Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof Settle Divorce / Project Runway All Stars / Couples Therapy

Paul and Adrienne Settle their Divorce and

Other Reality TV News by NoMoreDrama

Paul Nassif and Adrienne have come to a divorce settlement.  The both took to twitter to let the world know.  Adrienne’s message was short:

Paul issued a longer statement:

I wish both of them the best and hope that they can remain civil for the sake of the three children.  I really hope this is the last we hear of trouble between them.  Oh and Adrienne – you may want to find a new chef as well.


Confirmation from Heather Dubrow that she’s filming The Real Housewives of Orange County.  Heather told a friend on twitter that she was “Crazed! Shooting 2 shows this week! ack!”  I asked her what other show she was filming besides housewives, and her response “Hot in Cleveland.”

Brandi Glanville has been suffering from an infection, throwing up, and tweeted that she called 911 and was rushed to the hospital.  Lisa Vanderpump rode in the ambulance with her, with Lisa’s husband Ken Todd driving their car behind.  I’m glad Brandi had Lisa to count on.   Get well soon Brandi.

Brooke Burke-Charvet– Dancing with the Stars Host – has announced that she has a cancerous nodule in her thyroid and will undergo surgery to remove it.  She’s keeping positive and her doctors have assured her that her prognosis is good.  Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery Brooke.  Read more here.

Kim Zolciak‘s ex boyfriend Big Poppa Lee Najjar was arrested yesterday.  Our new Atlanta blogs blogger Hildog pulled the file.   “It was a Gwinnett County warrant.  It was failure to appear in Gwinnett.  He was brought into Gwinnett County on 11/6/12 at 8:59PM and released on 11/7/12 at 3:51.”

Dave Hester from Storage Wars has pulled the rug out from faux-reality TV.  According to Gather – he didn’t sign up for a new season of storage wars (maybe as a contract negotiation ploy) and when they started filming without him, as source close to him said he thought he was fired.  After that, producers learned that he was telling people the show was fake.  Yuuup.  This might be the end of Dave Hester on our screen, but will it also be the end of the show?  I’ve pretty much assumed it was fake from the beginning, but I still tune in once in a while.  Aren’t most of the shows somewhat fake??

JoJo and Tiny from Couple’s Therapy have split.  Viewers of the show are familiar with JoJo’s heavy drinking, which strained the relationship between the couple.  RadarOnline broke the story, with a quote from a family friend.  “Tashaunda just can not deal with JoJo’s alcoholism any longer,” the source says. “And, I can’t blame her. I’ve known JoJo for years and his out of control drinking has always been a major issue in our friendship.  He’s just a different guy when he drinks, he’s like Jekkyl and Hyde…. he changes. I think what really grates on Tiny is that JoJo will not admit to his problem and therefore will never get help. The relationship is going nowhere and she isn’t prepared to stick around and nurse an alcoholic any longer.  He’s been in and out of the hospital over the years for his drinking and the stress and worry is just too much to deal with. Add to that the fact that he turns into this raging a**hole when drunk and it’s a no brainer she’s done with their marriage.”

New Housewives for New York?  One season after Bravo fired a record four housewives from the franchise, they may be looking to change it up a little more.  According to Wetpaint they are busy interviewing ladies.  One name that has surfaced is Jene Luciani. According to Wetpaint, producers “went to a meeting for her lingerie-inspired handbag line, a pole-dancing fitness class, and met her 3-year-old daughter at her country home. They also took a tour of her vintage clothing collection,” said a source.  They continued: “There’s at least one more person they’re currently looking at. She may turn out to be a better fit for the show than [Luciani],”  This really doesn’t come as a surprise to long time viewers of the show. We’ve been expecting the Countess Luann to get the pink slip for quite some time.  As for the three new ladies –  Aviva, Heather, and Carole – it’s hard to say.  My guess is Bravo will give them another year to connect with viewers.  Carole is a good friend of Bravo producer Andy Cohen and was on his low budget talk show last night.  Asked about former cast member Jill Zarin’s public comments that Carole and Heather should be fired, Carole looked confused for a moment and then asked Andy, “Jill Who?”  Carole gained a lot of fans with that quip.  One of the biggest shocks of the night was that Jill didn’t immediately take to twitter to extend her 15 minutes.


Project Runway “Up Your Aerosol” by BB

The best way to describe the challenge for this episode is to just quote from Lifetime:  “Graffiti artists help the designers tag their fabric with spray paint from which they must create wearable art.”  The guest judges will be Robert Tagliapietra and Jeffrey Costello. The designers need to create something that would look equally good in an art gallery and on the runway. Suede says, “Suede has never even held a spray paint can before . . .”

The designers meet Carolyn on the street with a group of the world’s top graffiti artists.  They must sketch and paint their designs on white fabric right then and there.  They have $50 to buy anything else they might need at Mood.  They have the entire next day to work on their designs.

Kayne and Ivy are having lunch and talking trash about how Laura Kathleen talks about herself and how privileged a life she’s had.  Laura Kathleen walks in and senses Ivy is laughing at her.  They had issues on a previous season.  After Ivy leaves, Kayne advises Laura Kathleen to watch how she says things to other people.

Kayne is making a full length one piece gown (I’m shocked).  Emilio is making a jacket.  Joanna comes in and notices Althea is making something similar to what she’s wearing.  Joanna loves the print.  Joanna thinks Emilio’s jacket looks like it has blood running down the lapel.  When she gets to Kayne, she mentions the fine line between hideous and fabulous.

