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Housewife News and Tweets by NoMoreDrama

Sheee’s Baaaack.  Oh my!  I think the comments in the chat blog say it all.  But here’s what Andy Cohen had to say on twitter.

Mark Consuelos (Andy’s buddy – Kelly Ripa’s hubby) said what we were all thinking …

Here’s a few from JillZ

From Bethenny.

During WWHL – crickets.  ROFL!!!


Changing topics ….

Carole Radziwill has made Forbes Magazine. Why?  For making the analogy that publishing a book is like giving birth to a baby.  After all the various tabloids, gossip rags, etc. I’ve had to summarize over the last month or two – how refreshing to get to talk about analogies and Forbes.  Thank you Carole.  Read more here

Carole gave a non-confirmation on whether she’d return next year.  From her twitter: “Thank u for all your sweet tweets. Like me you all get the humor in reality. Duh. It was a fun adventure. To be continued…maybe. Perhaps.”

As she weights her options, I’m sure she’ll factor in those book sales.

Yay for Carole.  I admit – I’m biased and like her!!  And besides – she tweeted this last night!

Andy Cohen was quiet on twitter last night during the reunion – but he did tweet this: “Taping #RHONY Reunion 2 weeks after #RHONJ was a gear shift for sure. It seemed like more listening & dialogue in NYC”  

It’s such a shame that ratings aren’t higher for the NY version of the franchise.  It was so much more pleasurable for me to watch!  I cringe to think about what they’ll do next year to ramp up the drama and bring in NJ like ratings.


Watch What Happens Live Recap by Maryla

Show Affirms that Most Continue to Dislike (or H) Jill Zarin

(Maryla stepped in and offered to blog this for us last night.  Thank you!!!!  I was determined to watch Shawn Johnson on DWTS and it was so worth it! Photos are from the old IHJZ blog and by Boston. NMD)

Andy and Jill sit facing each other in chairs that seem uncomfortably close. At 11:00, we are off to the races. Andy dives right in to the questions.

Andy asks about her face. She says something about side effect of Omega 3 and the liquid facelift she got (for free by mentioning the Doc).

Andy asks about her reaction when Sonja, Ramona and Luann were coming back while she and the others were not asked to return.

She just wants to know “why?”

Poker Face Andy Cohen reveals a sly grin.  Now it is clear who holds the cards. Andy the kitty cat is playing with his little Jill Mouse. This might be fun after all!

Andy blames the viewers for the decision (thanks Andy). He says viewers were the ones that wanted, dictated a change. Andy says the S4 was toxic and a turning point in the show.  He said they took viewer input plus ideas from producers and BRAVO folks and decided a change was needed.

Cut to Jill. She clearly was not listening to a word he said. She was just waiting to cut in. “It felt like a death,” she said. Then she jumps into the Andy favored Bethenny angle. She accuses Andy of playing favorites. She says even Ginger didn’t get the star treatment that others, like Jiggy got. Bethenny was on WWHL one-on-one. She even acknowledges that Andy wrote about some of it in his book.

(actually that is the best chapter of his book — he goes into how annoying and petty these housewives [Jill] could be.)

Andy says that Jill is sensitive.

She agrees.

Uncomfortable chuckle from Andy — I wonder if he is thinking, “sensitive”—whoa, there’s an understatement. She’s irascible, hostile & touchy. She’s hypersensitive, that’s what she is.

OK, he may or may not be thinking that. I am definitely thinking that.

Jill goes on to say that the show is not the same since she was kicked off. She knows the ratings have been going down. She says that she and Alex should be brought back.

Wait a sec. Was that a bus zooming by the studio? Seems Jill just threw Cindy and Kelly underneath it.

Andy said that the network (aka Andy Cohen) feels like the change is a success. They introduced three new characters, and each week the ratings grew. He did acknowledge that initially ratings took a hit.

Andy says that at the end of S4, there was a lot of viewer feedback that the show was too toxic. Zarin says that it was more toxic at the end of Season 3, that she didn’t feel Four went to dark places.

In fact, she says that she and Alex in particular left S4 in a good place.

Cut to a clip of Jill calling Alex and F***ing bitch.  (Nice. Does that girl have some fantastic people skills or what?)

Andy asks if she thinks that the current season is toxic.

Jill says, you brought out the JZ 2.0 model (Heather) who isn’t even Jewish—really, she didn’t convert?

Andy stops her, looks puzzled. Um, you think Heather was brought on to be you?

Jill continues, you never saw her house, the inside of her house. The kids, etc.

On some busy thoroughfare in Jill’s head people are always asking about her husband and mother and dog. Apparently, this is what makes for interesting TV –the inside of a person’s home.

Do you miss being on the show? Andy asks.

(Dumbest question of the night. Hello? Andy? You bet your bottom she misses being on the show. She is salivating at the thought that this interview will roll into being recast.)

Jill says that she has other irons in the fire. TV projects, squishing underpants, jewelry, etc. Everyone wants a piece of Jill Zarin.

That said, her relationships with all the ladies were stronger after S4. Ramona and Jill called a truce, although the husbands don’t agree. Mario nearly knocked her block off at a party and Ramona had to clean up.

(If there was a BS-O-Meter, this next part of the interview would be pegged to the “Nothing but Pure BS” part of the machine.)

Jill is now saying that the Bethenny fight from Season 3 was an elaborate, well-planned ruse designed to pump up the drama. Jill did not let anyone else in on her plan. However, in hindsight, Jill now realizes she played right into the hands of those dastardly producers at Bravo who used her made-up fight to turn Bethenny against her forever! FOR-EV-ER!

Jill said that she knew Bethenny was getting her own show. And in order to drum up viewers, they needed to play Bethenny in a sympathetic light. Her fight, which was nothing really, a farce, that could be undone once the magic words were said.

Andy, slightly confused, asks Jill to clarify (her lie) a little further.

Jill says that Bethenny didn’t want Jill to be on her new show. She doesn’t understand why, when she attempted reconciliation, she was turned away.

“Why she wouldn’t let me be friends any more. Jason and her did a scene on the show where Jason said, ‘we’re done,’ but Bethenny didn’t throw away THAT relationship.

Andy points out that Jason is her husband and the father of their child.

Jill says she has always been the type that fights with friends and then makes up. Why didn’t Bethenny make up with her?

Jill then says that she and Bethenny have put their differences behind them. She says she congratulated Bethenny on her talk show, her deal with Beam, etc.

(In other words, she has left messages on old cell phones for Bethenny).

Andy says, so you watch the shows?

Deer in the headlights!! Deer in the headlights!!!

Um, yes. I watch the show, but I can’t watch for long because Bethenny’s voice just gets on my nerves and makes my heart race.

(Not a typo there. Jill thinks that Bethenny has the more annoying voice.)

Jill follows up with “I would love to meet her baby.”


Andy said that it was a rumor that Jill tried to sabotage Bethenny, to get other people to not film with her so she would not have scenes.

Jill says that she learned that little trick from B herself.

(now B under the bus)

Andy wants to get back to the notion that Bravo was responsible for any rift between Jill and Bethenny.

Jill says Andy played favorites. He sided with Bethenny.

Andy is unsure/confused.

Jill asks, wasn’t she at your book signing party? Don’t you go out to dinner with her?

Andy says yes, but then says that Bethenny is no longer a housewife.

Then Jill says that she realized that in St. Thomas when she came in with Bawby that the producers had set up the chairs all in a row so that it was like a firing squad, a four against one scene.

Andy says that pedicures are typically not violent, or?

Jill says it took her a year to realize all of this.

(so creating an alternate reality is a slow build, not an at-one-time revelation. Good to know).

She said that seeing Aviva’s landing at St. Barts go the same way made her realize that she should’ve called Ramona.

“I completely miscalculated that,” Zarin said.

Then she launches into Aviva’s father mistreatment. Apparently Ramona (with whom Jill has a truce) was just horrible for kicking him out of her event.

“Who could forgive such a thing?” she asks.

Andy tells Jill that Ramona called JZ “jealous” on Anderson Cooper.

Jill is not going to dignify that. She said rather that she could understand how Aviva got to the place to call Ramonja “white trash.” But she’s not saying anything.

Way to keep the peace there, Zarin.

Andy asks about LuAnn and the St. Thomas Johnny Depp lookalike hookup.

Oh, who gives a shit about what Jill thinks of LuAnn.

Andy says, you say you’ve moved on, but you watch the show and tweet. If you have moved on, why do you tweet?

She gets 50 to 100 emails each day from her over 1 million social media followers.

Andy asks if she pays for followers.

She says what any classic liar says. Don’t answer the question. Respond with a question.

Zarin: Are you kidding me? I didn’t even know you could do that. Quick subject change.

“I didn’t even get to say goodbye.”

But, Jill asserts that she was  never bitter about not being asked back.

(hahahahahahaha   bwahhhaaahahahaha   side hurts   haha ahahaha!)

Andy asks after her family. She says that Gloria might still be a little mad at him. But Ali is at Vanderbuilt (a good distance away from JZ) and Bobby is good. Presumably still participating in the BJs jewelry club.

Andy says good to chat with you. She attempt awkward hug.


Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 2 of 2 by BB

According to Andy, tonight is the “explosive” conclusion.  Could anything be “explosive” after last night’s RHONJ reunion finale?

Topic:  Tomas-gate or Luann’s Pirate Booty Call.  Andy calls this perhaps the biggest scandal of RHONY.  Really Andy?  Whatever you say.  (Cue scenes of the morning after the pirate booty call.)  Andy announces that Jacques was invited to join this discussion but declined.  Luann says they are still together and explains that if she tells Jacques nothing happened, then he believes nothing happened (Ramona’s big eyes get bigger at this statement).  I didn’t hear Luann give plausible explanations as to why she didn’t take the available car home and chose to ride home with Tomas or why she said he wanted a tour of the house, when everyone knows he’s been there before.

Andy asks Ramona for her opinion because she’s always voiced certain allegations about Luann.  Ramona says Luann loves her men and can’t keep her hands off of them.  I wish Ramona hadn’t gone there because I think she was insinuating what happened in Luann’s previous marriage and the open relationship thing, not between her and Jacques.  Luann tells her to zip it and that nobody’s marriage is perfect.  Ramona backs off and tells her she’s sorry and didn’t mean to go there (but Heather and Carole both shout out that she did go there, and she did.)

Andy accuses Luann of lying to Jacques on the phone the next morning.  Luann says she didn’t lie, she just didn’t tell him the whole story.  Luann admits she did panic and try to cover up that Tomas was there.  She says even though nothing happened between them, she should never have done it and that she and Jacques have had difficulty getting through it.  I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Luann get that emotional about anything.  Whether she was sorry she did it or whether she was sorry she got caught we’ll never know.  Like Carole says, it’s never the crime it’s always the cover-up, like Watergate.

Sonja brings up the fact that both she and Luann are divorced women with children and they want to protect them.  Carole then brings up the fact that maybe Luann shouldn’t have brought Tomas back to the house if she was worried about her children.  Luann again wants to know why Carole is coming after her.  Carole says that what’s this reunion is all about, people giving their perspectives.  Poor Carole is damned if she does say something and damned if she doesn’t.  She has a right to give her opinion, too.

Topic:  Spicy and Sexy Sonja. (Cue Sonja sexy scenes, of which there are many.)  Andy cannot believe he is going to ask this viewer question about sloppy seconds and money can buy you ass. Andy, if in doubt, leave it out. Luann mentions it can’t be sloppy seconds when there was any firsts.  Good save Luann.  Andy asks Sonja if Tomas actually played in the back yard.  Yes, folks, Andy went there.  Sonja’s response is they took a walk in the garden and that is that.  Another terrible viewer question: If she likes it in the booty all the time and of course she doesn’t answer the question.  Andy asks Sonja if it was appropriate to hit on the house staff.  Sonja says nothing happened with the chef, it was fun and harmless.

Andy asks Aviva why she cares who Sonja sleeps with when her father, who is also single, sleeps around.  Aviva’s answer is that her version of a “girls” trip is different from Ramonja’s.  It’s massages and things like that.  One of the other women says “taking vitamins” jokingly.  What was happening wasn’t what she was expecting on the trip.  Sonja tells them to think of what men to on their trips to Vegas.  Same thing.  Aviva says it’s awkward when you’re married.  Ramona says she works hard, she plays hard.

Andy is obsessed with the “ladies” pond.  I think he asks every woman he ever meets about it.  He asks, if Ramona and Sonja swam in the girl pond.  Of course they didn’t, even if Andy would like it to be so.  He has a weird fascination with the subject.  Carole pipes up that she has slept in the same bed with her best girlfriend and it’s nothing.

Topic:  Horny George Drescher.  (Cue scenes of George in all his inappropriateness.)  Andy asks for a showing of hands who think George is inappropriate.  All raise their hands.  Andy wants to know how Aviva can call Ramonja low class when she pimped her father out to her friend Sonja.  Aviva explains low class is how you treat others and her dad, though inappropriate, is warm, kind and welcoming when Ramonja was not.

Sonja was not offended by the set up by Aviva until she saw that she would not set up George with Carole because Carole was her “friend.”  Then Sonja questioned Aviva’s motives.  Aviva explained that she didn’t know Sonja as well in Miami and she had become close friends with Carole by the time George said he wanted to go out with her.  Carole, who has written an as yet unpublished book about being a widow and dating, says George is breaking all the rules of dating.  By the way did Andy ask Carole about why her book is not yet published?  I don’t remember.  There is a discussion about Aviva’s double standards as to how Ramonja acts and as to how George acts.  Aviva tells them her dad is old and if she wants a relationship with him, she has to accept him the way he is.  I guess she has a point, but why be so judgmental about Ramonja?  That’s what I don’t get.

Topic: Toastergate.  Andy asks about the toaster oven we’ve never seen.  (Cue scenes of the toaster oven advertisement campaign war between Sonja and Heather.)  Per Sonja, it’s ready to go, it’s part of a whole collection.  Heather had advised Sonja to umbrella her brand.  Luann doesn’t understand what Sonja wanted and she’s confused.  Me, too.  Heather gets frustrated when Sonja brings out her signature and branding posters.

Heather tells Sonja she cannot get out of her own way and accuses her of trying to make a joke of Heather.  Heather further tells Sonja she wouldn’t know hard work if it bit her in the ass.  Luann is with Heather on this one and so am I.  Ramona is keeping quiet for once, which to me speaks volumes.  The bottom line is, like it or not, Heather tried to help Sonja free of charge.  Sonja doesn’t seem that appreciative of Heather’s efforts even though she says she adequately thanked Heather.  Heather does not want to work with her ever again.  Andy cannot wait to toast a piece of bread in Sonja’s toaster oven.  Any may starve waiting for this one.  Put the posters away, Sonja, they are all laughing at you.

Topic:  Sonja’s hard times.  (Cue Sonja going through a hard time in her life, including the Anna Nicole Smith reference by Aviva and her settlement meeting with her ex.)  Bottom line is it doesn’t sound like much has happened in the settlement with the ex issues.  Sonja is going to sell her house in France, although she won’t get enough to pay all of her bills.  She’s not in a spiral downward.  She’s doing very well now.  Sonja thinks Aviva was mad when she compared her to Anna Nicole Smith. Aviva admits she didn’t mean it and it was a snarky comment.  Aviva says she cared for Sonja and she still does.  Andy asks Sonja about her dog Millou who passed away this past March after she had him for 18 years.  It was the saddest part of the reunion.

Topic:  Aviva and Ramona. (Cue all scenes of Ramona and Aviva arguing, which was a lot.) Ramona thinks Aviva’s issues are misplaced and her anger at her is not justified.  It makes Ramona’s heart race looking at the scenes.  Needless to say, Ramona and Aviva will probably never agree about what happened at Ramona’s charity event.  Enough said.  Aviva does take back that she thinks Ramona needs to go to rehab.  She’s very sensitive because her mom died of alcoholism.  She’s extremely sensitive to partying, she overreacted and she apologizes for it.  She tells Ramona she has every right to go on vacation and get hammered.  She just vacations differently.

Topic:  Ramona drinking.  Andy brings up the fact that last season Jill and Kelly accused Ramona of having a drinking problem.  He asks Carole and Heather if they think Ramona has a drinking problem.  Ramona, justifiably, gets upset with Andy and tells him to joke on her for anything other than that.  She tells Andy she’s had it.  He can joke on her talking too much or joke on her blue dresses, but to stop bringing that up.  She does not have a drinking problem and she’s tired of it coming up.  Luann points out that Ramona can hold her alcohol better than Sonja.  Heather and Carole both say they do not think Ramona has a drinking problem.

Topic:  Final moments.  Why does Sonja Morgan have interns?  For companionship, to help her with her social media, things like that.  Did Carole date George Clooney?  Yes, when they were both single, before she finished her first book.  She has met Stacey Kiebler.   Who’s changed the most?  Sonja thinks Heather has gotten more attractive.  What is Aviva’s runaway bride story?  Aviva cancelled the wedding a week before because they were incompatible.  Ramona asks if he wanted her to sign a prenup, to which Aviva tells her no, to get her facts straight.  That’s what Ramona and Sonja had heard.  Andy asks if everyone feels like they resolved their issues.  Ramona gets up like they are finished and Andy tells her they are still on camera.  Andy asks Ramona if she accepts Aviva’s apology. Ramona heard her apology and she will have to digest it.  Ramona feels less resolved at the end of the reunion.

Andy thanks them all for an entertaining season.  He tells the three new ladies it was fun getting to know them and tells the three veterans they are like old friends.


Basketball Wives – L.A. By Detox

Tuesday 10/16/12

Welcome back to Basketball Wives L.A.

We begin this week in the same place we ended last week:  Gloria’s going-away party at a restaurant where Jackie and Draya are having a heated exchange that looks like it may lead to a physical altercation.  We have a re-play of some of the exchange shown last week.  For instance, Draya tells Jackie that she is a grown-up and not a baby (because she feels that Jackie is disrespecting her and talking to and treating her like a child).  Malaysia interviews that Jackie decided she “wanted to be Tupac and disrespect Draya.”

At some point, while Draya and Jackie are having words, Jackie calls Draya a “li’l bitch” and “a ho.”  She apparently calls Dray “a ho” more than once because Draya interviews that she had enough “after the 19th ho.”

Jackie interviews that she does not know why Draya decided to ruin the get-together (Of course, Crazy Jackie acts like she played NO part in the ruining of Gloria’s going-away party).

While they are having words, Jackie tells Draya that she has NEVER stooped to the level of “a ho” in her life.  Draya says something I cannot understand back to her.  Apparently whatever Draya said was bad enough to make Jackie angry enough to stand up.  Draya also stands up.

Jackie then lunges toward Draya, and Draya lunges toward Jackie.  They both start swinging as they lunge.  The other women and Security jump in between the two of them before they can have an actual physical fight.  Security ends up escorting only Jackie out of the restaurant (I am not quite sure why Jackie is the only one escorted out of the restaurant).

Back inside the restaurant, someone (I could not figure out who) asks Draya why she would try to “swing on an Auntie” (Oh, SNAP!!  They are basically saying Jackie is old compared to the rest of them).  Draya interviews that she cannot believe she even stooped to that level.

Gloria tells Laura to go outside and check on Jackie.  Laura is initially resistant, but she eventually relents and walks outside to talk to Jackie, who is standing outside of the restaurant.  Laura interviews that she has to “work” too much in her friendship with Jackie, and she does not even have to work that hard with any of her four (4) children.

When Laura does meet Jackie while Jackie is standing outside of the restaurant, she tells Jackie that she thought the whole thing was “a joke.”  Jackie defends her behavior.  While she is defending her behavior, she starts crying.  She tells Laura that Draya kept provoking her, and it really hurt her feelings.

Laura responds by telling Jackie that she could have handled the whole situation in better ways.  She tells Jackie that one of those ways was by just getting up and leaving when she and Draya started to have words.    Jackie tells Laura that Draya “hurt her soul” (Oh, please, Jackie!  Stop being such a damned DRAMA QUEEN!!).

Jackie then tells Laura to tell Gloria “goodbye” on Jackie’s behalf when Laura goes back into the restaurant.  Laura interviews that dealing with Jackie is emotionally draining.  She says that she thinks that Jackie is a good person inside.  She’s just “lost” (I do not think Jackie is “lost.”  Instead, I think Jackie LOST her damned MIND ages ago!).

After all of that drama, Jackie and Bambi meet for lunch.  Bambi asks Jackie how her 17th Wedding (Oh, God!  I just feel so ridiculous when I type the words “17th Wedding”!!) plans are going.  Jackie tells Bambi that her plans are going well, but she is still a little stressed over everything.  Jackie asks Bambi if she will still be attending her wedding.  Bambi assures Jackie that she will, indeed, attend.

