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Extending the 15 Minutes of Fame by NoMoreDrama

Update:  Jill gave an interview to Rob Shuter of the HuffPost.  Here’s a few of the delusional things she said.

“The replacement cast of “The Real Housewives of New York City” have not produced anywhere near the ratings the previous cast brought in, leaving Jill to argue the network “should bring back me, Alex and Kelly and fire Carole [Radziwill] and Heather [Thompson]. “Whoever was responsible for this disaster, should be fired,” she said, adding, “I feel vindicated.” 

Let’s break this down.  She wants two of the three new cast members fired (she loves Aviva for some reason) plus the person who fired her – ie Andy Cohen??  So she thinks calling for the head of the person that is in charge of hiring and firing is a good way to get back on the show.  Ugh.

“How do they feel, Simon and Alex? After the show it’s very hard to get a regular job,” Zarin said. “Fame doesn’t go away so fast, but once you are fired you lose your publicist and income. I would love to know if they [Bravo] think they have an obligation.”

The first part I’d agree with – but no.  I doubt Bravo thinks they have an obligation to support Silex.  Plus – doesn’t Jill remember that she tried relentlessly to get Alex fired from the show, and even interfered with Simon’s job by calling his boss.  Ugh.

One final note.   Despite the decline in ratings, a Bravo insider says, “Jill will not be returning to the show.”


Remember that tweet from Jillzy I put on the blog with a HUH? yesterday.  Well Kerikids on twitter clued me in to what it really meant.  Jillzy tweeted it during WWHL while LuLu was on.

Jill’s tweet was addressing something she said about LuAnn when she was on WWHL on Monday regarding LuAnn’s time with Thomas making her relevant – and that she’d be back the next year.

On the WWHL aftershow Andy read the tweet outloud, and LuAnn and Andy have a chuckle over it.  They both agreed that Jill said it -and should own it.  Andy just shrugged and said it was all on tape.  Priceless.  Watch the clip here

Surprisingly, Jill’s tweet last night was about Couples Therapy.  She tweeted:  “Running home from dinner at abc kitchen to watch couples therapy on#vh1”  Jill has been extremely supportive of Alex McCord ever since they were both fired from Real Housewives of New York.  The suspicious me thinks it’s because she thinks her best chance of getting back on the show if for the two of them to stick together.  Or maybe she is just interested in the details of the Silex relationship.

Poll Results – My summary – we don’t care that much anymore.  Compared to the NJ polls there wasn’t much passion for these.

On the other side of the country …

Adrienne Maloof’s chef Bernie released a series of disturbing photos on his facebook last week – insinuating that Paul Nassif was responsible for bruises and marks on Adrienne – although not naming Paul directly.  Paul denies any involvement.  See the photos and story here.  I’m puzzled why Bernie would release the photos on facebook – and why Adrienne would allow this.  This all seems very bizarre to me.

Speaking of Paul.  Lisa Vanderpump has made it clear that she’s not siding against him in this nasty battle.  She tweeted this yesterday.   “Yes Paul Nassif and Honey boo boo were having lunch at Villa Blanca,both welcome and no…I wasn’t having lunch with her either.”


Survivor Philippines Oct 17, 2012  – Got My Swag Back

by MelTheHound

Welcome back… Here’s where we stand kids.

Kalabaw (Water Buffalo) Tribe (red)

  • Sarah Dawson, 28, Silver Spring, Maryland, insurance salesperson
  • Katie Hanson, 22, Newark, Delaware, 2011 Miss Delaware
  • Jeff Kent, 44, Austin, Texas, former Major League Baseball All Star
  • Dana Lambert, 32, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, cosmetologist
  • Carter Williams, 24, Shawnee, Kansas, coach
  • Jonathan Penner – Third time through- Evac’d last time with an infection.

Matsing (Monkey) Tribe (Blue)

  • Malcolm Freberg, 25, Hermosa Beach, California, bartender
  • Denise Stapley, 41, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, therapist

Tandang (Rooster) Tribe (Yellow)

  • Abi-Maria Gomes, 32, Los Angeles, student
  • Roberta “RC” Saint-Amour, 27, New York, banker
  • Artis Silvester, 53, Terry Town, Louisiana, computer engineer
  • Lisa Whelchel, 49, Dallas, former star TV’s “The Facts of Life”
  • Peter “Pete” Yurkowski, 24, Holmdel, New Jersey, engineering graduate
  • Michael Skupin – Returning player who passed out and burned the skin off of his palms after falling into a fire.

Welcome back castaway kiddies. Here we go with week 5. Last week Russell after his inability to perform and constant tantrums, Denise and Malcolm thought it would be better to go forward without him so they voted him out. Back at camp, they are stating the obvious, that they are likely to be absorbed by the other teams. They are happy to still have each other in the game, however, the next morning, they make a joint effort to find the idol. Denise, had the thing in her hand. Probably Touched it as they were searching the rice barrel. Finally, Malcolm figures it out and he now has the idol. Denise seems genuinely happy that he’s found it but we’ll see how that plays out for her later on. I really kind of wish Denise had been the one to discover it.

It’s reward challenge time. Finally a reward challenge. The tribes get to the site and Jeff notes that the Matsing tribe has been decimated. He asks Lisa what she thinks of this and ever trying to be nice, she says you could look at it as decimated or you could look at Malcolm and Denise as the two strongest players. Jeff tells Malcolm and Denise to drop their buffs, they are going to join the other tribes. He tosses them a bag containing two wrapped buffs so they are each drawing for which tribe they will join. Malcolm goes to Tandang, Denise goes to Kalabaw.

The reward challenge is for two players to face off holding a traylike platform on which is an idol. The first one to knock the idol off of the other player’s tray, wins the match. The first tribe to reach five points, wins the game. In actuality, the first player to cause the other player’s idol to hit the ground wins the point. This is a very important part of it. The reward is cookies, muffins, coffee, tea, etc. The first two to go are Maclcom and Jeff. Jeff wins that point. Second are Dana and Artis. Talk about a mismatch, I have to wonder how she wound up against someone twice her height and three times her weight. He basically just reaches over her and knocks her idol off. Lisa and Katie, Katie wins. Peter and Carter, Peter wins. Skupin and Penner. Skupin showed some pure genius here. He throws his idol up in the air and before it hits the ground, he knocks Penner’s off and then gives a little wink. That wasn’t lost on Denise because that’s how she beat RC. Abi and Dawson go at it and though Abi won, Dawson grabbed her by the headband (buff). She complains to Jeff after what happened, ‘she went for my hair’. Dawson says ‘sorry’, Abi replies with ‘don’t use such a bitch move’. At this point, It’s 4-3 Tandang. Jeff and Malcolm go at it and like his old partner, he learned from Skupin and wins the game for Tandang. Geeze, Denise just can’t catch a break. Can someone toss the girl a cookie? Oh, Wait, that was Angie who wanted cookies. Both tribes head back to their respective camps. Even number of players on each team.

At Tandang, they are getting to know Malcolm a little bit while enjoying the goodies. Right away almost, Peter tells Malcolm that he has an idol. Malcolm does not return the information of course. I think this Peter guy is a little too trusting of Malcolm’s charm for his own good. Anyway, he tells Malcolm that the first target is Skupin now that another strong player has joined the tribe. RC is beginning to feel the squeeze. At first, I hated this one. Her fake sounding laugh got on my last nerve but now I’m beginning to feel some sympathy for her. I also think she would be worth keeping around for her physical ability although she knows by now, her original alliance, is shit with the possible exception of Skupin. Now instead of Lisa being the outcast, RC is.

Over at Kalabaw, same thing. They are getting to know Denise who assures them she pulls her weight (and she does). Katie, who has been feeling the possible pinch of a 3 vs 3 alliance, men to women (remember Penner has an idol), is happy to have another woman on the team and hopes Denise will side with her, Dawson, and Dana making it 4-3 favoring the women. Hold the phone folks. Dana is ill. She has sharp stomach pains, can’t keep anything down and is burning with fever. Somehow, by magic spell or smoke signals, the medics and Probst are called in. She is examined and it’s determined that her condition likely isn’t life threatening so she is given the stay or go option. They will only remove a player if that very moment, they have to go in order to save the player’s life. Dana opts to take the boat ride off of the island. Probst calls the tribe over, they say their goodbyes, Dana is off into the clouds on this little motorboat with the medics and Probst. She of course is disappointed in herself and the others are sad to see her go but none as sad as Katie. Not only because Dana was a pal but now, it’s 3v3 again, If she can get Denise on her side. Hold that thought for a moment.

Immunity Challenge time. The tribes arrive and it is an obstacle course. The players must first run down a ramp,  jump into a trench and then scale a hill of dirt. All players must get to the mat on the other side of the obstacle before the team can continue. Then they must go up and over a cargo net hill (for lack of a better term). On the other side of the net is a drawbridge held up by 4 tied ropes. 2 up, 2 down. They must untie the ropes to lower the bridge so they can go through to the next step. Once on the other side of the bridge they race to their matt and one will go ahead to chop through a board to cut a rope. Once that rope is cut, their puzzle pieces will be released, (A bunch of bamboo pieces) from which they must collect the ones with letters on them. 19 total. Once they have those, they can begin to solve their 5 word puzzle. (Live To Play Another Day).

Okay? Here’s some pictures for you.

Some highlights. They have to literally drag Katie (Kalabaw) over these hills. The woman is weak in this type of environment. While solving the puzzle, Tandang, let by Lisa, makes pretty short work of it. They get the first three words by process of elimination, she guesses the remaining two (Kalabaw hears it too). Both finish litterally within a couple seconds of each other. Kalabaw wins immunity. My girl Denise is going to Tribal for a 5th time, with her new tribe. For them of course, it’s a first. They will now be down two players. During the challenge, Katie could barely get over the hills and she was done. Barely did anything from that point forward. I don’t think she even went Through the drawbridge gate but went around it. Dawson, while ‘helping’ Penner solve the puzzle seemed to keep snatching pieces out of his hands and both, cost Kalabaw, precious seconds. Later this is noted by the men. What is NOT noted, is the fact that Jeff, the star athlete, could not chop through the block of wood to break the rope. Penner had to complete that. This also cost them time but we’ll just ignore that because he’s on the cool kid’s club.

Oh, By the way. Since Red was down one player (Dana), one of Yellow has to sit one out. Guess who? Abi. How long is she going to milk that sore ankle? Even Probst is getting tired of it. Lisa is twice her age almost and if she can handle this challenge, so can Abi (We see Abi sitting out next week’s challenge as well in the preview). This is one spoiled brat. Colton 2.0?

Speaking of the cool kids, Back at Camp, Denise joins the Men in their alliance. Penner notes in a talking head during the discussions, that there are three options of who to send home. Katie, Dawson, who both cost them seconds (But Jeff isn’t among those options even though he also cost them seconds) and Denise. Penner says he really can’t see sending Denise home (yet) because she had no contribution to the loss. By the time they go to council, it is decided that Dawson is the likely candidate. She does something before they leave however that I think helped seal her fate. While they are all in the shelter awaiting the time of doom, She says she’d like to date an athlete. Remember she is the only one who has recognized Jeff Kent, the baseball player. He asks her what type of athlete she would like to date, and she basically takes shots at baseball not being that great of a sport, trying to play with Jeff’s head. We’ll see how that works out for her.

Time for tribal council. Probst gives everyone but Denise, who is all too familiar with this ritual, the fired torch speech. Torch goes out, so does the chance at the prize. Let’s get to the questions (a couple of them anyway). Right away he notes that both Katie and Dawson cost the team precious time. Katie agrees (as she did back at camp in her TH). Probst recaps Denise’s contribution and asks Dawson if that’s any reason to send her home. She answers no and the question to her is why should she (Dawson) stay. It boiled down to she’s a cheery person (I’m gonna puke at this point). To Jeff, what do they need to go forward. Strength, teamwork, contribution around camp, that sort of thing. Usual stuff. Okay, it’s vote time. This time around there is no argument between players about who should be voted off. Here’s how it plays out. Dawson votes for Denise, everyone else votes for Dawson.

She’s gone. (MND here – the did anyone else think it was wierd when she stared at Probst and then give him a kiss and hugged him – hard.  I think she has a major crush on Jeff)  Probst called it the first blindside of the game. The only one who was blind to it, including him, was Dawson. Somehow for now, I think Denise picked the right side. I don’t know yet how it will all play out but, Malcolm has an idol and Denise knows it. Penner has an idol and all of the men on his tribe know it but Denise doesn’t. Peter has an idol and Malcolm and Abi know it. So, Who is going to screw who? Cause you know it’s coming. Will Malcolm eventually remember if the chance comes up who it was that helped get him to this point? Now it’s going to get kind of dog eat dog I think because before there was the shitty (let’s be honest about that) Matsing tribe to take the losses and the Tribal Council hits. Now there is o buffer keeping them, Tandang and Kalabaw safe. One or the other is going to council until the merge.

See you next week.

Watch episodes here


Here’s what Jeff had to say about that goodbye – NMD


Life After Top Chef – Duck Hearts and French Baguettes

By Keida

Bon giorno Mama!  Welcome Mama Viviani who’s flown in from Italy.  She’s just like Fabio who must work, work, work.  No wonder she’s getting on his nerves.  A day at the spa with mom is just the thing.  But of course, Fabio has his phone on and must work.  Make that phone fly, Mama!  Later, they do an Italian night at Jacopo’s, but of course, Fabio is on that damned phone.  Fabio’s night gets even worse with his Italian friend, Glauco, starts flirting with his Mama.  Uh oh, little boy’s getting jealous.  Just when they sit down to eat and are enjoying everyone’s company, that damn phone goes off.  Is it that important Fabio?  You have to take a little bit of time to yourself and your family.  A small intervention is called for, but Fabio has a work ethic.  I think he’s addicted to work.  I think I’m addicted to work.  We have the perfect unbalanced life, according to Fabio.

