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Joe Giudice‘s mistress has been identified as a 25 year old college student who he knows from work according to PerezHilton.  (I didn’t know he worked.)  Here’s a quote: “For a short, fat guy, Joe managed to get a real beauty. Chances are good that if Joe was just a regular guy who didn’t appear on a hit TV show, she would never have looked his way. She probably likes the fame he has, thanks to his wife.”  Sorry, this story doesn’t come with any fuzzy sasquatch pictures like the one yesterday, but you can read more here Read More Here

Melissa Gorga‘s outstanding warrant in an old shoplifting case has been dismissed.  This information was discovered by a tweeter (@stark3923) – although I’m sure the tabloids will soon pick it up not credit the source.  But we all know the fans are the ones finding out all of this information.  Follow @stark2923 on twitter if you want the latest scoop on Jersey.

chris stark‏@stark3923


Lifetime has announced that Dance Moms is renewed for a third season.  Twenty-six episodes this time.  I’m not sure the world is ready for 26 more episodes of Abby Lee Miller.

Slade Smiley‘s son Grayson underwent a serious procedure to reduce the size of his brain tumor.  Gretchen Rossi is asking for prayers for the little boy.  Read more here

An interview with Rosie Pierri – 45 minutes  – She talks about not knowing she was a lesbian until she was 22 and coming out on national TV.   At the 21 minute mark they begin to talk about the reunion and Rosie calls BS on some of the things Teresa said.  She also says that Kathy didn’t join the show to bash Teresa.  My sound cut out at 30 (old computer) so someone else can fill in the rest.  Warning- she drops a lot of f-bombs.   Video Here

Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars is returning.  From US online:  With the exception of Bret Michaels, the 14 contestants appearing on Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars have all been fired by Donald Trump. When the show returns for a thirteenth season in March, the former competitors will finally get a chance at redemption.

The entire cast, sans La Toya Jackson, 56, and Omarosa Manigault, 38, appeared on TODAY October 14 with Trump, 66. The other eleven returning contestants will be Lil’ Jon, 41, Lisa Rinna, 49, Dennis Rodman, 51, Claudia Jordan, 39, Trace Adkins, 50, Brande Roderick, 38, Penn Jillette, 57, Dee Snider, 57, Marilu Henner, 60, Stephen Baldwin, 46, and Gary Busey, 68.  Read more: Here


Real Housewives of Miami by NoMoreDrama

(MKValle is traveling this week and without Bravo in her hotel.  She’ll return next week)

Well it turns out that Joanna’s sister is a spoiled brat.  Romain sits her down and tells her that if she lives with them, she’s got to help out at home.  She cries, whines, and says she doesn’t have it as easy as some people – she’s not a sexy bombshell.  She says it’s hard to get a job in her field – acting.  Then there are fake tears and she announces she’s been soul searching and …. will move in with Lisa.  Romain jumps on this and says that’s a great idea.  You can tell he’s done.  If only getting rid of all freeloading relatives was that easy.

Then we get treated to a scene where Joanna shows us that she can’t cook.  So the cook Ana shows her how to make risotto – and it sure looked like they were using a package of rice to me.  Joanna doesn’t even know how to cut an onion – and I think she cut her finger because she has a bandaid on it.  They talk about Karent’s boyfriend and what a sleaze he is.  Joanna bring him up – but then interviews that she doesn’t know why Ana is talking about him.  Cut to a scene with Karent and her boyfriend pretending to be in love.  Remember when Kelly had a fake TV boyfriend Max?  Perhaps Rudolfo is looking for a little screentime.  He sure acts like he’s doing a scene in a soap when he’s with her.

14 minutes in and I haven’t seen Mama Elsa or Elaine Lancaster.  Hello Bravo.  Ratings??

Lea Black is being interviewed on the morning show.  She shows up late and almost misses her segment.  She’s wearing the strangest outfit – purple top with bright green pants.  I can’t even pay attention to what she’s saying it’s so odd.  Oh – she’s promoting her Gala.  She keeps talking about it being sold out – but that’s a lie as we find out later.  Next.

Hearts and Stars Gala. They are pretending this is Lisa’s event, but I don’t think it is.  I googled it and didn’t see her name on it at all.  All the ladies are glammed up for this. And finally, Mama Elsa.  Thomas Kramer – the one that loaned Kim Zolciak the house where she and Nene continued their fight – has infiltrated his way into another housewives franchise.  He seems to know most of the ladies, and invites a few of them to his party next week.

As the ladies mingle, Lea reaches out to Marysol and makes sure she knows she’s welcome to attend the Gala.  Marysol is explaining how her marriage broke up.  Lea turns to her and says – I hope you don’t take this the wrong way – he got his green card and left.  Not funny.

Adriana uses the old line ‘She’s go to the opening of an envelope,” as Karent shows up at the event.  Didn’t Bethenny already use that one about Simon and Alex?  Why wouldn’t Karent go?  They are all there.  Adriana’s fake drama is wearing on me. the only two people that seem to like Karent are Joanna and Lisa.  The others just walk away.

Now the whiney sister chooses the party to tell Joanna that she’s moving out.  Don’t they live together?  And she tries to make is seem like Romain wanted her to move out.   No – he wanted you to help out around the house if you were going to stay but you’re too lazy to do that so you’re going to freeload at Lisa’s where she has a few housekeepers.

The ladies hit the dance floor.  Mama Elsa and Thomas are a lot more entertaining than the rest of them that can barely walk in heels, much less dance.  Mama Elsa has got it going on.

Wow – Karent is really awkward socially.  Desperate even.  They show a long segment where she grates on everyone’s last nerve.  Even Mama Elsa, Alexia, and Marysol, who don’t usually complain about people.  Maybe I should cut Adriana some slack.

Finally something interesting as Lisa and her housekeeper give the dogs a bath and grooming.  Lisa is super sweet in this scene and also seems to know what she’s doing.  I’ve got to wonder if she was a hairdresser before she married her millionaire.

45 minutes in and we’ve seen everyone but Elaine.  Mama Elsa is definitely the most interesting person on the show – and I don’t think she said much.  Uhoh – preview for next week shows an altercation between Elaine and Mama Elsa.  I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see that.

Lea takes Adriana and Joanna food tasting for the Gala.  Guess how much a table costs.  $12,500.  Lea wants Joanna to buy a table.  If Joanna had that much money, couldn’t she rent her sister an apartment?  Or get a housekeeper so that her boyfriend doesn’t have to clean up after her sister?  Oh I see – this scene is just so that Lea can gripe about Marysol.  I’m really beginning to dislike her as well.  This is Marysol’s business.  Not cool.  Plus – isn’t this event supposed to be sold out.  Then Joanna sort of confronts Adriana about her flirting with Romain.  She interviews that after hearing that Romain was making out with someone, she’ll be keeping her eye on Adriana.  I think she should be keeping her eye on Romain.

Now they are fighting about Karent taking Adriana’s sacred moment away.  Basically Karent got a photo op with someone Adriana worships last episode – and Adriana can’t get over it.  Adriana says Karent doesn’t know her place.  I’m surprised she doesn’t say “I’m up here – she’s down there.”

Joanna phones Karent and warns her that Adriana is on a rant – and the show ends with Karent pulling up to a party, expecting a confrontation with Adriana.


Project Runway Season 10 Finale (Part 1) by BB

There are four left, Christopher, Dmitry, Fabio and Melissa.  Who’s going to get the fashion spread in Marie Claire, the car, the $100,000 and the chance to design for Lord and Taylor?

Heidi and Tim meet on the runway with the four remaining designers.  Each gets $9,000 and five weeks to go make a 10-piece collection.  None of them are guaranteed to show in fashion week when they get back.  Heidi and Tim wish them luck and they are sent on their way.

Four weeks later, Tim heads out to see how the designers are doing.  His first stop is in Massapequa, NY to check on Christopher.  Christopher shows Tim his workspace and Tim marvels at how much he has accomplished.  Christopher’s design inspiration is a print from one of his mom’s x-rays.  Tim is concerned about the leather bustier and tells him the sweetheart neckline is too sweet.  Christopher had tried to bleach leather and doesn’t like it, but Tim loves it.  He says it goes beyond clothes making and he should go with it.  Tim tells Christopher he should feel great about where he is.  Tim sits down with Christopher and his family and boyfriend.  His mom is anxious, excited and very proud of Chris.

With 9 days until fashion week, Tim visits Fabio in NYC.  Fabio is using a space in his friend’s dad’s apartment.  Tim meets Fabio’s mom and boyfriend.  Fabio shows Tim three pieces.  His collection is called cosmic tribalism.  The tops are in pastel watercolors.  Tim is captivated with the draping, but he’s mystified by the pants with the tops.  He says they look like long johns and wonders if Fabio ever considered making them in another fabric, to which Fabio says no.  When Tim sees the shoes and some other drawings, he’s totally baffled.  He tells Fabio the woman who would wear the tops would never choose the pants and shoes to go with them.  Fabio loves the clunky shoes.  Tim calls it a collection with potential for one of the biggest wow factors in PR history, but it’s undermined by other things he’s seeing.  Fabio is terrified he may not be showing in fashion week.

With 8 days left, Tim is in Jersey City to check on Dmitry, who is also staying at a friend’s place.  Dmitry hopes Tim loves everything because he doesn’t have time to change much.  Tim says a few of his pieces are beautiful.  They are very architectural.  The last piece he shows Tim is a dress in a chartreuse-like color.  Tim doesn’t like the color but he can see how it would work.  Tim senses Dmitry is confident but wonders if there’s enough of a surprise to his collection so the judges won’t say they’ve seen it all before.  Dmitry had to resign from his job and give up his lease to do Project Runway.  He came to the U.S. when he was 18 and he’s been trying for 15 years to make it in the fashion world.  He thinks he’s ready and wants to give back to his family.  He sees himself rich and famous 10 years from now.

Last, Tim goes to San Francisco to check on Melissa.  Tim looks at a cowhide leather jacket that will go over a black dress.  Tim loves the special textiles Melissa is using.  Tim likes Melissa’s “I know what I’m doing” aura.  Tim tells her the collection couldn’t be more her and she has no control over who will be walking in fashion week.  It will all come down to taste and what the judges like.  Tim later meets Melissa’s parents and boyfriend.  They talk about her coming from such a small Midwest town to where she is today.

One week later, it’s fashion week in New York City.  All the designers come back together to a nice hotel suite.  They are all happy to see each other and friendly.  They all make a toast to each other with champagne left with a note by Heidi and Tim.  Dmitry hopes all four of them will be able to show at fashion week.  They all drink to that.

The designers move into their new workspaces to start unpacking and finish up their collections.  There are pictures of them on the walls and they start realizing this is it.  They all look at each other’s collections and Melissa is surprised at Fabio’s collection.  She likes it.  Christopher doesn’t think Melissa pushed the envelope.  Dmitry thinks Christopher is much less experienced than he is, so if it comes down to the two of them, he feels more confident he can take it further.  After they look at Dmitry’s collection, Melissa’s confidence level is not quite as strong as it was in San Francisco.

Tim tells the designers they will be presenting three of their looks in front of the judges the next day and they have until 11 p.m. to get their three looks ready.  Melissa starts to worry she didn’t push herself enough.  Christopher has no idea what he will be choosing to show.  He’s shaking.  All his of outfits are separates and anything can go with anything.  Dmitry is underwhelmed by Christopher’s collection and calls some of his pieces slutty and some sophisticated.  Fabio sees that Melissa is fighting with her own creative process.

Tim shows up to check in.  Fabio shows him a piece he created after Tim’s visit.  He shows Tim that he painted his shoes and is using different shoe laces.  Tim tells him he loves it and hates it.  It’s a distinct point of view.  Tim tells Christopher he needs to prioritize his three looks.  Christopher is waiting to see things on his models before he decides.  Tim sees Melissa worry and tells her not to overthink her collection because nobody else could have made it but her and the quality is there 100%.  Melissa breathes a sigh of relief.  Dmitry shows Tim his three looks and Tim wants to know why he picked them.  Dmitry wants to show range but Christopher doesn’t get it or like it.  Tim is concerned Dmitry is holding back.  Tim apologizes to them for not beaming and smiling, but he’s worried about each of them.  He doesn’t want anything to go wrong.  When the day is over and they get back to the hotel, they talk about what they’ve been working on for five weeks will finally be revealed tomorrow, at least three looks from their 10-look collection.

The next morning all the designers are nervous and shaking in the workroom to finalize their looks.  They have three hours to for dressing, making up and doing the hair of their models.  Christopher is just trying to find things that fit his model because he doesn’t have time to alter anything.  Dmitry also has a tiny model he’s worried about fitting.  Any little fit problem could send them home.  Fabio’s designs are the most conceptual out of the four so he hopes the judges get it.

It’s runway time, and do or die for the designers; too late to turn back now.  This will determine who will move forward to fashion week and who will be out.  There is no guest judge, just Heidi, Michael and Nina.  Dmitry is up first – a white dress with black architectural piping; a sheer black top with white pants with black piping; and a skirt, jacket and blouse made of black and white.  Christopher has a vest and shorts sprinkled with bleach; leather shorts with an ostrich waistband and brief top with a chain in the back; and then a bustier with the x-ray inspired skirt.  Fabio has a draped blazer with a bustier and pants; a structured draped skirt with a cropped top; and a pink draped dress.  Melissa has perforated white shorts with a black silk blouse; black pants and white leather jacket and tank; and a black obsidian dress.  Christopher is worried about his fit and Melissa is worried about her wow factor.

The judges liked some things but are confused about others.  Cue dramatic music and fade to commercial.  If I were a judge, Fabio and Melissa would definitely be in.  Neither of them have been my very favorites during the season, but they left me wanting to see more of their collections and that was the purpose of this runway show, wasn’t it?  Dmitry’s look was sophisticated but expected from him.  Christopher did not pick the best looks from his collection and I’m worried about him.  Let’s see if I even come close to the judge’s opinions.  I usually don’t.

