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Andy Cohen asks What else you got Perez? Andy being Wooed, and Melissa Accused of Lying and Other Housewife News by NoMoreDrama

Andy Cohen clears up the pesky rumor that Bethenny Frankel has been giving him the cold shoulder.  More than one tabloid has reported that Andy has asked to be on B’s talk show and she refused, and she also refused to be a guest on WWHL.  One has to wonder who PerezHilton’s sources are for this this article which both Andy and Bethenny have now said is completely off base.  What else you got Perez?  Is it a coincidence that Jillzy resurfaces and the negatives stories about B start again?

Meanwhile the wooing of Mr. Andy Cohen continues as former housewives try to get his attention to get back on the show.

Meanwhile, Jill Zarin is playing nice with former castmates Alex and Simon.

It’s somewhat sad yet a little funny to follow Jill’s twitter timeline.  She sends out tweets to Aviva and LuAnn – but gets no love back from either of them.  But that doesn’t daunt her because her numbers are up.  I guess it’s thanks to the haters.

For the record, I also got under 10,000 mentions on twitter this week.  Well under 10,000.


Fighting continues in New Jersey.  Apparently Melissa Gorga took a dig at Penny (the Salon owner and wife of Johnny the Greek) in her latest Bravo blog – so Penny and Johnny came back swinging.  If you follow their twitter accounts, these two don’t hold back.  Johnny seems to be in outright war with some twitter accounts he says belong to Melissa’s sisters – and Penny – well – again – they don’t hold back.  Some interesting tidbits….  Seems Melissa said something about seeing her in-laws lately – which they say is a lie  – because Teresa’s dad was in the hospital and Mel never went to see him.

Why is she doing this?  Remember how I started this story about housewives wooing Andy to get on the show.  Penny has a different way of wooing than Danielle – but the end game is the same.

The speculation out in the blogosphere is that Bravo producers will bring in a few new cast members to destruct Melissa Gorga one lie at a time.  If that is the case, I sure hope she’s thinking seriously about whether to sign for another season or not.  Penny seems to be going right into the heart of Melissa’s marriage.  Her third tweet from the top:  “Does Joe know exactly who he married?  I doubt he does.”  For viewers – this could turn housewives into more of a Desperate Housewives type of format – with seedy pasts coming to light.  Compared to what they did to Teresa it will be nothing.  I have to really wonder why Danielle would be agreeable to coming back to the show as well, considering her past.


Ratings for Miami – Still no good news for the Miami ladies as ratings stayed low for the show – just 761,000 viewers.  Project Runway brought in 2.4 million viewers for the Finale sharing the same time slot.

Speaking of Alex and Simon – a special episode of Couples Therapy is on VH1 tonight – then it is back to regular schedule on Wednesday.  As he tweeted out the schedule change, I took the opportunity to ask Simon if he was enjoying Lulu’s blogs.


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Teresa Giudice

Last week I dedicated my blog to all my fans and let them take over talking for me. (If you missed it, you can read it here. I didn’t just do that for the fans though, I also did it for the haters.

Is this for the haters to see that Teresa does have fans?

I only have so much room for my blog each week, so I had to pick and choose which tweets to use.

Great to see plainviewsue’s tweets on there.

I’ve found that the people that are my true fans, who stick by me, encourage me, and have become part of my new extended family aren’t blindly part of “Teresa’s Army” — it’s actually the opposite. They’re the ones who’ve taken the time to look at the whole picture and know a real person isn’t just one catchphrase or comment or scene or mistake. Thank you all. I am YOUR loyal fan!

I think a lot of people just sympathize with the person getting ganged up on.  I know I do.

I’m not proud of how I let the other women get to me at the reunion, how I lashed back and said things I regret now. I wish I had more control, I tried to stay in control, but I had just let the entire season of them saying things behind my back and plotting against me get to me. It’s hard to shrug off when it’s family. It built up, and I didn’t handle it perfectly.

Look at the positive – it’s a step up from flipping a table and throwing a gay man onto his chair.

It’s been a year since we filmed all the bad stuff, and it’s been a really great year. I have more blessings than I can count or deserve! I just shot the cover for my 4th cookbook: FABULICIOUS ON-THE-GRILL: Teresa’s Smoking Hot Backyard Recipes! It will be out in Spring 2013:

Any pictures of Caroline inside the book? She’d love that.  Caroline’s book comes out March 2013 according to Amazon.  If I were to place a bet that Teresa’s book will outsell Caroline’s book, it would be like stealing candy from a baby.

My Juicy Joe and I are great. He’s still my best friend and my rock. One of the best things about him is that he just doesn’t care about the B.S. You need people like that in your life, especially if you work in the B.S. Industry! And my girls, my beautiful gorgeous girls, are great! My baby Audriana just turned 3, can you believe it? And my Gia is almost 12!

My heart is still broken for my brother and his family. Only time will tell what the future holds for us. Right now, I just can’t look back.

They would sell their souls for a chance at stardom.  If a teenager were to act like Joe Gorga, I would find it funny but at his age he is not remotely entertaining.  From the very first scene when Father Gorga yelled at Joe Gorga at the christening, that told me all I needed to know about him.  He yelled “You only care about yourself!” Joe is selfish and he married the perfect woman for him.

You know, there was this movie when I was kid in the ‘70s called The Gumball Rally where these guys were all racing across the country and Franco, the Italian guy, says, “And now, my friend, the first rule of Italian driving,” and then rips off the rearview mirror from his car. “What’s behind me is not important,” he says. I always loved that scene, and it’s true. We have to keep looking forward to move forward. I’ve ripped off the rearview mirror. The road ahead is so exciting, and I hope you’ll stay on it with me!

All for glory and a gumball machine.

Caroline Manzo

Finally, the end is here! It was quite a season, and after living it twice I’m glad to finally be able to put it behind me and move on.

You’ve ripped off the rearview mirror too!

I hope as viewers you understand that although this is entertainment for you, for us this is reality. The emotions you see are real, and at times the rawness of it literally makes your heart hurt.

It makes my head hurt to think that adults can act that way.

I believe there are so many lessons to be learned as you watch us from week to week, and I hope you can take something positive away from the negative. Maybe you see yourself in one of us and realize that perhaps you need to make some changes in your life;

If anyone sees themselves in Caroline and Jac, please get some therapy and get off Twitter. Pronto!

This last episode was difficult to watch; in my heart of hearts I was hoping to see some sort of resolution to the chaos that has become our lives. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, but I’m choosing to continue to have faith in us. After all, we’re Jersey girls and we can survive anything! At least that’s what they say, right? RIGHT! Law of positive attraction.

That’s the biggest piece of crap.  You’re the last person that actively works towards resolution.

Melissa Gorga

I know there are so many questions that you all tweet to me (and all the Housewives for that matter), and while I would love to answer them all, I have three babies and Joe to take care of, so it’s just so hard to get to all of them and all the emails, but know that I appreciate you and I love you so much.

Oh you so want to rip-off Teresa’s blog last week.

I know there is a lot of talk about how we don’t all write our own blogs, but it’s very important to me that you know this is coming from MY heart. This is not a dig. It’s the truth.

Yeah right.

I think all of you have found comfort in the fact that what I say is real and the truth.

Mmmm, not really.

My signings have been surreal, my Twitter followers are amazing, and the support for my music is more than I could have ever asked for. I have no intentions of ever disappointing anyone and stopping the real talk. I have read a lot of your questions and I’m going to try to answers the ones I see the most. Hope this is helpful to you.

Did I contact Danielle to get on the show?

NO! I’ve said it many times; she saw the sprinkle cookie story on Facebook and inboxed me. She did ask me to film with her, and I declined. Was it a little malicious? Yes. Teresa and I weren’t even speaking at the time, and it wasn’t because of the show. It was because of hurtful comments she used to say to me that I would constantly brush off. So did I speak to Danielle? Yes. Did I meet with Danielle? No. To this day I have never met Danielle in person.

If talks with Andy Cohen end up with Danielle back on the show, she better be telling the truth.

Did I ever try to get on the show before I was asked to be on it?

NO! I never once asked Teresa to put me or my family on the show. I’ve never called a producer and there was no audition tape where we said we will “take down” Teresa. If I had, I probably wouldn’t be on the show. They don’t cast people who beg and promise malicious things. The truth is a few years later the producers contacted me and we took that same opportunity.

But we have heard of Bravo looking at audition tapes such as Aviva’s and then offering them a chance to be a housewife.  The “Melissa was a stripper story” that no one really cared about was a Bravo set up and was very malicious.  In fact, the set up was more interesting than strippergate.

Do I still think Teresa set me up?

Yes. Kim’s story has changed so many times since that night I can’t keep up. I think Kim D’s reason is so ridiculous for wanting to hurt me. She is a 50-year-old woman that is coming at me for going to another boutique. By the way, Teresa also shops at the other Posh and Kim knows it. It was proven in the footage when Angelo said Teresa knew, because he also said “Kim and Teresa wanted me to do this thing.” Come on, everyone, lets be reasonable, there were a lot of things falling in both of their laps that day. Why couldn’t Teresa call me in between the hair salon and the fashion show? Give me a warning of what Kim was doing? The heart pounding, the blinks, the nervousness. Then Kim D. comes to the reunion and admits Teresa knew it was a set up for me. Of course she was in on it. More importantly, why isn’t Teresa mad at KIM? Why isn’t she mad at her for doing this to her brother’s wife? Why isn’t she upset with her for causing all this commotion when everything was so good between us? Why did Teresa just do a signing at Kim’s store after all of this? Why was Kim tweeting pictures last week out at nightclubs with Teresa? Seems Teresa is returning the favor.

Does Jac still have coffee with Kim and does Caro still talk to Kim? It seems everyone knew about this set-up and yous all are playing the audience for fools.

Why am I selling my house?

There are some of the most ridiculous rumors out there that we can’t afford it and that we are broke. The truth is this: we put our house up to get away from the negativity. I have to protect my family. I don’t want my children around anyone, including family that is speaking badly about me or trying to put me down. I see it happening already. I couldn’t believe what my nieces were saying about me, and as the girls get older it will only get worse. Then they will begin to tell my children what they hear about me from their mother. I can’t have that.

