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NeNe Denies Rumors that her Car was Repossessed and Other Housewife News by NoMoreDrama

Rumors are starting to swirl last week about NeNe Leake’s finances – or more to the point – her overspending.  Someone began to spread the rumor that her Bentley was repossessed and her house was about to go into foreclosure, and that she’s been living life large – spending $17k a month to front her lifestyle.  It all stemmed from this source but by now has been picked up by other gossip magazines.

Not true, says NeNe.  In fact, absolutely false.  She doesn’t even own or drive a Bentley.

From her twitter feed:

“U can’t just b doin well! Everybody wanna pull u down! So like our people! I work & work hard. Never owned a Bentley & never drove 1”

“Still n the same house,still drive the same car, Still work on 3 shows!…’s hard 4 people 2 b happy 4 ur SUCCESS”

“Our people r the first ones to lie on u and the last ones to protect u! So sad”

If they’re going to make up a lie, they should at least verify she owns the type of car they are saying is being repossessed.  Are they confusing her with Sheree?


Joe Francis is talking about Joanna Krupa again.  This time Joe has told Rumorfix that Yolanda Foster caught then husband Mohamed and Joanna “together” and that was the end of their marriage.  Then, according to Joe, Mohamed asked Joe to take Joanna off his hands – and they ended up dating for six months.  Joanna says Joe is full of crap, and Yolanda has no comment.  I wouldn’t believe a word either of them says so I’m at a loss.  Here’s a link to Rumorfix.  I will say this.  If Mohamed cheated on Yolanda HE broke up their marriage.  That’s all.

Bravo gives go-ahead to two new reality shows based in Atlanta, including one produced by the same producers of Real Housewives of New Jersey and Miami.  This one is called “Married to Medicine”.  That will bring the number to 5 shows produced in Atlanta.  Besides Housewives, there’s the Kandi Factory, Kim’s Don’t be Tardy, and another show with the working title Taking Atlanta about aspiring locals.   Read more here.


Divorces are never easy, but Kelsey and Camille Grammer continue to make news with their battles.  This time it’s about the home the couple shared together.  According to TMZ, the 10,000 square foot home is up for sale – listed at $16,000,000 – and now Kelsey is threatening to move back into the home.  According to sources, Camille fears the home won’t sell with him inside, and then she won’t get half of the proceeds.  The large mortgage on the property is draining her financially.  Camille asked the courts for an emergency order to keep Kelsey out.  The judge set a hearing for next month.  Hopefully Camille will be able to separate their assets before his new wife leaves him, now that his sitcom has been cancelled.


RHOBH “Uh Oh, Somebody’s Crying” by BB

Adrienne is preparing herself by sipping (chugging) wine at the Mulholland Grill while waiting for Lisa to arrive.  Adrienne thinks it’s time for them to put all their issues aside.  Lisa arrives and they greet each other enthusiastically, like arriving at the dentist’s office.  Lisa doesn’t like the wine Adrienne has on the table and orders something else.  Adrienne tells Lisa she looks beautiful and Lisa tells her she does too and thanks Adrienne for the flowers.  Adrienne tells Lisa she told the flower shop to send a beautiful arrangement and apologizes for it being so big.  Lisa tells Adrienne that the arrangement certainly made a statement.  Adrienne asks Lisa how she is.  Lisa starts to tell her, when Adrienne again tells her she looks beautiful.

Adrienne tells Lisa the flower arrangement was absolutely a peace offering and she didn’t mean to hurt Lisa’s feelings.  She says she reacted to Lisa hurting her feelings and sometimes people do certain things and it was stupid.  She should have come to Lisa and talked about it.  Lisa knows Adrienne is nervous and is waiting for Adrienne to deliver what she came for, an apology.  Adrienne talks around the apology forever while Lisa just stares at her waiting and waiting until she finally gets the apology and accepts it.  In her interview, Adrienne says Lisa probably owed her an apology, but she knew that was probably not going to happen.  She got that one right.  Whew, glad that’s over (for now).

Every time the camera pans to Yolanda’s house, my heart does a little pitter pat because I can’t get enough of that house.  Even her laundry room looks nice.  Kim pays Yolanda a visit so they can have some one-on-one time.  While Yolanda prepares lattes for them, her son Anwar comes in with a new buzz cut, and Yolanda asks Kim about her kids, who all are getting ready to go back to school.  They discuss the upcoming trip to Ojai that Bravo (Kim) has organized to bring everybody together to try to mend some wounds.  They talk about Ojai being magical and how they will be staying at the mansion on the hotel grounds.  Yolanda will be arriving a little late because David will be dropping her off after a concert at Kennedy Center in DC.  She tells Kim she can’t remember the last time she’s been away with a group of girls.  Kim tells her she will really, really enjoy it.

Brandi gets a visit from Michael Broussard, her literary agent, to discuss her book about her divorce.  He tells her the publishers liked everything about the book proposal except the title, “It’s Divorce, Not Cancer.”  He says it might limit the readership and they need to broaden it to include all types of relationships, maybe “It’s a Breakup, Not Cancer” or something like that.  This is the same literary agent as Chelsea Handler has, so she’s in good hands.  In her book she will be talking about all the things she did during the breakup of her marriage (drank too much, took Lexapro, bedded a few too many guys for a hot second, partied a lot, cried all day, etc.).  She was originally going to do a fashion book.  I think the breakup book will be much more interesting. He hopes she gets an offer that week.

Kyle and Alexia go to the DMV for the third time (she’s failed the written test twice already).  You would think Alexia is getting major surgery the way Kyle is acting about it.  Kyle’s emotional about her getting her license because it’s like cutting the cord.  She finally passes and drives her mom’s car home.

Brandi is doing a photo-shoot for Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine.  Lisa arrives with Mark, the owner of the magazine and tells Brandi she scrubs up well (she does look gorgeous).  Lisa works for the magazine and hopes this job will lead to other income earning jobs for Brandi.  Lisa jokingly tells Brandi if she keeps her legs and mouth shut she’ll be ok.  Kim has told Lisa it’s OK to invite Brandi to the Ojai weekend trip.  Lisa and Brandi discuss Adrienne and how the weekend will be a nice cozy couple of days.  Brandi’s a natural at during the photo-shoot and Lisa now gets why the other ladies don’t like her.  They look at some proofs and Brandi points out wrinkles on her thumb.  Lisa thinks if the shoot’s a success, it will be good for Brandi’s esteem.  Brandi appreciates Lisa’s nurturing nature.

Adrienne and Taylor (who now seem to travel as a pair) meet Kim at Kyle’s house for the trip to Ojai.  In her talking head, Taylor acts like she’s doing a favor going on this trip to support Kim who, in the past, wasn’t even guaranteed to show up for anything.  How nice of Taylor, who always shows up and acts appropriately at the girls’ get togethers.  Wasn’t Kim the level-headed one during one of their previous trips, when Taylor ended up in a suitcase or something, if I’m remembering correctly?  In the car with Kim, Kyle, Taylor, and Adrienne, Camille jokes about Kelsey’s new tattoo, located right beside his privates, and then Camille mentions her Greek boyfriend.

The first group (Kyle, Kim, Taylor, Adrienne and Camille) arrive.  They all oooh and aaah about the mansion.  They are met by the resort manager and he gives them a tour of the house.  It’s really nice, but I’d rather stay at Yolanda’s.  There are five bedrooms (three have twin beds).  Everyone is figuring (in their heads) out who’s going to be with whom in what rooms.

Adrienne is plotting to make sure she gets a better bedroom than Lisa this time.  Talk about petty.  Yolanda arrives from her DC trip ahead of Lisa and Brandi.  When Lisa and Brandi arrive, it’s kisses and hugs all around, even though Kim is not that happy about embracing Brandi.  It’s awkward, but Kim is trying.  They talk about sleeping arrangements and Lisa jokingly says she’s not sharing a room with Brandi.  Yolanda will get her own room since she doesn’t know the others that well.  Lisa and Brandi get the small room with the itty bitty twin beds.  The others are all yukking it up and Kyle imitates Lisa saying the room is fine, when on the inside, she’s seething.  After Kim leaves Lisa and Brandi in their room, they discuss what Brandi sleeps in (frilly bottoms).  Lisa is not going to make a fuss about their rooms.

The girls decide they’re tired of waiting for Lisa and Brandi and go ahead to dinner.  When Lisa and Brandi arrive, Kim and Brandi end up sitting right across from each other and Lisa is at the other end of the table.  Kyle brings up David’s music and they discuss that for a short minute.  Lisa proposes a toast.  Kim makes a little speech about all of them putting things to the side and trying to move forward.  Kim gets emotional about how happy she is and she thanks them for coming.  Brandi talks about Eddie and Leann renewing their vows after only one year.  Kyle calls it a photo-op and tells Brandi she thinks Leann is insecure about Brandi being Eddie’s ex.  When Kyle imitates Lisa’s accent again, Lisa tells her there’s another person with an accent at the table (Yolanda) so she can have a go at her.  Awkward looks all around.

Brandi talks to Kim about her daughters and how she did a good job with them.  Even though they show their dislike of Brandi (because they are protective of Kim), Brandi tells her all of her friends talk about how great Kim’s daughters are.  Kim thanks Brandi for the compliment.  Brandi and Kim are having a good conversation about being single moms and how hard it is.  Brandi tells Kim she’s been in those dark places and she’s not judging her and Kim gets emotional about what Brandi has said to her in the past.  Adrienne announces loudly a couple of times “Somebody’s crying,” to bring the whole table’s attention to their conversation.  Brandi tells Adrienne to stop calling it out and to STFU.  Adrienne looks at Brandi like she just shot her or something.  Kyle thinks it’s an inappropriate thing to say at a dinner party.  Taylor is talking about herself when she says they never know what Brandi is going to say or do when they get together.  I can’t believe Taylor said that with a straight face and the producers didn’t burst out laughing when she said it.

To be continued next week.


Week 10 Dancing with the Stars, All-Stars, Finale By COCFarm

Well, here it is folks.  Tomorrow night at 8:00 Central time, the two-hour finale results show will happen and we will have a woman champ for the all-star season.

I have to say Shawn is a gymnast, Olympic gold metal winner and a 20 year old.  How can she not win?  And that’s how I feel, there is no way she is not going to win.  And does she deserve it?  Well, yah, she’s a 20 year old Olympian!  She has really been spot-on and is the best dancer.  I think she will be robbed if she doesn’t win.  But there is a little spot in me that wishes one of the other women could win.  Because they have something to prove and Shawn really does not…other than that she is an Olympic competitor.  Kelly was smeared after her season 1 win and I thought it very unfair.  Melissa has never won the mirror ball and Tony, her partner, has never won it either after 14 seasons.  He seems like one of the most likeable men on the planet and I can’t help but feel for him.  He deserves the win most of all in my eyes, almost, and I’m the one who wanted a woman to win!!!  There is just no pleasing me 😉

So, does it really matter what their points were?  Not really…probably.  Shawn took a risk that put her at the bottom of the boards but I can’t imagine it will hurt her.