As far as Anthony Ryan’s print is concerned, Joanna asks him how he will accessorize his kind of plain print.  She loves Casanova’s and Uli’s designs.  Joanna wonders if Andrae’s design is wearable.  Joanna questions Suede’s pattern and she also asks him if it’s wearable art.  Joanna questions Laura Kathleen’s uneven hemline.  Ivy explains her super-hero concept to Joanna, and Joanna asks her about the taste factor around the room.  As Joanna leaves, she tells the designers she’s been very moved by some of the designs.

As the models arrive, Uli is really pleased.  Kayne has to take 8 inches off of the bottom of his dress.  Joshua thinks Ivy’s jacket is the same one she did for challenge one only a different color with a cut-out.  Anthony Ryan’s garment is way too heavy and he has to take the lining out.  Kayne doesn’t want to be in the bottom this week like last week.  Anthony Ryan is noticing Ivy is stronger than he thought.  He had not considered her to be one of the top competitor’s but he may have been wrong.

Runway day.  Hair and make-up, blah, blah, blah.  Each designer is sizing up the competition’s designs and pointing out the ones they are not worried about. I wonder if the judges will agree. I have a feeling Andrae’s time is about to run out.  To me, he just doesn’t belong there.  Kayne and Suede may also be in trouble.

Runway time.  Andrae’s dress.  Hate it and the styling.  I like Uli’s design.  She’s afraid it doesn’t stand out enough.  Kayne thinks his model looks like Kate Middleton. There’s a lot going on there.  Laura Kathleen’s dress is pretty, but she’s afraid it’s too short. I love Anthony’s Ryan’s dress.  Casanova’s dress is not bad, but not in the top I don’t think. Emilio’s model stands out in very bright orange and yellow.  I’m not so fond of Suede’s dress, but I like it better than Andrae’s.  Ivy’s outfit is the most literal as far as graffiti goes.  Joshua’s looks like wearable art, but I’m not sure if I like the top with the bottom.

Ivy, Emilio, Suede, Anthony Ryan, Laura Kathleen and Kayne are called out.  The rest can leave the runway.  Three have high scores and three have low scores.  I can’t believe Andrae is not there in the bottom three.  Georgina loves Anthony Ryan’s dress and Carolyn loves the cut-out in the back.  Georgina would love to see Laura Kathleen’s the dress longer.  It being so short cheapens it a little.  The judges wanted the hem to be straight across and Carolyn could have done without the fringe in the back.  Georgina likes that Suede tried to go feminine, but they don’t like the piettes, and it’s a little confusing.  Carolyn loves Emilio’s design and wants to wear it.  Georgina thinks the proportions are fantastic.  The judges do have an issue with the belt on Emilio’s jacket.  Georgina likes Ivy’s design with its tailoring and femininity.  Kayne is up last.  Isaac declares it the most dramatic thing on the runway, but the judges don’t like the bottom.  It has too many ideas and it’s not flattering to the model.

So the top three are Ivy, Anthony Ryan and Emilio.  The bottom three are Laura Kathleen, Kayne and Suede.  I like Anthony Ryan’s, but the judges may think his is too safe.  I think they will pick either Emilio or Ivy, both who went bolder.  I don’t think Laura Kathleen will be going home.  It’s going to be between Kayne and Suede.  Kayne’s execution is better, but Isaac thinks it looks like a sample room piece.  There is a piece of Suede in Suede’s design, whatever that means.

And the winner is . . . Emilio.  Ivy and Anthony Ryan are safe.  Laura Kathleen is deemed safe, no surprise there, and leaves the runway.  Suede is out.  Suede says, “It’s Suede’s time to go again.  Suede out.”   BB says, “Bye, Suede.  BB will kind of miss you.  And BB is thinking Princess Pindy will miss you too.


Couple’s Therapy Episode 6 by Mr and Mrs Lulu

Her blog

Opens to Shayne destroying Doug’s creepy mural to Courtney.  Finally everyone is for once bonding, relaxing and getting along.  Maybe a little too much!! Simon that speedo!  Nik creates a “Dourtney is dead” T-shirt.

Dr Jen the party pooper!

Dr Jen is visibly upset by the group’s happy behavior at ‘Dourtney’s” departure?!?!?  So it’s the group’s fault for the way Courtney dresses, behaves and her problems!  When anyone expresses their joy their “EVIL!”  I have to say I feel like I just watched “one who flew over the cuckoo’s nest!”  WTH is wrong with Dr Jen???

Alex and Simon

Alex and Simon discuss Dr Jen’s scolding.  She rightfully pointed out that Dr Jen is being unreasonable.

Dr Jen

The moron’s are gone but yet we are again the dominating topic is “Dourtney!”  In fact Dr Jen refuses to go on any further with therapy.  She wants the group to realize that “They” not “Dourtney” were the aggressors.

It’s “their” fault yet again for Courtney’s issues.  Nik voices his anger at them for breaking the rules.  Tiny voices that she feels disrespected by the way Courtney dresses, behaves around her husband.  Then when Simon voices let’s move on he is told that he is now bullying Dr Jen.

Alex’s meeting

Dr Jen scolds Alex for putting dollar bills in her skirt.  She says that particular moment they just finished voicing the fact that they felt bullied by the group.  That reinforced it.  Apparently we are supposed to believe that Alex was supposed the take the “high” road?  What road?!?!?! Dr Jen is oblivious to their appalling behavior.  I question Dr Jen’s ethics for yelling at them for being “happy” that the people who were derailing their therapy, antagonizing them was actually not??!?!!?!  I can’t express enough that as a viewer this episode is a complete disconnect.  It’s like we are supposed to erase our memories and believe in this saint of a couple “Dourtney!”  I have no idea how any of the couple’s stayed!  I would have not only left but asked for a refund.