Jackie then tells Bambi that she recently saw Malaysia, and Malaysia told Jackie that she was angry at her for what took place at Gloria’s going-away party.  Jackie asks Bambi for her opinion about what took place.

Bambi tells Jackie that, in her opinion, Draya just wants to be liked, and Draya feels that she will be able to accomplish this by ensuring that there is somebody besides her that everybody ELSE DISlikes.  According to Bambi, Draya is trying to make Jackie THAT person (I do not know what the HELL Bambi is talking about, and I totally disagree!!).  Jackie smiles at this and eagerly agrees (to that b*llsh*t reason provided by Bambi)!  Bambi tells Jackie that she thinks that Jackie and Draya are actually going to physically fight the next time they see each other if things between them remain where they are right now.

Bambi then asks Jackie what she is going to do if Draya decides she wants to talk to Jackie (I do not see Draya deciding to do this, but I could be wrong.  I doubt it, though).  Jackie responds that she will listen to Draya before she responds, “But it won’t be pretty!”  She tells Bambi that Draya is going to have to grovel on the ground like a dog and beg for an apology before Jackie gives her one (Don’t hold your breath on Draya’s groveling, Jac!).

Bambi interviews that she has developed “a soft spot” for Jackie (Why, Bambi?  I was really starting to like you, Bambi.  You are now making me reconsider my opinion).  Jackie interviews that she is afraid of what she might do to Draya if and when she sees her.  She also interviews that she feels like Bambi could be a great friend to her (How do you know this, Jackie?  You basically JUST met the woman!).

Jackie then asks Bambi about her music career.  Bambi says she is putting finishing touches on her album, and she is getting ready to have her first show in L.A.  Jackie tells Bambi that she is excited for her.

Next, we see Malaysia, Malaysia’s sister, Laura and Bambi meet up at a Public Relations Gifting Suite for the Lupus Foundation.  Malaysia interviews that her new publicist, Mimi Davis, put the event together, and she asked Malaysia to host.

At a certain point, Malaysia, her sister, Laura and Bambi are standing around talking.  Laura tells Malaysia to tell her sister what occurred during Gloria’s going-away party.  Malaysia briefly tells her sister the story.

Laura tells the women that she was “done” with Jackie after that.  She explains that she finds Jackie to be too emotionally draining.  Laura then tells the women that Jackie asked her to be the Maid of Honor at Jackie’s 17th Wedding.

Malaysia says that Jackie initially asked HER to be the Maid of Honor, but she was downgraded by Jackie to a mere bridesmaid because Malaysia did not respond to Jackie’s text quickly enough (Jackie may LOOK like she is 44 years old, but she is really 11 or 12 years old in her head.  This downgrading of Malaysia from her Maid-of-Honor to a bridesmaid because Malaysia failed to respond quickly enough to her text PROVES this.)

Bambi then tells the women that Jackie invited her to the wedding.  Laura interviews that Jackie would invite “the bartender” to her wedding because that is “how desperate” she is.

At this point, Malaysia’s publicist, Mimi, comes up and tells her that she would like Malaysia to make a brief speech to the crowd.  Mimi then takes Malaysia’s hand and leads her through the crowd to a microphone where she can do this.  Malaysia interviews that having to do this makes her EXTREMELY nervous.  She says that her heart “fell into her stomach” when Mimi asked her to make a speech addressing the crowd, and she was “freaking out.”

Malaysia tells Mimi that this is going to be very difficult for her because she is shy.  Mimi encourages Malaysia and tells her that she knows Malaysia can do it.  Once Malaysia picks up the microphone, Laura is on the sidelines also encouraging her.

Malaysia finally addresses the crowd, and she does a very good job.  She thanks everyone for coming out to support the Lupus Foundation.  She then thanks the vendors and her publicist, Mimi, for putting the entire event together.

Malaysia interviews that the Event was “great”!  She says she is thankful to Draya for introducing her to “this world” because Draya may have just “created a monster.”  She smiles as she says this.

Next, we see Brooke standing in some type of recreational facility with three (3) children.  Brooke interviews that she has brought her 3 children to Sky Zone so that they can play with each other and with Draya’s son, Nicco, who will also be meeting them.  Draya arrives and introduces her son to Brooke’s children.

All of the kids, along with Brooke and Draya, begin playing by jumping in this HUGE “bouncy area” (I do not know how else to describe it).

Draya interviews that she wants to talk to Brooke about what took place at Gloria’s going-away party, and she feels that doing it in a place surrounded by their children will prevent any hostility from arising (between Draya and Brooke).  She further interviews that she and Brooke took a break from playing with their kids to talk.

Once Brooke and Draya take a break, Draya brings up Gloria’s going-away party, and Brooke immediately tells Draya that she NEVER thought Draya was “going to swing on Jackie”!  Draya tells Brooke that Jackie just “takes” her “there,” and she is “just tired of it!”  She further explains to Brooke that she was infuriated by Jackie’s use of too many “ho’s” to describe her and by Jackie treating her like a child by condescending to her and even, at one point, handing her a lollipop.  She then says that she does NOT see her speaking to or being friends with Jackie either AT ALL or at least not for a VERY long time.  Finally, Draya says that Jackie is “the joke” of the group, but she does not realize that all of the other women laugh at her behind her back.

Brooke then asks Draya if she can be “in the same room” with Jackie at this point.  Draya says she does NOT think she can.

Brooke then brings up Jackie’s 17th Wedding, and she tells Draya that she wants to go because it is going to be at a gay club, which means it will probably be very fun.  Draya says she can go to a gay club on her own any time she wants.  She does not have to go to Jackie’s wedding to do this.  She says she is “DONE” when it comes to dealing with Jackie.

Next, we see Bambi having a sound check for her upcoming show when Draya arrives.  Draya interviews that she went to the sound check to show her support for Bambi.

After Draya arrives, Bambi and Draya start to discuss the night’s show, and Draya asks her if she has also invited Jackie to the show.  Bambi tells Draya that she did invite Jackie.  Draya tells Bambi that, because Jackie will be attending the show, she is just going to “sit this one out.”  She explains that she does not think Bambi’s show is the right environment for her to see Jackie for the 1st time since their (almost physical) altercation.

Bambi tells Draya that she wants to like Draya AND Jackie.  She interviews that Draya should attend the concert to support HER and just say, “F*ck Jackie!”

It is now “Showtime” for Bambi!  Jackie and an “unknown” friend arrive at the venue where Bambi’s concert is going to be held.  She interviews that she is excited to see Bambi perform her 1st show in L.A.

Laura arrives next, and Jackie excitedly gets up to greet her with a hug.  Laura interviews that Jackie’s outfit makes her look like “a hooker from the 1800’s.”  (I have to say that I agree.  Jackie looks like she is wearing a pirate’s jacket on top.  This is accompanied by shorts that are so short that they look like she actually is NOT wearing ANYTHING and PINK fishnet stockings.  Does this woman REALLY have a clothing line or two?  JEEZ!!  From the looks of this particular ensemble, Jackie needs to shut her clothing lines down and focus on hiring a good STYLIST instead).

Very shortly after Laura arrives, Jackie brings up her fight with Draya at Gloria’s going-away party, and she asks Laura if Laura thinks she was “wrong.”  Laura says, “Yes!”  (I like that Laura is honest).

Finally, Malaysia arrives.  Jackie immediately tells Malaysia that she and Laura were discussing the fight she had with Draya at Gloria’s going-away party.  She then tells Malaysia that if Draya comes to her and apologizes, she will hug Draya and have Draya suck her breast like a baby (…Ummmm…..WTF??!!!  Malaysia gives Jackie a look that says exactly what I just typed).  Malaysia interviews that Jackie went “on some kind of tangent about Draya” as soon as Malaysia arrived at the concert venue.

Finally, we see Bambi come out on stage and perform.  She is dressed in hot pants and a crop top, and she raps her heart out as she moves back and forth across the stage (I actually think she put on a good show).  Laura interviews that Bambi’s show was “great,” and she notes that Bambi had “good raps and great dance moves”  (I agree.).  She further interviews that there is no way she would ever have great dance moves.  All she has is her same side-to-side-step kind of dancing.

Malaysia interviews that, even though this was supposed to be Bambi’s show, Jackie, because of her behavior during the show, made sure that she brought it back to “The Jackie Show.”  This is supported by the fact that, during the show, Jackie, in the midst of standing up and dancing, suddenly stops and just breaks out into tears.

Malaysia goes over to her and gets Jackie to sit down.  Once Jackie sits down, Malaysia comforts her and asks her why she is crying.  Jackie explains that the show makes her miss her Mom because they used to do fun things like the concert together (So, Jackie and her MUCH OLDER Mom [based on my memory of seeing Jackie’s mother last season] used to do “fun” things like attend rap concerts?  Oh, Please, Jackie!!).  Malaysia continues to comfort her.

Laura interviews that Jackie needs to just go into “a cave” and have her crying jags there (I think Jackie needs to go into a psychiatric facility to have these crying jags).

Laura and Brooke meet for lunch.  They begin discussing the physical fight that Draya and Jackie almost had at Gloria’s going-away party (AGAIN??!!  This “almost-fight” happened at the beginning of THIS episode, and I am ALREADY tired of hearing about it!!).

Laura interviews that she is “cool” with Draya, but if “you continue to talk sh*t, you will always get beat (I’m assuming that the “you” to whom Laura is referring is Draya.  I don’t necessarily think that a person who talks sh*t will ALWAYS get “beat”[en].  I mean, a 6’5 boxer can talk all the sh*t he wants, and I doubt VERY seriously that he will ALWAYS “get beat”[en]).

Laura tells Brooke that, in her opinion, Draya needs to leave Jackie alone and just “keep it moving.”  Brooke agrees with Laura (I do too, and I think this is Draya’s plan EXACTLY).

Laura then tells Brooke that Draya needs to pick her battles more carefully.  She interviews that, if the group is going to all hang out together, they need to figure this situation (between Draya and Jackie) out.

Laura then changes the subject and tells Brooke that she went to (Brooke’s mortal enemy) Bambi’s show.  Brooke, through gritted teeth (I am lying.  Brooke’s teeth were not gritted, but I’m sure they were gritted together in her mind because she and Bambi apparently cannot stand each other), asks Laura how the show was (as if she really gives a sh*t!  I’m sure she is secretly hoping that Laura says that Bambi and her show were terrible, and Bambi should just give it up and get a job at Burger King instead).

Laura raves about Bambi’s show and cannot seem to compliment Bambi and her show enough (I’m sure, in Brooke’s mind, she is thinking, “B*TCHES!!!!” about BOTH Bambi AND Laura).

Laura then tells Bambi how Jackie ALWAYS makes everybody’s attention come back around to focusing on HER.  She also disses Jackie’s concert outfit and describes how awful it was to Brooke.  She then says that, at Bambi’s concert, Jackie would intermittently break out into tears, and then get back up and start dancing 30 minutes later.  Laura explains that Jackie did this little routine MORE THAN ONCE during Bambi’s concert because Jackie is stark-raving MAD, and she wants Brooke to join her and the rest of the women in having an intervention for Jackie to encourage her to enter a psychiatric facility.

Alright, part of the preceding sentence was a COMPLETE LIE.  Here’s the truth:  Laura actually said that Jackie did this little crying/dancing routine more than once during Bambi’s concert (There was no mention of an intervention or any psychiatric facility….UNFORTUNATELY!  A girl CAN dream, though!).

Finally, Laura tells Brooke that Jackie makes EVERYTHING about HER.  Brooke just looks at her.

Brooke then changes the subject and tells Laura that her birthday is coming up, and she is planning a birthday pool party to celebrate.  Laura asks Bambi if she will be wearing a bikini at her pool party (No, Laura.  Bambi will probably wear a BURKA and some sandals.  Of COURSE, she is going to wear a BIKINI, Laura!!  The woman is a BIKINI MODEL for God’s sake!!).  Bambi says, “Yes.”

Laura says she does not want to wear a bikini next to Brooke (I don’t blame her because Brooke’s body is SLAMMING.  I would be wearing an extra-large hat, sunshades and a long-sleeved mumu next to Brooke in a bikini!).

Bambi, Malaysia and Draya meet at a place called “Waffle Mix.”  Malaysia immediately brings up the “almost-physical” fight Draya and Jackie had at Gloria’s going-away party, and she asks Draya, “Why did you want to fight with a SENIOR CITIZEN?!”  (Ooh, SNAP!!).

Draya responds that the environment quickly became hostile between her and Jackie, and it happened so quickly that this (the “almost-physical fight”) was the result of that rapid hostility.

Malaysia says that, if anything was going to happen altercation-wise, she thought that it might have taken place between Bambi and Brooke, considering their rocky history.

The women then change the subject to discuss the “Bambi vs. Brooke” situation.  Draya tells Bambi that, in her opinion, it sounds like what took place between Bambi and Brooke was “just some petty ‘girl stuff’.”  She also says that she hopes the two of them can work everything out.

The subject changes again when Malaysia tells them about Jackie’s strange behavior during Bambi’s concert.  Malaysia explains that Jackie was dancing and appeared to be having a good time, but she then broke into a fit of tears, causing Malaysia to go over and comfort her and find out what was wrong (I love Malaysia.  She is so kind.  When it comes to Jackie, I am NOT kind.  I would have continued to shake my groove thang while she had a nervous breakdown right there in front of me because the Producers probably got me into the concert for FREE!  I LOVE free stuff!  If Jackie would have somehow grabbed onto my legs or body for some type of attention or comfort or help, I would have told her, “This is a concert, NOT a therapy session.  I ain’t got time FA DAT!!,” as I pried her hands off of my body.  I would have then proceeded to continue to dance and scream and shout.  Thank God for the Malaysia’s of the world.).

Malaysia further explains that Jackie told her she started crying (the FIRST time) because she was having so much fun, and it reminded her of her recently-deceased mother because they would always have fun together.  Malaysia tells Bambi and Draya that she thought, “…Ummm….WHAT?  You mean you and your Mom used to attend RAP Concerts together for fun?  I mean, you’re pretty old yourself.  So, I’m sure your Mom was at an advanced age.  I can’t imagine an old woman at a rap concert!!”  (That’s the same thing I thought and typed earlier, Malaysia!  Great minds think alike!).

Malaysia says that, once she calmed Jackie down, Jackie then began dancing like a mad woman and having fun again before, eventually, breaking out into sobs AGAIN (for the SECOND time).  Malaysia tells Bambi and Draya that, at this point, she was like, “Oh, COME ON!!  REALLY??!!”  (Even a sweetie like Malaysia has her limits).

Finally, Malaysia tells Bambi and Draya that Jackie pulled this dancing/crying routine a THIRD time.  Draya tells Malaysia that Jackie needs to sit and cry in her HOUSE!  Malaysia interviews that Jackie is a VERY sweet person, but it’s just the “OTHER people in her brain that are NOT”!!

Malaysia then tells Draya and Bambi that she is going to have a long talk with Jackie because she is “fed up” with Jackie’s mistaking her kindness for weakness.  She explains that she feels like she has been doing her best to try and help Jackie get re-incorporated into the group, but she is the one that Jackie disregards and takes for granted (I agree).

Somehow, the subject of Jackie’s wedding comes up.  Bambi asks Malaysia and Draya if they will be attending.  Draya looks at Bambi like she is crazy and gives an emphatic, “NO!” as her response.  She tells Bambi and Malaysia that she did not attend Jackie’s (16th) wedding last year either.  She gracefully lets the women know that she decided to take that day and have her “coochie waxed instead”  (T.M.I., Draya!  T.M.I.!!)  Draya then interviews and says, “PSA, People:  Draya will NOT be attending Jackie’s wedding!!”

Laura and Jackie meet for lunch. Jackie interviews that she invited Laura to get together for lunch.  Jackie tells Laura that she is stressing about her upcoming wedding (Why, Jackie?  You’ve done this song and dance 16 times already!!  You should have the whole “wedding routine” down pat by now!).

Jackie then brings up the fact that she has asked Laura if she will be her Maid of Honor at this wedding.  Laura tells Jackie that she was resistant to the idea when Jackie first asked her, but after having some time to think about it, she was touched that Jackie asked her (I still did not hear an answer, Laura.  Is it “Yes” or “No”?).  Jackie just smiles after Laura says this.

Laura then changes the subject and tells Jackie that it “weirds (her) out” that Jackie cries at the drop of a dime.  Jackie says that she is just emotional (Yes, you are emotional, alright – EMOTIONally DISTURBED!).

Jackie then says that she feels like the other women talk about her behind her back (That’s because they DO!  Your instincts are correct, Jackie.).  Laura tells Jackie that, if the women do talk about Jackie, it is because she switches personalities at the drop of a hat.  She uses the altercation she had with Draya at Gloria’s party as an example and basically tells Jackie that Jackie went from being the “Sweet Big Sister” to the “Big, Bad Fighter” to the “Weeping Willow” (I am really loving Laura’s honesty right now).  Jackie just looks at her.

Jackie then uses Laura’s mention of her altercation with Draya to bring the subject up (AGAIN) and to ask Laura (AGAIN) for her opinions.  Laura tells her that “Draya talks big sh*t, but she’s a little person.”  She then tells Jackie that the tension and problems with Draya and Jackie will NOT end “until (Jackie) puts her foot in Draya’s a*s or in her mouth!”  (Ummm….what?!  Laura, why are you encouraging this craziness with Jackie?).  Jackie interviews that Laura’s saying this made her feel good because, as far as she knows, Laura is neutral and has not picked sides (So I guess Laura saying this makes Jackie believe that she was “in the right” when it came to her altercation with Draya).

Laura then tells Jackie that she is sorry that she laughs about Jackie’s “15 different personalities.”  Jackie just looks at her.  Laura tells Jackie that she should not even CARE what others think or say about her.  Laura then admits that she DID tell the other women that Jackie’s concert outfit looked like something out of the movie, “Glory”  (This is not altogether true, Laura.  You actually said that Jackie’s outfit made her look like “a hooker from the 1800’s.”).  Jackie laughs.  She interviews that she thinks she and Laura are “in a good place.”

Next, we see Bambi and Laura in a clothing store.  Bambi interviews that she is excited about Jackie’s wedding.  She further interviews that Jackie has also asked HER to be IN the wedding, and she agreed (Ummm….WHAT??!!  Bambi and Jackie have known each other all of 10 minutes.  I bet if I would have been around the “Basketball Wives – L.A.” set at the time of filming and told Jackie, “Hello,” she would have asked ME to be a bridesmaid too!).  She then interviews that the reason they are in a clothing store is so that they can find dresses to wear as bridesmaids in Jackie’s wedding.

Malaysia arrives and meets the girls in the store.  She watches Bambi and Laura try on different outfits/costumes to wear as bridesmaids in Jackie’s wedding.  She interviews that is was fun watching them try on all of the different outfits.

At a certain point, Laura tells Malaysia and Bambi that she may not even be able to attend Jackie’s wedding.  Bambi and Malaysia look at Laura in shock.  They then ask Laura if she has told Jackie this.  Laura nonchalantly says that she does not think she is even going to TELL Jackie.  Once again, Bambi and Malaysia look at Laura in shock.

Bambi interviews that, when it comes to Laura and Jackie, she just wants to ask Laura, “Are you her friend or NOT?  Are you going to the wedding or NOT?”  She then interviews that Laura is starting to get on her nerves with this indecisiveness.

Malaysia then tells Bambi and Laura that she will NOT be attending the wedding either.  According to Malaysia, she is not attending because she feels like Jackie takes her for granted when she is the one who has fought for Jackie the most.  She says that this hurts her feelings (and I do not blame her).

Malaysia then tells Laura that she just needs to admit that Jackie has a special place in her heart.  Laura denies this.  Laura then basically says that, if Jackie were to die, she’d think, “Wow!  Jackie died.  That’s messed up.  What am I going to have for dinner?  I think I want a drink too.”  Bambi and Malaysia just look at her.

Malaysia interviews that, at this point, Bambi may end up being Jackie’s bridesmaid, Maid-of-Honor and flower girl all rolled into one (That’s funny, Malaysia).

Bambi interviews that, when it comes to Jackie’s wedding, Laura and Malaysia are “being rude”  (Don’t be so quick to judge, Bambi!  You did not have the horrible experiences with Jackie that these women had last season!).

Coming Up During The Rest Of The Season:

Instead of showing what will be happening on the very next episode, a montage of scenes appeared on the screen showing what will be taking place during the rest of the season, and these things are as follows:

Someone (probably Gloria) is on a movie set while a scene is being filmed.

Someone goes skydiving.

Draya and Brooke meet with a boxing trainer in a boxing ring.

Jackie’s 17th Wedding takes place.

