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Bachelorette Party for Orange County Housewives and Other News by NoMoreDrama

Bachelorette Party for the Orange County Housewives.  Yesterday morning Tamra Barney tweeted this: “Headed to LAX ….off you to a bachelorette party! Gee I wonder who’s?”  Followed by: “Only the best for us housewives . Crew in first class,” and the photo to the right.  Oops.  I guess Bravo doesn’t fly the housewives first class. How funny.

Heather Dubrow tweeted the following:  “Leaving my babies and @DrDubrow for 2 days! Excited for a girls trip but SO hard to leave!”

Just in case you’re wondering. It wasn’t for Gretchen Rossi. She confirmed to RealMrHousewife of RumorFix that she is not yet engaged to Slade Smiley.  Not that we would have really had to guess, as Vicki Gunvalson was a lot more direct.  Her tweet: “Heading to Tamra’s bachelorette party in Puerto Vallarta! Woo hoo!!!” with the picture below posted on her facebook page:

On the Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak is being evicted asked to leave her 16,000 square foot home. Fast forward to real time, and the mansion is up for sale for $2,999,000.  Fans of the show will remember Kim and Kroy’s wedding in the back yard, and a huge fight between Kim and her parents when she made the bathrooms in the house off-limits.  Turns out there are 10 bathrooms according to Trulia.  Not to mention six bedrooms, a sports court, pool with waterfall, outdoor living area, an elevator, three full kitchens, a theater, game room, billiard room, au pair suite with full kitchen, gentlemen’s library, caterer’s planning office, two laundry rooms, a gym, reading loft, and sitting area with fireplace, three family rooms, a master suite with morning room and coffee bar.  Seriously?  Kim couldn’t share a small portion of that with her relatives to make sure they were comfortable during her wedding??

Rosie O’Donnell and NeNe Leakes will be guest co-hosting Anderson Live today.  Let’s see how NeNe does. She’s made it clear that she’d like to have her own talk show at some point.


Real Housewives of Atlanta Call Me Miss U.S.A. by RamonaCoaster

Gregg and Nene are getting pedicures together. Nene is going to New York and Gregg is taking care of Brent while she is away.  Gregg is on full blast seduction mode with Nene and says not only does he want a key to her house but also a key to her heart.  Gregg hands the keys to his house as a symbolic gesture.  Nene thinks he needs therapy. Gregg recites an embarrassing poem to Nene and Nene squeals. Miss Lawrence comes in because they are in his salon.  Lawrence gives advice to Gregg. Nene makes a joke about Lawrence knowing how to woo a woman because he is one himself.

The lawyer and her husband are in the kitchen of their home discussing the development of their beginner donkey booty fitness video. Apollo just got his certification in nutrition and fitness.

Kim and Sweetie are out by the pool discussing their homelessness again.  Kim paid for the landscaping for the wedding on her rented home that she is being evicted from and she wants to pull out every “mo fo” flower and take it with them. Kim and Kroy begin discussing eventually becoming the Duggar family because Kim and Kroy can’t stop (oh you get the idea).

Now we get to meet a new girl Porsha.  Porsha and Kenya meet for lunch where Porsha courts Kenya to go to her charity event for the Hosea Williams Foundation. Kenya seems blindsided when Porsha asks if she is married or has ever been. Porsha is newly wedded to Kordell Stewart, a football player.  She says she wants twins so she doesn’t have to get pregnant too often.  She talks some gibberish about the Chinese calender.  Porsha tells Kenya about a fertility doctor that her 43 yr old aunt went to but Kenya is not interested in hearing it.  Kenya tells Porsha she will go to her charity event and bring a few friends with her.  Porsha says Nene and some of the other women go to the event for the photo opportunities but don’t stay.  Kenya from listening to Porsha deduces she’s a cheerleader.

Porsha explains what the Hosea Williams Foundation  It is her late grandfather’s charity and her grandfather was a civil rights leader alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. She is married to Kordell Stewart and she didn’t know who he was when they started dating until some of her male relatives informed her.  Porsha pretty much knows she is very lucky and very blessed.

Nene is in New York when Cynthia knocks on her hotel door.  Nene is doing press week for NBC in New York to promote her new show. Nene feels the higher she goes, the less concerned she is with petty, jealous people. She starts talking about Kim and how she means nothing to her. They chat about Emmy nominations and the view outside her hotel window of Central Park.  Cynthia has a plan to show Nene New York city and to take the subway.

Kandi is packing up her home to rent it out and she is taking extra special care with her Grammy award.  Her Uncle Robert who used to work for a moving company shows them how to pack and tells her how he carried a refrigerator using a hump strap. (Sounds like something out of Kandi’s line of sex toys).  They talk about the memories they had in this home.  Then Uncle Robert talks about Bo’ Hog root being ten times better than viagra.

Kenya and the lawyer meet for drinks and gelato at the bar when the lawyer mentions her plans for her workout video.  Kenya volunteers to shoot the fitness video for her.  (I must say the lawyer has much better powers of persuasion than Porsha – Kenya just jumped on doing that video).  Kenya talks about her relationship with men and her mother.  She has a torturous relationship with her mother. Kenya’s mother has denied that she had a child. She is diagnosed as mentally ill. The lawyer sympathizes with Kenya and they toast to friendship and moving forward.

Kroy is showing Kim how to put out a fire because they just had a small fire at their home.  Kroy lights something on fire on the lawn so that Kim can put it out with a fire extinguisher.  As usual Kim complains about anything that involves manual labor.

