What Secret did Brandi Spill? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

What Secret did Brandi Spill? by NoMoreDrama

So what big secret did Brandi Glanville spill last night on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  According to a Wetpaint insider, Brandi heard Adrienne Maloof telling a story about the birth of one of her sons, where she suggests that it was she, herself, who delivered the child.  Brandi says that Adrienne is lying, and that she used a surrogate.

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Now the Wetpaint insider says this all went down at a party, but in reality Adrienne wasn’t at the luncheon when Brandi dropped the bombshell, so we’ll have to be the judge on whether this insider got the surrogate part right when they got the rest of the scoop wrong.  Rumors that this was about Adrienne using a surrogate for her kids have been swirling on the internet for days – so the whole story could be built on sketchy information.  Hard to say.

The detailed recap/blog of the show by BB is below.

Here’s what the cast have to say on twitter:

Paul Nassif (who has since divorced Adrienne in an ugly split, and recently helped out Brandi by referring her to a doctor for surgery to remove a non-cancerous breast tumor) said (as the episode aired):

“Was being protective when the conversation went out of bounds. Glad everything is fine with @BrandiGlanville. Time to enjoy the holidays!”

Brandi Glanville:  “Most of what happened with AM &me was after the reunion & off camera so its hard to see why Im so upset with her! Please remember this!”

(Off topic a little, but LeAnn Rimes gave an interview to E! that aired on Sunday, and while it was tough for Brandi to watch, she did receive this good news “WOOHOO! I just got off the phone with my book editor and our numbers went up even more last night after a certain E news interview! Hahahha!”

From Brandi’s blog (the only blog that is up at this point).  I only brought over the part that related to Adrienne and Paul, the full blog can be found here.

I said something I shouldn’t have said and I am sorry and I now regret it.

I know, it’s shocking right? My mouth gets me in a lot of trouble, but this time I’ve pissed off the wrong rich person. It is so frustrating when Adrienne or her people say something about me that isn’t true or discuss me as a parent, I think she has met my kids one time.

Normally I would laugh it off. I mean I’ve had my fair share of negative stories written about me through my divorce. But when the lies involve my children, like any good mother, ALL BETS ARE OFF! No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, and if I could take this back I would. Trust me! I can’t, so now I just have to deal. Boy is it going to be expensive!  (Rumors are that Adrienne did sue.)

My frustrations with Adrienne since last season’s reunion have been boiling for some time, and I finally reached my breaking point. I understand why Paul was upset with me and he was just defending his wife’s honor. But I don’t think even Paul was aware (at the time) of how underhanded she could be.”  (Yes – that is clear now.)

What do you Think?

I personally don’t care how Adrienne formed her family, and if she told a white lie about that big whoop.  I have stronger opinions on Kim and Brandi.  What do you think?

And our continuing poll from Atlanta …


On another topic – yes it does appear to be true that Kyle and Kim Richards are on some sort of high diving (literally) reality show that will air on Fox.  Kyle tweeted this photo last night: Training for #StarsInDanger Kim and I look so small next to@terrellowens 😃#shrimps

kyle and kim richards diving


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “She’s Gone Too Far” by BB

Someone is egging Kyle and Mauricio’s house and cars. That happened a lot when my girls were in high school.  It happened to my next door neighbor a lot.  It was a friendly prank thing, not a mean thing.  The teens knew to never hit the cars with the eggs.  RHOBH Dec 10 5Mauricio takes Kyle, Alexia and Portia outside to show them, and hands Alexia the keys to a luxury car.  If I’m rich and my daughter is responsible, a good kid, and makes good grades, then I would probably do the same thing. It’s not that pretentious when you’re living in Beverly Hills. It doesn’t look like a car a teen would pick out, but what do I know?  I’ve rewarded my kids for being good kids, not on that level of course, so I’m not knocking it.  Of course, the first fender bender, speeding ticket, etc., and the keys are confiscated for a long, long time.

Brandi and her book agent Michael meet for lunch to discuss the title and cover of her book.  We have to hear once again why the release of her book is different from Taylor’s. Can we just put it to rest once and for all?  Her book agent represents Chelsea Handler so Brandi is in good hands.  Chelsea’s had at least two best sellers.  Later Brandi calls Lisa to make sure the server who slept with Brandi’s ex-husband will not be working at Sur that night when they get together.  Lisa assures her she will not be there.  Brandi has a new straight hair style. I like it.

Lisa and the SUR bartender are getting ready for a small food tasting to test some new appetizers on the menu at Sur.  The night before, Stassi, one of Lisa’s servers, insulted one of Lisa’s important long-time customers.  She has a stern discussion with the Stassi, tells her she should be sacked, and will not be working that night.  This is an obvious preview for Lisa’s new show.  As much as I love Lisa, I don’t believe I’m going to enjoy watching a bunch of actor/actress wannabe servers acting like immature brats and Lisa being the stern mom with them. Maybe Vanderpump Rules won’t totally be like that.

Kim and Brandi arrive first and discuss Ken’s hip replacement surgery the next day with Lisa.  Lisa is very nervous about it and Brandi tells Lisa he will be fine.  Kim can’t believe she arrived before Kyle and calls Kyle to give her a taste of what Kyle used to do to Kim when she was late for things.

Kyle, Mauricio and Taylor (I guess she’s not ready to flaunt her married boyfriend yet) finally arrive and they all sit down for some food tasting.  Lisa asks Kim if she’s OK and Kim says she’s really OK and Lisa says she can tell. Kim says there are some people who still make her want to cry sometimes.  Mauricio asks her if these people are in her past now. Kim says some are and some are still part of her life (hint: Kyle).  The food looks delicious.

RHOBH  Dec 10Someone asks if Adrienne is coming Lisa says Adrienne is busy that day.  Brandi brings up Adrienne’s book deal, which Lisa says isn’t true and Ken says if she’s writing one, it will be very short. Mauricio says that’s mean.  Speaking of mean, shit stirrer Kyle has to ask Brandi what really went down between her and Adrienne. For some reason, Kyle thinks the subject will be pleasant dinner conversation.  Brandi tells them she has many issues with Adrienne, the big one being that Adrienne and Paul talked to her on the phone for over an hour one day trying to intimidate her into talking about Lisa and tweeting things in support of them, which she refused to do. She thinks Adrienne lies a lot.

In Brandi’s talking head, she mentions Adrienne repeatedly lying about one topic and everyone knows she’s lying about it, but nobody calls her on it.  Apparently, Brandi finally blurts it out into the open at the dinner table.  Of course, we the viewer, don’t get to hear what it is.  As usual, everyone is aghast because it’s such a private, private matter, and so, so hurtful to Adrienne and her family, but they don’t discuss it with Brandi or each other at that time.  They decide to talk about it to each other later amongst themselves or, as Kyle likes to do, in her talking head.  This seems to be a recurring theme with these ladies.

RHOBH Dec 10 2At Adrienne and Paul’s house, they are having a (fake) BBQ with their nephews. Where are their three boys?  Family and friends are everything to Adrienne and she informs us Brandi is not her friend.  Paul and Adrienne fuss about how to tear the lettuce and how bad the wine tastes.  Paul hands the BBQ duties over to the maid/housekeeper and goes for a swim in the pool.  Adrienne and the nephews tease Paul about his hairy back.  Wow, I want to go to a BBQ at Paul and Adrienne’s. It looks more fun than a root canal!

Over at Kyle’s house, Kyle is getting ready for a big event Mauricio’s new firm, The Agency, is having.  At the event, Camille and Dimitri are talking to Mauricio about how good a cook Dimitri is.  According to Camille, he’s a “compassionate soul.”  The difference between Dimitri and Kelsey is 8 inches (funny, Camille, and classy).  Brandi brings her friend Darren (I don’t think they are dating anymore).  Kyle informs us this event is a big deal for Mauricio. He’s hoping to sell a couple of condos in the building where he is holding the event. In other words, it’s a fancy open house. The condos are very nice and go for about $2.5 mil. The views are great. Camille would only buy one for investment purposes. She’s not going to buy one, Mauricio. Maurice is hoping to do $200 million in sales this year.

RHOBH Dec 10 3Lisa and Ken arrive at the hospital for his hip replacement surgery.  He asks about satin sheets and a 35 inch tv.  Lisa thinks he’s joking to mask his nervousness. He’s about to go into surgery and Lisa tells him he’ll feel better afterwards.  He’s 16 years older than Lisa and she’d rather have the surgery herself. Pandora and her brother show up. Lisa is a nervous wreck.  It’s routine surgery, but you never know.  The nurse comes in to make sure the correct hip has been marked. Ken’s son hugs him and tells him he loves him before he leaves. Lisa and Pandora walk Ken down the hall and then kiss him and tell him they love him. Lisa says she couldn’t live without Ken.

Later, the surgeon comes and tells Lisa and Pandora Ken is fine and will probably be walking by the next day. She and Pandora go back to the recovery room and ask him how he’s feeling. He’s totally out of it. Lisa keeps talking to him and he could care less.  Their love for each other seems genuine.

At The Agency event, Kim shows up right before Adrienne and Paul. After all the greetings have taken place, Kim feels the irresistible need to start some shit and pulls Adrienne and Paul to the side to tell them what Brandi said the other night at the food tasting. Kim says Brandi called Adrienne a liar. Kim drops the bombshell about what Brandi said concerning Adrienne’s family. We are not privy to it. For some reason it must be really bad.  What could it be because Paul calls it defamatory and Adrienne says Brandi’s going to be slapped with a fat old law suit?  Paul wants to slam her. Adrienne says it’s below the belt and classless.  Adrienne says Brandi lies 24/7, has too much time on her hands and doesn’t take care of her own kids. I guess what Adrienne said about Brandi is OK.

RHOBH Dec 10 4Paul asks Kim what everybody else said. He particularly wants to get something on Lisa. He’s hoping Lisa said something bad, but is disappointed when Kim says nobody really said anything.  But whatever Brandi said is character assassination and it’s a lawsuit.  Paul announces he’s leaving because of what that bitch said.  A casino between Paul, Adrienne and Brandi ensues with name calling and cursing. I find it so ironic that Paul calls Brandi a bitch and is then incensed when Brandi calls Adrienne a bitch.  I believe Paul also calls Brandi a piece of shit and Brandi tells Paul “Eff you.”  Then Adrienne accuses Brandi of sleeping until 3 p.m. and leaving her kids unattended, and says she’s full of drugs, etc. I guess that’s not character assassination or defamatory.  As she’s leaving, Adrienne spews the “Eff You” phrase too.

Meanwhile Kyle (the original shit stirrer)  is upset at Kim for starting the whole thing at Mauricio’s event in front of his important clients.  I would think that his clients probably figured out something would go down when all the housewives showed up and the cameras were there.  They were probably looking forward to some excitement instead of Mauricio trying to sell them a condo.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling like Bravo cheated their faithful viewers tonight.  I mean, how can we judge or defend Brandi without even knowing what she revealed?  Are Adrienne and Paul overreacting?  How would we know if we don’t even know what the big bombshell is?  I’m a little frustrated right about now.


Tuesday Night Lineup December 11th by BB

8PM – NCIS (CBS); Hart of Dixie (CW); The Voice (NBC); Raising Hope/Ben and Kate (Fox); Countdown to the Revenge (Discovery); Frontier Earth (Anpl); Holmes on Holmes (DIY); Guiliana & Bill (Style)

9PM – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills First Look (Bravo 9:30); NCIS LA (CBS); Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (Lifetime); Take It All (NBC); Happy Endings/Don’t Trust the B (ABC); New Girl/Mindy Project (Fox); Property Virgins (HGTV); Storage Wars (A&E); Little People Big World (TLC); Chopper Live: The Revenge (Discovery); Hardcore Pawn (truTV); Mankind The Story of All of Us (History); Doomsday Preppers (NatGeo); Homicide Hunter (ID); Tia and Tamera (Style)

10PM – Million Dollar Decorators (Bravo); Vegas (CBS); Parenthood (NBC); Private Practice (ABC); Storage Wars Texas (A&E); Four Houses: Deck The Halls (TLC); Amish Mafia (TLC, 10:30); Vindicated (BET); Ink Master (Spike); Caught Red Handed (truTV); In the Bedroom w/Dr. Laura Berman (OWN); Chopped (Food); Nightmare Next Door (ID); Killer Instinct (Biography); I Hate My Bath (DIY); Man Fire Food (Cook); Rodeo (GAC); Chicagolicious (Style); Tiger Dynasty (NatGeoWild)

11PM – Watch What Happens Live: Bethenny Frankel (Bravo)


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437 Responses to What Secret did Brandi Spill? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I don’t know about you but I was trying to read Brandi’s lips last night but no luck. I can’t wait to read what you think she said. Do we have any lip readers? Have a great day. 😀

  2. Iowagirl says:

    Don’t go on a reality show if you have secrets you don’t want out. Period.

  3. BB says:

    So it looks as if Kyle and Kim are not going to be brave enough to wear regular swim suits on their reality diving show. Don’t think that butt shot of Kyle in the wet suit (or whatever it is she’s wearing) is a good look for her either.

    • amalfi says:

      That is appropriate diving wear if the water is cold or if you are unhappy with your body — not that they need to be.

      • BB says:

        I guess T.O.’s not worried about the cold. Lol!

        • lizzle says:

          T.O. is looking quite good and I am glad he isn’t worried about the cold! He has some good looking legs. And it is weird that the ladies are sporting leggings… I wonder if they learn some flips on the trampoline first or something. I would never do this show… I am too much of a wimp… these ladies are pretty brave, if their diving involves flips and twists.

          BB… I loved your recap… I can’t watch all the episodes, so I rely on you 🙂

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Hi amalfi!! Long time no see. those wetsuits will keep you warm!! Everytime I see your name it takes me back to images of the Amalfi Coast. No, I’ve never been there, but it’s a dream of mine. For now, it takes me back to the Amalfi Coast Google images. 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi BB – I wish I looked half as good as Kyle. When I first saw that pic, I thought it was the derriere of a much younger woman. I may not always be a fan of hers, but I do find her to be quite beautiful.

    • kit9 says:

      How’s your butt look? Kyle looks fine.

  4. Sus says:

    It is absolutely not my business if someone uses a surrogate for whatever reason. My impression of IVF is that it doesn’t work all the time. The thought of creating embryos to save your figure creeps me out.