Here’s what went down.

Performing their choice of a season dance again:

Kelly was up first and danced her Paso again, which won her the most praise during the season.  There was a slight flub where they missed grabbing hands but it was quickly passed by without hurting their timing.  She has wanted a 10 all season long and she finally gets a 10 from Len and Bruno but a 9.5 from Carrie Ann.  No problem because she couldn’t hear a thing after Len said “TEN!”  It made her night.  I was most excited that a bassoon was used in her musical selection and was featured prominently.  NMD is excited for gymnasts; I’m excited for bassoons!

Melissa then dances her Samba, which did not get great points the first time around.  They selected it because it was a dance they thought they could improve upon and receive a better score.  They danced it for that reason and because they say it is so extremely different from their freestyle.  It was well done and they get 10’s across the board.

Shawn selects her quickstep for the finale.  This is risky since they only got a 26.5 for the dance, even thought it was flawless and spectacular.  They received deductions because they broke holds and did lifts, which are not allowed in the quickstep.  In practice they discuss changing it but decide to go for the crowd-pleasing version and know they will possibly be getting the deduction again.  The judges all say it is fantastic, but they have to dock her for the lifts and broken holds.  They receive at 27.

Freestyle, anything goes, dance:

Then it’s back to Kelly again for her freestyle.  They do their version of the finale in Dirty Dancing with Kelly wearing a similar pink dress to the one worn in the movie.  She starts by descending to the stage ala Cirque Du Soleil or Pink (take your pick!) in silk fabric doing some aerial maneuvers.  It was very nicely done but she is being serenaded by Val playing the violin.  Err…sounding off key to me, but very sweet.  From there they pretty much go into the straight “Don’t put baby in a corner” and dance the dance step for step.  However, it is lovely, she is light as air and once again, they get a 29.5.  Perfect 30’s elude Kelly.

Melissa is next and again, channels Cirque with people in frame boxes hanging from the ceiling as Melissa and Tony dance on top of several platforms doing beautiful lifts.  She is playing to her strength, which are the lifts.  They are beautifully executed.  The judges go crazy for it with Len saying he wished he had an 11 paddle.  Tony looks like he died and went to heaven.  He is almost the star as he is giddy that he is getting so close to that mirror ball, but….

…Shawn is next. In the break before commercial, we see the fantastic five with Shawn and Derek, with all of them looking lovely, but one, who is doing her infamous, ‘Not Impressed’ face.  It was very funny.  I’m not really sure how to even describe their dance, but again, it is well worth watching, as it is flawless and spectacular.  I think I see signs of a few of their dances within it and when Len comments, he says they indeed included bits of all of their dances into their finale.  The F5’s are on hoops over the stage in artistic, acrobatic poses.  They descend and dance along side Shawn and Derek to end in a perfect pose at the front of the stage.  It was all flawless, no one missed a step.  The mirror ball belongs to Shawn.  There is no way to compete with her gifts and perfection.

At the end of the night, Melissa has a perfect 60 out of 60, Kelly 59 and Shawn 57. My guess is it will end up being between Shawn and Kelly at the end because they probably have the strongest two fan bases.  But from a talent perspective, it should come down to Melissa and Shawn with Shawn winning it all.  Her and Derek are just flawless and immensely talented.

Tomorrow night they have one more dance to create and perform on the spot.  It will either be a jive, cha cha or samba.  They find out what they must dance tomorrow night and are given their music as well.  This is never a deal breaker.  They are typically given the same scores so the dance themselves don’t matter all that much, but it will be wonderful to see them dance one more time.

I actually liked watching Dancing with the Stars.  Who knew?!


Watch What Happens Live  – Sunday Night by Kendo

  • Kenya Moore – former Miss USA not Miss America
  • Tichina Arnold – Happily Divorced, Martin actress
  • Bartender: Victoria Wilkins – JFK TSA Agent – 2nd appearance


Kenya and Tichina know each other from the series “Martin”, Kenya guest starred. Tichina was alright as a guest.


Kenya’s 4th Episode of RHOA – Andy plays “Everybody Loves Kenya” Clips of Cynthia, Porsha not liking Kenya

Andy asks her about it. She responds:
They’re going to say what they want to say. If you’re going to prove I’m wrong, then you have to prove you’re right!

Andy wears Kenya’s crown. She must have a HUGE head.

Andy shows a couple clips of 1993 Miss USA pageant where Kenya wins.

In the clip she say’s she’s inspired by Maya Angelou’s poetry. (I love some Maya Angelou – she lives in Winston-Salem, NC, 70 miles from me)
Andy asks if she still inspired and she says she has a book of poetry coming out in 2013.

Kenya Calendar showing Hootchie Crack

Caller Question: Kenya, Do you feel you’re being to pushy with marriage and children issues.
Answer: Wow! A closed mouth doesn’t get filled. If a guys into you, he gives you everything you want. If not, move to the left.

Facebook Question: Kenya is your hair weaves or natural.
Answer: All natural, I have a hair care line coming out. (Seems to be a pattern, you ask her a question, she’s got a product coming out!)


Andy ask Victoria if she likes Kenya. She says the show needed more booty and more beauty and Kenya brings both.

Caller Question: Kenya, Why did you fake cook a meal to get a man?
Answer: I’m already had the man. Didn’t have time to cook, but I can cook.

Kenya brings out her Miss USA crown and sash for Andy to try on.

They play a stupid game.

Andy asks Kenya: Who’s your least favorite housewife?
Answer: Keep watching, it will become obvious!

Poll Results.


Tuesday Night Lineup November 27th by BB

8PM – NCIS (CBS); Hart of Dixie (CW); The Voice (NBC); How the Grinch Stole Christmas/Shrek the Halls (ABC); Raising Hope/Ben and Kate (Fox); Frontier Earth (Anpl); Holmes on Holmes (DIY); Giuliana and Bill (Style)

9PM – Dancing with the Stars All Stars Finale (ABC); Flipping Out (Bravo); NCIS LA (CBS); Emily Owens MD (CW); Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition; Go On/New Normal (NBC); New Girl/Mindy Project (Fox); Teen Mom 2 A Closer Look (MTV 9:30); Property Virgins (HGTV); Little People Big World (TLC); Alaska: The Last Frontier (Discovery); Hardcore Pawn (truTV); Mankind: The Story of All of Us (History); Dangerous Grounds (Trvl); Doomsday Preppers (NatGeo); Homicide Hunter (ID); Tia and Tamera (Style)

10PM – Million Dollar Decorators (Bravo); Vegas (CBS); Parenthood (NBC); Sons of Anarchy (Fox); Underemployed (MTV); Extreme Couponing (TLC); Ink Master (Spike); Chopped (Food); Killer Insticts (Biography); I Hate My Bath (DIY); The Baby Wait (Logo); Chef Race U.K. vs. U.S. (BBC); Chicagolicious (Style)

11PM – Watch What Happens Live: Joan Collins and Martyn Lawrence-Bullard (Bravo)


Happy Birthday Carly Hall

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240 Responses to NeNe denies that Car was Repossessed / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills / Dancing with the Stars / Watch What Happens Live

  1. Iowagirl says:

    Can’t wait to hear your comments today. Coffee is brewed, let the games begin.

  2. BB says:

    Good Morning! NOTE from the TV Line up Flunky: Dancing with the Stars Finale is tonight at 9 PM EST. I also would like to see someone who hasn’t won it before win although I know it probably won’t happen. I don’t think past winners should even be asked back. They don’t do that on Project Runway All Stars. Give someone else a chance to win. JMHO.

    • cocfarm says:

      Yah, but this was the all-stars version, pitting mostly talented all-stars from previous seasons. Of all the first place winners, Shawn will have bragging rights that she is the best of the best if she beats Kelly. Maybe they should have an all-star version of runners-up! Either way, Shawn should retire from the competition but do crowd pleasing performances on elimination nights. The girl is unstoppable and a pleasure to watch.

      • Derek has also put in some amazing choreography. It must be great to have a partner who is fearless.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I agree.

          I also think Derek and his sister, Julianne (when she used to be on the show), are/were the best choreographers and dance teachers (Mark & Cheryl are 2nd, IMO) on the show. They seem to know how to produce winners of that mirror ball.

          I was sorry to see Julianne go, and I’m sorry to see Derek go after this season. I’m also sorry to see Maksim to go (because I’ve had a crush on the “bad boy” of DWTS since Season 1).

        • Powell says:

          NMD good point about Derek having a partner that’s fearless. He was probably thrilled to dance w/her because she is fearless.

        • cocfarm says:

          I thought that too. It was interesting that he did everything Shawn did basically. He did gymnastic moves as well as dance. I think the other important thing for Derek is that she probably pushes him. In some ways, they are equals, so it makes Derek’s job a lot easier. Thats not to diminish his talent, just that together, the are the perfect storm!

          Tony d has been such a good guy on the sidelines, not as gifted as Derek, but it would be nice to see him win….sometime!

  3. BB says:

    Happy Birthday Carly Hall! Hope you’re doing well and you have a great birthday.

  4. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you all got your hot cyber deals yesterday. I’m looking forward to reading about NeNe The Rich *itch. 🙂

    • Vegas Chick says:

      Not believing the Bentley repo story for a second. If NeNe had a Bentley, we all would have already known about it because she would have made sure that she was filmed driving it. Let’s not forget the incessant tweets and photos that would have followed. I doubt if any of them (except for maybe, Kandi) actually own their vehicles. Everyone leases.

      Thanks for the BH recap, BB. Happy Birthday Carly!

    • T-Rex says:

      Yep not believing that story either, sounds more like Sheree then NeNe. I think NeNe does spend money but again she is working on several “paying” shows, and she probably gets a lot of free stuff too. Sounds like sour grapes. Look I am no NeNe fan at all, but got to give the woman props she is WORKIN’ her 15 minutes of fame. Not like some of the others.

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex it totally sounds like Sheree. I can’t wait to see the finished Shay Sheree mansion she’s building and if completed how long she will remain there.

  5. BB says:

    Well, guys. I’m out to do some non-cyber Christmas shopping. BBL

  6. trudie says:

    Happy, happy birthday Carly. May it be fabulous from beginning to end!

  7. cocfarm says:

    Happy birthday Carly! Have a beautiful day.

