Exclusive Interview with Couples Therapy Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen / Million Dollar Decorators / Dancing with the Stars

Exclusive Interview with Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen from Couples Therapy


Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen are appearing on Season 2 of Couples Therapy.  Last week’s episode heavily featured the couple, and with all the comment and questions on the Blog I asked Simon if he’s answer some questions for us.

Before we get to the questions, I wanted to share what Simon wrote in the email about LuLu’s blogging the show:  “Thank Lulu and her husband for doing the Couples Therapy blogs.  Having both a wife & a husband writing has added to the Venus/Mars context of any (heterosexual) married couple.”

I’d like to thank both Alex and Simon for taking the time to answer our questions.  As you will see, they gave thoughtful, thorough answers to our questions.  They also gave a gentle reminder (in the JoJo and Tiny question) that much of what we read in the tabloids is rumor – beware of “unnamed” sources.  With that – please enjoy the interview.

Questions were from me (NoMoreDrama -NMD), LuLu and LoveMamaEarth (LME) who was watching the show and commenting as I was putting together the questions.

NMD.  Let’s start with a silly question.  I have to ask about the Speedo.  After all the grief you got about wearing a Speedo on The Real Housewives of New York in Season 1, didn’t you think twice about being filmed in one on Couples Therapy?

Simon:    When we packed, all we knew was that we might be in LA for as long as 21 days and would be filming 24/7.  I didn’t know whether I’d need a Tuxedo or Speedos, so I took both and just about everything in between.  I took several pairs of board shorts and in addition that pair of Speedos, as, well ….. you just never know.  When Courtney & Doug left the house, it was hot, I felt like a swim and I thought I’d make a statement about attire that’s appropriate for the venue; in this place a swimming pool, and I did.  Did I also guess that that footage would probably end up being used on air?  Damn right – may as well use some of this Reality TV experience I’ve gained while I am still in front of the camera!

Alex:    I think the world would be a better place if more men felt comfortable enough in their own skin to wear speedos.

NMD: How long were you in the Therapy House?

Simon:    We were in LA for just under three weeks and in the house for a little more than two weeks.

Lulu:  Did Dr Jenn behave differently in her therapy once the camera was off?

Alex, Simon, and Dr. Jenn

Simon:    No, that’s one thing I can say for certain, the Dr Jenn you saw on screen was same as the one that we always saw.  Remember the cameras were always on in every session from beginning to end and she, like us, had really no idea at that time what footage would make it to air.  In addition, all the rooms including the bedrooms had 360 degree cameras mounted in the ceiling, that were recording 24/7.  The only time we were free of cameras was in the bathroom and even in there, there were microphones taped to the ceiling to listen in!

Alex:    Agreed, and I’d open that up to say that almost everyone behaved exactly the same way throughout.

LuLu: Was there more animosity between the rest of the cast and “Dourtney” than was shown?

Simon:     Not really, most of it made it to air; generally we all just tried to co-exist and they only really got up our goat in group.  In this week’s episode, I’m guessing based on the previews, you’ll see an argument between Doug & me that occurred just after they returned from exile.   Prior to that when Courtney was out of the house (she could only be on set 7 hours each day) Doug would hide in his room and had very little interaction with any of us.

Alex:    Nope, you saw the worst of it.

NMD: We (people commenting on the site) were a little taken aback by Dr. Jenn’s behavior after “Dourtney” left the house.  She seemed to be blaming you (the other couples) for her inability to get through to them.  What did you feel at that time about her behavior?  How do you feel about it now that you’ve had a chance to watch the episode?

Simon: In the very first group session on Day 1, I had a go at her about them being cast on the show, and presumably as it was too close to the 4th wall, wasn’t shown.  Given Alex & I had four years of Reality TV experience, we were wise to the many tricks producers have up their sleeves.  Fortunately, the casting (and perhaps return) of Dourtney was the only trick played by VH1.  In that first post-Dourtney session Alex was damned pissed with Dr Jenn and forcefully said her piece.  I was more dismissive when I said something like “OK you’ve had your little ‘Lord of the Flies’ experiment, can we move on now” which upset her, but I do think blind Freddy could have predicted what transpired with the house splitting 8 to 2.

NMD:  Does Alex regret stuffing the dollars in Courtney’s outfit?

Alex:    Given everything that happened before and after…no.  Did we all regress to being 17?  Yes.  If we had it all to do again, would it play out with a similar level of intensity?  Yes.

NMD: JoJo and Tiny were on the show with you.  They’ve just announced that they are getting a divorce.  Have you kept in touch with them since the show stopped filming?  What is your reaction to the news of their divorce?

Simon:    I’ve not seen that confirmed and I’m more than aware that the internet is always rife with rumors that aren’t true, and therefore won’t comment more than that.

Alex: Please remember that just because a gossip website announces something, doesn’t mean it’s true.  You can’t say that “they announced it” unless they actually did.  Unnamed sources could be anybody saying anything.

LoveMamaEarth:  Is therapy harder when the parents are deceased?  Were there things you would have liked to discuss with your parents (like Alex got a chance to talk through with her mom)?

Simon:    I won’t go into it here, but I had a child hood trauma associated with my father’s death when I was five that irked me for years.  I left Australia in 1986 and since then have not had a great deal of face time with my Mother, at least not face time when such memories can be discussed. However when I traveled to Australia alone in 2007 (during filming for RHoNY Season 1), for my Mother’s husband’s funeral, I broached it with her then.  I’m not sure her answer changed my viewpoint on it 37 years after it occurred, but perhaps now that I am also a parent, I can appreciate that she made a decision that at the time she thought was best.  I was 5 when my father died, which in of itself doesn’t make therapy harder, but it causes you memories one would rather not have.

LME: Did Alex’s breakthrough with her mother help your relationship?

