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Checking in with the Housewives by NoMoreDrama

Twitter wars continue between Heather DuBrow and Alexis Bellino.  Heather tweeted this less than an hour ago:

“This is getting out of control. Truly beneath us both @AlexisBellino . I wish you and your family well. Good luck in your future projects.”

This is the latest in the twitter “war” between the ladies that started after Heather had hinted in press that Alexis had been fired and had not quit the Real Housewives of Orange County (Tamra has been saying the same thing).

In the past few days, Alexis has tweeted the following:

 “Anyone that’s tired of mean girls…that’s who leaves a successful show!”

@heatherdubrow Do I need 2release my offer letter 2the media & make u look like a fool? Stick to what you know HD…being mean.”

I’m on Alexis’s side on this one.  Heather shouldn’t be slamming Alexis, and not expect her to defend herself.  That just doesn’t make sense.

Meanwhile in Miami, Elaine Lancaster – AKA Robert, tweeted the following photo with Kathy Wakile and Richie.  Elaine is a drag queen that is featured on Real Housewives of Miami – but obviously not in drag in this photo.  I can’t get over how bright Richie’s teeth are.

@KathyWakile loved our dinner & catching up w/ @LeaBlackMiami #RHOM

Elaine Lancaster@elainelancaster

@leablackmiami @KathyWakile girls night at the Forge.


Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs by RamonaCoaster

Aviva Drescher

I must start with a huge thank you to Bravo for giving me this extraordinary opportunity to have such a tremendous platform to reach others. You have allowed me to connect in such a personal and meaningful way with amputees and physically challenged people who found inspiration in the day-to-day life of a middle-aged, nutty housewife doing her thing.

It’s nice that Bravo gave her the ability to raise money or awareness for her charity. But I have to ask the question if other amputees watching her would find her day-to-day life inspiring.  She lives an upper class lifestyle in NYC courtesy of her father & husband, goes to fabulous Bravo filmed parties and throws tantrums when her expectations aren’t fulfilled. Not everyone lives this day-to-day life and nor is her behavior to be emulated.

Viewers, I am deeply grateful to you for watching! Thank you for your love, laughter, tears, and anger. You are all amazing, and I appreciate all your comments good and bad, hopeful and harsh, constructive and castigating. I promise, I am listening and learning.

I hope all the vitriol that was aimed at Aviva from the viewers was worth it and that she really is “listening and learning.”  She may apologize at the reunion earning her a spot on the roster next season.

Ramona Singer

When Carole told us about her first  tournament ever, we offered to donate the medals that every player received on the ribbons and the trophies in addition to a monetary contribution. Mario, besides having  True Faith Jewelry, has produced medals and trophies as well as custom products for his family company, Awards Gifts R Us,  which has spanned three generations!

Carole is downplaying your generosity.  Is she Team Aviva and not telling anyone because she’s too afraid of the backlash?

Here’s Carole’s twitter feed:

Carole Radziwill@CaroleRadziwill : Ramona didn’t offer to donate any Pinot Grigio for my party.

I was so excited to attend an event as a family! The last thing I wanted was any drama so I knew I was going to stay as far away as possible from Aviva and her dad, George. I was so shocked when George came over. Yes he said hello to Mario, but he acted as if he wanted to linger. Was he looking for another confrontation? The fact that he again resorts to name calling shows me the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Good idea! Don’t let him linger and for goodness sake, keep him away from Avery.

Sonja’s idea to cover her bases by having two different looks for her toaster oven was very smart. Usually, if time allows, you do a market survey to see which look appeals better to your customer. In this case it would have be either Sonja alone or Sonja with the bare-chested man.

Is the audience supposed to be Sonja’s test market? Is that how she’s saving money?  Well she got Bethenny’s response on Twitter. It’s great that she watches the show.

This can be costly and time was of the essence, so I really never understood why Heather was opposed to it.  It’s called covering your options, which is done in business all the time. 

Time is passing and no toaster oven & no toaster oven cookbook.

Heather did a great job helping The Kellner Foundation to raise money and awareness. Let’s be clear though, this was not a fashion runway show at Lincoln Center. I go to many shows,  sit front row, and speak to the person next to me. This was a cocktail party of five hundred people who were all constantly talking. 

If 500 hundred people jumped off the BrooklynBridge, would you?  It’s still rude to talk during the charity fashion show.  Not once did it occur to you, you may have been bothering the photographer, Gian Andre.

After the entire event was over, Sonja brought up the subject again and Heather overheard.  After all of Heather’s hard work on that night’s event, it was the wrong time to discuss it, and I understood her frazzled reaction.

It was Heather’s night and was feeling understandably stressful. The whole toaster oven marketing debacle in Heather’s head has gone on too long. I get that your helping your friend market her products on the show.

All Aviva does is bully me and she seems crippled from the past events. . .no pun intended. 

Ramona, don’t skate on thin ice.

I grabbed Carole’s arm forcefully to show what George did to me.

Easy Ramona. She’s so tiny. You could flick her with your pinky.

Did George grab me?  Yes.  Did it hurt me when he did? Yes, painfully so. Did I accurately reenact George’s grab of my arm?  No, I did not. But George’s grasp of my arm felt like what I displayed to Carole.  It was such a violation and made me so upset that I admit I was almost losing it when I was showing Carole. I was so frustrated and was reliving the moment where I felt George had violated me and I reacted to Carole with what I felt at the charity event for domestic violence and abuse.

I think that you were also frustrated with Aviva and had to take your anger out on at least one person that was enabling her.

Our group is not fractured.  Only Aviva has caused problems with Sonja and me and has not been willing to let it go. Aviva, I feel, is not a happy person and is full of inner rage which has manifested itself like an ugly roaring beast. I wish Aviva no ill will and only hope that one day she can come to peace with herself.

Is this written after the reunion? I wonder now if Aviva apologized.

Sonja Morgan

Okay so tired of these girls talking BS. They get to Ping Pong and the first thing they say is Ramonamonster threw out George?????????

I was in that room and he was pulling her arm, talking in her face, at HER event when she was responsible for 80 other women in the room being happy and pleased that they showed up to support her charity!

At least her charity event made it to the show and George definitely showcased why we should assist and donate for women’s abuse. I think the misconception the other ladies had was of George being this helpless old man.  He’s living independently and is responsible for his own behavior.

Anyhoo to be fair to HEATHER it takes a lot of time to film the show and manage your other businesses, be a mother and wife, maintain your friendships, your charities and to ALSO help out a friend, free of charge, using our RHONY platform. It’s double edged (scary risky!),   You are sharing your time.

It’s always a gamble to allow someone to showcase their marketing talents under the guise of helping you.

We cheered on Aviva, loved the fashions. I never expected Heather to find Ramona and I in the exit hall. I told her that. I told her the event was fabulous, that she did a great job especially on the auction.  I can see why she was upset though.  These events take months and it comes to a boil at the end. We did dance after the incident though. 

Meaningful experiences and strengthening of relationships are usually experienced on the dance floor per Ramona.

I’m flabbergasted with all the girls ganging up on Ramona at Carole’s book party to say that she was wrong to throw out George, poor elderly George!!!! The girls were in the same room as me I’m really appalled. They saw the same thing as me and they continue to badger Ramona for asking someone to leave a party they were not invited to. His daughter was invited. They were on bad terms. Disrespectful.

They may not have seen it but at least the camera caught George both times with a hand on Ramona’s arm. Creepy!

Having said that, Ramona is wrong when she says I tell her one thing and Heather another. I never told Heather anything different than what I told Ramona.  I told Heather I wasn’t being heard. I told Heather that I brought Ramona into the mix because of this, and because Ramona knows me well and she was worried.

Funny how in Heather’s mind she thought it was a eff you and got upset. Then she wouldn’t give the rest of the pictures. Very bratty!

Once Heather offered to do the brand campaign with me I gave up a man who works with Martha Stewart. Martha has many!  He offered to help and wanted to be attached to the publicity, the box packaging, my website and all that goes with that. Heather came from the right place because she wanted to help me knowing how much I needed that help!

Ok so Heather wants to showcase her marketing talents and you want free pictures. What’s Heather’s beef then? Because things don’t work out the way she wants them to in her head, she throws a fit?  She got the Aviva disease.

However it didn’t change the fact that I didn’t need another toaster oven shoot that I’ve done tens of twenty times though. I needed a branding campaign and a brandstamp that would go long-term with the growth of my new companies. Everyone saw my toaster oven shoot last year.

And Kelly saw your cooch!

I asked for the sexy J, a feminine font. I was then told it was free and that I was not the client and that I had to take what they wanted to do and I took offense to that because I know it started from a good place and Heather wanted to help a friend.

I guess you didn’t get the memo that it was for the show and they couldn’t waste any more of their precious time on it.

I am just happy Heather and I came out the other end friends. She was gracious to shoot the box for me both ways, one with the man and one without.  It came out beautiful and will be so useful.  But that we are friends is what I am most grateful for at this time and place. I could be gone tomorrow just like that. I appreciate her honesty, respect and the fact she believes in me and that I have a new friend I can count on through thick and thin.

All I see is Heather’s Cheshire cat grin.  You are definitely more gracious than me.  I think Heather only wanted to help you up to a certain point but I think your charm got you the photo shoot when Heather wanted to back out. James decided to do it when he spoke to you alone while Heather was talking to Luann.  I hope Sonja keeps following through and we will eventually see a Sonja product on store shelves.

Heather Thomson

Why does Heather recap the show in her blogs? We saw the show already or will see it in a million reruns.

I thought it was nice of George to say hi to Mario. George is 80 and his heart is in the right place. He is harmless overall and he seems to be taking it all in stride.

Just be glad he didn’t demand another apology.

Carole and I are doing our best socializing with everyone and I walk up on my Jon having a heart-to-heart with Aviva. I think Jon is right about Ramona and I think he gives Aviva some great advice, but I also am getting frustrated with the same ole, same ole from Aviva and clearly think it is time for her to move on to a new conversation.

Too bad Aviva didn’t take your advice and move on to a new conversation permanently.  And how could Jon have an opinion if he wasn’t there.

I was at my Yummie Tummie offices sitting at the same table where I first met with Sonja to talk about branding her toaster oven concept. James and Gian Andre are here with me, and in comes Sonja to see our presentation of the layouts. Remember, we did this exercise to help Sonja out.

The last sentence is interesting.  Why did she have to tell us to remember?  The way I see it you want to get your marketing skills promoted and there’s nothing wrong with that and giving someone more than one option would make the “client”  indecisive but you threw Sonja under the bus telling everyone she’s not paying, wouldn’t give her more pictures and chastised her for being “entitled.”  I’m not sure if people would want to work with someone like that.

We gave her our time and expertise at no expense to her because we want her to succeed. Sonja has had it pretty bad these past few years between the lawsuit and her woes with her ex so this toaster oven could really help her out if it hits big. We went as far as mocking up a box for her so she could present it to potential retailers, and I think we nailed it.

The pictures of Sonja and the food with the toaster oven did look good.

Can you tell me what you thought of it all? Which one did you prefer? (Please pick the one with the hunk in it! And, yes I did enjoy the model casting. LOL)

I liked the one without the hunk.  The features and quality of the toaster oven sell the toaster oven, not the picture.

Everything was crazy backstage as we prepared for the runway show and I have to keep on with Aviva and her desire to make changes. You can’t mess with the designer’s vision and she knows better to push me when I am being pulled in a thousand different directions. But, she looks so gorgeous and I am so proud of her for doing this.

And now that you’ve seen her go postal on Ramona, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to her to go off the deep end on you.

Aviva took off the jacket. Wow. She doesn’t fail to surprise me these days, but in the spirit of my charity I decide to let it all go with her, but what I can’t stand for is Sonja and Ramona’s incessancy about this damn toaster oven!

So Aviva gets a pass. I don’t blame you.

They start right in with it and this behavior at my event is sickening to me. Carole said it right. . .Samonja needs the attention and spotlight all of the time. So, they talk through the runway show and they start up with Gian Andre and they are just a hot mess.  Watching the episode with you all, I can see that they were both a little sorry they brought this up and they were back peddling to get out of BUT hindsight is of course 20/20.

They were just talking amongst themselves.  They want the idea of a toaster oven out there just like you want to be known as a marketing expert. It’s a battle for screen time.

I had worked so hard on this event and it was so meaningful to me that I finally had had enough of it.  It wasn’t the place for this conversation and it was time for me to say it.

Throwing an event like that is stressful and frustrating. For some reason, taking it out on Ramonja seems to be the latest fad.

So, is it just me or is there something truly disingenuous about an apology if you have to ask for it? I for one don’t accept it as being sincere if I have to beg someone to say sorry. I bring this up because I think Aviva needs to stop asking Ramona to apologize. What will it do? Will it make her feel better? In my opinion, she needs to just back down and give this whole thing with Ramona some time. They just continue to circle the drain with these heightened emotions and it’s getting them nowhere.

Aviva just wants an excuse to attack Ramona. I think Jill has been in her head.  It’s always Jill’s fault! Hahaha!

What did you think of my behavior at the party?? A bit icy, right?

I think everyone can form their own opinions.

I have learned not to hold grudges and admittedly sometimes it’s easier than other times, but I can see Ramona trying to improve on herself and I know in her heart Sonja is grateful. With that, I will leave you with a few lessons I’ve learned this season: Narcissism is a truly a disease and trust me it is highly contagious.

It’s the Aviva disease. When someone doesn’t fall in with their expectations in their head, your “entitled” to go scold, bully and/or go ape-sh*t on them.

Luann de Lesseps

We had an amazing season and I want to thank everyone who tuned in to watch and who took the time to read and comment on our blogs.

You’re welcome.

If Aviva were a real model and had asserted her demands to any designer other than Heather, she would probably have been booted from the show.

Passive-aggressive comments toward Aviva doesn’t make me mad.

Heather specifically asked Aviva to wear the jacket because it was part of a look and since she allowed Aviva the honor of closing the show, you’d think that Aviva would have done what Heather requested. Overall, jacket or no jacket, I thought Aviva looked terrific on the runway.

Followed by a face-saver.  In all the fashion shows feature on RHONY, I don’t think anyone has asked Luann to be in one even though she’s the one with model experience.

It must bite her in the *ss.

It’s unbelievable to me that both ladies don’t see how much Heather did for Sonja. If Sonja is unhappy with the package design, she should hire someone to do it and pay them. I wasn’t surprised that Heather was still angry the following night because she deserves praise not criticism for everything she did to help Sonja.

Didn’t Sonja thank her and said she loved both pictures? What do you want blood?

I feel pretty good about my relationships with all the ladies and for me, the season ends on a good note. I’m happily in love, my children are doing great, and I’m feeling better than I have in years.

Another boring season for Luann.

Carole Radziwill

Ping pong, however, is another story. It doesn’t honor anyone. It’s a maddening game with a crazy little ball that is impossible to control; it seemed perfect for Housewives. Plus, Spin has a bar. Also perfect.

It’s best to get people drunk before the game starts so you can have an edge being sober.

I asked two of the club’s professionals to play with us, since most of us didn’t know a ping from a paddle. Frank is very good, Jonathan might have been stoned.

Or offer them your pot.

I learned a good lesson from this: If you want to skip a fight or the recap of a fight, plan a ping pong tournament.

Good idea.

And Big Guns seems thrilled to be leaving the toaster oven box business. Did you see him? He did a jig. Heather went above and beyond the call of friend duty. Heather signed up for reality and she got unreality. Heather is in the undergarments fashion business. She is not in the toaster oven box business.

You all make it seem like one big disaster happened. It’s all in Heather’s head and a part of Sonja’s marketing plan. Problem is – no toaster oven.

And yes, I’m comparing books to babies again. Yes, I know I haven’t had any babies. Yes, I know babies are hard, I’m just saying that writing a book is a bitch and there’s no epidural.  And in the end, when I finished, I had to throw my own party and buy the champagne and flowers myself. I’ve been to a lot of baby showers and I’ve bought a lot of strollers. I bought one for my sister-in-law, even; she liked it. She’s had babies, and books, and she wishes books came much easier.

Hope your book is successful with all that work put into it.

I-R-O-N-Y meet I-R-H-O-N-Y

Season Note: Ramona plays up her pinot drinking escapades on the show. I get it. She’s in the wine business. She loves her pinot. She says herself, “I work hard and I play hard.” We’ve heard it all season. Sonja plays up the lampshade on her head party-goer who owns a party planning company. Cool. I think it suits them to always look like the life of the party, and I’m sure it is good for business. They chose to play it that way, and consume many glasses of pinot, whether it’s completely true or not. In St. Barths they both had a glass of pinot in their hand in nearly every scene. It is fun to watch, right? We all enjoy it. They make me laugh most of the time. For the record, I think the drinking all the time is a little bit of an act for cameras. But with that in mind. . .

I couldn’t help but wonder. . .Does anyone see the tongue in cheek humor in Ramona and Sonja attending a fundraiser related to liver disease? But first. . .

That’s quite a long disclaimer you needed to get out the way before the punch line or else you’ll get another angry Ramona tweet about your love for the ganja weed.

