Who was Andy Cohen’s Least Favorite Guest ? / Real Housewives of Miami / Project Runway All-Stars

Who was Andy Cohen’s Least Favorite Guest on Watch What Happens Live and Other News by NoMoreDrama

Bravo posted a videotape of Andy Cohen answering viewer questions about Watch What Happens Live.  His most embarrassing moment – when he started sweating profusely the first time Joan Rivers was on.  Will Real Housewives of Miami be back for Season 3 – he hopes so.  Best guest.  There are too many to pick one.  Worst guest.  Scott Baio because Scott didn’t like Andy and his wife doesn’t like gay people.  If you want to read about what happened when Scott was on Watch What Happens Live, we recapped it when it happened.  Click here to read what happened.  Watch the entire video here.

Vicki Gunvalson has confirmed (in numerous interviews) that she is no longer dating Brook Ayers.  Whoo hoo.

Is NeNe Leakes heading to the alter?  Someone tweeted her this:   “Any chance of a Christmas or New Years wedding”  NeNe’s response:  “Keep ur ears & eyes open”

Heather Dubrow has landed a guest role on Reba McEntire’s show Malibu Country.  The episode will air in January.  You can read more in People.

Remember Rachel Zoe’s assistant Jeremiah?  Well he’s her ex-assistant now and dating Nate Berkus according to USWeekly.  The two were seen cuddling in the men’s section in Barney’s in New York.


Real Housewives of Miami “Surrounded by Hot Water” by NoMoreDrama

real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-gallery-episode-214-01The Miami ladies are still in Bimini, and the episode starts the morning after the dinner party where Alexia told Karent Rodolfo was cheating on her.  Lisa and Karent are sharing a bed in the master bedroom because neither would take a twin in Lea’s room.  Lisa goes to wake up Joanna and they horse around.  Lisa seems like a lot of fun.

real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-gallery-episode-214-04At breakfast Karent is still in denial.  Asked how she slept after the confrontation she says, “You know what, I’m not mad Alexia brought that up.”  Then Joanna asks if she’s curious about the pictures.  Karent says that there are rumors about everyone.  Joanna says that Alexia’s marriage is supposedly a sham (her husband is rumored to be gay) and Lea points out that Marysol was only married for about a month.

Lea says she gets where the ladies were coming from and they didn’t believe the relationship (between Karent and Rodolfo) was real, but still no reaction from Karent.  Just that blank look on her face.  Lea starts to yell.  She wants to know what we all want to know – why in the world didn’t Karent have any reaction to how Alexia broke the news to her the night before? Why doesn’t she care? Still a blank look from Karent.  Lea says Karent is just like Marysol.  Karent doesn’t say anything so Lea says it louder.  After about 20 rounds of this Karent is finally fed up and says “no wonder Roy does everything you want, hats off to Roy.”  Silence.  Then Lea busts out laughing.  Finally Karent breaks out of her shell and shows a little personality and impersonates Lea.  Phew.

Over at the other house we learn that Ana and Alexia also shared the master bed / bedroom, while Marysol is on the couch. This is all very strange.  Why can’t they all have their own beds?  Is this some sort of budget resort??

real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-gallery-episode-214-06Marysol phones Mama Elsa to fill her in and Elsa asks why they went to the island to gossip, and that she doesn’t understand why they had to say anything to Karent.  Then Ana talks a little bit about Karent’s biological clock ticking, and Elsa yells that it’s none of their business. Elsa then starts telling Alexia off for her part in the fiasco – saying she’s very surprised that “they talked you into doing this.”  Alexia feels bad and flushes the article.  Heh.  Adriana hasn’t made an appearance. (PS Mama Elsa was a great guest on WWHL).

real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-gallery-episode-214-07Lisa and Lea have a heart to heart about Lisa’s struggles with carrying a baby to term.  Lisa is so conflicted because she doesn’t want to get disappointed again.  She says they even tried using a surrogate and it didn’t work.  Lea explains that she had been trying, and then let things happen and she finally did get pregnant. That answers some questions, because she wasn’t that young when she had her child.  She tells Lisa to try everything – surrogate A  – surrogate B – anything to stack the odds in her favor.  Lisa is really upset because she feels so bad about not being able to give her husband a baby.  Lea is really supportive, and makes her feel better.  I sure hope Lisa realizes she doesn’t need to beat herself up about this – it is what it is.

real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-gallery-episode-214-10Now they take golf carts to go into town.  Lisa drives like she’s on a race course, and Lea is in the old lady lane.  They end up at a conch shack.  Conch is an aphrodisiac.  Joanna interviews that she’s never eaten conch but she has eaten (they bleep it out).  Dirty girl.  I wonder what she said.  Karent interviews that the girls came with suitcases filled with negativity, so even though she’s having a good time she’s not going to give them any input (I think she means interaction or reaction).  Marysol tells Ana and Alexia that she’s ready to take the next step and get a divorce.  That was sort of random, but I guess she needed to get away to understand that she was ready.

Later that evening, Karent has gotten a call saying her dad is having medical problems.  She’s crying because the weather is bad and she’s stuck on the island and she wants to be home.  She’s also mad because she doesn’t want to deal with the other girls at dinner and let them see her when she’s vulnerable.  Basically all her emotions are now pouring out.  So the ladies leave her alone and head over to the other house for dinner.

Dinner.  Alexia starts saying nice things about the other girls, and Lisa interrupts her and asks, “What about Karent.”  So Alexia says that she feels that Karent doesn’t like her and never talks to her.  Somehow Joanna turns the conversation to James/Elaine and Marysol and says it’s the same sort of situation.  Marysol said she apologized but didn’t need to and Lea calls her on it.  They rehash the Elaine/James, Lisa Pliner, Marysol argument.  Eventually they agree that it doesn’t matter because it’s all he says, she says and they are going in circles.

Then Joanna brings up the rumors about Alexia’s husband supposedly being gay.  Alexia snaps to attention.  Alexia demands a picture (heh that’s what Karent did when Alexia tried to show her the article).  Point to Joanna.  Adriana says that the group of women all seems to be overstress and underlaid, and wonders if she’s the only one getting anything.