Simon:    No, at least not yet.  As those scenes have only aired recently, I suppose that’s still a moving issue.  I was thrilled that her mother joined Alex in LA.  Alexis had filmed in Season 1 RHoNY but her scenes at Francois’ 4th birthday with us & Bethenny were cut, as having Alexis on film would have been counter productive to the ‘story’ Bravo were constructing around us as the ‘wannabe outsiders’.

Alex:    It’s probably all relative in the long run, but there have definitely been wonderful conversations that Mom and I have had following the filming as well as the airing of those moments.

LME: In the end, did having Courtney as part of the group hinder or help with your progress?  Did you feel Dr Jenn was helpful overall?

Simon: I don’t think it hindered but it most definitely didn’t help.  If anything their presence sucked up a lot of oxygen and meant we wasted time discussing them when we would have been better off discussing important things.

Alex:    They really tried to hijack the group process, but in the end (speaking for us anyway) we got what we needed.  There was plenty of time that they weren’t around due to Courtney being off-set and Doug hiding while she was away.

LME: What was the hardest thing about being in the lime light? What was the hardest thing about losing the lime light? And were those things different for Alex?

Simon:    When we burst onto the scene in January 2008, we did so via a 30 min RHoNY preview that Bravo then aired incessantly until the first episode aired in early March.  That preview contained just 22 minutes of footage and about four minutes was on each of the five cast members and their families.  Each four minute segment utilized the most stereotypical footage of each wife, as well as footage that, particularly without the benefit of context, made each look foolish.  At least that was the case for four; as the show was being edited and put together one cast member was hand picked by Bravo to receive the Greek Chorus edit and to her credit she ran with it and still is!

Once that preview aired and then as the season progressed we suddenly went from not being recognized to effectively having no privacy whatsoever.  If you’re a highly paid film star you can probably afford to deal with those consequences but first season of Reality TV shows then paid a pittance and as such we’d lost so much for so little but you can’t turn the clock back.

I’m not sure we’ve lost the limelight yet, whatever that is, but when we do I’ll let you know.  If we do nothing else on television, I think it’ll take about three years to fade from memory.  Then maybe we can do another VH1 show – ‘Where Are They Now!’  😉

Alex:    Whether as an actress or a reality personality, I’ve always barely tolerated the “limelight” part of it.  Although I love the actual work of broadcasting, making movies, TV shows and theatre, the public appearance part of it really gives me hives.  While it’s fair to say that many people enjoy walking red carpets and attending parties, I don’t like that part of it.  BUT, until we re-invent the industry, it’s part of the gig.

NMD: What’s next for Simon and Alex?

Simon:    That chapter’s still being written, but if Couples Therapy is the last Reality TV show we do, I’d rather have it on my epitaph than RHoNY.  Putting aside the D&C freak show side of it, this show was a truly moving and positive experience for Alex, me, Alex & me and Alex & her Mother and that’s something I can not say for our time on RHoNY.

Alex:    I remember having a heart-to-heart with one of the Couples Therapy producers, who said they hoped we’d have a corrective experience with CT, and I think we absolutely did.  I’m really enjoying covering pop culture for various media outlets (currently doing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Celebuzz ( See it here ) and writing.  I have also really enjoyed the various Mom’s panel projects for outlets like Café Mom, and a new show that will begin airing later this month – as soon as I get the press release for that I’ll share it with you.

Thanks again Alex and Simon!  NMD


Million Dollar Decorators by JoJoBinxsMom

The second season of Million Dollar Decorators is here.  I must admit, this was a guilty pleasure of mine last year and couldn’t wait for the second season to premier.  While last season we were invited into the extravagant decorating world of Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Mary McDonald, Kathryn Ireland, Jeffrey Alan Marks and Nathan Turner, this season we are down to four designers losing out on Nathan Turner.

The first episode opens with Kathryn Ireland at home with her sons in light conversation of her overnight trip with her French maid Jacqlene to Santa Barbara.  In typical guy style, Kathryn’s sons think of a logical activity while mums out of town, PARTY.  Jacqlene could completely care less as she is promised wine and really all other conversation is really of no concern to her.

Next up to grace us with their presence is the big dog in town, Martyn Lawrence Bullard.  See he is very important and you must say his entire name.  I mean for Pete’s sake he’s the top designer in the world, or America, or the world…….. Or who the hell knows.  He greets his partner from the balcony and tells him he will be down for tea.  See that’s something only the big dogs do.  Us regular folk would just walk to the courtyard and have the tea!  Martyn and his partner discuss how they wish they were still in Fiji.  Martyn then discusses that he is going away to New York to meet up with Tamara Mellon, none other than Jimmy Choo herself to finish up work on her very grand apartment.

Across the great metropolis that is Los Angeles, we see Mary McDonald who by the way is my favorite on the show.  She’s quick and funny and in the design game where you deal with very rich opinions all day, quick wit is a must.  Mary arrives at the home of her client Margie.  Margie is very rich.  Not Nene rich, but rich RICH!  She is wanting Mary to decorate the guest house which consists of two bedrooms, a living room and a small sitting room.  For some reason right away I could smell the difficulty oozing off of Margie, and well I was right.  Margie wants lavender, lilac and creams.  Caramels and teaks.  Then in one room to make her guest really think she has lost her mind, she wants bright colors, red.  She wants it to sing.  Liberace style.  Mary gives her the stare of death as she had something a bit different in mind.  Mary would prefer the entire guest house to be California Beachy.  Soft, classic colors and style.  Layering of textures.  This apparently is all too much for Margie the Queen, oh sorry I mean Margie the client and she begins to ignore Mary and have a conversation with her dog Monty and of course asking his input because the dog has a background in design.  Mary the dog lover herself is looking at this charade but plays along because in this field that’s just what you do.  She goes in to talk to Monty and he almost snaps her nose off.  What a lovely little guy that Monty is.

