Is Joe Francis the New Jill Zarin? / Real Housewives of Miami

Is Joe Francis the New Jill Zarin and Other Housewife News by NoMoreDrama

This is the tweet I stumbled across last night.

Seriously?  (said in a high whiny voice)  Seriously?  The next episode of Real Housewives of Miami will air on Sunday and is sure to bring in better ratings.  Let’s hope they are done with Joe Francis and he can’t claim it has anything to do with him.

Thankfully Jill Zarin seems to have come to realize that her latest stunt taping her interview with Watch What Happens Live may have gone to far.  Or maybe someone just called her and told her that there was no way in the world she was getting back on the show.  It was like the various stages of denial as she woke up to what she had done.  Here’s the string of tweets:

Remember Andy tweeted:  “Beware former Housewives with tape recorders!!”

Jill Responded: “This is why we all love you!!!”

Then this one from Jill: “No war.. Peace and love. It was great interview with 1.3 million viewers. I think Andy is cute and funny and like big brother .” Along with this photo (is Andy gritting his teeth?)

And finally acceptance.

BravoRatings (cough Simon) tweeted: “DO NOT TELL @Jillzarin! The final episode of #RHoNY‘s 5th season rated lower than her #WWHL appearance w/ @BravoAndy

Jill’s Response: “Thanks…but that ship sailed.”

So if Joe the new Jill Zarin?

Did anyone notice his really strange posture?  What’s with that neck?

Meanwhile – Joanna’s fiance Romain showed a great deal of restraint during that episode.  I’m surprised he didn’t crush the glass he was holding as Joe Francis hurled insult after insult at Joanna.  Here’s what he had to say.

And more will be coming from Romain on Sunday:

Meanwhile …

Sonja Morgan told Celebuzz that she thinks Jill Zarin makes good TV.  ”

“I think if Jill wants to come back on and Bravo wants her, that’s a good idea — she makes good TV.  You know, they always ask me, do I think these new girls replaced her well? And I say, ‘No one can replace Jill Zarin — no one can fill those shoes.”

That was sweet of Sonja – but NO.

And Cindy WHO? Barshop also had a thoughts on Jill Zarin.  While Barshop says she wouldn’t be back because the show wasn’t her style (who is she anyway?), she thinks Jill should be asked back.  “I have to tell you, I back Jill; I’m backing Jill. I spoke to her the other night. You know, one of the things is that she’s one of the first few [stars] who built the [RHONY] brand, so it’s different when she goes off versus when I go off the show.”

Umm yes it’s different Cindy.  You were off the show because you were boring.


We’ll soon be introduced to new Atlanta housewife Porsha Stewart.  She gave an interview here:

Some highlights – “It was a good experience. I really enjoyed myself,” Porsha told a Birmingham radio station recently. “The main thing I told myself was, ‘You know what? Just be real. Just be you and if you just commit to who you are and own every action—every up and down of relationships with friends—you’ll be alright.’

On being asked to join the show: “I was shocked and I thought, ‘How is this going to be for him to open up our doors?” Porsha shared, referring to her husband. “Once I told him what my mission was and what I wanted to get out of the show—which was basically, I’m a newlywed. Marriage is not easy by far. I’m also a new mother, I have a 9-year-old. And I’m trying to work all of it out, and I’m trying to come out on top.”

On rumors her husband Kordell Stewart is gay: “In life, you’ll have haters whether you’re on the camera or whether you’re off the camera. If you and your husband have an understanding, you are blessed,” said Porsha. “You’ll be good to go.”


Kyle Richards is in damage control over a new report that her publicist banned Adriana de Moura from attending a charity event because they wanted Kyle to be the only housewife there.  Adriana had gotten wind that Kyle was attending the “Shop All Things Pink event at Alene Too Regency Court” according to Gather and asked if she could attend.  One of Kyle’s people cleared her, and it wasn’t until she was five minutes away (in a rainstorm) that another publicist got wind of it and freaked out and started yelling that she didn’t want another housewife there and it was all about Kyle – so Adriana was sent home.  Bummer was it was for a breast cancer fundraiser.  Seriously – Kyle needs to get her team’s act together.  #notcool


The Real Housewives of Miami “Bras and Brawls” Recap by Krissy

Lisa’s Lingerie Fashion Show for Daysy the Maid

“Lingerie and breast cancer kinda goes hand in hand.” – Lisa

Daysy the maid is sitting on the side of the bathtub with the dogs as Lisa models different lingerie. A leopard print bra and panties, a red ruffled romper, a white angel bustier with wings, all with spiked stilettos to match. “Oh Miss Lisa!” They are really sweet together. Daysy seems to be more of a companion for Lisa than a maid. Lisa explains that she and Lenny are throwing a lingerie party to raise money for the breast cancer charity ‘Susan G. Komen for the Cure.’ Lea has not yet RSVPed to the event and Lisa calls her to confirm that she will be there. The lingerie party is the night before Lea’s big fundraiser gala, but she says that she will do her best to make it and will donate money either way. Lisa is very honest about wanting to impress Lea who is shocked that there will be over 800 people attending.

Lea Promises ‘Boat Loads’ of Celebrities

“Everybody’s complaining ‘cause you Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!” – Adrianna

Lea is at her office finalizing the details for her annual gala supporting at-risk youth. The woman is not afraid to accessorize! She is wearing a gigantic metal and stone choker that covers the entire length of her neck. It makes Countess Luann’s necklaces look dainty. Alexia, Adrianna, and Joanna arrive for the final meeting before the gala. They are working on the seating chart when the subject of Karent comes up. Alexia does not want to sit anywhere near Karent, calls her phony and pathetic, and says that Karent does not know how to behave socially. Adrianna is still angry from the Venue party and wants to confront Karent again. Joanna comes to Karent’s defense and is shot down. We then learn that Karent gave an interview to a local paper where she bashes the other ladies, saying that they are “classless fame-addicts with Botox for brains.” A line is definitely being drawn in the sand over Karent.

Marysol and Alexia Sip Sangria

“I had a clown that would come after me with a broom!” – Marysol

Marysol and Alexia are relaxing by Alexia’s pool discussing the issues with Karent over white wine sangria. Alexia is still upset over the confrontation at the Venue party and does not think that Karent fits in with the group. There must be something more to the story between Alexia and Karent for her to have this much venom for her. Marysol says that Karent reminds her of a clown that she had nightmares about as a child. They both think that she is a celebrity-stalker and does not ‘know her place.’ The article that came out brought the issues to the surface and now the ladies are angry. Alexia says that Joanna and Lisa are on Karent’s side only because they do not know her well enough yet, but that they will soon understand. On a side note, Alexia is wearing the most awesome 1980s tribute outfit of cropped floral stretch pants and a white cable-knit tank.

