – I drove a Duster, too!!! Did the floor board on yours rot out? rust ate right through it, it was like I had a flintstones car…yabadabadoo!

        • lovemamaearth says:

          I found it quite embarrassing for her to walk to her mailbox in broad daylight with her X-LARGE Drawers on her head and complained to her about this.
          ROFL OMG

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            This INFURIATED my Father (her SON), but he could just NOT stop her from doing it.

            My father believes that it is “trashy” for a woman to walk outside of her home wearing curlers in her hair — even if they are wrapped in a headscarf of some kind.

            Once, YEARS ago, he and my Mom were just going to run some quick errand. He got in the car first to warm it up and jut wait for her.

            My Mom walked out with curlers and a head scarf and got in the car.

            My father, without saying a word, just turned the car off and walked into the house — leaving my Mom just sitting there. She waited a little while for him to come back. Finally, once she realized he was NOT coming back, she walked into the house to find out WHAT was going on.

            My Dad said, “I REFUSE to go anywhere with you with curlers in your hair. Only TRASHY people do that kind of thing!”

            A couple of days later, after talking to some of his female co-workers, he brought my Mom some hot curlers, and she’s used those ever since.

          • Detox, you had me laughing so hard! Then Kansas Girl turns out to have a great grandma that wore her husband’s drawers on her head too….what a “coinkydink!”

            My sister informed me that my mom was in desperate need of new underwear. Turns out she has been wearing my dad’s drawers (he died in 1990) because there aren’t any stores in her little town that sell ladies’ undies. Mom is going on 88, doesn’t drive & is not on the internet. We did manage to get mom some new undies, thank goodness.

            My brother complains that she has a habit of going outside in her nightie. Mom does have a robe, but I guess doesn’t feel the need to wear it.

            No matter what my mom ever does, she will never come close to her father-in-law, who used to battle “hundreds of democrats on the roof” in his 90s. We still enjoy chuckling at all the outrageous things Grandpa did in his 90s!

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              LOL. So I see you have/had “characters” in your family too, Miss Blue!

              Boy, what I would NOT give to just have ONE more day sitting there with my grandmother and her drawers on her head. I would actually proudly hold her hand and walk to the mailbox WITH her looking like that, screaming at anyone who happened to be outside, “This is MY Granny!! Yes, she does have drawers on her head!! And? So the EFF WHAT!! They are HER drawers, and they are CLEAN!!”

              *Sigh* She truly was the BEST. We had a special connection, despite some of the inexplicable things she did at times.

              When she died, and we had to go through her things and to pick out something for her to wear at her wake/funeral, we found a rosary and prayer card in EVERY SINGLE one of her purses, of which she had PLENTY (She was a very devout Catholic) — along with SEVERAL packets of Sweet & Low, Splenda and sugar that she would pilfer from restaurants and save (because she’d lived through the Great Depression).

            • Kansas Girl says:

              Blue, I know a lady here who wears her (living) husband’s underwear. She claims it’s much more comfy than ladies’ underwear. And she reassures that the extra fabric in front is no trouble at all.

        • trudie says:

          I love you Detox!

    • butterisafruit says:

  36. Bama Belle says:

    Hello, everyone. TGIF
    So glad I found you.

  37. Orson says:

    Alright! That does it! I’m leaving! And I’m never coming back.

    Until I have a cigarette and I’ll probably give it a couple of hours for some other people to make some posts I can read and maybe respond to. But, until then… I’M OUT OF HERE!!

    :: slamming the door with a clatter ::

    • melthehound says:

      So long Sporty 😀

    • butterisafruit says:

      My dad would say. If you slam THAT door you’re going to have to paint in the morning.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        My sister was a dramatic door slammer – until she came home one afternoon from school and found that my dad had removed her bedroom door. It took her two weeks to earn her door back and she never slammed it again.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          That’s some stuff my parents would have done if it would have ever occurred to them.

          I like it. I saw an interview with Vanessa Williams once where she said she violated her parents’ rules so much that, for a long time, she lived with NO door to her bedroom. They removed it. I don’t know if they removed it because she had a habit of disrespecfully slamming it, or if they removed it so they could keep an eye on what she was doing at ALL times.

        • princesspindy says:

          We did that to our daughter when she was about 11, lol, she was a spitfire. She couldn’t believe her father did that to her. But she never slams doors lol!

      • kidsrfunny says:

        My daughter slammed her door one too many times (in her teen years) and I asked my husband to remove it from the hinges. Once she earned her door back, it was never slammed again.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Speaking of slamming doors, the movie the Tree of Life (as I mentioned above) there was a 30 second scene of acting where Brad PItt made his son open and shut a door 50 times quietly because he slammed it the first time….it was followed by 15 minutes of looking at sunflowers…the f if I know why. 😉

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          LOL. Your descriptions of that damned movie are so SPOT-ON. They make me laugh for some reason. I guess, it’s because, while I was looking at those disjointed scenes, I’d be thinking….W….T…..F…..????!!!!

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            LOL- sadly the whole thing is still fresh in my head.
            I can’t beleive all the great reviews that movie got. Honestly, I have no words.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I can’t believe it got great reviews either. That’s just some “The Emperor is Wearing No Clothes”-type of sh*t if you ask me! That movie SUCKED. I don’t care WHAT those critics said abou tit.

