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Good Grief – it looks like Alexis Bellino is back for another round with the mean girls.  According to Real Mr. Housewife reporting for RumorFix, Alexis has already been seen filming, and Jim was seen at a high end store asking to borrow a purse.

Caroline Manzo was on Watch What Happens Live in an uncharacteristically good mood last night, until Andy Cohen asked about her relationship with her sister Dina.  She looked right at the camera and said something about whatever was going on would never unfold on camera in front of their parents – that they’d keep it private.  I didn’t think much about it – but Dina immediately tweeted this – and Ashlee immediately responded.  I wonder what it was that Caroline said that tweaked Dina.  The conversation about Jacqueline – that was likely in reference to Jacqueline saying on the lost footage show that Dina hadn’t acknowledged her son.

Speaking of the lost footage show.  Other things we learned about the housewives?  Teresa still pronounces her name in two ways.  In a seen at a book store (the best scene of the hour) she corrects herself when she introduces herself to the book store employee.  Other take aways – Jacqueline is not only concerned about what people have “done” to her as what they haven’t done.  First there was the storyline that she was mad that Teresa wasn’t confiding in her enough.  Then on the lost footage she showed ENORMOUS copies of text messages she had sent to T that apparently T didn’t respond to or didn’t respond in the proper way.  And then there was Dina not saying or doing the right thing about Nicholas.  I’m glad I’m not her friend.  I’m sure she’d be mad at me for something.

Premier Party night for BH.  Here’s a few photos from the Daily Mail.


Couple’s Therapy episode 4 by Mr and Mrs Lulu

Her blog

Hot tub scene with Alex and Simon

Opens to the argument that escalates and Alex takes a nasty fall.  Simon reflects and states “that was like a stabbing to her heart.”  He also goes and checks up on her and offers an ice pak.  Once Alex recollects her thoughts does she purge her feelings that it is her fault (no Alex it is not!!!) Simon sweetly consoles her and you see the damage between them.  They are at that point of complete broken communication.  But they are not far gone that there is no hope.  Trust me been there too many times.

Couples Yoga

Courtney has yet to arrive.  Nik and Doug have their first pleasant exchange.  Once it begins Doug takes off.  He is upset that Courtney is not there.  Shayne attempts to console Doug but he is very angry.  Shayne tries to reason that Courtney may not have wanted to be there.  Doug explodes and is quick to over react and dismiss Shayne saying she is against Courtney.  You can clearly see that Doug is the only one that wants a real relationship.  When she finally arrives Doug is in the bathroom in the midst of a breakdown.  Courtney asks what happened.  Doug mentions that he was upset and that Shayne confronted him.  Courtney quickly changes the topic to Shayne.  It’s clear that Courtney is not emotionally invested in that relationship as Doug is.

Couple’s Therapy

Dr Jen begins by talking about trust and it’s importance in a relationship.  She asks Shayne and Nik to begin.  Shayne admits her insecurity with the women on Nik’s blog.  Dr Jen points out that she needs to start emotionally connecting to Nik.   Shayne voices her need to be compliment and romanced.  Nik is fine with it as long as it’s recipricated.

Next couple Doug and Courtney.  Doug brings up Courtney’s boyfriend.  Shayne asks if Courtney had sex with him.  Courtney is quick to say yes.  Her rationale is her husband is the romantic while her 22 year old boyfriend is who she can connect with on her level?!?!?! She brings up that it’s because of the age. She is willingly hurting Doug.  At this point Shayne calls BS and points out Courtney’s insincerity to Dr Jen.  Who states not to worry she’s got her number?? Yeah right!

Shayne and Nik

Immediately after the meeting Nik finds Shayne and asks her if she’s alright.  This creates a fight.  Shayne just wants to emotionally tune out the world.  It’s sad Nik is genuinely trying to connect with his brick wall wife.

Dr Mike and Tashaunda

Dr Mike asks Tashaunda how she is feeling.  He feels she is not being truthful and is bottling up her emotions.  He tells her that he feels that she is not aware of the gravity of her situation.  Tashaunda is well aware and breaks down she feels helpless.  Jojo joins her once Dr Mike leaves.  She asks Jojo what he expects from couple’s therapy.  He just states to go home with her.  Then she asks what he is willing to give up.  But Jojo tells her flat out he’s not going to say what she wants to hear.  So Tashaunda tells him that she has to consider whether or not she will stay in this marriage.

Dr Jen’s meeting with Tashaunda and Jojo

Dr Jen asks Jojo about his drinking and points out that he is a dead man walking.  She offers AA and he completely refuses. She is quick to point out that is Jojo alcoholism talking.  He agrees but sadly from what I see won’t change.  Tashaunda again tries to plead with Jojo who is set to destroy himself.  She tells him she will leave him unless he stops drinking. Truly sad these two love each other.

Bowling therapy

Courtney is wearing a bikini with hooker stilettos to a bowling alley?!?!? She goes on and on about how she’s never bowled before.  Alex the peacekeeper explains how to bowl.  Shayne is completely offended by Courtney and storms off.  Tashaunda tries to reason with her.  But she want’s nothing to do with Courtney and refuses to re enter the bowling alley.  Poor Nik yet again tries to penetrate the “brick wall.”

Nick and Shayne

Shayne complains about Taushaunda being nice to her??  She says she’s not there to make friends and wants to be left alone.  Nik starts breaking down and questions why they are still there.  There really isn’t much improvement in their marriage.  He just wants to leave but Shayne wants to stay.  It’s clear just how unhappy Nik is in their marriage.

His blog

Alex and Simon,

It was really good to see them, despite the issues they are there to work on, when things got to a low they could still be the better people each other needed. That’s, to me at least, a sure sign of a marriage with a meaningful base worth saving.

Shayne confronts Doug after couple’s yoga… Or a war with Courtney by other means,

Shayne, to me it looked like, saw an opportunity to mess with Courtney through her husband, like how Courtney messes with Shayne (and basically every other woman in the house) by how she dresses in front of her husband. So when Shayne saw Doug on tilt, she went and gave him a push, basically has a ‘screw you’ to Courtney. Shayne honed in on the insecurity she knew Doug was feeling, not from his wife not being there, but from being all to aware of where or whom Courtney could be with.

Couple’s Therapy… Shayne and Courtney’s war continues,

I don’t know how Doctor Jen can deal with it, and not just call out both Courtney and Shayne on their cattiness and the detrimental effect it has on the group. What initially started as dislike, to resentment by proxy through their husbands, now turns into directly expressed aggression between both of them. Sure, Courtney by her nature started the whole thing from day one with her need to inflict her physicality on others. But I have no idea what is going through Shayne’s head, an eight month old daughter at home deserving parents in a stable relationship, a husband whom feels like he is having his head pushed under water trying to keep her afloat in their marriage, and she is going to carry on a vendetta out with a sociopath like Courtney?

Doug and Courtney,

Wow, I mean, I actually am convinced now that Courtney is a through and through sociopath. The ‘duping delight’ she can’t hide at times as she lies, the flip flopping display of maturity when it is to her advantage. I don’t think she is fooling Doctor Jen or any of the other professionals there for one second. But that has to suck for them, they are trained medical professionals, they know what it entails to deal with a person like Courtney, to everyone else?

Especially her husband? And somehow the staff have to come up with a group treatment regime to fit Courtney in. Doug is obviously a nice, and compassionate guy, I feel like starting an amnesty from Courtney movement for him. He needs an intervention at this point, because I think he is starting to realize just how un-married he in fact is. Especially the insecurity he displayed at the couple’s yoga, you could just see it in his face, ‘I’m here, my wife maybe screwing around somewhere.’

Jojo and Tiny,

God bless Tiny, she does the best and only thing she can for Jojo, which is let him know exactly where he has chosen to lead them. I can empathize with Jojo a lot, having had my own issues with substance use, I know what a nightmarish feeling that helplessness of perceived non-control and no choice is, and also the shame that comes with it. Tiny needs to start letting him go at it alone, for his, and her own sake. Until Jojo decides that he is done killing himself, and that he does have a choice, he just simply isn’t exercising it, I agree with Doctor Jen on him being a walking dead man.

Bowling…Courtney strikes back,

It never ceases to amaze me how just two people in a group can derail so much, and create an underlying element of tension between everyone. I mean watching this segment, and the drama Shayne and Courtney created here, for what? It was a well deserved chance for everyone to step outside the boundaries of the therapy, and decompress some in a normal environment.

Instead it turns into Courtney ramping up her usual ‘Lolita’ act to put Shayne on tilt. That a woman like Shayne, is letting a Courtney get to her, is sad. And what is even sadder is the detrimental effect it is having on Shayne to actually participate in the therapy process at her family’s expense. She took that senseless drama back to the house with her, and she didn’t even blink at how it allowed her to put up a wall between her and Nik. I feel really bad for Nik at this point, there is nothing that quite cuts a man when he is struggling, than when he can see his wife will allow pointless things to come into their marriage.


Monday Night Lineup, Oct. 22 (New Episodes) by BB

8PM EST – Basketball Wives LA (VH-1); DWTS All-stars (ABC); 90210 (CW); The Voice (NBC); MLB Baseball; Cardinals vs. Giants (Fox) If Necessary; WWE Monday Night Raw (USA); Switched at Birth (Family); Overhaulin’ (Discovery); Alphas (Syfy); Breaking Amish Extended (TLC) (3 Episodes) – 8:30PM EST-NFL Lions/Bears (ESPN)

9PM EST – Presidential Debate (Mainstream and News Channels); RHONY Lost Footage (Bravo); Gossip Girl (CW); Love It or List It (HGTV); Hoarders (A&E); American Chopper (Discovery); TJ&Tiny/Chrissy&Mr.Jones (VH-1); To Catch a Smuggler (Nat Geo); Blood, Lies and Alibis (ID); House Crashers (DIY); RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars (Logo); Anthony Bourdain No Reservations (Travel)

10 PM EST – Ridiculousness (MTV); House Hunters (HGTV); Intervention (A&E); Fast N’ Loud (Discovery); Vegas Strip (truTV); Diners, Drive-In and Dives (Food); Final Witness (ID); Bad Girls Club Mexico (Oxygen); Untucked All Stars (Logo)

11PM EST – WWHL; Jamie Lynn Sigler & Scott Baio (Bravo)

I wonder how the debate will go.  Good luck candidates. (photo courtesy Andy Cohen tweet).


Realhousewifeofaiken has an update about Design Diva on her blog.

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  1. Cityside says:

    Cardinals 1
    SF Giants 6

    We lose.

  2. AZGirl says:

    Good Morning Everyone. Sending love to Diva and hope she is feeling better. Last night’s lost footage was boring. If Dina and Caroline want to keep this argument a “secret” then stop with the tweets. Stupid.
    When my brother was taking me to the airport yesterday in Sacramento he was telling me how bad the Kings were and how they were talking about moving to another city. He said the Kings have the highest amount of losses of any NBA team. I was like “I know I watch HWOBH and Adrienne Maloof and her brothers own the team.” He was like “what?”. he,he,he……..hey brother your sister is AZGirl. He was looking at me like I am from Mars.
    Got to love Lynn Family!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      ITA Like they say in the rap world “Take a shite or get off the Pot! (toilet)’ If you don’t want to talk about it, don’t tweet about it as ‘Silence is golden’. However, when these two old cows start talking about how much they love each other and will be there for each other in a heartbeat… i’m like WTF? If you don’t want to “HURT” your parents stop the BS and make PEACE NOW! These two are evil wenches who seem to thrive on dissension in their family. They have people choosing sides and if someone is too neutral (possibly Chris) he becomes an enemy too. When there has been a ‘WAR’ between the RealSisters you better believe the husbands talk to their SILs. Whatever they may tell us in the bedroom, rubbing our shoulders, agreeing and consoling us .. is NEVER seen at family time because they know the squirmish will be over soon. An apology will go along way, or a truce and agree to disagree. That doesn’t seem to be what these Laurita/Manzo hags want. Someone wants an apology, groveling and to be the HBIC. I wonder who wants what?

      • Sus says:

        I so agree with this. I don’t get along with my sister. We’re like oil and water and always have been. However, I maintain peace because of my parents. They get very upset if we fight. After they are gone, the gloves will come off but until then, I grin and bare it, or take Ativan when I’m around her so I don’t explode.

        • chismosa says:

          I always wanted a sister :(. But I think in the end I would have had a very tough relationship with a female sibling.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I always wanted a twin, preferably identical (so she could attend to and do some things I might not feel like attending or doing. I would return the favor, of course), or a fraternal twin (preferably a girl, because I don’t have any sisters, but I would have taken a boy too).

            There are so many sets of twins on both sides of my family, and they seem to have a special connection. I always wanted that.

            I also wanted a sister and begged for one after my Mom came home with that 2nd baby brother. My Mom finally had to sit me down when I was a little bit older to tell me that there would be NO more brothers OR sisters because she’d had her tubes tied at 27. 😦

            She’s SO SELFISH!!! 😉

    • Powell says:

      The Manzo family get on my nerves w/it’s private family info but them they blog and tweet in code, undercover for the viewers on social media to decipher. UGH!! Go away people.
      LOL AZGirl. I’m glad you had a good time w/your bro. Huh. So The Maloofs are still talking about moving. Well I wish them luck. Unfortunately moving doesn’t help if your team can’t play. They probably needs to cut some if those highly paid ballers.

  3. mazelnindy says:

    Hello Old Friends,
    Sorry to be gone so long (wasn’t in jail). Haven’t kept up with the blog. Missed you all….
    Make new friends but keep the old!!

  4. Morning all!!! Hope everyone is doing well. I’m bruised and battered because I did this thing called the Tough Mudder this weekend (12.5 mi run and obstacle course developed by the British Special Forces through mud/ice cold water/electroshocks). I’m thinking we should stick the Giudices, Gorgas, Manzos and Lauritas in one of these events so they can beat the hell out of themselves doing it and realize that all the bull sh*t that they’ve been focusing on is just that…..bull!!!

    • TEB2350 says:

      Congrats! A Tugh Mudder is HARD!! Good job!

    • LuvMyGals says:

      Congratulations and wear your bruises proudly! I don’t think I could do the Tough Mudder in under 24 hours, but I volunteer for the one in our area. What was the most challenging for you?

      • Thanks so much!!! This is actually my second one. The first one was in Pennsylvannia in the Poconos in April. That one was SO HARD. The terrain killed my knees and stretched out my IT band to the point where I had to get an MRI because I was convinced I tore something. This one was in New Jersey. Much easier terrain and SUCH a beautiful day weather wise. I think this time the obstacles were a little harder. I couldn’t carry my husband for the second part of the “Wounded Warrier Carry” Obstacle. He’s 210lbs!!! He carried me for his part and then I said, you can walk because I can’t carry you!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:


    • chismosa says:

      I read this too quickly and saw “Tough Murder”. Good for you

      • LOL….it felt a little like I was being murdered…..the “mud mile” as they call it, which were these bmx bike hills and valleys were filled with waist high water and you had to try and climb out of one into the next….it was so difficult….but super fun. And I have to admit I love being a girl and doing it when there are so many men…I’m like hey!! I’m Tough too!!!

        • chismosa says:

          That is really fantastic, I’m always jealous of my friends who do the little tri-Athlons we have around here. Good for you!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      WHYYYYYYYY? LOL I was thinking wow… how brutal, mud/ice cold water then I saw electroshocks and thought WTF? Hope you feel better soon and don’t curse the Brits too much as you recuperate. 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Obsessed you’re a better woman than me. Whew I couldn’t do it. I hope you had a good time.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Congratulations, Tough Mudder!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      High five…

  5. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Trying morning. Got to work half the building’s power was out. I setup in another part of the building for about 45 minutes & we get a message over the PA system to shut down, the power company has to come and find out the problem. Now I’m home working. 🙂
    Have a good day.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hey, you’re home!!! That ended up well for you!
      I woke up with a vision problem…couldn’t see myself at work!!! (rimshot)

      Yet, here I am. shhhhhhhhhh! 🙂

      • Powell says:

        Oh gosh Lainey! Are you going to be ok? Did you go to the doctor? I pray everything is ok w/you.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        ROFL Lainey. Hey Powell cool that you can work from home.

        Lulu and DH thanks for the fun blog on Therapy. I missed it due to having to watch Homeland. Sounds like Baby Wife continues to embarrass herself and too dumb to realize it. I wonder if something more is going on with Shanya that she can’t articulate.

        • Lulu says:

          Thank you LME! I think Courtney is a mirror for Shayne but not to the extreme of how that girl dresses. It’s all insecurity that I think is related to being a mom, body issues from pregnancy.

          • lovemamaearth says:

            I agree Lulu. And Shayne’s husband has that weird business that causes insecurity.

