Real Housewives Stepping Out on the Town / Kyle Richards’ Bravo Christmas Party / Basketball Wives LA

Party Roundup by NoMoreDrama

Ana Quincoces of the Real Housewives of Miami stepped out with Marcos Jimenez last night to the Miami Art Museum Ball.  Here’s a few photos of her amazeballs dress.

ana quincoces

ana quincoces dress back

Castmate Lea Black was at Domingo Zapata’s Haute Living Party:

lea black

And even Jill Zarin was in Miami for the Art Basel events  (YOLO – you only live once)

jill zarin art basel

NeNe Leakes was in Beverly Hills, and last night told tweeters she was “Headed to my girl @KyleRichards18 Christmas party”

Based on Kyle Richards tweet, other Bravolebrities in attendance included:

  • Jeff Lewis
  • Brad Goreski
  • Gretchen Rossi
  • Carole Radziwill
  • Camille Grammer
  • Kim Richards
  • Lisa Vanderpump
  • Adrienne Maloof

plus Lisa Rinna and Jwoww

Carole Radziwill had this to say on twitter “@KyleRichards18, Ladysitter Justin &me at Kyle’s v. merry holiday party. Bravo well represented.Thx! #christmasbybravo

carole radziwill kyle richards

And let’s let Brad wrap it up:  “Had so much fun at @KyleRichards18 and @MauricioUmansky holiday party!! So nice to see everyone @CaroleRadziwill@JLjefflewis,@lisarinna

Meanwhile in New Jersey, Teresa Giudice was celebrating a friend’s birthday.  Here’s a few photos of the “girls” and then the “boys”

“Going out to dinner for John’s bday”

teresa giudice and friends

“Having a ball”  (Goodness what is Juicy wearing???)

joe giudice and friends


Welcome back to “Basketball Wives – L.A.”! by Detox

This week, we begin with Brooke in her home preparing a set of what appear to be “gift bags” for guests.  She interviews that she invited some of the women over to tell them about and introduce them to her new lingerie line (Lingerie Line?  When did this happen?  This is her first mention of it on the show).

Bambi is the first guest to arrive.  Bambi, because she was unable to attend, asks Brooke how things went in New York.  Brooke tells Bambi that Jackie’s fashion show was “fabulous.”  She then tells Bambi that she got the cover of “King Magazine” and had a celebratory dinner for this accomplishment.  She makes sure to tell Bambi that everyone BUT Draya attended (Here we go again.).  Bambi says, “That’s f*cked up!” and says that she thought that Draya and Brooke were friends.  Brooke basically says, “I thought so too, but I guess not.”  Bambi seems genuinely puzzled.  Brooke (STILL) seems genuinely pissed.

Jackie and Laura arrive after Bambi. It appears that the party only included Brooke, Bambi, Jackie and Laura (with Draya, Gloria and Malaysia being nowhere in sight).  Once everybody is assembled and chatting, Brooke says that she wants to make an announcement. She tells them all that she is starting a lingerie line called something French, which in English means, “Touch Me.”  She then tell that she has invited them there so that she can give each of them a gift bag filled with samples from her lingerie line.  After her announcement, she hands each of her guests their individual gift bags.  The women “ooh” and “aah” as they pull out the lingerie items from their bags.  Brooke even, at one point, comes out in a hot pink version of one of her lingerie ensembles and models it for the girls.

Bambi interviews that Draya might be upset about not being invited to the get-together (Maybe, but I doubt that Draya will be surprised at her lack of an invite from Brooke once she finds out about the gathering).

Next, we see Jackie in a music studio, in front of a hanging microphone and wearing headphones as if she is about to record….something (And,YES I said JACKIE is in a studio, NOT Bambi.  Hey, I am as surprised as you are!).  Jackie interviews that she owns a record label, and she has been working on a single and an album for about a year (It seems like Jackie has ALL kinds of businesses.  Good for her and her work ethic.  I think her daughters, however, may wish that Jackie would devote LESS time to ALL of these businesses and devote MORE time to trying to repair their very broken relationships.  Just sayin’.  Also, although I DO admire your drive, Jackie, do you REALLY think there is a market for a first-time/brand new rapper in her late 30’s/early 40’s [Jackie’s age is unclear.  It does not seem to be listed online for some reason.  All I know is that many of the other cast members in Season 1 and Season 2 have referred to her as “old” and the “oldest” out of all of them.  I estimated her approximate age based on this and the ages of the other cast members]?  Maybe there IS a market for it, though.  What do I know?  I do seriously doubt that there IS, however.).

Jackie raps for a bit, and, in my opinion, sounds ridiculous.  The producers ask her to stop and offer her suggestions to use when she tries to re-record her rap.

Bambi interviews that Jackie asked for Bambi’s help, and she agreed.  So, she walks into the studio and listens to Jackie as she records.  She offers Jackie tips and encouragement whenever Jackie has to take breaks.  She tells Jackie that she likes her song.  She also interviews that Jackie was not “that bad”  (She was not that GOOD, either, Bambi.  Come on and just admit it).  She further interviews that, although she is surprised to see Jackie in that type of setting, Jackie turned out to be better than she anticipated (So, I suppose you expected her to sound TOTALLY awful and ridiculous, as opposed to just KINDA awful and ridiculous then, Bambi).  Jackie interviews that it made her feel good that Bambi liked her song and is supporting her.

Malaysia, Draya and Bambi meet at a restaurant for dinner.  Malaysia interviews that she has an agenda for this dinner:  trying to get the rest of the women on board with her plan to do some charity work and give back by going to New Orleans (Yay, New Orleans!  I LOVE that city!) and working with Habitat for Humanity to assist in building homes for people who lost theirs in 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina.  Once they are seated, Malaysia tells Draya and Bambi that she is organizing a trip to New Orleans for all of the women, and she would like for them to attend.  Bambi and Draya both look excited.  Malaysia then immediately tells them that there is a “catch”:  She wants the women to spend a portion of their trip helping Habitat for Humanity assist in building homes for some of the victims of Hurricane Katrina who lost theirs.

Bambi’s face indicates that she is o.k. with this.  Draya, on the other hand, looks a little disappointed.  Malaysia tells Draya that, in addition to doing some volunteer work, they are also going to be taking time to have fun and enjoy New Orleans.  After hearing that, Draya brightens up and says, “O.K.  I’m down.”  She interviews that she did not want to let Malaysia down because Malaysia is her friend.

Bambi asks them about the New York trip and looks at Draya when asking.  Draya tells her that New York was fun, and Jackie put on a good fashion show.  Bambi then tells Draya that she recently spoke to Brooke, who informed her that, while in New York, she had a celebratory dinner for landing the “KING Magazine ” cover, and Draya did not attend.  She then asks Draya why she failed to attend.  Draya explains that she did not attend because she did not want there to be any kind of scene between herself and the editor of the magazine, whom she overheard speaking very negatively about her when he called Brooke to tell Brooke that she got the cover.   Draya further explains that, because her attitude was negative based on this, she felt it would be better for her NOT to attend Brooke’s party and be some kind of “party pooper.”