Back from commercial.  Fabio is up first.  He explains that his look is not conventional.  Heidi says his clothes have a shlumpy cool vibe but it works.  Michael says he took colors that are normally looked at as sweet and sugary, but they don’t look that way.  He also likes the demented shoes.  Michael doesn’t like the wigs and tells him to rethink them.  He also tells him to make his combinations balanced.  Nina finds some pieces very beautiful but she’s worried about his pieces looking cheap and not being expensive looking enough.  She thinks the tie dyed pants look junior.  His collection needs to be more polished.

Next is Dmitry.  He explains about organic architecture being his inspiration.  Nina thinks it looks polished, expensive and the white dress is very beautiful.  Nina thinks he needs to push himself a little more and some pieces could look even better.  Michael thinks he might be trying to do a little too much with all of his ideas.  He thinks he should take it town a bit and uses the jacket over the sheer, the bra, and everything else as an example, when the jacket could be a showpiece all by itself.  He needs to be more pure and simple so his wow piece can shine.  Heidi warns him to take it down but don’t be too boring.  Michael tells him styling is everything.

Christopher is up next and tells them about using his mom’s x-rays.  Heidi thinks he needs to use more wow pieces.  She doesn’t like his boring vest and shorts look.  Michael thinks the prints are fabulous and they have impact.  He tells him to keep trying every possible combination until he gets it right.  Nina is surprised Michael went so dark.  She likes what he’s done with the fabrics, but thinks they look too similar.  She sees very little clothes and she’s worried about not seeing enough clothes.  Michael tells her they are the skimpier looks.  Nina tells him she’s judging from the three outfits he’s presented and she’s worried.  So is Heidi and she wants to know why he didn’t show his other looks when he had the chance.  Michael is upset.  He should be.

Melissa is last to explain her collection. Heidi says it’s very goth and very Melissa.  She likes the cool white jacket but the dress is almost too simple.  Heidi wishes she could see more of Melissa’s hero pieces and she did what Christopher did by not showing some of her best pieces.  Michael wants to know if Melissa is impactful and important enough.  Michael says the wigs are insanely ugly.  Nina wants to know if Melissa’s collection is all black and white.  Melissa tells her one of her pieces is not black and white.  Nina likes the coolness of her clothes, but the sleeves on her jacket are a little Robin Hood to her.  Nina is worried about seeing plain black and white clothes.

They all get a little talking to from each of the three judges about how they didn’t bring it to the runway like they should have.  They had five weeks and the judges are a little underwhelmed.  Heidi tells them to leave the runway and that she’s not sure at that moment how it’s going to go.

The judges think Dmitry’s combinations are dowdy and old.  He did not style his clothes together well.  Fabio is either going to put on a show you’ll love or hate.  They love his colors and they are very unique.  It just doesn’t look very expensive or sophisticated.  They aren’t sure if Fabio is going to be amazing or a joke.  They like Christopher’s prints, but he missed an opportunity.  They think he’s a good designer, but can he put on a good show?  At least his clothes are consistently polished and put together.  Melissa is cool and Michael thinks black and white is commercial.  Her clothes have to stand out more.  The decision is made.  Who thinks all four will be going?

Heidi tells them they are in a unique position in that none of them have put their looks together well.  None of them.  They all need to put more attention in their styling.  Christopher, Melissa, Dmitry and Fabio are ALL going to fashion week.  I saw that one coming.  Heidi tells them how lucky they are.  She tells them they have 48 hours to polish their collections and they had better be wowed when they see their final collections.

Next week we’ll see who wins Season 10 of Project Runway.  Jennifer Hudson will be the guest judge.  I haven’t seen one really standout among this season’s designers.  They are all good, but not what I would call outstanding.



I loved Lynn’s blog.  I was a regular.  Even if I didn’t have time to read through the comments, I tried to read the blog every day.  When Lynn passed and we were all lost, my first reaction was to open this blog up so that we wouldn’t lose each other.  I put about two seconds of thought into the decision.  Boston asked someone to do something in the chat room and I decided it couldn’t be that hard to learn wordpress and within an hour we had a place to comment.

This blog can not be run the way Lynn would have run it because Lynn is no longer with us.  It has evolved.  It will continue to evolve.  It will always have content that is respectful of Lynn, and be a place where her real family and people who loved her are welcomed and encouraged to share memories with us as long as I am behind the scenes.

Comments.  The comments only had one general rule on Lynn’s blog.  Don’t attack another poster.  That rule was not always respected and people have different interpretations of what that means.  In all fairness, I rarely saw Lynn step in to monitor comments between regular posters unless things got way out of hand.  Bickering and hurt feelings are a part of the life – especially when communicating in writing.  Sarcasm can be hard to “get” and of course people take digs at each other.  I’m asking that people be gentle, but no need to tip toe around each other either.

On Lynn’s blog when people announced they were leaving, I don’t ever remember Lynn begging them to stay.  I do remember her telling them good riddance if they made a big deal about it and had disrupted the blog.  In fact, she had to ban quite a few people.  Let’s not pretend that everyone who is here is here with good intentions.  It’s highly possible that some of our “new” posters are here just to cause a disruption.  I personally look for two things.  How long has the person been posting, and how big is the disruption.  If it’s a newbie and a big disruption, they may be looking for a reaction.  If it’s a regular, then I figure – let them blow off a little steam and come back when they’re ready. We all have bad days.  New Jersey will be over Sunday.  I think many of us will be happy about that -because that seems to make us fight more than the other shows.

Politics.  Thank you for respecting the “no politics on the main blog” rule.  That is a new rule and I think it is working out well.  I haven’t been on the politics page, but I see that it is getting page hits and I’m not seeing politics on the main blog.  Thank you.

Sports.  The sports page is gone.  Sports and any other “off topic” topics are welcome on the main blog.  They are part of our lives – and I really don’t see any reason why people can’t just scroll past any conversation that doesn’t interest them.

Hope, Prayer, and Advice Page.  Please check on this page from time to time.  People are reaching out and need your help.

Book Chat.  If you read a great book. please remember to share that on the Book Chat page.  Obviously you can also share it on the main blog page, but when one of us is in the mood for reading – the Book Chat page is easier to find.

Final Thoughts.  Everyone is welcome here – but this may not be the place for everyone.  Take it for what it is – because I think it’s pretty special.  The comment section is your terrain – and one of the best things about this blog.  It’s what attracts new people here because it’s a place to share frustrations, and be heard by those on the shows.  Remember that many of us came here because we could comment without much – if any – moderation.  I think I’ve had to send 2 or 3 comments to spam world because they were completely out of line.  Two or three out of 31,000.  That’s pretty darn great.  Thank you!

And a big thank you to all the bloggers who stay up late at night so that you have something to read in the morning.

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Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Friday.

  2. Powell says:

    I’m back. I was interrupted.

    I read that someone deserves a BIG Congrats!! Congratulations Cityside on becoming a granda and mother-in-law to be! So happy for your family & It’s fantabulous that you are doing well. 🙂

  3. Lulu says:

    Good Morning! Just found out I’m pregnant with number 2. Hope everyone’s friday is great!

    Anyone watching the Wttw Midwife series?

  4. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Good morning, Great blog! I love the last part about the blog in general. I totally agree 🙂

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Me too! It can’t be just like Lynn’s but it can still be a place where all feel welcome and are respectful of others. Can’t wait til Joisey is gone and the snarking goes to other cities.

  5. Day of celebrations! Congrats Cityside and Lulu. Hugs and prayers to Bluesky (see Hope, Prayer page). Have a great day everyone.

  6. djloopsfruit says:

    omg imagine someone desperate enough to sleep with Joe UGH

  7. djloopsfruit says:

    off topic does anyone think Jeff Lewis and gage are gonna last past this season ?

    • I’m wondering if they are still together. If anyone is bored today, see if you can find out something about that pls.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        This was the most I could find about them. Looks like they bought a house together this past August:

        Are jeff lewis & his boyfriend gage, from flipping out, still a couple?
        Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward are still dating. Gage is still listed on Jeff’s official website as being in charge of “Business Affairs,” and it was reported on August 29 that the two bought a home together. However, besides what airs on the show, they try to keep their private lives private, so there’s very little information on them as a couple.

        Initially, Jeff was not going to have Gage filmed on the latest season of Flipping Out due to the fallout that aired between Jeff and his former boyfriend and business partner, Ryan Brown, which left Jeff heartbroken. He later changed his mind.

        Season 6 of Flipping Out returned to the Bravo network on September 4, 2012 at 9:00pm, and Episode 5: House of Lies Premiered on October 2, 2012.

        Read more

    • catmom1 says:

      I can’t imagine why Gage would stay with him. Gage seems to be a strong, independent person. Why stay when Jeff seems to treat him as less than an equal in all aspects of their relationship, both professional and personal. Frankly, I’d like to hit Jeff upside the head with a #12 cast iron skillet just to get his attention and ask him what the heck he thinks he’s doing.

    • 2Stupid says:

      I think he said on WWHL that he was in a really bad place during the season, and knew he had regressed. He did say he was in a better place and I got the feeling he and Gage were still together. You deserve some kind of award for that. I still LOVE Jeff Lewis though.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      It may sound bad, because Jeff can be an ass, but I so hope they stick it out. I really like Gage. Yeah, he’s got the weasel/Barbie/ass thing going, but I think he compliments Jeff’s personality.

    • disgrazia4 says:

      I smell commitment phobia. No.

  8. djloopsfruit says:

    ps congrats Lulu thats great news

  9. amalfi says:

    Does anyone really doubt that Joe Giudice cheated? Uh… that would be no one raising their hands?

    What is beyond disgusting is that her family and former friends are the sources. Cheating is gross but a family like that is pathetic. PA.THET.IC.

    Go away Melissa and Jacqueline and take your brooms with you.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I just want to know how desperate you have to be to cheat with Joe. I mean, the guy is no prize in the looks dept. to begin with, but he’s very publicly facing an 11 million dollar debt as well as possible jail time. Not to mention that pesky little detail of him being married with 4 kids! What a catch!

      • amalfi says:

        I don’t actually think he is that ugly on the outside.

        No accounting for taste. The fact that someone knows he is married and has 4 girls (onus on both him and the floozy) is far uglier than his looks.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Like I said last night, Joe Giudice has been linked with 75 women since Season 2. And he is constantly linked with these women despite having any type of “animal magnetism” (other than the fact that he can make me LMAO at times) and a whole lot of negatives (debt; wife; 4 kids; possible jail time). Yet, he is ALWAYS in the tabloids or in the blogs as cheating with THIS woman or THAT woman.

        Strangely enough, we never hear stories about much hotter husbands like Apollo (like I said, I’ve read that he steps out on Phaedra on local ATL blogs and on urban blogs. But I don’t see him constantly in the tabloids and blogs with his cheating as a feature story.).

        The same goes for Ramona’s husband Mario, who I find to be quite attractive (Yes, I’ve read in comments to some blogs that he DOES cheat. Jill and others also alluded to it on RHONY. Despite this, like Apollo, there are still no tabloid and feature blog stories about it).

        I could go on with other Housewife husbands that I find more attractive than Joe with much more to offer.

        Do I think he cheats/has cheated in the past? Yep.

        Do I think every single other husband, but Rich (because he is hideous), on RHONJ cheats/has cheated in the past? In the words of Closet Freak, “You bet your g*dd*amn a*s I do!!” I’ve read several local Jersey blog comments about ALL of these men, except for Rich, having cheated in the past or STILL cheating to this day.

        Yet, it is ONLY Teresa’s husband constantly in the blogs and tabloids for allegedly doing this. IMO, about 5% of it is true. The rest of this stuff, IMO, is Teresa’s cast mates (most likely Melissa and her “crew of witchy sisters and that disgusting makeup artist of hers” and Jac’s crazy a*s) CONSTANTLY calling Radar Online, US Magazine, other tabloids and several blogs to “drop these dimes.”

        Things that make you go Hmmmm……

        • RealHousewifeVA says:

          Love her or Hate her, Teresa is just about the most popular housewife on any of these franchises, so that’s why so much more attention is placed on her. People are more interested.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Maybe they constantly dig on Tre because she’s the one on FantasyIsland with her very own Tatoo (Juicey), yelling how perfect her marriage is. She’s also the only one making the false statement about ending her marriage if he cheats, so some people with nothing to do, want to her to prove her words. Since Juicey likes to ‘keep it real’ he probably is very sloppy, as his legal problems prove, and has countless witnesses to his shenanigans. The ‘mistress’ has been named, could it really be Mel&Them who named her? Or was it a schoolmate, a relative or heavens to Betsy, perish the thought, and clutch my mo-effing pearls… the chick herself! Imagine if this is a AmyFisher type of-age Lolita that actually WANTS Juicey for herself?! I. JUST. CANT.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I would make false statements about leaving my husband too because I would not want to give those other 4 jealous witches the satisfaction of knowing just WHAT I planned to really do. I would also scream about how AMAZING my husband is too just so they could “hate” on me some more.

            Ramona screams all the time about how WONDERFUL her marriage is and about how Mario would NEVER cheat on her. Where are HER tabloid stories and blog features about Mario cheating? If I were her, I might be a little pissed that people thought ANY news about Teresa was more important than any news about ME.

            Phaedra and Apollo are always seen out, hugged up, cheesing and showing all 65 of their teeth at events. I think it is highly likely that Phaedra has heard these rumors about Apollo herself. I could see Phaedra laughing those rumors off, calling Apollo AMAZING (JUST LIKE TERESA) while she was drawing up divorce papers at the time she said it.

            Those jealous busybodies keep screaming about Joe because they know it is her Achilles’ heel. Teresa chooses to go the route of “Never let ’em see you sweat!” And I don’t blame her one damned bit.

            I mean, at the Reunion, Teresa and Joe put on a UNITED FRONT, and told Jac she could say WHATEVER she wanted to say as they laughed in her face; as Teresa pulled a Jac and revealed one of the confidences Jac allegedly revealed to HER when they were friends (I wonder how that taste of Jac-a-LOON’s own medicine tasted going down Jac’s throat); and as Joe finally shut Jac DOWN by calmly stating that he would not “go there” if he were in Jac’s shoes.

            I’d do the SAME thing, even if I had my husband’s a*s sleeping on the COUCH! That’s nobody’s business but my own.

