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Slumber Parties and Other Housewife News by NoMoreDrama

Andy Cohen held a slumber party for himself the night of the storm, doing his talk show in his pjs.  Bethenny Frankel was supposed to be his guest but she waited out the storm with her family, nursing an ovarian cyst according to twitter.

Denise Richards ended up in the same hotel as stranded in NY housewives Joanna Krupa and Karent Sierra and had a slumber party of their own, tweeting out this photo:

And from the New Jersey sidekicks, Will Love spent the storm with Johnny the Greek and Penny – tweeting about their adventures.  Johnny said about teaching Will to play cards: “Teaching you guys how to play gin is its own episode. Lol”  Are they already working on storyboards in their minds?

Ratings:  Real Housewives of Miami brought in their best ratings of this season with over 1.3 million viewers for Sunday’s episode.  Perhaps it was the Sunday night viewing (although Jersey brought in millions more in the same time slot), Lady Gaga tweeting through the show, or the drama filled episode.  Hopefully no one jerk will claim it was because of him – as there was plenty of jerky behavior to go around.  Let’s see how they do Thursday.)

Kelsey Grammer speaks out to Page 6 about taking his infant to the Playboy club:

Kayte is breast-feeding and we do not have a nanny or a trusted babysitter at this time, so Faith goes everywhere with us. We enjoyed the party with a few of our friends, the baby slept as her ears were covered the entire time and we left shortly after midnight.”

He continues, “Kayte dressed as a witch (her hat was missing as she had removed it because her wig was itching and it was hot)–I threw together an uninspired Dracula. We enjoyed the evening. We love our child. Kayte is my wife and lady love (who is 31 and goes by the name Kayte Grammer, by the way, not Walsh). The world is round. All our eyes are blue. Happy Halloween and Cock-a-doodle-doo!”

Wow – has Kayte changed appearance since she met Kelsey or what.

Kelsey Grammer and wife Kayte pose at Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner’s annual Halloween Party at The Playboy Mansion


Before the storm hit some Bravolebrities tweeted photos of their halloween costumes.  Here are a few I collected from twitter – ending with the Giudice girls.

Rosie Pierri

Ramona Singer

Sonja and LuAnn

Patti Stranger

Adriana de Moura

Giudice Girls


Waves Hitting the Beach in Chicago by COCFarm

These are original photos so please credit COCFarm. Thx.


Week 6 Dancing With The Stars, All-Stars: Elimination By COCFarm

I forgot to tell you one of the funniest comments from last night.  Carrie Ann told Gilles he had to watch his hands and wrists because he does something funny with them at times.  They dubbed them “pterodactyl arms” and it was funny to me because I can clearly envision what they mean.

Due to Sandy causing drama throughout the east coast, many who wanted to vote were unable to do so; so next week will be a non-elimination week.  I know, if the difficulty with voting was last night, why would a non-elimination happen NEXT week?  Go figure.

Derek injured himself and will have to take at least one week off.  Mark Ballas will replace him with Shawn.

The are starting at the bottom of the leader board and going in that order, letting them know if they are safe or not:

Kelly & Val: Safe

Emmitt & Cheryl: Safe

Shawn & Derek: Safe

Gilles & Peta: Safe

Kirstie & Maks: Safe (okay, that blew my theory.  I’m at a loss.)

Two of these people are at the bottom of the leader and one is going home:

Melissa & Tony: Safe

Apolo & Karina: bottom two

Sabrina & Louie: Eliminated

I can’t believe Sabrina was eliminated.  Wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Here are the dances for next week: fusion (two dances they need to blend together):

  • Melissa & tony: get tango/cha cha
  • Gilees & Peta:  argentina/paso doble
  • Kirstie & Maks: Quickstep/samba
  • Shawn & Derek: tango/paso doble
  • Emmitt & Cheryl: Ramba/samba
  • Kelly & Val: Cha cha/ foxtrot
  • Apolo & Karina: cha cha/paso doble

Until next week….hope everyone stays safe.



Welcome back to Basketball Wives L.A.

We begin this week right where we ended last week:  at Brooke’s birthday pool party where Jackie, almost immediately after she sits down after arriving and while in the midst of sitting around with the other party guests, inexplicably takes off her pumps and replaces them with a pair of sneakers she pulls out of her purse.  She looks like she is about to do 1 of 2 things:  start exercising or start fighting with someone. Coming from anyone else, this behavior would seem bizarre.  Coming from Jackie Christie, this behavior is par for the course (in my humble opinion).

Brooke looks at Jackie putting on her sneakers and bluntly asks Jackie what she is doing.  Jackie calmly responds, “Oh, nothing” (Yeah, right!).

Like Jackie, Draya also pulls out her purse and takes something out of it — before announcing to the group that she brought cigars.  She then hands cigars to everyone, including Jackie.  Jackie interviews that Draya gave her a cigar out of fear.  Draya, on the other hand, interviews that she gave Jackie a cigar NOT as a peace offering or an apology, but, rather, out of common courtesy.  Draya explains that she did not feel like going out of her way to exclude Jackie and hurt her feelings.  She then says that, in her mind, when she handed Jackie a cigar, she was thinking, “Here’s a cigar, Bitch!  Smoke that!”

Malaysia interviews that she thinks Brooke and Bambi need to talk one-on-one and just squash everything between them.

Speaking of Brooke, she interviews that her recent phone call to Malasia (to invite Malaysia to her birthday pool party) made her feel uneasy.  According to Brooke, the phone call “confused and weirded [me] out” (I’m with Brooke because, although I really like Malaysia, I found that phone call to be a bit childish and uncharacteristic of her usually mature behavior.  Rewind:  When Brooke called to invite Malaysia to her birthday pool party, Malaysia asked if she could bring a guest.  Brooke agreed.  Malaysia then, out of the blue, asked Brooke if her ex-boyfriend was going to also be at the party.  Considering the fact that Bambi is Malaysia’s good friend and considering the fact that Bambi and Brooke’s issues and tension are all connected to this particular ex-boyfriend, I can see how Brooke would feel uneasy and wary of Malaysia for this because I’m not Brooke, and it shocked and rubbed me the wrong way.  So, I can only imagine Brooke being irritated and puzzled by Malaysia doing this.  In my opinion, Malaysia probably did this because she was put up to doing so by the Producers.  I could be wrong, but this is my theory).

Brooke interviews that, despite her uneasiness over this phone call, she decides to deal with that later and, for the time being, to focus on handling things with Bambi first.  To that end, Brooke sits down and talks to Bambi face-to-face.  She begins by telling Bambi that she wants to get things straight.  Bambi responds that she does not want to “push the issue.”  Brooke then admits that she MIGHT have called Bambi ghetto.  Bambi interviews that she and Brooke could have “BEEN done” with their issues if Brooke would have just admitted what she said from the beginning.  She further interviews that she feels like Brooke is trying really hard to just squash all of the tension between them and just move forward.  Brooke and Bambi appear to reach a truce.

Meanwhile, Draya is sitting around just watching the activities at the pool party.  Jackie interviews that she sees Draya sitting alone and “looking sad” (Draya did not look sad to me, but what do I know?).  Jackie approaches Draya, and they just start talking.  Draya interviews that she and Jackie are still NOT cool, but they will deal with their issues at a later time.

Brooke interviews that her party turned out great after all.  She says there were no fights and no drama.  She is very happy about this.

Next, we see Laura waiting to meet with Bambi at a park.  Laura interviews that the last time she met with Bambi (shortly before Jackie’ Wedding Rehearsal Dinner) she felt like they still had issues.  So, she invited Bambi to meet her at a park today to discuss these issues.  Bambi interviews that she does not know what Laura wants, and this lack of knowledge makes her apprehensive.

When Bambi arrives to meet Laura, Laura tries to hug her, and Bambi refuses.  She interviews that she is not in the mood to hug Laura because she is wary about what Laura wants with her.  She explains that where she is from, when a person invites you to the park, this means they want to fight (Gee, where I’m from, an invite to the park could mean that a person wants you to join them for a pleasant walk or even for a nice little picnic.  Fisticuffs do not immediately come to mind when someone invites ME to the park.  So, Bambi and I obviously come from 2 different worlds!).

