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The Empire Hits Back.  Brandi Glanville made her feelings about RadarOnline known yesterday on twitter.  They turned the big guns back on her with the following headline, “Brandi Glanville Confesses To Co-Stars That Her Fighting & Drama Is Faked For Ratings.”  

The quote:  “Brandi has actually told Kyle, Kim and Lisa that the fighting she is involved with on the show is a farce and that 99% of what she says and does is acting. Brandi is very proud of the fact that she has catapulted to stardom on the show because of her outrageous antics,” a source close to the situation exclusively.

I call B.S.  There is NO WAY Brandi told Kim Richards that she was “acting” when she outed Kim as an alcoholic and drug user.  Perhaps she mentioned that some of her tweets were just to cause a little drama – but things like telling Adrienne to STFU can not possibly be pre-planned.

Here’s some more:  “Brandi doesn’t behave like that when cameras aren’t around, and it’s a shame that she feels she must do that to get attention to set herself apart from the other ladies. On the show, Brandi swears and immediately goes for the jugular in fights with Adrienne Maloof. Brandi is actually very level headed and intelligent in real life and doesn’t swear like a sailor,” the unnamed source adds.”

Oh I get it.  The source is Adrienne.  She’s not remembering that we saw Brandi behave like this all last year.  I guess she only watches her own scenes.  Always trying to play the victim that Adrienne.  NOT BUYING IT.

Brandi‘s response:  “Dear @radar_online Ive NEVER faked it for the “ratings” although I have for a man on now and again.”  Oh snap.


Yolanda Foster from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is undergoing treatment for Borrelia Lyme disease.  She tweeted: “Having a Port implanted, need to Start my treatment for Neuro Borellia Lyme disease, can’t wait to get my energy back”  It wasn’t an easy diagnosis – she also tweeted: “Isn’t crazy that I had to go to ME clinic in Belgium to get diagnosed with Borrelia Lyme after 18 months of hell #desperate”  Best of luck on your treatment Yolanda.


It looks like Kye and Kim Richards will be making an appearance on another reality show.  This one is called “Stars in Danger – The High Dive.”  I kid you not.  Apparently the stars have to learn how to high dive.  Yes – not dance or skate, but put on a swimsuit, climb up those stairs, and plunge into a swimming pool.  Apparently the events will include synchronized diving and solo diving – and the format is based on a German reality show.  Other stars signed up for the show:

JWoww, Jersey Shore
Bethany Hamilton, professional surfer
Alexandra Paul, Baywatch alum
Kim Richards, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Kyle Richards, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
David Chokachi, Baywatch alum
Terrell Owens, former NFL star
Antonio Sabato Jr., actor/model

It will air on January 9th on Fox.  I’m actually trying to figure out if this is a joke it sounds so strange.  Here’s the source.  Will Kyle be able to appear in a swimsuit?  Doesn’t she always cover up??


jennifer dalton and teresa giudiceLet’s check in with our Jersey Girls who are busy filming for the next season.  Our new housewife Jennifer Dalton has shared some event photos on twitter.  Here’s one for with Teresa Giudice (from Dec. 3rd).  PS – we need someone to take over FASHION ROUNDUP!  I have no idea how to comment on these dresses.  Anyone in the industry that wants to blog about it??

Last night was an event for Dining Out.  Blogger Tara Cushing (The Bravo Bitch – see blog roll) was at the event and keeping us updated on twitter.  Tara says she’s now been at some many events that we should play Where’s Waldo next season to see if we can spot her in the background!!  (I’m beginning to wonder if they should just make her a new Housewife!!)  Here’s a photo of Tara with Jacqueline Laurita.

tara cushing and jacqueline laurita

I’m not sure if Caroline Manzo was at the event.  This is what she tweeted at midnight:

“I just had meatloaf mashed potatoes w gravy and chased it w chocolate & spiked egg nog – that’s ok, right?”

Ummm.  I’m not sure if that’s a great midnight snack.  What do you think?


LeAnn Rimes sat down for an interview with Giuliana Rancic that will air tomorrow.  In the interview, Giuliana asks some tough questions, such as why LeAnn and Eddie entered into an affair when they were both married.

This is what LeAnn had to say, “That is a huge question. I never, ever in my heart want to hurt anyone.  But . . . I don’t think anything can separate anything that’s super-connected. You might have had so many wonderful things with each other’s spouses in your relationship, but something along the way broke that. You can’t break what’s broken already.” I have to agree on her with this one.  Eddie was already cheating on Brandi.  She didn’t break their relationship – he did.  She just needs to stop rubbing it in Brandi’s face.  She starts crying, “No one . . . will ever understand how much thought and hurt, even towards each, other were put into our decision [to divorce our spouses and stay together].”  You can see the clip here.


Has Cameron Diaz ditched Rachel Zoe?  The New York Post is reporting that Cameron is no longer working with Rachel.   The reason?  “Some sources snipe that Zoe’s been too busy building her own empire, with clothes, shoes, bags and accessories bearing her name, and that she’s got less time for styling her celeb clients.”  Not so says Diaz’s representative.  Cameron’s got more than one stylist and continues to be friends with Zoe, and will likely work more with her in the future.


Sister Wives, Season 4, Episode 3 by BB

I’m calling this episode “A Tale of Two Plural Marriages.”

Sister Wives No. 2Kody is going from house to house to go over building plans for his four wives’ houses.  He visits Christine first.  She wants as many bedrooms as possible.  She currently has five bedrooms for her six kids. Her new house building plan has four bedrooms and she wants six.  She’s going big or going home.  Janelle knows she has to stick to a budget and thinks her plans allow for enough bedrooms.  Kody thinks she needs an extra one for when Logan comes home from college in the Summer.  Janelle thinks that’s a waste of money.  She is of the opinion that her children do not need their own bedrooms.  At Robyn’s house, she’s insistent on having a “hobby room” to use for an office and she wants an extra bedroom because she’s planning on having more kids.  Meri, the entitled one (in my opinion), has to have that wet bar.  She doesn’t know why that’s so important but when she saw one in the model home she loved it.  She jokingly tells Kody she wants a tennis court in the back for Mariah.  Kody’s over it.  I don’t feel sorry for Kody; he wanted this lifestyle.

The Browns are going on a Polygcation with another Polygamous family, the Dargers, who are not of the same faith as the Browns; they are independent polygamists.  They are Joe and his three wives, Alina, Vicki and Valerie.  Together, they have 23 kids.  According to Christine, they are close friends whom they’ve known for a long time. Joe married Vicki and Alina on the same day, then married Vicki’s twin sister Valerie 10 years later.  They are all going to Oceanside CA for vacation, all 50 of them.

The DargersThe Dargers live in Utah in one house. Alina is identified as wife number 1.  I’m not sure why since he married her and Vicki on the same day, but whatever. According to Vicki, they’ve only known the Browns for four years and would like to get to know them better.  The Darger wives were all raised in a plural marriage environment so it was not that foreign to them.  Joe marrying two women at one time was not the norm.  Joe didn’t know if he was up to the task of marrying both at the same time.  He didn’t just date to date, he dated with the purpose of getting married.  He had to tell both of their fathers he would be courting both at the same time.  Vicki’s father OK’d it; Alina’s father thought he was a young punk.

After two years, Alina’s father gave his permission, but not his blessing.  That was good enough for Alina.  Two weeks later, Joe married Alina and Vicki.  Valerie came 10 years later after she had been married for over 11 years in a plural marriage she termed as dysfunctional.  She left for her children’s sake and came to visit her twin sister Vicki.  When Joe entered the room, Vicki sensed Joe would eventually marry Valerie.  As they are getting ready for the trip to Las Vegas to meet up with the Browns, you can tell they run their family like a well-oiled machine.

The Dargers arrive at Christine’s house and she notices how good the Darger wives look after traveling so long.  Kody asks Joe when he wants to leave the next day.  Joe says he doesn’t care as long as they don’t tell him 8 and then not leave until 10.  Kody says they will be leaving at 10 then.  It’s obvious the Dargers are way more organized than the Browns.  The next day, the Browns are in a state of chaos trying to get ready to go.  Kody loses his cool and Meri points out how she likes Joe’s organization skills.  Kody gives her the stink eye and Meri tells him it’s not a dig at him.  Ha ha.  Christine doesn’t consider Joe a control freak, she thinks he has a good communication style and his family respects him.  They finally leave for Oceanside, CA.

When they get there and see how small the two rental houses are, the Browns panic.  Joe calmly pulls up the house layouts on the website and decides who will be going where.  Simple as that.  Kody uses the rock, paper, scissors method.  Kody says Joe leads his family, and their family leads his.  I’d be a little ashamed of myself if I were Kody.

The next day, the families are all getting ready for the beach.  They are starting to intermingle a little.  So there is a crowd of about fifty people approaching the watersports guy.  They participate in all kinds of watersports.  The subject of dating comes up.  Some of the Brown girls are looking at the Darger boys.  The Dargers and Browns talk about going public about being polygamists.  Alina talks about losing a baby at five months old and during the investigation because she died at home, the Darger’s polygamist lifestyle was called into question.  There was a lot of fear at that time that their children would be taken away from them. Alina’s grandfather was imprisoned for being a polygamist.  They discuss if becoming public is helping or not.  Kody thinks fundamentalist Mormons need to be more public.  Robyn points out that not every polygamous family has underage brides and commits welfare fraud.

There is a noticeable difference between the physiques of the Browns and the Dargers.  Let’s face it, the Dargers are physically fit and you can tell they work out and lead a healthy lifestyle.  Christine is intimidated by that.  Robyn points out they all work out too (except for her).  Let’s be honest.  The Browns aren’t burning off nearly as many calories as they are taking in.

The Dargers discuss the sharing of Joe.  There are not night assignments or anything like that.  Kody doesn’t show affection to his wives in front of the others.  Meri says they have so many other issues they are dealing with, why add the issue of the other wives possibly getting jealous by watching Kody being affectionate with one wife.  They prefer to have their own relationships in private.

The older kids from both families go off on their own without the parents.  Madison asks the Darger kids if they will be polygamists when they get married.  Caleb Darger says it’s not for him.  He doesn’t believe it’s a commandment of his faith.  Samuel, Valerie’s son from her first marriage, says he would never ever have considered it until that year.  He goes on the say that Joe’s strong suit is being organized and he has a plan for everything.  Logan Brown says their family works by who knows the most about a certain situation is the one in charge.  Logan Darger points out that Joe knows the most about every situation.  Samuel describes Joe as a walking talking encyclopedia.  Logan Brown counters that his dad knows a lot and he seems to go overboard with the things he knows.  Madison pretty much describes her family as chaotic and asks if their moms ever argue with their dad.  Samuel says his dad is intimidating and they all laugh.

Later, all the adults are having dinner.  Alina asks them how they are dealing with their houses being so far apart.  Joe asks if they really want four separate homes and if that’s what the Browns envisioned.  Back in Utah, everyone lived in one home except Robyn.  Kody was hoping they could all live under one roof when they moved to Vegas, with umpteen bedrooms and four kitchens.  That didn’t work out.  One of the twin wives (Valerie I believe) tells them if they ever have to do that again, try to work out sharing kitchens.  Kody said they’ve tried that and it didn’t work out.  Having wives share a kitchen was almost an abusive situation.  He’s talking about when he brought Janelle in to his and Meri’s home and Meri pretty much treated Janelle like crap.  Meri asks them if they ever have conflicts about how they decorate their house.  Valerie says that’s not as important as having their family live as a true family and their children growing up together.

Kody thinks that’s OK for Joe’s family, but it’s not for his family.  His wives’ personalities are too distinct and kitchen sharing is not an option and he doesn’t think it will ever be an option in his family.  Meri was raised that she could say whatever she felt.  She apologizes for being abusive to Janelle.  Janelle was not outspoken and chalks it up to having different personalities.

