Kim Zolciak called a Pathological Liar by her Dad / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills / Dancing with the Stars

Kim Zolciak’s Father Calls her a Pathological Liar and Other News by NoMoreDrama

Wow.  Just wow.  Kim Zolciak’s dad always seemed to be on her side.  Not any more.  He gave an  exclusive interview to TMZ and said: “Kim is a pathological liar PERIOD.  I will not tolerate her trying to make a mockery of my wife or our family any further. We are completely humiliated by all the lies she has put in the media. She has been married twice and has three different fathers of her four children. Let’s face the facts.”  Read more.

Kim Zolciak – Bierman took to twitter to tell her side of the story.

What is really sad is her daughter Brielle is also on twitter, and tweeted this.  I sure hope this isn’t all to create drama for her show.

Oh course NeNe Leakes had to put in her two cents (assuming this tweet was about Kim).

And then speaking of liars … both Phaedra Parks and NeNe Leakes took to twitter Sunday night to set the record straight about their interaction with Porsha’s charity.  Porsha Stewart mentioned on the show that some of the other Housewives support her family’s charity – Hosea Feed the Hungry – but just show up to “take pictures.”

From NeNe:

Phaedra Parks had this to say (see bottom tweet) but Porsha denied saying that she mentioned Phaedra in her dig against the housewives.  I’ll listen carefully if it re-airs.


Adrienne Maloof has downsized to a 10,000 sq ft home according to TMZ.  She is leasing the mansion for a cool $20,000 a month – with an option to buy for 6.5 million.   According to TMZ: “Adrienne will be moving to a swanky, gated community in Beverly Hills adjacent, where Charlie SheenParis Hilton and Slash call home.”  I’m confused.  I thought her old house was next door to Charlie Sheen’s house.  Her home with Paul sold for $19.5 mil.


Is Lydia McLaughlin Sterling a new Orange County housewife?  She sure seems to be the woman in the photo on her way to Puerto Vallarta with the other four housewives (Alexis Bellino is conspicuously missing).  Here’s her twitter, and she’s followed by Heather Dubrow.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see – but if she’s going on the trip, she’s at least a “friend” of the housewives.  

This is a photo from her facebook page:


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Don’t Sing for Your Supper” by BB

The scene with Kim Richards and her daughter Kimberly made me sad.  The hairdresser arrives to fix Kimberly’s hair for the prom and Kim is acting a little bizarre.  Something is “off” with Kim and she doesn’t seem to know how to act around her daughter.  Kimberly and her mom have a nice moment when she is ready to go.  Kimberly and her boyfriend need make a cute couple.  I feel bad that it’s just Kim and her hairdresser there to see them off.  Kim had prepared food and Kimberly couldn’t seem to get out of there fast enough. Kim seems to be in a vulnerable state and I hope she’s going to be OK.

Yolanda gets a visit from Richard, her caterer/butler to prepare for a dinner party she’s holding for all the housewives and their significant others if they have one. He’s worked with her husband for 25 years.  Yolanda loves hosting dinner parties with her friends and people from the music industry.  After listening to the menu and seeing her beautiful home again, I would love to be a guest at that dinner party.  Yolanda seems to be a cool, calm and collected party planner without being demanding.  Love this scene.

Kyle and Alexia are preparing for Alexia to get her license.  When Alexia gets the answer to one of the written questions wrong, Kyle decides it’s a good time to practice parallel parking.  I very rarely ever have the occasion to parallel park and I’m not very good at it.  Parallel parking is not part of my state’s driving test as far as I know.  Boring scene.

Lisa pays a visit to Kyle’s house.  As soon as Lisa arrives, she royally sniffs the air and asks if there’s a cattle smell in there (a reference to the Llama’s visit through Kyle’s house).  Lisa explains why she didn’t want to cross paths with Adrienne at Portia’s birthday party.  Kyle informs Lisa that Adrienne asked her to set up a meeting between them. Lisa asks Kyle if Adrienne actually thinks Lisa lacks that kind of integrity and did what Adrienne accused her of, why would Adrienne even want to hang around with Lisa?  Good question.  Kyle asks if they’ve seen each other any time in between and Lisa tells her no.  Bottom line, Lisa is not ready to resume her relationship with Adrienne without an apology from her.

Back at Yolanda’s house, preparations are being made for the party.  Yolanda thinks she should have been Martha Stewart’s daughter because she loves preparing for dinner parties.  She loves the presentation, the flowers, the candles, and everything has to be perfect.  She goes out and picks some pink rose petals and remarks that she shouldn’t have planted so many lemon trees.  I’m in heaven watching this portion of the show.

Kim rides with Paul and Adrienne to Yolanda’s party.  Kim sings Yolanda’s praises to Adrienne and Paul who have yet to meet her.  Adrienne will be seeing Lisa for the first time in several months.  Paul can’t get over Lisa’s comments about Adrienne’s shoes and their dog Jackpot and states they didn’t say even goodbye when they moved.  Compared to Adrienne’s accusations about Lisa and the way she treated her at the reunion, those examples Paul cited seem week at best.

Oh my, now this is what I’m talking about.  This is why I originally signed up to watch the housewives.  If I ever become a multi-billionaire, I will beg Yolanda to design my house in Malibu.  It’s amazing.  When people start arriving, they seem taken aback that the butler greeting everyone has also worked for Camille and Mohammed.  Do they really think he’s someone’s permanent butler/caterer and has no other clients?  Kyle seems overly-interested in who he is and where he’s been and wonders if he’s a spy.  Have you got something to hide, Kyle?  When Adrienne and Paul arrive, Lisa chooses to ignore them.  Until she gets the apology from Adrienne, that’s how it’s going to be.  Paul is looking to start some crap.  Kyle tells him to be nice.  David Foster makes an entrance and they all sit down to dinner. He forgets Taylor’s name.  How dare him for not remembering who Taylor is!  I mean, he used to be married to her good friend Linda Thompson.  I can’t believe he didn’t remember Taylor’s name.

Also present at the dinner are some single men Yolanda invited for the single ladies.  She hoped to introduce Brandi to famous jazz trumpeter Chris Botti, and singer Michael Johns from American Idol and a man named Tom are also there.  Later, another of Yolanda’s friends, singer Nita Whitaker LaFontaine shows up. After dinner, David promises some musical entertainment from these talented people.

David and Yolanda are at the head of the table of course.  Lisa and Ken sit to their right and Adrienne and Paul to their left.  Taylor starts making a drunken ass of herself in front of Chris Botti by talking (in her annoyingly loud voice) about Brandi (her arch-nemesis) and how she’s slept with everyone in Beverly Hills.  Yolanda thinks there’s nothing uglier than a drunk woman, referring to Taylor.  David keeps the party chatter going by telling everyone how he and Yolanda met (they were introduced by Mohammed after he and Yolanda were divorced), and regaling them with music-related stories.  I would be in heaven right about then and some of the guests seemed in awe.

After dinner, Yolanda gets them to gather in a circle for some music.  Some of the guests didn’t get the memo that when there are professional musicians there, you don’t participate, you just enjoy the show.  Personally, I would be a little intimidated singing out loud in that group, and I can sing.  Anyway, David sets them straight and Taylor takes offense and makes it all about her.  When they start to play/sing Danny Boy, Taylor makes it known, via Paul, she doesn’t want to hear that sad song.  That’s Yolanda’s cue to draw the party to a close.  She’s not going to sit there and let her husband and her other guests be insulted by the likes of Taylor Armstrong.  The party ends with a rousing rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

The episode ends with Lisa and Ken having a conversation about Lisa’s upcoming sit-down with Adrienne. Ken doesn’t look well to me.  Lisa is expecting to hear the two little words, “I’m sorry,” or the meeting is going to be as short as Adrienne is.  Unless the apology is forthcoming, Lisa is out of there.

I loved tonight’s episode.  Even Taylor’s lack of manners didn’t ruin it for me.  As Yolanda says, “and now we go to bed.”


Week 9, Kooky Fusion Dance and Rumbas & Tangos to Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad.’ By COCFarm

I’m going to get wordy…prepare yourselves!

Tuesday night is a double elimination, so we will be saying goodbye to two fabulous stars & dancers and will be down to three heading into next week. There are two dances this week.  First up is the fusion between a dance that has not been danced yet this season and a theme.  They are all a bit ‘out there.’

Dance 1: Fusion

Melissa & Tony: “Caveman” Hustle.  First, they are dressed in animal pelt costumes around boulders and fire.  A T-Rex is digitized into the beginning, which sent both dogs into a frenzy in this household.  The dance starts out quite slow…and a bit disjointed to me.  They have their caveman bits, and then do a version of the hustle.  They don’t always seem to connect.

Bruno: Wobbly turns 9, CA: Loved it…9, Len: Likes it. 9.5, for a Total: 27.7

Shawn & Derek: “Knight Rider” Bhangra:

I was on the FLOOR for this one.  Holy Moly, it was wild.  If you think of any Bollywood dance, that is much of what Bhangra will remind you of, yet it has a ton of squats, multiples in a row with arm & leg movements that have nothing to do with ballroom.  This is by far the most complicated dance and the judges are all ecstatic that Shawn is finally out of breath. You should watch this dance if you get a chance.  My only complaint is aside from Derek’s jacket, you totally miss Knight Rider since the theme song is done Indian style, so it is virtually unrecognizable.  All 10’s for a Total: 30.

Apolo & Karina: “Big Top” Jazz:

Apolo looks like a mime and I’m not loving this dance.  He has a minor slip at the beginning.  They do a cool spider move. It’s disjointed and almost seems to stop to switch gears.  I’m not alone in this since Carrie Ann feels the same, however Bruno feels that was the intention and loves it. CA 8.5, Len 9, Bruno 9.5 for a Total: 27.

Emmitt & Cheryl: “Espionage” Lindy Hop: 

They dance to ‘Secret Agent Man’ and are dressed James Bond style, which of course, is humorous because you can’t imagine James Bond dancing the Lindy.  That’s pretty much how it felt…odd, but well done. Bruno calls it a Looney Tune version of James Bond and I have to agree!  9’s across the board Total: 27

Kelly & Val: “Surfer” Flamenco:

Their dance was very Flamenco with very little surf until the end when they rip away traditional flamenco wardrobe to bathing suits and they sort of stomp dance in a shallow pool of water.  Val is only wearing a boy short speedo.  He then kept hiding behind Kelly, who ends their dance laying in the pool of water.  No one loves it.  It is more Paso then Flamenco, but Len has taken a happy pill tonight and likes it better than the other two.  Len 9, CA 8, Bruno 8.5  Total: 25.5

Dance 2, dances to Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’  Katherine Jackson is in the audience and between commercial breaks, other dancers perform to bonus tracks that are on the 25 anniversary issue of ‘Bad.’  I feel horribly old suddenly.

Melissa & Tony:  Argentine Tango to “Dirty Diana”

These two are going for it with some risky interesting lifts.  The first is Melissa above Tony and then sort of swirls down his body…very cool.  There seemed to be some fumbles in their lifts but the judges don’t call them out.  It was very complicated but beautiful. All the judges loved it and are impressed with the wild lifts.  10’s across the board for aTotal: 30

Shawn & Derek: Argentine Tango to “Bad”

They dance fairly flawlessly to their routine, which does not have the lifts of Melissa’s tango, but focuses more on formation.  I’m surprised they did not do lifts seeing as she is a gymnast.  Everyone loves it by Carrie Ann who says it is lacking passion.  I have to agree, but it was a beautiful dance.  CA gives a 9 with Len and Bruno giving 10’s for a Total: 29

Apolo & Karina: Rumba to “Man In The Mirror”

Loved their dance witch almost seemed as though they just wanted to go out and enjoy their last dance together because they think they might be out tomorrow night. It was beautiful. It works for them. The judges love that they kept it simply, not flashy but full of passion.  Total: 30

Emmitt & Cheryl: Ballroom Tango to “Leave me Alone”

Seems a bit slow, similar to Melissa’s first dance.  If Shawn was lacking emotion, then I think this was too. I don’t get the dancing in front of mirror.  Len explains that this is a Ballroom Tango which can not have lifts like an Argentine Tango.  The season is ending and I just got that there are two different types of Tangos!  Carrie Ann and Bruno say the footwork and holds could have been better.  9’s all the way around for a Total: 27

Kelly & Val: Rumba to “I Can’t Stop Loving You”

There is something going on with these two.  Seriously.  They must be an item.