Once they are seated, Bambi directly tells Laura that she will NOT be able to deal with Laura until she knows where Laura REALLY stands with all of the other women.  Bambi then directly asks Laura, “What’s up with you and everybody else?  I’m not going to feel like it’s genuine until you tell me.”

Laura tells Bambi what she thinks about Jackie.  It is a bit confusing to me, but it seems like Laura is basically saying that she is ambivalent about her feelings toward Jackie, and this is why her behavior may seem confusing.

In response, Bambi, who continues to be direct and matter-of-fact, tells Laura that she thinks Laura is a bully.  She also tells Laura that she needs “to chill!”  Laura disagrees and tells Bambi that SHE needs “to chill!”

Bambi then asks Laura if she has told Jackie, “Bitch, I’m NOT your friend!”  Laura says, “Yes!”  Bambi tells Laura that she does NOT believe this, and she points out the fact that Laura agreed to be one of Jackie’s Maids of Honor at her recent 16th Wedding to Doug.  Bambi indicates that this looks like Laura is acting like Jackie’s friend to her.  Laura disagrees.  Bambi and Laura then argue about the definition of “friend.”

Bambi interviews that Laura “doesn’t really get it!”  She then tells Laura that she looks “fake!”  Laura responds, “Well, then let me look fake then!!”  Laura interviews that Bambi’s opinion does not phase her because Bambi does not really know what has gone on with Jackie in the past (I understand Bambi’s position, but I also understand Laura’s position in a way.  I hope Bambi watched the first season of the show before she agreed to be a part of it.  If she DID, then she would understand Laura’s residual feelings of resentment and wariness toward Jackie.  On the OTHER hand, Laura’s behavior with Jackie this season DOES appear to be a bit schizophrenic.  It is like there is a part of her that DOES truly like Jackie and enjoys her friendship.  Conversely, there is also another part of Laura that seems to truly relish talking negatively about Jackie behind her back and making Jackie the butt of many of her jokes.  She exhibits this directly to Jackie by being a bit direct and harsh with some of her comments to her.  However, she gives mixed signals to Jackie [and, obviously, to Bambi] because she also does things like agree to be one of Jackie’s Maids of Honor at her 16th Wedding without telling Jackie that she basically would not really be bothered if Jackie just happened to drop dead.  So, one could argue that Laura is not REALLY being fake to Jackie.  Instead, she is behaving in an ambivalent manner toward Jackie because she is truly ambivalent about her feelings for Jackie and about having a true friendship with her).

Laura tries to smooth the conversation over by hugging Bambi.  Bambi is not really moved because she then immediately tells Laura she just feels like Laura is “on some fake sh*t!!”  Laura responds and tells Bambi that she just has to get to know who Laura really is.  She then tells Bambi that she does not know the full story about Jackie, and until she does, she will NOT understand.  Bambi looks skeptical.  Laura interviews that she understands how Bambi can see her as fake (So can I), but Bambi does NOT know the WHOLE story.  She says that this is causing Bambi to judge her unfairly.

Next, we see Malaysia, Bambi and Draya at the Geisha House restaurant.  Malaysia interviews that she, Bambi and Draya are meeting at their favorite spot to “be two-faced, gossip, catch up and have cocktails” (One reason Malaysia is one of my two favorite cast members is because she is just straight-up and honest.  Draya is my other favorite, and this is because, like Malaysai, she is also pretty direct, straightforward and honest.  Neither one of them would ever be classified as “fake,” in my opinion).

Bambi begins the conversation by telling them about her meeting with Laura.  She tells them that “it almost went down” between her and Laura at this meeting.  Malaysia interviews that she is surprised by this because she spoke to BOTH Laura and Bambi before this particular meeting and neither one of them told her that such a meeting was even going to take place.

Bambi further explains that Laura called and asked her to meet at the park.  Malaysia’s eyes widen before she explains that, in their neighborhood, “Meet me at the park” means “I want to fight” (Again, what KIND of parks are Malaysia and Laura used to going to??!!  Wait a minute!  I just remembered that Malaysia comes from Compton.  Her ladylike demeanor often causes me to forget this fact.  Note to Self:  Whenever you are in Compton, BEWARE people who invite you to meet them at the park!!  You might show up with a cute sundress and a picnic basket only to get your a*s whipped!!).

Bambi says that, once she got to the park, Laura told her she did not want to fight her.  Bambi tells them that she told Laura how she notices that Laura picks on everybody EXCEPT FOR Malaysia.  Draya pipes in and says that this is because Malaysia “beat Laura’s a*s” (This is true.  Ladylike Malaysia did indeed do this last season)!

Bambi interviews that she does not want to be irritated at Laura because Laura is Malaysia’s friend.  She says she just wanted Laura to know that she thought Laura was being rude

Bambi then ends the subject of Laura by saying that if Laura “makes one false comment to me, I’m going to SMACK her!!” (Well, a person cannot get any clearer than THAT.  Go on with ya bad self, Bambi!!).

Then Draya takes the floor and brings up Jackie and their conversation at Brooke’s pool party.  Malaysia tells Draya her opinion of Jackie and Draya’s relationship:  “She really likes you.  You really like her.”  Draya’s eyes widen, and she denies that she likes Jackie.  Malaysia indicates that she does NOT believe Draya’s denial, and she basically tells Draya that she “gets” why Draya probably, deep down, still likes Jackie despite it all.  She explains that Jackie is a “wonderful cheerleader,” and “Everybody needs that every now and then because everybody needs their ego stroked!”

Draya says she needs MORE than just her EGO stroked (Well, alrighty then!!).  At this point, Draya and Bambi start flirting, and it appears that they are trying to make prim and proper Malaysia uncomfortable.  Malaysia basically calls their bluff and then dares them to kiss.  They do (Again….well, alrighty then!!).  Malaysia interviews that Draya and Bambi just need to get a room!

After their little makeout session, Bambi says this is the first time “a bitch” has ever kissed her.  Draya expresses excitement over being Bambi’s first and indicates that Bambi is DEFINITLEY not HER first (This should come as no surprise because Draya has hinted more than once over the past 2 seasons that she is bisexual).

Next, we see Laura and Jackie meet to go hiking.  Laura interviews that, while she and Jackie are hiking, she is trying to find a cliff off of which she can throw Jackie (See what I mean about “mixed signals”?  She graciously gets together with Jackie to go hiking, but she mentions thinking about throwing Jackie off a cliff during this lovely hike.  Now, if that is not ambivalent, I do not know WHAT is!).

As they are hiking, Laura asks Jackie her opinions about Brooke’s pool party.  Jackie says she feels like Malaysia “was kind of being herself, kind of NOT.”

Laura then changes the subject and tells Jackie (a highly edited version of the story) about her recent meeting with Bambi.  She tells Jackie that, during this meeting, Bambi called her a “bully”.  Jackie interviews that Laura’s story about her meeting with Bambi was “weird” because Laura “was mumbling” (The story was probably made further “weird” by the fact that Laura left large portions of the story out).  Jackie further interviews that she does not feel like Laura is mean-spirited.  She also says that Laura knows she cannot bully Jackie, and this is why Laura does not bully her.

Jackie then changes the subject and invites Laura to go to Seattle with her.  Laura interviews that there is no way she’s going to Seattle by herself with Jackie.  She does not directly tell Jackie this, though (This is really no surprise considering Laura’s pattern of doing this with Jackie ALL season).

Next, we see Jackie and Doug at their house packing for their trip to Seattle.  Jackie interviews that she and Doug (and their son, Dougie) are taking a trip to Seattle.  She says that they are excited to make the trip because both Jackie and Doug were born and raised there.

Jackie tells Doug she is excited about seeing BOTH of her daughters (So far on the show, we have only seen ONE daughter of Jackie’s.  If I only watched the show, I would have thought that Jackie only had one daughter because I only ever saw one daughter onscreen, and I only ever heard Jackie speak about one daughter – until NOW).

