Joey Gorga’s Creepy Self-Portrait Photo

During Game night at the Laurita’s, Chris Laurita sent out the following tweet.

I find it odd and a little creepy, so I didn’t put it on the main blog.

And some reactions from the family. (Lysa is Mel’s sister.)


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3 Responses to Joey Gorga’s Creepy Self-Portrait Photo

  1. lori says:

    I have no words. Ok, one word…REPULSIVE!

  2. lizzle says:

    Why would Chris do that to JoeG? It IS creepy. And those balloons is the background…WTF… I get a scary clown vibe.

  3. djprincessc says:

    Ok how to I explain this, so it makes sense??

    Thats a sexy pic! Not meaning I find it sexy, but thats what my gfs and I would call a sexy pic from a guy, you know a pic you ask from a guy when you’re dating? Idk but I don’t think this pic is/was for Melissa, this has to be for someone else! Hmmm????

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