Laurita Lawsuit Heats Up and Housewife Gossip / Flipping Out / DWTS / Project Runway All Stars

Continued Legal Trouble for the Lauritas and Other Housewives News by NoMoreDrama

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  That should be the motto for the Real Housewives.  The Giudice bankrupcy and an assortment of forged signatures and lawsuits with business partners took center state on Season 3 and 4 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  They will now have to share the stage with the Lauritas.  The Signature Apparel lawsuit was filed in 2011 against 5 members of the Laurita family including Jacqueline and Chris.  It includes allegations of misuse of funds – not just by the partners, but also their wives.  A new twist in the case emerged yesterday when Chris Laurita finally admitted that he had taken computers and a server from Signature Apparel to use in is new business.  Computers that could contain critical information on money trail.  The computer is now being searched for files and depositions are slated for the rest of this month and early November.  A full writeup of the entire mess is here on the fauxreality blog.

Dirty Dancing buddies no more?  It all started when Brandi Glanville was interviewed for an article in OKMagazine about her relationship with LeAnn Rimes.  At the end of the interview she was asked if she missed having Camille Grammer around as much this season – since Camille is now a “friend of a housewife.  “No – not really! Have I missed her? No – I’m sorry.”  After the article was published, Brandi took to twitter to clear the air.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif have sold their home for $20 million dollars – down from the $26 million just a month ago.  Hopefully this is a sign that the economy is picking up.  Things are certainly good for Kyle Richards as her husband Mauricio was the agent for the sale.  Mauricio said it sold quickly because homes for sale in the Beverly Park neighborhood are scare.  I would hope $20 million dollar homes are scare.  Yikes!

Jeff Lewis’s housekeeper Zoila is going to be one of Andy Cohen’s housewives.  She’s already got her tagline, which she revealed on Watch What Happens Live last night. “I’m a big bitch, and in Jeffrey’s house, I make the rules.”  Seriously – sign this women to one of the franchises.

Joanna Krupa is fighting mad over what Joe Francis (girls gone wild producer) had to say to her castmate Karent in the upcoming episode of Real Housewives of Miami.  “Now that I watched that (preview video) I wish I punched him in the face. That’s despicable,” a furious Joanna told RadarOnLine.  Francis attacked Krupa about a month ago on twitter, and now he’s claiming that he slept with both Joanna and her little sister Marta.  Ironically, it looks like Adriana de Moura slaps Joanna in the face in the upcoming episode.  I’m sensing fake drama again.

In Teresa Giudice‘s latest blog she clears up the rumor that she refused to attend a charity event because they wouldn’t pay her.  Teresa explains that she can’t possibly attend every event she’s invited to, and that she’s very clear about the charities she does support.  The same article slamming Teresa also slammed Caroline Manzo.  I really don’t get why these stories get published.  These are busy ladies and can’t attend everything they are asked to do.

Sheree Whitfield has won $75,000 in overdue child support from ex-husband Bob according to an exclusive by TMZ.  The lump sum is for 21 months in arrears and it is due by Nov. 11.  Then he will pay 1,000 a month for the next year.  These are sums that normal people pay – which speaks to Bob’s financial state.  He’d better take care of those kids.  Not cool.

Ratings.  The Real Housewives of New York lost footage brought in less than a million viewers.  This put the numbers below what Jill Zarin brought in for Watch What Happens Live the week before.  BravoRatings (Simon’s alleged website) gleefully wrote up the news and tweeted it to Jill.  Watch What Happens Live numbers weren’t on the list put out by TV by the Numbers so there is no direct comparison with Scott Baio’s appearance on Andy’s talk show.  I wonder which one Andy found more enjoyable?

RealMrHousewife of Rumorfix has another exclusive about Alexis Bellino.  Alexis has been seen around town shooting scenes for the Real Housewives of Orange County, which led to the speculation that she was shooting “exit” scenes for the show.  Now it’s been discovered that she’s back as a full-time housewife.  Read More Here  I hope she got a big raise.


Flipping Out – Jenni’s Wedding By Keida

The wedding takes place in Chicago and it’s gearing up to be a good one.  The entire time I’m watching I’m thinking of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding as I’m sure most of you were too.  So there was the fly-in by the gang from LA, the check-in at the hotel, the last minute weight loss instances, the major crisis, the rehearsal dinner, the morning preparation before the wedding, the formal Greek orthodox wedding, and finally the reception. Opa!

So packing for the trip to Chicago seemed like Jeff didn’t want to pack.  He put it off until Gage made him go downstairs and pack his suits.  Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.  Everyone went, Jeff, Gage, Zoila, Vanina, and Andrew.  I don’t remember seeing Nancy there, but she had to be because every other person that Jenni knew was invited.  While he and the rest of the gang are checking in, of course he makes a joke about Zoila having so many late night visitors that she’ll need four keys, Jenni was trying a last minute weight loss fad of saran wrapping.  I don’t know what it’s called, but it looks ridiculous.  It is a procedure where the person strips down and are wrapped like a mummy in what looks like saran wrap.  Kim Zolciak also did this to help her lose weight after her baby KJ.  I have to say that this was advocated by the fitness trainer. Really?  This is a process you have your clients do to lose weight.  The only weight I’d see that would come off would be water weight, but what do I know.  Both Jenni and Krisann, her sister, did this.  While there, they had a heart to heart talk where Jenni brought up the name of her dreaded ex.  In a way, I think that maybe Jeff throwing her first marriage in her face all the time might have gotten to her.  Jenni, you’re wonderful.  Opa!

While looking at the venue, Jeff has a little competition with Jenni’s wedding planner.  Of course, Jeff HAS to be in charge and put forth his ideas that they MUST adhere to.  Unfortunately, Jeff happens to be right, but I just hate bowing to his passive aggressive behavior.  Judging by the look on his face, the wedding planner was just HAPPY to Jeff go.  However, he’ll be back.  Here’s where the first major crisis comes into play.  The hotel where most of the guests are staying needs to be paid, and they WON’T accept checks.  Jeff practically flips out and pressures Jenni so much about how everything’s going to go wrong and it’s all her fault for not paying them sooner.  The banks might close before they are able to navigate the traffic in Chicago, and her wedding will be ruined.  Okay, again, he might be right, but it’s easy to forget about some of the details.  She should’ve made a list.  J  One of her handlers, I don’t remember her title, talked with the hotel’s accountant, and they’ve agreed to accept her check.  Crisis averted.  Opa!

Later that night is the family dinner at a museum.  All Jenni’s and her fiancé Jonathan’s family is there.  They are very religious.  It reminds me of all the dinners my grandmother threw for me.  On the flip side of this, Jeff’s entire family is in town for the wedding plus their family’s attorney, so they all meet for lunch elsewhere.  Here’s where the juxtaposition begins.  On Jenni’s side the venue is a large, open, bright space where everyone is toasting about God and religion.  As a contrast to them is Jeff’s family where the setting is a dark, tight, seemingly formal atmosphere where dirty jokes are allowed.  I actually thought the family attorney’s joke about the 12 condoms was tame. However, he said he could get worse, and somehow I believe him.   Opa!

The next dinner is the rehearsal dinner.  Again, it’s a formal affair.  It was a beautiful place where everyone gave beautiful speeches, but there happened to be tons of speeches.  I kind of glossed over this whole section.  All I’ll say is someone read a self-authored poem.  In Jeff’s head I hear, “Kill me now.”  Throughout all of Jeff’s nit picking and Debbie Downer behavior, Jenni dismisses it with the fact that she believes Jeff wants the be the HBIC, Head Bride in Charge.  I agree.  Throughout the episode Gage is being badgered about the fact that he’s probably planning his own wedding and wishing her wedding was his.  No, I see that with Jeff.  Gage says he would rather marry on the beach in front of 10 people.  That’s sweet.  How’d this happen?  I actually like Gage.  Weird.  Anyway, faux pas Jeff makes the entire place uncomfortable when Jonathan thanks him for approving of their (Jonathan and Jenni’s) relationship.  Jeff says that everyone knows what happened to the last one, so don’t cross him.  Pan to the camera shots where people were smiling that “WTH” smile.  Of course, Gage has to tell him that he shouldn’t have done that.  So unhuman, unfeeling Jeff decides to blame Jonathan for putting him on the spot.  So narcissistic, but it’s Jeff.

The next day Jenni is getting ready for the wedding with tons of people around.  She has Zoila and all her bridesmaids, Chaz Dean fixing her hair, and Marc Bouer adjusting her wedding dress.  I love her wedding dress, but what is up with Marc Bouer’s face?  He looks like he’s had a few too many (twenty) trips to the botox doctor.  The wedding begins and the venue is formal and gorgeous!  Jeff sits with his crew and Jeanne and Tommy Shaw.  She really did invite many people.  Jeanne attempts to tease Gage about planning his wedding, and Jeff is getting bored.  Here is where the parallels to the movie come in.  It’s very traditional.  When the couple are finally wed and announced they rush to the antechamber and kiss.  Jonathan looks very in love with Jenni.  However, I can’t help notice that Jenni is taller than him, which makes me think of Tom Cruise and his amazons.  Sorry, I was distracted.

The reception is also a nice place.  Everything is gorgeous.  There’s a vodka fountain where Jeff decides to play a drinking game.  Every time someone says God, they have to drink.  Since more family speeches come, Jeff drinks a ton of vodka in a short amount of time.  There’s one moment where he looks like he’s going to hurl.  What a child, Jeffrey!  The family attorney gets to tell a very offensive joke about a class reunion, a hysterectomy, and a formerly lost class ring.  That’s all I’ll say.  Yep, he belongs with Jeff’s family.  The wedding is finally over, and Jeff’s happy.  His little Grinch heart grew three sizes that day.  Well, maybe one size, and he had much help from the vodka.  Opa!  Congratulations Jenni and Jonathan.  May your life together be full, filled with joy, and family.


Week 5 – Dancing with the Stars, All-Stars  Non-elimination night by COC Farm

We got rid of Bristol last week and this week, we get rid of no one.  Thank you politics!  Since the presidential debate was Monday night, DWTS only got an hour of airtime which did not allow them to complete the whole show live so they split it into two nights with the scores from Monday and Tuesday being combined with the scores from the show next week Monday.  Did you follow that?!  Team ‘Gangnam Style’ did their individual dances Monday night and then their group dance Tuesday night.  Team ‘Call Me Maybe’ did their group dance Monday night and then their individual dances on Tuesday.  Got it?  Good!

I failed to watch or dvr the show Monday, but did see a hi-light reel of Carrie Ann being so carried away by Gilles dance, that she fell off her chair!  It was pretty funny.  She took it in good stride and had a good laugh at her fall. Gilles scored a 29.5 for his Rumba and I guess he really ‘moved’ Carrie Ann.

Emmitt somehow scored the same as Gilles, which I did not see the entire dance, but I just don’t get it.  Kirstie got her best scores yet and Kelly was at the bottom with a criticized dance that left her and Val disconnected.

“Call Me Maybe” team was a big hit with the judges Monday night scoring a 29.5.  That leaves ‘Gangnam Style’ only a .5 chance of improving on the ‘Call Me’ team.

Melissa was injured in practice during their team dance and it affected her individual performance although I thought it was pretty good.  She scores a 27.  Apolo gets called out for not really ‘bringing it’ yet and I have to agree.  I’m just not feeling Apolo this time around.  But he scores a 27 as well.

Shawn, as usual, is pretty darn fantastic.  They danced a rumba to ‘My Heart Will Go On’ which had them channeling the Titanic including Kate & Leo (a movie I HATE btw) but I loved Shawn and Derrick’s interpretation.  The staging was so cool with them dancing on a black round stage and then Derrick slips off the side into the fog of the water at the end. Shawn showed a range of emotion that is atypical of her and goes against her gymnastic training.

Sabrina dances a Waltz as a princess and Bruno goes nuts prostrating himself all over the desk talking about the lovely fluid gestures Sabrina brought to the dance.  She scores a 29, the only star to break from the pack on Tuesday night.

‘Gangnam Style’ takes the floor and Len calls it a hot mess and I have to agree.  I loved the suits they came out in but they are rip aways that come off quickly as they do their solos.  The solos were all over the place.  I preferred them in the group more but everyone had fun.  They get a 27, which puts them 2.5 points below team ‘Call Me Maybe.’

Below are their scores, the first being their individual dance and the second, their team dance:

Team ‘Gangnam Style’

  • Kirstie & Maks, quick-step:  25.5 + 27 = 52.5
  • Emmitt & Cheryl, samba: 29.5 + 27 = 56.5
  • Gilles & Peta, rumba: 29.5 + 27 = 56.5
  • Kelly & Val, samba: 24.5 + 27 = 51.5

Team ‘Call Me Maybe’

  • Melissa & Tony, tango: 27 + 29.5 = 56.5
  • Apolo & Karina, samba: 27 + 29.5 = 56.5
  • Shawn & Derek, rumba: 27 + 29.5 = 56.5
  • Sabrina & Louie, waltz: 29 + 29.5 = 58.5

Sabrina and Louie are at the top of the board with 58.5 out of 60.  Kelly is at the bottom with 51.5 with Kirstie close behind her with 52.5.  And ironically, everyone else is tied for second at 56.5!

See you next week for the next round of dances


Project Runway All Stars Season Two Preview by BB

The second season of Project Runway All Stars premieres Thursday, October 25th at 9PM EST on Lifetime.