Bambi and Draya kiss (Ummm….Say what, now?!?!).

Some (or all) of the women take a trip to Seattle.

Malaysia confronts Jackie about how she really feels about Jackie’s treatment of her.

Jackie has a conversation with BOTH of her daughters, and plenty of tears are involved.  Laura says she wanted Jackie to talk to her daughters because it is long overdue.

Laura tells someone that she is going to “do” Jackie the same way Jackie “did” her last season.

Bambi says she “can’t roll with FAKE B*tches!!”

Brooke and Jackie almost get into a physical altercation (Again, Jackie!!  I thought you said that you could tell that you and Brooke were going to be “great friends”!  I’m shocked.  NOT!!).


Dancing with the Stars –All Stars, Week 4, Dance selections assigned by competitors – by COCFarm

For those of you watching and tuning in for the results show, they are on an HOUR EARLY tomorrow!  They precede the presidential debate and there will be no recap show…just the results show at 7pm CENTRAL time. 

Okay, on with the show.  I really enjoyed Paula Abdul as part of the judging.  She seems to have found her place and was comfortable and witty with the judges.  At one point she started to imitate Bruno and I thought it was pretty good!  She seemed like a natural to me.

First up was Kirstie & Maks who had the Charleston.  It was cute and at one point, they are on the floor, Kirstie on top of Maks, acting like she was swimming across the stage.  It was fun and light hearted, but of course, Kirstie is not in the league with the rest.  Entertaining, but the bottom of the leader board.

Bristol follows Kirstie and you’d think she will end up making Kirstie look like a pro, but Bristol actually looked like she was into the dance and I have to say, not bad!  She still isn’t as good as the rest but it was actually enjoyable to watch her dance. It’s clear who the pro is and who the star is.  She lacks skill to her partner in an obvious way and that isn’t all that evident with other teams…but good for her.  The judges say it was her best dance and I concur.

Sabrina came out looking like the monster from Monsters Inc with her blue-feathered coat.  Others saw the Cookie Monster.  I’m stickin’ with Monsters Inc.  A great dance in full flavor of the disco era.  Very enjoyable.

Emmitt followed with the Bolero which everyone seemed concerned with because he is a large man and has to do very slow movement, which could make him look awkward.  I felt he did look awkward.  But the judges didn’t ask me my opinion and he got the highest scores of the night to this point.  I give him credit though.  He doesn’t shy away from a challenge and has that killer smile.

Gilles KILLS IT in the Bollywood category.  He was Aladdin to me and had all the great facial expressions that go with Bollywood dancing.  He just knocked it out of the park and has the biggest reaction of the night thus far from the audience.  Highest score of the night and will tie with another star at the end of the evening.  The judges say he had one of the hardest dances of the night and I think it would be so hard to learn it as it is so extremely different from ballroom.

Melissa and her jitterbug was nicely done with one slight fumble.  Melissa just strikes me as a totally likable person as does Tony.  It would be nice to see Tony win the trophy at some point too.  Maybe this is the year?!?

Shawn and her mambo are right up there with her performance of last week and then topped it.  She is just so fast and snappy with her precision.  She seems almost unbeatable.

Apolo channels In Living Color for me (am I dating myself?!).  Karina slips and falls hard in the middle of their routine on Apolo’s mic pack, which fell off during the performance.  She cries at the end and I really feel for them.  Their scores are not great.

Kelly apparently broke a toe and has the hardest dance according to the judges.  She brings the emotion and I think the dance is interesting but along with Emmitt’s, a little awkward.  But again, she came out and did it and put her whole self into it.

The chit chat while waiting for judges to score are sometimes as uncomfortable as a Bravo housewives reunion, but Kelly, during her time filler/waster was the most eloquent speaker on why to do DWTS.  I can’t begin to repeat it but she says it isn’t so much about the dance as it is about pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, making friends and connections and being in the moment.  I’m here to tell you, if her and Val aren’t lovers yet, they are going to be!  Whew.  Did anyone else see that?  I swear they are an item.

One thing I noticed is Maks, who is Val’s brother, was whistling like crazy in appreciation of Kelly and Val’s dance.  Maks is sometimes criticized  (and rightly so) for being pompous, but it was great seeming him support his brother.

I’m all schmaltz tonight!

Here are the scores for the dances based on 4 judges instead of 3, so the point total is 40 instead of 30:

  • Kirstie & Maks: Charleston            30/40
  • Bristol & Mark: Rock n Roll            32/40
  • Sabrina & Louie: Jitterbug            35.5/40
  • Emmitt & Cheryl: Bolero            36/40
  • Gilles & Peta: Bollywood            39.5/40
  • Melissa & Tony: Jitterbug            37/40
  • Shawn & Derek: Mambo            39.5/40
  • Apolo & Karina: Hip Hop            34.5/40
  • Kelly & Val: Contemporary            37.5/40

The show tomorrow night sounds a little odd.  Donny Osmond and Sharon Boyle are apparently going to do a duet.  Hmm.

Week 5, the Stars will dance their Favorite Guilty Pleasure Songs and there will apparently be no elimination or results show next week.

Don’t forget, the elimination show this week is on an hour early!!!!


Boston’s Photos

Last word goes to Jill Zarin – for being ever so amusing and bringing us all together.  I very much missed Lynn Hudson last night.


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Tuesday Night Lineup (All New Episodes) from BB

DWTS All-Stars (ABC)
The Voice (NBC)
Hart of Dixie (CW)(2 episodes)
Raising Hope (Fox)
MLB Yankees at Detroit (TBS)
Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out (Nat Geo)
Holmes on Holmes (DIY)
Giuliana and Bill (Style)

Presidential Debate (CBS/CNN/NBC/ABC/FOX/PBS/MSNBC,etc.)
Emily Owens MD (CW)
Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (Lifetime)
19 Kids and Counting (TLC)
Face Off (SyFY)
The Men Who Built America (History)
Homicide Hunter (ID)
Tia and Tamera (Style)
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Flipping Out (Bravo)
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Covert Affairs (USA)
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Extreme Cheapskates (TLC)
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Addicted (Fit TV)
I Hate My Bath/Hot List: Kitchen (DIY)
Chef Race U.K. Vs. U.S. (BBC)
Chicagolicious (Style)

WWHL; Luann deLesseps and Lauren Conrad (Bravo)

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547 Responses to She’s Baaack – Jill Zarin on WWHL, Tweets and News / Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 2 / Basketball Wives / Dancing with the Stars

  1. JenFromCincy says:

    Jillusional (adj.) : being so far separated from reality that no amount of videotaped evidence, negative viewer feedback, or receipts for purchased “eggmates” will convince you that you are anything less than a gift to the world and a shining star.

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning. As a few said last night, I remembered why,Lynn started I hate Jill Zarin. I felt sorry for Andy. And someone else said JZ was trending last night. I was apart of the numbers cause I was tweeting Miss Delusional throughout.

    • I don’t feel sorry for Andy. I’m sure his ratings will make up for however uncomfortable that was. He just looked so perplexed by her answers.

    • BB says:

      I didn’t feel sorry for Andy, either. He looked like he was enjoying it behind that puzzled look on his face. He knew the ratings would be great for this one. Lol.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Don’t feel sorry for andy, he loves it! He knew people would make fun of Jill for it.

      • I have to say I do not feel any empathy for Andy either. He knows exactly what he is doing. I mentioned yesterday that I peeked in at the NJ reunion show Sun. night (for the 1st time) and I was (looking for a word here) “disturbed” to see how he just sat there with quite a smug look on his face while all the bickering, name calling and fighting was going on. It made me have some very “not so nice” feelings about Bravo, Andy and their ratings machine. Not sure how much more I will watch….well, except for RHBH! 😛

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        As I watched, I thought, “Oh my God! This woman does not realize how ridiculous and delusional she sounds right now…..But Andy DOES.”

        When she tried to tell him how the lower ratings for RHONY proved that BRAVO made a mistake in getting rid of 1/2 the cast, he said, “Actually, the ratings improved every week, and we feel the season was a success.”

        When she tried to tell him that they picked Heather to be “the Jill Zarin” of the group, and it was a mistake because Heather is not even Jewish. She also said that, because Heather has not even converted, her children will not even be able to be Bar Mitzvah-ed. I thought, “OMG! Heather and Jill could not be any more different! How did Jill think that Heather was supposed to be her replacement.” Andy responded in a way that indicated how ridiculous he thought Jill was being by saying, “Wait! You actually think we brought Heather on the show to be YOU?!!”

        There are so many more examples. Jill made a complete FOOL of herself, IMO. Why has Bobby not gotten this woman some help to deal with the fact that she was fired and is no longer a member of RHONY? If he HAS gotten her some help, he needs to find a NEW therapist for her.

        • Powell says:

          On Twitter Heather was not liking HAs comments either. And I remember Heather saying the kids are being raised Jewish. Don’t recall her saying “she” was Jewish. Either way it doesn’t matter and JZ shouldn’t have opened her mouth to form those words.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I agree. It was like she was trying to challenge Heather’s “Jewish-ness” and, in a way, noting that her children would never be allowed to be “really” Jewish either because their Mother (Heather) was not Jewish. I was like, “What does all of this have to do with the price of tea in China?! Why is Jill even going there?”

            • LaineyLainey says:

              …because THAT’S SO endearing the viewers, Jill!!!!…americans just love elitism of all kinds, especially religious. (sarcasm font)

          • EllaMinnowPea says:

            She said the was, “Jewish by injection,” in one of the early episodes. I remember because I thought is was so gross. Ick.

        • plainviewsue says:

          I really think for today only we should go back to the original I Hate Jill Zarin name!!!

          Oh dear god, what would of Lynn thought of this debacle?

          First of all, as someone who is jewish (actually half. Mom jewish/dad catholic), how dare she call out Heather for not having converted. You absolutely can have your son/daughter have a bar/bat mitzvah if you are raising your child in a jewish home. I would say it couldn’t be an orthodox temple. But definitely in a reformed temple. How dare she say that.

          She is seriously deranged. To compare her We’re done to Jason’s? To say no one can replace her? To say that she and Alex were in a good place after season 4? To call out Andy for his love for Giggy (AGAIN!) and his love for Bethenny?

          I heard that Jill recorded the entire interview and is planning on selling it to a blog. She actually tweets her excitement that she is trending on twitter, but doesn’t get that it is because she is a train wreck!!!!!

          After getting caught up in the hoopla that is NJ, I tended to forget how much I hated Jill Zarin. This interview reminded me.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I agree about her being deranged. My mouth ALSO fell open when she said, “I told Bethenny I was DONE, but I did not really mean it. She could not forgive me because I said I was DONE. Well, I saw on an episode of her show that she and Jason got into an argument, and he told her he was DONE!! I mean, why could she forgive Jason and NOT me?!

            That’s when I screamed at my t.v. and said, “You saying you were DONE was NOT the reason Bethenny chose not to forgive you. Bethenny actually HAS forgiven you, Dummy, and she has said that publically more than once. She just no longer wants to have anything to DO with you. A person CAN forgive another person but still choose not to allow the forgiven person back into their life!! Also, Jason is Bethenny’s HUSBAND and the FATHER of her child, you IDIOT!! Of COURSE she would forgive him. Married people get in arguments and often say things they do not mean out of frustration and anger!!”

            Jill is SERIOUSLY off her rocker, and she has the mentality of an 11 or 12 year old!!

            • stellastars21 says:

              Hey Detox, I didn’t get to comment back to you since I had to get back to work (why didn’t I have it in me to be a gold digger lol) and then with the time difference. Anyway I want to thank you for what you said. It was so nice. I hope we can have success with books too. 🙂 .

              “Not only does Jill have a few screws loose, she is the BEST revisionist historian I have EVER seen (and that is NOT a compliment).”—–> You should meet my aunt. Interestingly enough she also wrote a book about our family but it didn’t get published. I’m always telling my mom that my aunt re-writes history. One example, one of my uncle’s apparently was a great singer and there are recordings on those reel type stuff. I’ve never met him but I wanted to hear it and since he is presumed dead, my mom said that she would ask my aunt for them since THE DAY AFTER their mother died she came and took them along with every gift she had ever gave her mother. Well when my mom called her and talked to her on speakerphone with me not only does my aunt say she doesn’t have the recordings she said she never came and took stuff from the house. I absolutely remember her doing that even though I was a kid.

              • stellastars21 says:

                well this is weird problems commenting. Let’s see if I can get this to post in the right place.

              • Powell says:

                Stella LOL. Me too. Why didn’t I have it in me to be a gold digger? 🙂

                • stellastars21 says:

                  That’s why I never understood how women could be with certain dudes. I mean everyone should have someone to love them but personality plays a part in that too. Some rich people who are just down right unattractive and seem to have personality issues I wouldn’t even want to kiss. Which I’d imagine you’d have to do and then some if you want to be with someone for their money. 😉

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Hi, Stella,

                Sorry for the late response. Yesterday, I just re-filled the prescription cough medicine the doc prescribed for me on 9/17 when I was Dx’d with “Walking Pneumonia (because my cough came back, and I want it to go away for GOOD. It’s REALLY starting to piss me off!). I started taking it again last night, and I only took 1 dose this morning. Well, it knocked me out for about 5 1/2 hours! The rainy out here helped with that too.

                I’m with you: I never had it in me to be gold digger (but, like you, I often wish I DID).

                As for your Aunt, people who can just LIE right to someone’s face amaze me. Your Aunt sounds like she is “amazing” (NOT!) in this way. Maybe that’s why I cannot stand revisionist historians — because they LIE! Maybe my problem with this is partly jealousy because I am a horrible liar. 😉

                • stellastars21 says:

                  I really hope the medicine works for you because a lingering cough can drive a person crazy as well as being painful. I’m glad you got rest since your body needs it to heal I’m sure.

            • EllaMinnowPea says:

              Plus, if I remember correctly, Jason said, “I’m done.” As in “I’m done having this same crazy ass argument with you in front of TV camera.” That was my take anyway.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Why would I feel sorry for Andy. He invited this woman on his show. He helped create the monster that is Jill Zarin. She eats shell fish on camera so I am not sure how committed she is to her own faith. I also think that NYC was a snooze fest this season and that Andy could not tell the truth to save his own life. He just can not help the fact that he spreads poison, like an oil slick, all over the Bravo network, and seems to be proud of it. We all know that he does play favorites and has one or two from each housewife show. IMO.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              I don’t feel sorry for Andy either, it would be like feeling sorry for Dr.Frankenstien after his creature is going on a rampage through the country side.

          • Powell says:

            sue I don’t know if you saw my tweet to JZ last night “Jason is Bethenny’s husband. She made up w/her HUSBAND & but not you & but not you? What’s wrong w/you?”.

    • hawkmoon947 says:

      Having recently learned from Heather that narcissism was a contagious disease, Andy was probably wondering if his vaccine was up to date. He was in danger of catching a raging case of it from JZ.

  3. not THAT Jill says:

    Maryla-great job on the JZ blog…it was such an awkward 22 minutes.
    BB-great re-cap of the reunion. I wish Sonja would have just thanked Heather for helping her. Bringing those graphics was a bad idea…I need to have a chat with her intern!!!
    Detox-you know you are a JIVE TURKEY-keeping all those BBW’s straight-I get dizzy reading your blog-but I love it, you save me from having to remember who the hell everyone is!!
    COCFarm- thanks for keeping me posted on who gets voted off-I dont watch but I like to know who is stinking up the dance floor!!!
    Boston-your pictures are FAB!!!
    NMD-THANK YOU for all you do to keep this blog going-I know you have some help but Im sure you are working your butt off-for us!!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Ditto to everything you just said, except for your comment about my BBW-LA blog. For that, I say “THANK YOU, JIVE TURKEY!” 😉

    • Powell says:

      Jill you are a funny lady.

      • Chicago Diane says:

        Double Ditto. Last night reinforced my gratitude that we have been brought together in our experiences of the RH franchise- and our united sense of amazement/frustration/pick a word/shock at the deluded sad sack that is JZ, through Lynn, but it was her thoughtful responses and perceptions that kept us together. Now, each of you who are contributing generously of your time and talent to write these well-done, thoughtul blogs each day keep us together- and I am grateful. Thanks very much to each of you- and a prayer and extra warm thoughts go Lynn and her family. She brought a very special talent to us here- and I miss her comments today. Bet she watched/shared and laughed at it all last night.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Why thank you Powell!!!

  4. Lulu says:

    Good Morning! OMG I didn’t watch WWHL last night thank you for the recap! Did anyone ever tell that woman “not to burn your bridges?” That was really sad and pathetic. I hope Andy learned his lesson on not to allow disgruntled employee’s on his show!

    I didn’t get a chance to watch RHONY reunion. Instead spent that hour chasing my 2YO back to bed. NONSTOP!!!

    • This made me LOL LuLu! Though they were long ago, I remember those nights. I mostly wish I had that much energy again. When you have young ones like that, your energy comes from somewhere you had no idea existed. Now, you get to do it again! Double the fun! 🙂

      • Lulu says:

        Thanks! I barely have energy! The only good thing about my pregnancies is that I don’t suffer from morning sickness. Just an on and off discomfort. Back to my terrible 2! Past weeks/months slept just fine! Yesterday was a day of “let’s test EVERY boundary possible!” The end of his day was just an extension of that.

        • Powell says:

          Hahaha. I know you wanted your little guy to just quiet down and go to sleep but aren’t you just so blessed to have to chase him down and before you know it there will be two. UGH!! LOL. 😀

          • Lulu says:

            🙂 What can I say Powell I’m living it up!

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Now that there will be two of “them” (the kids), and the two of “you” (You & Your Husband), it’s going to be “man-to-man combat” (at least that’s how my friends who are parents of 2 children often describe it to me! When it comes to those that have MORE than 2, when they are young, FUHGETTABOUTIT!!! LOL. They all say it gets better when the kids get older, though. So, there IS hope, Lulu! 😉 ).

    • Powell says:

      In a yr or two Bravo/NBC could be bought by some network or corporation that she wants to work w/ so Lulu not only has she heard the term “burning your bridges” she laughed to the person that told it to her. She is a loose canon.

  5. Talie says:

    I can definitely see more behind the scenes reasons why Jill was let go after last night…she was scripting her life, and that’s never good. Sure, there’s always a level of reality TV that is planned out, but she seemed to have taken it too far. That was an epic display of delusion last night. I can’t even imagine what Andy was dealing with on a daily basis with her when she was a castmember.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah Talie. I think her words were “I played that wrong”. Idiot!

      • Chicago Diane says:

        DIdn’t you love the comment that she brought the idea of a fight with B to producers and Andy told her it was a bad idea-? But she was saying she did it to bring Bravo good business- and as a player in the production company- that is absurd- the arrogance alone is beyond the beyond! But oh- what a shame- she just forgot to tell B it was all a story line__ !!??? How many ways can she reinvent history to make it as she wants it to be? That was appalling last night- and truly pathetic. That she didn’t realize he was laughing at her every word was the most telling- she has no idea what is really going on around her!

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Every cast member on every housewives show plays a part. It is part of the process. Some are better at it then others. I think a big mistake with Jill is she does not have many real relationships so that she does not really know how to behave like a friend. Her interpersonal skills are almost non existent and she has unrealistic goal to take over the world. JMHO.

        • Powell says:

          I’m sure B was sipping a SK Margarita and laughing her a*s off when JZ said that. How ridiculous!

    • tmarsh101 says:

      I can’t believe I wasted 22 minutes of my life being reminded of how horrible that woman is. I completely agree with your comment. She said, more than once, that she came up with these “ideas” and pitched them to Andy. She told Andy that she thought it would be great for the viewers to see her and B fight, but her only mistake was to not inform B of her grand plan? So while B is thinking this fight is real, Jill was merely playing her role? Wow. There really are no words.

  6. RealHousewifeVA says:

    omg I just went to Jill’s twitter and she spent the entire night tweeting people telling them to watch her on WWHL. She is so delusional. Does she think they are going to bring her back to the show??

  7. Rebecca says:

    I hateJill Zarin.

    Have I mention this before?

  8. Lulu says:

    I saw this interesting tweet:

    Andy?@Blocked: Is Jill Zarin really heading back to Real Housewives of New York City?! @Jillzarin @Bravotv @BravoAndy

    18h Andy Cohen Andy Cohen ‏@BravoAndy @blocked @blocked @jillzarin @bravotv no

    Now what was the point of her going on WWHL if she sealed her fate on RHONY?

  9. BB says:

    So, Jill goes to a meeting with her boss,, Andy Cohen, before filming of Season 3 and tells him she’s going to ramp up the drama by “breaking up” with Bethenny. Andy Cohen tells Jill that’s a bad idea. Now if my boss tells me something is a bad idea, I take the hint. Jill goes ahead and does what she wants and gets fired. That’s the end of Jill for everyone except Jill. It will never be the end for Jill.