            Oh, and Miss Melissa is CONSTANTLY screaming about PERFECT her marriage is to Joey. Teresa is NOT the only one. That is an incorrect statement. Where are the headlines about Joey’s cheating? I mean, considering all of the lawsuits he’s filed against HIM, one might say he is pretty sloppy (like Joe) himself. *Shrug* There are probably none because Teresa and her team are too busy focusing on the IMPORTANT things, like continuing to BUILD HER BAND, instead of focusing on foolishness.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Oops, I meant to type “BUILT HER BRAND,” not BAND.

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              BUT… Never heard Ramona making empty threats about LEAVING Mario. Take VileKyle from RHOB, she lets bitches know… “I will cut a bitch!” We don’t hear any threats about cutting MauryTurturro’s balls, getting a DIVORCE, just that she will wreck the homewrecker. THAT sounds more real.

              Personally, I don’t care if she leaves him or not. She doesn’t have to PROVE anything either. However, although she loves to obliterate, ignore, bend and play with the TRUTH, in this situation this obvious lie just makes her look SAD. Like JudgeMathis says ‘If you like it, I love it!’.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                I don’t think it makes her look sad. We can respectfully agree to disagree. I think it makes her look like she is going with her “party line” of saying she is NOT going to put up with it (even if she IS).

                I think if Jac or Melissa or Caroline were attacked on the state of their respective marriages and constantly confronted with rumors of their husband’s affairs, I think they ALL would say that they would LEAVE their husbands too (even though they might NOT. I think it is HIGHLY likely that they would NOT leave. Melissa might leave if Joey is BROKE, and it comes out that he is cheating. That is her perfect “out.” She wouldn’t be leaving him for the cheating , though. She’d leave him because the MONEY was GONE! JMHO).

                Also, one could argue that Teresa looks NO sadder than Melissa who does the following: 1) scream that they are rolling in the dough and ” we pay our bills” when public records prove OTHERWISE; and 2) says that she is moving away from her “dream home” because this was always their ORIGINAL plan (Why would someone plan to move away from their “dream home” after having lived in it only 2 or 3 years?) when public records show that they were never supposed to be living in that home the way they were in the FIRST place and also show that they can NO LONGER AFFORD to live there; and 3) says that she is moving away from her “dream home” because, in 5 or 6 years, Antonia will be going to school with Teresa’s kids (She sounded so, not only EVIL and HATEFUL when she said that, but also straight STUPID!!).

                Teresa, when considering the REALITY of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER CAST MATES’ SITUATIONS (with the possible exception of Kathy — although I would be extremely sad if I were as BORING and as TOTALLY LACKING IN CHARISMA as her….but that’s….JUST…ME. *Shrug*) is NO sadder than ANY of the REST of them.

                Their lives are ALSO very sad in MANY ways (although BRAVO refuses to show this, and they, like Teresa, FAKE it and act otherwise). JMHO.

                • Amber...Real Wife says:

                  You went from adultery to real estate – financial lies. Not what what i’m saying, even though a few contractor/vendor suits vs. millions in debt including her unpaid implants and unsuccessful baby boy fertility scramble, are different levels of debt. No one can tell her what to say as she insists on towing this ridiculous line of ‘i’m leaving if he cheats’ even though everyone including herself know it’s a LIE.

                  While she shouldn’t be taunted, she should realize how ridiculous and SAD she looks. For all her luck/hustle in getting her many coveted endorsements she appears weak and clueless in this aspect. Yes she’s CATHOLIC and yes she’s OLD SCHOOL but there isn’t a viewer alive who wouldn’t nod in approval is she left this obviously abusive, cheating cretin.

                  As for Melissa… I can’t recall her ever talking about JoeG cheating on her. NEVER. She does say they love each other but it was in defense of Tre starting the “Mel leaving for a richer man” bull. Finally she doesn’t really have to bring out the marching band and scream it from the MIC as horny-ass JoeG proves his love and desire for her CONSTANTLY!!! She fights him off like Juicey fights off Tre. It must be a GORGA curse for them to love their spouses MORE than THEY are LOVED.

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    Yes, I went from adultery to real estate because I was focusing the issue of Teresa looking “sad” (a.k.a. dumb/ridiculous) You want to focus ONLY ON the possible adultery and Teresa looking “sad” if she says she would leave her husband if he cheated on her because you, and many OTHER people (including myself) do NOT believe she would leave him.

                    That is your prerogative.

                    You say Teresa should not be taunted, but she should realize how “ridiculous” she looks.

                    I’m focusing on your INSISTENCE that Teresa should REALIZE how “ridiculous” she looks.

                    And THAT is MY prerogative.

                    And I do NOT have to LIMIT it to the issue of ADULTERY when it comes to Teresa being the ONLY one who should “realize how ‘ridiculous’ she looks.” That is not in ANYBODY’S rulebook of debating the issue.

                    I am pointing out that you are holding Teresa to an unfair standard of “realizing how ‘ridiculous’ she looks” when you do NOT hold the OTHERS, like Melissa (and the rest of the cast), to the SAME standard (of REALIZING how “ridiculous” they look when they say some of the things THEY say).

                    That is patently UNFAIR and MAKES NO SENSE. Teresa should NOT be the ONLY one held to that standard (of realization).

                    They ALL LOOK EFFING RIDICULOUS and “sad” — for some of the SAME reasons and for some DIFFERENT reasons — NOT JUST Teresa.

                    • disgrazia4 says:

                      Amen and perfectly said. Talk about scapegoating. And my feeling on Marriage is you don’t know it unless you’re in it and they are the only 2 in their marriage and it is their perrogative on what to do about it. She may have reasons that actually haven’t been filmed. Or she may be thinking/ deciding what to do even now. That’s her business. Thick headed stubborn woman that she and all those nuts are, she may be digging her heels in as ‘everyone’ tries advising her. It’s her business, I say. Personally, it shocks me that so many would say so much about how she should divorce, especially if those assundering ones are married themselves . Just puts a chill down my spine.

              • PJ says:

                So a woman with four children should leave her husband and is sad if she stays with him. Or she should open herself up on national TV in front of women out for blood, women that probably have exactly same marital issues but only want to talk about Teresa. The truth is you don’t know the truth no one here does really; it’s all speculation. What goes on in a marriage is between the parties involved and no one else can tell them what they should do.

                • Amber...Real Wife says:

                  Um, never said I KNEW the TRUTH especially about Tre’s marriage. Where did that come from? SMH As for telling them what to do… DOUBT she’s LISTENING to ME or YOU! Last time I checked they were the ones that put their life on TV for everyone to see and all these blogs are for viewers to give their opinions. Finally I would NEVER advocate the break-up of any marriage, i’m SAYING by giving her STOCK answer, she looks silly and simple in light of her husband’s actions. She’s free to to do so , but those who are not enamoured of her, can see it as stupid bravado, foolish delusion or just plain sad.

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    Just like we see how Melissa’s STOCK answer about the reasons she is moving from her “dream home” makes her look “silly and simple” (even though we know that it’s REALLY that she is just a straight LIAR). Just like Teresa, she is free to do so; however, in the same way, those of us who are not enamored of Melissa, can see her insistence on sticking to her illogical story as STUPID and JUST PLAIN SAD.

                    There’s NO difference. It makes them both look less and truthful and a little sad (that they think we would buy it).

                  • disgrazia4 says:

                    Well I don’t believe what Teresa says about her marriage. But her stock answers say to me, Butt out, it’s not your business. I respect that.

        • djloopsfruit says:

          id sleep with Mario but id sooner cut it off then do the nasty with Joe besides the fact that he is a slob hes done it with St Tre LOL

    • plainviewsue says:

      Amalfi, right on. The fact that the sources are family & former friends is what is horrific.

      Watching the sneak preview of the first 10 minutes of part 3 of the reunion last nite was revolting. OMG, I cannot wait until this ends.

      No fan of Juicy, but I LOVED how he shut down Kathy. Everyone can stay nasty things to Teresa, but when she does it…………watch out. How dare Kathy repremand Teresa? I loved when Juicy said to stay out of it.

      And yes, there will be a lost footage episode.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Joe has a way of shutting all of those women down. I mean, when Jac was ranting about Joe cheating with the babysitter and his secretary on his desk, after telling Jac that she needed her head examined, he calmly said, “I wouldn’t go there, Jacqueline.”

        And she shut her a*s RIGHT up. IMO, she shut up because she has a fear that Joe may know some things about her OWN husband’s outside “activities” that SHE does not.

        It was similar to the way Danielle shut Jac down during the Season 2 Reunion when she called her a “Vegas Whore”. MYSTERIOUSLY, Jac decided that she ALL OF A SUDDEN wanted to have a Kumbayah moment and make up and hug it out with Danielle. IMO, she DID that because Danielle’s “Vegas Whore” comment was a warning to Jac that Danielle MIGHT just spill secrets about Jac’s OWN shady past. IMO, Jac also had a fear that Danielle MIGHT just spill about all of the Laurita and Manzo business that Jac’s CONSTANTLY RUNNING mouth told Danielle when she and Jac were BFF’s.

        • LaineyLainey says:


        • Lisa Renee says:

          Hey detox, I so absof’inlutly agree. My chin hit the floor from preview when Crack-A-Jacq said outloud & with conviction she hopes that juicy goes to jail. She pulled her own hold card & told us EXACTLY who she is. Not enough lipstick in the world to put on that pig. Lisa

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Oh yeah, I agree. My chin did not hit the floor because NOTHING that UNSTABLE CREATURE says surprises me anymore.

            Also, I would not wish going to jail on someone when I or my husband (and other family members) could POSSIBLY be looking at some jail time myself and/or himself based on possible fraud and embezzlement in connection with the ALLEGED looting of their company for their own personal benefit (instead of paying a LIST of creditors. One of those creditors happened to be a CANCER CHARITY! How lovely!).

            Jac, after some psychiatrict treatment and psychotropic medication, needs to sit her a*s down in her GLASS HOUSE, stop throwing stones, stop wishing negativity on other people (because all that does is make HER karma worse, according to my own personal beliefs), STFU(!!!!) and focus on taking care of her children and her own business!

            • Lisa Renee says:

              Detox, while I hope she takes your suggestions I would like to add one more…..A 12 step program that will break her obsession with satin & sequins 🙂 Lisa

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          I agree he has the ability to ‘shut ’em down’, but think it’s more than just ‘I’ll say what I know’. They know he has a penchant for violence, is often drunk when they meet, and are intimidated when he explodes. Once he gets animated and aggressive they may just want him to be quiet so it won’t escalate into violence with their husbands.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Jac was screaming all kinds of accusations (babysitter, secretary on the desk, yada, yada, yada — as Teresa and Joe LAUGHED) with the appearance of ABSOLUTELY NO FEAR of ANY kind of VIOLENCE from Joe directed toward HER or ANYBODY ELSE.

            It was those 9 words that SHUT HER DOWN: “Jac, I wouldn’t go there if I were you.”

            • disgrazia4 says:

              Hee hee hee. I love that he has that ability. I always said he was the choir in this Joisey Tragedy but now he’s like the Duex Machina. Maybe he will be the one to right all the wrongs? No? Oh well, I hope he rains thunder at least!

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Darn it, trying to be a GoodPascoDem, I missed the airing of it as I was watching SmilingJoeB on MSNBC. LOL It sounds explosive for this Sunday. I wonder who WON’T be on the HOTSEAT this weekend? Only AndyC.

  10. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I think it’s so interesting how people are so set on proving Joe is cheating on Teresa. Jac seemed hell bent on proving it all year long. Why? I’m not sure what she wants to get out of it. In my opinion, a woman knows if her man is cheating without much help. Teresa knows, but she will not sit around and bad mouth her husband in the meantime, so I don’t get why others care so much. Is it just the hate they have for Teresa that they desperately want anything to come out to make her hurt?
    True story: I have a friend on Facebook who has a FOINE husband. So handsome, and rich. Shes always been a little full of herself, but overall she’s still a nice girl. She had one son and a seemingly a great marriage. One day her husband joins Facebook and requests ALL of her friends as friends of his own. This was when people’s friend list was available for everyone to see (now you can block your friend it!) After most of us accepted the request, it turns out it was not her husband at all, but some woman who used his first name and his pic. Once she had everyone’s attention. She started posting texts and pics of her and my friend’s husband. Turns out she was a jilted mistress who got dumped. She had years of a secret relationship with this married man, and when he broke it off she pulled her revenge with loads of solid proof. Even voice mail recordings. Imagine how humiliating for his wife! His wife had to beg everyone to delete her from their page, then she contacted Facebook to have her removed for harassment. But the damage was done and it was clear as day that he had cheated on her for years! Surely, we all thought, she was going to leave his no good cheating ass. Right? We all had an opinion on it since we suddenly felt ‘involved’. You know where she is 2 years later? She just recently gave birth to their second child and is still married. She gave totally unbelievable excuses for things we saw with our own eyes, and she’s made it very clear for everyone to butt out! And she’s right, People need to butt out when it comes to other’s marriages because crazy or not, the decisions people make when faced with that situation is theirs alone. Teresa is not going to publicly bad mouth juicy unless she decides to leave him. Until then she’s going to stand by her man and give crazy excuses for him with a straight face, knowing full well that no one is buying it.
    And I’m a firm believer in karma working in mysterious ways. People who are so set on destroying her marriage, may find themselves in similar situation soon. Sort of like Jacqueline making all those nasty comments about Teresa’s financial situation in that one episode….look where Jac and Chris are now, facing their own bankrupty issues.

    • kendo says:

      Just an opinion, but I see Melissa & JoeGo being history as soon as he goes bankrupt.
      Also, see Jac and Chris in the same situation, but for bankruptcy and her craziness.
      It seems like all of these people need Bravo for their paycheck.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        I may not be a fan of them, but I truly hope they all stay happily married. Divorce is not easy when kids are involved. And I agree, seems like the Bravo paycheck is a necessity for most of the Housewives these days.

      • amalfi says:

        Pretty sure Chris won’t divorce Jac because if he does, she will seriously
        1) be homeless spending her days talking to herself and birds
        2) stay in her mcmansion bumping into walls, unaware anything has changed
        3) kill him after boiling his new wife’s bunny.

        He’d rather keep her wined up and angry at other people. I can’t blame him – you don’t want the crazy that is Jacqueline.