  • From Season 1:  Wendy Pepper (3rd place) Winner:  Jay McCarroll
  • From Season 2:  Andrae Gonzalo (6th place) Winner:  Chloe Dao
  • From Season 3:  Kayne Gallaspie (5th place) and Uli Herzner (2nd place) Winner:  Jeffrey Sebelia
  • From Seaaon 5:  Suede (5th place) Winner: Leanne Marshall
  • From Season 6:  Althea Harper (2nd place) Winner: Irina Shabayeva
  • From Season 7:  Emelio Sosa (2nd place) Winner: Seth Henderson
  • From Season 8:  Peach Carr (11th place); Casanova (10th place); and Ivy Higa (8th place) Winner:  Gretchen Jones
  • From Season 9:  Anthony Ryan Auld (7th place); Laura Kathleen (5th place); and Joshua McKinley (2nd place) Winner:  Anya Ayoung-Chee


  • Host/Judge:  Carolyn Murphy (Model)
  • Judge:  Isaac Mizrahi (Designer)
  • Judge:  Georgina Chapman (Model/Actress/Designer)
  • Mentor:  Joanna Coles (Editor In Chief of U.S. Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire Magazines)

Guest judges this season include Katie Holmes, Stacy Keibler, Liv Tyler, Kylie Minogue and Gretchen Mol.

There are some really talented designers included in this season’s All Stars along with some who are thrown in for the drama effect I’m sure.  Who is who?  I’ll leave that up for discussion.


Wednesday Night Lineup, October 24 (New Episodes) by BB

8PM EST – Survivor Philippines (CBS); The Middle/The Neighbors (ABC); Animal Practice/Guys with Kids (NBC)
World Series (Fox, Starts at 7:30 PM); Arrow (CW); A-List Listings (E!); Great American Heroes (GAC)

9PM EST – Criminal Minds (CBS); Modern Family/Suburgatory (ABC); Law and Order SVU (NBC); Supernatural (CW); The Houstons: On Our Own (Lifetime); Buying and Selling (HGTV); Ghost Hunters (SyFy); Restaurant Impossible (Food); Who the Bleep Did I Marry (ID); Homewreckers (DIY); Sons of Guns (Discovery); Bid and Destroy (NatGeo); Storage Wars Texas (A&E 9:30); American Restoration (History, 9:30); South Beach Tow (truTV 9:30)

10PM EST – Couples Therapy (VH-1); Life After Top Chef (Bravo); Nashville (ABC); CSI (CBS); American Horror Story (FX)
Duck Dynasty; 2 Episodes (A&E); Chicago Fire (NBC); My Life is a Lifetime Movie (Lifetime); Challenge: Battle of the Seasons (MTV); House Hunters/HHI (HGTV); Paranormal Witness (SyFy); The Soup (E!); Restaurant Stakeout (Food); Devil You Know (ID); Militia Rising (Discovery); Cajun Pawn Stars (History); Operation Repo (truTV)

11PM EST – WWHL; Fabio Viviani, Richard Blais, Spike Mendelsohn, & Jen Carroll

Empress has updated the blog on Design Diva


Happy Birthday DiaBLa

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474 Responses to Laurita Lawsuit Heats Up and Housewife Gossip / Flipping Out / DWTS / Project Runway All Stars

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning. Happy Wednesday. How’s everyone today?

  2. klmh says:

    What you read on Fauxreality contradicts other reports. Some of it may be true, but other reports don’t put the Laurita’s in the 55 million dollar scam range. I am not a fan of the Laurita’s, btw.
    There is something very familiar with the writing style, reporting, and silencing the poster who doesn’t agree with the author, to me.

  3. Birdwoman says:

    I am always amazed at how these housewives criticize other housewives for things they are doing themselves or worse. But they definitely don’t choose people with any self awareness for these shows.

  4. Powell says:

    The lawsuit info in NJ just keeps flying. I wonder how Jac is going to try to twist the latest info. Whoever bought Adrienne & Paul’s house got a deal I guess cause their going to need a few mill to do some renos. There were some gaudy features that I sure didn’t like plus they’ve got to get Bernie’s grubby finger prints out of that kitchen. I hope Sheree is holding her breath about getting her $75k in November cause I don’t think Bob could care less if he’s in contempt of court. I think Bob purposely isn’t making the money he could be making at this time just to spite Sheree. I can see him just waiting out his kids 18th birthday and then making some big money. He’s a very spiteful man. Yes Sheree did some underhanded things when she remained in their home but what he’s done since they separated and then divorced has hurt his kids more than he has hurt Sheree. Alexis not leaving OC is surprising. I don’t see why she wants to be around those bit***s. Instead of Jim borrowing designer bags he better find out wear he can borrow a bullet proof bra cause Alexis doesn’t have it in her to hold her own w/those Bs.

    • Hey Powell! 🙂 Where are the days (gone by) when a person was mortified to have personal and financial problems known. Privacy was a must and it was no ones business. Now it seems it is prerequisite to being on these shows. What I don’t understand is, with social media what it is and everyone digging into your business….how do they think the truth won’t come out?!? And aren’t they embarrassed?

      Further, the era of denial is also gone. You can no longer just say it isn’t true, because someone, somewhere wants to make a buck and will out the truth. What a mess!

      I also am curious about Alexis and if she is back this season. I thought she had enough, but maybe she is back for a bit just to make fools of Tamara and Heather for talking about her being fired. I could see that scenario.

      • Powell says:

        Hey MarDrag. I think it’s denial. Remember how Jac was explaining the difference in the Guidice bankruptcy and theirs? What diff does it make. Both filed for bankruptcy because of doing illegal things, spending the bizs money.
        If Alexis only came back part of the time or did a Peggy Tamra & Heather would only say Bravo just wanted Alexis back for a couple epis, she didn’t get a full season contract.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          When it comes to Jac’s haughty explanation of the difference between the Laurita bankruptcy vs. the Giudice bankruptcy, I agree that she is in DENIAL (She is ALSO F.O.S., IMO!). It does NOT really make a difference, IMO, particularly when it was your creditors who FORCED you into bankruptcy because it looks like you used the business and THEIR money as your own personal piggy bank.

        • Fraud is fraud! There is no difference. And denial….isn’t that a river somewhere? 😛

          It amazes me how they think they are fooling the public, when they are really just trying to fool themselves. I wonder….what are their “realistically speaking” thought processes on a daily basis. Wait…maybe I do not want to know after all!

      • NJBev says:

        Mardrag, you are very wise, and quickly becoming a personal favorite~

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hola, Powell!

      From what I’ve read Jac has been unusually quiet on Twitter lately. Maybe these reports (whether they are totally true or totally false) about their bankruptcy being out and analyzed by members of the public have caused her to want to be uncharacteristically quiet. This is a very GOOD thing, IMO (If the reports were TOTALLY FALSE, however, something tells me that Jac would be ALL OVER Twitter SCREAMING that it’s all LIES, LIES, LIES and, and somehow, inexplicably, blaming TERESA for it. *Shrug*).

      I agree with you about Adrienne and Paul’s house. It definitely was not MY taste, and it kinda matched Adrienne’s fashion-sense (a bit tacky and gaudy).

      I also agree with you about Bob Whitfield probably being very spiteful. From what I’ve read, he is VERY angry at Sheree for using the settlement he gave her and the money he supposedly gave her to help her with the kids for HER own ADULT wants, instead of for her KIDS’ NEEDS. I get the feeling Sheree’ spent money on expensive handbags and shoes and things for HERSELF, while she considered her children LATER (I mean, she took her poor son to a USED clothing and shoe store to buy new tennisshoes when he had outgrown his old ones. Yet, she’s walking around in Laboutin shoes and driving a luxury car. I feel sorry for those kids). I don’t know how true it is, but he supposedly spends a nice sum of cash when his kids are WITH him on their basic needs so that he ensures that the money is spent on his CHILDREN and not on Sheree (because he allegedly thinks if he would give it to HER, she’d waste it on HERSELF instead of spending it on the children).

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Sheree is disgusting, from her HER OWN MOUTH she said she had no idea that her son had grown 2 shoes sizes…which tells me either she wasn’t the person who was buying their son shoes or that the poor child was walking around in shoes that were 2 sizes too small while she was wearing designer shoes. And that boy was sleeping on a air mattress….I don’t buy her BS of that being a dog bed.

        She cost Bob almost $500k in loss when she was squatting in the former martial estate AFTER he gave her a cash settlement to buy a new residence.

        • Powell says:

          RR I believe Sheree knew her child needed shoes. Sheree liked to throw in Bob’s face that she was getting the money therefore she had no money to adequately take care of the kids properly. Bull. She could have sold those Loubis, and drove a Volkswagen Beetle. But no she “perpetuated a myth, daily” like Keida said. But all in all shame on the Whitfields for only thinking of themselves with not a real thought of their kids.

      • Powell says:

        Detox I totally believe if Bob gave Sheree money she spent it in herself 1st on just the items you described and shame on her but that’s not the kids fault. 1st he should have given her money separate from the kids and specifically stated that money was for the kids. He & Sheree go to court he could say “judge this check was given to Sheree for the kids. Sheree claims she had no money for the kids. I’d like an accounting of what this check was used for for the kids” and “Judge I would like a representative of the court to be in charge of future monetary support I give to the kids so that there is an accounting of those monies”. Simple t Bob wanted to show Sheree blah, blah, blah instead of caring about the kids having clothes, shoes, a bed and adequate shelter.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          This IS true. You’re right. Bob SHOULD do that instead of trying to keep Sheree from running through his children’s money by handling it on his own.

  5. plainviewsue says:

    I would like to know why People Magazine or any of the other entertainment magazines have yet to pick up this story about the Lauritas.

    Karma is a comin for all these women & men!

    I am actually very surprised that Alexis would rejoin RHOC. I actually had really respected her decision to remove herself from a toxic situation. Money talks I guess.

  6. Sus says:

    Despite my post on the other thread, I won’t relish anyone from RHONJ going to prison. They all have kids and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. However, I will snark on it. These people went on TV showing us their lavish lifestyles. If it turns out they criminals, it’s something to talk about.

    As millions show every day, you can run a business without being a crook. It’s like people get too big for their britches. They have flown coach their whole life and all of sudden they have to fly private because they have a little success. There is no concern for the future. They think it’s going to go on forever. When it doesn’t instead of cutting back, they do something illegal to keep up the lavish lifestyle.

    • Powell says:

      Sus me other but if it’s proven they have to pay for what they did. You/I just feel badforthose left behind, kids, parents, biz partners, the community. And yes too big for their britches. What’s so wrong w/them living a normal good life. Why does the home have to be huge, the car & the clothes the most expensive .

      • A says:

        It’s ridiculous! I have many friends who have a net worth over a million and they all have retirements, a few nice things but mostly shop at target the gap and Ann Taylor loft…. And they will continue to have money bc they don’t have to flash it

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


        • djprincessc says:

          My boss is a VERY VERY wealthy man and one of the cheapest people on the planet. lol. He could afford a thousand bentleys, ferraris etc and for the longest he drove a volkwagen camper van, finally he got rid of it a couple years ago for a Chevy Tahoe. People who are truly really wealthy usually try and hide it. lol.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Yep. Look at Sam Walton. He supposedly lived VERY frugally even though he had become filthy rich. The same goes for Warren Buffett.

            Like my Daddy always says, “Don’t worry about the DOLLARS!! The DOLLARS will take care of THEMSELVES. It’s them PENNIES you gotta WATCH!!” (and ol’ “Cheapy McCheaperson” DEFINITELY lives by that. I told him a couple of hours ago while I was in their kitchen making tuna fish [My Mom finally waved the white flag on that one. My father does not even EAT tuna fish — except for MINE! She WILL let me use her kitchen to make that. She also lets me cook or make something when she’s really tired! Damn, I miss MY kitchen!!], that I submitted him for the show “America’s Cheapskates.” He just laughed!).

            • Powell says:

              Detox I love Warren Buffet. Every time something is on CNBC about him I watch. That man owns a piece of so many companies. He has a brilliant mind. And your right he is a simple man. He’s had the same Secretary for years. Every morning she gives him his mail and he personally answers everything. His office isn’t even that big, no fancy furniture, million dollar rugs and artwork like so many CEOs.

            • Powell says:

              And Buffet’s stockholder meetings are so much fun. There’s a lady that’s in charge of them. They have fun. Games, all his companies are there, his grandkids from the youngest to the oldest.

              • Sus says:

                I love Warren Buffet too. I saw him and Bill Gates speak at a college. It was kind of like a Town Meeting format. A kid asked them how much cash they had on them. They both had very little. Warren had more than Bill. Bill said he spent most of his cash on a taxi cab to the college. It was funny.

                Warren still lives in the same house he bought in the fifties.

                You know he enjoys his money but he isn’t stupid about it.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Conspicuous consumption. très vulgar.

    • “they do something illegal to keep up the lavish lifestyle.” Sus…I just don’t get the “fame is so important that I have to do this” mentality of these people either. I guess I am in a reflective mood this morning, because I can not imagine ANYTHING that would make me do something on the level these people have. Like you say, you don’t have to be a crook to have successful business.

      There are families struggling in this economy that have dire reasons to go there….but they don’t. They try to survive as best they can on an honest level. Relevance on a reality show is NOT a viable reason for this nonsense.

      • Powell says:

        We have seen many HWs & their husbands that have successful biz’s & they live great lifestyles. Kandi, Lisa & Ken, Kyle & Mauricio, Vicki-as she has beat us over the head with, Ramona & Mario.