Bedroom – Before

Bedroom – Before


We are off to New York with Martyn Lawrence Bullard as he arrives to his clients Tamara Mellon’s home, the home that Jimmy Choo built.  It’s a beautiful 9,000 sq. ft. apartment that only cost $30 million.  Can you imagine?  In any case, the apartment is gorgeous.

Martyn says that the apartment has been a work is progress for the last two years and he and Tamara are coming up on the final stage, the dining room and Tamara’s 10 year old daughter’s room Minty.  Rich people have great names.  This phase of the project has a budget of a million.

Tamara has finally gotten the okay from her 10 year old daughter to change the dining room which is currently the play room back into the dining room so that she may host sexy New York dinners.  Tamara, not the ten year old Minty.

In exchange for sacrificing so much just to please her mother, Minty will be getting a new bedroom designed by Martyn.  Oh what a lovely life.

Back in Los Angeles, Mary and Margie go shopping for furniture.  Margie spots a woven rush rope chair that she loves.  She sits in it and is asked if it is comfortable.  She could care less as it is going into the guest house.  The sales associate tells Margie she must spend at least one night in the guest bedroom so that she gets an idea of what her guest might feel when staying over.  The sales associate ask Mary if she has done that in her own home and Mary replies that if she had it wasn’t on purpose, she just might have been too drunk to get upstairs.  See, and lines like that is why I love her.We check in with Kathryn who stops at a job site in Ojai before her relaxing trip to Santa Barbara with Jacqlene.  You gotta love Jacqlene.  While Kathryn is in conversation with the contractors, Jacqlene stumbles in to let Kathryn know its wine time and that she will be waiting in the car, or by the gate.  I guess whichever is closer to the wine.  Me seems to think she doesn’t need any more wine.  Slightly embarrassed, Kathryn okays her away and tries to finish her conversation with the contractors.

In New York, Martyn’s client Tamara has received the boards for the design and is in love with them.  Martyn arrives to go into further detail about what he wants to do with the dining room and Minty’s room.  In the dining room, Martyn uses design terms such as 70’s glamour and disco frenzy to describe what he would like to achieve.  This will include a white marble table.  So far, not too bad.  Red leather dining chairs.  Okay, now I’m getting a little nervous.  Black patent leather drapes.  Okay, what the hell?  Tamara is not fazed by any of it and loves it and admits that the 70’s is her favorite decade.  Then the design moves on to Minty’s room.  Since Minty no longer is into pink and would like blue and purple, Martyn has come up with a rather cute design.  Minty will have a lovely four poster purple bed that will house a desk below.  Blue geometric wallpaper and a silver ceiling.  So far I am on board with the design of Minty’s room.  I just am not sure about the dining.

Martyn goes out shopping for Tamara.  First things first is the white marble dining table which is going to be custom made and comes to a cost of $50,000.  Next up are other items for the dining room.  The Paul Evans dining chairs coming in at a cool $20,000.  Then there are the chandeliers easing in at $28,000.  These numbers seem pretty out there for items but what you must know is that there are two sets of pricing.  A list or retail price and then there is the designer or net price.  For the sake of drama, I am guessing they were listing the retail pricing on screen in which Martyn paid considerably less when he walked out the door with these items.  We have to get back to the dining table which became the bone of contention for most of this episode.  The table was a 3,000 lb white marble slab that Martyn soon found out would take a miracle to get into the apartment.  In fact, it was going to take $10,000, shutting down busy New York streets, some permits, a crane and the grace of God to get that table into the apartment.  But before all of that could happen, everything in the apartment had to be done.  Of course on the day the table arrives, nothing is done.  Because Martyn only has the crane for two hours, he is going to have to bring in the beautiful black and white rug, place it then yank that ridiculously heavy table over the terrace and place it.  Cover the table and rug and pray the painters don’t get bright red paint all over it.  The install was turning into a nightmare minute by minute.

Kathryn makes it to Santa Barbara only to visit a winery in which Jacqlene hits on the man serving them.  She tells him he has beautiful eyes and a beautiful face and that he should give his number so that she can call him.  Jacqlene is great.  She wastes no time and goes right for the jugular. Of course the server looks uncomfortable and doesn’t know what to say so he just nervously continues to talk about the wine as if he didn’t get undressed with Jacqlenes wine filled eyes.  Kathryn enjoying every bit of this tells the man he should move to France where older women are more desired.  If the server could, he would have just dropped the bottle and ran.

Jeffrey Allan Marks makes a very small appearance with his younger lover boy toy that made no sense and frankly I am not sure why Bravo even put it in the episode.  Basically they are both in a wine cellar sipping wine and saying how tired they are and somewhere in there ice cream comes up and then just as soon as they were there, they were gone.

Mary is at Margie’s house to oversee the application of the grass cloth wallpaper.  Mary is not a fan of the color as it is puke green.  Something only someone needing an exorcist would love.  Margie decides to grace them with her lovely presence and brings along her good friend Monty, the snappy designing dog.  When Margie walks in she immediately hates the wallpaper.  Of course, she thinks it’s to green.  She wants to know who picked it.  I’m sure in Mary’s head she is thinking “you did, you crazy lune” but reminds Margie politely that she signed off on it.  Margie being the least forgetful person says she did not and wants it taken down.  Mary and the man applying the wallpaper remind Margie that all of it has been cut and would be very expensive to replace.  Like in the ball park of $10,000. Margie doesn’t care and with a frustrated look as if she has to re-do the work demands that the wallpaper be taken down.  Oh, and that little monster Monty snaps again.  A muzzle wouldn’t hurt for that dog or Margie at this point.