Does that mean you won’t be on the show next season? Yippee!  You should really get away from the negativity and this show is all about negativity.  You just might be the next target to be ganged up on. You can’t have that.  Just get away from Bravo.

What’s next for the music?

I Just Wanna (feat. Santino Noir) is doing incredible on iTunes! Thanks to all of you! I’m so ecstatic that everyone loves it this much. I just released the video on Vevo and (Thank you, Jesus!) I’ve been blessed! I couldn’t be more excited about any of it. I just started working with someone huge in the music industry, so I’m excited to see where it goes. I truly feel like whatever is meant to be will be. Having success in my home is the true money maker!

I’m not a fan of Mel’s music but I always wish success on people.  If you can be a success in the music industry then more power to you.

How do I keep in shape?

Well it’s never easy being on TV and worrying about your body. I honestly never diet. I eat healthy and I always use portion control. I eat a lot more than three times a day. I eat smaller portions throughout the day. I eat most of my carbs in the morning and at night I always want something sweet. If the cupcakes come two in a pack I’ll just eat one and save the other for tomorrow. I do work out three times a week, and no, I don’t do a lot of cardio. My children are my cardio. When I go out for a drink on a Saturday night with Joe I always drink Voli Light Vodka. It is half the calories of all the other vodkas, and it is good!

Is this what you learned from your sister-in-law Teresa?

Do I have a stylist?

No, I don’t. I do shop at certain boutiques and they will always help me figure out what to wear. If you follow me on Twitter I tweet about them a lot, so you can check them out! I don’t need much help in that department. I’ve always been lucky to know what looks good on me.

Is it the same boutiques Teresa shops at?

Kathy Wakile

Too many hurtful things have been said and too many feelings have been trampled on. Everyone is talking and no one is listening; I wonder, where do we go from here?

That’s true. Unless you cut out some people from the show, it will be another season of Let’s Trash Teresa.  I guess you need to go.

I have learned that most people are good-natured and supportive. I have learned that the viewers are caring people whose interest in me is very heartwarming, and I want you to know you have my sincere thanks. I have learned to listen to critique and criticism and understand the difference between helpful constructive criticism and just plain meanness. I have come to understand who I can count on and has my best interest at heart and who does not. But most of all I have reaffirmed that my family — and by that I mean my husband, my children, my mother, my sister, and brothers — are the ones who have never wavered in their love, support, and kindness. They are the true meaning of family.

I didn’t know Kathy had brothers.  I guess the true meaning of family for her doesn’t extend to extended family members.

I have grown so much as a person, and the RHONJ experience has enabled me to become involved in many charitable organizations that are now so close to my heart. As you know, I have become very involved with The National Brain Tumor Society. Just this week I was invited to be the keynote speaker for a program held by The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation in NYC.

I’m surprised there was no event promoting this charity on the show considering what Victoria went through.

I encourage you to all to stay positive. I have learned that is the key to healthy growth and a fulfilling lifestyle. And I wish you all the best until next time.

Jacqueline Laurita

I have a feeling the poor person assigned to editing Jacqueline’s blogs brain exploded and they are still cleaning up the mess. Once someone is brave enough to put it up, I’ll put my mental status on the line and review it.  I’m sure it will all mean the same thing – “Teresa’s going to hell.”


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Ana Quincoces

“Your mission, Jim, should you choose to accept it [is to play the role of Housewife even though you are no longer one, and do so in an engaging manner while at all times remaining “relevant”]. As always should any member of your IMF force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim.” –Mission Impossible


A friend posted a funny comment on my Facebook wall recently. He said that his favorite part of the show was my non-verbal language, particularly that recurrent look on my face which says, “What the hell am I doing here?” I was a little taken aback. It’s not that I didn’t feel that way; I just didn’t realize it was that obvious!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the camera does not lie. You cannot rationalize behavior that you witness unfolding before your very eyes week after week.  I am not calling out anyone in particular.  This truth applies across the board to everyone, including me.  So if you see me behaving like an insufferable bitch week after week, guess what? Mind you, I’d like to think that I am not “insufferable.” 

A+ for Ana – No, we cannot rationalize behavior that we witness unfolding before our very eyes week after week.  But how fun would it be to formally learn body language just to read what’s really going on in these housewives’ heads?  After all, even though we know these housewives are actually acting at times, I don’t think any of them are THAT good at it.  Nah forget it.  Somehow they would still blame editing.

As you have seen, it can get ugly and even the most restrained person is forced to deploy some fighting words now and again. But the truth is that I accepted this “mission” willingly, with a few caveats: that I would remain true to myself, that I would keep an open mind, that I would try to enjoy the process, and most importantly, that I would not make an ass of myself. Well, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. (For the spell check police out there, I meant to say “ain’t.”)

Ain’t has actually been added to the dictionary.  At least the one I use most of the time.  Although it does state: “it remains a shibboleth of poor usage.”  I apologize but digression is needed every now and again to remain sane when reading these housewives blogs.

All kidding aside, I knew that a lot of what we would face each week was standard fare on the Housewife menu.  Pretty dresses and pretty shoes worn to pretty parties where pretty people congregate to congratulate each other on being…well, pretty. I told myself I could handle it.  Hell, it might even be fun.  I was determined to go outside of my comfort zone and just go with it. And so I did.  But then, something interesting happened.  It turns out this reality thing is pretty damned REAL. Imagine that.

Why are these housewives so determined to make us believe all we are seeing is REAL.  I guess it depends on your definition of real.  I don’t have anyone in my life setting up scenarios specifically to drum up drama all while pushing drinks at me constantly.  Why else would these shows need “producers”?  Unfortunately, the real part is the emotions caused by these exaggerated events.

While the scene at my office with Robert may seem odd to some, to us it’s just par for the course.  Robert and I have a unique way of relating to each other after our separation. We made a commitment to stay married for over two decades, but perhaps more importantly, we made a commitment to separate in a positive and dignified manner — in a manner that would not hurt innocent bystanders; all while managing the loss we were feeling with a healthy dose of laughter. What you witnessed was just that, a real concern being addressed with a little humor. Didn’t Mary Poppins say that “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”? Someone please call Dixie Crystals!

Hmmm, I wonder if Dixie Stix could help ease the pain of watching some of the housewives’ episodes.  Actually I think many shots of Tequila might better do the trick.  At least chances are you wouldn’t remember it in the morning.  I must say, however, that so far I’m enjoying this season of Miami.  Although my perception may be altered after the very long and horrendous season of RHoNJ.  It’s finally over, thank you Jesus!

Karent Sierra

Hello everyone! I’m back from my trip, a little jet lagged, but very happy to be back home and to be able to interact with all of you once again. 

Interact “once again”?  You can’t tell me you weren’t twittering pics of yourself here, there and everywhere while you were away.

We start off the episode at Alexia’s magazine party. Joanna had called me to warn me about Adriana wanting to confront me at this event, which I thought was completely inappropriate for Adriana to do. Why not call me and talk to me or ask me to meet up for some coffee and discuss whatever was on her mind like two adults? Because she wanted to be surrounded by her bullying friends, that’s why.

C’mon now… we all know that Adriana confronted you at the party because the cameras would be there.  You may be a rookie, but we’re not.

I attend many social events for philanthropic causes throughout the year. I am very passionate about supporting wonderful charities. This event had nothing to with a charity, but yet I still decided to attend after I was invited by her husband in order to show my support for Alexia. And then she has the audacity to say that I have not tried to get close to her? It’s time she gets off her high horse. I have wasted too much of my valuable time on Alexia, but I felt it was necessary for all of you to hear the real story from me. Regardless of her behavior, I will always continue to pray for her son and whole family, especially her.

Karent went on about Alexia for five paragraphs.  I’ll summarize:  she says that Alexis will fabricate anything to make her look bad, always wants to create a competition with her and that she’s jealous of her.  Whatever.  But it’s odd how she took this opportunity to point out all of the charitable events she attends.  She claims she came to support Alexis but Alexis didn’t invite her.

Ana’s scene with her soon to be ex-husband made me feel very sad for her. It has been very obvious in the episodes we have seen so far that he wants to be completely free from her and wants “out.” She obviously wants to hold on to him, when he has obviously moved on. All she does is throw wise cracks about his new Colombian girlfriend. I can’t imagine her “boyfriend” watching this and being OK with it. I feel very sorry or her. 

How many passive aggressive remarks can she fit into one short paragraph?  And somehow, I don’t think Ana wants or needs her sympathy.

If Ana finds me so “one dimensional and boring,” why is it that she can’t find anything else to talk about but me?

Don’t flatter yourself.

My heart went out to Joanna when I saw her reading those emails that she found. There are very few women, if any, that can say that their significant other has never cheated on them (or at least they might not have found out yet), regardless of beauty or status (Joanna clearly has both). Relationships are hard work and need to be nurtured. Just like caring for a plant, if you don’t water and feed it, it will wither and die. It was wrong for Romain to be engaging in conversations with another woman while in a relationship, but he was honest with Joanna after the fact, and I believe that if they both put effort into the relationship, that they will survive and be a better couple for it. They are both amazing people, and I know that they truly love each other very much. I am their number one cheerleader!

Very few women, if any?  IF ANY?  Is she kidding?  Is she trying to make herself feel better about Rudolfo’s obvious cheating?  Guess that’s why she can smile through it because they ALL do it.  Whatever helps you get through the night I guess.  And how can she give Romain credit for being honest?… he was only “honest” after he was caught.  I don’t think he was really honest because I doubt he never slept with this other woman.  But who should care anyway?  They ALL do it.

Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday at 9 pm EST. And on Sunday October 28th we will also be airing an episode, and I will be on WWHL with Andy Cohen. Don’t miss it, and please spread the word.

Spread the word?… get over yourself.

