Adrienne Maloof speaks about Monday’s RHOBH Episode / Top Chef Seattle / Survivor Philippines

Adrienne speaks about Monday’s Episode, Brandi considers a lawsuit of her Own, Bethenny and Jason’s relationship strained, Real Housewives of Vancouver and Other News by NoMoreDrama

Adrienne Maloof spoke to People Magazine about Monday’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Adrienne contended that Brandi Glanville “crossed the line” with her comments to the girls about Adrienne.  Of course viewers didn’t hear what Brandi said because Adrienne’s lawyers stopped it from airing by filing a lawsuit against Bravo.

“She seems to be addicted to attention and keeping herself relevant, and I think that’s her goal,” Adrienne is quoted as saying in the interview. “Her antics have crossed the line for me.” Adrienne refused to discuss what Glanville may have said: “I keep my children out of the limelight and I don’t speak about my children.  It’s something you don’t even want to address. They deserve to have their privacy, and I am giving my children their privacy. As a mother I do what I can to protect my children and my family.”

The most popular rumor (fueled by a Wetpaint article) and years of speculation on the internet perhaps stemming from misreading an older article about Camille Grammer is that Adrienne used a surrogate for her children, despite telling the ladies that she gave birth to them.  Other rumors are that Brandi exposed that the Maloof-Nassif marriage was on the rocks.  Of course that wouldn’t be worthy of a lawsuit as they are already divorced.  Other speculation has been about Maloof’s finances – but Maloof’s quote seems to point back to the children and surrogacy speculation.  Whatever it is, I’m sure we’ll know soon as no one can keep a secret in Beverly Hills.

According to Brandi Glanville‘s Bravo blog and twitter feed, Adrienne also filed a lawsuit against her, and she regrets saying anything, as it’s expensive.  This is all ironic as it was Adrienne and Paul that took Taylor Armstrong‘s (now deceased) husband Russell to task for threatening Camille Grammer with a lawsuit last season for repeating Taylor’s allegations of abuse.

Now Brandi Glanville may be considering a lawsuit of her own against Maloof’s chef Bernie.  Bernie gained a little notoriety last year  when he badmouthed Lisa Vanderpump on the show.  Last summer, as the Maloof-Nassif divorce heated up, Bernie signed an affidavit of alleged abuse by Paul towards his children – abuse claims that were refuted by experts.  Bernie also posted pictures of Adrienne with bruises on her back and insinuated that Paul was responsible, although he didn’t specifically name Paul but referred to the person as “he.”  The photos were taken down and the Maloof-Nassif divorce was settled eventually.

Now Bernie’s latest facebook rant is said to have been directed toward Brandi. Brandi was tweeted the following by ImaJustSaying (TVTime101).  I need to add a warning – he comes off as looking pretty cray cray.  Brandi’s response: “GM is it 3 pm?? 🙂 Apparently AM’s cook is at it again.Maybe its my turn 2 give them a lawsuit.Its impossible 2 save $ with this lawyer BS”  


According to a report in USWeekly, the relationship between Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy continues to be strained.  The couple are spending more and more time apart, and sources say the conflict results in part from their attitudes towards work – Bethenny is very focused and Jason is not that driven.  Regardless, the couple is still together and trying to make it work.  The cynic in me wonders if this new press on their relationship is timed to bring interest to her talk show.


Is Kim D bringing the drama for Real Housewives of New Jersey?  The ladies are filming and the rumors are starting to fly.  The latest rumor (according to the Enquirer) is that Kim D is in negotiations with Bravo to bring another huge storyline to the show against Melissa Gorga.  Bravo isn’t fessing up to this for fear that the other ladies will refuse to continue with filming.  Kim has been surprisingly quiet on twitter since the reunion.  Not being quiet is Johnny the Greek – husband of Penny the hair salon owner who set Melissa up for strippergate.  Johnny has been very clear that Penny will join the show and expose all of Melissa’s secrets if she gets paid to be a “friend of the housewives.”  Dang Bravo – it was toxic enough last year without this.


Real Housewives of Vancouver will be back next spring on Slice TV in Canada.  For the second season it will feature six ladies, including Ronnie Negus, Mary Zilba and Jody Claman.  Reiko MacKenzie confirmed on twitter today that she won’t be coming back, but we’ll see her in other projects.  Christine isn’t on twitter, but she seemed to have moved on even before the reunion filmed.  Let’s just hope that some of the three new ladies will be on Mary’s side because we know Jody and Ronnie won’t be.


Top Chef: Seattle By Keida

Marilyn Hagerty, food writer Grand Forks Herald, wrote a review of her local Olive Garden that went viral. Everyone loves her.  Anthony Bourdain is even planning on collaborating with her.  I must read that review.  For the Quickfire the chefs have to make a sweet and savory holiday dish from their heritage using Truvia, a sugar substitute.  The chefs are told to choose a knife and the twist of the knife is that there is only one knife for ALL chefs.  While people begin gathering their ingredients, Josh takes the knife.  He works at his pace will not be rushed.  While he’s doing this, the other chefs are using every tool available that can cut: a cheese grater, a pizza cutter, a spatula, anything.  Danyele is making a bread pudding, another dessert, with ham.  Lizzie’s from South Africa, so she’s making bobotie, a spiced minced meat topped with egg.  Micah is half black half Mexican, so he’s making tamales.  Someone else making tamales is Josie.  Pan camera to Stefan swiping the knife.  He’s making potato latkes in honor of his Jewish ex-mother-in-law.  Brook is making cheddar cheese on apple pie. Eliza makes hush puppies, and Josh is making johnnie cakes (cornmeal flatbread).  Chef Bart is making waffles, Belgium waffles.  Sheldon makes banana lumpia, which sounds Hawaiian.  Micah’s nervous because he doesn’t feel Mrs. Hagerty even knows what a tamale is.  Doesn’t sound good.  Brooke makes apple crostata.  It’s very “homie” according to Hagerty.  Josie’s Puerto Rican, Italian, and Filipino.  John is German/Italian so he makes a bondino.  Padma looks like she’s enjoying every dish.  ON bottom are Bart, Micah.  On top are Josh, Stefan, and Brook.  The winner is Brook.  Her dish just brought you home for the holiday, and it brought her immunity.

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs will cook for a welcome home party for Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) and Anna Farris (Scary Movie).  Anna is pregnant.  Are they a couple?  Yes, they are!  Wow, just cute!  I love these two comedians.  Both tell the chefs that they are adventurous eaters.  Anna’s brothers are big hunters, so they’re used to eating questionable meats.  Yum.  The winner of the challenge will win a new Prius. While checking it out, Stefan is already claiming it for his restaurant and planning to stencil the outside with  Hmm.  Is he not allowed to mention the name of his restaurant in California?  Nope, that’s actually the name of his website.  Wow.  Back at the apartment, Brooke shows a little lizard toy her son gave her before she left.  It’s her luck.  Josh is in love with bestie Stefan.  He says he’s surprised that he’s friends with Stefan since on Top Chef he was a “douche” (his words).  I wonder if that’s why he likes Stefan.

The chefs are shown running into the kitchen and John slips.  Be careful.   Kristen is making tortellini; Eliza’s making elk.  Danyele stays away from desserts this time.  In the middle of prep Stefan yells, “12 minutes!” There’s actually more than three hours left.  Hahaha.  What a funny jerk.  Josh is making roasted pork with succotash.  It looks good.  John is making the Rick Moonen clam chowder.  The seafood king of the world. Kristen’s flirting with Stefan a bit.  Prep time is up and now to head to the venue.

The party is being held at the Chihuly gardens.  This place is a mixture garden of glass.  He makes very interesting sculpture of blown glass.  Chris Pratt’s mom almost breaks one when she touches it.  He merely laughs.  I like him.  They have 30 minutes till service.  Danyele’s making wild pork chops and she’s concerned.  She talks to Josh about this, but in his talking head, he says he’s not looking out for her.  “This is a competition.”  Jerk.  Eliza’s elk is a bit tough, so she’s cutting it thinly.  All their family and friends arrive.  Sheldon’s dish is very Hawaiian, unfortunately, my iphone didn’t record correctly, so I have no idea what he cooked.  Everyone loved it though. Brook made a very gross-looking dish, stuffed octopus?  It surprised everyone with how good it tasted.  Alright. She’s pushing the envelope.  Stefan makes a goulacsh.   No complaints.  Kristen’s tortellini is delicious.  It’s topped with cheese and dried fruit.  Lizzie’s salmon is not that great.  Tom felt that Eliza’s meat was okay, but the carrots were bland.  Danyele’s nervous about her pan roasted wild boar.  Josh has roasted pork shoulder and succotash.  Josie made a malbec braised with short belly.  John has his seafood chowder with cockles, clams, and salmon skin.  Tom doesn’t like the boar, and a guest says that the boar is boring.  Not a good sign.  Many liked Josh’s dish, but felt it needed to be seasoned more.  Rick did not like Josie’s dish.  Everyone loved John’s chowder.

Heading to the stew room, and everyone looks anxious.  Padma calls John, Kristen, Brooke and Sheldon. Brooke took a risk even though she had immunity and for that reason she won!  Yay!  Kristen, what did you win?  A new car!  The judges want to see Eliza Danyele, Josh, and Micah.  You can read the aggression from Josh’s and Micah’s stances.  Micah’s vegetables were grainy, which unbalanced his dish.  He tried to fix it, but he should’ve started over.  Too late for that.  Josh is called out for too big pieces of meat that was under-seasoned. Tom wants to know why Eliza’s meat was cut so thin.  She tells them her reasoning.  Danyele’s boar was unevenly cooked.  She has tears in her eyes and starts telling the judges about everything that’s been hard for her. What are you doing?  You don’t tell the judges your fears and shortcomings.  This isn’t cathartic; this isn’t therapy.  You better learn to play this game girl.  Padma tells Eliza to pack her knives and go.  Eliza is very gracious and respectful.  That’s class. If you gotta go, that’s the way to do it.  Professional.