Aviva looks good in everything. No tights, shapely legs, great butt, fabulous outfit. Hot. Just don’t drop the jacket, Viv.  Don’t take off the jacket. Aviva, what are you doing? Noooooo. . .Don’t take off the gorgeous jacket and put those silly necklaces on, no! You dropped the jacket! Aviva is a good sport, but not a good model. Models are not designers. Models are meant to be seen and not heard. Strut and smile, and smile! Did Heather just say “strap-on”?

I wish Aviva was not seen or heard from ever again.

This is where worlds collide. The crossroads of everything that came before and will most definitely come again — Sonja and Ramona are attending a liver organ donation charity event. I’d take Sonja’s heart, because it’s big. And I’d take Ramona’s stomach, she’s got a strong one, but I’ll pass on her colon. It malfunctions when Aviva is around. I’d take her corneas, though, and small intestine but none of her filtering organs — liver, kidney, pancreas, nope. She’s unfiltered and those organs are working hard. I’d take her lungs. I’d definitely take Ramona’s lungs. Her lungs, in fact, would be my number one pick, that and Sonja’s décolleté.  Can you donate décolleté?

I think Sonja would like your *ss.  Then maybe Clooney would be interested.

Lucy and Ethel are at it again here talking all the way through the show, complaining about. . .? (Drum roll, please.) Yep. The toaster oven shoot. You can’t make this up. I couldn’t write this. Shakespeare couldn’t write this. Didn’t I tell you we’d be talking about this photoshoot until the very last minute? I don’t lie.

It was rude for them to talk during the show. I guess it helps to get the buzz going about this non-existent toaster oven.

I invited a bunch of my real life friends to my I Finished My Book party. That’s them sneaking around giggling in the background. They were like Florida school kids at Great Adventure — thrilled to see the animals in their element. Giddy at the chance to see us Housewives up close, unleashed, in the wild. There was an audible gasp in the room when Ramona grabbed my arm, like when the lions yawn then eat a visitor at the zoo. They’re still talking about it, right now.

It’s like watching National Geographic. Observing animals in their natural habitat. I think if you are on next season you should narrate with an English accent.

Rule #746: Don’t invite your friends to your Real Housewife party.

Michael my agent sounds like he’s reading from Tolstoy. He’s a good agent. 

By the end of the party, though, my eyes have come unhinged, they’re rolling around in my sockets like marbles. I look possessed. And then, just when I think we’re all fait accompli, a great tremor lifts the room. A powerful wind howls and rages and chunky jewelry is swept up in a cloud. Our screams and fights and screams are all mashed up in a swirling dervish of Louboutins. It’s bedlam. The building buckles and bends. My head, oh my head. Something furry lands on my cheek. I pass out.   

When I come to, the wind has died down, the cabs are askew on the Avenues and I am in my bed, in my room, with Margaret curled at my feet. Lenny, my mailman, is applying a compress to my head. He’s in a blue strapless dress, which seems odd, but I don’t let it concern me. Tripp has come round with my coffee, and a man wearing a leather vest, who I can’t quite place on his arm. Lydia my housekeeper holds a tray of mac and cheese truffles. She’s wearing a brown bikini but none of that’s important.

My intern, Eric, hands me a wine bottle and adjusts his boa.

“Now, now,” he says. “It’s okay. You must have been dreaming.”

“No.” I say. “I wasn’t. It was a real truly live place, and I remember that some of it wasn’t very nice. And most of it was very drunk. There was a Lion with a huge smile and a Scarecrow with cleavage and a kind Tinman who tried to fly and a Wizard who made wine — oh, and a real-life Countess! But just the same all I kept saying to everybody was ‘I want to go home.’”

Tripp takes my hand, “Carole, this is George. He’s from Miami. He wants to have your baby.” George looks like Johnny Depp but before I can tell Tripp this, Lydia proposes a toast. “Oh my,” I say. “You all seem so. . .familiar.”

I shake my head. No. It was just a dream. In the other room, my piano begins to play. “Hey, baby, I was worried about you,” Russ yells. I smile. Then someone starts to sing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

“Is that. . .Cara Quici?”

“Shh,” Eric says. “Take a drink.” I do. I felt better. I scratch Margaret behind the ears. A parade goes by under my window. A tuba plays on the street. Someone screams something about f—ing in the ass. Coats go to charity. Dresses to moviestars.

“Oh, but anyway, Mags,” I say, “We’re home! And this is our room, and we’re here. And we’re not gonna leave here ever, ever again because it’s crazy out there! They yell. And no one knows what they’re yelling about and there are too many lunches. But it’s okay. It is. Because there’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

And. . .cut. Fade to black.

This was a heck of a ride. Thanks for sticking with me, you guys. I miss you already.

Until we meet again. . .

I love dream sequences. At least there’s no Alice and Wonderland theme. It’s been overplayed. Did you eat English Stilton? I read on Wikipedia you can have strange dreams eating English Stilton cheese before going to bed. Anyway the last half of Carole’s blog has an excerpt of her book in it.  I highly recommend reading it.


Guest Blog Saturday!  Teresa – Blogged from Both Sides

We’ve had guest blogs on Danielle, Jacqueline, and now it’s time for Teresa.  Stephiebar sent me an opinion piece earlier in the week, and then after all the drama in the blog comments this week, I decided that to please everyone (or no one) I’d ask MelTheHound to write a pro-Teresa piece.  Here you go.  Please be kind to each other.  Remember.  This is just a reality show.  Remember.  Andy Cohen is laughing at us right now!


Guest Blog by Stephiebar

Hello Lynn Family!

Firstly I’d like to start this blog post by doing a massive shout out and thank-you to the team that keeps this site alive and dedicated to Lynn, I speak for myself (and many others) when I say Real Housewives wouldn’t be the same without this page. I’m just sad that Lynn isn’t here to take it all in; I hope she’s getting to watch (with a much better view) somewhere!

The last time I wrote a profile piece for Lynn it was a fairly scathing review of Kim Richards; and this one regarding Miss Teresa isn’t going to be so different, I seem to only write when one of these broads gets my blood boiling.

Being that Teresa seems to bring out strong feelings in people and is somewhat controversial in that you either love her or hate her, feel free to disagree and rip my blog apart, all feedback is welcome.

Teresa Giudice – The Best Selling Story Teller      

Born in Paterson New Jersey in May 1972, Teresa was the first child and only daughter of Italian immigrants.  From Teresa’s own admission and a quick google search, Paterson is a ghetto.

I think where people grow up is of huge significance in forming who they are today, so bear with me on this.  Growing up in the ghetto would mean that Teresa and Joe grew up in a working class neighborhood constantly filled with financial depression, fear and a constant need or urge to do better.  I found this really interesting as when she first came on screen talking about living in other people’s houses as “icky,” needing a brand new mansion built for her, it created a persona of a sweet, slightly ignorant and “clueless” wealthy girl, who claimed her father gave her everything she ever wanted and she turned out great.

This is such a contradiction all those who knew Teresa growing up in Paterson.

I, for one, am a sucker for a good rags to riches story, and love the pride that comes from making something out of nothing, especially in a migrant situation (I lived in a foreign country and worked for 6 bucks an hour while learning the language, it’s really really freaking tough).  So I salute Teresa’s parents and how hard they worked to give their children better lives; however I do wonder if they imagined that the chance of the American dream would ultimately end up giving their children a license to kill each other and cage fight on TV for money?

In season 1 and 2 Teresa was my girl. I cried when she got her 4th gorgeous girl and I worried about her when she started to go through such a tough time publicly with her bankruptcy. I thought she was the perfect balance of stage mom/ fan/ protector to Gia, I even liked her ‘flip out and flip the switch’ personality.  I was angry at Bravo when news broke that her family would be coming on to “take down Teresa,” and I wanted her to reign matriarch of her family. I was disgusted at baby Joey’s baptism and I never wanted to hear Melissa say “praise Jesus” again.  Teresa was right in this, she didn’t sign up for Jerry Springer, she signed up with friends and I still feel it was wrong of Bravo to green light the new cast members to air family issues.  Do I blame Melissa and Kathy? Not so much, the chance of fame and fortune is hard to pass up, they took the bait, but so do most fish.

However over the last 2 seasons, Teresa’s behavior and lies are just getting too much, her need to constantly be the center of attention and on “The Teresa Show,” her inability to let things slide and refusal to reflect on her own behavior is just sick and Part 1 of the reunion was the last straw for me.

Was it four against one?  Yes. Was it deserved and did she ask for it and enjoy it? Yes. Unfortunately the other ladies don’t realize they just made Teresa a martyr.

The situation with Jacqueline and her son Nick brought tears to my eyes and I don’t think there was a dry eye around the world watching that, and even in that moment, Teresa made it about her. Was Caroline rude and aggressive over that? Yes.  I would have been sent to prison.

I think Jacqueline is right in that she is impulsive, but always truthful, for all of Jacqueline’s impulsive behavior, we haven’t caught her in a single lie. An impulsive liar would be easy to catch. Queue stage right, Teresa.

Teresa was clearly in on the Melissa set up, not only with the coincidences of running into sleazy bald guy who wanted to trash talk Melissa, but we heard from Melissa, Teresa had already questioned her about stripping. From Jacqueline and Caroline we heard that Teresa has been saying for the last two seasons that she was a dancer. From sleazy baldy we heard how he was doing it for “Kim D and Teresa.”

Not to mention the text messages, before it was even spoken about at the table – Jax knew.

Jax had no dog in this fight.  Teresa had a dog in this fight and so did Kim D, publicity for her event.

Remember the size of Kim D’s first fashion show, Kim owes Teresa and Bravo for all the free publicity T brings with her brand of drama to fashion shows.

How would Jax have the texts if it was all just coincidence? Not possible. The other thing that was a dead giveaway for me was Teresa’s conversation with Kathy, when she came back to the table, T was trying to tell Kathy about what sleazy bald guy was saying about Melissa. But it was the way she was saying it, “This guy just told me something bad about Melissa.” That’s a pot stir, clear and direct.  Kathy was dismissive of the whole conversation, which looked like it was frustrating T, she needed her to take the bait before she could divulge more.

If T wanted to dismiss it she wouldn’t have said anything OR she’d have at most said, “This guy is a sh*t stirrer and he’s here to hurt Mel.”  But even in T’s talking head she was saying, “I’ve heard so much stuff about Melissa and now it’s got me really thinking, maybe she was.”

The conversations with Kim D could not have been more contrived.  His job was to get in and get out, T knew it and Kim D knew it. “He went home because he had no friends” sounds plausible ladies, (coughing *bullsh*t*..)

The other dead giveaway; the illegally taped conversation that Jax mentioned in the reunion. T didn’t deny the existence of her friend spilling the beans, smugly smiled and snarked ‘yep’ when Jax mentioned she couldn’t legally play the tape, and then later snarked that Jax should have taped the conversation T had with Melissa when the cameras were down indicating that T faked the makeup with Jax and truthfully couldn’t stomach her. Other Teresa lies that continue to come unwound:

  • Teresa’s brother-in-law at the fashion show.  So that T can claim the guy in the photos with the other woman was T’s brother-in-law, “See they look so alike him and my Joe!”  Umm, episode one of this season had Gia questioning Joe about this photo and Joe admitted it was him and it was just a friend. T may not remember it, he was being rude, I think she blocks it all out.

Joe didn’t get away with passing as his brother to the DMV, does T think the viewers are that stupid?

  • Then the magazine apology, again Teresa said that the apology was real and that she didn’t get paid for the article.  Yeah you did, Joe admitted it and you lied on the Wendy Williams show stating that you had also contacted all the women to apologize in person.  You did no such thing by your own admission on the reunion.
  • T commented on Anderson Cooper stating that she did nothing wrong at all and have nothing to apologize for.  Which is it? So where you lying to the mags, to Andy, Cooper of Wendy?
  • My favorite lie and when I really started to turn away from Teresa is when she stated her personal bankruptcy was due to the economy, tenants not being able to pay their rent on time, so Juicy’s business defaulted on loans.

Teresa claimed PERSONAL bankruptcy because she and Juicy couldn’t pay their personal creditors!  The business went into liquidation because of dodgy dealings and Juicy forging his business partner’s signature to get more loans! Then he got sued for the amount of the loans from business partner and for business fraud. The victims of the economy didn’t do anything to Teresa.

  • However, Teresa and Joe did hide assets and hubby was looking at jail time for it – thus T pulled out of the bankruptcy to avoid jail. Let’s see if T can pull through, my guess is the creditors will settle for 20 cents on the dollar, meaning what T falsely accused victims of the economy of doing, is what she’ll actually do.
  • T’s lie to Andy about writing blogs after not being able to spell or explain Napalm was further evidence of the impulsive liar.

Teresa reminds me of most people with a temper and only a few brain cells, it doesn’t matter how ridiculous the point of view, if she feels backed into a corner she will attack relentlessly and refuse to see anyone else’s point of view or take any criticism of her own behavior.

This refusal to ever back down was evidenced with our Lynn as well, all the housewives tweeted condolences, Teresa retweeted someone and why, because Lynn had bashed “Juicy Joe,” even in death or autism, Teresa doesn’t budge.

Sadly as I said I used to like Teresa, but I think the girl from Paterson would rather lie and tear everyone else down than admit her plan to riches fell apart somewhere along the way.  Her “rebuilt” mansion was nearly taken from her, “Juicy Joe” turned out to be “alcoholic, aggressive, cheating unemployed douche,” the way Juicy made his money was shady and she’s nearly back in the poor house and she has a younger prettier sister-in-law ready for her time to shine.

I take no pleasure in writing that. I actually think if Teresa was real about any of these subjects, she would garner sympathy, empathy and a network twice the size. Nobody likes T because she’s perfect with her “no skeletons” mantra, clearly she has several, it’s because she’s hilarious when showing her true self that people are drawn to T.

  • My message to Teresa is this:  Admit you overspent, trying to be The Jones’s of NJ, others didn’t send you broke.
  • Admit that you tore at Jax and said horrible things and accused her of being a stripper and that you said it in anger because you thought she should always back you 100%, no matter what.
  • Admit you planned revenge on Melissa and you let that temper get the best of you
  • Showmances and dramedies are fine, just own it!

I would have continued to like Teresa if she owned her poor behavior. I can imagine it now in the talking heads and it’s hilarious.  “Yeah I did, but so what, at the time…”

Then she really would have been Lucy and her meatballs would be a success around the world.

To finish, are there any Juicy Joe fans on this site?  Would love to hear what makes you a Juicy fan (if there are any) and shouldn’t Jax get a pass?  I remember when Bethenny blogged about giving LuLu a reunion pass and no attacking LuLu as her marriage had just fallen apart.  Wouldn’t what Jax went through this past year be a justifiable pass?  I notice she has purposely not played the “Nick” card for not showing up last reunion, I thought she was brave ??? What’s everyone else’s thoughts?


Guest Blog by MelTheHound

Good morning everyone. I was asked, to write a Pro Teresa Guidice piece for the blog this morning. At first, I declined stating I didn’t want to actually blog about HWs but then after some thought, what harm could it do? I have thick skin most days so the answer, is none. Not personal harm anyway because it’s actually a good question.

There is no denying that Teresa is probably one of the most polarizing HWs ever to appear on the HW franchises. I mean, here at Lynnfam (IHJZ, LynnNChicago) we could all pretty much agree that we didn’t like or for some, even hated, the red headed HW from NY. We have seen any number of things from some of the others that was in fact, hate worthy. Teresa really isn’t any exception to that. She’s said and likely done some things that were at best, cringe worthy. But I have to ask the question, how do these things affect me? I mean, in order for me to truly Hate someone, first, I have to know them. Second, I have to care about them. Third, they have to have done something to me that somehow changed the way my life would be the next day. Fourth, after the first three, they have to be someone I’m willing to spend the time on hating them. For me, hate raises my blood pressure and puts unnecessary stress on my life. Does that mean I love everybody? No. It means I gave up hating people a long time ago.

What does that have to do with why I like Teresa? Everything. I watch the show, and make no mistake about it, this is still, just a television show. I’ve chosen a side among the characters on that show and I’m not a fair weather fan. To go back, my first introduction to the NJ HWs was Dina Manzo driving away in her car after her meeting with Danielle Staub.

The fact is, and it really is this simple, Teresa entertains me and there are things about her that I respect. While I can respect someone I don’t like, I can’t like someone I don’t respect. I won’t hate them, they just become indifferent to me. I like and even admire her drive and motivation. At times, I wish I had some of it. I like that she finishes what she starts. Aside from giving up on her ‘friends’ and extended family, I’ve never seen her quit at anything. I enjoy watching her with her 4 daughters. I like the Teresa-isms (Ingrediences), I think they’re funny. I like that she’s nutty over the top on some things. Yes, I also cheer the underdog especially when I believe she has a good heart. Yes, too, I enjoyed watching her shove DandyAndy out of the way when he put his hands on her (let’s not forget that part of it) at that reunion. As I said earlier, simple fact is she entertains me. What I admire most about her though, is that in the past year, she has stayed out of or not taken every opportunity to publicly bash her castmates at every turn when, in my opinion, she has had every right to do it. Please, save the magazine article argument. I said before, that I don’t believe anything in those mags since I saw the National Enquirer type alien abduction stories 35 or so years ago in the grocery store checkout. My favorites, for the record, were the alien baby born to a human, stories. Anyway, rather than give any of their mess undeserved attention, Teresa has simply pushed forward with her life. There are a lot of theories about why the others hate her so much, one of the more popular ones being, because she somehow stole the opportunities she’s had from them. I say good for her. In spite of what many think, she’s no idiot. In spite of why many think she’s done it, she grabbed the opportunities that being on the show presented, and ran with them, straight to the bank. To me, it makes them all look pretty sour. I will add that if she makes a mistake, and she’s made many, she works to correct it. No one is perfect, not even any of us.