Joanna and the Faux Fur Bikini

“You’re gonna get in a lot of trouble with the feminists.” – Marta

Joanna is preparing for her third PETA anti-fur photo campaign at Lisa’s home. She talks about wanting to do a controversial campaign as the crotch of her bikini is getting stuffed full of faux fur. The slogan is: “Grow Your Own Fur Let the Animals Keep Theirs.” Joanna goofs around for the photographer with different merkin styles. She is very outspoken about her animal rights activism and slams celebrities that only attach their name to a charity.

Lea and RJ Welcome Dad Home

“Tell daddy how much we missed him.” – Lea

Lea and her son RJ decorate their house to welcome home her husband Roy. I believe this is the first time that we see the three of them together. Criminal defense attorney Roy is returning home after losing a big case. Lea says that this is the first time she and RJ did not follow Roy to where the trial was being held. It was the longest they had been apart in 20 years. They discuss the trial over the most delicious looking fresh fruit tart.

(Note from NMD – Roy is coming home from the John Goodman trial in Palm Beach and takes the time to bash the judge, lawyers, media, etc.  a continuation of the bashing he did during the controversial trial.  Read about the trial and Roy here.)

Lisa Looks Frazzled

“To the naked eye, it might appear as though we are running a brothel.” – Lisa

Lisa is scrambling around the day of the lingerie party making last minute arrangements. It is very important to her that she impress everyone, specifically Lea, with the charity event. Lenny tells her that she is not used to work and she agrees with a smile. Lisa is quickly becoming the darling of the Miami cast. Her attitude is great and she always seems to want to make everyone happy.

Karent and Joanna Go Gown Shopping

“Pure jealousy!” – Joanna

Joanna takes Karent to Claudio Milano to go gown shopping for the Blacks’ Annual Gala. (The average price of a Claudio Milano dress is $10,000!) While trying on beautiful, sparkly gowns, Joanna brings up the final gala meeting with the ladies. Joanna tells her what the ladies said and that she makes her own decisions based on her relationship with Karent and not their opinions. Karent is frustrated and believes that the ladies are picking on her for no reason. They discuss the article that came out and Karent says that her comments were taken out of context and manipulated. Being a celebrity, Joanna says she understands that you cannot always believe what you read about people. She tells Karent that she has her back.

Adrianna and Ana Shop for Lingerie

“You’re Brazilian…you’re born psychologically naked.” – Ana

Adrianna, Ana, and Ana’s daughters Beba and Kati are shopping for lingerie for Lisa’s charity event. Ana is not excited about wearing lingerie in front of hundreds of people. Beba and Kati tell their mom that her time for lingerie parties has come and gone. Adrianna models a white, lacy, hooded outfit for the girls and Ana admires her confidence. They discuss the article that Karent put out and Ana asks Adrianna if she is going to confront her. Adrianna says yes and Ana worries that it is going to end badly.

The Obligatory Mid-Commercial Fake Out

“I think I wanna be Kim Kardashian for Halloween.” – Marta

There is video footage of Joanna protesting in front of the Kardashian’s store because they sell fur. Joanna and Marta are playing around and making fun of Kim Kardashian. Joanna says that if she ever saw Kim, she would tell her what a disgusting person she is.

Marta’s Rough Life

“I don’t wanna leave…I love it so much.” – Marta

Marta is adjusting well to life at Lisa’s house. (Is it just me, or is Marta a total freeloader?) Lisa seems concerned that Marta has no direction and is living out one long vacation. While Lisa is prepping for the lingerie party, Marta is lounging by the pool with a glass of champagne, chatting with Lisa’s friends.

Marysol and Mama Elsa Compare Lingerie

“Sit? I’m going to be laying down when I die forever. Let me enjoy myself.” – Mama Elsa

Marysol visits Mama Elsa on her way to the lingerie party. Mama Elsa is drunk and shows Marysol what she would be wearing if she went to the party – a lovely feather fascinator and lacy fan. Mama Elsa jokes that Marysol won’t let her go to the party because she would steal the show. Knowing that Joanna is going to be at the party, it is a bold move for Marysol to wear a fur vest over her nightgown.

Lisa and the Lingerie Party: Part I

“It’s not like I went and ordered someone to slay an ostrich and bring me a jacket.” – Marysol

Lisa and Lenny are dressing for the party and Lenny is having a melt down because preparations are happening later than they should. He is pacing back and forth and back and forth driving Lisa crazy. Cut to a montage of scantily clad ladies and exposed backsides. The party is in full swing. Romain and Joanna are slow dancing and Karent is practically perched on her shoulder like a parrot. It looks very awkward.

Lea shows up in a black bustier and slacks with James (Miss Elaine) and Joe Francis, creator of “Girls Gone Wild.”  Joanna spots Joe Francis and expresses her disgust. Apparently she knows him from years ago. In comes Marysol and her fur vest and Joanna is horrified. Karent swoops over to Marysol and chastises her for wearing fur around Joanna. (Seriously? I am starting to see a glimpse into what Alexia and Adrianna are talking about.) Karent tells her that she is sure she didn’t wear the fur to hurt Joanna’s feelings and Marysol looks at her like she is insane.

Joe Francis takes the opportunity to tell the ladies that he was the one who got Joanna on TV and that he slept with her and Marta. Karent drags Joe Francis over to Joanna and Romain and tells them Joe said he slept with her and Marta. (It’s official. Everything that Adrianna and Alexia said about Karent is right!) What an obnoxious thing to do. Joanna and Joe start yelling at each other and Lea breaks them up trying to keep the peace at Lisa’s party.

Marta confesses to Joanna that she did sleep with Joe. The rest of the group goes inside and rightfully blames Karent for stirring the pot. Even Lisa joins them in saying that it was Karent’s fault. The party continues in a special episode this Sunday. We get to see Adrianna slap Joanna and Miss Elaine toss a party guest into the pool. Yippie!