    Is Adrienne good-looking enough to worry about how a baby would affect her figure?

    Ha, what would I say if it were my business!!!!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      “Is Adrienne good-looking enough to worry about how a baby would affect her figure?” so funny, sus.

  5. Hi Everyone,

    We’re going to start a NEW birthday list because the old one has so many names we don’t recognize on it. SO if you’d like to be on the Birthday list please put your Screen Name and Birthday (no year please) in the comment string under this comment. I’ll move it to a new page as we move along. We won’t be moving any names from the old list to the NEW one, so please take the time to comment if you’d like your birthday recognized on the blog. Thanks and have a great day – NMD

  6. TexasTart says:

    BB – Another great blog and I agree Bravo cheated us and it is frustrating! Setting all that mess aside; I didn’t realize Ken was 16 years older than Lisa. Their love does seem so geniune. 🙂

  7. amalfi says:

    If Camille and Brandi had a falling out over filming (based on that we are not close statement from Brandi a while ago), then Surro-gate (haha… I am copyrighting that) is probably why.

    • amalfi says:

      Cuz I am pretty sure that Camille’s own surrogate pregnancies put her in Adrienne’s corner.

      No one cares about that shyte, but it sure makes Brandi look judgy and gossipy. lol… which is understandably shocking to the rest of the myob crowd at BH. haha

      • I gather it’s about Adrienne lying about it, rather than the actual surrogacy.

        Although, she’s certainly entitled to protect her privacy.

        • Powell says:

          Yeah I get that. It’s just nobody’s beeswax to blast it. Everyone on the HWs says “leave the kids alone”. Brandi said last season “Don’t talk about my kids”. Why can’t everyone respect that?

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I’m with Lady C – – Brandi’s point is not the whole idea of Adrienne using a surrogate. She’s not criticizing Paul and Adrienne for using a surrogate. Her point is that Adrienne lies a lot,…for example, when Adrienne goes into detail about the birth of her children and how she went into labor and how she had c-sections and Paul was in the room,…etc. Brandi is saying,” look at the lies she tells…she even lies about this.”

        • sparklemuffy says:

          I AGREE. I could care less, but there’s something cray cray about how elaborate the lie is. Why speak of it, if you want to keep it private. If they were adopted would you make up big elaborate birthing tall tale, while everyone stands around and thinks ( I thought you adopted) If true, it makes Adrienne seem a little fruit-loop–

        • britches&hose says:

          This is my take on it, too. Well put Ms Lainey 😉

        • amalfi says:

          I like Brandi too… but this was kind of just … icky. I get that her point is Adrienne lies (no shock there) but to say last week “so how did everyone’s birthing process go? c-sections? vag birth?” was clearly just a way to bait Adrienne. Not that cool.

          Not that Adrienne didn’t have it coming. But I like the HWs *the ones I can tolerate* to stay classsaaaayy.


        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          But the children, especially the twins could have been born by c-section…and Paul more than likely was in the room. Many times when people have surrogate, they are at the birth. I don’t see those details as lies.

          If Brandi wanted to have a go at Adrienne, she should have just said how she believes that she has her chef do her bidding. No fuss, no mess….just a bit of truth that doesn’t toss children into the fray.

    • princesspindy says:

      A+ !!!!!!

  8. lori says:

    Adrienne is so repulsive to me that it’s hard to work up any sympathy. Whatever Brandi said clearly was very personal, and she says now she regrets it. Obviously she needs to learn to control her mouth/temper and she’s not a kid any more she’s 40 yrs old. Still I feel meh about the whole thing.

    • lizzle says:

      I agree… Adrienne is extremely repulsive! Why is she held to a different standard than Brandi? The world doesn’t know what Brandi said, but we all know what Adrienne said about Brandi. Adrienne is the epitome of the rich person syndrome…. those born into the money think they can get away with anything… she has never worked for anything in her life! She is a product of the flailing Maloof fortune. Bernie is her mouthpiece… disgusting.

      • amalfi says:

        She is repulsive and entitled. Plus she has that gravelly voice that makes me want to throw a glass vase across the room…

  9. T-Rex says:

    Regarding Surrogacy-Gate:
    Camille has been VERY upfront about her surrogacy, for whatever the reason, I don’t buy the one she originally gave, but it was HER choice to have children any way she wants, IMO. Fact is, if the HoofMaloof did this, why not own it, why because her family doesn’t want this crap to be aired in public. I bet her Brothers are none too pleased with their sister at this point. They were the ones that told her to shut her YAP to the press about Paul in their divorce and to end the legal crap immediately and “make it go away”. Now they are dealing with all of this other stuff, my feeling is this, no one should care if she “bore” her children or not, they are still her children. I would foresee that this is the HoofMaloof’s last season on this show, I don’t think her family wants her back on there and I don’t think Mz. Andy does either. While I think Kim was inappropriate to bring up the issue at Mauricio’s company party, uhm Kyle(handing her the clue phone) KARMA IS A BEYOTCH, your sister did exactly what you would have done if this wasn’t YOUR party. I also don’t get why the HoofMaloof’s have such a “hardon” to get Lisa, you tried, you FAILED and you brought in the problem-child that is bringing you down now. Look I like Brandi, but she is a bit messed-up, you should NEVER be using the F-Bomb at a party no matter what kind of accusations folks make. I saw in the previews to come that even LisaVPump can’t contain HurricaneBrandi, which is making me kind of not liking Brandi, maybe this show is not good for her.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yeah, Brandi makes for entertaining TV; but would I want someone like that in my family or in my daily life? HAIL TO THE NO!!!!

    • Iowagirl says:

      I agree with you one hundred percent. Being open, honest and speaking your mind does not include the right to drop the f bomb. It is just low class trashy behavior. She needs to find alternative words to get her point across. A few classy zingers, detox could help her come up with a few.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        right? LOL!!!

      • PJ says:

        I agree about the language but it’s hypocritical for the others to call Brandi on something they themselves say.

        • amalfi says:

          None of them need to talk that way, for sure… use your non-cuss words, ladies, Maybe at least at parties? Let’s start there.

          However, I agree… Paul calling Brandi a bitch (while fighting with a woman as if they both are 12 yr old girls on the playground … umm you lost a few points there, Paul) and then saying “did you just call my wife a bitch” is just beyond stupid.

          Embarrassed for him. All of them.

  10. RealHousewifeVA says:

    I’m so conflicted over this episode (lol, I sound so involved when it’s just plain entertainment). I’m a little disappointed in Brandi only because in the limo last week she kept telling the other ladies how this was not a group conversation and should be between her and Adrienne. I really liked that she didn’t want to seem gossipy and wanted to nip it in the bud. But then, the minute Adrienne is not around, she’s ready to spill it all. What did she think? That suddenly Kyle, Taylor and Kim were her besties?? What was she thinking?
    However, I STILL don’t understand how Brandi saying Adrienne used a surrogate (if that’s what she said) is considered defamation of character and how Adrienne is able to sue over it?! Please, does someone out there speak RICH SELF IMPORTANT language, because I’ve had people gossip about me in the past and the first thought in my head wasn’t LAWSUIT. Adrienne didn’t even give the whole convo 2 seconds to register or to even find out if there was any truth to it before she was ready to sue and Paul was going off. This, to me, says that whatever Brandi said was TRUE..otherwise they wouldn’t have reacted to quickly and so angrily. So, I am trying to wrap my mind around how in the world you can sue someone for gossiping about you about something that is freakin’ TRUE!
    I’m not saying it’s okay for Brandi to spill that sort of gossip at a dinner table…but how is what she did any different than Taylor slurring to everyone that Brandi had sex with every guy in Beverly Hills? Or Adrienne saying that Lisa sold stories to the tabloids? Seems to me the only difference is that what Brandi said about Adrienne is supposedly true.

    Sorry Adrienne but you are not some extra special being who can dictate what people say or don’t say about you! Especially if you are a nasty bitch to people. That’s how life works. It must be nice to have all your family’s money to fall back on and feel so powerful to sue people everytime they say something you don’t like, but if you didn’t want people to know your secrets than don’t go on a reality show!

    I have a hard time feeling sympathy for Adrienne seeing what a nasty bitch she is when people don’t behave how she wants them to (she did it with Lisa, Brandi, Paul…)

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Morning VA, so you’re not down with RPP! Rich people problems, I don’t speak it either. If I sued everyone who talked about me like a dog I could have RPP also. Starting with certain members of my own family. I had a falling out with my longest dearest friend when she broke my confidence & spoke out of turn. It’s on me because I shared it. After 15 years I was shocked & we considered each other our secret keepers. Her DD works in my atty’s office(I got her the job) & I told her something about being twisted with my atty & she told her kid & it got back to my att’y. I have not spoken to her again but I never spilled any of her secrets. Hope you & the family are well & stay well, Lisa

    • PJ says:

      I agree it must be true for P & A to react the way they did.

    • Joysmiling says:

      I totally agree with you!! I used to like Adrienne boy was she a fake!! You did a great job breaking it all down they are all very quick to Sue. Must be nice to shut people up with a lawsuit. LOL

  11. Lisa Renee says:

    Good Morning all, been to the wall & back after catching whatever hit everyone on the board & so many people. A few nights ago I woke myself up because I was sneezing in my sleep. I opened my eyes to see DH facing me on his elbow with a pillow covering his face with only his eyes sticking out. I was told I was sneezing all over him in my sleep. Poor bastard hahahaha.
    NMD, great blog AGAIN. thanks for all you do. Love love love the polls. Your “tidbits” of info are the best. I may not have posted in a few days, but reading was great company. I don’t know how you do it.
    My head is spinning between BH & BBW! My take, I am going to have to go with MTH/WTFIJeff….if you don’t want something repeated, don’t tell anyone. I have to be honest & say I am enjoying Paul having his own “come to jesus meeting” & ending up on the receiving end of Charo’s lies. The least he can do is assist Brandi in this lawsuit. I enjoy Brandi but even she had to admit she spoke out of turn. I get it, but I don’t respect it. Not a good look for her. Friggin Bravo with this bait & switch BS is wearing me out. Kim’s timing sucks, Kyle just sucks. Which is worse I don’t know. I still wanna come back in my next life as giggy.
    PVS, I saw your “convo” with that nasty nasty man……you know you have arrived when you have twitter rock star problems. Rock on with your bad self girl 🙂
    Thanks to everyone for keeping me company. Love all the recaps & comments. If you hear unrelenting crying & wailing don’t panic, it’s just me packing my kid up for Law School. It didn’t help that her view from her apartment is the State Building in Lansing, AT ALL! Have a great day everyone, Lisa

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Congrats on the Law School daughter!!! Love the poor Bastard line…haha!! Hope you’re feeling better.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Thanks Lainey, yes, I finally feel human again. I did want to extend my condolences for the loss of your FIL. When my DH lost his dad, he was never the same. They were very close & when I looked at my FIL I saw my future & it was very comforting. I am hoping your DD’s graduation helped. I never take pictures, I took what you said to heart. I shocked my kid on her birthday when I asked her to take a picture with me infront of the xmas tree. The whole room fell silent. People have been threatened with death if my pic ends up in FB. I can’t tell you how many times I said I was in witness protection to get out of taking pics. I hate the way I look in pic’s while my DD has never met a camera she didn’t like. Because of what you posted I sucked it up & am determined to take more with her. One day she is going to need them more than I hate the way I look. Thank you for sharing that, it gave me a whole new perspective, Lisa

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Girl, you made me cry. And you made me laugh (witness protection? good one) I am so glad my words changed things up for you a lil bit. It will mean the world to your angel one day. Thanks for sharing that with me. You are awesome for biting the bullet and posing for that pic. I know exactly how you feel. 🙂 It gets easier. Thanks also for the words of sympathy. The graduation did help; it was a joy-filled time for all. THANKS!!!

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      Hope you feel better and huge congrats to your daughter! My oldest is 11 and just sending her to middle school really freaked me out, so I can’t even imagine how I’ll be when college rolls around!
      I agree, Kyle sucks. It’s too bad because I liked her during Season 1 but now I can’t stand her. Everything is so phony with her, and her THs are annoying…and if we have to watch them buy a new luxury car to surprise eachother with each week, I’ll puke. Get a new storyline Kyle! Too bad she doesn’t still have “pity me and all I have to go through with Kim” storyline anymore to make her feel better about herself.

  12. AZGirl says:

    I did not watch last night but from what is covered here on the blog Brandi should not have brought up that information regarding Adrienne at the dinner. Not like anyone cares that Adrienne had her boys by surrogate it still is very personal information. Brandi has let viewers know that she was wrong and feel bad. That is all I need to move on from this drama. But knowing Bravo this is going to be milked all the way to the end of the season and the reunion.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Brandi was trying to illustrate to everyone about what a big liar Adrienne is…how she talks about giving birth/c-sections but in reality, it never happened. She was using that as an example of the types of whoppers Adrienne tells. I agree with you, AZGirl, she never should have gone “there.” So she wins the argument of who is the bigger liar (since Adrienne accuses Brandi of lying about trying to go after Lisa at the last reunion).

      Ok Brandi, Adrienne tells bigger lies,…but did you really win? Because it doesn’t really look like it to me.

      Have you ever been hell-bent on winning an argument and then after you had soundly won the argument, people are looking at you sideways because of your mercilessness? That’s never happened to you? ummm…me neither. 😉

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        Yah. Never. Nope. 😉

        • LaineyLainey says:

          LOL!!! thanks…glad to know I’m not the only one. A lesson learned with age for me…”sometimes you can lose A LOT when you win an argument. So tread lightly.”

      • AZGirl says:

        Good point about Brandi trying to make Adrienne the “bigger” liar. Of course you are right about trying to win an argument. It is like arguing over something for so long you don’t remember what you are fighting about. Message is lost.

        • Lisa Renee says:

          I agree with all of you. It reminds me of the saying I use as a back seat driver. If I express displeasure with how my kid or hubs is driving, the response is always the same. “I have the right of way” or “the law says I don’t have to yeild” or my personal favorite “I’m doing the speed limit”. My response is yes, you are right, but you will be DEAD right? That is the fallout for Brandi in trying to make her point about Charo & her lies. Brandi may be right, but she is dead right & its going to cost her a fortune. This crap certainly gives a whole new meaning to treading lightly, Lisa

          • Called A Princess... says:

            We still do not know what was said by Brandi? If only one birth was surrogate then Brandi would be lying. Another strange, useless edit from Bravo Land. IMO.