Interlude:  Cut back to lunch and we learn that a conch pistol is like it’s penis (it isn’t).  It’s a long, slimy stringy thing that is said to be an aphrodisiac.  Ana is a good sport and tries it.  Go Ana!  After she eats it she yells out “I’m so horny” and they all crack up.

real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-gallery-episode-214-21 real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-gallery-episode-214-23 real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-gallery-episode-214-24real-housewives-of-miami-season-2-gallery-episode-214-29Back to dinner.  Lea says to Marysol, “since I’ve known you, you’ve never taken responsibility for anything.”  Lea has a list of grievances about the Black Gala from the last few years.  Marysol deflects.  Everything is Lea’s fault and not her job.  Marysol claims she did things for free and Lea says Marysol was paid.  Adriana seems to be on Lea’s side, Ana is on Marysol’s – but both are wisely keeping quiet.  Adriana confirms that the Black Gala was hurt by the lack of organization and the number of mishaps.  Ana interviews that Lea talks loudly and with authority so people don’t question her – but no one really knows the details of who was supposed to do what.  She compares her to a lawyer.

As they are arguing Karent walks in.  She’s really trying to hold it together and says she’ll be leaving out on the first flight out in the morning.  Ana is touched that Karent came over.  They hug.  Karent leaves and Lea resumes the fight.

Now Marysol fights back and says she gave Lea national press for the Gala, and her business legitimized Lea’s Gala.  Adriana finally speaks up and says that’s wrong.  Ana is still quiet.  Adriana tries to help by pointing out things that went wrong.  Now they address the comment that Marysol made that Lea had James do her dirty work.  Finally Ana has to jump in and tells Lea to back off because this could hurt Marysol’s business.  Lea listens politely, but then goes back on the attack.  Marysol says she’s not a liar, and if she’s wrong about something she’ll admit it.  Lea throws her hands up in frustration.  Ana tells them to all drop it – it’s been going on for 45 minutes an no one cares.  Finally they all just agree to disagree because no one is budging.  Lisa changes the topic and talks about spirituality and healing.  So Lea and Marysol hug it out.  As they hug Lea is still talking, and admits that she’s louder, stronger, and it was hard for her to confront Marysol.  Marysol keeps trying to say something but Lea isn’t listening.  Finally she says she’s just glad to have her friend back and they both start crying.  Everyone is smiling.  Holy cow I didn’t see that coming.  I think I love these ladies.


PR All Stars “An Unconventional Nightmare Before Christmas” by BB

  • Recap of Challenge Winners and Losers:
  • Challenge 1: Anthony Ryan wins, Peach goes home Challenge 2: Uli wins, Wendy goes home
  • Challenge 3: Emilio wins, Suede goes home
  • Challenge 4: Anthony Ryan wins, Andrae goes home Challenge 5: Emilio Wins, Kayne goes home
  • Challenge 6: Laura Kathleen wins, Althea goes home

PR All Stars Season 2 Photo 1Guest judges are singer Kylie Minogue and actor/producer La La Anthony.

This week the remaining 7 designers (Emilio, Anthony Ryan, Uli, Laura Kathleen, Josh, Ivy, and Casanova) must create a look with items chosen from a Christmas décor emporium; however the look must not look like Christmas. Fawaz Gruosi, famous jeweler, will be presenting the winner of the challenge a watch.  They are all very excited about the prize.

prallstars2--196379675766372518Unconventional challenges are Emilio’s Achilles heel and he almost went home for the unconventional challenge in his season.  He had a rough time last week so I hope this week is better for him regardless of his anxiousness about it.  They only have 30 minutes but get $350 to spend.  The designers are also psyched that Kylie Minogue is going to be one of the guest judges.

Ivy and Casanova start helping each other as usual.  Josh thought he was buying blue fabric, but it ends up being a fabric Hanukkah Menorah hanging.  Oy vey!  Casanova has a bunch of red poinsettias he’s going to use.  Someone tells him he’s not supposed to be using Christmas colors and he tells them it’s Valentine’s Day colors, not Christmas.  Anthony is worried about Josh’s look so far.  It looks like he’s trying to make a bra from some ornaments.

PROJECT RUNWAY ALL STARS Joanna comes into the workroom and tells them they are extremely capable of pulling something wonderful out of the bag.  Joanna is worried about Josh.  She sees Casanova deconstructing what he’s done and tells him from across the room, it looked pretty good.  She tells Emilio his looks nothing like Christmas because he’s using purple, pink and silver.  That’s a good thing.  She tells him not to just use ribbon because it’s not going to work.

PRA Ep 7 #10She thinks Anthony Ryan’s shrieks Winter, not Christmas.  She likes that he’s chosen everything in the same color palette.  Ivy thinks Anthony Ryan is copying Uli’s design.  Uli is the only one who says she likes this challenge.  She’s also using the same color palette as Anthony Ryan.  Joanna thinks Laura Kathleen is ahead in this challenge so far.  Ivy’s doing another gold dress.  Joanna likes the idea of Ivy’s design.  She leaves and tells them all good luck.

Casanova is stressing out and starting over a second time with only three hours left.  The models show up for their fittings and end up helping the designers put their looks together.  Casanova has to go back and look through what he’s thrown away because he has nothing at the end of the night.  Uli feels the pressure because everybody else thinks this is her challenge to win.

That night the three women are talking about how they are surprised at Emilio’s choices for his design.  The men are talking about what Casanova can do to his dress to make it more unconventional so he won’t get slammed by the judges.  Josh tells him to go around the room to see what everyone else has left over, like a garage sale.

On runway day, they have 2 hours to get their glue guns out and finish their looks.  Emilio has never glued a dress together before.  Casanova requests donations from the other designers to add to his dress.  Josh is lamenting the fact that he didn’t really get any fabric for his design and he has to use ribbon for his shorts.

Uli says her dress is exactly what she wants it to be, but she also likes Laura Kathleen’s dress and Anthony Ryan’s dress (which kind of looks like Uli’s).  Joshua’s top looks very cool, but as Uli said, the bottom is a train wreck.  Emilio is having a meltdown.  The glue gun is not working and he’s in real trouble.  Casanova is concerned his dress still doesn’t look unconventional enough.  Ivy’s dress is a little plain also.  It’s runway time.

