Let’s Chat – Atlanta Hairdressers Tell All and Miami Bras and Brawls Part II / Real Housewives of Miami Cast Blogs

Bravo doesn’t have anything in the way of a write up for tonight’s episodes of the Atlanta Hairdressers Tell All episode, but I assume it’s some sort  of teaser/preview like last year’s preview episode that took us back to some of the cast as they were growing up.

Andy has tweeted that WWHL will be LIVE tonight despite the storm.  Joanna and Karent are guests.

So for tonight …

Real Housewives of Miami Bras and Brawls Part II is on after Atlanta.  From the videos posted on-line and the preview we’ve been seeing all season, this is the one where Adriana slaps/punches Joanna Krupa.

This is the second time physical violence will be shown on a housewives show.

I’m not counting  Sheree Winfield’s wig tug, and any physical altercation that occurred between NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak happened off camera.

The actual first time was Ashley (now she spells it Ashlee) Holmes pulling out Danielle Staub’s weave at the Porsche Fashion show.  Ashlee was found guilty of assault.  Read about the assault case here.

When Lea Black tweeted this out this afternoon, I’ve got to admit I was disgusted.  Since when does “bitch slap” become something to promote.

But Lea isn’t alone.  Even the producers and Andy Cohen are promoting the episode with the twitter hashtag #bitchslap.   Seriously?

I’ve decided that like Abby Lee Miller (Dance Moms), I’m going to rate the cast on their performances over the last weeks.  Top of the pyramid is good.  Bottom – not so much.  Here’s how I feel about the Miami cast.

At the top is Romain Zago – who has been steady and calm throughout all of Joanna’s hysterical outbursts.  From the looks of the preview – he tries to diffuse the situation that will unfold tonight, before walking away in disgust.

Next row – Lisa.  The only thing that stopped Lisa from being at the top of the pyramid was the line about Lingerie being like Breast Cancer.  Other than that I find her very likable.  Same with Ana.  She hasn’t had much of a story line, but I like her so far.  Alexia also made this row but barely – I’m growing tired of her bad mouthing Karent.  It’s growing boring.

Next row – Marysol.  Like Alexia, Marysol needs to stop talking about Karent – yawn boring – and bad mouthing Lea’s event.  Although I give her props for trying to stay out of the drama.  She easily could have been one row up.  Marta.  Lazy Marta.  Lea Black.  Besides the tweet – she brought Joe Francis to the party.  But she did try to calm things down so I didn’t put her in the bottom row.

Bottom row – Joanna.  Enough with the hysterics already.  You gave Joe Francis air.  Karent Sierra.  Carrier pigeon was an apt term for this shit stirrer – and it looks like the remaining drama of the night centers around her.  Joe Francis.  Ugh.  James (Elaine) for pushing another guest in the pool and being an all around negative person on twitter.  And Adriana.  There is never an excuse for physical violence and she should have been fired.


Real Housewives of Miami Cast Blogs by IDon’tBelieveinUnicorns (the remaining ones)

Joanna Krupa

This is my third PETA campaign, and I wanted to make sure it showed a more comedic side to a very strong message. But I also wanted to make sure it was still controversial like my last campaign, because without controversy you don’t get the same impact in getting your message heard.

I realize some may have thought what Joanna did was over the top and some may even have thought it was in bad taste but I get it and kudos to her for her passion.  Joanna’s photos did make Bethenny’s seem tame.  I hazard to guess that Kra Kra Kelly is now sporting a neck brace because of the whiplash she got turning away from her tv in disgust and Cindy (as in Cindy who?) was salivating at the thought of “if only.”  Just hope it didn’t give her any ideas.

I will fight until the day I die to be a voice for these amazing creatures.

The reason I decided to do a protest against the Kardashian store was because Khloe Kardashian did an anti-fur campaign years ago, and I found out they were selling fur at Dash. To me, someone like that is a hypocrite and I wanted to make sure they were exposed. Even during and after the protest, they made a statement they never sold fur. Well here is the proof.

Here Joanna shows a Dash sales receipt for a rabbit fur vest and the vest itself.  Looked just like the fur vest that the infamous PETA “supporter” hypocritically wore to so obviously try and get under Bethenny’s skin in RHoNY.  I just can’t help but to analogize Miami to other franchises.  There are many comparisons that are a perfect fit.

Since then I am happy to say Dash in Calabasas closed and they reopened in West Hollywood, which is now fur free. To make it clear, I have nothing against the Kardashians, but I will always speak my mind when it comes to protecting animals. It’s not a direct attack against them. I am very passionate about helping the voiceless and defenseless and will never give that up. I will always fight to try to open people’s eyes to the cruelties out there and hope to change one person at a time. If someone can watch the fur videos of these animals get skinned alive and still purchase a fur coat, then to me they are not humans. I believe karma will get each and every one of them for hurting God’s creatures. I am against any type of cruelty to animals. Amen!

