Scott Baio’s Wife goes on a Rant against Andy Cohen / Amazing Race / Basketball Wives LA

Scott Baio’s Wife goes on a Homophobic Rant against Andy Cohen? by NoMoreDrama

Confession.  My teenage bedroom wall was lined with photos of Scott Baio.  Yes, like Andy Cohen, I had a schoolgirl crush on Chachi.  If I ever got to sit across the couch from him, I’d probably be giddy with excitement.  Andy Cohen certainly was, and last  night’s Watch What Happens Live was like watching a giggle fest.  Unfortunately Chachi was not amused. More specifically MrsScottBaio was not amused.  That’s right.  Chachi has grown up and is married to a woman who identifies herself on twitter as “MrsScottBaio” with the tagline “@MrsScottBaio I married most girls teen Dream Boy.Together we have an amazing girl, whom we named our nonprofit after. The Bailey Baio Angel Foundation.”  And MrsScottBaio was not amused by Andy’s questions about Scott’s past with other women, and the silly CrotchyChachi game.  MrsScottBaio was so not amused, she took to twitter with what her followers described as a homophobic rant against Andy Cohen.  I can’t verify this, because her tweets are locked.  But she does have a history of this sort of thing.

Andy was in fine form last night.  But I also find it hard to believe that Scott Baio’s publicist hadn’t checked out the show before booking the former teen star, who is out on a promotion tour of his new comedy on Nick at Nite.  He’s also been on a show called See Dad Run.  I’ve got to admit I have’t heard much about Scott Baio in a while.  Seems like he’s on a comeback tour and making the PR circuit in New York.  He taped live with Kelly and Michael and made an assortment of other stops including the one to Andy’s Clubhouse.  In short – if he didn’t do his homework on what sort of show he was going on, he shouldn’t be complaining.

Scott called Andy (or Andy’s games) disrespectful.  Andy did his usual thing for Plead the 5th – asked Scott about his past with various women including Liza Minelli (Scott pleaded the 5th on that one).  Perhaps what put it over the top was the silly game Crotchy Chachi where the guests had to figure out “Who’s crotch is it?”

Andy took it in stride.  At first he didn’t seem to know Scott was mad.

But then he made a joke about it.  I hope MrsScottBaio gets his Jackhole award tomorrow.  Oh – and when Scott gets his new show – I won’t be watching.  Sorry – but schoolgirl crush is crushed.


Housewife News by NoMoreDrama

Sonja Morgan will host a Broadway After Dark show on October 29th.  Go Sonja!

Jill Zarin is claiming that she has millions of fans that would like to see her return to TV according to reports in many media outlets.  That makes total sense to me.

(Thank you Boston)


Amazing Race – Leg 3 – Oct 21, 2012 by MelTheHound

Welcome back race fans… Here is where we stand after the 3 episodes.

  • Abbie & Ryan – Dating Divorcees
  • Trey and Alexis -Dating couple (Texas)
  • Rob and Kelley -Married Monster Truckers
  • Jaymes and James – Chippendales
  • Gary and Will – Substitute Teachers
  • Josh and Brent – Goat Farmers (Beekmans)
  • James and Mark – Friends (Rockers)
  • Natlalie and Nadiya – Twins

Welcome back race fans. Last week we lost Caitlin and Brittany – Best Friends (Blondes) to their inability to communicate with their transportation. It just wasn’t in the cards for them I guess. By the way. Note that in my list of teams, they aren’t in any particular order. Because other than first and last place, it doesn’t really matter much unless someone is WAY behind. While it’s true they begin the next leg in the order they arrived separated by time difference, Usually, they are all going to the same place, on the same mass transport (plane, train) and they’ll be even anyway. Unless, that is, seating is limited. There are situations where being in first place on a race leg will give an advantage but this week, is not one of them. The teams are headed for Dhaka Bangladesh. They will get their via airplane by way of Singapore and everyone is on the same flight that will arrive at 10am the following day. See what I mean?

Once there the teams are to go to a bus repair station, via taxi, to get their next clue. Remember last week, a blind double U Turn was included in the leg of the race. The first time, according to Phil btw, that’s ever been done that way. Gary and Will are unsure of who turned them but they have the suspicion that it was monster truckers. That pair feels as long as they stay in front of the sub teachers, no retribution can come. When the plane lands, all the teams except one race to hail a taxi. The ones who didn’t, Monster Truckers. Instead they just went to the cab stand and chartered a taxi. Now they are in first place. It won’t last long because their driver takes them to the landfill rather than the bus repair depot they were supposed to go to.

Eventually, the teams all get there and the task is a roadblock, Fill in the gaps. What they have to do is some body work on one of the many buses that are in the shop to be repaired. In other words, spread and sand some bondo (or fiberglass). Most of these people have obviously never worked with the stuff before. One said they were adding a color component to the body filler (that’s the hardener and knowing how much to use is a skill in itself). Once they finished filling the area of the body they were there to fix, it would be inspected at which time they could begin sanding. Once the sanding was completed, the team member could move to the next task which was to take 3 of the bus seats to the refurbish guy elsewhere at the facility.

A few highlights… First of all, I once again want to smack the twins. Every 5 seconds TWINNIE, TWINNIE. Trust me the others wanted to smack her too. I don’t know which one was doing the task because I cannot tell them apart and honestly, I don’t care. They are equally annoying. I’ll give them though, that they did pretty well at the task. A couple players had to scrape their work off of the bus and start over. Monster trucker knows body work so it was a no brainer for him. Ryan of Divorcees, made pretty short work but in the process destroyed his next clue. I don’t know how that happened but in order to get the information, (to carry the bus seats), he helped Chippers get their body work under control. Gary (sub teachers), made such a mess of the stuff it was unbelievable. Mix it right, Thin coats fellas. Will is trying to encourage him, Gary is barking back at him. Um, Gary is kind of a dick to will.

Along with this roadblock, was the opportunity for a Fast Forward. This is an option available only to one team and only the first one to finish it can use it. No one, except Rockers decided to try it. If two teams had tried, the second one to finish it would have to go back and do the roadblock. The fast forward was to go to three collection points with a bag, and collect dead rats to be disposed of by the pest control guy. These were already dead, and in buckets waiting for them so it isn’t like they had to kill them or chase them around or anything like that. Once they finish, they can go to the pit stop. We’ll hold on to that for a moment.

Back at the bus repair depot, they each get their new clue. It is to go to the local market and dig through these bags of dead fish to find the one that carries the game colors for their next clue. Backing up a little bit, when Trey and Lexi left the airport, their cab driver had to stop for gas. That’s Natural Gas, not gasoline. After they left the bus repair place, their cab broke down. Looks like it overheated. Everyone else is way ahead of them at this point except the teachers. Teachers pass them by and believe that they are once again the luckiest SOBs in this race. Hold that thought fellas.

The fish clue is a detour. Pound Iron or Pound Cotton. Pound Iron they have to become blacksmiths. Stoking their own fire and with the help of a real blacksmith, they must pound the end of an iron rod to a point, like a steak or a chisel. In Pound Cotton, they are literally pounding the cotton that will be used to fill a mattress that they will then sew up. Twins, Monster Truckers, and Texas do the blacksmith thing, the other three teams do the mattress bit. Remember, Rockers are collecting dead rats on the fast forward. Divorcees, get to the mattress task, Abbie did a year at the fashion institute so she’s good with a needle and thread. Long story short, Everyone gets through their tasks the first time around except Chippendales who didn’t put all the stuffing in the mattress. The next clue of course is the pit stop. Perhaps of interest to some, It is noted that Josh is also experienced at sewing. He was once a drag queen named Aquadesiac (sp?) and made his own costumes. You are all free to look that up if you want, I’m not that interested in it.

I don’t know if any of these people paid attention to the fact that the rockers were no where to be seen. Twins and Divorcees believe they are in a race for first place. However, Rockers do take that honor. To get to the pit stop, teams must take a cab to the river, ride a riverboat to a certain location, and then find Phil.

Rockers came in first and win a trip to some resort on some island. I didn’t quite catch it. Divorcees are second followed almost at the same time as twins, who take third. Those two teams were on the same boat. Now it gets a little interesting.. Monster truckers should have taken Third but they didn’t ride the riverboat. Instead, a smaller fishing type boat (as many others did) who took them directly to Phil. Phil says, no, can’t do that, you have to tag up at each location. So, they go back to do that, with Rob bitching at his boat driver that he’s just cost him a million dollars. Not so fast there green hair. Another who has forgotten where he is or more importantly, is not. Beekmans take the honor of 4th place followed by Monster Truckers in 5th. Dude, you have to win the race before you can claim the million.. Just sayin. Chippendales take 6th and are happy just to still be in the race. Now it’s a race for 7th place between Texas and the sub teachers. For Both teams, Their drivers take them directly to the pit stop. Texas gets there first and they are the first to disembark to properly complete the race. As they return, they let the sub teachers in on the mistake that they too have just made. So they also have to back and properly finish the race. Of course, they are the last to check in, it’s an elimination round, they are done. Trey and Lexi win the race for 7th place.

That’s about it folks. See you next time.

Sorry friends, Pictures didn’t work out too well this time.



Welcome back to Basketball Wives L.A.

We begin this week with Malaysia and Draya meeting for dinner.  Brooke is also supposed to be meeting them, but she has not yet arrived.  Draya interviews that she does not want to be in a weird position with Brooke because, now that she has met Bambi, she actually LIKES her.

Malaysia and Draya start discussing the present (bad) situation between Draya and Jackie, who have not seen each other since they almost got into fisticuffs at Gloria’s going-away party.  Draya tells Malaysia that she is “not f*ckin with Jackie” (anymore)!  She also tells Malaysia that if, in the future, Malaysia EVER hears her say that she wants to be friends with Jackie again, she wants Malaysia to SLAP her.

I understand what Draya is saying, and this sounds like a good idea IN THEORY.  In my own PERSONAL experience, however, it has not quite worked out.  For example, I once began my 2nd year of law school by walking into the building and having one of my friends, who I had not seen all Summer break, walk right up to me and say, “I have broken up with ‘Mr. X!’  He is CRAZY!  If you EVER hear me tell you that I have gotten back together with him or if you ever SEE me with him again, I want you to just SLAP me!!  Do you understand?”

I said, “Ummm….KINDA, I guess.  Basically, if you get back together with him, you have gone temporarily insane, and you want me to be a good friend and SLAP some sanity and sense back into you, is that right?”  She said, “EXACTLY!!”

Well, I could NOT understand why she stopped speaking to me after I’d seen her holding hands and being all lovey-dovey with him a week later as he walked her to a class she and I took together.  As per her instructions, when she sat down next to me in class, right before the class started, I SLAPPED her across her face.  It was not THAT hard either (She was SUCH a Drama Queen about it!).

She opened her mouth in shock and asked me why I did it.  I reminded her of her prior request.  She told me, in a very shocked and annoyed tone, “I wasn’t SERIOUS, you IDIOT!!”  She also did not speak to me for a while before she got over it and called me up to be friends again.

So, Malaysia, WHATEVER you DO, do NOT slap Draya if she says she wants to be friends with Jackie again!  She will probably get angry.  And the Producers might fire you because you are interfering with their new storyline of “Draya and Jackie becoming BEST BUDS again!”  Just a few words to the wise.  You can thank me later.

Anyhoo….back to our regularly-scheduled programming, after Draya issues her order to Malaysia for a future SLAP, the subject of Jackie’s upcoming 17th Wedding comes up.  Draya emphatically tells Malaysia that she is NOT going.  She explains that, of course, ONE of the reasons she is not going is because of the present unresolved animosity between herself and Jackie.

She further explains that ANOTHER reason she will not be attending is because she feels like Jackie, by having her wedding in a gay club and by calling it a tribute and a dedication to the LGBT community, is actually making a MOCKERY of the LGBT community.  In Draya’s opinion, it is insensitive of Jackie and Doug to get married for the 17th time, no less, in a place for the LGBT Community and in front of a crowd made up of several members of the LGBT community who do not even have the RIGHT to get married THEMSELVES (I think Draya makes an excellent point, and she actually appears to be sincere when making it.  So, I understand the position from which she is coming.  On the other hand, even though I think Jackie is as crazy as a road lizard, I DO have to be fair and say that I DO think her and Doug’s decision to handle their 17th Wedding in this way is a very nice and very sincere gesture toward the LGBT Community on their part.  So, I see BOTH sides of the issue).

Brooke finally arrives to meet the girls for lunch in a dress that looks to be about 13 sizes too small (And you guys KNOW I have always complimented Brooke on having a SLAMMING body.  Despite that, she deserved to be locked up by the fashion police for that dress – or at least to have been given a ticket for walking out of the house in her young daughter’s dress!  I mean, what if her daughter wanted to wear it that day!  I sure hope Brooke asked her daughter if she could borrow it).

Once Brooke takes her seat (How she was able to even SIT in that dress is BEYOND me!), she joins Malaysia and Draya’s conversation.  Malaysia tells Brooke and Draya that she feels like Jackie takes her for granted, and because of this, she has decided to pull Jackie aside at the 17th Wedding Rehearsal Dinner to honestly discuss her feelings with Jackie.  Brooke tells Malaysia she understands her position.  She then says that she will still be attending Jackie’s wedding.

Malaysia then tells Brooke and Draya that she also feels like Jackie used her to become friends with Bambi and then “dumped” her for her new B.F.F., Bambi, when Bambi was Malaysia’s friend in the FIRST place.

Finally, Malaysia says that, at this point, she does not even know if she will even be attending and serving as a bridesmaid in the ACTUAL wedding (I guess this depends on how her conversation with Jackie at the Rehearsal Dinner goes).

Jackie and Doug are at their home sitting in their living area.  Jackie interviews that she and Doug are getting ready to meet with the Officiant that they have chosen to preside over their 17th Wedding.  She tells Doug that she is nervous about the meeting because she is unsure how the Officiant is going to feel presiding over a wedding celebration being held in a gay club and being dedicated to the LGBT Community.

The Officiant arrives and sits down to talk to Doug and Jackie about the particulars of their wedding ceremony.  He begins by congratulating Jackie and Doug for being married 17 years, and he notes that he and his wife have been married for 20 years.

Jackie then takes a deep breath and tells the Officiant that she and Doug are having their 17th Wedding in a gay club, and they are dedicating the entire ceremony to the LGBT Community.  She then asks him if he is uncomfortable with this.  He smiles and says that he is TOTALLY comfortable and has NO problem with presiding over their wedding.  Jackie interviews that, once they got that tough question out of the way, the rest of their meeting with the Officiant was “smooth sailing.”

Jackie and Doug tell the Officiant that they have each written personal vows to each other (Since they do this EVERY year and have done so for the past 16 years, I wonder if they save their vows to a document and ever just CUT and PASTE.  That is what I would do, but that is probably why I am NOT married…..because, in the words of Sweet Brown, “I ain’t got time FA DAT!!!”  *Shrug*).  The Officiant, seeing the sheets of paper in Jackie and Doug’s hands, asks Jackie & Doug to at least let him have a couple of hours to review their vows before the ceremony in order to get familiar with them.  They agree.

Once the Officiant leaves, Jackie tells Doug that all of the girls, except for Draya, will be attending.  She reminds him that Laura will be her 2nd Maid of Honor (Their daughter Shanny will be her 1st Maid of Honor).  She then says that Malaysia will also be there as a bridesmaid (Not so fast, Jac!  Malaysia’s got to TALK to you about some things first!).  She then notes that Bambi (who she has now known for about 15 minutes) will also be there as a bridesmaid.  She again states that Draya will NOT be there!  Jackie tells Doug that she is going to make sure to have Security “on the lookout” for Draya just in case she decides to show up (I hate to break this to you, Jac, but I think Draya would rather be in…..Oh, I don’t know…..a DESERT with NO water….than be at your wedding.  No offense.  Just keepin’ it real, you delusional AMAZON!!).

It is now the day of the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner.  We see Jackie, Doug, their daughter, Chantal (a.k.a. Shanny), and other unnamed individuals arrive at the wedding venue (which is the Gay Club whose name escapes me at the moment) and head up the stairs to decorate the area where the ceremony will be held.