        • Oh yes Powell…….I agree. It is just that, the Fraudster McFraudsters seem to get more publicity than the ones that are really making it in an honest way. I would love to see more epi’s about the people you note showing how they work their businesses and make them succeed rather than the other stuff.

          • Birdwoman says:

            My husband and I have lots of family members, who are extremely well off. They are so low key and down to earth people. But I have met people in the town I live in, like the housewives, it is all about the big house, the car, the vacations and the clothes. I even had a friend (whom after this I have distanced myself from) who looked at me and told me that I couldn’t afford to live in a certain city. She does not have any idea how much money my hubby and I put away and invest. She is purely judging me on my house and the fact that I drove a 15 year old car. I was angry at her for a long time but now I just think she is a materialistic fool. 🙂

            • Powell says:

              Ooh Birdwoman that burns me up. Does she live inside your house? No. She needs to keep her trap shut saying that to you or anyone.

          • Powell says:

            Oh gosh MarDrag that would be good. Please yell that to Andy. I would live to see that.

        • Rebecca says:

          All the dumbass Bravo employees that were vetting out these “wealthy” families should be blackballed from working in television.

          It’s the continuation of the decline of western civilization, NBC-style.

          • Powell says:

            I’ve said this before. Bravo could’ve hired this crew. Everyone here has sniffed out what should’ve sent Bravo running if they’d done the work.

  7. Powell says:

    Joanna Krupa only needs to address Joe Francis’ claims once. He might have a lot of money but he’s a DB w/a lot of money. I don’t like him or put too much stock in what he has to say. He’s now tried to get mega music producer Quincy Jones aka Q in the biz & to his friends to lie to the court in Joe’s lawsuit w/hotel mogul Steve Wynn. Joe owes one of Wynn’s casinos multi-millions in gambling debts. He tried to get Q to say that he heard Wynn say that he would get someone to kill Joe. U think that’s how that goes. Q said he did not hear that. Wynn said he did not threaten or say that. Now if Wynn did say that which I don’t believe, but if he did say that what does that have to do w/the price of tea in China? In other words what would a threat have to do w/legit money that Joe owes a casino? Nothing. It’s frivolous and Joe is wasting time and money. He needs to pay what he owes Wynn’s casino.

  8. melthehound says:

    Happy Birthday DiaBLa

  9. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I wonder how true it is about Alexis staying on the show. The ladies, including Alexis, are all very quiet about it on twitter. That’s funny if she does come back after how silly Heather and Tamra were being about it on twitter a couple weeks ago, insinuating she got fired.

    • Sus says:

      I hope it is true. Alexis provides comic relief. I do think she’d only come back for financial reasons which makes me sad.
      It would be hilarious after the tweets from H and T

      • lovemamaearth says:

        So true. I’d love Bravo to double cross Tam & Hate… er I mean HeatherOC.

        Thanks to those who write the fun blogs and the fun comments. I hope Jenni will be happy with this guy.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      VA-I was thinking the same thing…no one is tweeting anything about it. Im waiting to see what Heather and Tamra have to say….

    • MrRealHousewife has a good source. That’s all I can say about that but I trust him to know what’s going on in OC.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        Well, it seems like he’s in love with Tamra judging by his tweets, so I’ll trust you 😉 LOL

    • Powell says:

      Realhousewifeva maybe because they were talking smack on Twitter about her contract Bravo/Andy put a stop to them saying if she’s staying. These networks don’t like the talk of money unless they put it out their like when the cast of Friends were making $1mill per epi. The network spilled that tidbit.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Hey Powell, wouldn’t it be hysterical if all of their UGLY GLOATING, which was condemned by many, was the reason Alexis & BRAVO went BACK to the negotion table and she got a better deal? They HAD to also give her a ‘FRIEND’ to film with, who may possibly a pitbull in prada!

        I wait for the day someone gives TrashWhoreAmaTammy the smackdown she deserves! That bitch needs to be fired and fly off on her broom which gets hit by Alexis’s hired 50Seat Aircraft going to the MF’in Catalina Wine Festival! It all happens there! 😉 As for MadameAKAPleatherDaBow she needs to eat a carb and SHUT DOWN the vile behaviour shown by her and the womanly TerryeesaDaBow-DR.BigMouth!

        • Powell says:

          LOL Amber. 🙂 I hope Alexis did get more money. As we know of her Jim I’m sure he pushed for it.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Yeah, cause he wears the pants…. she makes the money!!! but by golly he wears the freakin’ pants!!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Funny Amber. TamRAWWWW does something to outdo herself from the previous season? What’s left? Oh yeah, a wedding? setting her hair on fire?

          Re:Carbs – we are having a potluck lunch at work. I ate enough carbs for the whole cast of OC. Carb coma hitting about now……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          • Powell says:

            Haha. I hear you Lainey. The week before last at work there were 2 “congrats on your new job party” & a baby shower. I donated money for all 3 but was happy I was only at work for one then last week one day it was “Bosses Day”. “Can everyone donate money and we’ll get pizza”. I love pizza, I think I was Italian in another life, I live Italian food, but I was like “no thanks I don’t want any pizza”. They also bought a cake, I love cake, who am I kidding, I love food, a co-worker brought me a piece. I said thks but no thks. You can’t donate to everything and you can’t eat everything at work.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Wow, that’s a lot of pitching in!!! JEEPERS!! We only do potlucks twice per semester. 4 times a year. And I didn’t touch the desserts!!

    • djprincessc says:

      Its true, its on Radar online that she asked for a 100,000 raise and Bravo said no, so she walked away. But when she realized that they meant it she asked to come back anyway and they said yes. So she’s back full-time. Don’t know how true the asking to come back or money part is but she is back. I’m glad, bc I hate Tamara but at the same time I would have more pride then Alexis.

  10. Good Morning! Many thanks to all for the posts today!

    I was mad at Jeff last week for making Zoila cry and wasn’t going to watch anymore…but I had to peek in at Jenni’s wedding, and it was so beautiful! She looked incredible, and I loved the formal ceremony. Opa! I know it’s Jeff’s “shtick”, but I wish he could have put his filter on and stopped his comments. I could see Jenni was hurt by some of them. Great recap keida!

    BB – can’t wait for Project Runway Allstars. This has been a favorite show of mine for so many years. I love that Andrae will be back. He and Tim have great banter together. I will have to wait and see who I end up rooting for the win!

    Wednesday Humor Blog is up! Enjoy, and have a great day everyone!

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Thanks MD.

        • princesspindy says:

          “Where’s Andre'” I love his Tim Gunn impersonation!!!!

          • Yes Pindy! But that was Santino who did the impersonation so well! It was around the teasing that they all thought Tim had a crush on Andrae, because he always talked about/to him and would go looking for him. “Where’s Andrae”!

            I really liked Santino and Austin’s show and wish they would have kept that going a few more seasons. Santino really proved he had a big heart on that show. When Austin fell down those stairs and hurt his foot, Santino picked him up and carried him to the car/hospital and cared for him afterwards. Sniff….I liked that show!

            • princesspindy says:

              Oh yeah, is Santino coming back? I don’t remember details, lol. That was a good season!

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Santino, had a little joke where he would impersonate Tim Gunn and Andre’ at the Olive Garden. Or was it the Red Lobster. Oh who cares, it was funny!!!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              AWWW! i Misssed that part – Santino carrying Austin. It was a cute show.

    • Rebecca says:

      But not Suede!!!!! Rebecca is sick of seeing these stupid reality show castmembers speaking of themselves in the third person on Rebecca’s shows!

  11. Happy Birthday DiaBla!! Hi everyone!!!

    Why oh WHY couldn’t Bravo just can Alexis and get it over with??? Why did they have to bring her back???? I know a lot of people think she is a funny “dumb blonde” but I for one cannot stand her, her stupidity, her complete and utter phoniness (just OWN IT SWEETIE…say Yes…i’m flat broke and I made a mistake marrying Jim the ChinBlob because I thought he had $$ and now I’m trying to keep up appearances!) I think I really have a problem with people who just do not have any accountability for what they say and do….(which is pretty much all of these broads) but for some reason Alexis REALLY bothers me. I think it’s her holier than thou crap, which definitely got to be a little less over the last season but she just acts so high and mighty and CAN’T back it up.

    I for one LOVE Heather. She’s extremely intelligent and while she is pretentious, the difference is that she has the MONEY to back it up so go ahead girl!! Also, Alexis feels the need to constantly TALK about money/things…Heather, in my opinion, only talks about money/materiality when someone ELSE brings it up so it’s usually in response to a comment made by someone else versus the “We have 5 cars a beamer, benz, etc (that are all probably being repo-ed, We paid for our house in cash”

    I just wish they would have left well enough alone and leave Alexis where she belonged…in her rented house with her fat slob of a husband….

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I wish she hadn’t come back because I wanted to stop watching OC when I thought she was a goner. I think I am going to stick to my decision, though. You ask why they brought her back…I wonder if they suspect people won’t watch unless Gretchen, Tamra and Heather have someone to beat up on. Otherwise what could be remotely interesting about TamRAW and Heather DaBow without someone for them to bully? What would be their motivation for their potential one-liners, soundbites, talking heads? They would have nothing to talk about! Now they again have Alexis and her hubby and their version of Christianity to talk about, make jokes about, tweet about, etc

      • Ugh…Lainey I suppose you’re right…..I just wish that this show could be what it had originally set out to be, a “lifestyles of the rich and famous” kind of thing…..meanwhile now it’s lifestyles of the plastic surgery altered financially broke nobodies…..

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I KNOW, RIGHT???? That would be way more fun for us to watch.

        • RealHousewifeVA says:

          I just don’t think most of the real rich and famous would want to subject themselves, their livelihood and businesses to this type of thing. The motivation for most of these ladies to sign their lives away and come back for the abuse season after season is the almighty dollar. And for the TRULY wealthy, $300,000 (or whatever they get paid per season) is not much money. The ones who really do have money probably do the show because they are either a. famewhores or 2, have businesses to promote.

          I don’t think Alexis is broke. I think they make a decent living. I think the problem is the ‘living outside their means’. Some people feel like they have to keep up this appearance of being loaded, when they could live a very comfortable lifestyle by living within their means. These women make at least $250,000 a year being on the show. I would LOVE to make that much per year with my husband and I COMBINED! It amazes me how some people live their lives in order to impress others. Seems like it would be a crappy life to live, IMO.

      • Powell says:

        Lainey that’s a good enough reason for them to not have her back whether her decision or Bravo’s. Let the brood tear each other to shreds instead. Let Heather see the real Tamra & Gretchen. I like Alexis. I didn’t like her “extravagant possession talking” though & Tamra used to do the same thing her 1st & 2nd seasons when Simon was working for Mercedes. As soon as his dumb a*s decided to quit his good paying job to go into partnership w/a Tequila company (not a bad idea but you don’t quit your job to do it) & there was no more money for diamonds & Rolexes.

        • princesspindy says:

          That was a stupid move, you never quit a job until the business can support you, just dumb and the ultimate bad timing. Like one of my neighbors that owned a Honda repair shop for years and did really well. Then he decided to install these amazing waterfalls in the backyards of luxury homes. Sold the shop and the boom went the housing and economy and they lost everything. Hence the new neighbors to the south we the 3 boys that spend every afternoon yelling like banshees.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Too bad your friend/neighbor didn’t just keep both businesses going, huh? Which led to his downfall and then the subsequent rise of the banshees.

            • princesspindy says:

              LOL! Damn banshees, at least if they were Zombies I could kill them!!

              • LaineyLainey says:

                The Banshee Apocalypse

                • princesspindy says:

                  Right now I am having issues with USMC!!! They are practicing with the BIG GUNS today, my poor nerves and doggies can’t take too much more. They obviously just came back from lunch, lol! It is always like this towards the end of the month. God Bless them though!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I am basically in total agreement with you.

      I don’t DIS-like Alexis. She just “irritates” me. I think she and Jim put on this big facade about having all of this money when I think, in actuality, they are a bit hard up (I mean, why move to a different rental EVERY season? Also, the latest report about him asking to “borrow” an expensive purse so Alexis could film confirms the suspicions I have always had about them being “posers.” Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s good that he is not WASTING money on something like a handbag. I think it is foolish, particularly if you do not have the disposable income for such a luxury. I’m not saying Jim and Alexis have to disclose ALL of their financial business to the viewers, but PLEASE stop acting like you are “rich” when you are probably struggling like many of us have been in this economy for the past few years).

      I TOTALLY disagreed with the bullying Alexis suffered this season, and I said so. I did NOT think it was right.

      That being said, there has always been something “fake” about her. I honestly do NOT believe she is as nice and sweet as she claims to be. I really DO believe the stories I’ve heard about how poorly she and Jim treat service people and people they deem to be “beneath” them because I’d read several local O.C. blog comments about this bad behavior LONG before Tamra and Heather brought it up at the last O.C. Reunion. I find this even more irritating with Alexis because, let’s face it: she is not the SHARPEST knife in the kitchen drawer. Without Jim or some other man to help support her, she would very well be in the position of having to work in the service industry. So, she should remember that and respect EVERYBODY, regardless of their financial background and regardless of whether or not she is ON CAMERA.

      As for Heather, I KNOW I am in the MINORITY here, but I actually LIKE her. Yes, she can be pretentious, but like you said, she has the money to back it up, and I actually think she comes from money. She needs to cool it with the very detailed and specific restaurant orders, though! JEEZ, Woman! Just STOP going out to eat if you are going to be that difficult.