Cynthia has a video camera on hand to record Nene’s first trip on the subway.  She is going to show her how to use the subway and how to purchase a Metro card. Here comes the R train!  Nene thinks there are too many people on the subway so that can’t get on. I’m sure Cynthia taught her how to squeeze in like sardines in a tin can and they board a car.  Nene meets some performing art students on the train who recognize her from being on Glee.  Nene wishes them luck and gets off at the Fifth Ave station.  So from 49th Street station to Fifth Ave station, I see she only made two subway stops. (And I thought she’d only make one.)  Once they surface, Cynthia finds a hot dog cart and Nene squeals as she witnesses Cynthia putting the street meat in her mouth.

Porsha is at her fundraiser event when Kenya walks in with her friend. Kenya remarks that she thought there would be more celebrities there.  It’s supposed to be a woman’s event but Kordell Stewart walks in and brings a present to Porsha, a Chanel bag.  Once Porsha parades her husband around and he drops off a check for the charity, the women kick him out.  Porsha starts talking on the microphone to thank Kenya for coming but she gets Kenya’s title wrong and calls her Miss America instead of Miss USA.  Kenya gets miffed and starts acting like a diva complaining about being cold.  She excuses herself and her friend to go outside but they are really going to sneak out of the event.  They wait for Miss Lawrence outside. Porsha comes out to check on them and goes back in.  Kenya tells Miss Lawrence when he arrives what happened. Porsha comes back out to tell her that her food is on the table. Cut to commercial.

Porsha is telling Kenya that she is being disrespectful. Kenya tries to straighten by her telling her that she should know something about her guests before she makes any introductions about her.  Porsha says her title is from 19 whatever.  Kenya tells her to do her research. Porsha tells Kenya this is about charity and about children. Kenya says she feels uncomfortable. Porsha then tells her to leave. Kenya says no this is my back and I’m leaving. Kenya then tells Porsha she’s throwing a whack event.  They continue to throw one more insult to each other and leave.



Amazing Race – Leg 7 continued and Leg 8 – Nov 18, 2012 by MelTheHound

Welcome back race fans… Here is where we stand after the first 7 episodes.

  • Abbie & Ryan – Dating Divorcees
  • Trey and Alexis -Dating couple (Texas)
  • Jaymes and James – Chippendales
  • Josh and Brent – Goat Farmers (Beekmans)
  • James and Mark (Abba) – Friends (Rockers)
  • Natlalie and Nadiya – Twins

Welcome back race fans. All of you shrewd observers will notice the list is the same as it was last week (again, I don’t post order of finish, but that they did start this week’s leg). It was a two parter and when we left off, Beekmans, and Divorcees were still at the pool waiting for Beekmans to finish the syncronized swimming task of the detour. Rockers, had reached the roadblock but left their backpacks in the cab, who left with them, and their passports. Phil had informed them that in order to check in, they needed to produce the passports. Part of this next episode I really don’t understand with that requirement but we’ll get to it.

We pick up this week with Beekmans still trying to finish the swimming tasks. I’m surprised they don’t look like wrinkled dried up white raisins by now. Poor Brent cannot even do a proper dive into the pool but I think Coach lady is looking beyond that as long as he at least makes it into the water. It’s late so I’m going to do some cutting to the chase here. Beekmans run out of time at the pool so they will have to eat a 4 hour penalty in the next leg. At the tree of love, Josh figures out the lock setup pretty quick while, Abbie cannot get her first lock unlocked. Once Josh completes the task, he helps Abbie (because they stayed behind at the pool), and the 4 of them proceed to the pit stop thinking one of them, is done. They step on the mat about the same time, but Phil calls Abbie and Ryan 4th place and Beekmans, 5th place. He informs them that there is still another team, yet to check in (Rockers) so they are still in the race. Again, Beekmans have a 4 hour penalty in the next leg.

We see Rockers then trying to figure out what has happened with their backpacks, checking hotels, police stations, etc. No luck so they proceed to the pit stop to say goodbye to Phil (Good luck getting back into the USA without those passports fellas). Phil tells them what I knew last week. Non Elimination round. They are STILL in the race but when needed, will have to produce the passports. This is the confusing part to me. Why not now, when he sent them away earlier to find the passports, Before, they could check in at the pit stop? A little producer intervention perhaps or is there something in the rules that covers that. Anyway, in the next leg, they will have a speed bump because it was a non elimination round and they were last to arrive. I’m guessing still in Moscow as well since they are continuing without the passports. Phil also tells them, they will have to be able to produce them when needed.. Did I cover that already? I think I did, and I thought they were needed at check in, so I’m still confused.

Okay let’s start this pig of a next leg (I really don’t see what the point of the cliffhanger was last week).. Texas was the first to finish so they are first to leave. The clue they are given is to get to study building number 6 at the Moscow agricultural academy. Sounds simple, right? Once they get there, they are to follow a marked path to Large Chemistry Auditorium No 1 for their next clue. Texas hails a cab and they’re off…. Cabbie says he knows where they are going. He drops them off at an underground, I’m assuming used to get to the other side of the street without traffic controls. It isn’t the academy. They hail another cabbie, who says he knows where this place it. In her TH before they got into the first cab, Lexi said that she wants to keep their first place cushion to secure first again. The last picture, I show in this set is their second cab driver. A quick description for you who can’t completely see it. This guy is about 60+, wearing a pink shirt, a white with pink polka dot tie, drinking his coffee with one hand, and smoking a cigarette with the other, with the windows all rolled up in the car. Their cabbie pulls up to where he thinks they wanted to go, there is no building there. I’m kind of laughing at this point because I think they are going to need Rocker’s extra $50 to complete this leg. Cabbie number two has delivered them to the wrong location. Karma is biting them in the butt.