            Hey Lulu does your DH read the comments here? Tell him thanks from me for being your partner in writing. I’m sure you play off each other nicely. 🙂 And does he tweet with Simon? lol That would be funny.

            • Lulu says:

              Yes he does read the comments here on the days we blog together. No he doesn’t tweet Simon but that would be interesting!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I’m glad you get to work from home today, Powell! You have a good day too.

    • Lulu says:

      Nice! What a great way to spend your work day!

  6. LuvMyGals says:

    Good morning. Still procrastinating on some household tasks.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      “Procrastinate now. Don’t put it off.” – ellen degeneres

      • chismosa says:

        Lol!! I’m such a procrastinator as well and I think it’s because I’m a “failed perfectionist”, a theory I heard about in eldest children. If we’re not perfect, then don’t bother. 😉

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I get overwhelmed. Pre-school teachers utilize timers all the time to keep students focused for small amounts of time,…that works on me, too. I set the oven timer so that I don’t get distracted by the t.v., computer, the blog, etc. It’s amazing how much I can accomplish 15 minutes at a time without stopping.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            Sounds like Flylady!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Yes! It’s a flylady technique. Sometimes I set it for an hour at a time…that’s some good organizing and cleaning time. It can be very rewarding.

              • Sus says:

                I love Flylady. Unfortunately, she’s been banned by my husband. I went overboard and threw everything out.

                • princesspindy says:

                  I love Flylady, I do everything in 15 mins segments. I even have a watch with a timer. I am so organized because of her. But my kids hated her logo and made me take down the magnets, they said she freaked them out!

              • LavaLady says:

                Who/What is flylady? Am I missing something important here? I think so.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  visit flylady.net

                • Sus says:

                  She helps you clean and keep your house clean. http://www.flylady.net – Don’t sign up for her emails unless you are prepared for a ton of them every day.

                  It’s a technique cleaning in 15 minute intervals. I still follow a lot of the system but no longer subscribe to the emails. I clean my house in zones like she does. That’s my favorite part because I spend 15 minutes a day on “spring cleaning” so it never has to be done all at once.

                  When my daughter was in 1st grade, her teacher called to ask who I had hidden in the basement and only let her out to clean. My daughter didn’t get that I was the one cleaning!

            • LuvMyGals says:

              I’ve never heard of FlyLady but it makes perfect sense. I fly around and clean well at least once a week. Hahahaha

          • Powell says:

            The timer is a good idea. I need to try that.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I responded to Lainey’s comment before I read yours, chismosa. I did not know that this a theory about oldest children and procrastination. I AM the oldest. So, I guess it makes sense (or at least applies to me too).

      • Powell says:

        That’s funny. 🙂

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I love Ellen Degeneres, and I love that quote.

        My problem with procrastination is so serious, that I actually bought a book on procrastionation and the steps to take to finally conquer the problem.

        I STILL have NOT read it. I think I bought it in the late ’90’s. I don’t know WHY I keep it when I’ve given other books away. I guess I still keep telling myself that I “will get to it…..one day.” *Shrug*

        More than one person has told me that I often procrastinate because I am a perfectionist (which is true. I do tend to be a “I want to do it RIGHT/PERFECT, or I don’t want to do it at ALL!” I’m working on the problem slowly but surely).

        • djprincessc says:

          OMg Detox, we’re so opposite! Just the thought of procrastinating makes me nervous. My dad is a HUGE procrastinator and he drives me insane! The second I know about something I want it done! I can’t rest until its out of the way. lol.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I’m so jealous, DJ. I wish I could be like that. Maybe I’ll get there one day.

            It’s kinda weird, though, but I think I work BETTER under PRESSURE for some reason.

            • djprincessc says:

              I just can’t sleep knowing I need to get something done. Its part of my OCD, Seriously. lol.

        • princesspindy says:

          Perfectionism can paralysis. If you can’t do it perfectly why start it at all. That’s why Flylady is so great, she says it doesn’t have to be perfect, a heretic I know!! But allowing my perfectionism to slide a little has made a world of difference in the last 20 years. Well, actually having a child with special needs that was never going to be perfect, lol, is what kicked the perfectionism out of me!!!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Yeah, there’s a saying, “Too much ANALYSIS is PARALYSIS!” That fits with what you just said.

            Because my youngest brother has Aspberger’s and because I was always very protective (and STILL am) over him AND because I was always kind of aware that he is/will be my responsibility (My other brother will help, of course, but my youngest brother wants to live with ME)….I think I have the “perfectionism” thing because I feel like I have to “make up for” what he does not have and to be “prepared” for when I have to take over for my parents once they pass on.

            I don’t know. It’s weird.

  7. Sus says:

    Good Morning 🙂

    Simon is lucky Alex didn’t punch him out. I can’t people that say “Oh, that’s your problem”

  8. plainviewsue says:

    Cant say enough how happy I am that this six month season of NJ is done. It was very hard to watch, and now the wait is on to see who is back and who is gone.

    Of course, once again, the lost footage shows Juicy being grilled on his gay slurs. No mention of Richie saying the disgusting F word in the past. I am sure JoeGo has been guilty as well. No mention of Richie saying something about lesbians and muffin tops or whatever he said.

    Jac brings out a copy of her xmas tweet. How pathetic. Too bad Teresa didn’t bring out copies of the texts between her & Jac that she finally put on her web site blog. What happened to the emails that Caroline was talking about last reunion????

    I was cracking up with Kim D’s assessment of Joey Marco.

    Watching the Napa cook off, it made me sad to see how well Tre & Mel were getting along. Tre even shouted I love my sister in law & you hear Mel in the background I love you too. I will never believe that Tre would have attempted to destroy that relationship when it finally brought her brother back to her.

    Caroline is a joke. In that charity event, she didn’t even participate. Yes, Teresa is competitive. So is Caroline. The worst was that idiot Richie saying he wanted them to lose to spite Teresa.

    Teresa is such a horrible person that after getting ambushed and grilled by Jacq & Caroline she runs to the one person who could understand and give her comfort. It made you feel bad Caroline? How do you think Teresa felt when you said to Melissa that Teresa will do whatever she can to get you out of her life? How do you think Teresa felt when you spoke negatively about her to her brother and her cousin, her blood relatives??

    So it’s over now. I don’t watch Atlanta or Miami. I’m looking forward to having only one HW show to watch a week when BH returns.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I too enjoyed when the Gorg/Guid clans got along. It gave us a peek at how much fun these families had during the good times. I do, however, believe Tre did have a hand in setting up Melissa. She holds grudges and has MANY people in her ear that hate Melissa and wanted to keep the distance between them. Her entourage couldn’t risk her making peace with the Gorgas and pushing them to the side. Then we also had BRAVO producers who invested so much into the feud for this family to come together so quickly was not in their S4 plan. I don’t believe she came up with the idea, that was someone else, but she facilitated it because she wanted to get back for the Danielle communications and also PROVE that Melissa was a ‘stripper’. She thought she’d do it and get away cleanly, but with so many characters involved who were also seeking revenge and production throwing her under the bus. it didn’t happen.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I don’t see it that way.
        I don’t even know at this point what set up is being talked about, the one where Melissa is confronted as a stripper? because that one never happened.
        The one where Teresa was set up to look like she had planned and orquestrated the set up?
        This was no set up, even if Angelo confronted Melissa as a striper, all she had to say was that it was not true and be done with it. Then, like she did, present the evidence that she was a teacher (paystubs) and a bartender and that would be it.
        This was a big ado about nothing and the only set up was from Jacqueline because she couldn’t stand that Melissa and Teresa were getting along and Teresa was not begging for her friendship. Once it was all set and done Melissa used it to her advantage because she never wanted to make up with Teresa anyway. She is willing to believe the word of a bobble head like Jac over her own SIL only because it is convenient for her to look like the victim, she probably thought that being the victim would help her sell many, many songs. Being that it is not the case, just wait for season 5 and watch how quickly Melissa tries to make peace with Teresa. I hope Teresa holds M to her word and is done with her and with her brother too.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          There WAS a setup to expose Melissa as a stripper as admitted to by KimD. Teresa did know that Melissa was a target and although Kim only ran her over once, she certainly KNEW once Angelo started talking about Melissa what the ‘plan’ was. The confrontation didn’t take place, where the accusation was made re; stripping, because Angelo didn’t follow the script. Where Tre shows her hand is when SHE starts telling Melissa about the stripping allegations, and wanting to confront this man for talking about her. Wouldn’t she have felt relieved he didn’t say “Remember me from the stripclub?” Wouldn’t she think her SIL and DearBrother dodged a bullet and were lucky Melissa wasn’t ‘outed’ on screen? The answer is NO!! That wasn’t the plan. Melissa had to be called/outed as a stripper and forced to defend herself.

          As for what that drunken mess JacDaniels knew and when she knew it , is a red herring. A sharp tongued gossip who will throw anyone under the bus was given insider knowledge well before the event took place? NEVER! That she was told there I believe it. That she let it go down, knowing Tre’s involvement and wanting the fragile detante between the SILs to implode… ABSOLUTELY! She loved being able to say Tre set her up and KimD in her drunken state admitted to it that night. Jac also enjoys having a snitch inside of Tre’s camp, who gives her access to all of Tre’s life. JacDaniels is the wannabe SItalianF that will NOT GO AWAY!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          ITA, Cartwheels. It was TERESA who was set up, IMO.

          I honestly think Jac, through her 1 1/2 hourly morning conversations with Kim D., got wind of what Kim D. was going to do. She told Melissa, and they both strategized to let TERESA take the fall for it (And, if she didn’t get wind of it from Kim D., maybe BOTH Jac AND Melissa got wind of it via Melissa’s ALLEGED lesbian lover, Producer Cat Rodriguez. If rumors about Melissa’s ALLEGED SHADY past are to be BELIEVED, she has NO problem using SEX in exchange for something she wants: like a terrible edit for the sister-in-law she hates and a good/victim-type edit for herself that helps her DESTROY Teresa and PUSH her off the show for good). These are 2 VERY likely possibilities, IMO.

          In fact, IMO, there are even MORE possibilities that make absolute SENSE and ABSOLVE Teresa as being the one who “set” Melissa up for anything. I listed them the other day, and I’m not going to do it again here.

          Jac and Melissa are VERY much alike.

          Both play innocent.

          Both LOVE to play the victim.

          Both have ALLEGEDLY very shady pasts that show they are SEVERELY LACKING in the MORALS and SCRUPLES departments.

          BOTH of them HATE and/or have BACKSTABBED and/or caused PROBLEMS for the sister-in-law they felt/feel was close (closest in Jac’s case) to their HUSBANDS (Jac HATES/ENVIES/SABOTAGES Dina whenever she can behind the scenes. Isn’t it funny that Dina was the sibling that was the CLOSEST to Chris at one time? And Melissa is the SAME DAMNED WAY when it comes to Teresa?! Have Dina and Teresa been “perfect” sisters-in-law? Probably NOT. But, I’d bet 3 fat cows to 10 skinny monkeys that BOTH Jac and Melissa GAVE as GOOD as they GOT when it came to their dealings with Dina and Teresa!).

          And they BOTH wanted to get “EVEN” with and/or to take Teresa down.

          That way Jac gets revenge:

          for Teresa now being friendlier and having more contact with Melissa than her (since Teresa figured that she and Melissa had mended their relationship);

          for the fact that Teresa has found a way to avoid jail, withdraw her bankruptcy and to possibly pay off her significant debt OR significantly reduce it (UNLIKE Jac & Chris, who are looking at some SERIOUS things if that forced bankruptcy lawsuit does not go their way: the seizing of all of their assets; being broke and having to start ALL over with Jac having to possibly get off her LAZY a*s and get a REAL job that does NOT involve tweeting and doing autism research on the computer ALL day; and one or the both of them facing possible prison time);

          for the fact that everything Teresa was seeming to “touch” business-wise was turning to gold, like King Midas, while Chris’ attempts with BLK were failing (which caused GREAT jealousy on Jac’s part, IMO. I mean, why ELSE, would she have pouted while sitting on the couch next to Chris at Melissa’s single launch party, and said, “Why does SHE get to make ALL the MONEY??!!” about Teresa, like a PETULANT 3-year old?);

          for the fact that Teresa had re-established her friendship with Dina and was maintaining contact with her (when Dina AVOIDS Jac’s CRAZY A*S like the plague);

          for the fact that Teresa was able to show Jac that, even though it devastated her, she COULD walk away from her friendship with Jac (the way Jac originally DEMANDED she do, and then, schizophrenically, the NEXT DAMNED DAY, wondered WHY Teresa was leaving her alone….UMMM….WTF? Yeah, O.K. That right there proves that you are CUCKOO for COCOA PUFFS);

          AND for Teresa’s STRENGTH and the ability to face enormous obstacles by keeping a smile on her face and getting her a*s to WORK (Jac probably envies this because she KNOWS that she is VERY weak and VERY lazy, and she does NOT have the IRON A*S and BALLS that Teresa has).

          I think the reason Jac attacks Teresa’s MARRIAGE so much is because she believes that this is the ONLY thing she REALLY has OVER Teresa (Be careful there, Jac. Being out here and single and on the dating scene for a LOOOOONG time, I know PLENTY of women — some of them even my friends — who are MARRIED and LOVE to BRAG about that fact when, I see MANY of these/their husbands OUT — WITHOUG their wives, AND not ACTING very “MARRIED”. Saying things like that is like “spitting in the wind,” where “the spit often comes RIGHT BACK IN YOUR OWN FACE”. So, she loves to taunt Teresa and rub salt in her wounds when it comes to Teresa’s Achille’s heel: Joe.

          Guess what, though? If Teresa REALLY wanted to LEAVE Joe and MAKE IT ON HER OWN FINANCIALLY, she — UNLIKE Jac, Caroline and Melissa — can VERY LIKELY do so. She is in a POWERFUL position when it comes to that. So she is staying with Joe because she WANTS to, not necessarily because she NEEDS to. Joe can cheat all he wants, but if Teresa WANTS to LEAVE and have the MEANS to do so….she CAN, bottom line.

          Those OTHER jealous heifers are “stuck like Chuck”. Sure, Jac may be able to eek out a little child support from Chris for her 2 children (if they end up having ANYTHING really left once that lawsuit concludes), but children GROW UP, and Child Support ENDS (because it is CHILD Support, NOT ADULT Support).

          THEN, how does she support herself and maintain a nice standard of living? She can’t get back up on the pole, unless she wants to go a strip club that caters to clientele that like seeing SENIOR CITIZENS swinging around on a pole and bumping and grinding (before they probably are forced to go on a small DISABLITY for breaking a DAMNED HIP or LEG or anything else because, as we age, our bones are not as strong — unless we consistently engage in vigorous exercise and a healthy diet. From the looks of Jac this season and at the Reunion, the only “exercising” she’s been doing is using her fingers to twitter and type on the computer; POSSIBLY using her hands and wrists to open up alcholic beverages and pour them; use her hands to lift the glass filled with the POSSIBLE alcoholic beverage back and forth between her mouth and on whatever piece of furniture she chooses to rest her glass in between SIPS; and running her mouth maniacally to constantly talk TRASH about TERESA! Oh yeah, she also exercised her fingers by writing 75-page blogs about Teresa’s. She probably fractured a few writing her last blog, seeing as how it STILL has not appeared on BRAVO’s website because it was probably 250 pages long THIS time!).

          As for what MELISSA gains by setting Teresa up and blaming her, please start from the bottom of my comment responding to Plainview Sue’s original comment, which started this thread, and read paragraphs 5-8 from the BOTTOM UP (Please See BELOW). This explains Melissa’s motives.

          I hope to GOD Teresa keeps Joey and Melissa OUT of her life for GOOD (with the exception of sending holiday cards; birthday and holiday gifts for JOEY & THE KIDS ONLY; being at any of their bedsides if they are ill and/or dying; and being at their respective funerals, God forbid!).

          Teresa loves her brother SO much though, and is so WEAK when it comes to him, I honestly see her FORGIVING both HIM AND MELISSA if they ask her to do so (I see Joe threatening to DIVORCE her if she DOES), but I CAN see her doing it.

          I feel sorry for her because a woman like Melissa is NEVER to be trusted! NEVER (at least when it comes to being Teresa)!!

          The ONLY way Teresa will be able to have a “safe” relationship with her brother again without and fear of being hurt and stabbed in the back again is if he is NO LONGER WITH MELISSA.