Jackie interviews that she has not seen her daughter T’Kari in 7 months – since her mother’s funeral (T’Kari is Jackie’s unknown older daughter, who has not been seen or even spoken about by Jackie – until NOW), and she has not seen her daughter, Shanny, since her and Doug’s 16th Wedding (Why was T’Kari not there?  Was she even invited?  Oh, so many questions!).

Jackie asks Doug if he would like to sit down during a talk she plans to have with both of her daughters to deal with “issues that all families go through” (I am not so sure about that, Jackie.  Just WHAT are these issues to which you are very vaguely alluding?).  Doug says he does not need time alone to have a deep discussion with the girls.  He says he bonded with both of them for 18-20 years.  Now all he wants to do is just give them a hug and their space while he and “the Dougmeister” go off and do their own thing so they can have some Father/Son bonding time (while Jackie and her daughters participate in this discussion.  This is probably a smart move on Doug’s part).

Jackie interviews that she has not been back to Seattle since her Mom’s funeral.  Doug comforts Jackie about this.  She tells him she has not really accepted her Mom’s death yet, and she does not know if she is ready to make a visit to her Mom’s grave.

Jackie then changes the subject a bit and tells Doug she is excited about the fact that the girls (other cast members) are coming to Seattle to visit with her (in their Seattle home).  She interviews that she feels that, by visiting Seattle, the girls will be able to gain more insight into her by seeing more of her life and by seeing more of her hometown.

Jackie tells Doug that she wants to have “a slumber party” with the girls (while they are in Seattle), but she does “not know if they’re ready.”  Doug tells Jackie that he thinks this is a very good idea (Doug is ALWAYS so supportive of Jackie.  The man is a saint.  I wonder if he has any brothers.  Hmm…).  He says that, at the slumber party, everyone will be relaxed and have their guard down, which will probably turn into a big “Confession Session” and help the women to bond with each other.

Laura and Gloria are walking into a bar during the day time.  Laura interviews she used to be a bartender, and she wants to share this with the other women.  To that end, she has organized a mixology class for everyone.  She says she expects it to be a mellow event with the girls just hanging out and enjoying a few drinks.

Jackie arrives at the venue after Gloria and Laura and greets them with hugs upon her arrival.  She interviews that she thinks the mixology class will be awesome.  She also notes that it will be “interesting to see if we can get together with no drama.”

Brooke arrives next, with Bambi following almost immediately behind her.  Brooke interviews that she is feeling a bit awkward because she has something she needs to discuss with Malaysia as soon as she arrives.  She says she is anxiously waiting for Malaysia to arrive so she can get something off her chest.

Well, speak of the devil, and she shall appear:  Malaysia arrives next.  She immediately hugs all of the girls, including Brooke, after she arrives.  Malaysia interviews that she gave everyone a hug, and Brooke shrugged away from her and said, “We have to talk.”  Malaysia says she immediately thought, “WHAT do we have to talk about?!”

Brooke directly tells Malaysia that she was very uncomfortable with the phone call that took place between her and Malaysia when Brooke called Malaysia to invite Malaysia to her birthday pool party.  She also says that Malaysia hung up in her face during the phone call.  Malaysia denies hanging up on her.

While Brooke and Malaysia are having this discussion, everyone is watching.  Gloria interviews that she is confused.  Laura interviews that she noticed that Brooke was wearing “a whoop-ass outfit” (I have to agree with Laura.  Brooke does look like she is going to the gym as opposed to a mixology class with her girlfriends).

Brooke interviews that she was bothered by that phone call because she did not know if Malaysia was trying to make her the butt of a joke or trying to antagonize her.  Malaysia tells Brooke that she was not trying to be funny; that she had the goal of trying to make things better between Brooke and Bambi on her mind during the phone call; and that Brooke misunderstood her and her intentions during and after that phone call.  Laura and Gloria both interview that they were clueless about this whole exchange between Brooke and Malaysia.  Bambi interviews that she is simply “going to knock Brooke out!”

Brooke tells Malaysia that she did not know if Malaysia was trying to be “shady.”  She makes it clear that she is unsure because she does not really even know Malaysia.  Malaysia interviews that she does not know “why in the hell” Brooke is coming at her when she tried to make the situation better.  Laura again interviews that she did not have a clue WHAT was going on.

Brooke interviews that Malaysia seemed sincere when she was explaining herself and the phone call. She says she might have had Malaysia pegged for the wrong person, and indicates that, as far as she is concerned, the air was cleared once Malaysia explained her side of the story.  At the end of the discussion over the phone call, Brooke hugs Malaysia.

Very shortly after Brooke and Malaysia get things settled, Jackie jumps in, claps and then says, “Faking is some b*llsh*t!!”  (Well, alrighty then, Jac!!).  Everyone just looks at Jackie like she is crazy when she says this.

Finally, Draya arrives dressed in a way that is not her usual way of dressing.  Jackie interviews that Draya, with her outfit and hairstyle, is mimicking her.  It turns out that, this time, Jackie is NOT being paranoid because Draya interviews that she is, indeed, dressed as “Jackie.”  She notes that she made sure to have her hair “in that  crinkly, curly, wet look” Jackie often wears.  She notes that she was carrying an I-Pad in a flashy Cheetah-print cover (like Jackie often does, I assume).  And, interestingly, she notes that she was also carrying “liquor in a water bottle like Jackie” (Say what, now??!!  Does Jackie REALLY walk around with LIQUOR in a water bottle?  That could explain SO much if it is, indeed, true.  Hmmm….).  According to Draya, she is “Jackie-d Out!!”  Laura interviews that Draya looks like a hooker.  She then tells Draya, “Girl, quit playing Jackie and sit down!”

Not to be outdone, Jackies goes to the bathroom and strips down to her spanx and high-heeled boots and covers this “ensemble” with a trenchcoat.  She walks out and tells the group that she is now “Draya.”  She then takes off her trench coat and walks around in her Spanx and high-heeled, long boots, pivoting and modeling for all to see.  To increase the “Draya-ness” of her ensemble, Jackie makes a special effort to pull the bottom portion of her Spanx up until they are almost in her butt crack (Sorry.  I did not know how else to describe what Jackie did to make herself look more like Draya).  Laura interviews that things “went South when Jackie did this.”

After her modeling show, Jackie then has a seat and loudly tells tells Laura, “Even though she tried to be funny, I love her!”  The “she” to whom Jackie is referring is, of course, Draya.

Draya then loudly tells everyone that she enjoys all of them individually, “and that’s what it is!”  She interviews that her goal, in imitating Jackie, was NOT to be mean about it. She just wanted to show Jackie how she acts.

At a certain point, Jackie points out Draya’s fake ring and basically says that Draya cannot afford the $300,000 to $400,000 worth of rings and jewelry Jackie wears on a regular basis.

Malaysia tells Draya and Jackie that they have to be “each other” for the entirety of the mixology class.  Jackie complies with this and starts talking as if she is Draya.  Of course, Jackie takes it too far (Doesn’t she ALWAYS do this?), and things just snowball from there.  Jackie, still acting like Draya, screams out, “I got the cover of a magazine, but it is different because this time, I am showing my a*shole!”  (Well, alright then!!).

The other women, particularly Draya and Brooke (I guess because they often pose for the covers of urban magazines where they are scantily clad), are NOT amused.  In fact, Draya and Brooke look downright offended.  Gloria interviews that Jackie took things too far.

This is where things get a bit confusing.  I say this because, somehow, Brooke loudly and animatedly starts screaming at Jackie in a VERY angry tone!  She mentions Jackie’s pepper spray (Why does she mention this?  Where is this pepper spray?  I do not even see it.  Was there a portion of this scene that was cut?  Did Jackie threaten anyone, namely Brooke, with this pepper spray?).

Jackie and Brooke both start screaming at each other, and things get VERY tense between them.  At a certain point, Jackie takes off her high-heeled boots (as if she is preparing to fight).  She then tells Brooke that Brooke needs insurance.  Brooke makes it very clear that she does NOT need insurance.

Jackie interviews that Brooke “just seemed to be ready to fight.”  Brooke interviews that it is clear that Jackie is calling her out.