Get your asses up and help!  Jen is working as a chef for a charity dinner.  She has her 2 sous chefs (who are working for free!) and her sister and cousins who step in as kitchen help.  Now that’s family New Jersey!  Jen will be cooking with professional athlete Cole Hamels.  She seems to be smiling a bit too much.  Jen, Jen, behave.  There are so many athletes at this event.  Wow!  Cole is actually going to work in the kitchen.  Wow.  Now that’s working for charity, New York.  Everyone is having fun and she’s made some future clients.  Only Jen can curse in public and make a great event.  Now it’s off to the races.  Jen’s dad takes her to the race track, but she’ll only go if she can drive.  Oh yeah, Jen is a total BA.  Boy, she can cuss.

Bon jour Quebec!  Although, the child in Spike made him go skiing the very day of his relatives wedding in Quebec.  He just might miss it because he, his girl friend, and boy friend (yes, I purposely did that) jump in their car with 10 min. to arrive.  His mom might tear him a new one.  Of course he’s late, but ever the smooth operator, he manages to slip in unseen.  What a jerk!  I feel like Ferris Bueller’s sister who’s forever mad that he can pull off truancy and never get caught.  In Montreal, Spike heads to Pappas Design for his Steak Frites concept that both he and his sister Michelline will run.  This is the first restaurant that will be done without their mom, but no one told her that!  Hahaha.  Mom.  French broke bistro.  That’s the concept that Spike is going for.  Hmm…  Would that work in DC?  One of Spike’s uncles has just taken over another restaurant in Montreal.  Food is definitely in his blood.   Too bad his mom thinks he’s still 14 years old.

Blaisian – n. any individual possessing a fixation toward liquid nitrogen, sous vide or faux hawks.  Blais interviews chefs for his restaurant Spence.  Man, he’s intense.  He fires off twenty questions in a row at one guy.  This guy seemed nervous.  Who wouldn’t be.  The next candidate is someone who had beef with Blais; will he hire him?  As soon as he walks away Blais talks smack.  The next guy is a former division 1 football player.  I think he’ll get hired.  I’m right.  He hires him on the spot.  Oh my goodness, Blais’s little girls are so cute!!!  Why does he annoy me so much.  For his wife’s birthday he gets her a mustard yellow backpack.  Yeah, it doesn’t smooth things over.  Poor Blais, it was ugly.  A second gift is a trip to the gun range.  I think it turns him on seeing his wife shoot the gun.  Wow, she’s a marksman!  Three shots in the bullseye.  Alright chica!


Duck Dynasty – Season 2 – Truck Commander & Si-Yonara

Back-to-Back Episodes by Stars99

Truck Commander

The episode begins with a scenario that most parents have lived through with their teenagers.  John Luke, Willie’s son, borrowed Willie’s truck last night and returned it without having refilled the gas tank.  John Luke explained that he didn’t want to stop to fill the gas tank last night because then he would have been late home and would have been in trouble with his mom. Willie wonders why John Luke thought it would be better to be in trouble with dad than with mom. Willie tells John Luke that he needs to go and get gas in the truck.  John Luke then has the nerve to ask if he can borrow the truck after he puts gas into it so that he can go to the movies.  Willie thinks John Luke doesn’t understand the parent/kid dynamic – Willie makes the rules and John Luke is supposed to follow them. Willie tells his wife, Korie, that he’s gonna need to take her car because his doesn’t have gas.  That idea doesn’t sit well with her.  Korie ends up driving Willie to work.  Willie wonders why John Luke didn’t just call last night to tell them that the truck was out of gas… He could have given them the option of if they’d rather him fill up the tank and be late or roll on into the driveway on fumes.  Korie seems to think the answer is to give John Luke his own transportation because it would make life on all of them much easier.  Willie doesn’t want to just hand him something – he wants him to earn it.  Korie lays down the law that John Luke is NOT going to be allowed to borrow her car – so he’ll hafta always drive Willie’s.  Surprise, surprise, Willie quickly changes his mind about John Luke getting a car, and says, “Parenting is a constant struggle between making your kid’s life better and ruining your own.  I hate rewarding John Luke for doing something stupid, but why should I have to suffer?  He needs to learn some responsibility.  He needs to run out of gas in his own vehicle.” Kind of twisted logic… but I guess I get it.

The next scene shows the Duck Commander employees sitting around eating their sack lunches.  They’re all trying to trade with each other for the tastier items. Si says, “I know we’re family, boys, but I might kill for a cupcake.” I completely agree with Si. As they’re sitting there, Willie, the Duck Commander CEO, drives up with his wife.  The guys talk about how embarrassing it is that his wife is driving him to work but Willie tells them what happened with John Luke.  He explained that he needs to get John Luke his own transportation. As they were talking about what kind of vehicle it should be, Jase says, “Where I come from, your truck is a reflection of your personality.

Si is a perfect example of this.  You look at his truck – it’s old, it’s grey, it spits, sputters, blows smoke out of the tailpipe – it’s just like Si.” Si and Willie decide to leave to go look for a vehicle for John Luke.  Si just wants to get out of working for the day.  Since the CEO has left for the day… Jase, Willie’s brother, decides they should all leave and go crawfishin’.  Jase decides to borrow a boat from his parents to go crawfishin’.  Miss Kay, his mom, is not so keen on the idea because even though the boat is old, it still has value to it.  She’s afraid they’ll damage the boat.  Jase explains, “My parents were hoarders before hoarding was cool.”

After Si, Willie and John Luke looked at a truck that was being sold by a guy named “Mountain Man” and scoffed at the $5,000 price tag, Si has a brilliant idea of going to a junkyard that’s operated by his friend named “Squirrel” to get a car for John Luke.  I’m not sure why he’s called “Squirrel” – my guess, is that it’s because he’s pretty nutty. Once at the junkyard, Si insists it’s a goldmine.  They open the hood of the best looking truck from the whole lot and there’s actually green weeds growing out of the engine.  Si starts to haggle with Squirrel about the price of the truck but Willie quickly puts the kibosh on the negotiations.  Willie begins to think he should start dealing with people who have a real first name.  As they’re driving away, Willie tells John Luke that’s why he shouldn’t do drugs.

Jase and company take the boat out on the river and it promptly sinks.  Jase says, “Any floating vessel can sink.  I think the Titanic proved that.  Now the difference in us and the Titanic is that I brought two icebergs WITH me.”  Unfortunately, Jase and the two icebergs had to go back to his parents’ house to face the music.  Jase told them they forgot to put the plug in the boat before they took it out onto the river and it sank along with all the gear.  Miss Kay, quite appropriately said, “I told you so.”  Jase insisted they didn’t tear up the boat – that it’s perfectly fine, but that it’s just at the bottom of the lake.  Phil, Jase’s dad says, “You take a boat and you shove it off without a plug in it, and you have two 375 pounders with ya, it’s like a housecat that gets his tail caught in a fan…”  So they go back to the river where the boat sank, they find it and put a hook into it and pull it out with the help of a truck.  They were able to recover all of the gear – except they’ve lost Phil’s “drag”… which evidently, is some metal contraption that he’s had for 25 years. (According to Wikipedia, a fishing drag is a mechanical means of applying variable pressure to the turning spool in order to act as a friction brake against it).  This means they’re going to have to go back into the muddy waters to find it. Phil wonders about his son and his crew since they took the boat into the water without a plug and with a motor that hadn’t been cranked in 5 years. Phil laments, “Their redneck edge is beginning to morph into yuppy-ism.”

The car hunters are still looking for a truck for John Luke and they’re now at a used car lot.  Si decides he wants John Luke to have a hot rod.  Willie doesn’t think it’s practical, cuz well, where are ya gonna put the deer?  Si demonstrates how they could strap a deer onto roof and hood of the car.  Willie says, “Sometimes I worry about the influence Si has on my children.  The last thing that the world needs is another tall-tale telling, tea totin’, narcoleptic, redneck.”

John Luke drives up to Duck Commander Headquarters in his new blue truck.  Si got a new truck, too.  Everyone wondered about what happened to Si’s truck, the “Grey Ghost” and Si said, “All good things come to an end.”  Si found a deal that he just couldn’t pass up.  They discussed what he was going to do with his old truck and Si decided that selling it just wouldn’t be dignified.  He said that he thought about burying it and having a military man come and play “Taps.”  Phil said he knew they could do better than that.  So they did what any good redneck would do – they blew it up… respectfully. Si said, “All right boys – let’s send her off with a bang!  Now that’s the way to go out in a blaze of glory, Jack!  That was the best thing that truck ever did, was to blow up.”



The episode opens with the workers sitting in the workroom at Duck Commander Headquarters.  Si can’t find his tea glass and he thinks someone stole it. Unfortunately for Si, the other guys are too busy playing a dice game to even notice what’s going on with Si.  Si is convinced they did something with his tea glass – but the other guys are refusing to listen to him at all.  Si gets angrier and angrier. Jase says, “Si, your tea glass is not only disgusting, but I’d rather play patty-cake with a dead mouse than to touch your tea cup.”  Si says that he thinks he’s like Aretha Franklin, cuz he don’t get no, “R-S-P-E-C-T around this joint (a new way of spelling)… and I’m ‘bout to go berserk on you boys.”  Then Si walks out and says that he quits… and that they make the reeds now.  Evidently, Si quits about every month… and usually they just wait until Si forgets why he quit in the first place or until he starts missing his paycheck.  So, the first thing that Willie and Jase did was to take Si off the payroll and to hire his replacement.

Si goes over to his brother Phil’s house, (Willie and Jase’s dad) to vent his frustrations about his job.  Si tells Phil that he quit… and that his son is running a funny farm.  Phil asks Si what he’s gonna do now… and Si says that he will just help Phil out on the land, cuz that’s what he was born to do.

Phil mentioned that he was going to go work on a levy, and Si says, “I’m down like a rodeo clown.”  Willie tracks Si down by phone while he’s talking to Phil and asks Si what had happened to make him quit.  Si tells Willie that he runs a terrible company, but that it’s not his fault, because he has a bunch of scrubs workin’ for him.  Si doesn’t want no scrubs.  Phil confirms, “Scrubs are out.”  Si tells Willie if he wants those reeds that Si makes, that he can just make them himself.  Si, unaware that he’s channeling Ryan Seacrest, says, “Si Robertson out” and hangs up on Willie.  He don’t want no scrubs.  Scrubs are out.  Willie’s confident he will easily find another bearded man in the area that wants a job.

Back at Duck Commander headquarters, the guys are busy making duck calls, but they’re talking about how they’re gonna miss Si and his running commentary on everything because he’s so funny.  Suddenly, they hear the pitter patter of little feet running across the roof right over their head.  Jase decides it’s a UV – an Unidentified Varmint.  Jase says, “When I’m sitting in a room and I hear something with claws, then I’m fixin’ to find out what that is.  Is this varmint domesticated?  Is this varmint a nuisance? Is this maybe something I can eat for lunch?”

Meanwhile, Willie has hired one of the best reed men in the business to come and replace Si.  As he is walking him back to the duck call workroom, they open the door to see Jase standing on the desk, drilling a hole in the ceiling. Willie wonders what in the world Jase is doing… and Jase explains that he’s trying to get the squirrel off of the roof.  Willie hates that this is the new guy’s first impression of the workroom. The guys aren’t so sure about the new guy, cuz his name is “Swede” but he’s not from Sweden and he’s never been there. Jase claims, “This guy is off to an odd start. You cannot call yourself the “Swede” if you’re not from Sweden. This goes against every kind of nickname protocol there is.”  Wow, I didn’t know there was actually a nickname protocol… I need to read up on that.  Jase continues, “But if the “Swede” can catch us up on reeds, then I don’t care where he’s from or what his nickname is – Welcome aboard!”  Swede is very, very verbal as he’s working… It seems that he likes to hum… or to say, “And another one bites the dust…” over and over again.  You really get the sense that the guys are about to kill him because then he keeps on talking about nonsense and about stuff in which they have no interest.  Willie walks in to check on the new guy and is really impressed with how much he’s gotten done and how quiet he is.  The guys confirm, “He’s as quiet as a church mouse.”  I think I saw a honkin’ neon “SARCASM” sign hanging overhead right where they were drilling for squirrel…

Phil and Si are gonna go work on a levy.  I wonder if they’re driving their Chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry?  Anyhow… Once they’re there, Si doesn’t like how the guy is operating the backhoe and thinks he can do a better job.  He asks him to let him have a go at it. Phil clarifies the overall objective to Si – which is to move dirt from one place to another. Phil wonders how long it’s been since Si has actually operated a backhoe…and Si replies that he did it back when he worked on a “Community Project” in Viet Nam.  Phil reminds Si that it means that it’s been over 40 years since he’s operated a backhoe but Si thinks it’s like riding a bicycle – you don’t forget. Si thinks the backhoe is a piece of crap when it doesn’t do what he wants it to do.

