Ratings? Validation? What’s Next? for Jill Zarin / Flipping Out / DWTS / Walking Dead

Ratings?  Validation?  What’s Next? by NoMoreDrama

Jill Zarin will stop at nothing to promote herself.  She’s relentless.  This is the woman who gave herself good reviews on Amazon, and threatened Amazon’s top reviewer who gave her book a bad review.  Even when she was busted she blamed it on a crazy fan, according to RadarOnline.  So it didn’t surprise me when she asked to be on WWHL to talk about why she was fired from the Real Housewives of New York.

I didn’t like Jill Zarin when she was on the Real Housewives of New York.  By Season 3 she was toxic with jealousy over being left behind as Bethenny Frankel’s star began to rise.  They were supposed to be a team.  Laverne and Shirley.   A comedy act.  They were supposed to be the first spin-off from the Real Housewives Franchise.  But somewhere along the way Frankel dumped Zarin.  Whether it was Andy Cohen who decided Frankel had the star power on her own to bring in viewers – or Frankel just had enough – the result was that by the time Season 3 was filming – Zarin knew she was going to be left in the dust. Just like amazongate – Jill’s antics on and off screen were not well disguised.  She told castmates not to film with Frankel.  She fabricated fake story lines to cast herself as a victim of Frankel’s indifference – blowing up a petty fight into an epic battle.  She tried to get Alex McChord to pick her side, and when she didn’t she tried to get her dropped from the show.  She panicked.  What she didn’t count on was viewers seeing through it all and so did producers.  Frankel got her spin off – plus a husband and baby, multimillion dollar business, skating with the stars, and her own national talk show.  Jill grew so annoying that Andy Cohen decided that she wasn’t worth putting up with anymore.

But she’s back.  Instead of having one of the New York Housewives on WWHL after the last episode of the reunion – Andy Cohen gave the clubhouse to Zarin.  It was a much advertised event – with Bravo promising us that Jill will ask Andy hard hitting questions – such as why he fired her, and discuss how she felt when he obviously favored Frankel.  I have to question why he agreed to this.  She said the producers asked.  He says she asked and he said yes.  I think he might have been drinking.  I’m not really joking.  It was painful to watch him field her desperate questions.  He earned his pay that night.

Ratings?  In the end she did well by the only measure that counts.  Ratings.  Zarin brought Cohen the best Monday night ratings he’s achieved.  Over 1.25 million viewers.  Better than almost all the shows on Bravo including Miami Housewives – which hasn’t topped a million yet.  Critics will say – yes  – but it was less than the reunion – which brought in 1.7 million viewers.  But unlike Sunday night – Bravo played a repeat of the reuinion before WWHL on Monday – so Jill’s WWHL increased viewers from that second showing.

Validation?  Of sorts.  Ratings for NY have been low all season, despite Cohen defending the new cast.  Viewers did tune in to see what Zarin had to say.  I had begun to feel ambiguous about Jill.  I no longer had feelings really – certainly not positive, but I had forgotten why I didn’t like her.  I had even begun to question if – after all the toxicity of New Jersey and uncovering the evil that is Taylor Armstrong – if Jill was worse than the others.  I don’t know the answer to that – but Monday reminded me why I don’t like her and why I’m glad she’s off the show.  But I don’t think she cares what I think.  She certainly seems to feel like she’s loved. And she did extend her 15 minutes.

What’s Next?  Bravo will crunch the numbers, run the focus groups, and probably add one lady to the mix for NY next year.  Perhaps one or two of the ladies will lose their spot.  My money is on LuAnn being retired.  I don’t think Heather will be replaced by Jill.  I think  one of Jill’s more delusional statements (so many to pick from) was to think that Heather was picked as Jill’s replacement.  I see no similarities in the two ladies.  I see Heather as the anti-Jill.  She’s direct, successful, and learns from her mistakes.  I don’t think there is even a slim chance that Bravo is considering bringing Jill back to NY.  Not because we won’t tune in to watch her.  (The one thing I’ve realized over the last few months is the more people say they won’t tune in – the more people tune in.  I’m going to call it the New Jersey phenomena.)  For once it won’t be about ratings.   Jill  gets on Andy’s nerves and she won’t be back.

Frankel tweeted this yesterday – before the NY reunion aired, well before WWHL aired.  It’s possible she was watching a promo of WWHL.  She could have been watching any number of things – – –

After the press picked it up an insinuated it was about Zarin – Zarin tweeted this (more than 24 hours later)

I’m going to put Jill’s tweet in my HUH? box and wonder why I even care.

Luann was on WWHL and had a few tidbits to add.  You can view the highlights here.



Sunday Night Ratings

Walking Dead walked away with the cable shows – over 10 million viewers.  The third part of the NJ reunion 3.3 million viewers.  Marginally lower than Part 1 and 2 – but still really high.  Melissa Gorga and Mario Lopez were on WWHL right after the Reunion and brought in record numbers for Cohen’s low budget talk show.   Over 2 million viewers and the highest rated episode ever for the 18-49 demographic.


Dina Manzo’s Blog – October 17 – Just to clear things up …

Dina’s Personal Blog

“A lot of you are wondering why in the world I would film with Teresa after staying away from the housewives for so long. Let me first say that I’ve gone to every single one of Teresa’s parties that I’ve been invited to, most of which the cameras were NOT rolling.  When Teresa asked me to attend the fabellini launch my first question was “will there be cameras there?” She said yes, but you can come after they leave”…as I have done in the past. But that’s not where it ended… (What most of you don’t know and you can choose to believe this or not, but up until the night of the deck debacle and Teresa showed up at my doorstep crying, I had no idea that she was even fighting with Caroline and Jacqueline, that’s how much I stayed out of that bullshit and even after that night I had no idea of the extent of the hate until I watched it live with all of you) Now back to the fabalini launch…I showed up 2  1/2 hours late hoping the cameras would already be gone (I know that it was naive of me) I was promised that I didn’t have to be mic’d at first, just show that I was there to support Teresa. When I arrived one of the producers took me aside and explained to me that Teresa was really taking a beating this season and needed some much needed “on air” support. As a friend I felt bad for her, as a human being I never like to see anyone standing alone (I was always that girl in the lunch room who went to sit with the loner in the corner of the cafeteria) It is also why I was so quick to forgive Danielle at the reunion. I don’t like when Everyone is against one person and I certainly don’t like to see this happen to someone I care about.

Teresa has always supported me and has especially always supported Project Ladybug. She has come to every charity event I have ever asked her to and never complained taking this time out of her crazy schedule to help me. At the time I was even under the impression she was doing celebrity apprentice for ladybug. In the end she chose another worthy foundation, was I disappointed at first??? Absolutely, but she explained to me how she met this beautiful little boy with a rare disease and it really hit home for her. Now how can I be mad at her for helping a sick child? I was proud of her for giving a foundation that i was told had no prior national exposure a platform. BUT I would be lying if I also didn’t feel a bit obligated to be there for her “on air” too because of this. I would cut off my right bubbie for these kids and one quick scene on housewives didn’t seem that bad at the time…Boy was I wrong, do not mix booze with raw emotions…let me first explain that 90% of our convo was about her brother and Melissa. That is where the “blood is thicker than water” comment came in. Think about it, does it make sense that Teresa would bring that up about her and Caroline’s relationship?? You guys are smarter than that… Now from my understanding this scene was shot AFTER even the reunion and things with her brother was worse than ever. I was explaining to Teresa that blood is NOT always thicker than water when her brother has to get in bed with his WIFE every night and not her….and we all know (unfortunately) about Joe Gorga’s poison. Water wins in this case every time! TRUST ME So here I am giving Teresa advice to just give her brother his space then she brings up my sister…did you see the look on my face? I was pissed but before you go getting mad at T I’m sure the producers convinced her this was a good idea, I could be mad at her but I understand the position she was in. I also understood via text from Jacqueline that I was a topic of not only season 3′s reunion that was just filmed but throughout season 4 as well. A part of me felt I should say my peace and I was pissed I was even brought up, I don’t know who did it and at this point I don’t even care.I had also had a few fabellinis on an empty stomach after a LONG day of shooting for HGTV and there was a lot of hurt off camera with my family who is on the show.  So I went ahead and said how I felt about the joke in the book. Do I regret talking about it on camera? Was it wrong of me?? Yes yes yes… But it’s done and I can’t take it back. I should have walked away but I didn’t. I do feel that this book nonsense is all that -nonsense…but I regret talking about it on film.

Ok… It’s now Sunday night, I wrote this before I saw the last reunion tonight…I still feel the same about regretting filming but I DO NOT feel bad about defending Teresa, I know what it’s like to be on the other end of an attack like this and I don’t think it’s cool. She had nothing to do with my issues with my family in fact as I said before my issues stem back all the way from season 1. Teresa and the girls were buddy buddy up until last year, so please stop saying I chose her over my family…it’s really annoying. I would also like to say that I have 11 siblings…my family does not consist of just who is on this show and yes I do talk to the other 9 and I’m quite close to many of them and my parents. So enough with thinking I will die alone please…

I will publicly say I think they ALL handled this wrong…I begged some of the players (I won’t go into who) to just respond with kindness and all this will end. But I understand how emotions can get the best of you…they did tonight after I watched the show. I do wish all this could end, I don’t like seeing people especially WOMEN fight like this. If you can’t get along with someone or you feel that they just don’t like you…JUST STAY AWAY. Well at least that’s what works for me, you can completely FORGIVE people for how they treated you but it doesn’t mean you have to go back for more. Do you guys get it??? Thanks for listening~ Peace out”


New Beverly Hills Housewife Predicts Future by BB

New Beverly Hills Housewife Marisa Zanuck recently revealed in an interview with Rumorfix that two housewives may leave after season 3 due to intense conflicts.  However, veteran housewife Kyle Richards was quick to shoot that rumor down saying, “I definitely wouldn’t run with that ball!” She even laughs and says, “She’s funny!”  Wow, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hasn’t even started and already the rumors are flying. Just who is Marisa Zanuck?  She’s a Beverly Hills real estate agent with Hilton and Hyland who met Kyle Richards through Kyle’s husband Mauricio when he worked for the same firm.  She’s also married to movie producer Dean Zanuck.  Read more here


Flipping Out – Cleaning House by Keida

During the opening meeting with Zoila and Lupe, Jeff is at the mercy of Zoila for translation of his jokes.  But Zoila could have the last laugh since he doesn’t know what she’s saying.  Zoila is now the house manager meaning she’s in charge of Lupe.  That seems like a big red flag.  Jeff’s brother Todd and sister-in-law Carrie live across the street from Jenny, so his brother and her fiancé Jonathan have become very close, so close that Todd is planning the bachelor party in Vegas.  You can tell that Todd is Jeff’s brother since he keeps mentioning the wide array or buffet of strippers that he has planned for this party in Jenny’s hearing.  They love to bust chops.  However, my new favorite character is Jeff’s client Lisa, a producer for extra.  She can give it right back to Jeff.  She’s playing with him.  I love it.  She hates everything he shows her.  It’s wonderful.  Make him squirm Lisa.  In the end, she listens to his choices.  He hates the fact that in this cat and mouse game, he’s the mouse.  I love it.  But, as soon as they are in the car, Jeff is the cat and Jenny is the mouse.  Ugh.