      I also like that fact that she appears to be intelligent. I know many believe that Heather is “jealous” of Alexis, but I totally disagree. I mean, what could Heather POSSIBLY be jealous of Alexis for? Some say Heather is jealous of Alexis’ good looks. Well, from the looks of her best girlfriends, who appeared on an episode or two with Heather (I remember the one where Vicky and Tamra met these women, and they had dinner to discuss Heather and her friends’ plans to open a restaurant together), Heather is very confident and has NO problem being friends with beautiful women. Those women were JUST AS, if not MORE, beautiful than Alexis.

      I think Heather just got irritated by Alexis’ fakery and the fact that she can be so VAPID!

      Also, Jim is a gross, controlling, male chauvinist pig who uses his alleged religious beliefs to justify some of his bad behavior. His entire personality irritates me. He would rank VERY HIGH on my list, “The MOST UNATTRACTIVE Husbands of ‘The Real Housewives’,” not only for his OUTER appearance but for what I’ve seen if his INNER appearance as well.

      I wish they’d get some more NEW O.C. Housewives. JMHO.

      • Powell says:

        Ladies I ask you what is wrong w/the purses she already has? We know she has some. Like you said Detox, “Poser”. Why does a new purse,matter for us to look at for a few minutes. And you know what? Besides Atlanta I don’t pay to much attention to their bags/purses as I love, love, love bags & have been wanting a new one for the last couple of yrs. Have to save my duckets though. The only reason why I may pay attention to Atlanta is because NeNe, Kim & Sheree are always designered up head to toe. The sign of someone not really knowing how to put themselves together. I miss Michelle she could back me up on that. 🙂

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Excellent question. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the purses she always has. Kim, Nenee and Sheree are always “designered” (I like that word. :-)) up, while Kandi, who has the REAL money, often is NOT. Kandi admits that she is VERY frugal too (which is why she will probably always HAVE money). She lived in a modest home (but still nice) in a modest neighborhood that she bought at 17 (I think), renovated and lived in for YEARS and YEARS before she bought the brand new mansion she has now. She’s got a diversified portfolio (songwriting; singing; producing; RHOA; clothing store; sex toy line; etc.) of several different income streams that will probably keep her in the money (I think a read an article once that talked about how the only business that did NOT suffer during the recession was the sex toy business. *Shrug*).

          • Powell says:

            Yes Kandi is smart. Her momma didn’t raise no fool. Good for her that she bought herself a new home. She lived in the previous home for yrs so that’s good. She deserves it.

      • Powell says:

        Detox, anyone what does Jim do,anyway? When we were introduced to them they both said Jim bought businesses, turned them around and sold them for a profit. The past few months & I believe at the end of the season it was mentioned Jim buying into a franchise, an indoor playground or bounce playground.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          That’s ANOTHER good question, Powell. Jim is like Martin’s friend, Tommy, on “The Martin Lawrence Show.” Everybody KNEW Tommy was EMPLOYED, but nobody (even his closest friends) knew what he DID exactly. It was a bit shady (and their jokes about it were funny as all get-out).

          • Powell says:

            LOL. Detox you have me crying laughing. Haha. That just about sums up Jim’s career situation. 🙂

      • I can’t say this enough times or loud enough but I TOTALLY AGREE WITH EVERY WORD YOU JUST SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Chicago Diane says:

          Obsessed and Detox, I underscore every word. Alexis , who says she is a devout Christian, has been a one-upper since day one, and focused on money and spending to prove her worth above all. Add that she has compared herself favorably- and found everyone else wanting- since day one. I agree on quesioning her treatment of people in the service industry, her need for full attention, er intelligence and etc, I always felt she and JIm were on the show to be examples of posers- from day 1, with the pastor at the house but her endless focus on things, her fake body and and spending, and his demeaning the woman he “loves.” remember the day she had her “fashion show lunch” and believed that Vicki planned her hospitalizaiton to damage her attention/ afternoon? I also agree the tactics weren’t the best last season, but they were nothing at all compared to that which other women on other shows have endured, compared to what she and JIm have passed out. I also agree on Heather- she seemed much more thoughtful, grounded and far less caught up in proving her wealth than virtually everyone on that show. I don’t believe for a minute that she is jealous of Alexis in any way, and actually think it is a shame if she is coming back.

          And I echo- what does JIm do, except try to control her every breath, and try to control what Bravo shows, despite wanting the money?? After the supposed bankruptcy where he supposedly withheld money which he used to buy a house with only cash, etc, etc,. he feels like a pure con man to me.

          Another issue- I do feel it is a shame that what started as a series about women living aspirational lives has changed so much- now so many are without funding and pretending, while in fact being in serious financial jeapardy. I do understand that the economy has had a lot to do with it, and that people in this group often are pretending or are brought down, but it feels like this series now focuses on pretty women with interesting/different/emotionally compelling character issues, vs. being about aspirational lives , with all their issues. And when you look back, many of the cities’ cast memebrs have been borderline- or chasing money from day one- like Gretchen with Jeff, Betthenny, so many on OC, all of Atlanta, etc- . Now virtually everyone in NJ is wiithout money, (if they ever had it) save Caroline, and while Danielle lived in the right house, she was from day 1. . I know the goal was to make the cities be different, compelling in different ways,etc- but by now it seems that most of the women chosen to remain have not got much financial security, and are struggling. IN fact, if Bravo would tell the stories of their true lives now, there would be years of much more compelling stories, without the need to bring families down. It is intriguing to realize that if the characters who came on for whatever reason were required to show their “true” lives, rather than the one they want people to see, the shows would have been MUCH more interesting and entertaining.


      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Hey Detox, Surprise… I can’t stand Heather and believe she IS jealous of Alexis! She’s giving NYJewishGirlChic in the OC while Alexis epitomizes the OC look. She’s wearing a frigging coat, stockings and turtle necks while others are wearing bedazzled tanks and tiny skirts. Although she diets to maintain that frame, she has body issues seeing the superflous bounty that Alexis has got. Alexis shows the CaliforniaGirl look and Heather for all of her intelligence and wealth hates that she’s younger and more attractive than she is. .If anyone would’ve told me FakeAssPleather was going to be a proctologist up TrashbotTam’s ass I would’ve thought they were crazy!. Garbage spewing wanna-be, trailer raised, confederate praised Tammy was to be giving orders to the JAP from NY… NEVER ,EVER, MS.TREVOR!!

        Would I believe that the NewGirl who was really wealthy, smart and no-nonsense was going to befriend SlaveSlimey and GoldDiggingGretchen… WTF? Wretchen’s desperate ass is so lucky BRAVO forced the ceasefire between her and TurnstyleTam because she would’ve been another target for WednesdayDaBrow too! Do we REALLY believe that SkinNBonesEyebrowsDuBrow would rally and support GretchDaWretch and SladeDaDeadBeatDAD?!! She hates and takes issue that Alexis is curt with service people but ignores that Slade OWES hundreds of thousands of dollars in ChildSupport to a tragically ill son, while living the ‘high’ life as Gretchen’s BagBoyBitch? Yeah she’s not jealous AT ALL!

        Also people can have attractive friends and STILL be jealous of them. Instead of it being that she’s the confident one hanging with the beauties… the others may want the ‘plain’ girl around to make them feel prettier. I don’t think Heather is ugly physically, even though she appears gaunt and her eyebrows seem to be stapled high on her forhead giving her that SURPRISED look, but her actions make her very vicious and extremely unattractive. LOL JMHO.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I disagree. *Shrug* Heather is friendly with Tamra and Gretchen because they are co-workers. She’s also friendly with Vicky. I agree that I don’t see Heather CHOOSING to hang out with the likes of Tamra and (possibly) Gretchen in her every day life, but I’ve had co-workers like that. They were my “co-worker” friends that I sometimes went to “Happy Hour” with or did lunch or other things.

          They were not necessarily people I would choose to have in my INNER circle, though (and I didn’t).

          I can’t see Heather hanging around beautiful women just because they “let” her so they could have a “Plain Jane” around to make them feel better about themselves. That sounds crazy to me. She was in the acting business for a long time before she focused on being married and having children. That profession tends to attract a LOT of highly attractive people. So, I’m pretty sure that “ain’t no THANG but a chicken WANG” to Heather.

          Heather may not be the MOST beautiful (but I still find her attractive). And, if I’d had all of the plastic surgery Alexis had, I’d look like a SUPERMODEL too (although, IMO, Alexis does NOT look like a Supermodel — I’d say she’s more along the lines of looking like….Oh, I don’t know….a DRAG QUEEN. I wonder if she was actively GOING FOR that “look” when she engaged in all of those procedures. If so, she GOT her wish!). JMHO.

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            I don’t think Pleather was ever cast as the ingenue or beauty when she acted. I think she’s more of a character actress. She may have had some moderate success with one of her many pilots getting picked up, but besides countless pilots I don’t think she ever had a Season2 of anything but RHOC. While I don’t think her girlfriends actively recruited her to be the ‘plain’ one in the crew, like RevAlSharpton says, believe me they “Enjoy the SetUp!” LMAO.

            The ‘work’ relationships between HighbrowDuBrow and the others being forced or cultivated is understandable, putting yourself as someone’s lacky and joining a crew of meangirls is a deliberate choice. You can work with others and be civil without choosing sides and becoming a whore-ibble shrew like the others. You can’t call out someone on a behaviour that you yourself and others in your possee do all the time. Saying Alexis brags while you yourself say so what if you lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in a imaginary business investment is okay? To call Alexis a wanna-be, while broke-ass Trampon is sitting in a rental wearing cheap ass (compared to the others) JessicaSimpsonShoes is RIDICULOUS! Tamra who would brag and show off every last piece of jewelry ever received, who said she was going to get a PinkHarley and got angry that Gretchen’sWallet got it for her first is now the cheerleader for not bragging? . TamRot who shook her liverspotted double d’s in everyones face for years is now Anti-BigBoobs but invested in chicken cutlets for what? I can’t wait for infighting to start in this crew and hopefully the target will be Heather and her wife Terry.

            • princesspindy says:

              …Heather and her wife Terry

              That made me giggle.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Al Sharpton! Al Sharpton! (sorry I couldn’t resist). “Heather and her wife Terry.” I’m with PindyLoon, that made me giggle, too. teeheeeheee

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I’m only talking about Heather and Alexis.

              When I say Heather is not jealous of Alexis’ looks in reference to being in the acting business, I wasn’t saying that Heather’s being in that business made her a “great beauty.” What I was saying that she was around, thru her profession, beautiful women and men quite often for YEARS. I mean, I saw an interview with Jenny McCarthey the other day, and she said Heather is one of her best friends and has been for YEARS. Many people consider Jenny to be “hot.” She was on the cover of “Playboy” in her 20’s AND her 40’s. So, why would Heather all of sudden develop this insecurity and jealousy over ALEXIS’ looks? I don’t think she WOULD. JMHO.

              I agree that Gretchen and Tamra had no room to judge Alexis for being fake and materialistic (although Tamra was honest about the bad financial shape she and her ex- were in; about having to downsize; about only being able to live in a small rental apartment; about NEEDING to work; etc. I think Gretchen can be materialistic, but she does live in the same very moderate house [which is on the borderlines of being featured on an episode of “Hoarders,” with all of that knickknack bric-a-brac crap she has in her house that makes me claustrophobic just looking at it on my t.v. screen]; and she doesn’t lie about her man being a BROKE-A*S! I fault Heather, Tamra and Gretchen for OTHER things — like BULLYING Alexis over PETTY stuff, and I said that I thought that was SO WRONG. Get together with her separately or one-on-one to tell her how she is getting on your nerves. You don’t have to all do that together. Also, what’s the big deal? If she wants to lie to herself even though she knows she’s got to pack those damned kids and all their things and the rest of their furniture up almost EVERY damned season to move into a NEW rental, then so be it).

              As a viewer, I still think Alexis is a poser who acts like working little part-time jobs here and there and making 20 dresses a year is BRAIN SURGERY and “so stressful” and who acts like she and Jim are rollin’ in the dough when they are probably STRUGGLING (Just OWN it. You don’t have to tell everybody how your husband makes SOOOOO much money doing whatever the hell it is that he does when you are struggling. No one is going to fault you. In fact, they will probably respect your honesty. I cannot STAND Vicky, but even she, who I’m sure DOES have PLENTY of money, has admitted financial struggles and the difficulty she has in paying for her home without Donn’s help).

              Like “Obsessed” said earlier, when it comes to the financials, Heather can BACK UP what she is saying, and for the most part, she only brings up HER financials when questioned about them. I can just see how Alexis’ bragging and one-upping and galactic STUPIDITY can be “irritating.” I know it would irritate me. I wouldn’t get together in a GROUP and tell her that.

              I WOULD tell it to her one-on-one if she asked me, though.

              Heather is FAR from perfect, but SO is Alexis, IMO. If I had to pick one to have lunch with, I’d pick Heather because I could probably have a SUBSTANTIVE conversation with her. I have NO idea WHAT I could POSSIBLY have to discuss with Alexis because I find her to be about as DEEP as a GLASS OF WATER. *Shrug*

              Like I said, I know I’m in the minority when it comes to Heather, but I stand by what I say. She just does not irritate me as much as Alexis does for the reasons I’ve listed. Different strokes for different folks.

