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Brandi Glanville says Taylor Armstrong’s Fundamentals are Off.   Brandi gave an interview to US Weekly where she spoke candidly about her co-stars.  She described her relationship with Kyle Richards, explaining that she often feels things are okay with Kyle then hears that Kyle has been talking behind her back.  She wishes Kyle would just say it to her face –  but right now they’re doing okay.  As for Taylor Armstrong, Brandi says she’s finding it hard to deal with her.  In Brandi’s words, Taylor’s Fundamentals are off, and while Brandi feels empathy for Taylor’s situation, she doesn’t think her co-star is making good choices.  Specifically she doesn’t think Taylor should be declaring her love for her married lover in the press.  Taylor should think about the effect that could have on the wife and children the cheater has left for Taylor.  Brandi can relate given that her husband left her in a very public manner after he cheated on her continuously, and then left her for LeAnn Rimes.  See the video here.


Andy Cohen was on the Wendy Williams show, and they reenacted Donald Trump’s latest twitter wars with Cher, Rosie O’Donnell, and Star Jones.  You can view the video here:


The Orange County ladies are back from Tamra Barney‘s bachelorette party in Mexico.  Gretchen Rossi took to twitter to talk about how happy she was about her legal case against ex-Jay begin over, and being granted a restraining order.  Although she does say (on twitter) that he was never her Ex.

Tweeted to Gretchen:  @BRAVOMISTRESS#RHOC Stay Away From Me! Gets 3 Year Restraining Order Against Ex!

Gretchen:  He was never my EX!

Meanwhile Tamra Barney posted a few photos from Mexico on her twitter page.  “Fun times in Mexico”  Still no Alexis …  The fifth woman in the photos is reported to be Lydia McLaughlin Sterling.  I’m sure Lydia got home to Orange County with all sorts of Facebook friends requests, etc. and is wondering what the heck just happened.  Welcome to Reality TV Lydia.


Ashlee Holmes has posted an interview with her mother Jacqueline Laurita on her Buzznet site.  You can read the entire interview here.  Most of it is about favorite things, like make up, songs, and designers.  Some of the more interesting Q and A’s:

Ashlee. What is the best/worst thing about RHONJ?

Jacqueline.  The best is all the people that I have been able to meet had I not been on the show. There has also been a lot of fun, interesting experiences and opportunities that have been brought my way because of my being on the show.

The negativity from certain people that surround the show at times is the worst. The drama can bring out the worst in me but its sometimes hard to avoid during the many hours we film. I don’t like drama but because I like to help bring out the best in others that do, I get sucked in to it sometimes.

Ashlee. If you could go back in time, would you still do RHONJ?

Jacqueline. Yes, it’s been a once in a lifetime experience. It’s taught me a lot about myself as well as others.

Ashlee. Should ‘RHONJ’ fans expect any surprises or new cast members in the upcoming Season 5?

Jacqueline,  Not really allowed to say but there sure are a lot of false rumors out there. Don’t believe everything you read. There may be some extra B-role people for others that need someone to film with. ;0) 


I guess Joanna Krupa and Romain Krupa think we’re really gullible, because they’ve announced that they’ve broken their engagement  – sort of.  It’s about the lamest breakup I’ve heard of this week – and that’s saying a lot with the Beiber – Gomez breakup / non breakup stealing headlines.

Here’s what they had to say.  “We got in a huge fight, and I just pretty much got fed up with it,” Joanna told In Touch “He loves me to death, he wants to be with me, but there’s something that’s holding him from committing 100 percent. It’s been more than five years, we don’t have a wedding date set.  Nothing was going to change.”

Did she actually say they broke up?  I don’t think she did.  Romain was even more vague.  “I don’t know if it’s over forever but I’m pretty pissed. She is traveling all over the place anyway. There is no way anyone can be with her like this. That’s her choice.”

One thing that surprises me is that I have something in common with Adriana de Moura.  This is what she had to say to Wetpaint about the news:

Wetpaint Entertainment: What was your first thought when you heard Joanna and Romain had split?

Adriana: I immediately smelled a rat. I think this is all for publicity. (Yup – me too)

Wetpaint: What makes you say that?

Adriana: I read her statement. She says that he loves her and wants to be with her, but can’t commit 100 percent? I think they’re just doing this for the press it will get today and to set up more stories down the line. Right now, the news is about their breakup, next week they’ll be like, “Oh, we made up. We’re back together.” Then after that it will be, “Oh, the wedding is happening.”

Wetpaint: In Touch, which broke the news, also had a statement from Romain. Does the fact that both of them gave statements to the magazine make you even more skeptical?

Adriana: Yes. It says to me that he’s in on it. It makes sense because they’re both such famewhores. 

Wetpaint:  Whether or not the split is for real, do you think they’ll ever make it as a couple?

Adriana: No. He’s obviously fed up with her behavior. He tells her constantly that she embarrasses him when they’re out and that she can’t control her drinking. He’s not going to marry her unless he sees a radical change in her. And I don’t see that happening.


Carole Radziwill and Kyle Richards were on the same plane to L.A. yesterday morning.  Looks like Carole needs to sell a few more books, because like the Orange County ladies on the way to Tamra’s honeymoon, she was in coach while Kyle was in business class.  Aren’t these ladies supposed to be rich?  Here’s their cute twitter exchange.


Flipping Out “Cabogate” by BB

This episode is set up at the beginning by showing where Tommy Shaw, the husband of one of Jeff’s clients, Jeanne Shaw, sang at Jenni’s wedding and Jeff makes the comment that he doesn’t want to owe anybody any favors.  In other words, if it weren’t for Jeff, Jenni would probably have never met Jeanne and Tommy Shaw.

At Spring Oak, Jenni plays the part of Deb the rough and tough negotiator on the phone with Eddie, the carpenter.  Jeff is drawn to people who don’t give a hoot what other people think about them.  That describes Jenni because she’s usually up for anything.

In the car, Jeff discovers Jenni is going to start trying to get pregnant right away.  Too much information from Jenni about how it’s supposed to happen.  Jeff notes “we just got married and I need some time before we get pregnant.” Too much happening to upset Jeff’s applecart right now.

Jeff has done some free consultations for Jeanne at her Mulholland house because he feels obligated to return the favor of Tommy Shaw singing at Jenni’s wedding.  Jeanne has not asked for the favor to be returned; Jeff just feels it’s the right thing to do.  She wants to expand her main house.  Jeff wants her to expand not only her first floor, but her second floor also.  He tries to convince Jeanne to expand her master suite.  She’s not going for it and it frustrates Jeff.  Jeff thinks of Jeanne and Tommy as friends now and he want to make sure they do the right thing and get the most value from their house.