Lea Black

I’m going to let Lea speak for herself, in full:

“It’s an Observer Created Reality”

#The Punishment Doesn’t Equal the Crime

When I saw Karent at the party, she sat down beside me (or I sat down beside her) and I immediately said something to the effect of, “I just want to personally tell you that I made some remarks about your chattering in my ear and getting on my nerves.” Her response: “I respect that.” And that is when we both knew exactly where we stood with each other. That was that. (Later in the evening I was not laughing because she left, I was laughing because Elsa pulled her “bloomers” down underneath her skirt as she bent over to hug her bye.) 

#Not Holding Back May be being True to Yourself, But It Has Its Consequences.

Like her or not, she wears her Brazilian feelings on her sleeves. I will take that over the behind-the-scenes plotting, conniving, and scheming any day of the week. And “at the end of the day” LOL! And no, Adriana, I wouldn’t want you pulling any teeth.

#Second Chances

I forgive you, Romain. Now if you ever do it again, I will personally haunt you for the rest of this life and the next life too. And you know I love you. Now please, stop texting me and flirting with me. Party is over.


Everyone has been there at one time or another. I immediately noticed how she took some responsibility for their issues, rather than immediately blaming everything on Romain. (Perhaps that’s why it all worked out in the end). I admire how she wanted to get all the facts and hear Romain’s side of the story before making a decision or punishing him too severely. Let’s hope that this is one of those times when out of adversity comes opportunity. And no more tears, we don’t want any bags under those pretty blue eyes.

#What Lies Beneath the Surface…

Alexia, it’s your party and you can “scream” if you want to. Alexia can have a bit of a temper, but I think some of what was driving her emotions the night of the Venue party was the pain and suffering she had gone through over the last year. It broke my heart seeing her with Frankie and the tears underneath the smile. But I don’t think Karent was there to ruin her party. Karent was just there to party! And only Alexia can look like a model on the cover of a magazine while telling someone to “get out.”

#Puppeteer in Chief

Ana is a “protector” to Marysol and a “watchdog for her gullible ex-husband.” I admire the fact she is thinking forward and protecting her children’s future. The video was clever, I admired his sincerity. I don’t admire that she’s protecting Marysol without having been there or knowing the facts. She should advise her client: the more she brings up and has others bring up issues regarding the charity debacle or writes about it, the more attention she brings to it. The gala guests and volunteers will clarify any of the things she can’t remember seeing or experiencing. To clarify other “misunderstandings,” should we refer to the charity’s internal video footage of the evening? She should quit digging herself into a deeper hole. Public Relations 101: don’t keep a story going when the facts and tangible evidence aren’t on your side. No one is trying to hurt her or her business. But there is no limit to what I will do to protect the charity, the kids that benefit from it, the donors, the volunteers, and the truth. This story would have never seen the light of day if it weren’t for the denial, lack of accountability, and behind-the-scenes justifications and chatter, or you, Ana, accusing me of having James do my dirty work, and putting me in a position to defend the truth.

#Sweeping Things Under the (Red) Carpet

Regarding Elaine — there’s a lot more to this story than not walking the carpet. Keep watching as there may be a lot more dirt swept under the “red rug” than meets the current eye. This is between her and James/Elaine. And as far as the charity, volunteers, donors, and me — well, as long as Marysol chooses to keep spreading lies about us, I will be forced to continue to tell the truth about what happened. She’s never let the facts get in the way of a “poor me” story.

#Age Trumps Beauty

I admire Mama Elsa for defending her daughter. That’s what moms do. I also admire Elaine Lancaster for treating her with the respect she deserves. And I am so glad we didn’t witness a “purse-slapping.” Both of my ladies remained ladies, and that’s just what I would have expected. I predict wine and laughs — well, eventually perhaps? One can hope.

#A Girl’s Best Friend: Loyalty

Lisa, I admire you defending your friend Karent, and you were able to do it without throwing anyone under the bus. Maybe you pointed out a little bit of fodder, but not in a malicious way. Now go hug your dogs, as we all know, they’re really our best friends.

#Earning One’s Place

Well, I signed on for this, so everyone has earned their place with me. But to be honest, sometimes the places people occupy, in both behavior and intent, are places I prefer not to dwell.

To sum it up, (other than my jokes that some people choose to take issue with rather than laugh at) I have simply reacted to what others do and say. I have not gone out of my way to hurt anyone along this journey, but I also won’t sit back and let people wrongly accuse me or others. I would rather stand for something than be popular. 

Like I have said before, if you’re the underdog I am your girl, and that’s everything from a charity to a friend or even someone I maybe don’t even know. (And yes, that includes Karent.)

#Things to Think About This Week

-Would you rather be right or happy or credible? Are they mutually exclusive?
-Does taking responsibility take a lot of oxygen out of an issue?
-If you want something to go away, should you quit talking about it?
-Should you put your credibility on the line if you don’t have the facts?
-When you want to document something, should you video it? (Could it be helpful if ever you need it or if stories change?)
-Don’t be too anxious to walk on any filthy red rugs. It may not be worth the photo op…
-While some issues seem of colossal importance to some, one thing is true: pettiness will never be the new relevance. 
-And pocketbooks are the new mace.

Spread the love and keep the peace and #don’tdealwithstupid!

Guess I’ll keep my stupid comments to myself then.

Joanna Krupa

Rumors are a natural thing in Miami. The more successful you are, the more people talk, and I never believe that nonsense. But after that call I got about Romain being too close with one of the dancers at Mynt, it made me start thinking, especially since he had been distant lately and something was telling me to check his laptop, since it was right there in front of me… Once I found the emails with Romain and this girl flirting, telling her he wants to take her away for a few days to a secluded island, I will admit that for a second I wish I never went on his laptop and found them. I became numb and my heart was breaking. I never in over five years even thought Romain would be capable of flirting, let alone cheating with another woman. But the emails were written proof that it was in his thoughts, and it now made perfect sense why he had been a bit cold and distant towards me. At that moment, I would normally call Romain and rip him a new one, but I wanted to think this through, and that is why I decided to meet with Ana and get her opinion, since she had been married for many years and I wanted to get advice from her. I’m glad Ana and I had our conversation, as she opened my eyes that texts and emails are one thing, but actually going out and cheating is another story.

Before I cooked him dinner, I also called the girl and confronted her. She told me they never slept together, but in the back of my mind I didn’t know if I believed her, since I am sure she was planning this all along. I never trusted her, and Marta told me numerous times to keep an eye on her. I didn’t think of her as a threat, so obviously this shows that Marta was right and I should have listened to my sister. I had a feeling she was a trouble-maker, and I’m sure that for the five years that she was working at Mynt she took advantage of their friendship and Romain’s being nice to her, trying to manipulate and flirt with him. Since I am sure he told her our relationship was on the rocks, she found the perfect time to try to step in and make him feel wanted. (I am sure he told her that he doesn’t feel wanted by me and she dove right in just like a typical girl that has no shame). But no matter what, this is something that will always be in the back of my mind, because if he wasn’t happy and wanted to leave me, he should have broken it off with me or told me that he needed a break. Even if nothing happened, what if I didn’t find the emails and it happened eventually? But I do believe the truth will come out one way or another. 

During our dinner, the points Romain offered made a lot of sense. The fact he told me he wanted to leave me and tried to forget me really hurt, because no matter what obstacles I had to overcome over the last year, I never once looked at another man or even thought of going away with someone, even though I wasn’t happy and had the same thoughts of leaving him. My love for him was too strong for me to let go. I understand he felt that I abandoned him last year, since I hardly ever came to Miami. I was too focused on my career, especially since a big project I had waited two years for had fallen through. It devastated me, and my relationship with Romain wasn’t my priority. I will admit that I was being selfish, but at the same time I was very down and hard on myself, and I should have just let Romain be the shoulder I cried on. But instead I shut him out and pushed him away.

Romain also could have made the effort and came to LA more often knowing that I was going through a tough time in my career/life. He could have understood that I was not being myself and just needed him to be there and emotionally support me through this tough time instead of looking at cowardly ways to get out of the relationship and leave me. I believe if you love someone, you do everything in your power to fight for the other person and not let them go.

However, no matter what I did, there is no excuse that would make the flirtatious emails OK. If I forgive and forget, will I trust him that this won’t happen again in the future whenever we are in a fight? I won’t make excuses for myself, and I definitely don’t blame myself, because it takes two people to make a relationship successful or fall apart. But I am also not the easiest person to deal with, especially if I have issues that I am dealing with in my life. I close down and don’t want to be around anyone. I am glad that I cooked Romain a nice dinner to bring this up to him and found another approach to deal with this, rather than calling him and yelling at him and moving out, like I would normally do in this kind of situation. 

Time will tell and hopefully will heal the pain.

I think Joanna handled this well IF she truly wants to try and save the relationship.  I wasn’t aware that she had called the girl (was that part of the episode?) so she didn’t only hear about them (supposedly) not sleeping together from Romain who I had a difficult time believing on his word alone.  Of course the girl could be lying also, somehow I don’t think I’d want to get on Joanna’s bad side, but regardless, I give Joanna credit for not flying off the handle immediately.  With Karent’s wisdom that ALL men cheat it could go either way.  Romain probably did cheat but since they all do it why not just give him another chance since she’ll just be getting more of the same with another man anyway?  Just writing this makes me think Karent’s theory is all the more ridiculous.  I feel bad for her that she’s convinced herself of that.

Adriana DeMoura

Honey Boo Boo A.K.A Joanna seems to be losing her super model powers and acting more like a distressed beauty pageant queen, wanting to WIN the contest against a club dancer she calls a “hooker.” The winner will take home the prize, which in this contest is nothing but her own fiancé! Hmmm, that doesn’t sound too kosher to me… Honey, let me just explain something to you. The place where he was planning on taking the other “contestant” is one of the most romantic places I’ve ever seen in my life — and I have traveled to more than 40 different countries. In fact, that is the place where Frederic took me to when we first began dating and where we fell in love. It is a resort called Little Palm Island, and it is a truly idyllic island on the Keys, made for lovers and romance!