Flowy clothing, sparkles, red soft light, very romantic dancing in a circular stage which makes it more intimate and soft.  In her talking head, Kelly says she felt called out for winning the mirror ball in the first season. Bruno says it’s lusty, Carrie Ann thinks it’s beautiful, vulnerable.  Len loved the control, emotion, speed in & then dramatic slow down.  9.5’s from all Total:  28.5

The total scores out of a possible 60 are:

  • Shawn & Derek: 59
  • Melissa & Tony: 57.5
  • Apolo & Karina: 57
  • Emmitt & Cheryl: 54
  • Kelly & Val: 54

I am sticking with my original preference from the beginning of the season, that I’d like to see the 3 women in the final.  Of all of the stars, only Melissa hasn’t won the mirror ball. I’d be happy to see that happen.  Shawn is technically brilliant and seems to be the hands on favorite to win.  Kelly was semi robbed the first season of Dancing with the Stars when they called her win into question and made her have a dance off when so many people complained that she won.  I have a soft spot for the women this time around and hope one of the three win it all. Nothing against Apolo and Emmitt, but the women just had more passion and drive this season.

Paula Abdul is back tomorrow night with her four hit songs being featured in a 1 hour show, where, at the end, two stars will be heading home. Next week is the fun freestyle dance with the mirror ball awarded the following night.

Stay safe!


Update – Thomas Kramer tells his side of the Dinner Party from H E double hockeysticks

Read it Here on his Website

And I’ve pulled it over a a series of screen grabs here.

I have pretty strong opinions about this man.  I’ll let you tell me what you think …


Tuesday Night Lineup, November 20th by BB

8PM – Dancing with the Stars All Stars (ABC); NCIS (CBS); Hart of Dixie (CW); The Voice (NBC); Raising Hope/Ben and Kate (Fox); Frontier Earth (Anpl); Holmes on Holmes (DIY); Chuck’s Eat the Street (Cook); Giuilana and Bill (Style)

9PM – Flipping Out (Bravo); Happy Endings/Don’t Trust the B (ABC); NCIS LA (CBS); Emily Owens (CW); Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (Lifetime); Go On/New Normal (NBC); New Girl/Mindy Project (Fox); Property Virgins (HGTV); Little People Big World (TLC); Alaska: The Last Frontier (Discovery); Hardcore Pawn (truTV); Mankind: The Story of All of Us (History); Dangerous Grounds: Madagascar (Trvl); Doomsday Preppers (NatGeo); Homicide Hunter (ID); Bath Crashers (DIY, 9:10); Tia and Tamera (Style)

10PM – Million Dollar Decorators (Bravo); Private Practice (ABC); Vegas (CBS); Parenthood (NBC); Sons of Anarchy (FX); Covert Affairs (USA); Underemployed (MTV); Extreme Couponing (TLC); Keyshia & Daniel: Family First (BET); Total Blackout (SYFY); Inkmaster (Spike); Caught Redhanded (truTV); Oprah: Where Are They Now? (OWN); Chopped (Food); Killer Instinct (Biography); I Hate My Bath (DIY); The Baby Wait (Logo); Man, Fire, Food (Cook); Chef Race: U.K. vs. U.K. (BBC); Chicagolicious (Style)


Happy Birthday nancy (with a small n)

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312 Responses to Kim Zolciak called a Pathological Liar by her Dad / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills / Dancing with the Stars

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I heard about what Kim’s parents have said about her. It is a shame that they are all doing this to one another. Oh well. I hope you have a good day.

  2. kitkat says:

    Good morning everyone! Awesome episode last night.

    Chris Botti is one of my favorite musicians to listen to at work and is a regular in my Pandora rotation…whoever’s interested can check out “Indian Summer” on i-tunes. Very smooth and jazzy. Taylor was such a hot mess and blew such an opportunity being seated next to him. She really doesn’t belong here and it was glaringly obvious. She belongs working in a non-descript insurance agency, in a strip mall. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, she just doesn’t belong at that table. Being served that food. By a freelance butler. Kyle, however, was in her element. She WAS born and bred in Beverly Hills and really knows how to play the game. If I threw a dinner party, and wanted to show off a little for my guests, she would be the number one I would invite. I was very impressed with her skills last night. Sincerely complimentary, not too ass-kissy. Charming, confident, and elegant. She absolutley knows how to play her part. The difference between her and Taylor was glaring.

    And, Taylor looked positively FRIGHTNENING. Her heinessness is written all over her ravaged face. She litereally looked like a goul.

  3. Cathy Connor says:

    Morning, Is anyone else concerned that Kims daughter is 16 years old with a boyfriend who is 20 ?? It doesnt seem like a big difference but its borderline isnt it ( he seems like a fine young man ) just sayin……

    • BB says:

      Hi, Cathy. At first I thought that and then I remembered I started dating my now husband when I was 16 and a Junior in high school and he was 19 and already out of high school and working. We’re still together these many years later. I guess it depends on the couple. He could be immature for his age and she could be mature for her age. A lot of 20 year old guys still act like “boys.” Kim needs to keep a close eye on the situation, though.

      • Powell says:

        Cathy & BB I think that age gap for Brianna isn’t good because of what her mom has exposed her to regarding relationships at such a young age. Can I say Big Poppa!?! Even though some 20 yr old males act like they’re 16/17 at times he still may expect more in their relationship.

        • Powell says:

          Oops I’m talking about the wrong Kim. Duh.
          For Kimberly I still think the age gap is not good for her. She’s lived in an erratic household for so long and even though she has her siblings it’s still not her mom and she could cling to her 20 yr old for all the wrong reasons.

    • Cathy Connor says:

      Yes it certainly is on a case by case basis . But think her age would make any hanky panky illegal lol….He looks like a nice clean cut young man, hope looks dont deceive Kim doesnt need too much drama shes got enough on her plate and her sobreity all important ! Have a great day……

    • kit9 says:

      VERY concerned. And, I thought Kimberly was 15. She should never be allowed to date someone that old. How did they meet, I wonder. But, remember, Kim said they wouldn’t have sex until they were married. I don’t which part of that statement is more disturbing…..course, I have a feeling Kim made that up on the spot to change the subject.

    • Iowagirl says:

      Given the fact that she grew up with a addict, I suspect she is way more mature than normal 16 year olds. I suspect she has been on her own for awhile.

      Kim did not appear sober at all. Prescription drugs? Something is still very wrong.

      • bea says:

        This is what I was thinking. Kimberly seems more mature than her mom, which is pretty sad.

      • Vegas Chick says:

        I think that Kim was just nervous. It’s as if she wanted the night to be so perfect for her daughter that she didn’t know what else to do so she came off a little scattered. The cameras probably didn’t help either.

    • Orson says:

      A 4 year age gap? Too much at that age. Of course he seemed like a fine young man in his “Go To HIs 16 Year Old Girlfriend’s Prom” clothes. And of course he was exhibiting very good behavior in front of his 16 year old girlfriend’s mother AND A FREAKING CAMERA CREW. He’s a 20 year old guy, therefore he’s interested in more than a closed mouth kiss at the door step after the prom.

  4. BB says:

    Happy birthday, nancy. Hope it’s a good one. I would not put it past Kim and her parents to be doing all this for pubicity/drama/attention. Sad to say it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • cusi77 says:

      Happy Birthday, nancy!

      Thanks for a great Blog BB! O.M.G. This has been my favorite Episode ever. This is what I exoected HW’s to be! How the rich and famous party, live and host! Wow!

      Thanks Coc and NMD! Have a beautiful day everyone!

    • kitkat says:

      YES! Great blog BB! THANKS!

  5. Eastbayca says:

    Regarding Kim and her parents, they is more to the story that viewers and the public are unlikely to get.
    Why would a grandparent “suddenly” sue for visitation rights?
    Why would a father call his daughter a liar in public?
    Nene should shut her pie hole on this matter.

    • Cathy Connor says:


    • PJ says:

      I agree. I just think for a parent to say that is a horrible thing. Kim’s mother seemed like a hot mess to me.

    • Powell says:

      Mmmm hmmm.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I wonder about the nene tweeter. I saw that tweeter a couple of weeks ago so I am wondering if it has anything to do with Kim’s case. I am just saying that I am not sure that Nene was refering to kim’s situation.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Well Kim is a liar, that causes casinos because of her poor relationship with the truth. Since NeNe has been hurt by Kim’s behavior, she has the right to comment. Kim brought her parents into both shows so she has to take some of the blame if things have gone terrible wrong. Unlike the friends that she has used on camera, her family members are not just going to go away. JMHO.

  6. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Good morning. Kim’s whole nonsense is just drama for her show, IMO.

    QUestion, is it normal for 16 year olds to be dating 20 year olds? I don’t know but that situation makes me feel uneasy.

  7. PJ says:

    I can’t imagine why Taylor is on this show? To me there is nothing appealing about her in any way from personality to looks. Could it be that Taylor is jealous of Yolanda, and that’s why she acted the way she did at that dinner party?

    • BB says:

      Taylor acts that way all the time; she did the same thing at Portia’s birthday party but it wasn’t as noticible because it wasn’t a sit down dinner party. I think she’s jealous of all of them because she’s just not in their league and knows it.

      • Vegas Chick says:

        Her very short blog is up, and she’s giving an excuse of being in a dark place emotionally, blah, blah. Commentors are giving her no mercy. Shana’s is flagging every classic sign of alcoholism, and she’s looked like a hot mess since the season began. Bravo really needs to get her off the show.

    • kitkat says:

      Taylor was seething with jealousy the minute she arrived. No, not jealousy exactly, scheming. She looked like she was drinking it all in and planning her way into it, until that awkward moment when she was told to shut her yap and listen to the real singers in the room. I really enjoyed that!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        “Shut yer yap” – – -ha ha!! When Ana on RHoMiami was ordered to shut HER piehole during the TK dinner, she left the dinner. Should Taylor have left? I guess this was different as TK wasn’t playing the piano, nor had he invited professional singers to entertain his guests.

        • T-Rex says:

          Yes ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingLipsMcgee should have left, she is a drunken no-class HO. Yolanda having class and etiquette, you see a problem at your party you shut down the party down, this way you don’t call out a particular guest on their behaviour, like the RHMiami from what I read(not watching Miamii), you shut down the whole party. It’s called CLASS

          • kitkat says:

            I LOVED her telling everyone to get to steppin’! It was AWESOME! She is really alpha…I’m a little afraid of her.

        • kitkat says:

          TAylor would NEVER leave a party in Beverly Hills willingly. She would have to be dragged out, clawing the rugs, walls, grabbing onto a lamp along the way…she was so traumatized at being kicked out of Kyle’s White Party last season, that something really ugly went down afterward…she filed for divorce right after…she would rather go to parties than work on her marriage.

    • T-Rex says:

      No one knows why Bravo kept ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingLipsMcgee on the show, it has baffled almost every viewer out there, I have seen not even one positive comment about her on the show. I have been lucky enough to have been a at dinner party years ago in Chicago with some professional musicians who then graced us with an impromptu concert and not one peep came from the “peanut gallery” we sat in awe at the fact that we were being gifted a private concert. We did cheer and clap loudly as they finished each incredible song. ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingLipsMcgee is a sloppy drunk, and just a no-class HO’ looking for a meal ticket to pay her bills, married or not, green is green and she knows how to pimp herself out to a man she is a pro at it from her track record. BRAVO PLEASE FIRE HER ASAP!

      • disgrazia4 says:

        I imagine Taylor and Bravo have made a deal of sorts. Perhaps something like she agreed not to sue them or bring any attention to their indirect involvement with Russell’s suicide and they allow her to continue as a HW. Problem was no one bargained for the drunken spiral downward. I’m sure Bravo would rather she leave the face of the earth and their hair.

