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Jill Zarin’s Secret Tape by NoMoreDrama (update)

Looks like Jill Zarin had a friend in the audience who secretly taped her interview with Andy Cohen for WWHL.  Apparently network executives aren’t pleased.   Zarin told Page Six of the NY Post she had no idea the interview was recorded: “Someone in my party did use an iPhone, because they love me and wanted to protect me . . . to make sure I remembered what I said, and that what I said was accurately edited. It was for my own protection.”  Jill told Page 6 she was very happy with the results of her appearance: “thanks to Andy,” she says she’s now headed to LA, and “all these networks want to talk to me.”

“Secretly taping an interview is no way for Jill to get herself back on the network . . . or any network, for that matter,” sniffed a source. Bravo had no comment.

Andy’s tweet:  “Beware former Housewives with tape recorders!!”

Housewife and Other Bravo News by BB

Kim Zolciak:  According to Gather.com, KimZB fans will be seeing a lot less of her in season five of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. A production insider revealed Kim didn’t film a lot of scenes for the upcoming season because of doctor’s orders. “She didn’t film that much. It was a difficult pregnancy and she was under doctor’s orders to rest,” the production insider said. Kim wasn’t that involved in last season’s drama either, so I guess this year won’t be much different.  Also, Kim was tweeting yesterday about it being a “big day” for them.  Wonder what that tweet was about – Is Bravo definitely confirming her spin-off?; Has her dream house been completed?; Is she pregnant again?  Does anyone know what she was talking about?  Spill the beans, Kim.  Inquiring minds want to know.

NeNe Leakes:  Although NeNe declared “I’m divorced” during the taping of RHOA Season 4 Reunion (that clip did not make it to air), will NeNe and Gregg reconcile in Season 5?  Wetpaint Entertainment reports “Gregg has been taping regularly for season five,” according to a show insider.  The show insider continues, “He’s not missing in action at all.  He’s definitely part of the new season.”  The insider further says a big part of NeNe’s storyline will be whether or not she and Gregg will get back together.  As for as some of the other couples are concerned, Cynthia and Peter seem to be doing better, Kim and Kroy are in nesting mode and Phaedra and Apollo are always having fun.

Brandi Glanville:  According to usmagazine.com, when asked about finding a suitable partner, the full time Real Housewife of Beverly Hills had this to say, “I don’t really ‘date.’ What is that? I make out! It’s hard to meet guys because they want to date you because you are on TV, or there are guys who like you but don’t want anything to do with you because you are on TV,” she explained. “It’s a hard road.”  About Brandi’s relationship with Kyle and Kim Richards for Season 3, Kyle remarked:  “We are definitely in a better place than season 2, that’s for sure!  “It couldn’t get any worse than that!”

More on Alexis Bellino:  Yesterday NMD reported that Alexis Bellino would be a returning as a regular housewife for Season 8 of the Real Housewives of Orange County.  She added she hoped Alexis had gotten a big raise.  Well, AllAboutTRH.com reported that according to Star Magazine, Alexis had requested $100K more per season, but Bravo wouldn’t budge, leaving Alexis begging to come back to the show on Bravo’s original salary offer.   An insider said, “The rest of the cast thinks she’s an egomaniac and are furious.”  So according to reports, Alexis is coming back into a hostile working environment with no increase in pay.  Reminds me of the old saying, “When they passed out brains, she thought they said rain and ran and hid.”  I just can’t feel too sorry for someone who will take that kind of abuse and public bashing for a paycheck.  There are better ways to make a living.

Aviva Drescher:  If you live in/near NYC and would like to meet Aviva and her leg, she will be hosting a special fall hosiery event for Gladys Magazine and Valentina Hosiery.  You can purchase SiSi Hosiery, get a photo opportunity with Aviva and if you’re really lucky, could possibly get her autograph!  This event starring Aviva will be held on the Brasserie Cognac at 1740 Broadway in New York on Saturday, October 27, from 2-5 PM.

Couples Therapy couple Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen recently talked to Celebuzz about their former co-workers. [“I talk to Ramona [Singer] very regularly,” McCord told Celebuzz. “I talk to Sonja [Morgan].” McCord is not on speaking terms, however, with fellow ousted housewife Jill Zarin — but her husband is. After production wrapped, Van Kempen extended the olive branch to his former reality TV nemesis.  “Simon and Jill talk,” she said. “Jill and I e-mail back and forth,” Van Kempen added. “There’s a lot of things she said about me over the years. It’s all water over the bridge.”  “I wish her the absolute best,” added McCord.]

In Other Bravo News:

According to Bravo’s The Dish, Rachel Zoe may be producing a semi-autobiographical sitcom for NBC.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rachel is quoted as saying, “It’s a script that was sold and we’re in phase two.  We’ll see where it goes.  It’s all uncharted territory.  This is gonna be another baby of mine, for sure.  It should be really fun and really creative.  The possibilities are endless, that’s the beauty of scripted television.”  Those at Bravo should know since most of its “reality” TV has morphed into scripted TV.  All I have to say is that is BA-NA-NAS.

Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic will be hosting the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant live from Las Vegas on NBC December 19th, 8-10 PM.


Walking Dead Episode # 302  “Sick”  By BlueSky1Forever

Rick and his small exploratory group are in the prison cafeteria, trying to save Hershel. The small group of prison survivors that have been trapped in this cafeteria for 10 months are holding their weapons, not sure about what to do. Is this their opportunity to get out of the prison? They watch as Rick and his group put Hershel on a cafeteria table with wheels, and rush out of the room, killing walkers as they go.  The prisoners follow them, seizing the moment to get out of the cafeteria. They follow the flashlights of Rick’s group from a safe distance.

Rushing inside their secured cellblock, Rick gets Hershel into a cell and onto a bed. Carol takes over, asking for clean towels to stop Hershel’s bleeding stump.

Daryl holds the prisoners back outside the cellblock. The prisoners are clueless about what has happened outside the prison. Rick listens to them tell their story, when the prison fell to the walkers. They were locked up inside the cafeteria by a prison guard, who told them he would be back later. Ten long months later, Rick’s group showed up. The prisoners are stunned that the world outside the prison has been taken over by walkers too. They realize that their families are probably dead. Rick takes them out into the yard to show them. The prisoners are happy to see the sun as they take in the prison yard strewn with dead walkers. Rick tells them they are all infected, doomed to become walkers when they die. He tells them he will help them clear out their own cellblock. Rick reminds them that he rescued them so he’s in charge not them. The prisoners don’t have a choice. They decide to take up Rick’s offer to clear out another cellblock. Rick asks for half of what food is left in the cafeteria. Rick warns Tomas, the leader of the five prisoners, that he will kill them if they go anywhere near Rick’s group.

Back to Carol wrapping Hershel’s leg in towels. Carol needs more medical supplies. Hershel is still unconscious. Glenn comforts Maggie. She’s afraid her father will wake up but will be a walker.

Tomas takes Rick back to the cafeteria and shows him the food they have left. It doesn’t look like much, but even half of it is more than what Rick has for his people. Rick brings some much needed food back to his cellblock. Lori wants to know what Rick will do with the “rescued” prisoners. She tells Rick she knows he’s not a killer. But he should do whatever he needs to do to keep their group safe.

Daryl and Rick brief Tomas and his group on how they will clear out a cell block. Go for the brain, they are told, to quickly kill a walker. They will use iron rods, hatchets, crow bars, but no guns against the walkers. The men proceed to take on the walkers.

Maggie, alone with Hershel, promises her unconscious father that they will take care of each other without him, it’s okay to die. She thanks her father for everything and kisses him. She puts her head on Hershel’s chest, alone with him and her grief.

Now we see the prisoners creeping down a hallway, when walkers suddenly appear. Rick and Daryl watch as Tomas and his men attack the walkers. They waste time hacking the walkers to death, instead of using efficient blows to the brain. Daryl reminds them only to attack the walker’s brain. Rick tells them “no prison riot crap” and not to lose formation. The next group of walkers almost overwhelms them. The prisoner Big Tiny gets scratched in the back by a walker.

Carl Jr. appears with a bag of medical supplies. Lori is angry that he risked going for medical supplies alone. He killed two walkers and brought the supplies back all by himself. Carol wants Glen to help her with a special project. She has to convince Glen to go with her, since Rick had ordered Glen to stay with Hershel.

Meanwhile, Rick and Tomas are faced with a decision. What to do with the infected prisoner? Tomas brutally makes the decision, killing Big Tiny with his crowbar. Tomas keeps hacking until Big Tiny is beyond dead. Rick realizes Tomas is a threat to everyone.

Carol takes Glen outside to find a walker to practice on. She needs to practice how to do a c-section in case Hershel can’t help. Lori will need a c-section to deliver the baby, which we still don’t know if it’s even alive. Carol chooses a walker to use for honing her surgical skills. With an expert jab to the eye with her metal rod, the young female walker goes down. Glen lures the other walkers away so that Carol can open the fence and drag the cadaver inside.

Rick & Tomas continue to move into a cellblock and kill walkers. Tomas throws a walker on top of Rick. Daryl moves fast to save Rick. Rick confronts Tomas, then with lightening speed kills him. One of the prisoners runs off. Rick follows him, hunting him down. When the prisoner runs out into the yard, Rick closes the gate, locking him out. He tells the prisoner to run for his life, but knows he will die. Has Rick been using every opportunity to kill off the prisoners? There are now only two prisoners left alive. One begs for his life, the other one remains stoic, refusing to plead for his life. Daryl and Rick decide to let them live. They have to clear out the dead bodies in their now safe cellblock by themselves. Daryl advises them to burn the dead bodies outside, and that he’s sorry for what has happened to their friends.

Maggie is watching Hershel struggle to breath. His chest stops moving. Hershel’s other daughter screams for help. Lori tries to do CPR on Hershel. She opens his mouth to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation. Hershel grabs Lori. Is he a walker now? Lori struggles out of Hershel’s grip. Carl Jr. is ready with his pistol pointed at Hershel. Hershel is alive, not a walker. Lori saved Hershel but she needs him alive, to do her c-section.

Hershel is opening his eyes. Rick removes the handcuff from Hershel’s wrist, then grips his hand. Everyone is relieved that Hershel is alive. Even Carl Jr. gives a half-smile.

Carol is removing the dead walker’s clothes so that she can begin her experiment. Someone is watching thru the bushes, we don’t know who or what. It’s a creepy scene. Lori and Rick are outside, looking over the prison yard from a walkway connecting two buildings. Rick tells her “for the record, I don’t think you’re a bad mother.” Lori muses on their situation. They have food, Hershel’s alive, it’s a good day. Lori wants to discuss their tense relationship. She realizes there’s nothing to discuss. Rick rubs her shoulder, tells her that they are all grateful for saving Hershel. He walks off. Lori realizes their relationship is no longer a loving one.