    • AZGirl says:

      OMG Orson is my son…:)

    • Donna says:

      LOL my son started slamming doors, While I stood guard with my evil eye, I would make him open and close it 25 times without slamming it

  38. Exit4 says:

    I did not realize until earlier today that I caused a casino! I’m sorry that happened. In the future I will ignore. At least I didn’t curse? But like Ramona, i own my poor behavior, now lets have a Pinot and move on!

    That’s why Chris Christie will never be president, the Jersey tell off does not always play well out of state! Seriously, You Tube him someday-he’s a riot. He’s fat and fabulous and all ours! LOL!

    Uh oh, politics-no casinos please! Only one per week.

    As far as announcing ones departure, that’s ASB to me. Like when I was little and didn’t get my way, I’d announce that I was running away. My parents would say goodbye (meanies didnt care!) and I’d pack my bag with a dress, 8 Barbies and a hairbrush and off I’d go down the block. Until I realized, you’re 8, where are you going to go? So I’d go home and my parents would act like, oh you’re back?

    Sorry again blog friends!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      (((((Exit4))))) Thanks for the Pinot!

    • BB says:

      I used to take a sleeve of saltine crackers with me when I ran away. Like that was going to sustain me. Lol.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        My mom would demand my clothes and shoes since she bought them and that kept me from running away!

      • kidsrfunny says:

        My daughter ran away once. She tied a bandana to a stick and put a few Barbies in it. She then proceeded to the tree in the front yard, and sat there until she got hungry. I wondered where the hell she got the idea of a bandana on a stick – must have been a cartoon.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      (((Exit 4)))

    • JenninFL says:

      (((Exit4))) Glad your here!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      You had me at pinot.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Too late. We had a casino again today. And you didn’t curse? You’re funny. (( Exit )) Happy Pinot Friday.

      • MamaZ says:

        Exit – I don’t think you really caused the casino but you are the better person for issuing an apology. ❤

    • PJ says:

      Exit I realized that you were just momentarily upset and for good reason in my opinion, I think it had built up over a couple of days. It takes a big person to own their behavior and apologize, so drink your Pinot and move on.

      I agree with you about the constant threats to leave. I used to pack a little bag and walk to the corner to wait for the bus. When I got hungry I went back home for lunch. Of course I was three or four at the time I don’t still do that as an adult.

  39. not THAT Jill says:

    This Closet Freak video maybe the funniest shit I have ever seen…there is a link up thread-from Boston I think…OMG she is too friggen funny…”Kathy yous a sneaky ass…” hahahaha

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Closet Freak made me LAUGH MY A*S off.

      And Kathy IS “a sneaky ass!!!” I loved the way she would pause to take a swig out of her GIANT wine glass.

  40. Nancy says:

    Save Big Bird. 🙂

  41. JustDee says:

    I had no idea we were supposed to announce our departure! In that case –


    …..prep dinner, walk the dog, cook & eat dinner, clean the kitchen….

  42. Zoey says:

    Detox, after reading the scandalous info about Usher and BenVereen, lol, I Googled it and it led me to this. Have you heard this one about Beyonce? Don’t know why any of this should really shock us, these people- though talented- live very different lives than we do and a lot is ‘for show’.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I wonder how much is true and how does someone change their dates of birth?

      • Zoey says:

        I have no idea, I’m still reading the far out comments, wowza! Lol. Yes, I’m a bit bored. Not feeling well today so stuck on the computer indoors. Bummer, cause it’s gorgeous outside!

        • lovemamaearth says:

          ((( Zoey ))) Hope you feel better. I have alllergies so until we get a good rain I won’t be outside much. Happy friday. (I gave up on the article because the black background is hard to read)

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I did not hear SOME of the rumors listed in that link.

      I HAVE heard that Beyonce is SEVERAL years older than she actually officially claims, though. She is ALLEGEDLY really 7 or 8 years older than she says she is. I think she SAYS she is 31, but she is ALLEGEDLY really 38 or 39 years old. I don’t know how true it is, but I WILL say that when “Destiny’s Child” first came out, I couldn’t believe how “young” Beyonce was. She is absolutely beautiful, but she just looked OLDER to me.

      I have also heard the same rumor about Catherine Zeta-Jones actually being years older than she officially claims.

      And I have also heard the rumor that Kelly Rowland (former member of “Destiny’s Child”) is actually the product of an affair Beyonce’s father had and is actually Beyonce’s 1/2 sister. Beyonce’s mother allegedly accepted Kelly as one of her own despite the circumstances. I don’t know how true THAT one is either, but Kelly has denied it more than once.

      I could believe it being true because I’ve heard SEVERAL times that Beyonce’s father was a whoremonger who cheated on her Mother constantly. I personally WITNESSED his ass walking around holding hands with a much younger woman that was TOTALLY NOT Beyonce’s Mother, Miss Tina. This was at an Essence Fest in N.O. several years ago. I could not believe he could just be so bold. *Shrug* Miss Tina eventually divorced him when he got one of his “sidepieces” (mistresses) PREGNANT, and the mistress went PUBLIC with this information. The mistress gave birth to his only son.

