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Who is Jill? and Other Housewife News by NoMoreDrama

Carole Radziwill may not be a typical reality TV housewife, but she continues to score points with this viewer by not taking any of it too seriously.  Carole’s stint on housewives is paying off.  Last week she tweeted about the rise in sales of the book she had published as a memoir after her husband’s death.  Yesterday Page 6 of the New York Post reported that after a bidding war she sold a 2 book deal for $700,000 with Henry Holt & Co for her novel that she showcased on the reality show.  It’s not much of a secret that Andy Cohen is friends with Carole Radziwill.  He may be the main reason she agreed to do the show.  On the reunion show during introductions, Andy smiled and asked Carole is she ever thought she’d be sitting on the couch.  It was a cute moment.  He tweeted his support for Carole after her book deal was announced.

But that’s not why this viewer likes Carole so much.  I love her interaction with fans – and that she knows just what to say at the right moment.  Our own PlainViewSue has been on a twitter roll lately.  She was mentioned in Teresa’s blog – and now this:

Those three little words – Who is Jill? made my day.  Carole’s dig at Jill Zarin came one day after Jill announced to the world that both Carole Radziwill and Heather Thompson – along with anyone who was involved in firing Jill from the show last year – should be fired.  Jill then proceeded to plant stories in the media that she was about to be asked back to housewives.  Those of us that have followed Jill’s antics know this is the same old stuff she pulled last year.  I suppose there is an off chance they’ll bring her back but I seriously doubt it.  I think she’s just to annoying for production to work with.  Who is Jill?

Carole also had a few words to say about Countess LuAnn’s lack of a sense of humor after the show aired.  It seems like the Countess wanted some love from Carole, and all she got was astute observations about the Countess’s ridiculously obnoxious behavior.  I’m definitely on Carole’s side on this one.  C’mon.  Didn’t Carole just say what the rest of us were thinking?

Teresa Giudice continues with her PR high road.  A few days ago sister-in-law and castmate Melissa Gorga was quoted in a magazine as saying that she felt Teresa Giudice should quit housewives and put her family first.  This was a jaw dropping statement from a woman who many feel was only cast on the show to destroy Teresa’s relationship with her brother and expose Teresa’s dirty laundry to the world.  Given that the show is Teresa’s main source of income and also a vehicle to market her books and merchandise, and given that she may be the sole wage earner for her family if husband Joe Giudice ends up in jail for his driver’s licence fraud – I seriously doubt Teresa thinks the show is destroying her family.   At the end of the day – show or no show – Teresa and Melissa will struggle to share the same space.  Each needs to be the center of attention.  Joey will be caught in the middle.  It happens.  Time to move on.

Teresa is the master of moving on.  She continues to tweet her schedule – letting fans know that her days are full of book signings, product promotions, and kid’s events.  Today she’s at Gabriella’s soccer game for instance – telling tweeters she was signing off for a while to keep her eyes on the game.  Yesterday was Gabrielle’s 8th birthday party and she tweeted super cute photos of the b-day girl and a room full of excited kids.  Tomorrow she’s on the road again meeting fans.   Not a whisper, a hint, even a veiled reference about the show, her pesky sister-in-law, cousin, or castmates.  Just family, family, family.

Teresa’s brother – Joe Gorga – also is proud of his family.  Apparently he tweeted a photo of his kid’s butt – and when he got slammed by fans he took it down saying he thought his kid’s butt was cute.  Okay – that shows about as much common sense as a snail.  Someone really needs to close his twitter account.

Joey made headlines after the reunion when he announced that HE was a stripper in college.  I know right?  Who would have guessed Joe went to college.  I was pretty sure he couldn’t read or write.


Page 6 is also reporting that Mob Wives star Renee Graziano has entered rehab.  Here’s what Page 6 had to say:  “A source told us the temperamental Graziano “has had issues with pills in the past but she was clean when she went in on Monday.”  Graziano’s rep confirmed to Page Six: “Although Renee Graziano has been admitted to a rehabilitation center, it is not for any current drug or alcohol use of any kind. Her choice to enter rehab was made entirely on her own. She has made this decision for the betterment of her son AJ [Pagan]’s life, as well as to improve her physical, mental and spiritual health.”  Good for her that she’s getting help – for whatever is going on.


Brandizzle?  Apparently Brandi Glanville has recorded a rap song.  You have to watch it.  It’s pretty funny.  The link is below:



Joanna Krupa is extending her 15 minutes any way she can.  She’s pulled two stunts this week even as her “relationship” drama / non-drama took center stage for Real Housewives of Miami.  For those that watched the show Thursday – Krupa “discovered” emails and texts from her fiance Romain to a dancer – making it clear that things weren’t rosy between the two of them.  Although it was edited to make it look like Romain was a cheater – Krupa donned a sexy dress and cooked Romain dinner in an effort to show him that she really did care about their relationship.  At the end of the day viewers learned that Joanna and Romain had drifted apart for an extended period of time, and he had contemplated putting an end to the relationship – but now they are willing to try again.  Biggest surprise of the scene – when Romain took a bite of the Risotto Krupa had made and said it tasted good.

Perhaps realizing that her storyline was going nowhere – Krupa gave an interview to RadarOnline saying this about Teresa Giudice:  “Every family has its issues but you don’t hit below the belt. She doesn’t need to be this low to make a name for herself. Everybody already knows who she is.”  Fans of Giudice were outraged and let Krupa know – and she went into defense mode – blocking follower after follower.  Welcome to New Jersey Joanna.  It’s a different world.

Perhaps to divert attention, Krupa went out to dinner with Romain in an entirely see-through blouse.  I’ll post the link with the warning that the post is marked NSFW (not safe for work).  I’ve got to hand it to her – she’ll do anything to bring up those ratings.  Andy Cohen should be proud.  NSFW Huff Post article


Weddings are in the air in Orange County.  Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge have set a date for their wedding according to her tweets, and Kara Keough (Jeana’s daughter) is engaged Kyle Bosworth (football player).  Congrats to all of them.


Real Housewives of New York Cast Blogs – Blogged by RamonaCoaster

Heather Thomson

I agreed to help Sonja to create the logo to umbrella and encompass both her brands “Sonja in the City” and “Sonja Home” and further, I agreed to help her create a marketing campaign to put on the package of her toaster oven.  There were many ups and downs during the process, including Sonja suddenly needing the toaster oven box immediately to house what she described as ensuing production?!? But I could never get any information out of Sonja. Questions regarding her business plans or even the vision for her said business went unanswered. I only ever heard Sonja say she had a change of heart about the working logo we chose when she insisted she had told us and we didn’t listen. There were many areas that made the process of helping Sonja arduous — we were working in a vacuum with no constructive feedback or input from her, and I still delivered exactly what I said I would. And somehow Sonja feels I owe her more?

I thought she wanted pictures & headshots from the photo shoot and a sexy J for the logo but apparently you weren’t listening to that part either.

I cared more about building a brand for Sonja than Sonja cared about building her own brand. I spent countless more hours with James, (big guns), Bernard, and Gian Andre DiStefano conceptualizing and executing it the ideas with absolutely no effort on Sonja’s part.

Whether you spent one hour or countless hours on Sonja’s branding, it was your decision to do that.  In the end, Sonja liked the mock up you did and she said that on camera.

Yet Sonja has gone on to say in her blogs that I did this not to help her but to “showcase my marketing expertise.”  And, that she turned down a “Martha Stewart executive” to work with me.  Oh really? Where was this executive when I tried to pull myself out of the nightmare? I can only wonder how Sonja feels “showcasing my marketing expertise,” does any good to anyone here but Sonja? 

I don’t see how it doesn’t do you any good. I feel like you are shooting yourself in the foot.  Someone let me know where the conflict is.

Sitting on the sofa and having her pull out those cards with her “sexy j” was not shocking, and much as it was insulting. I have more respect and appreciation for Sonja’s young fan who took an opportunity to get her graphic work out there than I gained during my entire experience with Sonja. Sadly, instead of potentially showcasing a young talent, it only went to prove how much Sonja actually “missed” during the project. 

Was she and the cameras invited to all these meetings and countless hours of brainstorming?

In the time that I first sat down with Sonja to help her, I have been to market in front of buyers with four new Yummie and Yummie Tummie Collections that I design (not to mention a product launch into a new classification with the introduction of my new line of leggings! #holla), and I have managed the image campaigns, the photoshoots, and the marketing that coincides with each launch, including a billboard campaign, up and running in NYC thru the holiday season. 

That’s great! It’s incredible what you’ve accomplished.

Sonja on the other hand, sits still with an empty prototype box, waiting for its toaster oven and is still singing about her a “sexy j.” Anyone with diligence and focus could have taken the packaging and the campaign we created, gotten in front of a buying team, if not several, for tons of feedback and launched that damn toaster oven six months ago. You could have one in your kitchen right now and Sonja could be off and running with the start of her brand. But as she drones on about placements and oven mitts and tongs (all sold in different departments than a toaster btw) she is left with her delusions of grandeur, and I am left with the reality that that her toaster oven and branded campaign (with a switched out logo or not), will never again see the light of day.  I do have adoration for SJM, but she doesn’t know the meaning of hard work and that getting arrested would be easier for her than staying focused —  and that my friends, is a wrap!

Holy cow! I don’t think this is quite the branding that Sonja was asking for. I still don’t get where the hostility was coming from.  Did she not thank you enough? Did she not follow the script you sent her?  Is this part of the made up storyline?

LuAnn came to the reunion with a plan and Carole in her sights and she did not like to see me “taking sides.”  But what I said on the couch was the truth. There is a lot more to St. Barths and often times in filming there are things that are best left off-camera and this comment is directed to more than one of the ladies, and I will leave it at that.

Oh come on Heather.  You can’t just drop a little tidbit and expect everyone to speculate on what was said off camera.  It would have made the show more interesting if you mentioned it.

Is it me, or do most of these ladies have double standards? One set applies to them and another to everyone else. Ramona judges herself and Sonja differently than she does Aviva.

Play the tape! Aviva almost shot pea soup out of her nose, breathed fire out of her mouth and her head would have done a triple axel if Ramona had stayed in her presence any longer than she did. There’s a big difference between her and Ramonja. Yeah Ramona is a pill but when you tell her she’s a pain in the butt, she’ll back off. Sonja is very empathetic and forgiving. Ramonja has been friends for years and they both just met Aviva.

Aviva makes allowances for her dad but plays the high moral card on Samonja.  Luann lives in her own paradigm and if anything contradicts it, she doesn’t like it.  I can tell you, I tried to play it straight. 

Yes. And I definitely appreciated it when you told the camera that Luann brought Tomas home.  That was a moment of endless humor and for that I truly appreciate you.

Throughout the season I wanted to always live true to my own constitution. I certainly have my opinions on things and certainly took the liberty at taking swipes at some ladies in my monologues, but I tried never to “judge” the women.

Everyone judges.

Carole Radziwill

Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the ride with me this season, and welcoming the new cast members and for all of your funny and inspiring comments, emails, and tweets. I appreciate the support because when I told my real life friends I was thinking about being on a reality show they tried to stage an intervention.

Did they think you were too “above it all” to be a Housewife?

A little voice inside me said “buy the ticket, take the ride,” so I did and I’m glad.

Selling all those books and being on the NY Times best seller list is a good reason to be glad you went on the show.

To all you loyal viewers, my wish for you is to get acquainted with that sense of adventure within yourself. Dream big. Don’t listen to people who say who do you think you are?

We already know not to listen to Luann.

To steal from Victor Hugo, jealousy is an admission of inferiority.

I feel like this is a message to Jill. Did she watch Andy’s interview with Jill before she wrote this?

Look for similarities in people but remember to celebrate their differences.  Robert Fulgham wrote a great book called, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. He said to play fair, clean up your own mess, and don’t hit people. Take a nap each afternoon, say you’re sorry when you hurt someone, wash your hands before you eat, and flush. But above all, be aware of wonder.

Definitely wash your hands after you flush because Hepatitis A sucks.

Luann de Lesseps

I’m disappointed that Carole and I couldn’t make our friendship work. Maybe it’s because she considered herself more of a journalist than a Housewife? I do know that she never passed up a chance to criticize me and that she uses humor as a defensive mechanism rather than saying what she thinks to my face. I do respect her talent as a writer and I hope in the future she uses her considerable abilities to pull people up rather than bring them down.

Sorry Lu! You just gotta face the facts that someone with a royal title doesn’t like you.

Heather is a complicated girlfriend. During this season, I’ve felt that she’s had my back and in the end she didn’t.

I’m sure you miss having those other people on the couch of reunions past backing you up.

I do know that she’s very talented and a very good businesswoman. She did her best for Sonja and deserves more praise for her contribution to Sonja’s toaster oven launch than she received.

So it is about receiving praise.

