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What Do NeNe and Brandi Really think About their Castmates? by NoMoreDrama

On screen last night NeNe Leakes was happy, friendly, and a whole new person compared to the past few seasons of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said about the NeNe who was tweeting throughout the night.

First it was sort of funny when she tweeted this as Kenya Moore appeared on the screen:

But she clearly got mad when Kandi was questioning why Phaedra was hanging out with NeNe and Cynthia, and things went downhill from there (Kandi explained that they filmed just one month after the reunion, so she was still on her guard).  To set the context of who she might be talking about, both Kandi Burruss and Kim Zolciak were given spin offs from the show.

The last one was in direct response to one of Kandi’s comments, which Kandi addressed in a tweet:

After that came a string of self-centered tweets, mean retweets, and just a general downward spiral from NeNe.  Although most of the tweets had something positive about NeNe, so maybe she was just retweeting good stuff about her (along with the bad) rather than the other way around.

Then when Kandi was on Watch What Happens Live NeNe let loose with:

Then reminded fans what a star she is:

And then as Kandi discussed her comments and told viewers she supported NeNe and thought she was in a good place, NeNe responded with:

Was NeNe justified in her tweets?


Now earlier yesterday evening another housewife was busy on twitter and may regret it – but probably not.  I mentioned a few days ago that Brandi Glanville was rushed to the hospital for a gland infection.  She’s on a heavy dose of antibiotics, but decided to fly to New York for her appearance on Watch What Happens Live.  If you remember, Brandi has issues with flying, so she took a Xanax (or Zany as she fondly calls them) to take the edge off her anxiety.  One of her funnier twitter exchanges was with boss Andy Cohen:

When she got onto the plane she said she’s be taking questions.  The one I think she may regret answering is this:


Latest rumors for the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 Cast are the following (according to a blogger)

  1. Caroline Manzo is not coming back
  2. Kathy Wakile is not coming back
  3. Jacqueline Laurita will be back but in a much more limited role (and she’s in trouble over some of the comments she’s made on twitter and at the reunion regarding the Laurita legal case)
  4. Teresa will be back.  The network wants to do a spinoff on her if Joe goes to jail but she’s not that interested unless it focuses on Gia or the family.
  5. Melissa will be back but she’s also like a spinoff possibly focusing on a move to Hollywood and her rising career as a singer.
  6. Kim D will be back as a friend of a housewife

New Ladies:

  • Noelle Brescia. Friends with Kim, and definitely on “Team Teresa.”
  • Gia Casey. Gia is married to DJ Envy. She and Teresa are friendly, it is unknown if she will be an ally to Teresa.
  • Priscilla DiStasio. Priscilla is Teresa’s makeup artist and best friend

No news of hairdresser Penny or husband Johnny the Greek, or sister-in-law Sheila Giudice.

Apparently they’ve already started filming – perhaps capturing some of the Sandy relief efforts??


Watch What Happens Live Poll


Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 2 Excess Breeds Success

by RamonaCoaster

Wow, Brent is growing up. He’s riding in the limo with Nene to a gay pride parade in Los Angeles. Nene asks Brent what he thinks about moving to LA and as long as there’s basketball and football in LA, it’s fine with Brent.  Nene talks openly about the gay community to Brent and how she loves gays and how they invented everything from nail polish to weaves. When Nene arrives to the event, she rides in a white convertible with the NBC logo. She tears up when she hears people yell, “I love you Nene!” Gregg meets them and Nene was happy to see a straight man at the end of the parade.

Kenya, Candy and the lawyer meet for lunch.  Kenya shows off her donkey bootie. They talk about beauty pageants and Kenya tells them about the Jet audition at Cynthia’s. She talks about bootie cracks and coochie cracks again.  She tells them how she called her security to throw out Cynthia’s assistant when he tried to shut her down and the lawyer thinks her security is hilarious and likes Kenya immediately. Then in her talking head she comments that Kenya’s not Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston.  Candy says she wants to have more kids, and apparently so does the rest of them.

Kim plays with KJ and thinks being homeless is funny. Sweetie tells her it’s not. The nanny takes KJ away so that his momma can talk about planning where to live.  The asking price of the home they currently live in was $3.1 million but was appraised at $2.1 million.  Kim says no one pays more than the appraised price. (Really Kim?).  Kim realizes she’s living in la la land after she talks about houseboats and renting a penthouse at the W hotel. Kim states she is too busy having a baby than to find a place to live.  Sweeties says this is crazy. (Good observation Sweetie).

Kenya’s aunt comes over to see Kenya’s house. Kenya’s aunt raised Kenya, not her mother.  Her aunt speaks her mind and complains that she hasn’t met Kenya’s current beau, Walter and intimates that there might be something wrong with Walter. Kenya’s aunt asks why Kenya’s relationship with a past boyfriend, Eric, didn’t work out.  Kenya’s aunt has pulled Kenya aside after meeting a past boyfriend to tell her that he isn’t good enough for her.  Kenya starts crying because she doesn’t feel anything she does is good enough for her aunt. Her aunt calms her by saying that past boyfriend wasn’t nice and if Walter is nice then she’ll be fine with him. They clink glasses and sip red wine.