      AND I heard the rumor that Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z, is ALLEGEDLY the biological child of Joe Camel, who had an affair with a Black woman. Just google Jay Z and Joe Camel and note the VERY STRONG resemblance between the two. When I saw that, I was like, “Sh*t, there is not even a need for a damned PATERNITY test when it comes to this one! I mean, Jay Z is Joe Camel’s Black SPITTING IMAGE!! Joe Camel, you ARE the Father!!”

      Then I came to my senses and realized that this was not possible because Joe Camel is not even REAL. He’s actually just a cartoon mascot that was once used for Camel cigarettes.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Oh yeah, I do NOT believe that Beyonce actually gave birth to her baby. I believe she used a surrogate. The rumor was that she did this because she feared she would gain weight that she would have great difficulty losing. In short, she did not want to mess up her figure. What do I know, though? Maybe she spent hours and hours in labor and actually had the baby herself (I just doubt it). JMHO.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Interesting. lol at Joe Camel. Sometimes I think you share Carole’s bong before you come chat here. 🙂

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            LME, I swear I don’t smoke weed, as the couple of times I tried it, I fell into a deep coma-like sleep and then woke up to eat mountains of food. That was no fun for me.

            I also have not had any alcohol or any other mind-altering substances today or for 99.9% of the times I’ve been on this blog, UNFORTUNATELY.

            This is just me, sober and unfiltered. *Shrug*

      • BB says:


      • Zoey says:

        Omg, you almost made me spit out my corn soup! I was thinking, now who is this Joe Camel. Is he a music producer…I don’t know who he is! I know there is the cigarette reference, but you had me going thinking he was a real guy, lol!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


          People have been talking forever about how Jay-Z looks like Joe Camel and how they could not believe someone as ugly as him snagged Beyonce. In all seriousness, he comes across as “cool and smooth” in his interviews and, actually, very smart. So, I can see why Beyonce would be into him.

          He’s also super-rich. So, there’s THAT.

          • Detox, I actually was in an elevator in NYC once with Beyonce & Jay-Z. He’s much better looking in person, the camera adds weight to his face, and body. He’s really very handsome, and has wonderful manners! He talked to me, we had a good conversation. Beyonce is much more beautiful in person, and TINY! She is very short, even with her high heels. Funny thing is, I didn’t realize who they were, until after. Jay-Z was wearing a suit, he is really (or was, this was back in 2005/2006) athletic and looked skinny to me, in his very expensive suit.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I’ve never found him to be unattractive. I love his music. That’s cool that you were in the company of R&B Royalty. Very cool.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I can’t believe Beyonce is short. I always pictured her as being around 5’6 or 5’7. Jay Z looks like he’s tall.

              I can believe he has wonderful manners because of the way he comes across in interviews. He’s got a “smoothness” to him and some “swagger.” As to him being “very handsome” in person, I’m going to take your word for it because I like you, Blue (I would still like to see that sh*t for MYSELF, though. LOL.).

              One of my girlfriends met Halle Berry in person, and she said Halle is also very TINY and MUCH shorter than she SAYS she is (She SAYS she’s 5’6). Another acquaintance of mine who lived out in L.A. said YEARS ago (as in the ’90’s) that Halle is as CRAZY as a sh*thouse rat. I did NOT believe him then. But I do NOW.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        LMAO! I was about to google this Joe Camel guy!!

        • princesspindy says:

          LOL, I DID!! as I was reading, I was thinking “but that’s the cigarette camel” but I had to google in the middle cuz I thought maybe there was some artist I didn’t know of!! too funny

  43. MamaZ says:

    Happy Birthday Evangeline!

  44. djprincessc says:

    And so it begins!! I bet Melissa is going to blame Teresa for this as well, and I know that she was a teenager when this happened but as Melissa says “OWN IT” I’m just waiting for pics to surface of her stripping.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Of course, Teresa had everything to do with this information being released.

      I’m sure Melissa and the rest of them will somehow come out with a story about how Teresa was actually at the store from which Melissa allegedly shoplifted.

      They’re probably going to say that it was actually TERESA that stole the item (I mean, she does have the propensity to steal. Melissa proved that in her US Magazine article when she shared with the world how Teresa STOLE Sunday) and placed it on Melissa’s person to somehow FRAME her.

      Never mind that Teresa did not even know Melissa then. She DID it!! I tell you, she DID!!

    • kit9 says:

      No, Melissa only holds Teresa responsible for the things she actually does-like participate in a set up to humiliate Melissa by calling her a stripper before a national audience.

  45. I Need A Life! says:

    Finished watching the last of “Weeds” on Showtime. I’m in mourning. Loved that show.

    • disgrazia4 says:

      Me too! But Dexter has started again although I think this is the last season, if not the next to last.

      • cocfarm says:

        Next to last. I’m a dexter homeland junkie.

        • I Need A Life! says:

          D..I watched the first Dexter tonight. Season 1, #1. Can’t decide if it’s just too violent for me to watch or not. I’ll try the second one. Cocfarm…Homeland is just too smart for me.