Back in New York the table is in, however the fireplace is not.  Martyn has already written a check to a man who was to design the fireplace and install it.  At this point he is nowhere to be found.  Martyn sends his assistant Leura (by the way, what happened to just regular spelling of names) to the location where the fireplace is being built.  Of course when Leura arrives, it’s a residential address and doesn’t look like much of anything is being built here.  All Martyn can do at this point is notify the police and find something to cover up what is essentially a gaping hole in the middle of a polished dining room.  Martyn finds a gold console that in any other room would be over the top but in the Disco Frenzy dining room makes sense.

Dining After

Bedroom After

Finally after all the headaches on the project, Martyn has completed it and is time to reveal to Tamara and Minty.  Tamara loves the dining room and can’t wait to entertain.  The red walls pop against the classic white trim.  The patent leather drapes aren’t so bad except for the fact that they are patent leather.  Really I think Martyn could have achieved the same look with polyester drapes.  Polyester came out of the 70’s too right?  The table is gorgeous and is the staple for the dining room.  The red leather dining chairs are wonderful against the dining table.

Off the Minty’s new room.  Minty and Tamara both love it.  It really was a beautiful space when was said and done and was definitely fit for a soon to be teenager.

Back in LA its installation day at Margie’s and Mary is there to oversee it all.  She hopes that Margie will not show up while installing and display all of her crazy so they rush to get it all done.  As the last items are being placed, Margie walks in.  There is no expression on her face which immediately changes the expression on Mary’s.

Margie is silent and expressionless for so long that Mary ask her well do you like it.  Margie, slow to reply says yes she does.  The first bedroom has soft browns and beiges mixed in with great texture from the rugs to the walls.

The second bedroom is muted with pops of lilac to keep the eye going.  The living room was pretty much tone on tone.  Very muted but like the bedroom, lots of texture in the furniture and rugs.

Margie mentions that she likes everything except that she would like to put up one her hideous painting that in the room just looks like a complete mistake.


Week 8 Dancing with the Stars All-Stars, Veterans Day Elimination By COCFarm

Sorry to be MIA yesterday.  Life happens.  But to catch up to where we were last week, the first set of scores below were from last week.  The second set of scores is what the dancers were awarded in two separate dance sequences. The first was a classical ballroom dance that honored our veterans.  The second was a Latin dance that employed an extra dancer, referred to as a trio dance.

  • Apolo & Karina: 33 + 58.5= 91.5/100
  • Emmitt & Cheryl: 34.5 +58=92.5/100
  • Kirstie & Maks: 28 + 51= 79/100
  • Kelly & Val: 36 + 56.5 = 92.5/100
  • Melissa & Tony: 39 + 60 = 99/100
  • Shawn & Derek: 38 + 55.5 = 93.5/100
  • Gilles & Peta:  33.5 + 58.5 = 92/100

Melissa was high scorer, getting a perfect 60 out of 60.  The rest were pretty tight with the exception of Kirstie who cemented her position at the bottom of the leader board.

In the elimination, we first find that Melissa and Shawn are safe.  Neither has to worry through the rest of the show.

One person of the remaining two women will be going home.  It is between Kelly and Kirstie.  Kelly looks on the verge of passing out.  But luckily, she is safe and Kirstie is at long last heading home.  She handles the news with humor and expresses her gratitude to have had the opportunity to participate in the show a second time.

At the end of the show, it’s down to the three men and one will be going home.  I felt pretty secure it would be Apolo, just because he’s been there before, but alas, it is Gilles who has danced his last dance.  He is also gracious, thanking Peta and his wife.

Next week, in the semi final round,  each star will need to create two dances again.  In the first, each dancer will perform to Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad.’ Their second dance, which is one they have never danced before, is paired with a theme:

  • Melissa & Tony: “Caveman” Hustle
  • Shawn & Derek: “Night Rider” Bangra
  • Apolo & Karina: “Big Top” Jazz
  • Emmitt & Cheryl: “Espionage” Lindy Hop
  • Kelly & Val: “Surfer” Flamenco

Caveman hustle makes me laugh.  It will be interesting to see how these work out.  It seems to me as though almost all of the competitors just seem stressed and exhausted anymore.  But the quirky dances are keeping it fresh for me.

See you next week for week 9.  Stay safe.


Wednesday Night Lineup, November 14th by BB

8PM – Survivor (CBS); The X-Factor (Fox); Arrow (CW); Whitney/Guys with Kids (NBC); The Middle/The Neighbors (ABC); Baggage Battles (Trvl); A-List Listings (E!);

9PM – Life After Top Chef (Bravo); Criminal Minds (CBS); Supernatural (CW); Law and Order SVU (NBC); Modern Family/Suburgatory (ABC); Moonshiners (Discovery); The Houstons: On Our Own (Life); Toy Hunter (Trvl); Ghost Hunters (SYFY); South Beach Tow/Operation Repo (truTV); Border Wars (NatGeo); Who the Bleep Did I Marry? (ID); Not My Mamma’s Meals (Cook);

10PM – Top Chef (Bravo); Couples Therapy (VH-1); CSI (CBS); Chicago Fire (NBC); Nashville (ABC); Moonshiners (Discovery); Duck Dynasty (A&E); My Life is a Lifetime Movie (Life); Chili Paradise (Trvl); Cajun Pawn Stars (History); Deals from the Dark Side (SYFY); The Soup (E!); HHI (HGTV); Conspiracy Theory (truTV); Restaurant Stakeout (Food); Hell on the Highway (NatGeo); Eddie Murphy: One Night (Spike); Battle of the Seasons (MTV); The Devil You Know (ID); Undercovery Boss (OWN); American Horror Story (FX)

11PM – LOL Work (Bravo); 11:30 PM – WWHL; Gail Simmons and Peter Facinelli


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Happy Birthday Deco


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  5. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday Deco! Thank you NMD, JoJo, COCFarm and BB for all you do. Loved the interview with Simon and Alex. I have not watched CT just because I get frustrated with shows who have therapist on them. Forget Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz or any other. I just don’t enjoy watching them. BUT Lulu’s and her husband blog has been FANTASTIC. Have two perspectives on what is filmed is really great.

