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Brandi is Pissed at LeAnn / More on the New Housewives and Other News by NoMoreDrama

Brandi Glanville has taken to twitter to vent about LeAnn Rimes parenting skills, and this time she’s pissed.  It has been building for the last day or so, with LeAnn calling the boys “her boys” and tweeting out their photos while Brandi isn’t allowed to have them on camera with her.  But yesterday the conflict grew.  Here’s Brandi’s tweets.

Brandi: “Someone is trying 2 get under my skin by calling MY children “her boys”Sooo transparent!They R MY boys, Eddie Boys and ur step-sons… 4 now”

Brandi: “Im trying not to tweet about something I just saw…. Breathe”

And then an hour later “a friend just sent me a video of MY 5 yr old riding his bike on a busy st without his training wheels & without a FUCKING Helmet”

And then “someone needs a fucking bonus fucking mom fucking refresher course@leannrimes

“Im taking a moment from twitter to breathe and punch some pillows.”

And finally “I could give a rats ass about her but she has put both of my boys in danger now and Its time to do something.”

LeAnn’s response:  “@brandiglanville really, he’s not in a st. It’s in our neighborhood, and you know it. It’s on the dirt.”

More on the New Housewives

How did Lydia Stirling McLaughlin become a Real Housewife of Orange County?  Her link is likely through Lisa Vanderpump.  Remember that photo shoot of Brandi Glanville’s on Monday’s episode?  It was for Lydia’s magazine – the magazine that Lisa writes for, and according to LALATE Lydia was in the photo shoot scenes.  I’m afraid I missed that – but if I re-watch I’ll keep an eye out for her.  Lydia may have been under consideration for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but with her home in Orange County and room on that cast, she ended up on that show.

And what else do we know about our New Jersey Housewife, Jennifer Dalton?  She’s best friends with Lil’ Kim,  and both Lil’ Kim and Teresa Giudice were at her baby shower and are in the photos of “behind the scenes” shots from Pregnant in Heels.



According to TMZ Kim Zolciak has gone to the courts to get a gag order on her parents, claiming that they are trashing her with lies.  Their motive, a possible $50,000 book deal.  Of course, since Kim is in the middle of filming her spin-off, I can think of another motive.  Perhaps I’m just skeptical.


Speaking of spinoffs, it looks like Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago might be lobbying for one of their own.   Now that their engagement is back on, and they’ve set a year (2014 according to Joanna’s twitter), all that is missing is Bravo filming the event.  I would guess that Adriana de Moura won’t be invited.


Please see yesterday’s blog for context on these polls.


                 The Walking Dead  Episode 7  When the Dead Come Knocking by BlueSky

A lot has happened so let’s take a look back at the last few episodes. Rick’s wife went into labor just when our group was being over run by walkers in the prison. Seems that the prisoner Rick threw out to be eaten by walkers actually survived and has been getting his revenge on Rick. He set off the prison alarm system, which attracted walkers from near and far. Then he let them into the prison, using dead animals as bait. While the group is frantically trying to dispatch these walkers, Lori goes into labor, trapped in a room with just Hershel’s blonde daughter and her son Carl. Lori cannot have the baby naturally.  It must be done by C-section. She and Carl share a tender moment, as Lori realizes she will not survive the birth of her baby. This is a very disturbing scene, hard to imagine what will happen next. The baby is alive, but Carl has to kill his mother so that she will not become a walker. It can’t get much worse than this folks.

After Rick learns that Lori is dead, he flips out. He can’t handle his feelings of guilt and remorse over his treatment of Lori. Rick is avoiding even looking at the baby. Daryl helps to take care of the baby and shows a surprising tender side. Sadly, Carol has been lost during the walker invasion. Rick answers a ringing telephone and speaks to someone on the line about a safe haven. He hangs out near where Lori died and that’s where the telephone is. I’m trying to forget what happened to Lori after she died….Rick searched for her body and only found a walker there. Rick takes another call. On this call, he speaks to Lori, who says she’s in a safe place now. Eventually Rick will regain his senses, but he works through his guilt with the imagined phone calls. In the comic series, the phone calls go on for a long time. The show is inspired by the comics but change a lot of what happens. If you are curious, google “Walking Dead Comic” to see how the comics look. One thing I happened upon while researching is that the Governor and Michonne have a very long hate filled relationship. He tortures her, forces her to be a sort of gladiator fighting the walkers in Woodbury. But Michonne gets her revenge. She cuts off the Governor’s private parts. Just thought you’d enjoy that.

So where are we. Back in Woodbury, Michonne has wisely decided to depart. Andrea decides to stay and get closer to the Governor. Andrea always has had a thing for psychos. Remember when she and Shane had car sex last season? Really Andrea you think the Governor is a handsome devil?! Well he is the devil, so sooner or later she will come to her senses. Daryl’s brother takes a couple of thugs to go after Michonne. He wants to kill her, but she’s too smart to let him catch her. She manages to kill everyone but Merle and has a bullet in her thigh as a result. Somehow Michonne manages to get away from Merle and meandering walkers as she gets to a nearby town in search of medical supplies. At the same time, Glen and Maggie have taken a car and gone into town in search of baby formula & supplies. Michonne hides behind a car as she watches them walk into a pharmacy. As Maggie & Glen come out of the store with a heaping shopping basket, they run into that snake Merle. You know this is not going to turn out well. Merle berates Glen for leaving him shackled to a pipe on top of a building back in Atlanta. Glen tells him that Rick led a group back to rescue him, but Merle is way too hateful to accept any apologies now. The loss of his hand does allow him to sport a nasty knife attachment that Merle uses to off walkers. Merle wants to know where the rest of the group is. Glen refuses to tell him, so Merle takes Maggie hostage, and forces them to go back to Woodbury with him. Remember Michonne? She’s still hiding behind the car, but knows Merle is not going to play nice with Maggie & Glen.

Somehow Michonne finds her way to the prison. Rick sees a woman that can’t be a walker, as she’s holding a red shopping basket filled with baby formula. Now the walkers notice Michonne, and she is having trouble killing them with her injured leg slowing her down. She falls to the ground. Rick and Carl rush to open the gate and save her. Being Michonne, she doesn’t show a lot of gratitude towards her saviors. Eventually she tells them that Glen & Maggie have been taken to the Governor’s safe town by Merle. A happy moment during this scene is Rick finding out that Carol is alive. Daryl had been searching for her after finding a walker with Carol’s knife buried in him. He finds her too weak to move, hidden in a cell.

You can imagine how much enjoyment Merle is getting out of torturing Glen. He has him tied to a chair, so that Glen can’t move his arms. As a parting gift, Merle sends in a walker to finish Glen off. With skillful moves, Glen manages to break off the chair legs while evading the walker, and even kills him with a large splinter to the head. Bravo Glen. Meanwhile Maggie has been alone in the next room, waiting for her turn with Merle. The Governor instead comes in to talk to her. He tries to charm her into telling him where Rick’s group is. When that doesn’t work, he makes her strip. The Governor is about to rape Maggie, but stops. She is taken into the room where Glen is thinking over his next move. Merle has had enough. He threatens to shoot Glen, so Maggie in desperation reveals that Rick and the others are in the prison. Merle and one of his thugs leave to scout out the prison.

While all this has been going on, Andrea is asked to help Milton with an experiment. We have seen how fascinated the Governor is with experiments on the walkers. Is he trying to save his zombie daughter that we met awhile back? Milton has an elderly man in a bed. He’s close to death. He wants to see if the man will retain any memory after turning into a walker. Andrea tells him no, once a person becomes a walker, they are now all monster. Milton thinks the old man is responding to his questions and unstraps his arms. After the now walker old man lunges at Milton, Andrea expertly dispatches him with a knife to the head. Milton seems crushed. Andrea wastes no time going to the Governor’s mansion for a drink. We see the Gov embracing Andrea, telling her “it’s all right, it’s over now”. Yup Gov, it is over for you once Rick meets up with you.

A rescue team sets off for Woodbury comprised of Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Michonne. They become over run by walkers in the woods, so they find a cabin to shelter in. There’s a man hidden under covers on the bed, who starts shouting. This is attracting more walkers to the cabin, so unable to silence the man, Rick & his group have to act fast. They throw him out the door to distract the walkers while escaping out the back. Next we see them approaching the perimeter of Woodbury at night. There’s going to be a big fight when they get inside to rescue Glen & Maggie. Will Andrea come to her senses and help her real friends against the Governor? Whatever will become of the Gov’s zombie daughter? Next episode is number 8 out of a total of 16 for season 3. Looks like we will be spending a lot of time in Woodbury for the fight between the Governor and Rick. Don’t forget to watch Sunday nights 9 pm on the AMC channel.


Welcome back to “Basketball Wives-L.A.”! by INeedaHousewives’DetoxProgram

This week, we start off, NOT in L.A., but in New York, where Jackie Christie and her fashion team are in the backstage area preparing for her clothing line’s fashion show, which is scheduled to take place in a few days.

Brooke, who is scheduled to be one of the models in the show, arrives for her fitting.  She interviews that she is self-conscious about modeling because of her “big breasts and big butt!”  She notes that she is an “urban” model, which is QUITE different than a runway model (I’ll SAY!!  You got THAT right, Brooke!  Many “urban” models would be considered “morbidly obese” in the REAL, high-fashion modeling world.  I understand Brooke’s concerns because she is DEFINITELY NOT built like a 14-year-old BOY!!).

Malaysia arrives next.  She interviews that, although she will not be modeling in the show, she is there to help Jackie out and to provide her with moral support.

Next, Draya pops up in one of Jackie’s outfits from her fashion line.  She interviews that she is SURPRISED about how nice some of Jackie’s clothing items are because of how poorly Jackie dresses HERSELF (Good point, Draya!  And I totally agree.  Jackie can’t dress for SH*T!!  I would describe Jackie’s personal style as a cross between HOT ASS MESS and LOST IN A TIME WARP.  Hey, Jackie!  The 90’s called.  They want their outfits back!!!  And, Girl, do NOT get me started on Jackie’s BUSTED weaves and wigs.  *Sigh*).

Draya, Malaysia and Brooke ask Jackie who she has has invited to her fashion show.  Jackie tells them that she has invited ALL of the girls (i.e., all of her cast mates).  She says that, when it comes to Laura, she feels like Laura is just “going through something emotionally”  (Ummm….not REALLY, Jac!  Laura basically just HATES YOUR GUTS and is hell-bent on getting her revenge for the way you “played” her last season.  And, instead of looking like she is “going through something” emotionally, Laura looks like she is ENJOYING the HELL out of playing you like a funky piano!).

Brooke then changes the subject and tells them that she is having a dinner  to celebrate the fact that she is going to be on the cover of “KING Magazine.”  She invites them all to attend, and she then immediately zeroes in on Draya and tells Draya that Draya really hurt her feelings because Draya did not seem to be happy for her when she heard the news that Brooke got the cover of the magazine.

Draya’s eyes widen, and she looks a bit taken aback.  She then tells Brooke that she IS happy for Brooke, and she does not CARE about the “KING Magazine” cover.  She says that she basically has an “I don’t give a sh*t” attitude about it.  Brooke responds by saying, “THAT attitude is WHY I feel the way I do!”  Draya interviews that she feels like Brooke is being ultra-sensitive.  Malaysia, ever the peacemaker, intervenes and somehow calms the situation between Draya and Brooke down and gets them to shut the conversation down for the time being (I’m glad because I am tired of this subject and this conversation ALREADY!).

Next, we are at a fashion show by some designer named Stevie Voyce (I have never heard of him or her).  It turns out that Gloria and Brooke are also walking in this designer’s show.  In order to show their support, Draya, Laura, Jackie and Malaysia are all sitting together in some type of booth or table in the audience.  Before the show, the women are making conversation, including Laura and Jackie.  Draya addresses Jackie and Laura and points out the fact that the two of them are talking to each other.  She interviews that she does not know what in the hell is going on with Laura talking to Jackie, seeing as how Laura made it pretty clear during the last episode that she did NOT like Jackie and was still holding a MAJOR grudge against Jackie for the way Jackie stabbed her in the back LAST season.  Draya then asks Jackie and Laura if they have “made up.”

Jackie responds that she has NO problem with Laura and has nothing but love for her and ALWAYS has (Hmmmm…..based on the way Jackie DID stab Laura in the back last season, I would HATE to see how she would treat Laura if she had nothing but HATE for her).  Laura gives some type of noncommital response to Draya.  Laura then interviews that “You may not LIKE the DEVIL, but you can still hang out with HIM” (or HER in Jackie’s case).

Draya, pushing the issue, then flat-out asks Laura if she LIKES Jackie.  Laura gives another noncommital, vague (and nonsensical, in my opinion) answer.  Draya then tells Laura that she is “evil.”  Laura denies this and says that she is a very nice person.  Draya responds, “Not to HER!” and looks pointedly at Jackie when she says it.

Finally, this Stevie Voyce fashion show starts, and the clothes are….how shall I put this?  Something that I would NEVER be caught DEAD wearing!  For instance, Brooke walks the runway in a blonde afro wig, wearing what looks to be black, super-tight workout pants with some type of glitter and a mesh-covered cut-out pattern going down each side of each of her legs.  This is topped off by a matching belly-baring crop top in the same material and black color.  In short, it looks like something Brooke should wear to work out at a gym where there is a man (or men) she is trying to impress (or to convince she is possibly crazy) while she works out.  I must be fair, however.  Brooke could probably also wear that to a club in the ‘hood, as long as the material was changed so that it became bullet-proof.  Malaysia interviews that Brooke looked “AMAZING” (If Malaysia is referring to Brooke’s OUTFIT, she is LYING THROUGH HER TEETH.  If she is referring instead to Brooke’s confident strut down the runway, I would have to agree).