Bambi then says that Brooke told her about this at the get-together she threw to provide them with samples of the new lingerie line she is launching.  Draya interviews that she is surprised that Brooke is launching a lingerie line and never ONCE mentioned this fact to her, despite the fact that Draya has discussed the launch of her OWN bikini line with Brooke more than once.  She further interviews that she finds this odd considering their long friendship  (I have to say that I agree with Draya about this, and it causes me to be even more on Draya’s side when it comes to the whole “Draya Not Being Happy Enough for Brooke’s Cover-GATE.”  Brooke claims that she has been a better friend to Draya than Draya has been to her.  She also claims that, because of this, she would have responded in a much happier way when she heard the news about Draya getting a magazine cover.  Further, she claims that Draya’s not attending her dinner to celebrate is evidence of Draya NOT being AS GOOD AS a friend to HER as SHE is to Draya.  All of this indicates to ME that Brooke thinks that Draya is JEALOUS of her.  This latest tidbit of information that Brooke failed to EVER mention that she was working on a lingerie line to her longtime friend, Draya, EVEN THOUGH Draya was more than honest and open about HER new bikini line with Brooke, leads me to believe that it is the other way around:  BROOKE is the one that is JEALOUS of and COMPETITIVE with DRAYA, and she is projecting HER feelings onto Draya.  I mean, why ELSE would Brooke keep her lingerie line a secret from Draya for all of this time?  I know her lingerie line did just not appear and get manufactured overnight.  It has probably been in the making for a while now.  Yet, in ALL this time, she never ONCE mentioned it to Draya when Draya was discussing her OWN line of bikinis?  That seems a bit shady to me.).

Bambi continues to tell Draya about Brooke’s lingerie line get-together, and she lets Draya know that Brooke was speaking very negatively about her.  Draya interviews that it seems like Brooke is, instead of keeping this just between them, trying to get the other women to be on her side when it comes to Brooke and Draya’s issues.  Draya tells Malaysia and Bambi that if SHE would have gotten the “KING Magazine” cover, she would have handled the situation totally differently than Brooke (I tend to agree with Draya.  Based on the Draya I’ve gotten to know on the show, she does not seem like the type who would EXPECT her friends to respond in a certain way when she told them any of her own good news.  I think Draya pretty much “does HER” and allows other people to “do THEM.”  In short, I think Draya pats her own self on the back for a job well-done and keeps it moving.  Brooke, in my opinion, is blowing this whole thing out of proportion and acting like a petulant child — when she is in her LATE 30’s and has 3 children of her OWN.  She’s also acting like a damned dog with a bone and will just NOT let this matter go and move ON.  I mean, doesn’t she have more pressing things about which to worry?!  JEEZ!!  I mean, I would hate to see how she would respond if Draya ever slept with her man or something equally as egregious if she is acting like this over something so PETTY!).  Draya also says that she did NOT appreciate Brooke telling her how to FEEL!

Bambi interviews that Brooke and Draya are confused about what the word “friend” means.  In her opinion, Brooke and Draya are NOT friends but do not seem to realize this.

Malaysia then changes the subject and brings up the fact that Gloria is throwing a makeup party and then inviting all of the other women to go out on the town to celebrate Laura’s birthday.  Draya says that she does not want to attend because Jackie and Laura will be there acting like friends when they clearly are NOT friends (Well, Laura does not seem like a friend to Jackie at this point, at least), and she is simply tired of the fakery.  She further says that she is just “over” being around FAKE people unless she absolutely is forced to do so.  Clearly, Laura’s birthday celebration is not one of those times, in her opinion.

Speaking of Laura’s birthday celebration, Gloria and Malaysia walk into the venue where everyone will be getting their makeup done before their night on the town in honor of Laura’s birthday.  Jackie arrives shortly after them, followed by Brooke.  Gloria tells them that Laura has no idea that anyone is doing anything for her birthday and thinks that everyone is just ignoring it.  Shortly after she says that, Laura arrives and is pleasantly surprised.  She interviews that she was surprised and happy.  Once she absorbs her surprise, Laura looks around and then wonders out loud where Bambi and Draya are.  Malaysia remains quiet (even though she knows that Draya will not be attending and Draya’s reasons for same).  Some of the women, namely Gloria and Laura, start getting their makeup done without waiting for Draya and Bambi to arrive.

Finally, Bambi is the last guest to arrive.  She greets everyone and commences to make small talk with a few of the women.  Someone, again, wonders aloud where Draya is.  Unlike Malaysia, Bambi bluntly states that Draya will NOT be attending.  When a couple of the other women ask Bambi why, Bambi, again very bluntly, says that Draya told her she would not be attending because she knew Laura and Jackie would be there acting like friends when they clearly are not, and she just does not want to be around the fakery.  Brooke (of course) immediately jumps in and responds (very loudly) that she cannot understand how Draya has any room to judge anyone else’s friendship, considering the current negative state of Brooke and Draya’s own friendship.  She says that Draya is a hypocrite because Draya is not a good friend herself (O.K., Brooke.  Whatever you say…*Sigh*) and because Draya is calling people fake when Draya is fake herself (Draya has to be one of the LEAST fake people I have ever seen on a reality show.  From what I’ve seen of Draya so far, she really does NOT give a damn about impressing anyone or being fake to anyone either.  Mind you, she has her faults, but being fake is definitely not one of them, in my opinion.  If she were fake, she would have attended Brooke’s party.  *Shrug*).  Jackie interviews and wonders why Draya is so concerned about her and Laura’s friendship.

Bambi simply stands and watches the other women chatting and interacting for a little while after she tells them why Draya will not be attending.   The camera then focuses on the fact that Bambi appears to be watching Gloria as Gloria is getting her makeup done.  She interviews that Gloria is a snob and thinks she is better than people (I’m liking Gloria better this season, but I must admit that I used to feel the exact same way when it came to her.).  Somehow, Gloria ends up asking the women if they have any issues with anyone that they have not yet expressed and, if so, to speak up.

Bambi basically takes this opportunity and runs with it.  She tells Gloria that she wanted to “smack the sh*t out of” Gloria at Draya’s “White Party” when she was offering her opinion on Laura’s behavior toward Jackie.  A flashback scene appears on the screen of Gloria, at Draya’s “White Party,” basically telling Bambi that, not only does her opinion not really matter because she is “the Freshman” when it comes to the BBW-L.A. crew, she really needs to be quiet and stay out of it because she does not know the whole story of the situation between Laura and Jackie (I like Bambi, but I do agree with Gloria’s position on this issue.  Bambi does NOT know the whole story because she was not THERE.  Also, how Laura chooses to behave with Jackie is really none of Bambi’s business.  And I do not really even care for Laura.  Also, I think that Bambi bringing this issue up at LAURA’S birthday gathering is inappropriate….but, hey, Gloria DID ask the question.  Bambi, however, should have provided her “answer” at a more appropriate time and place, preferably in a one-on-one meeting with Gloria.).