  46. Lisa Renee says:

    Hi everybody, hope all of you are well. I went into major lurker mode, right around the time Detox was refusing to go to the doctor lol. Days ago I went to post about the “tone of blog” or what lynn would or would not want comments that sent me into lurker mode. I changed my mind until I read Contessa’s post. No one ran me off & I had no need to announce it, just kept it to my dam self. I made Lynn laugh shortly before we lost her, after a bumpy weekend I told her that I was getting whiplash from those coming, going, back to stay only to maybe leave again, really really mad grrrrr & my personal favorite the ones willing to give us all another chance. What Contessa posted ITA agree with. I felt some posts were insulting to those who jumped in feet first to keep us together. I consider them heros & will be forever greatful. I had no desire to try & change anyone’s mind. Yes, with a heavy heart we admit the blog is different, not any less stellar, but different. Not a day goes by for me & at least one other person here wanting Lynn’s take on whatever or how it sucked she missed being at WWHL with Cat. They way we treat each other is Lynn’s legacy. I saw the comment from her sister & hope it is respected. We do not need a hall monitor, opinions are welcome, personal attacks are not. That part of the blog will never change & a very easy way to honor Lynn. The different POV’s have made for some great reading & I hope we never lose that. This fambly is still the one place that can make me roar with laughter, even on some really bad days. For that I thank all of you, Lisa

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      (big hug) and lots of XkissesX

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Lisa Renee!!

      Girl, I had been WONDERING where the HELL you were hiding!! I’m glad you came out of hiding (and don’t you EVER hide AGAIN)!!

      Great comment.

    • princesspindy says:


    • Thank you Lisa. I’m hoping things will calm down after New Jersey is over. I really appreciate your support.

    • disgrazia4 says:

      “The way we treat each other is Lynn’s legacy.” That is the truth. It is what I go by at the FB Group. It will never be what it was. But you know, had Lynn not died, it would still be forever in a midst of change for that is what life is. You can never step into the same river twice.

      • Sus says:

        Amen. Change is scary but it isn’t always bad. NMD is doing a fabulous job in creating a home for Lynn’s internet family.

    • trudie says:


    • Cathy Connor says:

      Thank You Lisa, I in no way was trying to deminish what NMD or our other blogger friends do everyday I know better than most just how much work that takes. But I also know better than most what a toll, mean comments and name calling, can do to people . I think you can all understand what I am talking about here. It goes right along with bullying and I dont think we should just sit back and not say anything about it. True were all adults here, then how about if we all just act like it. Problem solved ! I do not see anything wrong with mentioning Lynn and also praising the great job NMD is doing ! There should not be a issue with either its not a contest unless I missed a meeting . Cant we just for the sake of my sisters memory just get along please ? Thats all I was trying to say……. Regards Cathy

  47. princesspindy says:

    The best I could do was find the agreement to the 2004 debate, the Commission doesn’t publish the agreements.

    Click to access memounderstanding.pdf

    • disgrazia..

      Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul has already responded to the buzz surrounding the candidate’s alleged cheat sheet, insisting that the only thing Romney pulled out of his pocket was a handkerchief, which a separate video of Romney wiping his face during the debate seems to confirm. While the Commission on Presidential Debates has not made its set of rules for 2012 public, 2004’s contract explicitly says, “No props, notes, charts, diagrams, or other writings or any other tangible things may be brought into the debate by any candidate.” Candidates are, of course, allowed to take notes during the debate—as we saw both Romney and Obama do Wednesday night—but only on a commission-provided notepad. So if the same rules still apply and what Romney pulled out of his pocket was notes and not a hanky, we could have a cheating scandal on our hands. Stay tuned!

      That’s all I got also…..LOL

      • disgrazia4 says:

        You are stupendous!! At least I don’t feel like such a knucklehead for not being able to find it!! Thank you Diva, you are the g bomb fact finder! I’m only sorry the quest was soured by the distasteful comment. Oh well, we must carry on! 😉

    • disgrazia4 says:

      Thank you Princess Pindy! I will read this as it’s as close as I’m going to get to this year’s rules. I appreciate your help! 🙂

  48. Zoey says:

    So here’s my mostly uninformed, based on rumor, irrelevant theory on Beyonce’s motherhood. Scroll on by if ya have not a bit of interest in Hollywood gossip!

    In reading all of the comments on the above mentioned blog, they have brainwashed me/convinced me that her sister Solange is really her child. They are 14 yrs apart, and people have some inside scoop, dates, pictures, theories, etc…

    I could see Beyonce thinking, hey, I’ve already experienced carrying a child/pregnancy, that whole thing. It was wonderful, but it took me a long time and a lot of surgeries- nips and tucks, tucks and nips, work outs, hard work, etc, to get to looking this fab! I want another baby but I don’t want to carry it. I will go ahead and put my egg and Jay Z’s sperm in the old dish and implant it elsewhere!

    Plus, if she’s older than she says, she had more risk involved in a pregnancy at her age.

    So I think they had a surrogate, which is why they cordoned off the whole friggin hospital and half a city block, lol, when it was born- secrecy!

    Watching Jessica Simpson go through her pregnancy (though maybe larger than some do), and having the experience myself, it’s just too hard to believe that Beyonce gained no weight anywhere but on her collapsible belly, from the pictures I’ve seen, not even in her face, and then lost in all perfectly in no time.

    Who knows! I hope the baby has a great life, despite being in the public eye.