Saturday Night Lineup, October 27 (New Listings) by BB

7:30PM EST – World Series (San Francisco at Detroit) (Fox)
8PM EST – 48 Hours Hard Evidence (TLC)
9PM EST – Parking Wars (A&E); The Dark (Discovery); Bayou Billionaires (CMT); My Wedding David Tutera (WE); Celebrity Ghost Stories (Biography)
10PM EST – 48 Hours (CBS); Billy the Exterminator (TLC); Redneck Rehab (CMT); Iyanla Fix My Life (OWN); Doomsday Preppers (NatGeo); Deadly Affairs (ID); Celebrity Ghost Stories (Biography); Untold Stories of the ER (Fit); Families Under Construction (DIY)


To all you East coasters – Stay safe and check in when you get a chance so we don’t worry about you!


Happy Birthday Zoey & coocoopuffs78

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    It is absolutely gorgeous here! I’ve Only read the Joe Francis tweet so far. THAT is hilarious. Very JILL of him, you’re right, NMD!!

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    Hurricane Sandy HAD been downgraded early this morning to tropical storm status but I read that she has regained strength and is back to Hurricane Status. booooo!!!

  4. Good Morning! Thanks NMD for the juice!
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    Just wondering how much JZ paid Sonja Morgan to say what she did?

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    Those of you in the hurricane path, hop in the car and drive west to Kansas! It’s 34 now, sunny and high of 51 today. Lovely.

    Hurricane list:
    Jill NNTJ
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        We’ll be thinking of you and praying for you, JustWondering. Stay away from your tree if and when the winds begin, just in case.

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        ((( Just ))) Keep us posted. I wish we could be there with you. I’d bring chocolate and Apple cider.

        Thanks KG.

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        Awwww, Just Wondering. You can talk to us as long as your power holds out. I went to the library earlier today and got some books to read in case that’s all I have for entertainment later. I know it’s hard, but try not to worry too much. Maybe this is all much ado about nothing. It’s happened before. But better to be safe than sorry.

        • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

          My house is over run with books so there is always that if there is light to read by. In the summer I could sit on the porch during daylight but its going to be a bit too cold for that and it is closest to the tree LOL. Unfortunately this tree is older than my 80 year old house and it is hundreds of feet taller than the house so if a limb drops it will drop with force and I picture it coming thru the roof and the half story attic and hitting me on the head while sitting on the sofa. I hate the basement so I don’t want to hang out there since it will flood if there is no power. I guess I will just have to hang out in bed and be as comfortable as I can be for as long as the charge on the lantern lasts. Then I can wind it up and recharge it. The cell is OK I never use it unless there is a power failure and the cat will have to help keep me warm if there is no heat. At least she likes to cuddle 🙂

          I still have some PTSD from Irene last year. The basement flooded, the sump pump died when the neighbor hooked up his generator, the plumber overcharged for the new one (we worked out a compromise on that) and there was no power so no cooking (electronic ignition stove) for three days. The next door neighbor (who just moved, his house is vacant now) moved the limbs away from the driveway so I could at least get out to dunkin donuts for coffee. I have to have my coffee!!! If we get snow with this storm my car is so far back I’ll never be able to shovel to get the car out. I have COPD so cold weather makes breathing difficult while sitting never mind when shoveling. Once in a while some kids may come around looking for shoveling jobs (mostly they don’t) so I have to wait til my lawn man can get here.

          Sorry, I didn’t mean to write a book.

          BB I do indeed hope it is all hype. I hate when they make the weather the news.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            If we could just move NJ a little closer, I’d come sit it out with you. It sounds like a real adventure and possibly a challenging puzzle with no power or tree down. (Wish the city could have just dropped the tree and cleaned it up later. They need to be planning ahead with stuff that can take out lines!) Wool blankets are great for warmth, so if you have some, drag those out. Pull the curtains on the tree side so you don’t look out and worry. Just focus on the non-tree side and think positive thoughts. I’m sure we can hold that tree up if we concentrate!

            Keep us posted. We can be quite entertaining!

            • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

              Both PSE&G and the town come around to keep the wires clear. The problem is this is a tree-filled small town (which is lovely) but the trees are elderly and there is not enough time, staff or money to take them down quickly. Recently they took one down at the end of the street and I was hoping mine was next but they went away, sigh.

          • Powell says:

            JWIJ I’m like you. I’ve got at least 10 new books and someone gave away their James Patterson’s at work so I have 2 of those. Plenty to read. And I need to carry myself upstairs and organize my closet. I went to Bed Bath & Beyond last Saturday & bought some of those slim hangers. I use some now & love them. I need more room. 🙂

        • trudie says:

          Stay safe and keep in touch. We are here for you.

      • JWIJ, my heart goes out to you (as to all). But, animals have incredible instincts, so listen if your cat alerts you about anything. And know that your Guardian Angels are working overtime and there for you to talk to when you can’t be online any more. Until then, be here and connect! Hugs!

    • butterisafruit says:

      Just Wondering,
      I understand I’m alone too. I’m at the end of the street
      way down in the woods. You get a bit of a forlorn feeling.
      Especially when the storm starts. This will pass, because
      you’re going to tell yourself you ARE in charge. It can
      take the power, the tree but it can’t take who you are.
      Get a small portable radio, charge your cell phone.
      This way you’ll still be in touch with the world.

      • princesspindy says:

        (((Butteriaf & JWIJ)))

      • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

        Butter our properties are only 40′ wide by 100′ deep so we are on top of each other. One house next door is vacant and the one on the other side has new people I haven’t even met yet. Mostly the neighbors keep to themselves and you never see them unless something happens in the area. Once it is over back in the house they go LOL. I do have a cell number of the fella who has the generator and I now know he’s willing to help out but I don’t even know any of the other neighbors anymore. I moved here 20 years ago and it was a much friendlier vibe with people close in age and lots of people had cats.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Can you go knock on the new neighbors’ door today while the weather is good? Tell them you don’t want anything, but just to exchange numbers in case either of you needs some quick help. They may be worrying too and feeling isolated not knowing neighbors. Nothing like a common cause to make people interested in each other!

          • Powell says:

            KG that’s a good idea. I’m friends w/neighbor on my left, across the street, two behind me, two down the end if the block, one around the corner and say hi two a few others on my street so at least there are people that can help one another.

            • Kansas Girl says:

              You know, in my neighborhood we just say we’re being a “nosy neighbor” with a huge stupid grin. And most of us know each other now. It’s amazing what you can get away with, just being stupid friendly.

          • California35 says:

            Great advice!!!

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Great idea. The storm is the perfect excuse to introduce yourself.

            Back to cats one of my friends had a cat who was scared of anyone who visited and the cat died, eventually she got a kitten that was adventurous and even zipped out the door once. Now this new cat is a scaredy cat too. Kind of weird to enable a cat to be so dependent on one person.

            • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

              I don’t even know how you would train a cat to be scared. Cats train humans LOL. My cat was 9 when I adopted her and she is now 14 and recovering from her final chemo treatment for breast cancer. The last does did a number on her but so far this one seems to be OK. Time will tell.

              Whoever had her before me did a great job with her cuz she is a “lovely lady” who is slowly coming out of her shell. A friend has recently seen and spoken to her twice. Every time she would come in the house the cat would hide under the bed but since the visits to the vet she seems to be a bit more trusting??? She must have been very isolated before?

              • Kansas Girl says:

                One of my previous cats was scared of the doorbell. It took me a long time to figure out why. One Saturday morning, early, I heard the doorbell go DONG, and then frantic cat scrambling. When I got up to look, nothing was happening and no one at the door. Weeks later someone rang my doorbell. Chip (20 lbs of muscle with no brain at all) streaked by, passed the front door, and hid behind the dining room curtain. (In clear sight, and his tail was sticking out. LOL.) Then I figured it out. That Saturday, Chip had climbed to where he could reach the doorbell chime, almost lost his balance and hit the chime. This was the DONG I heard. He must have thought he was falling and would have fallen about 12 feet, so it scared him. He associated the sound with being scared. Oddly, he’d run past the door where the CAUSE of the sound originated. Sometimes I’d ring that bell just to laugh at him. He always went behind the curtain with his tail sticking out too. What a dummy!

      • trudie says:


    • Sus says:

      I’m in Mass but not near the coast. We’ll just have lots of wind and rain. If the power goes out we have a generator.

      Anyone with a generator, please be very careful when filling it with gas and running it.

      Good luck to all in the path!!

    • Sus says:

      I’m in Mass but not near the coast. We’ll just have lots of wind and rain. If the power goes out we have a generator.

      Anyone with a generator, please be very careful when filling it with gas and running it.

      Good luck to all in the path!!

    • Boobah says:

      Please add me to the list. I’m on Long Island. This damn storm thing is freakin’ me out!! Seriously. I get a lot of anxiety. PLEASE let this just be much ado about nothing!

  11. LaineyLainey says:

    for those interested: I just posted on the Prayer Page with a Mr. Lainey’s job update!

    • Nancy says:

      🙂 Very happy for you both. Now you can sleep well at nights.

    • Yeah! So happy for you and hubs Lainey! More prayers answered. Gotta love it!

    • Powell says:

      Lainey I commented there but your son is off the “family payroll”. LOL. Congrats again!

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Lainey, that is wonderful. I am soooooo happy for you & your Hubster. You helped me alot when my DH lost his job, thanks for sharing your experience. Is your son familiar with what he needs prep wise? You may want to consider getting a hotel room for him in the city, if possible. Has he been through a Norwegian before? Keeping good thoughts for him & please keep us posted, Hugs to you, Lisa

      • trudie says:

        Good idea to make sure your son is familiar with what he may need prep wise. I talked to my daughter today and asked if they had batteries. She said:”Yes, lots of batteries.” I asked if they had flashlights. “No.” Well, what the heck are the batteries for? She didn’t know, but assured me they had lots of them. I told her to go out and get at least one flashlight. Kids.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Lisa Renee and Trudie, I have passed along your suggestions to him. I spoke with him this morning and he was saying that everyone he talks to said IRENE was supposed to be really bad and it wasn’t so people aren’t that worried. I told him that he’s lucky he only has himself to worry about – no wife or kids or pets – so I strongly urged him to get a flashlight, batteries, water and food, trash bags and ziploc bags. I told him if it turns out to be no big whoop, then yay!! But if the worse happens, then he’s somewhat prepared. I told him to do it for “us” – his mom and dad. He said he would.

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Lainey, thats my concern, people are complacent from Irene. Especially after the mayor shut the city down for what turned out to be for no reason. This is no IRENE a typical hurricane that moved through quickly during warmer weather. This WTF system is going to move inland very slowly. Can’t compare the two storms. I hope he does it for your piece of mind. I always ask my kid to do things just to shut me up. Have him text you pic’s of his stuff so you know are not just being yes’d! If he can get a few thermoses he can fill them with soup/hot chocolate to keep warm as the storm rolls in. Lisa

          • LaineyLainey says:

            LR, I just sent him a text to ask for a pic. and to warn the skinny texas boy that it’s going to be colder than crap in alaska. we don’t do well in cold weather.

            • Lisa Renee says:

              Hahaha, skinny Texas boy is going to be as shocked as my florida skinny girl when she goes to MI for law school in T minus 59 days. She is still looking for “cute” snow boots on line. I told her if they are cute they wont cut it. How can our kids be so spectacular & so clueless at the same time. Lordy, I think my mom just typed that, Lisa

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I appreciate all your comments. 🙂 I was so happy to have some good news for everyone. Lisa Renee, I hope you’ll keep us posted about your own happenings!! Blessings to all!!

  12. Sus says:

    I said this the other night when the episode was on:

    Yeah, lingerie and breast cancer go together. Sure. Mastectomy scars look so much better with lingerie. What an idiot. So ignorant. This is breast cancer awareness:–qguGL0tCm0/UIHW4spxWwI/AAAAAAAAAnY/_6Upr8s16Lk/s1600/breast+cancer+awareness.jpg

    Susan G Komen – corrupt. Being aware doesn’t save you from breast cancer. We are all aware. Not one more penny should be spent on “awareness”. The money should all go towards helping women WITH breast cancer. The money should all be spent on research.

    Susan G Komen doesn’t want to have anything to do with Stage 4 breast cancer women because they are going to die. Dying isn’t pretty and pink.

    • good morning all, my son and dil do cancer research and are truly angry at susan g komen et al. they see so much money that could go to research but won’t and they don’t like the machavellin tatics that the group uses to keep money from going to research. sad tribute to susan g. komen.
      prayers to all in the path of the storm. the gov. gave some good advice. please stay safe.

    • melthehound says:

      I think there’s an extra space or something in your link. For those (of us) who don’t watch the show, your statements make more sense if the picture link works.