            • britches&hose says:

              I’m quite perplexed as to why they’d edit out her actual comment. All of a sudden Bravo’s protecting peoples’ privacy? Huh?

            • kit9 says:

              We don’t know if any part of what Brandi said is true if it is the surrogacy story. This is Brandi, not exactly the most honest person in the world, last week’s nonsense just the latest examples(I have no way of speaking to my ex except Twitter! My kids are in terrible danger and I’ll do anything to keep my kids safe! Er, except hire a lawyer cause I’d rather spend my $ on a new house’. Priorities, ya’ll!). I did love Brandi whining about ‘tattling’ on what she’d said about Adrienne. To a table of people. On camera. It was just rich hearing ‘Truth Cannon’ Brandi whining about someone telling Adrienne the truth about what she’d said. Hm, not so crazy about the cannon when it’s pointed at u, eh Brandi? Also, I don’t buy her BS apology in her blog. She’s just in as* covering mode for the lawsuit.

              • austin1963 says:

                I agree. So many are quite willing to let the extremely inappropriate and immature Brandi off the hook for nearly anything, but would go nuts if Kyle or Adrienne did something half as wrong. And does anyone bother to consider that maybe Adrienne’s children don’t know? That would be a pretty good reason to be so upset about. It is a private matter and not information up to others to disseminate. Plus, from the Bravo edit, at least, it makes it look as if Brandi went on and on and on about all Adrienne’s sins and culminated with this big tell, pretty much unprovoked. Kyle asked her what went wrong between Brandi and Kyle, but she didn’t ask her to divulge Adrienne’s biggest secret. I’m no fan of Adrienne, but I think Brandi was way over the line. Nothing new, though.

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  My guess is that Brandi was trying to make points with Lisa, and that is why she went in on Addy. Brandi needs to mind her business and do her own wet work. Also another guess is that Addy wanted to leave the show and Bravo edited the episode to show a good faith effort to keep the Maloof family happy. JMHO.

  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    I am not wondering who lawyered up for the Bravo edit of what Brandi revealed. Nor am I really wondering what the horrible, slanderous tidbit could be. Since it is never about what it is about – then it is still about jealous and petty Adrienne wanting to take the fan favorite Lisa down.

  14. cusi77 says:

    Thanks NMD and BB for Blogging RHOBH! Good Morning Everyone!

    Last night Episode brought to my mind the interview Brandi gave to our beloved Lynn, one day or two before the Reunion Season 2 aired. She said that she was aware that a reunion (pre-reunion) was planned to go to Adrienne’s to plan an attack on Lisa V. I wonder if Brandi was talking about that reunion in Lisa’s tasting and the purpose of bringing Lisa down. That reunion didn’t take place according to Kyle, who immediately felt the need to give Lynn another interview by phone, telling “the truth”… at that time a believed Brandi as much as I am believing her now.

    Adrienne and the truth are not in good speaking terms… among others, disadvantages in her character. She tryed to destroy Lisa’s character. At this point on the Season, Brandi seems to have said something that was non of her business to reveal… It is going to be costly, you don’t mess with Maloof-Hoof without a good amount of money to spare… and now we saw how ugly it went for Paul Nassif .

    Have a great day everyone!

  15. Good Morning Everyone! I hope your Tuesday is off to a wonderful start. Well, we are here aren’t we? So that’s gotta make it good!

    Thanks NMD and BB for the great post. I am just so over Bravo. They are going to spin this situation out for the entire season…ala NJ stuff…..so they can manipulate us into watching and talking about it. I read that a producer said all the “answers we want” will play out through the season. The manipulate machinations are in full swing, and I am rather insulted by Bravo’s antics anymore. BH was the last HW show I enjoyed watching because it started out to be “fun lifestyles of the rich and famous”, and now they have spoiled that too. 😦

    I just hope that we can all “stay friends” through this season and not allow the Bravo machine too much power over us. It is their intention. Let’s NOT give them what they want! 😛

    On a lighter note, great post up at my place today, “It’s Child’s Play” + all the goodies. Have fun reading! 🙂 And have a great day!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi MarDrag – I think we will stay friends. If we can survive NJ, we can survive anything!

      • Cartwheels says:

        LOL, isn’t that the truth 😀

      • LOL Lainey…that IS the truth! I am glad you feel that way….and it does help that everyone seems to be more on one page about this. I just wish that these shows had not started to be so divisive. it was supposed to be coming together in fun and snark and I am afraid Bravo is taking it into “The Black Hole” lately. Anyway….JMHO! 😀

        BTW – Is “Giggles Galore” still dancing up a storm? 😛 And, glad to hear your daughters’ graduation and party went so well. I am glad you had a shining light in the midst of your sorrow! Many Hugs to you!

  16. RealHousewifeVA says:

    Someone tweeted Brandi asking what she said about Adrienne that Bravo edited out, and she replied to just read her timeline because it’s in there, so I’m assuming the whole surrogate thing is right since that’s what everyone is saying.
    I don’t think Brandi was spilling about Adrienne using a surrogate, she was using it as an example of what a liar Adrienne is. Not saying it’s right, but hell, I probably would do the same thing if I’m making a point about someone lying. I mean, Adrienne freakin’ said she had C-sections and that Paul was in the room freaking out, etc. I would be like “What a liar!” too, lol. Did they all know it was a deep, dark secret that they were not allowed to talk about?
    Why was Adrienne allowed to call Brandi a crack addict and unfit mother?? I hope Brandi retaliates with that footage to get Adrienne to back off her.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      oh thank you RHofVA…we’re on the same page. It’s about the lying; not about the surrogacy. Even if Brandi can and should use that footage of Adrienne calling her a crack addict and unfit mother (defamation of character); it’s still gonna cost Brandi a lot of money. Anytime there’s a lawyer involved, even if it’s a groundless or frivolous lawsuit…it’s gonna cost money. Apparently, Adrienne is concerned by that (wasting money on frivolous lawsuits)…she must have money to burn.

    • PJ says:

      What does read her timeline mean?

      • LaineyLainey says:

        ON FACEBOOk, maybe?

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        on twitter, you can see the comments people make to her by reading the ‘timeline’. So, while she is not allowed to say it, she can’t stop others from saying it 😉

      • On twitter, your timeline is what everyone is tweeting to you, and your responses, which helps to understand it, you can look at the conversations – really cool.

        On the person’s twitter profile, only their tweets will show up. Of course, some could be deleted – which is what slimy Rich Wakile did to Plainviewsue. In order to figure out the convo, you can click on that tweet to see who was replying, what they said, etc. So Brandi is saying, look at my tweets, see the whole conversation. She really should just STFU or Brandi will get sued again. Hopefully she learned something!

    • When you are in business, your reputation for integrity matters a great deal. Brandi calling Adrienne “a big liar” was a big mistake. I’m guessing here, but I think Adrienne sued on that basis, that having Brandi call her a liar and then telling about a specific incident where Adrienne lied (which was edited out, but is likely the surrogacy issue). The basis for Adrienn’s lawsuit is that Brandi’s allegation of her being a liar would hurt Adrienne’s reputation as a business woman, and her current & future prospects for business deals/investers. Brandi is an idiot. A big idiot with a loose mouth that really got her into trouble.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Even if it’s true, Bluey? Does Adrienne have grounds to sue if Brandi is telling the truth? She used the whole surrogacy thing to illustrate what a liar Adrienne is, because Adrienne kept saying that it wasn’t true when Brandi said that Adrienne’s people wanted Brandi to conspire against Lisa. I agree that calling a business person a liar is not good for business,..but it’s on tape; Adrienne lying about the birth of her children.

        • Plus….actually BEING a liar is also bad for business! If one does not want to be called out as a liar….then don’t be one. JMHO!

        • Lainey, I’m in real estate and I want to tell you, just how easy it is to sue someone, for anything, anytime. You don’t even have to prove it to cost someone a lot of money. IMO, Adrienne couldn’t really win a lawsuit, she may have even dropped it. But Brandi still has to hire a lawyer, pay that lawyer, and will not get her $ back when Adrienne drops the lawsuit. Sh*tty isn’t it, especially when you are NOT rich. Adrienne got what she wanted, she got that conversation muted. And she put Brandi “in her place” so to speak. Brandi hopefully will watch her big mouth now, or she will be sued again.

          In a way, I agree with Adrienne suing Brandi. When you are in business, you cannot allow people to publically call you a liar. If you have proof they did that with malicious intent (which did happen at that dinner table with Brandi running her mouth) and then millions of viewers see it…..ouch that could hurt professionally. What I find really funny is, didn’t Adrienne say in season 1 that she doesn’t allow Paul to do any surgery on her? Wasn’t that hurtful of Paul’s abilities as a plastic surgeon? I don’t like Adrienne, she is a witch. Being on a reality show is like walking on a razor’s edge if you are a serious business person. It can hurt, help or even cut both ways. If you had the money, would you hire someone like Jeff Lewis, knowing what a jerk he is? I wouldn’t. But it seems like his show has helped him professionally.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            You know, Brandi NEEDED to learn that lesson. Perhaps that was the only way she was going to learn to keep that big mouth of hers shut. She’s playing with the big dogs now.

            I see what you mean about these shows not being so great for business…I wonder if Camille did sever business ties with Mauricio? I wonder if Lisa did? She sold her mansion…did Kyle and Mauricio profit from that?,…I wonder. Adrienne might have gone into this with her family’s blessing to promote their family business(es)…remember bachelorette party-gate? Not a good look on Adrienne. Bernie-gate…again not an impressive image for Adrienne (letting her employee bash her castmates)…the scene when she went to the basketball game (berating her husband the entire time.) Her lack of a sense of humor re: Maloof Hoof. The shoe fashion show where the shoes were covered? What’s the common thread here?? ..It’s .Adrienne. She seems to be the fly in the ointment every time things don’t go well for the Maloof enterprises. She must be driving her brothers batty. I don’t blame her for trying to shift the blame.

            • Adrienne is a horrible business person IMO. She hurts herself enough without Brandi’s help. OTOH Lisa is very good at handling people & business, she’s very mature.

              After thinking about it, I believe that’s why Lisa didn’t sue Adrienne. The way Lisa handled it was better than an expensive lawsuit! She made Adrienne apolgize, on camera, and was able to skewer her on the reunion too. Why waste money on attorneys, Lisa did the job with finesse and mopped the floor with Adrienne. The difference IMO is Lisa has the personality for the business she does, and from many years in the business, she knows how to handle people. Adrienne is a rich bitch wannabe boss lady that is an epic failure, so far. Perhaps eventually Adrienne will learn to be half the business person Lisa is. You can tell who I like can’t you 😉

              • LaineyLainey says:

                yep…you go, Bluey!!! 🙂

              • Lisa Renee says:

                Hi BS1, ITA that is why Lisa did not sue Charo & Lisa had the strongest leg to stand on. The way Lisa dealt was spot on & why Brandi needs to follow her example. Lisa got Charo to apologize on camera, much better than any amount of money. Also, when Lisa stayed silent on the Bernie fiasco & let it hang in the air like the POS it was, another brilliant PR move. When Bernie started running his mouth & posting abuse pics, it proved whose soul is for sale & validation that Lisa needed to say nothing. A classic example of consider the source. I think Lisa is super savy in that people will expose themselves without a word from her, Lisa

            • RealHousewifeVA says:

              Lisa used Mauricio as her realtor to sell her house. She tweeted about it after the reunion, that she was shocked at how Kyle treated her when she made sure to give Mauricio her business.

              • She did use Mauricio for one transaction. Not sure if she listed her house for sale with him, or used him when she bought the new house. But she only used him for one, not both. Doubt if Lisa would ever use Mauricio again, especially after that fight they showed in an upcoming clip with Paul & Mauricio going after Ken.

              • kit9 says:

                Lisa really said that?! So, she had hired Mauricio so Kyle has to swallow her issues with her and kiss her ass? That’s effed up. Sounds like Lisa is used to buying friends. Ick, wish I didn’t know that.

                • RealhouseWifeva says:

                  Yah she probably didn’t understand how she could be doing business with a fake bitch smiling to her face, then attacking her when the reunion cameras were rolling.

          • lori says:

            My husband and I are in a situation where a house we were hoping to buy (2 yrs ago) fell through. The owners of the house decided to sue us, despite the fact the next week they SOLD the stupid house. They cannot win the lawsuit BUT it will cost something around 40 grand allow this to go to court even when we win. Or we can pay them 15k. It’s not fair or right but we have three kids to think about.

            • BB says:

              Wow, that’s terrible. I hope something works out that you don’t have to pay anything. That’s why I like Lisa, who probably could have won a lawsuit against Adrienne but didn’t sue, and why I abhor Adrienne, who is filthy rich, probably couldn’t win the lawsuit, but the first words out of her mouth are “BIG FAT LAWSUIT” against Brandi, who has no money. I know who would get my business in that town and who wouldn’t if I were a mover and a shaker.

            • Lori, see my reply below

            • Lisa Renee says:

              Lori, In my family we call that robbery without a gun. Dam shame! Lisa

            • melthehound says:

              Sounds like extortion to me. If they cannot win then why is it going to cost you Anything?

              • just walking into an attorney’s office for advice can cost big bucks!

                • melthehound says:


                  • MTH, nobody wants to go to court – never know if you will win or lose. So you have to pay an attorney to get it settled out of court. And even if the other side drops the case, your attorney still has to be paid. It is extortion!

                  • lori says:

                    The 40k is what a couple different lawyers told us it would cost from start to finish to take this to court. The first time we heard that we thought it was a joke and looked for a different lawyer..sadly they all said the same.

                • MTH, $40,000 is what Lori thinks going thru with it being tried in court, with jury & all. My point is, if someone serves you with a lawsuit, it’s going to cost money just to talk to an attorney. Or if you just need legal advice for something. Attorneys are darn smart. Let’s say you get served. An attorney might want $2,000 before they give you any real advice. This is how they “entrap” you, no joke. Then as time goes by, the cost just keeps going up. In my experience, there are some good attorneys. But they are few and far between.

                  • melthehound says:

                    I THOUGHT, that the loser pays the court costs, jury fees, etc. Lori can also counter sue for her own costs, including the lawyer fees. That of course is the next to best case scenario.