Survivor Philippines Dec 12, 2012 by MelTheHound

Welcome back… Here’s where we stand kids.

Dangrayne Tribe (Merged)

  • Denise Stapley, 41, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, therapist
  • Abi-Maria Gomes, 32, Los Angeles, student
  • Malcolm Freberg, 25, Hermosa Beach, California, bartender
  • Lisa Whelchel, 49, Dallas, former star TV’s “The Facts of Life”
  • Michael Skupin – Returning player who passed out and burned the skin off of his palms after falling into a fire.

Welcome back castaways. Last week, was family visit day. Lisa’s brother lit a fire under her butt about getting her head in the game, instead of her heart. Abi pushed her hidden idol ruse to it’s limit and Carter was sent home. Not because he was hated or anything like that but he was just strong enough to keep one of the other alphas out of the final 3. Abi-tch breathed a sigh of relief when she believed her hidden idol bit has worked. However, since it was obvious she would have played it if she had it, they all now know she’s a liar liar pants on fire. She says she’s going to try it again at the next council.. Not so fast there..

sur2Back at camp, the discussion of what a nice guy Carter is and that it’s a shame he had to go. Skupin says it’s an experience he can learn something from. He’s young. Umm Okay. As they are all laying there getting ready to turn in, he says to Abi that it’s ironic that she’s still there but ironic who she is there with. In other words, not the ones she thought she would be with. TH Malcolm says that Lisa has shown she was in the game now by saying she’d rather go to the end with somebody that she can beat rather than somebody that she likes. He says that makes her very dangerous.

The following day (34), they are still discussing Carter when Abi-tch grabs her bag and says she’s going to go get some water. Yes, She’s still playing the hidden idol ruse but while she’s gone the others decide that she cannot have one or she would have played. TH Abi says that the Malcolm / Denise alliance is Very dangerous. She believes that Malcolm WILL play the hidden idol tonight so when the Denise, Malcolm, and Skupin go off into the woods (I’m guessing to get the ‘tree mail’ which we haven’t seen this season), Abi goes to work on Lisa. Trying to convince her that the two of them need to team up because the 4 person alliance that she’s currently a part of, she is on the bottom of it. She tells Lisa to be very careful and weary of them. TH Lisa says she really has to consider her options. Taking somebody to the end because she feels she can beat them, feels really ‘yucky’ inside but, to win, it’s probably her best bet. In her mind she’s keeping Abi on a short leash but for now she says it’s something to consider.

sur3 sur4 sur5Reward challenge time. Here’s the game. Each person is to race up the ramp and down the slide on the other side. At which point they will run into the water and collect some rings that are tied to an anchor. 5 total. 2 the first time out, 3 the second time out. They do not have to climb back up the slide. Kind of a shame. I thought that might be fun to watch. Once they get all 5 rings, they then have to put one ring on one of 5 pegs by tossing them on. Ring Toss, Survivor style.

Let’s get started. (Highlights again)… Skupin is a man on a mission. He’s first over and first back with the rings. Denise, I’ve been noticing is a powerhouse for her size but she’s not the fastest runner there. She just doesn’t have the stride, especially in deep sand. Lisa is struggling by the time she gets to the water (it’s about knee deep where they have to get to it) but she manages it. Skupin, Malcolm and Denise are already back to the water by the time Lisa is carrying her first set back. As Lisa comes tumbling down he slide again, Abi is returning with her second set. Lisa is the last to complete this part of it. Once they have all 5, they can begin tossing the rings. Skupin lands the first one. It comes down to a match between he, and Malcolm. Skupin wins. Everybody is congratulating him and Abi-tch pulls him in for a hug. I swear he looked like he thought she had cooties. She’s trying to appear nice. Skupin reminisces about his last chopper ride, when they carried him away last time (see below for the reward).

sur6The reward? He gets to choose two others to be taken on a Helicopter For a ride over the Philippines and they will be let off for a boat ride where they will have pizza, cookies, and pop (I call it pop). In addition they get to locate and swim with a whale shark. Since Malcolm took he and his son on his reward, Skupin first chooses him. Second, he chooses Lisa. Abi-tch says something to the effect of ‘blew that vote’ after Probst notes that she looks disappointed. Oh damn well. So, Denise and Abi-tch are sent back to camp as the others board the helicopter for their trip.

sur7Denise says they’ll have to make the best of being at camp alone together. Abi-tch says she’s so disappointed and heartbroken. Boo Effing Hoo. Maybe if she’d been a little Nicer, she might get to go with once in awhile. In fact, I think the rewards she has participated in, she didn’t deserve to do so. TH Abi does some more complaining about how evil she thinks Denise is and how much she hates being alone there with her (I think she could very easily have staggered off into the woods and banged her head against the first solid tree she could find and been happier about it. I know both Denise and I would have been). TH Denise says this is going to be painful. It’s like being on the first date with the kid from kindergarten who use to pull your hair or spit in your lunch and then suddenly you’re on a date. Abi-tch says she is the swing vote and she doesn’t think Michael sees that. Oh, and she’s still talking about that false idol. They are out in the water collecting something or something like that. Abi is still going on about that idol, TH Denise notes that no one believes she has one and she wants to hang herself, gouge her eyes out, and poke needles in her ears (probably knitting needles) so she can have a peaceful afternoon. Enough of that…

On the reward boat, they are enjoying their food and yucking it up. Skupin says he hasn’t had pop in 30 years. Malcolm says he’s been alive 24 years and he’s never said the words, “I’m drinking pop”. Must be a midwest thing or a Michigan thing (Skupin is from Michigan). Since he doesn’t typically eat sugar, he’s getting a sugar buzz. The guides and fishermen are trying to locate one of these massive fish for them to look at, they find one, and it turns out they are going to get up close and personal with this whale shark. He was big enough to swallow all 3 of them whole. After the swim, the typical strategy talk starts. The discussion turns to Denise and how well she’s played the game. Hasn’t pissed anyone off, pulled probably more than her weight, and how any of them against her in the jury vote, is likely to lose. The vibe we get from this is Denise is next to go simply because they believe she’s unbeatable.

sur8 sur9The next day back at camp, day 36, Denise has been bitten by something and it’s painful. She doesn’t know what apparently it happened while she was sleeping. Look at the picture, I would think with a bite mark spread that far apart, would have come from something big enough for someone to notice it unless it happened in the night. Anyway, She’s in a lot of pain from it. The group offers up a prayer which was way too long (I remember reading the book. It says, with regard to prayers, keep them short and simple and if I remember correctly, secret. I leave that there.) during which everyone was at least respectful. Denise is fearful that with 3 days left, this may cost her the game. TH Abi-tch notes that for Her, this is the best thing that could have happened. She’s been gunning for Denise the entire episode. See the photo of BSC woman joy on her face. Ummm, okay.. You have a hidden idol that you haven’t played yet, Abi-tch, Right?

sur10 sur11Immunity Challenge time. At this point, they way they’ve shown us the edit, Denise had better win or she’s done. Or, if by some small chance, Hell freezes over again and Abi-tch wins. You know from all your reality TV watching though that nothing is ever as it seems. So here we go. The challenge is to use to small planks to walk or get across the ropes along the way collecting two pieces to a puzzle maze they are to build at the other end. Once they get across, they can begin assembly. Once they complete it, they have to navigate a ball though there by tip/tilt of the maze table to guide it. Now, Maze, is what They called it. To me a maze has several options that aren’t openly obvious. This is just a trail with some holes in it that they are supposed to get the ball in the last one. The real competition here is to get the puzzle completed first. There are several ways however that it can Look right but still be wrong. Each hole must actually go through, not be blocked.

sur12Okay.. Probst asks Malcolm for the immunity necklace who makes Probst remove it from him, as every other player has. They get started, each going more than 2 or 3 spaces at a  time collecting their maze pieces. Abi is struggling a bit with it, Malcolm falls off and has to start over as the rest get to the other side and begin assembling their puzzles. I thought this would be one that Lisa would shine at. It didn’t require too much physical strength and she seemed to be good at puzzles. It is Denise that appears to be running away with getting the puzzle done but Malcolm gets his started and seemingly easily catches up with her. It Looks like Denise is finally done putting it together but there are at least two pieces out of place (if there is one, there must be two). The others are never really in this race to speak of and it is Malcolm who finishes his first. A ball, a few tilts and twists of the table, he wins immunity, much to Denise’s disappointment I’m sure. Remember he still has the True hidden idol.

Back at camp, a short strategery discussion is had. Denise at one point asks Malcolm to play the idol, for her. He knows as well as anyone else, she can beat him even if he won all the challenges. Abi-tch And Lisa appear to be pushing hard to send Denise home. Malcolm and Skupin appear to be on board but let’s see how it really all plays out. The only two votes we can easily predict at this point are Denise and Abi, for each other so for all intents and purposes, their votes don’t count unless Malcolm plays that idol for one of them.