  13. Lisa Renee says:

    Good Afternoon to everyone, great blog today, again! Every single day, y’all are amazing. I am keeping all those in the path of this WTF system (this is not a hurricane IMO) in my prayers. I realized this morning the people who will be without power will be cold post storm, insane. Everyone please stay safe. This WTF is a monster, I lived on the shore of the gulf of mexico on pensacola beach for years. Always evacuated & finally lost my home to Opal. If you refused to evacuate the police came to your door to tell you that you were gonna die & if you call 911 they would not come & to fill out a form with next of kin information. Please heed all mandatory evacuations, you will not be able to be reached for at least 72 hrs after storm passes. Thanks for making a list of all those in the path. Prepare prepare prepare & then prepare some more. If you don’t need it you will be happy, if you do, you will be ready! Its a PITA but necessary. Stay safe, Lisa
    P.S. still looking for Detox

    • JustDee says:

      I stay prepared, that way I don’t have to rush around GETTING prepared.
      Flourescent battery powered lanterns are GREAT. About $10 at Walmart.
      If you still have a land line – make sure you have a phone that doesn’t need to be plugged into the electric outlet.
      If you have an electric stove, coleman camp stoves are a lifesaver.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Just Dee, I am hurricane ready all year round also. All of my tips are not for cold weather post storm. The convo in my home was which is worse….no power but warm weather or no power with cold weather. The consensus was cold is worse. Glow sticks for the younger kids were always a hit & helps cut down on battery use. Lisa

    • Powell says:

      Lisa you don’t have to worry about me. If we are told to evacuate I am out of here w/my mom and bird and I’ll make sure the rest of my family is on there way. I love my house and everything that’s in it but I can’t save any of it.

      • AZGirl says:

        Powell I am not making “light’ of the hurricane but your post made me think of Godfather II “Leave the gun take the cannoli” I don’t know why but maybe I need to back off Bravo for a while 🙂 Stay safe and check in with us.

        • Powell says:

          LOL AZGirl. I remember that line. 😀

          • melthehound says:

            So do I but it was Godfather 1.

            • AZGirl says:

              bet you a cannoli it was Godfather II 🙂

              • AZGirl says:

                I owe MTH one cannoli it was Godfather I

              • melthehound says:

                It was One. It may have been said in two as well, perhaps as a flashback. In GF1, after Don Corleone was shot, Pauly, the body guard was blamed for helping to set him up (at the fruit stand) because he had called in sick that day. On the day in question (leave the gun, take the cannolis) He was Clemenza’s driver and when they picked him up at his house, his wife reminded him to get, Cannolis. Out in the middle of no where, he tells Pauly to pull over so he can relieve himself. While doing so, the guy (who was told he was going to ‘make his bones’) in the back seat, shoots Pauly in the back of the head. They leave the car, Pauly’s dead body, and the gun where it sits, and walk away with the Cannoli’s. Leave the gun, Take the Cannolis.

                • Powell says:

                  Yes! Very memorable scene. #1, 2 are the best; #3 was really good. I’ve seen them more times than I can remember.

                  I’ve been watching horror films today. The original British “Village of the Damned”, now I’m watching “House of Wax” Vincent Price. I love Vincent Price horror. They’re not really scary though.

                • Lisa Renee says:

                  Hi Jeff, absolutely correct. He was not going home without them & run the risk of pissing off his wife. So when Sonny asked Clemenza “how’s Pauly?”, what was his reply? Lol. FWIW, I have never got over Sonny’s death. Lisa

                • Orson says:

                  Cannolis did play a role in Godfather #3 too.

      • cocfarm says:

        Love you that you will head out with mom and the BIRD! That’s a lucky bird.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Powell, when we evacuated for the last time (Opal) I told my daughter we can replace everything but us. Glad you have the same attitude. I have since move inland & am at the highest point in pensacola. I feel for JWIW, I know how scared she is. I rode out Ivan in my current home, 17 people, animals for days, 3 weeks no power, I have generators & still sustained 96K in damage. The house was still standing, the claims adjuster couldn’t believe it. Like JWIJ, I think I have PTSD from Ivan. Never rode out a storm, always evacuated. During the worst part of the storm I sat in a closet & screamed into a pillow so not to freak out the kids, who I insisted wear football helmets all night. My family always wants to know why my xanax never kicks in. Good to “see” you, Lisa

        • Powell says:

          I sympathize w/those that have gone thru past weather disasters and I can understand having PTSD. I just pray we’re all fine.

        • Kansas Girl says:


          If you ever want to evacuate as far away as Kansas, just come on. The house is small, but no one should be screaming in closets from fear. Bring your gang and we’ll figure it out.

        • jeang says:

          That is so strange. During Hurricane Charley in 2004 I sat at the end of our hallway with a florida gator helmut my son had given me ($200 plus dollars)for christmas because I felt the whole house was going to come down on us. At the height on the wind etc, the eye came and all was okay after that. We did have some damage but not catastrophic, just kind of cosmetic. you know gutters and downspouts and fence caps, etc/

  14. chismosa says:

    Hi everyone I am in Long Island and don’t know what to think with this weather. Last year Irene had us out without power for like 3-4 days. Yikes. I hope it’s nothing. I have to get to the news to hear more updates.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      ((( Chismosa ))) stay safe.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Praying for you, too – chismosa. My son just told me today that his NY friends are saying Irene was no big whoop and now I see that you were sans power for 3-4 days! That’s a big whoop to me!!

      • chismosa says:

        Thanks ^^ you two. Lainey it wasn’t horrible horrible just because we had a generator and our hot water was still working. But, tough. I don’t know what to think I’m always skeptical!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I remember you were missing in action for a while and then checked in to say you were without power. Take care! I’m putting you on the list.

      • jeang says:

        We had a generator and manage to rotate power to our freezer, refrigerator, etc/we had a system after that with power strips, extension cords and rugs to cover the cords so we wouldnt trip. I used a lot of vacation because we were told to be home when the power companies came by or else we wouldnt get power. we had three hurricances that year, about one to two weeks apart and every time we lost power, even with the generator, it was like a week after each hurricane before we got power back.

      • chismosa says:

        Thanks Kansas! Sweet of you…..

  15. California35 says:

    Good after noon, some times is worth it to watch commercials. I just saw the commercial with Brad Pitt 😉 I had seen the parody of it in SNL.

    Happy Birthday Zoey and Cooocoo 🙂

    Just wondering, I feel you. Be strong and we are all sending you and all on the list our good thoughts and prayers 🙂

    I did not watch Miami, so I don’t know who that guy is. But he looks weird and from what you guys are saying, not someone we want to watch. The fur picture, eeewww. Is all I got to say about that.