                    • Called A Princess... says:

                      Stipulations are different in every case, MTH. I am not sure when the case damages are decided. This may depend on a lot of different variables including a judges decision regarding the validity of the original compliant.

                    • melthehound says:

                      As far as I knew, Case damages are Decided when Damage has been proven. You can sue someone for whatever you want but to get it, you have to be able to prove that much damage. THEN, you have to Collect it. If I’ve read all this correctly the ‘demand’ has been dropped from 80k to 40k. I would think, that the most anyone could sue Lori and family for, is the difference between the original offer (hers) and the actual sale price. That is the only possible damage I can see. Lawyers and plaintiffs don’t set the laws, in any state that I’m aware of.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:


          • kit9 says:

            Brandi hasn’t learned a thing. Just days ago she was calling Leann a drug addict.

      • RealHousewifeVA says:

        If Adrienne doesn’t want people calling her a liar on TV, then she probably shouldn’t be on a reality show and be lying.
        Adrienne put Lisa’s morals and integrity into question when she accused Lisa of selling stories about others to tabloids. She knew that could hurt Lisa’s reputation and business, as well. She’s such a hypocrite. She’s lucky Lisa didn’t sue her ass, since Radar Online went on record to say Lisa never sold them a story.

        I’m so sick of people thinking that they can get away with whatever they want, just because they have money. They are on this show knowing full well they will talk about eachother, so Adrienne should get her ass off the show if she can talk crap but no one else can.

        Wasn’t it Adrienne who said, in the limo, when Brandi said she was upset about Adrienne calling out Kim’s crying for everyone to know what was going on “Oh we all always know everything about eachother”

        Wasn’t it Adrienne, who, after crying about what Brandi said, proceeded to call Brandi a crack addict and unfit mother? Really, Adrienne is a huge hypocrite.

        Tamra Barney once tweeted that Alexis couldn’t sue her (when she talked crap about Jim and Alexis) because it was in their bravo contracts. I wonder what the real deal is with Adrienne/Brandi and this ‘lawsuit’. I remember a few months ago, when this was presumably going on, Brandi tweeted something about being sued by Adrienne and Adrienne denied it. It was probably just a cease and desist or something. Isn’t that usually the first step that is taken?

      • Thought of something else, Brandi is hurting Adrienne’s family (especially the kids) talking about surrogacy. Amber mentioned donor eggs, which is another example of Brandi possibly spreading lies & innuendo. Put it all together, and yes, Adrienne did have grounds to sue Brandi. Adrienne’s attorney likely found some loopholes in the Bravo contract – like hurting her children, causing them pain, etc. and hurting her business prospects – or just the threat of the lawsuit caused Brandi to settle out of court. Imagine, Brandi does not have the deep pockets that Andrienne does. It must have cost Brandi at least $50,000 to $100,000 to settle. California lawsuits are the most costly in the USA, BH being the epicenter for expensive attorneys.

        • Nancy says:

          You’re telling me! I’ve been involved with 2 of them. I won both times but it cost
          me a lot of money in attorney fees.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I believe Addy said she “heard” Lisa was selling story to the tabloids. Not sure that one can sue for that, even if you hear it about the Queen of Beverly Hills. JMHO.

          • interesting how A knew how to say it, so she couldn’t get sued for anything lol

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              I think I also remember Camille confirming that she was told the same thing about Lisa, except Camille was smart enough to dismiss it as tabloid reporter trying insight one cast member against the other; kind of how like cops separate two or more suspects and try to convince them that the other is giving them up…and the first to rat gets a pass.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                Addy seems to be way out of her depth when it comes to the PR game and her own interpersonal skills. JMHO.

    • Lori, that seller suing you is a jerk. Here’s why they may be doing it: was the price you agreed to pay higher than what they eventually sold the house for? If you signed the contract, and it went thru inspections, you had a mortgage approved, etc. then you decided just before closing not to buy, well then sadly that’s the seller’s right to go after you. Did you lose your down payment? Sounds to me like you did not put down anything, other than maybe $1,000. This is the problem, signing a contract and not having an attorney represent you. In NJ, it’s very important to have an attorney. NJ is a very strong consumer’s rights state, so even the day of closing, your attorney may have been able to get you out of the contract, but you might have still been open to a lawsuit for 2 years. The day of closing, the buyer has the right to a “walk through” of the property. At that time, you might discover some problems, and have the ability to back out of the contract. Or your mortgage company could have disqualified you. Anything can happen on closing day to prevent the property from successfully closing. However the seller cannot sue you if you didn’t get a mortgage! This happens when one of the buyers loses a job, wrecks their credit….you get the idea.

      From the seller’s point of view, how long were you in contract before it fell apart? Was the property off the market for a few months, and then you decided not to buy? What does your contract state, if you back out of the deal? The seller would lose out if the property was off the market for a length of time, or the next buyer purchased the house for less money. Perhaps you can come to an agreement with the seller’s attorney without it costing you too much money. Hiring an attorney will cost you, likely $250 to $500 an hour. Heck if this was happening in NJ, a minimum of $5000 for the attorney, and then if you settled out of court for say $5,000 (you would expect your attorney to bargain down that settlement….by threatening to go to court, which will cost the seller a lot of money, just the threat of going to court and having a jury assess damages gets people to settle!) plus another $5000 for whatever = $15,000.

      How wealthy is the seller? If they can’t afford to keep paying an attorney to go after you, that might help. I hate lawsuits, but sometimes you need a good attorney just to protect you from the slimeballs out there. Maybe if you offer to pay the difference in what the seller lost, if you can quantify that, you can make it all go away. It sounds to me like they want you to pay for their attorney, too. What a mess, I do feel badly for you.

      • lori says:

        Basically what happened is my husbands company was put up for sale after we made the offer. We got all the way up to closing and then we lost our mortgage approval because of the likelyhood of my husband losing his job. There is about a 5k difference in price. They are very wealthy and friends with their lawyer. So basically it’s costing them nothing to sue us. They have been holding us hostage for about a year and half doing nothing about this law suit. Luckily my husband didn’t lose his job and we do want to buy a house which can’t happen until this is settled. Every lawyer we’ve spoken to says they can’t possible win but it will cost us more to take them to court and watch them lose. If money was no object and we didn’t have any kids I would LOVE to do just that, but then again like I said their lawyer isn’t charging them a dime so it wouldn’t hurt them any way. We’ve very lucky we can afford to pay these people and be fine and hopefully in an even better house. Just writing them that check will be a bitter pill to swallow. They started out wanting 80k and I’m hoping we can get it closer to 10…the bastards! 🙂

        • melthehound says:

          My goal would be to get it to 0. Friend with their lawyer or not they have to prove they were somehow damaged to get anything out of you. THAT decision is for the judge to make. Not them.

          • lori says:

            I agree! Every lawyer we’ve spoken to has told us to settle because in the end it would cost a lot more to take it to a judge. It’s a screwed up system but that’s where we’re at :/

            • melthehound says:

              Well, that sucks, Lori. It’s a real shame you have to deal with extortionists. The Hound and I offer you our full moral support.

        • Dam* that’s so nasty. Bastards! Do you have proof that you couldn’t get a mortgage? That would cause their lawsuit to fizzle. I say, show that, prove you couldn’t close and DARE them to take you to court. If their buddy/pal/lawyer is any good, he will see they would LOSE. He’s just pissing on you to scare you into a settlement.

          I’ve been sued, heard about lots of my fellow realtors/brokers being sued, and it just gets ridiculous.

          Some years ago, two guys came to my door selling food. They told me their sob story, etc. and because I’m a sucker, I bought some food (frozen chicken, fish, kebobs, etc.) to basically help them out. Next time he called I told him I didn’t want to buy anything. By then, I was wondering where exactly did that food come from?? And did they have a permit?? (Nope, they didn NOT). Plus I have 2 big dogs that go outside, they can’t leave the yard (electric invisible fence) but I explained how I didn’t want them to get hurt. Well wouldn’t you know, in spite of me telling them 3 times NO the guy did show up. And my female did bite him. When the police & ambulance came, that’s when it hit me. The guy was going to sue me! I do believe he set me up. Well the policeman was very nice to me, noting on the report that the bite was minor. Actually it was. He had 2 tiny punctures, which had stopped bleeding before the police got to my house. Now you know my 2 big German shepherds could have ripped his head off. But they didn’t, thank God.

          So we did get sued, about a year and a half after the incident. We had to give depositions. Luckily, and believe me we were very lucky, our homeowner insurance handled the lawsuit for us. After TWO years of it going on, we just got news that the lawsuit was officially dropped. That’s why I’ve been in such a good mood lately lol. Don’t know why, and I don’t care, but they dropped it. IMO the guy suing us couldn’t pay his attorney…..so not being paid, and seeing that the lawsuit was going nowhere, the other attorney dropped it. By the way, my attorney told me that I gave such an excellent deposition, that he thought we would win in court. My reaction? Please do not go to court! I would have had a heart attack on the stand, no doubt.

          Good luck Lori, I believe if they cannot prove you had the wherewithal to close on that house, then they cannot win in court. And if you can prove that you couldn’t close….well my dear I do believe you hold the better cards.

          • lori says:

            We can prove we couldn’t close but it will cost way more to take it to court. So we’re left with the option of settling…trust me it burns me. I’m so glad your lawsuit was dropt….some people really suck! Thanks for the great advice though and next time hopefully things will go much smoother!

            • Lori, I don’t know exactly how these things work, but because I was involved in several lawsuits here’s what I’d do. Have your attorney send a letter to that attorney, showing your proof that you couldn’t close. Also, your attorney can file a notice to the court with the same information, asking for the case to be dismissed. That bastard has no case at all – your proof showing you couldn’t close because you couldn’t get the mortgage means there’s no way you could buy the house. Check your original contract. Is there a mortgage clause in it? There’s a reason those contracts to purchase a home are 10 pages or more. Every lawsuit is like a chicken game. Each side bullies each other, in other words, “bring it – see you in court.” After a lot of posturing, everyone goes back to settle it. Some times, it takes a few rounds. One time my broker went in to a settlement discussion, and he had just had it. Everyone was ready to settle, and then the plaintiff (the side that brought the suit) starts saying “oh you know what, maybe we should hold out for a bigger sum.” So my broker just exploded, stood up, yelled at them “fine! see you in court.” And stormed out. What do you think happened? Settlement was reached immediately, with no increase! I think he would have made an even better attorney than broker lol.

              With my dog bite law suit, I wasn’t even sure my insurance company would cover it. It would have cost us at least $10,000 or more to hire an attorney if they hadn’t. Anyone that owns dogs, check your home owner insurance policy. Some companies exclude certain breeds, like German shepherds and pit bulls. I was happy to pay the guy’s medical bills, and I even would have paid him cash for loss of work, whatever. But they were suing for the big bucks, which given his wound, just wasn’t justifiable. Yes he did sue for psychological problems, loss of conjugal ability, etc. I suspected fraud from the beginning, and I asked the insurance company to investigate him and his food company. Having that lawsuit thrown out really made my day.

            • Lori I just remembered some more stuff. The last time I was involved with a real estate law suit, it went thru what they called “pretrial mediation” TWO times. So all the attorneys, & everyone involved showed up at the court house for these mediation sessions. With the attorney fees clicking by the minute. Each attorney stated their side. The buyer walked away from closing, at the day of closing, saying they felt the house had not been sufficiently treated for termites. They had put down $25,000 in deposit money that the seller was holding (seller’s attorney). The seller’s attorney refused to turn over the deposit money. So the buyer sued the seller. After more than a year, it finally got to mediation. The seller’s attorney made a big deal out of the fact that the buyer had signed a contract, and then broken it. So he felt they deserved nothing, and he argued passionately. The buyer’s attorney argued about the termite issues. So finally, the judge decided to give 50 % of the deposit money back to the buyers. Everyone else in the lawsuit paid $3,000 each to settle, including the realtors, the inspection company that did the inspection for the buyer, and even the termite company. Each side paid their own attorney fees. Guess what, the seller got nothin’ by the time the seller’s attorney assessed his fees. I would guess the buyer didn’t get much, after deducting his attorney fees, court costs, etc. from the deposit money & settlement money.

              So this bastard lawyer is suing you just for himself, to pad his bank account. And he doesn’t have a good case at all. I suspect in NJ, your case would be thrown out of court because you have proof that you could not obtain financing.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I didn’t heard Adrienne call Brandi a “crack “addict, I thought she just said drugs. I could be wrong tho.

      I don’t think Brandi does herself any favors given the conversation that she had with Kim at the resort when she shared about being alone and drinking and taking pills. Or when they went to Hawaii and Brandi mixed her prescription pills with some champagne and went loopy. I think on that note, Adrienne is the least of her worries as she is about to get into a big mess with her ex and her Leanne over who is an unfit parent or not.

      I adore Brandi, I really do but the whole scene at Lisa’s restaurant seemed very contrived and directed, starting with the Lisa and her employees until Brandi’s bombshell. Even though the nature of what Brandi said is being hidden, I think it was clear from everyone’s reaction, included Brandi’s after the fact is that she was well out of order.

      I think if Brandi counted to 10 every time before launched off is would share herself some misery.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I would like to see a transcript of what Brandi said at SUR and what was said at the real estate party, complete with “…” where there appear to be editing breaks. I feel like our minds supplied things that were not said and that there are jumps that might explain better what was said. For one thing, it seemed to me Brandi was suddenly defending herself as a mother, and I couldn’t figure out what was said that this was the reply to. There was a lot of talking over other people — lots went on. Transcript would sure help.

        • And when we get those transcripts, we must have Detox start a class action lawsuit against Bravo, that we want money for all the wasted time we have been watching these FAUX Bravo reality shows! Plus compensation for pain & suffering, loss of conjugal time and whatever else Detox can come up with. Damm*t I want some ph*cking money for being DUPED into watching these shows!!! (totally being sarcastic of course 🙂 )

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        *I think if Brandi counted to 10 every time before launched off it would spare herself some misery. (fixed it).

      • kit9 says:

        And, there was also Brandi’s hot mess of an appearance on WWHL just a few weeks ago where she stopped at one point, mid sentence, and said she didn’t know what she was talking about because she was drunk and on meds. Oh, and so agree about the phoniness of the scenes with Lisa and her employee. That part was the worst for me. It was really bad obvious acting on Lisa’s part, imo. It was all so stupid. As if that girl wouldn’t have been fired on the spot. She not only was rude to a customer but admitted she’d been drinking on the job. Come on.