Aviva is stunning, smart and she’s a great mom. She managed to juggle her family and she show with grace and dignity. I know she struggles with phobias related to her childhood accident, but I saw her face her fears and grow this season.

“Grow” meaning foisting all your anxieties onto Ramonja. I’m sure you enjoyed watching that and nudged that along.

Sonja and I remain very good friends and while she continues to face challenges with her divorce and her finances, she has a smile on her face and a glass of champagne in her hand. I love spending time with Sonja and I think I’ve made a friend for life.

What, you’re not sure?

Ramona and I have had our issues over the years but we have a respect for each other that transcends our conflicts. The trait I admire most in Ramona is that she says what is on her mind to me rather than gossiping behind my back.

So glad Carole inadvertently taught you that lesson.

As for me, I’ve learned some very important lessons this season about honesty and friendship. I realize now more than ever that to be a good girlfriend, I have to be forthright yet kind in what I say and do. I’ve learned that tequila clouds my judgment and that it’s better to take a car home than a ride from a pirate.

“Ride from a pirate.”  That’s a new euphemism.

I’ve also learned that Jacques loves me for who I am and that he trusts me regardless of how things looked on the show. Lastly, I realize how grateful I am to be able to share my life with you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I started to like Luann more during this season than other seasons because her armor came off for a short while and she let loose.  She lied, but because she was caught, she admitted her wrongdoings.  She was supportive of Sonja.  I never wanted her relationship with Jacques to be compromised and hope they still stay together.

Aviva Drescher

Thank you Bravo for this wonderful opportunity. It has been a tremendous platform to reach out to the amputee community. This has expanded to anyone who has ever felt different for any reason — religion, sex, race, gender, sexuality, or any physical challenge. Embrace it!  You all inspire me and teach  me everyday. Thank you Carole, Heather, LuAnn, Ramona, and Sonja: working with you ladies  has been an honor. Most importantly — dear viewers. . .Thank you for your support, love, opinions, and for watching!  This blog is for you. I have compiled many questions that you asked on Twitter and have answered as many as I was able. I would love to hear in your comments about YOUR lives, who you are, and why you enjoyed this guilty pleasure we share.

So she does read fan feedback.  She took the idea from Teresa’s ghostwriter to copy and paste tweets to show there are some people that like her. Here are some of the questions she vetted:

@luvbuffalo: @AvivaDrescher what hair products do you use? Your hair is gorgeous!!

Answer: Thank you! Yarok hair products. They are organic.

Aviva’s hair really does look good.

@mama_martin710: @AvivaDrescher What ur expectations were when u signed up 2 do HW’s & how they compared/differed from “reality” of what ended up happening!

Answer: I expected to film half as much as I did. I never expected to argue with grown women because in reality, I never argue with my girlfriends. I was surprised by the heavy filming schedule and the conflict that I engaged in!

Have you watched the show? There’s a clause in your contract, either argue and bring drama or else you’ll be a one season wonder – like that Vajazzle woman (or worse, not even a housewife – like Jennifer Gilbert)

@sobogurl: @AvivaDrescher you never mention your mom. Is she still living? Did your parents divorce because of your dad’s “appetite” for young ladies?

Answer: My mom passed six years ago due to alcoholism. She was German, kind, and stunning. A wonderful devoted mother and wife.  My dad and mom  were together until the day she died. They were always madly in love, loyal, and devoted to each other.

I thought that scene with Carole about Aviva’s mom dying of alcoholism should have been part of the show and not left to the Bravo.com bonus footage.  I think people would have found sympathy with her regardless of  Aviva’s guttural reaction to the drinking on the show.

@IamStefBrown: @AvivaDrescher sum up mostly what it was like your first season being on #RHONY you are an inspiration to a lot of people 🙂

Answer: Thank you! It was like living in an alternate universe. Completely weird environment which was very new and foreign. I often felt like a deer caught in the  headlights. At the same time, it was incredible. To get a front row seat and a backstage pass to a phenomenal part of pop culture was a blast. Of course, my goal, to help other amputees and physically challenged was everything.

I guess we were watching Bizarro Aviva.

@RHODC_FANS: @AvivaDrescher if you could do this season of #RHONY ovr again what would you do differently? Love u by the way. Great new HW.

Answer: Thank you!  I regret going overboard in my dramatic antics. . . Additionally, I regret the way my amputee status and fears were portrayed. I have maintained relationships with people for 20 years who had no idea that I was an amputee or that I had some  phobias. . .When the show aired several people approached me shocked that these issues even existed. . .Flash forward, somehow on the show, I am depicted as being defined by both. In part, this is my fault because I was trying to raise awareness. . . Perhaps it was overdone.  By the same token the phobias and leg, which in reality are very much in the background of my life, on the show became front row and center. I am very sad that this occurred because it is not all who I am. It is my very nature since childhood  to put all that leg stuff in the background and live life to the fullest. I still do.  The silver lining is that despite the overdone message, I have been able to impact so many people especially children.  

Did the postman you’ve known for twenty years not know you were an amputee? How close were you to these people that they wouldn’t know?

@thillygirl: @AvivaDrescher I want to know how you know Bethanny and do you still see her?

Answer: I met Bethenny through my childhood friend in PR named Jake Spitz.  I see Bethenny if I bump into her. She is the person who is largely responsible for my “Housewife” status.  

She can definitely pick them.

@meow_catfight: @AvivaDrescher i want to know how you stay in shape & keep your ass looking so fabulous! #sojelly

Answer: Thank you! I eat a high protein diet and workout on the stairmaster from time to time. 

I thought in an interview someone asked her about her abs and she said she does nothing just balancing on one leg in the shower.

@schillings7: @AvivaDrescher How about your family! Would love to hear more about the kids and your parenting style!

Answer: We believe in love, love, and more love!!!  And boundaries. Reid and I like to have boundaries to make the children feel safe, but we don’t like to overschedule them. They need downtime. We expose our children to as many different activities and cultures as possible. We want the children to know that the world is made up of lots of different and beautiful people! 

White trash are people too.

@bwhitcher: @AvivaDrescher any good book suggestions on relationship advice? I want to keep this one. #badtrackrecord

Answer: I will write one! LOL!

Hope that one was a joke. Secrets of a Jewish Mother with a Prosthesis and Phobias

Ramona Singer

I didn’t like Heather in the beginning and now I do!! I adored Aviva initially, now I stay as far away as possible from her. Carole is a unique person, different from any friend I have ever had. I enjoy and embrace her. Sonja, there is not enough I can say about her. She brings so much joy, laughter, and sincerity into my life. I truly love her like a sister. There is nothing I would not do for her. I, for one, am happy I am in a better place with LuAnn. 

It’s amazing the change we see when Bravo removed one toxic red-headed person from the group and I hope we don’t see her again.

When Andy asked me about LuAnn and what happened in St. Barths, I answered in my usual unfiltered way.

What’s wrong with loving your men?

It clearly made LuAnn uncomfortable and she began to scramble to deflect the attention. 

She’s so scared of you.

This is why I apologized as quickly as I could, even though it was too late. LuAnn’s personal relationships are not my business and I should not have commented. I’m glad to be in such a positive place with her after what we have gone through and hope to stay there. I truly wish all the women the best and thank them all for a great season five!

I’ve always liked Ramona.  I’ve never taken anything she says seriously.  I like that she says things off the top of her head because it is the most honest you can get and then found it entertaining to see the other person reacting.  Jill has went after her since Season 1 because of this.  Jill and Ramona are part of the same social circle and I always wondered why Bravo never invited one of their social circle to be on the show to clarify their relationship.  Getting glimpses of that small social circle is what drew me to the show.

Sonja Morgan

I like that LuAnn admits she lied about her ride home because she was afraid of everyone’s reaction. She’s owns it since everyone made such a big deal about it.

She really had no choice but to own it. I lurrrv that the camera finally caught her off guard.

I think Aviva would have a lot more fun on the show if she wasn’t so judgmental.  What happened to everyone’s sense of humor?

I think someone on this show needs to fill the role of Mrs. Uptight. A woman who is perfectly coiffed, demands the use of coffee-table coasters, perfect Thanksgiving dinners, no shoes in the house, no eating off of paper plates, no wire hangers, no sloppy drunken moments, no feeling comfortable around people of any race besides white, sex every third Wednesday of the month, the list goes on and on…

I threw a lot of Sonja in the City parties and filmed tons with the new girls. There’s a lot you didn’t see. That’s OK. I’m a team player and it was worth it.

It is a shame Bravo didn’t include Brent and Josh of The Beekman Boys in the show.   I hope there’s a third season of The Fabulous Beekman Boys on the Cooking Channel or some other network.

Andy himself says you can’t take it so seriously. It’s television folks! It’s produced to be entertaining, so obviously they use the most intense titillating moments and splice it together for jam packed excitement. The viewer can go through these moments with us on the edge of their seats.

And I enjoyed those snippets this season.  It’s like going back to the first season.

We are all children of a higher being, whether you believe in god or not and that’s why I go away every two or three months away from “Sonja’s Universe” to get centered. I juice-fast, cleanse, practice my yoga, meditate, and connect with nature. I do this to remember how small I really am in the REAL universe.

How nice it must be to have two to three months to get away. I wish I had the money to do that.

This has worked for me since I was a young model and  getting lots of attention to my jet setting days to when I made a name for myself in NY in business as “The Straw That Stirs the Drink” to my prominent marriage after dating high profile boyfriends. I learned fast not to “drink the Kool Aid.” Many people who were interested in me when I was 20 to 26 years  living with the Italian Count weren’t interested and sucking up when I broke off the engagement. I knew I had to stand on my own two feet. I never could have had my daughter otherwise. I have a knack for real estate, financial investments, putting teams together and building luxury brands. I was a brand consultant.

Hope you can continue to pull yourself out of the debt you’re in.

This leads me to my friend Heather. Like I said earlier there’s hundreds of hours of film and I did thank Heather on many levels for many things she was doing for me but at the same time I also  felt I wasn’t being heard or understood by my new friend, which is why I made the fatal but dramatic move of bringing in Ramona which really upset the apple cart!

I think the producers had a hand in that and wanted to film the fireworks.

Not bad! Especially considering its Heather’s first season. I thought she was amazing. I’m grateful to come out the other end with a friend who came from a good place. I expected too much in too little time while getting to know a new friend. For that I’m sorry. I do feel Heather would always be willing to help again though.

That’s just wishful thinking.  She’s angry for some reason.

We are very blessed and to appear to be arguing about petty things with all the suffering others go through is not something I relish. That’s why I took the time to explain my “me me me” attitude.  I really take my businesses seriously and I must be proud to put my name on something. I know Heather feels the same. We are proud women.

This season I was happy to see that no one was deliberately trying to ruin anyone’s marriage, business, and brand unlike seasons’ past.

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  1. Powell says:

    Happy Saturday everyone. I’m going shopping. What’s everyone up to?

  2. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Melissa really has a LOT of nerve saying that Teresa should leave the show if it’s hurting her family. OMG, Is she serious? After she came on the show to destroy Teresa’s relationship with her brother? Melissa should leave the show, you know, since she’s moving and all to get away from Teresa..and since Teresa was on the show first!

    • BB says:

      I know. If Melissa is selling her house in order to get away from Teresa, then she’s the one who should be quitting the show, not Teresa.

    • Rebecca says:

      Bravo gets 10 percent of the housewives’ products profits. Teresa vs Melissa? Apparently Melissa was not a math teacher.

      • kit9 says:

        No they don’t. Andy was asked directly about that and he said Bravo gets nothing from the housewives’ products/song, etc.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I am not quite sure if Andy was telling the truth, kit9. I read that, when BRAVO first began the Real Housewives’ series, they never even considered that one of their housewives could use the show as a platform to build a brand which generates a profit, particularly a profit as huge as Bethenny Frankel managed to make from her SkinnyGirl products. Supposedly, BRAVO was upset, particularly after Bethenny made her alleged $120 million deal with BEAM in connection with her SkinnyGirl alcoholic beverages, that they were not entitled to one red cent of Bethenny’s profits — despite the fact that it was the RHONY which served as a vehicle for Bethenny to promote her products; make a profit; and eventually make multi-millions..

          It was THEN (after Bethenny’s huge deal with Beam) that BRAVO allegedly changed the Housewives’ contracts and put in a clause stating that BRAVO would be entitled to 10% of any future profits made by any housewife as a result of the show being used as a platform to launch and promote such products.

          I mean, Andy was directly asked if he favors certain housewives, and he DENIED this (which, of course, as we can see by his treatment of the housewives, is a blatant lie. So, maybe he was ALSO lying about BRAVO receiving a percentage).