    Oh, Detox- do you happen to have any scoop on my man Christopher Walken? Please don’t let it be too freaky….

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I have absolutely NO scoop on Christopher Walken. All I know is that he is a GREAT actor and a surprisingly GOOD dancer.

      Oh, and he was on the boat with Robert Wagner, the Captain of the boat and Natalie Wood. This was at the same time that Natalie Wood fell in the water and drowned.

      • princesspindy says:

        • Zoey says:

          Oh. Em. Gee. You read my mind! That is my favorite video EVAH! The first time I saw that I was mesmerized!!! It makes me laugh and just go all giddy, lol! Thanks!

          • princesspindy says:

            You’re welcome. I love it too! I watched it and had a smile on my face the whole time.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          He just looks like he is having the time of his life as he dances all around. Go, Chris! I remember the first time I saw this video, I was shocked because he always plays such SERIOUS characters in his movies. When I watched, I thought, “Go ‘head, now, Chris!! Look at you just dancing all around with abandon!! Me likey!”

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


          I JUST noticed your Joe Camel gravatar.

          Between you and Lainey, lately, I’m going to have to get a NEW laptop screen because I have AGAIN spit my strawberry-kiwi Crystal Lite (which is NASTY, by the way. My MOM bought that horrible flavor because it was one of the few available in BULK at SAM’s. It does taste better than just plain ol’ water though, so…..I DEAL. I mean, some people in Africa do not even HAVE water. So, who am I to SERIOUSLY complain? *Shrug*) all over my laptop screen laughing so hard at that gravatar.

          Let me get a towel. *Sigh*

        • lovemamaearth says:

          lol at your joe camel gravatar. Has Walken been on DWTS?

  49. WindyCityWondering says:

    Yesterday was Gabriella Guidice and Kathy Wakile’s birthday. Melissa tweeted Kathy a birthday wish but zip to Gabriella. Too sad.

    • PJ says:

      Her own niece, it’s so mean.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I wonder if Teresa is going to tweet about Melissa’s failure to tweet “Happy Birthday.” Let me be FAIR. Maybe Melissa or Joey texted or called Gabriella, and it has not been publicized (If so, then GOOD. That would show some maturity and common sense).

        If Melissa or Joey did NOTHING, that’s kinda f*cked up — especially seeing as how Melissa is Gabriella’s Godmother (I think).

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      What bag of suck Melissa is.

    • kit9 says:

      Why give a Twitter shoutout to a 5 yo? And, it’s Teresa that is the one that is known to ignore her nephews/nieces bdays, not Melissa. Melissa makes sure T’s kids get their presents even if she isn’t on speaking terms with T.

  50. LaineyLainey says:

    MKVALLE – thanks for the Miami blog. How annoying was Marta when she accompanied her sister to that dance rehearsal?? It seems Joanna is her meal ticket, so why be so negative to your own sister? right? I love my sisters but find it hard to be around them for too long. They want to fall back into the roles from childhood and I am done with that. I am a grown up now.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      oops, sorry MKV, I was projecting just a lil bit there…. hahaha!!!

      • princesspindy says:

        She was sooooo annoying!! I have to disagree with you about your point when you said, “I am a grown up now.” Seriously, how can you think that? I just can’t understand how you could have that point of view!!! I really think you need to rethink your position!! Until you can see it my way, the “right” way, well, I am sorry but we are done!!! Pay attention, pul-lease!!!

        Oh, and Get a Hobby!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Josephine Camel…I love your gravatar. My sisters also disagree with me on the “I am a grown up” statement, hahaha!! One of them literally says,…”So what, I’m still your elder.”

          Oh and…You have defiled my cake…trashbox!

  51. New page to discuss politics; you can always find it in the header. Let’s keep the main blogs politics free so we’re all still one big happy family after the elections. Thx..

  52. Cityside says:

    World Champion St. Louis Cardinals 6
    Atlanta Braves 3

    We win.

    Love, Cardinal Nation

  53. cityside54 says:

    It was a heck of a run last year, and sharing it with you guys made it even better for me. So…….REPEAT!!!

    (I hope)

  54. trudie says:

    I have a feel good story to share with all of you. I have an 18 year old niece with Downs Syndrome who has been mainstreamed in Catholic schools since kindergarten. She is a currently a senior in high school and was just named the Homecoming Queen! The look on her face when it was announced was priceless! 🙂

  55. cusi77 says:

    NMD_ Words can’t express my gratitude for all you do for keeping us together, girl! Thanks to LadyChaterley and BB and everyone Blogging, from my heart!

  56. BB says:

    NMD. Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing a separate page for politics. I will not be touching it with a ten foot pole. 😀

  57. Taken w/ Liam Neeson @ 11 p.m.. E.S.T. on FX….Good movie….

  58. Exit4 says:

    Detox-I totally disagree with you! Beyond birthed that baby Blue!

    How dare you cause the singer of the Single Ladies theme song of lying! Bad Detox! Bad girl!

    Well now I’m done. Done, done, done. I got 99 Problems and a blog ain’t one!


    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      ROFL. I’m sorry, Exit! I admit it: I AM a BAD GIRL.

      But remember: “Good Girls go to Heaven, but BAD GIRLS go EVERYWHERE!!”

