Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion and Aftermath / Amazing Race

Tweets from Last Night during the Reunion Collected by NoMoreDrama

Jacqueline was silent for most of the reunion.  Here’s why …

I think she may have found a charger of that phone because 45 minutes in she was tweeting up a storm.  Read from the bottom up if you care about what she has to say.  I can summarize – blah blah blah my friends told me blah blah gossip blah blah I didn’t know in time to stop it.  My question – stop what? A guy coming up to say hi to Mel?

Kim D was also tearing up twitter trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame…  She’s just a sweetie.

But perhaps the saddest (not said in sarcasm) of all was Dina Manzo – who took the high road.  After all – Caroline loves her little sister  – so it all has to be Dina and Teresa’s fault, right?


Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion – Part 3 of 3 by Stars99

The Season we thought would NEVER end is finally ending!  Woo hoooooOOOOO!  Part 3 of the Reunion began with footage of when Caro was posing a hypothetical situation – that if Joe Gui had to “go away” (ssshhhh… don’t say ‘jail’) and if Tre decided to divorce him, that she would then be showing her kids that she can be strong and independent on her own.  Caro acknowledged that it wasn’t a nice thing to say.  Joe Gui just thinks Caro is a know-it-all.  Caro somehow talks everyone into thinking she wasn’t actually talking about the state of their marriage… but instead it was about how Tre takes something very private and then goes to the Press about it.  Huh? Tre insists that she’s just asked questions and she answers them.  Caro says that they all get asked personal questions, but they just don’t answer them.  Andy asks if Caro’s comments bothered Tre or Joe Gui – it doesn’t seem to bother them because frankly, Scarlett, they don’t give a d*** about anything that Caro would have to say.

Andy tells Joe Gui that his legal woes became a major point of contention during this season, including the allegations that he went and got a duplicate license using his brother’s ID.  I wondered how this could have been possible especially with the fingerprinting part, up until when I saw Joe Gui’s brother at the fashion show and they are the absolute spittin’ image of each other. After the paperwork had been filed, it would have been quite easy for the other to step in front to pose for the camera and provide fingerprints.  The status of the DMV court case is still in process.  If anyone has questions, they can call Joe Gui’s lawyer.  I have questions.  Can I call?  Joe Gui is not worried about the indictment. Joe Gui’s lawyer told him, “You can indict a ham sandwich.”  Well, if that ham sandwich didn’t have mustard, I agree – it should be against the law.  Evidently, Joe’s defense is that they never caught him with a license in his possession. It’s not that he didn’t do it – it’s that they never actually caught him with the duplicate license in his possession. Joe Gui told them they could stick the plea deal.  We all know that it included “away” time.

Andy asked him if it scared him that he could face 10 years in prison? Of course not – cuz he doesn’t believe he will be found guilty.  He and Tre will just hafta cross that bridge when they come to it.  There’s nothing like planning ahead for your family for that unfortunate eventuality, big Joe.  Andy said that he found out from an article from “In Touch” about the possibility of him “going away” and how it was scary for Tre.  The article also said that Tre wondered what she’d tell the girls… that she worried about finances, etc.  Tre said that asked family not to talk about it on TV at all.  Andy doesn’t quite understand what the difference is between speaking about something nationally in print vs. speaking about something nationally on TV.  Tre thinks she must be tawkin’ Chinese cuz – it seems she exasperated that she’s not making any sense to anyone right now.  She clarified that she asked her family not to bring it up on the show.  But, because everything has to be about Mel, she says, “Your family asked you not to call me a stripper or a gold-digger on the show, but you didn’t listen either – so there, we’re even.” Oh, snap!  Joe Gui doesn’t seem to think anyone cares about whether Mel was a stripper or not… Mel agrees… but points out that his wife obviously cares.  Jac asks Joe point blank, “Did my husband tell you that he met me as a stripper?”  Joe responds, “Your husband told me that he met you in Vegas – I think he was married…” – Tre corrects him, “Engaged.”  Joe continues, “Or engaged…”  Jac disbelievingly said, “My husband said that to you?”  Joe said, “Yeah… yeah.”  Then Jac launches into a tirade and swears on everything she loves that she and Chris met at a trade show in Chicago.  Joe Gui could NOT be more disinterested and dismissed the whole thing with, “Whatever, whatever…. I don’t care where your husband met you.  As me if I give a s***.  Your husbands are mo-mos and that’s all…”  Jac responds with the ever classy, “You piece of low life s***.  I hope you go to jail.” Nice.

The Men Join in – And there’s Peace Throughout the Land…

The other men join in the festivities… Joe Go, Richie and Chris are now sitting on barstools behind the couches where their wives are seated.  Mr. Manzo is not there because he, “Cannot disappoint his brides tonight – he’s working” Caro explains.  Joe Go hasn’t seen his sister or brother-in-law for over a year since the Posche Fashion Show.  And asks Joe Go if he’s always had a contentious relationship with Joe Gui?  Joe Go responds, “We grew and our parents were family – we were family.”  He felt like they were cousins.  Then Joe Gui married his sister (insert Tre’s rolling of her eyes and saying that it’s gross to say that).  And then Joe Go said something happened – then Joe Gui flipped a switch and started hating me for some reason but he wasn’t sure why.  But then after further contemplation, Joe Go, the angel from God, said that he believes that it’s because he succeeded in life.  Joe Gui says, “Who cares what you do in life.”  Joe Go reminds Joe Gui that the only reason Joe Gui could come up with this animosity towards him is to blame it on when he borrowed a tool from him and didn’t return it.  Joe Gui says that it makes him sick that he has to be there and look at him.  Me too… pass the Rolaids.  And then you actually think that Joe Gui is finally going to break the lid open on why there’s such a feud – and you just know it’s gonna be good because he’s had over a year to come up with a great answer – but then he just tells the story about Joe Go borrowing a $3,000 tool called a “Jumping Jack”… and never returning it… Wow.

I mean for many of us, $3,000 is crazy expensive… but Tre spends $3,000 on a week’s worth of fake eyelashes.  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  Joe Gui ends with, “You give things back when you borrow them.  That’s all.”  THAT’S ALL?  Jumping Jack Flash Joe’s full of gas, gas, gas… While this is going on, Jac busies herself by intently looking at the ends of her hair searching for split ends and then yawning to signal how incredibly bored she has become.  Sorry Jac… are we keeping you up?  Why don’t you use the pillow that you’re leaning on and pretend to go to sleep again?

Mel insists that the tension between the two Joes has been there for the 10 years she’s been a part of the family.  Tre disagrees.  Joe Go just can’t understand why Joe Gui doesn’t like him, cuz, “Everyone loves me.”  Joe Gui just chuckles.  I’m actually snickering myself.  Andy wants to know about Joe Go’s preoccupation with being naked.  Joe Go says, “I love it – and when you’ve got it – you’ve got to show it.”  Then Andy… well, a “viewer” asked if he ever dipped into the “man pool.”  Andy confirms that Joe Go is quite gay-friendly… Joe says that he enjoys gays – he loves them – and that they’re really fun people to be around.  I dunno…. I didn’t hear an actual answer to the question.  Rumors will continue to swirl…

A viewer told Richie he was a goofball but wondered if did he felt he was being inappropriate on the show, since the viewer was sure his kids didn’t want to know about him showing his erection or talking about his wife’s private parts… Richie said that it’s a natural thing and that he told his kids, “How do you think you came into this world?” He also confirmed it happened each and every morning.  Andy likened it to the sunrise.  Kathy called it her, “alarm clock.”  I wonder what happens when she hits the snooze button?  Thanks for that mental image.

Andy asked Joe Go if coming on the show helped or hurt his relationship with his sister.  Joe Go said that before the show even started that they had problems and often weren’t speaking.  Mel confirms that Tre wasn’t even coming to his birthday parties.  Then saintly Joe Go tries to imply that “maybe” he went on this show to get close to Tre. Yeah, right. Like a reality show is the best way to get close to your sister who lives 5 minutes away.  Chris says that he’s talked with Joe Go about what it was like growing up with Tre – and that Joe Go had some really nice things to say about Tre.  Tre said, “Yeah, we were very close – just like you and Dina.”  Chris confirms that he loves his sister Dina – but that they don’t have the best relationship right now – but that he loves her and would be there for her in a snap.  Tre sincerely says, “And she loves you, too.”  Caro just looks down.

I Don’t Want that Kind of Karma…

Chris continues while pointing at Joe Go, “And I know how he feels.  It’s just that something happened along the way.”  Tre immediately responds, “The wife.  That’s what happened.”  Mel agrees, “Yes, the way you treat his wife, because I’ve never treated you… I’ve never done anything wrong to you – I’ve always respected you, your family, your children.”  Tre says, “So that’s why you talked to Danielle behind my back?” Mel continues, “Of course that’s gonna affect him.  He wants to be respected the way he respects your husband.  He wants you to respect his wife, and that’s what went wrong.” Meanwhile, Joe Gui’s eyes were rolling out of his head. Then Tre accuses Mel of having big balls now that Tre’s bro is on the stage.  Andy brings up the fact that since Joe Gui does face going to jail – would Joe Go step up and support his sister if that happened? Tre says, “And how dare you? I told you not to speak about my husband’s legal case on national TV, why would you do that to your sister?” Simultaneously, Joe Gui delusionally says, “He doesn’t need to support his sister. We’re fine.”  Then everyone starts excitedly talking all at once.  However, it was determined that it should just be Tre and Joe Go directly talking to each other.  But Tre continues to talk right to Mel and said, “I’m tawkin’ to my BROTHER… I’m not tawkin’ to you… I’m tawkin to my brother – did you forget?  You have your sisters – and that’s all you care about is your family…. But my only brother – you took away from me.” Joe Go said, “She didn’t do that Tre, come on…”  Tre maintains that she did.  Then they talk about the fact that Mel and Joe are moving away and Mel wants Joe Go to tell his sister who it is that really wants to move… but he doesn’t say anything.  Tre thinks it’s because Mel is talking in his ear.  Mel says she doesn’t.  Andy even wants Tre and Joe Go to talk directly to each other.  Tre tells Andy that she warned Mel before she came on the show that Karma’s a bitch…and what goes around, comes around.  Mel agrees that Karma bites you hard… and that Karma is sitting on the barstool right behind Tre.  Wait, I thought that Tre didn’t know that Mel and Kathy were going to be on the show? I’m confused.

Then Karma says, “Mel, how did you really meet Joe Go?”  Joe Go starts raising his voice and starts pointing a lot.  He tells Joe Gui not to go “there” and to not call his wife names.  Threats are hurled… Joe Gui wonders aloud what Joe Go is gonna do to him.  Then they call each other dumb and bum… I think it’s simply because they happen to rhyme.  Joe Gui tells Joe Go to pay his bills.  Wow… that’s nervy coming from someone who has bankruptcy issues himself.

And the REAL Stripper is…

Jac then turns to her husband and screams at him that Joe Gui said that he said that he had met her in Vegas when she was a stripper. Accusations go back and forth… but Chris restates that he met Jac in Chicago.  Joe Gui clarifies that he never said that she was a stripper – just that they met in Vegas when he was engaged, and that they got caught fooling around or something like that.  Joe Gui seems to have a fuzzy grasp of facts but he’s certain that he didn’t say that she was a stripper. Then Caro points to Tre and says, “But you did.”  Then Tre flips it back onto Caro that she’s the one who said Jac was a stripper.  Then some comments came up about what’s

wrong with strippers… and how we’re all talking about strippers as if they’re serial killers.  Then Andy talks to Joe Go about the rumor that he was once a Chippendale’s dancer… and Joe Go confirmed that yes, he was a Chippendale’s dancer for a year when he was in college.  Andy finds great humor in the fact that with all the talk about who is a stripper and who isn’t a stripper… that the stripper ends up to be Joe Go… that it’s the “smoking gun of the time.” Then Captain TMI proceeds to tell us all that he had a G-String that looked like an elephant.

Andy asked Joe Go how he felt when he saw the footage of when Joe Gui called his sister a c***.  Joe Go says, “Normally, normally it would be a baseball bat to his head.”  But this time, because so much has happened… he said that he just didn’t feel anything anymore.  Andy astutely calls him out on that, since he can see the tears in Joe Go’s eyes.  Joe Go insists that he was a family kinda guy and because they had such a small family, that’s why they moved so close to his sister.  But it just didn’t work out and he’s just too hurt.  Andy tries to ask Joe Gui about how he felt when Joe Go called Tre a “bitch” – and Joe Go basically just said that he can call her want he wants – but if he’s around others that are calling his sister a name, he should defend her.  Then Joe Gui and Richie got into a back and forth about who’s the toughest man in all the land.  Really, do we even care about who gave what black eye to whom for what?  Then they argue about Richie never owning a business and that he worked for Exxon… and Joe Gui called himself a self-made man. Accusations about drunkenness were made. They both don’t seem to know what they’re talking about.  All I know is that evidently there was some crotch grabbing involved… Richie says that Joe Gui reached for his balls first… Joe Gui says the opposite… I think someone was looking for a Chippendale’s dancer…Richie said that the resultant black eye he gave to Joe Gui was by accident… Tre says it never happened…  While they were in the midst of all of this, Jac decides to say, “Why don’t we talk the drunken idiot who busted out his teeth out on the floor in front of his kids.”

Andy wants to change gears… and addresses Chris about Dina and their relationship and what part he thought Tre played in all of it.  Chris says a whole bunch of nothing and that he’s not going to talk about Tre or say anything disparaging or anything.  The Fabellini party was brought up again, and Chris said it bothered him a lot to hear what Dina seemingly said about Caro.  Tre tried to clarify that Dina wasn’t actually talking about Caro at the time and tried to put editing’s hack job back into context. Joe Go then goes on a lil tirade about insisting that Tre own what she says and then be done with it. Tre doesn’t think she should have to own something that’s not true. Maybe Bravo editing should also hafta own their role in this mess. Joe Go then says, “Tre, you did call my wife a stripper.”  Tre emphatically says, “No, I didn’t!”  He then drops the bombshell, “Your own father told me.”

The 90 minute in between commercial fake-out had Joe Go talking about his stripping days… and that while he didn’t play a fireman onstage, but that he did a whole Tarzan theme thing with the elephant G-string. Evidently, this was during his college days and he made $2,000 a night… and had a great time… but that he was a good lil boy and came home every night. Yeah, right.

Who Knew What… When?

After the commercial break… they are still talking about how Tre has told several people including her own father than Mel was a stripper.  Joe Go seems to think that Tre should have handled things at the fashion show differently… like she could have left. Mel doesn’t understand how Tre could have left the fashion show when she was in on it.  Tre wants Mel to “Prove it, b****, prove it.”  Then we see footage from that fateful night, spliced together just right so the innocent viewer cannot help but think that Tre HAD to have been involved in the set-up.  There may be a lot of things that I think about Tre… but I’m just not buying it that she was involved in the set-up.  She absolutely should have handled it differently – but that’s VERY different than being a co-initiator.  Joe Gui insists that Mel is the perfect wife for him and that he met her when she was a bartender and a school teacher.  He tells Tre that she has got to leave all this stuff alone and then maybe they can become a family.  Tre ultimately tells Joe Go that he is “breaking mommy and daddy’s heart.”  Joe Go tells her not to go there… that’s the worst thing she could say.  He accuses Tre of taking away his mom and dad from him.  He further says that his kids don’t have grandparents because of Tre.  Tre turns around to her disinterested husband and asks him to intervene… Then Joe Gui and Joe Go take turns telling each other to “Shut the f*** up”… the Christmas Pageant Dress stands up and twirls…. Caro tries to restrain Joe Go… and Tre insists that she would never keep mommy and daddy away from Joe Go.  Tre tells Andy that she never talks about Joe Go with her parents… Then Jac, the parrot, squawks, “Yes you do!”  The Christmas Pageant Dress lunges at the parrot… Tre admonishes Jac to worry about her own family.  Jac says, “Kiss my a**.”  Tre says, “Kiss my titt***.”  Huh?

Right on queue Andy brings out Kim D.  Andy says she’s here to shine a light on what happened that night.  He said there’s been a lot of speculation about what happened that night and he wondered how that man that stirred it all up actually surfaced.  Andy notes that Teresa is vehement and passionate that she had nothing to do with this.  Andy asks, “What was Tre’s involvement in this?  Kim D said that it was a tough question to answer, but that Tre did not know that this man was going to mention anything about Mel’s past. Jac asks, “Did she know, now we’ve talked about this – so please be honest – did she know that they were going to do something to Mel and she didn’t try to stop it?”  Joe Go stops Kim D from immediately answering with an apology for what he said to her that night.  Kim D says, “Thank you.  I appreciate that apology because I was shocked and appalled at what you said.” Joe said that he thinks Kim D is doing someone else’s dirty work and he doesn’t understand why she doesn’t like them.  Kim D directly responds that it’s because of something that happened in my business.  Mel promoted another place that had the same spelling as her shop and that she was annoyed.  People at the salon said, “Oh, by the way, my friends, they owned a club and Mel used to work there.”  Kim D. said, “Bingo!  I’m sorry, but I’m a little revengeful.  And when I got this news, I called Tre, and I asked her to come to the salon with me.  I ask Tre to do many things with me and she comes with me. She doesn’t question why.”  So Mel wants Kim D. to acknowledge that it was a set-up… but Kim doesn’t see it like that but just attributes it to “things just fall in my lap” – in other words, once she had the information she had a duty to her country to reveal it in the nastiest way possible.

Caro then talks to Kim about a conversation they had that night at the fashion show that Kim conveniently forgot.  According to Caro, Kim said that Tre knew about the set-up.  Kim clarifies her intent by saying, “Listen – Did she know something was going to go down?  Yes.  Did she know exactly what was going to go down?  No.” Kathy asked if she knew who the target was and Kim confirmed that of course she knew who the target was because Tre knew that Kim was mad at Mel.

Everyone starts talking once again about who knew what when… and that what Kim just said proved that Tre knew about something and didn’t do anything about it.  Andy said that Tre had looked upset and Kim confirmed Tre was upset because she didn’t know what it was about – Tre is saying that Jac and Caro also knew cuz they were receiving texts all night.  Andy and Tre challenge Jac to identify who it was that was texting her during the fashion show – Jac won’t because it’s a friend of Tre’s and Jac’s… Kim confirms that everyone knew but Kathy and Mel…  Tre wants Jac to bring her friend on the show… when she refuses, Tre says, “See, that’s why you’re a calculating witch… that’s why… that’s why.”  Caro wants Kim to clarify that no one really knew what was actually happening.  It came out that Kim D and Jac talk on the phone an hour and a half a day… Tre says she never talks to Kim… and that these phone calls are somehow vindication for how they wanted to pin it on Tre.  It seems that Tre is inferring that it was Jac… Jac is incredulous because why would she want to hurt Mel?