  8. Good Morning! Thanks NMD, BB and COCFarm for the great recaps!

    Enjoyed BH last night. But, like the rest of you, I can’t believe Taylor said what she said and kept a straight face. I really hope they are going to phase her out. Even my TV shivers when she appears on its screen! 😛 I also thought it was hysterical how many times Adrienne told Lisa she looked beautiful when they met for drinks. Was there jam on the table….cuz I think Adrienne brought the “jealy”! Loved Lisa’s death stare too. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear who wins DWTS. I didn’t watch this season, but COCFarm you gave such excellent recaps. Whoever wins….these 3 ladies (& their partners) have danced a superb season.

    Wishing everyone a perfectly lovely Tuesday!

    New post this morning, “About Perception or Through The Looking Glass” + goodies over at my place. Enjoy!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Good Morning, Mardrag! 🙂

      • Morning Detox Lovey! Hope you are doing good. :O
        Hey….listen….back on the Halle issue….have you seen the new shots of Gabriel’s face?!? It is unbelievable that Olivier was not the aggressor in this situation. He has no marks, except for his hand where he bludgeoned Gabriel, and HE was attacked?!? Nuh uh….no way. That little girl needs to be taken out of that household stat. If O. could do this to G., then he has it in him to hit others, like Halle and Nahla. It is hard to believe they haven’t removed her yet. I think the real story will come out and H. and O. are gonna have some “splainin to do.

        • Powell says:

          Gabriel has a pretty good shiner that makeup will not hide so I hope he didn’t have any upcoming modeling jobs.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            I agree. Olivier beat Gabriel to a pulp. To me, Olivier, with his boxing skills, could have just knocked Gabriel down or something and simply left it at that. He did not have to beat the man until his face was almost unrecognizable. Also, I recently read that Gabriel (like he has BEEN doing) is fighting back and also got his OWN restraining order — against Olivier. Halle is asking for a PERMANENT restraining order against Gabriel (so that he can NEVER come near her, Olivier or Nahla again! What a WITCH!!).

            Gabriel is also claiming that, in addition to Olivier being the aggressor, Olivier threatened to KILL him (the looks of Gabriel’s face after that pounding by Olivier make me believe Gabriel).

            Kim Basinger allegedly tried to do the same thing (parental alienation) with Alec Baldwin and their daughter. Unlike Gabriel, however, Alec had the MONEY to fight Kim at every turn so he could continue to see their daughter. He’s also become an advocate for father’s rights and speaks out against parents who participate in parental alienation of the child against the other parent. Alec Baldwin is far from perfect and does have a temper, but I read a recent interview with is daughter, Ireland (who is gorgeous, by the way), and she talked about how she and her Dad have a great relationship and how much she loves him.

            • See…that’s the thing Detox. The child will eventually grow up and make their own determinations. I agree that Gabriel may not be a perfect father and have anger issues himself, but I can’t help feeling that they may be a result of Halle trying to alienate him from Nahla at every turn. NOT that I condone it…..but you also have to have some serious anger issues to have done the beating that Olivier did too, instead of walking away if, in fact, Gabriel had become aggressive. I just have a hard time believing that G. beat O. and the only marks O. has are on his hand where he beat G.

              Anyway….I don’t even know why I am so impacted by this story except to say…..I had a friend in a similar situation and it was verrrry hard on him and difficult to get the system to see that he was the one that was being messed with. Though, father’s rights have come a long way since then.

              I just hope this all gets ironed out with no damage to anyone else…especially Nahla. I have a creepy feeling about Olivier. Just a hunch and IMHO.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                ITA, and I am very sorry that your friend had to go through that. I just do NOT understand parents whose minds work like this.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Here’s another story about “Poor, Put-Upon, Hard-On-Her-Luck, VICTIM Halle.” Now, she is claiming that she is going to be “forced” to quit her acting career over all of this (I’m sure this is an additional argument she will use so that she can prevent Gabriel from having any more contact with Nahla):


              • Ummmm, just a thought but, isn’t that happening with Gabriel now that his face is bashed in? He is a model, and this is going to cost him revenue as it will take him so much time to heal. And….why does she have to give up acting? That is a suspect statement IMHO.

                I was actually just thinking today that she has not done any acting in quite awhile. How is that just now becoming an issue? Also, I do not know if you have noticed but, she has not looked good, both in dress and in her face/attitude for a long time. This…and please understand, this is absolutely JUST my observation and IMHO…..this is indicative of a woman that is possibly going through abuse herself.

                It is all a terrible, terrible mess. But still, the concern should be for the child, and she should be removed from that house until it is determined a safe place for her. Right now, I don’t think it is.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  I think that Halle Berry is the abuser. I also think she is unstable and loves drama. Her acting is overrated and her short hair makes her look like a man. She seems to be a very unhappy and difficult person to deal with. I feel sorry for her daughter. I thought even ex pro boxers were suppose to keep their hands off the general public. Also the normal arrangement for handing off the child was to have a nanny be the go between so this whole fracas smells like a planned set up. An actress using the press machine to her gain is nothing new. I hope it backfires and her custody gets reduced. CPS needs to get involved and find out if Ms. Berry is or is not an unfit mother. She needs to start living in the real world and not projecting her predatory natural and lies on to the people around her, including her daughter. JMHO.

                  • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                    ITA. There are members of Halle’s father’s family who say that Halle’s stories about her father abusing her Mother and killing her dog are LIES (I did not believe these relatives at first….but now, I am starting to wonder). They also said that, on his deathbed, he and his relatives BEGGED for Halle to visit him because he wanted to see her one last time.

                    She REFUSED (I understood that at the time based on the interviews she gave about how abusive he was and how he never wanted to be in her life).

                    THEN, I saw her on “Inside the Actors’ Studio With James Lipton,” Halle answered the question, “What would you like to hear when you die and see the pearly gates of Heaven?” Halle got tearful and said, “Come on in. Your FATHER is waiting.”

                    That just touched my heart.

                    Now, I’m starting to think she might have been lying about LOTS of things for YEARS!! Now, I SEE why her ex-es called her “Halle SCARY” and said the world would one day see how crazy and diabolical she is.


              • Powell says:

                She’ll only lose her career if she wants to lose it. These child custody issues will not impact her career. Many, many actors have gone thru same or similar issues and it didn’t impact their career.

            • Powell says:

              The judge isn’t going to give Haley a permanent restraining order against Garbriel. If there is security footage and it doesn’t mysteriously disappear the judge will have proof of whatever happened. They all just need to stop it and figure out a way to co-exist cause they’ve got 14 more yrs of sharing custody. They are all going to regret what has been happening.

              • Totally agree with both your comments Powell. Halle just has seemed so determined to alienate Gabriel since they split. I “heard” it was because he broke it off with her because she is a nutcase to live with. If that is so, shame on her for using Nahla in that way and abusing the situation and Gabriel as a father.

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                ALLEGEDLY, the security cameras were mysteriously re-positioned, and there is NO video of the altercation. I do not know whether or not this is true, but I HAVE read this. I also read that it was actually GABRIEL’S day to have Nahla, but because Halle asked if she could spend some time on Thanksgiving with Nahla, Gabriel, in good faith brought Nahla back to Halle’s.

                I ALSO read that the handoffs of Nahla between them are usually done by a their respective Nannies for Nahla. Well, this time, Gabriel was not MET by a Nanny. He was met by Olivier instead.

                It DEFINITELY sounds like a planned set-up/ambush to me!

              • Ella Minnow Pea says:

                According to Halle Berry’s own stories, she’s gone from one abusive relationship to the next. It’s time for that broad to take a good long look in the mirror, find a good therapist and get herself right. Otherwise, she’s just going to teach her daughter to repeat the cycle.

                Personally, I don’t believe that all the men she’s been with have been what she says but either way, she needs to not be with any man until she can fix her own issues.

    • Powell says:

      Adrienne is jealy. LOL MarDrag.

  9. Jules says:

    Ojai Valley Inn & Spa did themselves a disservice by allowing Bravo to put twin beds in the rooms. If you look at the website it has the layout of the house they stayed in showing all five bedrooms with king beds. watching I would think never to go there because of all the beds rooms with twin beds.

    Shame on Bravo and Ojai Valley for going along with the set up.

  10. plainviewsue says:

    Happy Birthday Carly!

  11. plainviewsue says:

    I seriously could watch a show with Lisa and Brandi on their own. I absolutely love their true friendship & just smile the whole time they are on!!

    Adrienne just cannot express herself vocally at all. Never could. So tongue tied. Even in past conversations. Lisa did the mature thing. Accept the apology & know you can never trust her again.

    Seriously, is Kyle’s whole storyline this season going to be about her daughter driving? Boring boring.

    I am so rooting for Kim. My eyes actually welled up when she made the toast how happy she is and I loved her conversation with Brandi. Until idiot Adrienne had to make herself heard.

    Kyle has one of the filthiest mouths & she’s upset that Brandi used the F word????

    Oh and Kyle…………….not every home has more than 8 bedrooms. Good lord. You would think these women had to scrub the floors for their supper.

    Brandi in those photo shoots………………….beyond stunning.

    No comment on Taylor, cos there are no words about why this person is even on the show.

    • T-Rex says:

      Hitting the HUGE LIKE button on your post. I hope Bravo fires the HoofMaloof(she probably will be fired, those that threaten Bravo with quitting usually gets you the boot), and I am pretty sure that ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterLypsMcgee is out the door as well, heard she was none to nice to the production crews when she was hammered and they had to basically babysit her ass on occasion this season, heard they hired a handler at some point to keep her from drinking at some of the group shoots

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        From your lips to God’s ears, T-Rex!

        Also, I don’t know how true it is, but I read that, during taping, Adrienne sent some type of cease and desist letter to Brandi and threatened to sue her (probably because Brandi was constantly calling Adrienne out via Twitter on supposedly planting several negative stories in the press — particularly Radar Online — about Brandi. Brandi noted that it was either Adrienne or Chef Bernie, and she wanted them to knock it off).

        I don’t think BRAVO looks too kindly on cast members that threaten to sue other cast mates (I personally think that was one of the main reasons Danielle Staub got the boot, in addition to her cast mates banding together and refusing to quit if they had to continue to film with Danielle). JMHO.

        • Powell says:

          Detox I don’t know what it us w/the HWs and the C&Ds. Adrienne & Phaedra have sent out plenty.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Really? Tell me more about Adrienne. To whom else has she sent out C&D’s?

            I also knew about Phaedra, but I don’t think she has sent any out to her cast mates or anyone working for BRAVO, has she? If she has, fill me in because I’m definitely interested.

            I know Tamra sent one to Jeanna (Well, actually, Tamra said she sent a “CYST and Desist” letter to Tamra….so maybe she wanted something different than the other Housewives who sent out CEASE and Desist letters. LOL), but Jeanna was no longer part of the cast when she did.