          Here’s a link about BRAVO’s 10%:


      • PJ says:

        Not a math teacher for sure, but perhaps she was a dance teacher. 🙂

    • kit9 says:

      Teresa’s been screaming that Melissa shouldn’t be on the show since day one because it’s hurting her family. But, Mel says it and it’s horrible. And, not a shred of evidence to support Mel came on the show to hurt Joe’s relationship with Teresa. Zero. Zip. In fact, Mel swallowed a lot of T’s crap in an effort to help heal her and her brother’s relationship. And, let’s not forget, Mel and T were getting along well before T decided to throw it all in the toilet with Strippergate.

      • I feel that any of them saying it at this point is ludicrous. All of the relationships are damaged and they are still all willing to be on the show.

        The first episode of Joe and Mel being on the show was Joe calling T garbage. I don’t think Mel came on the show to ruin the relationship between T and her brother – I think they both came on because they wanted to be on the show – and they were willing to let us know that T didn’t lead the perfect life she was pretending to lead.

        I feel that there is something very wrong with the Gorgas – Teresa, Joey, their parents, and their cousins. We’ve seen all of them flip out. Teresa just has good PR.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Teresa was on the show FIRST. She said she initially had a problem with it, but then she finally accepted it because there was nothing she could do about it. So, she dealt with it.

        As for Teresa being responsible for Strippergate, why should I believe that? Because BRAVO says so? BRAVO also had a voiceover where Melissa said that she babysat Teresa’s children the night of the Fabellini party. This is a BLATANT lie (although I am not going to fault Melissa on THAT one. She was probably told to say this by the producers to fit their UNTRUE storyline about the true chronology of events) because the Fabellini party was AFTER the Posche Fashion Show, when Teresa was no longer speaking to ANY of her cast mates, including Melissa. BRAVO also had Jac go along with this UNTRUE storyline by saying that she did NOT know why Teresa did not invite her to the Fabellini party. Of COURSE, she knew why: because it took place AFTER the PFS, and she and Teresa were no longer speaking.

        AT the actual Fabellini party, BRAVO showed a conversation between Teresa and Dina where Dina allegedly spoke poorly about Caroline and said, “Not ALWAYS” when Teresa said, “Blood is thicker than water.” Dina tweeted that BRAVO chopped and manipulated that conversation to make it look like she said what she did NOT say. She said she and Teresa mainly talked about the problems between Teresa and her brother, and the “Not ALWAYS” comment (about blood being thicker than water) was in reference to Teresa and Joey — NOT (as BRAVO would have us believe) in reference to Dina and ANY member of HER family.

        BRAVO has the power to edit and splice things to suit their storyline and agenda. So, I do NOT believe Teresa was behind Strippergate. In fact, IMHO, TERESA was the one that was set up, NOT Melissa. Also, Kim D. said on twitter WHILE Part 3 of the Reunion Show was airing that Teresa had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the setup. PERIOD. If Kim D. is a friend of Jac’s, who speaks with Jac (by both Jac AND Kim D’s admission during Part 3 of the Reunion) for 1 1/2 hours every morning, why would Kim D. NOT support her B.F.F. Jac’s INSISTENCE that Teresa was behind it? She is still friends with Jac, apparently, but she is NOT supporting Jac in her belief and CONSTANT assertions (that TERESA set up Melissa) because it is NOT true.

        So, Teresa and Melissa had mended their relationship and would have possibly continued to get along if it weren’t for the interference of BRAVO (and, IMO, Jac, who INSISTED that Jac was behind the set-up. Jac is as CRAZY AS A ROAD LIZARD. So, I no longer believe ANYthing she says).

        Melissa ALSO seems to have a problem with the truth (Teresa is NOT the only one who has told a lie or two. ALL those suckers have!!). Joey screams (like the DRAMA QUEEN, emphasis on the word “Queen”, he is! Yes, I am emphasizing it because it is my OPINION to which I have a right) that Teresa “took my parents away from me and my children” while Teresa screams and is on the verge of tears that this is NOT true. Melissa supports Joey’s lie. But, throughout the season, she was constantly giving interviews and even writing in a blog or two that she and Joey had dinner with Joey’s parents ONCE A WEEK. Melissa went on WWHL RIGHT AFTER Part 3 of the Reunion and said the SAME DAMNED THING (She mentioned that they’d just had dinner with Joey’s father the preceding Friday). So, WHICH is it? Did Teresa “take Joey’s parents away from him and his children” OR NOT!

        Melissa is claiming that Teresa should get off the show because her children are being bullied and hurt by all of the negative things that are being said about their parents on blogs and in magazines. First of all, how would THAT bitch know what is going on with Teresa’s children? She has not spoken to Teresa (or her children, for that matter) in over A YEAR!! Teresa then came out with a statement DENYING this. As I stated yesterday, there is ALSO a LOT of negative information about Miss Melissa and Joey on the internet. Shouldn’t SHE ALSO follow Teresa off the show in order to prevent this from hurting HER children?

        Melissa is F.O.S., and she is a LOWDOWN “dirty fighter” for dragging the CHILDREN into this (like she did in a mag article when she claimed Teresa called Antonia “ugly”). IMO, she is DESPERATE, and she will even lie and use INNOCENT CHILDREN to hurt Teresa and try to push her off the show and affect her livelihood.

        I hope Teresa, in her mind, tells Melissa to “kick rocks” and stays on the show so she can continue to have a 6-figure paycheck from BRAVO and a BRAVO platform she can use to promote her products and make money to pay back her debt and support her family.

        • plainviewsue says:

          Detox, I dont know if u noticed my comment to you at the end of yesterday’s blog.

          But I must say again and again and again, bravo to you!!!!

          For future reference, any post that Detox writes, just know that I agree w/every single word she says!!!!

          Seas 5 will be the takedown of Melissa Gorga and her lies. They are all creeping up on her & she is desperate. I have no doubt that Joanne Krupa said what she did about Teresa cos she was supposedly hanging out with Mel when she was in Miami. Luckily for Melissa the warrent for her arrest was lifted.

          I have read the blogs & I know that without absolute proof anything is doubtful. Except for the mortgage details about mansion of Joe & Mel which have been printed. But I believe there is so much about Melissa’s past that has started to come out. When both Teresa and then Juicy tried to say how Melissa & Joey really met, you saw how both of them were cut off. But heaven forbid, Andy interrupts them and ask for the story.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Joanna Krupa also has a questionable past so that makes her siding with Melissa understandable. Reminds me of how Jac had all this compassion for Danielle when she was being attacked. She didn’t want Danielle outed, because she probably figured if they start outing people, my outing isn’t too far behind. She also was protective of Melissa when the truth came out about Melissa secretly aligning herself with Danielle. Jac was adamant, that Teresa shouldn’t even talk to Danielle. Why was SHE so worried about what Danielle might say about Melissa? Because Jac, like Melissa, had a past that she knew was there just waiting to be discovered.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              IMO, Jac ALSO did not want Teresa speaking to Danielle because Danielle would probably have spilled the dirt about the fact that MUCH of the “dirt” she had on the Manzo’s and the Laurita’s, PARTICULARLY Dina, came straight out of Jac’s CONSTANTLY YAPPING BIG MOUTH!!

              I don’t think the Manzo’s and Laurita’s would take this very well, and I have a feeling, Jac would be in a LOT of hot water if they found out this was the case!

              • LaineyLainey says:

                consequences, Jackie-poo!! Her mouth has been the ruin of “the plan” – to make Caroline and her family (including the Lauritas) the breakout stars of NJ.

              • Powell says:

                sue, Detox & Lainey the NJ crew has so many skeletons in their closets I don’t know who is worse. I think we haven’t even scratched the surface. They should all be scared about what the other will say. Sue I totally believe Mel & Joey are going to get theirs next season.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  “Be afraid, be very afraid” Danielle should wear that on a t-shirt if she does come back. hee hee!!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I did see your comment to me yesterday, Sue. Thanks. 😀 And thanks for THIS comment too. I’m also going to just get a computer-STAMPER that says “What Plainview Sue Said!” because I agree with you so damned much. If no such thing exists, then I will just save a document in Word with that phrase and just copy, cut & paste under your comments (to save me the trouble of typing it AGAIN)! 😉

            • plainviewsue says:

              You are too funny. I think you need to write a book called “I Need A Housewives’ Detox Program.” You need to include all of your posts about all of the HW’s shows, if that is possible to do. Also include your family posts.

              Your writing is just so good. I will read what your write even if I don’t watch the show!!

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Some of you guys are seriously making me think about saying, “EFF THIS LAW STUFF!!! I want to be an AUTHOR & a COMEDY WRITER, Dammit!!! I’m loadin’ up the truck and headin’ to Beverly….Hills that is….!!!”

                I may just do that. I’d love to get paid to write. I’d also love to be on the comedy writing staff of Wanda Sykes or Chris Rock because my humor (in person, at least that’s what people TELL me) is VERY similar to theirs. I ALLEGEDLY have very funny facial expressions and mannerisms to go along with my stories and/or jokes too. In short, I do NOT have a poker face and can make people smother laughing by my FACE alone (because, sometimes, it SAYS…IT….ALL!!!) *Shrug*.

                Hell, maybe I’ll just call up BRAVO and tell them to kick Teresa’s present ghost writer to the curb and let ME write her blogs. Never mind. That would end up getting Teresa SHOT!!

                Maybe I can be a ghost writer for someone else on the cast, though. In between doing that, I’d work on a book (about the housewives and other things in the world that I find absurd and hilarious AT THE SAME TIME)!!!

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  You have a built-in fan base!!! us!! How I wish you could be Teresa’s secret weapon. How I wish, wish, wish. Call her P.R. team!!!

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    I just might, Lainey! 😉

                    I cannot do that until Joe Giudice and I have closure and can move forward with our relationship, though. It would not be fair for me to be around Teresa and when Joe comes around, me rolling my eyes and sucking my teeth and saying, “You a*shole! I’m still mad at YO a*s for calling Teresa a c*nt and a b*tch!! For Teresa and for women everywhere, I’d like to kick your sorry a*s, you MOMO!!!” under my breath.

                    P.S. I don’t even know what a MOMO is, but I liked the way Joe Giudice, at the Reunion, called some of the men “youse buncha MOMOS!!!” I’m surprised BRAVO and EVIL Andy did not DUB his words and replace the “M” in “MOMOS” with an “H”!!! I wouldn’t put it past them!

              • TexasTart says:

                Absolutely! Would follow/buy anything Detox would come up with! Career change?!

        • mrs. peabody says:

          detox I agree with everything you have said. I’ve always thought Teresa was the one who was set up not Melissa and I think Jacq was 100% involved with setting up her friend. I think Jacq wants so bad to be teresa’s friend and teresa wants nothing to do with her and that is what is behind jacq’s craziness, she can’t handle the rejection so she is going after full steam and going to take her down anyway she can.

    • melthehound says:

      Melissa is a lying pig and that’s really all there is to it.

      • Vegas Chick says:

        That was a little harsh and over the top, MTH, and sounds like something that would come from the guidebook, ‘How to Talk Like a Guidice.’

        • melthehound says:

          Sorry VC, I call them as I see them.

          • plainviewsue says:

            Mel’s comment was harsh??? OMG, that was practically a comment to Melissa! By the way that guidebook could also include Gorgas & Waikiles.

          • Vegas Chick says:

            Yikes! Didn’t mean to start BIoggergate, lol… truth is that I am I not that invested in these people’s lives, and it’s only a TV program to me. When they start paying my bills, maybe I will think about buying their stuff or giving a hoot… 🙂 PS: Just not a fan of derogatory remarks towards women no matter who she is or what she does… but that’s me.

            • melthehound says:

              Fair enough VC but I think they’re all pigs on that show. Women and men alike. I’ll bet if I had called Joe Guidice a pig you wouldn’t have had s problem with it.

              • Vegas Chick says:

                No, I would could him an illiterate, offensive, and sorry excuse for a human being who lacks decorom and basic social skills. 🙂

                • Vegas Chick says:

                  oops… ‘call’ him… blah, blah, blah, lol.

                • melthehound says:

                  Oh, Okay… You said “derogatory remarks towards women” and that’s why I made that assumption. My mistake..

                  • Vegas Chick says:

                    🙂 Have you ever watched, ‘Alaska, the Last Frontier’ on Discovery Channel? It’s a reality show about people living off the grid on Tuesday nights (actually really good). Bravo should send the NJ crew there next year on a one-way ticket.

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      I think that’s what the RV Trip was supposed to be…haha!!

                    • melthehound says:

                      I can see it now… Jersylicious in Alaska… On Display, On Display….

                    • Vegas Chick says:

                      On Display, my azz, lol. After watching Melissa scream like a looney in 2 feet of water, I can only imagine what would come out of her mouth if she had to endure what these people go through to survive. There was one scene where the younger couple ran out of food in the winter so both of them went ice fishing. They used a hand-cranked, giant auger to cut a hole in the ice and had to alternate so that they wouldn’t get hyperthermic (seriously). I can just see the RHONJ version as Teresa slaves away while Juicy Joe guzzles his home brew.