Andy summarizes that Kim D. knew what was going to go down and that Tre knew something was going to go down involving Mel – but not what. Tre agrees because something always happens at the fashion show. Tre again says that she has never called Mel a stripper – but Mel says that she set her up to look that way.  Tre swears on her dad that she never said Mel was a stripper.  Tre said that what she actually said was that she had heard RUMORS that she was a stripper.  Mel dramatically tells Tre to look her in the eyes and says, “If you want a relationship with your brother, then have one. I will never look at you again.  And watch my eyes, you are done with me, you are done with my children.  Look at me in my eyes, I’m done.”  Tre says, “Mel, you are so contrived, man and so calculating.  Damn, you learned a lot in that strip club… a lot.”  Andy asks Joe Go if there is any hope for a future remedy to his and his sister’s relationship.  Joe Go does not know… he’s been hurt so bad and Andy points out that he sees tears and pain in both of their eyes… Joe Go says that he didn’t just lose his sister, he lost his parents, too.  Tre insists that he got married and he changed; she got married and she changed.  She just wants them to both be happy.

Chris says that he’s had deep conversations with Joe Go that he thinks he wants his sister back and he can see the same thing in Tre’s eyes, too.  He thinks it’s all a bunch of bull**** that they’re sitting there fighting about all this ridiculous stuff.  He then brings up what happened with his son… and points out that this stuff that they’re all fighting about isn’t important stuff.

In the final moments of the show, Andy makes the comment that they’ve been sitting there so long that his arm is full of Tre’s bronzing glitter.  Tre says that she’s lost her voice and Andy glibly says that he’s lost his hearing.  They turn to Caro for sage wisdom about family, since hers is so healthy and intact.  She said the only way that anyone is going to heal, is for each of them to say their truth and admit when they’re wrong.  She said that while her relationship with her sister is as bad as it’s ever been – but that she loves her sister dearly and that she would die for her sister.  And where there’s love, there’s hope.  And that’s what family is all about.  You can’t have this much pain without love.  I disagree.  This has been excruciatingly painful to watch… I mean to the point of most of us thinking, “Will this season EVER end?” I think the concept of being on one person’s team or another person’s team is crazily short-sighted because at the end of this season, no one has won… we’ve all lost.  I’m just glad the only things I’ve lost are some time and a little sanity. I think I need to go call my brother.

Thank you Starrs.  That was an exhausting reunion to watch, I can’t even imagine having to blog it.  – NMD


Amazing Race – Leg 3 – Oct 14, 2012 by MelTheHound

Welcome back race fans… Here is where we stand after the 2 episodes.

  • Abbie & Ryan – Dating Divorcees
  • Trey and Alexis -Dating couple (Texas)
  • Rob and Kelley -Married Monster Truckers
  • Jaymes and James – Chippendales
  • Caitlin and Brittany – Best Friends (Blondes)
  • Gary and Will – Substitute Teachers
  • Josh and Brent – Goat Farmers (Beekmans)
  • James and Mark – Friends (Rockers)
  • Natlalie and Nadiya – Twins

Welcome back race fans. Last week we lost Amy and Daniel aka AntiAviva. The twins took the win and the express pass to be used at a later time. We are still in Indonesia and the twins get to start first. They are to go to Antika Jaya Padang Restaurant. The clue also reads, Caution, U-Turn ahead. I don’t know exactly how it happened but Twins, Texas, Chipendales, and Divorcees end up working together for a hot minute to try and find this place. It’s far away so scrambling for cabs they go. Beekmans note one they are in their cab that the race has split into two factions. The fore mentioned alpha teams, and everyone else, including them.

Once they get to the restaurant, it’s a roadblock. “Who wants to serve a balanced meal?” The job is to serve 20 plates of food, all at once. See our girl Lexi (Texas) attempting to stack the plates. Note that she is wearing her backpack. If they drop any, they have to return to the kitchen and start over. Chipendales and Beekmans also arrive and begin. Seconds later, we see the Twins in their cab asking the driver if he knows where the place is. They decide they have the worse cab driver ever and opt to get another one. Meanwhile, Blondes are just getting to the first clue. Now if they even drop one plate, they have to go back. Lexi drops her stack. Chippendales, whichever James is playing this roadblock, is an experienced server. No problem for him and they are the first ones out of there. Divorcees are next. Beekmans drop plates and have to start over. Let’s cut to some chase here. Twins finally arrive and we learn something about them. When one yells at the other one, it actually relaxes her. Go figure. Monster trucker does the task, well suited because he has arms like an ape. Sub Teachers arrive and Gary does the task. Rockers were also mixed in there somewhere.

Chippendales are the first ones out of the restaurant and they have to get to the Surabaya Train Station and take the train to Bangil, Indonesia. The clue also reads, ‘keep your eyes open for your next clue’. The first train to leave departs at 7:36am. On that train are Chippendales, Texas, Rockers, Beekmans, and Divorcees. The twins arrive just as the train is pulling out, and they miss the train by seconds. Once again, a team is screwed by a cabbie. This time it’s the twins. They look thrilled, don’t they?

Once the train leaves, inquiries are made as to when the next one leaves. Me thinks it’s exactly the train they are on and it will return to the Surabaya train station for another trip. Anyway, 10:55.. A three hour split between this group of players and the second group along with the twins. I guess the twins are no longer a part of the alpha cool kid’s group. Seems that the Beekmans have taken their place in that group. It probably won’t matter, it’s just worth noting. While on the first train, though none have their clues yet, they decide, Not to U Turn anybody. Will that happen? We’ll see. Everyone that is except for the rockers (long hair don’t care) who are seated in a different part of the train. Back at the station, Monster Truckers arrive as do the Blondes. Gary and Will are still back at the road block but they have plenty of time. One of the blondes asks if any others who look like them have been through there. Ticket agent answers yes, at 7:30. I hope Blondie didn’t really think she had a jump on anyone.

On the first train, the people carrying the clues begin to make their way through the train. It is a detour. “Lion’s head or Egg head”.

In the Egg head challenge, teams must collect 4 eggs from the local vendor. In a coconut split in half, a magician will set a fire. The players must then hold this flaming coconut on top of their heads while the magician cooks two of the eggs. Once cooked, the players must eat the eggs to get their next clue. From the first train, Beekmans are the only ones who choose this option.

In the Lion’s head challenge, the teams must dress up in a costume and don a lion head mask that weighs 40 pounds (this isn’t going to end well I fear). They must then participate in a procession and along the way pause to perform a little dance. I assume they have to get the steps right to proceed to the next challenge (or pit stop, don’t know which yet). On the first train, Rockers, Divorcee, Texas, and Chippendales choose this option. I’ll get to the other teams as they arrive.

The mode of transportation from the train station to the challenges or at least the lions head challenge? The cart shown in the picture. think of a bicycle with a big giant basket on the front. I didn’t catch the name of it and at 4:10 am, I don’t care. Just note that those are the 6’4″ Chippendales sharing one. The park where they are all to gather is the Alun Alun park. We’ve been here before. This is where the bull races were held.

The teams doing the lion’s head game actually got through it pretty fast. They didn’t have to memorize anything, just keep that mask on (held in place partially with their mouths (eeewww) and do as a guide did as they walked along. The egghead challenge however required them to find too much stuff. The eggs, the magicians, etc. Then cook times followed by eat times. At first I thought the Beekmans were wise choosing this one but at this point, I’m not so sure. About the time the Beekmans are getting cooked, the train finally arrives to pick up the others back at the station. It’s about an hour ride to where they are going. So now it’s a race for last place. Don’t forget that U Turn now.

Once the Detour is completed, they get their clue. The first group on the way to the area (see the photo because I don’t understand any of it), which is where there is a Double U Turn. It is also anonymous meaning whoever uses it, will not be revealed. As the teams on the first train arrive, they choose not to U Turn anybody and they are given their next clue which is the pit stop. In case your wondering, the U Turn’d team must go back and do the Other half of the detour.

The pit stop is at this high school. Giving some early results, Divorcee gets there first and wins a trip to Figi. Texas gets there second and there is some friendly banter. Lexi, that sly girl, in her TH promises to U Turn divorced if she gets the chance in a future leg. Meanwhile, Beekman’s eggs are finally finished cooking and with a generous helping of hot sauce, they dig in. Home cooking… Yum…. Chippendales take third, followed by rockers. Beekmans take fifth place and this completes train number one.

So now it’s a race to not be last because the last one May be eliminated. Meanwhile, on the second train, these people aren’t so nice about deciding not to U Turn anybody. Both the Sub Teachers (Mutt and Jeff as someone called them) and Monster Truckers promise to  U Turn anyone behind them. They get their clues and all decide to do the lion’s head challenge. Wise choice. The other one seemed to take forever. Teachers are in a different part of the train and their car isn’t even at the platform. By the time they get off and get going, the others are already gone. They don’t know what that cart thing is they are supposed to ride so even when they are standing right in front of it, they don’t know what it is. Finally they ask someone and wouldn’t you know it, they get the slowest driver among the pack. The others are far ahead of them. All is not lost for them however.. Blondes cannot communicate with their driver to figure out how much to pay him. This isn’t going to end well for them. How dare this dude not understand English. Where the hell does he think he is? Indonesia? (yes, I jest).

In this order, the teams finish and leave the detour. Twins get to the UT first and choose not to use it but go on to the pit stop. Remember this is a race for 8th place at this point. Monster Truckers get there next and Yep, As promised, they UT the Teachers (Mutt and Jeff). Remember folks, this is a double UT and an anonymous one at that (finally this is getting exciting.. Screw the other guy so they won’t beat us to the pit stop). Teachers get to the UT before the Blondes and discover they’ve been UT’d. They decide to use the other one but are unsure of who is behind them. 50 50 shot on picking the right team. Blondes or Monster Truckers… Hmmmm (commercial break). Well, we’re back. They UT’d the team that is in front of them and already finished, Monster Truckers. BUT, the girls, are lost because once again, they have a brain dead driver who doesn’t know where he’s going. So this is still a race for 8th place (7th went to Monster truckers, 6th to the twins).

Gary and Will go back to the park to get their heads cooked. Guess where the Blondes end up? Same place. They must have gotten the dumbest driver in all of Indonesia. Sub teachers handed them 8th place on a silver platter and it just turned into a tarnished piece of crap. This can’t be good for them. They both finally end up back at the UT spot, and it becomes an actual race to the pit stop. The Blondes pass the teachers and Gary tips his driver to pedal faster. Blondes are pulling away until this next picture.

Guess which ones are on the left of that fork in the road… The Blondes. Guess which ones are on the right (and the correct direction…. Mutt and Jeff. Guess who gets to the pit stop first, in 8th place. Mutt and Jeff. If these two aren’t the luckiest SOBs I’ve ever seen, I’ll eat my hat (pass the hot sauce please).

This was an elimination round and those of you who were annoyed by these two ladies, Caitlin and Brittney, will no longer have to view them. They are the third team eliminated. So let’s recap where we’re at with these legs of the race. The first team lost in part due to the lady with the abacus not having the abacus out when they happened upon her. AntiAviva got knocked out by a brain dead cab driver. Blondes, must have gotten the dumbest cart driver in the city because he definitely cost them the race. So long ladies, it was fun watching you.

That’s about it race fans. I hope that with all the NJ mess, someone at least sees this 😛 If you missed the show and want to watch it, it’s online or possibly on demand. See you next week.


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473 Responses to Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion and Aftermath / Amazing Race

  1. Powell says:

    Happy Monday everyone. Back to the grind and reading these NJ tweets. 🙂

  2. Iowagirl says:

    Morning everyone.

  3. ladyballs says:

    “kiss my titties”
    really, bravo?
    tre has no class but bravo left that in?

    • contessa says:

      Well that was in answer to Mel saying (first) kiss my a$$

      • LaineyLainey says:

        both so classy – – they are so much alike–not in a good way

      • Pghemtchick says:

        Jacqueline said Kma I believe w/o rewatching. Then Tre commented on her fake Botox face. I was shocked Jac didn’t reply like your fake titties.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Jac said kiss my A -Teresa said kiss my T’s…Jac said ‘your fake hard T’s” and Teresa said “and your fake lips and botoxed face”….it was so mature wasn’t it?

    • ladyballs says:

      i’m under no illusion watching the housewives shows is not gonna raise my iq but, kiss my titties was a new low for this franchise.
      i thought what am i watching?
      and that is coming from a gal who calls herself ladyballs.

  4. Exit4 says:

    Ummm I live in NJ and have gotten and renewed my license many, many times….I also know people who did the same thing joe did, got a dupe-usually to be 21! However at NO POINT EVER did I or anyone else I know have to supply fingerprints! I totally don’t get that at all….you DO NOT need fingerprints to get a license here! That’s weird sorry….

    • ITA. I’ve lived in and gotten licenses in a number of states: Nevada, California, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Alberta as well, and fingerprints were never part of the process in any of them. I’m curious if ANY state requires that.

    • skogsstig says:

      This is all I could find, from 1998:

      Currently, no states seem to require that a person’s fingerprint actually be on his driver’s license, but California, Colorado, Georgia, and Texas require it to be provided for the license application. California’s law requires a legible thumb or fingerprint for original or renewal applications. The other three states’ laws appear to apply the requirements to original license applications only. Unlike the other three states, Georgia’s law allows its licensing agency to require the fingerprint by means of an “inkless fingerprint scanning device. ” Several states, including Alabama and Washington, recently have considered but not enacted legislation or regulations that would require fingerprints among other things. West Virginia also may be considering using either electronically scanned finger or facial images as part of its application process, but we have as yet been unable to verify this information. <<

      • skogsstig says:

        Sorry, that link doesn’t seem to work. But it’s from a Connecticut lwa and regulations site – and the same 4 states appear to have kept the regulations for 2001.

      • LA Debra says:

        I renewed a license in CA 4days ago and they want your thumb print at the very first step of the process before you even take the eye test, so that when you present yourself for the photo at the last step they can verify right on the spot you are the person who started the process. At least that was what I was told by the person at DMV who I assume knows what they are talking about.

    • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

      Yup, no fingerprints required in NJ.

    • Stars99 says:

      It’s my fault — in order to obtain driver’s licenses here in CA we are required to provide fingerprints… I innocently thought this was also required in other states. I had no idea that this was not required in other states. It’s all on me… I didn’t know what NJ law was before agreeing to blog the reunion shows… it’s just a blog… please forgive my grievious error.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Really stars…get your act together!!!! I Hahahah!
        I asked about it b/c I thought I missed it on the reunion-now that I know its all on you-I wont have to watch it again!!!!

    • butterisafruit says:

      If he has a CDL which he may because he’s in construction, it requires fingerprints. But the guy hasn’t done anything legal in his life, so I doubt he has one.

  5. Donna says:

    Family & friends are destroyed.

  6. Felicia says:

    Hello all, I don’t post here much, but love to read. The only problem I have is Why is Dina now getting involved. Caro and Chris didn’t say anything bad about her at all.
    Tre just needs to say yes I did something and I was wrong, Than let it go. But I have a feeling she doesn’t know what “let it go” means.

    • lori says:

      I wonder if Dina is getting involved because she’s going to be a part of season 5? Perhaps that was the reason behind Carolines parting words of where there is love there is hope? I don’t know but honestly I’m sick of ALL of these people.

      • cincimistymom says:

        No, the reason Caro said that was to soften the whole “none of us will film with Tre” thing. Where there is love there is hope = where there is a spot on the show we will do what is necessary to keep our 15 mins alive and the money rolling in.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Dina, Caroline & Chris know the truth. I would imagine that Dina was getting frustrated that now even Chris alluded to the fact that it was Teresa’s fault. When she tweeted bullsh*t, I think it was because Caroline & Chris always say how much they love her & would be there for her. I guess Dina doesn’t see it that way.

      Why didnt Andy say when Dina was on WWHL she strongly said it isn’t because of Teresa? Because that would mean he was actually siding with Teresa, and that is a big no no in Bravo land.

    • ladyballs says:

      dina is simple.
      she thinks in black and white, good and bad terms.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      I thought the same thing – they didn’t say anything negative about her – she’s a Drama Queen. If she thinks she’s looking like a “bad guy,” maybe that’s her guilty conscience talking.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Most viewers know that the Caroline, Chris and Dina issues happened away from the show. Also on last season reunion, Caroline pointed to Teresa as the reason that Dina and her were not talking so now the viewers want to know the truth of the matter. Caroline likes to say things and then not really back it up. Once again Dina has been forced to speak because of lies/personal info, her sister has publicly stated. The first being the crying jag over Danielle at the season 1 reunion where Caroline let the world know that Danielle did something unforgivable. She never stated what it was because she was never suppose to bring it up, in the first place. Messy and troublesome, Caroline is worse then Jax because she seems to be sane. IMO.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Their comments show they’re willing to make peace, leaving viewers to think if the distance continues it is because Dina is unwilling to forgive.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I agree…they said all their loving words last night to show us that they have an opened heart toward Dina…she tweeted to let us know that she thinks its #bullshit. I tend to believe Dina-without any explainable reason.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I’m telling you that Dina probably REALLY wants NOTHING to do with JAC-ASS. I think Jac has caused a lot of problems for Dina and stirred up a lot of sh*t for Dina in her life. She may feel that, because Caroline and Chris have not taken more action to tell Jac’s crazy a*s to KNOCK IT OFF and LAY OFF Dina, they really do NOT support her.

            Considering Jac’s pattern of behavior of CONSTANTLY running her mouth and her serious problem with keeping people’s secrets when she gets angry at them, if I were Dina, I would want Jac NOWHERE around my life. She’s toxic. Unless they are a family member, I cut toxic people out of my life COMPLETELY (and when it some to those toxic family members, I try to keep as much distance as possible between myself and them, while still remaining cordial and polite because they are my blood.).

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              I heard somewhere, got to be true right?, that it was Dina’s BFF who was engaged to Chris. She resented Jac from jump because she felt it was Jac’s fault Chris cheated and he had to marry Jac because she ‘got’ pregnant. Dina was supposedly rude to her as she had been closest to Chris and felt that Jac and her daughter came in between them.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Yes, if you heard it somewhere, it is ABSOLUTELY true, Amber.

                I ALWAYS think that (I do NOT speculate on this blog like others. I just automatically assume that everything I hear “somewhere” is true — because I am just STUPID like that. I wonder how in the heck I managed to graduate high school with a 4.0 GPA and then get 2 degrees and then sit 3 whole grueling days to pass the Bar Exam. Maybe I slept with my high school teachers and professors and testing monitors for the Bar Exam and conveniently erased it from my mind. LOL).