      • Powell says:

        I heard The Maloofs are getting a reality show. Of course we don’t know how true that is but if it is I suspect Adrienne would go.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I hope that Lisa’s and Brandi’s friendship becomes real as times goes by but I just don’t think they are at that point yet.
      They do like each other and they enjoy their sense of humor but I think there is also convenience on both sides. Lisa likes Brandi’s irreverence and the fact that Brandi says whatever Lisa doesn’t dare to say, especially to Adrienne and Brandi likes the aura of power that it gives her to be Lisa’s friend. Brandi knows Lisa is very well connected not only around BH but also she is very well liked by the viewers. She definitely knows how to read the temperature of the room.
      Brandi is smart and will do anything to be on Lisa’s good grace whether Lisa asks her or not. Most times I am sure Lisa doesn’t even asks anything, just drops little hints. JMO
      I like the fact that both played against Bravo’s plans and turned it around for their own benefit. I always like when somebody goes against the machinations of the producers. At a much higher level Lisa and Brandi remind me of Nene and Marlo who also played against the producers who wanted them as enemies and they ended up being friends.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Excellent points. I hope that Lisa and Brandi’s friendship continues to deepen and eventually becomes totally sincere (I’m not saying that it’s not totally sincere NOW, but I DO think you make plausible points). I like seeing those 2 together. They tickle me.

    • kit9 says:

      I thought Brandi’s comment was a gross overreation and absurd. First, don’t exaggerate/lie in your TH when it’s being filmed. Brandi said Adrienne said it(‘somebody’s crying’)100times. We heard it twice, but, actually, Adrienne only said it once…Bravo’s editing monkeys replayed her saying it again, very obviously. Brandi went on to complain that Adrienne made a ‘spectacle’ of it and that was ‘obnoxious’ and that if she really cared about Kim she would have asked if she was ok. Uh, no, Brandi, you made it a spectacle and were obnoxious. And, I’m sure Adrienne was going to ask if Kim was ok, comfort her, etc before Brandi went nutso. Adrienne has shown nothing but support for Kim in the past(really the only one besides Kyle who would film with her regularly) and was very patient and understanding of Kim’s issues like when she kept Adrienne and Paul waiting for hours. So there’s no doubt she was trying to help before being so rudely interrupted. Brandi’s the one that needed to stfu.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        What exactly was she trying to help? She knew Brandi and Kim were having a private discussion between the two of them. Kim was not being hurt or attacked, she was being emotional in a private convo, and Adrienne, who was a couple seats away, felt the need to call out the fact that Kim was crying. That’s obnoxious. Adrienne is very calculating.
        I don’t like the way Brandi responds to things at time, but I think she was already on high alert around certain people and so her reaction was more in response to her paranoia, IMO.
        I’ve always felt that Adrienne likes to be around the people that she feels superior to. The ones who outshine her, she has a problem with.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      *Sigh* As USUAL, Sue, I agree with EVERYTHING you just said (Stop reading my MIND, Dammit! It’s starting to SCARE me! Just kidding! I love it. 😉 ).

    • VV says:

      Exactamundo Plainviewsue 😆

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I like Brandi but she has a habit of over reacting and speaking in an emotional manner about things at the wrong time. We get that she dose not like Addy but it dose not give her the right to cause a casino to curry favor with, the women hating bravo trolls, called production. Yelling at Addy did not ring true to me mainly because Brandi is not Miss Manners and is not known for being all that classy. I did not find it a legit reason for her to go off on Addy. Brandi needs to be careful that she is not used as a pawn with this group of people. JMHO.

        • VV says:

          Bravo edit. Apparently, Brandi and Kim were having a bonding moment that went longer than what we saw. I thought it was rude of Adrienne to embarrass Kim by calling her on crying. Adrienne was more concern with pointing the finger at Brandi than Kim’s feeling at the time. I get why Brandi snapped specially if she was having a moment with Kim.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Well Addy was telling the truth for once. Kim was crying. I really think that Brandi was very hostile and parental and she is not the only person on the show that cares about Kim. She was mad at Addy and chose to drive her feelings home. Brandi is fun but she is not charming and she needs to be careful when she decides to do battle. Being the heroine is not always an easy task. IMO.

  12. kendo says:

    I loved Kim last night, she looked so much better. Brandi is beyond beautiful, it’s hard to believe that she has issues with her photos – pointing out a wrinkle on her thumb! Love watching Lisa and Brandi – Lisa seems to be a great friend!

    • Cartwheels says:

      I have to force myself to remember that when the tapings started Kim was just out of rehab (only a month) so my hope is as the filming progresses we would get to see her getting stronger and stronger. The true proof of her recovery will come when she stops blamming everybody else for her issues and the fact that she attempted to cross the bridge with Brandi gives me hopes that she is in the right direction.
      When the day comes that Kim is able to sit face to face with Brandi and apologizes to her for the nasty way she treated her and hid her crutches, then I will believe that she is finally taking some accountability for her own actions. Brandi has already apologize to Kim, now it is Kim’s turn to do the same.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Yep. I’ve got my pom-pom’s out for Kim because I am really rooting for her. She’s coming across so much better this season. I wonder if we are finally getting to see the “real” Kim now.

    • kit9 says:

      The thumb thing was literally cray cray. Thumb wrinkle? Wow. Yes, the capacity to bend your thumb is just so…ugly. Wtf?

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


      • Called A Princess... says:

        Brandi is pretty vain. I think a least last season, she was way too thin. I think talking about her thumb being wrinkled was another way of saying she thinks she’s hot. JMHO.

  13. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Kyle cracks me up…she was all clutching her pearls when Brandi dropped the F-bomb at the dinner table. Did she feel that way when drunk Taylor was slurring about Brandi’s alleged sex life at the Foster’s dinner table?? Oh Kyle. Just the fact that you are Taylor’s cheerleader makes me dislike you. Not that I think Brandi handles conflict appropriately all the time, but Kyle is always defending Taylor who is the biggest embarrassment in every social situation that we’ve seen.

    I loved how nervous Adrienne was when speaking with Lisa. Her and Paul talk a big game behind Lisa’s back but then she comes face to face with her and can’t string together a coherent sentence. Lisa sitting there staring her down is why I love that woman! lol

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I’ve been cogitating recently on Adrienne as a person and a business woman. She is not good at expressing herself in situations where she’s not in control. She is not warm toward others. She appears to have rather tacky taste in clothing and design. She seems to be bossy and controlling in relationships. She can be judgmental and can belittle people. This is making me wonder if it’s actually her brothers who run the business and she doesn’t have much say. I have trouble seeing her as a strong businessperson.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I’ve read that it IS actually her brothers that run the businesses and not her. If she does anything when it comes to the Maloof Empire (which appears to be crumbling if certain reports are to be believed), it’s probably very little and very minor.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          It was when I read (possibly HERE) that she was told by her family to stop the bickering with Paul and finalize the divorce to get the family name out of the news that I began to wonder just how much power this woman actually has. I think now that possibly only her name has cache, but she actually is a very minor player herself. And now that she’s no longer married to the BH famous plastic surgeon, she slips further downhill.

          • T-Rex says:

            You heard it here, I posted this after my friend in LA let me in on that little secret. I agree that HoofMaloof is on the company businesss “in name only” her brothers run the companies she just shows up when it’s necessary for the Maloof clan to be seen publicly together

        • Pghemtchick says:

          Even if you head over to Zing Vodka’s page and read about it’s her brother quoted- not her. Funny since it was supposed to be “her” thing.

    • VV says:

      Thank you. As a former fan of Kyle, her friendship with Taylor makes it more difficult for me to like her again. She has her funny moments I grant that but she is very inconsistent as a friend ( some call it two faced) What is her fascination with Taylor? Why is she Taylor’s biggest cheerleader? Taylor is a despicable human being. I don’t even feel sorry for her. Her tag line is totally pathetic and I feel for her little daughter.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I just do not “GET” the Kyle/Taylor relationship and why Kyle has continuously defended Taylor and all of her toxic behavior (even when Taylor has been so nasty to Kyle’s own sister [Kim, during Season 1]. Even though NON-Sober, Kim had Taylor’s # in Season 1, and she had it again in Season 2 when she said, “So, I guess that means Taylor can now have what she really wants: more camera time” or something like that, when the group was in Hawaii, and someone mentioned that Taylor called while they were on the trip and said she had left Russell.).

      My instincts make me feel like Taylor has something “on” Kyle (possible info. about Kyle and/or Mauricio that she could blab about to the press if Kyle does not continue to take her side and protect her — kinda like a possible blackmail scenario). I could be TOTALLY wrong, but it is the only thing that really makes SENSE to me when it comes to Kyle and Taylor’s friendship (and Kyle’s constant defense of and making excuses for Taylor’s deplorable behavior). JMHO.

      • Eastbayca says:

        Taylor could be hanging on to Kyle because the other ladies do not want to be associated with her.
        NB: I have yet to watch a full episode of RHOBH

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Me either. The darned phone always rings half way through. But I use this as an excuse to watch reruns. (Need to get a DVR system!)

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Good Point.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I think that Kyle and Taylor are more alike then people want to admit. Kyle watched her mother steal and ruin lives for years and seemingly profit from it. Taylor must seem like family. A long lost sister. IMO.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              OMG, CAP! After I let out a big chuckle over this, I realized that THIS is probably the REAL reason (although I still don’t put blackmail past that SOCIOPATH, Taylor).

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I chalk it up to Kyle being rather damaged in how she handles friendships and relationships. She grew up with the mother bringing in all sorts of people because she wanted to be in the know or be around people she thought were influential. I think Kyle has a need to “save” people she perceives as lost. I think she also thinks she has a need to see herself as forgiving and understanding. I also think she’s insecure and needs approval. I think it’s her mixed up version of how to be a friend, but basically Kyle is a damaged person and not normal. Taylor takes advantage of that. Or that’s my version!

      • linfin42 says:

        I think it’s because Kyle is an enabler, she can’t help herself. When Kim was having her problems, Kyle was defending her too. Now Taylor is the one who apparently has a drinking problem, is saying inappropriate things, etc., and Kyle has to have someone in her life that she can be the “big sister” to, defend them even when the other person is acting like a child. I think it makes her feel better about herself in a way.

  14. I Need A Life! says:

    I’m going to play the Powerball Game this week. With my winnings I’ll take Camille out of her agony and buy her house….unless Yolanda is willing to sell her place. That story about NeNe is interesting. Wasn’t she looking into buying a new place last season with her, “Trump,” money?