Brooke stands up from the table.  Jackie stands up as well.  The next thing you know, Brooke, via loud yelling, makes it clear that she will defend Draya and peel Jackie off of Draya if Jackie tries to attack Draya.  Jackie and Brooke, who have stood up and slowly moved toward each other, are somehow almost face-to-face while they yell at each other.

All of a sudden, out of the blue, Jackie tries to get Brooke to calm down (In my opinion, Jackie got scared at this point and realized that, not only was Brooke NOT going to back down to her, but she might just beat Jackie up.  This is why I think Jackie all of a sudden tried to change tactics and get Brooke to calm down).

Brooke screams at Jackie that she is “real nice to every f*cking body, but don’t COME at me like that!!  Don’t DISRESPECT me!!”  At this point, everybody tries to get both Brooke and Jackie to calm down.

Bambi interviews that Jackie and Brooke started to have an argument over “what if,” and then it just went too far.  For example, Jackie wondered allowed, “What if I jump on Draya?”  Brooke responded, “If you jump on Draya, then I will peel you off Draya and have her back.”  (In short, Brooke let Jackie know that she would, not only peel Jackie off of Draya, but also start to fight Jackie herself if necessary).

Draya interviews that Jackie needs to watch how she talks to people and be careful about getting in someone’s face.

At a certain point, security has to get in between Jackie and Brooke.  Security then ends up hustling Brooke out of the bar.  Draya and Gloria follow Brooke out.  Jackie, who is also being held back by security, screams, “It’s on, Bitch!!” to Brooke as Brooke is hustled out of the bar.  (I was thoroughly confused by all of this.  Then I read an article that basically said that Brooke and Jackie actually got into a physical fight that was edited out of the show.  According to this article, Brooke beat Jackie up, and this beating consisted of Brooke punching Jackie in the face twice before slamming Jackie’s head into a table.  DAYUM!!  I do not know how true this is, but here is a link:   If it IS true, I am very glad that the Producers cut that part out.  I want to watch a reality show, NOT a boxing match!  In my humble opinion, all of that violence is a definite turn-off.).

Next, we see Doug and Jackie in their Seattle home.  Jackie asks Doug if he is excited to be home.  He says, “Definitely!”  Jackie interviews that Seattle is definitely their “home” and their “place of peace” because it is “beautiful, calm and serene.”  She also says that she and Doug have not been back since her mother’s funeral, and she is apprehensive about going to the cemetery to see her mother’s grave.  She then says that she is looking forward to seeing her daughters.

Jackie asks Doug what he thinks about her having a family counselor there to meet with her and their 2 daughters.  Doug tells Jackie that he thinks this is a good idea (Once again, Doug is super-supportive.  He always thinks Jackie’s ideas are “good” or “great”.  I wonder if he really thinks this, or he just tells her these things to humor her and keep her off his back.  He probably means it.  Doug seems like one of those super-sincere dudes that is a rarity.  Jackie is VERY lucky.  Doug is NOT.).  Jackie again asks Doug if he would like to participate in the counseling session, and he again tells Jackie that he will not participate.  He tells her to “do your thing,” and lets her know that he and their son, Dougie, will be doing THEIR own thing.

Next, we see Jackie walking in a cemetery with flowers in her hand before she kneels down in front of what turns out to be her mother’s gravesite (I know that this is a nice thing, but the presence of cameras make things seem a bit exploitative and insincere).  Jackie interviews that she lost her Mom a year ago.

Once Jackie is at her mother’s grave, she kneels down, places her flowers on top and just “talks” to her mother at the grave site.  She tells her Mother, “I love you with all of my heart.  Thank you for everything you taught me.”

Jackie interviews that she knelt down at her mother’s grave site and basically updated her Mother on everything.  For instance, Jackie tells her mother that she and her older daughter, T’Kari, are doing better.  She says T’Kari “has to learn to stop following Shanny sometimes,” but she has to just let her daughters go and figure that and other things out on their own.  Jackie then tells her Mother that her other daughter, Shanny, is her “angel.”

Continuing her “conversation” with her mother, Jackie tells her Mother that she and “the girls” (her cast mates) are trying to rebuild friendships.  She explains that she is often misunderstood b/c she is “feisty,” and people often misinterpret her feistiness as meanness.  Jackie notes that she is working on her low tolerance and trying to understand other people more.

Jackie then tells her Mother that she misses her.  And she interviews that she tells everyone who has a mother to cherish them.

Back at their Seattle home, Jackie is awaiting the arrival of the family therapist.  She interviews that she is having a family therapist come in to meet with both her and her daughters because she has not been on the best of terms with her daughters for a while.

The family therapist arrives, and Jackie hugs her before sitting down to discuss the upcoming meeting with her daughters.  When they sit down, the therapist asks Jackie what her goals are.  Jackie tells the therapist that she and her daughters have had a communication breakdown.  She says that her daughters view her more as a sister as opposed to a “parent.”  Jackie also says that she is not there to point fingers.  She just wants to help her daughters and to get along with them.  Finally, Jackie says that she gave her daughters the best life she could give them.

Jackie interviews that she is apprehensive about her daughters’ reactions to her inviting a counselor to meet with them.  She says that she thinks her daughters are “going to go bananas” when they realize that she has done this.

Doug stops in to meet the therapist, and he reminds Jackie that he and Dougie are going “to do guys’ stuff.”

Finally, Jackie’s daughters, Shanny and T’Kari, arrive.  Jackie introduces them to the family counselor, and they politely shake her hand.  Jackie interviews that she could see her daughter Shanny roll her eyes at her when Shanny heard that Jackie’s guest was a family counselor.  Considering this hostile reaction by Shanny, it looks like this meeting between Jackie, her daughters and this family counselor might be very, very interesting next week (I know I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!).

Next Week:

Some of the women, including Bambi, participate in some kind of pizza-making event, which looks like fun.

During the impromptu family counseling session, Jackie’s daughter, Shanny, confronts Jackie about being “fake,” and Jackie adamantly denies that she is any such thing.  This appears to frustrate and anger Shanny.

Bambi, Malaysia and Jackie get together for lunch or dinner, and it looks like Bambi is going to tell Jackie that Laura might not be the good friend that Jackie thinks she is.

Jackie meets with Laura and directly confronts her about whether or not she sincerely wants to move forward and build a friendship with Jackie.  Laura, who looks a little stunned and speechless, just looks at Jackie in response.


Wednesday Night Lineup, 31 October by BB

8PM – Survivor (CBS); Arrow (CW); Animal Practice/Guys with Kids (NBC); It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown/The Neighbors (ABC); X-Factor (Fox)

9PM – Criminal Minds (CBS); Supernatural (CW); The Houstons; On Our Own (Lifetime); Law and Order SVU (NBC); Modern Family/Suburgatory (ABC); Pumpkin Wars (HGTV); Ghost Hunters (SYFY); Bid and Destroy (NatGeo); Who the Bleep Did I Marry (ID); South Beach Tow (truTV 9:30); American Restoration (History 9:30)

10PM – Couples Therapy (VH-1); CSI (CBS); My Life is a Lifetime Movie (Lifetime); Chicago Fire (NBC); Nashville (ABC); American Horror Story (FX); Face Off (SYFY); The Soup (E!); Operation Repo (truTV); Cajun Pawn Stars (History); The Devil You Know (ID); House Hunters International (HGTV 10:30)

11PM – WWHL; Melissa Rauch, Ricki Lake and Tamar Braxton (Bravo)


East coasters – please check in when you can.


Happy Birthday KerryOkie

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201 Responses to Bravo Slumber Parties / Dancing With The Stars / Basketball Wives LA

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well after Sandy. Have a good day. 🙂

  2. Good morning and Happy Halloween!
    Though it is not happy for so many. Jumping up to read the blog and see the fun pics.

    New post today, though I did not have a funny bone for my usual Wednesday Humor Day. In light of the reports I am watching this morning about the east coast devastation……I posted a blog about Courage. East Coast…know that we are praying for you!