          Melissa, like Jac, is kinda “stuck like Chuck” when it comes to having the means to support herself if her marriage to Joey ends. She can get 1/2 of whatever he has left (but, as of now, many reports say they are on the verge of filing bankruptcy themselves), and she can get child support for her 3 kids. When the child support ends, though, how is she going to continue to get the FINER things in life she seems to love so much:

          by her music career? ROFL

          by working as a teacher? Possibly. She’d have to go back and get certified first. Then, she’d have to do the actual work. Melissa does not really strike me as the “working” type. In her VERY 1st episode, she said, “Yeah, I tend to be VERY SPOILED!! So WHAT!!” In my experience, people that have been spoiled all their lives tend to be a bit LAZY (Please see all the Manzo children for examples of this).

          I guess she can try to find another “Sugar Daddy,” but she IS getting a bit long in the tooth, and she DOES come saddled with 3 kids. She’s kept herself looking nice, though. If this remains the case at the time she EVER decides to leave Joey, she MIGHT have SOME luck with that (although many men tend to go for YOUNGER women if they just want a trophy. Older men who go for women around their own age want the woman to have some depth and some substance and some character so they could have an actual conversation and so that she may be an ASSET to him in his older years. I would not use the words “depth,” “substance” and “character” to define MELISSA in ANY WAY, SHAPE or FORM.

          Sorry. JMHO.

          • contessa says:

            Hey Baby Girl, you took the thoughts right out my head and put it into words to succinctly. My true admiration for your writing/reporting ability. XXOO

          • Cartwheels says:

            I completely agree. I am happy that you see the same Melissa and Jac that I am seeing, two of the most fake, conniving, and unreliable people that Bravo has ever produced.

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            LOL One of the points we agree upon… JacDaniels obsessed fascination with Tre and her outright and OBVIOUS jealousy over Tre’s success in BITNESS! She’s got them all beat, everywhere too but Bethenny. That Tre doesn’t want to LEAVE Juicey is established, she choses to stay be it out of religion, custom, obligation or she don’t know no better… like JenniferHoliday she is staying! *shrug* Her life. just commenting like everybody else. 😉 Out of all the JoiseyHWs she is the one who is MOST able to support her family WITHOUT her husband. In the past she was just a spending machine, now SHE IS the breadwinner in her family. While the others were sleeping or procrastinating, she was moving.

            Finally, as for seniors on the pole… you can’t keep a good ho down! Look at KimZ, after being a mistress for eons, living off of the kindess of others and trying to destroy marriages, she landed a good ‘ole boy and is now the lady of the (evicted ) manor. Some women will ALWAYS be able to attract men with money and stature, regardless of age. See NicoleMurphy, YolandaHadidFoster, KrisJenner, Jenners/FostersEX etc. All they need is proximity and a victim. Really do they need more? 🙂

            • LaineyLainey says:

              “Lady of the (evicted) manner” busted me up!

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              This is true about Kim. Local ATL blogs have many commenters that say that Kim is STILL seeing Big Poppa on the side and getting him to supplement her income.

              Is this true? Maybe. Maybe not. Kim was a “HO.” She might NOT like being a “HOUSEWIFE” all the time.

              Nicole Murphy is the sweetest, kindest, most level-headed, no drama woman that is very confident, not competitive and allegedly does not have a jealous bone in her body (In other words, she is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Melissa personality-wise! I think THAT is why she will ALWAYS have no problem attracting a man. She is JUST AS BEAUTIFUL on the INSIDE as she is on the OUTSIDE).

              I’ve heard only GOOD things about Yolanda Foster’s personality (UNLIKE Melissa’s).

              Kris Jenner is married to a man whose balls she keeps in her purse and who is ALLEGEDLY a CROSS-DRESSER that has had so much plastic surgery to look more like a woman when he puts on a dress. From the way Kris has portrayed herself on the show (as a materialistic, money-grubbing PIMP), I hear MANY men make comments about how they would NEVER want to be with a woman like that (bad personality).

              If Melissan can have a complete PERSONALITY TRANSPLANT, it might be possible. Otherwise, all she’s got are her LOOKS on which to fall back. *Shrug*

          • jeang says:

            I.love.you.Detox. You say so well what I think about these heifers.

      • chismosa says:

        I agree Amber. Co co co co —– sign

    • chismosa says:

      But does Teresa have friends? I feel like the ones we see are very “6 degrees ” or just not close. She always says she “has real friends” but honestly we don’t see them. So why not run to other friends of hers?

      • Cartwheels says:

        She has said that she went to Dina because Dina knows all the players and the dynamics, she didn’t want to talk to another friend who is not close to C & J because then they will not know a lot of the background and probably how saying things on camera are much more different than the one saying with no cameras.
        Teresa has been Dina’s friend for 15 years. Caroline has known K&M for few months and she is calling them friends and talks crap about Teresa knowing that they are her family.
        Teresa wernt to Dina’s house but there were no cameras, we never saw any of what was said, whatever was said was done in private. How could Caroline blame T for the demise of her relationship with her sister, when this happened her sister D has not spoken to her for more than a year, for one that fancies to be so close to her siblings, don’t you think it is strange that C & D never spoke for a whole year?
        I never knew that C&D were not speaking, never heard of that at all, who brought it up? Caroline, she did when during season 3 reunion she expressely blame Teresa for their relationship being broken, now Caroline is retratcting herself and saying that T was not the cause but had something to do with it.
        Caroline never gets call by Andy on her many contradictions, all she has to do is say that it would be handled privately and not in the public eye and Andy backs off, something he has never done with Teresa.

      • Vegas Chick says:

        In all reality, Teresa most likely doesn’t have many friends except for the ones who want something from her, i.e., Kim D. I do not think that Teresa is capable of true friendship because that would take sacrifice – like listening and empathizing with someone else. If Teresa would get out of her own way, she might actually begin to experience deep and rewarding relationships in her life, but I doubt if that’s going to happen anytime soon. I can’t blame Melissa for being ticked off. Teresa may or may not have been part of the set up but she knew something was going to come down, and she did nothing to warn MeGo. I can’t believe that she didn’t put 2 and 2 together either. That is inexcusable to me – TV show or not. Teresa may sound stupid but she isn’t especially when it comes to these type of things. Instead, she asked MeGo in the bathroom if she was ever a stripper. If my SIL ever did anything like that to me, we would be done and she’d be out of my life forever.

      • contessa says:

        A lot of people won’t go on TV…plus she has family through her husband – their wives and it appears she gets along really well with the Giudice clan. I have no doubt she has real friends and with regard to Dina – who better would understand what is going on with the issues Tre was dealing with when Caro amd Jaq were fighting with her on Jaq’s outdoor deck? I would have done the same thing and it was not publicized until Caro brought it up. This is equally bad because Caro cannot say Tre goes to Dina, but Caro goes and spills the beans to Mel and Kathy as well. So it just keeps going round and round with all of them.

    • Powell says:

      sue are you sure it was just 6 mths? I could’ve sworn this season lasted w couple of yrs.

      • kendo says:

        I agree! I was watching that mess last night thinking damn this is such BS, why am I watching! I think it puts everyone in a bad mood, especially Caroline’s mouth!

      • plainviewsue says:

        Howling Powell! Didn’t it seem like it was years? Started in Spring, took us through the summer and ended in the Fall.

        Oh, I don’t believe Melissa has any friends except for her sisters. Teresa has put pictures up on twitter with friends at the beach, at different houses, etc. Melissa only puts up pictures of herself.

        • melthehound says:

          That’s because she is the only one who exists in her world. It took forever and for the most part, Gia was right. IT WAS TORTURE! Self inflicted by the viewers (us) of course but Torture none the less 😉

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          EXACTLY! I always see pics that Teresa posts on Twitter hanging out with other friends AND her family members.

          The ONLY other women (besides her cast mates, which is to her advantage for her agenda when it comes to the SHOW) I EVER see Melissa hanging around with are those TRASHY, RODE-HARD-PUT-UP-WET-LOOKING, Evil Sisters of hers. They are her sisters. So, she does not have to worry about any COMPETITION from them. They are also SEVERAL years OLDER than her. So, I’m sure this also adds to the fact that she sees them as NO COMPETITION (to take away any of her “shine” or “spotlight.”).

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Like you, Sue, I am happy that RHONJ is over. To me Season 3 and particularly, Season 4, were just DARK and TOXIC.

      I am SICK & TIRED of Andy constantly grilling Joe Giudice on whether or not he is a homophobe. I truly do NOT believe that Joe Giudice gives a damn what 2 consenting adults do in their bedroom, regardless of whether or not they are the SAME gender. Andy needs to stop acting like an immature JACKA*S and LET IT GO (particularly when he does not ask Richie and Joey why THEY used the SAME type of term, albeit in a different language, that was CONVENIENTLY cut out from the show. Not only did they cut it out, they CONVENIENTLY removed the clip of Richie and Joey saying this — the SAME way they have removed all prior blogs of the RHONJ Housewives from PAST seasons. They did this after they were receiving SO MANY comments from people on the other cast mates’ blogs about how they are contradicting themselves and outright lying and, like Jill, being MAJOR REVISIONIST HISTORIANS when it comes to things they have said about Teresa — both good AND bad. I mean, what MORE does Andy want Joe Giudice to do in that regard? Does he want him to leave Terea for a MAN? Does he want blood? Joe has appeared WITH Teresa at gay clubs. In fact, he just went with her to SPLASH [a gay nightclub] the other day, and a couple of gay patrons at the event talked about how Teresa could not be any sweeter and that Joe was the nicest guy. They said he even stayed after the party/event was over so he could CONTINUE talking to the men and CONTINUE taking pictures with them at their request. By all accounts, Jaimie Laurita [who happens to be gay] LOVES Teresa AND Joe. That does not sound like a homophobe to me.).

      This ties in with ANOTHER thing of which I am SICK & TIRED, the Giudices being judged and put under a microscope and forced to defend and explain EVERY single mistake they have made while the other cast mates — who have ALSO made several mistakes and also have skeletons (some of them even SIMILAR/THE SAME AS the Giudice’s; some of them DIFFERENT; and many actually MUCH WORSE than the Giudice’s mistakes) — get off basically SCOT-FREE.

      I am a BIG believer in JUSTICE and FAIRNESS. I was like that even BEFORE I want to law school. Maybe part of it is due to the way I was raised, but I think part of it is just my overall basic personality. It is PATENTLY UNFAIR that the Giudices have been treated the way they have by Andy, by BRAVO and by their cast mates. Are they perfect? HELL TO THE NO!! But neither are the others, and all of their imperfections are just BARELY touched upon and glanced over or not even touched on AT ALL!! I mean, WTF, Man??!! That’s just straight B*LLSH*T!!

      I remember those Christmas tweets Jac sent. I also remember that Dina responded to Jac saying she would be unable to make it because she was “going to be doing open heart surgery on Rudolph so he can give deliver all the toys to the good little girls and boys.” So, Dina basically, in a sarcastic way, said “Thanks, but No Thanks.”

      Dina then tweeted (to NO ONE in particular), “The most dangerous ‘HATEFUL’ people are the ones who has [sic] everyone convinced that their [sic] angels….eventually the ugly comes out for all the world to see.” (and, BOY, did Jac’s UGLY come out for ALL the world to see this season!!!).

      IMO, she was subliminally responding to Jac and letting her know that she did NOT buy this sudden “peace and love” Jac was trying to sell because she KNOWS that Jac has f*cked her over and stabbed her in the back MANY times behind the scenes (even to the point of trying to affect Dina’s livelihood and her charity. Jac is Dina’s “MELISSA”), and she is DONE allowing Jac ANY access NEAR her or her LIFE to be able to hurt her again (I mentioned the other day how I had to basically keep my distance and have the bare minimum contact with a friend because of her connection with a mutual former friend with whom I ended the relationship and who, because of this rejection, was out for blood when it came to me. I was NOT going to allow this former friend ANY access to me or anything going on in my life so she could somehow use it to hurt me. So, I had to sacrifice my relationship with the mutual friend. She was collateral damage. That’s NOT being a bitch or being unforgiving, IMO. That is being SMART and SELF-PROTECTIVE [which is what I think Dina is doing when it comes to Jac].

      Unfortunately, her relationship and LACK OF ANY CONTACT with Chris is collateral damage that I am sure HURTS her. Similarly, her relationship and LACK OF ANY CONTACT with Caroline, IMO, is PARTIALLY collateral damage due to her wanting NOTHING to do with Jac anymore. I say PARTIALLY because I also think Dina has OTHER issues with Caroline, and from what I’ve seen of Caroline’s numerous negative personality traits [such as being nasty, overbearing, controlling, a person who forces a person to take sides, and hypocritical], I do not BLAME Dina!!

      Just because someone is your BLOOD relation does NOT mean that they are not TOXIC to you. TOXIC people need to be cut out of a person’s life ENTIRELY or dealt with from a LOOOOONG distance — family be damned at THAT point!!

      IMO, this is what Dina is doing.

      I think Dina is probably ALSO sick of Jac constantly taking to TWITTER, a PUBLIC forum, to say this (and other things) to her. Jac could have picked up the phone and called Dina and left a message. So, what if Dina did not respond!! It would at least show that Jac is making a SINCERE effort, as opposed to possibly wanting to LOOK like “the good guy” to the PUBLIC when it comes to her relationships with Dina, Teresa and even, Danielle Staub (because all of those people were included in the tweet, along with her cast mates).

      To me, Dina has been VERY good about BITING HER TONGUE as much as possible about what is going on between her and her family. However, her family is often keeping Dina’s NAME in the PUBLIC conversation via the show and their blogs.

      I see NOTHING wrong with Dina responding 2-3 times throughout the course of a few YEARS. I mean, they are putting it “all” on Dina, and making her look like “the bad guy” without giving her a chance to defend herself. She speaks to and has relationships with EVERY OTHER SIBLING except for Chris and Caroline (and in-law, Jac). What’s the problem with that?

      I ALSO think Jac’s “poor me, victim” statement of, “Dina has not even ACKNOWLEDGED my son” as a LOW-BLOW. I remember Dina acknowledging Nicholas when he was born. She even mentioned him in one of her blogs before she left the show and how he “looked like a cute little bobble-head doll with his head looking back and forth between his Mother and Ashley while they argued furiously while Jac was holding him.”

      If Jac means that Dina has not acknowledged Nicholas’ autism, I’m not so SURE that I even BELIEVE Jac (because she is NUCKING FUTS and LIES LIKE CRAZY to fit certain agendas she has). Dina PROBABLY did not acknowledge Nicholas’ autism in a way that was “good enough” for Jac. PHUCK Jac and Dina having to bend over backward to kiss Jac’s ass!!

      I think THAT comment from Jac is PROBABLY what got Dina all riled up to the point that she, like she tweeted last night, was “about to explode.” And she’s FINALLY giving Jac a WARNING that she might STOP trying to be as DISCREET and DIPLOMATIC as she HAS been when it comes to JAC’s CRAZY ASS!!! She might have been like, “You know what? You are not even my BLOOD!! I have kept my mouth shut about all the lowdown, underhanded, behind-the-scenes sh*t you have pulled to hurt ME for the sake of my family, especially Chris. But you are PUSHING me to the POINT where I am going to have to say, “Because you KEEP telling LIES about ME, I am now going to HAVE to tell the TRUTH about YOU!!!”

      My Mom has 7 siblings. 2 of her brothers are just NO-GOOD (I guess they inherited that from my maternal great grandfather).

      They have screwed over people in the community and done things that are downright embarrassing.

      For example (of their “ain’t sh*t-ness”!!), one of them (I call them “The Toxic Twins,” even though they are NOT twins) abandoned his son from his first marriage because his 2nd wife wanted him to focus ONLY on THEIR children. She was VERY jealous of his ex-wife and of the son they had together.

      Also, he and his 2nd wife had decided that they wanted to “pass” as White. His 2nd wife was (They are now divorced) also African-American, but she was as WHITE as SNOW, had naturally flame RED hair and GREEN eyes. She did NOT look African-American AT ALL (even though she was). Neither did THEIR 2 children.

      Because of his 2nd wife’s demand that he have NOTHING to do with his ex-wife and their son (his 1st-born child) AND because his 1st wife was dark-skinned, and his son with her was obviously African-American (looking), he cut off ALL contact with him and his ex-wife for this reason as well.

      His ex- moved to Alaska with her son YEARS ago. Eventually, when he was in his early 20’s, this son searched for my uncle and called him on the phone. They had a long conversation and the son was just SOOOO happy to speak to his father. He did NOT say, “Where is all the child support you never sent my Mom, you JACKASS??!!” He did NOT say, “Why did you abandon me?” or “Why have you never taken the time to just SEE about me and how I was doing over ALL of these years?”