    • So Jill has the entire season scripted out in her head. Epic fight. Epic make up. She’s the heroine. She doesn’t tell B because – hey – B may not agree to play the villian. Oops – B pulls a fast one and has a sympathetic story line with her father’s death and getting pregnant. Dang that B. One step ahead. It’s all Andy’s fault.

      • BB says:

        Andy warned her and she just didn’t listen. If everyone would have just cooperated with Jill. It was also telling when Andy said that Gloria always seemed pissed at him, Jill said Gloria is always pissed at her too. I wonder why? Lol.

        • chismosa says:

          I think EVERY SINGLE problem and personality disorder JZ suffers from is linked to her MOTHER. Just watch any old footage of the mom. I felt this way years ago when Lynn started this, I feel the same way now

          How I wish beloved Lynn could have seen this horrorfest last night

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Gloria is pissed…”Mother’s not happy”…who cares? She is a yenta version of Caroline Manzo

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Did Jill say “Mother’s not happy…?”

            What does Chismosa say to Lauren? “YOU ARE NOT A HOUSEWIFE! YOUR OWN MOTHER DOESN’T LIKE YOU! GO AWAY!”

            Sorry for stealing your line, chismosa – but it fits here.

      • Orson says:

        It was B all the time. At the beginning of the season, she had already planned her father’s death and her pregnancy. She did it on purpose. Just to make JZ look bad. That damned Andy!

      • Powell says:

        You and BB should write a novel.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Scripting her life. I can’t imagine the hell her husband and daughter live with.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        That’s probably why Allie left Sarah Lawrence and moved several states away to attend Vanderbilt in Tennessee. As for Bobby, I’m with you: I cannot imagine the hell he has to put up with living with Jill.

        • Powell says:

          I know Jill has previously put it out in the blogosphere but that pissed me off that she Saud on national tv where Ally is going to school. She deserves her privacy.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            I feel so sorry for Ally. I think she is a fine young woman. Bobby could divorce his wife and stay away, but a girl can never divorce her mother. I hope Ally can continue to stay away and develop without her mother’s influence (or her grandma on that one side).

            • Chicago Diane says:

              One of the things that became clear last night was how much of her time has been spent over the past year reexamining every miniscule slight, every perceived disadvantage-and every move of the past four years of filming. She has been watching both B and Andy’s schedules to see when they have dinner, and with whom, and every single move any other housewife has made with Andy has been perceived a direct threat to her “standing”. She has endlessly reevaluated every instance and determined herself to be “mistreated”. And is delusional enough to believe she could create an environment where they wanted her back- just by saying so.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone fabricate their own version of the world as much and as far as she has. Actually,it is amazing that she made it through the initial screening, given how far off the wall she is.

              Can you imagine how far she has gone trying to be in touch with and track B and Andy? I wonder if he decided to air this as a means of exposing how far it has gone-
              and do wonder , if she is bothered hearing her voice, how far JZ has gone to track/bother B, now that they are such great friends??.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                Andy is a man that makes a living exploiting unbalanced (mostly) female personalities and smiling behind it. I do not find that anything to be proud of. JMHO.

              • contessa says:

                I never gave that any thought, but what a great observation…you are absolutely right on. Must be a terrible way to live; Jill tracking people hour to hour and writing down every perceived slight that comes from her imagination.

              • Powell says:

                And I don’t believe JZ could not watch Bs show at first cause she couldn’t take hearing her voice. She watched every epi and thought to herself and said to Bobby that “she should have been there on Bs show”. And she went to B to apologize again. Cause she wanted on Bs show. She thought they were going to be the new Lucy & Ethel. Didn’t B tell her Jason didn’t like her? Why would B want to listen to her,apology?

              • Amber...Real Wife says:

                Jillzilla is a Level 5 Stalker! She has definitely been following B’s career since they were ‘friends’ so imagine what she does now that it’s over. She probably has an altar/shrine dedicated to B. She chants “I hate you you skinnybitch… please be my friend again, I cringe at the sound of your voice… please call me again!”

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                It’s like Jill is the character played by Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction,” and RHONY (and any past, present and former housewives [particularlay Bethenny], and higher-ups associated with it, including Andy) is/are the character played by Michael Douglass.

                “I’m not going to be IGNORED, RHONY/Andy/Bethenny!!!! (She screams this maniacally).

  10. Joymama says:

    I wondered how JZ just happened to run in to her gay hubby in Morocco while shopping. Oh, she staged that??? Really. She staged the whole season which makes me think she staged Kelly getting crazy on the trip too. Kelly was calling JZ. She really put the shizz out there last night admitting she faked her own reality.

    • chismosa says:

      yeah that is what was initially thought here (on the blog) when it happened, about Brad in Morocco. I mean, look at that setup with the psychic telling that to Ramona about ‘another woman’. Jill’s grubby little squeezed fingerprints all over it.

    • Powell says:

      Joymama your probably right since JZ gave herself away. She scripted that out and Brad jumped on board.

  11. BB says:

    Totally off topic. The Walking Dead musical number.|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=14933801.|

  12. not THAT Jill says:

    I just saw on twitter that Wendy Williams said that JZ secretly recorded the interview so she could sell it to bloggers?????

    • BB says:

      I wonder how Wendy Williams would know that?

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I just saw it too on Wendy’s show. She said that, unbeknownst to Jill, many of the gossip bloggers called Andy to tell him that Jill had secretly recorded the entire interview and was shopping it around.

      ???!!!!WTF???!!!! IMO, this proves that Jill is STILL the vindictive, sneaky, and underhanded person she was on Seasons 3 & 4 of RHONY.

      Wendy said that she has met Jill personally several times, and she likes her. Despite this, she said she had a message for Jill. She looked into the camera and said, “Jill, please get ON with your life! You have a wonderful husband and daughter. Go and live your life and be happy and forget about BRAVO.”

      Wendy also said that she has heard that there is NO chance of Jill ever being on any kind of BRAVO show ever again. (Sign of the Cross and Thank You, Jesus!).

      • chismosa says:

        Ooh thanks for this info Detox, I have to watch Wendy on dvr later. Wow

        Is this illegal if she did record it? How much would I love if Bravo lawyers force her to turn over tapes.
        I mean look they had Aviva’s friend escorted out of the reunion for taking pictures

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I’m not sure because that’s not my area of the law. I know that taping a phone call with a party that does NOT know you are taping them is illegal in SOME states but LEGAL in others. If the phone call takes place between parties that are in different states, then FEDERAL law comes into play, and I think it IS a crime under FEDERAL law.

          I don’t know where the heck secretly recording a NATIONALLY TELEVISED interview fits in. I’m pretty sure there could be some legal ramifications for Jill. I mean, it was not a PRIVATE conversation (although one could argue that the parts edited out and not shown to the national audience are private. I think that would be a B.S. argument since I’m sure camera men and other people were around to record it all. The editors also had to put the finished product together. So, they saw it too, etc., etc.).

          The things is this, though, I think copyright laws might come into play because the taped interview is the property of BRAVO/NBC. It’s a BIT (although she probably had no visual recording) like taping a movie while it is playing on the movie screen and then making a bootleg CD to sell on the street. People HAVE gotten into legal trouble (and either paid a fine and/or went to jail) for doing THAT.

          Jill can destroy the tapes and say they NEVER existed. If BRAVO/NBC decided they wanted to take legal action against Jill, they could get sworn and notarized affidavits from each of the bloggers she called that called to report her to Andy, where they testify that Jill did indeed have a recording of the interview in its entirety that she was shopping around for profit.

          If they decide to sue Jill, they could use these affidavits in place of live testimony from the bloggers (although, if a blogger wants to show up IN PERSON to Court, to testify as to the veracity of each statement in their signed and notarized Affidavit, they are welcome to do so).

          If Jill still chooses to deny this (when more than one person says she is LYING), it is HER word against theirs. Because there is only ONE (1) Jill and allegedly MORE THAN ONE blogger who called Andy to report Jill’s shopping around of the tape, the odds would be stacked against her in a lawsuit.

          Jill is SO frickin’ DUMB at times (but she is under the delusion that she is SMART/SMARTER than everybody else, which often gets her a*s embarrassed or in trouble)!! She probably wanted to also use that tape to serve as a “secret source” to the magazines and blogs too.

      • Powell says:

        Detox can Bravo/NBC sue her if that’s true?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I wonder if the orders are pouring in….by the zero’s?

  13. contessa says:

    Good Morning All,

    First of all the NY reunion and phenomenal RECAP…I felt sorry for Lulu, as she looked really uncomfortable. I still don’t think she slept with the pirate. Now that Heather explained she spoke to both of them, is what made me change my mind. I think Lulu was embarassed for anyone to even think that, and tried to cover up. Remember she hates to look like is in the wrong. Sonja, Sonja, Sonja…I love you, but enough with the toaster oven crap. I am also tired of everyone ripping on that swingy figure on their brands. It belongs to Bethenny. Also I believe Alex gave Bethenny the first idea for the figurative drawing (maybe wrong here). Sonja should have someone long and lean with a hat and walking a poodle (1950’/1960’s glamour). Sonja can’t get out of her own way to help herself. Heather is correct about Sonja and hard work. She’s been launching this ridiculous oven for too long, and Heather’s blog gives us a bit more background on this. If I were Sonja I would have taken charge of my own meetings with notes, research, and told people exactly what I wanted and never be late. She was too wishy washy in those meetings. Heather also alluded (in her blog)to more stuff going on behind the scenes in St. Barths??? Can’t figure this one out. Liked Ramona standing up to the fact about people questioning her drinking…go girl. Adiva was her usual ignorant, abrasive, nasty self…there is nothing to this woman except excuses for bad behavior. I know people with phobias and they are not judgmental, actually it makes them kinder. Adiva is a spoiled entitled brat who should go play with her BFF delusional Jill.

    JZ made a total fool of herself last night…I cannot believe what came out of her mouth. She sounded like a petulant nasty spoiled teenager – it was all na, na, na, na, me, me, me. Bravo knew what was going to happen, and Bravo showed the public why she is no longer on the show.
    She blames everyone Giggy, Bethenny’s show, Ramona, ratings, and even the skinny girl bottle on the set (couldn’t believe she tweeted that). She is so full of jealousy she is going to explode one day. Well I guess she already did that publicly last night. Now I remember all the reason for the I Hate Jill Zarin. What a total POS she really is. She really wanted to be Bethenny’s show as her sidekick, and cannot understand why Bethenny didn’t forgive her. To top it all off she is friends with Adiva – they truly belong together. SICK SICK SICK!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hi, Mama Contessa, (*Waving*)

      I agree with EVERYTHING you said except for the Lulu part (I do think she cheated and slept with the pirate).

      Jill is BONKERS, and I firmly believe that Aviva took some direction from Jill on how to treat Ramona. Big Mistake because it really backfired on her.

      • contessa says:

        Hi Baby Girl, That’s okay about Lulu…I love you anyway!!!!

        I am now going to get involved in watching basketball wives as I didn’t realize you do the recap. I love to read anything you write.

        Bonkers – you cleaned that up. I think she is certifiable and is living in an alternate universe with egg twitter people and Bawby pays the bills. Adiva with all of her paid education is truly stupid in the ways of life. When on goes on a show, one should watch what the show was like previously. If you are really smart, you try to emulate within your personality the things that are likable in the other housewives. I think Adiva and Jill have the same kind of personality traits. Jill comparing herself to Heather and saying she was her replacement, but she isn’t really Jewish made me ill. That is Heather’s business, and Jill should stay out of religion. Being Jewish is not all about religion it also has to do with ethnicity. My 2nd husband was Jewish, as were my in-laws. Besides Jill can’t even imagine the kind of success Heather has in business, while her girdles are in Marshalls and Ross. XXOO

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Thanks for the compliments about my writing, Mama Contessa. ITA with everything else you said here.

          I don’t know why Jill decided to particularly pick on Heather last night. It could be a combination of the following things (which is pure speculation and opinion, of course): 1) Heather is in the same line of business Jill is attempting (shapewear), and she is ALREADY successful at it; 2) Jill has made Aviva a personal friend of hers (so she could use Aviva as a “spy” about the taping goings-on and so she could use Aviva to take Ramona ON and take her DOWN. It’s too bad Aviva did not realize that she was being used and manipulated by Jillzy. If my suspicion is true, I hope Aviva realizes it NOW), and she is not going to go after a personal friend; 3) She would NEVER go after Carole publically because she would DIE to be in Carole’s social circles (gained from being married to a Prince and being related by marriage to the mother of JFK, Jr. and, in a way, “connected” to the Kennedy’s) and any negative mention of Carole by Jill would get her ICED OUT of those circles for good; and 4) Heather said that her husband was Jewish, and they were raising their children Jewish even though she had not yet converted to Judaism (Jill harped on that a little bit TOO much. Jill strikes me as being PETTY enough to be upset that a Jewish man married a shiksa [i.e., a Gentile/non-Jewish person]).

          I would LOVE to see Heather confront Jill over her comments. Heather would eat Jill for BREAKFAST and calmly use a toothpick to clean her teeth afterwards before she popped in a breath mint and re-did her lipstick.

      • Powell says:

        Detox JZ gave Aviva notes on Ramona.

    • kitkat says:

      Jill feels ENTITLED to be forgiven by Bethenny! Like, if Bethenny won’t forgive her, she’ll fight with her about it! Like Bethenny owes her a forgiveness! She’s SO nuts!

      • EllaMinnowPea says:

        I believe that B has forgiven Jill. Jill just can’t comprehend that someone can forgive your actions but still not want to have anything to do with you. What B can’t tell Jill is that with all the other things going on in her personal life and her career she just does not have the time or the engergy it takes to have a crazy-ass friend like JZ.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


        • kitkat says:

          she takes no accountability for her actions. She claims Bethenny decided to cut her loose because she didn’t want Jill on her new show…she is trying to rewrite history! We all saw Bethenny try again and again to make up with her, crying in the street, going to Ramoner’s apt to make up with Jill, being put on speaker and riduled by Luann. She tod everyone not to film with her…etc…NOW Jill says Bethenney refused to forgive HER because of some calculated move involving her new show! In the words of Teresa, “IS SHE KIDDING ME??”

    • Powell says:

      contessa ok I now don’t believe Lu slept w/Pirate boy. So why would she make up such a lie? brought her home. That’s very innocent so why lie and put her relationship w/possible baby daddy Jaques?
      Since Sonja said her toaster I’ve, mitts and tongues are coming out I tweeted her and asked when they’re coming out. She hasn’t tweeted me back. Frankly I don’t think there is going to be a toaster oven. And why did she tote her logo mock up to the reunion. Heather had a right to be pissed at Sonja. Heather was funny when she told Sonja she didnt know what hard work was or however she Saud it.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        That WAS funny (and I like both Sonja and Heather). I think she said, “Sonja, you wouldn’t know hard work if it bit you in the a*s!”

  14. Donna says:

    Andy Cohen goes to great lengths to treat each housewife equally? HUH?????????? I need to get my eyes and hearing re-tested!!! OMG it’s going to be “torture”

    • BB says:

      I found that statement amusing also.

      • chismosa says:

        me too. He has his favorites, and i also think that unfortunately despite what he may say or want to make us believe– he ALWAYS had a personal relationship with Bethenny outside the show. They were just very down-low about it. Remember, he was at her secret birthday party that Jason threw for her where she had the breakdown in the bathroom, now yes, that was not technically a HW’s show, but it was HER show, on Bravo.
        These days they can flaunt their friendship around as much as they want— B is in with Anderson too, Andy’s bff. But of course, Jason doesn’t join B and Andy on any of these lunches in Sag Harbor or dinners downtown. …. oh poor Jason, i feel for you love

    • noreen7 says:

      That is laughable. It is the one sore spot for me on his show. I can understand he has favorites, but what I don’t like is his little digs to his HW guests. I feel like he is laughing at them like a viewer who hates reality t.v. would laugh, rather than as their employer who makes a living by producing reality t.v. Does that make sense?

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Yes, it DOES make (perfect) sense.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I think we will see Andy’s karma come back to him on a very public scale. He has hurt a lot of people on the way up. JMHO.

      • Chicago Diane says:

        And is completely true. He is one the one hand becoming rich from them, and on the other- more visible one- laughing at them. Which is one of the reasons the shows have lost their personal/positive touch and become so exploitive. They are laughing at every one of their stars. Honestly, why would you stay on the show , except for the ego driven issues, if they were endlessly laughing at you/setting you up? Who would trust a producer assigned to them by Bravo if in fact every other statement could be a set-up to make them look bad? ? You would have to be pretty desperate to want to be on these shows. Just look at any of the heroines who are turned into the bad-guys- those are very big switches to your ego.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I can’t grasp it either, Chicago D (but that is because I am a very private person, and I would DIE before I put my personal business out there for everyone’s judgment and/or amusement).

          I think some of the women stay on these shows, despite the negative aspects of it, because they really NEED the money and any money they can generate from the platform these shows provide.

          I think others (like Jill) stay on because they are narcissists (or have some other form of personality disorder or a “combo plate” of more than one) who need ATTENTION (a.k.a., their narcissistic supply) — whether it be good or bad — like they need AIR to BREATHE. Basically, their need for public attention makes them a famewhore, and they don’t mind “whoring themselves out” to BRAVO to get that FAME (or INFAMY).

  15. noreen7 says:


    Your recap of JZ on WWHL is hysterical!! It made my day. That woman is unbelievable!!!

    • BB says:

      Yes, great job Maryla!

      • JenFromCincy says:

        Ditto! You made me laugh out loud several times, Maryla!

        • Yes great job. Would you like to recap LuLu on WWHL tonight? ? ?

          • chismosa says:

            Wait Luann is on WWH tonight?

            • BB says:

              Yep. And you know what? I don’t think Bravo will be changing the NY cast up for next year. I think all of them will be back. I think Andy is happy with the NY cast as it is. Just my prediction. I know nothing! nothing!

              • plainviewsue says:

                Yes, great job Maryla!!! BB, I hope that you are right. I liked this cast, and now that they really got to know each other, it’ll be even better. I even tolerately Lulu without Jill. I loved that Lulu FINALLY got called out by Andy & the other ladies. I love Heather. What a difference from the beginning.

              • chismosa says:

                Omg I thought only Lauren Conrad ( who I happen to like, actually) was going to be on. This was not mentioned on Thursday on WWH. I am kind o intrigued that he chooses to have Lu. Hmmmm. Why not Ramona or Andy’s bestie Carole?

                Now I agree ^^ I have a fear Lu is back for next year. Yuck or maybe this is Luann’a swan song and Andy is having her on for one last hurrah ??

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            Yes, thank you so much for the recap since there was no way I was going to bite the bullet and watch the show. Even just reading about JZ made my blood boil…I think I would have popped a vein if I actually saw it on film.

        • trudie says:

          Agreed, great job Maryla.

          I actually took notes last night (I am a loser!). Other interesting comments from Jill”
          * Friends asked Jill why she would reach out to Bethenny after “she did all those horrible things to you.”
          * Going to Scary Island – she went to Bravo and told them she was going to stop there on her way to her vacation with Bobby (“which was ruined by the way). She told Bravo it was her brilliant idea: “I’m going to make great television.”
          * Bethenny didn’t accept her repeated apologies because she didn’t want Jill on her show. It was a calculated risk because B didn’t know if it would be a success without Jill on her show. Doesn’t understand why B wouldn’t want to do things together. They made great tv.

          • noreen7 says:

            JZ admits what she thought would be great T.V. was a disaster and yet, can’t understand why she was fired. In any industry, if you put out horrible ideas, programs, sales figures, etc., you get fired. And guess what, you don’t get to say goodbye.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


            You are NOT a loser. In fact, I wish I would have had the idea to take down notes myself!

            Jill’s statement about Bethenny refusing to accept her apologies because Bethenny did not want Jill on her show was just MIND-BLOWING to me.

            Bethenny repeatedly tried to apologize to JILL during Season 3 (Why would she DO that if she had a calculated plan to prevent Jill from making appearances on her show? I screamed at my t.v., “Jill do you not think things through THOROUGHLY before you SAY them??!! What you just said makes NO sense!” Jill thinks she is MUCH SMARTER than she REALLY IS. This causes her to make nonsensical and B.S. arguments that drive me CRAZY!!).

            Not only would Jill NOT accept Bethenny’s apology for a long time, she also constantly tried to make Bethenny look bad to the viewers (which could have caused Bethenny to have poor ratings for her show. That’s messing with someone’s livelihood, which I think is an evil thing to do), and she constantly tried to form a “Team Jill” against Bethenny.