They get to the council place, the jury is brought in, Carter looks confused by the whole thing. Probst notes that Malcolm still holds two idols. He asks Lisa to recount what happened back at camp after the challenge. She says that Abi was playing the game (as were the rest). Poor Abi’s back is against the wall because everyone hates her. She must have figured out that they all know her ‘hidden’ idol is BS by this point. Probst notes to Abi-tch all the hate for her and yet, she might be someone good to take to the end. She says absolutely, she’s the best one to take to the end because everyone can beat her (this is her new strategy du jour). To Denise he says that Abi makes a pretty compelling case for taking her to the end. Denise says that she’s easily beatable because she hasn’t out played the others. Probst answers you could say that she’s outplayed 13 other people. Then Denise says what we all know. That Tandang never had to go through all the tribal councils. It’s been part luck that Abi-tch is still there. Lisa, takes offense to this and says the reason that they didn’t have to is because her team stepped it up. Ummm, No Lisa. There were times your team lost and you still didn’t have to go to council is because another team sucked more than yours. I still say if this began as the typical two tribe game, you wouldn’t be there. (Denise didn’t say that, she just said okay and stopped talking, I’m saying that For Denise). Probst asks Malcolm what he thinks of all this. He answers that at this point in the game, he’s considering who he can beat. Abi-tch pipes in with pick me. That turns the attention back to her and she’s asked if she believes Denise can take the whole thing. She says, either Malcolm or Denise is going to win the game. Lisa and Skupin, can Not win at this point especially if the other two are still there. Probst asks Skupin for his reaction to all this.. As he begins trying to answer, the bitch calls him an idiot. As he tries to continue, she continues to interrupt him calling him a Moron, twice. Probst asks Lisa if that is working out for her. She says yes, she’d rather sit next to someone she knows she can beat. He asks Malcolm if that’s a valid strategy since he’s a superfan (the one Abi-tch is using, playing the martyr who just wants to make the final 3). Malcolm says yes, it’s worked in the past and in fact, to the million dollar prize.

sur13Okay, enough of this tripe. As they go off to vote, the camera flashes on Penner sitting on the jury bench. Who is he flipping off? The Cameras? Abi? Bitter much? As Denise votes for Abi-tch she says if it doesn’t go as planned, there is something terribly wrong in the universe (remember, Hell has frozen over at least once on this game). The others vote. The votes are in. Probst asks for the hidden idol. Rather than playing it for Denise (because he doesn’t believe she’s at risk) decides to keep it as a keepsake. Denise looks a little annoyed by this because she Did ask for him to play it for her. I guess he doesn’t have to and it is a game but you could see her feeling a little heated. sur14First vote read is Abi’s vote for Denise. The next for Abi and the next. 4th vote read, 14th person gone, Look at the picture…

DING DONG THE BITCH IS GONE! (sorry).. The cast mates are doing a happy dance as they head back to camp. She said something in her exit interview, I’m sure. I didn’t pay any attention to it. Had she been a nicer person I might have cared what she had to say. It seems all season long, this has been the poor me player bested only by Lisa most of the time. In the end, I think it was her mouth that got her kicked off. I think Skupin and Lisa may have changed their minds when she called him names. Never a good idea if you want the votes. Or she was gone regardless. What do I know.

See you next time which will be Monday morning recapping Sunday night’s 2 hour (groan) finale, 8:30 to 10:30 eastern, on CBS. There is also some half hour after show it looks like. If it’s worth recapping, I will, if not, I won’t. I don’t remember, is that last half hour typically the vote?

Watch here if you like.

Respectfully, MTH aka ‘WTFI Jeff’ 😀


Poll Results


Thursday Night Lineup, December 13th by BB

8PM – Real Housewives of Atlanta First Look (Bravo 8:30); Big Bang Theory/Two and a Half Men (CBS); The Vampire Diaries (CW); Up All Night (NBC); Last Resort (ABC); The X Factor (Fox); Hotel Impossible (HGTV); Apollo Live (BET); Oprah’s Favorite Things: 2012 (OWN); Wicked Tuna (NatGeo)

9PM – Real Housewives of Miami (Bravo); Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime); Person of Interest (CBS); Beauty and the Beast (CW); Take It All (NBC); Grey’s Anatomy (ABC); Glee (Fox); Extreme Homes (HGTV); The First 48 (A&E); Top Ten Weddings of 2012 (TLC); Mysteries at the Museum (Trvl); Rocket City Rednecks (NatGeo); Will: Family Secrets Revealed; Stieg Larsson (ID); Mary Mary (WE); Raising House (DIY); Cheetah: Fatal Instinct (NatGeoWild)

10PM – Elementary (CBS); Secrets of the Royal Nursery (Lifetime); Rock Center with Brian Williams (NBC); Scandal (ABC); It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/The League (FX); Burn Notice (USA); Jersey Shore (MTV); Panic 911 (A&E); Ghost Town Gold (Discovery); Impractical Jokers (truTV); Sweet Genius (Food); American Chainsaw (NatGeo); Nightmare Christmas (ID); The Family That Stays Together (Biography); Shocking Family Secrets (FitTV); Rodeo (GAC)

11PM – Watch What Happens Live: Mama Elsa Patton & Mark Consuelos (Bravo)


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    Good morning everyone. I hope you had a great 12/12/12. There were many weddings and births. I saw on Live w/Kelly a baby was born at 12:12. That’s something. Well enjoy your sunny day.

  2. We’re starting a NEW birthday list since the old one was very old. If you want your birthday on the NEW list please let us know the Month and Day (not year) at the top of the comments where we’ll see it. Thank you.

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    Bravo should put the ixnay on law suits for stuff that was said while filming.

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    Good morning!
    WTFI Jeff?! I expected you to say Ding dong the b*tch is dead – thank you for not disppointing! 😀 I was really worried about Denise there for a while, whew! BTW I think those were ant bites that overwhelmed her. I’ll have to read it all later!

    • melthehound says:

      I’m glad I didn’t disappoint, TexasTart 😀 It’s probably the last time I’ll use it this season because she, in fact, is gone. HER game is over. I was a bit concerned for Denise.

      • Buttercream says:

        Great ReCap! Thank you! The “Student” from LA overstayed her welcome and happy to see the other players saw thru her baloney. She was able to con them to vote for Carter to join his fellow unhappy jurors (who was he giving the golden finger to and why??)

        Already went on a rant about AD and her ridiculous lawsuit against Brandi .. all the while it was VIle Kyle that set it up at the lunch …
        Mel- who do you think won this season of Survivor?

        • melthehound says:

          That’s a good question, Buttercream. I’m hoping Denise won. However, as I am thinking about it now, for the past several days, the others have been pushing this line that if Denise is still there, the others cannot win. Even Malcom claims she has a good chance of beating him. I think in the next immunity challenge, Denise is going to have to fight hard to win immunity in order to stay. If Denise wins Immunity, Lisa will be voted out. If what we’ve been told all along is the true feeling of all of the (now) Jury members, no one wants a ‘returning’ player to win and Skupin doesn’t have a chance with them. I tend to think that the wildcards on the Jury are going to be Abi’s trio. We will see Sunday night if any of what I just said, is true. I’ve been wrong before, repeatedly.

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    March 12

  8. cocfarm says:

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned this before…but what the heck is wrong with Adrienne Malfunction? She sues Brandi for something only a dozen or so people heard, that would harm her precious babies. YET, she goes to the media to say something to the effect of: “your daddy beats me, is evil, and harms the boys.” which is released for all the world to hear and pass judgement on, if they gave a rats rear about Adrienne.

    I really hate hypocrites and self entitled idiots. Money can’t buy you class and all the bravo hw’s and Andy fit that profile.

    Whew, now, Nancy, if you missed it yesterday, BACK OFF JS. He’s mine. All mine. You can have SC and we can double date, but that’s it. Back off woman! 😉

    • Sus says:

      No kidding! What Adrienne said before the divorce settlement is much more damaging than Brandi saying anything. Now if the surrogacy thing is true and Adrienne did it to save her figure, I can see why she’s going off the deep end. That’s an embarrassing thing to admit to your kids. Especially if one of them grows up to be a smart ass.
      “Hey Mom, who is going to age for you?”
      “Hey Mom, how come the surrogate doesn’t get all your wrinkles too?”
      “Hey Mom, haha you still got cellulite even though you didn’t give birth.”
      “Hey Mom, saving your figure did nothing to save your marriage.”
      “Hey Mom, did you hire a hooker to sleep with dad to save your love muscles?”

    • Powell says:

      cocfarm you are so right about Adrienne. Look at the lengths she went to to defame and possibly cause custody issues to her sons father and she wants to or is suing Brandi. That is some nerve. Again IF that’s the secret Brandi blabbed she’s wrong but Adrienne is a BIG hypocrite.
      So you and Nancy are both crushing on JS and you are staking your claim huh? You are too funny. 🙂

      • I Need A Life! says:

        Good morning. I agree, COC, but Adrienne chose to say things to the media. She did not ask Brandi to spread gossip about her or information that Adrienne might have shared in private. Who gives her the right to say these things on camera? That’s what stunned me about Camille. Who told her it was OK to share the news with the world that Taylor said she was abused? Grow up, Brandi. But I do think Adrienne crossed the line when she said that Brandi is always drugged up.

        • PJ says:

          Apparently Adrienne can say what she wants but no one can say anything about her.

        • cocfarm says:

          Ok. Brandi is a blabber mouth and a hot head that can’t be trusted with a secret. I don’t know that she does ‘drugs’, so can’t agree with you there. I would never tell brandi a secret. BUT, Adrienne is still a self entitled hypocrite. She can’t scream “family, family family” and that it’s defamation, and then do the same thing herself. Brandi might very well be bad, but I’d take her over the no fun spoiled abi-tch (to steal from mth) that is so important that she can roll over anyone and then let her cook do her hate filled dirty work.