Joe is surprised at how the conversation is going.  He was a business major and his family devised a mission statement.  They all wrote down their values separately and came together to write a mission statement.  Joe was reading relationship and parenting books when he was 18 to prepare for the life he planned on living.  Once he decided on that lifestyle, there was no turning back.  Robyn and Kristine love the idea of having a mission statement.  Janelle doesn’t see the point but will do it if the others want to.  Kody thinks it’s something they should work on.

They all decide to get together annually.  Janelle points out there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to polygamous families.  Valerie describes the Browns as being a family of chaotic bliss. She’s being kind.  Kody thinks they are finally at a stage where they’re strategically planning for their future by building the four houses side by side.


          Walking Dead Episode 8 Made to Suffer By BlueSky

A group of scraggling survivors is running thru the woods, fighting off walkers as they go. This is a group we haven’t seen before. One of the group gets bitten but she is not going to be left behind. So the group keeps going, running towards the back end of the prison. There is a fence that has half fallen, and a crumbling brick wall. Quickly they scramble over it, pursued by walkers. We haven’t seen this back view of the prison before. Inside the prison, Carl Jr. has been left behind while Rick, Daryl, Michonne & Oscar left to rescue Maggie & Glen who are still being held in Woodbury.

The Governor is worried that the longer Maggie and Daryl are kept prisoners, their people will come to rescue them or Andrea will find out about them. Yes Governor, you are right to be worried. Merle lied to you about Michonne. She’s not dead and will be coming after your ass for revenge. We are treated to a creepy scene of the Governor in his secret room. You know, the one with all the chopped off heads, still alive as zombies, floating in the aquariums. The Gov has opened the cage where his walker daughter is kept. She’s on a chain. When he takes off her hood, she growls at him. There’s music playing in the background. The Gov is crooning a song to his daughter. He’s so in denial. Do you think his walker daughter wants to bite him? Of course she does. Now we know why the Governor has Milton doing those nutty experiments with walkers. He can’t let his daughter go, it’s all he has left.

Maggie & Glen are locked up in the same room as the walker Glen had to kill while he was tied up in a chair. They are glad to be together, but scared about what the Governor has in store for them. Glen goes over to the dead walker. This is pretty gruesome, but he rips off an arm and then manages to fashion a weapon from the bone inside. He gives this to Maggie.

The Governor is discussing with Merle what to do about the prison & Rick’s survivors. He wants to go to the prison and kill them. Merle wants to save Daryl. What about Maggie & Glen? The Gov tells Merle to take them to the “screamer pits.” That sounds ominous.

Rick and his rescue squad are just outside Woodbury’s walls, looking for a way to sneak past the guards and get inside. Michonne leads them in. She doesn’t know where Maggie & Glen are being held. Rick doesn’t know for sure if he can trust her. Is Michonne just leading them inside, only to be captured? Michonne finds the house where she & Andrea had been staying. It’s empty now. A man outside on the street sees movement inside, so he goes inside to check it out. Rick and Daryl quickly knock him out.

Back at the prison, the older prison inmate has been chatting up Hershel’s younger daughter. Carol wants him to leave her alone. He tells Carol he thinks she’s a lesbian, that’s why he isn’t trying to charm her. Carol sets him straight!

Merle and his goons go to the room where Maggie & Glen are being held. It looks like it’s in a big warehouse. Maggie kills one of the men, while Merle fights Glen. Maggie grabs a gun, she should have shot Merle right away. Now Merle has Glen with his arm knife to his throat, while Maggie tells him to let him go, aiming the gun at Merle. More goons show up and grab the gun from Maggie. Rick & his rescue squad hear the fighting & guns going off, so they go to investigate. They find Merle & Glen just in time. They are kneeling on the ground, hoods tied over their heads. Rick throws a smoke bomb, they grab Maggie & Glen and make a run for it. With all the gunshots, the people in Woodbury are in the streets. The Governor tells them to go back home, while Andrea offers to help fight the intruders. Back in another building, Maggie tells Daryl that Merle is alive and now the Governor’s main thug. Glen tells Rick he’s sorry he told Merle that they are occupying the prison. Daryl is reluctant to leave Woodbury without seeing Merle. Where’s Michonne? She’s disappeared. Rick tells Daryl they have to leave now – it’s time to go.

Andrea follows the Governor as he goes to the warehouse where Milton does experiments. Merle updates the Gov about the attack, leaving out any mention of Maggie and Glen. The Gov wants Andrea to go door to door, checking on the town people. He’s really just trying to get rid of her, so that she doesn’t find out that it’s Rick’s people that attacked. Merle leads his group to catch Rick & his band. Now we see where Michonne has gone. She’s in the Governor’s house, waiting for her chance to inflict some revenge on the Governor.

Rick & his band are under heavy fire trying to escape. More smoke bombs are thrown to cover them. Andrea shows up, firing her gun at the attackers. She still doesn’t know it’s Rick. Does anyone else wonder why she can’t hear Rick & Daryl’s voices? She does see a black man, in a prison jumpsuit. Daryl is going to give cover fire so that Rick and everyone else can escape. Oscar gets shot, looks like he isn’t going to make it. Rick sees a man with a gun approaching him. He thinks it Shane. Thankfully he shoots him, and then realizes it’s not Shane. Maggie is hollering Rick’s name.

Back to the prison, where Carl Jr., his baby sister, Carol, Hershel & his blonde daughter are holed up. They hear screams. Carl Jr. goes to check it out. This little kid is one tough hombre.  He finds the new survivors, helps them fight off the walkers and leads them to safety. He tells them they are safe now, but he can’t trust them just yet. The girl that has been bitten is still with the group. Carl Jr. wants to kill her now. Finally the guy that carried her here gets a hammer and is about to kill her. Carl Jr. takes this opportunity to get out of the cell & locks them up. Tyreese realizes that they are safe, and accepts the situation for now.

Back to Michonne, who hears some noises from the adjoining room where she’s waiting for the Governor.  Michonne breaks in, sees the heads floating in the aquariums and the cage. She lets out the Governor’s daughter, releasing her from the chain. The little girl is in a strait jacket & with a hood over her face. As Michonne takes off the hood, she gets a shock that this little girl is a walker. About to kill her, the Governor arrives on the scene pleading for Michonne not to hurt his “little girl.” Michonne doesn’t listen. She drives her samurai sword straight into Penny’s mouth. The Governor is now infuriated. An epic battle ensues between Michonne and the Gov. Michonne is knocked head first into the aquariums, almost gets bitten by one of those heads….she manages to grab a shard of glass & sticks it into the Governor’s eye. As Michonne is about to take her sword and finish off the Gov, dumb Andrea arrives. Ughhh! So Michonne has to escape, leaving Andrea to take in the aquariums with the heads, the Governor holding his dead walker daughter while sobbing. So Andrea, shouldn’t you be a little concerned about what the Gov has been hiding from you in this room? Nope. Andrea just seems to feel compassion for the Governor.

The Governor is getting his eyeball splinter removed. Andrea asks the Governor why Michonne was fighting him. What about the fish tanks & heads? Penny? The Gov tells her some nonsense. Andrea is too dumb to figure it out. Milton arrives with Merle. You have to love what Michonne managed to do to the Gov. Just wish he were dead. Rick and his group are not safe as long as the Governor is alive.

Rick and his band have managed to get outside Woodbury. Michonne rejoins them. Rick takes her sword away, doesn’t feel he can trust her. Daryl is still back in Woodbury. Michonne says she will help get them back to the prison, or go back for Daryl. Either way, Rick needs her.

The Governor has realized something. He lost his eye because Merle lied when he told him Michonne was dead. So now the Gov has the citizens of Woodbury assembled to hear him speak. He tells them that Merle is a traitor, and we see Merle and Daryl held by goons, presented as belonging to the terrorists who attacked them. The Gov tells the people that Merle let the terrorists in. Now Andrea sees Daryl. She’s shocked. The crowd wants Merle & his brother to be killed. And that’s where the episode ends. We have to wait until February to see if Daryl is going to make it out of Woodbury. The previews show the Governor wondering “I’m not sure where her loyalty lies.” He must be referring to Andrea. We also see Daryl in the woods with his bow. But nothing is certain, we will have to wait for the showdown between Rick and the Governor. So far, Rick has done pretty well. Plus those new arrivals at the prison are going to come in handy to help Rick with his fight against the Governor.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Cast Blogs by Stars99

Adrienne Maloof

“What an episode! First of all, it was nice to get away with the ladies and connect outside of Los Angeles to celebrate Kim’s sobriety.”

Wait… so everyone KNEW the purpose of the trip was to celebrate Kim’s sobriety – and yet you all decided to get drunk?  Wow… such nice, loving, supportive friends. I know Kim would not ask people not to drink on her account – but really, don’t you think you guys could have at least shown some respect?

“The dinner party in Ojai was a bit tense and heated after Brandi told me to “shut the f— up.” My intentions were to simply ask Kim why she was upset. Brandi’s language was completely inappropriate and made everyone feel uncomfortable, however, I accepted her apology and we moved on with the weekend.”

I hear you say that you just wanted to ask Kim why she was upset… so then why didn’t you do so? Instead, you sounded like a cackling myna bird tattle tailing to the table that Kim was crying. Brandi’s language was inappropriate… and she apologized for the “F***” heard round the world.  Did you ever apologize for your part in starting the whole thing?  No?  I didn’t think so.  Yes, you accepted her apology and thanks for demonstrating once again why we all know you as, “Adrienne, the Martyr.”  The Martyr continues talking about the mud bath – but disses even that by saying “a mud bath with 7 other women is not exactly my idea of a relaxing spa day”… is there ever any pleasing you? No really – I’m trying to think of a single time when you were pleased about anything… ever? Nope…

“Unfortunately, Brandi is looking for a fight and I am her target of the moment. I’ve been trying to get along with her and not engage in unnecessary drama.”

I call bologna on this one… I don’t think Brandi was looking for a fight… she was just not going to back down from you.  For some people, it’s important for them to stay on you and your family’s good side for business reasons… no names mentioned, Kyle… Taylor… For others, you’re just not important enough to even register as a speck’s shadow on their radar.  She ends her blog by warning us that next week’s episode is intense.  Thanks.

Brandi Glanville

Brandi starts out her blog by talking about how Lisa was trying to defend Brandi’s saying “STFU”… and I like how Lisa tried to do just that while under Kyle’s barrage of accusations – yet Lisa chose to believe and defend her instinct that something must have happened that triggered Brandi to say something like that – even though she didn’t hear what happened when it happened.  Yes Kyle, we know you think that anyone who uses the “F” word at a dinner table is lower than pond scum. It shows a horrible lack of judgment and decorum – and I can’t believe that you, a woman of such class and propriety, would even associate with someone who would use the “F***” word at a restaurant.  Well, that is, unless they’re saying, “Camille, you’re a “F***ing liar” evidently.

“I believe Kyle is more upset that Lisa is defending me then she is upset about what I said. Kyle seems jealous of the friendship between myself and Lisa and wants Lisa back as her BFF. Besides Lisa, Yolanda, and Kim, I see a lot of competitiveness among this group of gals. They may all have books and millions of dollars but I don’t have either and this book deal is a huge accomplishment for me.  Taylor’s issue with me having a book is just off because the last time I checked its been four years since my split, and my ex is fully capable of defending himself if need be.”

Kyle has turned into the color of her pretty green earrings from last season because she’s so jelly. I’m shocked – women in Beverly Hills are acting all competitive?  Say it ain’t so!  Brandi, dahling, I’m really surprised that everyone was so focused on the “STFU” comment that they completely missed it when you dissed Adrienne’s intelligence by saying you didn’t think she was smart enough to write a book – then you further clarified, “well, maybe a children’s book.”  That was a HORRIBLE comment to make – snarky and just plain mean.  And then – to allude to the concept that writing a children’s book is somehow easy?  Are you kidding? As someone who has been talking about writing a children’s book for a number of years – but has yet to write word one… I can attest that it’s really difficult to write a wonderfully entertaining, fun, succinct, imaginative, creative children’s book, you gooberhead.