Gloria keeps a poker face and continues to have her makeup applied as she tells Bambi that she is “more than welcome” to “smack” her if that is what Bambi really wants.  She interviews that Bambi is “trying to start sh*t” at Laura’s birthday party.  Once Gloria provides Bambi with this “Welcome Mat,” it is basically “on.”  Bambi asks, “Are you serious?!  Do you really realize what you are saying right now?!”  She interviews that Gloria has a smart mouth that is going to end up getting her into trouble.

Gloria tells Bambi that this is her sister’s birthday gathering, and Bambi either needs “to take a seat or ‘bounce’!”  Bambi interviews that, at this point, she was thinking, “Sit your rat-faced, li’l, knock-kneed ass down!”  Malaysia, trying to calm the situation (as usual), tells Gloria that Bambi was “just being playful,” and Gloria just “took it all the way sideways.”  At this point, Bambi has a look on her face that is anything BUT “playful.”

Meanwhile, the birthday girl, Laura, stops her makeup application and looks around like she cannot believe what is happening.  She then yells, “Hey, this [gathering] is supposed to be about ME!!” (I agree).

Bambi and Gloria, ignoring Laura, continue to have words, and Gloria, at one point, even stands up from her makeup chair.  The argument between them is so fast and furious that I cannot really even keep up with everything they are saying to each other.  All I remember is that Gloria told Bambi that she wanted “to come up in here and get ‘all Compton’ in this bitch!” and Bambi responded by saying she was “‘Compton ALL DAY,” while simultaneously making moves toward Gloria as if she was about to pounce on her.   Gloria interviews that she had and has “NO FEAR here” when it comes to Bambi.  The other women, who — up until this point — look to be nervous and in shock, snap out of their silence and get in between Bambi and Gloria before anything physical can take place between them.

Laura talks to Gloria and tries to get her to calm down.  She tells Gloria that Bambi’s outburst “is no big deal.”  In her interview, however, Laura says that, at that point, she knew that the party was “a wrap” because there was no way she wanted to hang out with some of the women after that mess.

After assisting in pulling Bambi away from Gloria, Malaysia tries to talk to Bambi and get her to calm down.  She interviews that, even though Bambi might not have picked the right time and place to express her anger toward Gloria, Bambi is her longtime friend.  Therefore, her loyalty is with Bambi, even though Bambi may be wrong in the time and place and manner in which she chose to address her personal issues with Gloria.  She further interviews that, despite her loyalty to Bambi, she now realizes that she has a “new” problem with which to deal when it comes to the women and her plans for all of them to take a trip to New Orleans together.  To that end, she asks Bambi if she is going to still be able to go to New Orleans and hang out with Gloria after all of this.  Bambi, who has a face like thunder at this point, says that she will try.

Brooke interviews that she felt Bambi was wrong and totally out of line to “start sh*t” at Gloria’s party for her sister Laura’s birthday.  Jackie (who is NOT self-absorbed AT ALL and NEVER makes it “all about Jackie”) interviews that she was just glad that it was not HER who was the cause of and in the middle of all the drama this time  (I would like to point out that while all of this was going on, Jackie looked like she wanted to grab some popcorn and just enjoy the show with a big sh*t-eating grin on her face!).

Gloria abruptly announces that the party is OVER and makes it clear that there will now be NO night on the town as originally planned.  She interviews that, after the drama with Bambi, she was in no mood to be with anyone but her sister, Laura.

Next, we see Jackie and Doug in their bedroom.  Jackie is packing for the upcoming trip to New Orleans.  While packing, she tells Doug that things between Bambi and Gloria are “very bad.”  She interviews that she is afraid of what is going to happen between them because of these bad feelings (Get real, Jackie!  You are loving this!).

Next, we see a plane flying in the air, followed by a picture of the New Orleans’ Airport, which indicates that all (or some) of the women have made it safely from L.A. to New Orleans.  Then, we see Jackie, Malaysia, Brooke, Bambi and Draya being greeted and welcomed to New Orleans by an airport worker before they are escorted to a limousine.  Gloria and Laura are nowhere to be seen.

While on the limo ride, Jackie mentions that Laura and Gloria are missing.  Draya asks Jackie if the rumors that Gloria and Matt got married over the weekend are true.  Someone (I don’t know who) says that they heard that the rumors are true.  Bambi interviews that she feels “terrible for Matt for ‘wife-ing’ a ‘rat’!  Congratulations, Matt!!  You married a rat!!”  She shrugs her shoulders as she says this (I’m assuming “rat” is short for “hood rat.”).


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Sunday Night Lineup December 9th by BB

8PM – The Amazing Race (2 Hour Finale, CBS); Leann Rimes Interview (E!); NFL Lions/Packers (NBC); The Simpsons/Bob’s Burgers (Fox); Rattlesnake Republic (Anpl); Miracle on 34th Street (AMC); Sugar Dome (Food); Dragon Wars: Fire and Fury (NatGeo); Big Rich Texas (Style); Snow Leopard of Afghanistan (NatGeoWild);

9PM – Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo); Sister Wives (TLC); Oprah’s Next Chapter: Kerry Washington and Shonda Rimes (OWN); Family Guy/American Dad (Fox); Dexter (Showtime); Volcano Time Bomb (Discovery); Gator Boys (Anpl); Ax Men (History); Stugis Biker Madness (Trvl); The Next Iron Chef: Redemption (Food); Drugs, Inc. (NatGeo); Fatal Encounters (ID); Snapped (Oxygen); Glam Fairy (Style);

10PM – Shahs of Sunset (Bravo); Homeland (Showtime); The Mentalist (CBS); House Hunters Renovation (HGTV); Sin City Rules (TLC); Finding Bigfoot (Anpl); Bamazon (History); Restaurant Impossible (Food); Alaska State Troopers (NatGeo); Unusual Suspects (ID); I Survived (Biography); Building Alaska (DIY); Rodeo (GAC);

11PM – Watch What Happens Live: Cynthia Bailey & Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi (Bravo)

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175 Responses to Real Housewives Stepping Out on the Town / Kyle Richards’ Bravo Christmas Party / Basketball Wives LA

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Party roundup huh. Everyone of the HWs look like they were having fun. Hopefully there fights. Have a great day.

  2. So sad, no Walking Dead tonight 😦

    Did anyone watch Trophy Wives yesterday? It was surprisingly good. I loved the rivalry between the 4th wife (that alone should give her concern haha) and the stepson. They all work for his luxury car dealership. She’s CEO?? Hello, no wonder the stepson is pissed off! Dear old dad is not looking out for his son. I think the son is concerned that the trophy wife is getting a position without earning it. Plus she’s his boss?? If I were him, I’d be worried about the trophy wife stealing the business & my inheritance too.