              • Amber...Real Wife says:

                You’re right about the strokes! LOL Keystrokes that is. While I definitely jumped to the other meangirls, my point was you can’t criticize someone on doing something that everyone else does. I mean you can, (as we do here daily talking about HWs talking about each other being mean YET we say the most horrible things) BUT you appear to be a HYPOCRITE. How you gonna say IdiAmin is bad yet go DO lunch and gossip with SaddamHussein? (Totally OT I know, I know) Just Saying. She wears hypocrisy well.

                BonyHighBrow can be friends with every beauty in the world, but she can still for whatever reason be hateful and jealous of a woman who is not a threat to her. Was it that she hated Alexis’s character on the series she ‘supposedly NEVER watched’? (Sure Pal she joined a show without any ‘prior knowledge’. Chachi calling!) Did Alexis get hired that round and she didn’t? Was she outraged that she saw a DUNCE like Alexis getting a spot on the FoxNews as a reporter? Does she believe ‘stupid’ people shouldn’t have fame or given a platform to make money? I mean she was slamming Alexis from moment one! Talk about OBSESSED. She probably thought that was her way to eat at the KoolKids table and she and her husband/wife have been making special orders since.

                As for Alexis being irritating and cringe-worthy… ABSOLUTELY. THEY ALL ARE! Alexis being NEW MONEY has that tendency to show off and that can be annoying to those that have ALWAYS HAD IT, NO LONGER HAVE IT and NEVER GONNA HAVE IT! LOL However, that doesn’t give anyone the right to disrespect anyone to the degree that TrashHoMaticTam has done to Alexis and for a LEARNED woman (BonyLocks) of some decent upbringing to join into the fray is unconscionable. If I was offered to lunch with any OC wife I’d say fly me to VillaBlanca where I would try and see Brandi, PaulNassif and RealCelebrities. 🙂

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


                  I said they were wrong for bullying Alexis.


                  I understand Heather being irritated by Alexis because Alexis irritates the hell out of me. And I am not jealous of her. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is people who THINK they are smart (like Alexis)…..when they are really just kinda (or very)….stupid (like Alexis). Add that ON TOP OF her bragging, one-upping, posing, and I, like Heather would find her as irritating as all get out from the beginning. It would not have to do with obsession either.

                  I have my opinion. You have yours. You are NOT going to change my mind. I feel the way I feel. And I am not trying to change the way you feel.

                  I’d still have lunch with Heather over Alexis any day — because the whistling that I would hear as the wind blew threw Alexis’ ears and her bragging and her one-upping and her “My-husband-and-I-are-oh-so-Christian” crap (when he’s been investigated by the FEDS and pulled shady financial stuff) — would drive me bananas.


                  Different stroke for different folks.

                  • Brigid Ashwood says:

                    I’m with ya. You’re not alone in this opinion. I’d also like to point out that not everyone finds Alexis attractive. I find her features overlarge and horsey, she’s not my ideal of feminine beauty. I don’t mean that unkindly. But to say Heather is jealous of her looks is to assume Heather finds her attractive to begin with. Heather doesn’t even attempt the OC look. Her chest is real and her hair unbleached, these are simple things to augment, yet she hasn’t….to me that means she doesn’t find that look attractive, so why should she be jealous of it. I just think that the whole “they’re jealous!” shout is kind of lazy.

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      So what’s the opposite of jealousy? Disdain? Superiority? So maybe she has disdain for Alexis because she feels that Alexis is beneath her or inferior to her? Obviously just speculating here, can’t say with any certainty how ANYONE feels, but her behavior is a bit arrogant toward Alexis. And the other nincompoops (Tam and Gretch) love it! But unlike Heather who can diss someone without attacking them, Tam and Gretch turn it into bullying. And then Heather gets lumped in with the nincompoops.

                    • lovemamaearth says:

                      None of them on OC are pretty imo.

                    • LaineyLainey says:

                      Lovemama – you are correct (as usual) ^^^^

                  • Amber...Real Wife says:

                    AGAIN… What? I’m not trying to CHANGE your mind about ANYTHING. *SIGH* Why would I want to? Just stating what I thought about Heather. We CAN respond to each others posts can’t we? I’m NOT trying to convert ANYONE to change their opinion on any of the HWs NOR would I EVER ASK anyone to defend their opinion. If you (as in EVERYBODY) like it I love it and it’s really not that serious. What bothers each of us about these HWs are different but what amazes me about FakeAssPleather is her acting so above and so much better than Alexis when the bitch is on the same damn show! Oh the HUMANITY! Yes she’s playing a character who is a snooty stick, while Alexis is the bimbo blonde but DAMMIT JANET they’re on the SAME PROGRAM for the SAME REASONS! She’s no better than Alexis as she’s just another famewhore bellying (concave of course) up to the bar to fill up her purse. BTW that EyebrowDubrow is considered the smart one in that group isn’t the best compliment. Just saying.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          AMBER…I love this.
          I gotta admit-I would sometimes skip past you NJ posts (as Im sure you have done to many pro-Teresa posts) so I am so so so happy that when OC starts I will not be skipping anything you write!!!
          Isn’t it funny that with NJ I felt the complete opposite of how you did but I couldn’t agree more with you on OC??

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I love all the monikers you come up with, Amber! I’m not a fan of Heather. I think in other circumstances she probably would never give the time of day to the likes of Gretchen OR Tamra. Would you? haha!!!

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            Thanks LL. The way they are so quick to attack and you know Heather has to be burning the singe off of Trahsy and Greedy’s weaves all over town! They are not her kind of peeps.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          I think HeatherOC is jealous too. That’s why she and Tam hit it off so perfectly and targeted the same people.

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            LME The jealousy… it permeates off her bones! LOL While it is a tried and true excuse used by MANY in this situation her IMMEDIATE hatred of Alexis leaves it as the obvious choice.

  12. contessa says:

    Godo Morning All,

    I saw the Laurita bankruptcy story yesterday…all I can say is WOW. I am sitting here thinking about how Jaq said she wished Juicy would go to jail…pot calling kettle here. I wonder if she is aware of how serious this is? I don’t care about the amounts, or whatever as the issue is still there. Taking the computers/hard drives and lying about this is a serious offense, and then coming up with the fact that you had them all along??? And they all made fun of Juicy and Tre.
    Wonder if Don Caro is going to go to court to speak for Jaq?

    • Eve says:

      Maybe she’ll plead to the Judge “We are tick as teeves”…um no I’m mean “Teresa did it”

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I would never even tell my WORST enemy, “I HOPE you go to JAIL!!” if they were looking at jail time (I don’t really have any “enemies,” but that is beside the point). I ESPECIALLY would not tell them this when I knew that there was the possibility of future jail time for my spouse, myself and/or other family members.

      Jac might want to get her plate ready for a big old plate of CROW. She might also want to put her stones down; get some Windex to clean her big old GLASS house; buy some curtains; hang them and draw them closed all round that glass house.

      • Powell says:

        It would be sad for their families if any of them go to jail but wouldn’t it be something if Chris went and Joe didn’t?

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          That would be TOO ironic! I don’t know why, but I see Joe Giudice just doing his jail time like it ain’t nothin’ (“Alright! I gotta go to jail. So what? Who cares? I’ll just make the best of it while I’m in there! It might be nice to be in a place with more testosterone, as opposed to being surrounded by all this estrogen. Milania can hold things down while I’m gone. We’ve already discussed it, and she says she’s got it covered!”).

          All jokes aside, I agree that it would be really SAD if ANY of them went to jail.

          • Rebecca says:

            I always knew she was projecting her own BS at Teresa. I expect her any day to jump right up on Twitter to say the case has been settled. Now, whereas Joe & Teresa’s bankruptcy was voluntary, they could cancel without the big penalty. Jac is effing stuck. She tells the truth and sends her husband to jail, or she lies and gets herself sent to jail for perjury.

            • Chicago Diane says:

              In the famous conversation on the deck where Don Caro added her nasty two cents, as Jacx pretended to care what was happening to Tre and how worried she was, we can now look at it, knowing that she knew at that point she and Chris could face the same or MUCH WORSE charges- yet she and Chris had SO MUCH to say about Tre and Juicy in the reunions- what irony ! They can face much worse with all the lies to federal prosecutors- what the heck were they thinking? So we saw the reasons, in Tre spending cash so carelessly in S1, why they should be cught and brought to justice– now let’s look at J and Chris in 2,3,and 4.

              I went back to read Melissa’s opening blog/salvo as S3 began- it was so COMPLETELY OVERT that she was jealous rotten and a liar at day one- how could anyone who called themselves a friend to T accept those obvious lies on day 1 – let alone after 2 years? it says a great deal, in retrospect- about Jac’s friendships, their lack of depth and sincerity. Especially, after reading the background about how Danielle supposedly learned about Dina’s issues with Lexi, etc, and the cause of her departure.- if it is true that Jac has such a big mouth, and so much resentment that she told Danielle about Dina’s vulnerability, and set the whole S 2 thing with Dina up, Jacq- the truth makes it clear who you really are. And that is a friend to noone, including yourself. She presented herself then as such a deep, concerned friend -yet we now see the discussion leading to the table flip in S1 , when she and Dina went at it and she called Dina a liar at one point- in a whole new light.

              It is very interesting to see how these threads opened up at reunions really do lead Bravo to options to carry on new drama in the folliowng season. And to see what a con- artist lightweight Jac has been- to her supposedly thick as thieves friends and family.

      • amalfi says:

        Jacqueline gets back what Jacqueline puts out there — good and bad.

    • Powell says:

      And you know Contessa the Lauritas & Guidices crimes might as well equal what Bernie Madoff did for the simple fact that their actions have messed w/people’s livelihoods. They affected people outside of their families and that also just pisses me off.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Making statements wishing detriment to others is like ‘spitting in the wind’. Gross and it’ll come back on to you! Did Jac really believe she would be able to control the information and public opinion re: LauritaBankruptcy. Thinking she’s better than Tre because it’s a business rather personal bankruptcy? Both affect the livelihoods of people who are still left unpaid, foced to lose money, jobs etc.

  13. Sus says:

    I feel dirty. I just followed Donald Trump on Twitter to see his “game changer” announcement about Obama at noon.

    • contessa says:

      Wonder what this stupid comment will be…I think Trump is an idiot, laughing all the way to the bank.

    • plainviewsue says:

      U dont need to follow. You can just go on timeline.

      He is such a narcisstic, egomaniacal blowhard; there are just no words.

      He released a statement that if Obama has his colleges release his college records and applications, as well as all of his passport records & applications, he will donate $5 mill to Obama’s charity of choice.

      Can anyone tell me if any other president has ever been through something like this? I know, no politics here. I understand. Just asking?

    • Powell says:

      The Donald is a trip. The other Dems, Republicans, Independents, Yea Party didn’t find any “game changer” info but The Donald did. Hahaha! Well I say The Donald needs to work for the CIA. I just started following Roland Martin & I like Roland and I get what Roland was saying about DT but yesterday Roland’s tone was a bit much. He could’ve mad the same points toned down. It’s likeDonald made him so mad he didn’t thoroughly think before he tweeted. Some may say I’m wrong but I think he could have done better.

    • amalfi says:

      You didn’t have to follow that douchebag to see that it was another attempt at pretending to be relevant.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Donald Trump allegedly has “game changing” negative information about Obama. Gloria Allred allegedly has “game changing” negative information about Romney. TOE-MAY-TOE. TOE-MAH-TOE.

      • Powell says:

        Yes mam. Gloria is trying her dam*dest to get a past trial’s transcripts that she says will prove Gov Romney perjured himself when testifying. Dum, dah, dum, dum…. We shall see.

    • melthehound says:

      I thought there were pages here at the blog specifically for this likely to turn political type chat. Did the politics pages go away making this no longer a politics free zone? Or are people so full of disrespect that it doesn’t matter to them? Somehow, some days, I suspect the latter.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        soooooorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy! 🙂

      • Sus says:

        Hey Mel, call it like it is. If you think I’m being disrespectful, please say so directly. No need to to give the impression that everyone is being disrespectful. I think Donald Trump and politics is a huge joke and didn’t need to be separated.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Sorry, MTH. 98.99% of the time I TRY my BEST to avoid the political talk. I was weak today.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I think this convo is a cross over from entertainment to politics. Donald Trump is in the entertainment business and he crossed over…and brought us with him.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Maybe that’s what it is. I’m neutral on Donald. I like him sometimes. Other times, I do NOT. I think he’d be like MANY of my OTHER friends: we disagree politically, but we still like each other and can have fun together. We just do NOT discuss politics. I’d probably sit around with ol’ Donald discussing “Celebrity Apprentice,” business, family etc. I would make it a rule that we would NOT discuss POLITICS, though!

            • Nancy says:

              How long are you planning to stay at your parents house?

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Until I find another permanent position with full-time benefits elsewhere OR a better contract job where my house is OR if I find another permanent position with full-time benefits in their town (I would live somewhere ELSE, if I found a permanent position with full-time benefits in their town, though. I love my family, but I could do with a little LESS “togetherness” and “family bonding.” I’m cool. LOL. 😉 ).

            • not THAT Jill says:

              My family laughs at me all the time b/c i have always liked Trump-not the political Trump. I love Celeb Apprentice and reg Apprentice. I get a kick out of the crap that Donald says…just not the political stuff-but I can say that about my own father too-I love that old man but his politics drive me to drink!!!

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Yep. I’ve said it before, but my Mom’s a Democrat. My Dad’s a Republican. And I’m an Independent. I’m kinda in the middle, but some of the things my Dad says can drive me to DRINK (in GENERAL and regarding politics) too. He’s such a self-interested TURNCOAT, though. He was constantly criticizing “O” and saying, “He hasn’t done anything. All he does his twist his a*s across the stage and give a good speech!! I’m not voting for him!!” (My father is convinced that “O” has “a twist”! Don’t ask because I DIDN’T!!). This would cause my Mom to roll her eyes and suck her teeth and scream at him to “SHUT UP, JACKASS!!”

