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Lauren Manzo Goes on a Twitter Rant and Other Housewife News by NoMoreDrama

Saturday Night and one-third of the country is hunkered down waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit.  Sandy has already taken over 59 lives as it made it’s way through the Caribbean islands.  It is being forecast as having the potential to do devastating damage. Article on Sandy from Saturday night.

We all know the Manzo’s live in a well constructed home and have plenty of financial resources at their disposal.  Storms like this tend to disproportionately affect people who aren’t able to relocated to a hotel – who live in less expensive housing – or who don’t have family and friends nearby to help out.

Showing her compassion – Lauren tweets the following – and then when called out on it has the audacity to call someone an idiot.  Lauren my dear, you are the idiot.

Then when someone else called her insensitive for the remark – she replied “I know – I’m a really horrible person.”  One of my pet peeves is people who act like that -try to make themselves the victim after they’ve done something stupid.  Lauren – accept that people don’t want a spoiled brat whining about having to hear about a storm that is affecting their lives.  My rant over.

One thing I’ve never figured out is why Lauren and Caroline tweet each other when they live in the same house.  Caroline was on twitter last night tweeting out the usual stuff when someone started to complain about her tweets.  She grew frustrated and announced she was blocking people who complained – because why the heck were they following her if they couldn’t stand what she was tweeting.  She’s sorta got a point.  Anyway – lovely Lauren has a very old school and respectful public response to her mommy.  Umm Caroline – do you want to criticize other people’s kids??

Now we’re going to head to the crazier side of the family – Uncle Chris’s wife Jacqueline.

From the first tweet – one would get the impression that Jacqueline’s own family and Kathy are growing sick and tired of her.  After the tweet – crickets from Kathy and Caroline – but she did get a response from Lauren – who said she had no idea Jaq was having people over – or she would have been there (PS her brother Chris was over there I wonder if she was jelly?)  Then the second tweet – where Jaq has to let everyone know she’s hanging with Teresa’s family.

Here’s the photo both she and Mel tweeted of the boys playing cards.  Pay special attention to the product placement of the vodka bottles. Look a lot like skinnygirl bottles to me.   How much flavored vodka does the world need?

And then if that’s not enough she tweets a photo of her and Mel having fun.  I’m pretty sure Mel is drinking copious amounts of wine to get through the night.  Mel tweeted the exact same photo with the caption “I wanna be a Toys R us kid!”  One of these ladies isn’t very original.  But at least they were having fun.

Jacqueline might also have been drinking copious amounts of wine, because she got it into that fluffy head of hers to tweet a photo of her son CJ’s butt crack.  Seriously – after Joey Gorga got slammed for tweeting photos of his kids butts – she thinks that’s a good idea?  How old is CJ – 10 or something.

Update:  Speaking of not such a good idea.  Sometime during that night Chris Laurita tweeted out the following photo of Joey Gorga that he said he found on Joey’s phone. The more I think about it – the more I wonder if Jaq and Mel did this using Chris’s twitter account.  Anyway – too creepy for the main blog so I put it here:


You can take Simon  out of the housewives, but you can’t take the Housewives out of Simon   van Kempen.  Simon is rumored to be behind – a website that it appears Andy Cohen doesn’t like much.  Bravoratings was mentioned by Joe Francis in his tweet to Andy (in yesterday’s blog), and thanked Joe Francis for the shout out. The tweet on top is the very last one in the series.  Tweets are hard to read 🙂

Ugh more Joe Francis.

On another note, I find it very curious that Andy Cohen would block Bravo Ratings.  I wonder if he has Simon blocked as well.  Kelly Bensimon has.  Here’s a curious exchange between Simon and another tweeter talking about Kelly.  First, Kelly tweeted this:

Simon decided to let Kelly know that a 12 year old pumping gas is illegal in New York.  (Oh Kelly!)  Which led to an interesting exchange with someone on twitter.  Is it wrong to eavesdrop on an open conversation on twitter?  Is so – sorry.


Boston’s Photo Montage of the Laurita’s Latest Financial Troubles

I’m not sure why Boston didn’t finish it up with one of Juicy and Chris sharing a jail cell.  These Jersey men!   Where did they find this cast????  NMD


Jacqueline Laurita’s Bravo Blog – Blogged by Rebecca

Warning!  Rebecca has strong feelings about this!

Teresa is Out of My Life

Jacqueline is relieved to finally put Season 4 and her feud with Teresa to rest.

I am answering some of your questions one last time and then Season 4 topics will no longer be open for discussion. I need peace in my life and this nonsense just drains me. I’m doing this blog for you because some of you still have questions for me, and I think that it is fair for me to answer them, even though I have already moved on from this.

Jacqueline’s idea of moving on, and every sane person’s idea of moving on are two different things. To this day, she is still feeding gossip websites, tabloids, and DMing everyone she can find on Twitter. These are empty, empty words from Jacqueline. She has earned the nickname Wacky Jacky and that’s what I’ll use the rest of the way.

Go back and read my last Bravo Blog The Grudge and pay close attention to No. 4 and No. 7.

Can’t. They remove your old blogs for our mental safety.

1. I knew that at one time, Kim was upset with Melissa, but Kim had told me that she called Melissa and smoothed things out with her and all was resolved.

We saw differently. WE ALL SAW DIFFERENTLY. How is it that this woman, who is older than 10, has zero cognitive reasoning? You can actually say to this woman, “I got new contacts yesterday” and she would argue with you that you didn’t. She HAS to argue with someone. She can’t stand people getting along. She HAS to have mega-drama around every turn.

2. Kim D. text me at the fashion show to tell me not to go anywhere because something was going down, but I wasn’t the target. (I still didn’t know what was going on.) I didn’t even know Kim was in on it. I just thought she knew something about something.

So, Kim D, and Kim D only, knew what was going on, and warned her about it. Why is it when shit is about to be stirred, Wacky Jacky is the first person notified? Please see my comment above.

3. Kim D. texted me again to tell me that Kim G. might be showing up to the fashion show, so I started to assume that Caroline may be the target and I texted her to warn her.

Kim G stated over and over and over again that she was contacted by Bravo to appear and she refused. Teresa doesn’t run Bravo. Remember, Andy hates everything Giudice. If there was someone to look bad, it would be Teresa and Juicy. And yes Wacky Jacky, get everyone at the table riled up. Better yet – just LEAVE and STAY OUT OF IT!

4. I got another text from a friend, NOT a producer, who still hangs out with Teresa and shall remain nameless (so they don’t get mad at me), that the bald guy was overheard laughing about Melissa getting set up, that Teresa was in on it, and that she filmed with him earlier that day at a salon. These are the only details I was told at this point. When I found this out, the bald guy had already approached the table. I still didn’t know what was going on, but this is when I realized Melissa was the target, so I tried to warn everyone, but the guy had already approached the table and Teresa and Melissa had already gone to the bathroom by the time I found this out.

We saw who was at the salon with Teresa. Kim D, Penny, Johnny the Greek, and Angelo. Two of them have been calling Wacky Jacky out on her BS for months. We know about Kim D, and Angelo didn’t text her. Is Wacky Jacky desperate enough for attention that she has hidden cameras in Teresa’s bag? Run, Teresa, RUN!

If anyone else was there, Teresa would have recognized he or she, right? So what’s with the cloak and dagger crap? Was Wacky Jacky denied her application to the CIA? Is she running her own Central Insanity Agency?

5. I didn’t know what happened at the fashion show until Melissa told me outside. That is when it all came together, and I remembered that this is what Teresa wanted me to out Melissa with when she first came on the show.

If Melissa told you what happened, how did you come up with your own story so fast to tell Joey and Melissa in their car? With all your crazy rantings all year, you would have said earlier ANY juicy details about Teresa. NO ONE BELIEVES YOU NOW.

6. After the fashion show, my mutual friend of Teresa’s told me that Teresa told her two weeks before the fashion show that Melissa was getting set up.

Kim D said otherwise. Johnny the Greek said otherwise. These two were directly involved. Why are you so damn eager to believe stupid third-party gossip? Oh yeah – because you’re a LOONY.

7. Teresa never warned Melissa of anything, even after she filmed at the salon earlier that day. Instead, she waited and asked Melissa about it on camera later that night at the fashion show.

There actually was no warning. Teresa spoke to Melissa the first time she saw her. It was a matter of hours. After all of Melissa’s crazy recollections, I’d make sure it was taped too! She said nothing wrong in the ladies room!