Everybody gets to decorating, and Shanny holds up one of the items that will be displayed at the ceremony.  It is a HUGE picture of Doug and Jackie embracing with the silver duct tape over each of their mouths in support of the No H8 Campaign (It’s a really cool photo.  I want one – but not of THEM.  I want one like that of MYSELF, of course.  I mean, what in the hell would I do with a HUGE No H8 picture of Doug and Jackie Christie?  Put it in my house?  Ummm…NOT!  I do not even KNOW them like that.  Well, actually, I do not know them AT ALL.).

At a certain point, Jackie pulls her daughter Shanny aside and tells her she is SO happy that Shanny is there to celebrate and serve as her 1st Maid of Honor.  Shanny tells her Mom that she thought about NOT coming but decided to do so anyway (I cannot tell if Shanny is JOKING or SERIOUS).  Jackie gives her “a look,” and Shanny says she is only kidding (I still cannot tell whether she was kidding or not).

Shanny then asks her Mom where the other girls/bridesmaids are.  Jackie interviews that she does not know if the girls are coming to the Rehearsal Dinner because they are late.

Finally, we see Malaysia and Bambi climbing the Club’s staircase to get to the 2nd floor, where the wedding is going to be held.  Jackie looks relieved, and she greets them both with a hug.  Malaysia interviews that she is “irritated” with Jackie.

At this point, Malaysia pulls Jackie aside and tells her that she wants to speak to her about something.  She then just gets right to it and tells Jackie that she is offended that Jackie asked Bambi, who she basically JUST met, to be a bridesmaid in the wedding.  Malaysia explains to Jackie that Jackie’s asking Malaysia to be a bridesmaid now seems “less important” because Jackie also asked someone she barely even knows to be a bridesmaid.  She tells Jackie that this is just one of the many ways she feels that Jackie has been taking her and her friendship for granted.

Jackie tells Malaysia that she is “overjoyed” that Malaysia is there and is going to be one of her bridesmaids.  Malaysia just looks at her.  She interviews that she “just can’t be a FAKE B*TCH!!”  Jackie then tells Malaysia that she “adores” her.  Malaysia interviews that she HATES hearing Jackie say this because Jackie tells EVERYBODY she “adores” them.  Jackie then tells Malaysia that she LOVES her.  Malaysia looks skeptical, but she tells Jackie that she is glad that they were able to discuss the issue and get over it.

She interviews that she was happy that Jackie “got it” because it actually looked like she DID.  She further interviews that this is Jackie’s 2nd strike, and “1 more strike and she is OUT!”  She looks like she really means it too (Malaysia can be as sweet as sugar, but she is a STEEL hand in a VELVET glove.  This is what I think causes people to underestimate her and, like Jackie, possibly take her for granted).

Next, we see Bambi and Malaysia in some type of room (I guess where they will be getting ready for the Rehearsal Dinner).  Bambi asks Malaysia about her conversation with Jackie.  Malaysia tells Bambi that it went well and that Jackie told her she “adored” her and “loved” her.  After that, it was kind of hard for Malaysia to maintain her tough stance.  Bambi & Malaysia both agree that Jackie is a person with whom one just CANNOT remain angry (I bet Draya would beg to differ).

Then they discuss whether or not Laura is even going to show up for the Rehearsal Dinner and the Wedding.  Bambi interviews that she is not sure if she can be cool or be friends with someone like Laura based on their initial meetings/conversations.

She mentions something along these lines to Malaysia, and both of them agree that Laura went overboard speaking very negatively about Jackie the last time they got together (to pick out their bridesmaid’s outfits/costumes), and she particularly crossed a line when she said that she would not even really CARE if Jackie died (That WAS kinda cold, but….maybe Laura was just being HONEST.  Shouldn’t she at least get a little credit for that?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Maybe she should tell that to Jackie’s face.  I doubt that Jackie would want her as a bridesmaid if she DID this, though.  Then again, one never knows when it comes to Jackie Christie.).

Well, speak of the Devil, and SHE shall APPEAR!  At this point, Laura arrives in the hotel room.  Bambi and Malaysia basically tell her that she looks “rough.”  She tells them that she JUST got off a plane, and she is super-tired.

Bambi then, without wasting ANY time, just gets right into telling Laura that she feels like Laura is the type of person who tries to “sneak-diss” people, particularly Bambi (Huh?  When did THIS happen?  This must have been a portion of an episode that got cut because I do not recall Laura doing this.  Now, I do not put it PAST Laura.  I just do not remember it).

Laura responds that she’s “just got jokes,” and Bambi may be taking some of her jokes too seriously.  Bambi basically says, “Ummm, No!  I don’t THINK so!”  (What Bambi is REALLY saying, in very few words, is “Don’t try to play me like I am crazy, Laura!”  And in the words of Closet Freak, she looks at Laura like she is thinking, “YOU’SE a SNEAKY BITCH!!”).

Laura interviews and says that she and Bambi “have maybe met 3 times!!  Is she SERIOUS right now?!”  (Ummm….Laura, that would be a “Yes!”  Bambi looks like she is DEAD serious right now).

Laura tells Bambi that, in the future, she needs to point out to Laura when she thinks Laura is doing this “sneak-dissing” (I think this might be the new African-American/slang term for “passive-aggressive.”  I JUST figured that out.  For example, moving over to a whole other network and a whole other show, specifically “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” if Teresa and Kathy were African-American, when Kathy showed up at Teresa’s book signing and kept pointing to certain recipes in Teresa’s latest cookbook and saying, “My Momma’s recipe….My Momma’s….My Momma’s,” Teresa would have put her signing pen down; given Kathy a cold, hard look; rolled her eyes; sucked her teeth; and then said, “Look here, Kathy!!  STOP trying to ‘sneak-diss’ me about my damned recipes!!  No, those are not EVEN YO Momma’s pizzelles because my recipe calls for store-bought pizzelles to be used to make our Italian version of ice cream SAMMIDGES!!  So, STOP trying to ‘sneak-diss’ my recipes and act like I copied them from YO damned Momma!!  Kathy, YOU’SE a SNEAKY B*TCH, and get your sneak-dissing A*S outta here before I STAB you with my signing pen!!”  End Scene.  I cannot WAIT to start using my brand new African-American slang term!)

Laura then tells Bambi that she is the type of person to tell a person EXACTLY what she thinks to THEIR face, and she is not the type who really talks behind a person’s back (Laura is HALFWAY telling the truth.  I’ve seen her straight-up tell Jackie some HARSH things.  I have NEVER seen her tell Jackie that she would not give a damn if Jackie kicked the proverbial bucket, though.  So, it’s 6 one way, ½ a dozen another, in my opinion.).

After their little conversation, Bambi interviews that, from this point on, she is cool with Laura (but she has a look on her face that says, “But ONE false move from that heifer, and she….is….going….DOWN!”).

Finally, it is the evening of Jackie and Doug’s 17th Wedding Ceremony/Celebration.  There is even a Step & Repeat with photographers and everything.  Brooke walks down the Step & Repeat and poses for the photographers.  She is wearing the HELL out of a black dress (Thank God she stopped playing in her daughter’s closet and wore something that fit her properly.  Maybe her fashion violation earlier in the episode was just a “one-off” and an unusual occurrence for her when it comes to clothing.  If it is NOT, I am going to have to diagnose her with “Mariah Carey Disease,” which is when you STILL think you can fit into clothes that are 2-3 sizes too small.  This is SERIOUS for me to say because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mariah Carey!!  But I must speak the truth – even if it is a painful truth about my FAVORITE Diva.  *Sigh*).

Next, we see Doug and Jackie arrive and get out of a bronze-colored Rolls Royce.  Jackie, surprisingly, is dressed in a full-length white (Yes, WHITE!!  I know she’s got 3 kids, but….Don’t ASK and never mind!!) wedding gown with a full-length veil.  I say surprisingly because she was less dressed up for her 16th wedding last year AND because I thought she might have worn something a bit “edgier” since this wedding is going to take place in a gay club and is going to be a tribute to the LGBT Community.  That wedding dress says nothing but “TRADITIONAL, TRADITIONAL, TRADITIONAL,” which is a bit unusual considering that they have been saying that they want their 17th Wedding to be edgy, fun and NON-traditional.

Doug, on the other hand, apparently got the memo, because he is wearing JEANS.  Yes, I said JEANS – although they are a nice dark-almost black color.  Along with his jeans, he is wearing a vest, a bright yellow cotton shirt and a bow tie.

In short, Doug and Jackie’s 17th Wedding ensembles do NOT match AT ALL.  I think this is fitting, though, because I have been saying FROM THE BEGINNING of this show (since Season 1) that their 2 personalities are SO OPPOSITE that they do not “match” at all as a couple  (He’s SANE.  She’s NOT.  He’s CALM.  She’s NOT.  He’s LEVEL-HEADED.  She’s NOT.  He’s EASYGOING AND RELAXED.  She’s NOT.  Well, you guys get my point.  They DO say “Opposites Attract,” thought.  That is DEFINITELY the case for Jackie and Doug Christie, and their outfits illustrate this.).

Next, we see a FABULOUS DRAG QUEEN walking and posing on the Step & Repeat (Sashay, Chante’!).  Wait a minute!  That’s not a drag queen.  That’s LAURA!!  Laura interviews that she did not tell ANYONE how she was going to be dressing as a bridesmaid.  Because the wedding is supposed to be a tribute to the LGBT Community, she decided to dress as a “drag queen.”

I must say that she has DEFINITELY pulled it off.  She actually looks better as a drag queen than a regular ol’ Woman.  She should dress like this more often.  She is wearing what can only be described as a bedazzled, bejeweled, colorful “leotard” with “cap sleeves” over sheer cream stockings and studded, super-high “hooker heels” (You just have to see it for yourselves).

To complete her “look,” Laura’s makeup is FLAWLESS (So she OBVIOUSLY did NOT have her makeup done by Lauren Manzo), and her hair is in a “fierce” updo  (Me likey the whole “effect.”  Good job, Laura!  Totally appropriate for the venue and the theme!).

When Jackie and Doug see Laura on the Step & Repeat, they both gasp and say, “Oh my God!!”  They are very pleased and impressed.

Next, we see Brooke standing around inside the wedding venue.  She interviews that she and her fellow bridesmaid, Bambi, have unresolved issues, and the tension between them is “thick.”  She further interviews that she wants to discuss things with Bambi, but she does not think THIS is the time or the place (I agree).

Finally, we see all of the bridesmaids assembled on raised level overlooking Doug and Jackie as they say their vows.  Jackie interviews that the ceremony “engulfed [her] in love for Doug” (Aww!  That’s sweet).

After they say their vows, the Officiant pronounce them “Husband and Wife” (AGAIN!), and Jackie and Doug then turn around and jump a decorated broom that is on the floor in front of them.  Doug then kisses his “bride” (Aww!).

After this, the reception begins, and everybody starts partying.  Jackie lifts up her wedding dress to show Doug a surprise:  her gay pride tattoo (the same one that she got in the tattoo parlor where Draya met her and waited while she had it done.  Draya described the tattoo as “some kind of weird, Illuminati, taste the rainbow symbol” that she did NOT understand AT ALL!).  Doug tells Jackie he loves it!

Jackie interviews that this was a surprise to Doug because they had not been intimate for 30 days before their 17th Wedding.  Malaysia interviews that Jackie’s “gay pride tattoo is CONFUSING!”

Laura interviews that the wedding and the reception were “GREAT!!”  As she says this, she is shown dancing on top of a table with a man, wearing only a tiny pair of Speedos, bumping and grinding on her.  At a certain point, she jumps off the table and stops dancing and just walks around.  She interviews that she had to jump off the table because the dancer’s erection was poking her in the back (Damn!  I didn’t get a good look at that dancer’s face.  I wonder if Aviva’s father, George, works part-time as a dancer at this gay club.  Oops!!  Wrong show [George is a “back erection poker,” but he is on “The Real Housewives of New York!”]  Sorry!).

We are shown further shots of everybody dancing and drinking and just having a gay ol’ time (No pun intended).  At a certain point, all of the girls are sitting down in a curved booth.  Jackie joins them.  At this point, she has changed out of her wedding gown and into a T-shirt, some hot pants, and some high-heeled boots.  As Jackie is just getting settled into the booth, Laura says, “Draya is here!!”

Jackie gets a look on her face that says, “What the EFF??!!”  She interviews that when she heard that, her heart just STOPPED!  Bambi interviews that Jackie’s reaction to Laura’s JOKE/LIE was “hilarious.”  Laura tells Jackie that she is only kidding, and Jackie visibly relaxes.

Next, we see Laura, Brooke and Draya meeting for lunch.  Laura interviews that they are all meeting up to discuss Jackie’s 17th Wedding.  Laura tells Draya that she lied to Jackie and told her that Draya was at the wedding.  She says that Jackie’s reaction was PRICELESS and made them all laugh.  Draya laughs too.

Brooke then changes the subject and tells them that she is having a pool party for her birthday on Friday.  She invites both of them to attend.  Draya asks Brooke if she has invited Jackie.  Brooke responds that she has not invited Jackie YET, but she plans to do so.

Draya gets a disgusted look on her face and tells Brooke that she really wishes Jackie would not be invited AT ALL.  Brooke tells Draya that she is going to tell Jackie that if she CANNOT behave herself, then she should not even come to the party.  She also assures Draya that she will instantly dismiss Jackie if Jackie tries to start any drama with Draya at the party.  Draya does not look convinced.

Speaking of Jackie, she has scheduled manis and pedis for herself, Bambi and Malaysia.  She interviews that this is her thank-you to them for being her bridesmaids.  Bambi thanks Jackie for inviting her to be in the wedding.  She then tells Jackie that she thinks Jackie and Doug “are the cutest couple.”  She also tells Jackie that she met her daughter, Shanny, and she just “loves her!”  (Wow!  Bambi is being SUPER-SWEET!  I guess she does have a softer side).

Bambi then mentions to Jackie that Shanny mentioned that she had recently moved away from home.  Malaysia interviews that, like any young adult, she is sure that Jackie’s daughter wanted to get out on her own AND get a break from her Mom.  She then says, “I don’t even LIVE with Jackie, and I need a break from her!”

All 3 of them then begin discussing Laura’s bridesmaid’s “outfit” (the drag queen ensemble).  Bambi interviews that Laura is annoying, and she would have been pissed at that outfit if she would have been in Jackie’s position (I disagree with Bambi.  I thought Laura was just trying to have fun and go with the “theme” of the wedding).  I guess Bambi is still NOT quite jelling with Laura despite their talk that supposedly smoothed things over between them.

Jackie then brings up Brooke’s name.  Malaysia tells Jackie that she likes Brooke.  Bambi, on the other hand, says that she and Brooke still have “things” to work out.

Jackie then brings up Draya.  She tells them that Draya thinks the world owes her something.  She also says that if Draya comes at her wrong, she “is going to get HANDLED!”  Jackie interviews that Draya needs to apologize to her (I think this is the 78th time Jackie has said this since the last episode, but I’m not quite sure).

Next, on another day, we see Brooke and Jackie walking down a sidewalk.  Jackie interviews that she likes Brooke; however, Brooke’s friendship with Draya bothers her because she feels like Brooke’s loyalty is to DRAYA.  Jackie brings Draya up to Brooke, and she tells Brooke that Draya does not seem open to hearing anything she would have to say to Draya right now.  Brooke agrees and says, “No, not YET.”

Jackie then (AGAIN) tells Brooke that she feels like she and Brooke “are so much ALIKE.”

Jackie then brings up Bambi.  Brooke tells Jackie that she and Bambi will NEVER be friends because Bambi told her that she had “no problem” with her, but since then, she has heard that Bambi “has talked crap” about her (That’s funny.  Bambi says the SAME thing about Brooke.  Are these really “mutual friends” chirping in their ears about each of their alleged smack-talk about the other…..OR is it really the Producers — who want to ramp up the drama between the two of them?  I wonder.).  Brooke further explains that Bambi is “now pissed because I blocked her on Twitter.”  She does not see the big deal in blocking Bambi from her Twitter account (I don’t either, but I don’t tweet.  So, I guess I just don’t get it.  Maybe I WOULD get it if I DID tweet, but I do not care to tweet or to even get it because it all seems foolish to me).