    • britches&hose says:

      I’m with you. Pointing out a clear LIE (when IMO this surro thing seemed to be common knowledge in that group) is understandable. I think surrogacy is a beautiful thing, BUT why the need to lie and make up false stories? I’m making a lot of assumptions here as Bravo played with the editing, but… Hopefully YKWIM.

  17. Cartwheels says:

    BB thanks for the recap.
    Just one comment. When they were still at the table and Brandi blurted out whatever she said, Kim said right next to Brandi that she wasn’t confortable with this being a bashing Adrienne dinner, she event walks out and comes back and Brandi is still at it. Also Kyle did in fact told her that this was something that was private right to her face. The only ones who didn’t comment about it at all were Lisa and Taylor.

    • Surely everyone sitting at that table realizes what a liability Brandi is, discussing anyone’s personal business & calling them a liar on camera. Dumb Brandi. No one will trust her now.

      We all saw how Lisa handled Adrienne at the reunion, when Adrienne accused Lisa of putting stories in the rag mags. My question is, why the h*ll didn’t Lisa sue the pants off Adrienne?? Lisa’s business definitely would be affected from an allegation like that, as Lisa pointed out in the reunion.

      Adrienne should have been sued for that. Perhaps the reason a lawsuit didn’t happen is that there was no concrete proof of anything. While Brandi spewing her guts on camera was all the proof Adrienne needed to be able to go after Brandi for calling her a liar. And divulging personal info, which was not cool.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I agree, not cool. Not cool when Adrienne called Brandi a drug addict on national television, either. But now Brandi knows how Kim felt last season.

        I surely wouldn’t trust Brandi, that’s for sure. But who would I trust on that cast???? I don’t know…. Camille? No…just Giggy.

        • just Giggy absolutely!

        • RealHousewifeVA says:

          Brandi tweeted that she doesn’t care about the drug addict comments since she knows it’s not true.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Her logic there eludes me. Or as Lilly from Shahs might say, her logic exudes me. haha.

            Someone Bearing false witness against you is considered somewhat bothersome by most people. It’s even in one of the ten commandments that one shall not Bear False Witness. I suppose the BH crew ‘aint too keen on those two slabs of stone that Moses was holding when he descended from Mt. Sinai. I love that image of Moses (C.Heston) created by CECIL B. DEMILLE.

      • Ruby12 says:

        If it is the surrogacy that Brandi spoke about, does it help or matter that Adrienne is on film saying she did in fact give birth to those kids? Sure,it is her private business, but didnt she open that door by discussing it on camera? And don’t you all believe that Bravo asked Kim to bring it up at Mauricio’s event? Typical of Bravo to stir the pot for drama and ratings.

        • awww, the things that make lawyers salivate about 🙂

        • britches&hose says:

          Seems to me she opened the door. I mean, I’d NEVER do something like Brandi did in my real life (with my real friends)… But we all know this is Bravo fantasyland so who knows how it really all played out.

          If that even made sense. I’m a bit loopy on cold meds 😦 Hate this stuff.

    • BB says:

      I’ll just say this. I didn’t even notice Kim getting up and coming back (maybe she just had go to the bathroom; however if the timing was accurate (and we all know Bravo has their editing moments), she did it before she said anything at the table about what Brandi was saying. Then when she said “I feel like this is bashing Adrienne when she’s not even here,” Kim was saying it to Kyle (or someone across the table), while Brandi was facing Lisa and Lisa was questioning Brandi about something. After the bombshell dropped, Kyle does say something to Brandi about that being something private, though, with a smile on her face I might add. If they were really Adrienne’s friends or were really upset about it, they could have gotten up and left (for good) because they wanted no part of it or they could have asked Brandi to please stop talking about Adrienne when she wasn’t there to defend herself or they would have to leave or something. Maybe they stayed and didn’t attempt to stop it so they’d have some good juicy tidbits to take back to their good friend Adrienne. Kyle started that whole conversation going. The point I was trying to make is none of the women put up much of a protest or came to Adrienne’s defense during the conversation. I wouldn’t have expected Lisa to, but I would have expected the other three to have done so if they thought Brandi was so far out of line. I suspect they were enjoying seeing Brandi run off at the mouth and hang herself more than they were worried about their good friend Adrienne. JMHO.

      • Yes they really enjoy Brandi digging herself a big ol’ hole, especially Kyle. Lisa must have decided not to go to bat this time for Brandi. Maybe she’s getting tired of it?

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Imagine if Kyle told Brandi not to say say something? Or told Brandi her comments were innaproprite? I’m sure Brandi’s reaction (and plenty of other people too) would have been “STFU Kyle”…

        • lol so true Jill! So they did STFU and let her expose herself to a potential lawsuit.

          BB, Lisa didn’t shut Brandi up at that luncheon. Even if she had tried, don’t think Brandi would have listened. Now maybe Brandi will listen to Lisa’s advice in the future! Brandi has learned a very expensive lesson.

          • BB says:

            Why would Lisa shut Brandi up when she was spilling on her enemy? And you’re right Lisa knows Brandi is a loose cannon and it wouldn’t have worked.

      • kit9 says:

        I disagree Kyle started the whole thing. Brandi started it when she started talking smack about Adrienne at the table with her smart as* comments about her book. Everyone knows what the issue is between Ken/lisa/Adrienne but don’t know what’s up Brandi’s about Adrienne. If she didn’t want to answer questions about it(and from the time lapse treatment, Brandi was very happy to go on and on and on), she shouldn’t have started in with her comments. And, I think the table was stunned-Kyle certainly looked shocked when Brandi said it-that Brandi had said it. I think they also didn’t want the convo about whatever the ‘bombshell’ was to continue and the best way to derail it was to just shut up. They all know that telling Brandi to shut up, or words to the effect or an suggestion that she were out of line would only make Brandi go off more.

  18. Mauricio’s reaction to Brandi’s gossip & tattle telling is very understandable to me. Mauricio is in a business where personal integrity, confidentiality & honesty is very important. Having someone talk sh*t about you, or anyone, makes it Mauricio look bad if he’s a friend of that person. Yes I like Brandi (somtimes) but she is a liability. She mouths off without any consideration for the very people she is talking about. How trustworthy does Brandi look now? I would never be friends with Brandi, and would be very wary of ever doing any business with her, as in real estate. In the past, I’ve really thought Kyle was a huge liability to him. Remember when she fought with Camille? Camille could very easily have taken her business elsewhere, because of Kyle.

    • BB says:

      Are you talking about scenes from the next episode? I think Mauricio is complaining about Kim starting something at his event, NOT Brandi. I could be wrong. There is first look Beverly Hills episode tonight. Maybe we’ll find out who Mauricio is talking about. Wanna make a wager? Lol.

      • First of all, I think the whole Mauricio party was faked for the cameras. It was an opportunity for Mauricio to advertise that condo project for free too. Really, you would mix these broads with real business prospects – just the cameras would scare most real people off. Even in Hollyweird lol. The storyline got advanced, Kim acted out her part yada yada yada. Just another day filming a faux reality show! Some stuff is real, mostly the reaction(s) people have to the faux flamed drama. Mauricio is benefitting from being on the show business wise, but he has to keep his hands free of any lying, slandering, well you get the idea. I saw another clip of them all sitting down, and the men get into a fight. It looked like Paul & Mauricio go at it with Giggy’s dad oops Ken. I’m getting jaded with all the faux crap. Lisa’s new show looks scripted and filled with “struggling actors.” Did you see the WWHL with Kristen Cavaleri (?), what she said about the Hills? All scripted & fake, for the cameras.

        All these “reality” shows turn into business opps for the cast in the end. It’s getting tiring. Or the reality show IS their paycheck, as with Sister Wives, Kate plus 8 etc.

        • bluesky….I agree with everything you said here. I, too, am tired of all the faux scripted c**p. That is why I am over Bravo. They keep spilling this shyte expecting us to buy it as “reality”, but their viewers (us) are far more sophisticated than that and are getting tired of it. I wonder how long before this all really takes a dive for them. Still….we ARE here talking about it! LOL 😛

          • blue….I hit post too quick before I added that I hope you are doing well and things are better for you! Sending you many Hugs my dear!

            • Thank you MarDrag, all ok here. Hugs back atcha. 🙂

              It’s one of the reasons I started hating real estate…..slimeballs & lawsuits. I’m still doing real estate, when my friends insist. They don’t trust anyone else, or at least that’s what they tell me.

        • kit9 says:

          By the time they drug in Cavallari, the Hills was very obviously faked but it didn’t start out that way. And, oh, man, just the ‘preview’ of Lisa’s show from last night looks ridiculously phony. Lisa, especially so. Like that girl wouldn’t have been fired in the time it took Lisa to say, bloody hell. But, she brought her in for a scolding and let her go for the night. Please.

        • Powell says:

          Did Kristen have a boy? Did she say when she’s getting married?

      • I also thought this BB….that Mauricio was talking about Kim, because she is really the one who started it all at his party for telling A & P the scoop there. Kim could have easily called Adrienne right after the dinner and told her. Why did she wait until the party? —–> Likely because of the Bravo manipulate drama machine!

      • kit9 says:

        I think he was talking about Kim, too.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      They are on a reality show. Every single one of them knows what they signed up for and Mauricio is no idiot knowing that something is going to happen if they invite all the housewives and cameras to his event. EVERY SINGLE housewife from every season always alludes to the fact that they KNOW something will go down at these events, or they make sure something goes down in order for it to make it to air (Bravo doesn’t want to film a boring party).
      If Mauricio is so worried about his reputation, his wife would not be on the show to begin with. On season one she screamed at Camille “You’re such a fucking liar, Camille” in the restuarant, and then proceeded to scream at her sister and call her an alcoholic on the finale. If Mauricio had half a brain and cared about business, he would have put the kabosh on filming since then. His own wife is his biggest liability, and he’s doing fine. I doubt Brandi is his number 1 concern. They barely see or know her. Not to mention it was Paul and Adrienne who caused the scene, NOT Brandi. If Kyle and Mauricio were such great friends to P and A, then they should have called them up after the dinner at SUR, told them what Brandi said, and settled it before inviting both of them to the Agency party.

      They all love this drama. No one can tell me otherwise.

  19. jezzibel says:

    Has anyone watched the bike build off on discovery?
    jessie James/ no idea why hes there, he seems like he’s done being on Tv, but his manager agreed to do this program and he would rather be doing somethingelse
    Paul Jr has got a good eye for design and his bike looks good
    Paul sr his bike looks cool, but very impractical
    Richard and Arrons bike is very down to earth and practical…..and pink

    • BB says:

      I haven’t, but I’ll bet MTH has been watching.

    • melthehound says:

      My DVR did not record it. I will catch the rerun of it however along with the finally, finale of the show. Looks like part two of the build off is on at 9 tonight on Discovery. “Chopper Live – the revenge”.

      • Powell says:

        MTH I was going to ask you if you watched. I’ll try to catch tonight’s.

        • melthehound says:

          It’s set to record… So I’ll know the result before I get to see the one I missed last night. That’s okay though, I never mind ‘spoilers’..

  20. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Hello All. Great blog as usual.

    I have a theory. What if what Brandilicous said was that A.MalignantMaloof not only used a surrogate to birth her children BUT, A HUGE HYPOTHETICAL BUTT HERE, she also USED A DONOR EGG!! That could be viewed as scandalous and could put her children as not her own biological kids. TA DA!! Think of it. MaddyAddy is a little long in the tooth and with older aged Moms and old EGGS come many child defects. Did she choose a donor egg from a healthy young donor to ensure that she had healthy children?

    This far-fetched idea makes more sense to me than for the MalNassif’s to lose their SHITE over the ramblings of a filterless chick. A simple ‘she’s a liar and doesn’t know what the hell she’s saying’ would answer the charge of CharoMaloof using a surrogate. A lawsuit is for a more serious allegation that can be harmful if repeated. Any thoughts?

    • Again, very wrong of Brandi to run her mouth. See above about the lawsuit speculations.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Interesting theory. All blame aside, but that would be interesting. It might explain the “my wife’s family” comment I thought I heard Paul say (will rewatch later). It was 3am when I watched it tho so could be mistaken. My head was spinning like is Adrienne not a biological Maloof? Your theory actually makes Paul’s reaction valid to me. His reason for carrying a gun is his boys are heirs to the Maloof fortune- what if they had no Maloof DNA? I’d be all ticked too if someone outed that. All speculation and allegedlies at this point tho.

    • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

      Amber, I must admit I have been thinking along the same lines as you with regard to the donor egg buy my reasoning was perhaps she is a transgender and couldn’t provide the egg. I had to think about putting that out there and I’m still hesitant. Did you see those hands when they were arm wrestling? 🙂

      This is all supposition and is not based in fact.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I truly cannot imagine a transgender being so bitchy (as Adrienne is)…but I don’t know…it could happen

        • Called A Princess... says:

          I am not saying that Addy is transgender but some of the ones that I have witness and I have witness a few, have to take a lot of medications that can cause one to be unstable and yes, bitchy. I would not wish that life journey on anyone. I read that Addy was gay, but she is also a rather strange looking creature. I am not sure I see Paul being involved with a transgender person, on purpose. The Real Housewives of Smoke and Mirrors. JMHO.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            interesting, CAP. Chaz Bono said it was really freaky when he started on the testosterone treatments, he finally understood why guys are so “randy”…it’s the testosterone. He found it to be a challenging adjustment.

  21. Maybe I’m remembering this all wrong… But it seems to me that sometime just after this season started shooting, there was a to-do about Adrienne being upset about something getting “on camera” that she did not want to be broadcast. She harangued Bravo into not showing it, and was livid with a cast member who’d spilled the beans. At the time, the “beans” were said to be about the imminent break-up of A & P’s marriage. (Remember how irate she became at the reunion, when Brandi referred vaguely to someone’s marriage not being what it seemed to be?)

    Of course, all of that became a moot point once they stopped filming, and the “news” broke, but I’m sure Bravo still likes to milk it for all it’s worth.

    BH was the last housewife show on my watch list. Regardless of what the bean-spilling was all about, they are heading off my list. Now, I can’t wait for January when Downton Abbey returns, and later Mad Men….