      I think I’m going to pull up some Beyonce and/or Jay-Z and just “jam” before I watch “Politically Incorrect.”

      Here’s one of my Jay-Z workout songs that help “pump” me up. This is also the song I use when I win an argument (in Court or elsewhere) or just basically SLAY someone verbally who has finally pushed me to my limit. And I use it after a breakup too.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Yes, I am replying to myself.

        For the record, IMO, in the RAP genre, TUPAC was the greatest of ALL time. There has been no one yet, IMO, who can/has replaced him. It wasn’t just the stuff he wrote. It was also the tone and/or timber of his voice, the WAY he “flowed” and the fact that he could go real DEEP with stuff, OR he could just make you dance.

        The only one, LYRICALLY, who has kinda come close when it comes to some DEPTH is Eminem, IMO. I got SCREAMED at by several African-American people when I was hanging out and voiced that opinion. I did NOT care one bit, though (because, IMO, it is TRUE!! SO THERE!! So, what that he’s White? I don’t give a sh*t!! I pay attention to LYRICS, and that’s how I feel. This does NOT mean that I am a self-hating RACIST against my own Black people. JUST TO BE CLEAR. LOL. 😉 ).

  59. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Hey Lainey,

    If you are still around, I will tell you the story of how 2 of my 1st cousins found a 1/2 sister about whom they had NO idea just chillin’ in their living room one day. I might not be around between 10 & 11 because I’ll be watching “Politically Incorrect” with Bill Maher (but this is NOT about POLITICS….AT ALL). After that, I’m catching “Secret Princes” on TLC. I like that show. I’ll hop back on the blog during the commercials. There are NO commercials for “Politically Incorrect.”

    If not, I’ll just tell you about it tomorrow if I don’t forget about it. TTYL

    • Nancy says:

      The same thing happened to me ealier this year. I have a 1/2 brother living in
      Prince Edward Island. He’s 57 now. It’s a lot to take in that’s for sure. My bff met him a
      few weeks ago. He looks exactly like my father. Spooky, eh??

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Wow, Nancy! You know, I vaguely remember you mentioning this before, but I forgot the whole story. Speaking of looking JUST like a father, one of my acquaintances did not find out that he had a 1/2 brother-“outside kid” in his family until his father’s funeral (in the African-American community, the children produced from an affair where the couple stay married despite the affair and the child produced, are called “outside kids.” Don’t ask me why. They just are. *Shrug*).

        He said he was sitting there with his brother and 3 older sisters, and this man walks up who is the SPITTING IMAGE of his father. He said one of his sisters passed out when she saw him because the resemblance was so strong, it was like seeing a GHOST. That’s when they ALL found out that their father had another son.

        Tell me your story again, Nancy. I’m interested.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I just got home!!! If you see this, I’ll be off and on til bedtime, if not, I will see you tomorrow.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Hey Lainey,

        I’m hopping off and on. I’ll wait for Nancy to tell her story first before I tell mine (See above). I’ll save mine for tomorrow. 😉

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Ok – I’ll be looking forward to it. Hope you are feeling well! Has your cough subsided?

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Thanks for asking. It’s like it comes and goes. It was gone for a few days. Then it came back with a vengeance over the past couple of days. I also threw up both days. My rib feels MUCH better, though (Knock wood!).

    • dickens says:

      What a coincidence. I also have a “new” half brother and half sister. My new sister found us on Facebook. She and her family came from Iowa to North Carolina a couple months ago to meet us. My half brother also looks eerily like my father.

  60. djprincessc says:

    I found this link when I was reading on Fame Whorgas website earlier, its about Jacqueline and Chris bankruptcy, its a REALLY good article, actually the most in detail I’ve seen anyone write about it. How in the world can Jaq even mention a thing about Teresa and her bankruptcy or Teresas character? This is just soooo wrong!

    • Nancy says:

      This is what I have a big problem with. Why didn’t they sell their house to afford to get
      Nick early treatment? Why didn’t Caroline lend them the money?

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Oh jump… seems like that Wacky and crew owe much more than I originally thought.

      • djprincessc says:

        Annnnnnnndddddddd why in the world isn’t Jaq working her ASS off the way Teresa did when she found out about Joes financial problems????? Its no secret I’m 100% pro LOVE LOVE LOVE Teresa, lol BUT one thing that nobody can say whether they love or hate her is that she’s lazy. She went from stay at home mom, my husband takes care of me, to oh shit we’re in trouble and I gotta work and FIX this! I have ZERO sympathy for JAQ about anything.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        OMG. They owe a hell of a lot more than I originally thought too!! Their case stinks to high heaven. How in the WORLD could Jac sit there at that Reunion with a STRAIGHT face and say, “But OUR bankruptcy is DIFFERENT from Teresa’s bankruptcy because they just racked up a bunch of debt and decided to file bankruptcy not to pay it. We were FORCED into filing bankruptcy.”

        Well…..UMMMM….YEAH, JAC!!! You guys were FORCED into bankruptcy because it sounds like you robbed the company blind, and your creditors want an accounting of just where IN THE HELL ALL THE MONEY WENT. From what your CREDITORS have surmised, it looks like a LOT of that money went into your PERSONAL pockets without the products/services being provided to your Creditors.