          • PJ says:

            Out of one corner of her mouth Adrienne was saying lawsuit because of what Brandi said about her and out of the other corner of her mouth she was saying nasty and hurtful things about Brandi—-all at the same gathering. I don’t believe Brandi has any issue with drugs. Brandi helped a friend get off drugs and is credited with saving her life by the friend she helped.

            • Adrienne is letting her anger hurt her in the long run. How can the fans that watch the show feel good about buying her shoes or whatever else she is shilling? She’s starting to remind me of another hw that failed at every business she tried.

    • Orson says:

      cocfarm, you’ve failed to realize the basic rule of RHoBH. I call it “Kyle’s Rule”. The rule is, quite simply, “It’s wrong to do [fill in blank] except when I do it. Then it’s okay.”

  9. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone. Today is a very special day for AZGirl. Because???????
    First born still has 2 semesters at ASU but looks like he is going to get straight “A” this semester.
    I cannot believe I have one out of college. What a relief.
    Off to work. I will check in later.

  10. sparklemuffy says:

    Good morning, thank you thank you for all the news and recaps– hohoho. We call it Pepsi in my world– all Pop is Pepsi– haha. When Denise said ” I could hang myself, yada yada, all I could think about was …. don’t say it, don’t say it. Then she gets up with that stinging bite– bad idea–Game wise– they should have got rid of Denise. I am pulling for Lisa and she can’t beat Denise for immunity. have a great day all 🙂

    • BB says:

      In my world we call Pepsi, Pepsi, Coke, Coke, Sprite, Sprite, etc. The first time a co-worker from Pennsylvania said “pop” I thought she was talking about either a lollipop or her Dad. Lol!

      • TexasTart says:

        My soda pop is Pepsi. Now, my grandparents called it pop and the generations there after have all called it soda. Now and then I run across people that will offer me ‘a Coke’ and what they really mean is any type of soda, which I find odd, but I guess that’s the same as calling a tissue – a Kleenex, right?!

      • Powell says:

        Hahaha BB.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      We call everything Coke!

    • melthehound says:

      Sparkle 😯 The devil you say? Send Denise out of the game? Who can win the immunity challenge between Denise and Lisa, depends on the game. If it’s endurance, I think Denise has the edge. If it’s a sprint, Lisa could pull it off because out of the gate, she can at least match Denise. If it’s a wrestling match of sorts, Lisa hands down (remember the big mud pit with that big ball they had to move?).. It’s still anybody’s game to get to the end.

  11. TexasTart says:

    Survivor comments, again: Thanks so much for the recap MTH! I think Denise should get an award for not terminating Abi’s game while they were alone, ha ha. Great screen shot of Abi. I’m going to be annoying and comment on the bites on Denise’s neck that I suspect were ants…I know this is not relevant to the game, as it turned out last night (thank goodness) but that screen shot does not do justice! The woman had at the very least a dozen bright red bites covering the side of her neck, so it was not any one big or deadly thing..however enough poision to be painful and restricting.

    I like the final four, except for not wanting a returning player to get this far. Still standing by my gut feeling that Lisa does not win and I still want Denise to win!!! I’m afraid she will have to win immunity at this point to make it to the final. Can’t wait to see it play out! 😀

    PS: Mel should have a cookie now as he wonders what keeps you up at night.

    • melthehound says:

      You may be correct about the bites. I guess it would be cool for any of them to win but Denise is still my pick. Has been all along.

  12. RealLVhousewife says:

    I love Marilyn Hagerty !! I grew up in East Grand Forks and she is a big part of the Herald as well as city! I wish I would have know that she was going to be on Top Chef…I would have caught that episode! =)
    As for the Olive Garden Review, I understand her excitement since there was not a lot to choose from when dinning out. I still miss that simple way of life….

  13. Good Morning! Beautiful sunrise splashed across the sky this morning! Great way to start the day!

    NMD – thanks for the scoop you always dish for us! So many questions, so few answers, right?!?

    Keida – thanks to you for the Top Chef recap. I was watching Duck Dynasty for the first time last night and missed TC. Duck Dynasty….OMG hysterical! Good, clean laughs.

    MTH – I hear you singing your gingle and doing the Snoopy happy dance. Just from reading your recaps, I take it you are surprised Lisa has made it this far? I know most are hoping Denise takes it, but never underestimate the underdog! Great recap!

    BB – I just want to shout out to you a THANKS for doing the viewing line up every day. It must take some work to put that list together and it is appreciated!

    Have a great Thursday everyone! One more day til the weekend! Woo hoo!

    New post, “An Affirmation” is up today. Enjoy!

    • Powell says:

      MarDrag isn’t Duck Dynasty funny? I haven’t watched since the Christmas episode. I love their mom and that crazy uncle. The family are all great. I think BB is getting us hooked. 🙂

      • melthehound says:

        I know BB does a lot around here but it was Stars99 that got us hooked 😉

      • BB says:

        Stars99 is the one who does all the great Duck Dynasty recaps. But I’m a fan.

      • Oh Powell…..I was laughing so hard! I had no idea it was so funny. I watched that Christmas episode, with Uncle Si and his elf ears…..messing with the kids at the school Santa appearance. My sides hurt after that. Have you seen the epi of the Dad (is it Willie, don’t remember names?) taking the 2 teenagers out on the boat and talking to them about sex? OMG….”Better a good day of fishing than a lifetime of crabs”! ROTFLMAO! So much better than the HW’s! I’m hooked!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I stayed up till 1 a.m. Sunday watching reruns of Duck Dynasty. I love it!

          • Right, it is Stars99 who recaps. And didn’t she say they had like 6 million viewers or some such huge number? I can see why. I will definitely watch regularly now. Too epically funny. I have to catch up on all the episodes now. I feel a marthoon coming on! 😛

        • Powell says:

          And Uncle Si w/the black plastic trash bag w/the gifts for the kids. He is so funny. I haven’t seen that epi w/Willie and the sex talk. I’ll be catching up on that.
          Have you or anyone seen the Moonshine reality show? I watched a little. I couldn’t believe Moonshiners would let their activities be filmed. 2 guys were looking for A new spot in the woods to make the Moonshine. I’ll take a look at that more to see if I like it.

        • BB says:

          I think that was Phil, the grandad. Willie, his son took one of the boyfriends out to shoot rattlesnakes.

      • Stars99 says:

        Duck Dynasty just cracks me up… so glad you’re enjoying it… they rerun old episodes all the time… and A & E loves to do marathons… like this coming Friday and next Wednesday they’re doing mini marathons with 6 episodes in a row… If you have a chance, try to watch some of last 2011’s episodes when they run them – they’re really hysterical, too. Before this season started, I had fun identifying some of my favorite quotes from Season 1 – that I used in the “Preview to Season 2 – Duck Dynasty” blog posted on October 7th… There aren’t any new episodes for the rest of this year – and I’m not sure when the next episodes will air in 2013. Some called the Christmas episode the Season Finale – others didn’t… I think A & E is probably hedging their bets at this point of time… Quack… quack…

        • melthehound says:

          On some of these networks the season finale means there won’t be any new ones shown for the next couple weeks. I know TruTV is this way with some shows.

        • Thanks Stars99….I will look those up and look for the 2011 epi’s as well as your Oct 7th blog. You have another fan now!!

          As far as “finale’s” I don’t know what is up with these networks now, but ABC kept saying “winter finale” for shows like Revenge and Castle and I have heard it for a few others….so that is likely what they meant. I guess it’s their way of placating us for not running new shows until well into the new year. It’s so silly! 😛

    • melthehound says:

      Mardrag, what I’m suggesting is that if Matsing (blue) had been a stronger tribe, or didn’t exist, the face of the final 4 could very well be different. For the first 4 challenges anyway, Lisa’s and Penner’s tribes were insulated from council as a result of the incompetence of Matsing all around. I don’t know how these tribes get chosen but if it were a two tribe game from the start, very different game. The only issue I had with the three tribe split, in case anyone is wondering, is that one team didn’t have to win for immunity, just not Lose, and it seems that at least half the time, that middle team was Tandang (Yellow).

      • Hmmmm, interesting. How are the teams chosen? Is it random or set up in some way? Because that, as you say, would make a huge difference if one team has a bunch of weak players. It sounds like that is what did happen and the middle team sailed through. But, how did all the strong players end up on the same team? Or am I reading too much into that? (I only watched the very first season 10+ yrs ago so don’t recall).

        Sigh…….you are making me think I need to start watching again next season! Told ya your recaps got to me! Next I will be telling you to give the hound a cookie! 😉

      • TexasTart says:

        I didn’t very much care for the three team split this Survivor, but I enjoyed this season a great deal. ITA we would not have that final four if it was to have started with two teams, for sure Lisa would have not made it this far! And I like her folks, but just being realistic, I’m not expecting a Texan to win this round of Survivor.

  14. WindyCityWondering says:

    Still wondering who told Brandi “Adrienne’s secret”. Seems to me that if it was so private it would not have been talked about with casual acquaintances…. IMO, it has less to do with who had the actual babies and more about the actual donors.

