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Real Housewives of Miami  Taping Reunion Show in New York and Other News by NoMoreDrama

I’ve been wondering why so many of the Real Housewives of Miami ladies are in NY right now.  Looks like they are there to tape the reunion show according to an insider.  What a relief that it won’t be a live show like the reunion for Season One!  It will be a long day for Lea Black, who is scheduled to join Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in the evening.


Poor Kelsey Grammer (insert sarcasm).  His show got cancelled and now he’s short on cash.  He recently purchased a home, in Beverly Hills, but thinks he can save money by renting it out for $30,000 a month and moving into a nearby home he once shared with Camille.  The carrying costs on the Beverly Hills home they are trying to sell (costs he splits with Camille) are over $48,000 a month, and he’s paying $15,000 a month for Camille’s Malibu home.  Camille is trying to stop Kelsey from moving into the empty Beverly Hills home so that it will be easier to sell.  All of this discovered by TMZ in court documents.   Camille Grammer also revealed that she receives $41,000 in spousal and child support – although it’s not clear to me whether or not the $15k Kelsey pays for the Malibu home is included in that.  These are seriously big numbers, and I have to wonder where all of Kelsey’s money has gone if he’s short on cash now.  No – I take that back.  I can see how he may have gotten into trouble financially with all those homes.  What do you think about Camille’s spousal and child support?  Seems reasonable to me.  I’d take him for all I could get.

As if the battle with Camille over the house isn’t enough for Kelsey Grammer, he and new wife Kayte could be in trouble for driving without strapping their four month old baby into a car seat.  They were videotaped driving away from the LA Airport with the baby sitting on Kayte’s lap.  Their rep is saying that the baby was safely strapped in before they left the airport – and that the video footage was deceiving.  They only went a few feet with the child in Kayte’s lap.  Even if I believe that, I feel that the car shouldn’t have moved until the child was strapped in.  Strike two for this couple on parenting.  Strike one being taking the baby to the Playboy Mansion for a halloween party with loud music blaring.  You can see the article here.


The ladies from the Real Housewives of Atlanta are talking.  Kenya Moore dished to S2S Magazine about her co-stars, and it looks as though she’s made up with Cynthia Bailey, saying she has a lot in common with Cynthia and thinks she’s a good businesswoman.  Other thoughts on her co-stars:  Nene funny, Kandi sexy, Kim white chocolate with a fiery personality, Phaedra comes across as a con artist, and Porsha is forgettable.

Kenya also gave an interview with theGrio where she shared that she’s written a movie and would like to star in it alongside NeNe Leakes.  Other projects she’d like to take on – a reality show like Top Model.  Maybe Cynthia could be a judge on that one for her.

Kenya will be on Wendy Williams today – along with a couple from Dancing with the Stars – most likely Melissa and Tony.

Cynthia Bailey shared her thoughts on the show and cast with  “I feel like ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ is special because the group… all of our stories are interesting and we all have very different stories.”   “I think we bring the drama, but we don’t bring physical fighting. And I think people like that we bring the business side. All of my castmates, we all have businesses going. And for ‘Atlanta,’ we have the largest group of African American women on the show, and I think that sets us apart as well.”  Hold on – they don’t bring physical fighting?  Has she seen the previews, and what about that wig pull?

Kim Zolciak is in the news again.  This time for not paying the party planner for her lavish wedding.  Remember Colin Cowlie – the party planner that Kim’s mom gushed over?  It seems like Kim thought Bravo would pick up the bill for his services for the $1 million wedding.  According to RadarOnline’s unnamed sources, Kim had a falling out with Cowlie shortly after the wedding.  Kim should have made Bravo sign the contract with Cowlie.  She knows better than to assume without a contract.  Or she should know better.


Top Chef Seattle by Keida

The episode begins where it left off with John calling out Kuniko for not tasting her food in the course of 5 hours. CJ tries to shut him up, but John says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Josh, from Oklahoma, also tries to get him to shut up saying there’s a reason why he has the reputation as the most hated chef in Dallas.  Methinks someone likes that reputation and seeks out ways to keep it.  The next morning at the apartment, people are walking on eggshells around John, except for one.  One weirdo who loves, nay thrives on conflict, Stefan.  He loves that John pushes buttons.

Naomi Pomeroy a former Top Chef Master from Seattle is going to be the guest judge of the Quickfire, which is butchering meat from a side of beef.  There are two primal cuts of meat and the chefs have one hour to cut meat from this side and only two chefs can cut at the same time.  While CJ and another unhook their side of meat, many chefs start cutting from it.  Carla and Josie try to unhook the other side, but they are too weak and too short.  No one is helping them.  Finally, they get it down.  CJ is a little arrogant saying he’s not worrying about anyone.  Tyler is flustered having been in the bottom the night before.  Lizzie is using a pressure cooker to cook her meat, but she tells another that she doesn’t like using them.  Then WHY ARE YOU USING IT?  These chefs always make these mistakes.

Both John and Micah have oxtail.  Neither like the way it came out, but they’re making it work.  Eliza had grilled flank steak with cherry cognac reduction and potato cake, John has braised oxtail with potato gnocchi and roasted vegetables and potatoes. Unfortunately, it looks good.  Josh had beef meatballs with creamy polenta and pickled shallots.  Sheldon had kolbi round steak with tomato cardamom and salad.  Brooke has grilled hangar steak and something else.  Tyler made a beef crudo and salad.  Kristen had top sirloin and tartar sabayon and salad.  Micah had oxtail polenta, and it looks raw.  Carla has sirloin medallion.  Stefan made ravioli.  CJ has top round tartar and kohlrabi.  Chrissy has grilled hanger steak; Lizzie has braised foreshank with turnips and dill.  That looks good.  Less successful chefs were Lizzy, Eliza, Tyler.  He’s criticizes himself.  On top is CJ, John, and Josh, two of which have enormous heads.  John is the winner, and everyone claps.  I can see in their heads they say, “What a Richard.” He wins immunity.

The Elimination challenge is to revive the original 1950 menu of Canlis, a Seattle-based restaurant.  Tomorrow two chefs will be eliminated.  Stefan is holding the menu and everyone is screaming out what they want to cook. Kristen gets mushrooms and fried onions, two side dishes.  She won’t win with that.  Stefan yells at Carla that she has to cook the squab.  She’s nervous about that because she’s never done that before.  Well, speak up!  She actually says that she doesn’t like people telling others what to cook.  Well, do something about it!  Where’s my hard core chick that yells at Stefan and CJ saying, “Don’t call me honey!”  These female chefs need to get a backbone and fight for what they want cause these guys are gonna steamroll right over them.  John must be nervous because he tells whoever will listen that he’s done this before and he’s done that before and his father was a foodie, so he’s used to this.  Whatever.

Chrissy takes the Canlis special salad, an item that is still on the menu.  Josh has to make the onion soup.  He claims that he’s never made onion soup, and that he grew up on calf fries.  You know, I’m from Oklahoma too.  I’ve never ate calf fries.  Puh-lease.  Carla wants to grill her squab, but only two chefs, Sheldon and Bart, can fit in the grilling room.  What?  She won’t be able to cook her own food.  That doesn’t seem right.  John is asking for tape, and no one is listening.  Since John has immunity he’s expediting.  In the kitchen, Josh tells a few chefs, “Get out of the way.”  These girls need to do this as well.  If you’re going to be in the kitchen, balls to the wall, ladies!  (Sorry).

Judges for this competition are Padma, Tom, Emeril, Hugh, Naomi and the two Canlis brothers.  Everyone is dressed 1950s, nice.  Lizzie comes out and tells the judges, Tyler did the crab cocktail, she did the marinated herring, Josh made the French onion soup, steam clam bordelaise by John, Chrissy made the Canlis special salad, and seafood salad a la Louis by Brook.  Tyler’s cocktail is great!  Alright Tyler.  Josh’s soup is a bit too salty. Brooke’s salad is good, but Naomi nitpicks it.  Chrissy’s salad has too much dressing.  No one likes it.  Everyone loves the herring.  Everyone loves John’s dish.  Boo.

Back in the kitchen, Carla picks a fight with Stefan, telling him to stop with the bullsh*t that the kitchen is his. Alright girl, that’s my feisty chica.  Uh oh.  Many people are returning the squab.  I hate that she’s having to leave her dish in others’ hands.  She needs to cook her own dish!  The next course goes out and Sheldon has Hawaiian mahi mahi, big surprise, Carla has whole milk fed squab, Micah has mixed vegetables, Stefan has the liver, and Kristen the French fried onions and mushroom sides, Bart had the double cut New York steak, Josie ahs the gargantuan Idaho potatoes, man they are HUGE, and CJ made a shish kabob.  Mahi mahi is good.  Micah’s carrots are underdone and the turnips are overdone.  Padma likes the sauce for the squab, but Hugh says it’s too huge and no one else likes it.  Uh oh.  Stefan’s liver is simple and great.  CJs shish kabob was under-seasoned. Bart’s steak was okay for Emeril not for Naomi.  Josie’s potato was good but not crispy.  Kristen’s two sides were great.

The dessert course is made by Danyelle makes vanilla ice cream and Hawaian supreme and Eliza made mint sherbet and frozen Hawaiian pineapple parfait.  The sherbet is melting, but the Canlis brothers like it.  Everyone loves the desserts.

They judge right at the table and they call out Chrissy’s overdressed salad, Carla’s squab, CJ’s shish kabob, and Josh’s over salty onion soup.  Back in the kitchen, the chefs are unwinding with a drink.  Padma comes in and calls Stefan, Lizzie, Kristen, and Tyler.  These are the top chefs.  Stefan’s liver was simple and good.  Tyler’s crab was delicious.  Lizzie’s herring had a ton of flavor.  The winner is Kristen.  Wow!  She won with a side dish of fried onions and mushrooms.  She wanted to do it exactly right.  And that won it for her.  The bottom chefs are Chrissy, Carla, Josh, and CJ.  CJ sous-vide his meat.  Why?  That wasn’t a technique from the 50s.  Big mistake.   Josh’s soup was cold, so he calls out John and his expediting.  Carla didn’t check her squab and let it go out however it was cooked.  I don’t have a good feeling.  Chrissy’s salad was way overdressed and the judges never tasted the lemon juice.

Each chef gives a final argument.  CJ says it was a mistake, and he’s going to fix it.  Josh says that he shouldn’t go home for an expediting mistake.  He’s a bit arrogant saying this.  Chrissy mousily says the same as CJ, and Carla doesn’t even fight.  What is up?  It’s like her fire is gone.  The two chefs going home are Chrissy and Carla.  Both take the news hard.  I feel so bad for Carla.  She says this is a game, and she’s not good at games.  Female chefs, especially on this show, must realize that they must fight for what they want.  That’s what the guys do.  Look at Jenn Carroll.  She’s got a reputation of making men cry, and she’s the best.  Goodbye girls.


Life After Top Chef by Keida

Spike’s new Good Stuff restaurant in Crystal City opens the next day, and he’s just returned from Philly and Jenn’s pop-up restaurant.  He’s checking everything out, and already, he sees something he doesn’t like.  The bun rack is not between the flat tops.  He wants it moved, but his mom takes offense.  They’ve worked hard trying to get the place ready, and here comes Spike at the last second wanting to change things.  Spike’s dad tells his wife Cathy not to get upset.  She says, “Do I look upset?”  Yes.

Blais takes his daughter out to a restaurant for a little father-daughter time.  The first thing Riley does is take the cars out of her little purse and play with them.  Their food arrives, and Riley asks what it is.  Blais asks her what she thinks it is. “Squid,” she says.  Yep, they’re eating squid.  Actually, this is the first time that she ever tries squid.  The whole thing reminds me of Spike and his parents.  Blais even says that he hopes she’ll become a chef one day.  Riley would rather be a fairy.  Me too.

At Fabio’s, he Skypes both Spike and Jenn and they discuss an event coming up with Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States, in Dallas supporting her healthy eating initiative Let’s Move.Org.   It attempts to get chefs and healthy food into schools.  It will be a mini-challenge event.  The teams will be Fabio and Richard, Spike and Jenn, and Top Chef: Texas winner and competitor Paul Qui and Grayson.  I love Grayson and her big mouth.  Fabio says he’ll need a bottle of Xanax for Richard and ear muffs for himself.  Haha.  The next day, Fabio goes to his life coach’s Dean’s house. They start out trying to get Fabio in touch with his emotions.  The whole thing seems weird and awkward until it comes out that when Fabio was 22, he went on vacation.  3 days into his vacation his best friend died of a heart attack.  That was the last vacation he’s been on.  Now everything makes sense.  The constant workaholic behavior, using two phones at the beginning of this session, eating alone in the In & Out Burger parking lot.  Someone close to him will die if he takes a vacation.  He then spends the rest of the day at Dean’s while they grill.  It’s a sweet moment where he plays with Dean’s little toddler daughter.  He should have children.  What’s funny is he says, “Money comes and goes.  Fame comes and goes.  Family stays together.”  He knows.  You hear that Jersey?