Meanwhile, Chippers get underway. They hail a cab and like magic, there is one right there for them. Jaymes, or James, says they are going to continue running the race as they have been. Having fun and being friends with everybody. Seems to be working for them. That’s because, their driver actually had a clue of where he was going and Chippers are the first to arrive at the academy. Back in the Texas cab, Lexi has put the window down to let the smoke out, it is raining, and a passing vehicle splashes them with road water. They are hoping this dude knows where he’s going and third time is the charm. He takes them to a hotel where they can ask where to go. This dude is lost. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of cab number two, they are right back where they started. Let’s see. Nope, they finally find somebody that knows where they are going and get proper directions. Leisure Suit Larry (complete with white shoes) the cabbie got them close enough. So now Chippers and Texas are at the same location, still looking for their clue. Chippers would have been long gone but they had to wait until 8am to proceed which, gave Texas time to catch up. The school bell rings and they are able to enter the room that holds the clue. This is where they also learn that Rockers are still in the race and they have to do a speed bump.

It is a roadblock.. “Who is in the zone”.. Russia is twice the size of the USA and has several time zones. The object of this game is view 2 slides. One showing the actual time zone (UTC +4 ), and one showing cities throughout Russia, The players must calculate the correct times, given a baseline time (4:00pm in Moscow, for ex), and get 5 of them correct. It’s a timed quiz, and the checker must give approval (correct answers) before the player gets the next clue and moves on. Got all that? Good.. Here is the gotcha in this game. It’s a trick question of sorts. If a player takes this too literally, and the base time is 1pm for example, he’s going to add 4 to the Moscow time and answer 5pm for that city (by adding the UTC to the baseline time). That of course is wrong. The proper answer for Moscow would be 1pm.. The screen with the cities is only shown for a few seconds. That is, it isn’t left there to study for a long period of time so this also requires memory. A few seconds after the city screen disappears, the professor dude (shown next to Phil) hollars put the pencils down. Time’s up for that round. James (Virginia) plays for Chippers, and Lexi for Texas. Someone please tell me why Lexi, a college grad, needs to write the numbers down, to do this simple addition? I mean numbers like 4 and 5 added together. Was she in college for an MRS degree? (You all know what that is, don’t you?). About this time in the show, Twins are getting started. Let’s see what kind of trouble they can get into, in a minute. At test number 10, James and Lexi begin to work together. They each take half the map, solve their time problems and copy from each other. It may have worked on that round if they got the point that Moscow, is for all intents and purposes, 0, and each other time zone is 4 less than the printed number. Test 10 is a fail for them. On test 11, Lexi finally figures it out. James didn’t get it on the first 11 either so Lexi wasn’t the only one making mistakes. Earlier, James said he was glad to be out of college long ago. They finally finish and get their clue.

The Detour is “Movers or Shakers”.. Shakers is to learn and perform a Russian soldier’s dance. Movers is to ‘test their powers of observations by identifying famous Russian leaders’. In movers, they will attend a costume party where the guests are dressed as Russian leaders and the racers must identify 7 of them working from a list. Both Texas and Chippers decide to take on the Shakers (dance) task. Twinnies found a cab and are telling him where to go. The guy says he’s been doing this 36 years and he knows where he is going (The Academy).. We’ll see how that works out for them. At the dance place, James (dark hair) sprained his ankle back in Shanghi but he’s going to give it the ole college try. After a long time trying to learn it, the Chippers decide to just try it. The first try for Texas is a failure as it is for Chippers. Kind of sloppy looking. Back with the twinnies, apparently their cabbie knew what he was doing because they are at the academy. They read the roadblock clue and decide to use their express pass, knowing they are complete morons and will never be able to add two numbers together. Sorry, ladies, I still don’t like these two and they still annoy the hell out of me. Twins decide to do the dance too. Second try at the dance, I think the judge took pity on James and his bad ankle and said good enough. Trust me my friends, if they had to do this Entire dance, none of them would have moved past the task (with the possible exception of dance instructor Abbie, who hasn’t even started yet). Texas finishes minutes behind Chippers and it’s a real race for first place.

The clue, of course, is the pit stop. It is at this park which is kind of an amusement park carnival type place. ‘Hidden’ there is a small performance pavilion and the racers must find it to end their part in this leg of the race. Last team to arrive may be eliminated. For the most part, Chippers and Texas had been working together, sort of. However, outside where they are getting cabs to get to the pit stops, they get separated and Chippers decide to just go ahead. While Texas is trying to get a cab, Twins arrive at the dance place. Lexi asks if she can take their cab, no he’s waiting for us, one of the twin’s says. Chippers note that they are actually in a race for first.

Okay.. We’ll hold the thought on that race for first for a moment. Inside the dance place, twins are receiving instructions. These women have some junk in the trunk, let’s face, and one of them, splits her pant. I laughed, it’s all they could do but she had to go find another pair to avoid giving all of us a show. I’m going to jump ahead a little with them here, they get through the task and actually did pretty well with it so they can leave. Remember, they express passed in third place to get to this point, still in third.

We then see Rockers at their hotel, who have not left yet. Neither have Divorcees nor Beekmans. Rockers have to do a speed bump and they still don’t have passports. The are going with the line that the passports have been stolen by their cab driver. We then see Beekmans waiting out their penalty of 4 hours for not completing the detour. Next, finally, Divorcees are able to leave. Over at the pit stop area, the race for first is over. Chippers win the day followed by Texas. Back in Divorcees cab, Abbie is bragging on Ryan about how good he is with math and science (hold that thought). Twins finish the dance, and take third place in the leg of the race, and for the first time, aren’t bitching about not finishing first. The express pass had to be used this leg or it was gone. I doubt they needed it but it is no longer a part of the race. Over at the academy, rocket scientist Ryan blows at least 25 tries getting that time zone task correct. He did some bragging of his own about how good he is at this stuff so I’m laughing my ass off at this guy for it. While he is screwing this up he’s making comments like, there is something wrong in the matrix. The file is corrupt. Yes, folks, he really used those references with regard to his problem in this task. He finally figures out what he’s doing wrong, gets it right, they get their clue and choose the dance task. Cutting to the chase again, they get through it pretty quick and are off to the pit stop.