“I do regret not being a little more sensitive to Kim’s sobriety with all of our wine, shots, and shenanigans, but after the night before I think we all really needed some drama-free fun. I apologize Kim.”

Understatement of the year… you were ALL (with the exception of YoYo) very disrespectful. This weekend was supposed to celebrate sobriety!  Yes, let’s all drink to being sober!  Woo hooo!  The fact that you guys couldn’t go even one night without drinking was just disgusting. Alcoholics generally don’t ask people not to drink when they’re around – but normal people don’t drink around them especially in the beginning of their journey to sobriety out of courtesy, if not respect.  And Kim had only been out of rehab for a “hot minute”… and yet you guys felt very comfortable drinking yourselves into oblivion.  Ooo ooo ooo and your comment about how it’s not fun to be the only sober person in a group… was again, mean, mean, mean – AND not true.  What Kim should have done… is to band together with YoYo (the other sober one in the group) and played pranks on all your drunken dupas. It’s actually way more fun to be one of the sober ones in the group cuz you can do things that would make ya’ll drunk people look silly.  Plus… sober people don’t have hangovers the next morning and they actually remember everything from the night before. I’d go into the fun of taking pictures of drunken people… but that’s a line I won’t cross.  Allegedly.  You did apologize about the drinking… but even in your apology you used the excuse that you needed some “drama free fun” as if that was somehow more important than Kim’s sobriety.

Camille Grammer

I honestly had forgotten that Camille was on this trip, too…lol.  She starts her blog about saying stuff about STFU…etc.  She was glad that Kim had invited them all on this trip to celebrate her new path.

“At the table you could see when Brandi announced her book deal, I clapped for her and said congratulations. Then she chimed in and said, “Why can’t girls be happy for each other?” And I thought, “Hello, I’m happy for you!” I am happy when the other women are doing well. If we’re all friends then we should be supportive of one another.”

See, Brandi didn’t know you were there either, and she was sitting right next to you.  Actually, to be fair – we didn’t notice you were there because you were neither causing drama nor defending drama.  You were kinda just being beige.  Sorry, Camille.

“Spa day. Kim found her new spiritual path. As I sat with her we had a great conversation about healing and being at peace with oneself. We talked about the healing properties of the mud and the mask. I love all that stuff. I really enjoyed sitting there relaxing and talking to Kim about her progress. Then all of a sudden the girls got really playful. It was impossible for us to sit still. We were just having fun but at the same time I would have opted for the relaxing/healing/mud cleansing/detoxifying experience.”

“Ducks are a lot like women – they don’t like mud on their butts.”  Obscure Duck Dynasty quote by Phil Robertson that somehow seemed apropos.

“Excuse me Yolanda, hmm. . ., not all of us were drunk. I can only speak for myself. I was having a great time. I don’t need to drink to have a good time with the ladies. But we should have been more CONSIDERATE of Kim’s sobriety. We had fun doing gymnastics and that’s part of our playfulness. It would be an understatement to say we cut loose a bit. We’ve been on trips before where we were out dancing, skiing, swimming and just having fun. We’re playful and we like doing fun things. Those are the moments I truly enjoy. I love when we just let our hair down, get a little goofy and just be girls. It’s like reliving our youth.”

So again… if indeed you were sober, why didn’t you, YoYo and Kim gang up on the drunkards and do a prank on them?  It would have been a hoot, I’m telling you!

Kim Richards

“Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week! In watching this episode seeing what happened at the dinner table was difficult for me. I excuse myself at the dinner table that night, as I just wanted a moment to catch my breath and regroup. I thought Brandi coming in was a nice gesture. I could feel her sincerity but it was a little too painful to go through at a dinner. . .Therapy? Yes! Dinner, no!”

Well, it was one gigantic leap from initially barely being able to hug her to having a truly sincere conversation with her.

“Standing in the ladies’ room, I felt a lot of deep emotions and I just wanted to wash my face and get back to the table. I didn’t want to make what happened between Brandi and I into any more of an issue than it already has been. I felt that Brandi, the group, and I were on the road to recovery!”

Hope so!

“And now it’s seemed like Brandi and Adrienne were going at it worse than ever! I was happy when we get back to the table and saw that everybody had a book deal and enjoyed meditating! Haha. I can’t say that I wasn’t relieved that the focus was no longer on me, but I felt bad for the girls!”

This is exactly the reason why Brandi said STFU to begin with – she instinctively knew you didn’t like the focus to be on you – and for Adrienne to call the entire table’s attention to you crying over and over again was what precipitated Brandi to verbally come to your defense.

“I had a really great time at the spa — thought it was not as relaxing as it could have been. We were too busy having fun and getting goofy! But did we have fun? Absolutely! We all looked like we just got the worst spray tans you could ever get!”

It was so much fun watching you guys have way too much fun for words!

“That night at dinner the food was great, and the head chef Chad was very nice. Then Yolanda started to share her remedy for back pain. Needless to say I was a little taken back! It sounded a little scary and gross. After dinner we all went into the den and talked about the events of our day. As the girls broke out the hard stuff, it was my time to say my goodnights and head upstairs!”

Just hangs my head and rubs my temples.  They were being insensitive, disrespectful gooberheads.

“The next morning as we were getting ready to leave I was sitting in the kitchen with my sister Kyle discussing the weekend. I don’t think this was a great weekend for my sister and I. For some one-on-one special time, we could have walked alone, just the two of us, or maybe had a nice horseback ride to the mountains. But my sister and I did have a good time.”

Yeah, it’s too bad that didn’t happen.  Kyle may just not be the right person to help you along your journey at this time.  Choose to surround yourself with people who are capable of providing the type of love and support that you need.

Kyle Richards

“This week we pick up at our dinner in Ojai. Things started to get heated after the STFU comment. I have been known to drop the f-bomb myself so that isn’t what surprised me. It just came out of left field. I thought we were all just having fun and talking. There were so many different conversations going on, I couldn’t hear what Kim and Brandi were talking about. Obviously there is tension between Brandi and Adrienne and there was more to it than just what we saw. That will be addressed.”

It’s nice to know that you acknowledge that you have been known to drop the F-bomb at the dinner table, no situations mentioned, “Camille, you f***ing liar”… However, when you were grilling Lisa for defending Brandi – you did NOT say you were offended because the statement came out of left field… but because, and I quote, “for her [Brandi] to say STFU to Adrienne when she [Kim] was crying, it was inappropriate – and for you to say anything other than that is wrong.”  Lisa does finally relent and agree that it was inappropriate for Brandi to say that – but then Lisa is forced to draw you a diagram to show you that Brandi’s comments were made because she was defending YOUR sister, you know the one that just quickly left the table to go to the bathroom because she was crying – yet you chose to remain seated at that table, yeah, THAT sister. Why didn’t you call out Adrienne for saying what she said that started the whole STFU thing in the first place?  I don’t get it. You thought it was inappropriate for the F-bomb to be used at the dinner table, Kyle, you f***ing hypocrite [Please forgive my cussin’… puts a dollar in the cussin’ jar].

“When Brandi announced her book deal, I knew what Taylor was thinking. THAT had been their biggest argument at the reunion. Taylor was hurt after the comments Brandi made.”

I’m sure Taylor was hurt after those comments, but it doesn’t change the fact that she wrote the book very, very quickly after the death of her husband.  I mean, it must have been so difficult for her even to function at any level during the grieving process, I would assume.

“I liked watching Kim and Brandi having that conversation. I am happy they ended up sitting across from each other and were able to work through their issues with one another.”

Huh?  I just had to scroll up and make sure it was still Kyle’s blog that I was reading.

“I was happy to see that Kim was able to have fun but also made the decision to go upstairs when she did. After that the rest of us all went upstairs and really let our hair down. To say the least. We were all having so much fun. It really was a great bonding moment. Everyone put their differences aside and were just letting loose. All of us were like a bunch of kids. I laughed so hard that night my stomach hurt. It was the most fun this group had in a long time. Seeing Taylor and Brandi laughing together and Lisa and Adrienne doing cartwheels and hand stands in the same room? Fantastic!”

I loved watching you guys have fun… I really did.  It’s too bad you couldn’t do it sober.  It’s too bad the person who really NEEDED the bonding moments and the support of friends had to go to bed early since she didn’t feel like she could join in because you guys were drinking so much.  Happy sobriety weekend!

“Kim planned a great weekend that we will never forget.”

The only way that any of you can remember anything about the weekend is because it was caught on film. 

Lisa Vanderpump

“We resume the dinner in Ojai, Brandi just left the table with me holding the baby so to speak and now. It will be my turn…Kyle starts immediately questioning my defense of Brandi, well it’s a slightly precarious position I must admit, as I hadn’t witnessed the conversation between her and Kim. But, I was aware that something precipitated the outburst and, not feeling too enamored with Adrienne’s back all night, as she cozied up to Yolanda. I had an inkling that Brandi was defending Kim. Kyle swooped down on to the fact that Brandi had called it wrong, but I was not going to join the sides of the other women and take her to task. I have been in that position and I prefer, as I have told to Kyle regarding the Adrienne situation, rather to deal with it myself. Last week in her blog Kyle says she now understood Brandi’s position. . .mmm that is what I have said before. Don’t judge too quickly all will become evident in the end.”

You chose to believe the best about Brandi even when you didn’t know exactly what went on – which is something that’s probably very foreign to her and is evidence of a true friend.

“So we resume the dinner conversation, Brandi announces to the table she has a book deal. Well I am truly happy for her, as I am all too aware of the fact that financially things have been tough and she certainly has not had the same comforts and privileges as most of the other women at the table, excluding Taylor.  Taylor takes umbrage to this, again encouraged by Adrienne, as she felt Brandi had judged her previously. Look I support both of them making a living and trying to be independent so that was one I was not going to involve myself in. It is amusing as I stated before, I in no way wanted my opinion to influence Yolanda in any shape or form, but we will see as we progress how she comes to her own conclusions pretty rapidly.”

Yeah, but Brandi didn’t have any expectation that Taylor would be supportive of her book deal, and rightly so.  But why wouldn’t the others be happy for her? In fact, when she announced it to the group, she said, “I got a book deal today, which I don’t know if anyone cares, but …” – this is actually a pretty sad commentary of a group of women from a certain level of wealth and upbringing.  Oh well, I hear money can’t buy you class…dagnabit – I just channeled Countess LuLu…  Someone, get this song out of my head… puhleeze!

“The next morning you see me attempting to explain to Brandi how if she doesn’t edit some of her terminologies and take the “f word” out she will continue to give them ammunition. She refers to me as a mother figure. Well maybe I am to some extent, but eleven years doesn’t really count. However I won’t give up trying.”

Brandi knows the age thing really pushes your buttons… and so, push she will!  Every chance she gets… in love, of course.  Lisa ends her blog by foreshadowing of an “almost unresolvable fiasco”… great, more drama!  She also expresses her appreciation to a couple of specific people who made comments on her blog – so that was kewl to read.

Taylor Armstrong

Taylor starts out her blog by saying that it was sad to her that Kim was upset during dinner.  She also said that the comments Brandi had made in the previous season about Kim doing crystal meth were really hurtful to Kim and to her family.

“I am not sure if Adrienne announcing to the group that Kim was crying was her way of alerting everyone that Kim may need protecting again or if it was more about her issues with Brandi. Either way, it set off as Lisa called it “shut the f— up gate.” There is some serious underlying tension between Adrienne and Brandi and we haven’t seen the last of that.”

Ya think?

“As for tension, I am still holding a great deal of resentment for Brandi’s comments in the reunion last year regarding my writing a book. She did not know my family nor was she around through the previous years as the other ladies were. Therefore, I didn’t think it was her place to pass judgment. Her announcing her book deal only brought up the memory of her comments to me and opened a wound I was hoping we could close this year. I want success for all the people in my life and I wish her the same with her book.”