In the car, Jeff, Jenni and Vanina talk about paint colors for his new paint line.  He has finally struck a deal with Dunn-Edwards to form what he calls a lucrative partnership.  I’ve never heard of Dunn-Edwards.  Maybe they are more regional and not in my area of the country.  Jenni and Jeff jokingly call Gage to go over paint color names, which are pretty gross. Of course, Gage not thinking they are that funny.  I’m with Gage this time. Haven’t they already done the funny paint name thing before?  Déjà vu.

Bradley and Nick from Dunn-Edwards are coming to Spring Oak to sign the contract.  Nick is the Sr. VP of Operations and Brad is the Product Manager for Dunn-Edwards.  They ask Jenni how Jeff is to work with and she says he’s great.  Jenni gives a speech about how long and hard Jeff has worked towards this and he will give it 100%.  Nick says he’s about to throw up and Jeff says they’ve rehearsed that speech.  The deal is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  They sign the contract and toast with champagne.  Jeff tells them he’s naming his first white paint color either Windfall or Milky Surprise.  Which name do you think the corporate guys liked best?

Jeff is interviewing for yet another intern.  The first interviewee, Katrina is professional acting.  Jeff is disappointed about her probably not making prank calls or scaring Zoila, but of course Gage likes her.

Later Jeff is talking to Gage and Zoila (while Vanina is listening in) about taking Jenni with him when he spoke at design luncheon in Las Vegas.  There he meets a wealthy woman in real estate who mentions she has a house in Cabo and tells Jeff he’s welcome to use it if he wants.  He’s just met this woman and thanks her and goes on to the next subject.  Jeff further tells Gage and Zoila that Jenni never left this woman’s side and it turns out she stayed at this lady’s house in Cabo and never told Jeff about it. Jeff found out about it from his sister-in-law Carrie and he’s shocked and angry.

This is just something Jeff would not do and it’s released some bound up resentment about Jenni inviting clients of his to her wedding and having one of his clients sing at her wedding.  He thinks Jenni has overstepped her boundaries and mooching off of clients puts a bad light on him.  Gage says if Vanina had done that she would have been fired.  This situations put Jeff in a bad position.

Later Jeff, Jenni and Vanina are in the car.  Jeff brings up Cabo and Jenni says she doesn’t want to talk about it.  Jeff goes off and tells Jenni she needs to know her place.  He doesn’t take Jenni to business speaking engagements for her to latch on to people so she can use their vacation homes.  He tells Jenni she will never do that again or he will never bring her to a business meeting again.

Jenni tells Jeff she looks at things differently than he does.  He says she mooches off people.  She should have never taken the woman up on her offer to stay in Cabo after only knowing her for three hours.  She has embarrassed Jeff and he no longer trusts her.  Poor Vanina is sitting in the back seat having to witness this awkward exchange.

Jenni wasn’t brought up to think that if you take something from someone you owe them something back.  She tells Jeff she didn’t think it was that big a deal.  Jeff tells her it’s major, she was vague about the trip and the reason she didn’t tell him was that she knew he would be upset about it.  He calls her sneaky and she says it’s not true.  He ends up sending Jenni home that day.  Jenni is not going to admit to lying because she didn’t hide anything from Jeff and she knows he might fire her because of it.

The next day, Jeff hopes Jenni will fess up to him that she lied to him.  In the car, Jeff tells Jenni he has nothing to discuss, but Jenni says she does.  Jenni tells Jeff she didn’t try to hide anything from him and she doesn’t have to tell him everything she does.  Jeff tells her she needs to figure out what her priorities are.

Andrew feels threatened by the new intern until she tells him she forgot to get receipts for some shopping she did.  Andrew is happy someone else has made some mistakes.

At Mulholland, Jenni and Jeff meet with Lawrence the architect and Jeanne.  It’s very awkward for Jenni based on the current situation with Jeff.  Jeanne has told Jeff she doesn’t want another bathroom because she won’t use it and Jeff tells Jeanne it will help the resale value of her house.  Jeanne calls Jeff a baby because he can’t get what he wants.  Jeff is trying to add value to her home and thinks he can convince her.  The architect leaves.

Jeanne shows Jeff and Jenni pictures of her beach house in Oregon that she’s just finished remodeling.  Jeff asks Jeanne if Jenni has asked to stay there yet and Jeanne tells him she’s already offered it to Jenni.  In his talking head, he says Jenni has a way of getting things from people and she’s good at making them think it’s their idea instead of hers.  Jenni wants Jeanne to make it clear that she didn’t ask to use her Oregon beach house.  Jeanne says she offered it to her and that Jeff and Gage are also welcome to use it.  Jeff tells Jeanne he would never do that unless she were there and apologized for his freeloading assistant.  Jenni is insulted by where this is going.

At Spring Oak, Jenni arrives to find the new intern sitting at her desk.  Jeff tells the intern she looks good at Jenni’s desk and there may be an opening.  Jenni thinks it upsetting that Jeff continues to be upset with her.  Jeff tells Jenni that once a person lies, you think everything they say is a lie.

Jeff and Gage go to Dunn-Edwards to discuss the details of the paint line with the executives.  They take Vanina with them.  Jeff will be getting some office space at that store location.  Jeff is joking about the office space because he really doesn’t like what they are proposing.  Jeff finds a better space, but the executives are not agreeing with Jeff.  Jeff is making the executives nervous and it’s pissing Gage off.  Jeff is not feeling the love from Nick.  He’s Gage times a hundred.  That pretty uptight.  Once they leave, they talk about what a great impression Jeff made with Nick.

Jeff is talking to Jeanne about plans for her remodel.  Jeff surrenders to Jeanne’s demands and then Jeff talks to Jeanne about the whole Tommy singing at Jenni’s wedding thing and then he explains about Cabogate.  Although sees no problem about Tommy singing at the wedding, she seems to understands what Jeff is getting at about Jenni.  Since Jeff and Jenni are at an impasse, they go to see Dr. Donna to try to resolve their issue.

Jeff tells Dr. Donna what happened in Las Vegas and how upset he was that he didn’t know about it.  Jenni says she was so overwhelmed about the wedding, she didn’t intentionally not tell Jeff about accepting the invitation.  It was an oversight and she wasn’t trying to hide anything from Jeff.  Jeff calls it a gross misstep on Jenni’s part.

Dr. Donna asks Jenni if she thought of Jeff when she accepted the invitation and what Jeff might think about it.  Jenni says she honestly didn’t think of Jeff when she accepted the offer of the vacation house.  She admits she was in a narcissistic time about the wedding.  She takes responsibility but stands in her truth.  She told her family and if she didn’t want Jeff to know, she wouldn’t have told anyone.  Jenni says if she had said something to Jeff, he would have been OK with it.  Jeff says that’s where she’s wrong.  He would have said no, and that why he thinks Jenni chose not to tell him.