Joan’s story of loss??

Forgive me when I think of loss I think of death.  Joan met and married her college sweetheart.  They had babies and a happy life.  Till one day her husband hit the back of his head heard and passed out. When he awoke he is suffering from a rare form of amnesia that wiped out the past 46 years of his  life.  He didn’t know his wife, his life, or children.  He had to learn to trust his wife and relearn that he loved her.

Alex’s meeting with mom

Alex’s mother enters the room and the topic is the “trailer” incident.  Alex felt that by opening the trailer door she stepped on her mother’s toes.  But her mother voices that all she could remember from that day was Alex bravely dialing 911.  She apologizes for not knowing how to handle the situation.  It’s very touching to see a mother and daughter reconcile.

Just when the crazy train stopped….

Need I say more?  Well Dr Jen (see producers!) decided that with “Dourtney” gone the ratings might drop.  So Dr Jen calls in a group meeting and tells them that “Dourtney” is returning!!! Shocker!!!

Given Dr Jen’s behavior I would rather seek mental help from a drunk at a bar.  Let’s say hypothetically by no fault of my own a rock falls on my foot.  Well Dr Jen would spend hours berating me on how it was my fault for: being there, the choice of shoe I was wearing and the fact that I chose to stand at that spot when it happened.  While the drunk would just say: S#$T happens!  Is the end near yet!!!

I don’t know how much more of “Dourtney” I can tolerate.

His Blog

Doctor Jen puts her ethical responsibilities on others.

I get it, as a mental health care professional Doctor Jen has an expectation of giving, and seeing to, that every patient getting the best and most compassionate care.

I do not see though how she can extend that for the others after they have been antagonized time and again by Doug and Courtney’s refusal to be a part of the process of group therapy. And more so, not just a refusal, but a continuous effort to disrupt it. I really do feel Courtney is a narcissist, especially seeing her own sense of self worth and confidence so rattled by being told to throw on some appropriate clothing. That on top of her grand delusions for being a life saver as she advocates against bullying. I understand that Doctor Jen wants to, in line with the standards of her profession give Doug and Courtney the therapy they appear to need. For which I can commend her. But I just do not feel she is objectively looking at if Courtney, and by extension Doug through his enabling, really care at all and do not just see it as free publicity.

Also, maybe it was just the editing of the segment. But Doctor Jen looked a tad emotionally manipulative in the group session when she was addressed on how the others felt. Having had an Irish Catholic mother, a real master of the guilt trip and emotional heartstrings pull of ‘you hurt me’, I know if I had been in Simon’s I would have went back with, ‘Well when do I get to be hurt?’ Because like Alex pointed out to Doctor Jen, the other couples were left to their own devices with regards to Courtney and Doug for so long that they developed resentment, and rightfully so.

The Story of Loss?!?!

I’m pretty baffled here. Did Doctor Jen just not want to present a realistic example and story of loss? I can see why somewhat. My family, on both sides, is a rarity where on average the men are the ones who outlive the woman by significant lengths, around fifteen years. For me personally, there is no more heart aching image than seeing a man who will love and miss his wife till the day he dies, go on like that, now that is the image of love and loss in my mind. So this fairy tale like story, and don’t get me wrong it is a great story, I don’t get what the point is for a therapy setting. What, that sometimes things work out under difficult circumstances? I’d figure a more important point for therapy would be, these things happen, they are hard, you can work and make it through them, but the fairy tail endings are rare, and you need to except that if you don’t work at it as hard as you can your marriage will fail. It just seemed like the only point was to try and give the group a hopeful message.

Alex and her Mother,

This was very hard to watch. So often when caught up in a crisis, we simply do everything we can to keep moving, the things we should and have to do. And only later do we have time to reflect. To see how Alex held herself accountable here was sad, I really felt bad for her, how after the fact she had carried around so much of a burden, questioning herself on her actions for so long. And to think she was only eleven at the time, whom knows what an eleven year old mind could imagine, and impose on to those memories. It was really emotionally moving to see her and her Mother reach a point of closure on the topic.

Dourtney returns…

Why? Really, why did they bring these two back? The premise of the show, even though it is reality television, is couple therapy, and that is damn dramatic and hard enough. So why they need to inflict drama by Dourtney on the others is beyond me. I don’t watch the show for their ‘Look at me’ nonsense, I watch the show because I like the other couples, they feel legitimate to me, and I can relate to them, and see myself, and my own relationship in theirs at times. With Doug and Courtney I do not get that, and feel less about them by the week.


Friday Night Lineup, 9 November by BB

8PM EST – Undercover Boss (CBS); America’s Next Top Model (CW); Last Man Standing/Malibu Country (ABC); Kitchen Nightmares (Fox); Gold Rush: The Dirt (Discovery)

9PM EST – CSI New York (CBS); Nikita (CW); Grimm (NBC); Shark Tank (ABC); Fringe (Fox); Home Strange Home (HGTV); Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaids (TLC); Gold Rush (Discovery); Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (CMT); Ghost Adventures (TRVL); My Ghost Story, Caught on Camera (Biography)

10PM EST – Blue Bloods (CBS); 20/20 (ABC); Dateline NBC (NBC); Teen Trouble (Lifetime); HHI (HGTV 10:30); Brides of Beverly Hills (TLC); Jungle Gold (Discovery); Dead Files (TRVL); Mystery Diners/Health Inspectors (Food); Deadly Women (ID); Cursed (Biography); Man Caves (DIY)


Still no word from NJBev, BlueSky and MaryLa.  I’ve emailed them all.