Brooke then tells Jackie about the upcoming pool party she is having for her birthday, and she invites Jackie to attend.  Just like Draya, Jackie IMMEDIATELY asks if Draya will be there.  Brooke says, “Yes.”  Jackie says she is cool with that, and she stresses that the issues between Draya and her are separate from her relationship with Brooke.  Brooke agrees, but she then tells Jackie that, if the two of them start fighting, she will pull them apart and say, “No, Jackie, STOP!!  I f*ck with Draya!!”

Jackie interviews that she found Brooke saying this to be “alarming”.  She explains that this means that Brooke will “jump” her if anything goes down between her and Draya (Ummm….WHAT?!  I do not think that is what Brooke meant at ALL, Jackie.  I think she simply means that she is going to pull you off of Draya if the two of your start fighting because she is going to protect her girl, Draya.  This does NOT mean that she is going to “jump” YOU!  Oh, the mind of Jackie Christie!  JEEZ!).  Jackie further interviews that she will “stomp” Brooke if she tries this (Well, alrighty, then! Now that that’s settled….).

Malaysia and Bambi go shoe shopping.  While they are in the shoe store, Malaysia asks Bambi what she thought of Jackie’s wedding.  Bambi says she thought it was fun.  Malaysia interviews that the wedding WAS nice, and she was very glad that there were NO fights.

Malaysia then gets a call from an “Unknown Number.”  It turns out to be Brooke.  She invites Malaysia to her birthday pool party.  Malaysia tells Brooke it sounds like fun, and she asks Brooke if she can bring a guest.  Brooke says “Yes.”  She then asks Brooke if she HAS to wear a swimsuit.  Brooke says, “No, casual wear is just fine.  Wear whatever you want as long as you are comfortable.”  Malaysia then asks Brooke if her “ex-boyfriend” will be there (I am a bit surprised at Malaysia for asking this.  I mean, I know she is asking this because she plans to bring Bambi as her guest, but the Malaysia I know would be upfront and tell Brooke that the reason she is asking about Brooke’s ex-boyfriend being there is because she wants to bring Bambi as her guest.  And Bambi and Brooke’s issues seem to all stem from this particular ex-boyfriend.  Malaysia does not explain this to Brooke, though.  I wonder if this is because the Producers told her not to do so or if she is just behaving uncharacteristically).

Brooke pauses, like she is a bit taken aback (I’m not surprised.  I would have had the SAME reaction), before she tells Malaysia that her ex-boyfriend will NOT be there.

Bambi interviews that Brooke has a problem with her because Brooke’s ex-boyfriend used to buy her a bunch of gifts. She again says that she knew NOTHING about Brooke while she was benefiting from Brooke’s now-ex-boyfriend’s generosity.

Once Malaysia hangs up the phone, Bambi, who has overheard the entire phone conversation, tells Malaysia that she would be uncomfortable attending Brooke’s pool party as Malaysia’s guest.  Malaysia tells Bambi that she is not used to Bambi “holding on to petty sh*t!”

Bambi interviews that she is “on the fence” with Brooke.  She says she does not know if she is going to be friends with Brooke or NOT, but she is SICK of everyone pushing the issue (I get that, Bambi, but the 2 of you ARE on a television show together).

I am going to be honest and tell you that the next scenes I am about to describe could have, in my opinion, been left out of the episode entirely.  They just seem like “filler” scenes to me, but here goes:

Next, we see Laura, Bambi, Malaysia and Draya walking on a beach.  Bambi interviews that she is tagging along to a surprise Laura has planned for Malaysia.  As they keep walking, they see some men near what look to be GIANT kites.  It turns out that Laura has organized for them all to go hang gliding on the beach.

Laura agrees to go first.  She interviews that she is adventurous so she’s “down for this!”  She makes a valiant effort, but she does not seem to get that far off the ground (But what do I know?  I’ve never BEEN hang gliding before).

Bambi goes next.  She seems to get off the ground, but she failed to extend her feet when it was time to land, and she ended up falling on her knees when she stopped.  She appears to be o.k., though.

Draya is up next.  She interviews that “This is not a thing Black people do!!  But you know me:  I will try ANYTHING 10 times!!”  She ends up doing it, and it looks like she does a good job.  Once it is over, she says that it was “really fun!”

Malaysia goes last.  She interviews that she went last because she needed time to “wrap her mind around it.”  On her first attempt, she stopped running too quickly and ended up falling before she ever really got off the ground.  On her 2nd attempt, she finally got off the ground, but she still kept running “while flying in the air.”  She says it was a really good experience, but she felt like it was only “a warm-up.”  She wants to do it again but from a HIGHER hill next time (Baby steps, Malaysia!  Baby steps!).

After their hang gliding adventure, all of the women go out for lunch and drinks.  Draya asks them about Jackie.  They tell her she WILL be at Brooke’s party.  Laura tells Draya that she definitely does NOT think things are settled between Draya and Jackie (No sh*t, “Captain Obvious”!  I mean, the last time Draya and Jackie saw each other, they had to be held back from punching each other out.), but she advises Draya to just act nonchalant at the pool party and simply say, “Hey!  What’s happening?” when she sees Jackie there.

Draya just looks at all of them and tells them that they are all bitches, and they laugh.

Gloria is back in town, and we see her and Laura arriving at Brooke’s pool party together.  Gloria has on a bathing suit that is basically slit to down below her belly button (In short, her “girls” are on FULL DISPLAY!!).  She interviews that she wants to know what she has missed since she has been out of town.

Once Gloria and Laura arrive, Brooke greets them.  Gloria asks Brooke about the wedding, and Brooke tells Gloria that the wedding was “good.”  Brooke then begins discussing Jackie with Gloria and Laura, and she says that “Jackie is like a leech.  You can’t get rid of her.”  (I agree, but where is THIS coming from, Brooke?  The Producers MUST have cut out some scenes that indicate just WHY Brooke is saying this.  She seemed to be cool with Jackie).  Speaking of Jackie, while Brooke is saying this, Jackie is arriving and walking up behind her.  Brooke instantly stops talking once she realizes this and greets Jackie.

Jackie interviews that she is apprehensive about the pool party considering that Draya will be there, and this will be their first time seeing each other since they almost physically fought each other.

Draya arrives next, and like Jackie, she interviews that she is “nervous.”

Everybody ends up sitting down around each other on some type of bench.  Jackie, who arrived to the pool party wearing pumps, then inexplicably takes off her pumps and replaces them with a pair of high-top tennis shoes that she pulls out of her purse.  Everyone, including Draya, looks at her oddly while she is doing this.  Jackie interviews that she wants “to be prepared” (Oh Lord!!).

Next Week:

Upon seeing Jackie putting on her tennis shoes, Draya straight-up asks Jackie what she is about to do.

Laura and Bambi have a talk.  Bambi tells Laura that she “needs to chill.”  She then interviews that she “just CAN’T deal with FAKE B*TCHES!!”

While everyone is sitting in some type of diner, Jackie and Brooke get into it and start arguing.  They then BOTH stand up and approach each other as if they are about to come to blows (AGAIN, Jackie!!  I thought you said you and Brooke were “just ALIKE!!”).

Next, we see a door opening to some type of house that looks rather empty, and we then see Jackie sitting in a room of the house.  She interviews that “they” are going to be surprised to see her (Who is “they”?).


Tuesday Night Lineup, October 23 (New Episodes) by BB

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9PM – NCIS LA (CBS); Go On/The New Normal (NBC); Happy Endings/Don’t Trust the B (ABC); Emily Owens MD (CW); Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (Lifetime); 19 Kids and Counting (TLC); Face Off (SyFY); The Men Who Built America (History); New Girl/The X-Factor (Fox); Alaska The Last Frontier (Discovery); Property Virgins (HGTV); Hard Time (Nat Geo);

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11PM – WWHL; Jenni Pulos and Zoila Chavez

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407 Responses to Scott Baio’s Wife goes on a Rant against Andy Cohen / Amazing Race / Basketball Wives LA

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s supposed to be low 80’s today. Yippie!!

    Detox I just started watching BBW LA. What the heck is wrong w/Jackie??

    • AZGirl says:

      low 80’s here too. Yippie!!!

    • princesspindy says:

      She’s crazy Powell, deep shit crazy.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Good Morning, Powell!

      I guess you didn’t get a chance to watch “Season 1”. Well, Jackie is….how do I put this nicely?

      She is NUCKING FUTS!! During “Season 1,” this was not apparent right away. As the episodes went on, however, she was slowly but surely revealed to be manipulative, conniving, a liar and C-R-A-Z-Y as a road lizard! It was so bad that, by the end of the season, she had alienated every single OTHER cast member and they wanted NOTHING more to do with her….AT ALL (Imani is no longer a cast member. Brooke and Bambi are new cast members. So, they have not yet experienced Jackie’s real CRAZY! The others have, though, and I think that is why they are still wary of her).

      It’s so odd too because her husband, Doug, just seems like a real sweetheart!

      • Powell says:

        No I didn’t see S1. I don’t know names yet but the lady she wants to be a bridesmaid said it. She has 2 sides. She’s older than the other ladies and seems to want to fight & curse someone out. I thought Producer Shawnee was putting a stop to these fights.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Well, this season was probably filmed before all of the controversy generated by the original “Basketball Wives” during and after their LAST season. So, many (if not ALL) of these episodes had probably already been filmed and were “in the can” before that controversy arose. By that time, it was probably too late to completely re-do and/or edit/chop out LOTS of content.

          As for “Producer Shawnee,” Powell, sometimes I wonder if she is not a Producer in NAME only (i.e., a figurehead with no REAL power).

          Other times I think she DOES have more power, but she kept the negativity because it brought in RATINGS and MONEY (in her pocket). ALLEGEDLY, in response to the controversy, uproar and boycotting of the show that arose during the last season due to all of the bullying and PHYSICAL violence, they plan to make the upcoming season of the original BBW MUCH more POSITIVE (We’ll see. I’m not looking to watching in a way, though, because I heard several people — who I REALLY liked and thought had GOOD SENSE [unlike some of the other “birds” on that show] — were FIRED. Jennifer, Royce and Keisha were all allegedly fired, while Evelyn, Tami and Shawnee will remain. I’m not quite sure about Kenya. I HOPE the rumor is NOT true, and Jennifer, Royce and Keisha come back, though. We’ll see.).

          • princesspindy says:

            There is a look that Jackie gets in her eyes that is down right scary. I don’t even know how to describe it… is so close to Dissociative Identity Disorder or what we use to call Multiple Personality Disorder. It’s like she shuts down and goes on a different tangent. I was so surprised last season when it all started coming togethr that she was the one that was causing all the drama and stirring the pot. I am shocked she is still on the show.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Yep, you’ve described what I refer to in my blogs sometimes as “the look” or “a look” that Jackie gives that is downright SCARY. It’s like she NARROWS her eyes and stares with an intensity that makes it look like she is going into some type of TRANCE (that lets you know, “Oh, Lawd!! Here it comes: the LUNATIC is….about….to….COME….OUT!!!!). I mean, she had it REALLY bad when she had her last lunch with Draya. She then started talking so much WEIRD, CRAZY, SCARY stuff that Draya instantly picked up all of her things and ran away from the lunch table like she was scared and wanted to get away from Jackie as soon as possible (and Draya is a pretty TOUGH cookie. She does NOT scare EASILY!).

  2. Sus says:

    Ah, how sad that Scott Baio married an idiot. I wanted to be Joanie growing up. I loved him!
    Charles in Charge
    Of our days and our nights
    Charles in Charge
    Of our wrongs and our rights

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Yeah, appears that this guy has grown up to be a Class A jerk.

        I guess the bigger question is why Andy had him on his show?

    • not THAT Jill says:

      OMG my walls were covered!!! I loved him.
      Why would he go on WWHL and have such an attitude? he totally did not want to be there. He seems to forget that he has made a living doing reality (crappy reality) TV for the last couple of years!!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Did anyone here ever watch his Reality Show? It was pretty good and she did not seem like an idiot on the show. She seemed like a pretty decent person who wanted him to grow up and be a REAL MAN, not the object of other people’s fantasy. Or their idea of what their former teen idol should be doing. She seemed pretty sensible albeit a bit of a hard-ass, but she was fighting to have a healthy adult relationship with him. She wanted him to have self-respect.

      I think Andy crosses the line with his guests sometimes and assumes that his guests and the viewing audience are ok with all of his humorall of the time, and that everyone( or most) share his point of reference. My husband finds him to be vile. How do I know? He has said to me, “Lainey, I want to watch with you, but that man is vile.” I find him inappropriate at times, but don’t find that, I, personally, am offended by him or the things he says. If I find something he says or does distasteful or indecent, I switch the channel. Some of his games are gross and sophomoric. So it’s more of an “Oh brother” rolling my eyes kind of reaction.

      But sometimes I cross the line, too irl…in fact if I said most of what I’m thinking, I probably wouldn’t have a job (or a marriage!!). But I was taught to at least try to be presentable and filter myself. Andy doesn’t have one (a filter), and look where it has gotten him!!? I find it funny, that he seems sincerely shocked/hurt that ANYONE would take issue with him and the way he treats his guests. I didn’t watch so I don’t know why Scott was uncomfortable or why his wife had a twitter meltdown about it. I do remember that she LOATHES anyone treating her husband like a joke. She has a Chip on shoulder when it comes to that. My two cents.

      • keida says:

        I did watch his reality show, and I thought he was a total narcissistic jerk. It makes sense to me. I agree that his wife didn’t seem like she was a drama queen, but you never know.

      • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

        Morning. The first thing I thought of was that reality show he did about 5ish? years ago all about him deciding to give up his playboy ways for this girl and going back to all his old “celebrity” girlfriends to see what they had to say about him. His wife did seem to be a pretty good girl and I remember thinking this guy is a jerk if he can’t even make a committment to another human being who actually loves him. My point is that she seemed really nice and normal, her one flaw falling for him (in my opinion).

        I didn’t watch WWHL, rarely do these days unless there is someone extraordinary on, but did see the preview. It’s true that Andy’s games and the show in general is a little juvenile and can be risque at times, but I agree with all who said that if he agreed to go on the show without researching what it is all about, then he is in the wrong for agreeing to it. I always thought he took himself too seriously on that reality show as well and seems he has not changed. even if he felt the show was silly, he should have just been a good sport like so many do. Obviusly you are going to talk about your past and about the real housewives as well, what he expect? This reminds me of the Aviva situation. She had some valid points to be angry at Ramona, but how she handled it is what led somewhat to her downfall.

        I don’t understand how MrsScottBaio can have protected tweets, but some people have access to them that are not fans. If she had a real problem with Andy, she should have told her personal friends privately, and not on twitter where it will get back to everyone unless they look at it as just another way for more media attention for him and his show.

        Just a side note, on that reality show, he went back to Erin Moran “Joanie” and she seemed pretty spot-on with her comments to him and seemed fairly normal, but then I saw her on an episode of Celebrity Fit club and she seemed a bit wacky, and recently heard she was homeless. Anyone else hear this?

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          With regard to Erin Moran being homeless, yes, I heard it on “Wendy Williams” show a week or two ago. Erin and her husband had apparently moved into his mother’s (her mother-in-law’s) trailer park to take care of her because she is very sick. Well, his mother eventually had to kick them both out because Erin and her husband were constantly bringing over people to party and drink (and do God knows what else) at all hours of the night, which his mother could not handle due to her illness.

          Wendy said that they were homeless once they got kicked out.

          • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

            Thanks for clearing that up for me, I Need A.. Sad business all the way around.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            that’s unfortunate.

          • Powell says:

            That’s said that Erin is homeless. Henry Winkler was on TMZ and was asked did he know about her. He said he tried to contact her, doesnt know where she is. I don’t understand what happened to her money.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I don’t either. I wonder if she is still getting money from the show being in syndication. Come to think of it, I have not seen “Happy Days” in a LONG time. That used to be REQUIRED viewing on my little black and white t.v. I had in my room growing up!

              It’s SO nice that Henry Winkler tried to contact her. He’s always come across like a good egg in interviews. I LOVED Fonzie!!

              • Sus says:

                Happy Days is on from 6-7pm eastern time on the Inspirational Channel. Its probably on overseas too. Who knows if she still gets residuals though. She may have sold them long ago.