I do NOT like Ivy’s old gold look at all.  It’s a plain dress on top with long sleeves and a fringy bottom.  Josh’s look is va va voom with a bra-like top and short shorts and you can almost see of his model’s assets.  Uli’s dress is a little more feminine looking than Anthony Ryan’s.  I like both of their short shiny silver with gold dresses.  Anthony Ryan’s is a little more structured looking or industrial looking or something.  Emilio is praying to God he is safe.  He is not happy at all with his purple dress.  It’s definitely not his best work by far. I like Casanova’s dress, but it’s certainly safe.  I really like the back of Laura Kathleen’s dress, but it’s a little safe too.

PRAS2-judgesEmilio is safe.  He is breathing a huge sigh of relief.  The rest will be judged as the best or worst.  The judges love Anthony Ryan’s dress.  They think it looks like it belongs on the runway.  La La says she sees Christmas in it on a second look though.  Laura Kathleen has colored beading on the front of hers.  Kylie likes the pockets, but she thinks the beads look a bit thrown on.  Isaac thinks Laura Kathleen’s model looks fat.  Casanova tells the judges he made three looks and this look was made from all the leftovers.  Georgina thinks it’s a little heavy handed.  Isaac thinks the ropey top looks fresh, but the bottom looks old lady.  Kyle doesn’t like it.  Isaac says congratulations to Josh for the divine top and wants to slap him for the shorts.  Georgina doesn’t know if the bottoms are a short or a skirt.  They are all crazy about Josh’s top, but not the bottoms.  Georgina likes the idea behind Ivy’s 60’s dress.  It makes the model look boxy.  Isaac says Uli’s mixture of materials is magic.  He doesn’t like the hem in back.  Kylie thinks it’s stunning.  Carolyn likes the mesh on the side.  Georgina tells her the seam running through the mesh shouldn’t be there.

The designers leave and the judges discuss.  La La still thinks Anthony Ryan’s dress looks a little Christmasy, but she would wear it and so would Kylie.  They think Uli’s dress was pretty perfect but may have been a little heavy.  They thought Laura Kathleen’s dress wasn’t unconventional.  It looked like it weighed down the model.  Those were the favorites.  It will be either Uli or Anthony Ryan for the win. I like Uli’s dress better this time.

Ivy’s dress was not creative at all.  Josh’s look was amazing but the judges can hardly get over the bottom of the design.  Kylie wears hot pants, but would not wear those.  La La wants to give Casanova credit for making something out of nothing even though the others say he put himself in the situation.  She is arguing for Casanova.  I think Ivy may be going home this time. If not her, it will Casanova.

Laura Kathleen is safe, leaving Uli and Anthony Ryan for the win.  Uli wins.  I’m glad.  Hers was the best this time.  Anthony Ryan leaves the runway. Back in the waiting room Uli is presented with the watch.  I was expecting something a little more flashy, but Uli says it’s just her style.

Josh is safe, leaving Casanova and Ivy in danger.  Ivy played it way too safe for the challenge.  All Stars must be willing to take a risk.  They could feel the torture in Casanova’s design.  Ivy’s safe and Casanova is going home.  I’m not sure I agree this time.  Ivy is upset and wishes she could trade places with her good friend Casanova.  Casanova makes a classy exit.  The others are crying and it means a lot to him.  Even I got a little verklempt.

We haven’t really seen that much conflict between the designers this season, but that may change next week as things seem to get a little more competitive among the six who are left.



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Request for Bloggers

It’s that time of year where shows are ending and new ones will start in January.  If you’d like to blog a new show, please let me know.

  • Millionaire Matchmaker
  • Vanderpump Rules
  • Dance Moms

Plus we’re looking for someone to finish up Top Chef Seattle in January as Keida needs to focus on other things.


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy happy Friday. TGIF!!! Have a great day.

  2. cocfarm says:

    Good morning!

  3. Sus says:

    Joanna looks and acts like she perspires STDs.

  4. TexasTart says:

    NJBev began a dialog about disater relief efforst last night. She was asking if anyone has benefited from one of the charities that raise money for victims of Sandy or any natural disaster.

    Please look at her post from last night if you like, there were several replies too, I’ll link, but it will not go direct, you will need to find her post 12/13 at 7:08pm. I’m sure she will check back for responses.

    • Lisa Renee says:

      Morning TT, I saw this early this morning readings last nights comments. No one threw us a benefit for Ivan so I have no first hand knowledge about the $$ raised getting to the people hurting the most. I am curious about a few posts I saw about FEMA. They landed in my town & gave 10’s of thousands of dollars to every other person. I got reimbursed for money spent on gas for generators, everyone I know who went out & got one post storm was reimbursed. There was an obscene amount of money given to people who lost everything & had no insurance. Some were not homeowners, but lived in public housing so maybe that had something to do with it. FEMA was giving out Wal-Mart cards to people who had a home but lost their job. We did get alot of money from the gov’t because we lost our infrastructure in town & on the beach. The Army Corp of Engineers & The Red Cross were the standouts as far as real time assistance. The MRE’s were a true lifesaver for months & we all have them now in our hurricane prep kits. What happen to FEMA between Ivan & Katrina I only have a theory. There was so much abuse of funds not being used for the intended purpose post Ivan they may have restructured their requirements. It was deplorable that people were on line for food & clothes with no home driving up in a brand new vehicle. It was so obvious, it had to have gotten someones attention. IMO post Katrina & “you’re doing a heck of a job Brownie” and FEMA being slow to assist was fallout from the need to cut down on the abuse of funds. I called Sandy a “WTF storm” days before it hit. From what I learned about the weather I knew the damage would be devastating & vast, a once in a lifetime event. I was hoping FEMA fixed what was broken & what was learned from Katrina. I read the NY daily news & the post every day, doesn’t seem to have happened. Whatever FEMA did to itself after Ivan, what happened from Katrina & now in the tri-state area had the reverse effect of assistance. FEMA after Ivan, after Andrew & the destruction of Homestead, FL was a blessing. Now, people who need them the most, since Katrina to present day spit the word FEMA from their mouths. I am glad NJ Bev vented, from what I am reading help is not getting to those who need it due to red tape & it has to be so phuckin frustrating. Very sweet how you are trying to get feedback for her, Lisa

      • TexasTart says:

        Thank you, Lisa Renee.