Dr. Donna then asks Jenni if she told a lot of people she was going to Cabo, why didn’t she tell Jeff.  There is a flash back to where Jenni is talking to her family and someone asks if it’s a secret where she is staying and she says she doesn’t want Jeff to either follow her or phone her (I can’t tell which).  Jenni tells Dr. Donna she doesn’t know why she didn’t tell Jeff.  Dr. Donna tells Jenni “I don’t know” really means that she doesn’t want to say right now.

Jeff tells Dr. Donna Jenni is a very smart woman, she knew what she was doing was wrong, and when he confronted her, she lied to him. That’s what Jeff cannot get over.  Next week Dr. Donna tells them they need to decide whether they need to continue their friendship and their business relationship or not.


Million Dollar Decorators by JoJoBinxsMom Episode Two

The second episode opens up again at Kathryn’s home.  She is cooking breakfast for her son.  Making eggs and left over pizza.  Mmmmmmmm yummy.  Well not really.  Kathryn informs us that her beloved Jacqueline has broken her leg and Kathryn has put her up in the guest house.  I find that funny.  Why couldn’t Jacqueline stay in the main house?  I guess constant requests for wine can only be tolerated for so long.  With that said we close out this scene with Jacqueline asking for pinot.  Where’s Ms. Ramona when you need her.

It’s great this episode to see more of Jeffrey and Ross as I think the chemistry is great between the two.  Their latest client is model Amber Valletta.  Jeffrey and Ross are doing her master bedroom and adjacent sitting room.  The bedroom and sitting room before decorating is lack luster at best.  Cold and seems like a forgotten room instead of a room used daily.  On this project, Jeffrey lets Ross take the lead and this becomes the Ross Project.  Ross and Amber have a sort of preliminary pow wow about what would look good in the space.  What Ross and Amber come to is the room should be vibrant with color and texture.  Immediately Ross goes to the color pink and Amber loves it.  The question now is will Amber’s husband Chip, who by definition is a manly man, be able to live in a pink bedroom?  Every man in my life would never ever consider the idea of a pink bedroom.  Let’s see where this goes!

Kathryn is late for an appointment to meet the rep of her client in which she is working the clients Ojai house.  Kathryn wants to finalize some pieces for the Ojai project with the rep Carl.  Kathryn admits that she has worked with Carl before on past projects and he has a very keen eye.  Kathryn and Carl are in Kathryn’s studio looking at design boards which display lot’s of different pieces Kathryn wishes to use on the Ojai project.  When Carl ask Kathryn where each piece is going in the home, Kathryn doesn’t know.  She says she will have to figure it out once all the pieces arrive.  I find that a bit strange.  She doesn’t know where the items will be placed, yet she has already picked pieces of furniture out?  Seems a bit unorganized.  In fact on this project, Kathryn seems completely unorganized.  Often times in my showroom, when designers come in,  they come in with floor plans and dimensions of exactly what size piece they need for a specific place.  I saw none of that with Kathryn.  In fact I was surprised she had design boards to show the clients rep as those are very tedious and time consuming to produce.

We meet up with Martyn and Mary who are going into a meeting with Susan Feldman of One Kings Lane.  Mary and Martyn are in talks to do an Indian themed table top collection.  That sounds so exciting.  Mary arrives first and casually talks with Susan.  Then in walks Martyn with delicious self.  He comes to what is a casual first meeting already in the developmental stage of the game.  Apparently your attire in this case must speak to the exact product you are trying to sell.  Martyn takes off his jacket and shows his loud shirt to Susan and points to the pattern of his shirt and insist that pattern would be similar to his shirt.  Mary looks at all of this like she can’t believe this is happening.  Mary looks at Martyn like he is putting on a performance.  And really I don’t blame her.  It really started to become comical.  Mary worries that her style and Martyns style are so different that this project could possibly fizzle especially since he came over prepared and well she didn’t come with much.

Back to Kathryn and the home in Ojai.  Kathryn is going for a European feel but wants the feeling to be that they are in California.  She wants the living room to be comfortable and cozy.  Walls to be a soft off white with layering of furniture.  Colors to be a sunflower cheerful yellow with blues and reds. Master bedroom, she wants light and airy and must – must contain a four poster bed because the ceiling is vaulted.  With all that being said, I find that Kathryn does the same sort of decorating with every project we have seen her involved in.  This sort of light airy bohemian vibe.  I get it, but I might also be tired of seeing it in every home she does including her own.  Usually a designer has a signature look that they are known for but a great designer is attributed to the fact they can make any style work and do it well.

Mary stops by Nathan Turners showroom to discuss the meeting with Martyn and Susan.  She obviously is upset as she feels the initial meeting was the Martyn Show when in all reality, it should have been ta collaboration of two great designers.  She wants to make sure this is a collaborative effort or refuses to put her name on it.  I get that.  Like previously stated, a great designer has a look and Mary would like to infuse her look in the table top design along with Martyn’s to create something spectacular as both are exceptional designers.  Nathan suggest that Mary give Susan a call for peace of mind that her ideas will be heard.  Mary needs reassurance that there will be balance in this project and Susan agrees to meet with Mary.

Kathryn goes shopping for more pieces for the Ojai project.  Stops include a carpet store where they look at many different Moroccan rugs and finally come upon more than likely many.  Then off to a furniture store for last minute pieces.  Kathryn explains she is looking for items that are mis-matched and eclectic.  She comes across a round table and a bunch of different chairs that she calls eclectic but I call mis-matched just because.

Back to Jeffrey and Ross.  Ross has chosen a hot pink grass cloth for the walls and painted paper for the ceiling in the sitting room.  Jeffrey doesn’t like the pink but Ross tells him he is going through a pink phase and just to go with it.  Jeffrey is still unsure but will wait to give his honest opinion until the grass cloth is applied and the paper is applied to the ceiling.  Ross then meets with Amber to discuss the design plan.  Ross shows Amber the pink grass cloth and tells her that everything that is white should be pink.  When Ross says this, I mouth drops to the floor.  I love me some pink, but my god, pink everything?  Amber then admits she is on board, but her husband Chip may not be in for this pink ride.

Mary meets with Susan from One Kings Lane at her home to discuss the previous meeting with Martyn.  While Mary likes most of Martyn’s ideas, she needs to make sure her style in being represented.  Mary points out how great her zig zag design would go wonderfully with the Indian themed table top collection.  After light heartedly discussing her style with Susan, Susan tells Mary she should meet with Martyn so that they are on the same page.