                It’s very sad.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          NMHousewife…yes!! You have a good memory, I actually liked that show. It was interesting and even though he wasn’t entirely likeable, he DID seem to grow up a little bit in the process. Could have been a con. Who knows? Someone else mentioned his “friend” the hanger-on who used him to get laid by Scott’s leftovers/rejects, etc. He was so mad when Scott was cleaning up his act. I agree with you about Scott and his wife, if they are sooooo sensitive to risque’ behaviors/conversations, they SHOULD HAVE done their research and NOT gone on the show. UNLESS… it’s part and parcel of a bigger plan to get people to start talking about him. Bad or questionable publicity is better than NO PUBLICITY?

      • Powell says:

        I did Lainey. “Being Scott Baio. Living Scott Baio”, something like that. i saw 2 or 3 epis & i thought as you that she wanted him to be serious & to be taken seriously. That didn’t seem like a match to me.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Right, Powell – when I read the blog, I was genuinely surprised to hear they are still together because she was so serious and he..well…was reluctant to grow up (in the way that she defined it).

        • ItzAngieDuh says:

          The first season was called Scott Baio is 45 & single, the second season was Scott Baio is 45 & pregnant. The only thing I can remember is when his wife was preggers & Scott snuck his loser friend in the house-his fiancée woke up & was SCREAMING at him over the balcony in her PJs. I figured she was frustrated w/Scott & his shenanigans but looks like she cray cray!

          • Powell says:

            ItzAngie yes! Those were the titles. All I could really remember was his me being in the title. 🙂

    • amalfi says:

      I actually saw last night’s WWHL and I rarely have patience for it. I wandered off before whatever pissed Scott Baio off. I am not an Andy fan, but Scott is a moron, His wife is a double moron.

    • Powell says:

      I watched an epi of “Celebrity Ghost Stories” and Scott was on about the ghost of his father. When his father died a watch that his father gave him stopped at the exact time his father died. When Scott & his wife had their daughter he saw his fathers ghost in his daughter’s bedroom standing in fron of her crib watching her. Once he faced his father’s passing his father no longer watches over his daughter. That was freaky.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I love that show. I love ANYTHING having to do with the paranormal, though.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I used to watch Scott Baio on all of his shows. I thought he was cute.

      Then, several years ago, I started reading Blind Items, which were later REVEALED, and then ACTUAL stories of people who worked with him, that Scott Baio is KNOWN in Hollywood to be, not only a JACKASS, but a SERIOUS RACIST!! For a quite a while, these stories were on URBAN BLOGS ONLY.

      With regard to the mainstream media and blogs, Scott managed to keep this undercover for quite a while until shortly after he married Renee’. Somehow, he got on twitter and said racist things and made some type of racist joke about Michelle Obama, which got LOTS of attention and caused a lot of controversy for him.

      After that, he and his wife gave interviews about how they were NOT racist “because we have Black friends!” Really, Chachi??? Is THAT how you are going to defend yourself?? Umm….O.K. Whatever you say.

      I haven’t liked him since I started reading about his racism (He’s apparently done a lot of work behind the scenes — directing, producing, etc. — and actors and others within the t.v./film industry behind the scenes started telling the urban blogs about his racist comments and racist ways).

      As for his wife, Renee, she did seem sensible on his reality show. After that show, however, I saw her get into a twitter fight with several people who wrote articles for “Gawker’s” sister-online blog site, “Jezebel.” In one of the tweets, she called them “a bunch of LESBIAN sh*ta*ses!!” because they printed a few negative stories about Scott Baio.

      So, apparently, is he not ONLY racist, but he and his wife are also alleged homophobes (I THINK Scott has also made homophobic comments. I’m not POSITIVE about THAT, though, because once I got tired of reading the racist stories about him, I thought, “O.K. That’s a wrap. I will no longer pay attention to any stories about this FOOL!”).

      I am not surprised AT ALL by this artilce regarding his appearance on WWHL and he and his wife’s reaction to SAME. Andy Cohen is NOT my favorite person (I don’t hate him. I cant actually enjoy him sometimes. I DO dislike his blatant favoritism and his unfairness at times because it is SO UNPROFESSIONAL), but Scott Baio’s people SHOULD have done their homework on the type of show WWWHL is. If they would have DONE that, Scott would NOT have appeared on the show. BOOM! Problem solved.

      NICE GUY!

  3. not THAT Jill says:

    @Closet__Freak has her vlog up….Hey Jeff can you post the link for me like you ALWAYS do? Thanks in advance!!!

  4. Birdwoman says:

    I lost all respect for Scott Baio, when he did that reality show trying to decide if he wants to marry this woman. He came across as a real tool. If this is the same woman that he chose to marry, she was your average pretty air head with too much plastic surgery.

    • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

      He also was still hanging out with a lot of jerky friends as well…remember the one who was a little pipsqueak who loved hanging out with Scott so he would get his leftovers as that was the only way he would have sex apparently. He really hated the wife/girlfriend because he saw his free sex ride ending.

  5. Kansas Girl says:

    I just checked with the fan under my desk. It’s a small fan and takes a while to get going, so at first it said “Hmmmmmmmmmm”. But it didn’t take long for the final decision of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  6. Cityside says:

    Cardinals 0
    SF Giants 9

    We lose.

    “After the Cardinals’ revolting collapse in the NL championship series, maybe the best thing to do is just tell a simple if boring truth: The Cardinals got their backsides kicked by the San Francisco Giants. That’s it.” St. Louis Post Dispatch Sports Writer Bernie Miklasz.

    We still love our Cardinals, warts and all!

    Cardinal Nation

  7. Good Morning! I will jump up to read the posts, but I just had to put my 2 cents in first about the NY Lost Footage last night.

    How hysterical was it watching LuLu talk about getting her “brand” moving? After all these years on the show and she is branding now? Give me a break! But, in the interest of giving her a hand with her effort….and because I am a giver…..I came up with a few names for her new “brand”:

    · The Ummmmmm Brand by LuLu
    · The I Don’t Have A Clue Brand by LuLu
    · The Ugly Boots Brand by LuMan
    · The I Need To Stay Relevent Brand by The Countless
    · The Deer In The Headlights Look When You Ask Me About My Brand Brand by The Clueless Countess

    Let’s see, how do those work for ya LuLu?!? Oy, what a gal. Having said that…..the scenes with her kids was pathetic and sad….for them. The looks on Noel’s face when she tried to take his food away….priceless. But…watching her be so uncomfortable around them was hard to watch. I felt so bad for them.

    Loved watching Sonja’s facial expressions when Ramona was modeling her hats! I really love to see their friendship.

    And Aviva….your lies and attempts at contrition failed my dear. Not buying it at any price. Though the scenes where she was talking about her anger toward her mother for her drinking were very telling as we have said here that her anger toward Ramonja was displaced, so she basically confirmed that. It is a shame she doesn’t appear to “get it’ though.

    Ok…heading for coffee and up to read the blog.

    New post at my place this morning too!

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      🙂 I like Clueless Countess – Classless Countess would also work.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Funny, Mardrag!!!

      • Oh Lady C…I forgot about Classless…..I could come up with a few more with that!
        Glad you got a chuckle Lainey! 🙂

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Great blog on FOCUS today, Mardrag. That word always reminds of a joke. I’ll have to “tell” it later. I also loved your blog on “laughter” – – as you know, I am a fan of HUMOR AND LAUGHTER. Love that shopping trip with your DD. Sounds wonderful, medicine for the soul!!

          • Thanks Lainey! I am glad you enjoyed them. Can’t wait to hear your joke about FOCUS! And…you know….I never would have known you were a fan of Humor and Laughter…LOL! You are a funny girl! 😛 (The day with DD was so great. She is an awesome young woman. Even if she were not my daughter, I would still think so!)

    • keida says:

      Love your Countless stuff. I had to unfollow Aviva on twitter ’cause she’s still badmouthing Ramona. What is she doing? The season’s over.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        did you ask her that? how funny. mmmm…how disturbing. Another obsessed HW. Bravo knows how to pick’em!

    • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

      i would rather see her trying to start a line of clothes or handbags or whatever than hear her sing again.

      • Thanks keida! And NMhousewife…….I totally agree with you, but after all her seasons on the show she is just now thinking about branding? Just a ploy to get on for another season. IMHO. Did you see the show….she was completely clueless at her meeting with the marketer. She really looked foolish. But yeah….no more singing please! 🙂

        • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

          I don’t know about the editing regarding that but it seemed like she went t that meeting waiting for them to come up with all her ideas, and she would just give the thumbs up or down on what she wanted or liked.

          It’s funny watching all the women and how they deal with the business end of things and compare how some of them are very business savvy and the others are trying and have no clue what they are doing. The good: Heather, Ramona, Carole, Bethenny. The clueless: Luann, Jill, Kelly, Sonja. I don’t know about Cindy as she had her business, but then there were the stories of her not paying her employees and shops having to close down because of no business or something.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


            I think Cindy counted her chickens before they hatched when it came to her being a RHONY Housewife and the huge increase she would have in her business as a result of being able to promote her business using RHONY as a platform. So, she opened up new stores and hired several new people — all in anticipation and preparation for the influx of new business she would receive as a result of her business now being known nationally.

            Once she turned out to be a “one-hit-wonder” Housewife, I think she had to close those new stores and lay off several employees. She probably lost quite a bit of money. I hope she’s recovered because she did have twins to support. I did not like or dislike her. I was neutral. I just thought she was BORING AS HELL, and she always looked like she could not close her mouth for some reason. *Shrug*

            • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

              I agree as far as what I think of her…not much of an opinion other than she was extremely sensitive, very short-tempered with Sonja and Ramona in general, and then on the reunion when Luann interrupted her and she blew a fuse, surprising Luann a bit. Then there was that hanger moment on their vacation…such a Joan Crawford moment!

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                OMG!! I had forgotten about Cindy and her obsession with those damned HANGERS!! It’s a good thing she did not go on vacation with ME, particularly after I’d had a few margaritas. She might’ve gotten a hanger or two slapped across her face or shoved where the Sun don’t shine (I’m KIDDING, but….I’m kinda NOT!).

          • chismosa says:

            One of her Completely Bored salons was supposed to open about a mile away from where I live and then it didn’t so I called them up to find out and they told me NO MORE. business can’t be that great, though I’ve seen her CB products in drugstores now. She must be focusing on products rather than service

    • NJBev says:

      very cute post, Mardrag~

  8. AZGirl says:

    Boston’s captions are too funny. Scott Baio should have done his homework and needs to stop taking himself so seriously.
    Beautiful day here in AZ. High in the low 80’s and really beautiful cool morning.

  9. plainviewsue says:

    For the first time, I actually enjoyed a lost footage episode, especially from the reunion.

    LOVE how Andy totally called out Lulu on her having a different personna on the show than in real life, like Bethenny & Ramona have always said.

    I cannot believe that I actually didn’t like Heather when this season began, but now she is my absolute favorite. She calls people out on their behavior, even the women she’s closest to. If they were wrong (Aviva), she says so.

    Aviva still believes her father was literally thrown out by goons!! So glad Heather & Carole let her know finally that wasnt the case.

    Interesting footage of Lulu with her kids. Her son does not look very happy & she’s telling him his pizza slice is too big? Who says that? I think she realized the filming wasn’t going well & wanted to get out of there.

    I really enjoyed this season & hope that the cast remains intact (yeah, even Luann if need be).

    • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

      I agree I enjoyed the lost footage this time around and even with the additional reunion stuff, it was interesting. I wish they had put more of the mundane stuff in (what a lot of people call boring) and not so much of the fighting they tried to showcase. Overall, it was a nice season if you factor in this footage.

      In my opinion, (and I’m not a diehard fan of Aviva), I feel she did at least learn how awful she had been and is really trying to change that and will make a real effort to watch what fights she picks. I think she did apologize quite a few times on the reunion as well. Jill NEVER learned from how she came across, always was ready to blame others. I also think that during the blog wars between Ramona and Aviva, Ramona was no innocent in this as she is very good at making underhanded digs, or spreading rumors herself and then stepping back to see what happens which we saw her do a few times on the reunion.

      Anyway I have high hopes for this cast and ended up not disliking any of them for the most part.

    • Eastbayca says:

      Aviva….apologizing to Ramona again and uttering the words “She’s so rude, I just can’t f**king take it anymore”. Now THAT is sincere!!!

      Lulu couldn’t let her kids eat in peace, I am sure they are glad when she isn’t around.

      Carole telling Aviva that she drinks like her – a sip here a sip there. Carole and Heather after St. Barts at the gay bar tossing shots after shot. Will the real Carole stand up?

    • chismosa says:

      I’m having so much trouble pasting something on here I don’t know why

  10. plainviewsue says:

    As for WWHL, Scott Baio sure didn’t want to be there. So he shouldn’t have been on. Did he never watch an episode before? I don’t think so. He sat there with such a chip on his shoulder. Bored as hell.

    I wish Jamie Lynn Sigler was the lone guest. She is a HW fan (even tho she does like Caroline!), and that’s what I want to hear.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I love Jamie Lynn Sigler. She comes across as genuine and down-to-earth in her interviews. I did not watch WWHL last night, though. So, I don’t know how she came across on there last night (probably the same).

  11. I don’t watch WWHL because I do not care for Andy C. and do not want to add to his ratings but…if you are promoting a new show and doing the PR rounds, at least be cordial. From what I here Scott B. was a real “B”. Don’t bite the hand that feeds your possible ratings for your new show!

    MTH ~ great recap! And I know this sounds terribly juvenile, but I am glad the 2 long haired hot guys won a round! Love me some long haired rocker guys! 🙂

    Detox ~ You get the wordcount award for the day! LOL! Great recap of that caraaazy show!

    NMD ~ another great day of juicy info! Thank you!! And Boston…that pic! Love it all

    And love YOU all. Have a great Tuesday!! Hugs!

    • melthehound says:

      Thank you, Mardrag… I have to say I would have been disappointed if Rockers Didn’t win the leg with a fast forward. I’m just glad the Twins didn’t win. They’ve screeched their way past my last nerve.

      • Do you ever wonder if these people that are on these shows are really like that in real life….or do they just play up to the camera for the sake of attention. I believe this about the HW shows, etc., of course, but I always wonder about AR and Survivor and those types of shows. I remember watching the very first Survivor….waaaaay back when….and it was all about the game. The people were quite real then. What’s your take?

        • And by “real” I mean intelligent, well behaved, serious about the game… get my drift!

        • melthehound says:

          I do think on TAR and Survivor, the players are pretty much how they are portrayed. There may be some playing up to the cameras but with shows like those, but there is a prize at the end of the line on both shows. There may be some who have a different end game and are putting on an act. I think if there’s any acting going on, it’s to try and outplay the opponents, not garner screen time.

          With shows like RHs, the prize (if you will) is being on the show, being asked back for the next season, and many know by now, they have to act the fool to get screen time. We’ve seen, especially in the last few seasons of these RH shows, while they may not be completely scripted, a lot of what we see is production driven.

      • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

        I agree the “Twinnies” are screechers and can easily be annoying, but they are annoying not in an evil way, more just in an encouraging way that works for them, and at least they aren’t really fighting with or badmouthing the other players. That dating divorcees ryan and abbey? annoy me more because how rude they were making faces behind the twinnies.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I love the Twinnies and I agree about the mean faces Ryan and Abbey were making. boooo! not nice.

        • melthehound says:

          I don’t think they’re evil, just annoying and I know that the screeching is how they encourage each other. I do give them props in the game. There hasn’t been anything they’ve been unable or unwilling to do.

          • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

            My daughter was really rooting for the the sub teachers (David and Goliath) whatever their nickname was. She liked the little guy the best. So this last episode really bummed her out. I was surprised at how the tall guy talked down to the little guy ALOT (pun intended). The little guy seemed to be trying to be encouraging or just trying to have a conversation, and the big guy was easily annoyed with him and showed it. I’m guessing he was a little disappointed in how much trouble they were doing with the challenges though.

            • melthehound says:

              David and Goliath is what Monster Trucker called them. I grew to dislike Gary quite a bit. I guess I could hop in my car, take the 10 minute ride to his house, and tell him so 😉 but I doubt he’d care.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Press rewind. Press Play. “I like the twins” Press Stop.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      HUGS (and KISSES too!) right back atcha, MarDrag!