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor – you of all people know that one of your primary responsibilities as a Real Housewife on Bravo is to pass judgment on everyone – on everything – every time.  Yes, that’s exactly how I interpreted your reaction to Brandi’s book deal – that you wish her success with her book.  Yeah, right.  Clearly, it was written all over your face.  I mean, surely that wasn’t you that hyperventilated so much that Adrienne had to dramatically yoga coach you to breathe in… breathe out.  I dunno, perhaps I was just too drunk to correctly remember the scene.

“Let’s keep enjoying this life because trust me. . .it’s too short.”

Tru dat.

Yolanda H. Foster

“I understood from Kim that this trip was about bonding with the girls. I was excited to go because I thought it would be a great way to get to know everyone in a casual way. I can’t remember the last time I left my family to go on a girl’s trip.”

Totally laffs at the “casual” comment – these women barely know the meaning of “casual.”  YoYo, (A term of endearment, of course) – as the one who has gotten flack for being pretentious – you seem to be the one most willing to let your hair down and put it in a ponytail, pull on some comfy jeans, and not wear make-up. It’s wonderfully refreshing, actually.

“The first night at dinner I really loved the way Brandi took the initiative to speak to Kim. They were having such a beautiful, long, and overdue heart-to-heart. Kim is really emotional right now, but that’s understandable. She is letting go of a lot of old stuff. Brandi seems to be really good about admitting to her own mistakes and trying to move on after recognizing them. That’s what I love about her. She does not get stuck in the past. Even though Adrienne’s remarks are so annoying, I wish B could have chosen a different way to address her.”

Yes, Brandi could have chosen a different way to address Adrienne’s comments – but truthfully, it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.  Plus, Adrienne is already annoying you and you barely know her – imagine if you were us and have had to put up with her for all these seasons?

“Kyle and Lisa’s debate is clearly showing the separation in this group. Lisa does not agree with Brandi’s language, however she is still protective of her. And Lisa has every right to do so, especially considering Kyle is always defending Adrienne.”

There’s potential for something to be financially gained by Kyle for defending Adrienne.  Just sayin’…

“I am so happy for Brandi’s book deal and finding a way to support her kids. I honestly don’t understand why Kyle, Taylor, and Adrienne are so rude and unsupportive for someone else’s success. It just seems so catty and mean — it’s all very disheartening to me.”

Oh YoYo, keep your arms and head in the vehicle at all times and prepare for a roller coaster ride.

“I am not surprised to hear Kyle say that no one is listening to me. . .I try my best to measure my words carefully. . .God gives you two ears and one mouth so I think we’re supposed to listen twice as much as we speak. I don’t think she got that memo because she only likes the sound of her own voice.”

“…she only likes the sound of her own voice” – OOoooooOOOOo zing!

 “The golf cart ride was really the first time we were all laughing and having a great time. I really enjoyed the little race between Lisa and me. We were being competitive but all in good fun, of course. It still makes me giggle. It’s too bad that as we get older, we stop being silly in that way.”

 Love, love, LOVED it – and the fact that you had everyone in the carts fearing for their lives was priceless!

“Our badminton game was just a crack-up. I thought Lisa looked absolutely adorable. At least she was wearing sneakers. Kyle thinks she looks like a beekeeper? I was thinking, “Look in the mirror, girl. You are wearing 8-inch heels, a see-through mini dress, and a Chanel purse on the badminton field. . .ugh, really?”

Dies laffin’…

“By the time we got to the spa, we were in a goofy mood, cracking jokes and what not. It is really hard to calm down and meditate with the mud treatment after all that. Lisa and I were on a roll so a little fun seemed in place.”

That whole scene was just so danged hysterical… and I love that you started it all by throwing the towel thingie at Lisa… and that she immediately threw it back at you.  Then came the ice water tosses… Gotta say, I just couldn’t be more proud of you.

“The dinner was great and I was happy to finally be asked a more in-depth question of why I was not drinking alcohol but my answer did not seem to impress anyone [Laughs]. Anyway in Europe, we are raised with holistic medicine. I had been dealing with the pain of breaking my back while delivering my son and the ensuing triple back fusion for 13 years, but in March when I started having extreme joint pain all over my body, I decided to go to Germany to do the fresh cell therapy, which is a holistic way to revitalize the body’s own cells in order to treat disease.  Now looking back, that was the first onset of my ME-CFS. I just did not know it at that time.”

“It is interesting to hear Adrienne discuss her difficult labor. And it was sweet of Camille to share her surrogacy story. It’s those stories that makes women bond.”

Wait, Camille was there?  Giggles…

“Once the girls start drinking, it’s time for Kim and me to excuse ourselves. I had such a fun day and really wanted to end it that way. Usually I too love to enjoy a glass of wine and have fun but I don’t like to see the kind of influence alcohol has had on some of the woman in this group. Anyway, I came here to support Kim and celebrate her sobriety so out of respect to her, maybe we should have scratched the alcohol for the weekend?”

What a brilliant idea!  Too bad none of you thought about it at the time.

“I know I sound like a broken record already. I’m obviously very opinionated about this alcohol thing to Kyle but I just don’t like drunken women and I am a kind of annoyed with her for not backing up and supporting her sister who just came out of rehab and would most likely appreciate Kyle taking this precious time to reconnect with her.”

Yeah, I don’t know – it might be that Kyle is just done defending her sister.  I’m not sure how many other times Kim has gone through rehab… or has made promises about not drinking.  My dad sure made a bazillion sobriety promises that he never kept. However, he did become sober after having been an alcoholic for over 30 years. It only takes the one time when the light finally goes on for the sobriety journey to finally be successful. But you really need the support of those around you – including your family and friends.  If they’re not supportive – you really have no choice but to cut them out of your life until you’re strong enough to put safe parameters around their re-entry into your life once again.  I’m sure dealing with an alcoholic sister has been tiring for Kyle over the years.  I will say that I’m surprised, though, that as a television veteran, that Kyle didn’t anticipate her obvious lack of caring for Kim on camera would have a very negative effect on how the viewers see her as a person.


Saturday Night Lineup December 8th by BB

8PM – Frosty The Snowman/Frosty Returns (CBS); The American Giving Awards (NBC); 2012 Heisman Trophy Presentation (ESPN); UFC: Henderson v. Diaz (Fox); White House Christmas 2012 (HGTV); Mario and Courtney’s Wedding Fiesta (TLC); Kelsey’s Essentials (Cook, 8:30)

9PM – The Fight Before Christmas (CBS); Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s (OWN); Motives and Murders (ID); My Wedding David Tutera (We); Celebrity Ghost Stories (Biography); Renovation Realities (DIY)

10PM – 48 Hours (CBS); Secrets of a Trophy Wife (TLC); Fatal Vows (ID); The Haunting Of … (Biography); Untold Stories of the ER (FitTV); Family Under Construction (DIY); The Graham Norton Show (BBC); Rodeo (GAC)


Happy start to Hanukkah

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195 Responses to Brandi Glanville accused of Faking it for Drama / Sister Wives / Walking Dead / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning. I hope you’re Saturday is bright & sunny. It’s a bit overcast in MD. I saw LeAnn Times on The Today Show this morn saying her life is great and Eddie supports her. Blahhhh. Whatever. And they showed pics of them w/Brandis sons. Very low blow that LeAnn loves to do. Well have a good day. 🙂

  2. TexasTart says:

    Good morning, Powell and everyone! Ooh, :::rubbing hands together::: lots to read on the blog! Off to do more chores though 😦 BBL!

  3. Mene Seela says:

    NMD, Thank you for the great read!
    I was inspired to weigh in with my not very popular opinion about Kyle’s drinking around Kim on RHBH.
    I have had the sadness of having addicts/drinkers in my family. When I read Yolanda’s words my first thought was “how kind of her” and my second thought was wasn’t this Kim’s outing to “celebrate her sobriety”? If so why didn’t Kim arrange a dinner that was booze free?

    I think the answer is clear. No drinking makes a boring filming. A boring filming means it won’t be shown on RH. Kyle and Kim are well versed on how to create a dramatic event, which is their JOB. I think they both knew that drinking would bring out the loose tongues of all the ladies. That’s why 90% of what we see includes a large glass of wine.
    Secondly, I have no idea what Kyle has, or has not done, over the years to assist Kim during her various dependency ordeals, including her getting Kim the RH gig.
    While not drinking at the dinner could have interpreted as being unsupportive, it could also be seen as Kyle has a “job to do” and she is going to do it. Kyle and Kim could have discussed this privately prior to the trip. We just don’t know.
    I don’t think it mattered if Kyle had wine or just sipped iced tea. The other women were drinking in front of Kim. This was Kim’s dinner party at her weekend event. I don’t think it bothered her as much as it bothered Yolanda (who only seems to drink water at parties).


    • Plus we are never going to know all the times that Kyle may have shown support to Kim (somehow I don’t think it happens that much!) but it got left out. We know how Bravo likes to edit the footage to follow their storyline.

  4. Good Morning….hope everyone’s Saturday has started out well. We are in for a chilly weekend, but I love it.

    Great blog as usual. I had not been over to Bravo to read the cast blogs for a very long time, but for some reason, I read BH this week. Lots of giggles in those blogs and Stars99, you make them much more fun to read with your commentary! And, wow, the hypocrisy of some of these women is mind boggling.

    So now….I have a quick question for you guys. I read this morning that the “reason” is out for the bitter argument between Brand and Adrienne/Paul….and it is because of this: As you might recall….when the women were at the patio dinner table in Ojai they began discussing their “pregnancy stories”. Does anyone remember Adrienne’s comments? I deleted the epi on my dvr and couldn’t go back and watch. Well, apparently, Adrienne (geez, I sound like such a gossip LOL! Feel like I should be standing over a fence with a neighbor, coffee cup in hand!) ….ok Adrienne was talking about her preg story and made it sound like she gave birth to the boys. In this article it states that she did not, in fact, give birth herself….she and Paul used a surrogate. Did any of you know this? Or am I just late to the party about this piece of info? Because I was shocked.

    Apparently Brandi knew this and was talking about it (to who I don’t know) at the party we see them at next epi. Adrienne didn’t hear it, but Kim did, and tells Adrienne, who tells Paul….and the doo doo hits the fan. Epic yelling match. That is why Paul calls her a b**ch. Brandi is now being blamed for A & P’s marriage breaking up.

    So this is all, of course, from a media story……so it could all be trash….but had any of you heard about the surrogate thing with A/P? I had no idea. Maybe its just me? Do I need help? “P

    Wishing everyone a great start to their weekend!

    New easy Saturday post is up! Enjoy! (Sat. is supposed to be my “tech free” day. Today, not so much!) Great post planned for tomorrow!!

    • Mene Seela says:

      Maybe they used a surrogate because Adrienne wouldn’t let Paul uhm … “do it” with her. Addy seems the fridged and uptight princess to me. “You aren’t coming close to touching THIS buddy”.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I hope you are kidding, there are multiple reasons why women opt for surrogacy, most of them are medical. Maybe the reason why Adrienne didn’t want to shre this part of her life is because there is still stigma asociated with surrogacy and your comment is just a prime example of that. Unbelievable.

        • Mene Seela says:

          Yes of course I was joking. I was also wondering how Brandi even knew about it.

          • Cartwheels says:

            Sorry for the short temper, but my brother’s sister in law had to use one and the decision for her was so difficult, she went back and forth so many times, she has never told her daughter about it and I am not sure she ever will. I just can’t imagine is somebody would carelessly spill the beans in front of other people. I know I would be livid.

            As to how did Brandi knew, uhmmm that is a good question and I am sure that it is in Adrienne’s mind that Lisa might have mention something to Brandi, being that Lisa has been her friend and neighbor for so many years. I am not saying that this is what happened but maybe it is what Adrienne is thinking.