Si is actually putting dirt back where they just took it from.  Everyone quickly backs up to get out of the way of the backhoe gone wild.  Si decides the backhoe is old and just isn’t functioning right.  Si thinks that he may be old, but that he’s functioning perfectly.  Si decides to leave the backhoeing to the experts and they leave after creating a mess of the waterway. Phil does not want to pay Si cuz you’re supposed to be productive at work – not destructive.  Si just tells him that he’s gonna back to Duck Commander Headquarters to tell Willie that Phil said that Willie is to pay him.  Phil doesn’t know about that…

Back at Duck Commander Headquarters, the new guy walks into Willie’s office and boasts that he got 100 classics done (a type of duck call).  Willie is really pleased and Swede says that he is getting along real well with the guys.  However, you then see the guys walk outside as they’re leaving for the day and they’re plotting about what they’re gonna do to Swede.  Jase doesn’t understand how somebody hasn’t knocked Swede’s teeth out before this… One guy said he wants to bring him out to the parking lot and scratch some gravel with the him… Another mentions ripping out his windpipe… One even goes so far as to say they want to dismember him.  Just before they’re ready to leave, Si drives up.  They clap for him and if it wasn’t so awkward, they’d even want to hug him because they’re so glad to see him.  Si goes into Willie’s office wanting to get paid for his day’s work.  Willie says that whatever is done out with Phil is all for funzies and that he won’t get paid.  Willie introduces Swede to Si as his replacement. Si launches into a litany of reasons why his job is the worst job in the world. After Si finishes, Swede continues to tell Willie what he had tried to tell him before Si’s interruption, which was that he is going to quit.  Si now thinks he has Willie right where he wants him.  Si wants a raise, an assistant and a 2-hour nap.  Willie says he can give him a raise, but that’s it.  Si says that it’s a deal.him that he’s gonna back to Duck Commander Headquarters to tell Willie that Phil said that Willie is to pay him.  Phil doesn’t know about that…

Willie closes with these words, “When it comes to working with family, Lord knows it ain’t always easy.  I’ve found that in life, that we tend to take the people closest to us for granted. They’re around so much and we forget how much we really need them. I think the trick to remembering is to be away for a while. It always serves as a good reminder as to really how important a person is – even if that person is a kooky old fart.”


Couple’s Therapy Episode 3 by Mr and Mrs Lulu

Her blog

Shayne’s Breakdown

Nick finds Shayne crying in her room.  She voices her separation anxiety from her 8 month old. Nick tells her he feels the same way but he puts on a strong front.  Dr Jen then confronts Shayne about her wanting to leave.  She tells her that she can relate since she is a mother to twins.  Also if she were to leave at this point her marriage would be ruined.  I don’t think Dr Jen fully grasps that Shayne is still very much hormonal.  As a new mother and also a soon to be mom to #2 the emotions that take place take a few years to come to terms with.

Group therapy

Dr Jen discusses how the reality show/celebrity ruins not only a person’s self esteem but their  relationships.  She is quick to point out that Todd is selling Courtney out as a sex object.

2Short and Monica

2 Short explains that he feels like he has 2 personalities.  The one that is of a player and the one that wants a house with a wife and child.  He is struggling to separate from the player side.

Simon and Alex

They were unaware of the consequences of reality tv.  What happened is they did come together but as support from all the negative attention.  He brings up a horrible upsetting incident when they, including their children, were flying to Sydney.  A jerk decided to blog exactly how the boys were behaving.

Courtney and Todd

Just had to have their moment!  Todd confronts Dr Jen about the comment she made about exploiting Courtney sexuality to further her career.  Dr Jen then asks Courtney if she would ever consider wearing jogging pants.  She refuses to because she feels that is how Todd wants her to dress.  Courtney voices that she sometimes “forgets she is married?!?!?!” She blames it on her age.

Thomas Carusso mediates Nick and Todd disagreements

Thomas asks what is Nick’s issues with Todd.  Nick voices his distaste due to his morals. Todd is quick to point out that in other countries it is normal.  But Nick thinking as a father to a daughter says he can’t allow his daughter to marry an old man.  Todd counters and says what if the man was the same age would you allow it?  He feels that his marriage is ok because he is respectful and has pure intentions.

Thomas Carusso meets with Simon and Alex

During a discussion about wine Thomas notices how much they contradict each other.  Alex feels disrespected by Simon when he interrupts her.  I can relate being cut off while trying to get your thoughts in order is annoying.  They basically argue over nothing is what Thomas notices.

Todd and Courtney

Todd confronts Courtney about her immaturity regarding listening to important conversation. As he is trying to explain to her that “She needs to listen to him.”  The child goes off on a tangent about coyotes howling??  Clearly this child doesn’t understand why she is there. I think she thinks it’s just a fun house to be in.

Tashaunda and Todd

Tashaunda confronts Todd about Courtney’s wardrobe choices.  She says even hoochie mamas don’t dress that way.  Todd admits he is uncomfortable by the way she dresses and the negative attention it receives.  but is quick to shift focus to why Tashaunda is there.  Tashaunda feels she was the enabler in the relationship.  Now that Jojo is sober they are always arguing over Tashaunda mothering him

Jojo and Tashaunda

Dr Jen asks what they want from this experience.  Jojo voices his lack of decision making is really bothering him.  Tashaunda explains that when he was drunk someone had to make decisions.  Since she’s done that for majority of their marriage she can’t help it.  Jojo would like her to back off.  Dr Jen points out that Tashaunda has to let go of trying to save him.  Jojo needs to save himself.

Simon and Alex

Alex asks Simon if he ever feels that he is not able to get his opinion out.  He really doesn’t get it and it pisses off Alex telling her that it is her problem alone?!!?!  He  needs to understand that sometimes it takes a while to form your thoughts.  If you know that your partner will be combative you will bottle things up and just constantly explode at every little thing.  Allow her to say whatever it is off her chest no interruptions/judgments/dismissals!

His Blog

Opening, Shayne and Nik

Shayne has a major bout of separation anxiety, quite rightly. Yeah, it is an excuse to leave a place she really does not like, but any parent would want to get back to their kid even if they were having all the luxury in the world, because it all isn’t worth anything compared to your kids.

This of course, since she chooses to stay, leads to more pain for Nik. This poor guy should get a new dad’s purple heart when this thing is over. I mean, he is obviously a loving and caring father, and devoted husband. And having to deal with the stress of the therapy, the setting, the agitating factors in the house, a new mother having a guilt trip over separation anxiety, being away from his daughter himself plus continuing to be an entrepreneur with his website… just wow. Keanu Reeves on that bus in Speed didn’t have as much crap popping up that he had to take care of on the spot like this guy.

Group Therapy

I saw what Doctor Jen was getting at with reality show fame. But do not really know if I can quite appreciate what that life actually is like to fully grasp all of what she was saying.

2Short and Monica

I heard what he was saying, and really believe that he believes it. But I also have to say it just felt like it came down to him not mastering his love of the material, versus being actually in love with someone. I’m maybe projecting here a bit, but I’m assuming like myself 2Short growing up learned an ugly reality of city life and inequality, love between two people isn’t enough. (That is not to say mutual love amongst humanity is not enough, I’ve seen that do the impossible.) I don’t think he really can see yet that the circumstances of where he is now make it possible to have a loving and fulfilling relationship with Monica where he doesn’t have to always be waiting for the bottom to fall out. That and I am guessing like most people of my generation, he didn’t learn from his parents how to have that kind of relationship either.

Simon and Alex

From my perspective, he comes from a background where he is emotionally stunted in some areas because he never learned to give those emotions value. And she doesn’t quite understand that she is asking an emotional cripple to do the hundred yard dash with her. The guy literally cannot keep up, the reason he talks so much is he is trying to get a word in to stop things and just catch a breath from how exhaustive it can be learning how to not so much care, but to value it, and express that in an appreciative way to his wife. He is right, in a purely ‘your emotions are your own thing to master’ way, it is her problem. But that doesn’t give him a pass on the reciprocity of emotional valuing and support that a marriage demands.

Courtney and Todd

Have to be blunt here, and call it like I see it, Todd has to cut her loose. Either she is a sociopath, or just that mentally immature that she has no need for him other than a means to an end. She had absolutely zero interest in the process, and in his emotional welfare, or in developing an actual strong and loving marriage. Better now that he show himself some respect, and let her go or risk getting caught up in some Robert  Blake like circumstances later.

Jojo and Tashaunda

These two are so hard to watch because of their problems due to his drinking. And hearing him still, at the point of losing her, and his life, having not hit rock bottom hard enough yet to say ‘I’m getting in the program because I don’t want to die by my own choices’ is tragic. I know some of it is the intense shame, or needing to confront just how much not in control he is, that there are things getting the better of him that the drinking is just the most obvious sign of. Heaven knows as a man we are hard on ourselves, to the point of self inflicted punishment when we perceive our own frailties as proof of our own unworthiness to be loved. And watching Jojo with Tashaunda is even more heartbreaking because you can see how much she loves him, to the point of not having a life in favor of trying to save his. That woman has such an amazingly big heart for that, which is very touching to watch. But yeah, as long as he keeps saying he won’t get help, he is a walking dead man just working his way to a funeral service, while leaving an amazing woman behind as a widow.


Thursday Night Lineup by BB

8PM – Big Bang Theory/2.5 Men (CBS); Vampire Diaries (CW); 30 Rock/Up All Night (NBC); Last Resort (ABC); MLB Cardinals vs. Giants (Fox)

9PM – Real Housewives of Miami (Bravo); Project Runway (Lifetime); Person of Interest (CBS); Beauty and the Beast (CW); Grey’s Anatomy (ABC); The Office/Parks and Rec (NBC); Extreme Homes (HGTV); Four Weddings (TLC); Farm Kings (GAC); Lost Magic Decoded (History); Will, Family Secrets Revealed (ID): Tamar and Vince (We)

10PM – Elementary (CBS); Scandal (ABC); Rock Center with Brian Williams (NBC); It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/The League (FX); Jersey Shore (MTV); House Hunters (HGTV); After the First 48 (A&E); Little Shop of Gypsies (TLC); Texas Car Wars (Discovery); Sweet Genius (Food); Very Bad Men (ID); Secretly Pregnant (Fit); Misfits (Logo)

11PM – WWHL, Brandy and Lisa Hochstein (Bravo)


Happy Birthday Called a Princess

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  1. cocfarm says:

    Good morning!

    • Powell says:

      cocfarm I just want to say Yippie!! DWTS finallllyyy got it right and eliminated the worst dancer Bristol. And as much as I love Kirstie Ally she has to go next week. Oh and I voted for the 1st time on Facebook. I voted for everyone except Bristol. When people say their vote doesn’t count, I say it does. Thks for the blog. 😀

    • Donna says:

      Good morning

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Thursday.

  3. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Good Morning…FYI-If I were on Survivor and got voted off-I would totally hug Probst before leaving…TOTALLY!!!! I love him.
    Mr. & Mrs. Lulu-I hold you two responsible for my new addiction to Couples Therapy. You see, I was not going to watch-I had no interest-at all. I read the blog that you 2 wrote last week and I was intrigued -so I watched a re-run. Now Im hooked!
    I am disgusted with Courtney and Doug (his name is Doug right? Not Todd?). She is a CHILD and he is gross. They are there for show and their relationship will not benefit from the experience, She is not into it at all because she thinks she is great-like most 17 year olds!!!
    Alex and Simone have the worst fighting stlye-i know this b/c me and Mr. Jill NNTJ fight the same way-too much talking about nothing!!!
    I love Shayne and Nik-they are still just getting to know each other and Shayne is totally missing that baby but I think they will be there for each other.
    I haven’t really paid so much attention to the other couples and their troubles. I feel like Courtney and Doug dominate the show b/c they are so strange and creepy.

    • Lulu says:

      Thank you!! Yes it is Doug! I have no idea where I we both got Todd from?!?! Personally I think Dr Jen said it he is using Courtney to further her (their) careers. They found the only platform that would take them. They are both disgusting I personally cringe when Courtney comes on. I still feel that they are disrupting the dynamic of the household by their non stop attention seeking. I really hate that after Simon and Alex poured their hearts out. Doug took that opportunity to yet again put the spotlight on themselves. They are not sincere.

      As for Alex and Simon. Even the most perfect marriages crumble time to time when their marriage doesn’t catch up with life. Communication is the greatest factor to any relationship. I hope they will find peace in solving their issues. Clearly they still love each other but from time to time get a bit lost.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      ITA about Courtney & Doug. DISGUSTING! She is one of those over-sexualized young girls who crave attention by dressing inappropriately and trying to act like a sex-kitten 24/7. This young bitch is psychotic, the way she looks at people and then smiles a sly smile is CRAZY. She is definitely getting on everyones nerves and loving it, but seems to want to torture Nik and Shayne the most! Nik said she was always sending in photos of herself to his site trying to cash in on fame. Shane is feeling overwhelmed with this young half-naked bitch running around while she’s sporting baby-weight and living with a husband who calls a size 6/8 FAT for a living! Shane ain’t got no time for dat! LOL Poor Shane, she signs up to try to save her marriage and instead is forced to watch a freak steal the attention every moment she can. Finally, how difficult is it for these men to ignore, look down upon and act righteously towards this girl who looks like she could step out of one of the PORNo movies they enjoy watching?

      • Lulu says:

        Couldn’t agree more. I know this was all filmed before but surely Dr Jen knows what damage D&C are causing to the group? Is she blind!

      • Powell says:

        And Amber you know they make Courtney go to a hotel at night cause she’s 17 & can only shoot for so many hrs being a minor but they let her walk around half naked. She looks more naked than women in bikinis on the beach. Why can’t they ban her from not wearing appropriate clothing? This is supposed to be therapy but clearly this is also a job for them as they are being paid. Why can’t they say she’s dressing inappropriate for her job?

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          If I were in that group and REALLY wanted to work on my marriage with that stupid tart hanging around i’d INSIST that EVERYBODY wear a painter’s uniform. Including staff. It would throw a monkey wrench in Crazy&Looney’s plans and at least the distraction would STOP!

          Also, so they send her to a hotel because she’s a minor but she’s probably allowed to have sex in the house. VH1 can’t exploit her for more than a few hours daily, even as she and her husband/father/pimp do it 24hrs a day! Stupid silly Doug/Todd/John. While he’s at the compound pining away, she’s probably with the next guy at the hotel lobby. Those two deserve each other!