Back at the house, Jeff tells Zoila to mop the downstairs floor, but she says she has to finish cooking.  Someone’s letting power go to her head.  She’s getting very snippy with Jeff.  When he asks her what she’s done all day, she tells him that that is a million dollar question; that maybe he should install cameras to find out.  Oh, Zoila!  That’s not a thing to say to someone who has MAJOR trust issues.  Doesn’t she remember what happened to Jenny’s first husband? During the morning meeting, Jeff discusses what he wants Zoila and Lupe to do.  Zoila then tells Andrew that Lupe doesn’t do much, only clean the house.  Isn’t that 90% of what has to get done?  During a lunch with Jenny, Carrie, and client Jeannie, Jeff is again trying to push Jeannie into doing more work that is more extensive, more costly, and more invasive.  “Thank God for Jeff Lewis,” says Jeff Lewis.  Yep.  That would be the only one who would say that. Again Jeff brings up the bachelor party.

Why is he scaring Jenny?  But then again, he does have a point.  He said that Jenny has given Jonathan a pass to dry f*ck a stripper.  Ew.  Zoila wants to spend the night at her daughter’s.  Jeff says of course, as long as she’s back by 6am the next morning.  6!  She’s not happy.  Another meeting with Lisa about tchotchkes.  He’s trying to persuade her to spend an extra $15,000 to make the house perfect.  Lisa simply says, “$5, 000.”  Tell him girl.  Back at the house, another brewing fight between Jeff and Zoila.  He offers to let Zoila leave early to go to her daughter’s, but she’s not having it.  Oh Zoila, passive aggressive behavior to Jeff when you’re his employee doesn’t work. Jeff again hassles Jenny about her wedding.  He now wants everyone to reference how many days before her wedding, for example, the pool work will take place 11 days before her wedding.  When they get home at four, Jeff sees that the bed hasn’t been made.  Add another thing that will make him that much closer to exploding.  Then Zoila sees that Stewie the cat has gone to the bathroom on his sheets.  Gross.  Make that another thing.  Zoila says, “Don’t cry Jeffrey Lewis.”  Ooooh, she’s playing with fire.

Lisa’s house is finally done and it’s GORGEOUS!!! He made Jenny do a little dance and undo a button to get more of a discount, but it worked.  The house is beautiful.  Although their plants are fruits and vegetables.  Lisa astutely says, “What am I the farmer’s daughter?”  That’s what I thought.  Back at the house, Jeff sees that the cat box is full.  Zoila didn’t scoop it.  Zoila immediately starts complaining.  This is what happens when blur the line between employees and friends.  Jeff is now exploding.  She’s his mom, but he wants her to clean.  She feels that she’s his mom; therefore, she doesn’t have to do anything.

This is not over. During a meeting with Lisa, she drops a bomb on Jeff and Jenny.  He really wants her to be happy so that he can get lovely referrals.  She says she’s thinking about flipping the house.  What!  The house he just finished?  Wow.  Lisa says that she thinks the house is haunted.  Really?  This rational hardcore b-lady?  Wow.  Jeff offers to spend the night to check things out.  She likes it.  Back at the house, Jeff asks to speak with Zoila outside.  He speaks rationally and calmly.  Who is this Jeffrey Lewis? Zoila, with a little snark, asks if she can speak.  She says that she doesn’t like it when he yells at her in front of other people.  Jeff says that is not the heart of the matter because he’s bent over backward for her, but she’s still not happy.  He wants them to go see a therapy.  She says no.  He’s going to win.

During that night at Lisa’s, Jeff shows that he wears tighty whities.  Ew.  Really?  While Jenny and Lisa are watching tv in bed comfortably, Jeff steps out of the room, goes to his room, dons a Halloween mask, and stands outside Lisa’s bedroom window.  He calmly waits for them to look.  OMG!  That’s scary.  I would probably break that window trying to kill that creature.  Then when I found out it was Jeff I’d try to kill him.  Lisa took it like a champ.  I swear, that Jeff.

During therapy Jeff admits that Zoila is his mother.  Called it!  He also admits that he’s very critical, his mother was very critical, his grandmother is very critical.  Mm hmm. This therapist, Dr. Donna, tells them they need to work on communication.  First off, duh!  Anyone can see that he needs to communicate better!  Secondly, why isn’t he and Gage going to therapy?! Next week is Jenny’s wedding!!!!  I can’t wait!  Go Jenny!


Dancing with the Stars, Week 4 Eliminations by COCFarm

Keeping it short and sweet tonight.  Good news is coming!  Everyone is safe but Bristol, Kirstie & Apolo.  I’m hoping the Apolo thing is a fluke and it is.  He is safe.  That means one of the less dance talented ladies is going home. Drum roll please….It is Bristol!!!  I’m glad she went out on a high note with her best dance ever.  If Kirstie also being in the bottom two means she could possibly be the next one to go, that would work for me as well.  After that, it gets harder, much harder to say who should be next to leave the dance floor.

I thought the Susan Boyle & Donny Osmond duet was odd.  I know Susan has had a difficult life, but it looked as though she really needed Donny standing there next to her, she even grabbed out for his hand at one point.  At times they sounded off key but I couldn’t entirely tell as the tan dog in my Avatar decided to start howling at the top of his lungs. Ugh. Teams are picked for next weeks team dances and the two stars with the overall highest average judges scores are the team captains, which are Gilles & Shawn. They pick music cd’s from a hat and Gilles is thrilled to get “Gangnam Style.”  Shawn picks and gets “Call me Maybe” and she and Derek are unhappy with the choice.  Gilles wins the coin toss and has first pick at team mates alternating with Shawn.

Gilles’ team:  Kelly, Kirstie & Emmitt

Shawn’s team: Sabrina, Melissa & Apolo

If you are interested in the music, you can see & hear them both here: “Gangnam Style” refers to a lifestyle associated with the Gangnam district of Seoul Korea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0

“Call me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWNaR-rxAic

Whew!  Bristol is the fifth person eliminated.  It was a good night on DWTS!


Walking Dead Season 3   “Seed” by Bluesky1forever

The last we saw of our gritty band of survivors at the end of Season 2 was Hershel’s farm buildings on fire, with everyone desperately running for vehicles to escape the huge herd of walkers that spread over the farm like a tidal wave. Shane had gone insane. He was trying to kill Rick, so Rick had to kill him. Strange thing was, after Shane died, he came back as a walker! Everyone is infected now and will become a walker even without being bitten if they die. Rick takes over as the unquestioned leader, telling his group, “this is not a democracy.”

In the opening scene of Season 3, we see Rick’s group go into a house like a commando unit, killing the walkers inside. They have survived the winter, but are now grim in their determination to find food and shelter. As quickly as they move into the house, they have to evacuate. Walkers are everywhere, so they run for their cars again & move on. In the next scene we see the group checking maps on the roadside, trying to figure out a way to get past the walkers and get out of the area they are in. When Rick and Daryl go out into the woods to look for game they spot a prison. There are walkers inside the chain link fence but Rick sees an opportunity. A place they can clear of walkers, and then mend the fence to keep the walkers out. Plus Rick thinks there may be guns, food and even medical supplies still inside the prison. They can plant some crops on the grounds & have a source for fresh water. So they begin a dangerous operation of taking the prison grounds, killing walkers and using the towers to kill more of them from above.

Finally, our weary survivors have found a place to rest, no need to worry tonight. That evening, Rick outlines his plan to continue into the prison. He gives his group a pep talk, reminding them of how tough they have become. “These assholes don’t stand a chance” he tells them. Rick’s wife Lori is now heavily pregnant. Their relationship has become strained, due to Lori’s angry reaction when Rick tells her he had to kill Shane…..not to mention that Lori is carrying Shane’s baby.

Switch to a small town scene. Michonne runs into a store, slices the head off of one walker with her ninja sword, then skillfully kills two more walkers with one thrust of the sword. Two heads roll onto the floor. Back to the prison yard, Rick and his best fighters are now going into the next fenced yard closer to the prison. They dispatch dozens of walkers, locking another gate. Securing the courtyard, they take stock of their situation. Moving up a staircase, they open a door, hinges creaking as they go inside. It’s gloomy, but quiet. Rick finds a dead prison guard with a set of keys. They need to clear out the cells and dispatch a few more walkers to make this cellblock  “home sweet home.” The young romantic couple, Glenn and Maggie share a sweet moment in their new cell despite the blood and grime everywhere. Back to Michonne. She has found sanctuary in a “Deer Cooler.” We see her go inside, where her two “pets” are in chains. They seem glad to see her, in an odd way. Michonne goes into a room where Andrea is resting, but she’s sick.  Michonne wants to give her more time to recover. “I saved your ass all winter” Andrea says. “I won’t have you dying for me.” Andrea has a coughing spasm. Michonne doesn’t want to leave without her. Andrea convinces Michonne they have to go, or she will die here. So we see Michonne leading her armless walkers in chains behind her, as Andrea follows.

Lori talks to Hershel in the privacy of her new cell. She’s worried about the baby. It’s stopped moving. Is her baby going to be stillborn, will it rip Lori apart? Will Lori die in childbirth? She makes Hershel promise that he will take her & the baby out if they become walkers. Hershel tries to comfort Lori. Rick, Daryl, Hershel, T-Dog, Maggie and Glenn arm themselves to continue on their search for the commissary.

We see their flashlights, Daryl marking the walls as they slowly move down the hallway. Suddenly, they are attacked by walkers. In the pandemonium, they lose Maggie and Glenn. Hershel gets bitten on his lower leg. Quickly they break a padlocked door and scramble into a room, placing a metal rod to secure the door from the walkers outside. Rick knows they have very little time before Hershel will change into a walker. He grabs a clean hatchet from Hershel’s medical bag. It’s gruesome, but he must amputate the lower leg before the infection spreads. While Rick is hacking away, a group of dirty survivors slowly stands up from behind the cafeteria counter.

In the previews for next week, we see that Andrea and Michonne discover a safe town. A blast from the past will surface there. The prison continues to be full of growling walkers trying to eat Rick’s group at every opportunity. If you watched the after show “Talking Dead” you met the director of this episode and the actress that plays Michonne.

Get more information about the “Walking Dead” at http://www.amctv.com/shows/the-walking-dead.


Wednesday Night Lineup (New Episodes) by BB

8PM EST Survivor Philippines (CBS) The Middle/The Neighbors (ABC) Animal Practice/Guys with Kids (NBC) The X Factor (Fox) Arrow (CW) Sons of Guns (Discovery) MLB: Yankees vs. Tigers (TBS)

9PM EST Criminal Minds (CBS) Modern Family/Suburgatory (ABC) Law and Order SVU (NBC) Supernatural (CW) Houstons Remember Whitney (Lifetime) Buying and Selling (HGTV) Ghost Hunters (SyFy) Restaurant Impossible (Food) Who the Bleep Did I Marry (ID) Homewreckers (DIY) Osama Bin Laden; the Finish (Discovery) Storage Wars Texas (A&E) 9:30 10PM EST Couples Therapy (VH-1) Life After Top Chef (Bravo) Nashville (ABC) American Horror Story (FX) Duck Dynasty; 2 Episodes (A&E) CSI (CBS) Chicago Fire (NBC) My Life is a Lifetime Movie (Lifetime) Challenge: Battle of the Seasons (MTV) House Hunters (HGTV) Paranormal Witness (SyFy) The Soup (E!) Restaurant Stakeout (Food) Devil You Know (ID) Sweat Equity (DIY)


Bloggers Needed

Does anyone want to blog Real Housewives of Miami tomorrow and possibly next week? MKValle is out of town and without cable.