That list may not seem like much and when asked to write it, I said I could probably list more about why I don’t like the others than why I like Teresa. If we look at the above paragraph as a list of test questions (similar to my hate test), Every Single One of the others fails on at least one of them. There is really no need to go into it as it won’t change any minds. I doubt I’ve changed anybody’s mind here today but remember, this is an opinion piece. Take it for whatever it’s worth to you.

Now, if you will all permit me…. Remember too, this is still just a television show. A show that is previously recorded, 50-60 hours per week I would imagine, and we are shown little snippets of 5 to 10 minutes per episode. Presented to us in the way and in the order that a television network wants us to see them. We watch each week and sometimes rewatch to make sure we saw what we think we saw or heard what we think we heard, picking every single word apart and crawling up these people’s rear ends with a microscope. For the most part, it’s fun. I can’t imagine anyone coming here hoping or even expecting to not have fun. I think many of us get far too worked up over what, at the end of the day, is still just a television show. A show that otherwise, has zero affect on our lives unless, we allow it to. I choose not to allow it.

Thank you for listening.



Vote as many times as you’d like.  It makes it more fun!

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Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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312 Responses to Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs / Guest Blogs – two viewpoints on Teresa Giudice

  1. Powell says:

    Happy Saturday everyone. I hope you will all have a fun weekend! 🙂

  2. Powell says:

    Love the “Stress Free Zone” NMD. Great idea!

    • MamaZ says:

      Thanks NMD, that was a good read. I notice a lot of the people commenting wondered why Chris and Jaq waited so long for Nicholas’s diagnosis. But someone else on here said it actually takes around 8 or 9 months to get the diagnosis. And I was wondering if he had been diagnosed before their insurance kicked in if it would have been considered a pre exisiting condition. I’m not an insurance expert. Maybe someone out there has the answer.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        HiMamaz, KHLM and I had a discussion about the length of time it takes to get a dx. 8 months is VERY unusual, in fact I have NEVER heard of anything near that long. I personally know kids that were DX-ed with in a hour. What could take long, is some of the secondary tests such as if there is perhaps an underlying condition that had not been previously detected. But some people never get an answer as to what caused their child’s autism. I do know of someone that said it took many months to get an appointment with a developmental pediatrician because there was so few in their area but in my experience, neurologists can and will make the dx. I do think that USMC mom (?) might have said the dx for her kids took a while but I don’t think she shared as to why.

        A developmental ped might be idea for trying to coordinate care as far as services but it’s not really necessary. Even a GP can order an OT, PT and speech avaluation.

        As far as insurance goes, as long as they had health insurance prior to the dx , it would not be considerate to be a per-exisiting condition not to mention, currently for children there is no pre-exisitng condition clauses with health insurance.

        IMO, as far as what happened with Nic from point A to point B in terma of waiting for a dx to waiting receiving services is an example of what NOT to do. 8 months, is a LOT of time lost, especially given his age.

    • lizzle says:

      Wow! I don’t have much else to say except… wow!

      Well, actually I have to add… remember when the rest of the cast realized Kelly was having serious mental issues on Scary Island and they stopped trying to argue… and started to ride out the crazy wave? That is how I feel about Jax right now. I should stop thinking such mean things about her. She is probably really losing those marbles right now.

    • Wow. wow. WOW! This is unbelievable. It’s a FEDERAL bankruptcy and the Lauritas are being accused of FRAUD, EMBEZZLEMENT & a few other things for $55 MILLION DOLLARS! Jax is named on the documents too. Could there be jail time? Maybe.

      I heard about the Lauritas being sued, but didn’t know how bad it was. Sooooo Jax, your comments to Teresa, and the rest of Angry Chuckie’s gang’s comments to Teresa about her bankruptcy…..really pale when compared to what the Lauritas are accused of. One of the commenters said it right, it’s like Teresa & Joe bounced some checks (which they are now making good) while the Lauritas robbed the bank!

      • melthehound says:

        It won’t matter. Jac will again spin her head around 360, tell another lie, and everyone will blame Teresa for her problems. Sorry but she gets NO pass from me for anything.

  3. ATLnNYC09 says:

    The opinion blogs were done very well. Personally, I am not so much pro-Teresa as I am anti-everyone else. The gang mentality sickens me as I have been the target of being bullied in my youth. For four adult women to single out, berate, bully and attack one woman at every chance they have is unacceptable. I have to applaud Teresa for taking those hits and continuing to move along as Mel stated. I dont know how well I would fare under those same conditions.

    Teresa has done some terrible things (bankruptcy) and she lies continually. So have all of the other women. Not to excuse Teresa’s behavior but to show that none of them qualify for saint hood so why are they suddenly in a position to judge Teresa? I dont understand that. All of them overspend, live well above their means and try to paint a picture that they are the victim when they all victimize.

    Teresa’s family (or rather relatives as Detox refers to them) are the worst culprits. Their motives for going on the show are deplorable. They have done nothing but use Teresa as a spring board to success while attacking her at every turn. They never planned to try to heal their family and their relationships with her. To me, that is so horribly unforgivable.

    I guess I wrote my own opinion blog. In closing, Kathy’s plastic surgery is horrible.

    • yes the blogs were excellent today 🙂

      “Remember. This is just a reality show. Remember. Andy Cohen is laughing at us right now!” And they are ALL laughing at us, as they schlepp to the bank….especially Andy & Teresa!

      • ATLnNYC09 says:

        You are absolutely right Blue. The reason why Jersey is so reactive for people is because we all have a family so we can really connect to this show. Its sad to see a family being destroyed. Its similar to why so many sitcoms depicting families are so popular. In many ways, RHONJ is the most relatable of the Housewives shows.

        I dont take the show that seriously but it does kind of make me sad to see a family fall apart. They will not be on tv forever but they will always be related to one another. People arent thinking about that now while they are riding the wave of fame but once its over, the damage done may be irreparable.

        • It’s kind of like the Jackson family – but on a much smaller scale! Plus MJ really had talent. Something NONE of the RHONJ maroons even remotely have. Read this yesterday about the chaos after Michael died


          The hatred between Melissa and Teresa is something that not even the passage of time will ever heal….but it will be mined for reality tv gold! To me it’s sad, but they are doing it to themselves, so no sympathy from me. For the $, the fame, they have sold their souls to Bravo & Andy.

          • Rebecca says:

            OMG – the Jackson family! I am shocked at their behavior. Like Janet doesn’t drop $40 K on an outfit, and she holds up her brother’s burial for a buck? That’s just sick.

          • Powell says:

            I heard about it on E!. I would want my 40k back to but to hold up the funeral until she spoke w/the rep of the estate to get it back was wrong in my opinion.

          • Birdwoman says:

            I agree! The destruction of the Gorga family is the saddest thing about this show. I have recently dealt with family members who accused me of something I never did and it came out of left field. I don’t think I would ever go on National TV and expose it though…

    • Powell says:

      ATL I’m sorry that you went thru that as a child. Bullying is terrible at any age & I feel it starts in the home somewhere in the murky waters of someone wanting to hold family members hostage. I hope you were able to come out on the other side as a good person & loving person to family & friends.

      You are so right about everything. All of the underhanded financial things Y has done, they all have done in one way or another. None of the have clean hands. They ALL want to “keep up with the Jones’s”. Joey, Mel & Kathy came on to get their piece of the Bravo pie. I believe T when she said that they kept trying to get her to get Bravo put them on the show & since she didn’t they did it in their own underhanded way. They could care less if they have a real family relationship & they’re blaming that on T. To me they just hate T for her success. I’m not team anybody. They are ALL cut from the same cloth.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      (((ATLnNYC09))) I am so sorry you were bullied in your youth. I hope your scars have fully healed from that negative experience, and you have turned it into a positive by allowing it to make you into a stronger, more compassionate person.

      I think the Gorga FAMILY aspect of this whole RHONJ saga is the one that is the most heartbreaking and disgusting for me. I come from a HUGE family (on both sides). I have some relatives that I cannot stand because they are not so nice or have done some not-so-nice things.

      Despite this being the case, I would NEVER go around bashing them or speaking negatively of them to anyone OUTSIDE of my family (and rarely even WITHIN my own family). Even with THEM, I still have a sense of family LOYALTY. I damned sure would not bash and speak negatively of them ON CAMERA, in front of the NATION.

      In addition to being taught family LOYALTY, I was also taught that it is LOW CLASS to air your dirty laundry to the public. Add a camera and a national audience, and I think that increases the “low class” factor exponentially.

      Let’s go with the hypothesis that Joey and Melissa went on the show simply to avail themselves of the opportunities that would arise from it. If that was indeed the case, WHY come out swinging and bashing and speaking negatively about Teresa RIGHT OUTTA THE GATE?!?! I just don’t GET that.

      I also simply cannot fathom how Joey, as a brother, can treat his OWN sister, Teresa, the way he has. I’ve mentioned more than once on here that 2 of my mother’s brothers were married to women that absolutely HATED each other. They hated each other so much that they even once got into a physical altercation.

      Each brother felt loyalty to his own wife and had some negative feelings toward the other’s wife out of a sense of that loyalty to their wife. HOWEVER, they continued to remain polite, respectful and cordial to the other’s wife whenever they were in her presence.

      AND their OWN BROTHERLY BOND was NEVER broken. They managed to act like GROWN ASS MEN and handle their business so their children could continue to get together and maintain their OWN bonds (because the children were more like siblings than just 1st cousins) and to love and respect each other as BROTHERS.

      They did not act like whiny-ass CRY BABIES like Joey Gorga. And they REFUSED to allow their wives (despite their love FOR and loyalty TO their wives) to break the bond that they had with EACH OTHER.

      Joey claims that it is TERESA who has been turning his OWN Father (and Mother) against him. Maybe Joey’s Father is disappointed in Joey because of his OWN behavior, which has nothing to do with Teresa. Maybe Joey’s father did NOT appreciate his own son calling his own daughter “garbage” and “a bitch” on national television. Maybe Joey’s father did NOT appreciate Joey telling the entire nation how he pays his parents’ rent (I mean, how humiliating for such proud people. And also, how about the fact that Joey might not be telling the WHOLE story as to why his parents no longer have their own home in the first place? Maybe that is ANOTHER thing that disappointed Papa Gorga).

      Also, assuming arguendo, that Joey and Melissa simply wanted to use the show as a platform to showcase Melissa’s singing career, why didn’t the bitch just SING? What’s up with the bashing of your Sister-In-Law in the very first episode and in her very first BRAVO blog (RIGHT OUTTA THE GATE) and CONTINUING to do so (even before I ever saw her put a damned microphone in her hand and assault my eardrums)?

      I’ll tell you why: because Melissa is LYING about simply wanting to go on the show to showcase her singing career and exploit other opportunities provided to her from the RHONJ platform. That Narcissist/Sociopath ALSO had another PRIORITY/MAIN goal: to get revenge and take her Sister-In-Law DOWN for failing to LOVE AND ADORE her in the accustom to which she was used to in her OWN family.

      She also probably subconsciously wanted revenge on Joey’s parents for that same reason. Why couldn’t Melissa be satisfied with being the PRINCESS in her OWN family of origin and allow Teresa to be the PRINCESS in hers? I mean, why do you need TWO kingdoms, Melissa? Oh yeah, that’s right — because you are a Narcissist (and a Sociopath).

      Those are just 2 of the people “gunning for” and doing their damndest to try to take Teresa down. Throw in a couple of other family members. Add people she THOUGHT were her friends. Then sprinkle in these people’s own grown children. And STIR. You now have an entire ARMY assembled to take down TERESA.

      Despite ALL of that, TERESA is STILL STANDING, with a SMILE ON HER FACE, her HEAD HELD HIGH and her BACK NOW TURNED AWAY from that ARMY, who failed to BREAK HER and to DEFEAT her.

      Now, THAT is a TOUGH BITCH. Good for her.

      I still do not consider myself a Teresa “fan” because I can see and list her numerous faults clearly and easily. But I AM a fan of family loyalty, justice for the underdog and seeing hypocrites and finger-pointers with the same number (if not more) skeletons in their OWN closets fail in their ULTIMATE GOAL of bringing someone to their knees and breaking her down totally when their time would be better spent tending to their own MESSY-ASS Yards and CEMETERY PLOTS for ALL of their OWN skeletons rattling around in each and every one of their OWN damned closets.

      JMHO. *Shrug*

      • LaineyLainey says:

        WOW – great post!

      • Agree with you Detox, great post. Also it appears to me that Melissa has never been totally accepted by her in-laws due to her past….as a bartender whatever. It seems to me that she blames Teresa for this. So there’s her motive for taking down Teresa on the show. Melissa manipulates JoGo like a potter molding clay. It is awful to watch. However, I feel Teresa and even her parents (Joey screaming at his father still gives me chills at the baptism) are better off without them in their lives. It’s sad, but they all seem to believe being on a reality show is more important than family getting along.

        Now why would Melissa go on Wendy Williams, with her tale of woe about Teresa? Even saying Teresa twisted her arm. I just watched this video

        Down below I posted the video of Teresa on Wendy, which happened about a week later. Wendy doesn’t seem to like Teresa, but the audience loved her. Wendy discussed the accusation Melissa made about Teresa twisting her arm. My question is, “who cares?” It’s eerie the way Melissa had to bring that up when she was on Wendy, to make Teresa look bad….or was it because Melissa got physical with Teresa at the reunion, so now Melissa was doing some sh*t to cover her ass? Plus Melissa went on Wendy, accusing Teresa of setting her up at the finale, and Melissa said Kim D says at the reunion that Teresa WAS in on the set up. Just SMDH here, this crap is so trivial. Who Cares??? But they go on bashing each other like crazy people.

        When Teresa mentioned having her own show – like a cooking show – Wendy actually said nobody would watch it! Wow, Wendy are you crazy? Who made you the know-it-all that can predict what show will succeed? Then Wendy had some more diarrhea of the mouth, saying that nobody watched Dina’s show….like that has anything to do with Teresa? Despite being dissed by Wendy, Teresa handled herself well. Maybe Melissa gave her some good training!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          It’s sad, but I’ve been saying for a long time now that Teresa needs to just cut ALL ties with her brother and his wife and with Kathy, Richie and Rosie.

          I just don’t feel like Joey and Melissa (and the rest of that Gorga/Wakile gang) wish Teresa well — AT ALL.

          She will probably be much happier continuing to focus on her own immediate family, her parents and her businesses without giving the rest of them a 2nd thought.

          Somebody else said this, and I agree, “Melissa is now on her ‘2012 VICTIM of Big, Bad Teresa Tour’!” I guess because she can’t book a tour featuring her singing, she’ll just go on to the next best thing (in HER mind. It’s actually the BEST and the ONLY thing) that makes her relevant when it comes to being in the public eye.

      • chismosa says:

        I did not take Melissa as automatically bashing Tre when she first got on the show. I found her open and hesitantly wanting to work on things. That is why she didnt rub me the wrong way, and i usually hate someone and am very suspicious of people when I first see them (product of growing up with a very Scorpio mother). Not counting the christening brouhaha.

        I found that both Mel and Kath were so taken aback by Tre’s attitude and immediate resentment, fake behavior at the christening when they FIRST came on, that they just didn’t know how to deal with Tre. The bitterness, animosity, hatred spewing from every inch of Teresa’s weave was so hard for them to deal with. That led to Joey having to sit down with his sis and be like “Tre, things have to get better for all of us”- i”m talking season1 the beginning of them all together.

        As for Joey’s issues with his father, being as they are only 2 siblings with clearly parents helping out the daughter (as I think is often the case with grandchildren of the daughter vs of a son), we cannot know the deep truths of why Signor Gorga has issues with his only son, who seems to financially support he and his wife happily, with love. There are no other siblings, nor other places for anyone viewing to clarify the case between father and son and what influence the daughter (again, who they see very often to take care of her kids and whose husband they knew since he was a child) has had on the parents’ thinking towards her brother. I personally, seeing the venom Juicy feels towards his wife’s ONLY sibling and one of his wife’s ONLY cousins, would not put it past him to have “poisoned” his wife’s father against his son.

        In other words, my ENTIRE TAKE on the anti Teresa issue I have is that a) she NEVER EVER EVER EVER infinity takes responsibility for ANYTHING she says or does and blames it on retaliation. b) her entire problem with her relatives and Caro and Jacq is she doesn’t realize or chooses to not realize what her negative actions over the years have caused those around her to feel. So they are all at their boiling point now, unfortunately at the same time.
        This is NOT with me even getting into my issues with her having young children on the show who clearly are adapting very detrimentally to cameras and acting out as well to family issues with regards to an emotionally and verbally abusive husband and father. If Tre had .0000000000001 oz of dignity for her kids she’d leave their father AND take herself off the show. Primarily for her daughters’ sake and sanity. IMO IMO IMO IMO

        Sorry I didn’t want to get into every single aspect of all the posts here giving accolades to Tre’s reaction to all those “bullying” her because it will take forever and really I think people supporting Tre don’t give much credence to my take and just scroll on by.
        But this is just a little I felt I had to say. JMHO JMHO JMHO JMJO

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          BOTH of my parents are SCORPIOS! Imagine that.