8. I was upset and disgusted that Teresa tried to put it on me, when I had absolutely no motive for wanting to hurt Melissa and she knew that.  I like Melissa very much, and I would never be involved in a plan to hurt her. I was trying to get through the rest of filming without any more drama. That’s why I chose not to fight any more in California and shut down even after I heard Teresa talking behind my back. Teresa knew I had nothing at all to do with Melissa’s set up but that she and Kim D. both did. That is why Teresa was never upset with Kim about it and still continues a friendship with her.

You were the one making crap up. You were the one to cry setup. You were the one lying about what you saw and heard. You got it ALL wrong and to this day, won’t admit it! We saw it on tape! You were LYING.

9. I have proof that Teresa knew about the set up, but I cannot legally share it, so I can no longer reference it. Teresa is aware of this.

Oh, you are so full of crap. Again, let’s all refer to the Kim D and Johnny the Greek.

10. The bald guy was caught on camera saying that Kim and Teresa BOTH knew. As SOON as I knew, I went to warn everyone. (Even though it had already happened by the time I found out.) Teresa never even tried to warn anybody at any time.

There was nothing but a “hi, do you remember me?” THAT WAS IT! It’s not a crime! It’s not a setup! Knew what? That someone came up and said “hi, do you remember me”????????????

11. Why am I not mad at Kim? I was disappointed, she knows how I feel, but Kim and Melissa’s issues have nothing to do with me. Melissa isn’t my family member and Kim didn’t try to publicly put it on me when she knew I had nothing to do with it (unlike Teresa). I appreciated Kim’s text to let me know that I wasn’t the target and that she was honest with me when I asked her questions about the set up after the fashion show. I also respect the fact that although Kim did something crappy, she took responsibility for it. (All of it.)

Kim said over and over and over again Teresa had nothing to do with it. Have you not a shred of comprehension?

And yes, Melissa is not your family member but Dina is. Have you owned up about what you did to her? Betcha $55 Million you haven’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12. I shouldn’t have got so involved with Teresa’s family drama at the reunion, but it was frustrating knowing the truth, and I thought it was about time that Teresa was called out and that she owned up to at least one thing she has done and/or said. She didn’t! This kind of B.S. had been going on for over 10 HOURS as well as all season long, and I was tired and aggravated at this point. I’m not proud of losing my cool but it was way over due and I needed to release. It was a long, grueling day. Everybody has their breaking point, and you witnessed mine.

You shouldn’t have, but you sure did. You wouldn’t shut up about anything. You were listening on conversations even though you weren’t there. You’re friends were spying on Teresa for you. Your brilliant legal mind was comparing bankruptcies. Guess what, if you can’t talk about yours, why should Teresa talk about hers? Teresa’s family filed for bankruptcy for short-paying real estate holdings. YOUR FAMILY pilfered multiple companies not attempting to rescue failing assets, but to buy yourself material stuff! It’s just stuff! Is it worth going to jail for?  A house? Luxury cars? Private planes? Your husband will be going to jail for these insignificant trinkets! Worry about that! Worry about your children! Why are you so worried about Teresa?

13. I think my husband and I have shown who we are as people and what kind of relationship we have, so I don’t need to sell myself or our relationship. Bottom line is that we are truly happy and proud of one another.

Your husband cheated on his fiance with you. He spent millions of dollars of company funds on personal crap, and lied to the feds about it. Nobody sees either of you as saints. The word is c-o-n-s. Hey, if you’re proud of yourself at day’s end, good for you. I’m embarrassed for you.

I have not written a blog in the last few weeks, because I feel that I pretty much said everything that I wanted to say, to Teresa, at the reunion, and in my blogs ALL season long. Those feelings of animosity toward Teresa are really not healthy for me. The season is over and so is my friendship with Teresa, and I’m at peace and thankful that I don’t have to relive either one of those again. I’ve let it go now.

Really? Take her number out of your phone. Don’t call her, don’t text her, don’t tweet her. She moved on – you’re not in her phone anymore. Those damn text messages you released (after you “let it go”) show you to be a complete lunatic. You look insane. She doesn’t.

It is unfortunate that the situation between Teresa and I has become so ugly. It didn’t need to go this far. It makes me a little sad knowing that this is the same girl that I used to know and love. I’m not sure if she changed or if this is who she always was and I had just been ignoring the signs.

You changed. She didn’t. LET. IT. GO.

Regardless, I am not going to encourage this feud to go any further, because that would be completely pointless and useless in my life. I have much greater things to focus on. The bottom line is that Teresa and I are no longer friends and she is completely out of my life. Whoever Teresa has become, where she’s been, where she is going, or who she is going there with is not a concern of mine.

You’ve had greater things to focus on this whole time. You chose not to do it. You chose your life’s mission to be to bad-mouth Teresa. You’re the only one looking like a shitty friend (and sister-in-law) here.

I know I said during the reunion that I wished Joe Giudice would go to jail, but regardless of if I think he deserves it or not, I will not wish anything bad for Teresa or Joe. They have 4 beautiful girls, and if anything unfortunate happens to either one of them, it effects those girls, and as a mother I do not want that.

You’re a bi$ch. Period. Own it.

Whatever Teresa has to say about me, and what others choose to believe or not believe, will NOT change my reality AT ALL, or hers, or anyone else’s.  I know who I am and what I have. This is where I am extremely confident.  I have an extremely strong support system in my life. We are in a very good place. We are in a very happy place with our marriage, our kids, our new businesses, our relationships with other friends and with the majority of our family members. That is not to say that we don’t have challenges and setbacks like everyone else once in a while, but the overall quality of life we have is very, very good and very REAL.

Teresa doesn’t focus on you. Her public persona is positive. Yours is negative and ugly. It this is who you “really” are, stay off television. Stay out of the public eye. You are dragging everyone around you down with you. Again – Run Teresa! Run!

Good luck with those new businesses. If they’re run anything like the bankrupt ones, I will pray for the investors you grift.

The “majority” of your family members? You’re proud of that statement? Wow. I have a feeling they wouldn’t all be in agreement with you.

Today and going forward, Chris and I want to keep focusing on our family and our many new exciting business ventures. We also want to help as many families as we can by spreading autism awareness and sharing what we’ve learned with others. We need to use this platform to make a difference and do good things. We appreciate all that has been given to us and we don’t take that for granted. My team and I are working on some exciting new things for me and JL Beauty Enterprises!

I’m sure the feds are focusing on your new business ventures as well. Keep making those details public! BTW – I’m sure true autism advocates would rather the mentally instable folks NOT speak for them. Just a thought.

I will be a contributing editor, starting in February, for Parenting Magazine discussing our journey with Autism. I hope you will follow our story. Look for updates on my website

Obviously, the editors don’t watch the show. An outcry of disappointment from viewers who think someone who ridicules and embarrasses her daughter, drinks heavily in daytime scenes, and screams about gossip every chance she gets to tabloids, gossip sites, twitter users, and complete strangers could end this before it begins. You’re hardly the poster child of good parenting.

I hope next season is a little more upbeat and not as dark. I’m ready for a change. I hope you are too. I feel better already. Thank you all so much for those that have supported me and my family. I appreciate you reaching out to us to uplift our spirits, giving us advice, tips, resources, relating to us, and giving us hope for the recovery of our son. You are good people. We appreciate you very much! We hope we can do the same for you. Many blessings to all of you! XOXO,

We do want change. We just hope you’re not on at all next season. You’ve posted how busy you are. Perhaps you should concentrate on all that. You are unstable, unprofessional, and unwatchable. You make viewers tense up when you come on the screen. We want to be entertained, not made to feel dirty. You’re definitely dark and dirty.


Real Housewives of Miami Blogs Blogged by IDon’tBelieveinUnicorns

(IDBIU is preparing for Hurricane Sandy and managed to do some of the blogs for us.  Let’s hope the storm passes without any damage to her or any of our east coast friends)

Lisa Hochstein

My much anticipated lingerie party to benefit Susan G. Komen is finally here. Our philosophy is that if you are going to have a party, party with a purpose. This is one of the foundations we work with to raise awareness and funds. I liked the idea of having a lingerie party in conjunction with breast cancer awareness. It will definitely create a buzz and draw attention to this cause. Of course I need to look fabulous at my event, so my “hired friend” and fashion consultant Daysy has come to my rescue. Doesn’t everyone model sexy lingerie for their housekeeper? I passed on the angel look, because I didn’t have the horns to hold my halo up.