            I also would like to know how Brandi knew that information and in which planet she thought that was a good topic of after table conversation.

            • Powell says:

              Oh boy! If it is true I hope Brandi or anyone would do that to Adrienne/Paul or to anyone cause that would be for A/P to tell anyone. If its true and they chose not to broadcast it then they have a good reason. Surely the birth of the boys and not talking about their marriage is not what Brandi calls A/P being inauthentic? These are very personal issues that they don’t have to explain.

          • mrspeabody says:

            I took it as you were making a joke too.

        • BB says:

          I took tht comment as a joke. I didn’t see it as knocking surrogacy at all. I was always under the impression that Adrienne used a surrogate. I believe when someone asked her about it in the 1st season she pretty much told them to mind their own business or something to that effect. I was puzzled when she was describing her “delivery” in the last episode.

          • Cartwheels says:

            I knew about Camille’s surrogacy but never heard about Adrienne, maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. I just don’t think that it is something to be talked about if the mother (in this case Adrienne) is not ready to share it with the world.

            I am sure that Adrienne would like to tell her children on her own terms and on her own time, if ever.

            • BB says:

              She never said she did or didn’t, she just chose not to answer. I can’t remember if it was during the show, or on a Watch What Happens Live episode, or at the Reunion or what, but for some reason I remember it coming up.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                I had read about Addy’s child birth issues a least a year ago in the press, on line, somewhere. As I said before, Brandi spends a lot of time, planting herself in the middle of other women’s relationships. She needs to stop because karma will dictate that it happens to her in return. She is messy and I can not feel too sorry for the process she has created for herself, in her own family life. It is one thing to be unfiltered and another thing to be an out of control gossip. Addy’s karma is in play too, but if Brandi loves her own children so much then she should protect all children, that she comes in contact with. If she commented about Addy’s children, that really crossed the line and Paul had a right to call her out. JMHO.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I read that on some other blog, I don’t think Adrienne and Paul’s breakup can be blamed on that at all, maybe Adrienne was upset by Paul’s evidence lack of selfcontrol, but if it true that Adrienne had her children via surrogacy and wanted to keep that part of her life under wraps then Brandi went way below the belt.

      By revealing this information that doesn’t belong to her, she is in fact intruding in dnagerous territory, she is always asking everybody not to talk about her kids, to respect her kid’s privacy, she understandably was upset when somebody even dare to mention her kids last season, and she goes and says something like this this in front of other people (Kim) who are friendly to Adrienne? I think one of the cardinal rules of civility was “Don’t do to others what you don’t want others do to you”.

      • Oh….I agree Cartwheels and BB….that Brandi should never have been discussing this subject…especially at a party where A & P attended. That is not ok. And A & P had a right to keep this private. Tho they are on a reality tv show and had to know it would come out.

        I was just asking the question because I was shocked to hear this news and thought maybe I had missed something on the shows, as I have been known to do, and you ladies here catch me up.

        I hope I did not come across as insensitive in my post bringing this up. I did not mean it that way. i was actually poking fun at myself, not the situation.

        I think you all know where I am always coming from… please know I never meant to come off flippant. Just very, very surprised. 🙂

    • California35 says:

      I did not know about Addraine. At the dinner, she didn’t clarify. She did change the story twice so quickly it made me think that she didn’t want to talk about it or something, but because she is uncomfortable with sharing personal stuff. First it sounded like she said it was natural, then that she had z section.

    • RealhouseWifeva says:

      That’s interesting,,, how the heck do you hide something like that though? I mean, if you have 3 children without ever being pregnant, I’d think one or two people would notice! lol

  5. plainviewsue says:

    As always Stars, fabulous write up of the BH blogs.

    Yolanda’s blog was pure gold. I loved loved the zings to Kyle and agreed with every single one of them!

    As for Kim/Kyle relationship, I know that we don’t know everything they’ve been through. But for now, Kim is sober and Kyle is coming off very unsupportive. The first dinner when Kim said they could sit where ever they wanted to, Kyle gushed “Oh good.” and ran to the other side of the table. How nice it would of been if Kyle said, “Great. I’m sitting right next to or across from my sister.” Your sister. The one who organized the event to celebrate her sobriety!!!!!!!

    She was more enraged with Brandi’s STFU comment than the fact that her sister was crying and went to the bathroom becos of what Adrienne said. In season one, she always took Taylor’s side over Kim.

    Kyle is being totally slammed on her blog. And IMO deservedly so.

    • It’s going to be curious seeing Kyle & Kim on another show. Sounds scary to me, in lots of ways. I hope it’s not too much for Kim. She seems to have a fragile personality, but she’s endearing at the same time. Being a child star, she must have stated partying very young. Hard to overcome those demons & I wish her the very best. Kyle is just nasty, I want to like her but then she goes & shows her true nasty side so I can’t like her.

      • BB says:

        I can’t even picture Kyle doing anything risky. She acted like such a baby during the golf cart race. Should be interesting. If it’s an elimination type competition thing, I can’t see her lasting that long.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          BB, Kyle is a ham so it is hard to know when she is afraid and when she is just “bad acting.” JMHO.

  6. BB, I didn’t watch the show, but am wondering what Joe does to support his family. Did we ever find out what kreepy Kody does to help support his family? Being a salesman just wouldn’t cut it. Must be his wives working that supported them all these years. Now the show is his paycheck.

    It’s beyond me how a guy that looks like Joe ends up with those 3 ladies. Or how anyone sticks with Kody lol. What a difference in family life. Kody’s 4 houses are going to bankrupt his family. Meanwhile Joe seems to be a financial wiz, along with everything else. I mean really, one shared house or 4 houses? Just because Kody is making $ now from the reality show, he’s over spending. Ten years after the show is off the air, his family will be wishing they had banked more of that show $.

    NMD, your poll needed a “yuck” choice lol. Just thinking about eating that makes me queasy. I like mashed potatoes & meatloaf, but chocolate egg nog after? Yuck!

    Thanks for reading all those blogs and giving us the analysis Stars. I hate Bravo’s website and prefer not to go there. I think it spreads cooties!

    • BB says:

      I can’t remember if the show says what Joe does for a living. They also have a book (not as a result of being on Sister Wives) and there will also be a TLC special on the Dargers in the future. Joe looked better in the show than he does in that picture. And so did his wives. That is not a recent picture but the only one I could find (it’s from their book cover). They are a good looking family. If you could see what they looked like on their wedding day, you wouldn’t even recognize them (they showed wedding pictures on the show). Joe planned to live a polygamous lifestyle. Kody said he was “called” to do it. Sounds like the way the rest of Kody’s life has gone – willy nilly, come what may, whatever happens.

      • I wonder how Kody & Joe really met. Joe being so organized, maybe he saw an opportunity to use Kody to get his family on tv to make $. Looks like it’s working out for Joe lol! I’d also love to know how Kody got his show. Maybe he’s smarter than he looks. Was he inspired by watching HBO’s Big Love series? I liked watching that show, it was actually very good. When you see what happened to that psycho in real life Warren Jeffs, and how he still runs his group from prison, makes you realize that the Big Love writers knew what they were doing.

        • Powell says:

          blue my mom & I were talking about Jeffs yesterday. Ok lawyers answer this. How can Jeffs run his biz from jail? It’s city, county, or state run right? How can he run his biz from prison? Should the city, county or state say its illegal or make him pay city, county or state taxes? I think one of the biz was guns. I don’t know if its legal. My mom says they also have stores they run. Whatever they do it doesnt sound right.

          • Powell I saw a couple of tv specials about Jeffs towns, the boys they throw out, how he commands from prison. He has access to a phone or mail, so he can tell his sub commanders what to do. Can you believe they worship him as the Prophet, and his word is law? Crazy ass cult leader, they shouldn’t let him have any communication period with the outside. Former people who have left his group have plenty of stories to tell. While in jail, a multi million dollar house has been built for him. He’s in jail for life I hope, so why would they build it? Because he told them to. He has people kicked out, so anyone that questions his authority is out. They get construction jobs because the boys don’t go to school much beyond 3rd grade and work for free. Most of the kids can’t even read or write. No one can compete with their construction bids, because they come in so low, not having to pay these young boys. It is awful. The show I saw was on 20/20 or a special news magazine, about a week ago. Maybe you can google “Warren Jeff” and get more info. The man is beyond evil IMO.

          • Orson says:

            Conversations between a convict and his lawyer are confidential. That’s how he runs his ’empire’.

    • nohausfrau says:

      Kody is involved along with Meri in selling some kind of green gunk health drink pyramid scheme. In the past he’s been in sales (but not very successful). Janelle was really the breadwinner as she had a stable position with the State of Utah.

      Bankruptcy is no stranger to the Browns. All have filed in the past with the exception of Janelle.

      Personally I think the Dargers are creepy. Stepford wives and a super controlling husband. The Browns are a hot mess but more relatable. I like the Browns kids a lot. I’ve seen the Darger kids on a few different shows and they seem very repressed.

      Thanks BB for the recap!

      • nohausfrau says:

        Btw joe Darger has his own Construction Management Company.

        • Seems like all these polygamists are all involved in construction! I googled Warren Jeffs & read a bunch of articles on him today. He’s a true psychopath, took over as prophet from his father by claiming his dad anointed him just before dying. The FLDS (Jeffs Mormon group) has thousands of members and over $100 million in assets. They have compounds in several states, in Canada, and in Mexico. They are doing a lot of construction on their site in S. Dakota. The way they make most of their money is in construction. Plus child labor, especially using the young boys/men without paying them. It’s very unsettling to read about them & how Jeffs is still controlling them from prison.

          • nohausfrau says:

            Warren Jeff’s is seriously scary. Browns are dysfunctional but nothing like some of these plyg cults (I do think they follow the definition of cults). Browns and Dargers are more like alternative lifestyles.

  7. trudie says:

    “gooberhead” 🙂

  8. BB says:

    I enjoyed both the Walking Dead and the BH blog recaps, BlueSky and Stars99. Walking Dead is my current all time favorite indulgence. I love it. I’m sure I’ll be sitting there on New Years Eve and Day watching the marathon. My husband doesn’t understand why my daughter and I would do such a thing since we’ve already seen it. He just doesn’t get it. Lol.

    Stars99, you are right on with your analysis of the BH ladies’ blogs.

    • Powell says:

      BB tell your husband you watch it again cause there is something else that you learn, something else you see that you didn’t before. 🙂 That’s why I can watch classic films over & over again.

    • I’ll be watching too BB! Walking Dead is my favorite show too. 🙂

  9. Kat from Ohio says:

    i’m really starting to be disgusted by brandi.

    • Nancy says:

      I’m beginning to agree with you. I wonder how does Brandi knows so much about
      Paul and Adrienne? She knew at the reunion that their marriage was “fake”
      and now she knows about them using a surrogate.

      • Nancy says:

        Let me try that again…I wonder how Brandi knows so much about Adirenne and Paul?

      • Nancy says:

        I think I answered my own question. It’s on the internet.
        Adrienne did an interview in Sept, 2010 stating that she used a surrogate
        because she wanted to keep her figure intact and she hired FOUR
        nannies to take care of them. So I guess she’ll never be the mother of the year.

        • Cartwheels says:

          Could you post the link? I thought the one who said that was Camille and at the time being she got slammed pretty bad for it too, but maybe I am just confused.

          • Cartwheels says:

            I found an article on Camille about but nothing about Adrienne.

            • i can’t find anything about Adrienne either except anonymous comments. The four nanny thing sure points to Camille – who was know to have used a surrogate for her IBS. She went public with her struggles with IBS before she was on housewives, and helped take some of the stigma off of the condition.

              I feel that Brandi and Adrienne take very low blows at each other – Adrienne using the gossip magazines and Brandi directly. Should Brandi be talking about Adrienne’s secrets – NO – should Adrienne be spreading gossip about Brandi – NO. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

              • Nancy says:

                It came from Adrienne. Look below for the name of the article.