It’s merely hours to their opening party and last minute things are still being done at Spike’s restaurant.  Spike’s mom tries to have a touching moment saying how proud she is of her two children, while Spike and Michelline merely laugh and talk their way through her speech and their dad tries to also get a word in.  Everyone’s talking over everyone, and no one is listening.  I love it.    It seems that some random person came into the restaurant off the street to ask for Spike’s autograph and his mom is introduced.  She then says that she’s not Spike’s mom, he’s her son.  Alright Cathy.  Miss Cathy.  Spike then teases her about being jealous of his fame.  Haha.  Spike, poke that sore spot.  The new t-shirts for the restaurant are done and Spike’s dad whips his shirt off in front of everyone to put it on.  Whoa.  I didn’t need to see that.  But what’s a little flash between friends.  Spike goes through some questioning of the servers.  None of them know how an Obama burger is made.  They’ve had training and books, and none know how to make it.  They fail two more questions.  Real comforting staff.  Instead of cutting the ribbon, Spike hands the ceremonial scissors to his partner who then cuts the ribbon with the help of Cathy and her husband.  He says it’s been a family effort.  The place is packed inside and out.  Way to go Spike.

Everyone is excited to meet Michelle Obama.  I would be too.  She’s the First Lady.  Hello?  Jazmin wants Blais to get her to sign his one-year-old’s birthday card.  That would be nice.  When they get there, all of them head out to eat.  But Fabio’s late.  When he arrives, they bust his chops a bit about his new pizza commercial.  Spike then starts Richard going by talking about the “competition” tomorrow.  Fabio freaks out because he knows that Richard will start to FREAK out, which will cause him to harass Fabio about what they are going to do.  Spike.  He loves it!

The next day, the teams are ready and each have a color, Fabio and Blais are blue, Jenn and Spike are white, and Paul and Grayson are red.  They have a little help from some Dallas Cowboys football players and some students.  I wonder at what private school they are doing this intiative.  Anyways, Blais is starting to freak out a bit.  It’s a competition, he doesn’t want to perform poorly.  Blais, calm down.  It’s for fun.  Paul and Grayson make some kind of tostada looking thing (sorryI missed it), Spike and Jenn make pork chops with apple sauce and carrot puree?, and I missed what Blais and Fabio cooked.  Actually, it looked like Blais and the two kids cooked, and Fabio took care of the crowd.  It was so funny; those two kids were his sous chefs that day.   He made them cook.  I love it.  Tom Colicchio and the assistant chef at the White House will be emcee for the event (forgot his name).  Well, Mrs. Obama comes and out and talks with the crowd.  When she’s tasting everyone’s meals, she mentions that she’s tried Spike’s food before so he has to maintain that level of excellence.  She loves Blais’ avocado mousse.  Doesn’t sound good.  She didn’t think so either, but she loved it. Right in the middle of this, Blais asks her to sign Avery’s birthday card.  Wow!  He did it.  She announces the winner and it’s Team Red, White and Blue.  Everyone wins!  Yay!

The epilogue shows that The Spence has been booked solid since opening, and Richard has been going non-stop ever since.  Fabio’s opening his third restaurant in Chicago and swears that he’s going to take a vacation afterwards.  Yeah right.  Jenn has her investors and Concrete Blonde will be opening in 2013 in NYC.  Not Philly.  Wow.  She hopes her mom will walk through the doors on opening night.  Spike’s Good Stuff restaurants are filled and the lines have never stopped.  Neither has he with the television shows and flying to different places.

This has been a good show.  I love how the Top Chef family stays together and help each other.  I also love that Spike is such a good guy.  I don’t know many people who would share their investors.  I love that it is a family, and each one know that.  For me, this is one show that Bravo should be proud of.


Survivor Philippines Nov 28, 2012 Hell Hath Frozen Over by MelTheHound

Welcome back… Here’s where we stand kids.

Dangrayne Tribe (Merged)

  •     Carter Williams, 24, Shawnee, Kansas, coach
  •     Jonathan Penner – Third time through- Evac’d last time with an infection.
  •     Denise Stapley, 41, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, therapist
  •     Abi-Maria Gomes, 32, Los Angeles, student
  •     Malcolm Freberg, 25, Hermosa Beach, California, bartender
  •     Lisa Whelchel, 49, Dallas, former star TV’s “The Facts of Life”
  •     Michael Skupin – Returning player who passed out and burned the skin off of his palms after falling into a fire.

Welcome back castaways. Last week, after a verbal beat down of Abi at Tribal, they sent Pete packing. I guess I’m surprised by that because it sure looked like, throughout the show, that Abi might be the one going home. Abi however, after the verbal lashing (well deserved) she took, played the idol and in another split vote (Abi vs Pete), any votes for her, didn’t count. That leaves Malcolm with the only hidden idol in the game. Penner had also already played his and like Abi, it did save him from being eliminated. I went easy on Abi last week because I felt a little sorry for her but this week, all bets are off. I’m thinking in order to stay, she better win immunity. In a way, it makes sense to keep her there for final 3 because, they all believe they can beat her in the vote count. So, Let’s see what happens, Shall we?

The show opens the day after tribal council with Abi talking to Skupin. She is telling him how beat up and hurt she feels. She has the nerve to say that she never realized they all felt that way about her. Penner and Denise are half listening in. Denise notes that Abi has learned nothing (because she has a piece a rock for a brain). In other words, Abi still believes she is a likeable person. I disagree, so do they. Malcolm is feeling sorry for Abi because, as he puts it, they laid her down on the road, and ran the bus over her. Well, now she knows how it feels to be in front of the bus, under the tires, instead of driving it. Maybe Malcolm will give up his idol to help her? Nah, I didn’t think so either. He says she is very self unaware (I disagree with that also) and it’s hard to not feel bad for her. Strike 3, Malcom. If he’s really buying those self pity sob story tears from Abi, he too deserves to go home just for being a sucker. I don’t trust anything that comes out of that woman’s mouth. Remember that he is part of a final 4 alliance with Denise, Lisa, and Skupin. The one Abi hates the most right now, I think is Denise.

Reward Challenge time. It’s the Food Auction. Last season, this auction did take place but there were other prizes offered. Does everyone remember Kim taking a shower in front of everyone? I do. Also offered, were letters from home. This one is (mostly) all about the food. TH Abi says she’s there to play, screw what everyone thinks of her, they’re going to have to kill her to get rid of her (paraphrasing of course). We get to the auction. Each player was given $500 US to bid with. They cannot share food or money. The auction could end at any time. Is it just me or does Probst look like a 12 year old kid in some of these scenes? The first item up, Pancakes, bacon, juice, etc. Denise opens with $200, Malcolm ups it to $320, Denise goes all in for a $500 breakfast that can be had at some diners for $1.99 (plus tax). Next up, what looks like cheese and wine. Skupin jumps right to $500. Malcolm asks if he’s going to drink the wine, Skupin says he’s not a drinker. Probst offers to take it off his hands, he says no. Next item, Ice Coffee and Donuts. Malcolm opens for $20, Penner ups it to $80, Malcolm wins 4 donuts and a glass of ice coffee for $200. Next item is a blind bid. Remains covered until the bidding is over. These are where the good prizes are. Anyone who watches these shows also knows that typically somewhere in these auctions, is an ‘advantage’ in the next challenge. That’s the real prize. Penner opens for $100. Probst notes that there have been no bids from Abi or Lisa. Abi, still having her pity party, says she’s going home next so she’s going to keep the money (remember Tarzan last season, the plastic surgeon, wanted shocks for his jeep and needed the money for them?). No one challenges Penner so he wins, fried chicken and french fries. So far, the least anyone pays for an item.

Next item, another blind bid. It’s a bidding war between Malcolm and Carter who wins it for $180. He wins a baked potato will all the fixings to load it up with other flavors. Personally, I’ve never cared for these sorts of things but it’s what he won. Probst tells him that he can trade it for rice and beans for the entire camp and it should be enough to get them through the rest of the game (unless Skupin gets hold of it and continues to try and cook the rice in his 98.6 degree stomach… Really?). He picks the rice and beans.  They all cheer him for his generosity. I’m thinking one of two things. Carter doesn’t like baked potatahs (As Probst calls them) or, he’s trying to win favor with the tribe both for council and possibly come vote time. My bet is on the latter. Next is yet another blind item. The bidding is between Lisa and Carter. She wins it for $320 (because he can’t outbid her at that point). It’s a plate of Hoagies or as we call them here, submarine sandwiches. I’ll be impressed if she finishes them. Easily, IMO, the best prize so far.

Next up, not a blind item but, it is the aforementioned advantage. Abi speaks right up and takes it for $500. When she gets back to camp, if she wants, she can read the scroll. This is what she was holding the money for. In my opinion, for whatever that’s worth to you, she once again turns into a bitch. Stating that since no one else has any ‘compassion’, she has to have it for herself. This, to me, is a bitch move FU to the other castaways for telling her how it is. Next item up, is another blind item. Bidding between Lisa and Carter, he wins for $200, $20 more than Lisa has. The prize, is Veal Shanks. For the entire tribe, and they have 60 seconds to eat them. That, ends the auction. This is day 28 by the way.

Back at camp. Everyone is feeling good. Satisfied after they’ve gorged themselves. All of them (but one) sharing in the happy experience they’ve just had. Then it happens. Penner asks Abi if she wants to talk. I think he wants to know what the ‘advantage’ is but she flies in on her broomstick from a different angle. She says he needs to do some talking and she needs to do some listening. Why whatever for? Penner inquires… She wants him to apologize. See the look on his face? That’s the look on my face too. This of course shuts the entire celebration down, just like that. Penner asks why he or anyone else should apologize. She says because she left the tribal council in tears and felt beat up. He, once again, tries to explain to her how she comes across to people (and always has and always will). I haven’t even watched the rest of this scene yet so let me put this out there. This bitch, Abi-Maria Gomes (in case she googles her name), will never get it. Continuing on… Penner asks her for her response. She says she has none, just wanted to hear what he had to say for himself. TH Lisa says she’s having a hard time not laughing at the swill that it coming out of Abi’s mouth. She quotes or paraphrases from the bible, ‘you don’t throw your pearls before swine’… She says that she’s not calling Abi a pig (I think she is) but it means if someone is not going to value your words, then don’t waste them on that person. TH Penner says that the more bitter she comes across, the better for him because it becomes a simple matter for them to get rid of her. They hug it out.. Yeah, I felt the love between the two of them (and threw up in my mouth a little bit). I’m not going to waste any more time on this crapfest of a conversation.

Abi heads off down the beach to read the piece of paper she bought. Malcolm guesses that it could be a clue to another hidden idol or an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Malcolm’s guess on the second scenario is the correct one. Abi’s note states that she can go directly to the third round in the next immunity challenge, guaranteeing her a 1 in 3 shot of winning it. Now she’s feeling a little more powerful in the game because she can tell the others, whatever she wants to tell them.

Day 29 and Abi is ambitious. She says that since they don’t like honest Abi, perhaps they’ll prefer lying Abi. She bakes this plan to make them believe that she has a 4th hidden idol. Meanwhile, the others decide that it’s time for her to jump on her broom and fly away. She’s looking also, to break alliances and get one on her side. She tells Malcolm that she has that 4th idol and wants him to be her Pete. TH Malcolm says that Abi is like the girlfriend who he’s broken up with but she won’t leave and there are no GF benefits with her.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. This is another one of these 3 round rope type challenges with a couple twists. This time, instead of navigating a plastic buoy through the obstacles, they must navigate themselves through it. At the beginning of each round, they are asked a question and if they get it wrong, then 5% of their body weight gets added to them to carry through the next round. That’s twist number one. Number two, is Abi’s note. TH Abi says she’s going to continue the hidden idol ruse. When she reads the note, she reads what it says. Remember, she’s told Malcolm she has a 4th hidden idol. She then tears up the note into little pieces, Probst lets her keep ‘secret’ what the second part of the note says and lets her take her spot at round 3.