    I have always like Simon and Alex. They are honest.
    @NMD thanks for adding the recipe page. Hope everyone contributes. This time of year we are all looking for some different recipies to serve during the holidays.

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    Great interview NMD! But I am not surprised that Simon seemed to do most of the talking. I think he is the one that does not want to give up the spotlight, way more than Alex.

    I thought him saying he was more proud of Couples Therapy than his time on RHONY was extremely biting. If not for RHONY, nobody would know who he was. He seems to forget that it was his wife, NOT HIM, who was one of the “stars” of RHONY. Simon wants his own reality show.

    Not a fan. Still like Alex.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Simon’s obsessed with being on t.v. and being ‘famous’ or ‘infamous’. He’s very similar to Jill, IMO. Simon, your 15 minutes are up. It doesn’t take people 3 or 4 years to forget about a silly reality ‘star’, Sorry. Unless you are Bethenny or Nene and making a name for yourself in the public eye outside of pathetic Reality TV shows, no one cares. Couples Therapy is a joke. The only reason anyone would do that show is to be on TV. Like 2 weeks in a house full of people doing ‘therapy’ while being filmed is going to save a marriage? LOL.

      Sorry, I just can’t with Simon….

      • As for the 3 or 4 years comment, it is true that RHoNY is airing everyday on UK television and not a day goes by without several people tweeting me about it. Just last week it was the tennis match and this past weekend, the marriage equality march. Maybe that’s not ‘the limelight’ of which NMDLynnFam asked, but the reality is these shows do continue to air for several years and I’ll continue to nicely respond to those on Twitter, from whichever country, who ask about the show. To ignore these first time viewers, who through no fault of their own are only seeing the show several years after it premiered in the USA, would be rude.

        • Beckygrey says:

          Thanks to the interviewers and for the subjects that participated. I am uncertain about how I feel about Simon and Alex. I think I like them better in “reality” rather than real life. I appreciate honesty and openness, but I guess I want my rose color glasses back. I like to look through them and seem a youthful married couple trying to enjoy life rather than a business deal/actor trying to fill a role.
          If that shade was to Bethany, it made me think less of Simon.

    • Powell says:

      Sue that’s what I’ve said to. Simon is in love w/being on tv. I think Alex can take it or leave it. I appreciate their honesty. I can’t blame Simon for the way he feels. JZ was the one that started and kept up the social climber aspects of it. LuAnn said it to but then a season or two later at the reunion she said everyone social climbs so from that you can see how JZ starts something and LuAnn jumps on the bandwagon even if she might not agree. I think a lot of the ladies would have had much better experiences S1 if JZ wasn’t in the cast. And let’s not forget how she tried to get Simon fired from his job. That’s the #2 reason why I don’t like JZ.

    • Sue, I’m more than aware that I’m not your favorite person but two things. I am actually much prouder of CT than RHoNY and whether that’s biting or not, it’s a fact and I am sure you’ll find that Alex is, as well. As for your other assertion that I “forget that it was his (my) wife, NOT HIM (me), who was one of the “stars” of RHONY.” let me quote from a book written by Bravo called “The Real Housewives Get Personal”. In it is written the following: ‘ “We had just gotten a pitch for a show called Manhattan Moms, that featured Simon and Alex on it. It was meant to be a show about raising young kids in New York City and getting them into private schools,” says Bravo’s Head of Programming and Host Andy Cohen. The show wasn’t right for Bravo, but Alex and Simon – as a package – were perfect.’ (see page 103)
      That IS the reality of our casting situation. Alex and I were cast together and while the show that we signed up for morphed into RHoNY, we didn’t know that until the end of the first season’s filming.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        I dont think Simon alone wants the spot light. I think Alex loves it too-and I have no problem with it. I dont see Alex going on a show called “Couples Therapy” just to appease her husband. Maybe they are trying to stay in the limelight…or maybe they were offered a lot of money. If Melissa Gorga can go after fame and money while airing her family troubles why not these 2? I have heard of people doing a lot worse for a pay check.
        I actually like seeing Alex on TV-I like how she has changed from season 1 to now. She has become more comfortable-and if she is “acting”-then her skills have improved!

        • Sus says:

          While I don’t know their financial situation, it was clear that they don’t have the kind of money that JZ and Ramona have. Their towel business isn’t going to turn into a fortune 500 company. I can only think that they can’t afford to turn down anything that comes their way.

          • RealHousewifeVA says:

            Or they could get normal jobs like the rest of us millions of folks who aren’t fame whores and don’t rely on embarrassing ourselves on national TV for a few minutes of “fame” and money.

            • Sus says:

              Here’s the thing, if you do the Google on Silex, their life looks like a casino.

              In a corporate environment, it would be distracting to have either on their staff. Productivity will go down (man, I promised myself I wouldn’t post this again but I just can’t help it) because employees will be gossiping about Simon you-know-whating when Alex gave birth.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I don’t know…I think they’ve carved out a little niche in the world of reality. Alex is very smart, articulate and interesting. I have really enjoyed her vlogs. Alex shines in her vlogs. Simon can be funny and disarming so he needs to find an avenue that would show his strengths. Maybe they could do vlogs where they have opposing views, they could be the Mary Matalin and James Carrville of Reality. just a thought.