  8. Update in blog. Thomas Kramer (ugh) speaks out about the dinner party.

  9. ATLnNYC09 says:

    KimZ is out of hand. Her and her parents have always struck me as being a little “off” in their relationship. This has gone to a whole other level, especially considering that Kim has two babies that I know her parents want to see. She can be very petty and mean.

    • BB says:

      Both sides need to keep their private stuff private, but that would defeat the whole purpose of creating buzz for the next season if Kim’s spinoff, wouldn’t it? There is going to be a second season of Kim’s sponoff, isn’t there?

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I would bet good money that they are all in on this sham.

    • kit9 says:

      I thought Kim treated her mother horribly last year on her show. In fact, she’s always pretty rude to both her parents. She can call them bad parents but it would be very hard for Kim to win any parenting comparison. She’s a horrendous role model to her girls. Hey kids, you want to know how to succeed in life? Find a rich married man and be his public mistress who does nothing all day buy sit around all day on your fat butt, swilling wine and chain smoking. And, spending someone else’s money. Kim really is disgusting.

      • BB says:

        And by the way, kids. Don’t pay your bills.

      • Eastbayca says:

        Well, with her mother doing what she is doing…doesn’t seem like she had a good role model either.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Kim mother is suing for visitation rights because after the disgusting scene from the wedding and Kim not allowing her to use the bathroom, Kim hasn’t allowed her daughters (the daughters that by Kim’s own account her paretns helped her raise) to visit her grandma or grandma to visit them either.
        Kim’s dad reaction is based on the court documents where Kim says that her mother is an unfit mother and grandmother and would be a risk to allow her children to visit her.
        Kim needed her parents to babysit her daughters when she was a single mother, they did and help her in every way a parent can help their daughter, they are not needed now so off they go.
        If anything I think that Kim’s parents are just receiving part of their karma for accepting with joy the fact that their daughter was the mistress of a married man. They couldn’t stop Kim but they should have accepted that situation as gleefully as they did.
        Kim is a pathological liar, that we all have seen evidence of, but it is still sad that this situation is happening between them, after all kids need their parents but also their grandparents, as cocky as they might be.

        • Eastbayca says:

          I am still of the opinion there’s more than meets the eye….

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I think what meets the eyes is bad enough. There is a pattern with Kim of using people and then discarding them when they attempt to hold her accountable. If we as viewers see this happening then how much more is she doing it, off camera? She seems to have contempt for people that really work for a living, including her parents. JMHO.

            • kit9 says:

              Oops, should have refreshed page! Made same on/off camera point. Interesting comment about Kim and people who actually work. Kim’s level of laziness is epic, slothlike. I’m surprised she can muster the energy to bath herself.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                LOL, KIT9 – I just finished a cleaning and cooking frenzy and I’m sitting here doing THIS (reading and commenting) when what I really need to be doing is taking a bath!!!! hahahaha!! I couldn’t muster the energy. Very timely.

                • Kansas Girl says:

                  Oooo, LaineyLainey, I can smell ya smell ya. Get thee to the water, girl! (There. Did that get ya moving?)

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    Oh yeah, then I went to get my gel nails and then my hair trimmed…gurl I am not funky anymore, I am gorgeous!!!

        • kit9 says:

          Her treatment of her parents on camera has been so disrespectful-god only knows what she does off. And, it’s been both parents. I remember her parents coming over and fat Kim just sat on her butt screaming ‘FEED ME’ as her parents did all the work. Kim’s constantly rolling her eyes at her father, who seems like a nice enough guy and in his limited scenes has done more physical labor than we’ve seen from Kim in 4 seasons. And, then there is Kim’s refusal to allow her parents to use indoor plumbing at her wedding. Unbelievable. I don’t care that they had nice porta potties, they’re still porta potties, with, no doubt, waiting lines.
          Sure, her mom comes off a little kooky but nothing really horrible…not as bad as say when she was trying on dresses, only to be ridiculed and insulted by Kim over and over. And, there was Kim blatantly lying to her mother about meeting Collin Cowley(sp??). Kim told her she could meet him and then, for no reason, changes her mind and lies through her teeth to her. Then, doesn’t even respect her enough not to lie better so her mom finds out on FB!

  10. Powell says:

    Happy Birthday nancy.

  11. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Paul has become a little drama queen this season. Where’s the Paul I loved? Ugh, he looks so pathetic getting so involved in the drama, when it was his wife who caused it. I wonder how he feels now that he was the target of Adrienne’s lies.

    • soxwalsh says:

      I agree RealHousewifeVA that Paul has been dramatic in defending Adrienne. But since we know about the divorce, perhaps he was just trying to show Adrienne he cared by defending her so zealously. If they were in a good place, he may have been able to tell her she was being unreasonable but since we know for a fact they weren’t, I can only guess that he was grasping at straws.

      • T-Rex says:

        I absolutely agree, the HoofMaloof and her husband were not in a good place during the filming as we know now, and I believe Paul was trying to salvage the relationship while the HoofMaloof already had planted her Hoofs out the door. Paul trying to prove he was a man, her man, by defending her non-existent honor. It’s going to be sad watching him chase after her like a puppy dog, oh wait that’s what the HoofMaloof does, she gets rid of puppy dogs, she is disgusting I hope my prediction comes true and she is gone from the show.

    • deadendlights says:

      I completely agree with you. His statements last night were so ridiculous. First he was indignant at the thought Lisa may try to be friendly to him in the limo and said he would have none of it. Then when they got to the party he was upset that she didn’t pretend as though nothing was wrong. You can’t have it both ways.

    • kitkat says:

      I agree too! But my mother always says, if the wife is really a bad egg, the quiet, normal-seeming husband is WORSE…just not so apparent. However, I will give him the benefit of the doubt since he IS in the process of divorcing that shrew. Maybe he eventually came to his senses about how awful she really is.

      Also, didn’t I read somewhere over the summer that Paul was seen going out to dinner with Lisa and Ken after he filed for divorce from Adrianne?

  12. plainviewsue says:

    So agree BB. Watching the party at Yolanda’s house, I kept thinking, now this is what I want to watch!!! Even hubby sat down to watch when the trumpet player started playing jazz!

    That house. Omg, that house. That kitchen. That refrigerator!!!!!!!

    Oh Taylor. You are so embarrassing; are you proud of yourself? Having the nerve to telling an icon like David Forster that a song they are singing is too depressing!!! Well, having Paul tell them. Are you kidding???

    So disappointed that Brandi couldn’t make it. And Taylor, enuf with smearing Brandi’s name. I didn’t think it was possible to detest Taylor more, but she just keeps on giving.

    Paul is as delusional as Adrienne is. Let’s compare. Lisa made a joke in a talking head about the Maloof Hoof and called your dog Crackpot. Adrienne tried to ruin Lisa’s reputation by sayiing that she sells stories to radar on line and allows her disgusting chef to bad mouth Lisa. Yeah, it’s equal. NOT!!!!

    I remember Michael Johns from American Idol. He didn’t look anything like that! He was in the season when David Cook won. Glad to see he is doing well.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      That CAN’T be Yolanda’s real fridge. It’s just for the pretty stuff. The food the caterers served had large slices of watermelon, meat, etc. Things that would not sully that fridge. I think she’s got another somewhere that the caterers and cook use. There has to be stuff like butter and milk stowed away somewhere.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yeah, that’s just one of her fridges. It’s got to one of many.

      • TexasTart says:

        There was another fridge in view….as the camera pans away from the one your talking about (which seems identical to a florists display fridge) the camera pans to Yolanda and in the background you can see the super deluxe, uh I mean the stainless steel regular fridge.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      I had such a crush on Michael Johns!

  13. trudie says:

    A couple of weeks ago, my husband took me to see Barbra Streisand in concert (fabulous). Chris Botti also performed and the evening was amazing. If I attended that dinner party, I wouldn’t have wanted the evening to end.

    Taylor is an idiot, and so is Paul for asking David Foster to play other music. Taylor has been out and about with her catch of the day. I have a very hard time believing that “Danny Boy” was really bringing her down.

    • PJ says:

      I love that song. Taylor just had to make it about her.

      • jezzibel says:

        If Yolanda proves to be a hit(and so far she is), she might give Bravo the additional connection to the real wealthy/social set that she swims with. I’m willing to bet once they get rid of Lips more affluent and insanely wealthy women will not be so uneasy about being part of the cast. Lips is out wearing her welcome and usefulness, she’s got no money, no class, zero social status, and given that she has a questionable past/present, I’m willing that a more than a few want nothing to do with her or any kind of name association with her.
        Brandi is in the same boat regarding wealthy and status, but unlike Lips she’s a fan favorite and doesn’t try to hid or be more than who and what she is.

        • T-Rex says:

          Hitting the LIKE button for this comment! Unless Yolanda tries to take down LisaV, there is nothing I would dislike about her, she can take on the others(well not Brandi, but I heard she and Brandi get along), because I don’t like them and am looking forward to her taking them down a few notches.

    • Orson says:

      “Danny Boy” is NOT a funeral song. It’s a farewell from a father to his son either going off to war or, during the “Irish Diaspora”, off to America, depending on one’s interpretation. “The Flowers of the Forest”, on the other hand, is a lament suitable for funerals and memorial services.

      • T-Rex says:

        I agree, my Gramps is Irish and he was a singer, sang at every occasion, our whole family sings, and this was his the Song he always ended his “set” with, it wasn’t a death song in our house, since ShannataylornotfordLypsmcgee doesn’t know anything, she is a no-class moron

  14. plainviewsue says:

    Happy Birthday nancy!!!

  15. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I could be wrong, but I thought Lisa DID apologize for her “maloof hoof” and “crackpot” comments during the reunion. That was all brought up then. She said over and over they were jokes and not meant to hurt them. However, it wasn’t until after the reunion that Radar Online came forward and said Lisa never sold them stories. It is Adrienne who owes Lisa the apology and only Adrienne.

    • bea says:

      I completely agree. The insults were hardly equal and Lisa has already apologized. At this point 99.9% of the blame belongs to Adrienne.

    • T-Rex says:

      Lisa most definitely DID aplogize, she said that she was sorry that the HoofMaloof was offended by her comments, that she said them in jest, the HoofMaloof is a moron, she wants to create some sort of sympathy and some justification for her actions, EPIC FAIL. What the HoofMaloof did was WAY worse then anything Lisa did and she didn’t accuse her once, she accused Lisa several times and pointed fingers at her, NOT COOL. I bet Paul is kicing himself in the ass for siding with his Ex-HoofMaloof, realizing now what a liar she is. I do think that RHBH is going to get rid of her and ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterLipsMcgee. So far Yolanda is a HIT, and I am sure they will bring her back.

    • deadendlights says:

      I completely agree. Lisa apologized as soon as Adrienne brought those things up and then apologized again later to both Adrienne and Kyle. She even said that she wanted to buy Adrienne’s ‘pink’ shoe and then Adrienne got offended because the shoe was nude.

      I would love for Lisa to call her out on the Crackpot comment especially because the way that whole thing came about makes Adrienne look incredibly immature.

      • Orson says:

        RE: the pink shoe incident, IMHO, Adrienne was looking for something to be offended by.

        • deadendlights says:

          I think all of those things were just examples of Adrienne looking for something to be offended by. She didn’t have much to go on so she was grasping at straws and taking the tiniest of jokes and a play on words and twisting them Taylor-style into something horrible and malicious.

          And from the look on Lisa’s face after Adrienne said that about the pink and nude shoe I think she realized it too.

  16. Kansas Girl says:

    I posted this on the chat blog this morning, probably just as today’s blog was going online.

    The butler/cater issue possibly shows us something about these women’s social standing that we only suspected before. Yes, they’re all wealthy (except Taylor). Yes, they have famous friends or relatives (except Taylor). But look who has either used the butler/caterer or took him in stride: Yolanda, Camille, Lisa, and Mohammed Hadid. Kyle didn’t understand why he was there, so she doesn’t use the same type (level) of catering. Adrienne, who I’d have thought did some fancy parties, seemed to not know he was part of the service. We would not expect Kim or Brandi to have parties at that level. (And Taylor is lucky to just be included.)

    So my conclusion is that there is a huge social divide between Lisa and Adrienne. Adrienne has lots of money, but not the same standing — she does not entertain at the same levels. And perhaps this is the underlying problem between them.