  22. Powell says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t get why Brandi didn’t hang up the phone on A & P. She could’ve said”I’m hanging up now”. If it were me I would’ve just hung up. I’ve done it before to a cousin that wouldn’t listen and was getting on my nerves. He heard, mmmmmmmmmm. That would have solved that problem.

    • britches&hose says:

      I didn’t get that either! I do the same thing with certain relatives too.

    • kit9 says:

      I think because Brandi is exaggerating/distorting what happened. What you said is a very good point. Why didn’t she just hang up. And, didn’t she say ‘they’, as in both of them, which seems far fetched, too, now that I think about it.

  23. Powell says:

    I hope TO isn’t on Kim & Kyle’s team. He’ll just quite on them. The last sport type reality show I saw him on he totally let his team down.

    • kit9 says:

      I saw that, I think! Wasn’t Joanna on that? And, Bode Miller? I actually think it’s pretty cool Kim and Kyle are doing that since high diving is pretty scary so it takes some guts to do it, even if the show sounds kind of cheesy.

      • Powell says:

        Youreright kit. I was thinking Joanna was on it but couldn’t quite remember. As a matter of fact I think they were partners and he was a let down to Joanna. She was happy being w/an athlete and he did absolutely nothing.

  24. BB says:

    All the BH blogs are up except Adrienne and Kim. Going to go read them now.

  25. melthehound says:

    You know, I seem to remember another HW, from NY, who was always up in everybody’s shit anytime someone dared to say anything bad about her or even question her. Where is she now? The Martyr Really should be careful with shooting off HER big mouth if she’s going to sue everyone who does the same. I’ve truly grown to really dislike these shows because they are, in my mind, 90% bullshit. I don’t trust Anything that Bravo puts on the air to be ‘real’. Now, you all know that with these ‘dinner parties’ whatever reason they are shown (advertisement for Lisa’s show), nothing good ever comes of them, EVER. They are always the catalyst for whatever plot lines the show is about to follow. In fact, it seems that anytime food is involved, bullshit drama is sure to follow. RHOBH has become nothing more than an hour long infomercial if it was even ever anything else. It seems to me, all of these shows have. There is very little human interest stuff left on them anymore from what I can see.

    Dickens posted this last night:

    “Good news! One of the producers said the argument will play out over the next few episodes and that we will have answers by the end of the season!”

    They cut the sound on whatever it was Brandi said and everyone was So shocked by what it was she said. What happened next… The viewing world is now trying to guess at what was said and will for sure be watching next week in hopes of finding out. IF, and that’s a huge If, it was done because of some lawsuit or court order or whatever, Bravo could have Simply cut that part of the scene. Yet, they showed it to us. Why? Because That is what they do. Don’t believe me? Read again, what DIckens said one of the producers said. Once again, the bit OMG Wrong, is against the Martyr. If she Really sued Brandi over whatever it was she said, then I think LisaV ought to drag the Martyr’s ass into court over what SHE said. The Martyr complaining about Anything anyone says is very Pot Kettle Black to me.

    All of the above is of course, just my opinion. Take it for whatever you think it’s worth.

    • BB says:

      Agree 100%. All Bravo shows are now Informercials with pre-planned “plotlines.” I am down to watching two Bravo shows now – BH and NY and I watch those with the mindset that there is a whole lotta acting going on. If you read Yolanda’s blog she just posted, even she seems jaded already to me. I hope this is her first and last season. She doesn’t belong on this show.

      • Ruby12 says:

        I agree, just one big promotion after another. How many times did Mauricio mention his sales and ranking in the real estate world? Also, anyone notice, that was Yolanda’s beautiful daughter in the Juicy perfume commercials they ran more than once?

        • BB says:

          I hardly ever get to notice the commercials because I’m busy trying to capture what I just saw on the show. Lol.

    • britches&hose says:

      Interesting viewpoint, and makes a lot of sense. I can’t STAND all the sue-happy folks these days.. A LOT of the time, there’s a better way to handle it.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        I would say that there are a lot of people that behave badly and expect the courts to play parent and fix personal defects. JMHO.

      • BB says:

        I used to be a certified mediator and in my experience mediation saves people a lot of time and money. It gives each side a chance to say their piece in front of the other (get if off their chest with no interruptions), and most of the time an agreement can be reached that makes both sides feel like they walked away with something. That’s a successful mediation.

    • Powell says:

      MTH the,Martyr us always looking for a lawsuit IMO. In her mind she can do whatever to everyone else but they can’t do it to her.

  26. Eastbayca says:

    Andy Cohen ‏@BravoAndy
    Psyched for @Bethenny on #WWHL tonight! We always have a blast when we are together

  27. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Looks like Brandi went ahead and had her mouth write a check her ass couldn’t cash!!
    She can cry all she wants about how much money this is costing her but she has no one to blame but herself. Speak your mind all you want but don’t be shocked when someone hits YOU where it hurts. Adrienne knew this would be bad for Brandi-she is suing a woman who has no money, but Brandi knew what she was doing when she spoke about Adrienne. This is the game these women play!!!
    Brandi seems to think it is her job to out every lie that has ever been told-why? What will Brandi gain by outing Adrienne as a liar? I hope whatever it is Brandi thinks it is worth all the trouble.
    Last night in the previews Brandi implied that she knew lots of things that could hurt these women-who could ever trust this person?
    Adrienne called Brandi a drug addict and I see people wondering why Brandi isn’t suing her. Brandi-by her own admission was at one time mixing drugs and alcohol. Since she freely admitted this-what would her ground for a lawsuit be? Couldn’t Kim then sue Brandi for calling her a meth head?
    I have not liked Brandi since she came on the show-she always rubbed me the wrong way.I don’t know exactly what it is about her that annoys me so much but I think it has something to do with the fact that she thinks being honest means you get to be bitchy- Tamra Barney thinks that too.
    I think her whole “twitter war” with LR is all about selling books- I think everything she does is about selling her book. Someone on twitter said to her that she should stop tweeting about her ex and her kids-her reply-“Im going to do that I promise but I have a book tour first…”

    • britches&hose says:

      “Brandi seems to think it is her job to out every lie that has ever been told-why? What will Brandi gain by outing Adrienne as a liar? I hope whatever it is Brandi thinks it is worth all the trouble.”

      I’m guessing it’s either producer encouraged OR she may think it will help with her book sales. Heck, maybe both. I also believe most of the LR dramz is for book sales too (and it’s beneficial to Leann as well… she’s getting publicity and IIRC she has a new album dropping soon). I generally like Brandi but I do wanna slap some sense into her sometimes (err, make that MOST of the time ;)) .

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Hey britches-how you doing? Hows you little one? all better???

        • britches&hose says:

          She is! Sweet of you to remember. Took just about all weekend and she’s back to normal… just in time for me to get a nasty cold! But I’m so glad she’s better, scares me when she gets sick…normally the girl is gogogo all the time but this past week it was like she was a lil zombie 😦 Okay rambling LOL sorry, these cold meds always make me loopy and I am not a fan 😛

        • britches&hose says:

          Hope you and yours as doing well, btw.

    • Powell says:

      JNNTJ I like Brandi. I think you never have is because of her mouth. Hey we all want the people around us that we associate w/to be truthful but sometimes people have a reason skew the truth for A lot of different reasons depending on the lie. I won a million bucks- blatant lie. My kids were born this way, when they were actually born that way-skewed. If this is what Brandi outed then I would think it would be up to A & P to tell whoever they want, when they want IF its true. IF it’s true the most obvious reason its not public knowledge is because of their kids primarily & also the rest of their family. IF this is the LIE & Brandi opened her pie hole than shame on her, A&P deserve to sue Brandi if they want. Damn Brandi is making me side w/.Adrienne.

      • Nancy says:

        IMHO Brandi is her own worse enemy right now. Nothing good comes
        from her opening up her mouth even if she’s right. I like her but she
        is very immature for her age.

        Kim needs to look on the walls in an AA meeting. There is a sign that says..
        LIVE and LET LIVE! She had no buisness telling Adrienne and Paul what
        Brandi said.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          But if the business is Bravo reality then Kim did not have much of a choice in the matter. She would do as directed to curry favor with her bosses at the network. JMHO.

        • Powell says:

          Nancy you are so right. And Brandi is going to have to stop using that she just being honest and she has a hair trigger temper cause those excuses will always keep her in trouble.

    • BB says:

      I like Brandi and I hate Tamra Barney with a passion. Go figure.

      • Powell says:

        Tamra goes out of her way to hurt people and she enjoys it. That’s what makes her unlikable.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          BB, I do not think Brandi is completely malicious in her intent. She seems more loose lipped and out control. Tamra seems malicious and predatory and looking for a fight to make her feel better about herself. Which is next to impossible because Tamra needs to work on her own problems with out causing problems for others. I do not see that happening. IMO.

    • melthehound says:

      Jill, Why does anyone trust ANY of these people?

    • austin1963 says:

      I agree with every word, Jill. I don’t get the Brandi-love. At all.

      • kit9 says:

        Me either. And, am loving watching ol Straight Shootin’ Honest Abe Brandi get outed as quite the liar and dissembler….starting at last season’s reunion and running right up to last week’s Us interview… She also annoys greatly because she has the emotional maturity of a 2 year old-namely her overreactions and her penchant for getting physical. The latter is really the end for me with anyone. Faced with Kim, all of 5 feet tall and 98 lbs soaking wet, Brandi felt the need to smack her arm away as if tiny Kim were a threat. I know she was pointing but pointing isn’t touching. She did it again at the Beach House when she grabbed Kyle’s arm. Then Brandi lied that Kyle had touched her first(I watched it in slo mo and Kyle’s hand was never even close to Brandi). And then the loon tried to smack K in the face/head. That behavior is just in-sane.
        Btw, anybody else catch Brandi’s fist clenched guttural anger growls while fighting with Paul? Cray cray. And, her occasional truly vile comments which for some reason she always seems to get a pass on. Ex… when a young man’s committing suicide delayed Brandi’s seeing that Academy Award winner Magic Mike..Brandi Tweeted…..“Some dumbsh*t just jumped off the 2nd story of the Grove parking structure. If you’re going to try and ruin my movie at least go to the top floor.” Then, after getting criticized, she offered a half-as*ed apology explaining she said that before knowing he’d actually died. Cause, it’s a-ok to make disgustingly callous comments when you think the guy’s just in intensive care, eh Brandi? Then, she felt the need to criticize the young man, not knowing anything of his circumstances, by calling him selfish repeatedly and ended finally by whining that everyone harshing her for complete indifference to human life were big ‘ol meanie cyber bullies. I’m not making this up, she actually did this.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Hi Jill, Sooooo O/T but, everytime I see the initials LR lately I want to change my name. Wish I was clever enough to come up with something when I started posting. Hope all is well with you. Lisa

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Hi Lisa…all good with me…how about you??

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Hey Jill, thats always good to heare 🙂 All’s well now that I was the last one to get sick & feeling better. Denial about Ashley is my BFF right now. Any word on Detox’s uncle?? Lisa

          • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

            Im sorry to hear you were sick!!!
            Detox has been MIA for the last 2 days-Im hoping for an email from her or a drive-by posting to let us know how things are
            When does your baby girl leave for school??? I wish I lived near you so I could come over and have a glass of champagne with you -it is no small feat raising a child who is smart and ambitious and you need to celebrate it….we can cry about it later…after the drinks!!!

  28. Kansas Girl says:

    I seem to have found a sort of electronic map of the stars’ homes that allows you to zoom in and out. Hovering over a house tells who lives/lived there. I’m not sure how much area it covers, as I’ve not found the edge yet. It starts with Lisa Ken’s old house, which is highlighted in pink.

  29. Powell says:

    And something goes down and we need to discuss it. Tell me why in the hell do these ladies always have to discuss something at a party, event, on vaca or in a restaurant? Gesh…

  30. VV says:

    On The Real Iguana Angel Twitter Timeline yesterday:

    Iguana tweeted:

    “My timeline is being taken over by Lynn’s flying monkeys. Nice to see they are keeping busy. Bless them.”

    “Poor Lynn. Her “friends” continue to speak of her in a way that reminds us of exactly who she attracted. Poor thing can’t rest in peace.”

    Somebody asked Iguana:
    “do they still exist”

    Iguana replied:
    “Yes. There are 5 of them with 200 profiles. It’s hilarious.”

    “AllAboutTRH tweeted Iguana:
    “block & ignore”

    Iguana replied:
    “Done and Done. xo”

    • melthehound says:

      What has flown up this bitch’s ass and died now? Again with the Flying Monkeys? For someone who claims to be a writer and claims to be so creative, one would Think, she could come up with some new material. Besides, I’m not Lynn’s Flying Monkey and never was.. I’m Teresa’s Flying Monkey 😉

    • djprincessc says:

      Who is this person?? I’m lost.

    • BB says:

      Is she still around?

      • VV says:

        I only went to read her timelines because she is a friend of Jennifer Gimenez and I wanted to see if she had any scoop on the “secret” that was revealed last night on RHOBH.

        • Nancy says:

          For her to bring up Lynn is unacceptable. Says a lot about her, eh?

          • djprincessc says:

            But what does this blogger have to do with Lynn? I have no clue about this.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            What the heck is she talking about anyway? Has anyone here given her a second though? Also why is she under the impression that anyone who doesn’t like her is working on Lynn’s behalf or is an anti semite.

            • Nancy says:

              That’s what I thought. Nobdy has mentioned her in a LONGGGGGGGGGG time.
              VV went to her twitter accound only to see a time line so I can’t see that being
              the reason for her words. Strange.

              How have you been? I miss you around here. How are the girls?

              • VV says:

                For the record, I only LURK on Twitter. I don’t dare to engage, post or even comment about HWs. IT IS A NASTY WORLD when it comes to HWs and I don’t want to be a willing participant.

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                Hi honey, I have been crazy busy with what happened to my MIL last Sat. and her just getting out of the hospital; on top of getting ready for Christmas.

                The girls are great and super excited about the holidays. But unlike last year where they didn’t really ask for anything, this year every commercial they see for a kids toy is followed by “I want to buy that”. But DH and I have limited it down to a few of the most requested things, they want those silly “stompie” slippers….Ryanne wants a new bike and Reese wants a baby alive (I think the baby alive will drive me nuts because my sister told me even days after you feed it, it still poops and pees everywhere and the poop is neon green and stains anything it touches…..and the thing whines and cries)

      • melthehound says:

        I like her closing remark…

        “Done and Done. xo”

        Exactly how many times is she going to be Done, before she is finally, Done. Oh and how sweet.. She adds a text style kiss and hug to the end of her “Done and Done”.