          • chismosa says:

            that explains a lot Detox… ha ha!!!

            Scorpio is my FAVORITE sign. I once did a huge report in school on it. I know a lot about sun signs, moon signs, all that $hit– if you ever have questions. I don’t think it’s hocus pocus.

            I hope you know your best matches for love are Cancer (me!), Pisces. Then comes Earth signs– Capricorn and Virgo. Just fyi! Cause i know you were talking about some men the other day on here, i’m sorry i pass through so quickly trying to keep up on everything, i scan some stuff that i mean to read more in depth.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I’m a Sagittarius. You probably won’t see this. So, I’m bringing it over to the other blog.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                I am a Sagittarius too. Well, I’m kind of a Scorpio, too. On the cusp. I’ve become more of a Sagittrius as I’ve gotten older.

  4. plainviewsue says:

    Interesting take on Teresa from both women. Like Stephie, I have gone back and forth on Teresa since season one.

    Season one, I thought she was a fun, ditzy addition to the show. She made me laugh. Season two, I started getting turned off, knowing the financial issues and her treatment of Danielle at the fashion show and her behavior at the reunion. Season three, I was on Melissa and Kathy’s side, choosing to believe what they said about how Teresa let the fame get to her and kept her family out of her life. In fact, I tweeted a lot with Melissa’s sisters, I am now ashamed to say.

    Then came the season 3 reunion. The assaults on Teresa. Melissa sitting there as an innocent. Hearing how Melissa came on the show. Hearing about her connection with Danielle. Oh, that’s why Teresa acted as she did at the fashion show & the reunion.

    Needless to say, I am now as pro Teresa as one can be for someone who is simply a viewer of the show!!

    I believe, without any doubt, that Melissa was beyond jealous of Teresa’s fame from the show. She wanted it. She always wanted that. I believe, without any doubt, that Mel & Joe promised to deliver the drama, which they did from episode one of season three.

    I believe that Teresa had no knowledge at all about the posh fashion show set up. I believe that Melissa knows that, but doesn’t care. I believe that Melissa never wanted this family to heal. I believe that her goal was to put a permanent wedge in the Gorga family, so Joey would always be with her family.

    Melissa wants to become a singer. She should become an actress. Her fake tears, her rehearsed come backs. One thing you have to say about Teresa, like her or not. She speaks from the heart; she doesn’t rehearse. I kind of wish she would!

    Her brother is as fame hungry as his wife. Kathy and Richie looked at it as a way of making money.

    Once the reunion was filmed, now comes the covers of Melissa trashing Teresa. Can’t be confronted by Andy about that at the reunion. Mel goes on any show to trash her. Even apparently a VH1 interview, where you would think she would talk about her “music.” No, she trashes Teresa.

    Joe chose to believe Jacqueline over his own sister. Jacqueline, once Teresa’s closest friend, has made it her mission to destroy her friend’s reputation.

    For me, it is the hypocrisy. That is what drives me over the edge. You can’t condemn Teresa for her magazine covers and then do them yourself.

    Fame is the deadliest drug there is. There is much more to Melissa’s back story than we know. It has turned up that there is an outstanding arrest warrent for her in Florida when she was 18 for shoplifting. Yes, 18, we all make mistakes. But she didn’t come to court so the warrant remains.

    Didn’t mean to write as much as I did.

    • Hi Sue, loved your post. These people are “reality tv show gold” aren’t they? Lol how many years will they be milking their tv gig(s)? And we will be snarking at them the whole way!

    • mrs. peabody says:

      I agree with everything you wrote. I think Melissa has always been jealous of Teresa and it only got worse when Teresa was chosen as a housewive and she wasn’t . I think Melissa expected to be the center of attention when she first came into the Gorga family as she probably always had been in her own family and did not like it when she wasn’t and really why would she be, Teresa was the only girl her parents had and why would they favor Melissa over their daughter. I am sure they either heard things about Melissa when they first met her or figured her out real fast. I don’t doubt they had issues with her from the start so she have probably always felt like she didn’t measure up to what they wanted for their son. As a mother I would not want her for a daughter in law either, I personally think she dresses like a tramp and if I was her mother in law I would not like the way she treats my daughter and is so disrepectful of my family. I also would dislike how she is with my son. Given that I think she does try and copy teresa and has pushed her husband into giving her the same life whether or not he could afford it. When Teresa got this show i have no doubt she came unglued but probably figured she’d get on tv too but when that didn’t happen she got pissed. Now given it was not teresa’s choice in what screens were shown but in her eyes it was and joey is so stupid he buys anything she’s selling him as long as he gets bedroom time with her. There is no doubt in my mind she came on this show to take her sister n law down and is enjoying every minute of it getting back at teresa and her parents. Sad thing is Joey is to dumb to see what he has been part of. How he can sleep at night is be on me.

    • VV says:

      ITA. Mel is very manipulative and quite frankly her husband is her puppet. The man cannot speak or think for himself. I believe Teresa was afraid of exactly what would transpire on the show if they were to join the cast. She was right. What an embarrassment!

    • melthehound says:

      Ahem…. not a woman 😉

  5. California35 says:

    Good morning, and happy Saturday.
    Thanks for the NY blogs and the “Stress Free Zone” suggestion.

  6. Detox, saw your comment re Beyonce & Jay-Z from yesterday to me.

    Back in 2005 I went to a charity fund raiser in NYC, for a very good cause – helping children born with hearing loss to hear. It was a fantastic event, filled with music celebrities. I have a friend that helped coordinate the event. She personally knows many of these celebs. So when I found myself in an elevator leaving the event, my husband & I were in the presence of 2 people we knew were celebs, just didn’t know who exactly they were. The girl was beyond gorgeous. She was TINY, dressed so beautifully and as I looked at her, I thought to myself, “whoever the guy is, he must REALLY be SOMEBODY to be with her!” Then the handsome man (yes, he was VERY good looking, terrific smile, dressed impeccably in a suit) said to me “what a wonderful evening, for such a good cause celebrating a great guy.” We had a nice conversation. I agreed with the gentleman, just happy to be part of an event that had just raised close to a million dollars for the cause of helping children get hearing implants. The man said “good night” to us as we left the elevator. Immediately I called someone who might know, based on how this man was dressed, WHO he was. Turned out he was Jay-Z, and Beyonce was the girl. In real life, Jay-Z is very handsome, with very nice manners. As a rapper, he puts on the mean look and swagger. Surprisingly, in real life he didn’t look AT ALL like the big guy in baggy clothes on stage. In fact, my friend told me she hates the persona he adopts while on stage. What we see on tv, a talk show, or on stage is a persona….not the “real” person. Think about it. Most of these celebs are smart to put out a nice, charming side of themselves to the public. In real life, they could be nasty s.o.b.’s. Plus just like all of us, they have their good/bad days.

    I’m not the type to ask for a picture or an autograph. Even if I had known I was talking to Jay-Z I’d never impose like that.

    It was a magical evening. We sat at a table near Green Day. The guys were also very tiny, and artsy/fartsy looking. Bon Jovi perfomed – not with his band, but with an excellent violinist, and he played the acoustic guitar. He sang Beatles songs, really lovely.

    The Teresa we see on Wendy, WWHL, and likely at her public appearances is the “nice” Teresa. Once in awhile, on the show, and especially while under pressure at the Reunion, we see the “nasty” Teresa. She is beautiful, IMO the best looking on the show. Teresa has that ability to make people fall in love with her. I keep reminding myself about all the illegal things she & Juicy have done, but have to admit, she is charismatic. Teresa would get her own show….if she could just admit – on the show – that she has done some bad stuff. And clean up her act a little. The “blubber, blubber, blubber” comment to Caroline was just one of those times that the “nasty” Teresa reminded me why sometimes I DON’T like her.

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      I do agree with you Blue that Teresa is the best natural beauty. Jax has had plastic surgery, so has Melissa and now Kathy. Caroline isnt exactly, hmmm, Miss America. Teresa looks the same as she did when she was younger and to maintain your looks over 20 years naturally is not easy. Plus she has a great figure, especially after having four children. Heck, she has a great figure for a woman regardless of having children or not.

    • plainviewsue says:

      What a great JayZ/Beyonce story!

      I also didn’t like the blubber blubber comment and wish that she didn’t go there. But sometimes you get so annoyed that you just don’t think. She was upset that Caro brought up the xmas pageant dress, which to Teresa, is a reflection on her looks. Caro didn’t have to say that.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      What a good story about the charity. How fun.

      ((( ATL ))) I’m sorry you were bullied. Shame on them.

      • ATLnNYC09 says:

        Thanks love. I appreciate that. Im one of millions of kids that went through that growing up. It makes you stronger and more sympathetic to others. It was, in a way, a blessing in disguise. No armor is stronger than the kind that comes from trials and tribulations.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          There’s a saying that I think applies to your (and similar) situations, ATL: “If you don’t have TESTS, you won’t eventually have TESTIMONY!”

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Thanks for sharing your Jay-Z/Beyonce story with me Blue. I really enjoyed it. It sounds like an event I would have LOVED to attend.

      I’m sure many of these celebrities that have adopted certain “personaes” do have sides that are very different from their image. I mean, people can really be complicated and multi-faceted.

      I mean, look at Ozzy Osbourne. Before that Osbourne’s reality show came on MTV, I had NO idea he was such a family man. I just thought he sat around worshiping the devil, screwing groupie after groupie and cheating on whatever wife he had, doing mountains of drugs (Well, he did do THAT for a while) and basically living a TOTAL life of debauchery. Then I see a reality show depicting a family that, despite their oddities, truly DO love and care for one another. And I see doddering old Ozzie shuffling around his house and mumbling almost incoherently while Sharon (the REAL power behind the throne) keeps his ass TOGETHER. I mean….who KNEW? I sure didn’t!!

      I’ve heard that “HARD, MEAN, THUGGISH” rapper 50 Cent treats the women he dates like GOLD and is a perfect gentleman with them. You’d never know it to listen to some of his rap songs. Does he have his days of possibly acting like a DICK to get his business handled? I’m sure he does. But that is not the sum and total of who he is by all accounts.

      I think the same goes for Teresa. She’s a lot more complicated than people give her credit for, IMO. I know I make jokes about how DUMB she is, but I think she is INSTINCTIVELY a LOT smarter than people (including myself) also give her credit for. She does not have to know how to pronounce every word properly or to be particularly quick-witted. Magic Johnson sounds almost illiterate. I CRINGE when I hear him speak because of his problems with Subject/Verb agreement. The man has managed to BUILD AN EMPIRE after his NBA career has ended. So….Ummmm….considering his poor grammar….and his empire….is HE a DUMMY?

      You be the Judge.

      P.S.: I wanted to strangle Teresa for that “blubber, blubber, blubber” comment (not that Caroline did not DESERVE it for the way she behaved toward Teresa all season. I just didn’t like seeing Teresa getting down in the mud like that — although she IS human. This is her first time seeing these people in a year when she has had to watch them BASH her all season — a season during which, part of the time, she was OBLIVIOUS to the fact that they were doing so in such a passionate way and oblivious to the fact that people she considered friends basically HATED her. So, even though I did not LIKE it, I can “get” it).

  7. not THAT Jill says:

    The one thing I will never understand about this NJ franchise is why the hell did Melissa and Joe come out swinging on their first episode? Why have that fight at the christening of their child? He called his sister garbage on national television in response to her congratulating him and his wife on their sons baptism. At the start of the season, this could have go either way. They could have said ‘Thank you” and we, the viewers would have thought that things were ok between them. Instead he called her garbage. Teresa looked confused(I know…there is a joke to be made)-like WTF is he doing??? Teresa went through season 3 shell-shocked b/c of that christening.
    In my opinion I think she believed that they would play nice for the camera. I don’t think she saw it coming. I think the Gorga’s planned out their season and decided to show us exactly who Teresa was. Melissa needed us to know how awful Teresa was to her-not letting her share the spot-light and so forth.
    In my mind Melissa will always seem like a back stabbing sneak b/c she could have played this either way and chose fame over everything. She was going to be sure to unmask Teresa-and didnt care about the fall-out. Her saying that she wanted this family back together was and is bullshit. Imagine being her in-laws? I cant. I would be so angry watching my son and his wife climb to the top my pushing my daughter to the bottom.
    Fame is a addictive drug and once you get a taste you will do anything to keep it coming-all of them are guilty of taking that drug.

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      ITA Jill. I think Melissa is the biggest pot stirrer in the Gorga family. She cant be trusted and would totally love to see Teresa fall instead of sharing the spotlight. She is way too manipulative of Joey. She will do anything to be famous.

      • Powell says:

        Mel’s gonna have to hold her breath cause I think we ain’t seen nothing yet as T builds her brand. Whether T agreed to the Us Weekly cover “I’m afraid to be poor” I believe that’s true & if Joe goes to prison or not she’s gonna make sure she & her girls are taken care of. She has the “it factor” whatever it is to continue to succeed. Mel is not even a “one hit wonder”. She’s a top seller on i-tunes but that’s it. She’s got nothing to move forward with so all she’s going to do is go on VH-1, Wendy & any other show that will hear her bash T. She’s not going anywhere doing that.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: In my opinion, TERESA is the MOST interesting thing about MELISSA.

          Otherwise, she and her husband BORE me (*Shrug*).

    • Rebecca says:

      Remember that he also felt if was a-ok to scream at his elderly father. Which is probably why he has been sickly silent at cousin Kathy’s screaming about his own parents.

      I am 100% Team Teresa’s “Cari Genitori” (dear parents)

  8. VV says:

    Great ideas about the Politics page. Your name definitively suits you NMD!

  9. Rebecca says:


    While your blog was well written grammatically, your characterization of Teresa’s upbringing was not based on any factual information at all. I was quite frankly insulted at your condescending depiction growing up in the east.

    My grandparents were immigrants from Sicily. They settled in a small industrial city in Pennsylvania. My father and his brothers were brought up in a working-class environment with little extra money laying around. That being said, those boys never wanted for anything. They had clean clothes, food on the table, and a full family around to entertain them. Whatever they did want, they got, whether it was given to them or they were encouraged to get it for themselves. Society didn’t get materialistic until later in the century. The fact that you criticize someone based on an assumption they they did not do well for themselves materially, shows that you can’t relate to self worth based on anything but money.

    The members of my family had wonderful upbringings. Having or not having money was never a measure of that. I feel sorry for anyone that feels money brings you happiness. You’re missing out on life itself.

    • MamaZ says:

      Rebecca – I don’t think Stephie was criticizing. I just think she may not understand the immigrant experience.
      My grandparents were poor immigrants. My mother’s parents moved to Hartford, Conn. And definately lived in what would be called a ghetto. My grandfather quickly found a job and earned a very decent wage. Instead of moving to the suburbs they stayed in town choosing to buy the apartment building they lived in and earning income from the other rentals. My grandmother acted as landlord.
      They had both grown up in Rome and were used to crowded living conditions and liked the convenience of living in the city. In fact neither of them ever learned to drive. Coming from a working class background and speaking little english they would not have been comfortable in a “better” part of town. The bought the best quality products not to show off but because they bought once and used it forever. They paid cash for everything. They ate well and cleanliness was next to Godliness.
      They invested wisely and eventually amassed quite a bit of money by anyone’s standards. They refused to move even after their children were grown and had all moved away. My mom and her siblings begged them to leave what they considered a dangerous area. My grandparents wouldn’t go because they said it was their neighborhood, everyone knew them and nobody would ever hurt them. After my grandfather passed away my grandmother agreed to live one of my uncles but she always missed her neighorhood.
      Now not every immigrant has the same experience. But I think my grandparents story is pretty common. I suspect the Gorga’s life in Patterson was similar.

      • Rebecca says:

        And Teresa said repeatedly that she and Joe had nothing when they got married. Can you imagine what type of apartments and houses they lived in back then? It explains the “cleansy” new house remarks.

        She was also asked what she would do if the bankruptcy took her house from her. She said she had four beautiful daughters, a wonderful marriage and she didn’t need anything else. There was no ghost writer whispering in her ear. It was a proper, intelligent thing to say.

    • My grandparents all around grew up poor. My mom’s parents really had it hard here, as they were immigrants too. As poor as they were, there were plenty of happy times. But this hard life did leave my now almost 88 year old mom “poverty scarred.” She really hates the “noveau riche” and people that put on airs. Especially because she knows everybody in her little town, back a couple of generations, so she KNOWS when they are fronting! No one in my family likes to show off wealth, at all, ever. We don’t like to live with debt. Instead, we pay all our bills, have saved for retirement, and are proud NOT to have to rely on the government, for anything. Education is a high priority, maybe THE highest goal. It’s the way out of poverty. It’s actually funny – my dad’s brother is probably the wealthiest,as he’s a retired doctor. But you would never know it, and according to him, he’s poor! 🙂

      One thing I have noticed about NJ. When we first moved here back in the 80’s it really made me sick to see all the expensive cars on the road, especially Mercedes etc and all the ridiculous mansions. Some of the people here in NJ really like to show off, and are mountains in debt to do so! When Richie drove up in that expensive car (def rented or borrowed, lol) when he & Kathy were at the Jersey shore, I just SMDH (shook my da*mn head).