    I’ll be back! 🙂

  3. AZGirl says:

    Happy Halloween! Thanks COCfarm for the Lake Michigan pics. I have a brother who lives in Edgewater Beach a block from the lake. I need to call him.
    Hope all the east coast posters are o.k. I have a friend at the gym whose son is at NYU Medical School. He was part of the group that help evacuate the hospital. Quite an experience for him. He is in his first year. She says he does not have power or water as of this morning.

    I saw the article this morning about Kelsey Grammer and his wife taking their baby to the Playboy Mansion Halloween party. What a tool. He claims they don’t have a nanny yet or a trusted babysitter to watch the baby. Hey Kelsey how about you do what everyone else does in the same situation….STAY HOME. Like you are a grown man for heaven’s sake.

    • Boobah says:

      AZ – That was so heroic of the hospital workers! What they did was amazing. When they interviewed the hospital director, they asked if this was his worst case scenerio. He said “No, if we lost someone, THAT would have been the worst case scenario”. Great answer.

      I agree with you about Kelsey. Every since his divorce with Camille, I just find him to be such a pig. I remember the interview he did with Barbara Walters (i think it was her, pls correct me if i’m wrong), he would even say Camille’s name! WTH?? He is a very strange man, imo. But hell yeah, stay home from the party! If a party is that important to him, then he clearly needs to look at his priorities. This just boggles my mind!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I liked CocFarm’s pics, too!!

      • cocfarm says:

        Thanks all. I am not far from your brother AZgirl. Truthfully, Chicago. Gets waves like that just about every fall. It’s one. Of my fav times to hit the beaches.

  4. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday Kerryokie

  5. AZGirl….I so agree about Kelsey and baby. Any reasonable couple would stay home if they could not find a baby sitter. He and wifey HAD to go to this one party? Geez!

    cocfarm ~ great pics! You caught some beautiful shots!

    NMD ~ thanks for all you do and the juice & pics you gather for us!

    Detox ~ great recap…….BUT please do not worry us again by disappearing without a word. We know life gets crazy, but we care and just want to know you are ok.

    Happy Birthday KerryOakie! have a great day!

    • Powell says:

      MarDrag when I was reading that I just thought to myself that all of ny blog married husbands & wives wouldn’t hardly go to a party & take their kids if they couldn’t find a babysitter. See you can tell Kelsey is “The Boss” do what I say. Katey is just letting him lay down the law so to speak and she’s just following. No wonder he & Camille didn’t stay together. Kelsey wants a puppet. That baby is 3 months old and was around noise, cigarette smoke and alcohol were anything could have happened. Last year a virus was spread at the mansion.

      • AZGirl says:

        OMG I had forgotten about that virus. It came from the “Grotto” area where “anything goes” and I mean ANYTHING. They had to drain it and disinfect the whole entire house and grounds. YUCK. Who would bring a baby to the Playboy Mansion??

      • chismosa says:

        Ewwwww a VIRUS at the mansion!??? That is so gross !!!!!

        • I had read about that too….ughhh! I would not go to that mansion now as a grown woman let alone bring a baby. Just completely irresponsible. And Powell, I agree, Kate likely thinks she hit the jackpot and is just being his “yes girl”. What women who do that forget to realize is that one day, it will come back to haunt them. 😦

      • Sus says:

        Gross @ virus – some of the people I saw on Hef’s Girlfriend show looked liked they perspires STDs.

        Didn’t we just discuss bringing babies out to inappropriate places? WTF is that about?

  6. Kansas Girl says:

    I’m not missing in action, but am busy till after 2:00 this afternoon. Will be watching for more people to check in today, and will post a list of those we haven’t heard from (if there are any) then. Wednesdays are busy days right now. Hope you’re all doing well.

  7. Boobah says:

    Happy Birthday KerriOkie!! And Happy Halloween everyone.

    NMD- I just wanted to thank you for keeping us together. Your hard work and dedication to this blog is not something I take for granted. The pics of Halloween customes was great.

    CoCFarm- Great pics! I cannot believe the waves in the lake! Which lake, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Detox- Looking forward to seeing you comment again. Glad to know your absence was not due to a medical issue.

    Diva- if you are reading, I hope you are feeling better. Same goes for Mr. Ford. Please check in if you can.

    Lainey- Have you heard from your son? I know he is safe Thank God. I’m curious how he’s managing in Brooklyn.

    Any word from people from the list?

    • I Need A Life! says:

      Boobah…Photos are of Lake Michigan crashing against Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.

      • Boobah says:

        Thank you NeedaLife! Those pics are unbelievable.

        • cocfarm says:

          Thanks boobah. Those were taken at north ave beach in Chicago on. Lake Michigan. I went to afew. Places along the lake,but those three are north ave beach.

    • Powell says:

      Happy Birthday KerriOkie.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Boobah!! I’m sorry I am just now seeing this. I talked with my son today. He has been skateboarding the last couple of days. He is well and has power….he is so thankful and of course, so am I! I told him that I had many people praying for him and he said “well, it worked. Please thank them” 🙂 He said he can’t go to work because “there is no work” “can’t do anything without electricity” I told him to be careful because I’ve been reading about people getting violent and looting in NY – – Long Island to be exact – – he said I should stop reading negative stories on the internet!!! haha!! He said, “if you’re looking for bad things, you’re ARE GOING TO FIND THEM, and you’re just going to worry.”

      • Boobah says:

        Lainey, it sure sounds like you son is both sweet and wise. And excellent advise that I think I will take myself…whenever we run the generator (there’s that dang word again) I am glued to the TV watching all the latest updates. I should really stop. And you know what’s so weird? I NEVER watch the news. I actually avoid it. All the sudden I am this weird news addict. I think I even started to incorporate dramatic newscaster lingo into my everyday vernacular….”How will Boobah fix dinner tonight? More take out or risk injury lighting the stove top? The latest updates to the dinner dilemma you won’t want to miss after the break”.

  8. I Need A Life! says:

    Glad to hear everyone’s doing well. Pictures of the destruction are incredible.

    I watched Jimmy Fallon last night. Donald Trump was on and they were discussing Celebrity Apprentice. Fallon mentioned how NeNe Leakes is now in Hollywood, and Trump said something like, “Great things happen to those who appear on Celebrity Apprentice.” Andy Cohen was the next guest, and asked if he heard correctly. “Did Trump just say he was responsible for NeNe? Just asking.” Funny.

    I caught the latest installment of, “The Men Who Built America.” J.P. Morgan was featured. Let me just say that it’s impossible to comprehend how and why ANY Morgan is giving his wife a hard time about finances. Incredible wealth and power. For Sonja to have had a taste of that life and to see it go must have caused her great pain. Not so much the wealth, but the sheer force of power her name is associated with. Sonja’s husband’s grand father was a man obsessed with having control, so I can understand why she’s been left hanging like this. He’s inherited the obsessive control gene.

    Happy Halloween. Oh….GREAT costume idea sent into Fallon’s show by a viewer. She went to Home Depot and picked up grey paint samples. She stapled them together, and wore them across her chest like a pageant ribbon. (Think Miss America.) She went as, “50 shades of grey.”

    • Powell says:

      I Need A Life my mom was watching The Men Who Built. I watched some. The man who was rich from coal I believe and he owned lots of land was something when he threw that man off of his property and basically stole his property. That was something. They did that a lot during that time. I’m really going to have to watch it.

  9. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Happy Halloween all, I got a fireman, genie, little pumpkin and 11 year old Baby to take out tonight. This will not be good for my diet :/

  10. not THAT Jill says:

    Hello All. Still without power but NOT complaining-people here in NY have it way worse than me. Breezy Point has lost over 100 homes to fire. It is a very heavily populated FDNY community which means that some of the FDNY were watching their own houses burn to the ground while standing helpless due to poor water pressure as a result of Sandy. Long Island communities have been totally devastated by Sandy. My Aunt’s home out on Long Beach has so much water damage I’m not sure how they will ever get back to normal. Homes and businesses flooded and burned-it is not a pretty sight in NY. The recovery will be long and hard. Having no power seems like a silly thing to complain about!!!
    Hope all of the other East Coasters are starting to recover!!!