        Now, at the very least, I’m done. I don’t know if I’m “and Done” yet though. Should I be ‘and Done’ or should I save that last Done for another occasion? I mean, what if I don’t want to be Done And Done yet but just Done. Would anybody think more poorly of me if I wasn’t And Done and was saving that last Done for something special? I guess for now, I’m done.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      VV, this broad just chaps my ass. I don’t follow her on twitter, I have not seen anyone I follow RT her & never sent her a tweet & never looked at her timeline. She keeps calling me a flying monkey I’m gonna sue the bitch!! Hahahahaha. But seriously, does anyone here engage her at all? Just curious, cuz around these here parts she is persona non grata. Lisa

      • Nancy says:

        Why is she calling you a flying monkey?

        • Lisa Renee says:

          Nancy, It is not just me. Any Lynn supporter or anyone with an opposing POV was called this. It is what prompted me to reach out to Lynn in the first place when she called Lynn anti-semitic.

          • Nancy says:

            I know all about the history between them I just don’t understand why she
            is calling anyone a flying monkey now. Did she call you one lately?

            • Lisa Renee says:

              I don’t mess with BSC, I do take umbrage (thx ken todd) with her calling anyone here a flying monkey. I’m very territorial about all of youse, Lisa

              • djprincessc says:

                How does she even know if anyone is lurking around her twitter though?? What did she have against Lynn?

                • Called A Princess... says:

                  It is a long and twisted tale. She even accused Lynn of ” going after her child.” Any thing to provide a certain level of victim hood seems to make her very happy. Since she is not a very good writer, but thinks she is funny, she likes to label her opponents, and we have been label Lynn’s “Flying Monkeys.” She seems to want attention that she really has not earned, and is still willing to use the memory of someone we care about to generate more attention to her own bitterness. She still brings up Lynn, in passing on her blog just to be cute. I think only a coward would kick the grave of someone that has pass over, over and over again. JMHO.

      • VV says:

        Sue her Lisa, Sue her!!! LOL
        She tweeted those comments last night. I didn’t see anybody from here engage her. I read an exchange with another blogger that also wasn’t very nice to Lynn but that was all. Unless, I missed it.

      • Powell says:

        Lisa I do not. It must be a slow day for her and she can’t come up w/anything of any real interest so she went to the bowls of her black soul to come up w/something. I think it’s just the egg on A Twitter war. We won’t play into her hands.

        • sparklemuffy says:

          Sad. Her soul is black. I’m sure she is trying to get everyone to attack her either on Twitter or did she have a blog at one time? Hmmm. To bring our dear Lynn up is scraping the bottom of the barrel. A barrel that is going away. When RH is just a distant memory and Iguana is a tiny blip of internet history a long long time ago, we’ll all be here chatting and laughing and remembering our sweet friend.

  31. BB says:

    Charlie Sheen’s ex Brook Mueller who is entering rehab for the 19th time, has allegedly given temporary custody of hers and Charlie’s twins to Charlies other ex wife Denise Richards.

    • Nancy says:

      Some people should be sterilized at birth.
      Denise Richards is a saint!

      • Nancy says:

        That might be a “kittle” harsh so I take that back.
        When kids are involved I get angry. Sorry.

        • Nancy says:


        • Lisa Renee says:

          Hi Nancy, I get where you are coming from. I posted a few days ago that I am not a fan of the gov’t in women’s wombs I would love a one time exception for Janelle from teen mom & have her spayed. I tend to get a bit irrational about kids also, Lisa

          • Nancy says:

            Jenelle has more problems than addiction. She makes me sad to watch her and
            her mother together. When she went to rehab the doctor said she was bipolar
            so I hope she is still in therapy. I heard she got married last week.
            God help that little boy.

    • TexasTart says:

      Interesting. How sad these twins have not, I don’t think ever had a stable environment…I’m sure Denise could provide that, but I see the words “temporary custody” so they will just get moved again. 😦

      • Powell says:

        Yeah I think there’s been no stability since they were born and that is so sad. I know money can’t buy you happiness but w/all the money Brooke has access to, Charlie’s cause I think he wouldn’t deny her money, you would think she would finally be stable and on the road to recover but I guess she’s just got some demons that she’s not ready to slay.

    • Powell says:

      That’s so sad for those boys. Denise seems to be a good mom so I’m glad Brooke seems to feel the same and trusts Denise. I always thought it was a bad idea for Brooke and Charlie to be together. It’s said a person can be predisposed to addiction if parent(s) are addicts. If its true I hope the best for those little boys future.

    • melthehound says:

      Groaning at yet another phucking hollywierd ‘celeb’ going into rehab, again. They ought to build a 20 foot wall around that city and flood it with shrinks, then lock the gates.

  32. VV says:

    Kim’s Blog is up. Once again and we shouldn’t be suprised Bravo is playing with timelines. On her blog, Kims states that teh SUR lunch it was the first time to see the girls since she’s been home from treatment…..

    • VV says:

      Kim wrote:
      “When I got home, I called Adrienne right away, I thought it was important that she knew about this.”
      This proves my point that somebody had told Adrienne the same day it had happened and that entire scene at the event was “scripted”.

      • Nancy says:

        I just read it as well. Why do we watch these shows?

      • BB says:

        Uh Oh. Bravo’s not going to be happy one of their own is pretty much outing their timeline manipulation and planned scene staging. They did it with NJ and now they are doing it with BH. So much for reality. Lol.

        • Nancy says:

          So do you think that Paul was acting last night? It didn’t seem that
          way to me at all. Maybe Adrienne knew but I’m not sure about Paul.

          • VV says:

            Nancy, I stated last night that scene was staged and the ladies knew about it but was not sure about Paul. I meant to type the same when I wrote above but didn’t. If Kim told Charo that same night, Charo either told Paul right away or she didn’t. We can only speculate about it…

            • Nancy says:

              So do you think Adrienne knew that Kim was going to approach Paul and her
              at the party? I have a feeling that Paul didn’t know about this.

              • VV says:

                Yes! Absolutely! IMO.
                The way the cameras followed Kim all the way to the moment Kim spilled the beans. Keep in mind Charo already knew about it. If she didn’t want this filmed, she would have told Kim not to bring it up in front of the cameras or the minute it was brought up she would had hinted Kim not to do it.
                Was Paul acting? I don’t know. The word lawsuit was thrown out so fast that a little acting doesn’t hurt if you want to convince the public or a court of law how distressing this comment was.
                On the same way Charo put the lid on Bravo not to air “the secret”, she could have put the lid on the entire thing by asking “her close friend Kim” not to bring it up in front of the cameras.

                • Nancy says:

                  I wonder what state their marriage was in when this happened?
                  Paul looked really angry during his talking head last night. Also
                  when he was screaming at Brandi. What was in it for Andreinne to
                  set this up though? It has to be that she wanted Paul to go postal
                  on Brandi. She’s such a witch! I don’t like women like her.

            • Powell says:

              VV I like couchie cou Charo. Don’t be calling Adrienne Charo. 🙂

          • BB says:

            I can’t imagine if it was something soooooooooo terrible and Adrienne knew ahead of time that she would not have told Paul when she found out. Paul seemed angry but maybe they rehearsed how they were going to act ahead of time. Nothing, and I mean, nothing would shock me where Bravo is concerned.

            • Nancy says:

              It had to be something big because lawyers were brought in and they
              got it blocked from Bravo. I can’t believe that they would make such a big deal
              over Adrienne using a surrogate though. Bravo said that we will know what
              it is before the season ends.

      • TexasTart says:

        VV, I heard you say that last night and here you are with proof! Shame on Bravo. It’s a wonder they didn’t edit Kim’s blog, they know social media allows people to build their own timelines, so to speak.

      • RealhouseWifeva says:

        But she also says Adrienne never returned her call so that is why she pulled them aside at the party. She says the same thing in the preview on the site, that she called Adrienne first but never got an answer

      • dickens says:

        I got the impression from her blog that she didn’t get an answer when she called Adrienne.

      • PJ says:

        But she said Adrienne never called her back, so she didn’t get a chance to tell her.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I think later on in the blog, she mentions that Adrienne didn’t call her back, so I am assuming Kim meant that she called her to tell her but that there was no answer. But yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me to know that they knew before hand which is why when they walked in they were broken away from the pack- so Kim could drop the bomb and they could all wonder what was being said.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Ok. So this means the Villa Blanca opening (slept with everyone in BH-gate & giant flowers pre-apology), the high heel run + child’s party aftermath, the dinner at the Foster’s, and the Ojai trip took place AFTER Adrienne and Paul reamed Brandi out at Mauricio’s party? (And after A presumably quit and was forced to continue?) This changes quite a lot. Can we watch the whole thing again?

      • TexasTart says:

        HA! To watching the whole thing again. Any chance Kim has her own info confused?! Just a thought, I mean I would never be devil’s advocate for Bravo and their trickery, ha ha.

        • TexasTart says:

          Come to think of it, in episode one at Villa Blanca, Kim seemed very uncomfortably nervous and has gained more comfort and confidence per each episode thereafter, no? That’s what I saw, so they’re out of sequence, this just doesn’t make sense that people are not treating her as if her first outing post rehab. Sure they could have planned it that way at Villa Blanca, but last night’s episode, they were not treating her any different. Oh well, here I am and I was not going to debate this BS and here I am. 😉

  33. contessa says:

    I think Adrienne is a pos, I think Kim needs a lot more help and needs to keep her trap shut. Kyle was just fishing for trash at Sur tasting. I don’t blame Brandi for going off, Adrienne has lied and used her slimey cook Bernie in her lies. Ad went out of her way to try and publicly destroy Lisa on television, saying she sells stories to the paparazzi rags; Lisa should have sued that beyotch big time at that point. Brandi came on the renunion and put it out there that Ad invited her to a group meeting to discuss bringing Lisa down. Of course that lying sack of sh!t is going to deny that. After the reunion Paul and Ad harassed Brandi to get on twitter and say it was not true what she said at the reunion about the meet-up to destroy Lisa. Ad also basically called Brandi an unfit mother who does drugs last night. Hell I would have said far worse about Adrianne than the simple truth about her using a surrogate (if that is the story). Please note Paul and Ad were allowed to scream at Brandi, call her names, but once Brandi tried to defend herself they jumped on her even more. Let’s be serious Ad has lawyers on retainer that can tie Brandi up for years, and Ad is using her money to make Brandi’ s life miserable. Ad is a spoiled, entitled little overdone charro like beast that uses her money to talk for her. Ad also does not like Brandi’s loyalty to Lisa and neither does ms. dirtbag Kyle, as evidenced in next week’s premiere. I say go Brandi, stick to the truth, and be careful about outing personal information.

  34. PJ says:

    The only person I like even less than I like Adrienne (well besides Taylor) is Faye Resnick and yuck she is on the show next week. I always feel like she thinks she is so superior to everyone every time she opens her mouth on screen. She has no idea what the issues between Brandi and Adrienne are but she is still going to stick her nose in and tell Brandi what to do. I’ll record the show and fast forward so I don’t have to listen to her or see her.

  35. BB says:

    Don’t forget there is an all new “First Look” episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight at 9:30 and Bethenny will be on Watch What Happens Live. According to Andy they will talk about what Jill said during her interview with Andy.

  36. RealhouseWifeva says:

    I love that Faye Resnick is going to give brandi a lecture next week! I guess Brandi should wait until Adrienne gets brutally murdered before she exploits her and tells her secrets. Please now.

  37. Putchka says:

    There is no reasonable explanation why some women who have “everything” choose to display their lives in full view of people who will disparage and criticize them and their families. Except for the obvious have-nots (we know who they are, they need money and better save it). Anyway getting back to the have everythings. WHY???? Most have children, husbands/boyfriends, friends, family, beautiful houses, cars, whatever. What do these bitches want? Is it ego,desire for fame, paps following everytime you blow your nose? I’m old enough to know, saw the beginning of MTV and Madonna and said here we go. And cell phones pictures of 15 year olds sending pictures of their barely sproutin boobs (well, me anyway) to equally stupid 16 year olds who will show all his friends and blah, blah. Uh oh, maybe I’m ranting too much. Twitter is getting a lot of celebs in trouble because as opposed to rumors of them being stupid, they’re proving it. Thanks for listening all you good people! I don’t have anyone else to talk to and your all very funny and understanding. You go NMD!

    • Putchka says:

      I meant I can’t talk about the housewives to anyone, I live with an 80 & 75 year old father & uncle as a care giver and for some reason they’re not interested. Except when Brandi & Lisa come on. Then they fall asleep. Thank you Brandi & Lisa.

    • melthehound says:

      Rant On, Putchka… I remember the beginning of MTV too and wondered WTF is this. There’s Very little Music on MTV anymore from what I can see but I do tune into a couple of the shows weekly. One I ask myself why, the other, I actually enjoy. As for Your, Why, read my post above. It’s about the Benjamins. Advertising. Last night alone, we saw two HUGE ads. Mauricio and family pushing his new business, and LisaV pushing Hers. Did anyone notice that when the ‘women’ Went to SUR, we saw the name of the place in Big Huge Letters filling the screen? It wasn’t lost on my that Bravo is getting a little of their own advertising in as well because in at least one of the commercial breaks, we saw the ad for Lisa’s show in January. I have not a single doubt that her show will be a 2 or 3 month long, infomercial, played out weekly. Unless it’s one of those short season shows. Still, a long infomercial to say the least.

      • Putchka says:

        Hey Mel, always love when you reply because you have some levity in this female frackas! Love females, I am one. I understand it’s TV and a show. But. IMO there’s sacrifice. I think you were the one that remembered the Loud family? What a mess that turned out to be a couple years later.

        • melthehound says:

          I don’t think I’m the one, Putchka.. May have been another Mel sometime before. I appreciate that you enjoy my replies though 😀 Anymore, I look at these HW shows as just that. Shows.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Putchka,
      Talk away. I’m sitting here talking to my cats. Hubby is at some medical meeting. Yawn.
      I hope you have some help there with you as it’s a big job taking care of two people
      family or not. 🙂 You are a great daughter and niece.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      “Twitter is getting a lot of celebs in trouble because as opposed to rumors of them being stupid, they’re proving it”…this line made my day Putchka!!!!