  10. Boobah says:

    Great interview with Simon and Alex. I think that hindsight provided them a clear perspective on RhoNY. I have always felt that that none of these Reality TV personalities ever really knew what they were signing up for. I know I am in the minority here with this. But in my personal experience, no matter how much I think I know what’s in store…it’s never what I expected – good or bad. I am not a mom – but if I had a dollar for everytime a friend told me it’s not what they thought….or when I returned to school in my 30’s- having already had college experience BUT I was still shocked. Or with Hurricane Sandy – it was *only* a catergory 1 and shouldn’t have been so damaging.
    In my experience…beware what you THINK you know as life has a way of humbling you. And it’s rarely pretty.
    I think Simon and Alex went on a Reality TV roller-coaster ride. They seem conflicted…they love the benefits but at the same time the drawbacks are were tough to handle. Now, with perspective maybe they feel as though they lost more than they gained.

    I really enjoyed this interview. Thanks NMD, LME, and Lulu. OH! And Lulu, I have been meaning to tell you how much I LOVE your he said/she said blog of CT! Such a brilliant idea. Please thank you hubby as well.

  11. Good Morning! I hope all of our East Coasters are finding their way and getting things back together. It’s a long road….so some HUGS for you along the way!

    NMD – Kudos to you for the Simon/Alex interview. They did sound candid and upfront. I hope CT helped them heal their relationship….and that they keep that momentum going. It is an everyday process.

    JoJo, COC – thanks for your recaps on shows I do not watch but love to read what you have to say about them.

    BB – thanks for your lineups too! Sometimes I forget what is on when but now I can always come here to find your lists!

    Wishing everyone a lovely Wednesday! Humor post is up! Enjoy!

    • Boobah says:

      I love your Wednesday Humor! Such a treat!

    • shamrockblonde says:

      *hugs Mardrag really hard* – thanks for the Wednesday humor!! – growing up in our home, Wednesday was known as levrac day – at Carvel, on Wednesdays you can buy one sundae and get another free, so on Wednesdays we would all get Carvel – my Dad would leave to get it and would spell out carvel so that we children would not know where he was going and what he was bringing home – this of course, did not last long – we figured out what c-a-r-v-e-l spelled, so my Dad started saying it backwards – that one took a while!! thanks for the reminding me of my childhood Wednesday humor!!

      • Shamrock….what a sweet story! I remember Carvel….great cakes and ice cream! I am glad the post today brought back fond memories. 🙂

        For me and my dad it was 7-Eleven for slurpies and Archie comic books! I was a twin, so it would be our “just the two of us” outing. Hadn’t thought about that in a long time! 😉

        • Powell says:

          I loved Archie. Veronica and Jug Head were my favs.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          One time, I was alone with my dad on a longish road trip. I was hardly ever alone with him. When we stopped for gas, he bought me a dreamsicle. Now I love dreamsicles.

      • Powell says:

        Sounds like fun times.

  12. $25,000 says:

    I loved the Alex & Simon interview. Thank you NMD! I have really missed them on RHNY and it’s nice to hear what they’re up to these days. It was especially interesting to hear them contrast what it was like to do CT vs. what it’s like to do a Bravo show. It sounds like they much prefer the VH1 way. I wonder what Bravo’s reputation is in the world of reality TV? It seems to me that the Bravo producers use a fairly heavy hand when manufacturing reality.

  13. jojobinxsmom says:

    Thanks all for reading. Trying to get in the groove. Thanks @NMD for the opportunity

    • BB says:

      Thanks for the recap!

    • shamrockblonde says:

      you did great! – thanks for recapping –

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Thanks for the recap, Jojo! This show has become one of my favorites because it’s so over the top. I swear I’m going to start talking like Martyn and make people call me by my full name! And how silly is it to put such a massively heavy table in an apartment! What if they move! Can the floor handle that? It was pretty, but that’s absurdly heavy.

  14. Eastbayca says:

    Has anyone heard from Design Diva since her release from hospital?

    • melthehound says:

      Just from the title, if it is, MeGo is crapping her pants. Somehow, though, I doubt it’s true unless it’s a cameo or two.

    • Vegas Chick says:

      It’s hard to tell what the truth is. It was said here that Caroline and Kathy weren’t going to return probably based on the Radar Online story. SH said differently. Apparently, someone who claims to know them all sent some emails and said they were all returning. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Danielle back. She just met with Andy so it adds up… kinda, sorta… 🙂

  15. Powell says:

    Very good questions in your interview w/Simon and,Alex NMD, Lulu and LME. I’m glad they were upfront and that the experience has improved their relationship. I totally agree w/Simon that VH-1 pulled a fast one adding Dourtney to the house. I feel Dourtney has served no purpose and not even they got anything substantial out of it. I do look forward to hearing Courtney’s mom’s excuses.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I agree. The answers were well thought out so thanks Simon & Alex. Thanks NMD for the fun read.

  16. Cityside says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to our Deco
    Happy Birthday to you…..and many more. la la la la la la

  17. Sus says:

    Nice interview 🙂

    Does anyone find it ironic that Courtney couldn’t film more than 7 hours a day because of “child” labor laws?

    • melthehound says:

      Yes. I guess mommy and daddy couldn’t sign the proper permission slips for her.

    • melthehound says:

      Sus, I’ve been watching American Chopper. If you don’t know, father and son(s) have been at odds for the last several years but this season are trying to make it work. Last season, they did a biker build off with Jesse James and they are doing it again this season. Paul Jr, has decided to tie a charity to his project build. SGK Race For The Cure. I respect that the Teutles do a lot of work for charities, even if for exposure but, all I could think of when I saw that, is you and your disdain for that organization. I don’t really know what else to say about it other than you affected me a couple weeks ago with your posts on the subject. I look at SGK in a completely different way than I did before.