                ….Anyhoo, I “heard somewhere” that Dina and Jamie (the gay brother) actually accepted Jac despite the circumstances. It was CAROLINE who ALLEGEDLY had a much harder time accepting Jac. It is absolutely TRUE too — because I HEARD it SOMEWHERE! LOL 😉

                Who knows, though? I’m sure it is plausible that Dina, out of loyalty to her jilted friend (Chris’ former fiancee’), may have had a hard time accepting Jac; however, it looks to me like Jac MAY have done several hurtful/nasty things to Dina over the past 2-4 years (time period after RHONJ started). These things COULD be the reason that Dina wants to no longer be anywhere in Jac’s sphere or in the sphere of ANYONE who could wittingly or UNwittingly pass on any of Dina’s personal business for Jac to BLAB about and use in some kind of way to hurt Dina. JMHO.

                • cdnfillie58 says:

                  It’s possible Dina is pissed at Jac for outing her about the infamous book release..remember Tre’s table flipping episode.

                • Amber...Real Wife says:

                  Girl even if you slept your way to the bar exam at least you got your degree, passed the bar and got your license to ILL. LOL I see you too believe everything you hear as gospel especially when it backs our own theories. Very nice. Your theory sounds good but I also ‘heard’ that Jac lived in the Manzo house. On S1 they talked about living with the Manzos (don’t know why) and Ashlee sleeping in the same room as Lauren and Kritopher. How they went from ‘couch surfing’ at DaDon’s house, to owning SignatureApparel working with Eve and countless rappers and getting a MegaMansion… the old AmericanDream. They lied, cheated and stole! LOL

              • PJ says:

                But Jac denies that ever happened.

    • ladyballs says:

      when someone with a simple mind –like dina– thinks everything can be chalked up to right or wrong, there is no way to reason with her. simple minds cannot conceive other options. relationships exist in the gray area. no one is ever fully right or fully wrong in a given situation.
      i can picture dina having a dispute and then becoming a brick wall…you’re not getting thru.
      who knows what really happened among jaq, chris, caroline and dina. whatever it was if dina thinks she was wronged, the others are screwed.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I tend to look at things as right and wrong and/or black and white. Maybe I am simple-minded, too. 😉 Seriously, I’m not that complicated.

        • PJ says:

          I don’t know Lainey shades of gray are usually excuses for not doing the right thing.

        • ladyballs says:

          you’re a nice person, simp….i mean lainey.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            LOLOLOLOL!!!! shoulders going up and down as I try to not LOL!!

            • ladyballs says:


              • Called A Princess... says:

                Dina is part of a large somewhat complicated family, I do not see her as being simple. Lauren seems simple. I also think that on more then one occasion, Jax has stabbed Dina in the front, back and side, and Dina no longer trust her. She sees the real Jax. JMHO.

                • Amber...Real Wife says:

                  They, who is they right?, say that Dina is a gossip and very SNEAKY. She starts shit and would have her sister Carolinebacker clean it up as she becomes ‘nervous’ during confrontations. Jac probably tries to be sneaky but then explodes like a premature ejac… unable to contain herself. She loves to blab and put peoples business out when she feels slighted. She’s a Nut.

              • Birdwoman says:

                I read somewhere, so it must be TRUE! 😉 that it had to do with Project Ladybug. Dina, Caroline and some of their sisters ran the charity but Dina took most of the credit for it during the filming of season 1. Caroline got upset about it and so did jacq. They had a falling out about it. jacq, who was pissed, told Lynn that the charity wasn’t really a real one and cause a lot of headache for Dina to prove that it was. Anyway, I don’t know if that is true. I do remember people speculating about that issue several years ago on the blog. At the time, I really liked Jacq and would never think she would do something like that….now after watching her behavior over the last year I can totally see her doing that to someone. Disclaimer, I could be totally remembering this wrong…. 🙂

      • Boobah says:

        Ladyballs, I really like this post.

  7. Constance says:

    Kim – “Listen – Did she [Teresa] know something was going to go down? Yes. Did she know exactly what was going to go down? No.”

    I suspect Teresa had some idea of what was going down. Especially after her afternoon at the beauty shop with the creepy guy.

    • VV says:

      Blogs are saying that Creepy guy was kept away from Teresa’s view all night. If you notice, he came to the table from behind her. Cameras were rolling. She froze and remained seated. Creepy guy only said Hello remember me to Nelissa and hi to Teresa and left. I still don’t see the set up. If anything I see T was the one set up because Bravo had her on camera when she said it. I don’t think T knew he was going to be there that night and that is why she told Melissa what had happened earlier on camera so it would be on tape.

      • missusmc says:

        I think production set it up, and Teresa knew about it. However, I also think that because she and Melissa were in a good place, T thought she could tell Mel and she and Mel would confront Creepy Bald Dude together. That’s why she was so upset when CBD left. I ink T just can’t think on her feet and got caught up in it all. She does look somewhat guilty, but again, I think it’s because she just couldn’t switch gears when CBD left. I do think that all ladies are at fault for this entire season, but I also think that T should just admit what she has done. A little humility would go a long way. Instead, we were treated to over the top hysterics as T insisted over and over and over again she did nothing to make anyone mad.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Not only was she in on the setup, but she was upset that the ‘meeting’ between Mel and Angelo didn’t out her as a stripper. She wanted to ‘confront’ Angelo so he could accuse Mel on camera. She was visually upset when he lleft as she didn’t get the scene she wanted, now her brother was on his way and veryone else looked innocent while she was left holding the bag of shit!

        • mrs. peabody says:

          what exactly has she done wrong?

      • PJ says:

        Production had to be involved because this guy was wearing a mic. But I don’t think Teresa knew exactly what was going down. On the other hand I think Jac did know and so did Caroline, look at their body language at the PFS–jut a little bit too contrived. Also why would Jac be perfectly willing to forward texts to JoGo but not Teresa? That’s just a little bit too convenient. Jac was up to her bloated cheeks involved in this.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Supposedly it’s a ‘friend’ of Tre’s who gives Jac inside scoop on Tre. She seems to want to keep the snitch’s confidence to not only protect the snitch, but to ensure she contines to know Tre’s every move. The snitch must be a good friend if Jac says Tre will kill her if she finds out who it is.

          • PJ says:

            Jac always has inside info that she quotes as the authority and then never produces. That’s a bully’s way to win. Just say who said it and let the accused defend herself. My personal opinion is that Jac is making this stuff up, the inside info is coming from Jac herself. Why would Jac say that JoGo and Melissa could know but not Teresa. JoGo is a sorry excuse for a brother if he just accepts Jac’s word on this.

            Remember that Melissa claimed Teresa assaulted her at Teresa’s kids Bday party. Melissa said it happened inside the party, people at the party said it never happened. But Jac claims that a friend of hers was at the party and saw it happen but this time the location is the parting lot something Melissa didn’t even claim. This is how reliable Jac’s insider info is. It’s a load of horse hockey.

          • melthehound says:

            Please, Jac can’t point these friends out because they don’t exist except at the bottom of the booze bottles. To see or hear them she must first empty the contents.

          • cdnfillie58 says:

            Kim G maybe ;P

          • dch60 says:

            The “snitch” was supposedly Cat, the pro-Gorga/Manzo/Laurita producer. There’s a website that has the entire inside scoop. FameWhorgas. It does make sense so I tend to believe it. It makes sense in that if you re-watch the scene, it matches up to what the site says went down exactly. That’s pretty damning IMO.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      If she knew “something” was going to go down and Melissa was a “target,” given the conversation she had – with cameras rolling – w/KimD and bald guy at the salon – the common sense course of action would have been to pick up the phone and warn Melissa. She didn’t do that – because that would have derailed the entire plan. Teresa was: In On It.

      • VV says:

        Tre explained on her blog a few weeks ago that if she had mentioned to her or her brother that a Creepy guy showed up to film when she was getting make up done and told her those things. Melissa would have blamed her for it anyways, so she didn’t bring it up. That turn out to be true as Mel is always looking for ways to turn things over to make Tre look bad.

        • PJ says:

          Excellent point.

          All the Teresa haters need to take a closer look at Jac.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Yep. I think Jac was the one who was most involved with Kim D. and this whole thing. Teresa knew “something” was going to go down because “something” goes down on the finale show of EVERY season on these shows!

            Kim D. said everybody Kathy and Melissa knew that “something” was going to go down, and Melissa was the target.

            Teresa did not call to warn Melissa of this because, IMO, she would have been made out to be the “bad guy” by Joey and Melissa somehow (because they, like the other cast members, blame her for everything else). Also, if the situations were reversed, I honestly do NOT think Melissa would have called to warn Teresa about ANYTHING. Joey MAY (I stress “may” because he might NOT have called Teresa) have warned if he knew, but, according to Kim D., Joey was not on “the list” of people who “knew”.

            Caroline did not call to warn Melissa of this because….I don’t know why.

            Jac did not call to warn Melissa of this because…..Ummmm….Yeah, just WHY did Jac NOT do this?

            So why is Teresa to BLAME for all of this? Kim D. said that Teresa was NOT involved at all in the set up. She also emphatically said it again last night on Twitter. Kim D. talks to Jac for 1 1/2 hours on the phone EVERY morning. That must mean she and Jac are very good friends. Since Jac is SOOOOO insistent that Teresa set it up, why is Kim D. NOT backing up Jac and leaving whether or not Teresa was involved “vague” so more people can believe Jac? Why is she emphatically saying that Teresa was NOT involved in the set-up, despite Jac’s INSISTENCE on same?

            And, why did Joey apologize to Kim D. SOOOO quickly? Will he apologize to his OWN flesh and blood sister now that Kim D. has (on Twitter) emphatically stated that Teresa was NOT involved (I doubt it very seriously)?

            Also, Kim D. said that Caroline and Jac also knew about this set-up targeting Teresa, why is he not angry at his new B.F.F.’s, Caroline and Jac, for failing to call and warn Melissa?

            I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: This Reunion was a BUNCHA B*LLSH*T. I also think the entire 2 seasons in which the focus was ONLY the Giudice financial and marital issues when EVERY single OTHER cast member has their own juicy “skeletons” (which would be of interest to viewers) that were either not touched on AT ALL or barely touched, was a BUNCHA B*LLSH*T!!

            RHONJ needs to wipe the slate clean and start over with a brand new cast OR leave their “moneymaker” Teresa on with ONLY Melissa and Joey remaining (Get rid of Caroline [because I am sick of her constant bitter face, her “know-it-all” attitude, her hypocrisy, her constant need to have an enemy against whom to rail and gather an army, and, MOST OF ALL, her damned GROWN A*S ADULT KIDS!!]; Kathy [because she is a SNOOZE FEST who adds very little to the show, IMO, and I am SICK of her greasy-a*s husband]; AND Jac-A-LOON, because she is incredibly unstable, immature and needs to take time away to get the proper psychiatric treatment that will allow her to FOCUS on the 2 children she is still raising [particularly the one with special needs]).

            • VV says:

              Amen Detox!

            • PJ says:

              Detox the sad thing is that even if Bravo does Jac (and the viewers) a favor and fires her she is so self absorbed I don’t believe any more attention will be paid to those children.

              • Chicago Diane says:

                Detox I agree with every word. There is zero credibility with anyone involved here- from Bravo , production, to any of the characters-. Their own personal destruction and desperation have made them sad, lost creatures- as evidenced by this ridiculous display of ugliness(Reunion) . When the source of wisdom on “truth” is Kim D, we know how far it has all fallen. A couple of years from now, I hope they each can look back on this charade with a modicum of perspective and see how low they fell- esp. Andy.

                I include bringing JZ back as another example of Bravo’s self-imolation – his desire for never-ending, stupid, narcissistic drama at all costs- includes bringing her back- if only for a day- to allow her sickness to be rewarded with another round of self- importance. It is truly disgusting.

                The “fun indulgence” that the RH franchise was building is long- gone now and life is tough enough.. Who needs this?

            • mrs. peabody says:

              Detox—I don’t think Melissa was the one set up she was collateral damage. Teresa was the one being set up and she was being set up by the woman who hated her (wacky jacky) and KimD. They used Melissa to set up Teresa!

          • Called A Princess... says:

            All the cast members knew something was going down because the PFS always has a epic meltdown sequence. I do not believe Teresa knew anymore then Melissa or Kathy about what was really going to happen. JMHO.

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              If memory serves me correct, PFS always has a epic meltdown and TRE is right there in the middle of it all! Starting it, escalating it and fanning the flames is what Tre’s role is.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                The lady is a trooper. She gets the job done. Even if she’s made to look like the bad guy or the big friendless loser. She dutifully does what Bravo tells her to do. Sometimes it sucks, like this season. Sometimes it doesn’t suck, like when she flipped the table and became a household name. Her motivation is not unlike the others’.

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                If I remember correctly, Jac was standing right next to Teresa when there was a show down with Danielle and not only was chasing her down but stood in front of her car preventing her from leaving…and her numbskull daughter escalated it to an assault.

                I don’t think Teresa is all love and light by any stretch but the biggest drama lama is Jac.

                • Amber...Real Wife says:

                  LOL Llama reminded me of JimmyNeutron’s Bestie Carl. OOOOH. Love me some Carl who loved Llamas and PolkaMusic.

                • dch60 says:

                  Again, what REALLY set off Teresa at the second PFS was when Danielle mentioned something about her foreclosure which AGAIN set off alarm bells that someone was feeding her info. Gee I wonder who that was? Wait – we already know!

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    Medussa spent lots of time and energy sneaking around betraying her SIL, methodically, strategically,.. doing whatever it took to get to the spot where she is sitting now… “I’M THE VICTIM!!!!” indeed.

  8. DuchessofDryerLint says:

    So, some of my moments from the reunion:
    1. Joe Gorga—“Maybe I came on this show to get closer to my sister” Yeah, because if I wanted to go on a show to get closer to my brother the first thing I would do the very first time we were on camera together would be to slam my fists on a table and scream he was Garbage in his face. Guaranteed to bring the love fest from jump. Oh, and I would definately be sure to make my husband do an interview/talking head all about how “Bet you didn’t know Duchess had a sibling! She kept us away from her, didn’t invite us to any events and made sure you never knew about us” Especially when the show could reveal clips of a very public announcement and toast during a huge party that was filmed when you were called to the center of the room and told how great you were?! Bring that love and closeness, Baby!
    2. Joe Gorga—-“MY children don’t even have Grandparent’s thanks to you” “I don’t speak to my parents because you stole them from me” “Your own father told me you said Mel was a stripper”
    Melissa Gorga—-“We have dinner with them once a week and never talk about the show or Teresa, we just let them enjoy the time with us and our children.”
    How can Daddy tell you the wife is being bad mouthed if you don’t speak and if you are having dinner with them every week, exactly how do you not have them in your lives?
    3. Joe Guidice——-” All’s I know is when you borrow something you return it.” Seriously? The tool is feuding all this time over a tool? Wow. Nope, the Guidices certainly do not hold grudges. Especially 10 year long grudges over a tool.
    4. Jac and her never ending “I can PROVE it, but I can’t prove it because I can’t reveal my source or bring the recording or show the pics, but I have PROOF!”
    5. Teresa——” I never said you were a stripper, I said there were rumors that you were a stripper” Okay. That helps. Very helpful. I never said you were a delusional bitch with a serious case of denial, but I heard a rumor that you were. Better? Is Stripper better, Bitch?
    6. Chris Laurita. How in the hell did this man survive all these years. Here is a man who does sound pretty reasonable, logical and emotionally sound—-his entire family and friend base is Bat Shit crazy, but it all just seems to swirl around him while he stands in the eye of the storm, not a hair out of place from the wind, and delivers gems like “We are talking about strippers like they are serial killers” BAZINGA!
    7. After months of stripper gate, and the ensuing tornado that came with it, it turns out the only one actually proven and admitted is the husband of the accused. If Chris had said “Me too” I would have literally fallen out! Priceless!
    8. Finally, Joe Guidice and his hunger pangs. “Lets get out of here and get some dinner. Are we ready to go to dinner yet? Tre, quit yellin’, End this thing, I am ready for dinner” Feed this man, he is wasting away in front of our eyes! LOL

    • catmom1c says:

      Exceptional post Duchess!!! I agree with all of it.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      LOL- great summary.

    • Donna says:

      On the tools: I have some Craftsman tools, some I bought and some were gifts from my late father. My husband borrows them and leaves them out in the rain. Every time I look at some of my tools that are rusted I do a slow burn inside. It’s a matter of respect.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I agree, not to mention we aren’t talking about JoeGo borrowing a hammer. It would be like loaning someone 3k and them never making an attempt to pay you back.

        My BIL lent his brother $4,500 and on the day he said he was going to pay my BIL, my BIL had a mild heart attack. You would think given that he would have made sure to pay him back since BIL need time off of work to recover but he didn’t. Nothing was ever said about the loan so my sister and BIL just wrote it off.

        My dear sister pretty much said when they loaned him the money, in a way they never really expected to be paid back because her DH’s brother is such a scammer ( he really is a CON MAN, he even owed a large amount of money to the mob for some unknown reason and BIL’s parents had to borrow all kinds of money to pay the mob off or they would have kill him) but the arrogance of not even attempting to pay it back or even apologize for not being able to is what really irks her. So it’s not so much about the tools or the money, it’s because the that is just the tip of the iceberg on who they are as a person.

      • princesspindy says:

        I let my former neighbor borrow my brand new extension cord and blower, they left them out in the yard overnight and the next day it was about to rain. I went into their back yard and took them back. I was doing a slow burn, lol. They never asked about them, lol!! I informed my children that from now on when they came to the door to borrow things to say we didn’t have any. I know it’s petty, but poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. If every time I see you you are standing there with a Starbucks, then you have enough time to go to the store and if I loan you a can of cream of mushroom soup almost every other phucking week don’t replace it with Healthy Choice, you bitch!!!! LOL!!! I have issues! But they divorced and moved a few weeks ago so, adios mutherphuckers!!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Pindy, you’ve done it again: made me laugh out LOUD. I particularly LOVED “if I loan you a can of cream of mushroom soup almost every other phucking week, don’t replace it with Healthy Choice, you bitch!!!….adios mutherphuckers!!”

        • Stars99 says:

          Tiara – May I please borrow a can of tomato soup? I have grilled cheese sandwiches to make… = )

      • PJ says:

        My husband was a contractor for years. He has had people borrow really expensive tools and either not return them or my husband would have to track them down to get them back. You are absolutely correct this is a matter of respect. JoGo is a real punk for not returning tools. It made me sick when JoGo said that family is supposed to help one another out, yeah real family members appreciate the help and return expensive tools. Where is JoGo’s help—it only goes one way with JoGo.