It’s now the day of the install in Ojai for Kathryn.  The furniture arrives in about four trucks.  Basically, Kathryn wants all the items pulled out of the truck, laid out and then they will decide on what items are going to be kept.  This whole process seems crazy to me.  I can’t imagine that she has purchased all the items we are seeing since she admits she is going to just sees what works, so that means that what doesn’t work has to go back to furniture showrooms.  Meaning most of the product we see she probally took out on what is called a memo, basically borrowing the product and purchasing if it works.   With four trucks full of furniture she must have gone to every furniture showroom in the free world and borrowed items.  This is such a tedious process as the designer is responsible for the un-wanted product getting back to the showroom in the same condition it left in.

Mary goes to Martyn’s office to discuss her meeting with Susan.  Mary wants to let Martyn know about the one on one with Susan as she doesn’t want to seem like she is sneaking behind his back.  When Mary tells Martyn about the meeting he isn’t happy but he isn’t upset either.  Or maybe I have no idea because his facial expressions hardly ever change. Martyn tells Mary to come to him in the future if there is something that needs to be discussed.

Jeffrey is back at his office and receives a call from Chip, the husband of Amber.  He is very short with Jeffrey and explains that he wants to see him right away.  Jeffrey immediately rushed over to Chips house.  Once there, Jeffrey finds Chip starring at the pink grass cloth in utter shock.  Chip explains that he had no idea pink was the color of choice for the walls and is very unsure.  Jeffrey tries to reassure Chip that the finished product will look great once all the lighting and artwork is placed.  Chip doesn’t look like he’s buying it.

Back in Ojai, Kathryn has had the bed refinished as she was not at all happy with the finish in which it came.  Because of the weather, the bed is not drying at a fast enough pace and ask that it be dried by hair dryer.  I’ve said it once and I will say it again, the way Kathryn works seems to be all over the place.  Finally the bed is being installed in the master bedroom.  While installing the bed, Kathryn ask if the bed has dried, the installers tell her no and the finish is still sticky. That’s hard to believe as touching a still wet surface that has just been refinished would leave all kinds of inconsistencies in the finish.  But okay Bravo, we will play along.  In the end Kathryn gets the house finished.  It’s like light and airy as she had wanted, but as a viewer it’s also very predictable.  The rooms looked very lived in and although all the items in the home are new, they look like they have been in the home for years.  For the most part the feel is effortless.  The style looks as though it was collected through out the years vs. all new items being brought in the day before.  Still I am not totally sold on overall design.  This home is not by any means designed to within an inch of its life, Kim Zolciak.  I feel like there is room to make it better the design better.  I hate that I have to say that as in general I like Kathryn, but her style really is a very expensive sort of found look that most people achieve on much smaller budgets.

Back at Jeffreys office, Ross arrives.  Jeffrey explains to Ross about his impromptu meeting with Chip and that he wasn’t happy with the color scheme.  Jeffrey explains to Ross that he simply cannot handle anymore miscommunication and all parties should be on board with any future decisions.  Ross thinks everyone needs to just relax and trust him.  I have to say, on this one, I am on the side of Chip.  The pink was just so jarring to the eye.

Install day arrives for Jeffrey and Ross and they have very little time to get the room completed before Amber and Chip arrive back home.  Ross loves the way the room has turned out thus far but is nervous in what Chip might think after already voicing his disdain for such a feminine color.  Jeffrey loves the finished project but like Ross, isn’t sure Chip will be on board.  The finished project is a pink sitting room with a painted pink and white paper ceiling.  The bedroom is also pink, pink, pink!  I have to give Ross credit for trying to break up some of the pink on the wall by adding artwork, but nothing could really calm the pink.  Jeffrey looks at the finished project and loves it.  He says he wouldn’t have had the courage to see this project all the way through and is proud of Ross.  Amber and Chip arrive.  Amber loves it.  The sitting room and the bedroom she is in love.  Chip on the other hand, well you can tell he is trying to be nice.  He admits right away that he is more drawn to the bedroom more than the sitting room.  Tos bad you have to walk through the sitting room to get to the bedroom.  In the end Ross stands by his decision not to tell Chip about all the choices they made along the way because he doesn’t think he would have been able to complete the design as he pictured it.  I have to agree with that.  But does that make it right?  The bedroom and sitting room to me reflected Amber solely and the husband just had to live with it.


Week 9 DWTS All Stars, Elimination By COCFarm

Apolo is selected by Len to dance his Rumba again at the top of the show.  We had 5 stars starting out the night and within the first few minutes, we find out Shawn is safe.  The next pairing to hear who is going home is Melissa and Apolo and it is Apolo who is going home.  The last two are Kelly and Emmitt and Emmitt is leaving making it an all girl All Stars final. I like it.

Next week, the Monday night show is only an hour.  The women have to perform their favorite routine from the season and then a super sized, no rules apply, freestyle dance.  After 6 dances and one more night of voting, Dancing with the Stars, first ever All-Stars, will be history.


Wednesday Night Lineup, November 21st by BB

8PM – Survivor (CBS); Whitney/Guys with Kids (NBC); Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (ABC); The X Factor (FOX); Baggage Battles (Trvl); Holmes on Holmes (DIY); My Grandmother’s Ravioli (Cook)

9PM – Life After Top Chef (Bravo); Criminal Minds (CBS); The Houstons (Lifetime); Law and Order SVU (NBC); Buying and Selling (HGTV); Moonshiners (Discovery); Ghost Hunters (SYFY); South Beach Tow (truTV 9:30); Restaurant Impossible (Food); Border Wars (NatGeo); My Brother the Serial Killer (ID); Home Wreckers (DIY); Extra Virgin (Cook, 9:30)

10PM – Top Chef Seattle (Bravo); Couples Therapy(VH-1); CSI (CBS); My Life is a Lifetime Movie (Lifetime); Chicago Fire (NBC); Private Practice (ABC); American Horror Story (FX); Moonshiners (Discovery); Deals From the Dark Side (SYFY); The Soup (E!); Operation Repo (truTV); Cajun Pawn Stars (History); Food Paradise (Trvl); Restaurant Stakeout (Food); Hell on the Highway (NatGeo); Sweat Equity (DIY); Nadia G’s Bitchin Kitchen/Sandra Lee’s Taverns, Lounges … (Cook); Stranger than Nature (NatGeoWild)
11PM – LoLWork (Bravo)


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Thanksgiving eve. If you’re visiting family I hope you’re already gone or are on the road cause the traffic & airports are going to be a big “B” later today.

    COCFarm your prediction was right on DWTS. Apollo and Emmitt are gone and the ladies will battle it out. 🙂 I think Kelly & Shawn will be the final 2 & Shawn will win the mirror ball. WSS!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Powell!! We are leaving later because my husband is at work (thanks be to God!!) so we’ll right in the thick of things traffic-wise. Oh well, that’s part of the “fun” 🙂

      • Powell says:

        Lainey yes “thanks be to god” that your hubby is working so I suppose if you have to be in traffic oh well! You are blessed. 🙂 Well you all be careful in have a fantastic holiday w/your family.