            Not only does Jill have a few screws loose, she is the BEST revisionist historian I have EVER seen (and that is NOT a compliment).

            • Hey Detox, I didn’t get to comment back to you since I had to get back to work (why didn’t I have it in me to be a gold digger lol) and then with the time difference. Anyway I want to thank you for what you said. It was so nice. I hope we can have success with books too. :-).

              “Not only does Jill have a few screws loose, she is the BEST revisionist historian I have EVER seen (and that is NOT a compliment).”—–> You should meet my aunt. Interestingly enough she also wrote a book about our family but it didn’t get published. I’m always telling my mom that my aunt re-writes history. One example, one of my uncle’s apparently was a great singer and there are recordings on those reel type stuff. I’ve never met him but I wanted to hear it and since he is presumed dead, my mom said that she would ask my aunt for them since THE DAY AFTER their mother died she came and took them along with every gift she had ever gave her mother. Well when my mom called her and talked to her on speakerphone with me not only does my aunt say she doesn’t have the recordings she said she never came and took stuff from the house. I absolutely remember her doing that even though I was a kid.

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              She’s like GeorgeCostanza… It’s only a lie if you don’t believe it. She believes the BS she’s selling even if no one is buying. LOL

          • not THAT Jill says:

            trudie…I wanted to take notes…but I DVR’d instead!!!

    • Maryla says:

      Thanks to all. It was fun to do. Made me recall that IHJZ and I miss Lynn’s witty posts about her.

    • chismosa says:

      Maryla– your recap was SUPERB. Honestly… do some more!

    • Maryla, enjoyed your recap!

    • lori says:

      I agree great job! You saved me from having to watch the deserve combat pay 🙂 One question with all the money bobby is spending on fake followers can’t he get her a good PR person so she doesn’t come off as completly crazy?

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I think Jill had a good PR person in Darren Bettencourt. No matter how good a P.R. person is, though, many things depend on the CLIENT. Jill is such a malignant narcissist that I have no problem believing that she REFUSED to take her PR’s suggestions and directions. I say this because there is NO way that Jill would have said and done so many DUMB things if she would have listened to her PR rep.

        Darren Bettencourt now works for Teresa. It appears to me that the difference between Jill and Teresa is that Teresa LISTENS to her PR Team’s directions and FOLLOWS them. I do not think Teresa would have had the success she has had business-wise if she failed to follow her PR team’s direction and, instead, acted like she “knows it ALL” and just did what SHE wanted to do rather than what her PR Team guides, suggests and directs that she do.

        IMO, if a PR person has a “bad” client, there is only so much they can do to help that client’s image.

        • lori says:

          True and for some misguided reason Jill think she’s smarter than everyone else. Despite all the evidance to the contrary 😉

        • contessa says:

          Malignant Narcissist – LMAO big time (and that is a lot of a$$). Gotta say Tre is much smarter than Jill as she does follow directions from an expert in the field. Jill is simply put cray, cray and that is why she got along so well with Kelly.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Believe it or not, Mama Contessa, that’s an actual real term. There’s the garden-variety narcissist, and then there’s the MALIGNANT narcissist (which I guess is like a narcissist times 10 on CRACK!! LOL).

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I agree, Maryla. Great job!

    • Boobah says:

      Maryla, Thanks for taking the bullet!

    • Powell says:

      Maryla you should definitely being writing more blogs. Your humor fits right in with our other blog writers. LOL. Very, very funny and right on point. 🙂

  16. BB says:

    I didn’t point this out in my recap, but I cracked up when Luann told Andy that Tomas was pronouced Toemah (without the s), and then turned right around and said Tomasssssss, to which Andy quickly corrected her. You know Luann could be a fun girl to hang around if she could get rid of all that hoity toidy-ness. I think she’s slowly getting it.

  17. trudie says:

    BB great recap! I was appalled that Andy asked those questions to Sonja about how she and Tomas “did it.” He kept saying “I can’t believe I am going to ask this.” Well Andy, you chose the questions. You didn’t have to ask those.

    Love that Ramona shut Andy down about her drinking and loved that Heather and Carole said they didn’t think she had a drinking problem.

    • chismosa says:

      me too, i LOVE that Ramona shuts him down. She stands up for herself with him which many of these HWs don’t. He really does love her though, i caught his face gazing upon her many times last night with such a smile. Like, not patronizing, but truly loving her. At least we can rest assured RaRa’s place on the show will not be compromised.
      I also think Carole secretly loves Ra, she is the one that she’d go away on vaca with is what she said on WWH a few weeks ago i think.

    • ladyballs says:

      andy seems darker and darker to me.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Since I do not think Andy loves himself I am not sure how he could love Ramona. I think when he looks at her he see’s $$$ signs above her head. That is what he is smiling about. I do think that Ramona might have a drinking problem, but I think its her problem alone, and none of Andy’s business considering his own possible drinking issues. JMHO.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          good one, CAP.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I think Ramona has a drinking problem too, but you’re right: It is HER business. If it gets to the point where it is harming her businesses, her marriage or her relationship with Avery, I think Ramona WOULD address it — PRIVATELY.

          She is what I call a “functioning alcoholic.” JMHO. My former secretary was married to one. He worked his way up to a very HIGH position in his company (It was some type of Oil & Gas company). His job required him to either work 2 – 4 weeks ON (which meant he have to live and work on a rig offshore) and 2-4 weeks OFF (which meant he would be back on land and at home for that time period.

          She said he never drank a DROP when he was ON (i.e., at work), but he was a terrible binge drinker at home when he was OFF. He made good money, and, for a while, despite his drinking, he was a good father to their children and a good husband to her. So, he was VERY functional…..

          …..for a WHILE. And then it all caught up to him and ended up ruining his marriage (because he started cheating with a co-worker); his job (because this co-worker was actually a secretary for his company and someone over whom he had supervision. Many companies do not look too favorably on this for several reasons: 1) it could open the company up to a sexual harassment suit if the relationship went bad, and the secretary claims she only slept with him out of fear of losing her job; 2) it showed poor judgment on his part and made him look like a loose cannon; and 3) many companies still have conservative atmospheres and PUBLICALLY cheating on one’s wife is not a good “look.”; and his relationship with his children (because he saw them less and less and went out of his way to provide as little child suppport as possible to his ex-wife and kept her in court for a little while over EVERY little thing — until she just gave up and got tired of fighting him [He was very angry and vindictive over her leaving him. Never mind that she had a good reason to do so.] and because they were angry with and lost respect for him over his cheating and the way he treated their Mom after the divorce).

          I think Ramona WOULD get help before her life went off the rails like that.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            P.S. You guys know I LOVE Ramona. So, it’s not like I’m saying this because I dislike her. Despite how much I LOVE her, though, the truth is the truth (at least according to MY opinion. Others may disagree about whether or not she has a drinking problem, and that’s fine).

  18. JenFromCincy says:

    Zarin randomness: I found it odd that Jill sided with Aviva, until I remembered that Aviva is Fran Drescher’s sister-in-law and then it made perfect sense considering Jill’s insane belief that one degree of separation from a celebrity (ie: Kathy Hilton, Lisa Gastineau, etc.) makes you a bigger celebrity yourself.

    • BB says:

      AND as Ramona has said, Jill is always friends with the underdog (Bethenny in the early seasons, Kelly, Aviva). Maybe it makes Jill feel superior or something. According to Jill, she was Kelly’s only friend on the show.

      • JenFromCincy says:

        Another excellent point, BB!

      • chismosa says:

        To be honest i think Jill also puts RELIGION into this whole thing. And Jewish religion is usually very linked to ETHNICITY (meaning, Jews very often consider themselves ethnically Jewish and may or may not be THAT religious along with that)— and we saw how she cut down Heather on Heather not being **really** Jewish– i mean — I remember Heather early in the season stating how much she embraced the religion for her husband. {I remember thinking how sad she left her own religion, her parents’ faith, for her husband but i know this is common esp. in Jewish interfaith marriages.}
        How low of Jill to call Heather out on that— i mean, what a piece of work. But, THIS IS JILL FOR YOU.

        So, basically what i’m saying is i think Jill also feels a link to Aviva as she is the only one of the HW’s that is Jewish blood through and through. That, and of course, Aviva’s hatred of Ramona NO MATTER WHAT THE REASON AVIVA WANTS TO SPIN IT AS.

        (ps Ramona’s last name was Singer and i never knew if her father was Jewish? Isn’t Singer a Jewish last name? So, i never knew about Ramona, though i know she is Christian now)

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I think Singer is Ramona’s married last name. I think her maiden name was Mazur (but I could be wrong).

          Mario speaks Italian, and I vaguely remember someone saying that he was 1/2 Italian. I did not know “Singer” was a Jewish last name. I definitely knew it was not an Italian last name, though. Considering Jill’s comments last night, I wonder if Mario’s father was Jewish, and his Mother converted. For some reason, I doubt it because I think Jill would have somehow pointed out that Mario is also Jewish like her.

          Who knows? Maybe Mario’s mother is Irish; his father is Jewish; and he learned to speak Italian from Rosetta Stone.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            The possibilities are endless. 😉

          • 2Stupid says:

            He and Ramona are both Catholic. Their TruFaith jewelry line started out as only religous jewelry. Ramona mentions a couple of times about being Catholic, but doesn’t seem to make a big deal about it.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Mario’s father was an Austrian Jew but converted to become Christian when he married Mario’s mother, an Italian Roman Catholic.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                cool info.

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  I know. Very cool info. So, Mario is 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Austrian. That’s the same combo as Jac Laurita. She says her father is Italian (Italian-American) and her mother is Austrian (Austrian-American).

        • contessa says:

          Very true, about Jill supporting Aviva because of their Jewish faith/ethnicity. I abhor that she called Heather out, as Heather has a loving Jewish husband, she supports his faith and has a child that was born very ill and is being raised in the Jewish faith. As we all know Jill is abysmal and after last night I will call her the evil spawn of Lucifer. Can you tell I don’t like her?

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Well Andy Cohen is the boss of the network and he has not hidden his personal bias for people of his faith. Jill Zarin use to have one of his favored seats during the reunion. Kyle Richards is a favorite and she is Jewish/ Kabbalah. Adiva had the prize chair at the NYC reunion this season and she seems a bit unstable. I feel that there is a bit of a double standard as to what is OK for Andy to do verses the women on his network. He has even mention the faith of his Jewish stars on the reunion and his talk show. When Soleil Moon Frye was on WWHL he even asked her point blank if she was Jewish. She is not but you could tell that she was not comfortable with the question. This issue, along with his need to push his personal sexual lifestyle, and counting other peoples money, on the network, make him a kind of Hugh Hefner of cable TV rather then celebrity talk show host, of after primetime TV, he would choose to be. He comes off as a for every man, free spirit, but the truth is much closer to a propaganda artist who smirks into the camera, at his viewership five nights a week. JMHO.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I think your theories are very plausible, CAP. The only exception to that rule is Bethenny. I mean, her father was Jewish, and her Mother converted to Judaism to marry him. However, I don’t think her Mother practiced the faith or raised Bethenny Jewish after she left Bethenny’s father, which took place when she was VERY young.

              If your theories are correct, do you think he lets Bethenny “slide” on not really participating in her faith because he likes the ratings and money she drew into the network? Or is it because he simply likes her personality, period?

              I do know that when I used to read Ilana Angel’s reality column (before I stopped because of how she was publically tormenting and bashing Lynn), she made several VERY nasty comments about how Bethenny was trying to “pass” and DENY her Jewish heritage. She basically indicated, in so many words, that this was one of the reasons she could not STAND Bethenny.

              You know how they say that people often PROJECT their OWN feelings/shortcomings onto others? Jill was always trying to scream that someone (including our dear Lynn) was Anti-Semetic. Maybe Jill is just projecting. Maybe JILL is the one who has a problem with people who are NON-Jewish (I guess that would make her Anti-…what? I don’t know what the proper term would be).

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Hi CAP,

              I just responded to your comment, but it is in moderation for some reason. There were NO curse words. I swear (or, rather, I did NOT swear)! And my E-Mail address was not mistakenly incorrect.

              It basically discussed Bethenny being the possible exception to the rule (because she is a non-practicing Jewish person), and it also discussed that Jill’s constant screaming of being discriminated against because of her religion could have actually been PROJECTION on Jill’s part. It could be that it is JILL who has a problem with people who are not Jewish and, often, not the other way around like she LOVED to accuse people.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                Detox, my rant above was more about Andrew and less about Jill. He hired her. He introduce us to her. He colors the painting, choosing all the colors for his shows. And we sit and complain about a few shadows in the shading when the whole composition is monstrous, at first viewing. LOL… JMHO.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            No, Mama Contessa, I could not tell that you did not like Jill at all. Come on, now! Admit it: you like her just a teeny-tiny bit, don’t you?! (JUST KIDDING. I know you don’t like her. She makes it very HARD for one to like her).

  19. Lady Chatterley says:

    Why? Why did Andy put that pathetic crazy woman back on television?

    My only conclusion is that she is a true Borderline Personality and is dangerously obsessed w/Bethenny.

    That is all.

    • contessa says:

      I bow to you My Lady – as this observation is the truest in the land…can we all repeat Jill is borderline and obsessive – Bethenny be careful!

    • chismosa says:

      it’s so nice to see all our psych 101 analysis from back in the day with Lynn on IHJZ coming on back today. I’m so nostalgic for that fun time of group hatred. We all met through that fun time. 😉

      I know some people don’t like to use the word ‘hate’ because they feel it takes up too much energy in someone’s life to truly ‘hate’ someone but i GLEEFULLY say i HATE Jill Z. I have plenty of energy to go around and i choose to expend some of mine on HATING her.

      • noreen7 says:

        Ditto – a couple of us got called on the “hate” thing a few days ago and I just didn’t have the engery to express my feelings about using “hate”. But I totally agree with you about JZ – it is an appropriate description of my feelings. And point of fact, a large group of people felt the same way and Lynn brought us all together and something great became of it. So, I still hate JZ!

        • Eve says:

          I agree. I thought about Lynn last night and gave her a shout out…..I STILL HATE JZ!

          • Chicago Diane says:

            AS do I- isn’t it amazing how she can bring it out in people who would not use the term otherwise? And I so appreciate and agree wholeheartedly with so many of the comments above- we are all completely on the same page about her- it is a gift- and truly fun!! She is capable of making people aghast in a way very few others can- and she is so consistent in it- she has not matured or grown at all from this. If anything ,it has made her much MUCH worse. It was APPALLING to realize she believed what she said last night- and sees nothing clearly. it makes me wonder what her real intention was last night- . yet it appears it was as obvious as it seems, which is truly pathetic. I apologize for not coming up with a more thoughtful way to describe it- she is just so ridiculous.

  20. Good Morning! So much good stuff today!

    Maryla ~ thank you for biting the bullet and watching/recapping this. I could not bring myself to watch it. Having read your recap, I am glad I didn’t. Delusion personified.

    COCfarm ~ I have been missing DWTS this season and love your recaps. My daughter and I used to watch it together, but time hasn’t permitted. I continue to be surprised with who goes home each week tho. A tidbit…I used to work for the studio that films the show. Not is all as it seems. Nuff said!

    Detox ~ I watched the first seasons of BBW but never got into LA, even though I am from there. Love your recaps, but its more for your humor and writing than anything! You have a gift!

    Boston ~ your pics always make me laugh out loud. So very good!

    NMD ~ what you do is amazing and you are very appreciated!

    Now to NY Reunion ~ Great recap BB ~ I personally do not think Aviva is ever going to “get it”. Some people just never get out of their own bubble, and she has been in hers for a long time. I know people who say terrible things like she has, then come back and say, oh, I didn’t mean it, or I was just angry. But, too late, it is out there, and people get hurt. She is so insulated from anything but what she thinks, and I don’t think that will change. I hope she won’t be on next season, but who knows what they have planned now.

    BTW ~ I do believe “they” read the blog. Many of us called it when we thought Aviva’s yelling at Ramonja was really directed at her mother. Still does not make it ok! The rest of the ladies I can embrace for who they are and welcome them back. Well, maybe except for LuLu!

    Now…on to great scripted shows right? When I was ill this past weekend, I watched the entire first season of Revenge and was wowed by it. Great show!! I have recorded this season so far too, so looking forward to watching those episodes.

    And finally, a new post and goodies are up for all you lovely peeps today! Enjoy!

    Love & Hugs!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Thank you so much for the compliments, Mardrag! Love & Hugs right back atcha!

    • cocfarm says:

      Mar drag
      Thanks for the kind words. I watch it because my mom and aunts watch it. I have to make their crib sheets for them every season. This is the first time I’m watching the whole season.

      Now, let’s dish the dirt! I’m sure it isn’t all that glitters behind the scenes. Maybe you should write a blog about how things work when the cameras aren’t filming. Do tell!!!

  21. Queen Butter Bean says:

    It seems to me that Jill’s downfall is because Jill only thinks of Jill and doesn’t really do anything that isn’t beneficial to her. Selfishness defined.

    I agree with everyone else that she has rewritten history (re: she and Alex were in a good place at the end of Season 4) and seems to have a delusional revisionist memory of what actually happened. Of course, she had no culpability and it was everyone else trying to screw her over.

    Sad really.

    I still don’t like her.

  22. contessa says:

    I just read the following recap on TV gasm – it’s hysterical and to the point:

  23. contessa says:

    A lot people complained about Lynn’s naming the blog I HATE JILL ZARIN; as we all know it was tongue in cheek based on Jill’s behavior on the show. Lynn has now come full circle, because Jill has shown her true self on TV last night. A big shout out to Lynn up above!!!!!!!

  24. cusi77 says:

    I Have to admit that I watched WWH last night TWICE! The second time I felt like Carole-like person… fascinated by human behavior and asking myself what kind of personality disorders were developing in front of my eyes…

    I found this in Wikipedia about Personality Disorders that apply to what I observed last night:

    *Paranoid personality disorder: characterized by irrational suspicions and mistrust of others.

    *Schizotypal personality disorder: characterized by odd behavior or thinking.

    *Antisocial personality disorder: a pervasive disregard for the rights of others, lack of empathy, and (generally) a pattern of regular criminal activity.

    * Borderline personality disorder: extreme “black and white” thinking, instability in relationships, self-image, identity and behavior often leading to self-harm and impulsivity.

    *Histrionic personality disorder: pervasive attention-seeking behavior including inappropriately seductive behavior and shallow or exaggerated emotions.

    *Narcissistic personality disorder: a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy. Characterized by self-importance, preoccupations with fantasies, belief that they are special, including a sense of entitlement and a need for excessive admiration, and extreme levels of jealousy and arrogance

    *Disclosure. I am NOT a Psyquiatrist by any means… just an observer..

  25. LaineyLainey says:

    Hi there, Folkses!! I noticed there isn’t an option on the poll for those of us who didn’t watch. It might be interesting to see that number? maybe? thanks for all you do, NMD. Boston, those pics are a riot. Thanks to all the bloggers!! Don’t want to name names for fear of forgetting somebody. I might end up with a disassembled chain saw in the mail. haha!!

    • cusi77 says:

      Or a horse head in your bed!

    • chismosa says:

      Question about the poll since we can vote OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Would JZ or any trolls come here to vote that they love JZ and want her back? Maybe that’s where the small % of her support on the poll comes from?

      In classic IHJZ blog-style, I believe we should be expecting some nice little troll visitors today. Interns hard at work

      • BB says:

        Sometimes its fun playing with trolls. Like shootin’ fish in a barrell.

        • chismosa says:

          Yes, it will be interesting to me to see if JUST like old times they touch down and arrive on schedule IMMEDIATELY the day after J was on TV

        • trudie says:

          I kind of got the feeling watching Andy interview Jill last night that he was playing with her the way we play with trolls.

  26. My Account Hi, Job Sucks, On break now! says:

    Hi, there is a rumor on twitter going around on twitter that JIll secretly taped her interview with BravoAndy ?
    Jill ZarinVerified ‏@Jillzarin

    Did @WendyShow just talk about last night @bravoandy?


    carol daley carol daley ‏@caroldaley

    @Jillzarin @WendyShow @BravoAndy yes and it wasn’t very flattering. She said you secretly taped the whole interview w/o Andy knowing.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I love your Name. Wendy DID repeat that rumor on her talk show. I saw her do it this morning.

  27. MamaZ says:

    Four things that interested me about the JZ interview.

    Andy is obviously more involved in the day to day production of the franchise than he has been claiming if JZ had a meeting with him about fighting with B.

    JZ claims that she loved B like a sister but that for B their friendship was a business arrangement. Yet JZ was the one who was willing to fight on camera for a storyline while her father was dying and didn’t tell B it was all for the show. Sounds like Jill was the one treating the friendship like a business arrangement.