I don’t think BlueSky lives on the coast – this was her last post on the blog:

Submitted on 2012/10/28 at 1:29 pm | In reply to LavaLady.

LavaLady I’ll be praying for you, NJBev, and everyone else with homes on the Jersey Shore. We’re supposed to get lots of rain, so even homes inland might have basements flooding. Last hurricane, some people were without power for over a week in my town.

NJBev may not even know we’re keeping a list.  Her last post was on the 25th.

MaryLa is in Maryland according to her last post on the blog.


Thank you.  We’ve had volunteers (all new) for the Atlanta Blogs, WWHL, Million Dollar Decorators. and Shahs of Sunset.

If anyone is interested in other shows let me know!

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115 Responses to Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof Settle Divorce / Project Runway All Stars / Couples Therapy

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I stayed home today, not feeling well most of the week w/a migraine & not sleeping well. It’s warming up here in MD so it seems that is agood sign for the East Coast. I’m hoping the warmer weather helps the Power companies get everyone’s power back up in NY, NJ. It’s TGIF so I hope you have a good one.

  2. Powell says:

    I checked Brandi’s Twitter feed and there’s no update from last night. I hope she’s ok and is home resting.

  3. LA_Debra says:

    I’m with you Mrs. Lulu – I really question “Dr.” Jen’s credentials. If the Dorkneys need counseling, let them get it from somewhere else, and not on TV. The TV part isn’t helping

    And while I like Alex and Simon, I don’t know if I buy their participation in this process. Somehow, sometimes it just feels contrived. I don’t mind contrived — but then don’t call it real, call it drama. Just MHO.

    • Powell says:

      LA_Debra I’ve been skeptical since Simon announced they were doing the show. After watching 3 epis I do believe they have issues. I’m still skeptical of their motives, Simon’s more than Alex’s for doing the show. I still feel that Simon feels he “needs” to be on reality tv. I think Alex could tale it or leave it. Why couldn’t they go to a therapist at home? They’re not being paid & are not on tv which again I think is Simon’s doing.

    • Lulu says:

      I’m questioning why “dourtney” was allowed on this show. She needs a juvenile therapist not Dr Jen. It’s clear she doesn’t comprehend most of what she is told and assumes that everyone is “out to get her.”

      Alex and Simon are being sincere. My DH and I have been together for 14 years. When the track is off it’s off. They needed help that’s for sure.

      • trudie says:

        The only reason I can see for dourtney to be on that show is for ratings. If the true purpose of the show was to help the couples, they (Dr. Jen) would not be holding the other couples therapy hostage by bringing dourtney back.

        Once again, I love the she said/he said recap!

  4. Stars99 says:

    Princess Pindy… aka “Tiara” – Stars is so sad for you today that Princess Pindy’s “Suede” was voted off the island. Stars was kinda surprised… but Stars knows that Princess Pindy will see more of Suede in the future. Stars sincerely hopes that Princess Pindy won’t be too disappointed for too long, since Princess Pindy lives next door to the most adorable kid on the planet – IPPHO.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Kansas Girl would like to add her condolences to Stars’. She is very sorry that Princess Pindy’s favorite has left the show, and she hopes that Princess Pindy will not fall into deep mourning over this.

  5. Small update in blog about Heather Dubrow (just got a tweet from her). I hope everyone is doing okay today and power is restored and stays on!! Hopefully we’ll hear from everyone today!!

  6. Powell says:

    Mr & Mrs Lulu the only thing I can understand is that Dr,Jen wants to help Dourtney & is disappointed in the fact that she couldn’t up to that point but that’s it. It wasn’t the other couples responsibility & I think Dr Jen is wrong for heaping the responsibility on them. They had every right to be happy Dourtney was gone because then they could get to what they wanted, to work together to help one another. If Dr Jen couldn’t see that then maybe she needs therapy. The only thing I think the others did wrong & it was really Alex when she put the ones in Courtney’s skirt. Yes Alex and the others had had enough of seeing Courtney dress like a stripper so that was a natural response but it was wrong. Even though it was wrong I hope Alex doesn’t apologize to Courtney for doing it. I feel Dourtney owes the group an apology for all their antics. Keep up the good work. I’m so enjoying your point of view. 🙂

    • NMhousewife (KEGlovesNorway) says:

      When the show first started, I thought Dr. Jen would be up to keeping Dourtney in check, and it seemed like that was going to happen for some scenes, but she and the staff really needed to be on the ball earlier and not let Dourney get away with as much as they did for so long. I’ve never seen this show before past seasons so I have nothing else to judge her by but this season so far and she lost a lot of credibility with me for allowing Dourtney to get away with so much for so long, her emotional outburst at the group, taking no responsibility for the problem herself, for all the cursing she does (is this normal in a therapist/patient relationship?), and for the lame people she is bringing on for couple therapy examples. This couple, I kind of saw something that the couples could have gotten from it…cherish your partner as you don’t know how long it will last, but the first couple example was just useless. I am starting to think Dr. Jen is right up there (or down there) with Dr. Sofy from the RHOBH and Dr. Drew on those teen mom reunions, just awful.