  2. cocfarm says:

    I know Powell!! I feel so brilliant! I think both men knew they were going and emmitt was almost relieved. I can only imagine how badly they all hurt.

    I think Shawn will probably win and is the most talented, but I’d like to see Melissa win since she never has before. I love Kelly and Val. I’d be happy with any winner. I’m happy it’s the women. They have been the most interesting.

    • cusi77 says:

      Lol! I love you cocfarm!

    • Powell says:

      You’re right I’d be happy with any of them winning. This was the best season to me. I know a lot of people didn’t want an “All Stars” but I thought it was going to be very good. I love Kirstie Ally and routed for her the entire season as well as Emmitt esp since they were the oldest of the cast.

      • cocfarm says:

        I kind of wanted them to go home because i identify with them and was feeling their pain!! I mean, who can keep up with shawn?!?! But i give them tons of credit. I sometimes dont get why the judges rave about the men. Yes, the have to lift the women etc, but len and bruno imply it is easier to be the woman. And then that just brings out my old ginger rogers quote: ginger rogers did everything fred astaire did but backwards and in heels!

  3. cusi77 says:

    Bringing my post from the last page:

    cusi77 says:
    November 21, 2012 at 7:37 am
    Ah! I finally googled Linda Thompson,who was David Foster’s wife from 1991 to 2005.

    She was beautiful! I saw images of her through the years and with David Foster when receiving a Grammy. Gawsh,.. was she in The Malibu Brandi’s Party last BH Season? If yes, then, for the FIRST time Taylor did not lie when saying that she is friends with Linda Thompson… David didn’t know her, so probably she is just Linda’s acquaintance and AFTER Linda was divorced.

    Just here, having my morning coffee and not minding my own business, Haa!

    Good Morning everyone!

  4. keida says:

    I was afraid this would happen. When I thought Jeff and Gage will break up, I had a fleeting thought that jenni would be gone. It was the time when she and Zoila were on WWHL. It reminded me of Sara n the other guy from previous season. They both wrote bogs until they were fired. I thought what if Jenni were fired. I have to say I agree with Jeff on this. Nothing is free; you pay for everything in life. It definitely seems shady on Jenni’s part. That damn Gage is going to win and have Jeff ALL to himself.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      He may realize he doesn’t really want him!

    • Powell says:

      HA keida! I don’t think it’s ok for Jenni to use Jeff’s name in her book w/o his permission but I don’t think it’s such a crime if Jenni wrote about things she’s learned working for a tough boss. Many people have writen books w/the premise of what they’ve learned from there experiences w/bosses, teachers, parents. Jeff goes too far most of the time and just wants to have things his way all the time. IMO Jenni needs to leave Jeff’s employ and do her own thing whatever that may be. She doesn’t need him to do what she wants and if she’s gone frankly there’s no more FlippingOut or Interior Therapy. Gage is not that interesting and I can’t see him riding around in the car w/Jeff to appts or spending the night at people’s homes.

      • keida says:

        I definitely agree, but she’s going to have to figure out how to get past that non-disclosure statement. I definitely don’t see a show without Jenny or Zoila. He’s so narcissicistic and arrogant as well. Karma’s going to really bite him in the ass one day.

        • Powell says:

          Right. I think she can work w/her publisher & come up w/a different angle. Jenni is a big draw to his biz and Jenni & Zoila are the big draw for the show.

  5. Powell says:

    Carole and Kyle’s tweets were sweet. Carole is so funny and I suspect could have sat in 1st class or biz class but she is so low key & down to earth that that just doesn’t matter to her.

  6. Cartwheels says:

    I hate Jeff and love Jennie but she was 100% wrong on this one, it was unethical on her part and even if offered, she should had never took up the client on it. Worse yet, by looking at her comments during the wedding I think she knew that Jeff would object to it and that is why she conveniently didn’t say a word.

    • contessa says:

      Hi Cartwheels, Yes I agree, as no matter what you think, accepting things from clients or prospective clients usually has string attached in the long run. Jenni was wrong and I am kind of shocked that she did this twice. If I was Jeff I would have been pretty upset as well. I think Jenni is onto her new life as married lady going for babies, so the career part with Jeff is no on the back lane in her life. She doesn’t care as much anymore.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I agree, I would be hard press to accept this from anybody who is not my immediate family member, let alone from a person who is not even a client but just a prospect and whom I had only known for a few hours. Jenny went all out on her wedding and now I am questioning if she didn’t use some of Jeff’s contacts it his name to get discounts or freebies. I am even more surprised that jenny’s husband went with it, maybe he didn’t know and just rolled with it. I hope jenny doesn’t get in trouble with her hubby if she hid this from him.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I think that Jenny is a star in her own right and should be allowed to make her own decisions, apart from Jeff. If Jeff does not want people excepting gifts then it should be part of his contract, with his employment. He is so jealous and controlling about so many things, he is tiresome. He never wants to feel that he is not the special one. When the proposed client offered Jen the vacation home too, he was no longer special. In the end, Jenny should not have accepted the gift, but Jeff handled his disappointment very badly, once again. Like a small, unhappy child. He seems to love to have an audience when he is playing critical parent/resentful toddler. JMHO.

    • keida says:

      I agree. She was wrong and it was unethical. But of course how Jeff handles it is totally inappropriate.

  7. AZGirl says:

    Good Morning Everyone! I don’t know what to make of the Jenni/Jeff dispute. Both Jenni and Jeff seem to have very personal relationships with their clients and so this to me was not out of line for Jenni to accept the invitation. Jenni has earned some perks after all the crap she takes from Jeff. I am worried how this will effect Zoila/Jenni’s friendship.

    • BB says:

      Jeff tends to blur the line between friends and business, so I can see where Jenni might have fallen into that habit, and Jeff didn’t say anything about it until she took a perk from a business contact they had just met. And even though Jeff says he’s become friends with the Shaws, even he would take Jeanne up on her offer to stay at her beach house unless she were there. I would think as much as Jenni is around Jeff, she would know what Jeff’s boundaries are. I tend to side with Jeff on this one. I think she knew exactly what she was doing and that Jeff wouldn’t like it.

      • Vegas Chick says:

        Thanks for the blog, BB. I didn’t watch it as yesterday was a long one for me.

        You are right about Jeff blurring lines. However, Jenni was wrong on this one because the person was only a potential client who may now expect additional discounts from Jeff because she allowed someone from his office to use her home. On the other hand, the potential client may have been enamored with the camera lights and made the offer so that she could get on the show. Either way, Jenni should have, at least, discussed it with Jeff before hand. I wonder if Gage has been the recipient of Jeff’s rath. We haven’t seen it on the show, but Jeff is definitely a hot head with a big ego.