Let’s get this party started. First question.. How many islands does the Philippines consist of.. 50, 500, or 5000?. The answer is 5000. Both Denise and Lisa got it wrong. The first obstacle is the balance beam thing with the rope wrapped around it. The players are moving through it on a leash of sorts with a ring they must slide along the rope. The first 5 to finish, move on to the next round so only one is SOL in this round. Both Carter and Penner are having problems while the others seem to be managing. Penner has himself all tangled up in the rope, Carter has managed to catch up to the others. Denise is flying through this. At this point, she seems to have the advantage because she is so small compared to the others. Denise wins the round. Carter makes a huge comeback to take second place. Next to finish are Skupin and Malcolm. Penner brings up the rear to leave Lisa finished with the whole thing. Now, I don’t want to be all mean and stuff but, Lisa is a bit larger than Denise. I’m betting that at most, Denise was strapped with an extra 5 pounds while Lisa was carrying more. Plus, I think Denise is stronger than Lisa. Neither here nor there though, Lisa is out of the game.

Second round.. I don’t know what the question was but Denise has had another 5% added, and Skupin and Carter are now carrying 5% of their weight. First two to finish, face Abi in round 3. Skupin and Malcom both get stuck, Penner and Carter are off to a bit of a lead. Denise is giving it her best shot. Penner squeaks out first to take one of the spots. Denise and Carter are neck and neck at the end but Carter pulls off the win. Denise, Malcom, and Skupin are all out of the challenge.

Round 3.. Do I need to bother? Instead of navigating along the rope on a leash, at each station in this stand they must untie a knot that is holding two ropes together like a gate. Carter is now carrying 10% if his weight but I still don’t know what the question was. A couple highlights. Skupin tells the others to notice how miraculously, Abi’s leg has healed. She gets off to a first place start and stays there all the way through it. The only one that gives her a challenge at all, is Carter but, in the end, Abi will be here another week. One of the gallery watching this, wants to puke at the thought of Abi having immunity.

As the players go back to camp, it looks like a death march. TH Malcom says, Hell hath frozen over, Abi won immunity today. He says he had to act all sad but in reality, he’s happy about it. He can’t think of a more convenient excuse to get rid of a real threat, Penner. Last weeks final 4 alliance is discussing things and decide to get rid of Penner. TH Lisa says she’s struggling with this because she really has a connection to Penner, though she likes Malcolm and Denise. She continues on to say she isn’t cut out for this game. She even says it to Penner, he tells her to cut the crap. She and Penner discuss it, She reminds him of the final 4 alliance that was offered him. She as much as tells him she’s now part of another alliance, and it’s him going home tonight. Penner isn’t happy. TH Penner says she’s lost her mind. He isn’t happy with her. I’m, quite frankly, surprised that Lisa is still there. If this were a 2 tribe game instead of a 3 tribe, I’m convinced she would be done long ago. Penner says Lisa got played. He says his mistake was playing 2 sides against the middle. Penner decides that it’s Denise’s time to go (self preservation) and apparently, he has Carter And Abi on board. He goes to discuss it with Skupin to see if he can get him to flip on his alliance. I wouldn’t trust anything Skupin says about voting. His decision is based on who he can beat, which is Penner. That’s what he says anyway.

Tribal Council time. The players and the jury are all ushered in and the questioning begins. He reminds Abi of what he said at last council about her back being up against the wall. He asks her if her strategy was to hold off for the advantage (that gets bid on in every season I’ve seen) before she jumped into the auction. She says, best $500 she ever spent. I have to admit, Well played. While the others were listening to their rumbling bellies, she held off until what she wanted came up for grabs. Next he asks Denise about what was said at last council, she says that people have reached their maximum level of tolerance with Abi. Penner is questioned. He Is Pissed. So much so that he outs the 4 person alliance, as if it were any secret. He’s upset that Lisa has apparently turned on him and she reminds him that instead of Malcolm and Denise, he had his chance to be a part of that alliance (likely with Carter). Penner is playing the game but I think he protests a little too much. He swears up and down, that if Lisa and Skupin go to the end with Malcolm and Denise, they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell at the $1 million. If they vote him out, they’ve handed it to either Malcolm and Denise. Lisa assures him, she will vote her conscience but he’s worried because she’s voted against him, twice.

Probst asks Lisa if this situation is like any other in her life. She says yes but it’s too personal to talk about. What I heard was, that before she came to the game, she got divorced. So, I guess he’s implying that she’s going through that same sort of emotion again, only with Penner, her friend. He then says something to Skupin about his position in the game and he says he’d like to be friends with any of the people there but he has to play to win as well. In other words, he’s implied that he isn’t going to vote to push anyone but himself, forward. Time to vote. Denise is first, and our favorite one to hate, sticks her tongue out at Denise as she walks off to vote. I hope someone can tell me why I should be a gentleman towards this heifer because, if I don’t see a lady, I don’t feel very gentleman-like.

I already know that Denise voted for Penner.. The votes we see are Abi’s and Penners. Abi can’t fold the paper to save her life and Penner as he’s writing her name, says her name for everyone to hear. Everyone gets a chuckle out of that. So right now, that’s 2 for Denise. We don’t see any of the others but Skupin makes it all dramatic as he stands there pondering his decision. He’s the swing vote. Probst goes to tally the votes, Asks for the hidden idol, Malcolm continues to keep a death grip on it. Probst reads the votes, it’s tied 3/3 Penner vs Denise. 7th vote read, you can see the result. He hugs Carter on the way out, Abi asks if she can have one too, he tells her and everyone else to go jump in a lake (my words not his).

Penner as he exits says, “that sucks, Jeff… Guys, Keep your sunny side up, and suck eggs”.. .Hmmm Classy exit. Honest to the end I guess. He then goes off whistling down the trail.

Votes: Carter, Penner, Abi voted for Denise. Everyone else, voted for Penner. Next time, the family and friend visits. Apparently, Malcolm’s brother has a big mouth and could cost him the game. We know that ain’t going to happen though because it’s a preview edit.

See you next time. Watch here if you like.

PS.. Shout out to NMD, our hostess. I wrote my recap of Sons of Anarchy for the farm (Empress’ blog) last night and decided to include a few pictures. What a pain in the ass it was too. NMD takes these recaps along with the pictures provided from us, with instructions of where in the text to place the pictures, and gets it done. She also reads the recaps and makes corrections where needed. At least on the shows she watches. To give you an idea of what a task that is, it is now 6am eastern time and she gets this all put together before she begins her real life day. Now look at everything she puts together for us every day. So, to our hostess, Very well done and thank you.

(Thank you MTH xxoo – NMD)


Duck Dynasty – Season 2

Duck No We Won’t Go & Drag Me to Glory Back-to-Back Episodes by Stars99

Duck No We Won’t Go

The episode starts with the workers in the workshop talking about the fact that there’s a thin line between being a matador and being a rodeo clown.  Willie comes in looking for Si and when he’s told Si’s taking a nap and it’s the middle of the afternoon, Willie states that, “Si has a condition – he’s a ‘Redneckoleptic’ – it’s kind of like being a narcoleptic but instead of falling asleep randomly – he only falls asleep when he’s on the job. I just mention ‘work’ and you’d think I just shot him with a horse tranquilizer – he’s out like a light.”  Si lives by the motto, “Work hard, nap hard, that’s what I always say, Jack.”  Since the Duck Commander’s business is booming, Willie has brought in a business consultant to analyze production and maximize their efficiency.  They come upon the Duck Commander workers playing basketball much to Willie’s chagrin.  Jase tries to explain that they’re taking a break to play ball because it’s raining outside.  He tries to clarify that people who work outside take a break when it starts to rain. However, Willie doesn’t understand this logic because of course, their workshop is located inside.  Jase says he’s all for equal opportunity for everybody.  Willie introduces the guys to “Dicky” the business consultant who will help them become more efficient. The guys aren’t sure they can take a man seriously whose name is “Dicky.” Willie restates his name as “Richard” and that he’s there to help them be more productive and efficient.  He will make the business better. Jase wonders, “When Is Willie going to learn that we’re operating under maximum efficiency.”  Jase thinks they’re already doing their best.

Back at Phil and Miss Kay’s house, Miss Kay had cooked a feast for a church potluck – but no one ate anything.  They discussed various reasons why, and it was decided that there were just too many skinny girls at the potluck – and that they don’t eat no “boudin.”  Phil says he can eat 5-6 pounds of boudin at one time… it’s better than sex, at his age.  Jessica, their daughter-in-law, suggests selling the leftovers out of the back of a converted ice cream truck.  Phil agrees to drive cuz he’ll get all the boudin he can eat – PLUS he’s sure to get some kisses from Miss Kay.

At Duck Commander Headquarters, Willie sits down with the guys to discuss new rules of the workplace that are being put in place as a result of the business consultant’s analysis.  A new Policy and Procedure Manual is handed out to each of the guys.  Si renames the title of the manual to be, “Policies and Procedures and other things to control you.”  Si tells Willie, “You done lost your mind.”  Willie breaks the news to the guys that the room they’re in is no longer their food room – but that it is now a conference room.  The refrigerator was even removed. Godwin wonders about the ham sandwich he left in the refrigerator.  Willie tells him that’s gone, too.  Willie then shows them some “awesome, new, free uniforms.”  Si says, “This is not a beauty contest.  Do we look like beauty contestants to you?”  Willie says, “Hey, I’m putting lipstick on a pig.”  The only way Jase is gonna wear the new uniforms is if he’s dead and they put it on his dead body.  Willie threatens them that they are going to wear them or else he’s gonna dock their pay.  Jase says, “I’m afraid if I put these clothes on that I’ll look like a vacuum cleaner salesman.”  Willie says he’s not asking for permission – that they’re doing it.  Period. Martin says, “Does that shirt have a collar on it? I don’t have a neck – that won’t work.”

The next day, Jase comes into work only to find all the other guys wearing the mandatory uniforms.  He’s completely aghast!  Jase is not wearing the uniform. He thinks it’s PATHETIC – He thought he was working with real MEN… Jase says, “You’re not gonna pay me enough money to wear something that I’d only wear when I’m dead. And that’s because I would not have any choice in the matter.”  He tells Si he looks like he’s going to his own funeral.  Si responds, “I don’t like it – Hey, wearin’ this uniform makes me want to kick my own butt.”  Si further says, “Nerd alert – hey, and I’m it.”  Martin mentions that Willie took the rim off their basketball goal. Jase thinks Willie wants to start a riot.  Willie thinks that Jase must be hearing impaired cuz he’s not wearing the uniform.  He then pretends to give the command to wear the uniform in sign language and does some nonsensical sign language signs.  Jase thinks that if Willie is gonna go all corporate America on them… They’re just gonna all go on strike.  Willie thinks that he’s just gonna make the duck calls himself cuz if they can do it – he can do it.

Miss Kay and Phil come out of their house to see the snazzy ice cream truck turned food truck.  Phil says, “At (the age of) 50,  I would have said, ‘Naw, you’re not getting me on no food truck.  But at 66, okay let’s go riding on the food truck.”  Phil wonders if this is one step closer to losing his manhood.  Phil says, “I’m not a eunuch – but I’m gettin’ close.”  There are even matching T-Shirts that have been made for Miss Kay, Phil and Jessica to wear.

The guys want to bring Duck Commander and Willie to his knees by stopping the production of duck calls.  They have even made signs for their strike.  One says, “You can’t spell STRIKE without Si.”  Godwin’s says, “Give me my sammitch.”  Jase tells Godwin that’s not how you spell “sandwich.”  Jase says the strike is trying to bring together big and small, dumb and smart – but mainly dumb.  Jep’s sign says, “These uniforms suck” with an arrow pointing down.  The guys start marching around in a small circle with their signs… Si leads the group in military-like cadence chant of, “Well, I don’t know but I’ve been told…(the guys repeat) These uniforms suck and there ain’t no doubt about it.”  Okay, so it doesn’t rhyme and it’s awkward to chant. Si decides to wipe his feet on the uniform that’s laying on the ground in the center of their circle.  Jase would rather be hunting in protest – but Jase is trying to teach Willie a lesson that he, “Will not submit to stupidity.”

Meanwhile, the food truck clangs its’ bells as it comes upon a group of kids in a neighborhood subdivision.  Phil wants to enlighten the yuppie world about boudin. The kids get all excited because they think it’s an ice cream truck. They’re quickly corrected – that it’s a “Boudin Truck”… The kids wonder what’s boudin?  With pride, Phil explains to them that it’s, “Hog guts, full of rice and seasoning” – the kids think it sounds yucky.  And the yuppie kids walk away.  Phil says, “Them yuppie are missin’ out and they don’t’ even know it – move on nerds.”