      No, INSTEAD what he said was, “I am sure you had your reasons for doing what you did. I want you to know that I forgive you, and my Mother bears you no ill will either. I called you because I have just gotten married and want to start a family with my new wife. She encouraged me to reach out to you so that any of our future children could get to know their other grandfather. I would like to get to know you too, and so would she. Is there any way we can set up a meeting? I’ll fly from Alaska to see YOU, and I don’t even have to visit your home and even meet my 1/2-siblings. I don’t want to bring ANY problems to your life. I would JUST like to get to know you and have you meet my wife and keep in touch from time-to-time.”

      My Uncle was VERY nice, and he APOLOGIZED. He also agreed to meet his son after they’d decided on a mutually convenient time for everyone involved (1st son, wife, my uncle), and he PROMISED that it would happen.

      And do you KNOW what that MOTHERPHUCKER did AFTER that phone call?

      He CHANGED HIS NUMBER so his son could NO LONGER contact him. This was BEFORE the internet.

      My Mom was APPALLED and in TOTAL DISBELIEF. My Dad, who HATED him for years, was NOT surprised AT ALL!

      It was not until years later, that his 2nd son (that he’d had with his RED-HEADED DEMON/DEVIL of a wife, now EX-WIFE) acted like a DAMNED MAN and FOUND his older brother; kept up constant communication; and set up a meeting with the 2 of them and BOTH of their wives in Texas (where the 2nd son and his wife now lived).

      They now see each other a few times a year and E-Mail and talk on the phone CONSTANTLY. And my uncle now does too (His 1st son must be a damned SAINT — because after what my Father had done, I would have NOTHING to do with him….because he “ain’t SH*T!!”).

      And THAT particular brother and the OTHER toxic brother have done very HATEFUL and HURTFUL things to my Mother AND my Father. My Mom forgave them the first few times. After they KEPT doing it, she finally said, “ENOUGH!!”

      She NO LONGER fools with them AT ALL. And I do NOT blame her. When she happens to see them somewhere, like when my Aunt is in the psych ward AGAIN, or out in public, she says “Hello” and KEEPS IT MOVIN’! NO MORE CONTACT AT ALL, and they live in the SAME town.

      I see NOTHING wrong with that decision on my Mom’s part. And I see NOTHING wrong with Dina’s decision to handle things the way she HAS.

      Jac “ain’t SH*T, and she is NUCKING FUTS!!”

      Dina needs to stay as far away as possible from that CONSTANTLY YAPPING HER BIG MOUTH FRUIT LOOP!!

      As for the rest of your comment, Sue:

      The E-Mails Caroline SWORE, during the Season 3 Reunion, that she had as PROOF that Teresa was turning Dina AGAINST Caroline and Jac were NOT ever PRESENTED because they NEVER EXISTED in the FIRST place. That’s why Caroline shut her mouth during the Season 3 Reunion when Teresa challenged her to put up or shut up and bring out these alleged E-mails. Caroline had a WHOLE year between the Season 3 and Season 4 Reunions to present them. I guess they were “accidentally” erased (Yeah, right!).

      I believe Teresa was SINCERE when she was hanging out and cooking and laughing and enjoying spending time with Melissa in NAPA. Teresa is NOT a very good actress, IMO. That did NOT look fake to me.

      As for Jac claiming that she “overheard” Teresa say, after they hugged it out in NAPA, that she “hated” Jac, I don’t believe it for one minute!! Teresa could have said, “I’m glad Jac and I made up. I HATED her for a while after she ambushed me with Caroline,” and Melissa’s LYING, CONNIVING, MESSY ass probably RAN back to tell Jac, “Teresa told me last night that you guys made up. But she ALSO told me that she still HATED you.” She probably did this the EXACT SAME way she listened to Teresa say, in Season 3, “I don’t know why Richie constantly needles me. He has done it to me for YEARS. I’ve asked Kathy to get him to stop, but he STILL does it. It’s like he’s obsessed with me or something.” — and then RAN to Kathy to say, “Teresa SAID that Richie is SEXUALLY OBSESSED with her.” Teresa never even SAID “sex” or “sexual” or anything REMOTELY having to DO with sex. That was NOT how that manipulative, lying, conniving Melissa portrayed it to Kathy, though, now, WAS it?

      IMO, if ANYONE was NOT sincerely happy about mending fences and getting along with Teresa and Joe and having Joey and Teresa now ALSO getting along, it was Melissa.

      If there is NO drama and fighting with Teresa, WHERE is her INTERESTING STORYLINE?

      If there is NO drama and fighting with Teresa, HOW DOES SHE CONTINUE to MAINTAIN CONTROL OVER JOEY and GET HIM TO KEEP HIS FOCUS ONLY ON HER AND HER FAMILY — kinda like my toxic uncle’s EVIL Ex-Wife?

      It WAS and IS to MELISSA’S ADVANTAGE to KEEP FIGHTING with Teresa so she can continue to look like “the WITTLE VICTIM” (Awwww….so SAD for you Melissa….NOT!!!)?

      TERESA has NOW taken that TRUMP CARD and POWER AWAY from Melissa because she is THROUGH with BOTH her and Joey. Let them find their OWN storylines that do NOT involve Teresa and see how INTERESTING that would be (Not very, IMO).

      And there was NOTHING wrong with Teresa going to a friend of 15 years who happens to have INSIGHT into the 2 people that she considered friends that JUST AMBUSHED her. She wanted to know if Dina could help her better understand WHAT she may have REALLY done wrong to them and how she could fix it. Afterwards, more than once, she tried to talk to Joe about how upset and hurt she was that Jac and Caroline basically told her, “Kick rocks! We no longer want to be your friend!!” She mentioned that she cried over it several times. Dina even mentioned in one of her blogs that Teresa showed up at her door that night “FLOODED WITH TEARS.”

      PHUCK Caroline and Jac’s HYPOCRITICAL a*sses, who had been doing even MORE to damage Teresa’s relationship with her OWN family. I’d CONTINUE my friendship with Dina because we have been friends for 15 years, and she is my daughter’s godmother. Oh, it drives Caroline CRAZY because she cannot control the situation??!! Too Bad. So Sad.

      Oh, and Kim D’s assessment of Joey Marco ALSO had me CRACKING up because I agreed with EVERY word she said about “Josephine”!

      • plainviewsue says:

        Just one word for you Detox………………Amen!!!!!!!

        • contessa says:

          Amen to the truth – I can see why you are a lawyer – I would hire you in a minute to argue a case for me.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            XOXO, Mama Contessa!! And you know what? Those arguments really had NOTHING to do with any law school training.

            They basically had to do with

            GOOD OL’ COMMON SENSE;

            being a person who sees VERY clearly through B.S.;

            being a person who sees VERY clearly through FAKE/NO-GOOD, LOWDOWN, LYING, MANIPULATIVE people versus a human being that is DEFINITELY FLAWED but NOT EVIL and constantly SCHEMING;

            and being a person that knows what is RIGHT and what is WRONG and what is FAIR and what is UNFAIR. JMHO.

            It doesn’t take a J.D. for that.

            And I would handle your case ANY DAY, Mama Contess! 😉

      • Cartwheels says:

        IA 100%
        Melissa = Teresa’s SIL from hell who will stop to nothing to get her way.
        Jacqueline= Dina’s SIL from hell as well who also plays the victim and peacemaker but is not.
        I am firmly convinced that Danielle did not just found out by accident that Lexy’s father hadn’t sign the consent forms, that information had to be given by her by an insider and I have a very strong feeling that it was Jac who gave her that info.
        During season 1 reunion, Caroline is besides herself, Teresa wants nothing to do with Danielle and there is Jac playing the fence.
        If my friend had tried in any way to meddle into my SIL’s family life or cause her legal problems that could hinder or even incite a custody battle where she could end up losing custody of her daughter, that would be beyond horrible.
        Danielle has got to got the information from somewhere and I am positive that it was through Jacqueline.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


          I’d bet GOOD money that Danielle got THAT information on Dina from Jac, AS WELL AS all kinds of other damaging information about the Manzo’s and Laurita’s while Jac was sipping on wine and probably unleashing YEARS of resentment and anger that she (the-ex-stripper/possible escort who possibly trapped Chris by getting pregnant and forcing him to end his relationship with his RESPECTABLE/KINDA WOMAN YOU TAKE HOME TO MEET YA MAMA fiancee’) and her daughter by another man were possibly not instantly accepted and welcomed by the Manzo’s and Laurita’s.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Yeah, she was being all warm, kind and caring with Danielle. Spilling the beans about everyone.

        • contessa says:

          Cartwheels – I believe you got to the bottom of the mess that has been growing for years, you found the root of the ever-growing problem – WOW!

          • Cartwheels says:

            As much as I detest Caroline, I don’t think she is such a good actress and I do think that she loves her sister, she could have never shared anything with Danielle anyway, she hated her, Caroline was livid and could barely contain herself during the reunion, she wanted so bad to call Danielle off, Dina didn’t even wanted it mention on the show so it would never come to light for her own sake and for Lexy’s sake.
            This is information so confidential that only immediate family could know about it. I don’t fanthom Dina at the hair salon boasting about this. Jacqueline has always been jelous of Dina and the close relationship that she had with Chris so I have no doubt that she revealed a lot of family secrets to Danielle, but this one was by far the most damaging.
            I remember the long hug that Danielle gave Jac at reunion 2 while whispering things in her ear and giving her assurance that she wouldn’t talk about her (or her secrets) , she stood there, she didn’t push her away, she remained there stoic. Danielle had given her daughter Ashley a criminal record and probation, even if Ashley deserved it, the simple fact that she pressed charges against her child would make her an enemy on my eyes, but did Jac. went off on Danielle like she did on Teresa? Hell no!!
            Teresa who has not told her about her legal problems, who had hugged her and try to rescue the friendship, Teresa gets treated by Jac like an evil witch and Danielle gets a hug?
            Please excuse if this just doesn’t make sense in my mind.
            A woman who has pressed charges against your daughter gets a hug vs an ex-friend whose crime is basically to ignore your tamtrums and not share her secrets because she knows you are a gossip, she gets blasted by Jacqueline?
            I think Jac knows that Danielle can potentially ruin her when she starts revealing what she knows, Jac is smart though, in the middle of her idiocy, she probably has already contact Danielle (just in case she comes to the show) and has texted her tried to make her believe that they could be friends again, just to keep her calm and quiet.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              EXACTLY!! She can FORGIVE Danielle after ALL of THAT, but she cannot forgive Teresa (who no longer GIVES a FLYING PHUCK about Jac OR her damned forgiveness. She probably thanks God that she finally was shown how INSANE and DEVIOUS Jac is, and God blessed her by having Jac removed from her life!).

              Jac did not REALLY forgive Danielle (because she went back to bashing her on Twitter and other social media a few months after their TRUCE. You know who KEPT her PROMISE to Danielle to NEVER speak negatively or at all about Danielle EVER again? Yep, Teresa. Danielle has mentioned this).

              2 words made Jac all of a sudden want to “forgive” Danielle: “VEGAS WHORE!!”

              She was NOT forgiving Danielle. She was trying to neutralize her.

      • Powell says:

        Detox if they are back next season I think Andy’s focus at the reunion will not be T & Joes as much. If Mel gets her comeuppance then she will be the primary focus. Andy will address what happens w/Joe and his court case.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I hope you’re right, Powell. I do NOT have faith in BRAVO, though. It would be nice to see a more balanced and more fair portrayal of ALL cast mates, instead of the CRUCIFIXION of ONLY ONE (and only “hers” as in her children and her husband).

      • mrs. peabody says:

        You go girl! You have said everything I think but cannot get out the way you do. YOu need to do the reunion next year!

      • VV says:

        Excellent!!! Excellent!!!

  9. Exit4 says:

    Ashlee inserting herself into adult drama via twitter. How shocking! (Not). Like mother like daughter!

  10. amalfi says:

    ‘Alexis has already been seen filming, and Jim was seen at a high end store asking to borrow a purse.’

    Haha that;s all I’ve read so far but it made me laugh out loud. oh mannnn…

    I do like Alexis though, only because Tamra is such a class-A jerk and I would like to see her get hers. ps tamra… you have a pretty face but a black heart. and, you’re not hot, except in your head — and possibly your temper.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Just when I thought I was out… these bastards try to pull me back in. I wasn’t going to watch because Alexis was gone and thought it was reward for Trampra/Pleather and Wretchen. Now that she may come on I may watch but if it becomes a fustercluck immediately I will not watch. If that garbage trashcompacting bitch Tamra says another Christian slur…

    • Powell says:

      Amalfi I read that yesterday. If it’s true who is Alexis going to be friends with? I think she needs to go on with her life. If true I think Jim put her up to it and told her to sign those contracts.

  11. contessa says:

    I cannot believe that Don Caro is holding Tre responsible for her problems with Dina…Dina has said time and time again that is not the issue. So what if she turned to Dina when Caro and Jaq went off on Tre at Jaq’s house. Dina is Tre’s friend and has been for a long time. On the other hand it is okay for Caro to insert herself in Tre’s family anytime she wants…give me a break. I think Caro and Jaq are nuts. I think Tre’s and Mel’s food looked great, and more important I think they were having some serious fun on that trip. Even the two Joes were cracking up. I am happy that they won the food contest.

    I cannot believe how washed out Caro looked on WWHL…as did Lauren. What happened to the wannabe makeup artist Lauren with her cacaface products? Caro should go back to the layered shorter cut, and wear a bit more color on her face, as should Lauren on TV. It seems like they just can’t get it together for appearances. I also got a kick out of Andy saying/asking Caro why does she speak for Jaq…funny because she claims Jaq goes on and on and Caro says she speaks in bulletts – shorter and quicker. Caro we see right through that, we all know Jaq is a little out there in the past couple of years. The meds and alcohol are taking their toll. Also she brings up Dina anytime she can and saying that Dina did not acknowledge her son last night will not bring this family back together again. As an in-law her responsibility it to stay out of the fracas, instead of causing it.

    • chismosa says:

      Contessa I totally agree with you about Caro and Lauren looking CaCa last night.
      But as for your point about Tre and Dina, IMO Caro Don inserted herself because there is some link to her trouble with Dina that really DOES have to do with Tre. But, JMHO. I know we very much disagree when it comes to Tre.

      • Contessa says:

        Hi Baby Girl,

        We are related somehow…I procrastinate and all of a sudden I become whirling dervish on speed.

        • contessa says:

          The above is for Detox, about procrasination – because she is my blog daughter – XXOO
          should have been posted up above.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Yep. Wherling dervish is the proper term. Once the pressure is ON, I am super-efficient and FOCUSED. So, it gets DONE and done WELL. I just stress out beforehand over the fact that I am PROCRASTINATING (because I HATE this flaw of mine).

      • contessa says:

        Hi Chismosa, Well we agree on the same thing. I bet if either one of us were on TV, the makeup and hair would always be done. That is the one thing I like about all the other girls, as they usually look their best most of the time – all of them.

        It’s okay to disagree about who we side with…it’s only a TV program and they are all banking the $$$ in the end. I just hate a gang up mentality and the funny thing is I liked all of them equally for the first couple of seasons. 🙂

    • Vegas Chick says:

      I agree that Caroline needs to keep her hair short and red. Her current look ages her.

    • kendo says:

      Caroline has been looking so sloppy! They were replaying an old season, she looked 10 years younger! This show has definitely brought out the worst in her and c jr!

      • contessa says:

        That is what gets me about Caro and Caro Jr…the sloppiness and lack of attention to makeup/hair/rumpled clothing. I am older than Caro, but even in comfort clothes, they are neat and clean. I don’t get it, she has aged tremendously in the last season,plus put some of her weight back on – which is part and parcel of going through menopause or starting it. I hate that flat hairdo with the indesribable color (it’s not red or brown). Her hair and makeup looked much better at the reunion. If I were her I would not advertise the cacaface store, as people will run. First rule in working cosmetics is looking good and working with your products.

        • plainviewsue says:

          Wow, I’m in the minority here, but what do I know about fashion!! I thought Caroline looked really good. I liked her hair. Surprised she was wearing an off the shoulder dress. What a difference from season one Caroline! I also thought Lauren looked good.

          Of course this is all on the outside. On the inside, ugly people.

          How about when Caroline talked to the viewers on WWHL, basically telling us to shut up about her family? Good lord, the hypocrisy. And good old Andy lets it all slide. That’s why I was actually cheering when he brought up the Dina/Ashlee twittering. He exaggerated it.

          I think Dina is reaching the end of her rope. One day she will explode.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


            We will SHUT UP about your damned FAMILY when you get off OUR damned t.v. screens! You can’t have it BOTH ways, DUMMY!!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              The Manzo Marketing Genius at work. Blk Water, CacaFace, Brownsauce,Read my book about my family oh and…. Shut up about my Family!!

              • melthehound says:

                She should have hired Teresa’s PR company.

                • contessa says:

                  Good one Jeff….I bet they are wishing they could right about now.