    Jill, Jill, Jill, get a hobby already, or better yet get to work. I am sure there is plenty you can help with in your husbands business. You need to let it go.

  16. California35 says:

    I wonder, why do we name the hurricanes? Who does that? How do they come up with the names? I remember one, Paul, he was brutal.

  17. AZGirl says:

    I had no idea that Lea Black’s husband was representing John Goodman. Goodman should burn in hell. Better yet have someone lock him in a car and push the car into a lake. That way he can die like the kid he killed driving drunk.

    Young man was a dean’s list student home for the holidays and Goodman was driving drunk and hit him. Kid’s car went into a lake. Goodman did not stop and help. If he did the kid would have been saved. Instead he drowned.

    On top of this Goodman ADOPTED his girlfriend and transferred all his assets to her so the family of the young man would not get any money in the civil lawsuit.

    How does an attorney who represents a guy like this sleep?

    • Powell says:

      Goodman is an idiot. He got 16yrs, out on appeal in his huge home, his comfy bed, he can eat what he wants, take a bath shower when he wants, go to bed & get up when he wants, wear his clothes and what does that idiot do, try to cut his ankle monitor off. Landed his a*s right back in jail where he should be in the 1st place.

      • Nancy says:

        Why isn’t he in jail now?

        • AZGirl says:

          He must of posted bail. Appeal means that there is a stay and if the defendant can meet the bail amount then he is out but restricted. No passport. Probably on a ankle monitor.

          • AZGirl says:

            Which Powell indicates he tried to cut off. How arogant is that.

            • I just read an article about this. The buzzard is back in jail after trying to cut off his ankle monitor while on house arrest with 2 guards in his )lavish) home. Idiot! He is in jail waiting to hear if bail will be revoked. The hearing for that is set for Nov. 26th, after Thanksgiving. I hope they keep him there for good. Terrible, terrible man. I do not know how an attorney can defend him. Grrrr!

          • Nancy says:

            But he was convited wasn’t he? I didn’t know you could be out waiting for an appeal.

            • AZGirl says:

              You can appeal a conviction but most cannot make the bail. Goodman transferred all his assets to his “adopted” girlfriend so he has a way to make bail. He tried to cut off his ankle monitor and now back in jail awaiting to see if the judge will give him another chance at bail.

              • AZGirl…he also finally settled $46 mil on the victims family, trying to “make good”, but no amount of money will ever make this creep “good” for what he did. I do not even think 16 years is enough for his sentence. How can you put a number of years for the life he took? That young man won’t come back to life in 16 years, nor will he be able to live out what should have been his life, thanks to this disgusting John Goodman. Can you tell I have issues with this case?? I just do not get how people can live with themselves after doing something like this, let alone defend themselves with excuses. Again….grrrr!

                • Lisa Renee says:

                  I feel ya MarDrag, pushed every button I have. Watching the trial I have no clue how is family is dealing. Love your blog, haven’t been around much to post since you launched it, but read it every day. Its a lovely lovely site. Lisa

                  • Oh thank you Lisa….that is so sweet! I am glad you like it.

                    Yes, this case pushed my buttons too. I can’t imagine what the poor young mans family has gone through. And here we have his attorney & family on a reality show. Shaking my dam* head! Why I won’t even begin to watch HWMiami.

                    • Powell says:

                      I don’t have a prob w/Lea on the show but I don’t think they should’ve shown them watching the trial and Lea speaking w/RJ about what who his dad was defending.

                • Powell says:

                  I have issues w/it too and the Judge was not pleased and said so at his sentencing. Said he believed John knew the car was in the canal but John only thought about saving himself.

                • AZGirl says:

                  I had no idea that the civil case had been settled. No news of it here. But you are right, no amount of money will ever bring back their son and the fact that he could have been me Goodman will be someone’s bitch in jail.

              • Lisa Renee says:

                Omnipotent! I hope the judge denies bail. Also, IIRC the adoption is being challenged in another jurisdiction right now & if invalidated(right word?) he will have to forfeit bail & return to jail pending appeal as he will not have the access to the cash he is using to pull all this off. Only in FL folks, only in FL! Lisa

    • Lisa Renee says:

      AZ girl, I had this same convo with my daughter this morning. You had to see her face when I told her that he met Lea when she was on jury for Kennedy rape trial. I never understood how Kennedy was aquitted until Jenn in FL posted that. Jenn’s BF was best friends with Scott, the young man who was murdered. InSession just played the whole trial. Roy, IMO, looked like an idiot. I won’t even comment about Lea telling her son Goodman drank after the crash for pain. Their son didn’t buy it & either did the jury. As for defense attorney’s…….it takes some one who can seperate the crime from the person & ensure our birth given right to a fair trial. To make sure the state plays by the rules (think Duke Lacross, dirty DA). Without them our justice system would cease to exist. My daughters response was that is why she is going into family law. 🙂 Lisa

      • Powell says:

        Their cousin Michael Skagal was denied parole for the murder of Martha Moxley. Robert Kennedy Jr wrote a letter to the parole board saying Michael wouldn’t hurt anyone.

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Yes Powell, I saw that also. One problem, Martha’s mom waited a long time for “justice” & will spend every day of her life trying to ensure he is not let out an hour earlier than he should be. Lisa

      • AZGirl says:

        @ lisa… let your daughter know that I admire her for going into law. But……let her know that I have many friends who practice criminal defense and family law…guess who is packing heat????? family law practice attorneys HA!!!! Gets quite testy.
        Whatever she decides to do she will do well.

        • Lisa Renee says:

          AZ Girl, ITA! I told her the difference between family/criminal is family court is usually good people acting at their lowest most irrational way & criminal you have really bad people on their best behavior. I wanted to get her a gun, but she gets a glint in her eye at the thought of it not proportionate to being a first time gun owner, no anxiety no fear. A look that is pure adrenaline & excitement. I put the kabosh on it, got her a stun gun, she has pepper spray & took self defense in high school. Thank you for the lovely compliment, Lisa

      • AZGirl says:

        I have not been watching Miami so I had no idea that is how Lea met her husband. WTF????

    • Sus says:

      I haven’t heard of this guy until today. Just another person who thinks he’s above everyone and the laws. I don’t know that I could live with myself if I were his shoes. Leaving that person to die would haunt me. I wouldn’t be able to get over it.

      I was surprised they let their kid express opinions about a judge without discussing it more.

      Another person with money who can’t be bothered to call a cab when drinking. Disgusting!