    • Cartwheels says:

      This is were I think the info came from Lisa, not saying that she told Brandi directly, maybe she mentioned it to Cedric when they were besties who in return shared it with Brandi when he was babysitting for her. They (A&L) have been friends and neighbors for many, many years and part of the same circle.
      I still think that it is something deeper than surrogacy. Based on online articles, my latest theory is that Adrienne used a surrogate but maybe the sperm was Paul’s but the eggs were not Adrienne’s, maybe there was an egg donor. In the mist of her marital problem and subsecuent divorce, that certainly would had played a part as Paul could have proved that the kids were biologically his and have the upperhand.
      Another reason why I am leaning towards that theory is because by Adrienne not being the bio mom, there is a possibility that her children would not be consider heirs to the Maloof fortune, I have read that Maloof senior was very specific on his intend to making heirs to his fortune only to legitimate heirs, maybe this is why Adrienne has keep this a secret even pretending that she was pregnant herself.
      This certainly would be grounds for making Adrienne livid, if there is any risk that her children (whether bio or not) would be economically affected by this.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I don’t know how long Lisa has been friends with Adrienne and Paul, but Lisa and Ken bought their former house in 2004, according to Realestalker. (Now I wonder when A&P bought theirs.)

        With Lisa’s business and contacts, I’m sure she knows a lot about a lot. She would not continue to be so successful if she revealed confidences. For that reason, I would argue that Lisa is likely NOT the source.

      • Powell says:

        Oh Cartwheels its just mind boggling. I like how you’ve thought it out though. Although Adrienne is a piece of work and is the biggest hypocrite I hope this is not the secret for the sake of the boys and the entire family. If it is true it was nobody’s biz but A & P.

      • Exit4 says:

        Hi Cartwheels! Just a few things (and don’t worry I’m not mad or offended!) I’m starting to think this surrogacy is bogus and at this point has taken on a life of its own….bit for the sake of commenting I’ll act like its true!

        If in fact, Adrienne Maloof used a donor egg, that has no bearing AT ALL in custody. There’s a million surrogacy options, but regardless, it’s a legal arrangement where the origin of the egg and whoever birthed them have no claim or any other right to the child. In short, Adrienne is THEIR MOTHER! No court I’m the world would ever say, oh Paul you get custody since you supplied the sperm. No. No more than Adrienne would have a leg up if it was HER egg and Donor sperm (no one thinks it can be the mad issue! :)). Trust me, I’ve been perusing different blogs and a lot of people are really getting into this whole “they’re not her biological kids” thing and its so wrong.

        I say this as an adoptee. The 2 people who raised me from 2 months until even now, are my parents. No matter what occurred in life, no judge or whomever would change any of my life situations or anything else b/c they weren’t biological. My birth parents signed away any and all claims to me when I was born. Even if they showed up when I was young or even now, they’d simply be 2 people (teenagers when I was born) who had sex (and in my goofy head I like to say I was conceived in a VW van with Skynard playing…LOL), and as MTH said have me life. My parents gave me A life. (BTW Mel, I loved that).

        As for the elder Maloof and the fortune. Sure, there are older people who may discern between biological and legitimate children…I’ve never read that, but its sad if its true. Those kids are Paul and Adrienne’s regardless. Doesn’t matter how they got there, they still belong to them. Biology doesn’t matter at all.

        (Again, not mad at you! But the whole “biology” argument and making her less if a mom because of it is driving me bananas!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Exit, that was eloquently put. I agree with you that the surro-gate theory has taken a life of its own. I suspect we’ll be disappointed that the truth is so mundane after all the theories.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            In the Illuminati, it is all about the bloodlines. When money and greed are involved, basic rules go out the door. The Maloof family seem like the type that might do a money grab, based on blood. Addy seems like she would, if the tables were turned. Her family surely knows that she did not carry the babies so this would only leave the eggs in question?

            • Exit4 says:

              I really don’t think it applies at all. I do not think her family is actually as obsessed with the eggs like the fans are! LOL. They are Adrienne’s kids, who I am sure are loved and will have all of the benefits of the family. It’s over thinking the whole things IMO. If in fact this is even true, I think she just didn’t want it out there. TV or no TV, you are allowed privacy in some things.

        • Powell says:

          Exit I agree. A & P are those little boys parents. No ifs, ands or buts. As for the fortune I’ve seen a real life situation where biological/legitimate played out. I can’t exactly remember the name of the real life wealthy man but on the show The Will this wealthy man that had sons wrote in his Will that only legitimate children born into the family would inherit. The old man died leaving his 2 sons to run the biz. One of the sons had an affair w/the Secretary & he was married. The Secretary left and the baby was put up for adoption. Years went by and the son’s wife died, he looked up the Secretary and the rekindled their relationship and married. They always thought about their baby, their daughter. The son knew what his father put in his Will about heirs so he married his wife in NY State which they did not live in, but he did so to legitimize the daughter had hoping they would unite one day. The daughter who had a great life w/her adoptive parents looked for her bio parents and found them. They told her they married in NY to legitimize her. Her father introduced her to his other daughter & son. The 2 daughters became close for yrs until dad is getting older & sick. Her mother is also sick & passes away and her mother leaves her possessions including her mink. The father is now so sick that he’s hospitalized and her bro & sis don’t allow her to see him. He dies. When he was sick he told his daughter about his Will so when he died she expected her share of her father’s estate. Her bro & sis got a lawyer & fought it. In the end the daughter didn’t get part of her father’s estate because what the founder, their grandfather wrote in his Will was that only his legitimate heir could inherit and he had his lawyer define legitimacy for him was that the parents had to be married at the time of the biological childs birth. It could not be a child produced from an affair. And they believed he defined legitimacy that way because he had an affair that produced an illegitimate child that he made sure would not inherit.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            Hmm. Could be. I was told by a lawyer that you can put any instructions you want in your will. But once you die and the goods go to the person inheriting, your wishes are history. They own it now (money or goods) and can do as they wish. Perhaps this is determined by state law and varies a lot?

          • Exit4 says:

            The difference I think would be that these kids aren’t illegitimate (again assuming the surrogacy thing is true). They signed away parental rights. The child was raised by another family. Yes, she’s biological and yes I see the illegitimate part as defined by not being born of an affair. But, again, they signed away rights to said child and even if they married (the bio parents) later on, that does not make her legitimate since she was still born out of wedlock and they didn’t raise her.

            Adrienne’s kids, while maybe, possibly, not biological are being raised by her in the family within a legitimate marriage. While I don’t doubt some people may still consider them not legitimate due to being birthed by a surrogate or having a non Maloof egg, they are a legitimate part if Adrienne and Paul’s family. They are legally their kids. Now if one of her brothers humped some showgirl and got her pregnant, I can see where they’d be excluded. That’s the difference in the situations here, they are being raised as Maloofs (well, nassifs) and the child in the story was not until adulthood.

        • Cartwheels says:

          I agree 100%, regardless of anything Adrienne is their mother. I can see however if this was the case why she wanted to keep it out of the public opinion and didn’t want all these comments floating around.

          Brandi took this out of their hands and made it fodder for everybody to talk about and she had no right to do so. Her gossip is affecting A’s children and it didn’t need to be this way.

          • Exit4 says:

            Absolutely. Just like in Nj, the adults are hurting children by proxy. Using their feelings about each other to make them forget there are others feelings involved. Like with Gia at the field day. That was their projection of their feelings about Teresa transferred to a 10 year old. Very shameful! And to be fair, Adrienne’s accusations about Brandi is the same thing. Even if I do believe she may hit the bottle and pop pills a little to much!

            • Cartwheels says:

              Exit 4, I hope I am not upsetting you with my comments, I read your story and I teared up. Nobody, and I mean nobody had the right to say a word about any issues regarding birth unless it applies to your own children, that is my policy and I am sticking to it.

              • Exit4 says:

                No, no not at all! I have no problem talking about it! That whole incident was simply a learning experience for us as a family. I shared it just to illustrate how a child can wildly misunderstand things adults are saying because they aren’t mature enough to process complicated issues. And sometimes adults can’t bring it to a kids level. We are in total agreement about birth issues. It is one thing that shouldn’t be fodder. In this case it’s become fodder b/c of the TV scenario-but fact is if this is the truth it never should have come up anyway!

  15. Lisa Renee says:

    Good Morning NMD, help a sister out please. When I read the title of your post I swear I read Brandi considers “lawshit” of her own. It made me laugh & I thought it was a clever play on words. Now it says “lawsuit”. Am I losing my mind? Regardless, another stellar blog. I have said how much I love the polls, I feel so validated when I am in the majority, sad but true. It’s the little things. Have a great day & again, thanks for all you do, Lisa

  16. BB says:

    My replies are not posting in the correct place. Uh oh!

    • TexasTart says:

      Uh Oh! When that happens to me, I’m never sure if it was operator error or the function of the website!

  17. Cartwheels says:

    Adrienne’s lawsuit vs Brandi can’t be compared to Russell threaten to bring a lawsuit against Camille.

    Camille repeated comments that were made by Taylor herself, not only to Camille but to the other ladies as well. Taylor lied to Rusell and told him that Camille had made this up and that is why Rusell threaten to sue her. Adrienne had reason to be concerned because if the lawsuit would have proceeded, it is very likely that the other ladies would had been summoned as witnesses. The lawsuit would have indeed affected all the ones that Taylor had told her story.

    Adrienne didn’t tell this information to Brandi, if anything it is hersay, unless Brandi is willing to throw under the bus the person who shared this information with her, Brandi is only working based on rumors and malintentioned gossip.