Next, it is Gloria’s turn to walk down the runway.  She is wearing what looks to be a black velvet catsuit (Yes, I said “catsuit.”  I had a couple of those when I was in college that I used to rock with high-heeled boots and a jacket.  This was, of course, between the years of 1988 and 1992, and I was a Size 2.  I probably could not put my big TOE in one of those catsuits right about now.  *Sigh*.  And, yes, I said I rocked those catsuits in the LATE-80’s and EARLY-90’s!  Either catsuits are making a comeback or this designer is caught in a time-warp).  To her credit, Gloria walks the runway like “A BOSS,” and her hair (despite the fact that the designer has made her wear a HOT PINK CAP to go with the black velvet catsuit) and makeup are FLAWLESS.  Gloria’s figure also looks awesome (I guess all of that training and exercising she is doing to prepare for her upcoming role as a ballerina by day and an assassin by night is paying off.  Go, Gloria!)!  The outfit is totally “ho-ish” and out of style, but Gloria made the best of it.

After the show, the other women go backstage to congratulate Brooke and Gloria on a job well-done.  Brooke asks the women if they are coming to her celebratory dinner, which is being held immediately after she and Gloria can change into something more suitable for dinner (or for simply being seen in PUBLIC).  Brooke interviews that Draya has already informed her that she will NOT be attending the dinner because the editor of “KING Magazine,” whom she does NOT like (and the feeling is very mutual), is also going to be there.  She further interviews that, to her, this is a sign that Draya is not being supportive of her accomplishment AT ALL.  This is followed immediately by Draya, who interviews that, in HER opinion, she IS being a good friend to Brooke by NOT attending and having a “pissy-pouty” face and possibly having an uncomfortable and/or ugly encounter with the editor of “King Magazine” due to their present unresolved “issues” (I actually see BOTH sides of this argument and cannot decide who is right or wrong).

Finally, all of the women, except for Draya, are assembled for dinner at what looks to be the outdoor, patio/balcony area of a restaurant.  Laura asks Brooke where Draya is, and Brooke tells them Draya told her that she would be uncomfortable attending due to the animosity that exists between her and the editor of “KING Magazine.”  Malaysia immediately takes up for Draya and says she understands and agrees with Draya’s decision not to attend the dinner.  She interviews that Draya probably thought the event was going to be a party, instead of a dinner, and she was just trying to avoid a possibly uncomfortable scene or exchange with the editor (I love Malaysia, but this argument does not make sense to me because Draya would be MUCH more likely to be forced to interact with this guy at an intimate dinner, as opposed to a party where she could avoid him by moving through a crowd and AWAY from wherever he is located).

Brooke responds that she thinks one of Draya’s REAL reasons for not attending is the fact that the editor is going to reveal that Draya lied about having a prior agreement to have a “closed” set (which means that Draya would have been the ONLY model at the shoot that day).

Laura interviews that she is just chilling at the dinner even though Jackie is present.  Jackie tells Laura that she feels nothing but the most love and patience for Laura (Oh God!  Jackie ALWAYS pours it on so thick that it seems insincere).  Laura responds by telling Jackie that she has “something else in store” for Jackie on their “journey.”  Laura interviews that her meeting with Jackie’s daughter “changed her life” (Ummmm…..WHAT??!!), and she is excited to share this information with Jackie (Oh, I BET you ARE excited to tell Jackie how her own daughter basically described her as a fake, selfish, evil person and a horrible mother, Laura!  I’m sure you can hardly wait to share this GREAT news with Jackie!).

At this point, the editor of “KING Magazine” (a.k.a., “Draya’s nemesis”) arrives.  He uses his I-PAD to show everyone all of the pictures of Brooke that may wind up being used on the cover of the magazine.  Brooke is very excited, and the women offer their opinions on which pictures they would choose for the cover and their reasons for same.  They are also very complimentary to Brooke about her pictures.

Once the “picture show” ends, the editor then says that Brooke is one of the most professional models with whom he has ever worked (Why do I get the feeling that this is his segue into his bashing and trash-talking about Draya?).  He then starts speaking very negatively about Draya as a model and her lack of professionalism (Well, it looks like my instincts were right).  Malaysia interviews that she did not like him doing this (I agree with Malaysia.  This lone man is sitting with a group of women and bashing someone in his industry ON-CAMERA when the dinner is supposed to be about Brooke and celebrating her cover.  Draya was not there to defend herself, and I find HIS doing this to be very unprofessional — not to mention a bit “girly and gossipy.”  Him calling Draya unprofessional, based on what he is doing at this dinner, is the pot calling the kettle black, in my opinion).

Brooke then says that she spoke to Draya’s manager, and he told her that Draya feels she should only work alone on “closed” sets.

At this point, I think I am now on Draya’s side, and I am going to pause for a minute and tell you why.  I like both Draya AND Brooke, but the facts are the facts.  Draya is 27 years old.  Brooke is 36.  I will not pretend to be an “expert” on the “urban ‘booty magazine’ model” arena, but as far as I know, Draya is 9 years younger than Brooke and has ALREADY been on the covers of SEVERAL of these types of magazines.  So, at this point in her career in that arena, if she wants to request closed sets, she has a right to do so.  It’s not like she is some newcomer to that game making these types of requests and/or demands.  She IS kinda “J-Lo” when it comes to the “booty magazines.”  So, she has earned the right to be a LITTLE bit of a diva if she so chooses.

Brooke, at 36, has a body to rival women HALF her age, and she should be proud of making the cover of “KING Magazine” if that has been one of her life’s goals and on her “bucket list.”  I still don’t think that gives her the right to be openly negative about and critical of the way Draya likes to handle her business when it comes to posing for these types of magazines.

Now, if Draya were somehow offered the cover or even to be on the inside of a major, MAINSTREAM magazine such as “Glamour” or “Vogue,” she would have to pose on any type of set demanded by that magazine because it is not yet a “lane” she has conquered and been in for long enough of a time to make such demands.  If Anna Wintour asks Draya to get her a cup of coffee and pose with 15 other models, that is exactly what Draya WILL and SHOULD do, as she has not yet earned her “place” in that type of modeling/magazine arena.  Now, Draya has as much of a chance being on the cover of “Vogue” as I do becoming a supermodel at 42 years of age and only 5 feet tall, but I think you guys get my point.  Brooke needs to mind her business when it comes to how Draya handles her PROFESSIONAL business.  Their PERSONAL business and friendship is a different story, and Brooke has a right to express how she feels when it comes to that because that IS her business.

I also do not think it is cool for Brooke to be discussing Draya’s business practices with the other women.  That, in my opinion, is a conversation that she needs to have with Draya one-on-one, particularly if she is as “good” of a friend to Draya as she is CLAIMING to be.

At this point, Malaysia excuses herself and informs the others that she is going to the Ladies’ Room.  She interviews that she did this because she was not comfortable hearing an outsider speak so negatively about one of her friends (This is yet ANOTHER of the many reasons I love Malaysia.  She is authentic, loyal and has integrity.  She is also classy enough to refrain from confronting the man about this and causing Brooke’s dinner to become uncomfortable.  She simply excuses herself by saying she has to go to the Ladies’ Room).  She further interviews that, after she excused herself, she simply left the restaurant and went right back to her hotel room.

Back in L.A., we see Bambi in a recording studio with professional basketball player, Baron Davis, who just so happens to be a friend of hers and who also has an interest in the music business.  Bambi interviews that Baron wants to help her with her fledgling rap career.  Bambi tells Baron that it is so hard being a female rapper in the business without a male artist endorsing her.  She interviews that she will listen to Baron because he is a great businessman for whom she has much respect.

At this point, some other man arrives, but I missed his name.  I assume he is someone Baron knows in the music business who has come to the studio to hear Bambi’s rap skills for himself as a favor to his friend, Baron.

Baron asks Bambi what her time frame is.  She says she is unsure.  Baron tells her that she needs to seize the moment and get some structure and plan for her career goals.  Bambi interviews that Baron is very smart and really wants to help her.  He has been educating her about business and branding, which she appreciates.

FINALLY, it is the big day:  the day of Jackie’s fashion show.  Jackie interviews that she is super-stressed and freaking out.  We see her running around backstage like a chicken with her head cut off.

Malaysia is walking into Jackie’s backstage area to help her prepare.  She interviews that, before she does that, she wants to wait outside of the area until Draya arrives so that she can pull Draya aside and let her know what happened at Brooke’s dinner.  When Draya arrives, Malaysia does just that.  She tells Draya that Brooke’s feelings were hurt that Draya was not there because she really wanted Draya’s support.  Malaysia also tells her that Draya’s not attending is a sign to Brooke that Draya is not supportive of her getting the cover.  Draya interviews that hearing this makes her feel bad.

Malaysia then tells Draya that the editor of “KING Magazine” was speaking very negatively about her at the dinner.  Draya explains to Malaysia that THIS is the reason she did not want to attend.  She interviews that, after hearing this, she is glad she did not attend.

After their conversation, the two of them walk into the room backstage where Jackie is preparing the models and everything else for her fashion show.  Malaysia, who is only there to help Jackie prepare BACKSTAGE (and NOT to model in the show), interviews that, as soon as she arrived, Jackied pulled out a bronze lame’ trenchcoat and told her that this is what she would be wearing when she walked down the runway.  Malaysia looks shocked, but she accepts the trenchcoat from Jackie anyway (That trenchcoat is actually very nice, by the way.  Good job, Jackie!).  Someone mentions that the runway the models will be walking is 80-feet long.  Malaysia interviews that hearing this terrified her because she is, as she has told us more than once, very shy.

Jackie tells Draya that she and Laura want to wear the same dress.  At this point, Gloria and Brooke arrive.  Jackie tells Draya that Laura is going to “trip” because she specifically asked to model the dress that Draya is now wearing.  Jackie then asks Gloria where Laura is.  Gloria says that she does not know if  Laura is even coming.  Jackie looks thoroughly disappointed.

Draya then decides that she will wear whatever Jackie wants her to wear and NOT be a diva beccause, after all, it is JACKIE’S  fashion show.  At this point, Brooke approaches Draya and AGAIN tells Draya that her feelings are hurt because Draya did not attend her dinner (OMG!! WHAT do you WANT from Draya, Brooke??!!   BLOOD!!  Her first-born child??!!  Also, this is neither the time nor place to have this discussion AGAIN!!  JEEZ, Louise!).  Brooke goes on to say that a TRUE friend would have attended.  Draya responsds that a TRUE friend would NOT have let a man speak so negatively about Draya at that dinner (Score one for Draya!  Good comeback and good point!).  Draya then tells Brooke that she does not think this is the time or place to have this discussion because this is Jackie’s fashion show, and they should focus on JACKIE.  She further tells Brooke that she thinks it would be better for them to discuss this one-on-one when they get back to L.A. (I totally agree.).

Jackie interviews that she does not know why Laura might not even be attending and walking in her show when she promised that she would and even had some fittings in order to be able to do so.  She also wonders why Laura is doing this to her (because she really cannot STAND you, Jac!).

Well, speak of the Devil, and she shall appear!  Laura shows up 25 minutes before the show is about to begin.    Jackie interviews that she was thrilled to see Laura.  Laura interviews that she felt like she should have been there for Jackie, despite her personal issues with Jackie, because she is all about supporting other women when it comes to their professional business.

Brooke tries to comfort Malaysia, who is a bundle of nerves, about walking in the show.  Malaysia interviews that she is SO nervous and does NOT want to walk that runway because she is very shy and because she is afraid she might fall.  Brooke is super-supportive of and comforting to Malaysia, telling her she will be fine and that she just has to OWN it when she walks that runway!

Finally, it is SHOWTIME!

Jackie’s other models walk out before her cast mates, and I must admit that many of Jackie’s creations are actually o.k.-looking (They look much better than I would have imagined, considering Jackie’s own personal sense of style, or LACK thereof).

Now, it’s Jackie’s cast mates’ turns to walk the runway.  Draya goes first and works it, followed by Brooke and Laura, who do the same.  Laura interviews that, as she was walking, she was thinking about how she is SUCH a MILF (Girl, Bye!  Even after $80,000 worth of plastic surgery, you are STILL NOT a MILF, in my opinion!  *Eye Roll*).

Malaysia, of course, is the last of the cast mates to walk the runway  (so the Producers can drag the suspense out:  Will she fall?  Will she, after she falls, jump up and run off the runway and backstage DYING of embarrassment?  Will she have a panic attack on the runway?  Will she walk the runway like Ramona, of RHONY, who looked TOTALLY ridiculous  — so ridiculous that many people found it absolutely HYSTERICAL?!  I love you, Ramona….but it’s true.  I can watch that scene of Ramona OVER AND OVER and DIE laughing EVERY SINGLE TIME!  *Shrug*  Drumroll, please!).  Well, despite her extreme fear and nervousness and shyness, Malaysia OWNED that damned runway!  She walked with panache and swagger and even did a little dramatic taking off of her sunshades when she got to the end of the runway so that she could give the audience a “Naomi Campbell ‘I Know I’m the BADDEST Bitch in This Room’ death stare” before she dramatically pivoted to walk all the way backstage, fake ponytail just a-swinging!!  (You GO, Malaysia!  In the words of RuPaul, “You better WORK…BITCH!!”).