Joanna goes on to describe facts in gory detail regarding the cruelty to animals that occurs to provide fur items of clothing.  I’m a supporter of PETA and I was aware of most of them but not all.  I can’t stress how horrendous these animals are treated.  Much of today’s fur comes from China from where it’s not unusual for the fur to be fraudulently labeled so what a person may actually be wearing is from a dog or cat that are often skinned alive.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I struggled with the decision of whether or not I should provide all those facts in this blog.  I think it’s so important for people to know what is happening but it is extremely jarring and upsetting to say the least.  Joanna’s blog has brought me to tears and I don’t think it’s something people expect from this blog although I applaud Joanna for providing it in hers.  I don’t want to preach but I implore anyone who is thinking of buying a fur anything to first check out these Basic Cruel Facts in Joanna’s blog.  Actually I think it’s important for everyone to become informed of the practices used and how utterly horrific these animals are treated, used and abused.  I apologize for going off on a tangent here, but I’m an animal lover and I never feel like I’m doing enough.  I’ll leave it at that.

Alternatives to Fur

Animals are simply not ours to wear. In the 21st century, people can choose to be cruel or kind. With so many fashionable, comfortable, and warm options available today, there is no excuse for wearing bits and pieces of any animal’s fur or skin. There’s a reason why people don’t climb mountains or go skiing in fur coats. The synthetics available today are much lighter, and they’re far more durable and practical.

I agree completely.

Fur has fallen out of favor. Top designers like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Stella McCartney and retailers like J.Crew and Forever 21 now refuse to use or sell any fur products.

Heartless designers like Michael Kors and Donatella Versace — who continue to use abused animals in their so-called designs — are a dying breed. Young consumers are the future and are largely opposed to the cruelty of fur. A recent survey in Elle Girl revealed that teens think that animal rights is the “coolest” political cause.

Call out those heartless designers!

Reports from the fur industry show sluggish sales, which result in huge surplus stocks after the fall and winter as a result of a constantly decreasing demand.  According to a recent Gallup poll, 96 percent of Americans oppose cruelty to animals, and it shows in Americans’ decision to shun fur.

I’d like see 100% in opposition, in every country on every continent.  I’d like to see no market for fur at all.  And while we’re at it, let’s start to truly reverse global warming and protect our rain forests. And since we’re being serious, there’s a few real housewives I’d really like to see banished.

If fur is becoming more prevalent, it’s because the market is being flooded by cheap imports from China, now that their industry is booming and trade restrictions had been lifted. The fur trade is a violent, bloody industry.  Trapping, beating, drowning, and ripping animals’ skins from their backs simply for vanity is absolutely indefensible. There is no beauty in animal cruelty. Fur is only worn by a very visible cult of pretentious fashion editors, but for the general public, fur remains about as popular as a cold sore.

Sing it sistah!!!  Joanna may be starting to warm up a seat on the crazy train but I’ll always be a fan.

The fixatives and other chemicals used to treat animal skins are highly toxic and carcinogenic.

Another angle for those who possibly care more about themselves than the animals.

Lea Black

Congrats to Lisa for a fun party, action packed (maybe too much action, but let’s come back to that later). Hope she raised a lot of money. I’m just trying to understand a couple of things, so help me out here. I recall Lisa being very clear that she “doesn’t agree with people talking about people behind their backs.” From the first episode until now (7 weeks), she’s never missed the opportunity to ridicule, backstab, or make condescending remarks about me on the show and in her blogs.

C’mon… everybody knows you can’t be a real housewife without being a hypocrite.

BTW, my “hilarious” comment (made while hugging her) was a compliment about how over-the-top fabulous her lingerie outfit was. (Clarification since she seems to misinterpret my snark — Hilarious, of course, being the new fabulous.) And did I mention, once again, we get to see her hot body? Surprise!

Just to be certain, I looked up “hilarious” in my computer’s thesaurus and just as I suspected, “fabulous” wasn’t in the list… and to be thorough neither was “the new fabulous.”

Even after my lovely phone conversation with her (in which at any time she could have told me anything she thought or felt directly to my face) she remarks her party “may not be up to Lea’s standards.” Maybe T and A aren’t my strong suit, but I did make a financial contribution and I did go out on the eve of my gala (after which I then went back and worked until about 3 in the morning to make up for the break I took) all to show my support to Lisa and for a good cause. I am wondering how seriously I should take these low-blow remarks. So far I’ve laughed them off, but I wonder if Lisa will give me the same courtesy for pointing out a couple of contradictions.

Strangely, Lea leaves out that she also brought some charming *cough* * gag* guests with her.

Not every great friendship begins with peace, love, and kumbaya. Yes, we got off to a rocky start, but sometimes the best friendships are built on rocks, boulders, or in her case, silicone.

No one should ever put a comment like that in writing… they’ll never be able to deny they said it.

Then we had Karent under attack again. Now that’s “hilarious.” Next.

THAT was hilarious AND fabulous.

Karent says the article twisted her words — reminds me of when Charles Barkley says a few ugly things about his teammates in his book then claimed he was misquoted. One journalist said, “But Charles, you wrote the book.”…

See now, this was my point about the comment above.  It can’t be denied once it’s in writing in a book OR a blog.  They could always blame it on a ghost writer I suppose but no real housewife ever seems to want to admit to that.