        • dch60 says:

          And to make it worse, JoGo sat there last year saying JoGu never did a thing to help him out. Now that’s a slap in the face… correction… ANOTHER slap in the face.

    • princesspindy says:

      #7 made me lol

    • Seems like a fair, evenhanded summary – and you saved me from watching this mess!
      The fact that you can write with a sense of humor doesn’t hurt, either. 😉

  9. Morning everyone!!! Lots to digest from last night….I have to say I’m happy it’s finally over. Lots to discuss obviously but I think the main thing we learned from last night is that T& JGorga should just cut their losses and move on. They’re each holding onto their own ideas of what is the reason they don’t get along, T- “Melissa took my brother away from me.” JGorga- “T took my parents away from me.” Unfortunately, until they stop pointing fingers at anyone they’re never going to be able to move on because they’ll each always blame that particular person for their grievances…..At this point part of me thinks it’s better if they just stay away from one another and ALL get out of the limelight…..

    One thing about the “set up.” I think we can all agree now that T knew about it (as well as caroline and jacqueline) and all THREE of them were wrong not to approach Melissa ahead of time and tell her to be on the lookout even if they didn’t specifically know what was going to happen. All 3 of them were wrong…I think Melissa/Joe are harping on Teresa not doing anything simply because she is/was their family and all those jersey-ites are so doggedly loyal or so they say they are to their families. I don’t think Melissa cared as much that Jac and Caro didn’t say anything simply because they weren’t her family and she didn’t necessarily expect them to say anything. Not right but just my train of thought given what happened…..It seems like it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back in the ongoing Teresa/Melissa feud.

    Lesson from all of this======> SCRATCH THIS ENTIRE CAST AND START FRESH.

    • “Lesson from all of this======> SCRATCH THIS ENTIRE CAST AND START FRESH.”

      Amen to that!

    • ladyballs says:

      and i’m still not sure what was set up…

      • not THAT Jill says:

        In my mind the set-up was done by Bravo. They think we needed drama at the end. Teresa and Melissa were not fighting anymore and Caroline and Teresa were both fine with not being friends. The Jac and Teresa friendship drama had run its course and no one wanted to hear about it anymore.
        Bravo wanted to go out with a bang so they went with the Kim D story line. She probably told Bravo about Angelo months before the fashion show and they decided to set-up some trouble for the finale. I think everyone knew about it-except maybe Kathy-which is kind of funny.

        • cusi77 says:

          ITA with you JNNTJ. Another thought here: BravoAndy-Do not insult the viewers’ intelligence with the thought that Kim D has the power to bring cameras, mics and leave the entire script in her hands… They put that story in Kim’s lap as much as they put on Danielle’s lap “The Book” that flipping table night in Season 1!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Right Cusi-it is insulting. Bravo wants us to take what we see at face value but in the age of social media we know much more than what they show. I wish Bravo would stop trying to force fake stories lines on us. NJ has enough “real” drama!!!

        • NMhousewife (@KEGlovesNorway) says:

          I totally agree the set-up was done by Bravo, and all the others used it to condemn Theresa while ignoring the others involved because they hate her, and Theresa said nothing about what she knew to see what damage would be done to Melissa because she hates her. Elementary!

          I agree with the sentiment above from Kukulet…scratch the cast and start fresh with no families .

        • dch60 says:

          Bravo had tried to get Danielle to show up and she refused. Same with Kim G. They were desperate and had to set up SOMETHING. Queue stripper gate. The thing that gets me is it was lame and even Melissa said at first that she didn’t care what the guy said. Btw, Melissa DID know ahead of time that something was going to happen. She had already had Joe on standby. The phone call in the bathroom was the same was when Joey told Melissa about what Teresa said in the beginning of the season. THAT was a set up. The bottom line… if Melissa wasn’t a stripper, dancer, whatever, then news flash, it wasn’t a set up. If she was who cares anyway? Joey already knew about it because he used to visit Melissa at Lookers. Non issue all the way around. Just an excuse to hate Teresa again.

  10. plainviewsue says:

    Fabulous write up of the reunion. I wish I had just read the blog & didn’t watch this horrific sad reunion.

    Melissa cannot keep up with her lies. On the reunion, Joe said that his children have no relationship with his parents. On WWHL, Melissa says they have dinner w/his parents once a week. Which is it?????????????

    My heart broke for Teresa. Her pain was real. JoeGo’s wasn’t. JoeGo wants everyone to feel for him. IMO, it ain’t working.

    As for Jacqueline, seriously, she was so out of it it was like watching a patient in the movie One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Playing with her hair, lying on the couch & then pop out and zing Teresa. Her comments were beyond nasty. She is a sick, twisted individual. If she returns to the show, I will never watch again. And shame on Chris if he allows her back on the show..

    Watching this play out was so disturbing. I still feel that so much time is spent bashiing Teresa, along with Andy holding her to a different level than the others.

    Where was Caro & Jacq being called out on their treatment of Gia? How about Melissa telling Joe to say shame on you to his sister?

    I think the one thing that this reunion did prove is that Kathy & Richie prove no purpose on this show except to gang up on Teresa. Kathy kept butting in just to hear her own voice.

    I gotta say, the one person who truly impressed me (and I know Lynn is up in heaven thinking what is she talking about!!??) is Joe Guidice. The man just says what he is thinking. His lines aren’t rehearsed (unlike JoeGo’s). I loved loved how he called out Joey about not defending his sister when OTHERS are saying nasty things about her. And JoeGo has the nerve to say when did that ever happen???

    Melissa doesnt want Joey and Teresa to have a relationship. She can’t lie & say she loves Teresa on WWHl, when she gave dirt to Danielle and once again uses her children as a weapon.

    I tweeted Andy more than once to please ask Melissa now that the season is over, why are her magazine stories now coming out where she trashes Teresa? Of course he didn’t. Melissa never gets put on the hot seat. Melissa says she doesn’t talk about Teresa & Joe to her in laws, but she puts out magazine stories about their daughter. The hypocrisy makes me sick.

    • I have to disagree with your comment about JoeGorga’s emotion not seeming real. I think he is very sad about the state of his relationship with his sister. I personally saw real pain in his eyes. On the other hand, Teresa at times yes looked upset but at other times just looked like she couldn’t care less and wanted to move onto another topic…..That to me didn’t seem like she was genuinely upset about everything.

      It’s funny though how we can all watch the same thing and take different things out of what we see….Agree to disagree I guess!

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Obsessed, even a pit bull cries.

      • Powell says:

        I think T is just over it cause she wants nothing to do w/Mel. Mel said T can have a relationship w/Joey but she will not. I think w/Joey it’s all his family that he wants T to have a relationship w/or none of them.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I do not believe anything that Mel tells the general public about anything because she is a bold faced liar. JMHO.

    • VV says:

      Chris Laurita lost my respect when he sold his souls to his sister for bankrolling the Blk venture. I have zero respect for him. It shows his character. He can act all low key and all, but I’m not buying it.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Good Morning PVS, I have had to hang my head in shame on some Monday mornings because I had to admit that I actually agreed with Juicy on more than one occasion. It killed me to admit it. When he told T that the conflict between Crapoline & Dina was none of her business, he was right. When he makes a sweeping decleration of who cares what any of them say, I had to agree. As I have stated he is her pig to ride or die with but when he’s done he is done, “lets get some dinner” that was funny. I hope for his sake the DA or the judge do not get wind of his “you can indict a ham sandwich” a defense lawyers mantra or when he said they can go scratch with the plea deal he was offered. He is going to jail, the only mystery is for how long. Still gobsmacked Crack-A-Jack hopes he goes to jail, says more about her than anything she can say about any of them. Have a great day, Lisa

      • contessa says:

        Love your comments – right on target!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I’m still mad at Juicy for calling Teresa “a c*nt” and “a b*tch, but I also have to admit that, out of all the men on that stage, he is the only one who never tries to put on “a front” and “act” for the cameras. I think he is just OVER all the B.S., and, if they were not in such debt, he’d either ask Teresa to leave the show altogether, or pull a “Jim Bellino” and refuse to film any longer.

        Chris Laurita impressed me too last night. I just wish he could see more about getting Jac some psychiatric help and getting her a 12-step for her Twitter addiction.

        Joey and Richie are just to “girlie” for me. I thought that ALL season. Where I come from, we call men who like to be all up on WOMEN’s business and who like to discuss and/or gossip about same, “jenny women”!

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Hey Detox. “keeping it real” is no excuse for dismissive and cruel remarks from ones spouse. I’d rather have a man lie to me with sweet kisses and professions of love than call me a CUNext.. and a stupid btich every few minutes, on screen and off! Lie pretty to me and we’ll stay together happy. Be truthful with hate and it only leads to a contentious relationship, resentment, disappointment, bitterness and finally after umpteenth years of abuse DIVORCE.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Hey Amber,

            If you will go back and read my very 1st sentence to my comment, you will see that I said, “I’m still mad at Juicy for calling Teresa a c*nt and a b*tch.”

            Just WHERE do you see me excusing his dismissive and cruel remarks about his spouse? If I am still angry at a man that is not even MY damned husband (or a man I even know in real life for that matter) for calling his WIFE those words, I am pretty sure that I am NOT EXCUSING THOSE comments.

            All I am saying is that he does not, IMO, put on a “front” for the cameras like the others do. And I DO like THAT about him. I do NOT like that he called Teresa “a c*nt and a b*tch,” and I made that clear with my VERY FIRST SENTENCE (So, I do NOT like ONE thing, and I REFUSE to give him a pass for it, as I am still angry at him over it. But I LIKE another thing: his, “I don’t give a sh*t about BRAVO, these damned BRAVO cameras, and I refuse to play a “game” and pretend I am someone I am NOT.”).

            My comment was NOT focused on Teresa and Joe’s MARRIAGE.

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              Hey Detox where did you see that I felt you were excusing his calling her obscene remarks? I feel his ‘keeping it real’ mantra is his excuse for being an unsupportive pig! I went on to say that I WOULD prefer a man be kind than to be a hateful idiot, spewing venom every opportunity he had to “keep it real”. As for him keeping it real… you know not acting for the cameras… i’m going to call BullShit on that too! ON HIM! Not anyone else. He sits there, a mic up his ass, boom operators, cameramen, producers, directors and he’s not acting? Um hell yeah he’s acting! He’s acting too cool for the shit, above them all, as if he doesn’t need the money for all the aggravation, when its the only thing keeping his wife and family afloat etc. That’s the phoniest mo’fukker I ever saw!

              Finally, Detox, my insults and snide comments I save for the folks on screen. I don’t attack or question anyone on the blog for their posts. If I go tit for tat is because someone started questioning my posts and start making it personal. I won’t attack or ask someone to defend their position. For what? Like JoyBehar says with a shrug … Who cares?”

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                *Sigh* Believe it or not, Amber, I do like your lively comments. Please do not think I am going “tit for tat” when I explain the following to you:

                In your very 1st sentence, you wrote and I quote: “keeping it real is no EXCUSE for dismissive and cruel remarks from one’s spouse.” You then went on to describe what you would prefer a man do in a marriage with you. I agree with what you say you would prefer a man do in a marriage for you. That shows self-respect and strength.

                That still does NOT change the fact that, in your very 1st sentence in that particular comment of yours to which I responded, you said “keeping it real is no excuse for dismissive and cruel remarks from one’s spouse.” Because you responded to MY comment about Joe, the only person you could be referring to as “EXCUSING” this type of behavior from Joe is ME, right?

                That being the case, I explained to you how I was NOT excusing that particular behavior from Joe.

                I then explained what behavior I DID like from him. You think he is “acting” like he doesn’t give a sh*t (or acting like he is too cool for school).

                I respectfully disagree. That’s all.

                And I do not recall ever “attacking” you. Yes, I am at times sarcastic, but that is not reserved to just YOU, Amber. It REALLY isn’t. I’m snarky to LOTS of people. It is NOTHING personal. I also am a JOKESTER with lots of people. That’s nothing personal either. It is just my “way.” We all have different styles/ways of communicating. That’s what makes the world go ’round.

                I questioned your comment to me because I felt that you were making a false statement/assumption about MY comment (That I was “excusing” Joe’s cruel words and dismissive treatment of Teresa). And I asked you to point out, in my comment, the support you had for making this false statement/assumption.

                Are we not allowed to do that here? I mean YOU just asked ME to point out something to YOU in YOUR comment.

                So, I did.

                And I’m with you, at the end of the day, once we get off this blog, “So what? Who cares? But, while we are ON this blog, we sometimes engage in lively DEBATE. That’s all this is.

                • Amber...Real Wife says:

                  Detox today I found out you were a lwayer and that explains a whole lot. You like your arguments to be clear. Just a layperson with a a opinion here so it can be easily misconstrued at times as I didn’t feel the need to preface my usually long comments with i’m not saying you, i’m saying me… IIRC that expression about Juicey keeping it real has been on this blog FOREVER. Don’t even know if Tre used it on screen when defending her husbands actions. I didn’t say ‘Not you Detox’ but when I hear keeping it real used about Juicey it reminds me that he would rather say cruel things about his wife, while ten feet away, or to her face than say something wonderful. I also would never believe as an educated woman or even a 9th grade dropout, that YOU would excuse the words he said to his wife. I am sure you wouldn’t allow that in our own life either.

                  Also once again, it could be my not using the old not you Detox but othere here, I have NEVER felt attacked by you AT ALL on the blog. We readily disagree on the Joisey blogs a whole lot but I didn’t feel as if your posts were venemous towards me. When I said the tit for tat, it was with a few the other day when I referred to Tre being sad about her delusional marriage/false bravada BS. Some came out and did their best Copper/Aviva impersonations posting that i’d rathe rsee a marriage dissolve and children left without a father…. that I don’t know the truth….. that Tre’s got nothing to prove to me ETC. and I was like WTF is going on here?! Because I called her sad and delusional all of the sudden I want her to breeak up her family? That’s who I was referring to when I felt attacked. Finally, anyone can ask me to clear up anything they don’t understand. Absolutelyy. I never really ask anyone to clarify their comments because I really don’t care too much as this is a TV show for entertainment and as i’m fond of saying They signed up for this, they’re laughing all the way to the bank and those bitches AIN’T even thinking about us!

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Hi Detox, don’t get me wrong, I am not thrilled with how he speaks to T. I do appreciate his way of saying…thats my story & I’m sticking to it attitude…delusion that can only be described as a gift from God. When he told JoGo to pay his bills hahahahahaha. JoGu has no self awareness at all, especially if he is hungry. The way ritchie & joey gossip & insert themselves in womenfolk business makes me think they have manginas not kickstands. O/T I loved all your stories yesterday & agree you have a book in the making. Also, I love your BBW blogs & I promise you more people than me are enjoying them, I can feel it! I don’t know if it’s because I have the same take as you in regards to the ladies, how dam funny you are or our mutual obsession with large earrings. I look forward to your next post. 🙂 Lisa

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Thank you for such a sweet and funny post (manginas! LOL)! Thanks for the compliment about my BBW blogs. I will be leaving the blog in 20-30 minutes to park my butt in front of the television to watch and take notes so I can to another one for tomorrow.

    • Stars99 says:

      Thanks, Sue… wasn’t Jac’s behavior just so odd? I mean I know they’re sitting there for hours… but come one… the last time I looked for split ends in my hair was in Algebra class back in HS.

  11. VV says:

    The Douche ( Mike Hess, Bravo either Editor or Producer) Blig is up.

  12. Vegas Chick says:

    That was a great recap, Stars. Didn’t Bravo put something about psychological evaluations in its contracts? Maybe, they can get a discounted group rate. Jax is a kookadoo, but Teresa really needs serious therapy and lots of it.

    • Stars99 says:

      Thanks, Vegas… Don’t they all need therapy? Perhaps they can all go on “Couples Therapy”… wow… now THAT is a lil unnerving… lol @ kookadoo

      • LaineyLainey says:

        omfreakingGOSHHHHH!! yes, alex and simon have opened this whole thing up for the housewives/husbands from Bravo. YES!!! Oh, I would watch that. that is such a good idea.

        • Stars99 says:

          Hi Lainey Lainey so nice we say it twice… but who is gonna provide the therapists with therapy afterwards? They may decide they hafta go into a new line of work…

  13. Constance says:

    “Tre said that what she actually said was that she had heard RUMORS that she was a stripper. ”

    I don’t really see much distinction between Teresa saying Mel is a stripper and Teresa saying she’s heard rumors that Mel is a stripper.

    • I agree completely. This is where the “accountability” issue comes up for me. Teresa simply should admit that yes, she said that there were rumors that she was a stripper and she is sorry for repeating them. She did say “I didn’t call you a stripper, i said there were rumors” but she never said I’m sorry for repeating those comments……therein lies the problem I have with her.

    • ladyballs says:

      that’s because there isn’t a distinction.

      • Orson says:

        Ah, but in Teresa’s demented mind, there is. She must have had a poster of Ron Ziegler on her bedroom wall as a child.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      While she probably shouldn’t have been helping spread the ‘rumors’ it’s not quite as strong as an accusation. But I do think it’s deliberate that T couches things like this (or she will leave you for a richer man) under the veil of rumors, she that she can say it but not have to own it.

      The thing is at this point, I think so little of Melissa…I just don’t care.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I think a lot of people talk about Melissa, in her community, because she is so flashy and wants to be “On Display.” I guess it should not surprise me that some people do not know the difference between a rumor and a fact. We spread rumors on this site. We also spread facts on this site. Sometime it is hard to tell the difference. If Melissa can spread big lies concerning Teresa for over two years Teresa has the right to a bit of clarification about a few rumors. IMO.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          You said it, that’s why I couldn’t beleive Melissa’s mock shock when Teresa wrote a blog about the allegation she called Antonia ‘ugly’.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I agree. There really is NO difference between saying you heard “rumors” that a person was a stripper and outright saying that this person DEFINILITY was a stripper.

          I mean, in a courtroom, Teresa’s attorney COULD SPLIT HAIRS and argue, “Teresa, did you ever say that you knew DEFINITELY that Melissa was a stripper?” Teresa would say, “No, I never said that I knew that she was DEFINITELY a stripper.” Her attorney would then say, “Teresa, did you ever say that you heard RUMORS that Melissa was a stripper?” Teresa would say, “Yes, I did say that I heard RUMORS that she was a stripper?” Her attorney would follow up with, “Teresa, in YOUR opinion, do you think there is a difference between a RUMOR and FACT?” She would say, “Yes.” (He would then get her off the stand because, even though Teresa would know the difference, she would be too inarticulate to explain the difference).