        • Lavalady says:

          I am a victim of sandy and like NI Beverly I won’t be getting any money from any charity. FEMA does not cover damage to second/vacation homes. Many of the sandy victims were year round residents however. Will they be helped by this concert. Who knows? I have not heard of anyone yet getting anything or being told how to go about getting something. My husband was given a box from the Red Cross. It contained cleaning supplies, a flashlight, gloves, etc. while that is all well and good I would have appreciated a hot lunch even more. People are spending hours cleaning out their houses. There is no power no heat no water. There are no stores open. If you plan to eat lunch you have to bring it from home in a cooler. And then eat it in a freezing house.

  5. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Snowing in Flagstaff, Prescott and Pinetop today!

  6. BB says:

    Good morning. It’s Friday! Hope everyone has a great day. I’m trying to get motivated to do some Christmas gift wrapping today.

  7. AZGirl says:

    Ok I know we have talked this Brandi/Adrienne secret to death but someone posted on Lisa blog over at Bravo a interesting comment. In Ojai when Lisa brought up the “delivery/labor” discussion. That was intentional. Brandi, I think, collaborated with Lisa to expose this “secret”. Brandi close the barn door so to speak at the food tasting. Really interesting to think this was a joint effort on the part of Lisa and Brandi.

    • Powell says:

      Huh? I’m sorry but it doesn’t sound like something Lisa would do. That most definitely would tarnish her standing in her community and biz world. Restaurantors are kinda like the keeper of people’s secrets. They know so much of what’s going on. Yes she’s still mad at Adrienne but it doesn’t sound like Lisa to put a family’s secret out there. It’s not just Adrienne, it’s Paul, the kids and A & Ps extended family.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        ITA – the Hoof has many “friends” in low places and that post reeks of her petty, vindictive design.

      • I’m still not convinced this was all about the surrogate secret. That might be part of it, but how in the world is that worth litigation.

        • Beckygrey says:

          I read it was releasing of medical information is the illegal part of it. The fact that she didn’t tell her children the were born through surrogacy and had that farce is the embarrassment. But the real kicker is the name of the rich man that she has been sleeping with (allegedly ) for all of these years.

      • kit9 says:

        It’s just too much of a coincidence not to be a collaboration between Lisa and Brandi. And, it does sound like something Lisa would do. Retaliation is something she’s done before. Remember the reunion where we learned Lisa, after hearing Kyle’s comment about preying on the weak, went on some show and bashed Kyle in what Kyle said was retaliation. Lisa at first flatly denied she’d even made the negative comment until Kyle said she had it on tape and Lisa immediately shut her trap. That tells me that a. Lisa isn’t above lying and b. what Kyle said about payback was true.

        • Called A Princess... says:

          Thank you so much, kit9 for seeing Lisa for what she is. I human being with faults just like everybody else. I think she is craven and sneaky and likes to get other people to do her wet work. As long as she does not get caught, it never happened. Brandi is more then willing to play the fall gal and I just bet that Lisa will help Brandi with the legal bills. JMHO.

    • RealHousewifeVA says:

      I love Lisa and Brandi, but I agree that it seemed like they at least discussed it ahead of time. At SUR, Lisa kept probing Brandi with questions. Lisa had Brandi do her dirty work, IMO, Lisa is so smart about how to play this game. I can’t stand Adrienne, and she she would do the same (except she uses Bernie) so she deserved a taste of her own medicine

      • dickens says:

        I don’t recall Lisa probing Brandi. I only remember her asking what Adrienne had said about her in that phone call.

      • BB says:

        So, if that’s the case, then Kyle must have been in on it too because she’s the one who started the whole thing by asking what the problem was between Adrienne and Brandi. I mean if we are going to go there, might as well go all the way.

        • Cartwheels says:

          Kyle only asked that one question, all the other questions were asked by Lisa.
          The funny part about that whole combo besides the “secret” was one fact that went unnoticed.
          Last reunion Brandi said that Adrienne has called on a “meeting” with the other HW to expose Lisa during the reunion, during the reunion Kyle was adamant that there was no such meeting and Brandi called her a liar.
          This tasting at SUR, when Kyle asked her that question was the perfect opportunity for Brandi to confront Kyle and called her out for the alleged part in the plotting which Brandi claims Kyle was a part of.
          Brandi never once confronted Kyle with this during that tasting, other BH HW have said that if there was a meeting they didn’t know about it, Camille has said it, Taylor has said it, Kim was in rehab, Pam was nonexistant, Kyle has also denied it, so who was supposed to be in such meeting? Only Adrienne and Brandi?
          Could Brandi has said that Adrienne had called her for such reasons? Probably, except that Brandi has said that she never made it to this meeting so what does she know what was it supposed to be about? I doubt that Adrienne would be so stupid as to call Brandi and tell her”hey, we are plotting the demise of Lisa, would you join us?”
          My theory is that Brandi heard rumors about this alleged meeting (which I don’t believe for one second she was invited or even existed) and ran with it, made it all up maybe, took it for granted, who knows? The fact remains that she used this as her perfect opportunity to be on Lisa’s good graces, because as she has said herself she wants desperately to be Lisa’s only BFF and what greatest gift than to uncover/make up a plot to bring her down?
          I think that is why Adrienne was trying to call Brandi after the reunion, to clarify with her or ask jher where she has heard such disconvoluted story and Brandi would not give out her info because she basically would have to admit that she had made it up or that she said that based only on rumors.
          More and more I am agreeing with Adrienne about the fact that Brandi relishes on drama and creates drama to make herself relevant.
          It is also telling how much Brandi has bragged about the fact that she is the first and only one who has made it from a friend of the HW to a real HW. Uhmmmmmmm

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            I think that the rest of the girls did actually want to confront Lisa and take her down a peg or two. At the end of season one, Lisa was Queen of the manor and I am sure it didn’t sit well with all of the ladies.