In the previews for the next episode, we see Michonne and Andrea in a safe town. We get a glimpse of Merle, so now we know he is alive in the town that is walker free. We also see Michonne asking for her weapons back. It looks like Andrea and Michonne are not happy in this safe place, but we don’t know why.


Life After Top Chef – Shear Today, Gone to Marrow By Keida

Spike – Two weeks away from opening a Good Stuff Eatery in Crystal City has Spike’s family buzzing.  Spike, like Fabio, can schmooze.  He can wine and dine with the best of them. He and his dad head to the new restaurant to check on the progress.  Apparently the tile is messed up.  One thing I like about Spike is he understands the meaning of hands-on-owner.  Spike also gets a few digs in at his father whose father was a butcher.  But he learned numbers not meat.

Fabio – In California, Fabio’s mother is doing what moms do best, take care of their children.  Since he’s heading to New York soon, it means she will soon be leaving.  But before she leaves, he’s taking her on a special trip to the beach.  There, she reminds him about his working so much.  But like so many people, he remembers the tough times as a child.  We never forget those, which is why we are the way we are as adults.  He reminds her that he works for her and his father.  One day soon he’ll buy her a house, nearby.  Close, but not too close.  Cut to NY, and Fabio is getting ready for his segment on Good Morning America.  It’s so interesting to see him network and schmooze.  I wish I picked up this skill from my father, who’s also a master.  The show seems to be pushing a paradox that Fabio is so popular yet so alone.  Since both he and Blais are in NY, they plan on having a man date.

Richard – In New York, Blais has been invited for the Best New Chefs event at the NY Food & Wine Festival. He has a team of four, and immediately he starts in critiquing.  He’s making bone marrow, braised ox cheek and pickled walnut.  Sounds delicious…not really.  However, despite the name, I bet it takes good.  I, for one, love meat.  I love fat on steak.  And I love bone marrow.  George Mendes, a former contestant on the previous Top Chef Masters, is there.  Why’s he there? He’s not new; he’s a master chef.  A new realm for Blais is handing the press, the red carpet, and greeting the public, everything that Spike and Fabio are masters of.  Again, there’s Mike Isabella.  He’s become king of the pop-in, special guest star.  Angelo Sosa is also there.  I think he just opened a new restaurant in NY.  I wonder why he wasn’t tapped for this show.  When Fabio and Blais get together, they shop for a knife for Jazmin.  Fabio doesn’t see it, but I do.  I remember at my wedding my best friend bought me a knife set.  It’s the biggest trust move.  Later they have dinner with Carla Hall, Dale Talde, and Angelo Sosa.  Now that’s a dinner.  I loved all of them on Top Chef All-Stars.  Oh!  They’re eating at Dale’s place.  Wow!  All five of these chefs have achieved so much success.  I’m so happy for them.  Again, Blais is criticizing what he’s accomplished.  Gosh, guy, take it easy on yourself; you definitely have an inferiority complex. Even Fabio sees it, but then Fabio says he should be working instead of talking.  Gah, take a break once in a while.

Jenn – In Charleston, fellow chefs and friends, Craig and Charles, have invited her to their farm.  She invites Spike to go with her.  Boy, Spike leads a hard life.  At his place, he tells her that she should talk to his investors to help back her restaurant.  That is very selfless.  And unfortunately, somewhat unexpected coming from Spike. But maybe not so shocking, when Jenn tells us that she and Spike used to work together at Le Bernadin.  With his Australian outback hat, Spike pulls over at a roadside hotel where in all probability they will probably be abused in some way.  Okay Spike, I think you’ve watch Vacancy a bit too many times.  The next morning, they both get lost.  Lost in Virginia.  At least it’s not West Virginia.  Yes, I’ve seen too many scary movies.  They finally make it and it’s a huge farm Border Springs Farm.  They have fun attempting to sort sheep.  Jenn’s definitely a city girl.  The sheep shearing shed was funny.  Jenn let the world know that she doesn’t see Spike in THAT way.  I wonder if the audience realizes that all those animals on the farm—the sheep, the cows, the chickens, the turkeys—are supper?  It doesn’t bother me, but for a minute, I thought they were going to kill that turkey on camera.  That night they have a pot luck dinner by bonfire.  When Jenn drinks, she gets flirty.  She had a much needed break and time away from her troubles.


Couple’s Therapy Episode 5 by Mr and Mrs Lulu

Her blog

 Starts off where it left off last week. Nik still wants to leave. He just wants to go off living together but separately.  Sarah the therapist intervenes and asks him to stay.  Nik opens ups about how lonely he is.  But that seems to piss off Shayne for some reason.  Sarah reasons with her to go comfort her husband. She finally does they somewhat reconcile.

Group Therapy

Dr Jen announces this weeks topic is about who has the power in the relationship. She begins with Monica and 2 short.  Monica states that because of their careers they are both in power.  However in terms of their relationship 2short holds the key.  Next is Doug and Courtney, she is quick to say she has the power.  Her reasoning is because she feels empowered by the way she dresses.  Also that she is an advocate for all of those suffering low self esteem in this world!?!?!? Dr Jen tells her to cut the uknowwhat and actually answer the question.  She can’t, again no connection to her marriage.  Doug adds that he has the power because he put his foot down and told her boyfriend to F off???  Dr Jen calls out Courtney and says she’s behaving way too childish.  No really Dr Jen! On to Alex and Simon.  Alex feels that in any discussion that Simon has the power and she most likely to agree with him.  Simon states that he’s felt that he had to be in a stronger role in that relationship because of their minor age gap.  Dr Jen states that Alex chose Simon due to confidence issues.  I don’t think its that at all.  I just think that Simon took the role of breadwinner and ran with it.

Nik and Shayne

Dr Jen asks Nik why he wants to leave.  Nik again states that he is lonely in his marriage.  Dr Jen points out that they lead seperate lives of which Shayne disagrees to it?  Dr Jen tells her that she can’t disagree to Nik having an “emotion.”  She is being very insensitive and Dr Jen has her number.  She discovers that Shayne never had that base growing up. She’s never opened up to anyone.  Dr Jen prescribes lots of cuddling and listen to your husband!

2Short and Monica

Monica asks 2 short why she is there.  2short still has his wall up and says their not exclusive.  He still refuses to drop the personna.  Later Dr Jen asks him what he wants.  He wants to no longer be a womanizing player andhave an actual relationship.

Special guest: See creepy love story

Dr moty palek?? sp? Tells his story of how he was a poor farmer in Israel who fantasized about a woman in a brochure.  Eventually he comes to America and becomes a psychiatrist marries and has kids.  So unsatisfied with his life and marriage he divorces his wife.  He tracks down the woman in the photo. Calls her a complete stranger at this point and tells her how much he loves her, fantasized about her, soulmates?!?!?!?! I feel dirty writing this!  The stalker got the person he was stalking!!!!  They get married and she comes out and explains that love is not perfect.  Ummmm!!!!!  I don’t get the point of their story or how it’s tragic???

Doug’s creepy mural

So Doug likes to write creepy things about Courtney on his wall.  He combines their name like Bragelina but theirs is Dourtney?!?!?!  Nik discovers it and of course tells Shayne and teases her.  He wants their names to be Shaynik!! Nice to see for the first time they are actually interacting like a married couple!  Then Shayne confronts Doug about Dourtney!  He plays it off like that is what we do!?!?!?!?!

Courtney’s hookerware

Dr Jen has listened to multiple complaints about Courtney’s hookerware.  She calls Doug and Courtney in to discuss proper attire.  Once Dr Jen lays down the law and says “dress code.”  Courtney is quick to say that it is their problem and not hers.  Also that she saves lives!!!!!! by the way she dresses!?!?!? See delusional!!  She speaks for the “little people” and those who don’t have a voice!?!?!  Dr Jen holds firm and says cover up or leave.  Doug quick to defend his Child bride “attire.”  In the previews for next week they are thrown out of therapy!!!  Finally!!!  Alex shows Courtney just how the house feels about her by putting a wad of money in her clothing!

His blog


As amazing as Shayne is, I always sort of wondered why Nik and her got married. Don’t get me wrong, both great people, its just they do not seem like they would ever meet and end up getting married. Than I heard how they got married eight hours after meeting in Las Vegas. Wow, I mean hats off to them for making their marriage work after that sort of start, and having the commitment to go through this challenging a therapy process, especially as new parents. But that does paint in a lot of details of why their relationship is the way it is. I’m kind of surprised though why Doctor Jen was so targeted at Shayne’s issues with openness, and not learning how to be open growing up. I guess I was expecting more a focus on telling them both about how it is very normal for a first time father to feel lonely as well. I mean that kid comes, and that is a 24/7 commitment to provide for in various ways by both parents. And the sort of hours moms need to put in, and the emotional focus the kid needs, well that don’t leave a lot for dad. I’ll just flat out say it, being a new father is emotionally harsh, you going from being number one in your marriage to this guy standing off to the side sitting on the bench, wanting to get in the game, but not being needed in the way your used to be and the ‘Coach’ really getting tired of you asking to get in the game. So maybe it is the editing of the show, but I’m finding it really hard not believing that Sha’Niks problems in the now doesn’t lay as much in the new parents area as it does in the ability to be emotionally open.

2Short and Monica,

2Short has got some real problems, and I am surprised Doctor Jen did not grill him more on it. I heard everything he was saying, and thought, that is a kid from nothing, made something, but still thinking like the kid who grew up with nothing. He is still, with the majority of his life now lived as a success, acting like he has to get all the material he can before it is all gone. It is crazy, but at the same time I can understand it. Going from a guy in East Oakland to a multi-platinum recording artist, with a stage persona that most likely emphasizes a lot of what he thought he’d never have, the money, the woman, etc, has got to screw you up in the head a little. It is almost like your life becoming your own Gary Stew/Mary Sue work of fiction, as to much removal of boundaries and immediate consequences will have you believing a lot of crazy things. It isn’t hard to see how he can be so screwed up that he is not seeing what a lucky man he is to have a woman like Monica, its just saddening to realize the material and hedonistic side of celebrity can have a hold on you enough that you would risk losing it.

The whole segment with ‘Unrequited Love,’

I think we missed somethings from how the show is edited to understand what exactly Doctor Jen’s point was having this really charming couple there. I like the story and all, but I don’t see how it related one bit to any one of the couples in that room.