    • JNTJ….so glad you are ok! The pics and reports this morning are just so sad. I feel for all of you….it is heartbreaking. There was one report about the seaside amusement park in NJ I think? (sorry, don’t know the east coast locations so well). But it is forever changed….the beach was gone and one of the roller coasters was laying in the ocean. Just so unbelievable! have courage everyone!!

      Does anyone know Just Wondering in Jersey? Or have an email address? She has not checked in yet and she was worried about that big tree in her yard. Hoping she and the others can check in soon.

      Sending all kinds of good energy, love and hugs. Feeling helpless!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Sorry about your aunt’s house. It’s hard to believe. I hope and pray the recovery for your area doesn’t take too long.

    • Boobah says:

      Hi Jill. I saw that about breezy point, i think i called it far rockaway by accident on yesterdays blog. Isnt that just heart wrenching?! My heart goes out to them and everyone else impacted by this.

      I am so sorry to hear that about your aunts house. Long Beach was devastated. Just so sad.

      I know what you mean downthread about feeling helpless. Such a strange disconnected feeling. (((JillNNTJ)))

      I lucked out. I really feel lucky.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hi JnntJ, hugs & strength being sent your way!! I wonder if Point Lookout is still on the map?? Finally saw some pictures of Lido, I am in shock. Glad you & the family are safe. Please keep checking in & vent all you want. Don’t feel guilty you only lost power, you will be able to help others when things start flowing again. Keep checking in when you can, Lisa

    • LaineyLainey says:

      hi Jill – hey we know yer not complaining, yer giving us an update and we appreciate hearing how things are going for you. 🙂

  11. LavaLady says:

    Hi all, another report from northern New Jersey. Still no power, but we were able to borrow a generator from friends so we can use the refridge and have some electricity. LavaDaughter back in Brooklyn. Her apartment is fine; never lost power. But the gallery where she works in Chelsea is under water. She is working from home and awaiting further instructions. LavaSon on his way back to college. They never lost power there, and classes resume tomorrow. LavaMan has no power in his office, so he has another day off. Using the time to clean up the yard and drag branchs to the curb. Almost 75% of our town is without power, with many trees down and roads blocked. I have no work again today, since I work for the school system. Wouldn’t be surprised if we are off again tomorrow.

    We still have not been able to go to our beach house in Lavallette, NJ (southern) From everything we have heard and read on the internet and TV, it appears the area is totally flooded, so we are prepared for that when we are finally able to get there. It is heartbreaking to lose a house that has been a sosurce of very many happy times for our family and friends. We are lucky to have flood and homeowners insurance. It may not be a total loss; but it will definitely be damaged. Once we assess, we will make a plan and move on. So many in NJ have suffered far worse than the loss of a vacation home.

    Take care everyone, have a Happy Halloween, and as always thanks for your kind words and well wishes.

    • Nancy says:


    • not THAT Jill says:

      Lava-hope you get to find out the status of the house soon-sometimes the waiting is the hardest part!!!
      Power outages are so huge I don’t know when we will all be restored-hang in there…it cant last forever..right????

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Lavalady, happy to hear your daughter’s apartment is fine. My son never did lose power in his part of Brooklyn either. Good luck to you with the power outage and also keep us posted about your shore house.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      LavaLady, thanks for checking in & for the info about North Jersey. I am glad you & your family were together. Please hang in there! The not knowing is Gia “tooooorrrtttuure”. From Opal, I lost my home & all these years later around the holidays I go look for stuff before I realize it is in the gulf of mexico. I am still very grateful that we evacuated & were safe, it’s just stuff. Post Ivan we were without power for 3 months in certain areas. My neighborhood was 26 days. The school system was down for 7 weeks & were printing lessons in the local paper to avoid extending the school year to make up all the missed days. Depending on the circumstances, they may do that for your schools also. Keep counting your blessings, it helps. All I kept telling my daughter is everything BUT us can be replaced. Lisa

      • Boobah says:

        Wow Lisa. 26 days is a very long time. That had to be really hard. But you’re right, at least you and your daughter were safe.

        My thoughts and prayers are still with everyone dealing with the aftermath.

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Hi Boobah, This WTF event as I affectionatly named it before it hit is so much worse than what we went through. The loss of life is heart wrenching. Everything else can be rebuilt. I am sending all the positive energy I can up north. I am praying people stay safe, Lisa

          • Boobah says:

            Ooohhh…I like that! The WTF event! That sure as hell describes it. In all seriousness, you lost you house, that’s a very hard tragedy. Both storm situations were/are tough. It’s really amazing though when you put it into perspective. You seem like a very strong person. Thanks again for the FEMA info. Tomorrow I am going to pass it along my family and friends.

    • Boobah says:

      Good news about LavaKids!

      I understand the sadness you feel about your house. It’s a loss. You had many great memories there. ((LavaLady)) I hope you are able to find out soon. Waiting is tough because it gives your mind time to wander. Keep us posted.

    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

      hoping for the best for you (((((LavaLady))))

  12. lillybee says:

    The Donald and Andy Cohen could be feuding over who made NeNe famous.

    I think if it wasn’t for the HW’s NeNe wouldn’t have been on the Apprentice.

    • Powell says:

      So true lillybee. In the Donald’s mind he’s responsible for everyone’s success. NeNe quit. So why would Donald want to take credit of having a quiter on Apprentice?

      • amalfi says:

        Donald is a total douchebag.

        Oh excuse me… a GOLD-PLATED douchebag.

        I always thought he was kidding with his pompous voice and talk of awesomeness… it was kind of funny until I realized he actually believes everything he regurgitates to the world about himself.

    • BB says:

      I think we and everyone else knows who made NeNe famous. It was NeNe!

    • Rebecca says:

      If it wasn’t for Martha Stewart’s Apprentice, Bethenny wouldn’t have been on RHONY.

      I don’t the Donald meant anything more that taking an opportunity to plug his show. Anybody on a show named “Celebrity” Apprentice was famous or semi-famous before hand.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I never disliked DonaldTrump, in the past I’ve always been a fan of his, buying TheArtofTheDeal, watching his shows etc. But when he started hating on my husband, ObeOneCanObe, he began to annoy me. Last week he offered millions for BS. This week following the devastation of HurricaneSandy and he’s bragging about making NeNe a star?! GTFOH He NEEDS to be donating that superflous 5million mad money he has laying around and give IMMEDIATE assistance to those poor people that were stranded in AtlanticCity. You know the ones who probably patronize his facility or work in his casino in every capacity. I hope to hear that he and others in position to help are doing so.

      I’ve already donated to the RedCross. With millions in need and so many here still unaccounted for please donate if possible.

      • amalfi says:

        Omg we agree on something that relates even slightly to Jersey. He is a pathetic attention whore. And it kind of sickens me that former greats who are down on their luck and reduced to appearing with wannabes like reality stars on his dumbass show have to call him MR. Trump.

        I find it humiliating for them and embarrassing. Who the hell is Donald Trump? He is nortorious rather than famous.

        What a whore.

  13. Powell says:

    OMG! BBW is reminding me of RHONJ so much. Laura says Bambi doesn’t know the whole story about Jackie. Sound familiar? Why all the cloak and dagger. Laura just TELL Bambi what she doesn’t know so that she can understand. Hell so we can understand.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I think Laura is FOS! She doesn’t really have a storyline so she uses Jackie and her desire to be her ‘friend’ as a way to stay relevant. Gloria seems to just be phoning it in and the only person who will readily film with Laura is Jackie. Notice how Laura goes out of her way to disrespect Jackie but is very kissy kissy with the others in particular BigAssBrooke and Malaysia? That’s not a coincidence as last year Malaysia beat her during a fight that Laura instigated thinking she’d win. As for Brooke, she’s proven herself to be a wildcard and uncontrollable. Brooke’s temper quickly escalates and her penchant for violence along with her huge size makes Laura choose her words VERY carefully, Also I notice her usual catty shenanigans magically disappear when it comes to Brooke! Gee I wonder why? Oh I know… probably NO INSURANCE. LOL

      BTW That must’ve been some violent fight when they didn’t even show a millisecond of it! How did they allow Brooke to have that much time to punch her twice and slam her head on a table rendering her unconscious BEFORE security intervened? Either VH1 security’s slacking or Brooke is not only SuperButt but WonderWoman!