    Loved the pictures NMD, must have been quite a partay at Kyle’s house. No Brandi?!

    JillZ looks so pathetic, when will she realize it’s best not to be photographed unless she goes to the effort of getting glammed up. Ana looks fantastic, Lea looks good too. Jill must not have been invited to the museum ball.

    Detox did you watch Notorious, about the rapper Biggie Smalls on VH1? It was so good, and sad. Tupac and Biggie died so young for nothing. It was well done. The part with Lil Kim was good too. The actress playing her was dynamite. Nikki should watch this & learn her place!

    • Jill was invited to the event Lea went to, but she didn’t tweet about going so I have no idea if she went – or what shows she did go to.

      • Maybe Bobby has tightened those purse strings so a ball gown & stylist aren’t in the budget. The way Ana looks, it took over $30,000 (I would even guess $50,000) to get dressed up like that. Of course, being on the show, she might have found a designer, hair dresser & make-up artist to do her up for free. Jill isn’t getting those perks anymore – which must be killing her.

    • california35 says:

      poor Jill, ko one to do her look for her any more.
      hi BlueSky 🙂

    • Powell says:

      blue I’m watching the winter finale right now. The Gov is crazy how he’s keeping his daughter. He had a bowl of flesh to feed her. Yuck.

    • BB says:

      I just saw “Merle” on an episode of Law and Order. He had a full head of curly hair!

    • Powell says:

      blue Jill dud look awful. What she’s spent so much of Bobbi’s money that there’s no dough for A makeup artist? So so sad. Oh well. :+)
      I’ve seen many tv programs on Biggie and Tupac. IMO they both would be alive if it wasn’t for Shug Nite. He started the rivalry when Biggie & Tupac were friends. It’s all still so sad. The East Coast West Coast fights were ridiculous.

      • Shug Nite went to jail for murder right? Or he should be in jail. All those rappers are thugs or wannabe thugs. Diddy (or whatever he calls himself) is the son of one of the biggest drug dealers/gang leader in NYC. He was murdered in Central Park before Diddy ever got to know him. Diddy is scary too. I don’t know what the heck JLo thought she was getting into, but she got away from him – she should be thanking her lucky stars. He has been known to rough people up in business meetings. If you have time, watch that movie Notorious. It really is good, but they do make Tupac look bad.

        • Powell says:

          Shug’s been out for A couple of yrs now. I didn’t like J-Lo w/Diddy either & don’t know what she was thinking. He’s grow a lot since then. I did watch Notorious. An eye opener.

        • Kat from Ohio says:

          i LOVE biggie. and enjoy tupac. i strongly believe that suge orchestrated BOTH murders of those young men. if you look online the evidence is mounting…. the vh1 behind the music also explores the theory that suge ordered both hits.snoop dogg thinks that suge did and he was signed to the record and knew suge well…. also! suge roughed up his girlfriend in vegas and she pressed charges, then never showed up to the court date. she was never heard from again. i’m not lying! he is a MURDERER.

    • melthehound says:

      Bluesky, What the phuck is up with them leaving me hanging like that? Are Merle and Darryl going to have to fight it out or not? Merle swore his allegiance to the JimJonesDictatorAsshole governor so, is he going to have to kill his brother in order to live himself? I wish Michone would have sliced that guys head off.

      • Powell says:

        MTH I was thinking the same. But hopefully they will band together & are able to get the hell out of there, get back w/Rick and go back to take out all of the Govs minions and let the people really have a town to live in. I kept saying ‘chop his head off Michonne, chop his head off”. I don’t know if I want Merle, Michonne or Andrea to kill the Gov but I want it to be one of them.

      • lol agree with you MTH, Michonne was going to kill him until that dumb dumb Andrea showed up! I think you’re right, there’s going to be a gladiator fight between Merle & Darryl. My money’s on Darryl! Now we have to bide our time until February. I might have to start reading the comic books. Do you watch Talking Dead? That’s a good show that discusses WD, you can watch previous episodes on It’s being expanded to 1 hour, and will be on at 10 pm instead of 11 pm. Last week they talked about Terrell, the new guy that just showed up at the prison. In the comic books, he & Rick meet much earlier, and have a long history of helping each other. He will be a big help in the coming fight with the Gov. In the comic books, the Gov is even more evil. The comic books inspired the tv series, but the tv show is not at all following the comic books exactly. Darryl and Merle weren’t even in the comic books. Other differences: Lori & the baby both die. Carl Jr. loses an eye. I think Rick loses his hand. Michonne was a lawyer in her previous life. Here’s a good one – Hershel, Merle & the Gov together make a pirate 😉

        • BB says:

          You’re talking about Tyrese (who finally showed up with his little group at the prison). That pirate joke was funny on the Talking Dead.

          • that’s it – Tyrese. I like watching Talking Dead, and they post an “aftershow” continuation on I’m glad it’s expanding to an hour. One more show to watch on Sunday nights. Don’t they realize there are 6 other nights available? It takes me all week to catch up. I need a “haawwper” lol so that all my shows can be taped.

        • Powell says:

          That’s good to hear about Talking. I’m still probably going to have to tape it cause ABC shows will also be back from winter break. I wonder what happend to the nan and his son that Rick met early on and kept talking to him on the walkie talkie? I thought they would meet up again.

    • Called A Princess... says:

      IMO, assassinations are not, dying for nothing.

      • What I meant was they were at the top, and died for nothing, as the shooters are still unknown. They had so much talent, the killers that shot them were less than nothing – we don’t even know who did it. Life is so fleeting, in an instant you can die, nothing you can do about it. They died for nothing = they died for so little. A few bullets, and in a split second everything you could have been never will be. Makes me sad that the losers who killed them could do that, they must have hearts cold as hell.

  3. AZGirl says:

    Did god Jill is wearing a bug on her chest. We can only hope it is one of the pieces from her jewelry line. he,he,he

  4. california35 says:

    thanks for the pictures, i like to see what they are wearing to the parties. too much for my kind of parties, but is is still good to see. My goodness Lea’s purse. did she not find a bigger one? 😛 i have been looking for a dress like Carol’s. it may not look good on me, but i have not found one to try it on yet. i have one week to find one or find anything at this point 😛

    • Powell says:

      Cali that was a big clutch. LOL. Look at White House Black Market & Nordstrom for A dress like Carol’s.

      • california35 says:

        thanks!! i went to it the ither day, to find it gone 😦 i need to go to the mall now to find the other location. maybe today 🙂

  5. BB says:

    Quick! Somebody tell Jillzy there’s a big ugly spider on her neck before it bites her!

  6. azgirl2345 says:

    Other than that young guy on HWOM all the men are really unattractive.

  7. AZGirl says:

    Back to housework and cleaning the pool.