    JZ says that she and B have forgiven each other and she would love to meet Bryn. B may have forgiven her but if she hasn’t met Bryn yet then that friendship is dead, buried, salted and burned by the Winchester Brothers so that it can NEVER come back.

    JZ ripping on Heather was dumb, dumb, DUMB! Does she think she can intimidate Heather? Did she watch this season? Heather is unafraid of the other Housewives old and new.

    • chismosa says:

      i don’t think Jason has seen Brynn lately let alone Jill being allowed to see her! lol

      That was horrid the way she went after Heather. Jealous jealous jealous (i hate to just use the cliche jealousy angle but i think she is of Heather’s successful business line)

      • Chicago Diane says:

        Why do you say that about Jason and Brynn?

        • chismosa says:

          Just my hunches lately about never seeing Jason out with Bethenny or with Beth when she’s with Brynn, but B is all over town with Andy and other friends being photographed or being photographed solely with Brynn. Six weeks to spend away with your daughter alone without your husband also seems fishy to me. (What Bethenny told the mags she did this past summer )

          Just a growing hunch I have. Bad PR if she goes public about anything since she has the new show starting next year

    • Orson says:

      Re your first point, Mama, I think Andy was more involved in the production before the WWHL show started. I understand he either delegated or gave up some of his responsibilities for the RH franchises when WWHL took off. Though he is the visible Face of Bravo for commercials and the reunions.

    • Boobah says:

      Great post, MamaZ. The point you made about the “business arrangement” is awesome. Jill sure tried to twist that one around. Unbelievable. Jill is clearly still very much wrapped up in this. Heather is the new Jill?? WTF? I couldn’t believe my ears. I would love to know what Heather thinks after hearing that. I agree that Bethenny is so over Jill and has moved on.

    • trudie says:

      Also loved how she threw LuAnn under the bus with her comment about the “fling” with Tomas keeping LuAnn relevant for the show.

      • cusi77 says:

        And what about Jill being “a business woman” (Grandeur a bit?)… Then, Heather (The real business woman) IS her!!! What a delusion! Very good point MamaZ, about what B’s friendship was to Jill! Run Bethenny, Run!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Oh yeah, I forgot about that! She sure DID throw LuAnn under the bus. Jill has NO loyalty (although LuAnn does not strike me as a very loyal person either). I honestly think she would sacrifice her own Mother on an altar to BRAVO and Andy if it would get her back on the show (or ANY show)!!

  28. AZGirl says:

    I started to watch Jill and just could not bring myself to listen to the BS. I DO have to give Old AZGirl credit on the “buying twitter followers”. I predicted that she would answer that she did not know that you could do that last week. LIAR. Our local NBC station had a special last night about social media and buying followers. Jill needs to go away. It is embarrassing.

  29. ladyballs says:

    watching wwhl now.
    i never hated jill and still don’t but ooooooooooof she is cray cray with a capitol cray.

    • contessa says:

      I don’t think anyone really hated her, it was her bad behavior that was hated. As I stated above the “I HATE JILL ZARIN” blog name was tongue in cheek. Lynn did not have a hateful type of personality and that is not why it was named that way. I don’t hate her, I hate what she represents and her narcissistic behavior. Lat night proved once and for all, why she was let go and she still percieves herself as being so relevant that she is the one they need to bring back to save the show. What that idiot doesn’t understand is that new cast members take some time to meld with the public. A lot of viewers left NY because of her nastiness and the toxicity she brought to the show; she simply cannot see for herself who she really is. I think Bawby needs to get her to a shrink super fast, and stop buying all those followers on twitter.

  30. chismosa says:

    anyone see this on Radar Online yet?
    Something about heather being caught in a lie at the reunion about Harry hooking up with some of the ladies?
    And Aviva being the one whose +1 leaked photos of the reunion and had to be escorted out. Aviva is a lunatic.

    • BB says:

      I wonder if Aviva’s “friend” was Jill. Hahahahaha!

    • Ça va says:

      Interesting read. So Heather lied? Why? Was she too ashamed to admit she eavesdropped? She was the one who heard Sonja and the pirate and had to investigate, right? Sounds like HeatherT might have a snooping problem.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Sound to me more like all these people on this show are messy. I will never trust Sonja. She will paint a picture of the sun as grey, if just to make herself look better. She is too lazy and cheap to hire a PR person, so instead she tell her own branded, self serving, stories. She is a gold digger at heart that did not seem to have the sense to hide real cash for that rainy day. 10 years is a long time to come away with nothing. She is not as smart and worldly as she think nor seemingly as lovable. JMHO.

  31. ladyballs says:

    when i first saw andy cohen on these reunion shows and didn’t have any idea who he was, i wondered why people treated him like they knew him so well but it also seemed like they thought of him as “somebody.”
    then i found out he was the executive who ran bravo, which was strange because he seemed like a peter pan type of guy not a new york television executive.
    after the jersey fiasco and that interview with jill, it’s clear he presents a persona on tv.
    asking questions like he doesn’t know the answer is one thing. i get that. but i don’t like knowing from his own mouth that he and jill discussed ramping up the drama with the bethenny fight. i don’t care what his opinion on this matter was. jill was comfortable taking this storyline to him.
    this is proof for me that his fingers are in the pie. i like proof.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I continue to admire him. I don’t think I like him, but I find him fascinating. It’s fascinating to me that he can present himself as such a doofus, but be a very smart cookie and reach the level of work he has. I have to hang my head to admit it, but I do find him fascinating.

      • Queen Butter Bean says:

        Kansas – you’re not alone. I feel the same way. Hell, I might even like him.

      • ladyballs says:

        yeah, i don’t dislike him at all.
        i’m just seeing the man behind the curtain now. unfortunately for him, the more he’s on tv the easier it is to see his personality 360 degrees. he thinks we can’t see which housewives he favors and which ones he really doesn’t like, but he’s wrong.
        i love it when i can tell he really doesn’t like one of them. it is fascinating to watch him in those situations.

  32. Powell says:

    Diva. How’s Mr Ford?

  33. Pghemtchick says:

    I feel like Jill is a pig happily (gleefully) rolling around in her mud today. She’s captivated press and the net again do her klout is going up. Same ole’ Jill-press is press.

    Thank you for covering WWHL. I made it appoint to flip my channel to the news. Great blogging all. I don’t say it often but really enjoy the recaps. The reunion was blah IMO last night.

    Lulu: Go make French-NA babies with Jaques, but please not on my screen anymore.
    Sonja: Drop the sex kitten act please-it’s no longer cute when the kitten might break a hip. Love the fun of things, but the flirting is crazy. For the love of all holy, put the toaster oven on the market. I expect to see you standing in front of it promoting it at like Target next season.
    Heather: I used to think you were a yummie tart. You’ve changed my mind and grew on me. I wanna see what season 2 Yummie brings-lose the Holla please.
    Carole: I thought you were hip and chic. I’m not feeling it anymore. Shilling a non-published book and claiming it’s getting picked up as a series, just makes me question if this was all thought up in cloud of smoke. I could give or take you coming back.
    Aviva: Take your extra leg and please just go. Nice PR move on the blog showing Bravo people “love” you. Not the case here. I’m not going to beat a dead horse-I just don’t like you.
    Ramona: THANK YOU for telling Andy to knock it off. I think you’ve mellowed some and I like it. See you next season.

    • Powell says:

      Pchick I’m so waiting for the Sonja Toaster Oven that can do what Black & Decker, Oster, DeLonghi, Cuisinart, Breville and others (cough, cough) can’t do. Oh and let’s not forget the oven mitts and tongs. 😉 I wish Sonja would move on from her ex and this toaster oven. What happened w/the toaster oven recipe ? That’s what she should’ve focused on.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I agree, Powell. I don’t even know “business” like that, but my common sense tells me that Sonja is handling everything A*S BACKWARDS. She definitely should have come out with a cookbook FIRST and then branched off from there. I mean, that’s like Bethenny coming out with SkinnyGirl drinking glasses and other drinking apparatus BEFORE she ever came out with any kind of alcoholic beverage.

  34. Eastbayca says:

    That wwhl left me speechless last night.
    It was frighteningly sad and if anybody loves Jill Zarin please get her help.
    I also understand why Alex once said Jill is in high school while she is in Brooklyn trying to survivor.

    Jill/Bethenny fight started before they even began filming. She saved a message from Bethenny throughout the summer so she could play it on TV (for Lulu), how is that planning for the ratings?
    Why was it for Bethenny to forgive her after B had tried several times to salvage the relationship but saw no way ahead but to carry on with her life?
    How delusional does one have to be to compare themselves to somebody’s spouse?

    I don’t think she has made a truce with Ramona, I think Ramona just says hi, is cordial when they run into each other and that’s about it.
    As for Silex, she just started communicating with them recently when Alex had her towels on Groupon.

    • Ça va says:

      Like Bethenny could forgive her knowing how JZ used her and their alleged friendship to drum up a story line to keep JZ relevant, or to possibly tarnish Bethenny so her show would fail? That’s all kinds of messed up.

      • Someone someday is going to use JZ’s time on RHONY as a PhD. thesis in psychiatry. “How Reality TV Can Fuel the Megalomania/Narcissitic/fill-in-the-blank Personality Disorder.” For a thesis in television production/directing how about “Trying to Manipulate the Drama of the Reality TV Show You’re On Will Get You Fired.”

        Fifty years from now “How Reality TV Caused the Descent of Mankind Into Armageddon” may be a manual explaining the future demise of the World. Just kidding! Kinda.

      • hawkmoon947 says:

        First, why does Jill now look like a muppet? Her face looks like it’s made of felt. Second, how obvious is it that JZ will never get over Bethenny surpassing her on Bravo? She once said that she should get a cut from Bethenny’s show because she was responsible for bringing her on RHONY. Never mind that it was Bethenny’s quick wit, self-deprecating humor and work ethic that made her a fan favorite and kept her on the show. I’m surprised JZ didn’t try to take credit for the Skinny Girl empire.

    • Powell says:

      Eastbayca now we know from JZs own lips that the saved voice mail was another “calculated move”. We now know JZ did a lot of things as calculated moves, motives to increase drama. She shoulve kept her mouth shut. Now we know how disingenuous she was all 4 seasons. She never cared about B, Lu or even Kelly for that matter. Everything she did was to make herself look good on camera but darn it she miscalculated so much of her 4 seasons.

  35. kitkat says:

    So, can we expect to see Kelly sitting and bitching across from Andy next?

    Before I watched the second part of NY reunion, I caught a reunion from last season, with Cindy, Kelly, Jill and Luann sitting on one couch. I had forgotten how incredibly mean and nasty they were to Alex at that reunion. Luann was just so vicious, and mocking and had such a twinkle in her eye while she was goading Alex. So I really enjoyed watching Carol go after her a little bit and found it so nauseating that she would whine about it when Carol asked her a legitimate question..why DID she bring home a pirate knowing that she is being filmed for a tv show if she so wants to protect her kids??? Where IS her judgement? Luann crumbles when forced to face her own appalling behavior. Such a shame that Alex was so clumsy and weak at confrontation. I think Luann deserved harsher treatment from Carol than she got.

    And THANK YOU to everyone for keeping my favorite blog alive. You all are doing SUCH a great job! 🙂

    I miss Lynn so much, though. 😦

    • Pghemtchick says:

      To answer your Kelly question: No. If she did get on the show and started to get heated- Andy would just have to pull out a bag of Jellybeans or gummies. Problem solved…

      • BB says:

        Kelly may be BSC but at least she seems to have moved on. I give her credit for that.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I think she just forgot. Tra-la-la, with a hair twirl.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            LOL, KG! I have no problem believing that. I often imagine that Kelly just hops and skips around and runs in the street without any REAL and/or DEEP and COHERENT thoughts. Her own mind has probably convinced her that her time on the show and the “Scary Island” episode never really happened and was simply all a bad dream.

    • chismosa says:

      I agree KitKat, but Carole has more manners than to go after Lu OR she felt it was useless to try to even go after her in the first place.

      And for what you said about KooKoo coming on, I have a strange feeling Andy is testing new waters with this “One on One” formula with the dramatic music playing in the background, or maybe it was a special soundtrack just for JillZilla

      • that music from “Jaws” would have been appropriate for JZ…..or maybe the twilight zone theme. Perhaps a bit of both?

      • kitkat says:

        after those ratings came rolling in, I bet he’s booking her now!
        and I agree about Carol. She held back on Luann because she is not a primo, alpha beeyoch. She doesn’t have the cruel, killer instinct of a snake. She’s actually normal.

  36. JustDee says:

    Things I suspected before last night but now know are FACT. (Thanks Jill!)

    1) Jill is OBSESSED with Bethenny, she watches her show and follows every news bite or piece of gossip.

    2) Bethenny does not respond to Jill.

    3) Jill is obsessed with ANDY and looks for clues on the WWHL set.

    4) Jill is obsessed with ALL Things RHONY, including keeping track of their ratings and comparing them to “her” seasons.

    5) Jill is the one spewing hate into Aviva’s ear.

    Anyone else?

    • Eastbayca says:

      She has google alert on Bethenny; from Season 3 when she was on the phone talking to Sonja and Lulu.

    • Dee I refused to watch JZ on my tv but thanks to Maryla, found out she more than met our expectations of delusional behavior. Typical JZ that she thought her “pretend” fight with Bethenny, and showing up on Scary Island would be “Great tv.” So even when Andy warned her not to do either one……did she listen? Nope! Fascinating to find that out.

      Clearly Andy is taking advantage of her delusional narcissism. For ratings, Jill! Not because he’s giving you a “second chance” or “wants you back.” Your “fans” Jill? Oh yeah, the ones you bought – they only tweet support because 1) you pay them 2) they are just as delusional as you. If this doesn’t pound the final nail into JZ’s coffin where she’s placed all her hopes about getting back on tv, I don’t know what will convince her. We are all laughing at you JZ, laughing at your pathetic delusions of a “reality tv career” or any career selling anything successfully for that matter. Now please, go away and STFU.

      • JustDee says:

        I don’t think the fight was pretend. I think that after all this time it’s the only “excuse” Jill could come up with where she’s NOT the Heartless Bitch that tried to destroy her friend. Of course Jill herself probably believes the Pretend Fight story now.

        • ITA with you Dee, Jill only talks about it now as a “pretend fight” because she lost! Wow what Bethenny had to go thru with this deluded, manipulating pos JZ. The fact that JZ still thinks she can be friends with B says it all, doesn’t it? I don’t know whether to be disgusted with Andy for letting JZ back on our screens, or congratulating him for letting everyone get a reminder of how crazy she really is. I can’t get her last reunion performance out of my head, she was so full of venom. Plus she had Kelly & Luanne acting like mini-JZ’s. The way she took after Alex, and now says she & Alex are “good friends?” Huh? If Alex considers JZ a friend of any sort, than that’s showing Alex’s desperation. Simon, OTOH, would be glad to be friends with JZ because he’s as desperate as her. Hmmm maybe that’s why there are strains in the Alex/Simon marriage? This nonsense of getting JZ & Alex back on RHONY is bullsh*t.

          Lynn must have a really good laugh last night.

    • Belle says:

      6) Jill is not very smart. There was a reason this interview was taped and not live. Jill, its called editing.

      • JustDee says:

        LOL, I thought it was taped ’cause Andy was afraid of what Jill would say Live And Uncensored!

        • In some ways I wish it had been live. Can you imagine the callers? Agree that Andy was terrified of Jill being live. Haha Andy knows he can’t handle her!

        • Eastbayca says:

          I think it was taped to at least show her in some semblance of a good light, Andy and Bravo knew what they were dealing with.

        • trudie says:

          I thought it was taped so they could add all those clips that negated what she was saying on WWHL.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I agree with ALL of your listed facts.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        When Jill told Andy that she felt like he was her father I kind of have to disagree. They are are more like peers in an exclusive country club. To me they are more like brother and sister in a world class rivalry game that she has lost. As the brother, Andy just wants to remind the public who came out on top, like we could not figure that out on our own. Insulting! Much! These two are not very redeemable characters. JMHO.

  37. Well, me thinks Ms. JZ’s plan has backfired…magnificently! Here we are, all come together under the common ground that brought everyone together in the first place. Thank you Lynn! I took a moment to look around the internet…could not find one positive blog about her show last night.

    The energy here today feels like it used to, the reason I came, and Ms. JZ is no better off, possible worse, than before. I am sure Lynn is amused!

    You all know I am all about love and not a snarky person….but is it bad that I am enjoying this…..just a teeny bit?!

    And….a brilliant PR move by Andy, positioning the show last night? What NJ Housewives?? :O

  38. AZGirl says:

    The NY blogs are up! I have to say that Luann this season was great. She nice, funny and a tad wild which surprise us all. Lulu’s blog was really good. She acknowledges her faults, complements the other housewives, and is appreciative for her relationship with Jacques.
    I think Lulu’s “rebirth” has a lot to do with Jill Zarin not being on the show this season. Jill brought out the mean girl in Lulu. Jill is toxic and it is good that she is gone. After last night’s WWHL Jill is gone for good.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I agree that Jill’s departure was good for Luann. However, she MADE THE CHOICE to be on Team Jill. She bet on the wrong horse. A few people did, didn’t they? Look where it got them. Kelly Beensomeone (fired), Cindy Barshop (fired), Luann (somewhat friendless this season)…even Teresa went around writing super mean things about Bethenny back in the day. Hello, Egg? Yes, you! You can get off of Teresa’s face now. Egg has a way sticking!! I believe it’s rumored that Jill was Aviva’s spirit guide this season. We saw how THAT turned out. Wrong horse, Aviva.

  39. “It was like a death.”

    Isn’t that what Bethenny said after the infamous “we’re done” phone call? Jill isn’t capable of any originality at all.

    I don’t believe Bethenny ever saw their friendship as a “business arrangement”. Bethenny was truly hurt by Jill. You could see in her face several times. And I also don’t believe that, if they had remained friends, Bethenny would’ve blocked Jill from appearing on BEA. I think she would have welcomed it. Maybe not Jill constantly making appearances, but now and then. The show was primarily about Bethenny and Jason and Bryn, after all. Not B and Jill.

    As Bethenny said, it’s amazing what desperate people will do to stay relevant. Whatever else can be said for or against Bethenny, she does know how to take the high road when she puts her mind to it.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I think Bethenny was initially DEVASTATED with the way things turned out with Jill. IMO, because she did not have a very good relationship with her Mother and, according to her own words, often had to be “the adult” and parent her mother when she was a child, Bethenny subconsciously looks for a Mother figure to nurture and support her.

      I think Bethenny felt like Jill served, not only as a friend, but as a mother figure for her. I also think that Bethenny truly came to regard Jill, Bobby and Allie as the family she never had.

      So, when Jill turned around and stabbed her in the back; tried to take her down; and tried to ruin her livelihood, it COULD have POSSIBLY brought Bethenny back to the place where her real mother had done very hurtful things to her in the past. This is what I think caused her to be very devasted over the way her friendship with Jill ended. When Bethenny met up with Jill for lunch, at Jill’s request, (when Jill gave Bethenny those nasty-looking latkes) she cried and told Jill that she had been “shredded” by what took place between them. I sincerely believe that she WAS (for a certain period of time).

      I now think Bethenny has “processed it” in her mind and worked it through; has forgiven Jill; has decided to no longer have anything to do with Jill despite her forgiveness because she can no longer TRUST Jill; and is focused on her OWN businesses, her OWN family and the future.

      • Oh, I agree with all you say. Also agree that when Bethenny regained her equilibrium, she knew she was over Jill. Done, finished, emotionally and mentally moved on.

        And good for Bethenny. With all the talk of “toxic friendships” as the buzzword of the moment, what happened between Jill and Bethenny was truly toxic because of Jill’s behavior. Jill says now that she did it for the drama, but it was pretty obvious at the time that she also did it because she enjoyed it. Watching the infamous phone call, among other things, you could see that Jill was truly enjoying twisting the knife in Bethenny. I think Bethenny realized it later, when she watched it herself. It’s just sick, and I’m sure, if Bethenny did have any lingering feelings toward Jill, she had the epiphany that she didn’t want any further part of that.

        With friends like that, who needs enemies?

        • kitkat says:

          I agree with all. I also think that at some point, early on in Jill’s attempts at reconcilliation (around the Nasty Latkes Incident) Bethenny started to become aware of Jill’s stalker tendencies. Showing up like that on Scarry Island, after being told of the crazy mental state of her supposed friend, Jill basically shoved Krazy Kelly aside while saying “yeah, yeah, BUT WHAT ABOUT MAKING UP WITH ME, BETHENNY???”