      • Putchka says:

        Hey Jill, but isn’t it true? Could you imagine Joan Crawford on twitter? She wasn’t stupid but what a bitch. She’d have had a twitter war with everyone! Her and Donald Trump, what a scene. P.S. LOVE your comments!

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

          I would totally be a Joan Crawford follower-Imagine how funny and bitchy!!! Donald Trump-what to say about him?? I used to find him very amusing-he is so in love with his own idea of himself!! I love The Apprentice and will still watch but I had to unfollow him on twitter-he is not funny anymore!! All of these celebs on twitter think they are above it all until they tweet the one stupid ass remark that gets them into so much trouble-like Ashton Kutcher did-that was a debacle of epic proportion!!! My favorite thing about following celebs is seeing what dreadful spellers they are!! Brandi just admitted the other day that she didn’t know the difference between “there” and “their”…really Brandi? At 40 years old???
          Im glad you stuck around Putchka(what does your name mean??)-I enjoy reading your comments!!!

          • Putchka says:

            Jill, you so funny… Donald is such an ass. I like Apprentice also. Ivanka turned out great despite him. You are the first person to ask me what Putchka means. I can’t say without divulging my family secrets but I will give you a hint. Ukranian… I don’t know it in the Cyhlarcclian alphabet or however it’s spelled. I’m just a little buzzy from b-day. I don’t know how to spell English, forget Russian. I love coming here and talking to you all Jill.

            • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

              Oh I see your B-day is tomorrow!!! 12/12/12…enjoy yourself!!!!
              I love coming here too…its fun right???

              • Putchka says:

                I knew you had a great sense of humor just from your screen name. Don’t you love hearing ass-holey things about her? I know it’s bad but so what, she deserves it.

                • Putchka says:

                  I’m so remiss. Thank you for b-day greetings. It’s fun cause you and people here make it that way. I’m not good at grammar or spelling tonight. I think I’ll be a little hungover tomorrow, but I’m still coming back (in the afternoon). Thank you guys, best present!

  38. Powell says:

    For anyone whose little ones that don’t go to be or a while Santa Claus is Coming to Town is on ABC 8pm est.

  39. djprincessc says:

    Lilly from Shah’s of Sunset is apologizing for her AIDS joke. I think this is just SOOOOOO stupid!! Apologize for what?!?!?!?! If people heard the shit that my girlfriends and I talk/joke about when we’re alone we’d probably be stoned. People need to stop acting like they’re saints and chill out.


    • djprincessc says:

      I meant stoned to death*** lol.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        HAHAHA-stoned!!!!…To death!!!!

        • djprincessc says:

          Its true!! You know how girls are when they’re together, we say stupid stuff! Mean, funny, catty, silly! I mean why do panties and swimsuits come with liners?!!? Hellllllooooo for health reasons! AIDS wouldn’t have been my first choice, I would have screamed herpes! lol.

          • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

            OMG-dj if anyone ever heard me and my 3 sisters talk we would for sure be stoned!! Funny and catty, stupid nonsense but offensive to some-we would never make in reality TV land!!!!!

            • djprincessc says:

              Exactly!! My best friends and I are horrible!! But its all in good fun (unless we hate someone! haha!!) I wouldn’t apologize for anything even if I was on TV, unless I was truly sorry or regretted something but I think most of these stars just apologize bc they’re told too or bc they’re just wimps!!

  40. Nancy says:

    Do we have any family members that live in Oregon? Another shooter at a mall.
    3 dead some wounded. 😦

  41. Cartwheels says:

    BlueSky replying to your post above thread.
    I would never trust Brandi with any personal information, not about me, my family or anybody that I knwo and care about for that matter.
    I would definitely would have a good time going out for drinks with her and most definitely enjoy her company as a party girl, she is funny when she is just herself.
    Brandi still doesn’t realize that most of her appeal comes from her ditzy, free spirited and uncomplicated personality, she hurts herself terribly when she tries to be this true cannon who has a self imposed mission to out everybody even when it is none of her business.

    • Now that she’s coming into some real money from her book deal, she better not expose herself to any more lawsuits. Leanne will be tempted to go after her, I’m sure.

      Putchka said something profound above: “Twitter is getting a lot of celebs in trouble because as opposed to rumors of them being stupid, they’re proving it.” So true!!

  42. Cartwheels says:

    About Kim and her blog, there is no way and I mean no way that the tasting at SUR was the first time she has seen the ladies after her rehab.
    Kim couldn’t even see Brandi without having a meltdown and here they are chummy chummy even daring to call Kyle. The trip to Ohai which is the one where Adrienne actually said that she has had a C-section and it is what eventually brought the tattle telling of Brandi , that is when Kim first deals with Brandi and they get to some sort of sommon ground.
    With that being said I am not sure that Kim called Adrienne the night before or even the day before, if that was the case Adrienne would had found a way not to go and send Brandi and Bravo a cease and desist letter.
    Paul had said in his twitter that this “secret” involved Adrienne and his family and he was being supportive so I am sure it that the one who is most affected by this outing is not Paul (who know is friends with Brandi again), this “secret” was about Adrienne and family secrets that she wanted to keep private.
    I think either Kim is lying or she is just confused with her own timelines.

    • djprincessc says:

      I don’t like Kim, I don’t trust Kim and her being in rehab doesn’t change anything for me. I like Kyle more than her and that says a lot (since I don’t like Kyle). Kim is one of those people who blames everyone else for whats wrong in her life and her actions, she seems sneaky to me and holds grudges like no other. If it really bothered her she should have spoke up at the table. I love LIsa to death but I didn’t understand WHY she kept asking over and over about Adrienne to Brandi in front of everyone. Kyles smirk was priceless (if that smirk doesn’t show her true colord IDK what else does) Everyone was a hypocrite at that table in my eyes.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I have never liked Kim because she blames everybody else for issues that are only under her control. She basically blames her sister for being an alcoholic under the pretenses that she triggers her, then she said that she has grown but she refuses to apologize to Brandi for the way she treated her, all this tells me that she has not fully recover quite yet.
        I think she was right is telling Adrienne what was being said, could she had picked a better time? Probably, but this is Bravo we are watching.
        I don’t believe her in her blog, she clearly has said on the previews, with just one day in between that she thought about calling them the night before but decided otherwise and that is why she approached them as soon as she saw them at the event. Now months later she remembers that she called them the night before? I don’t think so.
        More and more I am leaning to believe that the issue of the surrogate is just the tip of the iceberg.
        They keep mentioning the secret being about “Adrienne” and her family so I am thinking that maybe Adrienne is not the bio mom of her kids and never wanted them to find out about it, or maybe when they were older. I am sure that this brought great grief to aAdrienne and caused her to quit the show, this is the only thing that would make sense.
        Maybe Brandi mentioned surrogate mother of an egg donor. I hope we get to find out before the reunion.

        • VV says:

          Carts, don’t forget that Talking Heads are key to manipulating timelines. They are shot at different times when they are filming and sometimes post filming. I think it was episode 1 of this season when we saw Kim pre nose surgery and post nose surgery on the same episode. The cast is always asked to talk in the present tense for continuity.

        • That makes sense to me too, that Ade is upset about donor eggs being her secret, along with the surrogacies. Her birthday is Sept. 1961 so she’s 51 now. If her oldest child is 10, then she would have been 40 or 41 at the time they were trying to have a child. I have friends that got pregnant (one for the first time) at 41, 42 so really she could have used her own eggs. I’m totally on Adrienne’s side in this. How tacky to discuss this, on camera, on a sh*tty reality show. It’s just nasty. I officially dislike Brandi. She’s just another user, going the extra mile with drama so that she guarantees her screen time. Now she’s plugging her dam*n book folks. You’re right Brandi, money doesn’t give you class. The way you were raised determines that, and then your life experiences. So far, you have shown me just how far down the sewer you are willing to go for your own ambitions.

          • Ha she also was able to sue Brandi, because this information is very harmful to her family. Now as I think about this, Brandi’s crap about getting in anyone’s face that criticizes her boys, or talks about them in any way, is pure bullsh*t. She can’t give the same courtesy to other people’s children?

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Right Bluesky – she is not unlike MOST of the other HWs. They get all up in arms, scandalized when others do the exact same thing that THEY THEMSELVES DO. Brandi is just like the others in that sense. Not defending her, just saying they’re all very, very hypocritical.

      • Putchka says:

        Hi DJ, I agree on Kim but it was Kyle, not Lisa who kept up the questions. Lisa’s too classy and smart for that. She has had successful restauarants with high profile customers for a number of years. You don’t attain that status with a big mouth.

        • djprincessc says:

          I’m going to have to rewatch because from what I remember Lisa was asking and I was confused. Hopefully I was wrong and just not paying attention bc I do love Lisa. I just remember Kyle sitting there smirking of enjoyment!

  43. Cartwheels says:

    Why did Lisa keep smiling at the table and proping Brandi for more information? because then Lisa doesn’t have to get her hands dirty, why should she when she has the perfect ally in Brandi.
    Lisa is too classy to get into this petty fight but I am sure that she has no qualms about Brandi saying all she said about Adrienne.
    When it was rumored that Brandi was coming, I am sure Brandi was not happy with Adrienne, even Kyle has said that the reason why she never gave Brandi a chance since the beginning was because loyalty towards Lisa. Did Lisa asked Kyle to go against Brandi? Not likely, all she had to do is drop some hints, Kyle was dumb enough to pick up the clues and then to her surprise, Lisa not only doesn’t go against Brandi, they become friends making Kyle look utterly stupid. I think that this is what Kyle’s refers as Lisa being an excellent chess player, Lisa just knows how to play the game, she is subtle, smart, and you very hardly will caught her red handed because she covers her tracks very well. I have to say that I do admire her for that.
    Adrienne and Camille confirmed that they have heard the rumors about Lisa selling info to the media, Camille did the smart thing and kept quiet while Adrienne made a huge mistake and blurted it out, no reputable media is ever going to back her up, but Adrienne went against Lisa and is paying the ultimate price for it.
    Same as with Kyle, I have no doubt that Lisa has not ask Brandi to get into it with Adrienne, Brandi does it and Lisa has different ways to show her appreciation. Is this Lisa’s fault? NOPE
    It is not Lisa’s fault that these women are dumb enough to do their biding without her even asking for it.
    Kyle’s smirk? she always does that, I hardly remember a scene where she doesn’t smirk so I think she was more shocked than elated. BTW Kyle did told Brandi to her face during the dinner that this was a private matter.
    Taylor trying to make this about herself? pitiful.

  44. Mena Seela says:

    So many posts to catch up on! Thank you for keeping me entertained. If I watch RHBH does that make me a Flying Monkey?

    • melthehound says:

      No.. The Flying Monkey story is actually quite comical if you ask me and that’s why I joke about it. Think Wizard of Oz and the evil witch sending her flying monkeys to do her bidding. To this particular blogger, who I refuse to mention by name, considered Lynn that witch and her fans/followers, to be those Flying Monkeys.

      It goes back at least a couple years but that’s the short version of it.

  45. VV says:

    We can try and contruct a timeline. When was the trip to Ojai? Perez Hilton and others wrote about a Taylor meltdown as early as May 15 this year in Ojai while filming RHOBH ( we never got to see it or it was speculation). However, I have to research further to find the exact date. What was the resort name?

    • BB says:

      Well David Foster was in DC for some even right before because Yolanda flew in from there. Maybe you could find out that way.

    • TexasTart says:

      Ojai Valley Inn.

    • VV says:

      Good one BB that one should be easy to get and thanks TT for the name. We also have Prom for Kim’s daughter to get an idea of the timeline. We know the kids went back to school the week that Kim visited Yolanda because they talked about it. (Another Bravo timeline manipulation). Maybe the event for The Agency at the Ritz Carlton and the Ken’s surgery are dates that we can be found.

  46. BB says:

    Have y’all seen this Dance Moms commercial? It’s pretty funny!

  47. cocfarm says:

    Did I just watch wwhl all by myself? Didn’t anyone tune in to see bethenny? I’m sure I’m not the only dog owner who watched tonight however my dogs don’t lick the interior of my nostrils. The owner of that dog took it on the chin tonight.

    • I watched it, Andy really got B mad with his clips of Jill’s interview discussing B. Then his questions. B kept saying “why am I here.” Andy just won’t let the Jill/B feud go. To B’s credit, altho she was clearly not enjoying what Jill said in those clips, and Andy’s incessant questions! She did wish Jill well. That was her last comment, but B did get in some insults before that. I hate the games, Andy is so juvenile. The aftershow should be good too.

      • TexasTart says:

        The games, I know! So foolish! That time could have been spent asking useful questions! He was relentless and B was putting up with it as best she could.

    • TexasTart says:

      Hi COCfarm, I watched…although Bethenny was obviously annoyed with the line of questioning, I’m sure she expected as much.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Nope, you are not alone. I watched it and I loved it.
      Bethenny is sooooo over Jill is not even funny, she was more excited talking about Atlanta and Miami than the nonsense with Jill. LOL

      When Andy showed her the clip were Jill claims that she has more followers than all the RHNJ old and new put together, Bethenny just asked: who has that much time, she definitely needs a hobby, I LMAO.

      You know Jill was watching, she has taped it and she is going to watch it 100 times until Bobby gives her some sleeping pills, LOL

      • Cartwheels says:

        Oppss I meant RHNY instead

      • cocfarm says:

        Whew. Was beginning to think there was a new thread I was unaware of. I think andy’s game was stupid, the bartender was annoying and Andy really wanted to bait Bethenny. I thought she was clever to sort of let Jill’s cleps speak for themselves. She kept saying “What do you want me to say” because she knew Andy wanted to hear her say Jill is delusional. I thought she walked a good line of not being mean but making it clear Jill is irrelevant in her life.

        Now Jill is saying “Why didn’t Andy play a game with me when I was on?”

        I think she was most annoyed right off the bat by the question of the night. Who the hell are the 21%?!?!?!?!

    • melthehound says:

      You may have watched it alone. I suppose it hasn’t aired every where yet though.

  48. princesspindy says:

    Tried to watch MDD but I.just.can’t. Chopped it is!

  49. Joyce Johnson says:

    Brandi, should mind her own business. Kim, is a dumb ass alcoholic

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