Jackie interviews that she is ecstatic with how well her show went and how great all of the models did.  She also interviews that she is so happy that her clothes seemed to be so well-received by the crowd.  And she says that she is so happy that her cast mates were so supportive of her.  Finally, she says she could not have even DREAMED of a better show than the one she just had (Jackie, my friend, you are as CRAZY as a ROAD LIZARD, but I must give credit where credit is due:  when it comes to your fashion show…Ya done GOOD, Girl!!).

Next, we see Brooke and Laura meeting up for dinner.  Brooke tells Laura that she just wants Laura’s opinion on the issues she is having with Draya (Not THIS, again!  Just SHOOT me NOW because Brooke’s constantly bringing this subject up and making a mountain out of a molehill is literally driving me INSANE at this point!).  Laura tells Brooke that she has no issues with Draya.  She just thinks that Draya ACTS one way and comes off ANOTHER (Ummmm……WHAT?  What you just said, Laura, makes absolutely NO sense!).

Brooke goes on to then belabor what happened at the actual “KING Magazine” shoot and her disappointment in Draya’s response when she heard that Brooke made the cover….AGAIN… (At this point, I wanted to take the pen I was using to take notes on this episode and….Oh…I don’t know…..STAB myself in the neck with it!!  That is how much Brooke is KILLING me with her OBSESSION with Draya’s reaction or non-reaction and with Draya’s NOT attending her celebratory dinner!  JEEZ!).  She then tells Laura that she has tried to talk to Draya about all of this, but Draya is “distant”  (No, Brooke!  Draya is not “distant.”  I just think she is as “over” it as I am.  When Draya heard the phone call where the editor told you that you got the cover, she WAS happy for you.  What she was NOT happy with was the trash-talking the editor immediately launched into about HER right after he gave YOU your good news!  HELLO!!).

Laura interviews that she thinks Draya tries to act like a “victim.”  She responds to Brooke’s rant about Draya by saying that Draya makes people feel sorry for her and always makes herself the victim.

Brooke interviews that Draya does not know how to be happy for anyone other than herself because she is selfish.  She further interviews that this is not a good quality for building a friendship between them.

Brooke then changes the subject (Thank God!) and asks Laura why she walked in Jackie’s show, considering her issues with Jackie.  Laura tells Brooke that she did it because she had an “epiphany.”  She explains that she had a talk with a person in Jackie’s life that made her realize that Jackie is a VERY “hurt” person (I’m assuming Laura is referring to the talk she had with one of Jackie’s daughters, which was definitely eye-opening, to say the least).  Laura says that this particular talk has also made her decide to continue to deal with Jackie.  She is just going to deal with Jackie with “a long-handled spoon.”

Now, we are back in L.A., and Brooke and Draya are going to meet for dinner.  Brooke interviews that she wants Draya to apologize and “own her sh*t tonight!”

Once they are at the restaurant and seated, Brooke tells Draya that she feels like their friendship is in a weird place.  She goes on to complain and explain that she did not feel like Draya was REALLY happy for her getting the “KING Magazine” cover, and she also tells Draya that she feels like, unless it has to do with Draya, she is not really concerned with anyone else.

Draya calmly listens to everything Brooke has to say to her.  Once Brooke is finished, Draya calmly but bluntly says, “So you think I’m selfish.”  Brooke bluntly says, “Yes!”  Draya gets teary-eyed and apologizes.  Brooke interviews that Draya’s crying is NOT working on her (Draya looks sincere to me, but what do I know?).

Brooke then firmly tells Draya that she WOULD like an apology, and if she does NOT get it, their friendship is over (Wait a minute!  I thought I JUST heard Draya apologize.  Either I am going crazy, or Brooke was so intent on being “right” and so sure that Draya would refuse to apologize to her, that she heard what she wanted to hear — which was a LACK of an apology from Draya.).

Draya explains to Brooke that she is just not and has never been a “warm, huggy-feely” person.  She tells Brooke that she WAS and IS happy for her, but it is like Brooke wants her to be “happiER” (Brooke, in my opinion, seems like she made up her mind BEFORE the dinner and was in no mood to REALLY  listen to what Draya had to say).  Draya eventually tells Brooke that she has congratulated Brooke more than once, and she feels like she has congratulated her ENOUGH!  She then says, “This IS my ‘happy’!!  I am GIVING it to you!!”  Draya interviews that she does not know if Brooke wants Draya to give her a medal or a trophy or throw her a parade or WHAT (I don’t know either, Draya.).  Draya AGAIN tells Brooke, “I AM happy, but it’s like you’re trying to MAKE me be happiER!!”

Brooke then, without saying anything more, just gets up and walks out, leaving Draya sitting there alone at the dinner table.

Next Week:

Brooke threatens to smack Gloria as they argue.  Things get so heated between them that the other women have to get in between the two of them to keep them separated from each other (Same Song.  Different Day.  Because, as a viewer, I have basically seen similar scenes between these women 2 or 3 times already this season, I am now a bit jaded and “over” this type of behavior).

Jackie gets into a studio and tries to rap.

All of the women take a trip to New Orleans.

While in New Orleans, Brooke and Draya argue AGAIN!!  Draya interviews that she wants to have FUN, not ARGUE!

Jackie and Draya “show their tits” on Bourbon Street (or some other street in the French Quarter.  I hope they got something in return for their efforts.).


Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast Blogs by HilDogAtl

Hi Everyone!  I was trying to hold out and see if Kandi or Porsha would create a blog this week but as of Sunday AM, they had not and I couldn’t let you guys down waiting for them…so, lets get to it!


Kenya begins her blog speaking of how NeNe invited her to her house over Thanksgiving and that it was nice to have a genuine person opening her home and welcoming her to her first Thanksgiving in Atlanta.  Blech…I’m curious as to how their relationship will pan out throughout the season.

I’ve only brought one man home to meet my family and this was the second. I was happy to see my family take it fairly easy on him. Trust me… that was them taking it easy!”  Oh please, do you really believe that a grown a$$ woman has only brought 1, just 1 man in all of her 40+ years on this Earth to meet her family.  I think not.  I’m 33 years old and I have brought a few men home to visit my family, come to Thanksgiving dinner and the like.  I’m not buying this.  But wait, it gets even more funny as she progresses through her blog.

A “home-cooked” dinner? Come on, that was funny! I’m a busy girl running a production company, decorating a new house, helping my family, taking care of Velvet, and working everyday on many various projects that pull me in ten different directions. I can cook, and have many times for Walter, but simply didn’t have time that day but still wanted him to have an enjoyable, romantic evening. A modern girl has to be able to improvise!”  Wow…most women these days are quite busy, yes, I get it but she is making it seem as though she is running a Fortune 500 company which we all know that she is not.  Furthermore, Velvet is a dog…a cute dog but seriously, how much time does it take to feed a dog and walk it?  Not much.  At least go pic some take out and not some cheap, Trader Joe’s frozen meals.  I know what a frozen meal tastes like and more specifically Trader Joe’s frozen meals.  Yes,  some of them are tasty but how in the world do you serve your “boo” a frozen meal that cost maybe $2 (Trader Joe’s is cheap, cheap, cheap!)  Go to Kroger and get a rotisserie chicken with some pre-made cole slaw and baked beans…but sure, Kenya really knows how to cook.  I doubt it.  She is way too “perfect” to cook.

Kendra, oh I mean Kenya then hocks her family’s restaurant here in Atlanta and is offering a personal invite to all to go try some delicious food.

She then proceeds to recap Butt Dial gate but doesn’t say much.  I watched it over and over and didn’t fully grasp why Phaedra ever said she didn’t “give a f*ck about Cynthia coming to her event” because I thought they were friends. I also didn’t understand why Phaedra denied ever using profanity, because I have definitely have heard her use that type of language before while getting to know her. I’m not judging, because I have said worse.  I don’t know the entire history between these two, but it appears as though Cynthia and Phaedra have always supported each other in the past.”  Yes, I did find it very odd that Phaedra would make that comment about Cynthia but you can’t put it past Ms. Phaedra,  she does come off as a little catty, although I do like her quite a bit and find her funny.  She then touches that it was uncalled for that Phaedra would use such harsh words.

Kenya then ends with this…wow, she just won’t and can’t give it a rest.  I cannot rebut the comments about me made by someone so painfully unintelligent that she does not know how many days of the year there are, the difference between “telling a speech” and reciting or making a speech, and what an actual FREUDIAN SLIP is versus her off-the-cuff made up nonsensical phrase “fraudulent slip”.  It is very, very clear that Ms. Kenya & Ms. Porsha will never be friends which I honestly find sad b/c all women should support one another but I digress.  She then tells us we should donate to the United Negro College Fund…disgusting, utter disgusting…don’t tell us to support a cause just because you like the tag line “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” and its taking a jab at your archnemesis.


Cynthia starts her blog out speaking of Thanksgiving and gets right into it about the butt dial.  She speaks about how while her and Phaedra aren’t the best of buddies, they are in fact cordial friends who support each other.  We all know that Bravo forces these women to film.  I’m curious as to what happens when the camera’s aren’t there.  I’ve read a few Atlanta based blogs and I have to say, I never see them out socially at the same events but I could be wrong.  Nonetheless, it must have been a slap in the face to hear those words.

With that said, I was a little surprised to hear Phaedra’s commentary when NeNe played the BUTT dial for me that day at lunch. I felt that Phaedra’s tone was caviler, and her choice of words stung me like a bug bite from out of nowhere. Again, I don’t claim to be Phaedra’s best friend or anything, BUTT what I do claim is that I always make every effort to support “All Things Phaedra.” When I am invited to her extravagant affairs (regardless if the invite is heartfelt), out of respect my BUTT is always the first one there. Sometimes, my BUTT is the only one there (from this group of ladies) to support her. Phaedra knows that she can always depend on me to show up, show up on time, and not show out! Do I deserve a medal? No, BUTT I do deserve for Phaedra to at least give a fu– (excuse my spelling) that I do come and support!”  I would have been just upset.  It was wrong and these women should support one another.  That’s all I can say.  It should be interesting to see how they move forward after this issue was brought to light.  She then touches on how while Phaedra had no intentions of letting her know how she really felt, the Lord works in mysterious ways and it was meant to be that she heard the message.  I agree.  She then gives us a recap on how the situation occurs.  Cynthia ends with this:

As my friend, of course I would expect NeNe to pass this information on to me, regardless of how I decided to deal with it. I would have done the same for her. NeNe knows that I am a regular at Phaedra’s events, so it was good for me to know that she felt this way. I was never angry at Phaedra about the BUTT dial, BUTT I did want to talk to her about it, because I felt like she didn’t value my support. Also I wanted her to know that I knew she felt this way, because I was already starting to feel funny about attending her upcoming events. Since this was the first time we BUTTed heads, I thought she deserved to know why my BUTT was all of a sudden on ice. No drama, big girl style. The two of us would sit our BUTTS down with a cocktail and talk. This was the perfect opportunity for Phaedra to fess up, apologize, and walk her donkey booty off into the sunset. Was I bugging? Or did this chick really bug out on me!?”  IMHO I think Cynthia has a right to feel the way she does.  It’s very unlike the Phaedra we all have grown to love.


NeNe starts her blog saying that when all the sex talk and vulgarity is being shown (by Kim) she turns her t.v. down.  Oh Lord…she then gives us this little morsel.

My Lunch with Cynthia: I have always believed it’s not what you say, but how you say it! I love comedy, and I love being comedic. As you know, I’m one of the stars of the hit new comedy series The New Normal. I have watched most of these ladies say some really nasty things from their gut about me, but you know what, I’ve learned how to brush it off and laugh at them. I can be beat at a few things, but my comedic timing and the lyrics that come out of this mouth are unbeatable! I just had to tell my girl Cynthia about the always nasty and bitter attitudes of Kim and Sweetie at my event, but you have to admit, those faces I made were priceless! We really burst out laughing hard that day! That’s what meeting up with your girlfriend is all about.”  Would this blog not be a NeNe blog if she didn’t boast about her accomplishments?  I am all for success but boasting is not a good look on anyone and it makes NeNe look like a fool.   But that’s just my opinion.

She then recaps butt dial gate and how of course she was going to tell her girl b/c it was just wrong. She lets us know that she didn’t like the fact that Cynthia has supported Phaedra at all of her events and that her not giving an “f” was not acceptable.  (I think NeNe just wanted to stir the pot personally.  She could’ve told Cynthia about what she heard but she had to let her hear the recording.  There are easier, nicer ways in order to convey some messages and I think NeNe wanted to bring the drama, that’s what they get paid to do).  She then states it was funny to watch Phaedra wiggle her way out of the situation like she always does.  (Phaedra did also not know how far along she was too).

Well folks, it looks like while NeNe may be blogging this season, it’s very short and it’s mainly about all of her successes.


Phaedra begins her blog about how she like to uplift women and that she is not one to manufacture drama, real or unreal for the sake of being divisive.  I have to agree with her on this one.