    • Powell says:

      Jill Mr & Mrs Lulu have such great man/woman perspectives that just draws you in to watching. I wasn’t going to watch either cause I’m sorry but I’m skeptical of Simon and Alex’s motives for going on another reality tv show to help them solve their marital issues. Courtney & Doug are sickening. I’ve seen the several times on E! & TMZ. They both have some real issues personally. He with looking at a 16yr old as a (woman) & having sexual desires for her. Her seeking attention but inappropriate displaying her body thinking it’s ok because she’s young & “when else is she going to show her body” or whatever she said. The doc asked them why couldn’t they wait til she was 18 to get married, he said “he couldn’t”, eaning sex. Courtney said she was never molested but something has happened in her family home to.make her think it’s ok for her to act the way she does. Her mother or parents consenting to let her marry Doug is outrageous IMO. I don’t think any of the parents here would go for that. JMO but I think her mother or parents just gave up on her & were glad for someone else to take her off her/their hands. Jojo is from R &B group K-Ci & Jojo. I don’t know much about him & his wife nor do I Rapper Too Short & his GF. Shayne & Nick should not have gotten married after knowing each other for a week. She was crying she wanted to just go home to her baby & didn’t care about being there. What kind of reaction is that to have and not want to work it out w/her childs father . I understand she misses her baby but working it out is for all of them, the baby included. I’ll catch this weeks epi this weekend. Great job Lulu and hubby.

      • Orson says:

        It hit me last night why Shayne is really unhappy there. She’s an attractive woman and I’m guessing her survival skills are batting her eyes and showing some cleavage. Well, here comes Courtney with identical survival skills. And she’s younger and hasn’t had a baby. So she’s jealous, so she wants to run away. Forget about working on her marriage.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          I could see that. She probably thought she’d be the youngest prettiest one there. Not saying the TeenTart is more attractive but Shane is definitely upset/jealous about Courtney flaunting her ‘nubile’ body around. Her husbands “JOB” is to critique/look at these types of girls everyday. She knows he’s looking no matter how hard he protests.

        • Powell says:

          Shayne has nothing to be jealous of. Her post baby bod probably looks better than Courtney’s on any day. Shayne needs to be proud of what she has done becoming a mother. So far 17yr old Courtney I think 18 now has nothing going for her.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I think Shayne’s problem is that she married a successful reprobate who does not seem to feel any compunction to do the basics to keep the marriage safe and honorable. Nick is an aggressive misogynistic bully by profession. It seems to me that last week Shayne stated that she did not really know, what he did, when they got married, which leads me to believe that she might have married him, for his money, because she spends it to hurt him, when she is mad at him. I am not sure they honestly see each other as real human beings. Nick is as creepy to me as Courtney. They both give off a predatory vibe and the need to make a living through the dark underbelly of the world. JMHO.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Well, you DO make some good points. She said she married him after only knowing him 8 hours, though. They met, talked, agreed to get married and married in Vegas within that time span (which is C-R-A-Z-Y to me, but to each their own, I guess).

              She claimed to not even know what he did for a living when she married him. Do you think she really knew what he did and thought she could change him? How was she able to ascertain within 8 hours of meeting him, how rich he was? Maybe she went to the bathroom and Googled his net worth while in there before she decided to say “Yes” to his quickie and unconventional marriage proposal.

              Who knows?

              • Called A Princess... says:

                Detox, he strikes me as the kind of man that would make his net worth very clear. She is a smart women capable of reading between the lines. I had a friend once and we were walking down the street, and as this other man past, going in the opposite direct, my friend purposely mentioned that he was from the riches county in Connecticut. Needless to say, those two hooked up with in days. They both seem to know instantly what the other wanted. The relationship did not last because neither enter it, in an honest fashion. It takes seconds to figure out the money issue, if that is what you are into. Since he is counting how much money she sends now, on TV, it is not a leap to think that he did not mention his worth in their, less then 24 hr courtship. JMHO.

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  You’re probably right. Shayne is very pretty, IMO. Nik is NOT. So, I COULD see him mentioning his net worth in some form or fashion (thereby attracting Shayne and causing her to marry him within 5 minutes).

      • Lulu says:

        Thank you Powell. Having been in a dark place of communication breakdown I can tell you Alex and Simon are sincere. We all know who is not. The attention she is getting is not going to “further” her career. Unless she’s considering cracking into the porn industry. I doubt that would be hard for her to do anyway.

        When 2short made his comment that (Courtney) Only a child dresses like that. He’s right I don’t look at her as an adult. I consider my friends 9 year old daughter to be more mature than she is. On another aspect if Courtney and Doug were to leave. Would they still pull in the ratings? Controversy is controversy regardless of how disgusting and appalling it is.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I’ve watched “Couples Therapy” from the beginning and have enjoyed watching the dynamics even though, like most of you, Courtney and Doug make me SICK! That girl is not all “there” mentally, and I think Doug and even her parents took advantage of that. I wish a psychiatrist would run a battery of tests on her because I am sure she has some kind of chemical imbalance or disorder. Sometimes that hypersexuality can be one of the manifestations of bipolar disorder (which manifests itself in different ways with different people). I also think that hypersexuality can be the result of childhood sexual abuse, even though she has denied that this is the case. She also strikes me as possibly having a lower i.q. than average. As for her “husband”/Father figure, Dough, he’s just an old creep!

      I was not able to watch last night because my parents’ guest room television is about to “DIE.” It will show picture for like an hour or so and then fade to black, where all you can hear is sound. My Dad is so cheap, he won’t care because he’s got his t.v. in his master bedroom, my brother’s got his t.v. in his room, and my Mom watches t.v. in the den. So, I’m the one that S.O.L. while I remain here. They’re talking about keeping me on at the Court, after the present clerk whose research and writing I am handling gets back from maternity leave, to handle “overflow” for other law clerks there who get behind, and I could use the money while I continue trying to move to Houston….

      ….But I miss my house and my space!! And, now, I’m about to miss television. I could try to bring one of my extra t.v.’s from my house, but I’d need a man to help me load it up and set it up here. I’ll have to see if I can talk my brother (who hardly has any time because he works 2 jobs) or my Dad (who is stubborn and will say I don’t need to do something so permanent while I’m only in the area doing contract work that can end at any time).

      I just want to S-C-R-E-A-M!!!!

      Sorry for digressing, Guys! I just had to VENT about missing “Couples Therapy,” the reason why and being pissed off about it.


      NOW I feel a LITTLE better.

      I DID get to watch “American Horror Story,” though. The t.v. miraculously maintained its picture for that whole show. Go figure.

      Thanks for listening!!

      • Lulu says:

        Interesting that hypersexuality can be a manifestation of bipolar disorder. Last week I thought she may have ADD. But if you watch her she purposely distracts Doug or whoever from their point. I think she may be a sociopath why else is she relishing hurting people: Doug and terrorizing Shayne.

        Sorry about your temporary housing situation! It’s still great that you have work though in this economy that is. It’s hard to find permanent positions. Hopefully after the election all will change.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Thanks for the sympathy. Believe me, Lulu, I am grateful to have any kind of work in this rough economy. So, having to put up with a temporary inconvenience is really not that bad in the overall scheme of things. Like you, I hope the economy starts to get better because things have been pretty bleak for a while now.

          I just felt like screaming and venting on this blog because I can’t actually scream and vent to anyone in this household about it. In fact, I barely mentioned it to my Mom this morning in a , “Oh, by the way….”. My tone was calm, matter-of-fact and “Oh well, these things happen.” (Even though I wanted to scream, “You guys need a brand new t.v. in that guest bedroom RIGHT EFFIN’ NOW, DAMMIT!! Or I need help bringing an extra t.v. from my home to yours ASAP!!!” LOL).

          Yes, hypersexuality can be one of the manifestations of bipolar disorder. So, can overspending, extreme impulsivity during a manic phase, etc. It’s all on a spectrum, though. Some have milder cases, and others have extreme cases of the disorder. There’s also Bipolar I and Bipolar II, which can have different manifestations from each other.

          2 of my Mom’s siblings have it. Her brother that has it has a milder case, which caused him to self-medicate. He was an alcoholic for years, but he’s been clean now for about 15-20 years and faithfully takes his medication and works his 12-step program too. He managed to get a college degree in drug and alcohol counseling once he got clean and has done that for several years now.

          My aunt that has it is a totally different story. I think this is because she is, not only bipolar, but also has Borderline Personality Disorder. So, it’s highly unlikely that she is going to change much of her behavior because she thinks there’s really nothing seriously wrong with her. Hypersexuality is NOT a manifestation of the disorder with everyone, but it WAS/IS with my aunt.

          You could be right, though. Maybe Courtney IS a sociopath. I would LOVE to see any test results for her from a psychiatrist.

          I would also LOVE it if she would put some damned CLOTHES on!!

      • Powell says:

        Detox something is going on w/Courtney that’s for sure. Yell your dad you can probably get a new tv for under $400 so open up that wallet of his. 🙂 That’s great that you may have a permanent position there. I wish you good luck & will keep ky fingers crossed.

        • djprincessc says:

          I highly DOUBT Shanye is jealous of Courtney. lol. Courtney has nothing that Shayne wants. I mean Courtney is a 17 year old girl who’s a mess, who will do anything for attention, makes people cringe and is married to an OLD GUY. Shayne comes from a famous family, pretty, has money, and a adorable little girl. I don’t think you can compare the two. I also don’t think Courtney has any mental problems, she just needs to get her ass beat. lol.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I do think that Courtney has mental/social issues. I also think that jealousy is a personal thing based on an individuals self value system. I think in the context of her marriage to an A-Hole, and just having a baby, Shayne could possibly feel insecure about other women. Has she not stated this on the show about her husbands work, in so many different ways. Also they were married after only knowing each other for 24 hour. A recipe for disaster. Also if it is not OK to use Courtney as a blow up doll it might not be a good idea to use her as a punching bag, either. I think sometimes people devalue other peoples problems to give themselves the right to be cruel. JMHO.

            • djprincessc says:

              Well since I am not a doctor I can’t say if she does have any mental issues. And from my point of view I just don’t see Shayne being insecure about Courtney, now other women? More than likely. I also don’t see her being insecure about her looks, if she didn’t say she just had a baby you couldn’t even tell…she looks great. I also don’t think Nik Richie is as big as an asshole as he shows. I personally think he exaggerates because thats what people expect of him, to be the superficial asshole that criticizes the smallest thing. Have you ever read when he writes a nice/positive comment on his website?? People say he’s slipping or losing his edge. I just think he’s playing a character more than anything. Who knows though. And I still think Courtney would greatly benefit from an old school ass beating. JMHO.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                I’m not a doctor either, DJ, but I do think there IS something mentally wrong/off about Courtney. I am willing to admit that I could be totally wrong, though. Maybe you are right, and all she needs is a good ass beating that will miraculously make her put some clothes on and start acting like a normal human being instead of some hypersexed, brainless, porn star (I mean, PLASTIC HEELS!! REALLY, Courtney??!! JEEZ!!! Can somebody please buy that child some good taste).

                I also think Shayne looks 150 times better than Courtney, and she just had a baby 8 months ago. I think she IS insecure about her husband’s job and constantly having to look at and comment on women’s bodies a large percentage of the time for his website.

                She could always pretend that her husband is a plastic surgeon. I mean, they have to look at everything from the rooter to the tooter when it comes to examining women’s bodies. I’m sure they become de-sensitized to it and not even turned on by it after a while, you know? I mean, I like red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. However, if it were SHOVED in my face EVERY DAMNED DAY, I think I’d get sick of it (but maybe NOT).

                BTW, DJ, I answered one of your E-mails on yesterday’s blog, but I answered it late (and after this blog was already up). Feel free to check it out if you’d like. 😉

                • djprincessc says:

                  Detox! I read it! Thanks you were right people come and go! Back to Courtney and Doug, I’m glad you agree that a good old fashioned ass beating might shake the D list porn star outta her!!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          WARNING FOR POWELL: This is another O.T. Rant!

          Thanks, Powell, but it’s not exactly permanent. It’s overflow, which means if there is overflow, I handle it. If there is NO overflow, there is nothing for me to handle. So, it’s still contract (with NO benefits).

          In the meantime, I am still looking for something permanent WITH benefits that would provide me with the means to come up with the Savings to pay the fees to get barred in Texas (IF I still even want to continue to practice law). I’ve been using my present Savings to handle more pressing bills.

          I’ve been looking and applying for jobs in TX (Non-Legal), just so I can get my foot in the door there because the cost of living is as cheap (and even cheaper in some ways) as LA, but the salaries are MUCH higher. Houston is the 4th largest city in the nation. I would even consider Dallas too because I have 1st cousins there that would love for me to move there. Houston is my 1st choice, though.

          Houston would also provide me with much more opportunity to use my law degree in other ways without even having to be licensed (although, once I got there, I’d still put some Savings aside to get licensed in TX anyway, “just in case.” Why not? It’s always a good thing to have, IMO).

          I think the problem is that I have LA, not TX, on my resume’. I JUST figured that out the other day (Uh Duhh!! Why did it take me so long? Probably because I was applying for jobs in both LA and TX, even though my preference is TX). Why would they hire someone from LA instead of hiring someone from TX? I might have to ask a girlfriend if I can use HER TX address on my resume and see if that gets better results.

          Of course, my parents are still trying to talk me into opening up a small firm here. My Dad was going to retire next year, but now he’s thinking about retiring THIS year instead (He’s eligible on the 28th of this month). He JUST announced that yesterday, and my Mom is THRILLED (NOT!!!). He says, with how large our family is and with the large number of friends he has in Lake Charles and surrounding areas, I’d have lots of business in no time.