Yes, you ladies like to create a buzz and sure know how to do it.  Hopefully nobody came wearing hair coming out of their crotch to your lingerie party however.

Joanna then does her shoot at my home. I am very proud of her for being a voice for innocent, helpless animals. I however wasn’t thrilled with Daysy saying I was hard at work shopping. Ha! Sure I love shopping, but I was actually getting my event prepared. I like to be as hands on as possible. I have a type A personality and consider myself a perfectionist. Sometimes that is my downfall. Daysy simply assists me in the process. My husband likes to poke fun of me when I get stressed. He has that joke that I am not used to work, when in fact I have worked very hard my whole life. I think, sometimes, that Lenny does not want me to work just so he can make jokes about me not working. 

Has worked hard her whole life?  I guess her life ended when she married Lenny then.

Later that night I became incredibly stressed when the people working the event were not on time. They were of course on what I call “Miami time” where everyone is an hour late. Things never get done properly unless you do them yourself. My husband was clearly frustrated, because our guests were expected to arrive at any moment. I was unhappy with him, because I felt he was taking out his frustrations on me. Sometimes we do this to the people we love. I don’t however let him get away with it, although my choice of words when I called him an a–hole was a little harsh. I could have handled him better, but I was already aggravated with the situation. Thank god we sorted this situation out just in time. Phew!

Actually I was impressed at how calm you were about the situation.  It seemed like your only frustration was at Lenny for being stressed.  Good for you for straightening out both.

Marysol arrives and Karent immediately warned her that Joanna was unhappy about her lingerie choice because of the fur. I feel Joanna should have calmly pulled Marysol aside herself if she felt strongly enough and expressed her feelings about it. Obviously they aren’t close enough to do that, which is probably also the reason Marysol didn’t think about the possibility of offending Joanna or owe her an explanation. Coincidentally Lea was also wearing feathers herself, but no one’s feathers were ruffled over that? Why was she exempt? She said herself that they were only fake for the night. Is everyone frightened of the “mayor” except for me? 

That wasn’t the only time Karent stirred the pot that evening.  I don’t know why she felt like she had to “warn” Marysol.  It was a scolding disguised as a favor.  I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t even realize feathers were a problem… they DO grow back.

The conversation quickly turned from fur to Joe Francis’s relationship with Marta and Joanna. He did offer too much information, but Karent did open that door by asking if she slept with both of them. Then to make the situation worse, Karent told Joanna in front of Joe that he had just said he slept with both of them. The question should never have been asked. Joanna then of course got irate with Joe. I felt embarrassed for everyone involved. I didn’t appreciate any of this behavior at my event. Obviously no one cared enough that I worked very hard to make this event a success and that we were here to raise funds and awareness for an important cause. These issues should of been addressed at another time.

Stirring and stirring and stirring her brew… ooooo oo ooooo oo.  For some crazy reason that song just popped into my head… it’s certainly fitting.  Does anyone else remember what song I’m talking about?  I know I’m not a very good singer.

I finally make my grand entrance to the group of ladies. Lea was kind enough to call me “cute,” which was definitely not the look I was going for, but was nice to see her make an effort to be nice to me. The hilariousness about my outfit I didn’t understand. What was so hilarious about it? 

I didn’t get it either.  I can imagine nothing worse than someone looking and pointing at me in lingerie and laughing.  Although Lisa is the last one to have to worry about how she looks.  Lea was just being rude.

All of this chaos and the night has only just begun…

I’ll take this as a warning.

Karent Sierra

We start off tonight’s show with Lisa trying on lingerie for the party she is hosting. Regardless of the lingerie she chooses, she will look amazing no matter what! 

Or to some people, hysterical.

Now cut to Lea, Joanna, and Alexia. Alexia mentioning, that “I was new to the game”? All I have to say is she is obviously just “playing” with herself. 

Seriously… Oh brother.

Some of you may wonder why I am always smiling, especially in front of some of these women. That quote sums it up. There are people in this world that are so immature and want to pick any and every fight with you, whether it’s because of their own insecurities, jealousy, or simply because they want attention. When you don’t react and don’t get flustered, it irks them even more. They get more aggravated at the fact that they couldn’t accomplish their goal, which was to get me riled up. 

I doubt they get aggravated because they didn’t “accomplish their goal” of riling her up.… Her constant smiling is just annoying as hell and makes her look phony.

At Lisa’s lingerie party, Joanna had personally mentioned to me that she couldn’t believe Joe Francis would be attending and he loved spreading lies that he had supposedly slept with her. About 20 minutes after she tells me this, I hear Joe acting all cocky and telling people that he slept with both Krupa sisters. I hate rumors and hearsay, so when I heard him spreading those nasty lies about Joanna, I felt an obligation to nip it in the bud and take Joe directly to Joanna. She has been an amazing friend to me, and I would appreciate it if someone helped me put a stop to someone lying about me immediately.

For such an educated lady you sure are stupid.  You didn’t nip anything in the bud… you caused more of a problem than was necessary.  Then again, maybe it’s not stupidity… maybe it’s that constant quest as a real housewife for camera time.

Also, Joanna was offended by Marysol wearing fur. We all have the liberty to wear what we like when we want it. But these other women keep saying that the new girls need to prove ourselves to them and make an effort to become friends. Knowing full well that a friend stood for something so important and that it was 85 degrees in Miami, it didn’t seem like Marysol really respected or cared for Joanna’s beliefs. So, why is it that we are the only ones who supposedly need to earn their friendship? I am not saying you can’t wear it, I am just saying couldn’t you choose a party where you knew Joanna wouldn’t be there and where it would be more appropriate to cover up, like in the winter? Just saying… Joanna had asked me to go up to Marysol to find out if it was real fur, because she was livid, and it would be much nicer coming from me than to receive Joanna’s wrath, because she was so hurt that someone in the group could be so insensitive. That is the only reason I went up to her. 

Great way to make an effort to become friends there Karent.  You said it, we can all wear what we want when we want.  If Joanna didn’t even know if it was real fur, then why bother asking?  Just assume it isn’t… problem “nipped in the bud.”  I don’t know what’s worse… stirring the pot or stirring the pot because someone else asked her to.  I know what my wise late mother would say… “if she asked you to jump off a bridge, would you”?

Adriana DeMoura

Well, I think in this episode people will finally be able to see how Karent operates! She acts nice and innocent when you first meet her, but it takes time to see how gossipy she can be. Let’s just call it like it is — she caused every fight in this episode by going around like a gossiping spinster who likes to meddle in everyone’s business. Last week she got into Alexia’s business, this week she is messing with Marysol and Joanna. But I’m done talking about her, since, as you can see, she doesn’t get it and will never change. So I rest my case here.

I’ve really got nothing to add to that.  Adriana said it all.

On a lighter note, Lisa’s party was fun and I was enjoying myself until the drama caused by the professional meddler stirred it my way, but I will save more about that for next week.

Karent and Joanna seem to be a match made in hell.  Apparently Karent instigated whatever causes Adriana to hit Joanna.  I think this rivals a table flip… and it’s not even the finale!


Guess Who this Halloween Hottie Is?

Hint – We’ve seen her on Bravo


Sunday Night Lineup, Oct. 28 (New Episodes, times EST) by BB

8PM – Once Upon A Time (ABC);The Amazing Race (CBS);NFL Football (Saints vs. Broncos)(NBC); World Series (Fox); Rehab with Dr. Drew (VH-1); First Family (CW); Cupcake Wars (Food); Drugged (NatGeo); Mega Dens (DIY); Big Rich Texas (Style); Call the Midwife (PBS); Making Monsters (Travel); Mythbusters (Discovery)

9PM – Real Housewives of Atlanta, Hairstylists’ Famous Moments (Bravo); The Walking Dead (AMC) (Repeats at 10PM); Revenge (ABC); The Good Wife (CBS); Long Island Medium; two episodes (TLC); Mr. Box Office (CW); Oprah’s Lifeclass (OWN); Halloween Wars (Food); Drugs, Inc. (NatGeo); Sins and Secrets (ID); Snapped (Oxygen); Glam Fairy (Style); Masterpiece Classic; Brainwashed (Discovery); Boardwalk Empire (HBO); Dexter (Showtime); Making Monsters (Discovery)

10PM – Real Housewives of Miami (Bravo); 666 Park Avenue (ABC); The Mentalist (CBS); Breaking Amish (TLC); Ice Loves Coco/Married to Jonas (E!); House Hunters Renovation (HGTV); Alaska State Troopers (NatGeo); Unusual Suspects (ID); Bridezillas (WE); Million Dollar Contractor (DIY); Flipping the White House (Discovery); Outback Hunters (History); I Survived (Biography); Treme (HBO); Homeland (Showtime); Taking Action (CW)

11PM – WWHL, Joanna Krupa and Karent Sierra; The Talking Dead (AMC)

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  1. cocfarm says:

    Good morning I hope everyone stays safe from sandy.