      I’m from the midwest, where people don’t like show offs, live within their means and SAVE for the hard times that might be ahead as well as retirement. Guess what, who do you think is doing really well during this recent economic downturn? Yeah that’s right – the midwest. Except maybe for Illinois which is a state full of fraudsters and corruption – in the state government, and probably everywhere.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        New rich or old, it’s tacky to show off and think one is better than anyone else. When we die none of that matters but how we treated our fellow human beings especially the poor, the weak and children.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          And I agree with paying bills and education being so important. It doesn’t have to be 4-8 years but a trade of some kind helps with preparation for when one can’t do the heavy lifting of manual type jobs.

        • Pghemtchick says:

          In the Italian spirit of NJ:
          “When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box” ~ Italian proverb

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        My Mom grew up VERY poor. Her father was illiterate because he had to quit school at a VERY young age to work in the sugar cane fields to support his parents and siblings. My Mom’s family didn’t even have an indoor bathroom for a long time until they had saved enough money to build one for their home.

        Despite that, my grandfather managed to constantly work 2 & 3 jobs and maintain a beautiful yard (He had a real natural talent for gardening and landscaping. I have killed a RUBBER tree. So, I did not inherit this talent. *Shrug*) and a small, but VERY CLEAN home (He and my grandmother were cleanliness fanatics. They believed in taking good care of everything you had, including your home — no matter how modest).

        He and my grandmother were devout Catholics, so they scraped and saved and made sure that every single one of their children attended Catholic school, despite the cost of tuition.

        This caused problems for my Mom and her siblings because they lived in “the hood” part of their town, where everybody else went to public school. So, word around the “hood” was that my Mom’s family thought that they were “better” because they were light-skinned and because they went to Catholic school instead of the public school like everybody else in the neighborhood (NOTHING could have been further from the truth).

        My mother is a nice woman who gets along well with people. She’s a bit of an introvert and a bit quiet and sometimes even shy (She was often told that she looked like Natalie Wood when she was younger. When I see certain pics of Natalie Wood and of J-Lo, they remind me of old pics of my Mom. She kinda looks like a combo of the two).

        Anyhoo, my Mom was 5 or 6 years older than her younger twin sisters. Her Catholic high school was in a different area from her younger siblings’ (the twins) Catholic elementary school. So, they had to take different buses to their schools.

        My Mom has NEVER told me this story, but one of the twins (my Aunt) did. She said that, every day when they would get off their bus, there was this older, much bigger girl in the neighborhood named Mickey who would taunt and bully them and KNOCK their books out of their hands, forcing them to pick them up. Sometimes, just for sh*ts & giggles, she’d do this more than once and torture them further.

        It got to the point where, one night, they were crying about it, and my Mom overheard them. My Aunt said that my Mom said, “I’m going to be at your bus stop tomorrow when you get off the bus.” My Aunt said that this shocked them because, “your Mom was older than us, and she thought we were the biggest pests. We also felt like she was SOOO pretty, and we were just her ugly little sisters. We couldn’t believe she’d want to be SEEN with us. We also had no idea why she’d want to meet us at the bus stop after hearing our stories about big, bad Mickey, who was feared all over the neighborhood for her bullying and fighting skills.”

        She said, “Girl, sure enough, the NEXT day, there was your Mama, standing at the bus stop. Her hair was perfectly done with a nice ribbon, as usual, and she had on her Catholic School Uniform, socks and penny loafers.

        Well, honey, we got off the bus, and your Mama said, ‘Walk behind me.’ Sure enough, we could see big-ass Mickey — who was way taller and bigger than your Mama — in the distance up ahead.

        Finally, we walk forward, and your Mom and Mickey meet up face-to-face. Your Mom said, ‘I hear you have been bullying my little sisters.’

        Mickey said, ‘Yeah, and so what? What are you gonna do about it, you YELLOW heifer??!!’ as she SHOVED my Mom REAL HARD on her shoulder.

        My Aunt said, “Honey, after that shove, your Mama BEAT MICKEY’S ASS ALL UP AND DOWN THAT STREET!!! All you could see were fists and drawyers flying as both of their skirts flew up during the fight! People had even gathered all around. It ended with Mickey being on the ground, and your Mama, standing up, straightening the bow in her hair and straightening her school uniform and then looking down at Mickey saying, ‘You mess with my little sisters ONE MORE TIME, and I will come back and WHIP YOUR ASS the way I JUST did AGAIN. It ain’t no THANG but a CHICKEN WANG.’

        My Aunt said, after that, NOBODY in the hood EVER messed with them again. The word on the street was, “Don’t mess with them twins!! They got a crazy-ass sister that will beat your ass if you do!!”


        My Aunt said that, as far as she knew, that was the FIRST and ONLY fight my Mom ever had. *Shrug*

        My grandfather managed to send ALL 7 of his children to Catholic school, and all of his children turned out to be hard-working, productive citizens. My Mom went back and got her college degree and graduated when I was 14.

        My Dad, who grew up on a farm, scraped and worked 2 & 3 jobs to get his college degree. He graduated when I was around 2 years old. He paid for both his and my Mom’s education HIMSELF, with no loans or anything.

        He also believes in living WAY below your means, and he is perfectly described in a book called “The Millionaire Next Door.” (The ones with REAL money often live BELOW their means and do NOT flash it all around. They also do not WASTE it on frivolous things or give one single thought to “keepin’ up with the Jones’es”. I grew up with my father ALWAYS telling me, “Keepin’ up with the Jones’es is ONLY going to get your A*S in trouble. So DON’T!!”).

        • Detox, your story about your family is awesome, especially your mom! My mom, who is a really nice lady, had some real escapades growing up on the all immigrant side of town, the so called “poor section.” She was a big mouth, which did get her into some trouble. One time after school (they walked, in freezing Iowa winters about 3 miles one way) she got into trouble for throwing a snowball at someone. She was hauled into the principal’s office, along with a young Italian boy. Well he took all the blame, so mom got off scott free. Of course they were life long chums 🙂 Good thing that mom ran really fast, because she sometimes said things that made her fast escape necessary!

          My dad always loved going over to that side of town, especially to visit his Italian friends, eat pasta & drink home made wine. My parents knew each all thru school. They even went to prom together, and yes we do have a picture. Mom has told me so many stories, some even bring tears to my eyes. Her dad worked on the railroad, but raised all their food on just a few acres. They didn’t have in door plumbing, until after WWII. Can’t imagine during those freezing Iowa winters going outside, but some how they managed.

          They probably ate better than most, as Grandpa was a very good farmer, from Switzerland. Grandma canned fruits & vegetables, so they ate well all thru the winter. I just wish that they hadn’t died so young, as I never got to know these grandparents. But I do remember their home, that Grandpa built, and his gardens, strawberry fields, and grape arbor. It looked just like the little gardens I eventually got to see in Switzerland, back in the 1990s. The home my grandpa left back in a small Swiss village dates to the 1400’s. The village was built in a communal way, with a common bakery, laundry, etc. along a small stream for all the villagers to share. Makes sense that the Amish originally came from Switzerland. They didn’t have much, they didn’t even have any family, but they passed on a love for education.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            It sounds like you and I both come from people that would be called “salt of the Earth,” Blue.

            Thanks for sharing those stories about your family with me. Your parents were probably each other’s first real loves. That is so sweet.

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      I really enjoyed reading these stories about your parents, grandparents, etc. I can relate so much to that and I admire hearing about the struggles that new immigrants overcome when coming into this country.

    • Stephiebar says:

      1. All information re teresa was from her own quotes.
      2. I have been a migrant, nothing but respect for that, stated in blog as well.
      3. Who did I criticse for not being materially wealthy. I’m not wealthy.
      4. Please re read.

  10. not THAT Jill says:

    I think at the reunion when they showed the clip of Jac’s son-it was Caroline who made it about Teresa-not Teresa herself. All she said was that her daughter and Nicholas broke up. Caroline went off for what felt like HOURS on Teresa. I think this happens a lot with these NJ chicks. They pounce on what Teresa says and then claim she makes everything about her. They make fun and call NJ the “Teresa Show”…they made it the “Teresa Show” b/c she is all they talk about.

    • VV says:

      She did because Jac smilendthan Tre made the comment and Bitter Clown had to make sure that that friendship was over with no chance of reconciliation. So, she quickly mouthed whatever garbage comes out of her bitter, sour and unhappy heart.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        When Teresa said it ,Jac did look forelorn ..didnt she? Caroline had to put the kibosh on that -STAT!!!!

        • Rebecca says:

          Jacqueline LAUGHED. It was cute.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I felt like it was cute too. Jac seemed like she knew what Teresa was saying-why she said it. That Caroline is scary and bossy and runs right over Jac…its so annoying.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I know. I watched the Reunion a 2nd time just to make sure. Sure enough, Jac did break out into a big ol’ smile when Teresa said that Audrianna and Nicholas are now broken up.

            Then, here comes Foghorn Caroline yelling at Teresa over it.

            At first, I thought that what Teresa said was poor timing. After watching the Reunion a 2nd time and seeing Jac break out into that big smile, it seemed to me that there might have been at least a very short opportunity for Jac & Teresa to share a good memory from their past friendship.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO – Teresa had no idea how bad Nick’s condition got and was trying to ask questions and make Jac remember happier times. It wasn’t about Teresa but it was about Caroline stomping on Jac and Teresa’s better days.

      • ATLnNYC09 says:

        Exactly. I didnt interpret that Teresa was trying to make it about her but reminiscing about her and Jax’s youngest children since they are close in age.

  11. VV says:

    What happened to Q’s blog? Her blog is down again. I don’t frequent as much as I used to Today I checked and is gone. I used to read her daily, but when she started this Blog is up, Blog is down, Blog is up, Blog is down roller coaster she turned me off.
    She is a gifted writer, but has thin skin…I wish her well…
    What a disappointment she turned out to be ( for me….)

    • VV.. I hear about Q.. I haven’t read hers in about week, so this a.m. am doing catch up around the blogosphere……and sure enough…closed again
      It’s like a yo-yo….this makes this closing ,,what ??? number SIX or so…. is no longer available.
      The authors have deleted this blog.

      As they say..Oh Well ..hells bells…..

    • Goes to show how hard it is to put a blog out there, doesn’t it? Q has a job, a family, and grandchildren. I used to read her blog, but gave up on it….she might be back. She has a history of “taking breaks.”

      • plainviewsue says:

        She still writes on facebook, but you have to join the group. I enjoy her writing. Don’t agree with all of her opinions, but that’s okay. I think because she is not anti-Jill she gets a lot of grief, which is really unfair.

        Jill will be on WWHL Monday, October 15th, after the 2nd part of the NY reunion. I am not happy that Andy is giving her this. We all know she will bash Ramona & adore Aviva.

        But I will watch!

        BTW, got a tweet back from Andy today regarding his Cardinals in the playoffs! I tweeted him hoping it’s Yankees/Cardinals and he tweeted back YES!!! It’s always a thrill to get a tweet back!!

    • nohausfrau says:

      She’s having trouble with the mechanics of the blog. I really like Q and think her the Empress and Priscilla all bring a different flavor to the blogosphere along with Lynn and now NMD.

      • nohausfrau says:

        Reply to my reply. I’m wrong, she did take it down due to the “spam” it was generating. Sad really. Q gets hurt by all the negativity her blog can generate. I don’t know if she is too sensitive or not but I like her writing style and unique take on the housewives. I actually enjoy her Facebook group better though. I like it when people play nice. Life is too short for drama (except on the TV).

        • BB says:

          I like reading Q’s blog also. It’s part of my everyday reading, when it’s available. Problem is you never know when it’s going to be there or when it’s not.

      • disgrazia4 says:

        I enjoy those three quality bloggers myself! I enjoy a good blog. I enjoy this one. ❤

  12. AZGirl says:

    Good Morning everyone. Thanks to all the bloggers and NMD for keeping Lynn’s Family together. Stress free and political page are great ideas.

    Today is going to be a fun day here in Tempe, Arizona. Today is the TOUR DE FAT. For those not familiar with the Tour de Fat it is a carnival/green event put on by Belgium Beers (Fat Tire etc). Belgium Beers is a 100% green company. Everything used in the production of their product is recycled or green. They travel around the US and set up events with music and entertainers. Everyone dresses up in costumes and ride their bikes to the event. The event promotes erasing your carbon footsteps. There will be THOUSANDS of bike riders all over Tempe heading to the event. Families, students and old farts like me. Having a Fat Tire beer and promoting riding bikes over driving cars. They even raffle off a few Schwinn Flyers for participants. Too much fun! Happy biking!

    • sounds wonderful, drink a brewsky for me AZ!

    • majnon says:

      AZGirl, my stepson works for Beligum Beers. He really likes his job. That’s cool about the event in Tempe, nothing like a cold beer on a hot day lol

      • AZGirl says:

        Just got back and yes it was HOT. I estimate that there were about 5 Thousand bikers down at Tempe Beach Park. Then everyone hits the restuarants in downtown Tempe for lunch and more beer. Only saw one collision and no one was hurt but a bike was bent up pretty bad. 🙂

  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    We are not “average viewers” because we have more information about all the RHWs and we discuss their total personas – not just what Bravo edits for our pleasure. Then we add in our own moral codes, experiences and opinions. I have liked and disliked some housewives and then as more is revealed about them changed my opinion about them. I don’t hate any of them because they are not worth that investment on my part – I don’t know them, they did nothing to me personally and I could choose not to watch them. RHNJ is the hardest franchise for me to watch because these are real families damaging their relationships and their futures as families.

    • It is funny how we tend to get emotionally involved with some franchises and not others.
      My theory – if we believe they care – we start to care. It’s clear they all care on NJ.
      NY – not so much anymore. Beth and Jill cared. Jill and Alex cared. Ramona and Jill – maybe not so much – their conflicts were much less interesting. Of the three new girls – two don’t give a crap. They are just practical ladies selling a product. Ramonja is all one big marketing act. Lulu’s entire life is an act. That only leaves Aviva – who truly, probably had issues with Sonja over Harry – but because there wasn’t anything else to put on film got her nonsense fight with Ramona dragged out over way to many episodes.
      Miami – all seems pretty fake to me so far. Maybe the Lea-Marysol conflict is real. Anything with Adriana in it seems extraordinarily set up and contrived.

    • AZGirl says:

      I agree with you Windy about NJ being the hardest to watch. Seeing how the Guiduce and Gorga’s kids and parents are effected by the family fight is heartbreaking for me. I like Teresa and Joey’s kids when they are playing together. It is obvious that they all get along and enjoy each other’s company. Too bad their parents can’t get it together.
      On the otherhand the Manzo’s and Caroline treatment of her daughter is also painful.
      Finally, Jac son Nic’s autism. wow.

  14. Rebecca says:

    If Bravo had to get rid of just ONE New Jersey housewife to make the show more watchable, which would it be?

    • mrs. peabody says:

      I vote Melissa!

    • plainviewsue says:

      Now that is a great question! I go back and forth. I am going to say Caroline, cos she really is the puppeteer. It would be interesting to see Jac without Caroline. Also, we wouldn’t have to see her children anymore.

      I’m still not a fan of Lulu’s, but I did find her almost bearable this season without Jill.

      I really think that Jac misses her friendship with Teresa, but cant go back.

      • I agree Caroline. Although if T is done with the rest of them – they’ll have to add a few more to make it interesting. Somehow I don’t see T beginning to try again after this last year.

        • disgrazia4 says:

          Absolutely Caroline. She wants to control everyone else’s opinions and actions. She wants to control the storyline. She is focused in on Teresa trying to turn her into the Danielle that must go. Caro Caro Caro, you must go. You’ve no storyline of your own and your children (GROWN!!) are obnoxious. Also, your manipulations bleed into real life to have nasty negative longterm effects.

    • Sasha says:

      I can watch any of them. If there were salary cuts and someone had to go then I would choose Kathy.

    • AZGirl says:

      Good question. I would have to say Caroline. I just want to stop watching her verbally abuse Lauren.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Excellent question! I’d get rid of Melissa/Joey. The Manzo/laurita crew I would just skip because I am done with them! Bravo has an interesting dilemma ahead – how to save their flagship franchise.

      • Powell says:

        WCW what are T & Kathy gonna talk about & Kathy’s sis is so pissed at T for commenting on her dad?

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Caroline needs to go. She’s so depressing to watch. The only time there was animation and joy in her face was when her manipulations worked.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      For sheer entertainment and/or “interesting” value, I’d say Kathy because I just find her to be such a SNOOZEFEST.

      However, I must use my head and think logically. I always thinks it’s best to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. So, I think I’d get rid of Caroline. That way I could kill 7 birds (Caroline, Albert, Albie, Chris, Lauren, Greg & Vito — even though I actually kinda like Albie at times, and I have absolutely NO problem with Vito….ah, well, there’s always some collateral damage when it comes to these things. *Shrug*) with 1 stone.