          Then her attorney would call some type of Expert Witness up there (I’m sure the OTHER side would too because many causes involve what lawyers call “a Battle of the Experts) and ask him/her, “Is there a difference between a RUMOR and a FACT?” The Expert would say, “Yes, there is.” Teresa’s attorney would ask, “In layman’s terms, Dr. [BLANK], can you tell me what the difference between a RUMOR and a FACT is?” The Expert would say, “One — the RUMOR — is speculation and possibly TRUE or UNTRUE. The other — the FACT — is DEFINITELY TRUE.”

          Teresa’s attorney would then ask, “So, Dr. [BLANK] if a person says that they heard RUMORS that someone did something, is he/she DEFINITELY saying that these rumors are TRUE.” Dr. [BLANK] would say, “No, he/she is NOT saying that this person DEFINITELY did something for a fact. All they are saying is that they HEARD that this person POSSIBLY did something — NOT that this person DEFINITELY did something. So he/she is NOT expressly declaring that these RUMORS are TRUE.”

          Teresa’s attorney would probably LOSE the case, but he’d still get a check for his valiant defense (Of course, he would have to stand in a long line of Teresa and Joe’s creditors. So, he might not get paid for a while).

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            Lawyer to the LineKeeper …

            L: Where am I, behind that kid in the red?
            LK: That’s Lil’Ethel from the Dig’Em Corp
            L : That’s 400lb Ethel she looks so small
            LK: Yeah she’s 100 grand for a few weeks rentals and the half-point mark
            L: What about the black ball back there?
            LK: BigAlManzo something about a Christmas salt fish, I don’t know
            L: Gawd Who am I after? (slipping him two 100 dollar bills)
            LK: It looks like you’re right behind the BubbiesSurgery and FertilityNowClinics

            MeGo’s BIL The tiny spec on the back of the line “Hiccup, hey no cutting in line!

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Yep. He will be standing in line to receive his payment — which may take a LOOOOONG time.

      • Powell says:

        RR T does do that very well doesn’t she? I remember watching a few minutes if the epi when they went to that outdoor event and Mel kept saying Joe might go “to jail” and T kept getting madder and said for Neo to say “going away”. Mel kept saying go to jail so T had enough and was leaving. She went to her car in the parking lot, Mel followed her and somehow the stripper rumor came up and T said “I don’t listen to rumors”. T doesn’t listen to rumors but she mentioned the stripper rumors several times. I don’t believe T knew what Mel was the target for or about but T has mentioned the stripper rumors on more than one occasion.

    • trudie says:

      Was watching an old RHNYC reunion today and Jill says: I didn’t say Mario was having an affair. I said I hear people in our circle say Mario was having an affair.

  14. ATLnNYC09 says:

    I think it a mix up to confuse Melissa with being a stripper. She did work in a strip club. Its an easy mistake to make. I mean if I was caught in a crack house, people would natrually assume that I do drugs. Its not that far fetched to assume that. Still dont get the big deal about it. If you werent a stripper, it shouldnt be a problem. Certainly not something to break up a family over.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I do believe that Melissa WAS a stripper. That is just MY personal opinion. Although I would want to DIE if my DAUGHTER ever became a stripper, and I would have to seek psychological counseling to deal with that fact, I have no problem with Melissa being a stripper. I DO have a problem with her LYING about it (if it is TRUE, which in MY own personal opinion, it is).

      Assuming arguendo, that she WAS a stripper, it should NOT be anything over which to break up a family. However, because the elder Gorga’s are “old-school” immigrant parents, who probably attend Catholic Church regularly, they might think LESS of Melissa if they thought she were a stripper. However, Melissa said she sees them once a week, and they get along great. So, obviously — if Melissa is telling the truth — they KNOW about it (Teresa said that her Mom DOES watch the show), and it does not bother them.

      So, why and how IS the family broken up over it? Some things are just not adding up to me.

      • PJ says:

        I think Melissa was most likely a stripper. I think that because she got so bent out of shape when this guy she didn’t remember (but she miraculously knew his name) said hello to her. No reason to get so bent out of shape if someone says hello and you were only a bartender, although I wouldn’t be a bartender at a strip joint myself and would die if my daughter became a bartender at a strip club. But Melissa married a guy who was in the porn industry so what does that say about both her and JoGo?

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          That they’re “nasty”! LOL 😉

        • LaineyLainey says:

          PJ, what??? He was a dancer with the Chizzendales – -not a porn star, right? Or maybe he was an extra?

          • PJ says:

            Isn’t that part of the porn industry?

            • LaineyLainey says:

              kind of….

              • djprincessc says:

                haha! you guys are funny 🙂

                Chippendales isn’t like porn its just a show, like in Vegas they have one called Thunder Down Under. I’ve actually been to a male stripper show before in hollywood. It was called Hollywood Men, and it was really funny, raunchy, nasty, and gross all at the same time, one of my gfs was dating one of the strippers so going to his shows was her thing and when they found out i had never been before of course I got a lap dance It was funny mostly because the women go CRAZY!!! Like INSANE, but the stripper that gave me the lap dance was all sweaty (puke) it did make for great pictures but it was a one time thing. Also the men didn’t get naked, pretty close though. lol.

  15. cusi77 says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    I am cracking up with the Lurkita Twit from last night! Haa! I haven’t read The Blog yet, Thanks NoMoreDrama for this first morning belly laugh! It is hysterical! I am pretty sure Chris took the battery from Jacqueline’s cell!!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Well, it’s ABOUT damned time he did that! He should do it MUCH more often (and I also cracked up over that tweet).

  16. Good Morning! Thank you for my get well wishes yesterday. I am feeling a bit better this morning.

    Heading up to read the recaps….shhh….I peeked in at the NJ reunion last night, even tho I do not watch that show, I had to see one time what you all are talking about. Egads! 😛

    If anyone wants a port in the storm today… a little inspiration over at my place!

    Have a great Monday!
    Love & Hugs!!

  17. LuvMyGals says:

    Stars, great job on the recap! I haven’t laughed this hard in such a long time. In fact I’m going to print this one and keep it right on top of my file of things I can look at when I need some humor in my day. Caroline says she would die for her sister? – BUT the pompous wind bag cannot say “I was wrong. I’m so sorry,” shut her mouth, and be nice? Good ole’ DonCaro wisdom.

    JoeGo and his elephant trunk… oh lord. I can’t believe that Melissa wants to spend the rest of her life with that Neanderthal. A little more time of economic distress will tell. And lastly JacDaniels… Does Chris Laurita love having a child bride – still? I wonder when he’ll be steppin’ out. Andy Bravo has a big ugly date coming and her name is Karma. Thanks again Stars!

    • Stars99 says:

      Thanks so much, Luv… I really appreciate it… Wasn’t Joe Go’s TMI about his Tarzan elephant trunk a visual that will not be easily erased from our brains? Yikes! Pass the bleach, please!

  18. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Good morning everyone…thanks for the great blogs today.
    Sunday tv line ups are so FULL now with Walking Dead ( I don’t watch it but DH does) BoardWalk Empire, Dexter and NJ. I’m glad that NJ is off the table (at least for now) I think it will depend on who goes and who stays if I come back to it.

    That reunion is really ugly, Jac is a lunatic. I don’t know where she finds the time to yap on the phone for over an hour a day not to mention all the other nonsense she gets up to. And Mel is a snake, I am sure she was rehearsing her “I am the victim” speech for weeks on end.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I don’t know where Jac finds the time to, in addition to her INCESSANT tweeting, talk to Kim D. 1 1/2 hours a day either.

      I have NO kids (not to mention one with special needs), and I cannot seem to find the time to talk to someone on the phone for 1 1/2 hours EVERY day!!

  19. vilzvet says:

    NJ is definitely at an all time low, and I agree it would be nice to start from scratch again.
    BTW is anyone else enjoying the old NY episodes showing today? Thank you Bravo for not subjecting us to Kelly or Jill this year, not that Aviva is any better!

  20. Lady Chatterley says:

    What I’d like to see next season: I’d like to see JoeGo and Teresa OVER their broken relationship. I have 5 sisters and a brother – some I’m close to, some I’m not. My relationship w/my parents – I take responsibility for that. Enough of this sibling angst – just carry on w/your family life and your work and stop all of the screeching. It’s beyond the point of anyone caring.

  21. Lulu says:

    Hello everyone!!

    The whole driver’s license thing is very suspicious. If the prosecutor had “evidence” then why did he ask for an extension? I think the prosecutor was waiting for the season to be over to gather “more evidence” which in reality is nothing. Juicy said it “why would I walk into the DMV and try to obtain a phoney driver’s license?” I don’t think he did it but what I do think is that someone other than Juicy tried. People steal identities these things happen unfortunately.

    As for the reunion the only bright spot was when Chris told Jaq to shut up. Also here tweet confirms that she knew about the “set up.” Why didn’t she warn Melissa?

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Because she wanted to pin it on TERESA. She said she was “distant” at Teresa’s playdate (Remember, how Jac was off by herself, swinging with Nicholas, while Teresa and Melissa watched all of the other kids on the bouncy house slip & slide?) because she heard Teresa had been talking about her behind her back (She said this in response to someone questioning about it on Twitter).

      So, Jac was probably pissed off about that, and, as she is WONT to do, decided to get her revenge by pinning ALL of the blame for the set-up on TERESA (and Kim D., with whom she speaks for 1 1/2 hours EVERY day).

    • melthehound says:

      If I remember correctly, the way they busted Joe was his brother Pete got pulled over and when they ran his license, Joe’s smiling face popped up on the screen. Something definitely fishy going on there but I agree, if they actually have the goods on Joe, why isn’t he in a jail cell this very moment (If he’s going away, that is)?

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Maybe he’s mobbed up and paying somebody off at the courthouse. Hey, it’s a possibility (I might be reaching, but it IS possible). Although if he were REALLY mobbed up, would he and Teresa have been in such dire financial straits? I’m not quite sure how the Mob works when it comes to one of their “made” members and helping out with finances.

  22. ladyballs says:

    the best way to re-tool (pun intended) these housewives shows is to keep the old cast but add 2 or 3 new gals for a season. then allow attrition to ensue naturally.

  23. Orson says:

    So, does anyone think there is anyway Bravo can salvage RHNJ without a complete recasting? They can’t stretch 4 against 1 for another season. Dump Kathy and/or Jacqueline, bring in a Teresa sycophant or two (if they could find 2) and make it 3 to 2? There’s still no way to get them all at the same event except at contractual (or actual) gunpoint. There’s rumblings about reincarnating RHDC sans the Selahis. Maybe that’s what they can do; Skip a season, do some recasting, attach the electrodes, have Igor fly the kites, and wait for a lightning strike.

  24. PJ says:

    Wacqueline talks to Kim D everyday on the phone for an hour and a half. OK first of all she has two children so why does she have the time to do this with all her tweeting and everything? But please don’t tell me she talks to Kim D on the phone everyday and had nothing to do with this so called set up.

    In my opinion this set up was cooked up by Wac and Kim D and it was a set up of Teresa, at least on Wac’s part. This has Wac’s chubby fingerprints all over it. The real mean girl on this show is Wac, not even Caroline. Wac always has proof which she uses against Teresa but will never reveal. Imagine if you had to go to trial and the prosecution said they had all this proof against you but the jury would just have to take their word because they couldn’t reveal their sources. You would never be able to defend yourself, doesn’t a person have a right to a defense? That’s Jac she throws it out there but never produces any evidence. In my opinion Jac is Wac. I don’t believe anything Jac says and I think she would stoop to any low level to do something mean to Teresa.

    Wac and Caroline knew what was going to go down and their body language tells all at the PFS. Melissa took the bait and ran with it so she could play the victim. Had Jac left it alone and Melissa just laughed it off it would never have been a big deal.

    It’s pretty telling when both Andy and Chris had to tell Jac to stay out of it between Teresa and JoGo and they could barely contain her. I think Chris is a nice guy who is in way over his head with Jac and is in serious denial about who he is married to.

    • VV says:

      I also wonder about that too. If Jac talks to Kim D for 1.5 hrs everyday ( Jac didn’t deny BTW) and Jac used to talk to Teresa for 1 hour everyday too. She tweets ALL DAY LONG. I say too much time in her hands! Take care of yourself, husband, and kids.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      PJ, I have commented more than once that Jacq’s day & timeline doesn’t mesh with what I have learned from the parents on this board who also have children with extra needs. My prayer is that for every tweet & long phone call that her child Nick get 10 times the attention, stimulation & therapy he needs. Lisa

      • LaineyLainey says:

        That could happen,…if there were 48 hours in a day instead of 24.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I think even anyone who has young children who are typical don’t manage to have the free time Jac has. It’s a great day for me if I get to go to the bathroom with the door closed and get interrupted or walk into a ‘casino’ the kids have caused.

        • PJ says:

          LOL that was my day too rarely time to take a shower or go potty without a knock on the door and a few tears to deal with. If I tried to talk on the phone that was always the time for a casino to ensue. I couldn’t talk to my mom or sister for five minutes much less 95 minutes.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            LOL…getting to have a shower in the AM before I leave the house to me feels like I am getting for the Oscars (unless I wake up early, I usually don’t take one until after I have taken the kids to school).

  25. butterisafruit says:

    Stars99, thank you for doing this. I didn’t have to watch it, you did a wonderful job.
    You deserve a nice relaxing trip to a beautiful island for putting up with all this.

    • Stars99 says:

      Awww, thanks butter… I miss seeing you around in chat… I think we’ll ALL hafta go on a trip to a beautiful island after this season of NJ… I mean, to me – it truly was the season that just would never end… lol

  26. melthehound says:

    Here is what I think of this reunion episode.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      HAHAHA… that’s my girl right there!!!! I cant wait to see her vlogs about ATL!!!

    • Lisa Renee says:

      MTH, thanks for the link, that was quick. I laughed my ass off during the first two & wondered when #3 would show up. I hope she covers all the shows, I can not get enough of her. Have a great day, Lisa

    • VV says:

      Tre did say she got paid for some but not all articles. I think that is true. On a TH Tre also said she didn’t mind being on magazine covers because they help her to promote her books and producst by via of being in the public eye constantly. A lot of those cover are nasty to her ( the old ones, not the recent ones)
      Other than that, she’s pretty much spot on!

      • cusi77 says:

        Haa! I think this one is the best of the three Vlogs I’ve seen from her! Thanks for posting it, Melcito!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Thanks for posting this, MTH. I wish they had HER asking questions at the Reunion instead of Andy. She points out when Teresa does things wrong (in this VLOG and all of her other ones). So, it’s not like, even though she likes Teresa, she gives Teresa a FREE PASS for HER bad behavior either.

      I can’t wait to see her to ATL too. I wonder if she’s going to also VLOG about RHOBH. I hope she blogs ALL the shows and NEVER stops because I LOVE her!!

    • TMarsh101 says:

      “Caro like the den mother. Just get on the stage ho!!” Lmao! Thanks MTH.

  27. Trashy T says:

    I think there was a comment last night that Jacqueline and Caroline knew something was going to happen but thought it was going to be directed at Caroline as Kim G (not Kim D) was supposedly involved. This would be a reason they didn’t warn Melissa as they didn’t realize that she and not Caroline was the target.

    • Trashy T says:

      I see Jack says that in her tweets also. It seems totally plausible to me.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Kim G being involved could have just as easily meant that Teresa was the target, which is why they shut their mouth. As a matter of fact, Kim G and her pal Tom Murino were circling their wagons around Teresa that night by having Joe G tailed and took pictures of him with another woman. Kim even forward the pictures to Jac….and she sent them to Teresa.

  28. not THAT Jill says:

    Joe Gorga said he thought getting on the show would make him and Teresa closer? Wonder why he opened with the GARBAGE comment then?. Nothing says I love you like calling someone GARBAGE I guess?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      He knew it would put some easy money in his pocket. They watched Teresa do it, so they thought “why not us?”

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I would have liked for him to say that then. Does he really think we believe he thought he would get closer to his sister by calling her out on the first episode?

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Well, Jill. You have to hand it to him. He was bringing the drama. I really think at the end of the day, that’s their job. Look at Tamra. Every season she will do whatever it takes to keep that Bravo paycheck. If you want to know how it’s done,…watch TamRAW!!! and take notes.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Yes, I believe that Joey really DOES think we believe this. He probably thinks the viewers are as DUMB as he is.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I know. I ALWAYS get “the warm and fuzzies” when I hear a family member of mine call me “garbage” and “a bitch”!! Those words just encourage and strengthen family BONDS!!

      Joey is F.O.S.!!!

  29. BB says:

    MTH. I skipped over the NJ blog (sorry Starrs) and read your Amazing Race recap. So yes, someone did see it and appreciate it! 😀

  30. WindyCityWondering says:

    IMO, all agendas lead back to money like Kim D said in her tweet. Caroline bankrolled the sludge water, her kids have now stepped away from that to open a restaurant – leaving Chris, the going bankrupt brother to push the black crap. Chris is now in Caroline’s pocket and interestingly enough not speaking with Dina just like his sister….$$$, plus his nasty wife doesn’t get along with Dina either. Caroline blew Dina off in favor of promoting her neer do well spawn….$$$ Caroline likely thought she could use the Guidice/Gorga/Wakile problems to get them all off the show – leaving her, her nasty children, her indebted brother and his crazy wife still standing. IMO, the Manzo/Laurita crew is just too toxic for the audience to accept. Bravo has to bust a move to save this franchise.

  31. NMhousewife (@KEGlovesNorway) says:

    Good morning. Thank the Lord Jersey is over!. It is only getting worse. Excellent recap of this mess by the way. you were brutally honest for all sides. What I took away from all this is Joey G and Theresa have an odd relationship I don’t even want to know about, Jac and Kim D are both vengeful people when they have been wronged, Caroline is delusional, Kathy is not as innoecent as she appears, and Melissa and Theresa while being alike in many ways (could be twings) hate each other and always will, and The 1 thing I have always known is that Juicy Joe is a disgusting dirtbag, a terrible liar, and I for one am sick of looking athis toad appearance.

    I have to go back up and read Amazing Race but wanted to mention my daughter and I were very excited about the ending of the race where the 2 teachers beat the blondies to the mat as my daughter really likes the short guy and was hoping their time was not over. I don’t think they will last much longer, but at least they have another week or so. FUnny how one bad cab ride can really mess you up (twins early in the episode and blonds at the end).

  32. Powell says:

    boston thks for posting JZs newsletter. I just read it. It seems she has a lot of good things going on personally and professionally. Why oh why would she want to come back to HWs? I don’t get that. From how I see the franchise the women want to be on so that they can of course show us how fab they live but they want to showcase their biz, their charity or start a biz. Even though she was fired(thank you NBC Entertainment) JZ was able to do all of what I have mentioned. But she wants back on. And yes JZ you would need a passport to travel by any mode of transport country to country. And what could she explain about the behind the scenes w/B? She’s still beating that dead horse and B doesn’t have JZ or any of their private or tv relationship on her radar. JZ wants the viewers to say “Ah. That’s why she did that to B. We understand. Andy we want JZ back”. Huh!! Not going to happen.