        • plainviewsue says:


        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          LOL. I also think Chris won’t divorce Jac because she is a “loose cannon” who would sing like a bird about any of his shady/unethical/illegal business dealings (if there ARE any), AND she would sing like a bird and tell ALL of the Laurita and Manzo business (PUBLICALLY this time instead of through private DM’s to people and serving as a secret source to blogs).

          She’s basically got him by the balls.

          They also have a special needs child. So, that might keep them bonded.

          And he may just LOVE HER and LOVE the fact that she is NUTTIER THAN A PAYDAY. I know quite a few men who LOVE crazy women for some inexplicable reason. Maybe Chris is one of those. *Shrug*

      • Powell says:

        And kendo if that happens it wil be “Teresa’s fault”. Mel, Kath would somehow blame T.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      ITA RHVA. I’m sure we ALL know women who were either blindsided by their husband’s cheating and, in the end, for their own very personal reasons, decided to stay with their husbands. I’m sure we ALL also know women who know their husbands are cheating but choose to “turn a blind eye” for their own very personal reasons.

      When it comes to relationships, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors but the 2 people IN that relationship. And it is THEIR business.

      Jac is DM’ing people about Joe cheating on Teresa. She even tells total strangers/fans (who walked up to talk to her and get their picture taken with her) prior to or after (I forget if it was before or after) the Reunion taping, WHILE she is in the Borgata Hotel NO LESS, that Joe has been cheating on Teresa for FOUR years (These people are TOTAL STRANGERS to her). Yet, she fails to mention the fact that Chris (may have) cheated on her in the past. Also, unless Jac is in Chris’ pocket 24 hours a day, she does not know WHAT he does with every minute of his day. She cannot say with 100% certainty that her husband has not cheated on her more than once or is even still not cheating on her TODAY.

      None of those women can. I’ve read local Jersey comments about Joey cheating on Melissa in the past, and Melissa even showing up at one woman’s house (Joey neglected to tell this particular woman that he was married, allegedly) to scream like a banshee in the woman’s yards after she cut her tires and caused Joey to throw money at the woman before he ran out of the woman’s house to go and deal with Melissa). I’ve also heard rumors on the local Jersey blogs that Melissa steps out on Joey all the time and that Baby Joey might not even be Joe Gorga’s. Additionally, I’ve read that the 2 of them are swingers.

      And, of course, I’ve read SEVERAL local Jersey blog comments about Albert Manzo’s longtime mistress, Jill, about whom Caroline KNOWS but chooses to turn a blind eye because she does not want to change her lifestyle. Albert Manzo allegedly even bought this “Jill” a house.

      Yet, there are MYSTERIOUSLY NO tabloid stories and constant blog stories like this about Jac, Caroline or Melissa. I’m pretty SURE Teresa has heard all of these rumors herself or may even know some of these things to be true for A FACT. I wonder why she is not taking the time to constantly call all of these outlets to provide the same information. I saw her REACT at the Reunion and reveal information about Chris allegedly cheating on Jac in the past. I saw her REACT and give an interview to “All About TRH” to address some of the allegations that were lobbed, unbeknownst to her DURING season filming AND during the Reunion. But, other than that, I see her focusing on and minding her own damned business — because she has a LOT of it to mind.

      So do the OTHERS (particularly Jac and Melissa when it comes to court cases and shaky financial futures). They should take Teresa’s lead and start doing MORE of the minding of their OWN business. JMHO.

  11. Good Morning! Congrats Cityside & LuLu! Such good news! Babies bring such joy & light!

    Honor you NMD for your post. You are a good woman who did a very good thing that helped everyone at a time when we thought we would fall through a crack in the world at Lynn’s passing.
    Keep spreading the love and joy and camaraderie! Love & Hugs to all!

    Happy Friday!

  12. WindyCityWondering says:

    There is a ton of info on line about Juicy’s 25 year old co-ed “mistress”. Her parents denied she was seeing him. The pictures of her look like a fan asking to pose with him because she loves RHNJ. And then we have the blurry, illegally taken Casino pictures that alledge a Juicy hook up. I have to ask myself one question: “Who is so interested and hellbent on bringing up Teresa’s marriage?” So far the only answer I have is little Missy autotuned and Jac unfiltered who apparently has flipped her switch to full on wacko mode. This just reeks of the strategy to shine the light on someone else so no one looks too closely at me…. color me just not that interested!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      WCW there are just cruel people out there that want to see a marriage destroyed. Although the first culprit is Juicey, Tre’s false bravada may prompt some to make her either prove her words about leaving a cheating husband OR eat them. Also let’s not forget, if the ‘rumors’ are true, a slew of mistresses that don’t like Teresa.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Well, why aren’t these mistresses revealing themselves and taking the MONEY and running with it? I mean, it could be to their advantage in several different ways: 1) they get a check; 2) they make the news public, thereby forcing Teresa’s hand and possibly getting her to finally divorce Joe so the mistress can now have Joe ALL TO HERSELF; 3) they get the satisfaction of hurting the wife, of whom they are probably resentful and/or jealous; and 4) they can finally start to freely go out in public and be recognized as Joe Giudice’s “official woman.”

        I’ve known mistresses of married men who want so badly for the man to leave his wife that they DO things to “push the issue.” One FORMER friend/co-worker, got pregnant ON PURPOSE so the man would leave; so she could be officially recognized; and so she no longer had to go the trouble of sneaking around.

        I just had to end my friendship with her because I just could NOT be friends with someone who would do something so LOWDOWN. I could no longer be friendly with him (We ALL knew each other) because I felt, if he had no compunctions about doing this to his OWN wife and children, WHAT in the HELL was he capable of doing to ME??!!

        This former friend/co-worker, who was also an attorney, later told people that she was going to file proceedings to have the man’s former wife declared unfit so she and the man could have SOLE custody of her and the man’s children (Never mind that she and the man were not even MARRIED yet).

        It’s like she wanted his former wife ERASED.

  13. Morning everyone!!! TGIF!!! Great blog per usual!! I just wanted to comment on the Joe Giudice cheating exposure….I think (and I could be wrong) that most people, whether they’re fans of Teresa or not want to expose Joe’s cheating so that maybe, just maybe, Teresa would leave him. Obviously she’s known about it forever and tolerates it but maybe the thought is that if she had concrete proof like photos etc., that she would up and leave to save face for herself??…again this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this or even that a photo has been leaked but I’m just thinking of possible reasons for it. Everyone knows that I am NOT a fan of hers but I desperately would like to see her get as far away as possible from that wildebeast of a husband of hers. She and the girls would be so much better off.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      But WHY do people want her to leave him? Why does it affect anyone? How will her children be better off? He will still be their father and still be in their lives, probably in the same exact manner that he is now.
      If we are to believe Jacqueline, Teresa already has seen it with her own eyes. I don’t think for one second that the people that are running to these tabloids are doing this in Teresa’s best interest. lol.
      Divorce is not always the best or easiest option. Shouldn’t people try other methods to work out their marriage problems before resorting to divorce?

      • I think that because T is in the spotlight that people have opinions on every aspect of her life. I’m not saying it affects anyone, just that people have opinions about it. Look at how vehemently people defend/advocate against her on the blog and that’s in cyberspace! Now why are they running to the tabloids? Umm. my guess, pursuit of the almighty dollar….

        I do believe that people should try to work out their marriage problems before resorting to divorce, however, in the circumstance where someone is repeatedly cheating on you with other women and putting your health at risk (STDs anyone), who is a known fraud and felon (or will be after all of his legal woes play out), and who “doesn’t believe in therapy,” and constantly berates/screams at his wife, I don’t know if there might be a solution better then separating. He obviously can’t stand Teresa (Here comes my bitch wife, she’s such a C), so why not separate and be a happier person individually, so that you can be a better parent and a happier parents for your children? The girls OBVIOUSLY see the strife in their marriage and they will only continue to see it as they get older and knowing many MANY people who have grown up in homes where their parents couldn’t stand one another but stayed together “for the kids,” trust me when I say that it would have been better for all parties if the parents just separated. If they are willing to work through their problems (and I have an inkling that that’s not the case considering the we don’t believe in therapy comments) then great, work through them, but otherwise if not, don’t stay together just to say that you’re together because you’re not fooling anyone, and you’re not helping anyone either.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I think both Teresa and Joe are emotionally immature, at this time. They can choose to stay stuck or move forward. Grow up or just grow old together. It’s their choice in the end. IMO.

    • Orson says:

      But it seems to me that Teresa is the sort of woman who needs to have a husband. And speaking as a former husband myself, I can’t imagine much of a line of suitors just waiting for T to become available so they can marry her and her baggage. Actually, the thought of being married to Teresa makes me more understanding of animals that chew a limb off to get out of a leg-hold trap.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        LOL! You’d be surprised. If Tamra Barney, Vicki G and The Countess could find themselves men who were interested (regardless of whether or not they might be gay or deadbeat dads, lol) I bet T could find herself some poor schlep as well.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I actually do not see it being hard for Teresa to find another boyfriend or husband if she FINALLY decides to leave Joe. People have different tastes.

        I can see some men actually finding Teresa quite attractive physically. She’s got nice skin, a nice smile and beautiful hair. She also has a VERY GOOD figure (especially for having 4 kids). She seems like she takes the time to keep herself always looking “together” (when it comes to clothes, hair, nails, makeup & body). I don’t EVER see her just letting herself “go” (like Jac or Caroline, for instance).

        She also works her a*s off. I can see many men finding that to be not only attractive, but an ASSET to them. She appears to be very LOYAL (almost to a damned FAULT) and nurturing, and I know men who LOVE that quality in a woman. She looks like she LIKES being in a relationship, and some men are looking for a woman who wants that. She also looks like she ENJOYS having SEX with her partner (What man doesn’t love THAT?). And she can be bubbly and ditzy. I know PLENTY of men who LOVE ditzy women for some reason (Don’t ask me why. Many men are intimidated by extremely intelligent women. *Shrug*).

        I once worked with a receptionist who weighed WAY over 200 pounds. She always had her hair, nails and makeup nicely done. She had a gap-toothed smile that she was ALWAYS showing (because she was always very BUBBLY and HAPPY and SMILING). And, despite her weight, she ALWAYS dressed VERY nicely. She also, in addition to working as a receptionist, always worked other part-time jobs to supplement her income (In short, she was a very hard worker).

        This woman ALWAYS had a MAN — ALWAYS. Go figure.

    • Sam says:

      Studies show that many men and women are worse off after a divorce, financially and/or emotionally. But setting this research aside, in this case there’s also Teresa’s Catholicism to consider. I come from a family that includes faithful Catholics, and divorce just isn’t something they would consider, no matter what.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I come from a family like that too, Sam. The YOUNGER generation of Catholics (myself included) would consider divorce (For me, it would be if one of the 3 A’s occurred once or was occurred repeatedly in my marriage, depending upon which “A” it is: Addiction; Adultery; Abuse).

        I have MANY older family members, however, that REFUSED to divorce on STRICTLY Catholic grounds.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Oops, I meant to type “was OCCURRING repeatedly” not “was occurred”.

        • Sam says:

          Yes, there can be a difference between older and younger Catholics, but I think that whether this difference exists depends on the culture. One of my sons is engaged to a girl whose ancestors immigrated here from Mexico, and in her family (huge and VERY Catholic) the young people seem just as committed as the older people to the idea of no divorce ever.

          I’m thinking it might be the same for Italians, in which case Teresa is probably struggling a lot over this.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Excellent points. Considering the fact that Teresa is a first-generation Italian-American, I’m sure her parents may think divorce is, not only a SIN, but a SHAME, according to their religious and cultural beliefs.

            • Sam says:

              Thanks! And you made a great point bringing up the shame aspect. Didn’t Teresa, in saying why she would never call her SIL a stripper, talk about not wanting to bring shame upon her family name? Maybe this is also why she keeps insisting that her husband is faithful.

      • Rebecca says:

        They’re Italians. A jilted wife doesn’t divorce her husband. She stays with him and makes the rest of his life a living hell. As God intended.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


          My Mom says stuff like that. She often says, “I sure wish your Daddy would get a girlfriend so she could get him outta my hair and my face sometimes. Good Lord, that man is DEMANDING!! I think he had a girlfriend that lived in Church Point one time, but she was terrible and not on her job enough. I mean, he was still HOME too DAMNED much!”

          I just looked at her and said, “Are you serious? When Daddy’s not getting on your nerves, the two of you are ALWAYS laughing?”

          She said, “Yep (as she took a drag off her cigarette). Of course, your father and I are always laughing. The Negro is FUNNY!!!”

          I said, “Mom, I don’t know if you are TRULY serious right now or not, but why wouldn’t you leave Daddy if he had a girlfriend?”

          She said, “Leave him for WHAT? This is MY damned house, and it’s beautiful. I love our cars too. Your Daddy has NEVER had a problem making sure all the bills are paid, and we have a huge nest egg and are financially secure. Why would I go to all the damned trouble of getting a divorce when you know how SMART and CRAFTY he is. He’d find ways to prevent me from getting the full HALF of everything he owns to which I am entitled. You KNOW how much he loves is damned MONEY!! It would KILL him to be forced to give me HALF!!

          I mean, we had NOTHING when we married each other. Now, we are well-off. Your father would also make the divorce drag out FOREVER and stress me out! I don’t have time for all that DRAMA! Besides, he’s really not all that bad!”

          I just shrugged my shoulders and thought, “Oh well….she might be joking. She might NOT be. If she LIKES it, I LOVE it!!!”

  14. plainviewsue says:

    NMD, Loved what u wrote! Keep up the great work!!!

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Co-sign!!!!! NMD in my book is a hero along with everyone else who contributes. Everyone’s hard work does not go unappreciated even if I do not post every day I read every word. You all are selfless, compasionate & a testement to Lynn & how we were brought together. You all honor her everyday & I am grateful. Luv & hugs to all of you, Lisa

  15. BB says:

    Congratulations Cityside (future Grandma) and LuLu (mom times two). Thank you for everything you do NMD.

  16. dickens says:

    Re Rosie:
    I don’t understand, especially in this day and age, how a person wouldn’t realize they were gay untill they were 22. I thought most folks *know* it from childhood. I can see not admitting it, but not knowing is totally different. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    Congratulations to Cityside and Lulu! Such happy news. 🙂

    • amalfi says:

      I think Rosie has some mild developmental problems.