During this week’s episode NeNe creates drama, like only NeNe can. She compares her relationship with Kim to my relationship with Cynthia. This is interesting, because there is no comparison. However, in true NeNe style, a recipe of drama was brewing using rushed judgment as the main ingredient. I have known Cynthia for two years, and we have always managed to get along and support each other in our various endeavors. And everybody knows that NeNe and Kim had a love-hate relationship, which ended on a sour note.”  Yep, I see it, you see it, we all see it.  NeNe loves to create drama.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, NeNe brings to Cynthia’s attention a conversation via supposed butt dial regarding Cynthia attending my son Ayden’s birthday party. The conversation occurred during the stressful time of organizing the event and was so trivial that I didn’t even remember it. In the sound bite of the conversation I basically said I didn’t care if Cynthia attended Ayden’s birthday party after repeatedly being badgered about the guest list. I never said anything malicious or derogatory about Cynthia, and it was not my intention to insinuate that she is insignificant. The point of my comment was to communicate that Cynthia’s attendance to Ayden’s second birthday party was not essential, as Cynthia is my peer, not Ayden’s. Ayden’s celebration was not about MY friends, but about his enjoyment with HIS family and friends. Once again, it’s always sad when people choose to create drama when there truly is none. While I have already apologized to Cynthia for any misunderstandings, real and assumed, I still stand by my statement that I did not care whether or not she attended Ayden’s party. If it were my party, I would have felt different, but Ayden is my son and he was the star and main focus of the party. Hopefully, Cynthia has accepted my apology, as I do value our relationship.”  While I sincerely believe that Ms. Phaedra didn’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings she did say something, while we don’t know what was edited in and out I find it hard to believe that Phaedra would really go there during an event with other women.  However, I do find her recap funny.  Ayden is 2 years old, he doesn’t have “friends” he won’t even remember the event…he’s 2!  Still funny, nonetheless!

She then finishes her blog stating that she is glad Ayden enjoyed his party and that is all that matters.  Furthermore, she is appreciative that Cynthia is finally finding her voice as well as having NeNe around for comedic relief!


I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting really tired of Kim’s only story line this season.  Yes, I get that this episode and this week’s episode will be the end of Kim on RHOA this season, it’s just getting old.  She really doesn’t say much in her opening remarks in her blog.  She reiterates that she was not evicted and there was no way that she was going to stay at house that was $1M over appraisal.  Yada, yada, yawn.

Yes, Kandi, NeNe, and Cynthia, it was once my “dream home” and my credit has NOTHING to do with me moving. I’m blessed to have never had trouble financially unlike some of the other girls, but they can make whatever comments they’d like. They all know how much money I make just on RHOA, never mind all my other business ventures and my husband’s income to boot. These women say I constantly make excuses about not showing up to events like Ayden’s birthday party, but I feel if I did decide to show up, they would make comments as to why I’m there and not handling my business with my home. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. So I give up!”  Wow, all I can say it wow.  Kim should know better than discuss what has happened to those on the franchise about their money troubles.  Everyone knows good and well that these series’ are damning to relationships.  It seems like all of the housewives are cursed with bad things once they join this show.  However, what I can say is no mortgage broker is going to give a loan for a home that is over-appraised.  Furthermore, every mortgage broker also knows that an NFL career can be ended in one tragic moment in which the player is injured, therefore, unable to continue making the payments.  RHOA is not going to be around forever and soon her money will cease as well.  Now that she is married to Kroy, she is not receiving the alimony she received from her ex husband so this is likely her only paycheck.  IMO they need to find a “modest” $1M home that they can pay cash for.  There is plenty of inventory in this price range here in Atlanta, you can get a $2M home for $1M with the market being where it is at.  And my last comment…Kroy is not a team captain, he is not the QB, he’s not even a “main guy”.  Yes, he plays a pivotal role in the Falcon’s success this year but I’m afraid Kim’s grandiose lifestyle may end up biting Kroy in the rear-end if he doesn’t keep her in check.  You don’t see Falcon’s players with a higher salary expecting to be in a 20K s.f. home…they live modestly.

Kim then ends her blog that yeah, she may be out of a leased home but now she is building her “dream home”.  Like I’ve said before,  the only property records in metro Atlanta show Kim owning a home in Johns Creek and Kroy in Hochston.   And here is my take…they didn’t put it in an LLC.  Otherwise, one of their names would show up in a corporation search for a registered agent and/or officer.  Neither Kim nor Kroy are listed anywhere on the Secretary of State’s website.  If I’m wrong, I will admit it but I really don’t think that I am.

Have a great week everyone!!


Sunday Night Lineup, December 2nd by BB

8PM – The Amazing Race (CBS, 8:30); NFL Eagles/Cowboys (NBC); Once Upon A Time (ABC); Bob’s Burgers (Fox 8:30); How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Family); Rattlesnake Republic (Anpl); Sugar Dome (Food); 2012 Countdown to Armageddon (NatGeo); 48 Hours on ID (ID); All-Star Holiday Special (Cook); Big Rich Texas (Style)

9PM – Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo); Sister Wives (TLC); The Walking Dead (AMC); Boardwalk Empire (HBO); Dexter (Showtime); The Good Wife (CBS, 9:30); Revenge (ABC); American Dad (Fox, 9:30); Storage Wars Texas (A&E); Finding Bigfoot (Anpl); Oprah’s Next Chapter (OWN); Sturgis: Biker Madness (Trvl); Next Iron Chef Redemption (Food); Evacuate Earth (NatGeo); Fatal Encounters (ID); Snapped (Oxygen); Glam Fairy (Style)

10PM – Shahs of Sunset (Bravo); Homeland (Showtime); The Mentalist (CBS, 10:30); 666 Park Avenue (ABC); House Hunters Renovation (HGTV); Be The Boss (A&E); Suddenly Single (TLC); Ice Loves Coco (E!); Finding Bigfoot (Anpl); Miss U Much (VH-1); Iron Chef America (Food); Unusual Suspects (ID); I Survived (Biography); Building Alaska (DIY)

11PM – Watch What Happens Live; Reza Farahan & Kim Zolciak (Bravo); Talking Dead (AMC)


Fundraiser for Lynn’s Son

Information is here.


Please keep Krissy S in your thoughts and prayers this week.  She’ll be undergoing surgery  on Tuesday and be spending a week in the hospital.  Blogging Miami for us and being part of this community has been a good distraction for her while she’s been dealing with some rough stuff.  Any positive energy and prayers you can send her way are appreciated.


About Veena (NMD)

Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s a bit gloomy in MD. I’m having a cup of tea Ana a pecan sticky bun. How’s your Sunday morning?

    • TexasTart says:

      There you are! Good Morning, Powell. I’m off to help mother decorate for Christmas. Do you have an extra sticky bun?! 😉

    • Pghemtchick says:

      I hear you on gloomy. Good mornings! I didn’t get a sticky bun today just unwanted early phone calls! Lol I’m off to raid my fridge and Tylenol bottle. Lol. Hope you have a wonderful day!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Good Morning, Powell! I’m jealous of your pecan sticky bun. I had oatmeal (because I am trying my best to get HIGH SCHOOL SKINNY. Considering my rate of progress thus far, I figure I should reach my goal in…..oh….I don’t know….60 months [a.k.a., 5 frickin’ YEARS!!]).

  2. TexasTart says:

    Powell? No way I made it here first..

    Good Morning everyone! 😀 Amazing that Detox was able to finish BBW. I hope everyone will enjoy their day and I hope Mardrag is feeling better and anyone who is under the weather feel better soon. Prayers to you this week KrissyS.

    • Powell says:

      Prayers and warm thoughts for you Krissy S. I hope your surgery goes well on you are on the mend.

    • Thanks for thinking of me TT! Much better. Hope your day is great!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Thanks for the compliment, Texas Tart. Writing that blog was a good distraction and therapeutic for me. Writing always HAS been therapeutic for me. I wish I could get paid to do it in a NON-LEGAL way (Legal writing is a bit different from regular writing — not nearly as much FUN).

      Even though I sent prayers to you down below, I’ll send them again here (What could it hurt?). (((Krissy S.)))

  3. trudie says:

    Good morning! It is 57 degrees here in the Chicago area. Unbelievable! I am not complaining.

    $50,000 is a lot of money, but not for selling your family out. I do not understand the mindset of people who go on these shows.

    I don’t care if Brandi’s son was riding his bike in LeAnn and Eddie’s driveway. You always make them wear a helmet. Too many kids (and adults) are injured falling off their bikes.

    KrissyS – prayers and healing thoughts go out to you.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Exactly on the helmet issue! And why is it okay for LeeAnn to exploit the kids, but Brandi can’t tape w/ them. Heck at least Brandi didn’t tweet their school info out. LeAnn should knock it off and grow up.

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        Amen! I can’t stand the way LeAnn has behaved and is CONTINUING to behave. Not only do I think she is mentally disturbed, I also think she is a straight ASSHOLE! I wish Brandi could just PUNCH her in the face without any repercussions.

      • kit9 says:

        Brandi needs to grow up to and stop sniping on Twitter. It’s asinine.

    • trudie….I so agree about Brandi’s sons. First of all, LeAnne is responsible for those boys while in her care. They are NOT her sons, and that fact alone would make ME take extra care with them. If I allowed someone else’s kids to potentially get hurt while in my care, I would be freaked by that. Second, where the H is Eddie? And why isn’t he snapping about this? If I were Brandi I would be upset too. Though I will admit, and I like Brandi, but she needs to learn a better way to deal with stress. (a little bit of LOL there if you catch my drift!)

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Ditto for everything except for the 57 degrees. We had a few days that were a bit cooler than usual, but, ever since yesterday, it’s back to being “Louisiana HOT.” I’ll probably be able to wear SHORTS for Christmas (which I have done MANY a Louisiana Christmas).

    • Sending prayers your way KrissyS, will be thinking about you & a speedy recovery.
      ((( KrissyS )))

      Good to see you Pchick!! You must be having this warm weather too. We are putting up the Christmas tree today. Megana (she’s 3, staying with us while her mom is recovering in the hospital from her c-section & birth of M’s baby bro) is very helpful. So far, the majority of the ornaments are in the lower left side section of the tree. It looks hilarious. I’m reminded of when SR was little & he used to “help” decorate the tree. I never re-located any of the ornaments back then either. They are so proud of their efforts, wouldn’t dare dash them!

    • Powell says:

      trudie I don’t know what’s wrong w/Kim & her parents. They need to stop and get it together. I could tell that Kim’s mother liked the camera on Tardy and I’m sure this $50k for selling out their daughter and her family is partly because since they are on the outs Kim won’t have them on 2nd season. I don’t know if this all started because Kim wouldn’t let them use the bathroom in the house on her wedding day which was stupid to me but it’s gone to far. Kim needs to suck it up and apologize for that and for not allowing her parents see the kids and her parents need to apologize for telling Kim’s dirty laundry and or lies to the media.
      LeAnn is an idiot. That little boy needed to have his helmet on. I don’t care if he was in the driveway. He can fall on the driveway. Brandi needs to have a talk w/Eddie and if that doesn’t work her lawyer. It will be to late if something happens to that child when he’s riding his bike.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I think that Kim is a snooze fest. With out the conflict with her parents she would not have a story line for the new show. Considering her character on the show, it should not be any big surprise that she is not that interesting. The ‘Tardy for the Wedding’ conflict with her parents was poorly edited and unbelievable but seemed to be needed to give the finale some edginess. Kim is basically lazy and proud of it, and a professional liar, as an added bonus. I can not waste too much time caring about her newest ploy for attention. JMHO.

  4. Good Morning Lovelies! I am soooo much better today. I feel like myself again. (Don’t know if that is good or bad, LOL!). THANK YOU to each and every one of you and your good wishes to me. You all make my heart sing and it was your well wishes that made me better. I hope everyone else who has been dealing with winter flues, etc are on the mend and coming through it. Sending all kinds of healing energy out to you.

    And that includes Krissy S. So sorry to hear about her troubles and sending warm thoughts and healing energy to support her as she goes through it. Please keep us informed as to how she is doing NMD.

    Great juice today NMD, and great recaps Bluesky and Detox. I don’t watch either show but I love reading your posts and keep up with what is going on. Detox, I tried watching BBW the first season but couldn’t keep up. I know the women’s faces and personalities, so it is a kick to read your recaps because I can visualize the action without having the time to watch! Thanks doll!

    Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday filled with whatever you desire it to be filled with! Love & Hugs!

    New post up at my place, “The Magnificent Connection” + all the goodies. Enjoy!

  5. Blog updated with Atlanta Cast blogs

  6. I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

    Sending thoughts, prayers and positive energy your way, Krissy S.. (((Krissy S.)))

  7. Cathy Connor says: Great News !!! REDBOX is matching donations this month $5 or $10 would be appreciated Thanks So Much Sincerly Lynns family

  8. AZGirl says:

    Good Morning Everyone!
    I am with Brandi on this rant. LeAnn is a nutjob. The boys should wear helmets regardless. If I had to put with LeAnn and her exploitation of my kids I would go crazy. LeAnn so stupid to tweet the pictures out on the internet only for Brandi’s attorney to use them against her.
    Sending good thoughts to Krissy S. Hope all goes well.

    p.s. Powell put down the sticky bun….:)

  9. not THAT Jill says:

    Is it really productive for Brandi to be blasting this crap all over Twitter? Seems to me this is a family problem and should be kept that way. Brandi should have taken a breath and punched a pillow before tweeting. Im not saying she shouldn’t be mad-but it really isn’t something her “fans” need to know about…unless, of course, she wants them all to know.
    HilDogAtl-love you blog recaps!! Nene’s blog got on my damn nerves this week-and I love neNe-but come on now!!