            I seem to remember that Lisa’s tea party was suppose to be where they confront Lisa, they made comments about her having a picture of herself on her Ipad. But Camille flipped it all around when Taylor chimed in, saying she is in no position to talk about honesty.

            But I also beleive that what Brandi said about Adrienne was no accident and that Lisa knew Brandi would have a go at her. I can see why they would think Adrienne had it coming given all that her sycophant burger burning chef has put out their in regards to the other ladies, especially Lisa.

            I really, really like Lisa but I don’t think she is above reproach. I think they all play the game with each other but Lisa is the master at it and comes in with the upper hand because of huge fan following.

            I like Yolanda too, but it’s also no surprise to me how she came on the scene and found herself in league with the two most popular fan favorites. I see it more of a strategy than a natural progression.

            • Cartwheels says:

              I also like Lisa but like you I think that she is not above manipulating things to her advantage, she is very good at it I have to give her that. As far as the meeting at Lisa’s house. My thinking is that they all have been hearing about the rumors of Lisa giving fodder to the press under the “confidential source” umbrella and they wanted to call her out on it, but not as an intervention, maybe as a conversation. It is obvious that Adrienne didn’t make this up, Camille had heard it too, so there must have been some leeks.
              I don’t think these ladies are that dumb that they would host an intervention in Lisa’s own house. Adrienne wasn’t even there so how does that make her the ring leader?
              They did mentioned something to Lisa about her closeness to the press but like you said Lisa was quick and turned it around into a Taylor’s intervention.
              That is why I can’t dislike Lisa, she knows the game and she knows how to play it. The other ladies are in diapers when it comes to Lisa Vanderpump.
              Just for the record, I don’t think that Lisa has ever sold an article to the press, (receive money for it) but I do think that she has given the press certain tids and bits, just enough to grant their loyalty towards her. That is it.

              • Called A Princess... says:

                Cartwheel, I agree about Lisa and stated last year that there are different ways of selling information in Hollywood. It is after all probably the biggest service community in the USA. A great deal of back scratching go on with out the benefit of money changing hands. Also being a good liar is a bonus and I felt that Lisa knew what Addy was talking about at the reunion and knew that there could be no real proof for any of the women concerning who she passes information too. I think this issue is far deeper then the general public audience would likely want to get into. But here’s the thing, just because the general audience does not want to dig deep into the dirt does not mean that there are not big secrets buried and ready to sell. JMHO.

          • PJ says:

            Why was this the perfect time to rehash that at this lunch? Just because Brandi didn’t do that does not mean she wasn’t telling the truth at the reunion, we can’t really say what people should do in any given situation. Maybe Brandi is letting it go because Lisa is trying to let it go and Brandi is in a better place with Kyle. I actually thought from the way they all reacted at the reunion that Brandi was telling the truth. I don’t think Camille was in on it though. But I got the impression that Kyle was, if you remember when this was brought up Kyle brought up some things about Lisa, I was kind of stunned given how close they were but that indicated to me that this meeting had actually taken place. Everyone here is always questioning Taylor’s truthfulness but now we just accept her word on this issue?

            I guess I’m really shocked at how quickly people have turned on Brandi here and with no real proof of anything are just running with it. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

            • Cartwheels says:

              I have not turned on Brandi, I just never has seen the great fascination with her, she has done things that other HW would be burned for but she has been wise to pick up her loyalties, she knows that Lisa has a great following and that is who she has pledge her alliances to. I agree with you RR, it is not a coincidence that Yolanda who doesn’t have a bone to pick with anybody is on the Vanderpump camp, wouldn’t you be?
              Look what happens to the ones who aren’t.

              P.S. About Lisa “forgiving Kyle”, I think that deep inside Lisa knows that she set up Kyle to be enemies with Brandi on her behalf and then she turned the tables on her, so Kyle’s comment about her being a master manipulator have some truth to it. Lisa also knows by now that it is true that Kyle was not invited, nor she would agree to go to a meeting with the explicit intention to plot against Lisa. I think that Lisa deep down knows that there was never such meeting to begin with but she will punish Adrienne for her comments about “selling stories” to the press, so she continues to perpetuate the myth.

              • PJ says:

                I guess we aren’t going to agree on this issue, but everyone has their own opinion. I have no idea what Lisa knew or didn’t know, and really none of us know we’re all just speculating on it. But I do believe from my observations at the reunion that there was some sort of meeting and I believe Kyle was involved. Kyle and Lisa don’t seem to be as close as they were which could indicate that Lisa believes it too, and Lisa has spoken of being blindsided. But again just my opinion.

            • Powell says:

              PJ I haven’t turned on Brandi. I like her. The only thing I said was IF the surrogacy is true and IF Brandi blabbed it when A & P didn’t make it known for whatever reason, it was none of her biz to blab.

              • Linda Reinhardt says:

                Oh my goodness! You guys lost me about 25 to 30 comments ago with all the he said/she said’s and Ms Scarlett did it in the library with the candlestick holder! My head is spinning around faster than Linda Blair’s! LOL!
                I Love it!

          • Beckygrey says:

            I thought Kyle asked about what was the issue with Adrienne, she mentioned ganging up on Lisa and then went further. After the reunion Adrienne and Bernie put out a lot of things about Brandi (deflection). Paul recently apologized for all of the things that was done by Adrienne and Bernie. He realized how down in the dirt Adrienne could go when it came to A said he abused her.

        • kit9 says:

          But, remember, it was only after a conversation bashing Adrienne was started by Brandi and egged on by Lisa and Ken- that Kyle asked that question. That’s why, in fact, she asked it.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            kit9, I still agree with you. On e think I have noticed is that people seem to base their judgments on how they feel about the characters. If they like Lisa or Kyle, each can do very little wrong, and speculation is geared around complete exoneration or immunity based on blind loyalty. Since none of the characters on these Bravo shows seem to be very loyal or trustworthy I look at most of them, regardless of how I might feel about them, with the stink eye. Since this is not reality TV, we can all only guess as to what is real or just more edited fantasy. Truth is not probably the main objective in this genre for any of the players. It seems to be more like an emotional sporting event, with teams and good and bad sportswomenship and yes, cheaters. JMHO.