Beekmans are finally able to leave with Rockers right behind them. Sort of. They aren’t in a cab yet and decide to take a detour of their own to try and get passports. Their big problem right now, on top of everything else, is they have to report the passports stolen. The problem with that is, the forms are in Russian and they cannot find anyone to translate, at first (I’m skipping around a bit at this point). Cutting to some chase here. Beekmans arrive at the academy, get the roadblock clue, Brent does it, and blows right through it.

Here’s where we stand right now (I really hate the way they bounce around in these edits). Chippers and Texas are shown finishing, in that order. Twins are on their way to the pit stop. Divorcees are on their way to the pit stop. Beekmans are still in their cab getting to the academy (I’ve already told you what happens with them in the time zone roadblock). Rockers are still looking for a place they can file a police report (with help from a translator) and they finally get the paperwork moving to hopefully recover or replace their passports (we’ve spent WAY too much time on this show with these damned passports… Lesson to you my friends, if you travel out of the country, attach your passports to your bodies with safety pins, replacing them is a gigantic pain in the ass. At the very least, don’t leave them in your taxi cabs).

Okay, Beekmans also do the leader ID task. Apparently there are multiples and they must not only ID them but count them. They decide to relax a little bit believing there is no way in hell that Rockers are going to catch them at this point (and they are probably correct) due to the speed bump at the very least. Beekmans get the task right and are allowed to proceed. So, they’ve come from a 9 hour time lag plus a 4 hour delay, and are currently in 5th place.

Here’s where we stand, in the end.  Chippers, Texas, Twins, Divorcees, and Beekmans are all finished, in that order. Rockers, The edit doesn’t show us what happens with them, they don’t even show the speed bump, only them going to the pit stop. I assume they did the tasks, maybe not, it doesn’t matter, they are there last. Phil asks about the passports and apparently James has his but Abba does not. Can’t continue without them (so I guess we’re leaving Moscow next weekend), and they are gone. It was probably an elimination round anyway but they spent so much time trying to find that passport, I don’t think they ever did any of the tasks in this leg of the race. It’s been real getting to know you fellas. Better luck on your next reality game show excursions and hold on to your passports.

I guess with the rockers gone, there will be no retribution for the stolen money. I’m, going to have to count on Miss Karma to do her job. I suppose it’s inviting bad to wish bad on others but I figure this race has already been won and I’m just reporting what happened as it’s shown to me. It isn’t like I’m watching someone walk down the street and hoping they trip on a crack in the sidewalk.

Watch episodes here.

See you next week.

If I missed something or misspelled every word, I apologize. I hate these two part episodes when a particular part of the story just drags on and on.


Monday Night Lineup, November 19th by BB

8PM – Dancing with the Stars (ABC); Basketball Wives LA (VH-1); The Voice (NBC); How I Met Your Mother/Two and a Half Men (CBS); 90210 (CW); Monday Night Football: Bears/49ers (ESPN 8:30); Bones (Fox); WWE (USA); Secret Life of the American Teenager (Family); Studio E! (E!); Blood, Lies and Alibis (ID); Made in Chelsea (Style)

9PM – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo); 2 Broke Girls/Mike and Molly (CBS); Gossip Girl (CW); The Mob Doctor (Fox); Love It or List It (HGTV); American Chopper (Discovery); American Pickers (History); Layover with Anthony Bourdain (Trvl); T.I. and Tiny/Marrying the Game (VH-1); Taboo (NatGeo); I Didn’t Do It (ID); House Crashers/Kitchen Crashers (DIY); RuPauls All Stars Drag Race (LOGO); Made in Chelsea (Style)

10PM – Castle (ABC); Revolution (NBC); Hawaii Five-0 (CBS); Teen Mom 2 (MTV); HHI (HGTV 10:30); Intervention (A&E); Jesse James Outlaw Garage (Discovery); Vegas Strip (truTV); Married to the Army: Alaska (OWN); Pawn Stars (History); Start-ups: Silicon Valley (Bravo); Marrying the Game (VH-1); Disappeared (ID); Killer Teens (Biography); Kitchen Crashers/Bath Crashers (DIY); Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love (Oxygen); Untucked All Stars (LOGO); Richard Hammond’s Crash Course (BBC)


Happy Birthday MLS

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    Good morning everyone. It’s Monday again so we’re back at it. I hope you have a great day and if anyone is going away for Thanksgiving enjoy your family and friends. 😀

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        Hi there Miss Lainey,
        I’m in the same boat, using vacation days to tidy up! The good news is that most of our belongings are in storage..awaiting the move to our new home. Yay!
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        I’ve spawned too many packrats, I fear! (most irritating as I’m not on of their kind.) LOL
        Just went through rooms and threw out 3 garbage bags of junk!! Of course when they come home from school and ask where blah-blah is…I’m so playing dumb! I have no clue! 😀
        Have a beautiful day.

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          I’m feeling downright giddy! Ahhh, the little joys of life are not lost on me! Tee-hee-hee! 😉

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            Noelle, how fortuitous that garbage day coincides with cleaning kid’s junk day. I too love when that happens.

            My darling son came home from college with every piece of clothing he owns – all dirty. I was going to make him wash it all himself, but am so happy to have all the kids home that I will spoil him and do it for him – much to his sisters chagrin. Of course, I also spoil them when they are home, so they have no room to complain!

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              Trudie all his clothes were dirty? Wow. He’s got his mom wrapped around his finger. :-). Only kidding. I hope you enjoy them while they’re home.

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                Powell, he literally brought home a full laundry hamper, and two sets of sheets tied up and full of clothes. I didn’t know he owned so many clothes, and I helped him pack for school! And yes, he does have me wrapped around his little finger. As do his sisters!

            • Noelle says:

              Aww Trudie, You’re a good Mom!!