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I think the fact that LeAnn has CONSTANTLY tweeted about Brandi’s sons is one reason that Brandi is venting and responding and making her feelings known via Twitter (LeAnn tweets and OFTEN calls Eddie and Brandi’s sons HER boys, as opposed to Brandi’s. Being a stepmother can be a wonderful thing; however, the stepmother should still know her place; know her boundaries; and have respect for the biological mother of those children. LeAnn does NONE of this! She has been blatantly and publically disrespectful to Brandi from the start).

      Brandi has asked LeAnn NOT to CONSTANTLY tweet about her sons and their whereabouts every 5 minutes. LeAnn has ignored this. LeAnn even went so far as to publically tweet the NAME of the school the boys attended. That could be dangerous.

      Once, one of Brandi’s boys had an accident and had to be rushed to the Emergency Room. LeAnn tweeted about it once they had LEFT the E.R. This is how Brandi found out that her son was even IN the E.R. There was NO phone call to Brandi to alert her to the situation so that she could go to the E.R. to check on and/or comfort her son.

      All she got was a public tweet about it from LeAnn — AFTER the fact!

      Brandi has also asked LeAnn to STOP constantly calling the papparazzi to CONSTANTLY take pix of her when she is with Brandi’s sons (I mean, do the papparazi REALLY need to take pix of the boys at their soccer games; going to the grocery story with LeAnn and Eddie; being seen on the 95 vacations a year LeAnn and Eddie take [because LeAnn’ career has basically been down the tubes for a few years now due to her public relations-NIGHTMARE-type-of behavior]? And it is pretty obvious that it is LeAnn calling the paps because this is the ONLY way she can keep her face in the news and get some publicity because her singing career is in the toilet. If LeAnn would not CALL them, I promise you those paparrazzi would not be showing up to take pix of a washed up, has-been like LeAnn! Certain celebrities — usually the ones that are MINOR or at the point where their career has been ruined or near its end — do this all the time so that the PUBLIC wil NOT forget about them, and LeAnn is ONE of the MAIN ones that does this.).

      I think LeAnn as does this as a way of TAUNTING Brandi too.


      I love you, Jill, but ask yourself how you would feel if a woman had an affair with your hubby; publically flaunted it; had a video secretly taped of them kissing and sucking each other’s fingers in a restaurant, unbeknownst to your husband; sent that video tape to the tabloids so it could be released (thereby letting YOU know for sure about the affair and “pushing the issue” in the hopes that you would leave your husband once you saw the proof); sent you a text about how she bought a house in your neighborhood so that she could STALK your husband because he still had not yet left you despite the affair (and he did not leave Brandi. Brandi PUT HIM OUT once she found out the truth for sure that he cheated on her, not just with LeAnn, but also with the Sur waitress); went to certain events you specifically asked her NOT to attend (like “Parents’ Day” at the boys school, when the situation was stil new and VERY tense); sent private DM’s to people calling you all kinds of vile names and making up LIES about you; befriended people on Twitter who were critical of you and organized and coerced them to constantly HARASS you on Twitter; and did everything, based on pix she’d seen and continue to see of you to “Single White Female” you and constantly buy the same clothes, shoes, etc. as YOU (indicating a crazy and kinda scary OBSESSION wth you); and constanly called YOUR daughters, via Twitter and other public forums, HER daughters, as if they already did not have a damned Mama (YOU) that was alive and well?

      I know how I would feel, and it wouldn’t be very good or positive. I’d blast that crazy bitch on Twitter too. When asked, I’d also answer questions about how I feel about her too. If I needed money to support my boys and at least have enough financial security to FINALLY be able to PAY a lawyer to get that crazy woman to STOP some of her damned shenanigans and to STOP using her money to theaten me with HER damned lawyers, I’d write a damned book too.

      And JUST like LeAnn is, that woman would be LUCKY that this is ALL I would do (instead of politely walking up to her and then THOROUGHLY KICKING HER ASS!!….but maybe that’s just ME. *Shrug*).

      Brandi is NO Saint, and there are plenty things about her behavior that she can improve, but I DO think she has a good heart. I also love her honesty (although she needs to temper it a bit so that it is not sometimes so brutal and rude) and her fighing spirit.

      But when it comes to Brandi vs. LeAnn, it is hard for me on LeAnn’s side for ANYTHING, considering all of the nasty and negative and crazy things she has done to Brandi (I mean, you would think Brandi took HER man with the way she behaves. I mean, you WON, LeAnn. You GOT Eddie. WHY are you STILL EFFING with Brandi?!)

      Putchka, wherever you ARE, this RANT is dedicated SOLELY to YOU!! MUAH.

      I STILL love you BUNCHES, Jill. We just respectfully disagree on THIS one (Ya JIVE TURKEY! *Fist Raised In Unison With You, My Fellow JIVE TURKEY*).

      • T-Rex says:

        I totally agree my sister has a stepson and no other children. She met his father when he was 4, so he has been in my sisters life for 17 years. When he was little he was confused on what to call my sister, he would some time slip and call her Mom and my sister would correct him, and say that the title of Mom belonged only to his mother, and they could come up with something else if he didn’t want to call her by her name. My sister go with the REAL mom and said what name would she be comfortable with. LeAnn is a psycho-bitch and needs some serious mental help. She is trying to BECOME Brandi, it’s frightening! I am not a parent and I will tell you I would have a hard time leaving my precious children with this psychotic bitch Leann

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Good for your sister for handling the situation like an adult with some decency, respect and common sense!

          I would have a hard time leaving my childre with a PSYCHO like LeAnne too!

          • T-Rex says:

            Well as my sister always says when someone asks her “how did you still stay civil with his ex”, she simply states “I am a grown ass human being”. Look her hubby’s “baby-mam”(they weren’t married” caused a lot of headaches for her in the beginning,but she over-looked a lot of the issues because this boy needed his father in his life and it wasn’t about her. PsychoRimes thinks the world revolves around her, the pitfalls of early stardom, you surround yourself with only folks that kiss your ass, and anyone that doesn’t she cuts out of her life. So PsychoRimes is that petulant child that has never grown up. I seriously think they ALL need counseling, and not Faux-Bravo fake ass counseling, off-air serious stuff

        • Powell says:

          And T-Rex the really sad thing about LeAnn is that Eddie doesn’t give a damn about her mental state or his sons welfare. He only cares about what Eddie gets out of the relationship.

      • djprincessc says:

        Hhaahahahahahahhahahahahahhaah!! Detox I LOVE LOVE LOVE and agree with all you wrote. I think Brandi is handling this amazingly because if it were me and my ex with the new STEP-MOM I’d make Brandi look like a saint. Leanne wants war?? Ok bitch I’ll give you WAR! I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in taking the high road ALL of the time, sometimes people need to be put in there place and learn their lesson. If I were Brandi, I wouldn’t acknowledge or say anything on twitter, I’d do it in person see how Leanne would handle that.

        Anyways, I love the long rant, but I think Putchka would actually approve because this is housewife related gossip. Good for you, you followed directions!! YAY!! 😉

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          😀 Well, now that I know that my rant met Putchka’s APPROVAL…..

          I can finally go on LIVING *Sigh* (Insert sarcasm here).

          • djprincessc says:

            Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Loves it!

          • melthehound says:

            Is that what the problem was? Your American Idol new judge Nikki better Recognize who she’s sitting next to, was Off Topic? Sheesh, How perceptive am I? I suppose one of us can start recapping it when it comes on in January (16th I think). I suspect, all you really did is give a preview of what’s to come. Personally, I’ve grown to dislike these shows. Not because some of the people aren’t talented but the whole format. Firstly, I hate most of the songs these contestants sing. Second, I cannot stand Randy ‘yo dawg’ Jackson or Ryan Seacrestsalad anymore. Last season I grew to hate Jenni from the block and her getting ‘goosies’ at some of the worse performances I’ve ever seen and trashing the best ones. In reality, every one of them can out sing her any day of the week. I hate that tweenie mosh pit they have blocking the stage with that ridiculous hand wave they do. Most of all though, I cannot tolerate the weekly doubling of the vote counts. Just so predictable anymore. I’m about on the same page with X-Factor and Simon’s ‘we’ve made a terrible mistake’ and bringing back an ousted contestant. That has to be one of the most contrived shows on the air. I mean really.. Emblem3, Seriously? Three white douche bags running around on the stage grabbing their crotches. If they weren’t part of Simon’s group he would be tearing them to shreds. Jenelle Garcia goes home instead of mold face leopard print CeCe whazername? Are you Kidding me? Demi Levato passing judgement on people who have 10 times the talent she will EVER have? These shows aren’t about the talent, they are about the hallmark moment sob stories and I’m over it (but strangely enough, I still watch).

            • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:


              I have CACKLED like a MANIAC over this post (a.k.a, a RANT). It’s so funny and so damned TRUE!

              That being said, I will be in front of the t.v. watching X-Factor this week, and I simply cannot WAIT to see “Americann Idol” this season!

              Go figure. They’ve got us under MIND CONTROL, I tell ya! MIND CONTROL!

              • Powell says:

                They sure do. I don’t watch either of them. I’ll check out Idol the 1st night to see if there’s Nikki drama.

              • melthehound says:

                Since it made you cackle so hard, I had to go back and read what I said… I’m suspecting that AI is going to be more about this feud than the actual singers. They, will just be an aside to the story.

                “….. Somebody sang and then Nikki told Marriah to STFU.. on the next, TMZ”

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  Or, “Once Nikki old Mariah to STFU in a threatening, tone, Mariah’s security and even her husband, Nick Cannon rushed to surround Mariah to protect her from Nikki’s rage! At that point, police came and escorted the bewigged-half-naked rapper from the premises as she screamed ‘This is ALL because I’m BLACK, right??!! Oh,so because I’m a little BLACK girl, y’all gon’ escort my BLACK ass outta here!! Alright, DEN. Mariah, you BITCH, I WILL see you in the streets and SETTLE this!! Once I finish with your ASS, you will never AGAIN SCREECH like a dolphin or sing so high that either glasses break around you or dogs come running because they are the only ones who can hear you sing at that pitch!!

                  And as for you, Nick, I ain’t scared of your CORNBALL ASS, MISTER MARIAH CAREY!!!”

                  The crowd went wild as members of the audience started chanting Mariah’s name, begging her to sing. (Mariah PRETENDS she is too HUMBLE to do this, but she eventually gets onstage — helped by Nick and 2 other members of her security because, as usual, her dress is 2 sizes TOO SMALL)….

                  ……and then sang until the show ende.


                  What contestants??!!!

              • djprincessc says:

                Me too!! But I love me some Jlo, I could watch her dance forever!! 🙂

        • Powell says:

          DJP I think Brandi should stay off Twitter re LeAnn too. I get what you’re saying about Brandi just going face to face w/LeAnn but unfortunately she can’t or risk loosing her boys. But something needs to be done. Like I said upthread Brandi needs to talk w/Eddie if that doesn’t work speak to her lawyer cause maybe it’s time to go back to court and adjust visitation. Maybe LeAnn can’t be around during visitation and not attend any school activities.

          • djprincessc says:

            And if all of those amazing things you listed just don’t work…nothing gets the job done better than a GOOD OLD FASHIONED ASS BEATING! 🙂

            • Powell says:

              A good old fashion ass beating does sound good and I think LeAnn is scared of Brandi. LeAnn just uses her money for lawyers to protect her.

              • djprincessc says:

                Agreed!! Now while it does sound good, I know in the end it would just make Brandi look bad. So hopefully that never happens.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Listen I never said that that Brandi doesnt have the right to me angry-but taking it to Twitter is so immature. Lots of people do not like Leann and I get that. I “nothing” her b/c I really know nothing about her except that she stole a man who was looking to get stolen. If Brandi has a problem with her she needs to handle her shit-going off on Twitter is so stupid. I know you have mad love for Brandi Detox-but you gotta admit that she goes over board with this stuff. She always takes it out front-she cant handle her shit like a grown up. And why the F isnt Brandi going ape shit on the kids father????

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I have a feeling Brandi DOES and HAS go(ne) ape shit on Eddie, but she has to do it through his Assistant because LeAnne refuses to allow Eddie and Brandi to even TALK to each other when she is not around. Brandi said she even went to counseling with LeAnne and Eddie to try and get along better and solve their problems, but LeAnne REFUSED to budge on Brandi and Eddie being allowed to talk to each other one-on-one about ANYTHING at all, much less anything having to do wih their children.

          Also, Eddie is NOT the one publically blasting all of this stuff on Twitter. It’s LeAnne.

          I have a feeling Brandi has probably sent word to Eddie to assist her in getting LeAnne to STOP. In fact, I think I read an interview where Brandi said she TRIED this, to no avail

          I also have a feeling that Eddie does NOT do this for the following reasons: 1) LeAnne’s got him by the balls because SHE holds the purse strings; and 2) as crazy as it sounds, I think he is still angry at Brandi for putting his a*s out (Never mind that he DESERVED it. I had an ex-boyfriend that NEVER got over his ANGER at me for DUMPING him. He would always tell people, “She LEFT me!” like I did something WRONG to him. And whenever I would TRY, a few yeas later, to have a friendship with him [because his ass would NOT stop contacting me], he would ALWAYS try to hurt me and say and do mean things to me because he was STILL pissed off that I dumped him. Never mind that he was verbally, emotionally, and, a few times, even physically abusive. Never mind that I found out he cheated on me and,once we broke up, I found out he cheated on me throughout the ENTIRETY of our relationship. I was the one in the wrong for “leaving” him. That sucker was lucky I ever even looked his way or spoke to him AGAIN after everything he’d done. I FINALLY had to cut him out of my life for GOOD about 5 years ago because I realized we could never even be FRIENDLY because he would NEVER get over his anger toward me).