We also need a blogger for Million Dollar Decorators when it returns

and the Atlanta Cast Blogs – if they write any


Happy Birthday JustDee


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    Good morning everyone. It looks like a great day in MD. I hope you all are have the same.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Kinda muggy here…at work…can’t wait to read the blog. Excited about the “Walking Dead” blog. 🙂

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  4. I Need A Life! says:

    Good morning. My son and I watched, “The Men Who Built America,” last night on History. It felt so good to watch a program with substance again.

    I didn’t see Lu last night. Wonder if it was her swan song. I don’t Twitter, but I have a feeling Bethany may be asking the same question of herself next year. I doubt she’ll be that relevant herself. Rich, yes. The talk show felt like it was being hosted by a lightweight. Have a great day.

    • BB says:

      INAL, was “The Men Who Built America” good? What was it about? I wondered when I was putting together the lineup for Monday night.

      • I Need A Life! says:

        It was excellent. The series is about the men who literally built this country. It’s presented in a documentary and drama form. Last night it started with Cornelius Vanderbilt and how he developed the railroad system. He tapped into a young man named John D. Rockefeller who needed a way to transport his new found oil across the country. It goes on to tell the story of how Rockefeller became the richest man in the country. What’s nice is that entrepreneurs are interviewed throughout the show. They talk about what these men all have in common. The game of never letting an obstacle get in the way. Historians are mixed in. They’re not boring at all. Some wrote the biographies of these men.

        Great story telling throughout. Easy to follow. Beautiful visuals.

    • Powell says:

      I forgot that was coming on. I want to check that out. It looks very interesting.

  5. ladyballs says:

    dina is a hoot.
    dina’s narcissim can only be matched by jill zarin.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Maybe it’s because she’s the pretty one in the family.

      • kendo says:

        I really like Dina, watch her show. She’s always a bright light in the room – so positive, happy, full of life and energy. She’s definitely beautiful. Glad she responded!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I like Dina too. I have never seen her show, though. I remember, on WWHL, Jeff Lewis was asked who he thought the most beatiful Real Housewife was in person, and he said, “In person? Dina Manzo, hands down. She’s got them all beaten by miles. She is absolutely gorgeous in person, and the t.v. does not do her justice.” Jeff’s a TOUGH critic. So, I believe him.

    • She managed to blame everyone in that blog. Every single one of them. What if Danielle was really the sane one? Hmmmm.

    • I don’t get why Dina even cares anymore. Nobody is forcing her to say anything, why does she bring it all up again? Now that she’s re-opened that can of worms, her family & everyone else out there will start it up again. She would do so much better for herself if she would just shut up.

      • BB says:

        I’m so over that whole bunch. If I never hear about any of them again, it would be OK with me. I wish them well, but they all need therapy, serious therapy. And these family feuds didn’t start with this generation, did they? I’m guessing some of them grew up in that kind of family dynamic and that’s all they know. Then they went out and picked doozies for their mates. The apples don’t fall far from the trees. Just my two cents.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        As much as she claims to be all ZEN, the lady enjoys attention.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          The truth is that Dina has said very little about this cluster mess. The public has been wanting answers and she made a long statement. She probably second in command for star power in the Jersey group. She does seem like the baby of the Laurtia family tree. JMHO.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            yes, to be fair, she did wait til the season ended to answer the queries that have come up along the way.

        • RealHousewifeVA says:

          Her fans and also people that hate her tweet her CONSTANTLY about this nonsense. She never ever was the first person to mention that she and Caroline no longer spoke. It was mentioned on the show and people wanted answers. She’s continually asked tweeters to keep her out of it since she’s no longer on the show. Eventually, after so many times of her name coming up and people telling her how awful she is for dumping her family for Teresa, she addresses it.

          • VV says:

            My guess is she did it because she is constantly attacked on Twitter…

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I went to her timeline from my laptop and was surprised at how $hitty people are to her on twitter. As I was reading, I kept thinking,” why all the-is hostility? She’s not even on the show.” But I realized they are Carolinebackers, I suppose – giving Dina crap about anything and everything. I’m not accustomed to seeing much support for the Don.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I think that Dina has done her best to try and say as little as possible about what the REAL problems are between her, Caroline and Chris. When she was asked on WWHL, I thought she gave a very diplomatic answer. She did not bash at all.

            I know if I were no longer on a show, but my name was coming up all the time, and I was constantly being questioned about it, I think I WOULD handle and address it the way SHE has.

            She can be snooty-wooty (In short, I do NOT think Dina is perfect), but I honestly do not think she likes all kinds of unnecessary drama. When you’re dealing with cancer and children with cancer all the time, I’m pretty sure it puts manufactured and unnecessary drama into perspective for a person. Cancer? REAL drama. Children with Cancer? REAL drama. Housewives’ B.S.? 95% of it is MANUFACTURED and UNNECESSARY drama (and I know I contribute to the problem because I WATCH it). JMHO.

            • ladyballs says:

              i know what you’re saying, detox.
              although, bethenny was mentioned in morroco and the reunion and other times but she stayed out of it completely.
              i have no idea what happened among dina, caroline, and chris but what ever it is i see caroline and chris saying they love her and clearly they miss her. i don’t see dina saying this and she’s the one who says she wants peace.
              dina herself says this fued goes back to season one. well, that was years ago.
              a family fued from years ago does not equal zen to me.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                I have a sis who I love dearly, but I don’t enjoy her company. I can relate with Dina. Sometimes one’s attempt at self-preservation can look selfish and bratty and/or unforgiving to people who are on the outside looking in. People who don’t know how certain people (even relatives) can destroy your peace.

                • ladyballs says:

                  this is true, lainey.

                • trudie says:

                  Agreed. I have two siblings whom I have cut out of my life for my own sanity. You can only hit your head against the wall so many times before you come to your senses and realize that certain things are fruitless. Perhaps that is the way Dina maintains her “zen.”

              • Realhousewifeva says:

                Bthenny has not stayed out of it. She has commented on her twitter and the times she goes on wwhl… Also Dina’s situation is with her family, not some crazy coworkers . Plus everyone hated Jill with a passion so no one really gave B crap for dumping Jill.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Oh, I’ve always said that Dina is NOT as “zen” as she claims to be.

                Here’s the thing: I REALLY, REALLY think that Dina wants as little contact as possible with Caroline and Chris because of Jac. I think she can forgive (and probably, already has in her mind) any OTHER issues she and Caroline may have had (e.g., Caroline being controlling and overbearing; judgmental, etc.).

                I just do not think she wants to have ANY mention of her PRIVATE LIFE revealed to Jac, whether it be intentionally or UNintentionally done by Caroline and/or Chris. I think that Dina believes that Jac is the one who has been selling her out and saying nasty things and even outright lies about her as a secret source to blogs and other types of media.

                This is JUST my theory. I could be wrong. I think it has MUCH more to do with Jac than anything else.

                I’ve dealt with something like that in my OWN life. I ended a friendship with someone because I did not agree with her LOWDOWN behavior when it came to an affair with a married man; her getting pregnant on purpose; and her torturing the man’s wife/ex-wife afterward. I just could NOT be friends with someone like that.

                However, we had MUTUAL friends. One friend in particular is someone that I REALLY liked, but I knew that her loyalty was with my ex-friend (because they had been friends much longer). I did not want to take the chance on this particular mutual friend telling my ex-friend ANY of my personal business. I don’t think she would have done it maliciously. I think she may have innocently done it, and my ex-friend would have twisted and lied and used that info. to hurt me in some way because she was VERY angry that I ended the friendship because she felt like I was “judging” her. I was NOT.

                I explained to her when I ended the friendship that I never “judged” her relationship with this married man, even though I felt it was morally wrong. I further explained that her behavior went from being morally wrong to straight LOWDOWN, and THAT is why I made my decision. I could not be around a person who was capable of being SO LOWDOWN because they had the capability to be the same way with ME if they ever chose to do so for whatever reason.

                Some things are WRONG, and some things are LOWDOWN. Examples:

                Sleeping with a MARRIED man. = WRONG

                Sleeping with a man that is MARRIED to a friend or a family member = LOWDOWN.

                Sleeping with a MARRIED man and seeing him discreetly = WRONG

                Sleeping with a MARRIED man and making sure you run ALL OVER TOWN PUBLICALLY with him without giving a care if the wife found out = LOWDOWN

                Sleeping with a MARRIED man without getting pregnant for him by continuing to take the birth control pills you made EXTRA sure you took with every other guy you dated before the MARRIED man (I know this because you TOLD me how conscientious you were about it) =

                Sleeping with a MARRIED man and, all of a sudden, Whoops (!!) just “accidentally” getting pregnant at 36 years of age when this “accident” had never happened when you dated SINGLE men = LOWDOWN

                In my former friend’s situation, her PUBLICALLY and CONSTANTLY being seen all over town with this married man (I think she was doing this in the hopes that the wife would find out and leave her husband) was LOWDOWN. Her getting pregnant after doing this and having an affair with the man for TWO WHOLE YEARS (during which he STILL never left his wife by the way) at the age of 36 was the FINAL LOWDOWN “straw” for me (I just don’t believe a person who’d NEVER gotten pregnant before would just “accidentally” get pregnant at the age of 36. She did it to “push the issue” and finally get the man to leave his wife, which he DID).

                So, my friendship with our mutual friend had to end (although we still E-mailed and talked on the phone from time-to-time on a very LIMITED basis because she understood my position), even though I would have LOVED to remain friends with her otherwise.

                I think Dina may REALLY want her relationship with Caroline and Chris back. My theory is that it is “loose cannon/UNSTABLE” Jac that is standing in the way. JMHO.

                • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

                  I am now totally agreeing with you about Jac, I think she is a big reason why Chris and Caroline have not ended their fight with Dina which I suspect would have ended a long time ago but for Jac. I now believe if Jac was in my family, i would stay as far away from her as possible too…and believe me I am not a big Caroline/Dina fan either. It occurs to me that Jac was actually friends with Danielle, and both Kims (who are all questionable women).

                • djprincessc says:

                  Detox, can I just say thank you for writing this?? THANK YOU!

                  I have been in a dilemma with a former best friend of mine since June. I’ll try and make this understandable. We have been best friends for about 5 years, considered each other sisters. Well, the past year she has been changing and engaging in behavior that I just CAN’T condone. She’s married with a son, and slowly her behavior has just got out of control. It started with us going out (no biggie) we’d have a good time nothing bad just girl fun. From going out it turned into HER getting really really wasted (ok we’ve all been there no biggie) from getting wasted ALMOST EVERY NIGHT, to wanting to go out and party and get wasted allllll the damn time and acting really embarrassing, to this guy is hott, to talking to guys, to manipulating guys to just buy her drinks (ok I know women do this but I HATE it) especially because it was her ONE AND ONLY MISSION when we would go out, to getting guys numbers to finally cheating on her husband REGULARLY!