      • Sus says:

        Mel, thank you. You made me cry! Just thinking about it is enough for me.

        • melthehound says:

          I didn’t want to do that but, you’re welcome ((((Sus)))).

          • NJBev says:

            I’m sorry for sounding(being) ignorant, but what is
            SGKRace for the cure? and what’s wrong with it?

            Mel, looking forward to the Survivor re-cap.
            (I called outcome today, soo proud)

            • melthehound says:

              Susan G Komen (sp?). The issue that Sus has with them (among other things) is that they turn their back on stage 4 cancer patients because it isn’t pretty and pink. They apparently will not allow them to participate in the fundraising events. There’s lots of info on the web about it if you want to go digging. Sus brought it up after an episode of RHO Miami. The biggest problem with them, as I see it is very little money goes to treatment, if any at all. I would not be surprised if what does go for treatment (I think something like 5 percent) got eaten in admin costs. I’m sure it has it’s issues just like any other big charity (look up all the hoopla on MDA- Jerry’s Kids) but Sus felt strongly enough about it to bring it up here at the blog.

              If Sus sees your question, I’ll let her answer more accurately but that’s a lot of what I took from it.

              • TexasTart says:

                Oh! Thanks for including the stage 4 rejections… that was appauling. Didn’t mean to jump in on your oppprtunity to reply to that, I agree is Sus happens back to add more that would be good.

                • melthehound says:

                  That’s fine. Just happened to stop by and saw the question. Don’t be afraid to shout it out when you know the answer 😉

                  • TexasTart says:

                    Thanks 🙂

                  • NJBev says:

                    I had a suspicion it was something like that. “Charities” are big business now. I know this sounds weird but I’m am finding myself increasingly suspicious, and incredibly intolerable
                    of the things I have been hearing and seeing the documented proof of….
                    I have heard bits and pcs. about the SGK org. becoming big business…. I appreciate
                    the rest of the story

                    2 days ago a big article in NY Daily News blasted the NYRoad Runners organization.
                    They do the New York Marathon and several of the biggest Marathons in the country.
                    A Non profit agency they take in approx 28 million a year in donations given by the
                    runners. They call themselves a “charitable” “non profit”. this year they gave away
                    about $480,000. The pres of organization makes $520,000 a year. HMMM. that
                    counts for 1 mill. what happens to the other 27 MILLION Dollars???
                    The New York Daily News wants to know. I’m glad I’m not that Pres.
                    Greed and corruption, profoundly profound. we don’t stand a chance.

                    Thanks, Jeff for info. how’s that Survivor recap coming??? lol 😉

                  • melthehound says:

                    Recap is about half done. This time, I’m remembering to save after each paragraph so I don’t have a repeat of the other night (having to redo the whole damn thing).

                    Anymore, if I make a charitable contribution, I try to check and see how much of each dollar actually makes it to the people it’s supposed to benefit. I’m rarely satisfied so I find someone local to give it to. It’s never much but I know the money will be used for the intended purpose. Like my neighbor, who hasn’t been able to work in 5 years due to some disease that still hasn’t been identified. Has 2 kids, 6 and 2, and once every year, his church has a fundraiser for he and his family. I just give him the money directly.

            • TexasTart says:

              MTH will likely be back to check, but he could be occupied with the Survivor recap…looking forward to his take on a couple things in particular. Good deal on calling the outcome, NjBev!

              Susan G. Komen race for the cure is a fundraising run/walk held in many cities across the country to raise money for cancer research.

              Sus had previously posted some information, which I’m not going to get specific, but not nearly enough money goes to research itself. I too appreciated Sus’ post because it confirmed suspicions

              • NJBev says:

                Thanks, Texas T.! I felt very secure in my Survivor calls today. and I nailed ’em!!
                I am very anxious to read MTH re-cap, as I appreciate his opinion and enjoy his comments.

            • Sus says:

              Thank you Mel and TexasTart – you got my feelings on the SGK exactly!!

              Not to worry though, if a loved one dies of breast cancer, the funeral people can now dress in pink jackets https://www.wearthepink.com/

      • Powell says:

        Oh that’s back on? I’ve got to try to watch esp if they are trying to work it out. I don’t know how successful they remained when Paul left cuz in my opinion he did the work and Sr sit back and criticized.

        • melthehound says:

          They’ve each done pretty well for themselves it seems. They have their own approach when doing things separately that works for them. Trouble is now, they are trying to do business together again, something Jr said he would never do, and old stuff is starting to come up. I don’t think this ‘working together’ relationship is going to last but when they aren’t trying to do that, they’ve gotten along pretty well.

    • AZGirl says:

      I was looking at Ilana Angel’s twitter and it looks like Courtney is actually performing this week in LA. People actually pay money to see this child?

    • Eastbayca says:

      California Child Labor laws….
      Since this was filmed in August (non-school days), Courtney is allowed to films 8 hours per day or 48 hours per week

      • amalfi says:

        Do emancipated minors have to follow child labor laws since they are legally adults? I totally misunderstood that. That is goofy.

        • Eastbayca says:

          In California apparently under 18 is under 18…this is what I found.
          “Regulations are fully applicable to emancipated minors unless emancipation document specifically exempts the minor from provisions of the Labor and Education Code”

      • Powell says:

        But that is still too ridiculous and I don’t understand why Doug can’t see it.

  18. Kat from Ohio says:

    i love how they’re acting like they hate the limelight and just couldn’t stand how they were portrayed in the 4 seasons of NYC. if they wanted out, they could have gotten out–no matter what their contracts said. They could have refused to film with others, balked at starting any drama, kept a low profile. But they did NONE of those things, which is why Bravo held them to their contracts.