  8. Good Morning Lovelies! Chilly but beautiful day here. I even turned the heat up this morning.

    NMD, thanks for all those great pics. Ana’s dress, gorgeous! Good to see everyone having fun!

    Detox – great recap of BBW’s! The trip to N.O. should be fun, right? 🙂

    Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday. I hope it is filled with whatever you want it to be!

    New post up today, “A Life Story” + all the goodies. Enjoy!

  9. TexasTart says:

    Wow Ana! She and the dress are gorgeous! Not sure if that is a date of friend escorting her to the party, but I hope she has gotten into dating , or seeing someone since whenever RHOM filmed.

  10. Iowagirl says:

    Jill looks like crap, really tired maybe? Maybe no professional makeup and hair.

  11. Powell says:

    Just watched Boardwalk Empire. It was soooo good. I can’t wait until next season. Do you think Margaret is going to go back home? Is Richard going to work for Nucky? When Rosetti was on the beach I kept waiting for one of his guys to shoot him. That was good. I didn’t think that Tommy’s grandmother would be killed and leave the series. That was a shocker. It’s bad to route for the bad guy but I’m glad Nucky will be back on top and have Eli at his side. You could tell when Nucky finally trusted his brother. Sometimes family is all you can trust. I’m looking forward to Chalkie having his club. That should be interesting.

    • California35 says:

      “It’s bad to route for the bad guy but I’m glad Nucky will be back on top…” maybe because the others are bad guys too, that makes it easy for us to rout for him. Do you think she really died? I was wondering about it, is she dead is she not? If she isn’t dead, she could not be herself anymore. I am glad the boy is out of that house, and not is with that nice lady. My concern is the drunk father of that lady, but I LOVED how he came out and did the right thing. Hopefully having the boy in their house will get him out of that drinking fonk. Any ways, the rest of the story, wow! Nucky can play the game very well…even though the whole season it seemed like he wasn’t. I kept thining the same about Rossetti, perfect place to die while looking at the ocean, but then waited until he was peeing lol

      • Powell says:

        I think that when Richard kicked her father’s ass it cured him of a lot of his anger. You heard him say to put Tommy in his son’s room. Remember he had a fit when Tommy went in there on Turkey Day.

        • California35 says:

          Yes! He acted like a MAN, and it giving hope that he is “cured” and back in charge of his family 🙂 including the boy as his family.

    • Mene Seela says:

      We just finished watching BE season 1 on Netflix. So good! I found out that severla of the characters including Nucky are based on real people!
      I just love the actress Kelly MacDonald who plays Margaret. She was in Gosford Park. She is Scottish.

      • Powell says:

        Yeah they are based on real people. The mob, the political characters. Mellon of Mellon Bank. I’m sure he rolled over in his grave when they went out of biz. All the politicians were crooks, worse than the real crooks.

    • AZGirl says:

      I have been waiting in cyberspace timeout for you to catch up on Boardwalk Empire so we could chat. Richard is a mystery to me. I am not sure where he is going as a character. That scene with Richard handing over Tommy to his girlfriends father was so sad. I almost started to cry.
      I think Tommy’s grandmother did not die she just OD on heroin.
      I am losing interest in Margaret. Nucky and Eli banding together.
      Amazing finale. Love this show. Now……on to GAME OF THRONES

      • I’ll be watching Game of Thrones too AZ 🙂

      • Powell says:

        Well Nucky told Eli they can only trust people they already trust. I want Richard to work for Nucky & Nucky used to trust Richard & once he learns that Richard killed all the men I’m hoping he can trust him again.

        • california35 says:

          yes, but when he finds out he killed Tommy’s dad, WATCH OUT!!!

          • AZGirl says:

            It never crossed my mind that Richard may not know that Nucky killed Tommy. I thought Richard would figure it out but nothing has been shown to indicate that. Good Point.

            • Powell says:

              Cali & AZGirl do you think Richard had the feeling that Tommy was dead though?

            • cdnfillie58 says:

              I think Richard knows Nucky killed Jimmy (Tommy’s dad) remember Richard killed the big Jewish guy because he killed Jimmy’s wife..then he walked into Nuckys office, told Nucky he was responsible, Nucky thought he was coming after him now for killing jimmy, but Richard just walked out after saying to him one was business the other was revenge…at least that’s how I remember it…love this series

          • Powell says:

            Oh yeah. They had each other’s back as the HWs say. They understood each other since they both fought in the war.

  12. princesspindy says:

    Lindsay Lohan refused to film the “after” segment of Million $ Decorators, now the house is in shambles and can’t be filmed. According to TMZ. I wonder who the lucky decorator was….

  13. Powell says:

    Michonne is a bad ass. She is whipping the Gov ass. And she killed his daughter. Wowwww!!

    • That was a gory scene. Epic battle between Michonne & the Gov. I loved it when Michonne got him in the eye. I think she’s the most popular character on the show, according to Talking Dead. She is the definition of bad ass! Aww you know they couldn’t let her kill the Gov this soon. No, there’s much more to come with this conflict. The Gov will get his eventually. So let’s predict who will get him. It’s a tough choice, but I hope it is Michonne.

  14. Powell says:

    Leah looks nice but she’s got to much sparkle going on. She should’ve had a different purse. Leah always has one too many things on. She doesn’t take CoCo Chanel’s advice to take one of your accessories off. I like that she loves to dress up but I don’t always like everything she’s wearing.

    • chismosa says:

      I agree I think she uses accessories too much, almost to make up for not having as revealing or flashy clothes as her costars? Or something like that.

      I want her and Kris Jenner’s plastic surgeon’s name. Fantastic work

  15. Powell says:

    On Sunday dud anyone watch Downton Abby revisited hosted by Angela Lansbury? I’m watching it now. It’s a look at S2,2 & a peek at 3.

    • melthehound says:

      I didn’t see it. I’m hoping it gets posted online somewhere…

      • LA Debra says:

        The Downton Revisited episode was very well done. I can’t wait to see Shirley M. Face off against Maggie S.! MTH not sure in your area, but it is being shown on PBS station here tomorrow and again on the 14th.

        I’m with you Powell, I can hardly wait for the new season. By the way, if you get the chance to see Gosford Park, it was a very well done period movie.

    • mrspeabody says:

      I watched it a couple of weeks ago, pretty good, can’t wait or the season to start.

    • princesspindy says:

      I watched part of it the other day and then the rest of it yesterday. It was really good. But I’ve already watched season 3 and can’t wait for 4!

  16. Powell says:

    Downton is the most successful series of Masterpiece Theater. I didn’t know that. 70million viewers of S2.

  17. melthehound says:

    Exit4.. I read your posts from yesterday, Your parents (all of them) gave you a great gift. One obviously gave you life, and the others gave you A life. I’m a little older than you guessing from the historical timeline you mention, I can’t say I ever remember adoption being stigmata. I do however remember being told to keep my mouth shut about family business. I’m happy for you that you were able to get past that episode and you had people around you willing to help.