The Dourtney,

Seriously, Courtney has got to be a sociopath topped with issues of meglomania. She has saved lives, and is an advocate for those lacking self esteem? Also the dancing about Doctor Jen’s questions, and more so direction when it came to the rules. I really do think it wasn’t so much how Courtney dresses, as it was Doctor Jen and her staff making a deciscion of treatment for all the couples, either cut the couple with a sociopath loose or risk harming them all. So Doctor Jen saw a way to put leverage on Courtney and Doug to make them leave and applied it. I actually do hope they leave. Sorry, have dealt with socipaths, and they are like fire, try and rationalize and establish boundraries with it and you’ll end up burned from head to toe.


Survivor Philippines Oct 24, 2012  Down and Dirty by MelTheHound

Welcome back… Here’s where we stand kids.

Kalabaw (Water Buffalo) Tribe (red)

  • Katie Hanson, 22, Newark, Delaware, 2011 Miss Delaware
  • Jeff Kent, 44, Austin, Texas, former Major League Baseball All Star
  • Carter Williams, 24, Shawnee, Kansas, coach
  • Jonathan Penner – Third time through- Evac’d last time with an infection.
  • Denise Stapley, 41, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, therapist

Tandang (Rooster) Tribe (Yellow)

  • Abi-Maria Gomes, 32, Los Angeles, student
  • Malcolm Freberg, 25, Hermosa Beach, California, bartender
  • Roberta “RC” Saint-Amour, 27, New York, banker
  • Artis Silvester, 53, Terry Town, Louisiana, computer engineer
  • Lisa Whelchel, 49, Dallas, former star TV’s “The Facts of Life”
  • Peter “Pete” Yurkowski, 24, Holmdel, New Jersey, engineering graduate
  • Michael Skupin – Returning player who passed out and burned the skin off of his palms after falling into a fire.

Welcome back castaway kiddies. We are at the end of day 13 back at camp after last week’s tribal council. Katie, has narrowly escaped being sent home, a gift given to her, in my opinion, by Dawson’s big mouth. Notice in the roster, that there are now only two tribes. Denise and Malcom were sent to Kalabaw and Tandang tribes respectively as a result of Matsing being dissolved and a random draw to see who would go where. Just before then, Malcom had found his tribe’s hidden idol (and Denise knows he has it).

At the Tandang camp, the food is getting pretty thin. It turns out that Skupin is eating the stuff raw without regard to the rest of his tribe. Artis notes that his tribe is a tribe plus one, the one being Michael Skupin. This guy has got to go. There is rumbling among the others to the same affect. He’s been nothing but a pain in the ass since day one. He has the half baked notion that the rice will cook inside his body since it’s nearly 100 degrees (Ummm, Dumbass, in my best Jeff Dunham’s Walter voice). Somehow I think Everybody decided that none of these veterans would win the game. Over at Kalabaw, We see Katie and Denise having a chat about who has a hidden idol. They both agree, correctly, that it’s likely Penner because he brought a bag to council but never took anything out of it. I guess that’s because he felt confident in his position, especially after Denise sided with the men.

Reward Challenge Time. Looks good and sloppy doesn’t it. It has likely rained more than not during this game so far so no matter what game they’re playing, if it’s on land, they are going to get muddy. It’s Artis’s birthday we come to find out. Since Kalabaw is down two, Tandang will sit two out, Malcom and RC. The game is for a 3 vs 3 push of that big ball toward the other teams net. Think of it as soccer with a huge ball and anything goes to make the ball move. What this turns into is a huge wrestling match. They must score 3 points to win reward.

This is what they are playing for.. Food. Remember, Skupin has nearly eaten all the Tandang tribe’s rice. Kalabaw isn’t faring too well on the rice either but they also have the cool fishing kit complete with the canoe. The first 3 to go for each are, Lisa, Skupin, and Peter for Tandang. For Kalabow, Penner, Carter, and Denise.

And we’re off. Remember, it takes 3 points to win which means there could be 5 heats. These two teams are pretty evenly matched for this game. Remember I said, Anything goes, short of all out abuse. There are some questionable moves but Probst declares them legal. See the photo on top… This is pretty much how they remained for a solid hour without moving the ball an inch. Penner and Skupin have each other tied up, Lisa has Denise tied up by wrapping herself around Denise’s feet, Peter and Carter have each other tied up.

At some point after the first hour without scoring a single point, Skupin suggests a forfeit. A trade. The sandwiches for Kalabaw’s rice. Probst says if everyone agrees then it’s fine, otherwise, the game must be played out to a win. Remember, they’ve been there for an hour at least. There is some discussion about it, and they reach an agreement. Kalabaw gives up their remaining rice for the reward. Kalabaw figures they have the fishing equipment so they’ll be able to eat, without the rice. They all go back to their respective camps and the reward ‘winners’ enjoy their meal. Over at Tandang, they get their extra rice and it turns out, it really only doubles their supply. Twice nothing is still nothing. Know what I mean? At the rate he’s consuming it, Skupin will have that gone in a day. The rest of the tribe is grumbling about the trade and Skupin as he’s talking to RC, doesn’t get it. He asked everyone and they all agreed (most did anyway). Artis is pissed as is Abi (does anybody care that Abi is upset? Didn’t think so).

There is only one reason I’m showing you this picture. Can I just say, What the phuck? Sorry if that offends you but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen RC in this outfit on the island. There’s a pair of capri type slacks that goes with the jacket. I know this is a talking head recorded after the fact but I’ve also seen her wear it to one of the challenges (with her game cloths underneath of course). Does she think she’s in her bank office? Now, remember that huge lunch that Kalabaw traded their staple food, the rice, for? Well apparently it’s worn off on the day of the immunity challenge. Carter is hungry as are the others so Penner goes on a fishing expedition. Maybe he should have watched Ozzy a couple seasons ago to see how it’s done. They show this guy swimming (with a snorkel) all over the blue lagoon show dozens of Large fish all around him. Then they show him emerging from the water with two, puny, silver dollar sized fish on his spear. Really? That’s the best he could do? These two pitiful creatures have to be split up among 5 people.
Immunity Challenge time.. This is a game where a player from each team uses one of these sling shots to launch a ball down field. The other members of each tribe are waiting with nets to catch the balls. They must stand at their stations touching a pole until the ball is in the air. In this game, it doesn’t matter who catches who’s ball. That is, Tandang (Lisa) can launch one and if Penner catches it, it’s a point for Kalabaw. Got it? Good. Catchers are, Penner, Carter, and Jeff (the baseball player) and Katie for Kalabaw and Denise is manning the sling shot. Malcom, Peter, Artis and RC are catching for the Tandang tribe with Lisa launching the balls (She came to play, no doubt about that). There are a couple stars on each team but I would have expected the all star pro ball player to catch all of them. I guess without a roaring crowd, a cut of tobacco in his mouth, and his hand on his crotch, he ain’t all that great. Each of the women, Lisa and Denise gave solid shots on every round. Carter kind of petered out and Katie was useless as usual. At one point, Skupin tells Lisa to aim for Malcom. I think Penner caught one, Jeff caught 3 and by the near end it was tied 4-4 (5 needed to win). Denise fires hers, her people miss catching it. Lisa fires hers, Malcom catches it winning immunity for Tandang, again. Yet again, my favorite player, Denise, is going to tribal council. She’s been there for every single one. By the way… Two players from Tandang had to sit out to even the number of players. Skupin was one and guess who the other one was? Give up? Abi. Surprise. Probst notes that she has participated in 2 of the 8  challenges so far.

That’s about the last we see of Tandang for the episode. Over at the Kalabaw camp, the usual discussion begins between players as to who to send home. Somehow, Jeff and Carter decide to blindside Penner and get rid of the one guy they don’t want to win the game. They have to keep it quiet though so not to spook him into using the idol (that they know he has). The photo above is the captioned scene, of Carter asking Penner who to send home.. Woops. Between the three of them then, they decide it’s time for Katie to go home. Katie walks up and before she says a word, they tell her, it’s Denise. Naturally she is on to the ruse because they were too quick to tell her. At the end of the discussions, Penner is voting Katie, and She is voting for him. That’s the assumption anyway, and Jeff and Carter will be the deciding votes.

Council time. There they all are, all 5 of them. Probst asks which of them feels they are going home. Denise and Katie raise their hands. Penner says even if he thought it himself he would never raise his hand and put himself on anyone’s radar. Denise says she did because she’s the new kid. Last hired, first fired. Katie admits her lack of actual worth to the tribe beyond being fun to hang out with. Jeff (Kent) says that regardless of who is sent home, it’s a blindside because they’ve all bonded (except at this point, on day 16, Denise, the new kid).

Vote time. Do I need to say it? I’ll just show you. Katie voted for Penner, everyone else voted for Katie. On her exit interview, Katie says that she thought she could hang in the challenges by found out otherwise. Have a safe trip home, Katie.. Another beauty pageant queen gone (Miss Delaware 2011).

In the teaser for next week, it looks like it may be the merge. Kalabaw is down to 4 and this is looking mighty familiar. All that’s left of them is the men’s alliance, and Denise. Personally, from that tribe, I would bounce Carter next but, I’m not playing the game. We’ll see what happens next week.

See you then,


Watch episodes here



Duck Dynasty – Season 2 Fowl Play & Sweatin’ Bullets  Back-to-Back Episodes by Stars99

Fowl Play

The episode opens with Jase and his gang breaking into Duck Commander Headquarters at 5:47 AM to grab a spotlight cuz they’re goin’ frog huntin’ to catch some “thumper jumpers.”  This is a Top Secret mission that they’re taking very seriously.  However, Si seems to think that if they get caught, that all they’ll hafta do is to stand really, really still… cuz then you’ll turn invisible and will just blend into the background.  While everyone is concentrating on finding what they need to find, Si decides to try out one of the duck calls and ‘bout scares the livin’ daylights outta everyone.  Nothing like hearing a duck call blaring in your ear at 6:00 AM!  While they were at it – they broke into Willie’s office and managed to break his computer monitor and manhandled some of his other things.

At Willie’s house, things are about to explode because Willie got his daughter Sadie’s cell phone bill in the mail and about had a heart attack!  It was for $328 for one month only for Sadie’s phone only – because Sadie had racked up 9,300 text messages. I think they seriously need to get a new plan that has unlimited texting. Willie is surprised she still has thumbs after all that texting.  He decides, “This girl needs to learn the value of a dollar before somebody sells her some magical beans.”  Willie and his wife confiscates Sadie’s cell phone and tells her that she’s sentenced to go to her Mamaw and Papaw’s house for the day without having access to her cell phone.