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning all. It’s still good in MD. I hope everyone is ok.

  3. Powell says:

    Is the Halloween hottie Rosie as Teresa?

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    LOL boston!! Funny captions. 😀

  5. LavaLady says:

    My sister and I visited Cafface yesterday. It’s very small, not alot of inventory. Lauren was there. She helped my sister pick out an eyeliner, but she was out of a few things I wanted to try. She offered to order for us, but we passed. I got the feeling no one is really sure what Cafface is supposed to be. First you see a coffee bar, then the makeup and in the back some clothing and jewelry, but the clothing and jewelry was so sparse, it looked a little sad. Lauren is very petite, and yes, she has lost alot of weight. She didn’t have a lot of time to spend with us because she was doing someone’s makeup as well as helping customers. I think there was only one other employee there, who was also doing someone’s makeup. I’d say she was somewhat attentive to us, but also distracted as the same time.

    • cocfarm says:

      Nice to see she was at least there and taking it seriously.

    • That’s neat that you got to see it. I would hope they’d have someone to do the coffee and retail sales so that the makeup folks could concentrate on their clients – but I live in the land of coffee and our coffee shops are always hopping. I’ve never seen a makeup “shop” or station in a hairdressing shop out here. I have no idea where you’d go to get that done.

      • BB says:

        A few of our hair salons around here may have make-up brands like Bare Minerals or something like that, but very few (and I’ve not been in any myself) have make-up artists or stations. The only place I see that around here are the larger department stores and that’s just so they can demonstrate their products. No demand around these parts for something like Cafface that I know of.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Thanks for sharing Lava Lady! If your store is going to sell make up AND do make up, you need to hire salespeople.

    • Powell says:

      LavaLady I hope you have been doing well. You and your sis checking out Cafface must’ve felt like you were undercover. Thks! 🙂 With both Lauren & her associate doing makeup & Lauren taking the time to assist you sounds to me like she’s not making enough money to have a third person working at that time of day. Not having inventory to sell & not have sufficient the right types of inventory to interest buyers sounds like there’s not enough income coming in to have adequate stock. Also the confusing placement of a coffee bar in a clothing, makeup retail store is confusing the customers. The idea of what she wantsto do is a good idea but it’s not well thought out. If this store was in my area I would’ve gone there once and not gone back cause I would think the owner doesn’t know what they want to do, the store is confusing, there’s no inventory & not enough people to assist customers. With Lauren’s TV exposure she had a leg up as a new business. She’s going to lose money hand over fist if she doesn’t make some changes. She needs a consultant to come in or she’s going to be out of biz in 2 yrs. The associate she has working w/her may not have mommy & daddy to fall back on like she does. She’s got someone else’s future in her hands & I hope she realizes that.

      • Powell says:

        And the name Cafface. What’s that? I’d think is was a makeup place and then walk into a coffee shop, clothing retailer and odds and ins.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Stuff to drink and applying makeup seems a poor combination. Do they just not sell lipstick? Do they put it on the cup so you can see the color? I don’t get this.

        • Powell says:

          KG that’s why I said Lauren didn’t put any real good thought into it. I bet she didn’t even look at the neighborhood a few miles out N, S, E, W, no market research. I bet Starbucks is in all directions. She doesn’t have a dedicated Barista. She’s Italian & I’m sure knows how to make a few different types of coffee espresso, etc but no where near to what a Barista knows. If Lauren at least went to Jr College she would know these things.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            It’s all the Don’s doing. The Don had the hare-brained idea to call it Cafface and to have a coffee house and make-up shop combo. So weird.

          • LavaLady says:

            Powell, there IS a Starbucks, literally right next door.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I forgot to say that I think it’s really cool that you actually went to Cafface!! I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Lauren was working and trying to be attentive to you. I’m always quick to criticize Lauren and/or her family members, so I want to be fair and give her kudos for working at her shop. Can’t criticize someone for working. Sounds like she’s trying.

  6. Powell says:

    Sorry NMD I don’t agree. Twitter followers don’t follow someone because they are going to agree w/everything that person tweets and if Caroline can’t take someone not agreeing w/her every tweet then she needs to get off of Twitter. As a matter of fact she needs to lock herself up in her room cause this is real life, not TV.

  7. BB says:

    Good morning. Rain, rain and more rain. My dogs aren’t happy about it. Nothing dangerous going on here in VA so far.

  8. Powell says:

    IDBIU I like when you said “it was a scolding disguised as a favor” when referring to Karent speaking to Marysol. Kinda like when Marysol said to Lea “she received an invitation wrapped in an insult” when referring to Lea inviting her to the Ball. Karent is a pot stirrer and I don’t know why.

  9. Rebecca says:

    Here’s another very serious fact about the Laurita’s bankruptcy:

    (From the thorough and brilliant minds at

    The shell of the company that was once known as Signature Apparel is being represented by a Trustee at this point. Chris and Joseph Laurita, after co-mingling company funds with personal assets, claim to have made personal loans of $3.4 and $5.3 million respectively, They have therefore named themselves as unsecured creditors. This is a huge no-no. You have to buy additional “shares” in an LLC. Therefore, the lender can not itself be a debtor, it’s part of ownership. Chris and Joseph are not listed anywhere as being part of a certified LPO (loan production office).

    This is what I do for a living – I set up loan offices around the country. We do not put bodies in offices until our certification process is completed. These people are crooked as they come. “Gross, willful misconduct” is what will bring them down.

    • plainviewsue says:

      They are going down down down. Chris tries to come out as the good guy, the honest guy. Knocking Juicy (and believe you me, I am NOT defending Juicy). But how dare you go on and on about someone else’s legal issues, when you know good and well what you have done.

      • VV says:

        Chris is a big hypocrite too. Sorry, I know he has many fans here. He tried to fool everybody with his low key demeanor, but the minute he started doing more talking head. I saw another side of him and ididn’t like it.

        • Powell says:

          VV that low key demeanor is what he used to do what he’s done. There’s a saying. “You have to keep an eye on those quiet ones.”

      • Powell says:

        sue it’s to “hopefully” keep the focus on Joe possibly going “away”- for you T if your reading 😉 , cause Chris knows it’s about to hit the media fan.

    • Powell says:

      See Rebecca they don’t even know what an LLC can/cannot do. They just read they’d have limited liability, read no further, thought they could do whatever they wanted.

  10. Rebecca says:

    LOL – my blog got a disclaimer!

    Thanks for posting NMD!

    • Only because we’ve had some folks say they finally felt it was safe to return now that Jersey was over LOL. Hey – Joey Gorga’s underpants photo got its own page, and I didn’t even post Jaq’s inappropriate photo of her son – today must be disclaimer day.

      • Rebecca says:

        New Jersey was particularly frustrating because the normal poor behavior of the housewives was so maliciously targeted to hurt another woman. Disappointment turned to disgust.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Good day Rebecca, a disclaimer & a standing ovation from me. I had to stop reading to post. I thought the hypocrisy was all in my mind to hear it from wack-a-jacq. I stand by my original observation…..claiming to be thick as thieves while I was raised to believe there was no honor among thieves. We may all be wary from NJ but it needed to be said, great job! Lisa

    • plainviewsue says:

      I have to say, I really dislike Simon. And I had met him & Alex at a book signing & found them both to be very real, very nice. If it wasn’t for Bravo, nobody would even know who he and Alex were.


      • I clearly have a soft spot for him but I totally get why other’s would feel differently.

        I have to laugh at your second sentence – because if it wasn’t for Bravo, I wouldn’t have heard of any of the housewives (with the exception of some of the BH ones) and Carole Radziwill.