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I didn’t believe the Nene story when I read it because if it had been that public, there would have been at least one picture to go with the story. Especially in this day when everyone has a camera phone. I believe Nene when she says she never even owned or drove a Bentley. I think it’s just that some of these women know they can put a random story out there and it will grow wings and spread.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I love Yolanda’s house too. I’m currently obsessed with trying to find it on the online satellite maps (Bing and Google). I want to be able to view it from all angles. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched the replays of the show, just to see the zoom shots of this house to figure out where it is. It’s not ON the beach — there are houses on the beach. It’s on the hill behind the beach houses (but WHICH beach houses?). Last night I could see traffic between her pool (top of the hill) and the beach houses, so she’s on the other side of the highway. I have looked countless times all along the coast and can’t see her. She commented that you can see Malibu Pier and all the way to Santa Monica on a clear day, so it HAS to be there somewhere. Has anyone figured out where it is? (I found Lisa’s new house, if anyone feels the need to admire it.)

      • KG….check houses above Pacific Coast Highway. That runs up & down the coast and it looks to me like Yolanda’s house sits above the highway. If she can see to SM she is near this highway. Hope that helps!! 🙂

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I’ve zoomed in and looked the whole route, and can’t see it. We’ve seen this house from the air, so I think I know what the shape and roof look like, and it’s going to have that pool aimed toward the ocean. Can’t find it. I wonder if it was built since the maps were shot, but they constantly update those maps, so I think it must be there and I’m not looking in the right area. And I’ve looked at the “bird’s eye” view and the straight down shot on both Bing and Google, assuming the maps are from different times.

      • Powell says:

        Kansas Girl when you find the house please post the info. I sure would love to see it too.

  15. Powell says:

    I hope the judge rules in Camille’s favor because I think she’s right that they won’t get $16 mill or even close if Kelsey is living in the home. He’s so stupid. Why does he want to move back to LA? He told Camille NY was it for him. NY appreciated his work. And you see Katey is going right along w/it. She’s doing everything he tells her he wants to do. She seems like a child listening to her father’s rules and doing whatever he says. She has no self-respect. She’s willing to just move into where Camille and her kids have their life. Kelsey is selfishly willing to move a baby into a house that could potentially sell right away and then have to move somewhere else. If he wants to live there Camille should tell him to buy her out.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      If I were Camille I would be seething. It’s bad enough that your husband cheats on you and pretty much moves his mistress into the apartment in NYC that you were suppose to share (so much so that the door men think that YOU are the imposter) or that his trashbag new wife dressed as you for Halloween…..but now he wants to move him and his new child into the FAMILY home that you all shared.

      If I were Camille, I would burn it to the ground before that would ever happen.

      • Hey RR…good to see you! There is something terribly messed up about Kelsey. These are off the wall decisions he is making. They seem to be erratic. I wonder if he has fallen off the wagon. I would be livid too if I were Camille. What a mess!

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Hi, I think you are right. If he is not using he seems to be still acting like someone who is maniac. His show has been canceled and most of his assets have been tied up in real estate in an upside down market and NONE of his wives have signed prenups.

          I suspect when this marriage fails and he gets taken for what he has left- he will end up living in an apartment above a garage in West Hollywood.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Hi, Rabble! (*Waving FURIOUSLY*). Long time no talk!

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Hi Dextox, it’s good to see you too. I didn’t mean to be such a stranger to the blog but we had family in all last week for Thanksgiving- on top of that I fracture two bones in my foot/toes so I have been lying down a lot with my foot up.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I was already giving Kelsey the “side-eye.” As for his new wife, I figured she was young and naive and believed EVERYTHING Kelsey told her about “mean and awful, Camille”! Camille is NO Saint, but neither is Kelsey. And regardless of how negatively Kelsey wants to portray Camille in the press since he left her, Kelsey WAS a total MESS when Camille married him. It was Camille who ALLEGEDLY helped to get and keep him on the straight and narrow and ALLEGEDLY assisted him in building up such a vast fortune during their marriage.

      I have little respect for Kate for PUBLICALLY running around with a married man; however, like I said, I gave her a LITTLE (not much, but a little) leeway due to her youth.

      I now take that little leeway back and think she and Kelsey both have some serious issues because they brought their damned BABY to The Playboy Mansion, of all places!! What the EFF!!! That is just downright trashy and crazy!

      I hope Camille wins this fight.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        Kelsey seems like a dry drunk. IMO.

      • Powell says:

        Detox you know I have a feeling HW knows the real Kelsey Grammar and know what Camille has done for Kelsey. I bet the cast of Cheers has some stories they could tell. I don’t give Katey a pass on anything cause she’s acting like a naive little girl following Kelsey’s every move. And esp after taking that baby to the Playboy Mansion.

  16. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    O.K., Guys,

    I have some questions and need some help from you savvy computer users and shoppers out there.

    I have a DELL Inspiron 1545 laptop. I finally spoke to a DELL Tech Support person last night (because, outside of this past holiday weekend, I was busy, busy, busy trying to handle OTHER things in my life). I explained to him what occurred with my laptop before it either went into a “coma” or “died.”

    He said it simply sounds like I need a new battery and a charger. He quoted prices for both, which will each come with a 1-year guaranty.

    I’m only working contract overflow right now, and, in addition to unexpected medical bills, I now also have to purchase a new car. There are things crucial to my job search and other business on that laptop. So, I NEED it (in addition to needing it for my present job and other things in general — like playing with you guys on this blog, for instance).

    In short, my money is tight right now. I’ve looked online and seen certain places selling the parts I need MUCH cheaper than DELL; however, I read an article this morning that said that, using a “universal” charger — which is what BEST BUY has — will only work for a month before DELL flashes a message that the charger is not compatible and can no longer work/be used (a sneaky way for DELL to have a monopoly on the selling of replacement parts for its machines, I suppose).

    Does anybody know anything about this?

    Should I just go ahead with DELL even though their parts are more expensive than other sellers’ online?

    Or will I be o.k. purchasing those parts from a company OTHER THAN DELL (who also, like DELL, offer 1-year warranties for the same parts)?

    Please advise when you get a chance. I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks!

    • kendo says:

      I’d check on ebay, someone may be selling just parts from a broken computer. I’ve had a replacement cord catch on fire. It was a generic power cord for an HP laptop.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Catch on fire?! OMG, Kendo! Thanks for the advice. 😀

      • Powell says:

        That’s good kendo. Detox I was going to suggest looking at Amazon. I purchased a battery for my laptop from Amazon and there were no problems w/the battery. I have other issues w/it that I haven’t used it in a year. I digress. Amazon will show new and used. I don’t understand used, doesn’t make sense to me so I purchased new. They state the guarantee. They are also very fast.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Could you get repair people from someplace like Best Buy to take a look or give you advice? Here, you can walk up to the counter and just ask general questions. Of course they try to get you to bring the machine in, but by asking questions you can get quite a lot of info.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I called Best Buy last night and spoke to a rep. They told me that had a “universal” replacement charger, but it’s actually $4 higher than DELL’s price. They also told me they could order a DELL replacement battery, but the price would probably be between $90 and $120 (DELL is asking for $116), but if it was not in their online store (where there would be NO S&H fee, they would charge me a fee of $15 for having to get it from their Parts Location Center).

        I found some place online called “Laptop Battery Store” that has different versions of the DELL battery for MUCH cheaper ($51 for one and $35 for another). They also claim to provide a 1-year warranty on it, but….I’m just wary. *Shrug*

        Thanks for the advice, KG! 😀

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I can’t be 100% certain but I think my husband once said something about how Dell computers and laptop parts are only compatible with DELL and not universal ones. I’ll look into it.

    • melthehound says:


      Here’s the dirty little secret. Aftermarket batteries and chargers work fine in 99 percent of the cases. Don’t let the proprietary nay sayers fool you. My charger died less than a year after I bought my computer (HP). They wanted $90 to replace it. For that, I bought 4 generics at $20 per so I could have one everywhere I wanted to use the computer. I’ve been using them for a little over 2 years now. Batteries, the difference is the packaging. All this crap is made in China now days and it’s just given a different badge. The same battery that runs your Dell likely runs several others (Dell). All you need to know, is the capacity (2200mAh). Forget about getting this stuff from Dell. I don’t even use proprietary batteries in my prized possession, My camera as they wore out long ago. I Never did unpack the supplied charger because I prefer a different type.

      Picking up what I’m laying down here? It should cost you more than about $60 or so to get your machine back up and running. IF the problem is the battery and charger. You can buy the charger first and make sure it at least still runs and then buy a battery if you want or need to.

      Here’s a potential place. 30 day money back (if the stuff doesn’t work for you).

      • melthehound says:

        * that’s No more than about $60.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Thank you SOOOO much, MTH! I’m definitely going to check this link out. This article is what scared me about going with NON-DELL replacement parts:

        • melthehound says:

          Please do keep in mind that I am stating my own experience with non dell type stuff. There is a live help desk chat available at that website (and many others) where you might be able to get some straight answers. TYPICALLY, in my experience, if you stay within the rated capacity of the item, you should be good to go. Keep in mind also that article is nearly 3 years old.

        • melthehound says:

          By the way.. Those third party batteries and power supplies, may very well be built to Dell’s specs. As I said earlier, someone else builds them for Dell (and HP and IBM and etc).

        • mygirlsmom says:

          My daughter has a Dell laptop and replaced both the battery and power cord about six months ago and one year ago respectively and hasn’t had any problems with either.

        • Rebecca says:

          If the part has a thirty-day money-back guarantee, then use it for a week. Then set your clock ahead one year. The next time you turn your laptop on, either Dell will be right and you can get your money back, or Dell is using a bogus scare technique.

          Good luck!

          • Rebecca says:

            Also, if you are a student, a parent of a student, or hell know anyone with your last name that is, you can purchase this part from the Dell education site. I think it’s called Dell University. FYI – Apple has a site like this, and Adobe, and many others.

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Thanks! I need some luck right about now!

      • Powell says:

        Great advice MTH. You just taught ne something.

        • melthehound says:

          Always check but, the idea that Best Buy said that they had a generic for $4 more than the Dell replacement, speaks volumes. The question becomes, who wants to pay Best Buy’s markup? Not me.

  17. jeang says:

    Have you google that particular model and part number etc. My son needed a new charger etc for his old laptop and he found one online much cheaper but the exact same thing that the company was selling.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Yes, I’ve googled, and I’m slowly wading my way through all of my research results. Thanks for the advice and for telling me about your sons similar experience. 😀

      • Nancy says:

        Hi Detox,
        I have given up with Dell computers. I’ve had 3.

        Didn’t Halle Berry accuse her first husband (Eric Benet) of physical abuse as well?

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Hi Nancy,

          I didn’t get a chance to respond to your question last night. So, here is my answer: Yes, I have had a sleep study done. I was diagnosed as having a mild/borderline case of sleep apnea, which would not only cause me to snore, but wake me up at least 1 or 2 times a night. So, I got the PAP machine (and the “mask” is not really a “Hannibal Lecter”-looking thing. I just said that last night to be “dramatic.” LOL. It just goes up my nose and in my mouth, but I do have to attach it around my head with this type of velcro contraption).