            • melthehound says:

              … And if they don’t like a given HW, then she can’t do anything right. It flies both ways CAP.

      • LA_Debra says:

        I remember it as Lisa asking Brandi about the bits that A&P asked Brandi to do to discredit Lisa.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Except that Bernie is not one of the HW and he does his ranting mainly on his FB and tweeter which no many people sees. Brandi has 1000 times the exposure that Bernie has.

      • Powell says:

        Oh I think Adrienne would totally do it w/aide of Bernie(he’s so stupid). Lisa has integrity Adrienne doesn’t IMO. I’m not saying Lisa doesn’t have her ways of getting back at people but I’m not convinced she would this way when it affects so many people.

        • kit9 says:

          She might if she believes it to be an open secret, known to many. As far as integrity, Lisa ain’t a saint. In addition to the reunion, if you go back and watch where Adrienne confronted Lisa about not using the Palms for the BP Lisa, Adrienne says Lisa has asked her for business favors in the past and Lisa denies it straight up and says she’s never asked Ad for anything and after Ad presses her about asking that the Palms stock their wine, Lisa finally fesses up and admits she has, in fact, asked Ad for business favors, which she only 10 seconds before strongly denied.

          • Called A Princess... says:

            Lisa is the first to talk about being royal, and part of that post requires that you answer to no one. Lisa has this poise that implies a certain brand of diplomatic immunity. If that is where a fans fantasy lives, then she maybe your girl. I have always found her untrustworthy but good TV. Somewhat delusional. JMHO.

      • nyc mama says:

        But it was Yolanda who told her story about breaking her back during childbirth. then brandi asked if anyone else had a complicated birth or something like that. doesn’t seem preplanned to me unless you are saying that yolanda was in on it too. otherewise it seems like an organic question to make conversation and wasn’t just asked out of left field.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I am not surprised, this only reinforces the idea that somehow, directly or indirectly Brandi has learned about this from Lisa but will never throw her under the bus.

      Brandi says that things could get worse which only means that she knows more secrets or rumors about Adrienne that she is willing to give away.

      I bet Adrienne biggest regret on RHBH is the fact that she let the producers talk her into introducing Brandi as one of her friends.

    • PJ says:

      There are problems with that being true. First of all we don’t know what the secret is so this is all really just speculation until confirmed. Secondly what is the timeline since Bravo plays with time lines? The show is not shown in actual chronological order.

      I want to wait for more to come out on this before deciding that people conspired to hurt or embarrass or expose someone. I just don’t see Lisa as needing to do this and as for Brandi I don’t see her as a plotter as much as I see her as a strike back at someone who did something to her kind of person.

      • Called A Princess... says:

        They are all playing characters so the blame can be spread rather evenly regardless of timelines. People, in the last ten year or so have been willing to excuse really bad behavior from our public personalities, bending over backward to make excuses for the inexcusable. I would say that there are many more villains on the Housewives franchises then their are heroines, just my opinion. The fans and the viewers just keep making excuses for bad behavior. JMHO.

  8. LaineyLainey says:

    So how sweet was Karent, when she was talking about how her life had taken a different direction than her siblings so that she can take care of her parents. She won me over with her genuine love and concern for her dad.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Karent seemed to be the Bravo designated villianess/one to take down from the jump. But Bravo forgot that viewers make their form opinions and are not really into this “formula”.

  9. dickens says:

    In the previews for next week on Miami, is Romaine asking Joanna to marry him? I thought they’d been engaged for five years.

  10. Kansas Girl says:

    There is now a twitter account for Yolanda’s lovely refrigerator called YolandasFridge. LOL

  11. Cathy Connor says:

    Morning, I would like to Thank JUSTDEE I know I see posts not sure if I have the spelling correct JUST DEE maybe ?? Wish to say a big THANK YOU for donation to Bobbys college Fund !!! Sincerly Lynn Hudsons Family ((HUGS)) P.S. Happy Friday everyone…Cathy

    • JustDee says:

      I’m sorry I was so late, I meant to do it months ago!
      The online donation site is great and sooo easy. I hope you leave it up.

  12. Cathy Connor says:

    Wish to Thank LA Debra so very much for your donation !! How kind of you, It is much appreciated we are so grateful for your support Sincerly The Family Of Lynn Hudson ((HUGS)) Cathy C

    • Hi Cathy, I sent a donation to Lynn for the funeral, the check was cashed, but I never heard from anyone. In the future, I will donate to Bobby’s college fund. I put my screen name on the check, or on the card. Just wanted you to know.

      • Cathy Connor says:

        Oh Bluesky1 I was suck a mess then I totally apologize for missing you . I tried to mail Thank You cards to everyone that I had adresses for. Thank You so much , we very much appreciate all you did and do for Lynns Family ((LOVE )) ((HUGS)) Sincerly Cathy

  13. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Adrienne’s blog is up, it was short and she basically said that because of the divorce they are under court order not to speak about the family and the kids.

  14. Powell says:

    Well why would Vicki break up w/Brooks? After all her love tank was filled. Well Brooks should pat himself on the back. He had a good run. He mingled w/Mid-Society(as opposed to High-Society), he road around in limos, he got new choppers, he drove a Mercedes, he had access to a bank account, he ate in nice restaurants, he went to semi-swanky parties & he lived in a beautiful home. Oh and I forgot. He got a story on 20/20.
    I thought Nate had a BF already. And that’s now 3 assistants down for RZ. She’d better stop using the Jeff Lewis guide to hiring assistants cause they aren’t staying around. Didn’t Roger tell Rachel not to hire Jeremiah? She hired him cause he was cute?

  15. ItzAngieDuh says:

    October 8-Libra on the house-happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the last say if the week!