Enter Joe Francis announcing (when asked) he “dated” both Marta and Joanna. Gotta love unfiltered Joe. Joanna’s reaction (when the sex mention came up)? You’re a jerk and deserve to go to jail. As friends of both (or should I say all three), who cares who dated whom or had sex with whom or didn’t have sex with whom? And when? And where? (Movie theatres, anyone? Times have changed I guess.) Too much information. But Joanna, while protecting her reputation, forces Joe to defend his remarks. It made for firework heaven, and no permit was required by the city of Miami Beach. And did I mention Romain, once again, was the consummate gentleman.

We transfer from “was she a stripper or wasn’t she”?… to “did she sleep with Joe or didn’t she”?  Lea agrees… who cares?  Just please tell me there’s not going to be a fashion show in the Miami finale!

Karent smiling too much — that’s her personality; big problem for some of the girls. Translation: some think she should just keep her mouth shut. Marysol’s interpretation: “she is trying to be something she’s not.” My interpretation: she’s an award-winning actress for putting on a (Colgate) smile while all the daggers continue to come out. Enough is enough. At least she has good teeth as well she should.

Doesn’t an award-winning actress win that award for being really good at trying to be something she’s not?  I guess dentists aren’t like carpenters.  Everyone knows what is said about carpenters’ houses.

Things to think about this week:

Should one kiss and tell?

Is smiling too much and being too friendly worth the backlash? And why a backlash anyway?

If you overhear something at a party, should you repeat it?

Does lingerie bring out the best or the worst in people? Or does it just reveal (both literally and figuratively) who we are? Maybe it just personifies who we are, add a drink or two, and maybe it just “screams” who we are?

If a columnist writes an article about a group you’re a part of, should you take it personally if you don’t (or do) think it applies?

Is laughing more fun than gossiping, pouting, or stirring things up?

What is gossip anyway? We’ve been told some of these girls don’t like gossip, so I’m trying to determine what’s gossip and what’s not. Maybe ridiculing and gossip are not the same? And talking behind someone’s back, what category does that fall in?

Can some dish it out but not take it? Just curious.

And what’s the difference between watching and observing things happen versus creating and making things happen? Which one might be boring to watch?

Are some people looking for what’s wrong rather than embracing what’s not? Why would anyone do that? Curious.

Are double standards appropriate/acceptable?

The answers to all of these questions are entirely dependent on whether or not the one answering is a Real Housewife.

If anyone’s interested, Lea has provided the article that caused the drama and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of it.

The “blog” for your reading pleasure and to clarify any misunderstandings:


Marysol Patton

I arrived at Lisa’s lingerie fundraising event quite happy to be there. I think Lisa did a great job, and I see many philanthropic strides in her future. I had not been at the event more than three minutes and was barely clinging to my cocktail when Karent swoops in to tell me that my attire is not acceptable to Joanna’s liking. Really? I mean, I barely know Karent. We have exchanged a few hellos and glances up until this point. In fact, she hardly knew any of us. Furthermore, if Joanna was so upset, she could have very easily come up to me and we would have discussed it, which we eventually did later that evening.

I’ve made it quite clear how I stand on fur, however, even I believe that Karent was out of line and if Joanna truly requested that Karent approach Marysol and ask if it was fur she was wearing, then Joanna was out of line too.  I’m all for standing up for one’s beliefs but that certainly wasn’t the way to handle it.

I decided to chat a bit with Lea and Joe, who noticed Joanna and proceeded to tell a story about how they had met years back. The story was a bit unsavory and definitely not one to be repeated. Karent asked if he had a similar meeting/encounter with Joanna’s sister, Marta, and it was all downhill from there. Not only was it inappropriate to ask someone if they “had slept with both of them,” but to drag Joe over to Joanna to repeat the story in front of her fiancé was beyond reckless. Everyone knows that Joanna and Romain were already having problems in their relationship. This was fuel to the fire, not to mention that it put Romain at risk of a physical altercation.

Karent seems to possess many of the attributes that is the making of a “most hated housewife.”

So not only was I being warned of impending doom because of my clothing choice, but now Joanna was crying, Joe was irritated, and Romain was in disbelief and trying to hold himself together. This created a domino effect of anger that carried through the entire evening; and as you will see, it escalated far beyond anything I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

Queue “Tubular Bells.”

Ana Quincoces

I was tempted to submit a blank page in lieu of a blog. To say that this episode speaks for itself is an understatement. To tarnish the beauty of this epic display of someone’s character (or lack thereof) by attempting to describe it would be criminal. So I will sit on my hands and do nothing. I will allow what was witnessed tonight to find its rightful place in the mind of the viewers. Because no matter how much one roots for a perceived underdog or how much one rationalizes human behavior, this episode is a veritable smoking gun.

She may as well have submitted a blank page instead of a “blog” if you can call it that.  So it’s not a total loss, I’ll include the recipe Ana provided.  It does sound pretty good.

This episode and next are the epitome of what we Cubans call an “Arroz con Mango” (a huge mess) so in that spirit here is my recipe for Mango Rice and Chicken Salad.