(Somehow Honey Boo Boo doesn’t come to mind when I see Joanna.)  The magic words… he “planned to” take her to this island… but he didn’t… yet… or so it seemed.  Adriana obviously isn’t a big fan of Joanna because she has no sympathy whatsoever for what she’s going through with her fiance and she’s actually being nasty about it.  She goes on to say “once a cheater, always a cheater.”  Okay – what do we know?… we know they were seen kissing… we know he planned on being with her by the end of the year… we know he told the woman when Joanna was away… we know that the pirate drove Luann home and came in the house with her… errr my point is I DO think he cheated.  Now that I mentioned it, I wonder if Karent thinks ALL women cheat too?  Well Luann could pass as a man so…

Lisa Hochstein

This season of the RHOM is really capturing Miami at its finest — the chic glamorous soirees, the beautiful beaches, and the sexy people. The Venue party was no exception. I was relieved Joanna gave Karent the heads up about what was planned for her. As Karent enters the lion’s den, the ladies clearly have their agenda for Karent on their radar.

Elaine strikes up a conversation as if there were no animosity between her and Marysol. I would have protected my daughter just as Elsa had done. No body messes with my family and gets away with it. I know now never to mess with Elsa, I don’t ever want to get hit by her pocketbook.
Next Lea discusses the green card joke with Marysol…again. Ugh. Marysol is sensitive about the bad joke and her failed marriage. In my case I actually did need a green card, which is why I married Lenny LOL! So I get why her feelings were hurt. Sometimes an insult told as a joke still doesn’t make it funny, especially when the butt of that joke is you.

I remember Lea making the joke about the green card before they got married LAST SEASON, what, a year ago? and it went over like a lead balloon.  Keeping it up now that she’s getting a divorce truly isn’t very nice.  I can understand it stinging Marysol a bit but it’s apparent that’s Lea’s “sense of humor.”  I do believe that Marysol is just sensitive about her other problems with Lea.  Oh geez… It just hit me… is Bravo playing with us?  A bad joke being carried over to the next season and the housewife using it as an excuse as to why she’s mad at another housewife when it’s really not THE issue!  Sound familiar?  Get new material already!

Adriana finally manages to pull Karent aside to tell her why she is isn’t happy with her. I appreciate that Adriana wants to be upfront with Karent about how she feels about her, I just think the Venue party wasn’t the best place to do it. These ladies have a tendency to pick to absolute worst place to work out their differences. I was on the floor laughing when Adriana said, “I don’t go to your office to pull teeth.” She was comparing apples to oranges here, it was a picture for goodness sake.

It was a bad analogy.  She should have said “I don’t come to your office and have pictures taken with your patients.”  Actually I don’t know why she was so upset about what Karent did in the first place.  It was a bit pitiful, but please, one has to pick their battles and this one seemed quite petty.

Karent invited me over for sushi while filling me on the Venue magazine attack. I felt bad for her not having anyone who could have her back. It seems she didn’t get the memo about the “I Hate Karent Sierra Club.” I said the comment, “Pick on someone your own size, wait, there aren’t many people your own size,” because I was defending my friend. They are not big girls by any means, they have beautiful bodies. Even if they were, that was a bad choice of words. It was a joke! (Because I just said it was a joke, it makes it OK! Wink wink.)

Enough with the bad jokes already!

I literally cried when I heard Alexia speak about her feelings surrounding her son’s condition after the horrible accident. I can’t even imagine how that feels not having a child myself. She is an incredibly strong woman, whom I admire for never giving up even when it felt hopeless at a time. I believe he is progressing well today and I pray for the continued success of her son’s recovery. Goes to show you how unimportant all of the other nonsense is.

I know I’ve given Lisa a hard time in past weeks but she’s actually very likable.  She tells them when she doesn’t like the behavior of the women but she finds as nice a way as possible to say it.  And she seems supportive of them even if she hasn’t liked the way they’ve handled some situations.

I’m really enjoying this season of Miami even if they are keeping me busy on Saturday nights with their prompt, thorough blogs.  Kidding, I’m enjoying it and the bright side is so far I don’t HATE any of them… yet.


Sunday Night Lineup, Oct. 21 (New Episodes, times EST) by BB

8PM – The Amazing Race (CBS); Once Upon A Time (ABC); NFL Football (Steelers vs. Bengals) (NBC); MLB Playoffs ( SF Giants vs. SL Cardinals) (Fox); Rehab with Dr. Drew (VH-1); Cupcake Wars (Food); Cocaine Wars (NatGeo); 48 Hours on ID (ID); Mega Dens (DIY); Big Rich Texas (Style); Call the Midwife (PBS); Mythbusters (Discovery)

9PM – Couples Therapy (VH-1); The Walking Dead (AMC) (Repeats at 10PM); Revenge (ABC); The Good Wife (CBS); Long Island Medium; two episodes (TLC); Oprah’s Next Chapter (Fergie and Josh Duhamel) (OWN); Halloween Wars (Food); Drugs, Inc. (NatGeo); Sins and Secrets (ID); Snapped (Oxygen); Glam Fairy (Style); I Survived (Biography); Masterpiece Classic (Upstairs, Downstairs, Series 2); I Was Mummified (Discovery); American Pickers (History); Boardwalk Empire (HBO); Dexter (Showtime)

10PM – Real Housewives of NJ Lost Footage (Bravo); 666 Park Avenue (ABC); The Mentalist (CBS); Breaking Amish (TLC); Married to Jonas (E!); House Hunters Renovation (HGTV); Alaska State Troopers (NatGeo); Unusual Suspects (ID); Bridezillas (WE); Million Dollar Contractor (DIY); America’s Most Secret (Discovery); Outback Hunters (History); I Survived (Biography); Treme (HBO); Homeland (Showtime)

11PM – WWHL, Caroline Manzo and Yvette Nicole Brown (Bravo); The Talking Dead (AMC)

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179 Responses to Andy Cohen asks – What else you got Perez? / Real Housewives of New Jersey and Miami Cast Blogs

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning. Happy Sunday. Whew the weekebd flew by.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Powell is number one!!! Bee-yoo-tee-ful day here in central TX!!!

      • TexasTart says:

        Howdy LL, I’m enjoying this central Texas weather too. Have a good Sunday everyone!

      • Hmmmm Lainey, what prize does Powell get today for being #1?!? George is out, we have exhausted the Evian bottle….what/who’s next? 😀

        • LaineyLainey says:

          How about New Jersey’s own Chizzendale’s Dancer???

          • Oh LL…..I just threw up a little in my mouth!! LOL!

          • princesspindy says:

            The Poisin Elephante’

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            How about Romain, Lainey? Yes, he’s a cheater, but you’d both be in the same boat because you would be cheating on your husband with Romain! What’s a little cheating between friends (with benefits)? 😉

            As for Joey Gorga ever working as a Chippendale’s dancer, someone allegedly posted on Joey’s Facebook page that Chippendale’s has NO record of Joey EVER working for them, and that a man must be at least 5’10 to audition (I THOUGHT most of the Chippendale’s dancers I’d seen [never in person; only on television] looked to be of average [the average height of the American male is 5’10] to above-average height).

            See the comment from “Calypso” in this link (It’s the 41’st comment. Yes, I counted. So what?! I finished my Mom’s “List of Detox’ Tasks for the Day,” and I am now back in front of my laptop with NO t.v. until tonight when my Dad goes to work. It is also too hot for me to go for my “power walk” at this time. So, sue me! 😀 I counted so youse guys wouldn’t have to read and wade through all of the other comments. All you have to do is count to 41, and there it is. She responded to a commenter by the name of “Honora”.)


            This article says that Chippendale’s dancers must be 6 feet or over:


            So Joey MIGHT have been LYING about being a Chippendale’s dancer (I told you guys they ALL lie). Why would he lie about that? Who knows? If Joey was a Chippendale’s dancer, I AM a Supermodel! He MIGHT have been a stripper ELSEWHERE, but NOT Chippendale’s.

            Also, as for the “elephant thong/drawers” he claims he wore as part of his act, I’ve seen those things as novelty items/gifts/gag gifts sold in novelty stores and in stores that sell ADULT items (I’ve given quite a few bachelorette parties. What can I say? I told youse guys I have been in 16 weddings!!)

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Hi d – I will check out those links in a minute. But did you notice I didn’t say “Chippendale’s”? I wrote “Chizzendale’s” BECAUSE I know there’s no way he was a real Chippendale’s dancer. Oh and I believe it was Bluesky who first called his dance troupe the Chizzendale’s. Isn’t that cute???? That cracks me up. I suggested maybe he had danced at an eatery called Cheese and Dale’s (NJ version of Chuck E. Cheese?) LOL!!

              Glad you got the mama detox chores done. I’ve been dabbling in laundry – folding and ironing (because I didn’t hang stuff up quickly enough) and cooking. We’re having salad, beans, rice and cheese enchiladas. The house smells so good!!!

              wow, 16 weddings, that’s a whole heck of a lot of weddings!!! So you own 16 bridesmaids dresses??

              Oh and yes, Romain will be a prize on the day I post first!!! Not fair, huh? Well life isn’t fair, kiddo!!

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                I actually ONCE owned a flower girl dress; 2 tea girl dresses (that’s when you’re too old to be a flower girl but too young to be a bridesmaid and your cousins stick your ass in their wedding in some type of capacity because their Mama or Daddy made them do it — or just because they are/were fond of you. LOL. I’ve said before that my family is HUGE on BOTH sides. When you have THAT many family members, you’re bound to be in a wedding or two. You’re also going to a wake and a funeral ALL the DAMNED time simply based on the odds because of the large number of family members); and 13 bridesmaid’s dresses that my ass was NEVER able to wear anywhere ELSE again (despite my friend and/or cousin/bride swearing that she picked the dresses so we could wear them again. LIES, LIES, LIES!!).

                I kept the majority of them at my parent’s old home (the home in which I grew up) and the others in one of my apartments in New Orleans before I finally just gathered them ALL up and gave that crap to Goodwill one day.