      Thanks for my Wordcount Award!! I will display it proudly….somewhere. 😉

  12. klmh says:

    Boston, I loved the million fans pic! Still chuckling.

  13. butterisafruit says:

    OH Boston your captions are priceless. I can’t wait to read
    them in the morning. You should make a portfolio and think
    about marketing yourself.

  14. not THAT Jill says:

    Hey NMD…@Closet__Freak re-tweeted the blog today!!!!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:


    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I’m with Rabble! That IS “COOL”!! I’m SO glad she’s also going to be doing VLOGS for RHOA & RHOBH.

      I cannot WAIT to hear what she has to say about Brandi and Taylor (although I hope she does not say MUCH about Taylor because she will hardly be seen and then totally phased OUT. Fingers crossed!). I have a feeling she is going to LOVE Brandi (unless Brandi gets “2nd-season-itis” and turns bad) because their personalities seem similar. I could actually see the two of them hanging out. I also think she, like ME, is going to think Lisa VanDerPump is one BAD MAAMA JAMMA!! She IS “the QUEEN,” in my book. BOW DOWN (to her AND Giggy)!!

      • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

        Is that true that Taylor is going to be on very little and then phased out? I know Camille is being phased out. I was hoping T would be gone totally by this season. I bet she will be stirring the pot with all of the conflicts this season as well.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I don’t know for SURE that it is true, NM. I have heard that rumor mentioned on MORE THAN ONE Housewives’-related websites.

          I take all of those with a grain of salt, but I have to admit that I do put a LITTLE more stock into stories reported by SH.

          I do NOT comment on SH’s site because she can be nasty with her commenters at times, and it’s like it comes out of nowhere. I HAVE heard that SH used to be commenter on Lynn’s blog (known as “WaxDiva”), and people have said that she lies and makes stuff up.

          However, in my OWN personal experience with that blog since I started reading it (which was a while after she started it. So, I have not been with her blog from “the beginning”), MANY things she has predicted about these Housewives’ shows’ upcoming storylines; who is going to be fired; who is going to stay; etc., HAVE later turned out to be TRUE. So, to ME, she is credible (I know some may disagree, but this is MY opinion). I do not know WHO her sources ARE, but since I’ve been reading her blog, they appear to have been giving her very ACCURATE information.

          Also, I’ve found SH to be pretty FAIR in her blog reporting. She basically HATES all Housewives EQUALLY. What I mean by that is she refuses to do interviews with ANY of them because she says she wants to remain as objective as possible and not have any “favorites” when it comes to her “reporting” (To each her own. If I had a blog, I’d probably do interviews like Lynn did. I think it’s great. However, I would let the interviewee know that I would ALWAYS have to be fair in any future reporting on them. I would be grateful for the interview, but if something negative came out about them, I STILL would report it — even if they had been kind enough to give me an interview in the past. What I WOULD do is give that particular Housewife a “heads-up” on the fact that I am about to report the story and offer them the opportunity for another interviews to explain their side or offer THEIR perspective of same).

          SH speaks negatively about ALL of the Housewives at times. She also DOES give CREDIT and report the GOOD things she hears too. However, just because she reported a few good things about a particular Housewife for several weeks does NOT mean she won’t turn around and also report something negative about that SAME Housewife when she finds it.

          SH has said MORE THAN ONCE that her sources tell her that Taylor is going to be SLOWLY phased out of the show. One of her sources told her that BRAVO had a fear that Taylor might sue them if they let her go too quickly (bring a Wrongful Death suit against them for Russell’s death, perhaps, arguing that she was pressured into doing certain storylines that ended up causing her beloved husband SUCH stress that he committed suicide, etc.? I do NOT put it PAST Taylor because, IMHO, she is a SOCIOPATH. The TYPE of suit is NOT from any SH source. That is just my OWN theory.). Maybe BRAVO was simply waiting for the Statute of Limitations for any Wrongful Death suit in connection with the death of Russell Armstrong to RUN OUT. Who knows? It IS a possibility.

          But maybe SH’s source(s) completely MADE up the Taylor stuff, and she will UNFORTUNATELY continue to grace our t.v. screens forevermore. YUCK! We shall see. *Shrug*

          • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

            Wax Diva was/is SH? I didn’t know that..or maybe just forgot. I remember her from the old days. I know there is a lot of negativity on her blog, mostlyh I mean the commenters can be pretty nasty to other commenters and other blogs (Lynn’s for instance), but let’s hope she’s accurate with the Taylor business. I’m with you in the fact Taylor might be holding that over Bravo as far as suing them over Russell’s death. I really wish some bravo insider would quit and write a tell-all on all of the behind-the-scenes business of the HW, that is a book I would buy!

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I’d be right behind you in the bookstore cashier’s checkout line!

  15. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Thanks for the great blogs today everyone, not to mention Boston’s hilarious pictures.

  16. ItzAngieDuh says:

    Great recap of BBW LA! What a piece of work that Jackie Christie is!! She is so in her own head that it makes no sense. Why should Draya apologize to her? Bcuz Draya asked Jackye to let her speak to Gloria @ Jackie bulldozed her way anyway? I live how little bitty Draya was jumping around trying to get at Hackue at Gloria’s going away celebration. I don’t know the ladies tolerate her as she is bat sh*t crazy-her zaniness ( like Draya called it) is TV gold!! Something is wrong w/Doug too cuz you don’t stay married to crazy this long w/o some of it rubbing off on you. Why did she lift her wedding dress-up to her hip-to show Doug that tattoo? She should’ve saved that for the wedding night IMO. Bambi is right Laura us one way in front of Jackie-then different face to face. That’s fake to me. Not sure who said it yesterday but I totally agree w/Lauren Manzo needing to stop saying how healthy she is. Thinner does not mean healthier. I wish the Manzo family turmoil would play out on Bravo like the Gorga/Guidice saga did. I really hope MeGo Katfish JacDaniel Bitter clown all experience a little payback next season. All of them need to be taking down a peg. Closet Freak was really funny. She had dome good points in between her bouts of adult ADD 😉 Looks like I won’t be watching Scott Baio’s new show-I loved Chachi, CIC, & even watched his crappy reality show. I taped WWHL-so I’ll have to watch it when I get home. He & and his wife are ridiculous & have made my fee against Twitter. Every thought that flys thru your head does not have to be voiced, or acknowledged Jac!! Put the wine bottle down & step away!! Sorry my comments are all over the place. Too many thoughts in my head!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Thanks for the compliment about the BBW-L.A. blog, ItzAngie.

      I agree with you about Jackie being so “in her own head”. I think it makes her paranoid and act out in strange ways. She is definitely CRAZY, and I agree with you that the Producers see this as “t.v. gold” and exploit it. I basically think she will have a job with BBW-L.A. AS LONG AS it is ON THE AIR! The only way I see her getting fired is if she threatens to shoot or stab somebody and pulls out an actual gun or knife ONSCREEN (And I do NOT put it PAST her to do this!).

      As for Doug, you’re probably right that there has to be something wrong with him too for staying with her so long. In my 1st blog for this season (I THINK it was the 1st blog), I basically said that, not ONLY could I NOT understand how Doug married Jackie’s crazy behind in the 1st place, I ALSO could not understand how he managed to STAY married to her crazy butt for SO LONG. I theorized that he stayed for 1 (or both) of the following reasons: 1) She has threatened to shoot HIM and his ENTIRE family if he ever tries to leave her; and/or 2) She has incriminating pictures of him in makeup, a wig, a dress, some stockings and super-LARGE high heels that she has threatened to release to the press if he ever tries to leave her.

      Other than that, I just don’t GET it (unless, like you say, it’s just that, after a while, some of Jackie’s “crazy” has rubbed off on him, and he is crazy too — even though he does not APPEAR to be). *Shrug* 😀

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        AND/OR he could really have fallen madly in LOVE with her CRAZY ASS! LOL He’s the voice of reason to her madness, talks her off the ledge and probably soothes the feathers she ruffles. He’s a protector/enabler and has stayed in that role for over 17YEARS. Finally, she may have threatened to boil his kitty but he’ll NEVER find another RIDE or DIE BITCH like Jackie! She had his back and jumped into a fight on the court while he played in the NBA.

        BTW If anyone is interested in another funny vlogger PUH-LEEZE try out MsFunkyDineva. She’s from the ATL, has got the scoop on the RHOA crew and her friend dated Sheree’s Ex BobWhitfield. She also does vlogs on LoveHH, R&BDivas, Revenge, Scandal, etc. Be afraid. LOL Be very AFRAID.

        My hair is layed like a LovelyDiva who just put on her LynnFam. 🙂 ENJOY

      • NJBev says:

        The first time I ever heard of Doug and Jackie Christie was several years ago in a Sports Illustrated article. Seems Jackie traveled to every game w/ Doug throughout his entire
        career. She trusted him, but not the groupies, and no one was getting their mitts on Doug.
        Doug seemed to appreciate what she did, he certainly had no problem with it~ It was interesting to read what the other players had to say!!
        I admired them at the time I read it and that was the major reason I watched the show, to see how how she would be with the “crazy” BBWives and if she could be a positive influence on them. HA!!! It turns out the other players were right about the Christies”!
        It turns out she is just a major control freak who lives in an alternate universe. Wow, she is certifiable. I feel bad for them.
        Anyway, another thing- I don’t believe Chantal (sp?) is Dougs daughter, I think she is Jackie’s child from another relationship. They have been married 17 yrs, and she is
        older than that~
        my 2 cents!!

  17. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Why did Luanne’s ‘business meeting’ kind of remind me of this conversation?

  18. not THAT Jill says:

    Scott Baio has been in 2 reality shows…
    Scott Baio is 45 and single… show about what a immature tool he was (IMHO)
    Confessions of a Teen Idol….show about what a older tool he was (IMHO)
    If he was on WWHL to promote these 2 dumb shows Im sure he would have put a little more pep in his step!!!
    Who would go on WWHL to promote a family show (See Dad Run) that is on Nickelodeon?

  19. Kat from Ohio says:

    scott baio! what a douchebag (pardon my language)

  20. shamrockblonde says:

    thanks so much for the blogs!! you are all really amazing – and Boston – loved that pic!!!! – I don’t watch Andy Cohen because I don’t like him – too bad Scott B didn’t check out what he was walking into – then again – with a show like his, I guess he figured any kind of exposure – good or bad – is still publicity – not at all sorry I missed the whole thing!!

    as for TAR – Jeff!!! – TWINSIE!!!!TWINSIE!!!!! – if my twins EVER behaved that way in public – well they would never do it again – that one team member – the blonde – was standing behind the loud twin while she was yelling TWINSIE!!! and made a gesture indicating that she would blow her own brains out!! – too funny!! – I love the rocker guys too!! – as for Mutt and Jeff – man what a whiner the tall dude is!! – he treated his friend terribly – as for the monster truckers – telling that guy that he cost them a million? – how exactly does that help his game? – it only makes him look embarrassing – what about you? who do you like for the win?

    • melthehound says:

      I’m kind of pulling for Lexi and Trey. I like Jaymes and James in the race too. Monster trucker is lucky that boat driver didn’t just tell him go F himself. I would have. The boat driver took him exactly where he asked to be taken. This isn’t the first time that guy hasn’t followed the directions. That’s strike two. I think next time it happens, he’ll be gone.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        agreed on the monster truckers – and I like the James boys too!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yeah, it’s at least the second time he has taken his frustration out on one of the native folks who was trying to help him/transport him…be nice, people!!

      • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

        I like Lexi and Trey as well. they seem really sweet and good sports. The monster trucker guy annoys me. I hate when Americans go to different countries and demand or complain to people who could care less about their placing in a race while they are just trying to make a living.

      • chismosa says:

        Mel thanks for recapping TAR, with all the HWs stuff going on, i rarely have time to talk about this show. Plus my mind just has to process Homeland most of the time so much so that I haven’t even gotten to The Walking Dead nor have i caught up in 2 weeks of Dexter, Sundays just kill me…

        I’ve been an A.R. fan since season 1 with the hysterical two guys from Staten Island/ Queens– i have always told all my friends and anyone i meet in the street to PLEASE WATCH THE SHOW, it’s AMAZING. then it started winning every single Emmy (except one year, yuck)— so i felt validated. Though, i disagree with some emmy wins some years– but at least with A.R. they get it right!

        These past few seasons i have not found the casting that fantastic. I wish there was more fun stuff like the little person Armenian girl who was with her cousin– those two girls- were HYSTERICAL,they came back for a 2nd time too i think. Even when Rob and Ambuhhhh from Survivor were on it was good. Lately past few seasons i am very mehhh with the cast.
        I am starting to like the Chippendales guys, the Virginia accent guy cracks me up –he should be an announcer his voice is amazing. (i have cousins in V.Beach so i love that accent)
        I agree with your assessment that the super tall guy and the short guy had an odd friendship. The taller one seemed very abusive to the shorter one. It was odd. Dysfunctional or something. Glad they’re gone, i didn’t like the tall guy.

        Twinsies are great, annoying as hell but i do like them, and I agree w you on Monster Truck– so so annoying. i cannot TAKE it when these people, who clearly have watched the show for YEARS AND YEARS go to foreign countries and start expecting everyone to know their language because the U.S. is the ruler of the Earth. Just like in one of my favorite movies Before Sunrise— where someone in Austria is like ‘oh and why don’t you speak German?’ to the American guy.

        It makes me sad that they went to Bangladesh, known as the one of the absolute poorest of poorest countries in the world. But i hope Bangladesh gets some monetary help or boost for always allowing AR to go there.

        Also i just want to add that i think certain tasks along the way make it very difficult– at some point in the game, ultimately— for women. I wish they would do an ALL female season.

        I’ve wanted to enter this race since season 1, because i knew i’d be the ‘driver’ and my partner would be the map-reader. I’m a great driver –but i still need to learn stick– ha ha. But with women never ever EVER winning alone, i know i’d have to go with my brother or a boyfriend or husband. Not fair. They really should change it up. One day i’d like to apply but i need a good handle, a REASON for them to want to cast me. I’m still working on it. That plus i’d need to train for like 6 months to get my aerobic and strength abilities up to par.

        sorry for long post, i just haven’t had a chance to talk A.R. in a while

        • melthehound says:

          I’ve only watched the past few seasons of TAR (and Survivor) so you’re likely more of an expert on it than I am. Perhaps the Twins will change the M-F type winner scenario. Annoying as they may be, they certainly have the ability to do it. I don’t so much have a problem with asking if someone speaks English, for a long time it was required learning in some countries, especially after WW2 during the occupations. Couple that with the fact that a lot of these countries were once British Colonies, it isn’t unreasonable to assume that someone in a crowd may speak English. If you’ve noticed, a lot of the signs in these countries are both in the native language as well as English. What I Did have a problem with was 6+ foot green hair guy towering over the boat driver barking at him about what was lost (can’t lose what you never had to begin with). Chippendales are fun to watch because they are having fun and not taking themselves so seriously. As I said though. Maybe this time around you’ll get your wish and a dual woman team will win.

          • chismosa says:

            it would actually be revolutionary on this show if a woman team won. Never ever happened! Twinsies may do it. The way they moved those bus seats better than the men were doing it was shocking.

            You are right— i mean English is the ‘world’s language’ for much of trade and commerce world-over, just like French used to be 2nd to English for this. But people just have to be more respectful when traveling abroad, especially when those dual-language signs are not around. But you are right, most signs and things are in both English and native language.

            • melthehound says:

              I don’t know if Twin did it better (I don’t know which one did the roadblock) than the men but she at least did it equally well. The twins aren’t petite weak little girls, they are obviously well prepared and well suited for this race. It doesn’t surprise me that they can perform well in a match of strength.

              On the second part you’ll get no argument from me 😉

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I like the twins. I didn’t like the unkind gestures being made behind the back of Natalie or was it Nadya? It’s unfortunate that their (the twins’) unbridled enthusiasm is such a sore spot for that woman and her boyfriend/exhusband,..sorry i forget their status. But alas unbridled enthusiasm has been known to be the downfall of some. (Namely Billy Mumfry on Seinfeld) hee hee!!