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          Moving to a new house Noelle huh. Well congrats! Hopefully you all will let a lot go to the trash gods so you don’t have to deal w/it at your new castle.

  2. LA_Debra says:

    Great job on all the recaps, thank you again everyone for all your hard work. (sounds repetetive, but I’m just unimaginative, however I really really mean it).

    MTH your TAR point of view cracks me up. I was an avid watcher for many seasons, then I took a few years off. It’s great to be able to follow the show through your blog. Many thanks.

  3. Cathy Connor says:

    Morning, Did you guys notice that Andy asked a question from Pretty Plus More (Carly Hall) the other nite when Ana and Camille was on ?? Its always nice to hear a friends name gettimg to ask a question . Fun !!! Have a wonderful holiday everyone ! Love and Hugs Sincerly Lynns Family

  4. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday MLS. As for Tamara and her bachelorette party…meh. She is on husband No. 3 in how many years? Really. This is nothing to be proud of. I still think Eddie swims in both ponds.

    Another crazy episode of Boardwalk Empire. Won’t give it away 🙂
    Hope all of you are enjoying family this week. Thankful for all we have here at Lynn’s Family.

    • Powell says:

      Happy Birthday MLS.

    • Powell says:

      Aww AZGirl you’re no fun keeping Boardwalk tidbits to yourself. 🙂 I am in total agreement with you that I’m thankful for NMD and everyone continuing Lynn’s dream. It’s a blast to hangout with you all everyday.

  5. BB says:

    Happy Birthday MLS! Orange County and Tamra Barney – YAWN!
    Thanks for the recaps, Ramonacoaster and MTH.

    • pugluva911 says:

      Im sitting here in bed watching the season 1 reunion of RHOBH and wow is Taylor ever smug and just evil to Kim! Knowing what i know now about the real Taylor its just incredible watching her talk down to Kim like she is so high and mighty. I hafta say i was amaaaaazed when i read the backstory on her i had no idea how shady she was/is.Never woulda known if i hadnt discovered lynnfam !

      • BB says:

        It’s funny to go back and watch previous season of the housewives and see how your perception of people has changed since then. In season one I was pro-Kyle and anti-Camille. Now I’m not a Kyle fan and can see where she may have played a big part in that whol Camille/Kyle feud season one. I’ve never been a Taylor fan.

        • pugluva911 says:

          I was the same way season one loved kyle and despised camille and now my perception has completely changed, Still watching the reunion (cant fall asleep ugh) and they just showed russell and honestly its kind of chilling seeing him sitting there on the couch looking somewhat happy.., Btw i also would like to thank all of you for the recaps that must be so much work and i love reading them.

          • Powell says:

            It’s sad watching Russell now. He never fit in w/the guys nor with the group as a married couple. The only time I really saw him happy was when Taylor went out and Russell and Kennedy were home by themselves and he was fixing Kennedy dinner. Kennedy’s 2 BD parties he didn’t seem happy just that he wanted to make a statement of how much he loved Kennedy by giving her enormous parties, he wanted the guest to say he loved Kennedy cause he spent a lot of money.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              Russell seemed really awkward to me. Also I do not like Taylor, but I felt and still feel that Kim and Kyle are the ones that think their spit isn’t wet. Taylor was not only jelly about the sisterly relationship but tired of Kim’s druggy persona talking herself up and putting on airs. Kind of like talking about fabulous haircuts, in a lopsided wig. Kim and Taylor are too much alike. IMO.

  6. contessa says:

    Hi AZ,

    I had a big wedding 1st time around (widowed), 2nd one was very quiet, no people involved and in LasVegas with a lovely dinner and large suite. Tamara needs to tone it down, but I think little miss narcisstic is going for it, especially since Bravo is probably encouraging same for a story line. I’m with you about Eddy.

    Boardwalk was over the top….someone needs to get rid of gyp. I am tired of his gory sadistic scenes. You would think his guys would just gang up and take care of him once and for all.
    What do you think will happen to the to Nookie and wife? I am curious on your take.

    • melthehound says:

      Nookie and wife? Well, I guess with Nookie, Wife may have another baby 😉

      • contessa says:

        Hi Jeff and Mel, Love Mel’s new photo – he looks like he is ready for some playtime, I think Mel needs a breakfast cookie!

        You are right, Nook is going to be a daddy, and I hope gyp meets his maker in some hideous way.

        Your biggest fan,


        • melthehound says:

          😀 .. Refresh my memory.. Which one is Gyp? Is that the guy missing half his face?

          • AZGirl says:

            Gyp is the crazy gangster who likes sex with hookers while being strangled with a tie. Sorry, just can’t get that scene out of my head. Last night he once again got crazy violent. Richard (the shooter) is the WWI vet.

            • Powell says:

              He is wacko. I think his boss is going to end up having him killed cause he’s notgoing to beat Nucky at his own game. I’m sorry Nucky’s mistress was killed because of gyp but maybe Nucky won’t cheat on Margaret again.

            • melthehound says:

              Oh, that guy… Thanks 😀

      • Powell says:

        Ooh MTH thats good. But it won’t be Nucky’s. 🙂

        • melthehound says:

          Ah.. anyone watching the show, knows Margaret hasn’t been the faithful wife (I guess she has been as Nucky has to her) so I suppose we’ll be seeing the results of the test on the Maury show 😉

    • AZGirl says:

      Contessa EVERYONE is wondering what will happen next on Boardwalk. I skimmed through some of the Boardwalk blogs and so many possibilities exist. This is why this show is so popular. Can’t get emotionally involved with any of the characters because they end up dead. After Jimmy got taken out by Nucky I thought I had seen it all. Then Jimmy’s Mom drowned that kid who looked like Jimmy so she could get the house and again I thought no way can this show get crazier. Well last night it did.
      As for Margaret and Nucky I am not going even guess. Who knows. Nucky takes out Margaret? Nucky accepts her pregnancy and raises the child as his own? Margaret son sets the house on fire?