The strikers are getting people to honk in solidarity with them as they declare over a megaphone, “They may take our basketball goals, they may take our paychecks – but they can’t take our freedom!”  Willie tries to tell the workers to get back to work.  Si thinks that if all you do is work, work, work – that you don’t have time to stop and smell the roses.  Si then recounts a story of how he once was smellin’ roses and a bumble bee stung him on the nose.  He concludes, “So hey, from then on, look here – you can smell the roses – but hey, smell ‘em quick or a bumble bee’s liable to nail ya.” Willie flexes his corporate boss muscles by threatening the guys that they’ll all be replaced by the end of the day – and that they will not be getting’ a pay check.  Jase thinks Willie looks like a rednecked Don Johnson.  Si tells Willie to hit the road, Jack.  Willie, unfortunately, locked himself out of Duck Headquarters.  Jase tries to lead the guys in a united strike chant – “What do we want?”  Responses include, “Basketball,” “Respect,” and “Hey” When do we want it?  “Immediately!” “Soon!” “Yesterday!” “Hey!”  (A crow caws in the background.)  The guys can’t figure out what they want out of the strike – and Jase concedes that he knows they have some organizational issues and they may have a problem in articulation – BUT that they’re united.  Godwin still wants his ham sandwich.  The guys all figure out they’re hungry.  Jep decides to call his wife Jessica who is still on the “Boudin Truck.”  They decide all they need is freedom and boudin. Si decides he’s strikin’ against strikin’ until he gets food.

Willie decides he’s not going to, “let these idiots stop production. That’s exactly what they want to happen.”  Willie tries to make a duck call himself.  His wife, Korie, comes in and says, “Willie, what are you doing?”  Willie thinks he can put all the duck calls together himself.  He tries blowing through one of the ones he’s just made and it sounds more like a hyena call than a duck call… he makes an adjustment and blows through it again – and I’m sure if they had hippos in West Monroe, that he would have been trampled to death.  Willie assures Korie it’s fine.. it’s fine as wine.

The food truck arrives for the strikers and they call it their “Redneck Chariot.”  Jase is hoping that his parents will understand his stance against wearing stupid uniforms.  At first, his dad, Phil does agree with him.  But his momma, Miss Kay tells him he’s acting like a kid. Jase then notices that his dad is wearing the same T-shirt that the others on the food truck are wearing and he suddenly knows he’s in trouble.  Phil says in his talking head that it’s best to mind your momma’s sound, kind, motherly advice, cuz if you don’t, Phil says, “If you don’t take that advice, then you’ll hafta deal with me, and I’ll tear your butt up. It’s your call.”  Miss Kay and Korie call a meeting of Willie and Jase.  Miss Kay means business.  The boys know she means business.  Miss Kay tells the brothers that they are to grow up and act like the men they are. There are concessions on each side – the basketball goal will go back up – as long as they don’t have a slam dunk contest when they have big orders to fill. The guys won’t take 4 lunch breaks a day. No rulebooks. No megaphones.  Miss Kay makes them say they’re sorry.  Jase says he’s sorta sorry.   Miss Kay thinks they’re pitiful and she makes them hug it out or else she’s gonna get the wooden spoon. I’m askeered of Miss Kay.

Willie ends the episode by saying, “Running the Robertson family business is all about give and take… I give them a few duck calls to make and I take a lot of crap for it.  But as with all families there will always be protests and demands, like, “let me dress like a hobo” and “gimme my sammich” – when push comes to shove we usually find a way to reach an agreement.  Otherwise, Miss Kay will slap you right upside your face.


Drag Me to Glory

Phil and Si are fixin’ to work on a BBQ grill that looks like hasn’t seen the light of day for about 20 years.  Phil says it’s been a “few moons” since he’s fired up the old grill. I say it’s been a few decades.  Miss Kay is concerned that it’s gonna blow up.  The last time Phil remembers BBQing is when Miss Kay was in bell bottoms with a lil girlish figure – Jase was in diapers.  Si says, “If it won’t crank – hit it with a hammer.” Si thinks they can fix a whole lot of things with a hammer – but usually, it’s after they’ve already busted them. Miss Kay wants to just go buy a new one.  Phil says, “The American way is when one gets a little age on it – throw it away and get another one.”  Phil refuses to do so – just patchin’ it up and keep going.  Miss Kay is not convinced that it’s gonna work again and decides she needs to go get some cold cuts ready, that’s what she thinks.

At Duck Commander Headquarters, in the workroom, Godwin is telling the guys that he heard that “hump song” on the radio that morning.  Si goes into his rendition and does lil dancin’ motions to “My hump, my hump, my lovely, lady lumps”… Si says, “Hey, of course I like the Black Eyed Peas, but hey, it makes me hungry when I say the name cuz hey, you think it’s a dish – but it’s not, it’s a band.”  Si listens to all music, it’s how he, “Stays on the up and up.”  Si says, he likes all kinds of music, “Meatloaf, The Cranberries, The Korn, and a lil Salt-n-Pepa goes a long way… and my personal favorite, Iced T. That’s good listening, man.”

Willie comes into the workroom and makes a request that they take the very best duck call that they make – then engrave it with a “15” on it.  Clint Boyer from NASCAR is coming to West Monroe.  Si doesn’t know who he is.  Si reasons that he doesn’t know who he is because he’s not an athlete or anything.  Si says, “If it wasn’t for my trick knee, I’d be playing in the NBA right now.”  Si has delusions of grandeur. Evidently, Clint is looking to create a race track in West Monroe and Willie wants a Duck Commander advertisement to be on one of Clint’s cars.  Si wants to know if Clint is bringing his racecar with him.

Miss Kay is killing ant hills but is worried that the dog is gonna eat the poison.  She keeps naming her dogs “Jesse #1, Jesse #2…etc… the only problem, is that when they had “Jesse #3 – the vet said that he wouldn’t make it more than 3 weeks… so they immediately got another dog and named him “Jesse #4”… the problem is – that “Jesse #3” made it… so now they simultaneously have two dogs, one named, “Jesse #3” and one named “Jesse #4.”  Miss Kay points out that the grill is still not fixed but that she’s convinced she still has a copy of the warranty for it – for a 20 + year old grill.  Holy crap on a cracker!  She wants Phil to just take the grill back to the store.  Phil tells Miss Kay he wants to trade a big banana pudding for taking the BBQ back to the store.

The guys are out in the parking lot waiting for Clint Boyer to show up.  He drives in with a camouflage limousine with a honkin’ bull’s horn as the hood ornament.  Willie says the limo is, “Like a bug light for rednecks.”  In Jase’s world, if you add camouflage to anything and it immediately becomes cool.  Willie presents the engraved duck call to Clint.  They decide they’re all gonna go to a BBQ lunch in the limousine. Willie is cranky cuz he thinks this should have been his personal one-on-one time with Clint to discuss business – and now the guys have all busted in on it.  Willie says, “I’m trying to conduct business, but the guys are Clint blockin’ me.”

The limo burns rubber as it pulls out of the parking lot – and when it makes a right turn – Jase says he’s nervous – cuz NASCAR guys don’t ever hafta turn right.  While they’re at lunch, Jase asks Clint on a scale of 1 – 1,000 – how much fun was it in the Daytona 500 when he flipped his car over and it slid across the finish line while in flames.  Clint said, “0.0 – it was not fun at all.  But it did look cool.” Si questions the nonsense that they’re talking about… Willie says it’s not nonsense – that it really happened.  Si said, “On a highway?” Clint says, “I wrecked my racecar.”  “Si says, “Oh, you’re a race driver?” Clint said, with a straight face, “Yes.”  Everyone dies laffin that Si’s so clueless about Clint.  However, Si doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about this “Cliff Boyer”…(of course he got the name wrong…lol.) Clint asks Si if he has ever flipped a car before.  Si says that good drivers don’t flip their cars.  Clint is not amused.  Willie talks to Clint about becoming a sponsor on one of the cars and asks how much it would cost.  Clint said it would cost a half a million dollars.  Willie thought it was for a year – but no, Clint tells him that’s just for one race.  Jase thinks it’s a good investment.  Si once again asks if Clint’s a race car driver.  Clint tells him, “Si, we’ve met before.”

Miss Kay was indeed able to find the warranty for the ancient BBQ.  She sends Si and Phil on their way to the store with the warranty in hand.  Phil tells Si the reason he’s doing this is because ya always hafta keep your woman happy.

Clint and the guys check out some land where he’s considering developing for a race track. Willie pulls up in his own camouflaged limousine and says that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Willie insists that he’s actually improved upon Clint’s limo because it has a sunroof. Willie has leased the limo. Clint wants Willie to take the limo back. Willie refuses to take it back.  Clint says there can only be one camouflaged limousine. Jase says there’s only one way to settle this – on the track.  Clint says that if Willie beats him in a race on the track, that he will put his name on his racecar for free.  Willie has no idea why he finds himself in this kind of situation all the time – he thinks it’s probably because they’re all idiots. Well that, and because of Jase.

Phil and Si end up at the store… but the BBQ that they had put in the back of the truck was not with them.  Phil questions if Si had tied it onto the back of the truck – Si said he used a double Windsor knot.  Then Si argues that someone may have pulled up next to them and stole the BBQ out of their truck when they were on their way to the store.  It’s possible.  Phil asks Si again if he’s sure he tied the BBQ onto the truck… Si recants and says, “No.”  They retrace their steps… and find the BBQ on the side of the road.

It’s time for Willie and Clint to race… Willie’ doesn’t want to be the driver.  The driver doesn’t want to do it… so it’s up to Willie.  The two of them give each other competitive dirty looks.  Jase says, “On the one hand, you have Clint Boyer, he was born to rule machines.  On the other hand, you have Willie.  He was born to rule a desk or a really nice couch.”  Clint wins the race.  Not by much.  But he won.

Si and Phil modified the BBQ.  Si says the BBQ was, “Two steps away from being a computer.”  The grill actually worked. Miss Kay is happy cuz it’s working.  Phil is happy cuz he didn’t hafta go to the store and mess with all the warranty stuff.  Si is happy just lookin’ at the flames.

Willie ends the episode with:  “Nothing brings a redneck family together faster than BBQ and car races.  Just look at the infield of a NASCAR event.  Unfortunately, not all opportunities pay off.  Honestly, some are just too expensive to pay for and not worth the trouble in the first place.  But the upside is that if you find a way to enjoy the ride, where you end up ain’t all that important so long as it’s together with family – and barbecue.”

The Duck Dynasty Christmas Special is Next Wednesday! I’m laffin’ already…


Thursday Night Lineup November 29th by BB

8PM – Big Bang Theory/Two and a Half Men (CBS); The Vampire Diaries (CW); 30 Rock/Up All Night (NBC); Last Resort (ABC); The X Factor (Fox); Wicked Tuna Hooked Up (NatGeo)

9PM – The Real Housewives of Miami (Bravo); Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime); Person of Interest (CBS); Beauty and the Beast (CW); The Office/Parks and Rec (NBC); Grey’s Anatomy (ABC); Glee (Fox); Extreme Homes (HGTV); The First 48 (A&E); Four Weddings (TLC); Mysteries at the Museum (Trvl); 100 Greatest Kid Stars (VH-1); Rocket City Rednecks (NatGeo); Will, Family Secrets Revealed (ID); Tamar and Vince (WE); Raising House (DIY); Symon’s Suppers (Cook 9:30); Farm Kings (GAC)

10PM – Elementary (CBS); Rock Center with Brian Williams (NBC); Scandal (ABC); It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX); Burn Notice (USA); Panic 911 (A&E); Along for the Bride (TLC); Ghost Town Gold (Discovery); American Chainsaw (NatGeo); Very Bad Men (ID); Shocking Family Secrets (FitTV)

11PM – Watch What Happens Live; Lea Black and Erin Andrews (BRAVO)


Exclusive Interview coming at 10 pm eastern tonight right after Miami airs.

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        If someone has a cat I will not be visiting them. Once my mother and I were in a liquor store that is in our area and that I’ve gone to for yrs. Anyway we were in the store, I’m walking towards the back and there’s a cat, my mother saw the panic on my face and me backing up. I pointed and said “they have a cat”. One of the male employees looked at me like I was crazy. My mother said “tell me what you want and I’ll get”. I stayed my behind right in the front. My mother told the cashier “my daughter’s afraid of cats”. I paid and haven’t been back to that liquor store since. That was 2 yrs ago. Luckily there are 3 other liquor stores that are close in my area. 🙂

      • Powell says:

        Also when growing up one of my aunts neighbors had a male tabby. He was mean. I was a child and the neighbor was my babysitter on occasion. Once I was going outside from her basement and as I started to climb the stairs the cat was at the top and wouldn’t let me cone up. He glared at me and howled at me or whatever it is cats do. He would also kill mice and leave them on neighbors porches right in front of their door.

      • T-Rex says:

        I am highly allergic to cats and they think it’s funny to try and kill me. My sister is a clean freak has two cats and I have to load up on allergy meds to even be there for 5 minutes and her cats spend that whole time trying to get in my lap and rub up against me, etc. I don’t dislike cats at all, but my immune system hates them.