                I have also thrown wedding showers, wedding teas, bachelorette parties (Negotiating with these strippers and/or their managers was often “a trip.” “O.K., Miss. Do you want the ‘FULL EFFECT’ at this Bachelorette Party or NOT?” I was like, “The ‘FULL EFFECT’? What the hell is THAT?” Their response was, “That is where we take EVERYTHING — and I do mean EVERYTHING — off!!” I said, “Ummm….that would be a ‘NO’. I have invited some older female relatives of the bride who might just have a heart attack. I do NOT think that is appropriate. Keep your thong on, Please!!”) and attended more wedding rehearsals and rehearsal dinners than I care to remember.

                I have also, of course, thrown a few baby showers too. Now that I’m listing all this, I’m realizing that I am a DAMNED GOOD friend and family member to have!!

                I STILL have friends who are not yet married who say they want me in their wedding. I have told them, “As for me being a BRIDESMAID, you can FORGET it! My time with that is DONE. I will read at your wedding or hand out programs, but that is IT!!

            • klmh says:

              Detox, if you rewatch the tape, Andy asks him if he was a stripper like the Chippendale dancers, and he said yes. He did not say he was one.

  2. plainviewsue says:

    I’m first!!

  3. plainviewsue says:

    Guess I’m not! Oh well!

    OMG, Ramonacoaster, another A+ on the NJ blogs. I am not watching Miami, but I am sure those blog writeups are stellar as well!

    “I think all of you have found comfort in the fact that what I say is real and the truth.” NO MELISSA. I don’t find any comfort in what you say because IMO everything you say is a blatent lie. How dare she presume that all of us believe that what she says is real and true.

    Howling at what RC said about Jac’s blog still needing to be edited!!! Considering Jac tweeted that she wrote it last Sunday and it still not up, wondering if Bravo decided enuf is enuf w/the crazies!

    I’ll say it again. If Bravo and Andy offer a deal to bring back Jacqueline, seeing what her mental state has become; knowing she needs to focus on her son; seeing how she appeared to be in a drug induced state for the reunion & just popped up every once in a while to say something nasty to Teresa, then whatever happens to Jacqueline is on Bravo’s shoulders.

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      They need to completely retool Jersey IMO. Teresa is the most popular so she should (and probably will) stay. The others need to go with the exception of Melissa, if and only if, she gets a dose of her own medicine and we get more insight into her past.

      • TexasTart says:

        I think they should cancel NJ and give another city a go. And I will say that I neveriszed an episode of jersey until the reunion and I’m DONE with them 😉

        • TexasTart says:

          *never missed*

        • ATLnNYC09 says:

          That is also a good idea. It might be good for Bravo to film housewives in another Southern city. However, Bravo will not give up Jersey because the ratings are exceptionally good.

        • Vegas Chick says:

          ITA, but we all know that Bravo will probably add someone like this Penny person and her carnivorous brood of miscreants. Personally, I am tired of watching woman who act like animals. The hate just perpetuates more hate, and I just do not like the energy. On another note, Teresa’s ghost writer is getting better and better about capturing the nuances of T’s accent. It’s pretty amazing to think that someone who is unable to speak or write a coherent sentence can have 3 books published and all are best sellers to boot – only in America!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I love it!

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            America IS great! LOL If I ever saw someone who wasn’t camera-friendly it is Penny & UncleFester aka JDaGreek! Talk about made for radio… Not saying that there aren’t HWs who could use some help in the looks depot but DAYUMMMMMM this Penny sure needs something to boost her. She tried to rock the side pony/TaylorSwift look and looked like an OLD saloon bar hooker! As for him who will he court for endorsements… GEBulbs? They want to come on to blast MeGo’s past, beat her down and wear her skin as a trophy . Even if Melissa is a whore, theoretically speaking of course LMAO, so what? Why so angry? Did she leave, never look back, owe you a percentage of tips, not help you get on the show, film at your location? Why so serious?

            I think it takes a HUGE set of BALLS, for both men and women, or to be a PRIMO LOSER to talk about a married woman’s past. Can you imagine if every guy you ever dated was vying to tell your history with him? Yes these are the #CelebrityProblems Tre warned MeGo about, but why aren’t Tre’s ex-boyfriends clamouring to tell her tales? She was VERY long in the tooth, short on the forehead, when she married Juicey. Even ASSUMING she was a virgin, (HA) she was probably still experienced in other facets of foreplay. Is it that Juicey commands more respect than JoeGo, or is it that Juicey/Tre have encouraged ,by their own actions, people to come forward with all salacious details about MeGo. OTOH, JoGo knows Tre’s history but what POS would say “My wife is not a whore! My sister is a whore!”. So Tre and Juicey win that round because JoGo can’t and won’t ruin his only sister’s ‘Innocent/OneManOnly/VirginTre story. I’d rather have Danielle come and put MeGo on the hotseat as she’s much more entertaining and easier on the eyes.

            Love, love, love me some MamaElsa. Yes she needed to put that dirty dragqueen in her place. How presumptuous of Elaine to call her Mama? Taking such liberties while she’s been badmouthing her daughter all over town and finally, with much pleasure, on camera! Even Elaine knew she was beat when Elsa referred to the all-important red carpet as ‘that red rag’! It has become the life-mission of some to get on as many step&repeats and have their picture taken. Elaine and Lea are livid that the dragqueen wasn’t allowed to walk, taking every opportunity to slam Marysol’s business/reputation. In her blog Lea says it’s Marysol who keeps bringing it up even though we’ve seen Lea and Elaine mention it countless times while Marysol doesn’t “want to give it legs”. 2 days later and already Lea’s re-writing history yall!

            Getting back to Elaine, using the old “I can’t understand what you’re saying…” line… in MIAMI?!! DragBitchWhore Puh-Leeze! She understood every last sentence MamaElsa said and was just being a haughty anglo bitch! I bet she even speaks Spanish when it’s time to talk to a lovely latin boy who speak little English! When MamaElsa ,after being accused of being drunk and called a liar about not drinking, threatened to hit Elaine with her with her pocketbook I was LMAO. Here I begrudgingly thought Elaine wasn’t a pure POS when she tried talking MamaElsa down from the beating and then tried to help her leave by assisting her . When that failed Elaine showed promise by leaving herself so MamaElsa could have her moment. Loved the parting shots of the two titans “Don’t tell me what to do!” as she’s kicked out, and “they couldn’t pay me to wear that filthy rag !(on the red carpet)”

            Joanna and her sister are so damn messy and annoying its no wonder Romain wanted to get away from the both of them! Lisa, while still nice, loves to stir the pot while accusing others of talking behind each others backs. Adriana , who is always great with MamaElsa, wanted to give Karent a heads up as to her constant attention-seeking antics but was derailed when Alexia came by. Alexia was proving her points when Karent ‘WENT THERE’ and mentioned her own kindness during Frankie’s illness. WHAT kind of MORON says I was nice to you when your son was at death’s door? KARENTLaDentistaLocaW/CheaterBoyfriend. Marysol has every reason to be annoyed at Lea’s crude jokes. Even if her marriage is over, the sting of the insult remains the same. Saying “it’s a joke, ha ha, get it?” doesn’t make it all better. Lea is a nasty bitter bitch. She picked a fight with her ally from S1 as she’s making room for more followers. Will she eventually turn on Adriana too? Can’t wait til next week. 🙂

            • LaineyLainey says:

              HI Amber!!! It’s your stalker, LaineyLainey!!! haha! hey, you don’t think that if there were some salacious things to say about Tre’s romantic or sexual past that they wouldn’t have already come out of the woodwork with it? I don’t think the woman has a secret that hasn’t been told already. But I guess time will tell.

              Penny as a housewife. Not sure what I think about that, but you pose some good questions about why they are after Melissa. It will be interesting to find out why, but if history has anything to say about these shows, there is envy involved. Penny and her hubby seem to have the idea that Mel is getting famous partly by misrepresenting herself (based on what they say they know about her) and therefore doesn’t deserve it (the fame)? who knows.

              I, too, like RHoMiami! Adriana keeps everything moving forward. I wish I didn’t like her, but I do. ‘Cause she can be so baaaaad!! She was awesome on WWHL, she brought it. She didn’t shrink away when Joanna called in. That was funny. “If the hooker boots fit.” LOL I’m not hating Karent; just the spelling of her name. Joanna and her sis…not loving them, yet. LOVE ROMAIN. I hope I don’t have to take that back. Rodolfo, I think he’s trying to cross over to the American market. Marysol seems really lowkey this season. Lisa is pretty and might be too nice for this franchise. I hope she and her hubby are able to one day have the child they wish to have. Lea? She’s just Lea. I’m somewhat amused by her. Interesting that someone at that social and financial strata can be so socially inept. Oh and Mama Elsa? Yes, I love her too.

              • BB says:

                LL, I agree with you about Tre. I think all of her skeletons have been exposed. And I don’t think JoeGo would have any qualms about doing it if there were any. Mel the puppetmaster would see to that. Lol.

              • Amber...Real Wife says:

                LL a stalker? NEVAH! 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday afternnoon. Tre probably does have dirt that is uncovered but maybe the guys she dated don’t want to be known as the lowlife ex that shakes the dustmop. There could also be the possibility they fear, rightly so or not, the wrath of Juicey. Even if they had Tre every which way but Tuesday, they may not think it’s serious enough to break her Madonna when married vignette she’s set up. *shrug* As for Penny, there has to definitely be envy/hate involved in her desire to ‘out’ all of MeGo’s past transgressions. She’s like a PhyliisDiller-looking jilted ex with her Igor husband stalking this younger girl. Penny, you are ugly and mean. GO AWAY! If JoGo married a woman of ill-repute, he doesn’t seem to be very upset by it. He seems dedicated and is so in-love with her and his children that it would have to be a disastrous event to separate him from them. Both of the Gorgas have readily admitted he had to court her to get her to fall in love. So What? When one person falls harder that person will always pursue, please and forgive the other. Sounds like Tre&Juicey too doesn’t it? I’ve said it before… it must be a Gorga curse to love their spouse more than they are loved in return. As for Lea being Lea… yep she’s an old hateful, ordinary screeching shrew! 😉

                • BB says:

                  Penny is desperate to get on the show and will do anything to get there. She knows stuff about Mel and that’s her ticket (she thinks). I don’t care if I ever see her face grace my TV screen. Lol.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  Yes, it’s true both Tre and JoeGo are very devoted and loyal to their spouses. It’s ironic that this precise quality is what tears them apart as brother and sister.