                  Ok I’ll admit when she told me she was going on a date with a guy (while she’s still married) I kinda just brushed it off and laughed because I thought this girl is crazy, but oh well. Ok fine one stupid date, but it didn’t stop there, it turned into her blatantly cheating on her husband all the time and her telling him she was out with me (when she wasn’t and who I know pretty well and am kinda friends with) I had to put my foot down, I told her to do whatever its her life but not use me as an alibi.

                  I’m the type of girl who when I’m DATING someone has tunnel vision, I SEE no one else and WANT no one else! So I can’t imagine cheating on my husband who provides EVERYTHING for me and I have a child with him.

                  Well, we had a falling out in June about something random, basically she got upset with me because I said something to a friend who I met through her. Her friend started attacking me on Facebook and what I said was a HUGE insult. But she deserved it. My best friend got VERY angry told me some things that were pretty horrible, said she was going to call me back and never heard from her again. I never called her, she never called me and I was JUST FINE. Oh let me throw in that I was also close to my best friends sister and her sister just started ignoring me when all this happened.

                  Let me break it down how STUPID AND JUVENILE this fight was. My best friend got upset with me over something I said to a mutual friend, and her sister stopped talking to me over something I said to a mutual friend that upset her sister (my bff) so they are both upset over something that I DID NOT DO/SAY TO THEM! lol.

                  Fast Forward to the last week of September we ran into each other at a beauty supply, we talked she said she just got so upset with what I said to the mutual friend, and I told her I don’t regret what I said, its over and done with and I wouldn’t do things any differently. I also told her about her sister ignoring me (who I thought was a close friend) her answer was well my sister said if you’re not talking to me, then why is she going to talk to you?? MATURE RIGHT?? Anyways….she said she missed me, basically wants everything to be the way it was.

                  AND me?? I am 100% content with the friendship being over, I have peace because now that she’s gone I have no drama in my life, she keeps calling and texting me and I at first was nice and just answered (I was short with her though) and now I just stopped responding.

                  In all honesty I don’t miss her and what you said is right DETOX, how can I be friends with someone who is doing shady things? If you are cheating and lying to your own husband how can I expect you to be loyal to me? I just don’t trust her anymore AT ALL. It is sad how people change, if anyone would have told us 5 years ago we’d no longer be speaking we would have said NEVER in a million years. But I am the kind of person who wants no drama in my life, and if someone is giving me that I have to cut them out. I do feel kinda bad though for ignoring her, she was someone I once loved and I know she is coming from a good place but I just can’t deal with all her problems anymore.

                  END RANT… 🙂

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    I’m sorry I’m JUST responding now, DJ, but I JUST read it. (((DJ)))) I TOTALLY understand your position. Iyanla Vanzant says, “People come into your life for a REASON, a SEASON and a LIFETIME.” It sounds like your friend and my former friends came into my life for “a Season” and were not meant to stay there for a LIFETIME. I wish both my former friends well, but like you, I had no more time for the drama, and the immoral behavior was just “uncomfortable” for me personally. I hope you read this. If not, I hope I remember to ask you to come back to this blog and read it. 😉

          • LaineyLainey says:

            ahhh, ok. I understand better now why she is commenting/blogging about the nonsense. She wants to be and tries to be ZEN and OUT OF THE NONSENSE and then Bravo and Bravo fans keep pulling her back in!

            • Called A Princess... says:

              I found from research that Dina’s big problems are with Jax and Caroline. Chris is a by- product casualty. Look, my feeling is that Tre’s family should not be the only family on the show to suffer. Would that be fair? JMHO.

        • trudie says:

          I think if my family was putting misleading information out about me, I would feel the need to defend myself as well.

  6. 10 million viewers for Walking Dead? Yowza! I haven’t watched, but am wondering what I am missing.

    I don’t like Jeff and Zoila fighting! She cried. I hope therapy helps Jeff’s communication skills…..and Zoila, stop bating him! 🙂

    • BB says:

      Mardrag, I am not a horror movie/show fan, but I love, love, love The Walking Dead. It’s awesome.

      • BB…I am not a horror movie fan either, that is why I passed on watching so thanks for the recommendation. Something is bringing 10 mil. back to watch! Can you tell me, are there previous seasons that I can catch up on somewhere?

        • BB says:

          I think you can get previous seasons on Netflix, but I went out and bought the first season on DVD at walmart for $19.99. What got me hooked was an all-day marathon last Summer and I caught the second season. My youngest happened to be watching it and she made me sit down and watch an epi with her. I was hooked. I’m thinking about purchasing the second season on DVD. I could watch it more than once for sure.

          • Wow…ok…..you have peeked my interest. I have Netflix so I will check it out. Thanks BB! have a great day hon!

            • Powell says:

              MarDrag you will be on the edge if your seat. AMC has been amazing at creating original series for 5 seasons now. Mad Men, Hell on Wheels-which just went off for the season & The Walking Dead.

              • Thanks Powell. I have been a fan of AMC for years, they do some great shows. Also, Reelz is doing some great stuff with Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth, (one of my favorite authors) and now the sequel World Without End starts tonight. Bomb Girls also looked good but I didn’t get to see it.

                My problem is finding time to watch it all! 🙂

    • Mardrag, it’s the fast paced drama, the interaction between the characters, and the quality of the production. The way the show is shot will amaze you, more like a high level movie production than a tv show. Plus they get the best set designer (again, movie production quality), make-up & those walkers are done in fantastic detail. You will not be disappointed! You do not have to watch the previous seasons to enjoy the show. On the AMC website (in the blog above) you can watch the first episode of season 3, plus it might be on demand. This 301 episode will not be on the website for long, so watch it today! Just this past weekend, on Sat. & Sun. they had a marathon of season 1 & 2. I watched season 2 last year, without viewing season 1 until last summer, when I finally watched it on netflix. It’s worth getting netflix ($8 a month?) to see it. Or try your library, they might have

      • Thanks for the info bluesky…I always love a well produced show. And I have seen many comments here glowing about this show. I do have Netflix, so I will find time to check it out. Usually, when I have a reservation about watching something…when I do watch it….I end up wondering what took me so long! Same thing happened with Revenge. I just watched the entire 1st season this past weekend when I was ill and loved it! Great show. I still have to catch up on this seasons show, but they are dvr’d, so I just have to find the time!

        Outside of reality tv, so many good scripted shows are “coming back”. I hope that is a good sign about where overall tv production is going. I am over all the drama….”real” real life has enough of it!

        Have a great day bluesky!

      • Powell says:

        OMG Blue! Herschel. Ahhh! I couldn’t believe he was malled by a walker. I wish they didn’t do that to Herschel. A Rick’s son, I can’t remember his name right now, has become such a gun slinger now. He waskilling those walkers like it was nothing. I hope I’m going to like Michonne. She us a bad a*s Samurai. Her walker pets just cracked me up. She cut out their mouths jaws and cut off their arms. They sure can’t grab or eat the living. Sunday is going to be good as we are introduced to more survivors. Great job. 🙂

        • Thanks Powell 🙂 You are right Powell, Michonne figured out how to make her “pets” work for her. I saw they had backpacks on, and they seem to like her! They looked happy to see her when she got back to the “deer cooler.” Feeding time maybe?

          Carl Jr. is Rick’s son & he sure has become a good shot. It’s sad to see how their emotions have taken a toll, surviving the “zombie apocalypse.” Did you watch all the extra videos over at AMC.com? The actors explain a little about their relationships. It’s very intriguing.

          Hershel is shown in a preview for next week, his ordeal isn’t over yet. But they need him to deliver Lori’s zombie baby! You know that’s going to be very scary, as Lori just told Hershel earlier in the episode that she thinks the baby is dead, and she’s scared. There’s also some video on what is going to happen to Michonne & Andrea.

          • Powell says:

            No I didn’t watch the extras on .com. On Sunday they showed a lot of extras during the marathon. I don’t want to spoil it for myself so I’m not going to watch .com. You really think the baby will be a zombie? Yikes!

    • kendo says:

      Can’t handle her crying, makes me sad! I hope he quits yelling at her. I don’t think anyone enjoys being yelled at, I know it pisses me off!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I missed Jeff and Zoila fighting. Not sure I want to see that.

      • BB says:

        For some reason, I sense a little bit of truth and a whole lot of acting between those two. The same direction as all reality at Bravo is heading. I like the joking and the designing/working aspects of the show. Not so much the deep relationship problems with Jeff/Zoila, Jeff/Gage, Jeff/Whoever. Does Bravo intend for all their reality shows to go to the “dark side?” Next we’ll have big drama between Tom, Padma and Gail on Top Chef, and they’ll be going to therapy to work on their issues. Oh gosh, I hope not! .Lol

        • I agree kendo, LL, & BB. I think Bravo got ahead of themselves when the drama started ramping up naturally a few years ago and people tuned in to see. THEN they made a stupid decision and started pushing the drama, then scripting it. I get the sense, and certainly for me, I am over it. I don’t want to watch people fighting any more, especially if it is contrived.

          With Jeff, he is naturally abrasive, but, once again, I think they told him to play it up. BUT, don’t be makin’ my Zoila cry. Not fun to watch.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Since when is an employer’s abuse of authority and power over an employee considered good entertainment? Oh yeah, since Jeff Lewis started on Bravo. It’s one thing when it’s back and forth, all in good fun banter…but when he goes “off the reality script” and starts tormenting and belitting these people, it’s not funny or entertaining. IMO Were Jeff and Zoila acting? If so, the joke’s on me.

          • Powell says:

            The thing about TV production today us that because reality tv costs so much less than scripted tv so many of the major satellite/cable channels put a lot of research into reality tv. I feel they’d rather put on 10 reality shows whether good or bad than to put one or two quality scripted programs. My mother used to watch the HWs but stopped last yr. She despises the concep of The Bachelor & The Bachelorette, esp since only Kristen & Ryan ate the only married couple out of the series. I can’t recall who else got married. My mom also wishes X-Factor and American Idol would disappear. Reality tv is a part of tv culture now. I believe tv executives want shows that target age groups under 35 or 40.

    • cocfarm says:

      MarDrag, give us some dirt on the ‘behind the scenes’ workings of DWTS!

      • cocfarm…you made me laugh. I prolly shouldn’t have revealed that! I can’t say too much, just suffice it to say, as with all reality tv these days, things just aren’t what they seem sometimes. 😛

        • cocfarm says:

          They have contracts for how long they need to stay on the show right?!? Com’on, right?!!? I can take it!

          I was getting my hair cut yesterday and read about Gilles being a jerk. Dang it. Don’t want to think those abs could go wrong!

    • Powell says:

      I heard that WD won the ratings Sunday night. 10 mill. Bravo wishes they could so so well.

  7. BB says:

    Good morning all. I slept in today for the first time in a long time. It feels weird. Anyway, thanks for all the recaps and info everyone. Great morning reading with my bagel and coffee, as always.

  8. TexasTart says:

    Happy Birthday JustDee! :_)

  9. bea says:

    I finally watched Jill’s WWHL last night. Wow. My husband who boycotts all things related to the housewives walked through at one point and said, “boy, that lady sounds crazy.”

    • My husband, who also boycotts all things Housewives, agrees with yours. (And then he mentioned that, wow, Jill really needs to get a life.)