        • plainviewsue says:

          NMD, what I meant was it just seems so childish and stupid of him to bite the hand that once fed him. I

      • BB says:

        He does have a little mean/gloating streak in him doesn’t he? He and Jillzy are a little too much alike in the “can’t let it go” and the “fame is important to me” departments for my taste. And I would venture to say that the Miami ratings went up because everyone wanted to see that bitch slap (even though it won’t be shown until tonight), not because of Joe Francis, but I don’t watch Miami, so I’m no expert on the matter. For some reason, Joe Francis isn’t someone whom I would tune in to watch on tv. JMO

        • Powell says:

          BB that’s why I am so skeptical of Simon & Alex on Celeb Rehab. I see that they do have problems but I see Simon’s grubby hands all over the fact that they are on another reality TV show. I feel he talked Alex into it. Alex can take it or leave it but Simon has to be on reality TV. He’s addicted to it. Haha. I say that as I’m watching “My Shopping Addiction”.
          As far a Miami’s ratings boost that’s what I said too. The viewers know the fighting is about to begin.

          • plainviewsue says:

            Powell & BB, I agree 100%. I agree that Simon was prob the one who talked Alex into Couples Therapy, which I gave one episode to & that was it.

  11. plainviewsue says:

    First off, Boston, as always, Hysterical!!!

    Rebecca, great job on the manifesto. I agree w/every single word you wrote. As for Parenting Magazine, they are receiving many many tweets (myself included) from people disgusted that this woman who knows nothing of parenting is contributing to a parenting magazine. A woman who waited EIGHT months to see a specialist for her son because of insurance?? Maybe lay off on the botox that has frozen your face and your soul.

    Let Jacq and Melissa become BFF’s. But Melissa, you better not tell her anything personal. You see what kind of a friend Jacq is when she is no longer your friend. Funny how Jac apologized for the Juicy to jail remark (maybe cos that is where her hubby is headed), but didn’t apologize for saying that Teresa smelled her brother’s underwear. Could u imagine if Teresa had said that about Caroline and her brother Chris?? I am sure Andy would of commented on it.

    As for Lauren Manzo, she’s pulled this crap before. Complaining about an airline and how they weren’t being accommodated when there were delays. She is not only a mini Caroline. She is also a mini Jill Zarin.

    As someone who is in the direct path of Hurricane Sandy (I live on Long Island), I find it disgusting that someone would make so light of it. I remember when Hurricane Irene hit last year, & thank god it wasn’t as bad here as they said. So people were actually disappointed. In the mean time, there were areas of Connecticut and New Jersey that were hit very hard.

    • VV says:

      I remember about Lauren’s rant about American Airlines. She said: “I actually despise American Airlines” .”Their employees are beyond nasty & they have nothing to offer but shit*y flights that gets u from point A to point B”

    • Powell says:

      I tweeted her that she owes people an apology. No response yet.

  12. New Blog Entry put on a separate page because of the Creepy too few clothes to be comfortable Joey Gorga creepy photo. Eye bleach required after viewing.

  13. VV says:

    Boston, once again your photo montage is hilarious!!! The one with Caro – free from any moral wrong – because he’s a Laurita” had me lol’d.

    NMD, Lauren is so much like her mother. I’m not surprised I’ve seen her be nasty many times on Twitter. Like mother Like daughter. Also, good catch on the bottle placement. I missed it somehow… Those pictures at the Lurkita’s home were so posed…They all had one idea in mind to hurt Teresa. Even if they don’t talk about her….Teresa is pretty much on their minds… Pathetic bunch.

    • Powell says:

      VV I totally agree the tweets and pics were for Ts benefit. T was probably complaining to Joe about it and he said “so what. Forget about it. They are nothin”. But T won’t ever let them know it bothers her that the Gorga’s & Laurita’s hang out having fun.

      • BB says:

        The thing of it is, they don’t even look like they were having fun to me. Like VV said, it all looked so staged.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Truthfully Powell. I don’t think Teresa cares at all. I really don’t. I think Mel & Wacko think that she does.

        Its so funny how awful it was that Teresa & Dina remained close & Jac/Caro had to put their two cents in. But now it’s okay that Jac is friendly w/Melissa. The two wanna bees deserve each other.

        Karma is coming round for both of them.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Could it be Lauren was daring her mother to block her? Juvenile, but those kids seem to have a sense of humor at that level.

      Why are the men around the poker table all pumped up? Did they just come from the weight room? Ick.

    • Donna says:

      humm the bottles are Voli, Melissa Gorgon is their rep.

  14. Kansas Girl says:

    The most recent version of the Hurricane Sandy list. We’re thinking of you!
    Jill NNTJ
    Just Wondering in Jersey
    and the tree in her yard that MUST NOT FALL
    Queen Butter Bean
    Lainey’s son in Brooklyn
    Trudie’s daughter
    Nancy’s family in Anguilla
    NorthEast Lurker
    I Don’t Believe in Unicorns

  15. Kansas Girl says:

    Test Test
    (Ignore. Just testing to see if I can put tabs in the name list to make it wider and shorter.)

  16. LuvMyGals says:

    Pllainviewsue, BB, and all others in the path of that bi_ch Sandy, best wishes. I know we’ll all be thinking of you and waiting to hear that you’re OK.

    • BB says:

      Some of the low lying roads here in Chesapeake VA are already closed due to flooding and they are reporting already that 1,600 homes are without power – And the storm is still hundreds of miles away. Not looking good. But I wouldn’t want to bore Lauren Manzo with all this Sandy talk. I hope she’s taken precautions to protect CaCaFace’s low inventory.

    • plainviewsue says:

      LMG, xxxooo!

  17. Powell says:

    Have you all heard if Viggle? I hadn’t until yesterday. I have DirectTv and get emails. I read one that introduced Viggle. You don’t gave to subscribe to DirectTv to get it. If you have cable or satellite your company may participate as I saw several companies when I registered & I had to put in my provider. If you have an Android or Apple device you get Viggle from your app store, it’s free. What it is is when you watch tv you check-in that program and you get points that you accumulate to get gift cards, movie tickets and other things. When I joined I received 200 pts, I have DirectTv so I could link my account & received 4000 pts. You also earn pts by playing games, watching videos. I watched 30 sec Fabreze video, it was like their commercial and received pts. Since I watch multiple programs at a time I tried to see if I checked-in for 1 program and then checked-in a 2nd program would I get both pts & I did. I have the app on my phone. When you check-in a program it listens to the program and searches for it, finds it and then you click ok for that program. If it searches and can’t recognize it it allows you to type it in & the title comes up & you click ok. I have 4425 pts. The points very. I received.15 pts for a show, 25 pts, 29 pts. It seems fun.

  18. California35 says:

    Good morning!

    I did it!!! I slept until 8 this morning!!! I keep waking up on the weekends, even earlier than during the week. I did this morning also, but I was able to go back to sleep 🙂

    Any waaaaays 😛

    NMD – your blog is so funny and I guess getting all the ridiculous stuff from NJ helps, I like Shan you said “now we’re going to head to the crazier side of the family” lol

    • Powell says:

      Cali good for you for getting those extra Zzzzsss. I don’t have that problem. Daily when I leave work, I’m done once I start walking out that door. When it’s the weekend or holiday, I’m off, my mind switches to I can sleep later mode. I don’t even wake up by an alarm clock. I just wake up when it’s time to wake up. I think it goes back to when I was very young. I can remember my mom getting me up during the week & on the weekend I would get up by myself and my mom put out a bowl, cornflakes and milk for me to make my own breakfast and I’d watch cartoons until she got up.

      • California35 says:

        That’s a sweet memory 🙂

        I wake up before my alarm during the week too, and I am so disappointed because if I go back to sleep I then wake up with the alarm all flustered, if I stay awake it’s too early.

        I am getting better at it, some days I just get up and start my day early… Give my dog a longer walk before work, etc. I do like to sleep in on the weekends though, so I try to go to sleep late to help it 🙂

  19. California35 says:

    I just saw the line up for tonight, so both Atlanta AND Maiami tonight??! That’s new, isn’t? I remember when we complained to have too many housewives cities going on the same week, but now on the same night? Hhmm

  20. Just Wondering In Jersey says:

    Uh Oh It is getting breezy around here.

  21. Exit4 says:

    Looks like Sandy is crossing right through Atlantic City! I hope my shore house is still standing when it’s over! Yikes!