    • Eastbayca says:

      As B tweeted this morning…(don’t know if this is in reference to JZ but it applies)

      Bethenny Frankel ‏@Bethenny
      Does it ever amaze you what desperate people will do to stay relevant?

    • Eastbayca says:

      This one is good….
      PVS (she is here every now and then): The ego of @jillzarin is astounding. She thinks they picked @iamHeatherT to replace her? Honey, Heather is successful. You are NOT.

      Heather Thomson: its unsettling to think she thinks we have so much in common! #notgood

      • plainviewsue says:

        Yep. That was me 🙂 Loved that Heather responded to me. It also made another blog!!

        Every now and then?? I thought I was on more than that 😦

        I’m excited for the NY reunion. It will be like taking a nice warm bath after the stink that was NJ!

    • Rebecca says:

      I hate Jill Zarin.

  33. Lisa Renee says:

    Good morning to all, the comments from last night were hysterical. NMD thanks for the 411 on the tweets & all the juicy tid bits you post. Stars, that was a great write up & will contribute to your mental health vacation needs as well. You deserve combat pay 🙂
    MTH, since TAR has become FFN (phuckin family night) viewing I am enjoying reading your take & watching since I skipped last season to avoid anything Brenchal lol.
    Powell, you never returned my tape measure & every picture in my house is crooked! Detox, dammit girl can I get my drill back, I’m tired of using my kids head to make holes. I can’t find my table saw & the dogs teeth aren’t gonna cut it, I am sure PVS has it. Someone here has my sledge hammer, I’m thinking Boston since she knocks those pictures outta the park. Lainey Lainey I lent you my air gun & you still have it & I HAVE PROOF! I just can’t tell you who told me. If my stuff isn’t returned I am going to call Andy & out all of youse as strippers & dead beats. Disgrazia, you give out any more of my moms recipes “I’m gonna kick you till your dead” (moonstruck).
    On a serious note, I appreciate all the hard work from all the bloggers & commentors, Lisa

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Lisa, since you didn’t mention ME in this comment, I now know how Kathy felt when she was left out of the toast…..

      • Lisa Renee says:

        JnntJ, It wasn’t on purpose. i just felt like if I included you I would have to include Princess Pindy, RR, VV, BB & WCW. Sawrry (sorry in Tspeak) Lisa

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Thats ok…I didn’t really care until someone told me I should….

          • rabblerouser2010R says:


          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I, Detox, told Jill that she should listen to Detox and be very angry about being left out. What Detox says goes, and Jill, as a good soldier, oops, I mean friend, KNOWS this and ABIDES by it.

            In the above paragraph, I just pretended to be Caroline Manzo by constantly referring to myself in the 3rd person. I also did this by sounding like a crazy-ass CONTROL FREAK when it comes to my friends (and family).

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          No problem cause I don’t lend out my stuff to anyone! lol

        • princesspindy says:

          So it would have been a hardship to include me, I got you onto this blog, if it weren’t for me, you would have never been on the cover of US Weekly. I see how it is now, WE CAN NEVER BE FRIENDS!!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:


    • VV says:

      😆 😆 😆

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Your drill is in the mail, Lisa.

      I don’t know why you’re making such a big deal about it, though. Isn’t that what friends are SUPPOSED to do for friends?

      I’m like Joey Gorga, “Isn’t that what family is SUPPOSED to do for family?” in response to Joe Giudice reminding him of all the things he did for Joey. IMO, Joey and Melissa felt ENTITLED to be on RHONJ, and they also felt that it was TERESA’S JOB to see to it that they got on the show because “family is SUPPOSED” to do this (get you hired by their Employer.).

      I have several members that I LOVE, but I would NEVER even recommend SOME them for a job at a place where any of my friends work or even where I work because I would be screwing my friend or present Employer over — because I know some of them are LAZY and/or CRAZY and/or NOT QUALIFIED and/or will cause DRAMA for ME or my Employer!!

      That does NOT make me a BAD family member either. It makes me SMART, and it makes me loyal enough to a friend or to my present employer NOT to screw them over by recommending one of my family members with ONE or MORE of these types of problems. It also makes me SMART enough NOT to jeopardize MY job with my employer because of the drama this family member might cause for me in my workplace.

      Also, Lisa, I have taken your drill entirely apart, and I am mailing it back to you that way. As a FRIEND, you should NOT even be angry and/or resentful of this. Because FRIENDS should let these kinds of things just “go” when it comes to FRIENDS.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Hey Detox..come here…let me talk to you about Lisa (even though she is sitting right there)…she didn’t mean to call you out about the drill-shes a good person. She cares about you….(now its your turn to talk about Lisa-but speak up because the jets in this hot tub are loud)

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Jill & Detox, that is hysterical 🙂

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I know she’s a good person, Jill, but what more do you want me to do? I mean, I mailed her the damned drill back. But my MAILING the drill back was not a “good enough MAILING” for her. I guess she wanted me to FEDEX it instead of using the U.S. Postal Service. Because the U.S. Postal Service is going through a hard time economically due to the internet, I decided to help them out.

          Is that so bad? Why does Lisa not UNDERSTAND this?

          And, yes, I happened to walk outside of the post office where a reporter and camera man were waiting to do a story on the U.S. Postal Service. The reporter asked if I would be willing to do a story on still using the economically struggling Post Office. So, I agreed, and, somehow, I told them that I was there mailing Lisa Renee’s drill back.

          Can I HELP it if they decided to put MY picture next to the story instead of Lisa Renee’s because it was HER drill? No, I cannot. They asked me questions, and I simply answered them. I also like having my picture taken. Thats’ another reason I agreed to do the story.

          So, Lisa Renee cannot get over it. I don’t know what more she wants me to do. I heard she is not even getting along with her own sister. *Shrug*

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Detox-you know I never meant for this to happen. I just wanted you to see that you and Lisa could, maybe, get along. I didn’t mean to start trouble but you gotta understand-I’m old school…and I have nothing to add to any conversation so I just keep stirrin’ and stirrin’…and Im tired Detox…bone tired…speaking of boners…where is my husband? You know he is my alarm clock right…cause Im old school.

            • Lisa Renee says:

              Thats it, I am convinced……you BOTH want me! Hahahaha you guys are killing me today

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Your husband is OBSESSED with me, and those were NOT your MOTHER’S cookies, BITCH!!!

              • not THAT Jill says:

                You left your mother’s cookies unattended!!!

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  You wanna BE me!! I bet your cookbook will be all about ME!!

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    Its not a cookbook…its a DESSERT book…”Old School Desserts”-its not about you-its about my sister and she will cut your f*ck*ng tongue out…and maybe get locked up but she don’t care….shes old school-she believes in respect!!!

                    • Lisa Renee says:

                      So after all is said & done my take away from the whole season….When the blindman passes the fishmarket does he say Good Mroning Kathy???
                      Yes that joke is old & dry & comes with a side of water, Lisa

    • Stars99 says:

      Laffs so hard at Lisa Rene… thanks so much for your kind words… I think we ALL deserve combat pay for watching it or reading about it… = )

  34. Joysmiling says:

    Watching all parts of this reunion was painful. I honestly feel Teresa is extremely self centered. I really don’t get this infatuation with her anger about her family for wanting to be on the show. I think back when Teresa was showing off and spending money way beyond her means I am certain she is the Jersey show off type or the Italian Princess. ( I can say it Because I am an Italian Princess thats broke LOL) I can see Teresa walking around her family with the “look at me” look at all my designer “material” EXPENSIVE stuff i now have from being a star. I’m sorry I know her type she’s an Italian princess. She tried to impress us as viewers as she paid for items with CASH on the show. Do you remember that ridiculous list of household items from the pending bankrupcy? I remember reading somewhere that Teresa did not want her family filmed in with her in the show back in the Danielle days. It just makes me wonder about her. I honestly believe she became a big shot and treated all of her family like they were beneath her.Why? I always believe that you see a persons true colors when they suddenly have money or power by the way they treat people and I don’t mean fans. Fans don’t know these people its family and loved ones that do. I think it was the Christianing show that Joe and Melissa really lost it and probably out of frustration and hurt. It was a bad way to handle things but they put Teresa in the back just like she had always done to them at all the filming. Teresa is very aware of every move she makes and she is calculating and she has that Italian way about her because its all about HER. So what she became a star because she showed poor judgement and “FLIPPED” a table in a resturant and people love her. I would like her more if she wasn’t so phoney. Be real accept that you make mistakes we all do. I think she probably can be a sweet person but I think anyone that yells over comment has something to hide.
    I am full blooded Italian and My grandmother was like this very spiteful and very cunnning. The things she did would just blow me away the family was always divided. My father had 3 brothers and my Grandmother would play off each one every month. I can remember growing up the ongoing wars with my father and his brothers and their wives and of course my Grandmother. My mother didn’t take much shit so when the fighting happended as a kid the wars often took an emotional toll on me. My grandmother would use my younger siblings to get information which would infuriate my mother and get my siblings in trouble and they didn’t even know what they did. She was toxic. Strangely when my Grandmother passed my father and his brothers became very close I was finally able to connect with my paternal uncles and cousins. It was so sad to have not experienced that because of my Grandmother.

    I just see Teresa she doesn’t own up to anything she does and I’m sorry that I don’t feel that it was a problem for Melissa to want to be on the show. In my opinion with todays economy if I had the opportunity to make some money to support my family who wouldn’t . Its apparent that JoGor has some financial issues too. Let’s face it all of America does. If Caroline and Dina and Jacqueline could do it why couldn’t Melissa. Why would Teresa begrudge her family an opportunity to make some money, Why because she is selfish and self centered.Why not just reach out and say lets make this tolerable and not ugly. But its that jealousy. Just my opinion. My sisters love me enough to know there is enough for all of us to share in the wealth. Life is about compromise and forgiveness and family. The best advice my “other” grandmother gave me was that my best friends in life would be my siblings of course I didn’t believe her then but now she was so right. They are my only friends I don’t know what I would do without them. They are always there for me. We are all different and accept each other and always forgive each other.
    I’m sorry this is so long, I have never posted but have been reading for years. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my point of view. I will sign of with one final thought and that is FORGIVENESS.It is a shame to see these families wasting precious time with petty jealousies. The sad part is that they can’t get back all this time they are wasting.
    Thanks for listening.

    • Sasha says:

      Joy, I agree with what you said and it wasn’t that long a read.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Joy, that must have felt good. That was a great post, not to long, very interesting. This family conflict has struck a chord with you & you have your reasons. This was the first time my kid skipped NJ because it was too dark & she felt our family is in a dark ugly place & hit her to close to home. I tried to get her to watch Ashley & the airport because it took her 2 days to get on the plane & will never get old, but she wouldn’t bite lol. To me that post was about you & then about how you see some one. That person is T & I can respect your point of view. I think we can all agree that it is sad. I had alot of 1st cousins, those children are the true losers. Lisa

  35. djprincessc says:

    The way Jaq looked SO happy with that nasty smile every time Teresa would try and talk was gross. She would just sit there stare and smile at Teresa. Talk about obsessed! Its creepy. And Jaq made a couple faces last night and she looked JUST like Ashley. I don’t even care if Melissa and Caroline stay on the show, as long as Jaq is GONE!!!!! Oh ya and Kathy too.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jac’s facial expressions and bored teenage antics were creepier than anything I saw of Walking Dead last night….Chris better be sleeping with one eye open!

  36. Kat from Ohio says:

    joe giudice was the voice of reason last night. he even knows how to control tre. surprised the manzo boys weren’t brought on at any point. hope they’re gone next season, but i guess they need the show to get laid err i mean for exposure for their daddy-funded businesses.

    will be interesting to see if tre’s vow renewal will be on the lost footage. I bet that bravo told her that would be the season finale, all the while plotting the posche fashion show.

    • NMhousewife (@KEGlovesNorway) says:

      While I respectfully disagree with Joe Guidice being the voice of reason, to me he seemed the voice of a thug…I was interested in this vow renewal thing. I remember hearing about it and seeing pictures in some mag or something, but then it never came about. Why would Bravo pay and film that and not use it? Is there really going to be a lost footage episode? Ugg.

      • melthehound says:

        Well, voice of reason in his who gives a shit about these people, the show, and the drama attitude.

  37. stellastars21 says:

    Haven’t read the comments yet but I wanted to say Detox, I read your stories yesterday and they are very interesting and you should indeed right a book. My family has many stories but not the same as your kind of stories. My family is really scandalous and in fact my mom doesn’t even tell me about some of them. She’s often told me I should write a book (although she qualifies that with since I’m crazy I should be able to come up with some wild stories that people would read lol) so I asked her if I wrote a Roman a clef would she tell me ALL the family deep dark secrets so I could put them in the book and she agreed. Since she is talking to me more I need to get cracking on that cause I’ve been trying to think of a good way to start it. The introduction in a book has to be interesting so I’ve put a lot of time into thinking about how to grab the readers attention even if only my friends read it lol. I also should get all her recipes since she’s a great cook and if she decides in the future to be done with me I can still enjoy her food lol :-).

    Here’s a comment my mom made last night. Keep in mind that my mom hasn’t seen all the rest of the seasons and she doesn’t know what happens on twitter and everything (also my mom always says she can read people and I usually roll my eyes when she’s trying to tell me some friend is a loser, but maybe I should listen to her more based on the fact that they do turn out to be a loser and the following comment)

    (As she sees Jacqueline looking at her hair and pretending to yawn) Stella’s mom: Someone needs to talk to that girl before people start thinking she’s crazy.

    Stella: Too late.

    Also I have a question since insiders claimed Lauren held up flash cards at the reunion and that doesn’t seem to have happened and we saw her ask Teresa how to spell a word, does that mean all the other insider stuff is not true either? I’m so glad this season is over. I was totally over them which is why I ranted about them some weeks ago but I decided to finish the reunion just to have the closer I guess but it was so much easier to watch not getting upset about it cause I just don’t care anymore.

    Have a great day everyone. 🙂

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO – they taped a lot of hours and edited it down – insiders probably saw many things (like flash cards) that did not make the final cuts. What Bravo couldn’t entirely edit around was Jac going off show constantly – so they let her sink her crazy ass with her juvenile outbursts.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Your mom sounds like a hoot.
      About actual ‘flash cards’ not being used by Lauren, I would give it a pass. I think ‘flash cards’ was probably just a figure of speech and the point was Lauren quizzed her on the meaning of words.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hey Stella, (*Waving*)

      I’m so glad you and your Mom are speaking again. You see. I told you it work itself out with time. 😀

      If I did write a book, I’d have to get an advance that would allow me to focus on the book as my ONLY job because there are a LOT of stories. And, trust me, there are pretty SCANDALOUS stories in my family too. So, do NOT feel alone (I even told one last night about my BSC Aunt!).

      For instance, there’s the one about 2 very beautiful women in my family who decided they wanted to be independent and earn their OWN money in the 1930’s or 1940’s [I forget]. They could not do it in Louisiana.

      So, they moved up to New York and started their own brothel (although they called them “cathouses” back then) that made them VERY wealthy. They also married very wealthy men and retired from being Madames. My paternal grandmother said that they would always come back to visit for Christmas in a luxury car, with a driver, dressed to the nines, looking absolutely beautiful and loaded down with tons of presents for everybody!

      Then there is another one about a very handsome man in my family who, according to older relatives, looked like “a movie star.” All I know is that his name was Ray Allen (I don’t remember his last name because it’s different from mine. My Dad’s not here right now to give me his last name.).

      He was a great charmer and womanizer. He was also a hellraiser. He also did something that got him put in prison for a time. He’d always fought in the streets before for one thing or another. Well, apparently, he got noticed for winning fights in prison, and they placed him in that particular prison’s boxing program. He was allegedly so good that a manager, who’d been told about him and went to see some of his fights, decided to represent him once he got out of prison. This manager felt he was good enough to be put up against a fighter by the name of Cassius Clay (now known as Muhammad Ali).

      I don’t remember how, but he ended up dying shortly after he got out of prison, so he never got to fight him. My grandmother said there were ALL of these beautiful woman (Black, White, Latina) who came to the funeral just WEEPING and LOSING THEIR MINDS over his casket because they all claimed to be “his ONE TRUE LOVE.”

      So, I guess he was a fighter AND a LOVER!!

      Oh yeah, this is the last one for today, but it’s not about a family member. It’s about someone who has roots in the same Black/Creole community where my Dad grew up. My Dad loves JUKE JOINTS. He loves JUKE JOINTS THAT SERVE FOOD even MORE. So, one day, he is at this juke joint in a little-bitty Louisiana town called “Lawtell.”

      While waiting for his pork chop sandwich (Yes, my Father LOVES pork chop sandwiches), he noticed pictures on the wall. He said that it looked like Smokey Robinson was in a few of them. He said he yelled at the hairnetted lady who was preparing his food near some kind of indoor “window/open area,” “Hey, that man on some of those pictures SURE does look like Smokey Robinson!!” She said, “That’s because it IS Smokey. Smokey’s people are originally from down here, but, years ago, his family moved to Detroit. He still comes back to see his people out here when he can, though.” Who knew? I didn’t until my Dad told me about it.

      I would also have to write a book about my family under a pseudonym for the following reasons: 1) I would not want to OUT my family members that decided to “pass” into the White world (I’m sure it would be very upsetting to them and, possibly, to their children and grandchildren); and 2) My parents would want to kick my a*s for being disloyal to family for telling all of the family secrets and airing any dirty laundry (although if the CHECK is big enough, my FATHER would say, “Awww, Hell!! Just go on and write the damned book. Who gives a sh*t? Who cares? That’s your damned business if you want to do it.” Then my Mom would argue furiously with him over it. She would threaten to divorce him. He would fear losing “HALF,” and he would then side with my Mom and tell me to keep my damned mouth SHUT before I “slept with the fishes”!!).

      Because of the above-listed reasons, I would probably also have to do any interviews with a modified voice, a wig, and in complete and total darkness where my face is not seen.

      If the money is right, I think I could live with all of that, though – particularly since I am a VERY private person. 😉

      It sounds like YOU, should, indeed, write a book TOO! I’d pay to read it. 😀

      • stellastars21 says:

        Wow those are more good stories. Thanks for sharing. Part of the reason I’d write it as a roman a clef is because my family would kill me (literally) for outing their secrets although they’d probably figure it out so I should not use my real name either. Not to mention that they would be hounding me for money. I remember when I first graduated college and got a “real” job one of my uncles tells me that I should remember I’m his favorite niece (yeah right) and I need to slide him some money since I’m working and all. And that was just a job that barely paid. Imagine if I hit it big lol.