    • kendo says:

      I watched her, didn’t really mind. I liked her until she turned on Bethenny and started all the drama with Ramona and Alex. I don’t want to see her back on NY.

  10. princesspindy says:

    Happy Birthday Just Dee!!!!

  11. Maryla says:

    I can’t believe that Bravo would ever ask JZ back. She has sealed her fate by being so difficult. That is not to say that difficult people don’t make it in Hollywood. I am sure Cohen, etal are plenty used to dealing with egos. Just in this case, they don’t HAVE to in order to be successful.

    I sort of see that Jill has followed a path similar to Kate Gosselin. People really tuned in to KG at the end to see her marriage implode. By the time she was on DWTS, her 15 minutes of fame were winding down. Who wants to watch a harridan that nobody can control? Initially, Jill had Bethenny to keep her in check. Gosselin had the kindness of John to soften her. With nobody to tell them NO, they are left to follow the worst demons of their persona (shrew).

    That said, I’m sure both Kate and Jill will forever be clawing their way toward the limelight whenever opportunity presents. I wouldn’t watch them regularly. But I do enjoy the OCCASIONAL spectacle + schadenfreude mixed together.

    Sorry No More Drama about blogging Luann on WWHL. I didn’t end up watching that last night. For my job, I had to listen to the debate and the talking heads afterwards.

    • Maryla says:

      And happy Birthday JustDee!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      What I find interesting, in a train-wreck sort of way, is the way that the Jills and Kates of the world behave like petulant children. “I deserve that!! Give it to me! Gimmee! Gimmee! You owe it to me!” Please so away.

    • Sam says:

      About Kate Gosselin — I read yesterday that she just got fired from her job as a representative for a website that’s about cutting coupons. (I think it was called Coupon Cabin, but I might be wrong.) The company rep said something about Kate not presenting the right image for the company. Ya think?!?

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Excellent comment and analysis. Kate Gosselin and Jill DO have a lot in common. I’d never even considered that before. It’s like neither of them GET how unlikable they are and how much they totally turn viewers off. Because they do not GET this, they keep trying to get back on our t.v. screens, thinking that people actually want to see them again (instead of realizing that people actually sang “Hallelujah!” when they were basically dumped by their original employers/networks).

  12. Eve says:

    Jill Zarin….has a hard time hearing B’s voice. I think this is evidence of an obsessed angry person. This was so telling.
    I thought she had such an opportunity handed to her…to redeem herself….say she missed the show…say she was so sorry. But she was defensive, arrogant and such a know it all.
    She really is the gift that keeps on giving.

    • LA Debra says:

      I took the comment about Bethenny’s voice to mean that she missed B so much to this day that hearing her voice was upsetting and brought back the memory that she had killed the friendship. I am not saying I’m right, I’m saying that was the impression I got. I on the other hand hate the sound of JZ and I also hate her convoluted self aggrandizing rationalizations. If I never have to see or hear her again, it will be just fine with me.

      • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

        That’s what I thought she meant as well..Other than that she was pretty awful it made me uncomfortable.

  13. butterisafruit says:

    Happy Birthday Just Dee. I hope it’s the beginning of a wonderful
    year for you. ENJOY!!

  14. butterisafruit says:

    I never want to see JZ back. Those seasons are over and now we’re onto
    a new group of personalities. I also think that LuAnn should have been
    discarded. She encouraged Jill. She was part of the attacks on Bethanny.
    This “team” thinking is very unhealthy. It’s not working in New Jersey either.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Great comment, Butter. It’s like buttah. Seriously, Lu chose to side with Jill. She thought she was betting on a sure thing. NOT

      • butterisafruit says:

        Yes she not only sided with her she helped her. Remember the phone call and whenever
        Jill got upset LuAnn kept telling her she was right. LuAnn made the snowballs and Jill threw them.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          LuLu still seems like a lonely loser to this day. She and Jill deserved each other. IMO.

  15. Exit4 says:

    I know I’m a few days late but I forgot to come back and reply!
    You wanted to know the Comcast channel for BravoHD. Where I am it is 832. The schedule is the same as regular Bravo, it’s just HD. Sorry I took so long!

  16. shamrockblonde says:

    hello my loves – I did not watch JZ and Andy mainly because I cannot stand Andy and having to suffer through him AND her would be like pouring salt on an open wound – no thanks – I pray for Bobby – *hugs entire board*

    • same here shamrockblonde, JZ & Andy together is too sickening.

      • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

        I’m with you 2. I stopped watching for the most part about a month ago…couldn’t take Andy and his stupid games trying hard to bring “fun” in the clubhouse. Though I admit I did watch Monday’s show.

  17. Called A Princess... says:

    Has anyone else seen this? I found it pretty interesting and it makes a lot of sense. If posted before I apologize in advance. The story is fairly detail about the PFS filming and final edit with Jax and Melissa squarely in the middle of the cluster muck. JMHO.


    • Rebecca says:

      Is anyone else laughing at the fact that she announced her blog on Sunday, but Bravo is STILL editing it? Wack-a-doodle.

      • VV says:

        They got Interns working overtime trying to cut the content of The Manifesto down and they still cannot edit it to a reasonable size. Monumental task…feel bad for interns…

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Whoever runs that blog does excellent research and often provides documents to back up his/her research. I wonder who the hell runs it.

      Also, I can believe this about Jac. She was all up in everything. It’s got her “grubby, little fingerprints all over it.” JMHO.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I really liked how the story planted Melissa and Jax right in the middle of the drama and moved Teresa squarely out of it. I am so glad that Bravo fired Cat. She lost complete control of the narrative and let the inmates run the nuthouse. Melissa is a She Devil, married to her familiar. Jax is just crazy! JMHO.

        • VV says:

          Jac demeanor at Posche fashion show before and after debacle was telling. The fact she didn’t go TI S3 finale because she was so distressed is laughable.
          That site gets a bad rap because of the name but it is a very well documented site.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I like that, too.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          What is “a familiar” again, CAP? I vaguely remember, but I don’t feel like looking it up because I have to get ready to “attempt” to do my “HIGH SCHOOL SKINNY EXERCISE WALK”. This will be the first time I’ve attempted it since I got sick. Wish me luck!

          If you guys do not hear from me again, I passed out and died from trying to walk/exercise too early. I love you all, and PEACE OUT!

          • dickens says:

            A “familiar” is a demon supposedly attending a witch, often said to assume the form of an animal.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Aaah! Yes, now I remember! Thanks for answering my question, dickens! 😉

      • plainviewsue says:

        I agree Detox. I would love to know who runs that blog.

        I totally believe Jac, who so many of us (me included) thought she was the nice one. I had always said out of all the HW’s she’s the one I could see being friends with. Oy vey!!

        I believe these facts are true about the Caroline/Dina/Chris/Jac situation. How sad is that it is exactly like Teresa/Joe/Melissa, which is probably why Jac relates to Melissa so much.

        This family dynamic should have been laid out for viewers as much as the Giudices/Gorgas.

        Jac is a very disturbed needy individual. Poor CJ & Nicholas.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I was not going to bring this up, but since you did, I’ll say that I think Jac relates to Melissa in MORE ways than one:

          I personally think that, despite their VEHEMENT denials, they BOTH were strippers and BOTH have done some seriously SHADY things in their pasts. I honestly think Jac was ALSO an ESCORT. These are simply my OPINIONS, People!

          I also think that Jac relates to Melissa because members of the Gorga and Manzo families probably had to deal with the fact that these were NOT the kind of women they would have chosen for their son/brother.

          I have to be honest and say that if a son or daughter of mine brought home a former stripper as their spouse, I would have a SERIOUS problem with it. I would not TELL them I had such a serious problem with it….but I would be back in a therapist’s chair to process it. And I consider myself to be a pretty open-minded person (in fact, I’m constantly complimented on being open-minded by acquaintances, friends and family).

          I’m sorry, but I know TONS of people and have seen LOTS of things. In MY own personal experience, the saying, “You can’t turn a HOE into a HOUSEWIFE!!” has turned out to be true 95 – 98% of the time. Sorry. That HAS been my personal experience, though. What can I say? It is MY truth. I have slutty friends that have married nice men and, for a while, walked the straight and narrow. A LOT of those friends, however, DID end up cheating and doing other things most married women should not be doing. *Shrug*

          I agree that Jac is seriously DISTURBED, and I do feel for C.J. & Nicholas in particular.

          • jeang says:

            Amen Detox, you hit it right on the mark. If my son was hanging with someone like that I do not know if I could not help but give him my opinion. I would have to wait and probably ask you how to do it without alienating him. I have in the past done that and did have to suffer the consequences but at the end of the day he finally realized I was right. It just wasnt an easy place to be in during that time until he saw the light.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              You’re braver than me because I would probably bite my tongue so hard it would BLEED so that I would NOT say anything. I would have to respect his/her choice and be there to pick up the pieces if they ever fell.

              I DAMNED sure would be bitching about it in a therapist’s office, though (Venting can be healthy, especially if you do it in a “safe” place). I’d probably have to go back to confession and/or to also talk to a priest to deal with it too.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I finally took the time to read it, CAP and it makes a lot of sense. I noticed everyone was different during this episode. Melissa walked in with a subdued air about her, Jac, Lauren and the Don looked like they were waiting for something to happen.

  18. rt says:

    Wait? BF’s spinoff was originally supposed to be a Jill and BF spinoff? If that’s true, I could understood where Jill is coming from better.

  19. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I don’t care how PC anyone wants to be, but I was reminded HOW MUCH I HATE JILL ZARIN! HATE. I actually hate her more now than before. At least before I could say she was caught up in it all too much but now, seriously, she’s the worst of everyone. You’d think after a year and a half, she’s have some time to self-reflect and come back singing a different tune. Be a little more humble and take responsibility. But it’s the same old crap and B.S. and delusion. She’s so obsessed with herself. She purposely fought with B for ratings? So what’s with the Amazon-gate mess? Was that for ratings, too? Gimme a break.
    I don’t think 1.25 mil is THAT amazing after the way they teased her appearance nonstop for 2 weeks. Other people don’t even get half the publicity before coming on WWHL and they pull in similar numbers.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I just listened to Lisa Wexler’s radio show with Jill and she definitely does feed her sister’s delusions of grandeur. Jill thinks she was fired instead of Ramona because of the Page Six article where someone overheard Bobby telling Jill in a restaurant that she should quit the show. She felt Andy wanted to promote his show over Housewives on Jimmy Fallon. Ridiculous! He’s allowed to promote his own show wherever he can. She just helped him get more viewers on WWHL since it was the highest ratings he has gotten.

      • That must be for a Monday night because last Sunday after the RHONJ brawl, Melissa got over 2 million for WWHL. What I think is hilarious is nobody tunes in for Andy, they tune in for the guest. So when it’s an unknown person, he doesn’t even get 500,000 viewers.

      • You have guts of steel to be able to listen to Jill & Lisa!!! thank you for reporting back to us. BB listened too, it may have contributed to her not feeling well. You are both braver than me!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Jill is C-R-A-Z-Y. She’s referring to a Page Six article that many think SHE planted HERSELF. The NY Post is allegedly where Jill used to plant all kinds of stories about herself and her cast mates. The “overheard in a restaurant” story did come out before Jill was fired, but many people (including myself) speculated that Jill planted this story so she could save face in the event that she WAS fired by BRAVO (kinda like, “Yeah, BRAVO let me go, but I was planning on leaving ANYWAY because my husband, for the sake of our marriage and family, wanted me to quit the show. Family comes first. So, this is a blessing in disguise. It saves me the trouble of having to tell BRAVO myself that I no longer wanted to return.”