The lawyer, Nene and Cynthia meet to work out. Nene complains about working out and swinging big blue balls. Cynthia has an idea to throw a party to celebrate Nene’s success. Nene thinks only successful women should be invited. The lawyer asks if Kim can be invited and Nene agrees that she should be. (They need to interact for the show).  Nene asks about Kenya and Cynthia tells her about the Jet audition and how Kenya was disappointing.  Cynthia says she’s invited to the party but she’s done with Kenya.

Kim and Kroy celebrate Kim’s birthday on a boat ride with all her favorite food like chicken wings.  Kim realizes she is not going to have her perfect house and may have to move back to the townhouse. Kim opens her present and it’s the bracelet she borrowed for her wedding. Kroy announces it’s no longer borrowed.

Kenya is on a date with Walter.  She describes how she saw a big black snake during her running workout and she came to the conclusion the snake signifies change. The change she wants is to have babies. (So the big, black snake is more like a phallic symbol).  Walter seems nervous about the change. (Maybe his snake ain’t that big).   Walter told Kenya that he asked Candy out before.  Kenya starts to get upset and starts drinking. She thinks Candy has it in her pocket that Walter asked her out and she turned him down.  Walter thinks she’s getting upset about nothing. She gets even more upset when she mentions that Walter likes women with big butts and he agrees. (Everyone flashes a memory of Candy’s butt).

Kim and Kroy talk about placing bets on the temp of the room and who ever gets it right wins a sexual favor.  Meanwhile Kroy is talking on the baby monitor with KJ.

Candy and Todd are settling in their new home and talk about tools. The lawyer comes over to see the new house.  She talks about the workout with Nene and Cynthia’s women empowerment party. Candy can’t believe Nene and Cynthia are extending an invitation to Candy and Kim.

Cut to the party.  There are some successful, highbrow women at this party. Kim couldn’t believe it either that she had been invited to this party so she’s going to go and then leave soon after.

They admire each others dresses.  Nene makes her entrance two hours after the party starts.

Nene asks why Kim is leaving so early. Nene asks Kim to stay for 5 minutes because she’s having a baby. Kim gets the joke but still leaves early.  Nene is annoyed that Kim said she would go to the bathroom and come back but never did.

Kenya takes over Cynthia’s party with the microphone.

Kenya then asks Nene to give her a fair chance and not let her altercation with Cynthia cloud her opinion of her. Cynthia asks what year Kenya was Miss USA, before or after Vanessa Williams. Kenya then reminds everyone that Vanessa Williams was the first black Miss USA.

Nene then thanks everyone for coming and how women need to lift each other up and Candy gives her the side-eye. She’s not so sure Nene wants to be above the drama.


The Real Housewives of Miami  “A Better or Bitter Place”

Recap by Krissy S

Joanna Plays Volleyball and Vows to Stop Drinking

“Oh wait! Am I cheering for the wrong team?” – Lisa

Welcome to the 2012 Model Beach Volleyball Tournament! Joanna is playing in a celebrity volleyball tournament raising money to build wells in Africa. (There is a quick plug for Bimini Bay Bahamas Resort & Marina…is this where they will be taking their ‘Housewives’ trip this season?) She is joined by Karent and Lisa who cheer her on from the stands. Romain was invited but has not shown up to the event. Joanna tells the girls that he is still very upset for the way she treated him during Lisa’s charity event and he will not even return her text messages. They haven’t communicated in over a week. On to the beach volleyball match – lots of bikinis, sunglasses, ponytails, and ripped abs. Karent and Lisa are joking and laughing in the stands and although she loses, it looks like Joanna had a good time.

Romain finally shows up after the match is over and greets the ladies. Karent and Lisa leave them alone to talk and Romain and Joanna walk out to sit on the beach. Romain tells Joanna that she did not deserve for him to come to her game because of her behavior and she tells him that she is upset that he has been so cold to her since Lisa’s charity event. Romain is angry because he tried to defend her to Adriana and, in her drunken and crazed state, she pushed him away. The subject of alcohol comes up and Romain tells her that she is ‘out of her mind’ when she drinks and that it needs to stop. He says that when they are out together at social events, he doesn’t want her to drink. She seems on board with the idea…we’ll see.

Ana Moves Out of Robert’s Office

“It doesn’t scream ‘true grit’ if you don’t drink it from the bottle.” – Robert

Watching Ana and Robert separate is rough because they are so fun together. They seem so in tune with each other and so concerned and loving. Ana has finally made the decision to move out of the office that she and Robert have shared for years. Tears roll down her cheeks are she packs her office into boxes. (Is that a Robert voodoo doll?!) They have been practicing law together for over twenty years. Ana says that she knows it is necessary to move on, yet she is still sad and scared because it is all she knows. Robert comes in to comfort her, telling her that it is a new chapter in her life and that they will still be friends. In the past, to celebrate a big closing, they would do a shot. So they each take a shot out of the bottle to finalize the move. The lid goes on the last box, the lights are turned off, and Ana is officially moving on.