    • kendo says:

      Agree! Especially considering how manly she is. On WWHL she said she was always into the sports thing, softball, etc. I remember in high school, there was always a lot of talk about the lesbians on the softball team, known fact! I think she knew, she just didn’t want to admit it, being Italian, religious, etc.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        She may have been in deep denial and suppressed it. Maybe, at the age of 22, she decided to admit it to herself. I wonder if she ever dated any men in the past. For some reason, I cannot see that, but maybe she did. Ellen Degeneres did. So maybe Rosie did too.

      • Constance says:

        Millions of young women are committed athletes. This characterization is ridiculous.

        • kendo says:

          Not saying all softball playing women are lesbians. Just saying when you’re that butch and you play softball, there’s a good chance! Gay man here, not trying to say all women playing sports are gay.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            When you see pictures of Rosie when she was younger, she looked more fem. I think she dated men because that was expected of her. It took time for her to grow into her true self. I do not think her fambly really helped her self discovery. She still seems haunted and angry, to me. JMHO.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              The fear of rejection is a powerful thing. Especially when you fear being rejected by your own family. I have seen how destructive it can be to deny your sexuality because you think no one will love you. It is very sad.

  17. Exit4 says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Joe Guidice was the one responsible for the whole Melissa set up? He makes sure to ask how she REALLY met Joe Gorga (and there are a few stories out there that don’t match the one they told) and she freaks out. The Joe’s knew each other their entire lives, long before either of them were married, hung out together and it’s obvious that there are mutual aqaintainces there. Basically, Joe Guidice knows people who knew Melissa when and I’m sure there have been stories.

    So wouldnt it be interesting, if Joe blabbed things to Kim, who hates Melissa, gave her some people to talk to (that she probably is mutually aquainted with) and hence here comes the setup. Would Joe Guidice help throw his wife under the bus to get rid of Joey and Melissa? Maybe!

    Obviously, this probably isn’t true, but it’s fun to speculate….Joe Guidice, the quiet behind the scenes medler. It COULD happen :0

  18. california35 says:

    good morning and happy FRIDAY!!!

    great blog about the blog.
    i read, i scroll down, i stay out of people’s way, i enjoy the blog and the comments, and i am grateful to all those involved on keeping the blog going.

    i am soooo glad NJ will b over soon. i have been so over NJ. when NJ is on, it takes over the board whether is a NJ day or not 😛

    • kendo says:

      Completely agree. All the other shows are so boring compared to all the crap going with NJ. I actually liked Melissa and JoeGo when they were being the young fun couple. Never liked the way they attacked T.

  19. Tracyshea says:

    I have been thinking lately about cutting these HW shows out of my viewing habit. I spend a few hours a week watching people with no morals or decency making a lot of money for being the icky people they are. I contribute to this fiasco by watching. Maybe it just Jersey, I am not sure. I am starting feel bad for supporting these kind of shows. They used to be fun and a temporary escape from my reality. It’s nice to know I can come here and read what is happening if I need a quick fix. Is anyone else thinking this way?

    • BB says:

      Raising my hand. It used to be a guilty pleasure, now I just feel guilty. I’m giving BH a go unless it gets too unbearable. No more NJ, ATL, OC, or Miami for me though. I have time to think about NY since it’s ending. And there will have to be someone very special on WWHL to get me to watch Andy ever again.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        BH is the last franchise I will try to watch – I don’t feel guilty – I feel bored! Bravo had a great run with their housewives franchises but somewhere along the way they forgot viewers want to be entertained not traumatized.

    • california35 says:

      i do.

      • california35 says:

        sorry, i got cut off. i dint enjoy watching housewives any more either. i already don’t watch Atlanta, OC, NJ, saw a bit of Miami, and didn’t stop NY because thankfully Jill and Kelly were gone. I will watch BH but will stop if it gets too much.

        what i cant stop is coming to this blog 🙂 even when posters get too cut up in the drama, it is never drama like the wives. so in a big way, if i do watch any if the Real housewives, is to be in the know with the blog. although i rather read it here, than watching it on tv.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      so far, I’ve only decided to not watch the OC people. So far.

    • Sam says:

      I used to watch OC, BH, NJ, and NY, but I dropped OC during Season 3, dropped BH during Season 2, and abandoned NJ while Jac was pretending to sleep. So now I only watch NY, but if they bring Aviva back (or Jill!) I’m done with that one too. They just aren’t fun for me anymore. There are too many evil people associated with them (Andy included!), and I don’t like supporting evil.

  20. Powell says:

    Mel’s charges just dropped days ago? Wow. I wonder if she’s been reading here and other blogs and hired an attorney to take care of it?

  21. Powell says:

    CAA has a good cast. Will LaToya stand up to reality tv fame who’re Omarosa like she did Starr Jones? Will Dennis Rodman put the crack pipe and bottle down long enough to play the game? Will Gary Busey speak clearly and coherently and not pass along any Garyisms? That brain injury has left him doing that. Will Claudia Jordan really roll up her sleeves and work this time? Looks can only get a pretty face so far. Well this will be interesting.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I think it will be interesting too. I actually feel sorry for Omarosa because she just lost her fiance’, Michael Clarke Duncan. I’m sure it will be hard to compete while she is still grieving. Maybe the show will be a good distraction for her, though.

      I agree with you about Gary Busey. I mean, he seemed like quite a LIKABLE and AFFABLE man, but Good Lord, did he say some of the wierdest things and behave in the wierdest ways!!! His team would be discussing a task and brainstorming, and he would say stuff like, “And the hummingbird flies through the air to meet the butterfly.” Everybody would pause and look at him like, “WTF??!!” Then then either started IGNORING him or SCREAMING at him out of pure frustration.

      LaToya came across a lot smarter than I thought. For YEARS, LaToya had this reputation of being CRAZY and a LIAR, but I remember watching talk shows and other interviews with her where she would say stuff about her family that everybody scoffed at that later turned out to be true. I remember her being on Geraldo, and he asked her about her sister, Janet. LaToya said, “Janet is actually married to Renee and has been for quite some time. I’m serious. They are married. They just didn’t want all the public scrutiny so they kept and keep it very quiet.” Everybody thought LaToya was LYING and ridiculed her for it. Years later, Janet admits that she’d been secretly marreid to her “boyfriend,” Renee for 10 years. *Shrug*s

      I hope Dennis Rodman does not go off and get drunk more than once while his team was working on a task like he did the last time. I have my doubts about that hope being fulfilled, though.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Oh yeah, LaToya was ALSO smart enough NOT to get involved in the latest Jackson family fiasco of taking their mother, Katherine, away to some “spa” and refusing to let her talk to Michael’s children. She stayed ALL THE WAY OUT of that mess!!

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Detox, the thing that I remember the most from LaToya is when she gave the RV people her presentation & everyone was shocked she was knowledgeable, articulate & confident. The RV people were so blown away they wanted to give her a job & Trumpster said he heard she was beyond impressive. Shocked the hell outta me. Lisa

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Me too. Until “Celebrity Apprentice” I thought the following about LaToya: 1) that she was the only Jackson who could not sing AT ALL (Janet can sing a LITTLE, but not very well. LaToya supposedly cannot sing AT ALL. She wanted to be part of the Act, and Joe Jackson told her, “Ummm….HELL…TO…THE…NO!!”); 2) that I was glad she stopped wearing headbands because she wore them far too long; 3) that her plastic surgeon made her nose entirely too small and pinched for her face; and 4) that she was a DUMB BUNNY.

            I NO longer think #4.

            • Nancy says:

              But she was the only one that made sure Michaels chimpanzee was well taken care of.
              Michael never when to see him after he gave him up. 😦 That made me really sad.

              • Nancy says:

                His name was Bubbles.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Oh, Wow! LaToya was responsible for that, Nancy? I did not know that. That makes me like her even more.

                After MJ died, some news outlet decided to interview the head of Bubbles’ present “monkey/ape home”. They asked him if he had told Bubbles about MJ’s death, and, if so, whether it seemed like the news had any effect on Bubbles.

                ???!!!!!????!!!! WTF????!!!!?????!!!!!

                The head of Bubble’s present residence said that, YES, he had, indeed, told Bubbles the news, and NO, it did not appear to affect him. They then showed Bubbles in his present “area,” as he chewed on some grass or whatever else and just sat there (probably wondering why he had a damned camera in his face). He was about 3 or 4 times the size he was when he used to appear in public with MJ (He was HUGE!!). He was also “naked” (as he was not dressed in an ensemble the way MJ used to do). He also had GRAY hair around his mouth area and other parts of his body (I did not know monkeys even went gray!).

                The reporter then talked about how Bubble’s new “owner” said that Bubbles had a best friend/fellow monkey at the facility with whom he liked to engage in the following favorite pastimes: climbing up to an area where they could watch vehicles whizzing by on the roadway below them; eating grass; picking nits off each other; and throwing things.

                I just thought the following when I saw that foolishness on my t.v.: 1) I cannot BELIEVE a news outlet actually sent a reporter out there to even ASK those STUPID questions; 2) The head of Bubbles’ home was a DAMNED LIAR (He did not tell Bubbles SH*T, IMO!!) and probably just wanted his face on t.v.; 3) Bubbles probably does not even REMEMBER MJ; 4) I was FASCINATED to hear about Bubbles’ best friend and their scintillating pastimes (NOT!!!); and 5) I could not believe I wasted the 5-8 minutes of my life WATCHING that segment.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Awwww, she did? What did Michael do with Bubbles?

                • Nancy says:

                  He went to a sanctuary. He seems happy but these animals are NOT pets.
                  I hate when people do this. It’s so selfish.

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    I read that Michael could no longer let Bubbles live with them because he was becoming aggressive and grabbing at them in ways that showed that he did not realize his own strength (and his ability to possibly hurt/injure them unintentionally).

                    MJ should have built a sanctuary for Bubbles at Neverland or at least VISITED him often. I agree with you on that, Nancy.

                    • Called A Princess... says:

                      Apes are very strong and can not be trusted because they are a wild animal. Michael was not going to be around an animal that he was afraid of. Also he had a lot of children around that could have been hurt. I felt very sorry for Bubbles because he seemed to be discarded like a old toy not unlike Emmanuel Lewis. Here today and gone tomorrow. IMO.

    • california35 says:

      CA is another show that is turning into a drama show. Looking at the list of returning cast, i can see Trump is going for full drama mess :-/

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        Totally agree. Gary Busey…really?

        • dickens says:

          Gary Busey…..
          I remember “Big Wednesday.” lol

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Detox, I think that LaToya is just as greedy as the rest of the Jackson clan. And what is her talent. Vanity Fair has an article that states that she took cash and valuables from the rented home of Michael’s with in a day or two after his death. She has always stated that others looted the manse of cash and jewelry. Insurance payout, maybe? I miss the talk shows of the past, where celebrities would spill the dirt. Now everyone is so into the brand protection mode that we rarely get the truth. JMHO.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              And, Honey, LaToya used to SPILL it! After she’d spill, she’d bat her big, spidery-lashed eyes and just giggle.

              LaToya may be just as greedy as the rest of the Jacksons. I did not say she was not greedy. What I said was that, after her “Celebrity Apprentice” appearance, I opined that she was SMART. Vanity Fair stated that, but if I were LaToya, I’d say, “PROVE IT!! Where are the pix of me taking this stuff? You don’t have any? Oh well! There you go. I took NOTHING.” (when she probably DID!).

              She was smart enough not to get ANYWHERE that “kidnapping” of her Mother or signing any letters supporting same. She was as quiet as a church mouse during that craziness.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              I thought it was Janet who ransacked the house.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                Detox, LaToya has the the ditzy starlet thing/act down too a science. They both were at the house, lurking. LaToya called the recently terminated nanny, on the phone to ask where the cash was hidden. ‘the kids are crying because they miss their father. Oh by the way… show me the money…’ Giggle. Giggle. Janet provided the getaway van they filled with the valuables. The ones that I find to be truly scary time are Rebbie and Randy. IMO they both look absolutely deranged, in pictures, most of the time. This is not an American royal family that I would ever imagine, in my wildest nightmares. Some of the fans (stan’s) are crazy too. I love some of MJ’s music, but I do believe in the separation of “church and state.” JMHO.

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  I don’t know how true it is, but I heard that Janet is about to marry some multi-millionaire (possible billionaire). I think his name Wissam Al-Mana or something like that (I don’t feel like looking it up), and I think is is from Saudi Arabia or somewhere thereabouts.

                  I always thought Rebbie was VERY pretty. I remember her ONE hit, “Centipede.” That used to be me and some of my cousins’ jam at the roller rink and the high school dances.

                  Randy DOES look strange. I can’t believe he and Jermaine both married and had children with the SAME woman!! Jermaine even named one of the kids he had with her, “Jermajesty” (I find this #1) narcissistice and #2) GHETTO!!).

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    Oops, “narcissistic” not the way I typo-ed it above.

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    I always thought Rebbie should be spelled Reebie. Jermajesty? ?? wow… Randy and Jermaine married the same woman. smh I did not know that.

                    • Called A Princess... says:

                      Lainey,it is all true. Jermaine really thinks very highly of his fambly but it mostly seems for public consumption and media attention. JMHO.

                  • Called A Princess... says:

                    With Rebbie, its all in the eyes. Crazy! Also during the Jackson child abduction attempt, I have read that Auntie LaToya stayed in one of the getaway cars.

    • melthehound says:

      What I want to know is why Trump et al insist on recycling these codgers for an ‘all star’ season? Yes, I put all of them into that category, man and woman alike.

  22. amalfi says:

    It’s funny Omarosa is considered a celebrity apprentice now when she was one of the original “just another businessperson” apprentice.

    I guess if Kardashians, Teen Moms and HWs qualify as celebrities (gag me) then kudos to her for clawing your way to notariety. She was prob. one of the first to do it.