          The sh*t is SEXY! Let me tell you! I just CANNOT see a man resisting me in that thing with some thigh-highs, heels and a sexy Victoria’s secret ensemble on while I wear it. *Sigh*

          …..Anyhoo, this is my 2nd DELL. I only started buying them because they used them at my last law firm, and the I.T. guy there HIGHLY recommended them. I’ve heard bad things about COMPAQ’s, but people seem to be happy with TOSHIBA. My parents have had Hewlett-Packards. Now, my Dad has an I-PAD and says he will NEVER go back to anything else!

          With regard to Halle, NO, she did not accuse Eric Benet (her 2nd husband) of being abusive. She accused him of being a sex addict and made him get professional treatment.

          She DID call the cops on her 1st husband, David Justice (baseball player), once they separated because she claimed she feared for her physical safety. He said he was only going back to their house to get some more of his things as they had earlier agreed, and, unbeknownst to him, Halle had called the cops and lied and said he was trying to beat down her door and threatening her physically.

          In several interviews, particularly, when she first started out, she talked about a “famous ex-boyfriend,” whom she refused to name, that beat her so hard she lost almost all the hearing in one of her ears. Because of the timing of the first interview, and her recent dating history, people speculated that it was either Wesley Snipes or the singer, Christopher Williams. She dated both of them very closely together and very shortly before she told that story the first time.

          I believed Halle ALL of those times.

          I don’t anymore.

          • JustDee says:

            I *LOVE* my Compaqs! I’ve had 4 desktops and 3 laptops, all but one were Compaq or HP (same thing now). I ALWAYS recommend them and everyone I know who has one is happy 🙂

            The one non Compaq/HP laptop I had was a Toshiba and it was JUNK from day one. Had to wait 5 years for the thing to finally give out so I could replace it. I’ve never been so happy to see a computer die!

            • melthehound says:

              As long as I’m breathing, I will never buy anything with the Toshiba name on it again. B-day 1999, 5 disk DVD changer. B-day 2000, Dead. Warranty expired and they wanted more than the cost of a new one to fix it. At one point I also bought a television (when I was in college). Nearly a year to the day after I bought it, the only way I could get it to work was to smack it on the side. Not that one, but I’ve paid to have a TV fixed one time. That repair lasted about 6 months (LOOOOOOONG time ago and never again). I eventually gave the Toshiba TV away, told the guy I didn’t want it back and didn’t want to hear any complaints when it wasn’t working anymore, even by whacking it on the side.

              • JustDee says:

                I also will never buy anything else Toshiba. Funny TV story – though I’m sure it wasn’t at the time 😉

              • Powell says:

                I’ve never had a Toshiba electronic and never will after that story MTH. 🙂

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                O.K. NO Toshiba’s for me then. Maybe I’m mixing Toshiba up with SANYO. I think I’ve heard good things about SANYO. I don’t even know if SANYO makes computers/laptops, though.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Now, see….I’ve heard the exact oppositibe, but I’m glad to hear from others because once I get a full-time, non-contract job again, I want to buy a NEW laptop that is NOT a DELL. I was unsure which brand I was going to choose, though, because I’ve only ever had DELL’s.

              Thanks for the info.

              • melthehound says:

                I think most electronics these days are you spend your money and take your chances. I’ve heard good things about Toshiba products too but given my own experience with the brand, I’ve chosen not to give them any more of my money. What I Really love about all these companies (sarcasm switch is on) is you buy your product, look at the PDF manual, Once you find the part that is in your language. In addition to the one you just bought, you get to read about all the stuff the upper end models will do but, yours won’t. Camera manuals are notorious for that.

                About the time I bought my desktop, Dell moved their customer support to India. At that point what once was top notch support, went into the crapper and somebody pushed the handle to flush it.

            • Powell says:

              My 1st desktop was a Compaq. I loved that computer.

          • AZGirl says:

            Detox I have several Dell’s. PC and laptop. The key is to constantly UPGRADE ANTI-VIRAL software. Microsoft Windows really needs constant upgrading. My son makes sure my laptop is completely covered and runs diagnostics on it all the time.

            Halle is a nut job. I believe her ex that he was attacked due to his injuries.

            • melthehound says:

              I had a Dell desktop once. Top of the line when I bought it and I was glad when someone broke into the house and stole it. Too bad that wasn’t all they took.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Thanks for the info., AZGirl. My parents have AT&T ConnectTech, which handles any problems and provides up to 4 computers in a home with tech support and ANTI-VIRAL software, with updates. I’ve had them remote into my laptop and handles problems several times. It’s a great service. I also have an icon on my desktop which allows me to contact them directly and I-chat; tell them the problems; and allow them to remote in with my permission to solve the problem.

              I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who has AT&T high-speed internet.

              And, yes, like you, I now think Halle is a total NUTJOB.

          • Powell says:

            LOL Detox w/your mask, thigh highs, and Vicky Secret on. 🙂

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              GIRRRRRRLLLLLL, I don’t feel like dating right now, but these are the things with which I will now have to deal dating as a middle-aged woman!! *Sigh* Like I said last night, though, considering some of the perverts I’ve dated, they’d find a way to use that machine as a prop in a ROLE-PLAY scenario. *Another Sigh* (and a giggle to myself).

    • Kansas Girl says:

      My old Dell Inspiron 1501 is still perking along. I upgraded from 1 to 2 gigs of RAM a while back. It’s still dreadfully slow, but it runs. Have been putting off replacement. Of course now that I bragged on it, it will likely become a brick.

  18. VV says:

    Brandi Tweeted:

    “OMG I wanna cry!!! Thank u all so much! My book sales went up a lot after last nights episode! I have a tear! I luvu all!!!!!
    Sent 1 hour ago”

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Go, Brandi!! Take THAT, LeAnn and Eddie!!

      I bet LeAnne is SEETHING that Brandi is now a celebrity/public figure of sorts who can now have a bigger “voice” and speak out about her life and troubles (which I’m sure bothers LeAnne to NO end. And I LOVE it!!).

      I bet Eddie feels like he is now STUCK with a CRAZY woman (who he depends upon for financial support because, let’s face it: his career hasn’t been going so well lately), and he is eating his heart out seeing Brandi get stronger and stronger (and live her life JUST FINE without him). 😀

      • T-Rex says:

        What is even funnier is that in a short amount of time LeAnn is going to be reading Brandi’s book because FastEddie can’t keep his man candy in his own pants and will be finding his new interest soon, if he hasn’t already. Maybe that’s why they are having their vows renewed already. He cheated on all of his girlfriends previously, cheated on Brandi, he is just a serial cheater and no way CrayCrayRimes is going to be any different

        • VV says:

          She also tweeted…

          “I feel a “twee-hab” relapse coming on. #justsayin
          Sent 3 hours ago”

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Brandi can be such a B*TCH!!

            And I LOVE it (especially when she is hilarious while being bitchy)!!

  19. kit9 says:

    I didn’t think Kyle was clutching her pearls, she was just shocked by it coming out of nowhere when as was the rest of the table. Look at Camille’s face. And, we don’t know if Kyle heard Taylor talking Brandi at the Fosters- but she wasn’t remotely supportive of it at the birthday party. In fact, she seemed very annoyed by it both in the TH and at the time. Was she going to throw down on the spot with Taylor over it? No, it was a bday party.

  20. Kansas Girl says:

    Found! It looks like Yolanda’s house is at the junction of Carbon Canyon Road & Pacific Coast Highway. You can only see it in the Bing aerial map and one notch back from zoomed full in. Otherwise, you see construction.

    So she must have planted 50 full-grown lemon trees to have them producing already, cuz there were no trees on the site. Spare no expense!

    • princesspindy says:

      The pool doesn’t seem to be in the right place…..

      • Kansas Girl says:

        The pool aims slightly southwest. But I just watched the re-run and this is right. The pool does that. She apparently made it that way so from the entrance you look out the back over the pool. Wish they’d update the maps so we could get a really good look!

  21. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Oh yeah, Guys! I just remembered something I JUST learned about my family this past Sunday while I was watching a Ken Burns’ documentary on professional boxer, Jack Johnson.

    Earlier that day, my Dad and I had watched a movie called “Joe and Max” about professional boxers Joe Louis and German boxer, Max Schmeling. It was very good. It talked about how Max was the 1st person to beat Joe Louis (I think), but, then Joe later beat him. Max was wrongly accused of being a Nazi and a racist. Both men fought in the war for their countries after their fights, and they ended up becoming VERY good friends until Joe Louis died (He died first).

    Well, because that movie mentioned Jack Johnson, the very 1st African-American heavyweight boxing champion, my Dad and I later watched a documentary on Jack Johnson. Tex Ritter (John Ritter’s father) was mentioned as being the man who put up the $100,000 for Jack Johnson to FINALLY fight former heavyweight Champion of the World, Jim Jeffries.

    Anyhoo, my Dad — who LOVES Westerns — asked me how in the hell I could NOT know who Tex Ritter was (because I really did NOT). He then “schools” me on Tex and different Westerns.

    My father’s mother’s maiden name (My Granny about whom I often talk) was LaRue. My Dad THEN tells me, “Didn’t you know that your great-great uncle was Cowboy and Western Star, “Lash LaRue”?!! I was like, “Ummm….NO because #1, nobody ever told me that and #2, WHO in the SAM HELL is LASH LARUE??!!”

    So, my Dad explains how Lash moved away from Louisiana (but came back to visit VERY OFTEN) and began to pass as a White man and eventually got into acting. He allegedly performed ALL of his OWN stunts and became a MASTER with a BULLWHIP (hence, the nickname/stage name, “LASH”).

    He actually trained Harrison Ford on how to use a bullwhip for the “Indiana Jones” movies.

    Because he was passing as a White man, he was very private about his personal life and family background. He was rumored to have been married 10-12 times (That’s just GREAT!! [insert sarcasm here]) and later became an alcoholic before he became sober and a born-again Christian.

    Due to the secrecy regarding his family background, people speculated that Lash was REALLY Jewish and changed his name to deny his Jewish heritage and pass as a Non-Jew/Gentile (The same thing happened to the guitar player, Slash. I saw a documentary on famous African-Americans being interviewed, and during his portion of the interviews, Slash said, “I just played my guitar, and nobody really questioned my ethnicity. The next thing you know, someone tells me that I am listed in a book of famous Jews!” He laughed and said, “And I’m not even Jewish. My Mom’s Black, and my Dad is just a regular ol’ British White dude!”).

    Lash was also reported to have been one of the few “White” people ever to have been allowed
    into the famous all-Black “Dew Drop Inn,” located in New Orleans. Lash could also apparently play the guitar so, even though he was “White” (I think in New Orleans, people knew the “real deal” about Lash’s ethnicity), he was often “allowed” into the “Dew Drop Inn,” and to participate in “jam sessions,” playing his guitar.