Lisa and Karent Have a Heart to Heart

“Some of the ladies have a tendency to revert every conversation back to them.” – Lisa

Lisa arrives at Karent’s home for some girl talk. She tells Karent that she has been upset because her doctors cannot figure out why her body won’t carry a pregnancy to term. She has had three miscarriages and wants a baby more than anything. Lisa begins crying saying that the reason she and Lenny got married was to start a family and he is frustrated. She feels like less of a woman, being unable to have a child. Karent tries to relate to her because she put off having a family to establish herself in her career and now she wants children. She asks Lisa what she will do if she is ultimately unable to have a child and Lisa responds that she does not know. She tells Karent that out of all the women in the group, Karent is the one that she can talk to about her struggle. They joke about getting pregnant at the same time and having a joint baby shower. It is touching to see Lisa and Karent reach out to each other and be able to offer real emotional support.

Lea Loses Leroy

“Rest in peace, beautiful Leroy.” – Maryel (Lea’s friend)

Lea is in the kitchen with her son RJ and maid Freda when she gets a phone call from the veterinarian. Her dog Leroy has taken a turn for the worse and Lea rushes out in tears to be with him. He passes away before she gets there and Lea is devastated. She has had Leroy for thirteen years and wants to give him a meaningful memorial.

Days later, Lea tries multiple times to call Freda with no response and walks out to her quarters. We hear again about the odd situation that they have – Freda has two assistant maids, a driver, and a family credit card, yet she does not seem to do much work. Freda completely ignores Lea when she walks in, continuing to read her book. Lea has to literally pull the book out of her hands to get her to make eye contact. She breaks down telling Freda that she wants to have a memorial for Leroy and Freda tells her to stop crying. It really is an odd relationship. Some time has passed and they are coming together to bury Leroy’s ashes. Adriana and her son Alex are there for support and they have a small memorial service. They all share their memories of Leroy and place his ashes in the ground.

Lisa, Daysy, and Liposuction

“Just don’t make her hotter than me!” – Lisa

Lisa brings her housekeeper Daysy to Lenny’s office for Daysy’s plastic surgery consultation. Lenny asks Daysy if she has had surgery on her stomach before and she rattles off a list of cosmetic surgeries and Lisa sits there stunned. Lisa seems completely in shock that Daysy has had so much work done – it sounds like something that Daysy should have mentioned during all of their conversations about Lenny gifting her the work. They move into the consultation room and Lisa looks over Lenny’s shoulder as he discusses the plan for surgery. When they are done, Daysy says that next time he can fix the wrinkles near her eyes. Lisa is so vulnerable, it makes you wonder if Daysy is taking advantage of her.

The Obligatory Mid-Commercial Fake Out

“Being away from Rodolfo is starting to take a toll.” – Karent

Karent is sitting in her backyard snuggling with her two parrots. She is missing Rodolfo, but says that she has her birds to keep her company. Could this be foreshadowing of the inevitable break up?

Karent Gets A Loaded Invitation

“I’d much rather smile from stress than turn into a monster like some of these women.” – Karent

Karent arrives home and finds her mother hanging out in the kitchen. She scolds her mother for letting the refrigerator get disorganized. Her mother goes for some ice cream and Karent chastises her saying that she is supposed to be on a diet and should only have two spoonfuls. She is scooping out her approved amount of ice cream when Karent’s phone rings. Alexia is calling to ask her to her home for a sit down with all of the ladies. With all of the drama that has been going on, Alexia thinks that it would be a good idea to gather everyone to clear the air. Karent is hesitant because of how things went down the last time they saw each other. As her mother is waving her hands ‘no,’ Alexia tells Karent that there will be no fighting or aggression, just the opportunity to talk and move on. Karent agrees to go. After the phone call she tells her mother that the ladies have an issue with her smiling and talking too much, but she doesn’t see that as a problem. She smiles when she is stressed. Her mother cautions her, but Karent feels comfortable going because she has Joanna and Lisa on her side.

Alexia Feeds Karent to the Wolves

“Alexia asked us all here to try to bury the hatchet. Hopefully it won’t be in somebody’s back.” – Ana

The women are arriving one by one to Alexia’s home. Some are anointing themselves with holy water, other are pouring drinks, and every one of them is on edge. There are two sides that have formed prior to the meeting: Lisa and Joanna are on Team Karent, and Adriana, Marysol, and Ana are on Team Alexia. Battle lines have been drawn. They gather at a table outside and Alexia opens saying that she has brought everyone together to talk about what has been going on and to try to work things out. Marysol immediately goes into the attack saying that the article that Karent was interviewed for personally insulted and offended her and her friends. Karent starts to defend herself and Marysol shuts her down and says that she wanted to make a statement, not have a discussion. She tells Karent that she should fire her publicist for allowing the interview. Karent again tries to explain and Alexia jumps in. Karent is frustrated and Joanna comes to her defense asking Alexia and Marysol to allow her to speak. Ana turns to Karent and says that every problem is somehow connected to her and asks her how she has managed to piss off so many people. She tells her that it would be best if Karent not talk to anyone about the ladies in the group. This time Lisa comes to Karent’s aid and says that she has been nothing but respectful and friendly to her. Karent shuts down and puts on her nervous smile which infuriates Adriana. Adriana lashes out calling Karent the Joker and complaining that Karent won’t acknowledge what is going on. Joanna tells Adriana that she is bullying Karent and talk quickly turns to the incident at Lisa’s party when Adriana smacked Joanna in the face. Tempers are flaring and voices are rising. Lea steps in to diffuse the situation and Joanna and Adriana end up apologizing to each other. Kind of. Adriana gets up to leave the party and we cut to next week.