        • T-Rex I now challenge any cat I come in contact with as I am highly allergic too. WHY do cats LOVE the person who is most allergic to them?
          I now enter a home and as soon as the cat enters the room I look it straight in the eyes and hiss like a psst sharp fast sound. They take off like a rocket or turn in their very cat like way and saunter out of the room never to be seen again while I’m there.
          When you experience Anaphylaxis after a cat encounter you just don’t want to ever have that experience ever again!!
          I did cry when Monkey died. That’s the hardest thing for a pet lover. Making that decision to end a loved pet/family members suffering. I’ve only had to make that decision once and I don’t want to do it again. When Captain died I was in shock because he had just seen the vet 2 weeks before and was fine except for needing to eat low protein diet. Fortunately Pearl has taken up where Capt left off. Pekingese have such funny personalities.
          Thank God for BENADRYL!!!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Same here, AZGirl. I’m neutral on cats. I’m DEFINITELY a dog lover, but cats I can take or leave. I am also allergic to them. Just like you, they LOVE me. They do the same thing (rub up and crawl all over me). Once, I was at my senior attorney’s house, just chatting with him and his wife. Well, this cat (which was one of those big, fluffy beautiful ones), comes and jumps right into my lap and won’t move, purring contentedly. I let him sit there a little while before I started sneezing and my eyes started watering. Finally, I had to politely tell them, “…..Ummmm….I’m allergic to cats.” His wife picked the cat up from my lap. He then growled, jumped out of her arms and ran away from her. She said, “I have had that cat for YEARS, and he NEVER gives me that much affection no matter how hard I try to get it from him.” Odd. *Shrug*

        • AZGirl says:

          Same thing happened to me. I was visiting friends and their Persian cat come bounding down their stairs and jumps in my lap. They just look at me with their mouths open in shock. They said that cat had never ever sat in anyone’s lap before.

    • Donna says:

      Interesting conversations on cats. My 17 lb ragdoll hid whenever anyone came into the house. My husband’s daughter lived with us for a while and she never saw the cat. When she came over for a visit white lightening/ Miss Priscilla ran from the hallway to the basement, she said she didn’t know we had 2 cats.

      That cat loved my mother, she was the only person, outside of us, that could pet her.

      LOL my other 27 lb tabby didn’t want anyone around me, he had a immaginary circle that no one could step inside. When we had company I would point my fingers towards the basement and say “Andy go to the basement now”. My hubby was having a hissy fit about something, Andy attacked him four paws to his leg with a leg bite (he had on heavy jeans at the time). He wound up laughing about it.

  3. TexasTart says:

    Lainey,Lainey – just a quck note that I hope all went okay yesterday…know you and the Mr. Lainey family are being though of. Take care.

    • Powell says:

      Lainey I hope you all are doing as well as you can at this tough time. My prayers are w/you.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Ditto, Lainey. I sent her an E-Mail on Tuesday just letting her know that I was thinking of her, her husband and the rest of her family. I also told her I missed her on the blog. In addition to this unexpected funeral, I know she was really busy preparing for her daughter’s graduation (which is some time in December) from college and for the big party she was having afterward. And, of course, there’s also Christmas in December.

      Poor Lainey has so much on her plate right now. (((Lainey & Lainey’s Family))). Thinking of and keeping you all in my prayers, Lainey.

  4. Blog updated with Top Chef Seattle. I hope everyone has a great day. Also thinking of LaineyLainey and your family and hope things went well.

  5. Powell says:

    NMD I am weaping for poor Kelsey Grammer. Oh the media just keeps pounding him cause he and baby wife took their innocent sleeping baby girl to The Playboy Mansion for the annual wingding and because they were caught in the car w/o a car seat for their daughter and nicely put her on Kayte’s laps while Katey held a hot cup of coffee/tea. My heart just bleeds for them. And how dare Camille get over $40 grand in support for over 15yrs of wiping up after him and helping him to rebuild his career. NOT. If he keeps doing asinine things then he deserves all the media glare surrounding him. He’d better be scared that Gloria Alldollar Alfred doesn’t have CPS look into his and Katey’s actions with their infant daughter. Gloria has done that before, not that it’s any of her biz but that’s Gloria. Why isn’t he back in NY where he said Broadway loves him, that there’s nothing for him in LA career wise. He’s an embarrassment to his kids. I saw TMZ last night and it wasn’t a bad camera angle. Katey got into the back seat of the SUV w/the baby. Kelsey opened the back door on the driver side and you could see the look on his face that “we don’t have a car seat” then he got in, closed his door and the driver drove off. I don’t care if they moved 1 foot. That baby was not in a car seat. I personally don’t put my car into drive until I have my seat belt on and if I have passengers I don’t put the car in drive until everyone has their seatbelt on. What if a car hit the back of their SUV just leaving the curb at the airport. Kayte had a hot beverage in her hand. What excuse would they have used.

    • lizzle says:

      Kelsey is such a liar liar pants on fire. His claims that the baby was in a car seat when they pulled away from the airport curb is clearly a lie per the video. His claims that Kayte did not dress as Camille at the Halloween party is clearly a lie per the tape on her nose implying plastic surgery and I also believe Kyle who stated that her friends that were there said Kayte was dressed as Camille. Kelsey… why you gotta lie? And Camille… take that man for everything you can!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Ditto, Lizzle.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Also, as for Kayte dressing like Camille for Halloween……Ummmmm……OBSESSED much, Kelsey and Kayte? Camille has a hot, new Greek LOVAH who seems to be keeping a smile on your face, and she now has HALF of your money, Kelsey. So, she ain’t even thinkin’ about YO ASS!! Stop taking your baby to the Playboy Mansion. Put that child in a car seat. Give Camille what is rightfully hers in the divorce. And then have a damned STADIUM full of SEATS, Jackass!!

          • lizzle says:

            Kelsey seems to be riding that crazy train… I hope he doesn’t go off the rails since his show has been cancelled. I wonder if he is drinking again.

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              I wonder the same thing. Kayte, in their interview with Oprah, seems a bit meek. So, I have a hard time seeing her crack the whip like Camille to keep Kelsey on the straight and narrow. Kayte may be harder and more cunning for which I am giving her credit, though. Just as he did with Camille, Kelsey did NOT make Kayte sign a pre-nup because he considered it “un-gentlemanly” (DUMMY!). So, Kayte may not mind his falling off the wagon again so that she can eventually use this is as her excuse for divorcing him and getting 1/2 of whatever money he earns while she is married to him. He might spend it all on drugs if he’s not careful, though. So, she should probably NICELY ask him to go to rehab if he is using again.

              • Powell says:

                Detox on the Oprah interview Kayte looked to Kelsey for approval of what to say or she followed his lead. I don’t know if she’s strong or meek but right now it seems that their relationship is that he dictates and she follows.

          • Powell says:

            Detox that’s exactly why I think he keeps trying to do things to Camille because she’s happy and not thinking about him or his wife and then only when the kids are involved.

    • T-Rex says:

      Look I dislike Kelsey as much as anyone but I guess I don’t see it as a “state crime” to have a ride in a huge SUV for a short ride, in the back seat without a carseat. I grew up with no child seats, riding in back of pickup trucks by holding onto the metal sides, I don’t think anyone wore a seatbelt ever, and I believe there are some pics of a sibling or two actually standing in the front seat and back seat. I know that they SHOULD have had the child in a car seat, but Britney spears had a child in her lap while driving which is WAY worse because if the car bag would have gone off for any reason her child would have been probably killed.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        I think the issue is that we now have LAWS about placing infants and children in car seats. I’ve seen the way some people drive at the airport. I have everyone put on seat belts before I pull away. I’m a mean Mom and I took my then 3 yr old to the local police department because she liked to take off her belt while Mommy was driving. The nice police man explained how she needed to wear it to keep everyone safe and so Mommy could drive to stores and not worry. It worked, she was my seat belt champion. She made sure everyone was belted in and tattled on anyone who wasn’t.
        Kelsey GROW THE F-UP and be a man not a spoiled petulant child.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Taking your 3-year old to the police department and having a police man explain the need to wear a seatbelt to her is GENIUS, Diana. I never would have thought of something like that.

        • Powell says:

          Diana taking her to the police station was a brilliant idea. I hope more parents do that when they are faced w/the challenge you had.

      • lizzle says:

        What they did was illegal, but honestly that isn’t my issue with it. I watched the TMZ video and the kid was not in a car seat, but Kelsey’s rep tried to say the video was edited to make it look like his infant child was not in the car seat… at least that is what TMZ is saying. I watched the TMZ video where the employees talk about the events of the week. They pointed out that Kelsey and Kayte had a car seat at the Playboy mansion, but not in the car…LOL. Kayte and Kelsey are kinda dumb, because they knew the cameras were there… Kayte should have waited on the curb while the car circled or she should have gone with Kelsey to get the car seat. People don’t like cheaters, so they need to be careful of their actions. They will continue to get ridiculed in the press if they keep making these mistakes.

        • Powell says:

          lizzle the paps and media are always at the airport. It’s just them not thinking. I’m sure they aren’t the 1st and won’t be the last parents to forget the car seat but they just shouldn’t have left the airport w/o a car seat.

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex whether it’s a crime or not driving is so different today w/everyone in a rush and distractions like talking on cellphones and texting. It only takes a second for an accident and then what do you do say it was just for a second, a minute, 15 minutes if a baby or child is injured in an accident. Then they would be ready to sue someone. It’s not worth the risk. If Kelsey had to leave Katey and thr baby at the airport and have the driver take him to a Walmart or Kids R Us, something near the airport to buy a car seat he should’ve done it. You can’t take back the accident after it has happened. I DO NOT like to see people driving w/o seatbelts on or kids on laps. Our roads are too dangerous. Wearing no seatbelts is what makes me mad on the HWs and other reality shows. Who in the heck cars if your dress is wrinkled from the seatbelt. I rather see them wrinkled then dead.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          All I really care about is the welfare of the child, in 2012 and these parents do not seem to get it. Is the child some type of celebrity artifact? Annoying much! JMHO.

    • princesspindy says:

      My children were told that Mommy’s car couldn’t start or move until the seat belts were fastened. When we started having other kids in the car I was amazed at how many didn’t automatically put their seat belts on. My kids would tell them, our car can’t move unless your seat belt is fastened.

    • cocfarm says:

      I know I’m in the minority here, but I think Kelsey is a talented actor who has had more crap handed to him in his lifetime then most people could handle. That’s not to condone his behavior or lack of car seat use. He is a jerk quite often. His personality seems to be arrested at the age of a teen boy. But I kind of get it. Camille knew what she was doing when she married him and is no innocent herself. You marry damaged goods, you get damaged goods. We can not always save or change those we want to. I know I’ve stated it before, but his dad was murdered, his sister brutally raped and murdered, a brother killed in an accident, all in separate incidents and all at a formadible age for Kelsey. It isn’t an excuse, it’s that I think it has done damage to him. I should note, I don’t play a psychiatrist in real life, only on blogs!! 😉

      • chismosa says:

        wow that’s all so interesting cocfarm, i hadn’t known that about KG. I think he’s a very talented actor, really excellent. It’s that this marriage with Camille was in the news via the Bravo show that has it all so up in everyone’s face and fresh i think that touches nerves.

        Plus of course, that the’s with a girl young enough to be his daughter. But i do wonder if he is drinking/ back to drugs again…
        Very interesting.

      • Powell says:

        cocfarm I love Kelsey as an actor and I feel bad for those family situations and that he is a recovering addict. Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease and I’m sorry that he has that illness. I sympathize on all of that. And you are right Camille is not blameless in their divorce. It was both of their marriage but Kelsey is a liar and treated Camille deplorably. He got her to do HWs on the premise of her having something of her own to do when he had a plan all along set in his mind of what he was planning. He met Katey before HW started taping. When he started the play in NY he had it planned that Kayte was going to be his mistress. That’s why when Camille finally started visiting him in NY at THEIR apt that Kelsey told Camille he wanted her to decorate, the doorman thought Kayte was Mrs Grammer, not Camille. Kelseyhad his and Camille’s male friends keep her company while he’s inNy. Kelsey did all these sneaky things. Then when the Tony’s come around he tells Camille to come maybe they can work on things. Liar!! He wanted his wife on his arm in front of the play’s producers, his fellow actors and the Tony community. He played calculated moves. He git Camille to agree to a quick divorce so that he could marry Katey. Camille accommodated him. I know she wanted to move on but I would have dragged it out.

        • cocfarm says:

          He was engaged to someone else when he started seeing Camille. This tiger has not changed his stripes. Again, I think his emotional development was arrested with all the crap he survived. He also had survivors remorse. Again, not an excuse, but damage is damage. Kayte will go down the same path as Camille and the many many many women who came before. I just give him a wide berth.