  15. Stephiebar.. I must correct you on the statement about Joe’s license…

    ******* Joe didn’t get away with passing as his brother to the DMV, does T think the viewers are that stupid?******

    He INDEED did get away with passing as his brother to the DMV.. He walked out of the office with the “fraudulent” license in hand… If it wasn’t for the fact that his brother got pulled over for a driving infraction…he may not have ever been caught and charged..

    Per the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office, the 40-year-old Giudice faces one count of wrongfully using identifying information and another count of impersonation after he unlawfully used his brother Pietro’s personal documents in June 2010 to acquire a driver’s license at the Paterson, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Office.
    At the time, the reality star’s own license was suspended after a DUI and remains so.
    Giudice found himself on the receiving end of the accusations after his sibling was pulled over during a routine traffic stop and officers ran his license through a mobile data terminal only to find Joe’s mug pop up in his place. Further investigation revealed Giudice applied for the license using Pietro’s marriage and birth certificates and he was arrested in March.
    The first charge of wrongfully using identifying information carries a maximum of 10 years in prison while the second charge of impersonation is punishable by up to 18 months.


    • Diva – whatever happened to the rest of their legal stuff. Can you give me a recap. Wasn’t there a bunch of lying in affidavits for the bankruptcy etc. Is that all settled. And are they paying off the debt?

      • NMD..the last i heard about the BK case..that is still has not been heard yet…The IRS is NOT through with them with regards to the false filing of income taxes..I ‘heard” thru the grapevine that the GOV is looking into the monies Joe collected from the section 8 housing..
        the guidices are far from being off the hook for all the crap they pulled.. JMHO … I think tre stays with him because they EACH have secrets about each others dealings and joe knows it and does what he wants knowing full well tre cant say a word about it… just as all of Jacs and Chris L stuff is FINALLY coming to the will all of tre and joes….Oh well..too bad…I dont see the Courts granting the BK for the fact that tre has shown she has the ability to make money….In my eyes… they need to pay for the services that were rendered to them..not be given a clean slate…


        • Lisa Renee says:

          Hi Diva, got your ESPN message, Talladega all weekend whoo hoo. What I want to know is how Pietro was not charged with some type of collusion for the DL debacle. My guess Joe had to swear out an affidavit that claims he stole his brothers paperwork. It would have worked except Pietro & Joe forgot that pesky fact that we weren’t made with a finger. Common sense & all that good stuff lol. Been keepin an eye out for Mr. Fords echo results, always sending good thoughts. Was talking about you the other day. Hubs lost his job (no work) & said maybe I can get a job holding up signs on the sidewalk for stores. Of course I had to tell him all about you & how happy you were to get the job & got to be a hero to boot to express it may not be as boring as you may think. It really showed me that despite whatever $$ I have to take care of us He refuses to be a mook who brings nothing to the table but to put his feet under it. All the best to you & your family, keep that red folder handy as we head into HWBH lol, Lisa

          • disgrazia4 says:

            Such a great post! I wish you both well. Money is tight for so many, including us down here. And, oh Lordy, I do remember that red folder, LOL!

          • Powell says:

            Oh Lisa I’m sorry your husband lost his job. I know what that’s like. I hope your,family is ok. Tell your husband to keep his head up. It’s going to turn around. I’ll send up a pray for him & your family.

            • Lisa Renee says:

              Thanks Powell & disgrazia, such new territory for us after 15 years. Thanks for the good thoughts. You never think it could happen to you. Because of his certifications & experience he was the highest paid & the first to be let go. Now he says he wants to go work in LA on an oil rig, 10 days on 10 days off. He is also enamored with going to Alaska to suck up gold off the floor of the ocean, he is also a Master Diver. Dam TV shows lol. I told him I will support him being gone but he could have waited till I was twisted with him so my response would be “I’ll pack your bags”! Lisa

              • Powell says:

                Lisa in no way am I making light of your situation w/what I’m going to say, I just want to make you both laugh even if it’s for 5 minutes. 🙂 With the oil & Alaska your husband has discussed & you mentioning tv maybe he should try out for the show “Billy the Exterminator” which is in LA & be Billy’s apprentice or “The Deadliest Catch” in Alaska. There’s adventure in both & hey you’ll get invited to the Emmy’s in the “Reality TV” category & be able to shake Andy Cohen’s hand. 😉

                • Lisa Renee says:

                  Powell, too dam funny thanks. I’m a believer if your not laughing your crying so I’m open to all suggestions. I knew he was losing it when seeking employment based on his favorite TV programs. I just keep telling him, great idea hon, while goggling how to Baker Act a loved one. This town is dried up & he is outta here. He applied for a special credential you need to work on an oil rig, he meets their criteria, so he is sincere. If all his dreams come true & we get to the emmy’s I am skipping Andy & headed straight for Brandi. I will not be getting my outfit from Posh 🙂 Lisa

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    “googling how to Baker Act a loved one”

                    That sh*t was hilarious.

                    There’s tons of that type of work in Louisiana, Lisa — probably in Texas too.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Dear Lisa Renee: My husband was laid off the last week of June 2012. I can really relate to what you must be feeling. First, I am sorry this happened to him. My unsolicited advice: Please hang in there, come in here for a laugh, forgive yourself when you’re not in the best of moods and pray, pray, pray. Take care of yourself and know you are not alone.

            • Lisa Renee says:

              Thanks doll, I too am sorry for everyone going through this & wish I was alone, but nobody seems exempt anymore. I am still kind of shocked. He is so worried about everything you & your husband are worrying about. Thanks for the advice, I will take all I can get. Lisa

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Oh, Lisa! (((Lisa Renee))) I’ll be sending prayers and good wishes to you and your family.

            • Lisa Renee says:

              Detox, hey girl, hey! Thanks for the prayers & good wishes. I was worried about you there for a few days, glad you are on the mend. I was reading everyday. I pictured you tall while sporting some really big earrings with a scarf all nubian princess like. I laughed about you being afraid of breaking your neck on a snuggie. As another shorty I love my snuggie, but my family was freaked I was going to break my neck also. So I got out my favorite sewing tool, the stapler and hemmed it. Momz got out her favorite tool, pinking shears & cut it to my height. Mom then took the scraps & made me a belt with fringe on the ends hahaha. A snuggie with a belt……best combo ever. Loving your BBW blogs so much. Delusion, thy name is Jackie. Look forward to reading more, Lisa

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                ROFL. A Snuggie with a BELT!!!

                Now, THAT takes some ingenuity! Why didn’t I think of that?

                No, picture me SHORT (5 feet even), with my hair either Mariah Carey curly with HUGE hoop earrings, or Mariah Carey straight with HUGE hoop earrings or a headscarf tied just in the front with HUGE hoop earrings, and you GOT me.

                I WISH I were TALL and Nubian-Princess-Like. Instead, I’m short and firecracker/pistol-Li’l Mama-like. LOL. 😉

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Oh yeah, thanks for the compliments about my BBW blogs. I didn’t think anybody read them.

                Jackie is N-U-T-S!!

                • Lisa Renee says:

                  Detox, I will adjust your height in my head but I am sticking with nubian princess. I saw Aida on broadway with Heather Headly who was costumed with the hugest earrings & I have attached that image to you 🙂 BTW, her solo CD is amazing. Baby makin music not heard since Anita Baker lol. I look forward to your BBW blogs every week. As per my bass ackward way of watching these shows I read the blog & comments & then I watch. I am always rewinding, like I said I am mesmorized by those dam earrings & miss what is being said. I read gloria’s gagootz bumped uglies with Laura’s man. Since you have the real good gossip, have you heard this & is that why they just started speaking again? I read they had major falling out but no clue why. So far Draya is my favorite.

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    Yes, I have heard this, but I’m not sure how true it is. In fact, it was JACKIE who revealed this tidbit of information MORE THAN ONCE when she was under fire during a couple of the episodes last season.

                    She also said it again at the Reunion.

                    Because Laura’s fiance’ had a gag order on her and the show preventing any mention of his NAME, it was bleeped out whenever Jackie said it.

                    The urban blogs, however, basically spilled that Jackie was saying that Gloria slept with Laura’s man (Gilbert Arenas).

                    Draya and Malaysia are my favorites. I don’t know WHY, but for some STRANGE reason, I’m liking Bambi (even though something tells me that I should NOT like her. I’ve always been a sucker for someone who can make me LAUGH, though).

                    Heather Headley is gorgeous, and you should see her husband. He’s a hottie.

                    I look ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like Heather, though. I’ve been called “Li’l J-Lo” b/c some people think we look similar. I’ve also been told that I look like a lighter version of that singer/actress Christina Milian. Google her.

                    I WISH I looked like either one. I can see the Christina Milian comparison more than the J-Lo one because, thanks to braces, my SMILE is similar (but that’s about it, IMO).

    • Stephiebar says:

      thanks 😉 Like I said, no poblems with ppl correcting or shreadding my opinions – just upset that anyone thought my blog seemed to have an issue with migration – I love multiculturalism, ppl willing to take a risk and I’m not materialistic…. I just thought T was – which isn’t a BAD BAD thing, but it is when you’re doing BAD BAD things for the materials….

  16. nohausfrau says:

    Happy Saturday Everyone! Love politics free and No Stress Zone. NMD you are doing such a great job!

    Great job Stephiebar and MTH defending your viewpoint. I don’t hate Tre. I don’t even know her, but I don’t like her TV persona. I think they all have their own truth which may not be reality but Tre’s is so far out there and her absolute refusal to accept any responsibility for anything is too much for me.
    Off to enjoy this beautiful Autumn day with my best grrrrl Mishka.

  17. Sasha says:

    Stephiebar, I do think that Jac is allowed a pass. I don’t find her crazy or whatever else she gets called. Just an emotional being in my opinion.

    I can also say that I agreed with everything that you typed. I refuse to put any effort into hating anyone on NJ but I will call out bad behavior when I see it. I’m not giving anyone a pass but I do think our girl Teresa has shown more than her share. It is what it is and such is life.

    I have never believed this theory on Kathy and Mel wanting to be on the show to bring Teresa down. Oh, I ‘m sure that’s what Bravo wanted but I think it’s all about the being on TV and self promotion. I really haven’t seen any official taking down of anyone anyway. This show didn’t destroy this family. It was jacked up long before that so I can understand the you do you and I will do me attitude.

    I don’t even think that the ladies of the show are Teresa’s biggest problem. Her biggest issue sleeps next to her each night when he’s not in his own room.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I never believed the Godfather/Scarface type tape existed. Audition tape… of course. Promising to take Tre down, nope. The Gorgas are a funny young couple who are in love and already had their storyline was Tre was dead set against them joining. Hated her SIL and the feeling was mutual.

    • mkvalle says:

      Thank you Sasha, I agree with all you said, including Teresa’s biggest problem.

    • Powell says:

      Stephibar & Sasha I don’t give Jac a pass. I am very sorry for Nicholas’ condition & what lies ahead for their family. But Jac says she’s mad at T for not being there for her. I believe T sympathized & listened as much as T can cause after all T is selfish & it’s all about her & how her ,family is doing this or that to her, wah, wah, wah. But remember the mag covers? “I’m afraid to be poor, Teresa loses her home”, etc. Jac asked T about it, but she didn’t want to discuss it, not really. Jac said T said everything’s ok, she just wants to show her girls she’s happy. Well that tells you right there that T doesn’t like discussinganything to deep. Also remember Jac didn’t discuss Nicholas’ diagnosis on tv so for her to yell at T about something the viewer wasn’t privy to is unfair to us cause it didn’t do anything but confuse the hell out of me. And last Jac “is done with Teresa”. I’m so tired of hearing these HWs usr JZs line, “I’m done”, although it is a good one cause I’m going to be done next season if they don’t get rid of some of these wackadoos, Bs word. :-). If Jac is done & Caroline says she is too, then why is Jac incessantly tweeting and text about someone she hates & is “done” with? Jac and Chris say she is online a lot doing research concerning Nicholas but she seems to be spending time online on T.

    • Stephiebar says:

      Agree re her biggest issue being her husband… and agree that everyone should lay off Jax a bit, she is highly emotional (with good reason right now), and didn’t have a clue that she would have such a huge family crisis played out on reality tv, right or wrong, give her a pass; I gave T one with Danielle & she instigated a lot that went down there..

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Everyone should lay off Jax? When Jacqueline gets off of bravo and off of my t.v., off of twitter and out of the magazines, I will lay off of her in every way shape and form. When that happens she will be a private citizen with the dignity to keep her business private and I will most certainly respect her privacy.

  18. MamaZ says:

    I liked getting both views on Teresa.

    Stephie – Thank you for not taking the “Teresa is the spawn of Satan and everything she does is evil” approach. I agree with a lot of what you said about her both good and bad. I still maintain though that Teresa is no different than the other women on the show. So I’m baffled as to why they are presented as victims and Teresa as the bad guy.

    And MTH, thank you, at the end of the day for us it’s just a tv show!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


    • Stephiebar says:

      Every Housewives show has a villian – I just wish T would embrace her edit; it would turn the dark into the HILARIOUS! A bit like Ramona on NY 😉

  19. contessa says:

    To Steph and Mel,
    Great blogs about NJ…gives two very unique views. I appeciate this and hopefully all the good thoughts will stay with all of us through part 2 of the reunion. In the end they all go to the bank and cash those checks, because it is a tv program for entertainment and Bravo edits it to show everyone at their worst. My biggest complaint is Caroline, I really dislike her (not hate). I think she is very manipulative, mean and nasty. I am a Tre supporter, but Caroline bugs me the most of all the NJ women. She comes across as condescending…I don’t like you until I like you – what kind of crap is that. I and most people I know look at every new person with an open mind. There are many more instances of Carolines behavior over the seasons. I think in S1 she was out to destroy Danielle, and I felt sorry for Danielle because of same. Yes, Danielle seems to be a little off, but what she did 20 years ago has no bearing on who she is today. I think the entire issue on NJ is simple jealousy…Tre took advantage of the opportunities the show gave her from the beginning and has totally branded herself. She that certain “it” quality that people like, and you can see it in her appearances. Part 2 should be interesting.

  20. Lisa Renee says:

    Good morning everyone, thanks for all the replys to my post yesterday, it is GREATLY appreciated. The blog this morning was another homerun!! NMD, luv luv luv all the new features & high five for for the politic free zone. RamonaCoaster, your voice is coming thru loud & clear & hoping for more… thanks for taking the hit & reading the blogs, I can’t stomach them anymore. Carol’s were so clever when the season started, towards the end not so much.
    StephieBar & MTH, I loved reading both takes. Reminds me of Point/Counterpoint from SNL. So which one is Jane the ignorant slut-just kidding, ain’t I funny?? I see both sides & both were written so well it made for a great read. I am “Pro T” for lack of a better term. I give props to anyone who can be so publicly humiliated & keep smiling like she doesn’t have a care in the world while we know she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. T has moxy & I applaud it. JoeGu is a pig but he is her pig to ride or die with, I am grateful its not my husband looking at jail time & calling me vile names on TV. His no nonsense “who gives a crap” response to everything is hilarious & works for them.
    As far as who lies & who doesn’t, why and when, it can never be resolved. We are asked as viewers to ignore a factual timeline by Bravo & TPTB. Since these conflicts arose from lies & time manipulations can we really expect truthyness from the ladies. Can’t be done. Their hands & tounges are literally tied by Bravo. For everything we think we know I am guessing there is more we will never know. I do agree with MTH/Jeff that hate is a wasted emotion. I prefer the word frustrating. These woman (ala danielle) frustrate the hell outta me, but it starts at the top with Bravo & CandyassAndy. T does entertain me on so many different levels, especially her kids. Jacq on the other hand brings nothing to the table for me. Wacky sits so indignant declaring her bankruptcy is soooo different from T’s. That to me is frustrating & plain old fashioned BS. The hypocrisy on all sides, again, FF (phuckin frustrating). My one fantasy is to run into Crapoline to tell her no matter how many times she says Al was fired because there was confusion about there being a vaible living space above the brownstone is crap. Al was fired for declaring that apartment his primary residence, his real zipcode made him ineligible for the position. The 20 years they enjoyed top notch health insurance as a result of fraud is FF. The Govenor knows your name & not for your altruism but for your fraud. How dare this family sit in judgement of T or anyone. Hope everyone has a great day. My best to all of you, Lisa

    • Powell says:

      Lisa I only have two thumbs but I’m giving you four thumbs up. Can any of them spell hypocrisy?

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Hi Powell, I am laughing my ass off about the spelling of hypocrisy. I thought I got it wrong. I am the worlds worst speller. Asking me to spell something is like asking Helen Kellar to pick a color. No clue if they can spell it, my hope is they can read it! Thanks for the 4 thumbs up 🙂 Lisa

    • contessa says:

      Crapoline – hysterical – love it. I am glad that you brought up the bankruptcies, because Jaq’ s is pretty awful (people in glass houses should not throw stones). Crapoline & Al lying about the restaurant being his primary residence and Al holding office with that lie is criminal. No one has thrown that into her face.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Hi Contessa, IIRC Andy did ask Craps something along the lines of what happen with Al? Like it was no BFD. No flashbacks, no great detail leading up to inquiry, no newspaper headlines shown. She replied it was because “they” (Gov. Christie, city council cleaning house) did not believe there was a “real” living quarter. It was just a huge misunderstanding, no harm no foul type of response. Andy never pressed her on the Govenor calling Al out for fraud & allowed a white wash answer not seen since Tom Sawyer. Lisa

    • Love your post Lisa, Crapoline is perfect! When Andy asks Crapoline about Al’s water board position fraud then I will be wearing a smile. In fact, why doesn’t Teresa bring it up? She never has, darn it. Now that would make a reunion interesting!