Revenge Recap by Real Housewife of Aiken (Empress)


What What Happens Live Sunday November 11, 2012 by Kendo

Andy Cohen with Kandi Burruss, Russell Peters and bartending Funky Dineva.

Andy introduces Kandi as a songwriter, mother and sex toy goddess.  Russell Peters is a comedian.

Funky Dineva is a drag performer who blogs for Kandi.

Spill the Tea game: Any asks Russell for first thing that comes to mind of RHOA Cast.

  • Nene – Handsome
  • Phedra – Smallest Booty
  • Peter – Angry Jamaican
  • Apollo – Just got out of jail
  • Kim – Good to see bouncing back
  • Cynthia – Her and Peter butting heads
  • Kenya – I prefer the country
  • Ms. Lawrence – He/She’s always good with me

Andy asks Kandi about Kim and Sweetie’s comments. She said it made her feel bad, but she feels Sweetie is mainly responsible for feeding Kim bad racist info. She doesn’t live in the ghetto.

Caller Question for Kandi: How does your momma Joyce feel about Todd?
Response: She’s fine with it, but she’s always very protective.

Andy asks Funky Deniva the question and he says Todd is a good guy!

I figured I’d throw this in. Andy asks Russell about his interview with Rihanna where she mentions Chris Brown.

He said that they should do a record together, it would be a big hit! and
It would have a good beat!

Caller Question for Kandi about Kenya bringing drama. She says Kenya gets things set off!

Caller Question for Kandi about being two-faced concerning Nene. She says she hadn’t seen Nene since reunion and that she’s happy for Nene. She’s changed for the better this season!

Mazel: Veterans

Jackhole: Thanks Thanksgiving Video! (trying to find link)

Poll Results: Kandi wins 


Amazing Race will be in Tomorrow’s Blog – MelTheHound had a computer malfunction 😦


Monday Night Lineup, November 12th by BB

8PM – Dancing with the Stars (ABC); Basketball Wives LA (VH-1); Bones (Fox); How I Met Your Mother/Partners (CBS); The Voice (NBC); 90210 (CW); WWE Monday Night Raw (USA); Monday Night Football, Chiefs vs. Steelers (ESPN); Studio E!/Rob and Kristen: Immortal Love (E!); Long Island Medium (TLC); The Bad Girls Club Reunion Pt. 2 (Oxygen); Blood, Lies and Alibis (ID); Made in Chelsea (Style); Top Gear (BBC, 8:30)

9PM – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo); The Mob Doctor (Fox); 2 Broke Girls/Mike and Molly; Gossip Girl (CW); American Chopper (Discovery); American Pickers (History); Love It or List It (HGTV); Long Island Medium (TLC); The Bad Girls Club Reunion Pt. 3 (Oxygen); T.I. and Tiny: The Family/Chrissy and Mr. Jones (VH-1); I Didn’t Do It (ID); Dateline on OWN (OWN); Made in Chelsea (Style); Man Caves (GAC); RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race (Logo)

10PM – Start-Ups: Silicon Valley (Bravo); Teen Mom 2 (MTV); Hawaii Five-0; Revolution (NBC); Castle (ABC); Jesse James Outlaw Garage (Discovery); Pawn Stars (History); HHI (HGTV, 10:30); Long Island Medium (TLC); Vegas Strip (truTV); Diners, Drive-ins …(Food); Love Games: Bad Girls (Oxygen); Final Witness (ID); Dateline on OWN (OWN); Richard Hammonds … (BBC); Untucked All Stars (Logo)

11PM – Watch What Happens Live; Brandi Glanville and Willie Geist (Bravo)

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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning again everyone.

    LavaLady NJBev wanted to know she was asking about you. She’s gone to do some work w/the cleanup but I’m sure she’ll be back later.

  2. Good morning – sorry about the late blog but I’m not working today.
    NJBev – Cathy Conner (Lynn’s Sister) wanted to make sure you knew how thankful she was for your donation to Lynn’s son

    • NJBev says:

      Thank you, NMD
      That is very sweet of her, and I genuinely appreciate
      her going out of her way to let me know the gift was
      received. Thanks be to you as well, for relaying the
      information. I wish I could do more, I know we all
      wish we could do more for Lynn.
      Lord, I miss that woman.

      • Lavalady says:

        Hi NJBev thanks for all your kind words yesterday. They did help. We are doing fine.making phone calls lining up service people. I was very busy when I got home from work but ar 9 I’m going to relax and watch BH.

        • NJBev says:

          good for you. take it easy.
          I went back to my house today to clean.
          Cried again. House is beyond my
          capabilities. I’m not washing ceilings and
          taking sand out of toilets and try to salvage
          shower tile that had 8 ft of sand and mud water
          in them. my sinks all have sand in them as well.