          And if that wasn’t textbook-stalker last night, I don’t know what is!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            They can’t look at anything else, but the object of their obsession.
            situation: Jill your “friend” had a break down. Jill your friend needs you!
            Jill’s reaction: Bethenny, why won’t you forgive me??????
            (shades of Jac and Tre)
            situation: Jac your daughter needs you. Jac your son needs you, Jac! Jac!!!!
            Jacqueline’s reaction: “Teresa is a liar!!!” “Joe cheats on her!”

  40. cocfarm says:

    Jill wanted to get on WWHL to have her “GOTCHA” moment with Andy. She thought she was going to go on, make her case that he unfairly had a preference for Bethenny and make it up to Jill by offering her place back on the show.

    Here’s what I thought:
    She looked great.
    She came armed with her ‘facts.’
    She thought Andy would cave and say, “you’re right Jill. I’m sorry. We need you back”
    She wanted to point out that no one could take her place (but forgot that they didn’t want anyone to take her place since they got rid of her for a reason!)
    Andy gets the satisfaction of giving her what she wanted (Bravo time), and hanging her out to dry.
    Andy wants everyone else to see what he has on his hands with Jill.
    Andy and Jill are guilty of manipulation.
    Jill doesn’t understand how to gracefully walk away with her dignity.
    Jill still thinks she’s a hot property.
    Jill lost all of us when she said she is doing great and has all these great gigs. She should have been honest ala Alex & Simon.
    Jill is wacko to say she and Alex were fine after their last season.
    Jill nailed the coffin shut on her life at Bravo in my opinion.
    I watched it and knew I would. If there was one good thing this woman did with her two awful seasons is bring me to the LynnFam. RIP Lynn. You must be having a good laugh over this one! You are missed.

    • kitkat says:

      Jill’s problem has always been thinking she’s smarter than everyone. She thought she could blow everyone away with her awesome debating skills and win her job back WITH a raise! Maybe even win back Bethenny (“It was for the show, I got us high ratings! I knew we would finally make up, I didn’t mean any of it!”) NOBODY is buying what you’re seling Jill! Get it?

  41. Eastbayca says:

    Forgive if this has been posted….apparently Jillzy secretly taped her interview with Andy and is/was planning on selling it to bloggers.

  42. AZGirl says:

    Greggy Bennett finally shows some intellegence:
    Greg Bennett‏@GreggyBennett

    I don’t know about all of you, but I’m excited to see Bravo’s version of Norma Desmond return to #WWHL tonight for her closeup.

  43. kit9 says:

    OMFG. Having to listen that delusional(to the point of Kelly level crazy), self obsessed, pathetic desperate loon rant on was torture. Pure effing torture. She’s freaking crazy, to a degree I don’t think we’ve ever really seen before. Effing crazy. I don’t even know where to begin to rip apart her absurdly comparing her saying, ‘we’re done’ to Jason saying it. I only wish that Andy would have challenged her more because so many things she said were either lies and/or complete and utter bs. And, the tweet today about being hurt that Andy had a SkinnyGirl bottle on the set?! All that sit down with Andy did was underscore every single thing I hated about her. And, added an exclamation point. Or ten. Holy hell.

    • JustDee says:

      Thanks! That was GREAT!!
      I was going to pull a few quotes but there’s just too many good ones. 😀

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I love this article and I love Brian Moylen. Thanks for sharing this, BB.

    • I love Brian Moylen’s writing style…this was great! Thanks for posting! And the first comment? Oh my! Damage control!

    • noreen7 says:

      Really good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

      • cusi77 says:

        Thanks, BB!!!!!!!!! I laughed to tears! Very good link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • BB says:

          I love the way he described the limousine ride home and what was going on in her mind after she got home, fixed herself a diet coke and stared at her phone waiting for the head of Bravo to call her to offer her the Jill Zarin show. It’s probably closer to reality than we think – sadly.

    • kitkat says:

      GREAT article! Thanks for posting, I never read his stuff before, but will from now on.

  44. Sharon says:


  45. cocfarm says:

    They just showed photo evidence of supposed spousal abused from the Maloof divorce from RHOBH on Inside Edition. Of all people, the chef of the Maloof household put it out on Twitter. Fyi for those of you who want to find it on twitter. I don’t go there!

    • Adrienne let her chef photograph the alleged marks on her back from Paul hitting her? Why didn’t she call the police? Why is this coming out now, because she wants sole custody of the kids? If it’s true, Adrienne should have gone to the police IMO. She knows this is not documented evidence, but it is going to affect her husband’s career. Maybe get her more sympathy. What a mess!

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Adrienne is a fn Ninja, there is no way I beleive that Paul Nassif assaulted her.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii yah! karate chop!!!

        • Nancy says:

          Hi RR,
          It’s still so strange for me to understand how two people that used to be so in love
          can get to this kind of level. This could really hurt his medical practice.

          • Nancy says:

            Needless to say their children.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              Me either, but it’s clear that Adrienne has a Kate Gosselin like personality where they just needle people to death.

              • Nancy says:

                I wonder what he saw in here in the first place. It can’t be money as he’s a BH Plastic Surgeon.

                • rabblerouser2010R says:

                  I think it’s because they both Lebanese and catholic. She also had her own $$

                  • Nancy says:


                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    There are large communities of Lebanese people/descendants in certain portions of Louisiana. I befriended several of them, and they told me how they have “conventions” all over the country where Lebanese families gather to make marriage “matches” for their children.

                    Many of the Lebanese that came to Louisiana came because they were Christian and Catholic and being persecuted because of it in their own country. Because Southern LA is majority Catholic (Northern LA is like a whole DIFFERENT State. It’s majority-Protestant. The food is different. The music is different. There are a whole list of differences), the Lebanese felt very comfortable practicing their religion in peace.

                    I will say that a lot of those Lebanese men are “HUBBA HUBBA” (that means “good looking”). Many of the women are beautiful too, but I’m not looking at THEM. I ain’t got time fa dat!! I’m looking at the mens’es! 😀

                    Paul and Adrienne probably did have that Lebanese, Christian and Catholic connection that they thought would make a compatible match. It’s too bad that they never considered that the wife has to actually LIKE AND RESPECT her husband for the marriage to work out. The same religion and the same cultural background is NOT enough if one or more parties is an A*SSHOLE!!

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      One of my very best friends (a beautiful woman with three gorgeous daughters) is one of those Lebanese kids whose mother fled to Louisiana. Truth is, many of those “lebanese” were/are displaced Palestinians. They felt they would be more accepted here in the states if they said Lebanese Catholic. Not kidding. Serious as a heart attack. And yes, they, my friend and her hubby who have resided in Texas for almost 30 years, used to attend those conventions when their kids were growing up. They are a super tight-knit community. They are some of the most beautiful human beings I know; inside and out.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I don’t know why this made me laugh out loud, Rabble, but it did. It was the “fn Ninja” part. If ANYTHING, I could see ADRIENNE kicking DR. PAUL’S a*s and NOT the other way around.

          I have totally lost ALL respect for Adrienne. I know that what she is saying could POSSIBLY be true, but hell, there COULD POSSIBLY be a real BIGFOOT (It is highly IMPROBABLE, but it is POSSIBLE. Lots of seemingly ridiculous and ludicrous things are POSSIBLE)!

          I just do NOT believe her. She and that damned chef Bernie are like an evil version of “Batman & Robin” with the co-dependency and how he “runs” to help Adrienne out and “rescue” her when she is in a jam by ALLEGEDLY selling nasty stories about her cast mates (and now, Paul) to the blogs and to the press AND saying nasty things about her perceived enemies. I’m wondering if Paul now regrets calling Brandi “a Bitch” while he was defending Adrienne (If that really happened. That’s what it looks like according to the previews, but with the way BRAVO edits, he could have been talking about a new female dog he just brought, and Brandi could be saying, “Are you talking to ME?” to the damned bartender!).

          I would NEVER hire Bernie as a chef with those kinds of antics. He better hope Adrienne lives a long, long time and that she “wills” him to another Maloof (like in that movie, “The Help”) just so he could stay employed.

          How could I trust a chef like that in my home? He’d be selling stories to the tabloids about how I like to engage in “Secret Single” behavior like how I eat exactly 6 roasted garlic Triscuits with pepperjack cheese as a nightly snack; how I like to sometimes sleep in different bedrooms of my house “just for the hell of it”; how I like to SCREAM at my television as if the people on it are really real; how I often throw my sofa cushions at my television to put emphasis on my screams at “the talking people in the box; how I sometimes turn up my music and dance and add my socks so I can slide across my laminate wood floors while I am busting my moves; etc.

          People who work in your home are supposed to maintain your privacy, Dammit! I would not like the tabloids or bloggers knowing ANY of those things about me (even though I just told all of you here on this blog).

    • princesspindy says:

      I saw the pictures and I’m no Doctor (but I play one on TV) but it looks like a allergic reaction to me.

    • TMarsh101 says:

      Clearly Adrienne has been taking classes from the Taylor Armstrong School of: How To Fake Domestic Violence To Keep The World From Knowing What A Train Wreck Monster You Really Are.

  46. stellastars21 says:

    Sorry Detox,

    I left you a comment way up above but I forgot to mention that it is interesting how people can be from totally different places and back grounds and have such similar experiences in life. Your story about your aunt that every one has to be on guard and watch/hide meds so they wont be stolen reminded me of how my mom said when her siblings came to visit, she has 8, she’d have to be watching them like a hawk and they still got out with stuff and she mentioned stuff they stole. The thing that shocked me was towels, I’m like TOWELS!!! How does someone sneak towels out of your house? Who would even think to do that? I guess the answer to that question is a thief. Also when my mom was in the CCU after having her aneurysm she said she remembers her brother coming in and going into the bathroom in her room with all the meds they had put out for her to take. I was so appalled by that. It’s sad that people do that and I’ve had co-workers tell similar stories. It’s sad what drugs do to people. That same uncle drinks a lot and he once came to me to borrow $20 saying he needed a part for his car. I loaned it to him even though I vowed I never would cause he never pays people back and he is an alchy/druggy (but shortly before this my mom gave a speech about how I have to be nicer to him cause he’s my uncle and all that). Well later that day I say him walking back from the store (he lived in the same housing complex) with a bottle of whisky. I confronted him and he told me that once I gave him the money he could flush it down the toilet and it wouldn’t be my business, and while technically true, I was so pissed I made him give me back my $20 plus and extra $5 for my grief. lol He never got money from me again.

    Princess Pindy,

    I’m sorry that your neighbor was so shady like that. I’m glad you aren’t allowing them to take advantage of you like that again.

    • princesspindy says:

      Thanks Stellastars21, my grandma was Stella, so was her daughter which I never understood. Anyway, the good news is they moved, lol. I had a piece of Tupperware that I loved that I kept my brown sugar in and would use every day for my oatmeal. It had a flip lid that you could open and get the spoon in. Well, my dad and his wife visited and when they left, my brown sugar was in a different container and my tupperware was gone. SERIOUSLY?? If they had asked for it I would have probably given it to them. They had all the money in the world so it wasn’t a matter of money. They had retired up to a beautiful lake in the mts.. I think it was a matter of her wanting it and my dad saying “take it”.. When they decided to go “full time” RVing on the road I went to visit cuz they were selling their house. They were packing up and giving stuff away, mostly to her looser daughter. Well, there was my tupperware. You know I got a bag and put it in it and took all the other pieces that I recognized…. I never said a word about it.

      • stellastars21 says:

        Yikes, I can’t even grasp the concept of being in someone’s house and deciding to take something like that and even find another container to put the contents in because I’m only interested in the container lol. Good job on taking your stuff back too. 🙂

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Ooh, Pindy! I hate when people mess with my Tupperware!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I think it’s very interesting too, Stella.

      I think EVERY family, whether they want to admit it or not, has the moochers, the braggarts, the crazies, the thieves, the liars (My Dad said that one of his brothers lied ALL the time. All 6 of his siblings and other families knew when he was lying and would often scream, “STOP LYING!!” to him. But he’d still keep doing it ANYway! He was my godfather, but he died when I was very young. So, I was not aware that he was a major liar), the addicts (Sometimes, one family member can take on more than one of these roles), the ones that are in and out of jail, the sexually promiscuous ones, the judgmental, hypocritical ones (who sneakily do their dirt in the DARK), etc., etc.

      I’m just HONEST about the ones in my family. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t walk around with a sign on my back listing their names, roles, phone numbers and addresses. I also do not tell ALL of their business. I do WARN other friends and family members beforehand if I think THEY are about to be taken advantage of by one of these family members, though.

      I mean my crazy Aunt can be QUITE charming, engaging and funny when she is not pulling her “stunts” or having another “breakdown.” Other people who meet her just LOVE her because she can be bubbly and entertaining. My Mom is more introverted and shy, which makes some people think she is a b*tch (She CAN be, but only when necessary. That’s not her overall personality, though).

      My Aunt often goes around town telling sob stories about each one of her siblings when she is not getting her way or the attention she demands. Other people, who do not KNOW her, just feel “oh-so-sorry” for her, and, some of them, even have the NERVE to tell us how we should treat her “better” or how one of her siblings should just let her come and live FULL-TIME in their home.

      My Mom finally had to tell one lady, “Yes, that is my sister. I LOVE her. She CAN be quite charming and entertaining. I and my other siblings do as much as we can for her. In fact, we go above and beyond what MOST siblings would do. You are welcome to have her come and spend a week or 2 or even a month at YOUR home since you like her so much. I have a feeling your tune would change.” (And we KNOW it would after my Aunt cleaned out their medicine cabinets; hit on any male member of the house [if she is going through a promiscuous phase]; buddied up to each family member and then told each family member what the other family member said about the other one [often embellishing what was said and making it WORSE], thereby causing DRAMA, while she just sits back and watches, amused; got into their liquor cabinet and had a field day without telling them, while they wondered why she was acting a little “giddier and then more argumentative” than usual; etc. etc.

      One of my Dad’s cousins mooched so much that my Dad started avoiding his phone calls. When my immediate family and my paternal grandmother went to visit that side of the family in CA, this particular cousin INSISTED on my Dad staying at his house instead of a hotel because of the NUMEROUS times he stayed with us for FREE when he wanted to visit his numerous LA relatives.

      Against his better judgment, my Dad stayed in a guest bedroom. He said that this cousin had the nerve to confront him about locking the guest bedroom door. My Dad told him, “Look, I locked the front door because I don’t really know your new wife or her almost-grown stepchildren. They could rob me blind. As a matter of fact, I don’t trust YOU not to go in my wallet, and that’s why I held it in my mouth as a I took a shower in your bathroom just in case any of you had a KEY to unlock the guest bedroom door (My Dad was LYING. He did not hold his wallet in his mouth. He just wanted to piss his cousin off because his cousin had pissed HIM off)!!”

      My Dad got a hotel room that very same day. His cousin was pissed off.

      But apparently not pissed off enough because he called my Dad about 3 months later and asked if he and his entire family (6 of them) could stay at our house for 3-4 weeks while they visited with my Dad and other LA relatives.

      My Dad hung up on him. *Shrug*

      P.S. I also have a lot of very accomplished, decent, kind, succesful, good people in my family. Their stories are not as FUN to tell, though. LOL. 😉

  47. Eastbayca says:

    Be on the look out for the Pedicure Firing Squad, they are on the hunt for their next victim.

    • BB says:

      Lol. I’m askeered!

    • trudie says:


    • EllaMinnowPea says:

      That made me laugh!
      Over the past few weeks I’ve watched the first 5 seasons of Burn Notice and one of the things Michael Westin says is that a good place to meet with an enemy is in a spa because you both know the other isn’t hiding a weapon.
      After reading JIll’s version of the firing squad I had a mental pic of the bikini-clad ladies pulling out thier usi’s and firing from their reclining positions. 🙂

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I didn’t have time to read Maryla’s blog until after work,…that’s when the “pedicure firing squad” line made sense to me. That is so hilarious. How did she want them to be sitting out there? With their backs to each other? LOL!!! But the chair arrangement was all about HER. Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

  48. rabblerouser2010R says:

    OMG- Jill is saying on twitter that they have given her IP addresses of people who don’t like her.
    Meanwhile the GOVERNMENT had to SUE them to get information on an “Occupy Wall Stree ” protester but they just HAND it over to the redheaded shrew? What a fn lying dumb bitch….I can’t take it. I really can’t.

  49. princesspindy says:

    The phrase that keeps going thru my mind after watching WWHL last night is:

    I pity the fool!!!

    • TMarsh101 says:

      And I’m the fool for wasting 22 minutes of my life watching that delusional shell of a woman on WWHL. I’ll take your pity please PP!

      • princesspindy says:

        LOL, I didn’t mean you, but now that you mention it, I guess I get some of that pity too…. SO…
        Welcome to Princess Pindy’s Pity Party!!!

        • TMarsh101 says:

          Ha Ha Ha, I think Princess Pindy’s Pity Party will be a full house tonight! I’ll bring the cocktails to help us forget that JZ ever happened.

  50. princesspindy says:

    Secret Witness Emerges In LeAnn Rimes’ Lawsuit Against Teacher

  51. BB says:

    MeGo, Sonja, Ramona and Adiva’s blogs are up over at the Bravo site.

    • melthehound says:

      I’m holding out for the Manifesto.

      • BB says:

        Dont bother with Adiva’s. It’s a bunch of boring questions from twitter that she answered on her blog. Pretty self-serving, but I didn’t read it all. I was starting to nod off.

      • contessa says:

        I think by now she has worked her way up to writing an bible proportions, screw the manifesto, as she has so much to say.

        • melthehound says:


        • LaineyLainey says:

          There will be gnashing of teeth

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Maybe she will get drunk and provide us with a link to this “tape” of the proof that Teresa was being Strippergate, allowing many of us to click on the link and listen before BRAVO realizes what has happened and takes the link down.

          And, NO, I do NOT have any proof that Jac likes to drink a bit TOO much. This is simply my OPINION (to which I have a right) based on her erratic Twitter behavior and nonsensical musings on Twitter that get more and more nonsensical as the day wears on.

  52. Sam says:

    I was reading an article and associated comments on about Jill’s WWHL appearance, and the prevailing perception there is that Jill said to Andy that she and Bethenny schemed together to create a fake fight for ratings. So people were attacking Bethenny even though Jill specifically said that Bethenny HADN’T been privvy to Jill’s plans. Talk about a case of people hearing what they want to hear!

    (But I don’t believe Jill even planned a fake fight. I think this is revisionist history. She was awful to Bethenny for real, but now she wants everyone to believe she was ‘only pretending’ to be so awful.)

    • Nancy says:


    • TexasTart says:

      There’s a pack of rabid animal animals at reality tea that hate Bethenny – and I never understood why, or cared to stay around long enough to understand!

      Sam and Detox are right on target Jill’s “revisionist history”.

      NMD and contributors, thanks for all you do to keep this blog alive! I read everyday, but have little time to get involved in the chatter. And another great recap BB! I loved RHONY this season…even with Adiva. Always better to have one crazy than the whole cast! And I’ll say this was the best reunion because I think trying to speak to one another and not yelling over one another like crazy women is much more pleasant viewing. Heather has been a most valuable addition. 🙂

      • Sam says:

        I didn’t know this about Reality Tea (this was the first time I’d read an article there involving Bethenny), but now that I do know it I’ll stay away from the site. I have no problem with people having loves and hates, but the willful ignorance or distortion of facts in order to justify a love or hate is something else. (And isn’t it funny that the site fosters revisionist history AND includes lots of Jill fans?)

        • melthehound says:

          I don’t like Bethenny either so that’s enough to keep me away from any articles about her.

          • Sam says:

            The article was actually just supposed to be a recap of WWHL (which was how I came across it, via a Google search), so I was surprised that it was primarily about bashing Bethenny. I wasn’t looking for that, just another take on Jill’s ‘performance.’

            • Sam says:

              I should have said “articles and comments,” because while the article included anti-Bethenny sentiments, most of the bashing was in the comments.

              • Sam says:

                Arrrgh! That’s “article” singular, not plural, at the first mention of the word.

                • melthehound says:

                  I understood you 🙂 My main point was, I don’t like B either. In fact, For the most part, I see her on exactly the same field as our beloved JZ.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Reality Tea is crazy. I read the articles and the comments, but I would never comment there because it’s like people are ready to STAB and/or SHOOT each other over their favorite housewives. It can be amusing, but also a bit scary!

  53. lillybee says:

    I wonder what the Iguana’s take on the Jill and Andy show.

    • MamaZ says:

      I was wondering if she will attack Heather now since she hasn’t converted. Remember she loved Bethenny until “someone” suggested to Ms. Berg that Bethenny wasn’t interested in exploring her Jewish roots. After that she wanted B’s head on a platter.