      I am not really surprised that Tiny has left Jo-Jo as that is where it seemed to be leading, she regaining her pwoer and not enabling him any longer. Good for her.

      • LA_Debra says:

        I was shocked by all the f-bombs too! Don’t get me wrong. The answer to “What’s your favorite curse word? is definitely the f-word with me — but I don’t want to hear it coming out of the mouth of a therapist every other sentence.

      • PJ says:

        To me Dr. Jen is really unprofessional. I wouldn’t seek her help.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          i never liked Dr. Jen. I would never trust her. She seems to need therapy as much as the rest of the group. IMO. I completely understand what she was saying about the group giving away power to Dourtney. We each have the power to not react to button pushers, it is part of the process of life. That being said, the doctor seemed to do very little to keep the button pushers with in reason, in a timely manner. Now she seems to be in reactive mode, as the epic fail. IMO.

    • Lulu says:

      Thank you Powell!! This past episode I seriously thought I was watching it for the first time. It was soo unreal that Dr Jen would scream at the group. It’s like didn’t Dr jen see/hear about “dourtney’s” antics? The show is off the rails for me.

  7. Powell says:

    I heard about Brooke Burke last night and Tweeted her. I’ve always liked her. I hope she’ll be ok.

  8. Good Morning All. I hope today brings more relief for everyone on the east coast and that your power comes back….TODAY! I know there is still a long road to recovery ahead, please know there are a lot of prayers going around to support you! (((((Hugs East Coast)))))

    NMD ~ thanks for all the juicy info! I am glad to hear Adrienne and Paul have settled and that she will not be dragging her family through anymore mud. I hope Brandi is OK too!

    BB ~ great recap. IMHO Laura should have gone home for that awful dress. But I know her overall esthetic is better than that, so I wasn’t surprised she stayed. I usually like Uli’s dresses, but those sleeves? Silly and did not look good…again IMHO! 🙂 And, I may be in the minority here, but I did not think Suede’s dress was that bad. I think it would have looked better if he had kept the “big dots” off the top, but I thought the skirt was kind of flirty. MarDrag thinks Princess Pindy will be disappointed Suede went home too! LOL!

    LuLu & Hubs ~ Don’t watch but always read your recaps and I think it is unfortunate Dr. Jen did what she did concerning “Dourtney”. Putting the responsibility on the other couples? When they are there to work on their own issues? Hmmmm, not so good. But then, I remember that producers are involved also, so this “reality therapy” comes with strings attached and that makes me wonder how beneficial this will be for the couples. The question then arises (as so many have mentioned), if they really wanted to get through their issues, why not private therapy vs. tv? In that, the answer seems quite obvious.

    Thanks and gratitude to everyone for all their hard work here! Hugs to all!

    A light post today with smile inducing pics to end the week! Enjoy!

    • Powell says:

      OMG MarDrag. Give me those 2 white pups. And was that Boo? GMA had a video of Boo and his brother Buddy. They are so cute. I’m not a cat person but all those pups I could just hug them all day. Thks. 🙂

      • I know, right? Makes ya smile! I do not know if that is Boo….I just loved the pic with the one on the right just bouncing as it walked. So cute! I love cats and dogs but I really want “Frog Kitty! LOL! Glad you liked the post. It did what it was meant to do, make you feel better! 🙂

    • Lulu says:

      Thank you! Maybe Dr Jen needs a break and some much needed therapy herself. What she did was wrong that’s for sure.

  9. Kansas Girl says:

    NMD, thank you for checking on our remaining missing people and for looking back for evidence that they may not have been in harm’s way. As you say, they may not even know we’ve been worrying about them!

  10. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Bluesky hasn’t tweeted since Oct 22. so she isn’t just missing on the blog:(

    I pray that we hear from our ‘missing’ friends soon.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Wow!!! that’s a long-assed time. BLUEY!!! come back!! NJBEV!!! YOU TOO!!! and MaryLa, too of course. Have a great day friends. Just got off of work, off to lunch with a couple of friends and then errands. Take care!!

    • Boobah says:

      Me too!!

  11. Boobah says:

    NMD – Thank you for checking on our MIA’s and going back to find their last posts. Hopefully they will check in soon.

    Thanks so much NoMoreDrama – for everything!

  12. shamrockblonde says:

    I finally got to watch Project Runway – I have sooo missed Uli – she reminds me of a sewing Heidi Klum – I have always liked her – well both of them really – hope she does well – do not like that Laura Kathleen person – very snippy – Kane! – he’s just too funny – still doing gowns I see – I kept trying to read his name as Kayne – this from someone who would not watch anything Kardashian related for any amount of anything – scary – so fun to read the recap and picture it as I go – thank you for that – thanks too for the other recaps – I like knowing what’s going on without having to sit through it and you all do such a great job!!!

    I have to check my license plate to see if I am even or odd so I know when to get gas – such a strange comment that – Mr. Shamrock would say I am definitely – ODD!!!!!

    Shamrock respectfully sends her deepest regrets at the loss of Princess Pindy’s treasured Suede – Princess Pindy is sure to carry herself with her usual Pindyness –

    *starts giggling helplessly*

    *hugs entire board really hard*

    • Boobah says:

      LOL@ Mr. S calling you odd! My hubby probably thinks the same of me! I’m even so I guess I can sit in line for 90 minutes tomorrow and get gas. This is surreal, isn’t it?
      (((Shamrock Blonde)))

      Btw, did you get stuck at work during the Nor’Easter. I think I read that you thought that might happen. I hope it didn’t!