  18. Powell says:

    Yup. Marta’s got a rough life. I wonder how much.bravo is paying her.,

  19. ItzAngieDuh says:

    Me thinks Joanna doth protest too much about sleeping w/Joe Francis. I think she made a big deal bcuz Romain was standing there. Why did Kerenr think it was appropriate to drag Joe over to Joanna & make that announcement? Why did she go running to Marysol about wearing a fur jacket? She is pathetic. I like Lisa so far but the previews from Sunday’s show looks as if she’s getting a lesson about hosting the fundraisers at her home. I remember her screaming ‘there’s no fighting in my house’. James (Elaine) stays in the middle doesn’t he/she? In drag or out-you can find him/her right in the thick of things. It’s funny that her tag line is about her smile bcuz her smile is a but creepy. I mean its beautiful but it seems as if there is more behind it. Great blog tho-Serox are you out there?

  20. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone is keeping safe and those in the path of HSandy are preparing and batting down the hatches. I’m in LandOLakes, Fl 20miles from Tampa,Fl and I know about getting prepared. The canned goods,crackers, sweets, juices, jugs of water, foam or paper plates, cups, plastic utensils, candles, lighters, flashlights, batteries, medications, important documents in ziplocs… the list goes on. We would buy so many vienna sausages and tuna fish we’d be stocked for months.

    My RealMom always keeps a clean (unused) 33 gallon garbage can and fills it with water in the bathroom to be able to have water for cooking, bathing etc if the water goes. She prepares coolers full of ice, homemade of course, and brews plenty of coffee. She has enough charcoal and lighterfluid to cook for a football league. She keeps it in waterproof containers year round. Also she makes sure to bring in any lawn furniture/accessories which can become projectiles in the storm. Gladly and much to the CHAGRIN of other towns/cities Tampa has avoided, been spared, escaped the punishment of any MAJOR storm for quite a while. Everyone in Tampa and elsewhere keep saying we’re due. I hope not. My family still lives in Tampa and it being only 20miles away LOLakes will definitely get it too. I hope everyone of us and everyone out there is safe and the storm doesn’t take any more lives or causes too much damage. Please be safe and if anyone has any other IDEAS for those in the path of Sandy please post. Sometimes even seasoned vets can ‘forget’ to do something and it’s still early enough to make adjustments.

  21. TexasTart says:

    I hope all of you near the Atlantic, or anywhere this storm shall travel are prepared and with any luck don’t need all the preparation! Good luck!

  22. BB says:

    Checking in. It’s raining and a little windy. Nothing unusual.

  23. TexasTart says:

    Haven’t read all the comments, but did anyone hear from Detox?!

    • Powell says:

      No and I meant to ask yesterday. I hope everything is alright.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        i HAVEN’T heard anything, yet. Sent her yet another email.

        • TexasTart says:

          Thanks, Powell and Lainey. JillNNTJ emailed her too. I hope everything is alright too. I seem to remember she had pneumonia a while back . Not sure how long ago, just hope that didn’t come back…. it would be nice if she were gone for some ridiculous reason that required a long winding explanation, ha.

  24. Here’s the video of Andy making fun of Jill’s secret recording

    • butterisafruit says:

      That’s a hoot!

    • Eastbayca says:

      Lol….that was awesome.

    • Sus says:

      This is what I’m hoping was going on at Bravo.

      They were thinking about bringing her back to RHONY for whatever reason. They invite her to WWHL to kind of test the waters so to speak. Then Jill starts up with her ridiculousness including announcing that she had the interview secretly taped. So now Bravo is sitting back saying “What were we thinking? We can’t have her come back. Gross!”

      It would be so great if that was the scenario. Good for Andy too for not putting up with her crap

      • butterisafruit says:

        Exactly that woman can’t do anything graciously. She was given a
        golden opportunity and she sabotaged it.

      • chismosa says:

        I love that theory Sus – even though I would have just died if she HAD come back to rhny. It makes it all the more wonderful to think that she actually did have a smidge of a chance to come back and just messed it all up.

        Notice everything so classic “””Jill”””” – saying SHE doesn’t/ didn’t do something when someone on her “team” does it for her so she can sort of say that she “””herself”” didn’t do it. Buying twitter followers, taping the Andy interview, it goes on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Oh, that’s just a lovely clip. I’ll be playing this over and over. Love that he’s making fun of it. I suspect Bravo legal dept had a little something to say to her.

  25. California35 says:

    You guys are reminding me to get myself a first aid kit. I only have band aids.

    • Nancy says:

      Don’t worry Calif we aren’t very far from you and we could open up a surgery centre with all the stuff we have. 🙂 Your dogs are also welcome.

      • California35 says:

        Aw, thank you Nancy.

        Did I mention that I live very close to a hospital? I just realized that right now, that IT is a great thing to have near by 🙂

        How are you and Your baby? Feeling better? Mine is doing fine since I took care of her flea problem. That was months ago already 🙂

        • Nancy says:

          Your hospital is trying to get my sister to come over there and run their GI Dept.

          I’m glad your babies are flea-less and happy. 🙂 I think I’ll take our earthquakes over hurricanes. What about you?

  26. Fabio is opening a restaurant with Heather in OC – he talks about it on WWHL

  27. Donna says:

    Whenever we went without power, I would bring in my solar lights at night.

  28. Powell says:

    Good “:idea:”

  29. OMG….I just got caught up on the epi’s from this season of Revenge! So unbelievable good! How great would it be to be a writer on THAT writing team?!? I am in awe. They never give you time to think, there is always a new twist. Love it!

    I just hope that Padma is not going to be a baddy and break Nolan’s heart or take him down. 😦
    I have a soft spot for him!

    OK….time to go downstairs and make chicken and cheese pastry balls for tonight. Love you all and still sending prayers for a safe weekend! Huggggs!

  30. Nancy says:

    World Series game 3.

    Noelle are you ready? I hope so as you really have to win tonight. Good luck. 🙂

  31. butterisafruit says:

    well I better get into my Doctor Dentons, it will be an early day tomorrow. I hope everyone is hunkered down tonight and safe. I feel so old toddling off so early. Remember this poem?

    “Was it for this I uttered prayers, And sobbed and cursed and kicked the stairs,
    That now, domestic as a plate, I should retire at half-past eight?
    Edna St. Millay”

  32. Kansas Girl says:

    The all new revised Hurricane Sandy list. Please keep these people in your thoughts.
    Jill NNTJ
    Just Wondering in Jersey
    and the tree in her yard that MUST NOT FALL
    Queen Butter Bean
    Lainey’s son in Brooklyn
    Trudie’s daughter
    Nancy’s family in Anguilla
    NorthEast Lurker

  33. BB says:

    Goodnight everyone. Stay safe.