          So, he’s putting on a little more pressure (I personally think it’s just so he can have something to do every day — like come into the firm every day and try to handle finances and other things…Oh, and ALSO….to DRIVE ME BANANAS!! My Mom was even putting on the pressure the other day because she says she wants my Dad to get space in a strip mall or similar area so that she can rent to a beauty salon [Do NOT ask me why. My Mom knows NOTHING about a beauty salon!! She’s never been trained to be a HAIRDRESSER!! She was a school teacher for years before her poor medical condition (a very aggressive form of rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia) forced her into early retirement. She just says, “I just always wanted one. I’ll just let hairdressers rent chairs, there.” WTF??!!.] Of COURSE, they would want my law firm to be VERY CLOSE by this rental so I can go in there and keep an eye on things).

          I’d rather stick NEEDLES in my eyes, but if worse comes to worst, I might just have to bite the bullet and do it.

          Then I would feel like EFFIN’ Lauren Manzo!!!

          I CANNOT understand my father. He’ll offer to front money for a business, but he’ll bitch about spending $400 on a television set.

          He’ll keep his Ford truck for 18 years (that has NO air conditioning by the way. It is practical for hauling things, though) because he does not want to spend money to buy a new one, but he’ll get buzzed one day and, just for the hell of it, bring my Mom to Nissan and pay $25,000 cash for a Nissan Rogue that she just casually mentioned she had her eye on.

          He’ll scream about cutting coupons and getting the best deal possible as if he is going broke and make sure he fills out EVERY survey online for any business that provides a discount for doing so. Then, he’ll turn around and buy a former co-worker’s house CASH to prevent her from losing it and just rent it out (He’s trying to talk me into renting MY house out right now too. He’s the one who’s been going back to maintain my yard and to just check on things. I am grateful to him for that even though I know I do not sound like it. I am, though.).

          Growing up, he CONSTANTLY told us how we could NOT have this or that because we were on the verge of going BROKE. He bought only USED cars. He did not buy a BRAND NEW car (Volvo) until I was in 10th grade, and he rode that thing until the WHEELS fell off (I mean, at the end, he drove it when the speedometer was not even working. He said he could “just tell” how fast or slow he was going. WTF???!!)

          He insisted that I apply for every single scholarship possible to go to college (and I did end up getting a free ride for undergrad), but he refused to pay the difference when I went to law school and got a partial scholarship (because it was a private school that did not offer FULL scholarships). I had to get Student Loans to cover the difference and pay for living expenses.

          I was REAL pissed off when I came home from law school one time to visit and happened to see a document from CONOCO, showing that his 401K had 1.4 MILLION in it (This was about 18 years ago. This is NOT the only investment account he has either. He LOVES playing the stock market, and he seems to just have a natural talent for it. He has several. He has tried to explain it to me more than once, and all I hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher. I have NOT inherited his innate understanding of it.). I could not say anything about seeing his 401K to him, though, because he would have accused me of snooping through his personal documents. Can I help it if the envelope just HAPPENED to be right next to their landline telephone I just happened to be using at the time (This was before everybody had a cell phone)?

          My Student Loans will be with me until the day I DIE, by the way. I was a bit resentful of graduating from law school and STARTING OUT IN DEBT (which would not have been the case if he would have helped me pay for my education). I am over it now, though, because it is HIS money — not MINE. And NOBODY, including HIM, OWES me ANYTHING.

          He LOVES going to Goodwill in “the rich” parts of towns so he can get the best “deals.” He’s always coming back to show my Mom and me his new “outfits/ensembles/items of clothing” while we compliment him to his face and roll our eyes behind his back. He also LOVES going to department stores at the end of each season and getting a shirt that might have regularly been $30 for $10 with all of the markdowns. It’s like “a game” with him.

          Don’t get me wrong. Being frugal and smart with money are GOOD things. My father is OBSESSED, though. I mean, there IS such a thing called moderation. He can’t take it with him when he DIES.

          The ONLY area where I see him splurging is with his car. Ever since he bought a VOLVO brand new, he always buys brand new Cadillac sedans. He says no other car drives like a Cadillac (I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had one. *Shrug*).

          His contradictions make me dizzy, and I have given up trying to understand them. I always joke about my inheritance, but I seriously think my father would put any inheritance for each of us into some type of Trust, where we would have to go to Trustees’ for permission to access a certain amount of money EACH time we felt we needed it.

          I think it would be his way of CONTROLLING us from the grave (He is VERY controlling, which is why I do NOT want to go into business with him).

          Here I go venting again! Sorry. Today must just be a day I was meant to VENT and let it all out before I had a nervous breakdown. Thanks for listening, Powell.

          • Powell says:

            Detox I can tell you love your parents dearly. It’s great that your father is frugal but yeah maybe it’s a little to much so sometimes. Aren’t you glad you have the parents you do? You said your brother works 2&3 jobs and although you don’t have a permanent position you have been keeping it moving. Your parents have done a great job w/you & your brother. They’ve taught you to be self sufficient, to be able to take care of yourself. Asvi said earlier I don’t have siblings but was brought up w/my cousins. They were spoiled & given everything. If they wanted cars their parents bought them cars. Whenever they wanted new clothes they got them whenever they wanted & it has hurt many of them til this day. As a toddler & a child it was just my mother & I. My mom worked hard. When I wanted something & my mom couldn’t afford at that particular time she told me that. She taught me about money at a very early age. I always had what I wanted and needed, it just took a little longer to get it sometimes. But that taught me to work for what I wanted. When I started getting cars I never even thought of asking my mother to buy me one. I saved my money then bought my cars. She taught me to take care of myself just like your parents have done for you.
            As far as you continuing to practice law, you better not waste that gift. Lawyers are needed everywhere. You seem to be determined so I have faith you ate going to be fine. And you just keep ranting if you want. As the song says, “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”. I don’t mind. 😀

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Dear friend, I am glad you have this place to vent. The first order of the day is for you to get well!! Get healthy again! Then continue with your job search in Texas! You mentioned asking your friend to use her address and I think that sounds like a good idea.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I was going to suggest the same thing. There are cheap small TVs available now. Alternatively, switch the guest TV with one of the others. If their own TV went out, they’d HAVE to replace it!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Oh, I know, but they’re all watching their respective televisions. The “community” television is in the den, and that’s pretty much my Mom’s territory. The other is in the Master BR. That was JUST my Dad’s territory, but since my Mom’s back surgery, for some strange reason, she’s been sleeping with him in his bed again (Do NOT ask. I do NOT know why there has been this sudden change. And I do not CARE to know). So, sometimes the 2 of them watch that one. The other one is in my brother’s room, and he watches it.

            I’m the only one that’s S.O.L. in this guest bedroom. My Dad won’t consider it a priority. So, he probably won’t buy a new one. And, I know him, he’ll refuse to bring one back from my house because I’ve been going back and forth. He’ll say that I’ll want to bring it here and then bring it back AGAIN, which he will probably think is too much trouble.

            And, yes, you’re right. If it was in HIS room, he’d have to replace it. My Mom said that when his went out a year ago, he freaked out and went to Best Buy and had another t.v. within couple of hours.

  4. missusmc says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if Andy brought back Alex and not Jill?

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      That would be awesome..JZ’s break-down would be EPIC!!!

    • I was just about to write that in the blog – read the update I just added – her delusion continues.

    • Powell says:

      OOO MMM GGG!!! That would be awesomemissusmc. 🙂

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      That WOULD be great. The complete MELTDOWN Jill would have if this were to occur would be legendary!! I could see Bobby unsuccessfully trying to stop her from going into the BRAVO studios with a gun and holding people hostage with the demand that, if she is allowed back on the show, she will let everybody go.

      They will agree to it.

      And then the cops would bum rush her, handcuff her and take her to jail. Her defense at the trial would be diminished mental capacity or insanity. She would be sentenced to a psychiatric facility for the criminally insane. And she would go around the facility acting as if she is STILL a Real Housewife. She’d DEMAND free food and extra psych meds because of her huge number of Twitter followers and because she could bring extra business to the psych nurse and psych facility by having the show film part of an episode there.

      My mind could go SOOO many places with this.

  5. Donna says:

    Happy Birthday Called A Princess

  6. Good Morning! Great recaps and info on Jill NMD! As someone who works with people with issues….she has issues personified. Jill….go to my inspiration blog, there are some posts there that may help you. Let me suggest….The Art of Letting Go! What concerns me is, her rage is really leaking through now that things haven’t worked the way she “imagined”. That is not a good thing.

    LuLu – love the recap with both you and your husband (I don’t watch the show). What is interesting to me, is the way you both share your individual perspective. I look forward to more!

    A great post at my place today that I think you will relate to! I hope it helps. It helped me! LOL! Enjoy!

  7. looneylucy says:

    Good morning everyone. Thanks to all for the blogs and happy birthday to CAP.

    FYI, I just visited Radar Online for the first time in a couple weeks and first rattle out of the box got a virus attack. I’ve stopped going to Reality Tea for the very same reason. Just a heads up.

    • chismosa says:

      Radar Online has viruses? Or did you mean something pops up as a warning to your computer?
      i have a no-name horrible pc that does tend to get viruses so i want to be careful. But i rarely go to Radar Online, but good to know

    • Powell says:

      Thks for that LooneyLucy. I rarely go to other sites and when I do it’s Terry Alley & Tamara Tattles. I’m sticking w/home, Lynn’s place & those two only.

  8. trudie says:

    Happy, happy day CAP. May it be fabulous from beginning to end!

  9. ms molly says:

    Morning everybody, We welcomed my second grand into the world on yesterday!! She is a perfectly beautiful, petite 7 pound little princess!! She’s posing already – diva instincts abound!!

  10. ms molly says:

    Happy Birthday Called a Princess!!

  11. BB says:

    Thanks for all the information and recaps everyone. If Doug married Courtney to help his career, I think it backfired.

    • chismosa says:

      i’m a couple episodes behind on Couples Therapy but just from episode 1 i could see something felt odd about Doug- and not just HIS CHOICE OF SPOUSE. Something seems off with him. Is he on anything?
      What a sad situation. I’m going to watch but fast forward through any couples i don’t care about.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I agree, Chismosa. Something does seem a bit “off” with Doug. He apparently comes from a family decent enough that they took drastic measures to voice their disapproval and to show it through their actions by basically ending all contact with him. So, he should know the difference between right and wrong.

        He basically gave up his whole career for that FRUIT LOOP Child Bride of his. I don’t see her staying with him. I also don’t think he will think his decision was worth it in the end.

        • Powell says:

          I don’t recall what his been in. I think she’ll leave him one say too Detox. He’ll become obsolete to her.

          • BB says:

            Powell, he played a guard in the movie The Green Mile. Nobody liked him in the movie either.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              bwahahaha!! So we can’t entirely blame Courtney?

              • BB says:

                I should have said nobody liked his character in the movie. I have no idea what they thought about him as a person.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  i was just joshin’

                  • Called A Princess... says:

                    I read that he was in Lost, and that is his claim to fame. I do not see this relationship ending well for either person. The first time I saw them was on HLN and I thought she was high on something, and him too. What I did not understand, at the time, was that the reporting voice over, was not acknowledging that the two might not be sober. Train wreck much. The age difference is the red herring, but I sense that their real problems are much, much deeper. JMHO.

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      Really, CalledaPrincess? (spelled it out that time – cause it’s your b-day) 🙂 I thought I knew everyone from LOST. What the heck? I do not remember him on lost. I will have to look this up. Was he the smoke monster? hee hee hee!!

            • Powell says:

              Ok. I didn’t see Green Mile. I love Tom Hanks & Michael DC but I didn’t want to see that.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                OMH, Powell. You have GOT to see it. It’s one of my favorites.

              • ladyballs says:

                green mile is soooooooooooo good.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  Lainey, Doug Hutchinson was in 7 episodes of Lost altogether, during seasons 3,4 and 5.

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    Yeah, I saw that on his imbd page. I am trying to remember his scenes. I read here, not sure who wrote it – CocFarm I think!, that he played Ben’s dad. So obviously he was in those “memory” scenes. I can’t remember now about Ben’s childhood. I remember the backstory on all of the others but not Ben. I suppose Doug’s scenes didn’t make an impression on me.

    • Powell says:

      It backfired them right out of LA. They are a laughing stock, a joke.

    • Orson says:

      You think an actor being “fired” by his agent is bad for his career? 😉

    • Lulu says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Though they are stealing the spotlight at all the turns.

    • cocfarm says:

      I think he was bens dad in the flashbacks…on lost.

  12. plainviewsue says:

    MTH, great recap on Survivor. If you go on EW.com, writer Dalton Ross does a Q&A with Jeff Probst every week. It came up about the fact that whatever her name is has only participated in two challenges. When you do back to back challenges, the same person cannot sit out. However, if there is only one challenge on a show, the person can sit out the next challenge. Dalton says that rule needs to be changed, and Jeff kind of agreed.

    I am really liking this season. I absolutely love Malcolm, and was so happy for him when he got on a winning team. I think Lisa Welchel is great and looks to be a wonderful woman.

    Jonathan Penner is a great player. No question. I kind of wished that when Dawson left she would of let everyone know who Jeff Kent is, but I thought her final speech was a riot. Would of liked to of seen her stay rather than Katie.

    Oh, and I so would of kissed Jeff too if I had the nerve!!!!!

  13. cusi77 says:

    Loving your Blogs, MelThe and everyone! Thanks, NMD for the juicy stuff!!! We have seen what it is to live in the past and the dangerous consequences… JZ is a live probe of that! Let it go, Jillzy, let it go… “No hay peor agua, que el agua que duerme”.