              • Nancy says:

                Never mind. You are right. Sorry about that. It gets explained downthread.

                Jacoby is up and riding in her electic wheelchair.
                They have raised over 60 thousand already. 🙂
                She’s going home soon.

          • Nancy says:

            Look downthread.

        • Sus says:

          Knowing this about Adrienne has put her on the Revolting List. So basically she bought her children to keep her figure. She’s on the Pig List too.

        • BB says:

          I think that’s Camille, not Adrienne.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            I think sometimes when using the press people may say things that are not completely true. Addy may have health issues that she did not want the general public to be aware of, at the time, so created a story. She is still the only non pro actress on the show and has the communication skills of a small child. If she is winging it, she really needs to hire a PR firm that can direct her press interviews, and truly listen to their advice. She even has a hard time communicating on the show, one on one. I have always found Addy to be sneaky and dishonest. JMHO.

  10. djprincessc says:

    Good morning/afternoon ladies!! Thank you for all the fun wishes for the party last night! BB and Detox I’m afraid you ladies were wrong with your predictions but I was too!! lol. So I’ll get right into it,

    I walked in with my BFF and was looking for this other lady I work with, well she was sitting at the SAME table with Mr. Flirty and his GF and mom (his mom is also an agent in our office and of course the lady I was looking for HAD to be sitting at the same table as them, anyways…) Mr. Flirty’s mom LOVES me and as soon as she saw me grabbed me and said “I was just thinking about you, I have your gift!!” It was a pink sparkly bracelet and sooooo cute, she introduced me to her date and Mr. Flirty’s gf and surprisingly Mr. Flirty stood up and also introduced us, she smiled and shook my hand, THEN Mr. Flirty says “Give me a hug!!” and totally hugs me!!! It was sooooooo weird because he NEVER HAS HUGGED ME BEFORE or gotten somewhat close to me (I was pretty shocked, lol)

    I will say though his GF and I are polar opposites (I already knew that though because one of the other girls I work with showed me who she was on FB, this was before he knew that I knew he was in a relationship. His Gf is white with dirty blonde hair a little past shoulder length, as skinny as a 12 year old girl, average height probably 5’5, red lacy dress that was form fitting with black short boots and I’m hispanic but everyone thinks I’m half asian half white (weird) with jet black hair to the middle of my back, tan and wasn’t even skinny at 12! Haha! Lets just say that having curves is soooooo IN right now but I’ve been this way since I was a teenager! I wore a peplum dress that was black on the top, but had a beige and black flowerish pattern on the bottom with nude pumps and I’m 5’6 but for some reason look like a giant (which I hate) Anyways you guys get the picture…WE ARE OPPOSITE.

    Anyways I was expecting some drama/excitement but nothing went on really. It was a nice Xmas party, my BFF and I were leaving I said goodbye to his mom but didn’t say anything to him (Idk why, but I just didn’t) well, of course as we left the room and walked into the hotel lobby my BFF and I started playing around taking pictures of ourselves and as I turn around who is walking past us….MR. FLIRTY!! So I yell his name, and tell him bye he says “You’re leaving already? Its early!” says bye to my BFF and almost remembers her name, and tells me “well give me a hug” so I do, and now I’m even more shocked, 2 hugs in ONE night from someone who wouldn’t even call me on the phone to ask me a work question?!?!?!!? I almost fell over!! He had been drinking though and I asked him how drunk he was and he started laughing, so who knows maybe thats why he wanted to hug…as Miss Detox would say ***Shrug***

    I hope you ladies get somewhat of an idea of what happened last night, I wish I had more gossip!!! Haha!!

    • Nancy says:

      He’s into you or he’s an alcoholic. Take your pick! LOL

    • hmmm never trust a guy that runs around hugging other women! Drunk is no excuse either.

      • djprincessc says:

        Haha!!! I don’t think he’s an alcoholic, just a little xmas fun and Idk about being into me. I’m trying to not read SOOOOO much into it but it was definitely weird with the hugs suddenly. I think because his mom was super sweet with me he just went along with it bc he’d look bad. Who knows, he’s pretty young so he probably doesn’t know why he does what he does either!! And you know what Bluesky? I’m trying to remember if I saw him hugging other women but I can’t!! lol.

        • Nancy says:

          I take it you really like this guy, eh?

          • djprincessc says:

            I’m cooonnnnnnnnfffffuuuuuuuuusssssed!!!! hahahahahah!! Really though I am, like I was saying the other night, had nothing to do with him but IDK what I want! :/

            • Nancy says:

              That was funny. I’m cooonnnnnfffuuusssed a lot myself so don’t beat yourself up.
              You are still young so it may be a good thing. You will know soon enough.
              Needless to say dating someone that you work with rarely ends well. Trust me on that one as everybody sleeps with everybody when working in a hospital.

              • djprincessc says:

                Hahahahahaha!! I am!! But I understand what you’re saying, I’m sure you’ve seen a lot!! But fortunately or unfortunately for me (however one looks at it) all the other male agents are a older than me like my parents age or grandparents age or the ones around my age are not my type of newly married. But I agree it rarely ends well, my parents met at work and have been married for 31 years but thats BEYOND rare. Whatever I’m over boys….FOR NOW. We’ll see how I feel in an hour! haha!

              • Powell says:

                So Miss Nancy are you telling us its all Grey’s Anatomy at your hospital? 🙂

  11. LisaJ says:

    If Adrienne and Paul did use a surrogate, that’s their business. If they wanted to keep it private, and if in fact Brandi does “out” them, she’s wrong to do so. However, if Adrienne and Paul REALLY wanted to keep it private, my advice to them would have been “keep your asses off of a reality TV show”!

    • mrspeabody says:

      and not do an interview 2 years ago. lol

      • Cartwheels says:

        Camille Grammer, who has already put herself into contention for most hated housewife, is married to Kelsey Grammer (who pops in for a quick confessional before absconding to New York and a role on Broadway in “La Cage aux Folles.”) Camille, a refugee, er dancer, on “Club MTV,” has four nannies for her two children (two for each child. Isn’t that what everyone does?) and had surrogates carry her kids (the other ladies thought she did it for superficial reasons, but turns out she had health issues.)

        This is what I found

        • Nancy says:

          My laptop won’t let me post links but the article was called…
          Las Vegas’ ties to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Top Chef.

          • Cartwheels says:

            Thanks Nancy, here is the link 🙂


            Again the mention is about Camille and not Adrienne

            ” Actor Kelsey Grammer’s recently divorced wife Camille exacts some revenge on her ex by revealing that his Frasier cast begged her to make him wear underwear when he rehearsed in a dressing gown! She candidly admits that she had a surrogate give birth to their two children so that her body would remain fit and has four nannies in rotating shifts taking care of them for her”

            • PJ says:

              In all fairness the Bravo blog put written by the Bravo staff says the part about Camille using a surrogate because she didn’t want to ruin her perfect body is not true. It was actually Taylor who said that. Camille used a surrogate because she has health issues.

            • Nancy says:

              I’m sorry. I assumed because it was an article about Adrienne that “SHE” meant
              Adrienne and not Camille. It was a new paragraph as well. Never mind.
              Thanks Cartwheels.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Yet across the various spinoffs, the real housewives reliably engage in all kinds of confusing, contradictory, neo-housewife behavior: they proudly show off their incompetence in the kitchen (as when Adrienne Maloof of Beverly Hills washes a chicken with hand soap) or their lack of interest in sex (as when her neighbor Lisa Vanderpump jokes about treating sex as a twice-annual gift to her husband) or their limited patience for parenthood (as when Camille Grammer, who gave birth to her kids via surrogate, employs more nannies than she has children).

        Another article, again it is about Camille, the surrogacy and the nannies. Nothing about Adrienne at all, except her inadequacy to cook.

        • Nancy says:

          Look up one post. Would you please put up the link for me?

          • Cartwheels says:

            Got it ! 🙂

            The previous paragraph talks about Adrienne and then quickly shifts to Camille so I get why it might had looked like they were talking about Adrienne, but the article was in fact referring to Camille who has never denied or hide the fact that she used surrogates. Rumors have it that Camille mentioned that she used surrogates not to spoil her body and she was slammed by it, but then Camille came forward to say that she had IBS and that is why she used the surrogates. She also explained about the four nannies.

            If you think about it, even if Camille used the surrogates not to spoil her body, that was her prerrogative and not even in the moments when she was feuding at her worst with Kyle, did any of the other ladies used that information (which was already known) as a weapon to hurt her or make her feel guilty for choosing surrogacy.

            If Adrienne used one or not is not the point, the point is that nobody but Adrienne had the right to comment on that issue if there was any need at all. JMO

            • Nancy says:

              I completely agree. Say Adrienne did use one. So what? There are many
              reasons that a women wants/needs to keep her figure. I wouldn’t judge her for that.

              • Cartwheels says:

                Neither would I
                I figured that if in fact Adrienne used surrogates, very few people in her circle knew about it and Adrienne might have wanted to keep it that way, but now that is not possible.
                I also wonder if the comment from Brandi to some other castmembers wa captured on film and that is why Adrienne quit, she left filming and maybe the only agreement reached with Bravo was that the mention of it wouldn’t be air and left it to especulation.

                Who really knows? I still don’t get why Brandi had to even mention that

                • Nancy says:

                  Interesting. I forogt about Adrienne quitting. I’m beginning to feel sorry for Adrienne.
                  Her life is falling apart. I wish we knew all the details about how Brandi really got on
                  this show. I know she was brought on as Adrienne’s friends but I think she was Paul’s friend. As we all know now Brandi and Paul are buddies.

    • BB says:

      I agree. If you have anything you want kept private, DO NOT GO ON TV. It will get out sooner or later.

  12. Powell says:

    I’m watching Miami & Adriana brought 15 bags and no passport. That is so darn funny. 🙂

    • I Need A Life! says:

      This happens all the time at O’Hare airport. I’ll be standing in line FOREVER as the agent tries to explain, “We need a drivers license or form of I.D..” …”We need to see a passport. You are leaving the country.”

  13. nohausfrau says:

    Last year I was up and down about Brandi but for some reason I’m really liking her this year (and have since the reunion). Yes, she’s inappropriate but I think she has a heart. I wish she could take the high road with that skank Leann though although I can understand why she lashes out.

  14. Cartwheels says:

    I guess it must be bad when she has to explain beforehand

    Brandi Glanville‏@BrandiGlanville
    Watched Mondays episode,I kind of come off as an a-hole but PLEASE read my blog so u understand why!I dont fully get2 explain myself on ep!

    • Nancy says:

      Cartwheels sorry for putting you through all that. 😦

      • Cartwheels says:

        Sorry Nancy, I took a nap.
        You don’t have anyhting to apologize for.
        It is true that this ladies choose to puttheir lives on TV and they should be aware that any and all skeletons would be exposed. I just thought that none of them thought the expose would come from another castmate is such a delicate issue.
        Brandi has asked several times that the other ladies even refrain from mentioning her kids so I found highly hypocritical that she would so non-chalantly mentioned something like that to other castmates.

        • Nancy says:

          ITA. Brandi needs some help with all that she is going through. It’s easy to
          get over something when you have nothing invested in the outcome but that’s not the case with Brandi as the outcome are her children but outing Adrienne was not cool.

  15. PJ says:

    One thing that surprises me is that a Bravo housewife can go overnight from being loved to criticized to hated. The whole story about Paul and Adrienne’s dust up with Brandi isn’t even out and already Brandi is getting bashed. Why not just wait and see, let it play out.

    • At least we’re talking about her. Hopefully her book will sell well.

      • PJ says:

        True, and I hope it does help her out with book sales so she can take care of children. I just want to wait to get all the facts before I judge Brandi.