                  I do have to say the Manzo’s choose the worst words for their products, examples:
                  BLK – who wants to drink black water – reminds me of a sewer or swamp – volanic water would have been more appropriate.

                  Brown Sauce – what does brown bring to mind – makes me think of poo in a jar??? Much wiser to say Brownstone Spaghetti Sauce or something that is recognizable to the public.

                  Caface – we all call it cacaface – I have no doubt they could have come up with something much better – with Makeup in the terminology. I don’t want to eat and drink coffee while I am being made up. It’s either going to starbucks or the makeup counter, but not both.

                  • melthehound says:

                    There are products I would never buy on name alone. Brown Sauce is one of them.

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    You’re right Contessa. I like her latest “Shut about my family.” When her book is called “Let me Tell you something.” (about how to raise your family) haha!!

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  I read that Teresa offered her P.R. company and other people to Kathy to help Kathy with any products she wanted to put out and with getting a cookbook published (but, how can this be? Teresa is EVIL and HORRIBLE and does not want to see anyone ELSE on the show succeed, right? Hmmm…..).

                  Kathy, ALLEGEDLY, haughtily turned her DOWN.


  12. Powell says:

    Oh and Muss Lainey thanks but no thanks for the Joe Gorga prize. Yuck!!!! 😉

  13. Powell says:

    Oh goodness! Diva I am sending up prayers that you will get better soon and also sending prayers to Mr Ford, your son PITA and the rest of your family. Thks realhousewifeofaiken.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Me too! Me too! Diva, get yourself well! We miss ya.

      Should we start sending get-well music?

      • kendo says:

        How about some KC & the Sunshine Band!

        • contessa says:

          I feel really bad about Diva – do we have any updates of what happened and what is going on?

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I love this song!! KC & The Sunshine Band is sure to be played at the majority of the wedding receptions I attend. The majority of the people jump up and get on the floor to GET….DOWN to their music (Young & Old alike).

  14. chismosa says:

    Morning to everyone, I’m so happy that NJ is over. Unfortunately I don’t watch Beverly Hills but I’ll check in I think for Atlanta.

    Just some notes about last night/ NJ in general in case any if my Team B/ anti T fans decide to read ( the rest will scroll by I’m sure)
    Pardon if its LONG!:

    —Jacq met Chris in 1996, according to last night’s episode. So how did she get pregnant with her older son if Chris was still engaged supposedly? The older son would be 15/16 years old by now. Isn’t the storyline believed that Chris was engaged at the time that Jacq got herself pregnant?

    —I totally see the vow renewal thing from Jacq and Chris happening very naturally on the show and I don’t doubt for .000001 second that Treape did NOT totally copy that idea once she heard from Tre she was going to do that. Poor Tre, only to NOT have her “event” featured on the show despite a magazine’s PAID coverage. And photos shot at the very expensive Oheka castle here on Long Island!!

    I mean to ME and I know no one is really going to agree, but Jacq seemed so happy and genuine with the renewal/photo wedding shopping and plans. I found it sweet.

    —I liked the scene of Father’s Day with an always classy shirtless /bedridden Juicy, i did honestly find that sweet with the girls. But for me, especially since IMO it was astonishing to not see Tre show any genuine sadness –emotion the entire season (only anger and nervousness at the reunion , so evident in her body language while she kept opening her mouth slightly and running her tongue across the inside of her upper lip whenever tough questions came her and Juicy’s way no matter what sad things were talked about.) She’s almost sociopathic/psychotic in her lack of empathy sometimes IMO – so to see her show some almost-on-the-brink- tears with her girls on Father’s Day WAS nice. BUT she ruined it for me when she said in the accompanying talking head that she “tells Gia to ignore the magazines ” that TERESA SIGNED DEALS TO BE ON COVERS OF, I litra-lee spit my hot cocoa out. I made a mess darnit! For realzzzzz???? I just …….ugh

    —Poor Caroline had no CaCa on her face last night on WWH. What happened, was there no makeup in stock at CaCa cafe? And how about some mousse? Her hair is so FLAT. It only emphasizes her nose more. I’ve bitched on here before how I hate when people who need makeup try to pull off an ‘elegant’ no-makeup look (Chelsea H!!!) so it’s just a little issue with me, no biggie ;). I’m a big makeup aficionado so it annoys me when celebs/pseudo celebs can’t hire someone to get this right.

    —Lauren, we GET it, you want to show off your newly bought body. Stop saying “you’re healthy” now. Anyone else notice her emphasis on any current appearances on saying “I’m HEALTHY now”. Your lack of being “”””healthy””””” before is what led daddy to BUY you your Lapband. (And i understand the frustrations she may be having with losing weight at a young age) In the words of the NY Housewives reunion from last year Ramona vs Jill:: LOSER!!

    Plus I thought the old saying was you lose weight up-to-down on your body, Lauren Lapband seems to not have lost much weight in her face. Her face looks the same to me, just slightly deeper dimples.

    I ALSO thought that with gastro-surgeries your stomach digests alcohol so quickly you have to be very careful drinking. She had better be careful.

    —-To NMD– thank you for the blog, ALWAYS, but I disagree (respectfully) about Lynn changing her view on Tre towards the end. You had mentioned the food contest in Napa and Lynn knowing about who won that. JMHO because I always had the same EXACT viewpoint, no joke, as Lynn’s , when it came to Teresa // situation in NJ.
    *** God I miss you Lynn***. So I would have felt this shift in the earth majorly if lynns view was changing. I do think she had her source of course. But, JMHO, I don’t think she was shifting.
    We could have just seen it differently.
    Thanks for keeping us ABREAST and ABOOBIED on the twitter wars as well for those of us here who don’t tweet.
    Also I didn’t know there was a Lynn Facebook page. That sounds cool!

    Thanks all, sorry so long, I just rarely venture out on a Monday post-NJ and thought I’d peek my head out.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Jacqueline was pregnant when she married Chris but she had a miscarriage, she said so herself in an interview.
      Lauren being drunk at WWHL, I always thought that when you have a Lap Band you can get drunk with a very small dose of alcohol, so i agree with you here.
      It doesn’t matter if it was because she was drunk or because she didn’t have a mic on her, she looked good and happy, maybe she needs to drink more often. 😀
      Same goes to Caroline, she had no make up and her face was a mess but the smile was finally back on her face and that compensated a bit.
      Angry Caroline is ugly with make up or not, relaxed Caroline is more appealing even with no make up.
      She is still a liar because she is blaming T for her problems with D and also a hypocrite because she is so hurt that T went to D’s house (mind no cameras around and we never will find out what was said) while Caroline has gloated all season long about making comments about T to M & K , some come to mind: she is an ugly human being, she will stop at nothing to destroy your marriage, she ignored you on purpose, she is a disgrace,etc.
      Gosh Caroline really is do as I say not as I do kind of person.

      • chismosa says:

        I get the Caroline thing because (as I’ve said here before) back years ago on Lynns site I found her to be a bullying Don back when everyone just adored her. I didn’t like her being all smiley smiley about this season being over, like OWN your behavior this season and don’t blame menopause or whatever other stupid thing. I found that lame. Plus I absolutely DESPISE that she smiles at both happiness AND when crying. Ughhhhhhh. I said above what I feel about the truth of the situation with her getting too involved with Tre and Dina. Methinks there’s more to it.

        Thanks for clarifying about Jacqueline. Not that I don’t believe her but that’s a very old-school trick to nab your guy, no? Being “pregnant” and then suddenly NOT. But I do believe her as I know she had many pregnancy problems. She waited a long time to have her older son , i hadnt realized, wow. They were married quite a few years.

        • Exit4 says:

          Jac and Chris had a long distance relationship for 4 or 5 years before she came to NJ. She’s mentioned that several times. She was pregnant with CJ when she got married. He’s around 10 now. Her miscarriages (4 in a row) happened prior to Nick being born and were a focus of season one.

      • Exit4 says:

        Oops my reply below was supposed to be for you! If Nravo didn’t take down the old blogs we could read jacs 47 page manifesto about her and Chris’s love story!

      • contessa says:

        Totally agree with that summation. Tre is a friend of Dina’s and has been for many years. When one is upset they seek the comfort of their friends. Don Caro really inserted herself into Tre/Mego family drama all season long. This all stems from jealousy because Tre is making a lot of money with her books, liquor, products and the Manzo/Lauritas are struggling with BLK and cacaface, and now they are purchasing a restaurant for their sons.

    • Powell says:

      Well Lauren’s “I’m healthy now” only applies if she’s not eating all the pasta etc she was eating all the time and if she’s exercising. Just getting the Lapband & continuing the same poor habits isn’t healthy and she’ll just stretch her stomach and gain all the weight plus some back. And as we’ve seen Lauren is lazy.

      • contessa says:

        Powell, excellent point. I am overweight and looked into the lap band, but unfortunately insurance does not cover it. My Dr. said I can do it on my own and it is much healthier. Also most credible lap band specialists prefer that a patient is 100 lbs overweight for the surgery…and Lauren was not 100 pounds overweight. I hope she stays with it, because lap band surgery also requires a lot of changes in your life, like not drinking and eating properly for it to stay the course. Just like a strict diet it gets the weight off easily in the beginning, but it is the long term dedication and changes that will keep the weight off.

        • Powell says:

          contessa I have seen Big Medicine, the medical show w/the father and son docs that do gastric bypass on the morbidly obese. And they said something like what your saying. I remember when Carly Wilson had hers she said you have to take lots of vitamins also. I don’t know if it is the same for Lap Band. I don’t think that Lauren has the stick-to-itness to do what is needed to keep it up.
          Contessa I hope you can work w/your doc to come up w/a plan that will help you meet your goal. 🙂

          • contessa says:

            Hi Powell,

            I gave the surgery only a minute thoughts, as there are too many complications long term, even with the lap band. I gained 50 pounds because I fell and now have chronic
            bursitis in both hips. I have taken steroid injections and am 80% better and am back to exercising and eating in a healthy way, so the weight is coming off slowly. Thank you for the support.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Alcohol also “loosens” your lap band so you can eat MORE food. Alcohol is the “gateway” for many people with lap bands to RE-GAINING all (or even MORE) of the weight they originally lost through the procedure.

      Put the alcohol down, Lauren! Try some seltzer water mixed with cranberry juice. And, GIRL, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, find some type of MATTE-FOUNDATION/POWDER that stops making your FACE look so damned GREASY!!!

      I mean, you look like a long-lost WHITE relative of Jermaine Jackson’s ALWAYS-GREASY-LOOKING a*s!!!

      • melthehound says:

        Does the lapband ever come off or is it there permanently? I’ve heard of people having them ‘adjusted’ but don’t know about having them removed.

        • Powell says:

          I think it’s permanent, only removable thru surgery but I think the doc can do adjustments in their office. I heard that too but don’t know how they make the adjustment.

    • embee says:

      You lost me with the name calling.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Well, hopefully a SAINT (which I have NEVER proclaimed to BE) will FIND you soon, Embee.

        I also hope you can find a way to send out an S.O.S. I’d hate to have you “lost” for too long. That could get dicey. I’m not a Saint, but I’d hate to see ANYTHING bad happen to a person that is “lost” for too long.

        Good luck to ya! 😉

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Ummmm, Detox, clearing my throat… I don’t think embee was talking to you or about you.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Okey dokey. Thanks, Lainey.

            Sorry if I mistakenly responded to you, Embee. I bow down and APOLOGIZE sincerely.

            I also repeat that I am NOT a Saint (I’m not fully a Sinner either. What does that make me, Lainey? A SAINTER? A SNAIN’T? Help me out here like you just did above. I’ll wait).

        • djprincessc says:

          hahhahhahahahah….Oh Detox. You and I have THE SAME thoughts about Lauren. lol.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Lauren just wears my sh*t out, DJ! She’s too YOUNG to be so BITTER and HATEFUL! She’s also got a degree in cosmetology AND a makeup store. There’s NO excuse for that GREASINESS!! Get it together, Lauren!! Do you HEAR us (that would be you and me, DJ)?!!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Did she really get her license, certificate or degree for Cosmetology. I thought she had tried it but didn’t finish. Maybe I am thinking of Kim Zolciak. didn’t she go to beauty school for one day?

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I APOLOGIZE for MISTAKENLY responding to you, Embee. I thought you were talking to me. Please also see my comment/response to Lainey (below).

  15. Iowagirl says:

    I missed the show last night, can anyone tell me what the comment about Dina’s son was about? A bit more detail please.

    • chismosa says:

      I think it was Jacqueline saying Dina never “acknowledged” Jacq’s son? Or the new Autism issue with him

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I am sure it had to be about the autism issue because Dina was still on the show and on what seemed like good term with her family when Nic was born.

  16. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Well the lost footage was quite boring. It would’ve been better if they’d given us some more reunion film. Just on SH where there is a Tre interview where they spoke about the ‘infamous’ vineyard call. Tre, IIRC mentioned where are these women or one of the posters may have. While I agree that many ‘mistresses’ come forward to expose their past lovers, some may have moved on and gone from whore to housewife and JUST CAN’T. Because they DON’T come forward doesn’t mean they don’t EXIST!

    Imagine, if you will, your sleazy ex who was married at the time, saying he never cheats, cheated etc. You dated him, sexed him, and either left him or was dumped by him. You are NOW married, in a stable relationship, or WAS and STILL ARE married. Do you risk your postion now to expose this creep? Will your husband,lover, family and community respect that you dated this married man? Was Juicey smart enough to choose ‘good mistresses’, women who were discreet or does he pay handsomely for silence? Is it that his past encounters are embarassed and disgusted they ‘dated’ a man who treats his wife so abusively on screen, even if he was a generous, charismatic delight with them?

    Look at TigerWoods and JesseJames. They cheated for YEARS before they were caught and do we believe ALL of the women came forward… NOT BY A LONG SHOT! Some had much to lose and wouldn’t exchange it for notoriety, 15mins of fame or a few grand from some interviews. After the cameras and reporters are gone they must face the glare of public scrutiny for coming forward and admitting to being homewrecking whores. Not many takers for that limelight.

    • chismosa says:

      Whoop whoop. I agree. Juicy has or has had more than 1 too. There ARE women with very low or non-existent standards/tastes.

      The problem is Tre’s inability to face up to this with Juicy OR to make others think its not true. She thinks she is fooling everyone. AND to me, this is her Achilles heel and complete symbol for all her downfalls. Her complete inability to see, own up, admit fault. Developmental problem/ inborn / family-raised way of being, who knows the source. Essence of Teresa!

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        LOL Girl you so crazy! 🙂 ‘Allegations’ of Juicey cheating are indeed Tre’s kryptonite. It’s her world, but with so many of her fans in the same possible position, she would’ve served them better to say she believes in marriage and family and will work to save hers as long as her spouse is willing to save it too. Burying your head in the sand leaves your ass exposed but I guess that how Juicey like it! LOL The Father’sDay lost footage was so SAD because you can tell how much she loves that POS. If only he could behave like a better man for her and her kids and stop ‘keeping it real’ but instead ‘keep it loving’.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Sometimes I wonder if he’s embarrassed to behave in a loving way in front of the cameras. Maybe he sees it as weakness? just wondrin’..

          • It kills me to see Juicy continue to act like a complete and utter piece of trash and a filandering fraud in front of his children. Gia’s face at that Father’s Day breakfast broke my heart. That girl knows exactly what is going on and it is written all over her face. The other girls are too young to pick up on things but Gia knows everything and it just kills me. I was raised in a VERY strict catholic Italian household and while I get the “divorce isn’t an option” mentality……when someone is committing adultery (a sin) and shows no signs of remorse or even a modicum of effort to try to stop, I would have to say that Tre and her girls would be so much better off if that man were FAR away from them…>He could outwardly be a manwhore and Teresa could maybe find someone to love her back (granted, that’s another can of worms but at least she’d be given the opportunity and Joey G wouldn’t be allowed to suckle at the teet of her financial success)

          • contessa says:

            I’m with you on this Lainey, I have a man that would die of embarassment with regard to PDA, but at home he is loving and kind and affectionate. The other guys on the show are over the top with PDA – Joe Gorga is disgusting with his tarzan act…I would slap tarzan and tell him to put it back in his pants. Love doesn’t have to be PDA, but he is loving with his kids, does anyone remember him crying when Gia was performing? I also think he is proud of Tre in his own way. TV is not Joe Giu medium. I have seen some instances of real caring, and the biggest one for me was when Joe announced in the Vineyard he was talking Tre home. He also tried to calm her down at the reunion several times, as he thinks all this stuff is nonsense. Joe Giu is a street guy (I grew up with them, and this is simply the way they are). I know a lot of old world Italians (my brother-in-law is sicilian) and he still says he wished his daughters had married Italians??? My sister and I just look at him and say do you forget the Polish side of your kids and the heritage we bring to the family – well duh!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Yes, I’ve seen a few scenes with him (Joe Guidice) being kind and gentle – – feeding the baby her bottle, and like you said, when he teared up over Gia…but it was almost like they “CAUGHT” him. Richie and Joe Go play to the cameras and go overboard. Like my border collie who, if left to her own devices when she was a young girl, would run in FRONT OF CARS, jumping up and down, as if saying…” Look at me!! Look at me!! Stop your car!! Look at me!!” Chris is more quiet like JoeGui, but he doesn’t get aggravated by the cameras like Joegui. Caroline’s husband is kind of “in between” he can take it or leave it. Caroline usurps his role sometimes. So he probably figures, I don’t gotta do nuthin, The Don will say and do what needs to be said and done.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Those girls ADORE their Father.