          Malignant Narcissists usually behave this way (How dare YOU leave ME??!!).

          And, believe me, Jill, I KNOW Brandi has faults. In fact, I listed a few in my post.

          It’s just that when it comes to Brandi vs. LeAnn…..I RIDE OR DIE for Brandi (because she has TRIED with that PSYCHO!! But how can one REASON with CRAZY? Sometimes, the ONLY language CRAZY “gets” and “understands” is the SAME [or similar] CRAZY. Kinda like, “Oh, Bitch, you CRAZY??!! And that’s supposed to SCARE or INTIMIDATE ME??!! Well, guess WHAT, Bitch??!! I’m CRAZY TOO!! So, try something ELSE — like SANITY for a change!” Sometimes, you simply have to fight FIRE with FIRE. *Shrug*).

          I say this with ALL DUE RESPECT because you KNOW I love you! XOXO No hard feelings. (((Jill)))

          • djprincessc says:

            I’m ride of die Brandi too. I loved when she told Adrienne to shut the F*CK up! The look on Adriennes face was priceless. Idk if any of you ladies have ever looked at someone in the eyes and simply told them Shut the F*CK up, but I have quite a few times and it works wonders, because:
            1.) They either looked shocked like Adrienne and have no clue what to do
            2.) Actually shut the F*CK up on the spot
            3.) Shut the F*CK up and never talk or bother you again.

            Just like a good old fashioned ass beating a good old shut the F up can do wonders as well.

            Sorry if my rant was too much Putchka.

          • Powell says:

            ITA with you Detox. I’m glad you got out of that relationship. You said LeAnn wouldn’t allow Brandi and Eddie be alone to discuss things. That’s all LeAnn’s insecurities. Everything she continues to do is because she’s insecure. I don’t know what she did while in rehab but it must not have been much because she’s acting the same. Nothing has changed. Eddie and her assistants, managers are nothing but enablers and it seems they all really don’t care about LeAnn. I have a feeling that if all of these people would tell her what she’s doing is wrong and crazy that she would get a hold of herself and stop it.

          • deadendlights says:

            You are absolutely right that twitter is the only way Brandi can communicate with LeAnn and Eddie. Brandi said it herself in this interview:

      • Powell says:

        Detox LeAnn is still doing all of these things to Brandi because deep down inside LeAnn is insecure in her relationship with Eddie. She knows deep down in her soul that Eddie is only there because she does nothing but buy him. She’s scared Eddie will leave her and she’s just not sure if maybe he would leave her for Brandi. She’s also so insecure that she hasn’t had her own kids cause she doesn’t think she would be a good mother.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      it would have been nice if brandi had taken the high road. makes it easier to root for her, there is a lot of nacissism in the world today thanks to social media. well its always been there (narcissism) but i guess social media feeds that disorder quite nicely. Even the most mundane things are posted “I hate traffic” “I’m sad” “I have a zit.” “I’m thirsty”… so when something bigger occurs, well by golly, it MUST BE POSTED. It’s the new state of being. Remember “Being there?” the book by Jerzy Kozinsky (spelling prob wrong, I hope I got the author right). What would Chancey Gardiner be like if he’d only been fed a stead diet of social media?? Someone should re-do that movie with social media instead of television as the “culprit”? my two cents.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        steady diet not stead diet*

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I think Brandi has taken the high road PLENTY of times with LeAnne. She has publically stated that her boys LOVE LeAnne, and, as long as her boys are happy, SHE is happy. After everything LeAnne has done to her, Brandi COULD have said, “I don’t know HOW they feel about LeAnne because they never talk about her” or “They do NOT like LeAnne” (just to be vindictive, even though it is not true).

        She also recently said that she really wants LeAnne and Eddie to do well because the better THEY do, the better her boys AND her do.

        In that same interview she said, “LeAnne, you WON! Now go and make some music.” To me, that’s her saying, “You’ve got Eddie. Please stop all of the foolishness. If YOU will, I will. Please also honor my requests when it comes to my CHILDREN, and you will have NO problems from me because I have moved ON. The only thing, when it comes to you and Eddie, about which I am concerned, is the well-being of my children. Please stop focusing on ME and focus on your music career the same way I am focusing on trying to build a career and some financial security for myself and my boys.”

        There are other examples of Brandi taking the high road with that NUTBAG, LeAnne, but I don’t feel like typing them all down.

        There’s only so much a person can take at times, though, you know? LeAnne and/or Eddie should have put a helmet on those boys. If they chose NOT to do so, they sure should not have sent out a Tweet pic of the “helmet-less” kid” (And LeAnne damned sure should not have called the kid or kids “MY” Boy(s). She KNOWS how that irritates and hurts Brandi to NO end). *Shrug*

        Also, I agree with you about Facebook and Twitter increasing the narcissism in our culture. Outside of the fact that I am a VERY private person, I instinctively knew from their inception that Facebook and Twitter had the possibility of causing ALL kinds of problems for people (It is NEVER a good idea to constantly go around telling people ALL your damned business, IMO.).

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Detox-dont you ever say “no hard feelings”…I got nothing but love for you no matter if we agree or not about these crazy ass people!!!
          I have a step-mother-she has been married to my Dad for 37 years. My mother hated her-not b/c she stole my Dad(she didnt) but just b/c she was a step-mother. My mother was a bit insecure sometimes and a hard ass too. Anyway-my step-mother never crossed my mother. She never tried to be our mother-she knew her role and played it well. My mom died 7 years ago and my step-mother was wonderful to all 7 of us while my mother was dying and after her death. Its a hard position to be in and for Leann it is extra hard ’cause Girl she is nuttier than squirrel shit!! I think she plays games on twitter but Brandi is the mother of those boys and Eddie is the Dad-I dont care who holds the balls in what purse-these people need to take their crap off-line and deal with it. Doing all this crazy tweeting makes ALL of them look like idiots!!

          • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

            Thanks for telling me that story and giving me some insight as a person who had a step-parent, Jill. Unfortunately, I did NOT (I’m kidding. I love my parents, even though they can often masterfully TAP DANCE on my LAST F*CKING NERVE!! My Mom is at the Paula Abdul-level. But my Dad is SAMMY F*CKING DAVIS, JR. because he is a MASTER at THAT kind of TAP DANCING)

            I feel ya! They ALL DO need t work it out PRIVATELY, if possible. One way to do that is to make an agrement that they should ALL make their Twitter “EDDIE AND BRANDI’S CHILDREN-FREE”.

            That way there would be no more issue.

            Tweet all day about how much your CRAZY ass loves Sleazy Eddie, LeAnn (even though he’s probably cheated on you 37 times by now. I think you KNOW he cheats, but you can’t leave because #1) you’re OBSESSED with him [Brandi DID say he was well-endowed recenly. I read that interview and thought, “Damn, Brandi! TMI!! You should NOT have said that because it is in poor taste AND because it is COMPLIMENTING that douchebag. If you MUST go there, you should LIE and say he was hung like a squirrel, and you guys had to buy and use ‘penis extenders’ just so you could reach the ‘Big O’!”; and #2) you have to save face and show the world that you and Eddie’s “GREAT AND ALL-ENCOMPASSING LOVE” was just MEANT to be — like Johnny Cash and June Carter [NOT!!!]).

            Just do NOT tweet about Brandi’s children. To make things “fair” (in LeAnne’s CRAZY mind), Eddie and Brandi should agree to leave ANY mention of their children off Twitter too.

            And I promise to never say “No Hard Feelings” again, Jill! (I swear on my autistic child — even though I ain’t got NO damned kids — autistic or otherwise. 😉 ).

            • not THAT Jill says:

              HAHAHAHAH….you make me laugh-which causes my girls to lookat me like I have gone friggen crazy!!!! FYI-step mothers know how to tap dance also!!!!
              How is Momma Abdul doing today?

              • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                Mama Abdul was engaging in her “therapy,” which involved watering the TONS of flowers and plants she has in both the back AND front of the house; pressure washing the front of the house; cleaning the entirety of her concrete driveway; and then coming in to fall into a DEEP-COMA-LIKE SLEEP (She does ALL of this even though my Father SCREAMS at her for doing it and then complaining she is in so much pain due to her R.A. He says that those things are HIS jobs to handle when he is off. I’ve got to start taking that woman out DRINKING with me. Her forms of therapy are going to KILL her!!!).

                She is now getting ready to go and visit my Uncle in the hospital. We still haven’t received any words about any test results (except for the lump on his hip turning out to be an abscess).

                Thanks so much for asking.

                BTW, in between playing with you guys, I was handling all the IN-HOUSE duties. I fussed at my Mom over her “therapy plan” today, but what more can I do? I can’ wrestle the hose and pressure washer out of her hands. *Shrug*

                I get GREAT pleasure out of being LAZY at times. She does NOT (She’s WEIRD, IMO!!). 😉

            • Called A Princess... says:

              I blame Eddie for the whole casino. JMHO.

              • Powell says:

                Me too. He started it and can put a stop to it.

                • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

                  YEP. He’s either not doing it because he’s scared of losing his “meal ticket” (a.k.a. wife) or because he gets some type of perverse pleasure as what he, in his mind, sees a 2 women “fighting over HIM” or BOTH!

  10. BB says:

    Sending good thoughts your way Krissy S. Hope your surgery goes well.

  11. Kim could make peace with her parents &/or buy them off. $50,000? That’s a lot of money to her parents. Kim’s way too cheap to pay her parents more. Now that they know how to make $ off of Kim, they will probably continue to sell stories. What a family. Reminds me of Bethenny’s mother.

    Whatever they did to Kim in the past, whatever she’s done to them will all unfold. That’s another book I won’t be buying or reading.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I think the whole thing is sad.

      Also, can you imagine how Bethenny would have felt if BRAVO hired her mother to be a cast member of RHONY while Bethenny was still also a cast member?

      BRAVO is EVIL (and, yet, STILL I watch. They must have me under some type of mind control. Or maybe I watch because I have LOW self-esteem [NOT]; am introverted [kinda….but not REALLY if I am in PUBLIC. I just need lots of ALONE time to THINK and re-charge my batteries] and like to feel better about myself and my own life because many of the cast members are CRAZY and have lives more messed up than mine [Well, THIS one is TRUE. LOL]).

      • T-Rex says:

        Detox this whole story is a complete fabrication to get folks to watch Kims show, IMO. Here is the deal, they have run the prelimimary numbers and Kim’s second season is going to BOMB and in a BIG WAY. I have seen plenty of responses on blogs and Kim’s 15 minutes have expired, spies have also stated they can’t wait to finally be rid of Kim Z, this is her Bravo swan song. So, Bravo has to still air the DUD so they are trying to drum up drama. Does this make Bravo evil, you betcha, does it make Kim and her parents scum for creating all of this you betcha and for Kim to allow her daughter to become involved in this is atrocious. Yes she is a teenager, but she is not old enough or mature enough to be commenting to the public about this and shame on Kim for allowing this. Shame on Kim’s parents for agreeing to this public battle. Poor Kroy is all I can say he married extremely damaged goods, and I think his heart and mind were in the right place he just shackled to the wrong ass woman.

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          You’re probably right, T-Rex, and I am one of the many DUMMIES who fell for BRAVO’s manipulation.

          If this whole theory of Kim and her parents and even her children colluding with BRAVO to fool the public and trick them into watching that Trashbox’s show, I agree with everything you just said.

          • T-Rex says:

            I think Nene has it right that Bravo has been trying to get Kim off the network as she has become a Diva, a no talent classless one at that. I am sure Bravo is also being sued for bills Kim didn’t pay for her wedding. Bravo paid for 99 percent of her wedding and Kim hired others outside of the Bravo contract and now wants them to pay. Kim got evicted because Bravo’s rental contract on the house was up and Kim had to actually start paying rent. Kim knew she had to start paying rent but refused, maybe thinking Bravo would step in and rent it again for her. Bravo is evil and it’s a better story for them to have you either pay for your own bills, or in their infinite evil, they know she NEVER pays her bills, and gets to film the whole eviction story. Kim you are not as smart as you want folks to believe. I for one will be happy not see Kim on television any longer, she needs to stay home and raise those kids, and try to fix the problems with her older girls or she is going to be a grandma by 35

            • Called A Princess... says:

              I do not think that Kim cares about her fans very much. I think her main concern is getting paid. JMHO.

              • melthehound says:

                That would imply that she Has fans. What is she best known for? Being a kept tramp, Big wigs, and side boob.

      • Powell says:

        Hahahahaha! You funny, funny girl. 😀

    • Powell says:

      blue it does remind you of Bs mom. Did you or anyone see Revenge Sunday? If you remember actress Adrienne Barbo well she played Madeline Stowes character Victoria’s mother. The epi was basically everyone going back in time. When Victoria was growing up all her mother did was try to find a wealthy man to marry to take care of her and her daughter. When Victoria was a teen her mother’s BF was coming to dinner & her mother hoped he was going to propose so she told Victoria be good BR on your best behavior. The BF came to dinner, Victoria was not in the room, she could hear the BF yelling “I’m not marrying you” & her mother pleading w/him & saying he promised her. He left. Her mother went into her room & told her he wasn’t going to marry her & it was Victoria’s fault. Her mother accused her of flirting and called her a whore. Her mother meets another man when she’s 17 & marries him. He’s a pedophile. He tried or did rape her. Her mother found out & threw her out of the house. That was the last time she saw her mother until she’s now grown w/grown kids. That epi made me think about B. Not that it got to that pt w/the pedophile but all the rest sounds very close to what B said her relationship was like w/her mother.
      Kim has said she had a good childhood so if that’s true I can only surmise that things have changed w/her parents since she’s been an adult & then HWs and Big Poppa.