    • jezzibel says:

      circles within circles.

    • BB says:

      The fact that Adrienne employs someone like Bernie the cook certainly supports your theory about the difference between Lisa and Adrienne.

    • Eastbayca says:

      I think it all comes down to etiquette and/or social status… not so much a factor.

      • contessa says:

        You all hit it on the head with your thoughts. I was thinking along those same lines last night. Adrienne with all her money has no real clue about etiquette and manners. She allows her chef to denigrate her friends and speak to the tabs – who does that? Also please do a comparison of Adriennes house (she would probably put gold gilt on the dogs if she could) and Yolanda’s house. One is very personal and warm and the other is a picture of very bad taste (a true decorator would get an extreme migraine).

    • AZGirl says:

      Absolutely right on Adrienne and Lisa’s standings. Adrienne is not on the same tier as Lisa. Lisa has international recognition with her success in Great Britain.

  17. auroracooper says:

    Hello Everyone! Long time no type! lol I hope each and everyone of you has a truly wonderful Thanksgiving! When I saw the scenes for this episode I thought is Taylor saying those things about Brandi to Chris Botti? I was right and downright embarrassed for her, way to much drinky, drinky. Like everyone, I too think Yolanda and David Foster’s house is magnificent! Brandi posted her blog on Bravo and explains why she wasn’t there, she probably had a better time at her event. Miss everyone but have been busy with things going on but I miss all of you. The blogs are great! Again, I hope everyone has a truly blessed Thanksgiving! xxxooo

  18. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday nancy! Taylor is going down and Yolanda is the gal that is going to put her in the corner. I can’t wait. The look on Yolanda’s face when Taylor was going on about Brandi’s sex life was priceless. Yolanda is all class and Taylor is not fit to sit at the same dinner table. If I were Yolanda in the same circumstance I would have ask to speak to Taylor in the kitchen and call a cab. Period. Done. Sloppy drunk is not cool.

    Kim’s scene with her daughter getting ready for the prom was sad. You can tell just how much damage has been done to the family due to Kim’s drinking. Kim’s daughter is the parent. Not the other way around.

    Lisa needs to stick to her guns. Paul and Adrienne are fools. Ken does not look well.

    • Cartwheels says:

      That scene was very sad. I for once was glad that Kyle was nowhere around so nobody can say that this is her fault. The emotional damage that Kim has inflicted on her family is devastating and hard to watch.
      Even now she seems out of it, almost seems like she went from booze to some other form of medication that is making her loopy.
      I hope that Kim’s daughter grows to be a strong and independent woman and not just for the sake of leaving her house gets in a serious commitment that she is not ready for.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, it was a good thing that Kyle was not in that scene.

      • contessa says:

        AZ and Cart,

        I agree AZ, get the beyotch in the kitchen, call her a cab and send her wasted a$$ home pronto. Paul and Adrienne have no class, saying Lisa sells story to the tabs is not cool. This is not about maloof hoof/crackpot…Adrienne drew the bigger guns and now she is wondering why Lisa won’t talk to her. I think Adrienne growing up was treated with a big sense of entitlement as the little princess. He brothers squandered the family fortune (the only own a very small percentage of the Palms now). Adrienne does not understand true etiquette (hate the word class as it evokes something other than what I am writing about). I have been poor and now middle class, but we always had etiquette and manners and knew how to behave (my parents were european immigrants) at the table and in group gatherings, even as a small child.

        With regard to Kim, she still needs help, I feel badly for her and her children. She seems very medicated to me, or the other issue could be that she is permanently damaged from alcohol and drugs. It was heartbreaking watching that prom scene, as it was rather sad for me. My mother died in my freshman year, and I had to contend with a weird step-mother, so had no one to help for the prom. I remember going for my dress with my bff. I don’t remember it as being sad at the time, but I felt it now 35 years later (just a little bit) watching Kim. Having been around alcohol as a teen and adult, you do grow up very quickly and become a mini adult; Kim’s kids have had a lot to contend with. I also believe the issue was much more than alcohol for her, and I think she used drugs as well. Kim’s kids will have a difficult time dealing with resentment of being robbed of their childhood and becoming adults before their time. My issue with alcohol was my Dad, and he started right after my Mom died, but at least I had both parents during my formative years and my Dad drank at home and was not a mean drunk. He eventually stopped cold turkey 30 years later. I also think Kim has serious arrested development and other issues because of show business, and her frightful mother.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Paul asked Kim during a consult last season, what med’s she was taking, they all seemed dangerous to mix with alcohol. She stopped drinking, but she is still taking med’s. More med’s kill people in the United States then street drugs, regardless of social standing. Sad but true.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Her poor liver. I worry about my liver – – I take stuff to manage triglycerides and I take ibuprofen every night, because of my neck pain. My sis is a pharmD and says I shouldn’t take ibu everyday if I can help it; but she says Tylenol is worse something about the way it metabolises (sp). It’s just that I sleep so much better when I do take my ibu.

      • kit9 says:

        And notice how Kim tried to make it about her–laying down her usual guilt trip when Kimberly wanted to leave and it also reminded me of Kyle saying season 1 that Kim is too dependent on her kids. We’ve seen evidence of this several times now and of her kids desire for her to leave them be and have a life of her own but this was really sad/bad. It’s like Kim wanted to go with them on their date. And, it’s why Kyle tries so hard to get Kim to spend time out with others. And, did I catch her say the ‘pool is heated for when you get back?’ wth?

    • deadendlights says:

      I agree about the look on Yolanda’s face, but I wonder if she really heard what Taylor was saying or if she was simply seeing Chris Botti’s expressions because in Lisa’s blog she says that she didn’t hear what Taylor was talking about and Yolanda was seated even further away from Taylor than Lisa was.

      • contessa says:

        Taylor was loud and speaking to all at that table. Yolanda heard it and so did everyone else – that’s my take on it.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Lisa had to be trying hard to not hear Adrienne and Paul, so perhaps she was concentrating on the conversation she was involved in?

  19. Good Morning! I have been out running around all morning already (like a turkey with its head cut off!) and thought I would stop and take a break, read the blog, and head out again BUT……what a jam packed post of awesomeness and goodies! I will have to come back later and read it all since I am running from one end of the city to another today.

    You guys just rock my world! I can’t wait to get back later and catch up. Doesn’t my day know that this is more important? LOL! See you all later! 🙂

    Meanwhile in the land of “My Place”, there is a new blog “A Balancing Act” and all the goodies up today. Enjoy!

  20. Powell says:

    BB I’m with you there on parallel parking. I aced it on my driving test but never have to pp these days so I’m pretty sure it would take a few minutes for me to get it perfect. 🙂

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I didn’t have to do parallel parking in my test, we did “maneuver ability”. But since I moved to the DC area, I’ve had to parallel park a lot and had to basically teach myself it. The first time I did it, it was not pretty. lol

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I didn’t realize parallel parking was so rare! We have lots of streets with pp. In my younger years, I was ace at this because I lived on a VERY busy street. There was no second chance to get the car parked, or you’d be clobbered. I could hit my spot on the first attempt. (Not so much any more.)

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I’m good at it…unless people start talking. I have to pull a Thomas Kramer/David Foster – – -“there will be no talking, no singing and no backseat driving…LET ME PARK, I’M GOOD AT THIS, i’M A PARKING GENIUS!!!!” hee hee

    • Kansas Girl says:

      But wasn’t the question about towing funny. I’m not sure they even knew what it meant.

  21. AZGirl says:

    Another really unique trait that Lisa and Yolanda both share is their love of their gardens. I realize that is common among those who are British/European. I personally find is so beautiful and would love to be able to keep a garden here in AZ. I do love flowers and have them all around my pool and front door. I also have lemon and orange trees. It would be great to have one with roses etc. Heat is hard on roses here. I would need a special shade screen. I keep thinking about planting roses. We will see.

  22. Powell says:

    For people that have mone, someone in this group always wants to start crap at someone else’s house but they have a fit if crap is started at their house. And no manners w/Taylor telling her upside down and backwards story to someone she’s never met.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      We poor people just have a lot more class!

    • Vegas Chick says:

      In her blog, Yolanda cuts Taylor down to size, and I have a feeling that we might be witnessing another suitcase scene shortly. Yolanda can cut through perceptions with a sickle yet still remain elegant. Yo Yo (as Lisa calls her) also let Kyle have it regarding Kyle’s obsession with the butler. I never joined anyone’s team before, but I’m pretty good at picking winners… #teamYolanda There’s a first time for everything. 🙂

      • contessa says:

        Go Vegas Girl, I’m with you about Yolanda…she does not suffer fools gladly – no way,no how. She was very poor, and is now very rich, she gets it from both sides and understands people. I also liked the fact that she treated the Butler/Caterer as a professional and friend and was not ordering him. She respected him as a professional.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        wHERE can I place my order for the t-shirt and/or mug?

      • not THAT Jill says:

        What was the big whoop about Kyle and the Butler? She didn’t say anything to HIM or to Yolanda-she asked Lisa if he was the same guy who was at Camille’s house. So what? She didn’t say he was fat or ugly or whatever. I don’t see the big deal?? He was not shown any disrespect from Kyle. He is not a HW or a friend of the HW’s-he was the help at a party, simply put and it is a bit of a coincidence that they same guy helps at so many parties. I dont see a problem with Kyle commenting on it.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Maybe it’s because she was laughing about it. Nothing wrong with an innocent comment, I agree with you on that. Editing can paint someone into a corner…she appeared to be either Laughing at the dude or at the fact that he butlers at more than one place. Watching the episode might have made Yo feel bad for the guy. You know, like when he watches the episode? She seems to respect him (the butler) and maybe thought how awful that it looks like he’s the butt of some joke that nobody but Kyle gets. Kyle might have only made a 20 second comment accompanied by a giggle, but editing can make it seem like she’s obsessing. If that were my friend (the butler) or my dad…I would think it odd that a guest whom he was serving found him or the idea of him to be so amusing when he’s actually such a pleasant and professional gentleman.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            She was laughing b/c she said “maybe he is a spy”-knowing how ridiculous it was. The Butler clearly wants to be on TV so I bet Kyle saying ANYTHING about him helped his cause.
            I dont think Kyle saying he worked for Camille was a big whoop b/c I believe when the Butler greeted Lisa and Ken he said something about being at Camille’s house.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Apparently YoFo disagrees with your take on her laughter being helpful to the Butler. Otherwise, she might have not addressed it. She probably also wouldn’t like that I keep calling him the Butler!!! I honestly didn’t think it was that big a deal that he works at more than one place. I might have just been in wonderment about the coincidence…oh I know you!! She started out like that…but what they showed was her amusement right or wrong, she found it funny, you say she found her own joke funny about spying, whatever…she was amused. YoFo wasn’t. I’m not invested in the Butler at all. But YoFo didn’t like what she saw in the episode because he is her friend. He aint my friend, so laugh all you want, Kyle. I don’t care. But Yolanda does care. She’s probably trying to save face or to say, I’m not part of that (the jokes about the butler) for the sake of her relationship with the Butler. She does seem to be trying to distance herself. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing. But you know, we’re just getting to know YoFo. She hasn’t let her hair down, yet.

          • kit9 says:

            Kyle’s point was that they’d seen him at 3 different people’s houses in their circle at this point..her point being…is there not more than one butler in BH? The only one who sort of poked fun at him was Lisa when she imitated him dramatically asking if they wanted a drink. The spy comment was obviously a joke, too.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I get it that Kyle had seen him at more than one place and found it funny/coincidence…etc, I get it that she was joking about him being a spy. Yolanda (her hostess) does not get the humor. We can’t change that.

        • Vegas Chick says:

          Since, I do not frequent the homes of peeps with butlers, I’m at a loss to explain the intent of Yolanda’s comments.:-) Yolanda didn’t reference Kyle in particular. She said the girls were being ‘snooty,’ and we all know it was Kyle. Yolanda values him as a friend, and I’m not sure but it sounds like Yolanda may not be too fond of Kyle. She also wondered why Kyle was ‘injecting’ herself in the Lisa/Adrienne situation and not solving the problem. #teamYolanda, lol.

      • princesspindy says:

        I gawfawed at the suitcase line, A+!