        So….UMMMM….exactly HOW is your bankruptcy BETTER than Teresa’s again? Because I am NOT seeing it!!

        And….UMMMM….why have you been SITTING ON YOUR ASS tweeting nastily about Teresa again for MONTHS AND MONTHS while you have a child with autism, AND you and your husband are looking at, not only possibly losing EVERYTHING, BUT ALSO looking at time in the SLAMMER (Yes, Juicy WILL MOST LIKELY spend his time in the slammer too. Teresa won’t though. Jac, it looks like you AND Chris might BOTH have to wear prison stripes!).


        • djprincessc says:

          This explains most of why she’s crazy (besides she’s just evil), I bet she has one HELL of a conscience driving her crazy.

  61. Zoey says:

    I wish Trudie’s story about her niece was the type that the national news would carry. We hear so much about bullying and terrible behavior by kids (and adults). I think the kids at that high school much be a pretty dang good group of kids!

    I just watched a Lifetime movie a few days ago..forget the name of it…about a family with a daughter born with DS. They had twins and the dad secretly gave away the daughter once he saw her, but kept the son. It was a real tear jerker, but she was loved by the woman who raised her and had a good life. She was the cutest, most open hearted kid!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      My friends son was born with DS even though the pre-screening did not suggest it nor was she at “late maternal age” . Even if the prenatal tests would have come back positive for DS, it wouldn’t have changed the out come, he is the child they were blessed with.
      He is just the CUTEST little boy ever and my girls adore him. He is very much loved by his family and those who know him. I feel sorry for people who close their hearts to children like hm because they are missing so much.

      • Exit4 says:

        Downs babies are decreasing because of testing. People terminate. I did the tests with both mine, because of my “advanced age” lol. Both are fine. I never did amino because my scores were good and even though im pro choice, I’d have the baby anyway. I’m adopted, so I have a different way of looking at things sometimes. Strange as that may sound.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          A good friend of mine got a false positive on her test, but her son was born without it. Of course they are grateful for a healthy baby but at the same time I know them to know that any child they would be given would be well loved and nurtured.

          A friend of mine told me about a girl she knew who terminated a late term pregnancy because she got a positive result but the baby turned out to be “healthy”. The result of which I was told were devastating for her and her marriage.

          I had all the screening with my kids, not that it would have change the outcome but some things are good to know in advance as far as prenatal and neonatal care are concerned.

        • chismosa says:

          I had a first cousin, first child born to any of the males in my father’s family, and she was DS. She died at about 4 years old and from what my parents remembered she may had leukemia or some sort of heart problem? I don’t know if this is common in DS babies. I always wondwr why she didnt live much longer. Luckily my aunt went on to have a second child but my mother said that when she herself got pregnant she had to get amnios on both myself and my brother because back then they told her that DS could be running in the family? Is this even true? All research I’ve found says no, it’s a genetic anomaly with no hereditary factors but who knows. (It was my father’s brother who had the DS child). So my mother keeps telling me if I ever have kids I’m going to have to get tested because SHE was told to get tested. ( not bringing religious issues into this, speaking just about health-diagnosis is what I mean. ). So sad

    • Zoey says:

      I should’ve added that the movie started out in the 50’s I think, then progressed to the 70’s. So things were really different back then.

  62. LaineyLainey says:

    Why are Shithouse rats crazy? Is it the Shit? Is it their domicile (the shithouse)? Why don’t they escape the shithouse? Are they forced to remain in the shithouse? What IS a shithouse? Is it an outhouse? I know I shouldn’t post this….musn’t…hit…post……oh dang it’s too late

    • looneylucy says:

      I’ve pondered the same thing, Lainey. Great minds think alike is alls I can say.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Could it be an “LL” thing? Maybe Lava Lady knows? or our Dear friend, Detox? She has the best sayings…Of course I took this from you, Detox.

        • looneylucy says:

          Who knows? I don’t stalk you! I just don’t sleep lately. It must have something to do with post-menopausal. A few years ago I could fall a sleep at the drop of the hat. I hope to chit Lava Lady can figure this out! And, of course, Detox makes all of our days.

          • Zoey says:

            I can so relate to your insomnia! What the hell is that all about?? I don’t get it! I feel so bad – I remember my mom saying she had trouble sleeping when I was a teenager, and I thought, why doesn’t she just go to sleep? Sorry mom, I get it now!!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      These are EXCELLENT questions, Lainey, and I think they should inspire very DEEP thoughts.

      I feel the same way about road lizards. I’ve often heard friends and family members describe someone as “crazy as a ROAD LIZARD.” I mean, what makes the lizard crazy? Is it the road? Is it the cars passing on the road? Is it the fear of getting smashed by a vehicle as it tries to cross the road?


      I mean, we sit here analyzing housewives, when there are some REAL and MUCH MORE IMPORTANT things to analyze and question, IMO.

  63. looneylucy says:

    Lainey, by the same token, when i met my husband a generation ago i was told i was built like a brick shithouse. So, in the scheme of things, are shithouses a bad thing

    • LaineyLainey says:

      LOL!!! No, that IS a good thing!!! “Well, she’s a brick…house” the rats are going crazy in there, though.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I SWEAR on my NORMAL child, Lucy (even though I am child-LESS), that I was JUST ABOUT to post about the saying, “built like a brick shithouse.”