    That said, I did love Michael Clark Duncan, and he loved her, so it shows everyone has a redeeming quality somewhere, even if it isn’t immediately visible.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I was SO sad when I heard Michael Clarke Duncan died. It was as if he was a friend or family member of mine with how sad I felt. From all accounts, he was a WONDERFUL, big Teddy Bear of a man about whom people could just not say ENOUGH good things. He was supposedly a VERY nice man to EVERYBODY — famous and non-famous alike.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Opposites attract? I have known a few nice men that have partnered with very mean women. And very nice women that have partnered with very mean men. Not that uncommon. Mr. Duncan certainly made Omarosa look more humane. IMO.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Yes, he did. She was always showing all 65 of her teeth whenever she was with him too (usually wrapped in his big ol’ arms). That was the MOST I have EVER seen Omarosa smile. Before him, she often had a cold, hard, mean look on her face. I DID love the way she SHUT Bethenny all the way down one time. Bethenny, who usually ALWAYS responds (usually in a sarcastic manner), had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to say (the same way Melissa had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to say about her shoplifting arrest. LOL).

          I like Bethenny, but it was kinda funny to me. I don’t think Miss Bethenny will say ANYTHING about Omarosa (GOOD or BAD) EVER again!

          • RealHousewifeVA says:

            I thought Bethenny was smart with that whole thing. She never replied because she knew Omarosa was desperately trying to get attention for her dating show (did anyone watch that show?). She wanted Bethenny to reply so they can go back and forth and she can get some much needed publicity, but B didn’t give it to her. I don’t think B was scared at all. Same as how B treats Jill, as if she doesn’t exist.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              No, I don’t think Bethenny was scared. I think she was just shocked that Omarosa responded to her and responded as FORCEFULLY as she DID. Also, if Omarosa simply wanted to get attention for her dating show, would she not have INITIATED some kind of feud with someone or pulled some other kind of STUNT?

              She did not INITIATE the feud/words with Bethenny. Bethenny opened HER mouth first about Omarosa, who was just minding her own business (and not even thinking about Bethenny) as far as I remember at the time.

              Omarosa, in so many words, told Bethenny, “Don’t START none!! Won’t BE none!!” and “You do NOT want it with me, Bethenny!!”

              Jill is so EASY for Bethenny to ridicule and beat. That’s like taking candy from a baby for Bethenny. I do NOT like Omarosa, but she is a MUCH fiercer adversary for Bethenny than Jill ever was (Omarosa also noted that she could not believe Bethenny said anything remotely negative about her because, in the past, Bethenny initiated contact with her and asked Omarosa if she would be willing to talk with her about using her reality show platform for business purposes, and Omaroasa graciously agreed. She said she had Bethenny over to her home more than once and even paid Bethenny’s cab fare because Bethenny complained about being “SO BROKE” at the time).

              Oh, and I watched her show. I’m sure I’m only 1 of 10 people that did. I doubt that Omarosa thought she was going to get big numbers for a show that was going to be shown on an All-Black station (TV1, I believe). I’m just keeping it real about that fact. JMHO.

          • Powell says:

            Yes He did. I have never liked her.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Well I think that Omarosa making the comment about Bethenny’s husband being gay was so nasty, out of line, that Bethenny realized she was not dealing with a sane or honest person. I really dislike blindly predatory characters and I could never watch Omarosa for more the 10 seconds. Her eyes are the eyes of someone seeking to get whatever she wants by any means necessary, even publicly lying about someones husband, to shut things down. Jason was not part of the fight and did not need to become a casualty of Omarosa’s homophobia and relative discontent. IMO.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Believe it or not, CAP, I think Omarosa is QUITE sane. And I think Bethenny, having dealt with her in the past and even having sought out Omarosa’s advice (which Bethenny did NOT deny. In fact, she did not even deny the fact that Omarosa had her over to her home more than once and that Omarosa even paid her cab fare more than once), KNOWS that Omarosa is VERY sane.

                Omarosa is just MEAN as hell when she wants to be. That does NOT make her INSANE. It simply makes her MEAN. When asked about her comments and the “low-blow-ness” of them, she said, “Oh, Donald Trump taught me well. He taught me, when attacked, to attack back VERY viciously, even if I have to use LOW BLOWS at time to do it. When hit, hit back and hit back HARD!!”

                Hey, it’s not MY style of fighting. I don’t fight dirty or use low blows. I also use my “HARD” hit(s) as my very LAST resort(S) because I prefer more amicable and diplomatic sparring (It is not until I have been pushed to my limit that I “go THERE!”).

                I know OTHER people who DO fight dirty and hit back VERY hard IMMEDIATELY, though.

                And it works for them (because they do not CARE that people will think they are “not-so-nice” or “dirty fighters.” In their minds, it’s like, “Well, people think I am NOT nice for having said that. Guess what? I’m NOT nice. AND? Did it shut this person up? Yes. Well, then, mission accomplished. I do not care one little bit about being perceived as NICE!” *Shrug*

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  Sometimes I wish I could be like that. It does shut people up.

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    Me too. My DAD can be like this when it comes to someone who is trying to insult him QUITE often. It can sometimes make my Mom and me CRINGE (because it’s not OUR way. It is often HIS, though). Surprisingly, he’s got LOTS of friends, and the few enemies he DOES have RESPECT him.

                    He basically doesn’t give a sh*t what ANYBODY thinks about him AT ALL (He kinda reminds me of Joe Giudice in that way)!!

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  OK, so Omarosa is insanely mean. That works for me. Trump did not teach her everything. She has a history of not playing well with others. It started when she worked in Washington, DC long before she ever met Trump. She likes being bad just a little too much. IMO.

  23. ATLnNYC09 says:

    Perez Hilton is clearly biased so I call bs on this story. Not saying Joey Giu doesnt cheat but if he is doing half of the cheating people have claimed over the past 3 years, where are the pictures of these women (besides the blurry one that doesnt really indicate he is cheating)?

    I have not seen ONE woman come forth or ONE news story bust open with a mistress, gf, prostitute, nothing to give a story. People in the other camp are really ridiculous. All it is is hearsay and accusations. If Teresa decided to sue for liable, then her cast mates will talk about how shes crazy. But they can just make up random stores about her family? Thats total BS.

    This has gotten to the point where its really cruel and vicious. I can see not liking Teresa but this is an unnecessary level of public humiliation and embarrassment. Look, if she stays with Joe after he cheats on her, thats her business and its her choice.

  24. Nancy says:

    Great news…A-Rod is benched for game 5! Who would have thought that would ever happen!
    I’ll be watching your team later. I told Cityside that you are paying me to root for the Nationals. LOL

  25. djprincessc says:

    I watched the first 10, MAYBE 15 minutes of Miami Housewives and then I started watching Jersey Shore. I watch ALL the Housewives shows (except DC) so for me if I can’t watch one, then you know its pretty bad. Andy really couldn’t have found more interesting women for Miami? The only one I find funny is Lisa.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Not sure what’s wrong with me, I like Miami!!!!!

      • djprincessc says:

        I want to like Miami!!! Idk why I can’t!!! lol.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I like Miami too! Maybe it’s because I just love looking at Romain and listening to him speak. I read the other day that, although he is French, he grew up in Brazil. This cleared something up for me because I THOUGHT his accent sounded more like someone who spoke Spanish as opposed to a French accent (like Adriana’s fiance’).

        • LaineyLainey says:

          He is the best thing about Miami right now. If he grew up in Brazil (how cool, btw) he is most likely fluent in Portuguese, too. Somebody said that Rodolfo looks like he’s on a telenovela, it’s true!!! Maybe he thinks that he’s going to be the next William Levy (I love you William!!) by crossing over to American markets via the RhOMiami.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Oh yeah, that’s right! They speak Portuguese in Brazil. I forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me, Lainey. So, he has a Portuguese accent then (Whatever it is, it’s sexy)!!!

            Girl, Rodolfo is not fit to lick William Levy’s boots in the LOOKS Department (It’s not just his face. His body is aweseome too!!! William Levy is H-O-T-N-E-S-S personified. When the Latino mags were remarking that he was losing his hair, he shaved his head completely bald and wore it like that for a while. He was STILL gorgeous (hair or no hair).

            I just get a SLEAZY vibe from Rodolfo. Karent seems WAY more into HIM than he is into HER!! She’s beautiful. She has a beautiful home. She has a wonderful career. I’m sure she’d have men lining up for her. I guess she’s just stuck on Rodolfo for some reason. *Shrug*

            • LaineyLainey says:

              They speak Spanish AND Portuguese in Brazil. I was just adding another probable language to the hunky Romain’s repertoire. I just double checked with hubs, he has travelled there and to Argentina on business a few times.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                I can’t believe Joanna said she and Romain were having problems in the bedroom. I think she indicated that they had not had sex in a while (Correct me if I am wrong). I’m pretty sure that if Romain is not having sex with Joanna, he’s having sex with someone else.

              • jeang says:

                I think Romain and Mama Elsa are the best. Loved her moves and her awesome and expensive necklace. Mama got some vintage and expensive stuff, I guess from her “gringo.” Obviously she has had a great life. I am kind of liking Lisa lately and have so much sympathy for poor Alexia with the clearly criminal sons behavior and also him thoughtlessly making her have to also deal with his mess in addition to dealing on a daily basis with the younger son who had so much body and brain damage from that car accident. She must be a strong woman. Bless her heart.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  Yes, Lisa showed a really sweet side. The way she loved on her Leo…her pup. Very nurturing, tender and kind. She’s also nice to Daisy.

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  ITA with everything you just said!

  26. BB says:

    I’m watching Abbey’s Ultimate Dance Competition right now.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Is Abbey screaming at anyone yet?

      • Nancy says:

        She’s different on this show. So far I’m not impressed with the show at all.

      • BB says:

        Sorry logged off before I saw your comment Detox. No, she wasn’t in screaming mode in the first episode.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I’m going to take a minute to look outside my window and see if pigs are flying (because Abby is NOT screaming, which is a FIRST for her!! Actually, the pigs would not be flying today because the episode was filmed a while ago, I’m sure. So, the pigs would have been flying on THAT day. I can’t believe I just typed this. I THINK too damned much!! Jeez!).

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Abby is not the focus on this show. This time it is the mom’s and dancers who are under the microscope.

  27. shamrockblonde says:

    first – congrats to cityside and lulu – cityside – welcome to the majors!! –

    *hugs NMD really hard* – you provided us a safe haven when we were lost – for that, and so much more – thank you – I know that Lynn is here with us each day, and I can hear her laughing –

    being the parent of a divorced child, I can tell you first hand that it does not just happen to the couple and to the children – picture a stone being thrown into the water – it causes a huge splash at first, but then ripples start to spread out across the water – that is what divorce does to a family – I am a practicing Roman Catholic, so those ripples were quite wide – I rocked my daughter to sleep each night as she sobbed – sobbed – in my arms, and then I would go upstairs and tend to her two little babies – I was the one who took her to the doctor to make sure that she had not contracted any kind of disease, and my husband was the one who transformed our home almost overnight to make room for and keep safe my daughter and the twins – I never interfered, never ranted about her husband, never called him a single name aloud – all I did was keep her safe and let her know that no matter what else went on, that here in this home that she grew up in, she would be safe –

    having said that, I can completely understand Tre not discussing her marriage or what goes on in it – and yes, there is jealousy, and secrets lurking all around her so she has that to deal with as well – but she keeps going and she carries all that weight – and let me tell you – it is a very heavy weight – alone – she has no one, it seems, to simply tell her that she is not alone – all she has is a couple of beat up old shrews out to destroy her, and at the very least an uncouth husband who treats her like dirt –

    these days I mostly watch the top chef shows as I find them the best of Bravo –

    I am also glad that Russell is gone on Survivor and hope that Denise fares well – I like her and I also hope that Lisa finds her footing as well –

    as for CA – YAY!!!! for Trace Atkins being back!!! – love that man and hope he takes it home this time – I really wish they would let Gary Busey alone – ever since his accident, he has not been entirely right in his head –

    I love this place – I love all of you too – thanks for the blogs, the love and the friendship – never underestimate its power – *hugs entire board really hard*

    • amalfi says:

      Your family is lucky to have you.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Shamrock; what a wonderful grandma and mom. They are so blessed to have you.
      I feel so sad for Tre sometimes, too. These attacks on her and her family are brutal and constant. I do not know how she does it.

      • Nancy says:

        She probaby cries her eyes out every night once her head hits the pillow.
        I feel so badly for her.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Shamrock-what a comfort you must have been(and continue) to be for your daughter.
      Your comment is so heartfelt meaningful. I love that.
      I love that you call being a Grandparent being in the Majors..I love it!!!
      Congrats to Cityside-so excited for you!!
      Lulu-I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy…being pregnant in the winter is sooo much better than the summer!!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Oh, Shamrock, your story about your daughter really MOVED me. I am so sorry your daughter went through that pain, and I am so happy that she had such wonderful parents in you and her husband that helped her piece herself back together again. (((Shamrockblonde))) & (((Shamrockblonde’s Daughter))).

    • disgrazia4 says:

      ❤Shamrock Blonde❤ What an absolutely beautiful post! Your words about Marriage and lows of it are so true. Thank you for reminding us all of the importance of patience, tolerance and love. ❤

  28. AZGirl says:

    Congratulations Cityside and Lulu!!! What great news!!!
    Heartfelt THANK YOU to NMD for all you have done keeping this blog going.
    Beautiful COOL day here in AZ. High of only 76 which is rare this time of year.

    As for Juicy’s girlfriend I can only suspect three things. She is blind, deaf and has no sense of smell. MEOW!

    • melthehound says:

      As for Juicy’s girlfriend I can only suspect three things. She is blind, deaf and has no sense of smell.
      You forgot, doesn’t exist. I can’t be the only one who thinks if all of these women actually existed, that there would be stories out there about them, by them, long ago. After all.. There’s money in them thar mags. Does anyone remember how Brandi says she found out about her husband and LeAnn Grimey? His MISTRESS on the cover of a magazine crying that she’d been replaced by another one. Read Shamrock’s story about how her friend thought she had a rock solid marriage, was duped into friending his side piece on FB and then it all spilled. Really? Not one of Juicy’s side ho’s has made a peep since these cheating allegations have come out and jumped on the bash Teresa bandwagon. What do we have now? Some bigfoot-esque photos and some broad’s parents talking to NE and/or Perez Hilton of all people.

      What was the last thing talked about on part two of the reunion? Cheating Joe. What is coming up in part 3? More of the same and further, perhaps some outing of these other angels from god. Coincidence? I know you people are smarter than that.