          Here it is from wiki:

          Early life and family tragedies

          Born Allen Kelsey Grammer in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, the son of Sally (née Cranmer; 1928–2008),[2] a singer, and Frank Allen Grammer, Jr., a musician and owner of a coffee shop and a bar & grill called Greer’s Place.[3][4][5] Grammer was two years old when his parents divorced.[1] Grammer attended Pine Crest School, a private preparatory school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and later spent two years at the Juilliard School.[6] Grammer’s personal life has been affected by several tragedies: in 1968, his estranged father, whom he had seen only twice since his parents’ divorce, was shot dead;[4] in 1975, his younger sister, Karen, was abducted, raped, and murdered by spree killer Freddie Glenn;[7][8][9][10] in 1980, his twin half-brothers died in a scuba diving accident; and David Angell, close friend and producer of Frasier, died in the 9/11 attacks.[11][12]

          • cocfarm says:

            All that said, I’m not disagreeing with anyone here. I just think we are probably all better off than him in some ways. Yesterday a guy walked between two vans, behind my car as I was backing up. I just happened to catch a glimpse of something and hit the brakes. I rolled down the window and said”that’s a great way to get killed” and as soon as I said it, I realized it was a mistake. I got called some new and colorful names. He did not care that he almost got hit and didn’t blame me, but did not like being called out. My mistake. I should have driven away but it tic’d me off. He was not ‘right.’ I should not have engaged. That’s sort of how I feel about Kelsey. He has the money and the talent, but I have the stability and common sense. I can navigate around the smaller vessel.

            • Powell says:

              cocfarm I’m just glad you didn’t hit the man. I’m glad for you and him even though he was a jerk.

            • lizzle says:

              Your opinion doesn’t bother me and I agree that tragedy can affect a person in a life changing way… and I like Kelsey as an actor. I never paid attention to his personal life until this divorce/ affair/ RHOBH happened. I just think Kelsey has jumped the couch, like Tom Cruise did back in the day w/ Katie Holmes (remember the Oprah interview)…. it’s kinda like “Jumped the Shark” but for a person, not a show. He needs to reel himself back in… like Tom C did.

              • lizzle says:

                And why am I posting so much on Kelsey Grammar today? Maybe it’s ME that has “jumped the couch” today. I am not even a big fan of Camille… I just think that the first season of RHOBH has taught her how to act in front of a camera and in the media… meaning, I don’t think she is all that genuine… she has just learned how to play the media game after being torn apart during Season 1

                • cocfarm says:


                • cocfarm says:

                  I’m old (!). I remember Cheers and when he was always on the news for drugs. Kirstie went down the same road and really tried to help him. He has always had issues with life, but man, he was a riot on Cheers and Fraiser. I give him that.

              • Powell says:

                lizzle I like “jumped the couch”, the play on “jumped the shark””. I hope I never see that again. 🙂

          • Powell says:

            I didn’t know about the twins and I do vaguely remember about the friend that died 9/11 and you are probably right about the emotional development. Like I said I feel bad about the tragedies in his life. But other people have similar or worse tragic lives and they don’t live their lives like he has.

            • cocfarm says:

              Very true. He has always just seemed to live on the edge of tipping. Marrying strippers, children with 4 or 5 different women…he’s not traversed life with a lot of dignity. But I still feel for him. 😦

          • Called A Princess... says:

            So I guess because he has had his share of bad things happen to him we should not expect him to also respect his blessings and attempt to imitate a adult human male and father. He can act like a likable human when he is getting pain millions but goes on vacation when the cameras are off? I do not expect him to be perfect, but the past few years have proven that his PR machine has been broken, and so has his personal image, all seemingly at his own behest. He seems so jaded. IMHO.

            • cocfarm says:

              He should count his blessings. I don’t know that he ever learned how. Look, he’s a jerk. He opens mouth and inserts foot. I just can get that somehow he can’t deal with his life of riches when so much of his family had such horrible things happen to them. That’s all I’m trying to say. There is something broken in him. But yes, he’s a jerk and I’m sure, less than a stellar father.

      • kit9 says:

        And, he married a nightmare. Imagine being married to her. The real Camille. The Camille we all saw in Season 1. The pre PR Camille. And, he says she cheated on him, too, during their marriage. Which I certainly believe since she was practically dry humping another guy repeatedly on camera in S1. Imagine what she did when there wasn’t one. And, the kids? Sad, but given the fact Camille had 4 nannies raising her two kids, it’s not like she had to adjust to not seeing them too much. And, the fact she takes credit for his sobriety(ol JesusCamille, remember.)makes me want to puke. The claim is just absurd to anyone with experience with addicts. The idea she’s a victim in this is crazy to me. She was spreading her legs for Playboy and doing soft core porn before Kelsey came along. She’s now a filthy rich woman of leisure who’s greatest task is making sure the pool is heated in her house in Maui.

        • cocfarm says:

          I think damage can attract damage. I am not a fan of Camille and thought her very manipulative season 1. I think they both dished it out in their marriage. There is no halo on her head. She has money. They just need to walk away from one another but they both keep ‘poking the bear!’

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Disliking Camille does not extricate Kelsey for his part in the failure of another relationship. I do not see Camilla as playing the victim as much as Kelsey refusing to grow up. And having a societal normal that expects the women in the relationship to do the heavy lifting without the benefit of respect is sad, dated commentary. Just because Camille was a consort to a superstar, does not negate her expectations for a loving mature relationship. So many people go into relationships thinking they can fix that which is truly broken and damaged. Dangerous work. IMO.

          • cocfarm says:

            TOTALLY agree. You can not always fix what is broken. And no matter how much you want it, if the broken person does not want it, you are wasting our time.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              It can be hard to watch for the outside looking in. Some stars just can not leave the story on the screen. IMO.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        You make good points, COC. I’d heard all of this before, but I’d forgotten about it. Kelsey has definitely been through a lot and is definitely “damaged.”

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I think Camille knew about Kelsey’s affair before filming started. She knew this was her shot at being “famous” (I guess “rich isnt enough) and she was getting her TURN. Something tells me she made a deal with him-Have your divorce but first you are going to look like an ass on this HW’s show. I mean really-during filming they were so awkward with each other-even before he left for NY-it seemed fake and phony. Her tag line the first season was some dumb crap about it being “Her time to shine” and she was gonna shine no matter what!!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Things that make you go, “Hmmmm….” That’s plausible. Let’s say she made this deal with him, though, why is he still trashing her and why is he still refusing to speak to her at ALL about anything having to do with their 2 children (at least, according to what Camille says)? It’s obvious she’s moved on and is happy with a new man.

            If they had this “deal,” it seems like he would be much more diplomatic in speaking about her.

            But, who knows? You could be right. People in Hollywood/the Entertainment Biz are often a bit NUTS (Dr. Drew — I know, I know. A LOT of people don’t like Dr. Drew. Anyhoo…– said that the Entertainment Industry tends to attract a lot of “damaged” people who want and need attention and to also attract Narcissists, Histrionics and Borderlines because of their extreme need for drama, attention, praise and constant validation. Speaking of THAT, I’ll write a comment later on what Patti Stanker said about Halle Berry on “The Wendy Williams’ Show” this morning. I’ll also mention what Wendy said.).

            So, maybe Kelsey changed his mind on their deal and now decides he HATES Camille (because one of his other personalities told him to. *Shrug*).

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I think rich people divorce much differently than poor folks do. When you aint got nuttin’ to split- splittin’ is easy!! Rich and FAMOUS people are a different breed altogether-I think they do everything for publicity…EVERYTHING!! Good or bad-they want to see their name in print or on E News!!

  6. trudie says:

    Good morning all! Great blogs, as usual.

    Survivor: Abi (as much as I dislike her )deserved immunity last night as she was the only one who didn’t let her stomach rule. If they have watched Survivor before, they know that there is always an advantage in those food auctions. She played the game and she played them.

    Top Chef: Chrissy may never have tasted that salad before, but even I could tell it was swimming in dressing. A soggy salad isn’t going to win any competition. As for Carla, I agree that it seems very unfair that she wasn’t given the chance to cook her squab, but she should have checked them before they left the kitchen. Especially since so many were being sent back.

    • Powell says:

      Trudie I’m rooting for Lisa to win it but it just might be Abi.

      • T-Rex says:

        I hope not, I hope she gets her walking papers next week. I was happy to see Penner go though, he thought he was going to somehow survive survivor to the end but he just wasn’t clever enough, IMO

        • designernailsdiana says:

          I hope no one falls for her fake “There’s a fourth Idol” lie.
          Final 4 could be Malcom, Denise, Lisa and Skupin, but I don’t think Lisa will get past 4 unless she wins immunity. I have grown to like Carter and hope he makes it to final 3.
          Abi-noxious makes me talk to my tv and say bad words. My 81 yr old Father laughs when he hears what I say. I’m glad I’m past the age of soap in my mouth LOL

          • trudie says:

            If she keeps with the fake idol story, they should just ask to see it. If she says she has it, there would be no reason not to show it to them.

            I like Lisa, but I don’t think she deserves to win. My choices are either Malcom or Denise.

          • melthehound says:

            Abi-noxious makes me talk to my tv and say bad words.
            That’s Funny 😆

    • keida says:

      She definitely should have checked them. Then when they were sent back she said they were good! I think it came down to the fact that she didn’t know how to cook them. I still like her anyway.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I am going by what I read here. Top Chef is a cooking game. Carla did not get to cook so I do not see how she is fairly responsible for the out come of her dish. Top Chef is simply not always fair about the way the eliminate the talent. I also feel that there seems to be a clear bias towards the male chefs during the game in past seasons leading me to wonder at times if the game is rigged. I remember Tom Colicchio telling Harold at the season 1 finale to write the menu on cards while knowing full well that Tiffany had double the dishes to describe to the judges because she out cooked and took more risks then Harold did. The judges were mad because it took her so long to explain her dishes and Tom had a huge smirk on his face. Harold won and the rest is history. Just one example of how the producers play a slippery game with the rules to make sure that the person they want to win, wins. JMHO.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I think that Carla should have told the male chefs to get out of her way and let her cook. They got in the kitchen first and she really didnt have an option but to let them cook her dish-BUT the dish is still her responsibility and she should have been checking on her squab-and another thing..WTF is squab? A cornished hen? WTF is it???

        • keida says:

          I don’t know about season 1, since I watched it years ago. The way Tom explained it was that chefs have others cooking their food all the time, but they’re the ones checking it. I think the whole profession is biased, like so many others. I just think Carla looked defeated through most of this episode. She’ll get another Janice with Last Chance Kitchen though.

      • trudie says:

        keida, did you watch Last Chance Kitchen on the Bravo blog? If not, I won’t spoil it for you.

    • melthehound says:

      I agree with your Survivor comments, Trudie.

  7. AZGirl says:

    Well one of the winning jackpot tickets was sold here in AZ and NO it was not me that won. If it was I would fly all the posters from the cold midwest and east coast to AZ and let them warm up at a resort.
    Thanks for all the great blogs this morning. I need to catch up on TC. Love Stefan. John sounds like a real ass.

    Thinking of LaineyLainey and her family. Hope all is going well with Not that Jill and Maggie.

    • Beckygrey says:


    • designernailsdiana says:

      Aww AZGirl now I wish you had won. I hope it’s a deserving family.

      • AZGirl says:

        You won’t believe this but the winning ticket was sold up in CONTESSA’S PART OF TOWN!!!! ANYONE HEAR FROM CONTESSA YET?

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          No, but she did adopt me as her “blog daughter.” If she did win, maybe she will leave some of her winnings in her will to me (*Fingers Crossed*).

          • Powell says:

            And Detox you did say I could be your adopted sister. LOL, LOL. 🙂

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

              Isn’t it funny how all of this “family” comes out of the woodwork when a person strikes it rich! LOL. I remember Oprah saying that, once she started to become famous and started to do very well financially, she all of a sudden had all of these new, long-lost “cousins” calling and asking her to lend them a few bucks.

              • Powell says:

                Detox my mom was talking about Oprah yesterday because Oprah and David Letterman were at his alma mater and the audience was asking questions. One if the ?s to O was something about what has changed for her and she said that when she was coming into the money she gave her family money, things, etc but then every time they wanted something they would call her so she just brought them all together and told them they could no longer come to her for money. She helped them out but then they took advantage.

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  Good for her for having that meeting. I also heard her say on her show once that she does not LEND people any money. If she gives them money, she makes it a GIFT and calls it a day because she doesn’t want the uncomfortable feelings that may arise between her and the LENDEE during the time it takes for them to pay her back (if they EVER do).