  34. New England Girl says:

    From a lurker who loves you guys, and have been here from Lynn’s beginnings (I miss her).

  35. Nancy says:

    Oh man I was really rooting for you with bases loaded. That must have hurt. 😦

  36. Cityside says:



    Nancy, I see the Giants have their names on their jerseys today.


    • Nancy says:

      I asked George about that and he didn’t know either why on the home games their names were off the uniform. It is strange.

      This series is getting boring.

      • Cityside says:

        I know! I usually try to watch the whole thing…..but those zero after zero innings make me want to turn to HGTV and those shows never end!

        3 – 0 series?? whoa.

        • Nancy says:

          At least you are being a good sport and watching it at all. Good for you. 🙂
          There is always next year for your Cardinals.

          • Cityside says:

            We are still celebrating that we are the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals until this whole thing is over!

            We hope it goes 7


      • zanne says:

        were they copying some of the college football players with wounded warriers? (they had them on the front)

    • Noelle says:

      @ Cityside.

  37. Nancy says:

    Game 3
    SF Giants-2
    DET Tigers-0

    Sorry Noelle.

    • Noelle says:

      Ms. Nancty,
      We just got home, silence all the way!
      Great Job Giants! (translated means BITE ME!!) ;D
      Tigers were out played on every level and the better team won.(We were and it blows my mind just HOW Awful the Tigers have played.)

      Off to Kick Rocks… and shower to warm up!!


  38. LaineyLainey says:

    hi Everyone – hubby and I are home. There were about 20 other people when we first got there and only 4 of them got it (the binder full of women). Can you believe that? Then as more people kept arriving, more people got it – those who did, Laughed rather heartily, and those who didn’t just smiled. LOL!!! We were the only Mitt and Binder there! I really thought more folks would get the joke. Oh well…we left at about 10:15 just as it was getting really crowded about 50 people. It was fun, but we’re glad to be home!!

  39. Exit4 says:

    All prepped for the storm! Hope everyone stays safe.

    Went out to dinner tonight at a place called the Capital Grille. They have these lockers you can buy to self store your own wine. They have gold plates on the front with the names on them. We were looking at them b/c a friend of ours who owns a local sports bar owns one. Well guess what else I saw? Another locker for Bindi Desserts! The company Kathy Wakile met with. I was kinda confused, but when I googled it, turns out Bindi is hq’d in my hometown! I didn’t get too deep into the website, but from what I gathered, they make desserts for restaurants and so forth. They’re a wholesale company.

    So, that says to me that IF Kathy is working with them, Bindi is making her Cannoli kits, she’s buying them wholesale and packaging them as her own. Not wrong, actually it makes sense business wise….but she’s pushing herself as a baker of fresh products and us selling someone else’s! Again, not a bad thing, but those Cannolis aren’t coming out of her kitchen! In essence, the same Cannoli kits they sell in stores (probably cheaper) may also be made by Bindi, except we have to see her face on QVC! Unless Bindi stole the recipe from her mom and she’s exacting revenge… 🙂

    • Exit4 says:

      I looked on my desktop where it was easier to see the sight and I was wrong about the HQ being in my hometown. It’s in North Jersey. What’s in my hometown must be a distribution center. I wonder if they wined and dined Richie and Kathy at the Capital Grille? LOL. Also, I think she might be contracting the baking work to them, as opposed to buying them from Bindi initially. I guess I just had the impression she’d be slaving away with her mom and Rosie in the kitchen. Filling orders and bitching about Teresa. LOL

    • Orson says:

      IIRC, Kathy was making a deal to use Bindi ingredients to make her wares. And remember, for the meeting, she brought a poster (i.e. a marketing concept). So, what the deal could be is that she provides the ideas and recipes for a dessert line, Bindi makes them, and Kathy helps market and sell them. It’s not like Bethany personally mixed every SG Margarita that was bottled and sold.

  40. Noelle says:

    I’m saying extra prayers for all in the storms path.
    God bless you and keep you and yours safe.

  41. Orson says:

    Besides the East coast storm/hurricane, there was a 7.7 earthquake off the West coast of Canada and a 3.1 in Oklahoma. Maybe it’s a conspiracy? The only comfort the whole day was that Ohio State beat Penn State in the Big 10 “Banned From A Bowl Game” Bowl.

    • Noelle says:

      Great…I see how comforting this is to LavaLady, Mr Buckeye. 😉

      • Orson says:

        Hey, you’re leaking air!! You have to watch out for those “All you can eat burrito” bars.

        And like it’s going to effect any teams’ bowl chances?

    • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

      We had an earthquake a few days before Irene hit last year. This does not bode well.

  42. Noelle says:

    Howdy LaLady, 😉
    Can’t seem to shake the chill from my bones (was outside in what felt like FRIGID weather for 4 hours+…never again!)
    Perhaps you’re worried about Storm Sandy without realizing it.
    Insomnia is one of my best friends @night , so is chamomile.
    Sending (((hugs))) your way.
    Stay Safe my LavaLady. xoxo

    • LavaLady says:

      Where are you located that it’s so chilly. I just had some hot chocolate, it’s definitely the storm. Our shore house is right in the path, LavaSon has been evacuated from his college near Atlantic City, LavaDaughter thinking about coming home from Brooklyn for the duration. Have a funeral tomorrow am. Just alot of stuff running through my head.
      Thanks for the kind words.

      • Noelle says:

        Michigan, Detroit metro area.
        Funky weather here!
        78 on Thursday, 57 yesterday!!!
        AI YI YI !! lol

        • LavaLady says:

          Ah yes, I should have known, saw the posts about the baseball games. That’s pretty chilly for October though.

          • Noelle says:

            We’ve had some pretty mild weather here for the past few years. Before that, snow wasn’t uncommon in October. I believe we’ve become somewhat spolied now.

      • Noelle says:

        I feel for you, hang in there.
        Praying for you and all in your family to be safe & well.

        • LavaLady says:

          Thanks Noelle, you are very sweet. I think I’m gonna give sleep another try. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow. Take care.

          • Noelle says:

            Night, think good thoughts and picture a waterfall.
            (So called ‘sleep-experts’ claim it helps to relax you.)
            I find it does help.
            Again, sending prayers to you and all your East Coast neighbors.

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