    Anyhoo, now I know that I am related to a former B-Western Movie Star who could pick up a flower for a lady with his bullwhip and then gallantly hand it to her while still riding his Black horse and all-Black outfit (He allegedly went against convention and played one of the “good guy Cowboys” who wore ALL-BLACK and always rode a BLACK horse, as opposed to the “good guy Cowboys,” who usually wore WHITE and often rode WHITE horses).

    Who KNEW?! I sure didn’t…..until this past Sunday.

  22. AZGirl says:

    Just got in from hanging Christmas lights. 80 degrees and sweating like a pig. 3/4 done.
    I watched BH until the Ojai Valley Inn scene. Too sentimental for me.

    My parents knew the family who first opened the hotel. They stayed there every summer while I was growing up and played golf. The last visit was about 10 weeks before my mom passed away. My brother was getting married in Ojai. The parents stayed at the “Inn” and rest of us were holed up at Motel 6 (ha!).

    I was very surprised at the twin beds. That is NOT Ojai Valley Inn. Very Bravo. Cutting production costs and it is obviously. Beautiful property and I recommend it highly. Love Ojai. Brother and wife are now in Sutter Creek but still own property in Ojai.

  23. Birdwoman says:

    Can I just randomly jump in with some little tidbit about the RHWOC? My aunt and my cousin both are living in Coto de Caza. I was teasing my aunt about turning into a real housewife of Orange county now that she was living there. She doesn’t watch the shows so she really didn’t know what I was talking about. Now, she has been living down there for about a year and told me over Thanksgiving that she does know a housewife. Jeana is her realtor. LOL! She said that Jeana is much prettier in person, very nice, has a boyfriend but still lives in that big house with Matt. She said she *thinks* that it is too expensive for them to divorce legally yet. I don’t know about that…but also she told me that my cousin and her husband’s home in Coto was a former housewife’s home. She didn’t know which one but it could only be: Tammy’s rental, Vikki’s 2nd home or Slade’s shiny McMansion. LOL! Wow, what a small world. Thank you for letting me share this with you. I told my hubby but he could care less!! hehehe…

    • JustDee says:

      Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
      I always liked Jeana, glad to hear she’s doing well.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I care. I’m glad to hear Jeanna’s got a boyfriend and love in her life again. I’m not surprised to hear that she and her husband are still NOT officially divorced. I hope they can afford to get divorced soon (although I think Jeanna will take care of Matt, in some capacity, for the rest of his life).

  24. Cityside says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to our Carly
    Happy Birthday to you…..any many more….la la la la la

    Thanks for being a wonderful friend to Lynn.

  25. Pghemtchick says:

    Hi all. Prolly post more a lil later (hopefully) just popped into say hi I miss you guys! The news just reminded me of Ms Diva as there is full moon tonight called “the frost moon” and also known as THE FULL BEAVER MOON!!! I’m giggling my tush off. Hope everyone’s doing great!

  26. BB says:

    Uh Oh. I am achy all over and have the chills. And I got a flu shot! Argggggggh!

    • T-Rex says:

      BB the Flu I have been fighting with and the office staff have been so graciously sharing hit everyone including those that got the flu shot, we are now affectionately referring to it as “The Plague” we have had at least 2 to 3 folks out at any given time in the last two weeks. This stuff called EmergenC(I prefer the pink lemonade) certainly helps a lot I have been taking this and echinacea since now they say echinacea still works after you are already sick.

    • sparklemuffy says:

      oh no BB. We have the flu. My son got a flu test yesterday and it is type A ( apparently the bad one) I called my Dr. and got Tamiflu–sparkle grandad will have to take that as he didn’t get a flu shot yet ( I did, so it’s not supposed to be as bad) The Tamiflu was over a hundred $, but it’s supposed to stop it in it’s tracks–( Nancy could explain this better) My son has been VERY ill, drowning in congestion and albuterol treatments from the asthmatic symptoms. The reason I am going on about this is—if you didn’t get a flu shot— Run— it’s terrible so far— mine started with a headache and feeling as if you inhaled hairspray. If you have symptoms call and get that Tamiflu-its good if u start within 48 hrs 🙂 fell better bb

      • T-Rex says:

        Sparkle so sorry to hear about your family. I came down with the Flu on Friday and had the flu shot so it’s been bad, but manageable, in past years I have had to get Tamiflu when I came down with the “Office Plague” and it works better, but the EmergenC is working great this year

        • sparklemuffy says:

          Hadn’t heard of the emergenC– got one more son here who will probably catch before it’s over– thanks for the info– are you better or does it seem like a 30 day hanger-oner? Feel better—we’re going to miss all the holiday shenanigans!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        (((sparklemuffy))) &(((sparklemuffy’s son)))

        Get well soon!

        • sparklemuffy says:

          thanks Detox–you are so fun –glad you are back- Lex larue—cousin!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Detox is fun…so glad to have her back!!!!

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Thank You, JIVE TURKEY! 😉 You’re pretty fun yourself. You were on a roll last night and had me CACKLING!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Thanks, sparkle. I’m very happy to be back. I felt a little bit like Job for a while: unexpectedly having to help take care of my BSC aunt (I love her, but it’s TRUE); having my 2nd EFFING transmission go out on my car; AND having my laptop go into a coma — all at the SAME time.

            Then I told myself to SNAP OUT OF IT and stop being so damned dramatic.

            JOB had it a LOT worse than I did (and so do MANY other people).

            So, I’m back to laughing and having fun (and playing with you COOL KIDS when I can get my Mom’s mini-Notebook out of her arthritic hands!!).

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Get well soon, BB!

  27. Birdwoman says:

    There is def. a underline hostile vibe between Adrienne and Brandi. I wonder what happened off season?
    Boy, when Taylor drinks the green eyed monster really comes out in relation to Brandi! Wow! 🙂
    So far, I do like Yolanda. I find her very interesting…I really hope that she doesn’t turn out to be that crazy!

    • Ella Minnow Pea says:

      I don’t know… So far I’m not as in love with YoYo as everyone else seems to be. I like her and so far she’s refreshing but I just haven’t warmed up to her yet.

      Plus, I think the hero worship she has for her hubby *David Foster* (trying to say it as breathlessly as she does) is a little skeevy. I mean, if I were hosting a dinner party for some new friends and my husband told them to sit down, shut up and listen, he would get a look of death from me. Instead, she thinks her friends were rude not to worship *David Foster* properly. Would it have killed *David Foster* to have said, “Yes, let’s all sing this song together and then my friends and I would like to perform these songs for you,”? I say he’s an a$$hole.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I wonder if David Foster hadn’t been on camera and if the people at the dinner party had been his real friends…would he have displayed more gentlemanly manners? It seemed as though he was doing a mini “production” for the benefit of the viewer. I HOPE that if it was a real (not produced) evening with friends, he would have been kind and friendly instead of acting like an annoyed director. Gee, I hope so.

  28. T-Rex says:

    Okay after finally watching this week’s show, it’s official TheHoofMaloof is getting the serious “bitch edit” this season and is probably well deserved. Don’t mess with producers at Bravo they always have that “extra” footage to get you! ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterLypsMcgee, well she got the assistant bitch edit, because her drunk ass didn’t have any truly redeemable footage what we are seeing I have heard is what we see all season, until they brought in the handlers to take the alcohol out of her hands at every event so she would be coherent. Bravo tried to give Lisa the Bitch Edit that was an EPIC.FAIL, they brought in Brandi thinking her brashness would offend Lisa, but Au Contrare they really like each other. Then TheHoofMaloof decided to plant stories in the press, accuse Lisa of planting stories, the divorce and the threatening other members of the cast with C&D Letters, threatening to quit, then refusing the obligatory HW Trip, yep WTG HoofMaloof you acquired your Bitch edit through your hard work and desperation~

  29. klmh says:

    HAPPY FULL BEAVER MOON to Design Diva and ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Did you guys hear that Joe Francis is saying that the reason Yolanda (Hadid Foster) left/divorced Mohammed is that he was having an affair with JOANNA KRUPA, and Yolanda “caught them in the act.”!!???

    Joe Francis also said that Mohammed eventually tired of Joanna and asked Joe Francis to take Joanna off his hands. So, Joe did and dated her for 6 months. He says he dated her sister, Marta, for a year or a year and a half!!

    I’ve been so out of the loop that you guys have probably ALREADY heard this but….speaking as someone who JUST read this……


    When questioned about this, Yolanda ALLEGEDLY said she had “No Comment” (If Yolanda DID say this, that leads me to believe Joe Francis — although he is a slimebag — is telling the TRUTH).

    Like my Granny used to say, “WHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT!!!! Mais, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and DAT li’l DONKEY!!!” (She would say the Sign of the Cross when she said that).

    • djprincessc says:

      Hi Detox!!!! I read that too!! I really like Yolanda! Last nights episode was kinda boring to me, until the end when Brandi to Adrienne to shut the F*ck up. The look on Adriennes face was PRICELESS. Definitely something I’d tell someone lol.

      Anyways, you ever have one of those days where everything bugs you?? Yup today is that day for me. One of the realtors at my office looked at me when I was leaving and said “wow, you do leave early, most of us are here for 3 or 4 hours.” And I had been there for 4 hours and decided to leave bc I was SO hungry and was bloated and having cramps. So I look at him and said “I’ve been here, you weren’t here when I came in.” Then he says “wow time flew today then.” I love this guy to death but I was just not in the mood and wanted to say “I”m f*cking bloated and having cramps, is that ok with you that I leave?!?!?” But I didnt because I like him, earlier in the day I was talking with a couple other women who work in my office as well and they just wouldnt let me get a word in the conversation and I was dying I wanted to slap them!! And these are women I love as well. lol.

      So yup today is one of those days where I hate everyone I guess. At least I get to watch the Laker game in 30 min.

      Oh and I’m tired of being on a diet, I really just want to stuff my face with Greek Food and Chocolate Cake. I’ve lost 13 pounds but I’m over it today. lol.

      So this was my venting…THANKS!!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        13 pounds!!! Thats awesome-you should do something special…go slap someone!!!!
        Seriously though I know the mood well as I am having a bit of a PMS day myself-thank God this day is over and I can just sit and watch TV now!!!

        • djprincessc says:

          Thanks Jill!! Yes 13 I know it sounds like a lot, but I still have like 20 to go, when I lose 5 more I wont be as strict though. This was the first time since I was a teenager that I have NOT dieted and I gained 15 pounds, I ate whenever and whatever I wanted no matter what so I now I have to deal with the consequences!! lol.