        She is SOOOOOO F.O.S.!!!

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Rob Shuter helped Jill out a lot too with his gossip stories and hits on Bethenny’s character. Nasty man. IMO.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Yep. I noticed that, after Jill got fired, he then started saying nasty/not-so-nice things about her. I guess this because Jill would no longer be useful to him as a gossip source for RHONY.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Detox, I find Rob to be on e of the strangest characters in pop culture. He looks like a doofus cartoon character from a Warner Brothers animated story. I find him and his lack of professional ethics creepy. JMHO.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I cannot stand Jill Zarin, but, in a way, I also feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her because she is just SOOOO miserable. I mean, she is still OBSESSING over a friendship that ended a couple (if not more) years ago and over a job where she was FIRED!

      The fact that she is also coming up with all of these conspiracy theories in her head is also proof that she has gone off the deep end.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I do not think Bethenny is completely clean in this saga either. I think if you look user up in the dictionary there just might be a center fold of her in full color. Jill needs to let go, but Bethenny needs stop discarding people that have helped her get to the top. I get that in ways, because Bethenny has been hurt, she wants to believe that she has achieved her success, on her own, but that is impossible. Jill Zarin is another example of one of Bethenny’s unresolved relationship dramas, the difference here is that the relationship exploded on camera, for the world to witness. In a karmic way, Jill rejected Bethenny before Bethenny could fully reject Jill. In the way of vampires, Bethenny was not done with Jill when Jill started the hate train, season 3. I am not a Jill Zarin fan nor a Bethenny hater, just an observer of human needs and deeds. Both have voices that can break bullet proof glass. JMHO.

        • klmh says:

          Well stated CaP.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I hate to admit this, but I agree with you.
          Look, I still like Bethenny, but I no longer LOVE her the way I used to love her. Her show revealed a side to her personality that is NOT very nice and is, in fact, downright COLD/MEAN.

          I know you think Omarosa is insane, but I mentioned the way she shut Bethenny down one time. From the story told, Omarosa had also graciously met with Bethenny more than once to help her figure out how she could better use her reality platform to help her business-wise (at Bethenny’s requests). According to Omarosa, she even paid Bethenny’s cab fare all of those times because Bethenny was constantly complaining to her “how broke” she was.

          Love or hate Omarosa (I don’t love or hate her. I just don’t LIKE her. I do RESPECT her, though. She came from a very rough neighborhood. Her father was murdered when she was 7 years old. Her only brother was murdered when he was 40 years old. I think her rough home life may be what causes her to have such a “hard shell” and be so tough. From all accounts, Michael Clarke Duncan was a very GOOD man. I have a hard time believing he would have fallen in love and proposed to a downright EVIL woman [although it IS possible because I admit that I have seen it happen many times]).

          Anyhoo, Omarosa mentioned that one of the reasons she swung back SO HARD at Bethenny was because she THOUGHT she and Bethenny were FRIENDS, and she had even HELPED her in the past. So, it’s like Bethenny used her, discarded her and then even publically insulted/criticized her. NOT COOL.

          I think Bethenny has SOME aspects of her personality that are like both her MOTHER (who is not very nice from certain accounts, including Bethenny) and her FATHER (who from several accounts, including Bethenny’s, was a very COLD man and, to some, a downright SON-OF-A-B*TCH).

          Bethenny IS their “apple” after all. I did NOT like the way she treated Jason’s parents, and I definitely did not like the way she treated Jason (In some ways, I thought he was too good for her. *Shrug*). JMHO.

          • jeang says:

            I know Detox, I always loved Betheny but after the way she is treating Jason and his family, I am no longer a big fan of hers. She has everything she ever wanted and obviously its still not ever going to be enough for her. I feel so sorry for Jason and his parents.

      • cocfarm says:

        I agree with you to some degree. I’m sure in the dead of night she has moments of clarity and can not bear to ‘own it’, so she tries to spin it instead so she can live with it.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Right, it’s a pattern I’m seeing. The housewife who can’t face reality. So she turns to some other huge distraction in order to avoid facing the truth in her life.

          Truth: Jill you’ve been fired. Reality TV was not a good career for you.
          Avoidance Tactic: Conspiracy Theories, twitter, planting stories, contacting celebrities, coaching the New housewife (Aviva), harrassing Bravo/Andy

          I can think of someone else in New Jersey who also uses this coping mechanism. Do two people constitute a pattern? mmmmmm. maybe not. 🙂

  20. california35 says:

    happy birthday JustDee 🙂

    great blogs – specially the ones for WWHL and NY reunion and blogs 🙂

    thanks every body 🙂

  21. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Late to the blog. Thank you NMD for the Jill recap. It was very well done. Thanks to everyone else who contribute to Lynn’s Place. It is appreciated.


    Ramona just posted the clip on Facebook from the reunion on Sunday where Andy tells Ramona her lipstick is “f##k up”. This is why I love Ramona. She can laugh at herself and yes the lipstick was a total mess.

  22. plainviewsue says:

    Hey all. Well, I had an exciting moment on WWHL last night!!

    For those of you who watched (and I have to say I thought LuLu looked great), do you remember when Andy asked Lulu about Jill’s ridiculous statement that Heather was brought in to replace her?

    Well, Andy read a tweet from Heather & it was a tweet that was in response to a tweet that I
    had posted on twitter!!! I was screaming again! Here it is:

    @plainviewsue: The ego of @jillzarin is astounding. She thinks they picked @iamHeatherT to replace her? Honey, Heather is successful. You are NOT.
    ‏@iamHeatherT: @plainviewsue its unsettling to think she thinks we have so much in common! #notgood

    HOLLA!!!! LOL!!!!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      You seem to have the magic touch when it comes to your tweets being acknowledged by Bravo. I always like hearing them. 😀

    • VV says:

      Way to go !!

    • BB says:

      You’re a social media pro, PVS!

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Jill definitely did not pay Heather any compliments with that comment and I’m sure Heather knew it.. So cool that you got that tweet and Teresa included your tweets in her blog.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Ramonacoaster, as a child who had a jewish father & catholic mother Zilla’s comments about it were deplorable. I was raised jewish, my mother later said she would have fought more to be raised both in hindsight. I always felt I got the shaft when attending all my cousins baptisims & first communions. So it’s time for me to start preparing for my Bat-Mitvah & was called out of class by the rabbi so he could tell me I wasn’t really jewish since my mother never converted. As only a melania type of kid could do I cursed him out, he was insulting my mother. After the rabbi called my mom to come get me & my sister I never set foot in temple again. As a parent, I raised my child catholic. My path & spiritual relationship with God was messed up & I wanted her to be comfortable in a church, something to this day I am not. Both my grandmothers were fond of drawing a line down my body to tell me which half was better. When I was 15 I went into St. Patrick’s Cathedral to pick up a present with my friend for her mom for christmas. I watched her cross her self with the holy water & I started spinning & on my way down to the floor I recalled being in the lobby of a church at my cousins baptisim when I was five & remember my jewish grandmother telling me Jews who go to church will burn in hell, vivid & last thing I remember before I passed out cold. I hope Heathers child never has that conflict visited it on him. Lisa

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Wow, Lisa! I’m so sorry that happened to you. Organized religion can make some people do some messed up stuff in its name (like go to war; discriminate against people of a different religion; and tell a child that she is not “good” enough to be a member [like you]).

          That is why I am a lapsed Catholic. I still attend from time to time. I still pray my rosary OFTEN. I still pray novenas OFTEN. I still often ask patron Saints to intercede on my behalf when it comes to whatever it is they are the patron Saint of (e.g., I ask St. Anthony to intercede on my behalf when I have lost something, like my keys, or anything else. I ask St. Jude to intercede on my behalf when things are REALLY bad and seem hopeless. I ask St. Christopher to intercede on my behalf when I am making a long trip to protect me and keep me safe.)

          To OTHER people in OTHER religions, it would seem that I am praying to and worshiping a SAINT, when I am NOT. I am simply asking them to “put in good word for me” with Jesus and “The Man Upstairs”. I have not been to confession in YEARS, but I sometimes feel like going so I can start again with a “clean slate,” so to speak.

          I just have a big problem with the way the Catholic Church has handled things with the whole pedophile priests scandal; gays; birth control; etc., etc.

          I always said that if I were to be blessed with a child, I would go back to attending mass EVERY weekend and on EVERY Holy Day and enroll my child in catechism and ensure that he/she obtains all of their Sacraments and has a FOUNDATION of Faith. It looks like you have done that with your daughter. I commend you for it.

          I would let them know that, once they are grown, they can choose to worship in ANY way they see fit because “all pathways lead to God” in my book when it comes to different faiths. I will feel like I at least did my job by providing them with some kind of religious foundation, though.

          The ONLY thing I would not be “down” with is DEVIL/SATANIC worship and practices AND witchcraft. I draw my LINE there! I firmly believe that Satan is REAL and walks amongs us. Why would I use something like an ouija board or spells to say, “Hey, my door is open to you, Satan!! Just come on in when you’re ready!! Ummm…HELL TO THE NO!!!

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I think that war has become much less about faith and the value of life and more about the murder of mass amounts of people of color, and then, less then ethical acquisition of the worlds natural resources (oil in Iraq and Trillium in Afghanistan) for western interest. JMHO.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Oh wow, Lisa Renee – that just breaks my heart that this happened to you. I’m so sorry. I’m with you, I hope her child (no child) never goes through something like that ever. It’s usually the legalists who take all the joy out of faith/religion.

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Detox & Lainey, It taught me was that memory & the scars left were so repressed. I imagine there is much more I don’t remember & thats fine by me. As a kid I sat on the steps & ate lunch there all the time, never thought twice about it & admired its beauty every time I was in there. Some one dips their fingers in the holy water & it sent me reeling.
            I had DD & I baptized to gether. She attended catholic school. She received her first communion. As with my other “issues” I attended church with her when my mom wasn’t available & she never knew how uncomfortable I was. In time, I have found comfort in a church. I made this call so there was no ambiguity for her & her faith. It kicked into over drive when her father passed. I wanted her to know that God/Jesus loved her no matter who is around or if you are all alone. You are loved & special made. I never got that feeling desite several years going to hebrews school on Saturdays. I think she is the better for it. We have had some deep convos about religion & she has figured out what works for her but her faith is solid. When I enrolled her in first grade we had the talk about good touch/bad touch & the feeling in your tummy, even if they were priests. When the priest scandel broke she called me from prep school now in 10th grade to tell me she thought I was nuts all these years. How did I know & why still put her in a school run by a priest. I told her no one & nothing is perfect & you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. I told her you had the tools you needed to let me know & I was paying attention. I don’t know how to catagorize myself except to say that me & God are good 🙂
            hugs to you both, Lisa

    • contessa says:

      Hi Sue, That is great, I heard the answer from Heather on the show, but I am so excited that you got through again!!! Wow you must be on some sort of special list by now!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      this is great, pvsue!!!