  12. Thank you again for all the bd wishes, it was a nice day yesterday. Megana’s mom told me my birthday present was getting to take care of her. She will be going home Monday. We asked her if we would like to stay with us & be SR’s little sister. She politely declined! Not sure I could handle all the excitement anyway. Thank God for her ipad. She loves to spend tiime playing with it.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I’m glad you had a good birthday, Blue!

    • melthehound says:

      Thanks for the recap Bluesky.. I fell asleep at about the point where Merle took the other two back the compound to try and beat the location of the others out of them.

      • Glad you enjoyed it MTH. You can catch up today while AMC airs all of season 3.

        I’m enjoying your SAMCRO blogs. That show is very good, but disturbing too. I guess it’s no surprise that Jax is becoming a monster. Just hope he doesn’t become as big a monster as Clay. Darn Clay keeps on surviving. He’s way overdue for his encounter with Mr. Mayhem.

        • melthehound says:

          He’s like the roaches I use to step on at job sites. Just when you think you’ve crushed them, even hear the crunch, they get up and scurry away.

  13. melthehound says:

    Sending my best thoughts and wishes to Krissy S. I don’t know what’s going on but if it requires surgery, it cannot be fun. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  14. dickens says:

    Project Runway fans might be interested to know that Michael Costello will make an appearance tonight on Shahs of Sunset.

  15. melthehound says:

    I’m going to start this by saying I never wore a bike helmet in my life. Never owned one either. I fell off of my bike a good number of times and each one taught me, it’s no fun try not to do it again. I realize that some aren’t so fortunate so I don’t want anyone thinking I’m down playing the importance of preventative safety. Where I grew up the streets were not paved. They were gravel roads and once every couple months or so, the county woulds send the graders along to smooth them out and get rid of all the potholes. Then came the Oil trucks spraying oil on the streets to keep the dust down. When one fell of the bike on those roads not only did they get a good case of roadrash but it was filled with oily dirt to boot. Guess what? We survived it. Most of us learned from it.

    That is my experience.. I would never presume to tell a parent how to treat or raise their kids. What I’m saying is, for every safety hazard one could point out for a kid riding a bike, I can make the same case for the same kid running on the sidewalk. Or running into the street between 2 parked cars while chasing a ball. I will also point out that it is quite likely, that by the time the kid hits 12 or 13, he will have ditched the helmets. I feel a little sorry for the kids, who are never allowed to scrape themselves up a little bit or for that matter, a lot. I know you all want to protect your kids and I respect that but if you don’t allow them to fall once in awhile, they’ll never learn to pick themselves up or for that matter, how to avoid falling to begin with.

    I’m probably going to get in a lot of trouble if I continue this so I hope you get my point. That said, Brandi, is those kid’s mother and nothing will ever change that. I think both she and the Grimes witch are going too far taking this stuff to twitter for the entire world to see. For most it seems, that is the devil’s playground and neither one of them are scoring any points with this public feud. If she has put rules in place for her kids, they should be adhered to. That trampaholic, LR, really has no business setting different rules for someone else’s kids. Shame on both her, and that dickheaded douche bag cheater, Eddie.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I got your point.

      MTH, MUST you RANT like this? THIS is the reason so many people have LEFT this blog, Dammit??!!

      I hope you know I am TOTALLY kidding because I just ranted MYSELF (See above).

      • djprincessc says:

        I’m ready to leave this horrid blog because of this SECOND long rant of the day!!! I can’t take it anymore!!!!!!!!!! 😉

      • melthehound says:

        Well you know, Detox, I love a good rant, even if it’s about ranting 😉 I did see what you wrote, after I posted mine.

        BTW, and FWIW, I don’t think Putchka meant any real harm. She was doing the same thing we all do. I was just a little surprised to look up and see what it was she was responding to. The part of it that bothered me was instead of offering a counterpoint she seemed to take the entire blog to task about what it’s become (something still pretty great IMO).

        • djprincessc says:

          Mel I agree and while I wasn’t offended at what Putchka wrote, I was/am still confused what was meant. But what I don’t like is when someone just states their opinion(s) and does not respond to questions and clarifies what they meant.

          • melthehound says:

            Fair enough.. If someone states an opinion, they Should be ready to defend or explain it. In written word, things do tend to get lost.

            • djprincessc says:

              Exactly. If you don’t agree or like something thats more than ok with me, but when it comes randomly out of nowhere I’m like HUH??? WTH? As Ricky Ricardo would say “Splain please” lol.

    • T-Rex says:

      MTH I agree. Something I have thought about for some time is this:

      Eddie is NOT over Brandi, I think he knows he made the HUGEST mistake by leaving Brandi for PsychoRimes. Brandi is over Eddie and his lying, cheating ways, that she put up with for many year, PsychoRimes take note Eddie isn’t going to stay true to you either. BUT I wonder if Eddie doesn’t say things, like “Brandi did this, Brandi did that”, etc. which is why PsychoRimes has turned into “single white female” regarding Brandi. I am also clueless as to why Eddie hasn’t put a stop to any of this? Oh yeah, having 2 women fight over you inflates your ego and staying with PsychoRimes inflates your wallet. I feel for those kids, because yes they have their father in their life, but what damage is PsychoRimes doing by acting like Brandi doesn’t actually exist in the boy’s lives. Both of them need a Twittervention and take their accounts dark for about a week to go into twitterdetox, because that medium is toxic for both of them, IMO

      • melthehound says:

        To me, the answer is obvious.. The witch carries his balls and kickstand around in her purse.

        • T-Rex says:

          What’s funny is that he is going to steal his mommy’s purse and give his “man candy” to a new girlie that grabs his eye, if he hasn’t already. Eddie is not the settle down with one woman guy, again I personally think he already strayed, which is why PsychoRimes went to “rehab”, and they are having this fake renewal wedding.

          • melthehound says:

            He’s shown the way he operates. The witch is two GFs away from reading in some magazine that the cheater has cheated on her. You see, first will come the fun side piece. Then he’ll go after the rich girl Next we’ll see the side piece on a magazine crying that she’s being cheated on by the cheater. And so it goes. The circle of scumbags.

          • Powell says:

            LeAnn has lost so much weight trying to look like Brandi so I can’t imagine he really likes the way she looks so I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t already cheated.

    • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

      My thoughts exactly MTH. Got your back. I think Mel needs a cookie.

  16. Kat from Ohio says:

    honestly i think brandi is SO immature about leann. i love brandi on the show but she acts like a 15-year-old girl on twitter. there’s a difference between telling it like it is and being a straightshooter and being a shitstirrer.

    it was a conversation that should have been private–between leann and brandi. allowing the drama to CONTINUOUSLY play out in such a public forum is not only childish, but will undoubtedly have a negative effect on the boys AKA the ones who REALLY matter.

  17. djprincessc says:

    All I have left to say about the Brandi and Leann fiasco is that Leann better pray that if she EVER has a kid(s) with Eddie and he drops her like Brandi, that she NEVER get a step-mom that does the things she’s done to Brandi. But with the way things go and what goes around comes around but HARDER I seriously doubt that. She’s going to realize and regret all she ever did.

    • T-Rex says:

      Hopefully Eddie is smart enough to realize that if he has children with PsychoRimes and they divorce, which they will, PsychoRimes will take any children as far away from him as possible, remember she does not share her toys. PsychoRimes will never be as understanding as Brandi regarding children needing to have both parents in their lives. I was also wondering if Eddie had the big V already which is why PsychoRimes is trying to insert herself into his children to push Brandi out of the picture, JMO.

      • djprincessc says:

        Ooooooo I never thought of him possibly being neutered already! Makes sense though!

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I hope he’s smart enough to realize that, but I wonder. A big part of me thinks he DOES realize this. In fact, I would not be at ALL surprised if he had himself neutered once LeAnne tore up his pre-nup (which she DID. They hadn’t even been married a YEAR when she DID this because she “loves him so much”! DUMMY! I have a feeling Eddie is now biding his time and trying to figure out how he can eventually extricate himself from PSYCHO Rimes while getting as much Settlement Money as he can if they divorce. I don’t think he’d throw children in the mix — even though it would get him even MORE money via Child Support. She’s probably SO PSYCHO, that he realizes that NO money is enough to deal with having to put up with that FRUIT LOOP for the rest of his life — because he would be FOREVER forced to deal with her and her craziness if they had a child together. That’s a TIE that BINDS MOST people together for LIFE.).

        If this is NOT the case, then I expect a pregnancy announcement from LeAnne any day now because her filing a lawsuit against a private citizen who SHE called (Why would you call someone you do not even KNOW? Why, as a celebrity, would you CALL a “civilian” and try to change the “civilian’s” mind about you simply because she said something negative about you on Twitter? Now, the “civilian” recorded her, but the “civilian” was ALLEGEDLY not the one who released the recording to the media.) shows the whole world that she just might be OFF HER ROCKER.

        She’s got a bad reputation when it comes to Twitter now via her actions and that lawsuit. This is probably why she went to the most LAX rehab about which I have EVER heard (i.e., a SPA) — to take some of the heat off of herself for that craziness. She wanted REHAB alright…….for her PUBLIC IMAGE.

        Brandi, because she knows that people are now watching LeAnne’s twitter behavior like a HAWK right now, probably sent those messages via Twitter to embarrass LeAnne and make sure she: #1) made those kids wear a helmet next time; and #2) STOPPED calling Brandi’s boys “HER” boys! JMHO.

        • T-Rex says:

          I also think Eddie also cheated on her already which also lead to her meltdown and her actions against the civilian, her twitter activity etc. I think also that if Eddie wasn’t fixed she would already be knocked up, best way to keep a man, you may get him temporarily, but not in the long run, he will bolt out the door or just screw other women until you get fed up with his actions and kick him out.

        • BB says:

          I would be worried sick the whole time my kids were under her supervision. If my husband cheated on me and left me for another woman and that woman referred to MY kids as HER’s on twitter, I would be livid. I think most moms would feel the same if it were their kids. The thing is, Leann is baiting Brandi and Brandi is biting. As hard as it is for her, Brandi needs to take the high road and handle it differently. She needs to take a page from Lisa’s book. Lisa’s a pro at getting payback and looking innocent while doing it.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            BB- I would be worried if my kids were with her too-she is off her rocker all together. There has to be some legal action Brandi can take instead of tweeting.

            • Called A Princess... says:

              I think Brandi has weak moments and loses it? I do not see her tweeting a lot to Ms.Rimes.

              • BB says:

                Yep. She acts/speaks before she thinks sometimes. I don’t thinks she had tweeted about or engaged LR for a good while, but I think what LR did put her over the edge. Honestly, I may have reacted the same way.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                She doesnt tweet to her…she tweets about her.
                I saw on twitter the other day people were talking that LR tweeted about her “babies”-people were outraged-I mean OUTRAGED. You would think that she she killed someone. I of course had to hop over to her TL and see what all the hoopla was about….her BABIES??? It was a picture of her DOGS!!! If you saw how many people had @’ed Brandi in tweets about this you would me amazed. I thought for sure I was going Brandi’s boys in the picture. I think Brandi gets so many tweets about LR and what she tweets about that she loses her damn mind. I checked LR’s TL today and saw one tweet about going to Omaha (or some place like that) with “her boys”. I guess that’s asking for trouble? I think Brandi gets more aggravated b/c she gets so many mentions regarding all the crap.

  18. Powell says:

    Ok WD fans. I’m watching last Sunday’s epi. Who’s going to kill who? Darryl kills Merle or Merle kills Darryl?

    • melthehound says:

      Why are the Brothers fighting?

      • Powell says:

        Darryl is w/Rick’s group and Merle is w/The Governor. The Governor asked Merle where his loyalty lies and Merle said w/The Governor. On the previews Darryl realizes his brother is in Woodberry w/the Governor and Rick basically asks him where his loyalty lies.

      • BB says:

        Because Michonne shows up at the prison and leads Rick and Daryl and one of the prisoners back to Woodbury to rescue Glenn and his girlfriend. Daryl and Merle will be on opposite sides. I can’t wait until tonight’s finale.

  19. contessa says:

    Hi Babygirl Detox and Mel/Jeff (and of course all of our group)

    So okay who is putchka and what did I miss – tell me where to read please?

    I agree with Mel about headgear, I grew up in the immigrant/mixed hood in Chicago and we rode our bikes on the street with no helmets or whatever…but that was a very long time ago. I have scars from scrapes that are 50 years old – LOL. However I do think the helmet thing is a good thing, because one never knows with kids.

    With regard to Brandi’s twitter – go girl. First of all this is Brandi’s rule (helmet)and it is a safety thing that has been promoted for quite awhile. Photos of the kids on the net should not be allowed…Brandi can’t have them on the program so that f’ing ho LR needs to stop with putting the kids on the net. LR is a slut pig, that is a twitterholic and that entire going to therapy thing was simply a publicity stunt for her new album or whatever she was pushing at the time.