    • Powell says:

      AZGirl see that’s all because Jeff has a different definition of employee/employer & biz owner/client relationships. It’s all blurred dealing w/Jeff. I’m not saying what Jenni did was right or wrong but w/Jeff it’s ok to accept a clients daily hospitality for lunch and to let Chaz do his hair and I’m sure many other things that we haven’t seen but Jenni shouldn’t have taken the honeymoon which I know is totally different and not on the same scale. But my point is Jeff makes it difficult to where the line is drawn w/clients because he and the staff become so close to the clients. I just don’t think Jeff can have it both ways. Either be totally professional w/staff and clients or if not shut the heck up when the staff and clients also blur the line.

      • BB says:

        Jeff might be looking at it from the point of view that he’s the business owner (and can decide whether or not to take a client up on an offer of a perk); but it’s not Jenni’s place to do it as his employee. Jeff is the boss and Jenni is the employee angle. He needs to make that determination since it’s his business and reputation on the line.

        • Powell says:

          ITA BB but as many of us have said the line us so blurred with Jeff. Jeff needs to stop the madness w/his staff and clients.

      • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

        Personally I want to nominate Jenni for sainthood simply because she has to deal with Jeff. Frankly I don’t think Interior Therapy would have happened without Jenni because she is the buffer. Jeff would manage to alienate the clients.

        I didn’t watch last week because I was getting peeved with Jeff and I almost changed the channel this week because his behavior has become so narcissitic it makes me sick.

        • Powell says:

          JWIJ I bet Jenni has stopped a lot of potential lawsuits w/contractors cause of Jeff’s attitude and mouth. She’s probably had to smooth over relationships on many occasions.

      • AZGirl says:

        It also occurred to me with all the years of putting up with Jeff, Jenni is cashing in on some of the perks before everything goes sour. But then someone posted that Jenni is working on the 2nd season of Interior Therapy with Jeff while Jeff is suing Jenni to stop the publication of her book. Talk about blurry lines 🙂

      • Artistang says:

        Jenni was so wrong on this and she knew it..I love Jenni but she has been riding on jeff’s coat tails..for instance..her commercial for glade (i think) where she acts like an interior decorator…and using jeff name to sell her book…I will miss Jenni, she is the only one who puts up with Jeff’s shit..but why did she have to get a freebie when her newly husband has bucks to afford a honeymoon…also that comment she gave that she wasn’t raised that way..then why did she withhold info from jeff if she wasnt doing anything know Jeff must have asked where she was going cuz he’s so nosey…

        • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

          She didn’t want Jeff following her to her honeymoon. You know he would!

        • Called A Princess... says:

          She withhold information from Jeff because he does not react well to much of anything. That is the price on pays for being truly difficult. I would bet that most clients would rather deal with Jenni, then with Jeff. I can not blame them for that. He may think he means well, but he is a pain in the butt. JMHO.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          When she was first divorced and moved to a house (apt) Jeff didn’t own, she wouldn’t tell him where she lived because she said he would bother her about it. And when she was dating, she didn’t reveal who. I remember them talking about this on the show. She said he inserts himself into her life too much and she was trying to have a private life that her boss was not involved in. He made it a game to sleuth out the info he wanted.

    • kendo says:

      I agree with you! I think Jenni has to put up with so much, I wanted to scream at Jeff last night to STFU! If the guy didn’t want to sing at her wedding, he wouldn’t have done it! She’s involved in all this work for his clients, keeping them happy and away from Jeff’s wrath! She is deserving of the special perks that may come her way! She’s the reason the show is even on the air! Jeff needs to learn his place, it’s not OK the way he treats his employees! No one enjoys being screamed at, learn some self control! Can’t have it both ways! Personally, I would have told him to go F himself! I don’t know how she’s done it for so long! Neither show would make it without her!

      • kendo says:

        Thanks everyone for the warm wishes last week. I’m finally over the bee stings.
        I wanted to knock Jeff out last night! (I’m not a violent person at all). I couldn’t sit back and let him go on like that – I’ve worked for someone like him. I gave up after a year, it was just not worth dealing with! I can’t stand to see someone mistreated. You can talk with someone without screaming or pitching a fit!

      • Powell says:

        kendo I’m w/you. I most definitely would have told him to eff off.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          kendo, it’s is one of the big reasons I do not like him. He inspires a normally peaceful, level headed human to acts of wanton rage. JMHO.

    • Sus says:

      Jenni was definitely being sneaky about Cabo. Jeff doesn’t do things like that so he doesn’t want his employees doing it. That’s fair. I don’t think I’d have the nerve to ask a client’s famous husband to sing at my wedding for free. Did she cover their flights to Chicago?
      How much would it have cost to rent a house for a honeymoon in Cabo? I’m surprised she risked her relationship with Jeff like this. There is no way she thought Jeff would be okay with the Cabo house. She’s known him how long?

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I don’t know what their current status is, but a month ago when some friends visited LA and ate at Villa Blanca, they saw Jenni filming down the street at what appeared to be an interior design type store. Jeff was not there.

  8. BB says:

    COCFarm. I am not watching DWTS, but my mom is and let met tell you, she called me last night and was pretty upset; not about who was eliminated but about how vulgar the show has become. She was not happy about Val (in his speedo) and Kelly’s dance on Monday night and told me they will probably have sex during their next dance to secure the win. She was so serious and I was sitting there with a smile on my face and agreeing with her even though I don’t even watch the show. She thanked me for listening (since she lives alone and watches by herself) and said she felt better after she could talk to someone about it. I love that woman, she’s something else.

    • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

      Sometimes you just gotta vent. 🙂

    • shamrockblonde says:

      *hugs BB’s Mom really hard* – of course she is – look how amazing you turned out –

    • cocfarm says:

      Ha!!! My mom lives alone also. Thats why i started covering it because no one else was and i use to rely on the lynnfam blog to give me talking points! This is the first season i have watched it all the way through. My mom and aunts say it is smutty! But they always seem to be shocked by the risque outfits. Tell her she is not alone! I felt bad for val in his speedo. He kept saying it was really cold in the studio!

    • Powell says:

      BB your mom had her rant and then felt better. Just like we all do here.

  9. MamaZ says:

    Hello everyone! I just came on to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

    I’m not watching any Bravo shows these days. The ugliness of NJ finally did me in. When both ATL and BH came back on I realized I didn’t want to sit through any more fighting. Not between Nene and Kim, Kyle and Brandi, Lisa and Adrienne. I didn’t want to see Taylor at all. I have even stopped watching Flipping Out and Top Chef. And I don’t miss any of it! There are too many good books to read and good programming to watch to waste my time on Bravo any more.