  21. ItzAngieDuh says:

    Luann IMO is the Sheree of NYC. So enamored by being on TV that she forgot to take advantage of her exposure and secure fine kind of product for herself. She flew on the seat of her pants this season. Thank Hod for Tomas or she would’ve been invisible. Now she wants to market those hubcap necklaces she constantly wears. Ugh!! Detox-the they Hackie was talking about in the preview of next weeks episode are Jackies two daughters. She has a ‘dark skinned’ one & the ‘light skinned one’ we saw last night. She is estranged from the ‘dark’ one which explains why she is nervous to sit down w/them. Did anyone see whe Lulu & LCD were on WWHL & the caller told Andy to go to hell?!?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      yeahhh!! I saw that and I loved it!!!

      • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

        Wait, what happened exactly!?

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Somebody called in and sounded completely normal and even greeted the guests and then said something like Andy Cohen you can GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!! something like that!

          • melthehound says:

            I’m kind of sorry I missed that 😆

            • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

              That sounds awesome!

              • LaineyLainey says:

                I didn’t check this video cause I’m at work, but I think this is it…

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  Hilarious!! BTW, Miss Lainey, I have been clicking on your video link over and over. Those little girls are precious.

                  I never COULD do that damned dance. I probably WOULD have been able to do it when I was MUCH younger. But, alas, a few years ago, my stamina and limberness (Is that a word? Probably Not, but I don’t CARE) greatly decreased, and I just couldn’t get it — no matter how MUCH one of my friend’s 7-year-old sons tried to teach it to me (He finally walked away after, in his own 7-year-old-way, basically declaring me totally HOPELESS. *Shrug*) .

                • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

                  I watched and it’s pretty good! Love how Andy tries to act cool about it but you can see it bothers him…of course.

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    I will have to watch it now that I’m home!!! I’m laughing already just thinking about it.

                • chismosa says:

                  wait, is this some sort of Howard Stern type joke-y think people do and call people up and say this stuff? Or was this woman for real? I don’t get it… it seems too jokey.

                  Poor Lauren C– i am a big admirer of her, she is just too ‘classy’ to sit next to faux class of Luann. She is always always a class act. To be with Luann oh lordy.
                  Jacques’ hair looks terrible.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Oh geez, I was way off, “Andy, this is for you…DROP DEAD MOTHERF—ER!!” Better than what I remembered.

      • ItzAngieDuh says:

        Yeah it was classic, especially when Andy called her a b*tch!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      OMG, ItzAngie! You know what? You are SPOT ON about LuAnn being “the Sheree” of the RHONY. I’m jealous because I never thought of it before (because it is SOOO true).

      With regard to the BBW-L.A. previews, I suspected that it was going to involve Jackie having a conversation with her 2 daughters. I did not even KNOW Jackie had ANOTHER daughter until the MIDDLE of Season 1 when the urban blogs started reporting about how her older daughter was going off on Jackie on Twitter and then pointed me to an interview the older daughter had done.

      In Season 1, Jackie ACTED like she only had 2 children, and it’s like they were her “pride and joy.” I had NO idea that she already had a child when she married Doug. In the interview, her daughter talked about how Jackie was a horrible Mom to her and basically left her to be raised by her grandmother so she could chase other men and Doug around the country until she got one to make her their “ball and chain.”

      I think the daughter MAY have lived with Doug & Jackie for a short time, but she made it sound like Jackie ALWAYS showed BLATANT favoritism to the 2 kids she had with Doug over HER. She particularly remarked on this when it came to Jackie’s daughter by Doug. This girl said that Jackie was ashamed of her because she was dark-skinned and favored the other daughter, not ONLY because she was for Doug, but ALSO because she was much lighter-skinned than she (I think Doug’s mother is white). If remember correctly, she said Doug was ALWAYS very nice to her, but then Jackie started accusing her of FLIRTING with Doug. I think she said Jackie put her out of the house once she suspected this because she told her she “knew what” she was “up to,” and she was “not going to let” her daughter “take my MAN!!”

      Now, who knows? The daughter COULD be telling the truth, and I COULD actually see Jackie doing some unfair, crazy, nasty, paranoid, delusional b*llsh*t like that. However, this daughter IS Jackie’s “apple.” So, she could be JUST AS CRAZY and JUST AS MUCH of a liar as Jackie and could have made the WHOLE thing up. I can’t wait to form an opinion on this next week (if her 2 daughters ARE going to be shown next week).

      I’d forgotten about Andy being cursed out. I think SH had the clip on her blog, and I made a mental note to go back and check it out, but in my USUAL A.D.D.-state, I FORGOT to go back and check it out. Thanks for reminding me. 😀

      • NJBev says:

        good info-
        i knew 1 daughter was not his. But I didn’t know about the favoritism of the other daughter… so how many kids does she have?

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I THINK she has 3 total, but Jackie is LOONY, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had 2 or 3 other children out there that were raised by some of her relatives or WOLVES (I’m KIDDING….but kinda NOT).

          In all seriousness, I think she had 3 kids TOTAL (2 daughters and 1 son).

      • chismosa says:

        Luann: “”Who gonna Check me DARLING????”””

      • ItzAngieDuh says:

        I belive Jackie’s first daughter is names T’Kari or something like that. She was saying that once Jackie married Doug she shipped T’Kari to her grandmother to live (because Hackie had to follow Doug EVERYWHERE to ensure no women were looking at him & vice versa.) Then when Shanny was born, Jackie’s mom came to live w/them along w/T’Kari so she could watch the kids & Jackie could continue to tag along w/Doug. T’Kari also said Jackie is disrespectful to Doug, treated her mom bad & controls the family w/her money. Apparently that’s why she came forward to begin with because Jackie was crying over mom’s cancer in S1-that angered T’Kari because she claims Jackie was mean to her mom-treated her badly. As a long time basketball fan, Jackie’s antics are legendary. She refused to allow female reporters to interview him-female wait staff to serve him, etc. when he played for the Lakers-he use to give these signals to her all the time during the game & if he was on the bench & the cheerleaders were on the floor-he looked down at the floor. Yeah she is a piece of work.

  22. Zuzy. says:

    Hi I just want to thank DETOX for the recaps on Basketball wives LA. You are HILARIOUS~~ Thank you.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hi, Zuzy!! (*Waving*)

      You are very WELCOME. And thank YOU for the compliment! 😉

  23. djprincessc says:

    I must of not really been paying attention to WWHL because I didn’t think Scott was a tool, what did I miss??!!? lol. Or maybe he was and I didn’t notice because I’ve seen his reality shows and thats just his personality? Idk how to explain. I did though think that crotch game was kinda over the line, for some reason it bothered me. Weird. lol.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Maybe it bothered you because it was…… a CROTCH GAME?!!! But that’s Andy! that’s WWHL! don’t go on the show if a little innocent game of CROTCH is gonna bother you, Scott Baio! (Listen to me, and I didn’t even watch the thing!!! haha)

      • Sus says:

        I remember when Jerry Seinfeld was on WWHL. He was rude saying “Why am I on this show?” It came off as kind of funny. It didn’t appear that Andy was taking it personally. He knows WWHL is not the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

        Scott Baio should feel fortunate that ANY show booked him. He may have been on our walls as tweens but where has he been since? A reality show that showed he was a 50 year old man trapped in a 12 year old boy’s body? He’s got a new show on Nik at Nite? Nothing wrong with Nik at Nite of course but let’s be honest, it’s isn’t exactly NBC or CBS or even Bravo!

        Oh well, this isn’t as bad as finding out my high school crush went to prison for scamming old ladies out of their retirements.

        • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

          I remember when Jerry first showed up, but I thought Andy was a little flustered/annoyed by Jerry though. I was actually surprised that Jerry showed up for a second helping. At least he was a better sport, but then again he had Matthew Broderick on to play off of, and I thought it was a better show.

          • princesspindy says:

            Jerry was the WORST guest ever!!! And I watch Seinfeld every night.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Then you should remember that unbridled enthusiasm was the downfall of Billy Mumphry.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I thought Jerry was pretty bad too, and I LOVE Jerry Seinfeld. He seemed to REALLY actually be totally ANNOYED to be there. It was like he was doing it as a favor to someone and decided he was just going to be a JACKASS the entire time (Like, “O.K. I’ll do the favor and go on that rotten show, but I WILL make my displeasure known. I’m richer than GOD. So I can DO that!!”).

              • chismosa says:

                he’s a sourpuss but you know what they say about comics, especially male comics– they generally are ALL very dysfunctional and have major major issues. It’s what leads them into comedy. The only two working right now who really are well-known to come from extremely loving stable homes and are genuinely nice guys are Will Ferell and Zach Galifianakis. Most comics go into that field BECAUSE of issues they had growing up. Seinfeld must fall into that category

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  You could be right.

                  I’ve read this about male comics too. I wonder if there is a difference for females.

                  Rosie O’Donnell came from a very dysfunctional home and, in real life, suffers from major depression, anxiety and anger issues.

                  Wanda Sykes, from all accounts, is as happy-go-lucky in REAL life as she is onstage. She comes from a stable family background, though (like you mentioned Zach G and Will Ferrell do. I love both of them). She is supposedly very close to her parents, but I read an interview with her a couple of years ago where she said that her parents STILL had not YET come to terms with the fact that she was a lesbian. She said they are VERY nice to her girlfriend, and she knows that they love her as their daughter. She thinks that they think, because she WAS married to a MAN once, that she might just be going through “a phase” and will one day change her mind back. LOL. Oh yeah, Wanda Sykes is also supposedly VERY smart in real life (GOOD comedians to tend to be rather intelligent because one has to be quick-witted, quick-thinking and able to analyze and describe even the most MUNDANE things in such a way that they become HILARIOUS to a general audience. That takes brainpower and skill).

                  Eddie Murphy is allegedly a RECLUSE (He has enough money to BE a recluse, though. He supposedly hardly ever wants to go ANYWHERE. This was supposedly one of the things that led to his divorce. I remember reading an interview with Nicole Murphy where she said that they would get invited to these MAJOR events ALL the time, and Eddie NEVER wanted to go. The last straw for her was when Oprah personally invited them to an Oprah-sponsored event, and Eddie REFUSED to go despite the fact that Nicole BEGGED him to take her. They divorced amicably and are supposedly still good friends to this day. He understood that, because her children were now older, she would want to get out and about more. They realized that they just wanted DIFFERENT things).

                  Chris Rock is allegedly VERY, VERY QUIET when he’s not onstage. I saw an interview with his wife, and she said that. She also said that he is a VERY good father, but he is almost TOO overprotective of their daughters.

                  Jim Carrey allegedly suffers from SEVERE depression, and it was one of the reasons he and Jenny McCarthey allegedly broke up. He would disappear for DAYS at a time and refuse to respond to Jenny or anyone ELSE’s attempts to reach him. Each time, he was allegedly holed up somewhere, isolated and depressed, and in an almost zombie-like state.

                  • chismosa says:

                    Detox, i’d be interested to hear about Chris Rock’s growing years— that is when these inner issues come about that lead many to comedy…. now of course, many can be very stable. I get that.

                    —–Who Gonna Check Me Darling?– -Luann as Sheree

        • Powell says:

          Sus tour right. Nick at Nite is funny network. I haven’t watched in a while. But it’s not a major Network. So he’s the one that’s got to sell this new show. He’s got to be prepared and if he doesn’t particularly like something he’s got to suck it up.

      • djprincessc says:

        No i’m saying that I personally didn’t like the crotch game. t always find Andy’s games funny, but the crotch game rubbed me the wrong way! lol. In honor of Detox…*shrug*

        • LaineyLainey says:

          touche’ my dear djprincess, touche’

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Thanks for the honor, DJ. I’m totally nonchalant and laid-back about it. *Shrug* (Just KIDDING!! My “shrugs” usually mean: 1) I’m ranting about this, but, deep down, I really DON’T care. This is just FUN and/or I am BORED AS HELL and typing all this sh*t is thoroughly entertaining, but in all honesty, it’s all about ME [and I could give a sh*t about these fools on my t.v. screen if you wanna know the REAL truth]!!; and/or 2) Beats me! I dunno. I’m at a total loss; and/or 3) I know that may have been a bit out of bounds, but….what can I say? I gotta be ME (In the words of Bambi, from BBW-L.A., “I just CAN’T be a FAKE B*TCH!!!” I can be a REAL one when I feel like it, though. 😉 ).

    • princesspindy says:

      I watched it too and IA, I guess I missed it. He wasn’t about to talk about Liza Minnelli which I thought was good. The crotch game, he was getting all the answers, lol, maybe AC shouldn’t have started off with a camel toe, it was a stupid game but they all are. He didn’t seem comfortable but I just figured that alot of actors/actresses don’t do live stuff. But I don’t even know if I finished watching it. I often watch for a little while and get bored. I would like to see the tweets before I call it a Homophobic rant, imho. But I have never been a fan because I grew up in LA and had friends in “the business” and would hear stuff about him, he was a jerk. I knew about Danny Bonadouche’ when people still thought he was a cute red (ugly imho) headed kid on Partridge Family. I had friends that were extras and bit part actresses. And we knew he was doing drugs and having sex way back “in the day”. And I was SHOCKED, I tell ya, SHOCKED!!

      • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

        Did you ever watch that reality show Danny B did I think on VH1 (not sure) about him and his ex-wife. he seemed seriously nuts on that show, but I’ve seen him also recently on “Worlds Dumbest..” a video show on TruTV of people doing stupid stuff and comedians and celebrities who usually have a police record make comments on it. It is actually a pretty funny show and he seems actually fairly normal.

        • princesspindy says:

          I did watch some of it. He was such a drug addict/alcoholic and he has turned his life around and I actually enjoy him. He is pretty funny. I think she finally left him, I’m not sure. Let’s just say he has a pretty big ego, lol!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Yeah, she left. I had a soft spot for Danny for some reason. I guess it’s because he was just SUCH a MESS and could not seem to get out of his own damned way. His wife REALLY tried with him, though. JMHO.

        • djprincessc says:

          Yes I remember watching his show on VH1. I didn’t like him or not like him, I liked his wife though.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I liked his wife too. I was of the opinion that she was probably the BEST thing that had ever happened to him, but he was going to lose her because he took her for granted. It looks like that’s what happened.

        • Sus says:

          Danny and Gretchen got married within 24 hours of meeting each other. It was a crazy show.

          • djprincessc says:


          • BB says:

            Where was Couples Therapy when they needed it? Lol

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I wonder if I could EVER meet a man that would make me want to marry him within 24 hours!! Considering my commitmentphobia, I DOUBT it. There IS only ONE man in this whole wide world that I would marry in a HEARTBEAT if he came back into my life and said, “Guess what!! I’m divorced now. WASSUP??!! You wanna go to Vegas and DO this thing!” I’d be like, “Umm…HELL YEAH!!” He is the EXCEPTION to my commitmentphobia and intimacy issues RULE, though.

            I MIGHT marry a man that was really old, REALLY, REALLY RICH, who had one foot in the grave and promised to take care of me financially for the rest of my life. I’d have to get everything in writing; signed; sealed and notarized BEFOREHAND, though. I guess I’d be like Anna Nicole. Oh yeah, he’d have to be IMPOTENT and have absolutely NO interest in sex (because I ain’t sleeping with him!! I mean, I DO have my STANDARDS!). I’d have to put something in our papers about him being BANNED from ever getting any types of prescriptions for Viagra or Cialis or any of those other types of drugs before his death too!!

      • djprincessc says:

        Same here, he always had an attitude so to me I didn’t think anything of it. I never really pay too attention to WWHL unless its a guest I LOVE. And I grew up/live in southern CA too, but I never had a crush on him or Danny but I think it was because it was before my time, I did grow up watching Happy Days (reruns) and remember Scott on Full House but never got into the Partitridge Fam. And the rumor for the LONGEST time was that Scott Baio was gay so IDK so much about the rants. Obviously he’s married with a daughter now, but it took him A LONG time to get there. lol.

        • princesspindy says:

          I was true to Donny Osmond!!

          • djprincessc says:

            hahahahahh see thats also before my time, I think he’s my parents age. I was crazy about Zack Morris! lol.

          • Sus says:

            It was so sad to me that he and Marie were brother and sister. I wanted them to be a couple.

          • Lady Chatterley says:

            Pindy – once again, I must assert that Donny is MINE!

            That is all.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            From about the age of 9 – 25, I wanted to marry Prince.