                Well, he came home from work the other day with some kind of new medical benefits policy that was going to save him all kinds of money and had to do with something “O” passed, and now he has changed his mind. When he explained it to me (Don’t ask me to repeat it. It sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me), I said, “SOOOO, it looks like he MIGHT have been doing a bit more than just twisting his a*s across the stage, then, huh?” He said, sheepishly, “I…guess…” as my Mom stuck the finger at him behind his back.

                I LOVE my parents’ LOVE. *Shrug*

                My father sometimes reminds me of a Black Archie Bunker with some of the CRAZY sh*t he says (actually, I think he is a combination of Archie Bunker and George Jefferson all rolled into one 5’7 package with chicken legs, NO butt [Don’t ask me where MINE comes from! BOTH of my parents have remarked upon THIS!!], a beer belly, a mustache, a deep-cleft chin, salt & pepper hair and a small bald spot!! Oh yeah, he looks a LOT like the actor Jackie Gleason in the face — a LOT LOT — like Jackie Gleason could have been his DADDY a LOT!! Pull up a pic of Jackie Gleason with his mustache, and you’ll see Detox’s Daddy’s TWIN. People tell him that ALL the time. In fact, they have told him that all his life.)!! I either ignore him or tell him he sounds straight CRAZY before I walk out of the room.

                P.S.: Please don’t KILL me for this POST. It kinda has something for EVERYBODY (no matter which side one falls on politically).

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  My Father is a die hard member of the Republican party and everyone else is a “commie pinko”-right out of Archie Bunkers mouth. I swear when my nephew was growing his hair long my father was convinced he was becoming a free-loving hipping…in 2012???? a hippie? Really Dad?
                  The Old Man (as I have been affectionately calling him forever-he is only 70) has some real zingers which he shares with me on his twice weekly visits to my home for coffee. I could listen to him talk about the ladies on The View for hours-hysterical!! He sometimes watches re-runs of the Housewives with me-if I happen to have it on and the comments he makes are just the funniest ever. Who is stupid, who is a gold digger…he has their number!! He also knows all of the Kardashian Girls…dirty Old Man!!! (but not dirty like George)
                  Oh and he also has no butt…however all of his daughters DO!!!!

                  • Sus says:

                    LOL @ commie pinko and he has their number!!

                    He sounds like a good character 🙂

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      Sus-I can honestly say-he is the best man I know…despite his Archie Bunker type remarks!!

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    One day, I happened to be visiting my parents (before I started living the life of a semi-homeless/but NOT kinda gypsy), and my Dad had been watching television with my Mom. My Mom, like me, LOVES Oprah. So, I guess she’d put him through sitting there and watching it with her.

                    I saw him get up to go back to his bedroom, and I heard him say (so my Mom couldn’t hear), “Man…..PHUCK Oprah!!!”
                    He HATES Nancy Grace too. He raised me to be a strong and independent woman (Ironically, though, I think its those things about Oprah and Nancy that get on my Dad’s nerves. He says that is NOT what it is. He says they both just “think they know EVERY DAMNED THING!!!” and that’s what irritates him. I think he is lying. LOL)

      • plainviewsue says:

        Nothing political here Mel. Just an opinion on Donald Trump. Last I heard, he is just in the business of being an ass.

  14. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Happy Birthday DiaBLa

  15. keida says:

    I don’t know why Alexis would go back. I wouldn’t. Tamra and Heather are b*tches. But then again, I don’t like Alexis either. Her pretentiousness gets on my nerves. I don’t like RHOC at all anymore. I used to like Vicki, but now she’s an idiot. I used to like Jeana, but she’s a pushover and she left the show. Never really liked Gretchen, and now really don’t like her. I just don’t like anyone on this show. It irks me that these women go to stores to “BORROW” purses and shoes and clothes. I know this happens all the time in Hollywood and such, but it gets on my nerves. Yea to Carole Radziwell for owning her own clothes. I can see borrowing a gown or such for a fancy dinner/gala or whatever, but these women are trying to perpetuate a myth, daily. That’s what I don’t like. Plus, I have to say that I don’t like her husband, but I’m basing my judgement on her sayings and behavior on screen.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I agree with everything you said, Keida. Including “Yeah to Carole Radziwell for owning her own clothes…” ha ha!! Who would have thought that we’d be cheering for people for owning their own clothes? haha!! I love it.

    • amalfi says:

      pretty sure it’s Tamra’s turn to get it this season. *crossing fingers*

    • Powell says:

      Keida I like what you said. “Trying to perpetuate a myth, daily.” I couldn’t have said it better. 🙂

      • If I got to borrow my shoes, clothes, handbags, and get plastic surgery/hair/nails for free/at a discount I could be on these shows. It’s not fair that we’re the ones working to OWN the things that we have (houses, cars, etc.) and these vapid women get everything handed to them at no cost so they can fool the rest of the world into thinking that they should buy what they themselves BORROW!

  16. keida says:

    I’m intrigued about this season of RHOBH. I’m worried that my favor for Brandi will disappear. All the articles that I’ve read talk about her and Lisa’s cattiness and mean girl behavior. I really hope that isn’t so.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I agree with you again!! 🙂 If they are being bullies this season, that won’t be fun to watch. That’s part of why Brandi became one of my faves, because everyone else was ganging up on her.

    • Powell says:

      I feel the same Keida. #1 I hope that Kim is ok. I don’t know if it was a good idea for her coming back. #2 I really hope Taylor doesn’t make a fool of herself.

    • Rebecca says:

      For me it dependds on who they go after. Adrienne deserves it and more. Kyle deserves “something.” Taylor is the antichrist, so she’s fair game for anything.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I like this comment. Adrienne TOTALLY turned me off last season, particularly at The Reunion. I’m even MORE turned off by this extremely NEGATIVE campaign she is waging in the media against her children’s father. I just cannot see Dr. Paul abusing Adrienne. She’s like Taylor #2 with that B.S.

        And, yes, Taylor IS the AntiChrist. Have you SEEN her lately? She LOOKS like it (because she looks even SCARIER than usual. Although what I just said may TECHNICALLY be wrong. I lent my Study Bible to a girlfriend who lives 2 hours away from my parents and never got it back. I THINK I remember it saying that the AntiChrist is actually supposed to be very charming, handsome and engaging. That is NOT Taylor AT ALL. She turns my stomach and sometimes give me goosebumps. *Shrug*).

      • Kansas Girl says:

        LOL at Taylor being the antichrist. I agree. And I suspect just this will make Diva feel considerably better.

  17. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Pindy, do you hear the alarm for San Onofre? I just heard it and got a bit nervous..thankfully a quick google search pulled up a news story saying it was being tested today.

  18. WindyCityWondering says:

    Wondering if the lawsuits facing the Lauritas will keep them on the show – just like Guidices. Bravo hoping to get some real life drama? Chris Laurita drained a company of it’s assets and are on the hook for a small portion of those assets that were diverted to family members who did not work for the company. Now there is lying and corruption of evidence added to the mess.

    • amalfi says:

      I think if Teresa stayed on the show after all her problems, Jac will surely too.

      She is such a giant moron. Melissa and Jacqueline’s new thing is going on interviews urging Teresa to quit the show to save her family.

      Really, what bitches. I do not feel sorry for everything that has yet to befall them.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I simply CANNOT understand the REASONING of arguing that Teresa should quit the show to “save” her family coming from Melissa, Kathy and Jac. The only one that might NOT apply to is Kathy.

        Melissa saying, “I mean, my HUSBAND’s family is suffering, not MINE.” To that I say, “Give it TIME, Sweetie!! Give it TIME! The longer you stay on the show, the more YOUR dirt and YOUR skeletons will be put out there too — for your children to one day read on the internet, like much of it already IS!! The only difference is many of your skeletons have not been examined with a FINE-TOOTH comb on the SHOW…..YET! If BRAVO continues with this extremely-biased negative edit for the Giudices ONLY, it might NOT be. That does not mean other media outlets won’t run with these stories, though.” The SAME goes for Jac.

        Nervy bitches is RIGHT. Teresa recently gave an interview where she said, “Melissa continues to say she is moving because of me and to blame EVERYTHING, including that and Strippergate, ON ME. To that I say, ‘God bless!’ If she wants to continue to believe those lies and to put those lies out there, that’s fine. She said on the Reunion that she and her children were DONE with me. She better REMEMBER those words because I sure will!”

        • Powell says:

          And see Detox Bravoleberties or celebrities, so many of them don’t think about the future and that the present actions can impact them. It’s in the news all the time and parents drill into their kids heads “watch your actions today cause it could impact your future”.

      • Powell says:

        Whatever they did illegally will be dealt w/and they will go on. Jac & Chris have a life long emergency w/Nicholas. They need to get their priorities straight.

      • Chicago Diane says:

        After her wild accusations and ranting at the Reunion, Jac unfortunately now has a reason for Bravo to keep her- a story line about the corruption they have pulled on shareholders/owners of a company, and the FEds-and the recipient’s desire for honesty!!

    • VV says:

      MadJac should go go go

      • Rebecca says:

        It would be interesting to know whether the Lauritas own their home outright or if it is mortgaged. It could be an asset they have to liquidate. Showing off their “wares” on the show the past two years isn’t going to go over well. For example – I wonder how many of the cars they were shown driving around on the show were bought with company funds.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          The guns were what I found most astounding. Why brag about this on tv???

        • Sus says:

          I’d be shocked if that house wasn’t mortgaged to the hilt. Didn’t they buy/or lease Ashley a Range Rover? That kind spending is so obnoxious now that the truth is out. If it had been something reasonable like a Honda, I wouldn’t give it a thought.

  19. shamrockblonde says:

    YAY for Uli being on PR All Stars – I loved her on her season – Andre too!!! – and Wendy Pepper brought all the drama on her season – should be great talent – and great fun!!

    I wonder sometimes if people like Jaq are just so horribly insecure that the very thought of being even just moderately ok financially is enough to send them into a panic – as though making certain that everyone saw them as having riches beyond measure would be absolute proof that they were good enough – that their lives really were the best – when the truth is – it’s what is in your heart, not your wallet that people remember – she always seems on the verge of hysteria – a look-at-me complex in uber overdrive……

    thanks for the blogs everyone!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      “it’s what is in your heart, not your wallet that people remember” – LOVE this quote!

    • Rebecca says:

      Wasn’t Jac’s opening tag, “I enjoy having nice things, I just don’t like to brag about it.”

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        To be fair, I don’t remember Jac ever really bragging about material things.

        I’d like to kick her a*s for MANY things — but bragging is not one of them. The FIRST thing I’d do is KARATE CHOPE her Twitter device out of her hand (and I am not EVEN violent. So, the fact that Jac’s behavior has driven me to the point of feeling like I’d like to choke her; give her a karate chop or two; and then STUFF her mouth with something and TAPE it shut….shows that I think she was just a LITTLE out of hand this season [both ON and OFF-CAMERA]).

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Oops, I meant to say karate CHOP (not CHOPE. I was thinking of karate CHOPPING and CHOKING at the SAME time. LOL).

          • not THAT Jill says:

            A Karate choke might be what is needed…

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              LOL, Jill! I have never done karate in my life. That’s o.k., though, in the words of Redd Foxx (and my Father), “I don’t know KARATE, but I DO know KA-RAZY!!” (followed by, in the words of Closet Freak, “UUHNH!! and a SNAP & FLIP!! SNAP & FLIP!!).

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Snap and Flip…my new go to expression.
                I loved that dirty old Redd Foxx-he has a filthy mouth on him-his stand up was the best. Sanford and Son is one of my Dad’s favorite shows of all time. That friggen Aunt Ester!!!

                • Powell says:

                  Those were good shows. 🙂

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  My Dad LOVES that show too. “I’m comin’ to meet ya, Elizabeth!!” (as he held his heart for the 55th heart attack he was ALLEGEDLY about to have). I used to love to imitate Aunt Esther and say, “WATCH IT….SUCKA!!!” as I rolled my eyes like she did.


                  And FLIP!!

  20. VV says:

    Andy and Giuliana will co-host Miss Universe this year. That is a Trump enterprise interesting. Does Andy ever bash Donald?

  21. joymama says:

    Loved Zoila and Jenni on WWHL. The tagline was hilarious.

    Jeff is a pill but he means well. Wish he were more respectful of Gage.

    I’m done with watching the HW’s shows (sort of). Thank you, bloggers. You make the times I do catch parts of the shows easier because I already know what’s gonna happen.

    Happy birthday, DiaBla.

  22. princesspindy says:

    Hey RableRouser,
    I just saw your question about the alarm at the Boobie Plant, as we like to call it. Between the bombing at Camp Pendleton, the roofers next door, and the gardener, I didn’t hear a thing!! I also looked at your time of post and I was still asleep, lol. I had a rough night of waking up and going back to sleep at least 3 times and finally got back to sleep at 8, despite the roofers, and woke up at 11. I am soooo glad I didn’t hear it because I don’t know if my nerves could have taken it. There was an big advertisement in the paper last week that said San Onofre wasn’t on the “Shake Up” plan for earthquakes. Oh really so there is no plan in case of an earthquake. GREAT!!!