        • I liked Jill Zarin season 1. I liked Adrienne her season 1 as well. I didn’t like Camille, liked her, and now I’m back to not really liking her. I still like Brandi – I just don’t like everything she does. In a way she’s a little like Bethenny. She can say really toxic, outlandish things about her castmates and get away with it. Of course Bethenny has a lot of haters as well.

          • PJ says:

            I do agree with you. As for Camille she really doesn’t give too much of her personality to the viewers so they can get to know her. I wish she would just stop hiding and show us who she really is. Brandi has probably been able to get away with her antics her whole life largely because of her beauty. I do feel like she has a good heart at her core though. But she does need to reign it in a bit. I agree with Lisa when she said you don’t get blindsided by Brandi, unlike some of the others.

        • Powell says:

          How are you feeling?

          • PJ says:

            Hi Powell, thank you for asking, that is so kind. I’m recovering from pneumonia but have developed a loud ringing in my left ear that never stops along with pressure. The doctor says there is fluid build up in my inner ear and sinuses so I have to use steroid nose spray and yet another antibiotic. It’s making me feel dizzy and throwing off my balance, my poor husband is really worried about me. I beginning to think I’ll never get better but I know I will eventually (hopefully).

        • I agree with this. I sure did not mean to cause a casino (my first one!) this morning asking about all of this! I actually like Brandi and feel for her situation and understand her rage and spontaneous outbursts. Tho I do think she needs a better way of handling them.

          Re: Adrienne, I was just shocked to read about the issue this morning and had no idea about it. Apparently we will all find out about it on Mon’s epi. While I have empathy for her, and believe in her right to keep it private, how did she think she was going to keep it off the HW’s show when these shows are ripe for stuff like that. I would not be surprised if producers had a hand in setting the information about or encouraging that it be told to cast members. I don’t know what to think! 😦

          What I DO know….is that if BH starts to spiral like NJ….I am outta there and I won’t watch. BH was the one “saving grace” show that had some fun in it. All of the BH women have said that, after these first few “fun” shows, the drama erupts badly and doesn’t calm down. That bothers me…..but, I can still catch up here. 🙂

          Once again…didn’t mean to throw the board a curve this morning! Hugs!

          • Nancy says:

            I didn’t help either. 😦

            • Oh Nancy….that’s ok. One never knows when a topic will take hold. That is what is so great about this place. We can talk about anything…and then move on to the next topic.

              I have also been meaning to get back to you to ask, do you know where the street Carol Park Place is in La Crescenta (just off Foothill Blvd.)? That is where my beloved Aunt and Uncle lived…..and I will always remember the excitement we felt as kids when the gas station on the corner came into view and we knew we were going to turn the corner to their house, and we knew there would be an afternoon of fun.

              Hope you like living in that city! So many good memories for me! 🙂

              • Nancy says:

                Hi Mar,
                When was that? I’m so used to living in a city (San Fran) so it’s a little strange living
                out here in LC. I miss all the dog parks and the little stores/deli’s. We also had so many
                great friends so I’m still a little home sick. It is beautiful down here being so close to
                the mountains. I’m glad you are having these great memories.

                • Eons ago! LOL! 40+ years just to give you a number. They both passed about 10 years ago and that is when we sold their house. I haven’t been back that way in a long time and now live out of CA. Just wondered if you recognized the name of the street. I understand how you can miss San Fran….what a great city! I hope you get back to visit some time.

          • PJ says:

            I do agree that Brandi needs to handle herself better but I wonder how I would react in the same situation and I can’t help but feel for her and all she has gone through.

  16. I Need A Life! says:

    I’ve been trying to figure something out from the Housewives on vacation. Someone carried two pieces of luggage. They were vintage without wheels. Do you remember? White cases/luggage with handle. Practical? I know these women aren’t used to carrying their own, but who do you think would have those. I was thinking Yolanda. I like the look of vintage luggage, but I can’t imagine traveling without wheels. Love the large Vuitton bags that they all seemed to be carrying, but again, who wants to lug that on their arm?

    • Powell says:

      Haha. I don’t think that intend on carrying them I Need A Life. 🙂

    • Mene Seela says:

      I still have one of those small Samsonite pieces. Is it called a “make up” big? Anyway it’s boxy and has a mirror inside the top. I keep my sewing things in there.

  17. Nancy says:

    Cowboys football player Joshua Brent killed his teammate Jerry Brown while intoxicated
    last night. 😦 So much horrible news lately.

    • Nancy says:

      It was DUI.

      • Powell says:

        OMG!!!! What the hell?

        • Nancy says:

          I know. I just read that a 7 yr old little boy was accidentally killed when his fathers
          gun went off. I can’t imagine how anyone could get over that.

          • Sus says:

            Yeah yeah guns don’t kill people and all that crap. I don’t care if you have an arsenal of weapons. Keep your kids safe from them!!!!!! There are just hundreds of stories where little kids get killed. Any gun in a kid’s hands went through an adult’s hand first!

            Second Amendment my ass!

            • Nancy says:

              Finally someone agrees with me.

              • Powell says:

                You’re not the only one that agrees. I’m right there with you.

                • Nancy says:

                  My best friends husband carries a gun for work (he’s an IRS “cop”/attorney)
                  so the first thing he does after opening his front door is to go and put his gun in
                  the safe. No passing go…
                  I’ve seen too many children accidentally getting killed by a gun.

              • pugluva911 says:

                ITA with u also Nancy. Have worked in the criminal justice system for almost 19 yrs and have seen soooo much gun violence

  18. Bama Belle says:

    Shahs of sunset all day??

  19. Eastbayca says:

    Shereè Whitfield ‏@IamSheree
    NOW ANNOUNCING: My holiday line of jewelry with @kitsylane. Inspiration: you guys! Fierce & classic, chic & affordable.

  20. Bama Belle says:

    Hello all. I’ve not been able to join you guys during the work day so I try to catch up on the weekend but, lately I’m slammed on the weekend too!

    Hey Nancy *waving like a fool*.

    • Hello. Glad you are able to join us today.

      • Bama Belle says:

        Thanks NMD. I’ve been reading when I can but our company watchdog has this site on “Quota Time”. It didn’t used to be that way with Lynn’s blog, but since the change, it’s been blocked.

    • Bama Belle says:

      Guess you don’t remember me. We had some great conversations about my time as a detox unit manager within a theraputic facility. It’s been a while. I’m in HR now. Reasonable progression, don’t you think?

      • Nancy says:

        Hi Bama Belle,
        Yes I remember you. 🙂 Welcome back. Come live chat with us when the
        BH Housewives is on as Kim’s “condition” is usually the topic.
        How have you been?

        • Bama Belle says:

          Very busy. Went on a 2 week criuse around Alaska with DH who just retired. Trip of a lifetime… bucket list stuff!

        • Bama Belle says:

          I know you guys have told me but how do I get to live chat.

          • sparklemuffy says:

            over @ blog roll it says “Chat Room”

          • Bama Belle says:

            Dumb question…. now I understand. duhhhhh…
            I don’t usually get on my laptop after work hours unless I have an issue at work. I’m on it so much during the day, I try to just shut it down after about 7pm. I treasure my “home time” and other than never-ending text messages, I’m offline at home during the week. Most weekends, too.

      • sparklemuffy says:

        since we have our medical people here, can I butt in and ask some questions? ie: the nurse who spoke to the Aussie radio people. From what I heard–she really didn’t give any real information just, “resting, fluids”, seemed like the press sort of answers– and I have no idea what the laws are concerning privacy across the pond, but if that had happened in the US, wouldn’t she have been in a lot of trouble?

        • Bama Belle says:

          I believe, just confirming she was in hospital could have gotten the nurse in trouble in the US unless the Duchess had give written permission it was OK to release info.

          • Bama Belle says:

            that woulf be “given” written permission.

            • sparklemuffy says:

              I thought so too, — it was so strange b/c some of my friends and I were just talking about living in a small town. If someone you knew was in the hospital, you could call a friend and they could pull up their chart and tell you how they were doing. it’s a little scary when you start thinking about all your information out there– DH used to work for a company that was self insured so all of your claims went through the main office. Many many people could read who was going to what Dr, for what etc, what meds– it was horrifying–

              • Bama Belle says:

                I work for a company who is also self insured. We have a 3rd party administer the plan but a few of us are still privy to confidental medical information. We have strict HIPPA training and any breach of confidentialty could result in termination.

                Don’t I sound official, huh?

                • sparklemuffy says:

                  in wasn’t like that back in the day huh?

                • kidsrfunny says:

                  When I call to check on my Mother or my Sister in the hospital, they tell me everything! All I tell them is “calling to check on my mother or my sister” They don’t ask for my name. I even find out if they ate their veggies.

                  • Bama Belle says:

                    Maybe you’re on their list. I believe you have to give permission for info to be released about you while in hospital.

                  • sparklemuffy says:

                    see– i think this is the norm- not the exception. I have a regular dr., a derm, an ortho, ( the dentist wants to know everything about you), urologist, and have used several pharmacies. between the drs– there’s at least 50 people –minimum –who have access to my medical history, not counting insurance people I don’t know. ( who by the way, probably know every medication, procedure, diagnosis I’ve ever had since the internet was invented).

                    • Bama Belle says:

                      Pretty scary. I think that is one of the reasons the fed passed another safeguard concerning genetic descrimination. EEOC oversees that.

            • Bama Belle says:

              that would be “would”. Man, this is harder than it looks!

              • sparklemuffy says:

                how have you been –it’s been a long time– Alaska is on my bucket list but not DH’s — can’t even get my girlfriends to go– but I love it– did you dog sled?

                • Bama Belle says:

                  No dogsledding but we went into the Yukon and one place we stopped was called Caribou Crossing and got to meet and play with some world class dogs. Such fun.

                  Alaska was the first trip I got DH on a cruise ship. I love cruisin’! I think I have him hooked now.

  21. Cartwheels says:

    Star99, thanks for recapping Duck Dinasty.
    I have never seen the show but read your recaps and got curious, tonight I am watching a marathon with hubby and we are loving it. It is the episode of the Red neck waterpark and it is hilarious. the next one is the finale and I am watching it too.
    It has been so long that hubby and I had been able to watch something that we both like so for that I thank you 🙂

    • Mene Seela says:

      We tired to watch it but just couldn’t get into it. Maybe we should try again.

    • BB says:

      I like it when Phil and/or the boys take kids’ boyfriends or girlfriends hunting or fishing and gives them lessons on courtin’ and dating.

      • BB says:

        Which reminds me I want to a memorial service this morning and the pastor conducting the service mentioned the dearly departed loved hunting and fishing. He then said it sounded like Duck Dynasty, didn’t it. It’s a very popular show and gets good ratings.

      • Cartwheels says:

        We are now watching the episode of the sword. All husband said was “Never mess with another man’s weapons” , LOL

        I think he is liking this show too much, I expect to find him tomorrow cleaning his rifles, LOL

  22. mygirlsmom says:

    Hey all my Aggie friends on this blog……Johnny just won the Heisman!!!!!!! Whoop!

    Sorry to hijack.

  23. Bama Belle says:

    Had to tell you guys. bringing over from chat:
    OMG! My 4# Yorkie just spied a 10# ‘possum. I swear.
    Good thing he cannot get out of the back yard!

  24. Exit4 says:

    Just reading about the Adrienne surrogate thing….and I knew about Camille, but not Adrienne. I any event, if its true that she used a surrogate, thats her right. Regardless of her reasons. Anyone who has had issues with preganacy (myself included) would not hold it against her and anyway, its her business. She has every right (on TV or not) to address it or not address it. Or not make it a conversation topic. I see this as a possibility BECAUSE shes on TV. People speculate too much! And maybe she hasnt really “gone there” with her kids yet. I relate to this also because of my own life.