    • BB says:

      Me, too!

    • Powell says:

      Oh boy Exit! I do too.

      • LavaLady says:

        I keep imagining a wall of water heading straight for our beach house. We are on the bay side so the surge is a huge issue.

        • LavaLady I’ll be praying for you, NJBev, and everyone else with homes on the Jersey Shore. We’re supposed to get lots of rain, so even homes inland might have basements flooding. Last hurricane, some people were without power for over a week in my town.

        • TexasTart says:

          Lava, I can only imagine your stress! Hope you can get some sleep sometime. Take care.

          • LavaLady says:

            Thanks TT and BSF – trying to keep busy and hoping for the best. many many people are affected by this, so I’m not the only one worrying. It’s nice to cometo the blog for distraction and good wishes so thanks everyone who posted.

        • Exit4 says:

          We are up pretty high at the shore…my mom sandbagged the garage and downstairs door. Schools closed Monday and Tuesday. (Although when mom got here she said if this is a bust like Irene she’s never evacuating again!). The rains are here in the Philadelphia area, so I guess we’ll wait and see what happens. Less concerned about this house, more concerned about the shore. We have lots of trees here, makes me a bit nervous. I just don’t want to lose power! If I do and I lose my wireless and have to rely on AT&T’s crappy 4G-you may not hear from me, but I’ll check in ASAP! Stay safe east coasters!

          • Thank goodness you went back to Philly Exit, all this talk about how bad the storm is going to be is getting me spooked! Good thing you are up high though with your beach house.

  22. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thoughts on keeping a running tally of how many times Wacky Jacky goes after Teresa? IMO, she is about as finished with Teresa as I am with eating chocolate….

  23. Kansas Girl says:

    A cousin just posted on Facebook that he’s returning to DC from abroad and arriving 12:30 am Monday. He’s pretty sure he’ll get home ok because he says the storm is not supposed to hit till Monday evening. Geeze.

    • lori says:

      The international airports in NJ and NYC stopped arriving international flights on Sat. I cannot believe that DC is allowing incoming flights…crazy! I hope your cousin gets home safe!

  24. Kansas Girl says:

    I have a poll for you. My international students told me Friday that they believe Americans eat pizza or hamburgers for every meal. I’m offended at how wrong they are (and how determined). So, how many times in a week (month?) do you eat pizza? Hamburgers?

    • Not much. Especially hamburgers. Pizza maybe twice a month. If i eat out it’s usually seafood or Thai.

    • BB says:

      My husband and I eat a turkey burger (that I cook, not from a fast food place) about once a week and have pizza about once every two weeks.

    • lori says:

      Hamburgers maybe a couple times a year. Pizza a couple times a month. I’m glad you didn’t ask about chicken nuggets because my kids are addicted (hanging head in shame)

      • Powell says:

        Don’t hang your head in shame Lori. I’m sure you’re making sure they get nutritious food w/those nuggets. You have to give yourself a break and pat on the back mom. 🙂

        • lori says:

          I do try to sneak it the nutrious food. We’ve been very lucky to have healthy and active kids so the nuggets don’t seem to be doing too much damage. TY for the support!

    • Donna says:

      Let’s see……….. Yesterday I made potatoe salad, rolled roast with potatoes and onions, green beans. The day before leftover meatloaf, cornbread stuffing, spinach w/basalmic vinegar & mashed potatoes, 3 bean salad.

      • Powell says:

        Mmmm Donna. I’m coming to your house. I like everything except potatoe salad. I can’t get potatoes and mayo in my mouth. My brain justwon’t take me there. 🙂 It’ s funny , potatoe salad is one of my aunt’s specialties. She’ll say “come over. I’ll make some food. I’ll make sucha, sucha, potatoe salad and some iced tea”. I tease her “do you have to make potatoe salad w/everything. And iced tea. I can’t stand iced tea”. She just laughs at me. Those are her thing. She knows I’m just teasing her.

        • Donna says:

          LOL I “junk” up my potatoe salad, onions, green pepper, tomatoes, olives black/green, etc. I don’t like the taste of mayo, I use miracle whip.

        • BB says:

          Powell. There’s just something wrong with you if you don’t like southern potato salad. I make the best in my family. The trick is not to eat it after it’s been refrigerated. It’s not as good then. Warm or room temperature is the best. And sweet iced tea? Ain’t nothin better :-).

          • Powell says:

            Mmm mmm BB. I can’t do it. I like all the ingrediences, is that how T says it?, in potatoe salad but, mayo or miracle whip which is what I like I just can’t eat potatoe salad. Now I love coleslaw, tuna fish salad, crab salad, those have mayo/miracle whip but I can’t eat potatoes w/it on it. 🙂

    • Powell says:

      This month I had pizza 3 times on Friday/Saturday nights, hamburgers 0. Pizza 3 times this month was not te norm so on average I have pizza or hamburgers once per month Friday/Saturday nights. Junk food is a Friday or Saturday night treat.

    • California35 says:

      That is better than what I what I heard before coming to the states. Can food lol
      I really didn’t know much about this country, but it couldn’t figure out how people were so tall and slim eating only can food lol. Because that is what I though American people looked like, all slim and tall, blond and blue eyes lol

    • Rebecca says:

      I eat pizza maybe once a month. I have two green chili burgers a year.

      My weekly main menu is roasted pork, fish, chicken, pasta and the rest are vegetarian meals. I prefer my own cooking over take-out, but I rarely make anything that takes more than an hour except on the weekends. (I made the best sticky Chinese ribs yesterday – yum). I come from an immigrant family though so that might have something to do with it.

      I used to work for a VP of Intel – a really smart guy. His weekly menu for his kids was KFC, take-out Chinese, pizza, Burger King, and a semi-cooked started meal from the grocery store. He was a single father, however, he cooked his way through college.

    • djprincessc says:

      Tell them to come here to California, where nobody eats anything. Most are vegan/ vegetarian and the rest just drink coffee and smoke cigarettes. Haha. JK. I love hamburgers and fries I could eat them ALL THE TIME but i’d be HUGE, I eat a burger 1x a week. and pizza probably once every 6 months.

      • djprincessc says:

        And let me add that I don’t really know or can think of anyone who eats a lot of burgers or pizza. Now sushi on the other hand, EVERYONE eats sushi all the time and EVERYONE drinks coffee too. Can’t really think of anything else…hmmm???

        • Powell says:

          djp I’ve never had sushi. I’m not fond of raw fish or any raw meat or meat cooked w/blood still coming out. Well done only.

          • djprincessc says:

            Really?? I love raw tuna and salmon. But I also love my steaks medium. lol. Idk its pretty rare in CA that someone does not like sushi. You should try rolls with just vegetables or california rolls. A lot of ppl who don’t like raw or seafood enjoy those type of rolls 🙂

            • Powell says:

              I have seen the veggie rolls in Whole Foods and Wegman’s – it’s like Whole Foods. I’ll try it next time I’m in one of them. Thks for the suggestion. 🙂

              • djprincessc says:

                No problem! I actually get sushi from Whole Foods all the time, and the raw kind too, so its safe! Haha. They have pretty good sushi, although nothing compares to an authentic Japanese place! I’ve tried the avocado roll from Whole Foods and it was really good too.

    • lol Kansas Girl, tell your students that I made sambar & a cabbage curry today. The sambar has crushed tomatoes, spinach and toor dahl. The cabbage curry has ginger/garlic paste, onions, beet root and lots of onions. I do like hamburgers, but rarely eat one. Pizza maybe once or less a month. We eat mostly vegetarian home cooked Indian food. Oh, and everything gets a side of my MIL’s home made pickles from India. She makes all kinds, mango of course, but my favorite is plantain pickle. 🙂 Tell them I’m not Indian, either! But my husband is. That should let them know that the USA is truly diverse. Pizza & hamburgers everyday? Sounds like the heart attack diet!

      And I’m really insulted that no one remembers that I’m in Sandy’s direct path. Or maybe that’s a good thing – best to not have too much private info about yourself out there!

      The coastal areas will be hit the worst, with winds & floods. I’m not too worried, but I do pray the damage won’t be that bad. Lauren is such a brat. Her town has never had any extensive damage from a hurricane or a nor’easter, at least not in her lifetime. They are way far away from the ocean, plus not in a low lying flood zone, so naturally she’s sick of everyone talking about the storm. Selfish much?