    I am not going to review all the shade/crap that slutty ho LR has thrown at Brandi as Detox has done it very well up above. Eddie in my opinion has his balls squeezed daily by LR money bags, as I have no doubt she is supporting both of them. What Brandi needs to do is be cautious about what she write on twitter and have her lawyer handle this. I have no doubt Lisa can help with finding a top notch guy that can skewer crazy asinine hobag LR. Now she can come and sue me.

    • BB says:

      Go to day before yesterday (Heather Thomson interview) at 8:20 PM.

    • melthehound says:

      Hiya Contessa.. In a small way, I’m a bit disappointed to see you here. Not because I don’t like you but because rumor has it, one of the winning powerball tickets was bought in your neck of the desert and we were all hoping we had a new rich friend to sponge off of. I already spent my share so I’m going to have to figure a way to pay it off myself.

      As to your other question, go back a couple days and search the name. I think she only posted the one time that day.

      • contessa says:

        Jeff, you have no idea how crazy that entire situation is. The gas station that sold the winning ticket is where I often gas up my car and also buy lottery tickets. I can kick my self in the a$$ big time. If I had won, trust me we all would be going on a lovely vacation
        (dogs included). I would fly in my buds big time. The gas station is a half mile away from where I live – dang!

        • melthehound says:

          As long as you don’t normally take the easy pick option and that is not the type of ticket that won, No reason to kick yourself. The last time I played in one of these types of lotteries, I bet $10 on 10 easy picks. I won my $10 back and that’s the best I have ever done, break even.

        • Powell says:

          Haha. Dang contessa. 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      Trust me helmets are a good thing while driving a bike. 🙂
      Hang out in an ER if you don’t believe me.

    • AZGirl says:

      Where have you been????? I saw that the second Powerball ticket was sold in FH and I thought you had run off to the Cayman Islands to stash your cash!

      Go back to Thursday’s blog and see what I posted. Hope all is well.

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      Hello, Mama Contessa!

      Like everybody is saying, due to your absence and the fact that the winning Powerball ticket was bought by someone in your neck of the woods, we thought you’d HIT IT BIG; ditched the job; and took your honey on a trip to an island or a trip around the world!!

      I, as your blog daughter, thought I might be getting a BIG inheritance.

      But that’s o.k. I love you anyway — inheritance or no inheritance!! 😉

      Glad to see you back.

      Sorry you were not the actual Powerball winner!

  20. AMC is showing all of season 3 Walking Dead episodes. So while Megana is taking a nap, I’m happily watching. Lori is about to have a rough c-section and while the baby will live, sadly she won’t. Not sure I can watch that seen with Carl Jr. again.

    Can’t wait for tonight’s new episode! We know it’s going to be a cliff hanger & we will have to wait until November to find out who wins, the Gov or Rick. Of course Rick will win! What am I thinking??

  21. AZGirl says:

    @MTH I was raised like you without seatbelts, helmets etc. My life was put on the line daily in a stationwagon without seatbelts with four other kids distracting the parent driving by fighting.

    Today life is different and we have preventative measures to make sure our kids are safe. Helmet are a good idea. Any reasonable parent knows that to get a child to wear a helmet is a bitch. They don’t want too. When I see a child wearing a helmet while riding their bikes I know that their parents probably had to fight a battle to get them to wear it because they care.
    Brandi’s son was not wearing a helmet while riding his bike because: (a) LeAnne does not care; (b) she is lazy; and (c) she does not want to be the “bad” step mother and battle over wearing the helmet.

    I believe Eddie is mostly to blame in this. He is their father and obviously does not care. He does not care because LeAnne continues to use his son’s as a tool to get back at Brandi. Being a parent is hard. You need to choose your battles with your kids even when they get older (like mine :)) Being a GOOD parent is even harder.

  22. contessa says:

    AZ – I wrote to Mel/Jeff up above – the gas station that sold the ticket is where I gas up half the time (other place is Mesa on the way to work), and I often buy a ticket as well. I could kick myself. Oh well someone is never going to have to worry again and God Bless them. XXOO

  23. Putchka says:

    Hello everyone. I’ve left apologies all over this site but it’s hard to find my comments without scrolling for an hour. Never meant to offend, just give my opinion that this blog has changed since Lynn’s passing. Not for the better or worse, just a different atmosphere. It was the wrong time to comment and I didn’t use the right words. Everyone (very nicely) swatted me. Going to splat out with dog under bed now…

    • Nancy says:

      (((Putchka))) Don’t worry about it. 🙂

    • Powell says:

      I’m glad you’re back w/The Cool Kids as Detox calls us. 🙂

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      All is forgiven, Putchka! Life is too short to hold grudges!!

      We IS friends again! 😉 (((Putchka)))

      • Nancy says:

        Hi Detox,
        How is your uncle doing?

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          Hi Nancy!

          I don’t know. My Mom is at the hospital visiting him right now. You being a nurse, he SHOULD have SOME test results by today, right?

          I know they are keeping him at he hospital overnight again tonight.

          I’m hoping my Mom comes back with good news.

          Thanks so much for asking.

          • Nancy says:

            They need to figure out why he has lost so much weight.
            Re: his labs…they are probably waiting for a culture which takes time.
            His other labs should have been back the night he was admitted.
            It’s great news that it’s “only” an abscess and not cancer.

  24. Mene Seela says:

    Hi everybody, and to those of you who are dealing with illness, personal issues or other things that keeps you sidelined … hang in there. It gets better.

    I just wanted to comment on Brandi’s tweets.
    I thoroughly empathize with her feeling of outrage. HOWEVER she needs to back off tweeting about this family issue. (Yes, I do know LeAnn stirs it up.)
    For one, it embarrasses Brandi’s boys and draws them into the center of a public fight without altering LeAnn’s parenting one bit .
    Secondly, it only serves to make Eddie defend LeAnn and feel sorry for her. Why bother ? when it’s obvious to everyone that Eddie and LeAnn are done. Why help LeAnn hang onto him for a few more months? And during those additional months she will continue to publicly upset Brandi.
    I think complaining about LeAnn on twitter is Brandi’s worst personality trait.

    • Nancy says:

      I couldn’t agree more. She’s just making herself look bad. She should call her attorney
      and let him/her deal with it. The best thing you can do to your enemies is to totally ignore them.

      • Mene Seela says:

        That is a good idea abotu calling her lawyer. How are you today?

        • Nancy says:

          Hi Mene,
          I’d be better if the San Fran 49ers won! lol I hope you are enjoying your weekend. 🙂

      • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

        I’m just glad that now, via RHOBH, Brandi has some resources to hire a better attorney. I’m also glad she’s made some powerful connections and has a platform.

        Now, she wil be able to have more of a VOICE and be less susceptible to letting LeAnne, with all of her money and public figure-status, push her around and CONTINUE to pull the lowdown, tacky and insensitive things she’s been pulling ever since she started up with Eddie.

      • PJ says:

        Brandi does not have the money to fight LeAnn in court. LeAnn is not responsible legally to pay Brandi’s attorney fees like Eddie may be, and Eddie doesn’t have the kind of money LeAnn has either. But LeAnn most likely is paying Eddie’s attorney fees and Brandi is having to take what is being dished out because of not being able to fight it. Brandi is in a tough situation and while it may be easy to sit back and say what she should do, no one really knows. For the most part it isn’t Brandi that goes off on twitter. It kind of irks me that Brandi gets bashed for finally standing up for herself after everything we have read, here on this very blog, that she has had to put up with. No one really knows the whole situation of course but in my opinion Brandi is in a very tough situation and deserves understanding.

  25. princesspindy says:

    I can remember “dirt biking” before there were special bikes for it. We lived in the hills and the new housing development, actually the cul de sac that they filmed Knot’s Landing is in that development….anyway we would ride our bikes from one lot down to the next and they were probably 30 ft slope down….there were only boys in my neighborhood to play with, lol, had to keep up!.
    No helmets and probably in shorts since it was summer in The Valley and hot!…always had skinned knees and elbows. But on the other hand, I have mentioned before all the traveling we use to do and we would go on 6 week vacations every other summer. My dad was a pilot and he use to investigate crashes, so he went to the surplus store, one of his favorite places, never knew what he would bring home, yes, I have eaten MREs, lol, but anywho, he bought seatbelts from airplanes and took out the seats and bolted the seatbelts to the frame of the station wagon and then put the seats back in. We were the only family that had seatbelts in the cars….

    • melthehound says:

      Hehe… On the main road going to our house, there was a dip. It wasn’t a jolting dip to drive over but one that the car would kind of smoothly glide over much like a roller coaster at the bottom of a gentle hill (I don’t know how else to explain it).. Anyway, until she couldn’t do it anymore, my sister would stand up in the back seat to ride over that dip. Folks always told her to sit down but, still, every time we were going home some where she would still stand up for that dip in the road.

    • Powell says:

      PrincessP no helmets, no seatbelts once upon a time so true. I feel, got my leg stuck in my bike, got hit in the mouth w/a swing & the list goes on & on and Brandi’s kids will have the same experiences but w/helmets, padding & seatbelts. 🙂

      • Putchka says:

        Hi Powell How about monkey bars with concrete landings to keep the bars stable. Quite a few of kids knocked their heads out on that thing.

        • melthehound says:

          I remember the tall steel slides. We use to go down them sitting on wax paper to speed them up. There would always be a foot deep hole at the end of the slide making the drop about 2 and a half feet if we didn’t come off it just right, which was running…

    • Mene Seela says:

      Gosh I remember all those playground accidents too! OUCH. Our family had a closet full of splints and ace bandages. Nothing like iodine to bringout the pitiful screams.

      A dirty kid is a happy kid.

  26. VV says:

    Why are the Sha’s coming back? I thought this series had mediocre ratings last season. Why is Bravo saying this was a hit series? Oh, that’s right!, Tis is Bravo and they lie and mislead their audience about EVERYTHING….
    I even remember a few months ago reading that the series would be canceled by Bravo and that Andy had unfollowed the entire cast on Twitter. I remember this because I check his Twitter and it was true. He had unfollowed the cast. I am sure is following them now as the series is back…..

    • Nancy says:

      I think the show is a riot. You have to look at it as a joke.

      • VV says:

        I don’t know Nancy that Vegas episode was a major turn off. I’ll watch tonight and see what happens..

        • Nancy says:

          Do you think they are worse than the housewives?

          • VV says:

            It’s geared towards a younger audience. Are they worse? It’s Bravo! They have the same mold for all the reality shows. Zero creativity on that network.

    • melthehound says:

      How many seasons were there of Millionaire Stankmaker? How often does Bravo replay it in marathon form?

    • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

      I liked the “Shahs” (*Ducks head at rocks being thrown at me for my poor taste*).

      I want Reza to be my NEW “gay husband.” He and MJ remind me of me and my gay husband (So do “Will &Grace”).

      • Nancy says:

        What about GG? LOL I can’t wait to see if she has changed.
        Someone is going to take her out one day with that mouth!

        • I Need A Housewives' Detox Program says:

          I read somewhere that GG is still the SAME this season (spoiled rotten; uncontrollable temper; and a maker of scenes in public).

          Oh yeah, I also think Mike is HOT!

          • djprincessc says:

            I love Shah’s!! Reza is so funny and for the longest time I couldn’t stop saying HO! lol.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I LOVE REZA!!! He is too funny-and that Mike-OMG so so hot!! GG is so mean and what a temper!!! She is scary!! MJ is a bit of a hot mess but I like her. Asa is a wackadoodle but a harmless wackadoodle…I dont think Sammy is coming back-I didnt really like him anyway!!!
            Talk about poor taste!! Im talking like the are my BFF’s!!

          • Nancy says:

            Yes he sure is but he keeps dating bimbos. GG and he should just hook-up already.

            • djprincessc says:

              For some reason I don’t think Mike is hott, I do think that him and GG should just get married and call it a day though, he says he doesn’t like her but to me it’s obvious he does.

  27. Kat from Ohio says:

    shah’s is one of the better ensemble reality shows bravo has done (aside from housewives) but is still NOT great at all. I liked MJ and Asa, but good lord was GG a mess.

    this is off topic: i have been considering changing my username ‘cuz when i’m talking with my friends who watch housewives we like to just yell “tre who cares?” at each other in our best joe giudice voices. for some reason that is just hilarious to me… but i’m lazy so i doubt i actually will.

    now that i think about it though, we yell a bunch of random lines at one another. housewives fans are a strange breed. now gimmie pizza you old trolls.

  28. Powell says:

    It’s Once Upon A Time time. 🙂

  29. Kat from Ohio says:

    so a lot of you watch revenge right? i finished season 1 last night. trying to catch up. i LOVE it. right up there with (don’t tell anyone) ‘the vampire diaries’ as a favorite guilty pleasure

    • LA Debra says:

      Revenge is one of my most favorite shows. I won’t type any spoilers, but when you are ready Empress (up in the blog roll) does an excellent summary. And also BB and Marg and Mel and several more are very good with trying to untwist all the revengy plot twists. I can’t wait for tonight!!

    • california35 says:

      i watch revenge also 🙂

  30. mrspeabody says:

    My comment about Brandi and tweeting. Next time LR tweets about her boys Brandi should tweet back “YOu may think of them as “your boys but just remember I AM their one and only mother, always have been and always will be and there is nothing anybody can do to change that while you on the other hand are just the first in a long line of stepmothers and that is all you will ever be. Now STFU!”

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