    That said, in today’s world, I don’t tell anyone anything I don’t want the rest of the world to know or at least I try not to. There are very few people I trust to keep quiet about anything so, I tell the dog. He may repeat it but no one is going to understand it. Further, I agree with you that some things simply are not my business to know. I know you don’t like Brandi but when it comes to her sons, she is responding to what is happening to them and with them. Is she going about it the right way? That remains to be seen but probably not. People are FAR too comfortable with electronic communications these days. Back when I was coming up, to talk to someone we actually had to Dial a phone number (and walk 5 miles to school in the snow, uphill, both ways, barefoot, carrying a hundred pound book bag), Write a letter, or actually go talk face to face with them.

    Now, I couldn’t give a rat’s fat ass of caring less about How Adrienne got her kids, who carried them or even if they were delivered by a stork named Fedex. Just as long as she didn’t steal them. It really isn’t anybody’s business to talk about it. If she paid surrogates to carry them only because she didn’t want to get fat and had the money to pay the fee, that’s between her, Paul, and the surrogate(s). For all of Adrienne’s faults, one thing I’ve never seen her do is splash her kids all over the media. While we have seen them, I don’t remember ever seeing their faces. I mean, has she ever thrown a $60k birthday party for them? Those who do, I suppose have their reasons and some of them, I get a kick out of seeing them (Milania). Not being a parent myself I can only guess at this, but I’m thinking, that when it comes to Brandi v Leanne, all she really wants is for her boys to remain anonymous to the media. Bonus mom or whatever the phuck it is she calls herself, can’t respect that wish and in fact, refuses to. Their shithead father seems to be falling into that same pattern because he allows it to happen.

    I saw someone ask recently HOW, does Brandi know the information she claims to have. Don’t forget that the two of the (Brandi and Adrienne) were once friends and it was Adrienne who brought Brandi to the show, as a Friend of housewives.

    • Called A Princess... says:

      Lisa may have told Brandi about the baby issue. Also we can not be sure if Addy was ever that close to Brandi. Paul may have been Brandi’s real friend. I think that Brandi is not happy about the pictures of the children because she can not film them for the show per the custody agreement. JMHO.

  18. Powell says:

    The Downton writer Julian Fellows also wrote Gosford Park. I didn’t pay attention to that.

  19. Mene Seela says:

    So both Adrienne and Lisa were at Kyle’s party? Interesting.

  20. Powell says:

    I’m now watching Atlanta and watched how Kenya disrespected Waltrr drooling over Apollo. Future epis this won’t be good, Kenya’s flirting.

  21. plainviewsue says:

    So I got into a bit of a twitter “discussion” with that pig Richie Waikile.

    He had tweeted he was looking for 4 seats on a private plane from 12/25-1/1. I tweeted to him:
    So apparently @richardwakile thinks he’s famous, tweeting if anyone has room on a private jet for 4 people? Is he serious??

    Nothing terrible, or so I thought. He proceeded to tweet me the most disgusting vile comments. Apparently, from what I’ve heard, he does this quite often and then deletes every comment immediately. I still have them saved on my phone.

    I dont have an I phone, but I texted them to my son, and he put a picture of them on twitter for me. For those of you on twitter and follow me, you can see them.

    He tweeted:

    1) Do you have room in your private jet? Apparently you have room in your big mouth! Ha Ha Ha!
    I tweeted back: You are soo funny! Come back to earth. Your 15 minutes is over. Esp since you let the world know your wife tastes like fish.

    • PVS thanks for sharing your twitter kerfluffle with us. Ritchie is pure filth. If he tweets & deletes, that’s extra childish. Really who does that, trying to thumb a ride on a private plane via twitter? Must be so many people laughing at his presumptuous pompous ass. From what I’ve heard about the people that really do fly around in private planes, they only invite their real friends, personal assistants and people they might want to know better. Not stupid reality tv jerks lol.

  22. plainviewsue says:

    Woops, not done. He then tweeted:

    2) Your husband says you taste like sh*t!
    I tweeted back: As always, a class act. Since you & Joey Marco have been on the show, it’s turned into sleaze. And this tweet proves it. Ugh!

    • chismosa says:

      Sorry I feel for your issue with him buy the show was pure sleaze the minute Joe Jewdichee started showing his true colors, ie back dancing with Danielle and calling out the f-word, etc.

      But I’m sorry you’re going through that with him. If Juicy was tweeting like this with someone else im sure everyone would be like “go Joe! Telling it LIKE IT is! Calling it like you see it!” Haha

  23. plainviewsue says:

    I keep pushing enter by accident!

    3) The fact remains that your husband probably has not touched your ugly ass in years! That’s why you are so bitter.
    I tweeted back: Not bitter at all. Hubby & I very happily married for over 30 years. And he would never speak to a woman the way you.

    4) Ya ok! That’s why your on the computer spreading hate! Your husband is probably as HUGLY as you! And loves the taste of sh*t!
    I tweeted back: Spreading hate? U r the one who does that. Ive never had this kind of twitter exchange before. My gut was right about u. Done

    5) Your on my timeline talking BS! How does it feel to get it back you ugly duckling!
    I tweeted back: Somebody retweeted your private plane comment & I commented on it. Have I said anything against your wife??

    6) Block me then you ugly sh*t tasting fool!

    At which point, I didn’t tweet anything back & this sh*t tasting fool blocked him!

    Needless to say, my tweeps had my back. What is amazing about him is that he deleted every tweet to me. Someone tweeted he was doing this all last night. Sending vile tweets to people (women) and then deleting.

    It was definitely beneath me to respond, but it did confirm for me what kind of low life excuse of a man this guy is.

    Bye all!

    • Mene Seela says:

      Plains that is unbelievable. My husband would never say anything like that to a woman! Did you show the tweets to your husband?
      This just confirms how repulsive the entire cast of NJ is. Every last one of them.

    • britches&hose says:

      Yikes! Sorry you had to deal with that. I’ve never liked Richie, what kind of man attacks random women on twitter? SMH.

    • Powell says:

      sue that was just awful. He ought to be ashamed. I’m sure he wouldn’t like it if some guy was tweeting like that to Victoria. And of course he eleted them cause he’s a coward. He’s the one that can’t take it and proved it. So many of these HWs husbands are just vile to women on Twitter. They’re all cowards. Rich wouldn’t be man enough and say that to your husband.

    • AZGirl says:

      Richie is a slimeball and no decent man would ever say anything or tweet anything so disgusting. I hope this goes viral and BravoAndy get the exchange. And….may I ask….how Is his daughter liking this behavior. She is a woman.

    • VV says:

      THAT FILTHY FLY!!!! WHAT a PIG!!! WHAT A D*CK!!!… You should tweet and retweet the screen prints of that SCUM insulting you! Since he deleted them. If you are able you should circulate them. COWARD!.. Makes me mad!