    I am adopted. I have always known this. However, my father, at one time, did not like discussing it (only our family knew the details and once they were told, they knew never bring it up again). My mom was cool with talking about it, but other then say “yes she is” if asked, he would not give details. He was polite, but changed the subject. I was raised in the 70’s and 80’s before our “share freakin’ everything” culture.

    Anyway, I told a neighbor and of course, it was a “noosy neighbor” and when she dropped me off at home after a playdate (or whatever they were called in those days!) started asking questions. Again, my parents were polite and my dad firmly had to tell her they didnt really discuss it. She was kind about it (the neighbor) and probably a little fascinated. After she left, my dad LIT into me about the whole thing. Don’t let the left hand know what the right is doing etc, etc, etc. I was really upset and the next day when I went to school, I had a meltdown (after he reitierated the whole lit into convo of the day before).

    I was in third grade and the teacher (just as an aside, I didnt know all of the details until later, about the events of the day) was going to school to be a Psycologist on the side. In one of her classes they suggested “journaling” for kids, a newer concept at the time. We knew they were private and not graded and that they were for us to express ourselves and if we ever needed her for anything privately, to let her know via journal. What I didnt know, was that she also used them to id any issues at home, so as to help a kid if they were in trouble. Anyway, in my journal, I wrote about the incident and how sad I was that my parents didnt love me and were embarressed by me because I wasn’t their real kid. And they were ashamed that the neighbors knew. Obviously, my parents NEVER said anything of the sort, but thats what my third grade mind believed. The teacher saw I was in tears and I asked to use the bathroom. A bit later she came to find me, crying hysterically, and escorted me to the nurse. In between me leaving the room and using the bathroom, she read my journal and came to get me because she knew why I was upset.

    I ended up sleeping in the nurses office andat some point she called my mom and asked her to come in and meet with her and the Principal. As it happened, my father was working from home and he came along. The teacher and the principal gave my parents the journal and had them read it privately and then they could talk when they were through. My parents (especially my dad) were devstated. And guilty and my m,other told me YEARS later it was one of the few times that he was truly emotional in public. They expalined to the teacher and principal that they never said those things, just that they don’t give out private details to anyone that asks because it not their business. My teacher had what my dad called a “wonderful” convo with them about my feelings, my identity and how its so important to make me understand their POV, but balancing it out with sensitivity because Im too young to understand the adult aspect.

    When I came home, we had a LOOONG talk and we all understood each other better. They promised to never make me feel bad (even unintentionally) about being adopted again and I promised to be more discreet in sharing private info. And when the time came when it happened agan, they knew how to better respond.

    So, if it’s true about Adrienne (and we dont even know it is) and even if the other women knew it, Brandi had no right to say a word to anyoine. Especially on camera. That’s just a violation of not only Adrienne and Pauls trust, but potentially damaging to their children. And for someone like Brandi who cries and tweets like a nutjob when LeAnn says “my boys” (which wasnt right either) she sure didnt give Paul and Adriennes kids the same respect. I am NOT a Brandi fan. She goes there waaaay too much. And it’s always stuff she’d hate someone for saying about her. Calling people drug addicts, alcoholics etc…project much? She doesnt impress me at all.

    TV or no TV, some thingfs can and should remain either private or at least give the person the chance to comeout with it themselves in their own way, in their own time. Like when Kyle outed her sisters alcohol issues. That was a bitch move too. I know we have become accostomed to nothiung being sacred anymore, but you know, in some cases things should be. (as I tell MY life story LOL) 😉

    • Exit4 says:

      Sorry for typos! This keyboard is as bad as my iphone!

    • BB says:

      Exit. I’m sorry you had to go through such a rough time when you were only a third grader. That must have been very confusing and diffcult at that young of an age. I have no idea what the upcoming episode is about or what Brandi said about Adrienne and Paul and I’m not crazy about Brandi tweeting her on personal business for all the see, but, I do want to say something about theTV or no TV thing. That’s where I have a problem. Anyone in this day and age who agrees to go on a TV show, especially a BRAVO reality show, has to know going in that people are going to go looking for anything they can find about their past or their private lives, good or bad. I think the Bravo producers even encourages that sort of thing. I mean look at how much time has been devoted by scores and scores of bloggers and people about whether or not Melissa Gorga was a stripper or her arrest record when she was a kid in Florida. Look at how many people researched Taylor Armstrong’s past looking for anything and everything they could find about her. And how did the Girls Gone Wild guy even get on the Miami show so he could talk about one of them and their past? I don’t watch Miami so I may be wrong about that one. I could go on and on about the lengths people go to find anything they can on these so called “reality stars,” especially if they don’t like them. It’s a dirty business being on a BRAVO reality show and anyone thinking about signing up for it should be prepared. Bottom line is, if there are things in your personal life you wish to remain private, then don’t sign up for a Bravo reality show. It’s bound to get out sooner or later, one way or ther other, fair or not.

      • BB says:

        And I’m sorry for all my typos! Can’t blame it on the keyboard either, LOL.

      • Exit4 says:

        I hear you and I do agree. I guess I should say I wish it wasn’t that way. At one time many people didn’t know that FDR was in a wheelchair. JFK’s dalliances were relatively unknown when he was president. And these guys were waaaay more important than a housewife. There was a line. Not to mention all the Hollywood stars if the day that no one knww were gay. outside Hollywwood anyway. Like Rock Hudson. I am disturbed the lengths some people and blogs go to “investigating” these women. It’s not bad here, but some others…yikes! To me it’s such a waste if time and really it’s supposition because nothing is black and white. I guess as far as this situation, it’s not a blog or the press, but another HW exposing her. Assuming its true and I have an inkling it’s not. That to me is the difference. I wouldn’t have known Kim was an alcoholic if Kyle didn’t announce it. Or the guidice family strife if Kathy and Melissa didn’t expose it. So it came from the inside in a sense. And as for the Brandi and Leann thing, there are waaaay to many people (mostly on twitter and Ilana Angel) who are way too invested in their family business. There’s just something so fundamentally wrong there. Absolutely, if you’ve done something that’s public record, be prepared to have it exposed. But if its private or family related and someone close exposes it, that’s another story and its wrong. That’s why I dislike the Gorgas.
        Don’t get me wrong, if I see something interesting online ill join in on the discussion, but you will never see me google public records to check some housewives mortgage records. I have too much to do to worry about their loans! LOL.

        • BB says:

          Exit – I went to bed and didn’t see this until this morning. Don’t know if you’ll see it or not. I agree some lines have been crossed. Sometimes I wonder, even if it’s insiders revealing the priviate information, if they do it because Bravo has pretty much told them it’s going to be revealed in the show and it’s part of the storyline and they just kind of go along with it. Especially strippergate. To me that was all a set up BY BRAVO. Same thing with Bathroomgate at Kim’s Tardy for Wedding

    • RealhouseWifeva says:

      Great story! But do we know for sure that this is what it’s about? Didn’t Adrienne say she had c-sections when asked?

      • BB says:

        Lol. It’s been talked about at length and we don’t even know if that’s the issue Paul and Adrienne are even upset about. I guess we’ll find out Monday night. We’d better.

      • karrylyn says:

        Just a thought regarding A’s Csection that she said she had. I wonder….did she have a baby born that way, that perhaps didnt make it? I’m trying to say, we dont know the whole story and so it seems she has used a surrogate, and said she had a Csection as well. One possibility, is that she has used both methods of giving birth. I have absolutely NO idea if she did….and in fact, I doubt that she did, just from remembering her anxious nod and uh huh when asking about having a C section, it didnt seem real. But, with all we find out about these TV Housewives, there are some things, that we dont know and probably will never know! But its sad when women feel the need to bring that type of thing out in the open, in front of the cameras. yes, they are on TV, a reality show, and need to be Relevant to stay on the payroll…but the RHOBH are getting nastier each season. I find that a shame because I liked them the best and now I’m disappointed in them. Lots of money, a great zip code and yet, no better than any other women, that love to gossip and put others down, to make them selves seem more powerful and important. In fact, with these ladies, its even worse, they KNOW better but choose to not evolve and are all becoming Old Shrews. INHO of course!!!!

    • Exit you really went thru a lot in 3rd grade. My son is adopted too, and he’s always known. I got a whole bunch of books on how to handle telling him, plus I talked to a coworker that was adopted, to hear from her about her experience being adopted. Jamie Curtis wrote a wonderful book about adoption, and that was what I used to tell my son, starting when he was really little. What I told him was we wanted a child, we prayed, and God answered our prayers by sending him to us via his birth mother. In other words, he was (and is ) a precious gift from God. Jamie’s book tells it better than this, but that’s the short version. He’s okay with it now, and just the other day we were talking about it. He said he would have known he was adopted since I’m white, my husband isn’t, and he’s a little darker than my husband (both of them are Indian). I have a really good friend that found out she was adopted in her 40s, it was a shock for her. She found her birth mother and a sibling, and other family after searching for about a year. I asked my son how he would feel if he didn’t know, and then found out much later in life. That’s when he told me he would’ve figured it out when he was a little kid because of my skin color! He has a great sense of humor. Then he says obviously it would be shocking to find out late in life. I never had a problem with people asking me rude questions, thank goodness. Some of his buddies were so supportive of it, even in grade school. In this day, finding out you were created in a petri dish probably won’t be shocking either. I also thought about using a surrogate, but we didn’t go that route. I think your parents love you very much, and were trying to protect you. But thank goodness you had a wonderful teacher who helped make it all good.

      • Exit4 says:

        I was absolutely loved. 🙂 I have heard the story a million times of the day the call came that there was a little girl for them and how happy they were… was just that they were from a place and time where your business was your business. They just didn’t know how to express to me that concept at that age. And they ended up upsetting me unintentionally. It was so different then now or even 20 years ago…no books really, no open adoptions, there was some stigma. Now if you can’t have kids you see a doc and you have a million options. No IVF in the early ’70’s. in fact, I bring this up not to cause a casino, but just to make a point. I was born 3 weeks after Roe V Wade. I wonder if I’d be here if it was year earlier? Oddly enough, I’m still pro choice.
        Thankfully I did have a teacher who was progressive enough to initiate a conversation. Others may have said suck it up. Like anything else, that crappy day helped us all learn something and be better people. And that’s a good thing. PS I love your son saying he’d figure it out anyway because of the skin color! Kids (now that I have them I can say this) a waaaay smarter and more intuitive then we give them credit for! 🙂 he’s lucky to have you. And vice versa!

  25. Nancy says:

    Brandi’s breast is trending on Yahoo right now. Oh Brandi…

    • BB says:

      That boob has been through so much lately. Poor boob.

      • Nancy says:

        I don’t know what to make of her at times. IMHO she is still very much
        in love with her ex and that’s why she keeps all this e-mail twitter crap going.
        It’s just sad. I wish she would get herself into therapy as she her self esteem
        is in the gutter.

        How is Tanner doing?

        • BB says:

          He’s doing great.

        • LA Debra says:

          So glad to hear Tanner is doing great. I related lol, I frequently eat stuff that makes me sick too!

          • BB says:

            He had oatmeal this morning. He still doesn’t want the “real thing” (dog food) yet. It’s not the flavor, it’s the consistency that’s getting to him. Maybe his mouth or throat are sore or something.

  26. Exit4 says:

    My comment went to moderation. I hope I make it out!

  27. LA Debra says:

    I don’t know know who said what or if one of them was a pants-on-fire liar, but I think Dr. Paul’s attack on Brandi was inappropriate. Just as perhaps Brandi should have phrased her request to shut the front door up differently, in my opinion, the verbal attack calling Brandi a bitch should not have happened. I wasn’t raised that way; ratings or not you don’t attack a woman. It’s not ok. It’s not ok for us to watch and accept. JMO

    • Called A Princess... says:

      But Brandi can attack his wife and family? Brandi needs to stop getting in the middle of other peoples relationship’s. Period. Is she 13 years old. In that way she is as out of control as Ms. Rimes. Brandi needs to learn when to STFU! JMHO.

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