                  • BB says:

                    LL. That’s really the way it should be (devoted and loyal to your spouse). Too bad neither one won the lottery in the spouse department. Lol.

                  • Amber...Real Wife says:

                    AND both ARE easily manipulated by their spouses. One with kisses the other with disdain and both of them with a whole lot of withholding SEX! LMAO. Tre and JoeGo really loved each other but JEALOUSY amongst them ALL got in the way.

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      Wow, I never thought of that – – how both of their spouses seem to withhold affection! Well, duh….And BB, you are correct, neither of their spouses is the prize that both JoeGo and Tre believe them to be.

                • mrs peabody says:

                  I think Teresa has only been with Joe G ever so there probably are no others who can come forward about her love life. As far as Penny being upset about Melissa trying to show herself as something she’s not isn’t that what all the others say about Tre all the time, that she portrays herself one way for the show and is another way in real life. I say if Penny wants to show snake woman and trazan as doing the same thing more power to her.

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    Good point, Mrs. Peabody!

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    I, of course, cannot say for CERTAIN, but I DO actually believe that Teresa has ONLY been with Joe G. sexually (I do NOT believe she was a VIRGIN when she married because I think she and Joe probably slept together beforehand. But, hey, I COULD be WRONG about that too). And I do NOT think it is because she is unattractive. I personally find her to be attractive — drop dead gorgeous, NO — but certainly attractive.

                    Some may DISAGREE with me, but I am sure that there are also some who AGREE with me. Outside of good skin, nice hair and a nice smile, any man that is an “ASS man” will be attracted to Teresa because she has, IMO, a very nice ass (and I am a woman that is straight as a ruler. I am secure enough to compliment another woman, though). I myself attract “ASS” and “LEG” men because I’ve been told I have a nice ass (a.k.a., a bubble booty) by men AND women and nice legs by men AND women. I remember an episode where Jac (when she and Teresa were still friends) talked about how jealous she was of Teresa’s ass and wished she had one like that. *Shrug* People have different tastes and different attractions. I also think Teresa has a good figure overall, especially for having 4 damned kids. I think some men would find that attractive as well. Also her ditziness, bubbly personality and the way she loves nurturing her man and her daughters are qualities MANY men would also find VERY attractive.

                    Additionally, I know BUTT UGLY women who get men to sleep with them all the time. So, the “She probably never had sex with anybody but Joe because she is so unattractive” argument does not really fly with me. *Shrug*

                    Also, Teresa is Catholic. If one has been raised to be devout (the way I was and the way SHE was), losing one’s virginity and just giving yourself to someone in that way is a BIG deal. I waited until I was in my 2nd semester of college and had been with my first serious boyfriend for several months beforehand. I felt so much guilt afterward, though, that I stopped going to communion for a while. When I came home to visit and went to church, my paternal grandmother (who did not miss a DAMNED thing) asked me, “I notice you have not gone to Communion the past couple of times you’ve come home to visit and have gone to Church. Why is THAT, Cher? Just WHAT are you DOING at that college?” I lied and said I’d been telling lies and gossiping, and I had not yet gone to Confession because I had not yet found a church home in the city where my college was located, and I could not go to Communion with those sins on my soul.

                    She gave me a LOOK like she did NOT believe a DAMNED word I said and just said, “Hmmmph!! Just remember the way you were raised to be a lady and a good Catholic.”

                    And, still to this day, I am VERY selective and go through LONG periods of celibacy because sleeping around has never been my style. I think I would just feel degraded and lacking in self-respect if I did that. Am I a VERY sexual person? ABSO-FRICKIN’-LUTELY!! This is why I damned near kill my partner the first couple of times after my long period of celibacy. 😀 At 41 years of age, I am proud to say that I know the name of every single man with whom I have had sex, my exact number, and it is more than one hand (but NOT much)! I’d say that’s pretty damned good for being 41, never having been married and having DATED (Dated NOT SLEPT WITH) LOTS of men in my 41 years here on this Earth (*Patting myself on the back* LOL. 😉 ).

                    I have slutty girlfriends. Sure. I don’t judge them at all (Many OTHER people do, though). It’s just NOT for ME (and maybe it wasn’t for Teresa either). *Shrug*

                    As for Penny coming on the show, I’m neutral on that. She may want to come on out of envy of Melissa. Sure. She may also want to come on to get even with Melissa for trashing her name and business all around town (This is what Johnny and Penny, like Kim D., CLAIM Melissa has been doing). Some people are vindictive (I’m sure Melissa can RELATE to vindictiveness. So, I’m sure she’d understand Penny’s position. And, NO, I am NOT saying that Melissa is the ONLY one who can be vindictive. Make no mistake. I could make a list, but I don’t feel like it right now). Johnny and Penny may also, like Joey and Melissa said they wanted, to join the show to avail themselves of opportunities the show may provide for them. Who knows?

                    FWIW, I do NOT think BRAVO is going to select them as cast members, though.

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      I would be very surprised if Bravo cast Penny and her husband.

                    • Amber...Real Wife says:

                      Hey Detox. I for one don’t believe there is anyone that is ‘INCHINGABLE’ which is Spanish slang for ‘Unphuckable’! I too believe Tre had a great figure then and now, even though she was small breasted. Her boobs probably sank when she had her kids so the breast augmentation really made her figure symmetrically correct. (Says who right?) In the land of Lynnfam and TMI… I too lost my innocence (HA) at age 22. It was with my one and true love, RealHusband. Oh I had a whole lot of takers, especially if they found out I was a virgin, but I never fell for the okey doke because I was raised Catholic, had seen the consequences of teenage pregnancy and single moms and my RealMom was a menacing tyrant. I also felt they would just take it and go like all my girlfriends and gays had been done. RealHusband put in the time, waited 6months of daily interaction, romantic dates, gifts, hours long phone calls nightly, before I was ‘overcome’ and caved. I felt so guilty and the next afternoon he came to my house with a gold ring and earrings. I guess he liked it! LOL We’ve been together 24 years and have a 14yr old RealSon. I’ve only been with him and don’t feel as if i’ve missed a thing! LOL Can a woman in her 20s be a virgin… OF COURSE! It does become more difficult when a woman is in her late 20s (like Tre was ) is attractive, has takers and has a oversexed gene in her. JustSaying.

                      BTW @ 46 if I were left alone, be it by death or him dragging his half-dead ass out the door, LOL, I don’t even think i’d be able to date. I went on Zoosk for my divorced 48 yr old RealSister and got depressed looking at the “MEN” for her. I told her go to church, join a group cause baby these men look like crap. Alot of self-taken bathroom shots =sneaky cheaters.

                    • NJBev says:

                      Great story, Amber. 🙂

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      Amber and Detox, y’all are way more interesting than the housewives!!

            • ATLnNYC09 says:

              Melissa definitely does misrepresent herself and she lies constantly. Plus she appears to have made some enemies in Jersey based on her behaviors and actions. It seems like Penny is targeting Melissa because Mel trashed her salon (and in turn, her livelihood).

              I agree, we all do have a past and past relationships but it appears that Melissa has a ton of skeletons in her closet and she’s trying to keep that door locked shut. However, that is not working. She has quite the questionable and shady past to be passing judgment about Teresa’s actions and behaviors. That strip club seems like the tip of the iceberg.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Amen (on her having the nerve to pass judgment on Teresa part), ATL!!

                As for whether or not it APPEARS that Melissa has a ton of skeletons and a very shady past, it certainly does based on things that have been coming out about her. For the sake of argument, let’s say she was a slut before she married Joey (This is for the sake of argument, People. Although some people are claiming that Melissa was a slut who slept with people “just because” or in return for plastic surgery, drugs, jewelry, etc., I am NOT saying that these people are DEFINITELY telling the TRUTH. They could be LYING. I personally believe that she WAS and still IS a Trashbox, but that’s MY opinion.), it was her prerogative to be that way before she got married, and it was Joey’s prerogative to NOT care and to marry her ANYWAY.

                I can give her a pass on that — as a person on my t.v. screen.

                However, in REAL life, if I had a brother or a male cousin or a son, that wanted to marry a woman with that kind of reputation, I would want to DIE!! I, of course, would NOT say this to my relative because it is NOT my place. I would have to respect his decision.

                I WOULD worry that this woman might have the propensity to CHEAT on my male relative because, in MY experience, the term “You CAN’T turn a HO into a HOUSEWIFE” has OFTEN turned out to be TRUE (Now, this is MY experience. I do have LOTS of family members and LOTS of friends. So, I have witnessed this QUITE often. It may not be YOUR experience. So be it. But it HAS been MINE.). There are exceptions to EVERY rule. Maybe Melissa is one of those (According to many people who seem to be chomping at the bit to unearth and reveal Melissa’s skeletons, however, she is NOT.).

                Now, if she cheated on Joey AFTER she was married, that would NOT be cool. I would not care for someone who did this to my relative. I would NOT tell HER or SOME of my male relatives this, but I would damned sure THINK it (Just being honest).

                I say SOME because I do have some MALE relatives that I can (and HAVE) “pull their coat” and say, “Dude, I don’t know if this is true or not, but….I heard. You may want to look into this. If it’s NOT true, then GREAT! If it IS true, I will support however you choose to handle it — including if you find out that it IS true, and you want to stay. That is YOUR business, and I’ve always got YOUR back because you are my blood!!” I could tell these particular male relatives this without them repeating it to their wife and without them resenting me for it (because they know that I am ONLY looking out for them. And THEY would [and HAVE] do the SAME thing for me. Neither one of us would allow the other to look like a JACKASS!!).

                I have OTHER male relatives, on the other hand, who I would not tell a DAMNED thing — even if I saw their wife cheating RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. This is because they are a bit “softer” and a bit more “weak-minded.” They would want to kill the MESSENGER (ME) and cause all kinds of drama just because they cannot handle either the POSSIBILITY of the truth or the ACTUAL truth.