Mango Rice and Chicken Salad

  • 2 cups cooked and shredded chicken (I often use a rotisserie chicken for this recipe)
  • 1 ½ cups cooked converted long grain rice (I like Uncle Bens- I also substitute brown rice sometimes)
  • 3 tablespoons peanut or canola oil
  • 1 ½ teaspoons sea salt (or more to taste)
  • 3/4 teaspoons fresh ground pepper
  • 1/2 cup chopped red onion
  • 1 ripe but firm medium sized mango, peeled and cut into 1/2 inch dice
  • 1 ripe but firm medium sized avocado, peeled and cut into 1/2 inch dice
  • ¼ cup fresh lime juice
  • 3/4 cup chopped cilantro
  • 1 fresh jalapeno pepper- seeds and ribs removed finely diced (optional)
  • ¼ lightly toasted slivered almonds


Toss the rice, chicken, onion, mango, avocado, cilantro, jalapeno and almonds in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, combine oil, lime juice, salt and pepper until well blended. Pour over salad and toss well. Chill for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Great.  Now I’m hungry.

Alexia Echevarria

Let’s put it this way… Alexia had nothing to add to what everyone else blogged about.  I’ll just say… one thing is apparent… She doesn’t like Karent.

Oh… and I don’t think she’s crazy about Lisa either.  Okay, maybe I will include a couple of paragraphs and let you decide for yourselves…

I’ve never wanted to use my blog to bash the others, because I believe in telling people to their face what I think and feel. Therefore the reunion will be very interesting, because we will have a chance to clarify face-to-face all these situations that the viewers and myself have been aware of.

On that note, I don’t know why Lisa enjoys talking behind everyone’s back in her interviews and is continuously attacking and criticizing Lea and anyone else she can. I don’t get it, just like I don’t get her party. Everything else was going on except what really should have been going on — a fundraiser for breast cancer. I was happy not to be there. Seriously, given how little I go out these days I truly want to have a great time and enjoy my evening. Besides that, the following day was Lea and Roy’s gala, which Herman and I have been part of for years and had already committed to.

Well we’re preparing for the worst because that’s what it sounds like we’re in for.  If there isn’t a blog of Miami blogs from me next week, that means I’m still in the dark (found out this a.m. that our generator doesn’t work…  even if we were able to FIND a new one, they were selling for 3x or more the normal price… apparently it’s illegal to price gouge AFTER the storms but not before).  Anyway, Sandy is supposed to be really bad where I am.  For others in her path, and some of you I believe may be in a worse position than I am, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay safe!

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143 Responses to Let’s Chat – Atlanta Hairdressers Tell All and Miami Bras and Brawls Part II / Real Housewives of Miami Cast Blogs

  1. Powell says:

    I hope all is well with everyone. 🙂

  2. melthehound says:

    What a fun crew that Miami cast is. I’m not the least bit sorry to have missed every single episode, including tonight’s. Thankful for the likes of The Amazing Race, Revenge, etc. World Series too if you’re into it. Anybody want to watch the first 6 episodes of Downton Abbey, Season 3?


    I watched them earlier in the week, and they all work.

      • melthehound says:

        Yes, Click WATCH, then choose watch as free user, then choose watch video now. Some pop up windows will open, click nothing in them except to close them and don’t download anything. Lots of other shows there too but some are hit and miss if the episodes are Really there (The Sopranos is one that is half missing 😦 ).

    • BB says:

      Thanks for posting the Downton Abbey epis, MTH.

    • California35 says:

      OMG!! Are you serious!!?? Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙂

    • disgrazia4 says:

      This is a good site with a great catalog of TV episodes. I’m loving season 3 Downton and I’ve almost caught up on The Walking Dead. It’s a good story but I’m not raving. Oh, and I hate the squishy sounds and I hate zombies, always have. But I bookmarked this site!

  3. Powell says:

    Joanna is the biggest drama queen. She did give Joe Francis more TV times than was necessary but then again she gave herself more TV time for us to see her histrionics.

    • djprincessc says:

      Cus you know its true! Haha!

    • chismosa says:

      yes i think that this even leads me to kind of ‘understand’ what Romain was talking about in regards to that sort-of-about-to-but-not-quite cheating with that woman and texting. Joanna was likable at the start but now she needs to simm–ah- down now!
      I think her protest with Joe was too obvious and made it seem that she DID sleep with him. Marta, it’s just so obvious she did.

      Sidenote: Joe F. lost a lot of weight since years ago; is besties with the trashbag Kardashians; i think he looks like he had too much work on his face; he canNOT keep eye contact with anyone around him which leads me to think he’s on COKE or something. He is VERY odd right now. Plus that lawsuit with Wynn was cra-crazy.

      I agree with- i believe it was NJBev -who said the other day that Lea’s son was a little odd. I agree. Did Lea have him herself? I don’t know maybe Lea just looks much older than she is to me, despite all her work she has had on her face since last season.