Willie gets to the office and immediately calls the police because Duck Commander Headquarters had a break-in overnight.  While the police were still there, Jase and his crew saunter into work 4 hours late proudly hauling the freshly caught bullfrogs in a cooler.  Si describes the great outdoors as “God’s grocery store… and it’s open 7/24.” Jase corrects him, “24/7.” Si decides, “Hey, either way, it’s open all the time.” Willie broke the bad news to Jase that somebody broke into their office sometime that night – that the office is messed up and that they even screwed up his computer.  Jase immediately comes clean to the police officer.  Willie thinks about pressin’ charges against his brother.  He is kind of mad and surprised at himself that he didn’t immediately suspect this was all Jase’s fault in the first place.

Sadie is baking with her Mamaw Miss Kate.  Miss Kate is telling Sadie that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and then starts talking about stuff granddaughters NEVER ever want to hear their Mamaw’s say, “Sometimes when I give Phil big rewards… it might even lead too… umm… you know…honeymoon time.  If Phil comes in and sees me with a little flour mess on my apron – there’s nothing that gets him turned on more than that.”  TMI!  Miss Kate continues, “If Sadie can master making these muffins… there’s not a man that won’t be after her.”  I’m confident Sadie had to quickly go find the bleach to scrub those images out of her mind.  Miss Kate leaves Sadie to watch the muffins while she goes to do something else.  Papaw Phil comes home to smoke coming out of the oven.  Sadie had burned the muffins, and Phil says, “Ummmm, yeah, I think they’re done.”  That’s the understatement of the year.  The dogs won’t even eat them.  Later, Miss Kate says, “Sadie’s muffin’s might have been burned… but it’s better than anything I’ve had of Korrie’s [Sadie’s mom].”

Back at Duck Commander Headquarters, Willie decides he needs some extra security and has several cameras installed all over the place, even in the duck call workroom.  Willie has a monitor in his office so he can watch what is going on at all times on any camera he chooses to watch.  There are also intercoms so he can provide his valuable input directly to his staff from the comfort of his own office throughout the day.  The guys are not happy at ALL with this Big Brother-like surveillance.  Jase bellyaches, “The idea of having a peepin’ Willie – that’s creepy.” Jase argues with Willie that he’s a pervert for watchin’ people… Willie does not think it’s perverted at all.

Of course it doesn’t take long before the guys in the workroom demonstrate why the cameras might actually not be such a bad idea.  They decide to play a game of “Dizzy Darts.”  This basically means that they put Si in a wheeled office chair and spin him around and around really fast… then he has 5 seconds to stand up and throw darts at the target on the office wall.  Of course Willie watches as this all unfolds and can’t believe his eyes.  He summarizes that watching the guys work is like watching a train wreck – but that he just can’t look away.  The next thing the guys hear is Willie’s voice booming over their intercom telling them they’ve only worked 15 minutes in the last 3 hours.  The guys decide they are going to have to put a stop to this stuff.

Since Sadie was oh so successful in baking, Papaw Phil decides he’s going to have Sadie help him with some other kinds of things.  He takes her outside of the house, and tells her the first thing she has to do is to crawl up underneath the house for about 30 feet and turn off a valve with a wrench.  But he tells her that she’s in luck, cuz all of the poisonous snakes that used to be around are gone since he’s just certain he’s killed them all.  Phil muses, “Send a woman up under a dark house… and she tends to be more alert than she otherwise would be.” When Sadie is squeamish about the potential of being bitten by a poisonous snake, Papaw Phil confidently assures her, “You’ll swell up a little bit, but you’ll be alright…  You get used to it after a while.”  I wonder how many times Phil’s been bitten… it might explain some things about he and his kids.

Jase decides he needs to teach Willie the lesson that he should NEVER mess with him.  Jase formulates a plan and talks to Si, “To get Willie out of his office – we cause a diversion – that’s where you come in Si.”  But Si quickly replies, “No, I can’t do it – I never was good at math.”  Crickets chirp for 2 minutes.  Jase patiently explains he said “diversion” not “division.”  Si is relieved and boasts, “I’m a master at distractions.  I can do a couple of hand gestures… and then BAM!  … I can take your underwear clean off your butt.”  It’s decided that Si is gonna pretend to have appendicitis and that he needs to be taken to the hospital. Jase says they just need 5 minutes to get everything ready. Si thinks that when he goes into his act… that Willie and the whole warehouse will be transfixed by his acting ability.  Si dutifully goes into his act at the appointed time. He convulses on the floor in the warehouse, “Help me, I’ve fallen, and I’ve dropped my tea!”  Willie never came out to help him.  No one came out to help him.  After a while, he just got up and went back into the workroom.  They discover that Willie wasn’t even in his office at the time.  Prolly should have checked that out first, no?  Si is sad because he could have died on the floor and no one would have even known.

While Willie was out of his office, the guys put a camera in his office and take the monitor to their workroom so they can spy on him.  Turnabout is fair play!  They start roaring when they see Willie start playing golf in his office.  Jase’s voice booms over the intercom, “Hey Willie, you’re pullin’ the putt.”  Willie jumps and looks totally startled… and Jase continues, “Release the putter head.  You wanna watch me? I’ll watch you.”  Uh oh… Willie is storming to the workroom.  Jase attempts to negotiate with Willie – “You can have a camera in here… but have the monitor somewhere else so you’re not just sitting there looking at it.”  Willie thinks that’s fair.  However, while Willie was in the workroom jammerin’ on and on about the camera and monitor to Jase, their other brother Jep snuck into Willie’s office and put about 20 live bullfrogs on his desk.  I especially like the one sprawled out over his keyboard.

Willie closes the episode by saying, “Being a CEO and being a parent aren’t all that different, especially when everyone acts like children. On one hand, you don’t want anyone to think they can get away with murder… but on the other, you can’t constantly watch over them.  It’s a delicate balance. I may not have the formula down yet – but I do know one thing – the only waste of time bigger than the guys in the duck call room – is watching the guys in the duck call room.”


Sweatin’ Bullets

It’s hot, hot, HOT in the duck call workroom.  It’s summer, and the A/C is not working.  The guys are literally melting before our eyes.  Si thinks he’s like Frosty the Snowman because he’s melted all the way down to his boots. The guys are forced to look for alternative cooling sources.  Jase puts a bunch of ice in his cap and puts it right on his head so the ice melts and drips down his forehead.  Si pours his iced tea over his own head.  Another worker puts his head in the fridge.  Jase and Willie’s brother Jep decides it’s too hot to wear pants, so he decides to cut off his blue jeans to a mid-thigh length.  Jase says, “The last thing I need right now is for you to turn your perfectly good pair of blue jeans into jorts. You should have cut a little deeper towards the knee – I don’t want to see what’s in your pockets.” Si starts singing, “Frosty the Snowman” – the others think this is the first sign of heat stroke.

Jase goes into Willie’s office where he has a fan and a water spritzer.  He complains that it’s at least 140 degrees in the duck call room.  He says that it’s a weenie roast in the duck call room – and Willie agrees that there are definitely some wieners back there.  Willie doesn’t have a lot of compassion for their plight since this is not their first summer in Louisiana.  Willie says, “If I had a nickel for every problem Jase brought to my office, I could buy a really good luck to keep Jase out of my office.”  Willie implies that they’re just being heat wimps because of the lack of A/C, and says, “What do you think they did back in the 1600s?” Jase instantly concluded, “They died.” Jase leaves, and Willie can’t resist sticking his fingers into the personal fan he’s using. Ouch!  People have lost fingers over less…

The guys decide to creatively beat the heat. They get the idea to take a truck bed and line it with a tarp.  Then they took a hose and filled the truck bed with water.  Si is having fun floating in his newly created redneck pool… but no one else wants to join him in the pool cuz now it’s filled with Si’s germs. It prolly wasn’t a great idea to let Si in the pool first before anyone else. Willie calls it a “Si cesspool.”

Willie calls a reoccurring character on the show named, “Mountain Man” to come over and do a quick fix on the A/C.  That’s actually hysterical… cuz there’s absolutely NOTHING quick about Mountain Man.  He walks slowly.  He talks slowly.  He does everything in one speed – slow.  The guys figure out there’s one place they know that there’s A/C – so they go out to their trucks and make duck calls in their trucks with the A/C blaring.  Si isn’t doing much working, and Jase tells Si he thinks he’s gonna get fired.  Si responds, “I’m like an owl, I don’t give a hoot.”  Jase decides he is going to turn in an expense form for all the gasoline his truck is using.  The guys decide their going to walk over to the snow cone stand which is “like a winter tavern for rednecks.” Heck with those little hand held bowls – one guy got a snow cone in a bucket… Wow, I didn’t even know you could do that!  However, they do realize this is only a temporary fix.  After eating his snow cone, Si says, “Boys, this thing is giving me a brain sneeze.  That’s where, hey, your brain needs to sneeze, but hey, it can’t sneeze cuz it’s a brain – so it just hurts.” I totally died laffin… “brain sneeze”  – Oh, I’m so gonna steal that phrase…

Jase gets a call from his wife about taking the kids to a waterpark cuz it’s too hot.  Jase explains that he doesn’t like to go to waterparks cuz there’s too much bacteria and crap – He tells her to get the kids and to meet him at the Harrison’s Pond.  He decides they need to build a redneck waterpark.

Meanwhile, Captain Obvious aka “Mountain Man” says after looking at the A/C unit, “The A/C is broke.”  He insists that he knows this cuz “it just ain’t runnin’.”  Jase bemoans to the camera, “Have you ever been on a phone call where there’s a 10 second delay – that’s what it’s like talking to the Mountain Man.”  The good news is that Mountain Man is the best A/C man within 100 miles… Unfortunately, he’s the only A/C man within 100 miles.

Jase and his team are building the first redneck waterpark in their town down at Harrison’s Pond.  Phil brings a bulldozer.  They have tarps, cinder blocks, inner tubes, tires, rope, a trampoline, wood… what else would you need?  They get everything finished – they have a wooden swing that they can stand on, swing and then jump off into the pond, a trampoline anchored in the middle of the pond… and they even have a slip and slide that empties into the pond!  All of the kids and adults are having way too much fun for words.  Then kill joy Willie comes driving up in his truck.  Jase says, “Well, lookie who we have here… O Willie tons of fun…light on the fun… but heavy on the ton.  Better hide your picnic baskets.”  Willie wishes they worked this hard when they were actually working.  Willie is really being a party pooper and refuses to get into the pond.  Everyone chants for him to get into the water… but he’s being stubborn.  He says there’s no ways he’s getting in.  The crowd begins to taunt him into doing the rope tow… but Willie sticks to his guns.  People started chanting “Weenie” instead of “Willie.” The next thing you know… he’s sitting on an inner tube… and the truck is going to tow him across the water.  After Willie gets dunked in he’s absolutely euphoric.  Jase explains, “[Willie] went under the water a party pooper… and he came out vibrant!  It’s basically like a redneck baptism.”