      Sorry about your husband, but he sounds like he isn’t going to be unemployed for long. (( Lisa ))

      • Lisa Renee says:

        BS1F, It kills me that T is not as quick as some of us. She has a ton of ammunition for comebacks for each & every one of them. Her inability to “think on her toes” & shut these women down is painful to watch. T has more education than me so I do not think she is stupid. Her special words & lack of quick wit IMO comes from not being well read. She may have been from patterson but she never learned to play the dozens.
        Thanks for the kind words about my hubs, Lisa

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Yeah, it’s too bad Teresa could not have picked up a friend or two in Patterson who could have schooled her on how to play the dozens! I swear I wish I could be allowed to talk to Teresa through an earpiece QUITE often!!

          • Wouldn’t that be great Detox? You could be telling her what to say, while she’s under fire at the reunion – now that would be some good sh*t you could tell Teresa to say back to that gang of 4!

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              She’d have to have bodyguards CLOSE by AT ALL TIMES if she parroted my words back to “The Furious Four.” 😀

  21. BB says:

    My two daughters are out of the house for a little while so I’m am checking in. Lol.

    I watch the housewife shows for entertainment. For New Jersey, Teresa is just more entertaining to me than the others. I like watching her and her kids on the show. I even think Joe is entertaining sometimes. So sue me. They are interesting to watch. To me, Jac is not interesting, Kathy is not interesting, Melissa is not interesting and watching Caroline and her entitled and lazy brood makes me almost comatose.

    For New York, replace Teresa’s family with Ramona and Sonja. To me they are entertaining. I also like to see how Heather runs things. People who are driven and good at business interest me, that’s why I always liked Bethenny. Carole is a little interesting, but if she left I wouldn’t be heartbroken. Aviva’s life doesn’t interest me and you could probably put a manikin of Lulu in the episodes and I wouldn’t notice the difference.

    I’ve never watched Miami and I don’t intend to start. Even I have a limit as to how much housewife drama I can take.

    Enjoy your day all!

  22. Powell says:

    I’m looking at DIY Network. Did anyone know that Joey Lawrence hosts a show called “That’s So 80’s”? It’s home decor from the 80’s. It comes on tonight 11pm Est. Woww!!

  23. ms molly says:

    MTH, great blog, I enjoyed it!! Hug the Hound for me!

  24. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Great blog NMD. Excellent blogs about Tre both pro and con. It was a she said/he said about the self-titled brunette Lucy with a Joisey accent and orange skin. 😉 Ignoring all her BK, fraud and grifting issues, these are my thoughts on Tre.

    I must say I never really got into Tre S1 or ANY of the HWs for that matter. The table flip did give Tre the notoriety that she yearned for and when she came back S2 she had the swagger and confidence that came with new found fame. As a good soldier for the ManzoMob she went after Danielle or ignored Danielle whatever the marching orders were. It was when Danielle struck her achille’s heel mentioning her house ‘going under’ foreclosure that she lost her marbles and became a raving lunatic at her now beloved PoscheFS. We now know Tre posesses a GorgaSwitch that once it’s pulled… there’s a blackout and rage will be displayed. It’s an inherited and admired trait in her family.

    When Tre stopped playing back-up singer to the Manzos and showed her true voice her co-stars pretty much lost their shit! Because Tre showed her aggressive side her star shot into the sky with the speed of many projects and endorsements. Her upbringing, proud and hard-working, along with her current financial position made her take every opportunity offered quickly. Not one to ponder on money-making ventures Tre jumped in while her castmates were taking their time thinking about how to cash in like Bethenny. Fifth fiddle no longer Tre was on her way and taking no prisoners… just leaving stunned and jealous castmates on the side of the road while she counted her money.

    Meanwhile, back at the mansion, we have Mel and JoeG. She wanted to be on S1 and didn’t get on. Does that mean just because Tre got the job that she could never re-apply again? If there was this massive company with great pay and benefits galore that was hiring, wouldn’t you continue to apply? I would. It doesn’t matter which family member was working there, it’s not about them, it’s about Me and My Family. Just like it would be about them and their family. When Mel joined I empathized with her as I too had a SIL who was horrible and manipulated her mom with stories about me. As the back-story came from both Mel and Tre we saw a picture of Tre as the jealous princess who didn’t like Mel because as a princess herself, Mel didn’t fall at her feet as the other girlfriends had in the past. (Much like me.) When marriage and children came the competition between the two increased. Both did dirty deeds, but it was Tre that had the final say as it was her parents and Mel was the outsider.

    We, the viewers/readers went on to find out that JoeGo had been subsidizing his parents living arrangements for years while Tre was the one to benefit from all of the free babysitting and support. While there was obvious disdain for Melissa, she wasn’t opposed to having her husband ‘support’ his parents while they ignored her children. This is where my family dynamics continue to shape my thoughts on Tre. My older RealSister had always manipulated my RealMom and made it hard for my middle RealSister to get the same attention for her children. While the older one had her children babysat for free, the middle one paid handsomely but was told she had to find alternate care when the oldest sister threatened to take her kids to daycare. While my middle sister was able to bring the first and only granddaughter to the family, the oldest sister wanted her ignored as she tried to again to have her own daughter but had another boy. I guess it is my own life experiences that have given me more insight to Tre and made me dislike her. Typical that I WOULD read between the lines and get the story that brings it back to ME! LOL

    • Very well stated Amber..Real Wife..Kudos to you
      and I hear you about sisters and kids…WOW..they really know how to USE the kids to get at you..My ‘bad” sister is on a roll now..her daughter just had a daughter and she’s rubbing it in our faces that SHE is carrying on the 4 generations of girls in the family… We will hear about this for the rest of our lives….I have not spoke to her in over a year and dont regret it all…..when this DIVA says she’s DONE..she means it….LOL

      Hugs and peace

    • Sasha says:

      Amber, I totally agree with you.

  25. WindyCityWondering says:

    While RHNJ does use children to an uncomfortable level for storylines – does anyone believe an autism platform belongs on RHNJ?

    • WCW… No it does not..especially in light of how the past seasons have been portrayed. The lauritas need to call it a day with this show and get down to business dealing with ALL the things they have on their plate right now…Nic does not have a say in this matter and jac I feel is not in the right frame of mind to be using him for a “storyline”……

    • princesspindy says:

      I was thinking about this the other day WCW as I was ranting in my head while cleaning my bathroom. When I got the diagnosis for my son is was like the puzzle had come together. I did all the research I could, and this was years ago so it wasn’t “out there” as much. I can remember my neighbor suspiciously saying to me, “But isn’t that really rare.” as if I was just making excuses for my son. (THAT BITCH, sorry, had to let it out) Anyhoo, I was thinking that the very LAST person (after Jenny McCarthy) that I would take any advice from or set up as any kind of “face of” is Jac! She needs to RETREAT and isolate herself and develop a support system that does not include the world of Twitter, Bravo, and the phucking World Wide Web!!! AND in my personal opinion, she needs to STFU and STFD and get her own house (maybe soon to be an apartment) in order.
      I’m Princess Pindy and I approve this message. (opps that is only for the new political page)

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I’m Princess Pindy and I approve this message.
        ((( Pindy ))) And no panties were bunched? Cute anyway and I’m sorry for the family trials you’ve been faced with. All I can say is that it’s a great thing you’re as strong as you are.

        • princesspindy says:

          That’s the funny thing LME, I don’t consider myself strong, I consider myself very weak, lol. It took my daughter to point out to me a few years ago “look at all you’ve been through, any 1 of those things have left other people curled up in a corner.” It gave me a new perspective on it but the corner looks very inviting!!!!

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hi Windy, For the most part I have remained silent about this topic. One, I have no first hand experience & second, I loathe to judge anyones parenting skills or lack of. I am conflicted about it being on TV for fear it will be used as a way to excuse poor adult behavior. Also, from what I have learned from the parents on this board, both Chris & Jacq are still using the verbage cure/heal/overcome, is not realistic or responsible. I still wonder about the “person” who told Chris that her childs autisim “improved” from Black Water. So I guess because of the people involved this is not the best forum for autisim awareness. I will say this Jacq & her habits, actions & agenda do not resemble PP or RR (and alot more) as moms whose child has any type of extra needs. Lisa

      • Nancy says:

        This is what I don’t get. One of our cats came down with cancer and the treatment was
        very expensive. I would have sold my cello to come up with the money if I had to.
        Why did Jacq and Chris sit there for 8 mons knowing how important it was for early treatment when they could have sold their house, or borrow the money from Caroline?

        • Eve says:

          I hope they don’t make autism a storyline….esp since I do not believe that Chris and Jac make good role models for other parents. They may be nice people and devoted to their children but when I read her comments about her autistic son it makes me uneasy. I don’t think she is doing all she can for him. She grieves over him instead of embrace and move forward. I read something where she just recently started to learn sign language to communicate with her son. That is long overdue. I just really hope this doesn’t become her claim to fame.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Eve, I understand what you’re saying, and maybe I’m too much of a Pollyanna, but maybe this storyline will turn Jacqueline into a decent mother. Hope springs eternal. If she is truly learning sign language, that’s cool. But I wonder, doesn’t he have to learn it, too? Wow, it does boggle the mind what lies ahead for her and for her sweet little guy. I have never liked her, but I have hope for her. I hope this changes her; as stubborn as she is I just have to believe that her love for that child will break her stubbornness and self-centeredness.

          • Winston says:

            I completely agree with you Eve that Jac grieves instead of embraces her son’s condition. I feel bad for her son because of this. Instead of focusing on the positive things, she seems to be dwelling on the negatives. She fails to realize that how she reacts to her son sets the precedent for how all will react to him. I was actually quite shocked to see her crying uncontrollably at the reunion over her son. It was not a proud moment in my opinion. Instead of falling to pieces she needs to pull herself together and be a steadfast example that her children can be proud. No doubt she deserves to mourn but it seems to me it has been quite a while since his diagnosis and she doesn’t seem to be handling it very well.

            • zanne says:

              My brother adopted a child with down’s. By the time he was two the could sign that he wanted a drink, but could tell you if he wanted juice, water, milk. And so on with all of the other natural things kids could do. They lived in Salt Lake City and taught the child to walk on snow shoes – then he could walk. They have worked with this child every day of his life and still are. He is now 32 years old and no he cannot take care of himself. He knows how to drive and could get a license, but my brother will not permit it because it just takes him to long to decide what needs to be done.

              I also have a grandson that has aspersters (sp?) He has been in normal public school and in now starting 10th grade. I have seen tons of improvement in him as they found something that really interested him Boy Scouts – his is a Life scout and working on his Eagle. But this has open so many different doors and you have so many topics you mustt learn to get the merit badges. Both his parents have become active in Scouts. (Son wrote a booklet for the boy scouts on how for troops to handle these kids.)

              Didn’t really mean to write a book, but having experience with these types of children I could not sit any longer and and not add my two cents. Funny story. I had Dusty, the Down’s child for 2 weeks one summer and decided one day we would go to the zoo. Dusty didn’t want to go until I said tigers and then he was ready. We got to the zoo and found the tigers and that is all he was going to see. He came to see them and their they were. Finally got him away with a ride on a camel. Hafta to use what is there.

  26. ramonacoaster says:

    Some people’s twitters have been hacked. Check your account. Also don’t click on any links on any DM’s..

    • lovemamaearth says:

      How do you check your account?

      • I got hacked. It was a DM (direct message) with a link that I clicked on and without thinking entered my password to “log in”. My account along with a few others that did the same thing then sent out DMs. So just don’t click on any links and ignore any DMs that seem generic. This one was something like “ha ha you have to see this …. link”

        So just check your direct messages and if everything looks okay you’re fine. If you do get hacked – change your password and the autothing can’t continue to sent things out from your account.

        • JustDee says:

          I haven’t been to Twitter but I had 2 email notices that I had DMs – one from Powell and one from Cathy Conner . Both had the same “ha ha” message and a link.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          OHHHHH thanks. That explains a lot.

  27. Birdwoman says:

    How old is Jacq’s son Nick now? What age did he get the diagnosis? I didn’t read the people magazine article…

    • Winston says:

      Her son is 3 years old now. Here is a quote from the People article regarding when they noticed something was wrong –
      “Nicholas began showing signs of the developmental disorder around the age of 18 months when his speech and motor skills were regressing and he wouldn’t respond to his name being called or notice people entering a room, People reported.”

  28. trudie says:

    Haven’t read all the comments yet, but I wanted to post this before I forgot: As a parent, I would just beam with pride if my son went on a television show and repeatedly announce to the viewing pubic that he needed to release his poison. What a proud day that would be for my family.

    • Birdwoman says:

      LOL! I know!!! My son is 5 and I am not a prude…but I would not want to know that. I would assume they are having sex anyway you don’t need to advertise it! 😉

    • mrs. peabody says:

      I’d crawl in a hole……..but that’s just me.

    • Sasha says:

      I hope it’s not the same day that they saw their son-in-law’s penis ring on television or saw their daughter humping him in plain view in a vineyard.

      • Birdwoman says:

        I think they all share way too much info. on their sex life.

      • trudie says:

        Funny Sasha, I actually thought the same thing a little while ago. Those poor parents must be wondering where they went wrong.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Funny Sasha…they are both tmi weirdos…they think they are charming or cute; when in reality most viewers feel their senses have been assaulted. (i know, I know, this from the woman who was contemplating the state of mind of crazy shit-house rats)

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      There is definately a hugh lack of respect and consideration for poison’s parents by both their only son and his lovely wifely. Sadly, there are no children on the Marco side of the family that will be growing up with Joey’s kids – they robbed them of that too.

    • princesspindy says:

      And as a child how proud I would be to know that my Daddy considers me to be the product of his poison. Oh how fun High School is going to be for me!!

    • I don’t know how any of the kids survive the humiliation their parents bring to them.

    • Nancy says:

      I remembered when Joshua Bell did this. We were talking about it in orchesra a lot.
      Some were even making bets. How sad were the results. The Arts in this country are slipping. Music in the school system are the first to get cut. It’s a shame if you ask me.

      Thank-you for the link. That was verey nice of you. 🙂

    • Sasha says:

      Sometimes we don’t see what we need to see in this busy world.

  29. Joymama says:

    Is it me or is Kathy starting to look more like Tre? Dark hair, boob job, more make up, nose job and fillers.

    • Nancy says:

      I thought she was pretty the way she use to look like. I feel sorry for her now.
      This “fame” thing sure destroys some people.

      • Birdwoman says:

        Yes it does. There is a lot of pressure to look ‘perfect’ by society standards. I think that is probably a part of Lauren’s issue with her body and why she feels ugly. Even Jacq talks about how she hates the way she looks. The pressure to look a certain way in the public eye is pretty big.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Yes, Birdwoman, I remember (on the RV trip) Jacqueline saying that she was not going to wear a swimsuit with her “fat body” and then the camera zoomed out and she was walking on the beach and looked gorgeous and her body looked great. I’ve never cared for her, but she is a beautiful lady.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Nancy, I so agree with that. It’s like when Roseanne Barr on her show & her family won the lottery. The first thing she declared was that she was getting a ton of plastic surgery. Kind of a wink to all of us about all the work she already did. Lisa

    • chismosa says:

      Did Tre get a nose job? To me it seems she has the same nose. How does Kathy look more like Tre if her hair is lighter? Or were you being sarcastic? Sorry sometimes I don’t catch the sarcasm that quickly I hadn’t realized anyone who got a nose job or boobs on the show related to Tre is automatically going to look like Tre. But I forgot Tre owns the eyeshadow and makeup pallete. (Despite Andy proving Melissa’s point that night on WWH). 😉

      • joymama says:

        I wasn’t being sarcastic (this time). The pictures posted show Kathy with more boobage than I’ve seen before and her hair is darker.

        I agree with others that say they all change their appearance after season one.

        I was a lurker on Lynn’s blog before, maybe posted once or twice but I am so thankful to you all for continuing that I plan to be a bit more active.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Katfish admitted that she was trying to regain her youthful looks. Tre is younger. So …yah…I guess she is trying to be more like Teresa in that Tre is younger. Kathy is also now a spokesperson for the Plastic Surgeon (according to the SH blog).

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I BET she could get a whole LOT more money being a spokesperson for Massengill or Summer’s Eve. She should give ’em a call.

        Who cares if Richie was edited? She needs to make “hay while the sun is shinin’ “!! I mean, one never knows when they might not be asked back to the show. Use the platform to make some dough while you CAN, Kath!

        Go on ahead, Kathy, give ’em a call. Filming the commercials would probably be FUN (and you’d get paid). They’d probably show you riding a horse on sand near the ocean or just walking with a cool breeze blowing near the beach on a tropical island (giving the subliminal message that you are now, due the use of the product, as clean and fresh as a tropical breeze).

        Maybe you could even talk them into doing some type of cross-promotion with your cannoli kits.