                    • melthehound says:

                      I’ll admit I haven’t seen the show..

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I think it could also come from the guidebook, “How to Talk Like a Gorga”.

          The first chapter could be entitled, “Family Christenings: How to Call Your Sibling ‘Garbage’ and ‘a Bitch’ In Line with the Spirit of Jesus and His Teachings”. Joey Gorga could write that chapter (seeing as how this is what he did in his VERY FIRST episode).

          Another one could be entitled, “Family Christenings: How to Say Your In-Law Will Definitely Be At the Christening Because ‘That Bitch Will Go To Any Party As Long As It is Free!'”. That chapter could be written by Melissa (since this is what she said in the VERY FIRST episode about Teresa attending her nephew’s christening).

          Hell, maybe WHEN and IF the Giudice’s and Gorga’s make up, they could collaborate on the book and call it, “How to Talk Like A Guidice And A Gorga,” where they could ALL make a profit!! Neither of those families have cornered the market on using rough, harsh language.

          • contessa says:

            Mel and Detox, totally agree with you guys. Who the He!! is Melissa to tell Tre to get off the show. Tre is the only one that is successful with her products, is the one supporting her family (no matter what Joe Giu. says for saving face). Calling your sister garbage at a Christening party, and constantly using the F and B words at her on TV is pretty disgusting. If it were my brother I would have slapped him silly, cut offf all communications until a sincere apology came through. It is one thing to argue but this kind of name calling from a sibling is disgusting. Joey Gorga is a spoiled, emotionally and intellectually stunted man, who’s wife holds his balls. Also the lie about losing his parents is disgusting, since Mel insisted they have dinner weekly. I give the Senior Gorgas a lot of credit for swinging on this family pendulum, as it must be very hurtful.

            • melthehound says:

              😀 .

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Now that I think about it, why is ANYBODY saying publicly “Get off the show” to anyone? So freakin’ annoying. Know your place, people. Well, except for us…we can say. LOL!!

      • djprincessc says:

        hahahahah that was the best MTH!! 🙂

  3. plainviewsue says:

    Great write up of the blogs Ramonacoaster!!!! As always, NMD a huge blog filled with tons of HW information.

    • lizzle says:

      ITA! And, Ramonacoaster, I loved your comments on Heather’s blog. Even if you are doing your friend a favor, you need to listen to their input and vision and make the client happy. If your friend/ client is scatterbrained… that doesn’t matter… you listen to the things that will make the client happy… even if it is just a J. Heather is good at knowing what she wants in her own brand, but she is not good at branding for other people.

      In life, that is one thing that I can’t stand… and that I am actually dealing with the ramifications from a “favor” my mother-in-law (I use the term although I am not married) has imposed upon my family. She did something and then went back to Israel wiping her hands clean of the work that we have to do, as well as, the financial burden we now have… she previously stated that she was going to help us financially, but then gave us a sob story about her own finances. Anyways, if you want to help someone… you need to listen to where that person needs the help and consider their input. Otherwise… butt out!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I like Heather, but ITA.

        • Called A Princess says:

          The client has to know what they want and has to be able to follow through on their end of the bargain. Unless their was no bargain at all. Seems like another bravo story line gone flat. That would be my only out. Sonja has always seemed like a spoiled user, Where is her book and toaster oven that she has been talking about for years. The proof is in the end non product. Sonja is confused about what she really wants out of the rest of her life. Toaster ovens are a major fire hazard so I am not seeing this fairy tale having a positive out come. If you notice, with Sonja, it is always someone else at fault for her short comings. My thought is that she has high expectations (whom she does not want to pay) for everyone else, but has rather low ones for herself. Always Team Heather! JMHO.

          • Powell says:

            CAP I really like Sonja but you are right, Sonja is confused by what she really wants. I also like what Heather said, Sonja doesn’t know how to get out of her own way. Hopefully since this season & the reunion Sonja has finally figured it out. Her #1 problem was/is is that she’s depending on that Morgan settlement. I don’t think her ex gives a flying fig about how she & their daughter lives. He doesn’t care about what he promised before they had their daughter or if their daughter stays in her childhood home. All he cares about is that she’s not getting any Morgan money or else he would’ve written that check instead of giving the money to the Morgan legal machine. And has anyone ever heard of the “Italy house” that Sonja mentioned on the reunion? It seems to me that she would have sold that to payoff the movie lawsuit. Dang $7 freakin mill? Whew. I didn’t know it was that much.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I agree with a lot of what you are saying, Powell.

              I have a feeling that Sonja’s ex-feels obligated to take care of his CHILD, and is making hefty child support payments in order to do so. I do NOT think he feels entitled to pay for Sonja to continue to live in their former marital home. In his mind, he probably thinks she can downsize without any SERIOUS emotional damage being caused to her daughter by her doing so.

              I’m sure he sees his daughter often (because if he were NOT, I think Sonja would have mentioned it by now) and makes sure she has the best of the best when she is with him. I’m pretty sure he has also probably set up a trust fund for her (to which Sonja will be able to have NO access) that will become available to her once she becomes of age. Considering Morgan money, if Sonja’s daughter plays her cards right, she might not ever have to really work a day in her life based on what her father will put in that Trust Accounts. And I am sure he will pay for his daughter’s education.

              I also have a feeling that Mr. Morgan does not feel obligated to help Sonja out because she made a bad business decision that ended up costing her $7 million and forced her to file for Chapter 11. That might have been PART of some of the Settlement Money she was able to get from Mr. Morgan while the division of assets portion of the divorce remained open (like it STILL is). The same thing happened to Eddie Murphy’s wife. He gave her a very LARGE lump settlement and continued to make child support payments. It’s not HIS fault she got scammed and lost a large portion of the settlement money given to her by Eddie in their divorce. I’m sure Eddie will always see to his children, and because they are on very friendly terms, I’m sure Eddie will NEVER allow Nicole to go homeless. That does not necessarily mean he is going to put her up in a mansion like she had with Eddie. I’m sure he only feels obligated to provide her with a modest roof over her head, and I can’t really blame him.

              I’m pretty sure the Morgans, Rockefellers, Duponts, Rothschilds, Vanderbilts, etc. have passed down the rules of keeping the majority of their money SAFE from ex-wives and ex-husbands through totally legal ways. This is part of the reason why they probably STAY RICH (unlike a person like Kelsey Grammer, for instance. Camille got 1/2 in their divorce because he did not make her sign a pre-nup. He probably also pays child support to her for their children too. This fool ALSO refused to make his NEW wife sign a pre-nup because he did “not consider it the gentlemanly thing to do.” Considering Kelsey’s track record with marriage, I have a feeling he’ll be doling 1/2 of whatever fortune he still has to Kate. “A fool and his money are easily parted.”).

              • Powell says:

                ITA that Morgan has trust funds and so it was written by the original Morgan for children of children to get a piece of the riches. I also agree that Morgan isn’t responsible for paying Sonja for her asinine movie investment. But it sounds like Morgan is still supposed to pay Sonja more money. He should pay her what he owes her but Sonja needs to stop living like she’ll ever get the money. It’s like she’s wishing on a star. She’s no longer a Morgan and she needs to get her sh*t together to take care of herself.

      • Powell says:

        Mmmm hmmm!

    • Eastbayca says:

      Agree with you Plainviewsue.
      Ramonacoaster, on Sonja’s blog I took it to mean she goes away once every two-three months to “recharge” not as you interpreted for two- three months.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Ramonacoaster, loved your comments on the NY Bravo Blogs. Especially “White Trash are People, too!!!” Hilarious. Also, you pick up on Heather’s anger, too. I like her, but she just will not let it go. It kills her that Sonja dared to disagree with her. She only wants to hear what she wants to hear,…which is, ironically, her big criticism of Lu. I still find her to be whiny, but I think I’m the only one. I believe it may just be her speaking style. I have an “ear” for whining. It’s cute when pre-schoolers do it. It’s grates on my nerves when adults do it.

      • Sam says:

        No, you’re not the only one. There’s a certain quality to her voice that makes her come across as whiny to me too.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        It’s funny that they all complain about the others for what they themselves do. Like Ram talks too much and tells Heather she talks too much. Heather can’t let things go so she tells Aviva to let things go. Aviva calls others’ behavior trashy when it’s her own dad who is the worst and probably Harry is a lot like her dad and that was an opportunity to work out some issues.

        I think Carole was above most of it. If anyone I know in real life was going on RHW I would really urge them to rethink it. I like the last comment in the blog that said at least no one was out to destroy anyone this season. Although Lu kinda took herself down.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Yes, they all do it. Maybe we all do that? We dislike in others the things we don’t like about ourselves? I believe most parents do that, and it’s absolutely unintentional. I think Ramanacoaster also pointed out that Lu mentions thinking that “Heather” had her back. Ramonacoaster points out that Lu must really miss having HWs on that coach with her who had her back. The oldies kept her secrets (aka “Fun Luann”) the newbies aren’t playing like that.

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Yes. lol They did all start out more civil and willing to over look things until it got darker and uglier. And I agree we all dislike in others some things in ourselves until we become more self aware and I think that continues until death. And much of the time we don’t have the courage to look at the realities. Like when Bethenny acknowledged she was acting like her mother.

            • lovemamaearth says:

              Plus I had to go look for a quote from Lulu’s DH from the Couples Therapy blog and I think this goes for women too & when the following happens in front of people we usually put up shields of defense:
              “Heaven knows as a man we are hard on ourselves, to the point of self inflicted punishment when we perceive our own frailties as proof of our own unworthiness to be loved.”

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Excellent points, LME.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        That “White Trash Are People Too!” line had me on the damned floor (because I CACKLED so hard)!

        Whining grates on my nerves when CHILDREN do it, Lainey. So, I feel ya!

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Thanks! Glad you all enjoyed it.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I agree with Sue, Ramonacoaster! Great job dissecting and commenting on the RHONY housewives’ blogs.

  4. Good Morning! Great blogs and HW info! I don’t go to Bravo’s site, so I love your blog recaps ramonacoaster! They are more fun than reading the originals!

    I am off to lunch and retail therapy with DD today. It is beautiful and finally cool here!
    Have a wonderful day everyone! So much love and hugs for you all! 🙂

    New post is also up. Enjoy!

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Thanks for the link. I still love the gratitude blog the best. 🙂 Love these too:
      “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” ~ Jane Goodall

      “To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Thanks MarDrag!

  5. Cityside says:

    Cardinals 0
    SF Giants 5

    We lose.

  6. Angela says:

    Did anyone watch the first look of the lost footage episode of RHONJ! It’s more Theresa bashing from Bitter Clown, Richie & Rosie. Thank God after tomorrow they will go away & when they return Mego better be in the hot seat after torching her husband & his sisters relationship. Happy Saturday everyone. Enjoy your weekend!

    • kit9 says:

      Teresa torched that relationship, not Mel. And, I have to laugh at this…’Not a whisper, a hint, even a veiled reference about the show, her pesky sister-in-law, cousin, or castmates. ‘ Well, of course Teresa the Vile doesn’t comment on Twitter about them…that’s what tabloids are for…T don’t say nothing without $$$ up front. Twitter is reserved for whoring out her lousy wares.

      • She plays the PR game very well. It must be frustrating for the rest of them.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Many people consider Teresa’s wares to be anything BUT “lousy.” I doubt she’d have so many people at her cookbook signings and at her Fabellini appearances if these products were “lousy.” I also doubt Teresa’s 3 cookbooks would have made the NY Times Best Sellers’ list if these particular wares were “lousy.” There have also been reports that Teresa’s Fabellini, like her cookbooks, is also selling very well.

        Speaking of whoring and Twitter, Melissa ALSO whores….

        …..out her “lousy” music on Twitter. It’s too bad her tunes have gone cardboard (with hardly anybody buying them). So, I guess Melissa’s wares ARE “lousy,” unlike Teresa’s.

        Also, with regard to the mags & tabloids, those angry birds were just pissed that they never thought of the idea FIRST.

        They were probably further pissed that it is highly likely that many mags and tabloids did not want to put them anywhere on their cover because their mags would NOT sell the way they do when Teresa is on a cover. They were so “high & mighty” about how they would never, ethically and in good conscience, get paid to be on a magazine cover and answer a few questions.

        It’s funny how their tune changed this season. It looks like Jac and Melissa broke their rule about being “above” being paid by a magazine to be on the cover and answer questions — although Jac did not TOTALLY break her rule because PEOPLE magazine did NOT pay her…at least that’s what she SAYS.

        I wonder why PEOPLE magazine pays celebs for brand new pix of their babies and accompanying articles about same. Brad and Angelina and countless other celebrities have been paid by PEOPLE for first pics of their baby and the accompanying interview/article regarding same. Snooki was the latest celebrity paid, and she was allegedly paid between $250,000 and $300,000 for the first pics of Baby Lorenzo and her interview regarding same.