Willie closes out the episode by saying, “I believe with good work ethic – there’s nothing you can’t accomplish – even if it is a thousand degrees outside. But the funny thing about work ethic – is that it doesn’t always hafta apply to work.  We might not have accomplished much at the office today… but it’s hard to argue with the results of the redneck waterpark.”

Next week it looks like they’re showing repeats… I’m guessing it’s because it’s Halloween.  Trick or Treat!


Thursday Night Lineup, October 25 by BB

8PM – Big Bang Theory/2.5 Men (CBS); Vampire Diaries (CW); 30 Rock/Up All Night (NBC); Last Resort (ABC); World Series (FOX, 7:30 PM);Wipeout (truTV); History Exposed (Mil); Top Gear (BBC)

9PM – Real Housewives of Miami (Bravo); Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime); Person of Interest (CBS); Beauty and the Beast (CW); Grey’s Anatomy (ABC); The Office/Parks and Rec (NBC); Gold Rush (Discovery); The First 48 (A&E); What’s the Earth Worth (History); Extreme Homes (HGTV); Four Weddings (TLC); The Will, Family Secrets Revealed (ID); History Exposed (Mil); Top Gear (BBC)

10PM – Elementary (CBS); Scandal (ABC); Rock Center(NBC); It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/The League (FX); Jersey Shore (MTV); House Hunters/HHI (HGTV); Beyond Scared Straight (A&E); Texas Car Wars (Discovery); Sweet Genius (Food); Very Bad Men (ID); Misfits (Logo); Top 20 Most Shocking (truTV)
11PM – WWHL, Larry King and Dreama Walker(Bravo)


Happy Birthday 2Stupid & ButterisaFruit

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Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: nomoredrama8@gmail.com. Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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255 Responses to Jill’s Secret Tape / Kim Zolciak’s Big Day / Walking Dead / Life After Top Chef / Couples Therapy / Survivor / Duck Dynasty

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning and happy Friday eve everyone.

  2. Powell says:

    boston I just want to say you had me on the edge of my seat reading your comments regarding your sitting w/a Medium. Wow! I’m a believer in God, Spirits, Heaven and Hell. I suppose you have to have the experience to believe in a Medium. How else could she have known what she knew. I hope you find continued comfort from what you learned.

    • trudie says:

      I agree. Boston’s post gave me goosebumps.

    • kendo says:

      Thanks for mentioning, I went back and read! Made me cry! I had a similar experience with a palm reader in NYC after my mom passed. It was very comforting! Thanks Boston for sharing! I cry at every episode of Long Island Medium! I love Teresa!

    • klmh says:

      Boston, I left a note for you from yesterday’s blog.
      Thank you.

      • Ok…I had to go back and read and I am bawling right now. Boston…what a beautiful experience. I am so glad it brought you peace and comfort. And klmh….I am sorry for your loss and hope you find a way to peace as well. I do believe that there are those who have the gift of “walking between the worlds” (I have had my own experience with this)…..so I just want to say….you are not alone and your loved ones are still close to you. They are also Angels whose names we know that watch over us.

        My heart goes out to everyone who experienced loss and shared their story>

        • Powell says:

          Yes I echo your sentiments MarDrag. klmh and anyone that has had a recent loss I am so sorry you for your loss and hope you find peace. My uncle passed last month & I think about him everyday. I just remind myself he’s no longer in pain, my aunt did everything to take care of and honor him, his kids, grandkids, siblings and loved ones still love and miss him and that he’s now w/his siblings, parents and others that he cared about.

          • Oh Powell, I am sorry for your loss too. It is so hard on those of us left behind here because we miss our loved ones so much. But, I too believe they go on to another place where they are happy and fulfilled. (((((Powell)))))

          • klmh says:

            I am so sorry too for your loss Powell. What a wonderful gift you and your family have given him, to be there in thought and spirit for him during his illness.

          • lovemamaearth says:

            ((( Powell ))) Your uncle sounds like he was a treasure.

            A bit off topic and I know many of us don’t like her but Rosie O’Donnell is going to be on Dr Oz talking about heart problems. Seems like we could overlook Ro’s bad side to learn health information. I don’t want to lose anyone here. And I still miss (((Lynn))).

            • Powell says:

              Thks you all for your words and hugs. You all are the best. 🙂

              Love thks for telling us about Rosie on Dr Oz. I used to love Rosie but not for a while now but I was sorry to hear what she went thru and am glad she’s doing well. I’m going try and watch. I miss Lynn too.

          • keida says:

            That’s so weird. My uncle passed away last month as well. My two year old daughter is still walking around saying she misses him. I try not to cry in front of them, but for a 2 year old, she’s so astute. I’m sorry for you loss.

            • lovemamaearth says:

              ((( Keida and baby girl )))

            • Powell says:

              Thks Keida. I am sorry for your loss too. I’m sorry your baby is experiencing it. My uncle’s grandkids, my 2nd cousins are older than your baby the oldest being 15 but their age doesn’t matter, they loved their granddad. Everyone just talks about good times w/him. I’m sure your family does the same

        • klmh says:

          I so appreciate all of your here for sharing your thoughts and stories. It makes me feel more positive in many respects.

    • keida says:

      Wait, where is that? I’d like to read it.

    • keida says:

      Okay Boston, I read your post and thank you for having me crying at school during my lunch. My kids are coming in in 10 min. and here I am bawling. No really, it sounds like a wonderful experience. Ever since I started watching Long Island Medium, I thought about trying to talk to my mom. Maybe I will.

      • klmh says:

        Keida, the medium that we had for my sister told me to talk to her aloud, and it helps. I can be heard having a running conversation with her, my parents or dear friends, any time of day or night!

        • kendo says:

          I talk to my mom aloud all the time. I think my cat senses my mom’s presence in the house. He was really close to her. He’s been going to her chair, and her room lately meowing like he’s talking to her. She passed almost a year and a half ago.

        • trudie says:

          klmh, I do the same thing. I talk to my parents frequently. When caught, I pretend I am talking to my dog!

  3. Powell says:

    Realhousewifeofaiken thks for the updates on Diva. I pray for her and her family. The next time you’re in contact w/her can you find out if Mr Ford is doing well. She said he was waiting for new test results. I hope he is doing well.

  4. Powell says:

    Happy Birthday 2Stupid and Butterisafruit.

  5. Powell says:

    Whether NeNe and Greg Leakes are married or divorced I believe that is NeNe’s “storyline” she’s come up with and Greg being a part of the upcoming season is her plan for Greg to get a paycheck. Last season she didn’t real want to hang w/the ladies cause she had better things to do as she would say. She wants to keep her $1 mill contract but she really doesn’t want to play. She didn’t even really hang w/BFF Cynthia last season. This season she’ll do a little less “calling it in” and more participating. Let’s see if she blogs more than 2 sentences this season.

    • kendo says:

      I agree, it’s about income for Greg. I think it’s great of Nene to include him!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Yep she’s definitely trying to get Greg that money. She also seems to be more present this season and willing to interact with her castmates. We’ve seen clips of her ‘speaking’ to KimZ and the ladies lunching, vacationing and fighting. Will she be more gentle this season, for Hollywood, or will she remain the same egotistical maniac she has been these past few seasons? I mean SHE HAS ‘ARRIVED’! LOL

  6. plainviewsue says:

    I won’t steal VV’s trademark line, but Jac’s blog is up. Only 5 pages. Answers questions. Makes herself a saint. Apologizes for wishing JG would go to jail.

    I still do not believe a mutual friend was her contact. Again, she is basing her “truth” on this person. Which is what Mel & JoeGo did.

    She says she’d done with Teresa and bad in her life. Hopefully, this means she will off the show & focus on her family. But something tells me, that won’t happen.

    • PJ says:

      What kind of person is the source of something like that but insists on remaining anonymous? A liar of course because if you’re telling the truth you don’t need to hide.

    • Powell says:

      sue and,PJ you know Jac’s claims of a close friend whether true or not is so suspect because of keeping the ID secret, not outing this person. If there is a person and say he/she is mad at T & making this up or embellishing a story to get back at T. When it all shakes down & it will what is Jac, Mel, Joey, & Caroline gonna say?

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I don’t beleive there is a ‘mystery friend’ other than Kim D, who Jac already said that she was getting texts from her (I also think ‘production’ was also involved).

        And regardless, being from Vegas (with its roots to the mob) and given that Jac is up to her own neck in scandal and accused of illegal activities, she needs to learn one thing
        “snitches get stitches”

        • Rebecca says:

          Here we go again………….there was no set up. A guy came up and said “hi, do you remember me.” For the love of Pete Sampras, someone get this woman into a mental ward and off the streets.

        • plainviewsue says:

          At the end of the blog, she says she hopes season 5 will be lighter. Does that miss this crazy lady is returning?????? Dear lord, no.

    • VV says:

      Thanks PVS! 😆

  7. trudie says:

    Thanks for all the blogs today. Great way to start my day.

    BB, thanks so much for the daily TV listings. They are much appreciated.

  8. Powell says:

    Blue very good WD. I’m reading saying to myself “did Herschel die, is he a Walker?”. I dvr’ed so I’ll watch it this weekend. Rick is totally different from Deputy Rick. What a transformation. I am totally impressed w/Carol, also a great transformation.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I agree with Powell, Bluesky – great job recapping the latest WD episode. Rick has really transformed completely into survivor and protector mode. He does not suffer fools gladly. Tomas didn’t either (Big Tiny) – and well…you saw what happened to him!!! It was really awful when Rick threw that guy out with the walkers, he could have ended his life much more compassionately, instead of the guy having to “run for his life” – which of course was an exercise in futility. That was sad. They drove it home right there, Rick is a different man than the man we knew from previous seasons. Egads! Sometimes our heroes aren’t always heroic.

      • Thanks Powell & Lainey. The show Talking Dead discussed Rick & how much he’s changed. He shows no compassion when he lets that prisoner die outside, which is shocking. Compared to the Rick we met in season 1, this Rick has no feelings. It was so sad watching him talk to Lori, as if they had never been in love. I guess that’s what happens to people when they have gone through what Rick & Lori have gone through. Glenn & Maggie offer some hope that people can still find love in a hopeless place. I’m wondering how long they can survive without more help from other survivors.

  9. Update in blog – have a great day!

    • BB says:

      Jill Who?