      • plainviewsue says:

        Later on in the day, someone retweeted a tweet from Richie. He tweeted that he had lots of fun on twitter this morning.

        He is seriously a vile piece of work. Sending tweets like that to a woman. Disgusted.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        You called it a long time ago, VV – – -he is, indeed a filthy fly!!!!!!!!!

    • PVS, if you know how to do it, put it all in one extended twitter, tie it up in a bow and tweet it, especially to @BravoAndy. I’ll be glad to retweet it as well! Let everyone know the real Ritchie.

      And Happy Hanukkah!

      • plainviewsue says:

        My son has an I Phone, so I texted him all the tweets. Richie might of deleted them immediately after posting, but I had them all saved on my phone. My son took the tweets and put them in a picture (I am so I Phone illiterate!) and tweeted it to me. I then retweeted that. A lot of people retweeted them, as well as tweeting them to Bravo and Andy. But honestly, I don’t think Bravo or Andy could care. They’ll probably give him a bonus!

  24. Powell says:

    Kandi & Phaedra are funny. We think Kandi talks about her sex toys a lot but,Phaedra is so into them. “Give ne my balls”. LOL Phaedra.

  25. Powell says:

    I ser on BH previews that Mauricio buys their daughter a Mercedes. What happened to getting a VW, Toyota, Ford, etc for your 1st car especially when it took you 3times to pass the written exam??

    • britches&hose says:

      Rolling my eyes over here! Kinda ridic, especially considering it took her 3x to pass the written exam.

    • sparklemuffy says:

      This is going to sound crazy, but we got old Mercedes for our boys. I told DH I couldn’t live with myself if one of them were killed in an accident and we could have had them in a Mercedes. (One Volvo) My DIL asked my advice about buying a car when the babies started coming ( she’s had like 10 car accidents–really–)–head on collision in a Volvo— says she’ll never drive anything else nor will the grandchildren and is certain they would have been killed.

    • trudie says:

      My kids first car was my mother in law’s 1990 Buick Le Sabre complete with all her religious medals and decals. It even had a bobble head Jesus on the dashboard. They loved that car and camped out in it in our garage the night before it was towed away for good. No child of mine will have a Mercedes until they pay for it themselves.

  26. Powell says:

    Thank goodness Cynthia deleted that butt dial message of Phaedra cause I sure didn’t want it to turn into a JZ type of thing where she kept the message for A whole dang year.

  27. contessa says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I am with your comment up above….regarding Brandi. I understand her frustration about her children. The ho-wife LR is doing photo opps with those kids any chance she has, however Brandi is not allowed to have them on the program???-WTF??? Calling the boys hers is out of line. I’ve been a stepmother and believe me you have to tread carefully and be very respectful of the mom, and take her lead on the kids. In real life with normal people that is how its done most of the time. Usuually the father is part of the equation and helps set the tone as well. However Brandi’s ex is tied to the ho’s purse strings he can’t say anything. I think he is bitter, after this period of time in this marriage, about being married to a loony tunes. I saw a piece of the interview the HO did and it’s all about her, and how unhappy she’s been and woe is me kind of thing. LR is not normal and has been blaming people as far back as I can remember. Brandi is frustrated and used the media to blow up – not a great idea, but she is young and has had her fill about this entire situation. I can understand how she feels…betrayal, photo opps with her kids, twitters about her kids and all the expressions of undying love between eddie and his ho. It’s like he’s re-written history (all cheaters do this). Eddie will cheat again and again and again. LR went to rehab for a multitude of reasons, and I think there are cracks in that marriage that we are not
    privy to.

    With regard to Ad carrying her boys, or using a surrogate…entirely her business. Brandi has not said this on screen or publicly, and we are only surmising from the net that this is true. I agree it is no one’s business. Brandi can be a loose cannon, but I think the Maloof hoof is a crazy self-entitled beyotch who hates that Brandi is friends with Lisa and Yoyo. Brandi needs to get herself the best lawyer (Lisa and Yo need to help out here)and stop the HO-LR in her tracks. Kids taking laxatives, thinking they are candy is out of line. What normal person take laxatives for weight control and leaves the stuff around for kids???? Someone needs to teach LR a serious lesson about entitlement and moral values – you pay a price and have to live with the consequences of your misdeeds.

    • Powell says:

      contessa I saw the recent interview on The Today Show w/Giuliani Rancic. The interview was all lies. LR is not happy, Eddie is not happy. I don’t think Eddie even loves her. I guess when the begging w/Brandi didn’t work he felt the only thing he could do was pledge his undying love to LR & have access to all her money to boot. The money is the only thing that’s keeping him w/her. I think he’ll cheat and will a few times but LR won’t divorce him right away. She can’t have him going back to Brandi, or so she thinks will happen. It’s all sad for the boys.

      • Mene Seela says:

        Brandi publicly “picking” on Leann just makes Eddie defend his choice of spouse. If Brandi and others laid off then that marriage would end sooner.

  28. contessa says:

    Plainviewsue – WOW that Richard W is a total POS, what a piece of garbage. Mooching rides on jets. I guess he thinks he is a real celebrity. But real celebrities don’t have too mooch rides on jets, they are either invited or pay their own way. He needs his ass kicked big time. I can truly understand why Tre doesn’t like him as I am sure there are way more comments he has made that we are not aware of.

    • Mene Seela says:

      Doesn’t Ritchie act like Jill Zarin? I don’t use twitter so I haven’t noticed if he invites Kathy Hilton to lunch.

    • britches&hose says:

      I almost cannot believe he tweeted asking for four (FREE) seats on a private jet. I’d be EMBARRASSED if I was Kathy!

  29. plainviewsue says:

    By the way, I love the font or whatever is different on the blog! It makes it so much easier to read!!

  30. BB says:

    Hail to the Redskins! RGIII is injured though. 😦 Cousins came through!

    • Powell says:


    • ItzAngieDuh says:

      Yay!!! The Redskins pulled it out in overtime w/o RGIII! Cousins picked up the slack. Lorenzo Alexander (#97 for the Redskin’s) is my son’s step brother-they have the same father-had a really good game today! My son thinks they’re on their way to the play-offs. Great blog for BBW LA-but was it finished? I think Malaysia & Draya are the most sane ones on the show. I believe Gloria is just phoning it in this season-which I’m sure she regrets-since she, Laura, Malaysia, Brooke & Bambi have all been let go. I will miss Lakiesha, I mean Malaysia, and hope they reconsider firing her. I was impressed with Gloria-she was not afraid of Bambi at all! Bambi is a big ole wind bag ’cause all she does it talk a whole lotta smack-when Gloria gave her an opportunity-she should’ve stepped to her. Although I love Malaysia, I have to disagree that Bambi was only playing with Gloria & that Gloria took it wrong. Bambi was so serious and surprised that Gloria didn’t back down to her. Talk about a dog w/a bone-she won’t let go! I don’t know what her problem is, but I won’t be sad to see her go. Can’t wait til RHOA tonite to watch Kenya act up!