    • Powell says:

      AZGirl I would love to have you work me out in sunny AZ. 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thank You AZ Girl. I appreciate you taking the time to think of us. 🙂

  8. plainviewsue says:

    Great Survivor recap Mel! Seasoned players like Penner & Skupin, plus huge fans of the show like Malcolm & Lisa, knew that there would be some type of immunity help at the auction. But they blew it on food. I cannot stand Abi, but props to her for not only saving her money for that item and pretending that she also has an idol. I don’t think anyone will believe that, but she did try.

    Penner blew it big time. He should have agreed to Lisa’s suggestion of the four person alliance w/her & Carter. He knows that he blew it. I thought it was hysterical when Penner came back for a bow and Probst just made that look!!

    Hopefully Abi will be gone next week and Carter after. A final three of Malcolm, Denise and Lisa would be very compelling; for the first time in many seasons, there is no clear winner.

    Mel, I do agree with you about Lisa still being in the game. She was very fortunate (as was Skupin) that their tribe never lost an immunity challenge, cos they would have been the ones to go. I love the fact that Malcolm and Denise are still there, despite being on such a terrible beginning tribe.

    This is one of my favorite seasons in a long time.

    • T-Rex says:

      Hitting the huge LIKE button, I agree with all of this. Penner What.A.Moron, why would you align with Abi, stupid, stupid stupid you don’t have any immunity idols with her and everyone hates her. He deserved to go home, he has been jumping in and out of alliances too much and that will never get you the win in Survivor. Very good season

      • melthehound says:

        That he has, T-Rex. Only pairs have remained solid in alliance since the beginning. Denise and Malcom, Abi and Pete, Lisa and Skupin.

    • TexasTart says:

      Survivor – why even say what I think; I agree with all Plainviewsue said! I agree and T-Rex too on this being a great season. I didn’t know until I read MTH blog that Abi made up the idol part and the playing as if there was a second part to the “advantage” she bought (this was for lack of seeing that written message). No matter how despicable a person – she IS a good player! She can’t win though, thank goodness, so we can all just watch and laugh…or try to, ha.

      Lisa – shut up! I like you as a person, but come’on and quit saying the game is bigger than you, or you’re not cut out for it! STOP IT!!! I’m still hoping for Malcom or Denise to win! Thanks again for a great blow-by-blow, MTH!

      • melthehound says:

        Lisa is playing the poor me card and has been all along. Penner was on to it when he said, cut the crap. My grandmother use to do this. Thursday nights when we would visit her, out came the cake. Before anyone could take a bite, she would say what she messed up or forgot while she was making it, fishing for compliments. My grandmother never screwed up a cake in her life except, perhaps, when she was first learning to bake. Same type of thing with Lisa. The ‘this game is beyond me’ bit is wearing thin and people are going to start writing Her name. I guess to some extent, we all do it but, with Lisa, it’s getting ridiculous and tired.

    • melthehound says:

      I’m still hoping to see Denise take it all. I don’t really know why but I do like her on this show.

      • TexasTart says:

        Me too. Pound for pound, Denise is the best all around! 🙂

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I like Denise and I hope she wins. Lisa has done a great job of convincing me that she needs to go home..all the way home. She is too weak to be on the jury!! They have been using her b/c they thought she was easy to manipulate but now she is just annoying! Not as annoying as Abi-noxious (best Survivor nick-name). That friggen Abi-she came through with immunity when it was only about her. How many times did she sit out of a challenge? She seemed fit as a damned fiddle climbing and untying.If she goes to the end-she will not win. She is so unlikable and she doesn’t have the ability to kiss ass when it comes to the jury…they always vote for an ass-kisser.

          • TexasTart says:

            I thought Abi-noxious sat out maybe 8 events. Was that Diana that came up with that nickname?! Good one!

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Yes Diana came up with the name-too funny!!
              Abi sits out 8 times and then flies through a immunity challenge like an animal-she tore that course up. Too bad she never showed that side of herself to her tribe mates!!

  9. Good Morning All! I am very, very late….to this very important date…with the blog! Been running around again this morning. I see there is another amazing “full of the best recaps” post, so going to head up to read. I can’t wait to see what MTH has to say with that picture of Abi and her tongue sticking out!

    I’ll be back later. But for now, I wish everyone a lovely day!! 🙂

    A new post, “The Wiser Self” is up + all the goodies at my place. Enjoy!

  10. Great blogs everyone! Thanks for your hard work! MTH, is Abi like the cockroach that, no matter who goes down around her, she just won’t go away? It does sound like she played a good game tho.

    As for your shout out to NMD….I wholeheartedly join my voice to that. Having started my own blog….which is considerably easier to put together than this one….I am STILL struggling over posting the dang pictures and can’t get it right most of the time. I don’t know how she gets the text to wrap around them and the position where she wants them. I get frustrated and give up and add a sidenote of apology that they don’t look right. LOL!

    So many, many thanks NMD for all the work you put into this for us. And those thanks go to all the great recappers too. I just CAN NOT imagine how it would be if this place was not here every morning. There is no other gathering place like it. And THAT is thanks to all of you!!

    Hugs and Blessings!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Yes, many, many thanks NMD!

    • melthehound says:

      While I’m sure that as I’m going through the process of putting pictures in my own blogs at the farm, I’m probably making it more difficult than it needs to be. I hope the process I’m using isn’t the same one NMD is using. If it is, then I owe her a huge apology for including a typical 13+ photos to post. As for getting the text to wrap, it seems to be automatic. As for the wrapping text, the key is to have enough text there To wrap around a photo. If you’re using the Dashboard (wordpress) to build your posts, once the picture is there, you can move it to wherever you want by simply dragging it. You can also resize it. I suggest experimenting a little bit to get the feel of it. Glad you are enjoying the recaps.

  11. AZGirl says:


    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      OMG! Now, I’m being SERIOUS!! I really hope Contessa won! She deserves it after some of the difficult things she has been through in her life! (*Fingers Crossed That Contessa Won the Powerball*).

      • melthehound says:

        Hehe 😆 If she did, we may never hear from her again….

        • princesspindy says:

          Great recap Jeff! I feel like I watched it. I never understand why they are all so stupid about the idol. Vote the person with the idol off and have a second choice. If they have the idol and use it the idol is out of play and your second choice gets off. If they don’t have the idol or don’t play it, they are gone. It has always perplexed me, they all give so much power to the idol holder. It’s not rocket surgery people!!

          • melthehound says:

            They all seem to be afraid of wasting their votes on the one who has the idol, or the one they think has it. A 4th idol on Abi’s part may be a stroke of genius. Or they may all smell the BS surrounding them and send her home anyway. Unless, that is, she wins immunity again. I’m sure come family fun day next week, there’ll be sob stories abound and somehow, she’ll get a pass.

          • Powell says:

            Princess P I like “it’s not rocket surgery”. 🙂

        • AZGirl says:

          Or post something from Cayman Islands 🙂

  12. california35 says:

    hi everyone!
    so Boss has been canceled? No more? hhmm well I LIKED that show and he in it, but I am glad i wont have to lay for that channel any more. I wish he and Camille had settled everything before the show was canceled.

  13. chismosa says:

    Everyone, just scroll by– this is an astrology post to Detox—— sorry to take up space!

    Detox! – how are you —- i have been reading up some blogs from the past few days and saw you got into a nice convo on zodiac signs— i wish i was on at that time! i keep such strange hours so i missed out!

    You had said you are a fire sign but with a water moon sign. (ps my favorite sign, Scorpio). But i’m the opposite of you, i have a water sun sign/ fire moon sign. i think that makes us very similar in some ways. That is why i get along so well with one of the my BFF’s who is the opposite of me, she is—, Aries/ with Pisces moon.
    Romance-wise: One of my 200 books i’ve accumulated since 20 years ago on signs has told me that you do get attracted to the opposite sex person who is in your moon sign arena… i.e. – you have a Scorpio moon you’d be attracted to fellow water signs. Even though you’re a crazy like a fox Sagitarrius! ha ha
    I can’t imagine myself with a Fire-signed guy. I have a TRIPLE Aries father– meaning sun sign, moon sign, rising sign. So i KNOW my Aries men! ha….. I am just so in love with the idea of psychologically wild Scorpio men i can’t resist 😉

    then the OTHER analysis, Romance-wise is that Mars/Venus is MOST important in male-female attraction/ dynamics. Your mars and his venus and his venus and your mars, etc. So much so much……

    But i have LEO as rising sign so anywhere i go people react to me like i’m acting like a crazy Lindsay Lohan or something, but in a good way. i’m just loud and tend to have people look at me because i talk loud, and am kind of annoyingly ‘in your face’— it’s the Leo rising. I don’t mean to toot a horn or sound conceited i’m just saying people have told me ‘oh yeah, you’re the gregarious girl we met at last year’s function’…. whatever…. But i think that’s compounded due to the fact that i’m also Latin!, IMO. But then again, my bff the Aries- she’s 1000000% Irish and is just as loud and gregarious as me. But my point is that i can be this shy little cancer but because Aries and Leo figure so prominently in my chart, it really fu**’s me up a bit. I think it leads to conflict within my personality. Anger/ temper issues, etc.
    Funny because another best friend of mine IS a Leo and acts NOTHING like it, she’s as quiet as a mouse — astrology is so interesting. (her rising is Virgo, so that’s WHY). 😉

    Bottom line, you should know your moon, your sun (duh), and your rising. Then if you want to delve into romantic things, you have to get to know your Venus and Mars.

    I’m having computer problems today but i AM checking in today on my phone and here again if i can, so if you respond, we can keep this going crazy Detox!

    ps my favorite site to read the 1st of the month just to get an overall ‘feel’ for my month is She has a forecast for the month, pretty good and especially warns about mercury retrogrades which i worry about.

    ok, over and OUT.

    • Powell says:

      chismosa all I know is my sign. 🙂

      • Nancy says:

        Hi Powel,
        I read your post to me on the last blog. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.
        The two cats we now have are feral so I understand why you are afraid of them.
        It’s a shame though because there are so many cats that are sweet and lovable.
        My wish for you is that in your future some cat will come along to change your feelings
        about them. 🙂 You should ask Queenbutterbean about the cat that changed her feelings about them forever. Her little one sleeps right beside her every night now. 🙂

        • Powell says:

          I’m happy for QBB but I’ll pass. Not that I will ever be able to or would want to pet a big cat, lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards, I love those cats. I’ll look at them on discovery channel. Those cats are fascinating to me. As far as pets go I’m a dog lover and love my cockatiel and I also love fish. I haven’t had a dog or fish for a few yrs but I’ll get me a cute little dog one of these days.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hi Chismosa! (*Waving*)

      I’m hangin’ in there. Thanks so much for asking. How are YOU?

      Thanks for that in-depth post on astrology. I do not have as many books as you on the subject, but I DO have SEVERAL (which are presently at my house, which has basically just been a storage area for the past few months. Now, I’ve got to sell it, but that’s a story for another day). So, I’ve read up A LOT. I wish I had those books with me now at my parents’ house. Damn!

      I don’t live my life by it, but I do find what I have learned and personally experienced with several people matches much of what I’ve learned about astrology.

      We probably ARE similar in SOME, or even MANY, ways. FIRE & WATER make “steam”. So our combination FIRE & WATER Sun and Moon signs make us “steamy”. LOL. 😉 Hmmm….I wonder if that means we are SEXY. I would say YES (because I am a HUMBLE ol’ B*TCH like that), but…..who knows? 😀

      If I ever met your triple-Aries father, we’d probably get along like a house on fire because I love me some Aries men. 😉 The women can be a bit BOSSY, though. We work that out quickly, though because I say, “Hey, Girl! You NOT da boss o’ME!!” She respects that, and then we get along swimmingly. 😀

      The same would probably go with you and my parents since you love Scorpios. You’d get a DOUBLE DOSE with my Mom & Dad.

      I’ve read that one is very attracted to and can make a very good marriage with a person, who may not SEEM astrologically incompatible based on their SUN signs, but ARE compatible because one or the other has the SAME SUN & MOON sign. I could NEVER imagine myself being married to a Scorpio (because they can be VERY jealous, controlling and possessive. My free-spirited, commitmentphobic, laid-back, easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl Sagittarius sign CANNOT deal with that? I’ve never DATED a Scorpio. I’ve just grown up with 2 Scorpio parents and have had several Scorpio friends. But who knows? I could meet a Scorpio man that turns out to be a good match because of that Moon/Sun sign stuff. *Shrug* I DO like that Scorpios can be VERY LOYAL and VERY DEEP, though. They are FAR from SHALLOW, which is good because shallow people BORE the hell out of me and annoy me to no end!).