    Taylor had a storyline that included her husband and the abuse that she alleged so it was relevant to the show. Adrienne’s children are not relevant to the show, Adrienne has gone through great lenghts to keep her children out of the show and the spot light, but by Brandi revealing this while cameras were rolling is indeed grossly hitting below the belt and somebody like Brandi who said “Do not mess with my children or I will F*&% you up” should know this.
    Brandi needs to remember that she is not the only mother in the show and the same right that she has to protect her children applies to the other ladies as well. Brandi does not have the exclusivity on mothering concerns.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      How do we know Adrienne did not tell Brandi whatever it is? I can’t remember if Brandi started her revelation with words that told us it was hearsay or if she set it up that she knew this. Not trying to question your opinion, but I can’t remember how this was presented.

    • PJ says:

      To say Adrienne didn’t tell Brandi is pure speculation we have no way of knowing if Adrienne told this to Brandi or not.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I’m leaning towards a Bernie/Cedric convo – both are very untrustworthy and more than willing to hurt their “employers and their employers’ enemies”. My take on the reason this came out at the SUR tasting was that Adrienne had been harrassing Brandi since the reunion and Brandi was talking about how Adrienne lies and it was just an example of one of her lies. We still don’t know what was actually said – it could be the parent thing or it could be something else like the state of Adrienne and Paul’s marriage or some other nasty thing Adrienne did or said about her arch enemy Lisa. At the end of the day – this is Bravo people and Bravo’s goal is to make money – at anyone’s expense!

        • Powell says:

          Mmmm hmmm.

        • PJ says:

          Brandi has said that Adrienne did some things to her off camera and off season. Brandi said that Adrienne went after her family and job. Whatever happened must have made Brandi upset enough for her to say whatever it was she said about Adrienne as an example of Adrienne’s truthfulness or lack thereof. It seems it may stemmed from what happened at the reunion with Brandi tipping off Lisa about the plan to bring Lisa down; remembering the reunion and people’s reactions I think that Brandi was telling the truth and I thought so as I was watching it.

          I could care less about what Adrienne’s secret is, I could care less one way or another about Adrienne.

          I like Brandi and I believe her, people are entitled to their opinions and that is mine. I think she has been through a lot and deserves a break. To go after a woman in that situation to make financial problems for her, to go after her family and job, I have no sympathy for someone who would do that.

          That’s why I like Lisa, she may be a tough business woman and she may be rich but you don’t see her using that to hurt people. Lisa reaches out to people and tries to help them, you don’t see Lisa acting like she is better than anyone, and that I respect.

          Just my opinion take it for what it’s worth.

          • Powell says:

            It’s worth a lot PJ. 🙂

          • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

            I agree PJ.

          • sparklemuffy says:

            Good opinion, also, imagine if Brandi had not forewarned Lisa about the take-down and had participated as well. As mature and level headed as Lisa is, she might not have handled herself with as much panache in an all-out ambush from ALL of them. It was a game changer for Lisa –and made Adrienne look bad. She was not expecting Brandi to undermine her plan. She had to be really mad.

            • sparklemuffy says:

              Also, does anyone remember Adrienne’s boys were on the first season, and they were atrocious! ( IMO) I kept thinking the reason they were no longer filmed was because their behavior made her look like a terrible parent. They ran over her like a bulldozer. Does anyone else remember this?

    • WasLurking says:

      How is any of the ‘rumors’ of what Brandi said harmful to her A’s kids? I don’t get
      it, I have 2 boys……talk about not wanting to know about anything having to do with ‘birthing’. iCK iCK! Both are in there 30’s now and still don’t want to know details.
      Only time any of it comes up is when I give my oldest sh*t about the 18 hours
      of labor when he’s being a butt head.

  18. uffdamom says:

    This is so very cool to me. RealLVHousewife – I grew up in Oslo! Marilyn was great on the show. Hugh was just a tich funny/snooty in his blog – you know, Fargo movie references, but not disrespectful. Hey – I love me a great Ole and Lena joke!

  19. Lisa Renee says:

    Hi MTH/WTFIJeff, Because I was sick & not posting I haven’t had a chance to tell you about last Thursday night when Hubs got home. Almost immediately, I was asked to pull up your recap. He read it & rewatched the episode & then read it again. He absolutely loved it. He said he can see why you are one of my favorite bloggers. He knows I appreciate a great sense of humor mixed with snark & sprinkled with a touch of cranky. You have been promoted from WTFIJeff & now you are Mel’s dad, with DH saying his name is Jeff, right? I directed him to your u-tube page last week & he was on it watching for a while. I told you that dog of yours is so cool & my DH is wild for him. I was asked if I was sure you would post a blog. He reminded me again by text this morning not to erase until he can read your recap. So you have a new fan, with a kickstand 🙂
    So, ding dong indeed. Abi really has so little self awareness she thought she was a contender to be picked for reward. Hysterical. I also said last night the circle prayer would be the kind of thing that would get me booted off. I guess because of my own path group circles of prayer make me very uncomfortable. I would not know how to extricate myself from that without alienating those involved. Sophie played along last year, I don’t know if I could fake the funk. Lisa was so overt in pandering to the jury when defending “luck” & Abi. If she makes the final three I do not think she will win. ITA if not for 3 tribes she would have been gone before the merge. I was rooting for her to go far because I am a fan, but she lost me with this game is bigger than me crap & I am going to guess some on the Jury may feel the same way, Penner & the BB player come to mind. It has been a long time when the final four are all easy to root for. Abi calling Skupin an idiot & moron is the only reason I was sorta sad to see her go. Just thinking about the finale & what a loose cannon she is would have made great TV. My pick is still Denise the Beast. Malcolm & Denise are going to be forced to turn on each other if either of them wants the win. IMO if its Denise,Lisa & Skupin Denise wins, if it is Malcolm, Lisa & Skupin, Malcolm wins, either scenerio I predict a clean sweep. If Malcolm & Denise are together the vote will be close. Thanks for hanging in there & recapping a great season. Extra treats for Mel please, he is going to need the sustenance to get through the 3 hours on Sunday. Thanks for all the laughs, especially the unintentional ones, Lisa

    • princesspindy says:

      This is soooo funny! I love it!!!

    • melthehound says:

      WooHoo (in my best Homer Simpson) 😀 Always glad to have another fan, even if with a kickstand 😉 However they got the to the final 4, right now, it’s anybody’s game to lose. All of them could win..

    • TexasTart says:

      Lisa Renee, are you the one that coined “Denise the beast”? I’ve said that several times and my husband just doesn’t get where that comes from, but she has SO much drive and muscle packed in that little body it’s damn near impressive.

      Oh my, that was hysterical to look at Abi when Malcom was told he could pick people to go on reward and she was sincerely hopeful to be picked. Absolutely unbelievable (and funny!) I’m sure she will say some off the wall stuff as a jury member, but you are right we’ll miss having most the jury put her in her place, won’t we?!

      That’s great about you and hubs enjoying the show and MTH’s craft as well. So we can retire WTFJeff?! unless I get too chatty with Mr. T.

      • Lisa Renee says:

        Hi TT, I really can’t say for sure if it was me that started calling her Denise the Beast. I do remember posting & saying to DH that Denise is a beast in the challenges. I was super impressed with her performance & the word I thought of to describe her was Beast in a complementary way. I think MTH put Denise the Beast together & it stuck. I am a sucker for stuff that rhymes. Makes CRS a lot easier to live with, Lisa

        • TexasTart says:

          Thanks, I think of it in the complementary way as well. Ha Ha, to making it easier to live with the CRS! 😀

        • melthehound says:

          Actually, I think at one time or other, we have all referred to Denise as a beast. I have even heard Malcom refer to her that way “Denise is a beast of a woman”.. All of course meant in the best possible way.

          • TexasTart says:

            Of course, in the best possible way! We don’t want to get in trouble with someone not getting this, gee, I must have missed Malcom saying that, thanks, MTH.

  20. plainviewsue says:

    NMD, I know that RHONJ was toxic, but I am hoping beyond hope that Melissa’s skeletons finally do come out. As well as the skeletons of the Red Queen, Jacko & Fishface.

    It is time for their financial dealings, indiscretions, etc. to be put on as much display as Teresa’s.

    Esp Melissa, who got the edit of being a god fearing wonderful wife, mother, daughter, friend, etc. If the show is again showing Teresa as the evil witch & the others the pure as driven snow wenches, I am going to be furious!!

    So thrilled with the final four of Survivor. Still think it’s Malcolm’s game to lose. If he doesn’t win immunity, they would be very smart to vote him out. But I would be disappointed cos I do want him to win.

    Sunday night I’m watching the Homeland finale at a friend’s house (I don’t have Showtiime), cos I cannot risk finding out what happens!!!! I will watch Survivor until 9:45, leave the house and then come back to see who wins!

    • Powell says:

      Homeland received a SAG nomination I think.

    • cocfarm says:

      I can not imagine how homeland is going to end. Hubs and I were running errands discussing how we are not ready to let it go. I has been riveting. Dexter is better this season too. But homeland is crazy good and always surprising me.

      • chismosa says:

        it’s so funny i disagree Cocfarm on Homeland- it’s still far and away better than anything on tv but i don’t like how this whole ‘capture’ happened this year and so many unbelievable things going on. last season to me, was more stellar. I never watched 24 so i’m not used to all this action sequences Carrie has had this year.
        Dexter is better this season though. That all has to come to a crashing end for him.

    • chismosa says:

      PlainviewSue how can you follow the entire season if you don’t have Showtime, do you go to your friend’s to watch the show every week!? Wow

      IMO this season has not been nearly as great as the first. Too many implausible things happening.
      It will win all the awards at SAG and GG’s.