      Loved Boston’s hilarious photos! Thanks for a great blog today ladies, enjoyed it.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Blue, I remembered this morning and added you to the list, but after I posted. After all, you’re my future sister-in-law. (Joking, joking!)

        I think the students are basing this on what kids in the dorm eat. While the cafeteria has a huge assortment of food, they and their friends are apparently eating pizza. I think they simply don’t know what the other food is. Oh, and at least one of them calls every sort of sandwich a hamburger.

        • Maybe they really like hamburgers & pizza themselves, I remember eating them more when in college. Then your arteries & cholesterol catch up with you, so now I rarely eat like that.

          My brother & my mom are huge Romney/Ryan fans, thought you should know that lol. My sister sent me a funny photo of a yard, with “His” signs & “Hers” signs – opposite political yard signs, so funny. Her daughter is dealing with that, so she must have found it very ironic.

          You’re going to love this. People are even taking down their political yard signs, worried that they’ll blow away in the hurricane. My husband noticed that our neighbors across the street had secured theirs, so he took down ours. So funny, but imagine all the damage those signs could cause, flying around during the hurricane.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            Yes, I agree with you that they secretly love hamburgers and pizza. They say they “have to” eat this stuff because the dorm doesn’t offer anything else. (I know that’s not true.) They’re always quick to point out it’s not healthy and this is why “all” Americans are fat. There’s nothing like a good stereotype as an excuse for not leaving your room to meet the natives. LOL!

            Yes, you told me your brother is an avid Republican. In fact, you were singing his praises and then said you had to warn me he’s Republican. It made me laugh. Just that one small flaw. LOL. I think we can still be “sisters-in-law”. Never mind the Republican.

      • Powell says:

        Blue I hope you and the family are going to be ok. Sounds like you have your cupboards filled. 🙂

        • Thanks Powell. My husband is concerned about how the dogs will manage going outside, in the rain & wind, but somehow they will manage. All this talk about how bad the storm is going to be is freaking him out. Thank goodness the football game took his mind off of the storm for awhile. What a game, the Giants pulled off a win only because the Dallas player put his hand out of bounds in the end zone after an amazing catch.

  25. Powell says:

    Get gift cards-Gap, Best Buy, Chili’s, movie tickets, iTunes. There’s a rewards catalog.

  26. melthehound says:

    East coaters, I hope you’re staying safe.

    I’m just going to C&P my comments from Empress’s blog about the manifesto over here.

    That woman really should be committed. She’s had a solid year to come up with her story and that’s the best she can do. A source that she can’t name because she’s friends with Teresa too, and some bullshit recording that she can’t use because either A, it doesn’t exist (most likely), or B, she made the recording without telling the other party, or C, she Did tell the other party, it does exist, and, is BS. Take your pick. All of them point to someone who has gone over the cliff over a woman she Said, On TV, We all Heard her say it, she wants to basically cut her (Teresa) out of her life. More than a year later, she’s still babbling about it. Do I believe this is the last we’ll hear from that BSC woman about Teresa? Hell No. Will I care? Hell No. Will Any of us care? I hope not so I can say, Hell No.

    • Powell says:

      MTH I keep thinking that too. Is this the best you can come up with. And I’m w/you. Hell no this will not be the last time we will hear from Jac on this subject. I’ve never heard of someone being thru w/another person and a year later they are still obsessed w/that person.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I join you on the hopes the EC people stay safe. Do we have anyone in HI? Or AK?

      • melthehound says:

        I seem to remember Stella mentioning Hawaii. Could be wrong about that though.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          That’s right! I’d forgotten. She used to start posts with Aloha or something. Have we heard from her lately?

          • melthehound says:

            I think she uses the name Stellastars but I haven’t seen anything from her in a few days.

            • stellastars21 says:

              Hey guys. Yes I’m in Hawaii. The tsunami fortunately didn’t happen as they thought so everything is good here. Hopefully that won’t make people ignore the warning next time. I live close to the ocean but far enough up hill to not be in an evacuation zone.
              I haven’t posted in a few days cause I don’t have anything to add that hasn’t been said or with the time difference everyone is gone for the day. I did wanna tell you Jeff/Melthehound that I wholeheartedly agree that AI should get rid of Ryan Seacreat. I can’t stand watching him. If I was a billionaire I would pay them to replace him. I hope everyone on the East Coast stays safe.

    • Exit4 says:

      She keeps saying it illegal to play it. NJ is a one party state. If I call Mel or he calls me 😉 I can play that tape for anybody I want because I am one party. So that’s BS, you don’t need the other persona consent. Now, if its a recording of 2 or more people other than Jac and they gave it to her, then it’s illegal. Unless one of those people agree to let it out. Jac is banking on people not knowing this.

      I think it does not exist and the J Edgar Hoover of Franklin Lakes is making it up, because if others believe her, then it must be true! She’s unhinged. I do think she will be back next year. I think they all will, plus a few additions for Teresa. The ratings are too good to let them go and the Manzo and Laurita faction does have a lot of fans.

      • melthehound says:

        I see.. Does she have to tell them they are being recorded to begin with?

        • Exit4 says:

          I don’t think so. Same thing I believe, if you record yourself and someone else, you as the one party gave consent. I never knew this about NJ last year, but then again I don’t make a habit of recording people! Last year, a parent sent their child to school with a recording device and tapes the teachers. Then put it online. They got in no legal trouble b/c even though the teachers didn’t know they were being taped, the father consented (using the kid as a proxy), there’s the one party.

          • melthehound says:

            The only reason I wondered is because when I have to call some customer service rep for something (Usually an exercise in futility in itself), before getting connected to a human voice, the statement is always there that the call ‘may’ be recorded. That is probably just to appease the lawyers though.

      • Donna says:

        That Jackal is playing a mind game with Teresa. She said it is a mutual friend and she doesn’t want to cause trouble. ROFLMAO she sure doesn’t mind sticking her pinacchio in fambly dramas

  27. WindyCityWondering says:

    Someone needs to tweet Sonja and let her know another hurricane is headed her way.

  28. California35 says:

    I am watching lost footage of NY and NJ
    – I liked how Sonjia talked to Aviva telling her that she is hard on herself and that might be why she is so hard on others. She should love herself, etc etc. I thought that was nice.

    – liked the first wedding dress Jackeline tried on.

    • California35 says:

      I am fast forwarding a lot on NJ tthough lol

      • California35 says:

        Yuummm the food on the RV cook contest, looks yummy. That stake with omato is the only one I could see more of, so I would like to make if I knew how 😛

  29. AZGirl says:

    Good Morning everyone. Thank you NMD for the great blog. Boston you are so talented. Thank you Rebecca for the Jac blog break down.
    Special thank you to KG for keeping up the list of those in Sandy’s way.
    Photo of Joey is really creepy. Who does that? Bigger question is who is he taking the picture for? Mel????? hmmmmmmmmmm poison is in trouble.

    • BB says:

      AZGirl. Aren’t you Notre Dame fan? 8-0. Awesome!

    • Rebecca says:

      He’s taking that picture for ANDY. He knows they’re going to stay on the show as long as Andy has a crush on him. He was a never a freaking stripper! But did you see how glassy Andy’s eyes got?

  30. lori says:

    My kids are doing a happy dance…no school tomorrow! I want to preface what I’m about to say by saying my husband is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met BUT…when I told him he needed to work from home tomorrow because the subways are closing tonight said…wait for it…well, what about tomorrow they might be open.

  31. Powell says:

    Has anyone ordered a “Walking Dead” Halloween costume from the WD website? I didn’t even think about them having costumes but I should’ve thought they would.

    • ATLnNYC09 says:

      I didnt Powell but im glad you brought up the website. Im about to order one of those t-shirts. They are pretty cool and decently priced.

  32. Powell says:

    I’m watching the WD. Dang I feel bad for Rick. Survival of the fittest.

  33. VV says:

    I’m watching a little bit of RHOM right now. That lady Karent had a very bad nose job. Something is very wrong when she moves her mouth a certain way and her nose moves ackward. Has she confessed to having a nose job?

    • TexasTart says:

      I don’t know, but she has the most unflattering bone structure in her face.
      It puzzles me when people say she’s pretty.