  16. ItzAngieDuh says:

    I saw a softer side of Karent but she ain’t winning me over. There us something about her I don’t like. Maybe it is that creepy smile. Everyone one says how beautiful her smile is-but I disagree. She has beautiful TEETH but her lips thin out WAY too much when she smiles so its no bueno for me. I’m glad the other ladies embraced her during her family emergency. I’ve still hot my eye on her tho!

  17. AZGirl says:

    Another shooting. I just don’t understand why crazy people need to take their anger out on innocent hard working people and especially children. I pray for all those parents who lost a child. Last count 27 total dead, 18 children

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      OMG- I am literally in tears. How could anyone harm innocent people, especially children.

    • Eastbayca says:

      I just read about it….such terrible news.
      What did a child ever do besides be carefree, happy….

    • lori says:

      Just so terribly heartbreaking. Makes me want to kick myself for worrying about unimportant things when my kids are safe and alive. So many things to be grateful for and I let myself get bogged down in BS. I’m going to be hugging my kids extra tight!

    • Cartwheels says:

      OMG, this is so awful. I can’t even imagine the grief of these parents.
      18 children dead, this is so horrible, my heart is breaking for them 😦

    • Powell says:

      It’s the most horrific thing that could happen to children. How are they all supposed to go back to school?

    • Linda Reinhardt says:


  18. Cathy Connor says:

    Thoughts and Prayers out to everyone in Newtown Conn. How horrible !!! Little children such a tragedy…

    • suzyqtip says:

      Long time lurker, very seldom poster. My old screen name was Whisper.
      I live in Fairfield County about 25 minutes from this school, where both my step sons went to about 8 years ago. Wow just wow. These are very young children, pre-k thru fourth grade. I am in shock as are both my stepsons, wondering if one of the victims was one of their teachers or someone they knew. Please keep these families in your thoughts & prayers.

      • Iowagirl says:

        Wow, scary enough for the people who have no connection. I can’t imagine you and your stepsons emotions right now. God bless your community.

        • suzyqtip says:

          Thank-you Iowagirl. It doesnt seem real. So many stories we are hearing that arent making the news. I bartend a few towns away & am hearing so many accounts of what really happened that arent making the news & it breaks my heart. So sad that this is what made our little county headline news. Please keep these families in your prayers.xo

  19. TexasTart says:

    KTinCT – In light of this incomprehensible tragedy; I thought of you being from Conneticut. I pray you and family are not from the area where the shooting occurred.

  20. Eastbayca says:

    Apparently Huffingtonpost needed a filler article….

    Interviewer: What’s the dumbest thing you’ve read about yourself?
    Jilly: That I’m mean. I’m the opposite of mean.

    • leahBee says:

      Although I like Lisa and really feel for her regarding her infertility issues, I was a little disappointed in her last night that she kept reiterating she wanted to give Lenny “a son”. As if it’s not enough stress and pressure to just conceive, they obviously prefer a boy. I was surprised she would say this while being filmed. Are we in ancient China or something?!

      • Called A Princess... says:

        You mean she was being honest about what she and her husband want? You are right, she is probably on the wrong show because the viewer wants to be lied to the whole hour and we can not bear to see even one candid honest moment, from any one these characters. Shame on Lisa! JMHO.

  21. Nancy says:

    The gunsman mother was also shot and killed. I have such a heavy heart right now.
    Just horrible. All those little children.

  22. shamrockblonde says:

    first – my heart and my prayers are with the families of all those who were murdered this morning in that rampage that took place in Newtown CT – may God hold them all in the Palm of His Hand –

    as parents, we expect our children to outlive us – we pray for it, wish for it – to have your child taken from you – in any manner – is a heavy cross to bear – to have it happen like this, with such cruelty, ignorance and insanity, is all the more so – hold your loved ones tonight and remember that life is fragile, and evil exists and walks among us just as the angels do –

    my Birthday is 8-24

    Jeff – the Beekmans????!!!!!! – winners of TAR……oh my – at least it was not the twins!!

    and Abi sunk herself the second she started trash talking Skupin – glad she is gone, and pity the jury members, as they will have to deal with her now –

    my love to you all – I cannot stop thinking of those families – of their nights and days to come – may their hearts be strong, and may they feel the prayers and love that are coming to them even now –

    and yes, I am glad the shooter is dead –

  23. adelaidesmommy says:

    I’m happy to blog for Dance Moms. I’ve been reading this blog for so long – never commented though. I’m actually a writer for a living – love Dance Moms – and could use the creative outlet. I’m not sure how to email the blog owner to volunteer, so if anyone knows, I’d appreciate it.

  24. Boobah says:

    Happy Friday Everyone! It’s been a few weeks since I last posted – hope everyone is doing well.

    I have a question – hoping someone can help. I recall Lynn’s daughter had a website that sold bath/body, skin, and similar products. Her stuff sounded really fantastic and I knew I was going to order a few products as Christmas gifts for my family. I cannot find the website! The link might be broken. Does anyone know if Lynn’s daughter has a new website addy?

    I hope this is not an inappropriate question or poor timing.


    • TexasTart says:

      Hi Boobah, haven’t heard from you in a while, hope all is well! I take it you looked at the old LynnNChicago site and that link was broken. There was a link in the Blogroll here for Lynns’ daughters’ products, but I don’t see it there now! Maybe someone else can help.

      • Boobah says:

        Hi TT! Things are OK in my neck of tthe woods. How about you? I did check and I noticed it wasn’t there. I had the website addy written down and when I tried to find it that’s when I noticed the link was either broken or changed. Thanks so much for your help though!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Lynn’s daughter’s website was http://www.juliasorganicthings.com but it doesn’t appear to be working. She made some really great products and they were perfect holiday gifts.

      • Boobah says:

        I noticed the link was faulty. I agree that Lynn’s daughter made really great stuff. I read the reviews and was convinced that some of my family members would just LOVE her stuff. I am so bummed! Thanks for your help WCW!

    • Powell says:

      Hey Boobah. Miss you.

    • Hi Boobah, I tried the link about a week ago because I was going to remind people about the site and noticed that it was broken so I took it out of the blog roll. I haven’t been able to find any other page to link to. I’m sure Cathy can update us on what is happening.