    • princesspindy says:

      I just googled it and it was a test of the alarms.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I didn’t know about the text until I googled it but it did make me think that we really don’t have an evacuation plan in place. I know there was a form my my kids school that needed to be signed for some injection they give in case there is a leak,

        • Nancy says:

          How old were you when you left Canada?

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            I was born in Belfast, N.Ireland and left for Canada when I was about 2.5. I moved to the in Jan 2008, so I have only been here a little less than 5 years. But before I came here, I always wanted to live here and be American. I think it started when I was a kid and I would see movies or something where kids would take the pledge of allegiance every morning and something about it resonated with me.

            • Nancy says:

              Wow you have had an interesting life. Have you been back to N Ireland sinse you left?
              I miss Canada a lot.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Super-interesting, Rabble!! So, you are Irish-Canadian-American! COOL!!

  23. Nancy says:

    Another DUI for Bobby Brown. It’s his 2nd within a year. 😦
    His daughter needs him now. Very sad.

    • butterisafruit says:

      Nancy, I don’t feel sorry for him. He has the money to hire a driver, or rent a town car. There are so many transportation companies that you can have for a few hours. I feel
      bad for the people he puts in danger for his selfishness.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I have a kid (over 21) who’s in college and still has the checking account I opened for her when she was in high school and a couple of times I have seen where she paid for a cab. she’s hardly rolling in greenbacks, college student using a student loan, working two jobs…but, I know and am thankful that she would rather pay for a cab, which seems like frivolous spending (for us), than drink and drive. It’s worth every penny.

        • butterisafruit says:

          You did a great job LaineyLainey. Your daughter is being resourceful and SAFE. I hear about Lohane or Paris Hilton driving drunk I go ballistic. Leave the car get other transportation and pick it up tomorrow. Nothing is worth what will happen.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Good for everyone who does that. You must comfort in that.

          I find it sad and horrific that anyone would drive impaired or distracted.

      • Nancy says:

        Hi butterisafruit,
        Nice to see you again. 🙂 I feel sorry for any alcoholic that is still in their disease but that doesn’t mean they are not accountable for their actions.

        • butterisafruit says:

          Yes the illness is awful. Which is why I think getting behind the wheel is asking for
          a tragedy. I think the notoriety, free time, and too much money, derails most attempts
          for sobriety.

  24. Orson says:

    Just for the record, I want to state that I feel it is wrong with a capital R for someone to keep their mother locked up in a cupboard under the stairway. But I guess that’s just me.

  25. EllaMinnowPea says:

    I took a little suvey last night from Viewer’s Voice (which used to be Contemporary Consumer’s Panel), a survey site for all of NBC’s properties.

    This particular one was all about Real Housewives of NY.

    Among other questions it asked if I liked season 5 more or less or the same as other seasons. I said more. When asked to elaborate I said I liked 5 as much as I liked 1 and 2 but much more than 3 and 4. Why? Because 3 and 4 had so much nastiness for the sake of being nasty.

    Basically, I got to tell them that, no, I wouldn’t like to see a cast change for season 6; I would not like to see previous Housewives come back; and if one had to go from season 5 it should be Luanne because she’s boring.

    I also told them I like the real and supportive friendship between Ramona and Sonja; that Heather was in the right in Heather vs. Sonja; and that I never ever want to see George again.

    There were a bunch of other questions about how much do you like this one, do you think she’s: funny? trashy? provacative?, etc.

  26. not THAT Jill says:

    Hey VV…where the hell is the promised MANIFESTO??????

  27. AZGirl says:

    So glad that Uli is back on PR. She was great. So funny and cool. Class act. Boyfriend was hot too.

  28. klmh says:

    Someone was telling me about Long Island Medium, and I have been able to watch several shows. Its pretty amazing. Does anyone else watch or have you seen it, and how do you feel about her abilities? I was on the fence, but with my own experiences along with others on the show, I am a believer. I think.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I was neither here nor there-until I watched her.. Now I think Im a believer!!!!

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I don’t know if I believe. Why does the psychic need feedback as they go? Why not just be the channel for the message or dead person or whatever.

    • Sus says:

      as @putyourhairup once said, I’ll believe in mediums when I meet one that has won the lottery. I think that the LIM is excellent at reading people’s body language and with asking questions, she can tell you what you want to hear.

      I think it’s a scam that preys on people’s emotions.

      I used to have a neighbor that spent thousands giving for some woman to tell her how her dead son was doing in Heaven. It was horrible. She couldn’t bear to stop because “what if it really was her son”. He died when he was 16 in a car accident.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        That’s sad Sus.

      • klmh says:

        Im sorry to hear about your neighbor. Did she ever get anything from it Sus?
        From what Teresa said, a medium and a psychic are two different things. On one of the shows repeated this past Sunday, the first time I saw her, she went to a psychic for the first time. Don’t think she was too impressed. They use cards, and other tools I guess.

        • Sus says:

          I don’t know if she got anything from it or not. Her husband seemed to think it was a bunch of crap and they ended up divorced. The medium wasn’t the only reason but it contributed. The medium claimed to have conversations with the kid all the time. To me, it seemed like it made her grief worse but there’s not way I could really know that.

          • klmh says:

            I think the incidence of divorce after a child’s death is about 90%, or it was 10 years ago, so it could just be that. I think if I found I could communicate with my loved ones who passed, I could obsess about it. We don’t have any exceptional mediums in our part of the country. If you look at the best, they live either on the east or west coast, and are not cheap. Good thing, for my pocketbook.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Oh my gosh, that’s horrible and sad. I am conflicted about it, because I know I’m not supposed to believe in the LIM’s powers, but she is very positive and comforting. So I don’t know…

        • Sus says:

          I’ll tell a funny story now.

          I was at a fair and saw palm readings for 5 bucks. So I go into the tent and hand the lady a $10 and kind of motioned that I was waiting for the change. She says to me “Don’t you want to know everything?”

          She got me!!

          Everything she said was very vague and could have fit anyone. It wasn’t worth 5 bucks nevermind 10!

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Lainey or anyone, do youse have an opinion of John Edwards, the guy who claims to talk to the dead? Are they similar?

    • princesspindy says:

      I watch and I sob every time!! She is coming here to San Diego, but I didn’t want to pay that kind of money to cry, lol, and odds are I wouldn’t get a reading. She is not very expensive, imho, for a reading. The show has helped me.

      • klmh says:

        Im just bawling now. So glad and so sad for these people left behind. Im glad the show has helped. Im hoping it will for me too, and think it already has in a way.
        I think I would love to go to her one on one. I still need it.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Can I ask what helped? Is it the believing the possibility of communication with lost loved ones?

          • klmh says:

            Its a failure on my part to believe in an afterlife lme. Im happy to know I will hopefully see them soon. I don’t mean to say that I have a death wish though.

        • princesspindy says:

          It has given me a peace about my dad but I still cry cuz the show makes me think of him and I miss him so damn much. It’s been since 1999 and it less often but still as painful.

          • butterisafruit says:

            (((((((((princess)))))))))) Your Dad knows this. I honestly believe our dear ones are still with us. I also believe, if you have a feeling he’s with you, HE IS.

          • Sus says:


          • Sorry about your loss Princess Pindy. It is hard, it took me years after my dad died, but I talk to him in my head sometimes. I’m pretty sure that he’s watching over us, like a guardian angel. Your dad would want you to be happy with your life, not sad. Someday your souls will meet again. ((( Princess Pindy )))

            • princesspindy says:

              Oh, I’m happy with my life, I think what gets me is that I wish he could be with my son now, he only saw the hellish part, lol. And I wish they had him in their lives. That’s the thing that gets me. They would have had so much fun together.. But I tell them stories about him and keep his memory alive and they have some memories of him. So it’s all good. I just have never had a show touch me like this one.

          • klmh says:

            I understand, but it gives us more than a hope to see them again. Today, Teresa mentioned there was another death, of the persons brother as well, and she said he was with the mother when she passed. Just hope we see them again.

        • Sorry for your loss too ((( klmh ))). I’m sure your loved one wants you to be at peace, and not to grieve too much. You will meet again, I truly believe this. If you’ve ever heard of Edgar Cayce, it might give you comfort to read about his marvelous life. And his life proves to me that there is a life everlasting for our souls.

          • klmh says:

            Thanks bs1f. I didn’t mean it to draw attention to myself. Just wondered what others here felt.

            • lovemamaearth says:

              ((( Everyone who has lost people )))

              I’ve read some on Edgar Cayce. It’s very positive if people really lived it, it would be a much kinder place.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I am glad you have found comfort from watching her and I hope it also helps seeing that our loved ones whom we’ve loved have moved on and they want us to be happy in this life.

    • There are a lot of con artists, so many that it’s not worth it unless you are going to someone that you know is psychic, and the reading is free! Honestly, what does a psychic/medium tell you that you don’t already know? Absolutely nothing! If you have lost a loved one, then accept that they are happy where they are & that they want you to go on with your life. A grief support group would likely give you much more comfort, or close friends, during your grieving process. Why pay someone who claims to be able to communicate with the dead? Save your money, donate it to your church or a charity instead. If you believe in the life everlasting, as I do, then someday you will meet your passed on loved ones on the other side.

      I’ve been to a few psychics in my time. None of them were as gifted as my grandmother. But even she never told me anything that made a difference in my life. After a very long life, accepting what life has been for me, I would rather pray or meditate, reflecting on life in general, then ever pay some so-called psychic/medium to tell me something that is likely a bunch of crap anyway. Sorry, JMHO!

      • klmh says:

        Not for me. It sounds like you have a strong faith, and I applaud you. But please don’t criticize me for my thoughts and beliefs, or make fun of me by telling me how to take handle a death. We all walk a different path.
        Im sorry you have had some bad experiences, but it sounds as if you give your grandmother credit for ESP, not for being a medium. Obviously you do believe a bit.:)

        • Nancy says:

          Do you have any other siblings other than your sister you lost?

          • klmh says:

            Nancy, my pyr was so lethargic and so I took her to the vets. Nothing of consequence
            in her blood work, and even had an ultrasound, negative. I started wondering about all the dog food from China. Could that be doing it? I went to the store and read the backs of all the dog food and treats. Some said distributed by Purina, MO, or others distributed in San Fran. Long story short, every thing I picked up was made in China, but processed or distributed in the US. Had to go to the pet store to find something from the USA. Geez, I hope this is the problem, but she is getting old, almost 11, and big dogs don’t live as long as small ones I guess.

            • Nancy says:

              I thought you had a pom. How many pounds does he weigh? We feed Emily human food because she has IBS. I think I would be afraid to read the backs of dog food cans.

              I’m so sorry about your sister. Like you my only sibling is my sister. I can’t imagine how you feel.

              • klmh says:

                Thank you Nancy. I sure didn’t mean to start something.
                I have 2 dogs, one pom the other a great pyrenees. The pom is 14 1/2 and the pyr is almost 11.
                Its scary to read about those that have lost the dogs from food in China.

                • Nancy says:

                  I didn’t know you have 2 dogs. It’s so hard when they get up there in years. Emily is almost 19 now. I’m not sure I will get another dog after her. It will be too hard.
                  Remember…grief is the price we pay for love. So true.
                  Keep me up to date on how your pyr is doing.

            • chismosa says:

              HI KLMH- i’m sorry to hear about your poor doggie. I myself am VERY interested in the whole Chinese dog food theory. I have decided that the next dog/ dogs i have in my life will be fed purely food i make myself– boiled/ cooked up plain chicken, white rice, etc. Treats i may allow if i know FOR A FACT they are made in the US.

              I saw on our local news here in NY that this brand— WAGGIN TAILS/ TRAILS— which makes all sorts of jerky treats– was making this woman’s dog sick and i believe the dog even died. Well, lo and behold weeks later i’m walking in ALL my local supermarkets and CVS’s — and they ALL are STILL to this day carrying this brand. I don’t know what to do about it. I guess, contact the actual supermarkets and drugstore chains? Email them?

              I get scared when i see ‘distributed by….’ — in the US- because that doesn’t tell me where it was made, which i think is what your point ^^^ was. I’m very concerned. So i found these great treats that say “Proudly made in the USA” and then there are these other special carob/ sweet potato/ peanut butter drops i get that are “Made in Germany” so i really trust those and go out of my way to get those.

              It’s just so sad and i’m scared, my two current dogs are going to be 10 and 9 next year and i get worried. The cancer situation is also crazy. I need to talk to my vet about this, because he is fantastic. I want his opinion on all this.

              Best of luck to you, i can’t imagine the situation with doggies and sickness and loss. My heart goes out to you!

              • klmh says:

                Wagon Train is everywhere here, and I have been giving her these snacks for years. I talked with managers at the stores, and they just don’t care. The reports they have say that the way the Chinese produce the snacks and feed are fine and are cleared by the US. I wish more people knew about this though.
                If I were you chismosa, I would go to a pet store or small boutique pet store and talk with the people there. Biljac was recommended to me, but there are others out there as well. She didn’t eat it as well as I thought, but I’ll try it again tomorrow.
                Good luck and when you talk with your vet, could you let me know? My vet wasn’t that concerned, but I don’t agree.

                • chismosa says:

                  I’ll let you know klmh- thanks for your advice and I forgot to mention in my post that on the Waggin Tail line it says on it “Made in China”. I just don’t understand how thi passes US regulations. But then again, here in our country dog abusers get slaps on the wrist and pet stores are allowed to SELL dogs still so I shouldn’t be shocked by all this.
                  I’ll keep you updated if I get any info from my vet!