  29. AZGirl says:

    Hey those of you on Twitter heads up! Sh#t hit the fan. Someone discovered Jill Zarin’s fake twitter account frostedyummies. She posted a vile post about Bryn. Go to BlkbyjillZarin timeline and you will see what is going on. The redhair beast has risen.

    • Nancy says:

      Someone needs to get this to Andy asap! He asked her outright about this.

    • melthehound says:

      Luv ya AZGirl (and everyone else who keeps us posted about the twiter stuff so we don’t have to go there) but this, is the reason, that red headed hellhound will NEVER go away.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Oh, no she did NOT post a VILE comment about a damned CHILD!!! This further supports the theory that Jill is, not only CRAZY, but still just as mean and vengeful and vindictive as EVER!!

      I hope this story BLOWS UP!!

      What did Jill say?

    • VV says:

      I didn’t see any of those tweets. Did she delete? Did anybody get screen shots?

      • not THAT Jill says:

        VV-look at @Frosteddummies TL all the tweets are there-a few people on twitter say it is JZ’s account. I dont know how they know but they say the info comes from a reliable source

        • Powell says:

          If JZ is doing this she is just despicable. How many times on the reunions did she say don’t talk about the children. That the children aren’t fair game? Grrrrrrr. ;P

          • Nancy says:

            Hi Powell,
            I can’t believe she would say that about Bryn. First of all Bryn is adorable so I’m not
            getting her point. She’s just a nasty angry old “lady”.

            Are you going to be watching the Nationals in a few hours? BB and I are live chatting
            at the end of the blog if you want to join us. 🙂

            • VV says:

              Okay, here is what I found out. The twitter handle is @Frostedyummies. Here is the link.

              Not sure if this is Jill or not. Lots of hate tweets on her part.

              PS I’m only posting link because I know many here don’t have Twitter.

            • Powell says:

              I may turn to it every now and then. I’m so rooting for them. I’m not a huge baseball watcher though. I was just looking at the Orioles, my other hometown team playing the Yankees. Balt finally scored. Damn Yankees are pitching this game. Yikes. 🙂

    • AZGirl says:

      Well of course JZ is going to deny this is her account. Trust me there are too many computer savvy people out there and she will get busted.

  30. AZGirl says:

    Blckd By Jill Zarin!‏@BlckdByJilZarin

    Annie 1) Frostedyummies is Jill Zarin 2) she called Bryn a “wart faced baby”. Don’t associate. RT @Frostedyummies @anniexoxx followed u 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      Did she really? What’s wrong with her?

      BTW it is really copld out here today. Last week it was 100 and today we have the
      heater on. Strange. I was thinking about you the other day as I was watching
      Bill Johnson (who won the gold medal in the 1984 Olympics in downhill racing)
      because it was Arizona that got him there. He fell in love with your state and
      because of that he got his act together instead of being put in jail as the judge
      gave him those options. 🙂

    • VV says:

      Here are some of her lovely tweets. BTW, according to TEB2350. She is certain this is JZ.

        • Nancy says:

          I thought she was buddies with Aviva so this may not be Jill.

        • AZGirl says:

          Supposedly TEB is pretty confident it is. Frostedyummies tweeted something to TEB that only Jill would know from what I can gather. I really hope it is NOT Jill but maybe her nephew or someone else in the family. If it is Jill then this is just really SAD.

        • AZGirl says:

          Everything has been fairly quiet on Twitter until Jill announced her WWHL taping. Then all the critics started voicing their disapproval over the past few days and WHAM. We now have this?
          Why do I feel that Jill (or her assistant) think that this is good publicity? Remember, Jill
          thinks any publicity good or bad is in her favor. Makes me wonder if this may be a set up.

          • Powell says:

            This is sad. A grown ass woman doing this? If this is her and it’s proven it’s her she’s gonna be in bed for a year crying. She will be crucified. Even people that aren’t B fans will get on her for saying such things about a toddler.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          OMG! These are even worse than I thought. I know Jill is crazy and vindictive, but do you guys actually think she would tweet stuff like this?

          I mean, these words sound like they would be coming from a straight HOOD RAT — not some wealthy lady living in Manhattan!!

  31. Klmh says:

    There was a question above asking why people are interested to know if Joe G. Cheated on his wife, and I will tell you what I think. So much of what we see has been manipulated, so the speculation on their real life is in question all the time. This act, when proven true,for Joe cements the disdain we have for him. Ask yourself why many of us here are outraged by the Giudice bankruptcy. Same reason, it just speaks to who these nasty ass people are, and it justifies our horror of their actions. Jmo
    Sorry about the mistakes in typing…I can’t figure out how to remove capitals from this yet.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi klmh,
      How are you? How is your Pom?

      • Klmh says:

        No news is good news. I am so lucky to have a friend look after the kids. She stays at thehouseandlovesit, so we can take these trips. I am so lucky. Hope all is well with you Nancy… Sorry for the mistypes

    • amalfi says:

      You are outraged by something that doesn’t exist. They removed themselves from bankruptcy protection and are paying back their creditors.

      • Sam says:

        Correct. And I don’t think outrage would be the right word anyway. To me it signifies a really strong level of emotion, and who gets that worked up over pseudo-celebrities on a TV show? (“Disgusted” would be my choice.)

        • amalfi says:

          Right – “outrage” is KLMH’s word. Anyone here have some disgust for Giudices? (I do for several things) Opportunities galore for finding reasons for that – same for every single other cast member and worthless spouse. But if you’re going to be outraged, disgusted, amused, get the facts straight about why —- though the cast members themselves rarely care about that too. lol.

          If bankruptcy outrages you, let me introduce you to the Lauritas and their $55 million dollar case.

          • djprincessc says:

            Thank you for bringing up the Laurita bankruptcy!!!! I hate how nobody brings this up, anytime someone brings up the Guidice bankruptcy, I am going to bring up the Laurita 55 MILLION dollar lawsuit!!

            • Klmh says:

              Hold the phone. I am not talking abut anyone else, and let’s stick to the issue here. The discussion was about the Giudice extramarital affair. Don’t do the political tactic of diversion, please.

      • Sasha says:

        It existed until they caught a little heat for concealing assets. I think they call it bankruptcy fraud. They then decided to be good kids and pay off the debt.

        • Nancy says:

          Exactly. That is the only reason they are paying their debts.

          • PJ says:

            The Laurita’s are paying their debts then?????? In their 55 million bankruptcy which is 5 times more that the Giudice bankruptcy? Plus it is alleged that the Laurita’s stripped a company of 8 million in assets before filing bankruptcy.

            • Sasha says:

              I’m soooo confused. Does the fact that the Laurita’s have a bigger and better bankruptcy cancel out the Giudice bankruptcy.

              • djprincessc says:

                Sasha it doesn’t cancel it, but NOBODY brings it up. The 3 hours in the reunion Andy asked Jaq 1 question about it to which she said it was TOTALLY different then Teresa’s, then Andy dropped it, never brought it up again. Forget the reunion why didn’t they include it on the show? Why don’t the magazines have it on front pages like Teresa’s?? I just can’t stand the hypocrisy of it and yes its BIGGER! 55 Million?? But only the Guidices are crooks and frauds?? Teresa IS working her ass of to pay it back and Jaq tweets all day so ya I do see a difference.

            • djprincessc says:

              Seriously PJ! Like The Guidices are damned if they do damned if they don’t. If they didn’t pay back their debts people would be calling them shit, they ARE paying back their debts and people call them shit. Lets see the Lauritas pay back their debts, and The Gorgas their home!

              • PJ says:

                djprincess you just can’t make a point with illogical people. You’re right It doesn’t matter what the Giudice’s do or how hard Teresa works to pay back their debts some people will never be satisfied.

        • amalfi says:

          Well of course that is why – plus they would have likely not gotten the protection the sought from the court anyway.

          But the fact is they ARE paying it off and are not in bankruptcy. Some people seem to be just as pissed just as much about that as the fact that they ever tried to get away with their excessive spending. Weird.

      • Klmh says:

        Are you kidding me? They removed themselves because of pressure from others seeing their spending. Have they paid it back? I don’t know, but the ONLY REASON they took themselves out of bankruptcy is because they were exposed! Do yourself a favor, go back 3 years and look for yourself. You do not know what you are talking about. Their history is there for you to see. I cam
        I promise you, I have followed this and know what I am talking about. No ifs ands or buts…

        • djprincessc says:

          And so what if they removed themselves because of how it looked? They did it and they’re paying it back. The end. What are the Lauritas doing about theirs??

          • Klmh says:

            I am not discussing the Lauritas . The discussion was why someone cared about Joes affairs. I stated that this couple has shown their true colors by their fraudulent Bankruptcy filing. They LIED about their assets. Get it? They lied about what they had and they were caught.
            I do not, and you do not, know if they are paying their debt back to those they screwed. Look at it from the other end, if you will. Exactly how would you feel if you and your family were a part of this thievery? I can tell you that I have been at the other end and if you have ever been there, you would agree…

            • djprincessc says:

              But I am discussing the Lauritas. And I have no clue what you’re talking about this thievery and you being at the other end.

              • Klmh says:

                I will try to be nice and just say, once again that my original post was about Joe and why we would be interested in his extramarital affairs. I hope this helps you understand. If not, I’m sorry…
                I suppose it all depend on where we are in our lives.

                • djprincessc says:

                  Ask yourself why many of us here are outraged by the Giudice bankruptcy. Same reason, it just speaks to who these nasty ass people are, and it justifies our horror of their actions. Jmo

                  Thats what you wrote. Yes I understand what your post was about, his affairs. Basically you are saying what their true colors are and why people are in horror of them correct??

                  In response someone brought up the Lauritas, that is a perfectly justified response. The question then is: ok you’re horrified with the Guidices but what makes them stand out against the Lauritas or the Gorgas situation with their home. Thats all.

                  You wrote a post about one topic, fine, but it does in other ways have to do with other people on the show if they are in fact doing the SAME things.

                  I get what you are saying about Joe Guidice, personally I don’t care if he cheats its not my marriage. I’ve had cheaters in my life and they get tossed out, but thats me.

                  And at this point the back and forth is getting kind of confusing so I’ll drop it. lol.

            • PJ says:

              So the Laurita’s aren’t the same only 5 times worse. There is no one at the other end of their as you call it “thievery”? What?! My husband’s company has been at the other end of this, We’ve had customers who filed bankruptcy and never paid our company what they owed. Please don’t tell me how I would feel if I was at the other end of this. I would much rather be at the other end of someone who withdrew their bankruptcy for whatever reason, than someone who didn’t. As to the assertion that we don’t know if the Giudice’s are paying or not, all I can say is that if they fart an insider tells the press what it smells like and it’s on all the blogs the next day. If they weren’t paying it would get out somehow just like everything else does.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                “if they fart an insider tells the press what it smells like and it’s on all the blogs the next day.”


        • amalfi says:

          You seem quite bitter that they are doing the right thing. Sounds like you’d be happier if they were doing the wrong thing to justify your weird obsession with their NOT being in bankruptcy.

          They overspent. They were FOOLs. You need to move on. We all agree. Just don’t throw bankruptcy around when it doesn’t apply anymore.

          • djprincessc says:

            Agree amalfi. ^

          • Klmh says:

            So you know they are paying it back. Great. Could you provide that info to us? If not, don’t speculate please, because I tried to find that info and there was nothing to be found…

            • djprincessc says:

              Ummmm if they withdrew their bankruptcy doesn’t that mean that they are paying it back, or just it just disappear?? And correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought this whole blog was to come here to talk, gossip, speculate, engage in conversations about the housewives. Now we’re being told what we can or can’t speculate about?? I can’t help but laugh. Hahahhahahahahahaha.

              • djprincessc says:

                that it just disappears**

              • Klmh says:

                Ugh, no. They have 11 million to pay back. My discussion was about why we care about J. Giudices indiscretions. Speculate all you like.

              • AZGirl says:

                It looks like Tre and Joe have come to some payment agreement with the creditors and as long as they make their payments then it is good. That is what Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is about. Rather than filing Chapter 7 which basically all assets are sold and monies distributed starting with the creditor who owed the most and moving downward meaning some creditors may get nothing.

                Chapter 11 modifies the debt and allows a payment schedule for the creditors all to be paid. Tre and Joe are making money thanks to Tre and so the creditors are counting on that income to get at least something back. As for the IRS that is another problem.

                • Klmh says:

                  They tried to walk away from their debts with house in hand, without mentioning their assets, which to most of us here would be a tidy sum. They did not mention Teresa’s business whose assets she intermingled with their personal accounts, and they didn’t bother to pay taxes for three years. The pizza business wasn’t mentioned in their assts either, along with a few other real estate holdings.
                  What they decided at their bancruptcy hearing,and what they have decided to do as the facts were given to the bankruptcy courts are two separate issues. This is at the heart of my point. Why do we care? Because what we see on screen is not what we get, and what we dig behind the screens is truth. None of these families are worth our time, energy or consideration. I can’t wait to have done with NJ.
                  I’m off for a walk on the beach. Sweet dreams.

                  • PJ says:

                    Why are you so pissed that they “tried” if that’s the case it didn’t work and they are paying?

                  • AZGirl says:

                    I am not justifying what they did. But they could have filed Chapter 7 and walked away and started all new. Teresa did not do that. They do have a long road ahead. Their credit is still blemished and the IRS still can go after them. Chapter 7 would have washed it all away

                  • cdnfillie58 says:

                    Ur awesome Klmh…you make perfect sense to me..I just got back from my walk .. I needed it to 😛

            • PJ says:

              Klmh could you please prove that they aren’t? If you can’t then please don’t speculate.

        • KLMH is a very good debater, and she’s allowed her opinion. I still remember the Bethenny on the boat debacle lol! When KLMH has a bone to pick, ain’t NO dog gonna take it away from her!

          I have tons of respect for KLMH. A long time ago, there was a poster here with a sick cat. She couldn’t afford to take the cat to the Vet. Well, KLMH not only gave that poster support here on the blog, she reached out to help. She called the Vet, paid the bill, which then allowed the poster with the sick cat to go to the Vet.