      • shamrockblonde says:

        yes I did – it was not fun – the only upside – the absolute only upside – was that I was somewhere with generators large enough to keep the lights on and someplace where I could get hot tea – as much as I was not happy to be there, going home to no lights and no heat was worse – thank goodness I got it all back, and God bless and keep all those still struggling –

        • Boobah says:

          Oh Man…that must have been awful. It’s impressive that you saw an upside – you are such a positive person! I am so glad you have power/heat now. Everytime I step outside I think of those who are living without power in this cold weather. My heart goes out to them also.

    • T-Rex says:

      Sorry to see Suede go and I disliked Laura K the first time she was on PR and she has just made it easier to dislike her again this season. I hope next week is her Swan Song from the show

  13. plainviewsue says:

    I just wanted to repost this posting I wrote on yesterday’s blog this morning, just to give an update:

    Hey all. Your words mean so much. I did get power back late afternoon and came home last night once the house was warm.

    Kitkat, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. It was worse. I had accepted what had happened and grateful that my family and I had a warm house to stay in with our friends. But to get it and lose it again was my breaking point. I keep looking at my lights waiting for them to go off, even tho it’s a beautiful day and it’s supposed to hit 60 degrees this weekend.

    It’s like a mild version of post traumatic. I was scared to shut the lights off at night, even tho my husband kept reassuring me. I didn’t feel that way after we got it back the first time.

    LIPA management will all be fired. I have heard stories that these wonderful volunteers who came from all over the country are sitting in their trucks not even being told where to go and what to do. Someone I know posted on facebook that when their daughter finally got thru to an actual person on LIPA, the woman told her to stop whining and she has her own problems. Can you believe that?????

    • Boobah says:

      OMG @ your last sentence! That is unbelieveable! What a nasty woman! Shame on her.

      This whole thing has been a very long and difficult experience for all those affected. I was one of the luckier ones, but this thing hit everyone to their core.


      For as long as I can remember, people have complained about LIPA. Even back when Hurricane Gloria hit. They do not have a very good reputation. I agree with you – It’s not the hard working field workers, it’s the mismanagement and disorganization.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I’m SO glad your power is back and not flickering off and on. Burn those lights as much as you want for a while! And the best is that you can be here with us now! (Priorities, I gots ’em.)

    • Powell says:

      Sue that’s horrible! Help has been sent and they ate sitting in their trucks waiting to help get NJ back up? Ridiculous. Your daughter has the time she called. She needs to write a letter so that they can determine which employee said that to her. I know they are tired and do have their own problems but speaking to scared, frustrated and angry customers like that is inexcusable.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Powell, it was a friend’s daughter! I have two sons. Agree, what a disgusting remark.

        Anyway, latest update. Power went off for about 20 minutes at dinner time tonight. No winds, no bad weather. My guess is that they had to shut ours off to fix something else? Who knows. But when the power went off, I swear I thought I would lose it. My son came upstairs and I completely broke down. I am a pretty strong person, but it’s just enough already.

        One of my closest friends who lives across the street came over, and she was such a comfort. While she was here, the lights came back on.

        A report came out that LIPA knew since 2006 that the system would not be ready for a big storm. They thought the big storm was Irene, but this was a hundred times worse. They did nothing to properly prepare.

        Anyway, again, loving all the hugs from our wonderful blog family!!! Love you all.

  14. shamrockblonde says:

    PVS – I know exactly what you mean – I – who likes to sleep in a very very dark cool room – fell asleep with the light and the tv on the first night we got power back – somewhere in the back of my brain, was a little girl who was absolutely certain that if I turned off anything it would not come back on – I let her win that night……….. so glad that you got your power back – and that YOU are back!

    *hugs PVS really hard*

    • Powell says:

      shamrock you sue and others have had to live w/psychological warfare. I don’t blame you for how you’re feeling. 🙂

  15. Nancy says:

    Hi everyone. This has been a very emotional week for me. From great highs to very low lows.
    My bff that lives in NJ finally called but instead of telling me about not having any power etc she told me that she has a malignant brain tumor. She has been cancer free for 16 yrs now after having thyroid and breast cancer so this came as a shock. She has a 10 yr old little boy. There are no words…

    My sister just called to let me know that my niece Katie was running on the beach in
    Santa Barbara and came across a dead body in the sand. She goes to UCSB so they are assuming it is a student. She’s pretty upset as the police have been talking to her for an hour now.

    Life sure throws us curves at times. I sure wish we would hear from NJBev and the rest of our
    Lynn family on the east coast.

    • Powell says:

      Wow Nancy I’m sorry about your bff. You’re right about those curve balls. Life isn’t fair sometimes. After all she’s been thru you would think she’d be spared anything else. And her poor son. That’s rough on the little guy. He’s been thru such a journey. With friends like you she’ll get thru it.
      What a tragic scene for your niece to come upon. I’m sure she’s in shock and your sis will take care of her. I hope she’s going to be ok.

    • california35 says:

      i am so sorry Nancy 😦 just be there for them with your support, if that is all you can do.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      So sorry Nancy, I can feel your heart breaking for your friend.

      Your niece is having a doozy of a day, isn’t she? Was she running alone on the beach? I hope not. On the upside, Santa Barbara is so beautiful.

    • cocfarm says:

      Wow nancy, wow. I hope you can feel a big supportive hug from Chicago. Just reminds all of us how truly lucky we are when you hear stories like that. But for you, they are loved ones that strike at your core. I lost one of my bffs to cancer that first struck at her at The age of 28. (((((nancy))))). Hope your niece has great friends there to comfort her.