          I’m going to get a service. I could have 5 of me
          and not get it done. (and I am NO slouch)

          I went to you tube a found a clip of Lavalette
          during the storm. I already cried for you….
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          not believe the damage… esp. Seaside.
          And all these sick MFers saying how we deserve

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  4. melthehound says:

    (((bluesky1forever)))!!! Happy to see you back in business! I’m sure there are a number of lurkers we never hear from so I hope they are getting back on their feet as well.

  5. Sus says:

    “Kim realizes she is not going to have her perfect house and may have to move back to the townhouse”

    Shame on me but….


    It drives me crazy watching these people spend money like it rains from heaven. One football play could end Kroy’s career.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I dont understand why she would spend all that money on her move- a hundred thousand dollars?? She must have a moving company that packs every little shit she owns. I think she is lazy and would rather pay all that money then have to wrap up her ugly china herself!!!

      • Sus says:

        I was hoping she was exaggerating the number. I’ve had packers before and yes, it is very expensive but not that much. Maybe they are paying for unpacking too. In a corporate move, they offered to pay for unpacking but I couldn’t figure out how I’d find anything. What was nice is that they came and picked up all the boxes and packing materials.

        • dickens says:

          I believe that price was for packing and storing for three or four months.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          When you have your house unpacked, you can either leave placement up to the movers or you can stand around and tell them where stuff goes. You can usually have furniture moved ONCE, but not again, so you have to be sure where you want it. I worked for a moving company in college. Unpacking was not much fun, particularly if you found something broken. ( But packing was a blast for someone who is overly curious about how others live and just the teensiest bit snoopy. (Who, me??)

          I once unpacked a block of lard in a box of kitchen goods. The seller had insisted it be packed, and they wrapped it up well, but it melted. LOL.

      • Powell says:

        I can’t believe she spent over $100k on landscaping on rental property. She didn’t have a good contract that’s for sure.

        • T-Rex says:

          Don’t believe that Kim actualy “paid” that amount, have you noticed Kim doesn’t pay her bills, someone is always paying them for her! Again, word in Hotlanta is that Kim and Kroy had to pay(were charged) a hefty sum(or Bravo paid it, which is what I personally think happened) for all the damages they did to the Rental house and property during the VERY SHORT time they were renting there filming for her spin off about getting married.

    • Powell says:

      And Kroy had a house tha was bigger than the townhouse so I don’t understand why they just didn’t live there until they really purchased a home. But if he rented that house they could’ve stayed at Kim’s. That’s a big townhouse by townhouse standards. Kim had an office that could’ve been KJ’s temp room.

  6. Good Morning Lovelies! So very good to see Bluesky back. I know everyone in the east is still struggling, so sending more warm thoughts, love and light to wrap them in. I still can’t believe that, with the outrageous fees we are charged by power companies, people are still left without power. It is unacceptable! In my city, the power companies earnings TRIPLED last quarter as the fees and deposits have risen to unbelievable amounts Grrrr. Ok, rant over. (((((East Coast)))))

    NMD – such good juice this morning. And on your day of too! You are so appreciated! 🙂

    And Ramonacoaster, great recap! I watched Atlanta last night. Boy does KJ look like his daddy! So cute. I like to see the fun Ne Ne back, but then IRL she does things like NMD reported. Sigh. Kenya? I just can’t with that woman. I hope the season does not devolve into woman fighting/bashing. Sigh again.

    Miami – I just can’t watch it. No interest here. Besides…I am saving myself for BH tonight! I can only be done by one HW show a night! 😛

    Over at my place, I did not do a new post today. Yesterday’s post attracted a bit of attention and comment, both on the blog and in a Women’s Group I held yesterday afternoon. The conversation is good (the post is one that speaks to all) so I am leaving it up for another day or two. Feel free to comment or share your story. It helps us all! Love you guys! Hugs!

  7. Vegas Chick says:

    Is it me or does Walter look a bit like ‘we don’t care’ Ken? Kenya needs to find an good aestheticcian or stop drinking or both Those closeups were kind of scary.

  8. Powell says:

    I like NeNe but then she has to spoil by tweeting ugliness. Now why in the heck is Kenya crying cause Walter asked out Kandi some time ago? Drama Queen. I’m glad NeNe extended the olive branch to Kim by inviting her to the party but why oh why did Kim bring Sweetie? NeNe thinks she’s Miss Hollywood now and is not respectful of people’s time. 2hrs late to her own party is unacceptable. If,Kim told NeNe she would talk w/her after she used the ladies room Kim should’ve spoke w/NeNe and not just left.These ladies just keep doing little things that rub each other the wrong way. They do things just like a gnat.

    • T-Rex says:

      See, I have always disliked NeNe and what you saw in the tweets is the real her, not the fake acting nice NeNe. According to folks in Hotlanta, the minute NeNe got offered the RH gig, she went into full on DIVA mode and some claim she really is acting out a character on the show, to try and get a gig as a real actress, she has always wanted to be a famous actress, well she got a gig, so it worked for her. Then when she got Apprentice, and her whole demeanor changed yet again. Some are now also claiming that the whole fake-romance with the Italian dude was a complete “fake” with the Italian guy in on it for free publicity for his chain of pizza places. Supposedly he gave her some interest in a couple of the stores in exchange for creating the fake romance stories.