  14. BB says:

    I don’t know how Andy and Rob can interview Jill with a straight face. I couldn’t do it. I would burst out laughing listening to her answers.

    • cusi77 says:

      BB_ We are twins separated at birth! I was thinking the same! I would crack up!

      • I Need A Life! says:

        They’re using her. Users always keep a straight face. She’s giving them ratings and readers. Why else would anyone care about that Rob fella.

        • I Need A Life! says:

          I took a peek and found that the rose necklace that JZ was wearing from her collection is sold out. I don’t know if there were only 2 available, but looks like the interview on WWHL was a win-win situation.

    • cocfarm says:

      They can do it because they know it will be; ‘Jill, meet rope.’. She takes care of the rest!

  15. lovemamaearth says:

    Thanks to all who contribute here and keep things running. And for the blogs where we can chat safely about certain topics and not get under each other’s skin unnecessarily. Loved Shamrock’s quote yesterday.

    Couples Therapy blog–& thank you both for writing from the heart. I had to go see when twitter was began and 6 yrs ago I guess it was. That (I think woman) who did that about Simon’s baby son is indeed a jerk. Agree completely. And Simon also has to realize when one partner has a problem, it’s kind of both their problem.

    Until I read the recap I had the feeling that Alex and Simon were putting on fights but now I think it was real. And how much better would it have been if Alex had let Simon hold her after she fell and even carry her to bed. But she wasn’t ready for that. I wonder if Simon was an only son and could do little wrong in his parents’ eyes. Someone last night reminded me that Simon failed at being Alex’s wingman and then thought maybe he didn’t know what the term meant just as I didn’t know what his rumor word meant. Reciprocity is a great point.

    I liked the question of what they all gave up to be in public. Some answers were better than others and all of them could have been covered in more depth. And my DH pointed out that another thing they gave up to be in the public was private therapy. I hope whatever reward they get from this therapy doesn’t come back to bite them in the behinds.

    Baby wife is a waste of airtime to me and it irritates me that the guy hooked up with her and the parents condoned it and the TV show gave her face time. I get the feeling she’s emotionally and mentally stunted at about 12 yoa just like Kelly B.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Hi LME. (waving like a lunatic) LOL. Missed you a few times by a hair on chat and here. Hope all is well.

      Agree with you and the DH they gave up their right to private therapy so will they REALLY be as forthcoming with their issues? As for the TeenageTart the QuidProQuo is more than the obvious fame, boost to careers and FREE therapy that the others receive. She’s got a national audience for her exhibitionism. PRICELESS

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I noticed I’d missed you too. Dratski!!! LOL at Priceless.
        I hope to catch you next time in chat. (wildly waving back 🙂 )

    • Lulu says:

      Hi LME! Thank you! I read their book “Little kids big city.” (great read!) In it Simon talks about his family life. I believe he lost his father relatively early in his life. He didn’t really have a father figure growing up. When my DH states that he feels Simon is emotionally stunted. I have to wonder if he assumed the role of “father” in his household. That he seems to feel that as the head of the household male he has to put up a front. From watching those two on RH and now couple’s therapy. I’m sure they will work through their problems. They have a wonderful foundation cracks are not uncommon happens to the best of us.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I just cannot see Alex and Simon divorcing; however, I’ve said that about other couples in the past who DID eventually divorce. One couple that quickly comes to mind is Danny DeVito and his wife, Rhea Perlman. I thought those two would be together until 1 or the other died. So, you never know.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Good points Detox. I too was surprised about Devito and Rhea.

        • Sam says:

          My husband and I were shocked about the Rhea Pearlman/Danny DeVito news too. We once spotted them at Disneyland helping their then-little kids onto a ride, and they seemed wonderful together.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Ooh, I just thought of another couple I never thought would divorce: Al & Tipper Gore.

          If Bill and Camille Cosby divorce, I give up ALL hope in the institution of marriage. I do think it’s highly unlikely, though, considering that scandal right after his son died where a woman with whom he had an affair and their alleged “daughter” tried to extort money out of him to prevent them from going to press with the story.

          I like the way Bill handled that. He said, “Yes, I had an affair with this woman. No, I do not think her daughter is mine. I am willing to submit to a DNA test to find out, but they are refusing. Oh, and by the way, I have also called the POLICE who shall be visiting these people shortly.” (My heart DID break a little that day, though. I screamed, “NOT Bill Cosby!! Bill is not supposed to CHEAT!! Cliff Huxtable would have NEVER done that to Claire, Dammit!!!”

          That alleged daughter served jail time too.

          Camille, Bill’s wife of many years, issued a statement basically saying, “Bill and I have a mature marriage where we grew and matured together and made many mistakes along the way. I am committed to my husband, and he is committed to me.” (Basically, “I ain’t goin’ nowhere, B*TCHES!! I’m the WIFE; the Mother of his children; the one with whom he spends all holidays; the one with whom he is seen in public; and the one about whom he cannot say enough good things. You other women are JUMPOFFS, and you don’t bother me ONE bit!! See YA!! Wouldn’t wanna BE YA!!” His wife was a beautiful younger woman, and she is a beautiful older woman. She has aged gracefully, IMO.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Again, Lulu!!! you make excellent points. I’m glad you helped me to see that their problems weren’t manufactured. You and DH make great points. Alex does tend to bottle up her emotions and let her needs slide. That can be good to keep peace but over done it has a huge price eventually.

    • dickens says:

      I was shocked at Simon’s insensitivity about interrupting. Gee, that’s just basic, common curtesy. Especially since Alex pointed out to him how much it bothered her – for him to say it’s her problem and not even agree to try to stop doing it?! I lost a lot of respect for him over that.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I thought it seemed fakey. Like they had nothing to really argue about so he was pulling stuff out of his a$$ to try to convince the viewers that they belong there.

        • 1969sus says:

          That’s what I think Lainey. It’s a scam to get a paycheck.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I think in Alex and Simon we see a multicultural relationship unfold. He being from the UK and her being American has its own set of interesting problems. People were ready to judge them as fake before the show even began. I think that therapy on any reality show has a very low standard out of the gate. VH-1 is not the Science Channel after all. Simon use to interrupt Alex on the RHONYC. It was kind of a running joke on the show. JMHO.

            • 1969sus says:

              Alex gives lots of room for interruption because she can’t get her words out. Simon shouldn’t take advantage of that.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi there Lovemama! I am just now seeing this post. I was in the classroom til 1:30 and then in and out of the office. I am catching up now. I love what you wrote, but I am still not convinced about Alex and Simon being in legitimate need of couples therapy. “Baby Wife” – I love that moniker, by the way. Sadly, I think she would like it the moniker, too. I think she refuses to put clothes on because if she covers up her “vittles,” she’ll look like your run of the mill homely country girl. Nothing wrong with being a country girl, but she is rather homely without all the flashy advertising. Even with her tacky style, she does not look sexy. She just looks nasty. I like when the therapist told the idiot husband cuckold -to-be, “you owe it to her to give her guidance that would keep her safe….” something like that. He acts like a victim. She manipulates with the “baby” $hit she pulls. ” I’m a teenager!” How many of us know teenagers who don’t dress like hookers? ALL OF US!!! How many of us know teens with class, intellect, talent, goals…? ALL OF US!!! She will not be improving with age, she will just continue to be a talentless homely woman who talks like a baby. Doug didn’t want a woman. He wanted a “Baby Wife”…the saying: “be careful what you wish for”… comes to mind. Did he think he would be the envy of other men? I like it that the men on this show ARE DISGUSTED by him and that they called him on it. I find it interesting that Alex and Simon so far have said nothing about them or to them. Maybe that’s best? (or have they?)

  16. chismosa says:

    thanks for the recaps everyone, and NMD. Hope everyone has a lovely end-of-week!

  17. Kansas Girl says:

    When Andy read Jill’s tweet to Lulu, he read it in a Jill-voice. LOL! Not nice, but very funny.

    • I Need A Life! says:

      I didn’t watch the interview. This whole time I thought everyone was talking about JZ as the person who is desperate to keep relevant. But….why else would anyone be discussing Lu this season other than her fling with the pirate? Hate her and call her delusional, I think JZ was on target with her Lu comment.

      I don’t want Aviva back because I can’t stomache the bloated husband. Remember…”overweight housewives.” Can’t forgive.

      • Eastbayca says:

        I just watched the “after show” loved Andy’s intro of Lulu….per Lulu, JZ knew the whole story of what happened, it looks like JZ is hitting below the belt again.
        JZ gave Andy/bloggers/HWs/viewers material to use for a while.

    • princesspindy says:

      For me, the best part of WWHL with Lu was Andy showing Cat’s comments re: Lu doing it to stay relevant. I thought that it showed where Andy’s thinking re: Lu was/is. Cat can’t stand Lu and to me it was telling. Also, he kept having to shut Lu down because she would start talking and he would just shut her down to move on. He was NOT interested in anything she had to say. I loved it.

  18. keida says:

    Has anyone seen the article on RadarOnline? They have an article about Jill and the ratings and how Bravo is falling over themselves to get her back on. I don’t know where they got all that. They even said that because her and Andy were trending on twitter that the world wants her back. Don’t these supposed journalists dig a little deeper to see what people are really saying? All those tweets were about how delusional she is. I’m worried about the state of journalism in America.

  19. princesspindy says:

    Great Blog. Thanks for the Survivor “fix” MTH, I am enjoying it. Couples Therapy, wow, Simon is such a douche. If my husband talked to me like that, well, I guess we wouldn’t be married 31 years if he talked to me like that….I would still be serving time for his murder, lol. I mean really how closed minded and rude. If your wife is telling you that she doesn’t feel respected and you tell her that is HER problem, no dickweed, it’s YOUR problem. HAPPY WIFE = HAPPY LIFE. And since you, Simon, are the one who is doing the disrespecting and talking over, you are the one that needs to take a breath, and have some manners, and STFU, and let the bitch talk. Yes, I know she fumbles around for her words, but she is your wife and you need to work together to solve this. SImon, you just love to hear the sound of your own voice and you are one of those people who thinks they know it all. Saying, “That’s your problem” is an immature and closed minded way of looking at it.” Almost like a child saying “I know you are, but what am I”
    And maybe Alex has a hard time finding her words because she knows that she is not going to be listened to anyway and has to hurry before Foghorn Leghorn spouts off again

    • melthehound says:

      You’re welcome PrincessP 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Princess P even Joe G said happy wife, happy life. If Joe can get it ALL men should be able to get it. Oh & how is your little Princess? I asked before but didn’t see if you answered. 🙂

      • princesspindy says:

        Hi Powell,
        Thanks for asking about her. I did answer and that day she wasn’t all that well, wisdom teeth pulling set her back but good. But today is a good day and she is going to the mall in a few mins with her brother to get new comics, lol. I will have the house all to myself for a little while!!
        It has been slow going but I like to think the worst is over and the healing has begun!!

        • Powell says:

          Oh I’m glad to hear that it’s looking up for her. She’s so strong. Oh boy do I remember when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Yikes! Had to have it done in the hospital and then got an infection on one side so I’m glad she got thru it. I’m glad your kids are close. I’m an only child but grew up w/my cousins so it was like having brothers & a sis but I always wish I had siblings. Funny your daughter went to the mall w/her bro to get comics. I would’ve said I’ll meet you at such & such while I go look at clothes & make-up. I had comics but they didn’t compare to the girly stuff. 🙂

  20. Sus says:

    Oh dear, there is nothing worse than being on a plane when your kids are acting up. I’ve been there! I’d die if someone blogged about the nightmare flights I’ve had with the little darlings.

    But since it’s not me, I laughed my ass off!\

    They can’t blame Jill for that one.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I am curious about this blog. I have never heard of it before. Does anyone remember it? I think Simon mentioning it on the show might have been a bad idea, just like how when Bobby mentioned Lynn’s blog, it backfired on them and brought in a lot of traffic and some really great new people.

      Fortunately, my kids are pretty good on airplanes but then again they flights they have been on haven’t been longer than 5 or so hours. I can see how on a flight to Australia not only would kids be hitting the wall but also many adults.

    • princesspindy says:

      He blamed editing for showing “only” his children’s bad behavior. All I needed to see was their behavior at “21” for the Christmas Party and the lack of parenting that Alex and Simon provided to make my determination. Their behavior was horrible, I can’t remember whose hamburger the kid destroyed, seriously, who lets their kid touch other people’s food. That kid was way too old to be behaving like that. If your kids don’t know how to properly behave in a restaurant, get a baby sitter and if you can’t afford or get a baby sitter, stay home!!!! <======= Also applies to people bringing babies and small kids to the movies, you make sacrifices as parents, stay home!!!! There was no correction, and the lack of supervision and discipline was ridiculous.

      • Sus says:

        OMG, the Christmas Party. I remember Silex blaming it on the fact that it was late. The hamburger destroyer was definitely too old for that. I so agree. It was like Silex was frozen from parental correction that night.

        We have stayed home many, many times due to the lack of a sitter. It sucks but that’s how it goes. It’s not forever either. They do grow up. Nothing gets my goat more if I’m trying to watching an R rated movie at 10 pm and there are little kids/babies making noise.

        Years ago my husband and me were in a bar at 11:30 pm. He lit a cigarette and got berated by this woman because she had her 3 month old with her in a sling. He took it outside but he was very pissed off. We vowed then that our future kids wouldn’t encroach on other adults’ space.

        • Powell says:

          It was good of your husband to just go outside. She was lucky it was him. Someone else might have cursed her out. She should have been ashamed for having her baby out that late & in a bar. Like you said sometimes parents have to sacrifice.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Why in the hell did that heifer have a BABY in a damned BAR in the FIRST damned place??!!

          • Called A Princess... says:

            That was my question, Detox. They would not have been their for long if she had spoken to me.