                I think Teresa’s mistake was probably telling Joey what she thought of Melissa based on Melissa’s reputation around town either BEFORE or AFTER he married her (although she may NOT have done this before Joey married Melissa. Teresa claims she welcomed Melissa with open arms and even made Melissa the godmother to her daughter, Gabriella. Being a godmother is a BIG DEAL in the Catholic Church. I doubt very seriously that Teresa would have done that if she HATED Melissa).

                We DO know that Teresa made the mistake of telling Joey her opinions of Melissa based on some things she may have heard around town AFTER they were married. She may have been well-intentioned and just looking out for her brother, but she should have realized that he was NOT the type of man to whom she could confide these things. She should have KNOWN her brother by that time.

                Maybe Melissa and Joey have an open marriage. Maybe they don’t. Maybe Joey has cheated on Melissa, and maybe Melissa has cheated on Joey. Their choosing to stay together ANYWAY is THEIR business (just like if Teresa chooses to stay with Joe if she finds out for sure that he has cheated on her — if she hasn’t already).

                Now, that being said, I TOTALLY agree with you, ATL, Melissa DEFINITELY has NO room to sit there and constantly run her mouth about and judge Teresa based on some of her own skeletons.

                At this point, Melissa needs to recognize that the relationship between Teresa and Joey is DONE. Teresa is NO LONGER fooling with Joey OR Melissa. She is focused on her own children, her own husband, working to pay off her debt, and on her parents.

                So, any of Melissa’s PROBLEMS with Teresa should NOW be solved, and she should NO longer be running her mouth about Teresa or Teresa’s husband or Teresa’s kids. At this stage, what IS the point (other than to get some kind of attention and using Teresa as the vehicle to get that attention)?

                What MORE does she WANT from Teresa? Teresa has GIVEN her what she WANTS: having Joey ALL TO HERSELF with NO CONTACT from Teresa?

                Why is she STILL keeping Teresa’s name and even Teresa’s CHILDREN’s name in her mouth?

                If that is NOT enough for her, and she wants Teresa to get off the show (which she HAS said in interviews), she has a LOT of EFFIN’ nerve. I’m pretty sure Teresa has read this and, privately, laughed and said to herself, “Yeah, o.k., Melissa! Whatever! Kick Rocks! I ain’t goin’ NOWHERE, Bitch!!”

                Let it GO, Jill, ooops, Jac,….ooops, I mean MELISSA!! Move the EFF on. Teresa HAS.

                Find a NEW hobby that does NOT involve still running your mouth about Teresa and her loved ones!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Ditto on your comment about Ramonacoaster and the great job she did on the RHONJ blogs! 😀

      The same goes for you on the RHOM blogs, IDBIU!! Great job!! 😀

      I WISH BRAVO would think about Russell Armstrong and consider the fact that Jac appears to be in a bad state mentally (although I cannot honestly see Jac physically hurting HERSELF or ending her own life. I CAN see her physically hurting someone ELSE, though. I mean, her arrest record DOES prove that she has a propensity for violence). I fear, however, that BRAVO does NOT care. As long as they get the RATINGS, they will continue to exploit ANYBODY’s mental problems and/or personality disorders — damage to that particular person and/or their family be DAMNED!! I mean, IMO, they (and Taylor) had Russell Armstrong’s blood on their hands, and they did NOT care. They ALSO did NOT care about his family members and children and friends who would have to witness and/or hear all of these horrible allegations against their family member/father/friend while they were still in the midst of their grief.

  4. TexasTart says:

    Jill had “Under 10,000 mentions on Twitter this week.” Well, didn’t we all, NMD?! Haters rock?! Gosh, she’s making it hard for us to hate on her since she’s enjoying the “under 10000..” attention so much. Eye roll.

  5. ATLnNYC09 says:

    I cant believe season 4 of RHONJ premiered on April 22 and the last episode (lost footage) ends on October 21. This season was 6 MONTHS long! Way too long. Bravo needs to scale back on the episodes.

  6. ATLnNYC09 says:

    Bravo definitely put the kabosh on Jac and her crazy blog manifesto’s. Those blogs make her look so much more crazy than she actually is.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      You know what’s scary?? what if the manifestos make her seem more SANE than she is?

      • princesspindy says:

        Or what if Chris is the one writing the manifestos and doing the tweeting and HE’S really the crazy one!!??!!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I think Jac’s manifestos make her look INSANE (but NOT as insane as I REALLY think she is). They also make her look OBSESSED (with TERESA).

        If Jac remains on the show, if I were Teresa, and it would not violate any of the terms of my BRAVO contract, I would get a T.R.O. on her. This probably DOES violate the terms of the BRAVO contract, but during the season, if they both refuse to film with each other, a T.R.O. should not be a problem. It’s temporary. So, Teresa can request that it be lifted in time for the Reunion so they can all be in the same room together to tape THAT.

        To me, Jac’s constant sending of texts without a response from Teresa (IF what Teresa is saying about that is TRUE) borders on harassment. JMHO.

  7. BB says:

    Good morning (almost afternoon here) LynnFam! Beautiful day here in VA. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.

  8. This just in from TMZ

    There are absolutely ZERO PLANS to bring Danielle Staub back to “Real Housewives” … despite her meeting with Andy Cohen … this according to very well-placed sources.

    TMZ posted footage of Staub exiting a meeting with the Bravo honcho earlier this week … and she hinted that a possible return to the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” could be in the works.

    But network sources tell TMZ … Staub left such a bad taste in the mouths of producers when she was fired from the show back in 2010, that there’s NO WAY they would even consider bringing her back.

    However, we’re told Andy and Danielle got along well during the meeting — fact is, Andy’s a good businessman so he’s keeping the door open for other possible projects down the line.

    Read more:

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Like I said the other day, it’s probably some show about her daughter’s modeling career and her managing of same. It could also be, like someone mentioned the other day, some type of “Where Are They Now?” show with update interviews from former Housewives, including Danielle.

      • ATLnNYC09 says:

        ITA. It appears to have nothing to do with housewives. But maybe Dani brought those texts and emails of her communications with Mel to dinner and Andy was taking a look at them?

  9. Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

    I think I’m done (to coin a phrase) with NJ. I think it’s unwatchable. I don’t want to watch another season of Tre and Mel nastiness, Caro’s condescension, Jaq’s face in a pillow or Kathy’s husband saying really inappropriate things. Not to mention unjuicy Joe or poison Joe. It’s really boring and what used to be a guilty pleasure is just down right embarrassing to admit that I even watch this trash.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      hi Formerly Addicted: when you say you are “done” – – is that like when Jac said she was “done” with Teresa? She went on to tweet about her 24/7, try to horn in on her on camera conversations (scenes), tell her secrets, attack her every chance she could,…clearly indicating that she was not done. Or are you saying that you are DONE like a normal person? and really really done? Like “poke me with a fork” done?

      • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

        well I am sure I have my moments but I mean the normal person version lol! so put a fork in me if I give them the time of day ever again…unless there’s a new cast…;)

        • LaineyLainey says:

          LOL!!! I’m done with OC, but not ready to quit NJ. I would feel weird on Sunday nights/Mondays if I hadn’t seen the show. However, the recaps are pretty durn good here!! I still put my 1/2 cent in during reunion time even though I did not watch the three part reunion. So I guess it can be done. 🙂

          • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

            now that you mention it I am done with OC too…I really don’t like a single one of them which at the end of the day is what makes a difference for me. In Beverly Hills I like Lisa and Brandy and in NYC I like Carole and Heather. On Miami I am kinda meh. I think Bravo should run focus groups with people from this blog before they hire anyone so we can give the thumbs up to new housewives – we’re a resource darn it..;)

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Lainey, Girl…YOU so CRAZY!! LOL. ;-D

        You perfectly described Jac’s “done.”

        Can you describe Jill’s being “done” with Bethenny (“I said I was DONE, but I didn’t MEAN it, Bethenny! I mean friends fight, and then they make up. I didn’t really mean I was ‘DONE’ done. I just said I was DONE. That’s all!”)?

        I WOULD ask you to describe Jill’s being DONE with BRAVO, but I don’t think she ever really said she was done with BRAVO (but I could be wrong). BRAVO damned sure made it clear that they were DONE with HER, though (Firing a person has a way of sending that “message” to that person)! Bringing her back for that interview was simply her “EXIT Interview” that they did NOT have with her before they gave her the axe (It was also probably THEIR way of making a fool of her and re-affirming to themselves that they made the RIGHT decision because the woman has gone BONKERS!!).

  10. Good Morning! Such a beautiful fall day, this is my favorite time of year.

    NMD, just juicy stuff you get everyday to enlighten and entertain us! Thanks for your hard work, and those other elves who help you behind the scenes!

    And thanks ladies for the blog recaps. I do not watch either show, but your recaps keep me up to date…and laughing! I sure hope they do something with the NJ show. Can it go on this way? Will everyone still watch? Is it right that Bravo push along further imploding of this family?

    The Housewives shows were originally started to show the fun life of the “rich and want to be famous” wives of certain cities. NJ has run so far afoul of this concept… is sad and disheartening…because it spills over into real life for the rest of us. Not what the plan was, I thought. Anyway…just my humble opinion.

    Now….so many good shows listed for tonight. Thanks BB! My DVR is exploding with recordings and I don’t know what to watch first! Or when! Still looking for time to watch Walking Dead. And Revenge. Anyone watching the new season?

    A fun new blog & stuff is up at my place today! I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday! Enjoy!

    • BB says:

      MarDrag, I love this time of year, too. I’m sitting beside my open bedroom window and can hear the aluminum bats hitting balls on a nearby baseball field where they are playing fall ball. You can’t see them because there is a stand of trees separating us, but I can hear it and hear the sporadic yells of spectators cheering. I love the sound. I am watching both Revenge and The Walking Dead and enjoying both very much.

    • California35 says:

      I agree about the original reason for housewives, at least my reason for watching. Rich, classy people, fashion, view of the cities, parties.