      I like the pyramid scheme, i agree mostly and i for some reason really really love the Cuban gals of the bunch the most– Ana, Alexia, and Marisol (i’m spelling it the REAL way of spelling it, her original spelling)
      For some reason, i still love Alexia, and though i hate how gross and overly sexual Ana is with her daughters — i love Ana. She’s GORGEOUS imo. But i love Cuban people in general, they’re always VERY loud, very over the top, warm, fun. Best food IMO too!
      i still like Adriana, i know she’s crazy with this physical violence from tonight but she’s actually quite thoughtful and thinks for herself with regards to people around her. So i still like her, she doesn’t JUST go by what others say around her, she makes up her own mind and then confronts instead of talking behind backs.

      Ok chat up with you all more later! Thanks for the blogs!

      • djprincessc says:

        I totally agree with the Joe Francis Cocaine thing!! I thought the SAME thing. And I also agree about Leas son, he seemed a little odd, but he’s probably just at that age that all kids go through where they’re just weird, uncomfortable and dorky. lol. I also wondered if she actually had him and I always wondered the same thing about Adrienne Maloof from BH, she has 3 small boys and she seems so much older that I always thought maybe her and Paul adopted or had a surrogate??

        • chismosa says:

          i dont watch BH, but Adrienne never seemed that MUCH older than the others so i guess i could see her with young kids, how young though is her youngest?– but Leah i don’t know. Especially with the father hugging the son, he seemed like the grandfather. (and my parents were 38 and 40 when they had me so i get having kids at a later age).
          Plus why was Lea’s son wearing like a woman’s gold Michael Kors watch from Macy’s? He just seemed odd. But then again, i used to think Simon and Alex’s son acted odd on NY but it was probl just the cameras.

          Joe F is totally coked out. Not even a doubt.

          • chismosa says:

            ps- just cause JF is coked up– doesn’t mean i DON’T believe he is telling the truth about Joanna and Marta.

            • Kat from Ohio says:

              i actually think lea’s son is a total sweetheart. he just doesn’t seem that interested in the cameras. almost EVERYONE is awkward (in terms of behavior and appearance) when they’re ten. RJ is just a bit more awkward than others. I don’t remember him wearing a watch, but if he was, why is that so weird? Women wear men’s watches all the time… should not be weird at alI when it’s the other way around. I think it’s commendable that Lea clearly lets him be himself and adores him. And I think that he’s brave to like what he likes because he’s at an age where that can be hard because kids can be so mean!

              • chismosa says:

                well i think it’s more commendable when they choose to not have their kids be on camera- especially the <16 crowd. I understand older kids but when they're younger i commend the women who choose to not have them on camera AT ALL.

                I just think it was a very awkward set up/ scene/ the son with the parents. Lea and her husband seem much much older than i had imagined for a kid that age, but of course that is great if they are a happy family, who cares– i mean i can't really stand Lea so whatever. The scene itself just caught me so off guard, something seemed so weird about it. I can't put my finger on it.
                I have nothing to say about young boys walking around wearing womens' watches- just that it didn't go with the rest of his outfit which was total prep/ Palm Beach/ Ralph Lauren so it did sort of stick out. That's what was funny to me! Kids now(especially these days) – are free to be whoever and whatever they want. Just ask Annette Bening and Warren Beatty.

                Plus i'm sorry but in society it is well known that women wearing mens' things, mens' watches, mens' style clothing, mens' looks, etc.— is very acceptable, even 'cool' whereas the vice versa is looked at as quite odd. Metrosexual or not. It's just the way society has always looked at it. Not fair, but that is how it is viewed. Maybe in 50 years it will be different but IMHO things have not changed far enough for that to happen just yet.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  Hi Chismosa: He is 10 years old. That is still a little boy in my book. That should say it all. Like I said below, he seems big for 10 and sometimes young kids who are big/tall get judged for seeming to behave in a babyish or immature way when they are in fact, acting their age. Both my kids were tall for their age.

          • djprincessc says:

            I just googled it and Adrienne is 51 and has 3 boys one is 8 and the twins are 5. So ya she’s older, bc my parents are 54 and I’m 27. lol. And I totally get what you mean about Lea’s son, IDK what ideas parents get when dressing them, like Angelina dressing her first girl Shiloh in boys clothing only!! SMH. And it doesn’t help that Lea is akward herself. lol. Joe Francis was def telling the truth about Joanna, it was obvious.

            • chismosa says:

              Gotcha DJ. That is a bit on the older side– Adrienne must have given birth at around 44/45/46. Wow she has had work done on her my my! (i just go by little tidbits here and there, i don’t watch Bev Hills)

              There’s a whole conversation to be had about ‘allowing kids to be what they want to be’… and it can be kind of crazy nowadays. It’s kind of a very very hot topic.
              Something just caught me as ‘off’ in the Lea/ husband/ son scene. Could have just been the set up. Who knows

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I thought maybe he seems off because he’s tall for his age. He’s only ten but looks like a 13 y.o. – because he’s so tall.

  4. JustDee says:

    ****STORM TIP**** (This is why I signed up for Twitter)

    Search #(your state 2 letter abbreviation)wx for up to the second updates.
    Example: I’m in Arkansas so when tornados are near – I pull up #ARWX

  5. cocfarm says:

    Omg, just laughed my arse off near the end of the amazing race! Great episode tonight. The chips make me laugh. They are very self deprecating and I like that when they couple it with humor.