    I don’t have sympathy for either of them. As for the spotlight–while Simon clearly craves it more than Alex– these two GRASP at any chance to be photographed, filmed, etc. They want to live their lives publicly, but want to manipulate what aspects of that public life. Unfortunately, when you’re a whore for attention, it doesn’t work that way.

  19. AZGirl says:

    NMD my comment is in moderation. I was good. No bad words.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      yes, i saw that and I’m glad!!!

      • amalfi says:

        I am so torn so I will just say – more crazeeee. I hope she is medicated a little this time (for my sanity).

        And oh hey – hi there LL.

    • Kat from Ohio says:

      if it’s true i’m really happy about this. the takedown of melissa is upon us. and i just danielle’s own brand of crazy.

      • SoutheastVA says:

        Why do you automatically think she’d take down Melissa. If I were her, i’d have more beef with Theresa who got famous for flipping a table at me while calling me a “prostitution whore” and helping me get kicked off the show to begin with. If I were Danielle, I’d sucker Theresa into thinking I was going to be on her team and WHAM, pull an okie doke switch on her. More drama.

        • Kat from Ohio says:

          because on twitter she still talks smack about melissa. while not friendly with teresa by any means, she wrote that she accepted the apologies teresa gave her on WWHL and at the reunion.

  20. JustDee says:

    Alex – ” I think the world would be a better place if more men felt comfortable enough in their own skin to wear speedos.”

    Sorry. It’s not about being comfortable in your own skin, it’s about having some consideration for the Other People That Have To Look At You. Just a FYI – NOBODY wants to see a middle-aged man in a Speedo, just as NOBODY wants to see a middle-aged woman in a thong.

    Snark over 😉

  21. princesspindy says:


    YEAH SUE!!! IT WAS ON PAGE 103!!!


    The lady doth protest too much, PrincessPindythinks!

    Simon, I’m just not that in to you.

    I don’t want to see you next Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
    *shrugs* ~~~ an ode to Detox

  22. VV says:

    Pinky’s Blog is Up! Pinky’s Blog is Up!

  23. contessa says:

    To Lainey – “rein in your junk”, oh this made me laugh so hard I couldn’t contain myself and scared my kitty cat right off the desk. That was the best line about speedos and thongs!

  24. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Does anyone watch Nashville? I just started watching it On Demand-I love it!! I didnt think it would be for me b/c I really dont LOVE country music-but it is a good show!!

    • princesspindy says:

      My daughter and I watched the first episode and we couldn’t get past the Country music, lol, Rock On!! I am glad you are enjoying it, I was really looking forward to it, I love Tammy Taylor!!!

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        I like the music, I cant believe it but I like it!! Who is Tammy Taylor? Is that the one who plays Raynna? Is she from Friday Night Lights? I never watched that show but Im going to watch it on Netflix-everyone loves it.

        • princesspindy says:

          Yes, from Friday Night Lights, she is Coach Taylor’s wife. It is soooo good, I haven’t watched the last season because I don’t want it to end. I would watch it live and then watch it again on the DVR. Excellent!

      • Powell says:

        I’m not a huge country music fan but I do like many of the artist singing today. I love me some Dolly Parton and I used to like Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rogers.

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

          When “Coal Miners Daughter” first came on cable TV-I must have watched it a million times. I know every word-to the movie and sound track! This just came back to me like a shot!!!

    • Powell says:

      I watched the night it premiered & I really liked it but haven’t seen it since.

    • lillybee says:

      I watch it because I love Jonathan Jackson, ex Lucky on General Hospital. He is going to be singing a song that he wrote. His band ENation is good, too.

      • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

        Yeah Jonathan. I miss him on GH. I’ve tried watching this show but I can not get past Connie’s speaking voice, too low and slow.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I watch it and I lurrrrve it!!! I was out tonight and just hit “play”

  25. california35 says:

    hi – what a day! my feet hurt from so much walking around, and i am exhausted from the day.
    i have tried to read the blog all day, but i cant get to it yet.

    i am looking forward to watching the decorators tonight (it recorded very late last night). the pictures posted above are very nice and great ideas for my place. the bedroom and living room.

    checking back later tonight.

  26. djprincessc says:

    Soooooooooo happy Danielle is back!!!!! Melissa and Jaq are going to pee their pants!!!!!


  27. I heard from MaryLa and she’s fine, just busy. That’s the last of list.

  28. NJBev says:

    That was a really well done interview. I thought all the questions
    were well thought out, and I really enjoyed reading it. Thank-You!!

  29. Those of you watching Top Chef Seattle, we have Goeducks on our beach. They are hideous – heh.

    • NJBev says:

      good lord, NMD, what are they?? they looked GA ROSS
      yechhh. i couldn’t even watch. I don ‘t know about anyone else,
      but I am tired of the “”””fru fru flew thru yuck yuck eat a duck”””
      types of food. G*ddamnit, could someone please show me something I might
      ever get the chance to eat??
      Gross stuff will not fill me up.

  30. cocfarm says:

    The one for whom this blog was once named after was on inside edition today talking about how women will portray a life beyond their means in order to become one of the ‘in crowd’. I heard her voice (ugh) and couldn’t believe they were asking her about the Petraous women scandal.

  31. contessa says:

    That red head should talk, I don’t think she had a lot of dollars until she snagged Bawby and imagined herself part of NY Society -yes in her head. Does anyone remember her on one of earlier seasons opening up invitations in the back of the limo and going on and on about which to accept?

  32. California35 says:

    I am now watching Million Dollare Decorators – I’m in heaven 🙂

    My place is in thr “before” look for sure 😛

  33. princesspindy says:

    Ok, 2 mins into LOLWork and I am laughing, at them not just the videos…

  34. New Blog – Pour yourself a large cup of coffee it’s a big one!

  35. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    I cant wait to read Jeff’s Survivor re-cap today!!!

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