      • WasLurking says:

        Ii noticed when they were ushering Brook out the back that her white T-shirt was
        ripped………..wondered how that happened from what was shown. Makes sense

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Hi powell & amber, another BBW fan chiming in. Did you see on TMZ that all the ladies but Jackie & Draya are fired? No response from producers or the ladies. The final straw is suppose to be that they have been not allowing the cameras 24-7 access, cooperating (phoning it in like you said) & when Gloria ran off to Vegas to get married without cameras they were hella pissed. I’m not a fan of quoting TMZ. I am still waiting for confirmation, Lisa

        • Powell says:

          Yes someone mentioned it the other day. This is my 1st LA season so if I watch next season it’ll be a whole new ball game.

      • djprincessc says:

        I’ve been wanting to see that fight SOOOOOO bad! How do you know that Brooke did that?? Brooke made Jackie unconscious??? BC when they show the clip Brookes necklace is on the floor and her shirt is torn so I assumed Jackie won! I wanna know!!! lol.

  14. TexasTart says:

    Boobah, JNNTJ and LavaLady – thank you for the continued updates post storm. Hugs to all in the East. Take care!

  15. BB says:

    Happy Birthday KerryOkie! Happy Halloween! I never have trick or treaters so it’s just another day for me. My daughter is bringing her dog over to my house because they a have lots of trick or treaters and her dog doesn’t like all that action going on. I hope those of you without power will get it soon. LavaLady, I hope when you are able to check on your shore house, it won’t be too bad. I’m still praying for those who haven’t checked in yet. Hope they are OK. Glad to see you’re OK Detox. Thanks for the great pictures COC.

  16. shamrockblonde says:

    still no power at home – trying to put on makeup with nothing but morning light could be a comedy skit all by itself – especially when I get to work and actually get to see my handiwork!!! – no landline phone service and cell usage is iffy at best – My Mom, sister and brother are all in Nassau Co. and trying to check on them has been trying – I got my sister, so I know all is well, but not hearing my Mom’s voice or my brother’s voice – even if it is only in text – is making me very anxious – at work I can charge things up and get a decent up of tea – there is one 7-11 near the house that is open but you risk life and limb attempting to get in there!! – the twins are actually doing pretty well with it all – I have been reading them Harry Potter by candlelight before bedtime, and they really are enjoying it – using the laptop for movies worked reasonably well but there were arguments over the movie to watch so I chose it – Akella (not spelled right) and the Bee – great movie – next up – Secretariat! –
    thanks for all of the prayers and good wishes – it makes all of us out here feel not alone – Lava – good luck wsith the shore house – we (my sister brother and I and our families) have one out in Baypoint – we have no idea what shape it is in yet, but as soon as we get out our own footing, we will go out and check – stay safe everyone that is affected and know that you are all in my prayers –

    • ((((((shamrock)))))) So good to hear you and family are all doing ok and getting through as best you can. Harry Potter by candlelight sounds cool. It should always be read like that! I hope you find there is not too much damage at your shore house, but if there is, at least it is not your life and limbs!

      Sending all manner of love and hugs! Hang in there!

      • shamrockblonde says:

        *hugs MarDrag right back* as Harry Potter is my all time favorite series book reading it aloud by candlelight was soo much fun! Mr. Shamrock was nervous about the candle being in close proximity to my clumsy self, but it all went very well – no singed hair, eyebrows, or pages!! – as for the house, we are hoping the renter left and stayed elsewhere with friends – that was what he told us he was doing before the storm hit – we have not heard from him since though –

        • LOL about the candles! I do hope you hear from your renter soon. It is hard with people not being able to communicate due to outages. The waiting is so hard. Good luck!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I love that you’re reading as a family – and then reading by candlelight – and then Harry Potter…that is great!! I hope you get your power back soon, Shamrock!!

    • Boobah says:

      I am glad you are safe shamrock. I really hope you hear from your family soon. I am sorry. Hopefully your renter did get out as he told you. Are you in Nassau also? I’m out east in suffolk.
      Please let us know when you hear from ur fam.
      Thats really sweet about reading by candlelight. They probably won’t remember the storm, but Harry Potter by candlelight? That will be a memory for sure.

  17. VV says:

    Hope everyone on the East Coast is okay including Lainey Jr.

    Happy Halloween, Everyone!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh Hi, VV Revere!!! “Lainey Young Man” is right as rain. Thanks be to God. I just got off the phone with him and he and his friends are going to find out how they can volunteer to help out somewhere, since they can’t go to work in the city (no power). Thanks for thinking of him (and me).

  18. HuskerHuny says:

    I’m a long time reader but have never posted before. But something I thought of last night made me go uuuummmmm . . . let me know if you agree with me.

    Only after a week or so from finishing up the New Jersey and New York Real Housewives seasons, Sandy hits both states.


    Thoughts and prayers to everyone who was touched by this storm.

  19. boston02127 says:

    LeAnn Rimes Ready To Sue More Twitter UsersLeAnn Rimes Ready To Sue More Twitter Users

    • Sus says:

      Cripes. Why doesn’t LeAnn Rimes just shut up and sing. I’m now very pissed that LeAnn blocked me a long time ago. I’d love it if she sued me over tweets. I didn’t say anything untrue though. I just said she needs to close her legs to married men.

  20. AZGirl says:

    @LavaLady, Jill and Shamrock you are tough gals. I would be going crazy without power. I am very spoiled here in AZ. Hang in there and keep us posted. Hopefully, power will be up and running soon. {{{{{HUGS}}}} for spoiled AZGirl

    • VV says:

      I guess some people actually read AND believe rag magazines. I wonder when was the last time Joanna read a book.

  21. melthehound says:

    A diversion for you SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy) fans…

    I’ll offer up a big ole bear hug to ((((all those going through)))) stuff on the coast.

  22. Eastbayca says:

    Who’s tagline is/was this “People are intimidated by my success”?

  23. PrincessPindy says:

    NMD I just have to say that you ROCK!!!!!

  24. ItzAngieDuh says:

    Hey Detox!!! Good to see u here!! Great update-again all your comments match mt thoughts. I agree that Draya was not looking sad-she looked like she was having fun- I think she used that to get next to Draya & Draya indulged her-but boy was I loving the eye roll!! Draya is hilarious but you can tell she has no tolerance for Jackies shenanigans any more. Malaysia wants to ignore it, Laura is mocking her basically but Draya ain’t having it!! Jackie got soooo scared once Brooke stepped to her but once that guy got between them, she got her bravado back-talkin mess & calling Brooke out of her name. Jackie’s own daughters are calling her fake & all everything she says is fake bcuz she flip flops all the time. She sat right at that table & said she lived Draya & then disrespected her soooo badly. I love Maylasia & Dray bcuz they’re not petty, or are not always trying to start something. The Govan sisters (to me) have two faces-so I’m not sure about them. I kinda like Gloria a little better than Laura but the jury is still out. Hope all the east coaster are ok. Happy Halloween everybody!!

  25. Nancy says:

    How much do you want to bet that there will be a KooKoo sighting running the streets of NY before the weekend?

    • shamrockblonde says:

      with or without swimmies???

      • Nancy says:

        Good one. LOL I’m not sure what do you think?

        • shamrockblonde says:

          definitely with – but filled with jelly beans instead of air! – there is enough air in her head to keep her afloat – this way she can snack while terrifying people – err – I mean while running!

          • Nancy says:

            Too funny. I’m hoping she is running near Bellevue Hospital right now because they are
            transferring the patients elsewhere. Hopefully she’ll get confused and follow their lead.

    • Powell says:

      Nancy I’m not betting cause I know you are so right. Watch there will be something on Page 6 or Huffington that she has leaked and it’ll say something about her volunteering after Sandy.