      • Powell says:

        That was Bs 1st BF Jason. He was eating! That was deplorable. He couldn’t believe it was happening. Alex & Simon laughed it off. They should’ve left them home w/one of the French only speaking nannies.

        • 1969sus says:

          LOL yup! I couldn’t get that scene out of my mind when Alex was waxing on about the “reading nook” they were building when renovating. She could just see them reading Charles Dickens. LOLOL If only she had said Captain Underpants, it wouldn’t have come off as so pretentious.

          • princesspindy says:

            My daughter LOVE Capt Underpants!!!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Yes, that was hilarious!!!

          • Powell says:

            1969sus remember when B & Alex were having their hair and makeup done for some event & Alex said Francois was learning Italian or some language and B said something like Francois speaks, French, Italian and does this & that. That Francois gets around. B was being B hilarious & all at how Alex liked to brag that her boys were so smart, so advanced. That was so funny. Alex & Simon bragged quite a bit at 1st then stopped. I don’t know if they realized it and stopped but thk goodness they stopped. Remember also when Alex/Simon were looking at schools JZ supposedly knew the head of the school they were interested in and Jill said she would do an intro? I wonder if JZ ever did intro them.

            • 1969sus says:

              Yes! I remember all that. Bethenny was hysterical. JZ did make the intro. I remember when Jill mentioned the school and Silex were practically drooling with desire for the intro. They were still in their social climbers stage

              • Powell says:

                B was totally hysterical. Alex/Simon were definitely drooling. That was funny. 🙂

              • princesspindy says:

                That reminds me of the dinner, it might have been the same restaurant, anyway where Bethenny threatened to stab Jill in the eye for badgering Jason #1 about either her BD present of getting married, I forget what it was about but imho, it was a crackup. I think Jill was already getting on Bs nerves.

      • PJ says:

        You should see what my niece and nephew do in my house. My sister and I grew up in the same family but our parenting styles are really different. Also some of my friends have grandchildren and I am constantly shocked by what they are allowed to do. I think a trend in parenting today is to let the children be in charge, I don’t agree with it but I’ve seen it so many times.

        • 1969sus says:

          We have a situation like that. Mine always get mad when they leave because they know I would kill them for acting the way my nieces do.

  21. Powell says:

    Has anyone read anything about the new Bravo show Silicon Valley? I wonder if it is going to be like the special Solidad O’Brien did except hers highlighted African Americans.

    • Lulu says:

      I’m on the fence about blogging that one. It seems like another “gallery girls.” The focus will be on their crying, whining and nonstop partying. I don’t have much faith that this series is serious about startups in silicon valley.

      • Orson says:

        I agree with Lulu. It’s GG in Silicon Valley style.

      • Powell says:

        LuLu and Orson I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how it will be. I’ll Ci it out. I don’t want anyone to break their neck blogging it though. You all do enough for us. I appreciate it all the time. I just don’t have the weekly loyalty you all have to watch a show every week to blog it. I sometimes watch the original airing, I fall asleep sometimes. I catch the shows as reruns mostly.

  22. shamrockblonde says:

    Mel – thanks for the recap! – so glad that Dawson is gone – I am liking Denise and not liking that guy that hid the idol in RC’s stuff – very full of himself – next week looks – interesting – and that Jeff Kent guy – a legend in his own mind perhaps – loving Blair – err – Lisa!!!

  23. I haven’t read through all the comments yet, SH site has a video of the Wendy Williams Show, explaining how Jill wanted to secretly taped the interview and so it to gossip blogs, but get this, the gossip blogs, told Andy and told him.. and she also was answering questions slow and long hoping to get a 2 part interview!!

  24. Afternoon all..
    Been sick in bed for the past week BUT..wanted to say THANKS for all the B day Greetings.
    Happy Belated to JUST DEE
    Happy Birth Day to Called a Princess…


    I’ll try to be back later…. Off to pharmacy…
    Hugs and Peace

  25. djprincessc says:

    Uh oh!! Is Danielle coming back?!?! That would be a crazy dynamic!


    • Nancy says:

      Could you imagine how Caroline would take this new esp if she got her walking papers?
      Maybe they can bring back Dina as well. lol

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      If Danielle comes back, I can’t see Jac coming back unless she is absolutely desperate for the money (which, considering that lawsuit, she MAY be). If Jac DOES come back, I can see Danielle revealing the secrets Jac POSSIBLY told her about: being a stripper; being an escort; and the Manzo private family business (both Dina and Caroline’s).

      If Danielle comes back, I do NOT see Caroline coming back because I don’t think she’d want any personal business about her marriage and her family’s business interests, particularly The Brownstone, being revealed. I don’t see Caroline being desperate enough for the money.

      If Danielle comes back, I see Melissa possibly FURIOUSLY trying to find a way to form some type of alliance with Danielle so that Danielle does not reveal the EXTENT of her communications with Melissa AND Joey (Danielle tweeted that Joey was in contact with her for 1 1/2 years trying to get himself and his wife on the show). I don’t think Melissa would want Danielle to reveal any OTHER secrets about her either. In short, IMO, Melissa would do her damndest to try and “neutralize” Danielle before she even started filming.

      There WAS talk of Dina possibly returning to the show(but I doubted those rumors). If those rumors WERE true, though, I cannot see Dina coming back if Danielle does.

      I see Teresa coming back if they ask her, regardless of whether Danielle comes back or not. I mean, all of Teresa’s dirty laundry (TRUE and UNTRUE) has already been aired. She’s been talked about and treated like dirt for the past 2 seasons. Why should Danielle bother her at this point? I don’t think she would. I mean, all Danielle can do is repeat rumors about Teresa’s marriage and finances that have already BEEN out there. Danielle may be able to provide SOLID proof of Joe’s cheating, but I honestly don’t think Teresa cares. I think she’ll stay with Joe and talk about how they got counseling from a priest and a professional therapist and, for the sake of their 4 daughters, they decided to stay together. JMHO.

      • Nancy says:

        Danielle is in a very powerful postion right now and she does need the money so
        this could get very interesting.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Hey Detox, I agree Danielle knows where all the Manzo bodies are buried and would probably break the pact she made with JacDaniels and spill it like whiskey sour. Jac broke the pact first, repeatedly talking negatively and joking about Danielle so it’s pretty much open season. Also Melissa would DEFINITELY try to ‘neutralize’ Danielle so she wouldn’t spill all of the details of their conspiratorial relationship. Finally if they bring Danielle on for a pal for Tre that could backfire big time. Remembering all of the whore-rrible acts Tre did to and said about D, I could see her signing on as a friend and then going ROGUE! LOL If Jac & DaDon come back it’s for the MONEY, Just Like Everyone Else. Jac for the obvious BK issues and Carottop as it’s the main source of income for her children.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I could see Danielle going “rogue” too.

          The only problem is that she will need people with whom to film in order to be valuable to the show. Jac may try and do another “I’m sorry. Let’s just move forward” song and dance with Danielle, but I don’t think Danielle is going to buy it this time. So, I don’t see Jac wanting to film with Danielle if she has no loyalty toward Jac. I DO see Jac going even CRAZIER with Danielle on board and all bets being off between Danielle and her (IF Jac remains on the show).

          If Melissa and Joey are successful in “neutralizing” Danielle (the way Joey TRIED to do by IMMEDIATELY apologizing to Kim D. before she could even really begin SPEAKING at the Reunion. I don’t think it worked, though, because Kim D. basically tweeted, “Nice try” and said he only did it because he does not want Kim D. revealing more Gorga skeletons), then Danielle MAY film with them.

          From Danielle’s tweets, however, I gather that she felt “played and used” by Melissa (and Joey) and was resentful that Melissa, once she got on the show, claimed that Danielle contacted HER (which COULD be true, but Danielle says it is NOT true), and she barely talked to her and she’s never even met Danielle personally in her life.

          I think she felt like, “Wait. I lost MY spot on the show. Yet, this heifer gets on and then acts like she BARELY knows me; and acts like she does NOT know how I indirectly helped get her on the show by mentioning information about Teresa failing to visit her youngest child at the hospital, causing Teresa to go BATSHIT. Now, she acts like she does not even know me, and does not even want to be around me. Ummmm…..o.k. We’ll see what she does when I get on there and tell the truth about her.”

          I think the Gorga’s would have to pay her off to keep her mouth shut.

          Maybe they will bring other ladies on with whom Danielle will be willing to film. THAT might work.

          I wonder what the present status of Danielle’s bankruptcy case is. If it is at a certain point, any money she makes AFTER that point, will be HERS and not subject to her creditors (at least that’s how it used to be under OLD bankruptcy laws. I know bankruptcy laws were made much more strict a few years ago. So, I’m not sure if that still applies).

          This COULD be why Danielle has held off on giving her story to the mags for payment. She wanted to be able to get that money free and clear in her pocket and NOT have it be subject to her bankruptcy requirements.

          Or maybe just wanted her face in the blogs again and LIED about even having any kind of meeting with Andy Cohen.

          We SHALL see. Interesting. Things that make you go Hmmmm…..

        • LaineyLainey says:

          All those names, Amber…I love it!!! I wil be using some of those.

        • djprincessc says:

          I agree with all you ladies, Detox Danielle is def not going after Teresa, you said it all and plus remember Teresa even kinda apologized to Danielle from what I remember. If i had to chose between Dina or Danielle coming back, I’d pick Danielle (even though I love Dina) only because I’d LOVE to see that whole debacle! 🙂

      • Powell says:

        Didn’t Danielle sell her house at a loss and have to split whatever she git w/her ex? She’s got money problems. No more bankrupt HWs. I don’t want to see any of them next season.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


          Don’t you know by now that on-the-verge-of-bankruptcy, actual bankruptcy, possibly seedy pasts (like stripping and/or escorting and/or drug use), and psychiatric problems are REQUIREMENTS to be on these shows? LOL

          They don’t want NORMAL people who REALLY are doing well financially. I think they like exposing people.

  26. JustDee says:

    Thanks for all the great recaps today! I was out with Mom last night and didn’t even see Survivor!

    DETOX – I completely sympathize with you and your parent situation. I’ve been staying with my mom pretty much 90% of the time since Feb 2010. I have no TV in my room and have to watch with mom in the LR. I’ve gotten her Hooked On Housewives and she’ll watch Survivor and Amazing Race but all of my other guilty pleasures go unseen…..Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, The Voice, Top Chef, Tough Love……I did convince her to get Showtime so I could watch The Tudors, Dexter and Homeland but now we’re in a rental condo in Jacksonville without it.

    To top it off – the living room TVs here and at mom’s house are old and SUCK and I’ve got a brand new 42″ flat screen at home! Ugh.

    Rant over 😀

    • BB says:

      Awwww. You’re a good daughter, Just Dee. And you know what? In the distant future, you’ll remember all the time you spent with your mom when she needed you and you won’t even remember the tv you missed. You too, Detox. Y’all are both good daughters. If you need to vent here, vent away.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Thanks so much, BB! I vented a LOT here today. And I appreciate you folks for allowing me to do it and prevent myself from going POSTAL.

        I’ll try to keep my venting to a minimum, though. Today has just been a particularly stressful day. In addition to the t.v. situation, BOTH of my parents have been getting on my nerves throughout the ENTIRE day.

        I know I’ll cherish these times once they are dead and gone.

        I just fear that I will die BEFORE them because the stress from living with them is going to KILL me (while they probably end up twice a year, sipping drinks on a tropical island [on some trip my Dad finagled at an EXTREME DISCOUNT, of course] I’m going to submit him for that new show, “America’s Cheapskates”)!!

        • BB says:

          You’ll be OK as long as you can keep your sense of humor. And you’ve always got this place.

        • Nancy says:

          LOL Hang in there Detox. I feel your pain, I really do. I thought with the death of my father I was finished with all this care taking but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
          now they expect me to take care of my aunts and we don’t even live in the same country!

          • BB says:

            Nancy, I had to take care of my aunt because she had no children and there was absolutely nobody else. At the time I was working and wonder why, me? But it made me grow and become a more compassionate person. It was really hard at the time though, making every decision that impacted her life. Not that I didn’t have support, but I was the ultimate decision maker, even the life support decision.

            • Nancy says:

              I hear you but both of my aunts HAVE children that live in CANADA. In their minds they think it’s appropriate because George and I don’t have any “real” children. This as been going on for 16 years now. What angers me the most is that the all ASSUME I’ll drop everything and fly up there whenever they snap their fingers. I’m not angry at all with my aunts it’s the other family members.

              • BB says:

                Oh! If they have kids of their own, all bets are off. I’m all for helping out where I can, but you took care of your dad, they need to take care of their moms. My situation was different.

              • Nancy says:

                I remember one time I (we) were going through some major infertility treatments and they wanted me up there for whatever reason and I told them what was going on and they actually said…”Can’t that wait?” Speechless.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                I hear and feel ya, Nancy! If you have NO children and/or are single, ALL family members AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME that you have NO life and should be at their beck and call. I mean, what ELSE would you be doing because your life is “so empty,” right?

                You DO have a HUSBAND, though. So, that might buy at least a LITTLE leeway with them (but NOT much)!!

                Try being SINGLE with NO HUSBAND and NO CHILDREN. Then, they REALLY wonder what ELSE you would be doing because your life is so “empty”?