    • AZGirl says:

      Ilana tweeted IN CAPS to Andy that SHE DID NOT LIKE THIS SHOW

  54. Nancy says:

    Shrill has put up a link on her twitter to watch/listen to her on her sisters radio show.
    It starts in a few mins.

    • lillybee says:

      Not for me, I don’t miss the sound of her voice.

      • MamaZ says:

        No thanks! Last night was enough for me.

      • Nancy says:

        I had to turn it off as I felt a migraine coming on. The woman is delusional.
        A caller asked her if she would be returning for the next season and she answered
        that she doesn’t want to answer that UNTIL Bravo ask’s her. Enough said.

        • BB says:

          I listened/watched (Lisa with her unbrushed hair) for about 5 minutes. Lisa compared what happened to RHONY/ Jill to what happened to Three’s Company when Suzanne Sommers left and M.A.S.H when McClean Stevenson left. She said Bravo fired the wrong person. These women are Jillusional (thanks Jen from Cincy). Jill wants another reality show; she likened herself to Seinfield (which Lisa wrote a script for that was never used). Lisa and Jill say they have a funny family that all of America would love to watch. I know that’s what I am desparate for, watching Jill, Lisa, Gloria, Ally, and Bobby. I crave it like I crave a root canal. Jill also talked about ratings, how part 2 of the RHONY reunion brought 1.7 million (not bad in my opinion), then at 10:00 dropped (it was a repeat, Jill), then went over 2 mil for her. That’s because people wanted to see her make a fool of herself and she didn’t disappoint. Then they started comparing reality shows to soap operas and I stopped watching/listening because I just could not take either one’s voices for one more second.

          • Nancy says:

            This is what she said as soon as she sat down. Bravo e-mailed her to let her know that the ratings last night on WWHL were higher than Chelsey Handler interviewing Jennifer Aniston. I’m not sure I believe that.

          • BB see my post below. According to the ratings for WWHL with Jill got LESS viewers than RHONY last night. Bwahahah!

          • Powell says:

            I love you BB and thks for alway getting us the 411 but I read your 1st line and couldn’t read anymore. Lisa is as delusional as Jill is. Lisa’s the oldest right? Little sisters like to follow their big sis. Heather was the new Jill now Jill was Suzanne Somers. I loved Threes Company and still watch the reruns every now and then. But howbout Jill IS like Chrissy Snow. Ditzy, brainless, & clueless. At least Chrissy was nice, compassionate, cute and classy.

    • Powell says:

      Thks Nancy but last night I Watched What Happens and it was enough for me.

  55. trudie says:

    Last night while watching the reunion (not the one between Andy and Jill), they showed a clip of Adiva and Ramona arguing at some party (can’t remember which one) about Ramona throwing George out of the fundraiser. As Ramona walked away, I swear that Adiva pretended to spit at Ramona’s back. Did anyone else catch that or am I losing my mind?

    • BB says:

      I never noticed that. I’ll have to be on the lookout for it if I ever watch any reruns. It would have had to been at Carole’s book party I would think.

    • princesspindy says:

      No, I didn’t but if I watch it again I will definitely be on the look out. Remember the days that you looked forward to these shows and didn’t want to miss one minute. I found myself changing channels during the commercials not caring if I missed it when it came back on….. 😦

      • trudie says:

        Isn’t that the truth? It definitely used to be “must see tv” for me. Now I don’t really care whether I watch these shows or not. To be honest, most of the time I watch just so I can participate in discussions here.

    • mrs. peabody says:

      I did, I rewatched it 3 times to make sure I was hearing right and she did something.

  56. I Need A Life! says:

    JZ….”GO TO SLEEP.”

    I wish Ramona and Sonja would take the wrath of Aviva and the boorish women who call them grown up Jersey Shore girls, and turn their party ways into a book on how to live a fun life and look gorgeous doing it well into your ’50s. I want Aviva to go away quietly.

    I didn’t even bother reading the NY blogs. I’m over Carole and Lu.

    I felt really uncomfortable watching JZ. We all know someone who has lost a job that they really loved and after losing that job, they lost their identity. That’s what I saw last night and it made me sad.

    • I Need A Life! says:

      Was it cold in that studio? JZ wore a sweater wrapped around her and looked like I do when I’m grocery shopping…without the tights and necklace and heel boots.

      • Nancy says:

        For someone in the jewelry business her getup was bizarre. She had on silver dropped
        earrings, one of LuAnns ugly necklaces and green and blue ball rings on. I was embarrassed for her. She was also way to old to be wearing those kinds of boots.

      • trudie says:

        You dress much better than I do when I go grocery shopping!

    • Powell says:

      I like all the NY ladies except Aviva but I can give her 1 mire chance next season. At the beginning I didn’t like Heather but she won ne over in St Barts. I prefer the slowness and sometimes boring NY to the cut throat ways of NJ.

  57. Eastbayca says:

    “Snapped” might be JZ next stop on TV.

    • stellastars21 says:

      Oh I love Snapped. This may sound mean though but I wish they had a different narrator. I have a thing for voices and even if it is not someone I would be attracted to, if they are gonna narrate on a show I watch, I don’t want their voice to sound nasally like her’s does.

    • Powell says:

      Eastbayca & Stella “Snapped” is my show. I DVR that. I’ve git about 10 epis to catch up on and if I see JZ I’ll let you know. I think if I see JZ it’ll be Bobby who “snapped”.

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        I love Snapped – makes my hubby nervous when he comes home and finds me watching a marathon 🙂

        • Powell says:

          Hold on to your britches Lord C. 🙂

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Oh my God, Lady C! Since my Dad’s been off for a few weeks due to his 2 separate cataract surgeries, he likes to come and sit next to my Mom in the den and watch whatever she is watching. She just mentioned to me this past Sunday that my Dad told her he was really glad she did not know how to shoot a gun because it seems like all she does is watch shows where the women kill their husbands (and she DOES watch “Snapped” a lot).

          It made me laugh out loud when she said that.

          When she wants him to STOP watching television next to her (because he likes to sit on the couch and NOISILY eat Fiddle Faddle or Cheetos Cheese Puffs or loudsly SLURP/SUCK on popsicles [he’s SUCH a KID in some ways], and she says it makes her want to jump up and strangle him), she puts it on Oprah or Nancy Grace (because he HATES the both of them. This makes him go back to the master bedroom to watch television).

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


  58. Cityside says:


    Cardinals 6
    Giants 4

    We win.

  59. Cityside says:

    Cardinals 1
    Giants 7

    We lose.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Cityside. I was looking for you last night. Sorry our San Fran Giants kicked your butt.
      Looking forward to the next game. If STL goes to the WS I wil be rooting with you. 🙂
      I lived in San Fran for 23 years so I have to go with the Giants. (sorry)

      • Cityside says:

        Reading but not posting cause I was watching the game. But I am keeping my eye on you and BB!

        Go Cardinals!!

        Cardinal Nation

  60. Noelle says:

    Hi, and your problem with me can be resolved @

    • lol Noelle, reminds me of that bumper sticker, “If you don’t like my driving, dial 1-800-EAT-SH*T” and on that same car, years ago, we saw another bumper sticker “SH*T HAPPENS” 🙂 To be sure, we steered clear of that car.

      So I would love to have this email: yeah you guessed it,
      eatsh* but I’m sure it’s taken, likely by that same driver with those bumper stickers from years ago.

  61. Noelle says:

    GO TIGERS!!!

    • BB says:

      My one sports post for tonight. I don’t care who wins the NLCS but for the ALCS – GO TIGERS!

      • Cityside says:

        OK then.

        • BB says:

          I’m sorry Citiside. Will you like me again if I say I’m pulling for St. Louis in the NLCS? I can be bought.

          • Nancy says:

            NO as that will mean you want the San Fran Giants to lose.
            What to do…what to do…? lol

          • Cityside says:

            Of course!
            I might have to call Andy to tell him about our baseball fight and see if he approves.
            GO TIGERS.


        • Nancy says:

          I’ll be watching the first hour with you only due to the debate. I will be checking in with you though. Let the best team win! 🙂

      • Nancy says:

        Are you going to the other side on me? lol
        I’m Team Tiger as well. The Yankee’s are in BIG trouble.

        • BB says:

          It might help if A-Rod didn’t flirt with women in the stands, even if he isn’t playing. Did you see that in the news? Anyway, I’ve broken my promise about posting about sports, so this is it for tonight.

          • Nancy says:

            I’ve never liked A-Rod as he is very arrogant. Same thing with Jeter.
            See if I answer you it cancels out your post so technically you can still post one post re:
            sports before midnight tonight. LOL

            • NJBev says:

              OH. my. goodness.
              I don’t know what the big deal is about talking sports,
              as it has always been done in the past.
              I just have to tell Nancy that she mis-informed about
              Derek Jeter being arrogant. He is not. He is the
              most generous player this area has ever seen. His
              “give back” to the community is PROFOUND.
              and he usually does it anonymously.

          • NJBev says:

            I am not a big baseball fanatic, but I do know from being at the games , and family being at the games that A-Rod has absolutely no interaction with the fans in the stands
            whatsoever. He is actually known for being a di*khead to the fans in terms of ignoring
            them pre-game! I may be wrong, you may know more than I do, but between all the
            season tickets in the family, everyone thinks he is a wad in terms ignoring fans.

            That being said, I have no idea how he acts towards the fans being on the dis-abled

  62. Here are the correct numbers for RHONY 10 pm Monday ratings: 1.72 million. WWHL with JZ at 11 pm Monday: 1.258 million.
    2 million watched JZ? Bwahahaha! No, Sunday night WWHL with Mego ratings: 2.029 million while RHONJ ratings were 3.306 million.

    In your dreams Jill, you never pulled over 2 million on WWHL! But Melissa did. Also, sad but true: with or without JZ, RHONY doesn’t have the ratings RHONJ does. Just sayin.

    • BB says:

      I hope I didn’t misquote Jill about the numbers on the radio with her sister.

      Adrienne Maloof and injuries are featured on Inside Edition.

      • Jill was maybe looking at Melissa’s ratings on WWHL which were over 2 million. You had me so worried, I had to look it up! No way Jose do I want JZ to get good ratings….Bravo might put her back on tv! Nooooooo Wayyyyyyyy!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      You go, Medussa!

    • JustDee says:

      RHONY 10 pm Monday ratings: 1.72 million.
      WWHL with JZ at 11 pm Monday: 1.258 million

      In other words 500,000 people that watched RHONY changed the channel so they wouldn’t have to see Jill!

  63. AZGirl says:

    So Jill is going ape sh#t over her 1,000,000 viewers last night. I was all over Twitter today and the “crazy” and “narcisstic” tweets out numbered nice tweet about 500/1. This takes us all back when Lynn brought up that regardless of “bad” or “good” Jill does not care what type of publicity she gets. Publicity is publicity. That is what is so sad. Jill’s Facebook page was filled with 100’s “You need help” and “go away” posts. But, Jill is on top of the world today and once again she is just sad.
    Bobby, seriously, get your wife some help.

    • Nancy says:

      I can see it now. Lulu and Kate will be forced to go back to being a nurse.
      Those unlucky patients.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Good. I hate her. ( I mean I REALLY hate her) I just read she was just on WWHL with Morgan Fairchild, did anyone catch the shrew?

    • NJBev says:

      There was a time I discovered John n Kate plus 8 several years ago.
      There was a 1 hr window in my morning that TLC started to show
      the re-runs. I fell in love with that family. Just like everyone else, I loved
      the kids, and was fond of John. Kate was great as the antagonist. She
      was so easy to dislike, and she knew it, and she played it well.
      When Kate developed an ego she went wild, and that was the beginning
      of the end.
      I look at her now and want to punch her. But that is assuming I have already
      beat the sh*t out of her ex-husband.
      Those poor kids.

  64. Eastbayca says:

    Alex vlog is up…she covers RHONY reunion and WWHL.

    Apparently, Jillzy is still lying. She said that Silex and her went to drinks after the reunion last year…Alex corrects that they went out with Ramona and Sonja. If i remember correctly it was for a rooftop party hosted by gawker. Also, Simon gave Jill a heads up cause they were asked about her in an interview and Alex mentioned that they hardly talk… Jillzy head this must mean we are in a good place.

  65. cusi77 says:

    Someone knows about WindyCityWondering?

  66. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Great blogs ladies. Late to the fiesta as I was running her errands with DearRealMom which took hours and cost ME lunch! LOL We went to HomeDepot, Walmart, WinnDixie, FamilyDollar and Walgreens cause dammit she’s gonna save some money! Usually she’ll ask to go to 1 or 2 places and adds locations on the way. Today she got in my SUV with a full size page with all the errands listed in 1inch senior script!. My body is beat to a pulp lifting soil, bottled waters and 20lb bag of rice but the time spent gossiping about RealFamily, admiring her new haircut and color… priceless! 🙂

    Jill …(SING) “Go Away Bitter Girl, Go Away Bitter Girl, It’s hurting me more each minute that we delay….When you’re on TV like this, It’s just too hard to resist… so puh-leeze Go Away Bitter Girl cause I REALLY Like it that Way! ” Loved the way this nutbag decided to plan, start and continue a fight for ratings believing that Bethenny would accept her offer of friendship after she was rebuffed all season! Jill needs to stick to peddling fabrics as she SUCKS at being a storyboard editor/programmer/writer.

    Glad RHONY is FINITO. No more WhiteTrashTrailerTurds, JohnnyDeppDopplegangers, ImaginaryItaliansOfStBarts, LuLuDasBoot, DummyTummy, FireMarshallBill aka WeedWidow, FrigidPhobiaQueen, ChicletGeorge and DrunkRamonja.

    DETOX don’t envy you one bit trying to make sense of that PhlusterCuck that is BBWLA. Those girls are MESSY! Jackie is nuts but I really dislike Laura (2yrs running LOL) for the mind games she’s playing with Jackie. Laura was a big fat bully last year, beating up Draya, tried to stomp Malaysia and ended up beat, kissing up to Malaysia after her sister was going to jump both Laura and Gloria. #BacktrackLaura. I like Bambi, as i’ve ‘seen’ Brooke elsewhere on RealityTVand she’s a self-centered ass. Bambi wants to befriend Jackie, is she looking for cameratime or does she love and underdog/nut? I think Draya has reason to resent Jackie, but she’s also making sure she doesn’t end up on the bottom again like last year. Love Malaysia’s jewelry line and i’m thinking she’s a quick one as she was promoting it S1 first or second episode. Wish Gloria and Matt well. She’s gonna need it. Good luck blogging this as it is going to be a physical season or do ‘almost-fights’ count? LOL

    • princesspindy says:

      A+ on the song, maybe we can get Donny to record it!!!

      He was supposed to be my husband dammit!!!!

    • NJBev says:

      Great post, Amber. I enjoyed reading it.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      LOL, Amber. I agree with everything you said about BBW-L.A. I don’t know what Laura’s deal is. I don’t know if a part of her, deep down inside, really DOES like Jackie, and another part of her does NOT — which is why she acts so conflicted when it comes to Jackie — OR if she really despises Jackie and has some “master plan” of getting Jackie back for all of the stunts Jackie pulled last year.

      Malaysia and Draya are my favorites, which I always acknowledge in the blog, but I think little bitty Draya might’ve gotten stomped by Jackie, simply because of their size difference. Draya wasn’t scared at all, though. So, she was not going to give up without a fight (That turned into an “almost-fight”. LOL).

      I STILL cannot believe that ladylike Malaysia whipped Laura’s ass last season (and Laura WAS MUCH bigger last season because she’d just had a baby. People are saying she had $80,000 – $100,000 worth of plastic surgery in between seasons. She DOES look MUCH better). Laura looks like she’s taller than Malaysia too. So, she has more reach. I remember Laura taunting Malaysia and threatening her (I really think Laura was bluffing, and Malaysia, unfortunately and surprisingly for Laura, called her bluff). I then remember Malaysia calmly getting up, taking off her earrings and even taking off her shoes (I think) before she beat Laura up in broad daylight before the other ladies jumped in to stop them.

      Because Malaysia can be quiet, shy and ladylike, people underestimate her. I read an interview of hers, and the interviewer asked her if she had ever been approached by groupies claiming to have slept with her husband. She said, “Yes, more than once, actually.” They asked her how she responded to them. She said, “I just told them, ‘Oh, really! Did you have a good time with him? I’m sure you did because he’s great in bed with ME. So, I’m sure he was great with you too. I hope you enjoyed it. I get to have it all the time.’ and I gave them a big smile as I said it.” She said the women just walked away from her with their mouths hanging open.

      You’re probably right about Bambi buddying up to Jackie for more camera time. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why she said she had a soft spot for Jackie. You just helped me figure that out.

      I’m neutral on Brooke.

      Oh yeah, Matt and Gloria eloped and are married now.

    • Sasha says:

      Amber, those BBWLA women are something else. I decided that Jackie is crazy divided by psycho. I love the way she flips the script and tries to make everyone else out to be the problem.

      I think Brooke was on the short lived show called Candy Girls. It taught me that being a Video Vixen is a legitimate job. She is cursed with that horrible disease of thinking too much of herself.

      Laura is a wicked witch and looks like one if you squint. I don’t care for Jackie but I don’t like how Laura says one thing to her face and makes fun of her behind her back.

      I can deal with everyone else for now.

  67. EllaMinnowPea says:

    1. They are both female
    2. They both live in NY
    3. They are both married
    4. …
    That’s all I got.
    So in what universe would they bring in a young, hip, successful businesswoman with young children to play the part of a, raggedy excuse for a businesswoman, desperate empty-nester?

  68. BB says:

    I got a flu shot today and my arm is sooooooo sore. I complained to my DH but he doesn’t seem to care. Could I get a little sympathy here?

  69. Nancy says:

    I’ll be back in a few hours. Behave everyone.

  70. Nancy says:

    The Yankee’s are behind by 2 runs. 🙂 GO TIGERS!

  71. Nancy says:

    The NY Yankee’s just scored. 2-1 Top of the 9th.

  72. VV says:

    Dina Manzo just tweeted:

    “There’s a blog up on that might “clear a few things up” for those who won’t give up on here~for the rest I adore u guys”

    • VV says:

      Her site ( ) crashed:

      “yes I think my site crashed…grrr sent the email out to tech support should be up again any minute”

      • NJBev says:

        I read her comments on what she believes what has happened this? last?
        She makes no sense- I have no idea what she’s talking about- Vague much??

        If you get it, I would love for you to let me know what the heck she’s talking about?

        personally, I don’t think she even knows what she’s upset about.
        (unless she is embarrassed about it, and won’t explain it, ie; they filmed
        without me) I cannot understand her logic for being angry with
        the 2 siblings involved with the show~~~~
        she said it. 11 siblings, only upset with 2. these 2 are taping with Bravo.
        She sounds a little like a brat. imo 😉

        • Rebecca says:

          She’s mad because when she left the show, she left the show. She was no longer there to speak for herself. Then her sister and sister-in-law, both of whom she is fighting with, keep bringing her up as an excuse to hate her friend, Teresa.

          I’d be pissed too. Her name was used by her current enemies in a lie. Neither one can ever shut up about anything. This doesn’t help her with her own show as well.

  73. Nancy says:

    Tigers win. 🙂 2-1

  74. Nancy says:

    Good night all. 🙂

  75. NJBev says:

    Gloria and Matt eloped!!???
    Well, hells bells, I cannot believe it.
    I never thought she’d do it, Matt must have gotten
    to her thru the boys.. that is all I can say in this
    state of shock.

  76. amalfi says:

    Thanks to whomever linked Dina’s blog above (VV?)

    Yes, she is sometimes incoherent and incomprehensible. Her writing voice is also very stream of consciousness which does not make for clarity. But the most interesting thing was her update after having viewed the reunion with all of us:

    “Ok… It’s now Sunday night, I wrote this before I saw the last reunion tonight…I still feel the same about regretting filming but I DO NOT feel bad about defending Teresa, I know what it’s like to be on the other end of something like this and I don’t think it’s cool and for the record AGAIN She had nothing to do with my issues with my family in fact as I said before my issues stem back all the way from season 1. Teresa and the girls were buddy buddy up until last year, so please stop saying I chose her over my family…it’s really annoying. I would also like to say that I have 11 siblings…my family does not consist of just who is on this show and yes I do talk to the other 9 and I’m quite close to many of them and my parents. So enough with thinking I will die alone please…”

    Whatever the reason (valid or not in our eyes) Dina hates Caroline and Chris (who is a casualty of war due to Jac). And not knowing any more about why, seeing how Caroline turned into such a monster (evolving over 2 seasons) I DO NOT BLAME DINA for despising her.

  77. Austin says:

    OMG. The woman is freaking delusional. I know legitimately crazy people who are way less crazy than JZ.

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