    • Powell says:

      OK NMD. Which is it? She had no idea it was being recorded or she had a friend in the audience because they love her and wanted to protect her and make sure Jill remembered what she said? Those statements are contradictory or am I confused, dumb, deaf and blind? :/

  10. 2Stupid says:

    Thanks for birthday wishes. I think it’s telling that Alex and JZ don’t speak, but Simon and JZ do! I am almost to the point that most of these housewives kind of make me sick. On a different note, enjoyed Kyle last night in my all time favorite horror movie- Halloween. My birthday present to myself. Have a great day everyone!

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Happy Birthday!!! have a great day!!

    • Powell says:

      I can’t remember which season it was but Alex did say age is her person & Simon is his person and she doesn’t tell him what to do.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I would not be ok with husband talking to some beoyotch with whom I’m not on speaking terms. grrrrrrrr

  11. Good Morning Lovelies!!

    Thanks to BB, BlueSky, Keida, LuLu & Hubs, MTH, & Stars99 for great recaps today! I read every word!

    MTH ~ One of the guys thought raw rice would cook inside him because it was hot?? Seriously?!? That is a new one I have never heard before! Would corn pop into popcorn too? 😛

    LuLu ~ loved you & hubs recap. Your hubs sounds very articulate and sensitive.. I appreciate the 2 takes on the same show.

    I was flipping stations last night and happened on Bravo running last seasons BH shows. It was on the 2nd epi of the reunion, and it just reminded me how much I dislike Taylor and Adrienne. They also were showing extended commercials for the new season and there is so much fighting and yelling and name calling!?! In the Atlanta commercials too. I am sooooo tired of watching grown men and women fighting and treating each other so horribly. BH had become my fav franchise, but if this is going to be the entire season….I think I may opt out. (of course I say that but….. 😛 ).

    Bravo/Andy….what are you doin” to us? :/

    New post up…and some great quotes on the quote page! Enjoy!

    Have a fabulous day everybody! Love & Hugs!!

  12. lovemamaearth says:

    Thanks to all for the fun blogs and to those who comment to make this place entertaining.

    I thought the couple coming to Couples Therapy was a stupid move and not touching. The guy picked with his penis and even married and had kids only to divorce and go seeking his Jeezibel. Just stupid and as expected spoke only to Doug who also picked his “wife” by his juvenile penis. The only difference is that the Israeli lady doesn’t slut around everywhere she goes to continue her short lived fame. How many women here lusted over a famous guy as a teen and later hooked up with them for life? It was a stupid element that will only feed the stalker mentality.
    Thanks again Lulu and DH.

    • Powell says:

      Hmm. I’ll watch it this weekend but like Mr & Mrs Lulu and you have said it doesn’t make sense to me that it would be helpful to the couples therapy. Katie Holmes didn’t lust after Tom Cruise her whole life and act like a stalker to get him but she dud end up w/her fantasy childhoid crush but look where that has led her.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Oh good point Powell.

        NMH, I wonder if he’d really been divorced when he looked into whether the woman was available. I felt bad for the first wife too and his kids who all took a back seat to his juvenile lust. What a shame they didn’t find some worthwhile story.

    • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

      that is also something I was annoyed with but forgot to mention in my earlier post. the doc said it was a story of unrequited love, but that really means one or both couples love each other but never get together. The first thing that jumped out at me was the fact the man went on to get married, and then divorce his wife because she wasn’t the “ONE” for him. That just seemed off to me. I felt sorry for the divorced wife who turned out to be second choice unbeknownst to her. Also any story that gives Doug validity in his wife choice is just wrong.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thanks Lovemama – I thought I was going to be the only killjoy. I didn’t like the story of the doc called “Unrequited Love” when it was really more an illustration of “relentless obsession pays off in the end.”

      • LaineyLainey says:

        sorry, by “of the doc” I meant that the guy was some kind of doctor who fell in love with the picture in a magazine.

    • Lulu says:

      Thank you LME!!! I couldn’t agree more! I can’t remember the dr’s name but what on earth was Dr Jen thinking?!?!?! The man left his wife to stalk his current one!!! I swear I heard “I’ll be watching you” by the Police playing in the background.

  13. Powell says:

    Mr & Mrs Lulu I never thought about the fact that being a new father could be some of Nik’s problems but I agree. Especially since they didn’t have yrs of getting to know one another Shayne is pregnant during them getting to know one another and then hear is this baby that now needs Shayne’s undivided attention so Nik feels left out and Shayne doesn’t get it. I’m glad Dr Jen laid down the law w/Courtney and her nakedness. Doug is an idiot. I think Doug just agrees w/how Courtney dresses is because of his ego. It’s like him saying “look at what I’ve got”. 2Short is acting like Gene Simmons acted w/the women. Shannon Tweed was ready to leave Gene over it. She said he no longer needed to be that Rocker w/all the women & 2Short’s GF is saying the same thing. 3Short has to get it that his music is his talent not the extention of women. Thks for a great blog.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      If Doug didn’t agree with Baby Wife on dress and most everything (she’s still cheating) he probably knows she’d leave him. She’ll leave him anyway but he can’t face the loss and pain now so he’ll wait until SHE makes the decision. And for her that decision will be as emotional as changing her hair extension.

      • Powell says:

        ITA Love.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          It’s really sad that Doug has lost pretty much everything that matters to him. Hearing about his family and friends cutting him off was sad.

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            His obsession with that young psycho is SICK! I mean she’s obviously ‘NUTZ’ but has found an easily manipulated target to toy with. If this is what she’s like her parents must’ve CELEBRATED when this nutjob wanted to MARRY her. Instead of her becoming the town nympho, causing shame and sorrow, she became a emancipated, married woman and DOUG’s problem. Talk about a MIRACLE!

    • Lulu says:

      Thank you Powell!!! My DH is speaking from experience at the time of our DS’s birth. Much was unbeknownst to me. A baby really changes everything but the good news is if you weather the storm. Your relationship becomes stronger!

      I’ve heard of an expression a leopard never changes his spots. Well that’s 2 short in a nutshell.

  14. Powell says:

    MTH This Survivor proves it that Malcolm was being held back the first few weeks. I totallybelieve he’s going to go to the end, it be with Lisa .

    • melthehound says:

      Really? You think Lisa is going to be there at the end? I would actually be surprised if any of the women were.

      • keida says:

        You don’t think Denise will make it? I think she’s good enough.

        • melthehound says:

          I’m sure she’s good enough but it’s becoming a numbers game. She’s about to be thrown into yet a third group, overall, who don’t know her. They’ve obviously seen her in the challenges but beyond that, and what Malcom may have said about her, she’s a foreigner. I would certainly like to see her at the end and even win the game though.

      • Powell says:

        Out win, out play, out last right? 🙂

    • plainviewsue says:

      I’m hoping final 3 will be Malcolm, Denise and Lisa. I love how they are playing.

  15. Powell says:

    Did anyone see Katie Couric on GMA & The View? She has an interview w/Leanne Rhimes, Katie is interviewing other country music stars, Reba Mc Intyer being another. I like Reba.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I saw a promo for that. Rhimes does some fake crying it looked like along with her fake storyline. And she’s had work done I think.

    • princesspindy says:

      I still watch Reba’s sitcom, I was watching the other night and was giggling. I love that show.

      • Powell says:

        She has a new one coming on after Tim Allen’s Still Standing starting next week I believe. I liked her previous comedy also. Barbra Jean stealing Reba’s husband and then wanting to be Reba’s best friend was always funny. The actress that played Reba’s youngest daughter. Did she get well? She was suffering from Anorexia. She can sing her heart out to.

  16. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    JZ is a total idiot-enough said
    Jeff-if Penner noticed that slip of from Carter-he sure didnt let on. If he didnt notice-he needs to get his head out of his ass!!!
    Mr & Mrs LuLu…I can not watch Courtney for another second. The girl drives me batty. She flirts her way through every question the Dr asks her. She uses her youth as an excuse but gets upset when she is called out for being mmature. She makes me crazy. I would have packed up and quit the show if i were there.
    I love Nik-something about him just gets me. I think Shayne has a problem when he talks about his “feelings” b/c in her mind she wants him to “man up”. Talking about feelings is a woman thing to her. She needs to get over that line of thinking!!!

    • melthehound says:

      I’m quite sure he noticed and didn’t let on. Carter was pretty quick to try and cover it up but you’re right, if Penner doesn’t see the target on his back by now, he’s delusional.

    • princesspindy says:

      BUT SHE HAS SAVED LIVES!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Lulu says:

      I know exactly how you feel!! I am done done done with Courtney!!! I can’t wait to see them kicked off the show! They add nothing to it at all.

      About the “man up” I think Shayne is up to her ears in emotions. She can’t handle when anyone is the household it behaving emotional. She was angry with Taushanda for trying to be nice to her. It’s a new mom thing you hormones are still out of wack for quite some time.

  17. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Beautiful day.
    @Boston: Love the story about your visit to the medium. I remember when you lost your mom and everything you did for her. You should be proud of how great a daughter you were.

    World Series game last night was great.
    Jill version of taping the interview is a lie. She had someone film it. Jill always thinks she knows better than Andy or any producer. Remember, Jill is a part time dentist too. Moron. Good luck with any network hiring her.

    Watched reruns of BH and I am on the fence with this franchise. Kim was so disturbing and messed up I can’t believe she filmed another season. Taylor is just a sociopath liar and Bravo should have fired her. Seeing the previews it does look like a good season.

  18. AZGirl says:


  19. NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

    Morning all and happy b-day to all!

    COuple thoughts on some of the shows I watched this week for today’s blog:

    Walking Dead, another awesome episode. I love how Carol is becoming a viable member of this group instead of just a scared mouse tagging along. I love this new stronger Carol. I admit I am another one who has not cared for lori much, but now that Rick has it seems emotionally let her go, I am feeling sorry for her and actually hope it works out for them in some future episode…maybe I’m crazy. Love how Rick has become so in charge. I thought he was too soft before to lead, but now it seems he is fair but firm and quick with the decision if someone messes with his trust instead of talking in circles about what to do. I am liking Carl much better these days as well, not so annoying.

    Couples Therapy…Thank the Lord they seem to be leaving next week. They don’t deserve any more attention which is obviously the only thing she wanted from it. I think Doug’s reason for being on the show is more about getting people to see his side of things and how hard his life has become and to gain some sympathy. I don’t believe her dressing like a hooker bothers him as he has said in therapy sessions because you hear him clearly on at least 2 occasions telling Courtney not to change for the other couples. The only thing that I know for fact is that she will leave him eventually for someone else (maybe for more money or younger and hotter).