    • VV says:


    • TexasTart says:


    • Kansas Girl says:


    • Nancy…I am so shocked and saddened. Prayers, love and hugs to you and your family and BFF.

    • plainviewsue says:


    • rabblerouser2010R says:


  16. contessa says:

    First of all to my fellow posters affected by Sandy – I am keepin you in my prayers and thoughts. I can understand about not turning off the lights for fear of not coming back on. I would be the same way.

    Nancy…my heart breaks for you and your friend. My sister is a 4 time cancer survivor, it started in her lates 30’s with ovarian cancer, than 10 years later two bouts of colon cancer and a couple of years ago in the breast (she opted for a double mastectomy). She is in great health and helping her daughter (who lives with sister and BIL) raise her two little boys (they can be real hellions). I would rather work an 80 hour week than deal with a 5 & 6 year old – LOL. I consider my sister my hero, as she really went through this with so much strength. If I am being too forward please say so, do you know what the prognosis is?

    • Nancy says:

      Hi contessa,
      Your sister is one strong woman. Wow! My friend started out with breast cancer and had radiation and chemo. Then it was thyroid and lung cancer. She’s been clear for 16 yrs now. (she gets seen twice a year and gets scans down. For some reason they don’t scan her head at Sloans K.) Big mistake because she had two seizures last week which lead to the Cat Scan which showed a brain tumor. They said it came from her thyroid
      so it has been there for a very long time. All the literature that I’ve read isn’t good.
      She has many a year according to what I’ve read. I’m praying that I don’t have the full story right now. Thank-you for sharing your sisters story with me. It gives me hope. 🙂
      I’ll let you know what’s going on.

  17. shamrockblonde says:

    Nancy – my prayers are with you and all of your care – curve balls indeed – remain strong – you will never know the amount of comfort that you give to your bff, to your sister, and to your niece

    you are not alone – we are with you so you can be with them – *hugs Nancy really hard*

  18. california35 says:

    is today over yet? i am not having a bad, but it would be nice to be done with it 🙂

    it is FRIDAY and that is a consolation – i hope every one is doing well.

    i am glad Adrianne and Paul resolved the issues and settled.

    i am wonder who else other than Luanne will leave NY’s wives.

  19. NJBev says:

    second try
    Hello my dear friends.
    Power came back late last night. Cable and internet this morning. I have missed you guys sooooo

    we are all fine, other than utter exhaustion (mental and physical).
    Our house at the shore suffered significant damage, but is still standing~ she is a tough
    soldier, that girl of mine! We lost entire first floor, but 2nd and third suffered minimal.
    I have pictures can post another time. We were so lucky, even tho I didn’t feel that
    way when I first saw her, I haven’t cried like that since my father died, the sight of
    such damage when it’s yours and your dearest friends is something I’ve been lucky
    enough to have never experienced before.
    We have had time to reflect on the fact that we are actually so lucky. We will rebuild.

    Our regular house suffered more damage from the Nor’easter than from the Hurricane.
    But again, so lucky.
    After not having power for over 10 days, I don’t care if every tree in town gets cut down.

    We take so many basic luxuries for granted(she’s crying again) waking up in a house
    that’s 40 degrees and praying your 86 yr old Mother doesn’t get sick, makes you so
    grateful for heat. Spending hours trying to find gas makes you think twice before you
    waste it. Throwing out hundreds of dollars worth of food makes you sick when you know
    there are so many going to sleep hungry.
    My TV has been on for only a few hours and seeing the damage that others suffered
    is devastating. I worry for Lavalady, her shore town decimated. Can anyone tell me how she is?
    I know she lives North year-round and they held up better there–she may have already

    I have not read any thing here yet, because I know I’ll never leave and still have to transfer
    stuff from coolers to fridge, vacuum, laundry, get some food in house. Shower(lol)
    check on Mom, omg- so much to do.
    I plan on coming back tonight, I hope to God I find you all healthy and happy.
    Love to ALL
    of you.

    • T-Rex says:

      {{{{{{{{{{BEV}}}}}}}} So glad you and your family are okay!!! Whoo another poster accounted for!

      • Noelle says:

        SO HAPPY to hear from you Bev!!!
        Was worried.
        I’m so sorry for all that you’ve endured, Sending prayers to you and your family.
        Give Mom a HUG from me.
        Love you sweets.

    • cocfarm says:

      Njbev, we have been worried about you and looking for you. Sosososososososososo SO glad to know you are relatively okay. Big hugs to you and welcome back.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh Dear NJBev – thank you so much for checking in. What you’ve been through…wow!!! It’s hard to imagine. Please know we were thinking of you and praying for you and saying your name everyday, hoping and praying for your safety. Welcome back, Love. How is your daughter? Oh and Lavalady has been checking in – thanks be to God, she and her loved ones are well, too.

    • Boobah says:

      NJBev!! Great to see you! I am so sorry about your shore house. Glad to hear that you are okay, powered up and finally getting warm! ((((((((((NJBev))))))))))

    • TexasTart says:

      Welcome Back! Glad to hear you are okay and I’m sorry for all you’ve endured and what you have ahead. Take care!

      • TexasTart says:

        NJBev, you should know, if someone hasn’t already done so – Cathy Conner posted a message for you on October 29 and 30th.