        Maybe People reserves their payments ONLY for those they consider a “big enough” celebrity….OR maybe they pay EVERYONE for interviews. This is unclear. It IS clear that People DOES pay people for SOME articles/interviews, though. Maybe Jac got paid. Maybe she did NOT. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say she is telling the truth about NOT being paid.

        Melissa seems (I’m saying “seems”. I am not saying she CERTAINLY did) to have made a deal with US Magazine because it is on THESE covers that she is featured (They also put some type of small pic of TERESA on the cover ALONG with Melissa because Melissa just might NOT sell if Teresa was not on the cover WITH her), and all of their articles are slanted HEAVILY in her favor and EXTREMELY NEGATIVE toward Teresa.

        I’m not including Caroline because the only cover on which I saw Caroline was US Magazine, and it looked like she was photo-shopped in. I’m not including Kathy because she is SO damned BORING, SHE would probably have to PAY a magazine to even put an article/interview about her INSIDE, much less the COVER.

        If I were $8-11 million dollars in debt, and I had 4 children and a husband looking at possible jail time, I’d get paid to answer questions by magazines too. Just like Melissa, in the last episode, told Teresa she worked in “Lookers” for a week (although she later produced pay stubs and gave them to the “All About TRH” blog, showing that she worked there for a YEAR. I guess one could get confused about the difference between a WEEK and a YEAR!!) and that she “would be stupid” not to work in a place where “a guy hands me $100 for a drink!!”, maybe Teresa figured she would be “stupid” not to get PAID for her time and words.

        Melissa said she’d be “stupid NOT to take” mens’ money in a strip club. Teresa did NOT have to go to a strip club to get paid. All she probably had to do was answer questions over the phone or sit in an office.

        If I had to choose between a seedy, strip club and talking on my phone or in an office, I’d pick my phone and/or an office ANY day over a place like a strip club. *Shrug*

        • Powell says:

          Well People mag is probably in the running for Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel’s wedding from yesterday. If they can be first they will pay anything.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Yep. I love Justin’s music, the way he dances, his comedic timing and even some of his acting. Jessica is beautiful, but she seems like she’d be BORING AS HELL! I don’t know WHY I get that feeling, but it’s what my instincts scream to me about her. Their marriage will probably last because, IMO, there often can only be 1 “SUPERSTAR” in a marriage. That will be HIM, and he won’t have to feel threatened by or competitive with Jessica.

            Good luck to the both of ’em!

      • RealhouseWifeva says:

        What did Teresa say to the tabloids about them?

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    Wondering where Wacky Jacky’s manifesto is? Wondering if Bravo just said NO WAY? Hope that means she is really, truly, sincerely gone….she was a very bad employee.

    • I know – what could have been in it that they haven’t posted it yet? If I were Jaq I’d go ahead and post it on my own website. Heh.

    • klmh says:

      I agree, I hope she isn’t included in the NJ roster next year, but Im not sure I should really care because I don’t see myself watching this disaster continue. I simply hope she doesn’t come back for her own mental health.

      • mrs. peabody says:

        I really and truly hope only Teresa is asked back and they bring on 4 new girls, maybe relatives from Joe’s side of the family. There is only one reason I hope this happens and that is to royally P*SS OFF bitter clown, wacky jacky, the snake and what’s her name. I know I know that sounds mean but ask me if I care, nope not at all. It’s just gonna be one of those days.

        • kit9 says:

          They’ll have to bring in new people after T was so gloriously revealed as a scheming lying pig in part 3(well all parts, but part 3 especially), none of the present cast will have anything to do with her. Even Kim D, who Teresa was so curiously not angry with after she revealed T’s knowledge of Strippergate(hmm, why wouldn’t T be angry with her bestie for lying about T knowing about the set up and that Mel was the target? Hmmm, such a mystery!), wasn’t afraid to toss her under the bus.

          • melthehound says:

            If that gets the Manzorita and Gorga pigs off of the show, then I’m all for T ‘setting up’ (which I don’t believe for a second) the MeGo pig.

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              The MeGo pig didn’t deliver so Bravo should get rid of her and her flashing husband too.

          • Sam says:

            Oh, don’t worry. There isn’t a person on the show who wouldn’t keep filming with Teresa if offered enough money to do so.

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              ITA – but do viewers really want to see anymore of their nasty behavior?

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Exactly, keep paying them, they’ll keep doing it, and we’ll keep tuning in. I’m not ready to quit NJ, just yet. I’ve vowed not to watch OC. Maybe one day, I’ll do the same with NJ. If they got rid of Tre, I would stop watching it. Like Princess Pindy said, she is entertaining.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              ABSO-FRICKIN’-LUTELY, Sam!!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Isn’t it also curious that Joey IMMEDIATELY offered Kim D. an apology before she could even sit down good in her seat during Part 3 of the Reunion?

            Isn’t it curious that Joey and Melissa allegedly no longer have a problem with Kim D. when she FLAT-OUT stated that SHE set up Melissa for going around town trashing her business?

            I don’t think Kim D. REALLY accepted Joey’s apology, though. On Twitter, she basically said that Joey rushed to apologize to her because he KNOWS that Kim D. knows MUCH, MUCH more about Joey and Melissa’s skeletons, and he apologized to try and get Kim D. to refrain from revealing any MORE of them. I’m not sure if Kim D. will refrain from doing this, seeing as how, on Twitter, she basically said she saw RIGHT THROUGH Joey’s SUPER-QUICK apology to her at the Reunion.

            As for scheming and lying, that WHOLE cast schemed and lied — not JUST Teresa (and Joe).

            And, if I were in Teresa’s position, I would not be angry at Kim D. either because Kim D. is NOT the one who said that TERESA was responsible for the SETUP, it was the REST of the cast who said this. Maybe after hearing and seeing all of the nasty things Melissa and Joey have said about her since the Season 3 Reunion and DURING Season 4, she no longer feels any loyalty toward them for THAT and for the fact that they continue to REFUSE to believe her when she says that she was NOT behind the set-up. I would also be VERY hurt that my brother found a way to apologize to Kim D., but not believe and/or apologize to ME.

            So, I’d be shopping at Kim’s boutique and doing lunch with her any time I wanted to after all of that. Kim also probably gives Teresa a discount (if not outright FREEBIES) for wearing clothes from her boutique and promoting same on Twitter and other places.

            I also find it QUITE curious that Kim D. said that Caroline and Jac ALSO knew that Melisa was going to be set up somehow. Why are Joey and Melissa NOT angry at their B.F.F.’s Caroline and Jac for FAILING to give Melissa a “heads-up” (unless Jac did and conspired with Melissa to blame the whole thing on TERESA. I’m not saying this is TRUE, but it IS a possibility. Or maybe Caroline and Jac, like Teresa, did NOT give Melissa “a heads-up” because they were forbidden from doing so by the Producers. This is also a possibility. And, maybe, just maybe, Teresa did not KNOW Angelo was going to be at the fashion show. All he did was walk up to the table and ask Melissa if she remembered him. Maybe Teresa was NOT directed by the producers to repeat Angelo’s allegations in the bathroom. Maybe Teresa decided to WARN Melissa there about what Angelo said just in case he came back around her and tried to AGAIN repeat his allegations on camera, thereby embarrassing Melissa at the show and on camera. This is ANOTHER possibility).

            I find a NUMBER of things about the WHOLE thing to be VERY curious.

            • melthehound says:

              Detox, that all just makes too much sense. Don’t forget that on the show, MeGo said she worked there for like a week but when this whole strippergate thing came about before any of it aired, she provided proof of employment showing several months of employment at this place. What about her claim that she was a teacher? Of What? Did her teaching props include a chromed pole and a stage? She showed us her college degree but where is the teaching certificate? Or do they not require such in the state of New Jersey? The bitch can’t even keep her own lies straight and she has the nerve to call someone else a liar. Pot – Kettle – Black.

              • princesspindy says:

                Maybe she got confused when she said she was a Teacher. She was remembering that she dressed up in a “Teacher Costume”, it’s hard to keep that many lies straight.

        • Orson says:

          I can’t imagine any RHNJ with Teresa and any other people, even her SILs from her husband’s side, being all sweetness and light. Maybe at the beginning of season 2, but now, she’s drunk and fully digested the kool-ade

        • klmh says:

          Hope it gets better mrs. peabody. Remember, Halloween is almost here, and we have an excuse to eat candy!

  8. Sam says:

    Good morning everyone!

    I haven’t finished reading the blog yet because a line about Sonja from Heather’s blog stopped me cold: “I agreed to help her create a marketing campaign to put on the package of her toaster oven.”

    A marketing campaign to put on a box? Is Heather an idiot? You don’t put a campaign on a piece of cardboard. It’s not just a few pictures and a logo. It’s so, so much more — and it can even include “business plans or even the vision” for the business — the very things that Heather faults SONJA for not providing.

    No wonder Sonja thinks Heather “owes her more”!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Heather loves to use marketing lingo – but what annoys me the most is that she clearly didn’t hear what Sonja was saying to her! What it sounded like to me is that Sonja needed materials to secure investors in her “products” because she doesn’t have any capital of her own. At the reunion we heard about oven mitts, tongs and aprons? These have nothing to do with the oven’s packaging! In Heather’s defense – Sonja has no idea what she is doing!

      • mrs. peabody says:

        I agree with you in saying Sonjya has no idea what she is doing, I really don’t think she does either, she probably has always had someone doing all the heavy work for her in her different ventures and to her this makes her think she did all the work and everything came about because of her when in reality she didn’t do the major work. Just my opinion

      • Sam says:

        Yes, Heather does love to use marketing lingo — but she’s using it incorrectly, and someone who does this has to accept that it’s going to lead to miscommunications.

        I’m not saying that Sonja isn’t at fault for other aspects of this disaster — only that I understand why Sonja is just as frustrated with Heather as Heather is with her.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Sonja has no idea what she is doing!
        I agree. I remember when Ram started being a real business person and B recommended having one umbrella face for all her branches of the business but Ram went with different name for each thing. If it wasn’t for RHW would Ram have succeeded that way? I can see Sonja going the same route asking Heather for the photos and someone else for other jobs.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Your last sentence made me LOL.

  9. dickens says:

    Two unrelated and unimportant thoughts:

    During the season and again at the reunion, Sonja said she wanted a “sexy J” that anyone could google. I wonder how you would google a sexy J.

    Aviva made me giggle with this comment – “I see Bethenny when I bump into her.”

    • princesspindy says:

      I googled Sexy J, and I can’t believe I watched all 37 seconds…. Not appropriate to post, what I do for all of you!!!!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Thank you, we all thank you!!!!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


        Once again, you have managed to make me CACKLE.

        I found Sonja’s obsession with a “sexy J” to be a bit ridiculous and strange. Then again, what do I know about marketing and branding (absolutely NOTHING)? Maybe a sexy “X” or a sexy “D” in my name (Detox) would be so memorable that it would subliminally influence consumers to buy what I was selling. *Shrug*

        I do know that a sexy “J” is NOT going to (subliminally or otherwise) cause me to buy Sonja’s toaster oven. Consumer Reports and getting the most bang for my BUCK is what is going to influence me.

        The only time I think “sexy” and use it to influence my purchases is when it comes to some items of clothing (like my lingerie) and the 4-5 inch stilettos I wear ALL-YEAR-ROUND and long, leather, high-heeled (4-5 inches) boots (in several colors, mind you) I am known for wearing in the FALL and WINTER (I’m only 5 feet tall. What can I say?).

        • princesspindy says:

          LOL, I thought about posting the video but my sane, rational side, that doesn’t get much use, came out with a vengeance and said, “Oh, HELL NO!!”

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes, it’s a funny way (roundabout) of saying “we are not friends”.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      “Aviva made me giggle with this comment – “I see Bethenny when I bump into her.”

      That’s like George “Dubya” Bush waving to Stevie Wonder.

  10. Sam says:

    Regarding this from Aviva: “My mom passed six years ago due to alcoholism. She was German, kind, and stunning. A wonderful devoted mother and wife. My dad and mom were together until the day she died. They were always madly in love, loyal, and devoted to each other.”

    I find it interesting that she used the word “devoted” twice. (Well, actually three times, since “loyal” is a synonym for “devoted.”) Language can reveal a lot about what someone’s deepest issues are.

    • JustDee says:

      I found it interesting that she said her mom was “A wonderful devoted mother and wife” who died of Alcoholism. Isn’t that an oxymoron?

      • princesspindy says:

        No JustDee, an Oxymoron is an Idiot that went to Oxford, pay attention! PUL-easse!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          You, three! i enjoyed this thread. Nothing to add, just my appreciation of it.