  31. boston02127 says:

    I’m pretty sure YOLO is really Carpe diem for dump people.

    (cough cough…Jill Zarin)

    • Jillz is so pathetic. It’s sad, but I’m still enjoying her non-relevance too much to feel sorry for her. Does she realize how awful she looks??? Not too long ago, there was a picture of Ivanna Trump on the beach I saw somewhere. She was wearing a bikini. OMG it was horrendous. She’s an old lady now, with bags & sags. If she had worn a tasteful one piece, with maybe a silk scarf tied around her waist like a short skirt, she would have looked elegant. Nope, she would rather look ridiculous than tasteful. Such is narcissism.

    • britches&hose says:

      I am BEYOND sick of this “YOLO” thing. Love how JillZ is using it…probably makes her feel hip and trendy (eyeroll). I LOL’ed at your “carpe diem for dumb people”. My husband said something similar.

  32. Powell says:

    I’m watching BH. I didn’t notice before that Yolanda has 2 washers, 2 dryers. They’ve got a lot of clothes to wash in that house.

  33. Nancy says:

    Your boys are getting whipped! Big time. 😦

    • AZGirl says:

      We need a quarterback STAT! I have a feeling Barry Fitzgerald is going to leave the team after this nightmare of a season. I think Wisenhunt is a good coach but having to deal with moronic owners like Bidwell is the problem.

  34. Mene Seela says:

    Gosh I haven’t kept up with the old daytime shows. I use to watch Bold and Beautiful daily. I just found out Ronn Moss and Susan Flannery left the show. Half of the other daytime shows are all gone. I use to watch the shows after school with my friends.

    • Cityside says:

      Wasn’t Ronn Moss RIDGE?? How could Ridge leave, he was the show???!!!

      • Powell says:

        Ronn left to tour w/his band. Only a few mths ago I found out he’s had a band for yrs and has left thr show before to tour. Ridge supposedly is mad at Brooke cause when they were on their 50th honeymoon Deacon, Hope’s father called Brooke while she was on the honeymoon, when Ridge asked her was it Deacon she said no. Ridge had told Brooke no more lies, if she does they’re through. Brooke said Ridge looked at her phone and saw that she lied, he confronted her and said they were through. She came home alone from the honeymoon. After she was home for A while she saw an interview Ridge did in Italy saying he was having fun and was free and loving it. When Stephanie was dying Eric had a farewell party for her and her daughters and son-in-law. came home but Ridge didn’t. Stephanie told him not to. Now Mene & Cityside you’re all caught up. Aren’t you glad you asked? 😀

    • Powell says:

      Mene when Stephanie died it was so so sad. I haven’t watched Friday’s epi yet but in a way Stephanie isn’t gone yet cause she leaves a DVD with her explaining some things that will effect Forrester, something that will shake up the family biz.

      • Mene Seela says:

        Powell thank you! I haven’t watched in years. I read that Ronn Moss totally quit the show. He said he had “a sign it was time for him to do something else with his life. I might try to watch the Stephanie dying episode online.

  35. Powell says:

    Iisa said “The STFU gate”. Adrienne said “being naked with the girls with mud all over you is not my idea of relaxing”. Who’s the stuck in the mud, pun intended. Gosh. That’s why I feel Adrienne is not a girl’s, girl.

  36. chismosa says:

    I don’t watch Beverly Hills but I know that Kyle completely converted to Jewish for Mauricio so I personally find it quite offensive that she’s having a “Christmas” party. Do like Charlotte York and say bye bye to your old traditions if that is what you have actually chosen to do.

    Sorry I just find that so annoying.

    • britches&hose says:

      LOVE the Charlotte York reference.

    • I think she’s having a holiday party and other people are calling it a Christmas party, but I could be wrong.

    • Powell says:

      But maybe they wanted their kids toexperience both religions. We don’t know. I’ve seen husbands that are Jewish and the wife converted and that’s how they worship and celebrate so I don’t think Mauricio would celebrate Christmas if they didn’t make a jt decision.

      • chismosa says:

        I get that but if the mother officially turns her back on that faith then I, IMHO, think kids should not be exposed to it(except maybe when older on their own) Isn’t the whole point of “conversion” so that their kids be raised exclusively in that religion. I GET that some couples agree to do a dual-faith thing and good for them. But for the (many!! 😦 ) women who convert to Judaism for their men (I can’t think of one case of it hearing that the Jewish man convert the other way around FOR his wife).

        I applaud Lisa on Miami for not converting. But that’s just MHO

        Kyle is being a hypocrite but I hear many people do this and I hate that. Don’t have a mother f””’in Christmas tree if you don’t celebrate the birth of someone named Jesus Can’t stand that

    • Mene Seela says:

      I’ve always known jewish families who have Christmas parties, decorated trees, cookie, stockings and the whole shebang. To them the Christmas they are celebrating is the secular version, not the religous holiday.
      It doesn’t bother me if it doesn;t bother them.

      • chismosa says:

        Yeah I just personally find it so improper and just not right. Each faith has their major holy/idays and I find it very offensive.
        Just because Christmas is a very large holiday in this country doesn’t mean you give into that for the “fun” (aka secularity) of it. And I say this as a total NON—- fundamentalist / extra devout Christian who grew up in an all Jewish neighborhood, who has major doubts within myself about religion and faith overall. And I loathe when people equate ” fun ” traditions/culture~~~with religion. Two wholey different things.

        But no biggie, I get most people don’t ***mind**** this but IMHO that just boggles the mind. Verrrrrrrrrry different strokes make the world it is I guess. 🙂

  37. Powell says:

    Di you all know Jenni Rivera Mexican-American recording artist? She was on a plane from Mexico. It crashed and they don’t think there are any survivors. That’s so horrible. I don’t know who she is.

    • chismosa says:

      Oh my god. She is HUGE in the Latin music scene. Even Bravo/Universal had a show going on her and it aired a couple of times on Bravo. She has like 5 kids and I think a grandchild. Wow

      • Powell says:

        OMG that’s her? I watched one epi. She was scared she had breast cancer. Her kids are going to be devastated. She didn’t look like she has grown kids. She was on her way to going mainstream. Damn. Just like Selena. That’s just so terrible. God bless her and her family.

    • BB says:

      I saw that. I had never heard of her, but read she had a reality show on Telemundo and ABC was working with her to have a show in the U.S. She’s also won some Grammys, so she’s very popular in Mexico.

  38. Nancy says:

    49ers WON!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  39. Powell says:

    Downton S2 will be on starting at 9pm est.

  40. Powell says:

    OMG! What’s going on? So many deaths of celebrities over the past few weeks. I pray for their families.

  41. Powell says:

    LR will be on E! at 8 pm EST if anyone is interested.

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