      Scorpio and Pisces are supposed to be the MOST PSYCHIC of all the signs. I’ve been told by more than 1 psychic that I am psychic myself but that I have suppressed that aspect of my personality because it makes me uncomfortable. I WAS born with a caul on my face, which, according to Old Wives’ Tales, means that I am supposed to have “2nd Sight.” *Shrug* I don’t believe it. I DO think I am VERY, VERY intuitive, though. I tend to be able to accurately “read” people and be able to judge their characters very quickly (EVERY time I have gone AGAINST my initial read/instinct about a person in an effort to be FAIR, however, they have stabbed me in the back — every single time. But hope springs eternal with Sagittarius. So, I still try to be open and give those people chances anyway). AND, when my friends ASK (only when they ASK because I do NOT give UNSOLICITED ADVICE or OPINIONS) me about a person and/or what I think is going to happen with them and that person, I’m usually right 95% of the time (or so THEY tell me). *Shrug*. I don’t call that psychic. I just call that good ol’ common sense and a good B.S. detector. LOL.

      I’ve read about the importance of compatible VENUS and MARS signs too. Just like my Moon, my Venus is in Scorpio, and my Mars is in Libra. I’m not sure what my Rising Sign is. I do know I have one other Planet/House in Scorpio too. So, that is probably why I can handle, deal and get along with Scorpios, even though I’m not supposed to be able to get along with them AT ALL according to my Sun sign. Trust me. I CAN clash with them, but I always also seem to work it out with them in the end. *Shrug*

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some LEO’s!! And, unlike your LEO friend you described, I have NEVER in ALL my life met a QUIET LEO. NEVER!! LOL! My maternal grandmother was a Leo, and we had a very special connection and always got along like a house on fire. Some of my best female and male friends are LEO’s. LEO’s do like to be the center of attention (and, often, they ARE the center of attention without really TRYING to be. That works just fine with me as a Sagittarius because Sagittarians don’t mind being in the background at all — although, like a LEO, a Sagittarius often tends to attract a lot of people and a lot of attention without trying. Leo’s and Sagittarians don’t COMPETE when it comes to that attention, though. They are just cool ruling/getting attention SIDE-BY-SIDE without any jealousy between them). Oddly, I’ve never dated a LEO man, though. Oh yeah, LEO’s (like my Granny) are VERY, VERY PROUD (like a majestic and proud LION, sitting there with its mane all fluffed out).

      Like I’ve mentioned a MILLION times, I am a commitment-phobe with intimacy issues who subconsciously, for many years, viewed marriage as a “trap/prison” that is terrifying to an independent, claustrophobic person like myself. HOWEVER, there is ONE man I would have married in a heartbeat with NO fear. I compared our charts with of my books YEARS after we broke up/lost contact, and we were compatible in 90’s of our planets/houses, etc (Not only were our SUN signs compatible, but so were our Venus and Mars signs).

      After I read that, I was like, “Oh….so THAT was what it was!!” LOL. I just never “got” it before I read that.

      I’m sorry you are having computer problems (Same here), and I hope you get them resolved soon. Feel free to continue this conversation. I’m sure we could talk about this stuff all day.

      You sound like much more of an expert than ME on this stuff, though. I’d LOVE to LEARN from you. I’ve got to take a quick power walk (I’m super-late in doing that today), but I will definitely check back with this blog to see if you have any more astrology knowledge to share with me (*Rubs Hands Together Excitedly*)!!

      XOXO 😉

  14. Nancy says:

    Kim’s blog is up.
    KooKoo Kelly’s house sold for 1/2 the asking price. That’s got to hurt.

    • Powell says:

      Yikes I’m sure that hurt but she still made out esp since Giles bought that house.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I’m going to have to go to the site and read it. I’m still not used to Kim BLOGGING!! I’ve liked her blogs so far this season.

  15. T-Rex says:

    To my tech savvy internet friends here need some help. Trying to find Duck Dynasty Season 1 episodes, of course free if possible, I checked A&E and they only have the current episodes online, and nothing on YouTube, thanks

    • melthehound says:

      Try this. Do not download or install anything. It’ll phuck up your computer and browser by putting all kinds of crap you don’t want on it. Do not sign up for anything. If you see a box in the middle of the play screen telling you that you need a plugin to view, close said box. Then press play and try to enjoy. On my machine, some if these videos are sketchy but that may be my connection (the videos stop and rebuffer making them annoying to watch). All of these free sites do that to me on some videos while others work perfectly.

  16. AZGirl says:

    Still no post from Contessa…..hmmmmmmm

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


      Contessa has booked her and her man’s flight and is PACKING for her trip to some tropical island or for her trip around the whole damned world!!

      She and her man probably spent the day telling their bosses to “Take this job and SHOVE it!!” (although I think Contessa has her own business. I prefer to think of her telling her boss that because it’s more “theatrical” and makes me feel good for some reason. LOL).

      Now, they’re home PACKING and calling their cell phone providers to change ALL of their phone numbers so they won’t be bothered by people asking them for money once the news gets out.

      Maybe she’ll send us a picture of her standing behind and helping to hold up the GIANT-ASS check they usually gives to lottery winners before they snap their pic and put it in the papers!

      Go, Contessa!!

  17. AZGirl says:

    I have been catching up on the Lindsey Lohan arrest last night. This girl is so out of control. Vodka and cocaine in a club and punches another girl in the VIP section. Someone needs to help her and keep her away from (a) her parents, (b) a car and (c) clubs. It really bothers me that she is given so many passes. If my kids did any of the unlawful things she has done they would be in jail.

    • Nancy says:

      Mind boggling isn’t it. IMHO her days on earth are limited unless she gets some real help. It’s just a matter of time.

    • Powell says:

      AZGirl I was watching it on TMZ. I hope I’m wrong cause she had real talent and I want her to turn her life around but I’m so afraid she’s going to die young. She’s got new charges in NY, pending charges in LA from the car accident and now violation of probation. The last judge she had is going to go mental if Lindsay’s case is assigned to that same judge. When she had her last session w/the judge she told Lindsay she didn’t want to see her back in her court. Dina Lohan keeps saying Lindsay is fine. She doesn’t want to admit her daughter needs help. What’s she going to say now?

      • Nancy says:

        This is the problem…Her mother is as sick or sicker than her daughter.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Yep. She never stood a chance with the parents she has.

          Despite that, I am firmly convinced that Lindsay is a sociopath who think that rules and laws simply do not apply to her because she is so “special.” She NEVER takes responsibility for anything and also has an EXCUSE for EVERY damned thing.

          I’ve wondered for a while now how she’s still been able to keep up a sort of Hollywood lifestyle despite never having really worked steadily in YEARS. I’ve read that she hooks up with super-rich men and basically “entertains” them in exchange for money and drugs (One of them was allegedly a man by the name of Vikram Chatwal, but I think he’s finally tired of her. She’s probably looking for a new benefactor). In short, she is ALLEGEDLY a UTR (Under The Radar) escort.

      • AZGirl says:

        It is so sad that Lindsey is saddled with two disfunctional parents. Michael is a mess and obviously so is Dina. But Lindsey IMHO could have cut both these loser loose and been really successful. She is lazy and entitled. That is why she gets into fights and wrecks expensive cars with abandonment. Hollywood needs to cut her off. Cut her off just like they did with Robert Downey Jr. He was sick and breaking into homes and sleeping their basement. They cut him off. Put him in jail and he is sober and back on track. Just what Lindsey needs is the Robert Downey Jr. treatment STAT.

  18. Powell says:

    I was just watching TMZ and one of the staff that spoke w/Kelsey’s rep that said the camera angle was deceiving, the baby wasn’t on Katey’s etc. He told Kelsey’s rep that he was a liar, that they feed TMZ lies. You could hear the rep trying to talk but the TMZ staff member talked over him calling him a liar. Kelsey and his people are trying to tell the media lies to cover Kelsey.

  19. trudie says:

    How are our blog members that were hit by Sandy? I know they are all present and accounted for but having heard any updates on dealing with the aftermath. Hope you are all doing well and life has somewhat returned to normal.

    • vilzvet says:

      Life is definitely normal for those of us who were lucky to just have no power. Trees are still an issue, in fact the local towns are sending out private companies to heavily trim any limbs that could hit power lines. Lessons learned. My dh who works in plumbing has been so busy; working every day replacing homeowners who had to replace oil burners and water heaters that got totalled. Insurance companies are angering many flooded homeowners who have what we call high ranches; they are saying the lower floor is a basement and therefore is not covered. Nice, huh? I have one myself and it is NOT a basement, it is a living area. The school districts around here have decided to completely cut the February break, which affects many vacation plans but there is no alternative. And if I ever have to wait on a line at a gas station again or have to handle a smelly gas can again, it will be too soon! Glad to have a generator though for the next time we have an outage, even for one day.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Thanks for the update, Vilzvet. I’m glad to hear that you are o.k. and things are slowly but surely getting better and back to normal for you and some of the others out there. My prayers go out to all of you.

        Oh, and, I probably should NOT say this as an attorney who has spent the MAJORITY of her legal career representing Insurance Companies in some form, shape or fashion but…..Insurance Companies can often be straight ASSHOLES! *Shrug* Their game is getting you to pay their premiums every month but PURPOSELY writing very VAGUE and AMBIGUIOUS policies so that they can legally argue that they do NOT have to cover you because of some vague/ambiguous loophole/”Insurance Company Get Out of Jail Free Card for US [“Us” being the insurance company] in their policy (that they never really mentioned in the first place).

        After Katrina, insurance adjusters and people who worked for insurance companies needed to walk around New Orleans and the surrounding areas wearing BULLET-PROOF vests (I’m being dramatic, but that really is how MUCH anger so MANY people had against their insurers who were refusing to cover them when they lost EVERYTHING because, “Oh No, We only cover WIND damage, not the RAIN that CAME with the WINDS of a HURRICANE. This looks like RAIN, not WIND damage….so….Oops, you’re S.O.L. Sorry you paid all that money in premiums! Good Luck! See Ya! Wouldn’t Wanna BE Ya!”).

    • not THAT Jill says:

      All back to normal in my house. We learned a few things and will be way more prepared should this happen again. Simple things to remember like firewood!!! We went through so much firewood!!!

  20. Nancy says:

    Kim’s hubby Kroy is playing tonight. They are playing the Saints.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      GO SAINTS!! That’s always a big game because of the Saints/Falcons years-long rivalry!

      I’m a horrible Saints supporter, though, because the last time I remember watching them play was when they FINALLY won a damned Super Bowl!!

      When I lived in N.O., people called them “The Aint’s” or “straight GARBAGE”! People also said that the Saints would NEVER win a Super Bowl because the Superdome was built on land where certain slaves and Native Americans were buried. So, a voodoo curse had been placed on them, which was going to make them be “LOSERS” forevermore. LOL


      • LaineyLainey says:

        Dang – that’s some bad juju – – -looks like they’ve (the saints) overcome it. (the bad juju)

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Oops, I meant to say that some people in N.O. REALLY believed the Voodoo Curse story. Considering the SAINTS’ horrible records for YEARS, though, I can’t say that I blamed them.

  21. Laineylainey says:

    HI friends-DEtox emailed me some of your msgs of concern and sympathy-tx tart, Powell, mar drag, NMd, azgirl…hope I didn’t forget anyone. We have been back home since last night. Guys, my hubby gave his dad a wonderful send off. I was amazed. He spent his life talking to his dad, asking him questions about everything and his eulogy was so beautiful and informative and reflected how much my husband loved and respected his father. I know I have said this before but my sweet hubby lost his very best friend. He keeps crying when he thinks of how sick he was at the end. Tears mixed with the joy of knowing he is free and he is now whole. Thanks all of you for your messages from before and now. It’s probably best to go back to my hw snarking; just want to let you guys know how much I appreciate you.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      This is a beautiful comment. I’m glad your husband finds at least a little comfort in the fact that his father is no longer in pain, although I’m sure that the pain of losing both his father and his best friend outweighs that comfort. I’ll keep you guys in my prayers.

      And WE appreciate YOU, Lainey!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        thanks, doll!! He just needs to replace the images of his suffering with the images of the good memories and the thought of his little body being big and strong again. I forgot to tell you that they were trying to revive him when my husband walked in to his room. It is not like what you see on t.v. – it looked really brutal. He’s starting to replace that image with more pleasant ones – working on the slideshow – while difficult – really helped his brain to refocus on the living years and not on that horrible moment he walked in on. My point is that he is finding comfort in knowing that the suffering has ended.

  22. BB says:

    I just noticed NMD’s comment about an exclusive interview coming at 10PM after RHOM airs. I wonder who? hmmmmmmmm

  23. Jutz says:

    Kelsey will never be broke. Syndication from Cheers and Fraiser means he’s set for life.

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