          Man you’re telling me about the PMS, this might be too much TMI so sorry in advance but I was on birth control for about a year and a half just for that, my horrible PMS. I got off it last month bc I was tired of all the annoying side effects so this is the first month of me being off of it and I’m just a TAD grumpy. lol. I’ll be ok though, geez the things women have to go through really sucks sometimes.

          Enjoy the rest of your night, I know I am!! 🙂

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        You’re VERY welcome, DJ! I TOTALLY get it.

        And venting is HEALTHY!

        The look on Adrienne’s face was, indeed, PRICELESS. I’m with you on that one.

        I’m sorry you had, in the words of the singer Pink (I LOVE her), such “a SH*T day”!! And I hope it gets better, SweetCakes! 😉

        And CONGRATULATIONS on losing 13 pounds! Go, DJ! It’s YA birthday! You should be very proud of yourself and pat yourself on the back (Go ahead! Do it RIGHT now! There! That should make you feel at least a LITTLE better). And a SLIVER of chocolate cake wouldn’t hurt that much. You sound like you could use at least a LITTLE chocolate.

        I FEEL YA, DJ. You have NO idea how MANY times I have MENTALLY ENVISIONED myself actually punching, slapping or choking someone (usually a co-worker, family member, and yes, sometimes even a CLOSE friend).

        I NEVER do it, though.

        But people would be horrified by some of the thoughts that ran through my mind if there were thought bubbles above my head — like in the comics — that told people EXACTLY what I was envisioning or thinking.

        I just hope I never wind up on an episode of “SNAPPED” or that new show, “Wives With Knives”. Seeing as how I’m not dating anyone or not married at the present time…..I don’t really have to worry about that right now. 😀

        Speaking of “Wives with Knives,” I LOVE the I.D. channel, but what is UP with all of these “Fatal Vows,” “Deadly Affairs,” “Happily Never After” and NOW….”Wives With Knives”??!! I mean, SH*T!! I ALREADY have commitment issues. That mess is NOT helping (and I don’t have the willpower NOT to watch that crap and scare myself to death — like I do every Wednesday night when I watch “American Horror Story” in total darkness by myself or watch those true life ghost stories doing the same thing to myself!!).

        • djprincessc says:

          Thanks Detox! I actually do feel a lot better so thank you. You crack me up, are we related or were we friends in a past life because I swear the same thing and I LOVE the I.D. channel, if people knew the thoughts I had I’d probably be institutionalized or something. lol.

          Its funny you mention I.D. because I actually HAD to stop watching that channel as much because it was making me EXTREMELY paranoid that I was going to snap and do one of those crazy things they show…no joke! I’ve never even been in a physical fight in my life!! lol. I would watch I.D. ALL damn day (my dad got me totally hooked) and at first I was fine but then after a while I was like “OMG that person snapped what if I did that?” “Omg what if I lose it, I’ve never hurt anyone, but what if I’m like them?” Geez Louise! That channel is a gift and a nightmare, sometimes knowing too much is just that….KNOWING TOO MUCH.

          I won’t watch any of the super intense ones anymore like Deadly Women or anything having to do with killing their kids or parents, stuff like that or that show they just aired its new, called My Little Terror. Hell NO!!!! lol. I love watching Disappeared, The Will, My Date From Hell, I Married A Mobster (I think thats what its called) I do watch Dateline and 48 hours though depending what they’re about.

          And you are crazy lady for watching those ghost shows!! No thank you!! I dont need any bad energy!! And I’m a HUGE chicken so ya, I’d cry. hahahhaha….

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            We may indeed be related. I mean, I found out this weekend about being related to some fool who used to ride around on a horse and crack a bullwhip. And I do have many family members that moved to California.

            So, who knows, DJ? We might be cousins.

            If NOT, we definitely knew each other in a past life. 😉

    • Pghemtchick says:

      I believe there was an affair. If you go back to last nights episode Yolo made a comment similar to “she’s been there” in regards to a cheating ex. I can’t remember if it was during the limo scene or table. I wish I didn’t delete it already. I’m gonna go look for it lol.

  31. VV says:

    Holy Crap! Dr Sophony is on Flipping Out!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I KNOW! I was like, “What the hell is he doing on my t.v. again? Does BRAVO have him on retainer and standby for all of their crazy employees? We see how MUCH he helped TAYLOR!! NOT!! I wouldn’t allow THAT man to give therapy to my WORST enemy!”

  32. princesspindy says:


  33. Noelle says:

    This was the wrong evening for me to watch Flipping Out. 😦

  34. Pghemtchick says:

    It’s juvenile and it just made me laugh so I figured I’d share:

    Rhobh redubbed.

  35. I’m laughing at the preview of Taylor having a hissy fit about Brandi’s book. Taylor protested that she HAD to write her book in a “hot minute” because Russell left her in debt, and there was a lawsuit, yadda yadda…

    Funny, last season, at the reunion, Taylor said she wrote the book in a “hot minute” to save lives. So many women were dying from domestic violence because they didn’t have her book, and she had to hurry and get it on the bookstore shelves to prevent more lives from being lost.

    She’s not even good at lying. Why is this woman even on television? Because she grifted too hard to give up the zip code now?

    Can’t somebody on the production crew just wet her lips and stick her to a wall in a closet somewhere?

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      “wet her lips and stick her to a wall in a closet somewhere”.


      I will think I stopped laughing at this phrase.

      And then I start laughing again.

      That is HIGH-frickin’-LARIOUS!!

    • T-Rex says:

      Yep ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterlypsMcgee came out of her seat and was motioned back down and went into her fake story about how it’s about the women that were dying everyday from domestic violence(cough cough,) She is a piece of trash, and she is so drunk all the time now that she can’t keep her lies straight any more. Thankfully we have the tapes and shows to prove her lies

    • TexasTart says:

      …wet her lips and stick her inside a wall in the closet…

  36. “Can’t somebody on the production crew just wet her lips and stick her to a wall in a closet somewhere?”

    ROFLMAO!!!!! Epically funny visual! Thanks for the chuckle!

  37. not THAT Jill says:

    Ok people I need to vent and chill myself out…stick with me and please offer any and all advice you have.
    Yesterday morning I got a call from Maggie’s Asst. Principal. Maggie is being aggressive with a boy in her class.(First grade) They ride the bus together and she apparently likes to “help” him. When they get to school and take off their hats and coats, Maggie helps Peter with his “bulky” jacket and his hat. Peter doesnt want Maggie to help him and he told his Mom. Mom called AP to tell her that and a few other things. Maggie she said, picked Peter up and dropped him on his head.(OMG) Maggie also sang the
    K-I-S-S-I-N-G so song to Peter on the bus and Mom feels that Maggie is a…BULLY!!! I almost died-my little girl at school bullying someone? I needed to speak to Maggie as soon as she got home. How dare she bully this boy or anyone else. We had a talk as soon as she got home. Why are you being mean to Peter I asked her? She said Im not mean-“I help him out of his coat b/c he wears so much heavy clothes to school and he looks like he cant breathe”(side note-Maggie does like to be buttoned up or wear a bulky coat-she thinks SHE cant breathe) . I told her to not help Peter anymore and she said “I know the Principal told me that yesterday”.
    So I asked what else has been going on with her and Peter. This is where things get twisted. She said “Remember I told you he punched me that day?”. Of course I remember but I forgot the boys name. Maggie told me she spoke with her teacher about Peter punching her and all was fine. Maggie was not hurt she was just surprised that a boy would hit her. I didnt call the school b/c I realize that these kids are in first grade and are still learning their boundaries, I didn’t make a big deal about it b/c I know what kids are like-fighting one day-BFF’s the next.
    When the AP called me yesterday and said the word BULLY I could have cried. Why would another Mother think my girl was a bully. I had to get to the bottom of this. I called the AP this morning and asked when she first spoke to Maggie about staying away from Peter. She said she spoke to Maggie on Monday and Peters Mom called Tuesday morning to say Maggie took off Peters hat-for the third time. Well the “Magic” number is 3. If a child does something 3 times it is called “TARGETING” and then they can be classified as a bully. Peter’s mother is very angry about this and was trying to have the AP put in writing that Maggie is in fact a bully. Peter’s mother has no idea her son punched my daughter. My daughter is a bully-but her son is? HER SON. I understand she is protecting him. They are first graders-learning and growing each day. Labeling my daughter a bully in her mind may make her feel good but man does it make me feel shitty!!!!! I told the AP about the punch this morning-I felt stupid-it was like “Oh yeah well wait till you hear what Peter did”…She said that Maggie told her yesterday but she wasnt sure if it was the truth-I told to to speak to Maggie’s teacher about it…..she will call me later.
    This is not what first grade is supposed to be like…right???
    Thanks for letting me get that out.

    • Morning Jill. I just stopped in for a hot minute and saw your post. I feel so for you! It IS first grade and this going on must be so very hard to deal with. It isn’t like when we went to school anymore is it? Just one suggestion… that “stories” don’t fly between you, the other mom, the AP, and the 2 children….why not suggest a sit down with all of you so the kids can talk it out. if given a chance, kids can work out their issues. Sometimes, when the adults try to work them out, other emotions (of course) get in the way. Let the kids talk, but with supervision.

      It doesn’t sound to me like your Maggie is a bully. it sounds like she has a good heart and likes this boy and was trying to help….but in today’s world, it takes on a different picture depending on where the parents are at in life. And the word bully gets thrown around alot.

      I am so sorry you and Maggie are going through this!! Sending you Hugs and good energy today!

      Also, it just so happens my Humor Post today is about parenting! (Go figure!) Visit my blog for a chuckle this morning and release some of that energy so you can be calm, cool and collected when you speak to people later! Good Luck sweetie!

    • AZGirl says:

      For heaven’s sake this is crazy. This is the first grade. Kids need to work things out themselves. Maggie was simply helping the boy off with his coat because she assumed he was uncomfortable. It is called “kindness”. That mother should have contacted you not the AP. It is like the game “telephone”. When more than one person is relaying information it gets all messed up. I would try and contact the boy’s mother and explain why Maggie was helping him and tell her that her son did in fact hit your daughter. Let her know that you spoke with Maggie and told her not to help him anymore.

    • melthehound says:

      R U Serious? It’s as plain as the nose on my face. Maggie Likes Peter and he probably likes her too. Peter’s mommy better let that kid grow some balls or he is going to get beat up, a lot. I think his mother should have her mouth washed out with soap for even uttering that word – bully, in a situation like this. People are WAAAY too damn uptight these days, about Nothing.

      • Yeah…MTH….I was going to say it sounds like the other mother is over protective with the boy and doesn’t teach him to work his own stuff out. Not good for the boy.

        Jill… more suggestion before I rush out….in order to keep your energy in a positive and centered space so you don’t get too emotional….think of this as a great opportunity to teach Maggie about resolving conflict. She will remember this as she grows and it will do her a lot of good. Hugs!

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