      • plainviewsue says:

        We watch it Monday night through the computer. My son hooks it up to the television. But we don’t want to take any chances on spoilers, so we’re going to go to my friend’s house who has showtime.

        Yes, the whole takedown of the VP was very far fetched, but I still love the show. I was a 24 fanatic, but even with that show, you had to suspend belief. A Lot!!!

  21. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Is the blog broken, comments seem random and out of context.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Yes, I’m seeing that too. We’re posting above uffdamom.

      • TexasTart says:

        Something is off. I notice the site load or refresh is slow, not linking comments to true location when I read them, but so far mine have posted where intended.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Replies fall in the right place. (So far. I may be jinxing it, just saying this.) New posts fall in odd places.

  22. Kansas Girl says:

    For our timeline: July 31 the reunion was filmed. Adrienne was not there.

    • BB says:

      I wonder if they mean finale because I don’t think they have taped the “reunion” yet. They usually don’t do that until a few weeks before the final show lof the season airs on TV.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Could be. I was thinking the Lisa/Ken vow renewal would be the finale.

      • TexasTart says:

        I agree with BB on the reunion tapings, of course they could mix that up at anytime. It also seems somewhat incorrect about being a reunion is stating it’s at Lisa V’s house. They’ve never done a reunion on anyone’s home turf, and I don’t think they would mix that up. Radar Online about gave my pop-up blocker a coronary!

        • BB says:

          Yep, some websites like Radaronline give me a headache with all their advertisements and pop ups. It’s pretty annoying.

        • Exit4 says:

          The people that write for Radar can’t even spell half the time…live their stories but I take it all with a grain! LOL. Their commentators are endless hysterical though. Sometimes I’m not sure if they are writing in some new tangled version of English that I haven’t learned yet… 🙂

  23. Exit4 says:

    I meant to add something from the blind item that had poor Adrienne faking her pregnancy and stuffing her shirt. That’s when the whole thing fell apart for me. Like beyonces fake baby. Who is really that stupid? Honestly? Not that it’s impossible to fake a pregnancy, but I swear to God reproduction sends people back to 1953! The poor barren lady who sneaks her babies home under the cloak of secrecy. Sure, people don’t always like to discuss private details of their lives (been through that one-but my adoption wasn’t a secret) but IVF, surrogates, donor eggs, donor sperm….these are accepted things for the most part. The idea of her running around with a prosthetic baby is totally ridiculous to me.

    This whole thing reminds me of the commercial where the girl says, I read on the Internet you can’t put anything not true in the Internet. Then her “French model” Internet boyfriend shows up and is a schlub who says “bonjour”. I really think it just taken in a crazy life if its own!

    • princesspindy says:

      Besides, with that kind of money they don’t have to stuff shirts, they can afford a
      “FBB!” (Fake Baby Bump)

      • Exit4 says:

        Even that’s crazy-there’s just way to many details when your pregnant to legitimately pull it off. That’s why people who steal babies get caught so quickly. They can’t fill in the blanks. And it’s just obvious. And of course, people tend to publicize stolen babies!

        For the sake of argument (if she wanted to fake a pregnancy-which I don’t buy), I would say with her money she could just take a vacation. Or leave BH and her circle and have to go to Vegas or Sacramento for business. Tell people youre aeeing a specialist for complications in another state. Give birth somewhere else. Even if people question it, HIPA protects people from ever finding out if your story is true or not. It’s basically no evidence.

        I definitely think the fake baby thing is the figment of someone’s wacky imagination!

    • Powell says:

      Haha. Yes. State Farm. I don’t buy the FBB either. As long as people aren’t stealing babies , so what on how they add babies to their family.

  24. AZGirl says:

    In regards to the Brandi/Adrienne fight I don’t think Lisa would tell Brandi personal information about Adrienne no matter how pissed Lisa is at her. I think it was like Cartwheels posted above. The information (whatever it is that Brandi said) did come from Cedric via Lisa. Lisa really treated Cedric as a close family member and unfortunately got burned. Cedric is a leach and if he can stay relevant to the Bravo storyline he will.
    Why Adrienne would think that this needed to be a secret is silly. At least Camille was open about the surrogate pregnancies knowing full well that being in the public eye it will come out eventually.
    Interesting point about Senior Maloof. Not like the boys will be impoverished growing up. Paul does make a good living.

  25. Amanda says:

    This is completely random but I was just on The Daily Mail website and guess who has an article featuring her???? Miss Dana “$25,000” Wilkey! If you want to check it out the article is called “Can you teach a baby to read?” Spoiler Alert – It features her genius baby John.
    Also, scroll to the end for a tidbit about Dana’s new ventures

  26. Ella Minnow Pea says:

    OK, I tried to post this twice on Tuesday but I was on my ipod and it didn’t work…
    Anyway, when we were left out of Brandi’s little secret about AM I wondered if Bravo had planned to show the whole thing but thought better of it because possibly threatened with a law suit (I guess so).
    Now, if the secret really was about AM using a surrogate and it’s true then there’s no lawsuit because she wasn’t defamed. If it’s not true then I still don’t think there’s a lawsuit there because it really doesn’t do AM harm in any way. There’s nothing illegal about surragacy. AM might be embarrassed if she’d been lying about it for so many years but it’s certainly not defamatory for someone to spill the beans.
    I have 2 guesses about what Brandi said. One is that AM swims in the lady pond, and two is that she was messing around with that pr!ck Bernie.

  27. Exit4 says:

    It’s so rare I get time to play here, so I’ll toss out all my thoughts today! As for Adrienne suing Brandi (FTR I’m not a maloofer hoofer, just have some opinions here) she’s really NOT suing Brandi.

    People of that ilk (big business, big money) have lawyers on retainer. Basically, they pay these people a fee to be there when needed. So when Brandi pissed Adrienne off, she called the lawyer (saying lawsuit, doesn’t mean doing, it’s a threat) and sent some letters, filed some papers. She’s not going through with this. It’s to scare Brandi. Punish her financially by feeling she needs to defend herself. It’s a scare tactic. Brandi could do nothing and she’d still win, because she did nothing legally wrong. Adrienne counted on Brandi being dumb enough to defend herself against nothing and she was. There’s no case here, it’s akin to financial abuse. The Miskofsky and the lawyers know what they are doing.

    It’s actually what Leann is doing to that teacher. Who I have no sympathy for BTW. I know I’m in the minority but that teachers deserves what she’s getting. I’m no Leann fan, never was, and she was a total moron for engaging fans in any way shape or form. However, she didn’t do anything illegal. The teacher did. Taping and playing her call. She could have gotten away with this in jersey, but not CA. Twitter, as many of you know, is a hotbed of crazy people. People who harass each other and celebrities to levels that are so unnecessary. Now some celebs are idiots too (Rich Wakile) but its mostly the other way around. Why anyone would get themselves so involved in Brandi, Leann and Eddie is beyond me.

    Anyway, Leann is only doing that to hurt this woman. Force her to pay money she doesn’t have to defend herself. Except, unlike Adrienne, Leann has the phone call as her ace in the hole. That teachers guilty. She won’t get in any real trouble and it most likle will go mo where, but Leann hit her where it hurts, in the wallet. I know I seem heartless, but if you want to play, be prepared to lose.

    As for Lisa V not suing Adrienne for her lie about the stories, Lisa and AM are on the same level. Lawyers on retainer etc. to play that game with Adrienne it would be a big circle. They can afford to go round and round. Lisa played it right, let it go and let the public decide. Way more damaging. I’m not saying its right what Adrienne is doing, but again, if Brandi wants to play games….recognize your playing with the big boys. Not saying its right, but it is what it is. Brandi’s total lack of self control doesn’t help her any!

    • BB says:

      And Brandi admits she played with the wrong rich people and she’s paying the price for it.

    • PJ says:

      If it’s just a threat it wouldn’t cost Brandi a lot of money to defend because there would be nothing to defend really. You don’t have to defend yourself against a cease and desist letter because it’s just a letter, you would consult an attorney for advice but if there is no lawsuit then there aren’t big fees to pay (maybe a retainer).

      The thing is though that anyone can file a law suit, it doesn’t mean the law suit has merit or that they will win or that they even expect to win. Once a law suit is filed then a person has no choice other than to hire an attorney. Here is where it gets expensive, the person filing the law suit may have deep pockets and their attorney can ‘paper you to death’ so to speak. Which means filing motion after motion with the courts that you have to answer and that costs big $$$$$. They may be fully aware that they are never going to win but they may want to inflict as much damage as possible.

      I don’t think that this is just a matter of Brandi being “stupid” enough to defend herself. Brandi dies not strike me as being stupid. In my opinion a real lawsuit had to have been filed and that is the reason it is costing Brandi so much money. We don’t know all the details of course so it’s all just speculation, but there is a reason it’s costing Brandi money and it isn’t because she is stupid enough to defend herself.

      • Exit4 says:

        You can do nothing though. Call the BS so to speak. You can read the papers yourself. Heck, you could research stuff yourself on Google. Everyone else on the Internet does it! How many amateur doctors and lawyers are out there? 😉 You can file your own papers, request mediation. A bunch of things.

        The knee jerk reaction to supposed legal action is to immediately hire a lawyer yourself. It’s fear. If a case has no merit you can have all the lawyers you want and you can still lose. Lawyers drag things out for their own gain sometimes. Maybe stupid was the wrong word. Scared may have been better. Which is why the Maloofs sicced a lawyer in her. Scare her and punish her financially.