              As for Milania, oh my God, she is the FEMALE version of Joe Giudice. It’s like she SPRUNG from his HEAD the way Athena sprung from her father Zeus’ head.

              And just LIKE Athena, Milania is going to be her own little “GODDESS OF WAR!” (just like her PAW!).

              When Teresa was trying to give a nice Father’s Day speech, Milania says, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!” (I LMAO. Like her father, she was basically like, “So WHAT? Who CARES? Let’s get this breakfast show on the road and over with! I got sh*t to do: like kick a*sses and take names. That ol’ Troll knows we all LOVE him! Just stop it with the sentimentality, Mom!! Daddy and I do no LIKE it, and we find it embarrassing!!

              That’s cuz we are DRAGONS! You, Gia, Gabriella and Audriana just CARE too much.

              We all know we LOVE each other. Stop with the melodramatics, Gia & Mommy!! JEEZ!!”

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I’m sorry, Chismosa, but I see no problem with Teresa refusing to go PUBLIC with the fact that Juicy has cheated if she DOES know (I think she DOES. I COULD be wrong, though. I am smart enough to know that I do NOT know EVERYTHING.).

        That is THEIR personal business.

        There are several rumors that Melissa has cheated on Joey with, not only ONE man, but MORE THAN ONE man. There was even a rumor that Joey cheated (the “tire-slashing” rumor).

        Let’s say these rumors are true and BOTH Joey and Melissa KNOW about each others’ infidelities. They do not OWE it to US to reveal that PUBLICALLY.

        They all have CHILDREN to protect. Maybe none of them want to break their children’s hearts and reveal the truth. Maybe they feel the children are NOT yet OLD enough to KNOW the truth, or maybe they feel like they will NEVER tell their children even when they become adults because they do not want to burden them with that and/or tarnish the image of the children’s father or mother.

        It is ALSO not the public’s business. Not EVERYBODY has the SAME type of marriage. Different types of marriages work for different people.

        Also, culturally, to SOME women, their husband cheating and/or having some meaningless fling is simply not something that they consider “catastrophic”. Some women feel that as long as the man comes home to THEM, that is ENOUGH.

        I do not JUDGE these women. That type of marriage is not for ME….but I do not know WHAT I would do if placed in the same position (with children, no less) because I have never been placed there.

        For those that HAVE been and have chosen to leave, GOOD for them!!

        For those that HAVE been placed there and have chosen to stay, GOOD for them!!

        In both cases, I think each one has done what is RIGHT for HER for WHATEVER reasons (many of which have NOTHING to do with being “dumb” or “stupid” or “in denial” or “blind” or “an inability to see, own, up and admit fault” [with regard to THIS, why should Teresa admit FAULT if it is JOE’S a*s that is cheating? It’s not HER that is doing wrong. It’s him. And it may not have a THING to do with her. I’ve known PLENTY of men who have cheated on their wives but have NO intention of leaving their wife and/or who still LOVE their wives despite the cheating. The problem/insecurity/character flaw lies with these MEN, not NECESSARILY their wives]).

        Also, how do we know and why do SO MANY people KEEP focusing on the issue of whether or not JOE GIUDICE has CHEATED? Is it because BRAVO continues to focus on this possibility? Is it because secret sources are CONSTANTLY going to the tabloids about it and possibly getting paid to do so?


        But how do WE know that Albert Manzo, Chris Laurita, and/or Joey have not STEPPED OUT on their wives (and may not be CONTINUING to do so)? Just because BRAVO does not make these men the focus of a “possible cheating” storyline does NOT mean it is not going on with them either.

        Outside of BRAVO, there are SEVERAL rumors about Albert Manzo having a LONG-TIME mistress (for whom he has even bought a house). There are also rumors that he has had other women, besides this long-time mistress, with whom he has had dalliances. Is Caroline STUPID for staying? I mean, maybe she stays for her children (even though they are adults); or because she does not want to lose her lifestyle; or because she grew up with a father who ALSO cheated on HER Mother (So, it’s her “normal”). I mean, her sister Dina married Tommy Manzo even though she admitted that he’d cheated on her MORE THAN ONCE while they were DATING. This COULD be an indication that Caroline and Dina grew up in a home where they were raised to turn a blind eye.

        Chris cheated on his FIANCEE’ with Jac. My father ALWAYS told me that women make it very HARD on themselves when it comes to choosing a man to marry because they often COMPLICATE things instead of keeping things SIMPLE (the way he says MANY MEN, including HIMSELF, are). According to my Father, “If the man is cheating on you while you’re DATING him, he is HIGHLY LIKELY to cheat on you AFTER!! If the man is kicking your a*s while you’re dating him, he is HIGHLY LIKELEY to kick your a*s after!! The courting/dating phase is when a man is on his BEST behavior. It only stays the same or gets worse after marriage because the man is now ‘comfortable,’ and he feels like you’ll still stay with him and/or put up with it and/or take him back — because you DID so while you were DATING him!”

        I thank my dear ol’ Dad for telling me that (because I’ve seen it turn out to be the CASE with MANY people I know and because it has saved me from a LOT of heartache).

        So, Chris Laurita has already PROVEN that HE has a propensity to cheat, right? He may have cheated in the past, or he may be cheating on Jac RIGHT NOW for all WE know.

        I see PLENTY of women in the PUBLIC EYE who have a husband that is their “Achilles’ heel,” and it does NOT necessarily lead to their “complete downfall”:

        Hillary Clinton — She does not look like a woman whose OVERALL life has been unsuccessful or been a complete downfall because she stayed with cheatin’ Bill.

        Maria Shriver — I still consider Maria to be graceful, beautiful, accomplished and successful in her field. Arnold Schwarzenneger recently gave an interview where he said Maria was WILLING, for the sake of their children and because of her Catholic beliefs, to take Arnold back as long as he agreed to continue counseling. He said he did NOT want to CONTINUE counseling because he did NOT want to talk about it anymore. So, this effectively ended their marriage. Maria had no other choice because he did not even want to work on it with her. That is ARNOLD’S problem and a poor reflection on HIS character — NOT Maria’s.

        Jackie Kennedy — She knew VERY well what her husband was up to. She was adamant, while he was President, about keeping this out of the public eye (The press, in those days, had much more respect for public figures/political leaders and did not report on such things). For YEARS afterward, she was ADAMANT about keeping the TRUTH about his NUMEROUS infidelities out of the public eye to PROTECT her children and their image of their father. She, unfortunately, in the end, was unable to do so because the press had changed the rules on how they reported on public figures. I do not consider Jackie Kennedy to be a “stupid” woman or a woman whose husbands indiscretions caused her “downfall” because she chose to turn a blind eye.

        Eleanor Roosevelt — Franklin Delano Roosevelt is considered by many to be one of the GREATEST Presidents this nation has ever had. He had a LONGTIME mistress, about which Eleanor was well award. Reports say she was deeply hurt by this at first, but she threw herself into public service and in raising her children. She is considered to be one of our greatest First Ladies.

        I mean, I LOVE you guys, but I do NOT understand this FOCUS with whether or not Juicy cheated. I just don’t get it. It’s like so many people want to CONDEMN Teresa for “being in denial” or “turning a blind eye” or “lying about the truth” or saying she “would leave him if she ever found out he was cheating” (Maybe that is the message she wants to send to her daughters, even though she knows SHE may NOT be strong enough to do it. This man is probably her first REAL LOVE. This man is probably the ONLY man with whom she has been sexual. This is also a man for whom she laid down and had 4 babies!! Maybe those things mean MORE to her than whether or not he stepped out on her a time or two. Maybe she wants, however, for her daughters to do BETTER than she was ABLE to DO, and THIS is why she says she would leave Joe if she ever found out for SURE that he has cheated on her.).

        I mean, my Mom once mentioned that she thought my Dad cheated on her, and, in the overall scheme of things, it really was not THAT “catastrophic” to her. She was much more philosophical and matter-of-fact about it.

        Did I turn around and do what my Mother did? Nope. Once I found out FOR SURE that the 2nd man who’d proposed to me cheated on me, I was OUTTA there!! And I was MADLY IN LOVE with him when I ended things. It took me years to get over him, and it took him 4 years of finally getting back in touch and trying to be friend, etc., etc., to FINALLY REALIZE that I could be friendly with him, but I was NEVER going to take him back.

        It was NOT for me. So, I did NOT follow my Mother’s example.

        Who’s to say Teresa’s daughters, if Joe IS cheating and they KNOW that their Mother KNOWS and STAYS ANYWAY, will make the SAME choice Teresa did (I honestly don’t see Miss Milania taking too much sh*t when it comes to men in the future! LOL)?

        Only GOD knows, and maybe GOD should be the ONLY ONE to whom Teresa prays and REVEALS the truth about Joe’s infidelity if she knows and if it even IS true.

        I can’t fault her for that.

        • Sus says:

          We really don’t know that Theresa is going to stay. She might be biding her time and waiting until Joe’s criminal case is done. She might divorce him after he goes to prison, if convicted. She might not want to kick him when he’s down out of respect for her little darlings.

        • Sus says:

          Remember how Hilary Clinton was vilified in the media because she stayed with the President after the Monica fiasco? Same is happening to Theresa on a smaller scale.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            But he did NOT have sexual relations with that woman.

          • contessa says:

            I’m with Detox on this one…it is no ones business and Tre should not be vilified about whether Joe is cheating or not. I have lived through it with a cheating husband. I knew things were a bit weird for a few months (he was travelling every week for work, home on weekends) and when he called home 2-3 times per day the conversations were very different – I could feel the change. I finally went through all the phone bills (we used our phones for business so there were pages and pages of calls on all the lines, otherwise I would have caught it earlier) and picked up on the fact that he was calling one number in Illinois (we lived in AZ, and he worked m-f in Wisconsin) 5-6 times per day, always after calling me and having long hourly conversations in the middle of the night. I confronted him and he begged my forgiveness, we went to counseling. But I became a different person going through his briefcase, his wallet, phone bills, hurting and crying and devastated. I had a copy of a hotel receipt (he used our points from the Marriott) and he claimed they checked in and he didn’t do anything because he loved me so much. I said pour piss on my head and tell me it’s raining. He was good for awhile and then started calling her again, and my head started to spin like in the exorcist. I was looking at myself like I was in a movie, who was this crazy insecure detective crazy woman? To make a long story short we continued counseling, but my Dad got very ill and while I was visiting him, my ex walked out while I was on a plane to Chicago. He left divorce papers, that he filed on my desk in Arizona. I couldn’t reach him via phone to tell him my Dad was terminal or to say f you. He moved onto his new life. This was six years ago, please know I am fine. But I had people telling me what I should do and how I should do it. When you are in pain you cannot see clearly, and I was so disillusioned I didn’t know what I wanted. However he never fessed up to the truth, and during counseling, our therapist told me he had no emotional depth…and could not understand or feel my pain, and that we were very different people on an emotional level. It was the biggest learning curve of my life. I lost my husband, I had to leave my Dad in Chicago to fly back and deal with the divorce (as he put limitations in his papers and I had to get an attorney quickly), I flew back to Chicago 3 weeks later and was there when my Dad died, and also had to find work for the shell of a company he left me with. This story has a happy ending, because I worked through it all, put the business back on track for awhile, and now understand that I can face just about anything in life. Its’ all about choices we make that are comfortable for us. I was willing for forgive him, but he was never really sorry, just biding time until her divorce was finalized. At this point in my life I would make different decisions entirely – I would be out the door at the first sign of any cheating, because my trust and love is a very valuable commodity and I love me first most of all, and cherish the woman I am.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              ((((Mama Contessa))))

              Like I told jeang the other day, I am going to tell you that you are my HERO!! I am bowing down and taking my hat off to you for coming out on the other side a stronger and wiser woman. XOXO

              • contessa says:

                Thank you, but I’m from the school of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. There was no other option but up at that point. I am not a hero, but thank you. I used to belong to a board for spouses that were cheated on…the true heros are the men/women who keep their children together through the pain of cheating and those that do the same through divorce. There are some heartwarming wonderful success stories where a marriage is saved and it gets better in the long run. I read something by Maya Angelou at that time and it is incribed on my brain: to survive is commendable, to thrive is elegant. It resonated with me in a very powerful way, to the point that one night I had a few too many with my gf and started to sing “I am woman” like a lunatic.

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  “I Am Woman”!! ROFL. That’s hilarious (the singing like a lunatic after having 1 too many. I’ve BEEN there too. 😉 ).

                  I LOVE that song!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Hats off to you, Contessa. muah!! oh yeah and big kiss!!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Thank You! I mean Teresa is NOT the FIRST woman who has had a husband who has cheated, and she damned sure won’t be the LAST.

            If we went around condemning every woman who chose to stay, despite cheating, we’d have a WHOLE LOT of women (MANY of whom we never would have GUESSED) in JAIL.

            • chismosa says:

              Hi Detox, hi all ^^^^. I am not expecting, by any means for Einstein Teresa to leave her husband. That is just not in her psychosis. I GET that.i know we SHOULDN’T care about these dumb reality stars’ marriages/affairs but then don’t BE ON A REALITY SHOW. I GET that Don (Jill! I want to meet Jill! Btw, what day of the week did the NJ reunion film because why would a bride need Albert at the Brownstone if its during the week? Hmmmm)

              To me, and I’m too tired and frankly overwhelmed by the post NJ discussions to explain clearly what I meant. Basically I’m saying that Teresa’s situation with her extremely unattractive (inside ) husband that played out on national tv with him basically SPEAKING to his gouma on the phone mike’d up, just ADDS IMO to the Teresa mystique:::: head in the sand, don’t care what anyone around me is thinking, feeling, use up my kids on TV when they clearly are not taking well to it, only loving those around me when it helps my business (cough cough ) grow. Never giving plausible explanations to anyone for anything. I’m NOT saying everyone else is perfect.

              I am NOT saying other hw’s on this show are innocent in anything but I cannot stomach Teresa’s blatant disregard for others’ feelings around her. Her dumbness and following actions and how she justifies things just make my stomach churn. Sorry I cannot be clearer on this. Another day I can probably better handle this. 🙂

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                No need to apologize at ALL, Chismosa. We just have different opinions/viewpoints, and that is O.K. I still love you. 😉

              • Amber...Real Wife says:

                In other words it’s tiring to read about Juicey’s ‘possible, allegedly, insinuated’ cheating . With all the venom that is spewed on this blog daily against ALL the HWs this subject is not acceptable or understood? Oh well nothing and no one is off limits.

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  I can’t speak for the others who have commented on this, Amber.

                  I’m not saying that discussion of Juicy’s cheating is “not acceptable”.

                  Talk about it CONSTANTLY if you like (and I know you don’t need my permission. I am not even being condescending. SERIOUSLY. And I am NOT arguing with you. I’m actually trying to make you understand my position because it looks like I may have offended you, which was NOT my intention).

                  KNOCK YOURSELF OUT if the subject is that fascinating to you.

                  I’m just saying, for ME, I don’t get the constant FOCUS on whether or not he HAS (and I am NOT talking about JUST YOU. I’m talking about BRAVO and Jac and Melissa. Jac’s screamed it ad nauseum. Melissa has given magazine interviews on it. An alleged “cheating phone call,” which I do NOT trust was not spliced & edited, was played OVER AND OVER AND OVER on BRAVO. Joe was questioned by Andy about it. Teresa was questioned about it.).

                  I think Juicy has cheated. I could be wrong, though. I also think Teresa publically says that she does not believe it because, if it were true, a woman would have come forward by now. In a way, I agree with her. In another way, I do NOT.

                  But it’s like JUICY is the ONLY one on which people seem to want to FOCUS when it comes to alleged infidelity.

                  I don’t think it’s fair to JUST focus on him when there are several rumors about the others.

                  For SOME reason, however, besides local Jersey blog comments, someone (like Teresa, for instance) is NOT making a CONCERTED effort to bring forth these local Jersey commenters to serve as sources for tabloid and magazine stories regarding the MANY rumors about the OTHER men.