      • Powell says:

        We’ve seen NeNe dramatically change season after season so I’m not surprised. T-Rex I wouldn’t be surprised about the tit for tat w/the Italian guy.

  9. LA_Debra says:

    LoL Crissy, about the doll that Anna had. My Mom has a doll like that – she calls it her Damnit Doll. You hold on to the legs, and flail it against the door jam and yell “Damnit” – or something like that – stress reliever. When I saw the doll I almost called my Mom, but since the RH is my guilty pleasure, I thought maybe not !

  10. melthehound says:

    I noticed in the listings for tonight ‘The Bad Girls Club Reunion Pt. 3’… Is that show really still on? Are they just as trashy as ever trying to live up to the moniker? … and it was trashy enough to warrant a 3 part reunion? Geeze. Talk about BS… The HWs have Nothing on these ‘women’.

    • Hey MTH your Brandi just answered my tweet. I tweeted – Did she regret her Xanax and Antibiotic induced Q & A and she answered “Nope.”

    • Powell says:

      No they don’t MTH. The Bad Girls should be called The Crazy Girls. I don’t know how girls/women can go on tv and act like that. All I think is “OMG. What do they mother’s think?”. I can’t think of the original BGs name that’s doing the reunion, but didn’t she getmarried?

      • melthehound says:

        Well, I know what I think when I see things like that…. Stay away from women and especially, drunk ones. I think I remember the one you are talking about but I haven’t seen any of this season’s shows or the reunions. She broke her leg during her season going after one of the others or something like that. IIRC, she did a wedding special when she got married. The last reunion I saw, Perez Hilton was the host(ess).

        • Powell says:

          Yeah that’s her. I’ve never watched an entire season and don’t really know what’s happening now. I may peake at it for a minute or 2 but I haven’t in a while. I just saw the promo commercial that she was doing the reunion. Out of all these female bonding reality show BGs is the most embarrassing w/BBW a very close 2nd.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I have never seen that! On what station/network do they appear?

      • melthehound says:

        Oxygen. I stumbled on it quite by accident a few years ago. Watched a couple seasons and decided it was just too trashy for even me to enjoy.

        • Powell says:

          MTH you lasted 2 seasons? Woo! You are hardcore. 🙂

          • melthehound says:

            Well not quite two full seasons. A full one and half on either side of it. Saw the last part of S2 or S3, full next season, and a few episodes of the one after that before I said this is complete and total bullshit. Not wasting anymore time with it. Oddly, that’s about the time I discovered the HWs and at the time, to me, they seemed pretty tame.

  11. T-Rex says:

    Just a picky note here regarding the idiots on the show RHAtl. Vanessa Williams was the first African American “MISS AMERICA”, not it’s cheesy(in my opinion only) counterpart MISS USA they are different pageants and Kenya is a moron for comparing herself to Vanessa Williams(in my opninion) then getting the pageants wrong. Her response should have been I won MISS USA she won MISS AMERICA. In addition Miss USA pageants should be embarrased that Kenya didn’t know that it was Carole Gist in 1990(I googled it but if I was in the pageant I would have that shite memorized!) as the first African American winner of MISS USA a full 6 years after Ms. Williams win. Sorry for the mini-rant but crap like that bugs me for some reason. Oh, and Ramonacoaster, love that you refer to she-who-shall-not-be-named as THE Lawyer, HA!

    • melthehound says:

      IIRC, Vanessa Williams was also stripped of her title for posing in Penthouse magazine. That turned out to be a good thing for her because she parlayed it into an acting career and has done quite well for herself. What are Kenya’s other claims to fame? All I know of her right now is ‘coochie crack’ (because I’m not watching the show but did catch that part of the premier).

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Really? I had to LOL when I read ‘coochie crack’ – – not good when I’m supposed to entering boring data…LOL!!!

      • You are right MTH….when that happened to Vanessa Williams it was a major scandal. I recall watching it when I was a youngun’. Nowadays…that would get her a spot on HW’s or her own show. How times have changed. Kenya wishes in her wildest dreams that she could even touch the hem of Vanessa Williams’ ball gown! Her “accomplishments” are only in her own head…..which I am guessing is a dangerous place to be!

      • T-Rex says:

        Yes, she was stripped of her crown for strippin down and doing some nekkid pics with another woman. Now, she didn’t pose for Penthouse, the photographer who told the young 19 year old Vanessa that these were “art” shots, SOLD them to Penthouse the minute Vanessa was crowned Miss America a few years later, to make some big dough on the back of Ms Williams. Still, I know a few girls in the pageant circuit back in my highschool and college years and they knew their stats on who was who, and who won what year, etc. It was droned into their heads during pageant training, at least for Miss America. Miss USA well they let anyone basically try out for that one, they don’t have to have the credentials needed for Miss America, again this is only my opinion.

        • Ahhh, right….thanks for clarifying the Vanessa Williams thing T-Rex! You have a better memory than me! 😦

          • T-Rex says:

            It’s one of those random useless memories that roll around in my head for safekeeping apparently, HA! Actually like I said earlier some highschool aquaintances of mine were going out for Miss America at the time, and so they talked about this all the time. Like how stupid she was for posing for any pictures nekkid when you are going out for MA, art shots or not. Back then they didn’t really have these “coaches” like they do today. But those girls took tons of workshops, classes, etc. they went through mountains of paperwork and background checks to even be eligible for MA, and at that time College was a requirement, you had to either have a degree or be currently enrolled, Miss USA however you don’t do any of that.