    • chismosa says:

      Nice ending. I feel they spent way too many episodes in this particular country. Usually they’re much quicker in-and-out

    • Deb Thompson says:

      I’m so happy the Beekman Boys are still in. They were so loving to each other last night, it was so sweet.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I dvr’d it and haven’t watched, yet. Can’t wait to watch!! I had more than I could handle with Bravo and The Walking Dead yesterday.

  6. Nancy says:

    Noelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. djprincessc says:

    Ya could have done without the whole schooling about fur….

    I’m sorry, I know that animals are abused and its sad bc I don’t understand why they have to be abused, why can’t they just be killed plain and simple?? I eat meat and honestly when I wake up in the morning I am not thinking about OMG FUR!! But I really hate issues being shoved down my throat. I always hear, read and see about animal abuse. But what about the abuse of children or of women being sold into slavery or human trafficking?? We have turned into a world that cares more about animals than fellow human beings. SAD.

    Everyone has their own opinion which is fine, I have friends that are hardcore Vegans and I was even thinking about becoming Vegetarian at one time for health reasons. But just because someone likes or wears fur or eats animals doesn’t make them a bad person. JMO.

    • chismosa says:

      i see what you are saying DJ but IMO i care more about issues regarding those that are **lesser** than us— so to me, personally, NOT for everyone, i care about who depends on humans to survive. So– animals depend on us for their existence and sustenance. So i care for them, and of course, babies/ young children>>>> these all cannot fend for themselves. For ME, i look at adults AFTER that. Human trafficking is a very big government issue that i think the UN or inter-country organizations should take care of. Very tricky. I care for the ‘innocents’ first, if you will.

      ~~~~~~~NMD thank you for putting that in, to educate and at least let us know where Jo is coming from. Though it’s plain to see with her hysterics on every episode. 😉
      I dont want to read Joanna’s blog because i dont want to cry — but i dont get why the minks, animals for fur, etc.- cant just be electrocuted or something first and THEN skinned? Not to be gross, i just dont get the difference. I am not saying i am FOR fur– (kelly bensimmon)– i’m saying why do they have to be skinned alive? I feel gross even asking this… but i dont get it. I’m afraid to google it

      Look people boycott pet stores that SELL dogs like produce, boycott restaurants that serve foie gras, boycott stupid movies and tv shows that show monkeys and apes being forced to perform for humans (Animal Practice was cancelled yes!). Boycott Sea World and ANY circuses. I don’t even care for ZOOs!
      We all have our issues that we support, our CAUSES. Personally i’m for animals. But everyone has their own.

      • Nancy says:

        Where have you been my entire life? 🙂
        If people weren’t buying furs there would be no need all the disgusting killings.

      • djprincessc says:

        I love animals but I don’t love people who force me to do or think ONLY THEIR WAY, and people who think THEIR beliefs are the only beliefs on the planet. If they wanna save every little fly, mouse, cat etc more power to them, but like I said just because someone DOES want to wear fur or eat meat doesn’t mean they’re wrong either. I know its a deep subject for people.

        • chismosa says:

          i get what you mean DJ and i feel the same way. I think it’s a fine line between
          A) expressing a viewpoint and saying, ‘hey world find out about this issue that you may not really know the truth about, and maybe you’d like to know’
          B) you MUST listen to me and change your beliefs to follow everything i’m saying here and if you don’t then you’re a complete and utter A$$ hole and i can’t deal with the likes of you.

          It’s a very delicate fine line.

    • Joanna wears me out. I find her and her blogs exhausting. I eat meat. My daughter is a vegetarian and I tell her not to be rude about it when we’re eating with other people. When it’s just us at home we usually eat vegetarian with her.

  8. cocfarm says:

    MTH, here is the answer to your question from the library theft discussion. These libraries are not your typical libraries so there were cameras. It’s an interesting read.

  9. Kansas Girl says:

    As we go into the night, what may be the first of several long nights for some of our group, here’s the hurricane list. Please keep them in mind. We expect some exciting stories when it’s all over.

    BB Exit4 Shamrockblonde
    Jill NNTJ lori I Don’t Believe in Unicorns
    KTinCT NJBev NorthEast Lurker
    Plainviewsue WSL & WSM Bluesky1forever
    butterisafruit Eve Queen Butter Bean
    Powell Delighted Trudie’s daughter
    LavaLady Vilzvet Lainey’s son in Brooklyn
    Christi Maryla RealHousewifeVA
    Chismosa Sus Nancy’s family in Anguilla
    Boobah Boston02127 One More in Boston
    Just Wondering in Jersey & the tree in her yard that MUST NOT FALL

    • Kansas Girl says:

      A somewhat more readable form (hopefully)

      BB ——————- Exit4 —————– Shamrockblonde
      Jill NNTJ ———— lori ——————- I Don’t Believe in Unicorns
      KTinCT————— NJBev ————— NorthEast Lurker
      Plainviewsue —– WSL & WSM——- Bluesky1forever
      butterisafruit —– Eve——————- Queen Butter Bean
      Powell ————— Delighted————Trudie’s daughter
      LavaLady ———— Vilzvet —————Lainey’s son in Brooklyn
      Christi —————- Maryla————— RealHousewifeVA
      Chismosa ———– Sus——————- Nancy’s family in Anguilla
      Boobah ————– Boston02127—— One More in Boston
      Just Wondering in Jersey & the tree in her yard that MUST NOT FALL

    • Stars99 says:

      Thanks for your post… reminds us to keep them all in our thoughts and prayers… and to use our nice words and to share our toys with those who might need them.