        My mom told me once about a friend of my grandmother who when they moved to Hawaii stopped being my grandma’s friend cause she decided she could “pass” for white and I guess since my grandma was black it wouldn’t fit her new lifestyle. Did you see that “Law & Order” episode years ago where a white lady killed her husband’s pregnant mistress because her husband had “passed” for white (his wife found out) and they had a son and she couldn’t risk the mistress’ baby coming out dark and all the ridicule she thought it would bring on her son?

        Speaking of brothels, I recently found out that one of my aunts started one a few decades ago and a certain celebrity and his long-time girlfriend were returning customers when they were in the islands because they liked to add people to their fun.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


          It sounds like you come from a family of MIXED FRUITS AND NUTS just like I do!! This can be TRYING, but, in hindsight, or if we sometimes step back to get a little perspective, it can also be HILARIOUS.

          I mean, even my crazy Aunt who stole one of my good friend’s prescription meds when I brought my aunt to my good friend’s home to introduce her to my good friend (This was before I KNEW for sure that my Aunt was batshit!!) and who also stole some of my Mom’s prescription painkillers after one of her surgeries can provide me with a LOT of laughs if I REALLY think about how CRAZY the stories sound!

          I mean, when my parents scream, “Clean out the Medicine Cabinets and put all of our medications in the safe because Aunt Detox [Well, my Dad will say, ‘that CRAZY bitch’ if he is outside of my Mom’s hearing range] is coming over!!”, and you tell the story to people…it IS kinda funny (Sad…but FUNNY).

          With all of the similarities in our families, Stella, you might just be the SISTER I never was LUCKY enough to have. 😀

          I hope our “BOOKS” make it on the NY Times Best Seller’s Lists so our family and friends can start hating on us when we get interviews and magazine covers. 😉

          P.S.: I did NOT see that “Law & Order” episode, but it sounds like a damned good one!! I hope I can catch it during the 157 times an episode of “Law & Order” plays on my television.

  38. Orson says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention, maybe Bravo learned their lesson about taping back to back seasons, incredibly “creative” editing, confused timelines, and biased producers. But the sad thing is, the only thing they probably learned was more shouting = better ratings.

  39. shamrockblonde says:

    oh good….. she hasn’t noticed the missing hammer and blowtorch…… *tiptoes away*

    thanks Stars99 – you deserve combat pay for having to sit through the entire spectacle – what a horrid thing to do to your family –

    Mel!!! – really starting to like the Chippendale’s guys – they seem really nice – still liking the rockers too – the blondes were getting on my nerves – watching her screech at the guy over the price of a ride – she is in their country, and they do not speak english – way to represent Americans – thanks blondie!!! – and I am a blonde!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh I’m so glad someone said something about this, they were so damned rude…buh bye blonde beeetches!!! Take your bony butts back where you came from. Their parting words…”we are so much better than the team that is left”…you just keep telling your loser selves that as you get your pugnacious peroxided patooties off of my t.v.

      • NMhousewife (@KEGlovesNorway) says:

        Well if you think about it, they probably were better than the sub-teachers, but that’s the nice thing about races like this, a lucky break will get you far. But Glad they left as they annoyed the heck out of me and were I thought rude on the mat as well. usually if another team is on the mat at the same time, there is some kind of general congratulating, patting on the back, hugging, whatever, and they wouldn’t even make eye contact with the sub-teachers and had such nasty looks on their faces.

        • trudie says:

          I am hoping that the substitute teachers and the monster truckers are the next teams eliminated. I don’t care what the order of their departure is, I just want them gone.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          nmh -If they were better, they’d still be on THE AMAZING RACE. Though I admit, I tend to be very black and white with my thinking at times. Stubborn, too. My message to them the little darlings who say they are so much better and who think it’s ok to yell at people just because they don’t speak English: You lost, now leave.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hey Shamrock, tip toe alls youse wants…..I am getting PROOF! You will never know who gave you up mwhahahaha, Gotta go tweet it’s been 4 minutes, Lisa

    • melthehound says:

      I have to admit that I’m kind of liking the Chippendales as well. Not for what they do of course but I like their general attitude in this game/race. I think they went into it with the right mindset. Free trip around the world and win some money. Have fun with it.

    • Stars99 says:

      Thanks, Shamrock – We ALL deserve combat pay… and you’re right… what’s worse is that this happened within the confines of family and people who have been friends for years – unlike most of the other franchises where only one or two of the women were actual friends before the show… yikes!

  40. Brigid says:

    Hi gang! *waves* I’ve been missing Lynn something awful what with RHWBH right around the corner. I’m glad Jersey is over cuz I always feel in the minority when I read the comments. LOL. 🙂

  41. AZGirl says:

    Bringing this over from the chat blog. Must be the time difference. I always posts right before the new blog goes up. 🙂

    Last night was crazy. I have watched Jac go down crazy lane over the past 2 seasons but last night she was really disturbing to watch. Her reaction when Joe answered Andy’s questions was just childish and rude. Chris had to keep touching her shoulder and get her to calm down. She was all over the place high and really sad to watch. Poor Chris.

    Juicy was really funny last night. The crack to Joey about paying his bills and then looking at his watch wanting to just get out of there.

    Richie is disgusting. Word.

    Melissa confirmed last night that she is the reason Teresa and her brother do not get along. How sad is that. Teresa said that they were close up until he got “a wife”. Melissa was smiling. Joey is so insecure that he is just blinded by his wife. Mel will dump Joey when the money runs out and Teresa will have her brother back.

    • princesspindy says:


      • Lisa Renee says:

        Word to tha Mutha!! Ritchie is vile & Crack-A-Jacq needs a Brittany Spears conservator ASAP, Lisa

        • princesspindy says:

          When Kathy said “It’s my alarm clock or wake up call, w/e, I just about puked!!”

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Oh Princess, as a woman with the same man for almost 15 years I call BS!!! I bet Kath is outta bed & makin eggs way before her alarm clock goes off. I would have died happy not having that detail along with the crack from Medusa saying T sniffed the thong. Even melissa can see that brother/sister relationship is a hair off. They really do not have a clue what they expose when taking a dig at someone is more important. Lisa

          • Stars99 says:

            omg… I just about died…

    • NMhousewife (@KEGlovesNorway) says:

      Chris really needs to insist that Jac not do the show next season. Your right she was disturbed as well as disturbing to watch. I also hope Bravo gives a little rest before any more filming. Actually I hope that Bravo does a general cleaning of house and gets rid of all of them except maybe Guidices and add Pete Guidice family, and it is NOT because I am a rabid fan of Teresa who thinks she is a victim in all this. I would rather just laugh at the idiotic things they would do.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I want to laugh again when it comes to Jersey too, NM!! I’m so tired of the darkness and ugliness!

      • PJ says:

        Chris seems nice but really delusional when it comes to his wife. She needs help and he seems not to see it.

  42. princesspindy says:

    Stars, great recap. Now I don’t have to watch it again. My fav once again, not ashamed to admit it was Juicy, he just cracks me up. I guess because I was raised with manners and to be aware of social propriety and graces, he just is so funny. I love to watch people that just don’t give a phuck about what other people think. I try but I still care, lol. They all have reason to lie or distort the truth. It reminds me of a couple of Bible verses,
    “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”
    “There is none worthy, not one.”
    And that sums it up for me.

    MTH – Great job. I was flipping channels with TAR and Long Island Medium and I think from now on that is how I am going to watch. When I was reading your blog I could picture what you were talking about without having to watch the whole show. It is hard for me to keep track of what is going on, just watching between commercials. So now I don’t have to worry about it and just let you do all the hard work, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

    NJ is off my list
    Atl, I didn’t watch last time
    Miami, didn’t watch last time, not really watching much this time, can live without
    NY, on the fence, need new casting, if Shrill comes back, I’m out
    BH, looking forward to it
    OC, disgusting, or as my Greek YaYa would say, “Desgust”

    In my humble opinion, RHWs is jumping the shark. I know for some of you the shark is safely in the water on the other side of Fonzie. I can still see the tail of shark sticking out of the water for BH and that’s about all….

    • melthehound says:

      Glad you enjoy them Princesspindy 😀

    • Stars99 says:

      Lol, Tiara… thanks! It was really, really CLEAR tht Joe Gui could really not have cared less about anything or anyone… it was really funny… I’ll bet it wasn’t too funny to Bravo… one of my fav Mel lines was when she called him “Karma.” I just can’t believe Tre did ANYTHING to deserve THAT kinda Karma… lol

  43. AZGirl says:

    This is from TEB twitter account. It is summary of what went down with Jill’s fake twitter account frostedyummies. Long post but worth the read.

    My crazy weekend by TEB2350

    I got a call on Friday that piqued my interest (and it seems many of yours, too!). The person told me that Jill Zarin had some fake twitter accounts and to go check out @frostedyummies timeline. I read through it and was immediately convinced it was indeed Jill Zarin who was tweeting those awful remarks (you should go take a look at their TL! They write horrid stuff about Bethenny and the new NYC ladies Carole, Aviva and Heather). It was then confirmed that it was Jill by an insider.

    @FrostedYummies wrote things like “@Bethenny will you tell your wart faced daughter you destroyed a woman to succeed” and “@Bethenny SCAMMER FRAUD LIAR WHORE Even your mother says so. Evil girl you owe @JillZarin apologies”

    Let’s not forget when FrostedYummies wrote “@CaroleRadziwill welcome to HWs BITCH better not hear your death BOO HOOing all season” and “@YummieTummies Looks like a BORE FEST with this Bitch @BravoAndy.” Not exactly the kindest of things to say.

    Even Lynn Hudson was not spared by this account. FrostedYummies wrote “OMG! LMFAO @bethenny dumped @LynnnChicago” and “@Zill_Jarin Go kiss Lynn’s big fat butt and get some attention. Sounds like you need it”

    So, @BlckdbyJillZarin and I decided to have a little fun with this new information and we started to retweet all the vile tweets by FrostedYummies and tell everyone about Jill’s dirty little twitter secret. It sparked a lot of conversation over the weekend. Poor BlckdbyJillZarin was at a wedding and I’m sure her phone was blowing up the whole time.

    Jill must have been scrambling in the background trying to figure out what to do. She was completely busted by us and we received confirmation from that insider. There was no denying this was Jill. Her first response was to try and attack me by saying “Hi TEB, I heard Ramona put you in your place,” referring to the night I went to all three premiere parties. (Ramona initially didn’t want to take a photo with me because she was not in front of the step and repeat with her wine logo but then said OK- it’s the picture Lynn Hudson posted back in June.) I found Jill’s comment to me hilarious because when I was at LuAnn’s party, I watched a room full of 50 people ignore and mock Jill and Bobby when they crashed the event. As Cat Ommaney would say “Not Fucking Invited!” Jill’s Gay Husband Brad didn’t even get up to say hello! LuAnn was overheard telling the photographer not to take any photos of Jill. When I called out the FrostedYummies account on these facts Jill decided to tweet me from her own account.

    @JillZarin wrote to me “@TEB2350 Who r u? Where r u? Be transparent if u want people to listen” She wants ME to be transparent??? Fascinating coming from a woman writing hate tweets from a fake account. Did she really think I was going to offer up my name and address? Good Grief! This woman has clearly lost her mind.

    Jill then proceeded to tell me “Last warning to stop bullying. I only have one acct” Jillzy, Jillzy- this is sad. The only thing I did was tell my twitter people the truth about Jill being @FrostedYummies. How in the world is that being a bully? Just because Jill is hurt and embarrassed because her dirty little secret is out does not mean you have been bullied. You’re belittling true bullying that causes young people to commit suicide. GET OVER YOURSELF!

    I found it interesting that she only had a few people come to her rescue after putting me on blast. With over 500,000 followers she calls “fans” and only 4-6 people came to stand up for her. Intriguing to say the least. I wonder if it’s because most of her followers are bought and not real. What else could be the answer? I have 1000 followers and I had a TON of people tweeting against Jill. Let’s do the math on that one…..

    Just this morning I received a cryptic message from @FrostedYummies that said: “Just read an interesting DM regarding my girl @teb2350 Well well well Thx Paul” This is so reminiscent of Susan Saunders and AmazonGate. What did she find out? That I have two dogs and she is going to threaten them? I have no idea who this Paul person is and I’m confident she is making the whole thing up. It’s just amazing to me what a one-trick pony she is.

    Listen Jill (and listen well!). You were FIRED. Nobody likes you very much. You don’t have much of a fan base because you are a mean person. Your best bet is to go away. People will forget about you and you will not be hated as much. You are going to self-destruct if you keep this up. Just GO away.

    You’re Welcome.

  44. NMhousewife (@KEGlovesNorway) says:

    Just finished the AR recap and thought it was great. I totally missed the fact that Texas girl Alexis kept her her back pack on. Also I really like the idea of the anonymous u-turn because too many feelings were getting hurt the original way which is annoying. It is a game after all, which some of them still after 20-some seasons don’t get. I was also grossed out by the Lion’s head thingy and probably woyuld have chosen the egg eating one. For one thing, you actually have to put your mouth on something in the head?!. At least with the egg, it is cooked. Also although they had to find the ingredients for the egg cooking, they would still have an energy reserve for that last run towards the mat, not so after hauling 40 pounds for a time. Anyway, one last thought, I’m glad the blonds are gone, as even though it was still early days, I always thought of them as grumblers. I always get a laugh out of people who are annoyed that English is not the 1st language in foreign countries and try speaking loudly and slowly to communicate. Even though as I mentioned upthread we were happy the sub-teachers got tot he mat, I don’t think they will do wel for long as they seem to overthink things and also I’ve noticed the tall guy talks down to the little guy a bit (not just in the literal sense either) which I don’t care for. Anyway, thanks for the recap.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Everybody left the office, so I finally got to read MTH’s TAR blog/recap. Very good, MTH!!

      It is so hard to keep up with this show…never a dull moment! I was so proud of Lexi and Tray; so far they have managed to not embarrass the great State of Texas. I did notice how she kept her backpack on, as a preK teacher, I kept thinking, look at Lexi, she looks like Dora the Explorer!

      I did notice what she said about U-turning her competition – hey, she’s learning how to play to win. I also noticed that the twins called out to them (Texas) when they were running the wrong way in the beginning and then when it was time to get a cab, Lexi and Trey took off on their own without a care for the twins. The twins need to stop being so helpful, I think. Lexi and Trey are doing it right. What did Lex say? “they think we’re a bunch of hillbillies….” They ARE NOT HILLBILLIES. It is such a treat watching them doing so well. I hope they can keep it up and win big!! 🙂

      • melthehound says:

        It’s probably best for them (Texas) to let everyone think they are ‘hillbillies’. I know I would. I’m enjoying them on the show as well. Perhaps due in part to, our local blog connection to them 😉

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Yeah, you’re probably right. Best to be underestimated at this point.

          Lexi said it in a playful way, anyway (i’m the one who turned it kinda catty [surprise!!])… she is smart enough to know that it’s a good thing to have those twins looking our for them, no matter the reason. 🙂

          I’m glad you’re enjoying it, too! My daughter knows knows her, I’ve only met her. LaineyDaughter was at ACL (Austin City Limits – with you being a musician, I think might have heard of the ACL fest) on Sunday and I missed watching it with her, but I saved it! She got to see a ton of bands – including the Lumineers and Red Hot Chili Peppers! here’s the line-up lots of bands I’ve never heard of but maybe you have…

    • melthehound says:

      I think Will is probably very high strung and gets stressed a little too easy (remember last week the man couldn’t knot a balloon to save his own life). The two probably know each other quite well and it may just be Gary’s way of talking him down (not talking down to him). Just a theory on my part.

      The Blondes didn’t play very well from the get go. One of their last shining moments besides the wrong way driver is they failed to notice, that Both U Turns had already been used and said they choose not to U Turn anyone. Colossal mistake IMO because if one was available, I most definitely would have used it. Part of me now wonders if the cart driver went the wrong way on purpose with the two of them screeching in his ear.

  45. AZGirl says:

    Here is a link to TEB’s summary of what went down on JZ fake twitter account. I hope the link works.

    • AZGirl says:

      Yea! the link works! the post went up about 45 minutes ago and it is a MUST READ. It gives all the details of what Jill is doing on her fake twitter accounts and IT IS DISTURBING

    • Eastbayca says:

      She’s picking up where she left. All those months being dormant, is about to produce cray cray of epic proportions.

    • thanks AZGirl, TEB is outstanding for shedding the light of truth on JZ and her fake account. And brave!

      • TEB2350 says:

        Thats sweet! @BlckdbyJillZarin was the one who got the details about it being a fake account of Jill’s. She knew I was mischievious enough to help her out in spreading the word. 🙂

    • TEB2350 says:

      Thanks for posting! I sent it to NoMoreDrama so she could post in in the blog tomorrow if she wanted.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Thanks AZ Girl & TEB, what a hot hysterical mess. TEB I follow you on twitter, youse funny gurl. AZ girl, you are right this was a must read, thanks for the link! Just want to give shoutout to whoever is @blkedbyJZ, I remember when you started this account…..thanks for being you & being a constant thorn in Zill’s side. You never miss an opportunity to bust her balls & while that may make me a bitch, I enjoy it. Lisa

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Lisa-I didnt know you were on twitter!!

          • Lisa Renee says:

            JnntJ, yes I am! I was the one who skooled my kid & her friends about what they were missing. They loved it, I am not on FB, they don’t get it. I don’t tweet alot, I read more. JZ was the first & only person I ever unfollowed, was not gonna get blocked by her ass. I called her out for her 25 yr old tired ass Donna Karen cold shoulder bodysuit & unfollowed as soon as I sent it Season 1 lol. I am @MADRE2425 if you want to follow. I just found PP & am waiting for super secret handshake/password so I can follow Powell. Also, Plainviewsue is a total twitter rock star, Lisa

            • not THAT Jill says:

              You wont believe this but I already follow you!!! I just didnt know it was YOU!! And you follow me Im @shillanna…how funny!!!

              • Lisa Renee says:

                And I didn’t know it was you! Thats about right for my life. So its old news to you that there is something wrong with me on so many levels hahaha. Best part of the day….Closet Freak replied to my tweet. Luv me sum twitter 🙂

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  And I love me some Closet Freak…she is so damn funny!!!

                  • Lisa Renee says:

                    OMG, those eyes on that baby child in your avi!!! Only God can make that color. I have blue eyes, hubs too & the kid is “that your real eye color” spectacular. Those baby blues are like nothing I have ever seen. How amazing it must be to look in them every day, Lisa

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                So glad I saw this post, I am now following the both of you xo

      • AZGirl says:

        Well done TEB. Redhead beast has no idea who she is messing with. After tonight Bawby will have to buy a place to live in Europe.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Ooh, Thanks, TEB!