          Any opinion KLMH has on any topic is fine by me. ((( KLMH )))

          • PJ you had me in stitches laughing with that fart comment! I do wonder if Juicy regrets being on the show. Maybe this is why he resents Teresa so much, look how much trouble Juicy is in since the show started. Fortunately for him, he’s getting a lot of passes. I do think he’s going to jail. If he would just take the 5 years, he would likely serve half that (for the driver’s license fraud). Teresa will get tons of support from the fans while he’s in jail. Maybe even her own show.

            And the people who can’t stop smelling his farts will be watching that jail like hawks, to see how many girlfriends show up!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I didn’t know about the cat story. That is pretty darn sweet.

  32. keida says:

    Congrats Cityside and Lulu!!! And thank u to NMD and BB and all the rest of u who work so hard to keep this going. We’re still here, and we’re still together as a family. Andy Cohen needs to wake up and realize.

  33. Nancy says:

    Are you watching? 😦 This is why stolen bases are so dangerous.

  34. BB says:

    Another one Nancy.

    • Nancy says:

      I was just about to say the same thing. Too funny.

      • Nancy says:

        BTW…Why are you a National’s fan?

        • BB says:

          Because they are the closest to me geographically and I kind of adopted them when they came on the scene. My dad was a Yankees fan, but I don’t know that he would be one today. I like the Atlanta Braves too. I started watching them on TV when I first got cable back in the day and they played on TBS every day. Back in the Glavin, Maddux, Smoltz and Chipper Jones (who just retired this year) days. I just like baseball so I can petty much watch any game.

          • Nancy says:

            I get it now. I love when a new team gets to go to the playoffs. It gets boring when NY goes every year. The Dodgers were like that in the 70-80’s. Of course I didn’t mind but it is fun to see other teams get their chance.
            That was a foul ball.

  35. BB says:

    Nancy – I’m gonna go fix dinner. It’s not looking good for this game, but I’ll keep watching on the kitchen tv. Yes, I have a tv in almost every room in my VA house. Lol. Be back later.

  36. stellastars21 says:

    Congrats to Cityside and Lulu. Awesome news.

    I felt bad for Gary Busey. He had a head injury so his behavior can’t be helped but the other celebrities treated him so mean sometimes. I understand it’s frustrating but they were just mean. Maybe I’m sensitive cause my mom had an aneurysm and 1/2 her brain doesn’t work. She’s still “normal” but has limitations

    • Nancy says:

      Remember when Meatloaf went after him? I think that’s his name.
      Sorry to hear about your mother.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I’m sorry too, Stella. (((Stella))). I was trying to remember who it was that was SCREAMING MANIACALLY at Gary, but I drew a blank. It WAS Meatloaf. Thanks, Nancy!

        I think Gary Busey needs the money (I think he recently filed for bankruptcy), but it is sad that his behavior (due to his injury) is exploited.

        • Nancy says:

          ITA. I feel sorry for him. Donald should give him a check and call it a day but nooooooo!
          It’s disgusting.

    • Sorry to hear about your mom Stella, that’s tough for her & you.

      I remember watching Gary Busey on CA. He would get frustrating, because he couldn’t be counted on to contribute to the team. Gary would go off & do his own thing, following his “muse” that no one else could understand. Trump absolutely takes advantage of these people. He kept Gary way beyond what was realistic, for the craziness. I believe he kept Teresa on past her usefulness too, due to her ability to popularize the show & get ratings. I’m not going to watch this season. Trump is the most nauseating person in NYC & the US for that matter. What a major douchebag. WSL calls him “Donald Dump” and it sure fits him lol.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Sorry about your mom, Stellastars. I can’t believe Gary is coming back; he must really need the money.

  37. Orson says:

    I just had an idea (actually, I had it last night) for a new “Reality” show. It could follow a woman who got fired from a “Reality” show and follow all her lies and manipulations to create a brand and get herself back on a “Reality” show. If only there was some attention whore out there to “star” in it.

    Because, Goddess knows, we need more irritainment.

  38. Powell says:

    Bal – 0
    Yankees – 3

    Dag on Yankees are pitching the hell outa this game.

  39. Nancy says:


    • BB says:

      Nancy, I found some homemade veggie geef soup in my freezer and that’s what I had for supper. I had forgotten it was there. It was really good. I’m a bachelorette this weekend.

      • BB says:

        now what is geef? It’s not a cross between beef and goose. I meant to say beef. lol

        • Nancy says:

          LOL! Where is your husband this weekend? You should have a girls night and get some Skinny Margaritas.

          • BB says:

            He’s at the beach and I’m here in VA. He has to do some “winterizing” before coming back up here. I came ahead for some appointments I have the first of next week. We’ll still go down for weekends and such, but we’re moving our base of operations back up here for now. My mom’s here and she’s not getting any younger.

            • Nancy says:

              I was just going to ask about your mother. How is she? Maybe she would like a
              Skinny Margarita? 🙂

              I “hate” the Yankees. Sorry Jill nothing personal.

  40. Powell says:

    Damn Yankees!

  41. BB says:

    Congratulations, Jill NNTJ. At least it’ll be pleasant around your house for the time being.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Thanks BB…nothing is worse than a house full of depressed Yankee fans!!!

      • BB says:

        Oh, yes there is. A house full of depressed Redskins fans. And we’ve been depressed for a long, long time! Lol! And sorry to say, I have to root for the Tigers because we have a hometown connection there (Justin Verlander). He’s from Richmond, VA and pitched for ODU in Norfolk, VA Have to root for him.

        • Nancy says:

          Nothing beats a depressed 49er husband!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          My nephew and niece both went to ODU…and they are both huge Yankee fans…they live in VA and always have but their heart is in NY!!

        • RealHousewifeVA says:

          You know that a Redskins player is my next door neighbor? I live right by the Redskins training park. My kids elementary school is on the same road.

          • BB says:

            I’m jelly!

            • RealHousewifeVA says:

              I know nothing of football, lol. His name is Rob Jackson and apparently he finally got to start a regular season for the first time last month. All my neighbors are big Redskins fans so it was a big deal. I do see his girlfriend walking their dog a lot, she’s pregnant. I don’t think they will stay here for long, they are renting our friends house temporarily.

              • BB says:

                His name doesn’t ring a bell, but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ll have to look up his number and see if I can find him during the next game.

              • BB says:

                RealHousewiveVA He’s not doing that badly. He has nine tackles and one interception this season. Not bad. He may be around longer than you think. His number is 50.

                • RealHousewifeVA says:

                  Oh I meant that I don’t think they will stay in the house they are in for long since they are renting. My friends still own it. They will probably buy something more permanent.

  42. BB says:

    Go Nationals! Go Nationals!

  43. Nancy says:

    BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  44. Nancy says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    • BB says:

      Ryan Zimmerman is another hometown boy. Kellam HS in VA Beach and UVA graduate. Bryce Harper is only 19. He’ll be 20 on October 16. He’s an outstanding outfields. Loving it so far! Have my fingers crossed.

  45. Nancy says:

    At least it’s cold out there this year so we don’t have to see some Babe with perky breasts! lol

  46. BB says:

    OT. I bought the first season of The Walking Dead on DVD (because I never saw the first season). BUT I don’t want to watch it alone. Could someone please come over and watch it with me (after the game or tomorrow would be good)? I’ll provide whatever snacks you want.

  47. Nancy says:

    I’m beginning to feel sorry for Cityside. 😦

  48. Nancy says:

    We might be in some trouble here BB.

  49. Cityside says:

    Oh my. Thanks for all the sweet comments.
    Lulu, wonderful news!

  50. Cityside says:

    Well we ARE the World Champions!

  51. BB says:

    I’m having a hard time staying awake.

  52. kidsrfunny says:

    I guess there’s not much housewife news, because everyone is talking sports. I have nothing to add, smiles.

  53. Nancy says:

    Cityside are you still here? What a game, eh?

  54. Nancy says:

    Oh man BB is going to be upset in the morning.
    Cityside where are you?

    • Cityside says:

      Did she really go to sleep? Maybe you shouldn’t have Bethanied her.

    • BB says:

      Hey, Nancy. I did go watch from bed, but didn’t go to sleep. This is just unbelievable, but I’m not devastated I would love for the Nationals to have won, but it just wasn’t in the Cards for them. Get it Cards. I feel sorry for the fans there, though. They do look devastated. Oh, well. There’s always next year. Congratulations Cityside! Now I really am going to bed. Goodnight.

  55. Nancy says:


  56. Cityside says:

    Cardinals 9
    Nationals 7

    We win.

  57. Winston says:

    Did someone break the blog? All I can see are sports posts for like 6 hours straight.

    • Remember Rawhide? That’s when I practice the “keep those doggies movin” by rollin, rollin, Rawhide! 🙂

    • BB says:

      Check again, Winston. Seems there was some other talking going on at the same time about the Guidices and the Gorgas. You know, the same talk that’s been going on for about 6 months running now. THE.SAME.CONVERSATION. That’s what’s so great about this blog. You can talk about New Jersey OR you can choose not to join in the discussion and scroll past it OR you can start you own topic to talk about and others will join in – or not. Sports wasn’t the only thing I talked about last night. I LOVE THIS BLOG! Good morning! It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning!

    • Basball games are long. That was sure a historic game, & I’m so happy for City. She deserves something to really make her happy, she’s fighting cancer. ((( City )))

    • Winston says:

      I wasn’t referring to City. Imo, the occasional post about sports isn’t a problem but when someone announces they are going to have a LIVE chat about sports on the blog and the chat revolves around 2 people, it takes the fun out of the blog for everyone and changes the tone of the blog. Yes, we can all scroll by but you can’t deny the fact that it obviously turns people off to the blog.

      • Winston – I really am finding this rude to BB and Nancy. BB is my number one blogger – and without her there will not be a blog every day.

        • Winston says:

          I wasn’t trying to be rude. I was trying to be honest about the tone of the blog. I am sorry if I offended you or BB. Obviously this is a heated topic as it was covered in a blog post and I was just giving my opinion on the matter. I do believe that when 2 posters decide to have a chat about a topic and very few people join in, it just saps the life out of the blog. I do appreciate all that BB gives to the blog but I noticed something that I felt was an issue for the blog and spoke up about it. While number one bloggers are important to the blog, the comments are equally important. I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings or be rude, really. I was just giving my opinion. Sorry if it came across that way.

  58. djloopsfruit says:

    amazingly everyone here thinks Jaqs is unstable but no one see’s teh real crazy is St Tre

    • amalfi says:

      Jac is f*cking nuts

      Tre is delusional about her marriage and many other things. She has this ancient Chinese way about her of trying to save face.

      Trouble is T’s friends and family would never help her save face, and are actually actively trying to ensure that T can’t salvage whatever dignity she can.


      In situations where someone of reputation has made a mistake or done wrong, and the error is made attributable to that person in public, then that one person has “lost face” – their reputation in the eyes of their peers has been reduced. Losing face is an experience no-one wishes to have befall them. So, even if the one losing face is clearly “wrong”, some folks will go to great lengths to avoid the appearance of losing face.

      In any case, when face has been lost, the losing party walks off with “bad face”.


      Saving face implies a situation where someone’s reputation is under question, or has already been lost, and is undergoing restoration. Saving face is an action whereby one is able to prove that they were not wrong, or show that the degree of their wrongdoing was only very small – not such a big deal.

      This restoration is usually done with the help of someone else with good face -usually by making some kind of announcement before one’s peers, exonerating or endorsing the person who had lost face.

      • Like Anthony Wiener, you know he will be back one day….with the help of some friends & his wife, who has stuck by him! Teresa has an incredibly thick skin. I watched the video from her appearance (posted on the blog a few days back) in Philly? was it. She was in a “safe place” adored by her fans. Maybe that’s what helps keep her going. So many people show up, they love her….it’s got to help her. She even mentioned Juicy’s cheating. She said something like “if Joe really does cheat on me, then I wouldn’t be with him. That’s not my style.” Also she stated that if there is a woman out there that he’s cheated with, wouldn’t that woman come forward & sell her story? She was at that appearance right after the reunion was taped, her voice was still scratchy. Teresa is in the crosshairs right now, and has been for a long time. Her ability to keep going is admirable, IMO.

        • djloopsfruit says:

          no her style is to accept jewelry from him because he called her a cee you next tuesday real nice example she is giving her daughters no wonder Mel moved

          • amalfi says:

            Well Melissa puts out to get a recording studio. They are all pretty much prostitutes. Odd to pick just one to unleash on.

      • djloopsfruit says:

        tre is more then delusional no one on bravo does crazy like her
        people have walked off the set during reunions but no one overeacts quite like Saint Tre i love how they have to restrain her every year yet they keep giving this whack job a platform and the many admires of her boggle my mind

        • amalfi says:

          I disagree. The rest are batsh*t crazy – lol… Jacqueline needs serious help.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          All the things you described about Tre’s behavior, are, of course socially unacceptable, but it’s what makes her ratings gold. People who don’t like her need to stop watching because it just encourages Bravo and her (and the other cast members) to keep doing stuff like that. I have not been watching the reunions this year. They make me feel really anxious. My absence, however, seems not to have affected the ratings!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Everyone? and No one? hmmmmm…I didn’t know that. Everyone and no one: Interesting. And not true.

  59. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s got a new admirer.

    Michael Mazzella’s tweet~~~~So excited to see you on Monday @Jillzarin!! BTW, who is a good PR contact at Skweez?

    (she’ll fall for him, hook, line & sinker)

    • BB says:

      A match made in . . . I was gonna say heaven, but that’s just not right. Good morning boston and bluesky and Donna

    • AZGirl says:

      Well what can you say……she will fall for his malarky….

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I don’t know…can you bull$hit a bull$hitter? It’s usually the good and earnest folks who get duped by the scammers and charlatans. I could see her teaming up with him knowing that he is what he is just to have a crazed person on her her side furthering her interests.

  60. I really do not like Alex Rodriguez.
    I haven’t liked him since he bailed on my team – the Mariners
    That’s all I’ve got for baseball since we’ve been out of it for a while.

    • BB says:

      Maybe all his extra-curricular activities over the years have caught up with him. Lets see Madonna, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, etc. Wasn’t he even linked to Bethenny Frankel for about 5 minutes when they were both in Miami? He’s been around.

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