  10. chismosa says:

    i just checked my hour-by-hour weather on weather.com and it says ‘squalls’ and i never even knew what a squall was!? I see it’s heavy rain of some sort. Scarrrrry

    Thanks for the list Kansas Girl— that Just Wondering in Jersey one has me laughing

    • BB says:

      Yes, I just made my dogs go outside for the night because were are expecting “squalls” shortly according to the hubs. My lights have flickered a couple of time already. Uh Oh.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      She’s so worried about that tree in her yard that is unstable. She says if it falls, it will come down on her house. I figure we can all hold it up with willpower. It’s worth a try!

    • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

      I’m glad someone can laugh about it. It’s still standing and hasn’t dropped any limbs as yet.

  11. Nancy says:

    Noelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    SF Giants-3
    DET Lions-3

  12. Is anyone watching Miami – Joanna needs to stop drinking – NOW.

  13. Nancy says:

    These “ladies” are CRAZY!

    • Cartwheels says:

      OMG, Audrina actually punch her in the face or slap Johanna?

      • TexasTart says:

        Joanna not able to handle alcohol lead to her getting punched .. ah but the is no excuse for violence, but it’s too bad Karent didn’t get punched too 😉

        • Cartwheels says:

          LOL, I wish Audriana never went there with the slap. Now Johanna would play the victim when her behavior the whole night was beyond juvenile.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Funny, Texas Tart!!!

          • djprincessc says:

            Don’t f*ck with a Brazilian woman…or any hispanic woman for that matter. I would know as I’m half Honduran and Mexican. My mom was born in Honduras and when I was little I just remember getting a scary look and knowing not keep going, lol.

  14. LaineyLainey says:


  15. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Romain is a POS. He intervenes and tells Adriana to respect Joanna but JoeFrancis says she gives BJs in the movie theatre and not a peep! SillyAssBitch! If anyone deserved to be slapped it was Joanna. Pushing people, yelling, calling out a whore when she’s a whore herself… she was out of control!

  16. ATLnNYC09 says:

    I cant stand Karent. She lights a fire and then runs away. Shes such an instigator.

  17. New England Girl says:

    Please put my family and elderly patients on the list! We’re worried!!!

  18. Nancy says:

    This is Kyle and Kim revisted.

  19. TexasTart says:

    I’m with Ana “you can’t make this stuff up!”

  20. Nancy says:

    Lea…”I’m glad I have one friend in this town.” Too funny!

  21. ATLnNYC09 says:

    Joanna is ANNOYING and it makes her look very unattractive.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Such a shame, such a beautiful face but she is just a basket case. If I was Roman I would run for the hills. No wonder he said he wanted out of the relationship, now I get why, she is just such an emotionally draining lady.

  22. TexasTart says:

    I think Marta is far more wasted than her bitch *as sister!

  23. TexasTart says:

    All these edit blurs over nipple slips are cracking me up!

  24. LaineyLainey says:

    That guy, Beau must be young, because sometimes we can’t SEE!!! when someone waves to us… :V:V:

  25. LaineyLainey says:

    :V testing

  26. LaineyLainey says:

    Adriana: “Butt Off, Joanna”

  27. dickens says:

    Why didn’t Andy make Joanna shut up while Audriana was talking? I couldn’t hear anything she said! Joanna is just awful.

  28. Nancy says:

    SF Giants just the WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!

  29. Nancy says:

    Night night ladies.

  30. ItzAngieDuh says:

    Joanna is bat sh*t crazy!! Telling Marta she’s gonna lose her sister bcuz she doesn’t support her antics? Romain trying to calm her down & she blows him off? He’d better head for the hills. Ana said it best the help Romain tried to give her-she ‘wiped her ass with it’. Why should Marysol take off her vest? Was she at Joanna’s house, at Joanna’s event? No. Latent is a sh*t starter & Rudolfo left that ass! When Adriana walked away Josnna should’ve let her be. She went chasing behind her, screaming at her, grabbing at her so she got slapped. Adriana is small but don’t mess with her! Has anyone heard from Detox?

  31. LaineyLainey says:

    Watching The Walking Dead Now…dinner dishes still waiting…argh!!!! Too much good TV on Sundays!!

  32. Exit4 says:

    The winds are picking up and I’m off to bed! Hoping for the best…will check in when I can. I’d I lose power and wifi it may be hard, but were JERSEY we can take it! My only hope is that this doesn’t Peter out….the shore is due for a big one, been many years. My mom knows a few stragglers down there who said screw it and stayed. Hope they’re ok! Bit if this doesn’t live up to the hype, when the big one does come…it will be bad because people won’t take it seriously!