                  Teresa has a team that COULD focus on doing this if they so chose.

                  It does NOT appear that they (and SHE) are choosing to go that route.

                  And, for that, I commend her.

                  Just like you have every right to constantly comment on whether or not Juicey has CHEATED and how this makes Teresa look “soooo BAD,” other people have the right to respond to you and disagree and to point out how it IS tiring to NEVER hear at-length discussions of the rumors of the OTHER husbands and how BAD it makes the OTHER women (BESIDES Teresa) look (I personally don’t think it makes them look bad. I think it makes them look HUMAN. I’m not even married, and I know how COMPLICATED marriage can be).

                  It is WONDERFUL (I am DEAD SERIOUS) that you have a husband that you know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY has NEVER cheated on you, and that he NEVER will. You are a very LUCKY woman.

                  I wish I were LUCKY enough to know something like this WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY about any boyfriend/partner/husband I may have in the future.

                  Maybe it is just ME (People are different, and I accept that), but I do not think I would EVER know something like that with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY.

                  And I would hope that, if I were EVER in the public eye, and I was subject to constant rumors of my husband cheating and constant JUDGMENT of how I chose to handle it and how “bad” it made me look, I would HOPE that there would ALSO be OTHER commenters who would FEEL differently and SAY SO.

                  That’s all.

                  I come and go in PEACE.

        • mrs. peabody says:

          as far as whether or not he is cheating, I don’t care, it’s her marriage her decision on what she is going to put up with or not. Just because she doesn’t want to talk about it does not mean she is stupid and doesn’t know what is going on. Bottom line it’s her life, her choice.

          • Sus says:

            I wouldn’t leave my husband if he cheated. He’d leave me to escape my psychoticness. I’d say “Oh I forgive you” and all that crap and every time he did anything remotely irritating, I’d bring up the slut cow pig that he cheated with.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              ROFL, Sus!!

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              LOL- That reminds me of a friend of mine who found out her boyfriend (a serious, long term live in boyfriend) cheated on her. She played it cool and didn’t let on that she knew until one night when they were together and in the throws of passion, she went ‘down on him’ and just when he was about to ‘pop’ said.in an evil tone “I know what you did”.
              Needless to say, given that his gf was known to be a little crazy he had never been so scared in his life…

              They have since broken up but this tale has taught me, that if you suspect your mate of cheating to be sure to call them out when they are feeling the most ‘vulnerable’.

  17. keida says:

    Okay, I’m so glad that NJ is over! I can quit avoiding the comments here. I will say all this once and then hopefully let it go forever. I like Jacqueline. I’ve always liked her. She gets emotionally invested in her friends. When people say she’s a puppet for Caroline, I remember back to Danielle. She held her own against her in-laws for Danielle. She stood up for what she thought was right. Things only got bad because of Danielle and Ashley (which I think was more Ashley’s immaturity and bs). Jacqueline is kind and truthful, IMO. Does she get too invested? Does she say too much when she’s angry? Yes and yes. However, I don’t think she’s crazy, and I like her. I don’t care how she and Chris met. Who cares? They are in a loving marriage.

    Caroline is a different story. I feel that Caroline has this wall up. She protects her family and friends (season 1 with Dina and Teresa). However, something came between Dina and everyone else, whether that was the show continuing on without her as Lynn thought or whatever the reason. Dina has some skeletons in her closet. I remember when Lynn talked about ugly tweets Dina would send and then delete. I don’t think she’s a saint. I don’t think that about any of them really. However, if you cross Caroline, then she remembers. Too bad Teresa didn’t get that memo.

    Chris, Albie, Greg, and Richie. I see them as teasing. It’s not a big deal. I’ve grown up around that kind of teasing. Could they take it a bit too far? Sure. Have they done so? Not that I’ve seen. However, you can tell that Teresa hasn’t grown up around it, so it gets to her, which unfortunately eggs them on. Lauren and her lapband I totally disagree with. A lap band is a last resort and definitely not for 35 pounds! However, I’m not her parents, her, or in any way is that act affecting me. She chose to do that, so it’s on her.

    Teresa, Joe Gorga, and her parents. These people hold grudges! They are deep in their psyche and are hard to let go or get over. They talked about it last season with Kathy’s dad and the grudge with Teresa’s dad over $200. This feud is going to last a while, and it’ll end when everyone can get over it, which I don’t see happening. Teresa has tunnel vision. She sees things her way and that’s it. Too bad for everyone else. When she brought the muscle guys to the truck pull, that’s her vision. When Caroline played the same way by getting the soldiers, Teresa called foul. They were both wrong. It was supposed to be a fun event. I liked the camping cook off. That looked like fun. No one took it too seriously, it seemed.

    It’s too bad that the fun, family NJ from season one is gone.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Welcome back, Keida! 🙂

      Actually, I like Jackie, too. She’s immature, her emotionality bugs me, I’d like to see her have more self-control, and know when to shut up and butt out – but, overall, I think she has a good heart and really does care about others (probably to a fault). I wish her well.

    • Sasha says:

      Keida, I think the way you think. I could watch another season of Jersey if it started next week. I was very amused.

      I like Jac too, The lady is not crazy. Like you, I think that she is a tad bit emotional. I think we saw the fun part of her personality last night with the wedding dresses and I liked seeing her with Chris. You can see that they really love each other. We should have seen more of that during the season.

      I have no problem with the Manzo kids and Greg. They are quite entertaining. Lauren included when she is not on a rant. So what if two mamma’s boys have a sister with a lap band. I guess they all became the scum of the when they made a joke or two about Teresa.

    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

      keida, I agree with you – I like Jaq too and just see her as a person who is not good at judging emotional boundaries properly. The whole RHONJ is sad because it could have been a wonderful glimpse into a beautiful Italian American family and a lot of fun but they are so messed up that it is just a train wreck. When they get people on the show that are emotionally unbalanced it’s just uncomfortable and weird and in this case there are a whole gaggle of them. (btw i am writing this with the debate in the background so i don’t go over the edge…lol)

    • NJBev says:

      Keida, great post.
      Thank you for saying something nice.
      What a pleasure to read a post that isn’t consumed with hate.

  18. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    I want to send a special shout-out to DesignDiva. I have added you and your family to my prayer list. I hope and pray that you get through your surgery o.k., and that your healing afterwards goes smoothly and quickly.

    Get Well Soon!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Thinking of you too Diva.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Get well soon, DesignerDiva – you are missed!! praying for you!

      • contessa says:

        I’m on the prayer list for Diva as well. She spreads so much white light towards everyone in the past and collectively we are sending it back to her for strength and fast recuperation. Does anyone have any news?

        • melthehound says:

          I think Empress said she would share it as she had it and was given permission to do so. Honestly I’m hoping to see Diva here soon telling us herself 😉

    • lizzle says:

      I want to join you on that special shout-out Detox. I was happy to see Diva commenting here again on a regular basis and was worried about Mr Ford… her partner and love in life. So, I was shocked to recently hear about Diva.

      (((Diva))) you are an inspiration and I am sending my prayers your way. You are truly missed and loved around here.

    • TexasTart says:

      Wishing you healing.and.peace, DesignDiva. Miss your comments and let’s not forget the music! 🙂

  19. hi all, i’ve got a candle burning for Diva and her family. do everything they tell you to do and get up as soon as you can to get out of the hospital as fast as you can.
    i think there is a war between caro and bravo to see just who is incharge. i think caro decided to get rid of danelle and did and now thinks she can do that with anyone. i also think she ran dina off the show too but i don’t know if that was her goal.
    thank you for the schedule listing. i have gotten into watching “Switched at birth” and have becomed hooked on it so was glad to see it in the listings. i watched the previous season episodes and can’t wait to continue the stories.
    love to all and be safe, have to go and finish knitting the halloween bags for me grandkids. debi

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Hi Grandmabebers,
      I wasn’t sure if you saw my reply to you before but I wanted to make sure you knew that I wasn’t calling you a troll or a lemming. I guess you thought I might have been talking about you since my post was after yours, but it wasn’t a reply to you. It was it’s own post. I would never say something like that about you :).

      There really was some nasty stuff said about Lynn on her old site that popped up after Jill being on WWHL.

      • thankyou rabble. when i thought about it later i knew i had misinterpreted something. i had gone to new orleans to babysit for 3days and ended up sick and in LSU hosp. for over a week. there was no bravo and no blog while i was in hosp. and i had just come home that day. i was tired and irrated but trying to catch up on the blog which just made me more tired. thank you for being so kind to me when i know i was less that kind to you. i didn’t know lynn’s old site had popped up do you think jill was behind it. she has probably saved every one of lynns old blogs. she is sooooo sad. love to all, debi

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I am so glad you saw the post(S) clearing this up. I was so worried that you were upset and that your feelings were hurt, especially from a misunderstanding.
          I didn’t think you were unkind to me in the original post, it read more like you were confused as to why I would say something like that about you and that you were hurt by it. I know what it feels like to sometimes get blindsided from a ‘Lynn Family’ member too (in my case, it was also just a misunderstanding) so I really wanted to make sure that you knew I thinking of you highly and would never disparage you in such a way.

          I do think Jill or someone who is really, really close to her were behind the pop up on Lynn’s old blog. It makes me sick that someone would do that and does nothing to soften my stance on Jill returning to RHONY. I NEVER want to see her again.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Forgot to add, sorry you were feeling sick before, I hope you are 100% now xo

  20. Powell says:

    Ok peeps. What is Dina/Caroline/Chris’ problem? We know Caroline doesn’t like “outsiders” to be friends w/her family members if she doesn’t approve. So Dana is friends w/Teresa. That can’t be the problem.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      The rumor was that Dina tried to throw down the gauntlet mid season 2 to get Danielle off of the show that they would walk if didn’t get rid of her. The rest of the cast didn’t follow suit so she is mad they left her out to dry because it was her that got the axe.

      • ATLnNYC09 says:

        I would hope Dina would be over that by now since she has a WHOLE SHOW on HSN about her.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I would hope so too. It seems like there might have been things happening under the surface while keeps her anger current. Dina seems to think when they mention her on the show, that it comes across like they are tossing her under the bus.

          • Powell says:

            Dina’s supposed to be so Zen, rubbing crystals and her Buddha’s tummy. She’d better get that lady to make her some kinda bracelet if she’s holding on to something so idiotic.

        • Powell says:

          If that’s it then that’s the craziest and most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Her show is on HGTV, we know she’s getting more money, she doesn’t share the screen w/family. I would be thanking my family since I got the better deal. Dina has a talent & Caroline & Jac don’t. RR & ATL that can’t be it.

          • dch60 says:

            Hi all… there’s actually more. When all the problems came up with her charity apparently she was upset because Caroline didn’t stick up for her and thought maybe she didn’t see it or didn’t know. Dina had access to Caroline’s twitter so she went on Caroline’s account and sent a tweet in support of Dina and her charity. Then Lauren said a tweet to ignore that tweet that the account had been hacked. Hence another reason behind the fallout.

            • dch60 says:

              Lauren SENT a tweet, not said.

            • NJBev says:

              Wow- I never heard that story, and it is a doozy!
              I do remember the issues with Dina and her tweeting, she was a pip alright, and I can actually see her doing something like that w/ Carolines account. Dina was the original
              twittercritter of NJ!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      In a word, the MAIN problem: JACQUELINE!

  21. ATLnNYC09 says:

    Jac is nuttier than a bag of trail mix for printing out that Merry Christmas text message to Tre in 40 point and bringing it to the reunion. For those interested, here is a teaser for RHOA. http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-atlanta/season-5/videos/a-whole-new-atlanta
    It looks chock full of DRAMA.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Jac acts like a bitter ex girl friend. She really does….

      • Sus says:

        Hee! She sure is.

      • ATLnNYC09 says:

        Shes the type that would boil a bunny

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          No doubt….
          Saving text messages and printing them out…I didn’t think Jill saving a 6 month old voice mail then playing it out loud could be beat in terms of being pathetic but I was wrong.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          In the recent interview Teresa gave to the “All About TRH” blog, Teresa said that when a mutual friend told both of them she thought her husband was cheating, Jac told her how to secretly install tracking devices on her husbands car/GPS and install something that could monitor his cell phone without him knowing, etc.

          Teresa said she was shocked because she had NO idea about any of that stuff, and she would never even think about doing it.

          I HAVE ideas about that kind of stuff, and I would NOT do it. I trust my man until he gives me a reason NOT to. I don’t go thru cell phone records, my man’s cell phone, his receipts, etc. I pray to God and put it in HIS hands. If I am MEANT to find out if my man is cheating, I WILL (and he will let me know about it when I am strong enough and ready to cross that bridge. He hasn’t let me down so far. Additionally, I’m busy, “I ain’t got time FA DAT!!!” LOL).

          WHY would Jac have taken ALL those measures with Chris if he had NEVER cheated on her BEFORE?

          Ummmmm……she WOULD NOT (which leads me to believe that he HAS cheated on her before). She often sounds so unhinged, obsessed and, possibly, on some kind of substance(s) via her twitter, blog and interview rantings, that Chris could be cheating on her with 10 women while she was on Twitter or KNOCKED OUT.

          As IF Chris is not SMART ENOUGH to KNOW his wife and of WHAT she is capable.

          He can take ANOTHER car that he leased in his former company’s name (WITHOUT Jac’s knowledge) and use his 2nd cell phone (Most of the cheaters I knew had a 2nd cell phone; a secret E-Mail account; and a secret P.O. Box) to talk to his “sweet thang” to his heart’s desire with Jac’s “mentality of a 14-year old’s” ass being NONE THE WISER.

          I mean, for a while he managed to ALLEGEDLY rob his company blind without ANYONE realizing it. If many ASTUTE businessmen took a WHILE to catch him…..

          Jac is NO match for him.

          If Chris WANTS to cheat, he CAN and WILL (no matter HOW MUCH Jac’s ass is trying to act like Kojak and be the “private investigator” that CATCHES him!! Yeah, right!!)

      • Powell says:

        Oh gosh yes!

    • princesspindy says:

      All I could think when I saw that was “My Gawd that’s a lot of ink!”

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I read that former Miss USA, Kenya Moore, cold-cocked Nene RIGHT in her EYE, and Nene is BEGGING BRAVO to edit out the footage (because Nene, in the words of the article, “walked away like a punk!”).

  22. rabblerouser2010R says:

    I know we all have our opinions on NJ and they are just that, for whatever reason certain people we either can relate to more or less but I thought I would share some some peripheral viewer opinions of the show from my DH

    Re New Jersey
    Last night my DH was in the room (on his computer) while I was watching it and heard enough to say
    Re Jackelyn
    What is with her? Does she ever just STFU? No matter what is said, she has to butt in and try to toss in a zinger, even when it has nothing to with her.
    Re: Caroline
    What happened to her? Didn’t she use to be normal..now she is just so bitter and just yaps and yaps.

    • Powell says:

      RR your DH doesn’t even watch and had their number in a few seconds.

    • Cartwheels says:

      LOL, your husband is better than mine. He just can’t take any of them , Teresa included.
      I have tried several times to get him into it but he is set on his tracks that this is just way too trashy, LOL 😀 😀

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Your husband is a very astute man!

  23. Nancy says:

    Oh dear…Not a good day for Lance Armstrong.

    • Powell says:

      I didn’t see it. I’m just so sad about it. I’ve routed for him every year. I.don’t understand how he kept passing drug tests if what they say is true. I just keep thinking about his kids. They are so proud of him.

      • Nancy says:

        It is very sad. His doctor from Italy was in on it as well and so were his team mates.
        You can read all about it. It’s 200 pages long though. No wonder he threw his arms up.
        Everyone is dumping him even the cancer charity that he started. All of his past
        sponcers want to sew him for the money he received during training. His olympic medal
        may go as well. Wonder what he’s going to do now? Just horrible.

  24. plainviewsue says:

    One other quickie about NJ.

    Did anyone buy that story when Jacq & Chris were walking around Chicago talking about how they met? Don’t mean to be cynical, but I thought that was rehearsed bull sh*t.


    • Nancy says:

      Chris was engaged to another woman when he met Jacq but of course Andy didn’t drill
      them on that like he did to Joe.

    • melthehound says:

      I haven’t even seen it yet and no, I don’t buy it.

    • Exit4 says:

      I do….only because last season she wrote a manifesto about it. I wanted to link it earlier, but bravo doesn’t have the old blogs anymore! I do think their relationship played out the way she says. I do think she’s a nutball though!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      This person didn’t. It felt very rehearsed to me too. Jac protests about all of that TOO damned much!!

    • Sasha says:

      I thought it was genuine. He loves his wife and it shows..