        • JustDee says:


        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Pindy, you KILL me!! LOL. I can’t wait to steal this joke and use it on somebody else. I’m not even going to give you credit as my ghost-joke-writer! I’m just going to LIE like Teresa and say I made that joke up ALL ON MY OWN!!! MUAAAAAHHHHHAAAAA (Evil cackle as I rub my hands together in an evil way).

  11. princesspindy says:

    Ok, I am over Toastergate, Heather, let it go!! The more you say the worse you look. We know it wasn’t easy for you to work with Sonja, we get it, but you just look bitter when you keep harping on it. You learned how it is to work with her, she learned that you don’t really listen, you set up your boundaries and you move on. you got screen time and that is the most important thing! I am over Strippergate, I.don’t.care. I can see Katfish throwing Mel under the bus and scrambling to suck up to Tre to stay on the show. I don’t want Katfish anymore, ya know after 3 days ya have to throw out fish. Her three days are up!!! What is Mel’s storyline without Tre, a singing career, seriously?? Her husband’s poison, seriously?? What does she do that is interesting?? Running back to get keys because she is too stupid to get her kids on the bus, seriously?? (hubby should have been running imho!!) So, whatever Tre’s sins, real or imagined, she is ratings gold and she is there to stay. I don’t consider myself a Tre “fan”, I think she can be disgusting and common, and I am totally appalled by their spending and ethics. Doing the right thing because you got caught or couldn’t figure out another way around the rules is not something that impresses me. That said, out of all the NJHW, she is the most entertaining. And that is why I watch her. She entertains me, and her husband cracks me up. Joe G. “The Voice of Reason”, LOL. Their behavior is so foreign to me and so NOT what I would do, I think of it as a sociology class, LOL! In fact I think with all the HWs shows we have watched we have Masters or Doctorates in Sociology with an emphasis on/in _____________., no offense to the real degree holders!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Great post, Margaret Mead!! I think Bluesky suggested Jill as a great subject for somebody getting an advanced degree in…was it Psychology? the whole cast, the entire kit and caboodle would make for a great subject for a sociology degree as well.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I LOVE this comment.

      I hate to say this, Pindy, but Joe Giudice also cracked me up and impressed me during Parts 2 & 3 of the Reunion, and I cannot quite figure out WHY.

      I’m STILL pissed off at him for calling Teresa “a bitch” and “a cunt,” but it was something about the way he was so nonchalant and cool and unruffled at the Reunion that led me to believe he was thinking something along the lines of the following:

      “Why the EFF am I here?

      This is all such b*llsh*t! All of these suckers are judging us and criticizing us when I KNOW where, if not ALL, the MAJORITY of THEIR skeletons are buried.

      Teresa’s brother is a p-whipped pansy. Look at Josephine over there go COMPLETELY NUTS when all I ask is, ‘Say, Joey, uh, how did you and Melissa REALLY meet?’ Seeing him lose it over that simple question was REALLY funny!

      Melissa is a tramp who is bleeding this fool DRY, which is why he’s borrowing money every week from people to pay his bills.

      Kathy looks like a frog and is trying to somehow interject herself in conversations just so nobody forgets she’s there. That’s why I had to tell her to ‘Shut up’ because NOBODY was even TALKING to her!!

      Richie is a weasel who pumps gas but lies about owning the gas stations. He talks about me being home so much and not being able to work, but he sure finds time to be home an awful lot. That’s probably because EXXON cut him off after they sued him over all those forged checks.

      I still have a bit of ‘MAN CODE’ with Chris, and because I still kinda like and respect him, I’m not going to completely throw him under the bus and admit that he DID tell me that he met Jac while she was stripping in Vegas. Tre was the one who said that sh*t on the show, and I wish she would NOT have, but whatareyougonnado?

      Caroline is a know-it-all, and she knows she said that sh*t about Teresa and our marriage as anything but a hypo….whatever the hell the word is, but I won’t harp on it too much because I know some things about HER marriage that prove that she has NO room to talk about anybody ELSE’s.

      Jac is a frickin’ FRUIT LOOP who I BARELY refrained from outright telling her that I KNOW Chris has cheated MORE than the times SHE knows about it because we both have different girlfriends and tell each other about them when our wives are not around!

      I think I’m going to ask if I can work in the kitchen when I go to jail. I do LOVE to cook. I’m also going to see if I can get Tre to smuggle in provolone and sausage to me when she comes to visit, like in ‘Goodfellas.’ I think I’m also going to ask some of the prisoners if they want to play poker weakly where we play for items from the commissary.

      Oh, Thank God (*looks at watch*), this b*llsh*t is almost over and Tre is screaming and crying and about to go crazy over her pansy-ass brother LYING about Tre taking her parents away. He knows EXACTLY why his father likes ME better than HIM. Let me stand up and help Tre out.”

      Joe stands up from his chair, and sweetly tells Teresa, “Forget about all this, MY LOVE (He DID call her that. I guess he doesn’t ALWAYS call her a bitch and a cunt. That’s not enough to get him outta MY doghouse for saying it, though), and let’s go out to dinner once all of this is through!!” He then kisses her. Teresa beams. And he sits back down in his chair.

      He did not seem PRESSED at all!! I guess it’s just his, “So WHAT? Who CARES?” attitude. And I don’t know WHY, but his attitude and behavior to me at the Reunion just CRACKED me right up!!

      I’m STILL mad at him, though (I’m acting like he’s MY damned husband!).

      • ItzAngieDuh says:

        You read my mind Detox!! Black women DO think alike!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


          He’s called her “My Love” a few times on episodes too. BRAVO probably turned the sound DOWN so viewers could not really HEAR it because it does not fit the BRAVO storyline of Joe Giudice HATING his wife and thinking she is a “b*tch” and a “c*nt” ALL the time (UNLIKE the 3 week-previews showing Joe Giudice, with GIANT WORDS spelling out C*NT AND B*TCH WIFE, when talking about Teresa AND the episode [where the VOLUME was turned UP so we could be extra-sure to hear it; the words were CAPTIONED, like I said in GIANT LETTERS; and even translated into several different languages[the LAST part is a LIE] OF COURSE, they showed it AGAIN on subsequent episodes and AGAIN at the Reunion.).

          2 men have proposed to me. One was GOOD. One was BAD. I was in love with the both of them, though.

          I never ONCE cursed the GOOD one out. I hardly cursed around him at all actually.

          As for the BAD one, if I had a nickel for every time I called him a “no-good MOTHERPHUCKER” and a “LYIN’, SNEAKY B*STARD” and a “SORRY-A*S SON-OF-A-B*TCH,” I’d be, in the words of Dave Chapelle, “RICH….BITCH!!!” And I’d be typing on this blog while I sat on a tropical island with some boy toy! Sure I said those things to him, but I was MADLY in love with him even though I said them.

          And I was COMPLETELY UNFAIR to him. He called me a b*tch ONE time. I broke up with him, cut off ALL communication with him, and told him that my Father had raised me to NEVER let ANY man call me a b*tch! I told him that I’d stuck to that so far, and I was not about to change for HIM.

          After a few weeks, several un-returned phone calls despite begging and pleading voice mails, flowers, candy and several long letters (This was in the ’90’s when people actually still wrote each other letters), I forgave him and took him back.

          I betcha his a*s NEVER called me a b*tch again, though. He claimed this was NOT fair. I told him I did not CARE! And then we went back to lovin’ on each other in between fighting and finally breaking up for GOOD!

          In short, in between the BOTH of them cussing each other out, I’m pretty sure Teresa and Joe say loving words to each other at times too.

          Despite THIS, I am STILL mad at Joe’s a*s for saying those words about Teresa. I need to get over this, though.

          I think I’m going to find out what Jail Joe is in once he gets sentenced and send him a LONG letter about how his saying that about Teresa REALLY UPSET and ANGERED me. I’m going to tell him that I want a personal apology for the emotional distress he caused me. I’m also going to tell him that I want to see a copy of long, loving letter written to Teresa where he apologizes profusely and expresses his love and gratitude to her (That sucker won’t put one over on me, though. I wasn’t born yesterday. I am THEN going to copy that letter and send it to Teresa MYSELF just in case Joe forgets to write ANOTHER one [I’m not sure they prisoners are allowed to use copy machines]).

          After that, I think I will be able to have the “closure” I need to forgive Joe Giudice and move forward with our “relationship.”

      • LaineyLainey says:

        He called her “my love”?? really? ahhhhh, that’s sweet.

      • plainviewsue says:

        OMG, Detox. Priceless!!!!!

  12. Real Mr. Housewives just got another exclusive with Teresa for Rumorfix. I guess Kit9 is right. She goes to the gossip magazines (although wasn’t paid for this one) to talk about Mel but keeps her twitter line clean.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Thanks NMD.

    • VV says:

      For the record. I like RumorFix. I think the article was more in the lines of Tre defending herself against Melissa bad mouthing her. Do we know for sure she went to RumorFix or did RumorFix contact her for an interview? Tre threw one dig, that Melissa wants to stay relevant by talking about her ( which I happen to think its true). I didn’t see the article as attacking Melissa.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I agree, VV. From what I have seen of the articles given by Teresa during the time period of the filming of Season 4, where Teresa was SPECIFICALLY quoted (and not quoted by “a source” either. These were words that came directly from Teresa’s mouth), she talked about HERSELF and HER issues and problems. Anything negative about her castmates, in the articles where Teresa specifically gave the mags the right to quote HER words, were clips and lines of things her cast mates SAID ON THE SHOW (Teresa did not say these things. THEY said them on the SHOW)!! These were the magazines that those angry birds were screaming about during Season 4.

        During that SAME time period, there were also SEVERAL tabloids/mags I read about Teresa that were VERY negative and BASHED her. I’m pretty sure SHE didn’t sell those stories bashing HERSELF to these rags. I’d bet 3 fat cows to 10 skinny monkeys, it was one or more of her cast mates who served as secret sources for these nasty articles about Teresa and/or her children and/or her husband and/or her marriage.

        There was even one (I THINK it as US Magazine) article that talked about how Teresa had a plan to divorce Joe after he went to jail and to write a book about her strength as a woman making it on her own after her TOUGH decision to divorce her husband. In this SAME article, the source talked about how Teresa was even going to use this as a “spinoff” show for her and her girls, showing her triumphing over adversity and being a strong single Mom. THIS particular article came out BEFORE the airing of the episode showing Caroline using almost the EXACT SAME words when she made her prediction about Teresa divorcing Joe once he went to jail and then writing a book about it (before she gave an evil grin and said, “Remember, you heard it here first, Folks!!”).

        Ummmm……NO, Caroline, we actually READ and HEARD about it FIRST in the US Magazine article that basically said the same thing (and came out BEFORE you said the same sh*t on that episode). Now just WHO could have possibly served as the source for that nasty article? Hmmmm…..could it POSSIBLY be someone whose name rhymes with “MAROLINE”? IMO, it is HIGHLY possible.

        Since the Season 4 Reunion, I have seen Teresa REACTING and DEFENDING herself (as opposed to INITIATING these articles) and being MUCH TOUGHER AND HARSHER with her words because, after having viewed the Season 4 episodes and finally realizing all of the nasty things her former friends and family were saying about her and doing to her, all “BETS” are off. She owes these people NO MORE LOYALTY because they have shown her NONE (In fact, I think Teresa is doing pretty well because I am SURE there are still A LOT of Joey and Melissa’s SKELETONS that Teresa can reveal. I think she is choosing NOT to do so because she STILL, despite it all and UNLIKE them, has some sense of loyalty toward her brother. The numerous enemies of Joey and Melissa have NO such LOYALTY to them, though. That’s why I think they are slowly but surely coming out to tell the TRUTH about the Gorga dirty laundry. Teresa’s dirty laundry has already been revealed. Now, it’s the Gorga’s turn, IMO.).

        Melissa does an US Magazine article saying that Teresa called Antonia “ugly.” Teresa does not even do a magazine article reacting/responding to that allegation and defending herself. Instead, she writes a beautiful blog about Antonia and how she thinks she is “beautiful”; she will ALWAYS love her; and she NEVER said she was ugly. Melissa’s response on Twitter, “I wish Teresa would stop lying about my daughter. Always about HER.” Well, Melissa, at least Teresa did not say anything NEGATIVE about your daughter in her blog article directed to her — unlike the NEGATIVE things you say about TERESA’S children on camera and to blogs and in articles.

        I mean, I wonder who, RIGHT after Gia & Milania’s JOINT birthday party to which Teresa was gracious enough to send Melissa an invite, told Reality Tea (shortly after the birthday party took place) about “how inappropriately Gia was dressed for her dance routines. Everybody was talking about it. ” Hmmm….

        I wonder who, in one of her own blogs, referenced Gia performing a dance routine at Beatstock and saying, “Well, Teresa ALWAYS wanted Gia to be in the spotlight. Now, she has her wish.” Well, actually, NO. I don’t wonder because it was in one of YOUR blogs, Melissa (Don’t hate on Gia because, at the age of 11, she dances CIRCLES around your ass….and she does not need a POLE to be able to do so!!).