    Alright Sandy, you prostitution whore, Jerseys ready…show us what ya got beyotch!!!!

  33. ItzAngieDuh says:

    Everyone’s talking JFK being on coke-what the hell was Marta on? She was totally smashed but something was weird. She was slurring, almost incoherent.

  34. boston02127 says:

    Good morning. Why am I up when I have NOTHING TO DO ALL DAY. 🙂
    For those in this area that have National Grid and are expecting outages you can text “Storm” to “NGRID” (64743) to find out when you’ll get power back.
    I hope everyone is safe.

    • butterisafruit says:

      Morning Boston, I so want to go back to sleep. I’ve been playing with my little weather station, watching the wind gusts and barometer. I can’t believe all the leaves, so much for folliage. I hope people south of us are doing okay.

  35. boston02127 says:

    I hope nobody needs this but it’s here if you do. Crisis map.


  36. Deb Thompson says:

    Stay safe all you folks in the path of Sandy. We are getting the tail end here in Central Carolina and it’s eerie. BB I hope you are safe if you stayed in the Outer Banks.

    • BB says:

      I’m good. I’m in VA but we did call a neighbor of ours in the Outer Banks and she said yesterday was very boring in our neighborhood which is a good thing. She said she was going to get on her bike later and ride around and check things out.

  37. BB says:

    I’m checking in Still have my power. Just lots and lots of rain. Where I am the winds aren’t even that bad. I see leaves moving in the trees, but the trees aren’t swaying or anything. There is some flooding in areas around here. But it could be much much worse. I’ll check in as the day goes one if we don’t lose power. Hope you guys to the North are as lucky as we have been so far. I think the actual storm isn’t supposed to make landfall until later today and it’s going to be a little north of us. Be safe everyone.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      We are getting some high winds now and a little rain. The storm is still pretty far away and I have a feeling we are going to be in the thick of things by tonight.
      My brothers were under mandatory evacuation and are bunking with my sister.
      Everyone BE SAFE!!!!!
      Still waiting to hear from our friend Detox!!!

      • Lisa Renee says:

        JnntJ, morning!! Glad to see you post. Please stay safe & warm. Remember, most injuries happen post storm. I am thinking of you, everyone in the path & their loved ones. I too have been trolling for Detox. Please check in when you can, Lisa

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Hi BB, so far we are the same, lots of rain and pretty windy. I ran out to our local Harris Teeter and they told me they are staying open today even if the power goes out. So far from what I am reading, here in NoVA we are supposed to get the brunt of it later today. They are predicting 5-10 inches at least and winds up to 90 MPH

  38. MamaZ says:

    I hope all of you on the coast stays safe. I would say more but if Lauren Manzo is reading it would bore her and we wouldn’t want that! But seriously, I hope you are all well.

    • cocfarm says:

      LILO apparently tweeted out a similar thing yeasterday about the storm. Never thought about it before but her and Lauren would make great bffs!

  39. Good morning folks – we’re getting constant rain/drizzle and a breeze here in northern MD. I hope everyone to the north and east of me stay safe, warm, and dry!

  40. MamaZ says:

    I still read the blog but comment less frequently these days. For a while there was so much controversy that it wasn’t as much fun. So I only comment about things that strike a nerve with me.
    Like wearing fur.

    I am a vegetarian but I do not judge others for eating meat. Man is a carnivore and you can make the claim that we should be eating meat. I happen to disagree but I can respect that argument. Likewise wearing leather shoes. Until recently there weren’t many good vegan alternatives to leather. And they were very expensive. Fortunately there are more available now but to be honest they do not wear as well as leather. I still wear the leather shoes I have already bought but only buy new vegan footwear. I can afford to but many people can’t or don’t have access to the products. I don’t carry handbags, wear leather belts or coats.

    Most of us have to wear shoes but there is no reason we have to wear fur. There are many natural alternatives that are as warm as fur. Fur is a fashion choice only.

    The reason animals raised for fur are treated so badly is greed. It is cheaper and easier to abuse them than to raise them in a humane manner. The same with the meat you eat. For those of you that can afford it I urge you to buy locally raised meat that does not come from a factory farm where the treatment is brutal. It’s better for the animal, better for your health and better for the environment. At the very least look for kosher or halal meat. They have strict rules about killing the animal in as painless and respectful a way as possible.

    As for abuse of children, women, human trafficking, etc there is no reason you can’t care about these and animal rights as well. I belong to Amnesty International which fights these and all other human rights issues. But there is only so much I can do. Animal rights is an issue that we can have an immediate impact on with our purchasing power. I think that’s why you hear more about it than some other issues.

    I agree that you aren’t a bad person if you wear fur. I think most people who do are uninformed.
    And I disagree strongly with any and all agressive action against people who wear fur.

    Sorry for the long rant and I hope I didn’t offend. My intention is to educate not to chastise anyone. 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I will consider myself educated! I’m gonna google to see if we can get local meat. I’ve been thinking about doing that and just never follow through.

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