    • chismosa says:

      I said above I sort of ‘bought’ it. But I duck my head in shame here saying that 😦

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Don’t duck your head in shame, Chismosa. You have a right to your opinion and belief (just like everybody else does). Have no shame and say it loud and proud: I BELIEVED IT!! 😀

  25. Exit4 says:

    Did anyone else catch that scene in the RV with Melissa yelling about Teresa to Joey Marco? Obviously, she was faking…and her and Teresa laughed, but when I saw just her yelling in the teaser b/f the commercial, I didn’t realize it was fake! I was thinking what happened???? I really thought she was mad! So, it makes me wonder how much more she fakes in her feud with Teresa.

  26. Powell says:

    Thks Lulu and Mr Lulu. Mr. Lulu it’s funny how you feel for Doug. Ha! It’s his own dang fault. How is he going to marry a 16 yr old and think she’s going to be a “wife” & act like an adult. She’s a kid. My 15 yr old cousin acts more mature than Courtney. She should be going to the mall and waiting for the next “Twilight” movie to come out. And I said it last week, what in the world is Shayne jealous about Courtney? Just as it is crazy for Doug to have adult feelings for Courtney, it’s just as crazy for Shayne to be jealous of Courtney & Courtney’s body as a woman. I believe Shayne has step-sisters that are just about Courtney’s age.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I totally agree. What did Doug EXPECT? It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for him because he is a human being in pain. My sympathy is lessened by the fact, however, that he married a damned CHILD!!

      That’s like me being pissed off that the 85 year old I marry can’t go out dancing with me and shake his a*s down to the ground and back up a few times like I have been KNOWN to do.

      I mean, he’s 85!!! HELLO!!!

    • Lulu says:

      Thank you! So I do have a heart and it’s pretty sad seeing someone so alone in their marriage. I don’t know what he seriously expected from that marriage. She’s just not there. The fact that she is cheating on him. Well he did bring it upon himself.

  27. klmh says:

    A few days ago, someone listed here, a new blog by reality faux, or something like that. In her blog she gave “evidence” about Jac and Chris’s corporate bankruptcy case. Supposedly the judge said some very damaging things to the Laurita’s. In one of todays posts on SH, one poster there wrote:
    I have never seen a Judge make a remark like that about a case he is presiding over. To me to make such a statement automaticly open up the door to the appellate court . I think I would question the validity of that. Most of the documents listed do not even have the correct judge presiding over the bankruptcy. We will see who walks away from the bankruptcy without owing a dime. If there was any fraud charges, after 3 years you would have seen them.
    Should be interesting to see if the blogger made up much of their “evidence”. It seemed to me that the whole blog was so pro Teresa, there was certainly an agenda there. Time will tell.

    • Exit4 says:

      When it comes to legal stuff on the Internet I rarely believe it! Or put any stock in it, Regardless of who it is, simply because 99% of the people analyzing HWs legal cases, have little or no legal knowledge beyond The Google School of Law. 🙂

      • Sus says:

        So are you saying you wouldn’t trust my doctoring with my degree from Google School of Medicine?

        • Exit4 says:

          LOL. Yes, both schools are closely affiliated! I know several people who got their degrees there! 🙂

          • Powell says:

            Ha! Sus and Exit I see plenty of drivers that got their driver’s license from the Google Driving School. It has to be Google cause Montgomery Ward has been out of biz for a few yrs.

          • princesspindy says:

            So are you saying my PhD in HW sociology is not valid??? Damn!!

      • klmh says:

        I found a site that gives some, ah different information. I agree, you just don’t know what to believe anymore. The numbers are so off base from one blog to another, and the difference is about 53 million. Whew… The report listed below seems more believable, to me.

        • Nancy says:

          This is like a preview to the debate tonight! LOL

          Just a joke people!~

        • Exit4 says:

          When I was in college and the Internet was just getting big, we were always taught to consider the source of the info. Your link sounds more plausible, but still grain of salt. Pretty often, I discount a site when I know they are wrong. The fayx reality site went on and on about the Gorgas “property assessment” and they were mostly off base. The only reason I know that is because I live in NJ and know what the number means.

          • klmh says:

            Thanks Exit. When the site was listed here, I went to it, and wrote that I felt the whole blog was so lopsided, there must be an agenda. The remark was quickly erased, and I noticed that the moniker, or little symbol for me was the same as SH. Maybe it was the same site? I really don’t care, but I appreciate your information.

            • Exit4 says:

              I am on the Pro Teresa side, but even I know that some of the pro teresa sights are beyond! There funny to read, but its like enough already! Fame Whorgas actually makes my head spin! Are you thinking SH and faux reality are the same person? It’s possible. Even the giudice bankruptcy, which I know is a huge source if contention, if you read the actual entire filing-it does paint a slightly different picture then what has been written. It’s on a site called scrib or script. It’s been forever, I’d have to find it…

              • klmh says:

                I’ve been an avid reader of the Giudice bankruptcy and their lack of good judgment and felonious attempt with regard to listing their assets, for several years. Valid documents and reports were listed and reported on Lynn’s site a few years ago, not sure if you were here then or not.
                When you first read about nasties like that, you think, geez that has to be a one in a million chance Bravo could find such scumbags. And then, you find out almost everyone of these ladies, on all the shows are almost, or as bad as the Giudice’s. It was a shock a few years ago, but now it seems that its a necessary requirement to have this type of background. I guess the reason they put their family and friends under a microscope is to become rich and to hell with anything else. Is it worth it? Guess it is to them, which
                speaks to the type of person they are, imo.

                • Exit4 says:

                  I always figured the same, people do it for the money. Some people (men AND women) need to have things to feel complete. I like Teresa, but I do think she is that way. She lets things define her, for whatever reason. Even when Caroline said it was her needs that drive joe to the position he is in, I disagree. A lot of men feel that what their wives have defines their self worth too. Not in the home, but to outsiders. I know a lot of competive men…NJ is a strangely competitive place. I think because there is a lot if $$ here.

                  • klmh says:

                    I suppose that’s why Bravo is so successful. Every city has ’em, the wanna be’s, by hook or by crook. Sorry for the cliches, but they fit.

                • NJBev says:

                  klmh, it is amazing that we first started to watch these shows to see how the” rich” women
                  behind the “gates” lived! remember when the OC ladies were all rollin in the dough and then
                  BAM!! the economy crashes and we see all these people are living a sham life. Everyone
                  of them spent money they didn’t have and got caught with their pants down. *smh*
                  The Guidice’s were the first to burn and crash, iirc, and for the most $$$, so that was a real
                  shock. I remember us all going crazy when Lynn posted the documents because we never
                  expected something like that from any of the HW, least of all Teresa. Still shaking my head!
                  After that, they were all dropping like flies.
                  But you are totally right, it speaks to the type of person they are, that these women expose
                  their families to such scrutiny, for what?

      • melthehound says:

        I put that same amount of faith in the armchair doctors and shrinks. To me, this is STILL just a television show no matter how much people would try to convince us otherwise. What I see on the screen (I know the post wasn’t specifically about this) is someone who has absolutely flipped her wig (Jac), there’s the armchair shrink. Further, someone who cannot stand to be left out of the spotlight (gorgas) that is shining on another (Teresa). I see a bitter nearing old woman who, at one time, I at least enjoyed her laugh (Momz), and an inconsequential character thrown in there as a space filler (Kathy) along with her big shot wannabe hubby (Fishy Richie) who haven’t added a damn thing to the show. Top that all off with the Manzo younguns, and you have the picture shown here quite often of Momz slumped over the counter with the bubble that she’ll be paying her kid’s bills forever.

        This season had a lot of attempted made for TV manufactured scenes, be it by Bravo or the cast, and all they’ve really done is show that all of these shows are complete BS. These shows have all become formulaic platforms for some of these HWs to push their wares and I seriously doubt that one of these shows even borders on reality. Name one of the franchises in the past couple years where there hasn’t been Some Target for the sake of ratings.

        I’ll check back for an answer when I get back from the store because I know you’re going to have to dig deep in the archives to find one, IF, one exists.

        • klmh says:

          Ha, just the opposite with me. I don’t put any stock into what I am seeing, only what I find out from their real life circumstances, bankruptcy, rape, pillaging, etc. So much more interesting.
          I still want to know how Bravo finds these people. Do they go to the city jails and talk with the inmates to identify their next housewife?

          • melthehound says:

            I believe that what I see happening is happening. What I question, within a narrow scope of what we’re shown, is WHY is it happening. Beyond that, KLMH, we may more agree than disagree.

          • Exit4 says:

            I found it


            I guarantee 10 people could read it and have 10 different opinions! I’m no bankruptcy expert but I know a little….

            • klmh says:

              Problem is the stuff they left out in the bankruptcy petition…
              Check out the lack of jewelry, designer handbags, personal items in the listing. We all know better.
              293,000. T. made on her online story, which she conveniently put in her personal acct, without declaring it.
              Joe’s forged signature involving his former partner.
              Several properties that were not listed in the assets.
              Buying 60,000. worth of furniture 6 days after declaration filed.
              Neglected to mention the money she received for her writing a book, at 200,000 I believe.
              The thing is, my numbers may be off because its been over a day since I’ve thought about them, but the Giudice’s had so much against them, they backed out of the bankruptcy. That says it all.

              • klmh says:

                Sorry, store, not story

              • Exit4 says:

                Just over a day? You need to think about them All night into tomorrow and catch up! 🙂

                My main question has always been….they had a bankruptcy lawyer. Why did he not make things straight in the filing? Or did the lawyer have them leave things off? You know, loopholes. Who really lied here…the Giudices or the attorney? Both?

                • klmh says:

                  I know! Im not keeping up. Actually I think her online store she just made 193,000 not 293. My bad.
                  Their lawyer didn’t know about the assets either Exit, imo. Who was responsible for writing and signing the petition? Not the attorney.

                  • Exit4 says:

                    I always figured the lawyer or the staff investigated that stuff or helped them along. I thought that was their job! 🙂 obviously I slept through that day in Google Law school! LOL. But don’t worry, I stayed awake in Google Med School. Do you have any symptoms you need diagnosed? 😉

                    • Nancy says:

                      I do…Why are men only allergic to doing laundry?

                    • klmh says:

                      I have a pain every time I lift my arm. My father was a surgeon and he had someone come in and complain that he couldn’t lift his arm. He was kidding of course, but in your practice, you can use this if you want! 🙂
                      I have an MD in house, so Im good. Tx though Exit. Love your posts…

                    • NJBev says:

                      Exit, iirc, the lawyer who originally did the bankruptcy papers for them resigned after it was shown in court that the Guidices had lied about their assets to him and on the filings.

  28. california35 says:

    omg! i just saw the debate picture – hilarious!! 😛
    thamls BB 🙂

    hi everyone, i hope u r having a nice day. i had forgotten about NY lost footage, i am looking forward to it 🙂

    see you guys tonight for the chat …

  29. Powell says:

    I’m watching RHONY Carole’s book launch party. Aviva was totally over the top w/Ramona throwing her father out of her party tantrum. At the reunion Aviva stll said that although she has seen the episode. If she’s back next season I don’t know how Aviva is going to handle things.

  30. Nancy says:

    Good luck Cityside. May the best team win! 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      I live for game 7!

      • Nancy says:

        Hi Mazel!!!!!!! How are you? So nice to see you here again. 🙂 Say hi to Jr for me.

        • Nancy says:

          How is Mr Mazel? Is he still being good?

          • mazelnindy says:

            Mazel Jr. nasty little teenager one minute….sweet, young man the next!!
            DH is doing great….although there was a Burger King sighting yesterday.
            I got crazy busy around the time that Lynn passed away and something had to give…..that being the blog.
            Have been working on my overall HEALTH this past year…..been doing so well that i decided to go off of Cymbalta. Even with weaning myself I am having horrid withdrawal symptoms…..3 weeks later.
            So I have decided to scale down and what better to do than check in with my old friends….esp. after last year’s fun playoff season.

      • NJBev says:

        Hey Mazel!!!
        So good to see you around! Glad the Mr. is doing better. Please do take care of yourself as that is the most important thing, but thanks for dropping in to say Hi! I miss your posts!
        Stay healthy!!

  31. dch60 says:

    Hi all… Hope everyone is doing well… Sorry to hear Diva’s having problems. Hope she’s doing better quickly.

    I recorded the last NJ episode from last night but haven’t watched it yet. I don’t even know if I will. I only half-heartedly watched the reunion episodes. It felt really good to delete them from my recorder though. I am going to miss NY however. I usually don’t watch Atlanta faithfully but now that I can record episodes, I might catch them all eventually. As to watching BH, it depends how much Tayliar is on. Will probably record so I can fast forward when I see her ugly mug. ANYTHING will be better than NJ… God… I hope beyond hope nothing could possibly be worse.

  32. dch60 says:

    Just catching up to some of the blogs… Boston, you’re pics on NJ were hysterical. Loved ’em.

  33. Eastbayca says:

    The leg makes it cameo…..

  34. Eastbayca says:

    RHONY…..Lulu’s other story line was a life style brand. Her business plan is very very murky, she has no idea what she wants.

  35. Eastbayca says:

    Ramona is always ON….oye!!!

  36. Eastbayca says:

    Hahahaaaa Lulu got stood up by Ramonja.

  37. lillybee says:

    Aviva has no reason to get so ragey because Ramona threw her father out of the party.
    1. he was not invited.
    2. he was the only man there except for staff
    3. it was an event against domestic violence and he was manhandling the hostess

    I think Ramona did the right thing.

  38. NJBev says:

    LaineyLainey- the youtube count is up to 405!!

  39. LaineyLainey says:

    Here is the link for my daughter’s school project. She needs 1000 hits by end of Nov., early
    Dec (not sure) THANKS FOR CLICKING THE LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeRrb3wHYRI&feature=plcp

  40. Is anyone watching WWHL? Andy is really looking more foolish than normal with Scott Baio on there.

  41. BB says:

    No NMD. I just tuned in. OK. I love Jamie Lynn Siglar because she loves the new New York edition and says you cannot do New York without Ramona. And she likes Heather. And Heather wins the poll.

  42. Nancy says:

    Cityside I’m so sorry and I really mean that. 😦 Just wasn’t your night.

  43. LaineyLainey says:

    Watching Halloween (the original one) with Jaime Lee Curtis. It strikes me how advanced hair tool technology is nowadays. Back in the day if you had wavy hair, you wore your wavy hair. If you wanted a straight look, you had to wear the big rollers or coke cans and “wrap” your hair. Then blow dryers became affordable to everyone and one’s hair looked a tad better. Then curling irons and now flat irons. Jaimie Lee and her friends could have used a ceramic curling iron or flat iron. In some shots hair hair looks shiny and healthy and in others it’s all dry and frizzy.

    Deep thoughts, by LaineyLainey.

    • NJBev says:

      well, in response to your deep thoughts I feel compelled to share mine.
      In these day and ages all bets are off. It use to be that you worked with what God
      gave you. Other than a nose job, you were pretty much stuck w/ what u got.
      Sooo, if that really pretty girl down the street was born w/ frizzy hair, she got stuck w/ frizzy hair! She may have been a little smarter than you, but your parents can afford the tutor.
      The genius down the block is kind of homely with that nonexisting chin and all…..
      Wha……… she comes home from spring break one year and “magically” grew a chin!!
      And the girl with the frizzy hair gets something called a keratin treatment and now she
      is smarter and better looking. So maybe you get Lasix and can toss the glasses!!!yeah!!
      But now she comes over and magically grew the longest lashes you ever saw!!
      B*tch what you do??
      Then you go to the office and mousy Mary has developed breasts over the weekend
      (and at the tender age of 38) and what happened to those saddlebags that were attached to her outer thighs?? they seem to have been exorcised off at the gym while she was building those boobs!! Your Boss comes in, (at least you can count on her to make you feel better about your appearance) ……and….WTF??? She looks like she lost 15 yrs of stress and
      aggravation over night!!???

      Well, I think you get my drift. The gifts that God gave us naturally no longer mean that
      much. And the things he forgot to give you, like blonde hair and blue eyes, you can get
      very easily.

      Only one thing that God gave me that someone can’t buy for themselves is common sense.
      And that, my dear friends , he gave me in spades~~~

    • lillybee says:

      I think that Jamie Lee is looking great for her age.

  44. amalfi says:

    Powell: ‘The Manzo family get on my nerves w/it’s private family info but them they blog and tweet in code, undercover for the viewers on social media to decipher. UGH!! Go away people.”

    SO agree. They like to keep their stuff private, but love to out Teresa and sit in judgement (Andy joins them) of how Teresa decides to share info… and if it bothers them, they like to attack her and tell all – I am looking at you, Jacqueline, you dumb (literally not pejoratively) hypocrite.

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