        I wonder who is giving interviews and also serving as a secret source to blogs about how Teresa should leave the show because it is causing her daughter Gia to be bullied. Ummm….let me take a wild guess? Someone who’s name rhymes with JALISSA!!

        I wonder who sat up at the Reunion and said that they were moving because of Teresa’s CHILDREN, as if that would NOT be hurtful for those children to hear. You guessed it. And there is no wondering about it. It was Melissa (No, Melissa, you are NOT moving out of a home you guys could never even afford in the FIRST damned place because of Teresa’s kids. You guys are moving because you are UNDERWATER and hemhorraging money!!).


        And just TRY to see how many magazine articles you can get where you do NOT mention Teresa’s name AT ALL. Let’s see how many knocks you will get on your door and rings you will get on your phone to JUST discuss your (nonexistent) music career and your marriage and your children (I do not think you will get very many).

        Teresa simply told the truth about Melissa in this RumorFix article. Like it or not, it is TERESA that makes MELISSA relevant. Nothing ELSE.

        Teresa is now DONE, not only with MELISSA and JOEY, but also ANY other people who could provide either of them with any REAL access to her PERSONAL BUSINESS that they can use against her as a “secret source” to further smear her and her children and her husband’s names.

        So, now Melissa is DESPERATE and throwing out so many muddy nasty allegations against Teresa at the wall in DESPERATE hope that some of that mud will stick and FINALLY bring Teresa down.

        Give it up, Toots!! If you and an entire ARMY of people STILL have not brought Teresa down, and she’s still out there workin’ and smilin’…..

        It ain’t happening (or, at least, YOU will not be the one who brings her down. Go take some voice lessons and some dance lessons. That is time MUCH better spent. Leave Teresa alone and keep her and her children’s names out of your mouth!).

    • RealhouseWifeva says:

      Teresa never talked to the tabloids about her castmembers until they started doing it to her. She’s in defense mode. All the mags they talked about all season and the only thing she actually said about them was the comment about richie. The other stuff were quotes taken from the show. For the most part, the articles were all about her

  13. princesspindy says:

    Sus posted this link on yesterdays blog and I had to bring it over, the comments are hysterical!!!
    If you don’t know about the binders….where have you been?

    Thanks Sus!!!

    You have to read the reviews.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      ROFL I like this one: For any of you who might be considering, like me, purchasing this binder based on the reviews, let me just point out one glaring omission: While this is a lovely, multi-purpose binder, IT DOES NOT COME WITH WOMEN. Presumably one is expected to find women on one’s own, or contact women’s groups who are supposedly eager to help stock your empty binder with women.

      • lillybee says:

        I just posted a Tumbir link on binders full of women on the political page. I thought it was too political to post here. but it is so funny.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      That’s hysterical! I liked this one:

      Ode to a Binder
      By Sparky’s mom
      This review is from: Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring, White, 1 Binder (17032) (Office Product)
      I think that I shall never see
      A binder lovelier than thee.
      Full of women’s names, the best
      binder clutched against my breast;
      This binder makes me feel like God,
      When hiring gals for less-pay jobs,
      A binder that my staff holds close,
      Filled with women who can vote;
      On whose careers we men have stood,
      richer, `cause, well, `cause we could.
      Poems are made by fools like me,
      But only Avery …
      made this really useful binder.

      With apologies to Joyce Kilmer.

    • RealhouseWifeva says:

      Lmao!! My fave:
      “I was originally going to rate this only 1 star. You see, I’m a big girl and I can only squeeze about 53% of myself into this binder. But then I decided that I’m not going to worry about the other 47%.”

  14. djprincessc says:

    All I have to say is that I want Jaq, Caroline and Melissa to stay is Danielle is brought back. If Danielle doesn’t come back they all can go f**k themselves. Kathy is so boring and brings nothing I’m pretty sure she’s gone either way.

  15. djprincessc says:


  16. klmh says:

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to post our ages by our posts? 😉

  17. VV says:

    Whay should I believe Melissa? She blatantly lied to us viewers when she said she was baby sitting Teresa’s kids so that Teresa could go to the Fabellini launch party.

    • stellastars21 says:

      I don’t know. That’s how I feel about every single one of them. Shouldn’t we ask that question about them all. Why should believe Caroline. She told bold faced lies. Why should I believe Kathy? She told bold faced lies. Why should I believe Jaqueline? She told bold faced lies. Why should I believe Teresa? She told bold faced lies. I don’t believe any of them. They all lie. If I were to believe one and dismiss the others as a liar that’d be hypocritical on my part.

      • VV says:

        I apologize. My comment was more in the lines of lying with intent to deceive the viewers to continue a fake storyline. My bad for not being specific. For the record. I DESPISE Melissa Gorga. I think she is a snake.

        • stellastars21 says:

          Ok got. Yeah I agree that fake storyline stuff has got to go. That’s what officially scripted shows are supposed to do.

  18. princesspindy says:

    When I saw the video of Danielle outside of Bravo with her daughter, I got the feeling that maybe the meeting had something to do with the daughter. Maybe a show about modeling, just a thought.

  19. ATLnNYC09 says:

    For someone who always acts like she cant stand Teresa, Melissa sure keeps Teresa’s name in her mouth. There is no way I would continuously talk about someone that I cant stand or hate. Its very clear that this is the only way she can get any attention what so ever. Ive said this before, Melissa’s interviews never center on her, they always center on Teresa. Like she is an expert on Teresa, _itch please. You dont talk or communicate with her and moved away from her. What makes you so credible Melissa?

    What you need to be doing is trying to weasel your way out of explaining your shady past and put your Gorga “spin” on that and stop talking about Teresa.

    • Powell says:

      ATL Melissa & Jac can’t keep T out of their everyday vocabulary.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        They eat, sleep, dream, see, hear and breathe Teresa Guidice. They care too much.

        • Orson says:

          Godz, what a terrible way to live!

          • djprincessc says:

            which is why Jaq looked like she wanted to kill Teresa at the reunion when Teresa told her you have nothing to worry about except me (something along that lines) did anyone else notice the way Jaq was looking at her. Its 100% true. How her and Melissa aren’t exhausted having their worlds revolve around Teresa I have no idea.

            • melthehound says:

              Before or after her head spun completely around and she passed out from the combo meds-booze she’s on?

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I think Jac probably looked like she wanted to kill Teresa at that point because Teresa told her, “All you do is worry about ME. Why don’t you worry about taking care of your KID??!!”

              The TRUTH hurts, Jac. You may HATE Teresa, but what she said was EXACTLY right. Stop worrying about Teresa and take care of your damned children. Also, get off Twitter for a while because you are embarrassing yourself, your husband and your children, and it’s making you look like a straight LOON!!!!

              During that time period, see a psychiatrist or check yourself into a psychiatric hospital so you can get yourself WELL enough to take care of those precious little boys of yours!!

              • Orson says:

                In my humble opinion, “hate” is not the opposite of “love”. Indifference is.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  I agree. Hate is too close to love. Love and hate are kissin’ cousins. There’s a song “Thin line between love and hate.” the Pretenders.

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


              • djprincessc says:

                Hahahahah! MTH and Detox you both are right! Somehow I think if Jaq doesn’t come back, she’s gonna be a JILL and constantly talk and whine about Teresa and the show, the way Jill does with Bethanney (although I think Jaq is a million times worse) Jaq and Jill are VERY similar, except Jaq is broke. lol.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I know. When I’m DONE with somebody, I simply act as if they are DEAD. I do NOT mention their name. I make it VERY clear to MUTUAL FRIENDS that I do not care to hear this person’s NAME, much less hear about ANYTHING going on with them.

      And I go on my happy way and on about my business.

      I don’t wish them ANY harm. They just, in MY mind, cease to EXIST. IMO, they no longer deserve any rental space in my head, and they no longer deserve any of the energy it would take to even utter their name. *Shrug*

  20. BB says:

    Quiz. Which quotes came from the real housewives reunions and which quotes came from the presidential debates? (Since this doesn’t talk about specific political issues, I think it’s ok for the main page.)

  21. Lulu says:

    Hello all! Hope everyone had a fantastic day so here is my timeline for how my day went.
    Woke up->DS awake->DS wants to watch Curious george->I put on CG that ensues a tantrum at 6am->No he wants to watch trains ok->he wants milk->Nope not regular milk he wants his lunchtime only chocolate milk–>huge temper tantrum–>fast forward to before we are to leave for a trick or treating event->Attempt to put on brobee (yogabbagabba) costume–>epic tantrum he now despises brobee!?!?!?!? Need I say more! Thank Goodness he has a supercute shark hoodie and that is what he was today! Ok my vent is over! I love my 2 year old!!

    I hope they bring on Danielle to put the thumbscrew on Melissa. I’m sure Danielle has lots and lots to say about our omgi’msoperfect Melissa! Invite Penny on too! I’d like to hear what she has to say!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh Lulu, been there!!!!! The shark outfit sounds cute, by the way!!

    • Powell says:

      Lulu just keep saying that mantra. “I love my 2 year old, I love my 2 year old, I love my 2 year old.”. Haha.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


    • Orson says:

      Watch your toddler in bed as he’s sleeping. Sometimes you need to recharge the “I love him, he’s so sweet” batteries.

    • Lulu, I read a book called “123 Magic” on how to do timeouts for bad behavior (sometimes I needed the timeout, as when my son was a toddler sometimes I lost my temper too). So when he went into a screaming, kicking tantrum, I would tell him “when you have calmed down, I’ll be back” then i would walk away – into another room. At first he was so shocked, he stopped crying right away. Then when he was calm I’d pay attention to him again. The book says your child can understand when you give warnings. So give 2, but after that, time for timeout. Timeout could be the corner, a chair, etc. One of my friends (her daughter was a red head….) had to secure her in a car seat in the living room, as she refused to sit in time out. I never had to do that, lucky for me! So if he was doing something naughty, like kicking the wall, whatever, I would say “stop kicking the wall.” then if he didn’t “this is your last warning, if you don’t stop kicking the wall, you will be in time out.” If he didn’t stop, I gave him the time out, 1 minute for each year. I used the timer on the oven, so he knew when the timer went off, timeout was over. You have to be consistent, but it really works. Key is to stay calm, give 2 warnings, then stick to you guns & do the time out. I used it in stores too. If he was acting up, 2 warnings, then we left the store & went home. He was the best behaved kid, I could even take him into toy stores & he behaved very well! I used to see other parents bribing their kids with candy, toys, whatever while shopping – and then see their kid really blow up if they didn’t get the toy they wanted.

      Another thing is if your kids are fighting, it doesn’t matter who started it. Both should be punished, time outs, & when they are older, use loss of tv time, computer time, etc. The key is they learn that fighting is not ok. You won’t tolerate it. Also important to REWARD your kids, with lots of positive things, when they are behaving. This could be hugs, extra reading time with you & them, with the emphasis on you interacting with them. Distraction works too….ask your toddler to draw a picture with you or play with a toy. You know when they will have a tantrum, when they are tired, hungry, etc. so don’t let them get to that point, if you can. Sometimes I would put my son in his car seat & go for a drive, after he fell asleep I could then read a book while he napped.

      Lulu if you can find a playgroup with some other moms in your neighborhood or town, it would help you. The kids love to play, and it’s great for the moms! I’m meeting up with the moms from the playgroup we had for our 1 year olds, started 17 years ago tomorrow….we keep in touch still. Our kids are still friends too. Really those were the best days, when they were little. So many times, I learned how to raise my son from the other moms in our group. Thank goodness I found them, I had met one of the women in my neighborhood and the rest is history. 🙂

      • princesspindy says:

        OMG, Blue 123 Magic worked SO well, it was “magic!” I highly recommend that book. I used the method, in fact when they were teens I would just say, “That’s 1” and they would turn around and walk away, LOL!!!!

      • Lulu says:

        Thank you!! Seriously needed to vent! I suspect my DS’s behavior had to do with my DH’s. Yesterday was his 6 month anniversary of being unemployed suffice to say he wasn’t in the greatest mood. I know my DS will pick up on that too. No surprise.

        I read 123 Magic!!! A wonderful lifesaving book! We do the 3 count rule then it’s timeout. Each time he throws a tantrum either myself or my DH will put him in time out. If it’s just his behavior like he throwing a fit just to. I make it a point to tell him that until he get’s his emotions under control he will not leave his room. That has worked for us. The only problem is he is a button pusher. He likes to see just how far he can push us. Or how he can play one against the other. For a 2YO he’s too clever for his own good! It’s frustrating but we stick to our guns. I have my timeouts with him some days! 🙂 I can’t wait till he can have a conversation with me! It would just make life so much easier.