            Then my tastes TOTALLY changed, and I became more attracted to BIG, RUGGED dudes (Tall; Strong; Big Builds; Can Kick Ass; Can Throw me Over His Shoulder and Carry Me Off). This is probably why my “new husband” became Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a., “the Rock”).

            Then again, even though I like the BIG DUDES, I’d still also marry Lenny Kravitz (who is one of the BEST-LOOKING 50-year olds I have ever seen in my LIFE, but he’s NOT a “BIG DUDE”) or the singer, Maxwell (I love Maxwell’s looks and his way, but it’s really his MIND/BRAIN that gets me. He comes across as VERY intelligent and VERY deep in interviews. He also comes across as very HUMBLE, as if he does not even KNOW that he is SEXY AS HELL!!! Some say he is gay. I’d marry him ANYWAY as long as he sang to me all the time and allowed me to sleep with other men!).

            • djprincessc says:

              Alright Detox, we’re gonna have to THROW DOWN bc the Rock Mr. Dwayne Johnson is MINE!!!!! OMG he’s just sooooo amazing.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Awww, put ya DUKES up, DJ!! We’re gonna box for the Rock!!

                Just kidding. You’re a lot younger than me. So, you’d probably win. If you can’t BEAT ’em, JOIN ’em. You can have him. *Sigh*

                I guess I’ll just have to “settle” for Lenny or Maxwell. *Sniff, Sniff*

                • djprincessc says:

                  Awwwwww nooooooo!!! Just cus I’m younger doesn’t mean a THING. We’ll fight for him fair and square! I think he’s in his 40’s now so IDK if he’d even pay attention to me. Why don’t we find him and make him pick?? hahahahaha JK!! You def can have Lenny and Maxwell, sooooo not my type. What about other athletes…I DIE for David Beckham, and this football player on the SD Chargers Ryan Mathews….ok I gotta take a cold shower now. haha!

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    I ALWAYS thought David Beckham was hot. I was into him before hardly anybody in this country even knew who he was. That’s because I read the British papers every day (in addition to the American ones). I just thought, “That is a BEAUTIFUL man! He looks good with his hair long, shaved, mid-length, etc.” He also seems to be very humble and like a good family man. I really love Victoria Beckham too. In interviews I’ve seen, she’s actually really funny and down-to-earth and does not take herself NEARLY as seriously as her pix portray (She says she keeps a serious look because she thinks her face looks better that way than smiling, but she’s really “not a MISERABLE COW the way I look in my pictures.”).

                    Their kids are pretty cute too.

                    Unless an athlete is MAJOR, I don’t really know who he is because I don’t keep up with all of that. I know that one of my serious ex-boyfriends looks like the IDENTICAL TWIN of this football player (former/present? I don’t even know if he still plays), Will Demps (except my ex- was taller[6’3] and probably weighed the same or more than Will). That’s kinda my type (although my type is ALL OVER THE BOARD. I do like “exotic-looking,” though).

                    • djprincessc says:

                      I LOVE the whole Beckham family, Victoria the boys and Harper is to DIE for!! I love athletes, I know they’re cheating womanizers but I can’t help it!!! I love manly men!! I can’t resist muscles and men who fix stuff! haha. I’ve never dated an athlete really though, I’ve dated mainly cops and a fireman before.

                    • djprincessc says:

                      are to**

  24. djprincessc says:


  25. not THAT Jill says:

    I think maybe the problem with Scott Baio acting a little “toolish” last night has to do with the fact that he has no idea what happens on WWHL. Andy didn’t just decide last night to play some stupid game-he plays stupid games all the time. If Scott would have watched a couple of WWHL he may have know what he was in for. He has a show to promote and will go on anything to promote that show. He agreed to be on and he should have done his homework. Andy is a gay man-there was no way in hell he was not going to bring up LIZA-no way in hell!!! Scott didn’t seem all that troubled with “Andy loves Crotchy” (the stupid game) but he had a big problem with LIZA, although when he was being photographed with LIZA years ago-he didn’t seem to mind so much!!
    “Andy might love Crotchy” but “Chachi does not love LIZA..anymore”….

    • NJBev says:

      Hi Jill!
      NoMoreDrama called it last night! she said something was amiss!
      I, on the other hand, just missed it! I saw absolutely nothing wrong last night, and was shocked when I saw the Title of todays Blog!..lmao I agree with you about noticing he didn’t like Andy bringing up Liza…. Also, I thought he screwed up with the 2nd question during Plead the fifth(something about the strongest or best woman) he took the 5th on that one and then realized what a mistake he made and then took it back and said his wife. We all knew she was gonna be annoyed about that!! hehe 😉

    • Powell says:

      LOL Jill. If Scott didn’t watch, it was his job to watch a few epis. He’s promoting a new show, he’d better be prepared. He’s not just being paid to “act” on his new show. I think he made himself look more stupid than Andy looked for the stupid games.

  26. vilzvet says:

    With that super sad pizza parlor scene, Luann confirms what we’ve known for years, she’s a checked-out, absentee mother who couldn’t even take 10 minutes to eat some pizza with her teenagers without chastising them and letting them finish. Goodbye NY for now, bring on Bev Hills, but I can’t be the only one who will be FFing through all Taylor’s scenes.

    • Powell says:

      Vilzvet I will be FFing thru Taylor’s scenes just like you.

    • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

      That scene was a little unnatural or uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe she took his pizza that he had started eating and gave him another and said the 1st was too heavy?! and then to start clearing up when they were still eating….and it wasn’t like they each had crust left either. They each had like have their slice unfinished. It was all around weird.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I didn’t watch the “Lost Footage” episode, but LuAnn has always struck me as one of those women who just never NATURALLY had the “MATERNAL INSTINCT.” It’s supposedly a disorder that some women really do have. I don’t have kids of my own, but I’m pretty maternal with OTHER people’s kids and my younger relatives (and, yes, even SOME men that I have dated. It’s like, “JEEZ! How did I know I was going to be dating an 11-year old that needed to be mothered so much??!! When did this HAPPEN??!!! Who ARE you and what the hell have you DONE with the SEXY, GROWN ASS MAN I WAS dating??!!”). So, I’d probably be a damned LIONESS if I ever had my own CUB (which is highly unlikely at this point. I’m 41. My eggs are just about powdered).

        MOST women have that maternal instinct either KICK IN or KICK INTO OVERDRIVE when they give birth, but in a rare number of cases, there are women who give birth that NEVER really have that maternal instinct KICK IN. LuAnn seems almost “unnatural” around her children, like they are inconveniences and a bit like “casual acquaintances” to her. It’s a little bizarre.

    • chismosa says:

      i agree Vilz— i think it was a terrible terrible scene. Noel is a TEENAGE BOY. He can eat that and MORE. What the hell is wrong with her? Noel/ Noelle has turned out very very handsome. Vic looks like the dad exactly
      Victoria– close your mouth please when eating………..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  27. Powell says:

    I just love Jenni’s gown. Beautiful!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I just love JENNI! And the gown IS beautiful. I agree. She’s one of those people you see on t.v., but you feel like they are really a FRIEND of yours (like Wendy Williams says, “a friend in my HEAD”). I’m SOOO happy my friend (in my HEAD), Jenni, has found love again with a DOCTA (doctor) that seems to love HER just AS MUCH as SHE loves HIM!

    • chismosa says:

      Im so excited too Detox …. and i also agree her gown is outstanding. But i’m generally a huge fan of lace AND of covering up in a church. So long sleeves to me is fabulous- it’s also very European- you don’t see the Bridezillas/ Kim Zolciak look in elegant weddings in Western Europe much – well unless you’re those British gypsies i think. I think it got back into style here because of Kate Middleton but i was always a fan of that style. I think it’s purely an American thing to want to show boobies/ upper bare shoulders. And of course, pantsuits. ha

      I cannot WAIT for tonight’s show because i’m Greek Orthodox so i’m SO so happy to see a beautiful Greek wedding shown in all its glory. Being raised fully 1/2 Catholic and 1/2 Orthodox i decided long ago that if i ever get married, the Orthodox ceremony is truly just magnificent. Any of my Catholic or Jewish friends who have attended Greek weddings tell me they absolutely were so moved by the beautiful ceremony. I think Jenni’s priest is speaking in English so viewers/attendees will understand– (i prefer it all in Greek but that’s just me). I can’t wait to see who her koumbara/ koumbaro is– that is the very important person who walks them around the altar 3x. And her crowns i can’t wait to see!
      The movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding did not illustrate .0000002% the beauty of the greek ceremony. imo.

      I also love that she covered her arms. I’m a huge hater of bare shoulders/ arms/ decolletage in a house of worship. I don’t think Jenni makes all the bridesmaids cover their shoulders but i wish she would. I just think all sense of decency is gone nowadays. But i come from a mother who dresses to the nines to catholic mass on Sunday when people go in flip flops and shorts. She just wasn’t raised that way, and neither would i raise my kids that way.

      Can’t wait for tonight! Hronia Polla Jenni!

      • Powell says:

        chisoma no side boob. 🙂

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Wow, Chismosa!! I didn’t know you were Greek Orthodox. I find that to be so interesting. I’ve seen some Greek Orthodox services on television, and I always noticed how elaborate and beautiful the services were.

        I can’t wait to watch it tonight even more now. I’m going to look for the things you just described. You’re right about Jenny’s dress being similar to Kate Middleton’s. It is more “classic” and “tasteful”. Kim Zolciak’s dress was HORRIFIC. I mean, it just screamed GAUDY & TACKY….but….it was SOOO….”KIM”-like (and perfect for her).

        I HEAR you about the bare shoulders. I remember often going to church with my maternal Grandmother, and she would complain afterward about how she just “could NOT believe there were so many women and young ladies in CHURCH with their bare ARMS out!! Mais, I can’t believe!! HMPH!!” I remember asking her, “What’s wrong with THAT, Granny? I mean, what is so ‘provocative’ or ‘sexy’ about an ARM?” She just rolled her eyes at me and told me I better not EVER go to Church “wich ya ARMS ALL OUT like nobody raised you right!!” She also saw that I once had on sandals with painted red toenails. She basically, in so many words, said that only “loose women” wore RED fingernail polish on their fingers or their toes. She also screamed at me when she saw me dancing to any music I heard in her house. She told me that “nice young ladies” did not “move their hips and BEhinds like dat!!” I am talking about a woman that used to go to Church with a lace veil on top of her head (She had SEVERAL), a very nice, expensive dress, matching handbag, stockings, respectable pumps, tasteful jewelry and her hair and makeup perfectly done!

        Outside of when she was in her OWN home (or doing yardwork or walking to her mailbox), she was ALWAYS impeccably dressed. She probably ROLLS over in her grave with the way I walk around looking HALF the time (I am NOT above going through drive-thrus or running quick errands with a t-shirt and pajama bottoms and flip-flops with my hair looking like a chicken danced in it. My Mom SCREAMS at me for this, but I just CANNOT stop. She says I am going to get in a wreck one day and be VERY embarrassed. I DOUBT it! I mean, if I’m willing to walk around Wal-Mart looking like that, why would a WRECK bother me? COPS? I’m not impressed. I see ’em in Court ALL the time. And?!! It’s sad when you really don’t give a damn and are no longer really embarrassed about anything. My Mom says I get THAT from my DAD!! He has no shame either when it comes to some things. *Shrug* I would NEVER wear flip-flops or shorts to Church, though. So, I guess SOME of my Granny still remains. LOL.).

        • chismosa says:

          That’s hysterical and I had a sneakin suspicion Detox that you’d have some interesting church attending stories lol. I love that cloth that goes on your lap that Phaedra uses on Atl. That cracks me up.

          One thing I’m wondering about with regards to Jenni is if she had to get an annulment or what– in the Orthodox Church. I have to do some research on this. She went for premarital/ pre-Canaan type classes with her fiancé and priest so it makes me wonder how / where she married Chris, her 1st hubby. Maybe if there ARE annulments in the GO church, the qualifications were met for it since Chris was living such a deceptive life with her? (We dont know exact details)I’m just so happy for her I’m going to be crying. I just wish she’d wear more color to her rehearsal dinner. I don’t like black on brunettes Happy happy occasion Jenni color color ! Lol

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Maybe she did not marry her 1st husband in the G.O. Church.

            I know for the Catholic Church, if a person’s 1st marriage is NOT in the Catholic Church, then, as a Catholic, they CAN marry there(in the Catholic Church) — even though they WERE once LEGALLY married before — without the need for an annulment (because, in the eyes of the Catholic Church, they were NEVER married in the FIRST place because that marriage/wedding/ceremony did not take place IN the Catholic Church).

      • LaineyLainey says:

        What a lovely post, Chismosa!! I love it how you love your culture and your respect for the church/house of worship. Just lovely.

        • chismosa says:

          Thanks LL. i couldn’t be prouder of the 2 countries my parents come from. 2 of the oldest and most developed ancient civilizations of mankind. I’m very proud.

          Have to say there was a LOT of mention of God tonight I sort of agree with Jeff. Lol. Jenni’s family could just be ultra – religious

  28. mygirlsmom says:

    Two thoughts…..
    1. Joanie and Chachi didn’t fare very well. One is homeless and the other is a total jerk.

    2. Boston, your picture of Jill and her fans is hilarious. It seems Jill was telling the truth about her
    one million fans. She just didn’t mention they were the oscillating kind. Who knew?!

  29. chismosa says:

    ok just something i was trying to post but my phone would not allow– in response to some RHNY from yesterday:

    Carole only mentioned about her book sales going up from being on the show, that was interesting to me

    What a ROYAL BITCH was Aviva on the couch with her sourpuss face and not even saying to Ramona about the tea, “sorry”. How disgusting Aviva. Ughhhhhh!!! This woman ! This lost footage only solidified that i will not start liking her no matter what she tries to change in her 2nd season if she’s back.

    Luann and her kids, I found it sad and very forced. Her son looks very handsome and i saw Victoria put her arm around him when Lu asked about his grades. Lu wouldn’t let him eat food and he’s a growing teenage boy!!???? What? Victoria is still chewing with her mouth WIDE open unfortunately. And her voice is as deep as ever

    Overall this was WATER OFF A DUCK’S ASS. i’m using that saying for now on. Love Ramona!

    But I agree, I enjoyed this lost footage a lot

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I don’t know why but I didn’t even know NY was having a lost footage. Hopefully, I can catch it in a re-run.

      • chismosa says:

        i actually really enjoyed it LL. I found it very funny. The Luann parts were especially hysterical.
        I don’t know…. i feel like i’m getting an itch telling me that they’re setting her up to be let go? Like, she had her last appearance on WWH and then a lot on her on Lost Footage— ? I don’t know. Wishful thinking.

        Hope your evening is going well

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Oh, I totally agree with you. I thought her appearance on WWHL was Andy throwing her a bone. A farewell bone. I plan to have a good evening, ’cause my hubby and I are going to Home Depot to get my supplies for my Halloween costume. Should be fun!

          • Powell says:

            chismosa & Lainey that’s very interesting. I’ll have to keep what you said in mind for if Lu does get the ax.

            • chismosa says:

              yeah but then i just watched that clip above of the caller in that called Andy an a$$hole— and Andy seems so lovey-dovey with Luann.. So now I’M IN DOUBT.

              Does anyone know exactly when we find out about full on casting for NJ and NY? Someone here said soon the other day….. thank you!

              @Boston— i almost got into an accident because i happened to be driving when i was quickly looking at your photo of the FANS of Jillz….. i could not stop LAUGHING. That is one of your top 20 i think. The BEST

          • NJBev says:

            Lainey-what are you going to be for Halloween that you need to go to Home Depot?!

            • TexasTart says:

              I think Lainey is going to perhaps build a … be a binder of women. And if that’s right, then do tell what the husband will be?!

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Texas Tart is right, NJBev, I’m gonna be a Binder Full of Woman and my husband will be Mitt Romney.

                • TexasTart says:

                  Well, of course!!!! Lol!

                • Nancy says:

                  I have clicked on your daughters YouTube video at least 50 times but the number never
                  increases. SOS!

                  • Nancy says:

                    15 NOT 50. Sorry about that.

                    • TexasTart says:

                      I’ve probably donated as many clicks, but it just doesn’t register in real time…so to say I think it still counts!