      • melthehound says:

        I haven’t seen last night’s episode and didn’t know Margaret was pregnant. I always thought he took her in and hooked up with her in part, Because she already had two kids. Do you think it possible he whacked her husband in part, for that purpose? To take Margaret and her two kids?

        • AZGirl says:

          Oops I should not have given that away. Some have not watched last night yet. My Bad!

          • melthehound says:

            I don’t mind spoilers but others may. You could wait forever and still spoil it for someone. I watch it online so by the time I get to the latest episodes, it’s just to see what everyone else is talking about.

            • BB says:

              I agree. I don’t mind spoilers either. How long is long enough to wait? There is no way to know. I think once a show has aired in all time zones, it’s fair game, especially by the next day. I guess if we wanted to “label” our comments at the beginning, then a person could “skip” over it if they didn’t want to read it. I’d like to talk about the Walking Dead or Revenge on Mondays sometimes, but don’t because I don’t want to spoil it for others. Not sure what the answer is.

              • Powell says:

                MTH & BB I’m the same. It doesn’t spoil it for me when people tell me what happened. I tell people “go ahead and tell me”, I’m still going to watch. Spoilers are part of the fun to me.

        • Powell says:

          MTH I don’t think so. I think that he felt sorry for this mother w/the crappy husband.

      • Powell says:

        Who is setting the fires in the neighborhood?

        • AZGirl says:

          Remember in when Nucky was refurbishing his childhood home for a friend? Nucky father was living in the home and he moved him to a nursing home. Well, Nucky went to the home to turn it over to his friend and his family and got all these flashbacks from his abuse. Margaret’s son was with him. He told the boy to wait in the car and set the house on fire. Nucky then handed his friend a wad of cash and told him to buy himself a new better home. Since then Margaret’s son has been setting fires. He set the atrium on fire a few episodes ago.

        • AZGirl says:

          Nucky was abused by his father as a child.

  7. Good Morning! First, I want to shout out to all the east coasters who are still going through recovery and send warm wishes that things are getting (somewhat) back to normal. Still thinking of you and sending healing energy!

    NMD – thanks for the deets and getting the blog together! I think Tamara’s party trip and marriage are totally for a story line and I give that marriage a year tops. I have serious questions about Eddie….but look how long they have been able to string this story line out. Pfffft. Not watching that “woman” anymore.

    Ramonacoaster – great recap of Atlanta – Wow, Kim’s potty mouth was in full display last night. Way to give a good example to your impressionable young daughters. And Kenya? How crass of her to walk out on a charity event like that. Really? But I have to add that Porsha was not very eloquent in her presentation either. Neither of them impress me!

    MTH – great recap of Amazing race too…and thank you my dear for the rocker pics! LOL! Sounds like they really goofed up and deserved to go. Who did you say you were betting/rooting to win?

    Wishing everyone a lovely Monday to start out this holiday week! 🙂

    I left yesterdays blog “A Matter of Will” up again (like I have done with a few others) as it still gets hits and conversation. Love you guys for visiting! Hugs!

    • melthehound says:

      Lately, I find myself rooting for James and Jaymes (whichever is which). Simply stated, their enthusiasm and have fun no matter what attitude is infectious. I’ve always liked Texas but that’s a bias because we have a local connection to Lexi here at the blog. I think it’s plain that I don’t care for the Twins, and Abbie and Ryan get on my nerves too but not as much as the twins. Beekmans are holding their own pretty well it seems too.

      The episode included so much of the Rockers, I couldn’t not show them. I find it pretty stupid for experienced world travelers to lose the passport. Everything else is somewhat easily replaced but without that document, they’re stuck.

      Glad you’re enjoying the recaps 😀

      • I agree MTH…the Rockers made a pretty silly move with that. One of them is a lawyer and….they left their backpacks in the cab?? How does one do that when one is in a foreign country on a reality show that depends on some of the things you carry with you? Anyway…..maybe they got tired or distracted…or maybe all that long hair was stunting their thought process! LOL!

        Even I can tell it doesn’t sound like the twins have it in them to win….so it will be interesting to see who pulls it out in the end! 🙂

        • melthehound says:

          Well, I won’t mess with the hair.. There are a number of people here who like it 😉 But then again, I could say the same thing about the twins. I meantioned last week that Rob and Kelley (monster truckers) kept their stuff on their persons. No lost money or passports.

        • trudie says:

          What I don’t understand is why the Rockers didn’t go to the American Embassy in Moscow to get another passport.

          • melthehound says:

            I tend to think it may have been their time to go. I’m not really suggesting a rigged show here and they likely eventually had to go to someplace like the embassy to get a passport for Abba. I stated in the blog or comments, that it strikes me as odd, experienced world travelers such as these two would lose first, their money, and second, their belongings along with the passport. It further strikes me as odd, that they wouldn’t know what to do about losing the passport. I guess that wouldn’t be so uncommon though, to not know, even with all of us at home screaming Go To The Embassy!

    • Powell says:

      No Kenya shouldn’t have walked out and said the mean comments. Porsha needs to polish her presentation and what’s w/her husband bringing her a Chanel present to a charity event? It wasn’t her BD and the event wasn’t about her. I think it was just a staged “see I have money to buy my wife a Chanel bag”. Ugh.

      • Oh yeah….I agree…that was really tacky considering this was a charity event for children. I don’t know what some of these people are thinking….if they are! And, while publicity for the charities is a very good thing, I don’t like that Bravo seems to be exploiting that by making them about drama. Sheesh….doesn’t anybody do the right thing for the right reasons anymore? Oh wait…this is reality tv. Sorry, forgot for a minute!! 😛

  8. contessa says:

    Good Morning All,

    Thanks to all of our bloggers for reporting on the various shows – wow what a talanted group!