    • butterisafruit says:

      Good for you, Plainviewsue. That was EXCELLANT.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Thanks all 🙂 It’s fun when twitter “celebrities” tweet you back.

        This was so funny, cos when Andy read it, I was like, wait a minute. That sounds so familiar! So I rewound, cos I was watching on DVR, and then realized that it was what Heather tweeted me!!

        Thank god something good happened last night, cos the Yankees have been abysmal & I finally had something to scream about that was good!!!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          We like the Yankees, too PVSue. Especially if the Texas Ranger are out of it, which is usually the case.

  23. Rebecca says:

    Koma Katfish’s blog is up…. and it looks like a goodbye to the show!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I did not notice it at the time, but someone here pointed out that, at the end of the RHONJ Reunion, Andy did not ask each of the ladies if they would be willing to come back next season. They found this to be unusual, and once it was brought to my attention, so did I.

      Does anyone remember if he asked the RHONY cast members if they would be back next season? I don’t think he DID. Maybe he’s decided to stop asking the cast members this at the end of each Reunion for some reason.

      • VV says:

        I don’t think he still asking that question anymore. I know he used to do it on first season. The interview with JZ got me thinking because he said RHONY got to negative and needed a change. I can’t remember exact words. Well, what more toxic and negative than RHONJ? He’ll go the way money goes … Money always talks.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Chismosa pointed out a coupla times that he hasn’t asked this question in a while.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Thanks for answering my question, JIVE TURKEY!

        • Called A Princess... says:

          To tell you the truth, most of the time , I do not think he care about the answer to the question. It was an easy tag line that stopped being so easy when has lost control of reunion after reunion after reunion. He is the biggest self promoter on his network. The puppet master with broken, tangled, black stringed dolls, that seemingly would do anything for fame and fortune. He is the ring leader of the bullies club. Careless. IMO.

  24. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Powell and NMD- please check your twitter accounts. I think you have been hacked. Your tweeting the “HAHA have you seen this video”

  25. NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

    Afternoon everyone. I still have to read thru Flipping out and Walking Dead recap, but wanted to throw my 2 cents in regarding Jill Zarin WWHL as well as some Jersey thoughts. As far as Jill Zarin, you wrote this very eloquently, No More Drama. I actually had said I wouldn’t watch but then ended up watching. I missed the first 2 minutes but caught the rest and before it was halfway over, I was just blown away by how Jill has not grown as a person at all. She must still be surrounded by the same yes-men/women as before who feeds into her delusions of grandeur.

    This is where I think she and Aviva differ. I do think after watching the reunion and reading Aviva’s twitter, she is capable of realizing she overplayed her hand and made major mistakes, and I do believe she owned up to them. Do I believe she would have apologized had the fans not turned on her? Maybe not, though I do think in some cases she did have good cause to be annoyed by Ramona. If she comes back next season, I believe she could pull off a Camille Grammer-style makeover and get the fans back on her side because she will be careful what she says and how she handles the crazy on the show. I am not a fan of Aviva, though I had high hopes for her at the beginning, but I do see where some of her issues came from. It really is how she handled the situations she was in.

    Jill on the other hand never admits to doing wrong, and even when she does admit some wrongdoing, it is always wrapped in blame for others. When Heather told Sonja that she can’t get out of her own way, this is a great quote that applies to Jill as well. WWHL really made me realize that this lady is just a horrible human being as well as it seems her nutty family and I REALLY don’t ever want to see her ugly mug or horrible voice on my screen again.

    The only thing I have to say about Jersey is I have changed my position on Jacqueline. Before I always thought she was deep down really a good friend and wanted to help with problems even though she got involved in a lot of stupid stuff, BUT she obviously is a big factor in all of the drama, either causing it or keeping the drama going. I think Caroline needs here to keep the grudges going as well. I also hate how Caroline tried to be the “VOICE OF REASON” at the end of the reunion, although all season she had been trying to get everyone to take sides. How can I buy that?

    The fact that Dina and Chris don’t even speak after being very close is obviously because Jac can’t stand Dina and vice-versa. Now I am not a Dina die-hard fan, and I did laugh at some of her points in her blog, like the fact that she felt sorry for Danielle when everyone was against her in season 1, (she was a big part of the gang-up no matter how she wants to spin it), but I do agree that producers edited her comment re: blood thicker than water, and I do agree (if she really tried to do this) she should have tried to stay out of the HW stuff (if that’s true). For the most part, she tries not to speak about her family feud. I do also commend Chris for staying on Jac’s side as a husband should, but he really needs to get her off that show as she is INSANE…and I don’t even like the Guidices, Gorgas, Wakiles, Manzos, so I’m not team anyone at this point.

    I hope Andy does again what he said he did regarding toxicity and the same stupid feuds season after season on RHONY and gets rid of the whole cast and starts fresh or shuts it down.

    OMG, I didn’t mean to write this much!

    • BB says:

      I’m glad you did. 🙂

      • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

        I only meant to write maybe a paragraph, but got carried away. 😉 Funny how these stupid shows make a person do that.

      • Nancy says:

        Are you feeling better today? Hope so.

        Hopefully the Tigers will take it home tonight. I love seeing new teams get their chance.

      • contessa says:

        Yes I like your comments as well. I used to like Jaq in the beginning, actually I liked all of them equally in Season 1, but when the group gang up headed by Caro on Danielle happened, my opinion changed drastically. Danielle was a stupid young kid on drugs, she did not need to be outed on TV that way. Even with the outing, they went out of their way to crucify her and make her feel like dirt.

        Jaq was sympathetic and likeable for awhile, but what turned me totally off was knowing her child is ill and she is still in this nonsensical other family drama, drinking and tweeting up a storm. The other thing was humiliating her daughter on television, and making herself look like a victim. She needs to do what other mothers do, conserve her energy, work with her child, get off the computer/twitter. She blew one chance with Ashlee, and as we can see Ashlee seems to be doing better on her own.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I really used to like Jac too. She sure had me fooled. I now look at the situation with Ashley COMPLETELY differently too.

  26. NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

    You Walking Dead fans, did you catch the tension with Daryl and Carol? Great first episode. The pet zombies of Michonne confuse me, even with no arms and mouth cut up or whatever, wouldn’t they still have a desire to attack? I haven’t read the comics so this is my first exposure to the character.

    • yes, Carol & Daryl seem very comfortable with each other. Did you hear Carol ask him “want to screw around?” when they were talking in the prison yard that first evening there? Sooo it’s a possibility that they kept each other warm over the winter!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        oh, I NOTICED!!

        • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

          I did catch her saying that. I don’t know if anything happened over the winter, but I like that Carol’s scaredy cat persona has now started to recede (due to that awful husband) and she seems more of a stronger woman. If they didn’t keep each other warm during the winter, I’m sure they will next winter 🙂

  27. Lisa Renee says:

    Good afternoon All, of all the days for life to get in my way & keep me from my IPad. Really, of all days it has to be be after Zilla was on WWHL. I missed a great day on the blog & am finally caught up. Special shout out to Maryla, you did a great re-cap. Thanks for confirming I am not nuts & heard & saw what I did. I was going to skip it but the comments from the Lets Chat Blog rendered me unable to resist. So if I understand Zilla, she “pitched” a fight to Andy(busted big time, yeah!) about B to make good TV. My take away is that Zilla has no problem exploiting a “genuine” friendship for ratings at the expense of her “best friends” mental health, like B’s plate wasn’t full enough. So the only reason it failed is she forgot to tell B I am going to kick you when you are down & just play along. I too, had Lynn on my mind the entire time. Lynn is missed & to everyone holding it down for us, thanks just seems inadequate. I enjoyed all the links provided in the coments & if majority rules zilla will never be on TV again, Each link was a great read & hysterical. TvGasam is the first blog I got hooked on when it was being run by B-side & FlipIt & I highly recommend it.
    NMD, great post this morning. I am out of accolades & am repeating myself but you are on fire. Your take on whats next is spot on. I love the polls, tweets, POV & including the blog by Dina was the cherry on top. BB, thanks for the BH gossip….& so it begins, before it airs. I posted last season that adrienne never telling Bernie to STFU was deplorable. She used him to lob insults & spread gossip. Now I know why she never kicked him to the curb, he is her “witness”. I do not believe a word he says. If Paul makes him a better offer I am sure his view would change. His soul is for sale the only question is for how much. The TV lineup is appreciated & ensures I miss nothing. So excited for you becoming a Grandmother & hope when the baby is born you will still have time to post.
    Detox, as usual your BBW blog was so dam funny. I’m thinking if Jackie gets wind of who you are & where………Detox, you in danger girl!! Jackie’s delusion & clothes makes Zilla look like the picture of mental health. Still loving Draya & not sure about Laura’s endgame with the double speak about Jackie. I do remember clearly Draya didn’t go to the wedding last year, no shame in her game & she will step to anyone no matter where they are or how big the person is, my kinda girl.
    Keida, thanks for the flipping out blog, haven’t watched yet (life in way, again) but I think when I watch it you will have not missed a thing. It was a great read.
    Sorry so long, if I don’t stop here I will be ragging on NY reunion lol! Hope everyone is having a great day, Lisa

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hi, Lisa,

      Believe it or not, I have ACTUALLY (NO LIE) considered the fact that Jackie Christie may indeed try to find out my identity and hunt me down. I mean, I think she might actually try to do me bodily harm or kill me. My only defense would be to just start flattering her and ask her to spill the REAL gossip about all of her other cast mates and what she REALLY thinks about them. I would then promise that I would change my tune and start writing FAVORABLY about her in this blog for a small fee, and I would agree to use her as a secret source to write nasty things about her cast mates.

      In short, I would distract her. I think that would make her put the knife and the gun down.

      I would then tell NMD that I could no longer do the BBW-LA blog and go into some type of “Jackie Christie Protection Program”.

  28. good evening all,. i still hate jill zarin and i still really miss lynn. thanks to all for continuing the blog. ya’ll are doing a great job. i lurk every day even if i’m not strong enough to reply. jill and her comparing herself to heather is unreal. as the “shicka’s kid” i lived my life hearing about only children born of jewish women were real jews and that no one could really “convert” . like it was a dna thing. but my step father always said all the people arguing about it would continue to argue while they sent all of us to the ovens. we had to learn for ourselves what we were and what we are. i have no tolerance for fundamentalist anything. i look for acts of love not words. i find love on the blog. love ya, debi

    • waving hello to you grandmadebers!!! 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Nice comment, grandmadebers. I agree with your sentiment: I too miss Lynn and I too feel that our gracious and good NMD and her band of generous and talented bloggers are doing an amazing job!!

      I know why you heard what you heard about “who is a true hebrew/jew”… as you know, there is law and tradition that has been passed down..most of which is based on the Torah…and it also depends on whether or not your beliefs come from Reform Judaism or from Orthodox Judaism. This is an interesting site that sheds more light on the topic in an easy to read way for anyone who is interested: http://www.jewfaq.org/whoisjew.htm and when it’s all said and done what your dad is true.

      With that said, I also like your last comment “I look for acts of love, not words.” I say “amen” to that.

  29. rabblerouser2010R says:

    On Lynn’s site some nasty trolls are STILL talking smack……Jill crawls out of her hole and goes out WWHL and her lemmings come crawling out with her.