  34. princesspindy says:

    Well, last night Princess Pindy watched 7 episodes of season 1 of Once Upon A Time, LOVED IT! As Princess Pindy sat in the dark after already checking out the interweb for information of the 7.7 earthquake in Canada, the upstairs started shaking……3.9 near Palm Springs. Nothing like sitting in the dark watching semi scary fairy tales and having the house start shaking, lol. Princess Pindy was not amused!! Great blog today, Princess Pindy loves how Jaq doesn’t want to get involved in another fambily’s business, SERIOUSLY???? Liar, Liar, pants on fire, hanging from a telephone wire!!!!

    Anyway, if you haven’t checked out Once Upon A Time, Princess Pindy recommends it! Princess Pindy really thinks it is well done. And it is nice to see other Princesses getting some attention, 🙂

    Giving a Shout Out to the East Coasters!! Stay safe. My friends, hubby and wife, have a flight out of NY today, hopefully they will make it before the airport closes! They were supposed to come home Tuesday but were able to switch flights.

    • TexasTart says:

      PrincessPindy is still cracking me up with the 3rd person speak! 😀

    • California35 says:


      I watch Once Upon of Time, I just have not watched the new season because i missed last seasons ending :-P. California Planed to get to it today 😛 I do agree that it is a very nice tv show.

  35. melthehound says:

    Lauren Manzo —- “I’m so sick of hearing about this storm” —-

    We’re sick of You. Does that make us even in the being sick department?

  36. Powell says:

    I’m surprised. Schools are closed in DC, MD- many counties including mine.

  37. Powell says:

    I’m watching NY Lost Episodes and LuAnn wants to go into apparel and accessories for women. She doesn’t have a vision for her plan???? Heck no!!!

  38. Powell says:

    The poor Marketing Director was like we can do whatever you want. Tell us what you want? Duh. On NY why do the ladies that have no experience in retail not go to Ramona for help?

  39. Powell says:

    LuAnn was worse than Sonja. She had no notes as she said she “did research”.

    LuAnn said she was afraid of losing Jaques and she’s not exaggerating. She’s always got to kiss him. It’s like she has to prove something.

    • California35 says:

      It was interesting to see that she is all about the man she is with, but I was still surprised when whe said he is the person he loves the most in the world (or something like that). She does have children!!

  40. Nancy says:

    Eli is killing the Cowboys! 4 turnovers and they aren’t even down with the 2nd quarter yet.
    Poor Romo. Not a good day for him. 😦

  41. Powell says:

    Was Detox on later last night? I hope she and her family are ok.

    • California35 says:

      I was here and did not see Detox 😦

      Maybe she is having a nice weekend 🙂

      Was there something wrong?

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I don’t see her posting last night. Cali, she was posting like crazy for a few days and then stopped. People are beginning to worry and have emailed her. Hope all is well.

      • Powell says:

        No but she didn’t post Friday either I think and that’s unusual. She didn’t post before when she was sick & since she’s been helping her father take care of her mother I’m just a little concerned.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Detox has not been on for a few days-I sent her an email but she hasn’t responded yet.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes, I, too, am hoping she has been too busy with good things. I’ve had no reply to my emails, either.

  42. Powell says:

    KG Reagan Nat’l airport has cancelled over 5700 flights. Ck out FB to see what your cousin is saying.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      When he posted, he was getting on a flight in Lima, Peru in 20 minutes. So he’s in the air now. I keep posting updates for him so when he gets connection somewhere he’ll know. Just told him Reagan won’t be an option and to let us know where he ends up. LOL. He’s in for an adventure. As if eating guinea pig in Peru was not adventure enough. (He said it was good.)

      • BB says:

        Did he say it tasted like pork (guinea PIG) or chicken? Lol

      • Powell says:

        That’s adventurous alright. 🙂

      • He may be landing in Kansas, or Texas or maybe he will only get as far as Florida. All the airports are going to be closed tonight & tomorrow in the path of the storm. So that will be fun for him! All Broadway shows were cancelled earlier, and tomorrow no Broadway shows. The floor of the Wall St. Exchange will be closed tomorrow, but they will have the exchange open via computers. Everyone in the tri-state area (NY/NJ/CT) is being told to stay home, off the roads. The winds could cause trees to fall on your car, or block roads. No school, already people in the coastal area – thousands evacuated to emergency shelters in NJ.

  43. Nancy says:

    Are you watching this game?

  44. VV says:

    Not sure if this was mentioned already, but found out that Teresa was having dinner with Victoria Gotti the night that Jac posted the pic at her house…. They are all so jealous of Teresa. It’s so obvious.

    • Nancy says:

      Teresa looks beautiful there.

      • Powell says:

        They became friends from The Apprentice I guess. Victoria needs to wear her weave shorter. It’s too long.

        • Nancy says:

          ITA. She would look better with it cut. Long hair on older women doesn’t look good. IMHO

        • djprincessc says:

          I don’t think its a weave Powell, I think I remember in a interview her talking about her hair being real, can’t remember exactly though. But for sure she needs to cut her hair, real or not looks outdated.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Wendy Williams looked at it – like she felt her hair – and put her fingers through it. She swore it’s V.G.’s hair.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        You’re right nancy, Tre looks really pretty.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      It shows that Jac is STILL obsessed with Tre. She’s been quiet on twitter…then Tre tweets this pic and it sends everyone (her castmembers) into a tweeting tizzy. Esp Jac. Thankfully her tweets aren’t cray. They appear to be “normal”

  45. Nancy says:

    Goof luck tonight. I didn’t know you were at the game last night. Sorry you didn’t win. 😦

  46. Powell says:

    Was anyone watching 60 minutes about the stolen American Historical documents? This man named Landau stole over 200 documents from Pres Clinton’s Secretary Betty Courie. She let him stay overnight at her house, came w/one suitcase and left w/three. This summer he was prosecuted and is serving 7 yrs in prison for being a con man & stealing from museums, National Archives across the country. How do people do things like this?

    • cocfarm says:

      I hate people like that. We have a fabulous historic library called the Newberry here in the coc. A guy walked in wearing a coat, went to one of the oldest archive rooms and proceeded to cut one of a kind hand drawn maps out of a ledger and walked out with them rolled up in the sleeve of his coat. Never were able to replace the loss.

  47. cocfarm says:

    For those of you in the path of the storm, who do not feel the same as Lauren manzo, if you are on Facebook, ‘like’ Tom skilling, who is our local Chicago weatherman. He is a serious weather nerd and is posting all sorts of interesting charts on his page. I think those of you near the storm would find it interesting.

  48. JustDee says:

    Thanks for the hurricane list Kansas!
    Could everyone in the potential path say their states so we’ll know who to worry about (or not)?

    PS……..could someone tell my mother that I’m a 54 year old woman and NOT a pack mule? I feel like every bone in my body is broken after the last 4 days of “fun”. The serf has revolted and is sitting on the patio with computer and wine. LOL.

  49. AZGirl says:

    So Jill was playing at the Chris Everett charity event and has been tweeting all weekend to…..THE WRONG CHRIS EVERETT TWITTER ACCOUNT!

    Omg I have been tweeting to wrong Chrissie!!! This is OFFical tennis star! Follow my friend and say hi from me! @ChrissieEvert

    Well and the “has been” who is Jill Zarin actually got her picture taken with……Tom Arnold??? and wife No.4? Good job Jillzy. So “A” List.

  50. boston02127 says:

    Hi All, Hope everyone is safe. They called a state of emergency in MA a little while ago. No classes tomorrow.

  51. boston02127 says:

    The more that I read about the RHONJ and read their tweets, see the pic’s they post, the more they remind me of a bunch of backwoods inbreds.

  52. Kansas Girl says:

    I “liked” Indiana Weather Online on Facebook and they just posted this: According to the National Weather Service: Waves could get as high as 24 feet on Lake Michigan by Tuesday afternoon! Center of #Sandy will be ~600 miles away!

    • cocfarm says:

      Yeah, Tom skilling here in Chicago is who I follow. The ultimate weather nerd. We were warned days. Ago about the waves and wind that will hit chicago.

  53. boston02127 says:

    Happy Birthday to all the birthday people this past week. I hope all of you had good days & lots of presents!

  54. LaineyLainey says:

    I hope no one has posted this, I’m kinda not keeping up very well with the chat…but Adriana on Miami…her talking head she says that she didn’t want to look slutty…yet she walks in and is walking around with her nipples showing!!! ironic. Wait, is that Ironic? It’s like raaaaaain on your wedding day!! (not ironic) haha.

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