        • lol Lulu, just wait for the teen years. And when they can talk, boy do you get an earful! My son’s fave thing to do was to tell me “Dad said it’s ok…..” so that I would agree with what he wanted. Hmmm every time I checked with Dad, he knew nothing about it! Then there was the “why did you adopt me” (my friends told me they got the “then why was I born” crap). The first time I heard that, I cried! Until I found out all kids use that argument. You would think logic would work with a teen, but no. I am seeing a little improvement here & there, now that he’s graduated from high school, he has a part time job & goes to college. Sometimes I even wish he had joined the military right out of high school. He hasn’t given up on that dream yet. I miss those days when he was your son’s age, they were the best years. Take lots of pictures, you will need to look at them to remind yourself what a dear child he was, & will be. 🙂 I’ve already told my son, “just wait, you will have kids someday. Hahaha!” He actually told me he’s going to be much stricter with his kids!

          • Lulu says:

            Awww!!! I know our challenges of today won’t be anything in comparison to his teenage years! YIKES!! I’ll take it one step at a time! This morning he’s a complete angel! he’s soo hit or miss I swear! 🙂

            My DH joined the army right out of highschool. He signed that contract during his senior year and the day after he was shipped off! Talk about efficiency! Thanks to his GI bill we don’t owe nearly as much as it would have cost for him to go to college without it. Don’t get me wrong he owes lots! I hope your son is saving everything he’s earning and paying his way as much as possible. That is the only hope in this economy of graduating without the crushing weight of a huge debt. I wish him lots of luck!!!

      • klmh says:

        Just bought that for my niece. Great information! Tx so much.

  22. AZGirl says:

    Quick note. Missing the blog. Looking forward to heading back to AZ tomorrow. Missing Mr. AZGirl. 🙂

  23. Powell says:

    Has anyone watched Horrible Bosses? Jason Bateman’s character and his friends plan to kill their bosses, Jennifer Aniston’s character & 2 other bosses. This movie is so silly it’s funny. I don’t think it did good in the theaters.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I never saw that and I don’t know why…sounds like a good cast.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I saw it, and I laughed. I thought it was funny.

      • disgrazia4 says:

        I saw it ! It was very funny.

        • Powell says:

          They paid Jamie Foxx’s character MF Jones, funny name, $5k to kill their bosses, they give him the money and he tells them It’s for advice. That was too funny.

          • disgrazia4 says:

            I know!! I liked too how the most evil boss unwittingly helped them in their venture. Why is that actor’s name escaping me when I can so clearly see his face?? argh!

            • Powell says:

              Kevin Spacey. That was good. And how the dental hygienest had his college frien play a patient , Jennifer Aniston’s character pulled his pants down and MF Jones recorded it. Funny. 🙂

    • Boobah says:

      OMG! That movie is funny as all hell. Jason Bateman was great but Charlie Day was ridiculously funny! The scene where Jennifer shows her dental assistant the IPad pics of the sex positions while he was knocked out from a dental procedure – I cried laughing! And it was risky content that I would usually find crass. It takes a lot for me to get a good laugh from movies these days. I think Hollywood isn’t producing clever comedies anymore. Or maybe I’ve become jaded?

    • TexasTart says:

      Very funny!

  24. Sugar Kane Kozwalczyk says:

    Holla Lynn Fam!
    I’ve been a lurker since the very beginning of Lynn’s blog. De-lurking temporarily because while googling something that had nothing to do with RHNJ I stumbled across the following post about the Gorga’s. I’m not pro/hate anyone on RHNJ. I don’t hate period, although I strongly dislike JZ. ;P It’s an interesting read, but I realize there are people who will spread lies simply because they have an axe to grind. If any of it turns out to be true, I feel terrible for the Gorga children and Joe’s parents. I don’t keep up with all the posts/comments so some or all of this might have already been shared and discussed. I apologize if I’m posting old news. If this link doesn’t work since I’m not sure how to add one to my post, just google “lipstickalley more gorga dirt”.
    Mwah Lynn Fam,
    Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. 😉

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Stick around Sugar Kane!! you don’t HAVE to be pro/anti anyone!! Gonna check out your link now.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      HOLLA, Sugar! I LOVE Lipstick Alley!! They have all kinds of dirt on EVERY damned BODY!! All I do is Google someone’s name, followed by “lipstick alley,” and it all comes up. I DO think some people go on there and LIE (like some of the ones who claim to have slept with celebrities before they provide a full “report” on same), but I also think SOME of the people on there tell the truth.

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      Wow@ lipstick alley website. Messy Mel indeed.

    • djprincessc says:

      Seriously. And I read other articles on there about the Gorgas, it seems like Joe Guidice was right about Joey Go not paying his bills, how does theses people look in the mirror everyday!! Such hypocrites!

  25. Powell says:

    I’m watching The Girl – Tippi H & Alfred Hitchcock. The scene in The Birds when she goes up to the attic and the birds attack her, Hitchcock made her do that scene over 43 times. The birds were real. They told her the birds would be mechanical until she was ready to go to shoot the scene. I always loved The Birds. I don’t know if I can watch the movie again after seeing what he did to her. It was cruel. Grace Kelly was supposed to play Marnie but of course she married the Prince & Monaco wouldn’t allow her to film Marnie.

    • Nancy says:

      I’m watching it right now. I feel like I need a shower though. Yuck!

      • Powell says:

        OMG Nancy! That was pure sexual harassment, Hitchcock was disgusting. When he touched her face I was like bite him. Yell him to kiss your a*s which he would’ve loved to do. I don’t know how his wife put up w/it.

        • Nancy says:

          Things were different back then. He had the power to destroy her career.
          I’m glad she never worked for him again.

  26. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this, and I meant to put it under the Justin Timberlake wedding news because I’d always held out hope that, in the end, Justin and Britney would get back together!

    ….Along the same lines, did you guys hear that Madonna and Sean Penn are seeing each other again?!!

    I ALWAYS thought HE was the love of HER life. With him, I was not quite so sure, but I saw him once surprise her and come out to present an award to her YEARS after her divorce, and the chemistry between them was palpable. He could NOT stop smiling (and Sean Penn is NOT a “smiler”), and he gallantly kissed her on her cheek before handing her the award.

    Madonna’s “HARD, TOUGH” a*s basically turned into a damned “schoolgirl” right there on that stage behind that podium. I swear. She grew ribbons in her hair, which turned into 2 pigtails, her outfit changed into a Catholic school uniform, and she all of a sudden had on knee high white socks with penny loafers!!

    From all accounts, her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, and Sean Penn have ALMOST IDENTICAL personalities (Those have been the ONLY TWO MEN who have been able to TAME Madonna’s a*s and get her to sit down, shut up, and “Let me be the MAN in this damned relationship, Madge!!!!”).

    I LOVE men like that (If they’re strong enough to handle ME, then I KNOW they will be able protect me from Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!!!!! And I can just lay my armor down and be “the GIRL”. *Sigh* Tee Hee Hee! 😉

    Alright, I’ll catch you cats in a bit. My Dad is working evening for the next few, and I want to go and watch the 1st season of “Revenge” on his Netflix on his t.v.!!! My Mom’s in the den watching some boring-a*s black & white movie. She loves those and “period/past era” movies for some reason.

    • Powell says:

      Brittney’s parents are in court w/her former manager Sam. He’s saying she was using more drugs than just prescrips. I believe he is saying her downeard spiral was because Justin broke up w/her.

      Sean & Madonna. I never liked him for her. He is to hot tempered, one reason I didn’t understand Robin marrying him. I do think when he & Madge were married and he would got after paparazzi that she loved it. She liked seeing him get into fights for her. I think Guy Ritchie was the best thing that happened to her. Now he’s having or just had a baby w/his GF. Madonna messed up that relationship IMO.

      • Remember that movie Madonna was in? Desperately Seeking Susan. IMO that was the real Madonna, the character in the movie was her for real. Madonna had a nickname from when she was a poor working girl sleeping on friend’s sofas, using public restrooms to wash up…..”McDonna” for number served. She did what she had to do to succeed. Period. Relentless…and a user. She has no conscience. Remember her coffee table book, “Sex?”

        IMO she is incapable of being in a long term relationship with anyone.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I find Sean Penn sexy, and it’s not even about his looks. It’s just this “way” he has about him. He’s somebody you sleep with, but do NOT marry. He’s a “bad boy” if there ever WAS one. I DO think he and Madonna have some type of “soulmate/past life”connection, though (I should note that I believe a person can have MORE THAN ONE soulmate in their present life).

        I should also note that I DO believe in reincarnation even though the Catholic Church preaches AGAINST this belief. They also preach against birth control and gay marriage. I don’t agree with the Church on THOSE issues either.

        I HATE to say this, but I just have to be honest: I think Rihanna and Chris Brown have that “soulmate/past life”connection too (**Ducks as STONES are thrown at my head**). It’s like they are trying to work out in THIS life what they did not work out in their PAST one (which I’m sure was filled with LOVE AND PAIN). I also think that Rihanna, in this life, is repeating the usual pattern of a victim of domestic violence. Unless Chris Brown gets SERIOUS help, I see them damned near killing each other AGAIN if they get back together.

        If they do NOT kill each other, they WILL marry and/or have some babies and either stay together or end it without ANY violence….just EMOTIONALLY EXHAUSTED and feeling all rundown. They will then marry and/or settle down AGAIN — each to people who are the EXACT opposite of their former spouse/partner because, in their older years, all they want is PEACE and NO DRAMA.

        I think Sean and Madonna may have married at the WRONG time. They may have been the RIGHT people for each other who just met and married at the WRONG time. Now, they are Senior Citizens. So, they might be ready to sit on some rocking chairs together (of course, those 2 would be kinky and tie each other up and have sex in those rocking chairs from time to time…but that is WHY they probably never quite got over each other). Sean would still, from time to time, cheat on Madonna with a younger woman, and she would kick his a*s. But I think she would secretly/quietly put up with it for a while.

        I too think Madonna screwed things up with Guy, and I DO think he was GOOD for her. He might have been the man who was meant to come into her life for a time and bring her another child. I’m sure, on some level, they still love each other, but I think their time is DONE for good. They exhausted each other by the end of the marriage, IMO.

        Madonna is one of my favorite divas, but I have a feeling she would exhaust me, and I would not be able to even STAND her in person (because she is SO narcissistic. I do admire many things about her, though).

        To each his/her own. *Shrug*

    • Nancy says:

      Isn’t that nice. Hopefully Bethenny is proud of her dad.

    • Nice story BB, what a horse indeed. Frankel has an enlarged heart, like Secretariat. Man-O-War was a great horse too. Too bad Frankel has only raced in England. Maybe he could’ve won the Triple Crown here.

      • NJBev says:

        hi blue.
        where ya been?
        miss you.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Oh, that’s so nice that they named a horse after Bethenny’s father — seeing as how horses and horse training and racing were his passions.

        Who do you guys think would have won in a race between the racehorse, Zenyatta, and the racehorse, Secretariat?

        My money would be on Zenyatta. I fell in love with that damned horse when I saw a segment about her on “60 Minutes.” After that I started reading up on her and paying attention to her races. She was HUGE, but FAST. She would just chill and relax for every race and then, toward the end, just POWER UP and SPEED FORWARD to win the whole damned thing AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE! She was majestic and beautiful, and she knew it. She’d dance and perform for the crowds. She was also very gentle when people approached her, though, despite her SIZE.

        Believe it or not, I’m SCARED of horses (because I had 2 family members who were maimed by being kicked by a horse. My father grew up on a farm. One older family member’s [Uncle’s] eye was disfigured. The other, one of my Dad’s brothers, has a HUGE scar on his chin from where a horse kicked him. This is where my fear comes from).

        But, strangely enough, I DO like them from afar.

        I’d heard that Secretariat had an enlarged heart that allowed him/her to pull in more oxygen and run faster than the other horses. I don’t know if Zenyatta had an enlarged heart. I don’t think so.

        She is now retired. Here she is:

        One of my good girlfriends’ father is a horse racing FANATIC and has been for YEARS. She was at the racetrack one time with her Dad waiting for a race to start. I texted her and said, “Ask your Dad who he thinks would have won in a race between Zenyatta and Secretariat?” She texted back, “He said, ‘Zenyatta’,” and I did a happy dance like, “I knew it!!” Of course, I wanted him to say that the GIRL (Zenyatta) would beat the BOY (Secretariat). LOL. 😉

        I then told myself I was nuts for being so excited over something like that while I was lying around on my damned couch. *Shrug*

        Here’s a video dedicated to BOTH Secretariat AND Zenyatta:

  27. boston02127 says:

    Great blog, thanks.

    Gia looks so pretty in those pic’s. Tamara is getting married. HA. We should take bets on this marriage.

    Why, why, why am I up at 6 a.m. on my only day off? I don’t even set my alarm, I just wake up!

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