  26. Kansas Girl says:

    Here’s the list of our people who have not checked in yet. Anyone heard from them?
    lori ——————- I Don’t Believe in Unicorns
    Vilzvet ————— NJBev ————— NorthEast Lurker
    Maryla ————– NorthEasternGirl——- Bluesky1forever
    Just Wondering in Jersey & the tree in her yard that MUST NOT FALL
    New England Girl’s family & patients

    • Boobah says:

      KG- I emailed BlueSky just a little while ago. No word yet but I hope she and the others are okay.
      Seriously, thank you for doing this.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I’m sure they’re all ok, and just don’t have power. But nevertheless, we’d like to KNOW how they came through. Thanks for checking on Blue, Boobah. I’m calling her by sister in law now because she was joking about fixing me up with her bachelor brother. LOL!

  27. Nancy says:

    Obama and Chris Christie are about to talk from the streets in Brigantine, NJ.

  28. LaineyLainey says:

    MTH – sorry that I just now got around to reading the TAR recap. Great work!!! I’ve only watched this show intermittently throughout the years, but now that Lexi and Trey are on, I’m watching every episode It really is such a good show.

    So, as you said the Monster Truckers were nice to everyone this week and they were super nice to each other which is so….nice!!! And the divorcee’s were cute this week. I love them again even after last week’s mean comments and gestures; they had a bad day and were completely annoyed. The Beekman Boys were wonderful. They never gave up and they were so encouraging to one another, I don’t know if I could do that. Trey and Lexi were adorable and encouraging as well. The twins: I know you don’t like them. But I STILL LIKE THEM!!! Yes, they made a rude comment on camera when they were in the cab, but they weren’t unkind to anyone directly, were they? So far, the Beekman Boys and Trey & Lexi have not done/said anything cringe-worthy. But now the twins have – when they made their racist remark against white people. I wasn’t sure if it was really racist, because they said it means White Person in their language? I assumed it was some kind of slang. So..Safe to say it was probably not nice, but I don’t know for sure. I was looking and looking for a time when they might have been unkind or inconsiderate to their teammates or the native people. They were helpful to the Chippendales showing them where the marked bamboo was located. Yes, they’re loud, but I still like them. Maybe next week I will change my mind.

    The Rockers were really great and after that skype session they really deserved some happiness. MTH, I am sorry to learn that one of your parents was a victim of cancer. My heart goes out to you. The scene when they were skyping was so touching. I don’t dislike anyone that’s left and I suppose instead of rooting for just one couple it’s nice to want them all to do well and then sadly say goodbye to those who come in last. Unlike the Housewives shows there are no “bad guys” on TAR.

    • melthehound says:

      I’ll give that they all seem decent and they’ve had or will have, their moments. WRT the Twins and their remark, I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want to fight about it. As to whether it was racist or not, I guess only the people being referenced can determine that. There are words everywhere, in every language, that in themselves are harmless but when used to describe a group of people are most definitely racist. I did hear a lot of comments come from the twins that I thought were, off color, at best. I for one, am tired of them but that’s not to say, others cannot enjoy them.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        good points, MTH. I just don’t know exactly what they said or meant, so I’m simply pleading ignorance? I can guess, though… and The fact that it was said at all, and taking into account the context, I’m almost certain it wasn’t meant as a compliment. Thanks for the recap it is a fast paced show. Need to read the S.O.A. recap…waiting til I get home for that!!! Gemma’s in the doghouse.

  29. New England Girl says:

    All is well here. We lost power for a few hours and have some downed trees, which is nothing. I look at the reports out of NJ and NY and my heart just breaks. My love and prayers go out to everyone Sandy messed with.

  30. Has anyone heard from BlueEyedGirl, KTinCT, Noelle, or NorthEastLurker?

    None of them have been in the chatroom since before the storm. I’m hoping I miss their posting here.

    I hope and pray with all my heart that everyone is safe and damage is minimal.

  31. melthehound says:

    KTinCT posted here yesterday, She’s fine minus a few pieces of fencing, No word from the others,

  32. Lisa Renee says:

    Hi everyone, I am so sorry for not relaying this sooner. I remembered for the first time today after listening to POTUS speak from Jersey. FEMA is my home boy lol. Please call and register ASAP if you are impacted in any form. The $$ released is directly related to how many people register. For example, despite the fact that I had insurance, I was eligable for assistance for out of pocket expenses & loss. Took pictures of all the food I threw out, gas to run generators, if you go out & get a generator, they WILL reimburse you, lodging & receipts for replacing what was lost. Any money you spend post storm (extra clothes/blankets to stay warm etc.) is pretty much covered. It is just not for people who have lost everything. It comes very quickly & what it was designed for. Yes, some people will receive 10’s of thousands of dollars & buy a new car, I lived it. Please do not decline for assistance wether you can afford it or not. The people who do need it shouldn’t suffer due to those who choose to abuse it. Trying to find a rental home post storm is very hard. Some may have longer commute. Those expenses are covered. If you have a roof but it leaks, call the Army Corp of Engineers, they will put a blue tarp on it & get you fast tracked for funds &/or you can mitigate water damage until you get insurance money & find a roofer. For those who have no insurance they are eligable for an SBA loan & they waive any poor credit history. These loans are locked in at 3-4% at the most. Now, this is our government we are talking about, you will spend alot of time on hold. With spotty cell service make sure the first thing you do is give them your phone number, they are really good about calling back until making contact. Everyone stay safe, hope this helps, Lisa

    • AZGirl says:

      Excellent information Lisa. This is what makes this blog so valuable. Anyone else that has information helpful should contribute.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        AZ girl, thanks. I waited 6weeks for a roofer after Dennis. My entire town was one blue tarp. These are the things that coming back to me, it probably would have kicked in sooner but they are still in rescue & recovery & I am shocked senseless from the pictures. I upgraded my generator after Ivan so I have it pretty good & was able to give two smaller generators away. The other thing I wanna put out there…..if you are using any type of generator please shut off main breaker to your home until after power is restored. The back feed from your home can be deadly to the people in the bucket trucks. I will now return you to our regularly scheduled blogging 🙂 lisa

    • Nancy says:

      Thank-you so much for this information. My bff who lives in NJ is still MIA but as soon as
      I hear from her I will pass this on. Thank-you again.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Hi Nancy, You are very welcome & I am sure there is stuff I am still forgetting. I have really bad CRS, dam teenage years. Will post anything I find or remember that will help. I hope you hear from your bff sooner than later. Like I told Lainey, my mom always said no news is good news. She spent plenty of long days waiting to hear from me post storm. lisa

  33. Sus says:

    This is not political – just some humor to get us through until the election is over,0,124276.story

  34. chismosa says:

    Wait can someone explain ovarian cyst and Bethenny? Is this a joke that I’m not getting? I have had o.cysts and don’t get it?

  35. KTinCT says:

    All my east coast friends here who are still underwater / without heat or power / still sustaining damages…… You are all in my prayers….

  36. VV says:

    Pawn Star is a fake show. I watched an old episode in which a guy brings an old coke machine. I recognized the guy selling the machine as Rick’s brother from American Restoration. At the time, the show American Restoration didn’t exists. On he show, he sells the beat up coke machine to the pawn star guy, pawn star guy goes and sends it for repair at Rick’s shop… BS BS and more BS.

    • BB says:

      I’ve come to the conclusion that most reality shows contain very little “reality.”

    • melthehound says:

      BS BS and more BS

    • Orson says:

      Over on some Guitar message board, they tore Pawn Star apart over Mary Ford’s guitar that a relative “came over to sell”. When they’re slow, they call the guitar store to find something interesting to bring over to “sell”, then they call the expert from the store to check it out.

  37. VV says:

    Denise Richards ( Andy’s buddy) is Team Melissa … Shocker ( insert sarcasm )

  38. Rebecca says:

    In honor of Halloween, which housewife scares you the most?

  39. California35 says:

    Hi everyone, sorry to all of you in the way of Sandy. Please be safe and take care. You are in my prayers.

  40. California35 says:

    Donald and Andy about Nene, please Donald!!

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