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      I know Nancy!! I asked her yesterday and she said she thinks it only updates once a day. And because it’s controlled by the prof, she doesn’t know if it’s been altered to only count one view per i.p. number? She tweeted it and lots of folks retweeted…and it doesn’t budge much. But I thank you!!! I told her I have all of you helping, too. She said, TELL ‘EM THANKS!!! 🙂

                    • NJBev says:

                      Yeah, me too. I clicked at 3 and it was 473? then clicked again several hours later and it was still 473. Can you post the link for the next few days until we- HA -she hits her target? I’m beginning to learn the dance myself, and I got the leg pose down to a tee!

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      NJBev – you kill me!!! I’ll have to tell my daughter that you’re learning the dance, too!!! so cute!! LOL

            • TexasTart says:

              Also Lainey, I totally agree what you said up thread about Andy C and his show, right down to comment from the husband, same here, ha.

          • Orson says:

            Is it just me, or is anyone else worried about having to go to a hardware store for a halloween costume?

    • Sus says:

      They need some fabric and rugs to soften that echo!

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Thanks East for finding that!! I hope they bring Heather back and leave Aviva to get therapy in private.

    • BB says:

      I predict they will ALL be back – including LuLu. You heard it here.

      • butterisafruit says:

        I think you’re right. He’s not going to let Aviva go. Andy loves the conflict and hair pulling.

        • Eastbayca says:

          Aviva is going to comeback a new woman with a new legitude and phobitude.
          Lulu – won’t miss her if she was let go, but Andy is probably going to bring her back to bore us.

          • BB says:

            Lulu has become the one to bash. She has a decision to make. She can continue to be the “countess” and continue to be bashed and made fun of. Or she can be “real” and come down to earth and be more fun like Ramonja.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Well said, BB. The one countess note is growing sour.

            • Lady Chatterley says:

              I think that Luann does have a likable side – she should give up the Countess BS and relax. Take a lesson from Heather – stop trying so hard.

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Lu has no story line though and like you said we’re sick of her just like we were sick of JZ. i hope Alex continues to review–with BH when it starts. Atlanta is a waste of time imo.

            And I wonder if Alex has seen all the Therapy episodes. Otherwise how does she know how it’s been edited.

            And I wonder if Carole will be back. She got some heavy criticisms at times.

          • LaineyLainey says:


    • Nancy says:

      Big Whoa! I bet Jacq regrets pointing her finger at Joe saying…
      “I hope you go to jail”

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      What I want to know is WHO is leaking these Court documents? It was my understanding that the records were/are SEALED (as per the Laurita’s request). I mean, is there a “leak” in the Laurita’s attorney(s)’ office? Is there a leak in the Court?

      If the REAL and ACTUAL Court documents are analyzed and being reported upon by this blog, the Laurita’s are in some DEEP trouble — and not just FINANCIALLY either.

      I know that, a while back, SH reported that the Laurita’s attorney had to file a document with the Court acknowledging that he had learned that his Clients (the Laurita’s) had LIED to him about certain things, which caused him to unknowingly file a pleading (or pleadings) with the Court which contained UNTRUE information. So, their Lawyer covered himself and admitted this to the Court (which would NOT make the Laurita’s look very good in the eyes of the Court. I mean, that shows BAD FAITH, at the bare minimum, on the part of the Laurita’s).

      Also, if these documents are true, and Chris lied for a long time about having those computers and server(s) in his possession (He said he did NOT have them. Now, it turns out that he DID, but the information on those machines has been “mysteriously” DESTROYED by a computer virus. Oops!! That’s obstruction).

      • Rebecca says:

        I don’t think they were ever sealed. Jacqueline just spouts off nonsense and hopes people believe her.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      OH MYYYYYYYY!! Was the multi-million dollar deal Jac was talking about to Tre in her one sided text war. Multi-millions in the negatives.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Where is Jac’s blog? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t really relish the thought of reading it. It makes me cross-eyed (like Boston’s pic saying, “I JUST read Jac’s Blog!!!), but I find it odd that she submitted it so long ago, and it’s STILL not up. Maybe BRAVO ixnayed it!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          IxNAY on the Anifesto-MAY. VV evere-RAY is out of ork-WAY!!!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            LOL, Lainey!

          • NJBev says:

            isn’t this the same site that klmh spoke about yesterday?
            people were questioning the validity of the bloggers quotes?
            I think we need to take many of these “declarations of guilt”
            with a grain of salt.

            • klmh says:

              No one wants to know there are questions about this information. Too much fun ripping them a new one. 🙂

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Jac has been very quiet, so it’s easy to speculate that something serious must be happening. Did you read the information? It looks legit.

                • klmh says:

                  Yes, I also provided a link last night, and the numbers ring truer to what I have read about this before. There was another poster that lives in NJ that mentioned the info from this sight was way off base. The numbers are significantly different, by almost 3 million dollars. Might want to check it out LL.
                  So what did you decide to dress up as for your Halloween party? I told my sister your idea of Romney, and a binder and she laughed herself silly, like I did! Let me know, K?

                  • klmh says:

                    Sorry, the difference is almost 53 million, not just 3.
                    The site mentioned above is just too lopsided.

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    Oh, we’re sticking with the Mitt Romney thing. We were gonna go get our supplies tonight, but I took too long to make the baked ziti and then we were too full and then it got late, blah blah blah. So we’re going tomorrow ASA I walk in the door from work!!

              • NJBev says:

                yes, klmh. you are right, i don’t know what got into me?! I Think it was from something this morning and everyone was gracious about what a poster said that was not pro Tre, no one ripped her a new one, I got hopeful that some may actually just read our posts, say “nah, I don’t believe them ” and then just say “you have your opinion and I have mine” No such luck. I should have realized that those who COMPLAIN about a “manifesto?’ ought to READ their own, day in and day out. consuming the SPACE and patience of EVERY board member.
                When is enough, enough? apparently nevah….. we shall die the slow death, because we
                DESERVE it.

                • klmh says:

                  I hope we can just get over these NJ crooks, all of them, and enjoy the next group of ladies. The NJ stinkers have brought so much negativity into their lives, and some have allowed it to affect theirs here, imo.
                  Im not an Atlanta fan, but will enjoy BH. How about you?

            • Rebecca says:

              Ignore the quotes and read the docs. The Lauritas are as crooked as the Armstrongs.

    • dickens says:

      Whoa is right!
      This sounds like Juicy’s trouble times ten!

      • djprincessc says:

        Ok I have a question for everyone. I DO NOT like Jaq and think if this is true, she and the whole fam deserve this, these docs look real, but if they’re not real how can they be made up?? And wouldn’t these websites be getting sued for this really big false information? I mean they are talking about multi million dollar companies. I’m confused.

      • Sus says:

        It would be so ironic if Juicy and Chris became cell mates. Bravo could hire MSNBC to do a special “Real Husbands in Lockup”. They could film Theresa and Jac getting ready to visit. Show the car rides like they did with the Showdown a couple of seasons ago. We could see the foobies get felt up when going into the prison.

    • Nancy says:

      Do you know how they met?

      • I can’t remember if she said how they met. I wonder if they’ll live in different cities.

        • BB says:

          No, he has already moved to LA to practice orthopedic medicine.

          • Nancy says:

            Would you invite Jeff to your wedding?

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Jenni and her husband both lucked out. You know he really loves her if he moved his ENTIRE practice from Chicago to L.A. It’s kinda like him starting all over career-wise/money-wise. He won’t be suffering, though. I THINK orthopedic medicine Docs make the MOST out of all the Docs (or they are HIGH on the list). Is that right? Anybody in the medical field, please chime in.

            • BB says:

              My ortho doctor is making money hand over fist. He even runs a giant rehab/physical therapy clinic in his office complex. Of course, ALL his patients need some time of rehab or physical therapy.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                I can believe that. I think they’ve been making a KILLING since the “Baby Boomer’s” aged/have been aging and needed/needing more things like hip and knee replacements. My Mom has certainly given them some money!!

            • chismosa says:

              Really I never knew that about ortho’s – cool. I had always heard, and I mix up which one it is, that anesthesiologists or radiologists make the MOST. I think it’s the anesthesiologists. That’s a huge move for him to start all the way over in LA.

              I’m so happy for Jenni. I saw tears start in Jeff’s eyes, I had to pause the TV. There really were tears!

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Yeah, that’s why I was unsure. I always hear radiologists, anesthesiologists and ortho’s (surgeons) are the top 3. Who knows? I would have LOVED to have been a psychiatrist, but I knew I could not make it through med school because I can’t take the sight of BLOOD.

                I probably should have been a therapist or psychologist. I do “counsel” legally, but I’d prefer to just counsel personally.

                • chismosa says:

                  You certainly ‘counsel’ along with us on here! We all appreciate it greatly. Especially when we can all diagnose the Bravo-lebrities and Andy with their DSM/ psychological conditions. ha!

        • NJBev says:

          I am really curious how this is going to play out, NMD~
          I don’t see them living in different cities. I don’t know why
          but I always assumed he would go to LA

  30. NJBev says:

    OH God, she is so beautiful!!

  31. chismosa says:

    Does that dark haired man sitting behind Jeff in the church look like some famous actor? I can’t quite place him.

  32. BB says:

    Hmmm. Jenni ‘s wedding dress vs. Kim Z’s wedding dress. Classy vs. Trashy.

  33. Nancy says:

    I hope our boston is watching this. 🙂

  34. NJBev says:

    Jennys sister reminded me of “Deb” the character Jenny plays with difficult clients~
    i guess that’s not so nice, but…. she reminds me of Deb

  35. Nancy says:

    Did anyone get that joke?

  36. Nancy says:

    Jeff is hysterical.

  37. I predict a happy WWHL with these two wonderful guests!

  38. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    OMG! Zoila said Jeff looks like a chupacabra when he wakes up in the morning! LOL!!

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Detox. What’s up?

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Hi, Nancy! Just in my parents’ room watching WWHL (My Dad’s working tonight). I think my Dad may INDEED retire on his birthday (5 days from now; 10/28) because he and my Mom were talking about wills and trusts and me moving away, etc., etc. for a large portion of the day today. So, I’ve got that on my mind (along with a MILLION other things).

        Other than that, contract work; continuing to look for something permanent; and researching some student loan forgiveness programs so I can widen my job search and maybe do something more creative, less stressful and financially beneficial in that it will forgive some of my student loans.

        What’s up with YOU? How have you been FEELING?

        • Nancy says:

          Did your dad have his surgery yet? How’s your mom doing?
          Student loans are a drag. I’m glad George had his paid off before I met him. lol

          I’m fine thank-you. Just hanging with the hubby and the pets. 🙂

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Oh yeah, my Dad had both surgeries (one on each eye). He’s all done with that. My Mom has to have cataract surgeries too, but she’s holding off for a while. That back surgery was a BIG one!

            Thanks for asking about my Mom. She’s MUCH better insofar as being off the walker and moving all around and almost back to normal movement-wise. She is just in a lot of pain because she was forced to get off one of her arthritis meds while she healed from her back surgery (I think it’s called Methotrexate or something like that. I’m probably mis-spelling it). Being off of that medication made her feel really bad. She started it again Sunday, but it takes 6-8 weeks to “kick back in” and to FINALLY stop her from feeling like she has an all-over body FLU/FEVER 24/7.

            I’m glad to hear George and Emily are just hangin’ out with you. Those simple things can be the B-E-S-T!!

            • Nancy says:

              I’m sure she will feel a lot better after the Methotrexate starts working. It’s a very strong
              med. Listen if you ever want to talk you have our numbers. Hang in there. I’m glad your dad’s surgery went well.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Holy crap Detox…I laughed so hard i woke the whole damn family…i friggen love Zoila!!!

  39. BB says:

    Confession time. For some reason, one of my dogs needs his butt wiped after he “goes” in the yard. I’m always standing at the door with kleenex so I can catch him when he comes in. It’s like having a toddler again. You know, “Mommy, come wipe me!”

    • Nancy says:

      You should get the wipes next to the diapers at the store. I use them on Emily a lot.

      • TexasTart says:

        Or you could hire a Zoila 😉

        • Nancy says:

          That would be nice.

        • BB says:

          I would Love to have Zoila around, but I probably couldn’t afford her. Lol.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


          • TexasTart says:

            Me too. If I had hired help I would probably become friends with them , like Lisa/Daisey on RHOM.

            • TexasTart says:

              Although, it doesn’t seem Lisa really know a her that well…

            • NJBev says:

              Often I have to stick the whole dog in the sink and spray her down there, longer hair, it gets stuck- stupid gross stuff that doesn’t bother me!

              hey hey hey Nancy or anyone else did you hear the news today about never letting the dogs tongue touch yours? Something about the level of bacteria on the dog that could be very
              serious, possible life threatening, to the human immune system? sumpin else

              • BB says:

                That’s why I keep my dog closely shaved all the time. There is no fur for “it” to get on. But I still have to wipe because he will sit down and leave a spot or streak anyway. Too much information, sorry.

              • Nancy says:

                Some dog bites can be bad but it’s nothing compared to a cat bite. We admit people for a bad cat bite. I have to ask…why would a human and a dogs tongue touch?

                • NJBev says:

                  my hubs said it too me b/c little Roxy is always kissing me on the face and sometimes I laugh and damn if that little Bitch doesn’t slip that little tongue right in!! It is gross. comon now Nance, you gonna tell me that Emily has never kissed you on the mouth???

                  • Nancy says:

                    Emily and I kiss all the time. 🙂 I don’t think it’s gross at all.
                    I want to see a picture of your baby.

                    • NJBev says:

                      oh you will. and ur going to see Roxy get the peas. I’m getting better w/ tech and if I can’t do it , one of my best friend is the person who videographs all the graduations, recitals, and all these big Govt things. She is my Bud and will help me post it all. She helped me send many pictures and little clips to Lynn. She is a professional, with no professional business acumen.
                      I freakin love her. You would too.

                    • Nancy says:

                      I’ll be waiting. 🙂

                • lillybee says:

                  Ask Jill.

  40. Nancy says:

    Shrill isn’t going to be happy about this.

    • NJBev says:

      I could send you a picture to your cell phone~

      oh by the way Nancy apparently my girlfriend has been posting videos of our “Rutgers” group for years so you can meet me as well. They are all on You Tube. she has an entire section
      b/c this is what she does —she has been limiting them b/c they can be painful for her and her family. Her 1st born son is now in a coma and in a wheelchair after a bad fall off a skateboard.
      This kid was ocd careful,so it was such a freak accident. He was to start his 2nd year at Villanova.not an easy school, by any sense of the word.

      I’m getting too intense. My point being that I’m gonna get his Mom to video Roxy doing
      the things she always does. I wanna see fun- I think you do too!! But why wait so long
      if I could send you the crap from my phone? Couldn’t you do the same, just send to my

      I’m tired, youre prob gone and will never even read this. eff you see kay??
      if you are just let me know, I’ll hang for another 10.

  41. BB says:

    Well I enjoyed the wedding and WWHL. Jenni is wearing a loose dress – just sayin.’ She’s not getting any younger. Very nice toast from Andy to Jenni. It made me teary-eyed. Good night, y’all.

  42. I teared up when Andy gave his toast to Jenni on WWHL.

  43. TexasTart says:

    Andy’s maze to Jenni; the man actually does have a heart. To see what he said to her helped humanize that fool.

    • She was about to lose it. She kept almost crying, then smiling hard to keep it together. I sure like that lady and wish her all the best.

      • NJBev says:

        you and me, both.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I know. I kept thinking she was going to cry. She probably bawled later. That was very nice of Andy (and Jenni DESERVED it).

        • contessa says:

          I cried watching Jenni’s wedding, with parents and family, even loved the fact that crazy nutcase Jeff was there. His bark is much worse than his bite. I thought Jenni looked beautiful and I loved her dress – very elegant. Remembering Kim’s dress and comparing the two – yuck – Kim looked like she walked out of a little bo peep bordello.

          Andy surprised me tonight, and I am happy that he did, when he mazeled Jenni….that was truly touching and I cried through that as well. I think Jenni is one of those people that everyone just loves, because she radiates goodness and kindness. Please note that Jeff is surrounded by good, loyal people – Jenni and Zoila.

  44. Tiger says:

    I think that Baio was not happy about Cohen’s comments because he swam in the “man pool” from time to time and does not want news of it spreading. He had a penchant for older men back in the day from what I heard….

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