                • chismosa says:

                  Ugh I just wrote a whole response to you and it disappeared. I will let you know what I learn from my vet klmh. Thanks for your advice!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that show and HER! I’ve watched from the beginning. I believe her.

      • chismosa says:

        Detox there was a hysterical Saturday Night Live skit of her a few weeks ago, let me see if i can get the link on here. I don’t normally ‘link’— this is a new girl on the cast who is REALLY GOOD at accents. This was funny.

        • chismosa says:

          my favorite part i had to keep rewinding was the prosciut at the deli—- WHY DON’T Italian Americans PRONOUNCE VOWELS AT THE END of cured meats, pasta, AND CHEESES??? i dont get it.

          • chismosa says:

            also i know someone who lives in her neighborhood and apparently there’s a 2 year wait list to see her, but this wait list was BEFORE her national tv show so who knows now what it is.

          • Rebecca says:

            Cuz the vowels there are just for gender and Americans are smart enough not to care about the damn gender of the words!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          This Actress nailed Teresa C, so funny!! “Whose father loved nuts?” LOL!

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Chi that’s really funny. Thanks for the laughs.

  29. Nancy says:

    The World Series is about to start.
    Go San Fran Giants. 🙂

    Cityside are you going to be watching? I hope so.
    Same thing with BB.

  30. Nancy says:

    It’s up to 483 now. I find that hard to believe but I’ll keep plugging away.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      There is something weirdo weirdo going on because her boyfriend who has 10,000 followers on twitter tweeted it and many, many of his followers retweeted it…so, ummmm…and detox stayed up one night writing her basketball wives blog and clicking the video… so the prof must be doing something to the count. It’s kinda driving me batty!!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        That IS weird!! I think it is a CONSPIRACY!! If I lived where you lived, I would help you get to the bottom of it, Dammit!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I think she has that class tomorrow. I’m gonna text her tonight to tell her to inquire about the youtube counts gone awry….cause I know we’re clicking the thing!!!

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I clicked on it many times the first night and it never changed. I’ve sent it around to friends too and slowly it’s gotten up to 483 (still that count just now). Something’s wrong with the counter. But best of luck to them. Cute kids.!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      BTW – where are my manners? THANK YOU, NANCY!!!

  31. boston02127 says:

    I have to take time to tell you about when I went to see a medium. After my mom passed (appx 3 or 4 months after), my aunt took me to visit a medium that she had been to before. (My uncle, her husband, died in a car accident years before)

    Anyway, I think you know me enough to know that I’m a religious person and I’m also not the dipsy type that can be sold on anything. I went with a bit of skepticism.

    It was the most peaceful, heart warming experience I’ve ever had. I was there for one hour. It was an amazing experience. When I left I felt as if my mom was walking beside me.

    Here are some facts and things the medium told me.

    The medium said “your mom knows that you think you need to be at the cemetery to be near here and talk to her, you don’t, she wants you to know that she is close by at all times” She then asked, Is there construction going on in the house? I said yes, the medium said, your mom is watching it all.
    *This was after my grandparents bought the house and redid it back to 2 apartments. Contractors were everywhere for weeks & weeks.

    At the time she passed I couldn’t bring myself to pick out something for my mom to be buried in (I was a mess) so my aunt did. The medium said to me “your mom wants to know what is with her outfit that she was waked in” I quickly said, I didn’t pick it out. She said “your mom wants to laugh but she wants to keep the laughing between you and her”
    *I didn’t like the outfit my aunt picked. It was nice but too matronly.

    My b/f was very good to my mom. When she couldn’t go upstairs anymore, he redid the downstairs bathroom with a built in seat in the shower for her. He put in switches so she could just press buttons to turn on lights because she could not use her hands towards the end. He was always fixing things to make her life easier. The medium asked me, “who is J”? I said, my boyfriend. She said “your mom wants you to give him a hug and thank him for everything he’s done for her and that she loves him.

    The medium said to me “your mom is telling me that towords the end of her life here, you and her switched places. You became the mom and took care of her. She wants you to know that she loves you and you should never feel guilty” My mom knew I hate the feeling of guilt.
    *When they put my mom in hospice (she could barely talk by this time) I slept in a little bed next to hers. We were holding hands one night and she said to me, “you’re a good girl and I never want you to feel guilty, you’ve been so good to me, I love you so much”

    The medium questions me about my twin brother. She told me I had a twin! She said “your mom wants you to know he cries at night when he’s alone”.
    *That day when I got home I went to see my brother and asked him and said yes (we both then cried) and I told him what the medium told me and she didn’t want him crying. Also, the medium told me to tell him whenever he saw a dragonfly to think of her and know she’s thinking of him.
    * My brother has been fascinated with dragonflies all his life.

    My mom knew that I get nervous in crowds and I was always a homebody since I was little. The medium told me “your mom wants you to get out” “go out and do things that you love”, “don’t be staying in the house”
    *My brother later told me that my mom told him “when I die, make sure your sister gets out”

    The medium kept bringing up my father. My parents were seperated but the medium keep telling me “your mom wants you to know that your dad is sicker than you think” To watch your father. She’d told me this a few times during the sitting.
    *within the year my dad had open heart surgery.

    This part was the weirdest. On the drive there, I told my aunt that I got a tattoo on my foot and I’m afraid my mom would be mad. (she hated tattoos on girls) I got a tattoo (words) that made me think of my mom. The tattoo reads “the voice of the sea speaks to the soul” because all of our lives when we were stressed or angry, my mom use to say to go for a walk by the ocean to clear your head.

    Also, for her wake I had the florist make a pink heart wreath with a ribbon that read “my very best friend”. Weeks after she was buried I put her wreath in the ocean. (saving one pink rose)

    The whole hour that I was there the medium keep saying “your mom keeps holding her foot out and wants me to ask what is wrong with your foot” I kept answering “nothing”. This happen about six times during the sitting. She even asked me if I had broke my foot. Near the end of the hour I told her about the tattoo. She was quiet for a minute and then told me “your mom isn’t mad, she said she just doesn’t understand why you would want to mark your body. “you can sit by the ocean without marking your body so don’t get anymore” I almost fainted. That would be something my mother would say.

    There was so much more to it. SO much more! Like I wrote above, it was so peaceful and comforting. I would go back anytime. I left there feeling so good.

    • Brigid Ashwood says:

      That’s so wonderful Boston.

    • butterisafruit says:

      That’s beautiful. I’m glad you went. I honestly believe it gives your faith a boost. You knew she was with you, having this reinforces it. It’s a lovely post ((((((((Boston)))))

    • TexasTart says:

      Thanks for sharing, Boston 🙂

    • klmh says:

      Thanks so much Boston for sharing this with us and for your kind words to me. I am more convinced than ever. One day I will let you know about my meetings with mediums. Both were positive, but hard to deal with because it was just a few months after their passing.
      What a wonderful positive experience. I think of you often and know that with this along with your strong faith, you are in a good place.
      Im going to thank you too on the next blog because Im not sure you will see this.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I am so glad I waited til I got home to read this. sitting here bawling. Boston, your experience is so real and so beautiful. The part that really made me lose it was when you said you were holding hands and your mom said for you not to feel guilty. When my daughter was little we would hold hands when we swam underwater together. When I would go walking she would ride her bike and she would ride back and extend her hand out to me…”let’s hold hands!” she would say. I would tell her, honey you don’t have to do that…and she would say, “We will always hold hands!” And then she grew up.

  32. boston02127 says:

    klmh ~~~~ I’m sorry for your loss. I left a message for you about seeing a Medium but it is in moderation right now.

  33. boston02127 says:

    Happy Birthday DiaBLa!

  34. boston02127 says:

    I’m just getting caught up with the lost footage of RHONY.

    What in the good Lord’s name is wrong with Luann? (besides the obvious)

    She may as well hang pales around her kids necks for them to eat from. That lunch was shocking. She’s pulling plates away before they were done. Telling them how to eat.

    Then the meeting she went to for her new line of God only knows what. She made herself out to be a total moron. No notes, no pictures, no ideas, no WORDS.

  35. boston02127 says:

    Thank you all for the sweet compliments about being #2 in @ComplexMag #imflattered

  36. Noelle says:

    Where the hell are my TIGERS!!

    I’m Noelle and I approve this post!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF~me!!!!

  37. Noelle says:

    I’m so beyond pissed.(pardon me)
    Game 1.
    Good going TIGERS!!! GRrrrrrrr

  38. Nancy says:

    Unbelievable! Oh I wish I was still up there.

  39. Noelle says:


  40. BB says:

    I think I’ll switch from the game to Couples Therapy.

  41. MamaZ says:

    KLMH – I have never watched LIM and am skeptical of televisions pychics or mediums. And I agree with those who have said there are a lot of con men out there who preyon the grief stricken. But there is a scientific basis for belief in communicating with our loved ones who are seperated from us by distance or even by death. You can research non local reality, non local communication and non local experiences.

    Here is a link to get you started. It explains that these concepts come from Quantum Mechanics.

    I have personally had some very strong non local experiences that have been a great comfort to me. I hope you are able to find some comfort too.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Looks interesting MamaZ. Thanks for posting that.

    • Nancy says:

      That was sweet mamaZ.

      • MamaZ says:

        Aww shucks.
        I have struggled with my faith for years. It can be terribly painful. Then I lost my best friend and my father within months of each other and it was devastating. I don’t like to think of anyone feeling like that.

        • Nancy says:

          I struggle with it too on a daily basis. It gets depressing at times as I so want to believe.
          I have seen too many horrible things in my life. Needless to say so have you.((MamaZ)))

    • klmh says:

      Thank you Mamaz. I have this link saved to look at it tomorrow.
      I guess I think its a beautiful thing to see because most of these people are skeptical, or don’t believe as many of us are, and this woman comes from the blue and tells them about their lost family member. You can see the shock, then recognition, acceptance, and then virtually all of these people are more at peace, to know that their loved one is safe, with family etc. It makes me cry not from sadness although their loss can almost be touched, but by the joy and appreciation they have with her communication with their lost love one, if that makes sense.
      Tx so much for sending this.

  42. Noelle says:

    Nancy, He’s a vegetarian. (Prince Fielder & family all vegan)

  43. Noelle says:

    Not a good way to start out, Ya Know, Like in the WORLD SERIES!!!!????!!!!
    I turned it off.
    I AM a bad sport.

  44. LaineyLainey says:

    The GIANT BINDER has been assembled (per the instructions from the link Pindy provided)!! I just need to decorate it now. So anyone else dressing up for Halloween?

    • Nancy says:

      DId you hear about the little girl that dressed up as a skunk? She was accidentally shot.
      She’s ok though.
      I have a feeling there are going to be many people dressing up as a binder with you.
      Take lots of pictures.

    • Nancy says:

      Did you see the movie Men in Black? There was a Pug in it that stole the show.
      Anyway so many people asked me if they could borrow Emily as that’s what they were going as on Halloween. Of course I said no.

      • Orson says:

        I guess if you could put cotton balls on Emily in the right places, she could be a poodle for halloween.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Oh how funny!!!

        • Nancy says:

          Have you seen the Women in Binders link? It is hystericle.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            The tumblr link? Yes, I’ve been laughing about this for days. I think the jokes started almost immediately, maybe even before that debate even ended.

            • Nancy says:

              It went up way before it was over. My favorite has to be the Bill Clinton one.
              “Enough about the debate I want to talk about these binders” Too frigging funny!

            • Nancy says:

              What kind of women are you going to put on it?

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Well on the inside wall of the binder I am going to adhere pictures from magazines I have cut out. On the outside of the binder, I am going to adhere (adhere?) haha…I will glue some memes that I printed and cut out.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I do want to add that I think Mitt Romney made that comment in complete innocence. I’m not trying to belittle the candidate at all. His choice of words have become a cultural phenomenon and my Halloween costume is about that one phrase, NOT HIM. I hope people who support him (here) are not offended by all of these posts about my costume. It’s all meant for fun. But I don’t want my fun to upset people.

      • klmh says:

        Sorry Nancy, I misunderstood your question above. I have 2 other sisters, not as close.

  45. lovemamaearth says:

    Please send Baby Wive home. Can’t stand Courtney.

  46. Nancy says:

    Noelle? Are you still with us?

  47. klmh says:

    I am going to try this brand:
    I have some dog breeder friends that have recommended it, and I’ll let you know if the dogs like it.

    • california35 says:

      im curious, i changed my dogs food accidentally, luckily i only got a small bag and i still had the old food. i mixed the two so that it wouldn’t be drastic (i had already opened the bag). she seemed fine, she had no issues except that … dont know if i should share the details, but there was a change when she does her “business”. i figured now that i noticed, that better change the food back or at least what to look for in the next time i change her food.

      • klmh says:

        Oh, so this dog food caused a problem? I wonder if the biljac I got as a try out food will do that as well? It is the hard food. Maybe the veggies made a difference?

  48. Nancy says:

    Game 1 of the World Series
    SF Giants-8
    DET Tigers-3

  49. Noelle says:

    First Spartans, then LIONS and now TIGERS!!!!!

  50. Nancy says:

    Thank-you everyone for another fun live chat.
    Sleep well all.

    Noelle tomorrow is another day. 🙂

  51. Noelle says:

    good night.
    sweet dreams to all and george(clenched teeth) too!!


  52. melthehound says:

    958 LaineyLainey 😀

  53. boston02127 says:


  54. california35 says:

    good morning, is it Friday yet?

    one more day, i hope we have a nice day even if it isnt Friday yet.

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