  23. contessa says:

    Hi Az,

    I put a bid on a house here in Fountain Hills, and this time around I want some flowers in pots at the entry and by the backyard pool. What kind of flowers do you have…I am not good at this type of thing. Flowers need to self-sufficient with a drip going into the pot. Any suggestions. Also do you know a place to get flower pots (large and small) for around the pool. If I get this house it has that royal blue tile around the pool, so I thought some Mexican colorful pottery would be pretty mixed in with some clay or royal blue???

    • AZGirl says:

      Hi Contessa: This time of year is tricky. Warm days and cold nights. I have cleared out my summer flowers (Vinca’s) and the pots have been bare for a few weeks. Mr. AZGirl went to Lowes and all he saw was geraniums. Those would work nicely. Very sturdy and will do well. I just don’t like them. I may just go and get some so I have something around the pool with color.

      As for the pots. Clay pots are expensive. Sometimes downtown Guadalupe has good deals on Mexican pots. Try Target or Walmart. I personally like the colored pots over clay. Get nice looking plastic if you see some decorative ones. They work too. Good luck!

      • AZGirl says:

        When spring comes around usually in Feburary/March I load up on Petunias, snapdragons and pansies. They will last till June. Then you plant Vinca’s. They thrive in the heat.

        • contessa says:

          Hi Az,

          Thank you for the tips. I have seen some really pretty pots on line that look like clay, but are plastic and painted a gloss to look like expensive pottery. I think with a couple of big Mexican colorful pots I will deal with the plastic ones that look like expensive pottery. This way I can move them around easily. I like geraniums and petunias. The house that I bid on is in bad shape with regard to landscaping as it is a foreclosure. So because of $$$ I will have to go slowly. I remember once, a long time ago, going to a flea market/swap meet in Mesa and they had some really nice pots. Does this kind of thing still exist anywhere? I am basically sticking to granite rocks, and some cacti, and maybe some small palm tress and one dwarf lemon tree. The house already has some large trees and plants, that desperately need care big time. They had some palms by the pool, but they are now dead. I want to get a couple of small ones – the one I had in my short sale house had like 3 trunks and was pretty fronds. I am not going to spend money on a landscape designer (as my realtor suggested) as I think I can handle this on my own, and it is not a large yard. Besides can’t afford that kind of luxury anyway. THANK YOU for your quick answer!

          • AZGirl says:

            FLEA MARKET! GREAT IDEA! The one in east Mesa is still there and of course there is one at the Greyhound Park track on Washington in Phoenix every weekend. I never go but some of my friends do and they find some really great stuff.
            I hope you get the house. If you need to get granite go to All Star Materials in downtown Guadalupe. 3/4 inch rock (Yukon Gold or Yavapai Coral) is about $40.00 a ton and $35.00 delivery. 8 tons or more delivery is free.

            • Kansas Girl says:

              I am so enjoying this conversation, ‘cuz everything here is FROZE and brown.

              Contessa, you’re going to ask your good friends from the blog to visit, right? We promise not to sing during the musical entertainment.

              • contessa says:

                Oh Kansas honey, I don’t play the piano and neither does my other half. But we have been known to sing along to the CD’s and dance on the patio, after a few drinks of course. Since I am tone deaf any kind of singing is pleasant for me. However if I were to invite David and Yolanda, we could drink, but no singing please.

          • princesspindy says:

            Two things I know about Geraniums, one, you can break off pieces and stick them straight into the dirt or put them in water to grow roots. They are great that way. Two, here in San Diego we get these moths that LOVE them and eat them to death. I don’t like to use pesticides so I just go worm hunting and get great satisfaction in squishing them (I know it’s gross but I do it with my bare hands, LOL!) I have been reading about Hydrogen Peroxide as a natural pesticide but haven’t had time to experiment with it yet.

            • AZGirl says:

              PP it is so funny considering how much I love flowers. All flowers. I can take any bunch and arrange them accordingly except Geraniums. I don’t know what it is about them. I think they look sloppy. Every time I plant them in a pot I want to scream at them “Straighten up and look smart”. Neighborhood is taking up a donation for my “retirement”

              • princesspindy says:

                That is funny they can look so good one day and then the next day they look like crap. I have them on my back patio in hanging baskets, there are 9 of them and 7 have made it the other 2 look so bad. They are the ivy kind. I swore never to buy the other kind again because they were so beautiful, l I bought the kind with the hydrangea type balls for a party and about 15 of them and they were bright colors and worked great for the party, within a week they were eaten to stubs.
                One thing about moving from Simi Valley heat to San Diego is that I can grow anything. The only thing that didn’t die up in Simi were marigolds and roses. I had 19 rosebushes and I loved them. You could tell which one my son knocked the box of Miracle gro onto, lol!! It was my best producer!

            • Kansas Girl says:

              That might be a little TMI. Ew. My opinion of you has changed. In other words, the worm has turned. 😀

  24. Powell says:

    TK is funny(crazy). It against FCC rules if Bravo doesn’t give him his due airtime. HA!!! To do what? Make a further fool out of himself.And how can he 1st ask Karent to host the HWs at his house and then be surprised when ALL the HWs attend? Something’s not right upstairs in that gray matter.

  25. AZGirl says:

    Yolanda’s blog is up and this gal is cool.
    I could not have said it better regarding Kyle.
    Kyle and Lisa’s visit. . .I know Kyle wants to help, but honestly do we really want to hear her go in circles about the Adrienne situation one more time? She continues to inject herself into the subject without solving the problem. She seems to be playing both sides.

    • Vegas Chick says:

      #teamYolanda, lol.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I really liked Yolanda…until I read her blog. Funny, she wants to come off as a wonderful hostess but in the same breath puts down her dinner guests. SHE is on a Bravo REALITY show-she should not be judging others.She acts like these women are beneath her-but how could that be-they are her working peers, aren’t they? I like how she says that she isn’t used to having people like the HW’s as dinner guests-but she invited them all-knowing that the more HW’s present-the greater chance of getting on air. That is the name of the game I guess.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I guess what she’s saying is that these ladies are not her true friends and never would have darkened her door had it not been for her desire to share her lifestyle with the viewers. I don’t hang out with my coworkers or bosses. But not ’cause I think they’re beneath me. I just get enough of them at work. I don’t like to…you guessed…have my worlds colliding (a la George Costanza).

          • not THAT Jill says:

            “Her desire to share her life style with the viewers”…Lainey ,what a nice way of saying that she wants to be on TV.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              LOL – looks like i’ve earned a B.S. in B.S. hahaha!! But seriously, I for one, am glad she’s there on my T.V. For now. Things could change. But it’s a visual treat, and fantastical escape watching the Fosters at home. Yolanda in the Sky with DIAMONDS!!!

              • not THAT Jill says:

                I agree-last nights episode was so enjoyable-minus the lips. I love Yolanda’s home and I could listen to her Husband play piano all night. BUT-she signed up to hang out with these women and I dont believe for a second that she didnt know what she was in for! Acting like she is better than them just makes me laugh.

        • contessa says:

          Jill, I do the same after a dinner party, talk to my other half about the dinner guests and who was nice/great and who was an a$$. I don’t think Yolanda thinks they are beneath her, I believe her issue is manners. No way would I sing if I was sitting in the presence of a musical genius??? That is pretty self-evident. Than Taylor goes on and on about the song Danny Boy? My first H died and there were many times things hit home at get togethers (large and small), if the tears started to flow I went to the ladies. The bad behavior started with the butler issue – a spy – give me a break, implying this was Camille’s butler – when this man is a professional caterer/butler? Kyle talking to Dr. Paul who’s every second word was F–k. Kyle bringing up David’s ex wives? Taylor bashing Brandi as a BH whore at the dinner table, drunk and obnoxious. I would have ushered her into the kitchen and sent her home pronto. Besides they all judge each other, as we do in real life. I truly enjoyed the segment and loved the dinner party and entertainment.
          Yolanda, Lisa and Brandi are the type of women I like and would hang with in a minute as you know where you stand with them from the get go. But differing opinions is what makes the world go round and I respect your view, that is why this is such a nice place.

          • AZGirl says:

            I agree I think Yolanda’s issue is manners. This is not the kind of behavior she is use too and neither am I. It has nothing to do with money. As Countess sings “Money can’t buy you class”

          • not THAT Jill says:

            contessa-Kyle was joking about the Butler being a spy-I know that Kyle is no favorite on this blog but just because she brought up the fact that the butler worked elsewhere is really not a big whoop. As for bringing up the ex-wife-I dont remember that-but David himself brought up Yolanda’s ex-husband and went on with a full story about him so I dont see that as a problem either.
            After a party I think we all talk about the company-but we are not on TV. I think that Yolanda needs to remember in the land of reality TV-there are no social classes-reality TV is not of the high social standing-for her or anyone else. If you choose to be part of something that you put down-you become part of the joke-no?

            • Vegas Chick says:

              Could be a cultural thing too. She wasn’t born and raised in BH.

            • ItzAngieDuh says:

              I agree JNTJ-I think Kyle gets the Teresa edit on this blog-she’s damned if she does/damned if she doesn’t. Why was the scene where she’s teacing he daughter to drive boring. I agree with the comment up thread that stated that Kyle played the dinner party perfectly. I like Kyle-I think ppl judge her because of Kim. Kim is her sister-there’s a totally different dynamic there & tons of history so no one should be judging that. Last showed us that Kim may have beat alcohol but still has issues. She was clearly slurring in her TH. I LIKE Kyle-I like that she has a boys name & she’s daring enough to remain brunette in a sea of blondes & Lisa likes her so that is good enough for me.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                I respect your opinion and that of the many viewers who like Kyle. But for me, it comes down to this…It was Kyle who screamed at Kim in the limo Season 1 – “YOU ARE AN ALCOHOLIC.” I and many viewers suspected as much. But loyal sister that she is,…Kyle took it upon herself to announce it to everyone. I suspect (not stating it as a fact, but as my own personal suspicion) that she felt that Kim was getting the sympathetic edit and Kyle was not having that…therefore the outburst in the limo. IMO Kyle takes care of Kyle and I’m actually all for that. Girl power and all that. But not at the expense of outing your sister.

                That is why I stopped liking Kyle. She can make jokes at parties, teach her children how to drive and stay brunette til every last cow comes home when she should be gray (like I do); I do not hate Kyle. But I do not respect her for doing that to her sister. I don’t think Kim feels safe around her. Kyle has a mean streak when it comes to Kim. She is super nice to her own children and to her hubby and to her friends. That’s cool, but None of that matters to me. She betrayed her sister. Many viewers have remained loyal to her and say that they completely understand why she did that limo thing. But I don’t agree, No matter what she was feeling or thinking and I can only speculate; I disagree with her for doing that and don’t support her because she outed her sister in that manner.

                Would Kim have gone to rehab without Kyle’s proclamation “You are an alcoholic.” ??? I do not know. Many say that with absolute certainty that Kyle meant it as a good thing so that Kim would get help. I don’t know what any of the cast really “mean” or truly think or feel. I only know what I see.

          • kit9 says:

            Kyle didn’t mean anything by the butler comment other than it was odd he kept popping up at their dinner parties-like is there only one in BH? And, she wasn’t implying he was Camille’s butler…he was Camille’s butler. Why is that bad behavior? And the spy comment was obviously a joke. And, ex’s were already a topic of conversation with the story of how Yolanda/David met. They’re all friendly with each other.

        • T-Rex says:

          I guess I read this differently, Kyle, Kim, Shannataylornotfordlypsmcgee and the HoofMaloofs are folks that Yolanda would not be inviting to dinner if they were not on the show together, they do not run in the same circle. LisaV and Yolanda Do run in the same circles and have known each other for years. I was apalled at the behaviour of Kyle and Shannataylornotfordlypsmcgee and I could see where someone who is not used to their low-class shenanigans would also be appalled. I posted above I was at a very posh dinner party years ago, with professional musicians who graced us with a private concert. It was catered and butlered and I acted with manners and decorum, did not drink too much, did not interrupt the wonderful and gracious concert, did not dissect the help, nor even mention them, why because it’s poor manners to do so. Kyle and Shannataylornotfordlypsmcgee need to grow the F up, and stop acting like teenage idiots, sorry but that’s how I saw them acting. Yolanda probably wanted air-time and that is why she wanted the dinner, but give me her air-time anytime over the teenage mean drunk girls.