    Nick and Shayne, she seems like really just wants to call it quits. It maybe that she actually has valid points to her turning off with him because we don’t see their home life, and maybe he does tend to not be around except on his terms, but unfortunately she comes off as the more horrible person. Considering the site he owns, the dirty, I’m surprised I actually find him to be an okay guy. I don’t know much about the site other than it is supposed to be disrespectful to women, but I did find it funny he said Courtney is always sending in pix of herself. I don’t have much more to say about the other couples other than I thnk the 2 rappers’ wife/girlfriend are too good for those guys.

    One last thing, on twitter, someone retweeted Alex’s tweet regarding Doug chalking up his wall. They were in the bedroom on the other side and had that clunking going on all night. Also best line of the night from the nonsense that comes out of Courtney’s mouth, she dresses like a hooker and has “saved many people’s lives” by doing so.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Well said NMH.

    • Powell says:

      NM you made me think of something regarding Nik and Shayne. Mr Lulu I believe said maybe some of Shayne’s issues go back to her childhood. Maybe. Her father Lorenzo Lamas Shayne’s father has been married 3 times I think, countless GFs, her grandfather Fernando Lamas married at least twice once to Esther Williams and he was known for being a Latin womanizer. Maybe Shayne has seen her father & heard about her grandfather and doesn’t quite trust the intentions of a husband. I don’t know. Just guessing.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Great points. I didn’t know about the ho-gramps.

        • Powell says:

          Oh yeah. He was an ok actor. I’ve seen a couple of his movies. He was verrryy handsome and knew it I believe. He and Desi Arnaz were friends. I don’t know who was the worse womanizer.

          • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

            I lost respect for Lorenzo Lamas in the 90s when he got involved with Shauna Sand and then the worst was when he was on that short-lived show about a panel of judges judging flaws on women, using those screens where you can draw on them and point out exactly each flaw. It was awful! He took it so seriously. Ugg.

            • Powell says:

              NM when he married Shauna I thought he lost his mind. She didn’t seem his type, the stripper type. Since they divorced TMZ always talks to her and she’s always talking about being in porns, she’s got a video coming out. And they have 2 or 3 little girls. Lorenzo didn’t seem like he cared about his self for a long time. The Lamas’ had a reality show “Living Lamas” I believe. Lorenzo’s 1st wife, kids from his 1st & 2nd marriages. He and his son didn’t get along at all. He spent time w/Shayne & her sisters. I only watched 2 or 3 epis. I think it was only one season. I never saw the show you described.

      • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

        I read somewhere else that Courtney really gets to her maybe more so than the other ladies because she is exactly like her ex-stepmother Shauna Sands, the same hoochi-mama dressing, clear-through hooker heels, and the excessive makeup and over-sexualized who she apparently has said in the past she disliked.

        It’s true there was hardly man/woman fidelity to look up to in her family with both her grandfather and father, and didn’t she say something like there was a lot of keeping emotions down in her family or something like emotional distance with her family last night? I do like her comments regarding Courtney, saying she doesn’t want her man looking at that while eating his potatoes..and of course Courtney really pushing her buttons by outright flirting with Nick…and the worst was when at that first dinner when Dough was actually gloating when he told Shayne that Nick had said he liked Courtney in her bikini. Another example of them only looking for attention at the cost of these other couples who seem to be trying to actually work thru issues. Again I saw glad they are leaving next episode. Good riddance.

      • Lulu says:

        Didn’t know all of that Powell. What a childhood! It’s no wonder why she’s struggling. I really do hope Shayne finds peace and comfort in her marriage. Learns how to open up! But on the other hand she needs baby steps. Nik is literally screaming look at me and that maybe too much for her. He just needs to back off of her and let her resolve her feelings.

    • djprincessc says:

      NMhousewife, Niks site isn’t just about women, people submit men too. Basically you can submit anyone that pisses you off to expose them like a cheating bf, gf, former friend etc. People even submit police or politicians sometimes. Or you can submit myself and Nik will give his opinion on me. Although women do submit themselves asking Nik what he thinks about them but they’re pretending to be someone else (usually you can tell who is writing about themselves) I like the site, its funny, people say that Nik is disrespectful towards women (but so are a lot of rappers) I don’t think its 100% true though, I think he’s playing more into a character because people expect him to be so honest and brutal, so he plays into it. I’ve seen him post nice things before and people criticize him for it. Either way the guy did come up with a one of a kind website that hadn’t been done before. IMO.

    • Lulu says:

      Couldn’t agree more! I think Doug is there to salvage his career. He is using Courtney that’s for sure. I can’t wait till they leave!

  20. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Happy Birthday 2Stupid and Butterisafruit.

  21. WindyCityWondering says:

    Oh JZ, all the networks want to talk to me too. It’s called a remote!

  22. keida says:

    I have to say that I’m loving Couple’s Therapy and Survivor. I haven’t watched either show, but I can’t miss the recaps! Love them! I do watch Walking Dead, but I have too much knowledge since I”ve read the comic books. They don’t follow each other specifically, but I’m actually loving the show. I guess killing his best friend has changed Rick for the worse. He doesn’t come to that realization until later in the comics. I’m also loving Carol! I like the relationship that she and Darryl have.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I’m loving Couple’s Therapy and Survivor. I haven’t watched either show, but I can’t miss the recaps!
      I love that comment. lol

    • Powell says:

      Ah ha keida. So Rick may realize why he’s this changed man in AMCs version? Ok. Are Darryl and Carol in the comics?

      • ATLnNYC09 says:

        I read somewhere that Daryl is a character created just for the show which is interesting because he is easily one of (if not the) favorite of the viewing audiences.

  23. klmh says:

    I guess this would be a good time to talk about my first experience with a medium and the experience I had when my father passed away 25 years ago.
    My father died quite unexpectedly from a cardiac incident on Valentine’s day. I happened to be with him that morning, and was shopping with my mother when word reached us that he had passed away while playing cards with his friends, smoking a cigar. That evening, when all of my sisters had travelled to be with my mother, we all had “signs”. I was not, nor were my sisters, believers and certainly my father wasn’t. My sign was that when I went to bed, I shared it with my mother, because I didn’t want her to be alone. After I crawled in, a few minutes later my mother was asleep, and the bed sheet on me began to move. I was laying where my father would have slept. It didn’t frighten me and lasted for about 30 seconds. My beloved younger sister who has since passed, was awakened from sleep when the TV suddenly came on and different patterns of color ran thru the screen for about a minute. Then the TV turned itself off. The funny thing is that I wasn’t going to say anything about it because I didn’t want to look I had lost my mind, and my sister ran in telling us about the tv incident she had. I can laugh at that moment now. Anyway,
    when we went to a medium a few months later, she hit the mark too many times, including something that involved me that no one knew about it. We didn’t feed her information. She also worked with the local and state police agencies in murder cases.
    I have a few more stories but will leave them not to boggle the blog down.
    Thank you again Boston for sharing, and all here for caring.

    • AZGirl says:

      After losing both parents 3 weeks apart I do think there are definately signs that they are with you. I had a few when cleaning out their apartment. Still think of them both everyday.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        ((( KLMH ))) My dad smoked cigars and since (even before actually) his death I sometimes smell the cigars at home or outside where there isn’t anyone smoking.

        • klmh says:

          My husband enjoys a good smoke every once in a while with his scotch neat, but he smokes outside. yea!
          Im with you on the smells business. Sometimes there are odors for no reason, and can bring back such strong memories.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        ((( AZ Girl ))) Good parents/family are a great gift.

    • Powell says:

      klmh that is something and that those things happened while you were all together. Was your father telling you thks for taking care of your mom or you’re sleeping on hs side of the bed. And the Medium was giving you information no one else knew. Wow. I hope those incidents made you feel closer to your father. It’s sad that your little sis is gone but she’s w/your father so that must feel nice.

      • klmh says:

        Gosh, I always thought he was just coming into bed with her. They were always together, and unless it was a hospital stay, they always slept together.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thank you for sharing KLMH. This is really special and it’s an honor to get to know you better as well as the others who have also shared about their love and loss and those feelings of reconnecting.

  24. Orson says:

    I’m happy to announce that due to popular demand, someone finally let her mother out of the cupboard under the stairs and allowed her to come to the chat. I’m not going to name the prison guard, but I will say it was a treat to have Grandma Butter Bean join us in chat and I hope she’ll be permitted to return soon.

    Free GBB!!

  25. kendo says:

    Another bad post about Dr. Paul Nassif on thedirty.com. Employee confirms abuse of Adrienne and staff. Nick claims to have confirmed the source.

    • Powell says:

      Hmmm. Is Nick sure Adrienne didn’t buy her (if It’s a woman) a purse and throw in a pair of Maloof Hoofs? I still say Adrienne should have called her shoes that and thanked Lisa for the name.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      My guess is that ’employee’ is Bernie the Chef who thinks he is a cast member and is always trying to be relevant.

  26. princesspindy says:

    Happy Birthday Butter~IS~A~Fruit, I LOVE your name!!! and you!!!
    Happy Birthday 2Stupid!!! Hope you both have a great day!!!

  27. T-Rex says:

    Hey LynnFam peeps, know I have been MIA lately work and life picked up and not much time to post, but I read the blog EVERYDAY I love you guys. Anywhoo, leave it to the LUNATIC-MORON to bring me to post.
    From the blog:
    **Jill told Page 6 she was very happy with the results of her appearance: “thanks to Andy,” she says she’s now headed to LA, and “all these networks want to talk to me.”**

    Uhm let’s just hope that this is some sort of “intervention” wherein every major media outlet tells her we do NOT want to offer you any programs, no one does, go back and live your life as a normal human being and out of the public eye, instead of desperately trying to claw yourself into even a Z-list celeb. Cause honey it ain’t working for you.

    • Powell says:

      Maybe she’s doing the show “Intervention”. Missed you T-Rex. 🙂

    • lovemamaearth says:

      ((( T-Rex ))) good to see you. Poor delusional JZ. Thanks for the laugh.