        • melthehound says:

          I knew Penthouse was involved somewhere but now that you’ve reminded me of how, you’re correct. I remember it that way too. Never saw the pictures though 😉

      • Eastbayca says:

        I checked Kenya’s IMDb….she has been in several movies/tv shows, produced a number of movies, directed one ….why she would want to be on RHOAtl when she wants to start a family and all is beyond me, Bravo’s editing can be very unflattering.

      • Orson says:

        Mel, your Vanessa Williams timeline is a bit off. Before she was Miss America, VW posed for some photographs. After she won the pageant, Penthouse bought the photos and published them. But yes, she was stripped of her title and she made a comeback from that.

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex you are so right. That’s why I said Kenya believes her own hype. Believes she’s all that. Kenya doesn’t care to know her facts regarding Miss USA & Miss America if it has nothing to do w/her. She’s a disappointment to me too.

      • T-Rex says:

        I am not watching RHAT just reading the blogs and could tell right away that this Kenya is a “bust”, in my opinion.

        • Orson says:

          Kenya strikes me as another Marla (Marlo?). I don’t think I’ll care much for her. I’d like to see her go against NeNe, since I don’t like NeNe much either. And re Kenya, I don’t think NeNe will physically intimidate her.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            In terms of having that “shock value” type of personality, yes, she’s another Marlo. BUT, Marlo had how many arrests? I don’t think Kenya can say the same. As unimpressed as some might be with k’s career up to now, she actually HAS WORKED – modeled, acted, produced, directed. She has done more productive things than Marlo has – so in terms of their work ethic, I don’t think she’s another Marlo.

  12. Powell says:

    Lisa-“It was a few clowns short of a circus”. The dinner party from hell at Camille’s. 🙂

  13. Kat from Ohio says:

    just curious…. ramonacoaster, why do you call phaedra “the lawyer” in your recaps? is it because you don’t like her?

    thought both episodes were enjoyable, but i don’t have much to say about either. i thought that NeNe did seem genuine in approaching Kim and thought Kim was trashy. Kim is a housecat–full of importance with little to do.

    She’s basically taking on the NeNe attitude/role of last year and damn, was that BORRRRING watching NeNe film by herself last season. The sooner she’s off the show, the better. I love Kandi, but I’d like to also mention that I can understand NeNe’s tweets. The two really have never gotten on that much so I didn’t see the tweets as TOO mean. It wasn’t like NeNe was making the classic mistake of being sweet in person and vicious in the interviews. Kandi and NeNe have always known where they stand with one another.

    • Powell says:

      I was wondering why “the lawyer” instead of using Phaedra’s name.

      I thought NeNe’s tweets were mean. Why does NeNe even want to go there? She’s getting the career she’s wanted and sending mean tweets is not going to help her. NeNe doesn’t have a lock down on Hollywood. She’s still auditioning so to speak to be a part of it all.

  14. Powell says:

    Adrienne- “I’m not that really good with drama with women.” BH. Well she sure brought it last season & this season will be a doozie.

  15. When I lived on Oahu I had two friends who would do stuff for all my friends and not want money in return. If you drove up and your car was making a funny sound they would check it out and find what’s wrong, tell you where you could get the parts cheap and fix it for you and refuse to take your money. I can’t even tell you all the times they fixed my car and even stripped and primed it when I was getting it repainted so I wouldn’t have to pay the extra fee for that. When I moved they helped me move my stuff and stay at one of their houses till my place was ready. The day I moved in one of the guys set up my room for me. I had been trying to get food for everyone that helped and I wondered where he was and i went in my room to find my bed set up, the entertainment system set up with my tv and stereo hooked up and he was putting the books on my shelf. I had no idea he would do that. Those are really good friends. I had no idea a move where the movers packs your stuff costs so much money. Even when I moved here my company paid for it cause they needed me to move for work. Yikes that is some expensive stuff. Meanwhile maybe I should open a moving company. Lol. But the amount that they wanted for Kim seems outrageous. But there are businesses that only cater to rich people and they become filthy rich cause some rich folks pay for dumb crap.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah that was outrageous. It cost less than 2 grand when I moved to the house I’m in now. They did take my clothes out of the closet and put themin hanging boxes and put them in my closet in my new house. They didn’t pack up the kitchen. We had done that. But I guess if you have them clear all you kitchen cabinets, dishes, electronics, etc it can be costly but I think the movers knew Kroy and Kim’s names and was trying to take advantage.

      • mrspeabody says:

        A full move for a house that size, plus the containers, the packing and unpacking, plus 3 months SIT storage is going to cost a pretty penny even after all the discounts. That is a big house with alot of stuff in it. If I remember right on my last comment about it it will probably take about 3 or 4 full size trucks (53′ trailers) to move all that (around 800 cartons to pack and unpack) And no movers do not try and take advantage of people just because they know their names. At least not legit movers.