          • contessa says:

            Some great point TRex, as I am on the Yolanda and Lisa boat, Brandi is their wild child they are trying to tame. Kyle and Lips McGee were full of all kinds of shenanigans. I did appeciate the fact that Kyle brought a hostess gift – lovely gesture and she kind of scolded Lips for not bringing one. Lips is broke filling in those over-blown fish lips to spend some money on wine, flowers or chocolate or a lovely candle. I won’t even go her dinner conversaton as that is self-evident. No excuses in the world for basically calling someone a whore.

            • T-Rex says:

              Exactly on the “whore” comment since she is now with another woman’s husband, a married man she knew was married when she stuck her claws in him. In addition, word on the street is that when she was in Florida was she was allegedly an “escort”, so I guess she knows a thing or two about whores.

          • kit9 says:

            What appalling behavior from Kyle? I think she and others thought they were supposed to sing as he sat down to play the piano and would be rude not to and later they were encouraged, apparently, to do just that. And, it’s not like she interrupted anyone already singing. And, she probably didn’t know that woman was the after dinner entertainment-she was introduced as Yolanda’s friend. I thought David was a tool for scolding them the way he did. Course, he was just a tool in general. What was that bit about him being horrified that more women don’t know how to be homemakers and hostesses?

    • kitkat says:

      Yolanda is VERY smart. and poised. I agree with everything she has written so far, and it’s all really WELL-written. “I am really enjoying her right now.” -Phaedra

  26. shamrockblonde says:

    Kim Z’s parents are creepy people – Kim Z is an ignorant self- absorbed, greedy person – I have no idea if this is hype for her show or true drama – either way it is something that I cannot imagine living through in private, let alone in public

    BH Kim – my heart goes out to her – she is just so fragile – confrontations of any kind seem to shatter any tiny hold she has on her courage – she may not wish her daughter to be going out with such an older guy, but is powerless to put her foot down and say no to it – any prolonged questioning – and by that I mean more than two questions – seems to completely scatter her nerves – I don’t know if she is on any medication – but I believe that she needs to be off of this show – the cameras alone are enough to keep her in a mild state of panic –

    Taylor – she looks absolutely hideous – there is really something wrong with her – something more than just her corrupt heart and evil mind – she needs to go, but I am quite sure that she will not – she is that car wreck that you cannot look away from as you drive by, and to Bravo that translates into big ratings

    Liking Yolanda quite a bit – loving her home –

    • contessa says:

      You are right about Taylor – she needs to go, but is the car wreck that we can’t stop looking at. Taylor looks really bad this season, with her hair plastered on that oversized forehead, which probably looks bigger because of
      her plumped up cheeks and lips. Also her makeup is bad with the very light lipstick. Guess no makeup artist or anyone to comb out her hair or put in extensions.

      I feel very badly about BH Kim as well. She doesn’t belong on this show. When she was going to the dinner party she looked washed out and very tense. I think she is on meds and this is all very difficult for her. I posted above that I think the alcohol and drugs have given her some kind of permanent damage. I also think there are some issues with her older kids regarding Kyle as well. I hope she can stay on the straight and narrow, as she doesn’t need the tension of doing this show. Hopefully now that filming is over she is still okay.

      • kitkat says:

        I agree about Taylor, Contessa, she looked FRIGHTFUL last night, and the camera sort of lingered a beat, to really drive home the point, at a moment in the party when she looked the worst.

  27. not THAT Jill says:

    This is why I LOVE PRINCESS PINDY!!!
    “I have all my parking awards on my dashboard. I don’t want them there but my husband is so proud of my parking prowess that he insists that I keep them there!”

  28. Eastbayca says:

    Extra extra…..
    Kelsey Grammer’s show the Boss has been cancelled.

  29. Sus says:

    TK is confusing political candidates with himself and the FCC. If a news station interviews a candidate, they must give equal time to the other person running. He wins my d*ckhead of Bravo award.

    TK and Taylor should get together. They are a match.

    Watching Taylor have a sad moment with Danny Boy made me kind of sick. Who does she think she is fooling? Herself? She gets lower and lower on the human scale every time she graces my TV set.

  30. shamrockblonde says:

    I am the one that parks way out in the boonies and then walks – paralell parking is something I did once – to get my license – never again, much to the joy of parked cars everywhere!!! –

    *hugs JNNTJ and Princess Pindy really hard* –

    • Sus says:

      I’m a champion parallel parker – as long as no one is watching. If I’m alone and no one on the sidewalk, perfect drivers ed parallel park job. People watching – I have to pull out and pull in 49 times.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      HUGS back shamrock!!!!!

  31. LA_Debra says:

    I just read that Romain and Joanna called off the engagement. Wow – I didn’t see that coming /sarcasm. hahahahaha

    • BB says:

      From reading about her on this blog, Joanna is another one who needs to leave the alcohol alone.

    • contessa says:

      She alluded to it in her blog, saying that her blog was going to be short as she had some very sad issues or something like that. I expected it, as she was a lousy non-supportive GF with a drinking problem. When I saw her go off in the nightclub I was wow – this is his business – how could she do this. Then the scene at Lisa’s party – she needs some help.
      I am also tired of her calling her immigrant background up as how difficult life is. Been there,done that and from the same country, Poland. My parents came over on a boat where the men and women were seperated, we lived with friends for awhile, and certainly started with nothing – just one simple suitcase. People coming over in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s have different and much better circumstances and many of them have a tendency to look down on Americans, had some ex-friends like that (note ex). Joana is a mess big time.

  32. melthehound says:

    I hit the like button.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Jeff-thanks-didnt see this one yet but I watched her ATL one…it was hysterical!!!

      • melthehound says:

        Kind of makes me miss Detox 😦

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I actually just got an email from Detox-(I always think of her when I watch this chick)-she misses everyone here so much but her plate is too full to hop on and chat.

  33. deadendlights says:

    Does anyone know anything about Adrienne suing Brandi?

    It seems to be an issue later in the season and I remember Brandi saying that Adrienne was threatening to sue her on twitter. I’ve been trying to find something about it online but the only thing I can find are recycled articles from a Radar Online interview in which a “source” says that Adrienne is being bullied by Lisa and Brandi and that Brandi is lying.

    • T-Rex says:

      No lawsuit it was just a “cease and desist” letter sent by an attorney regarding their twitter feud while filming this season. Good grief, two overused Housewives ploys instantly calling anyone a bully when they say something bad about you(usually just after they said something equally bad or worse about another castmate) and using “cease and desist” letters which mean zippo they aren’t even filed in the courts. It’s just a stern warning and usually amount to nothing more than a “scare” tactic.

      • deadendlights says:

        Thanks for the info. I agree with you about the letters and the bully thing. Also calling people “petty” or childish.

        I thought that it said in the HW’s contracts that they aren’t allowed to sue each other so I don’t understand why they would bother with a cease and desist.

    • Orson says:

      In Adrienne’s world, standing up to her is bullying as is disagreeing with her. I imagine we’ll be getting a cyst and deceased order from her here.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        There are many people who can’t deal with having others disagree with them. There are some people who just disagree with others to start $h!t. And then are normal people who can have normal disagreements without it affecting their ego. Which group am I in? Depends on what my hormones are doin’

      • deadendlights says:

        I completely agree with you. I don’t think Adrienne should be able to ever call anyone a bully after what she and Kyle did to Lisa at the reunion.

    • deadendlights says:

      Here’s the article if anyone’s interested:

      I’d be willing to bet that the “source” is either Adrienne herself or her Chef Bernie, either way it’s not exactly credible.

  34. NY to Maine says:

    Just watched the latest ATL episode, and Porsha definitely included Phaedra in her comment about the charity. I hate to say it, but these new girls almost make me miss Marlo. At least she was an entertaining idiot.

  35. Hellloooo! I know I am late to the party, but finally had a few minutes to jump in.

    Loved BH last night! Long ago I lived in L.A. and BH and sometimes the beach (grew up there) and had a BF in real estate, so he took me along lots of times to see these magnificent houses (and sometimes dinner parties of the clients)! They are spectacular. Having said that….I am also of the ilk that people do not have manners anymore. Some things you just don’t talk about or bring up at a party like that…or any party for that matter. My mom was adamant about teaching us good manners (had Emily Post tests, seriously!), and I taught my daughter the same way. We may not go to many “fancy” parties anymore, but if we did we would know how to act. LOL!

    Now….why is Lips McGee STILL telling this untrue story about what Brandi said? And why aren’t any of the other HW’s correcting her? Brandi did not say that SHE slept with everyone in BH…she teased Yolanda about that and Yo was not offended. This really bugs me because Lips is running with this story and it is NOT TRUE! Sigh….I wish someone would correct her…..and…..send her home when she is blotto. Not a pretty picture. Hate that Bravo brought her back. But maybe that was their “mad scientist” aim to let her make a j*ck*ss of herself as an excuse to finally let her go.

    Kim’s scene with daughter was very sad. I think Kim is trying now to make up for what is probably a lot of missed birthday & other parties….or parties where she was drunk…..for her kids, but those can’t really be recovered and it looked like her daughter wasn’t buying it. She looked like she could not wait to leave. And I am sure that young lady has spent many family gatherings embarrassed by her mother’s behavior. It is a hard way to grow up. Been there. And Kim still does not look good.

    My take on Kim Z. & family… show drama and ratings!!

    Ok…..Now I got that all out….gotta get back to more errands and craziness. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Hugs!

    • T-Rex says:

      Mardrag, we were also raised with etiquette classes we went to them as kids and my sister and I did so for Cotillion. We were no where NEAR as rich, as some of our counterparts we didn’t have a maid or cook, but many of our friends did. I guess that is why I don’t care for the behaviour at that party. I am sure Kyle wouldn’t have pulled that crap if her sister Kathy were having a posh party, which is why her behaviour was classless to me I guess. Any time you walk into a house with that kind of decor and it is catered and butlered then you act accordingly, in my opinion. Now, again I am not rich(my parents had money), nor do I live in Beverly Hills, but as Luman has proven money CAN’T buy you class, certainly shown by HoofMaloof and Kyle. Now looking back at how Yo-Yo took the incident, she probably hasn’t watched the show, I am sure of that, and being married to 2 very wealthy men, and being raised the way she was, she just assumes that if one lives in BH they have manners, as we have seen apparently not

      • Sus says:

        Charm School!!!!!!!!!!! I went and wish there were a place to send my teenagers now!

        • Hey T-Rex & Sus…..there is something to be said for charm school and manners classes! I know most people do not feel this way now adays, but I think that it should still be taught. Some of the behavior of youngsters these days could do with a bit of practice in the manners department. Nice to see some fellow “students”!! 😛

          FYI – we were not rich by any means…..poor really….but my mother believed if we were good, kept a clean house and had manners, then we were rich in other ways. Kinda agree!

          • Nancy says:

            Your mother taught you well. 🙂

          • T-Rex says:

            Both of my parents were from Poor immigrants that came to America for a better life, my mom was not born in the US. They both did well in school and excelled and when they were “young and dumb(my mom’s words)” they had us, they both decided that we were going to learn to be mannered kids. My poor grandparents raised my parents that way as well, and I think my great grandmother was a maid in a rich household to send down the ropes of how to act. Now, I can’t say that there wasn’t corporal punishment at some point it was that era, but we learned quickly, and they could take us anywhere when we were kids and we would never act out in public

    • LA Debra says:

      I get the feeling that Kim sees the cameras and wants to act a part. And because there is no “part” she is uncomfortable. I could be way off, since I have no idea how she acts when the cameras aren’t there. But there is something a little off when Kim is on.

  36. Orson says:

    Okay, I did another one of my mega-posts for here. Sorry. If you want to, just scroll past it.