      I mean, I say it ALL the time. But our DEEP conversation about shithouse rats and road lizards also brought to mind this whole “brick shithouse” thing. Maybe it’s that, in the olden days, the lower classes had just plain old WOOD outhouses, whereas the RICH FOLK (or the folks that “piss in HIGH COTTON” as some of my family members say) had THEIR outhouses made of BRICK, which made it look MIGHTY FINE next to sole ol’ shabby WOOD shithouse.

      That’s MY theory anyway.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Oops, mean to type “next to SOME ol’ shabby WOOD shithouse.”

        • Orson says:

          I recall describing someone as being “built like a ceramic defecatorium”. Because I don’t have to be crude. 🙂

        • zanne says:

          All I know that All Saints Day always had a new meaning as that is when the new “out house” was opened and the old one was always turned over on “the Eve of all Saints”.

  64. looneylucy says:

    Thank you NMD and everyone else for all you do. Sleep tight everyone.

  65. contessa says:

    This is for DETOX, just wanted to let you know I found a clean pair of bf’s drawers and I am going to wear them on my head to keep the “do” for tomorrow.

    I cannot get enought of your writing girl, you have the most wicked sense of humor and timing of anyone I have ever read. You need a road show!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      You have me lauging out loud in front of my laptop, Contessa. Do this in honor of my Granny! I must admit that her hair DID always look VERY nice when she took the underwear off her head (When she wasn’t sporting one of her numerous wigs. She did both natural and wigs), and she always dressed like a million bucks. It was just those mailbox trips that used to drive me crazy (I mean, it kinda didn’t fit the rest of her “image,” you know?).

      Thanks for the compliments about my writing (Get that from my Mom); my wicked sense of humor (I get that from BOTH sides of my family. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I come from a VERY LARGE BAG OF MIXED FRUITS AND NUTS. I could write several books of hilarious stories based on my family ALONE); AND my timing (I get that from Dear Old Dad. He tells the best stories and jokes, and his timing is excellent.

      Thanks Again. XOXO, Contessa. 😀

      • contessa says:

        Detox, Do you write here on the blog…forgive me for not noticing if you do.

        I laughed so hard about the drawers comment today, that I practically peed my pants. Gotta say your comments the other night about Liam really got me. I had two H’s and if I put them together I couldn’t come up with a crushed pepsi can (but I did love the one that died – bless his soul). If I had a daughter I would want her to be just like you.., consider yourself the baby contessa. XXOO

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          XOXO, Contessa! Ooh, Lawdy, Lawdy! I am now a member of the noble class! My Granny would be so proud.

          Baby Contessa

  66. Nancy says:

    Night night ladies.

  67. chismosa says:

    DETOX, want to tell you I’m with YOU about Beyonce not birthing her daughter. Totally. And I love those other theories about her sister///daughter. How very Law and Order-esque. Love it.

    Ps my big thing is finding out who stupid Khloe Kardashian’s’ father really is. Theory is it is OJ but she cannot say anything until she is 35 for trust/ financial issues with Robert Kardashian’s estate.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I think that Khloe’s father is Kris’ old hairdresser/friend. If you’d see an old pic of him and compare it to Khloe, they look SO much alike. I’ve heard the O.J. is one of her father candidates too. I’ve even heard the rumor that former NFL football player, Lyle Alzado (now deceased), is/was her father.

      Who knows? I’m leaning toward the hairdresser. I just don’t think her BIOLOGICAL father was Robert Kardashian. He WAS her father in every other sense of the word, though. I read that, even though he knew she was not his biologically, that they were very close and he actually favored her very much. *Shrug*

  68. chismosa says:

    DETOX, want to tell you I’m with YOU about Beyonce not birthing her daughter. Totally. And I love those other theories about her sister///daughter. How very Law and Order-esque. Love it.

    Ps my big thing is finding out who stupid Khloe Kardashian’s’ father really is. Theory is it is OJ but she cannot say anything until she is 35 for trust/ financial issues with Robert Kardashian’s estate.

    I was just thinking about Beyonce dancing at that MTV awards show showing her belly for the f

    • chismosa says:

      (Sorry problem posting)

      Beyonce rubbing her belly at the awards show, showing it off. She was dancing. Dancing – not super intense, but really if its your “first” pregnancy don’t you think you’d take it easy and not perform that much? Maybe just sit on a stool and sing a ballad? So so fishy. I’m with you Detox!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        If it were my first pregnancy, because I can’t take much physical pain or discomfort, I’d probably be on bedrest and moaning and asking people to fetch this and that and eating myself into true HEIFER-dom, saying that the BABY wants the food — NOT me (My CRAZY-ASS Aunt did that. Her doctor told her to stop it, and she said that the BABY wanted the food — not her. He told her, “If you keep going this way, you are going to have a 30-pound BABY then!!” Her baby was all of 4 pounds when she was born, and she was only a couple of weeks early. My Aunt was so embarrassed. She also looked like a MOOSE for quite a while before she lost the weight), if I were only 3 WEEKS pregnant.

        So I know I damned sure wouldn’t be dancing all around.

        But, then again, I’m NO Beyonce.

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