  30. rabble, i hope that is not directed at me because i’m not a troll or lemming. i thought the blog was running nicely. guess i need reread. debi

    • BB says:

      I’m sure Rabble is not directing that comment at you, grandmadebers.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        No grandma, it wasn’t directed to you at all. It didn’t even happen on this blog but it was actually Lynn’s old site.

    • dickens says:

      I may be wrong, but I think she was referring to Lynn’s original site, not this one.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Oh, I get it now. I think you thought I was talking about you since my post followed yours. No, that’s not what I meant at all. That was just a coincidence. My post was a separate entry and I was talking about Lynn’s old site.

      I am sorry if your feelings were hurt and you thought you were being attack for no reason, but that really wasn’t the case. Please know, I would never say such things about you.

  31. Lulu says:

    Good evening everyone!!! love love love the blogs! Thank you NMD, BB, Keida, COCfarm and Bluesky1forever. I’m on the fence with walking dead though I will still watch it. Great recap! I don’t get the “their all infected” theory. Would be great if they explain how this happened. A few years ago BBC had and awesome series that is now on netflix called “survivors.” It’s pretty interesting about a post apocalyptic world the only difference is no zombies. They have a better grasp of showing the surviving without the nonsense drama. Great series.

    • Hi Lulu from watching season 1, the finale, the CDC scientist whispered something into Rick’s ear, before they cleared out of the CDC. So then, after Rick killed Shane and he came back as a walker, Rick had confirmation of what he was told. Later in the season 2 finale, when they have all re-united and Rick is explaining what happened to Shane, Rick tells the group what the CDC scientist told him. Some are mad at Rick, that he didn’t tell all of them that everyone is now infected, so when they die, they will turn into walkers. No bite necessary!

      Can’t wait to find out what will happen to Lori’s baby. Will the baby have a chance, or what? It’s going to really depress them if her baby is born a zombie.

      If you watch Talking Dead, it’s on right after the Sunday show, the host & guests (director, writers, actors etc.) talk about where the series is headed, and lots of background info. The series is based on the comic book (I haven’t read it) but the director from episode 301 explained that they try to change a few details from the comic book, just to keep it fresh. In the comic book, Hershel doesn’t lose his leg, I believe they said Glen does.

      • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

        i enjoyed this weeks Talking Dead, and they also have a podcast Talking Dead which gave some interesting info as well. When they talked about changing up the show as opposed to the comics, I think they said it was Dale was the one who got bitten in the prison instead of Hershel, so apparently Dale was living a little longer than the show let him. Not that it’s that important, just thought I’d mention it. Also I liked Dale and wished he had been on the show a little bit longer. Also anyone have any idea when Daryl’s crazy racist brother is going to show up?

        • Powell says:

          OK NMHousewife it was Dale in the comics. I miss Dale. He tried to have the group hold on to their morals and sense of decency.

        • BB says:

          Maybe Merle is with the group that Michonne and Andrea join. I think he will show up somewhere eventually.

        • NMhousewife, on AMC.com they have a cast list, with Merle on it. He is going to be 2nd in command of the save town Michonne & Andrea end up in. Watch to see what he did since he had to cut off his hand when he got left behind on the rooftop. I did mix up Glenn with Dale, sorry. I liked Dale a lot too. If not for him, Andrea wouldn’t be alive.

          • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

            Uh oh! I can’t wait for Daryl and Merle to finally catch up to each other. I am dying to see how Daryl reacts with him now that he has not been under his thumb for so long.

      • Powell says:

        blue I was wondering how the comic parallels. I’m SAS Herschel’s leg was cut off but I’m glad they didn’t make it Glen. Glen and Maggie should have a future together, whatever that entails.

      • melthehound says:

        We knew Shane was infected when he shaved his head looking for the rash. What I want to know is where this ‘disease’ came from to begin with. With all of the zombie blood splattering around as these people kill them, I don’t know how any of them could have been stupid enough to believe they were not infected. So, Now that Hershel has been bitten, did they cut his leg in time to prevent the infection from traveling? I think not. Are Maggie and her sister now infected or were they to begin with after daddy do good kept all those walkers in his barn? How does Michonne keep her two armless pets in line? They are already dead and we’ve seen these dead types fear nothing (can’t be afraid of anything if you don’t have a functioning brain). Their only drive is to eat so what’s keeping them from eating Her? We’ve seen these creatures cut in half and still going after food. I highly doubt lack of arms is keeping her ‘pets’ at bey. Further, When the CDC scientist showed the way the disease works, reactivates the lower brain stem while the rest of the brain remains dead, it would seem to me, that it would be that part of the brain one must destroy in order to kill these walkers. Of course, how they can smell or hear or see anything without a working brain is also beyond me but we’ll go with the idea that they can for the fun of the show 😉

        • Powell says:

          Shane had a patch of his hair torn out by the big guy when Shane threw him to the wolves so to speak. He shaved his head cause he couldn’t have that bald patch showing. Someone in the group may have had questions. But MTH since you said that Maybe Shane was the only one that had it since he had an open wound and had blood on him from killing walkers.

          • melthehound says:

            You mean Otis? I didn’t think that Shane was the only one, he was the first I figured was infected. Rick later confirmed that all of them, who were tested at CDC, were. In that group, that excludes Hershels people/family though I suspect they too were infected even when they first all met up.

        • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

          I’m confused about the pet zombies as well. I don’t read the comics so this is my first exposure to this character. Even without arms and a functioning mouth, I can’t believe they wouldn’t still try for a human.

          • BB says:

            Here are some half answers/guesses about Michonne and her walkers.

          • melthehound says:

            Here is what BB’s posted site calls the best answer…
            Well, if you want to follow the comics, which is the only way to make sense of them, then Michonne cuts off the arms of the walkers, so they can’t attack her with that. Then she breaks off their jaws so they can’t bite her either.
            She does all of this because they help her go undercover amongst the walkers. Her scent is hidden by the walkers.

            What hides her scent from her pets? Does she simply mask herself as we’ve seen others do throughout the show? It’s the only way I’ve seen on the show to get them to just walk on by.

            • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

              OMG, that makes more sense, they hide her scent from other walkers! Thank you all for indulging in my WD fandom!

        • Powell says:

          MTH Michonne cut her zombies mouth/jaw out.

          • melthehound says:

            Lack of arms and lower jaws would only ensure that they can’t kill her. It wouldn’t, I would think, kill their drive to do so.

        • Lulu says:

          That I have been wondering too. I thought that one drop of blood would turn you. Also if they haven’t eaten anything would they just drop dead? Too many holes in this series. Like in the prison yard scene why didn’t they just kill the walkers by the fence. Then once the entire yard was clear enter the building? Wouldn’t that make sense? Prison’s are usually filled with lots and lots of people. I’m still wondering why they felt the need to “clear it out?”

    • that BBC series sounds good, I’ll have to check it out 🙂

  32. Nancy says:

    GO TIGERS! 🙂

  33. BB says:

    So I’m watching Survivor and what comes on but a Target holiday commercial. It’s not even Halloween yet!

  34. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    I can’t wait for “American Horror Story” to start. I hope it as good as las season.

  35. LaineyLainey says:

    BlueSky – hi! I finally got the chance to read your WD blog/recap. Great job!!! The actress who plays Michonne is so pretty, isn’t she? I like her short hair. You know, I’ve watched and rewatched season 1 & 2. I read something here (MTH?) about when Shane shaved his head? I must have missed an episode, because alls I know (Talking like the countess) is that I watched one day and he had hair, then another night I went to watch and his head was shaven. Is there some significance to that? the Shaved head? I didn’t understand the previous post about this.

    • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

      Powell upthread has good explanation. It was the episode where Otis and Shane went to the clinic? to get antibiotics or meds of some kind for Carl when he was shot. They were getting away but zombies closing in on them, so Shane shot Otis to distract walkers so he could get away. Now read Powell up thread regarding his hair. 😉

      • LaineyLainey says:

        That was an important episode that I missed. I remember people making comments about Shane and Otis and not understanding. He’s been doing “son of a beechy” things from the beginning and I totally missed that one.

        • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

          yeah that seems to have been the turning point in his deviousness for the worse in my opinion.

    • Thanks Lainey. From what I remember, Shane & Otis go into town to get medical supplies for Carl, who has been shot. Hershel needs to get the bullet out, but he needs lots of stuff he doesn’t have. So Shane & Otis end up into town for supplies. Of course the place is crawling with walkers! They get the supplies, but Otis can’t run as fast as Shane. So….Shane grabs the supply bag, shoots Otis so he’s down, then gets away as the walkers rip into Otis. It shows what a creep Shane really is! Shane gets a scrape on his head, & decides to shave his head. Then I guess he can say “oh it’s not from a walker, I cut my head while shaving it.” in case anyone wonders. Dale is already suspicious of Shane, and questions how Otis died. That’s how I remember it. Shane gave me the creeps from the 1st few episodes. The only good thing he ever did was put a hospital gurner in front of Rick’s door in the hospital, which may have saved him while he was in the coma. Other than that, he was NOT happy to see Rick show up! So glad Shane is dead.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Thanks Bluesky – If I hadn’t missed that episode, I would have known to be more creeped out by him, too. Their time on Herschel’s farm were not some of my favorite episodes. But by the time I saw how he was trying to undermine Rick and also the way he treated the guy they were keeping in the barn,…I could tell he was losing it. I was happy when they did away with that character. Interesting that Rick killed the human Shane and then Rick’s kid (Carl) killed the Zombie Shane.

  36. Holy cow – I’ve been skiing at Mt. Tremblant. I don’t remember gondolas. It was a long time ago.

  37. LaineyLainey says:

    That was a pretty song they just played on Couples Therapy. Anybody know the artist? The song.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi LL,
      I’m having a hard time taking Alex and Simon seriously. I guess they needed the money.

      May I ask if your husband got the job he wanted? If not I totally understand.

      • Nancy says:

        I think I might have been wrong re: Alex and Simon. 😦

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I’m not sure about Silex either. Haven’t decided. I did feel for them when they were talking about their little boys. How mean people were about their sons. Simon’s pain was real.
        Thanks for asking about my hubby: I will update you guys on the Prayer page about my hubby. But in short,..He is still considering the offers.

    • BB says:

      Paloma Faith “Just Be?”

  38. Krissy S says:

    Do you still need a blogger for RHM tomorrow? I might be able to give it a shot for you 🙂 If you are interested, will you PM the details of what you are looking for?

  39. Nancy says:

    This couple is making my skin crawl. He just realized that he can’t have a conversation with his partner? Are you kidding me?

  40. BB says:

    Duh, Doug. You married a teenager and then you get mad when she acts like a teenager! If you expect to have an adult conversation, then have one with an adult. You don’t need therapy to figure that out. However, for some reason I don’t think your married her for adult conversation.

  41. BB says:

    OMG. Alex and Simon are arguing about arguing!

  42. LaineyLainey says:

    I just posted an update on the Prayer page. 🙂 thanks!

  43. Cityside says:

    Cardinals 3
    Giants 1

    We win.

  44. Cityside says:

    Happy Birthday JustDee.

  45. LaineyLainey says:

    MTH – just read your SAMCRO ep.6 “Small World” blog. Good job!! That show is intense!

  46. boston02127 says:

    Happy Birthday JustDee, I hope it was a good one!!! 🙂
    (sorry I’m late)

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