    1. Kim was acting incredibly needy. “Look! I made a salad!” Kimberly wanted to get herself and her date the hell out of there before her mother embarassed her more. Kimberly should drop her mother off at her AA meetings on the way to her own Al Anon meetings. Oh, even if Kim is off the booze, she’s probably still on the pills. Notice the difficulty she had walking from her front door to the Maloof Limosine? This is not good.
    2. Yolanda has a huge “Look how wonderful I am” streak in her. She designed the house, planted the lemon grove, modeled all around the world, etc. I just hope this is the typical positioning that new housewives joining the cast of an existing HWs franchise do. Otherwise, it’s going to get old really quickly. That is not to say that it seemed like she (and her husband) planned a wonderful party. I’d love to go to one of their parties. Not with all the BH HWs though. Oh, both the host and hostess sitting at the head of the table struck me as odd, as did Yolanda mentioning she wanted the taller people sitting at the head of the table and the shorter people sitting nearer the other end, but after looking at the photo in BB’s wonderful recap, I now suspect these were concessions for the video crew. Yolanda is not stupid!
    3. Learning to drive in a 4 door Porsche? Must be nice. And Kyle wasn’t ‘teaching’ her daughter to parallel park, she was talking her through it. There is a difference. Seems to me it was a “Kyle is a good mom” type scene.
    4. I didn’t know one could hire a butler/caterer for an event. Well, I didn’t know there were butler/caterers. I knew you could hire a caterer for an event but I always thought of butlers as permanent members of one’s household staff. Obviously, I don’t travel in the right circle$.
    5. Taylor? She’s struggling for a story line and/or attention. She’s worn out her Victim role. And she’s a drunk. And her spread-a-misquote-of-a-joke-Brandi-made tactic isn’t going to work well for her. Of course, Brandi cheats. If someone calls Brandi on something she’s done wrong, Brandi goes ahead and owns it, admits it, and apologises if she feels one is warranted. Hardly a fair way to fight in those rarified circles. [ insert sarcasm tag ].

    Start-Ups had an amusing scene. Last episode, Hot Guy asked Short-haired Blonde girl out. His idea was to go see some fireworks and hang out to get to know each other. So he’s in very casual clothes, unshaven, and wearing a stretchy watch cap. Blondie is dressed to the nines. And she texts, twitters, takes photos for the internet, and posts video clips throughout the date. Near the end of their evening, he gets blasted with messages from people wanting to follow him on twitter because of the stuff Blondie posted online.

    Well… this episode, among other stuff, Hot Guy goes on a date with English blonde girl. I guess he’s making the rounds. Later, Hot Guy, Gay Guy, Gay Guy’s friend, and Short Haired Blondie go for drinks and country line dancing lessons at some club. After the dancing in some drinking nook there, Hot Guy mentions he’d been on a date with English Blonde. Short Haired Blondie gets upset and accuses Hog Guy of “Date-switching”. Hot Guy is confused and says they’ve never been on a real date. So Blondie throws her drink in his face and storms off. Gay Guy follows to comfort her and find out the deal. It seems that in SH Blonde’s world, one semi-date means they’re in a committed relationship now and Hot Guy had betrayed her. Besides, SH Blonde doesn’t like English Blonde all that much anyway.

    I am so out of it. Somehow, I got the idea that a 1st date, or 1st semi-date was an audition for a 2nd date or a real date, respectively. I guess nowadays, on a 1st date, you’re supposed to take the girl to a jewelry store so she can pick out an engagement ring. I. Will. Never. Understand. Women.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I agree with you on most everything you said..the end, I had now clue. so….I also didn’t know one could hire a butler/caterer. I’m sure Kyle didn’t know that either which is why she commented and joked about it. I probably would have done the same. Mrs. Wonderful – good one – she does have a “aren’t I wonderful” streak (YoFo) was not amused, but oh well. And so far, yes, I do think she is wonderful. Give it time,….

      • BB says:

        As long as Yolanda can back up her wonderfulness comments, I have no problem with it. It’s the ones who talk about their wonderful lives and then you find out they’re living a sham (i.e., they’re on the verge of filing bankruptsy, they’re living way beyond their means, they’ve done something illegal, their marriage is a sham, etc.) that I have a problem with.

    • kidsrfunny says:

      Kim is sober, awesome. Kim is trying to be a good parent. I believe in the past she tried to be a good parent, but alcohol got in her way. She was excited for her daughter’s prom and tried to do the best she could do for her sober.

      Yeah, her daughter acted like she wanted to get the hell out of there as fast as she could. I do not believe that had anything to do with Kim’s alcoholism. I believe it was Prom Night! Who wants to hang with their parents, drunk or sober?

      I wish Kim had decided to keep her recovery to herself, but…..she made other plans. She is under the microscope now.

      We have discussed this before. Many doctors prescribe meds to help an alcoholic get through the first few months. Then they are weened off the drugs. Sometimes that is what it takes to achieve sobriety. It’s not black and white.

      I got sober when my Dad was dying of alcoholism. I was prescribed Xanax, to be taken 3 times a day. I took them as prescribed for 90 days. If I had not been given that help, I never would have gotten or stayed sober. Yeah, I was probably slurring, too. But, I wasn’t drunk!

      Now, I need neither.

      • BB says:

        I’m glad you are in a good place, KRF. I hope Kim has the same success that you’ve had. I wish she had done it in private, but maybe she needed the money.

        • kidsrfunny says:

          Thank you BB.

          I have a friend in recovery who worked in a bar when he decided to get sober. All of his sober friends told him that he should quit his job to “avoid temptation.” He told them, “I would be happy to, as soon as you start paying my rent.”

          He got sober and stayed sober even though he was around tons of people drinking.

          I feel sorry for Kim. She is extremely socially awkward when she is in a place where the alcohol is flowing. I can tell that every fiber in her being is craving a drink. It was the social lubricant for her. Now, she has to figure out how to behave socially sober….and she’s not good at it, yet….

          I think she’ll get it, eventually.

      • Nancy says:

        Most people don’t know that if one stops alcohol cold turkey you are putting your life on the line. That’s what kills people. You may have to introduce phenobarb or some “benzos” and taper off from there. Hopefully Kim is seeing a doctor that knows what he’s doing re: addiction. I live in LA and I would love to take her to a meeting. She might
        like it. What I don’t understand is that she went to the Betty Ford Centre where they also
        have a program for family members as addiction IS a family disease. I could be wrong
        but I would bet the farm that Kyle and Kathy did not seek treatment. IMHO that family
        will never get to a good place for all involved without help.

        Congratulation on your sobriety 🙂

        • kidsrfunny says:

          Thanks Nancy.

          I don’t know about Kathy, but from the limited amount of time that I have seen Kyle on screen since Kim’s sobriety, I see no evidence that she is practicing anything that Alanon would teach her. Well…..we can’t fix everyone. (smiles) or anyone! (giggles)

          • Nancy says:

            It’s a shame as “The Program” would help them so much. It is possible that that family
            can change but they only want Kim to change. It doesn’t work that way. So many
            celebrities are in AA down here in La La Land. They could take Kim under their wing so she could have a chance at a wonderful sober life. I just don’t see it happening if things stay the same. It’s hard to watch them as they are so toxic.

            • kidsrfunny says:

              Well, I don’t know. In Kim’s TH, she says she has a great support system. I take that to mean she’s got sober friends. I also believe her children are on board and she is trying to make up for lost time. Maybe the reason we see her hanging with Kathy is because Kathy gets it. Maybe the reason we don’t see her hanging with Kyle is that Kyle doesn’t. I don’t know, I’m just guessing.

              I wish them all well. It is soooo frustrating for me to watch Kyle. I like her, BUT, I believe she is still under the assumption if Kim stops drinking, everything will be fine. It just doesn’t work that way.

    • Buttercream says:

      Agree with your assessment on Kim – she looks straight some times during filming and out of it – drooping eyed, slured voice and wobbly walking …
      Yolanda and David’s home/party/butler – wonderful event, am sure the food and beverages were delicious … what poor manners Trailer trash has … STHU when you requested to be quiet ~ as you are a guest in someone’s home, go with the flow … be entertained, not you be the entertainment – sheesh – Lord knows we’ve all seen enough of your “entertainement style” as a drunken guest!
      Vile Kyle .. has no story line … Lisa is going to set the tone for the season, for sure!

      Happy Birthday nancy!

  37. princesspindy says:

    From Wikipedia, So YoYo is his 4th wife, I added some comments!

    He married his third wife, Linda Thompson, on June 27, 1991. The two became a songwriting team, collaborating on several songs including “I Have Nothing” performed by Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard, and “Grown-Up Christmas List”. Thompson filed for divorce on July 11, 2005, the day after her short-lived reality series, The Princes of Malibu, premiered.

    Foster married model Yolanda Hadid in Beverly Hills on November 11, 2011 in a star-studded 11/11/11-themed ceremony. Same as Kim’s LOL!!!

    Foster’s sister, producer Jaymes Foster, is the mother of Clay Aiken’s son Parker Foster Aiken. Seriously!!!???!!!

    In 1992, Foster was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway when his car struck actor/dancer Ben Vereen, who had crashed his car and was in a daze. Despite being thrown 90 feet, Vereen survived. Vereen went on the record to state that it probably saved his life as he had had a serious drinking problem caused by the death of his daughter. OMG!!! He’s the one that almost killed Ben Vereen!!!!

  38. princesspindy says:

    omg, I was so shocked by DF being the one who hit Ben V. that I forgot that my point for googling David Foster was to see when he was married to Linda T. Because I was thinking that he doesn’t know Taylor at all…. so I wanted to see when he was divorced from #3, cuz I figured Taylor became friends with Linda AFTER the divorce or she would have known
    the drill re: piano, stfu and don’t sing!! So once again Taylor is full of sh*t, shocking I know!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I had the same thought and did the same thing — got distracted by the bio. So when did Taylor land in LA-land? Kennedy is 10, right, so about 2002? That gives her 3 years to know Linda Thompson as Foster’s wife. But I somehow don’t think Taylor was running in those social circles from the point she arrived. It all sounds iffy to me.

      • Sus says:

        Is Kennedy 10 already? or is Taylor really on the ball and has started the big age lie with Kennedy so that she can appear older now to marry shriek or something ???

        • Orson says:

          She can’t be 10. Wasn’t the opening party for S1E1 her 4th or 5th birthday party?

        • Vegas Chick says:

          In 2010, Kennedy had her 4th birthday party so that makes her 6, right? LOL Taylor has set her hooks into the attorney whose (soon to be ex) wife claimed that they were great friends. Poor woman actually defended her drunk husband while photos of him grabbing a feel of one of Taylor’s plastic parts hit the web. ‘Tis the truth…

      • princesspindy says:

        I know! His bio is something else, and it gave me new respect for Linda T., I didn’t know she helped write songs.

    • T-Rex says:

      I totall agree if ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterLypsMcgee is such “good” friends with Linda Thompson than why did she not know that going to a party at her ex-husbands house would be a formal event. Why wouldn’t you call Linda to get the 411 on what to expect, why because I think that the fake friendship between the two is now gone, IMO. From what I read on some sites she met Linda T just before she started on RHBH, which leads me to believe that Linda Thompson was in the running as a RHBH at some point, either didn’t make the cut or didn’t sign on. She did not KNOW Linda while she was married to David what so ever. Again the LyingGrifter is still on her “con” mode.

      • Nancy says:

        She also pretended to be a good friend to Adrienne. I wonder if “Taylor” ever
        found another rich Godmother? Poor poor Kennedy.

        • T-Rex says:

          Oh Adrienne was such a good friend she was Kennedy’s “God Mother” season 1 when they didn’t know each other until Kennedy was 3 or 4!

          • Nancy says:

            Exactly. I would have been very angry if she tried that with me.

            • T-Rex says:

              Makes me wonder if the HoofMaloofs were not a an “unwitting” investor in their ponzi scam, via endorsements, introduction into society folk with money, etc. again both of them thinking they were a legitimate company, I don’t think HoofMaloof had any idea ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterLypsMcgee and her husband were “dirty”. Yet thise folks were “dirty” enough that Maybe ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterLypsMcgee has something on them, Just sayin

      • PJ says:

        I don’t know if they are actually good friends or not, but they did know each other prior to RHOBH. There was a scene on The Hills where Stephanie Pratt ran into Linda Thompson while Linda was out with Taylor.