                Well, I’ll TELL you what else I could be (and often WAS) doing. Working to pay my bills. Enjoying hanging out with my girlfriends for regular “Happy Hours,” lunches and dinners. Enjoying dating and, hell, even having *Whisper* S-E-X (I’m sure my parents just block it out of their mind and do not even THINK of that when it comes to me) with some of the men I date. Walking around my house with a tank top and boxers or a thong because I COULD. Now, I must be decently DRESSED at ALL times. Going on “Girls’ Trips” with my friends. Going on a trip with a man. Having dinner parties and other types of parties with my friends. Volunteering. Working out. Running ALL of my errands by my G*DDAMNED self (Need my car fixed? Detox has to handle it and pay for it. Any problems inside the house? Detox has to handle it and pay for it. Any problems outside the house? Detox has to handle it and pay for it. Maintaining the yard? Detox has to handle it and pay for it). Reading books. Having my nightly 2 glasses of good wine. Enjoying my t.v. shows and movies with NO interruptions. Cooking my favorite foods (I LOVE to cook. I can’t do that here, though, because my Mom thinks I’m trying to usurp her role in that department. It also pisses her off that my Dad and brother prefer MY cooking to hers. *Sigh*). Taking extension courses. ETC., ETC.!

                I can think of a MILLION things that I either HAD to do (and DID) or WANTED to do (and DID) as a SINGLE person without any children.

                HOWEVER, MANY (not ALL, but MANY) of the REST of my family members think I come home from work and fall into a pitiful, crying heap over my single status before I take off my suit and put on sweatpants, feel LONELY and sit in a rocker knitting sweaters as I pet 1 of my 15 cats (I’m allergic to cats any DAMNED way) and CRY and CRY over never having been married because I’m a “spinster.”

                I even had someone tell me that one of my cousins, behind my back, said she felt so sorry for me for having an education but NO man/husband. Now, MIND you, this cousin lives in a trailer (NOTHING AGAINST TRAILERS. I AM against her JUDGING MY LIFE as PATHETIC, however, while I am sitting up in my damned 3 bedroom house that I am paying for with my OWN money) and has a husband who is constantly putting them in debt when he is not cheating on her or kicking her ass.

                But I am the one to be pitied (Ummmm…..o.k. That makes PERFECT sense).

                I love this cousin, and I know she meant well. This is why I did not call her up and curse her out (That means I really DO love her because if I did NOT, I would have had absolutely NO problem doing that because I have done it before with other people and felt JUST GREAT afterwards!! NO guilt AT ALL because they DESERVED it. 😀 ).

                I also did not want to betray the confidence of the person who told me what she’d said behind my back.

                I’m with the actress, Patricia Clarkson, “Some people call my never having been married a TRAGEDY. I, on the other hand, call it A GOOD TIME!!”

                But, Nancy, as good family members and good people, we just “bite the bullet” and do what we need to do because it is FAMILY, after all. My Father did say recently, “Well, you could always just SHOOT us!” I told him, “No, I can’t because then I would have to go to jail, and I would not be able to enjoy my inheritance.” *Sigh*

                So, Nancy, I can TOTALLY relate! You are also a MUCH nicer person than me because I would have given one or both or all of those children a phone call or two. I mean, how dare they expect you to fly to another damned country to take care of THEIR parents!!! Talk about inconsiderate and thoughtless!!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              cool story, BB. It couldn’t have been easy. I admire you for doing that. I have 3 older siblings and they took care of everything when our father had a disabling stroke. They lived close to him, too. I am so thankful to them (my siblings).

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Wow, BB! That’s some heavy stuff, especially the life support decision. I bet that was touch. (((BB)))

        • LaineyLainey says:

          BB’s right, just keep laughing. This too shall pass. I haven’t had a chance to read your other “ventings” – just got home. But I will catch up!

        • djprincessc says:

          Detox, I still live with my parents and am an only child. I know what you mean, you get so annoyed with every little thing. Sometimes the way they blink annoys me! haha.

      • JustDee says:

        Awwww. Thanks BB!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Just Dee, I love what BB said, I couldn’t have said it better.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Thanks SO much for this post, Just Dee! I mean SERIOUSLY!! It helps to have someone else who can RELATE. (((Just Dee))). Knowing that I have someone who is in basically the SAME predicament makes me feel a little better.

      I miss my PRIVACY. And, now, I am going to miss the t.v. shows that have kept me SANE throughout this crazy job search, living part-time with my parents( and serving as their nurse, housekeeper, assistant, etc.) and going back in forth from my home to my parents home picking up contract jobs until I can find something permanent.

      I’m about to go for a “power walk” to work off some of this stress! Once again, thanks. XOXO, Just Dee!

      • JustDee says:

        OH. Don’t EVEN get me started about the lack of Privacy (O.M.G.), OR the fact that I’ve turned into the live-in Chef, Housekeeper & Errand Girl!

        • BB says:

          Does you mom get her mind set on something trivial and won’t let it go until it’s done? My mom does that. Tells me she needs something done but no rush, then won’t stop talking about it until it’s done?

          • JustDee says:

            “But don’t go out of your way. I don’t need it right away. Just whenever you have time”

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I do that. Is that not a good thing? haha!!

          • Powell says:

            Hmmm. My great aunt is 90 something. Her son lives in Texas, my mom and hersters are her. My great aunt lives in MD w/us but in assisted living since she can no longer live alone. My mom, aunts, cousins, uncle & I have watched out for her since she’s been her for about 15yrs now. Since her son, my cousin lives in Texas it’s up to the family here to take her to drs appts, get her medicine, take her out on occasion, my mom’s oldest sis deals w/the assisted living personnel. If there is a big issue my cousin has to bring his behind up from Texas.
            BB my great aunt us like your mom in that she says something can wait but it really can’t. Labor Day my family had a cookout. My great aunt asked me to pack up some food for her which I did. An hour or so later she tells me she wants me to get her food but it’s no rush. If that lady didn’t ask me once she asked me a half dozen times about that plate of food. I just went and got that plate and put it in her hands. Sometimes you just have to use reverse psychology for your own sanity. 🙂

            • BB says:

              Powell, I think all old people get like that. My mom gets something on her mind and worries over it until finally I take care of it for her one way or another. I tell her sometimes I wish had her problems. Too much time on her hands and too much thinking and worrying about stuff. If she wasn’t an avid reader and didn’t have a gentlemen friend who takes her out once or twice a week (I think he’s about 90 and still driving (yikes)), I would have a much bigger problem on my hands. Lol. Come to think of it, I really shouldn’t be complaining. It could be much much worse.

              • Nancy says:

                Do you have any siblings?

                • BB says:

                  A younger married sister who can hardly take care of herself. And I had an older brother. I’m a middle child.

                  • Nancy says:

                    I have a feeling you would like my older sister. LOL

                    All kidding aside do they help with with your mother?

                    • BB says:

                      Well, my brother passed away but he would have helped. Like I said, my sister can’t even help herself.

              • BB, sorry about your brother passing.

                I’m lucky that my my mom has my brother (he’s 60) to look after her. She’s going to be 88 but you won’t believe it, she still helps my brother out with his business, and he doesn’t pay her! On top of that, she does his laundry and makes sure he has dinner every night. And get this, she has cable so he’s at her house every night, eating dinner & watching tv. Poor mom can’t hear that well so even tho she watches with him, she doesn’t know what’s going on. I told her to ask him to put the captions on.

    • Powell says:

      Well JustDee you and Detox need to get a strapping young man to drive to your house, pick-up your tv, drive it back to your moms, put it up on your BR wall then drive to Detox’s & pick up her tv, drive to her parents house, put it up on her BR wall, do a little Magic Mike dance for Detox & then be on his way. You’ve just got to pool your funds together for gas money. Oh & Detox needs some $1 bills to tip Magic Mike. :-;

      • BB says:

        Now, THAT sounds like a plan!

      • JustDee says:

        I LIKE that plan!

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        To Detox & JustDee. You can get a 32in nowadays for under 300 on sale at HHGregg and BestBuy. If the parents won’t bite at those sale prices, try looking on Craigslist, a thrift store or your local paper for a used TV for a few bucks. Even if it’s not a ‘flat screen’ but a BigBootyTV, as long as it’s cable ready and working you’ll see the shows and be able to escape for a moment. Good Luck!

      • If you weren’t so far from NJ my son could help you, plus he’s got all these great friends. As a bonus, most of his friends are easy on the eyes. 🙂

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          DAMN!! You KNOW I love me some “easy on the eyes, ” Blue!

          I swear that if I could find some type of apparatus, I’d go to my house and try to load and unload the t.v. myself. It’s a flat screen. It’s not THAT damned heavy.

          Let me shut up. I still think I’d need some help loading and unloading into and out of my car.

          If OTHER bills did not take priority right now (due to the fact that I am not making NEARLY what I used to make), I’d just say EFF it, and buy a new t.v. for my parents house (which I, of course, would take WITH me whenever I went to wherever it is I found a PERMANENT JOB with BENEFITS) and shove it all the way into my parents’ guest bedroom AS IS.

          Then, when my brother has some time off, I’d get him to help me unload that DINOSAUR of a t.v. they’ve got in the guest bedroom and load the MUCH LIGHTER BRAND NEW ONE in its place (I always say guest bedroom instead of MY room because this is NOT the house in which I grew up. My parents moved here 15 years ago).

          I think I’m going to up my power walks to 3x a day, lose some weight and see if I can dance/strip for a bit so I can get the money to buy a new t.v. (and, hell, maybe even some other things)!!

          • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

            YOUSE A JIVE TURKEY DETOX…If you are going to strip/dance for money-buy something better than an idiot box!!!!!

          • Lisa Renee says:

            Pardon me Jill, hi hope you dont mind if i jump in for a second now that we are TFFL (twitter friends for life) haha 🙂 hey Detox, saw your hugs from this morning. I love your stories & your dad or mom- no words but what a crazy & hysterical dynamic. All my comments disappeared to you, Lainey, I saw your hugs very sweet too & RR yesterday. Detox, I absolutely agree that you gave much thought about your personal safety when your POV will not be tolerated by one Jackie Christie! She idles at BSC on a good day. Stop talking about the cities you are going to, please. The JCWP program was created for all her detractors. I would be extra aware of loud clanging earrings behind you when you go out. The only person in all reality land I believe would hunt a blogger down. Zilla is delusional & nuts but harmless. JC is all that plus a fork in your neck weave snatching maniac. Keep venting you’re (and dee) are a good daughters. Lisa

  27. Nancy says:


  28. princesspindy says:

    From Lynns’ sister Cathy on Twitter

    Cathy Connor ‏@Ccathy316

    Check out the Lynn Hudson’s son Bobby’s COLLEGE FUND fundraiser on http://GiveForward.com http://www.giveforward.com/lynnhudsonssonbobbyscollegefund?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=fb_wall&utm_campaign=receipt&og_action=hug&fb_ref=387793 … via @giveforward

  29. BB says:

    Starrs99, Thanks for the Duck Dynasty recap. I didn’t get to watch, but I read your recap. It’s a fun and light-hearted show. I enjoy watching it and will catch it on a rerun. Now it’s Dinnertime! No duck, chicken.

    • Stars99 says:

      Duck Dynasty always amuses me… perhaps I’m part of the very few… but I just thought it might be a fun kinda wacky and not that scary kinda wacky that now is so prevalent throughout the housewives franchises. Happy din din! = )

    • Powell says:

      I’m having baked chicken. Chicks that flock together BB. 🙂

  30. VV says:

    Having Manifesto withdrawals…. WHERE IS THE MANIFESTO? WHERE IS THE MANIFESTO?

    • melthehound says:

      Is her twitter active? Maybe Chris broke all her fingers (or put her in a straightjacket) and wired her mouth shut.

      • VV says:

        She hasn’t tweeted much…hmmmm. However, she did say she wrote The Manifesto on 10-14-12. Bravo must be having a hard time editing it…. the below tweet was 4 days ago..

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Chris broke all her fingers or wired her mouth shut. ROFL!

  31. Nancy says:

    T-7 🙂

  32. Nancy says:

    The Tigers are going to the World Series! 🙂
    The NY Yankees are going home!

  33. BB says:

    I really like Jim Leyland, the manager of the Tigers.

    • Nancy says:

      So do I. Does the other owner have cancer?

      • BB says:

        I don’t know anything about him. He looks very frail. I don’t know how if it’s age or maybe some type of illness.

      • BB says:

        He’s 83. Michael “Mike” Ilitch Sr. is an American entrepreneur, founder and owner of the international fast food franchise Little Caesars Pizza. He owns both the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League, and Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball. Wikipedia

  34. Powell says:

    Has anyone watched The Last Resort on ABC?

  35. stellastars21 says:

    I just saw this tweet

    @andersoncooper: Ever wonder who these anonymous Internet trolls are posting vile comment online? Tonight meet one who has just been unmasked @AC360 8p, 10p

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I have it on now, the segment is coming up next.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        It was about some internet troll on Reddit who went by the name violentacrez and was recently outed. Was a real creep online, posting about underage girls scantily dressed, rape, incest, etc., and a total dork in person. This loser didn’t really sound remorseful for what he did, just that he was caught. He lost his job. And he’s actually married with kids, I believe. Crazy people out there. You can google his name, Michael Brutsch.

  36. Nancy says:

    Hello Cityside. Where are you? 🙂

  37. Eastbayca says:

    A different look of Jillzy by a different “journalist” at huffpost.

  38. cusi77 says:

    O.M.G! In less than an hour, Project Runway Season 10 Finale!

    After watching what the 4 finalists have shown so far, I think that Fabio is not the winner… Can be wrong -Not the first time, nor the last!Lol!

    Melissa is good… Perhaps her collection will give her the winning price?

    Dmitry is “Perfection”! I wish him the best, but… I think that the judges have seen some of the same work before during the competition… Not sure he will be the winner…

    Christopher: Excellent work… I think he can be PR’s winner this Season… I like his aesthetic, is impeccable.

    Why don’t they give 3 Prices instead of one?Lol!

  39. Eastbayca says:

    Miami chat blog is up…

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