    Atlanta HW bored me last night, I just couldn’t get into it. I think I am getting tired of the same old, same old with these women all vying to be the top socialite or whatever in Atlanta. They are getting ridiculous. I am not a big Nene fan, but kudos to her for getting as far as she has. I think the divorce storyline last season was a financial move on their part (Greg & Nene), when she started making some serious money. I think he took the debt and probably went bankrupt or something like that – this is just an assumption. Kim is a yawn and I am getting tired of her filthy mouth – enough is enough. I truly think she made her bed when she couldn’t be gracious enough to stay the extra five minutes. I guess it is really difficult for 2 adults, 2 teens and one baby to live in 5000 sq.ft., actually that really pi$$ed me off. When I read the details on that 1700 sq foot house I was astounded at the number of rooms…who needs that many rooms? She is on the bad side of ridiculous and also needs that trailer mouth washed out with soap.

    Kenya is nuts, but I don’t think Portia is far behind. Who gives a chanel purse to their mate when they are trying to raise money for a worthy cause? Both of them are made from the same cloth in some ways. I still like Phaedra, think she is hoot and she definitely plays a character in the series.
    My favorite is Kandi – because I think she truly a good hearted person. Her blog in answer to Nene’s rant on last weeks blog, was well thought out and addressed all the points nene raised. I am very happy for her to be with this new guy and more power to them for purchasing a foreclosure as they got a huge deal and paid cash. She is definitely one of the “rich” wives who made it on her own!

    • Vegas Chick says:

      I completely agree with you. I love me some Ms. Phaedra. She actually answered an email that I sent to her via her blog about a year ago. She writes just like she sounds. Kandi is the most down-to-earth and definitely rich…bloop!

      Kenya has a ton of problems. It was interesting that she opened up about her childhood but it doesn’t give her a pass for who she is and how she acts now. She mentioned therapy and acknowledged anger issues, but I think it might take her a lifetime to work through it. Walter is probably trying to find the exit door but the camera lights have him paralyzed, lol. Portia? Whatever? She’s really young, really boring, and I can’t see how she fits into this group. Kim…blech! Kroy isn’t the nice guy that everyone thinks that he is. Think about it… he married Kim.. enuf said. Nene is working hard at toning down her ghetto-self so I guess Hollywood has been good to her in a way.

      • contessa says:

        Hi Vegas,

        I got so bored and annoyed with Kim last night that I didn’t put together what you wrote about Kroy…excellent interpretation. This is not going to look good with his team mates etc.

      • mrspeabody says:

        I’m agreeing with you about Kroy and started seeing that last year in the way he was with his mother-n-law. I think he is alot more like kim than has been shown, maybe not the mouth she has but I bet he can keep up with her just fine when he wants to.

  9. Vegas Chick says:

    Oh, we forgot to mention Cynthia, lol.

  10. “Walter is probably trying to find the exit door but the camera lights have him paralyzed, lol.”

    LOL, Vegas Chick! loved that. The visual of that is still making me laugh! Great comment!

  11. AZGirl says:

    Is the Chatzy site down?

    • melthehound says:

      I don’t think so.. Can’t you get in? It’s typically quiet, especially, likely, this week because of the holidays…

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Seems to be down right now. I can’t get it to load.

      • melthehound says:

        Hmm… Well, Queen didn’t post a new quote for today though I posted the birthday greeting for MLS. I made a couple posts that did go through just now. However, it does appear that the few who tried, are having trouble staying logged in. I don’t know if Queen has been there today or not but her mother tried to join the chat.

  12. dickens says:

    Kenya is a puzzle, On one hand she is full of pride. On the other, she is awfully insecure (Walter and Kandi) and overly sensitive over not being married. For all the airs she puts on, she’s very shallow.

    Happy birthday, MLS!

    • Called A Princess... says:

      I think Kenya is mentally ill. JMHO.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, I agree. Cringing everytime I see her..wonder if she’s cycling up or down this scene…but in the back of my mind, I’m thinking…this can’t be good.

      • Powell says:

        No I don’t think it’s that. It seems like she’s constantly validating herself to herself because of what she said about her mother not acknowledging that she’s her child, that she ever had a child, that her mother gave her away in a sense. Like she’s trying to prove to her mom that she’s all these successful things despite how her mother treated her. I feel she’s insecure and the things she does and say ate to mask her insecurity.

  13. Kat from Ohio says:

    i’m still curious why you only call phaedra “the lawyer” in your blogs, ramonacoaster.

    that being said, i think porsha is really pretty and i didn’t mind her at all. hoping i’ll like her. kenya is great… FOR TV. god she’s nutty. really hoping nene and gregg work it out.

    could not give a rat’s ass about kim!

  14. shamrockblonde says:

    thanks for the recaps! you all do such an amazing job! reading along, and finding out what is going on is great all by itself, but your side comments are what I truly live for – thanks for all the hard work, and for letting yourselves shine through – very much appreciated!

    Jeff – I had a dream – the twins won the race, and the Chippers came in second – but then Phil looks at the twins and says “I have some bad news and some good news – the bad news is that we have you both on tape taking the Rockers money and not even trying to determine to whom it may belong – we also have you on tape keeping that money – as it is a violation of race rules to steal from anyone, especially fellow competitors, you are disqualified – the good news is that J and J, as the twins have been disqualified, you win The Amazing Race – as for the Texas team – your parents called – you are both grounded for the foreseeable future for your part in the theft of the Rockers money – the Rockers will receive an all expense paid vacation and an invitation to compete in the next Race Around the World!!!!”