        I can’t wait to read the blog tomorrow if NMD puts them in. If not, I’ll just come back to this blog and look at the link!

  46. boston02127 says:

    Great blogs guys…..thanks!

    I don’t know what came over me at 10:00 last night. As soon as the reunion started, I thought to myself “i’m not watching this crap” and shut off the TV.

    Now they’re saying Joe was a stripper too! Ha ha & eww. I’m guessing that there are some STD’s floating around the Gorga house.

  47. princesspindy says:

    I thought it was disgusting when Melissa said that Tre found Joe Gorga’s thong
    “She probably sniffed it.” That is so wrong, on so many levels.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      PP-Jac said that not Melissa…Melissa laughed but Jac showed such immaturity by saying it a giggling like a teen ager

      • melthehound says:

        I was wondering if anyone else caught what that Tuesday said. Didn’t want to bring it up so I’m glad someone did.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I could’ve sworn Melissa said it. Well, if it was Jac, I still think the same thing: lowdown, disgusting and “B*TCH!!”

        • melthehound says:

          I watched it several times to see whose mouth was moving. She isn’t as slick as she thinks she is. She really ought to take a lesson from her handler, MeGo and puppetmaster, Momz, if she wants to do those little under the breath comments like that.

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Dang, good catch….no less vile but at least it wasn’t his wife treating her SIL like “the mistress”. I will leave it at that, Lisa

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I watched it again to make sure and it was def. Jac…she tilted her head and said to melissa

      • PJ says:

        I couldn’t figure out who said that. Jac is really an idiot.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I thought that was LOWDOWN and DISGUSTING also. After I thought that, I then screamed at my t.v., “B*TCH!!!”

    • Stars99 says:

      Yeah… there were a couple of comments that were made that I just couldn’t bring myself to mention in the blog… disgusted me… I mean even I have a line that I won’t cross..

  48. dickens says:

    Was anyone else as disgusted as I was with Richie and his erection talk?

    Also, Dina has 10 siblings. She needs to do the math herself.

  49. WindyCityWondering says:

    No way do I believe that Joey Gorga was ever a Chippendale stripper! When he said that I flashed on the old SNL skit with Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley.

    • melthehound says:

      That SNL skit was hilarious. I didn’t make the connection myself though.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I LOVED that skit. I actually watched it in real time when it first happened on SNL. I haven’t watched SNL in ages.

    • princesspindy says:

      I thought the same thing, that he just wanted the attention and to take the heat off his wife. He’s too short.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I think thats true Pindy…how convenient that it just came out at the reunion that he was a stripper…

      • melthehound says:

        The Chippers who are on TAR are 6’4 they say.. JoGo has to where platform shoes and stand on his toes to reach the lions finger to ride the big roller coasters at the theme parks. I can’t say I pay any attention to them but I get the feeling that the dancers on the Chippendales look more like James and Jaymes than Poison Tarzan Marco.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          SO FUNNY, mth!!! visualizing those platform shoes and then him on the tip toes of the platforms…that is quite a feat!!!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Did he say he was a chippendale’s guy? I didn’t watch so I don’t know. Or did he say he was “like” a chippendale’s dancer? He is so teeny, that couldn’t have been nice to look at. Shield your eyes, ladies here comes…our special feature…Lusty MANGOAT. Watch him prance, isn’t he baaaaaaaad? This little centaur comes straight out of New Jersey!!!! Put your hands together, ladies,…or shield your eyes… we don’t care!

        • melthehound says:

          I believe he actually said it. Maybe he was a male stripper but, Chippendales, I doubt it. Maybe that’s just the image most have when discussing ‘male strippers’.

        • trudie says:

          Just watched it again – Andy said he heard JoeGo was a stripper of the “Chippendale variety.”

      • I REALLY doubt JoGo was a real Chippendale dancer. Maybe a rip-off dancer with the Chizzendales or something. What a bunch of bullsh*t, but that pretty much sums up RHONJ, they’re all a bunch of bullsh*tters.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I also think Joey would be too short to be a “Chippendale’s dancer”. The ones I’ve seen usually have good height on them. I’ve never seen one that could be called, to use Joe Giudice’s word, “a fidget” (Joe Giudice is a fidget himself, though. I think he’s only 1 inch taller than Joey).

    • VV says:

      LOL, I don’t believe that either. I think he’s saying that to downplay and deviate the stripper conversation.
      If he was, it was probably on the midget version of Chippendale (Sorry, if I offended any little people)

      • LaineyLainey says:

        He might have even danced to Chipmunk music: picture it.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I’m only 5 feet tall, and you did NOT offend ME!

        • Nancy says:

          Hi Detox,
          What are you up to today? Have you seen the show called Dallas DNA?

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Hi Nancy,

            I just had to send in some documents to one of LA’s Appellate Courts via E-mail. Other than helping my Mom around the house, reading other blogs and commenting on this one — not much is up with me today. I’ve got to watch BBW-L.A. at 7 to do the recap. So, I will just be checking in and out of the blog tonight.

            What have YOU been up to today? No, I’ve never seen “Dallas DNA”. On what network/channel is it shown?

            • Nancy says:

              Hi Detox,
              Well I hope you are feeling better today. Pain has a way of telling us to take it easy. 🙂
              Dallas DNA is on the OWN network #279. The DA and some other lawyers are testing NDA if they feel the prisoner is actually innocent. Sometimes they have a great outcome
              and at times they don’t but it’s really worth checking it out. What I don’t get is this…IF the condemned are willing to pay for the forensic testing why do they need the courts approval? Of course I already know the answer to that but I find it very disturbing.

  50. Brigid Ashwood says:

    Okay so just to clarify my feelings. Um – I was just on the Lynn group on Facebook and people were voicing opinions about this new blog by NMD and getting kind of intense. It made me realize that my earlier comment about missing Lynn and feeling in the minority of opinion with Jersey – well I hope my comment wasn’t misunderstood. I think you are Fab NMD and I appreciate this space you made for everyone. I miss Lynn, for her, not because I’m comparing you two. You are doing a great job. And I always feel in the minority when Jersey is on because I have very different impressions of everyone than a lot of the posters here. But in no way do I feel like anyone’s opinion doesn’t matter. We are all entitled to our opinions, I just feel lonely with mine sometimes! LOL Anyhow, maybe I’m being overcautious. It’s just that things are exploding a bit over there on that Facebook group and I don’t get it, and I don’t want my comment misunderstood in ANY WAY. You rock NMD!

  51. Sam says:

    Regarding whether JoGo could have been a Chippendales dancer, here are the requirements under the “Audition” section of their website: “Looking for males at least 5’10”, well toned, charismatic, strong stage presence, ability to dance and/or pick up choreograph, and like working in a social environment.”

    Nuff said!

  52. Lulu says:

    Powell and other’s who watched Walking dead last night. Did you try to enter the sweepstakes? I tried and couldn’t get through. I guess their server was down all night. Kinda horrible of them to not extend it due to their negligence. Other than that it was interesting. I don’t like that Lori is pregnant it just won’t end well. Why did they include children in this series?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I like the kids in it, Lulu. Carl’s growing up. The baby bonds everyone in a way. But since they are all wonders if it will be normal?

      • Lulu says:

        Carl has me on edge and now I’m terrified for the baby! What can I say I have mommy brain.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          And a mommy heart!! I love it!!! It’s hard not to get invested in this show…lots of different angles for us.

    • Sam says:

      Lulu, my daughter tried but couldn’t get through either. But did you see the ad for the Zombie Run? My daughter is doing that! It’s this Sunday in Southern California — and the commercial made her really, really nervous. It looks way more intense and physical than she thought it would be! (But she’s only 26 and fit, so I’m sure she’ll be okay. I just told her to be sure she has good running shoes on — and that if it starts getting too rough, all she has to do is ‘die’ so she can turn zombie and become a chaser instead of a chasee.)

      • Lulu says:

        Good for her!!! I saw that it looks exciting!!! She’ll have lots of fun! 😉
        IMO it’s best the be the pursuer then the pursue in case of zombies!

    • Last night was intense! you know that baby is going to be a zombie, because Shane (the father) was infected and so is Lori, they are all infected! Then Herschel getting his leg bitten & Rick hacking it off…wow. I’m writing the re-cap but so much happened. Awesome episode.

  53. LaineyLainey says:

    Hey everyone, Pro-Mel or Anti-Mel or the WGIVESAPHCK people….there’s a poll at, can Melissa sing?,,20502274,00.html

  54. Pghemtchick says:

    Adrienne abused? Bernie the chef says so…here are the tweets about it and one has a link to the photos Bernie posted on FB. I don’t know if I can believe it, but at least Paul can defend himself.

    @rawveggies: Chef Bernie on #RHoBH is allegedly posting photos of Adrienne Maloof’s “abuse” on Facebook.
    Then a follower replied w/ after someone asked for the link.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Bernie is the Kim D of Beverly Hills…

    • not THAT Jill says:

      How have you been Pchick?

      • Pghemtchick says:

        I’m surviving! ❤ thanks for asking. I've given up on Miami which kinda makes me sad since I liked it last season. I've gotten sucked back into an online game, so been trying to solve that time issue. Lol how are you?

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Once again, Adrienne is getting Bernie to do her dirty work.

      If Paul is responsible for this, shame on him, and I’m glad Adrienne finally got out of the marriage.

      If Paul is NOT responsible for this (as I HIGHLY suspect), Adrienne and Bernie should be ashamed of themselves for making false accusations at the father of Adrienne’s children.

      I just CANNOT see Paul doing this to her. I CAN see Paul having to DEFEND himself against her — because I have seen her be very aggressive with some of her physical behaviors (e.g., placing her hand over other housewives’ mouths when she does not want them to speak).

      • Nancy says:

        I don’t believe this allegation for a min.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Please, it’s like Adrienne has taken a chapter from Shanna aka Taylor’s book.
          Everything from hiring that hack Dr.Sophy to having a ‘friend’ post pictures of alleged abuse that isn’t substantiated by a police report or criminal charge.

          • Nancy says:

            I agree. First of all those pictures show me nothing. To me it looks like she just worked out or took a hot shower. This is going to get really ugly which is horrible for their little boys. Very sad.

          • Pghemtchick says:

            Yep! Exactly! Minus Paul is still on this Earth to defend himself. TMZ had a story an hour ago:
            Oct 15, 3:44 PM
            EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Paul Nassif — I Did NOT Do This to Adrienne

            Dr. Paul Nassif’s lawyer tells TMZ, his client absolutely, positively did NOT inflict the bruises and marks depicted in disturbing photos released by Adrienne Maloof’s personal chef.Adrienne’s chef Bernie Guzman — who has appeared on several episodes of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” — just posted the eight photos on his Facebook page, strongly insinuating Paul is responsible for the injuries. Bernie wrote several messages on his wall as he posted the photos, saying, “ADRIENNE MALOOF WAS PUSHED TO THE GROUND. PUNCHED & BEATEN … HE IS A BEAST.”Bernie goes on:  “THIS IS ABOUT SAVING THE LIFE. OF A MOTHER AND HER CHILDREN … EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THESE PICTURES … NOW!”Dr. Nassif’s lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ, “Any suggestion that the photos show my client struck Adrienne Maloof is a complete fabrication.”  Singer goes on, “No physical assault ever occurred.”As for how Adrienne suffered the injuries, Singer said, “I can’t speculate how these marks occurred.  I know the woman does martial arts.”

            Let’s add another element the same as Taylips: Domestic violence charities. Paul is very active with “Face to Face”-a national organization that offers consults and surgeries to victims of DV. Without going back on twitter, iirc, Paul was in NY doing consults for the charity not long ago. We’ll see the outcome in court, but this reeks shady to me. If she was assaulted, Paul needs to pay for his crimes; however, if not I pray to the Lord above Paul sues A and Bernie for defamation, loss of clients, etc.

  55. VV says:

    Bitter Clown blog is up

  56. VV says:

    Teresa’s Blog is Up!

    • melthehound says:

      What, No manifesto? What about AutoTune? I guess that one is trying to figure out how to tell us that Poison Tarzan Marco shrunk from 5’10” or more since his college days when he was a Chippendales’ headliner. According to the blog that Empress posted, only the headliners could ever make that kind of money and 5’9″ and less, need not apply to begin with.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      The MANIFESTO is going to be EPIC…lets take guess on how many pages it will be…I say 11

  57. stellastars21 says:

    Princess Pindy:

    I loved your comment about lending neighbors stuff. My mom told me a story about when she lived in the mainland where a certain neighbor would ask everyone for food she needed that day, you know eggs, sugar, veggies, stuff like that. My mom said that she had a garden and of course she’d pack stuff and freeze it and during off season that neighbor would ask for those veggies to make dinner, instead of going to the store or packing her own veggies. My mom would let them pick fresh veggies from her garden too. Well this whole asking for food went on for quite some time. The straw that broke the camels back though was when the neighbor asked for SIX pieces of bread. My mom was livid, like six pieces, why not ask for a loaf? And why ask me to count out six pieces of bread. My mom went off about that lol. She said the neighbor never got anything from her again.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      What a cheeky neighbor! I don’t blame your Mom. It’s sound like her neighbor took advantage of her generosity for far too long. I’m glad your Mom finally put a stop to it.

    • princesspindy says:

      It went on for years and then as her daughters got older they would come over and borrow brownie mixes, cake mixes, which I never got back and never mentioned because it seemed so petty, $1.79…. anyway, there was on night I wanted to make something with a can of mushroom soup and I lost it when I saw it was the healthy choice. I ranted around my house and let it all out…… I realized that she obviously didn’t care enough about me to get what I use, so I was not going to care enough about her to give her shit!!! I am practicing good boundaries with my new neighbors. (Shut up Orson)

  58. Eastbayca says:

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    PR Jill Zarin ‏style……
    @pattistanger I know you’ll be watching me tonight on WWHL!
    @Gingerettes thanks for the support watch me tonight on WWHL!
    @PeterMarkSalon Check out my hair on WWHL tonight!
    @BrittGastineau @lisagastineau I know you’ll be watching me on WWHL tonight!
    @CindyBarshop tell everyone to watch me on WWHL tonight!
    @CarsonGriffith I know you’ll be watching me on WWHL tonight! Tell everyone to tune in!
    @CarsonKressley watch me tonight on WWHL! Tell everyone to tune in!
    @dinalohan Tune in and watch me on WWHL tonight!
    @EricTrump watch me on WHHL tonight on Bravo at 11PM with Andy!
    @GretchenRossi tune in and watch me on WWHL tonight! Tell everyone to watch! xxx
    @HeatherMcDonald I’m coming to LA in Nov! Watch me on WWHL tonight at 11pm with Andy! Tell everyone to tune in!
    @KathyHilton watch me on WHHL tonight on Bravo with Andy! I am coming to LA next month! Let’s get together
    @KyleRichards18 I’m coming to LA next month let’s get together! Tell everyone to tune in and watch me on WWHL tonight! xx
    @LaraSpencer miss you on GAA!! Watch me on WWHL tonight on Bravo at 11pm with Andy!
    @NeNeLeakes I’m coming to LA next month let’s get together if you are out there. Watch me on WWHL tonight! Tell everyone to tune in

    and they is much more that she sent out….check her TL.

    • melthehound says:

      Just Sad (and I didn’t even read past the second line). As if any of these people actually give a shit what she does.

    • Powell says:

      Lara Spencer has to be at GMA at 5 or 6am. She’s not hardly watching JZ at 11pm. JZ tweeted Kathy Hilton before about having lunch. I wonder of Kathy obliged?

  59. VV says:

    Melissa’s and What’s her name blogs are up

  60. cocfarm says:

    Good evening all.

    MTH, saw the posts above and agree with most about TAR. One of my fav moments of the night were the Chippendales yelling “PHIL!!! WE’RE HERE!” Just cracked me up the boyishness off the moment. They found Phil!!!

    The blondes just irritated the begiggers out of me last night with condescending to the ‘cab’ driver, ragging that he didn’t speak English and then saying to him “You just lost us a million dollars.” Like the guy could even compute that or care. It just screamed ugly Americans to me and I was glad they left. When you get to that point, you MUST GO!

    My husband and I were in Thailand a few years ago and we went for a two hour Thai massage which cost $14 USA for the both of us. It was clear trying to communicate with the skilled technicians, that they could not comprehend the world we came from. It also became clear that they probably had never been outside of their neighborhood and were just fine with that. It is a peeve of mine that sometimes travelers assume everyone know all about their culture and are envious.

    That said, GREAT recap. I’m with you and yes, the Chip’s are growing on me and I have to say, listening to it last night at times and not watching, it could have been an ‘x-rated’ show when the Chip’s were dancing in their lion mask! The hub and I both started laughing because it sounded like something else was going on!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      ITA with you CoCfarm. Very well written. And about that dance…oh yeah….I was on my laptop and glancing up and down…when I heard that I had to rewind a couple of times to rewatch/relisten to them!! LOL!!!

  61. cocfarm says:

    About NJ, I saw about 4 minutes and that was all I ever want to see of it again. It just strikes me what a puppet master Andy Cohen is and how sad these shows are. The delight in families being ripped apart is just sad. We’ve seen people who have some very serious looking mental issues on the show as well and of course, one of them took their life. I don’t have any issue with anyone watching a show and being entertained by it, but it makes me wonder about the man behind the curtain who professes a love of Pandas. If there was anyone who was going to skewer a panda and roast it over an open fire, it’s Andy Cohen.

    Just my 2 very lowly cents.

  62. boston02127 says:

    NJ reunion from last night is on.

  63. boston02127 says:

    give-me-a-break……carolinebackers husband is working???? paa—leezze

  64. boston02127 says:

    Richie looks like he should be driving around in a van that says CANDY on the sides.

  65. amalfi says:

    Melissa is a f*cking jerk.

    That is all.

  66. Nancy says:

    Jacq is disgusting.

  67. amalfi says:

    Jacqueline is developmentally delayed.

    Caroline never once denied that she told Teresa Jac was a stripper.

    OK… done with this sh*t. They are all developmentally delayed, and I feel dumber for having witnessed it.

  68. boston02127 says:

    No wonder Ashlee is a mess. She didn’t have a shot with Jacqueline as her mother.

  69. Nancy says:

    Joe G is the only voice of reason here. That’s scary.

  70. boston02127 says:

    Chris has aged. He looks like Caroline.

  71. JustDee says:

    Heehee. I was just browsing twitter and saw this –
    In honor of @JillZarin’s return to #WWHL tonight, here is a GIF of her face-planting: #RHONY

  72. boston02127 says:

    I’ve never seen more dumb men in one room than on this reunion. Andy included.

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