    But I do miss you all here. I will stop by now and then to see how everyone is doing. Happy belated birthday wishes to anyone I’ve missed. Travel safely and don’t eat too much!

    • BB says:

      Happy Thankgiving MamaZ. I have almost gotten to your point about not watching Bravo. The only one I watch now is BH. I had stopped watching Flipping Out until recruited to blog the rest of this season, then I’ll probably not watch again. I’m enjoying shows on other networks now and reading more too. But I still come here everyday to check in on my LynnFam and see what’s going on. Lol.

    • AZGirl says:

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Good to see you post.

    • Powell says:

      MamaZ Happy thanksgiving to you too. I totally understand about not watching Bravo. I still enjoy some if the shows but it sure isn’t the same network.

  10. keida says:

    Hey all, I have to tell the fam this. I’m so excited for Top Chef tonight. Last Friday or so, I tweeted Stefan Richter the link to blog with the Top Chef recap. He retweeted it and then tweeted me back saying he wasn’t soft but smart!!! I was so excited that I reread my recap and thought, ohmigosh, I sound like a stalker! It was cool all the same! Have a happy Thanksgiving all!

  11. shamrockblonde says:

    Happy Thanksgiving my lovies!! – I post this each year, but this year I am dedicating it to Lynn’s family and to her memory – my love to all of you and all of your care –

    May your holiday be filled with good food, lots of laughter and love – May your journeys, whether long or short, be safe and free of worry. May you see in each face the reflection of all the good the world has to offer. May memories be made to last a lifetime, and may there be a lifetime of love found in every minute shared with those you love. May your night carry you into sweet dreams and peace

    Let this day be a source of strength. Let it be a time to give thanks for things, for people, remembered. In those memories, find strength hiding in a smile, courage in the echo of laughter, and love in the memory of a gentle touch, a warm embrace.

    Give thanks and remember too, all those who serve in our military. Each day is uncertain for them, their time, their very lives, bound to the commitment of protecting and defending all of us. Give thanks for their bravery, their honor and remember their families, whose courage is endless.

    I will keep you all in my thoughts, see you in the smiles, and hear you in between the giggles, the food, the football and the feeling of closeness that exists when in the company of loved ones.

    God bless and keep you all – in the palm of His Hand –

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friends –

  12. cdnfillie58 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving my American friends. Hope you all have an abundance to be thankful for. Miss you Lynn..special thoughts and prayers go out to your family..muahhh

  13. Powell says:

    For all of us “Godfather” lovers, it’s going to be on all day tomorrow starting at 9am on AMC. Just in case you get tired of football. 🙂

  14. melthehound says:

    While I may have erased and canceled all things Bravo from my DVR, I still read the recaps about the shows I’m familiar with such as, Jeff Lewis’s romper room. Where he gets to make all the rules and take no responsibility for his own shit. While I was watching, I counted at least 10 lawsuits against Jeff Lewis Designs for sexual harassment by either him, or his employees to another co worker. For someone who hates being lied to so much (I don’t blame him) and has his school girl hissy fits when it happens, he’s likely told the biggest whopper so far. That is, he let his partner Gauge, believe that they were going to move in to that other house, and start a family. Even to the point of treating Gauge like a second class slave in the process of getting it ready to move in to. Perhaps he intended it that way all along, or he changed his mind.

    This guy has his nose way too far up these people’s asses for them to work together and be friends. I can’t say I blame Jenni for not telling him where her honeymoon would be because I do believe, that JL, would have been in the bed with the newlyweds making demands of them. Was she wrong to accept the favor? Perhaps but, if he’s so concerned about her being a mooch, then he should get someone else to be his paper carrier and coffee bringer and be done with it. Apparently, they haven’t had enough of each other because the two of them, I read here, are filming the next season of Interior Therapy.

    On a final note, if Jeff Lewis wants HIS way on these remodels, perhaps he should shit the extra money to pay for it. Too often, he seems to forget or ignore, he doesn’t own these places nor is he writing the checks. Not that I could afford to but if I could, after watching these shows, I would NEVER hire this guy.

    • kendo says:

      I like Jeff, but he crossed way to many lines with me last night.
      Zoila seems like she has quit talking.
      I wonder how the paint line will develop with Dunn-Edwards. Nick didn’t really seem to get Jeff. I think Gage will be handling this project as the go between. Nick would probably fire Jeff the first day in the office.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I totally agree!

    • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

      For someone who hates being lied to so much (I don’t blame him) and has his school girl hissy fits when it happens, he’s likely told the biggest whopper so far. That is, he let his partner Gauge, believe that they were going to move in to that other house, and start a family. Even to the point of treating Gauge like a second class slave in the process of getting it ready to move in to. Perhaps he intended it that way all along, or he changed his mind.

      This is when my distaste for Jeff began. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gage tells him where to go and leaves because what Jeff did was unconscionable.

      • melthehound says:

        Yep. Nearly exactly the same TYPE of lie he’s accusing Jenni of. Mr Lewis should take some of that paint money and buy some mirrors.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hi Jeff, I have given this more thought than deserved. The suing of Jenni was a head scratcher. You always manage to say it best. I still think the planet would be a better place if you ran things sometimes, in spite of your kickstand lol. Have a great T’giving & put some gravy on Mel’s treat, he earned it! Lisa

  15. Good Morning….Finally!! A tech cut a cable line early this morning and my cable/internet has been out for 5 hours! OMG…I was going through withdrawal! LOL! BUT….I got all my housework and prep done for tomorrow, yeah, and get to be online now for awhile. It is amazing how conditioned we get to our patterns isn’t it?

    So, great info today as usual. I stopped watching “Flip Out” weeks ago but loved the recap. I agree with you all in that, the line between Jeff and his staff is very blurred, but Jenni should probably have let Jeff know she was being offered something. However…..I understand why she didn’t for 2 reasons……one, she deserves an abundance of perks for putting up with his shite day in and day out, and two, he likely would have followed her on her honeymoon thinking he was being funny. I can see her trying to protect that, but regardless, she set herself up for his wrath a bit.

    Yeah for the ladies on DWTS! Any one of those would be awesome to win!

    I hope everyone has a safe, lovely, wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! I send you all Hugs and Blessings! Love you all!

    A special holiday post over at my place if you want to take a look!

  16. Sam says:

    About Dunn Edwards — among Southern California contractors, interior designers, etc.this is a very well known company, and their product is so good that some homeowners (myself and my husband included) will never accept any other kind of paint (interior or exterior). So for Jeff to get a paint line with them would be huge.