  39. Orson says:

    This slipped my mind in my previous posting. Men prepare for battle differently than women. Men clean and load their weapons, adjust the straps of their web gear, stretch and limber up, strap their helmets on and go! Women get their hair, makeup, and nails done Just. So. They scour their closets for just. the. right. outfit. Not too businessy, not too sexy, not too frilly, not too a lot of stuff. Well, IMO, I think Lisa nailed it PERFECTLY for her meeting with Adrienne. If she can just not lose her temper with Adrienne, thus giving up control of the situation, she’ll win this confrontation.

  40. TexasTart says:

    BB- Thanks for another great recap! All of your observations and opinions seem to mirror thoughts I had. “Don’t Sing For Your Dinner” was my all time favorite housewives episode….not even Taylor spoiled it for me. I know Bravo may not see this episode as so sucessful, but it’s closer to why I got hooked on these housewives franchises in the first place!

  41. djprincessc says:

    I have a question for everyone. I have seen you guys post about Kim Z’s husband Kroy not liking Sweetie and not even acknowledging her when shes around. So I finally payed attention to the last episode of Atlanta when Kim, Kroy and Sweetie are all outside and its true, Kroy barely even says 2 words to sweetie or looks at her….so heres my question…WHY?? Is it because shes black?? I cant even imagine people being racist like that anymore but its the only thing I could think of, it cant be her personality, she acts just like Kim.

  42. Sus says:

    Corey from Teen Mom makes me sob. Leah is a complete idiot letting him get away. He wanted to do the right thing. Got a trailer and fixed it up. He got a job working in a mine for crying out loud. They could have had a cute little house.

    I know I’m much too old but who cares. I’d treat you better than that tart! Call me Corey.

    • Nancy says:

      I just read that Janelle (sp?) just got engaged after knowing this guy for a few mons!
      Her poor mother.

      • Sus says:

        On the show, Janelle just told her lawyer that 9 months probation is too hard so she’d rather go to jail for 45 days. Seems to me that jail isn’t bad enough if that’s the case!

        • Nancy says:

          Could you imagine being her mother. She’s going to be the one that raises that child.

          • Sus says:

            Let me tell you, if I were Barbara, she would seem like a gentle breeze compared to the way I’d be. Every time this is on, I tell my little darlings that I will not be raising any more kids!!!!!!!

      • melthehound says:

        Someone wants that MTV check. I don’t see a single redeeming quality in her.

    • melthehound says:

      All 4 of them are worthless. Leah, as you noted, treats the guy like shit. She cheated on him a week before they got married and now she’s shocked he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Further, she has the damn nerve to be upset that he’s ‘talking to other girls’.

      Janelle violated her probation by testing dirty on a random drug test. She tried to use whatever that substance is she drank that was supposed to mask the weed in her system. I guess on the upside of her story, she isn’t raising the kid. So now, she gets to go to jail for an undetermined amount of time or do 8 or 9 months more of probation. She wants to be off of probation so she can smoke. The problem is, with a drug charge, her financial aid is at risk. I’m sure she’ll test dirty again, if she hasn’t already, and continue to show the world of how worthless she really is.

      Chelsea is the dumbest one of them all. One of these days, Daddy is going to get tired of supporting her and tell her to sink or swim, with or without her worthless boyfriend. My only hope is that I get to watch it on the show.

      Then you have whatzername. Issac’s mother. Pissed off and surprised that neither the baby daddy nor the new boyfriend want anything to do with her. She can’t make up her own damn mind what she wants and expects them to stick around with their thumbs up their ass while she decides what it is she wants.

      To top all that off, at least one of them ends up knocked up again. As if having the first one was such a great idea for all of them.

      • Sus says:

        Chelsea and Amber need to get together. They have both been working on their GED longer than 4 years of high school!

        I did feel badly when whatzername’s mom blocked her number! Man, that’s cold-blooded! At least watzername goes to school and works!

        I didn’t know Janelle tried to drink something to mask the THC. What a moron.

  43. NJBev says:

    Anyone watching “Flipping Out?”
    I hate to say this , but Jeff is right, imo.

    And now she wrote a book about him?
    She seems like such a greedy woman now-
    took the free honeymoon~ did she need the money for the
    book that bad?? was it worth it??

    • princesspindy says:

      NJBev, I agree, the other day I said that I felt that she is entertaining but was in it for the exposure and that I would have fired her ass a long time ago. AND, whatever happened to people honoring their commitments and their name being worth anything when they sign a contract??? Don’t sign the on the line if you can’t do the time, don’t do it!

      • NJBev says:

        I am disappointed, as I realize now you are completely right about her.
        It looks like he fires her for the Cabo thing, but who knows? He rehires
        everyone he fires~
        (maybe she wrote book to tick him off?)

        I’m watching Million Dollar Decorators.
        This is the single most overly staged show ever.
        It’s pitiful. If they think anyone would buy this
        as a “reality” show they are dumber than a brick.

        • princesspindy says:

          I like to think that when that phoney baloney Martin is at home he is walking around in his boxers, scratching his balls and talking in a Cockney accent.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        I didn’t think the way Jeff screamed at Jenni was appropriate AT ALL. Jenni has always been honest with Jeff that she wants to be in the entertainment business and SHE is the one who initially approached Bravo about a show at all, Jeff got lucky that HE got the show and not her. She and Jeff are now reality TV characters and I don’t think her writing a book about life lessons she learned by working for a demanding boss is that big of a deal since they share their work lives with the world for years now. It’s not like she was telling us anything we didn’t know…I doubt she was going to share deep, dark secrets. It probably just would have been silly and ‘funny’.
        Jenni accepting the house to use without paying, while tacky, is not as serious as Jeff is making it IMO. I don’t know. I used to work as a personal trainer and one of my clients had a vacation home she offered for me to use in Florida. I never did, but I considered it. lol. And I think she didn’t tell him because she knows how crazy he gets. Jeff never lets things go and Jenni puts up with a lot of B.S., IMO. He’s lucky to have her, with the crappy turnover he has there. She is the only orginial employee he’s had since the show started. To me, that says a lot. It’s okay when he crosses lines and goes overboard, then he blows up when anyone else crosses HIS lines.

        • princesspindy says:

          I haven’t watched the last 2 episodes so I need to catch up. I don’t know anything about the Cabo house thing. I know he said he was ashamed of his behavior this season. Like I’ve said before, I am surprised he has not been sued for the way he treats his employees.

          • RealHousewifeVA says:

            Oh okay I don’t know why I thought you were talking about this epi…lol, it’s late, that’s my excuse! She uses the house of someone they met while working (it wasn’t a client, but a potential client, I guess, since it was work related when they met this lady) and the lady offered them to use her Cabo vacation home if they ever wanted. Apparently Jenni took her up on the offer for her honeymoon and didn’t tell Jeff. lol

            • princesspindy says:

              Oh, I meant that I think she is a horrible employee, lol, always making mistakes etc. I think poor Jeff is a head case and def. co-dependent. I like him but I don’t…. Maybe I will watch the new episode tonight, Oh I know why I haven’t been watching, I have been watching Emily Owens, MD, it’s a really cute show on the CW.

  44. Kats2 says:

    I just watched the latest BH HW’s show and once again the noise from the talking heads ruined the show for me.

    Yolanda – great host, I like her but watch out, she gets her digs in too. With all that they have why is she doing this show? I suspect there is more to this deal. We’ll see, I’m skeptic for good reason and her husband unsuccessfully attempted Reality TV before (prior wife, Brody Jenner’s Mom with Brody and that awful Spencer kid). I think they have the “I need TV attention Bug” that most HW cast members have.

    Kyle – when you’re talking about your Mom and your sister is there, have the common courtesy to include your sister. You know “Our Mom” she was just not your mom. I do what Kyle did when I want to piss my sisters off, so I found it very offensive. I guess Kim was at work paying the family bills while you had these wonderful music moments with “your mom”. good lord! Oh I have a theory on the new Kyle hair vitamin she claims she took since being pregos with Portia. I don’t believe it. She raved about Pantene products all last 2 seasons and now all of sudden this vitamin appears that was just available on-line since November. Where are my spy-girls here to investigate?

    Lisa – sorry but I’m not sold on her yet, I like her but. . . .I have found myself in rooms with people I loath for good reason and I found it in my heart to say hello. I guess I would buy the whole your the perfect classy lady. But not too long I remember you bringing your dog to a beautiful dinner Adrienne and Paul hosted. If I remember correctly your husband was feeding your dog from Adrienne’s finest china at the beautiful dinner table. Why didn’t you bring the dog to Yolanda’s? Why didn’t your husband feed the dog from her beautiful table? Lisa is also in her blogs telling Kyle to but out with the whole Adrienne situation, but Lisa was “helping” Kyle with her S1 problems. Something is off with this whole nonsense. I guess I don’t trust the drama that starts at the reunions. My guess is that it’s manufactured for Reality TV purposes/a story line.

    Kim – I love Kim hope the best for her. Hate that she made all that food and the kids didn’t eat it, I thought her daughter was a bit rude, but that’s kids I guess at that age plus nerves. It was a nice moment and her daughter is very pretty.

    Taylor – she doesn’t bother me that much, I feel sorry for her most of the time. The whole sit around the piano thing was awkward to begin with and she made it worst. I don’t get the Brandy thing, just let it go already. Brandy didn’t mean what she said it was just nervous chatter I think and it’s beyond time to let it go.

    With HW’s there is always enough blame to go around. It’s all so petty and 50/50 shot of being made up drama. Too bad they spend so much time on nonsense and not just letting us enjoy the pretty surroundings and watching them enjoy life in their beautiful homes. Watching how they got ready, prepared the food, renovations on the home all of this would have been more interesting.

    Oh well, Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for the site, I love it here!

  45. Tracy says:

    The part of Beverly Hills with Yolanda was so fun! She wasn’t bitchy or entitled. She seemed so sweet and warm. And I loved her house. I can not imagine living like that. This is the world I want to see on these shows. It was so fun and relaxing. Andy, please give us more of this!

  46. princesspindy says:

    I was googling and found this interview with Larry King and Linda Thompson, it’s the transcript not the video, I found it very interesting.

    • NJBev says:

      That was a great interview. Thanks for the link.
      I remember watching a movie about Elvis and Linda.
      Linda played herself in the movie. That was a loong time
      ago. Probably right after her divorce from Bruce.

      She was incredibly beautiful, wasn’t she?
      I find it bizarre that ended up doing the same horrible
      thing to her face that Priscilla did…(silicone injection, iirc)
      I wonder if she did that before or after her divorce from David Foster??

  47. Vegas Chick says:

    Getting ready to watch Alaska:The Last Frontier on Discovery. It’s one of my favorites. Real people in real life challenges that I chose not to experience simply because I know that I couldn’t do it if my life depended on it. The gold mining shows are great too. Gold Rush is unbelievable. It’s about a couple of guys who are taking their last shot at making it mining in Ghana. Mind you, they used to be Realtors who lost a bundle when the market tanked. In one episode, one of them had to guard the excavator overnight and was shot at in the dark. Yikes! I thought that my life was stressful. Watching it makes me feel so much better. #therapy

  48. not THAT Jill says:

    When watching Jeff and Jenni-Im always waiting for them to look at the camera and say “YOU KNOW THIS SHOW IS TOTALLY SCRIPTED RIGHT??”…it will happen one day…I just know it!!!

  49. California35 says:

    Just started reading,,,,
    Kansas said —
    “She certainly doesn’t belong here either! People around here would recognize her as a grasping drunken fool. California, please keep her!”

    Hey hey hey! We don’t want her here 😛

  50. cusi77 says:

    Ah! I finally googled Linda Thompson,who was David Foster’s wife from 1991 to 2005.

    She was beautiful! I saw images of her through the years and with David Foster when receiving a Grammy. Gawsh,.. was she in The Malibu Brandi’s Party last BH Season? If yes, then, for the FIRST time Taylor did not lie when saying that she is friends with Linda Thompson… David didn’t know her, so probably she is just Linda’s acquaintance and AFTER Linda was divorced.

    Just here, having my morning coffee and not minding my own business, Haa!

    Good Morning everyone!

  51. boston02127 says:


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