  16. stellastars21 says:

    With all the damage and loss going on in the East Coast, I didn’t wanna seem like I’m complaining when I really have it good here in Hawaii but I miss watching these Bravo shows. The week before ATL and BH and Top Chef started we had to cut our cable down to the most basic package and Bravo is not apart of it. My laptop needs a new video card I think cause everything is neon green and blurry. And my mom’s laptop won’t let me download the Adobe flash so I can watch videos on her computer so I got nothing. Thank you so much to everyone who blogs so I can at least know what’s happening on these shows. ATL and BH and Top Chef are my favorite Bravo programs so of course they would come on when we have to cut back lol. I’m even missing Project Runway cause no Lifetime either.

    • Powell says:

      stella I understand you having to cut back. But isn’t it a bit*h that you can’t even watch on your laptop now? Detox, MTH and now you have had computer problems. And yes us complaining about not being able twatch these crazy shows for one reason or another is just silly but tv is what it is, informative and an escape and we all need an escape. And you know although it’s such tra trivial thing, when the people that have lost their homes begin to get back on their feet and get into new homes they will want their tv too. Even if it’s the kids w/Sesame Street, cartoons, playing video games, the adults watching mindless HWs, Amazing Race, Two & A Half Men, or football, baseball, basketball or soccer. They will want to escape for just a little while.

      • stellastars21 says:

        Thank you for that. You are right. I do like coming home to a tv show I like. Not that I live for tv but I drive 1 hr each way to work and back home and work 8 hrs in between and sometimes I just unwind and watch my shows. Hope you have a great day Powell.

        • Powell says:

          An hr each way? The most for me was 40 minutes and that was once a week. Now It’s 20 minutes going to work, 30 minutes coming home and that’s cause it’s after 4pm. I’d be on Prozac if I drive an hr each way esp w/the crazy way people drive.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            20 minutes for me too, whether I walk or drive. In fact, coming home if I hit the lights right when I walk, I can do it in 15 — it’s steeply downhill.

  17. plainviewsue says:

    Don’t watch Atlanta, but wanted to comment on the possible NJ cast shakeup. The blogger that was quoted above just tweeted that Priscilla, Teresa’s hair dresser, will not be joining the show.

    If it mean’s that Melissa and her family get away from Teresa and hers, let her have her spinoff show in California. It will fail.

    Can’t wait for BH tonight!!!

  18. california35 says:

    i am glad i did watch Miami, it sounds like besides the cat fights, there were pretty sad scenes 😦

  19. melthehound says:

    Melissa will be back but she’s also like a spinoff possibly focusing on a move to Hollywood and her rising career as a singer.

    Aaaahaahahaahaaa Ha HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 😆

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Don’t get me started – – – Hold on, I’m gonna join you in your laugh fest: hahahahahahahahahahaha (now in spanish) jajajajajajajajajajajjaja (now in Santa Clause) hohohohohohohohohohohoho (now in German) hehehehehehehehe (now in evil) muahahahahahahahahahahaha (now in French) hihihihihihihihihihihihi (now in Hungarian) kac-kackac-kackac-kackac-kackac-kac (now in Russian) ха-ха-хаха-ха-хаха-ха-хаха-ха-хаха-ха-ха!

  20. AZGirl says:

    I am trying to watch some video’s from last night’s Atlanta on Bravo. Why does Bravo even have these video’s posted? I am on my laptop and the site is slow and messed up! I cannot believe in this day and age Bravo’s site is so antiquated. Come on Ms. Andy get some good tech guys and clean it up.

    • Powell says:

      I know the Bravo wanted the site for the fans but whoever handles the site sucks. The last time I was on there they still had shows on the lineup that have been cancelled. They do a very poor job of maintaining a site that’s an extension to the network. If they don’t care about it they should shut it down.

  21. justanothermary says:

    ok, am I actually posting? I’ve been trying for months.

  22. lainey, i’m so impressed with you. by-lingual is good but multi-lingual is amazing. lol i loved your post. still not holding my breath waiting for the great singing career.

  23. Powell says:

    Bravo is really trying to get us to like Silicon Valley. It’s been on 4 times already.

    MTH I see Teen Mom 2 is premiering soon. I’m looking forward to it.

  24. NJBev says:

    I just gotta say to NoMoredrama…..
    thank-you thank-you thank-you
    I love that you keep us posted on the tweets of the housewives!!
    How dumb of NeNe… she went from clearly being a fan favorite
    to fan foe in a matter of minutes by letting her dumb-ass temper
    getting the better of herself. She ALWAYS DOES this….. all
    this good work and then something sparks her off and KABOOM!
    there blows NeNe.
    and if NMD didn’t keep us up to date, many of us would not know
    this. someone take the twitter away from NeNe on Sunday evenings.

    ok -got to go finish rest of blog.

  25. Eastbayca says:

    For those interested Photos of the RHONY ladies having fun before all-hail-Adiva arrived.

  26. Lavalady says:

    Welcome back blue
    We missed you

  27. amalfi says:

    I love Nene – that crazy giant – mostly because I don’t really watch Atlanta. In my head she and Kim and still friends and all is right with their self-absorbed world.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Amalfi! It is great to see you? Where you been lately? Hope all is well. “That Crazy Giant” – no surprise, you made me laugh! 😀

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