    “Quid pro quo” is also a big deal in Southern California, especially in the entertainment industry. It’s just understood that if you accept someone’s offer to let you use their beach house or get you into an exclusive event, for example, then that someone can ask you for a similar favor in the future and you’re obligated to say yes. This is why when I was a kid my dad (then an industry big shot) drilled it into me that I was never, ever to take anyone up on any kind of offer. “You never know what it might cost,” he’s say. “You have no idea what some people think they’re owed in return.” And of course, because I was a kid, he’d be the one covering my debt, since I didn’t have the power to pay in like kind — which is the same with Jenni and Jeff, so I understand why he’s angry with her.

    • BB says:

      Thanks for the info about Dunn Edwards.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        BB, thanks for the great blog, happy thanksgiving! Next thanksgiving you will be a nana, Lisa

        • BB says:

          I can’t wait Lisa Renee! By the way, it’s going to be a boy.

          • BB says:

            Correct that. He already is a boy. I just won’t get to hold him until April. Lol.

            • Lisa Renee says:

              BB, let him stay in & finish cooking 🙂 so thriled for you. I was blessed with a girl, I think god knew I had no clue what to do with a kick stand. My mom’s favorite part of her life was being a nana, more than a mom & a heck of alot more fun. A sentiment that made my heart soar, Lisa

              • BB says:

                I don’t know what to do with a kick stand either. I had two girls. Oh well, I do know that you have to be careful when you change their diapers. Other than that, I’ll have to learn as I go along.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I’m remembering the assistant he fired when the assistant was discovered hanging out at the hairdresser’s studio and getting his hair fixed. Same problem?

  17. Orson says:

    Good luck to Jeff Lewis in finding another assistant who will put up with what Jenni has to put up with and smooth ruffled feathers like she does. And after the way he shot off his mouth during her wedding and reception, I don’t blame her for not letting him know where she was honeymooning. I think he mostly feels betrayed by her because she got married.

  18. BB says:

    Hollywood divorce news for the day. Mayim Bialik (Blossom and Big Bang Theory) is divorcing her husband of 9 years and Kimora Lee Simmons (formerly Mrs. Russell Simmons) and Djimon Hounsou split after 5 years.

  19. VV says:

    Here is my one cent on the Jenni/Jeff feud. Jeff forgets that people know “them” because they are television personalities not because of his company. Whether Jeff realizes it or not they are TV personalities. TV personalities are used to getting and people offering FREE stuff all the time ALL THE TIME… I don’t know if this lady is/was a Jenni Fan….that is possible. Bravo was very clever in their editing because we never really got to hear Jenni’s “full ” explanation of why she accepted or did not inform Jeff about it. We only heard what Bravo allowed us to hear. I read Jenni’s Blog and there is not much in there either…THAT makes ME more suspicious…. Either way, Was Jenni wrong to accept? I don’t know. I am not a TV personality, but I do know they accept crap from whomever as long as is quality and and long as is free…What Jenni does in her private life is none of his business. Yes, she went to the event because of Jeff. That in the end does not mean anything if I was a fan of Jenni and I wanted to offer her MY house in CABO for a few days is MY HOUSE is MY offer so, butt out Jeff Lewis.

  20. FlowerPower says:

    Thinking of Lynn and her family today. Wishing all of you here a happy, healthy Thanksgiving…
    and hoping that all who are missing loved ones (human or animal, long passed or recently lost) will find joy this holiday season in remembering the happy times you shared.

  21. boston02127 says:

    Could someone please tell me how to fold an egg. It’s impossible! It’s witchcraft!

    PS—I’ve Googled it and all I get is how to fold an eggroll.

  22. cocfarm says:

    If I don’t get the chance tomorrow, just want to wish everyone a happy and safe thanksgiving. Mr farm and I are cooking a 24lb turkey, a duck and stuffing, putting the pooches and cooked birds in the car and driving an hour (hopefully) to the burbs for dinner. I will be giving a hardy Thanks if we make it there without incident! Hope you all have a good laugh picturing this!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      LOL! I hope the dogs don’t have their dinner along the way! It’s gonna smell fabulous in that car — dog torture!

      • cocfarm says:

        They have puppy seatbelt straps but the little stinkers have figured out how to lay on their backs and wiggle out. They know they aren’t suppose to and have stopped doing it…but the turkey could prove to be too much!

    • NJBev says:

      Hehe. I’m with Kansas!!!
      good luck, but I hope the pups dont eat the birds before
      you get there!!!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you~!

  23. jeang says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the lynn fam and ditto on approval/appreciation as well from me on Jeff(MTH)blogs/views.

  24. boston02127 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. God Bless all of you and your loved ones.


    I haven’t been watching any of our shows. I couldn’t get wrapped up in them, it was RH or school. But I do miss them and I miss chatting with everyone.

    Thanks for all the great blogs and for keeping me in the loop.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Happy Thanksgiving Boston-I miss seeing you around here!!!

    • NJBev says:

      I’m glad (we’re glad) that you are doing the things a young woman of your age should be doing. We, of course, miss you and your point of view, BUT damn, girl, you do not have
      the time to be doing all that needs to be done in managing the things are the most important in
      your life. You have to finish school, you have to work, and you have to pay special attention
      to the personal things. Finishing your home, time with fiance`, planning a wedding.
      Honey. Your boat is loaded. Stop by, and say hello…. just keep moving!!!
      We all care for you and ONLY wish you the best.
      Thank you for stopping by and saying hi.
      “just be happy”

  25. BB says:

    Good morning and Happy Thankgiving (in my quiet voice since I’m the only one up in my house). Got started early in the kitchen this morning. Hope everyone has a blessed day.

  26. Morning All….Just a quick stop…. Miss you all BUT , Life is in the way right now… In my best DIVA voice…I shall return when things work themselves out……PLEASE…keep me in your positive thoughts…It’s rough out there and I find myself at times wavering alone……
    Hugs and Peace

    A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

    Lord, so often times, as any other day
    When we sit down to our meal and pray

    We hurry along and make fast the blessing
    Thanks, amen. Now please pass the dressing

    We’re slaves to the olfactory overload
    We must rush our prayer before the food gets cold

    But Lord, I’d like to take a few minute more
    To really give thanks to what I’m thankful for

    For my family, my health, a nice soft bed
    My friends, my freedom, a roof over my head

    I’m thankful right now to be surrounded by those
    Whose lives touch me more than they’ll ever possibly know

    Thankful Lord, that You’ve blessed me beyond measure
    Thankful that in my heart lives life’s greatest treasure

    That You, dear Jesus, reside in that place
    And I’m ever so grateful for Your unending grace

    So please, heavenly Father, bless this food You’ve provided
    And bless each and every person invited


    –Scott Wesemann

    • TexasTart says:

      Bless you, Diva. Very good to hear from you and you saved me from a search for a prayer or something of the sort to post on this special day.

      Happy Thanksgiving to all of.the Lynn family. 😀

    • VV says:

      (((Diva & Mr. Ford )))

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