      • zanne says:

        Repeating a story from my daughter who teaches in the New York City College system. Not knowing how the subject came up a student informed her the the environment was in bad condition and the chemicals were bad when the Atomic bomb was dropped in the Civil War. She corrected the girl – gave her a brief history of wars in the US and explained to her that history wasn’t just a subject you took in school, but statements like what she just gave could keep her from getting work, even with a degree.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      T-Rex!!!!! – sooo happy to “see” you!!! –

      *hugs T-Rex really hard*

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Welcome back to my favorite carnivorous dino!! Will JZ get her wish and be back on our unsuspecting televisions??? I wonder…

  28. VV says:


  29. shamrockblonde says:

    Jeff – was Probst baiting Jeff when he asked him if he knew of any other game like this one? it just seemed a strange question – I hope Denise makes it to finals and I hope Penner and Stupin get gone quick – next one out will probably be the one who was complaining about being hungry all the time – the younger guy in Penner’s alliance – if not Penner himself – that was some nasty challenge they had there – yuck!!!!

    years ago there used to be a LI medium named George Anderson – he was even on a cable show at a time when cable existed only on one or two channels – google was just a dream – anyway one day at work, we girls were sitting around talking and Bev, mother of two, mentioned to us that she was leaving early as she had a reading with George Anderson – now it was a very small company, so we asked if we could go with her to the reading – she said yes and called George to let him know – all she said was may I bring three friends with me to my reading – he agreed so off we went – he did the readings in his home and as we were walking into the little office that he did the readings in a gentleman was walking out – George closed the door and we all sat down – he started to talk to Bev, but then stopped and asked her if she had a young boy on the other side – Bev said no – George said that there was a young boy who wanted to come forward, maybe about 8 or 9 years old – Bev said no, not even cousins and no one in her immediate family – Bev asked it is was possible that the boy wanted to speak with the man who had just left, but George said no that he wanted to speak with someone who was here now – now, Julie Kathie and I were all sitting there staring at Bev, and George asked us if any of us had a young boy on the other side maybe 8 or 9 – Kathie had gone very pale and quietly said that she did – her brother – he was 8 when he died – I almost fell off the chair – Kathie has 5 sisters – we all knew her and them for years and never once had she mentioned a brother – George said that his name began with an A – Kathie said it was Anthony – Richard said that he had passed at an outdoor event with his family present at the time – Kathie verified this saying that he had fallen at a family picnic and broken his neck – he died instantly – Richard said that he wanted her to know that he was ok and that he was with Grandma and Grandpa, and to please tell Mommy to stop crying at night that he was okay and that he loved them all – I cannot tell you how bad the goosebumps were on my whole body – George did not even know Kathie’s first name, let alone her last – there was zero chance that he knew any of this beforehand – if I had not been a believer before this, I certainly would have been then –

    *hugs the entire board really hard*

  30. I Need A Life! says:

    Have you watched “Extremes Cheapskates” on TLC? Funny stuff. I can’t get an image out of my mind. A gal pees in a bottle so she doesn’t have to flush the toilet. She does, however, estimate that she saves $10 in water each month. Or was it each year?

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Ewww that’s gross…water is one of our cheapest commodities…scrimp elsewhere!!!

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I know, if she wants to be frugal with urine all she needs to do is remember “If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down”

    • BB says:

      I was flipping back and forth and caught about a minute of it. It’s like hoarders, too extreme and gross for my taste. Did I actually hear that lady say she doesn’t always use toilet paper or something like that? Ewwwwwww!

    • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

      I keep seeing the promos for it, and keep forgetting to watch, but hoping I catch it sometime before its run is over. Sounds wacky.

    • Powell says:

      No. I was going to watch and didn’t. I’m going to take a look.

    • trudie says:

      Last night my husband was paying bills (my least favorite night) and told me we have to find ways to start cutting back. I was watching Extreme Cheapskates and told him I had come up with some ideas: we could start trolling for roadkill instead of buying meat from the store or I could start dumpster diving behind grocery stores and restaurants looking for our dinners. Oddly, he did not find either of these viable options.

      • I Need A Life! says:

        Several years ago, I had read the story of a gal who provided for her family by dumpster diving behind the grocery stores. It was just too time consuming. She spent her week plotting which dumpster to strike.

        Oprah once had someone on who saved $70 each month on electricity by unplugging anything that wasn’t being used. Radios, TV, toasters, etc. I tried it. Went around the house unplugging everything. Two days later I went to the basement and found myself standing in water. Turns out that I pulled the cord connected to our sump pump. It had rained the night before. Who knew.

  31. butterisafruit says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely birthday wishes. And a HAPPY BDAY to 2Stupid!

    I just got in from the hairdresser. At 5 pm a car is going to pick me up then we collect
    a couple of other gals. We’re going to Grill23 in Boston for a big night. It’s a high
    rated steak house, We’re all sorta excited.
    Thank you again, I love you all.
    Mary Ellen

  32. Eastbayca says:

    Jillusional, needs to get a clue, buy a clue, win a clue, have a clue donated to, borrow a clue…..

    Jill Zarin ‏@Jillzarin
    This is why we all love you!!! RT @BravoAndy: Beware former Housewives with tape recorders!!
    Andy Cohen ‏@BravoAndy
    @Jillzarin if you loved me you wouldn’t secretly tape me!

    I hope this means we won’t here from Jill for several months…..
    Jill Zarin ‏@Jillzarin
    Heading south for the winter…life is so good…no DRAMA..all i need is my Bobby Have great weekend, will tweet photos from Chris’s event.

    • T-Rex says:

      HA! What this means is that Andy isn’t going to open any doors for her or throw her any favors like she had hoped for, that LUNATIC needs to “fire” herself, as she is her own worst enemy. Oh and I emailed my producer friend on how bad this is, and she said this was HUGE error, HUGE(in my best Pretty Woman moment from Rodeo drive)! Now no one will want to see her in fear that their negotiations will be secretly taped without their knowledge, even if the LUNATIC swears it won’t be. Those LA offers, if there really were any, are now “off” the table. I bet she is shunned by major media at the Event in Florida oh and I hear Bawby made a “substantial” contribution to the charity in order for LUNATIC to play in the tournament, she PAID to be there.

  33. AZGirl says:

    The Manifesto is up and I have one thing to say to Jac……no one cares that Mel was set up or that she danced/bartended at a gentlemen’s club. Get over it. It was no big deal and again no one cares.
    Now that we know the extent and details of the Laurita’s financial situation Jac’s behavior is even more bizarre. Why when Jac and her husband are in legal problems deeper than Teresa and Joe’s is she even passing judgment against them? Crazy train has left the station.
    Jac is really messed up. Chris is accused of embezzlement and using corporate funds for personal use. This is a felony. Period.

    • Sam says:

      Yes, Jac is messed up. And I hate to say this, but after reading her blog and learning about how she’s capitalizing on her son’s autism I’m starting to wonder whether he was really diagnosed with it. If not, this would explain why she’s been saying they’re hoping for a “cure” and suggesting that Blackwater can bring this about.

      • Rebecca says:

        Well you can’t help but wonder after reading how they scammed and cheated Chris’ company. A “cure” for their son’s autism fits their MO. This is a truly shady family.

        You can say that wthout having to defend yourself.

    • AZGirl says:

      Jac also implies at the end of the blog that she may be coming back next season.

  34. VV says:

    The Manifesto is Up!!! The Manifesto is Up!!!

  35. Powell says:

    Katie Couric w/Leann and Dr Oz w/Rosie on now at the same time.

  36. Powell says:

    Leannhecked herself into rehab because she has been struggling. Struggling w/the pain that she didn’t have a childhood. Well I’m sure that’s true since she worked since 13 and that’s sad. But does that give her the right to treat Brandi and many others as she has.

    • Orson says:

      Is it only me or does anyone else think the meaning of “Rehab” has been diluted? Or has the definition been expanded to include “Under psychiatric treatment”.

      • Powell says:

        I don’t know if it’s been expanded in the medical community but today “rehab” has so many different meanings.

  37. Powell says:

    Watching Rosie now. She felt sick like the flu. She said to her son I think I’m having a heart attack. Her son said well you should go to the hospital. She didn’t listen. She took 4 asprin, went to bed after she threw up crackers she ate. Didn’t go to the doctor till the next day.

  38. ATLnNYC09 says:

    If Alexis is going back to OC Housewives then she shouldnt be complaining about being bullied next season. She knows how Tamra, Heather and Gretchen treated her last season and its probably going to be more of the same next season.

    Alexis had my sympathy last season, she wont get it anymore. Shes going back for the verbal abuse so its on her now.

    I thought Jimmy had so much money and she doesnt have to work?

    • BB says:

      I’m with you. Won’t be feeling sorry for poor Alexis anymore. Last year she was kind of blind-sided. This year, she knows what she’s walking into, so she cannot complain about it. She would do well to hire Teresa’s PR person and take their advice. I would like to see Tamra get hers, but I’m afraid that’s not gonna happen.

    • Powell says:

      I’m w/you too ATL. She was in it last season. This season she had a choice. They have been at her on the internet lately so she knows they are gunning for her. She shouldn’t seek sympathy from the viewers this season.

      • Nancy says:

        But I think she’s only doing another season because they need the money.
        She still has a place in my heart.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        It’s disappointing that she is deliberately going back for more torture. Why isn’t the person who WEARS THE PANTS, wearing the pants? Protect your woman, neanderthal!! He’s probably behind it all, too, huh?

    • T-Rex says:

      Methinks a gangup on TrampcrotchRot is going to be in force this season, it’s her turn. I just hope ya’ll don’t jump the shark like some did with Teresalyingloser and somehow get some sympathy for theTrampcrotchRot.

  39. Powell says:

    Katie asked LeAnn if she fears loosing him “Eddie” she said she did once but not now. I don’t believe her.

    • T-Rex says:

      She is obsessed with the fact she may lose Eddie. Look I personally think Eddie is still in love with Brandi, she is gorgeous, fun and the mother of his children. I think he is kicking himself everyday that he chained himself to his “crazy” new piece of ass LeAnn, and to compensate LeAnn tried to “become” Brandi, we have all seen that. Eddie is a serial cheater, he will never be loyal to one woman, he is one of those guys that just isn’t “wired” for monogamy, at least not while his pecker still works. I hope LeAnn gets help and realizes that being someone else(uhm like trying to emulate your husband’s ex) is unhealthy.

  40. BB says:

    Testing my gravatar account.

  41. BB says:

    One of Lance Armstrong’s “former” friends will be be interviewed on 30 Rock tonight at 10 PM on NBC

  42. Eastbayca says:

    Cindy who’s take on JillI
    “I have to tell you, I back Jill; I’m backing Jill. I spoke to her the other night. You know, one of the things is that she’s one of the first few [stars] who built the [RHONY] brand, so it’s different when she goes off versus when I go off the show. So I get that, I get it! She built that. Housewives is a major brand, and let me tell you — she built it! So if you’re a part of it, it’s different than you coming in and kind of riding on the coattails of everybody else’s success. I don’t mind saying it! I was lucky. So I understand where she’s coming from.”

  43. Nancy says:

    Noelle, good luck tonight ’cause you are going to need it! LOL 🙂

  44. boston02127 says:

    Chat Blog from NMD (from twitter)~~~~~~CHAT…..CHAT…..CHAT


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