      • Boobah says:

        Thank you so much NMD! I appreciate you looking into that for me. Just in case you don’t see this, I will post it again on the new blog! I was going to email you like ShamrockBlonde suggested but I was so upset by the CT tragedy that I put it on the back burner. Thanks again.

  25. dickens says:

    The website was http://www.juliasorganicthings.com. It doesn’t seem to be there anymore. :/

    • Boobah says:

      I know – I was looking forward to ordering from her stuff. I noticed she had hemp products that were really helpful for highly sensitive skin.
      Thanks for helping me!

  26. shamrockblonde says:

    you might try reaching out to Cathy Connor – she is Lynn’s sister – she might be able to help you or at least contact Julia for you – maybe NMD has her email and can pass on the request – good luck!

  27. Powell says:

    How is everyone doing? I know you all have watched the news in horror. I pray for those families.

    • TexasTart says:

      Hi Powell. Horror is about right….I guess all we can do is continue to pray for the families.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Still in shock. It is hard not to let depression take over sometimes. How do our kids manage to have any hope with everything they’ve grown up witnessing?

  28. TexasTart says:

    Thanks NMD for the news, and recap…it was a much better episode of Miami this week, there were some pleasant surprises and unexpected moments. Mama Elsa did make a good WWHL guest!

    And thanks to BB for the recap and hat’s off for the daily programming list. You might have outdone yourself here, I notice the “*Denotes new programming” – which makes you more valuable than my DirecTV guide that never indicates of something is first run or not! 🙂

  29. Powell says:

    How is everyone doing? I know you have watched the news in horror. I pray for those families.

    • BB says:

      Hi, Powell. I watched a little bit of the horrible news on TV and had to turn it off with a helpless and sick feeling. I cannot imagine what those poor families are going through and my heart aches for them.

  30. Has anyone heard from KTinCT?

    This is incredibly horrific.

    I’m not particularly religious, but all day long I’ve been hearing in my head, “red, yellow, black, and white, they are precious in his sight…”

    • BB says:

      Look upthread.

    • KTinCT says:

      I’m here, QBB, thanks for thinking of me. I posted upthread that I had no involvement with this school. Just been a horrible day, lots of tears and sadness in the air. I have been hugging my daughter even tighter than usual today, All the victims, families, faculty, first responders and survivors are in my thoughts and prayers……

      • Nancy says:

        Thank-you so much for checking in. There are no words…

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        (hugs)….I can’t even imagine the devastation of the families effected. I helped out at my daughters school today and the children were all so full of joy knowing that Santa was coming soon. It’s hard to imagine what all the little ones there are going through now or even sadder to think about the little ones who won’t get to wake up on Christmas day or any other.

      • KTinCT says:

        Hey Nancy and rabblerouser, yes it is absolutely heartbreaking 😦 I couldn’t hold back the tears as I tucked my Maggie into bed tonight, there are 20 families out there that aren’t able to do that. My heart breaks for all of them :*(

        • LaineyLainey says:

          unimaginable sorrow

        • Nancy says:

          One of the teachers bless her soul, got her students into a bathroom and kept
          telling them that she loved them because those were the words she wanted them to
          hear in case they were killed. So very sad.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I don’t know what I would have done. She was faced with possibly her last breath and that of her innocent charges,..and that’s what came to her mind…love. That is so touching and yes, Nancy, so very sad.

  31. Mene Seela says:

    The news today … so very sad for the victims and the survivors.

  32. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    What a horrific tragedy today. Those poor babies-Kindergarten is supposed to fun and safe and exciting. The families are suffering in ways I can not even begin to imagine.
    My Brother-in-law’s niece attends the school where this happened-she is a 3rd grader. The sheer panic that her family felt today is indescribable. Thank God she is safe-I’m sure she will be forever scarred by the things she has seen and heard today. The fear she must have felt makes me cry and makes me angry.
    The first responders have seen things today that they will never be able to put out of their minds.
    What a horrible day for CT and the entire country.
    My heart is broken for the children and their entire families.

  33. Boobah says:

    What a horrible thing to happen. These poor families. Just heartbreaking. Right before the Holidays…those poor parents. There are no words.

  34. BB says:

    A little levity for you guys. What happens when you cross Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

  35. Cathy Connor says:

    http://t.co/rb4ruNU1 Mardrag helped me to find this amd I am so grateful !!! My sister really was a great writer !! ENJOY !! PS Love that she mentions me I Love her so much ! Miss her

  36. Sus says:

    Oh man, now I’m watching Duck Dynasty. I always skipped it thinking it was about hunting which doesn’t interest me.
    I will not die happy unless every Housewife spends a week with these guys. They could learn a lot!

  37. djprincessc says:

    Not sure if anyone will see this considering its late but there was a shooting at Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas. A man shot a woman and then killed himself I believe. What a bad day. 😦

  38. Kansas Girl says:

    Good morning, all! I am declaring that TODAY WILL BE BETTER.

    It’s cool and rainy here. A good day to stay in, get cozy, enjoy being home.

    • TexasTart says:

      Good Morning KG, same thing here.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Morning Ladies…KG-I like that-today will be better!!!

        • boston02127 says:

          Good morning. I hope today will be a better day. I find myself being angry and sad at the same time. I remember being that age and the week before Christmas was so exciting at school.
          I don’t know why this comes to mind but when I was that age my mother use to get us something special like a candycane pen, Christmas pencils or socks with santa on them and I’d think that was the best thing in the world. It was such an innocence and happy time. I pray for the families.

          • Powell says:

            boston thks for sharing that memory. I didn’t even think to take myself back to that time. I do keep thinking about all the plans those families have made for the holidays and what surprises the parents had in store for their children for Christmas. That makes me angry & sad.

    • Powell says:

      KG I like your declaration so I’m stealing it and shouting it out on Twitter.

  39. BB says:

    Good morning. I’m with you guys and hoping this will be a better day. My mom is sick so I’m going over to take her some breakfast and check on her. As Rosanne Roseanna Danna says “It’s always something.” Hope everyone has a good day.

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