        One slogan could be: Here is a CANNOLI kit for YOU….AND a KIT for your CANNOLI (if you catch my drift)!! Enjoy the nice, comfy feeling you will get from BOTH products. Buy TODAY before our offer ends!!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          LOL!!! oH, I catch your drift. So funny. If I got that kit for my cannoli, I would never eggmit it.

  30. Eve says:

    I really believe that all the women just want T to apologize for having become a success with what she has. They hate it. So over all this silly stuff that they women bring up…….what they really want is for her to admit she was damn lucky to become this big.
    I also think its ok for Teresa to have complained to her friends about M and K. Doesn’t everyone do that at one point or another….whether its about friends looks, homes, dress, husband stories etc. You can’t tell me that M didn’t do that ad naseum with her sisters or K and Richie with each other and Rosie. What stinks is that C and J now are disclosing all the bitchy things T said venting to friends. I think that is more revealing about C and J and not Teresa.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I agree with you Eve, it makes C and J even more distasteful. Anyone watching what they’re doing can’t think it’s ok, because we’ve all been there. Said something to a friend and of course counted on unspoken bond of true friendship that: I can tell you stuff and you won’t betray me. You can tell me stuff and I will not betray you.

      • Birdwoman says:

        I have complained about my in-laws and my family to my friends a lot and my friends have done the same. I would never think of exposing them like that even if our friendship went south. That whole argument is stupid because we know Melissa and Kathy have done the same thing.
        Now about Jacq complaining that Teresa is talking about her to their mutual friends. So what? What does Jacq expect? Teresa played this much better than Jacq. If she was talking about Jacq. she did it off the air, off of twitter and most of the time off of the blogs. If I was Teresa I would find out who was telling Jacq stuff and stop venting to them.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


        • Powell says:

          If I was T I wouldn’t speak to any if them ever again.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Being old I’m going to warn people not to say never. That seems to be a bullet to the Universe to “test me on this claim” and she often does. From all I’ve seen this family stuff has been building up not all done at once. So tit for tat is a very human reaction. ❣(º♥◡♥º)❣

    • Nancy says:

      Isn’t that the truth.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      ITA – the rules are different for Teresa and everything they say and do proves the double standard. They can attack, go into areas that are clearly none of their business and she is supposed to sit there and take it. It got old and they got too toxic.

    • trudie says:

      If my friends ever tell my sister in law all the things I have bitched about over the years, I am a dead woman. To me, it is perfectly normal to vent to friends about everything, including your relatives. Where else are you going to turn?

      • ATLnNYC09 says:

        Aint that the truth. Thats what friends are for. Jac especially is in no position to talk about anyone’s secrets seeing how much she gossips on the show. This is probably why Teresa stopped telling her close and personal information. Jac cant keep a secret to save her own life.

  31. Powell says:

    Detox I thought the same thing about Ozzie before their show too. Also Dee Snider of Twisted Sister.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Oh yeah, Dee Snider is ANOTHER one! Good point. He and his wife have been together forever, and he’s a real family man. I think I realized that when I saw an episode of him and his family on “Celebrity Wife Swap.” I can’t remember who he did the swap with. I think he may have swapped wives with Flavor Flav.

      • disgrazia4 says:

        Yes, it was Flavor Flav’s wife and Dee’s wife had quite the time trying to get him to shut out the outside world for more time with his family. Flav’s wife had to get the fmilt to pitch in and help her around the house more, IIRC.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Flav’s wife was a real LAZY-ASS from what I could recall. I think her Mom basically did everything for her and her kids. All she basically did was read self-help books. Getting a job never even seemed to occur to her. Being an actual housewife and mother that cleaned her own damned house or mothered her own damned child never seemed to occur to her either. Her MOM did all that. Even Flavor Flav handled SOME parenting duties as HE was the one who made sure to cook breakfast for the kid every morning.

          Outside of reading self-help books, all Flav’s wife did was GAMBLE!! I was like….”This woman is USELESS. I guess she figures that she deserves to live the life of Reilly simply for having to have sex with Flav’s ugly ass.” (I do like Flav’s personality, but….Ummm…let’s face it: he’s UGLY).

          Dee Snider’s wife was GREAT. She was an excellent Mom and wife who took care of her home and kids and husband beautifully. She also did lots of handiwork like a man. And she even COOKED for her family. Imagine that!!

          Flav’s mother-in-law probably DIED shortly after the show (from being WORKED TO DEATH by her LAZY-ASS daughter).

  32. Eastbayca says:

    Doesn’t Adiva remember using the word “bully” in regards to Ramona?

    Fan: @AvivaDrescher I am so over Ramona. “Bully?” Bullying is a serious issue and she uses it like candy. She sounds just like Jill. @mccordalex
    Adiva: True. She does dilute its meaning and the cause with her reckless use of words.
    Alex: I hate the use of the word “bully” in reality TV. By anyone, friend or otherwise.
    Adiva: agreed Alex. I am guilty of many verbal infractions, I don’t think I used the word “bully”. Never will! Xox

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Aviva seems to have memory problems. In one of the first episodes, when she and Reid were having dinner with Heather and her husband, Aviva said, “One of the things Reid always says and by which we try to abide is, ‘Say what you mean, but don’t say it MEAN!”

      I guess, somehow, during the plane ride to St. Bart’s, she FORGOT about THAT — just like she forgot about calling Ramona a bully.

  33. ATLnNYC09 says:

    First the stripper accusations, now the shoplifting charge, boy that Melissa has alot of skeletons in her closet. She might want to be very care about who she tries to expose. Her past isnt exactly squeaky clean. I wonder what tid bit of information about Mel’s past will come to the light of day next?

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      According to Penny & Johnny’s own tweets and that Famewhoregas site, Penny & Johnny (owners of the salon where Teresa & Kim met Angelo) are no longer under some type of confidentiality clause they signed with BRAVO about what occurred during filming of the show in Season 4.

      They have hinted/indicated that, when it comes to all of Melissa’s skeletons, they are about to UNLEASH (“Release the KRACKEN!!!”).

      Who KNOWS what will come out next? It will be interesting to see.

    • Powell says:

      I bet she didn’t think about her age 18 crime she committed.

  34. ATLnNYC09 says:

    Regarding Sonja on RHONY: Does anyone else think that maybe she would get the settlement she requests if she stops bashing old man Morgan on national tv?

    • Nancy says:

      That crossed my mind as well. I wonder where all the anger is coming from re: him?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO – she hasn’t gotten her settlement because something else has been going on that is not being discussed either on or off the show. Mr Morgan is apparently paying his child support. Rich men don’t part with their money easily and at the end of the day as sad as it it – Sonja was a trophy wife.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I agree. I bet all of those Morgans (& Rockefellers, Duponts, etc.) have ironclad prenups and take every measure to avoid losing much of their fortune to poor marriage choices (or choices that seemed good at the time, before they got bored or decided to have an affair. *Shrug*).

        At the end of the day, I’m sure, when it comes to LOVE, for people with THAT kind of OLD money, it’s nothing PERSONAL…..just all BUSINESS.

      • Powell says:

        She hasn’t gotten her settlement because old money likes to leep ALL their money. it doesnt matter what they dicussed & promised before she became pregnant. he got an heir so he told her what she wanted to hear.

  35. ladyballs says:

    your piece was factually well-documented, fastidious, and a good read.

  36. WindyCityWondering says:

    Why is Heather twitter arguing with Alexis about whether or not she was fired, let go, decided not to return? If Alexis is not coming back then why is she talking about the coming season?

  37. trudie says:

    Calling MelTheHound: interview with Angie from Survivor:,,20636595,00.html

  38. Powell says:

    I’m watching Brides Maids. I love this movie! 🙂

  39. chismosa says:

    Anyone from team B here??? Zoey? Help, I’m pulling my hair out, I really wanted to read the blog today, I’m so sad. Help! Please I feel like such an outcast.

    I wish there was another blog with the mentality and openness and kindness of this blog, but with the 90/20% switched the other way. But nowhere is as nice as here

    • LaineyLainey says:

      HI Chismosa – I’m not anti-Tre, but I am here. Just wanted to say hi!!! Your comment made me smile. Hang in there, Chismy. 🙂

      • chismosa says:

        Thanks Lainey. I appreciate it. I hate when I have time to really sit and catch up with the blog and it’s one of the days I shouldn’t. Darn!

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Hi Chimosa, sorry you feel you got stuck alone on an island. If it helps I think they all have a nasty streak, T included. I think they all lie, T included 🙂 Lisa

          • chismosa says:

            thanks Lisa— honestly i hope they just get rid of the entire cast for next season. but i dont think that will happen. The producers will feel viewers will be salivating for more Teresa-centric drama. Plus of course, Caroline has nothing else to do for her kids’ careers. So…. i think it’s the end of the line for many of us and this franchise!

    • Tree showed a really mean side during the reunion and I don’t buy her ghostwriters’ explanation one little bit. Blubber by Judy Bloome? Seriously? That’s the best they could come up with?? I simply can not condone someone going after another person’s looks and weight like that. Not cool. Kathy was equally mean. Maybe even worse because it seemed calculated to get Tree to say something about her dad – so that it would set Rosie off.

      (Does that help? You’re not alone – I’m just so tired of all of them I don’t really care anymore!)

      • chismosa says:

        Thank NMD. I think i’m just not catching everyone of my “team members” tonight as it is a Saturday, maybe. But thank you, and also I have wanted to catch you to tell you thank you so very much for continuing on Lynn’s wonderful work. You wrote a post the other day that was so eloquent I was very moved. (Well all your blogs are good, as well as BB’s and everyone else contributing). I just post at odd times sometimes so I may not catch you to tell you but THANK YOU for everything!

  40. Powell says:

    The Hangover Part II is on. I haven’t seen this yet. Part I was hilarious!!

  41. Lady Chatterley says:

    Excellent blog, Stephie – thanks so much! Well-thought out, good reasoning, articulate – loved it. This was a great idea, NMD – we should do more of it.

  42. Powell says:

    I turned for a minute to see Couples Therapy & I’m soory if I’m being cynical but I don’t believe Alex & Simon. I like Alex & always have but those two love reality TV so right now I’m just not buying them being on the show. Why didn’t they got to therapy w/o the,cameras?

    • chismosa says:

      Powell I’m going to watch it later as I dvr’d it and I’m skeptical already, without having even watched it yet!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      See, I can be such a SUCKA at times. I actually FELL for Alex and Simon’s act (if they ARE acting).

      Speaking of “fell,” I know I should NOT say this, but I can’t wait to see Alex FALL (as in “bust her ass”) as she walks away from Simon in a huff after storming her way out of a swimming pool they are sitting in while arguing. I saw that in the clips showing what’s supposedly going to happen during the season. It was QUITE dramatic (I bet she even actually “TURNED RED”. It’s a good thing Kelly Bensimon won’t be there to tell her to STOP it!!).

      I also saw that the rapper, “Too Short” and his girlfriend (woman? baby mama? Who knows? And who cares? Evidently, MY ASS does because I will be front and center watching it AGAIN next week! *Shrug*) will be joining the show.

      I think it’s “Too Short” that will be getting married at the end. You could see a wedding in the clips, but you couldn’t tell who it was. It’s probably time for “Too Short’s” behind to settle down. My very first serious boyfriend used to BLAST “Too Short’s” RAPS when I was in college. I am 41. So, I’m pretty sure “Too Short” is at least MIDDLE-AGED as well (if not older). So, if it IS him that is getting married at the end of the season, he’s probably just waving the white flag and surrendering so that he can make an honest woman of somebody before he drops dead (Like Chris Rock said, “Women get MARRIED. Men don’t get MARRIED. We just finally wave the white flag and SURRENDER!!” LOL).

  43. Powell says:

    Hangover – “We had a sick night bitches”, “holla, city is squalla”. The guys are crazy. 🙂

    • That was a funny movie. Almost as good as the first one!

    • chismosa says:

      To me the first one was much much better but that Asian actor (he’s on Community also and is a doctor in real life!)- is SO HYSTERICAL I could watch an entire movie of him.

      Powell what has become my favorite comedy since Bridesmaids, which I even find funnier than Bridesmaids is the movie Ted which came out a few months ago, not yet out on DVD. My fave fave fave. Beyond beyond the funniest film of the past few years.

      FYI- for all the animal activists/ lovers out there, please know that the type of monkey on Hangover 2 also in the tv show Animal Practice, is a capuchin monkey and the entire situation of how it is being manipulated for Hollywood is so disgusting, you really should google it. Not abuse per se, but just shady stuff. Google if you’re interested. It is so so SO SAD.

  44. Some great football games today. Ohio St. & Nebraska are burning down the house, great game 🙂 Hope you’re watching Dame!

    Really really enjoyed (I mean, REALLY!) seeing Iowa State beat TCU. So sorry about your winning streak being broken TCU….NOT!

  45. looneylucy says:

    After a productive day, I’m relaxing by reading blogs and turned on the Bravo channel as nothing else caught my interest. RHONJ Reunion 1 is on and Lauren, while sparring with Teresa said, “my mother LET me get the lapband”. WTF? I missed a lot of the nuances of the twit the first time I watched her.

    What is Lauren 23-25? She should have accomplished much more in life by now. Her parents are to blame for enabling her, and I have a feeling she will never amount to much more than a hill of beans because she’s been coddled and will continue to be. Vito would be smart to run like hell.

    • chismosa says:

      i agree Looney (um, love your name)— and it goes even moreso for Caroline’s boys because they are the ones REALLY being coddled if you ask me. Caro does coddle Lauren too, but those boys– whoa. That is a whole other story

  46. mrs. peabody says:

    Well tonight is my big night, I’m finally going to do it, yep I’m going to watch part 1 of the NJ reunion…everyone wish me luck, hopefully I won’t pull my hair out or through something at my tv.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      DON’T DO IT!!!

    • mrs. peabody says:

      first commercial and I have a headache already. Caroline is a bitch big time, tried to talk over wacky but wacky just kept talking. That smirk on Melissa’s face tells me she is loving Teresa is already getting bashed. Wacky came there with a mission and that is to destroy Teresa and we’re only at the first commercial

      • melthehound says:

        With a very foul language warning, after you finish watching the show, check this out.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I want this woman to be my new B.F.F. She reminds me of several of my girlfriends (and myself. *Shrug*).

          • melthehound says:

            Then you won’t be insulted if I tell you that you’re the one I thought of when I saw this woman…

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              This made me HOWL!!

              Now, WHY did you think of ME when you saw her, MTH?

              Is it the straight-up, “I’m going to call all of these women out on their B.S.”, and explain exactly why I am not falling for their B.S. acts and their stories?

              Was it when she said, “Teresa makes the whole g*ddamn show. No Teresa. No Show. Get it through your heads, People??!!”

              Was it when she said, “Do I think all of these other women are jealous of Teresa? You bet your g*ddamn a*s I do!!”

              Or was it when she said about Kathy, “Kathy….you’se a SNEAKY ASS!!! You ain’t foolin’ ME one bit, Miss Kathy. SNEAKY BITCH! You might be foolin’ others, but you ain’t fooling ME! You’se a SNEAKY ASS!!!” (which is what I’ve been saying about her for a while now.). I see RIGHT THROUGH Miss Cannoli Fish (and all the rest of ’em too!).

              Or maybe it was just because she was crazy enough to talk to people while sitting in a closet. *Shrug*

      • mrs. peabody says:

        shoot me, caroline is an idiot. They just all over reacted to what Teresa said, she wasn’t trying to make this about her. CAroline’s an idiot

        • mrs. peabody says:

          I don’t think Lauren looks that different, she still has a round face, big boobs, her bottom half looks thinner but not that thin. She just does not have a body that is ever going to be thin like Melissa. Boy Lauren is both a BITCH AND AN IDIOT just like her mom. And I bet you money in 2 years that weight is going to all come back. She will never be able to keep it off.

      • chismosa says:

        Caroline talked like that back to when she had spiky haircut and was 20 lbs heavier in season 1. America loved her for ‘telling it like it is’. Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      DON’T DO IT!!!

      Walk away from the DARKNESS, Mrs. P.

      Go into the LIGHT instead…..Watch “The Hallmark Channel” and see if you can catch a good, wholesome episode of “Touched by An Angel” or “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.”

      If you believe in God, pull out your Bible instead and just read.

      However, if you INSIST on going into the DARKNESS (and watching) and AWAY from the LIGHT….try to find some sage to burn as you are watching to rid your house of the evil emanating from your t.v. screen.

      If that doesn’t work, have several STIFF drinks and call me in the morning!

      I will be watching Part 2 tomorrow night with some holy water and rosary beads. I will be flinging my holy water at the screen, and I’m going to say a rosary before and after the episode to deliver myself from the EVIL that is RHONJ.

  47. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Thank you everyone for your blogs. It was nice to read two contrasting pieces on the same person.

  48. LaineyLainey says:

    Finally read the blog. Ramonacoaster, loved it!! You ended with English Stilton (Stilted) cheese. I will have to experiment. So it’s a hallucinogenic cheese? LOL!!

  49. LaineyLainey says:

    I just read the Pro/Con Teresa blogs. Great job, MTH and StephieBar; it was nice to read the two opinions. It was especially nice that neither of you insulted those who might disagree with your opinion(s).

  50. Pghemtchick says:

    Brianna and Ryan’s baby!
    @RyanCulberson: Our little angel! @BrianaWolfsmith

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