      I watch Revenge among other many Sunday’s shows 🙂

      • Cali & Formerly….I just watched the 1st season of Revenge last weekend, so I haven’t started my dvr’d epi’s of this season yet. I can’t wait to find out who her mother is and what twists and turns will come! I love me a good mystery! 🙂

        • California35 says:

          For all qpwe know, the mom is the one that started it all. I mean the show does have mostly strong woman…

        • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

          me too! I love not being able to predict what is going to happen in a show or movie (I am the one in the family that always sees the end 10 minutes in.) Revenge is unpredictably good..:)

          • I agree Formerly….I am a writer so I always try to “psyche out” the ending or the mystery and I am frequently wrong….which I love. There were many times watching Revenge that I said, whoa….didn’t see THAT coming! And I love a show that does that to me!

    • Nancy says:

      I bet he did.

      • BB says:

        Nancy are you able to see the Redskins/Giants football game? It’s a great game.

      • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

        What a nasty bit that guy is…says something about Adrienne’s character that she associates with and let’s someone like that work for her…

        • LaineyLainey says:

          The way she (Adrienne) and the other women tried to sabotage Lisa last season, makes me think that Adrienne is probably one of the bad guys. It’s interesting that it consistently backfires on these bitches when they do that. The only time it has worked is with OC. Remember when Lisa made up with stupid Taylor at her tea…and extended her support to her? Kyle was so pisssssssed. They all tried so hard to make Lisa the bad guy. Sorry beeeeeches. Has it happened on Atlanta? No, not really since they break off into pretty equitable teams. They’re trying to make Karent the bad guy on Miami, not sure if it will work. So maybe it’s just NY (Jill had it all planned, saving the voicemail, etc), also BHills and New Jersey where it’s been done really blatantly.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I knew that was coming. As soon as I saw that, I said to myself, “Oh, Bernie and Adrienne WILL be getting a SERIOUS WARNING letter and a possible STERN PHONE CALL from Bernie’s attorney for that LOWDOWN sh*t!! This will be pulled down and gotten rid of in NO time if Bernies knows what’s good for him!”

      Sure enough, Marty Singer did JUST that. I did not know that Dr. Paul hired Marty Singer. Good for him! Marty Singer is a FEARED and RESPECTED BULLDOG attorney. I’m sure Adrienne has an attorney that is JUST AS GOOD because she is LOADED. But it will be a “Clash of the Titans” (between those attorneys) when it comes to finally getting the divorce and custody matters settled.

      Adrienne is a “dirty fighter.” That’s probably ONE of the MANY reasons Dr. Paul filed for divorce. I personally don’t think “dirty fighting” is NOT cool at any time (unless it is at the point of no return and used as a VERY LAST resort), but it is PARTICULARLY not cool in a relationship/marriage.

      Kevin Bacon was asked what the secret was to he and his wife, Kyra Sedgewick, remaining married for so long (24 years — particularly long and uncommon in Hollywood), and he said: “Well, I think we’ve been married so long because we keep our fights CLEAN and our sex REAL DIRTY!” (You go, Kevin and Kyra!! I LOVE that quote).

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Oh, that is sooooo cute!! I love Kevin Bacon!! remember when he was on Will and Grace. He was so cute!!

  11. princesspindy says:

    I wanted to tell you re:binder costume. There is white duct tape, just saying, it would make a cleaner looking binder. And you could take a clear shower curtain and cover it so it looks shiny.

  12. LavaLady says:

    Thanks for the blogs this weekend. Very informative. Appreciate it.

    • BB says:

      Hey LavaLady! Hope you’re doing well.

      • LavaLady says:

        Hey, I am doing well. Thanks. Just trying to adjust to working almost 35 hours a week after 18 years of being a SAHM. I love my job, and I am slowly adjusting to taking care of all chores and such in the late afternoons or weekends. The good news is LavaMan thinks we should get a cleaning service every other week! I read almost every day here still. I loved NY this season. I am fed up with NJ, and am really looking forward to BH. And Miami is my comic relief. I find them amusing. Hope all is well with you, too. Can’t wait for AR tonight. I love, love, love that show.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          HI LL, I love AR too! can’t wait to see it!! I would cry tears of joy if my husband said we could spend our money on a cleaning service. Tears. of. joy. DO IT!!! 🙂

        • BB says:

          I so glad you like your job. I never followed up on the subbing at the schools. I agreed to babysit the new grandbaby , so I decided not to bother.

          • Lavalady says:

            That’s great that you can do that for them. My in laws watched my daughter for a few.
            years for me while I worked part time and it was great for all of us. Enjoy the time you spend with the baby!

  13. Nancy says:

    This game is insane. 5 turnovers in one quarter.

    • BB says:

      The first half was better. Both teams were playing well. Now both teams are screwing up. I’d rather see both teams play well no matter who wins.

  14. BB says:

    That Redskin who just got the interception is RealHousewifeVA’s neighbor – No. 50

  15. BB says:

    Are you kidding me?????????

  16. boston02127 says:

    Juicy blog info….thanks.

  17. JustDee says:

    Okay. Am I the ONLY one who does NOT like Mama Elsa?
    I don’t think she’s cute……or spiritual……or psychic.
    I think she’s DRUNK and not very nice.

    :::ducking and running:::

    • LaineyLainey says:

      GASP!!! too slow, JustDee, I think I nailed you with my slipper as you were rounding the corner!

    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

      AGREE 100% – she was sort of a novelty in the first season but now she’s just creepy.

    • BB says:

      I feel kind of sorry for her.

      • VV says:

        I feel bad for her too. I think she is being used as comedic relief on the show by the Producers. However, I don’t like her eccentric behavior. I don’t find it humorous at all.

    • boston02127 says:

      I haven’t been able to watch the show but I know who she is and I think she’s frightening.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      LOL, JustDee. I have done the *duck and run” many a time on this blog.

      I LOVE Mama Elsa, but I do NOT think you are alone in disliking her (in the minority, maybe, but NOT alone).

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      She’s kind of like a wicked witch isnt she? I do think some of the things she says are funny but mostly she’s just mean. Plus I really cant look at her bad plastic surgery for a long time. It appears her inside matches her outside. (now im ducking and running from that rock I just threw).

    • JustDee says:

      Whew! I don’t feel so all alone now!

  18. BB’s Post ~ “Bernie the Chef deletes claims of abuse from his facebook page”

    I wanted to respond to this but didn’t want it to get lost in the thread above…..this is disgusting and I never believed Bernie or Adrienne because….in the first season of BH, if anyone recalls, they had several scenes of Adrienne taking her martial arts classes. Paul walked in and A. made disparaging remarks (surprise!) to him about how weak he was, how he should take a class, and how she was stronger and could take him down.

    I just think it is so terrible for a women to do this. Disclaimer: if there really is abuse that went on from Paul, then that should not have happened and shame on him. BUT, if she lied about this and had Bernie lie….then double shame on her for putting women in that position. Not to mention how this will affect the children. Don’t any of these people consider the kids?!? (well, except for Aviva? LOL)

    Ok…mini rant over. 🙂

    • california35 says:

      i second that 🙂

      only the couple really know what happens in their relationship, and i dont want to defend Paul just in case. i can only judge or coment base on what i see. in my opinion she and her employee are doing very wrong putting the story of “abuse” ou there. wether true or not, they need to deal with it in a difrent way, specially having children in the equation.

      • Nancy says:

        I 3rd it. 🙂

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I agree with the both of you. I do NOT believe Adrienne. I think she is a SPOILED BRAT who is so used to getting her way that she pulls out all the stops to seriously hurt ANYONE she thinks is standing in the way of what she wants.

        She TRIES to throw rocks and then hide her hand, though. She does this by using Bernie as her mouthpiece (like she did with allowing him to say so many nasty things about Lisa Vanderpump onscreen and on social media) and by, IMO, serving as a secret source for VERY nasty blog articles about her cast mates — particularly Brandi.

        I think Adrienne is VERY angry that Brandi called her out last season for the following: NOT liking Lisa and telling some members of her staff this who, in turn, told Brandi (and Brandi repeated this at the Reunion); and trying to organize a meeting before the last Reunion to gang up on Lisa and take her down (which Brandi also revealed to our sweet Lynn in an interview she gave before the Reunion aired).

        I think, after that, Adrienne made up her mind to go after Brandi particularly HARD. It is VERY hard to go after a person that is as HONEST ABOUT HERSELF — flaws and all — as Brandi is, though. She tells any negative truths about herself before anyone ELSE can. This leaves anyone who is trying to hurt her by revealing damaging information about her POWERLESS — because Brandi has said it about herself ALREADY!

        So, the only thing a person like Adrienne can do to attack Brandi is make up LIES about her and sneakily have these lies printed in blogs (mainly Radar Online). On Twitter, Brandi basically called Adrienne out for doing that EVERY time she did it. This angered Adrienne so much that she had her lawyer send Brandi a letter. Brandi then took to Twitter to tell the world about that and to LAUGH at Adrienne, kinda like, “Bitch, PLEASE!! You do NOT scare me. So, give it UP!!”

    • LaineyLainey says:

      love how you threw aviva in there. 🙂

      • Well, according to Aviva, IT”S ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN! 🙂

        But seriously, posting those pics and accusations about the abuse, whether real or not, is just atrocious! If I were the victim of abuse, the LAST thing I would want to do is broadcast it and show pictures like its from a family photo album. I just do not get it…though in Adrienne’s case I think she thought it would garner sympathy and attention to her side. I think that soundly backfired…and good if it did.

  19. lillybee says:

    Nancy, are you watching the skating on NBC. I was impressed with the French skater.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi lillybee,
      I sure am! How about the american skater that is a full time student at Harvard!
      That’s the best program she has ever skated.
      The french skater was good but she’s almost too tall for a skater. It really makes a big

    • Nancy says:

      Keep your eye on this Russian skater as she’s going to be great it she doesn’t have an injuries before the next winter Olympics.

      • lillybee says:

        I haven’t seen so many good skaters in a while.

        • Nancy says:

          I’m happy for Ashley. She was known as the 4th place skater for years. She rarely hit the podiums. John Nicks is really making her a gold medal threat for Russia in 2014.

  20. Nancy says:

    Good luck!

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