    • trudie says:

      Bev, I am so glad you are safe. We have been worried about you.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Bev!!!!! She’s alive!!!!! So so glad to hear from you. If you ever find time to read back in the blog, you’ll see we really have been worrying and fretting how you’re doing. So glad to know you’re ok. LavaLady has also checked in and I’m sure she’ll reply here. She’s also been without elec, as have many others, and there have been many tales of cold and boredom, and it all wearing thin on nerves. Everyone’s shore house survived, but several are like yours with 1st floors washed out. They’ll tell you, I’m sure, and you’ll see as you read. But it’s just stuff. Everything can be replaced. The most important is that you and yours are ok. (((((NJBev)))))

    • ((((NJBev))))) Just so glad you are back and “OK”! So so so many hugs!!

    • LavaLady says:

      Hi, hi, hi NJ Bev. Sounds like you have had quite an experience. Being without power for so long is not fun. I was out 8 days, but we were able to borrow a generator. We still have no cable internet or phone service. Optimun is saying two more weeks until we are back. Frustrating, but not the worst thing that could happen.

      We have no damage to our house in northern NJ. Lavallette house, well we really don’t know the extent of the damage because we have not been able to get there, although we may be able to next week. LavaSon took a jet ski ride there right after the hurricane and went inside. We also had water on the first floor. How much is hard to say, but I would guess about 2 feet. The the furniture all floated around and wound up in different rooms. We saw pictures of the outside of the house on They have posted a picture of every house in the town.

      So like me, you have a big cleanup job ahead and then a big renovation. We have flood and homeowner’s insurance; hope you have some coverage as well. I worry our little town will never be the same, and I worry for all our neighbors there.

      It is so nice of you to remember and ask about me. Everyone here was so worried about you. Glad you could finally check in.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      NJBev, sooooo good to hear from you. Hang in there, everything but you & your loved ones can be fixed or replaced. Let the tears flow, the happy grateful ones & the sad ones, it is a necessary relief. They will come & go in waves & a natural reaction. I bet your shower will be the best ever 🙂 Thanks for checking in, Lisa

    • plainviewsue says:

      Oh Bev. Your posting had me in tears. It is all just so emotional. You and your family are in my prayers. xxxxooooo

    • BB says:

      Sooooo glad you and your family are OK, NJBEV!

    • AZGirl says:

      Welcome Back NJBev. Good to know you are safe. Keep us posted!

    • KTinCT says:


    • Bev – Words are inadequate…I’m so very, very glad you’re back and you’re safe.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      (BEV) xoxoxoxooxoxo

  20. VV says:

    I wonder what is Adrienne gonna do with this…


  21. T-Rex says:

    I think it will just be LuAnn she brought drama but she did it in sneaky and away from the cameras, with the exception of being caught f***ng her French speaking Italian Johnny Depp look a like. Then tried to hide and speak in french out of camera shot, Bravo doesn’t like that, they want the drama on screen. We have a Princess that trumps the Fake-Countless. I don’t think many folks want to film with her, she has stated previously that the only interaction she has with the other ladies is when they are filming, she doesn’t really keep in touch with them outside of that. We know that Ramona and DrunkenslutSonja are BFF’s and Carole and Heather are now friends, just my two cents though.

  22. Eastbayca says:

    Good Friday evening to all.
    Was this posted here when it was first published….Bethenny’s miscarriage story…very sad.

  23. BB says:

    You guys are not going to believe this, but we came down to the OBX today and just lost power for almost 2 hours. No explanation, but the whole place was out. We’ve just gotten it back, but the people across the street and to south of us don’t have it back yet. Not a weather situation at all because today was a beautiful day. No wind or rain (or snow). Weird.

  24. Eastbayca says:

    IT IS FRIDAY…..go rescue wine stuck in a bottle!!

  25. princesspindy says:

    Me, Myself and I, are amazed at all the rain, it is pouring 😦 I have to go out in this tonight, it will be interesting to see who else shows up. Suede, I am so glad you are gone and that is was because your dress was bad and not just I could stop talking in the 3rd person!! He managed to make that model look dumpy! A better waistline and not so long…. And the pageant guy, if he had not put on the train, I think it would have been stunning, IMHO!!! lol, it is so nice to say I, I , I me, me, my, my I, I ,IIIIIIIIII!!!! IT’S ALL MEEEEEE!!!!

    NJBev, I am so glad you are alive and relatively ok!!!

  26. Nancy says:

    This might be a stupid question but why do these powerful men in this country have affairs?
    And yes I’m talking about General David Petraeus. I just don’t get it. He was an american hero.
    What a shame.

    • Are you doing okay Nancy. I’m really sorry about your friend. Knocks you off your feet, doesn’t it.

      • Nancy says:

        HI NMD,
        It sure does. She been like a sister to me for almost 40 yrs now. We have been through
        a lot together. I’m not giving up hope just yet though. She’s a fighter.

        I hope you are doing ok and that you will have a good weekend. Thank-you so much
        for all you do for us NMD. 🙂

    • lillybee says:

      I am so sorry about your friend. I hope your niece recovers from the shock of finding that body.

      The alleged mistress is supposed to be his biographer.

      • contessa says:

        It really bothers me, but I think powerful and rich men are easily seduced eventually. Rock stars have their groupies and I have read power and money are like aphrodisiacs for certain types of women. It is a shame as he built a wonderful reputation and his wife is also a very accomplished woman. She must really be hurting a lot.

    • Noelle says:

      Because he can.
      It soothes his ego, makes him feel invinciable.(sp)

      He’s a schumck. P.e.r.i.o.d.

  27. AZGirl says:

    Rise and shine everyone! Off to the gym. BBL

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