        Now obviously, in some instances you need a lawyer. Especially if you did something wrong )even if you say you didn’t). Or if there was physical harm like an accident. But gossiping? This isn’t real lawsuit material. Brandi fell into Adrienne’s trap.

        • Powell says:

          Fell into her lawyers spider web huh Exit?

        • PJ says:

          We are going to have to agree to disagree. As I said filing a lawsuit does not mean that the case has merit, so being real lawsuit material is irrelevant.

          • PJ, have you ever been sued? It does cost a lot of money to defend yourself, even when the case has no merit. Most civil lawsuits don’t go to court. They are either settled out of court, with a judge doing what’s called in NJ pre-trial mediation, or the lawsuit can finally be dropped by the person suing, the plaintiff. I’ve been involved in 2 lawsuits, one that was settled, and one that was dropped against me. In both cases, I had to hire an attorney. I’ve also met many clients & co-workers that told me their experiences, either divorces that had to go all the way to court, with a judge deciding everything, and other lawsuits. I’ve come to a few conclusions. There are lawyers out there that even though they are supposed to be on your side, use every tactic they can to extend the period that they get to bill you. There are even lawyers that are trying to set up situations, so that a lawsuit will be necessary! The lawyer that I’m thinking of here is a major scumbag. And yes, this person’s reputation is such that as a realtor, I would never enagage a client that was using this person as their real estate attorney! Too risky, for everybody.

            It’s too bad we can’t represent ourselves. Write letters to the court, showing what evidence we have. Then let a judge decide whether or not a case has merit. But no, you have to hire an attorney to represent you. Really good attorneys cost a lot of money. I would guess that Brandi’s attorney is charging her $500 per hour. Just to write a few letters, saying the case has no merit. As someone else said, Adrienne can keep her attorney busy with all kinds of nonsense, until the case gets thrown out or Brandi pays up & settles. Even with a bogus lawsuit, depositions will be done. Imagine, you have to go to your attorney’s office where you will be quizzed, under oath, and it’s all recorded. The plaintiff’s attorney gets to quiz you too. After that, it takes months and months to find out, is this really going to go to court? Will I have to take the stand? It’s so stressful.

            I hate Adrienne for doing this to Brandi. If Brandi has learned anything, she better muzzle her mouth next time. Brandi brought this on herself….she’s learned the expensive way not to run her mouth!

            • oops re-reading your post PJ, I see we are on the same page!

            • PJ says:

              I have been sued, that’s why I know so much about this. My attorney said that the case had absolutely no merit and the people could never win the case if it actually went to court and was heard in front of a judge. However my attorney said their objective was not to win the case he said they wanted a settlement and they had the means to make it really expensive for me if I decided to fight it.

              • Nobody in my family has ever been sued, just me. Of course, they don’t live in NJ! I’m sorry you had to go thru that, and I’m sure we share a lot of the same feelings of frustration with the legal system. The first time I got sued, I almost had a heart attack. It definitely has affected my health. I’m just not the kind of person that does well under that kind of pressure. Both times I was sued, I actually was trying to help people, and got sucked into a vortex. I guess what I learned is, don’t go out of your way to help people. And trust no one! Actually, I try to fight that. It’s still a good world, just a lot of crappy people in it.

                • PJ says:

                  Yes I thought we would feel the same about this which is why I was surprised by your reply to my comment but then I read your next one and saw that it was just a misunderstanding.

          • PJ I think you are right, Adrienne filed a real lawsuit when she went after Brandi. Those cease & desist letters are like a warning. From what I’ve heard from people that received them (bloggers have gotten them in the past) you don’t have to do anything, other than refrain from writing innuendo, etc. about the person that sent one to you. I saw on twitter where the “hobby bloggers” because they are not journalist, are more open to lawsuits. Which, if you are just reporting what RadarOnline saide, or what other people’s opinions are, does not make sense to me. We are allowed to have opinions, right? Free speech and all. As long as you can back up what you are writing with the truth, it would seem you can’t be sued. Successfully, that is. That’s where the bullying tactics come in, where rich people like Adrienne file a lawsuit, and then you have to respond which does take hiring an attorney. It’s extortion and intimidation, but a real cost of being a celebrity or having a business.

          • Exit4 says:

            I actually do agree with what you said. I just feel like there’s a lot of nothing here, I guess. Not as far as the merits of a case, but as far as what’s been done. I just don’t think at THIS moment she needs to lawyer up. Down the road maybe, but I just feel like its all talk. I don’t know if I’m making sense ir explaining myself right though!

  28. Exit4 says:

    There’s a whole word in my post above that should say Maloof and its a whole ‘nother word. I give up! Shaking my head laughing.

  29. SCGirl says:

    Hello Everyone!
    I decided to repost this, because I put it up so late yesterday.
    I have some questions that I am hoping someone could please answer.

    So did Adrienne supposedly run around Beverly Hills with a fake stomach strapped on for 9 months prtending to be pregnant, lying to friends, family, and all of Beverly Hills? Is it right for me to assume that Adrienne was most likely angry and upset about her secret getting out because people would would know she had lied with fake stomach and all? It is hard for me to really believe that Adrienne would actually care so much about keeping the surrogacy so secretive,(if indeed surrogacy is what all this is about). After all, the children are still 100% biologically Adrienne and Paul’s children, the only difference would be that Adrienne didn’t carry the children herself, right? I would think people using surrogate’s in Beverly Hills is more commmon than women that don’t.

    I always did think to myself that the only way Adrienne looked so tiny and in perfect shape after having twins was because her husband was a plastic surgeon that could fix her right back up in no time, however, using a surrogate would make sense too…..

    Is it also possible that Adrienne could have been angry and embarrased about the information getting out because it makes her look extremely vain to use a surrogate?

    I can’t wait to see everyone’s input, and thank you for taking the time to fill me in and answer my questions!!

    assuming that her “big secret” about using a surrogate),


    • SCGirl says:

      Please ignore the last sentence and the word “I” below it….looks like I forgot to backspace and tidy up my post before putting it up…please excuse!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      We have lots of opinions about all this you’ve asked. Read today’s comments, and then read yesterday’s comments. You’ll have so many opinions, you’ll be swimming.

      • SCGirl says:

        Kansas Girl, you are so right, I have so many more opinions about this mess after reading everything, and even more questions that I wish Adrienne or Bravo would be so kind as to address. Thanks Kansas Girl!

    • BB says:

      Good questions. The problem is the people who know aren’t telling and we are all just playing guessing games at this point. A lot of I think it’s this, I think it’s that, it can’t be this, it can’t be that, I heard/read this and that. We’re all doing just what Bravo wants – talking about it without knowing the real skinny. Lol.

    • Exit4 says:

      Well, I think your making the same assumption that a lot of people are in that the surrogate was to save her figure. Which is what people speculated about with Camille. As opposed to the more logical conclusions of infertility or an underlying medical issue. While they’re certainly vain people in the world, lots of them have babies! And keep their figures. Eat healthy, exercise, breast feed, it’s possible! Even if you’re in bedrest, that’s why strollers were invented! It’s not easy and pregnancy does change your body, but it doesn’t ruin you. Poor middle class slobs can do it! So can the Maloof! LOL. Plus, she can buy her fix later, being married to a surgeon and even though she doesn’t let him operate on her (for obvious reasons) I’m sure they know people.

      Look a Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, bethenney frankel. Pregnancy didn’t ruin them! But they work at it. I totally don’t buy the vanity argument nor do I even remotely believe she ran around with a fake stomach! I hope I don’t sound obnoxious because I really don’t mean too….at all….I promise, I’m a nice person (ain’t I??) but this thing us out of hand. Fake stomachs, who owns the eggs, all this crazy speculation is out of control!

      It’s clearly bravos fault partially, since the chose to air this absolute tease of a storyline, but honestly it’s going beyond logic and sense at this point. Not pointing a finger at you, just in general. All the blogs are throwing out wilder and wilder theories! I think we are all getting fooled. Am I crazy? Am I wrong here? This is for sure one of Bravos craziest offerings yet. What happen to the good old days of salacious books and possible strippers? I miss 3 months ago!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Can someone tell me where the surrogate story came from? Who started it? I know it was on a gossip site but where did it come from?

        • Exit4 says:

          It was some sort if Vegas magazine. It was linked. I didn’t read it, but from what I gather it was sort if confusing as to who they were writing about. It mentioned Adrienne, surrogacy and 4 nannies. If you watched Beverly from season one you would know it was Camille, since it was discussed all over. I think what happened us someone misread it and jumped on the Adrienne angle and its taken on a life of its own.

      • SCGirl says:

        Exit 4, I agree with everything you said. Especially the part about assumptions, which I am so guilty of…..but there are way too many assumptions and too many unknowns. You bring up some great points. Thank you for your input!

  30. cdnfillie58 says:

    The Bethany Jason thing…it’s being reported on our top Canadian publications…not sure why it’s getting coverage here but I’m starting to think it’s for real …

    • Sadly it looks that way. I haven’t seen any pictures of them together for a long time. Maybe Jason really doesn’t want to be in the limelight ever again. Dolly Parton has a husband that hasn’t been seen in decades, but she says he exists.

    • chismosa says:

      i said this months AGO. So glad i’m proven right ! ha ha… —–no not really, i wouldnt wish this on B or J. Jason was far too good for Bethenny IMHO. Bethenny is the type of woman who should never marry. I just feel SO bad for custody issues Jason is going to have. He loves his girl so much and i just hope he and his parents will have good time with her.

  31. dickens says:

    Has no one commented since 9:08 am? Weird.

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