    I don’t like the twins – at all – and my heart goes out to the Rockers – didn’t one of them have a family emergency at home? I think that might have played into their mindset – they should be compensated by the show though for the theft that occurred –

    now that my team is no longer able to rock – err – race – around the world, I will be rooting for the chippers –

    I should point out that if I run out of fingers and toes, my math is in serious jeopardy, so I am no math expert – a first grader could probably get the answers before me – but divorced guy’s smug attitude – that he would breeze right though it – was bad enough – but watching his toddler meltdown was embarrassing – really? handing back ripped up answer sheets – the matrix? indicating that the maps were wrong not him? pitiful – just pitiful –

    *hugs entire board really hard*

    • melthehound says:

      Now that would be justice, wouldn’t it SRB? I hope at that point they enjoy that $50 and suspect that, they will knock Trey and Lexi down to get the other $50. You know, I use to watch are you smarter than a 5th grader but stopped because I realized, I wasn’t 😛 Truthfully, I think people have become too reliant on calculators and computers. I know I can’t spell worth a damn without spell check. Usage is sometimes an issue for me as well. Two, Too, To. Two I know is a number. The others, I know the rules but still screw it up. There, Their, and They’re… Same thing.

  15. shamrockblonde says:

    Ha! – I knew better than to watch that show!! Math remains a mystery to me, but fortunately, not to my husband, who was able to help our girls with their math homework – I did the other subjects – just not math – to give you an idea of how bad I am, I once gave a waiter a tip that was more than the actual bill – yes, I did – the waiter was happy – my husband was mystified –

    • kidsrfunny says:

      Giggles. I sent my daughter and a friend to the beach restaurant while I stayed in the sun. I told my daughter to tip 20%. They loved the blue slushie drinks and the shrimp. After their meal, my friend’s daughter decided she wasn’t good at math, so she turned the bill over to my daughter.

      When they came back with the receipt, my sweet daughter had tipped 200%. Yeah, she’s better at math than her friend.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Oh Shamrock-I STINK at math-STINK!!! Numbers make me sweat and math homework gives me heart palpitations!(My husband is in charge of math homework-I help with English and social studies) However-I learned percentage right quick when I waited tables…and shopped the sales!!!

  16. contessa says:

    To my Buds upthread, thanks for all the comments on my thoughts. I am working from home so can’t keep up consistently. Someone posted that Kroy and Kim are alike and wow that was a moment for me – as they are. She used to be fun in the first season when she and Nene used to run around and she would go to the opening of a candy store. I think she likes being barefoot and pregnant, which gives her an excuse for not doing anything. When I saw the previews of her screaming and cursing at the movers I was apalled. Also Sweetie apparently calls her on her swearing and doing f this and f that. If I had a client like that I would simply walk away. I am really tired of her act and less I see of her the better. Just wanted to say love you guys and thanks for always being there for me when I have an issue!!!!

  17. Eastbayca says:

    Wendy Williams asked Andy Cohen today if Jill Zarin would ever be back on Bravo, and he said….NO!

  18. BB says:

    I watched about the first 15 minutes of Anderson Live with NeNe and Rosie O’Donnell co-hosting today. NeNe should not quit her other jobs. I don’t think she could carry a talk show. Rosie looked like the seasoned pro that she is beside NeNe. I’m not a fan of Rosie, but she can do a talk show. NeNe needs lots and lots more practice. Bloop!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I like Rosie ok. I just saw a little snippet and I agree, Rosie’s professionalism really showed. Nene? She did look a little bit awkward.

      • BB says:

        IKR. When Rosie wanted her to do the blurb about The Donald, she looked really uncomfortable about it. It was like she really didn’t want to do anything but sit there and look cute and throw in a comment here and there.

        • Powell says:

          Rosie got so much backlash for mocking Donald when she s on The View that she doesn’t want to revisit that again. Besides since she had her heartache she does not need the stress of taking on Donald again. Donald is one angry guy since the election and just might be looking for a fight.

  19. NJBev says:

    Hey everyone …. who posted the article on the 87 yr old Dr. who only charges $5. a visit?
    He was on the CBS evening news tonight in the closing segment. what a cowinkydink,

  20. Nancy says:

    Oh no…bad news for us 49er fans.
    Our quarterback has been benched for tonights game. 😦 Oh well, here comes a loss.

    • Noelle says:

      Look on the bright side… at the very least your not a Lions’s fan!!
      That alone is a very bright spot! 😉

  21. Powell says:

    When Phaedra said “Different stages of afroism” when referring to black womenand their hair when exercising and “I’m the donkologist” referin to her donky booty exercise video I just cracked up. She’s a hoot. Kandi and Phaedra are my favs. I just wish Phaedra would stop pushing up her boobs. I don’t know what kind of bra she’s wearing or if she’s putting those things, I forget what they’re called in her bra but it just looks strange.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Oh her boobs-she calls them “apples”…and FYI afro-ism is my new fave word! Phaedra is one funny lady-whether she means to be or not!!!

  22. BB says:

    Why can’t my dogs do this? Make sure you have sound when you play this.

  23. Powell says:

    It was funny seeing Cynthia teaching NeNe how to take the train. The last time I was on the train in NY when I was maybe 5 yrs old they had tokens.

  24. Has anyone figured out who the 5th woman (the one on the left) in Vicki’s photo is?

    • BB says:

      She’s being reported on Reality Tea as a new housewife named Lydia (no last name given).

    • BB says:

      Stoopid Housewives blog has identified her as Kayla Folley now known as @KaylyFMcCarthy.
      Who knows? Apparently, SH is familiar with her.

  25. melthehound says:

    It wouldb’t be Sarah would it? The one from Bow-Gate?

  26. Nancy says:

    I’m sooo mad. President Obama just came on Monday Night Football to say he’s
    rooting against the 49ers! And to think I worked the phones for him! LOL

  27. AZGirl says:

    OK GANG you know tonight is when Taylor’s crazy train leaves the station….lets all be on board. whooo whooo…he,he,he

  28. boston02127 says:


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